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• Remanufacturers go to Shanghai

• Interview with Michael Cardone Jr.

• Big R, Equip Auto and parts2clean

Getting to the core

of the matter • Bosch/Unipoint • APRA News • FIRM News

2011 - NO 6 - VOLUME 11




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NO 6 • SEPT / OCT 2011 • VOLUME 11

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Bosch expands - An industry with Core dealers again 8 a great future 10 unite 14 Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, takes over Taiwan’s Unipoint, a major force within the field of starters and alternators. The deal will significantly enhance Bosch’s position in Asia. Through its Denmark-based subsidiary, Holger Christiansen, Bosch is already a major supplier of remanufactured starters and alternators and other remanufactured parts.

As Chairman of Cardone Industries, Michael Cardone Jr. is the world’s largest independent remanufacturer. In May he spokes at the ReMaTec2011 show in Amsterdam. In this edition he talks exclusively to ReMaTecNews.

Cores are the lifeblood of the remanufacturing industry. Without cores – and a good core supply chain – there would be no remanufacturing. Fortunately, the days of core dealing as the dirty underside of automotive remanufacturing are rapidly disappearing. Instead today’s best core dealers are focusing on quality. We speak to some of them.

‘Reman is a breeding ground for talent development – people are more innovative, flexible and adaptable’ Jack Stack, President/CEO, Springfield Remanufacturing, Missouri, US

4 Editorial 5 APRA/Automechanika in China 7 Ten key points for remanufacturers 23 Academics and remanufacturers come together 26 Big R – Focus on training 34 APRA News 36 FIRM News 38 International events and trade fairs Issues in 2011: February (including cleaning special), March, May (including preview ReMaTec2011), June (including show guide ReMaTec2011), August (review ReMaTec2011), September, November, December




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EDITOR’S LETTER ReMaTecNews Volume 11 – Number 6 – September | October 2011

Looking ahead to a busy winter During the summer, much of Europe’s automotive industry traditionally goes into near hibernation as factories close and the workforce heads for the beaches and the mountains. The same applies to remanufacturing, of course - right? No, wrong! At least not as far as the summer of 2011 is concerned. For once July, August and September were full of reports of new moves, expansions, fresh order books and initiatives. Some of which, not surprisingly emanate from the Far East where China’s declared commitment to a strong reman industry continues to attract global attention. With a lower profile, but perhaps no less importantly, India is also continuing to build a solid reman base of its own, often driven by western companies’ quest for engineering skills as well as lower cost. Often overlooked, the engineering skills of these emerging reman markets, in fact, represent a further challenge to remanufacturers in the more mature markets of the West. These trends will be further highlighted during the rest of 2011. The impact of Asian (read Chinese) exhibitors at the two giant US shows, AAPEX and SEMA immediately following APRA’s Big R event and the ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas in late October and early November is already well known. Another important sign comes from Automechanika, the German show organisers, who, in collaboration with China’s reman organisations, will host a reman pavilion at its annual Automechanika Shanghai exhibition in early December. Concurrently with Automechanika Shanghai, APRA, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association, will announce the establishment of an Asian Division in addition to the US parent organisation and its European Division. Both Automechanika and APRA clearly anticipate what lies ahead – and the message is that the world’s (second) largest automotive market is getting ready for remanufacturing. Developments may be faster or slower. That the results will materialise is, however, beyond doubt. The rest of 2011 will offer further evidence - and ReMaTecNews will report on it as it happens.

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Further focus on remanufacturing APRA and Automechanika Shanghai Hardly a day goes by without new remanufacturing-related developments in China’s automotive market - soon to become the world’s largest - with December seeing further evidence of the speed with which China is moving into remanufacturing. On December 6, APRA, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) will announce the formation of a new Asia/Pacific Division. Coinciding with APRA’s International Automotive Forum – held at the Marriott Renaissance in Shanghai – the news represents APRA’s significant expansion of the association’s international activities in addition to those of APRA in the US and APRA’s European Division. “Over the past few years, and especially over the past twelve months, we’ve seen a surge in interest in automotive remanufacturing, and it’s clear that China is now taking a very serious interest in reman,” Fernand Weiland, Vice-Chairman of APRA’s European Division told ReMaTecNews. “We’re therefore launching a new Asian/Pacific Division in connection with our International Forum in Shanghai in keeping with our strategy of planning globally and acting locally.” The APRA International Forum will provide opportunities for stakeholders in the Asian and Western reman industries to meet to discuss and exchange views and experiences. The programme comprises a series of presentations on a wide range of reman-related issues, including the environmental benefits of remanufacturing, resolving

✍ By William Schwarck

logistics issues, up-to-date technology and market awareness of remanufacturing. There will also be two panel discussions on ‘Automotive Remanufacturing in Asia – Current Status and Challenges’ and ‘Automotive Remanufacturing in Asia – Solutions and the Way Forward’. “The intention is to address the issues and challenges faced by remanufacturers in China and Asia,” Fernand Weiland said. “APRA greatly looks forward to welcoming the new

Asian members into our association. A Board of Governors will be set up during 2012.”

Automechanika Automechanika, Germany’s worldwide organiser of automotive exhibitions is also jumping aboard the reman bandwagon. This year, Automechanika Shanghai between December 7-10 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, will feature a reman pavilion which, as described by Automechanika Shanghai, is intended to highlight ‘remanufacturing’s significant role in environmental protection as well as energy-saving’. The China Resource Recycle Association Remanufacture Committee (CRRARC) supports the launch of the Remanufacturing Pavilion. Jianfu Luo, Director of China National Resources Recycling Association, hopes that the pavilion will become an annual show highlight, promoting remanufacturing to Chinese automotive suppliers and consumers. “Remanufacturing has developed very well in the US and Europe,” he says. “At Automechanika Shanghai, we plan to display remanufacturing and new products together, allowing visitors to experience the same quality performance.” Automechanika Shanghai, Asia’s largest trade fair for automotive parts and accessories etc. is expected to attract a record-breaking 3,600 exhibitors compared to more than 3,100 exhibitors in 2010.

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NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY The benefits from remanufacturing

Ten key points from Jack Stack Jack Stack, the renowned CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing in Missouri, USA, is one of America’s highest profile remanufaturers. The author of several books, reports, articles and a Jack Stack, CEO, frequent speaker at Springfield Remanindustry events, Jack ufacturing, USA. Stack saved Springfield Remanufacturing from going under and turned the company into a highly visionary business owned by its employees. He has formulated ten points about the benefits of remanufacturing. As we thought they apply to all remanufacturers, we list them here.

1. Reman products are a great financial alternative to new ones.

7. Remans embrace state of the art processes – lean – material traceability – quality.

2. Reman ensures the health of the environment for future generations.

8. Reman is a breeding ground for talent development – people are more innovative, flexible and adaptable.

3. Reman prolongs the economic life of a product and captures all original content of the product; recycling scraps the product. 4. Reman products support sales by reducing the cost of maintaining a product over a long period of time. 5. Reman products catch problems in new products and production processes.

9. As OEMs saw reman as not a competitor, they began to see an opportunity to gain market share. 10. Reman products reduce OEM’s responsibility to invest in new inventory to support the aftermarket. Too much capital tied up in inventory led to more remanufacturing. Source: APRA Global Connection.

6. Reman products are used to reduce warranty replacement expenses.

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Bosch strengthens starter and alternator business German giant acquires Taiwan’s Unipoint Group In late August, the automotive aftermarket division of Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, strengthened its market position within the field of starters and alternators by buying Unipoint, the large Taiwanese supplier of rotating electrics and wiper blades. The deal, which is subject to the approval of Taiwan’s competition authorities, will significantly enhance Bosch’s position in Asia, the group says. Through its Denmark-based subsidiary, Holger Christiansen, Bosch is already a major supplier of remanufactured starters and alternators and other remanufactured parts. “Our aim is to further strengthen the position of Bosch as the leading supplier of starters, alternators and wiper blades in the

Robert Hanser

automotive aftermarket. We also wish to expand our business in Asia,” said Robert Hanser, Chairman of the Divisional Board of the Automotive Aftermarket Division. Established in 1972, the Unipoint Group has been with its founding family ever since and is now set to be integrated into the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division. In addition to the provision, sale and distribution of vehicle parts, the division provides workshops with diagnostics equipment and services, as well as promotes the Bosch Service and AutoCrew workshop concepts. In 2010, the Automotive Aftermarket division achieved sales of around EUR 4.1 billion and employed over 10,000 associates worldwide. For years, Unipoint has been a key

Your Parts supplier for automatic and manual Transmissions • Supplier of 150.000 parts to the whole of Europe and beyond • In company converter repair with the newest equipment • Fast transportation throughout Europe and beyond • Steering racks / steering pumps • Official dealer of Transtar, Sonnax, Precision and Lizarte

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ATP Industries Group Ltd. Cannock Wood Industrial Estate, Cannock Wood Street, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS12 0PL, UK T +44 (0) 1543 879 788 Contact TS:16949 | Ford Q1 | ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 (Environmental)

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producer of starters, alternators, temperature control parts and wiper blades for the aftermarket. In 2010, the Unipoint Group achieved sales of USD 124 million. It currently employs around 2,360 people at two production locations in mainland China and Taiwan as well as various sales locations.

Greater opportunities “I believe this transaction will provide much greater opportunity to serve our customers. Bosch has acquired the Unipoint Group with


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the absolute intention of strengthening their reputation as the leading global supplier of starters and alternators. In addition, they also view it as an important investment in the temperature control product segment,” Unipoint’s President David Sheu said. “We’re pleased to become one of the Bosch family’s companies and strongly feel this will enhance Unipoint’s successful relationship with all of our customers.” The understanding is that all current business terms continue unchanged until

further notice. An announcement concerning the Taiwanese regulator’s approval will be given later in the year. This is not expected to present obstacles to the completion of the deal. Bosch’s Automotive Aftermarket division recorded global sales in excess of EUR 4.1 billion in 2010 and employs more than 10,000 people across the world. Overall, the Bosch Group recorded sales of EUR 47.3 billion in 2010 financial year. Its workforce totals 285,000 people.

PFI Bearings

World Class Quality in Ball Bearing Manufacturing

We manufacture We manufacture bearings bearings for f or automotive au tomotive aalternators, lternators, sstarters tar ters aand nd A/C A / C ccompressors ompressors uunder nddeer our our ISO ISO 9001:2000 9 0 01 : 2 0 0 0 aand nd ISO ISO TTS16949:2002 S16949 : 2002 registered registered quality qualit y systems. s y s t em s . All bbearings earings aare All re aavailable vailable ffor or iimmediate mmediate sshipment h ip m e n t from oour ur N etherlands ddistribution istribution center. center. from Netherlands 72-744 Shannonweg S h a n n o n we g 3197 LH Rotterdam dam - Botlek B o t le k The Netherlands he r la n d s

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Registered Company ISO 9001 s ISO/TS 16949

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An industry with a great future Michael Cardone Jr., the Chairman of Cardone Industries, talks to ReMaTecNews about running the world’s largest independent reman business, the future and, most of all, remanufacturing.

✍ By William Schwarck, Editor-in-Chief, ReMaTecNews Most industries have their pioneers. A person that exerts an ongoing influence on their profession. Someone who guides the industry forward. One who leaves a lasting mark. An individual who builds the future. One morning in early summer, ReMaTecNews sits across the table from one of them to discuss the past, present and future of remanufacturing, automotive and heavy duty: Michael Cardone Jr. who, together with his father, founded Cardone Industries in 1970 and proceeded to build the company into the world’s largest independent remanufacturer. Few have longer experience with automotive remanufacturing than the Chairman of the company that bears his name, fewer still have greater enthusiasm for the industry and hardly any display more confidence in its future. Sitting at the top of an organisation with 6,000 employees, Michael Cardone Jr. is a Chief Executive who does not mind getting his hands dirty. “Remanufacturing has been called the hidden giant for many years,” he says. “I would say the hidden giant has now appeared and remanufacturing’s value proposition has grown in significance without the incentives that are provided to other industries by governments or markets. Remanufacturing’s value proposition is now extremely powerful and in many segments remanufacturing is, in fact, now the market leader. So while remanufacturing on its own has always been very, very powerful it has also been hidden, unseen. Now, however, the veil has been lifted, with new priorities that only remanufacturing can solve.” “Moreover, remanufacturing is also set to meet the needs created by vehicle technology changes, the rapid changes that are causing a proliferation of parts, many part numbers, shorter model years, short make and production runs. One-piece manufacturing is the ultimate goal of manufacturing and remanufacturing can take one piece and remanufacture it. It can take hundreds of makes and models through the entire life cycle, from cradle to grave and service that part from the time it’s introduced to the time the car’s life is ended. A major problem facing

10 l ReMaTecNews

Tier 1 and OEMs is how they’re going to service these newer technologies and the newer propulsion systems as they bring them out in more and more frequent cycles. As fewer production units per model are made, the volume per part number is going to go down.”

Traditional model Referring to the traditional model where car makers and suppliers store replacement parts for up to ten years in order to be able to service the vehicles, Michael Cardone Jr. predicts that this business model will soon come to an end. With the pressures within the automotive industry and the competitiveness and life cycle changes, the costs of maintaining the old

pendents usually focus on the six and twelve year range, which is what we specialise in, where the OEMs aim for one to five years. So there is a very big difference between the two and there is a market for both.” So you believe that despite the trend among some of the Tier 1s towards doing their own remanufacturing, there are increasing opportunities for the independents? “The increased opportunity for the independent really is the ageing vehicle fleet. The fleet keeps getting older and keeps getting bigger and the fact that the Tier 1 is interested in remanufacturing is really going to lift the whole industry in that the parts that are being

‘The senior executive is no more important than anyone else in the company. I just have a different job than they do’ model will be prohibitive. “Remanufacturing is the answer and this is one of the reasons why Tier 1s and OEMs are now realising that remanufacturing is the answer for them for service parts.”

sold new by the Tier 1s are now going to be replaced by remanufactured parts. The independent market is going to continue to grow along with it because of the age and size of the fleet.”

As more Tier 1s and OEMs are now bringing the reman process into their own organisations rather than rely on outside remanufacturers like Cardone Industries, where will that leave the independents? “Well, the difference between the independents and what I call the ‘closed loop’ remanufacturers are that the independents offer all makes and all models, not just the parts that the Tier 1s make. That’s a big advantage for the independents. The independents also service parts from cradle to grave where closed looped remanufacturing tends to service the parts in the warranty period or in the early stages of the vehicle’s life cycle. The inde-

The Asian challenge As head of a company whose products can be found in thousands of workshops across the United States, how do you feel about the challenges presented by Asian suppliers of cheap, sometimes copied units? “I think you’ll always see that type of product in any market, not just motor parts. But the motoring public in the United States and the professional service technicians realise that remanufactured parts are the same form, fit and function as the original equipment part. When you think about Asian products coming into the US for US vehicles, they do not have a vehicle to test the product on in China.




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In fact in many of our markets, there is a move away from new Asian products to the remanufactured product and I can give you specific examples where major retailers in the US have removed remanufactured parts and their market share on that product line has gone down 80 per cent. Then they went back (to remanufactured products) and captured 70 per cent of the market. I believe going forward, the form, fit and function and the availability across the whole life cycle of the vehicle make remanufacture the product of choice.” There is a perception that perhaps the reman industry has been too slow in promoting its own qualities and opportunities? “Traditionally, the value proposition that remanufacture has and communicates is one of value in price, i.e. products that cost less than new parts. Now, as the value proposition becomes valuable to Tier 1s and equipment suppliers, there is new value being added to the value proposition because it’s not just the price but also the cost of servicing the vehicle that is going to go down significantly. When you think about the vehicle fleet, that’s where the inventory of parts is. As long as there are parts in vehicles and the vehicles are in service, there must always be parts to service them.” “Our family has been in the remanufacturing business for 80 years, we’re third generation, so I’ve seen this industry evolve over my lifetime and remanufacturing has developed on its own without any promotion. Again, the real value of remanufacturing today is for the vehicle owner. They benefit the most. What’s happening now is not going to make remanufacturing any more popular in the marketplace - but it is going to be more significant because the OEMs and Tier 1s are interested in it and even sanction it.” “For many years they would not recognise a remanufactured product as a viable alternative service part whereas today, they see the benefits of it, and because of the new issues of sustainability, environmental concerns and vehicle technology remanufacturing. Remanufacturing, therefore, is going to be promoted at the top level of the automotive industry. The next step will be for the government to recognise the benefits in respect of job creation and environmental issues as well as the ability of consumers to be able to service the vehicles with lower cost parts in a tough economic climate.”

MERA You are the first Chairman of the newly established reman organisation MERA, an affiliate of the powerful MEMA, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association. What are the aims of MERA and what do you want to achieve through it? “Well, first of all our members are already members of MEMA. MEMA represents 680,000 employees in the US, the largest manufacturing sector in the US automotive

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industry and it has a very powerful presence in Washington DC. Over the years, MERA has represented the auto-parts industry extremely well and very efficiently. Now that MERA has been formed, we will leverage those resources in Washington in order to get the remanufacturing message through the government. So our first goal is to promote remanufacturing within the US, within the US government, and for them to recognise the benefits of remanufacturing and provide incentives to grow the industry. The US government needs to recognise the importance of remanufacturing and the fact that it is already a major industry and that they better work to keep it there.”

ing as a separate industry in the US, a unique industry, a distinct industry.” “We also want to provide services for our members where they may need help with growing their business, developing best practice groups within MERA on topics such as core management, supply loop management or supply chain in reman supply loop as well as a sales and marketing group that will work together to promote remanufacturing. We also want to work closely with other global part manufacturing organisations like CLEPA in Europe and JAPIA in Japan and with any other organisations dedicated to remanufacturing.”

Is this message getting through? “Yes, we see this at state level, where several states have decided government or state- owned fleets should use remanufactured parts as their first source for replacement parts. First of all, they recognise that there are savings for local government and secondly this creates local jobs. Thirdly, this protects the environment. I believe this trend will continue. Remanufacturing is not even recognised in the US as a separate industry. It’s a very different industry than manufacturing and it needs to have its own separate distinction and one of the goals of MERA is to create remanufactur-

Sitting on the top of a large organisation, how do you spend your working day? What is the key focus of your working life, so to speak? “My son, Michael Cardone III is now President, the third Michael Cardone in the business. I’ve been Chairman and CEO for the last eight years, primarily working in the area of vision and strategic planning. Today my time is primarily devoted to building the culture of our business and finding opportunities for growth globally for our company. I also engage in philanthropic work and my wife and I are involved in several major philanthropic endeavours.”

How would you summarise the culture of Cardone Industries? “Our culture, as you said it, is a little bit different to most others. While most companies have a triangle with the CEO at the top, we turn it upside down and the CEO is at the bottom. My job is to serve my leaders and if I serve my leaders, they will serve our employees and if they serve the employees, our employees will serve our customers. So it’s an upside down triangle and it’s a culture that we call ‘servant leadership’. If we serve our customers, they’ll come back again and again. In fact, this is how we’ve built our company.” “This means that sometimes I get my hands dirty and get down on the production line with our people and let them know that the senior executive is no more important than anyone else in the company, I just have a different job than they do. Without their work and commitment to produce quality products, remanufacture would not work. By its very nature remanufacturing is a very difficult process to manage and control. It’s repetitive so without the proper attitude by the employees (which is created by the management) you cannot produce a high quality product consistently.” “I learnt the servant leadership from my father who was a great servant leader and very actively involved with our employees and leadership. This is not a business that can be run as a passive investment. It needs very active and passionate leadership and leadership to have a succesful remanufacturing operation.” And your son, Michael 3rd is now in line for the top position? “He’s been in the business since he was a child, he worked in the factory and loves the business and the industry and wants to take it to the next level. I had the opportunity to take it to the next level from my father and now my son sees the potential for him to bring our company and help remanufacturing get to the next level.” Where will Cardone Industries be ten years from now? Will the Chairman be the same? “Hopefully the Chairman will be different. But if we grow at the same rate that we’ve grown in the last ten years, Cardone will be at least double, maybe triple the size that we are today.”

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Core dealers – a place i Few segments – if any – of automotive remanufacturing have, perhaps suffered a more dubious reputation than cores and core dealings. Rusty, oily, obsolete. Difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Too few when you need them. Too many when you don’t. Yet there is no denying that cores, i.e. the parts that are taken from vehicles to be remanufactured and turned into ‘as good as new’ – ‘or even better’ – are the lifeblood of the reman industry. Without cores, no remanufacture. And without core dealers in the independent aftermarket, no core supplies. Fortunately, by and large today’s core dealers operate on a higher level than ever before as old images recede into the past. As John Collins, head of one of Europe’s largest core dealing operations, Autoenterprises on the eastern outskirts of London puts it: “Yes, our industry’s image has improved a great deal in recent years but there is still some way to go before we get recognised for what we are – real professionals that deliver value to our customers and, by preserving resources, help improving our environment. I think, core dealers have to do more to attract attention to the very important services we provide for the reman industry and to the fact that core dealers are becoming increasingly professional and sophisticated in their operations.”

Core selection is key

Database key to

Gemunden am Rhein-based RG, Germany’s largest core supplier, has its eyes firmly on core selection and core management procedures. “Our success is all about good part selection,” says Michael Geist, Purchase and Sales Manager at RG in Gemunden some 100 kilometre south west of Frankfurt. Here, close to Wurzburg, RG, headed by Otto Bartel and Michael Geist, has a warehouse of over 100,000 square feet with one of Europe’s largest stocks of cores for starters, alternators, AC compressors, power steering, pumps and turbochargers. “If you get that right, the only thing you have to worry about is that although rebuilders buy from us, they also buy low price new parts from China and this is becoming more and more of a problem for core suppliers,” Geist says. RG says the successful core suppliers have reputations for quality and that their reputations are based on the core management procedures and processes that they have in place. “In the old days, people sold boxes of cores - say boxes of starters and alternators for

US-based core supplier RAS Cores does not exactly complain about the state of the market. The company, one of America’s first - and largest - core dealers is looking back at its best ever year in over 40 years of trading. A core supplier of engine parts, steering and brake parts RAS also handles catalytic converters, air compressors and some scrap metals from sites in Rhode Island and Florida. Electrical Manager Tom Jackson says that over the last 20 years, the way core suppliers buy and handle core has changed dramatically: “We used to buy as much core as we could and see if we could sell it. Now we are more educated about what the rebuilder needs and we are more pro-active than before. We identify what the customers need and we try to fill their back orders,” he says. He points out that good stock management is the key to success and adds that it is a far greater science than it was. He points to the proliferation of part numbers in recent times, for example: “A few years ago, a starter motor could fit a ten-year application. Now each model has a different starter, different alternator, a

14 l ReMaTecNews

example - with different quality types included and customers bought it,” Michael Geist adds. “We do things differently now. We buy core in a mixed box. We then assess the wear and any damage. The core is sorted into different quality types. There is no doubt about the quality the customer is getting.”

Michael Geist, Purchase and Sales Manager at RG.





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e in the front line Specialised market The highly varied nature of core-dealing and, indeed, the cores themselves perhaps explains the lack of a trade association for the core-dealing community. While most of the industry’s players know each other, meet one another and do business together, the other side of the coin is that many are also rivals within a specialised, and rather narrow, market. As another player told ReMaTecNews: “Most often we work well together. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that we’ll also keep looking over our shoulders to see what the other guy is doing. It makes for healthy competition. But it also means that, at least in part, there has been little inclination for setting up associations or federations.” This may be about to change – at least in the longer term. During the ReMaTec2011 exhibition in Amsterdam in the early summer, a group of international core dealers got together to discuss the state of the industry and measures to protect their interests on an informal basis. One outcome was a decision to meet more regularly, most likely in connection with international shows. After the meeting ReMaTecNews talked to some of the core dealers present at the exhibition. Here are their views.


core values for US dealer RAS’ success different caliper. Without the database, we would not be able to keep up.” RAS uses bar coding to do its inventories, keep track of what it has and knows where its stock is needed at a moment’s notice. That’s achieved not with the help of an off the shelf stores management system, but a software system that the company has developed and patented for itself: “Fifteen years ago, we were out sourcing core every day. We had to send guys out to check what the salvage yards had and evaluate it. Now with our programme, we can tell them what it’s worth in minutes, online. The programme allows salvage yards to see what they have and tells them how much it is, so that they can decide whether they want to sell it to us or not.”

Response times It is a move that has made this particular core specialist very efficient in buying and management terms, so much so that it has just posted its best ever year in over 40 years of trading. Today, RAS processes over 30 million pieces annually and has an inventory of over 75,000

Electrical Manager Tom Jackson (centre) with RAS colleagues Jeff (left) and Steve at the ReMaTec2011 show.

part numbers. It now lays claim to one of the top three positions among core suppliers in the US. “Customers these days run very lean. When they do want core, suppliers have to pack it straight away and ship it, whether it’s a full trailer or a singe box.” “Consequently, response times have come right down.” The message from RAS is that successful

core suppliers have invested in the technology required to source the quality of core that the remanufacturers need. They are out there educating the salvage yards about what the industry wants before they buy it. That’s because they know that their business future depends on the quality of their core management systems on their sourcing policies: “You can really hurt yourself if you buy the wrong materials,” he says.

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Jefa – working closely with Sweden’s scrap yards In 2001, the husband-andwife team, Johan and Madeleine Söderberg, set up a core-dealing business in the small town of Genarp in Southern Sweden. Now a decade on, Jefa Auto Parts AB claims to be Sweden’s leading core supplier. In the main, their success stems from an alliance with the Swedish dismantlers’ trade association, LAGA. In the very early days, Johan Söderberg and his wife, Madeleine, toured Sweden in an old Ford Transit searching for cores for their new business that they had named Jefa Auto Parts AB. Having spent ten years working for UBD, today UBD Cleantech, outside Malmö, Johan thought he knew enough about cores to start up on his own at the family home in the village of Genarp in rural Scania. He was not mistaken. Today Jefa Auto Parts is a significant player in the European market for cores, sourcing products from across the world. At first sight, a visit to Jefa’s head office in a field on the outskirts of Genap does not reveal the full extent of the company’s network. Besides Johan and Madeleine Söderberg, the site employs a staff of two in a 250 sq. m. warehouse/office block. Jefa’s computer system, however, shows that the business’ ‘stock’ is spread across the entire country - but we’ll come to that in a minute. The decision to relocate from the original family home was taken in 2003 when the neighbours began to complain about the loads of cores arriving in the couple’s the front garden. Next year the plan is to expand further at the present site at Omvagen, adding several more hundred square metres of storage space. “But we’ll probably not need to add a lot more even as the business grows,” says Johan Söderberg. The explanation is the unique partnership between the Söderbergs and Sweden’s trade association for dismantlers, LAGA, which comprises 90 Swedish dismantlers from Haparanda in the north to Ystad in the south, and whose members dismantle 300,000 cars per year. Under an agreement dating back to 2007, Jefa is linked to the association’s nation-

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Small but efficient. Besides owners Jonas and Madeleine Söderberg, Swedish core dealer Jefa employs Richard Lezclaf (left) and Claus Hagberg (2nd from right) at Genarp in Southern Sweden.

wide computer system so that, at any given time, Johan Söderberg has full access to the entire range offered by the dismantlers. The partnership not only makes sourcing much easier for Jefa but, perhaps more importantly, enables more or less immediate delivery to customers. The system is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. “The cooperation with LAGA has been extremely successful for us,” Johan says. “If not for that we would not have been where we are today. It all means that we can continually update the lists of our requirements so that the dismantlers can see them in their systems while, at the same time, we can see what is available in the market. As a result we’re able to respond rapidly to questions from customers.” Jefa’s current product line consists of brake calipers, steering boxes, steering service

pumps, generators, starters, AC pumps and turbo aggregates. The intention is to move into other segments as the opportunities arise.

Worldwide expansion Travelling around the world to source cores, the Söderbergs have built up a considerable international network which they expect to develop further from next year. The fact that Norway’s equivalent to LAGA entered into a partnership with LAGA in September, will also strengthen Jefa’s access to cores. Moreover, before the end of the year, Johan Söderberg will open a subsidiary in Spain and expand the company’s purchasing from US and European markets. “We’re looking at the future with confidence,” he says. ”We have many friends across the world – and we’re looking forward to working even more with them.”

Only the highest quality counts John Wilson, Managing Director of UK core supplier K. Wilson, Romsey in Southern England says: “When you supply remanufacturers such as Valeo, Bosch and Remy, the core has to be of the highest quality.” “Today’s core suppliers are very professionally run. Our stock lists are all computerized - and we have to be conscious of the image we portray. We have to be able to provide the product to the customer at a price they are willing to pay.”

Remanufacturing standards have changed and so has their attitude to the quality of the core they buy: “When I first joined the company, my father used to ship lorry loads of mixed core into Lucas. They would break everything down and tell him what he had supplied. He didn’t even need to count them.” John Wilson says there is no doubt that the quality level of the core supplied has risen and that it’s due to a sea change in terms of




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Thriving on quality checking, sorting and higher standards “In the early days, the OE manufacturers did not like core suppliers. They saw every core unit that went out as a potential loss for them. Now, core suppliers with the right kind of quality procedures in place have become part an acceptable supply chain.” Ross Barnes, Director, Autoparts UK Over the last ten years, the attitudes of the vehicle manufacturers have changed. “They now see remanufacturing as a proper supply route. I’m not sure if it is being driven by cost or environmental reasons, but whatever the reason, they are embracing it,” says Ross Barnes.

dard than ever before. It is supplied directly to organised remanufacturing facilities that are part of the OE supply chain.” A significant impact has been the loss of many of the smaller rebuilders, gobbled up by bigger remanufacturers supporting the OE manufacturing drive. That has had an impact on both the quantities of core demanded and the quality of core that is acceptable. It has forced core suppliers to improve their service, improve the quality of the core they source and the quality of the core they supply. Only the core suppliers able to adapt their systems and their logistical operations have survived.

Ross Barnes, Autoparts: “In the early days, the OE manufacturers did not like core suppliers. They saw every core unit that went out as a potential loss for them.”

This represents a complete about face, in terms of the attitude of the aftermarket market: “When the OE suppliers didn’t like core suppliers, the major aftermarket repair chains did like us because of the lower cost product we helped to supply. Nowadays, the OE suppliers do like us because core we source is sorted, quality checked and of a far higher stan-

As part of the market turnaround, the core supplied is now being turned into remanufactured parts being distributed through the dealerships and, ironically, the national aftermarket chains have withdrawn their support: “They don’t like us because they are sourcing new low cost parts from countries like China,” he says.

what remanufacturers regard as acceptable and the steps that core suppliers take in order to meet their standards: “Take starters and alternators. In the past, if the pulley did not rotate, that was not a problem for rebuilders. These days, they will reject it. Now you have to bring it in, inspect it, quality-check it, categorize it, list it, put it into stock, pick it and send it,” he says.

John Wilson of K. Wilson was one of the winners of the ReMaTec2011 shows’ core competition.

Saul Goldfarb (left), President of US core supplier Goldfarb Associates with Brant Freed, Vice-President.

Core selection is becoming more important “The inspection process may be a visual inspection, but it becomes more detailed with respect to the nature of the part. On turbochargers in particular, we have a scope to examine internal parts not evident from a regular visual inspection.” US core supplier Saul Goldfarb of Goldfarb Associates, Rockville, Maryland, is a specialist core supplier of turbochargers, diesel injection pumps and diesel fuel injectors. He believes that twenty and even ten years ago, core suppliers could get away with merely providing unsorted used core for recycling. Today, rebuilders are entitled to expect to be able to use every part they buy: “Core selection has become much more important and we ourselves have to be very careful about what we buy, ensuring it is not fire-damaged or water damaged or broken in any way,” says Saul Goldfarb. He emphasises core suppliers have to be more thorough. That means inspection procedures become more complex according to the component to be supplied. As a result today’s core suppliers are more focused on quality of service: “The inspection process may be a visual inspection, but it becomes more detailed with respect to the nature of the part. On turbochargers in particular, we have a scope to examine internal parts not evident from a regular visual inspection.” “We check the plastic electrical connections to ensure they are in good condition. We guarantee that the core is re-buildable.” Goldfarb has benefitted through specialisation, but is still exposed to threats from cheap new imports through Asia and the Pacific Rim: “China is coming out with a lot of replacement stuff and if it is cheap enough and the quality is good enough, people ask: why are we buying remanufactured parts?”

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When your alternator supplier uses the wrong type of pulley... © 2011 Litens Automotive Group All rights reserved.

...who do you think your customer is going to blame? Selling an alternator with the wrong pulley design can damage a vehicle’s belt drive system, causing an expensive comeback. Protect your business by verifying that your alternator supplier only provides the OErequired pulley design for each application. Otherwise, you can look forward to a few face-to-face conversations like this one.

Millions of vehicles now require an Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) pulley. Get more information today at




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Cleaning solutions for remanufacturers

� By Doris Schulz

parts2clean offers the world’s most comprehensive range of products and services for industrial parts and surface cleaning.

With growing demands for remanufactured parts meeting new product specifications, the state of cleanliness of cores is becoming an important quality criterion. This, together with increasing cost pressures and rising environmental requirements confront remanufacturers with the question: How can parts cleaning be executed economically, ecologically, and in accordance with the stipulated cleanliness requirements? Some answers will be provided by the roughly 240 exhibitors from 16 countries at parts2clean, the international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning from 25th to the 27th October, 2011 at

the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre (Germany). Whether degreasing, deburring, cleaning, cleanliness control, or corrosion protection, preservation and packaging of cleaned parts are involved, the product range showcased at parts2clean will include lots of solutions for remanufacturers. In the field of machine technology for wet chemical cleaning processes with aqueous media and solvents, companies such as Everest Elektromekanik, Franke, Ipros, MecanoLav, MecWash, Metalas, Tierratech, and others will showcase systems which meet the needs of the remanufacturing industry. When it comes to blast cleaning with abrasive, water, or dry

ice as media, a number of exhibitors, including, Cold Jet, Glaesner, IceTech, Partsmaster offer solutions for remanufacturers. In the area of cleaning agents new products e.g. a ph-neutral deruster that produces exceptional results in the removal of slight rust films, fingerprint corrosion, and thick rust layers will be on show. Exhibitors like Bio Circle, DST-Kemi, Henkel, Kyzen, and Petroferm will also be showcasing cleaning media which contribute to greater efficiency and process reliability. Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list are available at the website


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Photos: Michael Nørfelt, Motormagasinet


Thomas Larsen of Budweg – new expansion.

Taking Budweg Calipers into a new era – brothers Jan (left) and Thomas Larsen.

Budweg in Danish expansion programme REMANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR 2011

Denmark-based Budweg Calipers, one of the major players in the European caliper market, is expanding significantly. At the end of August, the company cut the first turf for a new factory in Hjallese south of Budweg’s HQ in Odense on the island of Funen. Scheduled for completion during the summer of 1212 the the new site represents an investment of close to DKK 70 million. Relocating from it’s current 10.000 sq. m. facilities in Odense where the company has carried out remanufacturing of brake calipers since 1978, will enable Budweg Caliper to upgrade its activities as well as gathering it’s operations in one, new modern plant equipped with state-of-the-art robots for warehouse management. A further aspect is that Budweg will, in future, handle its own surface-treatment operations. Yet another recent activity is remanufacturing of heavy duty calipers.


Remy Automotive Europe Schaliehoevestraat 10 2220 Heist o/d Berg Belgium

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Phone: +32 15 25 75 50 Fax: +32 15 25 75 55, E-mail:

“Because we have enhanced out logistics and increased stocks we will be able to provide shorter delivery times,” Thomas Larsen who, together with his brother Jan Larsen owns and runs Budweg Caliper said. Thomas Larsen reports that the company expects to record increases in both turnover and contribution margins for the 2011 financial year. The first six months of the year saw turnover growth of 30 per cent. This follows a similar growth rate for the full 2010 financial year. At the company’s most recent AGM equity stod at DKK 50 million while investments for the year amounted to DKK 2 million. Following a change to the financial year profits which meant that 2010 only comprised seven months, profits for the year were DKK 11,5 million, roughly equating to 2009/2010 which comprised 12 months. Budweg currently employs a workforce of 94 in Denmark with one staff member in Germany and 15 in the company’s relatively new factory in Busan in South Korea which manufactures caliper-housings.




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Third CLEPA Automotive Aftermarket Conference Brussels meeting to include important discussions on remanufacturing

Again this year remanufacturing issues will be high on the agenda when CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, organises its annual aftermarket conference. The third event since 2009, the conference – on November 24, 2011, is set to attract a broad range of attendees from all corners of Europe’s automotive supply chain and debate a number of key issues relevant to the future of the Europe’s automotive industry. These include: • Megatrends in the supply-chain of the automotive aftermarket. • What makes consumers choose a workshop? • The importance of remanufacturing for employment and environment. • The necessity of access to repair and maintenance information for all market participants. • The internet and its relevance for the aftermarket.









I All Items are available in stock I Approved and Tested by all main OE Players and all Main Rebuilders I We can Develop any new Type according your OEM Sample I Worldwide Distribution Network

Preceded by a Networking Dinner with a yet-to-be announced Key Note speaker on 23 November 2011 at the conference venue, Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, the following day’s proceedings will be launched by Lars Holmqvist, CEO, CLEPA. Of special interest to remanufacturers will be the workshop on Remanufacturing – The green core business of the future, with special focus on savings of raw materials, reduction of CO2 emissions, employment creation, safety and quality guarantee, economic benefits for consumers, including a question & answer session.

I Complete Database in our Webshop I Production Capicity of 6 Million Pulley’s a Year

Highlights of the workshop will include presentations by: – Jeff Latkiewicz, CEO North American Fuel Systems. – Jens Uhl, Senior Manager Reman ZF Services. – Volker Rudolph, Senior Manager VW Aftersales. For the complete programme visit the website


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Large stock of CORE engines! Visit our website for range and price!

no iro Duc w n l tile av ine ai rs la bl e

The Netherlands

Over 20,000 liners available ex stock including… 

Range of flanged liners for vintage & classic, road or race engines  Blanks suitable for minor machining to individual requirements  Specials made from drawings or samples – no minimum quantity  Prompt & efficient dispatch – credit cards accepted Tel: ++44(0)1905 799470 Fax: ++44(0)1905 796414




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Academics and industrialists raise reman profile Held in late July, IcoR, the first international conference on remanufacturing, attracted attendees from twenty nations on five continents. For two days at the end of July, Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, became the centre of academic discussions about remanufacturing worldwide. Attended by academics, industrialists and business executives from five continents, the IcoR International conference on Remanufacturing, the first of its kind, highlighted the need for further initiatives within the field of remanufacturing. Among the range of issues debated were the importance of strengthening the search for environmental-friendly solutions to raw material shortages and preservation, sustainable development and academic research institutions’ relations with remanufacturers. While the conference covered a broad range of remanufacturing activities, automotive reman played an important role in the proceedings, with Professor Rolf Steinhilper of Germany’s University of Bayreuth giving a keynote presentation on the growing international academic awareness of remanufacturing. Illustrating the huge scope of reman activities across the world, Professor Steinhilper quoted some important statistics which are largely unknown outside the industry. These comprised the following: – 80,000 remanufacturing companies worldwide. – Covering the 50 most important products. – USD 80,000,000,000 (EUR 56,000,000,000) turnover per year. – More than 500,000 employees worldwide. – Larger than the steel industry. – Greater contribution to the environment than the use of solar and wind energy.

Improving the bottom line

for remanufacturing and that remanufacturing has huge benefits for the global environment and economy. It is likely that the next IcoR conference will be held in Bayreuth, Germany, in 2013.

Summing up the conference‘s achievements, Dr Winifred Ijomah of Strathclyde University’s Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM), who organised the event, said that more remanufacturing could not only improve the bottom line for industry, but also enable businesses to better meet the increasingly stringent environmental legislation. Dr Ijomah added: “It’s important that we find solutions that are cost-effective and have a wider benefit for society. The relatively straightforward nature of some of the skills required would mean that an increase in remanufacturing would provide employment opportunities for a greater number of people.”

Further key presentations were given by: • Dan Palmer – Head of Market Development, Standards Operations, BSI Group. • Stephen Peters – Caterpillar Remanufacturing. • Dr Markus Braun – Siemens Healthcare Refurbished Systems. • Dr Freimut Schroeder – Head of Environment, Health and Safety, Siemens Healthcare. • Dr Rachel Lombardi – International Synergies Ltd – NISP. The conference agreed on the need for creating a new international, academic stage

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Full-Line Core Supplier. We buy and Sell used and new parts: Parts what we always have in stock are: Startermotors Alternators 7XUERFKDUJHUV &RPPRQUDLO,QMHFWRUVIRU&DUVDQG7UXFN &RPPRQUDLO3XPSVIRU&DUVDQG7UXFN $F&RPSUHVVRUV (QJLQHV 2QO\QHZ




For any question you can contact us!

Automotive Heavy Duty

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0, (0)20 504280 tact me, +31 n co e as le p g 5042800, For advertisin ada 011 31 20 an C d an S U from ecnew ising@remat e-mail advert

Reman News - Views Developments Eva Barten

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Equip Auto, Paris

‘Greener’ – but where’s reman? The upcoming edition of the biennial Equip Auto automotive aftermarket show will be a day shorter than before – from six to five days. Also, Equip Auto 2011 is being promoted as a ‘greener’ show – under the GreenTech banner the organisers have earmarked a hall for everything that has got to do with ‘clean’ vehicles and the innovative technologies that make them reality, as well as solutions for distributing alternative energy sources. Alas, the remanufacturing industry is not included in this green vision. That is not to say that the reman industry will be underrepresented at Equip Auto – just that as per usual, the relevant companies will be spread across just about every hall of the Parc d’Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. Many of the world’s leading companies in remanufactured transmissions, engines, starters/alternators, turbochargers, steering and brake components will have a presence at Equip Auto 2011. Big names such as Motor Service International (on a shared stand with MS Motor Service France and BF Germany in Hall 6), Beru/BorgWarner, Honeywell, ZF and

Automatic Choice Europe will rub shoulders with local suppliers among the 1,800 exhibitors on 100.000 square metres. The latter number also represents the organisers’ expectations of how many visitors will pass

the gates between October 11th and 15th, after the 2009 show – the first international automotive aftermarket event after the outbreak of the worldwide recession – netted a score of just over 91,000 visitors.

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Big R 2011 in Las Vegas: F At a time when automotive parts remanufacturing is becoming ever more competitive, training is key. Remanufacturers that fail to realise the need for constantly keeping updated on recent technologies and their application will find it hard, if not impossible, to compete in an increasingly tough business environment. As a consequence, this year’s Big R show in Las Vegas (October 29-31) will, amongst others, feature three training worskhops organised by The Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Center for Remanufacturing, Resource Recovery. Invited by the show’s organisers, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), the RIT workshops will focus on some important challenges facing remanufacturers. On Sunday, October 30th from 2:00 pm till 3:15 pm, RIT will present ‘Calculating the True Cost of Cleaning’. Surface cleaning is a remanufacturing process where companies can typically find improvement opportunities due to the ever increasing number of new chemistries and technologies available. This

Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, Pudong (China) December 6, 2011 ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ ͻ


Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association 4215 Lafayette Center Dr, Suite 3, Chantilly VA 20151-1243 USA Tel: 703-968-2772 / Fax: 703-968-2878

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s: Focus on training issues presentation will discuss the costs associated with cleaning and the methods used to calculate the true benefits to the organisation. On Sunday, October 30th from 3:30 pm till 4:45 pm, RIT will discuss ‘Opportunities for Remanufacturers’. Remanufacturers often focus on their existing capabilities and customers when looking for new opportunities to advance their organisation. This focus can yield excellent results, but all too often opportunities can slip by unnoticed. This presentation will cover a variety of topics related to the automotive remanufacturing industry, which will challenge the attendees to refocus on emerging opportunities. On Monday, October 31st from 9:30 am till 10:45 am, ‘Non Destructive Inspection Technologies’. The recovery of valuable components from failed products is the life-blood of remanufacturers. In today’s competitive market, companies must take advantage of any technologies that can ensure greater recovery opportunities and enhanced quality of the final product. The ability to identify critical failures, without destroying the com-

ponents, is a requirement for all remanufacturers. This seminar will be an overview of the various non-destructive inspection technologies and their applications. Other clinics of importance to remanufacturers include Craig Van Batenburg’s presentation on hybrid car service. CEO of ACDC and a veteran training and technical writer, Batenburg has been teaching hybrid technology for over 11 years and owns a Chevrolet VOLT. Gary Reed of Lock ‘N Stitch will speak on ‘New Technologies for Salvaging Cores’. Klaus Zenk of Santech Industries will preside over the Conditioning Clinic to be held on the afternoon of October 31, 2011.

ATRA and APRA back together After an absence of one year, the ATRA, Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association’s Powertrain Expo, will be back in Las Vegas co-locating with APRA’s Big R at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel. Together, the collaboration between the two associations is expected to attract 3,000 reman professionals.

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URW QUALITY PRODUCTS Manual steering rack


Hydraulic power steering rack

TOCHIGI WORKS Tochigi, Japan

Electronic power steering rack


Power steering box

Associated Companies MATSUI WALTERSCHEID LTD Tokio, Japan

Electronic steering column Hydraulic power steering pump Electronic power steering pump

Keypoints URW Europa

URW Europa B.V. Cannenburgerweg 59c 1244 RH Ankeveen The Netherlands T +31 (0) 35 655 0450 F +31 (0) 35 655 0438

ISO9001/14001 High Quality On stock delivery Recon and return Personal advise Next day delivery

&2/-ÂŹ45%3$!9ÂŹÂŹ4/ÂŹ3!452$!9ÂŹÂŹÂŹ/#4/"%2 0!2)3ÂŹ./2$ÂŹ6),,%0).4%ÂŹ%8()")4)/.ÂŹ#%.42%ÂŹsÂŹ&2!.#%



S *AME %2 -),, #( .)4% 4%#( /2 6)3)4

4(%ÂŹ ).4%2.!4)/.!,ÂŹ 3(/7ÂŹ /&ÂŹ !,,ÂŹ %15)0-%.4ÂŹ &/2ÂŹ !,,ÂŹ 6%()#,%3 !SKÂŹFORÂŹYOURÂŹ &2%%ÂŹ"!$'%ÂŹ ONÂŹ WWWEQUIPAUTOCOMÂŹÂŹ#ODEÂŹ!0'22%-!4%#


an event by




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Lucas eyes reman specialists in strategy move UK-based Lucas Oil Products will be targeting engine and vehicle parts remanufacturers as part of a strategy to expand its product user base. From its base in Llangefni, North Wales, Lucas Oil Products imports a wide range of oils and additives from US lubricants manufacturer Lucas Oil and distributes them through motor factors/jobbers to automotive, marine and industrial repair workshops throughout the EU and Scandinavia. Managing Director Les Downey says the Lucas brand has increased its profile to the automotive trade and the general public through a series of motorsports events and sponsorships in recent years but that remanufacturers in some sectors remain on the periphery: “While we have a core of remanufacturers in the car and truck repair markets our products would be particularly attractive to specialists in the motorcycle marine and industrial sectors, too. The Lucas Oil range

Les Downey, Managing Director, Lucas Oil Products.

includes a wide range of workshop lubricants and greases already used by marine and motorcycle remanufacturers in the US.” Event sponsorship and product cam-

paigns on the satellite channel MAV TV will help promote the benefits of the Lucas range, while individual remanufacturers are also in Lucas’ sights.

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APRA Forsbachstraße 13 51145 Cologne Germany phone +49 (0)220 3292984


Premier Components UK Ltd. Unit 701 Long Marston Storage Campden Road Long Marston Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 8QR United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1789 720061

Autopulley Europe Watermunt 81 5931 TE Venlo-Tegelen The Netherlands phone +31(0)65 3897698

INFORMATION For more information please contact Eva Barten, phone +31 (0)20-5042800 • Cleaning equipment • Consultancy - Research • Cores • Environmental products • Lubricants - Chemicals • Organisations - Associations • Parts for remanufacturers • Production equipment • Remanufactured products • Test equipment Rates 1 placement 1 155 3 placements 1 385


FIRM Boulevard de la Woluwe 42 boite 5 1200 BRUSSELS Belgium phone +32 (0) 2 7619513

R.A.S.E.D. S.p.A. Spaco Diesel Via Padova 183 20127 Milano Italy Phone +39 022722161


Metalas Cleaning Systems BV James Wattweg 28 3133 KK Vlaardingen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)10 4356036


Autoenterprises Ltd. Units 5,6,14,15 Pembroke Centre, Gardiners Lane South Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HX United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1268 285888

30 l ReMaTecNews

S.D.A. Im-Export BV Duizeldonksestraat 7 5705 CA Helmond The Netherlands phone +31 (0)492 524463

ERA Benelux Drieslaan 78 B-8560 Gullegem Belgium Phone +32 56 439300

Wah Seng Industry Sdn. Bhd. 22 Jalan Industri Beringin 14100 Juru Industry Park S.P.T. Penang Malaysia phone +6 04 5079982

Van Der Star Bvba Van Der Star Bvba Ind. Leuerbroek 1094 B-3640 Kinrooi Belgium phone +32 (0)89 703657

Auto-Matic C/ Laguna 20 (Pol.Ind.Urtinsa II) 28923 Alcorcón Madrid Spain phone +34 91 644 44 22

A.E.S. Auto Electric Service BV Cannenburgerweg 59c 1244 RH Ankeveen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)35 6563444

BU DRIVE GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 129 49811 Lingen/Ems Germany phone +49 (0)591 71050

Alto Europe BV Marconistraat 2a 7442 DD Nijverdal The Netherlands phone +31 (0)6 10432191


Dynostar Hogerwerf 15 4707 RV Roosendaal The Netherlands phone +31-165521336




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Mazda strengthens reman During the summer Mazda’s North American operations opened a new automatic transmission remanufacturing line at its Rotary Engine Remanufacturing facility in Chester-

field, Virginia. The facility represents an investment of $2.3 million and 21 full time jobs have been created. Originally opened in 2008 as a rotary

engine remanufacturing line, the facility also includes a power steering pump line, a dealer training centre and information call-centre. The automatic transmission line disassembles and remanufactures Mazda automatic transmissions for the Mazda 3 and Mazda 5. The projected volume is 3,000 units per year. On the rotary remanufacturing line, Mazda disassembles and rebuilds its one-of-a-kind Renesis rotary engine, used in the rotarypowered RX-8 sports car and produced over 5,000 remanufactured engines last year. The power steering pump line disassembles, remanMazda 3 ufactures, and tests power steering pumps in support of the power steering pump recall for the Mazda 3 and Mazda 5 and has remanufactured over 150,000 pumps in eleven months of operation.

New factory manager at UK remanufacturer Ivor Searle Engine remanufacturer Ivor Searle has appointed a new Factory Operations Manager. Coming from a position as head of production, David Eszenyi was previously deeply involved in the motorsport industry. “Of course, being involved with the motorsport industry had its attractions, but this is somehow more ‘real’ manufacturing,” David Eszenyi says. Colin Searle, Ivor Searle’s Chairman, and Managing Director Richard Sweatt made the decision to add to the manage- David Eszenyi

ment structure after sales were continually exceeding production output. Since Eszenyi’s appointment, the company has seen a 20 per cent increase in production. The aim is to achieve a 100 per cent increase in production output, Ivor Searle said. In addition to distributing remanufactured engines and cylinder heads in the UK, Ivor Searle Limited exports to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Norway.

Caterpillar extends reman facility in North Dakota In August, Caterpillar Inc. officially started work on its new $50 million, 225,000 sq, ft. expansion in West Fargo, North Dakota. The addition, which will strongly enhance the company’s remanufacturing operations, will double the factory’s workforce and create 250 new jobs over a three-year time frame. The entire project is expected to be completed in June 2012. According to Caterpillar the increased capacity will help meet the strong demand for remanufactured drive train components for large off-highway trucks and other mining equipment, including final drives, transmissions, torque convertors and steering clutches. The $50 million investment will include a 225,000 sq. ft. addition that will house increased production capacity for high-tech machining and metal additive processes, as well as a state-of-the-art metallurgical lab. The expansion will also increase the facility’s production of new and remanufactured piece parts and advanced wear coatings. “This expansion will increase our capability to provide unmatched customer support to the mining industry,” said Greg Folley, Caterpillar Vice-President with responsibility for the Remanufacturing & Components Division. “Remanufacturing is an attractive, growing and sustainable industry.”

Collaboration – a win-win situation for the automotive industry The automotive supply chain in the United States can become even stronger if a more collaborative strategy can gain wider acceptance, a research team at Case Western Reserve University believes. The report, ‘The U.S. Auto Supply Chain at a Crossroads’ includes findings of the National Survey of Automotive Suppliers by researchers at Case Western Reserve. Studies of the auto industry have tended to focus on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and their large tier 1 direct suppliers. Susan Helper, Weatherhead School of Management Carlton Professor of Economics, led a

research team concentrating on smaller firms within the industry’s supply chain (those with fewer than 500 employees). These firms typically do not supply automakers directly; that is, they are usually tier 2 or tier 3 suppliers. “We find evidence of two possible futures for America’s automotive industry,” Helper said. “One future is characterised by collaborative relationships between firms at all tiers of the supply chain, wherein firms share cost savings from identifying and eradicating inefficiencies that they might not have been able to address on their own.” In contrast, adversarial relationships within the supply

chain could impede on the industry’s progress. “Instead of developing better products and thinking critically about how to remove inefficiencies from processes that span multiple firms, firms at each level of the supply chain generate profits by squeezing margins of firms in the tier under them. This path is a recipe for industry-wide stagnation,” Helper said. The study also found some evidence that relationships are becoming more collaborative as many firms report that their main customers are more likely now to work with them to reduce costs than they were in 2007 before the recession.

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Future reman opportunities

Silence before the storm The IAA motor show in Frankfurt promises to be packed with new cars, platforms and technologies. Fortunately, a couple of manufacturers could not wait to reveal details of their new arrivals to the motoring press. Lexus, for instance, has chosen to unveil the newest version of their BMW 5-series/ Mercedes E-class competitor at the Pebble Beach concours d’elegance. The GS series was always the ‘sportier’ of the Lexus saloons compared to the stately LS with its coupé-like roof line and short bootlid, although arguably in recent years it’s had its thunder stolen by the likes of the Mercedes CLS. Now for the new generation GS, Lexus has again chosen dynamism as its main theme, going for ‘European’ driving characteristics and signature ‘L-finesse’ design language. It’s also a lot roomier than the outgoing model, claims Lexus. There’s also new Remote Touch system for the adaptive climate S-Flow control system which can detect the number of occupants in the GS and tailor the HVAC accordingly - which is about where the substance of its press information ends. So it’s up to us to tell you that the model launched at Pebble Beach, the GS350, has the familiar 3.5 litre inline six in 306 hp tune, coupled to a new, as yet unspecified, transmission which offers quicker shifts than the previous

Lexus GS

one, and won’t be making it into most European markets as it’s not a volume model there anyway so Lexus will be chasing an all-hybrid lineup when the GS450h arrives. After all, the days of the current IS250 and IS220d are numbered – 2013 at the latest will see the compact ‘sports sedan’ replaced with another hybrid, while the hatchback CT200h introduced last year features a wholesale adoption of the Toyota Prius drivetrain. Even in the New World, Lexus may not have the market to itself though – in Frankfurt, Kia will be unveiling a rather fetching ‘sports saloon’ concept car based on the Hyundai Genesis platform and V8 engine. No specifics about this one but it looks promising.

0.8 litres hit the spot in India Not likely to feature at the IAA is the already much-rumoured Hyundai HA-800 that may hit the Indian market by the end of this year or more likely near the beginning of 2012. Despite the launch of the Tata Nano, the centre of gravity in the Indian car market has continued to be the 800 cc class, so far domi-

✍ By Eric van Spelde, Technical Writer nated by the Maruti 800 – which in fact is a late 1980s, early 1990s Suzuki Alto, and due to stricter regulations already has been phased out in several Indian states. Maruti also makes the current 1.0 litre Alto for the Indian market, but the market shift from 800 to Alto has not yet happened. While Maruti has declared that their engineers are working on a new 800 cc car with the modifications that the market requires, Hyundai is about to take advantage of the situation with a brand new, fresh looking 800 cc model. What we know about the car is that its engine has an output of 48 hp, that interior plastics quality, fit and finish will be similar to the Hyundai i10 (Hyundai’s entry level model in Western markets, and also a big hit in India) and that the steering wheel comes from the i10 and is linked to electric power steering for better fuel efficiency. Unlike the other low cost cars, the instrument panel is a three-dial layout sitting above the steering column. Also, it comes with CD/MP3/USB playback facility as standard.

From 997 to… 991 At times, one could get confused by the sheer number of Porsche 911 iterations although Porsche themselves maintain that the next generation of their iconic sports coupé is only the third all-new 911. To be contrary I would argue that it would, in fact, be the fourth, the first spanning the 901-964 models, the second the 993 which still had an air-cooled engine but completely different suspension and an updated front end. The third was the water cooled 996 and 997 models. No doubt giving rise to much confusion among future generation historians and car bores, the new car is

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Porsche 911

being referred to as the ‘991’ making it the first time that Porsche is counting backwards.

Spy shots Anyway, going from the spy shots circulating in the press it again looks virtually identical to every other 911 in recent history and the engine is still where anyone with a basic grasp of physics wouldn’t put it, but other than that indeed everything is new. For the first time, the bodyshell will be aluminium rather than steel; the wheelbase on which the car sits is said to be significantly longer than before. Porsche claims that the 991-generation 911s will consume 12 per cent less fuel (and as a result produce 12 per cent less CO2, of course) than the current cars that already boast direct-injected engines through a combination of intelligent alternator charging, start-stop systems, aforementioned predominant use of aluminium for its body structure and a slight downsizing of the base engine from 3.6 to 3.4 litres. Performance will, not unexpectedly, be up again – the base Carrera models will boast 350 hp to achieve 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and a 180 mph top speed while the Carrera S retains its 3.8 litres to produce 400 bhp (up from 385 in the current model) which should result in a 0-60 dash in the low/mid four seconds region.




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For further news about APRA Europe, please visit

APRA Europe

NEWS A busy schedule for the rest of 2011 The last few weeks of July have been very busy for the APRA Staff in Washington, DC. APRA President Bill Gager was present at the PAACE Automechanika Show in Mexico City on July 13-15. The show was very, very busy and the aisles were full of people from 2 pm in the afternoon to 9 pm at night. Long hours for a show, but that’s what works well for the people in Mexico. They can work almost all day and then go to the show and then when they are done they go to dinner. We have worked hard to have a remanufacturing presence at the Shanghai Auto-

New members APRA Europe welcomes the following new members: Inter Starter Radek Kaminski Gdynia (Poland) APS Germany Gmbh Heinz Hölker Gescher (Germany) Majorsell Ltd Deborah Burrows Birmingham (Great Britain) Diesel Latvia Riga (Latvia) Metallcontor Frank Seidel Essen (Germany)

34 l ReMaTecNews

mechanika Show that’s coming up on December 7-10, 2011. They will have a ‘Remanufacturing Pavillion’ in the show where remanufacturers and suppliers to remanufacturers from all over the world may exhibit. There will also be numerous remanufacturers and recyclers from China in this Pavillion. We hope that this will encourage even more remanufacturing for the Chinese consumer and fleets as their motor vehicle population continues to grow. Currently it is around 76 million vehicles. And, they already sell more vehicles than the USA on an annual basis. So, if you wish to participate in this Remanufacturing Pavillion, please contact me at We want as many members from around the world as possible to exhibit. We are also working on having an International Remanufacturing Forum on December 6th, right before the Shanghai Show, so that we can interact and network with remanufacturers from around the world. In the very near future you will learn about the complete details of this event, which will be quite extraordinary, we believe. We recently learned that the United States International Trade Committee will be doing an extensive study on the size and scope of international trade in remanufactured products. The USA and all European countries as well as most countries in the world are trying to remove trade barriers on remanufactured products so that they move freely across borders and are treated the same as new products. And, we also just completed an agreement with Lester Catalog that will provide APRA members with a $100 discount on the internet based Lester Kwikfinder Program. So, if you wish to take advantage of this, just let me know at In the midst of all of this we continue to work on the final details of the International

✍ By Bill Gager, President, APRA BIG R Show which will be held in the same exhibit hall as the Powertrain Expo that is run by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. If you visit you’ll see all the details on how to register for the show and get your hotel room. A list of all the exhibitors for both shows is on that site so you can plan your visit to all the suppliers. The show floor is almost all sold out, so if you wish to exhibit, please let us know as soon as you can. You may complete the paperwork on and sign up immediately. We’ve got a lot going on, so make your plans to join us for all these upcoming events.

APRA The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) recently announced the initiation of an investigative report, ‘Remanufactured Goods: An Overview of the U.S. and Global Industries, Markets, and Trade.’ The study will be discussed in depth at the 2011 Remanufacturing Legislative Summit, hosted by the Motor & Equipment Remanufacturers Association (MERA) and the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) on Sept. 20-21 in Washington, D.C. The ITC will conduct an investigation focusing on 2009-2011 data and prepare a report on the U.S. remanufactured goods industries and markets, estimates U.S. and global trade in remanufactured goods to the extent possible, and examine factors affecting




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Remanufacturing newsletter from University of Bayreuth, Germany Have you ever heard about the Chair of Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology at Bayreuth University? Are you aware of its expertise in remanufacturing? Do you know about the competencies of the experts gathered around the head of the department, Professor Rolf Steinhilper? Maybe your answer to the first question is ‘yes’. ReMaTecNews has already published many articles about the reman-related research results and activities at University of Bayreuth. We have also exhibited at ReMaTec shows - presenting our work in our self-

Stefan Schweinstig, Researcher, University Bayreuth, Germany.

designed and self-constructed booths. It may well be that you have already been in touch with us – perhaps at an exhibition, at workshops and presentations or in connection with research or as part of a consulting partnership with our university. In all probability you can answer ‘yes’ to the second question because you are aware of

Professor Steinhilper and his commitment to the remanufacturing industry. For decades he has been involved in research into remanufacturing – meeting remanufacturers’ needs and - as you undoubtedly know - his achievements are recognised throughout the industry. And to the third question – ‘are you aware of the expertise inherent in the department’? It seems safe to say that only a few readers can give a precise answer. To close this gap, we have just launched ‘Research and Development News from Bayreuth’ (R&D News) as a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter presents our key areas of research and readers will find plenty of information about the latest research projects as well as interim or final results which can benefit reman businesses. They will also learn more about scientific approaches and be able to familiarise themselves with the more comprehensive perspectives of applied research. Besides industry specific events each issue will also introduce one researcher from the Chair of Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology. In this way you will meet many of the people behind the scientists. The R&D News addresses all remanufacturers as well as other players in the industry from core suppliers to parts manufacturers. Public institutions as well as other research

✍ By Sandra Seifert,

University of Bayreuth, Germany

facilities will also find relevant news here. All in a short and simple designed magazine for customers under the overall concept of: Short, simple and focused. If you would like more details about specific topics or if you are considering a partnership, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Steinhilper or a member of his team. They will gladly provide you with further assistance. So don´t miss the next edition of R&D News in December 2011. If you would like to subscribe, simply send an e-mail with the keyword ‘Registration R&D News’. Contact Remanufacturing: Contact Newsletter:

welcomes reman investigative report trends in remanufactured goods trade. The Commission’s report will focus on remanufacturing-intensive sectors in the U.S. economy that account for the majority of remanufacturing activity in the U.S. Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) President Bill Gager welcomes the initiative: “This study will include all segments of the remanufacturing industry like office furniture, medical equipment, toner cartridges, etc., but should shed some real light on the scope and size of the motor vehicle remanufacturing industry in particular.” The USITC will help remanufacturers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to assess opportunities for their products

Photo: istockphoto



worldwide. It will also help manufacturers of cleaning and testing equipment to look at new markets for remanufacturing worldwide – especially in Asia Pacific countries. Bill Gager added, “Our Federal government has been a strong proponent of negotiating the elimination of barriers to trade in remanufactured products. This study will help document what trade is currently going on in the world and the opportunities to expand it. As we all know, ‘Remanufacturing is the Ultimate Form of Recycling’, and as such, remanufacturers have always been prepared to do our part to solve the worldwide problems of natural resource scarcity and to show how remanufacturing reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

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By Volker Schittenhelm, Head of Information, FIRM

Engine remanufacturing – competence and challenge? Due to environmental pollution (the greenhouse effect), end users’ rising demands for comfort and safety and the rapid development of electronics and data processing, electronics has a huge impact on todays cars. Ten years ago only visionaries would have imagined how huge. Modern cars – also trucks, agricultural and construction equipments stationary machines etc. – are complex systems of interrelated components. When malfunctioning, the whole system has to be diagnosed and analysed. As an engine can no longer be regarded as an isolated component but only as a part of the system, do we need to adapt our definition for the engines periphery? It is clear that the mechanical principle of combustion engines will not change sig-

nificantly – except, maybe, in respect of new materials. Even the discussions about alternative dynamics – apart from fully electronic solutions – will not have a significant impact on our industry over the next 5 to 10 years. But what is our advantage in having the competencies and knowledge in terms of engine technology and remanufacturing it to OE specifications, if our remanufactured engine does not work properly in the application? Not offering or covering the service of

Spare part distribution and technical information Engine remanufacturers are always faced with the problem of getting engine spare parts from the IAM (independent aftermarket). Serious and qualified independent engine spare part distributors and the OEspare part manufacturers behind them do not produce or stock spare parts from older engine types (older than 5 years) or new engines in the market (since 2 years). Alternative sources from spare part manufacturers working after the ‘reverse engineering strategy’ bears a high quality risk and thus engine damage potential – with all the consequences, this entails. But does our industry really hav a sourcing problem? Some years ago car manufacturers like VW, Opel (and now BMW and Mercedes-Benz) have all launched activities to

36 l ReMaTecNews

achieve additional turnover and increasing their own workshop capacity utilisation. VW with ‘NORA’ or Opel with ‘FWLZ’ both offer strategies to provide independent workshops with original spare parts with interesting pricing conditions and technical know-how (specifications and assembling/installing instructions) – supported by specially trained and skilled technicians. So where is the problem? Those OE-activities should be a wake-up call for the independent OES engine spare part manufacturers (piston, bearings, gaskets etc.) to really support the engine reman industry. If not they themselves will loose out – and so will the industry in the longer term. For more information about FIRM, please see

engine de- and installation will not solve the problem – the customer (independent repairshops, fleet operators and end users will for sure involve the engine remanufacturer in the failure analysis process.

Facing the needs for investments or co-operation If our industry wants to offer a complete repair and service programme, we have to face the fact, that we must invest in efficient tooling and updated knowledge or co-operate with collegues and other external services in order to be a competent part of the independent repair market and a respected alternative to the service organisation of the OEs. Where this does not fit their individual business strategy, engine remanufacturers will be forced to focus on niche targets (mechanical repairs, oldtimers, specializing in brands etc.)

Exchange engines and electronics But the big players in our industry, who offer exchange engines (not remanufacture of the customers’ own engines) are faced with an additional challenge: dyno–testing of ECUcontrolled engines. Simulators or ‘black boxes’ are not available on the market – previous projects and activities failed for financial reasons. Perhaps, it’s time again to start a new trial to profit from or tap existing state promotional programmes. Maybe this could be a challenge for FIRM – an open discussion between the members could produce some interesting answers.




Pagina 37

VMI engine remanufacturers contribute to CO2 reduction In times of deep concerns about CO2 emissions, a product’s total emissions becomes increasingly important. When considering the life cycle of components in terms of the environmental impact, the cost of service and repairs must be included. The decision whether to remanufacture a used part or manufacture a new part is based on the relative economic value of the investment. Here, remanufacturing – besides its important economic advantages – offers an additional benefit due to its contribution to reducing global warming. “Engine remanufacturers contribute substantially to CO2 reduction as well as to the preservation of resources,“ says Günter Wolf, President of VMI, the German Association of Engine Remanufacturers. “In effect, CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly by the use of remanufactured engines instead of new engines.

Conclusion In its conclusions HTW confirms that the remanufacture of engines reduces the average CO2 emission-level by 68.8 per cent compared to the production of a new engine while the average output from new-engine-production is about 74.4 kg. Furthermore the average consumption of electrical energy during remanufacturing of an engine is significantly lower, i.e. about 80 per cent than the energy needed for the manufacturing a new engine. The conclusion, therefore, is that there are considerable environmental benefits in choosing a remanufactured engine instead of a new engine.

HTW of Saarland To provide evidence, VMI, which represents 70 remanufacturing businesses in Germany, decided to develop a CO2 balance statement for remanufactured engines. In cooperation with the University of Applied Science (HTW) of Saarland in Southern Germany under Prof. Dr Ing. Harald Altjohann, an investigation was carried-out aimed at comparing CO2 emissions from the remanufacturing process for a passenger car engine (long block) to those deriving from the manufacture of a new engine. All production processes were considered – from raw materials to the final component and the tests were carried-out at a VMI-member’s own workshop. With regard to reman, all operations are integrated in order to convert a used or failed engine into ‘as good as new’. The remanufacturing process was documented and analysed by the university in tandem with its research into the manufacturing process of a new engine. The study investigated in detail the energy requirements for the production of a comparable engine. Günter Wolf, President of VMI

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INTERNATIONAL EVENTS & TRADE FAIRS 07.10.2011-09.10.2011 AUTOSALON.AUTOSERWIS - International Car Fair Katowice (Poland)

01.11.2011-04.11.2011 SEMA Show - Speciality Equipment Market Association.Auto International Las Vegas (USA)

29.11.2011-03.12.2011 Solutrans - International Trade Show of Transport Solutions Lyon (France)

08.10.2011-16.10.2011 Salon Automobile de Lyon - Auto Show Lyon (France)

03.11.2011-05.11.2011 Auto & Parts Uzbekistan (AutoMotorShow Uzbekistan) - International Trade Fair for Automobile and Parts Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

29.11.2011-11.12.2011 Tokyo Motor Show Tokyo (Japan)

11.10.2011-15.10.2011 EQUIP AUTO - Trade show of automobile equipment, garage equipment and after-sales Paris (France) 12.10.2011-15.10.2011 Automobiles Exhibition and Everything for Automobiles Donetsk (Ukraine) 12.10.2011-20.10.2011 Abuja International Motor Show Abuja (Nigeria) 21.10.2011-23.10.2011 Tbilisi International Auto Show. Caucasus AutoShow Tbilissi (Georgia) 21.10.2011-23.10.2011 AUTOSHOW PRAHA - International Fair for Personal and Light Utility Cars, Car Service and accessories Prague (Czech Republic) 26.10.2011-28.10.2011 Testing Expo - Automotive Testing Expo North America Novi (USA) 27.10.2011-31.10.2011 ATRA Powertrain Expo Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Show Las Vegas (USA) 29.10.2011-31.10.2011 International Big R Show Las Vegas (USA) October 2011 International Commercial Vehicles Fair Istanbul (Turkey) 01.11.2011-03.11.2011 AAPEX - Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo Las Vegas (USA) 01.11.2011-04.11.2011 AutoBelService - International Automotive, Garage Equipment, Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories Minsk (Belarus)

38 l ReMaTecNews

06.11.2011-16.11.2011 Johannesburg Int. Motor Show (AUTO AFRICA EXPO) - Africaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Automotive Trade Show and Conference Johannesburg (South Africa) 10.11.2011-14.11.2011 Dubai International Motor Show Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 16.11.2011-18.11.2011 KOAAshow - Korea Autoparts & Auto-related Industries Show Goyang Seoul (Republic of Korea) 16.11.2011-20.11.2011 Vietnam Motor Show Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam) 11.17.2011-11.20.2011 TRANSPO-TECH - International Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles & Spare Parts Cairo (Egypt) 19.11.2011-27.11.2011 Motor and Commercial Vehicle Exhibition Toulouse (France) 20.11.2011-24.11.2011 Autocare (ATA) & Freight Logistics Arabia Exhibition for Automotive Aftermarket, Transport Infrastructure and Commercial Vehicles Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 22.11.2011-28.11.2011 Auto Guangzhou - China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition Guangzhou (China (PR)) 23.11.2011-25.11.2011 AutoIndustry & Autocomponents Togliatti (Russia) 24.11.2011-27.11.2011 OTOMOTIV - International Automotive Supply Industry, Components, Accessories & Services Equipment Exhibition Istanbul (Turkey) 26.11.2011-04.12.2011 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW - Automobile . Motorsport .Tuning . Classics Essen (Germany)

03.12.2011-08.12.2011 AUTOMOVIL - Automobile Trade Fair Valencia (Spain) 03.12.2011-11.12.2011 MOTOR SHOW - International Automobile Exhibition Bologna (Italy) 07.12.2011-10.12.2011 Automechanika Shanghai Shanghai (China (PR)) 11.12.2011-15.12.2011 Riyadh Motor Show - International Exhibition for Motor Vehicles Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

REMATECNEWS 6-2011:REMATEC-1/2004 ReMaTec2013adA4 14-09-2011 13:59

22-09-2011 Pagina 1


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June 16-18

Amsterdam The Netherlands

We thank you for exhibiting at ReMaTec2011. Be part of the success again and sign up for ReMaTec2013.

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