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“How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love” Presented By amro

“How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love” Presented By amro Tips on Kissing Or Kissing on Tips? How About You Decide

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How to Make Every Kiss the Prefect Kiss A good kisser will really ignite huge chemistry, and send a tingling feeling rushing through her body. It has been theorized that a woman will decide after the first kiss, whether or not she will have sex with the man. Indeed many women may initially decide to pursue a relationship with a guy, but when they find out he's a bad or a mediocre kisser, they change our minds entirely. Most people, men and women, will judge the first kiss as a precursor to whether or not the rest of the physical relationship will work. If the person kisses badly, then they are probably not amazing at the other areas. So it is vital to get the first kiss perfect. Where to Kiss - A first kiss should always be done while the two of you are alone. You should never kiss her in front of her friends as this will create unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing situations. It will draw immediate attention and make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, you should kiss her when you have isolated her and the two of you are alone. This may be in the smoking area, outside the bar or in your car. Kissing stimulates women faster than any other physical activity. It is important to consider the strong sexual reactions that typically accompany a kiss. If you have already established an intense physical chemistry between you and your partner, it is likely that the kiss will become very

passionate and this can only happen when the two of you are alone. However, in a bar kissing is the absolute maximum level to cross. Do not escalate the physicality of the situation any further as you will portray yourself as a sleazy guy and a player. Respect yourself and her and be mindful of your surroundings. When to Kiss - You only kiss go to her when you are absolutely sure that she will kiss you. This could be in the first ten minutes or you may have to wait far longer. How can you possibly know when is the perfect time? Is there a way to know every time if she will kiss you or not? The answer is yes - If you can read body language and use attraction tests. So many guys do not pick up on her body language cues and just lean in blindly when the girl is not ready and so get rejected. Look for inviting body language and improve your expertise by studying the section in this book, on the signs of attraction. You can also give her attraction tests to see if she is ready to kiss you yet. For example, if you ask to sip her drink and she refuses, you can be sure that if you had leaned in to kiss her, she would have turned away. One of the best attraction tests to give before going for the kiss is to kiss your index finger and put it against her lips and tell her to kiss it. If she does, then she is probably waiting for you to kiss her. Once you get good as accessing body language and understanding how to give attraction tests, you will know when to kiss her every time How to go for the Kiss - Before you go to kiss her, you must let her know that you are going in for the kiss at least a few seconds in advance. If you do not do this, then there is a chance that she will turn

away when you try to kiss her. This does not mean that she doesn't want to kiss you. It is merely a reflex action that most of us do naturally when people get too close too quickly. There are many ways that you can let her know that you are going to kiss her.You can do this verbally by asking her the following "Are you a good kisser? How would you rate yourself out of 10 in terms of kissing...?" If she says yes, then you can simply lean in and kiss her. Perhaps the best way is to simply let the conversation trail off and look her in the eye. Slowly move your gaze down to her lips and then back up to her eyes. If she blushes, then you know she is ready to be kissed. Either way, you have given her a very clear signal that you are going to kiss her. How to Kiss - When you kiss her, you want the kiss to take on a life of its own. Everybody remembers a kiss that left them breathless and sent chills sent through their body. A kiss can seal a deal or destroy it. It's amazing how one action can say so much. Just as your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people choose to leave their eyes open during the kiss. However, until you know what your partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes. You can start off with soft kisses on the lips to make her feel comfortable. Perhaps suck on her lips a little. Do not do open mouth kissing until the kiss has lasted for at least a few seconds. Then open your mouth slightly and place your lips over your partner's lips and see how they

respond. As the two of you move closer together, tilt your head slightly to avoid hitting noses. If you can see which way your partner's head is tilted, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction. Barely touch her lipswhen kissing. Your hands are also important and you can use your fingers to touch her lips and face. Maintaining steady eye contact before and after the kiss is very important. Always Pull Away First - Have you ever had that kiss that left you wanting more? If so, then the other person pulled away first. Keep it simple. There's no need for a marathon kissing session. One of the easiest ways to kill the sexual tension between you is to kiss for too long.The worst thing that can happen is for her mind to start drifting away to other topics while you are kissing her. When you kiss her for the first time, you will be the one that initiates the kiss and also the one that will end it. Kiss her for around ten to fifteen seconds and then pull away. If you kiss for any longer, the tension may begin to dissipate. Anyway, you are in a club and you can't get carried away with kissing so keep it short. This will hugely increase the sexual tension and make her chase you and she may even initiate a second kiss. Kissing is very important for a number of different reasons. It allows you to clearly gauge where you stand with the girl. The girl expects you to kiss her. That's right. Every girl likes a guy to be masculine, aggressive and to show initiative by going in for the kiss. By not attempting to kiss her, you most likely are giving her the wrong signals and she may even feel that you are not really that interested in her. Your breath is also very

important so make sure it smells great. There is nothing worse than kissing somebody with bad breath. You want your lips to be slightly moist when you kiss. Run your tongue over your lips before you kiss as slightly moist lips makes it easier to move your lips over your partner's and gives both you and your partner a more pleasant experience. Lastly, while you are kissing her, avoid going sexual. Enjoy the kiss but hold off on groping, especially if you are still in the location where you met each other. Kissing causes our brain to produce oxytocin, a chemistry building hormone, which prompts you to want to kiss even more. So reserve your passion for a private location.

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Kissing Techniques That Seem Natural You have seen kissing in the movies. It looks romantic, passionate, and natural. But, in real life, it never seems to come off exactly like it looks in the movies. But you can develop your kissing skills even to the level of it becoming almost an art form. Experience and practice is what it takes to improve your kissing skills. There are several kissing techniques to help learn to be a good kisser. Many people believe that they can tell if a person is 'the one' just by a kiss. Kissing is an important aspect of any relationship. If you want to have a good physical relationship with someone, it always begins with a kiss. A kiss can be an expression of friendship, compassion, or passion. You can convey how you feel about someone with how you kiss them. So how can you develop your kissing skills? Being comfortable kissing first begins by being comfortable with yourself. You should be sure that you are presenting as attractive appearance as you can. Your lips should be supple and soft. Lip gloss or balm used everyday can help to keep your lips soft and enticing.

Your breath should be fresh. If you smoke or just dined on a meal with garlic or spicy foods you might want to be sure that you have gum or mints on hand. In fact, you should always have mints handy. When you start to kiss someone be sure to pay attention to his signals. Make sure they are at ease and comfortable. Do not get so involved in kissing that you do not pay attention to the signals your kissing partner is giving to you. Confidence is very important to kissing effectively. Be relaxed and go with the mood. There are many types of kisses. Most people know what a French kiss is. But do you know the Butterfly kiss? The Cheek Kiss? Earlobe Kiss? Eye kiss? All these kisses are appropriate at different times and can create a different element of sensuality. The butterfly kiss is where you flutter your eyelashes quickly in order for your partner to feel them. Cheek and forehead kisses are kisses between friends. A cheek kiss is appropriate for a first date. Kissing on the earlobes and involves sucking and sipping on the earlobe of your kissing partner. When you rub noses with your partner that is an Eskimo kiss! Kissing the eyes of your partner is another tender kiss to offer. Sucking on the fingers of your partner is another relaxing and stimulating kiss to perform. The kissing and/or sucking the toes of your partner are considered very erotic. The Melt Kiss or Freeze Kiss is where you place an ice cube in your mouth and pass it to your partner while kissing. You can even kiss up and down the body melting the ice as you kiss along.

There are many other variations of these kisses. This includes, placing fruit between your lips, kissing and licking your partner's hands, sucking on their lower lip, nibbling their neck. You need to experiment trying different kisses with your partner to see which kisses you both enjoy. Mix it up. What turns you on today may bore you tomorrow.

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How to Kiss - The Top Secrets to Kissing Success So you want to be a good kisser? Great! Anyone can become a good kisser with some time and techniques. But it also requires that you answer a certain question: Do you BELIEVE you can kiss a girl with confidence? Because if you don't feel confident when kissing, your kissing techniques aren't going to be worth squat! Don't worry, though. I will show you how to kiss well, and how to kiss with confidence, with proven "Kissing 101" techniques. How to Kiss with Confidence To kiss confidently, follow a few steps: 1) If you've NEVER kissed before, or have yet to kiss the person you're attracted to at the moment, the best thing you can possibly do is RELAX. Take a few deep breaths. VISUALIZE how your kissing is going to go well. Once you're in a great mental state of mind, believing in yourself ALWAYS (as in, you carry this relaxation every minute of every day!), you'll be ready to kiss with success. Also go ahead and TELL YOURSELF how you are a good kisser. If it's something you're really that nervous about, drum into your head the

statement: "I am a good kisser. Women (or men) love my kissing. Kissing with me is FUN." You can't fail when you get yourself believing in that! 2) Remember that the first kiss does NOT have to be great. If you're a guy, remember that girls are very understanding, and you can actually laugh about it. I know so many couples who joke about their first kiss. Many guys get awkward around girls when they kiss, but girls will forgive you if it's not perfect! If you're a woman, you have even less reason to get nervous. Guys are nervous, too, so just have fun with it and remember that you're in the same boat! In fact, the best way you can act is to be understanding with the guy--yet passionate at the same time. As long as you TRY and give the guy a chance to do what he wants (while guiding him the way you want it), you'll find the kissing to be both fun and intimate. 3) Now learn the RIGHT way to kiss. I'll cover the basics, but they'll just get you started. For a very cheap guide to all the ways you can kiss right with any type of woman (or man), I highly recommend Kissing 101. It's a very professional, solid e-course that gives you an audio course, pictures, and the rights and wrongs of kissing. In other words, you'll learn all you need to know about kissing for success. Affection Kissing On the other side, if you want to show your girl affection, kissing is the best way to say you love her. As Kissing 101 tells you, women LOVE surprises, so nothing shows you love your girlfriend (or wife) like a

surprise, spontaneous kiss out of nowhere! She'll love it, and thank you for it. She'll also reward you for it, by staying with you and treating you great. Happy wife, happy life! This works great in relationships, too. Kissing for affection can bring about loyalty like no other, and pleasant surprises. You may just find your girlfriend or boyfriend starts bringing you breakfast in bed, buying you presents, and acting sweeter. Reward them with those fun, out-ofnowhere kisses that show just how much you love her, and she'll take care of you. Try it! Intimacy Kissing Imagine you're on a date and want to move things to the next level. The best way to get the kissing going? TALK ABOUT how you want to do it! If you're a guy, nothing gets a girl more interested in kissing than HEARING how much you'd like to kiss her. Likewise, if you're a lady, well, yes, guys DO love to kiss, and hearing how you want to kiss them will definitely get things started! Most of all, it will relax both of you, knowing that a kiss is on its way--not some awkward, completely out-ofleft-field, unpassionate kiss. Remember from above: visualizing success, and being in a relaxed and confident state of mind before talking about and doing the kissing, IS the best way to move in for a kiss. Once you do get to kissing, kiss with passion: don't half-job it! Use your arms, your body: press into her, touch her face with your hands, stroke her hair. All these things show you're serious about intimacy and want her in the worst way.

You'll find that kissing and its related passion are what make your relationship fun, exciting, and even full of trust. Nothing conveys trust and fidelity more than a good, long kiss. The Next Step to Become More Confident Kissing To learn more great kissing techniques, and how to build the CONFIDENCE to kiss the girl as well, take a look now at the ultra-helpful Kissing



courses]. Whether it's learning how to be confident around women, where to kiss a girl on her body, or learning fun kisses like the 'butterfly kiss' and 'Spider-man kiss,' this guide will solve not only your kissing problems, but also any issues you have with becoming more intimate and taking your relationship further.

Types of Kissing Techniques The following is a list of the many types of kissing techniques that couples enjoy to partake in. These are a wide range of different styles of kissing, so there many be some that work and other that won't fit your style. Triumvirate kiss: First kiss them right between the eyes, then on the tip of the nose, then finishing on the lips. Top and Bottom: Kissing the top lip first, then their bottom lip, then both. Lickable Lips: Slow run the tip of your tongue along your their lips. Earlobe kiss: Very gently kiss, nibble, and suck on the earlobe. The Big Tease: Kiss just about everywhere besides their lips, until your partner can't take it and pulls you to their lips. Caressing The Lips: Slide your finger gently across their lips and then go in for a kiss. Sensuality: Look into your partner's eyes then whisper that you want to kiss them. Next press your lips ever so gently to theirs and caress their lips with yours. Then follow up with a passionate kiss. Cheek To Cheek: Gently brush each others cheeks. Eskimo Kiss: Gently rub the tips of your noses together.

Strawberry Secret: Place a strawberry into your mouth without your partner knowing. Crush the strawberry in your mouth and feed some to your partner while you kiss. Back Kisses: Snuggle up behind your partner and proceed to cover their back with little kisses. Hershey's Kiss: Hold out kissing your partner all day. Then throughout the day leave Hershey's kisses or any type of romantic candy in places that they'll know or see. Then later in the day start leaving love notes with or poetry for them. Then after that, have them find a love letter describing how you would like to kiss them. After enough teasing reward them with lots of kissing! This will be very rewarding for you as well, since you have been thinking about nothing but kissing them all day too. Video Kiss: Record a short video or webcam of yourself blowing kisses to your partner and tell them how much you miss them. The Lost Kiss: Look around your partner, looking under things and appearing like you're searching for something. When asked what you're looking for, say "I've been looking for a kiss all day but I can't find one anywhere. Oh wait, I found it." Then give your partner a kiss. Make Up Kisses: At the end of the day, sit down with your partner and ask them how his/her day went. Silently keep track of all the bad things that happened during the day. When he/she is finished, give them a kiss for each one. When asked what you are doing, say you are helping make up for all those bad things.

Post-It-Kiss: Make a post-it note trail that leads to your lips. On each note leave a lipstick kiss and an arrow or clue to find the next note. Place the last note over or near your lips. Full Body Meltdown: While you and your partner are laying down, slowly start to run your tongue up their leg, arms, reaching their lips and planting a passionate kiss on them. The Big Tease: Very softly and slowly start to run your fingers across your partner's lips, lure them in to kissing you, but before you kiss, pull away and then go in for the kiss, then pull away again and again, until they can't take it anymore. About Stephen Michaels: I very much enjoy offering information and resources that provide value and encouragement for self development and personal relationships.

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The Lost Art of Kissing The subject of kissing, or actually the lack of it, has come up recently in conversations at parties. People were bemoaning not only the lack of kissing, but the increase in bad kissers in the past few years. This sent me on a journey to get comments from other people as to whether they had noticed anything, and the responses were interesting. Marah Fellicce of Red Bank, New Jersey, said that she, too, has noticed "the world of kissing has significantly diminished. Kissing can be a wonderful and intimate experience, one that can in some cases, rival the main event." She says there is "an over sensualizing of the experience between any two people, and a built in desire to hurry up, but what can you expect in an age of instant popcorn?" Franklin Riga, who emphasized the fact that he was a straight male, agrees: "I think that perhaps kissing is becoming a lost art." Romance novelist, Kathy Newburn says that kissing is, "totally sensoryall five, in fact. You will feel each other, hear, smell, see and taste each other, all factors that build desire and pleasure. So linger and enjoy, and ultimately practice mastering the art of the kiss." The author of "Kissing and Cooking for Couples," Kim Reutzel, says she believes "kissing is a way to stay and get connected in more ways then one. The touch allows the physical juices to flow creating a soul connecting experience that can rekindle the fires within."

What Beverly Hills psychiatrist, relationship expert and author of the best selling book "Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them," Dr. Carol Leiberman, has to say about the recent drop in kissing explains a lot. "The decline in kissing is in part due to our ever-growing 'to-do' lists and ever-diminishing time." She goes on to explain how kissing is actual "the most intimate part of a sexual encounter, since the true feelings of each partner are communicated to the other during this act. People can fake feelings during other aspects of sex, relying upon lust for erections or even orgasms. But they can't fake what they really feel towards their partner during a kiss. Men and women have become increasingly afraid of intimacy. They don't want to reveal their true feelings through a kiss because they are afraid of getting too close and then getting hurt." Mary Jo Fay, author of several books on relationships, echoes the thought: "People ARE jumping to sex so fast that they are missing the amazing







spending more time on kissing and not rushing the sex part can provide." "For starters, it's very intimate and binds you in a way that sex does (you are exchanging body fluids if nothing else)," explains Alison Blackman,







"Perhaps that is why prostitutes don't care to kiss, either. A romantic kiss can mean anything from 'I like you' to 'I adore you' to 'I just want hot sex and then I want to forget you.' It's an emotionally charged activity. And I think we spend so much time in front of our computer

screens that physical connections of all types have diminished. Not a good thing, but a sign of our times." But it's not just the lack of kissing. The other part of the problem is bad kissing. One woman who asked not to be identified because she doesn't want to hurt her husband's feelings said, "I have been married almost eight years and since the first month have hated kissing him. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and just wiggles it around like a worm having spasms." "I'd make good kissing a deal breaker," says thrice married Jessie McCaskill. "I now know if someone can't give themselves up to the kiss, they aren't naturally sensual people." Dating expert Mary Jo Fay agrees, saying she believes "bad kissing can be enough to say NEXT to someone else without a moment's hesitation. Bad kissing usually leads me to believe that the sex won't be good either." Marah Felliccee has even gone so far to teach classes in the art of kissing around the U.S. in New Orleans, Boston and soon in New York City. But she's not alone. As a matter of fact, you can even go so far as to get a certificate in kissing from Sexologist and Founder of Loveology University, Dr. Ava Cadell, who says she has "made it a priority to educate people on the lost art of kissing with a certified course." There is even a whole web site ( ) dedicated to teach people how to be better kissers and the various methods to do just that. "We all love it...but some of us just don't know that we love it till we're taught!" says Portland, Oregon resident Don Clarkson.

Really, the easiest way to improve is to ask someone who really is a good kisser to teach it to you. And think about how much fun that can be. Perhaps all is not lost. Maybe instead of being a driving force in the front seat of human sexuality, it has moved to a place in the backseat. And conceivably it has not lost its appeal so much because of the way people think about sex. Kissing went from the hand, to the mouth and now to the genitals. It wasn't so very long ago that oral sex was seen as very intimate. Now it's just another way of showing affection, much as kissing was years ago. But Ann Keeler Evans, the Marriage Examiner columnist for the "Philadelphia Examiner" doesn't really believe that kissing has lost its place in intimacy. She has a very high regard for it when she stated in one of her recent columns that "kissing is an art form. It is not a prelude to any thing; it is the culmination. It is not an appetizer, but dessert! It is the chocolate soufflĂŠ of desserts. It is the fine wine savored not only with food but also alone." Kissing will never really go out of style. Teenagers on dates are a good example of that. But as some of the people interviewed for this article stated, couples who have been together for a while seem to lose interest. Ki Mirra of Burlington, Vermont put it that people "really relish the closeness that kissing encourages." And certainly for many people, kissing a truly unspoken form of communication. Architect, Christine Leonard, who has to deal with

couples a lot in her business, says she sees a lot of hello/goodbye kissing between these couples and feels she can usually "see true love in a kiss." Hope does spring eternal. For some kissing is sometimes a replacement for more intimate encounters. But for most people it is not something they will ever choose to give up. Just as a good painter wants to always get better, practice the art as long as it takes to be a master artist. Ace McKay, author of the "The Marriage Playbook" says she believes that every person needs to become a leader "in setting the trend for kissing's BIG comeback" by being willing to show affection for the person you most care for, even if it is in public. In other words, set the example by being the example. I am Ric Morgan, author of The Keys: The Textbook to a Successful Life. This power-packed, life-changing book is about the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple









keys...thought, choice and a smaller secret key, and a set of lessons that will help you learn how to live a smarter, simpler and saner life. It retails for $15 (plus shipping) on, but you can buy it for $10 (shipping included) at [] There are several editions available including one in large-print, an eBook and one called The Keys for Teens. The short (84 pages) book has been called, by John Fleming of WDRC in Hartford, Connecticut, a condensation of the "Wisdom of the Ages in an easy to read book with a lot of clarity. The amount of wisdom is astonishing."

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How to kiss a man to make him fall in love  

hey guys, here is a free mini e-book for you about How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love how men fall in lo...

How to kiss a man to make him fall in love  

hey guys, here is a free mini e-book for you about How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love how men fall in lo...