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IT’S NO-WELD IT’S MODULAR IT’S ROBUST …SAVING TIME & MONEY EASILY INSTALLED, GALVANISED HANDRAIL & BALUSTRADE SYSTEMS COMBINING STRENGTH, SAFETY & STYLE > No onsite fabrication or welding, eliminates corrosion > Modular design, reduced lead times & rapidly installed > Easily configured & colour matched to suit any application > Australian Standards, NCC/BCA, DDA & OHS compliant

AUS $14.95 (INC GST) PRINT POST APPROVED PP: 255003/07071 JANZ25C12




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Extraordinary engineering, a highly developed control system and an exemplary safety concept are united in the revolutionary TWIN速 elevator system. An intelligent control system coordinates elevator movement within the shaft. The latest safety technology constantly monitors the movements of both cars to keep them a safe distance apart. This technology, exclusively supplied by ThyssenKrupp Elevator, was made possible by our world class research and development facilities around the world.

The challenge To optimize passenger flow while maximising floor space

Our solution TWIN速: the only elevator system with two cabs moving independently in one shaft

For further information including location of the ThyssenKrupp office nearest you, please visit: Tel: +61 2 8303 9000 Fax: +61 2 9310 4446 2








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FLINDERS ST STATION DESIGN COMPETITION TO BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO MELBOURNE LANDMARK The Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 million international Flinders Street Station precinct design competition is a vital first step in the area’s restoration and revival, Premier Ted Baillieu said today.

• •

“We are looking for the world’s best ideas to restore and reinvigorate the Flinders Street Station precinct, including the station concourse, platforms and historic administration building and through to the Banana Alley Vaults and Queensbridge,” Mr Baillieu said.

The Coalition Government is seeking ideas and designs that address the whole 4.7 hectare site – the administration building, the platform area and the railyards to the west – which improve the precinct as well as conditions for commuters.

“This precinct calls for creative brilliance from across the globe so a Melbourne landmark site can be restored to its full potential. This competition will harness the very best ideas and help bring the precinct back to life. “After years of neglect, the administration building has been left derelict while access and facilities are well below an acceptable standard. “While the Coalition Government acknowledges that delivering a project of this scale and ambition will be costly and complex, this competition will give Victorians a winning design to guide future development.” Launching the competition on the roof of the station with Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine, Mr Baillieu said the objectives of the competition included: • Returning the station to its former glory and re-using under-utilised areas; • Restoring and protecting the station’s heritage; • Improving the transport function of the station, catering for future growth; • Creating a significant civic space while allowing Flinders Street Station precinct



for a distinctive and memorable architectural outcome with a mix of uses; Better integrating the station with its surrounding precincts; and Providing a value-for-money solution.

“This station and its surrounds should be better integrated with adjacent areas including Federation Square, Flinders Street and the north bank of the Yarra River,” Mr Baillieu said. “We see a rejuvenated Flinders Street Station as a partner to Federation Square, forming a new gateway public space for Melbourne and embracing potential major improvements to the Yarra’s northern bank and the CBD-river pedestrian routes. “We also acknowledge the enormous challenges attached to this project, including the conservation of the station façade and heritage values and delivering this project while Flinders Street continues to operate and expand as Melbourne’s busiest railway station.” Mr Baillieu also announced the panel which would decide on the competition winner. The panel will include: • Geoffrey London (Victorian Government Architect – panel Chair) • A Melbourne architect • A City of Melbourne planning representative • An architect with heritage experience

• A representative from the Victorian Department of Transport • Three other members (to be determined) Major Projects Minister Denis Napthine said Victoria had a strong tradition of design competitions for major public buildings. “The examples of Federation Square and the Melbourne Museum show how successful competitions can be in delivering world-class design,” Dr Napthine said. “Competitions attract the attention of the world’s best designers and help bring the public into the process. “The $1 million prize pool will help attract the very best architects and designers from here and abroad, and I expect some of the strongest ideas will come from Victorian architects who know and truly understand this magnificent but tired precinct.” Flinders Street Station was completed in 1910. The administration building is four storeys high, more than 250 metres long and 10 metres wide. It is partly occupied by Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) with the remaining sections of the building largely unoccupied since the 1970s. After years of neglect the building is deteriorating. Some parts are derelict while substantial areas do not meet building code requirements and are not suitable for occupation. For more information and updates on the Flinders Street Station Design Competition please visit and follow the competition on twitter or Facebook.

AECOM UNVEILS INNOVATIVE MARINE HABITAT MAPPING TECHNOLOGY Professional technical services consultancy AECOM has developed an innovative technology to survey critical marine habitats that could be at risk from development. HabiMAP allows engineers and scientists to collect data and map animals and plants on the seafloor using a cutting-edge technique that integrates new survey methods, a purpose-built data input application and the visual and spatial analysis capabilities of Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Developed in Perth, HabiMAP is built on top of ArcGIS software and allows the user to map marine features using underwater video footage collected by field crews which is linked to global positioning system (GPS) tracking data via a time stamp. Users can link the position in time along the video to a GPS location and then tag features of the sea floor to corresponding locations in the video, resulting in geo-located features that can be fed into spatial-analysis tools to determine the type, density, extent and composition of benthic habitat. AECOM Principal GIS Analyst, David Klap, said HabiMAP provides a new capability to AECOM with more efficient data collection and retrieval plus a greater level of detail and analysis. “HabiMAP significantly enhances the way we collect information and the GIS component provides excellent mapping capabilities to manage and visualise the data. This makes it easier for the scientist to detect spatial relationships or trends that is further enhanced when extra GIS layers like bathymetry or remote-sensing information are added,” Mr Klap said. Marine scientists can significantly benefit by being able to explore and experiment with different combinations of habitats and densities to define final habitat and its boundaries. “This tool has revolutionised the way we work because the efficiencies gained through the system’s integrated approach allow us to offer clients a value-for-money solution and a better product than before,” he said. HabiMAP was initially developed to solve the challenge of how to survey and map environmentally sensitive coral, sea grass and filter

feeder animals that could be impacted by a large port development area for an iron ore client. “Traditionally, this data was logged in a spreadsheet as a row of information but our solution is totally automated, visual and pinpoints the exact location of benthic marine life,” he said.

comment By David McMahon Managing Director McMahon Services

REMEDIATION REVOLUTION Since developing HabiMAP, AECOM Perth has collaborated with other AECOM offices in Australia to make habitat mapping an integral part of the services offered to clients. “It is extremely valuable for clients seeking environmental approval, developing environmental management plans and monitoring marine habitats as part of the approval conditions. It also enhances safety because the undersea camera means no-one needs to be in the water, he said.” The tool has been used to map marine habitats for projects around Australia, in locations including Anketell Point Port, Pilbara, Western Australia; Arafura, Spencer Gulf, South Australia; and Point Wilson, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. HabiMAP allows engineers and scientists from multiple disciplines, including environmental, maritime and geotechnical, to work together and use the data collection and mapping outputs for best project outcomes. “It also encourages learning and development opportunities across all staff levels, especially the chance for graduates to participate in exciting new developments and technologies, he said.” AECOM Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Jim Walsh, said the development of the tool demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation. “The HabiMAP technology is a great example of AECOM’s continuous integration of technology software programs to offer solutions that add value for our clients’ projects,” Mr Walsh said. By fusing video with GPS data, HabiMAP also has the potential to be applied to other video survey tasks that require objects to be linked to geographical locations, like highway, rail and pipeline corridor mapping plus other aerial surveys.

At a time when land is increasingly scarce, advances in remediation have enabled highly contaminated sites to be repurposed, whether for residential, industrial or recreational use. However, when it comes to remediation there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Effective remediation requires a blend of innovation, expertise, exceptional operational standards and procedures and an understanding of the diverse range of possible contaminants and their appropriate treatment. During projects spanning Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia, McMahon Services has dealt with contaminants ranging from hydrocarbons and heavy metals to radioactive waste, PCBs and friable asbestos. In November 2011, McMahon Services set a new bench-mark for remediation in Australia, with its $2.5 million remediation of Housing SA’s Birkenhead site. The 15,000 square metre site was classed as containing High Level Contaminated Waste and, at the time of tender, there was no facility in Australia equipped to receive and treat waste at that level. Working with Integrated Waste Services, McMahon Services designed and developed Australia’s first such facility, and was awarded a prestigious prize at this year’s Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) National Earth Awards as a result. Treating the waste involved the addition of a chemical fixation reagent using a Komatsu Reterra - one of only a handful of soil blending machines in Australia. The once high level contaminated soil was then re-classified as low level contaminated waste and disposed of appropriately. McMahon Services’ main advantage on the Birkenhead Site was our ability to manage the remediation process from start to finish – adapting as necessary when the project presented new challenges and problems. Having the in-house capability to obtain approvals from regulatory authorities, create environmental management continues page 11 ANCR CONSTRUCTION NEWS


comment By Mick Power AM BMD Group Board Chairman

MICK POWER ON DARWIN AND THE SECRETS OF PROFITABILITY Charles Darwin said, “... It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent. It’s the one most responsive to change”. Darwin would have built a great company because he knew the species that wins in the end is the one that is capable of adapting. Since the BMD Group started on the Gold Coast in 1979, adaptability has been a standard strategy for the company to ensure business growth and profitability. BMD has grown from a small Queensland family business to become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned construction, consulting and urban development organisations. Sustaining profitability in an industry that has its inevitable booms and downturns has been no easy task, but BMD has achieved it. So how do you remain profitable in such a volatile industry? Firstly, it’s important to remain flexible and nimble in your approach to ensure you have the ability and resources to be receptive to change. Secondly, to achieve longevity it’s essential to know who you are and what you’re good at. Finally, while taking risks is part of business, sometimes you simply needed to “stick to what you know” to be sustainable in the long term and get through the tougher cycles. BMD is, and always has been, responsive to change. Staff numbers have grown from the four family friends in 1979 to 1,450 today and it remains flexible in its capacity to undertake projects anywhere from $1 million to $1 billion. In recent years, BMD’s participation in increasingly larger and more complex projects and in joint ventures with Australian and international continues page 11 8


MAJOR $180 MILLION UPGRADE FOR MARGARET COURT ARENA The contract for the $180 million redevelopment of Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne Park, has been awarded to Lend Lease. The company will now begin detailed planning for the project with architects NH Architecture and Populous, with construction expected to begin in March of 2012.

2015 Australian Open. Adjoining Rod Laver Arena will also benefit from new shared facilities created by the Margaret Court Arena upgrade.

A substantial upgrade is planned for the arena which will include the installation of an operable roof, a fully enclosed foyer and concourse area, and also cater for an additional 1,500 seats. The Western Precinct project is stage one of the $366 million first stage of the Melbourne Park Redevelopment to be completed in time for the

“Lend Lease is bringing a high-quality team as well as valuable experience and understanding to the Western Precinct project. The company has a strong history of public work in Melbourne with projects such as the award winning Melbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre," Dr Napthine said.

The Victorian Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine said many of Australia’s leading construction companies bid for the project.

FUTURE BUILD CONFERENCE FOR MELBOURNE A new eco-event targeted at the complete construction industry has been announced by Australian Exhibitions & Conferences (AEC). The conference will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 2nd to 4th October 2012.

Unlike current conferences that offer an exhibition, or trade shows that have accompanying seminars, the event will offer “a ‘complete experience’ shared equally between a significant, cutting-edge trade expo and a multi-conference/seminar program.

Along with foundation partner the Master Builders Association of Victoria and endorsed by the City of Melbourne, Future Build is looking to attract multi-disciplinary key decision makers such as architects, specifiers, assets managers and facility managers from a broad range of industry sectors.

New products and technologies from sectors including the commercial, education and healthcare construction industries will bring together sustainable building products and materials, lighting manufacturers, building technologies/systems, renewable energy, professional services and more.

NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION MUSEUM The family of one of the founders of civil and mining contractor Thiess has backed the establishment of a national construction museum to preserve and display Australia’s history of iconic infrastructure achievements.

In a significant step forward for the proposed museum, Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale has pledged his support for the initiative and has identified a potential site in the city’s historic railway workshops precinct.

Glen Thiess, grandson of one of the Thiess founding fathers, Bert Thiess, said the family was committed to seeing the industry’s history gathered in one place for the benefit of the nation. Bert’s widow Vera has pledged a substantial donation towards the proposed museum, which would become home to Bert’s internationally significant collection of Caterpillar crawlers and other antique equipment.

Glen Thiess said he was encouraged by the support for the idea. “We know Canberra is interested in the idea but I really want the museum and Bert’s collection to stay up here and while the Ipswich site could be ideal, we know there’s still a lot of work to be done to get it off the ground.”

Some of these tractors are the only surviving examples of their type and the family is committed to having it preserved and appropriately displayed for future generations to appreciate.

Former Thiess chairman and managing director Martin Albrecht a driving force behind the museum proposal, noted that while Thiess would feature prominently, the museum would celebrate the achievements of the entire Australian construction industry.

INNOVATION DRIVES SUCCESS IN AQUATIC CENTRE CONVERSION Construction company BMD Constructions has implemented innovative construction techniques and safety measures to deliver the first stage of long-awaited and much needed renovation works at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

“At the same time, we acknowledge that making the facility available for community use as soon as possible is also a priority, and we are proud to have delivered strong, positive results across both areas,” he said.

Replacement of the facility’s dilapidated roof system is about 85% complete, but has not been without significant operational challenges.

With the project programmed for the winter months to avoid inconvenience to patrons who frequent the facility in summer, inclement weather conditions also threatened to set back the project schedule.

With a 5000m² roof spanning above the centre’s swimming pools, and the existing cladding in such poor condition that it was unable to support workers’ activity, all demolition and reconstruction was carried out from a purpose made system of crane suspended walkways and baskets. Designed by project subcontractor, McMahon Services, the unique system provided workers with safe aerial access to the roof where they dismantled the old structures and lifted and fixed new 30-metre long roofing sheets. BMD Group Executive Director Scott Power said maintaining worker safety while maximising project efficiency was a key consideration. “We have a duty of care to ensure our employees are working in the safest possible conditions, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” Mr Power said.

“For safety reasons the crane can’t operate in winds of more than 9 metres per second, and unfortunately we’ve experienced more wind and rain than we would have liked,” Mr Power said. Completion of the new roofing system is expected by 10 October. Adelaide City Council has allocated $7 million for this stage of the Aquatic Centre’s conversion to a community oriented leisure facility. BMD’s board will arrive in Adelaide next Thursday to inspect the project and witness the innovations first hand. The project will be nominated for a safety award with outstanding contribution from demolition and roofing subcontractor.

The first stage of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre Renovation

comment By Robert Timmermans Director of Valuation Services DTZ

YIELDING TO MARKET CONFUSION The property industry is renowned for quoting a variety of yields when referring to commercial property, creating ambiguity about values in the market and confusing investors who use this data to forecast returns. Often when yields are reported there is no specification as to which kind of yield is being referred to, possibly misleading investors who are unfamiliar with the property market regarding achievable returns and leading them to believe their property is worth more. With the most common yield quoted being the ‘initial’ or ‘passing’ yield, simply representing the rate that is derived by dividing the net passing income by the sale price, without any adjustment for vacancies or rental fluctuations, it’s easy to see why amateur investors can draw the wrong conclusion. Other widely used yields are ‘initial’, ‘reversionary’ and ‘equivalent’. The yield that reflects most accurately the real return of an asset is the ‘equivalent’ yield, also referred to as ‘market’ yield. Yields quoted in the media are not always market yields unless specified and cannot simply be applied to other properties to derive a value. Property owners and Investors often use reported yields to derive a value for their property, assuming the outcome and value is similar to the property that has been reported and consequently get excited that a low yield reported in the paper can be replicated and applied to their own asset. Incorrect yield reporting can distort market perception at a broader level. The importance of quoting yields correctly should not be underestimated as most people don’t know the differences between yields and assume the reported yield represents current market value and return. The ‘passing’ or ‘initial’ yield is the most basic of yields and may inflate the return of the property as it does not factor in any other contributors to the bottom line. Industry outsiders neglect to continues page 11 ANCR CONSTRUCTION NEWS


comment By Adrian Hart Senior Manager Infrastructure and Mining BIS Shrapnel

“MINING-RELATED CONSTRUCTION DRIVING GROWTH” The construction industry, like the economy, is running on multiple speeds. It’s important to understand why this is the case, what happens next and what the implications are. In 2010/11 construction work done grew 5.5% in real terms to just under $170 billion. But there were substantial variations by segment. Residential building work done — affected by low affordability and fading first home owner schemes — only rose by 2.1%. Non-residential building work done fell 2.8% as BER-related work eased and commercial and industrial building remained weak. Only the engineering construction segment showed significant growth, with work done rising 11% in real terms. Most of this was underwritten by new resources investment. With the next round of resources projects locked in, we will see further robust increases in engineering construction. Resources-related engineering construction will jump a further 60% over the next 3 years to nearly $60 billion in work done per annum. But government commitments to fiscal consolidation will be a negative. Publicly funded engineering construction will fall 10% in real terms over the next 3 years. The end of the BER will drive a 25% cut in social and institutional building. Dwelling construction will rise on the back of higher commencements and affordability, but will eventually be constrained by a return to higher interest rates as inflationary pressures rebuild. So what does this mean? Primarily, private mining and energy engineering construction projects dominate growth in industry activity from here. Work will be more regionalised, testing the adequacy of local infrastructure. Construction costs are accelerating again to attract skills and equipment into the hot spots. Growth in total work may ease through 2011/12 as the worst of the decline in BER work is realised, but stronger growth is expected subsequently, with risks for costs, prices and resourcing. It promises to be an interesting time.



MASTERS OF COMFORT Tackling Bunnings head on, Masters has opened several 13,000 m2 home improvement stores in Australia, and is on track to open a staggering 150 similar stores across the country in the next five years. Alongside its commitment to superior customer service, Masters plans to differentiate itself in the market place by offering products with more variety spanning both hardware and homeware, and to offer these in an air conditioned, light and bright, clean and comfortable store environment that provides a welcoming and pleasant shopping experience. To this end, the air conditioning design forms a key element of each store, not only for heating and cooling – and to ensure draught-free thermal comfort – but also to provide these without spaghetti runs of oppressive overhead ducting. Moreover, the HVAC system needs to be highly energy efficient so as to minimise the carbon footprint and running costs, and to allow brighter artificial lighting levels in each store than would be permissible in terms of BCA Section J requirements if standard air conditioning were used. In order to achieve the above goals, Fusion HVAC designed and patented a tailor-made modular HVAC solution for Masters. Specialised motorised long-throw side-blow swirl diffusers, mounted to high level plenum droppers from the roof, not only eliminate horizontal duct runs, but also provide superior levels of draught-free comfort, and vastly improve system efficiency by automatically optimising airflow patterns to the changing requirements of the space. Horizontal and vertical temperature distribution in the space is largely uniform including in perimeter aisles, even in heating mode. Heat-pumps include standard energy savings features such as economisers and electronic expansion valves, as well as a variety of specialised Fusion HVAC designed and patented a tailor-made modular HVAC solution for Masters

Fusion features to achieve power factor correction, airflow control, demand control ventilation, diffuser motorisation, mechanical cooling when economisers are active, etc. Controls, designed by Fusion, manage the HVAC operation of the heat-pumps, economisers, diffuser actuators, as well as a variety of energy savings measures such as optimum start/stop sequences and indoor air quality control. They also ensure robust operation, even in the event of comms or sensor failure. Fusion’s control system also monitors system operation for remote detection and diagnosis of system faults and alarms, and additionally manages each store’s lighting, achieving further energy savings by reducing artificial lighting levels when daylight levels are sufficiently bright for natural sky lighting to flood the store. Green Star modelling of the ductless modular HVAC system’s performance in an 8,000 m2 retail space has shown that the Fusion system not only outperforms standard rooftop heat-pumps, but also air cooled chilled water systems of more than twice the capital cost. Indeed, for a large retail space that is compliant with Section J of the BCA, energy modelling has shown that the Fusion system provides a more than 50% reduction in energy, which has made it possible for Masters to incorporate brighter lighting – a key element of Masters stores. Moreover, the Fusion system has a 20% lower carbon footprint than the chilled water option, and provides a 30% carbon reduction over a standard heat-pump solution. When viewed from a financial perspective, the Fusion system’s annual running costs are 40% and 50% lower than the chilled water and standard heat-pump alternatives, respectively. As masters of comfort, no wonder that Fusion’s ductless HVAC system is the air conditioning system of choice for the new Masters Home Improvement chain in Australia.


comment comments

David McMahon continued from page 7 plans, treat and dispose of contaminated waste and liaise with environmental consultants, ensured the project ran smoothly and met time and budgetary requirements.

platform for advancement in your industry and profession. For more information about becoming involved in technical committees, visit our website at Rosemary Smithson continued from page 12

Mick Power continued from page 8

with projects and fundraising events rather than providing financial donations.

construction and development partners, has positioned the company as a major player in the national construction and property industry.

PIF believes investing in the next generation of property and construction individuals and seeking their involvement in such initiatives is vital to the industry’s future development.

Put simply, the secrets of profitability do not rely on revolution, but a businesses commitment to evolution. Robert Timmermans continued from page 9 factor in vacancy and letting up allowances as well as rental incentives that all contribute to the true return. Also any variances between passing rentals and market rentals, reflected in the reversionary yield, are disregarded. Given the inaccuracies that can result from quoting initial yields, all yields should be expressed as equivalent yields, painting a comprehensive and more accurate picture of the real rental return of the asset. The property professionals of our industry need to ensure that yields are reported consistently to provide transparency, hold up the integrity of the yield and present an accurate snapshot of the market.

Colin Blair continued from this page published when they meet a strict requirement of net benefit for stakeholders and the community. Our process is embedded with safeguards to ensure that when standards are developed through the committee process, it is done through consensus. Participation in standards development committees has the potential to provide a

Jane Devlin continued from page 13 that can’t we dress appropriately for the climate and not lessen our shopping experience? It seems the Danes and Moroccans have this most admirably managed. Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre is a worthy first step in realising this challenge.

Abigail Evans continued from page 14 The car free housing concept is the ultimate ‘stick’ in personal travel which has to be complimented with the ‘carrot’ alternative public or non motorised travel alternatives. But, could the stick be too sharp given the changing vehicle ‘green’ technology and personal freedom? Advice to developers is do not jump on the bandwagon without considering this! Megan Motto continued from page 15 Consult Australia looks forward to contributing to this debate of critical national importance with the release of Tomorrow’s Cities Today. Ensuring that the coordination of our cities remains a priority and the initiatives we need for the future are delivered will continue to be a strong focus for Consult Australia in the years ahead.

By Colin Blair CEO Standards Australia

THE BENEFIT OF BECOMING INVOLVED IN OUR STANDARDS DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Australian Standards underpin almost all aspects of the construction industry whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Knowing and applying these standards are critical for industry operators committed to achieving best practice outcomes. Standards are relevant to numerous professions and trades. We maintain some 6,873 standards across sectors including building and construction, energy, transport, manufacturing, and engineering to name a few. There is significant scope for involvement in standards development through our 947 active committees and sub-committees, involving 9,000 plus committee members and 189 active working groups. Being a committee member provides an opportunity to shape the future of standardisation for your industry sector. Our committees comprise representatives from an impressive range of technical and professional backgrounds. We welcome the addition of new members to our committees. Peer-to-peer networking, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and the chance to gain technical insight from people at the top of their game are some of the benefits which come with committee participation. Australian Standards have the power to set new benchmarks for business, which means committee participation provides you with the opportunity to have a say over the future direction of your industry. Due to the high-level of recognition of standards, and compliance of them in the construction sector, they can potentially shape the market for industry participants. Our rigorous and impartial standards development process ensures that standards development committees are balanced and that standards are continues this page ANCR CONSTRUCTION NEWS


comment By Rosemary Smithson, Chief Executive Officer Property Industry Foundation

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY DIGS DEEP FOR CHARITY Despite the ongoing economic uncertainty within global markets workplace donations from within the property and construction industry remain steady and unaffected. The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) has seen a steady increase on the last four years with industry members continuing to dig deep to donate time and resources towards a number of fundraising events and development projects for homeless and disadvantaged youth. The trend reflects an underlying move across the sector to support and assist in charitable projects that was once limited to a select few organisations and groups. Employers increasingly understand the importance of committing to and investing in community initiatives which in turn helps to balance social obligations and generates a greater sense of ethos. It is now commonplace for companies to actively encourage staff involvement in a wide range of initiatives which in turn lift morale and spread awareness of community issues like youth homelessness. PIF’s latest project, PIF House, is an inner-city housing facility for young adolescents offering them a place to stay and a chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle and has been specifically designed for those undergoing Oasis’ Rebuild-a-Young-Life Program, an employment initiative readying them for work within the construction and property industry. Companies including Suters Architects, Muller Partnership, Mainbrace and Jones Nicholson have generously donated time and resources to the project which will see the refurbishment of a Council-owned building. Other PIF initiatives include PropertyBlitz, a volunteer program consisting of young professionals who donate time in kind and assist continues page 11 12



INNOVATION DELIVERS AN ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR ARCHITECTS Energy efficiency is no longer simply a nice bonus feature in a project, but has now become a mandated requirement since the introduction of Section J in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). There are two as a measure for stipulating minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings. With annual revisions of the BCA, the various requirements of Section J have progressively become more stringent particularly in regards to glazing. In 2010 these revisions included the reduction of maximum allowable glazing area reduced by as much as 40% compared to the 2009 version. Section J, in conjunction with other components of the BCA, provides two pathways for compliance with its requirements. First is the ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ (DTS) method, where the section outlines specific targets to be met by each element of the building, and the second being provision of an alternate solution complying with the performance requirements of the section. The alternative requires energy modelling to prove compliance, generating enormous amounts of complex data crunching for architects. Assessment of the minimum performance requirements for glazing has to be completed from a series of formulas and tabulated indexes provided within the BCA. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) provides a Glazing Calculator that can be utilised to determine compliance of the proposed glazing system, and it is very useful once the building fabric is finalised. However, problems arise when the tool is applied during the design and planning phase, because when it comes to exploring options and enormous amount of trial and error is involved. Norman Disney & Young (NDY) Engineers have developed a solution for their colleagues in the architecture realm, by developing Reverse Glazing Calculators. These spreadsheet based tools are based on the formulas and tabulated indexes provided within the BCA but have been arranged in a way which allow the users maximum flexibility.

The tools allow the required glazing parameters to be assessed with minimal or no input, depending on the concept design requirements. The results are presented in a graphical format that improves the comprehensibility of the outcomes and ensures the optimum solution is found. The NDY Reverse Glazing Calculator was developed by Dhimendra Singh, Matt Fitzgerald, Rachel Hogan and Matthew Webster from the NDY Canberra and Melbourne offices, and was recognised with an NDY Innovation Award this year. Their new tool allows architects to determine the minimum performance requirements quickly, and with minimal information; introduces a level of intuition into the assessment; allows for assessment of options for glazing types and shading; and delivers the results in a format which is easily manipulated and utilised during the concept phase. Importantly, these suite of tools allow NDY Engineers to quickly determine the minimum glazing performance requirements for a virtually infinite range of options that can assist the Architectural team develop scenarios that are sympathetic to the form and aesthetic requirements, as wells as compliant with the ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ requirements of the BCA. Where the ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ requirements limit the façade design required by the Architectural team, NDY can assist by providing cost effective energy modelling that can help further manipulate the façade design and develop a BCA compliant solution.



SOLAR STADIUM GAINS ACCOLADES With its dramatic design and leading-edge sustainability engineering innovations, Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast is ‘an outstanding new addition to the social and cultural fabric of the Gold Coast’, according to the judging panel of this year’s Gold Coast Urban Design Awards. The project was awarded the Helen Josephson Award for Innovation in Urban Design, and is an example of how engineering can work in collaboration with architecture to deliver new possibilities for the urban domain. Architects of Metricon, Populous, brought Norman Disney & Young (NDY) onto the award winning team.

Metricon Stadium underwent a $144 million redevelopment which was completed in May 2011. NDY provided engineering services in Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Hydraulics, Vertical Transportation, Lighting, Communications and Security and was influential in ensuring the stadium’s green credentials with the Solar “Halo” design. Connan Brown, ESD Manager for NDY Brisbane gives full credit to the architect and design team, and said, “achieving a fullyintegrated solar solution within a unique and iconic roof form is an outstanding aesthetic result”.

Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast

By Jane Devlin Architect DesignInc

SHOPPING FOR OUR ENERGY FUTURE In Copenhagen a district comprised of a main street and a maze of smaller streets, crafts the longest open-air pedestrian system in the world. Likewise in Morocco, the souks and outdoor markets provide an un-conditioned labyrinth of passages feeding shop and stalls. Why then in Australia do we continue to feel the need to condition our shopping malls? While we revere the unique urban village we persist on providing generic shopping centres fully lit, conditioned and unconnected to the environment.

NEW WAYS OF SEEING OUR BUILT ENVIRONMENT ON SHOW The Australian Institute of Architects has announced Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth will head the creative team for the Australian Pavilion at the 13th Venice International Architecture Biennale in 2012. This is widely regarded as the most important architectural event in the world. The team will present ‘Formations: New Practices in Australian Architecture’– an exhibition designed to “challenge traditionally held beliefs about what architecture can be, and celebrate new opportunities for architects working in non-traditional ways”. To do so, ‘Formations’ will highlight “the unconventional and world-leading innovative range of architectural practice types being developed across Australia”. ‘Formations’ will feature a select group of architects working in non-traditional ways and domains – bringing their skills and expertise to areas as diverse as robotic fabrication, government policy and indigenous housing.

The Australian Pavilion will be transformed into a “soft landscape of connections and possibilities”, featuring a series of installations or ‘formations’ responding to the light-filled, sculpted pavilion interior which will focus on actual projects and their impact. Each installation will be designed as “spaces of real world innovation”. Announcing the Creative Directors’ appointment, Venice Biennale Commissioner Mrs Janet Holmes à Court said: “As countries around the world continue to struggle with economic uncertainty and instability, it is vital that Australia maximises every opportunity to reinforce the nation’s competitive strengths and standing on the world stage. “The Venice Architecture Biennale, now widely regarded as the most important event on the international architecture calendar, is one of these un-missable opportunities. I have every confidence that the appointment of our 2012 Creative Director team affords us a great head-start in the promotion of the nation’s incredibly rich and diverse architectural talent.”

A recent report by Australia Energy Market Commission indicates the rise in air-conditioning use is having a significant effect on electricity demands and our obsession with the indoor mall which requires a great deal of energy to operate - is contributing to this demand. There is however a push to create outdoor shopping areas designed to look like city streets, with an emphasis on cafes and spaces for people watching. Key design objectives of the Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre were to activate street and plaza edges, and promote the corner store ideal. An outdoor plaza with a variety of levels and seating creates a central gathering place that leads into the indoor mall. Along Grand Boulevard there is the neighbourhood high street model with a more boutique, community retail focus. While still having a central indoor airconditioned pedestrian spine bordered by retail outlets, the indoor mall’s main canopy is elevated above the surrounding retail building parapets, to allow for mixed mode ventilation and controlled natural light. The architects have made every attempt to reduce the impact on energy consumption, with the Centre currently registered for Green Star – Retail Design v1 certification. However the key question still remains. Australia’s weather is not so extreme continues page 11 ENGINEERING NEWS ANCR ARCHITECTURE


comment By Abigail Evans, Executive Transport Planner Meinhardt

Are car free housing developments as sustainable as they sound? In urban areas there is a rise in ‘green’ residential buildings, and emerging is the ‘car-free housing’ concept. Car- free housing is exactly as you would expect; a residential development (usually apartments in dense urban areas) with no parking provided for cars. It is fundamentally a home for people who do not own a car and in some cases a legal contract has to be signed to say that they never will while residing in said development. However, as a Transport Planner my professional leans me into developing strategies to provide alternative means of travel for people other than the car, rather than actually deterring car ownership. While I totally agree that travel by non motorised or public transport is far more efficient and sustainable than travel by car (when taking into account fuel emissions and construction of roads etc), with the increasing availability of low emission and electric vehicles, why is owning a car so unsustainable? The majority of people want to own a car for personal freedom and leisure and may for example commute everyday to work by tram or cycle. A far more efficient use of space within a building could be to enable car parking spaces to be rented out or sold separately to the apartment itself so that people who wish not to own a car do not have a wasted parking space. A ratio of 1 parking space for every 2 to 4 apartments could well achieve maximising efficiency of parking areas while maintaining attractiveness of the development to potential buyers. By encouraging too many car-free housing projects there could be an increase in the demand for on street parking and a high turnover of occupancy as people’s choice to own a car changes (especially with the rise in low carbon vehicles).

continues page 11 14



CHALLENGES AS COMPLEX AS A CORAL REEF Engineering is going to new places in Far North Queensland, in the design of the laboratory and services systems for the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) new National Sea Simulator Project at Cape Ferguson, south of Townsville. Meinhardt’s Brisbane Office won the commission to provide building and process laboratory services in association with Oceanis International. The new research facility, funded by the Australian Government’s Marine and Climate Super Science Initiative, will extend Australian scientists ability to simulate different seawater conditions and assist in areas such as extending global understanding of the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification, supporting Australia’s marine industries and the management of its tropical marine ecosystems. “The National Sea Simulator will be world class in its complexity and capacity for extremely close simultaneous control of multiple parameters in seawater and life support systems in numerous experimental scenarios. A significant part of our commission included participation in the development of various laboratory arrangements, in conjunction with AIMS’s scientists, as detailed systems and controls design proceeded,” said Nick Bamber, State Manager for Meinhardt QLD. There are a multitude of challenges to resolve, from construction issues and site topography through to the intricacies of providing the required research conditions into the future. Oceanis, specialist engineers experienced in marine water systems and marine life support systems, are responsible for designing the primary seawater systems and adapting or inventing appropriate technologies for the laboratories. “Our client (AIMS) is wishing to push the state of the art in terms of technologies,” said Oceanis’ Project Director, Ken Shular. “There are many aspects to the project which are unusual in a research facility setting: membrane filtration of seawater; salinity correction, ultra high accuracy temperature control; sediment delivery methods are some of the examples. “The combination of these methodologies have never been applied in this context before. Some of the technology is existing, some of it breaks new ground and some of it involves importing technology from other industries. “The membrane filtration technology is coming via the desalination industry, except in this case instead of creating fresh water we are needing to correct

the salinity of seawater. During the wet season, fresh water run-off dilutes the saline levels at the site of the sea water intake for the laboratories, so we are using reverse osmosis technology to remove fresh water to concentrate the salt, a reverse of the usual process.” Water conditions at the intake, which is close to shore, are vastly different from those out on the Barrier reef and the facility needs to provide both so that a wide variety of experiments can be undertaken. The in-shore water is highly variable in quality, with higher sediment and nutrient levels and salinity levels that fluctuate greatly due to seasonal run off. Oceanis and Meinhardt need to ensure a stable, reliable supply of high quality sea water which replicates reef conditions for the experiments to take place. Oceanis has designed a series of stages of filtration which ensures the water will be clean enough and without variations which may affect the validity of the science. “We have been examining this technology for other uses, such as marine parks, zoos and aquariums and aquatic centres. Membrane filtration technology can also change how institutions clean up their water, such as with a current Saudi Arabian project we are working on,” said Ken. Oceanis are also managing the monitoring and control system design and engineering with a sub-contractor. The AIMS project involves a significant share of budget dedicated to these aspects of the facility, with multiple parameters requiring extensive automated controls. The project aims to leverage industrial controls technology to not only run the “behind the scenes” water filtration and management systems, but also to facilitate the experiments though controlling aspects such as highly accurate seawater temperature adjustments, managing sophisticated lighting systems, controlling water pH levels and controlling levels of contaminates. In some experiments thirty or more unique seawater conditions may need to Meinhardt won the commission to design the laboratory and services systems for the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)



be maintained, involving several hundred control and monitoring points. Data also needs to be tracked, backed up and stored constantly. Also, because some of these experiments may involve timeframes of years rather than months or weeks, reliability built into infrastructure such as energy systems is needed to ensure a power outage can’t undo years of patient research. “We have been working closely with Meinhardt on the energy efficiency aspects for the AIMS project. The local incoming water is very warm, too warm in summer for coral, so we are leveraging off the internal thermal chilled water system designed by Meinhardt to cool seawater for the labs,” said Ken Shular. “Right across the process systems, with operations and maintenance aspects we have aimed for efficiencies of labour and energy.” Other high efficiency techniques incorporated into the engineering of the research facility include for example the design for the piping, which ensures low pressure drops for the pumping systems, and variable speed drives for flexibility of operation. “For the entire project team, this has been a research project in itself. Other projects we work on have very defined goals and we design technical solutions. For this we have been encouraged to examine new ideas...and we have had to second guess what the research being done might be in the future, and qualify all our ideas by thinking about what can be done on a limited budget,” said Ken. One of the key milestones which the design team has achieved recently is the delivery of the 90 percent tender documentation packages for the project, for which Baulderstone were appointed by AIMS as the Managing Contractor late in 2010. “The technical challenge for us has been understanding the science that AIMS are trying to do, and how to deliver a facility that enables them to do that,” said Meinhardt’s Nick Bamber. “The design process has been undertaken in 3D using REVIT MEP, and has

been the most demanding project to date with that software. The 3D design includes fire, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical services and REVIT MEP has been extremely useful in identifying and resolving constructability issues, while allowing us to utilise resources in both our Brisbane and Melbourne offices” said Meinhardt’s Design Manager for the project, Manfred Bretterecker. “We co-ordinated with the architect, structural, civil and process engineers - all working in 3D together using a variety of software packages such as various Autodesk products. It is the most complex project we have undertaken. “There were individual technical issues, such as controlling air-conditioning to tight tolerances in the Controlled Environment Rooms, which are the key experimental spaces. The mechanical system design needs to maintain a uniform temperature without stratifying, which is unusual.” “There were twists and turns on the electrical systems too, with lighting solutions needing to simulate daylight in some areas, including the use of plasma light sources. Varying the intensity and spectrum of the light through the artificial ‘day’ is critical in terms of coral growth, so there has been an emphasis on controlling the lighting directly from the experimental controls,” explained Nick Bamber. The AIMS facility sits at the end of a single 66kV electrical supply line in a cyclone zone, with a single road access often cut by wet season flooding. Ensuring ample backup power is critical for the experiments, and energy efficiency assists this sustainability aspect. Under a separate project already in construction, Meinhardt have also designed a new site-wide chilled water system utilising off-peak power and thermal storage to assist in minimising the facility’s peak daytime electrical load. “This project has been an interesting and exciting personal journey, and will be world-standard when finished,” said Manfred.

By Megan Motto Chief Executive Officer Consult Australia

PLANNING FOR TOMORROW’S CITIES TODAY The recent release of Consult Australia’s Consult Australia’s Tomorrow’s Cities Today report and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s State of Australian Cities 2011 report has put the spotlight firmly back on the 18 major cities that drive our nation. Tomorrow’s Cities Today signifies a significant step forward in planning for the future of Australian cities. The report represents a move towards considering our nation as a whole, rather than on a state-by-state basis, and seeks to outline overarching goals for the country’s cities and how they will be made more productive, sustainable and liveable. It’s important to note how rapidly our nation is changing. As we grapple with the challenges of climate change, an ageing and growing population, congestion, urban sprawl and unaffordable housing, it is important we do not settle for maintaining the status-quo. With the current government focus on our cities and the challenges of a changing world, it’s timely to take stock; to consider what next steps should be taken. Priorities need to be set and a plan for action, which will realise a positive future for our cities, must take priority. Planning for the future requires us to think beyond the here and now. Cities with a current population over 100,000 are the focus of today, however cities expected to achieve such a population by 2050 need also to be addressed. This is just one recommendation made in Tomorrow’s Cities Today. Consult Australia’s recommendations are by no means exhaustive, but with their prioritisation and implementation, we believe Australian cities will be better placed to deliver the outcomes voters expect—and will increasingly demand—of their governments in the years ahead.





Harry Triguboff

Managing Director, meriton LA Yourself and Meriton have changed the way people “live” in Australia. As you approach 50 years in the industry, what do you see as your greatest professional achievement? HT When I look back at 50 years I’m sure that the greatest achievement is that I have survived in the business and I have grown all the time. Because it is obvious that it is a very difficult business and I managed to do it without going public or without having any partners. On the other side it’s been very gratifying to see that I was able to start from very low beginnings. I was building blocks of 8 units and now I’m building blocks 80 floors high. And it gives me a great feeling. The third thing is that I have been proved correct when I always believed only in apartments and said that people would prefer apartments. I never built one cottage in my life. LA You take a personal interest in every facet of every development; do you have one particular area of interest that is your personal building passion? HT The passion I have in building is first of all I always look for innovations. For instance if I see that plumbers have started to have their stacks going horizontally instead of vertically then I run and change it because I think it’s better or if I saw that the brick layers were slow I went into prefabricated slabs. So I am always looking at ways to improve the efficiency. Efficiency is what I am always looking for. And if one 16


Interview by Lyndall Lee Arnold

subcontractor does one thing better than another then I teach the guy, the one that is slower to copy the one that is more efficient. Now my other passion is that I want blocks to move fast, so I always take an interest in anything which blocks quick progress. LA Describe your management and leadership style. HT Management in my opinion is that I have to be involved in anything that is new. There are always new things that we do. I have to be involved in them, and once they are fixed then I let others do them and I take less interest in them. Also I must always be involved in any place where there is a problem. I must make sure that we don’t over pay, that everything moves fast and that what we do is profitable. As the business moves forward I always like to take people from doing one thing to do another thing. That way I think it is more interesting for them and shows them they can do more than what they were doing before. That is good for the business and its good for their moral. The other thing in business is everyone must pull together. Once there is friction it would not be tolerated, I would never tolerate friction in the business. LA Meriton is unique from many of its competitors in handling all aspects of a development from finance through development to construction and AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

final sales and leasing. But what is that defines the philosophical essence of the Meriton brand? HT We do all these things, we are in finance, we do build ourselves, we plan ourselves, sell ourselves and manage the properties after we sell them and we keep a lot, which have to be managed. The importance of that is that when we do everything from beginning to end ourselves we know the business very well. So it’s all controlled by us, by the company. The other thing is if we can make a little bit of profit say from the way we buy the land or the way we build or the way we sell or the way we can give finance to the purchasers then there is more opportunity for us to show high profits and less chance of losing money. LA Staff loyalty is very high at Meriton, what is your approach to retaining good people? HT Staff loyalty is very high because I always try to give them continuous work. This is very important in the building industry. Other building companies cannot give continuity to their staff of work because they may have a job one day in Melbourne and then the next day in Adelaide and then Sydney. We try to give people continuous work and that proved to us essential when we had problems with the unions 40 years ago. Staff knew that they would always have work in Meriton. Otherwise it would be very difficult to get them to be on my side and not create havoc and strikes. LA What is the update on your current projects: Infinity in Brisbane and Victoria Square in Sydney, two of the largest ever undertaken. HT We have a lot of land in Zetland which we are developing, we have a lot of land in Rhodes which we are developing, we have a lot of land in Eastwood/Epping which we are developing and in Warriewood. These are all big developments and they are in various stages but we continuously build in those areas. Once we start a project we continue every stage very quickly. We build very quickly that’s how we do it. Infinity will be the tallest, very similar to the other two. It’s very exciting when we build a tall building as it progresses you see the various views changing and giving something different others can’t give. But the philosophy is that we try to build as soon as we can after acquiring a property. We do not speculate whether it comes at the right time or the wrong time. Once we buy the land then it’s the right time as far as we are concerned. LA Where do you see Meriton in 5 -10 years? HT If the market is still subdued then we will be renting more properties every year, and the company will not grow as fast as it could otherwise. If the market will stop being subdued which is what I believe it will be, then we will be able to sell more and build more and keep more, but it depends on the market, as to the speed in which we progress. The importance of Meriton is that we always build apartments in areas where rents have always gone up and that gives me confidence to progress the way I do and I don’t think that would change. The rents will continue to go up all the time. Who would think that people would share apartments and cause the rents to go up?, who would think that people would at last understand that it is no use living far away and they should live in the centre and pay more rent?, who would think that serviced apartments would be such a success? We tried hotels before and we didn’t like them at all, but maybe the timing was wrong. We did hotels approximately 15 years ago. We had a number of hotels but we turned them into apartments and sold them off. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

LA Affordable is a key issue for the Federal Government, as a major supplier of affordable housing, what is your opinion of their approach to the issue? HT To make housing affordable first of all the councils have to understand that their codes must be capable of being used profitably and not just print out ideas which don’t work. Councils have to approve things quickly because if there are holding charges nothing becomes affordable. So what I am saying is that Councils have to understand how to make living affordable. They like to check everything too much and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency in being efficient. So the sooner they understand that, the better and that goes for the government. They have to understand that their schemes, (they have many financial schemes) which have never worked because they did not allow for profits to be made. Interest rates must be kept low. Inflation in the Western World was beaten when China started to export cheap goods and services. We are fighting inflation which is no longer here. People who buy apartments must be reasonably sure that they will make a profit. Just like anyone putting money on deposit with the Bank. Housing is not a stock market where shares bounce. Housing must gradually go up. And that is controlled by supply of money (interest rates) and rents (supply of housing). Both of which are controlled by the government to a great extent. LA What policies would you like to see implemented at state and/or federal level in regards to the housing market? HT Whenever we have a new Minister or a new party in power they want to start all over again and then they promise things which in practice don’t work and they seem to be terribly concerned about what they said. That should not concern them. Because if we run a business we change our minds all the time and it’s not because we are crooks and not because we are liars but that is how life is, so this attitude that you’ve said something and you change your mind means that you are a liar or ignorant has to go. You have to adjust as time goes on. We have to set targets. The problem with governments of all levels they have no targets. They must have a target, how many apartments must be built, how many people must be housed, they have no targets they just go and do the best they can. The next thing is there are local minorities and they should never be given more power than they deserve which is very little, because there are very few of them. But what happens is that when people become unhappy then they turn to these minorities and suddenly these local minorities become quite powerful. But if we do our job properly then these people who like to make a lot of noise will be forgotten. LA Interest rates effectively drive the housing market from development right through to the purchase stage. What would you like to see implemented in regards to policy? HT The people now say that we should not have inflation or inflation should be very low. That means that they don’t want prices of houses to go up a great deal. So why would you buy a house if the rents are a lot cheaper than the repayments on the loan to buy an apartment? And that must be understood by the government so when they know what the rents are then the repayments must be similar and that is dictated by the interest rate. Today the difference is probably about 20% so either interest rates must come down 20% or rents go up 20%. Now interest rates can be brought down 20% in one minute whereas rents to rise 20% might take years. So the decision is there. Drop the interest rates. ANCR INTERVIEW CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT




peter ryan southern region general manager,

leighton contractors Interview by Rowena Robertson

RR How do you see the new carbon tax, due to be implemented in July next year, affecting the construction industry? PR Our key focus is on understanding the Carbon Tax legislation and working with our subcontractors and suppliers to help them understand its implications. We have to be careful that businesses and suppliers are not opportunistic and pass on extra costs. We are now targeting modern low emission cement and concrete plants. I think businesses will finally look at sustainability from a big picture perspective because the Carbon Tax takes into account embodied costs. While various reports estimate it will increase project costs by between 0.7 and 1.5 per cent, our carbon intensive building projects using large amounts of concrete and steel could have an impost as high as 3 per cent. RR What kind of technological changes will we be seeing in the construction industry into the future? PR Some of the biggest changes will be around the continuation of environmental sustainability initiatives and the use of BIM (Building Information Management) systems with the advent of advanced 3D drawing/modelling software such as Revit and Navisworks. We will be taking BIM to a new level of sophistication. We are currently designing the New Royal Adelaide Hospital utilising Revit across all design disciplines and seeing huge advantages in terms of clash detection and coordination. More and more innovations and applications are becoming available automating project requirements - from site set up, programming, cost, off site manufacture and site validations as well as helping ensure the design works is in line with our rigorous Safety in Design requirements. The extensive level of detail around individual project elements has enormous benefits for our clients and their facilities maintenance providers. RR What has been your experience/what are your thoughts on working in PPPs? PR We’re a very big supporter of PPPs. In Southern Region we have the largest health PPP project in Australia – the $1.8b New Royal Adelaide Hospital. We have an Investment and Facilities Management arm of our company which specialises in PPPs. We need to have models that are flexible enough to assist government with the construction of complex projects and this includes using our strong balance sheets to engage with the Government to secure future projects. RR What do you consider to be Leighton Contractor’s key projects and why? PR Our core business is centred on roads, rail and building, while the emerging businesses include renewable energy, mining infrastructure and work within the oil and gas sector. Significant projects in our 18


region include the $120m M80 Upgrade which is the largest design and construct project currently in the VicRoads portfolio, the $1.8b New Royal Adelaide Hospital and the $1b Macarthur Wind farm, the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere. Growth over the next few years will be focused on the BHP Olympic Dam expansion in South Australia and the upgrade of Victoria’s Regional Rail network. RR What do you think will be the key drivers in the Australian construction market over the next 10 years? PR Making money and keeping our people safe. There has been some very aggressive behaviour over the past twelve months; many competitors are doing things in the marketplace that we haven’t seen for quite some time in regards to their approach to risk. This strategy can certainly place pressure on their respective profitability going forward. However our key drivers continue to be population growth, residential development, unemployment levels, and world economic circumstances. RR How hard is it to plan ahead for the rapid pace of change in the current business environment? PR There’s so much negative press out there. If we believe that Australia is isolated from what is happening around the world we’d be a little naïve. We do significant strategic planning in our business, so our work is centred on two to five years out. This means that when there’s a bubble AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

RR Can you predict where your markets are heading? PR If I could believe everything I read (and I guess I do believe a lot of it) there are so many warnings in the marketplace. We have developed a very mature business that has diversified across numerous markets. Although the construction industry is cyclical in nature, our diversity shields us from the peaks and troughs that would otherwise be experienced. The rail and energy markets have received plenty of attention at both state and federal levels while our traditional market of roads has entered a less attractive phase. Growth over the next ten years will also be positive in the areas of ports and marine, mining infrastructure, and the commercial building arena.

RR Leighton Contractors is recognised as an industry leader in safety. What are you doing to achieve a high-performance safety culture? PR We’ve completely changed the way we plan and deliver projects in terms of safety. Fatalities and serious injuries continue to plague the construction industry at rates that are completely unacceptable. At Leighton Contractors we have implemented one major initiative in the last twelve months and that’s the Construction Safety Essentials. They focus on eight key areas, such as working at heights, working in and around mobile equipment, electricity, live services and so forth. Our research has confirmed that 80 per cent of all accidents occur within those eight categories. The Safety Essentials has simplified what’s important in safety and our statistics have halved since launching this unique program.

RR What is your perception of the current state of client-contractor relationships? How will they evolve in the future? PR The client contractor relationship has positively evolved over the past decade and this has been reflected in the reduction / elimination of litigious activity in our marketplace. Our key relationships with government authorities such as the Department of Health, Department of Transport, and VicRoads is one of collaboration - which drives positive behaviours, innovation and value propositions that deliver exceptional results. This is the future for contracting.

RR Does Leighton Contractors have a corporate social responsibility policy? PR Absolutely. The values in which our people operate are centered around respect for community and environment, and safety above all else. We focus on delivering projects that leave a legacy footprint within the community. Examples of our investments range from tree planting days, building playgrounds for disabled and underprivileged children and sponsoring associations such as The Beacon Foundation to assist the youth in our communities.

or a change in the economic cycle it doesn’t affect us due to the strategic diversity we’ve developed over the last decade.






GET BETTER BUSINESS SUCCESS IN 2012 With the financial markets worldwide unstable and the prospects for new privately funded major projects somewhat murky, information has never been more critical for steering a smooth course to business opportunity. Since 1969 Cordell Information has been at the forefront of providing the most reliable, timely and comprehensive construction industry information. Their services can assist businesses to maximise the possibilities from finding new projects, to tendering, to estimating and planning quantities. With over 40 years experience researching the construction industry, the Cordell team have seen the industry go through both the booms and the doldrums. Their comprehensive data on industry activity shows the clients where the action is giving them the best chance of thriving. Cordell can use their team, skills, experience and knowledge to help clients build and achieve their team’s business goals and objectives with both short and long term strategies.



Whichever sector a company operates within Cordell Information has their finger on the pulse and can give a comprehensive account of what’s happening, where it’s happening, and how to best get in on the action. In the civil infrastructure sector, from roads and bridges to ports, airports and tunnels Cordell Information reports on a wide variety of civil engineering projects. By working with Cordell’s Tenders Online and Cordell Construction projects, companies can get the edge in having their product specified, get details of when and where the next civil projects will be happening, and find out exactly who to speak with. In the commercial construction sector, Cordell provides an informed alternative to relying on headlines alone. By meticulously researching the sector all over Australia, the research team capture the data on almost every major projects going, even those flying below the usual radars. They report, monitor and update this information as and when changes occur, tracking projects from very early planning through to tender stage, and up to commencement. This continually builds an up-to-the-minute construction database of information clients can use to identify business


opportunities; monitor competitors; compile strategic and marketing plans; and discover gaps and threats in the marketplace. Cordell Information also covers the industrial, residential and mining sectors, providing leads and background information for any business either contracting or supplying for these sectors. Whether a business shifts earth or supplies the guys who do, this is the way to get the vital details on relevant activity, without having to send a rep to the furthest reaches of the country to gather intelligence or subscribe to every far flung regional newspaper or surf every council website for details of DAs.

CONNECTED TO THE PULSE OF OPPORTUNITY By customising their details, construction industry businesses and suppliers can specify exactly what value of project in what region offers them an opportunity, and can further refine this to specify exactly what stage of planning, design or construction is the right moment for them to make an approach to do business. This cuts out a lot of clutter, as the information only includes what will actually be useful, not projects


outside the company’s defined scope. So a commercial interiors fit out trade, for example, doesn’t need to wade through details of big dams or rail projects to get to the data that really benefits their business. Because every business is different, Cordell’s vast database of project information is available in a variety of different formats including, on-line, email and hardcopy. Subscribers to Cordell Connect can access everything on-line using a secure logon from any internet connection, including iPhone, Blackberry and laptop. Winnings Appliances Commercial Division is a Cordell Connect success story. They have been working with Architects, Developers and the construction industry providing top quality appliances for commercial projects since 1906. Once they subscribed to Cordell Connect, and had access to the latest commercial construction project information, the company found they gained the information edge to continue to succeed despite the impact of the GFC. By customising the Cordell Connect package to best suit their company, Winning Appliances can take advantage of the most up to

date information available on the opportunities available to them in the commercial construction centre.

through Cordell ensures Ardax can take action at precisely the right time to secure orders.

There are other aspects to Cordell Connect which are extremely valuable, such as the split screen which allows users to view project information simultaneously with typing up a letter to the relevant project contact – saves time, saves printing, and keeps everything relevant right there on the screen, adding up to a far more efficient way of managing and responding to information.

Another aspect of Cordell’s service companies like Ardax appreciate is that when a client calls Cordell, they immediately get to speak with a person who speaks their language and understands their needs. Cordell’s staff can draw on the company’s decades of experience and ensure they provide clients with the best possible assistance to generate the maximum benefit from Cordell’s services.

For Ardax Australia, subscribing to Cordell Connect has been a highly profitable investment. Ardax manufactures a wide range of tiling adhesives, waterproofing membranes and floor preparation products, with commercial construction representing a large proportion of the end-use of their products.


To ensure Ardax products are specified for commercial projects, the company uses Cordell Connect to track projects from conception to completion in every state in Australia. The highly accurate and customised nature of the information they access



Cordell’s proven industry tools can together form a comprehensive sales, marketing and intelligence toolkit which can enhance the chances of any construction business in these dicey economic times. The toolkit - TendersOnline, Connect, Estimator V4, PlanSwift, ePortfolio and more, are designed to also work together as a complete online toolkit. This system allows clients to showcase their business, identify opportunities, produce competitive quotes and maximise cost


efficiencies. These advantages are priceless assets in the current industry climate. Cordell’s TendersOnline offers an interactive online marketplace that connects suppliers with tendering authorities in an efficient, secure environment. Add the ePortfolio, and a company can showcase their capabilities direct to tendering authorities and gain exclusive opportunities to bid. With Estimator V4 subscribers gain complete control over costings to prepare accurate, competitive quotes or review profitability on completed projects. Estimator V4 puts the latest prices for materials, labour and plant hire at your fingertips, based on a database of more than 12,000 items available nationwide. Planswift seamlessly links with Estimator v4, to deliver accurate materials takeoffs for all individual components. This can tighten timeframes for estimating, eliminate loss through waste and provide time savings through the use of pre-populated formulas.


With Cordell on the team, a business can access the information needed to quickly identify, respond to and manage opportunity, making the most informed decisions about short and long term goals. It is the kind of power which can make the difference between growth and stagnation in a tough market, enabling rapid and informed response. To find out how Cordell can give you the competitive edge in 2012, phone 1800 80 60 60 or go to

Cordell Information contact: Chris Evans Marketing Manager t. 02 9934 5527 m. 0400 018 232 e.




Telstra Network Integrity

great eastern highway upgrade


n a West Australian first, Telstra Network Integrity division have been working in alliance with the City East Alliance, comprising Leighton Contractors, GHD and NRW on a major transport infrastructure upgrade. The Great Eastern Highway upgrade between Kooyong Road and Tonkin Highway. The Great Eastern Highway upgrade project includes an addition of two extra lanes from four to six lanes for a distance of 4.2km; constructing a central median upgrading all major intersections to include dedicated turning lanes; U-turn facilities at key locations to provide access to businesses fronting the freeway. Incorporate bus priority lanes and dedicated on-road cycling facilities; construct footpaths for pedestrians. Relocate, replace and protect service utilities such as telecommunications, water, power and gas. Telstra Network Integrity’s involvement with the Alliance was the most efficient and coordinated approach to completing the scope of works, due the sheer size of the project and the scale of communications network involved. The project includes relocating kilometres of cables, conduits and a major Perth exchange. By engaging Telstra Network Integrity as members of the project team, two years was cut from the program duration compared to a standard construct with separate services relocation. An Asset Relocation job of this nature would generally take Telstra 3-4 years to complete by duplicating the existing network and then cutting over all services before the freeway construction begins. However, due to the timeframe required by the Alliance, Telstra has had to protect the existing network which was

left it in situ while the new highway is being built over the top. Network Integrity’s task involves cutting over and duplicating the existing communications and data network into the new alignment within the 3 metre road reserve, which is usually 5 metres wide over the entire 4.2km project length. In the middle of the project is situated one of the major Perth exchanges which services landlines, optic fibre and mobile feeds from the mobile transmission towers. All the cables that go both in and out of the exchange had to be taken out and replaced; a substantial workload with the requirement for 23 new plastic 100mm conduits to be installed across the Great Eastern Highway to allow this to happen. As part of the planning stage, Telstra Network Integrity had to undertake evaluations by inspecting what lay beneath every manhole along the project’s 4.2km. City East Alliance also engaged an accredited cable locator to pinpoint the Telstra conduits location; this involved the most potholes ever dug on any job, approximately 7000 to locate all services within the area. This information was then processed through specialist software created by City East Alliance to build 3D models of the cables and conduits. This, in addition to Dial Before You Dig data assists with on site activities, to prevent damage during subsurface works or other services relocations or upgrades in future. Once everything is cut across into the new conduits and cabling the 3D information will be updated. The major positive of Telstra Network Integrity’s involvement is the protection of existing services while construction is underway. By minimising damage to the network, network downtime is reduced, which is vital because the project includes the main optic fibre between Ascot Exchange and Victoria Park. In addition to relocating and replacing cabling and conduits which are being undertaken in stages over the next year, Telstra is required to construct twenty two purpose built new manholes for the relocated lines which are being installed in the road reserve along the project length. Contek, a specialist local manufacturer, who has been contracted by Telstra Network Integrity has pre-fabricated twenty-two purpose built manholes which are being installed in the road reserve along the project length.


A coordinated Telstra team comprising three senior Network Integrity staff; three planners who provided advice and recommendations for the installation of new equipment at the exchange; and the local area’s team leader and local staff are working on the project. Local staff are also inducted to the project site when it is necessary for them to enter the works area to undertake separate routine Telstra services such as connections, disconnections and maintenance. Where their work adds to the network, the information is relayed back to the Telstra team on the City East Alliance for inclusion in the new As Built network data and schematics. A degree of innovation has been required, which should have long-term benefits. In terms of the protection of the existing network, Telstra and the City East Alliance undertook testing to clarify the degree of vibration required to allow for construction of protective concrete slabs which is acceptable alongside optic fibre before functionality is compromised. Three different weights of roller were operated alongside the optic fibre as part of a testing process, and the results showed that optic fibre within the parameters of the construction methodology used on this project can operate with vibration. At the end of the project, Telstra will be providing communication services through new cables that are up to today’s standards. By freeing up duct space for possible future upgrades, which is part of future-proofing the network. Telstra Network Integrity’s service is to provide asset relocations as required and also damage prevention. Their services include Dial Before You Dig plans, plan interpretations, and conduct cable awareness presentations for consultants and contractors to maintain the services to customers and avoiding damages to the Telstra network.

Telstra Network Integrity Steve Wells and Sam D'Alessandro t. 08 9491 8605 or 1800 810 443 ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


ECS ® secures ANU Colleges of Science


ll construction sites require security, but when the project is a highly technical one in a sensitive environment, special expertise is required to ensure safety, prevent trespass or theft and to monitor site activity 24/7. ECS® International Security has a proven track record for designing and delivering security and intelligence solutions for complex sites, using a combination of tried and true methods and leading edge technology. For the ANU Colleges of Science Transformation Project, (http://facilities., ECS® is providing a Total Security Management Service to the construction manager, Hindmarsh Construction Australia Pty Ltd. Three of the company’s senior technicians designed and constructed a Security Management System that incorporated Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Photo IDs, Automatic Gates and Turnstiles on a single LAN platform together with both analog and IP CCTV for continuous surveillance of critical areas. In addition, ECS® is providing three highly trained security officers and two guard dogs to secure the site. The ANU Science Transformation Project involves several sub sites - Main Plant, Chemistry, Teacher’s Department and Wes Whitten - so a comprehensive and integrated approach was required. “Construction sites are dynamic - ever changing. Part of our system involved wireless applications. This presented its own unique challenges on a site of this magnitude,” said ECS® International Security Systems Consultant, Richard Spinckler. “Our engineers had to allow for the ever changing geography of the project to maintain continuous connectivity between the sites. The design and equipment chosen had to be extremely robust to withstand the tortures of construction activity.” ECS® has a 21 year history of providing security solutions for the construction industry, with other recent major projects including the Youth Detention Centre in (Mitchell, ACT), Vantage Apartments in (Bruce, ACT) 26


and several ACT Schools Projects for Hindmarsh; the New Rouse Hill Shopping Town (NW Sydney), Jacksons Landing (Pyrmont, near Sydney CBD), The Attorney General’s Office, Alexander Maconochie Prison Centre in (Hume, ACT), Section 92 in (Civic, ACT) and Australian Health Management (Wollongong, NSW) for Bovis lend Lease; Kangara Waters (Belconnen, ACT) for St Hilliers; the National Film and Sound Archives; and works for the Department of Parliamentary Services at Parliament House. From offices in Sydney, Canberra and Suva (Fiji), ECS® provide efficient and professional services for both works in progress and as part of long term security and access control. Their comprehensive services include Security, Occupational First Aid, Traffic Control and Concierge personnel; Dog Handlers; Armoured & Armed Cash-in-Transit; CCTV; Access Control; Building Automation; 24 Hour Monitoring; Site Telephone and Nurse Call Systems; Risk Management and Consulting; and Drugs and Explosives Screening at the workplace. All ECS® systems are designed to use best-available technology, with attention paid to details such as ensuring security of power supply, backups, constructability issues including integration into existing structures, and capacity for future upgrades and expansions.

ECS® INTERNATIONAL SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS Special Operations Unit: Suite 100 The Landmark Tower 352 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000 Administration:100 Victoria Road Parramatta NSW 2150 ACT: Unit 2, 55 Tennant Street Fhyswick ACT 2069 Overseas: 258 Waimanu Road Suva Fiji Islands t. 1300 767 105 m. 0414 437 740 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

faster safer site setups


oyal Wolf can turn the minimum of space into functional, safe and serviceable site amenities in an almost miraculously short timeframe, as Richard Crookes Constructions discovered at their Breakfast Point Development site. Richard Crookes have 180 construction workers onsite, building four eight storey residential buildings. With no room on site to store building materials, an onsite crane lifting over site buildings and the need to ensure all buildings, walkways and storage is 10KPA rated, Royal Wolf were given a real challenge providing the solution. And they delivered – in under three working days they had hired, delivered, set up and connected power and water to 20 Buildings, comprising 12 Lunch Rooms, 4 Change rooms, 3 Ablutions, 1 First Aid Rooms, plus supplying and setting up 24 Walkways / Storage Platforms, 28 Posts, 1 Stair case, 100 L/M of Perimeter barriers (Handrail), 120 Twist Locks and 8 Double Corner Casts. The result is a functional work site set up which provides 10 KPA rated storage above the amenities, plus 10KPA rated work platforms, walkways and associated safety equipment, all assembled extremely fast. The secret to Royal Wolf ’s ability to ensure such a swift and comprehensive result is their use of new shipping containers, which have been fitted out to serve the needs of construction projects for staff facilities and site working areas. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“Because these are containerised facilities, they stack easily and safely to double, triple or quadruple height,” said Royal Wolf ’s National Building and Construction Manager, Andrew Strachan. “All of our containerised solutions are 10KPA rated, and all our walkways offer overhead protection which is 10KPA rated. This means that with cranes working overhead, workers are safe in event of loads falling. Our buildings are also extremely secure, and because the footprint on site is minimised, builders are able to leave them in situ for the duration of the job, a real time saving. “Royal Wolf is widely known as 'The Solution Company' that delivers the best solution to suit each individual site.” Royal Wolf has 26 depot locations across Australia and New Zealand. Their innovative approach to meeting industry needs is coupled with a reliable network of transport contractors and the best installation teams in the business, making them the company to call to ensure rapid, safe, ready-to-work site structures anywhere.

Royal Wolf Trading Australia Pty Limited t. 13WOLF (139653) ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


The perfect way to seal the deal.

Greenseam+. Our revolutionary, factory sealed snap-lock pipe saves time and money. Say hello to a perfect seal, every time. Say goodbye to the tiresome process of the sealing, gasketing, bolting and taping of joints. Ductmate’s Greenseam+ has a factory applied gasket that once snapped together doesn’t require additional sealant or tape along the transverse joint or longitudinal seam - and meets a SMACNA Class A Seal. The GreenSeam+ gasket contains zero VOCs and has a 20 year minimum service life. For more information on how to reduce labor and material costs on your next project, visit us at or or call us at (03) 9300 5199.


Productivity solutions with green results

from strength to strength R

odney Mack, founder of MACK Steel Fixing, is a third generation steel fixer with 17 years experience in the industry. As a result, MACK Steel Fixing upholds a reputation for providing high quality and detailed concrete reinforcement workmanship and services for projects within the Queensland building and construction industry.

Focused on establishing long-term business relationships and dedicated to providing results that set them apart from the competition, MACK Steel Fixing has worked on a range of significant projects. Some of these include Brisbane’s Airport Link, the Westfield Shopping Centre in Carrindale, Woolworth shopping Centre in Carrara, the Toowoomba Hospital and more recently, the Evvien Residential Resort Project in Brisbane. Located eight kilometers north of Brisbane, this Resort exceeds all contemporary lifestyle desires. Featuring a range of exclusive one, two and three bedroom apartments, the development also incorporates lagoon pools, a gym, sauna, spa and 10,000 square metres of landscaped parklands. Rodney Mack, Director, said that while working on the Evvien Project, his highly skilled team of professionals provided all of the required concrete reinforcement services. “Although the reinforcement requirements of the Residential Resort were highly complicated and detailed, my team made up of the best WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

steel fixers in Australia, were able to meet the specific needs of the building’s infrastructure,” Mr Mack said. In addition, their integrated systems and dedication to the upkeep of onsite safety at all times meant that a specifically tailor-made safety plan was established prior to work being commenced. This ensured MACK Steel Fixing delivered quality results in both a safe and time efficient manner for the client. In fact, given MACK Steel Fixing’s high level of industry expertise and ability to effectively meet client expectations and needs every time, they successfully fulfilled their responsibilities, although facing some challenges along the way. With their proven track record and prolific project portfolio, MACK Steel Fixing is seeking opportunities to provide their specialist reinforcement works Australia-wide. In fact, with such a professional and innovative approach to their activities, it is without a doubt, MACK Steel Fixing will remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Mack Steel Fixing PTY LTD 9 Ferney Avenue QLD 4217 t. 0423 363 347 e. ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


BD Harvest Pty Ltd B

D Harvest is well known for providing a reliable and flexible service to our customers and maintains a quality fleet of trucks and equipment. We have a large range of walk-in-bins starting from 6 cubic metre bins to 30 cubic metre bins. Size range is 6m, 8m, 10m, 16m, 20m and 30m3. We also have a range of Lug Bins that have been certified to be used by cranes. As a fully certificated waste transport asbestos specialist, BD Harvest services have been in high demand on many high profile projects throughout the state including Mercy Hospital in Albury, 150 Clarendon Rd, East Melbourne, Bourke St, Myers and Bandiana in Wodonga. “We are here to provide a service to make your life easier not harder.� 30


Call BD Harvest on 0408 128 402 or 9333 2442 or email AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

industry expertise behind great achievements

Main image: Brisbane’s Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7) From Left to Right: Cross City Tunnel Project, M2 Upgrade, SHB Strengthening Works, Hunter Expressway


ith many millions of dollars of public money being spent on infrastructure projects, ensuring the best value for money is in everyone’s best interests. M. Raven Consulting have provided the essential cost estimating, cost planning and tender investigation skills which deliver VFM for projects including Clem 7 Tunnel ,Airport Link, Sydney Harbour Bridge Upgrade, Hunter Expressway and Ballina Bypass. Mark Raven established the company in 1989, after many years of hands-on experience in construction, civil engineering and project management of infrastructure projects. Having the combination of engineering and design experience, and an understanding of both geotechnical conditions and structural components gives the M.Raven Consulting team ability to accurately cost and plan for roads, rail, bridges, maritime works, tunnels, mine complexes, dams, major earthworks, Treatment Plants and general construction projects. Company services include: estimates and tenders; project planning; project management ; construction methods and feasibility; project costing and control; contractual and progress claims; Cost verification; project supervision and auditing; independent opinions and Industry Expert. “With government projects we work with the designers from the initial concepts of the project providing cost options for various infrastructure, so the Client can choose a preferred project. This is followed by detailed stages to ultimate tender submissions,” said Mark. “When a government department needs to know if a submission or claim from a contractor is Value for money we can be asked to provide our independent opinion of costs. This work needs the understanding of



contracts, construction methods, current estimating methods and market, ability and experience for the contractor to accept our opinion. “With contractors, we prepare cost plans on large projects giving the client the ability to understand the cost components of the project and allowing them to concentrate on possible options, alternative methods to reduce their final estimate to provide a competitive edge. We need to work within design and technical teams to understand the scope of work for the project, risks involved and test the robustness of the preliminary designs.” “We have trained personnel in preparing schedules, quantities and estimates. They have ability in interpreting drawings, geotechnical data and environmental requirements and understanding how the project will be constructed.” M. Raven Consulting has undertaken projects across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia for most of the country’s leading construction and civil contractors and engineering firms. They are Members on Estimating Panels for the NSW RTA and for South Australia’s Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure.

M. Raven Consulting Pty Ltd PO Box 331 Morisset NSW 2264 t. 02 4970 5448 f. 02 4970 5742 m. 0407 705 448 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


U n i q u e f e a t u re s o f F u s i o n H VA C ’s d u c t l e s s m o d u l a r H VA C s o l u t i o n s i n c l u d e : + + + + + + +

M o d u l e s i z e s r a n g i n g f ro m 2 0 k W t o 2 5 0 k W. H i g h l y e ff e c t i v e c o o l i n g a n d h e a t i n g D r a u g h t - f re e a i r d i s t r i b u t i o n A i r t h ro w p a t t e r n s o f u p t o 3 0 m E n e rg y e ff i c i e n t o p e r a t i o n Quick installation S i m p l e t o s o p h i s t i c a t e d e n e rg y m a n a g e m e n t c o n t ro l s o p t i o n s + Optional fault detection and diagnosis s o f t w a re + I n s t a l l t h ro u g h o u t A u s t r a l i a & N e w Z e a l a n d

F U S I O N H VA C e: t: +61 7 3118 5536 f: +61 7 3118 5546 1 s t F l o o r, 2 8 1 M o n t a g u e R d We s t E n d Q L D 4 1 0 1

a unique experience


s part of the major refurbishment of Westfield's Sydney City centre, Locker Group worked with Cara & Co to achieve their vision of a unique retail experience. Cara&Co cannot be labelled. It´s neither a boutique, a shop, or department store; but combines these three elements into a concept store that contains intellectual fashion, art, food and music in a truly inspiring environment. Locker Group, in conjunction with Projectwize, manufactured and installed 6 stainless steel Transit 210 mesh curtains throughout the store, which provide low level security. Cara & Co have incorporated a restaurant in the back of the store, which remains open after retail trading hours. During the evening patrons are able to pass through the central avenue of the store, and still be tantalised by the high end fashion and gifts they can see through the Transit curtains, however the goods remain secure. The Stainless Steel curtains remain almost undetectable during the day, allowing shoppers to move throughout the store, exploring the possibilities. In the evening, as the retail trading draws to a close, the curtains are drawn and secured. Locker Group, assisted by Projectwize, worked with the architect, Foster & Associates, and the contractor, Abode Bathrooms, recommending minor modifications to the original design layouts in order to achieve the functional and aesthetic design intent. One particular focus was the strength and durability of the tracking system, which was chosen to satisfy both the geometric and load constraints, while remaining fully operational. The installation of tracks and delivery of the curtains were staggered during the fit out to balance the constructability of the system, while minimising the need to store the curtains on site, and the risk of damage prior to installation. Locker Group worked closely with all parties to ensure delivery requirements were met.

Locker Group 2 Cojo Place Dandenong VIC 3175 t. 03 8791 1000 f. 03 8791 1099 e. 34



EXPERTS AT THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE T o transform heritage railway workshops into the Newcastle Museum, the development team relied on Rider Levett Bucknall for the independent advice and expertise which could ensure the delivery of an excellent outcome on a tight budget.

Rider Levett Bucknall are currently working on another project with FJMT, the $20 million Bankstown Knowledge Centre, which embodies the new approach to local libraries and cultural services, reflecting the rich diversity of lifestyle and cultural heritage in the community.

The involvement of Rider Levett Bucknall’s Newcastle and Western Sydney offices working in tandem with all parties to the construction contract ensured maximum value for the investment. As a conduit between the building owner, investor, financier, design team and construction contractors, they provided unbiased advice on all the significant cost related aspects of the project throughout the process, from cost planning of the feasibility estimates through to pre tender estimates.

Gary Train manager of RLB's Western Sydney Office said the economic potential of such facilities should not be underestimated.

Designed by FJMT Architects, the $23.5 million Newcastle Museum is an adaptive reuse of the existing heritage blacksmith workshop, boiler shop and erecting shed. These are now joined with an elegant link building which forms the main reception area and temporary gallery space. The high quality design retains the heritage elements while incorporating 21st century sustainability initiatives. A feature of the Museum is the reincarnation of the Locomotive Boilershop as a 1,000m2 interactive science centre called Supernova. Overall, the new Museum will provide a space for flexible delivery of cultural, educational and entertainment programs and events for the Newcastle community and visitors.

Similarly, the expertise provided by Rider Levett Bucknall to the Newcastle Museum project resulted in a community asset which combines excellence in design and development and provides strong economic, social and environmental outcomes. The innovative design pays homage to Newcastle’s industrial past and provides a vibrant, public destination for future generations to enjoy.

As an international property and construction consultancy with access to a multi-skilled network of over 2,500 staff in 100 offices throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, Rider Levett Bucknall combine the global perspective with over 50 years of local knowledge of the Australian construction sector. Since opening their Australian office in 1949, the firm’s local directors have built close and mutually satisfying relationships with clients in the course of successfully completing an extraordinary diversity of projects. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“They provide places where people can feel a strong sense of ownership in their communities and act as economic magnets, drawing increased numbers of people to the precinct and contributing to the vitality and long-term viability of local business,” he said.

Essentially, Rider Levett Bucknall’s advice can ensure innovative projects meet budget, deliver on design and satisfy the triple bottom line.

Rider Levett Bucknall Newcastle. t 02 4955 3503 North Sydney. t 02 9922 2277 Western Sydney. t 02 9528 0185 ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


teamwork takes eureka to the top S

hared goals, a strong work ethic, dedication to safety and open communication are delivering success for Eureka Steel. The Queensland-based steel fixers have gone from strength to strength despite the economic downturn, with an inspired and cohesive management team creating a cooperative, team-focused company. The management team is led by Managing Director, Helen Paximadas, who has a family background in the steel fixing industry. Her core belief is that a company like Eureka succeeds when everyone involved feels ownership of the company’s aspirations and achievements. “You have to have people working towards the same goal, you have to make people believe that this company is theirs,” she said. The Eureka management team is made up of seven: Helen Paximadas; Construction Manager Larry Paximadas; Construction and Project Manager, Mark Kotis; Site Manager, Bill Paxmimadis; Albert Tuake, OH&S/Warehouse manager; National Manager Eureka Windows and Doors, Craig Webber; and Business Manager, Colin Micale. All of the management team between them have half a century of experience in managing manpower, material, work methods and construction project timeframes. All have worked the hard yards from labouring on sites to the positions they now hold. When it comes to understanding plans and the materials and methods involved in major projects, Larry Paximadas is in his element as Eureka’s Construction Manager, building on years of hands on experience.

Construction and Project Manager Mark Kotis has an extensive track record in formwork, gained on sites for builders including Grocon and Multiplex; Site Manager Bill Paximadas has a background in concreting 36


and brings a strong work ethic and safety consciousness to Eureka’s work sites. The background both men have in their trades means they have a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, which is vital asset for Eureka’s steel fixing teams. Warehouse Manager and OH&S manager, Albert Tuake moved into the management team after many years as a Eureka steel fixer. He ensures timely coordination of supplies and prefabricated steel forms, and with qualifications in OH&S, Albert also prepares risk assessments on sites and prepares work method statements. Eureka Windows and Doors is a new initiative for the company, which is being managed by Craig Webber, who has years of experience in the field. Commencing the manufacture of windows and doors is part of Eureka’s strategy to use innovation to thrive in challenging industry times. “As a team we believe in honesty at all levels, integrity, respect and transparency. We treat our clients and our staff like they are family, there are no big bosses or little bosses in Eureka, we want to be here in 20 years’ time and the only way that will happen is if we value our clients and our staff,” said Helen. “We have worked on some of the biggest buildings and none of that would have been possible if it were not for our team. Team is created from the top, you have to make sure that it exists and happens, we work hard at this and are reaping the benefits.” eureka steel fixing pty ltd 4 Barnett Place Molendinar QLD 4214 t. 07 5571 5618 f. 07 5574 5225 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

bluescope sets the pace at rooty hill A

t the famous Rooty Hill RSL, the new AMF Bowling and M9 Laser Skirmish Centre is proof BlueScope Buildings are right on target with their customised engineered steel construction solutions.

two elements optimised the advantages of state-of-the-art steel building technology, with benefits during the building program and throughout the life of the building.”

Using BlueScope Buildings' engineering and fabrication expertise allowed Altis Architecture and builder Kell and Rigby to achieve a faster build time, savings in labour and materials and superior design outcomes on the project. BlueScope Buildings proposed a clear space solution for the new AMF Bowling centre which gave a completely column-free area with space for 34 bowling lanes, making this the largest continuous-lane bowling centre in Australia. The secret is the tapered steel beams designed and fabricated specifically for this project, which give clearspan areas up to 29 metres. So instead of the three rows of columns the architect originally thought would be necessary, only one single row of internal columns was needed in the revised design created with input from BlueScope Buildings.

The whole project was drawn, delivered and erected in an incredibly compact timeframe, with BlueScope Buildings joining the project team in November 2009, steel erection commencing December 18, the full structure complete by January 10 and roofing well underway before Australia Day. What made it possible is the unique combination of engineering skill, fabrication excellence, innovation in design and supply chain management BlueScope Buildings are known for. Part of their package included engineering certification for the bowling and laser skirmish centre, management of steel erection and installation of purlins and girts and roof cladding rolled and fixed using a succession of trades on site simultaneously with coordinated staging.

“The structural elements had already been designed when Kell & Rigby asked us to become involved,” said BlueScope Buildings Australia Project manager, Matt Simonis.

With the benefit of extensive experience in America and China, inventive and tested steel technology and a commitment to sustainable outcomes, BlueScope Buildings are top of the league for providing fast, cost-effective and Quality certified steel construction solutions.

“We were able to provide a better structural solution, which we designed, fabricated and erected, as well as a roof cladding solution with the efficiency advantage of on-site roll forming and the premium LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® concealed-fix roofing profile. Combining these WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

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Brady’s Custom Construction Mesh Sign I mprove your site presentation and reflect on professionalism, by using this seven-in-one, Mandatory Site Safety Signage.

Managers and supervisors are directly responsible for OH&S within areas under their control. Employers “must ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all the employees” OH&S Act 2000, as well as the Health & Safety of other people who may be present on site.

Display a sign of professionalism by also having your company’s logo and site contact details printed and reinforce your company’s market place status. Brady’s Custom Construction Mesh Sign comes complete with eyelets, simple and ready to be hung, roll and reuse.

Health & Safety Signs are an effective way of providing visual cues to employees, visitors and passerby. Move from traditional sign plastering and onto Brady’s Custom Construction Mesh Sign – it is the professional way of presenting to your employee’s and to the public, the company’s significance when it comes to Health & Safety, Building & Construction. Constructed from lightweight and strong PVC, Brady’s Custom Construction Mesh Sign is made up of seven Mandatory Site Safety signs. Due to its versatility, you can choose from Brady’s large selection of sign legends to suit your application. The mesh substrate makes the sign ideal for seeing though to construction site and allowing wind to pass through, softening wind loads on a windy day.




Main: QUT L Block Building Wrap Inset: Hoarding wrap for Commonwealth Bank



instant beauty scaffad style A

n attractive construction site sounds like a contradiction in terms, but that’s exactly what Scaffad Australia creates. Their innovative, eye-catching and functional urban beautification solutions are the antidote to the inevitable community eyesore of a work in progress, and in the case of QUT L Block, can even deliver a distinct aesthetic improvement on the original building under redevelopment.

L Block had been voted the ugliest building in Brisbane, but all that is about to change. The building wrap designed, printed and installed by Scaffad shows everyone how the spectacular new Science and Technology precinct being constructed by Leighton will look. “We wrapped the building for Leighton both as an urban beautification solution, as well as an opportunity to introduce the new facilities to the community,” explained Scaffad Australia Creative Director, Lachlan Bell. “Adapting to the individuality of the project, as well as the structural adequacy of the old QUT L Block building, we designed, fabricated and installed a unique custom system, drawing upon the building’s strengths and flaws by re-distributing weight across a number of fabricated brackets, in order to ensure any excessive loading wouldn’t be applied to one particular point. “1355sqm of digitally printed fabric, 555m of rope edging and tracking, countless hours of design and 5 ton of custom fabricated brackets later, QLD’s first building wrap was born, weighing in at almost 6 ton, visible from kilometers afar, seen by tens of thousands on a daily basis!” Scaffad Australia’s custom urban beautification solutions can be installed upon just about any scaffold, hoarding or existing building façade – essentially creating a media space for positive messaging. The WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

breathable, digitally printed mesh used for the wraps also has functional safety value for drops and falls prevention, with a recycled mesh option available for GreenStar projects. “We try to look at both the aesthetic possibilities, as well as the maintenance side of things. Our materials are guaranteed for years, easy to clean down with water, as well as poster-proof. Graffitti can also be quite easily removed,” said Scaffad Australia National Sales Director, Adrian McMurray. Everything is engineered in-house and independently certified for quality, functionality and safety, with aspects such as wind loadings incorporated into the design specifications. Scaffad Australia has install teams in every state to implement the signage solutions conceptualized and manufactured by their in-house team. Scaffad Australia combines innovative concepts and technology to operate at the forefront of Australia’s signage industry, thinking outside the box to create custom concepts unique to every space and application. Other recent projects include all of Oprah’s staging and branding, permanent estate signage for The Quarry at Greystanes and an eight-day turnaround on a hoarding wrap for Commonwealth Bank Darling Harbour. Whether it’s a full scale building wrap, construction OH&S signage, internal wall graphics, permanent estate signage, car graphics, or event and trade displays, Scaffad Australia’s got it all wrapped up.

SCAFFAD Australia Pty Ltd PO Box 969 Artarmon NSW 1570 t. 02 8876 7900 e. ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


fast & green cladding & finishes


or contractors wanting a one-stop shop for wall cladding and finishing, Hardcore Applications provide an unbeatable service, with impeccable Green credentials. Hardcore are specialists in supplying and installing RMAX eco-friendly wall cladding, rendering and painting. The Green rated RMAX wall cladding is an Australian designed and manufactured expanded polystyrene product, which is durable, fast to install and so light no hoists are needed. RMAX cladding has inbuilt insulation properties, saving the need to add insulation. Hardcore are also specialists in Rock Coat render system, which comes with a ten year guarantee and requires no dry out time before painting. Company Founder, Chris Hartshorn, is a trade qualified and licensed plasterer. Since Hardcore commenced operations, the company has

grown a reputation for quality, cost-effective results for projects across the retail, commercial and residential sector in South East Queensland. Some recent projects include refurbishment of Housing Commission units in Toowoomba, Wilstonton Shopping Centre in Toowoomba and several jobs for Hutchinson Builders.“My team have a commitment to an extremely high standard of work quality,” said Chris Hartshorn. “We undertake a broad range of renders and finishes, including sponge finish cement, texture coatings, Heritage finishes and full colour acrylic renders. Whether inside walls, outside walls, roofing or anywhere else, we can do it.” Hardcore Applications t. 0409 067 501 e.

Professional safety management systems. National network. Local experts to understand your needs.

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When Size matters.




DARLING QUARTER The $500 million mixed use project includes a low rise campus-style commercial development (Commonwealth Bank Place) and a family and leisure precinct with retail and dining options, a new public park and carpark.




SYDNEY'S NEW DARLING Sydney’s newest urban regeneration project revitalises the southern end of Darling Harbour DARLING QUARTER / lend lease




Left The stunning interior created at Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter is a collaboration between Lend Lease and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and according to Chief Executive Officer for Lend Lease’s Australian business, Mark Menhinnitt is a great example of how Lend Lease can access all parts of its business from funds management through to development and construction to create an iconic project that sets global benchmarks. The $500 million precinct comprising an international standard commercial office known as ‘Commonwealth Bank Place’, and a family/leisure precinct with extensive public amenity, including a vibrant retail food precinct with a range of dining options; a worldclass family playground, one of Sydney’s largest covers more than 4,000 square metres; a community green; youth theatre; and 600 bay public carpark. Darling Quarter reconnects the south end of Darling Harbour to the city, and Lend Lease has delivered an interactive work and play area for the local community, city workers and tourists. The precinct has greatly improved public activation by bringing together commercial, retail and leisure all within the one area. A new pedestrian link, referred to as the Civic Connector, creates a gateway to Darling Harbour that connects to Town Hall station, Chinatown and the Darling Harbour waterfront. It heralds the catalyst for the rejuvenation of Darling Harbour’s southern gateway and after three-and-a-half years building has transformed the previously underutilised former Sega World site into a vibrant mixed-use destination that is a showcase for economic, social and environmental sustainability. According Mark Menhinnitt, a key focus in the design and planning for Darling Quarter was to ensure the project delivered on the vision of Darling Harbour as a world class precinct that complements the city centre. “In creating Darling Quarter it was important that we reactivate the area as a public space and encourage pedestrian flow,” said Mr Menhinnitt. We’ve done this by successfully using every square inch of what was a challenging site and ensuring all the different elements seamlessly integrate, not only with each other but also the existing built environment, from the rest of the Darling Harbour precinct to the west and the city to the east.” A new pedestrian link running between the two commercial buildings, referred to as the Civic Connector, creates a vital new gateway to Darling Harbour that connects to Sydney’s CBD, Town Hall station, Chinatown and the Darling Harbour waterfront. A major part of the project, Commonwealth Bank Place, which fronts Harbour Street, comprises two eight-storey campus-style commercial office buildings with around 58,000sqm of office space and 200 underground car spaces. The two buildings were designed in a campus-style to reactivate the precinct as a public space and encourage pedestrian flow into the area. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Commonwealth Bank Place has received a 6 Star Green Star – v2 Office Design certified rating after achieving 84 credit points - the highest score for a building of its size. A 6 Star Green Star rating recognises world class innovation. The buildings’ passive and active design features save 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and reduce main water consumption by 92 per cent. The sustainable initiatives include: • Highly efficient building envelope which optimises the availability of natural daylight whilst controlling solar loads • Chilled beam technology throughout office areas • 100 per cent fresh air provided to office tenancy, avoiding the recirculation of stale air • Trigeneration plant that generates electricity, heat and cooling which significantly reduces carbon emissions • Blackwater treatment and supplies 166,000 litres of recycled water a day for WC flushing, irrigation and cooling tower water supplies. Local sewer is used as a reliable source of blackwater • 320,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank. Recycled water is supplied to the public domain for irrigation and to the Civic Connector water feature. • Use of low VOC materials improving the internal environment quality • Motion sensor activated lighting to control unnecessary use of lighting systems and generate electricity savings • About 80 per cent of on-site construction waste was recycled • Photovoltaic (PV) solar array panels generating 10.2kW of renewable energy from sunlight. The centrepiece of Darling Quarter is the spectacular world class 4,000sqm playground - the largest and most elaborate in Sydney. It is the largest illuminated playground in the country. The innovative playground design, created by ASPECT Studios, is one of the world’s first large-scale play areas to integrate explorative play equipment and interactive water play in a landscaped environment. At the centre of the development is the Community Green – a beautifully designed public space that encourages people to sit, relax and enjoy their food in a spectacular outdoor setting. Blankets and deck chairs will be available as well as permanent table tennis tables. After being awarded preferred proponent for the precinct through a design competition, Lend Lease undertook the development of the site. Darling Quarter is another great example showcasing Lend Lease’s integrated business model with the project being conceived, designed, developed and constructed by Lend Lease. In addition, the project was funded and has been acquired by the Lend Lease managed APPF Commercial in joint venture with one of its existing institutional investment partners.

For more information contact Lend Lease, 30 The Bond, 30 Hickson Road Millers Point NSW 2000, phone 02 9237 5937, fax 02 9383 8133, website: NSW PROJECT FEATURE DARLING QUARTER


“Darling Quarter’s 6-Star Green credentials was an outcome achieved wholly by the team’s collaborative efforts; those involved in the architecture, engineering and construction of the twin buildings and Horiso,” enthuses Bruno Seguin, General Manager at Horiso. The result of the final design involved Horiso delivering three custom manufactured solar control systems for the two 8 storey buildings; interior timber venetian blinds for the western facades, atrium skylight tension blind systems and interior roller blinds. In addition, Horiso developed an innovative motorised system to automatically control their operation, which was another crucial component of the project’s success. Horiso focus is on research, development and manufacture and their advanced motorised control system automatically operates Darling Quarter’s three solar control systems to optimise the internal working conditions and aid in reducing the buildings’ environmental impact. These systems are part of Darling Quarter’s unique design and the timber venetian blinds, skylight tension blind system and roller blinds integrate to control the daylight, glare and thermal heat gain in the office interiors. Viewing the buildings externally, the timber venetian blinds become an architectural feature that visually creates a warm, animated backdrop in the heart of Darling Harbour’s precinct. “The three products we designed were an integral part of the energy efficiency of the building,” said Horiso’s General Manager, Bruno Seguin. In detail, the timber venetian blinds, installed on the western side of the two facades, respond to the exact position of the sun throughout the day, by their tilting positions. Horiso’s control system for the timber venetian blinds is based on an intelligent motor controller pre-programmed with other building control requirements – including both the geographical location and physical orientation of the building’s curved design. It operates in conjunction with sun-tracking software that enables individual blinds to react to the variations of the sun’s angle of incidence throughout the year. This ensures the blinds’ tilt position is optimised to control internal daylight, glare and thermal heat gain for maximum energy efficiency and comfortable work conditions. “The sourcing of the timber was a challenge for this project. We settled on Cottonwood, a plantation timber. The special feature involved an advanced lamination technique that increased its strength while still maintaining the desired weight, preventing any impact on the control of the venetian blinds across their wide spans. In addition, we could also stain the timber to achieve the colour required ”, commented Bruno. The dramatic triple-height atrium is one of the central design elements of the project and not only forms a breathtaking feature in Commonwealth Bank Place, it is also integral in the building’s lighting, heating and cooling system. The atrium’s curved ceiling design incorporating shaped glass panels required the solar control system to be carefully considered, designed and tested. Horiso’s efforts culminated in a unique tension blind system, technically advanced to retract precisely, preventing any fabric sagging and operation difficulties. “Access for installation was difficult and the actual size of the system had never been done before, it is bigger and better than any other system of its kind”, said Bruno Seguin. The Horiso Internal Roller Blinds on the office levels control the glare to enhance the working conditions in the buildings. “From a technical point of view, the integration of the different designs and technology, is a great achievement, and it was only possible with the collaboration of everyone involved. There was a lot of consultation, sharing of information and feedback which has been the key factor to Darling Quarter’s success.” For more information contact Horiso, 22-26 Myrtle Street Marrickville NSW 2204, phone 02 8755 4500, fax 02 8755 4555, e-mail:, website: 46



Below Horiso delivered three custom manufactured solar control systems for the two 8 storey buildings; interior timber venetian blinds for the western facades, atrium skylight tension blind systems and interior roller blinds








Left Air Change delivered an energy efficient cooling system to the Darling Quarter project

The $560 million rejuvenation of the area will fuse an energy efficient office space with a large public domain. World class environmental initiatives will transform the long dormant position into a refreshed Darling Harbour. The project is expected to raise visitor and tourist numbers to the site and also represents a significant boost to the economy, with over 7,000 people being employed during construction. Commonwealth Bank Place Each element of Darling Walk illustrates significant thought processes and this is most obvious in the project centre piece – Commonwealth Bank Place, the name given to the two office buildings. Commonwealth Bank will occupy these buildings for the next thirteen years. Rather than one high rise building, two low-lying, campus style structures were selected to encourage pedestrian flow through to the public precinct of Darling Quarter. The office design is targeting a 6 Star Green Star rating and delivering a number of new initiatives. Water treatment High up on the list of energy saving devices is the recycled water plant in the buildings, which utilise sewer mining for self sustaining water supply for non- potable uses in the building. This makes water use more energy efficient with less environmental impact. Rainwater harvesting is another initiative of Darling Walk, where a significant reduction of up to 90% of water usage will be achieved, as compared to standard commercial developments. Exterior The exterior of the building has been designed to utilise natural energy to maximise energy efficiency. Natural light flows into the building, simultaneously reducing lighting costs and inviting the outdoors in. A huge atrium in the middle of both buildings will also make use of this space and contribute to the open plan style of the offices. High performance glass is used to reduce excess heat accumulation, and automated timber blinds were installed to reduce glare and provide sun shading. Heat Recovery Systems Four Air Change Rooftop Packaged Units have been installed in Commonwealth Bank Place to supply 100% outdoor air to breakout areas in the building. In order to achieve the most efficient system of supplying fresh air, two different types of units were specified by Arup. The first was a 52 kilowatt displacement Rooftop Packaged Unit, which was chosen to de-humidify air and supply it to the building between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius, at low level. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The additional units chosen were multi mode Rooftop Packaged Units with VSD compressors. These units provide variable operation by using economy cycle, heat recovery and CO2 sensors, automatically selecting the most efficient mode. The consultants for the project were Arup, with Optimus installing the four Air Change units specified above. Air Change 100% outdoor air Rooftop Packaged and Air Handling Units have been used in many recent Green Star Rated buildings including Investa’s ARK building in North Sydney and Grocon’s Pixel building in Melbourne. Activity Based Working The new Commonwealth Bank offices will also be at the forefront of a new way to work in an office. Rather than the traditional way of each worker having their own permanent desk, after a successful trial in the bank’s Martin Place branch, they will introduce ‘hot-desking’ or ‘activity based working’. This places less pressure on the buildings’ resources and works on the principle that the building is never really filled to capacity, due to out of office meetings; sicknesses; off site visits, etc. This requires each desk to be left clean at the end of each working day and allows each part of the building to be used. It is also useful for group or team exercises, as space is abundant. Lockers allow equipment and personal belongings to be kept at the premises long term. Darling Quarter The public precinct of the area will be renamed ‘Darling Quarter’, with its main attraction being the 4000m2 playground. The central features include an active water play space as well as a youth theatre. Combined with a further 5000m2 of ground level retail space, this will seek to populate the area and restore a sense of community. An underground car park will also be constructed, however the improved pedestrian links between the city and Darling Quarter will try to stamp out unnecessary use and encourage public transportation. Designated bicycle spaces echo the ‘green’ ethos of the new area and provide further energy saving measure. Darling Quarter is an exemplary achievement on the path towards sustainability and energy efficient Design in the twenty first century. The high performance buildings in conjunction with the public area certainly set the standard for other new designs to follow suit.

For more information contact Air Change Australia, 12 Parraweena Road, Caringbah NSW 2229, phone 02 9531 4699, fax 02 9531 5294, email: sales@, website: NSW PROJECT FEATURE DARLING QUARTER


Below S&L Steel Fabrication removed, modified and supplied the new bridge girders.

S&L Steel Fabrication specialises in complex steel fabrications, Rail and Road bridges, coal stackers and processing plants. Our expertise in successfully delivering iconic structures in the past was one of the reasons why S&L was selected to work on the Darling Quarter project which links one end of Darling Harbour to the other. S&L Steel Fabrication’s intricate fabrication on girders supports the faceted & glamorous cladding on the bridge linking the two ends, bringing the standout architectural feature to life. S&L Steel Fabrication built the original bridge, dismantled and modified part of it and supplied new bridge girder. New support steelworks for side wing cladding and glazed roof were added to all girders involving complex fabrication and full trial assembly in our workshop, with cladding installed and surveyed to fit on site. Parts of cladding had to be removed after trial and refitted on site due to transport size restrictions posing a major challenge for all. S&L is now working on the Sandgate Bridge girders for Newcastle, and also supplied the two feature bridges for Top Ryde shopping centre For more information contact S&L Steel Fabrication, 59 Glendenning Road Rooty Hill NSW 2766, phone 02 9832 3488 ask for Luis or Rajesh. And visit If you have a challenging design S&L has the right skills to meet your needs and deliver the goods. 50



Below KOMPAN designed and installed the giant Corocord climbing net structure which reaches 10.45m high and is the highest net structure in Australia.

KOMPAN is extremely proud to be associated with the Darling Quarter project, in partnership with ASPECT Studio, in particular Studio Director Kate Luckraft. This has been a monumental project, going back some 4/5 years from the first inspiration. KOMPAN has a rich history in the playground industry which spans over 40 years and operates in 58 countries. It is with this wealth of experience and the backing of KOMPAN’s Play Institute that made this project what it is today, “Perhaps the most significant playground within the Sydney CBD” as explained by Sue Simpson, Managing Director KOMPAN. This destination park invites local families and tourists to relax in a beautiful landscaped environment in the heart of the city. All aspects of play are to be found in the installation from the extreme challenge to conquer the colossal heights of COROCORD’S custom designed 10.45m Octa net – this is the tallest system of its type installed in Australia - through to the exhilarating cableway, swings of all dimensions to passive water play replicating systems of years gone by. Water play components such as Archimedes screw, water buckets and water WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

scoops are reproductions of actual working products used by our forefathers. “The project involved overcoming many obstacles and challenges” Sue added, it was through persistent collaboration with the project management division of Bovis Lend Lease/ KOMPAN installation crew and Justin Hutchinson that ensured successful handover. 2011 has been a brilliant year for KOMPAN and to add to this recent major development, KOMPAN has recently taken out “Design Award of the Year” at the 2011 Australian International Design Awards for its new product ICON – which is a futuristic shift in play equipment which blends traditional play elements with new digital media.

For more information contact exclusive KOMPAN sales agents Play By Design in NSW, Phone: 02 9436 4400 Fax: 02 9436 4499 NSW PROJECT FEATURE DARLING QUARTER


Below CVS Equipment manufactured and installed 10,000m plus of aluminium louvres which was crucial to the sustainability aspect of the design.

Meeting the strict environmental standards required on the Darling Quarter project meant CVS Equipment Pty Ltd had to think outside the square a little. Although its aluminium louvres were already part of the architectural design to help reduce cooling costs in the 6 Star GreenStar rated development, the project managers wanted to take it even further and asked CVS Equipment to find the most environmentally friendly coating it could. That turned out to be a product called interpon 2015 – an environmentally rated powder coating which made the 10,000m plus of aluminium louvres CVS Equipment Pty Ltd manufactured and supplied to the Darling Quarter project even more crucial to the sustainability aspect of the design. CVS Equipment Pty Ltd has been providing an extensive range of louvre systems, addressing the ventilation and sunscreening requirements of commercial and industrial buildings since 1984. The company started operations in Minto and after growing in reputation the business moved its manufacturing facilities to regional NSW in Goulburn around seven years ago. CVS Equipment Pty Ltd has a product range that includes fixed and operable systems, acoustic louvres, privacy screens, ellipsoid louvres, aluminium sunscreens, bar grilles and the unique air’n’lite louvre system. These louvre systems are installed in shopping centres, warehouses, high rise developments, clubs and hundreds of schools throughout NSWs, Queensland and Victoria. 52


On the Darling Quarter Project CVS Equipment Pty Ltd was contracted to supply aluminium louvres throughout the building, on the façade as well in the plant room, and equipment rooms, and anywhere where airflow inlets were required to help ventilate and cool the iconic building. It also manufactured and installed a narrow sunscreen on the ground floor west facing awning, which covers an area similar in size to a walk way and provides not only sunshade but also helps in maintaining a constant temperature in the building by providing natural ventilation along the project’s most exposed façade. Although the company has more than 30 employees only four were involved in the Darling Quarter project which meant efficiency was a must to complete on time and in budget. CVS Equipment Pty Ltd had to install the various louvres and sunscreen in segments, and work in conjunction with other contractors when areas became available. In all it took around six months to complete. CVS have completed renowned projects such as ANZ Stadium at Homebush, World Square in Sydney, Lucas Heights Reactor, Mater Hospital in Newcastle, Gosford Hospital, Tabitha for Bovis Lend Lease, Westfields Kotara, Ian Thorpe Swim Centre and Energy Australia Stadium at Newcastle. For more information contact CVS Equipment, 9a Pembury Road Minto NSW 2566, phone 02 8796 3000, fax 02 8796 3030, email AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below For the Darling Quarter project WT Partnership were contracted as the construction cost planners for Commonwealth Bank

The activity-based workspace that is one of the hallmarks of Commonwealth Bank Place provided WT Partnership with some unique and interesting challenges, but the leading international consultancy practice showed just what years of experience working with the top end of town can do, providing its client Commonwealth Bank with an accurate and efficient cost management plan for the Darling Quarter project. WT Partnership provides independent quantity surveying, cost management and other specialist advisory services to the property, construction and infrastructure industries and is one of Australia's most accomplished consultancies in the high-grade office tenancy work. As the only major international quantity surveying and cost management firm that owns and controls all of its separate offices they are able to offer a seamless operational approach between its offices both nationally and globally. The company operates throughout United Kingdom, Europe, South East Asia, Central America and Australasia and has provided advice to the building and civil infrastructure industries in Australia since 1950. For the Darling Quarter project WT Partnership were contracted as the construction cost planners for Commonwealth Bank. “It’s a unique fit out – which represents the next generation of activitybased work space of this type in Sydney, so the cost planning for the project WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

was a challenge,” said WT Partnership director Phil Anseline. “The number of suppliers and detail work involved was quite a challenge and the decision to move from a static-based work system to an activity-based system was made part-way through the design process, so we had to recast and replan.” Anseline said the system has been successfully implemented in Europe but Commonwealth Bank Place is the next generation ABW being used in Australia, which meant developing the cost plan was a complex process. “It also means that WT Partnership now has the expertise to work with this type of system which I believe will become more and more popular in Australia. You need to have a detailed understanding of the scope and costs involved to develop this type of cost management system, and if you haven't already been through the process it is very difficult,” Anseline said. WT Partnership works on a majority of major eastern seabord tenancy fit outs, including first tier law firms, major banks and accounting practices in Australia and is currently involved in over 250,000m2 of tenancy fitout work around the country. For more information contact WT Partnership, Level 24 Northpoint 100 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060, phone 02 9929 7422, fax 02 9957 3161, email:, website: NSW PROJECT FEATURE DARLING QUARTER


COLLINS ON BOURKE guiding star Main Construction Company : Southern Cross Projects client : HSF Property Development Pty Ltd & Grant Samuel Capital Pty Ltd completion : November 2011 architect : Turner Associates Architects structural engineer : VDM Consulting project end value : $35 Million




hen it came to choosing a construction company that would deliver the best results for the Collins on Bourke project, Southern Cross Projects won the starring role. A landmark development sitting in the heart of South Sydney's newest creative hub, Alexandria, Collins on Bourke offers tenants a contemporary business space where work and life combine. The developed is designed to accommodate an eclectic mix of retail, light industrial and commercial office users. Collins on Bourke is a four-storey, mixed use commercial and warehouse space development with a single-storey basement car park. The area for the development covers around 15000m2.


Main contractors for the Collins on Bourke project, Southern Cross Projects, a one-stop-shop that provides a total design and construct solution. From overseeing the initial design to assessing feasibility and managing approvals, the company helps clients hone their projects to meet market needs. “Southern Cross were engaged in a design and construct capacity in connection with the Collins on Bourke project,” says Project Manager Adam Sutherland. “We have been working closely with the client for a number of years to bring to life a feasible development, which met the various tenant requirements.”

Other key project team members included Site Manager Darren Mackie, Foreman Tim Creecy and Scott Murphy, Coordinator Domenic Pagano, Cadet Daniel Ristevski and Contract Administrator John Hatzis. Challenges incurred by the team on the Project have included working to accommodate the considerable impact of inclement weather, ongoing amendments to uses and layouts to adapt to sales and leasing requirements, and the materials handling issues involved in building a multi storey development across the 15,000 square metre site. “We had in excess of 61 inclement weather delay days on the project within the first 12-month period,” Adam says. Southern Cross and the design team have needed to make modifications throughout the duration of the development to accommodate

the sales and leasing opportunities – often at a late stage. The nature of the development requires Southern Cross to be highly adaptive and flexible in this regard. “The development has an interesting mix of uses and space, each with their own unique requirements”. Wherever possible, the Southern Cross project team looked for opportunities to prefabricate materials and components or rationalise materials. “We used Dincel walls within the basement while precast concrete panels were used extensively throughout,” Adam says. The majority of the Southern Cross Project team was previously involved in the successful completion and handover of the Dee Why Grand Project, an iconic project on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Southern Cross projects 135-153 New South Head Road Edgecliff NSW 2027 t. 02 9363 1111 f. 02 9363 0011 contact: Andrew Box (Director)




on form for success W

ith a respected reputation forged by 30 years of experience in the industry, Calcono Pty Ltd specialises in formwork for commercial, industrial, residential, educational and recreational projects. Calcono Pty Ltd has grown from a company of five staff, to one that now employs between 70-100 personnel. Calcono’s construction manager and founder Vincenzo Calautti has achieved over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the formwork industry. Together with a highly skilled and motivated workforce Calcono has proved to be one of the leading formworkers in NSW. For the Collins on Bourke project, Calcono delivered all formworks involved with erecting the structure. “Our site team consisted of a site manager who coordinated material and organised labour, attending site coordination and safety meetings and handling all appropriate paperwork on site,” says Calcono’s Director, Stefano Calautti. “The site manager also liaised with the three foremen we had on site who ran their own teams of carpenters and labourers. All foremen were responsible for different aspects of the work throughout the project.” “We completed the project by using several different systems. Slab soffits were formed using our Faresin Alufort decking system. Beam soffit & sides and columns were conventional formwork. Lift and stair core walls were formed with our PERI Trio wall system. Stairs were formed using steel stairs supplied by Stairform Pty Ltd in Victoria,” Stefano explains. “Basement walls were completed using the Dincel wall construction system, which we purchased and installed. “We are a company that continually strives for the highest productivity. This is why we are always researching and purchasing the latest formwork systems from around the world in order to keep our projects flowing in a safer, more productive and economical way,” he says. “Calcono works on many different sized projects ranging from $50k to $10million. One of our largest projects at the moment is 157 Redfern Street, Redfern for DeiCorp Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd, which is close to completion. “We also won the Boheme Bondi located at 61-79 Hall Street, Bondi for TOGA Constructions Pty Ltd. This project has not commenced yet,” Stefano says. Setting the industry standard, Calcono prides itself on its ability to get the job done, with attention to the highest level of craftsmanship on every project.

Calcono Pty Ltd 1600 Canterbury Road Punchbowl NSW 2196 t. 02 9793 9233 f. 02 9793 9544 e. 56



one with the lot I

f Collins on Bourke was a pizza, it would be a supreme. The project comprises industrial, commercial, health care, hospitality and child care all contained within one development. Dynamite Electrical displayed the diversity of their skills undertaking all the electrical installations for this multi-faceted job. Their scope of works included the supply and installation of lighting and power points; supply and connection of all switchboards including the main switchboard; commissioning of a new substation; and arranging the connection and commissioning of power. The first task for Dynamite was the supply and installation of temporary power for the construction effort. They then designed and installed the conduit work for the new power supply, followed by installation of conduits and cables for the various levels as the building progressed. The final stage was the fit out and commissioning of electrical hardware including lights, power points, various power boards, communications, security and access control. Taking a labour-efficient and flexible approach to logistics, Dynamite maintained a basic project team of project manager and foreman with the number of their qualified electricians on site varying with the workload at hand. At least one apprentice was also on the job each day in order to gain valuable experience on such a diverse spread of electrical fit out. Materials Dynamite sourced and supplied for the job also included the lighting, which ranged from basic fluorescent and down lights to the new energy efficient LED lighting. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“Every project has its challenges, but we are geared to cope with changes as they surface. The main challenge with this project was the need to design and fit out a variety of areas such as a Health, Childcare and Medical Centre,” said Dynamite Electrical Spokesman, Andrew Zacharia. “We have a good relationship with the builders, Southern Cross Construction, which allowed us to complete it in good order. We generally concentrate on the residential sector such as high rise apartments and commercial developments. We are cost efficient for builders and have a long track record of successful on time, quality completions.” Dynamite has been in business for over a decade, and has a staff of skilled and experienced tradesmen, some of whom have been with the company for ten years or more. Having twenty trade staff allows the company to manage the demands of multiple jobs effectively without compromising milestones or outcomes. Currently Dynamite is working on three residential projects with a combined 600 units and an extension to the Penrith Hospital.

Dynamite Electrical pty ltd Director: Theo Theodorou t. 02 9556 1311 f. 02 9556 1811 NSW PROJECT FEATURE COLLINS ON BOURKE


Construction Company : J.Hutchinson Pty Ltd Project Client Group : AMP Capital Investors, Cbus Property, Galileo completion : November 2011 architect : Scott Carver structural engineer : MPN Group Pty Ltd project end value : $100 Million




tight, we could only get small trucks in there, it was difficult to get material in and out.' The demolition and structure trades were tested as the core of the building was relocated from the east side, where it obscured valuable views, to the centre. New lift shafts were built up to level 15 and the building was cross-braced from levels 15-20 to keep structural integrity before the old core was demolished. The precast unit facade was craned off with the help of highclimbers and a tower crane set on purpose-built grillage on level 20. The top two floors were taken out and four new levels built in their place. At the same time, workers down in the basement were braving constricted head heights to underpin and reconfigure the car parking. Piling rigs were brought in to tackle extremely tough ground and create more space. Mechanical car stackers and a vehicle turntable for the penthouses maximised the space. Surrounded by a cross-section of urban life including Sydney Grammar, a Salvation Army Crisis Centre and the Marriott hotel, ongoing noise issues with local residents was dealt with at weekly neighbourhood meetings. Acoustic baffles were used, and pulverisers that crushed rather than hammered, were used during the demolition process.

luxury living H

utchinson Builders took on the transformation of prestige development 'The Residence' on College Street, across from Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney. With a $100 million construction budget, work began in September 2009 aiming for a 24 storey building housing 87 luxury apartments, three swimming pools, 24 hour concierge and five star hotel facilities. Due for completion mid-November 2011, the construction topped out with around 330 workers on site, a high number for a city job. Originally built in 1970, the building was well known as the old police headquarters. Site Manager Andrew Gulliford says the construction was complicated 'because we were building on many different fronts all the time, it wasn't a building that could be built in the usual sequential manner. Basically, all the demolition and reconstruction was programmed to come to a point where we could pour a full floor plate and go up, and then a typical floor cycle started from there with two waves of construction going up through the building.' Mr Gulliford also spoke of the challenge of working with just a 20m work zone on College Street , 'All lifting from cranes and concrete pumping had to be done from that area, access from the basement via College Lane was very

Project Manager Lloyd Grigg says the 'challenge from a design point of view has been reconfiguring existing structure, existing floor plates, adding on or extending those floor plates and adapting new wet areas on existing structure.' The building was extended on three sides. The Northern elevation is dominated with a striking curtain wall, the centre of which aligns the meridian line of the twin spires of St. Mary's Cathedral and the paired shells of the Sydney Opera House. Throughout all of the demolition and the majority of construction, a sales display unit was open on level 17. Prospective buyers were reassured that everything was ok during inspections, as demolition works continued around them. The development is clad in sandstone from Mount White up to level four, keeping the sandstone band flowing from neighbouring Australian Museum and Sydney Grammar. Mr Grigg says 'From a cost savings point of view, we could have sourced sandstone from China or India, but it's generally not as aesthetic as Sydney sandstone, so we made the decision to use local sandstone from a local quarry with a local contractor and we're very pleased with the result.' Hutchinson Builders won a 2010 Master Builders Association Site Safety Award for 'The Residence', which acknowledged the unusual OHS requirements needed to simultaneously manage finishing trades such as carpet laying with heavy demolition. J.HUTCHINSON PTY LTD 23 Dunning Ave Rosebery NSW 2018 t. 02 8344 2400 f. 02 9313 7386




a wealth of experience


yall Dix counts the number of stairs as we walk down the fire exit - eighteen on this particular stretch, the legal maximum allowed on any one flight. As the Director of Dix Gardner and the principle certifying authority on site at 'The Residence', Mr Dix and his colleagues have had an oversight and enforcing role, approving and advising on safety features including emergency lights, exit signs, structural stability, hydrants, disabled access, toilets, ventilation, fire escapes, fire control centres and of course, fire stairs. Dix Gardner was established in 1999 when Lyall Dix was appointed the first private NSW building certifier. Developers can go to the Council for building regulation approvals, or go to a company such as Dix Gardner, whose functions, duties and responsibilities are identical to the council, but they can process approvals faster - at a competitive cost. And on big budget projects such as 'The Residence', prompt approvals can have a serious positive impact upon project economics which benefit the consumer. Working closely with the architects and the project manager of Hutchinson, certifying 'The Residence' was not straight forward.



Applying current standards in the building code to an existing building requires flexibility and thinking outside the square. Mr Dix said in this incidence 'the building was unusual in that it required a 'Fire Engineering' approach, which requires a certifier to exercise discretion and approvals for designs and developments that are outside the normal scope of the rules. They still comply with the regulations, but they allow for the innovation that the architect is striving to achieve.' Dix Gardner approve over one billion dollars worth of work per year, mainly large complex builds. Employing 14 staff/consultants, they have offices in Sydney and Newcastle as well as a national alliance. They are accredited by the government to advise and make decisions on regulatory building compliance, always acting in the public interest.

Dix Gardner Pty Ltd 4/155 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 t. 02 9279 3657 f. 02 9279 3686 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

a unique perspective


ivil and structural engineering firm MPN Group were intrinsic to the redevelopment of 'The Residence'. Viktor Mateffy, Director, had a unique perspective on the project as his father, Stephen Mateffy, was one of the original engineers on the building when it was constructed as an office block in 1970. Viktor Mateffy spoke of the 'building gymnastics' involved in the transformation, including relocating the lift and stair core to suit the new use of the building. MPN Group worked closely with Hutchinson Builders to ensure the building remained stable during the demolition of the old core and creation of the new – the transition took a year and a half, requiring huge amounts of planning and propping. Creating more car parking was another massive task, foundations were underpinned and geo-technicians consulted as deep pits were dug to accommodate mechanical car stackers. Other challenges included putting a pool on level 2 with a void above it extending to level 5 and two other pools on the roof of the building. Different loading requirements for office and residential developments came into play and MPN Group assessed each level for weight-bearing WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

and floor sag. This was critical as high-end developments are fond of heavy materials such as marble and granite. Wall systems were carefully selected to assist the capabilities of the existing structure as well as meeting stringent acoustic requirements. Originally one of the first buildings the MPN Group designed using post-tension techniques, the new building is a hybrid, keeping some of the post-tension and some conventionally reinforced floor slabs. A thin veneer of carbon fibre was used to strengthen parts of the existing floor - about 70% of the existing building structure was retained. The firm were fortunate to still have the full suite of original drawings, invaluable in the transformation of the 70's office block into a swish modern residential building - engineered (once again) by long standing family business, MPN Group. MPN Group Pty Ltd Level 4, 118 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060 t. 02 9929 7144 f. 02 9922 3041 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE RESIDENCE


quality comes from sunshine interiors


hen it comes to a home, how it looks behind closed doors really matters. Sunshine Commercial Interiors have made sure those who live at The Residence have homes as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Sunshine supplied and installed all the internal partitions, ceilings, skirting and reveals for the apartments. In keeping with the high end nature of the project, Sunshine ensured their workmanship was of the highest possible standard. For eleven months, around 50 trades staff worked to complete the scope of works. Quality was one challenge, the pace required to complete work another, as the construction program moved to demanding time frames. “This is the top quality project and we are the finishing trade. Our boys have been working very hard to achieve the expected quality of work, and pushed the job to finish on time. We are proud to have achieved it,” said Sunshine Commercial Interiors Spokesman, Tony Zong. “Sunshine is a professional organization that has tailored itself to meet the demands of the current commercial building industry. We are compliant with all aspects of the workplace Health & Safety Act, comprehensively insured with Public liability and Workers Compensation insurance.” Sunshine works on projects across the Sydney region, supplying and installing interior fit out including partitions, ceilings, doors and hardware. The company also undertakes external cladding. With access to a network of suppliers and manufacturers which can provide their trade teams with the means to realize a wide range of aesthetic visions, the finished spaces they deliver are first class. Sunshine has been in business for 12 years and has 35 skilled and experienced staff. On all their projects, Sunshine strive to give complete satisfaction to clients, ensuring that all the finer details of the fitout design and specifications for a project are met on time and within budget.

Sunshine Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd t. 02 9649 2249 f. 02 9649 2243 62



bright ideas for electrical systems B y combining design innovation with safety-conscious installation expertise, Carrington Electrical gave The Residence prestige results without massive energy use. The scope of work for the project was complex, including lighting, heating, security, TV/comms and home automation systems for each apartment. Up to 25 staff on any given day were on site for 18 months from April 2010 completing the work.

One of the challenges of this project was a specification of low power consumption for the development. To meet this, Carrington delivered a custom-designed electrical works package, using the best available technology to ensure functionality and energy efficiency, while also meeting the aesthetic vision of the project architect. For example, the architect was inspired by Kevin Reilly, a French lighting designer, so Carrington sourced and imported light fittings from overseas. These fittings also met the BASIX requirements for the project, and in some areas of the apartments, LED globes have been used which deliver an extremely low maintenance, highly efficient lighting solution. Another innovation at The Residence is the custom-designed floor heating system installed throughout the apartments. The system uses only 55 watt through the living spaces and 80 watt in wet areas, ensuring comfort in cold months without using vast amounts of power. Each apartment has a Home Automation system, with touchscreens which control lighting, the fireplace, floor heating and the electric WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

blinds. Each aspect can be controlled individually, or residents can activate a variety of single-touch modes, customised to each resident’s lifestyle, appropriate for social occasions, viewing movies, or when residents are away. Resident’s own sound systems can also be configured into the automation system. “This was a project which gave us an opportunity to showcase our ability to fulfil complex requirements and produce results which meet the needs of the client,” said Carrington’ Project Manager, Chris Christofis. Since 1991, Carrington Electrical has been delivering electrical system solutions and installations for high rise residential, commercial/ industrial and BER schools projects. As a Code Compliant company with an LTI-free safety record and over 40 qualified electrical tradespersons, Carringtons can provide innovative electrical packages for multiple major projects concurrently.

Carrington Electrical pty ltd Unit 17, 112 Benaroon Road Belmore NSW 2192 t. 02 9758 6000 f. 02 9758 6161 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE RESIDENCE


coca cola AMATIL FACILITY DESIGN & CONSTRUCT : Vaughan Constructions PROJECT END VALUE : $55 Million COMPLETION : November 2011 SIZE : 11,000m2 ARCHITECT : Tribeca Group STRUCTURAL / CIVIL ENGINEER : Costin Roe SURVEYOR : Michael Shannon & Associates

a refreshingly good company E stablished in 1955, Vaughan Constructions has an unrivalled reputation as the leader in professional and cost effective design and construction services for industrial, retail and commercial facilities.

a structural frame wrap, with metal cladding and pre cast panels. Given their flexible approach and consistent communication with the client and onsite contractors, Vaughan Constructions were able to deliver optimum results, in a smooth running and obstacle-free environment.

Focused on maintaining solid client relationships and meeting specific project needs, Vaughan Constructions have successfully delivered more than 1,900 quality design and construct solutions throughout Melbourne and Sydney and given such a prolific profile, were recently involved on the Coca Cola Amatil facility, located at Eastern Creek.

This in turn ensured the tight project deadlines, as well as the specific needs of the Coca Cola Amatil facility, were adhered to. This, as a result, allowed for the delivery of another quality commercial facility, in a safe and timely manner.

This significant development included the construction of an 11,000 square metre facility in two stages. The architectural design was functionally driven, with the building envelope effectively wrapping around specialist manufacturing equipment and warehouse storage.

Dedicated to the provision of outstanding design and construction services, as well as a strong focus on the establishment of long term client relationships, Vaughan Constructions continues to deliver outstanding project results every time.

The facility also contains a number of functional areas, such as a production and storage hall, receiving docks and silos, a technical room, offices and amenities. Established onsite in March, 2010, Vaughan Constructions delivered their innovative early works package. This included the relocation of the truck wash and waste facility, along with the construction of a retaining wall. Vaughan Constructions further demonstrated their design and construct expertise through the swift delivery of Stage One, which also incorporated 64


Vaughan Constructions t. 02 9502 4544 f. 02 9502 4463 9a Commercial Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208 PO Box 451 Kingsgrove NSW 1480 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

united they stand U

nited Crib Block Constructions has a renowned reputation for the outstanding supply and construction of Keystone, Crib Block and Allan Block retaining walls. With more than thirty years of experience, they are committed to providing innovative production methods, in a safe and cost effective manner. Accommodating to all job sites and requirements, regardless of the scope of a project, United Crib Blocks Constructions have worked for a number of prolific clients. Some of these include Australand, Daracon, Hansen Yuncken and more recently, Goodman on the Coca Cola Amatil Facility. Throughout their involvement on the facility, their team of professional staff supplied and built an extensive range of retaining walls that were specifically designed to suit the project’s needs. As a result, United Crib Blocks Constructions once again exceeded client expectations through the delivery of a refined range of retainer walls, within the tight project timeframes. Without a doubt, United Crib Blocks Constructions have the experience and capabilities to provide their services in the commercial and industrial building sector. United Crib Block Constructions 19 Inman Street Maroubra NSW 2035 t. 02 9344 9168 f. 02 9314 0584 e. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU





OTOS Concretors has been servicing the Sydney Metro for over 30 years. The highly skilled and professional team has successfully completed many diverse projects, ranging from Medium Density Residential, to large-scale developments, such as schools, universities, hospitals, Industrial Warehouses and Commercial Centres. LOTOS Concretors has a long-standing reputation in providing a Complete Concrete works Package which includes the Supply and Place of all Formwork, Reinforcement and Concrete. Leading the way with advanced techniques and concrete solutions, LOTOS Concretors performs all works utilising their own specialised Plant and Equipment. Their ability to adhere to a high standard and within the Construction Programs or time constraints provided by their clients is through good management and an emphasis on best practice, training and safe work practices.



LOTOS Concretors has been involved on a range of significant concreting projects. Some of these include: - - - - - - - - -

Major works within the Holsworthy Army Barracks such as 171 Aviation Squadron Facility, Special Forces Training Facility, CT400 Shooting Range, Defense Police Facility and Trainee Rehabilitation Facility. New Toyota Park Stadium (Shark Park), Cronulla Coles Supermarket and Specialty Shops, Ropes Crossing Woolworths Distribution Facility, Minchinbury Nepean Hospital Psychiatric Ward, Kingswood Dennis Johnson Library, Stanhope Gardens St Hilliers Business Park, Smeaton Grange Unilever Freezer Storage Warehouse, Minto DHL Logistics Storage, Eastern Creek


The Coca Cola Amatil PET facility in Eastern Creek included the construction of an 11,000 square metre facility in two stages. The architectural design was functionally driven, with the building envelope effectively wrapping around specialist manufacturing equipment and warehouse storage. The most recent stage of this facility completed by LOTOS Concretors, incorporates the development of an advanced plastics manufacturing facility and contained a number of functional areas, such as Production and Storage halls, receiving docks/hardstand pavements and silos, a technical room, offices, amenities and Plant Rooms. Given their specialisation in industrial and commercial aspects of concrete construction, LOTOS Concretors carried out a range of extensive concreting services for this significant facility and went to great lengths to ensure all of the concreting needs of the facility were tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the building. Demonstrating their skills and experience, LOTOS Concretors completed all the contracted Concrete Works On Time for the Coca Cola Amatil PET Facility. All the concrete works to this


facility were delivered in a safe and efficient work environment, and this ensured optimal client satisfaction and a uniquely designed building. LOTOS Concretors is fully compliant with the Australian Building and Construction Industry National Code of Practice, which guarantees the delivery of quality results and workmanship every time. LOTOS Concretors is an exciting and ever-growing company which is focused on the concrete construction methods of today and more importantly, the future.

LOTOS Concretors pty ltd 4 Vicars Place Wetherill Place NSW 2164 t. 02 9604 4300 f. 02 9604 4800 e.



GLENUGIE UPGRADe a safer road - glenugie

CONTRACTORs : Alliance (Roads and Maritime Services, ARUP and Macmahon Contractors) CLIENT : Roads and Maritime Services completion : Late 2011 length : 7 Kilometres project end value : $54.5 Million SURVEYOR : Prosurv


he Glenugie Upgrade was built by the Alliance construction team of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Arup and Macmahon Contractors. The seven kilometre stretch of upgraded Pacific Highway is part of the larger Woolgoolga to Ballina project, and the entire Glenugie project site passes through forest areas with identified endangered and threatened flora and fauna. For this reason, extensive and highly detailed environmental assessments and environmental management planning has been a major feature of the project, with measures including rope crossings of the road for arboreal mammals, fauna underpasses, and the creation of a new forest reserve as a biodiversity offset for rare Eucalyptus and other threatened fauna species affected by clearing works. The Glenugie Upgrade extends from Franklins Road to Eight Mile Lane, approximately 15 kilometres south of Grafton. The benefits of the upgrade are improved road safety, through the elimination of several lower standard curves and replacement of the previously existing two lane



highway with a four lane divided road, with a wide median allowing for the future addition of a third lane in each direction when warranted. A connection to the existing highway has been constructed at the southern end to the south of Franklins Road and at the northern end to the south of Eight Mile Lane. The northern tie in is via a two-lane road 1.5 kilometres in length. The existing highway has been retained for local traffic. The upgrade has been completed under an Alliance Design and Construct. A range of consultants, including an Independent Environmental Representative, SKM and State Forests NSW have also contributed. Working closely with State Forests NSW was important, as access for logging operations in the Glenugie State Forest needed to be accounted for in terms of works scheduling, and the overall health and protection of the State Forest Estate was an important consideration. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

seedbank within the topsoil to regenerate the forest bush landscape. The soils are stabilised by combining the shredded mulch from the clearing operations with the topsoil stripped from the site. The two combined together make the landscaped areas resistant to raindrop impact, so soil is not washed onto the road or the environment around the road. The overall landscape scheme aims to reduce the impact of landscaping, reintroduce the native species, limit the invasion of weeds and protect against erosion to provide an environment which will allow the native vegetation to successfully establish. Community input was an important part of the development of the concept design and the assessment of environmental impacts. Community involvement activities during the project's development included community updates, advertisements, information displays and stakeholder meetings. For year 12 engineering studies students at Grafton and South Grafton High Schools, community involvement included a visit to the site to see engineering in action. The students were escorted by one of their teachers and guided around the site by a former Grafton High student who has been on a six month civil engineering internship with the RMS, which has included work experience and hands on learning at the Glenugie project site. This filtered down into highly detailed actions as part of the overall Environmental Management Plan, using specific Work Method Statements for all key activities (Clearing and Grubbing, Spray sealing, Temporary Watercourse crossings, etc). Major construction commenced in March 2010, with the project complete in late 2011. At the peak of works, over 90 workers and 42 pieces of large plant were on site. With over 320,000 man hours worked to date, the safety record for the project was excellent, with no LTIs. “There are three aspects of the Pacific Highway Glenugie upgrade of particular interest; firstly, the upgrade will feature a heavy duty crushed rock, granular flexible pavement, with a spray sealed wearing surface, rather than a traditional rigid pavement” said an RMS Spokesperson. “Secondly, the upgrade adopts a landscape treatment based on a native regeneration strategy. This strategy is based on using the native forest WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

In total, Macmahon estimates this project has involved 400,000m3 earthworks; placement of 215,000 tonne crushed rock; installation of 3400m of longitudinal drainage pipe culverts; and the placement of 125,000m2 two coat spray seal wearing surface. Of the 14 cross drainage structures built under the motorway, two are concrete arch structures, eight are box culverts and four are pipe culverts. None of which will be noticed by the Sugar gliders or Yellow-bellied gliders bustling across the three overhead rope crossings, nor by the Rufous bettongs and Brush tailed phascogales passing under the road via the two dedicated fauna underpass structures, five combined drainage / fauna structures and seven incidental fauna underpass structures. It will all, however, be vastly appreciated by drivers on the Pacific Highway, who will also enjoy passing through this stretch of forest far more safely. NSW PROJECT FEATURE GLENUGIE UPGRADE


MOVING the earth M cLennan Earthmoving provided various quarry products along with plant and equipment for the Glenugie Upgrade Alliance, which is responsible for the $60m upgrade of a 7km section of the Pacific Highway south of Grafton between Franklins Road and Eight Mile Lane.

Working on the Glenugie Upgrade required McLennan Earthmoving to meet the specifications of a DGB20 Heavy Duty Base material which is a relatively new product for the region. McLennan Earthmoving also has a range of crushing and screening equipment producing concrete aggregates, sealing aggregates, drainage materials, road bases and rock. Located in Grafton and established in 1992, McLennan Earthmoving is an earthmoving and civil construction contractor servicing the North Coast area for commercial, government and private projects. Current projects the company is working on include the Grafton GP Super Clinic, New Water Based Hockey Field in Grafton, Copmanhurst Public School Sportsgrounds



and the subdivisions at Arthur Street and North Street, Grafton. A member of the Civil Contractors Federation, the company prides itself on its ability to deliver the latest methods of construction for all projects with its current and well maintained fleet of plant and equipment, all of which are hired out with their own licensed and experienced operators. McLennan Earthmoving performs high quality work to schedule and to budget, with a strong commitment to managing risk for all involved on site. MCLENNAN EARTHMOVING 10 Duncans Lane South Grafton NSW 2460 t. 02 6643 4100 f. 02 6643 4101 m. 0428 664 515 e.


savvy environmental advice O nsite Environmental Management (OSEM) was approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure as the independent environmental management representative on the Glenugie Upgrade project. The role required an experienced team of environmental professionals to act separately from the construction team to ensure that all aspects of the approval conditions, environmental assessments and licences were adhered to. The project was constructed through a section of Glenugie State Forest adjacent to the existing Pacific Highway. Due to the presence of several threatened fauna and flora species on the alignment, strict limits were imposed on the clearing of vegetation and fauna habitat areas. The project design included two arch structures across Nine Mile and Glenugie Creeks incorporating fauna and fish passage structures. Other fauna crossing structures were also built, including aerial rope ladder crossings for gliders and arboreal fauna and dedicated culvert structures fitted with rails and logs to convey fauna beneath the roadway. OSEM audited compliance with all management plans, approval conditions and licence requirements. Advice was also provided on revegetation, monitoring and approval requirements. OSEM conducted regular inspections to monitor the project. As a result of good management, the project achieved a consistent green environmental performance status and remains the RTA flagship for environmental performance. OSEM will continue to conduct environmental monitoring of the unique rehabilitation methods on the project over the next 5 years. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The company was formed in 2004 by ecologist David Bone after he had worked for 15 years in large environmental planning consultancies. He saw a need for experienced and practical site based management staff on construction and mine development sites during those years of planning approval negotiations, compliance auditing and due diligence studies. Clients always commented on the lack of site-experienced personnel available and the apparent inability of large firms to provide staff with practical construction and development experience. OSEM’s focus is on the activities required to get a project running and keep it running. The company is now recognised as a trusted provider of 'construction savvy' environmental professionals. Because OSEM employs only qualified and experienced environmental engineers (certified to CPESC qualifications) and ecology graduates, the ability to identify and manage flora and fauna issues along with sediment and erosion control, noise, vibration, air and water quality issues is all available in house.

ONSITE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PO Box 3233 Valentine NSW 2280 contact: David Bone t. 02 4935 2300 f. 02 4944 9492 m. 0407 461 092 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE GLENUGIE UPGRADE


CENTRAL TERRACE BUILDING Construction Company : Abigroup Contractors ABIGROUP PROJECT MANAGER : Philip Bermingham Client : SACL (Sydney Airport Corporation Limited) completion : June 2011 architect : DesignInc structural engineer : Robert Bird Group project end value : $30 Million

abigroup flying high T

he commercial property hub of Sydney International Airport has been given a sense of elegance with the design and construction by Abigroup of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited’s A-grade commercial office, Central Terrace Building. Spanning nine levels and offering 10,700 m2 of gross floor space, its prime location directly opposite the high traffic international terminal emphasises the growing economic importance of Sydney Airport. The building adjoins the new multi-storey car park which was also designed and constructed by Abigroup. Benefits for Sydney Airport included: • Abigroup’s ability to provide feasibility and cost planning advice on the commercial build during construction of the car park. Following the



decision to award Abigroup the Central Terrace Building contract, a variety of cost effective options for the non-standard façade were put forward to Sydney Airport. • Abigroup fast-tracked design to allow early works to be completed while the car park was still under construction. •

Abigroup was flexible in the design of the façade for the multi-storey car park, as it could take into account the future construction of the commercial office building by treating the car park with a designed ‘fence’ system. This eliminated the need to install a façade on the east elevation, which would have had to be removed for the construction of the Central Terrace Building.

Construction spanned a 60-week period. Major existing underground services ran through the site that supplied facilities at the airport. This required extensive exploratory works to locate the services and non-destructive excavation techniques via vacuum extraction. Concreteinjected Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles were used. Due to the striking design of the building’s bespoke raked column façade and the existing services in the ground, a network of ground beams was utilised to link all the piles. This distributed the high lateral loads from the raking columns to all piles and thereby restricted the number of piles to 65, of which 33 were 900mm in diameter and 32 were 750mm in diameter and generally limited to 28 metres in depth. These special feature columns along the eastern and northern elevation were formed in-situ using conventional formwork in a twisting triangular prism to produce an off-form concrete finish in a three dimensionally raked ‘V’ shape. The foyer of the office tower has attractive granite walls and floor tiles and is finished off with a featured timber ceiling. The ceilings to the commercial floors are standard exposed suspended grid with acoustic drop in tiles.


Three mono space lifts service the nine floors. The façade system and materials vary on each elevation, with the eastern elevation comprising a unitised aluminium and glass curtain wall system with panel sizes of 4200mm x 3600mm (and weighing approximately one tonne each). The north and south elevations comprise of a floor-to-floor aluminium and glass window system. The western elevation facing the car park consists of fair-faced block work walls. The structure is in-situ post-tensioned concrete slabs, typically with band beams, and a special purpose flat floor (i.e. no band beams) on level six to accommodate specific tenant requirements. The completed base building accomplished the targeted 5-Star Green Star

design rating, as well as the 4.5 star NABERS design rating. Features include the use of recycled water via the Airport’s blackwater treatment plant for the air-conditioning cooling towers and for toilet flushing. As well as its environmental achievements, the project was delivered by Abigroup on budget, two months ahead of the contract completion date, despite the loss of 23 per cent of project days due to inclement weather. There were no Lost Time Injuries (LTI) during construction. Abigroup’s NSW Building Manager, George Bardas said, “We’re proud to have delivered another prestigious project for Sydney Airport two months ahead of schedule despite losing almost a quarter of allocated project days to bad weather. Our innovative approach enabled the project to be fast-tracked without any compromise on quality and the safety of our workforce with zero LTI achieved.”

Abigroup CONTRACTORS Level 20, The Zenith Tower B 821 Pacific Highway Chatswood NSW 2067 t. 02 9499 0999







Central Terrace Building, NSW




glazed but not fazed


stablished 1998, Sharvain Projects are a specialist company in the design, fabrication, installation and project management of large commercial glazing and façade projects. Their impressive list of clients continues to grow and in 2011 they have already completed projects to the combined contract value of $28,000,000. This includes the fabrication and installation of external and internal architectural façade and shop-front glazing (framed and frameless), structural steel and architectural balustrades and metalwork for 1 Bligh (Grocon), Energy Australia (Brookfield Multiplex) and Chatswood Civic Place (AW Edwards). For the recently completed award-winning No 1 Bligh Street (Grocon), Sharvain provided the impressive 30 storey atrium to the commercial building – currently, it’s said, the most expensive commercial real estate in Australia. For the Central Terrace Building, Sharvain Projects provided the design, fabrication and installation of the custom-made façade systems and specialised glazing. Sharvain Projects displayed itself to have the capability to deliver unique solutions and to collaborate effectively with the architect and builder on this challenging project. Their in-house design and engineering expertise and facility to develop custom-made glazing and façade applications enabled Sharvain to meet the design requirements for the very large panels. At up to 4200mm long, with some of the larger panels weighing over 1 tonne, the panels



required a unique fabrication set-up as well as specially fitted open top overhead containers with custom-made stillages, used to deliver the panels to the site from overseas. Once at the site, the challenges weren’t over, as special fixing arrangements needed to be worked out to ensure accommodation with slab deflections due to the long spans. Sharvain Projects’ head office, two large warehouses and workshops are located in the Sydney area. They also have a fabrication base in China (a joint venture agreement with local company in Guangdong) and exclusive supply agreements with companies in Shanghai and Shantou. Design offices are located in Sydney, Hong Kong and Guangdong, all of which enables Sharvain Projects to provide the requisite flexibility and capacity to deliver specific solutions to overcome the most demanding of design constraints.

Sharvain Projects U7/119 McEvoy Street Alexandria NSW 2015 t. 02 9698 3411 f. 02 9690 1006 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

strong support all round


e Martin & Gasparini Pty Limited is a specialist concrete structures subcontractor that commenced operations in 1947. Boral Limited acquired the company in 1982. While maintaining the core business of high quality concrete placing, the business has steered towards contracts combining other elements that are required for a complete concrete structure package, including materials handling and supervision/ management and design. Alongside their direct workforce, De Martin & Gasparini employs subcontractors with whom it has built a longstanding working relationship. These subcontractors come under direct supervision and work within the company, which ensures that De Martin & Gasparini’s highly regarded reputation is continued throughout all works. Abigroup contracted De Martin & Gasparini to construct the complete structural frame of the Central Terrace Building, which comprised of post tension design and installation to suspended slab, formwork, reinforcement and concrete supply and placement. In particular, De Martin & Gasparini needed to address the methodology for the fabrication of the intricately detailed splayed columns, which span from ground floor to the second level. These splayed columns provide the principle support to the cantilevered suspended slab and required extensive modelling and preplanning to ensure that they could be fabricated in situ to take the concrete load and the design tolerances and finishes required. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

It was also crucial that concrete fully occupy the forms in a homogenous manner. De Martin & Gasparini in association with their concrete supplier Boral Concrete, introduced the application of self-compacting concrete that minimised the risk of “honeycombing” and ensured that each element was filled to avoid any potential empty pockets. De Martin & Gasparini are proud of the result achieved on the Central Terrace Building. The architectural design of the supporting columns provides a focal point for the entire building and was a challenge in formwork fabrication and concrete placement. It is the “Build something great” approach that sets the standard at this company. As De Martin & Gasparini’s Project Manager, Gaby Daher commented, “Extensive design and innovation was required. Above all, the safety considerations in building the splayed columns and ensuring the ground bearing pressure was sufficient to withstand the massive loads implied was paramount. Our “can do attitude” and great team effort were strong contributing factors in delivering on time and to the satisfaction of our client, Abigroup.” De Martin & Gasparini pty ltd 16 Hill Road Homebush Bay NSW 2127 contact: Louie Mazzarolo t. 02 9748 5100 f. 02 9748 0041 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE CENTRAL TERRACE BUILDING


Central Terrace Building, NSW




An integrated approach D

esignInc was the architectural practice responsible for the design of the Central Terrace Building and they were also engaged directly by Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) to design its new Head Office within the Central Terrace Building.

DesignInc focuses on creating quality environments that reconcile natural, social and economic imperatives. They recognise that design is more than just the planning of spaces; a single building is only the mid-point in a spectrum that spans from the quality and texture of materials, to the vitality and identity of a successful city. A holistic process was undertaken to develop a master plan, exploring the future “look and feel” of the airport precinct, of which the Central Terrace Building forms the initial part.

the semi-open roof terrace. The design approach adopted by DesignInc is similar to the experience of air travel. There is a point of arrival (the reception) that is transparent and light via the use of natural material and finishes. There are check-in hubs (the lift lobbies), a lounge feel with leather upholstery, and transit lounges (the kitchen breakouts) which have been designed to reflect sophisticated food halls. Anthony Quan, Director DesignInc Sydney, is excited by this project, “This office building is a glimpse into the future and yet fits within the present setting. It’s a snap shot of Sydney Airport Corporation’s implementation of a master plan to progressively upgrade the airport environment.”

It incorporates distinctive architectural elements with a covered pedestrian forecourt with feature "V" columns at ground level on the east and north side. The glazed curtain wall along the eastern façade that fronts the terminal reflects the predominantly horizontal architectural elements at the airport and provides an uninterrupted view of the airstrip. The grade “A” integrated fit-out for the SACL offices covers most of the ground floor reception area, entire floors on 3 levels, and WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

DesignInc Sydney Pty ltd Level 12, 77 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060 t. 02 8905 7100 f. 02 8905 7199 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE CENTRAL TERRACE BUILDING



Delivering Your Project Outcomes ble to provide outstanding property development and project management services, Restifa & Partners are renowned for their flexible approach to development and have a highly-regarded reputation for combining a broad skill set with their extensive experience to achieve the specific requirements of any project. Committed to open communication and careful planning, Restifa & Partners are able to deliver optimum outcomes and innovative solutions across all stages of a project. Having worked on a range of prolific developments, such as Castle Hill Supa Centre and the Bathurst City Centre Project in NSW, Restifa & Partners were also recently involved on the significant Sapphire Market Place development. This $50 million shopping centre, located in Bega, NSW, will comprise of not only a full-line Woolworths supermarket, but will also incorporate the region’s first Big W as well as Dick Smith, 2 Mini Major tenants and an additional 30 specialty shops. Engaged as the Development and Project Managers to oversee the design, approval, construction, leasing and commissioning of the entire project, 80


Simon Restifa, Director of Restifa & Partners, said their dedicated team focused their attention on innovative initiatives for the community and incorporating the new retail centre into the existing town centre. “Sapphire Marketplace is the biggest commercial property development and construction project to happen on the Sapphire coast, providing a shopping facility for the local community, who previously, had to drive to Canberra or Batemans Bay to shop,” Mr Restifa said. “Throughout our extensive involvement, we have taken great lengths to ensure the development integrated with the town centre and didn’t detract from the existing street retail, as well as introducing a range of leading community-driven and environmental initiatives,” he said. Some of these included the trial of high energy efficient air chiller units to condition the air of the shopping centre, including heat reclaim from other energy plants to maximise efficiency. In addition, Restifa & Partners also introduced recharge stations for mobility scooters, ensuring the well-being of the local community was taken into account on every level. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Throughout the detailed and extensive planning process of the Sapphire Marketplace development, great care was taken to ensure the new shopping centre would act as an extension to the existing town centre retail, not as a deterrent.

“However, as a result of our focus and expertise in regards to overcoming such issues, in both a time and cost efficient manner, as well as our leading communication and negotiation skills, all of the aforementioned challenges were resolved.

As a result, the centre successfully links the main street with the town hall and council chambers, the library and the high school, while at the same time, provides approximately 600 car spaces in a town where beforehand, parking was extremely scarce.

“This in turn guaranteed optimum client satisfaction, as well as an outstanding shopping centre development,” he said.

Given their astute industry experience, as well as a team of multiskilled and professional personnel, Restifa & Partners were able to deal with a range of challenges they faced throughout the construction of Sapphire Marketplace. “One particular challenge we faced was the difficulty surrounding land acquisition of the Sapphire Marketplace, with the original land holders being handed back stratum lots on the roof of the building, as well as additional obstacles surrounding the purchase of the shopping centre land, from local council and state government,” Mr Restifa said. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

With a wealth of property development and management experience, as well as their commitment to delivering innovative and leading solutions to a range of projects, regardless of their scope, Restifa & Partners will continue to be nationally recognised as a leader within their field.

RESTIFA & PARTNERS Development Managers – Project Managers t. 02 9957 6330 NSW PROJECT FEATURE SAPPHIRE MARKETPLACE


The marketplace experts rbon Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rite-Hite and is the recognised industry leader in the design, engineering and installation of loading dock, door and aftermarket safety systems. With a commitment to providing quality products and services, Arbon Equipment have a long-standing reputation for not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

between the dock floor and the trailer bed, keeping operators happy and long term injuries to a minimum,” he said.

As the preferred dock equipment supplier to Woolworths, Arbon Equipment were also involved on the significant Sapphire Marketplace development in Bega, NSW.

In addition, Trailer Drop, which causes jolting to forklift drivers and damage to products and equipment, takes place as the trailer moves up and down from the weight of a forklift and load entering a trailer. However, the innovative Smooth Transition Dock System technology, minimizes both driver injury and property damage.

This $50 million project improved the efficiency of the Bega grocery sector and provided industry growth. Consisting of a number of ambient and chilled cold-storage facilities, the new facility supplies 28 Woolworths stores in the state, as well as 208 independent grocers. Lee Lorenc, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Arbon Equipment, said their involvement involved the supply and installation of their dock equipment for Dan Murphy's, Big W and Woolworths. “The equipment used on this project once again set us apart from our competition. Our dock levellers provide smooth transition technology, from the dock to the back of the truck and vice versa. “Our Smooth Transition Dock System significantly reduces Dock Shock and Trailer Drop. We provide the smoothest possible path 82


Dock Shock, which occurs every time forklift drivers hit bumps and gaps on traditional dock levelers, can cause extensive damage to the driver’s neck and spine, known as whole body vibration.

Following the overwhelming success of the Sapphire Marketplace project, Arbon Equipment has again cemented their relationship, with not only Woolworths, but the entire retail and supply industry, as the preferred dock equipment provider to facilities throughout the country. Arbon Equipment are represented in offices all over Australia.

ARBON EQUIPMENT 72 Enterprise Way Sunshine VIC 3020 t. 1300 427 266 f. 03 9314 4378

• • • • • •

Dock Levellers Vehicle Restraints Dock Seals and Shelters High Performance Industrial Doors Barrier Systems HVLS Fans


The Premier Consultants enry & Hymas is an experienced professional consulting company that achieves outstanding economical and buildable solutions for a range of industries and projects throughout Australia.

One of the greatest challenges of the project encountered by Henry & Hymas was the variable depth of the earthworks across the site and the intersection of bulk earthworks with the water table.

With a long-term reputation for industry excellence and technical innovation, Henry & Hymas have provided their services to major organisations, including Sydney Water, Woolworths, Bunnings and more recently, for the $50 million dollar Sapphire Market Development.

“The inconsistent levels of the earthworks required for the development, as well as the shallow water table depth, presented a major construction obstacle,” Mr Kusturin said.

Responsible for all of the structural and civil design of the project, Ray Kusturin, Managing Director, said that this incorporated a range of works such as storm water drainage, bulk earthworks, roundabout and pavement designs. “We also delivered a range of extensive structural design features, such as shoring, foundations, all of the suspended concrete floor designs and the structural roof steel,” Mr Kusturin said. “Throughout our involvement on the development, we used the innovative Revit suite of 3D modeling software to structurally and architecturally document the project “This ensured optimum coordination with our structure with the architectural and services consultant’s drawings, which translated into improved overall site construction quality,” he said. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“To overcome this, we provided detailed hydraulic modeling and drainage designs, in conjunction with the structural shoring design, for the intersection of the water table with the lowest basement level required. “This ensured the basement car park remained dry and free of water ingress at all times,” he said. With yet another significant and successful project to add to their prolific profile, Henry & Hymas will continue to be nationally recognised by a range of industries as a leading, premier consultant. HENRY & HYMAS NSW – Head Office – Sydney Level 5 79 Victoria Ave Chatswood NSW 2067 Contact: Ray Kusturin t. 02 9417 8400 f. 02 9417 8337 e. NSW PROJECT FEATURE SAPPHIRE MARKETPLACE


The Interior Lining Specialists stablished five years ago, Suncoast Interiors is a Queensland-based company specialising in the delivery and supply of all aspects of interior linings, including ceiling and partitions, CFC, alucobond, vitrapanel, fire rating and a range of carpentry works. Able to complete a number of commercial projects, ranging from small-scale refurbishments through to the construction of brand new marketplaces, Suncoast Interiors have been involved on a number of significant projects throughout Australia. Some of these include a $1.2 million shopping centre in Yeppoon, the $550,000 Woolworths Supermarket at Cooloola Cove, the Westpac Bank on Brisbane’s Queen Street and more recently, the Sapphire Marketplace development in NSW. When complete, this $45 million shopping centre, located in Bega, will comprise of not only a full-line Woolworths supermarket, but will also incorporate the region’s first Big W, Dick Smith and an additional 42 specialty shops. Nigel Cason, Managing Director of Suncoast Interiors, said throughout their involvement on the Sapphire Marketplace, a professional team of eight staff worked together to deliver their outstanding linings services. 84


“For six months, our highly-skilled team of tradesmen provided all of the interior and external linings for the shopping centre development,” Mr Cason said. “Given our commitment to delivering optimum results, every time, using leading products and an innovative approach, we were able to complete our responsibilities in both a time and cost effective manner,” he said. Furthermore, Suncoast Interior’s years of industry expertise also meant they were able to provide all of the required linings in a hassle-free manner, ensuring the specific demands of the client were met and that the tight timeframes were adhered to. Priding themselves on their professionalism and quality of work, as well as their cutting-edge products and efficient service, Suncoast Interiors will continue to uphold their reputation as one of the leading companies within their industry.


For All Your Plumbing and Hydraulic Needs W Plumbing offer a range of extensive hydraulics and installation services to projects within the Australian building and construction industry. With a highly-skilled team, as well as a diverse range of innovative products, RW Plumbing is able to provide clients with alternative solutions for every environment, regardless of the scope or scale of the particular project. Specialising in hydraulic and civic design and gas fitting, RW Plumbing has an extensive project portfolio across NSW and the ACT. Examples of this include the Centrelink building in Batemans Bay, the Moruya Hospital, Eden’s Public School and more recently, the Sapphire Marketplace. When complete, this $45 million shopping centre, located in Bega, will comprise of not only a full-line Woolworths supermarket, but will also incorporate the region’s first Big W, Dick Smith and an additional 42 specialty shops. Danny White, Director of RW Plumbing, said whilst working on the Sapphire Market development, they provided the complex and specialty tenancies with fire protection, a potable water supply and a sustainable water re-use system to direct storm water from the roof areas to storage vessels. “Using the latest and safest copper fitting Viegra Crimp System, we also provided the entire sanitary drainage to all of the connected fittings and WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

ensured all of our services were installed to meet current Australian Standards,” Mr White said. "In fact, given our innovative plumbing techniques and professional team of tradesmen, we completed our extensive Project responsibilities in both cost and time effective manner,” he said. Although the construction of Sapphire Marketplace was often hampered by flooding and continuous rain, the team from RW Plumbing overcame this challenge by maintaining a team of local plumbers on the ground and providing additional labour when conditions allowed. As a result, RW Plumbing once again successfully delivered their project responsibilities, providing the client with optimum plumbing, hyrdraulic and drainage solutions. With their diverse skills base, attention to detail and a team of trained professionals, it is without doubt RW Plumbing will remain at the forefront of the Australian plumbing industry.

RW PLUMBING Unit 2/12 Kylie Crescent Batemans Bay NSW 2536 t. 02 4472 3415 f. 02 4210 7373 NSW PROJECT FEATURE SAPPHIRE MARKETPLACE


Overcoming the tyranny of distance and disaster for Regional project he $45 million Sapphire Marketplace in Bega, NSW, is the largest infrastructure project along the southern regional coast of NSW. ARC’s experienced team of engineers, schedulers and bar processors successfully assisted the project to get back on schedule after Bega experienced its heaviest downpour in 30 years and was declared a natural disaster zone. ARC has supplied 900 tonnes of reinforcing steel for the project from its ARC Moruya branch about 120 kilometres away. The reinforcing steel, supplied to Construction Engineering, included pile cages, stock and bent bars, from mills in Melbourne and Sydney. In addition, ARC supplied reinforcing mesh, accessories and safety fencing. ARC also resourced the development with 6 staff and a local scheduler. ARC overcame a number of challenges, including remote distances and severe weather conditions, to help Construction Engineering stick to its building program. Bega is a long distance form major cities and manufacturers. At 500 kilometres from Sydney and 600 kilometres from Melbourne, the Sapphire Marketplace project required strong logistical planning to ensure the project ran smoothly and without delay. The ARC Moruya branch was the closest reinforcing steel manufacturer to Bega – yet it was still 120 kilometres away, which meant most deliveries would take longer than a day to complete. The key to success in completing this project was working closely with Construction Engineering to provide a timely and flexible response to the demands of developing Sapphire Marketplace.

“ARC worked hard in the following weeks to assist Construction Engineering to meet the deadlines of the building program plan. While most deliveries were scheduled in advance, sometimes dealing with short lead-times and fast turnarounds were important and we were successfully able to supply steel reinforcing within 48-72 hours when required,” Mr Gills says. As a small regional branch, ARC Moruya went above and beyond to get the job done. The tyranny of distance meant that every order had to be precise or it could take days to re-deliver replacement products. ARC was meticulous in coordinating between various departments, production teams and transport teams to ensure project progress was updated at all times. “The challenge for ARC was that we weren’t working with someone around the corner from us. When a specific galvanised product was needed, it could take up to ten days in preparations and freight time for it to be delivered to the township,” Mr Gill says. “Sapphire Marketplace is the biggest project ever seen by this branch. We doubled our capacity and sometimes delivered up to 100 tonnes of steel in a week, while still carrying out our normal tasks.” ARC is one of Australia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel reinforcing and fencing products and services. ARC has more than 41 locations across Australia with five manufacturing sites and has the capacity to produce over approx 400,000 tonnes of steel per year. ARC’s 10,000 products range from steel reinforcing and mesh, to concreting and fencing, accessories and tools.

However, the most significant challenge was yet to come. On 22 March 2011, Bega was hit with more than 380 millimetres of rain in 24 hours, turning streets into rivers and forcing road closures and evacuations. Construction of Sapphire Marketplace was halted and parts of Bega were declared a natural disaster zone by former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.

ARC supplied steel reinforcing to iconic construction projects including the massive Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme, Parliament House in Canberra, the MCG, Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House and countless driveways and small projects.

ARC Moruya Branch Manager Michael Gill says the project was subjected to a number of delays and it took a great deal of planning and flexibility to keep the project on schedule.

For more information please call ARC on 131 557 or visit our website




‘Flawless’ Results stablished 20 years ago and with more than 50 staff, Fab Floors is a commercial vinyl flooring company, specialising in major retail flooring for large scale projects. With a professional management team and an extensive fleet of transport vehicles, Fab Floors upholds their competitive edge within the flooring industry and as a result, is able to offer a complete service to their clients. In fact, Fab Floors has carried out a range of major flooring contracts on a number of large developments across NSW and Australia. Some of these include Top Ryde and Rouse Hill Shopping Centres and the Charlestown City Centre. In addition, Fab Floors recently completed the vinyl flooring at Woolworths and Big W at the new Sapphire Marketplace in Bega, where they engaged both out of area and local labour and together, WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

explored new systems and techniques to enhance the overall success of the project. Dedicated to providing a superior level of client service and a successful completion of major commercial flooring contracts, it’s without question that Fab Floors will remain at the forefront of the vinyl flooring industry.

FAB FLOORS 177 Bonds Road (Cnr Jindalee Pl)


Green Building Council special feature

and practices which were once considered extraordinary are now business-as-usual. Today, green buildings take many shapes and forms. They can be glittering skyscrapers, such as One Bryant Park, the first high-rise tower in New York to achieve a LEED Platinum rating for its soaring façade of high-performance glass, natural ventilation and recycled materials.

Reshaping our buildings Tony Arnel, Chairman World Green Building Council hen I reflect on the most significant changes in my life during my time as Chairman of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), the most life-changing event has been the birth of Leah, my first grandchild. In her life, Leah will face many challenges. But there is one challenge that I feel confident we are addressing in my lifetime, and in doing so are building a better world for Leah, her 88


generation and generations to come. This is the challenge of creating greener buildings, greener communities and greener cities. During my involvement with the WorldGBC, I’ve witnessed a fringe green movement become a mainstream industry. Governments have begun to wake up to the costs of climate change and recognise that buildings are truly the low hanging fruit. Technologies

They can be low-technology, high-performance buildings such as the Tsoga Environmental Centre in the poverty-stricken outskirts of Cape Town in South Africa. This building addresses socio-economic sustainability alongside the environmental by creating employment, offering training and empowering the local community. It’s clear from the people who are on the ground that, brick by brick, building by building, the green building movement is transforming the world. Together, we’ve established a solid environmental case for green buildings. Buildings such as Australia’s first carbon neutral office, Pixel, are redefining the way we will build for many years to come. By using renewable energy over a 50 year lifecycle, Pixel will actually deliver a net carbon benefit to the environment. Architectural icons like the Empire State Building in New York City are being given AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Pixel Building

1 Shelley Street (Macquarie Bank's new building

green makeovers and large-scale residential developments, such as BedZed in the UK, are demonstrating how a combination of high and low-tech green features can result in a community that is carbon neutral or even carbon positive. We’ve established the economic case for green buildings. Big business has recognised the benefits of going green. Buildings from Macquarie Bank’s new Green Star-rated headquarters in Sydney to the Vanka Centre in Shenzen are living proof that green buildings can enhance office productivity and brand equity, attract and retain the top talent and deliver on CSR priorities. We’re also demonstrating the social benefits of green buildings. Australia’s first Green Star-rated hospital, Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, provides a practical demonstration of why green healthcare facilities are cheaper to operate, improve patient outcomes and decrease staff turnover, all while minimising their environmental footprints. From high-performance Green Star schools in Brisbane to small schools in the mountains of South Africa, simple green design principles are delivering improved educational outcomes. The South Africa’s Vele Secondary school, for instance, features a rainwater harvesting system and 50 square metres of solar panels which provide electricity for 80 computers. The school’s passive and low-energy WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

design supports naturally-lit and ventilated classrooms that are warm in winter and cool in summer. As one student says: “I used to fall asleep during most of our classes at the ‘old’ school. Now the classrooms are cool in summer and I’ll be studying or reading books in the classroom instead of wasting my time idling outside under a tree.” Since the WorldGBC was first established in 2002, we’ve moved beyond buildings and are now talking about how we green entire communities, precincts and cities. And we’ve moved beyond our focus on environmental sustainability and are looking at how green buildings can deliver on a range of socio-economic priorities from job creation to rebuilding economies still struggling in the wake of the global financial crisis. In the last decade, the global economy, the business environment and the mindset in which we operate has changed dramatically. While the journey is long, the destination is clear. For developing nations, constructing adequate housing for 500 million people and providing electricity for some 1.5 billion people brings with it many challenges and opportunities. In these countries, thoughtful consideration of sustainability at the earliest stages of design and construction will deliver the best economic and environmental outcomes.

Flinders Medical Centre

In developed nations, ensuring the right mix of market leadership and government regulation is essential to substantially reduce CO2 emissions from the building sector. It is not simply a case of opting for regulation or information or economic measures. All are needed to bring about the required changes. The role of business in the green economy is also crucial - it is businesses that drive growth through investment, innovation and job creation. For Leah’s sake, it is my dream that one day the WorldGBC will be redundant. It’s my hope that, when she reaches my age, all buildings will be carbon, energy and water positive and environmentally-sustainable. It will be just the way buildings are constructed and the carbon-hungry dinosaurs of today will be archaic relics of our misguided history. But for now, the WorldGBC’s challenges remain as pressing as ever.

Tony Arnel has recently stepped down from the role of Chairman of the World Green Building Council, a position he held for three years. Tony is also Victoria's Building and Plumbing Industry Commissioner and chairman of the Green Building Council of Australia. Tony was recently appointed to Sustainable Melbourne Fund’s independent Board of Trustees, which aims to assist businesses to capture the economic benefits of sustainability in the built environment. ANCR SPECIAL FEATURE





CROWN CASINO This extensive project involved the complete makeover and extension of the gaming area, the Mahogany Room, at the eastern end of Crown Casino. The room was also expanded by almost fifty percent to present a dramatic new faรงade overlooking the Yarra River.




THE jewel in the crown

This redevelopment now gives Crown Casino patrons prestigious access to a new private gaming salon, an increased number of gaming tables and an exclusive ‘club’ atmosphere, with new non-gaming facilities. CROWN CASINO / Baulderstone




Left The prestigious new interior of the Crown Casino's mahogany room.

Baulderstone, one of the largest building and engineering companies in Australia, has been “creating what matters” in the building and infrastructure industry for more than eighty years. Offering a full range of construction services to support their clients, in both the private and public sector, Baulderstone understand that professionalism and capability are the keys to meeting the needs of the many different building and engineering markets that they serve. Widely recognised for quality and service excellence in construction, as well as their commitment to bring innovation, quality and timely delivery to every project, Baulderstone has completed many projects with a combined value in excess of $30 billion. With a solid portfolio reflecting their technical expertise, size and national presence, Baulderstone continues to demonstrate their strong commitment to forging productive long-term partnerships and alliances within the construction industry. This is further evident in the fact that some of the buildings Baulderstone has constructed include international and national building icons such as the UNESCO listed Sydney Opera House, Brisbane’s Story Bridge, Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, Adelaide’s Convention Centre and more recently, the redevelopment of the Mahogany Room at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Following on from the successful completion of the Crown Metropol Hotel, this particular redevelopment of the Mahogany Room is the fourth consecutive project Baulderstone have carried out for the Crown Casino at their Southbank premises. This extensive project involved the complete makeover and extension of the high roller gaming area, known as the Mahogany Room, at the eastern end of the Crown Complex. The volume of this room has been increased by almost fifty percent and presents a dramatic new façade overlooking the Yarra River. The team from Baulderstone was responsible for delivering on time, the staged refurbishment and fit out of the existing Crown Mahogany Room, including the complete redecoration and revamp of the existing V.I.P private gaming salons to the highest international standard. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Baulderstone’s scope of work also included the delivery of a 1,500 square metre extension of Level One, which was adjacent to the existing Crown Towers Porte Cochere, and incorporated a premium roof top bar, lounge areas and terraces that all present spectacular views across the Yarra and back into the City of Melbourne. Further redevelopment elements that needed to be completed by the Baulderstone team, included significant work in the existing basement car park to strengthen footings, two new lift shafts, a roof top plant room, extensive services relocations and external landscaping. The redevelopment now gives Crown Casino patrons a prestigious access to a new private gaming salon, an increased number of gaming tables and an exclusive ‘club’ atmosphere, with new non-gaming facilities. The existing Porte Cochere, although protected with gantries and hoardings was maintained as the major public entry to the building throughout the construction period. The highly skilled and professional team from Baulderstone overcame the challenges presented by maintaining this front entry by promoting an adaptable and responsive approach to project planning and delivery. As a result, minimal disruption to the Crown’s operations occurred throughout the various construction phases. On completion, Baulderstone successfully fulfilled and satisfied the client’s specific requirements for the Mahogany Room’s redevelopment and through extensive teamwork, innovative building methods and outstanding leadership, delivered yet another project in a timely and cost effective manner. From healthcare to power stations, from education facilities to tunnels, Baulderstone set out from the beginning of every project to appreciate not only their client’s needs, but also the objectives of the specific project, facility or infrastructure they are commissioned to deliver. As a result, tailor-made services, efficient project management strategies, innovation and successful outcomes are delivered every time. For more information contact Baulderstone, Level 9, South Wharf Tower, 30 Convention Centre Place South Wharf VIC 3006 Australia, phone 03 9684 6111, fax 03 9684 6100, website: VIC PROJECT FEATURE CROWN CASINO


Below EPM&C are specialists in leading edge lighting, security and electrical systems.




Spectacular lighting is part of a casino’s mystique - EPM&C ensured the redeveloped Crown Casino lives up to this in an energyefficient way. As specialists in leading edge lighting, security and electrical systems, EPM&C undertook $4 million worth of work for Baulderstone, with a scope including supply and install of electrical, security, CCTV and lighting for the Mahogany Room extension; supply and install of a state of the art neon wall on the Casino’s façade; upgrade of lighting for the porte coucher; and install and supply of lighting, access control and security control for the redeveloped Crown Towers Hotel lobby. EPM&C had a team of around twenty on site, including fifteen qualified electricians and five apprentices, for just over twelve months with an incident-free safety record achieved. “The Mahogany Room installation included 12 huge chandeliers, some over 10m in length, with state-of-the-art LED lights,” said EPM&C Director, Robert Wilcox. “We also installed the access control, security, patron locking and CCTV, which involved in excess of 100 cameras; and eight new subdistribution boards to accommodate the expanded gaming area. The state-of-the-art lighting system uses Phillips Dynalite lighting equipment, and includes 22 new 12 channel dimmers. In total we installed around 4,000 light fittings, many of them energy-efficient LED fittings.” All of the lighting and other electrical systems were Smart Wired by EPM&C (working in conjunction with Honeywell) to a BMS. Project management is one of EPM&C’s core capabilities, and at Crown this attention to detail and logistics was a winning asset. “The job was done in eight stages, and a challenge throughout was keeping the existing Casino operations going,” said Robert Wilcox. EPM&C have been in business since 1998, with the workforce of 44 including electrical tradesmen who have been with the company since it commenced operations, offering the full spectrum of leading-edge electrical, lighting and security system services to commercial, high end hospitality and recreational projects. Another recent success WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

at the high end of town was their electrical and lighting work at Marriot Hotel. There are also three fulltime project managers on staff, and EPM&C offers a project management service to contractors, providing the level of electrical trades expertise and task supervision which ensures safe, top quality, energy-efficient results. Recent project management assignments have included the Domain Tunnel for Transfield and the Multipurpose Stadium for Thiess. EPM&C are in demand for projects where energy-efficiency is a key requirement. Their work at Crown is ongoing as their team currently completes a Casino-wide upgrade of all the lighting systems to achieve better energy-saving outcomes. EPM&C are also currently engaged by Built for the Green Star refurbishment of the 636 St Kilda Road commercial office development. EPM&C also offer a highly specialist infrared thermographic service and carries out electrical thermal surveys for projects Australia-wide. Thermal surveying of wiring, distribution boards, switchboards, CCTV systems and other electrical systems is a highly effective predictive maintenance tool which can identify maintenance issues before they cause a major safety problem or equipment failure. If problems are found, EPM&C then have the full suite of electrical contracting skills to deliver a solution. The excellence of a company can also be measured in the dedication of its staff, and EPM&C have been recognized with several awards from the 370 Degrees Group as an employer of apprentices, 80 per cent of whom stay on with the company as qualified tradesmen after completing their indenture, continuing the tradition of brilliant work in the electrical game.

For more information contact EPM & C, Level 1, 30 Boundary Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205 phone 03 9682 8787, fax 03 9686 7211, email: website: VIC PROJECT FEATURE CROWN CASINO


Below KMX Interiors provided an extensive range of internal fit outs for the East End of the Mahogany Room.

KMX Interiors provides exceptional service and delivery of timely and superior architecturally designed internal fit outs. Committed to delivering clients with a full and comprehensive range of first class service, KMX Interiors are able to ensure the completion of all projects from start to finish. Due to their broad range of industry expertise, as well as their dedicated and highly skilled team, KMX Interiors have worked for a number of prolific clients on significant projects throughout Victoria. Some of these include Silvertop Taxis and Ringwood McDonalds (Becon), Melbourne Seafood Centre (BMF) and more recently, the Mahogany Room in Melbourne’s Crown Casino. This $212 million facelift of the Casino incorporated the expansion of the Mahogany Room and included a new façade overlooking the Yarra River, a new private gaming salon, a five star restaurant, as well as a new bar and lounge area. Mark Xerri, Managing Director of KMX Interiors, said whilst working on the redevelopment, a team of thirty men, provided an extensive range of internal fit outs for the East End of the Mahogany Room. 96


KMX Interiors’ responsibilities included the delivery of various types of wall framing and wall linings including plasterboard, CFC and ply linings as well as MDF Strapping and garden walls. In addition, KMX Interiors also delivered a range of unique ceiling features and suspended ceilings, all of which were specifically tailored to suit the requirements and needs of the Mahogany Room. Given their reputation for delivering exceptional results and optimum client satisfaction every time, KMX Interiors once again completed their bespoke responsibilities in both a time and cost effective manner. In fact, with a dedication to maintaining long-standing client relationships, as well as being renowned as a leading company within their field, KMX Interiors will continue to deliver outstanding results to a range of projects throughout Victoria. For more information contact KMX Interiors, Suite 1, 250 St Kilda Road, Southbank Victoria, 3006, phone 03 9794 8305, fax 03 9793 5870, email KMX Interiors is proud to announce its merger with BMF Pty Ltd effective 16/1/12 to form new entity - Xerri Pty Ltd AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Vertex Engineering used their knowledge and experience to ensure all of the required lifting and handling equipment, was supplied in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Vertex Engineering is a highly experienced provider of specialist lifting and handling equipment and services for a range of industries including automotive, mining, theatre and manufacturing.
 With an extensive fleet of equipment and lifting devices, Vertex Engineering provides tailored engineering solutions and custom equipment that is designed, fabricated and certified in-house, to meet the specific needs of a project. Backed by years of practical experience and professional in-house systems, Vertex Engineering prides itself on providing a total project management service. From feasibility and concept phase, right through to the final solution, Vertex Engineering is able to coordinate all related trades and services effectively manage OH&S requirements, and accurately plan for construction targets and contingencies. However, more importantly, Vertex Engineering is renowned within the industry for their well-versed expertise in efficiently carrying out unusual hoisting, lifting and handling requirements. As a result, their unique skills were recently required for the Melbourne’s Crown Casino redevelopment. This $212 million facelift incorporated the expansion of the Mahogany Room and included a new façade overlooking the Yarra River, a new private gaming salon, a five star restaurant, as well as a new bar and lounge area. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Responsible for the installation of the hoist and the support steelwork for the new chandelier over the Crown Towers Hotel Lobby, Vertex Engineering’s team applied their practical knowledge and experience to ensure all of the required lifting and handling equipment was supplied in a safe and cost-effective manner. In addition, they liaised with other contractors onsite to ensure the installation and lifting process caused minimal disruption to the Casino’s operations. Although the team from Vertex Engineering faced the challenge of working in an extremely tight ceiling cavity, situated 12 metres above ground level, their complete commitment to delivering leading and innovative results, meant they were able to overcome this obstacle and fulfill their responsibilities. With a history of long-term client relationships, as well as a prolific project portfolio, Vertex Engineering continues to pride itself on providing a range of unusual and specific hoisting, lifting and handling services, to any project, regardless of the size or scope. For more information contact Vertex Engineering, PO Box 5059 Heidelberg West DC Victoria 3081, phone 03 9466 1255 fax 03 9466 1655, email: website: VIC PROJECT FEATURE CROWN CASINO


Below Minesco were responsible for the delivery of the Casino’s unique iconic façade construction.

With more than 25 years of façade industry experience, Minesco Pty Ltd is a leading Melbourne company, specialising in glass and aluminium curtain wall systems for large-scale construction projects. Minesco have worked on a number of iconic commercial projects such as the Etihad Stadium, the Airport Link Stations in Sydney, the Melbourne Museum, as well as the new Melbourne Rectangular Stadium and many others. Minesco were also recently involved on the significant redevelopment of the Crown Casino. Appointed as the façade contractor for the project, Terry Cremasco, Managing Director of Minesco, said his team of 30 highly skilled professionals, were responsible for the delivery of the Casino’s unique iconic façade construction. “Commencing work in December 2010, we supplied and installed the bespoke, unitised curtain wall system to the main façade of the Casino’s Mahogany Room, as well as installing all of the other façade elements,” Mr. Cremasco said. Demonstrating a range of innovative techniques, the team from Minesco incorporated curved sandstone from India, as well as curved corrugated glass from Spain. Not only did these materials produce a uniquely shaped façade, they also produced a visually dynamic 98


finished product. Extensive use of polished stainless steel feature lighting elements were incorporated into the façade. Whilst working on the Crown Casino, Minesco faced a number of challenges; one of these was the limited sources of the unique curved glass. “As this curved, five meter high, corrugated glass is only available from one supplier world wide, we needed to implement a strategic management plan to ensure we could supply the Mahogany Room with all of the required glass,” Mr Cremasco said. “However, given our years of industry expertise, as well as long-standing relationships with our suppliers, we overcame this obstacle and completed all of the necessary façade and curved glass requirements.” Dedicated to successfully completing complex projects in an innovative and cost effective manner, Minesco aims to deliver one step ahead of their industry competitors. The number of high profile and complex projects that Minesco have been involved with exemplifies their ability to deliver in an increasingly competitive space. For more information contact Minesco Pty Ltd, 9/504 Fullarton Road Airport West VIC 3042, phone 03 9336 2455, fax 03 9336 2866, AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Coastline Carpentry & Building (VIC) specialises in commercial fit-outs and hoardings.

Based in Hastings, Victoria, Coastline Carpentry & Building (VIC) Pty Ltd specialises in commercial fit-outs and hoardings, delivering outstanding services and results to a range of projects within the building and construction industry.

“Given our commitment to delivering outstanding results that adhere to the requirements of a project, regardless of how specific they are, we erected a substantial amount for the fit out for the Mahogany Room,” Mr Wood said.

With a small, yet professional team of highly skilled tradesmen, Coastline Carpentry & Building (VIC) P/L has worked on a number of office fit-outs for a range of buildings and offices and were recently also involved on the extensive redevelopment of the Crown Casino’s Mahogany Room.

“Furthermore, as the gaming floor was open to the public throughout various stages of the redevelopment, we also needed to take measures to complete our responsibilities in a swift, non-disruptive manner.

This $212 million facelift incorporates the expansion of the Mahogany Room and includes a new façade overlooking the Yarra River, a new private gaming salon, a five star restaurant, as well as a new bar and lounge area. The Mahogany Room also received 16 new tables and has been heralded as the major component of the VIP upgrade for the Crown Casino’s clientele. Jason Wood, Director of Coastline Carpentry & Building P/L, said their dedicated team supplied and installed the majority of the temporary fit-out works required for the project, as well as assisting with building the gaming tables and supply of specialist labour to the head contractor. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“However, our highly-skilled team and years of industry expertise, meant we were able to deliver an outstanding result to the client, within the timeframe,” he said. Gaining a well-known reputation within the building and construction industry for providing superior fit-outs and hoardings, Coastline Carpentry & Building is without a doubt a standout in this field.

For more information contact Coastline Carpentry & Building (VIC) Pty Ltd, 8 Burke Street, Hastings VIC 3915, mobile 0417 545 792, fax 03 5979 4875, email: VIC PROJECT FEATURE CROWN CASINO


Crown Casino Faรงade, VIC



Below Fytogreen created a green façade in the Teak room and vertical gardens in the Mahogany room at the Crown Casino

Mahogany Room Vertical garden

Above: Teak Room Green façade

EVERYONE WINS WITH FYTOGREEN GARDENS - Nature is one of the permanent guests at Melbourne’s Crown Casino since Fytogreen, Australia’s foremost creators of modular green spaces for indoors and out, created stunning green façades and vertical gardens for the Teak and Mahogany Rooms as part of the redevelopment of the iconic venue. Fytogreen have dedicated 23 years of international research and growing experience to developing and delivering green roofs, vertical gardens and green facades for Australian conditions. Using the latest technology and growing systems for greening built environments, the company provides design, construct and maintenance services for projects including recreational venues, commercial offices, healthcare facilities, industrial and residential developments. Some of their recent successes include 1 Bligh Street in Sydney, Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital and the Crown Casino in Melbourne. “The Teak Room installation is very unique, there is nothing like it in Australia,” said Fytogreen Managing Director, Geoff Heard. “The Teak Room’s green façade extends for 27 lineal metres and rises three levels high. The garden combines climbers and creepers planted in lightweight and automated planter systems integrated into an architectural trellis. This WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

particular growing style was perfectly suited for the High Rollers indoor/ outdoor smoking area.” “In the Mahogany Room, we have created ten vertical gardens which are situated in portals behind sofas. Due to the reflective windows in the space, guests have a feeling of immersion in the gardens. Our design team also focused on delivering an ecologically-based design for the Casino to ensure minimal ongoing maintenance and environmental impact,” he said. The vertical gardens installed at Crown Casino were created using unique proprietary technology. Fytogreen sources plants from around the nation, then grows them into garden readiness at their greenhouse and installs them in custom-made water-efficient modular planters. The result is a vertical garden which looks like it has been there for years from the moment it is put in position. With their extensive experience and dedication to creating sustainable natural beauty for built environments, Fytogreen ensures that from design through to delivery and ongoing care, glorious easy-care gardens can be incorporated into any space. For more information contact Fytogreen Australia, Head Office phone 03 5978 0511, email:,website: VIC PROJECT FEATURE CROWN CASINO 101


Hickory group 101 Cremorne Street Richmond VIC 3121 t. 03 9429 7411 f. 03 9428 7376

Main Construction Company : Hickory Group completion : December 2011 architect : Buchan Group project end value : $110 Million



a new landmark S

triking, sleek and sophisticated, Vogue in South Yarra is destined for iconic status amongst Melbourne’s best buildings. With an eye catching curvy façade and towering 31 stories high, it’s a new landmark in the illustrious Chapel Street area. Vogue is a mixed use building, with a large retail shopping area and 498 residential apartments. Placed in chic South Yarra, one of Melbourne’s most prestigious blue ribbon suburbs, it's near the junction of Toorak Road and Chapel Street, less than 4kms from the CBD. Sitting alongside some of Melbourne’s renown fabulous boutique shopping, it's also just a stone’s throw from some of Melbourne’s best bars and restaurants. Residents will enjoy 24 hour building management, security services and concierge. Luxurious common areas include a 25m pool, gym, spa, sauna and palatial residential lobby. And it’s not just the interior that wows, Vogue residents can take advantage of the onsite open-air cinema, BBQ area, tennis court, putting green, landscaped gardens and a private park. Views from the building range from the Melbourne city skyline, to wide views out towards the Dandenong Ranges. The Buchan Group were the architects behind Vogue and the tone of the décor is elegant, classic, urban and minimal. The extensive podium base will house both a residential section and the 'Vogue Plaza', the retail section of the building, which has already been up and running for the last twelve months, with 600 undercover car parking spaces, a Woolworths, Big W and 40 specialty stores. The construction budget was $110 million and Hickory began working on the building in June 2010 with an aim to bring the project to completion at the end of 2011. The circular, oblong nature of the building's tower created some tricky calculating challenges, but they still achieved four day floor cycles with the structure and the project ran very smoothly according to Hickory Site Manager, Robert Marchese. The glass and aluminium curtain wall system was manufactured in China and shipped to Australia. The wall was put in place after the main building structure was up and it proved beneficial by enclosing the building straight away, meaning the fit-out could be started as well as the additional safety feature of everyone now being behind glass. This also helped to keep work going while Melbourne endured some of the wettest weather in decades. Hickory was able to put a tower crane on the grillage of level 3 to assist with the higher work. The number of people working on Vogue peaked at around 350 onsite. Mr Marchese says it was all pretty straight forward - access was good, there was a lot of lay down area for materials which made it easy to deliver materials onsite. There was also a great set up logistically on the street, and they all worked as a team, he believes that’s why the project has gone so well. Hickory have been involved in many of Melbourne’s most recognisable buildings. Their projects are routinely finished on time and to a very high standard. They are building ‘Fifty Albert’, on Albert Road in South Melbourne, located 2kms from the CBD, it’s another high-end prestigious mixed commercial/residential project incorporating a heritage façade, 21 storeys, 284 luxury apartments and a rooftop entertainment area. Those who have seen the dancing on the wonderfully slick Hickory website video may be surprised to learn that apparently there was no Madonna-style ’voguing’ onsite as the Vogue building went up. The Vogue building in South Yarra is set to become one of Melbourne’s most recognisable buildings, boasting prestige apartments and a thriving retail centre, the building has been completed smoothly and efficiently by formidable construction group, Hickory Group.





Harnessing the strength of concrete APS had ten of their 270 staff working on the Vogue building. The brief was to design, supply and install the post tension system. Post-tensioned concrete harnesses the compressive strength of concrete while providing a durable, lighter structure with better load bearing capabilities - slab thickness can also be reduced. Advantages that post-tensioned concrete have over other methods include economical use of construction materials and the speed of construction. Significant material savings, including a general reduction in the amount of formwork sets needed, a 60% saving in reinforcement, and freeing up the crane for other trades, results. Reduction in concrete and reinforcement also generates labour savings. Post-tensioned concrete slabs are able to be designed to be deflection free for specified applied loading, lowering maintenance costs over the long-term. Post-tensioned systems also give the advantage of column-free space and reduced floor to floor height - lower loads on columns results in reduced costs for foundations. APS are also able to design post tensioned slabs that are waterproof, without the need for a waterproof membrane. The post-tension systems APS offer include a bonded and unbonded slab system (with unique components for post tensioning); a multistrand system achieving up to 1,000 tonnes of breaking load and ground anchor systems with rock and soil anchors and soil nails. Design and installation of rock and soil anchors can be seen with the work they carried out assisting the refurbishment of historic St. Kilda baths with rock anchors, supplying around 40 tonnes of post-tension concrete. APS were also responsible for the supply and installation of the wind turbine footings at the Wind Farm in Arrarat in Victoria and Hallett Hill South Australia. Post tensioned concrete design and construction is just one of the areas that APS excel in. They also offer specialist engineering, concrete remediation and industrial coatings and waterproofing. Specialist engineering services include structural design, difficult project management and heavy lifting. APS boast a full range of hydraulic lifting and jacking systems, using bar of strand cables to lift steel and concrete structures. They also have horizontal jacking equipment for shifting loads under roads and railway tracks. Concrete remediation is an important area of APS capability. They are able to fill voids using injection systems and waterproof where necessary as well as strengthening and repairing existing structures. Extensive experience in slab steel reinforcement and carbon fibre concrete strengthening are part of the wide range of tailored remedial solutions APS offer.


n the verge of celebrating 30 years in the business, Australian Prestressing Services (APS) began in the hands of a talented team of civil engineers in 1982. Their combined experience resulted in vigorous growth and a pool of expertise now spanning three decades. Their work has featured around the world in a remarkable range of high rise residential and commercial buildings. As well as working on many buildings prominent throughout the Melbourne CBD, APS have also been involved in the M80 and Bass Highway upgrades and desalination plants throughout the country - they were an obvious choice in the construction of the 'Vogue' building in South Yarra.


The APS Water Storage Reservoir System has been responsible for the design and construction of large-scale reinforced concrete water storage tanks (some over 75 metres in diameter) for desalination plants around the country. The tanks are tailored to budgeting requirements and withstand all climate conditions. Durability and water-tight features are secured with high compressive strength established during construction. They are also able to design, supply and install relevant pipework specific to each reservoir. APS operate both nationally and internationally, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane as well as the Middle-East. They have a base in Dubai and have an impressive portfolio of work in places such as Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Damascus. APS are currently expanding into India. Australian Prestressing Services 21B Edinburgh St Oakleigh South VIC 3167 t. 03 9543 5236 f. 03 9544 3102 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE VOGUE SOUTH YARRA 105

Vogue South Yarra, VIC



designlive - achieving goals


esignLive were responsible for supplying and installing all the joinery on the Vogue Building - including kitchens, bathrooms and all other built-ins for 500 apartments. It was the first job that DesignLive did with their new manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Set up to assist a global market, with special focus on the Middle East & Vietnam, the new manufacturing plant is over 5000m². It is run, operated and 100% owned by DesignLive. From the shop drawings, listing, programming, manufacture, shipping and installation, the joinery for the Vogue building was delivered on-time and to a high standard. Materials used include high quality Italian and Malaysian laminates. The work was done to set standards and specifications that allowed it to be brought in at a cost that gave the architects their desired finish. Robert Kechenovich, CEO of DesignLive says, “Our capacity to manufacture on an international basis and deal internationally has given us the ability to provide an upscaled, quality product. It’s allowing us, architects, clients and developers the capacity to start using higher grade materials.” WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Since completing the Vogue Building, the DesignLive team are landing a number of similar or even bigger jobs, all of which require high quality joinery, veneers and stains. They have set up a contract with Blum to ensure that their joinery hardware is top notch. DesignLive now develops a lot of its projects with developers and architects from the beginning so everyone involved knows from the outset what they can actually afford to put in prior to it going out to the marketplace. With no affordability surprises, design integrity is maintained, but it is commercialised it so that it can be built with speed and quality and everyone achieves their goal - the client wins, the developer wins, the architect wins and everyone gets what they want.

DesignLive 168-190 Macaulay Road North Melbourne VIC 3051 t. 03 9929 8888 f. 03 9929 8800 VIC PROJECT FEATURE VOGUE SOUTH YARRA 107






highest quality results achieved


raigieburn Train Maintenance Facility is an outstanding showcase of the comprehensive ability of Aus Iron Industries P/L when it comes to the design, fabrication and erection of structural and architectural steel work. In undertaking the design and construct contract of all the structural steel elements for the 1400 tonne, 20,000 sq meter structure, Aus Iron needed to maintain a strong focus on resource management, logistics, flexibility in scheduling and a dedication to delivering the highest quality of work. “Coordination between the engineer, architect and shop detailer was critical due to ongoing design changes,” said Aus Iron Project manager, Dale Ekers. “The assembly of the 103 facade awning beam frames that ’wrapped’ around the perimeter of the structure was a difficult process.The majority of the frames requiring a different radius and alternating from on face to edge form. We had to ensure that tight tolerances were maintained, as the frames created a continuous ‘band‘ around the building that required to be consistent to achieve the desired appearance.” Established in 1999, Aus Iron Industries has fast developed into one of Victoria’s leading companies for structural steel fabrication and erection, and are also recognized specialists in manufacturing Permanent Stair Metal Formwork. Aus Iron Industries is an ASI member and has ISO 9001 Quality management systems and ISO 14001 Environmental management systems accreditation. Other recent major projects include AMII Park, fabricating four of the complex roof shells and all of the façade’s cantilevered light towers; and in excess of 3000 tonne of structural and architectural steel work for Melbourne Airport Terminal and Retail expansion. The company operates three fabrication workshops and a paint shop, all with over head craneage up to 12.5 tonne SWL. Recent investments in equipment include the procurement of an automatic drill beam line, a plasma processing plant and a shot blast beam line. Aus Iron’s sister steel erection company, Aus Truestyle, was established in 1987 and as well as Victorian rigging crews has personnel nation-wide installing transmission towers for the resource and communication industries. Aus Truestyle has an impressive 10 crane fleet ranging from – 20 tonne through to 130 tonne truck mounted, PPM, and all terrain disciplines. “Although this project has had its challenges the result is an incredible train maintenance facility for Victoria. It was once again a pleasure to work with the team at John Holland, together successfully completing a high quality structure on budget and on time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sub contractors and suppliers who played a part in completing our scope on this project with us,” said Dale. Aus Iron Industries Victoria t. 03 9799 9922 f. 03 9799 9913 e. New South Wales t. 02 4577 4964 f. 02 4587 7745 e.



craigieburn maintenance facility first of its kind in victoria A

ustralia-wide experience in railway engineering and project management enables global engineering, construction and services company KBR to meet the needs of any rail project, including Australia’s largest and most modern train maintenance facility in Craigieburn, Melbourne.

Located in the Craigieburn Stabling Yard, 30 km north of Melbourne’s CBD, the Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility (CTMF) is longer than two soccer pitches and is equipped with the latest inspection, lifting, and crane equipment. The CTMF has the capacity and capability for heavy and light maintenance for all Melbourne train types in the one facility. This is achieved through three inspection roads and one lift road accommodating for six-car sets, a first for Victorian train maintenance facilities, which until now have only had the capacity to accommodate three-car sets. The entire design was coordinated with existing and planned works, interfacing with the Craigieburn Train Wash, Craigieburn Drivers Amenities, and Craigieburn Stabling Roads. KBR delivered the preliminary design validation and detailed design, incorporating the track, civil and overhead traction design. KBR's unique design of overhead traction within a building, combined with WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

the necessary sectioning requirements, allows trains to partially move within the building while maintenance works are in progress. The overhead electrical system is split into 12 sections, each able to be powered up or down as required. To ensure the safe operation of maintenance activities for the user, a complex, interlocking system was incorporated with the overhead design, access platforms, and cranes. KBR was able to deliver a solution that met the end users’ safety requirements and functional objectives. KBR is a global engineering, construction, and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power, industrial, and commercial markets. We have operated in Australia for more than 50 years, and service six key market sectors here – transport, defence, facilities, hydrocarbons, minerals and water.

KBr Gabriel Ambrosini Industry Director Rail Vic/Tas Level 3, 441 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3000 t. 03 9828 5333 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE CRAIGIEBURN TRAIN MAINTENANCE FACILITY 111

DANDENONG GOVERNMENT services office Grocon Constructors 3 Albert Coates lane Melbourne VIC 3000 t. 03 9631 8833 f. 03 9639 9556 e.

beautiful green firsts for dandenong G rocon has combined construction innovation and design panache in delivering the first Six Star Green Star commercial development in Dandenong. The Dandenong Government Services Office comprises 14,400m2 NLA of commercial office space over eight levels, 480m2 NLA retail space on the ground floor and four levels of basement. This is the first building in the area to have basement space, so along with the task of demolishing existing buildings on the site before construction could commence, Grocon had to undertake a thorough assessment of the unknown contamination and ground water

risks. While the site proved to be clean, there were three underground tanks which required removal and remediation, and precautions needed to be taken in terms of drainage for basement excavations and construction, as preliminary drilling showed the possibility of groundwater 10m below the surface. Originally contracted to design and construct the GSO to a five Star Green Star Office Design and As-Built v3, the building has been recently awarded a Six Star Green Star rating for Office Design v3. This has been achieved by aiming for the highest commercially viable standard of


sustainability during the design and construction process. In addition a 5star Green Star rating for Office Interiors v 1.1 has been targeted and a minimum rating of 4.5 Star NABERS Energy and NABERS Water. In practice, this came down to many key details in the methods, materials and design resolution. Extensive recycled and certified timber has been used throughout the building, in particular the timber canopies and for a cantilevered loggia on Level four landscaped with drought-hardy plants and providing an open space for staff. The loggia’s substantial structure was constructed in sections by Grocon carpenters at ground level, and craned


construction company : Grocon completion : November 2011 Structural Engineer : Winward Structures SURVEYOR : Vekta Pty Ltd architects : Hassell

The building harvests rainwater which is stored in a 40,000L tank for use in amenities flushing and landscaping irrigation. Fire testing water drains down into a 6,000L tank for reuse. “It is noteworthy that we achieved Six Star Green Star without using black water harvesting or tri-generation. There was a lot of concentration on reduction of potable water use and energy efficiency,” said Grocon Project Manager, Andrew Poulton. “There are waterless urinals, and all the fixtures and fittings are water efficient. Solar panels have been installed on the roof for the domestic hot water system, and we have used air cooled chillers for the airconditioning. The air conditioning is an under floor system of air diffusers, with individual controls for each seating position. “The building has a BMS system and an EMS, with all the lighting controlled by sensors. VicUrban (now known as Places Victoria) are planning a central energy plant for the entire precinct, and we have made sure the GSO can connect to that. “The facade is double glazed, with blinds and sun shading from the timber canopies. A frit pattern has been put on the glazing which acts both as a privacy screen for the work stations and as sun shading. This pattern was based on a survey undertaken by the architects, HASSELL in conjunction with Buro North the signage Consultant, of the local community and reflects the symbols of the different cultural groups in the Dandenong community.” The GSO also has 120 bicycle storage spaces including visitor bicycle parking, shower and change rooms to encourage carbon free commuting.

into position. The timber façade elements, and indeed the feature timberwork inside the building, use timber salvaged in a sustainable way from areas of Victoria devastated by the 2009 bushfires. Grocon participated in the Victorian Government clean-up of the bushfire areas and, through our project management, became aware of forest resources that had been damaged and where the owners, and millers, needed commercial support to get back up and running again. Grocon worked with the local communities in those areas to have the damaged timber logged, milled and made ready for use in the Dandenong GSO project. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Along with the use of low VOC products throughout and extensive natural light, the design enhanced the health of the indoor environment through the use of double height atriums (with inter-tenancy stairs) and green walls planted with philodendrons – a proven air purifier – and operable windows in the facade in these areas to enable night purging of the mechanical system. These operable windows also form part of the smoke control strategy, an element of the overall fire engineering plan put in place for the project. Grocon have also been innovative in its construction. The retention system was redesign to minimise the number of piles, the column layout and the central core layout were redesigned to achieve a more efficient floor plate, and the concrete structure was refined of construction efficiencies which consists of post stressed bandbeams and slab on bondeck. Part of the

slab infills are also post stressed. Levels 5, 6 and 7 of the GSO cantilever out five metres over the street. At Level 5 a prefabricated steel beam system incorporating temporary handrails was developed and with the use of prefabricated bondeck panels, the cantilever areas could be constructed without the need of scaffold from the street and without placing men at risk for falls at height. Levels 6 and 7 were then constructed in the conventional manner from the newly poured Level 5 slab. Most of the project’s concrete was poured in situ, with Grocon using its own design of jump form, bondeck, screens and beam forms and its own form workers. Columns were double height precast and there were some precast walls. There was a substantial Grocon workforce onsite of 80 trade staff and 20 management, supervisory and administration staff. The trade team included crane crew and dogmen, temporary electricians and temporary plumbers, concreters, first aid and OH&S and a number of apprentices, two from the local area. Grocon also employed two people through community assistance programs, a Sudanese refugee referred by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and a young person from within the Juvenile Justice System who was referred by Whitelion. Over 300,000 man hours were worked on site from demolition in November 2009 through to handover in December 2011, with no LTIs. Other noteworthy aspects to the GSO include a conference centre area on Level 4, comprising a series of meeting rooms with operable walls to enable flexible spaces with access to the Loggia, an outdoor garden space to meet and unwind. There is also a Wellness centre on the first floor, which includes the first aid rooms and nursing rooms for the comfort of clients and staff with young babies. This project is part of a broader plan by Places Victoria to revitalise Dandenong. It has purchased seven hectares of land, which includes the GSO site, with the intent to develop a thriving and dynamic mixed use precinct. Grocon is contributing to the bigger picture through the construction of a new road on the western boundary of the GSO. Another major project Grocon has recently completed is the Bioscience Research Centre at Latrobe University, Bundoora. Grocon is currently constructing other projects in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, including Common Ground Brisbane, The Emporium in the Melbourne CBD and the Villa Maria Aged Care project at Wantirna.


Dandenong Government Services Office, VIC





going the extra miles for green stars R

ichstone Group went a few extra miles for Grocon on the Dandenong GSO project, to ensure all the building’s plumbing was up to the Five Star Green Star standard of the project. The two companies have developed a working relationship over several previous high rating projects, including Media House and Pixel, but this was the first time Richstone had undertaken a major commercial plumbing task in the Dandenong region. Richstone undertook all the plumbing for the commercial office project, including fit out for kitchens on all levels; toilet blocks; installation of services including water, sewerage and gas works; and supplying and installing a gas boosted solar hot water plant in the roof plant room. Due to the project’s Green Star design, all the pipework is HDPE, resulting in PVC minimisation. Also, all the water related fixtures and fittings are low flow and water efficient. Up to eight qualified and Registered Richstone plumbers worked on the project over a twelve month period, with Richstone’s abilities in costings, procurement, logistics, delivery and installation ensuring an efficient approach which met all program milestones for the works. Richstone also ensured safety was paramount. “This project is an example of the benefit of experience - we have an understanding of how Grocon works, which helps us mesh smoothly with their works program , safety policies and site management,” said Richstone Director, Shannon Egglestone. “We sit with them on the safety committee once a month, and because Grocon have a lot of long term staff, our people are working with people they know at the different Grocon jobs we’ve done.” Richstone have grown from a small company founded by the two hands-on Directors, Shannon Egglestone and Hayden Richardson, both registered plumbers, into a multitalented highly experienced firm managing up to 15 major projects concurrently. Their capabilities include all plumbing, gas works, rainwater harvesting systems, roofing and guttering. With a strong track record on Five Star and Six Star Green Star projects, Richstone have an ongoing commitment to research into the best available products and technology for ensuring long term sustainability is built into the projects they work on.

Richstone Group 17B Nathan Drive Campbellfield VIC 3061 PO Box 365 Somerton VIC 3062 t. 03 8339 0100 f. 03 8339 0300 e. 116 VIC PROJECT FEATURE DANDENONG GOVERNMENT SERVICES OFFICE


government reinforcement W

ith decades of tier one industry experience at the company helm, Metro Steelfixing bring a thorough understanding of the whole construction process to their task on a project like the Dandenong Government Offices. Metro provided all the steel fixing Grocon required for the job, including footings, floor slabs (which were poured insitu), columns and stairs. The lift core was the first task, and as the building rose so did Metro’s workers, paying scrupulous attention to maintaining excellent LTI-free levels of safety while working at heights.

Grocon used the Lubecker jump form system for the project, which is an extremely safe system, and one the Metro crew were familiar with. Having worked on previous Grocon jobs including Media House and Pixel was also a benefit in terms of being familiar with the expectations and working style of the construction management team and labour force. An average of eight to ten Metro steel fixers worked on the project for nine months, tying 900 tonnes of reinforcing steel for seven upper levels and four basement levels of the building. Metro was founded in 2005, and since then has been steadily engaged on a range of major projects including not only commercial construction but also major civil projects including sections of Eastlink for Fitzgeralds Construction. They have built strong WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

working relationships with many of the leading concreters and formwork companies. Metro can fix steel for every kind of concrete work including buildings, bridges, even pools. In addition to contracting to projects, the company provides a day labour hire service, and all Metro workers are trained, and have white cards, EPA, PPE, Union and CBUS. “We give 110% always. We have experienced men who give quality effort and endeavour to meet the program,” said Metro Steelfixing Managing Director, Sam Bufalino, who founded the company after 23 years of working as a direct employee for Grocon. “We meet all the requirements of a project and don’t let builders down. Our workforce is a mix of highly experienced staff and young workers, because we believe in passing on the skills and training people. I would like to see it recognised as a trade in Victoria, to encourage more young people to become steel fixers.” Metro Steelfixing Pty Ltd PO Box 84 Keilor VIC 3036 t. 03 9331 6733 m. 0412 916 600 e.


Dandenong Government Services Office, VIC



solid performers at gso


o ensure efficient and safe placement of the concrete for the Dandenong GSO project, Grocon relied on Australian Concrete Pumping Logistics (Victoria) to provide mobile boom concrete pumping plant and equipment on a daily hire basis. ACPL also supplied a crew of two men to operate the pump for each day of the concrete pours, who worked closely with Grocon’s team to complete the works. ACPL have 20 experienced operators who work on sites across Melbourne and regional Victoria under the close supervision of the ACPL management team. There are only five 55 metre mobile boom pumps in Australia, and ACPL owns and operates four of them. The company also hires out a fleet of over 20 mobile concrete pumping plant including smaller boom pumps and mobile line pumps, and provides high rise and shotcrete pumping services. “A noteworthy aspect of the Dandenong GSO project was Grocon’s continuing and exemplary daily execution of occupational health and safety. From daily pre-start meetings, to ensuring that our men were always working in the safest working environment, OH&S was a high priority,” said an ACPL spokesman.


ACPL was formed in July 2010 following the merger of Improved Concrete Pumping Services and TKS concrete pumping. The company employs 75 people to meet the concrete pumping needs of first and second tier construction companies undertaking major projects across the commercial, high rise residential and retail sectors. ACPL also provide their plant and skilled services to infrastructure projects, including water treatment plants, railway stations, arterial roads and freeways. Located in Sunshine West, ACPL have been investing in a stateof-the-art allocation and dispatch system that will set the industry standard, ensuring that when a project calls for concrete pumping, ACPL provide Victoria’s best, safe and reliable service.

Australian Concrete Pumping Logistics 52 Brunel Road Seaford VIC 3198 t. 03 9543 8910 f. 03 9544 5317 VIC PROJECT FEATURE DANDENONG GOVERNMENT SERVICES OFFICE 119




n creating a vibrant new community in Melbourne’s Northern growth corridor, Stockland has created a natural environment with a sense of community values. The new Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre embodies these principles and has an open feel that creates a village centre atmosphere. Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre is located in the heart of the Highlands masterplanned community. The shopping centre features Woolworths supermarket and space for 19 specialty stores, an open mall with mature trees, alfresco dining and shaded seating. Car parking for 330 cars has been created, as well as facilities for cyclists, including dedicated cycle lanes on the surrounding roads. 120 VIC PROJECT FEATURE STOCKLAND HIGHLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE

The overall intent is for the retail development to be a place for locals in Highlands to meet and mingle, as well as to shop. This is the first major shopping centre to be developed in Highlands, which is part of the Craigieburn area with ease of access to the Western Ring Road, Tullamarine Airport and the Melbourne CBD only 30 minutes away. Public transport is also close at hand. The shopping centre covers 7,087sqm, and was constructed on the greenfields site by Hansen Yuncken. Construction of the single storey building on strip and pad footings was completed in time for a November opening of the centre. The retail areas have been constructed of pre-cast concrete panels, with extensive AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Other elements of this extensive development include the $6.7 million Malcolm Creek Regional Park – equal in size to the Royal Botanic Gardens – which includes adventure playgrounds, basketball courts, walking and cycling tracks and picnic areas. A sporting oval and pavilion as big as the MCG has been created at Highgate Reserve, which will host sporting activities and community events, and act as a second training ground for the Richmond Tigers AFL team. The state-of-the-art Craigieburn Library and Learning Centre is under construction and due to open in 2012, which will include a museum, public internet access, a learning centre, a dedicated children’s storytime area and a contemporary library. The Community also includes both primary and secondary schools, a retirement village, a child and family centre with preschool, long day care and rooms for maternal and child health. Main Construction Company : Hansen Yuncken Client : Stockland completion : November 2011 structural engineer : Robert Bird Group SURVEYOR : PLP architects : DesignInc project end value : $34 Million

glazing, numerous walkways and finishes including timber and architectural claddings. The entire Highlands development has been designed to provide a superior quality of life, a range of facilities to service the community extensive natural spaces. Over 150 hectares of open space has been dedicated to various parklands, walking and cycling trails, wetlands, sporting fields and recreation facilities. Almost 7,500 homes will be created, ranging from 212 square metres to 788 square metres. Of these, 2,973 lots have been sold as at 30 June 2011, making Highlands the fastest growing residential community in the Northern Melbourne region. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Of course every community needs a watering hole, and the Highlands Hotel is under construction, due to open in 2012 and will feature an entertainment complex and bistro. In keeping with Stockland’s commitment to maximising environmental sustainability outcomes, Highland’s residents have access to recycled water due to the installation of a dual pipe system in 2010. The recycled water is being used to irrigate public common areas, for residential garden watering, car washing, toilet flushing and laundry duties. Highlands has recently been awarded a 4 star Green Star Retail Centre v1 by the Green Building Council of Australia and includes a range of environmental features such as: water efficient bathrooms, energy efficient lighting, low chemical paints and sealants, increased rates of fresh air and good levels of natural daylight. Stockland is one of Australia's leading diversified property groups with a vision to create places where people experience a better way to live. The company’s proven ability to deliver residential communities during its 20 years in Victoria ensures community and environmental integrity are foremost. Stockland currently has 10 residential communities across Victoria. VIC PROJECT FEATURE STOCKLAND HIGHLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE 121

uncovering the history of highlands


efore Stockland built each stage of their master-planned community at Highlands, heritage consultants TerraCulture examined the past that lies in and on the soil of the site, uncovering the story of some of the area’s former residents. TerraCulture has been providing cultural heritage services to Stockland for the Highlands area since 2005. At each stage of the development, as new permits are required, new investigations have been undertaken and planning and reporting completed. One of the exciting finds was old bluestone ruins found in an open area of a former paddock. Once the vegetation was cleared, the layout of the rooms, fireplaces and paths surrounding the house could be clearly seen. Artefacts were uncovered which are now held by Heritage Victoria at their storage facility, including children’s toys, cutlery, buttons, tokens, bottles and ceramics from the 1840s to the 1890s. “There was evidence of a family’s life there,” said TerraCulture Senior Associate, Catherine Tucker. “The land had some great archaeology from both an Indigenous and European perspective, and we had a great opportunity to investigate it properly. The Stockland team manage their projects very well, and engage in a very collaborative way. “At the Highlands Estate on Malcolm Creek, we found Wurundjeri stone artefact scatters including tools left by the Wurundjeri people before contact. Excavation was undertaken that involved a process of salvage, sieving and retrieval. Scar trees were also identified, which have been retained in parkland. “Large projects like this are always challenging from a logistics perspective. In the last twelve months there has been a lot of rain, which posed some complexities. There is also a challenge in being able to adequately define a 122 VIC PROJECT FEATURE STOCKLAND HIGHLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE

lot of the sites, as the process is quite involved to do big management plans, with time pressures because the large reports take a lot of time and we are trying to balance redevelopment timing and statutory requirements.” Over twenty TerraCulture staff and student volunteers worked on the project, including archaeologists, GIS mapping staff, a historian, production and administrative staff. From offices in Northcote and Geelong, TerraCulture provides cultural heritage assessments, Due Diligence assessment,s heritage reporting, salvage and excavation services across Victoria. Other major assignments include the excavation of the Pentridge Prison burial ground. They have provided assessment reports for various developments; including at Docklands, undertaken assessments for the channel deepening, excavations at Queenscliff; managed the excavation of early bluestone ruins in Melbourne’s CBD such as at Ridgeway Place and La Trobe Street; and completed numerous heritage assessment and management projects for VicRoads, water authorities, local councils and many large private subdivision projects. Catherine Tucker is a member that report to the Maritime and Archaeology Advisory Committees of the Heritage Council of Victoria and TerraCulture have built strong working relationships with Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Heritage Victoria. Wherever development takes place and a heritage issue is present, Terra Culture can provide the investigative and management services which will enable work to go ahead, while uncovering the historical story of a site which may otherwise remain unseen and unknown. TerraCulture 340 Separation Street Northcote VIC 3070 t. 03 9486 4524 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

places for people to meet & mingle W ith a sensitive approach to blending community, commercial and environmental aspects, the vision DesignInc planned for the new Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre has more in common with a village centre than a mega-mall. There are no imposing concrete facades, instead the ideals of the corner store and community meeting place define the spaces.

DesignInc undertook the architecture, interior design, Urban Design and Town Planning for the project. A standardised facade system combining textured precast and extensive glazing was developed for aesthetic coherence and building efficiencies, with variations to streetscape treatment created through orchestrated changes in awning and parapet treatment, and individual tenant identity through varied shop front design insertions. These variations activate the street and plaza edges of the Centre, and enhance the High Street shopping aspirations of the development. Environmental design was a key driver, with the intention to create healthy, comfortable and sustainable spaces for the public realm, and reduce the environmental impact of the Centre in terms of energy efficiency and potable water consumption. Designing to a 4 Star Green Star rating, DesignInc’s team of five staff incorporated elements such as Photovoltaic interlayered glass in the mall canopy, maximum use of natural light and natural ventilation through the sensitive placement of the various walkway canopies and the elevation of the main mall weather protection canopy above the retail parapets. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Materials specified for the project reflect the surrounding natural environment, with stained timber battens, green alucobond cladding and composite stone floor tiles used extensively. The overall goal is for the Stockland Highlands Shopping Centre to be a well-crafted environment which supports and enhances the quality of life in the Highlands region. DesignInc are a multidisciplinary practice of architects, interior designers and urban designers, with numerous major design awards, over 150 staff and offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Their diverse project experience includes commercial, retail, high density residential, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, educational, health care and recreational facilities. One of their most recent design projects has been the University of Notre Dame Medical Clinic in Werribee, which is currently under construction.

In their practise, DesignInc combine environmental consideration, social aspects and economic goals to create quality environments for their clients and those who use and occupy the spaces they build. DesignInc Melbourne Central Tower Level 51, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC 3000 t. 03 9654 9654 f. 03 9654 4321 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE STOCKLAND HIGHLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE 123

GEELONG HOSPITAL Construction Company : Kane Constructions CLIENT : Barwon Health architect : Silver Thomas Hanley Wendy Hastrich Architect SURVEYOR : DCWC structural engineer : Irwin Consult project end value : $35 Million

kane continues to advance healthcare in geelong Kane Constructions Pty Ltd 658 Church Street Richmond VIC 3121 t. 03 8420 1200 f. 03 8420 1201



ane Constructions is building on previous successful projects for Geelong Hospital, with the completion of new office space and a new 24 bed ward. There were several key challenges, which were more easily resolved thanks to the well-established working relationships Kane has with the hospital and the project’s subcontractor team. Several packages of work have been undertaken within the last twelve months. Stage one on Level Three of the hospital’s new emergency department building (which was completed by Kane in 2009), involved fit out for the headquarters for the CEO, finance department and hospital administration staff; and the construction of The Swanston Centre, a new building of commercial office space for the hospital’s finance department. Stage two comprised the construction of a new 24 bed ward on Level Two of the new Emergency Department building, and conversion of old workshops at the Hospital to biomedical facilities, store, maintenance and offices for non-medical staff. Work has also commenced on the redevelopment of the Hospital’s surgical theatre this year, which Kane expects to complete by mid next year. All of these works will be completed without replacing the facades of the existing buildings. A major part of the construction management task has been the services diversion planning. Kane have needed to plan the relocation of all services in redeveloped spaces. A linkway was put through the centre of the site for the re-routing of all the communications and electrical cables while works are in progress. The plan is for all the new services – HVAC and hydraulics – to tie into existing systems, with some modifications to achieve efficiencies of energy and water, such as installing low flow fittings. Kane have also added small sections of insulation to sections of the walls, and added insulation under the Podium, an existing sun deck on the roof. Internal walls have been constructed of mainly 13mm plaster on stud framework, with some additional fire rated walls. Doors are MDF, and the aluminium framed windows include double glazing for the external windows on Level 2, the new Ward. Water-based low-VOC paint finishes have been used throughout to ensure optimum indoor air quality.


“This project has designs which are constantly evolving due to end-user requirements,” said Kane Constructions Site Manager, Shane Martin.

record has been maintained, with weekly safety meetings and an OH&S rep on site fulltime, constantly monitoring work methods and site safety.

“This is a constrained site, but very spread out, with 300m from the Swanston Centre to Level Two. There is no space on site for mobile craneage, so we have had to use more labour and ladders and mobile scaffolding instead. The logistics of deliveries have been quite a challenge, and due to some of the buildings having old timber floors, we have not been able to use scissor lifts doe to the load bearing risks. Access has been a really difficult issue.”

“We are happy with the way it has all come together under somewhat difficult circumstances, with limited access for men and materials. The management of trades and subtrades has been fairly intense, and we have worked to build a cohesive sense of teamwork,” said Shane.

As the Hospital has continued to meet the needs of patients, Kane have had to be scrupulous about safety, separating construction works from the active hospital by the use of dust-proof partitioning and hoardings. Kane also gave the hospital noise work notifications a week before hand, requiring good management of work progress to remain synchronised with the predicted program. Seven Kane staff have been working onsite, with a team of 49 subcontractors and a peak daily workforce of around 45. An excellent safety


“At Kane, we like to build relationships with our tradesmen, and the Hospital has the same ethos, some of the trades working with us on this project have been working for the Hospital for many years. This leads to good, solid working relationships on site.” Other work Kane Constructions is currently undertaking in Geelong includes the Eastern Beach Aquatic Centre and a medium density affordable housing residential project. Kane are a privately owned multi-award winning commercial construction company active in all sectors of the industry in Eastern Australia and overseas, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.






ealth is a very specialised field of architecture and within the field of health work there are big jobs, small jobs, complicated jobs and logistical jobs. Wendy Hastrich is the Director of a small specialised architecture company based in Geelong. Wendy has worked in the field of Health for fifteen years. Since setting up her own practice eight years ago Barwon Health is one of the Health organisations who approached Wendy Hastrich Architect Pty Ltd to work on many of the small projects for the Health organisation. Over that period this company has worked on some one hundred and twenty projects for Barwon Health that has taken Wendy and her team through Nuclear Medicine, Medical Imaging, Dialysis, reception areas, colour schemes, Prevention and Recovery Care Facilities, surgical theatres, lecture theatre, orthotics, primary care and Allied Health. The projects shown here include the recent refurbishment of the John Lindell Theatre located in the main hospital complex (top left), the new colour scheme for the hospital’s main entry (bottom right), the on-going project with Kane Construction of the refurbishment to the existing surgical theatres in the hospital (top right) and the refurbishment work done for Barwon Medical Imaging which included the installation of the ZeeGo 3D image scanner (bottom right). Much of the work has tight timelines and tight budgets. There are many small projects that work at expanding the “darts and the stitching” in a facility that allows a dynamic Health Facility to cope with the changing daily demands in an organisation such as this.

Wendy Hastrich Architect 7 Lichen Grove Highton VIC 3216 t. 03 5241 7217 f. 03 5241 7217 e. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Geelong Hospital, VIC

I N T E R N AT I O N A L Phone: 1300 717 769 Facsimile: 1300 400 434 Email: Web:






TACTILE 300 x 600 PADS









talented people...sustainable solutions


roviding the right atmosphere for healing is a D & E specialty. As one of Australia’s leading air conditioning and mechanical services contractors, with a solid commitment to delivering energy efficient solutions, D &E have a substantial track record in the health sector. One of their recent success stories is Geelong Hospital, where they have undertaken the refurbishment and fit out of several floors including specialist medical gases. Their scope of works included plumbing, electrical, controls, insulation and relocations of piping and services for areas including Theatres and Children’s Wards. The assignment was handled by the Geelong D & E office, which has a staff of 11 including Project Managers, Engineers, Estimators and Draftsmen, and on site personnel of 30 plumbers and apprentices. The Geelong office was established in 2007, to cater for projects within Geelong and surrounding areas, extending to western Victoria and beyond. D & E was founded in 1989 and has grown into a company employing 250 plus staff throughout Victoria, taking particular pride in the fact they have ongoing commitment to training in drafting, plumbing and engineering graduates within the state. In 2005 D & E joined the Hastie Group to become the biggest air conditioning organisation in Australasia with offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. The size and diversity of D & E has enhanced economies of scale and the overall service capabilities. As a member of the Green Building Council with a dedicated Green Star division, D & E can provide projects with the best available products and technologies for energy efficiency and sustainability. The company has an enviable track record of delivering innovative, practical and workable WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

solutions for some of the most challenging projects across the health, education, scientific, retail, commercial and residential sectors, and maintains strong relationships with both clients and suppliers. Company services include mechanical installation; ESA - Energy Solutions Australia – Commissioning, Energy design and installation; budget – cost plan; design audits – building modelling; procurement and project management; supply and install; and Commission and maintain. Other outstanding D & E projects include the Parkville Neuroscience Project; RACV Golf Club and Specialist Resort Hotel; Geelong Water Pumping Station; Geelong Civic centre and Sports Pavilion; 181 William Street (5 Star Green Star Office As-built – 4.5 Star NABERS commitment); 140 William Street, Perth (5 Star Green Star Office Design); and Myer C9 Docklands (5 Star Green Star Office As-built). Whether a project is large and complex, or small and requiring a rapid turnaround from design to commissioning, D & E can ensure the best environmental outcome, both within the building, and in terms of the sustainability of the surrounding environment we all share.

D & E Air Conditioning Pty Ltd Head Office 11 Corporate Ave Geelong Regional Office Rowville VIC 3178 63 Tucker Street t. 03 9751 4222 Breakwater VIC 3219 f. 03 9751 4250 t. 03 5229 2200 e. f. 03 5229 2273 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE GEELONG HOSPITAL 129


A PRIME DEVELOPMeNT ational construction company Prime Projects Construction began work on the Victoria Street development in Brunswick in January 2010. With over 150 people beavering away, some of the stages have already been completed and handed over.

more than 40 years experience in construction and have built over 10,000 homes so far. As well as residential, commercial and industrial construction, they also build luxury homes, group housing developments and large scale apartments such as the Victoria Street development.

It's a complicated build in terms of layout and access, but Luke and Mathew Squire, the Project Managers, have it sussed. The end result will be 155 apartments, 12 home offices and a restaurant in four buildings set above an undercroft for car parking.

Prime Projects Construction is a part of The Prime Group, which has branched out into property investment, farming and land development. Operating with a blend of the latest building technology, flexibility in design, and the buying power of it's umbrella company, Prime Projects Construction has forged ahead.

Two of the four separate buildings are facing north, the centre building is set at 10 degrees to these two and the fourth is at 90 degrees. There will be a common, landscaped area featuring exposed aggregate paving that will join all buildings at ground level. Access between the four buildings has been tricky given that Brunswick is just a few kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD and Victoria Street is a very busy road. Thankfully, trams don't come into that equation. Prime Projects Construction operates mainly in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Headed up by Joe Passione, they have


The company pride themselves on a comprehensive understanding of the industry, good time management and adaptability. The Victoria Street development is one in a legion of quality builds by Prime Projects Construction. PRIME PROJECTS CONSTRUCTION Unit 1 / 90 Brunel Road Seaford VIC 3198 t. 03 9785 7666


URBAN EXCELLENCE and natural light is courted throughout. A void from the roof level down through the internal passageways allows light to permeate the buildings. ith almost three decades of architectural experience under their belt, Melbourne-based 'Louis Chiodo Architects' won the commission to design the Victoria Street development in Brunswick over two other architectural firms. The brief was to create a contemporary, energy conscious urban apartment development which made the most of the site, while observing rigorous height restrictions. It also needed to include a car park, home offices and a cafe that interfaced with neighbouring Clifton Park and busy Victoria Street. The development was a perfect fit for Louis Chiodo Architects, who specialise in Master planning residential projects, as well as designing some commercial and community projects. Six of the firm's ten employees were channeled into the project, with extra staff brought in. Their design steered away from creating a massive monolithic building, instead working on a more 'human scale', dividing 155 apartments into four smaller buildings and a carpark. The buildings are striking, as well as mingling unobtrusively in their urban setting. Louis Chiodo, Director, speaks of 'a lot of visual movement and articulation in the facades, avoiding repetitiveness.' Colours are muted WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Challenges hurdled include creating a development that enabled people to walk around a landscaped concourse without the visual blight of parked cars. The carpark itself is out of sight, but cleverly evades dark, claustrophobic basement atmosphere with open pockets allowing filtered sunlight and glimpses of greenery. Louis Chiodo Architects are renowned for their environmental focus, so solid glazing and robust insulation were a given; good northern solar access was also a priority. Melbourne Winters are notoriously chilly and the majority of residents will enjoy a warm, northerly aspect. The concrete used in the construction will also store heat during the day and radiate warmth at night.

Level 2, 134 Cambridge Street Collingwood VIC 3066 t. 03 9417 3499 f. 03 9417 1816 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE VICTORIA STREET DEVELOPMENT 131




A Perfect Combination roadAPM's first contract was secured in 2010 for the design and construction of the 600 bed student accommodation facility for Monash University, Clayton campus. The project is the first NRAS funded project for student accommodation and is also the first project in Australia to be awarded a 5 star Green Star Multi-Unit Residential Version 1 rating for design by the Green Building Council of Australia. The project will also seek a 5 star As-Built rating. The facility has been architecturally designed by BVN Architecture, with services and environmentally sustainable design conducted by Norman Disney & Young and structural design by Bonacci Group. The project design incorporates two, five-storey buildings each containing 300 residential units with associated common facilities and amenities spanning over 23,000 square metres. With a focus on achieving 5-star Green Star Design and As-Built rating under the Green Star Multi-Unit Residential V1 Tool, the development has included exceptional passive design in combination with active features such as grey water treatment and a 153kw photovoltaic array that will be the largest residential installation in Victoria. The construction site was operating on a functioning university campus and was located in the middle of the sporting facilities so traffic management and safety of the students and public was paramount during this project. Located next to the Jock Marshall Reserve, which is managed by Monash University Biological Sciences, meant the implementation of a stringent Environmental Management Plan, which dealt with storm water runoff from the site and the inclusion of a permanent bio-filtration trench. There was a focus on using materials with reduced environmental impact and the team worked on making the best use of materials by modularising and prefabricating where possible. BroadAPM offers significant national construction experience, backed by the financial stability of Leighton Contractors. With more than 40 years construction industry expertise and an annual revenue of more than $500 million, BroadAPM provides their clients with competitive, mid-tier construction cost alternatives, supported by tier-one expertise and security. Completing projects in the $25 - $200 million range, a joint venture between Broad Construction Services and APM Group can undertake projects throughout Australia in sectors that include retail, health & aged care, education and commercial/office. BroadAPM Whitney Hammond Business Development Coordinator t. 03 8413 0090 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Green Building graduates with five stars orman Disney & Young (NDY) were appointed to provide environmentally sustainable design for the Monash University project. The project includes the design and construction of student accommodation at the campus and is the first project in Australia to be awarded a 5 Star Green Star Multi-Unit Residential Version 1 rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. The Monash University Student Accommodation project is spread over two buildings and comprises of studio apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and communal spaces. In order to comply with the Green Star rating, NDY integrated various systems and used environmentally accredited materials on the project. The energy efficiency systems include natural ventilation throughout therefore removing the need for air-conditioning and gas fired central boilers to provide hydronic heating to each apartment. All appliances have been selected with the highest energy star ratings in mind. There is also a focus on using photovoltaic (solar) panels, rainwater and greywater harvesting along with the use of low VOC carpets and paints throughout the accommodation. 134 VIC PROJECT FEATURE MONASH UNI STUDENT ACCOMODATION

The accommodation buildings are located in close proximity to a range of amenities and academic facilities thereby reducing the need to travel. Having services easily accessible to the student accommodation also encourages the use of public transport. NDY boasts a global workforce in excess of 550 employees, with a team of 16 having worked on the Monash University project. The team carried out work in several areas including mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulics, acoustics, lifts and ESD. NDY have a reputation for delivering highly innovative and tailored solutions for their clients in a wide range of markets including buildings, health, industrial, defence, transport, mission critical, utilities and sustainability. NORMAN DISNEY & YOUNG Melbourne Office 115 Batman Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003 t. 03 9862-6800 f. 03 9862-6900 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Successful Delivery onald Cant Watts Corke (DCWC) provided a hands on approach on the Monash University Student Accommodation Project. DCWC supplied a high calibre project management team with an appropriate blend of skills and experience to ensure the project was delivered under budget and handed over to the university and users on time and as briefed. The Monash University Student Accommodation project has targeted a 5 Star Green Star Design and As Built rating. The innovative development has set a benchmark for future campus accommodation projects. As part of their work to accomplish the 5 Star Green Star rating the project team made substantial achievements. These include the utilisation of grey water and storm water harvesting; the use of recycled building materials; the use of photovoltaic solar power to produce hot water; and the incorporation of natural ventilation and exhaust systems along with a range of thermal efficiencies. Alan Findlater, James Hawkins and Jamie Nicolson from DCWC worked on the Monash University Student Accommodation Project. The successful outcome of the project was supported by the great partnerships that were formed with the client and all project team members. The contract documentation for tender was delivered on time, while the design outcomes were a result of extensive user group WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

consultation. These were all key elements on the project and provided effective delivery and handover. The expert team of Project Managers at DCWC, with specialist skills across a broad range of industries, brings together best practice processes to deliver outstanding results. Their Directors remain involved with all projects from start to finish ensuring continuity, security and the best possible outcomes for their clients. DCWC provides a project management service that is flexible, responsive and innovative in tailoring or developing services to meet their clients’ project needs.

DONALD CANT WATTS CORKE ALAN FINDLATER - Managing Director Level 3, GPO Building (Elizabeth Street Entrance) 350 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 t. 03 8662 1111 f. 03 8662 1122 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE MONASH UNI STUDENT ACCOMODATION 135


A Race Against Time ansen Yuncken commenced work on the $43 million Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre project in 2009. The centre boasts a range of facilities and services catering for young babies right through to the elderly.

The planar glazing system also proved to be very successful in providing an interesting element. The frameless boxed highlight window, which is made completely of glass and fixed with stainless steel fixings, is located on the roof above the spa and stairs.

The Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (GESAC) is the single largest capital works project embarked upon by Glen Eira City Council in its history. The centre is located in East Bentleigh, Victoria.

The centre includes aquatic facilities, health club and various services.

A striking architectural finish was a key element of the project and the external design has proven to be an eye-catching masterpiece. During the construction process, The City of Glen Eira experienced some of the wettest weather in over 13 years. This greatly impacted on the work site and Hansen Yuncken held the schedule together by incorporating weekend work into the tight schedule. A unique and interesting aspect of the project is the tension canopy that allows for the two waterslides to penetrate through a section of the fabric. The 2 layer insulated fabric system is assembled over a central tower elliptical steel frame and tensioned into position onto the large elliptical steel frame below. This is the first time such a system has been used in Australia. 136 VIC PROJECT FEATURE GLEN EIRA SPORTS & AQUATIC CENTRE

Aquatic facilities: • Eight lane 25 metre pool catering for lap swimmers, squads, schools and aquatic fitness activities. • Outdoor eight lane 50 metre pool catering for lap swimmers, squads, schools, carnivals or the perfect place to cool down during summer. • 510 square metre leisure pool equipped with a range of the latest interactive water features and play equipment. • Two waterslides that travel inside and outside the facility • Aquatic wellness area that is separate from the main pool space — this has been designed as a therapy and relaxation area for adults and incorporates a 200 square metre hot water pool, spa, sauna and steam room. • 100 square metre program pool that will be used to deliver a range of learn-to-swim and aquatic programs. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Health Club: • 800 square metre gymnasium that will have a wide array of cardio, pin loaded, free weight and core strength equipment. • 285 square metre group exercise room that will host a wide range of group exercise classes for up to 60 participants • 180 square metre body and mind studio that will host a wide range of programs for up to 36 participants • 140 square metre group cycling studio with a range of cycling fitness classes for up to 58 participants. • 90 square metre outdoor terrace that will offer a range of flexible training options.

Hansen Yuncken is one of Australia's largest privately owned construction companies and operates nationally with offices in VIC, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD. As one of the leading construction companies in Australia, Hansen Yuncken is at the forefront of change and innovation in the building industry. The company is known for its pioneering role in both the application of new technologies and the development of new construction techniques and project delivery methods.

Services: • Wellness centre and consulting suites that will have a range of tenants offering different services. • Crèche and Occasional Care Centre that includes indoor and outdoor play areas for children. • Three court sports stadium that will be available for both competition and hire. • Retail outlet that will stock a range of aquatic and health club related merchandise. • Café providing a range of food and drink options to users of the facility.

HANSEN YUNCKEN Melbourne Office
 Level 3 479 St Kilda Road 
 Melbourne VIC 3004
 t. 03 9831 6500
 f. 03 9831 6599
 e. www.




antric Architecture were the lead consultant and design Architects for the new Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (GESAC) in Victoria. The team became involved in 2008, working closely with Council from the master planning stage right through to completion. Their role included full design services such as architecture, urban design and interiors. The team from Mantric Architecture consisted of more than 20 specialist consultants dedicated to delivering a superb result for this highly specialised facility. GESAC is the latest addition to Metropolitan Melbourne’s aquatic and recreation facilities and will offer the residents of the City of Glen Eira a world class centre with something for all ages. The centre includes a three court basketball stadium, 950sqm gym, program rooms, five pools, including an outdoor 50m, plus spa, steam and sauna in the health & wellbeing zone. Mantric Architecture have successfully delivered a design that meets a demanding and comprehensive brief, while also sensitively addressing the broader park & sport field setting the facility is located within. By cleverly


orienting the facility to address the park precinct (rather than the main road), Mantric have designed a facility that is integrated with the park, rather than simply being co-located. With north facing aquatic areas, including two water slides and a fantastic 500sqm leisure pool, and a strong connection to the park, this centre is sure to attract patronage from far beyond its local catchment. GESAC is a testament to Mantric Architecture’s consultative approach and innovative interpretation of the project brief. This boutique design practice has provided a unique ‘people focused’ process that results in a dynamic and engaging design solution, specific to the client, site and surrounding community. Mantric Architecture commenced operation in October, 2003 under the stewardship of Director Miranda Ellis. In 2005 when David Newstead joined the practice, the company expanded its focus from Interior Design to Architecture, Urban Design and Facility Master Planning. Since that time Mantric Architecture have provided multi-


discipline services to a broad range of local government, institutional and commercial clients. In recent years Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) has become the marketing 'catch-cry' of almost every business type imaginable. This is a clear indication that the broader community now understands the importance of treating the environment with respect and sensitivity. Council's, and the facilities they build, are expected to be at the forefront of Sustainable Design. At Mantric Architecture they passionately believe that good design must be sustainable and that innovation need not be compromised to achieve this end. Their highly educated staff have had significant training in the field of sustainable design. There are a number of Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) features implemented into the state-of-the-art Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre. With the most obvious element of the centre being water consumption, the focus of the project was on this issue along with

considering the most cost-effective solutions. As a result, Council expects to save around 286 megalitres of water and avoid producing 82,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases over a 25 year period. Mantric Architecture boasts a team of architectural professionals with complimentary skills and a shared philosophy of collaboration. At Mantric Architecture they pride themselves on delivering well-considered, responsive design solutions, and strive to exceed the expectations of their clients throughout the entire process. The team at Mantric Architecture is committed to understanding the particular needs and aspirations of their clients, the key stake holders and end users. Local Government facilities have been a particular focus of the practice resulting in the delivery of Community Hubs, Sports Pavilions, Libraries, Children Centres and the like. Mantric Architecture’s major projects portfolio also includes the new State Basketball Centre that is currently under construction in Wantirna South with Knox City Council.

MANTRIC ARCHITECTURE Suite 7, 10 Hoddle Street Abbottsford VIC 3067 t. 03 9419 5515 e. David Newstead – Director Miranda Ellis – Director

3D rendering of GESAC


Caulfield Park Pavillion




Fercons first class finish ercon Pty Ltd is an Australian company that undertakes a variety of civil construction and engineering projects for clients in both the public and private sectors. Recently Fercon Pty Ltd worked on the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre in Victoria. Undertaking carpark construction along with landscaping, external road works and lighting, Fercon Pty Ltd finished the extensive works with a degree of ease. The wet weather in Melbourne during 2010/2011 saw a little bit of pain for contractors working on the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre, but the teams were able to push forward and work around all obstacles that presented. The $43 million Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre includes a 50 metre outdoor pool, 25 metre indoor pool, two water slides, learn to swim pool, warm water program pool, spa, sauna, crèche, multi purpose stadium, 800m 2 community gymnasium, 3 multipurpose program rooms and a wellness suite. The construction provides an eye-catching finish complete with detailed landscaping, courtyard area and generous lighting. It is the single largest capital works project embarked upon in the history of Glen Eira City Council. A core element of this project was the implementation of energy conservation as well as water harvesting and management. By focusing on energy conservation the project delivers a greener option and contributes to improvements in the earths environment today and for future generations. Water harvesting and management also provides a cost effective solution for the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre. The Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre was designed to provide a modern, unique finish and Fercon Pty Ltd ensured that the external roads and landscaping provided a clean finish which worked in well with the surrounding Glen Eira district. Fercon Pty Ltd has a reputation for providing detailed work and the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre has benefited from the attention to detail that Fercon Pty Ltd provided. It is envisaged that over 150 staff will be employed at the long awaited Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre. It is an exciting initiative for the Glen Eira Council and they look forward to enhancing the health and wellness of the Glen Eira community. Robert Cardinale founded Fercon Civil Construction and Engineering in 2002. Roberts vast knowledge of the industry has seen the company grow and strengthen over the years. Fercon Pty Ltd is recognised as a leader in their industry and offer a variety of solutions to meet all budgets. FERCON Pty Ltd 6 Swanson Street Preston VIC 3072 t. 03 9495 0575 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


engineering Good Times A

ustralian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd was successful in their tender to design, manufacture and install two exciting waterslides at the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre in 2011. Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre is set to be one of Australia’s premier sports and aquatic centres. Featuring state of the art aquatic, fitness, sports, rehabilitation, wellness, café and occasional care facilities, the centre will cater for all ages from infants through to the elderly. Australian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd worked closely with the architects to design and implement two waterslides, one of which penetrates through a fabric roof structure. It was an innovative design that required specific integration. The two waterslides travel inside and outside of the facility. Each slide is different; one is an exhilarating body slide designed to be ridden by one person at a time, whilst the other ride is a shared experience and designed to be ridden by two riders in an inflatable raft. Australian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd has developed its own software integrated with AutoCAD that enables them to provide the superior design service that was necessary for the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre waterslides project. Good communication was essential to ensure the design was properly executed. AWL use high quality, Australian Standard compliant, fibreglass materials for the manufacture of all their waterslides. Australian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd boasts more than 30 years experience in the Leisure Industry. From humble beginnings during the creation of the first waterslide in Australia in 1979, they are now considered to be industry leaders in the design and manufacture of waterslides and waterparks throughout Australia and Internationally. They have worked on many notable projects including Wet’n’Wild Waterworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Jamberoo Recreation Park near Wollongong in New South Wales, Funfields at Whittlesea in Victoria and even a waterslide for the Sultan of Brunei. AUSTRALIAN WATERSLIDES & LEISURE PTY LTD P.O Box 2220 Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 t. 02 6658 9407 f. 02 6658 9708 e. Sales inquiries to



A COMPLEX Structure ommencing the design phase of the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre in October 2008, Cardno Victoria provided a team of 6 structural and 3 civil engineers and draftspersons for the project. Cardno delivered structural and civil design and documentation phase engineering services, along with construction phase engineering services for the structural discipline. Throughout the design and construction phases, Cardno liaised closely with the architect, Mantric Architecture to ensure that the requirements of Glen Eira City Council were achieved at all times. Given that this project was the largest ever undertaken by the Council, smooth communication was an essential requirement. One particularly interesting and challenging section of the project is the steel framed main entry area which appears separated from the main building by a continuous skylight, while the ceiling to the entry is a three-dimensional fibreglass feature sculpture. The project also included an elliptical steel ring truss of varying height to support the fabric roof over the waterslide tower and leisure pool.

included inclined precast concrete bracing walls and a 23m spanning transfer truss at 20o incline over one of the pools. The glazing to the front entry contains a number of vertical planar glazing trusses, requiring careful coordination of the header and base structures as the glazing support system comprises of wire support trusses that impart significant loads on the primary structure. Cardno Victoria provides structural, civil, hydraulic, fire and traffic engineering services in house. Cardno also offer expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines in Melbourne. As part of the worldwide Cardno group, they are able to draw on specialist skills and services from around the world to suit the needs of each project.

The façade consists of a number of varying materials and alignments, with a number of the façade components and framing inclined. This

CARDNO VICTORIA PTY LTD 150 Oxford Street Collingwood VIC 3066 t. +61 3 8415 7777 Ralph Lowe - Business Unit Manager - VIC Civil e. Anthony Snyders - Business Unit Manager – VIC Buildings e.




LANDMARK IN THE MAKING he Coromandel is a boutique residential development set to be completed by the end of 2011. Historical architecture, upmarket shopping, restaurants, bars and theatres are just a handful of the enticements, which surround this striking development. The Coromandel is located in one of Melbourne's famous, established residential laneways just off Little Collins Street. Apartments boast stunning views of Melbourne and residents can enjoy celebrated travel destinations such as Chinatown and Federation Square, which are just a few minutes' stroll away.

a solid relationship, having worked on numerous projects together over the years. As the sole appointed builder of the project, Maxcon was entrusted to execute and deliver the development to the highest construction standard. Maxcon worked alongside Vicland Corporation during the design stages to ensure that the project was designed to be as cost effective as well as environmentally friendly as possible.

Destined to become a landmark meeting place, The Coromandel will feature an exclusive, beautifully landscaped roof garden with full facilities. The entrance to the building will feature a bar/café and restaurant, perfect for a quick bite before the theatre or as a special meeting place in the city.

Maxcon specifically contracted only the highest quality trades to work alongside the company’s own highly skilled employees. This was to ensure that all works were completed on time and to Maxcon’s demanding standard. The office team took on the task of ensuring that all works progressed smoothly onsite; precise organisation and timing being a key element to the project’s success.

Maxcon were awarded the $20.4 million building contract for The Coromandel by developer Vicland Corporation with whom Maxcon enjoy

A considerable percentage of Maxcon’s dedicated team, both in office and onsite supported and assisted the construction of the prestigious



Coromandel. Whether it was preliminary works onsite, organising deliveries or works during the final fit outs, a vast number of Maxcon’s team worked relentlessly to hand over The Coromandel not only on time and within budget but also at the highest possible standard.

laneway from Little Collins Street, it was vital that the laneway be cleared quickly ready for the next delivery. This meant drivers were not forced to waste time driving around the busy city block waiting for the laneway to become vacant.

Both Maxcon’s Director Anthony Elzain and Site Manager Spiro Christophidis spent a great deal of time stationed both onsite and in Maxcon Head Office, managing alongside Project Manager Carol Elzain and Darryn Pincott who painstakingly co-ordinated each procedure.

Maxcon were extremely mindful of its neighbouring structures during the construction process and ensured benchmark safety practices were at all times in place.

The location of the project proved a slight challenge. While Maxcon have a wealth of experience in delivering outstanding developments in the small, charming yet tiny laneways Melbourne is famous for, The Coromandel posed the extra challenge of being situated directly in front of the popular Citadines hotel. Maxcon’s office team had to ensure all large delivery vehicles, which needed to reverse into the tight laneway, were timed to a rigid schedule, leaving little or no room for delay or error. It was essential that delivery be undertaken quickly to ensure that the optimum amount of progress was made during each day. With deliveries entering the one-way WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Other Melbourne-based projects the Maxcon team are involved with include Elan Apartments (Carlton), Habitat (Southbank), Tranquillity Apartments (North Fitzroy), The Tower (Alphington) and Infinity 88 in Franklin Street. MAXCON PTY LTD t. 03 9650 9580 f. 03 9650 9960 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE COROMANDEL PLACE 145

CONCRETE RESULTS E Concrete Constructions has been developing and delivering successful and innovative formwork structures for projects across Victoria for eight years.

“XE Concrete Constructions will devote time to create strong partnerships maintaining the trust and integrity of its many longstanding clients. Over 95% of the business is return business,”.

The Coromandel project is the third consecutive project XE Concrete Constructions has delivered for Maxcon Pty Ltd. According to XE Concrete Constructions, each project was delivered comfortably prior to schedule, within budget and without any interference or hindrance.

XE Concrete Construction’s approach to each individual project is to focus strongly on early planning, programming, schedule, budget and the careful selection of a highly capable team of foreman(s), formwork carpenters, concreters and labourers.

“XE Concrete Construction’s talent for innovation and passion for formwork have ensured that clients’ expectations are surpassed,” she says. “We have built our reputation on the experience in the construction of high-rise concrete structures and associated designs.”

“Importantly, our extensive experience in both formwork and concrete means that we understand what’s needed in technical terms. It also means that we understand the importance of deadlines and tight production schedules.”

XE Concrete Constructions was engaged to provide services to erect the formwork structure for the 18-storey apartment complex at 26 Coromandel Place, Melbourne.

“We are proud that XE Concrete Constructions has gained an enviable reputation - both in Melbourne CBD and beyond the urban boundary - for our ability to deliver high quality workmanship and results in short timeframes.”

“Our role was to erect suspended floors, from basement to level 18, incorporating all technical supervision and providing highly experienced formworkers,”. ‘We were also engaged to ensure the safe and strategic operation of the jump form, including the assembly and dismantling.” Accurate training of staff and strict management policy were employed to ensure consistent and uniform services. The project was completed ahead of schedule and progressed smoothly with no major interruptions other than inclement weather. 146 VIC PROJECT FEATURE COROMANDEL PLACE

XE CONCRETE CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD 1st Floor, 9b Randor Street Campbellfield VIC 3061 t. 03 9357 7349 f. 03 93577584 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

DOING THE GROUNDWORK ne of Australia's leading independent reinforcing steel suppliers, Mesh & Bar supplied all the concrete reinforcement requirements for The Coromandel project site.

Mesh & Bar has offices in all eastern states of Australia with major centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It also has regional branches in Newcastle, Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast (Coolum Beach).

Since 1999, Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd has supplied the Australian construction industry with a wide range of concrete reinforcing products. The company is committed to a sustainable environment by only using recycled steel in its reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bar products.

“Mesh & Bar employs very experienced professionals from the reinforcement industry. Our General Manager, Operational Manager and Sales Manager have a combined industry experience exceeding 50 years,” Sandro says.

For The Coromandel project the company supplied around 175 tonnes of concrete reinforcement.

“It is this industry experience and expertise coupled with investment in the latest plant and equipment by the shareholders that has helped the company to grow to its present strength in a relatively short span of time.”

“We were there for the duration of the structure, which took around 8 months,” says Mesh & Bar’s Sandro Perinetti. “Mesh & Bar were engaged by Maxcon to supply and deliver concrete reinforcement material to the site and we successfully achieved this, the only major challenge being overcoming difficult access to the site,” he says. For Mesh & Bar, The Coromandel was a medium sized project. “We supply reinforcement to most segments of the market. Residential and commercial to civil infrastructure projects,” Sandro says. The types of products supplied by Mesh & Bar include: reinforcing bar and mesh, reinforcing accessories and various building products. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

MESH & BAR PTY LTD Victorian office: 396 Mt Derrimut Rd Derrimut VIC 3030 t. 03 8353 6500 f. 03 8353 6599 e. VIC PROJECT FEATURE COROMANDEL PLACE 147

2011 to 2012 special feature Bangaroo development site, NSW

The recently completed Robina Hospital, QLD

Walker Group's Quattro, VIC (part of Collins Square)

AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRY HOLDS A STEADY UPWARDS COURSE 011 proved to be a steady year for the Australian construction industry, with the completion of groundbreaking major projects, substantial improvements to civil infrastructure in most states and a resurgence in planning approvals for new undertakings across the commercial, health, residential and retail sectors. Leading industry research firm BIS Shrapnel have predicted a recovery in office construction and an increase of starts of 21 per cent in the commercial and industrial sectors over the 2011/2012 financial year. Throughout 2011 BER projects continued to provide a steady stream of work, and while those are now substantially complete, public money is driving projects in health including numerous hospital upgrades, Defence infrastructure, roads and bridges, export facilities, airport upgrades and leading-edge scientific research facilities. Across all sectors, the move into Green construction is providing impetus for architects, engineering firms and trades to innovate and 148 ANCR SPECIAL FEATURE

deliver new solutions. With changes to the BCA, upgrades, retrofits and refurbishments will continue to provide ongoing work for our adaptable forward-looking firms.

Goods Shed. The $1.3bn project will create over 185,000sqm NLA of commercial space, and has been designed to achieve a Five Star Green Star and Five Star NABERS rating.

VICTORIA TIPPED TO LEAD THE RESURGENCE The Construction Industry Forecasting Council has predicted Victoria will be the top performing state for construction activity in 2011/2012. This growth will be driven by projects including a mixed-use development of 1.3 hectares of land in Footscray Central ($350 million), NAB Docklands Campus 2 ($300 million) and the 171 Collins Street commercial and retail complex ($280 million).

Brookfield Multiplex is constructing Quattro -Tower B, one of the five commercial towers under a D&C contract. Quattro – Tower B will comprise of a 19-storey Property Council of Australia (PCA) Grade A office tower, and even though incomplete the building has already found a tenant, the Australian Tax Office, who will consolidate their divisions in Levels 1-17 over 38,000 m2.

Work has also commenced just recently on Australia’s largest commercial mixed-use development, the Walker Group’s Collins Square, which occupies an entire city block in the Docklands area. The project has been master planned and designed by Bates Smart, and will comprise five commercial towers over a 10,000sqm retail podium and the refurbishment of the historic Southern

The underground and ground levels are comprised of retail, which will include a sophisticated mix of convenient services, a foodcourt, cafes, restaurants, fashion outlets, grocery and specialty retailers. 1 BLIGH AND BEYOND In New South Wales, 2011 was the year Sydney completed a beacon for sustainability in construction with 1 Bligh Street. The gleaming double-glazed facade situated in viewing distance AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

In the ACT residential projects reflected the increasing urbanity of the Capital. Projects such as The ApARTments which reached handover stage are providing a lifestyle world’s away from the original sheep paddock. The Green Star construction ethos flowed into the numerous commercial office spaces which were completed, and is also part of the ongoing AirVolution at Canberra Airport.

The NT's Tiger Brennan Drive

Baulderstone's HNA project, SA

of the harbour gives a new orientation point for the Sydney CBD viewed from the water. Sydney’s other skyline landmark, the former Centrepoint, was reopened after extensive refurbishment by owners Westfield. The new Westfield Sydney still has its trademark ‘crows nest’ rising above the rest of the CBD, but underneath everything has been redeveloped to achieve 21st century Green construction ideals. In 2012, Sydney will watch as the Barangaroo project progresses, adding another new focal point to the harbour, and providing millions of dollars worth of work to the local industry, as will the $430 million City One project. Work is also expected to commence at UTS, where Lend Lease has been appointed to undertake early works for one of three new multi-million dollar buildings planned for the city campus. Other highlights of 2011 across New South Wales included the completion of key stages of the Pacific High Way Upgrade and the Alstonville Bypass. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

In August 2011, work commenced on the second stage of the transformation of the National Capital’s airport, the largest private infrastructure project in the history of Canberra. The $420 million infrastructure investment will deliver a combined total of over 150,000 square metres of new buildings and civil works upgrades, including two distinct concourse terminals, a central atrium and numerous new car park areas and associated road infrastructure. The new Southern Concourse Terminal was completed and opened for passengers in late 2010. The second stage which will be constructed throughout 2012 includes the new Western Concourse Terminal, a second multi storey car park, further upgrades to aircraft parking, and an atrium which will connect the two new terminals. RESIDENTIAL RISING IN THE SUNSHINE STATE The tallest residential tower in Brisbane, Meriton’s 74 storey Soleil, was officially opened by Premier Anna Bligh in September 2011. The year also saw works continuing on Meriton’s 81 storey Infinity, set to take the crown of Brisbane’s tallest Residential Tower, and due for completion in 2013 or 2014. But it may not be the tallest for long, with Brisbane City Council this year approving plans for the city's first 90-storey tower on the site of the incomplete Vision project. At 274m this mixed-use development known as 111+222 would be the tallest building in Brisbane. The plan is for a 380-room hotel, offices, parking and 800 apartments over 90 floors. Other highlights of this year in Queensland included Baulderstone’s early and under budget completion of Robina Hospital. The year also saw a steady stream of skills and labour heading further and further north for projects as the Cairns, Townsville and Airlie Beach areas underwent a transformation from sleepy and remote to stylish and well-serviced. Even Cyclone Yasi and the serious floods that started 2011 did not derail progress in any significant way. For 2012 those doing construction business in Queensland will find some of the focus

moving back down to the Gold Coast with the announcement in early November of the city winning hosting rights for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. A massive program of development redevelopment is indicated, including stadiums and accommodation, with experts predicting $500 million investment in construction over the next seven years, an overall $2 billion boost to the state economy and the creation of 30,000 jobs. A major milestone in improvements to Queensland civil infrastructure is expected in 2012 with the completion of the Thiess John Holland Airport Link project, Australia’s largest privately funded infrastructure project. NATURAL RESOURCES BRING ACTION In Western Australia and the Northern Territory the natural resources export market and ongoing expansion in mining, LNG and other extractive industries provided plenty of opportunity throughout 2011. From improvements to transport infrastructure through to construction of mining and workforce related buildings and infrastructure, for those willing to go the vast distances this is the high-growth place to be for the foreseeable future. It’s not only the outback projects doing well. Perth, Adelaide and Darwin all saw their share of major projects either completed or underway and due for completion in 2012/2013. Specific highlights include Baulderstone’s massive Edinburgh effort on the Hardened and Networked Army Project in South Australia; work underway at Perth’s St. George’s Cathedral Heritage Project; work commencing on the Darwin Hospital Upgrade and extensive transport projects in all three states including the Tiger Brennan Drive Extension (NT); Roe Highway (WA) and the numerous transport projects ongoing in South Australia until 2018, as part of a decade-long $2.6 billion investment by the State Government. Another natural resources highlight comes from the renewable energy sector, with construction commencing on Australia’s first utility scale photovoltaic solar farm south of Geraldton, Western Australia. The Greenough River Solar Farm is being constructed by WBHO Civil, a Perth based contracting company, with completion expected in mid 2012. The 10 mega watt farm is will offset the energy use of the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant based in Binningup, south west of Perth which was completed in 2011. ANCR SPECIAL FEATURE 149

CODE APARTMENTS “We can “value add” to your project with our knowledge, experience, expertise, good reputation and extensive list of contacts. This process includes providing alternative design and material selection that provide savings or improve the functionality without additional cost.” - Glenzeil Pty Ltd’s, Matt Skrinis





the glenzeil code The quality of finish on every project is of the highest standard, something Glenzeil has been recognised for by clients and industry professionals alike, with multiple awards for quality received. CODE APARTMENTS / GLENZEIL



Left The refreshing lap pool creates a tranquil escape.

Hard rock and harsh weather challenged their works programme, yet Glenzeil completed Code Apartments safely and on time by using innovative construction methods and materials. Constructed for Chrome Properties in inner Brisbane’s Bowen Hills, Code is a ten storey residential development comprising 132 apartments, SKYDECK roof garden, theatre room, lap pool, gymnasium and basement car parking. Glenzeil started the 74 week construction programme in April 2010, and unforeseen challenges during the early works soon put the pressure on. The double basement excavation took six weeks longer than predicted, due to the “Brisbane Tuff ” rock identified during geotechnical investigations. This was to be broken by 70 tonne machines and bulk excavated, a process which took longer than the civil contractor expected. In addition, shoring walls and inclement weather slowed progress, putting pressure on Glenzeil to redeem the weeks lost in the basement by speeding up the structure. Inclement weather continued to impact on the progress of the actual structure, with 48.5 days of unworkable weather in total amounting to a significant proportion of the overall project timeframe. Glenzeil responded by speeding up the finishing trade sequencing throughout the typical floors to accelerate the programme. The formwork system that was used was called the “Ischebeck” system, which offered benefits including better speed compared to conventional formwork. “This system enabled us to speed up our typical slabs by starting finishes 3 floors below the working deck opposed to conventional formwork which only allows you to start finishes 5 floors below the working deck. With the stripping process quicker as well this gave us some of the time needed to speed the structure up,” said Glenzeil Pty Ltd’s, Matt Skrinis. “Typical slab turnaround was 12 days from formwork to pour stage. “The building structure along the western elevation had a very intricate layout with juxtaposed sunhoods projected alternatively level by level as the building went up for the aesthetic appearance. This took a great deal of management and set out time for the formwork contractor and constant rearranging of scaffold for edge protection. “The introduction of precast panels for the external walls and large majority of inter tenancy walls in lieu of blockwork was a key in accelerating the structure. Using double story precast panels and balcony hobs meant our slab turnaround time improved and our contractors could sequence their works. The remaining inter

tenancy walls were constructed with the “Eureka Wall System” for acoustic and speed related reasons.” A team of nine Glenzeil staff comprising Project Manager, Site Manager, 2 Contracts Administrators, Structural Foreman, Finishing Foreman, WHSO, Building Cadet and Administration Clerk worked with 38 subcontractors to construct Code, and succeeded in delivering the apartments LTI-free. Glenzeil prides themselves on their high commitment to safety onsite and the quality of finish they produce when delivering a project back to the client. Across the company the primary responsibility onsite is to maintain a safe working environment for the workers and the public by keeping incidents and accidents from occurring. The quality of finish on every project is of the highest standard, something Glenzeil has been recognised for by clients and industry professionals alike, with multiple awards for quality received. “We can “value add” to your project with our knowledge, experience, expertise, good reputation and extensive list of contacts. This process includes providing alternative design and material selection that provide savings or improve the functionality without additional cost,” said Matt. “Our consultants, project managers and trades will review and comment, to offer the best outcome in both design and cost.” Glenzeil has completed construction projects including offices, industrial, community facilities, high rise and low rise units, health facilities, shopping centres, retirement villages, hotels, casinos, schools, universities, fit out and specialist buildings in both Queensland and New South Wales. Recent major projects include the $50 million Nirvana by the Sea 15 story high rise luxury beach front apartments at Kirra Beach Gold Coast, which won a Master Builder Award; The Rocket 16 story high rise commercial office building in Robina; H20 @ Varsity, 60 low rise river dwellings at Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, also a Master Builder Award winner; and Brisbane’s Joint Contact Centre, which received the highest Green Star rating for a office building in Australia and won a Master Builder Award. Current projects include Robina Health Precinct, Serene On Tweed Retirement Living development, Lismore Heritage Motel and Jupiters Casino Theatre Refurbishment. For more information contact Glenzeil Pty Ltd, Gold Coast Office phone 07 5555 3333, Rockhampton Office phone 07 4962 5010, email:, website: QLD PROJECT FEATURE CODE APARTMENTS 153

of the doors so everyone gets where they are going more efficiently. In terms of safety and reliability, this is the gold standard. Otis’ patented PULSE® system continually monitors the status of the belt’s steel cords so enhancing both their lifetime and their reliability. And with the optional Otis Elite® service, customers enjoy a priority service that radically improves both lift reliability and passenger reassurance with remote monitoring of lifts ensuring swift response to any need for repairs or maintenance.

Part of ensuring residents and guests at Code Apartments enjoy a beautiful lifestyle is getting all the details exactly right. Otis Elevator Company have played an important part, by working with Glenziel to value engineer a solution for the elevators for the ten storey apartment building. Otis lead the way in the field, and have given Code the best products available, with two GeN2® elevators with custom interiors now giving people high speed access to every floor with maximum comfort and minimum energy use. Otis applied themselves to the project for twelve months from tender to practical completion, with a team comprising sales engineer, project manager and installation crew including an Adjusting engineer completing the various stages from design through to commissioning. “We exceeded the builder’s expectations with the program in terms of delivery, installation time and handover of builders’ lifts. Through our experience we were able to offer a solution that saved both time and money whilst still achieving the design intent,” said Otis spokesman, Anthony Seddon. “Otis use an installation method that does not require shaft scaffolding, making it faster and more cost effective to install.” “Glenzeil are a repeat Otis customer, we have completed numerous projects with them over the years, including Nirvana by the Sea which has three GeN2® elevators, and recently other projects in the Robina residential and commercial sectors.” The environmentally-sensitive GeN2® system installed for Glenziel at Code establishes new 154 QLD PROJECT FEATURE CODE APARTMENTS

standards for lift performance, reliability and design flexibility. At Code, this flexibility translated into custom interiors which feature LED lighting. LED lighting enhances energy efficiency and last up to up to ten times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps and besides saving costs; this also reduces downtime for maintenance. When there’s no passenger demand an automatic switch-off mode offers further energy savings. But it is what the residents don’t see which really makes the GeN2® the new state-of-the art. They use smooth, polyurethane-coated steel belts instead of cables, giving a smoother ride and vastly reduced maintenance issues. The drive mechanism is a low inertia gearless machine with sealed-for-life bearings which never requires any form of polluting lubricants and is equipped with a highly efficient Permanent Magnet synchronous motor of radial construction. The result is an elevator which is up to 10% more efficient than conventional gearless machines with induction asynchronous motors and 15% more efficient than other machines with Permanent Magnet motors of axial construction design. Energy efficiency is even further improved through Otis’ RegenTM drive system, which feeds energy generated by the lifts’ motion back into the building grid for the use of other loads connected to the same network. These combined technologies can deliver energy savings of up to 75%. What residents will notice is the quieter, smoother ride; outstanding stopping accuracy; faster and jolt-free lift acceleration and deceleration with advance opening and closing

The GeN2® has enviable certifications, meeting ISO9001 and possessing the VDI 4707 A rating, the highest global rating for elevator energy efficiency. The factory manufacturing these elevators is also the world’s first Gold LEED (internationally-recognized green building certification system) certified factory. GeN2®elevators are also uniquely suited to refurbishments and Building Code Australiarelated upgrades due to the installation not requiring any scaffolding, an especially valuable benefit in tenanted spaces where work needs to proceed in minimum space with maximum safety. For retrofit and renovation projects where improving energy efficiency is one of the primary goals, the GeN2 offers a simple solution which minimises constructability issues due to Otis’ ability to customise car dimensions to suit the existing lift cores. “Otis is not only market leader in large high rise offices, we also are very successful and competitive in smaller buildings such as apartments. Our range of offerings designed specifically for smaller projects are competitively priced, environmentally friendly, fast to install and of very high quality,” said Anthony. “The Otis design philosophy applied in high rise lifts flows across the entire range. We leverage technology to deliver best in class service. “Otis is the founder of the safety elevator, and we were one of the first companies to include regenerative drives across the range as standard. We have a complete design, install and service team and the experience, knowledge and product range to assist in developing optimal solutions for any project.”

For more information contact Otis Elevator Company Pty Ltd, Units 1-3, 5-9 Ricketty Street Mascot NSW 2020, phone 02 8338 2700, website: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Otis lead the way in the field, and have given Code Apartments the best products available.



Below Living 4 Landscapes adds natural beatuy to Code Apartments.

Living 4 Landscapes gave Code Apartments the essential touch of the tropics by constructing the street level gardens, pool area landscaping and a rooftop BBQ area planting for the project. In keeping with the new water-wise approach, they also installed an inconspicuous water-efficient drip-feed irrigation which is fed from harvested rainwater stored in three sub surface rain tanks. The landscaping is contained in planter boxes with block retaining walls, which are of substantial dimensions, with a total of 250m2 of garden created surrounding the apartments. The site tower crane had to be used for the installation of the rooftop plantings, and a mobile crane for the mature trees including Dragon Tree and Frangipani which are a feature of the pool area. All the plants specified for the project are drought hardy varieties. This was the first major CBD project for Living 4 landscapes, and is a stylish showcase of the company’s skills. Founder, Brad Fisher has been in the landscaping trade for 18 years, and has in six years grown his company from small domestic jobs to one with ten employees undertaking work including large scale commercial projects, multi-million dollar residential projects, BER projects and both state and local government projects. The efficiency with which they approach jobs is remarkable, with the entire Code landscaping scope of works completed within three weeks. 156 QLD PROJECT FEATURE CODE APARTMENTS

“We do the majority of Glenzeil’s work,” said Living 4 Landscapes founder, Brad Fisher. They are great to work for, and over the last four years we have developed working relationship which is strengthened by the continuity of our teams working together. “Living 4 Landscapes is a family business. My wife Emma manages all the administrative side of things. “I am currently grooming my twelve month daughter Elke to take over the business one day.– she was born with a shovel in her hand,” Brad mentions candidly. Living 4 Landscapes undertake both hard and soft landscape design and construction, including timber decks, paths and paving works for projects throughout South East Queensland and the Tweed/Byron Bay region. They specialise in creating gardens which are drought tolerant, waterefficient and low maintenance, and have a progressive approach to creating the living elements which add natural beauty to the built environment. For more information contact Living 4 Landscapes, PO Box 6622 Broadbeach QLD 4218, mobile 0424 807 107, email:, website: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Total Coastal Constructions were responsible for all the structural concrete work, including ten floor decks, three levels of basement, the roof and all columns.

Total Coastal Constructions (TCC) deliver exactly what the company name promises – completion of all the concrete construction elements of a project. And Code Apartments is an excellent example of the kind of quality results they achieve. TCC did all the structural concrete work, including ten floor decks, three levels of basement, the roof and all columns. In total, they placed and finished approximately 11,000m2 of Hymix 40 mpa concrete. A conventional formwork system was used, with a 48 metre boom pump from Classic Concrete Pumping used for placement. TCC’s crew also did all the steel fixing and placement of reinforcing. A crew of between four and ten TCC workers put in a combined total of approximately 5,000 man hours on the job, succeeding in meeting construction milestones while maintaining an excellent safety record and quality outcomes. The challenges of the project for TCC included numerous step downs in the decks requiring accuracy and an eye for detail in placement of formwork and reinforcing. The project was also constructed on a tight program. TCC had between seven and nine days between each slab WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

pour for completing formwork and steel fixing, and needed to manage supply of materials and concrete accordingly. “The Code Apartments project was very well organised and run by a very professional construction team,” said TCC Spokesman, Shane Bru. TCC have been in business for four years, providing all aspects of concrete construction and steel fixing throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The company has five full time and six part-time staff, all committed to delivering the highest quality results for projects in a timely and safety-conscious manner. Whatever a project’s architectural challenges, if there’s concrete construction involved, TCC can help turn the designer’s ideas into a built reality.

For more information contact Total Coastal Constructions p/l, Shane Bru, mobile 0429 656 679, email: QLD PROJECT FEATURE CODE APARTMENTS 157

Below The lifting equipment supplied by Lindores Construction Logistics on Code Apartments required a high level of skill and good management.

Lindores Construction Logistics supplied Code Apartments with lifting equipment and manpower which helped get the project built safely and smoothly. Lindores supplied Glenziel with a Favelle Favco 1000e MK11 14 tower free-stand crane with 45 metres of boom; 50t slew cranes; multiple 20t and 25t frannas; a single car alimak 20/32 hoist; and a dedicated crew of three men on the tower crane and flexible crewing for the mobile cranes. Because the Code project involved the installation of large precast concrete panels, Lindores ensured the crane they supplied had the right jib length to provide maximum lifting capacity and a good coverage of the site. As the site was on a tight street, the erection and dismantling of the tower crane was quite challenging from a logistics and safety perspective, requiring a high level of skill and good management. Lindores provide both wet and dry hires for short or long term assignments, and have a fleet of lifting plant which includes new high speed Favelle Favcos, new electric Comedils and Liebherrs, and the latest technology franna type cranes. They do all types of specialist rigging, provide transport solutions, and have a highly skilled team of operators, riggers and dogman. All equipment is regularly serviced, and both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance attended to promptly. Other major projects the company has been working on include King George Central, for which Lindores purchased a brand new specially 158 QLD PROJECT FEATURE CODE APARTMENTS

made Favelle Favco M220DX with a winch speed that is the fastest in the country, and the large engine and specially designed hydraulic pumps that were required for the heavy lifts and height on the job. For the BPMX Wintergarden project, Lindores erected a Favelle M380D sitting on top of a 9 storey carpark which they designed on a specialty grillage bolted to the carpark. For BPMX Promenade, they supplied a liebher 280ECH with a 60m freestand height, the height of a 15 storey building. Lindores are also supplying the cranes for the Devine Hamilton harbour project. With wide experience in projects across the industry, Lindores ensure they provide solutions which are ideal for a project’s lifting requirements. “We have first class, highly experienced management teams with outstanding crews,” said Lindores Construction Logistics spokesman, Chris Lindores. “We have over 12 years in the tower crane and construction industry and crane crews with over 30 years experience, all put together in an unstoppable team environment.” For more information contact Lindores Construction Logistics, phone 07 5593 8440, fax 07 5593 7440, email:, website: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Urban Strategies breaks new ground with Code Apartments.

Authority. A unique part of the process includes ULDA representatives who are highly experienced in the development field and hence have ‘real world’ experience. Another key aspect is ULDA accepting engineering certification from certain consultants that the ‘as built’ development will comply with engineering standards. This certification negated the need for lengthy assessment of technical reports. Urban Strategies’ tasks included close liaison with ULDA and the project team, assessing various iterations of the design concepts, and providing town planning rationale for the development. These responsibilities are a core element of Urban Strategies capabilities and business expertise, as specialists in providing strategic and statutory town planning advice to the private and public sector alike. Other major projects that the company has recently project managed through the complex town planning process have included The Montague at West End; The Capital at South Brisbane; Aquila and Gleneagles at New Farm; Melba at Fortitude Valley; and Chalk at Woolloongabba. “A key plank of Urban Strategies’ work protocol is to identify opportunities and constraints of the development site early in the planning process, working hand in hand with the client and a wide range of specialist consultants,” said Director, Lochlan Mummery. “By keeping true to this practice, Urban Strategies has won the trust of those we consult for, who in return have become regular and valued clients. “We can assist with any queries regarding town planning matters, regardless of how large or small.” For more information contact Urban Strategies Pty Ltd, PO Box 3368 South Brisbane QLD 4101, phone 07 3360 4200, fax 07 3360 4260, email:, website:

Urban Strategies was part of the team that ensured swift approval for the Code multi level residential development at Bowen Hills. As the town planning consultants for the project, Urban Strategies Director Lochlan Mummery and Senior Town Planner Anna Barker broke new ground with their involvement, when Code became the first development application to be lodged in the Bowen Hills Urban Development Area (UDA), under the auspices of the State Government’s Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA). The ULDA is the vehicle created by the Queensland State Government which provides unique opportunities to ‘fast track’ major development applications in certain strategic locations around the State. The approval process is undertaken by the ULDA in a collaborative fashion with developers and their consultants, and is a progress-friendly approach to the town planning approval process. Rather than having to run the gauntlet of the traditional confrontational planning assessment procedure, the Code consultant team liaised closely with the ULDA team prior to lodgement, to work through the proposed plans and specific design issues. The ultimate outcome was lodgement of an application that could be approved in a matter of weeks, rather than many months as typically experienced with an application of this type being assessed by a Local WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Code Apartments, QLD



Below Wastech ensured the best possible system for rubbish and recycling disposal has been built in to the apartment complex.

Science has made bin night a thing of the past for residents of Code Apartments. From the early design stages of the project, the architect wanted an easy, green and efficient way for residents to manage their waste. As the industry leaders in sustainable waste management systems, Wastech ensured the best possible system for rubbish and recycling disposal has been built in to the apartment complex. Part of the design brief was that management of garbage and recycling be an automatic function within the site. So Wastech supplied and installed their Smoothtubes Garbage Chutes and an Ecopac compactor with a carousel for automatic bin changing. The Smoothtubes are a virtually noiseless rubbish chute, and extremely low maintenance. They don’t clang, bang or smell, and the design ensures everything moves through efficiently, every time.

Wastech are there for customers and the end users of their systems. Wastech also undertake formal waste management planning and reporting, training of waste system operators and after sales maintenance Wastech has worked extensively in Queensland, with recent major projects also including Soul, Waterfront, Portside. Wastech has several teams of installers in Queensland to cover all along the coast and Brisbane.The Smoothtubes products are particularly sought after for projects in tropical areas due to their material composition, which is corrosion-proof in hot, humid salt-laden air. And of course, the lack of whiff in an environment so conducive to waste fermentation is a real plus too.

Wastech worked closely with both the architect and the builder, Glenziel. Offering far more than just great products, Wastech has the experience to deliver early design input for architects, offering layouts that are site specific in CAD.

Smoothtubes are an Australian innovation, and have been certified as meeting the requirements of green projects. Wastech not only supply and install their state-of-the-art systems in major projects throughout Australia, they also export to Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore. When it comes to management of life’s leftovers and litter, Wastech deliver the innovation which sorts everything out in the greenest, cleanest, simplest and most scientific way.

Working closely with builders, they provide a fast and efficient installation and commissioning, which is then backed up with a level of post-installation service that is unique – 24/7 every day of the year,

For more information contact Wastech Engineering Pty Ltd, Valerie Collins, phone 03 8787 1600, email:, website:




Main Construction Company : ADCO Constructions PROJECT MANAGER : John Porst completion : December 2011 architects : Peddle Thorp Architects INTERIOR DESIGNER: James Cubitt project end value : $25 Million


DCO Constructions were responsible for building the Caboolture Hub - a $25 million project funded by Moreton Bay Regional Council. Caboolture is just under 50km north of Brisbane, the new three level complex is a two minute walk from the Caboolture train station and runs alongside the town square. Opening to the public in December 2011, the building is over 5000m² and features a modern library, regional art gallery, learning and business centre and cafe/retail outlet.

The library is simple in form, 3000m² of state of the art resources and collections, infotainment, meeting rooms, study spaces, a teen zone and a children's area as well as a dedicated 'family and local history' room. The facility receives beautiful light from its northern facade, with a leafy view that stretches to the Glass House Mountains. Sound has been carefully considered in the design of the library, with noisier areas transitioning to quiet spaces.

An iconic new public building for regional Queensland, it's a contemporary design by Peddle Thorp Architects (PTA) with James Cubbitt Architects. The site aims to be a destination for meetings, exhibitions and conferences, attracting industry leaders and distinguished artistic and academic representatives – it also aspires to be a comfortable community space for festivals, events, cultural displays, art, entertainment and learning.

Libraries are the most regularly used and most warmly appreciated cultural service in Australia. They are an unbeatable service to the local community, a safe, free and open place for all age groups and demographics.



The gallery is split into four spaces, 'The Main Regional Gallery' will feature major exhibitions of both state and national interest, above the display walls, the ceiling has a blacked out void to create a feeling of limitless space. A mobile wall grid allows for easy reconfigurations for different exhibition programmes. There is also a multimedia gallery, 'The Focus Gallery', a smaller corridor gallery 'The Long Gallery', and 'The HUB Gallery' to showcase talent from the Moreton Bay community.

Regularly commissioned by both government and private sectors, ADCO has built for key industry areas of industrial, commercial, educational, community projects, airports, retail, health and aged care. They also offer design and construct as well as early contract involvement. The Caboolture Hub is just one of many ADCO projects which generations of Australians will appreciate – a cultural focus for the whole community.

The Learning Centre boasts a 180 seat conference room, seminar rooms, media labs, a boardroom and an open air terrace. A cafe/retail centre, creative studios, a recording studio and a performance area with seating for 50 people are also part of the Caboolture Hub. Patrons will be able to park in the underground carpark. Natural lighting opportunities through building design, water recycling, low energy consumption (with quality equipment selection and passive design principles) and the use of appropriate environmental materials were all utilised in the Caboolture Hub. The palette is subdued and classic. ADCO Constructions are highly adept at builds on this scale. With projects ranging from $1 million to $100 million, size and complexity are never an issue. Established in 1972 and with offices spanning the entire east coast of Australia, they are a building juggernaut, and one of Australia's top 100 private companies, with over 350 employees and revenues of $500 million per year. A member of the Green Building Council, ADCO has inhouse expertise to assist clients in achieving sustainability goals, they have delivered 4, 5 and 6 star Green Star buildings. They are also well established as a Best Practice builder, with its formal Integrated Management System frequently audited internally and externally to ensure standards are exceeded and operations improved.


ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd 23 Graham Street Milton QLD 4064 t. 07 3511 5555 f. 07 3511 5500 e.


managing your space Main photo: Level 1 Meeting Rooms – Caboolture Signature Project


pacial Concepts is a Queensland born and Queensland owned Operable Wall and Folding Door Company, and we are proud of that fact. We also feel privileged to have been a part of the Caboolture Signature project.

coat aluminium frames, to achieve a warm and comfortable yet classy feel about the ground floor meeting rooms and level one seminar rooms yet still achieve a high end acoustic barrier between rooms.

My name is Des Swepson and I am one of the founders of the business that has been manufacturing Operable Walls and Folding Doors in our Brisbane factory since 1989, and we’ve seen plenty of change in the product and the market over this time.

My background in the shop fitting and joinery field sees our desire to provide quality custom finishes to our Operable Walls. We have provided a number of walls to the tenancy and club market, as these markets generally call for the high end finishes. Where this is most evident was our installation at the Bribie RSL club, where old world upholstered paneling was the décor. (See pic below)

What I believe sets Spacial Concepts apart from our competitors, is the fact that we have a small tight knit group of people within the organization, that appreciate the challenge of a custom made product to achieve a custom made outcome. While certain standards control the general criteria with which we construct our product, we find that providing what is practical and ultimately what the end user wants from the system, should always be the focus of the company. Far too often when product comparisons are made you can be caught up in a numbers game, for example “our wall is acoustically 1 STC/Rw better” when the human ear cannot discern the difference in the field. Or when operatively, confusion over whether to use mechanical or sweep seals is too often misunderstood and again we feel it important to provide the benefits of each of these items according to each installation, not just value-add for our sake, regardless of the cost or outcome for the end user. We have always been very approachable about your professional and personal needs in managing your space, to achieve what firstly works but also ultimately what looks the part. After all, the product is just a product, but it’s the service we offer that is our company. The Operable Walls used on this project, combined high end wool fabrics from Instyle Contract Textiles with colour back glass facings and powder 164 QLD PROJECT FEATURE CABOOLTURE SIGNATURE PROJECT

If the usage of your space is important to you, then you or your designer has a need to talk to us.

spacial concepts 26 Radley Street Virginia QLD 4014 t. 07 3865 5888 f. 07 3865 5599 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

xypex australia - going strong X

ypex Concrete Solutions were involved in the construction of the Caboolture Art Gallery and Library to waterproof areas at risk from leaks and spillage. Xypex have been going strong in Australia for 20 years now, their crystalline technology sealing concrete against water and chemical penetration and destruction.

On the Caboolture project, Xypex waterproofed three lift pits and approximately 15m² of exposed terrace floor. John Porst, Project Manager from ADCO Constructions says 'ADCO identified a potential risk on the terrace level which specified a trafficable membrane to the plant room floor which housed a chiller.' The benefits of Xypex crystalline waterproofing and durability are many, including: • • • •

Unique ability to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation deep within the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete, whereby it cannot be punctured or damaged like a membrane or surface coating.; Crystalline waterproofing will withstand high hydrostatic pressure from both the positive and negative side; Crystalline waterproofing is highly resistant to chemicals where the ph range is from 3.0 - 11.0 in constant contact and 2.0 - 12.0 in periodic contact; Crystalline waterproofing will tolerate a temperature range between -32 and +130 degrees Celsius;


• Crystalline waterproofing is unaffected by humidity, ultraviolet light and oxygen levels; • Can self heal hairline cracks up to 0.4 mm David Mitchell, State Manager – Queensland for Xypex Australia, says that amongst their many projects nation-wide, there is 'particular focus on new structures that are below ground or in exposed and aggressive environments, as well as many concrete structures requiring remediation and seeking extension of service life. Our involvement extends from major infrastructure to residential construction.' ADCO were extremely happy with the Xypex product, John Porst, Project Manager again: '...we decided to install Xypex at an additional cost to ADCO, which I believe far outweighed the risk of future water leaks through the traditional waterproof membrane.' Xypex Australia continue to provide concrete solutions with an innovative and progressive approach in a highly competitive market.

Xypex Australia 45 Union Road North Albury NSW 2640 t. 02 6040 2444 f. 02 6040 2411


Caboolture Signature Project, QLD



'access solved'


afetylyne is a family owned business holding over 45 years of experience in safe access products and systems.

Over the decade, the services of the company have expanded by demand to include all types of custom and proprietary access solutions to a wide range of industries. Our solutions include anchorage points for abseil & fall prevention, permanent guardrails, aluminium stairways, staticline, platforms, ladders and harness equipment. The Caboolture Signature project ran smoothly for the project team involving our cost estimator, senior sales consultant and installers. Our company was engaged to provide full access to all roofs excluding colonnades and gallery roofs. To do this, we installed surface mount anchor points for full roof access, a ladder support bracket for safe access to upper roofs and powdercoated aluminium walkway for roof protection.

Our clients know us as: • • •

The access company that only sells reliable and proven brands The company that is consistently bringing new offers to the marketplace creating enthusiasm and excitement The contracting company that has a planned and accurate approach to everything that they do

We thank ADCO Constructions for asking us to feature on this project and we look forward to helping on many other projects through our industry over the coming years.

Caboolture Signature is one of many of our project successes. Some of our recent engagements to name a few include • Roof Safety and Recommendation audits for government department • Plant platform, hatch, ladders and anchor points for gutter access for a commercial facility • Roof track permanent attachment system for a large entertainment venue. The list goes on.... WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Collett Bros. Investments T/AS Safetylyne 21 Enterprise Street Kunda Park QLD 4556 PO Box 5220 Sunshine Coast MC QLD 4560 t. 1800 666 686 f. 07 5456 4483 e. QLD PROJECT FEATURE CABOOLTURE SIGNATURE PROJECT 167

HAMILTON HARBOUR MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Devine Constructions DEVELOPER : Devine Group and Leighton Properties PROJECT END VALUE : $500 Million COMPLETION : End of 2011 (Stages 1 and 2) ARCHITECTS : The Cox Group CIVIL ENGINEER : Bonhorst & Ward STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Robert Bird Group ELECTRICAL / FIRE / HYDRAULIC / MECHANICAL : Floth


onsidered a fast mover in the Queensland construction industry with a fresh seven years in operation, Devine Constructions certainly has a lot to talk about. Already commanding attention as a leading design and construction company, Devine Constructions are quickly gaining a high regard within the industry for delivering unique development projects. Initially established to enhance the cost effectiveness of Devine’s developments, they now partner with a range of clients from government to private organisations using their capabilities to complete full design and construct, construction management, tenancy fit outs and value manage programs and projects. The Devine Group, established 28 years ago and listed on the ASX in 1993, has grown from humble south-east Brisbane operations to now holding a large presence across Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. They hold a significant and award-winning portfolio of high-rise apartments, mixed use developments, residential community creation and home building capabilities, making them one of Australia’s most trusted property developers. To add to their repertoire Devine Constructions have built a strong list of premier high-rise developments. The more notable projects completed include the 44-storey residential building, Charlotte Towers, the 4 star Green Star commercial project, 333 Ann St and the most recent project, the two residential towers at the $500 million mixed used development river precinct, Hamilton Harbour in Brisbane. Their unique partnering capabilities with their clients are initiated through mutually beneficial arrangements. Devine Constructions’ commercial contracts manager, George Defteros, explains the approach as a successful technique that has given them a proven track record in the industry. “By working in close partnership with clients we can share our extensive experiences and deliver tailored outcomes. “Providing a multi-disciplined team whose competencies include concept design and project management, but also poses a purpose and ambition to utilise effective policies, procedures and management systems advances our capabilities and innovations providing more end value to a clients project,” George said. Devine Constructions’ senior project manager, Eddie Gangemi, has been lead construction project manager for 333 Ann St and now Hamilton Harbour’s apartment developments, with the KSD commercial building currently under tender. “Devine Constructions were appointed main building contractors by the client so we could focus on bringing new innovations to the project. 168 QLD PROJECT FEATURE HAMILTON HARBOUR


Using a range of new products and construction techniques ensured the development met the project’s specifications and exceeded their expectations. An example of this was using new CFA technology for the cased secant piling to construct and deliver a 26,000 square metre basement, four levels deep and eight metres beneath the Brisbane River. This particular solution provided speed in construction, cost efficiencies over traditional diaphragm solutions and a water tight basement. The results were achieved by socketing into the rock, in excess of five metres, resulting in cut-off from the water table,” Eddie said. Devine Constructions also developed specific jumpform systems, allowing a ‘man and materials hoist’ to serve the jumpform. This was designed to incorporate not only the traditional lift and stair core, but also the external shear walls and columns. “This allowed the structure to progress in an automated and disciplined manner, creating the basis of a vertical production line. The system was also fitted with fixed screens, which allowed the external painting activities to run smoothly and the window contractor to progress inside the screen area safely,” Eddie said. Given the significant size of the development, Devine Constructions faced a number of challenges throughout the construction phase however was successful in avoiding the obstacles with the development of an advanced risk matrix. “This came into play when achieving cut-off from the water table which eliminated all rising flood waters into the basement when Brisbane was hit with adverse weather conditions in January. “Thankfully the location of the site was unaffected by the Brisbane River’s destruction but that didn’t stop us from planning effective and advanced construction techniques around the site to mitigate any water getting in,” Eddie said. As a result, Devine Constructions carried out their extensive responsibilities in a time and cost effective manner and once again, delivered outstanding project outcomes for the client. In addition to over 460 apartments in Harbour One, Harbour Two and a third stage of apartment towers underway, the development also provides a mix of exciting retail, dining and commercial options at your door step. Hamilton Harbour also incorporates onsite amenities including resort style lap pool with recreation deck and a wellness centre with full service professional gym facilities available. The recreational park and retail promenade integrates the apartment towers and provides residents with a green and quiet space to unwind and relax. The site, located in close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD and Racecourse Road, also offers residents access to riverside bike paths and walkways. Following the success of the Hamilton Harbour river precinct, as well as their prolific portfolio of a range of completed projects, it is without question that Devine Constructions remains an unrivalled leader within the Australian building and construction industry. DEVINE CONSTRUCTIONS Level 1/145 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4001 t. 07 3267 2500 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU




ESD, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulic & BMU Consultants Project Details: Commencement Date: March 2008 Completion Date: Stages 1 & 2 – November 2011 Client: Leighton Properties and Devine Limited Developer: Leighton Properties and Devine Limited Architect: Cox Rayner Builder: Devine Constructions Capital Value: Stages 1 & 2 $300 million (Car park, Residential Towers 1 & 2) Stages 3, 4 & 5 $200 million (Commercial & Mixed use towers) he Hamilton Harbour project, once completed, will feature 660 apartments in three residential buildings, 17,000sqm office space across two commercial office buildings and 5,000sqm retail space consisting of retail showrooms, ground floor retail and restaurants, a gymnasium, strata offices, car parking and a public park.

Applying extensive commercial building experience, Floth has been able to provide design solutions which have incorporated ESD and building services (including hydraulic, electrical and mechanical services) to reach the clients’ specific target of a 5 Star Green Star Office Design V3 rating for the commercial towers. To ensure the development was environmentally sustainable, the Hydraulic Services team developed an Integrated Water Management Plan for the entire site. The development of this plan was imperative to the overall success of the project, and as a result the development’s greywater will be collected from the residential towers and reused for toilet flushing in the commercial towers as well as for landscape irrigation of the entire site.

The development will provide a number of state of the art facilities such as a full-equipped gymnasium, entertaining areas, a lap pool and lagoon style swimming pool, as well as providing a pedestrian boulevard, with a vibrant mix of restaurants, cafes and boutique stores.

Minimising the energy consumption of residential Tower 1 was a priority, leading to naturally ventilated corridors and external access points to the fire stairs. The natural ventilation of the corridors eliminated the need for the installation of an air-conditioning unit to regulate the temperature throughout these areas. This design solution combined with the access to the fire stairs (requiring the occupants to travel via an external balcony) also removed the requirement for stair pressurisation and lobby relief systems, providing both a cost and spatial saving to the project.

Floth was appointed by the Leighton Properties and Devine Ltd joint venture as the development’s Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD), Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulic & BMU consultants.

The residential towers have been designed to target a Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) 4 Star Green Star Multi-Unit Residential Design (Version 1) rating.

Floth project manager Ian Osborne said the appointment to the Hamilton Harbour job signalled Floth’s first Green Star residential project.

Hamilton Harbour Residential Towers 1 & 2 will be one of the first projects in Queensland to achieve a residential Green Star rating. The two commercial towers have been designed as Property Council of Australia (PCA) A-Grade buildings, targeting a GBCA 5 Star Green Star Office Design (Version 3) rating and a 4.5 Star NABERS Energy rating.

“Whilst Floth is very experienced in delivering Green Star ratings to commercial buildings, the credit points for residential Green Star ratings are structured differently, which led us to developing a new approach to achieve the sustainable targets,” Mr Osborne said. “Residential developments are quite different to commercial buildings as they provide an easier alternative to naturally ventilate particular areas of the building. With Hamilton Harbour Tower 1 we were able to naturally ventilate the building’s corridors through the installation of glass louvers, effectively eliminating the use of air-conditioning.” WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

FLOTH SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CONSULTANTS 42 Doggett street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 t. 07 3252 0977 f. 07 3252 2499 QLD PROJECT FEATURE HAMILTON HARBOUR 171

‘Floor-less’ Results Every Time inyl Carpet Floorprep is a Brisbane-based company with a renowned reputation for developing imaginative and innovative products, namely versatile, luxury vinyl flooring with the look of beautiful and natural floors. Able to understand the complexities and technical specifications of supplying and fitting floor coverings for commercial applications of all types, the highly skilled team from Vinyl Carpet Floorprep are committed to keeping abreast of all building regulations and codes required for commercial flooring and providing the right advice to their clients every time. With a large array of commercial-quality floor coverings, whether carpet, timber or vinyl, Vinyl Carpet Floorprep have worked on a number of significant projects throughout Queensland and were also recently involved on Brisbane’s Hamilton Harbour development. In addition to over 460 apartments in Harbour One, Harbour Two and a third stage of apartment towers in the plans, this development provides a mix of exciting retail, dining and commercial options. Hamilton Harbour also incorporates onsite amenities including resort style lap pool with recreation deck and a wellness centre, with full service professional gym facilities available. The recreational park and retail promenade integrates the apartment towers, providing residents with a green and quiet space to unwind and relax. The site, located near Brisbane’s 172 QLD PROJECT FEATURE HAMILTON HARBOUR

CBD and Racecourse Road, also offers residents access to riverside bike paths and walkways. Responsible for the supply and installation of all of the carpets and additional flooring needs of the apartment towers, Vinyl Carpet Floorprep provided a range of unique flooring solutions that were specifically designed to suit the mood and prestigious atmosphere of Hamilton Harbour. In addition to successfully fulfilling their extensive responsibilities in a time and cost effective manner, the finished flooring products they provided to the Hamilton Harbour apartments was testament to Vinyl Carpet Floorprep’s high expectations of their employees, their professionalism and pride taken in the work they produce. Known for providing a well-designed, contemporary range of flooring, Vinyl Carpet Floorprep will continue to forge relationships with existing, as well as prospective clients, delivering optimum results every time and remaining at the forefront of the flooring industry. VINYL CARPET FLOORPREP Unit 10/60 Kremzow Road Brendale QLD 4500 t. 07 3205 5516 f. 07 3205 5508 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

The Crane Hire Specialists indores Construction Logistics, a family-owned Gold Coast Crane Hire business, is committed to providing a range of outstanding services and solutions to the building and construction industry.

“As all of these boast the latest computer and safety monitoring systems, we completed an efficient delivery and erection of the cranes, in a safe and time effective manner,” he said.

With a wealth of expertise and a team of highly skilled professionals, Lindores Construction Logistics has an extensive project portfolio and was also recently involved on Queensland’s Hamilton Harbour development.

In addition, as the team from Lindores Construction Logistics liaised closely with the main client and other contractors onsite, their procedures on the Hamilton Harbour development were of the highest standard and high-risk tasks were minimised through controlled risk assessment.

When complete, this exclusive development will provide a vibrant mix of retail, dining and commercial options for the convenience of the residents. A range of outstanding onsite amities, including a resort-style lap and lagoon pool, a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a recreation deck, will also be available for resident use.

“As of the professionalism displayed on this development, as well as the smooth-running construction process, we really enjoyed working alongside Devine on this iconic project,” Mr Lindores said.

Director of Lindores, Chris Lindores, said that as part of their involvement, which incorporated the erection of five cranes over a four-month period, they also provided a crane tower team crew of 15. “During our involvement we employed a range of leading and innovative cranes,” Mr Lindores said. “These included two of our new, high-speed Favelle Favco model tower cranes M120RX, two 220DX and a 1000E Mark 2 tower crane. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients, as well as providing safe solutions to intricate projects, the team from Lindores Construction Logistics will continue to “get the job done, on time and on budget.”


The Perfect Fit

JF Australia has brought their outstanding apartment, kitchen joinery and commercial office fit-out to the building and construction industry for more than 45 years. Given their extensive project portfolio and a team of highly-skilled professionals, IJF Australia was also recently involved on the significant Hamilton Harbour development in Queensland. Working closely with the Devine team, IJF Australia was able to deliver all of the kitchen, vanity, linen and robe joinery for Hamilton Harbour’s Tower One using 100% locally manufactured, quality products. For the Hamilton Harbour project IJF Australia have developed a specially modified 20 foot lifting container to ensure an efficient delivery of the joinery to site. Working closely with Devine constructions this

container has met all stringent safety and OH&S requirements prior to being commissioned for use. This has enabled the highly skilled IJF Australia site installation team to complete the installation efficiently and to the highest standards . IJF Australia is committed to providing industry leading service,quality and value for money in the commercial joinery and fit out markets. With over 45 years experience their work can be seen on many of Australia's most significant developments and without doubt will continue to remain a leader within their industry. QLD Office & Manufacture IJF Australia Pty Ltd 29 Lathe Street Virginia QLD 4014 t. 07 3265 3688 f. 07 3865 1091

Head Office & Manufacture IJF Australia Pty Ltd 41-43 Cormack Road Wingfield SA 5013 t. 08 8349 7400 f. 08 8349 7455

Devine Construction's Hamilton Harbour complex, QLD



THE COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE stablished in 1997, Dowell’s Building Services has maintained a proven track record for providing outstanding building services to the residential and commercial construction industry.

impact on the environment given its’ ability to sense the size of a load and then reduce the power required to run the machine. “This in turn saves the client a significant cost on their power bills,” she said.

Able to offer an extensive range of combined services, including steel erection, carpentry fix outs, pile trimming and hoist erection and dismantle, Dowells have been involved on numerous high-profile projects. Some of these have included Q1, Circle on Cavil, Sun City (Surfers Paradise), The Southport School (Southport), Palazzo Versace (Main Beach) and most recently, the Hamilton Harbour development in Queensland.

One of the difficulties the highly-skilled Dowell’s team faced whilst working on Hamilton Harbour was the task of designing equipment that could access the top levels of the building throughout the construction process.

When complete, this exclusive development will provide a vibrant mix of retail, dining and commercial options for the convenience of the residents. A range of outstanding onsite amities, including a resort-style lap and lagoon pool, a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a recreation deck, will also be available for residents to use. Gail Dowell, General Manager of Dowells, said their professional team had been responsible for the transportation of hundreds of workers up and down the various buildings. “As safety is our prime concern, we invested in the European engineered PEGA HOISTS, which not only deliver unique ‘Load Sensing’ technology, but also deliver complete safety and reliability to those being transported,” Ms Dowells said. “The PEGA HOISTS technology also minimises the WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“Despite this challenge, the PEGA HOISTS technology ensured the jump form and working deck could always be accessed and as a result, builders were able to complete their responsibilities in a time effective and safe manner,” Ms Dowell said. Dedicated to providing safety and reliability to building sites, as well as innovative technology and an extensive range of services, Dowells will continue to offer unparalled products and outstanding results to the Australian building and construction industry.

DOWELLS BUILDING SERVICES t. 07 5549 2144 f. 07 5549 0261 m. 0414 721 009 e. Also: Pega Pty Ltd QLD PROJECT FEATURE HAMILTON HARBOUR 175

ener ex A Brighter Future DEVELOPER : TradeCoast Central MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : McNab Constructions PROJECT END VALUE : $50 Million COMPLETION : September 2011 ARCHITECTS : Sparc* Architects STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Morgan Consulting Engineers CIVIL ENGINEER : Lambert and Rehbin SITE AREA : 5.2ha



radeCoast Central in Queensland is a joint venture between TradeCoast Central and the Brisbane City Council. The Project is the redevelopment of the former Brisbane Airport as a Masterplanned Commercial and Industrial Community. Work started on site in 2006 and over the last 6 years more than 150,000 square metres of industrial facilities and 20,000 square metres of office space has been constructed. The goal with the Energex Distribution Centre project was to provide a new facility for Energex that would cater for future growth and development. Energex were relocating from another facility, which they had occupied for many years, that had grown ad hoc based on specific needs and space available. TradeCoast Central has a strong sustainable focus and because of this they are always trialing new techniques and materials to ensure provision of the most sustainable building possible within commercial reality. This could be something as minor as changing the way waste is dealt with on site or as large as introducing the use of green cement and recycled content steel in construction – both of which were incorporated into the Energex Distribution Centre project. The Reception and Teapoint is clad with timber from recycled power poles. This is an interesting highlight of the project as the poles were once used by Energex in the field and have now come full circle. The Energex Distribution Centre was the first project registered for Green Star accreditation under the GBCA Industrial Version 1 Tool. Being the first project of its kind meant there were no resources available to show what had been achieved in the past in order to successfully receive a rating. This resulted in some difficulty for the Project Team. Some highlights that facilitated the Green Star rating were: • Lighting Techniques: The Energex site uses energy efficient lights • Air-conditioning: The variable refrigerant volume air-conditioning system allows each unit to operate independently and increases or decreases operation to meet the required conditions. • Double-glazing: The glass panels for the windows were doubleglazed to better insulate the building reducing the need to heat and cool the building. • Alternative roofing: Special roofing was installed which consists of a high solar reflective material that reduces the transfer of heat into the building. The master planned estate is developing at a rapid rate and apart from Energex, it is already home to several other major Australian and International occupiers including the Volgren Bus Factory, BlueScope Steel, Followmont Transport, Schnieder / Clipsal, Pacific Brands, Australian Aerospace, EB Games, Enerflex and Reece . TradeCoast Central Industrial estate was the perfect choice for the new Energex Distribution Centre due to its easy access to major arterial roads along with TradeCoast central’s commitment to Ecologically Sustainable Design implemented throughout the estate. TradeCoast Central t. 07 3124 7400 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU




Storage Solutions kye Concepts specialise in warehouse storage solutions along with materials handling. For the Energex Distribution Centre project, Skye Concepts provided various storage systems that were able to cater for both small and large items. The specially selected storage systems included pallet racking, cantilever, long span shelving and cable racking all of which bear the Kardex Stow brand, which is of European origin. All Kardex Stow racking meet the required standards worldwide and are thoroughly tested in independent laboratories to comply with the stringent FEM standard. The four main storage systems used for the Energex Project are explained below: Selective Pallet Racking is an extremely common and cost effective way to utilise available storage space whilst providing easy access to pallets and handling. This type of racking was ideal for the Energex Distribution Centre as they required flexibility and speed of operation. One of the benefits of Selective Pallet Racking is that it’s designed to handle most pallet sizes and weight. The wide range of uprights allows the construction to go as high as 30 metres. The Energex project reached 9 metres. Heavy duty, custom made work benches were also constructed for this product. Cantilever Racking is the solution to storing bulky items such as pipes and other long length products. Cantilever is available in single or double-sided configurations and is serviceable by any type of forklift. The double-sided rack provides maximum storage capacity, easy access to products and sufficient chain management, thus reducing possible damage to goods. The fully adjustable Long Span Shelving system is designed for the storage of medium to heavy duty loads, non-palletised goods and offers the benefit of easy assembly, and a variety of shelf types such as steel, mesh and timber. Cable racking is designed to hold reels of cable ranging from 200 – 1000kg. Skye Concepts works closely with their clients throughout all stages including design, layout to supply, installation and certification for Occupational Health and Safety Standards. They offer an ongoing commitment to providing technical support and back up service on all their projects. Skye Concepts receives quality support through their European suppliers, all of which have had many years of experience in this innovative and demanding marketplace. All products are accredited by the highest safety and design standards available in the world today and embrace Australian Standards AS4084 as well. Skye Concepts provides a complete storage solution that includes materials handling and other ancillary equipment to suit any requirement. The team works closely with suppliers of new and quality used fork trucks and other material handling equipment in order to provide their customers with a complete storage solution. The company’s vision is to supply smart, new and innovative storage systems to fill a niche in the current marketplace using the newest and ever developing technology. The products on offer from Skye Concepts are versatile and available to clients throughout Australia. SKYE CONCEPTS PTY LTD t. 1300 856 727 f. 1300 856 827 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU




A Smooth Fitout ojac Interior Linings provided the interior fitout for the Energex Distribution Centre project in Queensland. The fitout included walls, ceilings and doors. With a team of ten staff, Bojac Interior Linings spent close to two months on the project and supplied 39 doors, approximately 3000m 2 of walls and over 1500m2 of ceilings. The company also installed the timber feature ceilings and walls in the reception area and the timber slat wall in the kitchen area. These walls were made of recycled timber batons which was in line with the environmental nature of the Energex Distribution Centre project. Wayne from Bojac believes the ongoing success of his company comes from his dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff. Wayne said that the Energex Distribution Centre project ran smoothly mostly due to the great team he has. The company is based on the belief that their customers' needs are of the utmost importance and the entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of Bojac Interior Linings business is from repeat customers and referrals. Bojac Interior Linings specialise in suspended ceilings, plasterboard works, aluminium and glass partitioning along with shop and office fitouts. They work on both domestic and commercial projects of all sizes. Some other recent projects Bojac Interior Linings has completed include the Marist College at Ashgrove, Kings College at St Lucia and the Masters Home Improvement Store at Springfield Lakes, Brisbane Lions AFL supporters club Springwood . The work carried out by Bojac Interior Linings is of a high standard. Check out the gallery of completed works on their website for a better understanding of what this company has to offer. BOJAC INTERIOR LININGS Pty Ltd 4 Haylett Rise Regents Park QLD 4118 t. 0407 651 454 e. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Ahead of the Game iverside Electrical was employed on a design and construct basis for the Energex Distribution Centre project in Brisbane. Riverside Electrical were given an initial brief which covered the basic requirements for the project. This initial brief was amended due to the inclusion of the Green Building Council of Australia requirements. The design was based on availability of points achievable whilst keeping an economical focus in mind. Riverside Electrical were excited to be a part of the Energex Distribution Centre project. Working closely with the builders and clients saw Riverside Electrical exceed expectations and perform at their highest possible standards. They embraced all of their experience and knowledge gained over many years and applied it directly to the Energex Distribution Centre development. 182 QLD PROJECT FEATURE ENERGEX DISTRIBUTION CENTRE

Riverside Electrical Pty Ltd is a Queensland based, design and construct company that has been undertaking electrical and data installations throughout Australia for the past 15 years. The company has extensive experience in designing projects, including but not limited to, commercial buildings and warehouses, industrial factories, cold store facilities and multi storey residential. Their engineering staff are able to provide drawings and specifications for construction, and their estimating office provide budget estimates for feasibility studies in order to assist their clients with return on investment calculations as well as fixed lump sum quotations. Energex’s new logistics warehouse at TradeCoast Central has become the first building of its type in Australia to receive a 4 Star Green AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Star Industrial Design v1 rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. TradeCoast Central industrial estate was carefully selected for the new Energex Distribution Centre for a number of reasons, including easy access to major arterial roads, and due to its own commitment to Ecologically Sustainable Design that has been implemented throughout the estate. With the Energex Distribution Centre complete, more than 80 staff and tonnes of equipment will be relocated to the new depot that spans over 52,000 square metres. As part of the Green Star rating, the purpose-designed building incorporates features such as energy efficient lighting, specialised air-conditioning, and alternative roofing materials to reduce heat entering the building and double-glazing to assist with insulating the building. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Riverside Electrical used an advanced electrical automation system with building user interactions. This incorporated the integration of the lighting into the building management system with different scenarios pre-programmed depending on the time of day, month or year. There is voice automation announcement when lighting changes status and daylight harvesting cells to monitor in building occupancy lighting levels and adjust accordingly.

RIVERSIDE ELECTRICAL Pty Ltd 7/225 Queensport Rd, North Murarrie QLD 4172 PO Box 407 Bulimba QLD 4171 t. 07 3907 3600 e. QLD PROJECT FEATURE ENERGEX DISTRIBUTION CENTRE 183

From Start to Finish


he Energex Distribution Centre is located at the TradeCoast Central industrial precinct. It is located on the former Brisbane airport site adjacent to the Gateway Arterial Motorway in the suburb of Eagle Farm. As part of this unique environmental precinct, the development connected to a number of area wide services that adhered to strict environmental standards. Services include a precinct supply of non-potable water, recycled irrigation water, potable water, lowpressure sewer rising main system and fire system water supply. The precinct operates a central building management system that monitors the energy and water consumption of all buildings within the estate through a


network of smart energy and water meters. Building operators have access to this via a precinct intranet system. TradeCoast Central’s location was almost undevelopable due to high water table conditions making it impossible to install a conventional gravity sewer system. It is a very large and flat site (130 ha). A conventional sewer would require deep excavation to achieve the correct gradient of the mains. The TradeCoast Central estate targeted Green development solutions and a sewer system that would have minimal impact on Council infrastructure. There was a general agreement with Brisbane Water that a pressure sewer system would be the best option to allow TradeCoast Central to be developed. The TradeCoast Central development has flourished since the sewerage and drainage issues were resolved with state of the art buildings now being erected. Using an “Aquatec Low Pressure Sewer System” allowed for minimum excavation and eliminated the need for pumps to be installed on the mains. The use of a low pressure sewer system has little or no effect on the environment by eliminating leakage from the pipework into the ground. The integrated network has reduced peak demands on the Council’s treatment plant by 75% compared to conventional gravity sewer systems. Building Services Hydraulic Design Pty Ltd became a registered company in September 1997, A family owned company committed to providing a personal and professional hydraulic design service from concept stage through to project handover and beyond.

The Directors and senior staff have been involved collectively in the Plumbing and Building industry for more than 100 years, with all design staff having completed a trade certificate in the plumbing and gas-fitting industries. The company has a wide range of experience on a variety of projects from tenancy fit-outs and island cottages through to large-scale industrial estates and high rise commercial & residential buildings. Through dedication to the ideals of technical excellence and client service, Building Services Hydraulic Design Pty Ltd is rapidly establishing an extensive and loyal client base. Some of the services Building Services Hydraulic Design offer are design, Documentation, Site Inspections, Contract Administration, Certification and Preparation of Stormwater Drainage, Rainwater Harvesting, Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage, Trade Waste Drainage, Fire Protection and Gas System Design just to name a few. Building Services Hydraulic Design has the capacity to assist design teams on projects of all sizes, and various delivery types such as conventional tender packages, fast track documentation, design and construct. The company is committed to producing high quality documentation, on time and on budget. With experience in projects of all sizes from tenancy fit-outs to documentation and supervision of contracts with a hydraulic services value of more than $12millon, Building Services Hydraulic Design is a clear leader in their field.

BUILDING SERVICES HYDRAULIC DESIGN Pty Ltd Unit 1/40 Leonard Cres Brendale QLD 4500 t. 07 3889 6888 f. 07 3889 8327 e.



Modern Technology ocated just 8 kilometres from Brisbane CBD, TradeCoast Central proved to be an ideal location for the Energex Distribution Centre. Building certification of the project was undertaken by Building Surveying Professionals who have been providing certification services throughout Queensland and Victoria for the past 15 years. The building regulatory consultancy provided by Building Surveying Professionals on the Energex Distribution Centre project included BCA design review, authority liaison and certification services. With full electronic systems including E-Certification and E-Inspections, building regulatory compliance for the project was achieved seamlessly and with full electronic integration between other consultants, the builder and developer.

With tailored solutions, Building Surveying Professionals work in both the private and government sectors with a focus on delivering a project in a timely and cost effective manner. Some of their recent projects include a 480 multi-level apartment/ hotel/ mixed use development at Burleigh Heads along with a multi-storey apartment development (150 apartments) at Helensvale and various industrial projects varying in size from 30,000m2 (large over-sized buildings) to small multi-unit factories.

Building Surveying Professionals are an established consultancy that delivers both experience and personal attention which have proven to be paramount in the complex building industry. The experienced directors at each of the head offices provide a stable platform to lead the capable team who are responsible for working closely with their clients. The extensive knowledge held by the directors and staff enables clients to receive much needed help through the intricate process of regulations and construction standards. 186 QLD PROJECT FEATURE ENERGEX DISTRIBUTION CENTRE


Consulting Solutions organ Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd (MCE) were the Structural Engineers for the Energex Distribution Centre project. They were responsible for the design, documentation and construction inspections. The main challenges on the Energex Distribution Centre project were to develop simple, efficient and cost effective structural solutions in a building that had very specific end user requirements. The large column-free areas in the warehouse, the large warehouse mezzanine structure and gantry crane areas were particularly challenging. Morgan Consulting Engineers had to ensure they achieved the fine balance between user requirements and budget constraints. The professional relationship that Morgan Consulting Engineers developed with the project team, particularly TradeCoast Central and Sparc* Architects, was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience. Their mutual understanding of each other’s requirements resulted in an exceptional finished product, with a minimum of fuss. Morgan Consulting Engineers is a medium sized structural and civil engineering consultancy which was founded in Brisbane in 1972. Since then, Morgan Consulting Engineers has developed an enviable reputation for delivering high quality consulting engineering services on a diverse range of projects. They place great emphasis on providing designs aimed at simplicity of construction, resulting in time and cost savings for their clients. The experienced staff at Morgan Consulting Engineers provides clients with innovative and cost effective solutions whilst integrating seamlessly with other members of the project team to produce coordinated, practical designs. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Typical commissions carried out by Morgan Consulting Engineers include: • Houses • Multi-residential unit developments • Resorts and hotels • Retail and commercial • Industrial developments • Institutional • Refurbishments • Heritage building renovations • Subdivisions • Site civil works • Expert witness reports • Development Application reports Morgan Consulting Engineers also carry out a range of specialist services, such as product development, advice on structural repairs and remediation, forensic investigations, insurance claim investigations and high volume housing.

MORGAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS Pty Ltd 1 Great George Street Paddington QLD 4064 t. 07 3369 8411 f. 07 3369 1893 e. QLD PROJECT FEATURE ENERGEX DISTRIBUTION CENTRE 187

TradeCoast's Energex Distribution Centre, QLD

spare full



Greenstar Professionals s Greenstar Professionals on the Energex Distribution Centre project Ecolateral Pty Ltd delivered the first accredited Greenstar Design rated Industrial V1 building in Australia. The rating influenced the design, plant and equipment, interior, air quality, water and energy consumption amongst other essential performance elements. Ecolaterals services included environmental advice, stewardship, documentation and the full submission to the Green Building Council of Australia. The project was the second rated industrial building for Ecolateral at TradeCoast Central having delivered a 4 Star Greenstar Industrial Tool pilot in 2010. An essential part of the delivery was Ecolateral ability to draw on its extensive experience with Greenstar projects to ensure long term financial and environmental benefits to Energex.

Ecolateral is a boutique environmental consultancy based in Brisbane and Tasmania that focuses on providing a personal service to their clients to ensure that the environmental standards they aspire to are delivered in the most economic and commercially advantageous way. ECOLATERAL Queensland Suite 5, Level 1 457 Upper Edward Street Spring Hill Brisbane QLD 4000 t. 07 3832 2047 Tasmania 208a Collins St Hobart TAS 7000 PO Box 384 Sandy Bay TAS 7006 t. 03 6231 4334 e.

Strategic Planning parc* Architects were delighted to work on the Energex Distribution Centre at TradeCoast Central in Brisbane. Sparc* Architects were engaged to carry out the design, documentation and construction phases of the project. An interesting and challenging aspect of the Energex Distribution Centre project was incorporating and capturing the Energex logo in the design of the entry structure.

considered solutions to be executed by both the engineers and architects to ensure a cost effective outcome for their clients. With many projects now incorporating headquarter facilities and corporate offices into the warehouse sites, strategic site planning is becoming a more complex design challenge. A challenge Sparc* Architects is excited to take on.

sparc architects

Sparc* Architects take pride in providing a service which caters for the individual client. With industrial projects such as the Energex Distribution Centre, Sparc* Architects believe it’s essential for well

SPARC* ARCHITECTS 230 Lutwyche Road Windsor QLD 4030 t. 07 3357 3888 f. 07 3357 3788 e.

Photography by Scott Burrows from Aperture Photography WWW.ANCR.COM.AU




QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL "The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Project is a challenging project that has required an embracement of collaboration to achieve its targets. The project enabled us to further demonstrate our skills in construction and deconstructing in live environments. It has been a privilege for us to continue our contribution to the improvement of the State’s Health System." - Hansen Yuncken’s Project Manager, Ben Tolley



a tradition of health & wellbeing The progress of the redevelopment has been yet another practical demonstration of Hansen Yuncken’s philosophy of “Building Value” and consistently pursuing innovation. QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL / HANSEN YUNCKEN



Left The North East Building of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Hansen Yuncken has been involved with the multi-facility redevelopment of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woodville South, South Australia, for the past five years. The company was engaged as Managing Contractor and has provided significant contributions during the budget finalisation, value management and procurement and construction phases. The progress of the redevelopment has been yet another practical demonstration of Hansen Yuncken’s philosophy of “Building Value” and consistently pursuing innovation. Elements completed to date include the Inpatient building with its 70 ward rooms and 20 day chairs, with specialist departments such as haematology and cytotoxic preparation. This was completed in 2007. Since then work has continued on the Childcare building, the Research building and Engineering Buildings. A multideck carpark was constructed with 3 elevated levels allowing for 575 parking spaces. The old Maternity building was demolished this year making way for the construction of the Rehabilitation and Older Persons Mental Health buildings.Overall the works are due to be completed in December 2012 for a final contract sum of $127m. The Inpatient building has won a South Australian AIB award for professional excellence in the $10-50m category. The new Rehabilitation Services Building will provide new replacement facilities for several Allied Health patient therapy services including Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. The new building will comprise state of the art facilities to replace existing ones. The new building comprises a two storey concrete framed structure containing Allied Health with linkages to adjacent inpatient building and former maternity building therapy services and a new plant room constructed atop the modified former Maternity Building. The Older Persons Mental Health Unit comprises of 20 beds to service acute patients. Its construction is a single storey, with a steel and timber framing and brick veneer façade. The building is designed around a central core nurses station, with radiating accommodation wings. Hansen Yuncken successfully managed a developing and changing scope of work while maintaining its commitment to budget outcomes WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

and overall master planning concepts. The company aims at all times to use a collaborative and communicative approach to project delivery. This has been demonstrated by undertaking smaller relocation fit outs within an occupied building, major infrastructure upgrades including fire sprinklers to the occupied tower block, HV ring main and upgrade of HV main switchgear and the demolition of the 7 storey Maternity Building, all of which involved critical services cutovers, and detailed communication of works while neighbouring buildings continued to function without interruption. Hansen Yuncken, working with its consultant team, provided a significant contribution in the review and assessment of the Green Building Council Green Star rating tool for hospital buildings. Hansen Yuncken’s Project Manager Ben Tolley states ‘The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Project is a challenging project that has required an embracement of collaboration to achieve its targets. The project enabled us to further demonstrate our skills in construction and deconstructing in live environments. It has been a privilege for us to continue our contribution to the improvement of the State’s Health System.’ Hansen Yuncken has managed close to a dozen hospital and healthcare projects in recent years, including the Glenside Campus Health Facility, Lyell McEwin Hospital Stages A, B & C, Wakefield Hospital, Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Noarlunga GP Plus Health, all in South Australia; Orange Hospital and the Medica Centre in NSW; and the Launceston General Hospital and Neo Natal Unit and the Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania. The company has a proud track record in the delivery of many other significant and complex construction projects throughout Australia, over 4500 and counting since the company was founded in Melbourne in 1918. It is today one of the largest privately owned construction companies in this country. For more information contact Hansen Yuncken, L1, 191 Fullarton Road Dulwich SA 5065, phone 08 8229 7300, fax 08 8229 7301, website:


Energy management specialist Schneider Electric continues its involvement with the unfolding Stage 2 redevelopment of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. Stage 2 is now scheduled for completion in late 2012. Schneider’s local acquisition, TAC Pacific, has worked on the project from the beginning, winning an NECA Excellence Award in 2007. The injection of Schneider’s global experience and resources has made the relationship even stronger. The challenge all along has been to install and upgrade intelligent integrated systems (IIS) in a working hospital with no disruption of services in the midst of demolition, refurbishment, and six distinct construction zones. In essence the aim of the building management and control system is to ensure that between energy generation and points of use the right amount of energy gets to the right user at the right time. Supply should be safe, reliable, efficient, and green. Schneider consolidated cable management for voice and data through a series of communication “closets” located throughout the hospital complex, linked by a combination of fibre and copper backbone cabling. The network provides dependable and stable transmission of data in an environment where security and CCTV systems alone require large bandwidth. Incredibly, a single low voltage cable distribution infrastructure now supports voice and data, nurse-call, security and building functions including lighting, heating, and ventilation. The entire network, down to temperature sensors and magnetic door locks, can be controlled from a single designated computer. This brings systems integration to a level not seen before, setting a new standard for large buildings and institutions. Hospital staff can monitor and manage services in ways not possible until now, saving time and money. During the installation process Schneider has conducted extensive training of staff to enable them to use the system effectively. Some functions take care of themselves. With information gained from swipe cards the network knows how many people are in each building, and where they are, and adjusts air conditioning and ventilation accordingly. This is a long way from the days when someone flicked a single switch in the morning and everyone hoped for

the best. At 11am the network generates a complete report on energy use, financials and other matters, which is sent by email to the hospital administrator. From the patients’ point of view, temperature and lighting controls obviously promote their comfort. Security measures and nurse-call and panic buttons ensure their safety. Reliable connectivity for laptops and other forms of entertainment helps them to enjoy themselves as much as they can in the circumstances. Schneider Electric has delivered some of the largest and most complex projects in Australia and New Zealand. Between our two cousin countries the company has an investment of $1.3 billion and employs 3600 people, with its own factories in Adelaide, Benalla, Brisbane and Melbourne. Worldwide it employs 100,000 people in over 100 countries and has 200 factories. The company provides integrated technology to optimise energy usage in any situation. With a unique portfolio in electrical distribution, industrial automation, critical power and cooling, building management and security, and in the growing healthcare sector, Schneider Electric is the only global specialist in energy management and a world leader in energy efficiency. Since 2004 it has created a unique business portfolio, doubling its size in revenue and personnel. It devotes 5% of sales every year to research and development to make its solutions greener, simpler and easier to use. Schneider can help any building or facility achieve maximum points for Green Star, NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System), and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

For more information contact Schneider Electric, Glen Scott, Country Segment Manager, Healthcare, Australia and New Zealand 0411 101 676, 33-37 Port Wakefield Rd Gepps Cross SA 5094, phone 08 8161 0955, fax 08 8161 0910, web:



Below Schneider Electric has delivered some of the largest and most complex projects in Australia and New Zealand.



Below Woodpend provided frames, fire and timber doors, door and sundry hardware, and a master key system for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Woodpend was established in 1988 with a workforce of 8, supplying commercial door hardware to the construction industry. Woodpend has since extended its services by developing a locksmith department, Premier Locksmiths and a project management department, Woodpend Projects. With these departments Woodpend can provide, supply, install and manage all doorway systems complete with the design of master key systems. Currently the company has 34 employees divided between Woodpend Hardware, Premier Locksmiths, and Woodpend Projects. It also calls on the services of 18 sub contracting carpenters. Woodpend specialises predominantly in supply and installation of doors, frames, and commercial hardware, and associated project management. It has a license to manufacture its own fire rated doors. Woodpend has recently introduced a new business initiative to its portfolio with supply and installation of toilet partition Suites, proudly supporting the Laminex Group product range. For the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woodpend provided a total project management contract package to all stages incorporating 196 SA PROJECT FEATURE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL

frames, fire and timber doors, door and sundry hardware, and a master key system. In the Research Building the package involved fire rated doors, joinery full glass doors, lead lined doors, acoustic doors, special veneer doors, 2 in 1 assist doors, metal clad industrial doors and standard internal commercial doors. There was also a large scope of metalwork involved on site modifying existing aluminium frames to accommodate security access control and large glass double action doors pivoting from large steel square section posts as per the architects’ specifications. The Woodpend team was well up to the challenge of completing this work within the target of time and budget that the builder provided. Woodpend is currently working on the new Tower 8 new Tax Office headquarters, Broken Hill Shopping Centre, and the Pasadena Green Shopping Centre and recently completed the SAPOL new Head Quarters for SA Police. For more information contact Woodpend Projects (Part of the Woodpend Pty Ltd Group), Level 1, 59 Goodwood Road Wayville SA 5034, phone 08 8357 3530, fax 08 8357 3537. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below S & S Plasterboard Contractors were engaged to fit ceilings and partitions on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital project.

S & S Plasterboard were initially engaged to fit ceilings and partitions in Stage 1 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital refurbishment in 2001. They have remained with the project, moving on to other areas such as the Inpatients building, Research building, Nuclear Medicine, Women’s Health, and the Day Surgery, all the while working closely with hospital staff to avoid disruption to the normal everyday functions and services of the hospital. The high quality finish they give to their work is evident throughout, most notably in the main entrance and atrium of the Research Building.

For Hindmarsh Construction they worked on Stages 2&5 of the Flinders Link development. In association with Built Environs they worked on a fit out for the Department of Defence at Mawson Lakes. S&S is currently working on the Flinders Medical Centre. In business since 1984, its reputation has steadily grown along with its dedication to customer satisfaction. The company has also worked on convention centres, a Mormon temple, and the Commonwealth Law Courts building in Adelaide. S & S brings its commitment to excellence to bear on every project, large or small.

S & S enjoys regular repeat work from major contractors such as Hansen Yuncken owing to its reputation for careful attention to detail in planning, costing, and sourcing of appropriate materials, which invariably produces cost and time benefits to clients. With Hansen Yuncken it has worked on the Mitcham cinema complex, Super Schools, and the commendation award winning Building X (Environmental Sciences) at the Mawson Lakes campus of the University of South Australia. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

For more information contact S & S Plasterboard Contractors Pty Ltd, PO Box 2483 Charleston SA 5244, phone 08 8389 54630, fax 08 8389 5473, mobile 0408 827 092. SA PROJECT FEATURE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL 197

Below MedMech specialises in the design and installation of medical and laboratory gas reticulation systems for hospitals, laboratories, and science facilities.

MedMech Solutions brought its expertise to construction of the new laboratory in Stage 2 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital redevelopment. The company is contracted on various projects by builders, mechanical engineers and mechanical services contractors to carry out installations of specialized pipework during the building process. MedMech specialises in the design and installation of medical and laboratory gas reticulation systems for hospitals, laboratories, and science facilities. It also installs products for operating theatres, high dependency, coronary care and intensive care units. Operating theatre lights, pendants and specialist medical equipment are either sourced by MedMech or supplied by a third party and installed by them. MedMech carries out installation of mechanical services, pipe work for heating and chilled water systems including boilers, chillers, pumps, expansion tanks, header tanks, dosing pots and condenser units. MedMech also specialise in installing refrigeration pipe work. This is complemented by the medical gas installation as the refrigeration pipe work needs to be installed to a high degree of cleanliness. By 198 SA PROJECT FEATURE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL

purging the pipe work oxidization of the copper pipes is alleviated, which extends the life of the associated equipment. MedMech carries out extensive servicing of medical and laboratory gas reticulation systems and has service contracts with a number of Government entities. The work performed in this area includes servicing and testing of reticulated systems, flash back arrestors, and all associated pieces of equipment in TAFE colleges, schools, and workshops. MedMech also carried out the infrastructure Medical gas pipework on behalf of Climat Commercial Air Conditioning for stage 3 of the redevelopment, to re direct all of the existing Medical Gas services below ground, to allow demolition of the old maternity building and future redevelopment of the TQEH Older Persons Mental health facility. MedMech Solutions has embarked on a program to achieve AS/NZ ISO 9001:1994 as an endorsed quality provider to its customers. For more information contact MedMech Solutions, 6/25 Research Road Pooraka SA 5095, phone 08 8262 4873, fax 08 8262 4794, email:, website: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below McMahon Services’ demo-nstration in innovation

The $3.2million demolition works for Adelaide’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital demonstrated innovation at its best. McMahon Services were previously contracted to tackle the first major project, removing 5,280 meters of asbestos contaminated mastic in precast panels, and 2000 meters of asbestos based pipe cladding and cement pipe, and creating an asbestos register for the entire hospital. The complex demolition works involved the deconstruction of the 7 storey Maternity Wing attached to an occupied building. Protected by outdoor scaffolding, the demolition followed a floor by floor deconstruction, using company-owned 3 and 5 tonne excavators supported by a number of skid steer loaders. To minimise disturbance, the demolition team constructed a purposebuilt waste chute. The U shaped stacked formation was created using 11x40ft and 14x20ft shipping containers, lined with a concrete slab and 30mm steel plate. The works also involved demolition of the ‘back of house’ facilities including workshops, offices and storage, as well as the boiler house, WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

which included a concrete and fire brick chimney approximately 40m high. To deconstruct the chimney McMahon Services brought in their new $3million ultra high reach excavator, capable of reaching up to 45m from ground level. Since commencing operations in 1990, McMahon Services have successfully completed projects with a combined value in excess of $600million. This work has ranged from a high volume of small projects through to large multi-disciplinary projects across South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The company encourages a strong culture of innovation, continually investing in new technologies and methods to minimise overall costs of operations, and to provide practical approaches that ensure efficient and effective results.

For more information contact McMahon Services, Head Office (Adelaide) 26 Duncan Road Dry Creek SA 5094, phone 08 8203 3100, website: SA PROJECT FEATURE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL 199


retail therapy D

elivering a facelift for the Burnside Village Shopping Centre in the heart of Adelaide presented its own challenges, however, nothing that outmatched the expertise and experience of major contractor for the project, Brookfield Multiplex. When it came to choosing the major contractor for the Burnside Village Shopping Centre project, the requirement was to select a company that was unsurpassed in its capability to deliver a quality product on time and within budget. The natural choice was Brookfield Multiplex. “Brookfield Multiplex is a leader in global contracting and development management – we build, engineer and maintain property and infrastructure assets,” says Brookfield Multiplex’s Adrian Esplin. “We are an accomplished international contracting and development business. We are at our best creating large-scale and complex landmark buildings, commercial structures and infrastructure projects. Forwardthinking and focused we build sustainable futures, enriching communities.” 200 SA PROJECT FEATURE BURNSIDE VILLAGE

The company’s contracting heritage is in construction – forged in Australia - with ensuing growth in New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada. Brookfield Mulitplex is also expanding this legacy, applying its expertise and strength to the Engineering and Infrastructure sectors. Brookfield Multiplex was able to bring its considerable expertise and knowledge to deliver successful outcomes for the Burnside Village Shopping Centre project. Now complete, the $100 million shopping centre upgrade at Burnside Village saw Brookfield Multiplex delivering an extra 37 retail tenancies to the regional centre. The redevelopment comprised demolition of the existing mall, tenancies and adjoining buildings (approx 5,000m2) whilst maintaining trade to the existing centre, additional 11,000m2 undercroft car parking consisting of an extension to the existing, additional 7,000m2 of new retail tenancies and mall connecting to the existing centre, and 5,000m2 external car park on post tensioned suspended slab. Only five kilometres from Adelaide’s CBD, the regional retail complex will benefit from the addition of several premium fashion and lifestyle AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Main Construction Company : Brookfield Multiplex completion : October 2011 SURVEYOR : Rider Levett Bucknall architects : Buchan Group STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Wallbridge & Gillbert project end value : $57.4 Million

retailers, taking the overall total to 120 tenants, creating a shopping hub for the surrounding area. Completed in stages the majority of work continued to be conducted out of hours in order to minimise disruption to functioning tenancies. “Although the existing centre is fully operational, early works have saw some retailers such as Sussan, Flight Centre, the bakery and the fruit and veg store relocated into the southern atrium,” Adrian says. “Brookfield Multiplex expanded the southern atrium northwards. It was built around the centre’s 100-year-old, 18-metre tall River Red Gum’ , which was covered with a large glass ceiling, allowing for two-storey shops with six-metre-high shopfronts.” Interior works such as tiling, lighting and paving upgrades and modifications to the roof and secondary roof lights were also upgraded. Walkways were included in the construction, allowing shoppers to travel between the southern atrium and shops. Burnside Shopping Centre is shaping up to be the only specialty hub for Australian and international fashion labels and brands in South Australia. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

With 50 years of experience in the industry, Brookfield Multiplex prides itself on its ability to recognise unique opportunities in property and infrastructure, responding decisively, harnessing the expert skills and capabilities of its team to create positive, sustainable outcomes for its employees and contractors, the community and the environment. “We are known for innovative excellence. What sets us apart is that our innovation and creative thinking are products of our collaborative approach,” Adrian says. “Our clients are part of our team – we share our knowledge, insights and ideas. Our employees work together across the business and draw on powerful global resources, united in our aim to exceed client expectations.”

BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX Level 17, 33 King William St Adelaide SA 5000 t. 08 8218 0800 f. 08 8212 0288 SA PROJECT FEATURE BURNSIDE VILLAGE 201



Burnside Village, SA



keeping safe on site W ith safety of paramount importance on the Burnside Village site – RSEA Pty Ltd, the experts in safety solutions were called in.

equipment (head, eye, hand and hearing protection) to road safety barriers, signage, variable messaging boards and temporary fencing.

RSEA Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest independent safety solutions provider and is a market leader in all things safety.

“Our objective of each project is to maximise the safety of not only each person on site but also the general public near the site. This is achieved through local and on site relationships with our safety specialists as well as through our national store network,” Gordana explains.

Whether it's footwear, safety clothing, workwear, safety signage, personal protective equipment, workplace safety products or road safety equipment, RSEA offers every imaginable safety product. RSEA played an important role in providing safety to the Burnside Village project site. “Our role in projects like the Burnside Village project is to help our clients and their contractors protect their people. With an increased focus and drive to ensuring safe working environments in Australia, RSEA has the depth and breadth of products, which enable us to provide what our clients need, when they need it. We take great pride in being the company that is trusted to deliver,” says RSEA’s Gordana Petrevska. “In major construction projects, such as the Burnside Village project, RSEA provide a wide range of products, from safety workwear (hi visibility clothing) to safety footwear, from personal protective 204 SA PROJECT FEATURE BURNSIDE VILLAGE

“We work with major organisations such as Multiplex as well as smaller contacting firms and even independent contractors. In fact, a large amount of the safety equipment for the Burnside Village project was purchased directly from our Wingfield site by project contractors.” With 17 sites (and growing), RSEA welcomes the opportunity to support the safety needs of Australian business.

RSEA pty ltd National Head Office 94 Cochranes Road Moorabbin VIC 3189 contact: Gordana Petrevska t. 0417 372 529 f. 03 9553 4178 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

sky high on quality S

ervicing the Australian building market since 1990 with quality roof glazing products, Skyworld Contractors Pty Ltd (SA) was the natural choice to deliver successful results for the Burnside Village project. Skyworld Contractors Pty Ltd (SA) offer a wealth of industry experience including a comprehensive knowledge of polycarbonates for roof glazing projects in domestic and commercial applications.

For the Burnside Village project, the company partnered with Bayer MaterialScience, extensively using Makrolon® UV Solid sheet grey tint throughout the development to provide superior shading. It was also matched with the colour scheme of the shopping centre as a whole. “We also used Skyworld glazing bars, which are designed for thermoplastic glazing materials such as Makrolon®,” says Skyworld’s Kevin O’Looney. “Skyworlds range of bars include structural bars, resulting in significant cost savings on comparitive systems.” “They offer rigidity and strength in all applications and can be used with both solid and multiwall polycarbonate. With the open air design of the shopping centre and shops facing external walkways, verandahs and canopies keep shoppers protected from all weather extremes, including rain in winter or the summer sun,” he says. Makrolon® Sheet UV is an ideal solution for outdoor glazing applications, featuring UV resistance, high transparency and excellent impact resistance WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

and is backed by a 10-year guarantee from Bayer. Bayer has also released a new product, Makrolon® Grey HR polycarbonate glazing sheet, which provides up to 30% better heat reduction than standard polycarbonate solid sheet. It has been specifically developed to maximise a building’s glazing potential and meet architectural requirements of improved comfort and thermal performance. “Makrolon® Grey HR is lightweight and generally requires less structural support than all-glass systems, saving time, labour and construction costs. Superior durability and energy efficiency when compared to the equivalent thickness of glass also add up to long term cost savings”. Skyworld’s own specialised range of aluminium glazing bars have been installed in projects from Townsville to Perth. Many businesses throughout Australia utilise the company’s experience in glazing polycarbonates. Based in Lonsdale, South Australia, Skyworld has an experienced team of designers, draftsmen, manufacturers and installers on hand to deliver results that exceed client expectation on every project.

Skyworld t. 08 8384 7093 f. 08 8384 7046 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE BURNSIDE VILLAGE 205

quality and service from the ground up P

roviding excellence in scaffolding services at the Burnside Village project was all in a day’s work for Waco Kwikform. Since 1992 Waco Kwikform Ltd (SA) has provided a cutting edge scaffolding supply and service system to the industry. Waco Kwikform manufactures, hires and sells a range of scaffold and falsework products that include some of the industry’s best-known brand names such as Kwikstage and Wedgelok; operating from over 30 locations in Australia and New Zealand with people and equipment capable of providing scaffold solutions that embody service and quality from the ground up. With a team of 12, Waco Kwikform Ltd (SA) provided scaffold access, erecting temporary access for various trades working on the Burnside Village project site. Overcoming challenges such as varying heights and obstacles such as large sized trees, the Waco Kwikform team delivered successful outcomes for the client, further enhancing the company’s reputation for reliability in the process. Waco Kwikform ltd 29-31 Francis Street Port Adelaide SA 5015 t. 08 8447 5550 f. 08 8447 5559 e.



painting the village F or over 20 years Commercial Painting Contractors (CPC) have enjoyed a strong reputation in the commercial construction industry. The company specialises in large-scale retail redevelopments and their extensive work history includes 3 major Westfield sites at Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and Arndale and both the Elizabeth City Centre and Colonnades Shopping Centre. The Burnside Village Project provided CPC with another exciting opportunity to partner with Brookfield Multiplex and work on one of the South Australia’s more complex and iconic retail redevelopments. The company works primarily on an invitational tender basis and enjoys an enviable reputation within the construction industry for reliability, quality and project delivery. Managing Director Steve McGrath said: “We are proud of our history of delivering successful outcomes for our clients. Our partnership with Brookfield Multiplex on the Burnside Village, the Pasadena Shopping Centre & the Colonnades Shopping Centre projects in Adelaide are prime example of this.” CPC offered a single company solution for all of the applied finishes for the project. This included high quality two-pack polyurethane finishes to the steelwork, decorative finishes in the lobbies and stairwells, general architectural finishes, timber and WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

concrete floor coatings, linemarking, fire exit identification & signage requirements. Steve adds “It was another great opportunity to work with Brookfield Multiplex and we’d like to extend our thanks in particular to the Senior Project Manager Davide Piantadosi, Site Manager Steve Blackmore and their team who all showed a great level of professionalism throughout the entire project.” The Burnside Village is an impressive project and is a credit to the team at CPC and its partners at Brookfield Multiplex. It showcases outstanding workmanship and sets a benchmark within the construction industry in South Australia. CPC is currently working on another large retail development with Brookfield Multiplex at the Pasadena Shopping Centre in Adelaide. They are also working on Tower 8, the new 17-storey office development for the Australian Tax Office in Adelaide.

Commercial Painting Contractors 20 Dewer Avenue Ridgehaven SA 5097 t. 08 8395 7444 f. 08 8395 7400 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE BURNSIDE VILLAGE 207

glenside campus redevelopment PROJECT : Glenside Campus Health Facilities MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Hansen Yuncken CLIENT : SA Health PROJECT END VALUE : $110 Million COMPLETION : December 2012 ARCHITECTS : Swanbury Penglase Architects STRUCTURAL & CIVIL ENGINEER : Kellogg, Brown & Root SURVEYOR : Davis Langdon

PROJECT : Adelaide Studios MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Hansen Yuncken CLIENT : (Arts SA) Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure PROJECT END VALUE : $42 Million COMPLETION : August 2011 ARCHITECTS : Grieve Gillett STRUCTURAL & CIVIL ENGINEER : Wallbridge and Gilbert QUANTITY SURVEYOR : Rider Levett Bucknall

HANSEN YUNCKEN L1, 191 Fullarton Rd Dulwich SA 5065 t. 08 8229 7300 f. 08 8229 7301

HANSEN YUNCKEN DELIVER TWINNED PROJECT EXCELLENCE edeveloping Glenside Campus, the site of the oldest mental health facility in South Australia, showcases the skills of Hansen Yuncken in a real ‘double feature’. The site is now home to the newly completed Adelaide Film Studios and a redeveloped Glenside Mental Health Facility, due for final completion in late 2012. Hansen Yuncken delivered the Film Studios under a Collaborative contract, participating in the evolution of the final design for the building complex, which incorporates two sound stages and a wide range of post-production facilities. Their scope of works also included restoration of the existing Heritage Listed Administration Building, which was part of the former mental health facility and is now part of the Film Centre development. “The new Adelaide Film Studios building complex presented challenges around the high levels of acoustic isolation and attenuation. These aspects of the project were driven by the requirement to obtain Dolby Premier Studio Certification. Dolby Premier Studio Certification is a measure of technical excellence at every level of the studio’s operation and is the highest accreditation given by Dolby,” said Hansen Yuncken project manager, Stuart Warnes. “The heritage listed Administration Building presented its own challenges of a very different nature compared to the modern construction techniques associated with the new building complex. Due to the original construction methods and materials used, this building required particular considerations during the structural alterations and seismic upgrade phase partly due to the use of bluestone as the principle construction material used to build the walls. “Bluestone in this construction is very difficult to anchor fixings into and also undertake structural alterations without it crumbling away. Therefore forming new openings required complex propping arrangements prior to new lintels and piers being installed. The plaster restoration in the Administration Building required the use of putty lime and locally sourced sands to comply with the Heritage listing. 208 SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment

“There was also the requirement to seismically upgrade the inside of the existing Clock Tower around the clock mechanism that is older than Big Ben in the UK. This in itself was very difficult due to the confined access and the 5 tonnes of steel structure that had to be installed.” Some innovative materials choices were made to meet project requirements. Durra Panel roof construction was used on the new production facility building complex, delivering excellent acoustic performance. The roof panels were constructed in modules at ground level and lifted to the work face using specially designed frames. Prodema cladding panels have been used extensively to the Production area facades. Sourced from Spain, the wood composite panels have a wood veneer finish, giving the exterior facades of the Production areas a warm, earthy look. Solar panels have been installed to deliver significant energy savings, reducing operational costs for the facility. A team of ten Hansen Yuncken staff and 47 sub contractors worked on the project, with a combined peak daily workforce of 165. “This project has met all key project objectives relating to time, quality and delivery within the overall budget. The project has proceeded in an environment of good collaboration amongst all project stakeholders. Safety outcomes have been exceptional, with no lost time injuries recorded across the project, to its successful completion in late July 2011,” said Stuart. The second act of this redevelopment is the construction of the new Glenside Campus Mental Health Facility. This is being constructed on the existing Glenside Campus, and has been preceded by the demolition of several existing building to make way for the new facilities, which necessitated the staged relocation of current mental health clients. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

The project includes construction of seven major buildings on an over 70,000m2 campus, comprising a Facilities management Hub (845m2), Supported accommodation (20 units), an administration building for people transitioning into the community(1,767m2), Specialist Rehabilitation Service (4000m2), Shared Activity Centre (ShAC) (800m2), Helen Mayo House (HMH) (1,425m2), Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Services (2,900m2), Acute Inpatient Services (5,775m2), and Front of House/Administration building (2,031m2). “The key issue about the project is the size of the buildings and campus, and the logistics of managing such a large area project which will have multiple buildings being constructed at the same time,” said Hansen Yuncken Senior Contract Administrator, Josh Webb. “The project has extensive landscaping which forms a major element of the project to assist in the wellbeing of the residents. It has also been designed to bring the general community into the campus and to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. “Extensive civil works on this project includes the creation of new roads, carparking and infrastructure into the existing campus. This involves the relocation and disconnection of existing services and installation of all new electrical, water, sewer, communication services, installation of new road works and new entrance to the campus, while also maintaining access to the site. “A major challenge has been ensuring detailed and ongoing consultation with the client to ensure access to existing and operational facilities, as some operational buildings are within the construction zone. Patients are still around the construction zone, which was initially a concern, however they have adapted well to the changes occurring around them. Another challenge has been planning and creating a series of temporary road accesses for construction and existing road traffic.” There are several stages of building completions between January 2011 and late 2012, in order for the staged relocation of clients to occur with WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

minimal disruption to the clients themselves. Construction is general single storey brick veneer construction on timber framing, excepting the Front of House which is a two storey precast/steel/alucabond structure. The first building completed was the Facilities Management Hub in January 2011. The Supported Accommodation units were completed in August 2011, allowing long-term clients to be moved ahead of construction of acute care services. The project has been designed using Green Star standards. Water and energy efficiency measures include water tanks being installed for reuse in the toilets systems to the supported accommodation units, a 240m3 below ground water tank installed for supplying the 140 bed patient care areas and solar panels being installed throughout. All services have been designed to meet the goal of low energy consumption. A dozen or more Hansen Yuncken staff will be contributing to the project between starting on site in April 2010 and final completion and handover, and the combined workforce with subcontractors is expected to peak at around 300 daily. Hansen Yuncken has also just completed the largest PPP project in South Australia, the $210million Education Works New Schools PPP and is currently a joint-venture main contractor for the design and construction of the $1.8billion New Royal Adelaide Hospital PPP project, currently Australia’s largest social infrastructure buildings project, scheduled for completion in 2016. Established in 1918, Hansen Yuncken is Australia’s largest private commercial construction contractor. The company employs around 800 people in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Canberra, Shepparton/Albury and Orange. Hansen Yuncken is the recipient of the 2010 ANZ/BRW Private Business of the Year Award, and is the current holder of the Master Builders Australia National Commercial Builder of the Year Award. SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment 209


YFE had to research right back to some of Adelaide’s earliest survey documents in order to compile the data required for the Glenside Campus Redevelopment. Hand drawn pen and ink records, many in links and perches from the 1840s were invaluable in preparing service infrastructure and cadastral plans for the Glenside redevelopment. “There had been no legal division or survey work carried out at the site since its inception in the 1840s as the Mental Asylum. Many of the records were hand drawn stored in Government Archives,” explained FYFE Director, Ross Fyfe. FYFE were responsible for the compilation of base plans to identify existing heritage buildings and underground services, to assist with the planning and design activities of the Project Team. The gardens surrounding the buildings contained numerous significant trees that were classified as special and important. Many of the established specimens were uncommon English species with definite Heritage value, these had to be surveyed, tree protection zones plotted, this was a very sensitive process. FYFE supplied consistent spatial data to the project team to be used for architectural, civil and landscaping design, and to create new Certificates of Title for the development lots. The Adelaide Film Corporation now occupy the grand heritage administration building following extensive restoration.

210 SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment

Portions of the site were subdivided for higher density residential units, planned mental care facilities and the expansion of the adjacent supermarket and shopping centre. The project was master planned from inception, and underwent extensive community consultation to achieve the aims and ambitions of the State Government. One of the strengths FYFE brought to the project was the forty years experience that Director Ross Fyfe has accumulated whilst working for State, Local Government and in private practice within South Australia. The employment of high accuracy GPS equipment, laser scanning and remote operating instruments were used on site. Survey work within the heavy tree canopies restricted GPS coverage and provided another challenge. This meant a combination of traditional and GPS survey methods, with a further step offsite needed to integrate the two different forms of data. Working under contract for SA Health, the title holders for Glenside, FYFE worked with the project team in preparing planning and titling documents for both the Film Centre and the Health Campus. The Health Campus is a relatively complex facility, comprising a working hospital, two facilities for intellectually handicapped persons and facilities for substance abuse and mental illness treatment. “This project is another example where the South Australian Government has carefully master planned, consulted and delivered a project to the community, which provides essential public health facilities, the opportunity for first class residential development, and commercial shopping centre expansion” said Ross.


“The project is a win-win for all camps, with quality open space for all parties to enjoy.” FYFE is a well established land, resource and infrastructure development consultancy specialising in providing comprehensive services to SA, QLD and NT. Since commencing operations in 1982, FYFE has grown to employ more 350 people located in 11 offices throughout Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Coolum, Roma, Alice Springs, Dalby, Ballera, Tennant Creek and Moomba. FYFE has undertaken a variety of large and small survey projects, employing more than 50 qualified surveyors for survey activities and maintain a fleet of 20 fully equipped survey vehicles. Clients are assured of the highest quality of service, with FYFE having ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation since 1994. FYFE are one of the largest survey companies able to provide a full range of survey services from initial feasibility to as constructed surveys. As part of delivering the best service possible, FYFE has developed their own software application ‘Project Tracker’, to enable efficient collection and retrieval of information in relation to regions and projects.

allotment residential land division master plan; the preparation of multiple planning reports for the DAP & ERD Court; Munno Para West, 47 allotment residential land division and 83 allotment land capability analysis. FYFE also has extensive experience in land development projects, including project management of engineering and survey elements, feasibility studies and marketing plans. The company has completed more than 350 major land development projects, 4500 minor land development projects and 2000 residential boundary surveys. Recent noteworthy projects include Murray Bridge Equine Precinct, providing engineering and survey services; Martin Towers; Northgate, undertaking a 1200 allotment residential survey and development applications for AV Jennings Ltd; and Waterford Estate, an award winning residential development of 198 country living lots on the outskirts of Mt Barker for which FYFE provided both engineering and survey services. FYFE Pty Ltd Level 3, 80 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000 t 08 8201 9600 e.

Some of FYFE’s landmark projects have involved maintaining an eye for detail and accuracy over vast distances, such as the 280km Jackson to Moomba pipeline and the 128km Fairview to Wallumbilla Pipeline Project for Santos Ltd, and the 680km Victoria to South Australia Pipeline for SEA Gas Pty Ltd. FYFE also provide comprehensive urban planning services for both the public and private sector, with completed commissions including Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island – Tourist Park Master Plan; Penfield – 200


SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment 211

SIMPLY THE BEST CRANES IN SA aving a site complicated by narrow passages, multiple gates and numerous Heritage trees made access a challenge on the Glenside Campus Redevelopment project. Fleurieu Cranes made life easier for Hansen Yuncken and many of the subcontractors with their All Terrain and Pick n Carry Franna cranes supplied as wet hire to the project. Of the All Terrain Cranes used on the project, Fleurieu supplied their 200T and 55T All Terrain Cranes, both selected for their superior manoeuvrability, versatility, reach and lifting capacity. They were used to unload site huts, reposition amenities blocks, relocate tanks, lift steel, reo, air conditioning units and chillers. Of the Frannas supplied (12T, 15T, 20T and 25T), these cranes were used for their ability to "walk" their loads and relocate them with relative ease, eg Containers, toilet blocks, gensets The company, formed in 2005, has South Australia’s most modern fleet of cranes for wet and dry hire as well as some of the State’s most experienced operators with decades of experience in safe, efficient lifting. Company founder, Philip “Snowy” Allen, brought to the company extensive experience as a Rigger, Crane Operator and Crane Supervisor and has, with his two business partners, built a fleet of cranes including a 30T slew crane, five Frannas, three City Cranes, two 40T All Terrains, two 55T All Terrains, an 80T Crawler Crane, two 95T Liebherr All Terrains, a 200T All Terrain crane – the only crane of this capacity currently allowed to travel on a 24 hour permit in South Australia - and a 350T All Terrain.

Other recent major projects include Adelaide’s Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide Desalination Plant, the Coast to Coast Road, Aldinga & Christies Beach Waste Water Treatment Plants, Angas Zinc & Kanmantoo Copper Mines, ASC Facility, Franklin Street Bus Terminal, Gepps Cross Super School, Wave and Edge and numerous remote location jobs including mining operations. Fleurieu Cranes willingness to invest in modern equipment, coupled with dedicated staff who are prepared to go the extra yard for customers, has seen Fleurieu thrive in the competitive crane hire market, winning repeat business from some of the most experienced contractors in the construction trade. Fleurieu Cranes Pty Ltd 34 Wingfield Road Wingfield SA 5013 t. 08 8347 2777 f. 08 8345 3677 e.

Fleurieu are dedicated to safety with strict OH&S policies and are National Code compliant. Their services include 24/7 mobile crane hire, general rigging, boilermaker and labour hire services, steel fabrication and erection service and tower crane operation. Fleurieu are also specialists in pre cast and tilt up panel installations.

212 SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment


Paving the way MCMAHON SERVICES P/L Head Office (Adelaide) 26 Duncan Road Dry Creek SA 5094 t. 08 8203 3100

he redevelopment of Adelaide’s iconic Glenside Campus was a large multifaceted project that demanded a wide range of skills and expertise. South Australia’s largest privately owned construction company, McMahon Services, was contracted by Hansen Yuncken to prepare the hospital precinct from civil works through to building packages. The first phase of the project cycle was the civil works with an expected duration of 14 months. McMahon Services were responsible for asbestos removal, demolition, waste disposal, high volume bulk earthworks, environmental management and all new infrastructure from water mains and new roads through to paving works and building pads. An Environmental Management Representative was appointed specifically for the project, to carefully manage all materials, with the tracking of on-site and imported material recorded, screened and if contaminated, disposed of to EPA regulation standards. Special care was also required when working on heritage-listed areas and through the engagement of an Archaeologist a wall was uncovered dating back over 100 years – a reminder of the project’s sensitivity. With an average of 30 employees working on-site, McMahon Services have now completed Stage 1, 2 and 2a. To ensure patients, staff, visitors and other contractors were not affected, the works were divided into small segments to provide access to the hospital and other on-site projects. Civil works still remain including; footpaths, garden bed preparation ready for landscaping, ETSA service pillars and streetlights. The Building Services division were also contracted to complete 1st and 2nd fix carpentry works for 6 new buildings. 1st fix works involved wall and roof frames, and roof trusses, whilst the 2nd fix works included supply and installation of timber and metal doors and doorframes, and specialist doors. The works also included the supply and installation of door hardware, specialist fittings and fixtures, and 2nd fix timbers WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

including skirtings, architraves and window sills. The team consisted of 15 personnel and up to 4 carpentry apprentices on-site at the one time. The Roofing division also carried out a 2 stage project. Phase 1 included roofing and cladding works to a central building using 140 Kingspan, a product from Western Australia that had never been used before. Phase 2 involved installing Colorbond roofing to the Supported Accommodation - 10 buildings in total. The team also completed wall cladding for the carport facilities. As a safety-focused and federal accredited company, McMahon Services implemented a strict Occupational Health and Safety management plan in consultation with Hansen Yuncken. Best practice standards were developed, particularly for roofers, requiring them to wear a safety harness and use the ‘Sure Line’ system. With 21 years of experience in the construction industry, McMahon Services delivered a depth of knowledge and resources to the project. McMahon Services are at the forefront of delivering multi-disciplinary projects, with over 450 staff, offices around Australia, and a $50million network of company owned plant and equipment, McMahon Services continues to grow. McMahon Services recently partnered with Aboriginal Foundation of South Australia to form Intract – a new business aimed at providing skills training and long-term employment for Aboriginal people in the mining and construction industries. With 9 graduates and a team of 15 actively working in construction services, the initiative is off to a great start. In October, McMahon Services was recognised for their work, winning the Category 2 award for the $2.5million remediation of Housing SA’s Birkenhead site at the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) National Earth Awards. McMahon Services has cemented itself as an industry leader, and continues to pave the way, securing complex projects across Australia. SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment 213

trafficking success he team at Murray F Young & Associates (MFY) wish to congratulate the Glenside project team for completion of a successful project. As one of Australia’s leading integrated traffic and parking consultants, Murray F Young & Associates (MFY) was engaged by SA Health to provide the Glenside Campus redevelopment project with the specific solutions to both project construction and ongoing user access issues for the New Health Facilities. MFY is proud to have been a part of this important project which will provide state-of-the-art mental health and drug and alcohol treatment services for all South Australians. The scope of work undertaken included a review of the Master Plan document for the Glenside site, and assessment of specific traffic aspects of the Master Plan. The firm also undertook an assessment of the particular traffic implications associated with the redevelopment of the health facilities and the adjacent Film Corporation site; an assessment of parking provision requirements for the health facilities and adjacent Film and Screen Centre development; and design of the new public and private road layout, including traffic control treatments, intersection design, and on-street and off-street parking areas. MFY also liaised with the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and the City of Burnside in relation to site access requirements including review of the Aimsun microsimulation analysis. A detailed traffic and parking report was prepared, which formed part of the Development Application submission to Council. In addition, the firm has provided advice to SA Health’s Major Projects Office in respect to traffic management interface and access issues associated with the adjacent supermarket site. Project challenges MFY resolved included addressing specific health facility user requirements, interface issues with adjacent (existing and proposed) land uses, Heritage issues and significant trees. MFY has worked closely with the multi-disciplinary project team to ensure that traffic and parking treatments will provide high levels of safety and amenity for all The Health Facility’s stakeholders and users. MFY has been providing high quality traffic management and parking studies services to both private and public sector major projects since 1979, with well over 300 projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and regional areas completed each year. The six professional traffic engineers at MFY offer a wide range of experience, and are supported by technical personnel with expertise in CAD drafting, intersection/vehicle path (Autoturn) modelling and traffic network and microsimulation modelling. From offices in Adelaide and Darwin, MFY has progressively widened its traffic and parking expertise to include retail and industrial developments; mixed land use studies; major subdivisions; traffic safety reviews; landside airport operations assessments; road safety auditing; car park operation and management assessments; and feasibility studies. 214 SA PROJECT FEATURE glenside campus redevelopment

Murray F. Young & Associates 6/224 Glen Osmond Road Fullarton SA 5063 t. 08 8338 8888 f. 08 8338 8880 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Switched On. Cummins Power Generation fills lives with energy at the flick of a switch. Energy that drives industry, social lives, comfort and entertainment. Energy that supports vital infrastructure in hospitals, communications, office towers, factories, airports, farms and data centres. With 90 years experience in design, build, installation and aftersales support we deliver the best solution to suit our customer’s business and environmental needs. Our gas fired trigeneration or cogeneration systems lesson the environmental impact, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. Our ability to provide total turn-key systems using both gas and diesel engines keeps us switched on to customers’ needs. We are the only power equipment company to develop and manufacture our own power generation, power transfer and power control products. This in-house expertise drives our innovation. We design, supply, maintain and support. We call this the Power of One. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

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MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Hansen Yuncken CLIENT : University of South Australia PROJECT END VALUE : $42.7 Million COMPLETION : November 2011 ARCHITECT : John Wardle Architect SURVEYOR : Alexander & Symonds

216 SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso


Hansen Yuncken completes UniSA’s Minerals & Material Research Hub – the M² Building o design and deliver a project dedicated to exploring new ideas, Hansen Yuncken approached the task with their own distinctive style of construction leadership. The M² Building, now nearing completion for the University of South Australia at the Mawson Lakes Campus, is intended to be a catalyst for innovative learning and teaching and high quality research in the materials and minerals science and engineering hub. The building facilitates the engagement between undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, higher degree researchers and industry stakeholders in a flexible, open and creative space aimed at stimulating innovation in relevant areas. It will ensure the delivery of contemporary practice-based education programs and internationally significant research. Hansen Yuncken was awarded the managing contract for the M² Building; which was briefed as a 5 star Green Star Design and Build Project, in July 2009. The team will soon complete the fast track delivery concurrent with design management, procurement and construction of this state-of-the-art facility. From early 2012, the four storey building of 7,300m² will accommodate 55 academic staff, 45 higher degree research students and 120 honours level students studying the new Materials and Minerals Degree offered by the University of South Australia. Included as part of the build, The Plasso offers a unique landscaped area that integrates the new M² Building into the broader University’s Mawson Lakes Campus. The Plasso has been designed to accommodate a café with an alfresco style seating area. In addition to the Plasso, a network of linkways were constructed, offering a convenient and protected connection between parts of the Materials and Minerals Science Hub. An upper level link was also constructed, enabling users to travel from the main building to the Ian Wark Research Institute. Upgrades were made to the façade of the adjacent building so there is a visual connectedness between the new and existing buildings. The façade of the new M² Building comprises Colour Controlled Precast Concrete Façade, integrated with high quality architectural finishes; Aluminium angles, Longline and Alpolic Façade Cladding materials. The broader team adopted a Collaborative Delivery philosophy and worked together to complete the finer construction detailing to deliver design intent without significant cost implications to the project. The Hansen Yuncken team redesigned the construction methodology of the Plasso retaining wall elements in order to deliver the standard and quality required and intended by the design team. This redesign was accomplished within the budget parameters and without extending project timelines; the team managing to absorb additional costs and avoiding the initial 10 week delay to this element of the project. Hansen Yuncken’s Project Manager, Kevin Zammit, commented: “Through working in collaboration with multiple end users, the team learnt firsthand the University’s operational requirements for the laboratories, theatres, and teaching spaces. Our team also led the process of procurement, supply and installation of all Furniture, Fittings and Equipment items, including loose furniture and laboratory equipment. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

“The interior of the building encompasses a four storey Internal Atrium with architectural cantilevered internal stair. In keeping with the use of the building and to assist in achieving a 5 Star Design Rating under the Greenstar Education Tool, use of recycled plastic timber composite internal wall cladding, Trezini Wall finishes and recycled rubber floor finishes have been applied. “Unique elements of the building include the coordination of an inordinate amount of multi layered services required to service a University teaching and research building of this type. These services are accessible and exposed within a Peristitial space, along a corridor that runs the length of the building on all levels. The building design includes Physical Containment 2 (PC2) and Physical Containment 3 (PC3) Labs and the team successfully managed the demanding sterile cleans of the CT Suite’s PC3 Area, prior to handover.” Mr Zammit added, “We provided dedicated administration resources to ensure that the subcontractor’s variation submissions were not delayed and to ensure that the University received information of up-to-date Financial and Cost Position in a timely manner. The team of dedicated administration resources managed over 1200 instructions and 2000 requests for information during the 2 year construction period. “Remarkably, we were successful in managing a $4M budget overrun down to less than $1M through value management processes, innovative construction methodology and management of major and significant design and scope changes within the Project time line. “The team has adopted the CHAIR (Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review) Safety Tool in Construction for this project and succeeded in establishing a comprehensive and robust assessment of all aspects of the build in terms of best practice in safety. “Our team comprises 12 Hansen Yuncken staff and 58 sub-contractors with a combined peak daily workforce of 152. Safety outcomes have been exceptional, with no lost time injuries recorded across the project to date.” The Hansen Yuncken team completes in December 2011; successful in meeting all key objectives relating to time, quality and delivery within overall budget. Hansen Yuncken, established for over 90 years, is Australia’s largest private Commercial Building Contractor achieving annual turnover of $1.2 billion across five states and a network of regional offices. It is widely recognised for the successful delivery of iconic and prestigious ESD credentialed projects around Australia. It is also currently delivering the $1.8 billion New Royal Adelaide Hospital, in partnership with Leighton, which is one of the largest social infrastructure building projects now under design and construction across Australia. HANSEN YUNCKEN Adelaide Office:
Level 1, 191 Fullarton Road
 Dulwich SA 5065
 t. 08 8229 7300
 f. 08 8229 7301 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso 217

HIGH TECH EXPERTS AT STEEL DETAILING ombining engineering, fabrication and construction knowledge with the latest technology allows Concept DG Adelaide to provide the highest quality structural steel detailing services for major projects such as the M2 and Plasso at the University of SA. Three of the company’s steel detailers and a checker worked on the structural steel requirements of the project for three months. Close coordination with the precast contractor and the builder, Hansen Yuncken, was required. This coordination was performed through IFC models, and a state of the art backup system for all the project-related data and shop drawings ensured everything proceeded efficiently. “If a steel fabricator or Panel Fabricator is looking for a reliable firm to perform shop detailing, then Concept DG Adelaide is the team for you,” said Company Director Mitesh Shah. “We utilize the industry leading 3D modeling software "Xsteel" with a depth of expertise in a wide range of construction disciplines. We have been using Xsteel since 1997 and can easily adapt the system to suit any requirement. “In process of creating drawings we first create 3D model for all the members and connect them together from Architectural and Engineering Details. We combine fabrication knowledge and also building knowledge, and three of our staff hold Masters Degrees, mine is in Industrial Information Technology from Swinburne University. We strive to maintain principles of excellence and utilize best of modern technology to achieve works of highest quality within tight deadlines.” 218 SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso

Concept DG are an Australian Steel Institute Member and have been providing their specialist and professional structural detailing services for the construction industry since 1993. Winning the Global "Xsteel" modelling competition for the steel detailing of the Sikh Temple in Melbourne in 2001 is proof of their ability to deliver complex and unusual projects. Their skills are augmented by a solid understanding of how buildings work and thorough fabrication knowledge. Other recent major projects include Ceduna Hospital (250t), H2O/Baju Apartments (200t), Northgate Aged Care (300t) and Mt Gambier Market Place (600t). Concept DG have also provided structural steel detailing for Affordable Eco Housing, Modbury Special Primary School, Techport Australia and Owen Spring Power Station. Working nation-wide on major projects in every development sector, Concept DG forge links between Architecture, Engineering and Fabrication, providing the detailed fabrication workshop drawings for every piece of steel a project needs.


AN EXCELLENT TRIFECTA IN ADELAIDE ending one of their professional crews across the border into South Australia gave Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC) an opportunity to shine on three major projects. With a track record for roofing, cladding and other building work on award-winning Melbourne projects, PPC devoted the same level of attention to detail, dedication to program goals and supply and installation of the highest quality materials for the M2 & The Plasso project. Lead contractor Hansen Yuncken set high standards for safety, environmental credentials and workmanship, which PPC achieved in their installation of the project’s metal deck roof, architectural external wall cladding and internal parapet lining. Their entire scope included three levels of roof, a link bridge, canopies and all the wall cladding for the new addition to the University of South Australia. The entire program took a crew of up to five PPC tradesmen eight months to complete. PPC supplied Colorbond Kliplok roof and Colorbond Longline wall cladding for the project. All insulation PPC supplied and installed on the job has an Ozone depleting potential of zero, meeting the project’s Green Star requirements. Both the builder and project architect were pleased with the good, clean finish PPC delivered, and the work passed the weather test without leaks or need for any rectification. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

While in Adelaide for M2, PPC also undertook works for two other Hansen Yuncken projects - the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Adelaide Film and Screen Centre, giving these projects the same excellent results through diligent workmanship and program focused delivery. PPC take pride in their ability to efficiently deliver quality work and meet project goals while also keeping safety a top priority, especially given the amount of their work carried out at heights. With a large workforce, PPC can undertake major projects Australia-wide. They are specialists in Kingspan, metal deck roof, architectural building, insurance work and Danpalon work, ensuring every project they contribute to is completed with the best materials and to the highest standards.

PROFESSIONAL PLUMBING CONTRACTORS (PPC) P.O Box 8611 Carrum Downs VIC 3201 t. 03 9770 8416 f. 03 9770 8419 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso 219


ermites are not welcome to enrol at the Uni of SA’s Mawson Lakes campus, and Termimesh ensures they get turned away if the try and enter the new M2 building or structures on The Plasso. Since August 2010, Termimesh’s installation team have been working onsite, protecting all service penetrations within the new structure, in excess of 200m of construction joints and up to 270m of external perimeter with the company’s patented stainless steel mesh barrier system. “The Termimesh System has long been recognised in the construction industry for its efficacy, quality and reliability as a non-chemical long life physical barrier,” said Termimesh South Australia’s Sales Manager, Mr Tracey Hendy. We have also completed work on the previous buildings on site, giving us invaluable knowledge on the particular construction requirements for this project. We have been able to design specific details to suit the builder’s and client’s needs but more importantly, the client has the peace of mind knowing that the whole project from start to finish has been protected by a market leading product and warranty.” Termimesh South Australia had a cohesive team working on the project, including their Senior Estimator and Commercial Contracts Manager, who prepared the tender for submission. The Contracts Manager also undertook pre start safety audits and documentation, and worked with the highly experienced technical team during construction to resolve any issues. TMA (Termimesh Australia) Corporation which supplies the Termimesh System has strict quality systems with ISO 9001 accreditation and the product itself has a Codemark Certification. “The Termimesh network is pleased to announce our exclusive Pledge Non-Residential Guarantee for all new installations of the Termimesh System in non-residential/commercial buildings. Like the Termimesh System it guarantees, Pledge offers a peerless level of protection and unique benefits,” said Mr Hendy. “Pledge provides trusted coverage of the Termimesh System including installation, materials and the ongoing effectiveness of the product. Pledge features no maximum dollar limit and the potential for continuous coverage subject to approved annual termite inspections. Pledge is unique to the Termimesh System and a genuine Australian first for termite control.” Nationally Termimesh have worked on a wide diversity of projects, from the Sydney Olympic Village through to Amberley Airforce Base Upgrade. In South Australia, recent major projects have included SACA Western Grandstand Redevelopment for Built Environs; a majority of all BER projects in the state; GP Plus Super Clinic for Hansen Yuncken; Anglicare All Hallows Court redevelopment for Sarah Construction; Wallara Birth to Year 7 Redevelopment for Badge Construction; Alice Springs Hospital New Emergency Dept & Medical Imaging Wing for Lahey Construction; and Anglicare SA- Elizabeth East for McCracken Homes. Currently Termimesh employs in excess of 40 people in South Australia within both pre and post construction departments meeting the demands of architects, builders, developers, facility owners and public asset managers for a high quality, chemical-free, proven method of termite control. TMA CORPORATION - Head Office t. 08 9249 3868 e. TERMIMESH SA Office Glen Mensforth- Commercial Contracts Manager t. 08 8373 5833 e.

220 SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso


ENGINEERING SUSTAINABLE FUTURES AT UNISA WALLBRIDGE & GILBERT Consulting Engineers 60 Wyatt St Adelaide SA 5000 t. 08 8223 7433 f. 08 8232 0967

nnovation in engineering design is the key for Wallbridge & Gilbert (W&G), and their expertise has delivered some of South Australia’s most impressive and sustainable major projects. The iconic new entry to the UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus, the M2 building and The Plasso, provides a highly visible showcase of these talents. W&G provided structural and civil design for the building, designated as a research hub demonstrating sustainable methodologies and applications for industry. Unique ESD initiatives have been incorporated to achieve a 5 Star Green Star Building rating. The M2 building was designed as a fast-tracked project with staged release of documentation for the works packages including early works, footings, the concrete shell, steel roof and link bridge packages. This fast-tracked process allowed construction of earlier stages to commence while documentation for later stages was still being finalised. The design, by John Wardle Architects, in conjunction with Swanbury Penglase Architects, features a complex precast facade and open central atrium with feature cantilever staircase. The intricate precast facade required considerable attention to detail and a high level of coordination between W&G, the architects, builders and their subcontractors. The structure was modelled in 3D using Revit to assist with the challenging geometry, identify critical issues of constructability and facilitate coordination during construction. W&G’s design team consisted of civil design drafters, civil engineers, structural design drafters, structural and project lead engineers. The company has a strong focus on ongoing development of the technical capabilities of their staff in order to ensure they provide innovative solutions for challenging projects such as this one. W&G work at the forefront of ESD, with award-recognised expertise in Waster Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). Elements of their design for this project demonstrating WSUD include rain gardens, ephemeral vegetated ponds, permeable pavement and a 45 kL rainwater harvest tank. Rain gardens located adjacent the access road and carparking area will capture WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

stormwater runoff for treatment and passive irrigation, enhance the landscape and increase biodiversity in the area. The ephemeral ponds which operate in a similar manner will also slow and retain stormwater, assisting in overall stormwater management and reducing outflows. Permeable pavements have been used on other carparking bays to allow direct infiltration of runoff. One permeable pavement area has sub-surface storage to allow capture of carpark runoff; roof runoff (via a diverted downpipe), and fire sprinkler test water. This subsurface storage is linked to a solar pump which will be used to irrigate the adjacent landscape, creating a sustainable garden operation. This innovative feature signals a new approach to sustainable capture and use of stormwater. With a proud history and continuing involvement in critical infrastructure development across Australia, W&G have provided consultancy services on a diverse range of projects - spanning structural, civil, environmental, geotechnical and mechanical engineering disciplines. W&G operates in accordance with a Quality Assurance System third party accredited to AS/ NZS ISO 9001:2009, audited by SAI Global. W&G’s highly skilled team of in-house environmental specialists are involved in a range of consulting projects, including Environmental Impact Assessments; Environmental Management Plans and Audits; Planning and Field Assessments; and Climate Change and Sustainability Planning. These services are complemented by the company’s civil engineering capability, including specialist skills in urban development, stormwater management, urban and rural hydrology, water sensitive urban design, Aquifer Storage & Recovery Schemes (ASR) and Water Reuse. Other recent noteworthy projects include the multi-award winning SA Water House; the multi-award winning Lyell McEwan Hospital; the outstanding Adelaide Zoo Entry Precinct and Panda Exhibit; the Waterproofing Salisbury project, winner of Award for Environmental Excellence, Urban Development Institute of Australia (SA) Awards 2010; and the award-winning Brooklyn Park Rain Gardens, a streetscape retrofit strategy and stormwater infrastructure renewal project for the City of Torrens encompassing WSUD techniques, including innovative street tree biofiltration pits. SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso 221

Hansen Yuncken's M2 Building & the Plasso, SA

222 SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso


A NEW MILLENNIUM APPROACH TO TIMBER aving decades of experience working with timber, the latest in 3D shop drawing technology and a thorough understanding of materials gave Metro Joinery the ability to produce remarkable results for the M2 & Plasso project. Metro Joinery’s trade-qualified carpenters and cabinetmakers completed all the joinery requirements for the project. This included external and internal cladding; all lab benches; theatre seating; break out areas; and general storage areas including shelving and cupboards. “There were a lot of specialised finishes, including solid timber with upholstery, vinyl, melamine with a PVC edge, timber veneer with aluminium and wall cladding,” said Metro Joinery Owner and Managing Director, David Bonventre. “The logistics of materials was a challenge. The laminate for example came from Italy. We put a lot of time into sourcing materials and estimating. One of the original specifications was the use of solid timber for the wall cladding. We proposed an alternative called ‘Stablewood’, which is made in South Australia. It is a combination of pulped timber and resin with a solid timber veneer 4.5mm thick. This had the benefits of being cost effective, stable and Green Star rated. It was extruded to a special shape and installed over battens on the walls” said David. Solid timber used on the project included FSC rated American Rock Maple. Two thirds of the company’s twenty-eight employees contributed to the project, as well as an installation team of up to seven on site. In order to maximise the efficiency of work, a significant proportion of the joinery items were manufactured offsite in Metro Joinery’s 1,400 sq.m WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

workshop. Scheduling and takeoffs commenced in February 2011, with onsite work commencing in June 2011 and due to be completed at the end of 2011. Metro Joinery is also currently working on joinery for Grocon at the HNA project, and will shortly commence over a million dollars worth of work for Baulderstone on the ATO in Adelaide. “We have a large amount of software and are the South Australian leader in the use of computer software technology for joinery. This software was a major investment made as the first stage of growing the company” said David. “We started using PTYHA software, developed specifically for the joinery industry, in 2000. Since then we have installed a variety of modules and complementary software to create added efficiency and control of manufacture. Our software produces 3D drawings which are utilised to create all the componentry required for the design and, in turn, the cutting list for the CNC machine and the flat bed nesting machine. The advantages of this technology include highly effective materials estimating, shop drawings second to none and a vast reduction in waste.” METRO JOINERY 26 Taminga Street Regency Park 5010 SA t. 08 8300 7100 f. 08 8300 7199 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE M2 Building & The Plasso 223


wastewater treatment plant upgrade

A GOLD MEDAL UNION MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : GOLD Alliance Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd and Guidera O’Connor Pty Ltd DEVELOPER : SA Water Corporation PROJECT END VALUE : $60 Million COMPLETION : End 2011


he joint venture between Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd and Guidera O’Connor Pty Ltd is certainly a gold-medal winning one. GOLD Alliance was engaged by South Australia Water to deliver the upgrade for the Bird in Hand waste water treatment plan. The scope included the detailed design, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the works including earthworks, civils, buildings, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control & automation components. The wastewater process comprises of screening, grit removal, bioreactors, clarifiers, flocculation tank, disc filters & UV disinfection. alum & caustic chemical dosing, The sludge stream comprises of waste activated sludge pumping station, gravity drainage deck sludge thickening, poly make up and dosing, anaerobic sludge digestion & sludge dewatering. Bird In Hand is not the first time Guidera O’Connor and Leed Engineering & Construction has worked together delivering water and wastewater Projects. “We have worked together in the past on a number of projects, under a variety of contractual relationships. We have a good cultural fit” says Mike Hargreaves of Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd.“Guidera O’Connor is a privately owned South Australian company that specialises in mechanical and electrical engineering with particular expertise in the water and wastewater sector. Leed Engineering and


Construction also has strong track record in delivering water related civil infrastructure projects so we fit well”.

“Our supply chain was approximately 300 suppliers and subcontractors, and around 20 of those were significant contributors’.

One of the obstacles Gold Alliance had during the construction process was to keep the existing plant operational during the works. Strategies were agreed with SA Water to ensure the construction of the works did not preduduce the existing treatment stream.

“We put a program in place with all aspects of the job, from design, procurement, earthworks, civils, mechanical installation, electrical installation & commissioning.

“This project is a significant one for South Australian Water outer metro regional operations” says Hargreaves. We put a lot of effort into understanding the factors that were important to the Operators in order that we could drive these through the design process”. “In terms of sludge solution, we agreed an option for an anaerobic digester when we were awarded the contract. This was clearly a preferred solution which we were able to design and deliver within the budget. As part of this we were presented with a constraint of not having a flare stack which is a more traditional way of managing waste gas. South Australian Water did not want the risk of a flare stack in the Adelaide Hills so we engineered another solution”. Gold Alliance started construction in March 2010 and began commissioning it by September 2011. Overall the project is being delivered six months ahead of programme via a combination of construction effieciencies and collective management of the constraints on site,” says Hargreaves.


“A comprehensive set of integrated project management plans was produced to provide a framework by which we successfully delivered the project.” We believe the product of the project & the spirit in which it has been delivered will be seen as a success by our our key client.

LEED ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD 95 King William Street Kent Town SA 5067 t. 08 8132 1044 f. 08 8132 1615 GUIDERA O’CONNOR 137 South Rd, , Thebarton South Australia 5031 Western Beachside Suburbs, Western Adelaide t. 08 8238 9999 f. 08 8234 0955


Waste water KNOW-HOW ith more than 50 years of experience in the treatment of waste water EPCO Australia was the logical choice to help design the state-of-the art Bird in Hand Digestion project for SA Water in South Australia. With clients that include all levels of government, statutory corporations, utilities, oil companies, mining companies, food, textile and leather producers, hotels, hospitals and tourist developments EPCO was well aware of the needs of the project and worked to provide the most efficient and economical system available. For the Bird in Hand project EPCO designed and supplied the digester system which compromises sludge heating, sludge mixing with gas lances and the mobile gas holder roof. “The mobile gas holder roof is for collecting methane gas and using it for heating of the sludge via a boiler. The unique thing about this site is that we were not allowed to physically flare the waste gas and had to capture the excess that wasn’t used for heating. There are still concerns over the potential for bushfires in the area after the damaging fires of a few years ago so we had to design a system where the excess gas was used to heat the water which would in turn go through a cooling radiator and circulate back through the digester system,” said Grant Cobbin, Managing Director of EPCO. 226 SA PROJECT FEATURE BIRD IN HAND

The digester uses microorganisms to break down the biodegradable material in the treatment plant. “Digester systems are not as common as they once were. In this system the sludge comes to the digester tank on top of which is a mobile roof. The gas emitted by the digestion process builds up a pressure under the mobile roof so it can be moved to the water heating unit. The whole system is self-generating,” Mr Cobbin said. “Eliminating the flare is quite extraordinary in these types of systems and it was an interesting exercise. It was not at all straight forward and we had to work with the client to ensure that it was right.” The work was completed within the contract time. Although the majority of EPCO’s principal activities are centred in Australia, the company also carries out business in offshore markets. Its products are represented in Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, The Middle East, The Pacific Islands and New Zealand. EPCO AUSTRALIA 17 Argon Street Sumner Park QLD 4074 t. 07 3279 3276 f. 07 3279 4250 e.

epco australia


The steel experts Miller & Co. is a general engineering company which has supplied industry sectors including water treatment, chemical, mining and wine since 1945 and services all Australia from its headquarters in South Adelaide. The charter of the company is to provide a versatile engineering service delivering high quality products and its client list reads like a portfolio of Blue Chip companies from around Australian including BHP Billiton, Lend Lease, Leighton Contractors and the Treasury Wine Group (formerly Fosters).

and brackets with all fabrication and welding done to Australian Standard AS1554.6. The final component of the project for F. Miller was the fabrication and welding of tank access platforms and walkways including stairs and associated handrails and support structural steel. The project involved nine people and four months. The company is now working on manufacturing and installing the pipework for water treatment projects and the manufacture of grade 316 stainless steel separation tanks for another water treatment plant.

The company’s professional service is in line with its ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Its fully equipped workshop can manufacture components from small stainless steel items to large tanks and bins made from stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and duplex stainless steel. The Bird In Hand project required the company to complete three main areas of work the first of which was to supply and manufacture the pipe work required in the waste water treatment facility and pipe spools using grade 316 stainless steel pipes. These ranged in size from 100-400 nominal bore pipe. This work was built to AS4041 class 2B. Secondly, it had to supply and manufacture components and items from grade 316 steel including chutes, baskets, ductwork WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

F. MILLER & CO. 28-34 Neptune Terrace Ottoway, SA 5013 t. 08 8447 3911 f. 08 8447 1088 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE BIRD IN HAND 227

The Gold Alliance's Bird in Hand Wastewater treatment facility upgrade, SA



A flawless reputation ith a reputation of delivering projects on time and on budget BGI Building Group was a logical choice for the Gold Alliance (Leeds Engineering & Construction + Guidera O’Connor) to provide the expertise and experience to fulfill the steelwork and structural design requirements for the Bird In Hand project. Since 1977, BGI Building Group has established an impeccable reputation for service, quality and expert advice. BGI specialize in steel section from cold formed Cee section through to structural steel, they work extensively in fields that require challenging design and attention to detail, “We offer a complete service, from the initial concept stages right through to hand over “says Paul Brown, Civil Engineer & General Manager. For the Bird in Hand project, BGI Building Group was responsible for all the steel work associated with the buildings including the complete fit out of the Office / administration block. “It was essentially a design and construct project, we did all the engineering, shop drawing and fabrication in house” said Paul. “We have an extensive team of both employees and contractors who then erected and clad all the structures on site”.

“The site at Bird In Hand is extremely tight and we had to work closely with a large number of different contractors to ensure the buildings were erected in the small windows open to us. As with all projects the ability of the contractors and the client to have a close working relationship was essential and with Bird In Hand this was no exception as we have all worked together before on similar projects”. “It has been extremely rewarding to be part of a project that has run so smoothly, even with the site specific challenges” said Paul Brown. BGI Building group are also currently working on a number of other projects around South Australia, including a new administration complex for Lion Nathan at St Hallett Wines, extensions to the Jacob Creek Vistors centre and an interactive Bush Garden centre in the Barossa Valley. BGI BUILDING GROUP 21-23 Tanunda Road Nuriootpa SA 5355 t. 08 8562 2799 f. 08 8562 3107 e.

“As is typical with these jobs the design and erection had to suit the position, and work around the important pipe work and electrical layout of the plant” said Brown. Obviously steel was chosen for the project for its ease of construction and cost effectiveness. Paul feels that BGI was chosen for the project because they are aware of the specific requirements of their clients and work with them to ensure the project runs smoothly. BGI also have the in house ability to design off minimum specification. BGI Building Group has also worked hard to ensure all OH&S and environment matters are dealt with prior to the project commencement.



Women's & children's hospital

MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Hansen Yuncken DEVELOPER : DTEI / SA Health PROJECT END VALUE : $27 Million COMPLETION : December 2011 ARCHITECTS : Cheesman Architects CIVIL / STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Kellogg Brown & Root COST MANAGER : Rider Levett Bucknall SURVEYOR : HY Surveying

Building Australia’s Future stablished in 1918, Hansen Yuncken is one of Australia’s leading construction companies and continues to be at the forefront of change and innovation within the building and construction industry.

Engaged as the Managing Contractor, David Focareta, Project Manager from Hansen Yuncken, said their extensive role had incorporated a number of responsibilities.

Known for their pioneering role in the application of new technologies, the development of new construction techniques and the implementation of leading project delivery methods, Hansen Yuncken consistently provide outstanding customer service and project results in a proactive and time efficient manner.

“Our involvement included reviewing the Hospital’s overall budget and design, particularly in terms of its’ construction possibilities, as well as preparing and issuing master construction targets, short term outcomes and commissioning programs,” Mr Focareta said. “In addition, we needed to coordinate and organise the subcontractors required for the redevelopment, as well as manage and oversee all of their activities to ensure the project was delivered in both a time and cost efficient manner,” he said.

Able to tailor various procurement strategies to meet the specific needs of any project, Hansen Yuncken has a prolific project portfolio. This includes the recently awarded new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the renowned MONA gallery near Hobart, Emirates Wolgan Valley resort & spa in NSW, Cairns domestic air terminal redevelopment, and currently the Women’s and Children’s Hospital redevelopment project in South Australia. This $27 million redevelopment involved the construction of three new levels of structure to the existing Gilbert Building, in addition to an associated state-of-the-art fit out and services modifications. 230 SA PROJECT FEATURE women's & children's hospital

Commencing the early works in April 2010, the professional team from Hansen Yuncken employed a range of new construction techniques and products whilst working on the Hospital. Some of these included an external fuscia truss, a scaffold layer system and the use of a concrete lift shaft to erect the entire tower crane framework. Given the scope of such a significant redevelopment, Hansen Yuncken faced a number of challenges throughout the construction process. One AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

of these was the need to install the subcontractor amenities, consisting of three, 12 metre site sheds and one, six-metre ablution shed, on the Hospital’s roof, seven levels up. This resulted from the fact the initially proposed installation plan, for the amenities to be installed at street level, needed to be amended to suit the client. “In addition, as all of the loading bays were shared with the subcontractors and Hospital staff, major coordination with everyone onsite was required at all times,” Mr Focareta said. “Furthermore, we needed to ensure all of the Hospital’s operations and existing services, such as cooling towers, chilled water, medical gases, smoke spill fans and exhaust fans, were not affected throughout the construction process. “In order to achieve this, as well as maintain a safe and efficient site at all times, all of the required relocated plant and connections were carefully planned,” he said. As the additional floors to the Gilbert Building were constructed adjacent and just above the very sensitive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Hansen Yuncken took great lengths to ensure that the WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

various stages of construction taking place caused minimal impact and disruption to patients and staff. “Hansen Yuncken’s ability to plan in advance and consider the effects of time, cost and quality for every item we encountered whilst working on the Hospital, ensured the swift delivery of all of the required objectives of the project,” Mr Focareta said. Committed to developing long-term client relationships, as well as providing a range of high quality services, Hansen Yuncken will continue to uphold their proud reputation as a diligent, responsive and innovative contracting organisation.

HANSEN YUNCKEN State Manager Peter Salveson
 Adelaide Office:
Level 1, 191 Fullarton Road
 Dulwich SA 5065
 PO Box 330 Kent Town DC 5071
 t. 08 8229 7300
 f. 08 8229 7301 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE women's & children's hospital 231

for all your ceiling & plastering needs

ecognised for their diverse skills and level of expertise, Laser Linings has been at the forefront of the Australian building and construction industry since 1995. Specialising in ceilings, plastering and a range of specifically tailored ceiling services, Laser Linings have worked on a number of significant projects throughout South Australia. Some of these include Parliament House, St Peter’s College, IKEA, the Hindmarsh Stadium and more recently, Adelaide’s Women and Children’s Hospital. This important $27 million redevelopment involved the construction of three new levels of structure to the existing Gilbert Building, in addition to an associated state-of-the-art fit out and services modifications. Sitting within three new floors on top of the Gilbert Building, the facilities will improve the hospital care of sick children, manage life threatening and often chronic diseases and equip researchers with the best-possible facilities and tools. Given their extensive industry expertise, the team from Laser Linings was responsible for the installation of the new ceilings in the additional Gilbert Building structure. Using a range of their leading ceiling and plaster 232 SA PROJECT FEATURE women's & children's hospital

products, as well as their innovative installation and repair techniques, Laser Linings delivered cutting-edge results in both a time and cost effective manner. In addition, due to the fact the Hospital needed to remain functional throughout the various construction phases, the team from Laser Linings liaised closely with the client, Hansen Yuncken, and other onsite contractors to ensure a smooth-running and safe building site. This resulted in Laser Linings being able to once again, successfully complete their project responsibilities without facing any challenges, nor causing any unnecessary disruptions to the construction process. With a number of prestigious building awards to date, as well as a complete commitment to delivering optimum results every time, Laser Linings will remain the number one choice to deliver all of your next project’s ceiling and plastering requirements. LASER LININGS 321 Main Road North Enfield SA 5085 t. 08 8269 1855 f. 08 8269 1844 e. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


LT Access Services, a company that specialises in access services, personal hoists and scaffolding, delivers a range of projects for the commercial, mining and industrial sectors. Since 2005, they have provided consistent and reliable services to a range of clients and are dedicated to developing strong business relationships. Having worked on a number of significant South Australian projects, such as Burnside Village and the Desalination Plant, TLT Access Services were also recently involved on the Women and Children’s Hospital redevelopment. Throughout their involvement, which commenced in November 2005, the highly-skilled TLT Access Service’s team delivered the Hospital’s required access and protection scaffolds. Given the fact the building remained operational throughout construction, safety to the public, patients and staff was imperative. As a result, TLT Access Services used the leading Layher Scaffold Product. This product, which was erected using a crane lifting a 25 metre bridge into place, ensured the construction site, in particular the playground area, remained a safe place at all times. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

In addition, due to the size of the Women and Children’s Hospital construction site, the experienced team from TLT Access Services needed to apply their industry expertise in order to ensure the large building areas were safe at all times. To overcome this challenge, they built the required scaffolds on the ground at the site of the Hospital, and then craned them into position. As a result, TLT Access Service’s men were less exposed while working at heights and the site remained a safe place at all times. Through a combination of leading client service, quality products, flexibility and outstanding safety standards, it is without a doubt TLT Access Services will continue to uphold their renowned reputation for excellence, within a range of industries. TLT ACCESS SERVICES 30 Magazine Road Dry Creek SA 5094 t. 08 8260 7122 f. 08 8260 7133 e. SA PROJECT FEATURE women's & children's hospital 233

LAUNCESTON GENERAL HOSPITAL A Positive Result MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Hansen Yuncken CLIENT : Department of Health & Human Services PROJECT END VALUE : $30 Million COMPLETION : End 2011 ARCHITECTS : Philp Lighton, Architects Designhaus and Health Science STRUCTURAL & CIVIL ENGINEER : Aldanmark

ansen Yuncken once again achieved a fantastic result while working on the Launceston General Hospital refurbishment. With challenging circumstances, such as working inside an operating hospital and staging the works around existing departments, Hansen Yuncken coordinated the project with ease. Working for the Department of Health and Human Services, Hansen Yuncken were chosen as the head contractor for the new Day Procedures Unit, Acute Medical Unit and Department of Emergency Medicine upgrade. Hansen Yuncken also completed work on the Neo Natal unit and Specialist Clinic wing refurbishments at the Launceston General Hospital. A significant extension to the two upper floors on the Launceston General Hospital was also required under the contract and this extension will provide an extra 2,300m2 of space. The building is a conventional insitu formed concrete structure, supported on bored piers, with a faรงade that includes precast concrete panels, face fixed framed windows, structural glazing and Vitribond cladding. 234 TAS PROJECT FEATURE launceston general hospital

The Day Procedures Unit, constructed in an area previously used for records storage, includes two Endoscope suites and a procedures theatre, 17 recovery bed spaces, reception and waiting areas along with preparation, clean up and staff areas. Located within the centre of the main floor of the hospital, and surrounded by key clinical units together with the main hospital foyer, this area created significant management challenges to ensure hospital services and public access operated uninterrupted. The Acute Medical Unit will provide three consulting rooms, five single bed wards, one two bed ward and five four bed wards along with an isolation ward, staff and support areas. The Department of Emergency Medicine upgrade involved altering the entry off Charles Street including a suspended infill slab to form a new ambulance entry and extending the building on level 3 to provide additional space. The extension to the upper floors required the cutting off of several columns at level 2 to install larger footings prior to reinstating columns AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

and the surrounding workshop areas. Demolition on level four and five facilitated the Theatre suite waiting area, sterilising department, doctors’ offices and lounge area. Hansen Yuncken is one of Australia's largest privately owned construction companies. They operate nationally with offices in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. Since its inception in 1918, Hansen Yuncken have completed in excess of 4500 projects. With extensive experience in a wide range of project delivery methods, Hansen Yuncken are able to tailor various procurement strategies to meet the specific needs of their clients and to suit projects of all sizes. Delivery methods are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Hansen Yuncken is positioned at the forefront of such innovation. They are regularly invited to work with their clients in developing delivery methods. The specialist staff at Hansen Yuncken are qualified and experienced across a range of delivery methods and they understand the requirements and intricacies of each method. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Hansen Yuncken have developed comprehensive procedures and operating systems to assist their clients in making informed decisions. The company demonstrates cost competitiveness and efficiency in the implementation of all delivery methods. With a focus on communication, Hansen Yuncken promote a culture of effective, honest and respectful communication. Their sophisticated management systems define internal and external communication protocols, which are tailored specifically for each project, to meet stakeholder needs. In addition, Hansen Yuncken utilise web based project and document management platforms and have extensive internal and external reporting systems that facilitate communication during the delivery process. HANSEN YUNCKEN 39 Patrick Street Hobart TAS 7000 t. 03 6215 4600 tas PROJECT FEATURE launceston general hospital 235

Electrical Technology ffering services for industrial, commercial and residential clients, Contact Electrical Pty Ltd ensure they are at the forefront of electrical technology. With a commitment to delivering a quality service, Contact Electrical Pty Ltd offer services including light and power installations, security, fire, switchboard design, optical fibre, data, maintenance services and more. Contact Electrical Pty Ltd provided extensive electrical services on the Launceston Hospital upgrade. These services included general electrical, nurse call and data. Two key elements on this project was the installation of the Clipsal C-Bus system and a nurse call platform. The nurse call platform is an Austco system. It has two levels of calls, one for patient calls and one for staff emergencies. A new state of the art Ascom DECT system was also installed to pass messages from the nurse call system, and general staff paging, through to these wireless handsets. The Clipsal C-Bus system was designed with two key factors in mind. The first was energy management and this was achieved by installing 236 TAS PROJECT FEATURE launceston general hospital

master switches so that staff can easily control lighting throughout the ward from one central location. Secondly, was to offer particular lighting levels for different situations that presented throughout the day. For instance, high intense lighting is required for certain examinations while a low dimmer light is preferred for patient recovery areas. Another innovative product used on this project was the MLH921 Series Medical Duct. This was the first time the product was used in Tasmania The system is assembled and installed with ease due to the modular components being designed to mitigate and reduce alignment accuracy. There are no surface mounting screws on the Medical Duct therefore providing increased infection control properties.

CONTACT ELECTRICAL Pty Ltd 8 Shamrock Street Launceston TAS 7250 t. 03 6344 1775 f. 03 6334 1776 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Opening Doors for Tasmania asmanian Fire Doors was responsible for the supply of pressed metal doorframes, architectural, metal clad and fire doors along with fire rated glazing for the Launceston General Hospital upgrade. With refurbishment and additions being made to the Day Procedures Unit, the Acute Medical Unit and Department of Emergency Medicine, this project will see a significant improvement in services for patients at Launceston General Hospital. The use of the Aconex communication system greatly improved the projects success. The Aconex system is a widely used online collaboration platform that helps firms manage project information and processes. Tasmanian Fire Doors found the head contractor, Hansen Yuncken, offered ongoing support and a professional attitude at all times throughout the project. The staff at Tasmanian Fire Doors worked very hard to ensure the tight manufacturing time frame was achieved on the Launceston General Hospital project. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

With a reputation for distributing fully tested and certified products, Tasmanian Fire Doors supply a large range of items such as acoustic doors, security doors and grills, fire stop collars, fire prevention sealants, industrial doors, fire rated windows and more. Tasmanian Fire Doors is a family owned and operated company with over 100 years worth of combined experience in their field. With the manufacturing of doors and frames at their Devonport workshop, Tasmanian Fire Doors deliver their products state wide. They take pride in providing quality workmanship with a focus on fast turn around times to help their clients stay on schedule.

TASMANIAN FIRE DOORS 21-23 Stony Rise Road, Devonport 13/121 Gormanston Road, Derwent Park t. 03 64247666 f. 03 64231216 e. tas PROJECT FEATURE launceston general hospital 237

Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania

A Smooth Finish G & JM Wilson Pty Ltd are a family owned business offering a range of services for commercial and industrial projects including painting and decoration, spray finishes, texture coatings and line markings. TG & JM Wilson provided their friendly, professional service and quality workmanship on the Launceston General Hospital project. The Launceston General Hospital refurbishment includes additions to the Day Procedures Unit, and Acute Medical Unit and extensions and refurbishment of the Department of Emergency Medicine along with the extension of two upper floors providing an extra 2,300m2 of space. The team at TG & JM Wilson Pty Ltd have recently finished work on the Charles Hotel and Apartments along with providing their services for a new facility at West Launceston Primary School. T.G & J.M Wilson Pty Ltd t. 03 6326 1213 f. 03 6226 4579 m. 0416 139 087 e. 238 TAS PROJECT FEATURE launceston general hospital


A Great Divide otus Doors were responsible for installing folding concertina doors in the Day Procedures unit at Launceston Hospital. They also installed an operable wall in the Department of Emergency Medicine. LOVAG (TAS) Pty Ltd has been operating as an agent for LOTUS folding walls and doors since the late 90’s. They provide a statewide service from design of the wall layout through to final installation. The range of products on offer includes Acoustic Operable Folding Walls, Opera Glass Acoustic Operable Walls and Acoustic sliding doors. The panels which have been used on the Launceston Hospital project are of a new construction and allow LOTUS to manufacture higher sound ratings for lower weights than were previously available. LOTUS is an Australian owned and operated business. All their products are designed and made in Melbourne. The team of designers at LOTUS are constantly improving and developing the range of products. The range of products on offer at LOTUS features good looks, high performance and ease of use. All of which are backed by a friendly, professional team willing to go the extra mile for their clients. LOTUS is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its operations, products and services and increasing the sustainability of the manufacturing & building industry. Their firm commitment to minimising environmental impact has led them to be members of the Green building Council Australia (GBCA), the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) and the Australian Windows Association (AWA). LOTUS FOLDING WALLS & DOORS State Agent – LOVAG (TAS) Pty Ltd Contact – Alex van Gelderen m. 0408 512 689 e.


tas 239 tas PROJECT PROJECT FEATURE FEATURE launceston launceston general general hospital hospital 239

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The Australian National Construction Review  

The Australian National Construction Review

The Australian National Construction Review  

The Australian National Construction Review