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Mrs. Tennessee International

BRANDI JO MIDDLETON’S Transformation and How She’s Empowering Other Women





Is it worth the Cheat? (Meal)

With age comes beauty. With age comes beauty. We just give you a little help. We just give you a little help. Functional Medicine Family Practice Functional Medicine Functional Medicine Family Practice Functional Medicine Hormone & Thyroid Imbalances Medical Aesthetics & Advanced Injections Hormone & Thyroid Imbalances Medical Aesthetics & Advanced Injections Autoimmune Disorders Hormone & Thyroid Imbalances Autoimmune Disorders Hormone & Thyroid Imbalances Gut Health & Weight Management Gut Health & WeightPlans Management Concierge Medical ConciergePlans Medical Plans Concierge Medical Concierge Medical Plans Medical Aesthetics Medical Aesthetics

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Brandi Jo Middleton Fit Pets Are Cheat Meals Worth It?



Sunscreen Safety Tips


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Build Collagen with Microneedling Summer Skin Savers


20 Valerie Beeler WERQs It 22 Fit Kid Martha Kate Jessop 24 Weekend Warrior, Dayna Little 26 Weekend Warrior, Steven Cooper FOOD + NUTRITION

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Marinated Mediterranean Salad Food—with a Side of Guilt


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Great American River Run

40 Photo Finish: Orion 5K

On the Cover: Brandi Jo Middleton Photo by Tindall Stephens



23 Years and Running Strong Amy Goode

Hailey Thomas

Laurenne Hom

When not beating the streets looking for the next fitness craze, Amy enjoys running, cycling, and swimming, and is always on the lookout for the best cheat meal. Sharing inspiring fitness stories encourages her to stay healthy.

Hailey has been running over half her life fortunately not from the law! She has run marathons and half-marathons in Dublin, NYC, LA, Anchorage, Seattle, Red Woods, Big Sur, New Orleans, Sylamore 25K, Shelby Farms 50K and Memphis (6 times). Yoga is her new love along with interviewing Weekend Warriors with the same passion for fitness.

Laurenne is a freelance web designer, graphic designer, writer, and editor who has worked her way through 11 different countries and 24 states. She’s an avid cyclist, who biked 1500 miles across half the country in 2014. She also loves pilates and never does the same workout twice!

Publisher Amy Goode


CONSULTANTS Executive Editor Hailey Thomas


Advertising & Marketing Amy Goode 901.218.4993 Hailey Thomas 901.335.6005 Copy Editor Laurenne Hom

Tindall Stephens

Caroline Sposto

Christin Yates

Tindall has been shooting for over 20 years, specializing in weddings and portraiture. She currently is a super busy mom of three teenagers,wife of a Memphis firefighter/ Paramedic, and entertainer of two boston terriers .....among running a full time photography business.

Caroline Sposto is a writer and actor. She’s been published by The Saturday Evening Post, Family Circle Magazine, and literary magazines and anthologies. She won the Alpine International Fellowship for Short Fiction in 2017 and writes for

A freelance PR/Marketing professional, Christin began running in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. She now runs everything from 5Ks to marathons, and is an RRCA certified running coach. When not on the pavement or trails, you can find her hanging out with her rescue dogs. Visit her website at

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India Nikotich

Lydia Podowitz

Taylor Tartera

India is a senior at Rhodes College and originally from San Antonio, TX. She’s made Memphis her home through community service, pulling espresso at local coffee shops, and rowing down the Wolf River with her college’s crew team.

Lydia is a senior at Rhodes College. She’s an editor for Ecumenica, an academic journal, and just completed her first feature-length screenplay. Lydia loves to hike at Shelby Farms, climb at Memphis Rox, and take long walks around campus.

A native Memphian, Taylor is in education by day and photography by night. He and his wife love their three Boston Terriers. Their small business, Tartera Sign and Design, provides wedding services to brides in the Mid-South.


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Fit fruit: mangos

Besides being sweet, succulent, and satisfying, this tropical fruit helps repair sun-damaged skin and restore youthfulness with antioxidants, vitamins A & C. Lupeol, a triterpene, has shown to be effective in protecting against skin cancer. Mangos may not be locally sourced, but when it comes to preventing cancer, does it really matter? Enjoy a chilled mango with a squeeze of lime.

Fit Products Collagen for Her

Life Elements CBD Body Oil

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Get ready to take moisturizing to a whole new level.

easy to get your daily boost of collagen. Often referred to as

Life Elements 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly

“the glue that holds the body together,” collagen is the most

body oil is the only product on the market that

abundant protein in the human body (about 30%). Collagen

combines Tepezcohuite & CBD. Tepezcohuite is a

is in skin, connective tissue, and bone mass. As early as age

bark extract that has been used in Mexico for

20, bodies start producing less collagen, resulting in poor

centuries. It is sustainably sourced and aids burns,

digestion, joint pain, weak nails, etc. Taking a daily scoop of

acne, and aging. Combined with the power of pure

Collagen For Her is a convenient solution. $40.

CBD, this body oil is a dream come true. $68.

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Odie with daughter, Brook



20th Annual Meritan Moonlight Classic Bike Tour Moves Back To East Memphis Ride with the Party on Wheels as Meritan’s 20th annual Moonlight Classic Bike Tour and Tailgate takes to the streets of East Memphis and Midtown on August 24, 2019. This year’s ride is ALL ABOUT MEMPHIS! Tailgating fun begins at 8 pm at the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park at Audubon Park on Perkins Extended. The pre-race party features local food, local beer, local prizes, and local entertainment all highlighted with “Bling Yourself,” “Bling Your Corner,” and “Bling Your Bike” contests. Again, this year there will be great prizes for all winners! The Bike Tour begins at 10 pm and for the first time will encompass two routes—a 7-mile ride and a 19-mile ride—all under the light of the summer moon and the watchful eye of the Memphis Police Department. Both routes end at the place they started: the Richard & Annette Cancer Survivors Park. The Bike Tour’s early-bird registration costs $40 per person and increases to $45 later. Go to and click on Bike Tour to register. This annual Party on Wheels helps Meritan fulfill its mission to provide care and services to more than 1,600 Memphians and Mid-South seniors in need, allowing them to enjoy renewed self-esteem because of Meritan’s in-home health care and job training programs. Meritan also offers various programs for diverse groups, including in-home services for frail and homebound seniors, services to victims of elder abuse, foster care, senior employment, MSD-AD-111918.pdf 1 11/19/18 5:10 PM and help for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Smile, it’s good for you! At Main Street Dental, our focus is on providing patients with a comforting atmosphere coupled with advanced dental care.

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HE ALTH+WELLNESS By Robin Friedman, MD

Sunscreen & Sun Protection Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world. One of every five Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70. Sunscreen plays an important role in preventing exposure to harmful UV rays. Ultimately, the best sunscreen is the one you will use every day. If you have sensitive skin, look for mineral-based sunscreen made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Micronized versions work well for darker skin tones. It’s also safe for pregnant women and children starting at six months.

Know Your Sunscreen Broad Spectrum: This label indicates that it effectively protects against UVA and UVB rays. UVA and UVB rays are both responsible for sunburns, but UVA rays are responsible for tanning, wrinkles, and aging skin. Water Resistance: No sunscreen can claim to be waterproof. However, they can be labeled water resistant for 40 or 80 minutes. You can burn even in the water, so reapply often. SPF = Sun Protection Factor The number says how long it would take UVB rays to redden your skin when using a sunscreen compared with the amount of time without sunscreen. If you use an SPF 15 product according to directions, it would take 15 times longer to burn than if you weren’t wearing sunscreen.

Sun Safety To enjoy the benefits of sunscreen, avoid these common mistakes: • Not applying liberally enough • Missing areas of coverage • Not reapplying regularly Clothing can provide a great barrier against the UV rays. Its protection is consistent over time and doesn’t wear off like sunscreen. Many new fabrics combine breathability with sun protection. Also, choose a hat with a wide brim all the way around and wear UV-blocking sunglasses to protect the eyes and the delicate skin around them. Watch out for windows. While glass blocks most UVB rays, UVA rays are can pass through. This is true for windows at home and in your car. Car windshields block most UVA rays, but side, back, and sunroof windows usually do not. When in your car, continue using precaution against sun rays. Consider adding a UV-protective film to windows in your home and car. Avoid tanning beds. Indoor tanning, even once, raises the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma. Using a tanning bed before age 35 increases your risk of melanoma by 75%.

Get Checked Out Skin cancer is the cancer you can see. Anything on your skin that’s new, changing, or not healing should be checked out. Also, if your gut tells you that it just doesn’t seem right, see your dermatologist. If your family has history of skin cancer, be sure to get yearly screenings. Most skin cancers are curable if caught early enough.


Dr. Robin Friedman is a Dermatologist with Memphis Dermatology Clinic. For more information, visit or call 901.726.6655.

Know the melanoma ABCDEs: Asymmetry Border irregularity Color variations Diameter over 6 mm Evolving or change These are the key warning signs of the disease, but that might not be enough. In a recent study, researchers found that the incidence of nodular melanoma is increasing. It’s an aggressive type of skin cancer that does not exhibit the typical ABCDE characteristics. “Biologically, nodular melanomas behave differently from other subtypes, and the ABCDE diagnosis may lead to late presentation,” says Dr. Andrew Lock, one of the study’s authors. There are other tricks that can aid in early recognition of nodular melanomas:

• T he “Ugly Duckling” method: Check for any mole or lesion that stands out from the “flock.” It may be larger, darker, smaller, and/or redder than the moles around it. It could be the sole mole on an area of the body.

• T he EFG rule: Elevated, Firm on palpitation, and Growing progressively for a month.

• T he Blue-Black rule: Pay special attention to any darkly pigmented lesion containing some dark blue or black color that doesn’t resemble the surrounding lesions.

All of these techniques can help you or a physician recognize nodular melanomas early when they are most treatable. Skin experts may also examine the lesion with a magnifying device called a dermatoscope to compare its microscopic pattern to nine other typically benign patterns. If it strays from any of these patterns, a biopsy should be considered.



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Look Rejuvenated when the Heat is On

A summer must in skincare is Collagen Percutaneous Induction Needling, also known as microneedling. It’s a procedure that uses small pricks in the skin, mainly the face, triggering a release of natural growth factors, new collagen and elastin. “This process causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling or lasers and other ablative treatments, which helps to protect the new skin cell growth providing for quicker healing, higher success rates, and longer lasting results,” says Robin Thoda, L.M.A., with de la Belle Wellness & Spa.


one month after

In a 2008 study, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing the treatment. Microneedling is ideal for summer skincare because laser heat and chemicals are not involved. It reverses sun damage; plumps the skin; and reduces wrinkles, pore size, and acne scarring. The result is smoother, toned, and firm skin for a more youthful appearance. For more information or an appointment visit or call 901.433.9024.

Back row: Judith J. Williams, MD, Jessica M.Ruffin, MD, T. Franklin King, MD, B. Todd Chappell, MD, and M. Leigh Keegan, MD Front row: Regina G. Healy, MD, Leslie T. Hayden, MD, Leah C. Tonkin, MD, Sharon A. Butcher, MD, Darby Heitman, FNP-BC, and Gregory J. Burana, MD

New Location 1727 Kirby Parkway, Memphis, TN 38120 Please call 901-767-3810 to schedule an appointment. 12

A division of Women’s Care Center of Memphis, MPLLC

July Summer Skin Specials Purchase $75 in Avéne skincare, receive a FREE beach tote.

Receive a FREE Mineral sunscreen 50spf available in tinted or without, with a purchase of a full price Microneedling.

Look More Youthful with Microneedling • Generates New Collagen • Plump, Smoothes & Firms • Improve Skin Tone & Texture • Minimizes Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Pore Sizes before


• Improves Acne Scars

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BEAUT Y By Melissa Toyos, MD

Tips for Your Best

Summer Skin Your skin’s needs change from season to season. Although it’s time to relax and enjoy the summer, don’t forget about taking care of the skin that takes such good care of you.

Sun protection is key. Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock containing physical blockers like zinc and titanium. This helps prevent premature aging and sunburns. The iScience family of sun protection, MIXTOSheer and MIXTOClear, both contain transparent zinc and titanium. They have a matte finish without the oiliness of other products or the dreaded lifeguard nose.

Wash away dry, rough skin. Get rid of any last bits of winter on your face with a mild glycolic wash. One of the best ways to get soft, smooth skin is iScience AlphaBeta Cleanser on dry skin before you shower. It’s perfect for faces, elbows, and knees—any place that needs polishing before summertime activities. This cleanser also does a great job clearing small bumps and blemishes, particularly along the hairline that can result from summer sweat.


Change your skincare products. Summer heat and humidity can mean more oil and breakouts. Lighten your moisturizer to hydrate and soothe skin irritated by the sun, salt water, or chlorine and keep your skin clear. iScience’s Hydropeptide gel contains hyaluronic acid to immediately plump and calm skin and peptides to switch on collagen-building properties without irritation. It’s a light, refreshing texture that quickly absorbs into skin.

Amp up your antioxidants. Start with topical vitamin C products like iScience Collagen Building Complex and iScience Antioxidant Sun Products that has vitamins C and E as well as a clean melanin compound to protect against oxidative stress from sun and pollution. There is good evidence that applying these vitamins can minimize sun damage and even boost resistance to sunburns when applied before sun exposure.

Dr. Melissa Toyos is an Ophthalmologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and partner in Toyos Clinic. For a complimentary summertime skin evaluation, call 901.683.7255 or visit


We offer IV infusions, testosterone replacement, weight loss medication, and sinus cocktail shots. Walk into the clinic at the corner of Poplar and Highland to speak with one of our friendly and helpful Nurse Practitioners. We promise you will leave on your way to a happier, healthier life.




CONTACT US: 3445 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38117 9014176551 PRO HEALTH WELLNESS CLINIC




COVER PROFILE By Caroline Sposto. Photo by Tindall Stephens.

Mrs. Tennessee International

Brandi Jo Middleton’s Transformation and How She’s Empowering Other Women

No one who meets Brandi Jo Middleton would imagine her as anything less than beautiful, strong, and confident. A youthful 40, she is the reigning Mrs. Tennessee International, as well as a wife, mother, and accomplished aesthetician with her own business. Brandi rocketed herself to this crowning achievement after a challenging journey and two-year transformation. She was anorexic at age 13 and says: “I almost died from it. Back then people didn’t talk about this disorder, and there wasn’t a lot of help.” The challenges of moving to a new school and being unpopular created a sense of helplessness in her life. “The only thing I could control was my food. And though I learned to eat enough to survive, I also learned I could secretly throw up after.”

Brandi’s unhappiness touched every aspect of her life. “I was miserable with myself and took it out on other people. It took a huge toll on my marriage. I wanted to make changes, but my all-or-nothing mindset ruined me. If I made one little mistake with my diet, I decided I had blown it for day and then caved into a binge.” Not only did her weight creep up to 280 pounds, but all of her tests at the doctor’s office also came back with bad news. “I’ll never forget the moment when my doctor said, ’If you don’t stop what you are doing, you won’t see your son grow up.’” Those words gave Brandi the motivation she needed to be a better version of herself. She sought help from a high school classmate, Casey Nelson, who owns Fitness 901. “Casey and I had been friends for a long time,”

Bulimia followed Brandi into her 20s. Her relationship with food was at its worst with a cycle of starvation and compulsive overeating. Despite this inner turmoil, other parts of her life were taking off. Brandi became the lead aesthetician at Serenity Day Spa, a job she excelled at and enjoyed. She also reconnected with a classmate from elementary school. “He friended me on Facebook. After our first date, I knew he had every characteristic I was looking for. I fell in love with him immediately,” she says. They got married and she later gave birth to a baby boy. To focus on her family, Brandi gave up her job to stay at home with her son. “It was a harder transition than I expected. For years, my career had been my identity. I didn’t understand how important that was until I didn’t have it anymore.” Coupled with severe postpartum depression and anxiety, Brandi faced her most challenging moments. “For that first year I literally didn’t want to get out of bed,” she recalls. “I would eat 5,000 calories or more on any given day.” 16

Brandi says, “She knew my story, and I could trust her. I needed someone who would hold me accountable and not listen to my excuses.” Casey helped her learn to love exercising. Brandi now weighs 137 pounds, which she maintains through a high-protein, low-carb diet. She also works out about 40 minutes, five days a week doing cardio and weight training. Brandi’s transformation gave her the confidence to compete for and win the Mrs. Tennessee International crown—although, she’s more interested in the platform than the hardware. As a coach, mentor, and public speaker, she’s created Crowning Confidence, a five-step program to help people of all ages and walks of life overcome personal challenges. “My program isn’t about weight or beauty,” Brandi explains. “One of the participants got out of a domestic violence situation. In another case, I was called to a middle school to mentor girls who were acting as bullies. My program helped them change their behavior. Those girls were hurting others because they were in pain.” Brandi has partnered with Shelby County Schools and works with businesses, vocational schools, and veterans. Her rapidly growing Facebook group is called Confidence is Your Crown, which is dedicated to helping women define their identities and use that self-knowledge to set and achieve their goals.



“I want to continue to travel all over the country and internationally teaching my program,” she says. “My goal is to reach one million women in my lifetime and leave a legacy of helping women improve their lives and empower themselves.

Brandi dropped over 100 pounds and went on to win Mrs. Tennessee International


FIT PETS By Hailey Thomas



H+F hit the roads, parks, and trails to find this summer’s hottest dogs.

Jaylen Spears & Pablo

Pablo, three, loves swimming at Shelby Farms and baked goods from Hollywood Feed. “One time we came home and he had eaten a whole can of Crisco!”

Rosie, one, is a Blue Great Dane. Her favorite workout is running around the house with a pillow in her mouth. She loves water and to cuddle with her mommy. Rosie is a Cooper-Young show stopper on her nightly walks.

Jimmy McLendon & Coco

Nick Jackson & Ciaridh

Leslie Davidson & Daisy

Lisa Street & Henry

Coco, a nine-year-old chocolate lab, loves to retrieve golf balls at Toby Park and enjoys Kirkland dog food garnished with rotisserie chicken from Costco.

Daisy, 12, enjoys power walks in Central Gardens, especially the tree-lined streets of Linden & Vance. A Red Delicious apple cut into small pieces is her go-to afternoon snack.


Marcie Keech & Rosie Louise

Ciaridh is a 10-week-old black lab. She is now running up to threequarters of a mile a day and likes Lil’ Bite salmon snacks from Hollywood Feed and throwing around her stuffed chipmunk.

Henry, two and a half, gets extra energy from Puppuccinos at Starbucks. He burns it off while playing with his friends at Dogs Rule.

Levi Thomas Levi is a four-year old Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix from Good Dog Rescue. He loves HIIT training with his bestie and he enjoys anything edible!

Enjoy ReliefLifefor Without Limitations marathon pain

Nathan Berry & Roux

Four-year-old Roux’s favorite treat is raw strip steak. On her most recent fit trip, she summited Mt. Elbert. She went twelve miles from 10,800 feet up to 14,443 and back down in about five hours in the snow. She averages about 20 miles a week on local trails.

Sela Cooper & Jersey

Jersey is a three-year-old Vizsla. She likes to do tricks, run, and point at birds. “I am Jersey’s 13-year-old sister and taught her pretty much all the tricks she knows.”

Health is Vital to Living Life to its Fullest. It’s hard to be happy – or active – when you hurt.Well-Being Our orthopedic the skill Your is specialists Our Top have Priority. and experience to get you moving pain-free in Our experienced physicians specialize no time. We also offer a full range of orthopedic inprocedures Orthopedics, Physical Therapy & for knees, hips, shoulders and ankles.

Sports Medicine.

Skilled physical therapists will help you recover more quicklyon so that youFeet won’t Again miss any of those Get Back Your special moments.

Shawn Mathews & Sheldon

Sheldon, one, is a mini Aussiedoodle. He loves long walks down the V & E Greenline and playing in the fountain at Crosstown Concourse. His favorite snacks include bacon-flavored rawhide, jerky, socks, flip flops, underwear, and phone chargers.

East Memphis • 901-682-5642 6005 Park Ave., Ste. 309

Bartlett • 901-791-0347 2996 Kate Bond Rd., Ste. 301

Call to schedule an appointment today Facebook: East Memphis Orthopedic PROVI DI N G Q UALIT Y ORTHOPE DIC CAR E S I N CE 1969


FIT PROFILE By Mary Helen Randall. Photo by Tindall Stephens.

WERQ Like a Boss Valerie Beeler’s intensely challenging, unique brand of cardio is creating hardcore WERQ-aholics It’s 6 pm on a Monday night at the Jewish Community Center (JCC). Upstairs from the gym, the studio is packed with students: men and women who are young, old, and all shapes and sizes. The lights go down, the music turns up, and Valerie Beeler is at the front of the classroom to kick off one of Memphis’s most intense, high-cardio classes. It’s called WERQ, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, Valerie is happy to tell you how it all, well, works.

“I went hard at it! I loved getting totally lost in the music and was always surprised when the hour was up. Even though I was exhausted and drenched, I felt amazing and wanted more.”

Founded in 2011 by Haley Stone, WERQ is an athletic cardio dance class based on hip-hop and pop music. Classes are an hour long with no breaks. New songs are added each week to keep the mix fresh. Memphis is the only city in the region that offers the class, and Valerie is the area’s only certified member of the WERQforce.

“I was still focusing on myself and my needs, which I’d neglected for so long. I wasn’t ready for that just yet.”

Looking at her now, it’s hard to imagine Valerie as anything other than the positive, high-energy 48-year-old her students know. But her story is one to which many— especially parents—can relate. Six years ago, Valerie was living in Illinois as a wife and full-time mother of two, always putting her family’s needs above her own. “I didn’t feel good. I just sort of forgot to take care of myself while I was taking care of everyone else. I got out of breath easily. I gained weight, and I knew something had to change.” She eased into Pilates, and as her core strength increased, so did her confidence, and she added cardio into the mix. “I liked the dance aspect of Zumba classes, but it still felt sort of awkward. My first time trying WERQ, I hid in the back row so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. Three songs in, I knew that this was exactly what I had been searching for. It was perfect!” Within two weeks, Valerie had become what she laughingly describes as a front row groupie.


Her passion and ability to quickly master new choreography was apparent to her classmates and instructor Karen Osborne. Karen suggested to Valerie that she might like to teach, but she resisted.

Over the next six months, Valerie shed the 20 extra pounds she’d put on and was starting to rethink her life outside the dance studio.

“I changed my life in almost every way. When I began demanding more from myself, I started demanding more from those around me.” When her daughter, a competitive gymnast at the time, was offered an opportunity in Memphis, the move felt like a natural punctuation mark for the changes she’d been making. Valerie and her husband divorced, and then she and her daughter moved to Memphis.

“I was here, unemployed, broke, and doing WERQ alone in my apartment gym. It was tough,” she recalls. When her friend and former instructor Karen reached out and offered to pay for Valerie’s WERQ certification, she gratefully accepted. In 2017, freshly WERQ certified, Valerie looked for a place to teach. She approached the JCC, and they eventually agreed to give her a try. JCC Program Director Rosalyn Knox laughs now when she recalls the eager force of nature she met two years ago. “She promised me if given the chance, she’d have people lined up outside the door trying to get a spot,” laughs Rosalyn. “And sure enough, here we are today. Her energy and spirit are off the charts and are so infectious. People can’t get enough of her positivity.” Valerie, who is now the Executive Assistant to the CEO of West Cancer Center and Research Institute, teaches three classes a week at the JCC, each full of devoted, selfproclaimed WERQ-aholics. Dancing to everything from Drake to Missy Elliott to Ariana Grande, classes fill up as fast as the JCC can add them. Says Rosalyn, “Val has made a huge impact here. Her class is really a life-changing experience. One of our members who struggled with diabetes is now off insulin and feeling much better since she began working with Valerie. There’s something about WERQ that lift people’s moods and attitudes.” “I just encourage everyone to try it,” smiles Valerie. “Yes, it’s challenging, but if you can move your feet and like music, then step out of your comfort zone just once, and I promise you’ll be back.”

Mary Helen Randall is the Executive Vice President at Burson Cohn & Wolfe, a global public relations agency and a self-admitted WERQaholic.

WERQ classes are currently available to JCC members. Valerie Beeler also hosts pop-up classes and fundraisers for various organizations in the Mid-South. Keep up with her class schedule on Facebook at MematWERQ or check out sample videos and playlists at For information about joining the JCC or attending a class, call 901.761.0810. 21


By Christin Yates. Photo by Taylor Tartera.

The Miles for Melanoma Memphis 5k Run/Walk will be held on August 3 at Shelby Farms Park “Practice isn’t very fun, but I like the meets. And I also like the fun trips that we go on and the team. I have great friends on the team,” she says. Kimberly Jessop, Martha Kate’s mother, is a stage four melanoma survivor, so the family started organizing the Miles for Melanoma Memphis race in 2015. The 2019 race will be held on August 3 at Shelby Farms Park. Martha Kate has run the 5K two years in a row, once with her mom and last year on her own. Martha Kate’s 14-year-old brother, Bailey, was running cross country for Houston Middle School when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He was treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and is now doing well. He volunteers at the Miles for Melanoma 5K as well as the St. Jude marathon; the entire family is involved in putting together the 5K.

Martha Kate

Runs for a Cause While many kids her age are playing video games or hanging out with friends, Martha Kate Jessop has dedicated herself to running. The 11-year-old starting running in third grade and has her sights on bigger, long-term challenges. Martha Kate, who comes from a family of runners, starting getting into track and cross country several years ago on the junior varsity team at Farmington Elementary. The following year, she made the varsity team and competed in a race, placing in eight on her team of 15. “My dad used to run. That’s probably where I got my running from,” Martha Kate says. Martha Kate’s dad, Stephen Jessop, ran in college and completed half marathons with his own father. He encourages his daughter and attends meets to try to push her further. 22

“My dad makes me laugh by yelling at me to run faster. He runs around and yells out my time and tells me to beat people. So then they go faster and I can’t beat them,” she jokes. Martha Kate’s goal last track season was to get a time under seven minutes in the 1600 meters; her fastest time was a 6:48 mile. Next year, Martha Kate will be attending Houston Middle School and will have to run two miles in cross country. She hopes to break 15 minutes for the distance.

Last year, the Germantown School System sponsored part of the Walk/Run for St. Jude. Martha Kate saved all of her summer money from her lemonade stand and donated $300 to St. Jude in honor of her brother. When asked what she thinks about while she is running, Martha Kate is motivated by things that any young girl would love, such as shoes. “One cross country race, my mom told me that she would buy me these high heels I really wanted if I got a good time. And I did. Those shoes were what I was thinking about,” she says. As for her favorite gear, Martha Kate is partial to her Nike running tanks and shorts, but when it comes to shoes, she has to be flexible. “We have to go with whatever fits her tiny feet,” Kimberly says. “Most of the shoes for kids her age are Velcro instead of laces.”

“I like cross country because I like long distance running. I’m not a sprinter. I like to pace myself. That’s what you do in long distance running,” says Martha Kate.

While the soon-to-be middle schooler is excited about her upcoming running season, she is also looking forward to having a long career as a runner and trying out longer distances when she is old enough.

In 2017, Martha Kate went to the state meet and won fifth place in the junior varsity girls race, which brought her to nationals.

“I don’t know if I can do a marathon, but when I’m older, I’ll do a half marathon for St. Jude,” she says.

Kimberly, Martha Kate, Bailey and Stephen Jessop

5K RUN & WALK Presented by:

Kimbery Jessop, Martha Kate’s mom, is a stage four Melanoma survivor.


Cancer Screenings at Event!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 2019 • SHELBY FARMS PARK Check in 8 a.m. Run begins at 9 a.m. • Register at


WEEKEND WARRIOR Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Taylor Tartera.

Dayna Lytle, Runner 45, McDonald’s Corporation District Manager, Volunteer for Team RMHC and Director of Kids Run for MRTC

BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS: I have completed 15 marathons, more than 50 half marathons (including Hamburg, Germany, Tel Aviv, Israel, Innichen, Italy), and tons of other races. I have won my fair share of medals in 5Ks and 10Ks and have been a Road Warrior several times. Also placed in a sprint triathlon

MOST FUN RUN: My favorite event is the Chicago marathon. This year will be my 7th year running for Team RMHC. As a small team in this area, we have raised over $84,000 in the past to contribute to the larger team RMHC. Nothing beats the crowds and the people yelling your name in Chicago.



I love to run because it gives me time to think, relax, and be the best Dayna I can be. It helped me make the best friends that I could ever imagine. When I went through a challenging time in my life, I set out and ran for 720 days in a row until I was back to my regular self again.

NEXT CHALLENGE: I am running the Tupelo Half and the Chicago Marathon. I usually do the road series too. Most importantly, I can’t wait to work with the WRWM Intermediate 1 group and direct MRTC Kids in the Fall!

GEAR MUST-HAVES: I must always have my fit bit and my Garmin!

OBSTACLE COURSE: I am recovering from having a neuroma removed from my foot, and I have not run in eight weeks. I don’t know about everyone else, but keeping weight off is also a challenge.

BEST EATS: McDonald’s—just kidding. I love Babalu. Love the tapas and a glass of Sangria or a Sangria sampler.

PASSION: My passions are my family, our four dogs (Mocha, Muffin, Latte, and Beepers), being happy, traveling, and living life to the fullest.

MOTTO: Run fast, run safe, run with your heart, and always be true to yourself. 24

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sports medicine & stem cell center

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Research Strategies of Memphis provides professional care, health exams, study medications, and close monitoring at no cost for children and adults that experience

• Depression

• Bipolar Disorder

• Schizophrenia


No insurance necessary. To find out how you may qualify in any of the ongoing studies, call our office today!

To see if you qualify, call

901.685.8890 or visit us at 6005 Park Ave • Suite 632B (St. Francis O’Ryan Building)

Memphis, TN 25

WEEKEND WARRIOR Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Taylor Tartera.

Steven Cooper, Trail Runner 55, Account Executive at Johnson Controls, Inc., Volunteer for St. Ann Catholic Church Bartlett

BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS: I ran the Frisco Railroad Run 50K race in April on a pretty flat course and won the Regional Grand Master Title for 50K. I had no clue I won until they called my name on the loudspeaker.

MOST MEMORABLE RACE: Breaking two hours at the St. Jude Half Marathon two years ago.



I love the competitive and social sides of running. The community is encouraging, and the after parties are worth it. I also enjoy group runs with my Memphis in Motion friends and being outside, especially the trails.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: I realize how much better I feel and how much more I enjoy life by getting out and being active. There is plenty of downtime in the world so why waste it.

NEXT CHALLENGE: I have the Full Moon 50K in Arkansas in July, which is a nighttime race. Then it’s full-time training for the Tunnel Hill 50 miler in Southern Illinois in November.

GEAR MUST-HAVES: My Garmin Vivoactive HR watch and a good pair of running shoes. My Garmin tracks almost everything I do for the day and is connected to my phone. My phone then uploads my daily stats to my company’s healthcare website, and I end up getting discounts on my healthcare.

SAGE ADVICE: Losing 20 pounds drastically improved my running. Always have a good physical therapist and massage therapist on speed dial.

BEST EATS: After a 5- to 6-mile run, I like a Huey Burger with tots or rings as well as water and a beer.

PASSION: My children: three sons and a daughter-in-law. It’s interesting to watch the people they have become as adults. I’m also passionate about almost any sport. If it has teams and competition, I will watch.

INDULGENCE: Chocolate and ice cream! My brothers and I were raised on it.



From the book “The Secret Gift” by Ted Gup (a true story set in my hometown of Canton, OH), “Each night I bury the record of today, for every morning a soul is born anew, and I do not permit the disappointments of today or yesterday to reflect on the possibilities of tomorrow.”

Exclusive eyecare experiences and one-of-a-kind eyewear. Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and recording artist Kirk Whalum is wearing frames from Kirk & Kirk, available exclusively at FocalPoint. Visit us to receive a comprehensive eye exam and work with our accomplished eyewear engineers to find the perfect frames to compliment your personal style.

Schedule your appointment today! 901-252-3670 | FocalPoint is a Southern College of Optometry Patient Care and Educational Facility

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Laura Matthews, Local Professional Triathlete and Patient

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Collierville* 2059 Houston Levee Road Collierville, TN 38139 (901) 221-9221

Oakland 6250 Highway 64 Oakland, TN 38060 (901) 255-6545

No prescription needed. Most insurances accepted. Locally owned and operated. 27

ECZEMA EXPOSED A LIVE COMMUNITY EVENT If you’re struggling with the uncontrollable itching of chronic eczema, you may have something going on under your skin. You may have moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. Join us for a FREE Educational Event!

WHEN Monday, August 5, 2019 Check-In: 6:00 PM Start Time: 6:30 PM

WHERE Embassy Suites Memphis 1022 S. Shady Grove Road Memphis, TN 38120


Keri Holyoak, PA-C Dermatology & an actual patient living with atopic dermatitis

Call 833-504-9978 today to register for the FREE educational event! Complimentary parking and light fare provided. Family, caregivers, and those interested in learning about moderate-tosevere atopic dermatitis are welcome.

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FOOD+NUTRITION Recipe & Photos by Andrea LeTard

Marinated Mediterranean Salad Cold salads are a must for summer celebrations. Bringing something healthy and refreshing adds balance to the festivities. This one uses Mediterranean flavors and a lemon vinaigrette for a bright taste. q q q q q q q q q q

1 /2 cup uncooked quinoa 1 (12 oz) jar marinated artichoke hearts – drained 1 1/2 cup marinated gigantes beans* 3 /4 cup Kalamata olives - sliced in half 3 /4 cup shaved Parmesan 4 oz goat cheese – crumbled J uice of 1 lemon 1 /3 cup olive oil K osher salt and freshly cracked pepper G arnish with dill (optional)

Cook the quinoa according to the package directions. Let it cool, then transfer to a large salad bowl or mixing bowl. Bring a grill pan to high heat, then cook the artichoke hearts for 2 minutes on each side or until charred. Add them to the salad bowl with the beans, olives, Parmesan, and goat cheese. Make the salad dressing by whisking together the lemon juice, olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper. Toss with the salad until evenly coated. Taste and add more seasoning if needed. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Can be refrigerated for up to two days. *Gigantes beans are giant white beans similar to cannellini beans. They can be found in the salad bar section at grocery stores such as Fresh Market and Whole Foods. You cay substitute with drained cannellini beans.

Reginelli Recommends: Imagery Sauvignon Blanc Crisp, light, and refreshing are three words you crave in the summer. Imagery delivers. With citrus lemon-lime notes and an appetizing acidity, this wine is both elegant and affordable. It’s the perfect pairing with a marinated Mediterranean salad. $13.99 See Wine Enthusiast Mary Catherine Reginelli at Pyramid Wines & Spirits., 901.578.2773.


Andrea LeTard is the creator and author of Andrea’s Cooktales, an heirloom cookbook being released Spring 2018. She is also a personal chef, small party caterer, and cooking instructor. Andrea has been featured on Cooking Channel, Today Show, and Local Memphis Live. She was chosen as a Top 100 Contestant on MasterChef Season 6. Her recipes are “next-generation southern”—fun and fundamentally southern with a modern twist. Follow Andrea on Facebook, Instagram (@andreas_cooktales), and her video blog series at

ACTIVE HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC We offer a full spectrum of treatments and therapies to address most aches and pains associated with an active lifestyle • Manual Medicine such as Chiropractic, Active Release Technique (ART), Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Fascial Distortion and many other techniques • Solutions for Myofascial Pain, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, sprains/strains, trigger points and other musculoskeletal problems


M A S T E R C O LO R I S T/ B A L AYA G E S P E C I A L I S T H O L LY W O O D S – 9 0 1 . 6 2 6 . 5 9 7 6

• Dr. Jeremy Jessop has over a decade of experience dealing with sports injuries, is master certified in ART, and is an Ironman himself



7844 Farmington blvd Germantown • 901.340.1837 C O M E B Y T O D AY T O E X P E R I E N C E 1 9 9 5 M A D I S O N AV E # 1 0 2 Dr. Jeremy Jessop DC



FOOD—with a side of guilt Anna loved sweets, but she felt she shouldn’t be eating them. Still, she was unable to resist break room treats or desserts at social events. She’d eat one…go back for another…and another. Before long, gnawing, nagging feelings of guilt would emerge. She tried to find a way to compensate for what she’d eaten and would resolve to never let something like this happen again. Anna was stuck in a cycle of food guilt, and her story is just one example that represents the patterns and feelings of many on a daily basis. The purpose of guilt is to teach right from wrong. Not surprisingly, we experience guilt when we’ve done something like breaking a law, committing an offense, or breaching a code of conduct. But in today’s world, messaging around food also sets us up for feeling guilty with descriptions of foods as “good or bad” and eating patterns as “right or wrong.” We’re left feeling unclear on our own food values and confused about whether eating clean, keto, low fat, or intermittent fasting is best. We end up establishing unrealistic and unattainable boundaries, rules, and expectations for ourselves, which only perpetuate guilt. Mistakenly, we begin to believe the more guilt we feel, the better we’ll eat. Eating is not a moral issue, so unless the food is stolen or the money to purchase it is, there’s no place for guilt with eating. Anna knew she really liked sweets, and she wanted to be able to savor them and feel peace about her eating versus pay a penance. Recognizing she was inevitably going to eat them, she worked with a Registered Dietitian and took the following steps to ensure her favorite foods weren’t always served with a side of guilt.


Identify foods that trigger guilt. Explore where your beliefs about food and guilt originate.

Ask: Is it time to change my expectations or let go of certain rules? Food guilt arises when your behaviors don’t meet your own standards or expectations. From where do your standards stem? Are they based on what everyone else is doing? Or fear that without rules, you’ll lose control with eating? Something else? It may be time to question whether your rules are helpful, rational, valid, and worth following. Also, keep in mind that sometimes rules drive you to behave in ways you never would’ve without them.

Give yourself permission to eat the foods you love. You have to eat…might as well enjoy!

Build trust in your body. Some people hesitate to let go of food guilt, feeling like it’s the one thing keeping their food choices in check. If you experience uncertainty regarding what is best for your body, how much is enough, or the timing of eating, a Registered Dietitian can help you build trust from your own food experiences and self-regulation skills so you know when to say yes or no.

Be curious. About how the food tastes. About how it feels in your body. About your judgments about the food. There’s no need to feel guilty about overeating or under-eating. It’s perfectly fine to reflect on eating experiences that went well and others you hoped would happen differently next time, but then it’s time to…

Let it go! If you’re human, you likely have moments where you think, “Why did I eat all of that?” Look at the big picture that includes thousands of meals eaten throughout the course of life, muster up some self-compassion, and let regret pass rather than ruin your day.

Blair Mize, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN is co-owner of Memphis Nutrition Group, anutrition & lifestyle counseling practice operated by registered & licensed dietitians/nutritionists. Memphis Nutrition Group believes in a non-diet approach that promotes overall health and optimal performance without compromising the enjoyment of food. For more information call Memphis Nutrition Group at 901.343.6146 or visit

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To Fit Your

HEALTHY Sophisticated Food In CASUAL Atmosphere.

Valet Parking Available Nightly 120 Monroe Avenue, Downtown 901-527-7085


Wild Beet offers salads and wraps, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and attentive preparation. We’re open for lunch and dinner, dine in or carry out. Catering available.

6641 Poplar Ave Suite #106 Germantown

901.552.5604 33


Why You Should Cheat on Your Cheat Meal The week-long anticipated cheat meal has become a staple in the ritual of many dieters. It looks a little something like this:

Monday: Your meals are planned and you plan to get to the gym daily. Your food choices this past weekend weren’t great, but you’re ready to make this week better!

Wednesday: You’re a little tired of eating broccoli and chicken but determined to stick it out because there’s a cheat meal coming soon.

Friday: All you can think of is your cheat meal. You’re hungry, you hate chicken and broccoli, and you’re sore and tired from the gym every day.

Friday Night: Refusing to look at another chicken breast, you go out for a big burger and fries to celebrate a diligent week of healthy decisions. Add in a drink or two to toast yourself getting leaner and fitter.

Saturday: You go out to lunch with friends and order a sandwich even though you swore off carbs. That night you have a few more drinks.

Sunday: Time for brunch, and your cheat meal has officially become a cheat weekend. But you’ll do better next week.


The concept of a cheat meal may seem like you’re allowing yourself some flexibility, but it implies that guilt and shame should accompany food choices. Often it can throw a wrench in health goals by creating a cycle of restricting food then overeating. Successful fat loss requires a calorie deficit, which means eating fewer calories than you burn on average. Just one cheat day can be enough to wipe out a full week’s calories deficit. If your diet asks you to dramatically restrict your food during the week or cut out entire food groups, it’s common to see a cheat meal spiral out of control and turn into a cheat weekend. To break this cycle, focus on balance and moderation rather than restriction and willpower. This helps create successful, sustainable changes. If you want a burger, have a burger! Even if it’s Tuesday. It’s common to think you have to suffer to earn your goals, but that’s not the case. While it may not seem as fun as a highly anticipated cheat meal, embracing the concept of moderation means that you can eat the foods you enjoy more frequently and improve your relationship with food while reaching your goals in a sustainable way. You don’t condone cheating on exams or in relationships, so why cheat on your health?

Kate Lyman, MPH, CHES is a nutrition coach who believes in ditching restrictive diet rules and building flexible eating habits so that you can eat the foods you enjoy while still working towards your aesthetic, performance, and health-related goals. She provides individual and corporate nutrition coaching and creates resources that can help anyone improve their diet. Find her cookbooks, nutrition guides, and other resources at or on follow along at @klnutrition.




Package Includes: $ 230 Value 1 Cardiovascular Infrared Sauna Session ($ 55 Value ) 1 Performance iV Drip Hydration Experience ($ 150 Value ) 1 Normatec Leg Recovery Session ($ 25 Value ) Follow Us @ vitaplusiv

BOOK NOW at VITAPLUSIV.COM -or- CALL (901) 617-3802 1055 Brookfield Rd. Memphis, TN 38119

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Be the Chef!

East Memphis (Next to the Greenline) 483 High Point Terrace Memphis, TN 38122

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JULY EVENTS 7/3/19 M-Town Series presented by University Clinical Health

7/14/19 MRTC RRS Full Series

Memphis, TN

7/16/19 TETA SI 5K Collierville, TN

7/3/19 Memphis Stars and Stripes 5K Memphis, TN 7/14/19 MRTC RRS 1st 5k Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN

7/20/19 The Pilgrimage MRTC Mug Mile Road race Germantown, TN 7/27/19 J4J 5th Annual Stop The Violence 5K Walk/Run and Kiddie Trot Memphis, TN

For races details go to

7/27/19 Superheroes vs Villains 5K Fun Run and Community Health Fair Memphis, TN 7/28/19 MRTC RRS 2nd 5k Memphis, TN 8/3/19 I Got Your Back 5K Run/Walk Olive Branch, MS 8/3/19 Miles for Melanoma 5K Memphis, TN

Race Directors, Reach Runners! Call Hailey at 901.335.6005 to Reserve Your Race Ad today!




FARMERS MARKET 30th Annual Dragon Fly Triathlon

American Farmland Trust’s

August 24 | 8am | 1/2 mile swim | 18 mile bike | 4 mile run | Sardis, MS

#13 Most Celebrated Market

Register at:

in the Nation & #1 Market in Mississippi!

It’s truly “A Fresh, Local Experience” at Hernando Farmers Market

2535 Highway 51 S, Hernando, MS 38632 • 662-429-9092

Every Saturday | 8 am until 1 pm April 27 – October 26


• therapeutic massage • deep tissue • prenatal • thai • ashiatsu

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885 South Cooper


Keep Your Dog As Active As You! For more information call 901.276.3210 or email




GREAT AMERICAN RIVER RUN 5K AND HALF MARATHON This race course showcased the Mississippi River, with live entertainment along the run route!










1. Alissa Parks and Jenny Lee

6. Molly Witherington

2. K risten Watkins and Denise Clifft

7. Jennifer Rivers

3. Samantha Steinmeyer and Gina Gaffney

8. Cassandra Morgan

4. Dennese Black

9. A J Macapaz and Khristina Hidalgo

5. Alex Buckner

10. Ben Austin



Photos taken by: JEN RUSSELL

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Benefiting Saint Patrick Community Outreach, Inc.










1. Candace Washington and Risa Smith

6. Jennifer Preston

2. Tay Harris and Taylor Thomas

7. Greg Dotson

3. Geetha Sudarsanam and Raja Sudarsanam

8. Lily Wong and Ying Wong

4. Cindy Herbert

9. Molly Glacer and Katie Liberkowski

5. Chris Dunnawy

10. Sarah Duncan and Cathy Thrasher



Photos taken by: JEN RUSSELL

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