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Duties and Services Desired in Real Estate Buyer Customer

Buyer Client

O Honesty

O Honesty

O Complete loyalty to seller's needs

O Complete loyalty to buyers needs

O Relay to seller all information received from buyer

O Keep information confidential-buyer can talk freely

Focus on our seller-clients needs In selling; limit O property to MLS only


Consider alternative solutions in finding property to fit the buyer's needs

Less attention given in searching new listings; show buyers properties listed strictly within O buyers prequalified affordability range Disclose just material facts regarding properties O discussed

O Given first opportunity to view new listings

O No advice regarding property, only the facts

O Full disclosure of all facts and pertinent information

Get the best price for the seller and fulfill the O sellers needs

O Advice and opinion along with facts; educate the buyer

Cannot give an "opinion of value" CMA unless it O supports the seller's listing price

Make every attempt to find the best property for the O buyer and fulfill the buyer's needs

O No price counseling

Volunteer an opinion of value (CMA)/specific property O value

Suggestions made regarding financing or any O other terms must benefit the seller

O Provide price counseling

O Negotiate on behalf of seller

O Suggestions made in buyer-client's best interest

Attempt to strengthen the seller's negotiating O position

O Prepare offer on behalf of buyer

Attempt to solve problems and close the O transaction to satisfy the seller

O Negotiate on behalf of buyer

O All properties are available for showing consideration

O Attempt to strengthen the buyer's negotiating position Attempt to solve problems and close the transaction to O satisfy the buyer

Duties & Services to Clients/Customers  

Agency Duties for Clients vs. Customers

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