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Property Marketing PROPOSAL

Marketing Proposal Presented by:

Amy Smythe Harris

July 13, 2010 713-503-2529

Choosing A Real Estate Sales Representative Our Professional Profile  Over 10 years as a full time real estate professional, Sales Manager for a local Real Estate company, and also a resident of The Woodlands has enabled AMY SMYTHE HARRIS to really understand the north Houston area market. When she sits down to discuss your housing needs when buying - or reviews her comprehensive, written marketing plan to help you sell your home - she brings with her a complete knowledge of the community and the changing market conditions.  Amy is dedicated to serving your needs. Amy’s people skills, management abilities, customer service expertise, and fresh marketing ideas will make for a strong real estate partnership with her clients  Amy is committed to providing you with a “premier level of customer service”.

My First Goal is to sell Your Property For Top Dollar. Target Marketing Improves The Probability that we will find the “RIGHT” Buyer for Your Home. Step one: identify the unique lifestyle benefits of your property and neighborhood . Use these unique features to paint a multi-sensory picture that highlights the specific features and benefits recognized by the “right buyer” as their “dream home”. Your input in this step will be invaluable. Step two: Incorporate these unique lifestyle benefits and features into all of the marketing and promotional medial( internet, photo listing publication, MLS, co-operative showing suggestions, corporate relocation, etc.) Step three: Determine who the “right/best buyers” are and direct our property promotions and advertising towards this identified target market.

When We Expand the Buyer Pool, We Increase the Chances of Creating Competition for Your Home

Comprehensive multimedia marketing, advertising and promotions 70%

Local, regional, national and global exposure

60% 50% 40%

E-empowerment strategies that maximize the marketing power and reach of the internet

30% 20% 10% 0%

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Competition Among more than one ‘right buyer’ will meet your goal of the highest possible price for your home.

I am committed to be your advocate in the negotiating process to help you achieve a better bottom line

My Second Goal is to sell your Home in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible. A faster sale will mean * MORE Money to YOUR BOTTOM LINE * LESS

Inconvenience for Your Family.

Internet marketing will reach

buyers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally To expand the buyer pool our technology department has registered our Internet sites with the Web’s most prominent search engines. Photo and property Information on your property will be featured in the most popular and frequently visited Internet portal sites.

Over 80% of all buyers today start their home search on the web. By focusing my marketing strategy to the web, I am wanting to attract the biggest pool of buyers for your home! Locally, Nationally and Internationally!!!

NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET UPDATES To keep you informed of what is happening in your neighborhood, Neighborhood Market Updates will automatically email you with new listings, any homes that go under contract and price changes in your market area.

We offer traditional marketing to reach the local buyer Including: +Yard Signs +Agent Flyers

+ Local Print Ads + Office Tours

+Open Houses + Direct Mail

And More...

Our hundreds of yard signs create a continuous pool of prospects who call our agents and attend our open houses.

Service. Trust. Safety. Guaranteed! In addition to my marketing plans, I am committed to providing you with a PREMIER level of customer service‌courteous, candid, accessible, dependable and responsive. I pledge to keep you informed every step of the way and to deliver what I promise.

I Guarantee It! If you are unhappy with my services‌you can terminate the listing for a fee.

•Place a Realty Associates sign on the property

•Perform a comprehensive COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS • Enroll the property in the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE • Conduct a tour for the local REALTORS • Notify the neighbors that the property is on the market with Just Listed Cards • Notify other agents about the property • Conduct Open Houses for prospects and associates • Produce PROPERTY BROCHURES with color photographs & property descriptions • Promote the property to other agents at sales meetings •E-mail virtual flyer to local realtors • Canvas other neighborhoods with Just Listed cards to locate prospects • Utilize a lockbox to facilitate ease of showings • Monitor listing and sales activities to maintain competitive position in the marketplace • Place SPECIAL FEATURES CARDS on property to point out highlights to prospects • Advertise in Homes Magazine to expose property • Advertise your property on the internet Real Estate Sites • Place a virtual tour of your home on our websites • Include a one year home protection plan for purchaser • Email traffic reports from HAR at least once a month •Put photos of home into the MLS system • Include average utility costs • Follow-up on showings to obtain prospects' reactions • Email marketing reports to twice a month. • Involve the homeowner to maximize marketing position


Determining Your Home’sPrice What factorsinfluence the pricing of your home?

The real estate market is Home’s constantly fluctuating, Determining Your Home’s Priceso pricing is Determining Your Price not an exact science. Rather, it’s a reasonable figure derived

What factors influence thepricing pricing yourhome? home? fromfactors a number of different components, such as: What influence the ofofyour Thereal real estate marketisof isconstantly constantly fluctuating, pricing The fluctuating, soso pricing is is • estate The market status the current real estate market. notan anexact exactscience. science.Rather, Rather,it’sit’sa areasonable reasonablefigure figure derived not derived •number Theofexpertise and marketsuch knowledge of your real fromaanumber ofdifferent differentcomponents, components, suchas:as: from

estate representative. • • The status The statusof ofthe thecurrent currentreal realestate estatemarket. market. Hard factsand such as lot size, square footage • • •The expertise market knowledge ofofyour real The expertise and market knowledge your real and estate representative. condition of your home. estate representative. • • •Hard facts square and Hard factssuch suchas aslotlotsize, size, squarefootage footage andspecial Desirability factors, including location, condition ofofyour home. condition your home. amenities and property attributes. • • Desirability Desirabilityfactors, factors,including includinglocation, location,special special •amenities Selling and listing prices of comparable homes. amenitiesand andproperty propertyattributes. attributes. • • •Selling and ofofestate comparable homes. A sophisticated real marketing plan. Selling andlisting listingprices prices comparable homes. • • •AAsophisticated real estate sophisticated real estatemarketing marketingplan. plan. Your level of motivation. • • Your Yourlevel levelofofmotivation. motivation.

Determining Your Home’sPrice Conditionsthat do not affect the price of your home: • The profit you wish to make from the sale. • The amount of money you’ve spent on improvements. • What other sources, such as friends and appraisers, have told you it’s worth. • What you originally paid for the home.

The Danger of Overpricing When setting a price, why not ask for the moon? Make no mistake, we want you to get the best possible price for your property. However, when a home is priced too high for the market: • It attracts lookers, not legitimate buyers. • It implies that you aren’t motivated to sell. • It reduces the number of showings. • It helps the competition look better. • If it doesn’t appraise at the higher price, a buyer may not be able to secure a loan. • You may ultimately have to drop your price below market value in order to sell.

The Danger of Overpricing

As the graphic below indicates, the best offers often come when a property is newly listed - if priced too high, it’s difficult to create the momentum necessary to sell your home at the highest price in the least amount of time.

toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. • Exterior clean-up The Seller’sRole • Landscaping

How can you make • Painta positive first impression? • Carpets The correct staging of your home can go a long way toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. • Windows • Exterior clean-up • Landscaping • Paint • Carpets • Windows

Showing Showing YourYour HomeHome Here are some ways you can help the process go smoothly Here are some ways you can help the process go smoothly when the property is shown: when the property is shown: • Maintain your in ready-to-show condition. • Maintain your home in home ready-to-show condition. • “Showcase” your home. • “Showcase” your home. • Ittoisleave best when to leave theare buyers • It is best thewhen buyers here.are here. • pets. Confine pets. • Confine • Reserve comments untilhave buyers • Reserve comments until buyers left.have left. • Observe safety precautions. • Observe safety precautions.


Here whe

The Seller’s Role

Information I Need From You:  Survey  Your Floor Plan or the Name of the Plan  Completed “Seller’s Disclosure”  Mortgage Name, Address, Phone Number and Loan Number  “Things We Like About our Home”  “Children in the Neighborhood”  Utility Bill Record  Social Security Numbers on the Listing Agreement  Amount of your Home Owner’s Maintenance Fee  Check to Home Owner’s Association for Packet  Key  Appraisal (if square footage is in question)  List of Upgrades and Improvements

Listing Presentation by Amy Smythe Harris  


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