Diverse Hair Magazine Media Kit

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ADVERTISING? The reason why you should advertise in a Magazine, specifically AMPS! • Magazines are especially good at targeting specific or hard to reach generations or interests. Older generations which can be especially difficult to reach are also heavy magazine readers still today. • Some of the advantages for advertising with us is to appeal to a more specific target group. Magazines have a long life because they sit in doctor’s waiting rooms, magazine racks, and also collectors. • Print advertising is one of the few forms of media that truly requires its audience to tune in. Online or even on radio or TV ads can easily be ignored. Most people sit down with magazines with the Intention to learn or see something new. • Magazine advertising has less competition with so many other forms of advertising out there magazines offer an uncluttered place for businesses to place their ads where they won’t be drowned out and ignored as click bait (Internet). • Several studies conducted in the last few years have shown that when a person is able to physically touch an ad they are more likely to be able to recall the information in the future, which in turns helps you make sales.

4-Color Glossy Pages Ad Type 1/2 Page Full Page

$750 $1200

Covers 2nd Cover (inside front) $2500 3rd Cover (inside back) $2000 4th Cover (back cover) $3000 Page Specs Full Page Half Page

8.75 X 11.25 8.75 X 5.624

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