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Tirado Agudo President of ANCCE

Two Years into the Term


TWO MONTHS AGO, I CELEBRATED THE HALF TERM POINT AS President of ANCCE, so I would like to share my vision after 24 months at the forefront of our Association. FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO PUT AN END TO THE CONTROVERSY that arose this past month of June regarding the resignation of three members of the Executive Committee. This situation gave rise to what I see as an unfortunate letter from Mr. Antonio Ruiz Fernández. I agree that you have all the right to disagree with ANCCE’s general policy and even disagree with the general opinion of its governing bodies, but there are certain aspects that are truly contradictory. These aspects were expressed in a communiqué from the Executive Committee to all members; this same text is provided in this issue. Allow me to I state that whenever there is a crisis, conclusions may be reached to motivate progress and the growth of an institution with the importance of ANCCE. AS ALREADY ANNOUNCED AT THE LAST ASSEMBLY, and since June of 2014, ANCCE has been working hard to meet the demands of the industry, a feat that could be summarized in the motto: “ANCCE works for its members.” There is still a lot to do. Even some of the undertakings are subject to improvement and it is here that I want to focus my personal efforts and that of my team for the remaining half of our term. I honestly feel that in the past two years, there are advantages in being a member of ANCCE; being a member of our Association grants priority in a wide range of aspects, from fees and Stud Book services to preferential treatment at SICAB. An essential prerequisite prevails: any service granted to a member must have a more economic focus--if not free of charge--than when that same service is provided to the industry in general. A LOT OF WORK HAS BEEN INVESTED IN COMPETITIONS, as we try to adapt the Rules & Regulations to breeder demands. This work, subject to ample criticism, has done away with years and years of inaction. No doubt, improvements can be made, but the initial steps have been taken. The old adage stated that the first step takes you nowhere, but it moves you away from where you don’t want to be. Controversy will always preside over competition results, because there is one winner and the rest lose. One of the objectives that we have established is that once this term has concluded, competitions will have gained credibility and have lost the subjectivity that is detrimental for development. WITHIN A FEW WEEKS, THE AGREEMENT with EXPASA to have an ANCCE-validated quarantine center will be presented. Thus, horses being exported will have full guarantees that they arrive at their destination without any problems. Of course, it would not be exclusive nor mandatory, but ANCCE wants to take a stand in the field of exportation health requirements, which has caused so many problems. THERE IS STILL A LOT OF WORK TO DO; I am well aware of this fact, but to attain our established objectives, we need the active cooperation of our members. Any and all proposals that translate into a potential improvement will be accepted, no matter where they come from. The common goal should be qualitative improvements for the industry, no matter when or who suggests them. Therefore, from here I would like to encourage you to collaborate in an effort to have an ANCCE that is more effective and better serves the well-being of breeders. I am available to you for any information, concern, suggestion or doubt. I WOULD LIKE TO CONCLUDE THIS EDITORIAL BY CONGRATULATING the PRE Breeders’ Association of Extremadura for its recent reincorporation as a member of ANCCE. It is rewarding to see that efforts render fruit. Now, we are working together to defend what is our true motivation: the Purebred Spanish Horse. ¡¡


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open letter


Call for Composure and Peace of Mind At the ordinary meeting of the ANCCE Executive Committee held on July 22nd, the Board unanimously agreed to respond to the communiqué published by Antonio Ruiz Fernández, after he resigned from all governing bodies of ANCCE, with this statement: The ANCCE Executive Committee deeply regrets the content of the letter published by Mr. Ruiz and sent to members of ANCCE as well as to the specialized press as being extemporaneous, inexact and failing to meet with reality. Indeed, it is troublesome when a person, who, since 1994 has held posts of maximum responsibility at ANCCE, expresses himself in the terms used without launching measures to solve the presumptive irregularities he reports, and over such an extended period of time. In such case that his statements be true, it is not just a matter of collusion due to omission, but out-and-out negligence when complying with the demands and responsibilities of his post. In his dispatch, Antonio Ruiz overlooks certain facts that could be extremely relevant for members of ANCCE when seeking to have a complete picture of what his note seeks to express in such a truly biased manner: a) It is true that since accepting his post as a member of the current ANCCE Executive Committee and after the agreement of candidates, Mr. Ruiz expressed his personal aversion toward ANCCE’s General Director, and to the extent that he requested his dismissal on repeated occasions. Likewise, it is also true that he never once presented motives, whether professional or employee-related to sustain severance. b) That on repeated occasions, this matter was discussed by the Executive Committee and in May of 2015, it was presented to the Board of Directors for consideration. A qualified majority of the Board rejected the proposal to fire any ANCCE employee as neither unbiased nor economic reasons to justify the dismissal any Association employee were presented. c) At ANCCE, agreements are reached in a free and democratic manner by those who are members of its governing bodies, with the imposition of personal opinions being impossible. By no means should this be understood as failure to comply with the established program. d) Accepting the majority opinion of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee is the basic principle upon which the governance of ANCCE must and is sustained. Anyone who fails to accept this elemental prerequisite for any democratic systems is free to leave, but under no circumstance may he/she impose his/her own government model by force and without counting on the majority.


e) All ANCCE employees, including the General Director, comply with the mandates given by the Executive Committee and of course, the Board of Directors. They comply in full and efficiently with said mandates. It is only the governing bodies of the Association that “pull the strings” within the scope of this institution. f) It is ironic that Mr. Ruiz concludes his statement with the following language: “…and the noble and honorable career of many people have made the PRE a horse to be found universally; it has obtained the Stud Book management as a basic instrument for the development of the breed…and in the end, it has arisen as one of the most notable breeder associations in the world with the capacity to organize such important events as SICAB, as well as innumerable other achievements that would be too long to recite.” In other words, he acknowledges the successes of ANCCE throughout its history. One must remember that such success has been attained by all of those people who have participated in the various governments leading this Association with dignity and noble spirit. Moreover, this aspect must also be extensive to the professionals without whom we would have never reached t he success that Mr. Ruiz indicates. In virtue of this situation, the ANCCE Executive Committee reiterates its staunch rejection of the opinions express by Mr. Ruiz Fernández, and repeats its intention hereafter to continue to accept the majority and democratic opinions of its governing bodies as the only means to exercise power within this Association. All the same, the Executive Committee would like to state that it is a firm believer in freedom of speech. Nevertheless, it does consider that the attitude shown by Antonio Ruiz is malicious and detrimental for the social interests of ANCCE, which is an institution that he surprisingly tries to defend, not by contacting you as a member but through the publicity given. From this Committee, we would like to summons everyone to composure and peace of mind. We request that you use the means provided by the Association to participate when considered appropriate to avoid the damage that this attitude could generate in an organization such as ours and to people, including ANCCE staff, who have collaborated to reach such high levels as referred to by Antonio Ruiz. In his case, and knowing the means available thanks to his experience at ANCCE, has chosen not used. This Executive Committee refuses to enter into controversy and will be governed by Association by-laws and independently of the actions that a given individual may exercise when he feels offended, as expressed by Mr. Ruiz. ¡¡

The ANCCE Executive Committee 9



Two Decades of

Olympic History rio 2016 marks a milestone; it has been 20 years since the first PrE represented Spain in Dressage at the Olympic Games The second most populated city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, has hosted the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Once again, Purebred Spanish horses were on hand thanks to the participation of Grandioso III, ridden by José Daniel Martín Dockx, representing Spain in Dressage. This year is the twentieth anniversary of a PRE competing in the Olympics, and in this discipline. It all started with Atlanta 1996 and horses such as Evento, Invasor and Flamenco; these steeds placed the breed on the international Dressage competition scene. Rio 2016 and Atlanta 1996 also share important similarities: in both cases, Spain’s equestrians were seen in three disciplines including Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing, contrary to the four Games in between. TEXT: ISaBel BeRmeJo



report EVERY FOUR YEARS, the very best of the best international athletes meet at an outstanding city to celebrate the greatest and most extensive multi-disciplinary competition in the world. It is a summons for 200 countries and some 10,000 athletes. Today’s event is rooted in ancient Greece, specifically in 8th century BC Olympia; it arose from religious fervor for the Olympic gods with the main Greek pantheon and home of the gods being the summit of Mount Olympus. These athletic festivities were consecrated to the gods. However, the Olympic Games as we know them today began in 1896 Athens, the capital of Greece. Since then and until today, the event has developed progressively to include new sports and adapt to the economic and political circumstances of the moment, without forsaking technological advances as they appear. Although ancient Greek Olympic Games included equestrian

competitions, in modern times, equestrianism was not included as a sport until 1900. That year, in Paris, the competition included horses jumping in height and length. By 1912, the program incorporated various equestrian disciplines, with Dressage being accepted for the first time as an Olympic discipline and despite the fact that the International Equestrian Federation was not founded until 1921. Today, the disciplines making up Olympic equestrianism are Show-Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. Spain premiered at the Paris Olympics, although since then, it has missed a number of venues. To date, Spain holds four Olympic awards in equestrian sports: one gold, two silvers and a bronze; two of which are in Dressage and were earned at Athens 2004. At that edition, where the national team included Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, Juan Antonio JimĂŠnez, Ignacio Rambla and Rafael Soto, Spain brought home MANUEL VASCO

Evento, bred by the Military Stud Farm and ridden by Ignacio Rambla.


a silver medal, behind Germany. Ferrer-Salat earned the bronze in the individual competition. EVENTO, INVASOR & FLAMENCO, OLYMPIC PIONEERS The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics celebrates two decades since a PRE has represented Spain in Dressage at this international competition. It places the breed under the world equestrian spotlight and generates good expectations for horses, which until now, were unseen in the Olympic arena. It was at Atlanta 1996 when three Purebred Spanish Horses crossed the Atlantic to give their very best at this sports venue. They were Evento, Invasor and Flamenco. This latter was born at Los Alburejos (farm) owned by Ă lvaro Domecq and trained at the Royal School of Equestrian Art--where Invasor also trained. Flamenco had a glorious past in Dressage as he was responsible for opening this discipline to the PRE Dirk Caremans

Invasor, bred by Ă lvaro Domecq and ridden by Rafael Soto.


Distinguido, bred by Yeguada Romero Benítez and ridden by Ignacio Rambla.

world. He was the 1994 Spanish National Champion and the first Purebred Spanish Horse to attain such a distinction. As a participant at a number of international events, he won the Freestyle at Schoten (Belgium) and at Cristianborg in Copenhagen (Denmark), as well as the Consolation Grand Prix in Aachen, when Spain first participated there in the Nation’s Cup. Likewise, he played a star role at the European Competition in Mondorf (Luxemburg), where the Spanish team qualified for the Olympics in Atlanta; due to an injury, he was unable to attend. He passed away of natural causes in 2007. Nonetheless, and to a great extent, the positive reviews of the Purebred Spanish Horse at Atlanta 14

’96 arose from the performance of Evento. He was a horse that appears in the history books together with his rider Ignacio Rambla. He was a son of Leviton, a sire stallion from the Military Stud Farm, and therefore direct descendent of historic stallions such as Agente and Maluso. Outstanding for his beauty, strength and character, he sparked interest of the judges with his performance in the arena. In 1996 he placed seventh for teams, to earn an Olympic Diploma and eleventh in Individuals. He retired from competition in 1998 to die in 2014 at the age of 29. Another PRE that placed Spain on the international Dressage map was Invasor. He was the youngest of all horses registered for this discipline at Atlanta ’96, but he shined in his

Olympic Games, thanks to which many other horses have followed in the pioneering footsteps of Evento, Invasor and Flamenco. At Sydney 2000, in addition to Invasor, a son of Evento called Distinguido participated in the Dressage tests; he finished seventh with Spain’s national team. Athens 2004 marked a turning point for Dressage in Spain on an Olympic expedition, thanks to a silver medal earned in teams. In this case, Invasor was accompanied ANOTHER PUREBRED SPANISH by another PRE, Oleaje. Also ridden HORSE IN THE OLYMPIC ARENA by Ignacio Rambla, they earned Over the past two decades, and the best score up to that point in since Atlanta ‘96, at least one PRE time. Son of Bizarro XIV, he was horse has represented Spain at each only 10 at the time, and Dirk Caremans had limited experience in top level competitions. Nevertheless, his strong conformation, his breed quality with an athletic neck, impressive shoulders and powerful croup shone through. Lastly, two horses have each participated in two Olympic Games: Fuego XII at Beijing 2008 and London 2012 and Grandioso III at London 2012 and Rio 2016. Both were brilliant at the London Games; Spain’s team earned a noteworthy seventh place for its team. Ridden on both occasions by Juan Manuel Muñoz, Fuego XII was outstanding, especially in the English capital, where they earned the highest own light with rider Rafael Soto. Together they participated in three Olympics, including Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. He was one of the best horses in the Olympic history of the PRE. His most significant mark was left in Athens where, as member of Spain’s national team, they earned a first ever Olympic medal for Dressage …in this case silver. Invasor passed on in 2013 at the age of 24.

Fuego, owned by Miguel Á. Cárdenas, bred by Joaquín Márquez González and ridden Juan Manuel Muñoz.


report reportaje

score for any Spanish team, with 75%, and 79% in the Grand Prix Freestyle. Thus, they proved the PRE’s excellent mechanics for movement. Independently of his Olympic exploit, the name Fuego XII appears in capital letters in PRE Dressage history, thanks to his impressive performance at the World Equestrians Games held in Kentucky in 2010. There, Fuego earned the nickname “King of Hearts” as he conquered the heart of the audience thanks to one of the most beautiful and 16


Grandioso, owned by Hampton Green Farm, bred by Yeguada Marín García and ridden by José Daniel Martín Dockx.


Grandioso, the only PRE at Rio 2016: 70.829% in Grand Prix


exciting Freestyle performances ever seen. “De Hoefslag,” a Dutch equine publication so described the performance that earned the applause and admiration of everyone on hand at the event. In the case of Grandioso III and his rider José Daniel Martín Dockx, they were the only PRE combination to participate at the most recent Olympics. With this, Dressage has earned added value for Purebred Spanish Horse lovers, who once again have seen how the breed has reached the Olympic summit. ¡¡

Last July, the technical Dressage managers at the Royal Equestrian Federation of Spain, in agreement with the National Selection Committee, published the list of combinations selected to represent Spain. Among these was Purebred Spanish Horse Grandioso III, owned by Hampton Green Farm in the US, bred by Yeguada Marín García and ridden by José Daniel Martín Dockx. For them, this would be their second Olympics and the only PRE representing both the country and the breed at the greatest Dressage competition in the world. The time had come for them to give it all, to enter the arena and show their skills as a Dressage horse and rider; skills that have placed them among the 35 best horses in the world. At 17 years of age, Grandioso once again impressed everyone in the Grand Prix. He performed perfectly at a time of maximum pressure, to maintain a solid line throughout the test, which is something we are well accustomed to seeing. His piaffe improved as the test proceeded and the transitions showed good quality. With correct changes, especially the twotime, he was undoubtedly most outstanding in the pirouettes. They were sensational, very much on the spot and springy. The final score was 70.829%, an average that hindered his moving on the Grand Prix Special, where the team medals are decided. It was as of the London Olympic Games that the success of this pair began to appear again and again. José Daniel Martín Dockx and Grandioso have been National Champions (of Spain) on two occasions (2011/2014). Since 2012, they have been members of Spain’s national team at the European Championships (2013/2015) as well as the World Equestrian Games (2014). They earned scores well above 74% at competitions in Aachen, the world Dressage capital. His impressive career concludes with his participation at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. ¡¡







“A PRE could be an elite dressage horse” She declares her love for purebred spanish horses and is a dressage enthusiast. Kimberly Van Kampen, owner of Hampton Green Farm in the united states, has created her “own personal brand” which is seen in GRANDIOSO III, a pre that has repeatedly proven the magnificent APTITUDES of the breed for dressage. TEXT: Inmaculada Rodríguez


Let’s talk a bit about the pair Grandioso-Dockx that has created so much excitement and happiness for Purebred Spanish Horse enthusiasts and breeders. I’ve always believed in the idea that a PRE could be on a top competitive or even elite dressage horse. Grandioso’s career has more than proven that. Being selected for two Olympic teams is extremely rare, especially now for a country Spain where there are many highly competitive warmbloods. The Olympics will be Grandioso’s last competition; there is no reason to compete after all that he has achieved, so he deserves a long and healthy retirement. My hope is that Grandioso’s legacy will encourage breeders and sponsors to start looking for high quality Spanish horses and put them with top riders for the sport for the upper levels.

How do you see Grandioso’s participation at Rio 2016? Have you attained your goals? We are very pleased! Grandioso, in the Gran Prix, received a score of 70.829 and throughout the test, he performed very good exercises. The judges gave him several eights, although there were two small mistakes which meant that we lost the chance to move on to the Special. In any case, we are happy to end Grandioso’s career in the top 35 dressage horses of the world and that he is the only PRE among the best Warmbloods in the sport. What was your reaction when you heard that for a second time, your horse would represent Spain and the breed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio? I speak for José Daniel Martín Dockx and myself that we were happy 21

interview stud farm to Spain with Jose Daniel Martin Dockx to start preparing them for the future. Grandioso will come back to the USA to breed and enjoy his retirement. Rider Kerrigan Gluch has two PRE horses competing in U25, and at the moment, I’m evaluating Oxido as a Grand Prix prospect. To participate in the Olympics is the dream of any breeder and rider. What recommendations could you provide for breeders preparing their PRE horses for top level competition and seeking a place on an Olympic team? Training a horse for Grand Prix takes time, and it is no small financial investment. Real accomplishments always have a cost. I recommend that breeders who want to campaign a GP horse first find a top rider, let the rider select the horse and give the rider the time he/she needs to develop the horse. Plus, put the pair with a competent trainer who will guide them in their career and provide the necessary management and veterinary care to keep your equine athlete in top shape.

Kimberly Van Kampen with Vaquero HGF.

upon learning that we had been named for the Rio team. There are a lot of good horses that are unable to conclude their careers at the level they deserve, due to injury or other circumstances. We are so thrilled that Grandioso is going to cap off a brilliant career by participating in the Olympics for a second time.


After several Championships in Spain, Europe, the World Equestrian Games and a second Olympic tour, what is the next objective? We are hoping to develop a group of young horses, including some that will soon be exported from my

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of competition. What techniques have you used with Grandioso after his last Injury so that in record time he was fully recuperated, as proven by his participation in Aachen? A recovery from an injury is based on the nature of that injury. We were very fortunate that none of the tendon structures were damaged. The injury was a small tear in the synovial lining of the tendon (manica flexoria). The post-surgery recovery time was predicted by the veterinarian team to be shorter than a tendon injury. However, we needed to maintain fitness with the horse and prevent adhesions in the area of the repair. We found Agua-Training to be very beneficial and the horse completed almost a month at Dos Lunas. After that, he returned to interval training under saddle--with a prescribed amount

of trot and canter, and worked the horse back into full work about one month prior to the show in Aachen.

Oxido, owned by Kimberly van Kampen, bred by Hnos. Mojarro Zamora and ridden by José Daniel Martín Dockx.

Which of your younger horses assures a promising future like Grandioso? I have a few Interesting horses coming along. Dani has two very good FEI prospects, one of them is a son of Grandioso, and the other is a horse from the lines of Ermitaño. We are both very excited. They’re young and only beginning with their training so we have to be patient. I am also sending a group of young horses from Michigan to be started by him; horses that are similar in quality to Vaquero with strong Marín García bloodlines. I’m personally very attached to Oxido (Young Recommended Stock). I believe he has some real strength in his capabilities. He is a horse that requires a lot of patience and is a little bit difficult in character. Currently, I’m researching the horse


As an American breeder, why did you set your sites on Purebred Spanish Horses? What took you into sports with your horses, and more specifically, with Grandioso? I began my adult interest in horses with Dressage, and then discovered the Spanish horse. This magazine and many other books and articles are filled with accounts of how easy it is to fall in love with these horses. I fell in love with them like many people before me. I love the culture of this horse, and the equine product is like nothing else in the world. I wouldn’t practice Dressage with warmbloods. For me, at this point, to be in Dressage, I want to do it with Spanish horses or not at all. After fifteen years, I understand the nature of these horses, the stages of training and what to expect at the different levels. I believe more than ever before that PRE horses are viable upper level competitors, and I hope to keep producing more examples like Grandioso, and we always try to breed for better and improve along with the sport.


with Borja Carrascosa to see if this combination might be something to go further in the future. What is your opinion of the breed’s current situation? What objective should we be establishing? I could talk about this topic page after page. I think that the economic crisis In Spain has affected the PRE horse world to the degree that we don’t see as many young horses coming along as we did ten years ago, and this is a sad thing for me to see. In Spain, the primary sponsor of the PRE horses in Dressage in Spain are



Grandioso, owned by Kimberly van Kampen and bred by Yeguada Marín García. LILY FORADO


the breeders. I think that ANCCE is now recognizing that they need some assistance to help and support their efforts to identify horses and put them with good riders. The Sports Commission’s latest initiative, the new program designed by Jorge Conde and which utilizes the training of José Antonio García Mena, is a super idea. I hope ANCCE will find as much money in the budget as possible to support this. Overall, the solution to the current situation is to go back to the basics of good Spanish horsemanship. We have to keep believing in our PRE horses--in spite

of the overpowering promotion of the warmblood market and the behind-the-scenes control of our sport by the warmblood industry. We cannot stop believing in our horses! The numbers prove that if you have a well-bred, well-trained PRE, you will move faster to elite ranks than with a warmblood. Here, in Spain, riders have to be given support and confidence from generous, long-term sponsors, so that they can reach those levels with their PRE horses. I am grateful to ANCCE for any help they give to the Dressage sector horses, riders and sponsors alike. ¡¡



9th Spanish High School General Assembly The 9th Ordinary General Assembly of the Spanish High School Association (AAEE) took place Fundación Caja Rural (Savings & Loan Foundation) facilities in Sevilla. President Álvaro Domecq spoke of the current national and international interest in this equestrian discipline. Domecq also commented that he was working in Vienna and Bucharest to create a major Spanish Riding Show; he pointed out that the Association was working to make the 2nd Sire Stallion Depot in Jerez its official headquarters. On the other hand, the Vice-president, Joaquín Fernández reported about activities taking place during the 201516 season, highlighting the celebration of the up-coming Spanish National Championship, planned for October 23rd at Yeguada La Cartuja, as well as the plan for future performances. All the points on the agenda were

Presentation of the Certificate to the Honorary Member.

unanimously approved, after which, the 2016 Honorary Member was named; this honor fell upon Caja Rural del Sur (Savings & Loan Bank). An ample number of enthusiasts, breeders, attendees and institutions such as ANCCE, the National Doma Vaquera

Mosquetero VII, from Yeguada San Antonio, bred by Yeguada Lovera and ridden by Ainhoa Vera.



Association, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, the Royal Order of Chivalry in Sevila and the Spanish Hispano-Arab Association, were all on hand for the Assembly, which concluded with a cocktail where Spanish wine was served. ¡¡

Spain, Bronze Medal at the European Junior Championship Last July, Spain hosted a European Dressage Championship for Children, Juniors and Young Riders. As a first-time event, it was held at the Oliva Nova complex. Above all doubt, it is the most important event for young Dressage talents in Europe with the participation of 155 horses, from 23 countries. Spain was represented in the three categories at the Championships, but the team’s performance in the category for Children (11-13 year olds) was brilliant. Thanks to their performance, they returned home with the Bronze medal. PRE Mosquetero VII, owned by Yeguada San Antonio, bred by Yeguada Lovera and ridden by Ainhoa Vera performed the team’s best test. With an average of 69.700%, this was the best performance of their short competitive life as a partnership in international arenas. In the Final for Individual Children, Mosquetero VII (69.344%) placed fourth in the overall. ¡¡

40th Anniversary of the Ronda Carriage Driving Exhibition The Ronda Carriage Exhibition has just celebrated its 40th anniversary! For this reason, they wanted to have an exceptional guest. Spain’s Escort Squadron and Battery of the Royal Guard was responsible for the inaugural cavalcade. Ninetyfive of its members, together with 64 of their best horses, travelled to Ronda to present a very unique Show. It was the first time that they paraded at the Royal Order of Chivalry Bullring in the City of Ronda. Both stages of the exhibition were spectacular. It was a unique opportunity to see, close-up, the carriages, harnesses, horses, drivers and grooms, the quality of the construction, preservation, height of the lances, and accessories, etc. The Exhibition climaxed with a carrousel of all the carriages, which led, finally, to the deliberations of the judges. 90% of the participating equines were Purebred Spanish Horses. It is their technical preparation and training as sport horses for Dressage that is one of the main objectives of the Royal Order of Chivalry School of Equitation in Ronda, in addition to the professional training of future riders and instructors. ¡¡

On behalf of ANCCE, and from here, we would like to pass on our heart-felt condolences and grief for the death Fermín Bohórquez Escribano. Renowned as both a breeder and mounted bull fighter, he pass away inJerez de la Frontera. On behalf of the Association, our most sincere sympathy, support and strength at this hard time goes to his family, so well-loved and rooted in the breeding world. Rest in Peace. ¡¡



World Young Horse Dressage Championship in Ermelo (Holland) The technical management of Dressage at Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation, in agreement with the National Selection Committee, has chosen two Purebred Spanish Horses to represent Spain in the category for 7 year-olds at the World Young Horse Dressage Championships held in Ermelo (Holland) from July 28th to 31st. These were is Israel X, owned and bred by Yeguada La Angostura and ridden by Francisco Gil Ortiz, and Duncan IV, owned by Yeguada Magín Mateu, bred by Villanueva Dacas and ridden by Magín Mateu López. Duncan IV, who on the first day exceeded the average of 70% and on the second, just touched it, thus placing tenth in the overall roster. In both tests, the judges highlighted their good contact, which was maintained at all times, and the quality of his three paces, assessing them as one of the most promising current horse and rider pairs. The horse’s presentation

Duncan IV, owned by Yeguada Magín Mateu, bred by Villanueva Dacas and ridden by Magín Mateu López.

was correct with minor mistakes, but very well ridden by Magín, who has trained this horse since he was a colt. The average achieved by Francisco Gil and Israel X, the PRE from Yeguada

Conference “Stud Book and PRE Breeding Program” in Marmolejo The 5th Agricultural Trade Fair, EXPO Marmolejo 2016, within its scope of technical workshops offered and organized on August 20th was a conference by PRE Stud Book Assistant Technical Director and responsible for the PRE Breeding Program, Pedro J. Azor, titled “The PRE Stud Book and PRE Breeding Program.” This conference was one of three within the Equine Livestock Workshop for Emergent Livestock. The speaker provided an in-depth explanation of the various Stud Book procedures, the PRE Breeding Program and the new Rules & Regulations affecting Purebred Spanish Horse breeders. The conference was designed for breeders, professionals in the equine sector and Spanish Horse enthusiasts who were present at the Fair. ¡¡ 28

La Angostura, was not as good as that of the previous combination, but participating in the World Young Horse Championships was an important step for this horse. ¡¡

Space of Horse: Specialists in Equestrian Travel & Logistics In their continuous search for people and teams with whom to collaborate, Space of Horse is available to all breeders who are members of ANCCE and who would like make their facilities better known, so that these can be assessed and included in the organization of its trips. This company, based in Barcelona, also offers a 5% discount to members for a large variety of services, such as the organization of events, Shows, competitions, transportation, administration and coordination of participation in fairs, among other activities. Its co-founder, Xavi Rojas, explains that “horses are the focal point of the trips we offer; we strive for visitors to learn about, understand and enjoy Spanish Horses in a close-up, respectful and intense manner.” Respecting and having a feel for horses, together with a high degree of professionalism, are the common elements that govern the activities offered by this firm, as shown on their web-site: ¡¡

a chat with‌ In the section A chat with... we will visit a number of stud farms. Thanks to interviews with their owners, we will learn about their origins, motivations... and their formula for success.

Ricardo R. PĂŠrez Martinis


How did you get started in the world of Purebred Spanish Horses? Sixteen years ago, we began breeding Purebred Spanish Horses by importing several horses from the best stud farms in Central America, for the enjoyment of our family, friends and guests. Almost instantly, the merits and beauty of the breed charmed us. We are passionate about their characteristics and skills, so we decided to breed them based on a well-thought plan, following the ANCCE guidelines, for our own pride and the satisfaction of our customers. In keeping with the degree of enthusiasm and interest for PRE horses in this part of Central America, we are committed to promoting the characteristics of the Purebred Spanish Horse in Panama and we are doing so with high hopes and dedication. Once the initial herd was established, we decided to improve our products by importing mares and stallions from Spain with the specific characteristics we sought to promote. Upon introducing these



Name of Stud Farm: Hacienda Don Ricardo. Geographical Location: Bágala, provincia de Chiriquí, República de Panamá. Origins: 2000.


a chat with‌

RP Imperio.

horses, we managed to enhance our offer, fix certain conformation and functional traits, while at the same time emphasizing the impulsion, elevation and suspension that our brand boasts today. On horses are bred and raised in total freedom on top quality pastures, under the constant supervision and attention of our personnel. We are therefore proud to offer enthusiasts very strong and impressive horses, with physical development, attitude, nobility and beauty. Our vision has been to produce and supply PRE Horses, with the aim of advancing and promoting enthusiasm for the breed here in Panama. How many PRE horses are there at your stud farm? We currently have 80 horses. Your best stallion/mare/foal is: Our best stallion is Indio JT II What are your priorities: sports, hacking, breeding, etc.? Mainly for breeding and sports. 32

RP Kilate 1.

What does the future hold for PRE horses in your country? The future of the PRE in Panama is very promising. Enthusiasm in saddle horses, for hacking and processions, has increased in recent years. We are also opening another window of opportunity for the PRE through Carriage Driving, which we hope will spark interest for many enthusiasts. What do you like most a b o u t Purebred Spanish Horse? What I most like bout Purebred Spanish Horses is their extraordinary honesty, along with their unrivaled beauty, not only in terms of conformation, but also their cadenced and rhythmical movement, which testifies to their great strength and ability in the various paces. ÂĄÂĄ

Pair of PRE mares hitched to a carriage.

ANCCE reports

Juan Tirado, President of ANCCE with Tomás Vera, President of FIC .


Ancce Signs a Collaboration Agreement with the Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades ANCCE has signed a collaboration agreement with FIC, the Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades (Ibero-American Forum of Cities) to promote the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed, both nationally and internationally. Organized by Fundación Ciudad (foundation), this private, non-profit organization works to promote cities as a space for social harmony and the vital development of its inhabitants. Both organizations, as a means to promote Marca España, consider the Purebred Spanish Horse to be one of Spain’s best examples of its history and culture. As part of the artistic and cultural program, exhibits with PRE horses will be included at each of the countries where the Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades 20162018 holds events (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Central America and the final in Madrid at the end of 2018). This November, the city of Santander will 34

host the first Forum to be held on this side of the Atlantic. Between 500 and 700 national and international mayors, public representatives, governors, and entrepreneurs, among others, will be on hand for the event. ANCCE will be participating as a collaborator, by organizing an equestrian show with PRE horses to present the breed’s virtues, versatility and noble spirit. Likewise, this Forum—an event of exceptional public interest—will collaborate by promoting SICAB at each of the countries within its scope of action. Fundación Ciudad undertakes a wide range of international activities with public organizations, cities, governments, multilateral bodies, social organizations as well as many other functions. The Foundation enjoys the collaboration of outstanding intellectuals, academics and specialists from all over the world.l. ¡¡


new Export Information for Mexico An agreement has been reached between MAGRAMA and Mexican authorities to once again allow the exportation of horses from Spain to Mexico. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, through its Animal Export Department has added a new requirement due to malpractice in certificate requests. From now on, the export certificate must be requested just 72 hours prior to the horse’s boarding for departure. Any breeder wishing to export horses to Mexico must comply with the mandates of Mexico’s Equine Export Procedure, available on the

ANCCE web site. The basics include: - An Official Veterinarian Service rep in the Region where the horse is located or under his/her supervision takes samples. - Perform the analysis. Only at official laboratories as listed on the procedure (Instruction 4/2010). - Verification of the horse’s ID by means of a genomic study. - Reinforce verification of the

export procedure for all equines travelling to Mexico. - Verification of the validation procedure of intra - Community certificates. - Letter of Guarantee referral from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment for each shipment. - SAGARPA must be notified in advance of all shipments, prior to boarding any animal. ¡¡


NEW MEMBER OF THE ANCCE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE after the resignation of three members of the ancce executive committee, and given the situation, this governing body unanimously agreed to proceed to substitute these posts. The following breeders and members of ancce were appointed: – José Juan morales: Vice-president. – José luis de la escalera garcía: member-at-large. – José Varo garrido: member -atlarge. With these new incorporations, there have been other changes. From now on, the Secretary will be Ignacio candau cruz-conde. likewise, it was decided that Pedro Pastor cabrera and José díaz Solís be members of the Board of directors as full-fledged members. ¡¡

NEW PRE STUD BOOK COMMISSION MAKE UP The ancce executive committee unanimously agreed to appoint the ancce PRe Stud Book commission, in keeping with the new Rules and Regulations approved at the assembly. as such, the new commission held its constitutional meeting in July, and included the follow people and posts: - Juan Tirado Agudo, President. - Javier Conde Cerrato, Vice-president. - Ignacio Candau Fernández-Mensaque, memberat-large (breeder with 20 years of seniority at ancce). - José Ignacio Sánchez Velázquez, member-atlarge (breeder). - Feliciano Reyes Seda, member-at-large representing the PRe Breeding Program management commission. - Álvaro Muguruza Garteizgogeascoa, memberat-large representing associations that are members of ancce. From now on, this commission will be responsible for all matters regarding the management of the PRe Stud Book, as foreseen in the Rules and Regulations. ¡¡


lili forado

ANCCE reports

Tamarindo XI, owned by Eduardo Muñiz Pinilla, bred by Yeguada Prado Los Llanos and ridden by Samira Mayumi.

SICAB 2016

Participation of PRE Horses Abroad in the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage Horses that are currently competing broad (outside Spain) and that would like to participate in the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage at SICAB 2016, may do so. There are three ways to access the Final. The first option is to qualify for the competition just like any other participant: attain points by qualifyingat any one of the ANCCE Cups organized in Spain or abroad. The ANCCE Cup 36

Rules contemplate the approval of ANCCE Cup Competitions anywhere in the world, as this refers to national, continental and world competitions and championships, without discrimination of any type. Another option is to qualify for the event through specific agreements such as the one with USPRE, which recognizes its own qualifying system and a specific quota for participation

at SICAB. Such agreements must be approved by ANCCE, at the proposal of the corresponding national association (member of ANCCE). Lastly, horses may access the Final by means of the exceptional route, as indicated in Article 15 of the current ANCCE Cup Rules & Regulations: formal request, including verifiable results and with the prior approval of the ANCCE Dressage Commission. ¡¡


Court Ruling Favorable for ANCCE ANCCE, in its efforts to preserve the purity of the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed, and in the light of well-founded doubts regarding the truth of the situation, proceeded, in 2010, to remove the horse Marcador from the PRE Stud Book register, including any and all descendants. Since then, several of the affected breeders lodged legal actions against this measure. In all cases, the court rulings have been favorable for ANCCE. In this regard, Mr. Antonio Gorreta Suero lodged lawsuit against ANCCE for having suspended all registrations regarding the horse Marcador and its progeny. On the eighth of June, 2016, a sentence was announced, by which the entire case presented by Mr. Gorreta against ANCCE has been fully dismissed, with the former being sentenced to pay all court costs. Likewise, Mr. Juan Rosal García lodged a lawsuit against ANCCE, Mr. Rey Álvarez and Mr. Javier Conde Cerrato, requesting that the suspension be lifted regarding the registration of the horse


Marcador and its progeny. Once again, a final and non- appealable decision was handed down on the twenty-eighth of April, 2016, by which the case was dismissed, without ruling payment of the costs, as the plaintiff withdrew his case. Lastly, Ms. Elena Pilar Palomino Borbón y Martínez del Cerro filed an appeal under contentious-administrative jurisdiction against the ruling by the General Technical Secretariat, which failed to recognize the appeal against the ANCCE decision to tentatively suspend the registration of the horse Ald Goerito. In this case, the final sentence been handed down by the Superior Court of Justice in Madrid on the seventeenth of May, 2013, which dismissed the plaintiff’s claims. Once again, such rulings endorse ANCCE’s due process as the manager of the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book and as the body that is responsible for safeguarding the coherence of actions taken to preserve, improve and promote the breed. ¡¡

morfología conformation

What Does the Technical Committee of Judges Do? TEXT: TecHnIcal commITTee oF JudgeS PHOTOS: caRloS nÚÑez



A FEW MONTHS AGE, ANCCE published the new Rules and Regulations for Conformationfunctional Competitions. These Rules contemplate important innovations, including the creation of a new body: the Technical Committee of Judges (TCJ) divided into two fields: Conformation and Functionality. With these new Rules and Regulations, this Committee has been granted a number of fundamental tasks when judging of Purebred Spanish Horses. In short, it will fulfil the following functions: Train and classify Judges, implement any and all educational programs deemed necessary; assess and follow-up judging; carrying out the draws of the Judges for the various competitions; launch disciplinary actions and analyze conflict of interest presented by Judges. Since the Technical Committee of Judges was constituted in May, an enormous amount of work has been carried out to organize the actual Committee and in solving the many incidences that have arisen and have been detected. In short, they have had to solve several aspects mentioned herein as there has been no prior experience in this regard. 41


HOW ARE MEETINGS ORGANIZED AND WHEN? This is no trivial matter. Several aspects discussed to date have necessitated an increased workload, in which case, there has been at least one meeting taking place per month. Most of the base work has required an extraordinary amount of time and continuous dedication. Committee members have had to analyze the situation and make decisions daily; they have coordinated from a distance, since each member of this Technical Committee lives in a different geographical location within Spain. WHERE ARE MEETINGS HELD? To date, most of the meetings and train sessions have taken place in Sevilla or nearby provinces. Nevertheless, for future sessions, the committee is logically considering other locations. WHAT RESOURCES HAVE BEEN MADE AVAILABLE? This point is another of aspect that was not defined in the Rules and Regulations. At ANCCE, as with any other economic principle, there are limited resources whatever the objective. Apart from the strictly economic point of view, there are other, non-material instruments; these being juridical and that must equally be added as the Committee moves forward with its tasks. W H AT I S T H E D E G R E E O F RESPONSIBILITY AND INDEPENDENCE This point is significant. The current Rules and Regulations assign the Technical Committee of Judges “exclusive and binding” tasks. After all, this Committee is a body within the Association that has been created or can be modified, and appoint its members. Any and all Committee decisions, independently to how these may affect third parties, have a logical consequence for ANCCE itself. Likewise, certain positions that need to be adopted must be undertaken by 42

the Association, as well as designing and maintaining these, and not by one of its various bodies. WHAT RELATIONSHIP DOES THIS COMMITTEE HAVE WITH OTHER ANCCE STRUCTURES? According to the Rules and Regulations, the TCJ is an independent body; nonetheless, as with any organizational structure, the relationship and communication channels with the Competition Commission, the Executive Management, and others must adapt to achieve effective work dynamics. In this sense, protocols are being designed to improve these various channels. The eventual participation in Association decision-making meetings has not been ruled out. Moreover, as a Technical Committee, reports may be forwarded to ANCCE representatives and government to contribute to the improvement of aspects related with our work. As can be appreciated, the internal development of this totally new TCJ is not precisely easy going. As mere examples, following the mandates of their competencies, Conformation members have undertaken various initiatives and have responded to miscellaneous contents. Thus, with regards to the first competence, a meeting of Conformation Judges has already been organized in Madrid. At the Complutense University School of Veterinary Science, case-studies were reviewed as these versed upon a current problem. The door remains open for the various members of the Association, or third parties (even breeders) when considered specialized enough on a specific subject, to contribute their reports. All these intangibles could aid in improving our Conformation competitions and we must be taken advantage of them. With respect to the second competence, we have created a method to save each Judge’s scores. The idea of this is to create a more objective base of opinion about

The Technical Committee of Judges offers the possibility of presenting reports before ANCCE representative and governing bodies to improve their work

We have created a method to save each Judge’s scoring history so that in time, we have objective opinion about technical perfection and a code of ethics


YEGUADA ANDIC +34 610 498560



technical perfection and professional ethics. This, over time, could lead to a more transparent categorization. Within this same area, each and every accusation and incidence received regarding the scores and preferences of the horses at competitions have been analyzed. Any reports presented by the actual Technical Committee have also been included. These, as one might imagine, have taken more time because there is a high number of competing breeders, riders and handlers. Members from the field of Conformation have traveled to a number of competitions to supervise specific questions. With regards to a third mandate, it must be said that the draws for Judges at national competitions have been carried out correctly. Initiatives or difficulties concerning the organizing committees have been resolved. When it comes to disciplinary authority, there have been a number of contributions. A Code of Ethics for Judges was drafted; it followed along the lines of other 44

international institutions, where certain, unspecified behaviors were clarified. The Rules and Regulations for the Disciplinary Procedure have also been drafted and forwarded to ANCCE for study and possible approval. This instrument is crucial to comply with principles and requirements seated in the jurisprudence of the Spanish courts for this matter. The idea is to create a common conduit that is completely removed from voluntary initiative. In addition, while awaiting this statutory instrument, several Judges have already been sent written warnings to improve their technical or behavioral aptitude, based on cases seen. At least five cases of conflict of interest have been solved. As can be seen from this brief explanation, the mission being carried out by this new body is demanding and continuous. Nevertheless, important actions have yet to be carried out. In the short term, teams of Judges will be prepared for the upcoming World PRE Championship at SICAB 2016. ÂĄÂĄ





Our best quality TEXT: JORGE CONDE


HAVING SURPASSED THE INITIAL STAGES that focus on horses up to four years of age, in a logical Dressage training process, as it is currently structured, tests start introducing the concept of collection, which is an unavoidable skill for 5 year-olds. From now on, perhaps the most outstanding competitive quality in a sports horse is its ability to carry and shift its weight. This skill differentiates those horses “that make it” and those that do not. These latter will encounter difficulties when advancing towards Grand Prix (GP). What do I mean by the ability to carry and shift one’s weight? I mean that the horse shows the capacity and attitude to place its weight back towards the hindquarters, thus leaving its forehand lighter. This allows the horse to progress towards collection, meaning that the horse has more self-carriage. Its hips are

lower; the hocks have more flexion and its back moves more freely. Likewise, the horse’s center of gravity changes; this moves forward until it comes into line with that of its rider. Technically, how does this benefit me as a rider? The horse becomes more governable; it is able to shorten its strides (shortening) and then lengthen them; it allows control to be obtained quickly. Using a half-halt, the horse can be made to sit back and put itself in order. A horse with this ability is guaranteed a consistent progression toward GP--barring any other type of accident--and it also minimizes the effort that the horse has to make to obtain a good score in each exercise. The shortening of the horse’s base increases its general ridability and makes it much easier and more pleasant to handle. In which exercises is it key? In almost all the specific exercises; 47



it is especially useful in all those demanding maximum collection, such as passage, piaffe and pirouettes, but also for collected paces, exercises on two tracks, etc. In other words, this quality, which is usually a characteristic of Purebred Spanish horses, guarantees a future in the competitive progression toward Grand Prix. Anatomically, Purebred Spanish horses have a greatly improved back, and this is something we must continue to work on. The union of a good back together with a capacity for engagement (already existent) make the PRE ideal when the objective is high-level competition. In previous issues, I have already spoken about the need to maintain training using gymnastic exercises. Gymnastic exercises can make anyone who tends to be rigid, limber up, while at the same time, help an adolescent “of rubber” to become totally flexible. The same holds

true with horses. A rigid horse will improve somewhat, although its body will have certain limits. A more elastic horse will become more and more flexible; its potential will take off. One of the best ways to work on this ability is to work on frequent changes within the pace. The easier the horse finds it to carry its own weight and lower its hips, the easier it will find this exercise. Let’s take half-halts as an example: a rigid horse lacking the flexibility to allow it to sit back when its rider asks for a half-halt is only able to brake. Please allow me to explain: the horse will reduce its speed, and even the length of its strides, but this will be done as if the back were a single rigid block as if its vertebrae were welded together. A flexible horse will transfer its weight, sitting down and transforming the energy without losing it. When observing the horse, you will have the feeling that it ascends and grows, making ALBERTO MARTÍNEZ BRACERO

Fenol II, owned by the Military Stud Farm and ridden by Belén Bautista





its strides shorter, but increasing their elevation. Transitions are never forced, nor do they become less fluid in the second model; energy is transformed. It differs from the one that puts on its brakes, where we cannot do much about the loss of energy and the lack of flexibility. Although judges are asked to score this aspect right from the start, it is true that in competition, this ability becomes more evident and more necessary when the technical work is more advanced and the paces are not the main key in the score-although, of course these are always important. Therefore, the capacity for engagement is an intrinsic quality of the PRE from which we will be able to take advantage as the training process advances. When breeding PRE horses, the obvious improvement of their backs means that this quality is

reinforced, as the back acts as the transmission between the forehand and the hindquarters. In conclusion, a word of warning: engagement involves effort. In fact, this is the best word to define modern ATR (from the Spanish acronym meaning Accumulation, Transmission and Execution) training. Such work involves greater effort. Furthermore, it is commonplace to see that when a horse gives us something with ease, we tend to use it excessively rather than working more on those areas and aspects that need greater attention. It is extremely important to adjust the load, even when the horse has the ability to collaborate in whatever we ask of it, or even finds it easy to do; this is a maxim, when speaking of young animals, to avoid injury, tiredness and stress that could lead to the horse resisting in its competitive future. ¡¡ LiLY FOrADO

Truhana de Ymas, owned by Yeguada de Ymas and ridden by Juan Matute Guimón



Felix Brasseur driving a PRE Team (Four-in-hand) owned by Hacienda MarĂ­a.



carriage driving

PRE Horses for Carriage Driving



Felix Brasseur, World Carriage Driving Champion, stated in an interview for this magazine: “The most attractive aspect of Purebred Spanish Horses is their ability to adapt. With almost no training, when still young, vigorous and entire, they are easy to handle and immediately respond to training.” On several occasions, and for a number of international journalists, Brasseur has stated that this breed is ideal for Carriage Driving: “undoubtedly, controlling the long reins, confidence and the skill of handling a turnout can be learned, but this discipline is an extremely difficult art that only Purebred Spanish Horses dominate to perfection thanks to their intelligence and obedience.” As a sport, Carriage Driving spread rapidly throughout Europe as of 1969. The Duke of Edinburgh, as President of the International Equestrian Federation, was attending an Equitation

Championship in Poland, where he greatly admired the various figures performed by Central European Traditional Turnouts. Noting attractiveness of it all, he considered that it could be turned into a sport, so upon returning to England, he devoted time to studying the discipline. This, by 1970, led to the International Equestrian Federation approving the “Combined Competition Carriage Driving Rules.” Today, Carriage Driving is not an Olympic discipline. Although it has been included in all the World Equestrian Games (WEG), it has never been considered a modern era sport. At the last WEG, Spain was represented by eight Purebred Spanish Horses: Almonte 1, Distraído XX, Altanero Jem y Furtivo XLI, driven by owner, José Barranco Reyes; Fermentado, Fresado, Tensor and Velero XI, owned by the Military Stud Farm were driven by Juan Robles Marchena. These two 53

carriage driving drivers led Spain to tenth place overall for Teams, out of a total of 70 Teams (Four-in-hand) from all over the world. Robles was awarded a Gold Medal by Spain Council for Sports; it is an award that very few athletes earn and one with international recognition. Juan Robles has always competed with Spanish Horses and considers them to be the best choice for this discipline. “The main thing about the PRE is its character and obedience; it puts


José Barranco with his own PRE horses at the WEG in Normandy.


its whole heart into what it does. Central European horses have a much more complex character; they need a slower training, and when they run into major difficulties, they react differently. Even if they are physically more suited to competition, they don’t have the collected movements, which are a characteristic of PRE horses.” José Barranco has, on repeated occasions, earned the title as Champion of Andalusia, Champion of Spain and the Iberian Cup for Carriage Driving. He has participated in the last two World cups--Wiessenbeck (Germany) and Normandy (France). He confirms that, for many years, he competed with other breeds, but once he had tried Purebred Spanish Horses, he was sure that is the most comfortable horse on earth when it comes to working and competing, and it is all due to their characteristics and virtues.

“Thanks to its good conformation, strength and the great advantage it has for learning dressage, the PRE is, in general, the ideal breed for sports and more specifically, for Carriage Driving.” When it comes to carriage driving, a breed with special characteristics is essential and the Purebred Spanish Horse has it all: freedom of movement, regularity, harmony, impulsion, flexibility, length of stride in its three paces and elevation. In Spain today, there are every more PRE Horses excelling in the competition arena. Proof of this is in Traditional Carriage Driving. The most recent International Competition was held in June, in the Quinto do Peru, Azeitão (Portugal). Spain’s team had nine participants--all members of the Royal Carriage Driving Club of Andalusia--who participated with Purebred Spanish Horses owned by their drivers: Antonio Repullo

del Pino and Teresa Millán Roncero in Singles; Juan Andrés Quifes, Miguel Frutos, José Varo Garrido and Antonio Moya Almendral in Pairs; Antonio Repullo Anaya in Tandem; and Gregorio Aranda Lamas in Teams (Four-in-hand). This latter ran away with the title of Champion of Champions, in addition to first place in Teams. In the overall line-up, of the 23 turnouts, the first four places were taken by Purebred Spanish Horses, driven by Spanish drivers. ¡¡


Team (Four-in-hand) owned and driven by Gregorio Aranda.


ruta ecuestre equestrian routes

Asians Focus on Purebred Spanish Horses quality is appealing Despite globalization, visitors from the Far East continue to be attracted to exotic Spain. In addition to art, wine and cuisine, equestrian tourism is now on the list of options: personalized horse back riding route along bridle paths with Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE). Luxury also lies in a gallop. TEXT: PedRo madeRa PHOTOS: PePe conde



IN RECENT YEARS, t h e t o u r i s t industry has begun to fix its eyes on the Far East; the sector is anxious to attract the citizens in those young, rich economies in an effort to pull our economy out of the mire. The unique character of Asian visitors-which Westerners find so exotic-demands major efforts when it comes to designing attractive proposals for those who find the famous “sun and sand” motto far from motivating. Japanese and Koreans have discovered the magic of Spain from the saddle of Purebred Spanish Horses. According to the July, 2016 Turespaña Report, tourist products demanded by Japanese travelers are those related to enjoying nature, followed by cultural tourism and cuisine. In this regard, companies such as Space of Horse ( have been showered with requests from Japan, China and Korea to enjoy any of the many experiences on offer. The Japanese are attracted by a genuine Spanish experience to move away from more international clichés. Purebred Spanish Horses are an unquestionable experience for tourists to indulge in scenery and environments that rarely appear on standard travel agent circuits. Although the new, “high end” tourist looks for quality, this must go hand in hand with the human factor. Experiencing true daily life is part of the trip. The objective is to place equestrian tourism as the new deluxe tourism and encourage this select Asian audience to repeat their visit. The world of horses has taken note and are taking advantage of this fact; moreover, the Japanese interest in horses is historic. Traditionally, Japanese armed forces used equines, with a clear influence of Mongolian ponies being used in 16th and 17th century Samurai battles. 57

ruta ecuestre equestrian routes



On the other hand, the firm Candau Experience is a pioneer in this type of tourism. Due to a documentary film broadcast on Japanese television, company manager Ignacio Candau has laid stakes on tourism for the Japanese market. The idea is both simple and effective. Quality Equestrian tourism offers its clients what one would really like see when visiting. It all starts with a visit to the stud farm. Guests tour the farm buildings, the land, and of course, the horses. Its well-trained horses are much more than animals. These horses are a resource for recreational purposes and sports. Those interested in trail rides get to know and test-ride the various horses until one suited to their level is found as guests and horse will be sharing experiences while travelling.

It is not just a matter of riding a horse; the experience is much more. It is learning about the essence of a breed, its conformational characteristics and the importance of these horses for day-to-day work in the country fields or on the competition circuit. Visitors learn all about traditional harness work and the uses and customs on the stud farm from the manager himself. That is the difference. This is not a visit to buy horses. It is a visit that deepens into agricultural and farming, where the main protagonist is the Purebred Spanish Horse. It is a stud farm at the forefront of sports which demonstrates the importance of tradition. There are saddles that have been handed down from one generation to the next; some of the bridles could be considered museum pieces and all items have that distinguishing touch of true “class.” To understand how paella is made, savor a glass of sherry or enjoy a canter on one of these horses are simple moments that have to be appreciated as a new luxury. Of course, groups of mares and youngsters, and Dressage exercises are presented as part of the experience, but always by the manager of the stud farm and his team. Clients deal directly with the person in charge of the stud farm; they learn directly from his experience. They acquire an understanding of what daily life on a farm is all about, because that is part of the appeal. The experience is not limited to endless chat about the subject. Travelling the trails on a PRE is another option; you can enjoy a ride along a rural path known as Vía Verde de la Sierra in southern Andalusia. This 38-kilometer (23.6 miles) route is a former railway that has been reconditioned for tourism; it meanders through mountainous landscape between the towns of Puerto Serrano and Olvera. Undoubtedly, it is one of Europe’s very best pathways. It runs along the banks of the Guadalete River through the foothills of the


equestrian routes

The experience includes travelling the trails on a PRE, delighting in the rural paths while enjoying the Via Verde de la Sierra (Green Route) in southern Andalusia.


province of Cadiz (Sierra de Cádiz), to cross the provinces of Seville and Cádiz by way of the Peñón de Zaframagón Nature Reserve. This Park is home to the largest vulture sanctuary in Andalusia. Even the most demanding Japanese riders fall in love with the captivating landscape. Another magical moment is when riders bed-down at the Coripe Station, which has been converted into a delightfully charming hotel. The bottom line is to offer an ample variety of details. A group of ten riders puts at least twenty people into movement, and that is what makes the difference. A silky towel to dry off your face, dinner served on the farm’s historic chinaware or watch shooting stars to the sweet sound of a Spanish guitar are almost as magical as the elegant expression of a Spanish horse silhouetted on the horizon.

But, what is the proposal? Basically, adapt the situation to a client’s every need and desire. Due to the obvious language barrier and to simplify the logistics, almost two thirds of all Japanese tourists visiting us come with a package tour. Thus, Equestrian Experiences include travel from Madrid or Barcelona with the corresponding visit to standard sites, and the journey and complete plan to the lands of Andalusia, cradle of the Purebred Spanish Horse. Likewise, accommodation in a country house is part of the 100% Spanish experience. The experience concludes with a visit to the Royal School of Equestrian Art and Yeguada La Cartuja, both in Jerez. There, visitors learn about the history, tradition and anecdotes of this native horse, first hand, as well as its breeding, selection and training. ¡¡

“Plan para el sector agrario”


Formamos parte de ti

“Las soluciones financieras que estabas esperando...

Productos pensados especialmente para ti que harán mejorar el rendimiento de tu negocio”

Línea de productos para explotaciones agrarias, cooperativas y socios. Financiación de Campaña. Comercio Exterior. Agroseguro...


national associations castilla-la mancha

ASOCAMAN-PRE Ordinary General Assembly


his past July, the Castilla-La Mancha Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (ASOCAMAN-PRE) held its annual Ordinary General Assembly. The various points on the Agenda were ratified, including the 2015 Treasury Report (annual accounts), the 2016 budget, the incorporation and removal of members and finally the agreements adopted by the Board of Directors. A number of topics that the Association has been working on were discussed. These included Expovicaman 2017, the Tribunal for Qualified Breeding Stock (TRC for the abbreviation in Spanish), training courses, etc. Also, members were informed that this year, the Association will be at the 26th edition of the Purebred Spanish

Horse Trade Fair--SICAB 2016 and the World PRE Championship thanks to the collaboration of sponsors who have made attendance possible. In his initial report as President, Jesús Alberto Muela Ayala began by expressing his appreciation for the undertakings of the previous Board of Directors. He listed the many actions carried out during this first year of the legislation. Lastly, he concluded his intervention by thanking the members for their efforts to continue as members of the Association, as they are the active lifeline. To celebrate the Assembly, the President offered the facilities on his stud farm. Afterwards, he invited everyone to a luncheon and later to a visit of his stud farm. ¡¡



international associations COSTA RICA

André Garnier, President of the Costa Rican Association


his year, the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association of Costa Rica (ASOCPRE) has renewed its Board of Directors with a new team that includes people who are greatly involved and with ample experience in the breeding industry. For years, the team has been concerned with improving and strengthening the Association. From now on, the new team will follow these same objectives, with the following components: President: André Garnier Vice-president: Mauricio Arce Secretary: Eladio Bolaños Treasurer: José Manuel Agüero Member-at-large I: Ronald Xirinachs Member-at-large II: Gonzalo Sánchez Member-at-large III: Eduardo Chavarría Member-at-large IV: Laura Sánchez Member-at-large V: Manuel Meza Member-at-large VI:Jean Garnier Member-at-large VII: Norman Herrera Auditor: Oldemar Chavarría ¡¡

Andrés Garnier, president of ASOCPRE.

Equestrian Photography Course by Rafael Lemos Santos


nternational photographer Rafael Lemos has dedicated his career to Purebred Spanish Horses. In July, he taught a master’s class on equestrian photography based on the ability to captivate the essence and magic of PRE horses through the lens of a digital camera. There were eight motivated participants who were carefully and exquisitely guided by Professor Lemos for this first photography course organized by ASOCPRE. Landscape, scenes, horses and riders helped each participant to see well beyond the apparent view, to capture a moment and a feeling in their photographs, so that they transmit beauty and the purity of such a magnificent animal. Theoretic specifics were provided first, including handling the camera and other basic principles. Then, the conformation and morphology of the Purebred Spanish Horse were explained. This was followed by information about the disciplines in which PRE horses participate, the importance of wardrobe when a presenter/


rider appears before an audience with a horse that is correctly prepared. This last point was of great help during the course. The practical aspect was undertaken at two stud farms: Ganadera América and Ganadera AG. Here, the grooms and riders were on hand to give their very best and show their work with Spanish Horses. They provided the participants with an endless number of opportunities to capture the beauty of PRE horses. ¡¡ 63

international associations COSTA RICA

Some of the riders who participated in the Clinic.

Spanish High School Clinic with Ángel Cid


ast June, rider and Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art instructor Ángel Cid taught a two-week Spanish High School clinic in Costa Rica at the stud farm facilities of Ganadera AG. This is the third such clinic organized, with very successful participation. Ten riders with their horses invested their time to learn Spanish High School and improve their technique in this discipline. During the initial session of the clinic, each pair worked individually with Ángel Cid to correct mistakes, polish their abilities and show their skills. In the second session, horses and riders worked as a team, as a carrousel, just as they would at the Royal School when training as a group. Students greatly appreciated and fully enjoyed this exercise. Clinics are really successful as there is growing interest and participation by stud farms


and riders. Therefore, between now and the end of the year, ASOCPRE managers will continue to offer technical training in this discipline as they have requested the assistance of Ángel Cid for at least three visits a year. In fact, the next Clinic has been confirmed for this forthcoming October. Both the new participants as well as repeaters were satisfied with the lessons taught by the Spanish rider. Participants greatly appreciated his sensitivity, technique and the ease with which he communicated with them as he focused on essential aspects of riding. The Association would like to thank the participating pairs and Instructor Ángel Cid for his dedication in teaching the riders and their horses. Likewise, the host organization invited other Central American countries to participate in clinics organized by the ASOCPRE Training Committee. ¡¡


USPRE Promotes PRE Horses on the US Dressage Circuit


he Florida High Point Series, held at Wellington’s Global Dressage Festival (in the state of Florida, United States), enjoyed a considerable boom in PRE participation, thanks to the support and aid of breeding farms such as Yeguada de Ymas, Las Morerías and Hampton Green Farm, who brought top quality PREs and world-class riders to the competition. New pairs—as well as those that have participated in the High Points over the years—helped to make 2016 the most competitive and challenging High Point series to date. The USPRE Dressage Committee, consisting of Janne Rumbough, Tina Lovazzano, Erin Lohec, Jacqueline Cuddy, Belinda Nairn and Kim Boyer, met and selected five of the seven Global CDIs at High Point shows, adding one more show than last year’s series. This paid off as it increased the number of PRE pairs and the greatest number showing in the final CDI (Week 12) of the GDF circuit. 2016 Florida Series Grand Champions: ¡ FEI Grand Champion: Janne Rumbough & Armas Zumbel (66.7, 68.8, 67.5) in Inter 1 ¡ National Level Grand Champion: Joseph Robert Hunt & Orgulloso MOR (68.4, 66.6, 66.9) in Third Level. ¡ Youth Grand Champion: Kerrigan Gluch & Vaquero HGF (68.2, 67.05, 67.7) in Young Riders..

With over 25 PREs in the most competitive of all US Dressage shows, there were there were some notable highlights. These included Jacqueline Cuddy with Malcarat (68.8) at their national Grand Prix debut in Wellington; Juan Matute Guimon and Truhana de Ymas with close to 68% in international Young Riders; Spanish Olympian Juan Antonio Jiménez and Lenin MOR with 70.2 in national Inter 1; Kerrigan Gluch and Vaquero HGF, took second place in both CDI Young Rider classes at the Palm Beach Derby with scores of 68%; and Remache MOR, from the young horse team from Las Morerías, scored over 75% in FEI 5-year old levels. Also, Janne Rumbough with Armas Zumbel, Hannah Pierucci with El Espíritu and Elena Schiefele with Infanta HGF all achieved high marks in their respective FEI levels. Canadian Olympian David Marcus joining his partner Nicholas Fyffe as a PRE rider with Presumido, obtained scores over 70% in Third Level. ¡¡ High Point winners of the USPRE series ¡ National Division FEI AA: Janne Rumbough & Armas Zumbel (66.7) in Inter 1. ¡ FEI National Division Open: Hannah Pierucci riding El Espíritu (66.3) in Inter 1. ¡ USDF National Division Open: Joseph Hunt & Orgulloso MOR (68.48) in Third Level.


Truhana de Ymas, owned Yeguada de Ymas and ridden by Juan Matute Guimón.

list of ANCCE Breeders

Who is who at ANCCE? List of stud farms registered with National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association. Further information (representative and contact info) using the QR code. ACITORES GANADERÍA Tlf.: 609 620 808 Murcia AGRAPUR, S.L. Tlf.: 696 416 811 Lérida

AGUILAR MATESANZ, HNOS. Tlf.: 921 124 136 Móvil: 615 636 201 Segovia ALGAIDA Tlf.: 699 088 178 – 639 343 474 Sevilla

AGRÍCOLA CUCALERAS, S.L. Tlf.: 968 410 690 Móvil: 619 779 903 Murcia

ALMANSA Rodríguez, D. José Tlf.: 959 356 600 Huelva

Agrícola Fermín Vioque Tlf.: 610 715 565 - 617 401 874 Córdoba

ALTAJARA, S.L. Tlf.: 955 600 282 Móvil: 609 521 803 Sevilla

AGRíCOLA GUZMáN, S.A. Tlf.: 618 748 474 Sevilla

ANDIC ERMAY, D. NAHMAN Tlf.: 610 498 282 - 610 498 560 Barcelona

AGRÍCOLA JUAN ROJAS, S.L. Tlf.: 954 450 199 Móvil: 609 502 691 Sevilla AGRÍCOLA SAN ÁLVARO, S.L. Tlf.: 954 222 095 - 955 953 274 Móvil: 606 332 993 - 609 657 007 Sevilla AGRÍCOLA SMIRR Tlf.: +49 68723807 Móvil: +49 1702010894 Alemania AGRÍCOLA VALVI, S.A.U. Tlf.: 954 047 233 Sevilla agrícola y ganadera cueva serrana Tlf.: 676 978 382 Alicante AGROPECUARIA EL ANCLA Tlf.: 956 232 561 Móvil: 619 112 250 Cádiz AGROPECUARIA LARIOS, S.A. YEGUADA LARIOS Tlf.: 956 420 595 Móvil: 696 935 306 Cádiz AGUAYMANTO Tlf.: +57 44488224 Colombia AGUILAR García, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 955 803 076 Móvil: 679 443 404 Sevilla

ANDREA MARTÍNEZ, S.L Tlf.: 606 300 506 Murcia ANSTALT ANATOL Móvil: 630 316 053 - 616 495 433 fincaelermitañ Sevilla ANTÓN LÓPEZ, D. JOSÉ Móvil: 629 870 299 Valencia ARANDA ALCÁNTARA, D. GREGORIO CHAPUELA 1999, S.L Sevilla ARROYO P.R.E. Tlf.: 913 401 033 Móvil: 609 266 061 - Madrid

BENÍTEZ MORENO, HNOS. Tlf.: 954 141 404 - Part.: 954 141 164 Finca: 955 953 688 Sevilla BENITO RUIZ, D. JOSÉ LUIS Tlf.: +502 247 02015 Móvil: +502 56510711 Guatemala BERMEJO PERTEGAL YEGUADA Tlf.: 924 536 100 Móvil: 687 421 845 Badajoz BIOALAZOR Tlf.: 609 501 038 Sevilla Bohórquez ESCRIBANO, D. FERMÍN Tlf.: 956 184 579-83 Cádiz Bohórquez GARCÍA DE VILLEGAS, D. MIGUEL Tlf.: 956 307 893 Móvil: 625 570 377 ganaderiamiguelbohorquez Cádiz BOLOIX AS – HDROS. DE MARTÍNEZ BOLOIX Tlf.: 968 886 050 Móvil: 609 822 006 Murcia CABALLOS DE LOS CISNE Tlf.: +1 8327555112 Estados Unidos

ASTARLOA SORDO, D. ILDEFONSO Móvil: 608 607 436 Madrid

CABALLOS DEL JARAMA Móvil: 630 912 683 Madrid

AZAHAR HORSES Tlf.: 968 011 339 Murcia

CABALLOS LLARGUÉS Tlf.: 935 601 358 Móvil: 637 242 489 Barcelona

BáEZ SPINOLA, D. MIGUEL Tlf.: 639 956 944 Huelva BALINOT VALDIVIA, D. FRANCISCO JOSÉ Tlfs.: 958 680 004 – 605 287 793 Granada BALLESTEROS MORCILLO, D. JESÚS Tlf.: 957 540 142 - 957 553 159 Córdoba BAONES González, D. MISAEL Tlf.: 959 143 173 Móvil: 607 675 088 Huelva


BAYO SÁNCHEZ, D. JAVIER Móvil: 722 656 804 Badajoz

CADENAS BELTRÁN , D. AGUSTÍN Tlf.: 956 172 938 Móvil: 650 104 961 Cádiz CAMACHO BENÍTEZ, HNOS. Tlf.: 957 520 051 Móvil: 608 554 930 Córdoba CÁMARA YSERN, Dª ROCÍO DE LA Tlf.: 954 272 359 Móvil: 639 169 080 Sevilla

CáRDENAS OSUNA, D. PEDRO DE Tlf.: 954 830 502 agrí Sevilla CARO ANDRADE, D. MANUEL Tlf.: 954 411 818 Sevilla CARRIÓN ROMERO HNOS Tlfs.: 957 271 292 – 629 119 900 Córdoba CARTUJANO BAYERN – PRE ZUCH UNTERSCHWAIG Tlf.: +49 1718212046 Alemania CASA-ESTANQUE Tlf.: +49 2482911000 Alemania CASCO LA VENTA Tlf.: +52 5552231763 México CENSYRA Tlf.: 924 010 584 – 924 010 564 Badajoz CHAPEL CREEK RANCH Tlf.: 001 9404585513 Estados Unidos COLORADO López, D. José Tlf.: 955 953 126 – 615 493 392/3 Sevilla

CORTIJO EL ROBLEDAL Tlf.: 646 278 991 - 669 819 014 Málaga

DEHESA DE CABEZA RUBIA, S.L. Tlf.: 619 243 120 Badajoz

CORTIJO EL ROCÍO Tlf.: +505 22785901 – +505 88830000 Nicaragua

DEHESA LA GRANJA, S. A. Tlf.: 956 622 700 Móvil: 674 749 841 Cádiz

CORTIJO LA MARQUESA, S.L.U. Tlf.: 954 630 883 Móvil: 619 716 384 Sevilla

DEHESA MIGALINDA Tlf.: 954 156 244 Móvil: 639 338 676 Sevilla

CORTIJO LA MORALEJA ESP Móvil: 678733871 Huelva CORTIJO LAS CASTAÑAS Tlf.: +52 26157020 México CORTIJO LOS LEONES Tlf.: 954 629 361 Móvil: 637 457 582 Sevilla CORTIJO MIRAMONTES, S.A. Finca: 955 953 457 Móvil: 616 914 788 Oficina: 955 731 664 - 955 731 275 Sevilla CORTIJO SAN MIGUEL Tlf.: +505 23115821 Móvil: +505 88500004 Nicaragua

Díaz NAVARRO, D. JUAN Tlf.: 953 523 184 Móvil: 629 126 152 Jaen DIOSDADO GALÁN, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 956 340 655 Móvil: 658 788 874 Cádiz DOLGARENT, S. A. Tlf.: 955 682 184 Sevilla DOMECQ ROMERO, D. ÁLVARO Tlf.: 956 314 747 Cádiz DOMECQ ZURITA, Dª BLANCA Fax: 956 333 046 Móvil: 607 335 407 Cádiz

CRIADERO DE CABALLOS CALIENTE Tlf.: 01152 6646337326 México

DOMÍNGUEZ GALIANO, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 954 224 786 Móvil: 639 724 041 - 607 674 468 Sevilla

CROSS WINDS FARM Tlf.: +1 3042820353 Estados Unidos

DURÁN GALLARDO, D. José MANUEL Tlf.: 956 450 331 Móvil: 646 966 603 Cádiz

CUADRA CONQUISTA Tlf.: +52 3336306022 México

DURÁN VICENS, Dª CRISTINA Móvil: 677 133 391 Málaga

CORTÉS García, D. SALVADOR Tlf.: 696 902 135 Cádiz

CUEVAS BAJAS, S.L. Tlf.: 957 760 791 Móvil: 629 848 430 Córdoba

EL ESPARRAGAL, S. A. Tlf.: 955 783 431 Sevilla

CORTÉS RODRÍGUEZ, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 958 824 852 Móvil: 646 982 712 - 670 904 921 Granada

CUQUERELLA ÚBEDA, D. JUAN Tlf.: 954 500 606 Sevilla

EL QUIEBRAJANO Móvil: 677563456 Jaén

CHAVES SAINZ, D. FEDERICO FERNANDO Tlf.: 942 270 521 Móvil: 609 417 993 Santander

EMBARBA DE FRUTOS, D. ANICETO Tlf.: 952 233 967 - 952 176 517 Málaga

CHINCHILLA RODRÍGUEZ , D. DOMINGO Móvil: 677 537 199 Granada

ENRIQUE Y JOAQUÍN PAGÁN Móvil: 657 289 902 Albacete

DE CÁRDENAS Tlf.: +1 3524086788 Estados Unidos

ESCALERA DE LA ESCALERA, D. José LUIS Tlf.: 954 837 165 Móvil: 689 287 366 - 666 083 068 Sevilla

CORPORACIÓN AGROGANADERAS LEZCANO, S.A. Tlf.: +507-2095220 Móvil: +507-64809718 Panamá CORTÉS DE LA ESCALERA, HDROS. DE Mª DOLORES Tlf.: 617 402 609 - 954 229 507 Sevilla

CORTIJO ALBARRACÍN Tlf.: 902 300 078 Barcelona CORTIJO DE LA Z Tlf.: +505 22767157 – +505 88850200 Nicaragua CORTIJO EL APÓSTOL Tlf.: +52 818 3420778 México

DE LA ROSA FRANCISCO, Dª NADIA Mª Tlf.: 637 755 026 Sevilla


list of ANCCE Breeders ESCALERA DE LA ESCALERA, Dª Mª FERNANDA Tlf.: 954 514 739 Móvil: 653 590 272 - 608 150 357 Sevilla

Ganadería EL AHIJÓN Tlf.: 925 821 206 Móvil: 607 601 877 Madrid Ganadería EL CAJÓN Tlf.: 627 961 220 – 664 725 655 Zaragoza

ESPINA NOGUERAS, HNOS. Tlf.: 955 665 576 - 954 721 292 Sevilla

GANADERA AMÉRICA Tlf.: +506 2509-9800 Costa Rica

ESPINOSA HIDALGO, D. SALVADOR Tlf.: 956 308 518 Móvil: 629 494 987 - 600 455 872 Cádiz

GANADERA JOCHA Tlf.: +506 22334818 +506 83849090 Costa Rica

ESTEBAN RUIZ, D. IVÁN Tlf.: 917 450 035 Móvil: 649 954 823 Madrid

Ganadería ANTARES, S.L. Tlf.: 966 736 902 Móvil: 696 974 955 Alicante

EUGASSADA CESCAP Tlf.: 607 546 525 Barcelona

Ganadería AZAHAR Tlf.: 968 011 339 Murcia


GANADERÍA BECGAR DOBLE S Tlf.: 645 804 295 - 659 916 561 Madrid


Ganadería BOHÓRQUEZ ROMAN Tlf.: 606 627 680 Móvil: 669 111 717 Sevilla

Ganadería F. CUEVAS Tlf.: 600 562 008 Barcelona

Ganadería braganza gámez Tlf.: 679 479 681 Ciudad Real

Ganadería F. GUTIÉRREZ CASANOVA Tlf.: 955 684 075 Móvil: 610 713 138 Sevilla

GANADERÍA CAMP RODO Tlf.: 654 211 437 Barcelona

Ganadería FRANCISCO LAZO Díaz Tlf.: 954 755 561 Sevilla

FERNÁNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ, D. José Mª Tlf.: 954 860 225 Móvil: 666 423 323 Sevilla

Ganadería CARLOS DELGADO Tlf.: 619 269 525 Madrid

FINCA LO TACÓN Tlf.: 609 656 969 - 615 249 737 Murcia

Ganadería CERRADO DEL CASIL Tlf.: 915 625 415 Cáceres

Ganadería FRANCISCO SANTIAGO RUIZ Tlf.: 952 711 460 Tlf.: 952 218 591 Málaga

FINCA LOS PANDUREJOS Tlf.: +43 6641014071 - +43 6642148905 Austria

Ganadería CHILOECHES Tlf.: +57 42669140 Colombia

FORLI Tlf.: 670 686 409 - 619 705 636 Sevilla

GANADERÍA CORTÉS LARREY Tlf.: 924 870 678 – Móvil: 655 909 405 Badajoz

EXPLOTACIONES AGRÍCOLAS RABAN, S.A. Tlf.: 957 334 016 Córdoba FEDERSPIEL PINTO, D. ROBERTO Tlf.: +506 22225822 Móvil: +506 83812235 Costa Rica FERNÁNDEZ-DAZA Y FDEZ. DE CORDOVA, D. FRANCISCO Tlf.: 924 660 868 Badajoz

FRANCISCO OLIVERA, S.L. Tlf.: 955 681 976 Móvil: 600 678 253 - 650 361 373 Sevilla G RANCH INT Tlf.: +505 86707304 Nicaragua GALIANO ORIHUELA, D. JUAN Finca: 959 415 249 Móvil: 627 471 545 - 660 661 873 Oficina: 902 933 367 Huelva


GANADERA AG, S.A. Tlf.: +506 2205 3600 +506 2438 0863 Costa Rica

Ganadería COVES-DARDEN Tlf.: 667 751 577 Estados Unidos GANADERÍA CRISLUDI Tlf.: 687 469 909 Tarragona Ganadería DEL PONTÓN Móvil: 606 330 090 Segovia GANADERÍA DOMINGO ARRABE Tlf.: 920 348 112 Móvil: 608 428 284 Ávila

Ganadería EL CALDERO Tlf.: 955 763 034 Móvil: 609 158 219 Sevilla GanaderíA el Camino Andaluz Tlf.: +49 3429279256 Móvil: +49 1777423799 Alemania

Ganadería GILSAN Tlf.: 915 744 799 Móvil: 649 803 503 Toledo Ganadería HERMANOS MESTRE Tlf.: 932 986 400 - 935 084 400 Barcelona GANADERÍA HERMANOS VARGAS SILVA Tlf.: 653 662 903 Cáceres Ganadería HERNANDO ABOíN Tlf.: 648 063 576 Móvil: 695 697 237 Ávila GANADERÍA HIERRO DEL SIETE Tlf.: 679 819 212 - 606 330 090 Madrid Ganadería HNOS. AYALA Tlf.: 955 867 848 Sevilla Ganadería HNOS. BATRES Tlf.: 625 729 724 Toledo

Ganadería HNOS. MUÑOZ Tlf.: 955 676 453 Móvil: 637 469 281. Sevilla

Ganadería Rodríguez Díaz Tlf.: 656 607 261 Madrid

Ganadería HNOS. NIETO Tlf.: 660 601 684 Móvil: 649 405 220 Tarragona

GANADERÍA ROMÁN ROMERO Sánchez Tlf.: 657 919 642 - 670 654 250 Sevilla

Ganadería HNOS. NúÑEZ BARBERO Móvil: 616 948 517 - 691 816 167 Sevilla

Ganadería SALVADOR SALVATIERRA López Tlf.: 958 340 087 Móvil: 670 390 457 www.ganaderiasalvadorsalvatierralopez. com Granada

Ganadería ISABEL MERELLO VIUDA DE TERRY Tlf.: 956 871 640 Cádiz Ganadería JAUQUICOA MARTINENA Tlf.: 619 786 999 Móvil: 696 429 084 Navarra Ganadería JUAN RODRÍGUEZ BEBIA Tlf.: 959 300 379 Móvil: 608 558 956 Huelva Ganadería LA DULCINA Tlf.: +54 91156905050 Argentina

GANADERÍA SANTOS PEREIRA Tlf.: 986 767 117 – Móvil: 639 041 971 Pontevedra

González SOTO, Dª CARMEN Tlf.: 956 308 830 Móvil: 607 882 771 Cádiz

Ganadería SARMIENTO Tlf.: 956 451 042 Móvil: 679 444 112 Cádiz

GANADERÍA María LUISA GUARDIOLA Tlf.: 954 222 191 Sevilla

GANADERÍA THE WOLF Tlf.: 687 890 055 Badajoz

GANADERÍA Martínez MORAGA Tlf.: 967 216 762 Móvil: 629 715 070 - 629 640 108 Albacete Ganadería MATER CHRISTI, S.L. Tlf.: 916 653 360 Madrid GANADERÍA OLIVARES Móvil: 657 751 147 Ciudad Real Ganadería PEDRO MORATA Tlf.: 629 014 747 Baleares Ganadería PUJADAS Tlf.: 617 333 462 Segovia Ganadería PYRAMID Tlf: 659 327 988ía.pyramidpre Granada

Gómez ROLDOS, HNOS. Tlf.: 956 257 509 Móvil: 620 131 308 - 629 344 411 669 990 252 Cádiz González NARANJO, HNOS. Tlf.: 954 430 911 - 954 430 544 955 715 062 Sevilla

GANADERÍA SON PERICASSES Móvil: 645 391 805 – 659 103 305 Baleares

GANADERÍA MARIANNE SUNDÉN Tlf.: +46 708242832 Suecia

GLEN ARYN FARM Tlf.: +1 540 3388257 - 703 9667377 Estados Unidos

GANADERÍA Sánchez-NORIEGA Tlf.: 955 863 344 Móvil: 607 703 030 – 671 493 922 Sevilla

Ganadería MANUEL VERA Tlf.: 954 279 764 Móvil: 687 543 441 Sevilla

GANADERÍA MariaNA CARRASCO JIMÉNEZ Tlf.: 654 543 072 Málaga

GESTÜT SCHLOSS AMERANG Tlf.: +49 17623771159 Alemania

GANADO DE LA SIERRA Tlf.: 506 25091900 Costa Rica García DIÉGUEZ López, D. MIGUEL Tlf.: 954 215 666 - 954 212 991 Sevilla García ROMERO, D. FRANCISCO JAVIER Tlf.: 956 307 741 Móvil: 619 096 606 Cádiz GARCÍA VÁZQUEZ, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 953 560 118 Jaén GERESA 2000, S.L. Tlf.: 952 640 454 Móvil: 670 855 430 – 628 293 107 Málaga. GESTA PRE Tlf.: +46 703399345 Suecia GESTÜT MISPEL HOF Tlf.: +49 28357999127 – +49 1738295606 Alemania Gestüt Paraiso Tlf.: +49 8385922799 Alemania

Gordillo ÁVILA, D. Juan Tlf.: 656 951 184 Cádiz GORMAZ NAVARRO, D. ALFONSO Tlf.: 656 252 550 Zaragoza GOVANTES OSUNA, Dª Mª ÁNGELES Tlf.: 955 905 760 Móvil: 667 983 039 Sevilla GRANDA LOSADA, D. MIGUEL Tlf.: 927 490 060 - 924 220 759 Móvil: 670 220 758 Finca: 927 490 060 Oficina: 927 322 961 Cáceres GUARDIOLA DOMÍNGUEZ, Dª CONSUELO Móvil: 630 663 191 Sevilla GUARDIOLA FANTONI, YDA. HDROS. DE D. SALVADOR Tlf.: 954 226 716 Sevilla HACIENDA DE LA ROSA Móvil: 637 755 027 Sevilla HACIENDA DEL SOL ANDALUSIANS Tlf.: +1 7727701563 Estados Unidos HACIENDA DON RICARDO Tlf.: +507 66798100 - +507 2239125 Panamá HACIENDA GRANADOS Tlf.: 818 4645864 Estados Unidos HACIENDA SANTA CRUZ Tlf.: 502 24397043 Guatemala


list of ANCCE Breeders Hacienda santa lucía Tlf.: (521) 9933590203 México HAMPTON GREEN FARM Tlf.: +1 2318656000 Estados Unidos HDROS. FERNANDO BAONES González Tlf.: 959 143 113 Huelva HERCE García, D. TEODORO Tlf.: 954 837 572 - 954 837 545 Móvil: 600 406 115 - 615 457 627 Sevilla HERMANOS FAVIER Tlf.: +52 3336484500 ext. 101 y 102 México HERMANOS Gómez-JARAIZ Tlf.: 649 995 018 Madrid HERMOFER, S.L. Tlf.: 954 514 143 Móvil: 676 462 209 Sevilla HERNÁN SALGUERO, D. ROBERTO Móvil: 618 794 100 Madrid HERNÁNDEZ POZO, D. AUREO Tlf.: 914 096 235 – Móvil: 609 465 095 Madrid HIERRO CANDÁU Tlf.: 954 274 841 Móvil: 649 976 942 Sevilla HIERRO MG Tlf.: +52 818 1041725 México

MALO García, D. MIGUEL ÁNGEL Tlf.: 977 317 370 Tarragona

J.S. HAMMERER Tlf.: +43 66488461043 Málaga

MARÍA INÉS Tlf.: 669 887 382 Alicante

José ANTONIO VARONA DE LA CUADRA, S.L. Tlf.: 679 400 198 Madrid

MARQUÉS DE LORENZANA Y HNOS. Tlf.: 924 531 425 - 924 530 387 Badajoz

José DE ORIOL GOVANTES E HIJOS Tlf.: 954 810 063 - 954 239 031 Sevilla KARA PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA Tlf.: +46 767708708 Suecia KILIMANJARO RANCH Tlf.: +1 8183356318 Estados Unidos

MARTÍNEZ BOLOIX ORTI, S.L. Tlf.: 952 406 723 Móvil: 608 841 031 Malaga

LA PLATA COMUNIDAD DE BIENES Tlf.: 954 687 088 Sevilla

MARTÍNEZ SUAY, D. RAFAEL Móvil: 639 317 901 Valencia

LABOGAR, S.L. Tlf.: 932 801 963 Barcelona

MARTOS BERMÚDEZ, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 954 280 374 Móvil: 608 655 456 – 600 586 870 Sevilla

LARROSA ABELLÁN, D. JAVIER Tlf.: 966 611 021 Móvil: 678 777 550 Alicante LAS LOBERUELAS Tlf.: 954 932 992 Móvil: 699 452 488 Sevilla

HNOS. JURADO RIERA, S.L. Tlf.: 678 733 871 Huelva

LEÓN SOTO, D. CRISTÓBAL Tlf.: 659 339 231 Sevilla

HNOS. MURIEL POMARES Tlf.: 959 659 046 Móvil: 686 979 790 Huelva

López GIBAJA, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 916 521 814 Móvil: 627 096 724 Madrid

IMMANUEL ANDALUSIANS Tlf.: +1 2622153764 Estados Unidos

MARTíN LORCA, D. José LUIS Tlf.: 952 475 200 Málaga

MARTÍNEZ RIVERO, D. JOSÉ Mª Tlf.: 607 357 727 Cádiz

LAS MORERÍAS Tlf.: +52 8181338500 México

HUERTO GAENA, S.A. Tlf.: 952 490 993 Málaga Tlf.: 955 957 211 Sevilla

MARTÍ VERDIA, D. FRANCISCO Móvil: 629 177 296 Castellón

LA CASA GRANDE ACEITE DE OLIVA Tlf.: 918 161 162 Móvil: 629 227 115 Madrid

HISTRIA PRE Tlf.: +38 631470560 Eslovenia

HNOS. TEJEDOR FERNÁNDEZ Tlf.: 934 209 333 Móvil: 647 714 876 Segovia


J. LLOP Tlf.: 649 444 290 Lérida

López MÉNDEZ, D. RAFAEL Tlf.: 959 126 272 Móvil: 689 641 761 Huelva López PALOMO, D. VÍCTOR LUIS Tlf.: 958 257 741 Móvil: 667 582 157 Granada MACHUCA SERRANO, D. FRANCISCO JAVIER Tlf.: 927 533 338 Cáceres

MATEU GIPPINI, DÑA. CONCHA Tlf.: 918 908 254 – 918 988 506 Móvil: 667 490 624 Madrid MAURI MORENO, D. ANTONIO Móvil: 607 949 419 Sevilla MESA MORENO, D. JESÚS Tlf: 679 720 088 Móvil: 620 832 787 Sevilla MEZA LOBO, D. MANUEL Tlf.: +506 88217771 Costa Rica MIGUEL A. DE CÁRDENAS, S.L. Tlf.: 954 831 062 Sevilla MIURA Martínez, D. EDUARDO Y D. ANTONIO Finca: 955 953 836 Oficina: 954 614 246 Sevilla MOLL GONZÁLEZ, D. ROBERTO Tlf.: +502 2331 8331 Guatemala

MONTE LA ERMITA Tlf.: 916 307 301 Madrid MORAL ARANDA, D. FERNANDO Tlf.: 958 255 954 - 958 267 106 Granada MORATO COSTA, D. JUAN Tlf.: 938 459 015 Barcelona MORENO GARCÍA, D. JAIME Tlf.: 918 907 915 Móvil: 676 474 083 Madrid MORENO MIURA, S.C. Finca: 957 338 290 Móvil: 679 572 911 Oficina: 954 658 914 Móvil: 646 480 010 Sevilla MORENO PUNCELL, Dª ISABEL Tlf.: 959 055 011 Huelva MORERA VALLEJO, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 954 367 512 - 954 367 525 grupomorerayvallejo@ Sevilla MOYA ALMENDRAL, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 955 682 222 Móvil: 633 865 913 Sevilla MUÑOZ CAÑAS, HNOS. Tlf.: 957 339 233 Móvil: 659 816 113 Córdoba NADIA LISTER Tlf.: +44 1372361501 Reino Unido NADINE LADEWIG HOF SALZBERG Tlf.: +49 1708686618 – +49 2662947922 Alemania NAOMI VANCE-WEBB Tlf.: +44 7710815221 – +44 1293871575 Reino Unido NIMO MALDONADO, D. José RAMÓN Sevilla ORIENTALIA HISPANA, S.L. Móvil: 676 977 645 Valencia PALLARÉS Tlf.: 954 271 985 Sevilla PARRA MONTERREY, Dª ISABEL Tlf.: 924 371 080 Móvil: 657 981 529 Badajoz PAU, KARINA Tlf.: 670 845 542 - 629 494 987 Cádiz

PEÑA GUTIÉRREZ, D. FELIPE Y HDROS. PEÑA DÍAZ Tlf.: 954 775 587 Móvil: 629 747 778 Sevilla PEÑA GUTIÉRREZ, D. MANUEL E HIJOS Tlf.: 954 770 153 - 954 773 609 administració Sevilla Pérez López, HNOS. Tlf.: 954 222 167 Sevilla Pérez MILLAN, D. José ANTONIO Tlf.: 914 157 630 - 979 122 684 979 122 343 Palencia PINOS DE JUAICA Tlf.: 573 103278943 Colombia PLACERES RANCH Tlf: +1 7143090232 Móvil: 669995760 Estados Unidos PRE CABALLOS Tlf.: 968 011 339 Murcia PRE-GESTÜT BEL AIR Tlf.: +49 81939986871 Móvil: +49 1711986377 Alemania PREMIER PRE Tlf.: +44 1869340770 Móvil: +44 7802690577 Reino Unido RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ DÍAZ (YEGUADA LA CIERVINA) Tlf.: 927 231 997 Móvil: 689 020 709 Cáceres RANCHO EL CID CAMPEADOR Tlf.: +55 55248805 México RANCHO EL ENCANTO Tlf.: +1 8317869250 Estados Unidos RANCHO INCANSABLE Tlf.: +1 4089216475 Estados Unidos RANCHO LA ESCONDIDA Tlf.: 505 88820882 Nicaragua RANCHO LA STELLA Tlf.: +52 1333170725 México RANCHO LOS ENCINOS Tlf.: 341 11585876 México

RANCHO LOS HERNÁNDEZ Tlf.: +1 650 9967752 - +1 323 3865879 Estados Unidos RANCHO SEÑORA FINA Tlf.: 660 222 708 Málaga REYES SEDA, D. FELICIANO Tlf.: 924 315 560 Móvil: 670 974 034 Cáceres ROBLES SALGUERO, D. FRANCISCO Tlf.: 959 248 048 Móvil: 659 758 944 Huelva Rodríguez-PINA CRUZ, D. J. DE DIOS Tlf.: 916 611 693 Móvil: 619 275 121 Madrid ROGER MALFAGÓN, D. LUIS MIGUEL Móvil: 629 349 791 Valencia ROJAS PALATÍN, D. José Mª Tlf.: 955 760 342 Móvil: 670 666 836 Sevilla ROJO RUIZ DE TERRY, HNOS. Tlf.: 955 631 260 - 954 720 791 Sevilla ROMERA FERRER, D. MIGUEL FRANCISCO Móvil: 670 550 099 Almería ROSA MARRERO, D. JUAN FRANCISCO Tlf.: 928 816 000 – 928 836 841 Móvil: 606 503 613 Canarias RUIZ MARTÍN, D. MANUEL Tlf.: 955 945 889 Móvil: 655 853 064 Sevilla SALGUERO Pérez, D. MANUEL Tlf.: 956 564 035 Móvil: 619 035 662 Cádiz SAN ROMÁN MORÁN, Dª ALMUDENA Tlf.: 916 360 752 Móvil: 636 976 655 Madrid SAN ROMÁN MORÁN, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 916 363 800 - Móvil: 669 737 095 Madrid Sánchez Barbudo Martín, D. Salvador Finca: 955 898 265 Móvil: 670 303 040 Sevilla SÁNCHEZ BEDOYA Y FERNÁNDEZ MENSAQUE, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 954 230 279 Sevilla Señorío MONTES DEL PARDO Tlf.: 917 350 059 Móvil: 609 207 309 Madrid S’HORT PETIT Tlf.: 620 943 344 Móvil: 616 664 619 Baleares


list of ANCCE Breeders SIERRA BARÓN, D. ASIER Tlf.: 946 104 850 Móvil: 686 413 800 - 630 099 274 Bizkaia SOLERA BRAVO, S.L. Tlf.: 609 207 218 Badajoz SUMERU 2001, S.L. Tlf.: 913 601 440 Madrid TIRADO BUZÓN, D. MANUEL Móvil: 655163705 Sevilla TORREÓN DE ARMENTEROS Tlf.: 944 422 990 Bilbao TORRICO FERNÁNDEZ, D. ANTONIO Tlf.: 956 960 424 Cádiz URQUIJO Y NOVALES, HROS. D. JUAN MANUEL, CONDE DE ODIEL Tlfs.: 955 898 177 – 606 412 574 Sevilla VALDEJARA JL Tlf.: 954 212 242 Sevilla VALENZUELA RUIZ, D. GONZALO Tlf.: 957 520 558 Móvil: 659 550 102 Córdoba VARA MUÑOZ-CASILLAS, HNOS. Tlf.: 924 232 181 Móvil: 608 922 278 Badajoz VILLANUEVA DACASA Tlf.: 981 516 040 La Coruña VILLENEUVE ANDALUSIANS Tlf.: +33 549875049 Francia WARBURG, DÑA. ALEXA ISABEL Tlf.: 956 237 330 Móvil: 670 747 766 - 607 558 420 Cádiz YEGUADA A FERRIOL Tlf.: 971 756 657 Móvil: 616 486 060 Baleares YEGUADA AC Tlf.: +502 24203900- +502 24203906 Guatemala YEGUADA ACOSTA PONCE Tlf.: 959 381 250 Móvil: 606 384 000 Huelva YEGUADA AIMARÁN, S.A. Tlf.: 669 937 061 - 609 985 720 Málaga


YEGUADA ALADRO Tlf.: 676 435 646 Asturias

YEGUADA ARAUZO Tlf.: 923 541 350 Móvil: 607 700 661 Salamanca

YEGUADA ALARCÓN Tlf.: 954 708 480 Sevilla

Yeguada Ardite Tlf.: 952 823 085 Móvil: 629 686 968 Málaga

YEGUADA ALBERTO BOYA Tlf.: 973 648 730 Lérida YEGUADA ALBERTO SCHUTTE Tlf.: +52 9988922429 México YEGUADA ALBORÁN Tlf.: 627 507 293 Córdoba YEGUADA ALCAÑICES Tlf.: 916 500 125 - 916 521 005 Móvil: 609 385 602 Madrid Yeguada Alegría Tlf.: +32 477427645 – +32 492736898 Bélgica YEGUADA ALHAMILLA Móvil: 609 034 273 Almería YEGUADA ALICIA MEDINA. CONDESA DE BARDEAU Tlf.: 922 031 416 Móvil: 647 170 029 Canarias YEGUADA ANA María BOHORQUEZ ESCRIBANO Tlf.: 956 348 517 - 956 347 947 956 340 230 Cádiz YEGUADA ÁNGEL CANTOS Tlf.: 967 440 712 – Móvil: 609 048 146 Albacete YEGUADA ANGUAS MEDINA Tlf.: 954 750 658 Móvil 635 428 485 - 605 807 367 Sevilla YEGUADA ANTONIO MORETA Tlf.: 916 125 130 Móvil: 608 804 208 Madrid YEGUADA AQUILINO FRAILE Oficina: 954 663 649 Móvil: 699 066 838 Finca: 954 747 355 Sevilla YEGUADA AQUILINO MOYA Móvil: 696 654 764 Sevilla

YEGUADA ARROYOMONTE Tlf.: 653 812 306 Ávila YEGUADA ARTURO FERNÁNDEZ DE LA VEGA Móvil: 619 005 449 Lugo YEGUADA ÁVILA CASTELLANO Móvil: 617 374 252 Sevilla YEGUADA AYALA Tlf.: 955 811 626 Móvil: 619 022 439 Sevilla YEGUADA BAÑEZ MINGUET Tlf.: 680 456 479 Castellón YEGUADA BATÁN, S.C Tlf.: 525 5520266120 México YEGUADA BAUTISTA VICH, S.L Tlfs.: 971 295 808 – 600 423 749 Baleares YEGUADA BERENGUER Tlf.: 966 781 621 Alicante YEGUADA BERGANTÍN Móvil: 687 502 231 Badajoz YEGUADA BIONEST Tlf.: 959 450 656 Móvil: 670 611 982 Huelva YEGUADA BOHEMIA Tlf.: +502 57046895 – +502 23343078 Guatemala YEGUADA BROCPYME, S.L. Tlf.: 646 034 368 Sevilla YEGUADA CABALLO NEGRO Tlf.: 956 796 231 Móvil: 607 572 940 Cádiz YEGUADA CAMACHO FALCÓN Móvil: 678 151 587 Sevilla

YEGUADA CAMPO BAJO Tlf.: 957 488 417 - Finca: 957 350 206 Móvil: 639 737 030 - 619 477 074 Córdoba YEGUADA CAN ALZINA Tlf.: 609 754 905 Barcelona YEGUADA CAN BOADA Tlf.: 659 131 546 Gerona YEGUADA CAN MAYNOU Móvil: 622 338 082 - 664 890 050 635 576 826 Barcelona YEGUADA CANDAU Móvil: 655 572 043 Sevilla YEGUADA CANDIOTA Tlf.: 609 551 001 YEGUADA CAPITÁN Tlf.: 955 814 175 Móvil: 690 846 588 Sevilla YEGUADA CARLOS GALDON Móvil: 619 680 087 Toledo YEGUADA CARRIÓN Tlf.: 954 225 705 Móvil: 609 127 069 Finca: 955 950 675 Sevilla YEGUADA CARTHAGO Tlf.: 968 330 320 Móvil: 629 641 644 - 606 131 538 Murcia

YEGUADA CEBRIAN P.R.E. Tlf.: 950 335 360 Móvil: 615 092 533 Almería

YEGUADA DEL ARA Tlf.: 696 942 354 Badajoz

YEGUADA CHANDO Móvil: 659071846 – 630712552 Alicante

YEGUADA DEL CARMEN Tlfs.: 651 060 729 – 616 019 Sevilla

YEGUADA CLAUDIO POT Tlf.: 972450880 Móvil: 610414712 Gerona YEGUADA COLONIAS DE PESQUERIL Tlf.: 627 940 500 Sevilla YEGUADA CONDE DE UZAN Tlfs.: 948 850 408 – 646 987 601 Navarra YEGUADA CORIS Tlf.: +506 22716071 Móvil: +506 83569297 Costa Rica YEGUADA CORONINAS Tlf.: 952 802 075 Móvil: 619 464 515 Málaga YEGUADA CUENCA DELGADO Tlf.: 953 220 316 Móvil: 609 508 660 Jaén YEGUADA DE AZORES Tlf.: 957 541 100 - 957 542 207 Córdoba YEGUADA DE LA CARTUJA HIERRO DEL BOCADO Tlf.: 956 162 809 Cadiz

YEGUADA CASA ROMEO Tlf.: 608 585 948 La Coruña

YEGUADA DE LA ESPIRAL ESTIRPE CARTUJANA Tlf.: 954 923 005 Móvil: 657 995 739 Sevilla

YEGUADA CASTANOBLE, S.A. Tlf.: +502 22307021 Guatemala

YEGUADA DE LA LOMA DE ÚBEDA Tlf.: 953 757 148 - 953 127 035 Jaen

YEGUADA CASTELNOVO Tlf.: 924 856 096 Badajoz

YEGUADA DE MIGUEL CARRIÓN Tlf.: 639 107 403 Toledo

YEGUADA CASTROPOL Tlf.: +502 23808989 Guatemala

YEGUADA de NAVARRO Tlf.: 967 396 483 Móvil: 649 488 238 – 649 488 496 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA CAVALREAL Tlf.: 616 927 407 Barcelona YEGUADA CAZA JUAN Tlf.: 954 268 348 Móvil: 620 268 222 Sevilla

YEGUADA DE YMAS Tlf.: 914 119 203 Móvil: 667 599 535 Madrid YEGUADA DEHESA EL HERRERO Tlf.: 954 631 273 - 954 630 488 Sevilla

YEGUADA DEL CUERO Tlf.: +43 6645021149 Austria YEGUADA DEL HIERRO DE LA MAGDALENA Tlf.: 983 837 355 Móvil: 629 419 279 Valladolid YEGUADA DEL HIERRO DEL ÁNGEL Tlf.: 938 444 051 Móvil: 639 391 313 Barcelona YEGUADA DEL ODIEL Tlf.: 677 131 013 Huelva YEGUADA DEL RÍO Tlf.: 679 847 099 Málaga YEGUADA DES OMS Tlf.: 630 431 122 Baleares YEGUADA Díaz SOLÍS Tlf.: 670 607 030 Sevilla YEGUADA DICAR Tlf.: 696 461 035 Barcelona YEGUADA DIMOBA Tlf.: 950 252 577 Móvil: 607 906 556 Almería YEGUADA DON LUIS González DÍEZ Tlf.:+52 5552496007 México YEGUADA DON THOMAS Tlf.: +209 4800174 Nicaragua YEGUADA DUQUE DEL INFANTADO Tlf.: 957 330 069 Móvil: 628 124 233 – 608 817 609 Córdoba YEGUADA EL ALADROQUE Tlf.: 918 034 810 Móvil: 610 314 471 Madrid YEGUADA EL ALAMILLO Tlf.: 917 021 720 Madrid


list of ANCCE Breeders YEGUADA EL ALLOZAR Tlf.: 914 100 020 - 914 100 025 Móvil: 926 695 024 Madrid YEGUADA EL CARMEN Tlf.: 607 719 968 Málaga YEGUADA EL CISNE Tlf.: 957 370 917 Móvil: 629 723 031 Córdoba YEGUADA EL CORVEJON Tlf.: +503 71605943 El Salvador YEGUADA EL CHOPO Móvil: 630 933 149 Ávila YEGUADA EL DIaBOLO Tlf.: 666 566 214 - 667 647 446 Sevilla YEGUADA EL EUCALIPTO Tlf.: 687 751 389 Oficina: 916 398 357 Madrid YEGUADA EL GARABATO Móvil: 637 581 538 Córdoba YEGUADA EL HIERRO INDIVISO Tlf.: 687 338 741 Cádiz YEGUADA EL HINOJAL Tlf.: 916 640 213 Móvil: 616 999 082 - 638 169 128 - Cáceres YEGUADA EL MOLINILLO Tlf.: 619 072 138 Málaga YEGUADA EL MORALEJO Tlf.: 609 222 345 - 629 624 012 Albacete YEGUADA EL PRINCIPADO ESPAÑA Móvil: 660 019 111 – 630 933 450 Cádiz YEGUADA EL ROMERITO Tlf.: 952 363 548 Móvil: 618 748 527 Málaga YEGUADA EL SOL Tlf.: 957 33 1342 Móvil: 696 987 738 – 628 461 721 Córdoba YEGUADA EL TOMILLAR Tlf.: 914 588 054 - 917 591 420 grupomartinmar@ Madrid


YEGUADA EL TREMEDAL Tlf.: 954 283 385 Sevilla

YEGUADA FUENTE EL SOL Tlf.: 914 310 913 - 924 700 033 Madrid

YEGUADA EL VARÓN Tlf.: 607 830 576 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA FUENTES Tlf.: +33 466816261 Móvil: +33 611775835 Francia

YEGUADA EL YUNQUE Tlf.: 954 277 233 Sevilla YEGUADA EQUUS CONSULTING Tlf.: 959 244 072 Móvil: 633 648 707 - 620 348 860 Huelva

YEGUADA GALA Móvil: 630 916 037 Sevilla YEGUADA García BRIÑÓN, S.L. Tlf.: 615 211 748 Salamanca

YEGUADA ERMITA SAN BERNARDO Tlf.: 629 232 391 Madrid

YEGUADA García FERRERO Tlf.: 954 181 413 Móvil: 679 981 920 Sevilla

YEGUADA ESTRELLA JJRR Tlf.: +57 3214534564 Colombia

YEGUADA García MORILLA Tlf: 952 703 242 Móvil: 610 456 202 Málaga

YEGUADA EUSEBIO CANO Tlf.: 971 420 217 Móvil: 660 110 065 Baleares

YEGUADA GARROTALES SAN FCO., S.A. Tlf.: 955 746 533 Móvil: 649 929 284 Sevilla

Yeguada F2 Tlf.: 954 424 300 Móvil: 649 450 961 Sevilla

YEGUADA GERMAN GILETE SANTANO Tlf.: 924 321 979 Móvil: 629 772 369 - 659 447 797 Badajoz

Yeguada Familia 5J MÁrquez Tlf.: 959 371 211 Huelva YEGUADA FARRIOLS Tlf.: 937 970 516 Móvil: 654 357 384 Barcelona YEGUADA FELIPE GARROCHO Tlf.: 955 957 324 - 955 957 194 955 853 211 Móvil: 610 780 657 Sevilla YEGUADA FERNÁNDEZ DE LA VEGA (AGROPECUARIA ESPERANZA, S.L.) Tlf.: 617 354 164 Toledo YEGUADA FERNÁNDEZ - ORDÁS Tlf.: 954 770 153 Sevilla YEGUADA FERRERO, S.L. Tlf.: 971 452 828 - 971 453 232 Baleares YEGUADA FERRI Tlf.: 647 352 626 Toledo YEGUADA FRANCISCO CARRERA Tlf.: 981 675 490 Móvil: 639 130 580 La Coruña YEGUADA FRANCISCO TRIVIÑO Tlf.: +41 0218073906 Móvil: +41 0218073267 Suiza

YEGUADA G-M Tlf.: 976 511 006 Móvil: 655 236 598 Zaragoza YEGUADA González Sánchez Tlf.: +52 56166984/ 85 +52 15559664429 México YEGUADA GREDOS Móvil: 629113165 Madrid YEGUADA GUERRERO Tlf.: 956 702 896 Móvil: 607 442 419 Cádiz YEGUADA HACIENDA EL MOLINO Tlf.: 955 871 192 Móvil: 676 460 478 Sevilla YEGUADA HACIENDA María Tlf.: 959 369 191 Móvil: 659 466 304 Huelva YEGUADA HAUS DOHR Tlf.: +49 24611323 Móvil:+49 1701661643 Alemania YEGUADA HERMANOS BERNAL GODOY Tlf.: 924 580 081 Móvil: 615 178 156 Badajoz

YEGUADA HERMANOS García-FILOSO, C.B. Tlf.: 967 143 698 Móvil: 657 872 855 Albacete

YEGUADA JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ Tlfs: 606 316 991 – 696 850 054 Zamora

YEGUADA HERMANOS JURADO LENA Tlf.: 924 237 188 Móvil: 630 037 610 – 607 266 232 Badajoz

YEGUADA JEREZ Tlf.: 915 771 193 Móvil: 607 842 311 Madrid

YEGUADA HERMANOS MOLERO MALO Tlf.: 977 320 948 Móvil: 680 422 844 Tarragona YEGUADA HERMANOS ROMANOS Tlf.: 976 464 125 Móvil: 669 437 097 Zaragoza YEGUADA HERNÁNDEZ GUTIÉRREZ Móvil: 689 519 219 – 677 542 774 Cáceres YEGUADA HIERRO DEL CIELO Tlf.: +57 44037000 – +57 43521026 Móvil: +57 3117621036 Colombia YEGUADA HIGUERA Tlf.: 957 435 062 Móvil: 667 664 663 Córdoba YEGUADA HISPANO SUIZA PRE, S.L. Móvil: +41 792314021 – +41 796603020 Alicante YEGUADA HNOS. ARANDA TEJERIZO Tlf.: 955 881 604 Móvil: 679 106 077 Sevilla YEGUADA HNOS. CARDIEL SANCHO Tlf.: 616 482 027 Zaragoza YEGUADA HNOS. GUTIERREZ DELGADO Tlf.: 954 830 945 Sevilla YEGUADA HNOS. JIMENÉZ BURGOS Tlf.: 667 615 440 Sevilla YEGUADA HNOS. Rodríguez ESCAÑO Tlf.: 954 751 336 Móvil: 669 360 103 - 669 360 104 Sevilla YEGUADA J.M. TRESSERRAS, S.L. Tlf.: 977 207 151 Móvil: 629 127 263 - 678 715 535 Tarragona YEGUADA JABALQUINTO Tlf.: 687 833 080 – 627 584 582 Jaén YEGUADA JARQUIN Tlf.: +505 22540993 – +505 88871806 Nicaragua

YEGUADA JIMÉNEZ Tlf.: +1 626 7869475 Estados Unidos YEGUADA JJ MONTES Tlf.: 968 481 767 Móvil: 696 917 257 Murcia YEGUADA José FRANCO Sánchez Tlf.: 956 237 642 Cádiz YEGUADA JOSÉ LUIS RODRÍGUEZ RAMÍREZ Móvil: 677 900 076 Sevilla YEGUADA JQ Tlf.: 525 526230752 México YEGUADA JT, S.L Tlf.: 911 020 010 Madrid YEGUADA JUAN MARTOS Tlf.: 950 627 777 Móvil: 616 429 107 Almería YEGUADA JUAN VÁZQUEZ Tlf.: 934 406 500 Móvil: 609 852 888 Barcelona YEGUADA LA AGUADA Tlf.: +574 5633590 Colombia YEGUADA LA ALdara Tlf.: 935 601 358 - 637 242 489 Sevilla YEGUADA LA ALHAMBRA Tlf.: 653 044 044 Barcelona YEGUADA LA B Tlf.: 619 783 825 Barcelona YEGUADA LA CONQUISTA Tlf.: 403 8635802 Canadá YEGUADA LA DEVESA Tlf.: 932 152 113 Barcelona Tlf.: 977 830 162 Tarragona

YEGUADA LA ESPADA Tlf.: 670 662 888 Córdoba YEGUADA LA GALLARDA Tlf.: 956 362 989 Cádiz YEGUADA LA LIRA Y LA W, S.L. Tlf.: 917 267 202 Móvil: w630 987 555 Madrid YEGUADA LA MONTARAZA, S.L Móvil: 651 548 813 Burgos YEGUADA LA NOSTRE LLAR Tlf.: 937 776 712 Barcelona YEGUADA LA PARRITA Móvil: 616895983 Canarias YEGUADA LA PESQUERA Tlfs.: 952 764 174 - 639 202 099 Málaga YEGUADA LA POSADA Tlf.: 609 139 754 Valladolid YEGUADA LA QUERENCIA Tlf.: +57 3104240789 Colombia YEGUADA LA TRINIDAD Sevilla YEGUADA LA TROYETA Tlf.: 629 505 656 Alicante YEGUADA LA VIGÍA Tlf.: 913 082 744 Madrid YEGUADA LA YEDRA Tlf.: 952 815 455 Móvil: 696 949 420 Málaga YEGUADA LAGAR VIEJO Tlfs.: 616 901 172 – 608 252 862 Sevilla YEGUADA LAGO Tlfs: 01 935891230 – 07585118161 Reino Unido YEGUADA LAS ARENAS Tlfs.: 616 901 172 – 608 252 862 Sevilla YEGUADA LAS AVES Tlf.: +57 43265847 Colombia


list of ANCCE Breeders YEGUADA LAS CABECERAS Tlfs.: 926 251 718 – 626 377 220 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA LOS CAIRELES Tlf.: 619 113 190 Murcia

YEGUADA MAS D´EN CISA Tlf.: 937 261 530 Móvil: 619 777 909 Barcelona

YEGUADA LAS CADENAS Tlfs.: 918 857 093 – 659 433 526 Madrid

YEGUADA LOS CASTAÑONES Tlf.: 917 770 866 Móvil: 639 156 700 Madrid

YEGUADA MENDOZA CADEMA Móvil: 629 803 434 Madrid

YEGUADA LAS ESPADAS Móvil: 639 126 568 Madrid

YEGUADA LOS CHOPOS Tlf.: 686 928 879 Cádiz

YEGUADA MIGUEL Ángel Félix Tlf.: 687 570 207 Huelva

YEGUADA LAS LUNAS Tlf.: 938 480 403 Barcelona

YEGUADA LOS CIERVOS Tlf.: 915 422 005 Madrid

YEGUADA LAS NEGRILLAS Tlf.: 914 264 230 Madrid

YEGUADA LOS CORRALES Tlf.: 926 690 323 Móvil: 619 303 516 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA MIGUEL NúÑEZ Díaz Tlf.: +1 714 4460196 - +1 714 4460119 Móvil: +1 714 4203161 Estados Unidos

YEGUADA LAS TIJERAS Tlf.: 938 714 638 Móvil: 629 336 565 Barcelona

YEGUADA LOS DUEÑAS Tlf.: +1 509 8404310 Estados Unidos

YEGUADA LAS YEGUAS DEL CARACOL Tlf.: 926 544 948 Móvil: 609 126 584 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA LOS OLIVOS Tlf.: 971 317 318 - 971 317 365 Baleares

YEGUADA LAURUS NOBILIS Móvil: 609148613 Cuenca

YEGUADA LOS POZOS Tlf.: 956 730 468 Cádiz

YEGUADA LAYOS Tlf.: 918 419 032 Madrid YEGUADA LERMA Tlf.: 955 843 546 - Móvil: 606 316 900 Sevilla YEGUADA LEZAMA LEGUIZAMÓN Tlf.: 952 885 856 Móvil: 630 986 055 Málaga YEGUADA LLORENTE Tlf.: 639 168 882 - 666 471 585 Segovia YEGUADA López DE HARO Tlf.: +1 8095350900 República Dominicana YEGUADA LÓPEZ-ROSADO, S.L Tlf.: 925 382 222 – Móvil: 626 491 086 Toledo YEGUADA LOS ALCORES Tlf.: 983 352 241 Móvil: 669 785 915 Valladolid


YEGUADA LOVERA Móvil: 678 428 469 - 670 604 727 Córdoba YEGUADA LUCÍA LOVERA García Tlf.: 957 474129 Móvil: 687 835019 - 687 835020 Córdoba YEGUADA MADRE Tlf.: 676 456 639 Sevilla YEGUADA MAIPE Tlf.: 968 526 640 Murcia

YEGUADA MIGUEL Sánchez Tlf.: 957 770 288 - 957 131 258 Móvil: 610 764 732 Córdoba YEGUADA MIGUEL TOVAR SANZ Tlf.: 927 320 202 Móvil: 627 506 856 Cáceres YEGUADA MILE, S.L. Tlf.: 648 013 199 Alicante YEGUADA MILITAR Tlf.: 913363427 Madrid YEGUADA MILLÁN HERCE Tlf.: 954 838 540 Móvil: 615 457 629 - 600 406 113 Sevilla YEGUADA MILLARES Tlf.: 959 500 319 Móvil: 657 991 514 Huelva YEGUADA MIÑO Tlf.: 966 700 689 Móvil: 606 389 606 Alicante

YEGUADA MAJALOBA Tlf.: +505 22760331 Móvil: +505 86707304 Nicaragua

YEGUADA MIRALTESA Tlf.: 607 850 860 Córdoba

YEGUADA MANUEL MARTÍNEZ ESP Tlf.: 651 060 729 Sevilla

YEGUADA MIRAS Tlf.: 914 261 717 Madrid

YEGUADA LOS ALGARVES Tlf.: 677 289 929 Cádiz

YEGUADA MARÍN García Tlf.: 959 251 830 Móvil: 617 391 664 670 978 248 - 607 950 663 Huelva

YEGUADA LOS AMADORES Móvil: 659 223 088 Madrid

YEGUADA MARTET Tlf.: 971 838 377 construccionsmartet@ Mallorca

YEGUADA MIRKO Tlf.: +39 3409216910 Cádiz YEGUADA MONTE LA LLama Tlf.: 660 324 070 Móvil: 610 266 439 Madrid YEGUADA MORÁN, S.L. Tlf.: 938 405 195 Móvil: 696 957 347 Barcelona

YEGUADA MUELA AYALA Tlf.: 926 359 109 Móvil: 646 978 969 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA PIÑERO Tlf.: 926 360 337 Ciudad Real

YEGUADA NADALES Tlf.: 952 625 303 Móvil:617 392 593 Málaga

YEGUADA PINILLA-Gómez Tlf.: 925 370 603 – 925 370 224 Móvil: 670 784 883 Toledo

YEGUADA NEILA Tlf.: 913 690 396 Madrid YEGUADA NJ Tlf.: +32 476 450 453 Bélgica

YEGUADA PIQUÉ-Ángel Tlf.: 933 435 330 Móvil: 619 838 642 Barcelona

YEGUADA RIBERA NAVARRA Tlf.: 948 819 812 Móvil: 608 777 349 Navarra YEGUADA ROGGE Tlf.: 956 795 952 Móvil: 691 808 107 Cádiz YEGUADA ROMERO BENÍTEZ Móvil: 629 368 356 Cádiz

YEGUADA PLAZA DE ARMAS Tlf.: 957 770 543 Móvil: 607 504 714 Córdoba

YEGUADA ROSA, C.B. Tlf.: 924 846 100 Móvil: 606 312 245 Badajoz

YEGUADA PORTO Móvil: 629 557 746 Toledo

YEGUADA SA SINIA Tlf.: 971 551 900 Móvil: 607 879 977 Baleares

YEGUADA POVEDANO Tlf.: 628 124 237 Córdoba

YEGUADA SARDONIL MAESO Tlf.: 947 482 504 Móvil: 630 902 039 Burgos

YEGUADA OVELAR Tlf.: 918 760 320 Móvil: 639 100 214 Madrid

YEGUADA POZANCO SANS Tlf.: 620 867 113 – 665 858 870 Lérida

YEGUADA SALVATELLA Móvil: 607 990 899 Barcelona

YEGUADA PALAZUELOS NORTE Tlf.: 920 353 310 Móvil: 629 830 852 Ávila

YEGUADA PUERTA ALTA Tlf.: 953 583 839 - 953 580 833 Jaén

YEGUADA SALVATIERRA Tlf.: 954 381 300 Sevilla

YEGUADA PALENZUELA HENS Tlf.: 957 400 900 Móvil: 670 910 910 Córdoba

YEGUADA QUERENCIAS Tlf.: 699 019 505 Málaga

YEGUADA SAN ANTONIO Finca: 976 124 314 Móvil: 607 874 034 Zaragoza

YEGUADA PALOJO Tlf.: 914 316 641 Móvil: 667 484 777 Madrid

YEGUADA RAFAEL CONDE Tlf.: 924 771 023 Móvil: 670 734 939 Badajoz

YEGUADA PANTONI, S.L. Tlf.: 953 510 361 Jaén

YEGUADA RAFAEL PASTOR Tlf.: 639 636 984 Alicante

YEGUADA PASALRIO DE SAN ROQUE Tlf.: 956 442 246 Móvil: 620 629 060 Cádiz

YEGUADA RAMÍREZ Tlf.: 957 475 356 Móvil: 629 222 288 www.yeguadaramí Córdoba

YEGUADA NOBLEZA DEL PARQUE Tlf.: +56 (45) 292 3431 Móvil: +56 (9) 6168 0458 Chile YEGUADA ONIX Móvil: 639 336 264 Tarragona

YEGUADA PEDRO SILVA Tlf.: 607 653 136 Móvil: 600 616 560 Barcelona YEGUADA PEÑA DE BÉJAR, S.L. Tlf.: 968 226 370 Móvil: 667 682 465 Murica YEGUADA PEÑA, S.L. Tlf.: 916 422 797 Móvil: 647 424 861 Madrid YEGUADA Pérez MAQUEDA. ÁVILA Tlf.: 916 322 535 Móvil: 620 939 123 Madrid YEGUADA PILAR REYES Tlf.: 956 708 422 Móvil: 669 118 663 Cádiz

YEGUADA RAMÓN BAÑOS Tlf.: 650 178 607 Sevilla YEGUADA RANA Tlf.: +39 0458587311 – +39 0458587340 Italia YEGUADA REAL TESORO José ESTÉVEZ, S.A. Tlf.: 956 321 004 Móvil: 649 431 303 Cádiz YEGUADA REMACHE Tlf.: 646 034 368 Sevilla YEGUADA RETAMAR Tlf.: 968 685 078 – 636 146 320 Murcia

YEGUADA SAN FRANCISCO Tlf.: +52 33 36314163 México YEGUADA SAN JUAN DE ALBERCHE Tlf.: 914 334 488 - 914 731 541 Madrid YEGUADA SAN JUAN DE BUENAVISTA Tlf.: 667 599 535 Madrid YEGUADA SAN NICOLAS ESP Tlf.: 924323130 Móvil: 658943046 Badajoz YEGUADA SAN ROMÁN CALVO Tlf.: 916 360 752 Móvil: 620 033 132 Madrid YEGUADA SANTAROSA Tlf.: +503 7894-4184 El Salvador YEGUADA SANZ-PAREJO Tlf.: 618 807 955 Córdoba YEGUADA SENILLOSA Tlf.: 972 199 001 Móvil: 619 601 601 Gerona


list of ANCCE Breeders YEGUADA Señorío DE BARIAIN, S.L. Tlf.: 944 415 804 Bilbao

YEGUADA TORRELUNA Tlf.: 954 988 281 Sevilla

YEGUADA SIERRA DE GUADALUPE, S.L. Tlf.: 942 570 700 Móvil: 649 469 368 Cantabria

YEGUADA TORRES Tlf.: 953 502 265 Movil 677 458 856 Jaén

YEGUADA SIERRA MAYOR Tlf.: 955 024 694 Móvil: 606 357 016 Sevilla

YEGUADA TOVAR BAZAGA Tlf.: 627 506 856 Cáceres

YEGUADA SOLA NOGALES, S.L. Tlf.: 956 371 777 Móvil: 619 601 601 629 545 750 - 616 477 608 Cádiz YEGUADA SOLITEL Tlf.: 980 660 778 Móvil: 699 494 701 Zamora YEGUADA SON MENUT Tlf.: 629 663 395 Baleares YEGUADA SON XANTRE, S.L. Móvil: 670 384 668 Baleares YEGUADA SOTO GIL Tlf.: 948 399 015 Móvil: 609 458 253 Navarra YEGUADA SPANISH VICOBA, S.L.U. Tlf.: 679 498 581 Móvil: 606 844 462 Badajoz YEGUADA SR4 Tlf.: 627 932 399 Sevilla YEGUADA SSAMDI BERNAL Tlf.: 620 404 466 - 660 019 111 direcció Cádiz YEGUADA SusaETA Tlf.: 917 650 208 Móvil: 629 184 048 Madrid YEGUADA TARAZÓN Tlf.: 961 600 294 - 963 630 212 Móvil: 607 303 846 Valencia YEGUADA TOMÁS OSBORNE Tlf.: 956 854 111 Móvil: 649 916 444 Cádiz YEGUADA TORREHERMOSA Tlf.: 957 472 609 - 957 331 135 Móvil: 654 952 818 Córdoba YEGUADA TORRELONGA Tlf.: 954 531 715 Sevilla


YEGUADA TRES REYES Tlf.: 629 161 204 Madrid YEGUADA TRUJILLO Tlf.: +1 714 7137700 – +1 805 8568505 Estados Unidos YEGUADA TRUJILLO SOUTO Tlf.: 986 581 273 – Móvil: 616 693 177 www.yeguadatrujillosouto.comyeguada@ Pontevedra YEGUADA URIOL PERALTA Tlf.: 915 738 204 Móvil 625 154 712 Madrid YEGUADA VADEMAR Móvil: 656 878 868 Baleares YEGUADA VALDEOLIVAS Tlf.: 920 370 117 Ávila YEGUADA VALDERAS-FERNÁNDEZ Tlf.: 606 306 306 Sevilla YEGUADA VALDEVIÑAS Tlf.: 925 779 080 Móvil: 620 823 884 Ciudad Real Yeguada Valdesol Tlf.: 696 931 302 Almería YEGUADA VALENTÍN DE SOTO Móvil: 609 439 256 Cádiz YEGUADA VALLE, S.L. Tlf.: 650 983 952 Burgos

YEGUADA VICENTE ANDRÉS PASTOR Tlf.: +212 22331917 Marruecos YEGUADA VIDAL-RIBAS MORENO Tlf.: 629 745 776 – 639 245 018 Gerona YEGUADA VIGARA González Tlf.: 917 258 963 - 649 873 264 953 469 105 - 670 378 485 - 953 064 981 Madrid YEGUADA VILAIRE Tlf.: 971 545 800 Móvil: 617 478 807 Mallorca YEGUADA VILARIÑO Tlf.: 952 338 312 Móvil: 670 888 702 direcció Málaga YEGUADA VILLAGELY Tlf.: +52 9811273200 México YEGUADA VINYET Tlf.: 670 671 660 – 666 763 487 YEGUADA VISTA-ALEGRE, S.L. Tlf.: 654 395 202 - 654 395 170 Salamanca YEGUADA VYP Tlf.: 521 3314112233 - 523 313684393 México YEGUADA WILLTONY Tlf.: +61 749931392 – +61 419742790 Australia YEGUADA Y Ganadería ÁVILA FARZÓN Tlf.: 956 401 178 Cádiz YEGUADA Y.I Móvil: 655953323 Sevilla YEGUADA YACO Tlf.: 619 768 443 Sevilla YEGUADA ZACO Tlf.:670 355 609 Sevilla

YEGUADA VALLE MIÑOR, S.L. Tlf.: 986 343 434 Pontevedra

YEGUADA ZAMAR Tlf.: 968 136 656 Móvil: 626 315 802 Murcia

YEGUADA VARGAS VÁZQUEZ Tlf.: 649 893 677 Sevilla

Yeguada ZarzalÓn Tlf.: 660 019 111 Cádiz

YEGUADA VEGA CASTILLO, S.L Tlf.: 667 392 480 Córdoba

List of ANCCE Associated Organizations ESPAÑA / SPAIN ASOCIACIÓN ANDALUZA DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE P.R.E. “CABALLO ANDALUZ” Representante: D. Agustín Aragón Domínguez Ctra. de Benagalbón “Finca la Paca” 29738 Benagalbón -Málaga Tlf.: 605 849 795 “ES CAVALL” ASOCIACIÓN BALEAR DE CRIADORES PROPIETARIOS Y SIMPATIZANTES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA Presidente: D. Eusebio Cano González Cuartel General Luque Avda. General Luque, s/n 1º 07300 Inca - Baleares Tlf.: 971 880 904 – 650 034 346 ASOCIACIÓN DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS ESPAÑOLES DE GALICIA – ACCEGA Sede: Recinto Ferial Semana Verde, s/n Apartado Correos, nº 26 36540 Silleda - Pontevedra Móvil: 619 452 169 Oficina Administrativa: C/ Cándido Acuña Blanco, nº 5, Portal 2, 1ºB 36980 O Grove – Pontevedra. Móvil: 654 983 254 - 619 452 169 ASOCIACIÓN DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE RAZAS PURAS DE LA REGION DE MURCIA Presidente: D. Juan José Belando Abellán C/ Acisclo Díaz, nº 9, 4ºK Edificio Argos, 30005 Murcia Tlf.: 968 296406 Móvil: 620 423 723 ASOCIACIÓN CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE P.R.E. EN CORDOBA Presidente: D. Enrique Lovera de las Morenas C/ Rey Heredia, 22, 14003 Cordóba Tlf.: 957 497 843 Fax: 957 497 844 asociacioncriadoresprecordoba@gmail. com ASOCIACIÓN DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA C/ Guillén de Castro, 79. 46008 Valencia Tlf.: 963 153 256 - Fax: 963 153 257 ESPACAN - ASOCIACIÓN REGIONAL DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA DE CANTABRIA Presidente: D. Alfonso Casuso Gómez Polg. Ind. El Campón, 22 A 39001 Peñacastillo. Santander Tlf.: 942 321 327 (ext.115) Fax: 942 321 339 Movil: 630 910 193 A.C.C.P.R.E.C. ASOCIACIÓN DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA DE CADIZ Presidente: D. José Antonio Romero Haupold C/ Conde de Guevara, 4 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) Tlf.: 627 704 932

FUNDACIÓN DEL CABALLO EXTREMEÑO PRE Representante: Fco. Javier Conde Cerrato Ctra. Nacional V, Km. 259 10200 Trujillo - Cáceres Tlf.: 924 771 023 - 670 734 939

ASOCAMAN-PRE. ASOCIACION DE CASTILLA-LA MANCHA DE PRE Presidente: D. Jesús Alberto Muela Ayala Avda. Rey Santo, 8 1º 13001 Ciudad Real Tlf.: 926 213 642 – 628 747 158 – 610 474 944 asociación extremeña de criadores de caballos de pura raza española (AECCPRE) Presidente: María del Carmen Pinilla Mercado Regional de Ganados Ctra. Madrid-Lisboa, s/n 10200 Trujillo-Cáceres Tlf.: 927 322 729

ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA DE ESTIRPE CARTUJANA D. José Antonio Pérez Millán Campus Universitario de Rabanales Servicios Clínicos, Despacho 1 Ctra. de Madrid, km 396, 14071 Córdoba Tlf.: 957 326 539 ASOCIACIÓN ALMERIENSE DE CRIADORES DE PRE PORTOCARRERO Ctra. La Cañada-Viator, s/n. Haza Tableada 04120 La Cañada (Almería) Tlf. 609 532 244 Fax: 950 452 111

ALEMANIA/ GERMANY ASOCIACIÓN ALEMANA DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA (AACCPRE) President: Daniel Barton Gestüt Birkenstein Zum Kantenhof 1 D-54597 Roth bei Prüm – Alemania Tlf.: +49 1722068542

APREA - ASOCIACIÓN DE PRE DE ALICANTE C/ Jorge Juan, 12 Entresuelo Comercial 03201 Elche - Alicante Tlf.: 691 307 603 ASOCIACIÓN CANARIA DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS ESPAÑOLES - A.C.C.C.E Presidente: D. Rogelio Viera Salgado C/ Pintor Óscar Domínguez, 13 bajo Carrizal de Ingenio (Las Majoreras) 35240 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canarias Tlf.: 627 552 841 – 679 829 100

VEREIN DER FREUNDE UND ZÜCHTER DES PFERDES REINER SPANISHER RASSE (VFZPRE) Presidente: Mrs. Sonja Thomas Dorfstrasse, 29 56288 Korweiler – Alemania Tlf.: +49 6762961513 AUSTRALIA PREAA PURA RAZA ESPAÑOL (PRE) ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALASIA INC. Presidente: Mrs. Rita Gallaway P.O. Box 272 Eaglehawk VIC 3556 - Australia Tlf.: +61 447924426

ASOCIACIÓN DE GANADEROS ASTURIANOS DE CABALLOSDE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA – AGACPRE C/ Molinón, s/n 33194 Villaperez – Oviedo Tlf.: 985 678 645 Móvil: 639 813 125 – 653 936 349 ASOCIACIÓN ABULENSE DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA – AACCPRE Presidente: D. José Antonio Andrinal Yuste Apartado de Correos, 38. 05005 Ávila Tlf.: 920 220 473 Móvil: 649 920 685 - 608 585 425 ASSOCIACIÓ MENORQUINA DE CRIADORS I PROPIETARIS DE CAVALLS DE P.R.E. Presidente: D. Miguel A. Pons Mascaró Avda. San Agustín de la Florida, 28 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca – Baleares Tlf.: 626 995 139 - 630 884 472 CESCALE – ASOCIACION DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS ESPAÑOLES DE CASTILLA Y LEON Presidente: D. Carlos Suárez Delgado Mercado de Ganado de Salamanca Ctra. Ciudad Rodrigo, Km 6,2 37192 Salamanca Tlf.: 600 465 655

BÉLGICA / BELGIUM ANCCE-BÉLGICA Presidente: Ms. Nadia Joosen P/a Prins van Oranjestraat 41 2930 Brasschaat Bélgica Tlf.: +32 476450453 COLOMBIA ANCCE-COLOMBIA ASOCIACIÓN DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA Presidente: D. Alberto Serna Lira Calle 20B Sur Nº 38-55 Conjunto Residencial Borinquen. Apto. 301 Medellín. Colombia Tlf.: +57 43132767 Móvil: +57 3206778438


list of ANCCE associated organizations COSTA RICA

HOLANDA/ HOLLAND ASOCIACIÓN COSTARRICENSE DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA Presidente: D. Maurico Arce Lara Directora Ejecutiva: Andrea Somarriba Pozos de Santa Ana, 125 metros oeste de Momentum Lindora. Centro Corporativo Lindora, 3er piso. Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica Tlfs.: +506 22053684 - +506 22030850 Móvil: +506 83044988

PRE STAMBOEK NEDERLAND Presidente: Ms. Aranka Ouwehand. Nieuw Laar 5 5258TL Berlicum – The Netherlands Tlf.: +31 628554884

MAGYARORSZÁGI ANDALÚZ LÓTENYÉSZTOK EGYESÜLETE Presidente: Mr. József Dobos Ady Endre 65/b H-2244 Úri – Hungría Tlf.: (+36)706152152 ITALIA / ITALY UNIFICAZIONE ASSOCIAZIONI ITALIANE PURA RAZA ESPAÑOLA – U.A.I.P.R.E Presidente: D. Angelo Grasso C. Regionale di Incremento Ippico Via Ippodromo, 31 44100 Ferrara- Italia Tlf./Fax: +39 0532 762005

ECUADOR ASOCIACIÓN ECUATORIANA DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PRE - AECCPRE Presidente: D. Francisco Roldán Cobo Avda. Eloy Alfaro y Amazonas Edif. Finandes, nº 939, piso 4º Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador Tlf.: +593 23228132 Fax: +593 22501198

MÉXICO / MEXICO ANCCEMEX, A.C Presidente: D. Fernando González Cimadevilla C/ Hamburgo, 97, piso 5 06600 Col. Juarez – Delegación Cuauhtemoc, México Tlf.: +52 55332001/3/4 Fax: +52 55332002

ESTADOS UNIDOS/ USA UNITED STATES P.R.E. ASSOCIATION Presidente: Ms. Lizabeth Anne Ketcham 12765 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 1315 Wellington, Florida 33414 USA Tlf.: +1 786-2641108 Fax: +1 888-9590190 FRANCIA/ FRANCE ASSOCIATION FRANÇAISE DES ELEVEURS DE CHEVAUX DU PURE RACE ESPAGNOLE - AECE Presidente: Sr. D. Richard Dupont Ferrier. Le Clos Du Mas 10 rue Jacques Claude Aubert 13200 Arles - Francia Tlf.: +33 621472640 GUATEMALA ASOCIACIÓN GUATEMALTECA DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS PRE – AGCCPRE D. José Ernesto Batres González. Septima Avenida 14-44, Zona 9, Edificio La Galeria no. 26 A Guatemala Tlf.: +502 2334 0366 – 2334-0368 Fax: +502 2334 0367


ANCCE-PANAMA ASOCIACIÓN PANAMEÑA CRIADORES CABALLOS PRE Presidente: D. Ricardo R. Pérez Martinis PH Blue Business Center, Piso 10, Oficina 3 Calle 67, San Francisco, Panamá Tlf.: +507 2107000 Ext. 7110


DINAMARCA - DENMARK DANISH PRE BREEDING ASSOCIATION Mrs. Charlotte Eichel Larsen Solhoejvej 42, Torslunde DK-2640 Hedehusene Dinamarca Tlf.: +45 21485211


NICARAGUA ASOCIACIÓN NICARAGUENSE DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS PRE – ANCPRE D. Ismael Reyes Mejía Reparto Bolonia. En el Central, 200 metros Oeste, Contiguo al Hotel Holiday Inn, Plaza Eclipse, Módulo 3 Managua – Nicaragua Tlf.: +505 22684437 Fax: +505 22669975 NORUEGA/NORWAY NORSK PRE AVLSFORENING Kaare Liadal Jr. C/O Kaare Liadal Jr. Liadal 6150 Oersta – Noruega Tlf.: +47 90776630

REINO UNIDO / UNITED KINGDON BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE PUREBRED SPANISH HORSE Directors: Ms. Mary Mcbryde and Mr. Peter Brooks Holly Trees Farm, Chesterblade Road, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet Somerset. BA4 4EQ Reino Unido. Tlf.: + 44 1749 83879 - +44 7887 890098 REPÚBLICA CHECA / CZECH REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF PURE SPANISH RACE HORSES OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC Malé námestí 138/4 11000 Praha 1. Czech Republic President: Mr. Jan Suk Tlf.: +42 0233378406 Móvil: +42 0602 / 206235 SUECIA / SWEDEN ASOCIACION DE CRIADORES DE CABALLOS DE PRE EN SUECIA Mrs. Asa Werkel P.O. Box 38002 100 64 Stockholm. Suecia Tlf.: +46 87329496 Fax: +46 070 8849495 SUIZA / Switzerland AECE – ASSOCIATION SUISSE DES ELEVEURS DE CHEVAUX DE PURE RACE ESPAGNOL Presidente: Rolf Plüss En Châtagnis, 11 CH – 1143 Apples Suiza Tlf.: +41 798 882 021

Breeder Membership Request Form

To become a member of ANCCE, please fill out this Membership Request Form. To be a member, an essential pre-requisite is that you own at least one (1) Purebred Spanish (PRE) mare, registered as a broodmare in the PRE Stud Book. FULL NAME (individual or corporation): _ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ID or VAT (Tax) Number (of said individual or corporation): _______________________________________________________________________________ LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE: _ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID or VAT (Tax) Number (of legal representative):________________________________________________________________________________________ NAME OF THE STUD FARM:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FULL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MUNICIPALITY: _ ____________________________________________ PROVINCE/STATE:_ _________________ COUNTRY: _________________________ POSTAL CODE: _______________________ PHONE/S:_________________________________________________ FAX:_______________________________ E-MAIL:________________________________________________________________ WEB:_______________________________________________________ Number of MARES registered on your Stud Farm:_______________________________________________________________________________________ ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: € 480




Bank transfer to ANCCE, into the account with IBAN code: ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 (Caja Rural del Sur) SWIFT BIC: BCOEESMM187 ALL OTHER QUOTAS:

✓ Bank transfer to the aforementioned account number. ✓ Credit Card: c VISA c MASTERCARD c AMERICAN EXPRESS Nº_ ___________________________________________ Expiration date_________________ ✓ Direct Debit Authorization: request direct debit payment in keeping with SEPA rules & regulations by sending an email to (Applicable for Spain and the European Union)

All data and information obtained complies with the mandates laid out in the legislation of Spain, specifically Law 15/1999, regarding the Protection of Personal Data. This registration form will be included a MEMBERSHIP file, registered with the General Register of the Protection of Data Protection that is responsible for the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain (hereinafter ANCCE), with VAT number: G41071960. This personal data file will be used for economic, accounting and fiscal membership-related purposes and the maintenance of ties among member by providing information services about aspects affecting the sector by means of newsletters sent by e-mail or standard mail, as well as advertising your stud farm, including it in the list of full members, which appears on the last pages of the magazine “El Caballo Español” and on the web-site, The details could also be offered to other magazines within the sector for stud farm advertising purposes; these objectives coinciding with those declared before the Spanish Association for the Protection of Data. You, as the owner of this information, consent and authorize ANCCE to include this information in the said file, and agree to the stated conditions. Should you not agree, it will be impossible for us to maintain any type of commercial relationship with you. Likewise, be informed that your financial information could be turned over to the Internal Revenue Office in compliance with the current law, and in such case as would be necessary. You may exercise, free of charge, your rights of access, change, cancel and express your opposition to this information by contacting ANCCE at the following address: Cortijo del Cuarto (Cortijo Viejo), Sevilla, 41014 Spain, using the reference LOPD. By signing this document, I accept the aforementioned conditions.

In the city of _________________________________________ on the____________________________day of _ ______________________________ , 2016 Signature: ______________________________

This and other application forms are also available at

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP REQUEST FORM Please fill out this form if you are interested in receiving a yearly subscription to our magazine and information from ANCCE. FULL NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________________ ID Nº:_________________________ FULL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MUNICIPALITY: _ ____________________________________________ PROVINCE/STATE:_ _________________ COUNTRY: _________________________ POSTAL CODE: ______________________ PHONE/S:__________________________________________________ FAX:_______________________________ E-MAIL:________________________________________________________________ OWNER CODE:_ _____________________________________________ ANNUAL QUOTA:





✓ 1ST QUOTA (REGISTRATION FEE): Bank transfer in the name of ANCCE with IBAN code: ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 (Caja Rural del Sur). Swift BIC: BCOEESMM187 ALL OTHER QUOTAS:

✓ Bank transfer to the aforementioned account number. ✓ Credit Card: c VISA c MASTERCARD c AMERICAN EXPRESS Nº_ ___________________________________________ Expiration date_________________ ✓ Direct Debit Authorization: request direct debit payment authorization in keeping with SEPA rules and regulations by sending an e-mail to

(Applicable for Spain and the EU)

All data and information obtained complies with the mandates laid out in the legislation of Spain, specifically Law 15/1999, regarding the Protection of Personal Data. This registration form will be included a MEMBERSHIP file, registered with the General Register of the Protection of Data Protection that is responsible for the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain (hereinafter ANCCE), with VAT number: G41071960. This personal data file will be used for economic, accounting and fiscal membership-related purposes and the maintenance of ties among member by providing information services about aspects affecting the sector by means of newsletters sent by e-mail or standard mail, as well as advertising your stud farm, including it in the list of full members, which appears on the last pages of the magazine “El Caballo Español” and on the web-site, The details could also be offered to other magazines within the sector for stud farm advertising purposes; these objectives coinciding with those declared before the Spanish Association for the Protection of Data. You, as the owner of this information, consent and authorize ANCCE to include this information in the said file, and agree to the stated conditions. Should you not agree, it will be impossible for us to maintain any type of commercial relationship with you. Likewise, be informed that your financial information could be turned over to the Internal Revenue Office in compliance with the current law, and in such case as would be necessary. You may exercise, free of charge, your rights of access, change, cancel and express your opposition to this information by contacting ANCCE at the following address: Cortijo del Cuarto (Cortijo Viejo), Sevilla, 41014 Spain, using the reference LOPD. By signing this document, I accept the aforementioned conditions.

In the city of_______________________ Date with Day + Month + Year: _________________________________

Signature _____________________


shopping 1. DRESSAGE BOOTS BY CAVALLO The Insignis model is made of high quality leather, with a strong outside and softer lining. With a leather sole, the new higher and more pronounced vamp has a lock to hinder the interior lateral zipper, which runs down to the instep, from unzipping.

2. RIDING BREECHES BY HERMĂˆS Fitted riding breeches for men, with a high waist and low elasticated ankles in orange. Manufactured in stretch fabric, they are extremely tough and breathable.

3. ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT POLAR JACKET BY HERMĂˆS Thermal, ultra-lightweight, goose down jacket for women. Fashion and comfort meet to create a fitted style, stretch fabric with a matte finish, high collar with snap closure and pockets. The main zipper finishes with a small, stirrup shaped charm.

4. ZALDI ROYAL EVENT SADDLE Zaldi craftspeople have selected European leather to make a saddle that uses the latest in high-tech materials for the tree. Its semi-deep seat and the panels are made of latex. The saddle has a forward-cut flap for jumping, an outside knee roll and stainless steel safety stirrup bars.


El Caballo Español Magazine 2016 n.232  

El Caballo Español Magazine - PRE - ANCCE - SICAB

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