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• CAN bus tool to help remanufacturers

• South Africa - an expanding market

• Trends from Geneva

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2011 - NO 3 - VOLUME 11




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NO 3 • MAY 2011 • VOLUME 11

Premier in new S. Africa: a grow- CAN bus tool to venture 10 ing market 20 help reman 29 Having completed a major investment programme, UK core dealer, Premier Components, is embarking on a new venture. With the establishment of a subsidiary specialising in turbochargers and components for turbochargers, Premier is intent on securing a slice of the world market.

Within a few years an energetic 37-yearold remanufacturer by the name of Mike Lawlor has created South Africa’s largest transmission remanufacturing business. Now Mayfair Gearbox Group is set for further growth in an expanding market.

The reman research team at Bayreuth University has developed a new software tool for recording and play-back of CAN bus communications. This can greatly assist independent remanufacturers.

‘From the start it has been our ambition to position the show as a true showcase of everything the reman market has to offer’ Niels Klarenbeek, Product Manager, ReMaTec2011

4 Editorial 6 Danish-German brake caliper partnership 14 ReMaTec2011 preview – see who is exhibiting 26 Composites rule in Geneva 28 APRA News 30 International events and trade fairs Issues in 2011: February (including cleaning special), March, May (including preview ReMaTec2011), June (including show guide ReMaTec2011), August (review ReMaTec2011), September, October, December




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EDITOR’S LETTER ReMaTecNews Volume 11 – Number 3 – May 2011 ReMaTecNews, the only international news magazine dedicated to automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing worldwide, is an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry.

Lessons from Japan The triple catastrophy that has hit Japan in the form of the earthquake, the tsunami and the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power station serves as a timely reminder of the vulnerability of modern life. Whatever the eventual outcome of the events unfolding at Fukushima, one thing is certain: from now on, our view of nuclear power and the risks involved has changed - if not forever then for decades to come. Naturally, the world needs affordable energy to make a better life for the hundreds of millions of people who aspire to a decent and healthy life free from hunger, fear and deprivation as well as for the industries that serve us all and make it all possible. However, we also need to ensure that we provide energy in a way that is not a threat to the very objectives we’re trying to achieve. Certainly, exploitation of technology is the key to a better world, to the growth upon which our future welfare depends. But such technology must be the servant not the master, and we must ensure that this remains so. This will be one of the lasting lessons from Fukushima. Why such reflections? Because by reminding us of the earth’s vulnerability, the Japanese tragedy, for all its horror, underlines the need for preserving our resources, conserving energy, developing a stronger sense of the importance of recycling raw materials and, yes, for placing remanufacturing at the top of the agenda across the world. The reman industry has a genuine story to tell - how to reduce dependency on energy, save costs, preserve resources and even create jobs. The disaster at Fukushima testifies to the fact that nuclear power is not the only solution to the world’s energy requirements. Preserving what we have already got is important, too. And one of the answers to that is remanufacturing.

Published by: RAI Langfords B.V. P.O. Box 10099 1001 EB Amsterdam The Netherlands In association with

Editor-in-Chief, Magazine William Schwarck Phone +44 (0)1865 340 435 Fax +44 (0)8704 215 681 Editor-in-Chief, Online Eric van Spelde Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00 Advertising Sales Reinier Feith, Roy Schrijver Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00 Fax +31 (0)20 504 28 88 Managing Director RAI Langfords B.V. Ron Brokking Publisher Luuk Aleva (responsible under Dutch Press Law) Editorial Advisory Board Niels Klarenbeek Production Niels Zwan, Sebastiaan Dekker Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00 Design & Art Van Munster & Bos, Amsterdam Printing Mediacenter Rotterdam, The Netherlands Copyright RAI Langfords B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

William Schwarck, Editor-in-Chief

Reproduction Permitted, providing ReMaTecNews is credited Change of address Phone +31 (0)20 504 28 00, Fax +31 (0)20 504 28 88 E-mail Subscription magazine 8 editions 1 71 - See Website Digital magazine online Circulation 13,230 readers per edition. The magazine is delivered on a controlled circulation basis to recipients in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.

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ArvinMeritor drops the Arvin name and terminates European axle business Drivetrain parts supplier ArvinMeritor, a major force in commercial vehicle remanufacturing, has announced a name change. Following several years of acquisitions and divestitures, the American company is returning to its original name, Meritor Inc. The company was originally formed as Meritor in 1997 when it spun off from Rockwell International Corp. It changed the name to ArvinMeritor in 2000 when it acquired Arvin Industries Inc. Concurrently, the company has

announced it will close its European trailer axle business on July 31, 2011. “This decision is driven by the competitive nature of the European trailer axle market which requires significant scale to address increasing cost challenges,” said Joe Mejaly, President, Aftermarket and Trailers at Meritor. “In addition, following the decline in recent years, the market for commercial vehicle trailers is recovering more slowly than other sectors,” said Mejaly. In total, 171 employees are affected by

New Remy steering rack and pump diagnosis poster ply refer to the diagnosis poster to ensure they fully understand what to do before changing a leaking steering rack. “Our research has proved conclusively that more than a quarter of steering racks and pumps have failed because of contamination,” says Michael Flensborg, Sales & Marketing Director of Remy Automotive UK Ltd. “Quite simply, if contamination caused a steering rack to fail, then the problem will not just involve the steering rack, it will affect the pump itself.” The new steering poster is available free through any local Remy stockist or by contacting

FER joins TecDoc TecDoc continues to expand its customer base and the latest addition to the growing number of TecDoc users is the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER), the UK’s trade organisation for engine remanufacturers. Shaun Greasley, commercial director for TecDoc UK and Eire said: “The CATALOG parts catalogue contains more than 400 brands, with 73 million article linkages and 1.5 million supporting product images. “All manner of internal engine parts are featured on the system, so whether FER members are searching for cylinder sleeves, con-rod bearings, valve guides or crankshafts, they now have access to a highly relevant information resource,” Greasley said. “The system utilises source data that is provided by the original equipment (OE) parts suppliers to deliver highly accurate parts identification, which brings with it many business efficiencies.” TecDoc can also work with individual FER members to develop a bespoke WEB SHOP portal, which delivers all the benefits of the CATALOG system, but adds extra functionality and provides a site that is designed in accordance with the member’s corporate style and image.

no iro Duc w n l tile av ine ai rs la bl e

Remy Automotive UK Ltd, one of the UK’s leading automotive parts remanufacturer, has announced the introduction of a new steering poster which has been specifically designed to remind the installer of the need to replace the steering rack and pump together. In full colour – and with clear explanation of the risks of misdiagnosis – the new A1-size poster has been designed for wall placement in workshops and factor premises to help mechanics demonstrate to the car owner that replacing the steering rack and steering pump together will avoid unnecessary costs in the future. The mechanic can sim-

this action. In addition to the company’s main trailer axle manufacturing operation in Cwmbran, UK, Meritor also has trailer employees located in France, Italy and Spain. Cwmbran, United Kingdom, is also home to Meritor’s centre of expertise for the design, development and manufacture of braking systems and components for the commercial vehicle truck market. The brake business in Cwmbran is unaffected by the closure of the European trailer axle business.


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Joint venture partners to establish b caliper factory in Slovakia Danish-German partnership to become new force in remanufactured brake calipers. SBS-FTE Manufacturing Corporation is a newly established Danish-German partnership aiming to conquer a significant slice of the world market for remanufactured brake calipers. On the Danish side is Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S, a long-standing power in brake caliper remanufacturing while the German partner is FTE Automotive GmbH, the well-established component supplier to car makers. The two companies are now in the process of setting up a factory for remanufactured brake calipers in Presov in Slovakia. It will become operative later this year. Both companies believe that the joint venture will generate considerable benefits. SBS primarily sells its products on the free

6 l ReMaTecNews

aftermarket and the Slovakian factory will provide the company with extra capacity to supplement its current reman operations in Støvring, Denmark, and its manufacturing capacity in the Far-East. FTE Automotive primarily sells its products to car manufacturers and their aftermarket activities. At present, FTE does not offer calipers as parts, but the new venture will give the company the option of adding calipers to its range of hydraulic brake components. Moreover, FTE will also buy products from the rest of SBS’s range.

Perfect match Hans Fuglgaard, CEO, Scandinavian Brake Systems

“This is a perfect match for us,” Hans Fuglgaard, Scandinavian Brake Systems’ CEO, told



sh brake ReMaTecNews. “As a result of the agreement with FTE and the establishment of SBS-FTE Manufacturing Corporation, we will increase our production capacity and strengthen our competitiveness. At the same time, we’re seeing new opportunities for selling our other products to new customers for whom FTE is a valuable and important supplier.â€? The move by SBS follows a year when the Svendborg-based company posted a twelve per cent increase in sales to almost DKK 1 billion (USD 190 million). The jump in sales was primarily due to the company’s activities within brake components for motorcycles and cars and distribution of automotive parts worldwide. Of this, brake calipers accounts for the biggest increase, 23 per cent, the highest ever for the segment. Scandinavian Brake Systems has remanufactured brake calipers in the town of Støvring in Northern Jutland since the 1990s.


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Honeywell expands in Slovakia Honeywell is planning to open a new turbocharger manufacturing facility in Presov, Slovakia. The new plant will initially produce turbochargers for light vehicle and commercial vehicle applications and is expected to be operational by 2012. Honeywell expects global vehicle production to increase in 2011 and beyond, and the turbocharger segment is expected to grow by more than 2 million vehicles in 2011 alone. In the next five years, turbo penetration is expected to nearly double as automakers turn to turbos to meet fuel economy and emissions regulations around the world. “The new plant in Slovakia further extends Honeywell’s leadership in the development of turbochargers,� said Alex Ismail, President and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Turbochargers give car and truck-makers the flexibility to downsize their


engines to increase fuel efficiency as much as 40 per cent. Honeywell expects to introduce more than 100 new turbo applications in 2011.

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Registered Company ISO 9001 s ISO/TS 16949

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New Sales Manager for ReMaTecNews Roy Schrijver has been appointed Sales Manager for ReMaTecNews to succeed Asia Badho who has joined Amsterdam RAI Exhibitions on a full time basis. 35 year old Roy Schrijver comes to ReMaTecNews from a position as Commercial Manager with Crossriver, a Dutch TV production company where he was responsible for large accounts and media agencies. Before that he spent three years with OR SBS broadcasting where, amongst others, he served as Deputy Chairman of the works council. Having worked in a number of print and broadcast sales positions in the past, Roy Schrijver brings considerable crossmedial experience to his new job - and a great deal of enthusiasm. “I love cars and although I haven’t worked with remanufacturing before I’m strongly attracted by the ethos of the industry with regards to resource preservation and environmental protection,” says Roy Schrijver. “From what I have seen so far, the maga- Roy Schrijver, new Sales Manager zine and the website has lots of ReMaTecNews. of potential and I look forward to getting to know the reman industry and its people over the coming months, not least, of course, during the ReMaTec show in Amsterdam in June. I can clearly feel the ambitions of my colleagues on ReMaTecNews and that’s important for a sales manager.“

Strong rapport

Leave it to Corteco® ttoo introduce introduce a nnew, ew, eeasy asy w way ay to to install install t prevents damaging the seal. lip seals and bonded pistons that Introducing the Lip Wizard™, available a ailable exclusively in TransTec av TransT r Tec e® transmission kits kits.. This This simple simple device device installs installs lip lip seals seals and and bbonded onded pistons pistons in in almost almost aany ny transmission. transmission. You You nnoo longer longer have have to to worry worry about about tearing tearing a llip ip sseal eal oorr bbuying uying eexpensive xpensive iinstallation nstallation ttools ools tthat hat only work on specific transmi transmissions. issions. TThe he Lip Wizard™ iiss flexible, flexible, vversatile, ersatile, rreuseable euseable aand nd recyclable. recyclable. B Best est of of all, all, iit’s t’s ™ absolutelyy free free.. You’ll You’ll o find thee new Lipp Wizard iinstallation nstallation tool inside virtual virtually ly every every TTransTec ransTec® gask gasket keet and overhaul kit. V Visit isit for for m more ore information information aand nd video.. an instructional video

“We’re delighted to welcome Roy to the ReMaTecNews team,” said Publisher Luuk Aleva. “In her time with us Asia Badho built up a strong rapport with advertisers across the reman industry and we’re confident that Roy’s skills and qualifications will further strengthen the link between the magazine, website and the industry. We strongly believe that the outlook for automotive remanufacturing as well as other forms of remanufacturing is bright and that ReMaTecNews will play an increasingly important role in communicating the message about reman’s indisputable benefits.” Roy Schrijver will join RAI Langfords, publishers of ReMaTecNews, on May 1, 2011. He will be assisted by Reinier Feith, the Sales Manager of our sister publications, the Dutch auto trade magazines Autokompas and Automotive.

Reinier Feith, Sales Manager of www

ReMaTecNews, Autokompas, Automotive.

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Premier Components i - and with a new M UK core supplier calls in industry veteran Danny Edwards to become Managing Director at a new stage in the company’s development.

A new subsidary and a new Managing Director. These are some of the recent developments at Premier Components in the UK, one of Europe’s largest automotive core dealers. And owner Mark Garrison is confident that both will signify a key milestone for this expanding core business in Long Marston near Stratford-on-Avon in Central England. With the establishment of Premier Turbo Systems Ltd., Premier Components not only has its sights set on grabbing a substantial share of the market for turbo cores - it’s also planning to become a significant force in the supply of high quality turbo parts, kits and core assemblies, including bearing housings, turbine shafts, and compressor wheels and seal plates. “In fact,” Mark Garrison says, “the vision is for Premier to offer the full package and be a one-stop shop for turbo remanufacturers worldwide.” In a second significant move, Mark Garrison, Premier’s chairman, has appointed Danny Edwards as the company’s new Managing Director. Backed by 45 years of experience in the automotive industry Edwards - who previously worked for Lucas CEV and Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions - joins Premier with effect from May 1. “Danny is a seasoned business professional who brings with him a wealth of experience at an exciting time for Premier Components,” Mark Garrison told ReMaTecNews. “He will be looking to provide a professional approach throughout with a particular emphasis on customer service and core availability.“ “I feel both proud and privileged to be asked to join Premier Components and look forward to working with all concerned within the business, with suppliers and with customers to further enhance Premier Component’s world class reputation as the supplier of choice,” Danny Edwards says.

Mark Garrison of Premier Components - investing in the future.

10 l ReMaTecNews

In-house skills Premier’s existing in-house skills are a key component of the strategy behind the new turbocharger initiative. Headed by Russell Bromwich of the existing core department and Keith Jones, who is responsible for spares, Premier Turbo Systems is set to benefit from

a £150,000 investment programme that has considerably upgraded a number of facilities at Long Marston. Amongst others, the programme includes a purpose-built assembly and test workshop incorporating modern flows and workshop practices to ensure that all components supplied to their customers




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s into new areas w Managing Director meet the desired quality standards. Part of the new equipment is the latest generation of VSR balancing machines to test and record the data of each balanced CHRA. An investment of this order clearly testifies to Mark Garrison’s confidence in the company’s future. “We believe that Premier has well and truly thrown off the old-fashioned perspective of core brokers in all areas of the business,” he says. “We currently have 14,000 square metres of bright and airy warehousing with a very high standard of layout and housekeeping and supported by state-of-the art stock control technology. All of this, linked to a newly developed web-based purchasing system, enables us to create and manage systems to process various vehicle components from across the whole of Europe and on any scale either for ourselves or on behalf of our clients who require a core management programme.”

Challenges Which is not to say to say that Premier is blind to the challenges in an increasingly competitive and complex market. Danny Edwards’ arrival, therefore, is also intended to bring focus on improving the management and business skills of Premier’s team of specialists with backgrounds in engineering, warehousing, vehicle core and computer development. “The ever increasing complexity of the OE’s component portfolio remains a major challenge to the business in terms of core identification, linked to the increase in European legislation,” Danny Edwards points out. “As a result, research and quality are key areas for us. With our skilled and dedicated product experts I’m sure we’ll be able to keep fully up to date to meet the requirements of both our OE and independent aftermarket clients.“ Premier Components will introduce Premier Turbo Systems at their stand at the ReMaTec exhibition in Amsterdam on the 19th, 20th and 21st June and talk to their experts about your requirements.

Danny Edwards - new Managing Director at Premier Components.

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Nuclear disaster impacts deeply on Japan’s auto industry Remanufacturing seems unaffected. Shingo Komatsu, President of Shine-Etsu Denso.

As could be expected at a time of parts shortages, Japanese remanufacturers seem so far to have been more or less unaffected by the disasters as repair shops switch to remanufactured products when new parts are in short supply. “To begin with, we expected business to decline because of the huge problems Japan is facing, but so far it’s business as usual,” Shingo Komatsu, President of ShineEtsu Denso company in Nagano, North of Tokyo, told ReMaTecNews. A familiar figure in the reman industry worldwide, Shingo Komatsu, whose company specialises in rotating electrics, has extensive business dealings in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia, including a factory in Indonesia. Located in Nagano, Shine-Etsu is

around 300 km from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. So far, however, there has been no safety concerns relating to the Nagano area. “We’re located in a mountainous area and fortunately there has been no radiation effects in our area,” Shingo Komatsu reports. “Of course, this is something we have to monitor closely. Hopefully, they will get the power plant under control before long.”

Long-lasting effects The natural and nuclear disasters that hit Japan in March are likely to have long-lasting effects on the automotive industry globally. Some 13 per cent of worldwide auto output has been lost due to parts shortages and American car makers, including General Motors and Ford, report severe production


June 19 -21

delays. Some experts also predict that automakers and component suppliers will review their supply chains and part sourcing in the wake of events in Japan. Overall, the Japanese car industry has lost some 400,000 cars due to the disruption caused by the nuclear power disaster at Fukushima, with Toyota having closed 18 factories and Nissan five. Honda and Mazda have also been forced to close factories. So far, Honda is reported to have lost 46,000 cars, Nissan (which has extensive operations in the region around Fukushima) 42,000, and Mazda 31,000. Toyota is believed to have lost even greater numbers. The situation is worsened by the fact that the disaster region is home to an important production of semi-conductors, brake pads and sheet metal.









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ReMaTec2011 almost sold out With almost two months to go ReMaTec 2011 has only 12 stands left on an ambitious floorplan of 3,700 sqm net, 1100 sqm more than the last edition. The show will, therefore, be the biggest of the ReMaTec shows so far. “From the start it has been our ambition to position the show as a true showcase of everything the reman market has to offer and we believe that we have succeeded,” said Niels Klarenbeek, Product Manager of ReMaTec. ”We’re genuinely pleased to note that the 2011 edition will host many newcomers, including some market leaders.” “Featuring state-of-the-art technologies in parts cleaning, remanufacturing of ECUs, future developments in EV/Hybrid reman and showing the result of innovative partnerships

between OEs en independent remanufacturers, the show will offer remanufacturing

professionals a take on the future,” Niels Klarenbeek added. The 2011 show will also host an array of events, seminars and lectures organised by professional associations at the ReMaTec Theatre on the show floor as well as REMAN2011, the international remanufacturing conference organised by the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse (CRR) in the UK. The conference will discuss global trends and developments. The full day conference includes speakers from multinational remanufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and key policy makers. For more information and bookings please visit

Special hotel offer for ReMaTec2011 For all ReMaTecNews readers our Hotel and Travel partner has arranged a special hotel offer during ReMaTec2011. Profit from favourable discounted rates in the EMB Bellevue Hotel. This hotel is located close to the authentic centre of Amsterdam with the famous Dam Square, the beautiful canals and the small shopping streets with their original and exclusive shops.

For only € 122.50 per night (excluding breakfast & city tax) you will have an unforgettable ReMaTec2011. Via our partner Yellow Bike you can rent a bike and explore the city by yourself. Or take a guide bike tour and learn about the history of Amsterdam. Send your request to, mention ReMaTecNews in your e-mail and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

VIV to organise meeting and seminar during ReMaTec2011 On Tuesday 21 June, the VIV member companies will meet at Amsterdam RAI for a member meeting supplemented by a seminar on sustainable maintenance in relation to rebuilding and remanufacturing. This will be combined with a visit to ReMaTec2011. Founded in 1947 as the Dutch association of importers of combustion engines, VIV has 110 members involved in imports, sales, installation, service, maintenance and rebuilding of combustion engines and engine parts. The association is focused on heavy duty, industrial and maritime industries. “Currently, there is no single trade event specifically focused on industrial engine maintenance,” says Marco Kirsenstein, director of VIV. ”Of course, there are exhibitions like BAUMA in Munich, where engine manufacturers present their latest innovations in engine technology. However, not much

14 l ReMaTecNews

attention has been paid to maintenance and rebuilding within non road mobile machinery. We feel that ReMaTec2011 is filling this gap by its focus on rebuilding and remanufacturing.” The VIV member companies include national importers and distributors of OEMs, service and maintenance companies, engine consultants, rebuilders and parts specialists. The members meeting is open to VIV members only. The seminar will also be available for a limited number of non-members. More information on VIV can be found at (only available in Dutch language) or mail Marco Kirsenstein:

Director Marco Kirsenstein, VIV.




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Inter Starter debuts at ReMaTec2011 EXHIBITOR IN THE SPOTLIGHT Radek Kaminski, Inter Starter.

Inter Starter is a young, rapidly growing Polish company specialising in remanufacturing alternators and starters. Having built a strong position in its domestic market, Inter Starter now intends to present itself to a wider audience and reach a more international clientele. “We are newcomers to the ReMaTec exhibition which is the first foreign trade exhi-

bition for us,” explains Inter Starter’s Sales Manager, Radek Kaminski. “As ReMaTec2011 focuses exclusively on remanufacturing it’s an ideal place for our company’s international debut.” “As regards our expectations for ReMaTec2011, we hope automotive companies will discover what we have to offer, that

we will strengthen our current business contacts and establish new ones. We also hope that our participation in ReMaTec2011 will enhance our position back in Poland, which is one of Europe’s most important European remanufacturing centres. Our stand design is both modern and simple and we hope to see a large number of visitors for a chat.”

FIRM’s on board! On the occasion of the 2011 edition of the ReMaTec show in Amsterdam from 19 to 21 June, representatives of the FIRM national members associations and their members will gather for a canal boat trip in Amsterdam. Leaving from Amsterdam RAI on Saturday 19th June at 16:00, the traditional canal boat will tour the historic canals of the old city for 1 1/2 hours. This will be a unique occasion for engine remanufacturing professionals and their association managers to network with each other on a business level while interacting with each other on a social level. Should you wish to participate, please contact your national association for more details.

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ReMaTec2011 ReMaTec2011 show – Alphabetical list of exhibitors - as of April 12, 2011 Company name Actronics AES Auto Electric Service B.V. Airbagbank Airbagsforsale Airstal Automotive Parts Alto Products Corp. APRA ArvinMeritor CVA A.G. AT Hidraulic ATP Electronics Developments Ltd. Auto Elect - Hydroline Auto Suppliers Ltd Autoenterprises Autoline Automatic Choice Europe B.V. Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) Autoparts Ltd. Auto-Starter Autotransmission B.V. Autrans Transmissions Parts & Service B.V. Blue Traction BORG Automotive A/S Bosch Britannia Automotive Components Ltd BU Drive C & E Turbochargers B.V. Catering Terrace Caterpillar Remanufacturing & Components division Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse (CRR) CEVAM S.A. CIMAT Ltd. CLEPA-European Association of Automotive Suppliers Cold Spray Specialist Dycomet Compressortech Coresupply Corteco Cummins Inc CVT Pushbelt B.V. D & V Electronics Ltd. db automobile GmbH Di.Pa. Sport S.r.l. Diesel Levante turbo & injection Diesel Line S.r.l. Diesel Systems Holland B.V. Dixie Electric Ltd. DS USA Ltd. E.I.T. EM Turbo Power Emmetec S.r.l. Engine Parts NL B.V. EPROS The Printing House ERA Benelux NV ERA S.p.a. Eurolec Components Ltd. EV2DRIVE EXEDY Clutch Europe Ltd. FerroEcoblast Surface Treatment Technology FIN Impianti Flight Systems European Group S.r.o. Friesen Ganzeboom Transmissies en Transmission Parts GECORE GmbH General Ricambi S.p.a. Ge.Vi S.A.S. GFX, Inc. Ghibaudi Mario Gobbi Spare Parts S.r.l.

16 l ReMaTecNews

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Company name Country Goldfarb & Associates Inc. USA Graf Motoren und Motorenteile Germany Guangzhou Huadu Worldwide Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. China Guangzhou Kuayue Auto Parts and Accessories Industry Co., Ltd. China IMC Europe The Netherlands IN.CO. International S.p.A. San Marino Inter Starter Poland International Federation of Engine Reman. Belgium JP Automatic Transmissions Ltd United Kingdom JRONE Technology China K. Wilson Ltd. United Kingdom KARDES Elektrik A.S. Turkey Kyzen BVBA Belgium La Concorde France Leclerq SA Belgium Leitenberger Germany Litens Aftermarket Network Germany M.R.S. S.r.l. Italy Mack GmbH Germany Masiero Antonio Italy MCI Cores USA MCT Reman United Kingdom Mecatrans S.A. France Melett Limited United Kingdom Metalas Cleaning Systems B.V. The Netherlands MFC Taiwan MRT Engines The Netherlands ORME Elettromeccanica S.r.l. Italy ORPAV S.r.l. Italy Parts Selection Competition The Netherlands Polstarter Poland Pommee Machines & Equipment B.V. The Netherlands Pos Service Holland The Netherlands PowerMotive Inc. Canada Premier Components UK Ltd. United Kingdom RAS USA Ratek Industries Ltd Israel REAL SpA Italy Rebuildgroup / Revisiegroep The Netherlands Rebuildgroup / Revisiegroep The Netherlands ReMaTecNews The Netherlands ReMaTec Theatre The Netherlands Remy Automotive Europe Belgium RG GmbH Germany Robarcko B.V.\ The Netherlands Rolling Components Ltd. United Kingdom Samko Poland Santech Industries USA Savi Elettronica S.r.l. Italy Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket oHG Germany SDA Import-Export B.V. The Netherlands Shanghai Chaumet China Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) United Kingdom Stokking Dieselservice The Netherlands SuperFlow Technologies Group Belgium Superior Transmission Parts Inc. USA Sussex Auto Parts Ltd. United Kingdom Teamec Belgium Techmot sp z.o.o. Poland Transmission Products Europe B.V. The Netherlands Trucktechnic Belgium TRW Automotive Germany Turbo International USA Turbo-Tec Poland U.D.F. Belgium Universal Rotating Electrics Ltd United Kingdom University of Bayreuth Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology Germany URW Europa B.V. The Netherlands Valeo France

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Company name Visco import-export WABCO Reman Solutions Wah Seng Industry Sdn. Bhd. WAIglobal Westwood Cylinder Liners Wood Auto Supplies Limited Wuhu Defu Steering System Co., Ltd. Yong Jun Turbotech Company Ltd. Yongkang Yongbo Auto Electric Factory ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Country The Netherlands Belgium Malaysia The Netherlands United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Subject to changes. For the actual list of exhibitors and floor plan please visit www.rematecnews/exhibition

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Bob Warnke at ReMaTec2011 Bob Warnke of Sonnax, a world-authority on valve body remanufacturing, will lecture on a range of key issues at a seminar preceding the 2011 ReMaTec show. The seminar, which also features Dutch CVT transmission specialist Coen van Beek from, will take place on Saturday June 18 at the Amsterdam RAI exhibition centre. Bob Warnke will cover the following topics: - Electro-Hydraulic to Mechatronic Valve Bodies - Torque Converter clutch control and internal design

- A Rebuilding Center - ‘from Drive-ability through testing’. Coen van Beek will give a presentation on ‘all about CVT Transmissions’. The seminar is organised by Dutch transmission supplier Automatic Choice Europe. For more information please visit the website

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Seminars at ReMaTec2011 Sunday, 19 June

Monday, 20 June

Tuesday, 21 June

10.15 – 11.00 hrs Schaeffler Title: Moved by innovation, the new OEM technologies on alternator pulleys and demystification of the different types. Speaker: Daniel Wolff

10.15 – 11.00 hrs Schaeffler Title: Schaeffler Group Transmission Competence – Past, Present & Future. Speaker: Axel Blaschke

10.15 – 11.00 hrs Schaeffler Title: Moved by innovation, the new OEM technologies on alternator pulleys and demystification of the different types. Speaker: Daniel Wolff

11.15 - 12.00 hrs EV2DRIVE Title: Future developments of EV/Hybrids and consequences for remanufacturers. Speakers: Frank Bouman, Mari van der Coer 14.15 – 15.00 hrs ArvinMeritor Title/Speaker: To be communicated 15.15 – 16.00 hrs BU Drive Title: Remanufacturing as integral part of a global policy of environmental protection. Speakers: Dr. Carsten Bücker, Karsten Lange, Clemens Ortgies

11.15 – 12.00 hrs BU Drive Title: Remanufacturing – a modern and process based industry. Speakers: Dr. Carsten Bücker, Karsten Lange, Clemens Ortgies 13.15 – 14.00 hrs Bosch Title: Bosch - the full service reman provider with the largest portfolio in the automotive aftermarket. Speaker: Dr. Bernd Rall, Vice President Product Marketing Business Unit Rotating Machines (Bosch Automotive Aftermarket)

11.15 – 12.00 hrs Automotive Career Development Centre (ACDC) Title: Future developments of EV/Hybrids and consequences for remanufacturers. Speaker: Craig van Batenburg 12.15 – 13.30 hrs CLEPA / European Association of Automotive Suppliers Networking reception, on invitation only. 14.15 – 15.00 hrs ArvinMeritor Title/Speaker: To be communicated

14.15 – 15.00 hrs ArvinMeritor Title/Speaker: To be communicated

For actual information please visit

16.15 – 17.00 hrs Flight Systems Title: ‘Flight Systems – Solutions for all your Reman Needs’. Speakers: Marc Baines, Ralph Rulli

Subject to changes

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South Africa: a growing ma r Within a few years an energetic 37 year old remanufacturer named Mike Lawlor has created South Africa’s largest transmission business. Now Mayfair Gearbox Group is set for further growth.

The largest remanufacturer of transmissions in South Africa has the potential for significant growth and the infrastructure in place to achieve it: “Two branches added per year over the last three years has increased our remanufacturing footprint, but we are nowhere near full operating capacity yet. Now is the time to respond and take the group forward,” says director Mike Lawlor. Growth in the CV market is likely to be the spur. With a railway system teetering on the brink of collapse, truck sales have boomed in support of the development of new stadia and the associated communications infrastructure required to stage the 2010 World Cup. A proliferation of tipper trucks has helped revamp the national road structure and - given the tough working environment in which they operate - inject new life into the remanufacturing and repair industry. The out of warranty repair market is in the ascendancy. “Our truck remanufacturing repair sales have doubled over the last year alone,” he adds. In the shadow of the World Cup, a fall in tipper work and truck sales is forecast, but Mike Lawlor says there are enough units in the market to sustain healthy growth - for those remanufacturers with the capacity to expand, that is.

Strong position The Mayfair Group looks better positioned than most. Its passenger car business handles the lion’s share of the volume, channelled via a manual and an automatic division. A Commercial Truck Division, complete with its own set of directors, has been created to exploit the remanufacturing needs of the CV and plant market. All three divisions are headquartered in Johannesburg. An 11-branch network provides the Mayfair Group with national coverage and although exports are currently restricted to the

20 l ReMaTecNews

Mike Lawlor (right): ‘Remanufacturing repair sales have doubled over the last year.’

southern reaches of the Sahara, the potential is for more and agents have been established with most of the neighbouring countries. Mayfair’s main business is the Original Equipment Supply (OES) market, that is to say, the dealership networks of the major vehicle manufacturers. In South Africa, the OES has a tradition of using aftermarket specialists to satisfy its reman needs and Mayfair is currently supplying them with remanufactured transmissions, steering boxes, differentials and prop shafts. The passenger car side currently holds up to 1,000 reman units (80% manual) at any one time, while the CV side holds around 200 units. The order books look healthy, but it wasn’t

always that way: “I joined my father’s business when I was 18 and there were three employees working from a single garage. Wanting to be an estate agent, I was only supposed to help out for a few months but it didn’t work out that way.” “Growth was slow and it took ten years to win the first OE remanufacturing contract in an aftermarket obsessed with price rather than quality.” However, it was Mayfair’s pre-occupation with product quality (plus a USP that features an eco-friendly salt-based bio-degradable parts cleaning system) that eventually drew the attention of the OES networks.




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a rket for remanufacturing

Mayfair Gearbox Group started out with three employees. Now the group exmploys a workforce of 185.

Skills shortages The reman industry has a chronic skills shortage, but employers in South Africa face other hurdles. For example, in addition to matching international quality standards such as ISO 9000, employers in South Africa must also be able to satisfy Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) requirements. It is a process that exists to provide equal opportunities in the workplace. The accreditation procedure measures an employer’s social responsibility, indicated by criteria such as the level of black equity ownership, management, skills development and employment levels, to name but a few.

Mayfair has responded and invested in equipment and in its people in a bid to raise its profile and secure an increasing share of the reman market. For example, automatic gearbox technology has become increasingly complex in recent years and the investment needed just to keep abreast of the latest developments is significant. While many of its rivals appear to have thrown in the towel on keeping pace altogether, Mayfair has invested wisely: “We sent some of our mechanics for training in Europe recently, with manufacturers like ZF, Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz. Others have just come back after CVT training out in China.” Mike Lawlor says the investment has

paid off: “It is not unreasonable for a manufacturer like Nissan to expect the same kind of service in South Africa as they get from Europe. We have focussed on quality. Our remanufacturing standards now mirror those in Europe and some of the warranties on our products last for five years or 100,000 miles. That demonstrates the level of service we are aiming to achieve, but it is not necessarily the kind of service you can expect to receive from all of our rivals.”

Mayfair Gearbox Group, South Africa Specialisation: Reman gearboxes (manual/auto), differentials, steering boxes and prop shafts for CV/plant applications Established: 1991 Director: Mike Lawlor Age: 37 Based: Johannesburg, South Africa Branches: 11 No. Employees: 185 CV parts stock: 200 exchange units Pass Car parts stock: exchange 1,000 units

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Consumer education can pave the way for remanufacturing Given all the benefits of remanufacturing, the use and demand by consumers has not boomed the industry has hoped and expected. ReMaTec2011 commissioned an independent market research agency to conduct a survey amongst 1,011 Dutch car owners about remanufacturing to get a better idea of their role. A majority of car users have no idea what remanufactured parts are, let alone the benefits of using remanufactured for the environment and finances. 53 Per cent has no idea what revision means. The remaining 47 per cent say they do know what revised parts are. About one third was informed by their garage about the use of revised parts at some point or other during maintenance or repair of their car. After being explained the meaning of Continued on page 24

Your Stop Shop for all Your OE & Aftermarket Products! ÂŽ


Phone 001 513-771-8000


Fax Web 001 513-771-6502

Š 2010, J&N Auto Electric, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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remanufacturing, 71 per cent say they would (definitely) consider the use of revised parts. When educated on the opinion of experts on the value of revision this percentage rises to 81 per cent. Niels Klarenbeek, Product Manager of ReMaTec2011 on the results: “The survey shows that consumers still have little knowledge about remanufacturing, but they are very receptive to the idea once explained properly. There is so much to gain for this industry once the consumer gets involved and we feel ReMaTec2011 can contribute to that by bringing industry together and bringing the topic to many agendas.�

source: ReMaTec2011

Your Parts supplier for automatic and manual Transmissions • Supplier of 150.000 parts to the whole of Europe and beyond • In company converter repair with the newest equipment • Fast transportation throughout Europe and beyond • Steering racks / steering pumps • Official dealer of Transtar, Sonnax, Precision and Lizarte

Lunteren - Tilburg - Dronten

The Netherlands


+31 (0)318 484144





24 l ReMaTecNews

Full-Line Core Supplier. We buy and Sell used and new parts: Parts what we always have in stock are: Startermotors Alternators 7XUERFKDUJHUV &RPPRQUDLO,QMHFWRUVIRU&DUVDQG7UXFN &RPPRQUDLO3XPSVIRU&DUVDQG7UXFN $F&RPSUHVVRUV (QJLQHV 2QO\QHZ


For any question you can contact us!





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APRA Forsbachstraße 13 51145 Cologne Germany phone +49 (0)220 3292984 info

Premier Components UK Ltd. Unit 701 Long Marston Storage Campden Road Long Marston Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 8QR United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1789 720061

Amsterdam RAI Europaplein 2-22 NL 1078 GZ Amsterdam The Netherlands phone +31 (0)20 5491212

INFORMATION For more information please contact Reinier Feith or Roy Schrijver, phone +31 (0)20-5042800 • Cleaning equipment • Consultancy - Research • Cores • Environmental products • Lubricants - Chemicals • Organisations - Associations • Parts for remanufacturers • Production equipment • Remanufactured products • Test equipment Rates 1 placement 1 155 3 placements 1 385


ReMaTecNews FIRM Boulevard de la Woluwe 42 boite 5 1200 BRUSSELS Belgium phone +32 (0) 2 7619513


Premier Turbo Systems Ltd Unit 21 Long Marston Storage Campden Road Long Marston Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8QR Warwickshire United Kingdom phone +44(0)1789 722902

ReMaTecNews Koningin Wilhelminaplein 30 1062 KR Amsterdam The Netherlands phone +31 (0)20 5042800


Metalas Cleaning Systems BV James Wattweg 28 3133 KK Vlaardingen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)10 4356036


S.D.A. Im-Export BV Duizeldonksestraat 7 5705 CA Helmond The Netherlands phone +31 (0)492 524463

Van Der Star Bvba Autoenterprises Ltd. Units 5,6,14,15 Pembroke Centre, Gardiners Lane South Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HX United Kingdom phone +44 (0)1268 285888

A.E.S. Auto Electric Service BV Cannenburgerweg 59c 1244 RH Ankeveen The Netherlands phone +31 (0)35 6563444

Van Der Star Bvba Ind. Leuerbroek 1094 B-3640 Kinrooi Belgium phone +32 (0)89 703657

Autopulley Europe Watermunt 81 5931 TE Venlo-Tegelen The Netherlands phone +31(0)65 3897698

BU DRIVE GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 129 49811 Lingen/Ems Germany phone +49 (0)591 71050


Wah Seng 22 Jalan Industri Beringin 14100 Juru Industry Park S.P.T. Penang Malaysia phone +6 04 5079982

Alto Europe BV Marconistraat 2a 7442 DD Nijverdal The Netherlands phone +31 (0)6 10432191


Dynostar Hogerwerf 15 4707 RV Roosendaal The Netherlands phone +31-165521336

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Future reman opportunities: new cars, new technologies

Composites rule in Geneva If the concepts at the Geneva Motor Show, held in March, are anything to go by we are at the verge of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and other lightweight composites being introduced to car manufacturing in grand style for the first time. What’s that got to do with remanufacturing? Well, the virtuous circle of having lighter vehicle structures – facilitating smaller and lighter drivetrains, brakes, wheels and tyres which in turns allows the body structure to be even lighter, and so forth – means the components within will be fairly different from the ones we have now. BMW is taking the lead with its ‘sustainable mobility’ BMW i-range which will start off with the i3 (the former BMW Megacity EV) and the i8, the latter of which can be regarded as the production version of the dramatic

ened version of the current Mini hatchback with a ‘3+1’ seating arrangement much like the Toyota iQ’s, is actually rather different underneath. The lightweight construction is visible in the way the doors are attached to the body, and the transparent roof (with the Union Jack incorporated for show). What sort of drivetrain hides under the Rocketman’s body is unspecified as of yet, but BMW claims average fuel consumption in the 3 l per 100 km range. More carbon fiber was found at the Lamborghini stand: While we showed you the

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept.

Lancia Ypsilon.

Project Efficient Dynamics showcar that we presented to you a few issues ago.

new V12 engine in the last edition of ReMaTecNews, at the Geneva Motorshow the car that holds it was (finally) unveiled. The Aventador LP 700-4 consists of a monocoque of CFRP to which an aluminium front and rear subframes are bolted. These subframes also act as deformable structures in case of an accident. All of the bodywork is carbon fiber reinforced plastic, too. Now the resulting kerb weight of 1.575 kgs may be less than impressive – especially having seen the 995 kg

Carbon Fiber Both cars will feature bodywork out of a new kind of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, developed by SGL Group. Due to a simpler weave pattern, the new material will ‘only’ be as strong as steel but still 50% lighter, whilst being far simpler and cheaper to produce body panels from. Also, the spaceframe structures will be made out of carbon fiber. This will allow the small electric vehicle to offer an acceptable range from a smaller battery pack, offsetting the cost of the advanced body construction, while the hybrid i8 will offer performance equivalent to the current BMW M3 with a hybrid system based on a three-cylinder diesel engine. Another BMW concept built on a carbonfiber spaceframe is a Mini – the Rocketman Concept. What merely looks like a short-

26 l ReMaTecNews

✍ By Eric van Spelde, Technical Writer Lambo V12 carbon fiber concept car last Fall in Paris. But then again it’s still 200 kg less than the outgoing Murciélago model.

Mystery Still more carbon fiber: Alfa Romeo’s bombshell at the Geneva show, the mid-engined 4C concept has been built on the underpinnings of the low-volume KTM X-Bow trackday special and is also clothed in – rather shapely – carbon fiber body panels. Quite how Alfa Romeo will manage to productionise a car based on the X-Bow, add a coupé body with things such as a roof, a windscreen, electrically operated door windows, air bags and all modern creature comforts we have come to expect from any road-biased car and still sell it for 45.000 euro (before taxes) remains a mystery. Yet, if we understood Dutch Fiat/Alfa/Lancia Press Officer Hans Vervoorn right at the show, this is exactly what Alfa intends to do. Let’s hope we’re not getting disappointed with the production version like some years ago with the Brera - which was shown as a concept on a rear-wheel drive Maserati platform and was subsequently bent all out of shape to fit on the more prosaic 159 underpinnings.

Look, no pillars! Oh, there also were a few steel-bodied debu-




tantes at the ball, lest we forget. Ford was showing the ‘concept’ version of their B-Max small MPV that will compete with cars such as the Opel Meriva, Toyota Verso S and Hyundai ix20. Where Opel differentiates its product with ‘suicide doors’ at the rear (to which they unsurprisingly refer as ‘flex doors’), the bods at Ford go one step further by deleting the Bpillar altogether – something seen in many concept cars but very few of those concepts reach production without putting the pillar back again. However, by reinforcing hinges, catches, door edges and sills instead, the Fiesta-based vehicle can be put on the market pretty much as seen without compromising


Mini Rocketman Concept.


Pagina 27

side-impact protection, says Ford. With front doors opening the way they normally do, and sliding doors at the rear this results in unrivalled accessibility of the interior space. The B-Max is not only significant for what isn’t there (the B-pillar); but also for what it does have underbonnet where we find the latest and smallest of Ford’s expanding Ecoboost ‘downsized’ engines. Toyota FT-86II Concept. As is the case with the larger variants on this theme, the 1.0 ‘triple’ is the rear doors have been ‘concealed’ much in equipped with direct petrol injection and a the way they were with Alfa Romeo’s 147 and turbo. Power and torque output remain 156 models, or more recently the Seat Leon unspecified as of yet, as are fuel economy and (although that one rather gives the game emissions figures when installed in the B-Max. away by adding a third window behind the Also, next to a line of hardly disguised rear door). Underneath, it’s all familiar Chryslers masquerading as the Lancia Flavia though: the undercarriage is pure Fiat 500, and Thema, a new entrant in the small car albeit with a stretched wheelbase, and category was to be found in the not unatengines include the Twin-Air 0.9 liter turtractive shape of the new Ypsilon. It’s a fivebocharged, direct injected, parallel twin first door hatchback this time around, although seen in that car.






EUROTEC Deutschland GmbH David-RĂśntgen-StraĂ&#x;e 13 D - 48703 Stadtlohn / Germany

Fon +49 (0) 25 63 - 9 69 99 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 25 63 - 9 69 99 - 15

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For further news about APRA Europe, please visit

APRA Europe


Don’t miss ReMaTec2011! Someone asked me: “Why should I go there? There’s nothing new, always the same people…” Well, I’m sure this is wrong about this year‘s ReMaTec exhibition that will take place from 19-21 June as usual in Amsterdam at Hall 11 of the RAI Exhibition Centre. I have been following the people responsible for dealing with the preparations for this show for more than a year now and I can tell you that they have done an excellent job. Niels Klarenbeek, the ReMaTec product manager, has been particularly active and has been able to attract some very interesting new exhibitors that we haven’t seen before. The number of square meters sold for 2011 already exceeds what was sold for the 2009 and 2007 exhibitions. Not only will the ‘usual’ exhibitors - remanufacturers, suppliers, corebrokers, cleaning and testing equipment manufacturers - be there but also European buying groups and associations as well as a government-supported centre for remanufacturing. Altogether a pretty interesting mix-

ture that should attract more than just the usual visitor. The central theme of the show is still remanufacturing, but the increasing environmental challenges that we‘re all facing have made ‘our’ little show attractive to a broader audience. Adjustments have to be made in order to meet the requirements of new legislation and regulations and the University of Bayreuth, in particular, has been strongly committed to new projects that can help us remanufacturers. Therefore, the Bayreuth team will also play an important part in APRA‘s workshop on Monday 20th from 09:00 – 12:00, where participants will learn how to communicate via CAN bus, as well as about new cleaning methods, e.g. with dry ice. The reCORE project (Research for Efficient Configurations of Remanufacturing Enterprises) will be on the agenda, too. Other speakers will give presentations on other remanufacturing-related subjects.

✍ By Peter Larsen, Chairman, APRA Europe I am convinced that ReMaTec2011 has interesting new topics for nearly everyone. But there is also another very important aspect to the ReMaTec show as well - as there is in relation to all other APRA events: networking! I hope to see you all in Amsterdam. Make sure you have booked everything in time - particularly the APRA Workshop and our traditional cocktail party on Sunday (19 June) at 17:00 in the Holland restaurant.

APRA expands technical service

Bill Gager

Bill Gager, President of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), has announced that the APRA Technical Service will be expanded through the addition of Mohammad Samii to the APRA staff as a Technical Consultant.

“Mohammad Samii will be responding to our members’ questions on vehicle wiring problems regarding charging and starting systems, as well as starter and alternator rebuilding and diagnostic issues,” Bill Gager said.

28 l ReMaTecNews

APRA members are very familiar with Samii’s ‘Auto Electric Corner’ column that has appeared monthly in the Global Connection newspaper for almost 20 years. Mohammad Samii has also been actively involved with APRA’s various electrical training programs and has been a prominent figure at APRA Electrical Clinics for many years. He is an active remanufacturing industry instructor but is also very well known in circles

outside the realm of APRA, teaching classes in repair and diagnostics for a variety of rebuilders and technicians across the USA and Canada. In his new capacity with APRA, Samii will answer electrical diagnostic phone calls, researching the answers using a vast array of information services at his disposal.

Mohammad Samii




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Bayreuth University presents new CAN bus tool A ‘must have’ for remanufacturers. Tougher requirements regarding occupant safety and comfort on the one hand, and the introduction of new emission regulations on the other has led to a radical shift in automotive technology and component complexity. This, in turn, has resulted in the introduction of a constantly increasing range of electronics and mechatronics in today’s vehicles. As a consequence, modern vehicles contain up to 80 electronically controlled components (mechatronics) that communicate with each other via the vehicle Controller Area Network (CAN). APRA has recognized this important trend and responded by forming its ‘Mechatronics & Electronics Division’ to encourage its members to embrace these new technologies. It may be remembered that last year, Professor Rolf Steinhilper of Bayreuth University drew attention to the fact that traditional independent remanufacturing companies will no longer be able to operate and test mechatronics units unless they find solutions for simulating the vehicle’s network. To remedy this Professor Steinhilper and his team at the university have produced a

new solution to the problem. Named ‘WebCAN’, they will present this for the first time at APRA’s seminar during the ReMaTec2011 show in Amsterdam and, subsequently,

demonstrate it at the University’s booth at the exhibition. ‘WebCAN’ is a small software tool that allows remanufacturers to easily record and playback the CAN bus communication of a certain vehicle. In addition. The software also provides remanufacturers with an online platform where they can download, upload and share the latest vehicle CAN bus information files. By enabling networking and information sharing, remanufacturers will be able to remanufacture automotive mechatronic components more quickly, at lower cost and without any major engineering input.

APRA transmission workshops APRA will hold a combined Heavy Duty Transmission Clinic and a Volume Transmission Remanufacturing Group Clinic on Thursday and Friday, May 12 & 13, 2011 at the Hilton Philadelphia Airport Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) . On Thursday, May 12th the program consists of the following: ‘You Got A Problem?,’ by John Schroeder of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, who will lead an interactive session to identify the seven steps in root cause analysis; ‘An Overview of the Current State of the Transmission Market,’ by Bobby Mace, Publisher of Transmission Digest Magazine; ‘Containing Your Enthusiasm About Containers,’ by Jim Burra and Sue Williams of Endural; ‘ATF: Why the Right Fluid, is the Right Fluid? The Benefits and Risks of Transmission Fluids to your Bottom Line,’ by Laurie Strasser of Afton Chemical Corporation and Dan Goering of Chrysan Industries; and ‘Repairing Aluminum Housings to Reduce Your Scrappage Rate and Add Dollars to Your Bottom Line,’ by Gary Reed, President of Lock-N-Stitch. On Friday, May 13th, the group will meet together for breakfast and then depart for a tour of the two TransAxle Plants in Cinnaminson, New Jersey USA.

ReMaTecNews l 29




Pagina 30

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS & TRADE FAIRS 11.05.2011-14.05.2011 AutoSalon. AutoTechService. UralTrans - Int. Specialized Exhibition of Automotive, Railway, Water and Air Transport Ufa (Russia)

25.05.2011-29.05.2011 AUTOPROMOTEC - International Exhibition for Automotive Equipment and Aftermarket Products Bologna (Italy)

14.05.2011-22.05.2011 Sal贸n Internacional del Autom贸vil Barcelona (Spain)

May 2011 IIAPE - India International Auto Parts Expo Mumbai (Bombay) (India)

19.05.2011-22.05.2011 Autoworld.Saratov Saratov (Russia)

04.06.2011-09.06.2011 AUTOSALON BRNO - International Motor Show Brno (Czech Republic)

21.05.2011-29.05.2011 SIAT - International Automobile, Equipment and Accessories Exhibition Tunis (Tunisia) 24.05.2011-27.05.2011 AutoSib - Trade Fair for Automobiles, Garages, Auto Service Novosibirsk (Russia) 25.05.2011-29.05.2011 SIA - International Motor Show Kiev (Ukraine)

30 l ReMaTecNews

07.06.2011-09.06.2011 Automechanika Middle East Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 09.06.2011-11.06.2011 GWTS - The Truck Show Las Vegas (USA) 09.06.2011-12.06.2011 Saigon International Autotech & Accessories Show Hochiminh City (Viet Nam)

09.06.2011-13.06.2011 Auto Chongqing - Automobile Exhibition Chongqing (China (PR)) 14.06.2011-18.06.2011 AUTOMECH AKHBAR EL YOM - Pan/ArabAfrican Vehicles, Workshop and Automotive Spare Parts Exhibition Cairo (Egypt) 16.06.2011-19.06.2011 Central Asia Autoparts - International Exhibition for Autoparts, Commercial Vehicles, Garage Equipment & Petrol Stations Almaty (Kazakhstan) 19.06.2011-21.06.2011 ReMaTec2011 - International Trade Fair for Automotive Remanufacturing Amsterdam (Netherlands) 22.06.2011-25.06.2011 Vietnam Auto Expo - International Automobile & Supporting Industries Exhibition & Conference Hanoi (Viet Nam)



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%" % "'* *+ +  $$ $











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