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2011 - NO 7 - VOLUME 11

• LKQ acquires UK distributor

• The end of the line for AMC-Schou

• Change at the top at APRA Europe

China – the great leap forward for reman • MERA News • APRA News • FIRM News

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June 16-18

Amsterdam The Netherlands

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AMC-Schou to close down


Barring a last-minute rescue, AMC-Schou, the renowned Danish manufacturer of grinding machinery for remanufacturers, is about to close its doors for the last time. A victim of the financial crisis, which has hit its parent company, AMC-Schou has over the years supplied thousands of machines across the world.

NO 7 • NOVEMBER 2011 • VOLUME 11

中国—— 再制造的新⼒量

China – a new 16 force in reman 20

2011年将成为这样⼀个年头:中国 的再制造终于要“成年”了。在中央 政府的⼤⼒⽀持下,中国的再制造 企业在寻求与西⽅公司之间建⽴起 纽带关系。我们将对⼀种正在加速 发展的趋势进⾏报道。

2011 is set to become the year when China’s remanufacturing industry finally comes of age. With strong support from the Beijing government, Chinese remanufacturers are looking to build ties with western companies. We report on an accelerating trend.

ReMaTecNews, 专门⾯向汽车和重⼯再制造业的国际新闻杂志和⽹页——世界范围内独此⼀家

‘It is indeed sad to see a company with the reputation, skills and expertise of AMC-Schou facing closure. I believe AMC-Schou could have provided value for owners and customers for years to come’ Peter Aarø Rasmussen, Managing Director of AMC-Schou

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EDITOR’S LETTER ReMaTecNews Volume 11 – Number 7 – November 2011


Lost in translation?

ReMaTecNews, the only international news magazine dedicated to automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing worldwide, is an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry. Published by: RAI Langfords B.V. P.O. Box 10099 1001 EB Amsterdam The Netherlands In association with

This edition marks a departure from the way we usually do things at ReMaTecNews: three pages in a language that few of our regular readers will understand. In publishing a Chinese section, we wish to reflect China’s emergence as an upcoming force in automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing. And by doing so, we hope to help attract the attention of western remanufacturers to potential partnerships within the hitherto closed Chinese reman industry – and, at the same time, to contribute in a modest way to China’s understanding of reman in Europe and the US.

Editor-in-Chief, Magazine William Schwarck Phone +44 (0)1865 340 435 Fax +44 (0)8704 215 681 Editor-in-Chief, Online Eric van Spelde Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00 Advertising Sales

This premise is based on two parallel facts. The first is that until now, China in the mind of the west has been synonymous with inferior new parts and counterfeit products (not entirely without reason). The second is that many Chinese remanufacturers and their political backers realise the need for partnering western companies and learning from them and, as a result, are opening up windows of opportunities for those who are willing to go through them. If China genuinely wishes to establish mutually rewarding links with western remanufacturers and suppliers, the first of these issues has to be resolved through the goodwill of the Chinese authorities and the practitioners in the industry. Promises are a step forward. But they have to be followed by action. As to the second issue, the onus is for the Europeans and Americans to engage with their Chinese counterparts rather than hope that the issue of cheap – and often unreliable parts – and illegal copies with just disappear. This is unlikely to happen. Recent years have seen a growing number of western remanufacturers establish joint ventures, subsidiaries and other types of operations in China. Others are considering following suit, and probably many will do so. It will not always be easy, and many obstacles will have to be overcome. But the trend is clearly there. Conversely, there has been – and still is – fresh interest on the part of the Chinese reman community. Any regular visitor to automotive exhibitions, workshops and seminars, including those from the remanufacturing industry, will have first-hand experience of this. Which, in turn, means that the time is approaching when the reman industry in the East, and their western colleagues, will have to get to know each other better, communicate more and look closer at the potential for partnerships. This is why this edition has devoted some pages to our Chinese readership. We hope the message hasn’t not got lost in translation.

欢迎联系本⼈取得更多详情:Eva Barten

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Eva Barten

Managing Director RAI Langfords B.V. Ron Brokking Publisher Luuk Aleva (responsible under Dutch Press Law) Editorial Advisory Board Niels Klarenbeek Chinese translation Lilin Zhang Photography Wall of China, page 3, 16, 20: iStockphoto Production Niels Zwan, Sebastiaan Dekker Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00 Design & Art Van Munster & Bos, Amsterdam Printing MediaCenter Rotterdam, The Netherlands Copyright RAI Langfords B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands Reproduction Permitted, providing ReMaTecNews is credited Change of address Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00, Fax +31 (0)20 504 28 88 E-mail Subscription magazine 8 editions 1 71 See Website ReMaTecNews magazine online

William Schwarck, Editor-in-Chief

4 l ReMaTecNews

Circulation 13,230 readers per edition. The magazine is delivered on a controlled circulation basis to recipients in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.




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APRA Europe – Chairman announces resignation


After less than two years in the role, Peter Larsen, Chairman of APRA’s European Division, has announced his resignation. The decision takes effect immediately. Peter Larsen, co-owner of starter and alternator remanufacturer, Mela GmbH in Schwerin in Northern Germany, did not want to go into details about the reasons for his decision. Larsen did admit, however, that certain disagreements with APRA’s parent organisation, APRA in the US, had precipitated the move. “I have worked with APRA for many years, including ten years on the board and the last two years as Chairman, and I will continue to support the remanufacturing industry,“ Peter Larsen told ReMaTecNews. In the short term, the responsibilities as Chairman will be undertaken by the ViceChairman, Fernand Weiland, who headed APRA’s European Division from its inception in

Peter Larsen

New job for former head of Caterpillar’s reman operations Steve Fisher, 56, currently Caterpillar VicePresident with responsibility for the integration of Caterpillar and Bucyrus, has been named Vice-President with responsibility for

the Large Power Systems and Growth Markets Division. “Steve has demonstrated outstanding foresight, energy and effectiveness in successfully leading the Bucyrus integration, which is by far Caterpillar’s largest acquisition to date,” said Gerard Vittecoq, Caterpillar Group President with responsibility for Energy and Power Systems. “Along with his proven track record for growing Caterpillar’s remanufacturing business, where he previously served as a vice-president, Steve will bring a great deal of energy and innovation to the Large Power Systems and Growth Markets Division.“ Fisher, a certified public accountant, joined Caterpillar in 1978 as an accounting trainee and was appointed general manager of the remanufacturing products group in 2001 before becoming a Caterpillar vice president in 2006. Caterpillar’s remanufacturing operations are the largest in the world. Steve Fisher of Caterpillar.

1989 until 2009 when Peter Larsen took over. “We shall now look at the situation and decide on the best way forward,“ said Fernand Weiland. Hopefully we shall know the name of the next Chairman early next year.“ In connection with Peter Larsen‘s resignation APRA’s European Board issued the following statement: The board thanks Peter for his great efforts to promote the association as a member and as a Chairman. Peter has served APRA as a member of the board for many years and since 2009, he has worked very hard as Chairman giving APRA Europe a new perspective. Fernand Weiland, currently Vice Chairman of the Board, will temporarily take over the management of APRA Europe’s affairs until a new Chairman is appointed. The APRA board is determined to continue to promote APRA and its leading role in European Remanufacturing.

Bendix sets up reman business unit Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has introduced a new business unit solely focused on remanufacturing, the company has announced. Backed by more than 35 years’ experience in remanufacturing compressors, air dryers, valves and brake shoes, Bendix says its new unit consolidates the company’s remanufacturing efforts and will expand its aftermarket business in North America and worldwide. “Remanufacturing for Class 6, 7, 8 and trailers in North America accounted for $3.1 billion in 2010,” says Steve Mance, Bendix Vice-President and General Manager, charging group. “Remanufacturing offers longterm growth opportunities for Bendix. With our long-established expertise in remanufacturing and deep understanding of market needs, we are well-positioned to expand our efforts and realize the significant growth potential in this area. “Furthermore, the remanufacturing business will provide customers with an opportunity to purchase remanufactured products that have the same level of performance they have come to expect from a Bendix product.”

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LKQ gets EU link via UK’s ECP Parts remanufacturers in Europe have been alerted to the emergence of a potential new rival following the sale of UK-based parts and garage equipment distributor Euro Car Parts to US automotive specialist LKQ Corporation. The deal, worth an initial ÂŁ225 million plus the possibility of a further ÂŁ55 million if Euro Car Parts meets certain growth targets, gives the American recycling to remanufacturing giant a strong platform from which to enter EU markets. “Euro Car Parts provides an ideal launching point for our European entry. With this acquisition we will work with Euro Car Parts’ customers and suppliers to expand the use of alternative automotive parts in the UK,â€? said Robert Wagman, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer at LKQ. From its regional hub and branch network, Euro Car Parts makes over 30,000 deliveries to independent and franchised garages, bodyshops and fleet service centres across the UK every day but at the moment, it has no involvement in recycled or remanufactured parts.

Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia

Reputation LKQ has built its reputation as a vendor of quality recycled OE products sourced from dismantled vehicles and says there is a market for quality, recycled products in various sectors of the UK aftermarket, predominantly trade users. It could not confirm whether it had finalised plans to add these to the ECP portfolio but did say that the matter was ‘under discussion’. In the US, LKQ does have significant remanufacturing activities. The most impor-

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tant products are in areas such as engines, alloy road wheels and bumpers. It says these are generally remanufactured in facilities that have been acquired by the LKQ Corporation. Euro Car Parts would not comment on future plans, but Chairman and Managing Director Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia is keen to build market share and could see remanufacturing as a good fit for a business that in addition to its passenger car business is already supplying the light commercial vehicle market sector.

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For any question you can contact us!


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Global machine supplier to t Denmark-based machine tool manufacturer and a renowned supplier to the reman industry, AMC-Schou, is heading for closure. Largely due to financial problems in the parent company, Højbjerg Maskinfabrik A/S, AMCSchou will close its doors for the final time with effect from the New Year thus removing a major player in the market for crankshaft grinders, cylinder reboring machines, honing machines, valve seat cutters and cylindrical grinding machines. So far, attempts to seek a new owner have met with little success although Peter Aarø Rasmussen believes that the company could be saved if a suitable candidate were to emerge. “It is indeed sad to see a company with the reputation, skills and expertise facing closure and I believe that under different circumstances, AMC-Schou could have provided value for owners and customers alike for

Global clientele

years to come,” says Peter Aarø Rasmussen. “The production of AMC’s machines will now cease, but this doesn’t alter the fact that thousands of our machines are in operation across the world. By agreeement with the Danish firm of BAST & Co. we have ensured that our customers will continue to have access to high-level service, advice and the provision of parts.”

Based in the Jutlandian town of Vejle, BAST & Co. specialises in repair, upgrading and maintenance of production machinery and tooling. Like AMC-Schou, the company serves a global clientele and intends to employ a number of former AMC-Schou employees. At BAST & Co. Managing Director Jens Hansen sees considerable potential in offer-

no iro Duc w n l tile av ine ai rs la bl e

AMC-Schou, factory, Denmark.

Your Parts supplier for automatic and manual Transmissions Over 20,000 liners available ex stock including… 

Range of flanged liners for vintage & classic, road or race engines  Blanks suitable for minor machining to individual requirements  Specials made from drawings or samples – no minimum quantity  Prompt & efficient dispatch – credit cards accepted Tel: ++44(0)1905 799470 Fax: ++44(0)1905 796414

8 l ReMaTecNews

• Supplier of 150.000 parts to the whole of Europe and beyond • In company converter repair with the newest equipment • Fast transportation throughout Europe and beyond • Steering racks / steering pumps • Official dealer of Transtar, Sonnax, Precision and Lizarte

Lunteren - Tilburg - Dronten

The Netherlands


+31 (0)318 484144





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o the reman industry fails ing services to operators of AMC Schou’s machines. “Remanufactured AMC-Schou machines will be a relevant alternative for AMC customers who will now not be able to buy machines from their existing suppliers,” he says. Founded in 1951, AMC Schou became part of the Danish machine tool manufacturer, Højbjerg Maskinfabrik in 1981. Since its inception, the company has supplied 16,000 machines to more than 100 countries. The parent company, Højbjerg Maskinfabrik, has suffered significant losses since the financial crisis in 2008. The subsidiaries, AMC-Schou, HMF Ladekrane und Hydraulik GmbH, HMF (UK) Ltd. and HMF Sverige AB have all also suffered losses.

Peter Aarø Rasmussen (right).

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PSH sets up subsidiary in China Dutch starter and alternator specialist enters the Chinese market PSH of Holland, the well-known supplier of starters and alternators as well as testing equipment for remanufacturers, is taking a significant step into the Chinese market. During the first quarter of 2012, the company will open a new warehouse/distribution and order processing centre-cum-quality control facility in the Minhang district of Shanghai, China’s automotive capital. To mark the new initiative, PSH will introduce its range to the Chinese market by taking a booth at the Automechanika Shanghai exhibition between 7-10 December. This, too, is a first for the Dutch company. “The facility will have state-of-the-art testing equipment from D&V Electronics, which will give us an edge as the first quality control centre that is able to test all new types of alternators,” Tom Chi, who will head up the new venture, told ReMaTecNews. “There will also be an assembly line to modify units to specific needs. This is a major step for PSH, but also for the industry as a whole since we will be able to ensure the quality of

10 l ReMaTecNews

PSH headquarters in the Netherlands.

new products for our customers even before they leave China. Equally, we can provide the same service to remanufacturers who source products from Chinese suppliers.”

Strong asset Initially the plant will employ a staff of ten to

fifteen people. However, the number could increase in line with China’s growing importance to the motor industry. PSH believes that its new Chinese venture, which is fully owned by the Dutch parent company, will be a strong asset to its international operations which include branches in South Africa and Spain as well as offices in Belgium and Germany. Its headquarters are located at Graveland outside Amsterdam. Last year, PSH strengthened its market position by becoming European distributor for D&V of Canada, the Ontario-based manufacturer of a broad range of testbenches for, amongst others, the automotive reman industry. The company now plans to promote D&V’s advanced test benches in the Chinese market. “Over the past few years, PSH has been a pioneer in upcoming markets for rotating electrics,” says Tom Chi. “This is a position that we would like to consolidate. By getting closer to the production in China we can serve our clients even better.” With more than 6,600 types of starters and alternators, PSH claims to cover more than 85 per cent of the automotive and agriculture market. Besides starters and alternators, PSH provides equipment for electrical workshops with its D&V test benches.




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RAI exhibitions announces good sign-up for ReMaTec2013 Following the successful ReMaTec2011 reman show in Amsterdam in June, response from exhibitors has been extremely positive. In the three months since the show, no less than 25 per cent of the floor space has been taken up by exhibitors, including some of the largest, for the 2013 event. The figure is a record in the exhibition’s ten-year history. “We’re delighted with the response,” says Project Manager Niels Klarenbeek. “Not only is this a clear indication of exhibitors’ satisfaction with the show – it also allows us to devote more time to further improving the show’s quality and to come up with ideas for attracting more exhibitors and visitors as well as planning new events. On the backdrop of the response from the exhibitors, there is no doubt that next time we’ll have an even better show.” The data from ReMaTec2011 also reveals that the show is now the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing and associated segments.

Large stock of CORE engines! Visit our website for range and price! The Netherlands

ReMaTecNews l 11

AMS11_210x297_10Oct.pdf AM AMS11_210x297_1 MS11_210x297_1 10Oct.pdf 10Oct.pdf 10/10/11 REMATECNEWS 7-2011:REMATEC-1/2004









12:30:00 PM M 25-10-2011


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WAIglobal takes a stake in UK rotating electrics remanufacturer Sovereign WAIglobal, a worldwide supplier of starters, alternators and components is extending its already significant presence in the European market. In late September, the company announced that it has taken a stake in the UK remanufacturer of starters and alternators, Sovereign Rotating Machines, in Bognor Regis on the British South Coast. Believed to be around 33 per cent, the stake represents an investment of several million dollars and will, according to the company, enable Sovereign to expand its activities considerably. “We’ll now be able to produce for the truck, boat and jet-ski businesses and agriculture as well,” Richard Welland, Sovereign’s Managing Director said in a statement. “It’s a massive boost to our credibility to have a USbased company link up with us and I believe we’re the best in our market.” “We’ll also be able to distribute in around 105 countries which will allow us to have access to the WAIglobal’s processes and purchasing power. We’ll still buy some of our products from the Far East, but we’ll continue our commitments here in the UK. This is an exciting development for the staff here as well as for our customers,” he added. The new partnership will, according to Welland, lead to Sovereign expanding its workforce and entering into other segments

fold over the past two years and that it is now in a strong position to achieve further growth. This represents a significant turnaround from five years ago when the company had to undergo a financial restructuring that left some partners with considerable losses.

USD 200 million turnover

Richard Welland, Managing Director, Sovereign.

beyond servicing the automotive aftermarket industry. The company will now be producing equipment for agricultural and power sports engines and commercial tool industries. Sovereign says that it has grown four-

Established over 30 years ago, WAIglobal has an annual turnover of USD 200 million. Its extensive range of starters, alternators and their components covers the automotive, heavy duty, industrial and agricultural, power sports, marine, outdoor and recreation sectors. Other product lines include ignition distributors, wiper motors, engine management components and fuel systems. The company supplies OEM, OES and aftermarket customers in more than 105 countries through its worldwide network of sales and distribution locations, with European distribution handled by its facility at Bleiswijk in The Netherlands. “This is also very good news for our customers – both new and existing – as we’re able to jointly increase our aftermarket offering across all sectors, as well as pooling our expertise and resources to provide innovative, Original Equipment quality products at market-leading prices,” said Jeff Sween, CEO of WAIglobal.

New Remy starter and alternator fault diagnosis poster Remy Automotive UK Ltd has announced the introduction of a new fault diagnosis poster which has been specifically designed to help garages properly diagnose vehicle faults before fitting a new starter or alternator. The poster emphasises the vital role of the battery as the heart of the charging system and the importance of checking that the correct battery is on the vehicle and that it is in a good state of charge and condition. This is particularly important in winter. In full colour the new A2-size poster has been designed for wall placement in garages to provide a step-by-step process for the technician to follow when dealing with four common vehicle faults when dealing with potential starter motor problems and four with alternators. These often lead to the starter motor or alternator wrongly being replaced when this is actually not the real cause of the vehicle fault.

“The fault diagnosis poster which we produced earlier this year for steering racks and pumps was extremely well received by the UK trade,” says Michael Flensborg, Sales & Marketing Director of Remy Automotive UK Ltd. “Trade demand for this poster led us to consider other ways in which we could assist the technician in his day-to-day diagnostic activities when actually working on vehicles for repair. We are confident that the availability of this new rotating electrics poster will greatly assist garages in speedy and correct diagnosis of vehicle faults before the step is finally taken to replace either the starter motor or alternator.”

The poster emphasises the vital role of the battery at the heart of the charging system.

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MERA – Remanufacturers discuss reman with US political leaders Members of the Motor & Equipment Remanufacturers Association (MERA) highlighted the importance of remanufacturing to sustainability and job creation during the firstever Remanufacturing Legislative Summit in late September The event was held in Washington in conjunction with the Remanufacturing Industries Council with support from MEMA. More than 65 individual meetings were held with congressional officers and included demonstrations of the latest remanufacturing technologies to hundreds of policymakers and staff. “We were very pleased that many law-

makers gained a better appreciation of the substantial benefits of remanufacturing,” said John Chalifoux, President and COO of MERA. “They were impressed not only by the technologies and environmental benefits, but also by the significant job creation remanufacturing can offer.” U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Analyst Alan Treat spoke about his agency’s study of the remanufacturing industry, which the ITC will publish next year. Prominent public officials — including Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services Nicole

Lamb-Hale of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and former Rep. Phil English (R-Pa.) — spoke about remanufacturing and the need for greater dialogue between industry and government. Attendees also learned about challenges and opportunities for the remanufacturing industry in the U.S. from leading industry experts: Cardone Industries Chairman and CEO Michael Cardone Jr., Davies Office Refurbishing President William Davies, GE Healthcare Remanufacturing Technology Director Michael Schmit and Cummins Leader of New Business Development Shawn Zwicker.

Used truck owners choose remanufactured components The increase in sales of used Class 8 trucks in North America has resulted in a jump in the number of remanufactured components being purchased to outfit those vehicles. “Many truck operators have recognized the significant value of top-quality remanufactured components,” said Doug Wolma, General Manager, Remanufacturing, Meritor. “Trucking operations of all sizes are realizing the real value of remanufactured components, not just in terms of cost savings, which can be as much as 30 per cent less, but in terms of nationwide warranty coverage and quality production processes that contribute to longer component life and an improved bottom line.” Fleets of all sizes are opting for remanufactured manual and automatic transmissions, as well as axle differentials. The same fleets continue to specify remanufactured steering gears and brake shoes with

Doug Wolma

PlatinumShield coating from Meritor. To address the demand for remanufactured components, Meritor recently implemented a number of improvements, such as introducing an additional differential production line at its Plainfield, Ind. remanufacturing facility, and increasing capacity at its Mississauga, Ontario, facility that remanufactures steering gears and manual transmissions. Meritor entered the remanufacturing business in 1982 at its Florence, Ky., national parts distribution centre with drive axle carriers. That operation later relocated to a 275,000 square-foot facility in Plainfield. In late 2007, Meritor acquired Mascot Truck Parts, with production in Canadian facilities and a 29-location network of distribution centres across United States and Canada. In 2008, the company acquired TruckTechnic, based in Liege, Belgium, which remanufactures disc brake calipers, cam brakes and steering gears.

European Court decides on cost of installation and de-installation ✍ By Volker Schittenhelm, FIRM In a decision dated 16th June 2011, the European Court has determined that under B2C sales contracts the vendor has to bear the costs of de-installation of the defective part and installation of the subsequent replacement part/component. The decision means that the discussion as to whether spare part dealers are responsi-

ble for exchanging and delivery of spare parts free of defects has thus come to an end. The result is a lasting improvement for workshops with regard to contracts with private customers (the end user). But what about other follow-up costs e.g. if the customer claims lost profit? Should other follow-up costs not be included in the

contract terms and conditions? Maybe FIRM and/or other remanufacturer organisations should pursue this issue. FIRM would like to hear from any interested parties on this. FIRM, The International Association of Engine Rebuilders Website:

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作者:ReMaTecNews 主编 William Schwarck

中国很快将成为全球最⼤的汽车市场,但在利⽤再制造的种种益处⽅⾯步伐却⼀ 直有些缓慢,不过这种状况将要发⽣改变。在2011年,中国当局对再制造技术 的兴趣陡然增加——⽽且更多的好戏还在后⾯。

济南位于北京的东南部,搭乘快速铁路⼤约 3 个⼩时就能抵达,这⾥便 是济南复强动⼒公司的所在地。公司位于这个拥有⼋百万⼈⼝之城市的 郊区,每个⽉为中国不断增长的商⽤车运营商⽣产 成千上万台再制造 发动机。年复⼀年,产量稳定增长。 作为中国再制造业的开拓者,济南复强动⼒公司多年来在中国汽 车业⼀直占有⼀种特殊的地位。在某种程度上,该公司⽬前仍然保持着 这⼀地位。不过,与以往不同的是,济南复强动⼒公司已经不再是这个 ⾏业内屈指可数的⼏家公司之⼀了。随着中国在资源保护和环保型⽣产 ⽅⾯之意识的不断加强,并需要对城市中往往令⼈惊⼼的污染进⾏有效 控制,涌现出了⼀⼤批新的较⼩型再制造公司。 要想对中国汽车再制造业的新趋势有⼀个全⾯的了解,并⾮易事。 到⽬前为之,虽然较⼤型城市吸引了⼤部分的再制造活动,但再制造公 司⼴泛地分散于中国各地。在中国,所谓的“较⼤型”城市其实都是⼀ 些巨型城市,如上海、北京、深圳、⼴州和重庆等,⼈⼝都在⼀千万到 两千万之间。⽬前该⾏业还没有任何的⾏业组织,不过⼀些相关组织即 将出现。


然⽽在学术层⾯上,随着很多官⽅研究机构和⾼等院校对再制造的深⼊ 研究,再制造业的发展速度却相当快。在北京,著名的徐滨⼠教授—— 中国再制造技术之⽗——和其能⼲的助⼿朱教授领导的再制造技术国家

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重点实验室与中国政府⾼层关系密切,对中国政府的再制造思路有很⼤ 的影响⼒。 今年年初,徐滨⼠教授在北京接受 ReMaTecNews 的采访时发表 了如下评论:“两百年来,为了提⾼⽣活⽔平,制造业对中国⼀直很 重要。但同时,制造也造成了污染。事实上,70% 的污染来⾃于制造 过程。 随着相应科学技术的发展,再制造技术的重要性与⽇俱增。 虽然再制造技术国家重点实验室的重要性⽏庸置疑,但它并不是 中国再制造⽅⾯的唯⼀⼒量。中国机械⼯程学会再制造⼯程分会、中国 设备管理协会再制造技术委员会、中国汽车⼯业协会汽车零部件再制造 分会、中国⾃然科学基⾦委员会等机构也都开始现⾝说法——不但发 挥它们的科学和政治影响⼒,⽽且也在为再制造业的未来培养年轻的学 者和⼯程师。某⼤学⼯程系的⼀位学者向ReMaTecNews解释道:“未来 ⼏年,汽车和商⽤机车再制造在中国将会变得重要起来。因此,我们必 须培养下⼀代⼈才,使再制造技术达到西⽅⽔平。” 尽管中国的再制造业雄⼼勃勃,不过所存在的实际障碍也不可低 估。在真实意义上的再制造得到发展之前,⼀系列的问题仍待当局予以 明确。这些问题包括:如何布局物流和旧件回收以及当局将如何进⾏再 制造许可证照的发放。证照的发放是否仅限于⼤型公司,包括已深⼊到 中国汽车业的欧美公司?还有政府的计划是否包括建⽴⼩型独⽴再制造

ReMaTecNews主编 William Schwarck 今年年初在北京对徐滨⼠教授做了⼀次访 谈,讨论与再制造业发展相关的问题。

企业?当局是否会解除过去对再制造企业进⼝旧件的禁令?还可以列出 很多的问题,但⽬前为⽌是问题太多,答案太少。


尽管如此,官⽅对再制造的态度⾮常明确。今年年初,11个重要的政 府部门,包括举⾜轻重的国家发改委,联名签署了⼀份题⽬为 《关于推进再制造产业发展的意见》的⽂件。为了促进汽车部件、⼯程


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机械和机床的再制造发展,这份政策⽂件将对 已经在中国不同地区开展的15个再制造试点 项⽬提供⽀持。 ⽂件承认“中国的再制造技术仍处于发 展阶段” ,并承诺“再制造设备的质量、效率 和⽣态可持续性将在中国经历变⾰”。在中 国,每年⽣产的再制造产品有望在2010年达 到740亿元,在2015年达到1920亿元。或许 对于志向远⼤的⼯程师们再制造还不算是⼀ 个抢⼿的职业选择,不过单从上述数字来 看,为了要建⽴起中国的再制造业,官⽅对 技术⼈才的投⼊将肯定不会短缺。


同时,欧美越来越多的再制造相关公司正密切 地关注着中国的发展。当然,其中不乏汽车业 的巨头,如通⽤汽车、福特、宝马、奔驰、康 明斯和博世,它们已经向中国汽车业的未来 投⼊了⼤量的资⾦。其它的则是⼀些规模较 ⼩的独⽴公司,这些公司在中国市场上进⾏产 品采购、是中国公司的合资企业伙伴或计划将 与中国公司设⽴合资企业,或随着中国再制造 业的加速发展⽽期望成为中国再制造企业的供 应商。虽然不是所有的公司都认为⾃⼰的抱 负将成为现实,但中国对再制造所带来的益 处和挑战的开放态度,让其它许多公司感到未 来充满了机遇。

2011年初,若⼲中国学术机构和再制造公司与APRA(美国汽车零部件再制造协会)联合组织了中国⾸个国际 再制造论坛。国内外⼈⼠踊跃地参加了此次会议,并有中国政府⾼层代表出席。

ReMaTecNews 在接下来的⼀年⾥,ReMaTecNews 将进⼀步 就中国再制造业的发展及相关企业进⾏报道。 ReMaTecNews还将参加12⽉初的“上海国际 汽车零配件、维修检测诊断设备及服务⽤品展 览会”(Automechanika Shanghai),该展会上 将⾸次进⾏再制造推介。


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A new revolution arrives in China ✍

By William Schwarck, Editor-in-Chief, ReMaTecNews

Soon to become the world’s largest automotive market, China has been somewhat slow to embrace the benefits of remanufacturing. This is set to change. 2011 has seen a steep rise in the Chinese authorities’ interest in remanufacturing – and there is much more to come.

Jinan, some three hours by fast train south of Beijing, is home to Jinan Fuqiang Power Company. Here, on the outskirts of this city of eight million inhabitants, the company churns out thousands of remanufactured engines a month for China’s ever demanding commercial vehicle operators. Steadily and solidly, year after year. A pioneer within China’s reman industry, Jinan Fuqiang Power Company has, for many years, held a special place in the country’s motor industry. To some extent, the company still does. The difference, however, is that Jinan Fuqiang Power Company is no longer one of the few trees in the forest. A whole new undergrowth of remanufacturers is emerging in a country that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of resource preservation, environmental – friendly production – which has still to come to grips with the often alarming pollution in its cities. A full overview of the new trend towards

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automotive remanufacturing is difficult to obtain. So far, reman operators are scattered widely although it is the bigger cities that attract most of the reman activities. And when you talk ‘bigger’ in China you mean ‘huge’, with cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangdon and Chonquing having between ten and twenty million residents. No single trade organisation yet covers the industry although some are beginning to emerge.

Fast Developments On an academic level, however, developments are moving pretty fast, with a number of official research institutions and institutes of higher learning all contributing to a new understanding of the benefits of remanufacturing. In Beijing, the National Key Laboratory for Remanufacturing under the venerable Professor Xu Binshe – the Father of Chinese Remanufacturing - and his able assistant, Professor Sheng Zhu, is close to the highest levels of the

Chinese administration and exerts considerable influence on the government’s thinking on remanufacturing. In a conversation with ReMaTecNews in Beijing earlier this year, Professor Xu Binshe commented: “For two hundred years, manufacturing has been important to China in order to raise living standards. The other side is that manufacturing creates pollution. In fact, 70 per cent of all pollution comes from manufacturing processes. Because the right scientific and technology developments are in place, remanufacturing is now becoming important.” Crucial as it is, the National Key Laboratory for Remanufacturing is not the only force for remanufacturing in China. Organisations such as the Remanufacturing Engineering Institution of CMES, the Remanufacturing Technology Institution of CAPE, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Institution of CAAM and the National Natural Science




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Professor Sheng Zhu, Ph.D, Deputy Head of the National Key Laboratory, will have an

Earlier this year William Schwarck, Editor-in-Chief, ReMaTecNews, visit-

influential role in the development of China’s remanufacturing industry.

ed Professor Xu Binshe in Beijing to discuss issues relating to the development of the remanufacturing industry.

Foundation of China (NSFC) are all beginning to make their presence felt – both in terms of scientific and political influence, but also in respect of training young academics and engineers for future roles in the reman industry. As one academic from the engineering department at a university explained to ReMaTecNews: “Automotive and commercial vehicle remanufacturing is going to be important in China over the years ahead. Therefore, we will have to train the next generation to perform the tasks that are required to bring remanufacturing to the same level as in the West.” The ambitions within the reman industry are clearly there. However, the practical obstacles cannot be underestimated, and a range of issues need to be clarified by the authorities before a genuine reman sector can evolve.

Such questions include how to deal with logistics and core collection and, for instance, the authorities’ handling of licences for remanufacturers. Will these be restricted to large corporations, including European and American companies, that are already deeply involved in

could go on… There are too many questions and so far, too few answers.

Official attitude Nevertheless, the new official attitude to remanufacturing is indisputable. Earlier this

‘A revolution of remanufactured equipment quality, efficiency and eco-sustainability is underway in China’ China’s automotive industry? Or do the government’s plans include the establishment of smaller, independent remanufacturers? Will the authorities break with the traditional ban on import of cores for remanufacturers? One

year, eleven key government departments, including the hugely important National Development and Reform Commission, jointly signed up to a document entitled ‘Views on Promoting the Development of the

Founded in 1994, Jinan Fuqiang Power Company is China’s largest engine remanufacturer. The company remanufactures 20,000 engines per year as well as 120,000 engine components. Jinan Fuqiang Power Company employs a workforce of 1200.

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Remanufacturing Industry’. Intended to promote the remanufacturing of automotive components, construction machinery and machine tools, this policy document supports fifteen pioneering projects for remanufacturing that are already rolling out in different parts of China. Accepting that ‘remanufacturing in China is still at the developmental stage’, the document promises that ‘a revolution of remanufactured equipment quality, efficiency and eco-sustainability is underway in China’, where the annual production of reman products is expected to reach 74 billion yuan in 2010, and 192 billion by 2015. It may not yet be a fashionable career choice for aspiring engineers but the figures alone virtually guarantee that China’s official efforts to establish a reman industry will not be short on technical skills.


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Earlier in 2011, a number of Chinese academic organisations and remanufacturing companies, in conjunction with APRA (The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) organised China’s first international reman-

Foreign companies

ufacturing forum. The event was well attended by a local and international audience and by high-ranking

Meanwhile, from outside China, developments are being monitored closely by increasing numbers of remanufacturing-related firms from both Europe and the US. Some of these, of course, are the giants of the motor industry, the GMs, the Fords, the BMWs, the Mercedes, the Cummins and Bosch, which have invested untold billions in China’s automotive future. Others are (much) smaller, independent operators that source their products from China, partner Chinese firms in joint ventures or plan to do so – or expect to supply Chinese remanufacturers as China’s reman industry shifts to a higher gear. Not everyone will see their ambitions materialise. Nevertheless, for many others the indications are that China’s opening up to the benefits – and challenges – of remanufacturing promises a wealth of opportunities.

representatives from the Chinese government.

ReMaTecNews Over the coming year, ReMaTecNews will report further on the development of remanufacturing in China and the players that operate there. ReMaTecNews will also attend the Automechanika Shanghai show in early December which – for the first time – will feature remanufacturing.

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For the first time sales of new cars in China have exceeded the sale of new cars in the Uinited States. It is estimated that the number of vehicles in China will reach 70 million in 2012.




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Shanghai, Shang hai, China - December 6, 2011


Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association tion



KƐͬWƌĞƐŝĚĞŶƚƐͬ'ĞŶĞƌĂůDĂŶĂŐĞƌƐͬŝƌĞĐƚŽƌƐͬ<ĞLJDĂƌŬĞƟŶŐΘWƌŽĚƵĐƟŽŶDĂŶĂŐĞƌƐĨƌŽŵ               remanufacturing companies, component parts manufacturers, core suppliers, recyclers/dismantlers, OEM’s, key users and buyers of remanufactured parts.

ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ


/ŶƚƌŽĚƵĐƟŽŶ The Strategy & Policy of Remanufacturing in China Lastest Developments & Future Prospects of Remanufacture Engineering and Industry in China Chinese Engine Remanufacturing       WĂŶĞůŝƐĐƵƐƐŝŽŶͲƵƚŽŵŽƟǀĞZĞŵĂŶƵĨĂĐƚƵƌŝŶŐŝŶƐŝĂ͗Ƶƌrent Status & Challenges Overview of Recycling Old Units in China Global Remanufacturing Today & Tomorrow Remanufacturing in Korea & Japan Remanufacturing of Electronics & Mechatronics Remanufacturing by an Independent Remanufacturer of Electrical Units Remanufacturing by a Independent Chinese Remanufacturer of  ŚĂƐƐŝƐͬƵƚŽŵĂƟĐdƌĂŶƐŵŝƐƐŝŽŶ       WĂŶĞůŝƐĐƵƐƐŝŽŶͲƵƚŽŵŽƟǀĞZĞŵĂŶƵĨĂĐƚƵƌŝŶŐŝŶƐŝĂ͗     ^ŽůƵƟŽŶƐĂŶĚƚŚĞtĂLJ&ŽƌǁĂƌĚ     EĞǁWZŝǀŝƐŝŽŶ͗^/W/&/




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Supplier showdown a While the ground floors in the huge Frankfurt Messe complex in Germany were awash with new cars and concepts during the latest IAA motor show in October, in several halls one level up a fair number of the world’s leading system suppliers were showing their latest developments. One of the bigger conglomerates that work with (mainly European) OEMs is ZF, a major player in driveline and chassis technology. On the transmission front, one of the products currently in development is the 9HP ninespeed automatic transmission for transverse, front wheel drive (or optionally, all wheel drive) configurations – the world’s first automatic gearbox with nine forward gear ratios. As an aside, Hyundai recently announced they

8-Speed transmission for hybrids.

More gears, better efficiency: ZF 9HP for transverse FWD drivetrains.

are developing a ten-speed automatic gearbox for their range-topping Equus models… ZF claims the transmission offers up to 16 per cent better fuel economy compared to a typical 6-speed automatic transmission in a FWD transverse application. In part, this is due to a greater spread of ratios; where in a Mini Cooper S development car (one of two demonstration/development vehicles currently equipped with the 9HP), the original six-speeder makes the engine run at a moderate 2,600 rpm at 120 km/h (75 mph), the nine-speed transmission drops this further to 1,900 rpm. Indeed, a 16 per cent reduction of the test car’s fuel consumption is being realised at this speed, which in this vehicle class translates to a whole litre every 100 km. In a second car, the 9HP has been mated to a wet-running starter clutch instead of the usual torque converter, giving more options to decouple the engine from the transmission and prevent nasty vibrations being transferred when keeping a 3- or 4-cylinder engine working in a low rpm range, whenever there is limited installation space. The transmission itself measures a positively compact 36 x 48 x 38 cm (14 x 19 x 15 inches). The 9HP is being developed in two basic versions with torque capacities of 280Nm (206 lb-ft) and 480 Nm (353 lb-ft) respectively and can also be adapted to work in a hybrid configuration. A mild hybrid version has an electric motor instead of a torque converter in the clutch bell housing. The transmission, which aims to offer maximum efficiency in a small space, will not be due to appear in production vehicles before 2013.

✍ By Eric van Spelde, Technical Writer drive transfer case, offering on-demand torque transmission to the front axle, into a gearbox – saving both space and weight. On the chassis front, but also for sub components in transmissions, ZF is investing quite heavily in making fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) that is, so far mostly, used for small volume production of, for instance, car bodies, economically viable for mass production. An example of this is the composite (transverse) leaf spring axle shown at the IAA – although, in fairness, Corvette has been doing this for many years.

Lighter and stronger Saving weight was also a big theme at Brembo’s show display, with lightweight concepts

ZF and transmissions with integrated transfer case offering on-demand torque transfer to the front

Mass production fibres In the well-established 8HP series for longitudinal engine, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive configurations, a full hybrid version has been launched that offers up to 25 per cent fuel savings. To this end, an integrated electric motor of up to 150 kW (just over 200 hp) is integrated in the transmission together with every other component to make a hybrid system. The gearbox can take up to 1,100 Nm (881 lb-ft) of torque. Another transmission development is the integration of an all-wheel

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Brembo lightweight caliper concept.




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n at IAA


for brake calipers in various installations. A lightweight concept (the red caliper in the pictures) was created to show where weight reductions could be realised by taking away material – as seen in the CNC machined items used for Formula 1 et al. Alas, this is not (yet) viable for series productions castings. In contrast, Brembo’s Semi Solid Metalforming (BSSM) process, which brings aluminium to a semi-solid state and then shapes it, is developed with series production in mind. Aluminium structures that are made this way are light on one hand, and extremely stiff on another. This should result in brake calipers that are not only lighter, but also have better noise and vibration absorption characteristics, resulting in higher driving comfort. The DSSM process is primarily aimed at high end sports vehicles. TRW meanwhile is developing new scaleable safety systems and thus increase their market penetration in bread-and-butter car segments. A prime example of this is the new

TRW is pushing for the adoption of advanced safety features in lower car segments, for instance with an affordable radar concept.

radar concept AC100, a short range radar with 360 degree sensing capability which enables functions like blind spot recognition, lane change assistance, intersection crossing assistance and park assistance for moderately priced vehicles. For the new generation of hybrid and electric drivetrains, TRW also introduced the Future Brake System (FBS), a

vacuum-independent brake booster system which integrates all brake control functionality from electronic stability control and regenerative braking to autonomous braking. Compared to conventional braking systems, the new technology is claimed to improve feel through the brake pedal, and lower the weight of the braking system.

PFI Bearings

World Class Quality in Ball Bearing Manufacturing

Wee manufacture W manufacture bearings bearings for f or automotive au tomotive aalternators, lternators, sstarters tar ters aand nd A/C A / C ccompressors ompressors uunder nddeer our our ISO ISO 9001:2000 9 0 01 : 2 0 0 0 aand nd ISO ISO TTS16949:2002 S16949 : 2002 registered registered quality qualit y systems. s y s t em s . Allll bbearings A earings aare re aavailable vailable ffor or iimmediate mmediate sshipment h ip m e n t Netherlands ffrom rom oour ur N etherlands ddistribution istribution center. center.

72-744 Shannonweg S h a n n o n we g 3197 LH Rotterdam Botlek dam - B o t le k The Netherlands he r la n d s ales-eu @ +31 TTel: el : + 31 2200 7712-1379 12-1379 +31 FFax: ax: + 31 2200 5524-8900 24 - 8 9 0 0

Registered Company ISO 9001 s ISO/TS 16949

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When your alternator supplier uses the wrong type of pulley... © 2011 Litens Automotive Group All rights reserved.

...who do you think your customer is going to blame? Selling an alternator with the wrong pulley design can damage a vehicle’s belt drive system, causing an expensive comeback. Protect your business by verifying that your alternator supplier only provides the OErequired pulley design for each application. Otherwise, you can look forward to a few face-to-face conversations like this one.

Millions of vehicles now require an Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) pulley. Get more information today at




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FER to forge links with other automotive remanufacturers The UK’s Federation of Engine Remanufacturers hopes to attract many more remanufacturers to join its ranks and help raise the profile of ‘green’ automotive remanufacturing. For example, diesel pump, turbocharger and fuel injection systems remanufacturers will be among a wide range of specialists that should benefit from the recruitment campaign. The campaign will highlight the benefits of a united voice and emphasise the opportunities and commercial advantages that an expanded organisation might provide. As well as having the political connections necessary to get its views aired nationally and internationally, FER already offers its members a range of business and technical support services, as well as having the administrative expertise to manage membership matters and promotional campaigns. To support the move, FER is planning a series of meetings, mailing and campaign

leaflets, while a new-look website will help to publicise proposals that it hopes will be received favourably by the various component and systems remanufacturers.

Working in harmony

Alan Johnston, President of FER

“The individual components that we each remanufacture cannot function in isolation. By working in harmony, their collective output is impressive and they produce powerful working engines,” says FER President Alan Johnston. “Automotive remanufacturers have a bright future but increasingly, it is becoming difficult to protect individual business interests. Together, we can achieve something more and drive ourselves and our industry forward.” The fine details, which include a new mission statement that will encompass the requirements of new automotive remanufacturers that are keen to be a part of the enhanced FER, are already well advanced.

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APRA Forsbachstraße 13 51145 Cologne Germany phone +49 (0)220 3292984

FIRM Boulevard de la Woluwe 42 boite 5 1200 BRUSSELS Belgium phone +32 (0) 2 7619513


Metalas Cleaning Systems BV James Wattweg 28 3133 KK Vlaardingen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)10 4356036

Proceco Ltd. 7300 Tellier Street Montreal, QC H1N 3T7 Canada phone: +1 514 254 8494

28 l ReMaTecNews


Autoenterprises Ltd. Units 5,6,14,15 Pembroke Centre, Gardiners Lane South Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HX United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1268 285888

Premier Components UK Ltd. Unit 701 Long Marston Storage Campden Road Long Marston Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 8QR United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1789 720061

R.A.S.E.D. S.p.A. Spaco Diesel Via Padova 183 20127 Milano Italy Phone +39 022722161

Van Der Star Bvba Van Der Star Bvba Ind. Leuerbroek 1094 B-3640 Kinrooi Belgium phone +32 (0)89 703657 PARTS FOR REMANUFACTURERS

• Cleaning equipment • Consultancy - Research • Cores • Environmental products • Lubricants - Chemicals • Organisations - Associations • Parts for remanufacturers • Production equipment • Remanufactured products • Test equipment Rates 1 placement 1 155 3 placements 1 385 Eva Barten

Autopulley Europe Watermunt 81 5931 TE Venlo-Tegelen The Netherlands phone +31(0)65 3897698

A.E.S. Auto Electric Service BV Cannenburgerweg 59c 1244 RH Ankeveen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)35 6563444


ERA Benelux Drieslaan 78 B-8560 Gullegem Belgium Phone +32 56 439300

Wah Seng Industry Sdn. Bhd. 22 Jalan Industri Beringin 14100 Juru Industry Park S.P.T. Penang Malaysia phone +6 04 5079982 S.D.A. Im-Export BV Duizeldonksestraat 7 5705 CA Helmond The Netherlands phone +31 (0)492 524463

INFORMATION For more information please contact Eva Barten, phone +31 (0)20-5042800

BU DRIVE GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 129 49811 Lingen/Ems Germany phone +49 (0)591 71050

Alto Europe BV Marconistraat 2a 7442 DD Nijverdal The Netherlands phone +31 (0)6 10432191


Auto-Matic C/ Laguna 20 (Pol.Ind.Urtinsa II) 28923 Alcorcón Madrid Spain phone +34 91 644 44 22

Dynostar Hogerwerf 15 4707 RV Roosendaal The Netherlands phone +31-165521336




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The E-Zee-Shift-Platform combines the very latest in next-gen automotive electronics along with state of the art embedded software. This tool is an essential if your looking for... The most advanced Automatic Gearbox/Transmission testing device on the market

Save Money Save Time Use your existing cables Collect pressures 'on screen'

This in vehicle version of the E-Zee-Shift-Platform allows hassle free testing and shift control by simple isolating the transmission from the controller and harness. E-Zee-Shift-OnBoard-Firmware mimics that of OEM shift strategies. This allows the system to manipulate multiple solenoids simultaneously.

E3.600,00 (Please contact us for info about terms, conditions and contents) (F端r unsere deutschen Kunden zzgl. gesetzlicher MWSt.)

Please call/mail us for participating in our next Training-Day or for an individual introduction in your workshop. Learn to understand and use this sophisticated tool. Newco Autoline GmbH Mittelwendung 17 28844 Weyhe/Germany

Phone +49-4203-8148-0 Fax +49-4203-8148-96




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For further news about APRA Europe, please visit

APRA Europe


APRA – A global association Although, in general, cultural differences may explain why it can be difficult to create alliances, happily this does not apply to APRA. APRA in North America dates back to 1941 when, during the early stages of World War II, material resources were scarce and the

very amicable and productive relationship across the pond. This transatlantic entente cordiale has allowed us to move ahead with our strategic plan to achieve real global coverage – to create a new APRA division in Asia – proving

demand for motor components high. In Europe, remanufacturing started rather later and APRA Europe was founded only in 1987. Nevertheless, American and European remanufacturers as well as APRA members have consistently worked well together, learning from each other. Though our cultures may be a little different this has never affected our

that our trans-Atlantic alliance provides benefits across the board. To set up a division in a continent that is new to us and where we have little presence and knowledge is a big challenge and I don’t pretend that we are already successful - in effect, with our events during the Automechanika in December 2011 in Shanghai, we are just making a start.

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✍ By Fernand Weiland, Vice-Chairman, APRA Europe As when we started APRA Europe in 1987, there is a long way to go and no-one knows exactly where we will end up. My view is that we may perhaps reach only a modest size in Asia where we currently have about 30 members. In terms of quality and professionalism, however, APRA Asia will be a top notch organisation. The great opportunity for recycling (remanufacturing) in Asia and in China lies particularly in the fact that the Chinese government is highly focused on the environment. Pollution is a serious concern and has high political priority, possibly higher than in Europe and North America! I’m aware that not all APRA members may agree with the moves we are beginning to make in Asia. I do believe, however, that the future will show that global associations can achieve more than those which restrict themselves to a single region. There are also some that believe that our association should not diversify and embrace many more automotive products. Again, the future will show that a remanufacturing association cannot survive on a limited product portfolio. The global challenges for APRA are large and so are the opportunities going forward. Since its inception back in 1941, APRA has been the number one remanufacturing association. We may now be moving towards new frontiers - with a real positive outlook and opportunities for moving to higher levels that will benefit the remanufacturing industry worldwide. Good Luck to all of us!




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APRA International Forum during Automechanika in Shanghai in December 2011 The objective of this open forum is to bring international remanufacturers together to network and exchange experience. Presentations will focus on addressing the opportunities and challenges facing remanufacturing in China and Asia. Highlights include: • The strategy and policies for remanufacturing in China. • Latest developments and future prospects for reman in China. • Chinese Engine Remanufacturing. • Panel discussion - automotive remanufacturing in Asia: current status & challenges. • Overview of recycling old units in China.

• Global remanufacturing today and tomorrow. • Remanufacturing in Korea and Japan. • Remanufacturing of electronics and mechatronics. • Remanufacturing - by independent remanufacturer of electrical units. • Remanufacturing - by independent Chinese remanufacturer of chassis/automatic transmissions. • Panel discussion - automotive remanufacturing in Asia: Solutions and the way forward. • New APRA Division: ASIA PACIFIC.

APRA to launch new Asia Pacific Division APRA will be setting up a new division for the Asia & Pacific Region. Following the success of the APRA European Division and the strategy to plan globally and act locally, APRA will launch the new division during the Shanghai Forum. New Asian members are welcome to join the association, which is planning regular meetings in Asia in the near future. A Board of Governors will be established during the course of 2012.

For registration please visit

APRA 2012 European Symposium and Exhibition in Krakow, Poland APRA’s third European Exhibition and 23rd annual APRA Symposium 2012 will be held in Krakow, Poland. The exhibition will take place on 23 April, with the exhibitor list including manufacturers of components and test equipment, remanufacturers of units and suppliers of old units. The conference, where professional speakers will share their expertise and experience, will be held the following day, i.e. 24 April. On 25 April, APRA will host a plant tour near Krakow. As usual, the event is likely to be a rewarding experience for everyone. More information will be published at

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✍ By Volker Schittenhelm, Head of Information, FIRM

Consider engine reman FIRST Consider engine reman FIRST! That’s FIRM’s message to the public, to politicians, political parties and all organisations and associations interested in environmental protection and resource efficiency. Waste management and the recycling of material (as manifested in Germany’s LifeCycle Resource Management Act) undoubtedly contribute to reducing pollution and CO2 emissions. But why invest energy in sorting, shredding and return materials into the manufacturing of new products when there is a much more cost and resource efficient process available, i.e. give an engine a second-life-cycle? The environmental benefits have just been quantified in a study by VMI, Germany’s Association of Engine Remanufacturers, together with the University of Saarland (see the last edition of ReMaTecNews). And bear in mind that buying a remanufactured engine is not at all a compromise, but has positive impact on your budget and is good

News – FIR, Italy FIR, the Italian engine remanufacturing association, has published the updated 2011 edition of their national unified tariffs. With over 240 pages, the booklet contains codes for nearly 60 steps in remanufacturing engine components (block, cylinder head, crankshaft, con rods etc.). For each code, a recommended net price gives the Italian member a reference for offers and invoices. Moreover, in excess of 700 older cars and trucks are classified according to cylinder diameter, number of cylinders, number of valves etc. Both, codes and classification combined, have resulted in a large number of price recommendations, which greatly assists Italy’s engine remanufacturers and also leads to transparency in B2B and B2C customer relations.

32 l ReMaTecNews

for the environment. In fact, many industry players (OEM as well as IAM) accept that reman engines are as good as new - or even better! Moreover, studies into people’s attitudes to environmental protection indicate: “yes, we’re in favour, but not at my own expense!” Buying and using remanufactured engines, therefore, offers cost savings and helps the environment. What more could anyone wish for? In addition, don’t forget that the engine reman industry is changing all the time. Definitions and quality standards are

constantly under review from associations and suppliers of independent guidelines are published on a regular basis and more will be published as we go forward. This, in turn, will lead to greater transparency and thus customer acceptance. Nationwide quality labels and certification processes (see France and Turkey) will certainly also contribute to the knowledge, confidence and acceptance of a still fairly unknown, yet environmentalfriendly, industry. Let’s all do our best to promote ourselves and our industry. At every opportunity.

News – FEDA, France As a result of current economic trends, remanufacturing of cylinder heads is decreasing while the remanufacturing of complete engines is increasing – mainly driven by public transport companies. FEDA is working on a quality label for their members’ workshops, specifying and defining machines and equipment, the workforce’s training and skills and quality management systems. Based on these initiatives, FEDA members are now increasingly able to offer nationwide warranties.

It is important to mention that the new label is officially approved by VERITAS, a global leader in conformity assessment and certification services and trusted partner which offers services and innovative solutions to reduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable development. The label and its certifying procedure will be presented at the upcoming general assembly of FIRM in Stockholm in October. More detailed information will follow in the next edition of ReMaTecNews.




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News – GMY, Turkey Since its inception GMY, Turkey’s national engine remanufacturing association, has had strong links with OEMs. For instance, GMY is the official partner of Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Case, Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai, Iveco, Kia, Lancia, MAN, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Skoda, Subaru and Tata. This year, GMY created further ties with OEMs such as Renault-Trucks, JCB and DAF. These successes can, to a significant extent, be attributed to strict workshop specifications among its membership and to training and PR activities. In turn, such new links have led to greater interest in GMY to a point where five new members are now expected to join GMY, providing their workshops can meet the technical requirements! Quality before quantity is GMY’s main message to the industry – the only strategy for maintaining quality and securing future acceptance and growth. In March 2011, GMY started to organise a number of technical seminars for car repair workshops. More than 200 car repair workshops, most of them authorised by major OEMs like Fiat, Mercedes-Benz etc., participated. Three large technical seminars were organised for the GMY workshops. A further 14 on-the-job training sessions were held in

different workshops within the GMY network to educate young professionals and provide young people with a knowledge of engine remanufacturing. Every year, GMY holds two general meetings. In 2011, the first took place in Antalya in early April. On the first day, a spe-

cial seminar focused on institutionalisation while on the second day, GMY members worked with their own answers to problems facing engine rebuilders. In November, a new online catalogue programme will begin its test run. We will keep you informed about the results of this.

FIRM – almost 50 years of networking Networking is crucial to meeting the professional engine remanufacturing industry’s requirements. FIRM, the European Association of Engine Remanufacturers, is providing just that - a FIRM platform for its members (actually ten European engine reman associations) to exchange experiences, discuss reman topics and learn from each other (see ‘news from the members’). As such it’s also a tool for generating new ideas and implementing new strategies for national associations and markets. Written information such as newsletters, e-mails, websites etc. is one, albeit impersonal, way to communicate. We must not, however, forget the social aspects: workshops, general meetings, exhibitions (such as ReMaTec). Apart from agendas and meeting topics, the organisers of such events offer networking opportunities – to learn from each other, to

find new partners, brainstorm for new strategies and how to work better together. FIRM’s general meeting in Stockholm on 7 October, 2011 will be just that – an opportunity to discuss the organisational structure and strategies for FIRM’S requirements and how to support its members and lobby/conduct PR on behalf of the industry. A report on the general meeting will be published in the FIRM pages of the next edition of ReMaTecNews. Networking, however, also means considering FIRM’s role, position and responsibilities at an international level. Consequently, we greatly appreciate the work undertaken at our office in Brussels, the heart of the European car industry’s aftermarket activities. The modifications to the BER-regulations concerning access

to technical information and the success of the R2R-campaign ( are just two of the projects that have been achieved with FIRM’s support and presence in Brussels. Anything else? Cooperation with other international engine reman associations like AERA and PERA in the United States, communication and cooperation with the associations from South Africa and New Zealand will also give you an idea of FIRM’s role within a truly international network. Last, but not least, the biennial ReMaTec show in Amsterdam (, where FIRM and APRA (the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), the official partners of the organisers, Amsterdam RAI, is an integral part of FIRM’s automotive remanufacturing network. For more information about FIRM, its network, members and activities, visit the website

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INTERNATIONAL EVENTS & TRADE FAIRS 03.11.2011-05.11.2011 Auto & Parts Uzbekistan (AutoMotorShow Uzbekistan) - International Trade Fair for Automobile and Parts Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 06.11.2011-16.11.2011 Johannesburg Int. Motor Show (AUTO AFRICA EXPO) - Africa’s International Automotive Trade Show and Conference Johannesburg (South Africa) 10.11.2011-14.11.2011 Dubai International Motor Show Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 16.11.2011-18.11.2011 KOAAshow - Korea Autoparts & Auto-related Industries Show Goyang Seoul (Republic of Korea)

19.11.2011-27.11.2011 Motor and Commercial Vehicle Exhibition Toulouse (France)

29.11.2011-03.12.2011 Solutrans - International Trade Show of Transport Solutions Lyon (France)

20.11.2011-24.11.2011 Autocare (ATA) & Freight Logistics Arabia Exhibition for Automotive Aftermarket, Transport Infrastructure and Commercial Vehicles Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

03.12.2011-08.12.2011 AUTOMOVIL - Automobile Trade Fair Valencia (Spain)

22.11.2011-28.11.2011 Auto Guangzhou - China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition Guangzhou (China (PR))

03.12.2011-11.12.2011 MOTOR SHOW - International Automobile Exhibition Bologna (Italy)

23.11.2011-25.11.2011 AutoIndustry & Autocomponents Togliatti (Russia)

16.11.2011-20.11.2011 Vietnam Motor Show Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

24.11.2011-27.11.2011 OTOMOTIV - International Automotive Supply Industry, Components, Accessories & Services Equipment Exhibition Istanbul (Turkey)

11.17.2011-11.20.2011 TRANSPO-TECH - International Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles & Spare Parts Cairo (Egypt)

26.11.2011-04.12.2011 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW - Automobile . Motorsport .Tuning . Classics Essen (Germany)


29.11.2011-11.12.2011 Tokyo Motor Show Tokyo (Japan)

07.12.2011-10.12.2011 Automechanika Shanghai Shanghai (China (PR)) 11.12.2011-15.12.2011 Riyadh Motor Show - International Exhibition for Motor Vehicles Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

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