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Career Development Guide 2017 - 18




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Graphic Designer


Customer Service



Industrial Maintenance


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Bank Tellers

Class A & B CDL Drivers

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Career Development Guide 2017 - 18




Services & Events Code of Conduct: Conducting an Ethical Job Search Professional Etiquette

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DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU’RE EAGLE PROUD! This guide is intended as a resource of best practices to provide recommendations, ideas, strategies, and examples for your career planning and job search endeavors. We look forward to working with you as you launch your career plan and take flight with your job search!

Freshmen-Sophomores 8 TypeFocus Assessment 9


Juniors-Seniors 11 Study Abroad, Internships, & Experiential Learning 11


Resume Guidlines Checklist Resume Outline Accomplishment Statements Action Verb List Chronological Resume Combination Resume Military Transition Resume Curriculum Vita (CV) References, Cover Letter, & Thank You Letter Networking Inquiry & Acceptance Letter


Networking Introduction Business ‘Networking’ Card Branding Yourself Networking Introduction Elevator Pitch Networking with Employees LinkedIn Profile

SPREAD YOUR WINGS Interview Prep: Acing Your Interview Ruffle Your Feathers: What to Wear Business Professional Business Casual

ON THE HORIZON Negotiating Your First Salary

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TAKE OFF & KEEP SOARING First Year on the Job Student Success

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Tina Boitnott Amanda Olson Director Coordinator OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm (7:30am-5:30pm summer) PHONE: 903-334-6707 WEBSITE: LOCATION: University Center, 329 7101 University Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503 VISION We will strengthen our community by providing our students with skills and opportunities to be successful in the global workplace. MISSION To educate, prepare, and assist students and alumni for career success. Follow us @tamutcareerdev CREDITS: Editors: Carol Langston, Stacy Glover, Tina Boitnott, Amanda Olson; Graphics: Lindsey Clark; Models: Deejea Lynch and Zac McCarthy 3

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18




Take the web-based assessment TypeFocus (located at www.hireaneagle. work), which assesses your personality, values, and interests. Contact our office to schedule a career counseling appointment to interpret the assessment and discuss how these personal factors influence your decision making when selecting a major or exploring a career.


Resume/curriculum vita (cv)/cover letter/ professional letter consultation service is provided by appointment either face-toface or via email. Once your resume, cv, and/or cover letter is completed be sure to upload it to Hire an Eagle (


Practice your interviewing skills either face-to-face, via phone, or virtually using Zoom or the mock interview feature in Hire an Eagle ( Contact our office to schedule an appointment.


LinkedIn consultations to ensure your professional online presence are helpful and not hurtful to your job search and beyond; make an appointment for a consultation.


(job database) Connect with employers. Search and apply for full-time, part-time (both on and off campus) jobs, and internships on Hire an Eagle. Post your resume, register for events, and view a list of employers attending each event.

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



The fairs will be held in the fall and spring and provide every student from freshman through graduate, as well as alumni, with the opportunity to network with employers and seek internships and full-time employment. For a list of employers attending the fairs go to


The College of Business, Engineering & Technology (CBET) and the College of Arts, Sciences & Education (CASE) will each have a college specific networking event aimed at connecting students with employers and alumni as they practice networking skills and increase their network of professionals within their fields of interest.


Employers will come on campus during the school year to conduct interviews. To participate, you will need to have your resume uploaded in Hire an Eagle. Employers may pre-screen the resumes to select qualified candidates. They may also participate in informational sessions such as class presentations or hosting a booth in the University Center.


If you are invited to an interview that includes a meal, your table manners will be observed. By attending etiquette events, you are preparing yourself for confidence in both business and social settings. There will be a Global Business Etiquette Dinner held in the fall in conjunction with the International Education Week that will focus each year on a particular culture. In the spring, there will be an American Business Etiquette Dinner. This is our only event that charges a fee to attend.


For assistance with your professional interview wardrobe, the career closet offers gently used men and women’s professional attire at no cost along with a minimal fee suit bank loan program for renting new suits. Contact Career Development for more information.


Job shadowing gives you the opportunity to meet and spend the day with professionals who work in your area of interest. This service is open year round. If you are interested, please contact Career Development to get started. We also offer Professional Development and Job Search Workshops, Job Search Assistance, and Professional School Application/Personal Statement Assistance.

For a calendar of events go to 5

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18

CONDUCTING AN ETHICAL JOB SEARCH From the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Conduct Committee: 1. Provide accurate information about your academic work and records. 2. Conduct your job search with honesty and integrity. Do not stretch the truth on your resume, applications, or during any part of the interview process. 3. Interview genuinely. Interview only with employers you’re sincerely interested in working for and whose eligibility requirements you meet. “Practice” interviewing is misleading to employers. 4. Adhere to schedules. Appear for all interviews, on campus and elsewhere, unless unforeseeable events prevent you from doing so. If you can’t make the interview because of an unforeseeable event, notify the employer at the earliest possible moment. 5. Don’t keep employers hanging. Communicate your acceptance or refusal of a job offer to employers as promptly as possible, so they can notify other candidates that they are still being considered or that the position is filled. 6. Accept a job offer in good faith. When you accept an offer, you should have every intention of honoring that commitment. Accepting an offer only as a precautionary measure is misleading to the employer and may restrict opportunities for others who are genuinely interested in that employer. 7. Withdraw from recruiting when your job search is completed. Let employers that are actively considering you for a job know that you are now out of the running. 8. Claim fair reimbursement. If an employer has agreed to reimburse you for expenses you incur in its recruitment process, your request should be only for reasonable and legitimate expenses. 9. Obtain the career information you need to make an informed choice about your future. It’s up to you to acquire the information about career opportunities, organizations, and any other information that might influence your decisions. Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


CODE OF CONDUCT: PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE In order to protect you and employers, the following policies and procedures are provided to ensure the ethical conduct of your professional development and job search. The very reputations of Career Development and Texas A&M University-Texarkana are at stake with employers when a student or alum displays unprofessional behavior which can result in the loss of recruiting opportunities for future Eagles.


When you schedule an appointment with Career Development or an employer, you are making a professional commitment and are expected to either show up or cancel within the time frames outlined below. We understand true emergencies do happen - just remember to communicate your situation as soon as possible.


If you fail to appear or do not cancel before 12 p.m. (noon) the day before an interview date, you will be considered a no-show. You will be required to submit a letter or email of apology to the company recruiter within two business days of the missed interview and submit a copy to the Director, Tina Boitnott at Contact Career Development to obtain the employer’s information if necessary.


Failure to appear or cancel before 12 p.m. (noon) five business days prior to the dinner will result in forfeiture of the reservation fee.


You must follow professional ethical protocol and provide accurate information on your resume and job applications. Remember: when in doubt, leave it out.


If you fail to appear or cancel 24 hours prior to the assigned date, you will be considered a noshow. You will be required to submit a letter or email of apology to your job shadow mentor within two business days of the missed date and submit a copy to the Director, Tina Boitnott at tboitnott@ Contact Career Development to obtain the employer’s information if needed.


If you fail to appear or do not cancel before 12 p.m. (noon) the day before your appointment, you will be considered a no-show. You will be asked to write a letter of apology within two business days of the missed date to the Career Development staff member with whom you were scheduled to meet.


For any questions, comments, or concerns about the Code of Conduct, or if you wish to make an appeal, please contact: Tina Boitnott, Career Development Director, at 903-223-1366 or 7

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



Be purposeful: ask yourself, do you want your major to: • Prepare you for a specific career you have in mind? • Provide you with a broad skill set? • Increase your chances of getting into graduate or professional school? Self-awareness: Take the TypeFocus Career Assessment located at (, and schedule a career counseling appointment to have it interpreted and allow you time to reflect on the following: • Skills – What are your natural abilities and activities in which you excel? • Interests – What area of work would you enjoy? Values – What is important to you? What problem would you like to solve? Exploration: Research careers by: • Participating in an Eagle Job Shadow (see Career Development for more information). • Volunteering and participating in internships or working part-time to learn more about a career or industry. • Watching career videos located in TypeFocus • Attending career development networking events ( for the calendar of events). • Visiting the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH; for information about numerous careers. Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


TYPEFOCUS ASSESSMENT PERSONALITY (MBTI) Introvert-gain energy from inner world, concentration Extrovert-gain energy from outer world, interaction Sensing-take in information via five senses and facts Intuitive-take in information via patterns, impressions and possibilities Thinking-decides with head, critical Feeling-decides with heart, empathetic Judging-structured, organized, stick to plan Perceiving-flexible, disorganized, change decisions midway

INTERESTS (Strong Inventory) Realistic-work outdoors, build/repair things, hands-on Conventional-dependable, well defined tasks, self-control Artistic-creative, plan social events, theatre, music Enterprising-persuade others, public speaking, material wealth Social-concern for others, sociable, patient, helping, teaching Investigative-mathematical, science, problem solver, reading

VALUES (few examples) Relationships-work alongside coworkers and helping others Work Conditions-environment that has good conditions Achievement-work yields results Independence-working/making decisions on your own Recognition-receiving attention for your work Support-supportive management


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18






Do you like to travel or have you dreamed of learning about a culture and developing a new language? Study Abroad provides you with a global perspective and enhances your adaptability, self-confidence, problem solving, and communication skills. Many employers see value in the cross-cultural experience you gain when studying abroad. Contact Jennifer Felps, Director of International Studies, at to learn more about studying abroad.


An internship allows you to try out a career by participating in the daily work and observing the environment. You may participate in an academic internship in which you receive academic credit and your supervisor works with your internship advisor to provide a grade for your work and learning outcomes. You may participate in a non-academic internship in which you do not receive credit for your work. Career Development seeks to identify paid over non-paid internships. When is the appropriate time to do an internship? Generally, it is during your junior and senior years, but some employers, like Disney, hire freshmen and sophomores. Some academic programs require an internship so check with your academic department about timelines. If your department does not require an internship, seek one anyway for the opportunities it will provide to you and the experience you will gain. Where do I look to find an internship? You can find a listing of internships at (www. and other websites such as (www., and ( Employers attending the Career and Internship Fairs and Networking Events often have internships available. Another avenue is Career Development and your departmental faculty who are often contacted by employers with internship positions.

Junior & Senior Years PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & JOB SEARCH Be involved: Hone your leadership, time management & team work skills by:

Taking a role of responsibility in a student organization or community project Seeking an internship or experiential learning opportunity ( Job Search Preparation: Take advantage of every opportunity to connect with employers and career mentors by: Scheduling informational interviews and identifying mentors Attending a business etiquette dinner ( for the calendar of events) Exploring career and internship options ( Creating a LinkedIn profile and engage employers in conversations about your qualifications and employment options Attending career development events such as Career & Internship Fairs, Teacher Career Fair, and ACE Talks (job search sessions) Ensuring your resume is professional and formatted to highlight your qualifications by making an appointment with Career Development for a critique review


CONNECT 360 The Eagle Experience “...structured activities that increases authentic experiences of students.� p. 18 A&M-Texarkana Quality Enhancement Plan Internships and class projects where you apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-world problems or situations are a part of experiential learning. You can learn how you bring value by contributing as part of a team, problem solving, communicating, and applying your skill sets through experiential learning. For more information contact your faculty advisor. 11

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



One page (Two pages are acceptable if individuals have RELEVANT information and/or more than 10 years of relevant experience). Keep CONSISTENT throughout resume including alignment, bolding, and how the dates are listed; either spell out the state or abbreviate it, just don’t do both in the same resume. Do not use a resume template. Use a blank Word document to create your resume. You have more flexibility to format the document. Omit the objective, a summary of qualifications can be used instead. Font size no larger than 14 or smaller than 10. Your name is 2 pt. larger font size than the rest of the words on the resume. Avoid italics, colors (other than black), graphics, and headshot. Text - use bullets for your accomplishment statements. Grammar – omit pronouns such as “I,” “me,” “us,” “we,” and “our” from the resume also omit “a,” “an,” “the,” and all periods. Use action verbs to reflect what you actually accomplished; be sure to quantify your accomplishments by showing numbers, percentages, or dollar amounts when possible. Proper action verb tense (if the job is current then use present tense, if the job is not current then use past tense). Experience is listed in reverse chronological order (most recent to less recent). Tailor each resume to show relevance to the job in which you are applying. In short, one size does not fit all. Read the job description in order to create the resume according to relevance. Spellcheck and proofread to ensure there are no grammatical errors and have a career development professional critique your resume. Career Development Guide 2017 - 18












Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Job title, dates, and company name, city, state are presented in reverse chronological order (most recent first) Begin each accomplishment statement (bulleted) with the appropriate action verb and tense

List these or include other relevant subtitles



Degree is written as it will appear on your diploma. You may want to check with your transcript to confirm the accurate wording

Replaces the objective; however, it needs to be a strong statement of your skills relevant to the job or omit it completely

Name, email address (professional), LinkedIn URL is included, (your physical address, city & state are optional)


WRITING ACCOMPLISHMENT STATEMENTS Action Verb + Project + Result = Accomplishment ACTION VERB: Coordinated


PROJECT: two fundraising events for local animal shelter


RESULT: that raised over $6,000 (25% over goal), generated over 28 pet adoptions and heightened community awareness


ACCOMPLISHMENT: Coordinated two fundraising events for local animal shelter that raised over $6,000 (25% over goal), generated over 28 pet adoptions and heightened community awareness


Instead of: led, handled, oversaw Use: consolidated, appointed, delegated, established

Instead of: organized, ordered, filed Use: catalogued, executed, monitored, operated Approved Arranged Categorized Charted Classified Coded Collected Compiled Corrected Corresponded Distributed Filed Generated Incorporated Inspected Logged Maintained Obtained Ordered

Prepared Processed Provided Purchased Recorded Registered Reserved Responded Reviewed Routed Scheduled Screened Standardized Submitted Supplied Systematized Updated Validated Verified

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Approved Assigned Attained Authorized Chaired Considered Consolidated Contracted Controlled Converted Coordinated Decided Developed Directed Eliminated Emphasized Enforced Enhanced Executed Generated Headed Hosted Improved Incorporated Increased Initiated Inspected


Instituted Led Managed Merged Motivated Navigated Organized Originated Overhauled Oversaw Planned Presided Prioritized Produced Recommended Reorganized Replaced Restored Reviewed Scheduled Secured Selected Streamlined Strengthened Supervised Terminated

COMMUNICATION Instead of: talked, led, presented, organized Use: addressed, corresponded, persuaded, publicized, reconciled Advertised Interpreted Arbitrated Interviewed Arranged Involved Articulated Joined Authored Judged Clarified Lectured Collaborated Listened Communicated Marketed Composed Mediated Condensed Moderated Conferred Negotiated Consulted Observed Contacted Outlined Conveyed Participated Convinced Presented Debated Promoted Defined Proposed Developed Reconciled Directed Recruited Discussed Referred Drafted Reinforced Edited Reported Elicited Resolved Enlisted Responded Explained Solicited Expressed Specified Formulated Spoke Furnished Suggested Incorporated Summarized Influenced Synthesized Interacted Translated Wrote

These statements describe what you have actually done. Remember to quantify your work if possible. Here is an example of a generic, vague statement vs. a strong, descriptive statement.


Event Coordinator, July 2016-Present Texarkana Paws, Texarkana, TX • Planned charity events

Event Coordinator, July 2016-Present Texarkana Paws, Texarkana, TX • Coordinated and marketed two fundraising events for local animal shelter which raised over $6,000 (25% over goal), generated over 28 pet adoptions and heightened community awareness



• •

Highlights work history Especially good for job seekers who wish to stay in the same line of work Use reverse chronological order when listing items within categories Use when you have stayed consistent in your career and the job you are applying for is relevant to your experience


Chronological Resume ACE EAGLE 123-123-1234 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • • • •

Over 6 years’ teaching experience Bilingual English and Spanish both written and verbal Exceptional administrative, communication, and problem solving skills Punctual, self-motivated, and detail-oriented professional

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, 4-8, Expected, May 2018 A&M-Texarkana, Texarkana, Texas Associate of Science, May 2015 Texarkana College, Texarkana, Texas WORK EXPERIENCE Clinical Teaching, Jan 2018-Present Avinger ISD, Avinger, Texas • Teach seventh and eighth grade science • Develop lesson plans, introduce material, and assess for learning outcomes • Provide structured classroom environment that facilitates participatory learning • Attend parent-teacher conferences and meet with mentor teacher daily Teacher, August 2016-December 2017 Children’s Learning Center, Texarkana, Texas • Managed classroom, supplies, toys, and curriculum in an organized manner • Instructed and planned daily schedule and lesson plans for 5-7 children Teacher’s Aide, January 2015-May 2016 Texas Middle School, Texarkana, Texas • Assisted teacher with developing activities for history class • Worked with 25 middle school students and helped develop necessary skills needed to progress to next grade level Assistant Director, June 2011-December 2014 Small Town Learning Center, Texarkana, Texas • Interacted with 20-30 parents per shift to ensure quality customer service and resolve any issues and concerns • Supervised and trained 7 employees resulting in effective and efficient work environment • Purchased food, equipment, and services for facility HONORS/AWARDS Member, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, January 2013-Present


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



Highlights your abilities, such as computer skills, customer service or tutoring Typically used by job seekers who have little experience or are changing careers Use when you have some relevant skills for the job you are applying and also have additional work history •

Combination Resume


Over 2 years of experience working with college-aged students and adults Proficient in MS Office, Photoshop, Adobe, and Banner Exceptional leadership, communication, and problem solving skills Highly creative, punctual, self-motivated, and detail-oriented professional

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Expected December 2018 A&M-Texarkana, Texarkana, Texas Associate of Arts, May 2016 Texarkana College, Texarkana, Texas RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Student Worker, August 2016 - Present Career Development, A&M-Texarkana, Texarkana, Texas • Assist with development of university wide student worker handbook • Market events and services through social media and information tables • Develop marketing ideas for fall 2017 calendar of events Peer Mentor/Tutor, August 2015 - December 2016 Student Success Center, Texas A&M University-Texarkana, Texarkana, Texas • Tutored 15 students in English composition resulting in 100% pass rate • Prepared and customized course material information to assist students • Contacted and collaborated with instructors to obtain course syllabi, materials, and curriculum WORK HISTORY: Sales Associate, Target, Texarkana, TX Jun 2014 – Dec 2015 HONORS/AWARDS: Member, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, January 2014-Present Dean’s List, Fall 2013-Spring 2015

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Military Transition ACE EAGLE 123-123-1234 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • • •

Network Systems professional with 4 years of experience in computer installation, configuration, troubleshooting, desktop support, and network management Network Maintenance Manager with excellent customer service ratings Currently possess a DoD Secret Security Clearance

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Installation & Configuration Troubleshooting Customer Service

End-user Support Systems Upgrades Administrative Systems

Information Security Property Accountability Leadership




Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2018 Texas A&M University-Texarkana, Texarkana, TX Associate of Arts in General Studies, Dec 2012 Central Texas College, Killeen, TX Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer Course, Sep 2013 United States Army, Fort Hood, TX PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer, Jun 2016 – Jan 2018 United States Army, Fort Drum, NY • Managed team of 8 personnel conducting field level maintenance on electronic nodal assemblages, combat net radios, and ancillary communications equipment • Conducted technical inspections, supervised troubleshooting and test diagnostics procedures • Ensured all systems were operational with 99% readiness status Networking Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer, Aug 2012 – May 2016 United States Army, Fort Hood, TX • Maintained security of $125M of accountable equipment; resulted in zero losses • Created database for equipment accountability, decreased purchasing costs by 20% and increased equipment turnaround times by 30% • Conducted IT training for over 80 employees; resulted in 20%decrease in trouble tickets


Visit Career Development UC 329 Or Contact: TIna Boitnott | 903.223.1366 | Amanda Olson | 903.334.6728 | 17

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Accomplished career demonstrating consistent success as an administrator and educator at the secondary and higher education levels Seasoned in conceiving and building programs from the ground up through proven competencies in grant writing and administration, project and program management, and staff development and empowerment Extensive background of developing and implementing special programs for at-risk and special needs students, racially and ethnically diverse populations, and second-language learners Effective communicator with excellent planning, organizational, and negotiation strengths as well as the ability to lead, reach consensus, establish goals, and attain results

For more information contact Grad Studies at

Lecturer, Jul 2012 –Dec 2013 Coppin State University, Baltimore, MD • Taught course on Nature and Needs of Exceptional Children to classes of 25 to 30 undergraduate students

Adjunct Instructor, Jan 2014 - May 2017 University of Maryland, College Park, MD • Taught Current Trends in Education, Learning Theory and Human Development to undergraduate students in class sizes averaging 20 students


PROFESSIONAL DEVLOPMENT Certifications Maryland Letter of Eligibility for Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director, Assistant Director, Principal, Assistant Principal, 2003

Woods, Daniel, A. (2010), “Staff Development for Mid-Career Faculty.” Presented at the Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals and Assistant Principals annual conference, Columbia, MD. Woods, Daniel, A. (2005). “Youth Suicide Prevention”. Presented to Carroll County Public School Specialist Education Teachers In-service day, New Windsor, MD


Learning Problems Resource Teacher, Aug 1995 – Jul 2003 Chesapeake High School, Baltimore, MD • Collaborated with and coached assigned teachers in planning for specific student learning outcomes based on needs and skill levels • Developed, obtained, maintained, and provided student data related to content area(s) • Ensured student safety and appropriate attention to each student’s readiness to learn to include guidance, discipline, and welfare

Assistant Principal, Aug 2003 – May 2008 Walt Whitman High School, Baltimore, MD • Oversaw student discipline, attendance, instructional supervision, and staff evaluation for 2,000student high school serving grades 9-12 • Administered $400,000 annual operating budget and supervised 120 professional and classified staff members • Enhanced success of students through creation of alternative education program

Principal, May 2008 – Jul 2013 Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Bethesda, MD • Directed all aspects of school operations, including instructional leadership, grant writing and management, program planning and implementation, staff selection and evaluation, student placement and discipline, school finance, and plant supervision for 1,200-student high school serving grades 9-12 • Procured and administered $200,000 grant for Classrooms for the Future, and $300,000 grant for Project 720 (high school reform initiative) over 4-year period through Virginia Department of Education • Developed and implemented JROTC program resulting in statewide recognition



Ed.D., Education Leadership, May 2017 University of Maryland, College Park, MD DISSERTATION: An Analysis of the Program Cost and Intensity of Service of Public and Nonpublic Special Education in Maryland M.Ed., Educational Management and Supervision, Aug 2003 Loyola College, School of Management and Administration, Baltimore, MD B.S., Elementary and Special Education, May 1995 Towson State University, Towson, MD





Curriculum Vita

CURRICULUM VITAE Use a curriculum vitae (CV) when applying for grants, fellowships, academic-oriented positions, research positions, or positions outside of the United States and Canada.

Take your career to the next level.

GRADUATE STUDIES Explore Our Degree Programs • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Accounting Adult & Higher Education Communication Curriculum and Instruction Education Leadership English History Instructional Technology Interdisciplinary Studies Counseling School Counseling Psychology Business Administration Nursing Administration

Read Admission Requirements Review program-specific admission requirements on the Graduate Studies website.

Apply Online


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18

123-123-1234 REFERENCES Dr. Anita Job Professor of Psychology University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (423) 425-8888 Mr. Will Nice Director of Employer Relations Northwest Airlines (612) 555-5555 Ms. Ima Goodwin District Manager Best Buy Corporation (423) 425-5555




7101 University Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503 April 10, 2018 Ms. Janet Owens Marketing Director B&P Promotions 1004 Ryan Avenue Tyler, TX 75701 Dear Ms. Owens: It was a pleasure meeting and interviewing with you today. I am very excited about your vision for B&P Promotions and the graphic design position. As we discussed, my experiences and skills sets are a good fit and will allow for a seamless transition into your department. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, signature Ace Eagle

7101 University Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503 April 10, 2018 Ms. Janet Owens Marketing Director B&P Promotions 1004 Ryan Avenue Tyler, TX 75701 Dear Ms. Owens: I am submitting my resume for the Graphic Design position advertised on A&M-Texarkana Career Development’s Hire an Eagle. I will graduate from A&M-Texarkana this May with a BBA in Marketing. I actually met you on campus in March at the Spring Career and Internship Fair and was excited when I saw that your position was posted. I participated in a marketing internship this spring, in which I worked exclusively in graphic design. This experience helped me to discover my talents for creative marketing in the area of promotional items. I feel my experiences and skills could be of value to B&P Promotions. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration. If I have not heard from you by May 1, I will contact you to ensure you have received my application and resume. You may reach me at (903) 223-0097 or by e-mail at Sincerely, Signature Ace Eagle Enclosure

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


NETWORKING INQUIRY 7101 University Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503 April 10, 2018 Ms. Janet Owens Marketing Director B&P Promotions 1004 Ryan Avenue Tyler, TX 75701 Dear Ms. Owens: My name is Ace Eagle. I am a marketing major at A&M-Texarkana and will graduate this May. I am interested in learning more about the career opportunities at B&P Promotions and would to like to schedule an appointment to speak with you. As you will note from my enclosed resume, I have participated in an internship and class projects which provided me with significant experience and knowledge in the areas of marketing and graphic design. I would like to meet with you in order to learn more about your graphic design position. I will contact your office on April 20th to schedule an appointment. Sincerely, Signature Ace Eagle

ACCEPTANCE LETTER 7101 University Avenue Texarkana, TX 75503 April 10, 2018 Ms. Janet Owens Marketing Director B&P Promotions 1004 Ryan Avenue Tyler, TX 75701 Dear Ms. Owens: It was with pleasure that I am writing to accept the graphic design position. From your offer letter, I understand the annual salary is $49,750 with benefits to include medical, vision, and dental. I also understand this includes a company matching 401b and my start date is June 1, 2018. I am pleased to have been selected for the position and look forward to joining your team. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I will see you on June 1st. Thank you, Signature Ace Eagle 21

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18

EDUCATION is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

-W.B. Yeats

C CASE CASE Bachelor’s Degrees Applied Arts and Sciences Biology Biotechnology Chemistry Criminal Justice English General Studies History Interdisciplinary Studies • Teacher Preparation Program Kinesiology Mass Communication

Nursing Political Science Psychology Sociology CASE Master’s Degrees Counseling • Clinical Mental Health • School Counseling Communication Adult and Higher Education Curriculum and Instruction • Master Mathematics Teacher

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


• •

Master Reading Teacher Professional Edcuational Diagnostician • Special Education • Teaching Certification Educational Leadership English History Nursing CASE Doctoral Degree Education Leadership

College of

BUSINESS, ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY CBET Bachelor’s Degrees Accounting Electrical Engineering Computer Science Mathematics

Business Administration Concentrations in: • Finance • Management • Management Information Systems • Marketing • Supply Chain Management


CBET Master’s Degrees

Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration • Energy Leadership Track • Supply Chain Management • General MBA Master of Science in Accounting

CBE T 23

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



As a job seeker, you may not always have a resume on you when a networking opportunity presents itself. However, you can always have business networking cards, especially as a student job seeker. There are a variety of formats to choose from - just be sure it looks professional and is on quality card stock. WHAT SHOULD YOU INCLUDE ON A STUDENT JOB SEEKERS CARD? FRONT • Name • Phone, Email • Graduation Date • Degree, Major, Minor • LinkedIn URL (your online resume) BACK • Interest area(s) or skills (relevant) • Languages (specify skill level) • Certifications or Licensures (relevant) • If/where you are willing to work anywhere add that

ACE EAGLE Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2018 903.223.1234

Human Resources Customer Service Leadership Sales Proficient in Spanish and English Willing to relocate Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



NETWORKING INTRODUCTION Most jobs are part of the hidden job market and never advertised. They are filled internally or by referrals of someone who is trusted by the hiring manager. This makes networking more important than ever! Be sure to attend Career Development’s networking events; Visit for the calendar of events.


Think of this as the interview question “Tell me something about yourself.” You may want to practice this so that it comes across as conversational and not stiff and formal. Focus on these three things: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you currently do? 3. What do you want to do?

Hi, my name is Ace Student and I will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from A&MTexarkana. I recently completed an internship at BioBeauty as a lab assistant. Through this experience, I’ve learned that research and development in the health and beauty industry is the right fit for me. I am ready for the next step in my career and I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you.


Whether you are at the Career and Internship Fair or in an employer class presentation, here is an example of an introduction aimed at making a network connection.

“Hi, Mr. Employer, I’m Ace Student. Thank you for taking the time to come to our campus or class. I am very interested in learning more about your company’s internships posted on Hire an Eagle. Is there a specific person I need to talk with? (If so, then may I say that you referred me?) Thank you again for taking your time to be here today.”


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



PHOTO: Use a cell phone camera to snap a picture of yourself but be sure you present yourself as a professional and dress accordingly. Don’t forget to SMILE!

HEADLINE: Tell people what you’re excited about now and the cool things you want to do in the future.

SUMMARY: Describe what motivates you, what you’re skilled at, and what’s next.

EXPERIENCE: List the jobs you held, even if they were part-time, along with what you accomplished at each. Even include photos and videos from your work.

ORGANIZATIONS: Have you joined any clubs at school or outside? Be sure to describe what you did with each organizatIon.

EDUCATION: Starting with college, list all the educational experiences you’ve had including summer programs.

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE & CAUSES: Even if you weren’t paid for a job, be sure to list it. Admissions officers and employers often see volunteer experience just as valuable as paid work.

SKILLS & EXPERTISE: Add at least five key skills and then your connections can endorse you for your best skills.

HONORS & AWARDS: If you earned a prize in or out of school, don’t be shy. Let the world know about it!

COURSES: List the classes that show off the skills and interests you’re most excited about.

PROJECTS: Whether you led a team assignment in school or built an app on your own, talk about what you did and how you did it.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Ask managers, professors, or classmates who’ve worked with you closely to write a recommendation. This gives extra credibility to your strengths and skills. 27

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18




Research shows that job seekers don’t spend the time necessary to prepare or practice for interviews because they feel they don’t know what the interviewer is going to ask. That is true to a point; but there are a few questions that are almost always asked.


When you are looking for a job, your interview begins the minute you drive into the parking lot. You will be observed immediately by everyone who sees you throughout the day. For each person you meet during the interview process, including administrative assistants and the entire interview panel, consider applying the following tips:

• • • • Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Always introduce yourself and greet others with a firm handshake, smile, and eye contact. Be enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about your field. Be yourself; show you are poised and confident in your skills through your body language, posture, and facial expressions. Do your homework. Be knowledgeable about the company’s mission, vision, and values and be able to discuss them effectively.

INTERVIEW PREP “Tell me something about yourself.” This is one of the first questions asked and sets the tone for the interview. Be brief and to the point – education, experience, and skills; not personal life.

“What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?” Keep it relevant to the job and do not discuss your personal life. Prepare by making a list before the interview and narrowing it down to one that tells a story in about 2 minutes.

“What is your biggest weakness?” This can be something you have worked on in the past. Give it a positive tone showing that you have it under control. For example, “I tend to procrastinate from time to time, however, I have found that making a to-do list for the next work day keeps me on track”.

“How do you handle conflict or stressful situations?” Think about a time you used patience, communication, and/or problem solving to address the situation. Give an example.

“Why should I hire you?” This is the time for you to highlight your skills that are relevant for the job and use what you have learned about the position from the interview. Describe how you can do the job better than the other candidates being interviewed.

“Where do you see yourself in five to Ten years?” This is not a time to crack a joke or give the interviewer the impression you are not interested enough in the company to stay or that you are coming after their job. Promotions usually come within the first three years so keep that in mind.

“Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?” Always have a couple of questions ready such as, “What are your expectations of the person in this position?” or “What is the potential to grow professionally within the company?” Do not ask about pay, vacation, etc. You can research those and be ready to discuss once you have been offered the job. Do not ask questions that you can find by doing your research on the company.


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


FEATHERS Here are a few general guidelines for your interview attire: • • • • • •

Hair should be clean, well groomed, and away from the eyes (this includes all facial hair, even in November). If possible, tattoos and/or body piercings should not be visible. Strong smells, including mints, perfumes, or aftershaves, should be avoided in excess. A portfolio or briefcase should be carried to take notes and store documents. Clothing should fit properly. Belts should be worn and low necklines, short skirts, and heels higher than three inches should be avoided. Clothes should be clean and well pressed.


Ties are generally not necessary for business casual, but if in doubt, you can wear a tie.

Facial hair, if worn, should be well-groomed.

If you choose to wear jewelry, be conservative.

Removing earrings is safest. Observe other men in your industry to see what is acceptable.


A two-piece suit will work in almost all cases. Be sure it is dry cleaned.

A shirt should be a solid long sleeved 60/40 cotton blend and pressed. White works in almost all cases.

A simple pattern tie with a minimal amount of red is best for interviews (larger men can use a double Windsor knot to minimize bulkiness).

No cologne (for the interview), good personal grooming includes clean shaven or trimmed facial hair, haircut, and manicured nails. Cover visible tattoos.

Slack and sock color should match.

Polished shoes (good heels and soles) and belt should match in color

A short trousers break (the point where the pants touch the shoe), makes a shorter man appear taller and a full break makes a taller men look more proportional.

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices.

For the most conservative look, toes should be covered. Sandals which are neither extremely dressy nor extremely casual might be appropriate. Chunky heels and platforms are not appropriate.

Panty hose are not essential for business casual, but can still be appropriate in certain situations.


Ripped jeans



Wrinkled khakis

Short shorts and dresses

Serious job candidates know the importance of first impressions in their job search. They know that the first impression they make on the interviewer is, almost always, going to be the lasting impression.


Keep jewelry and accessories simple and not distracting. Remove facial rings and only wear one earring per ear.

Hair should be cut/trimmed, styled and of an appropriate color for the workplace. Manicured nails with a neutral polish.

Makeup should be fresh and natural looking for daytime wear; cover visible tattoos

A two-piece matching suit with a skirt (at or just above the knee length) or tailored pant with appropriate hem length (trouser break).

Blouse color and pattern is optional depending on the outfit, and fabric should be of a good professional weight that fits well. Avoid low cut blouses or tops.

Wear pantyhose (stockings) with a skirt.

Shoes should be polished and in a color that compliments the outfit. Closed toed and closed heeled, no more than 2 inch high heels, are appropriate.

No cologne/perfumed or fragranced body lotions or powders (for the interview). Use good personal hygiene. 31

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


Citation First of all – do negotiate it can add up to higher earnings over the course of your career. Make sure you know a typical salary and benefits range for the position before the negotiation. Be enthusiastic - even if the offer is lower than you expected, an offer is an offer. If pushed to accept, ask to review the offer in writing then weigh your options and do some research on how the offer stacks up. Don’t take too much time; they have a job they need to fill. Use the offer call (or email) to ask about benefits in addition to salary. A full-time, but hourly job might not come with benefits, whereas some companies provide benefits that end up being worth 50% of your salary. Consider your entire benefits package. Speaking of the benefits package – look at vacation time, moving allowance, and signing bonus. It’s not typical for entry-level employees to be offered all of these, but it’s important to know if any are not included, as you may be able to negotiate these into your offer. Be prompt. Once you’ve researched, respond quickly. Lead the negotiation with enthusiasm. You’re still interested in the job and want to make it work. If you’re going to ask for something, be prepared to explain what you want, why you want it, and how it will benefit the company. Example: “I’d like to start on September 1st instead of August 1st as I would benefit from some extra moving time and then be able to start with all of my energy focused on learning the job.” If you’re going to ask for more money, don’t assume that saying their offer is lower than the average will work. Compliment your salary research with an explanation of what you want and why. Be thoughtful about what you ask. Be ambitious, but realistic about what you ask for, and always back up your request with data about the company, the job title and the role’s responsibilities. Accept or Decline. You’re going to do one or the other, accept with positive enthusiasm or decline with gratitude and bow out with grace. You don’t want to close off an opportunity for them to come back with a counter offer.

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18



TAKE OFF TIPS FOR SUCCESS ON THE FIRST YEAR OF YOUR JOB Make the most of your first job and it will more than likely lead the way to future success. •

Arrive early and stay late to prove you are ready to work hard.

Send work emails early and/or late in the day to show you are present and productive.

Provide your boss with updates on the status of your projects and ask for help when you need it but try to figure it out on your own first.

Do not miss work time unless you absolutely need to, but then work from home or put in extra hours to catch up when you return.

Avoid continual checks of your cell phone and social media at work. If necessary, do so in private.

Continue to build your professional network on LinkedIn.

Introduce yourself to as many co-workers as possible and learn about the role they play and the work done by their department.

Offer to help others out during crunch time, but only after consulting with your supervisor.

Seek out mentors who can coach you towards success.

Surround yourself with positive people and don’t ever gripe or complain to co-workers.

Be a team player and treat others positively at your own level (or below).


It is important to give back to your institution and upcoming Eagles. You can do this by joining the Texas A&M University-Texarkana Alumni Association. A&M-Texarkana alumni are now over 15,000 strong and growing! The mission of the Texas A&M University-Texarkana Alumni Association is to serve as a liaison between the university and the community by building relationships, financial support and recognition for graduates, faculty and staff now and in the future. Please consider joining us today at “When our students are successful, we are successful!”


Career Development Guide 2017 - 18

STUDENT SUCCESS “When I graduated with my degree in Sociology I had been in the interview process for a federal job for some time. I took a temporary job at the trampoline park that opened up and was quickly promoted to management. During this time my original career path took a hit when the job I had been interviewing for fell through. It was during this time that Career Development helped me find the job that I have now. I was browsing for jobs but had no inclination of what I wanted or where I wanted to go when I received a call about a job opportunity from our Career Development about a management trainee position that had opened with Cintas corporation. The ladies helped me out tremendously in preparing my resume and giving me an idea of what the company was looking for. Three weeks later and I am now set to work as the new management trainee for Cintas. I would never have found this opportunity without the wonderful ladies in our Career Development office.” Carl Greig, Texarkana TX, December 2016

“I received a scholarship due to the help received from Tina (Boitnott - Director of Career Development) through a mock interview. I understood a few basics involved in interviews, but I did not have as much knowledge necessary for the interview that I was going to be walking into. I sat down with Tina and she began to explain a few things needed in the interview such as proper posture, a pad folio, and dress. After the first few minutes of this, she paused and asked me, “So tell me about yourself.” I completely froze up and gave such a weak response, we had to pause the mock interview right then and discuss how I should better answer the question. Tina continued on to ask me many questions after this, all the while she would include some kind of explanation attached to each question. Her coaching helped me to better prepare myself for my real interview. I believe that I would not have been successful enough to receive the scholarship without her help.” Megan Marshall - Sophomore

“The Career Development office is so awesome they helped me out a ton! First time I went to the office Amanda helped me get my resume up to par. They referred me to job positions available in the area. I applied with a cover letter, and received multiple calls back and even a job offer! One visit to their office landed me a job, but not only that they referred me to the Startup Weekend annual event at TAMUT with encouraging words. Because of their advice I went to the event and my team won the event including money, business consultation, and a spot on the news! None of this would’ve happened to me if I didn’t go to the Career Development office. Thank y’all so much for your support on campus. Y’all rock Career Development!” Ethan Paulson - Junior

Career Development Guide 2017 - 18


City Government.

A group of individuals who work day-in and day-out to serve their neighbors, their friends and their community. It’s the local sports leagues you played in as a kid. It’s the new sidewalks you stroll down. It’s the water that runs from your faucet. It’s the public meetings where you can share your voice. It’s the brave men and women of the police and fire departments helping you on your worst day. But don’t take our word for it, come check it out yourself.

To find out more about the internships and jobs available at the City of Texarkana, Texas, visit our website at or call 903-798-3533. 35

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Take Flight with Your Career  

A Career Development Publication of Texas A&M University-Texarkana