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Amplified FEBRUARY 2010/ISSUE NO. 2

Stand4Life: It’s Time To Pick A Fight By: Leah Ramirez

“You come to me with sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies-the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. Today the Lord will conquer you...” 1 Sam 17:45,46

A few months ago I was watching the movie Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilberforce, and suddenly, faith burst into my heart that public opinion could indeed be changed! We have faithfully run a Bound4LIFE chapter in Orlando for the last 3 years, but I have to admit, although I have given much of my time to this issue, I never had faith that things could actually change…until one night when God broke into my own heart. That night, the Lord gave me a strategy… I believe the Lord has released a strategy for the nation that, at first glance, looks like a step backwards. For the nation to shift, the regions must press forward. A few months ago, I began studying the early history of America and the Continental Congress, a time in our history when the convention of delegates truly spoke on behalf of their region. The future of what would become the nation was at stake. Today, we find ourselves in this same place yet again. The future of America is at stake, literally. The regions must raise their voices. The regions must press forward. The regions must stand for life. As we pray for our national government to uphold life, we have a responsibility in our own region to be a witness. After all,

America is at a crossroads. It’s time to leave our beautiful churches and stand in the streets and cry out with wisdom. We can change public opinion about abortion in our region! As we pray for our government to uphold LIFE. We have a responsibility in our own region to be a witness. After all, abortions are not happening in the Supreme Court building, they happen in our neighborhoods! The Church is required to be the conscience of America. Let’s start in our own backyards. This is a call to action. We are calling all believers to stand in silent battle for LIFE in front of Florida Abortion Clinics on Saturday, May 1, 2010. Come take your stand with 400+ at each location! If not now..WHEN? If not YOU...WHO? CONTACT US: STAND4LIFE @ME.COM 407 340 0204

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-404-0204 |

AMPLIFIED! abortions are not happening in the Supreme Court building, they happen in our neighborhoods! The church is required to be the conscience of America. Let’s start in our own backyards. This is a call to action! On May 1, thousands will gather in silent prayer from 10am-12pm, covering every abortion center in Florida. We will lay aside our denominational differences and preferences to be the demonstration of justice for those who have no voice. We will come as a silent force with one message: LIFE. If not now…When? If not you… Who We have a growing list of abortion centers on our website: A few weeks ago, we believed the number of abortion clinics was 63



in Florida. We are now discovering the number is closer to 90. Miami, a largely Hispanic city, is being targeted in a profound way by

(UCF) Field to pray for our state. It’s time for Florida to come together and contend for our own region. We will lift our voice as one man and cry out to God…And He will hear from heaven and heal our land. Please pray for Florida over the next weeks. Consider joining us for the prayer gathering on April 24, and standing on May 1 in your own region. There is something awesome about knowing we are all standing together, sending up an S.O.S…. God, save our souls!

abortion. We have to stand with her in this fight for life. On April 24, the Saturday before Stand4LIFE, thousands will gather from all over Florida at the University of Central Florida

Leah Ramirez Director of Resound Missions Base

STUDENT SNAP-SHOT: ZA C H SET T L E Well, Let’s see. I guess God has just really opened my eyes to the prophetic. Zach means “God has not forgotten you”… even though I have forgotten him… he hasn’t and now I have devoted my life to him… and he’s been faithful to his own word. I have recently been analyzing my heart…aligning my prayers to heaven’s prayers, realizing I haven’t been doing it for the right reasons… doing it out of fear and not believing that he is true and faithful. My whole mindset is not asking those things because he won’t answer. But as I have been shaken financially this semester, he’s proven faithful… more than faithful. As far as community goes... I have been awakened to that as far as holding others accountable and learning to love people despite their differences. Growing up in the church, I saw cliquish environments and not community. In resound, I see community… normally being the lone wolf… I see that this body operating together is a good thing. So yes… I am absolutely enjoying it. My favorite aspect is just being at school and hearing the teachings… from Leah all the way down too … It’s cool to actually see the Word being preached. These aren’t just good ideas or a twisted half a scripture… it’s the Word being preached, a provoking holy spirit-filled message… So to me that’s amazing. I remember growing up in the mega church and I remember the teachings… they were dead and dull… Solo Scriptura… The quality of the teaching is legit. Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-404-0204 |



Resound taking a stand, proclaiming that “the gates of Hell, will not prevail” in Houston!


Leah Ramirez, Stephanie Kahn and Nicole Sanchez crying out for God at TheCall Houston

Houston: Advancing the Kingdom By: Stephanie Kahn “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in Heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in Heaven.” Matt 16:18,19

A call was sent out to gather in Houston, Texas and take a stand against the abortion “super center” being built there. Resound was determined that Florida was going to have a representative! Planned Parenthood is currently building a six-story clinic… but we believe that the gates of hell will not prevail over Jesus, and this center will not open. We arrived at Great Harvest Community Church on Monday night after a sixteen hour trip. Resound immediately jumped into the intense schedule the next day. We began to intercede with several Justice House’s of Prayer (JHOP) from across the nation, Bound4LIFE Director, Matt Lockett, and TRED, a local ministry in Texas. As we were doing this, we began to see the effects of our prayers take

place. Faith arose in us for this clinic to never open. In the days of Moses, Joshua was sent out as a raider to spy out the land. Then came Joshua’s day and the walls of Jericho fell after they marched around the city. Resound was a modern day raider. The company went into the city and was spying out the land. There are four minority neighborhoods surrounding the clinic – Hispanic and African American. These are the groups targeted by Planned Parenthood. In addition to this, there is a University near the clinic. These are very strategic, but God has a strategy, and He is going to use weak and broken people like you and me to shut this place down! After spending the week in intercession and raiding the city, The Call-Houston took place. Thousands gathered

to pray this monstrosity down on Sunday, January 17. Five hours of powerful prayer did something in Houston, and we saw the result the next day…Three thousand people stood in front of the clinic to protect the property and cover it in prayer, while almost 15,000 people met at the Catholic Charismatic Church and marched to the clinic. The gates of hell will not prevail! This has been a lifechanging experience because in those moments, we saw the power of God break into Houston. We have faith for the clinic not to open, but more than that, we have faith for the hearts of men and women to be changed and abortion to end in our land. It is possible with God! The walls of righteousness will be built in America again. Our heritage can be that of LIFE.

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |




A Word To The Church For 2010 From: Leah Ramirez we can find ourselves walking in despair and sickness instead of Kingdom benefit.

As we press into 2010, I have sensed the Lord leading us into the way of his heart. In this hour, the most important thing is whether or not we are able to hear and discern the voice of the Lord. We have got to learn how to discern the voice of the Lord! This takes practice, time and humility. We are all learning. And just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, the lesson changes. I believe God is highlighting several tools that will help us navigate through the next months ever changing scenery. 1. BLESS THE LORD Psalm 103 1 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, 3 who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, 4 who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, 5 who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's. We need to remember the benefit we have in God. Sometimes we can get too weary in the well-doing. Sometimes we get so weary in the waiting that we forget the benefit we have in God. There is a saying, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick,’ and if we aren’t careful

There is power in remembering. Every time Israel would forget the benefit of God, they would lose their sense of history and thus their own direction… they would come to the place of despair and destruction. Then God would raise up a prophet or king, remind the nation through the reading of the scriptures, which is their history, and they would align to the Lord and their own purpose. We have been grafted in to quite a history. We are called to remember the benefit of the Lord! This is the year to remember. Go back through your own personal history with the Lord and remember…bless Him, thank Him. Go back through the history of the chosen people before you, Israel, and remember your history. Bless the Lord for grafting you in and remember the lessons before you. Set aside time to remember. Make a date with God. Consider a reading schedule. Consider making time to bless the Lord. Remembering puts us into position to respond and this is the best place to be. When we behold Him, we become like Him. This year, let’s not spin our wheels trying to be a certain kind of disciple…let’s look upon the Teacher. When we are in the midst of selfcondemnation or sickness and find ourselves in the pit…we can remember!!! This is the benefit of being grafted in. You have been tied into a

history that goes way back. Naaman’s story is your history. Do you find yourself alone and disappointed… David’s story is your history. You have the benefit of relating to the God who was there with Naaman and David, Esther and Peter, Noah and Ruth….You have been grafted in! (Romans 11) Sick in body? Dwell on the accounts of those who have been healed…this is your history in the faith. Condemned in your spirit? Think upon Paul who persecuted the church and was commissioned as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Wavering in your faith? Think about Peter, who, though tested, was reinstated and went the distance in loyalty to God, even unto death. This is our history. This is OUR history! And we can know the Lord in it…and we can see clearly ahead when we remember the way we have been. There is something about knowing the past that allows us to see the future. 2. LIVING WITH AN OPEN HEART How do we discern the voice of the Lord? Often we perceive him by the test we find ourselves in. In the middle of being hurt or disappointed by loved ones, the leading of the Lord is often to teach us how to love in that place. This is the year to live with an open heart! What is life really all about? What is the whole thing really about? It’s about love. It’s about seeing. Did you learn how to love? Did you learn how to let

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God in? Did you ever really open your heart? If we aren’t open, then we aren’t walking in love. Being open requires a certain vulnerability. In being open, there is the possibility, even probability of being hurt. Being open means putting down those defenses. It means getting close. Song of Songs 5 2 I slept, but my heart was awake. A sound! My beloved is knocking. “Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my perfect one… The Lord is saying, “Open to me.” This is the word of the Lord for us this year. “Open to me.” Put away your excuses and accusations and open to me. My sister, my love, my dove…my perfect one. There is something about us that requires God to woo us into openness. Our fallen nature pulls away from the Lord and compels us to cover ourselves and hide from the One who made us. Put simply, there is no way we will or even can live with an open heart unless we receive these affirmations from the Lord in a very personal way. If we cannot receive this calling as our own…that He sees us as beautiful and even perfect…then we will never open our hearts to the Lord.

We will never open to harshness. We will never open to accusation. We open our hearts to love. This year, I pray that the love of God would break in upon us in such a mighty way. The power of being loved!!! There is power in being loved!!! Song of Songs 4 7 You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you….9 You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes… The key to living wholeheartedly is being loved wholeheartedly. The issue isn’t whether Jesus loves us…the issue is always about whether we have received that love. This year, let’s make every effort to receive the love of God. 3. ANOINTED TO BE HAPPY Do you know it glorifies the Lord when we are happy? Have you ever considered that you need the anointing of God on your life to be glad? It glorifies the Lord when we are glad. It glorifies the Lord when we are steady in praise and thankfulness. This blesses the Lord.I believe this year the Lord is going to break the bondage of depression off of our lives. He will break the yoke of depression and oppression with the anointing of joy. God is most glorified when we are

most happy. Let’s give ourselves to knowing the Lord as He in fact is…He is happy. Psalm 45 1 My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe. 2 You are the most handsome of the sons of men;grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever. 3 Gird your sword on your thigh, O mighty one, in your splendor and majesty! 4 In your majesty ride out victoriously for the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness; let your right hand teach you awesome deeds! 5 Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king's enemies; the peoples fall under you. 6 Your throne, O God, is forever and ever. The scepter of your kingdom is a scepter of uprightness; 7 you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions. Jesus is intense…full of zeal. He loves righteousness and hates wickedness… AND He is happy. We can be too! We can be intense and happy. We can be resolute, dedicated and happy. This is the year to be anointed with gladness!

STUDEN T SN AP- SH O T ARTUR M I RONI CHEN K O Since Sept when I started, it has been a big relief. I was at IHOP for 6 months at the One Thing Internship. When I got back home, I was thrust back into reality so to speak… so when I went into RSMPT, it grounded me. It really gave me such discipline. It is just the Word of God and it strengthens me. My favorite part is the challenge of reading… 10 chapters a day. I know it’s kept me steady and solid and I have gained more knowledge of God. Also prayer, I love the constancy I am seeing. It puts such a challenge on me. Thankful... I am so thankful to God! I know I am going to grow a lot. Whenever I tell people about RSMPT, I always encourage them to come to something like this. It enlarges your life and sets you straight. Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |


Can you believe The Wall has been running for five months? What an amazing five months this has been! God has been faithful to show up again and again, and so many lives have been changed because of His faithfulness and power. God is so good! One of our goals for The Wall is to be a training atmosphere for youth... training them to lead within the service, and then to take it out to their schools. As we have been working towards that goal, a highlight for me has been watching these students preach in the services! Abby Pritchard did a sermon last month on finding the true joy of the Lord, even in trials, and last week, Jasmine Santiago did a sermon on Jesus being worthy to enter our gardens.



Up next is Daniel Mironichenko who has an awesome word to share with us! These students, along with many others in our youth, are really stepping up to be used by the Lord. It's an amazing thing to see. There are so many things to share about what God is doing in these students... but it comes down to one thing... lives are being changed! In the past month, I've seen students getting saved, students getting their purity restored, students asking God to deliver them from drugs, students getting baptized in the Holy Spirit, students praying for their schools and families, and so much more! I am also pleased to announce the beginning of The Wall On


Campus. We are working to get into the public schools to help our students start bible studies and spread the gospel on the campus. Taking church beyond the church... led by students. We're praying for open doors into the schools, and I fully believe what God has been doing at the Wall is going to spread to the campuses. I encourage you to join with us to pray for this generation. God is moving, and the youth are responding! In a society where impurity is thrown in their face day after day... I want to see an army of youth stand up for purity in a very public way. It's only the beginning... Kendall Thorsell Youth Pastor

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |




Matt Lockett: Dr. King’s Dream Revived By: Nicole Hawkins

Other than John 3:16, when is the last time you’ve seen or heard someone say they’re walking out a verse of the Bible? On any given day, when you’re walking by the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., you may get a glimpse of Joel 2:17, where the priest wept between “porch and altar.” These young people read the Bible, pray, and cry, come rain or shine, pleading before God as if standing before an altar… Welcome to the new priesthood! At this tourist site, 24 hours a day, you will see a “wall” of young people in silence with red tape across their mouth that reads “LIFE”, standing in the gap for the nation, praying for mercy. You may also see a young, bearded, smiling man praying, warmly introducing himself as Matt Lockett. He is the executive director of Bound4Life and the Justice House of Prayer (JHOP). He would probably explain that they’re praying for the ending of abortion, literally standing between the Supreme Court and Congress. So how did all this start? And how does a very successful advertising and marketing executive, with a degree in Fine Arts from Ball State, living out the American dream, leave it all behind? “I had kind of a dream job, and a dream life, and the whole thing got interrupted by a different dream. Literally, God gave me a dream about the ending of abortion, and I never even thought about abortion…But He interrupted the whole thing with the ending of abortion, through day and night prayer that pretty much launched me on a completely different track.” So, 5 years later, despite his lack of qualifications in ministry or experience

in activism, he and his wife are fulltime missionaries, leading sieges, JHOP, and staying positioned in the pro-life movement. “I’m utterly convinced, said both jokingly and halfseriously over the last 5 years, that the only reason I’m doing what I’m doing is because everyone else must have said no. God said to Esther through Mordecai, ‘If you remain silent, I’ll raise up somebody else.’ The way I figured it, everybody else said ‘no’, until He got to me,” Lockett laughingly exclaims. “ I didn’t come from the prolife movement; I didn’t come from the prayer movement. But I got wrecked by both of them, and I think the two are one and the same.” Lockett explains , “I had a dream of D.C. and a man named Lou Engle. I dreamt the exact same thing that the Lord had told Lou which was to move to D.C., and start a prayer movement for the ending of abortion. In just a matter of months, we quit our jobs, became missionaries and moved to D.C. We lived there for 2 years, helping to lead JHOP on the Hill and the siege at the court.” Lou Engle is the visionary and cofounder of TheCall, a movement of prayer, gathering young adults to pray and fast for breakthrough and revival. TheCall began in Washington, D.C. in 2000, gathering over 400,000 people to pray and fast for the United States. Since 2000, The Call has gathered hundreds of thousands of people to pray both nationally and internationally ( He became a prophetic and spiritual father for Lockett, and they have been working closely together ever since.

“At one point, we had between 70-100 young people plus 3 families, all living together to consolidate our costs, but it was still way too high. We spent $25,000 a month for rent.” A close friend bought land in Fort Mill, S.C., so they kept a skeleton team at the JHOP location in D.C., and relocated their training operations down to S.C He affectionately calls it the “CocaCola of the pro-life movement,” where it’s recognized like the Nike swoosh or the bitten Apple icon, and it seemed to redeem the detour from the lifestyle he once lived. “When you see the Red Life tape, more often than not, people immediately and intuitively know exactly what it means, “ he states. “Here I am coming from a marketing background and God’s got me stewarding a pretty recognizable brand which I think is kind of funny. We don’t treat it like a brand. We kind of give it away…anybody can do it. I think it’s humorous because it comes full circle. So a lot of my expertise, marketing and advertising comes to bear in what we’re doing for Bound4Life.” Believe it or not, the name Bound4Life originated from scripture. The idea of a silent siege came from a dream where one of the young people with him, Brian Kim, had a dream about standing in front of the Supreme Court with tape over his mouth that read “LIFE”. During the 2004 elections, they decided to actually do the dream, and saw it as a divine strategy, using red duct tape that they happened to have on them that day.

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |

AMPLIFIED “In the early days, while we were standing there, one of our young people said, ‘If you take that red life tape, and you turn it in to red wristbands, we could start a Martin Luther King movement like they did in Birmingham for the ending of abortion.’ Well the very next day, somebody we didn’t know was passing by and said the exact same thing. So we started the red band, and thought, ‘God, you want to ignite the movement for the ending of abortion!’ We had been looking at Ezekiel, when God calls him to be a prophet to the nation, but the first thing He did was lock him up in his house, and he stuck his mouth shut. He said, ‘you will be bound, and not able to go among the people.’ (Ezekiel 3:25)“ From there, not only was the LIFE tape recognized, but now the wristbands were something people could wear constantly. However, just as God required Ezekiel to commit to his mandate, so does Bound4Life to anyone who would buy and wear a wristband. Despite its popularity, Lockett makes very clear that “it’s not a fad.” These red wristbands say that you make a solemn vow to pray daily for the ending of abortion, vote for pro-life candidates, obey God, and ask for compassion and justice. Later, they established their website,, and working with Engle and TheCall Institute, they have gathered many people around the nation. “I think TheCall D.C., on August 15, 2008, was in some way, the fulfillment of the dream. In the original dream, we saw thousands and thousands of people filling the streets of D.C. They had a piece of tape over their mouth with “LIFE” on it. We circulated tape to 75,000 people at the Mall, and we did a moment of silence, for everyone to pray for the ending of abortion with LIFE tape on their

PAGE mouth. We thought, ‘Here we are doing the dream,’ and we talked about that all the time. You know, when God gives you a dream, the best thing you can do is do the dream,” Lockett laughs nervously. “And stay as close to it as possible!” They started the website FirstOfAll, which is a 50-day call to day and night prayer… online. Lockett exposed how this new prayer strategy came from the Face-down 40, where many came to California to pray with Lou Engle’s team for the 2008 elections. “We would go into a 40-day fast, 24/7 prayer, and basically the Face-down 40 was saying for 40 days we’re going

4,600 praying for the ending of abortion in front of Planned Parenthood in Houston, Tx to put our faces to the ground and pray… for every member of Congress. Well it’s easy to pray for Congress as a single thing, it’s an entirely different prospect to pray for all 535 members of it, which is tedious and hard. So the strategy He gave us was a website where they ask people to submit “Twitter-style” prayers for every state: 2 senators, their House reps, their governor, and includes President Obama. In short, Lockett states, “It’s the spirit of day and night prayer in a unique way.” Although Lockett’s life seems to sound like a dramatic, epic film, he has had opposition not just from the liberals, but the Church as well, who present him with the argument of


“separation of church and state.” But he declares he hasn’t given up on them yet. “What they’re saying is, ‘We don’t want God meddling in our business.’ We serve a God that cannot be contained, restrained, nor has any boundaries. So He gives us specific instructions that as a church, our first order of business is to pray for our government leaders. ‘When we come together as a corporate body, I urge you first of all that all prayers, intercession, and thanksgiving will be for all kings, rulers, and authority…’ If the Church will take the bonds off God’s hands, then He’ll be free to act…My perspective is that God’s not done with America, and He still has something to say on how it all goes down.” I believe that God, in this generation, is releasing hidden keys… hidden wisdom that comes straight from His heart. These “keys” as Lockett reveals, are not going to come to just his team, JHOP, IHOP, TheCall, or other high profile ministries alone. “I think Bound4Life is one small piece in the puzzle. I think Operation Outcry has a key; I think that Silent No More has a big key; I think He’s going to give keys to Black American prophets that nobody else has access to. He’s going to give keys to the Hispanic community that nobody else has access to. And if we pray, and it all comes from prayer, you contend for revelation and you come out of the prayer closet with a secret key. So that’s what I’m most excited about; that’s why I don’t separate the pro-life movement with the prayer movement. It’s all intertwined and it all comes from the same thing.” He points out that even Hollywood seems to be declaring life…“being in a time when movies like Bella can explode on the scene, and when Horton Hears a Who is made into a major Hollywood motion picture with the message staying intact.... ‘that a person is a person, no matter how

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |




small.’ I thought it was prophetic that a couple of weeks ago, Matthew McConaughey, a Hollywood star, while dating a Puerto Rican gal, got her pregnant. And instead of having an abortion, they chose to have the baby. She was born the day before Christmas…they named her Vida. And in the quote, McConaughey said, ‘Vida means life, which is exactly what God gave us this morning.’” He confidently shares that the Church can not only stand and pray in front of the courthouses and clinics, but also speak with their votes or run for office. “And if they refuse to stand for life,

then we get them out of office, and put in somebody who will. I believe that God is awakening the entire church to this thing and calling; I’ve been contacted by so many pastors that are running for Congress this year because they feel that their moment has come to step out of church and into the state. We are praying for this to happen, and we are praying for those by name who’ve been contacting us, just asking God to do the audacious and the extraordinary.” It could seem foolish to stand in front of the Orange County courthouse or one of the five abortion clinics in

Orlando with LIFE tape, praying silently. However, with 2 chapters in Orlando, and several chapters in Florida, there are some who have decided to “bind” themselves to the Bound4Life mandate. And it’s more than wearing a wristband or wearing tape, it’s an expression of the heart of God revealed through prayer strategies. So, is it possible that anyone with no title and no ministry experience can get involved and take a stand? According to the testimony of Bound4Life and Matt Lockett, it’s definitely possible.


Most people traveling on I‐95  heading to Miami the week before  the Superbowl were  headed there for a good  time. They went expecting  to let their hair down and  frolic in the lavish lifestyle  that Miami has to offer.  This wasn’t the case for  Larry Ramirez, Director of  Resound Missions Base and  Hive of his staff members.  They were invited by IHOP‐ Miami (International  House of Prayer) to partner  with them in prayer, fasting  and outreach because  research has proven that  whenever a convention or a  large event comes to town,  pimps and trafHickers will bring girls  to the area to service the drastic  increase in potential customers. One  free online site offered 38 personal  ads soliciting sex on January 16th, 

and as of the Saturday before the  event, over 200 ads were posted.

They knew that the Lord was  sending them to Miami for such a  time as this. They went with their  swords drawn and armor on and  even still, were quoted as saying, “we 

were utterly shocked at the  depraved state of Miami as they  went about doing business as  usual.” Unlike Orlando, where the  same spirits of perversion and  lust have an existing stronghold,  Miami is  playing on a much  larger scale. One of the female  staff was quoted as saying, “They  are ‘in your face’ about it down  there. Everywhere you turn, if  you are not intentionally  guarding your eyes, heart, and  mind, male and female alike, you  will get eaten alive. That’s how  upfront and ‘in your face’ this is.  Prostitution is at every corner,  every bus stop, and strip clubs  are every few blocks. Adult  stores advertise explicit graphic  soft‐core porn ads on the sides of  buildings for the public to see, and  everyone is going about their days as  if it’s the norm.” 

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 | www,

AMPLIFIED As their team went throughout the  city praying and anointing the land  for healing and revival, they stopped on the southern most end of 79th Street and Dickens, in South Beach. Director, Larry Ramirez, had two female staff members look through News Times, Miami’s weekly newspaper, to see if there were any ads placed by the pimps or girls. Tammy Shayestehpour remarked, “Our hearts were grieved, as this newspaper was free and posted on every street, eye level for children. The cover of the newspaper had a photo of a girl dressed in a revealing football shirt with a football in front of her. She had a rolled up $20 in her hand with two coke lines on the football, giving the impression she was going to sniff it. The headlines read ‘Superblow: Its all about sex, money and drugs.’ The box was completely out as we grabbed the last copy. We opened it up, and at the back, the girls would have their picture, their name, what they do, where they’re from and their phone number. Guys had ads as well as the females; the ads were got so

Larry Ramirez Director of Resound, praying over Dickens and 79th St.

PAGE graphic and suggestive that we had to close the newspaper!” They knew this was the spot they wanted to anoint and pray over. At the corner of Dickens and 79th Street on Saturday, the 6th of February, next to a closed down Jewish temple, Ramirez and his team poured out salt and oil as a sign of healing to the land. The oil seeped through the ground, leaving the salt looking like snow. Tammy said, “We felt the Lord was saying that He was going to wash Miami white as snow! ‘Isa 1: 18.’ ” At the second place they stopped, 79th St and Biscayne Blvd, they decided to pray and anoint both sides of the street as this intersection is practically the epicenter of darkness in South Beach. On one side of Biscayne Blvd, Ramirez poured out the oil and salt, only this time the salt was completely absorbed into the soil. Ramirez said, “This is hugely significant as the salt was absorbed because of the lack of sodium in the soil. The Church is called to be the salt of the earth in Matthew 5:13.” When salt and oil were poured out on the other side of the street by a bus stop, they were left with the same results as the first time… a pile of salt that appeared as snow. Brittnee Mayhew said, “The bus stops are major posts in the city. I felt like He was saying He was going to take that bus stop and turn it from a place to buy sex into a place of encounter with the Lord. The reason we chose the bus stop is because a girl and her pimp we had seen just 20 minutes before, were there when we pulled up. We were about to get out of the car when we noticed her again. We stayed in the car to watch their interaction. It was so crazy… she had a fresh flesh wound (burn mark) on her calf the size of a basketball. To the common eye, they would have looked like a couple. No offers were presented, so they got onto the bus to head to


Ramirez and team headed down 79th to pray and anoint the city of Miami.

another location.” Right after they finished praying and anointing the ground, Tammy Shayestehpour felt led to talk to another female waiting on the bus. Tammy, grabbing Brittnee, approached Flor, initially asking her about the area, but then feeling led to see if she was saved and born again. Her answer indicated she wasn’t, so in boldness, they stepped out and asked her if she wanted to be saved right then. She responded with an immediate “yes.” Their team saw this as a “first fruit” of their prayers for revival in Miami. Ramirez said, “If this trip had been all for the salvation of Flor’s soul, it was all worth it!”  For the first time, law enforcement, businesses, outreach teams and prayer partnered for a common goal, and the fruit of their partnership was the rescuing of 3 girls who were trapped in this lifestyle. A 16-year veteran in this type of outreach said, “I have seen 17 rescued throughout my whole career.” The power of the unity of

Resound Missions Base 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-404-0204 |




these three working together saw an incredible rescue rate in one weekend! This is huge for Miami, Intercessors, Law Enforcement, and the Church in general. What will happen when this is occurring throughout the Nation… when the Church wakes up and takes her place alongside those willing to fight to end modern day slavery in our day? Nikko Sangalang made a comment that would shake anyone with a heart for Orlando. He said, “If Orlando doesn't take a stand, this is what it's going to look like in 2 to 5 years. It’s already molding into this!" An immediate "not on our

Getting To Know:

watch, we will stand!" should be arising in your spirit. “We were shaken to the core to hear that PASTORS were pimping out girls and children. The one thing that we’re taking away from this trip is that THE CHURCH NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND TAKE HER PLACE!!! We have been struck with the desperate reality this weekend that we NEED JESUS. Our lives of comfort and Starbucks latte's are not the reality of these girls,” pleaded Brittnee Mayhew. This team returned acknowledging a need for the Holy Spirit, a need to operate in partnership with Him so they can hear what to speak to these girls to strike their hearts at

the core. These pimps have manipulated these girls, who already feel a void left by broken relationships from the past, into believing they love them or just understand them. The Word of the Lord needs to be spoken over these girl’s lives to break the power of darkness and deception. The real Church, willing to lay down their lives to stand in the counsel of the Lord, needs to wake up and take her place in the city. When she does, the chains that keep our cities at bay will be broken and their hearts will be able to encounter the love of the Lord, setting them free to run after Him for the rest of their lives!

Full Name: Fidel Fernando Zelaya Favorite Hobby: Prayer and Dance Favorite Worship Song and Why? Sound The Alarm By: Rita Springer (Eddie James Edition). It speaks volumes to me because it speaks of returning to the Lord with fasting and prayer. and I know the Lord has called me to this. Also, it speaks of revival, and the Lord has called me and given me a burden to carry in prayer to see revival released. As the Prayer Coordinator for Resound, what are your visions and tactics for building the prayer room? I want it to be a place of encountering the Lord, filled with intimacy and revival of hearts. Our tactic at Resound is to lift up the name of Jesus and allow Him to draw all men to Himself. Random Fact: I wanted to join the Air Force

Favorite Color: Black and White Favorite Animal: The Harpy Eagle Best Memory with The Lord: At the beginning of last year, I was feeling a longing of the Lord and I wasn’t sure what for. I asked for a month or so with no answer. On the way to Deeper one night, the Lord spoke to me and said, “its been an hour since you have told Me that you love Me.” It was at that moment that the love of the Father broke into my life, changing my heart forever.

Resound Missions Base, 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando, Fl 32809 | 407-340-0204 |




The Elementary Doctrines Fire In The Field Of The Faith By: Leah Ramirez By: Leah Ramirez The writer of Hebrews Doing what you are called described some of the foundational teaching s of to do where you are called the church including the to do it. Missed the repentance from dead works, conference? No worries, faith in God, instructions on we recorded it. There are 3 washings, the laying on of recorded sessions, and 5 hands, resurrection from the discipleship session notes dead, and eternal judgement. included. There are 6 teachings included in this series as well All the notes are in pdf format. as a copy of all the notes in pdf format. Cost: $25.00 Cost: $20.00

Resound Summer Sessions By: Leah Ramirez and Staff

Prayer Echoes By: Marcia Thorsell

This is our complete Summer program. The program includes 30 audio classes and corresponding notes. We have also included the notes from 48 discipleship sessions, which cover all of the basics of being a disciple of Jesus. For those considering starting a Summer Session at their own church or missions base, we have included policies, procedures and our Summer schedule.

“There was no plan or rehearsed music when this was recorded,” said Marcia. “We simply prayed, anointed my hands, pressed record, and I played for awhile. Whether you are praying, reading, searching or just listening, I pray you find Him.” Improvisational piano worship.

Cost: $100.00

Cost: $12


Holy Revolution: The Greatest HA HA Commandment Sermon on the Mount By: Resound Staff By: Leah Ramirez By: Leah Ramirez Jesus called this the A look at the powers Greatest Commandment, A detailed look at the not the great option. We that have invaded longest recorded take and in-depth look at America and the sermon of Jesus...The what it means to love the response the church foundation of our faith Lord with all our heart, must make in this hour. and how to live into it. mind, soul and strength as Class includes 7 CD Class includes 13 CD well as loving our neighbor. audio courses and their audio courses and their There are 8 teachings included in this set as well notes. All the notes are notes. All the notes are in pdf format. as a copy in pdf format. of all the notes in pdf format. Cost: $25.00 Cost: $35.00 Cost: $30.00

The Evidence Of The Matthew 24: End-Times By: Leah Ramirez Spirit By: Marcia Thorsell Letting scripture interpret and Staff scripture, we use Jesus’ discourse on end-times As disciples of Christ, there are qualities that recorded in Matthew 24, to study the themes develop from walking in related to the final the Spirit. These are not generation. If we can our qualities, but the trust Jesus for salvation very qualities of God from sin, surely we can birthed in human vessels. Class includes trust that He is wise to prepare us. Class 7 CD audio courses and includes 6 CD audio their notes. All the notes courses and their notes. are in pdf format. All the notes are in pdf format. Cost: $25.00 Cost: $25.00

Gripped By God By: Leah Ramirez Gripped by God looks at the biblical accounts of men and women from all walk of life who were apprehended by God in their generation. Some were kings, some prophets and some were unknown by man...But they all had one thing in common: they moved the heart of God. There are 6 teachings included in this series as well as a copy of all the notes in pdf format.

Cost: $20.00

You Can Purchase All The Above Merchandise at

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Amplified February 2010 spotlights Stand4life, local missions and the heart of twenty somethings giving their lives in fasting and prayer

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