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Wearing Brands on Your sleeve by Paul Narula

22 pet Licensing: Opportunities

exist for pack-Leading Brands by Chris Adams

26 sew Creative: Hankie Couture Offers a timeless message by Nancy Lombardi

28 results from Q4 2010 Offer

silver Lining, Hope for Licensors by Chris Adams

29 Film preview by Chris Adams

30 toy Fair 2011 compiled by Laurie Leahey and Paul Narula

the COver: The dog rests on the Animal Planet Large Bed, by licensee MerchSouce. The Joester Loria Group represents Animal Planet for licensing.


Cover By DeSiGn eDGe


On this Page (frOm the tOP): D-Signed takes the fashion of characters from Disney Channel shows such as Sonny with a Chance and brings the outfits to store shelves; Success Apparel has signed on as apparel licensee for Pinkalicious, which is managed by The Joester Loria Group; Pocoyo SwiggleWheels by Bandai; Fisher-Price Big Action Load ’n Go by Moose Mountain; and Mattel’s Green Lantern Colossal Cannon.

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by Andy Krinner


aNb Media Updates for 2011


he first eight weeks of each New

toy industry in spring and fall are just

Year usually spells t-r-a-v-e-l

about at capacity. They have been so suc-

for our industry. Busy licensing

cessful that aNb Media is pleased to an-

executives are scattered worldwide. It

nounce our first ROYALTIe$ BRANd

begins with Hong Kong for both the

SHOWCASe event, slated for July 26,

Hong Kong International Licensing

2011, at the Altman Building in New

Show and Hong Kong Toys & Games

York City. The event will feature the lat-

Fair. Then the party moves on to New

est consumer products from the hottest,

York City for Toy Fair and Las Vegas for

most recognized, and newest brands in

MAGIC. Throw in the KidScreen Sum-

the business. Product categories such as

mit as a chaser and you have now run

apparel, domestics, gifts, food, electron-

the gauntlet of trade shows for the Janu-

ics, stationery, and more will be well rep-

ary/February time period.

resented in this Q4 preview.

This is a busy time too for us at aNb


Media. We continue to grow as a com-

an opportunity for licensors to put their

pany, which encompasses much more

best brands forward in a new and mean-

than just our trade publications. Our

ingful way. We anticipate the business

business-to-business website, www.anb-

press, traditional national consumer, brings you the best and most

media outlets, and social media to partic-

timely information on the toy and licens-

ipate and “shop” for products to feature

ing industries with twice-weekly news

in upcoming gift guides and fourth quar-

blasts to subscribers.

ter holiday editorial.

Our consumer site, www.Timeto-

From apparel and domestics to food,, gained huge momentum

electronics, and stationery—and every

over the holidays and further solidified

category in-between—reporters and blog-

itself as the go-to site for consumer re-

gers will have the opportunity to preview

search regarding toys and play. Team

some of the hottest branded gifts for hol-

members from Time to Play were used

iday 2011—all under one roof.

as experts on national TV throughout the selling season.

let the brands be the star and will help you

New to our repertoire is our web TV

to secure widespread media coverage of

channel,, which cur-

the products that are available to your

rently features three shows.

consumers/your brand’s community this

Our Time to Play media events for the




holiday season.




229 WEST 28TH STREET, SUITE 401, NEW YORK, NY 10001 PHONE: (646) 763–8710 • FAX: (646) 763–8727 Royaltie$ is published six times per year by aNb Media. Copyright 2011 aNb Media. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher. Printed in the U.S.A. Royaltie$ is a registered trademark of aNb Media. Opinions and comments expressed in this publication by editors, contributing writers, or solicited or unsolicited documents are not necessarily those of Royaltie$ management.

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Weekly news Blasts

Royaltie$ Launches Media event anb Media (that’s us!) announces its first Royaltie$ Brand showcase media event, slated for July 26, 2011, at the Altman Building in new york city. the Q4 preview event will feature the latest consumer products in categories such as apparel, domestics, gifts, food, electronics, stationery, and much more. the media representation will focus on social media, online media, and long-lead publications. However, traditional press is also expected. anb Media has now produced four hugely successful product showcases over the past three years in new york city under the banner. the sold-out events were attended by the leading members of traditional media as well as key influencers in the social media sphere, arguably today’s most influential source of information for moms. each exhibitor will receive a seven-foot-by-seven-foot footprint, which will allow for enhanced product displays and demonstrations. due to the floor plan, space will be limited. this is a turn-key event with no hidden costs. there is minimum set-up and tear-down. participants find our showcase events to be an extremely efficient and cost-effective strategy for meeting with media before the start of the all-important Q4 selling season. If you would like more information and pricing, please contact one of the following: Andy Krinner:; Jim silver:; Bob Glaser:; or donna Moore:

nancy BaiLey and assoc. Merges with BeanstaLk omnicom Group, Inc.’s, diversified Agency services (dAs) has acquired Atlanta-based nancy Bailey and Associates, Inc. the agency, which was founded by nancy Bailey in 1982, will become a division of dAs’s Beanstalk. nancy Bailey has been named a vice-chairman of Beanstalk and will report directly to Beanstalk’s president and ceo Michael stone. the new relationship allows Beanstalk and nancy Bailey & Associates to combine their expertise and relationships to better serve both agencies’ fortune 100 clients including the procter & Gamble company. currently, both Beanstalk and nancy Bailey & Associates represent a number of p&G brands. the new combined entity will consolidate the agency p&G representation into one fully integrated global team across the u.s., europe, and Asia.

MatteL appoints stockton as coo, announces FriedMan’s retireMent Mattel announced the appointment of Bryan stockton, previously Mattel’s president of international, to the new position of coo, effective immediately. this action further aligns Mattel’s senior leadership team with the company’s global strategic initiative to be the largest, most profitable, and fastestgrowing toy company. stockton will report to Robert A. eckert, chairman and ceo of Mattel, as will Mattel’s finance, legal, and human resources functions. As coo, stockton will have responsibility for day-to-day operations of the company, which include overseeing the design, development, marketing, and sale of all Mattel toy brands globally, as well as licensed entertainment properties; the Mattel digital network; and other operating functions



including operations and corporate responsibility. Stockton joined Mattel in November 2000 as executive vice-president of business planning and development. The company also announced that Neil Friedman, president of Mattel Brands, will be leaving the company in March 2011. “I would like to thank Neil for his many years of service to Mattel and in particular for his contributions to the company’s strong performance in recent years,” said Eckert in a statement. “Neil has been recognized by the toy industry in many ways over the years, including inductions into both the Toy Industry and the Licensing halls of fame. Neil has spent more than 35 years ensuring play is magical for children, building strong relationships in business, and paving the way for the next generation of Mattel leadership.”

LEGO IntrOducEs nInjaGO LEGO Systems, Inc., announced Ninjago, its newest original property that the company says combines the best of LEGO construction play, action-based competitive play, and virtual gaming, all centered on a story inspired by martial arts lore, written by Hollywood heavyweights, Dan and Kevin Hageman. Ninjago delivers a story-driven universe where traditional LEGO building sets are a backdrop for an innovative buildable spinner that puts LEGO minifigures at the center of a new social competitive game concept. The property reinforces character and story while also engaging children who are more drawn to social action play than to construction. Virtual gaming at, in a new content zone of LEGO Universe, and through a Nintendo DS game furthers engagement and unlocks information and skills that further the physical play. An extensive product line will be available from LEGO. In addition, a licensing program is currently in development.

squInkIEs tO BE dEvELOpEd

IntO vIdEO


Blip Toys, the company behind Squinkies collectible figures, has granted Activision Publishing, Inc., the exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture, and distribute video games based on the Squinkies brand and characters. The agreement covers entertainment software products across multiple platforms such as handheld, console, and connected platforms, as well as PC and mobile devices. The new Squinkies video games are expected to debut this year, with the first Nintendo DS title for girls releasing in April.

davId tutEra dIY WEddInG LInE

On thE WaY

Celebrity wedding planner and entertaining expert, David Tutera has teamed up with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to create Down the Aisle in Style, a new line of wedding accessories and embellishments for the stylish bride. With a touch of imagination and these accessories and embellishments, brides can create lavish wedding attire, décor, and favors. In addition, each product will lend David’s expertise and provide helpful “Tutera Tips” to assist brides with creative ideas straight from the wedding planner himself.

Pearl Finish Paper Cones are part of the David Tutera Bridal Collection



Maureen Taxter, Ludorum, New York, NY Phone: (212) 972–7210 Email:

Maureen TaxTer by Paul Narula


or most people, the start of their career is where they work with small companies or brands, working their way up to something greater. For Maureen Taxter, senior vice-president of consumer products at Ludorum, starting small wasn’t a possibility. Taxter got her start in licensing at The Jim Henson Company in 1982, working on teams that put together consumer products programs for the Muppets, Muppet Babies, and Fraggle rock. “I was extremely fortunate,” says Taxter. “Few people get the chance to work on such major brands so early in their career.” From there, Taxter went on to work for nickelodeon as part of the team that brought the Blue’s Clues licensing program into the market, followed by programs for the Dora the explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants brands. While she was no stranger to big companies or big name brands, what brought Taxter to Ludorum in September 2009 was opportunity. “For me, Ludorum represented a unique opportunity and a unique company,” says Taxter. The company has a wealth of experience at the helm, being founded by the former CeO (rob Lawes) and COO (Charlie Caminada) of HIT entertainment prior to its takeover in 2005, as well as Dick rothkopf, cofounder and former CeO of The Learning Curve toy company. Despite those weighty credentials, the company is still what Taxter describes as a “boutique IP company” that is capable of reacting quickly to changing market



conditions to meet a client’s needs. The combination of strong experienced leadership with nimble entrepreneurial business practices appealed to Taxter and when Ludorum wanted to expand its operations in the u.S., she took the chance to get on board. “This was a chance for me to use the entirety of my consumer products knowledge to get something started, to actually create something from scratch,” says Taxter.

right now, Ludorum’s main project in the u.S. is the Chuggington brand, based on the CGI-animated Chuggington television series. Taxter has been working to bring the brand into the american consumer’s everyday life. “The most important thing you can do to build a brand is to make sure you’ve established an extremely strong foundation for your brand to grow and build on,” says Taxter. Securing a place for Chuggington on the Playhouse Disney network has allowed

the show to reach a large number of viewers. Ludorum has also partnered with Learning Curve for Chuggington Toys, while Scholastic and anchor Bay will be handling publishing and DVD releases respectively. “We’ve worked very hard to develop licensing relationships with companies that we know can create truly high-quality product and bring the property to life in all of the different categories we’ve established consumer products programs in,” says Taxter. as 2011 continues, Taxter and Ludorum will continue to expand and push the Chuggington brand in the u.S. “We’re really focusing on this property to have a unique, long-term appeal for children,” says Taxter. “Its appeal is universal and timeless, but it also has a modern and timely feel to it.” However, that certainly does not rule out new properties hitting the market. according to Taxter, Ludorum is already looking at a number of developing properties that they believe will have the same organic appeal of the Chuggington brand. regardless of what brands Taxter works on for Ludorum, she believes that there is one absolute that can help build any brand into a strong licensing program. “You have to be absolutely true to your consumer and your brand,” she says. “Take what’s special, take what’s unique, and then bring it out in the way that you know will speak to your consumer. all you need to do after that is make a great product.”

20th Century Fox’s by Paul Narula


hile an epic journey in the name of love may not exactly be a new plot for a movie, a nerdy agoraphobic pet macaw is not the standard adventuring hero. But Blu, the protagonist of 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studio’s upcoming film Rio certainly won’t let that stand in the way of his story. Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) is a rare macaw who is thought to be the last of his species and is living in a bookstore in Minnesota. When scientists discover a female macaw in the wilds of South America (Anne Hathaway), they take Blu to her in an effort to save the species. Even as Blu tries to overcome his neuroses and fears to win the heart of the female macaw (named Jewel), the two are kidnapped by a thief who intends to sell them for an enormous profit (Jake T. Austin). However, help comes to them in the form of animal friends, such as the “professional” bulldog Luiz (Tracy Morgan), a wise Toucan named Rafael (George Lopez), and even Blu’s owner, Linda (Leslie Mann). The cast also includes Wanda Sykes,, Jamie Fox, and Neil Patrick Harris. Rio is directed by Carlos Saldanha, the director of Fox’s earlier computer-animated film Ice Age. The screenplay was written by Don Rhymer. Fox has been advertising the film with trailers in a number of major releases. The first was shown in May 2010 and additional rounds of advertising and new trailers debuted in December. The film is scheduled for release on April 15. In anticipation of the movie’s release, 20th Century Fox has put together a comprehensive licensing program for the Rio brand. Toy Quest has signed on for action figures and other toys. Awake and Jem will be producing apparel. Other licensees include Hallmark, HarperCollins, and THQ.



Fast Facts ° Blu, the movie’s protagonist, was born and raised in Minnesota, despite being a macaw native to Brazil.

° The film will feature original music by Grammy awardwinning hip hop artist and Grammy award-winning film composer John Powell.

° Sergio Mendes, a famous Brazilian bossa nova musician, will be providing original music for the film, which marks the first time since the 1960s that he has composed music for a movie.

° This will be Tracy Morgan’s second animated character, the first being a character from the MTV animated series Woof.

° Rio is Fox’s second film in the 2.35:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio, allowing for a wider display. The first was The Simpsons Movie in 2007.



Hallmark will be releasing a line of cards featuring the Rio characters for a number of holidays, as well as children’s birthdays.

HarperCollins is the publishing licensee for Rio. The company will publish movie books and puzzle books based on the film.

Toy Quest


Toy Quest has created a full line of figures based on the characters from Rio. Toys “R” Us is the exclusive retailer for the toy line.

THQ will create a full line of video games based on Rio. The games will be released for the Nintendo Wii, DS, PlayStation 3, and XBox 360.

JEM Sportswear & Awake Both JEM Sportswear and Awake will be producing high quality T-shirts for the Rio brand. Both companies will create a line of children’s and young adult’s T-shirts featuring characters and imagery from the film. JEM Sportswear






licensing Program around demograPhics

by Stephen Reily, IMC Licensing


am bullish on the long-term prospects for

“marketing to women” field that offers great

stops being a business traveler or entrepreneur.

licensing. There are so many iconic brands

opportunities for licensing. For those who

• Women Are reAders: Consider licensing

that have yet to be licensed and so many

want to learn more, some of the landmark

some of the authors women love most.

product categories where licens-

books in this space are Marketing to Women,

• Women Are connectors And

ing has yet to add value. There

by Marti Barletta; What She’s Not Telling You,

entertAiners: Licensing food and beverages,

are also so many new ways to

by Mary Lou Quinlan; and Why She Buys, by

tableware, and holiday items appeals to a

think about licensing and use the

Bridget Brennan. There are also great newslet-

woman’s sensibility.

tools it offers to generate great

ters and conferences where you can learn more

• Women obsess over AppeArAnce:

new consumer products.

about marketing to women.

Licensing needs to tackle fashion and beauty

Stephen Reily

Licensing professionals are

Licensing to women means more than the

products beyond perfume.

often guilty of thinking about

products that only women use. Marketing to

licensing in the same ways, over and over. We

women is important because research shows that

typically build strategic licensing plans around

women make purchasing decisions for as much

Almost 50 million strong, Hispanics make up

the same concepts, including brand equities,

as 80 percent of all purchases in the home. If a

the largest racial minority in the U.S. and the

usage occasions, lifestyle affinities, and distri-

woman doesn’t love your product, it won’t make

fastest-growing demographic. Statistics show that

bution channels. But we rarely build licensing

its way into her house. However appealing to a

1 out of 4 children born in the U.S. have Hispanic

programs around demographic groups.


woman’s sensibility doesn’t mean ignoring men.

parents. While they spend less per capita than

Here I’m offering an additional way to think

Look at Martha Stewart. Her media empire

other demographic groups, the median age of

about licensing, one that focuses on demograph-

speaks mostly to women, but a lot of men sleep

U.S. Hispanics is only 28, compared to 37 for the

ics to identify new consumer opportunities.

on her sheets and live happily in houses with

population overall. Because Hispanics will make

walls colored with her licensed paint.

up 30 percent of the U.S. population by 2050, if

Licensing toward a targeted demographic group is not new. Mary-Kate and Ashley

Finally, licensing to women can also mean

you don’t figure out how to license to them you

Olsen’s successful licensing program with

making sure that your licensed products appeal to

could be missing out on as much as a third of all

Walmart was built around their then-target

women, too. Harley-Davidson and the NFL have

consumer opportunities in the years ahead.

demographic of tween and teen girls.

recently made breakthroughs (and seen great suc-

There are lots of resources to learn more

Licensing toward certain demographic

cess) from developing licensed products for

about the Hispanic marketplace, from the Pew

groups should get more attention. Three impor-

women, in colors and cuts that women will actu-

Hispanic Center, to MediaPost’s Engage:

tant demographics are women, Hispanics, and

ally buy. Sometimes licensing to women can be

Hispanics newsletter, to standard texts such as

baby boomers. These three groups are large,

as easy as letting them know they aren’t ignored.

Hispanic Marketing.

growing quickly, and spending dollars in dis-

Where else should marketers look for licens-

What has worked thus far in licensing for the

ing opportunities that appeal to women?

Hispanic market? Most notably, Hispanic stars

Consider certain traits of the target:

such as Daisy Fuentes (the first Latina model for

proportionate numbers.


Workforce: Don’t forget

Revlon) and J.Lo have built giant businesses in

It may be strange to talk about half of our

that they are business travelers and entrepre-

fragrance, cosmetics, clothes, and housewares.

population as a “demographic niche,” but lots

neurs, and not just moms. Also keep in mind

Nickelodeon has sold billions of dollars of con-

of research in the past decade has established a

that becoming a mother doesn’t mean a woman

sumer products that feature the best-known



• Women

in the

Latina girl in the world, Dora the Explorer. And

1946 and 1964 will not be growing (early

discretionary income than others, and will

Budweiser and Dr Pepper/Snapple Group have

deaths will actually see the number decline), the

inherit trillions of dollars over the next 20 years,

launched a best-selling combination of beer and

number of citizens passing age 50 and entering

yet financial service firms have failed to win

Clamato juice that is popular in the Hispanic

a new lifestage will be growing dramatically

their trust—especially that of the women.

community as a “chelada.”

over the next 10 years.

• technology/consumer electronics:

With the possible exception of chelada, all of

It’s important to remember they are aging but

Consumer electronics companies seem to think

these products obviously appeal to non-

not old. The average boomer is still only 53 years

that their products need to target either 20 year

Hispanics as well. Just as men can enjoy prod-

old. This means that they came of age more in the

olds or 80 year olds. However boomers could

ucts licensed to women, lots of non-Hispanic

1970s than in the 1960s. They make up the

make up the largest market for e-readers.

girls look up to J.Lo and Dora. But these

majority of internet users. And they remain guid-

• travel: Boomers plan farther ahead and spend

licensed properties have succeeded with

ed by the belief that they can reinvent the world.

more on travel than any other demographic. They

Hispanics especially well because they represent

One more thing: Don’t ever call them

like their travel when it also offers wellness and

them and speak to them directly. More brands

boomers. While “baby boomer” remains a very

learning opportunities. Think about brands such

need to embrace and reap rewards from the

useful marketing term, I have never met a person

as universities and spas (even luxury brands) that

Hispanic consumer. Here are some of the con-

who identifies themselves in any meaningful way

could add value to travel planning.

cepts and categories that should be targeted:

as a “boomer.” Like most people, they think of

• spirituality and wellness: Boomers want

• Food: Hispanic households spend almost 50

themselves, for example, as business people, or

to explore the meaning of life, and make it last

percent more per week on groceries.

triathletes, or grandparents, but not as boomers.

longer. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil

• Family-Focus: Consider products that will appeal to Hispanic families and their children.

have nailed these themes, but the opportunities will continue to grow as boomers age.


Consumer by Matt Thornhill and John Martin

The next time you are in a licensing strate-

The term “Hispanic” or “Latino” doesn’t mean

and The Vibrant Nation: What Boomer Women

gy session and people are using grids or con-

one thing to all immigrants. It doesn’t cover one

50+ Know, Think, Do, and Buy by me and Carol

centric circles to show where a brand could

“place.” Consider foreign brands that appeal to

Orsborn, Ph.D.

go, don’t forget to bring up demographic nich-

• Focus


speciFic countries

There are many resources for understanding boomers including books such as Boomer


large subsegments within the community.

Where has licensing already succeeded with

es and demographic trends. You might find

Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras,

boomers? General Mills is building a giant food

unexpected product categories where a large

Colombia, etc., are all separate countries each

licensing success with Fiber One, a brand with

and fast-growing group of consumers will be

with its own customs, cultures, and brands.

timely and functional appeal to boomers. And

glad you decided to license.

events: The U.S. market for

while Jimmy Buffett appears to be loved by all

the world’s most popular sport (soccer) is

generations, he spoke first and most successful-

Stephen Reily is the CEO of IMC Licensing. He


ly to the boomers who now buy his Landshark

has published articles in Brandweek and on

• growing middle class: The buying power

Lager (a partnership with Anheuser-Busch),, among others. He has been

of Hispanics will continue to grow, and the licens-

tequila, frozen food, and clothing.

a featured speaker at leading industry events. A

• sports


ing industry needs to be thinking about the high-

Where do other opportunities for licensing

former corporate attorney, he graduated from

er-priced products that Hispanic consumers will

to boomers lie?

Yale, summa cum laude, and from Stanford Law

be buying in greater numbers in the years ahead.

• Boomers are aging But are not old:

School, after which he clerked for Justice John

They are not their parents. They love fashion

Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court. Reily is

BaBy Boomers

brands (such as Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) and

also founder of, the leading

Baby boomers are now aged 46–64, and

accessories that let them look as good as they feel.

online community devoted to the demographic

while the group of individuals born between

• Financial services: Boomers have more

of smart and successful women over 50.



Wearing Brands On YOur sleeve by Paul Narula


s the saying goes, “the clothes make the man.” With so much attention paid to fashion, apparel has become a major licensing platform for any brand. Even with the fickle trends of the fashion world, apparel can be a strong addition to a licensing program and licensors are taking advantage of this as consumers start returning to the stores.

What shOppers Want Giving the consumers what they want is the key to selling anything—and licensed apparel is no exception. “Consumers who buy licensed clothing are looking for something that expresses how they wish to be seen by the rest of the world,” says Carole Postal, president of CopCorp Licensing. But what consumers want in the fashion world can change at the drop of a hat. Still, many licensors and licensees are able to keep pace with the changing desires of the market. One of the major changes in the market this past year has been the rise of branded clothing that capitalizes on a brand’s reputation rather than the blatant use of a logo or imagery. Brands that have strong, established reputations are making headway with licensing programs, especially among the brand’s core consumers. Outdoor brand Bushnell, represented by MODA Licensing, has made a strong start on a licensing program by appealing to its consumers’ knowledge of the brand’s reliability and toughness. “Bushnell consumers are already aware of the brand, but this allows



them to bring their passion to the rest of their life,” says Scott Todd, senior vice-president at MODA Licensing. That’s not to say that character-based brands haven’t been successful, especially in the children’s market. “The kids’ entertainment apparel licensing business is strong, though it changes constantly to reflect what’s hot in any

While licensed character apparel such as this T-shirt (below left) featuring Marvel’s Wolverine by JEM Sportwear is still popular, noncharacter brands such as Tour de France (below, represented by MODA Licensing) have been gaining ground.

given season,” says Debra Joester, president of The Joester Loria Group. Strong brands based on entertainment properties, such as Cars, Green Lantern, and more all continue to find a place in the market as retailers turn to trusted brands in the apparel category to boost sales. Some companies have a slightly different take on the typical character brand, especially as consumers have started to look for more than just character imagery or labeling. Disney has established the D-Signed clothing line

(exclusive to Target) based on Sonny With a Chance. Rather than use show or character imagery, the line is based on what fashions Sonny (played by Demi Lovato) wears during the show. The different approach makes the line more appealing to fashion-conscious tweens—the target demographic. One challenge to licensed apparel has been private label lines and direct-to-retail lines. Their rise in popularity has made it difficult for licensed products to appeal to retailers when cheaper options are available. “When you consider the additional margin requirements in licensed product, it’s easy to see why certain retailers rely more and more on directto-retail and private label merchandise,” says Liz Kalodner, executive vice-president and general manager of CBS Consumer Products. However, some licensors have noted that with the rising costs of raw materials, this trend is actually starting to reverse itself as retailers find themselves having a hard time keeping pace with the industry. “It’s hard to keep up with trends and keep pricing down if you’re doing everything yourself,” says MODA’s Todd. “We’re slowly starting to gain back the space we lost to the private label business.”

the Challenge Of fashiOn As we’ve seen thus far, licensing in the apparel world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages especially when compared

with other licensing categories. For some licensors, one of the greatest advantages is the short production time of basic fashion items, such as T-shirts and knit tops. This allows a licensor to get a brand in high demand into the market quickly. “We’re able to jump on trends quickly and get a product to retail much faster than with any of the other categories that we license in,” says Stephen Teglas, vice-president and general manager, fashion and home at Disney Consumer Products. For Disney, Teglas mentions that rapidly changing trends mean that the company (and the relevant licensees and retailers) doesn’t have to over-commit to a fashion line if something goes wrong. Additionally, there are a number of chances to reinvent a brand if it starts to falter, realigning it with whatever the current fashion trend may be. However, the changing trends can also make things difficult for a licensor, as it means that staying relevant becomes more difficult. “An action figure is basically an action figure,” says Rob Stone, president of Stone America Licensing. “It’s got two legs, two arms, and possibly fights crime. The same can’t be said of a fashion product.” The cost of raw materials has been rising across many industries and apparel is no exception. The price of cotton has been steadily rising for years. “Small apparel companies can’t keep up and are closing their doors,” says Stone. “We can’t ignore what’s happening.”

Where MAGIC hAppens It is impossible to talk about licensed apparel without talking about the MAGIC trade show, taking place this month at the Las Vegas

Convention Center and the with constant shuttle Mandalay Bay Convention service between the Center. “MAGIC really sites, a number of attenallows me to shop around dees and exhibitors have and see a great deal in one expressed concern about fell swoop,” says Rick the added difficulty of Goralnick, vice-president of walking the show. “I licensing and marketing at think if the show were Richard Leeds International. somehow consolidated, However, not everyone it would benefit everyfeels the same about the one,” says Richard show. With some major Leeds’ Goralnick, Kissy Doodles T-Shirt by Jerry Leigh retailers no longer attending though he also admits the show, some licensors that the task “would are reducing their own presence at MAGIC probably be quite difficult” considering the and instead are relying on their licensees to size of the show and the breadth of apparel provide brand statements at the show. In the and product it encompasses. case of brands with more targeted audiences However, despite some misgivings from the or selective licensing practices, MAGIC does industry, MAGIC will be going strong this year, not provide the access to the target audience with a number of seminars and talks designed that smaller meetings could provide. In addi- to be relevant to the changes within today’s tion, many licensees and licensors find it fashion industry. Events and seminars at the more convenient and affordable to do busi- show will cover challenges such as the rising ness at company headquarters over the course price of materials, the need for alternative of the year. “More and more business is being sourcing methods, and how to incorporate done in smaller meetings and at corporate social networking sites (such as Facebook) or offices,” says Lorne Bloch, licensing director media sites (such as YouTube) into marketing at Mighty Fine. “Things are changing for all campaigns—all major issues for the industry. trade shows.” Even as prices in labor and raw materials A change that has caused some dissatis- continue to rise, most licensors take a posifaction from attendees was the splitting of the tive view of the category’s future. “The high show across two venues last year, with the prices are just a reality of the marketplace,” women’s portion of the show at the Las says Disney’s Teglas. “We will deal with it Vegas Convention Center—a significant dis- because we have to.” As long as consumers tance from the show’s original venue, the are still looking for the next fashion trend, Mandalay Bay Convention Center (which licensed apparel will keep looking to stay will still host a majority of the show). Even ahead of the curve.



fASHioN liceNSiNg ANd MAgic by Paul Narula

Keeping up in the fashion industry has never been easy and when licensing is thrown into the equation, staying relevant to consumers becomes twice as challenging. Nonetheless, a number of licensors and manufacturers have teamed up to introduce the latest trends. As a result, consumers are still buying clothes that bear their favorite licenses. Here’s just a small sampling of what licensed apparel will be hitting the shelves this year.

MigHty fiNe Mighty Fine will continue to grow its ESPNlicensed apparel line with new shirts featuring ESPN Sportscenter logos and imagery. In addition, the company has added the Fancy Nancy brand to its licensed apparel line and will produce knit tops and T-shirts for girls featuring the Fancy Nancy characters.

Alfred ANgelo Fashion designer Alfred Angelo has teamed up with Disney to create the Disney Fantasy Wedding Collection. Each wedding dress in this collection is based on the costume or design of one of the Disney Princesses, including Belle, Aurora, and Ariel.



BBc iNterNAtioNAl Outdoor brand Bushnell has teamed up with BBC International to produce a full line of footwear based on the Bushnell brand. The Bushnell Footwear line will be available in sporting goods stores, department stores, specialty sport stores, footwear chains, and more.

SucceSS AppArel Success Apparel has been signed on as the licensee for Pinkalicious apparel. The company will produce T-shirts and separates for the Pinkalicious brand featuring characters from Pinkalicious, as well as themes and motifs based on the brand imagery.

BeBe Bebe has teamed up with CBS Consumer Products for a new 90210-inspired fashion brand. The clothing will be based on the styles of characters from 90210. Outfits from the line will appear on the show as well.

Fortune FAShion Fortune Fashion is the latest addition to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey licensing program, managed by CopCorp Licensing. The company will be producing a line of T-shirts for the brand.

Stone AmeriCA LiCenSing FiFth Sun

Stone America Licensing manages the licensing program for professional fitness brand TKO. TKO is currently looking for partners in the fitness and sports apparel categories.

Fifth Sun has signed on with PepsiCo for a line of T-shirts based on the retro look of classic Pepsi and Mountain Dew logos. Each T-shirt will feature retro logos and have a distressed finish for a vintage look.

DiSney ConSumer ProDuCtS Exclusively at Target, Disney Consumer Products has created the D-Signed line of clothing. D-Signed takes the fashion of characters from Disney Channel shows such as Sonny with a Chance and brings the outfits to the store shelves.



Pet Licensing: OPPOrtunities exist fOr Pack-Leading Brands by Chris Adams


ven amid a weak and uncertain economy, the pet industry continues to grow consistently year over year. A combination of factors is contributing to this growth. Pet owners are spending more time at home, giving them more time to bond with their pets, and more households count pets among them. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 62 percent of U.S. households own a pet, with dogs and cats ranking No. 1 and 2 on the list. The approximately 71.4 million U.S. households that own pets accounted for a total of $45.5 million in petindustry expenditures in 2009 and the unofficial 2010 total is estimated to be $47.7 million. There is certainly money to be made in this category, but competition is sharp. The brands that have seen the most success in this category fall into two camps: brands that are viewed by consumers as being an authority on pets and pet care as well as human salon brands that are translated into pet products. “We expect pet product categories to remain very tight and competitive,” says Debra Joester, president of The Joester Loria Group, which represents the Animal Planet brand for licensing. “Private label/store brands are growing and a small percentage of licensed brands have succeeded. Fortunately, the brands that have done well continue to flourish and expand into new categories.” The competitive nature of this category is not expected to wane, as outside factors force major retailers to focus on proven brands. Joester adds, “As manufacturing in China becomes increasingly challenging, requiring significant minimum quantities of any SKU, brands that do not have critical mass will see opportunities decline.” Adding to the difficulties at retail, the economy has caused a falling out of the weakest retailers, which creates less available shelf space for pet products. “A key trend in the current market is vendor consolidation,” says Aaron Spiegeland, director, brand management, The Beanstalk Group, which represents Purina for licensing. “To reduce cost, many of the larger retailers have been decreasing the number of brands carried across their stores, including the pet aisle.” In addition to the aforementioned retailer-related difficulties, retailers are also changing their product assortments in a very conser-



The Animal Planet Collapsible Pet House is manufactured by MerchSource. The Joester Loria Group represents Animal Planet for licensing.

vative manner, which doesn’t make it easy for less-proven brands to get a crack at shelf space. “The main way the economy is affecting us is retailers are less willing to make changes to their current assortment,” says Steven Shweky, president of Fetch. . . for Cool Pets (the pet division of Skaffles). “They are being very timid and conservative with their business because it is such a tough time and they don’t know if and when it will affect their business.”

The PeT AuThoriTy The pet industry has no shortage of brands that consumers trust as being authorities and these brands are doing well in the licensed pet products space. These authorities include the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), American Kennel Club (AKC), Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), Purina, and Animal Planet. In the case of the ASPCA, AKC, and CFA, there is an added feelgood factor afforded by each organization’s nonprofit initiatives.

“We did some research and Fetch…for Cool Pets, manufacturer of the Pet Head line, offers a the consumers came back loud and well-received, hip line of grooming products. The company will be clear that they appreciate that the expanding the Pet Head line of grooming products in 2011. This fall, purchase is benefiting the ASPCA,” mass merchants will begin offering products from the line. says Phoebe Campbell, president of Global Pet exPo Campbell Associates, which manages All of the latest trends and products in the pet industry— the ASPCA licensing program. “People licensed, private label, or proprietary— know the organization and they trust the On the left is Fetch. . .for Cool will be on view at the Global Pet Expo work the ASPCA is doing. This halo effect Pets’ Pet Head Color Me from March 16–18, 2011. The trade is very important, but, at the same time, it is Woofalicious Pink Temporary show, which switched this year to an not a logo slap. This is the combination that Styling Gel and below is the ASPCA Comfy Donut Bed by all-weekday schedule, will be held at makes this program successful.” European Home Designs. the Orange County Convention Center 4Kids Entertainment’s 4Sight Licensing in Orlando. The APPA says Solutions manages the AKC and CFA licensing it switched to the allprograms. A major focus for both of these organiweekday format at zations is educating people on the importance of the request of buyers responsible pet ownership. who said they’d “Education is a strong focus for AKC,” says spend more time at a Alyssa Tucker, senior vice-president, licensing and weekday show as marketing, 4Kids Entertainment. “AKC and CFA try opposed to the Thursday to emphasize that before adopting a pet, people need to through Sunday format the look at everything about their life to find what pet will show previously utilized. work best for them.” Another change to the 2011 Global Pet Expo is the addition of the In addition to responsibly choosing a pet, organizations like AKC, CFA, ASPCA, Purina, and Animal Planet focus on educating about New Products Showcase Awards Presentation, which will be hosted what it takes to keep pets healthy. As with human health and nutrition by Dr. Marty Becker, resident veterinarian on both Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show and frequent contributor to Parade products, this area has seen steady growth. “We have seen an emphasis on health for pets,” says 4Kids’ magazine. In order to win one of these awards, products must be Tucker. “For treats and other consumable items, we are seeing a lot of entered in the New Products Showcase. This 30,000-square-foot space on the trade show floor will feature hundreds of new products, things that you see for humans such as probiotics and prebiotics.” Another area where human preferences is creeping over to pet care each in its own two-foot-by-two-foot space. The New Product Showcase and the related awards presentaproducts is in the salon-brand space. Brands such as Paul Mitchell, tion is a great opportunity for the greater pet industry to see the Origins, and Bed Head have established pet product lines. “People humanize pets and consider them part of the family,” newest products and trends in the pet industry on display. The says Campbell. “If somebody thinks that this is the best quality convenient layout can prove to be a great tool for attendees to see shampoo to use on themselves, then they want to use the pet version what is working and what isn’t in this competitive but potentially lucrative category. on their pet.”



peT licensinG by Chris Adams

Overall expenditures on pet products have grown steadily, even amid today’s economic uncertainties. That is not to say, however, that the industry doesn’t have its challenges. Retail consolidation, the strength of private label, and manufacturing difficulties have added to the competition in this aisle. Strong brands—particularly those considered authorities on pets—have seen success. Below is just a sampling of products that will be introduced to the pet industry during the Global Pet Expo.

The BeansTalk Group Bow Wow Pet is the bedding licensee for the Purina brand, which is managed by Beanstalk. Shown are the Pooch Pad, Cuddle, and Bone Sweet Bone beds.

4siGhT licensinG soluTions Starting this year, Pet Brands will offer a wide range of AKC-branded dog products that include plush and a variety of pet treats.

FeTch. . .For cool peTs The manufacturer of the Pet Head line of pet grooming products introduces the Color Me Bad line of temporary colored styling gel. The nonstaining gels come in Barkin’ Blue, Groupie Green, Punked Pooch Purple, and Woofalicious Pink.



The JoesTer LorIa GrouP MerchSource is a key licensee in the Animal Planet licensing program for categories including pet beds and pet accessories. Shown is the Animal Planet Portable Zip-Up Pet Bed with Zipper. Additional items in the line include the Animal Planet retractable Leash with removable Flashlight and Bag Holder.

nascar Some of the hottest-selling items in NASCAr’s pet products line are from the “pink program.” This line of pink leashes, collars, and harnesses from Hunter was so successful with the Dale Earnhardt license that NASCAr will add Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, and Tony Stewart.

camPbeLL assocIaTes Among the latest offerings for the ASPCA licensing program is the ASPCA Comfy Donut Bed by European Home Designs. In 2011, the ASPCA line will gain space at Walmart with additional SKUs. In addition, Jewett-Cameron will offer a line of outdoor kennels at Lowe’s.

Paws, Inc. Among the newest offerings in Paws’ Garfield pet products licensing program is Garfield Crazy Catnip, a terrarium that helps consumers grow their own catnip. The licensee is DuneCraft.

cLassIc medIa Classic Media will continue to expand on its Lassie licensing program. New to the program is a pet bed manufactured by Silver One International.



Sew Creative: Hankie Couture Offers a Timeless Message by Nancy Lombardi

any would say that sewing is a lost


kerchiefs and it was like a

The Grove Licensing &

art. It’s no longer a skill that gets

sledgehammer hit me over

Design is developing a licensing

passed from one generation to the

the head. I thought it would

program for Hankie Couture.

next. Luckily for Marsha Greenberg, she grew

make the most gorgeous

The items, in development for a

up in a time when this skill was not only passed

doll clothes.”

2012 release, are expected to be

on, but it gave her the opportunity to express

She says she bought 100

in gift and specialty stores.

her talent and imagination. It’s a passionate

handkerchiefs on the spot

Targeted retailers could include

hobby that turned into a career. With initial

and began creating clothes

Hallmark or Anthropologie as

direction from her mother, she began sewing

for 11.5-inch fashion dolls.

well as craft stores such as Jo-

her own clothes as a child. Her love of sewing,

She even went as far as cre-

Ann Fabrics or Michaels.

fabric, color, and pattern grew over the years.

ating her own doll with a

That lead her to own a fashion company in

factory in China.

the 1970s and 1980s. Her line was in Macy’s

Greenberg has now sold

and Bloomingdale’s. She did trunk shows and

more than 5,000 dresses on

made custom dresses for wealthy clients.

Just one example of the countless creations from Marsha Greenberg. The dress is entirely created from a vintage handkerchief.

It is important to note that this is not a toy brand. This is about artistic expression, which just happens to come in the form of

eBay with very little mainstream publicity.

handkerchiefs. Greenberg wants the property to

Then in 2002 while visiting an antique store

However, the doll community and doll media

portray an idyllic, simpler world where every-

in Pennsylvania with her husband, Greenberg

are certainly aware of the breadth of her work.

one is nice, manners are important, and the

says, “I saw a rounder of vintage handCATEGORIES CONSIDERED



PUBLISHING/STATIONERY • cookbooks, craft books, audio books, paper doll books • greeting cards, stationery, notepads, diaries • calendars, journals, activity books • organizers, memory books, albums • office accessories • board games

GIFT • partyware • tableware and textiles • kitchen items • Christmas and garden décor

• figurines, dress stands, cases • doll accessories, doll houses, doll cases




Images shown are renderings of potential licensed products.

world is a beautiful place.

Hankie Couture, is now ready

Product categories in development include

to move into the next phase of

publishing/stationery, gift, collectibles, and

growth, which is licensing. The

crafts. For a more detailed list of categories,

dresses have led her to write a

see the box on the left.

book, which will be out April 5. It

To promote the brand Grove Licensing is

introduces the brand’s concept. In

looking to work with traditional women’s

many ways, it acts as a style guide for

magazines while also developing Facebook

this emerging property. Inside, a selec-

and Twitter outreach. Greenberg has a video

tion of dolls in their Hankie Couture

on YouTube where she explains the brand

fashions are featured. Next to each

while giving viewers a peek inside her studio

doll is a saying that exemplifies the

and how she creates the dresses. She also has

Hankie Couture lifestyle. For exam-

a website,, which explains

ple, “The women of Hankie Couture

the brand. It also allows fans to shop.

know that good taste is timeless.”


• fabric and sewing patterns • stamp sets • craft and scrapbooking kits

Greenberg’s work, known as

Some of the sayings are, in fact, timeless advice. Others emphasize

Hankie Couture is “a lifestyle and a philosophy,” says Bob Stein of The Grove Licensing & Design. “It’s about elegance and etiquette.”

basic good manners, which seem to be

Elegance. Etiquette. Words that seem to be

lost in today’s culture. Some are

lost from our culture these days. This property

kitschy sayings, others are tongue-in-

wants to re-introduce those concepts—and

cheek jokes—but all feel very 1950s.

perhaps bring back sewing along the way.

Toy Fair 2011 Results from Q4 2010 Offer Silver Lining, Hope to Licensors

by Chris Adams

hile concrete numbers are unavailable as of press time, the


“Sesame Street is an everyday brand,” says Maura Regan, senior

general feedback on holiday 2010 was relatively positive.

vice-president and general manager of global consumer products at

There were signs that consumer confidence is starting to

Sesame Workshop. “Every day is a day for celebration in our con-

be established once again and that retailers were able to successfully

sumers’ mind. We feel that we have a business that supports the

draw foot traffic and encourage sales. That’s not to say that market-

everyday milestones our consumers experience.”

related difficulties didn’t rear their ugly head, but there is certainly some cause for hope in the overall children-related licensing segment.

The comfort that established properties offer retailers is in stark contrast to a new, untested property trying to get shelf space.

Some licensors were forced to look elsewhere and dig deeper for

“Classics are still king,” says Cindy Davis, senior vice-president, U.S.

their successes. One area of strength comes from outside of the film

consumer products, at Copyright Promotions Licensing Group (CPLG).

and television series property arena that typically drives the most

“Retailers are still risk averse and not willing to try something new.”

sales of licensed children’s products. A prime example is the Animal

Of course, this concept is nothing new in the licensing industry.

Planet licensing program, which is managed by The Joester Loria

Even before the economy crashed in 2007, eroding consumer confi-

Group (TJLG). Last year was the best year yet for Animal Planet toys

dence, retailers were moving in this direction. The economic uncer-

at Toys “R” Us, with sales up double digits over 2009. That success

tainty has only made matters more difficult for licensors.

has helped grow that program, which will add the interactive catego-

“It is even harder today to get shelf space for a new intellectual

ry to its roster in 2011, as well as the launch of the Animal Planet

property,” says Chris Heatherly, vice-president of Disney Consumer

Baby segment that will include plush, gifts, apparel, and bedding.

Products. “A lot of the properties in the marketplace have intergener-

A key part of the success of this program is licensor support. “While

ational connections. It is a much more competitive landscape.”

retailers are the gatekeepers, it is also vital to build consumer enthusi-

Among the biggest news in children’s licensing in 2011 is

asm and interest in product,” says Debra Joester, president of TJLG.

Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2. This property has had an interesting climb.

“Retailers are actively seeking that type of out-of-store support.”

Highly unlikely, the property has grown every year since the original

While some say that there is an oversaturation in the blogger

Cars film was released in 2006.

world, the right property can receive an enormous lift from key opin-

The fact that the Cars property has not only survived on shelves

ion-leading bloggers. Success has also been seen as a result of inter-

since 2006, but thrived highlights the idea that even though there usu-

acting with consumers and potential consumers via Twitter parties.

ally is a well-worn progression to shelf stability in the children’s

Beyond the more nontraditional properties that have seen success,

licensing marketplace, there certainly are exceptions.

the power and weight of well-established, well-revered brands are a

Another type of property that is experiencing success are not

force to be reckoned with. Classic properties such as Barbie, Hello

based on entertainment, but are created by toy manufacturers look-

Kitty, and Thomas & Friends, as well as established entertainment

ing to establish their own intellectual property, such as Cepia with

properties from Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network continue

the ZhuZhu Pets. Will Spin Master’s Zoobles or Blip Toys’

to dominate the children’s licensing arena.

Squinkies follow suit?

One of the steadiest properties in the children’s licensing arena

These toy brands as intellectual properties face stiff competition in

will receive a facelift this year. As Hasbro takes over toy licensing for

the marketplace. But maybe the positive news coming out of Q4 2010

Sesame Street, expect a different feel to the line. There will be more

will give retailers more confidence to give these properties—and any

of a character assortment. In addition, product rollout will be timed to

new properties—a second look. Especially in a risk-averse environ-

encourage more of a year-round selling pattern.

ment, sometimes a gamble can really pay off.



Film pREviEw compiled by Chris Adams Below is a look at some of the highest-profile films expected to hit the silver screen in the next year. The films listed are mostly family-friendly and at least have licensing potential, if not full-blown licensing programs surrounding them.

titlE Thor Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides The Hangover Part II Kung Fu Panda 2 X-Men: First Class Green Lantern Mr. Popper’s Penguins Cars 2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Winnie the Pooh Captain America: The First Avenger The Smurfs Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Real Steel The Three Musketeers Puss in Boots Happy Feet 2 in 3D The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 Arthur Christmas The Muppets Alvin and the Chipmunks 3D Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo We Bought a Zoo The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

ExpEctEd RElEaSE May 6, 2011 May 20, 2011 May 26, 2011 May 27, 2011 June 3, 2011 June 17, 2011 June 17, 2011 June 24, 2011 July 1, 2011 July 15, 2011 July 15, 2011 July 22, 2011 August 3, 2011 August 19, 2011 October 7, 2011 October 14, 2011 November 4, 2011 November 18, 2011 November 18, 2011 November 23, 2011 November 23, 2011 December 11, 2011 December 16, 2011 December 21, 2011 December 23, 2011 December 28, 2011

Studio Marvel Studios Walt Disney Pictures Warner Bros. DreamWorks Animation Twentieth Century Fox Warner Bros. Twentieth Century Fox Disney/Pixar Paramount Warner Bros. Walt Disney Pictures Marvel Studios Columbia Pictures Dimension Films DreamWorks Summit Entertainment DreamWorks Animation Warner Bros. Summit Entertainment Sony Pictures Walt Disney Pictures Twentieth Century Fox Paramount Sony Pictures Twentieth Century Fox Paramount ROYALTIE$ FEBRUARY 2011


tOy Fair 2011



Welcome to Toy Fair 2011! The following pages represent just a small sampling of what will be on display at this year’s show in New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center.

discOvery Discovery licensees Giddy Up and The Wonder Forge will introduce new toys this year. Giddy Up adds to its popular Mythbusters Science Kits with a brand new kit inspired by the show—Mythbusters Science of Sports. The Wonder Forge will showcase the recently debuted Mythbusters Hit the Target Game.

alex Dylan’s Candy Bar and Alex have come together to create craft activities inspired by sweet treats. Girls can show off their sweet side with Make Candy Wrapper Jewelry, Color a Yumbrella, Color a Sweet Wristlet, and Color a Candy Bag. Treasure favorite memories in My Sweet Diary and Collage a Candy Frame kits that girls can decorate with stickers and gems.

Neat-Oh! Neat-Oh! will introduce a variety of licensed ZipBins for LEGO Star Wars, including the LEGO Star Wars ZipBin TIE Fighter Carry Case Playmat. Kids can use it as a spaceport garage or storage bin. It is for ages 3 and up. LEGO bricks are not included.

BaNdai Bandai’s Pocoyo products include Pocoyo SwiggleTrak. This flexible racetrack lets preschoolers create a unique course. The set includes four tracks, one moving bridge, and one motorized vehicle with music and ball accessory. SwiggleWheels is a motorized vehicle that propels itself within a never-ending circular track. SwiggleWheels can also be used to extend the Pocoyo SwiggleTrak. The SwiggleWheels assortment includes Pocoyo, Elly, and Pato. The set includes one collectible motorized vehicle that plays music and two 16-inch SwiggleTraks.




ScHolaStic As part of its ramp-up for the 50th anniversary celebration of Clifford the Big Red Dog in 2012, Scholastic Media announced several new deals. In conjunction with Mills Entertainment, Scholastic Media will launch Clifford the Big Red Dog: A BIG Family Musical. The show is currently planned to hit 60 markets. Russ Berrie signed on for a mix of Clifford plush and plush-plus products, as well as gift products. Zoobies will create Clifford-branded plush that converts into pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags. Deals with The Canadian Group bring board games, jigsaw puzzles, and magnetic playsets to market. Twisterz Toys will produce educational toys. Ranir will develop a line of Clifford toothbrushes for children. VM Global Manufacturing will create a collection of Clifford scooters, wagons, tricycles, and bicycles for preschoolers. Clifford scooter from VM Global Manufacturing

noodle Head Noodle Head, Inc., launched Planet Pawparazzi (, a virtual playground based on the Pawparazzi toy line, a cast of miniature plush dogs and cats with celebrity personalities. Planet Pawparazzi offers girls an entertainment platform where they can play interactive games and activities, take a tour bus to Hollywoof, play dress-up at the Hotel Pawparazzi, or catch a flight to New York City to be on a celebrity quiz show. The site’s PawBlog allows pets to share their lives, and girls can sign up to receive tweets from their favorite characters. Additional Pawparazzi brand extensions are underway, including an integrated licensing and merchandising program with publishing, interactive, apparel, accessories, social expression, home dÊcor, entertainment, and more. Bennett Branding is spearheading this effort.

Fundex With the Tetris Card Game, the classic video game goes 3-D and fits in the palm of your hand. Using the Tetrimino shapes that appear on the card fronts, players compete to clear lines that appear on the Tetris Challenges on the card backs. The first player to clear 10 lines is the winner. Tetris Card Game is for one to four players ages 8 and up. In Tetris Matrix, players choose one of the multi-level challenges from the included book. Using only the Tetriminos shown in the challenge queue, stack the Tetriminos to match the outer shape of the challenge image. The game is for one or more players ages 8 and up.



toy Fair 2011 interactive toy concePts Interactive Toy Concepts’ Medal of Honor Interactive Battle Series is based on the Medal of Honor video game series from Electronic Arts. With five fully interactive R/C vehicles, players can recreate the video game experience. Each vehicle will be able to interact with the other, offering game play for up to five people. Each item will have its own unique battle style and damage results. Also included will be mission objectives and gameplay accessories. The vehicles are for ages 12 and up.

sPin Master


New Bakugan products include the Mechtogan, the first articulated Bakugan action figures with micro-auto-transformation. With the swipe of a Mechtogan Activator, trigger the Mechtogan’s transformation and reveal a hidden G-power. Each Mechtogan includes an activator and Ability Card. They are for ages 5 and up. The Dragonoid Destroyer is the newest Bakugan monster. It can stand, spin, and shoot projectiles with its firing cannon. The Dragonoid Destroyer includes a battle suit, exclusive Baku Sky Raider, exclusive Dragonoid Bakugan, and an Ability Card. It is for ages 5 and up. Based on the Fox game show, Million Dollar Money Drop tests players’ pop culture knowledge. Only seven questions stand between a player and “a million dollars.” With four possible answers and only one minute to decide, choose on which drop to place the money. The game is for ages 8 and up.

Fisher-Price Dora’s Fiesta Favorites Kitchen includes two double-sided fiesta recipe cards that girls place in the kitchen window to “cook” meals, such as tacos, empanadas, turkey dinner, and more. Dora talks girls through each recipe with fun phrases that correspond to the recipe. The Fiesta Favorites Kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, grill, sink, and a working phone that rings at random, allowing the child to receive calls from Dora and her friends. There are more than 80 English and Spanish phrases and more than 35 play pieces. Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Cranky & Flynn Save the Day features characters and a storyline from the new DVD movie Day of the Diesels. Reenact this moment from the movie with a talking Cranky the Crane that is more than two feet tall. Use the remote to move Cranky, all while hearing phrases and sound effects. Cranky also comes with a cargo car, cargo, a loading platform, a loop of track, and hay bales with flip-up flames. When a “fire” breaks out at the hay bale, kids can help Cranky deliver Flynn in his special launching crate. When the crate touches the track, Flynn launches out and puts out the “fire.” The track set connects to all TrackMaster track and destinations. Eight AA batteries are required. It is for ages 3 and up. Rock Star Mickey lights up the stage with guitar and singing skills. Kids can learn Mickey’s moves in the “How to be a Rock Star” mode. Mickey sings three full songs, bobs his head, kicks, and does a rock star split. Four AA batteries are included. Rock Star Mickey is for ages 2 and up.



CardiNal Sock Monkeys are making an appearance on games and puzzles by Cardinal. Where Is Sock Monkey? is a game where kids hide the Sock Monkey and search the house based on a series of clues. It comes with a real Sock Monkey. There’s also a Where Is Sock Monkey? card game and a line of Sock Monkey puzzles that includes wooden puzzle sets, lenticular puzzles, and basic puzzles.

NBC/JtMG The NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group and Joy Tashjian Marketing Group LLC (JTMG) announced new merchandise for NBC’s Minute To Win It. The Minute To Win It Ultimate Party Pack by Sportcraft contains everyday objects needed to complete 15 challenges based on the NBC show. The Ultimate Party Pack is available now at Walmart and an upgraded version will be available at Walmart and Kmart in April.

Mattel Mattel’s Green Lantern toy line includes Green Lantern Deluxe Battle Shifters Figures. These are four-inch figures of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog. Battle Shifters figures are ready to fight with the included fold-up Power Slinger accessory. With a light touch, the Power Slinger instantly pops out, revealing a malleable weapon or creature “construct.” Green Lantern roleplay products include the Green Lantern Colossal Cannon. The cannon comes with a rotating Gatling-style barrel, easy-grip handle, and a 10-shot capacity of Power Discs. Green Lantern Colossal Cannon When the projectile discs are fired, the hand cannon’s built-in “ring” lights up, emitting blaster sounds. For the WWE, Mattel’s Rumblers Figures measure anywhere from two to four inches tall and include Superstar favorites such as John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and more. The Rumblers Figure plus Accessory Assortment features one figure and an embellished accessory, such as a blast-away wall, spinning wall, launch point, or collapsing grave. The Rumblers Figure plus Deluxe Accessory Assortment packages one figure with an extreme WWE environment, such as the Steel Cage Tower. With the Blast & Bash Battle Ring, kids pound one of four ring paddles to blast their favorite Superstars into the air. The ring playset features John Cena and Sheamus Rumblers figures. All WWE product is for ages 3 and up. Rapunzel’s Magical Tower playset is based on Disney’s Tangled. No matter where on the playset girls place Rapunzel, the doll’s hair glows. There are two hiding places, and the tower includes a length of “hair” that stretches from the tower window to the ground. The tower includes Rapunzel, Pascal, and accessories. It is for ages 3 and up. ROYALTIE$ FEBRUARY 2011


Toy Fair 2011 Moose MounTain Moose Mountain’s Fisher-Price Big Action Load ’n Go is a tough construction vehicle with realistic styling and real working bucket. Dual control handles let kids operate the bucket to dig, dump, and haul.

The Bridge direcT The Bridge Direct’s Justin Bieber line includes the Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage. The Rockin’ Tour Bus opens up to reveal a concert stage with lights and sound effects. There’s also a port for connecting MP3 players or laptops. It is for ages 6 and up.

Jazwares Jazwares’ Star Wars line includes novelty electronics and spyware. The Star Wars CD Boombox plays music while the eyes of Darth Vader glow with bright red LED lights. The radio/CD player is compatible with any model MP3 player and includes six buttons to adjust the music. The volume control button is integrated into Darth Vader’s mouth where the CD is positioned to play. The boombox requires six LR14 batteries, which are not included. It is for ages 6 and up.

BriarpaTch To celebrate the 20th anniversary of I Spy, Briarpatch will launch I Spy Spectacular, a game with a three-tiered spinner that sends players looking for picture matches. There are also riddles at the end of every round. The game comes with double-sided spinner graphics, 36 double-sided cards, 50 scoring tokens, and rules for different skill levels. It is for ages 5 and up.



Jakks Pacific Jakks Pacific will introduce a number of new Pokémon products for 2011 to coincide with the launch of the fifth generation of Pokémon video games, Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. The 2011 toy line will include threeinch basic figures, which will be available in single and multi-packs. The three-inch Attack Figures come with a shooting attack base featuring a different attack move for each Pokémon. In addition, the Attack Figures work with the Battle Arena Playset. The Deluxe Figures are five to seven-inch figures scaled to the different sizes of Pokémon with multiple points of articulation and detailed deco. Jakks will also be introducing new Trainer Roleplay products for the brand, including Mini-Plush, Reversible Plush, and Throw Poké Ball. New for Jakks Pacific’s TNA line is the TNA DLX Impact Series No. 3, featuring seven-inch figures of Velvet Sky, TNA DLX Impact Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Kevin Nash, Sting, and Matt Morgan, using Real Scan technology sculpts for authentic feaShark Boy tures, garb, and accessories. The TNA Micro Impact 3 Pack is a trio of small figures for display and collection. The new TNA Championship Belt is an authentic version of the TNA Championship Belt given to TNA Champions. Jakks Pacific will be expanding its UFC line with new UFC Deluxe Figures. Wave Six will include Clay Guida, Frank Mir, Thiago Alves, Tito Ortiz, and more. The UFC Basic Octagon will include an additional six-inch figure to help fans set up their own unique fights in an authentic replica of the UFC Octagon. Jakks will also release the UFC Champion Belt, an authentic replica of the real belt, that comes with a 3.75-inch articulated figure.

LucasfiLm Lucasfilm has announced that the complete Star Wars saga will come to Blu-ray disc this fall for a worldwide release. The Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set will feature all six live-action Star Wars feature films in high quality picture and audio format, with extensive special features. In addition, the company has also announced that it will be converting the Star Wars saga to 3-D. The conversion will be supervised by Industrial Light & Magic, with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace expected to hit the theaters in 2012.

cartoon network enterPrises

Generator Rex vehicle from MEGA Brands

Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) debuts two new brands in the toy category. Generator Rex will make its official consumer products debut with a new line of toys from Mattel debuting at retail this year. MEGA Brands will also debut a full line of toys based on Generator Rex, which will feature action figures, vehicles, and playsets. The comedy series Adventure Time will also make its consumer products debut. CNE will announce a toy partner for the brand. CNE’s Ben 10 will also get an all-new toy line based on Ben 10 Ultimate Alien from master toy partner Bandai America. The line features new updates to global roleplay items and action figures, as well as all new vehicles and playsets set to launch this fall.



Toy Fair 2011 disney Disney will be expanding a number of its major brands with new licensees and licensing programs for 2011. For the Cars brand, with the upcoming theatrical release of Cars 2, Disney will continue to expand the property’s extensive licensing program with more than 300 new toy products from a variety of licensees. Mattel will anchor the line with die-cast cars, playsets, and more. LEGO will market construction sets in both its core system and the DUPLO system. Spin Master will handle R/C and Air Hogs products. Ridemakerz will introduce a system of customized toy vehicles. With Jack Sparrow returning to the big screen in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Disney will be working with Jakks Pacific for new figure and playset lines. CDI and Disguise will both introduce new lines of roleplay and costumes, while LEGO will produce new construction kits. Mattel will offer true-to-film dolls.

hasbro Hasbro will be expanding its line of Strawberry Shortcake products with new dolls and playsets. The Strawberry Shortcake Twirling Flower Fashions playset lets children place their Strawberry Shortcake doll onto the playset’s rotating base. When they spin the doll, a light sprinkle of water sprays onto the skirt, revealing new patterns until the skirt dries completely. Hasbro will also release the new Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin Deluxe Dolls, with party dresses and hair and fashion accessories. The company will also release a line of Core Fashion Dolls for all the Strawberry Shortcake characters, featuring beachwear, dresses, and accessories. Hasbro will also be adding a number of new sets to the Play-Doh line, including Flip ’N Serve Breakfast, Fairy Tales, and Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch.

TwenTieTh CenTury Fox Consumer ProduCTs Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products will be expanding and establishing licensing programs for a number of new and popular brands in 2011. For Glee, Hasbro and Screenlife will be producing games while Rubies will produce costumes. Family Guy will have a series of collectible figures from Kid Robot. FunKo will be producing a line of toys based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid in time for the release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules. Sideshow Collectibles will expand its collectible line for James Cameron’s Avatar. Fox has also established a strong licensing program for the upcoming movie Rio. Toys “R” Us has been named the premiere retail partner for toys and ToyQuest is the global toy partner. THQ will be producing video games, HarperCollins will handle storybooks, and JEM Sportswear and Awake will handle boys and girls apparel.



LeGo LEGO will expand its licensed lines with new sets for the Star Wars brand. The 2011 LEGO Star Wars kits will feature characters, scenes, and vehicles from the film series and the animated television series. 2011 will see more than 20 new minifigures introduced, along with vehicles such as the Imperial V-Wing Starfighter and Millennium Falcon and battle scenes such as the Battle of Naboo and the Endor Battle Pack. Ninjago The new LEGO Ninjago line tells the story of four ninjas trying to master the art of Spinjitzu, to save the world from Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army. Players can build the kits and use the included spinner sets to compete with each other through minifigure spinning duels. Playsets all come with additional minifigures, strategy cards, weapons, and more that can be used both to build and to compete with other builders and collectors. A licensing program is in development.

PreSSman Toy Pressman Toy will be developing games based on the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures 2011 film Green Lantern. The movie will make its debut on June 17, 2011, while Pressman Toy’s games based on the movie will be available at mass and specialty in May. The Green Lantern Quickshot Game will allow kids to test their dexterity as they load up their shooters and try to shoot down the lanterns with marbles. The Green Lantern Guess Where They Are game pits players against each other to guess the order their opponent has stacked the Green Lantern character tiles. Other Green Lantern games include Make a Match, Pop ’N Race, Dominoes, and War. Pressman has also been named the games and puzzle licensee for the upcoming Warner Bros. CGI-animated film Happy Feet 2. The company will create a full line of games based on characters and scenes from the movie. Games include Freezing Frenzy, which involves a battery-powered Erik that shivers and shakes; Hold On Erik, a game of skill that features Erik balancing on top of blocks of ice that must be removed one by one; and Thin Ice, a game in which players must place marbles on a thin “sheet of ice” without breaking it.

Techno Source Techno Source will release a line of electronic games based on Disney-Pixar’s upcoming Cars 2 theatrical release. Cars 2 Lightning McQueen’s Pit Crew Panic and Hide ‘n Spy Mater are two games that are shaped like the characters the game features. Lightning and Mater will tell players which parts to twist or push back into place before time runs out, with more items and less time as the levels get harder and harder. Techno Source has also teamed up with Blue Planet Software, which manages the Tetris brand, to create Tetris Link, a tabletop game with multiple layers of strategic game play. In Tetris Link, players battle to score the most points by linking colored Tetriminos into an upright game tower while trying to block other players from linking their pieces together.

Tetris Link



Toy Fair 2011 Sakar inTernaTionaL Sakar International has announced the introduction of branded electronics based on Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger action/adventure movies, which will hit theaters this year. The products are being developed under license agreements with Marvel Entertainment. For Thor, Sakar’s product line will range from hammer-shaped walkie-talkies to Nintendo DSi gaming accessories, as well as adventure-spy kits, digital cameras, and more. For Captain America, Sakar will introduce CB radios, secret listening devices, and other creative play items. Sakar has also signed on to create a number of Gummy Bears-licensed prodThor Walkie Talkies ucts. Under a deal with the Street Players Holding Corporation, Sakar will create earbuds, iPhone cases, Nintendo DSi cases, and more products based on the gelatin candies. Finally, Sakar has signed a deal with Mattel to produce branded youth electronics for Monster High. The company will manufacture light-up message boards, room doorbell answering machines, intercoms, computer accessories, and cell phone accessories.

Learning Curve Learning Curve will expand its line of Chuggington-brand die-cast toys for 2011. The Chuggington Interactive Railway has engines that recognize and interact with each other via SmartTalk technology. The more engines and destinations that are added, the more interactive the world becomes and the more options and conversations the engines can have. In addition, the Chuggington Wooden Railway will hit specialty shelves this spring, with a number of wood-design versions of the Chuggington characters. Chuggington Interactive For the Dinosaur Train brand, Learning Curve will add to the InterAction figure Railway line with the Don Pteranodon and Hank Ankylosaurus figures. The company will also introduce more than 30 new collectible figures for the brand. Learning Curve will continue to expand its Thomas & Friends line of toys with the Percy at the Diesel Works set and the Farmhouse Rescue set, both based on the upcoming Day of the Diesels animated movie. Lamaze and Learning Curve will continue to work together to produce a new line of baby products for 2011, including a line of books by child development expert Dorothy Singer. Learning Curve has also expanded the Lamaze Play and Grow line and the Lamaze Tunes line. New for 2011, Learning Curve will introduce a range of John Deere items, including the Shake ’N Sounds Monster Treads and a foot-to-floor tractor.



Beanstalk Beanstalk has signed a number of new toy deals for its clients. For Ford, Kid Galaxy has signed on to create a line of radio-controlled toys based on the Ford Mustang and Ford 150 SVT Raptor. For Stanley, Sambro International has signed on to produce a line of construction toys and kits. The U.S. Army has collaborated with Best-Lock, a manufacturer of plastic building toys, to create a line of U.S. Army military construction sets. Best-Lock U.S. Army Construction Set

BasiC Fun Basic Fun will be expanding its Fisher-Price Classics line with three new offerings. The Changeable Disk Camera is back, featuring new interchangeable picture discs that are advanced by pressing the shutter button. The School Days Desk features the original chalk board, word stencils, and all 26 letters with a storage tray, as well as a compartment with doors for additional storage. The Looky ChugChug features moving eyes, revolving pistons, chugging sounds, and a bell. Basic Fun will also continue to expand its line of handheld electronic games with carabiner versions of Space Invaders, Tetris, Battleship, Operation, Yahtzee, and Mattel Football and Baseball.

Chorion The World of Eric Carle will introduce the Very Hungry Caterpillar Early Learning System, a range of toys and games that enables parents to further their child’s early development. Key partners for the line are Kids Preferred and University Games. The line will be aimed toward 0–5 year olds. Also new for Eric Carle is the Kohl’s Cares for Kids plush and book program. Olivia, the brand based on the TV show on Nick Jr., will continue to expand its licensing program with Spin Master. The company will refresh the toy line for spring and introduce new items, such as a jewelry making set, plush, accessories, and figural playsets. This fall, the new toys, apparel, accessories, and books will be themed Olivia—Princess For a Day, based on the new 22-minute special.



Ludorum sesame worksHop mYung kang-Huneke, CHieF oF staFF sesame workshop promoted myung kang-Huneke to chief of staff. she will join sesame workshop’s president and Ceo gary e. knell and Coo H. melvin ming in the office of the president. in addition to overseeing legal and business affairs and public policy, kang-Huneke will now supervise sesame workshop’s corporate partnerships and development groups as well as drive horizontal decisionmaking on pivotal projects and improve the achievement of organization-wide priorities. she will continue to serve as general counsel and secretary to sesame workshop’s board of trustees. kang-Huneke joined sesame workshop’s legal department 12 years ago. most recently, she served as executive vice-president and general counsel, where she developed sesame workshop’s product safety assurance program. she was also responsible for supporting the expansion of sesame workshop brands through product licensing as well as promotional, retail, and representation agreements both domestically and internationally.

Cartoon network enterprises resniCk & Yoder, promotions Cartoon network enterprises (Cne) promoted erik resnick to vice-president of home entertainment and pete Yoder to vice-president of consumer products for north america. resnick, who joined Cne in 2001, will continue to manage the home entertainment and content business, and will look for new business opportunities for the group’s portfolio of brands. Yoder will continue to oversee Cne’s licensing business, and his responsibilities will expand to include the oversight of its internal retail development team. Yoder joined Cne in 2006.



kirsten FaLLon, u.s. ViCe-president, retaiL marketing and deVeLopment Ludorum appointed kirsten Fallon as u.s. vice-president of retail marketing and development. in her new role, Fallon will oversee retail development for Ludorum’s Chuggington licensing program. Fallon joins Ludorum from peanuts worldwide, formerly united media, where she led retail strategy and development for major children’s brands including peanuts, Fancy nancy, and Beatrix potter.

nasCar BLake daVidson, ViCe-president oF LiCensing and Consumer produCts nasCar promoted Blake davidson to vice-president of licensing and consumer products. davidson, who has been with nasCar for more than 15 years, is responsible for developing and leading the sanctioning body’s entire licensing and merchandising strategy. davidson manages nasCar’s traditional and non-traditional licensing, which includes nasCar’s publishing, retail, and business development efforts, as well as its international merchandising efforts. in 2010, davidson was instrumental in the creation of the new licensing structure now known as nasCar team properties (ntp). this new business model explores merchandising options for the nasCar industry. davidson also played a role in the creation and development of the nasCar Hall of Fame.

inFinitY LiFestYLe Brands CorY Baker, managing direCtor infinity Lifestyle Brands hired Cory Baker as managing director where he will oversee brand strategy and development for the existing portfolio in addition to new acquisitions. Baker was formerly vicepresident of business affairs at iconix Brand group.

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by Nancy Lombardi




Americans Love Their Pets Source: American Pet Products Association

According to the 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 62 percent of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 71.4 millions homes. In 1988, the first year the survey was conducted, 56 percent of U.S. households owned a pet. NUMBER OF U.S. Bird Cat Dog Equine Freshwater Fish Saltwater Fish Reptile

HOUSEHOLDS 6 million 38.2 million 45.6 million 3.9 million 13.3 million 0.7 million 4.7 million


TOTAL NUMBER OF PETS OWNED Bird 15 million Cat 93.6 million Dog 77.5 million Equine 13.3 million Freshwater Fish 171.7 million Saltwater Fish 11.2 million Reptile 13.6 million





JUST WHAT DID PET PARENTS PURCHASE? Food $18.28 billion Supplies/OTC Medicine $11.01 billion Vet Care $12.79 billion Live animal purchases $2.21 billion Pet Services: grooming & boarding $3.45 billion These stats prove that pets are a growing category and a prime licensing opportunity. A look at the pet licensing category is on page 22.





TOTAL U.S. PET INDUSTRY EXPENDITURES 2010 $47.7 billion (estimated) 2009 $45.5 billion 2005 $36.3 billion 1996 $21 billion 1994 $17 billion


4. 5. The aNb Media team has a number of pets as family members. Shown here is 1. Rosie Grogan. Mary Grogan, controller, is the pet mama. 2. Lucy Adams. Chris Adams, managing editor, is the pet papa. 3. Nike Moore. Donna Moore, advertising manager, is the pet mama. Donna is also pet mama to two dogs, Nika and Nimbus, which are not pictured. 4. Kiki McKinney (on the left) and Mame McKinney (on the right). Jeff McKinney, writer/editor for, is the pet papa. 5. Winnie Hahn (on the left) and Pooh Hahn (on the right). Laurie (Hahn) Leahey, assistant editor, is the pet sister.



Royaltie$, February 2011  
Royaltie$, February 2011  

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