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art acquisitor

Winter/Spring 2015, $5.00 U.S.

The Magazine For The Discerning Collector

Volume 12, Number 1


“Withstanding The Blow Of The Passing Storm” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery


“Impressions” Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas, 30” x 30”


Volume 12, Number 1

art acquisitor

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Amsterdam Whitney

Winter/Spring 2015


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BLASKO, SABINE... .................…………..35 BRATBERGSENGEN, KAI...................10-11 CATANIA, PHILIP.... …...…........................32 CHIUSANO, PENELOPE..........................34 CRONEMEYER, CORA ......................12-13 D’ARLEANS, ISA...........4-7 & FRONTCOVER DAVIS, JOHN A.................…………...….26 DORTICOS, ROBERTO................................38 DRISKELL, LUCILE....………………........22 FISCHER, ZOE ANN................................38 GORES , ANN...........................................37 HARRIS, ANDREA..............................2 & 19 HARTEL, PAUL....................................14-15 HOLLAND, DIANE....................................36 KAMAN, TRICIA.......................................23 KANDERAL, SYLVA............………….......31 KENTZ, PAUL.......................………….....31 KOS, SUSIE........................................... ...37 KYROS, ADRIENNE..…….........……..….29 LAU, C.F...................................................25 MALO, FRANCE...........……….................30 MALM, ANDERS...............……………….18 MUERNER MARIONI, MANUELLA..…16-17 MARTIN, MAURO....................................33 MARTLAND, TED.....................................38 MOWRY, ELIZABETH.........................…..36

MUIR, BARBARA....................................38 NEDEN, PATRICIA.................................33 PARCESEPE, AGNES.....8-9 & BACKCOVER PAMPALONE, LUCIANA........................24 PETERS, EVELYN.................……..…….27 PETERS, JOHN..….……...........20-21 & 39 RUDDY, SALLY.........……...…….............37 SALTING, VIGGO......….……….............32 STRAHL, HEINZ.....................................28 TEMIN, JOSEFINA.................................35 TYLEC, KAREN CEOLLA......................37 VERMAATEN, DOROTHEE..….......……35 UYEHARA, PAUL..……………….....……34 YUAN, WU..............................................36

The Gathering at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Digital/Brush - Beeswax & Pigmented Inks on Canvas, 30” x 40”

For collector inquiries, please contact:

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

his painting celebrates the elegant and glamorous Gala Champagne Opening Receptions at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, “the most beautiful Gallery in Chelsea,” New York City. Featured in this painting are distinguished art collectors,businessfinancial VIPs, government-diplomatic dignitaries and social luminaries including: H. E. Ambassador de Barish (U.N. Ambassador); H.S.H. Prince Andre de BeauharnaisRomanovsky (International Socialite); Susan E. Esterhay, Esq. (Immigration Attorney-VIP); Honorable Alan Feuer (Wall Street-Investment VIP); Honorable Eliot Jordan (Real Estate Tycoon-VIP); Honorable Federal Judge Elizabeth Lamb; John M. Olivieri, Esq. (Corporate AttorneyVIP); Countess Olga and Baroness Julia Shenchenko (Social Luminaries); Sir Edmund Voyer (Business-Media VIP) and H. E. Ambassador Dr. Alton Louis Amsterdam III (Ambassador-at-Large, VIP).

212 . 255 . 9050


ISA D’ARLEANS “Withstanding The Blow Of The Passing Storm” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36” 3

isa d’arleans medeo Modigliani stated “When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes.” Franco -American artist Isa D’Arleans creates magical, dream-like souls through her unique and reverent treatment of the eyes, with their heterochromatic gazes looking out into the ether. Mysterious and airy, Ms. D’Arleans’ lyrical canvasses juxtapose bright, primary colors with soft, delicate brush strokes that permeate a distinct, spiritual quality to the atmosphere of her works. Cherubic faces belie the intensity of their scrutiny; eyes coming into sharp focus against this cloudy, hazy world that fills the space around the central figures. Creating an enchanted kingdom of heavenly portraits, Ms. D’Arleans’s dreamlike compositions are beautifully wrought in a misty atmosphere infused with delicate flowing colors and bathed in swaths of translucent light.

“Watching Over the Child Prodigy” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”


“No Time to Waste” Acrylic on Canvas, 28” x 22”

Stunningly masterful, Isa D’Arleans’ acrylic on canvas compositions invoke the angelic iconography of Renaissance masters; the sfumato brush style in contrast with the vivid, joyous palette against somber background colors creates the impression of an ethereal glow resonating out from the center of each subject. The colors and lines draw allusions to great, stained glass windows producing their own light, eliminating the thick jagged lines of the medium to blend those enthralling colors without borders setting them apart.

“It” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 20”

“The Messenger” Acrylic on Canvas, 22” x 28” 5

isa d’arleans his luminescent quality invokes a sense of awe in the viewer; developing the tension of holy spaces within the confines of the frame without explicitly demanding worship. Subtly playful, there is a mischievous quality mixed with a heavenly glow; a certain coy flirtation between the sacred and the earthly that allows the canvas to be tangible yet untouchable all at once. Achieving an otherwordly ambience, Ms. D’Arleans constructs a glorious fantasy, fairy tale realm radiating a serene resplendent joie de vivre intermingled with blissful harmonization; each dream-like figure is a picture of self-possessed sublime ecstasy. Borrowing from the color spectrum, Ms. D’Arleans paints with an exceptional eye for color with a palette of essentially light-hued shades and primary tones glowing against the cooler tones of the backdrop. A tapestry of hues, she translates into rising, blending emotion.

“The Birth of Delusion” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36” 6

“Withstanding the Blow of the Passing Storm” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”

“The Rescue” Acrylic on Canvas, 18” x 24”

These otherworldly figures peer at us through a veil of enigmatic knowledge, sphinx like in their repose. Their eyes are captivating, not looking at the viewer directly while still managing to create a spiritual connection via a benediction of sight and hue. For over a decade, Isa D’Arleans’ works have been collected and praised nationwide for their beauty and luminescent quality. Thriving in her passion for the arts across two continents, Ms. D’Arleans’ canvasses are an ethereal delight for the eyes, mysterious and spiritually uplifting in their scope and technique. Celebrated in both France and the U.S., the transatlantic Ms. D’Arleans enjoys an international reputation with global collectors and corporations and spends half of the year in Seattle and half of the year in France. “Holding on the Essentials” Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 20” 7

AGNES PARCESEPE r a w i n g inspiration from S h a k e speare’s a d a g e : “One touch of nature... makes all the world kin,” Australian artist Agnes Parcesepe’s cityscape paintings of Australia and New York reunite the world through the universal language of natural panoramas. United by her profound love of two international metropolises- Melbourne and New York- her magical cityscape paintings with their enchanting picturesque global vistas poetically translate a communal narrative of personal iconography based on the harbor vistas of these two great cities.

“Melbourne at Dusk” Mixed Media, 22” x 30”

Both New York and Australia are the land of immigrants, where the sun, the sky, the water and city belong to all, each united by an infinite horizon which is symbolic of infinite opportunities. By capturing each city’s horizon, she channels the dynamism of these cities and treasures the eternal beauty of their skies which becomes the metaphysical axis that draws the spectator into her world.

“Day Break Over Detroit” Mixed Media 15” x 22” 8

“Fiery Skies Over New York” Mixed Media, 24” x 42.5”

Also known by her nom d’artiste,”Agili,” her dioramas burst with explosive vitality as she invites viewers across distant locales, each located on a separate continent. Paying homage to the timeless beauty of the sky, the water and the land, Ms. Parcesepe’s compositions are rich with artistic communication and visual perspectives. Her cityscape dioramas are lyrical metaphors for community, existing as a symbol to abridge distance between locations.

“Twin Tower” Mixed Media, 19” x 22” 9


“Alberi” Drawing, 29.5” x 44.1”

alvador Dali urged “instead of stubbornly attempting to use surrealism for purposes of subversion, it is necessary to try to make of surrealism something as solid, complete and classic as the works of museums.” Complex and brilliant, the compositions of Norwegian artist Kai Bratbergsengen explore new aesthetic paths that burst with gestural swaths of bold earth tones and brilliant plays of light, catapulting surrealism to a level of classical beauty by blending it with mannerism. A visionary creator, his prismatic compositions are at once rhythmic, chthonic, and cacophonous. Labyrinthine in nature, Mr. Bratbergsengen’s brilliantly colored, transitory forms are an exploration of shape and hue that result in mesmerizing narrative tableaux, revealing the thin lines between man and the natural world around him, uniting them as one.

“Integration” Drawing, 29.5” x 39.4”


Influenced by his travels in his youth, Mr. Bratbergsengen has memories of twigs and branches along the road and their anthropomorphized shapes ultimately find a place in his artwork today. Though he builds the viewer a surrealist realm of humans dissolving into roots and leaves seamlessly, there is a distinct reality in each twist, the seams where skin becomes bark and skin once more. In his work there forms a world in which we are not separated from nature, but function as a distinct part of it. This blend of the fantastic and the mundane serves to create a mythos for this world he presents. Kai Bratbergsengen’s compositions reflect a unique artistic vision which flows from his mind and onto the page with precise, gestural strokes. Through his drawings he demonstrates a deep understanding of the complexities of life in all its glorious formations. Potential energy dominates

“Butterfly Arne” Drawing, 20” x 20”

the essence of the canvasses, giving the viewer pause to look and breathe in the lingering expectancy that holds there, ready to come forth at a moment’s notice. The presence of bold, earthy colors brings the emotions held therein to the forefront, creating a subtle story that moves along the curves and edges of figures and shapes that look out toward us, tempting us to touch and experience the fantastical reality of this obfuscated world.

“Cold Fish” Drawing, 31.5” x 44.1” 11

Cora Cronemeyer arc Chagall declared: “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works.” Contemporary New York artist Cora Cronemeyer creatively expresses limitless emotions as she reveals the meaning of existence in the universality of humankind. Through her high voltage, pop-style compositions, this gifted artist communicates a visceral message reflecting a unique individual style and perspective. Employing symbolic narratives, she opens a window to the flow of feelings, memories and emotions, offering tangible shape to the suggestion of timeless moments and eternal ideas.

“Autumn” Acrylic on Cardboard, 40” x 30”

Utilizing variegated brushwork to dynamically depict emblematic imagery, her expressive geometric compositions are imbued with imaginative subtexts about relations in our global world. Swirling vortexes of emotion that mirror the soul are revealed in Cora Cronemeyer’s visceral scenarios. A dynamic relationship of lines and symbolic forms, coupled with a cadence of passionate color and gestural brush strokes create rhythmic, syncopated canvases. Hidden within mysterious backgrounds, luminous semi abstract shapes emerge with a huetopian, rainbow-hued pallet revealing sleek, undulating curves.

“The Wiccan” Acrylic on Cardboard, 30” x 22.5”


These spectral works are emotional and physical expressions of a fanciful realm reflecting an exhilarating mix of free-spirited abstraction and serious craftsmanship. Wildly imaginative, her subjects exist in some other worldly terrain as they float through magical space. Through dazzling brush strokes, elements of the heart’s interior and exterior mesh, as Ms. Cronemeyer’s visceral narrative oeuvre offers the impression of life being soaked in sunshine with her candy-colored hues. Celebrating the glory of the world, her boundless imagination is very present, which buzzes with images-within-images, free association, and fantastical pop-art bright colors.

“Autumn in New York” Acrylic on Cardboard, 40” x 30”

With a dazzling usage of geometry, Cora Cronemeyer captures spectacular visions of color and shape that call to mind free floating thought processes. Bright and cheerful with a dose of universalism; Ms. Cronemeyer deftly composes for the viewer a piece of the world as seen through luminous candy-colored lenses.

“Winter at Dusk” Acrylic on Cardboard, 30” x 16.5” 13

PAUL HARTEL ackson Pollock pondered: “The modern artist, it seems to me, is working and expressing an inner world, in other words, expressing the energy, the motion and other inner forces.” West Virginia based Paul Hartel’s paintings demonstrate this theory by beautifully expressing the progressive shifting, undulating velocity of his internal world. Through dynamic brush strokes and vivid colors, Paul Hartel invites us into a vivacious space filled with a spontaneity that exudes a distinct joie de vivre. Freedom and voracious passion fill each inch of his canvasses, invoking the masters of Expressionism while creating something purely his own. Paul Hartel says that “I love abstract art, the sight, texture, color and smell of it! I believe it engages the “inner child” in all of us and challenges our thoughts and senses. It is the bridge between fantasy and reality and is like a doorway leading wherever you want it to go.”

“Fleeting Youth” Oil and Charcoal on Canvas, 24” x 18”

Dr. Hartel creates a full sensory experience in color and motion, making something that is wholly unique to each individual viewer. His experimentally raw strokes of paint across the canvas achieve a distinct, intuitive link into our subconscious, bringing us into moments of pure feeling and memory outside of logical planning or hesitation. A deep love of the genre is obvious from his joyous style, calling to mind the clashing yet celebratory improvisations of interpretive jazz.

“No Title #9 (aka Thirteen)” Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 16” x 20”


“Couple Dancing with Jealous Man” Oil and Charcoal on Canvas, 16” x 20”

Completely in the moment and vivid, Dr. Hartel’s body of work boasts vivacity and musicality, the larger than life colors and bold strokes across the canvas capture the true spontaneity of existence, how fluid and exciting the notion of life is. The seemingly shifting expanse of his works allow them to express multiple emotions at once, making it so the viewer need not choose an emotion, but experience them all in a tour de force of imaginative expression. There is a pure and true wonderment in the arch or angle of a brush stroke, an utter joy in the very act of creation that it flows from the page. Each work is excited to be here, to be displayed for each of us to enjoy and understand as individuals, creating a universal connection of unique beings and reveling in this fact.

“Walk in Vancouver” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 18” x 14” 15

MANUELLA MUERNER MARIONI ouise Nevelson stated, “Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.” Contemporary artist Manuella Muerner Marioni’s opulent mosaic mixed-media works employ the natural beauty of glass to capture surrounding reflections of the gallery space and those viewing her work, creating a participatory and site-specific event for the audience. Manuella Muerner Marioni creates mixedmedia compositions out of reflective material in order to comment on the contemporary body amidst a global society.

“Alice in Wonder World” Acrylic on Canvas, 40” x 30” x 2”

Ms. Marioni seeks to push the audience to question one’s existential existence as an individual among many, stating, “Through my art I convey messages to people and make them call attention to abuses in the world.” By adding glass, the audience becomes a part of her art installations and her work extends beyond her compositions by engaging the actual body in space through the addition of reflective surfaces. By presenting life beyond the individual, Ms. Marioni challenges viewers to think of the multiple races and generations around the world, all experiencing life dramatically differently through their situational circumstances.

“Alice” Mixed Media Sculpture, 18.5” x 11.5” x 7.9” 16

“Indian Women” Acrylic with Mixed Media on Canvas (with small copper plates), 7.9” x 7.9”

Lyrically colored undulating forms bring to life the artist’s love affair with the female form where luminescent figures composed of glass intermixed with saturated acrylic hues metamorphose into glowing visions of feminine natural beauty. Ms. Marioni pays homage to the intelligence, beauty and admirable strength of a women living in contemporary society. She draws inspiration for her work from her own experiences, visually presenting and allowing viewers to take into consideration a cosmopolitan perspective. Ms. Marioni’s return to the body and its subsequent emotional and physical expressions is a return to an investigation of modern man’s primordial relationship with his fellow comrades, an almost lost reality amidst our contemporary society’s global existence, a product of advanced technological communication. “Spellbound” Acrylic with Mixed Media on Canvas (with small copper fragments) 7.9” x 7.9” 17

ANDERS MALM andinsky stated “To bring the whole into harmony on the canvas is what leads to a work of art.” Inspired by Kandinsky’s credo, a feeling of harmony and a quest for beautification of nature are the dominating aesthetic forces of Anders Malm’s masterful tableaux. Distilled from the soul of nature, his visceral abstract works infuse their space with a fulcrum of expressive sensations, resonating with the emotional essence of the natural world. An appreciation for the wonder of nature, fills his art with an aesthetic of harmonious vitality, as his organically atmospheric paintings come alive with an energetic tranquility. The artist creates his compositions in oil paint on canvas, allowing his tableaux a balanced space to develop their full impact.

“By the Light” Oil on Canvas, 25.6” x 21.3”

Inspired by nature, Swedish artist Anders Malm’s masterful works are a visual syntax ranging from abstract compositions to a partially figurative universe. Through amorphous shapes and a windstorm of color and texture, the pictorial world is the major important element of his multitudinous universe. Focused on the natural frenzies of the world, Anders Malm’s nature tableaux are expressive and buoyant made visible through his luminous color and rippling motion of brushstrokes.

“Mire” Oil on Canvas, 25.6” x 31.9” 18

ANDREA HARRIS ndrea Harris’s oeuvre is inspired by the philosophy of Henri Matisse who declared: “An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.” Revering the land and the sky, Andrea Harris has created an intimate dialogue with nature, using her paint brush to explore landscape painting in all its divine, mystical and spiritual aspects. Influenced by her recent travels to France and Italy, Ms. Harris translates the beauty and light of the Impressionist and Renaissance Masters to achieve illuminated colors and transluminescent light. Within her landscapes, Ms. Harris asserts her own distinctive visual lexicon and evocative visionary syntax where she gravitates towards ethereal visions of the terrestrial world. Rejoicing in the joy of the terrestrial realm, her magnificent misty scenes are conversations with Mother Nature.

“View from Pollena” Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas, 30” x 30”

Offering a deep spiritual reverence for the universal beauty of the earth and the heavens, Ms.Harris infuses her paintings with a powerful emotional poignancy which reflects the contemplative drama of the sublime forces of nature. The painterly language of Andrea Harris’s gentle emotional realism landscapes reflects her endless quest to honor the divine beauty, splendor and richness of nature. Her spiritual meditations on the natural world harmoniously capture the cool illumination of nature with a deft, rhythmic loose brushstrokes along with a subtly muted palette. With symphonic precision, this contemporary modern master translates familiar scenes onto the canvas with a unique perspective, orchestrated by the delicacy of a palette reflecting cool, subdued hues. Luminously conceived, her landscape colors are lightly feathered textures which admirably translate the glory and jubilant majesty of nature. This striking interplay of colors is portrayed significantly with a contrasting serene subject matter revealing a contemporary master at work.

“Into the Mist” Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas, 24” x 24” 19

John Peters or me nature is not landscape, but the dynamism of visual forces, an event rather than an appearance,” proclaimed Bridget Riley, “These forces can only be tackled by treating color and form as ultimate identities, freeing them from all descriptive or functional roles.” It is this visual dynamism that explodes in John Peters’s magical realism landscape and floral canvases which are saturated with vigorous bursts of color, resonating as much with passion as with hue, as they emphatically communicate the visceral power of the untamed forces of nature. Enchanted by his subject matter, he paints the mesmerizing natural splendor of the terrain, illustrating hypnotic, peaceful natural kingdoms with magical vistas. Deftly transmitting the sublime panoramic scope and energetic essence of each locale with powerful dynamism, John Peters paints as if under a spell.

“Sun Circle” Oil on Canvas, 28” x 22”

A majestic color opulence dominates the panoramic paintings of this Michigan, New Jersey and New Hampshire-based artist who explores the interpenetrating realms of light, shadow, texture, shape and hue. Fascinated by color, his richly colored landscapes generate a mosaic, jewel-toned spectrum diffusing a visceral sense of wonder. Texture increases the emotional perception and dynamics of the painting, adding a level of expressionism to the overall effect.

“Splendor” Oil on Canvas, 12” x 16”


“Canoeing Jackson Lake” Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

Offering maximum visual appeal, his unique approach to contemporary landscape results in images with numerous layers and details. Looking to the innate elegance of the natural world for his subject, Mr. Peters paints landscapes and flowers with a veracity of theme. Balanced by spectral, expressive brushstrokes and brilliant pigments, one finds a subtle but undeniable message in the artist’s cumulative work. This message delights the eye with hue and balance, expressing an emotion that surfaces upon studied introspection, moving us with imagery that re-defines nature and the external world that touches our heart. “Watching” Oil on Canvas, 18” x 24” 21

LUCILE DRISKELL iet Mondrian declared, “Every true artist has been inspired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture. To approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality, because reality is opposed to the spiritual.” Contemporary artist Lucile Driskell’s monotype prints explore dimensions by layering and juxtaposing simple shapes and expressive colors, contrasting organic forms in order to create complex relationships between undulating shapes and spaces. Ms. Driskell works in many mediums, including painting, painted relief and sculpture, and her current series shows her masterful skill in the technical print medium. Ms. Driskell explains her art as an aesthetic expression channeled through precise design elements, stating that her abstract work is always “created with the Beauty of Shape in mind.” She channels the early Avant-Garde movements Purism and Surrealism of artists including Piet Mondrian and Joan Miro through a contemporary lens, exploration the dynamic placement of colors and shapes in her opulent monotype prints. “Cosmic Patterns” Mixed Media on Canvas, 46” x 34”

Simple shapes juxtapose with organic lines in order to build a complex environment from a limited design vocabulary. Ms. Driskell transforms the geometric simplicity of shapes into complex spaces as bold colored forms juxtapose and overlap within an abstracted dynamic background. Designs come together to create an active image where line, color, and form coalesce and float freely in space, creating a complex relationship between the individual elements and the overall composition. “Astral Series” Bronze, 14” x 10” x 9” max. 22

TRICIA KAMAN sabel Bishop’s statement “The nude, if you tackle it, is a very fascinating subject, especially for a woman” is profoundly reflected in Tricia Kaman’s recent series: “The Painted Robe- Painting Women Through the Decades.” This contemporary homage to women in art history throughout the ages, intermixes art and beauty as the artist discovers a complex dialogue of the feminine form. Harkening from a tradition of centuries old quest to depict the beauty of the nude female figure, Ms. Kaman investigates the reformatted past art form of the female nude and places the figure within a contemporaneous context. The common element that unites all the portraits is the draped robe or kimono; instilling in these paintings a vitality and sophistication reminiscent of timeless paintings. Her highly aesthetic tonalities, as well as the composition, creates a ground- breaking series of ephemeral yet constant salient tableaux. Exploring the human body through the prism of the female nude, Tricia Kaman’s multi-faced canvases are intertwined with significance, inviting the viewer to engage and interact with the figure. Her female portraits are tributes to these women of the past

“Jenise in Her Kimono” Oil on Canvas, 20” x 16”

and all those in the present as she portrays the stylized female form. Her paintings allow the women to be seen as monumental figures as they are in real life. They are not just Venus, they are also Jupiter and Mars; figures of power and respect as well as innate sensuality. Ms. Kaman taps into facets from the long-standing traditions of portraiture, working with a broad, bright color palette. Bathed in warm colors, inviting textures, their faces magnetically draw the viewer into the canvas, inviting them not just to observe but to interact. The spiritual connections between woman and the natural world remain central to these works, these are women of flesh and blood, tangible representations of the essence of humanity.

“Conversations with Mary and Sarah” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30” 23

LUCIANA PAMPALONE iane Arbus’s declared: “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” The photography oeuvre of New York photographer Luciana Pampalone reflects this credo with her sophisticated, mysterious black and white images which luxuriate in the intimate female form. Her camera lens searches for a deeper and more profound sense of beauty as she explores the hidden messages that lie beneath the familiar. Inspired by a romantic vision of the female silhouette, her monochromatic photography sensuously reflects the beauty and mystique of the female form. Encapsulating the aesthetics of a modern romantic, she poses her subjects with a dreamlike intimacy that captures the mystery and allure of old Hollywood, calling to mind the elegant eroticism of the Golden Age Starlets.

“Leg Up” Black and White Photography, 14” x 11”

“Lover” Black and White Photography, 14” x 11”

Eschewing the blatancy of color, Ms. Pampalone utilizes the judicious use of black, gray and white, thereby drawing viewers into every photograph with subtlety and nuance. Through the artist’s lens, one sees a creative passion driven by the need to reveal what the naked eye cannot see. Intoxicating and intriguing, Ms. Pampalone’s “third eye” explores the secrets of a private, hidden intimate world as she transforms the ordinary into the remarkable. Mystically infused with a beguiling vibrancy, she invites her viewers to look past the expected as she intermingles the beauty and mystery of the female form with rich, intriguing backgrounds. Within each image, she seeks to capture a most personal and original representation of the eternal woman in her purest sensual beauty. Luciana Pampalone develops a personal story of the emotions of the soul, capturing exquisite and magical optical perceptions of the human experience. Each work ignites the imagination, to move beyond the image, providing fundamental themes of vision and insight. By capturing the essence of private, romantic moments, her work is transparent, accessible, real, and temporal, while simultaneously distant and unattainable. The artist uses narrative to focus her photographs and there is a story in each of her works which serves to push the viewer to see the world around them as they never have before. Spectacularly adventurous in both form and content, the cumulative effect of these bold choices of composition and angle is an aesthetic that attracts the viewer and invites them to linger as subtle and subdued details emerge. Like visual poetry, these intimate photographs reflect moments behind closed doors and evoke an emotional and spiritual response in the viewer, channeling a virtuoso’s aesthetic technique and a poet’s soul. 24

C.F. LAU tylistically inspired by Leonardo da Vinci who proclaimed: “The eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world,” Contemporary Chinese Master, C. F. Lau’s unique artistic vision spans the ethereal beauty of the natural world. Galvanized by the past yet focused on the present, Mr. Lau reinterprets the harmony and symmetry of nature in his lyrical oeuvre stating: “People appreciate the beauty that comes from nature.” Establishing himself as a master of art, C.F. Lau ethereally explores the influence of both East and West as he integrates nature and harmony into his paintings. Continuing the ancient tradition of nature painting, the Hong-Kong based Mr. Lau breathes new life into this revered, time honored style of artwork, capturing an intimate vision of the inner experience of nature with a fluid, semi-abstract style. A strong harmonic visual narrative permeates his oeuvre and echoes through the viewer’s five senses as he addresses the contemporary world with vibrant visual intensity. “Symphony 9” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 32”

In his elegantly executed compositions, C.F. Lau draws on the energy of the universe and focuses his tableaux on the dynamic harmony and balance of the elements. Reinterpreting traditional nature paintings along with addressing contemporary issues, he brings abstract style and brushwork to his organic compositions, creating an oeuvre infused with spiritual balance. In other abstracted compositions, he eliminates the figurative and utilizes intersecting spirals, rings and spheres along with a shifting color palette, offering an interpretation that we are all interconnected in the universe. By transcribing these issues, his oeuvre extols both humanity and beauty which connects us to the natural world. With a profound visual narrative, he captures the impalpable and reveals the invisible within the visible.

“Symphony 11” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 32” 25

JOHN A. DAVIS nspired by Joan Miro’s statement:” I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music, John A. Davis’s kaleidoscopically hued exuberant compositions sing with an expressionistic spectral palette, which evokes celestial, surreal and ethereal realms. Musically inspired, Mr. Davis paints with symphonic precision, as he deconstructs reality with expressionistic iconic images. Color harmonies and musical forms merge and contrast in rhythmic patterns, just as we differentiate in music between counterpoint and harmony. Visually, his personal artistic vision comes to a crescendo through the mystic realm of color as it nourishes the viewer’s senses. Richly vibrating in form and hue, his subliminally hued oeuvre reflects an unmistakable joie de vivre where color dynamically interacts on the canvas. Acclaimed for being a virtuoso colorist, John Davis’s expressive palette reverberates with the pulsation of color which unites his oeuvre offering visual spiritual sensations. The elements of color exist simultaneously with form as his color wheel outlines the structural planes, making them energetic with tones fitting together like notes in a musical score. Evocative, emotional and imbued with great visual energy, his modern vision

“Circle of Life 2” (Diptych) Acrylic Panels on Canvas, 36” x 24” (each)

“The Melting Keys” Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 36”

orchestrates luminescent gem-colored forms that vibrantly ascend the compositions, inspiring viewers through rhythmic brushstrokes, melodic color schemes and compositional harmony. Transcribing emotions onto canvas, as one would in music, his oeuvre gives voice more to a sense of rhythm and flux than to form a realistic composition. 26

EVELYN PETERS otivated by Claude Monet’s theory that “Nature won’t be summoned to order and won’t be kept waiting. It must be caught, well caught,” Alaskan born, New Mexico based artist Evelyn Peters’ unique style and innovative artistic vision captures the relationship between nature and humankind, manifesting the external and internal world of the terrestrial realm. Conveying a spiritual vastness with her atmospheric and dreamlike terrains, each composition eloquently celebrates the dimensions, the extravagance, and the abundance of nature’s eternal desire to express and sublimate itself.

“A Winter Dream” Acrylic on Textured Board, 18” x 24”

Discovering a joyful serenity of the natural terrain, Ms. Peters focuses her gaze on the wonderment of our universe as she gracefully reveals the elegance and beauty of the world, as well as honoring historic moments of Americana. Striving toward the fulfillment of the human quest to be “one with nature,” Evelyn Peters landscape paintings epitomize the need to capture the complex, fleeting patterns of nature on canvas. With a spiritual connection to the vital spirit of the landscape, Evelyn Peters is acknowledged to have a personal dialogue with Mother Nature. Her tableaux invites nonverbal communication with the terrain and her resulting compositions conjure a world that feels utterly believable and real as she conveys nature’s richness.

“Frozen Assets II” Acrylic on Canvas, 22” x 26” 27

HEINZ STRAHL nspired by Picasso’s proclamation that “A Painter must represent what he experienced,” Austrian artist, Dr. Heinz Strahl has inherited this legacy as he transcribes his experiences as a veterinarian and translates his fascination of the animal into an anthropomorphic portrayal of the animal realm. Imbuing his works with a palpable sense of respect and whimsy, his oeuvre is realistic in aesthetic, as he ennobles his subjects with a radiant exquisiteness that seems to sparkle from his canvases. It is impossible to ignore Dr. Strahl’s creative capturing of the animals in his world, recreating his experiences and memories of them for the viewer to share in and understand as he invokes a sense of awe and majesty. Almost dreamlike in his choice of both theme and subject, the artist attempts to permeate real life with an effortless joie de vivre as his conservationist paintings convey the delight, glory and humor of all of the creatures on our planet, reminding us to treasure God’s creatures as special and sublime.

“The Split Cuckoo” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30”

There is a masterfully demonstrated skill in each composition, creating something new yet recognizable allowing the viewer to truly understand and appreciate the subject through the artist’s eyes. Demonstrating a strong grasp of color and tone which allows for a three-dimensionality, each work gives the impression of living, breathing animals in their natural environment. By blending the Expressionist technique with the Realist’s color wheel, Heinz Strahl’s breadth of work is filled with a wonderfully floating sense of freedom that is grounded in the instantly relatable, exemplifying his efforts of making him a true modern master of the canvas.

Expressionist in content and execution, Dr. Strahl’s anthropomorphic oeuvre brings into the external world his inner world of representation. Vivacious and exciting, each animal image has a distinct life to it, making it seem as though any single one of them could jump from the page and fly away.

“Chicken Walk” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 60” 28

ADRIENNE KYROS aul Gauguin proclaimed: “Art is an abstraction; as you dream amid nature, extrapolate art from it and concentrate on what you will create as a result.” Inspired by Gauguin’s credo, Illinois-based artist Adrienne Kyros translates the juvenescence and glory of nature in her illuminated watercolor and oil compositions as she creates a spectral paradise on earth. Through the transcendence of color, Ms. Kyros’s dreamlike, majestic floral- landscape imageries are visual metaphors for the bounty of the terrestrial kingdom as she captures the stoic essence of feeling at peace with nature. Synthesizing her nature tableaux into a symposium of line and soaring color, Adrienne Kyros imbues her work with thick brushstrokes and a heavily saturated kaleidoscopic color palette as she creates dream-like sublime visions of nature.

“Purple Mt. Majesty” Watercolor & Gouache, 22” x 30”

With an innate sensitivity, this gifted artist’s oeuvre joyfully communicates the exuberant language of the floral and landscape realm through undulating bursts of color. Her arresting visceral vision encapsulates an idyllic, contemplative serenity where the presence of light and shadow radiate a divine visual poetry as the viewer is displaced from his contemporary setting and feels he is on the cusp of another timeless yet transitory otherworld.

“Summertime Lake Benze MN” Watercolor, 22” x 30” 29

FRANCE MALO ith greater completeness and abstraction, I have attained a form filtered to its essentials,” Henri Matisse once opined. A testament to this ideology, France Malo creates exuberant figurative compositions with a semi-abstract approach to the form that culminates in truly innovative contemporary artworks. Mirroring the essence of

“Figurine” Acrylic on Polymer on Canvas and Cut Wood 28” x 9” x 2,” 28” x 12” x 2”

the individual, Ms. Malo simultaneously injects her compositions with personal energy. By capturing animated body movements and attitudes, she centers her dynamic oeuvre on the bold activity of her compelling forms, which offer a dynamic, fun and exhilarating style. Extolling the active life, each energetic brushstroke is imbued with a rich, burning intensity along with an exciting sense of artful energy and joie de vivre.

“Haute Voltige” Acrylic and Polymer on Canvas, 48” x 24” 30

PAUL KENTZ nfluenced by Paul Cezanne’s statement: “In order to make progress, there is only nature, and the eye is turned through contact with her.” Native New Yorker, Paul Kentz focuses his “third eye” on New York City’s iconic landscape and cityscape scenes, immortalizing them and also offering a modern twist to their timeless sense of place, by introducing the omnipresent techno-gadget of the camera to lend time to space. Ultimately, these works are a play of the past’s eternal incursion into the future and the future’s retreading of the past.

“Summer, Central Park” Oil on Canvas 18 x 24”

SYLVA KANDERAL nspired by Damien Hirst credo: “Art comes from everywhere. It’s your response to your surroundings,” Swiss artist Sylva Kanderal’s lyrical paintings explode with creative artistic energy where otherworldly forms float within dream like backgrounds. Translating the invisible chimera realm of emotion and feeling, her inner artistic vision is inspired by a magical, mystical universe where emotions are depicted as colorful rainbows bursting forth from the forms. Flowers, fruit, glasses became metaphorical symbols of love, allegorically representing a kiss, an embrace and longing. Ms. Kanderal’s oeuvre functions as a type of neo-contemporary still life, characterized by an optical illusory fascination with everyday objects. Through diverting subject matters, her magical, oil on canvas tableaux allows time to stand still as her compositions become a meeting point of memory, history, and emotionality.

“Still Life in Violet” Oil on Canvas, 23.6” x 27.5” 31


urrealist master Andre Breton declared, “I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams... Man... is above all the plaything of his memory.” Contemporary artist Philip Catania trans-morphs reality into splendid fictions by combining imagery from the natural world and fantastical scenarios experienced in dreams to create opulent Surrealist compositions. Whimsical abstract imagery, cyclonic forces, whirling brushstrokes and undulating pools of organic hues create imaginative compositions fittingly reminiscent of subconscious dreams and fantasies.

“Peacemaker” Oil on Canvas, 13.25” x 16.25”

VIGGO SALTING ablo Picasso decreed: “What I want is that my picture should evoke nothing but emotion.” Contemporary abstract-figurative artist Viggo Salting expresses the inner depths of limitless emotions combining expressionism with symbolism, utilizing variegated brushwork to dynamically depict emblematic clown imagery imbued with imaginatively fulfilling nuances about the surrounding world. Viggo Salting asserts, “The clown lives inside us all.” This sentiment becomes apparent as the viewer witnesses the captivating vulnerability of Mr. Salting’s beautiful paintings. Color and line play equal roles, fluidly combining in expressive canvases to metamorphose into abstracted figures that herald a deeper universal symbolism. Fantasy and whimsy intermingle where dramatic, floating forms enigmatically glide through a two-dimensional surface resonating with a poeticism of action. After ten years of touring with a European circus troupe, he developed a unique style centered on his distinctive clown figure. Out of the ring and into everyday life, the clown becomes a familiar character as a symbol for the passion, joy, pain and sorrow of the human experience. “Clown” Acrylic on Canvas, 51” x 78” 32


alvanized by Paul Cezanne’s statement: “To paint is not to copy the object slavishly, it is to grasp a harmony among many relationships,” Canadian artist Patricia Neden draws inspiration from Nature in order to synthesize this adage. Nature in all its geographic tempo is the governing profound theme in Patricia Neden’s tableaux as she reveals an inner harmony within the complexity of her layered forms. Drawn to the expressive essence of the syncopation of the external realm, she communicates an organic, abstract perspective infused with texture and color. The synchronicity of the moods of the landscape has its impact on her elegant, harmonious panoramas and reflects the artist’s interest in the equilibrium man can achieve in relation to the natural environment. This concept is the chief element of landscape - the beauty and chaos inherent in nature - and is a dominant theme of her oeuvre.

“Splintered” Oil on Canvas, 40” x 40”


he photographer Wiliam Albert Alard once said, “You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.” That is exactly what Mauro Martin achieves in his “Neo-Classical Nude” series, and takes the tools he has accessible to probe the complexities of the female nude. The Italian based photographer Mauro Martin reconsiders the notion of the traditional nude in his recent nude collection and in a cultivated fashion, his photography series embarks on a journey to document the neo-classical nude. His images herald from a tradition of the centuries’ old quest to depict the beauty of the nude female figure and Professor Mauro Martin uses that notion as the core theme. Instilling in these photographs a vitality and sophistication reminiscent of that of timeless paintings, his highly aesthetic tonalities, as well as the composition, creates a ground- breaking series of conceptually as well as formally salient photographs.

“She Is a Nymph” Photography Printed on Paper & Pasted on Aluminun Plate, Limited Ed 1/12, 19.7” x 19.7” 33


udy Chicago proclaimed: “I go to make art as who I am as a person. The fact that I am a woman comes into play maybe in the kinds of things I’m interested in.” Women and the ordinary objects that become a part of their lives are a distinct focus for Contemporary New York artist Penelope Chiusano who derives inspiration from the stereotypes of modern iconic females to create a coy, playful world of pastels and paint. Via her delicate, sweet style, Ms. Chiusano’s Domestic Fashionistas introduce the viewer to a women’s world with a touch of whimsical humor. Her highly stylized technique and set pieces lampoon the feminine mystique to become a social narrative, however, what that narrative actually becomes subject to the viewer’s own understanding of the art.

“Domestic Comfort #5” Watercolor & Mixed Media, 18” x 24”


olor...Thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes,” said Charles Baudelaire. Influenced by this philosophy, Paul Uyehara stated about his own work: “I released all ties to figurative references and to other painters (at least consciously), and am working in pure color, movement, energy, and shape.” Strikingly vibrant and sharp despite their abstraction, Mr. Uyehara’s paintings revel in its color and the execution of the sfumato style colorations. The images, unburdened by boarders, create the illusion of almost becoming one with the background, evaporating like a puff of smokey hues.

“Deconstruction #24” Oil on Canvas, 16” x 24” 34


wiss artist Sabine Blasko’s fashion background has influenced the way she incorporates fabrics and figures into her 3-D assemblage works, the scope of them being materials and objects she enjoys for their textures and colors. Sparkling and vivid, her mixed-media presentations are a treasure trove of expressionistic wonder, seamlessly blending the disparate materials into a cohesive, beautiful assemblage that not only has a place for each element but heightens the beauty of each one as well. These unpredictable elements unite to form such deep expressions of beauty testify toward the talent and eye for aesthetics that Sabine Blasko demonstrates. Sensual and surreal, her work demands the attention of the viewer, daringly colorful and sensuous figures and shapes urge the audience to become lost in their glamorous appearance.

“Mysterious Lady” Mixed Media on Wood, 28.4” x 20.5” x 2.4”

JOSEFINA TEMIN ontemporary artist Josefina Temin’s sculptures are masterful works that epitomize a visual harmony where subdued color and organic shapes playfully juxtapose in a rhythmic spatial composition. Josefina Temin creates breathtaking sculptures transforming paper and wood into organic anthropomorphic forms. In honor of nature’s power, her brilliantly abstract forms manifest life in the natural world, where color, movement and texture unfold in a crystallized echo. Ms. Temin’s works give the impression that the composition is the continuation of the original forest where each piece of wood was found.

“Pellizcos” Paper and Wood, 5.5” x 43” x 24”


“Noctilucent Clouds” Acrylic on Canvas, 31.5” x 47.25”

orothee Vermaaten’s abstract artistic vision invites viewers on an emotional journey of color, by exploring experiences of the world and transcribes them into painted compositions. Boldly expressive, with a rich and tactile surface alive with pigment, her dynamic brushstrokes morph into gestural suggestions of semi-abstract figures, offering a sense of memory and narrative. As she builds her oil on canvas oeuvre, her work synthesizes into personal emotional prisms which explode into a blend of abstract movement and texture. The artist’s process is at once intuitive and spontaneous as she draws upon internal inspirations and carefully reworks each detail to reflect her unique inner vision. 35

DIANE HOLLAND ontemporary painter Diane Holland’s abstract canvases implement dynamic conversations through opulently layered expressive strokes in vibrantly colored hues, creating spatial existences that are not composed through geometric forms but through the energetic ease of passionate coloration. Her exciting brushwork burgeons through a brilliant color palette of primary colors juxtaposed with darkened shadows as color and texture formally energize one’s relationship with her abstract compositions, and in turn, produce an emotional effect within the mind, body and soul. Expressing the intense power of her creative instinct, Ms. Holland infuses the emotional language of visceral color into her visual vocabulary, dripping and swirling her pigments in a rippling dance of complexity and control.

“Exuberant” Oil on Canvas, 48” x 48”

WU YUAN legant timeless forms are the hallmark motifs of Wu Yuan whose ethereal paintings are a meeting point of memory, history, and emotionality. Rooted in the ageless tradition of Chinese Ink on Chinese Rice Paper, her inner artistic vision is inspired by this classic art form as she opens doors to memories of the past. The sense of memory and reflection finds expression in the air of quietness that pervades her compositions and yet, she modernizes the ancient tradition, imbuing it with a heartfelt essence of truth and beauty. This renewal revives and revises the art, breathing new spirit into an archetypal form.

“Daydream” Chinese Ink on Rice Paper, 21.65” x 14.96”

ELIZABETH MOWRY olorado artist Elizabeth Mowry’s incandescent heaven-on-earth landscapes commemorate the majesty of nature as she immortalizes the permanence of our natural world. With an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and spirit of the terrain, she channels Impressionist inspirations into her splendiferous depictions of pastoral vistas with compositions that transport the viewer to idyllic locations. Through a spectral color palette, she invites contemplation of the lusciousness of the land as she fuses the imagery of nature with the sensation and emotionality of powerful painterly expressions. 36

“Sawkill Revisited” Pastel, 21” x 29”


aren Ceolla Tylec creates masterful visions of nature that reflect the glorious lush creations of Mother Nature. Ms. Tylec states: “Who cannot respond with both joy and awe at the glorious vision ...each autumn.” Ms. Tylec further explains: “This is the season in which she sheds the green overcoat from her leaves to display her true colors in all their glory. This is the season in which she radiates not simply the small bursts of floral color as in spring and summer, but instead paints vast vistas of brilliant golden yellows, reds ranging from soft and almost pink to the richness of a deep red wine, and smoky purples that are dark and moody.”


nn Gores’s enchanted eye views the world with an extravagant indulgence as her palette luxuriously connects with nature. Influenced by her love of nature and the powerful dynamics of the terrestrial realm, this Washington-state artist has an eternal rendezvous with the natural kingdom as she seeks to capture the beauty and mystery of the floral world. Ms. Gores’s latest collection represents the pinnacle of her art as this series highlights her genius as a colorist and as a master of texture.

“Vintage Waterlillies” Oil on Board, 8” x 10”

“Shadow Play I” Watercolor on Panel, 16” x 22”



“Ooh La La Bleu” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”

“Vegetate” Acrylic on Canvas, 54” x 29”

ontemporary Master Sally Ruddy’s unique “Voila! Series” celebrates nature’s innate beauty and serene atmosphere. This gifted artist states: “I like to respond to my own personal environment....I push myself to be free with my memory and imagination.” Indeed, memory, place, and nature are integral themes that inspire this gifted artist to create ethereal visions filled sublime grace. Rather than assiduously replicating nature, she draws on her own creative forces to brilliantly fuse contemporary yet classic sentiments compositions.

usie Kos’s incandescent, abstract acrylic paintings are ethereal optical projections to inspire human consciousness into thoughtful contemplation of universal desires, emotions and experiences. Gracefully elegant by intermixing a luminous pastel color palette with dynamic brushstrokes, ranging from fluid organic lines with explosive bursts of color, her oeuvre harmoniously morphs into masterful compositions, encapsulating viewers to examine themes outside of mimetic representation.




uban born, New York based Roberto F. Dorticos giclee series entitled: “The MuMu’s,” eschews the conventional to create modern abstract compositions that sing with a contemporary tone. Subliminally creative, Roberto Dorticos catapults the interior of the world around him into whimsical, color-filled personal visions populated by other worldly configurations that pulsate with a dreamlike quality. Possessing an air of a fantastical realm, his oeuvre references ethereal beings as the music of his tableau folds, creating paintings brimming with emotionality and human instinct.

oe Ann Fischer creates dream-like landscapes brimming with dynamic vitality, painting the vibrant essence of the natural kingdom through her dynamic brushwork and multifaceted application of spectral colored hues. Her landscape reverie tableaux reveals organic topographical themes of beauty, peace and enlightenment, achieving a sense of spirituality and love, while reflecting the ethereal joy of the natural universe and are lyrical fantasies reflecting an artist who has dedicated herself to works that are at once inspirational and evocative.

“Untitled” Giclee, 15” x 20”

“Into the Woods” Oil on Canvas, 16” x 20”



ontemporary sculptor Ted Martland imagines the universe as a space of perpetual motion through his kinetic colorful, organically shaped mobiles, designed to delicately react to surrounding atmospheric conditions, symbolically expressing the dynamic energy of the universe. The viewer may interpret the various changing relationships of the elements of these colored spheres and disks which rotate in space, resulting in a delicate equilibrium radiating a multitude of visual formats.

ontemporary artist Barbara Muir expresses a contemplative sense of ecological awareness in her bold figurative “Ocean” series portraits by capturing the spirit and soul of her subjects’ passions for our surrounding world. Barbara Muir celebrates the power of woman and the beauty of nature in her current “Ocean” series. As she paints her subjects in the locations of their choice, each woman portrayed is a passionate individual taking responsibility for the planet and the environment.

“Wonder Water” Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 30”

“Linnea” Mobile, 24” x 21” 38


“Snowfall in Mt. Washington Valley” Oil on Board, 14.5” x 22.75”



“High Moon on New York” Mixed Media 23” x 30”

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Amsterdam Whitney Gallery ART ACQUISITOR 2015 Magazine  

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY proudly publishes ART ACQUISITOR, a distinguished Annual, yearly art magazine which is a 12 month visual published showcas...

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery ART ACQUISITOR 2015 Magazine  

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY proudly publishes ART ACQUISITOR, a distinguished Annual, yearly art magazine which is a 12 month visual published showcas...