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Urgent Orthopaedic Care Skip the ER and save both time and money. When it comes to sprains, muscle, bone, or joint injuries, Think O. OrthoStat provides fast, urgent care by an orthopaedic specialist. You don’t need an appointment – walk-ins are always welcome.



6286 Briarcrest Avenue | Memphis, Tennessee 38120

7580 Clarington Cove | Southaven, Mississippi 38671

901.259.1600 — main

901.261.STAT ( 7828) — urgent

M - TH: 8a-8p | F: 8a-5p — urgent

care walk - in hours


901.259.1600 — main M - F | 8a-5p — urgent


901.261.STAT (7828) — urgent care walk - in hours


Left: Kimberly Hall, brain aneurysm survivor, with the 3D model of her head that Dr. Arthur used to save her life. She’s now back to teaching and grateful for each new day ahead.


6325 Humphreys Boulevard | Memphis, TN 38120 | Appt : (901) 522-7722 | Office : (901) 522-7700 Additional Outclinics: Union City, TN | Jackson, TN | DeSoto, MS | Grenada, MS | Tupelo, MS | Batesville, MS




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Through Pain Came A Purpose

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TODAY! Phentermine, Adipex, and other meds available. New Patient Special $60 for visit, 30-day supply of Phentermine, and a B-12 shot (or Lipo or VitaChrom — you choose!)

901.888.1000 1660 Bonnie Lane, Cordova TN • WALK-INS WELCOME! MON, WED, FRI: 8–3:30 • TUES, THUR: 9–5:30 • CLOSED WEEKDAYS: 11:30–1:00 • SAT: 9–1:30


Amy Goode

Hailey Thomas

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When not beating the streets looking for the next fitness craze, Amy enjoys running, cycling, and swimming, and is always on the lookout for the best cheat meal. Sharing inspiring fitness stories encourages her to stay healthy.

Hailey has been running over half her life - fortunately not from the law! She has run marathons and half-marathons in Dublin, NYC, LA, Anchorage, Seattle, Red Woods, Big Sur, New Orleans, Sylamore 25K, Shelby Farms 50K and Memphis (6 times). Trails are her new love along with interviewing Weekend Warriors with the same passion for fitness.

Laurenne is a freelance web designer, graphic designer, writer, and editor who has worked her way through 11 different countries and 24 states. She’s an avid cyclist, who biked 1500 miles across half the country in 2014. She also loves pilates and never does the same workout twice!

A freelance PR/Marketing professional, Christin began running in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. She now runs everything from 5Ks to marathons, and is an RRCA certified running coach. When not on the pavement or trails, you can find her hanging out with her rescue dogs. Visit her website at

Sarah received her BFA in photography from the University of Memphis and now works as a freelance photographer and a technician for She spends much of her time in front of her computer editing, but her free time is devoted to trying every Sunday brunch Memphis has to offer.

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Tindall has been shooting for over 20 years, specializing in weddings and portraiture. She currently is a super busy mom of three teenagers,wife of a Memphis firefighter/ Paramedic, and entertainer of two boston terriers ..... among running a full time photography business. Website:

Robin is a lifelong Memphian and healthy eating enthusiast, with a background in art and education. She enjoys spin classes, yoga, and practices krav maga. She is wife to an avid outdoorsman, and mother to two ninjas. Her favorite part of writing is sharing experiences and connecting with fellow Memphians.

Jennifer is a marketing and PR professional who loves Memphis and exploring the Mid-South. She recently joined her first community supported agriculture network and will lead a Girl Scout Troop in the fall. Her husband Paul is a physician at Fertility Associates of Memphis, and together they have 7-year-old twins. They worship at Germantown United Methodist Church and invite you to join them!

Jen is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. She is married to Will. They have two “fur babies” – a puppy named Barnabas and a kitty named Nevaeh. Jen loves taking Photo Finish race photos for H+F. Visit her website at

Phillip has been living in Memphis for over ten years and started in photography and videography six years ago. Although he didn’t go to school for his craft, he’s a storyteller at heart. “I love to tell my version of your story and to get to know what it is that inspires you and makes you.” MemphisHealthFitnessMag




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FIT TIPS Besides burning calories, physical activity releases endorphins, the hormones that make you happy. A recent study published in Environmental Health and Technology found that a simple five-minute walk outdoors helps with mood and perceived well-being.

Instead of serving the traditional black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day — why not substitute with Adzuki beans? Adzuki beans originated in China and are known as the “weightloss bean.” Lower in calories and fat, Adzuki is high in nutrients like magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Plus, they are easy to digest, which keeps bloating and the other thing beans are known for to a minimum. Energy Fitness owner and trainer, Tonya Tittle, paddled in the ChattaJack 31 in Chattanooga (on the TN River) in her 18 foot Epic Sport kayak. Tonya says, “it was the year of the headwinds and 40mph gusts. I was happy to finish in 7:02, even though it was 90 minutes slower than I projected.”

Harvard scientists discovered that turning that frown upside down will turn your mood around. In as little as 20 seconds, smiling can boost your mood and make you happier, even if you fake it. Practice smiling by pronouncing the letter “E” until your brain gets the message. Now that’s something to smile about.

Reginelli Recommends: Jaffelin Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut

Will Sawyer, SCO student, competed in the 2016 University National Weightlifting Championship in New Orleans, LA in September. He is a member of the Iron Tigers Weightlifting Club at the University of Memphis, but he proudly represented the Southern College of Optometry. Will describes it as an “incredible learning experience with an unbelievable atmosphere.”

Nothing says Happy Holidays like bubbles from France! The Cremant’s lovely hue with rose petal nuances is divine. On the nose, it reveals aromas of flowers and fresh fruit. Nice and lively on entry to the palate, which opens with subtle aromas of red fruit. Why limit yourself to serving only hors d’oeuveres with sparkling wines? With their versatility, enjoy with decadent French food, crispy spicy chicken thighs, or sushi. À votre santé! On sale for $24.99. See Wine Enthusiast Mary Catherine Reginelli at Pyramid Wines & Spirits. For more information, call (901) 578-2773 or visit

Discover The Difference MASSAGE Makes Reduce Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety We Accept Most Insurance

Saille Healing Path Kat Farber, LMT, BCMT

Oncology Massage: for cancer care during and after treatment Manual Lymph Drainage: for lymphedema or after surgery care

$10.00 OFF any one hour Massage (new clients only)

Healing Begins Today When You Call Us Massage–Memphis 901-262-4968

3485 Poplar Avenue | Suite 220 | Memphis

Clinical Massage: for Auto Immune Conditions Get more Information and Schedule Online at:

5500 Poplar Ave, Memphis • 901-545-9086 Also available at Midtown Massage & Bodywork. Schedule online at


LIVING HEALTHY Merrill S. Wise, MD, Sleep Medicine Specialist

Tips for Healthy Sleep Healthy active living is described as a three legged stool: diet, exercise, and sleep. Most people have a good idea of what the first two mean, but how often do we really prioritize getting enough good, healthy sleep? Healthy sleep gives the body and brain time to recover and rejuvenate from the day and prepare for the next. When our body doesn’t get as much as it needs, we become sleepy, moody, or irritable, which reduces focus, lessening productivity and increasing risk for accidents. Students who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to struggle with inattention, distractibility, memory problems, and disorganization. Getting healthy sleep is easy but requires awareness of our sleep patterns and behaviors. We must be willing to make changes, so we can feel rested and alert throughout the day. HERE ARE SOME KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: 1. C  reate a consistent routine to prepare for sleep. • Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages after 3 p.m. • Avoid strenuous exercise or competitive sports after about 8 p.m. • Turn off the TV, computer, video games, and other distracting electronics at least 60 minutes before bedtime. Bright light from any source, especially screens, inhibits the secretion of melatonin and interferes with falling asleep. • Avoid eating later in the evening before bedtime. • Avoid alcohol consumption before bedtime; alcohol causes drowsiness but fragments and disrupts nighttime sleep.

• Q  uiet the level of stimulation across the evening by disengaging from activities such as intense conversations. Instead take a warm bath or read materials that are calming or meditative.

4. If prone to excessive worry or racing thoughts when falling asleep, consider writing down concerns or making a to-do list for the next day rather than obsessing about things at bedtime.

2. E  nsure the sleep environment is quiet, dark, and a somewhat cool temperature. Consider eye patches or ear plugs as needed to block unwanted light and noise.

If you have persistent sleep problems, recurrent loud snoring, or excessive daytime sleepiness, speak with your physician and consider whether a consultation with a sleep specialist may be helpful. Prioritizing sleep promotes active, healthy living, which leads to improved mood, safety, productivity, and better quality of life. Life is too short to be sleepy and tired . . . who has time for that?

3. F  ollow a consistent sleep/wake schedule that allows at least 7-8 hours of actual sleep every night. Children and adolescents need even more to function at their best. • A  void extended periods of sleep on weekends since it begets a tendency to not be sleepy that night. • A  void napping during the day for the same reason, but if it’s necessary, do it earlier in the day and keep it less than 45 minutes.

For more information or a sleep consultation at Methodist Healthcare Sleep Disorders Center visit, or call (901) 683-0044.

Breakfast Served All Day!

LET US CATER YOUR HOLIDAY HO HO HO-DOWN! Boar’s Head Meats & Cheeses Salads & Casseroles Desserts & More


CAN BE A TEST But the answers are clearer when you’re asked the right questions. JENNIFERVALLI.COM


Psychotherapist + Specialist in Sexual Health MSW, LCSW, AASECT CERTIFIED


Call Today: 901.272.0022 Mo-Th: 7am-6pm, Fr: 7am-7pm, Sat: 8am-3pm, Closed Sun


‘Tis the Season


shopping center

offers a range of boutiques, from luxury brands and unique gifts to local favorites.

Grab your list, check it twice, and enjoy one stop shopping this Holiday Season! POPLAR AVE @ GROVE PARK ROAD • (901) 682-8436 • LAURELWOODMEMPHIS.COM 7

LIVING HEALTHY Jennifer Valli, AASECT Certified Therapist

Better Health Through Better Sex Someone once said, “With sex, all roads lead to shame.” Society sometimes tells us that women are supposed to be sexual, but other times it is frowned upon. Some religions approach sexuality with fear and shame and rarely talk about pleasure. Many people carry guilt for fantasies that are not considered socially acceptable. With all this socialization— have you thought about sex as something that is healthy? Studies show orgasms help relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve sleep. According to The British Medical Journal, orgasms boost the immune system and increase life span. Those who orgasmed two times a week or more added eight years to their lives. A recent study showed that 50-to-89-year-olds who engaged in sexual activity in the past year had higher levels of cognitive functioning. Self-stimulation and meditation both promote mindfulness, teach people to quiet their minds, and focus on one thing, even when they are not directly engaging. Here is how can you gain these benefits and establish a lifetime of sexual health. Don’t wait for perfect: With lack of interaction, partners lose emotional and physical connection and eventually communication. Make pleasure your goal, not the orgasm. In long-term relationships, women tend to find their desire “during” rather than “before,” so don’t wait until desire is overwhelming to engage. A lack of drive at the start doesn’t mean a woman is dysfunctional, hormone-deficient, or not into her partner. Men, however, frequently withdraw from engaging intimately altogether because they don’t want to feel or appear incompetent. They may wait for the perfect erection and think anything less than 95 percent rigid is not good enough, but with direct stimulation, and piggybacking their arousal off of their partner’s, men can orgasm without being fully rigid. FREQUENCY IS YOUR FRIEND: A lack of intimacy over time results in resentment or couples relating like friends. If you haven’t been sexual recently, add intimacy in slowly but engage often, which will not only lower the pressure for everything to go perfectly but also increase testosterone and estrogen production. BE FLEXIBLE: Many people narrowly define sex as intercourse and everything else as secondclass sex. Consider broadening your definition.


DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY: It can be very difficult if your partner never initiates, or if you are repeatedly turned down. Rather than wonder if you are the problem, communicate. Remember that lack of desire or sexual dysfunction is usually due to a combination of physical and psychological causes, with both elements impacting one another. Intimacy is a complex

issue with many layers and addressing only testosterone levels, for example, will not solve the complex dynamics involved. SHAME-FREE ZONE: A desire discrepancy where one person’s drive is higher than the other is very common between couples and neither partner is dysfunctional. Don’t label the lower desire partner as dysfunctional and the higher drive partner as an addict. “Sex addict” is an overused term by the general population and addiction therapists, but the medical community does not recognize it as a diagnosis. The 12-step method of treatment, at least for sex, comes from a place of shame, often framing the partner as the enabler, and labeling any “out of the box” erotic interest as pathological. CONSENT, EQUALITY, AND MUTUAL RESPECT: Enthusiastic consent, equality, and mutual respect are key elements to keeping sex emotionally healthy. Without these, sex becomes

damaging. One out of four females and one out of seven males has experienced sexual trauma. Bring these three elements to every intimate relationship, whether you are just dating or with your partner for a lifetime. If you can’t be kind to a person before, during, and after being intimate, you shouldn’t be with them at all. As a therapist with extensive training in sexuality and sex therapy, I emphasize that healthy sex is not everything going perfectly each time. It is more about feeling desired and connected with another, and handling barriers as they occur with maturity. Jennifer Valli is a psychotherapist who specializes in sexual health. She has a private practice in Germantown, Tennessee. In addition to being a licensed therapist in Tennessee, she is certified nationally with AASECT, the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists. See for more information.

HOLIDAY Open House Sunday December 11th 12 to 5 pm Join us for holiday beverages, food, $4,000 in door prizes and special seasonal gift pricing!

Purchase $500 gift cards for just $400 each! Glow from the inside out this holiday season! The holiday season is not so merry and bright for everyone. This season can bring with it family drama, the sting of a lost loved one, stress and anxiety or even seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If your energy is low and you feel like you are struggling through the holidays instead of enjoying them, there is professional help available for you. Counseling sessions are available Monday through Saturday.

Last minute treatments for your holiday events! Red Carpet Facial with Last Minute Lift! Schedule this treatment the day of your event to add extra lift and glow to your skin. Laser Lip Enhancement with no risk of bruising can be done the day of your party! Need a more volumizing lift with no surgical downtime? The Bellafill liquid facelift is soft, subtle and long lasting. Evening and Saturday appointments are available. Consults are always complimentary.

The Shops at Carriage Crossing 4600 Merchants Park Circle #131

901.310.3530 • AESTHETICS & WELLNESS

Open Monday-Saturday by appointment only. 9


Relief from Holiday Stress & Anxiety ‘Tis the season for gatherings and gift-giving! For many it’s a joyful time of year, but for others it means added stress and anxiety. For those less than jolly, turning to medication may have harmful side effects. Stress and anxiety are like the body’s alarm system saying that something needs to be changed. Instead of silencing it through medication, there are other ways to address and treat the issue. In a 2014 study by Lambos, W.A. and Williams, R. A, many people were able to reduce or get off of anxiety medication after completing a course of LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback.

At Memphis Neurofeedback, Dr. Dale Foster, Lee Ann Foster, MS, and their staff specialize in helping people heed the body’s signals— specifically from the brain. Brain mapping technology can detect where the brain malfunctions. LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback is a powerful technology that translates the brain’s signals into information or feedback that the brain can use to train itself to have healthier functioning brainwave patterns. Research showed that each patient’s anxiety symptoms improved and average of 70 to 90 percent after completing a course.

fear-based feelings and the flight or flight response. Neurofeedback would train those areas to normalize and the person would feel relief. Depending upon the complexity of the case, a person could see sustainable changes in their brain within 10 to 20 sessions of Neurofeedback.

For example, in some types of anxiety, parts of the brain are overactive, which promotes

During Neurofeedback the brain is learning and changing itself. There is no pressure to figure anything out. The only task is to watch the screen. The brain is neuroplastic and has the ability to change itself.

During Neurofeedback, a person wears a brain cap that measures brainwave activity. They select a movie or video game as their feedback. When the brainwave activity changes in the desired way, the brain is rewarded by the movie or game playing large, bright, and full.

Research by Lambos, W.A. and Williams, R. A shows neurofeedback effectively normalizes brainwave patterns that contribute to stress and anxiety, thereby alleviating them. Patients find a reduction in anxious feelings, improved sleep, no longer waking up with anxiety, increase in socialization (able to talk more to others and make eye contact) by those who felt isolated due to the symptoms of anxiety, ability to drive again by those who had stopped due to the anxiety, and able to maintain better coping skills in stressful work environments. Neurofeedback has also been found to be helpful with ADHD, autism, concussions, epilepsy, insomnia, memory problems, as well as for Peak Performance training. Biohackers Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield are two health celebrities who promote neurofeedback. Memphis Neurofeedback uses Loreta Z-Score neurofeedback—FDA approved, and meets the highest criteria for evidence-based neurofeedback practice. For a free consultation, call (801) 624-0100 or visit

Evergreen ADVANCED BODYWORK John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapeutic Massage Pre/Postnatal Massage Call 901.496.2881 for Appointments


1583 Overton Park Avenue



1st Annual

Anniversary Party NEW YEAR NEW YOU!




Sandra Johnson

Dr. Sadler


Must RSVP online at or by email at AND ATTEND to be entered in contest giveaways. RSVP a friend and receive an extra ballot (friend must attend)

(901) 610-3986

1125 Poplar View Lane S., Suite 3, Collierville, TN

11 AnnivesaryParty.indd 1

2016-11-16 4:32 PM

LIVING HEALTHY Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

The Willpower Gap The struggle is real during the holidays to resist that last piece of pie or those treats your coworker brought in. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., a brain and cognitive scientist specialized in the psychology of eating, weighs in with some advice. “Willpower isn’t a dimension of personality or character; it’s simply a cognitive function available to us in limited doses.” Research shows that we have as little as 15 minutes of willpower at our disposal at any given time before it runs dry. “It’s no surprise then that when there are temptations everywhere, we cave! This is called the ‘Willpower Gap.’” There are ways to expand willpower to better manage holiday eating. The key is to be aware of the Willpower Gap and plan accordingly, so you don’t fall into it.

“The brain’s willpower capacity is limited, but steps like planning ahead, reducing stress, and eating regular meals will help overcome the Willpower Gap,” says Dr. Peirce.

HERE ARE THE FIVE STEPS: PLAN AHEAD Don’t force decisions when you’re tired, hungry, or overwhelmed by the crowd. Decide in advance what and when to eat everyday, so you won’t have to make food choices when your willpower is depleted. EAT REGULAR MEALS When regular meals become part of the routine, it eases the burden off willpower. Eating three meals a day at regular times—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—makes eating the right foods automatic and leaves you less likely to cheat in between. REDUCE STRESS Stress and regulating emotions tax your willpower. Wherever possible, modify or avoid stressors. If they can’t be avoided, just being aware that you may feel depleted can prevent your falling into the Willpower Gap. GET ENOUGH SLEEP Make sure to get enough sleep each night. It is a powerful willpower replenisher. PRACTICE GRATITUDE Research shows that something as simple as expressing gratitude can replenish willpower. Gratitude also helps shift the focus from what you want to what you have.

Create the best version of yourself with NEW Barre Fitness classes at the Kroc Center!

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a psychology professor, a brain and cognitive scientist, and an expert in the psychology of eating. She explains the Willpower Gap in her upcoming book, “Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free” (Hay House, March 2017). Dr. Peirce is President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions, a company dedicated to sharing the psychology and neurology of sustainable weight loss and helping people achieve it.



HER BEST YEARS ARE NOW WAY BEHIND HER Let them whisper... enjoy treatments & products so your best years are in front of you: ThermiVa, ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth, body shaping services, Botox, Vobella, and Fraxel to name a few. Schedule a consultation today - we’d love to meet you.



WIN A FREE YEAR! Want to win a FREE YEAR of Iron Tribe Fitness? Sign up for Iron Tribe NOW and you will automatically be entered to win! Untitled-2 1

CONTACT US TODAY! Iron Tribe Fitness East Memphis 454 Perkins Extd, Memphis, TN 38117 901-590-2095 Iron Tribe Fitness Germantown 7460 McVay Station Ct, Germantown, TN 38138 901-433-9194 11/3/16 10:59 AM




By Robin Beaudoin.

Get your holiday glow on with little or no down time. Our favorite spas recommend these skin treatments that will make you and your night merry and bright! By Robin Beaudoin




A quick office visit means you’re back to decking the halls in no time, and even tough lines are softened in just days.

An instant liquid facelift, with same-day results, defies age as it replenishes volume.

Summer skin sins forgiven as Rejuvapen treats hyperpigmentation and fine lines with little down time.

Botox is good for anyone who wants to prevent future wrinkles and those trying to correct wrinkles. Botox has a two-part function: somebody who has wrinkles prevalent in a resting phase (like smile lines or crow’s feet when not smiling), also it is in trend with younger people ages 25 and up as a preventative. Botox™ may safely be used off-label for so many different things: in the chin to smooth orange peel-type puckering, to shape the nose, and in the eyebrows to give an arch. The Memphis Laser Clinic offers the Botox Lip Lift, giving a beautiful pucker to the upper lip, giving the top lip a subtle flip, exposing more of the lip without need for fillers. Clients go back to their lives in minutes and see and feel results within days. $12 per unit, Holiday special $10 per unit thru 12/31/16. Sandra Johnson, LME, Clinic Manager The Memphis Laser Clinic / 1125 Poplar View Ln S #3, Collierville / (901) 610-3986

The bio stimulator Bellafill, the only of its kind, has an FDA approved five-year study on safety and efficacy, though many see results last well beyond five years. Valerie Monismith, RN has eight years of experience with Bellafill and is a certified trainer for administering the product. The collagen in Bellafill gives an immediate lift, while the spheres in Bellafill assist the body’s own natural collagen production. Especially for someone who needs just a little lift, Bellafill looks and feels completely natural, unlike the more temporary fillers (such as Restylane™ or Juvederm™), which can feel more firm and reduce dynamic movement with expression. Just filling the area around the temples or ears gives you an immediate lift on the side of your face and jowl area. There is lidocaine in the product and clients have numbing cream applied as well as ice on each area before injection. Micro-cannulas are also used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Bellafill comes competitively priced at $600 per syringe. Valerie Monismith, RN Ashtoria Aesthetics & Wellness / 4600 Merchants Park Circle, Suite 131 Collierville / (901) 310-3530


Blur away the summer’s fine lines and hyperpigmentation-—even acne scarring— with the Rejuvapen treatment. Rejuvapen is a medical-grade micro-needling treatment that stimulates the production of collagen in the skin to not only improve the skins appearance but to treat hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles. Down time is minimal for this treatment. Typically the healing time depends on the severity of the damaged skin and the depth of the procedure. Most commonly there may be some redness that resembles a mild sunburn. This may last for 2-4 days. Some patients may have the redness dissipate within 24 hours. Rejuvapen is a treatment that can be used on all skin types. Solutions suggests a series of 4-6 sessions, depending on the patient’s individual needs, though some may see results immediately. Most see final results 3-6 months following the last appointment. The cost is $300 per treatment. $750 for three treatments and $1000 for five treatments. Kate Gassaway, RN, MSN, APRN, BC, Nurse Practitioner Solutions Medical Center / 832 W. Poplar, Collierville / (901) 853-6428

Celebrate Savings this Holiday Season! Purchase a Clear+Brilliant Laser Resurfacing package & get your neck treated FREE! Microdermabrasions, Chemical Peels & Micro Needling Buy 2, get 1 FREE FREE $25 Beauty Buck given with each $100 gift certificate purchased! Beauty Bucks can be used on anything at Solutions except products, Botox or Xeomin

Gift Certificates Available!

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This is the year to invest in YOU! 15




Like “exercise for the skin,” Laser Genesis is used frequently before red carpet events in Hollywood because of the immediate results with NO downtime.

Hydration appeal makes HydraPeel stand apart from traditional in-office exfoliation techniques.

Laser Genesis improves the skin’s overall appearance on the face, neck, and chest, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. It restores even skin tone while tightening pores and smoothing ruddy complexions and other facial redness. This therapy reaches into the deep dermis of the skin (inner layer), promoting a vibrant, healthy appearance. How does it work? During the procedure, a wand-like instrument is waved over the skin’s surface. Light penetrates deeply into the skin where collagen is produced, therefore stimulating new collage production. Unlike harsher methods, this is done without destroying the upper layer of the skin (non-ablative). The skin is gently warmed with energy to trigger the body’s natural collagen, sparing you from lengthy recovery times, irritation, and swelling. The experience is one of rejuvenation with no down time, leaving the skin with a true holiday glow! Laser Genesis is appropriate for all skin types, and costs $250/treatment. Lisa Street MSN APRN NP-C Nurse Practitioner Glo Medical Aesthetics and Hair Spa / 703 New York Street / (901) 552-3461


McDonald Murrmann Center for Skin, Laser, & Healthy Aging is excited to offer a brand-new skin treatment to the practice and the Memphis area. HydraPeel™ 7-in-1 Aesthetic Platform is an advanced facial treatment that includes a deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation. Patients see an instant healthy glow with zero down time, lasting hydration, and results that are immediately “red carpet ready.” The ability to actively moisturize during the treatment sets it apart from other skin resurfacing techniques, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. The HydraPeel machine infuses serums and oxygen deep within the skin to plump and hydrate instantly. A variety of customized serums are available for different skin conditions, such as dry, acne-prone, or oily. Costs vary, contact the office for pricing. Managing Partner, Sarah Carpenter Ognibene. RN, BSN McDonald + Murrmann Center for Skin, Laser, & Healthy Aging / 7205 Wolf River Blvd, / (901) 322-7020

Restore Your Intimacy MonaLisa Touch TM – a simple treatment for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 901-767-3810.

A division of Women’s Care Center of Memphis, MPLLC

MID-SOUTH WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC 7990 TRINITY ROAD, SUITE 119, CORDOVA, TN 38018 (Previously on Walnut Bend Road) • Established 1996



NEW PATIENT SPECIAL FIRST VISIT $60.00 INCLUDES: New Patient Visit Phentermine 37.5 mg tab (30 day supply) Vitamin B-12 Shot

HOURS: WALK-INS WELCOME MONDAY .........9 – 1 TUESDAY .........9 – 5 WEDNESDAY ....9 – 1

THURSDAY .......9 – 4 FRIDAY ............Closed SATURDAY .......9 – 1



Through Pain Came a Purpose By Mary Catherine McDaniel. Photo by Philip Murphy. Three years ago as a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, my Chi Omega pledge sister and I committed to run a half marathon. It was on a beautiful sunny day that we planned a long run as part of our training. As I was stretching, slipping on my tennis shoes, and untangling my headphones, my friend called to say that she had a last minute meeting and couldn’t make it. Since I was halfway out the door, I decided to go anyway. A paved trail winds through campus and empties out to a road. I had run about five miles when I came to a street with four lanes and a crosswalk. I pressed the button, waited patiently, and when the walk signal appeared I began to cross. Three cars yielded, but the fourth one didn’t. The last thing I remember is trying to brace myself against the vehicle as it struck me down. I could neither move nor feel my body; I thought I was in a dream. Laying on the hot asphalt, I

prayed to the Lord as I drifted in and out of consciousness. There were people screaming, sirens blaring, and someone held my limp hand. There’s a hazy recollection of the ambulance ride to the hospital. Doctors, nurses, and police officials came in and out of my room in the ER. After many tests, they found the only major injury I suffered was a concussion. With no broken bones or internal injuries, to this day I continue to be grateful for this miracle. Although a brain injury doesn’t appear as ghastly as skin lacerations or as serious as a cast, it can be even more debilitating and the recovery longer and more difficult. By that point in my life, I had already recovered from double-ACL reconstructive surgery on my knees and that did not compare to the challenge I faced healing from this brain injury.

I left the hospital and went home to the sorority house on campus. Even though I had been an honor roll student and I lived amongst supportive friends, I began to struggle the semester following the concussion. School, which once had been so easy, became a daily uphill battle. My professors, who knew I was in recovery, worked patiently alongside me. However, intense headaches and neck aches led to more X-rays and tests, and even my personality had changed. Flashbacks of the traumatic event came frequently. Running, which had been my outlet, came to a halt since I couldn’t exercise or do any intense physical activity. It was devastating, and I wondered if I would ever feel normal again. It took months of rest, doctors visits, counseling, and prayer until things began to look up. Eventually my pledge sister, my original running partner, and I decided to run another half marathon. I couldn’t let the accident imprison me in fear and keep me from living my live; I had to continue running. Nearly two years after the accident, we ran the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon. A big contribution to my recovery and healing process was yoga. After the accident, several medical professionals recommended it for the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. I hated the first class, but had decided to give it two weeks to say I really gave it a chance. By the end of that time, I had fallen in love with hot yoga and started attending classes three to four times a week. I saw vast improvements in my flexibility and strength, and it helped me work through anxiety and stress. My practice has continued for about two years and I’m currently a member at Hot Yoga Plus in East Memphis. Since yoga has been such a positive and life-giving experience for me, I plan to get my teaching certification so I can help others experience all the benefits I have by practicing yoga. As difficult as it was, I cannot allow my traumatic accident to define me and hold me back from the rest of my life. In the three years since it occurred, I’ve become an ACE-certified group fitness instructor and have taught classes at the University of Arkansas, my father and I ran in the St. Jude Half Marathon, my family and I completed New York City’s 40-mile Five Boro Bike Tour, and I ran in the Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon.

"Although a brain injury doesn’t appear as ghastly as skin lacerations or as serious as a cast, it can be even more debilitating and the recovery longer and more difficult." 18

We can’t always control life’s circumstances, but we can control how we react and respond. It was a tough journey, but my accident has led me to grow in many ways I never thought possible. It’s given me the opportunity to reach out and help others who have undergone traumatic events. All we can do is appreciate every new day as a blessing. Live it fully and embrace the life you have been given.



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A RUNNER’S SUCCESS Steve Prefontaine said, “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” Some may read this statement from one of the most dominant distance runners of a generation as implying that he overcame fewer natural talents than his competitors, but others may see

it as wisdom from one who knew that the feeling of success came from bettering oneself than by besting others. Maybe it’s a bit of both. This quote applies to success in life just as much as it does to success in running. Does the millionaire who

inherited money from his or her parents feel as successful than the small business owner to rose out of poverty to make his or her fortune? I guarantee the biomechanically efficient aerobic powerhouse who wins big races is no more successful than the mother who wakes up before her kids to get in a long run

before her day begins. In this social media infatuated world, too many people measure running success in “likes” and thoughtless comments by people who only know a glimpse of what they have done. Running success is not about what you can show others but what you can show yourself. Make it to the next light post, do one more turn around the block, keep the pace for one more mile before you give up. Success finds you in the dark winter mornings and hot summer afternoons when no one is watching. It’s in those moments that it shows you that you can do something you’ve never done before. There’s no showing that to anyone because no one knows your success but you. Don’t be misled by what others have accomplished or the goals they set for themselves. Get out and continue putting one foot in front of the other and take yourself somewhere—as far as you can from where you started. Learn to distinguish your own successes from those of others and you may just find, that while we can’t all be world class distance runners, we can all be just as successful.

Do you have questions about getting started or finding a plan to work for you? Stop in and talk to anyone on our staff. We’ll be happy to help!

Andrew Chumney began working in specialty running in January of 2007. At Fleet Feet Memphis, he is sharing his passions for running with our training groups. If you’ve come to our Thursday night speed workouts or the Saturday morning long run, you’ve definitely benefitted from Andrew’s expertise.

Helping the Mid-South community RUN, WALK, and LIVE FIT. 20

One award-winning store, two locations. Memphis - 4530 Poplar Ave. Collierville - 2130 W. Poplar Ave.

YIntensifi ou . . . ed.

l Cal 8525 6- an 6 8 90 1 make nt. to intme o app

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H+F’s Happy Holiday Gift Guide Tis’ the season of giving—and getting. These handpicked favorites make great gifts for the active lifestyle. Look fabulous when you land with

Oribe’s Holiday Travel Essentials.

Kit includes Dry Texturizing Spray, Balmessence Lip Treatment, Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum Rollerball, Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo, and Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner. $95 Salon 387,

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The Starling Project Candles come in enticing, unexpected scents and a stunning combination of modern, minimalistic, and monochromatic design. Starling Project Candles are a chic décor option that anyone on your holiday gift list is sure to love! The Starling Project has garnered over $100,000 for UNICEF. All funds have provided solar energy to Chad. $55

The Progressive+ Merino Run Socks combine the advantages of merino wool’s natural heat and moisture management with the outstanding performance properties of synthetic fiber. These socks are perfectly suited for cold, wet days and give you one more excuse to get outside and run. $60


Tried everything? Knees still hurt? Want to avoid surgery?

Let’s talk. At the Orthopedic Stem Cell Center, we believe that stem cell therapy can be used successfully for a variety of issues, including degenerative joint conditions.



If you have been told you have “bone on bone” arthritis, or that you are headed for joint replacement surgery, stem cell therapy may be a viable alternative for you.



Please call us today to schedule an appointment!



2016 Church Health Christmas Card

“I want women struggling with fertility issues to know

they are not alone.”

suggested donation

Laura Detti, MD Fertility Specialist at Regional One Health


Art by Mary Sims

It’s always the season of giving. East Campus |6555 Quince Rd. Memphis, TN 38119

Your life. Our passion.



Tom Dixon’s Fire diffuser is a complex

combination of Cypriol oil, musk, and amber that recreates the olfactory memories of smoky scorched timber and hot dry tarmac. The scent is gently diffused through Britishsourced charcoal and held within a mouthblown colored glass vessel with handapplied gold lettering. Call for pricing. 20twelve,

BROO’s holiday grab-n-go is brimming with invigorating craft beer shampoo & conditioner. Plus the handsome caddy is a perfect way to bring a pair of beers to a holiday party. The perfect blend of microbrewer beer and natural ingredients to feel the hair detox buzz all season long. $20

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At Mid-South Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Center we specialize in the treatment of sleep apnea and treat patients diagnosed with sleeping disorders and patients who are not compliant with sleep apnea treatment that involves a device known as Constant Positive Air Pressure (CPAP). A good night’s sleep is important for a healthy mind and body.

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To Fit Your



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An unexpected diagnosis leads to new outlook on health, life for cancer patient

It was the summer of 2010, and Geri Beth Bemberg, a 22-year-old and soon-to-be-graduate of the University of Arkansas, returned to her hometown of West Memphis for a summer of relaxation before starting her first year of Pharmacy School at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science. A selfprofessed woman of routine and an aspiring medical professional herself, the summer was also set aside for those annual doctor appointments — including a visit with her gynecologist, Dr. Thomas Gray. Little did she know, her life and health journey would soon take an unexpected turn. “It was during my physical exam that Dr. Gray said something just didn’t feel right,” said Bemberg. “He was not overly concerned, but recommended that I move forward with an ultrasound — just in case — to see if there was any serious issue.” An ultrasound detected what appeared to be a cyst on her left ovary, and a rather large one at that. Dr. Gray recommended Bemberg move ahead with surgery to remove the cyst, with plans for a quick recovery and return to a normal routine as soon as possible. However, it was during surgery that doctors determined the mass on her left ovary was not, in fact, a cyst — it was a tumor the size of a grapefruit. It was also not on her left ovary; it was inside her right ovary. The size of the tumor was so big, it had essentially pushed over everything in her abdomen, making it appear as though it was located on the left side. Initial pathology results showed the tumor was benign. However, due to the sheer size of the mass, and the young age at which it had developed, Dr. Gray recommended Bemberg visit with a physician at West Cancer Center – just in case. Bemberg was referred to Todd Tillmanns, MD, FACOG, Gynecologic Oncologist at West Cancer Center, who recommended a second pathology report be run on the tumor, also “just in case.” “Everything up until this point had been done on a ‘just in case’ basis,” said Bemberg. “So, needless to say, we were 100% comfortable with the additional pathology review recommended by Dr. Tillmanns.” When those results came back, Bemberg was anxiously approaching the conclusion of her first semester at Pharmacy School and eager to return home for the Christmas holiday. Plans for what those results showed, however, were certainly not on her agenda. A follow-up appointment with Dr. Tillmanns revealed that while a portion of the mass was benign, the other part of the tumor was malignant or cancerous. Since the original surgery had been performed without knowing the true nature of the mass in Bemberg’s ovary, another surgery would be required to determine staging. That surgery, performed by Dr. Tillmanns, confirmed Bemberg’s diagnosis of Stage 1A Ovarian Cancer — great news, as that determined it had not spread beyond her ovary. “I woke up from surgery with a ‘survivor’ bracelet on my arm,” said Bemberg. “And it was awesome.” When asked whether or not this diagnosis impacted her outlook on life, Bemberg answered quite simply: “completely.” Bemberg exercises at least five to six times a week, alternating between yoga, spin and barre classes. And while she is a self-proclaimed foodie, she is also focused on healthy, clean eating — a key component in building a new lifestyle for herself and her family. “Whereas for some people fitness may be about losing weight or fitting into a favorite dress; for me, it’s about staying healthy so I can live a long, happy life,” said Bemberg.


“My tumor would never have been found if it had not been for that appointment,” Now 28, married and working as a Pharmacist in Little Rock, Bemberg looks back on her cancer — and health — journey as an experience made up of many “just in cases.” However, her message is clear to women of all ages — don’t miss your annual health appointments. “You hear so many people dread their annual health appointments. But, at the end of the day, my tumor would never have been found if it had not been for that appointment,” said Bemberg. “I should not have discovered my diagnosis as early as I did; but I did because I took preventative action to keep my health in check.” For more patient stories like Geri Beth’s, as well as a complete listing of West Cancer Center services, programs and locations, visit

– Frozen Shoulder – Muscle Strain – Carpal Tunnel – Tennis Elbow – Knee Problems

– Tendinitis – Shin Splints – Back Pain – Headaches – Shoulder Pain

Dr. Darrin Jessop is Master Certified in Active Release Technique (ART). All of these conditions and more can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART.





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COURTNEY DEVINEY, RUNNER AGE: 32 ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo BIRTHPLACE: Philadelphia, PA JOB: PTSD Therapist at the Memphis VA FAMILY: Boyfriend Phil and our dog Mira FIT CLUB: River Runners MOST RECENT WW EVENT: I just ran the Chicago Marathon last month and finished in 3:52. It wasn’t my best time, but I was dealing with some injuries this year, so I was happy with it.

BUCKET LIST: To run the Great Wall of China Marathon.

BINGEWATCH: I was obsessed with Veep—just finished watching it.

BEST EATS: The New Mexico roll from Sakura is amazing. It isn’t on the menu so you have to ask them to make it and it is so worth it!

PET PEEVE: People who stop dead in the middle of races and cause some major pileups!

WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU COME BACK AS: My dog. She eats, sleeps, runs, and plays with friends all day. Sounds like a perfect life to me. WHAT’S ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND: Amy Schumer’s “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.”

FUN FACT: My sister and I have the same birthday but she is six years older. INDULGENCE: Anything Chocolate! PERSONAL MOTTO: Running releases more than just sweat.

FIT TRIP: A week after the Chicago Marathon I went to Peru with my best friend and completed the 4-day, 28 mile Incan Trail hike. It was breathtaking. FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2014. The race is very humbling and moving. I was able to get a PR (3:48) and finished with all of my family and friends around me since I was racing near home. I ❤ RUNNING: I love all of the friendships I have made through running. I moved around in my 20’s so it was nice that wherever I ended up I could meet people though running and those turned into some amazing friendships over the years. MOTIVATION TO STAY FIT: I love to eat! CROSS TRAIN: I do Orange Theory twice a week but have also been trying to do more spinning and Barre classes now that the Chicago marathon is over. PRE-RACE RITUALS: I eat a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a banana and Orange Powerade Zero before every race. I have been eating this for years and it has never failed me! NEXT CHALLENGE: Sylamore 25k trail Run in February. WW MUST-HAVE’S: I have been wearing the same type of Nike shoes for the past seven years and they have been great, so I’m not switching anything up. I also love my Garmin Vivoactive watch and Yurbuds wireless headphones. OBSTACLE COURSE: I broke my foot in 2015 and couldn’t run for about four months. I was supposed to run the Chicago marathon that year and had to pull out and defer until this year. Unfortunately while training this year I had some hip problems but it was early enough in training that I could take some time off and still get in some good training runs and complete the marathon in October!


“I love all of the friendships I have made through running.” Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.


Relief for marathon pain







Ray Ban | Tom Ford | Tory Burch | Oakley

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Nguyen


Perkins Ext’d. at Poplar

Give the Gift of Yoga this Holiday Season! Give your Favorite Yogi The Ultimate Gift!

Workshop with Founder of the Yoga Journal, Judith Hanson Lasater October 19 - 22, 2017

Gift certificates also available online. 901.767.YOGA 692 W. Brookhaven Circle • Memphis • 38117

It’s hard to be happy – or active – when you hurt. Our orthopedic specialists have the skill and experience to get you moving pain-free in no time. We also offer a full range of orthopedic procedures for knees, hips, shoulders and ankles. Skilled physical therapists will help you recover more quickly so that you won’t miss any of those special moments.

East Memphis • 901-682-5642 6005 Park Ave., Ste. 309

Bartlett • 901-791-0347 2996 Kate Bond Rd., Ste. 301 Call to schedule an appointment today Facebook: East Memphis Orthopedic 29


COURTNEY S. FOWLER, RUNNER AGE: 29 ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini BIRTHPLACE: Landstuhl, Germany JOB: Air Export Manager at Kuehne + Nagel

FAMILY: Parents, older sister, brother-in-law, and I’m a proud uncle to my nephew–Hank FIT CLUB: I lead a group of friends in track/trail based run workouts. MOST RECENT WW EVENTS: Tough Mudder ATL 2016, Grizzlies 5k (1st in age group) FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Chik-fil-a 5K in 19:27. I’d been reaching for sub-20 minutes for a while. I ❤ RUNNING: It’s a physical and mental challenge. MOTIVATION TO STAY FIT: Knowing that my abilities cannot be taken for granted. I’ve been close to losing the ability to run and I want to ensure that I’m doing everything I can to keep it going. Plus the idea of living to 100 is pretty nice. CROSS TRAIN: I use CrossFit based workouts from PowerSpeedEndurance, Wim Hof breathing exercises, and meditation in order to supplement my runs. PRE-RACE RITUALS: Wim Hof breathing exercises, which are a similar method to Tummo. It includes meditation and yogic breathing for mental focus. NEXT CHALLENGE: St. Jude Marathon 2016, Moon Mist 50K Trail Race Huntsville, AL 2017 (my first ultramarathon) WW MUST-HAVE’S: Newtons, Apple watch, fanny pack OBSTACLE COURSE: I dropped from training with the Marines in 2014 due to lots of nerve compression issues that left my legs numb from the rigors of officer training in Quantico. I took off a few months to realign my body so I would be able to perform again. It was tough getting back to 100 percent considering my years of injury-free competition in high school and college. BUCKET LIST: Go to Space. Compete in and complete the Western States 100-Miler. BEST EATS: Bounty on Broad – Redfish with creamed kale and fried grit cake. It’s one of their best winter dishes. WHAT FAMOUS PERSON WOULD YOU LIKE TO DINE WITH: Nikola Tesla. Mad scientists or not, there were several innovations that we can thank Tesla for and many that we never had the opportunity to see. It would be great to discuss his vision of the future. WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU COME BACK AS: Tiger—just to satisfy my childhood dream of becoming one when I grew up. FUN FACT: Walked-on at the University of Alabama as a sprinter/long jumper. ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND: Currently bouncing between “Either/Or” by Søren Kierkegaard and “Deskbound” by Dr. Kelly Starrett. If you sit in front of a computer all day, I highly recommend Deskbound. BINGEWATCH: I binge Podcast: 99% Invisible, RadioLab, Theory of Everything, Invisibilia

“Running is a physical and mental challenge.” 30

PET PEEVE: Heel-striking runners VICE: Candy, candy, candy. Got a bit of sweet tooth. PERSONAL MOTTO: Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.


Evidence-based treatment options to correct pain and mobility problems Targeted solutions for joint, muscle, and nerve pain Expert sports injury care Gentle hands-on therapy for back, neck, and joint pain Detailed biomechanical evaluation for improved athletic performance Effective headache treatments Real help for fibromyalgia, TMJ problems Private, modern environment Intensive one-on-one care Affordable, results-oriented wellness services

Dr. Steve Vollmer


2845 Summer Oaks Drive • Bartlett, TN 38134

Call 901.377.2340 or visit

Dr. Jeff Luebbe

Tooth be told, kids love us. We specialize in smiles for our kids. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

therapeutic massage thai massage ashiatsu oncology massage manual lymphatic drainage reflexology


Dr. Richard Cole

Dr. Brad Cole

Refine Your Look Introducing SculpSure TM – a new revolutionary non-invasive treatment that helps eliminate the stubborn excess fat that diet and exercise can’t tackle.



885 South Cooper



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Very Merry Salad By Andrea LeTard

“Calories don’t count over the holidays”

is one phrase we will hear — or may say ourselves — this month. While December is typically a time to indulge, we can keep our body balanced by sneaking in some healthy foods. This salad goes above and beyond, loaded with nutrients and flavor—and still some holiday flair. It’s the perfect first course for any holiday meal.




(serves 6 to 8)

1. A  dd the olive oil, vinegar, maple syrup, cinnamon, Dijon, and salt to a mason jar or bottle. Shake well to combine.

q 1  /4 cup extra virgin olive oil q 3  Tbsp apple cider vinegar q 1  .5 Tbsp maple syrup q 1  tsp ground cinnamon q 1  tsp Dijion mustard q 1  /2 tsp kosher salt q 2  bunches of kale (rinsed, dried, stems removed, chopped) q 1  cup toasted walnuts

2. P  lace the chopped kale in a large salad bowl, pour the dressing over, and toss until the greens are coated. 3. S  prinkle the walnuts, pomegranate seeds, and dried cranberries over the top. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to one day.

q 1  pomegranate (seeded) q 1  /2 cup dried cranberries

Andrea LeTard is a personal chef, cooking instructor, and creator of Andrea’s Cooktales, a recipe website and video series where there’s a story behind every recipe. Her recipes are what she calls “next-generation southern” – fun and fundamentally southern with a modern twist using fine, fresh, and unexpected ingredients. She is a regular contributor on Local Memphis Live, her recipes have been featured on The Today Show, and she was chosen as a Top 100 contestant on MasterChef Season 6. Follow Andrea on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or read her blog and watch her video series at

Sophisticated Food In CASUAL Atmosphere.

Valet Parking Available Nightly 120 Monroe Avenue, Downtown 901-527-7085 33


DECEMBER EVENTS 12/3/16 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Autozone Park 12/3/16 LANA Christmas Cookie Classic Jackson, TN 12/8/16 Stuff the Sleigh 5k Milan, TN

12/15/16 St. Bernards Santa Shuffle Jonesboro, AR 12/28/16 Starry 4k Run/Walk

12/31/16 Genesis 5k & Fun Run Tupelo, MS 12/31/16 Resolution Run Paragould, AR

Memphis, TN

12/10/16 7th Annual Rudolph Run 10K Run, 5K Walk/Run, and Relaxing Reindeer Off the Square Market 12/10/16 Healthy Holiday Run 5k and 10k Milan, TN 12/10/16 RUN RUN RUDOLPH Henderson, TN 12/10/16 Run Run Rudolph 5k Bartlett, TN 12/10/16 Jingle Glow 5k for BA Coffeeville, MS







10:36 AM

35th C






MAY 19 21, 2017

WHEN: Saturday, November WHEN:19 at 9:00 am MAY 20 MIM SPRINT TRI 1/3 mile swim | 12 mile bike | 3 mile run Saturday, November WHERE:19 at 9:00 am .93 mile swim | 24.9Grove mile bikeRd. | 6.2 mile run MAY 21 MIM OLYMPIC TRI Concord Academy, located at Mullins United Methodist • 4942 Walnut WHERE: Concord Academy,RACE located at Mullins United Methodist • 4942 Walnut Grove Rd. REGISTRATION + INFORMATION:





$5,000 Amateur Challenge RACE REGISTRATION + INFORMATION: Registration Opens December 1, 2016 PLUS: $100 1st place overall m+f | $75 2nd place overall m+f PLUS: $50 3rd overall m+f overall | Student | Long-sleeved $100 1st place m+fMade | $75Awards 2nd place overall m+f tee Chilioverall by Firehouse Subs | Made Live music by Evening Shade tee $50 3rd m+f | Student Awards | Long-sleeved Chili by Firehouse Subs | Live music by Evening Shade

MAY 20 & 21, 2017 MAY 20 &December 21, 2017 Registration Opens 1, 2016 Registration Opens December 1, 2016















1. Stella Hoyos and Felio Perez

7. Mitchel Lansky, Jodi Magnotti, Sue Markham,and Susan Struminger

2. Denise Blackford

8. Ryan Mckenzie and John Mckenzie

3. Juliann Hamelton and John Hamelton

9. Cheryl Mays and Morgan Mays

4. Pattie Kempka and Donna Mitchel

10. Terry Smidt and Margie Smidt

5. Catherine Bateman, Bill Bateman and Clover

11. Karen Leathers

6. Roland Raffanti and Chelsey White



Photos taken by: JEN RUSSELL


Center for Rehabilitative Medicine


can help get

life back to

After an accident or illness, getting back to your life is the top priority. At the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine on our East Campus, we are dedicated to helping you recover and regain your physical health. Our care team, led by a boardcertified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, collaborates with you to develop progressive paths to wellness that may include physical therapy, pain management, and other therapeutic services. It’s not just our job to give our patients the specialized care they need to return to an active life, it’s what we love to do.

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My Hubby


Slipped and sprained my wrist. Are you ok?!

Went to Campbell Clinic. On my way to pick up the kids.

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