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Amplified June 2010/ISSUE NO. 5


The Great Commission: China Half-way around the world and yet never more at home. For the first couple of days, all I noticed in China was how different everything was…no air-conditioning, no western toilets, no soft mattresses. But the first time I heard a group of believers singing to the Lord in Chinese, I realized I was home. There is something about worshipping God that binds all cultures together into one family. I was home. Photo right: Leah and Stephanie arriving at the airport in China....pre“squatty potty.” smiles.

Several times I have tried to give a full account of what took place in China, and no matter what details I manage to fill in, I fall short. I can say that the two weeks I spent in China were the most incredible days of my life. I was being carried by the very breath of God into an unknown land to deliver a message from His heart. One thing I know, China has the Lord’s full attention! Somehow, in this land where Christianity is still, for the

By: Leah Ramirez Director, Resound Missions Base

most part, outlawed, the church is thriving. There are no instruments, no lights or amplifiers, and yet a sincere and even fierce love for the Lord is boiling just below the surface. With none of the extra stuff to distract, China’s love for the Lord is pure, loyal, courageous and sincere. They are passionate for the return of Jesus and move in one accord in a way I can’t fully describe. What impressed me most was their dedication to evangelize the lost. I heard a story of a grandmother who, within just 30 days, saw 83 people won to the Lord. She doesn’t have a degree or even a car for that Photo left: Stephanie matter, and yet is being used by unfortunately the Lord in a powerful way. I couldn’t bring her was in prayer meetings where new friend home. Chinese believers cried out for He wasn’t quite America to be a sending nation travel size. once again. I was blown away. On my first day of ministry there, we started in prayer. In a moment, the power and presence of God filled the room. There was an ability to engage the heart of God corporately that I had not ever quite *Continued on page 3

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Resound is a movement. Our mission is to raise up a generation who knows their God and does great exploits.  Our mandate is to not only stand, but declare and perform justice.  Our faith is this:  Revival in every sphere of our culture.  This is our hope:  Jesus is coming soon.

House Of Prayer We believe that God is raising up a prayer culture that goes way beyond putting sets on a schedule. In the book of Acts, the disciples were directed by visions, prayer and direct encounter.  The Holy Spirit was the leader of the church.  The Apostles gave themselves to prayer and reading the Word.  We have asked God for an outpouring like what is recorded in Acts, and He has asked us to position ourselves like the apostles.  If He could find a people who would wait, then He would send a baptism that would turn the world upside down.  We’ve decided to wait!

Church Resound Church exists as an expression of pastoral ministry for those involved in any of the ministries of Resound Missions Base, including the ministry staff and any other believers embracing the vision, values and mandate of Resound Missions Base. Our church vision is to call people into the love of God, resulting in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. To serve Orlando by building families that function together as an Apostolic Missions Community committed to prayer, fasting and the Great Commission.

School Of Ministry Resound School of Ministry is a full and part-time Ministry School which exists to raise up messengers who resound the atmosphere of Heaven and demonstrate its power. We are a hands-on training center and believe in not just searching out the scriptures but applying them to our daily lives. We have been ruined with accounts in the Word of ordinary men and women who believed God and saw their generation saved.  Our desire is to see an entire body of believers addicted to the Word and bent on matter what the cost.

Come Join Us Sunday Church Service: Sunday 10:15 am-12:30 pm Prayer Times: Monday 10:30 am-12:30 pm Tuesday 10:30 am - 2:00 pm Thursday 10:30 am - 1:00 pm Friday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm (Deeper) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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experienced before. It felt like everyone was moving together in one accord. It was profound. They began to cry out, “God, save all of China!” And many prophetic words were released about the intentions of God’s heart for the nation. I was undone. It was utterly awesome! Immediately after prayer, I began to preach about true revival. Tapping into the cry of their heart for a national revival, we looked through the scriptures to see what happens when the Kingdom of Heaven breaks into the earth in a real and tangible way. We discussed the Kingdom from a governmental point of view. Revival begins with the heart, but will take over every aspect of life. Revival for all of China and America will mean national repentance and conformity to the government of

Jesus in many areas. With this agreed upon, I declared that we must make amends for abortion. Let me tell you, this was possibly the hardest message I have ever preached. There was a resistance to the Lord that was tangible. All of the air felt like it was sucked out of the room. I don’t know if you have ever felt like you were choking while speaking, but this is exactly what I felt. It was terrifying! Did I mention I was to preach for 7 hours on this day and then complete the rest of the week going 7 to 8 hours a day? Did I mention this was the first sermon of the week? I heard the Lord tell me to keep at it. I continued to preach with all boldness, knowing full well that the Kingdom of Heaven and abortion will not stand side by side. Knowing that for their earlier prayer to be answered for all of China to be saved, this issue must be addressed while there is mercy. I preached and preached and preached. I pulled out scriptures that I had never linked before…God was instructing His church through me. And then suddenly….thank God for suddenly! And then suddenly, a women stood to her feet and said, “I have been a nurse and aborted many babies. What must I do?” I remembered Acts 2, when Peter was asked that exact question and said what he said, “Repent.” The room broke. Men and women fell on their knees and began to cry out for mercy. God wants to send revival to all of China!

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I finished the week of training for these underground prayer leaders from all over China and was brought to another location to train another group of students. Unfortunately, there was no way to safely get me there to preach or get the students out safely to meet me. God had something even better in store. I was asked to preach for 6 hours to the core leaders of the underground movement. I’m not going to lie…I was scared! These leaders are over millions of people. I asked the Lord to speak His heart through me. *Continued on page 4

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I gave a report of the training week I had completed and then gave the same message of revival for China. After laying the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven’s governmental nature, I addressed again the issue of abortion. Again, sheer terror as the entire room tensed. I kept preaching. I knew this was why God had opened doors for me to come to China. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, there was a turning of the heart back to God on this issue. Deep repentance came over the room and there were many tears shed.

installment of many updates yet to come. God did so much over the two weeks, but I felt the most important thing to share with you at this time was the issue that will affect so may lives. I believe we will see Roe v. Wade overturned in America shortly. But one thing I learned on this trip… the church of China is fearless, and China will also see the end of abortion! As for me, I say, “Jesus I plead you blood over my sins and the sins of our nations. End abortion and send revival to America AND China.”

The leadership of this underground network invited me back to come do more training in China. So this is the first

Awake and Smelling the  Movement

By: C. Clemens

Shortly after the Health Care Bill was passed earlier this year, several states took a stand against it, attempting to lessen its effects on their citizens or remove it as a whole, based on its un-constitutionality. Florida was one of those states. Recently in the Florida House and Senate legislative session a bill went through known as the HB1143. I approached this bill as I did the Health Care Bill; I dropped any pre-conceived opinion, found it in a convenient .pdf file and began reading. However, I must tell you I was absolutely thrilled to discover the bill was only 137 pages! I expected to find legalese and terms that no common civilian would understand, but surprisingly enough this bill was to the point and very easy to understand. This bill is one of the most “prolife” (speaking for life and well being of all generations, not just the unborn) to ever pass through the Florida Legislature and head to the Governor’s desk; this bill speaks of abortion, health care, and geriatric care. I encourage you to read it for yourself; below are a few of the highlights. Abortion: Page one begins with the idea that ultrasounds will be mandatory for any woman considering an abortion; she must view it, and if she opts not to, she must sign a form stating that she did so out of her own free will and "without undue influence”. I find some of the language in

this section very interesting and my mind wanders to the intent of the writer; perhaps a woman having to state that she signed out of her own free will and "without undue influence.” is an indication legislators are aware of how abortion clinics attempt to manipulate the emotions of the women that come to them. Also, among others, they use "human trafficking" as an exemption to this section of the proposed law; I'm just impressed that again, the legislators are shining at least a dim light on a situation that very few Floridians even know existences. I was very encouraged to find all of this on page one, so I eagerly continued reading on! Pages 17 and forward give details relating to informed consent, and written documentation. Page 17 states an abortion must not be performed unless the woman gives "voluntary and informed written consent, or in the case of a mental incompetent, the voluntary and informed written consent of her court- appointed guardian”. More details are on Page 18 "...consent to a termination of pregnancy is voluntary and informed only if:.." the abortionist has at least, spoke to the patient IN PERSON and given her all the information and risks that she would consider "material to making a knowing and willful decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy." The abortionists must tell the patient the probable gestational age of the fetus (to be verified by an ultrasound) at the time of the abortion. And the ultrasound must be performed, the woman must be allowed to view the live ultrasound images, and the one performing the ultrasound must "explain

*Continued on page 10

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Exposing Harry Potter at Universal Studios

By: Zerimar Ramirez

Over the last 30 years,   America has become Believe it or not, several online polls say that over 60% of desensitized to the realm of scheduled attendees are from a Christian family. We see the supernatural. So much nothing wrong as a Christian society with a little magic. I so that people flock to local remember the first time I saw Harry Potter for myself. I theaters, family room was a believer. I had such an interest in the story. I was televisions, and now theme completely duped!!! I had been watching the mainstream parks to get their fill media's recommended daily dose of the supernatural of werewolves, realm. Back in the 90's and into the early part of the warlocks, vampires, witches, mummies, aliens, exorcisms, 2000’s, the TNT line up was Angel, Buffy the Vampire demons and angels. How could this be? Where is this level Slayer, and Charmed. Three hours of non-stop of dedication coming from? Where is this level of hunger desensitization. So watching Harry Potter was no big deal, coming from? We don't see this level of hunger in the right? Wrong! I found myself emotionally trapped into a church today. Or do we? Believe it or not, we are shoulder story of an orphaned boy who was destined to save the to shoulder with the non-believer to see the movies and witch and warlock community of his day. This ride the rides. America is misunderstood, nerdy boy so richly founded on the found acceptance in the right to religious freedom, reality of magic! He lived yet she has allowed the a tough life until he standard to drop. As the reached the 9 & 3/4 church, we make no platform, and took the effort to uphold train into the reality of his the standard of our magical destiny. I was 20 forefathers, “One nation years old and found so under God.” This much in common with this lowering of the standard boy. Why? has made us susceptible to wizardly theme parks and Because I was feeding my movies that glorify the desires for the spiritual demonic realm. We realm with supernatural eagerly await the next food. I began to make book or sequel to a movie excuses for my lack of The Cast of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando *photo provided by Universal that releases a lower standard by saying it was standard than that of Christ. simply entertainment, an escape. I began to justify my lack   of backbone. When I was growing up, I didn't even trick Orlando, we aren't exempt! On June 18, 2010, Universal or treat, dress up, or pretend. There was always something Studios Orlando will open ‘The Wizarding World of Harry in my mom and dad's moral fiber that prohibited them Potter’. This "Augmented Reality" as they call it, will from siding with darkness. Where is this moral fiber include a tour through Hogsmeade, Flight of the today? We must take a stand, as the church, and begin to Hippogrite, A Dueling Dragon Challenge, and a walk herald the message that we have a backbone! As Harry through the wizard academy of Hogwartz. All of this is on and Hogwarts enter Orlando, we must examine ourselves. 20 acres of Universal's property. This is the 2nd largest The church has allowed these things into our nation. We island portion of Islands of Adventure. People from all have to return to fasting and prayer and holding the moral over the world are literally flocking to Orlando for Harry and spiritual standards of our nation. We must no longer Potter. Many Europeans have said that this is the hot spot allow magic and its counterparts to raise our children! for their young to teenage kids this summer. Whole family vacation packages are being offered solely to entice people to come to Harry's new home at IOA.

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Summer Sessions “IT’S TIME TO..STEP OUT OF THE BOAT!..ARE YOU READY?” EX*CITE*MENT- NounA feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness This does not even describe the feeling that I and the staff have for this summer. Resound Summer Sessions is coming up, and as we pray and plan for these next weeks, we are all filled with an inexpressible amount of eagerness. “Are you ready for this?”… This is the question I am asking myself as I begin to realize that this summer is going to be unlike any summer that has gone before it. This summer is going to be life changing, life directing… and I believe life giving.! If you are planning on attending these summer sessions, I want to encourage you… Get excited!!! I invite you to jump on board with me and dream about all that God is

By: Kendall Thorsell Youth Pastor Resound Missions Base

going to do in you this summer, but don’t forget to dream BIG. God is a big God, and has a plan for you… and this I know… When you give up three or six weeks for Him, you will find Him. This summer, the classes are going to bring you closer to God’s heart, and into a greater understanding of the mysteries you’ve yet to discover. The outreaches are expanding beyond what we have done before, and you will be trained to be a witness for Jesus Christ! I believe you will also get a chance to make some great friends, and find people who, like you, just want more of God. Here’s the thing… your bubble will be pushed, and your comfort zone probably be non-existent by the end of the three or six weeks…but, you will encounter God, you will gain greater knowledge of the Bible, and you will never be the same. I am so excited to enter into this journey with you… here we go!! It’s time to take a step out of the boat… and see if you can walk on water. “Are you ready?”

For me, it all started with playing guitar at Deeper… but I had no idea the  impact that Resound was going to make on my life. One night, I went from  holding my guitar… to somehow holding an application to Resound Summer  Sessions.  That’s where it all turned around for me.  After six weeks of intense classes, training, and outreach, I realized that I was about  to be “stuck” in Resound for a long time.  I went from thinking that two hours of  prayer is a really…really…really… long time to realizing that it is actually not enough.   In other words… my hunger for God was increasing.  Now, Resound will never get rid of me.  I’ve been involved in leadership at The Wall  youth group, also serving as the worship leader… and now I am going to be a full time  student in the ministry school this fall.  For me, this whole journey started with the Resound Summer Sessions.  It led me down a  road to hunger for God… and I plan to continue to follow that road for the rest of my life.  

Abby Pritchard

My Journey

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The History of Hip Hop

By: Nicole Hawkins

Did you know that hip-hop is registered as a religion? Less than 5 years ago, it was officially recognized in NY as a religion thanks to the so-called “prophet” of hiphop, KRS One. He didn’t want to just “spit” (rap) lyrics, but be the example *photo provided by google of his beliefs. These “lyrics” released “beliefs” that the founders of hip-hop adapted from mixing ideas of dominant religions to unify, teach, and change their generation. Thus KRS One is right about one thing: hip-hop is no longer just music, but something you live. Well what about Christian hip hop? Even though hip-hop music wasn’t originally created by Christians, it can still be redeemed as music by the Church. Even though rap is recognized as “hiphop” music, rap is simply “rhythms and poetry” and Christian rap music can be poetic and set to rhythms that are holy, like the book of Psalms or Lamentations. But if rap is hip-hop music, then as a religion, rap would be its “worship music.” Looking at the origin of this culture, it would be hard to mix two religions because Christianity worships the Holy Trinity, but hip-hop proclaims every person as “god” for “self-worship”. Thus the origin and role of hip-hop music in our society should then be questioned and explored. This was all started by one of the founders of hip-hop: Afrika Bambaata. As a Muslim kid growing up in the South Bronx, he led the Black Spades gang post-Civil Rights era into the 70s. Meanwhile, disco music was being dethroned by a new street sound where DJs were cutting into climactic beats of music and speaking over it. Always a trendsetter, Bambaata went from wielding guns to scratching records against DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash (other hip-hop founders), gaining respect without using violence. At this time, Bambaata saw the Michael Caine film, Zulu, watching these Black warriors fight the British. This inspired him to visit Africa himself, search them out, and came back embracing their theology, proclaiming himself as a “god”. For example, he was convinced that Christianity (religion of the Most High) was now the “white man’s religion.” But he must have forgotten that it was the Church that spearheaded the Civil Rights movement, taking on racism in the church and beyond. He also popularized the colors of most African nations, with pictures of Pharaoh on his shirts. Pharaoh is also the king of Egypt who released genocide against the Jews who grew in number and worshiped the Most High when Pharoah, himself,

believed he was “god”. He read about the Five Percenters, a group that left the Nation of Islam during the 1960s. Their 10 Tenets help Bambaata clarify these new beliefs, mixed with his own from Islam that he felt would empower the disenfranchised of his region. And he, with the other founders, started the Universal Zulu Nation. Some of these “tenets” are listed below: •

Black people were the original people on Planet Earth

The Black Man is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head

The unified black family is the vital building block of the nation

But how is he going to convince his own generation to accept this new doctrine??... Music. Bambaata saw more than music or beats, and that hip hop would be the new and pure Civil Rights movement, better than the last. So he converts the other founders, as the gatekeepers of this music, to create a culture for them by them. Even with the good intentions to empower their people, they release this false gospel unchallenged, and it is seen as “positive and uplifting.” It drew in people in the ghetto by its familiar sounds of Afro-Latin and Caribbean rhythm and poetry, and converts their region by these beliefs… and it worked! Forty years later, America has become the hip-hop ghetto. Though the American church has embraced this genre, it must not embrace its look or image. It needs to recognize that hiphop is more than just music or beats to spice up worship, but a real culture where people live and breathe the lyrics, fashion, and more. If the church would not mimic the hip-hop world, but establish its own culture being spectacles pursuing God, then Christian rap would need no validation for “keeping it real”. Our kids are now pursuing hiphop and falling in its idolatry of “self-worship”. Jesus will not share his glory with another, rapper or otherwise. We, as the church, must raise our voice, contend as David did, so that we can truly worship in spirit and in truth (John 3:23-24) against what was established by hip-hop’s original agenda, and no longer live in compromise or selfworship. And we must not ignore the history, but submit to His will and let this generation redeem it God’s way, not ours.

*photo provided by google

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The Power Of Knowing The Father’s Love By: Stephanie Kahn Over the Christmas break of 2009, I began to realize the desire that the Father has – to be known. We often talk about Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but it’s hard for us to imagine that God the “Father” wants to be known too. It’s easy for us to relate to God as “GOD”…we can picture Him as this mighty King, or our Master… but what about seeing Him as our Father? It may seem like such a small thing or even offensive to think that THE Almighty God wants us to know Him as our Father – but this is the truth. There is power in knowing our Father. I believe that it’s the revelation of the Father’s love for us that will set our generation free… free from pornography, sexual addictions, eating disorders, insecurity, problems with identity…etc.

more. We have His attention. He so loves us! It’s the message of John 3:16. This message transcended even in China. I experienced first-hand the desire of the Father to be known by His people. Even in China, people needed to hear that God loves them, and is proud of them. There is power in knowing the Father. He wants us free! That is what happened – we were set free because we encountered the love of the Father.

More and more, I’m learning about the Father’s heart. I remember reading John 17 and being offended at Jesus for saying, “…that they Why I believe this to be true would love you the same is because in my own life, I way you love me.” My have encountered the love initial reaction was, “Well, of the Father, and it has set if the Father loved Jesus so me free. About six months much, why did He send ago, I was struggling with Him to die?” Jesus was not self-condemnation. I finally put off by my offense. He hit a wall and realized that I rose to the challenge, and was doing things to either proved to me His love. get God’s attention or to try After a long time of to please Him. Maybe He wrestling, I finally got a would like me or love me piece of understanding *photo provided by google more if I did this or that. about it; God sent Himself This was my way of showing God that I loved Him, even to die. It wasn’t just His Son – it was a piece of Himself! if it meant me being unhappy. We know that the Trinity is one, but do we really see it properly? Jesus is one with God the Father. So God didn’t I was depressed and unhappy in the process; and that is not just send His Son, but Himself, to die for you and me. the state God wants anyone in. “He desires mercy more than sacrifice.” (Hosea 6:6) God wants us to be happy, I don’t have the complete revelation yet, but knowing that especially in obedience to Him. I can’t earn God’s love is very freeing. He loves us! Shout it from the roof tops! He loves you. You can be set free too My eyes and heart were opened when He revealed Himself if you give yourself to letting God love you. It may be a as a loving God – not angry with me. I realized that there weird concept to some, but He wants you to be set free. was nothing I could do to make God love me…He already The Father loves you! loves me. No amount of fasting, vows taken, or “sacrifices” can get His attention or make Him love you

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*Awake and Smelling the Movement continued from pg. 4 the live ultrasound images to the woman prior to the woman giving informed consent to having an abortion procedure performed." There is even exciting and potentially heart changing language detailing the content of printed materials which must be documented as having been given to the woman, which may encourage her to choose otherwise at the abortion clinic: "prepared and provided by the department have been provided to the pregnant woman…including: a description of the fetus, including a description of the various stages of development, a list of entities that offer alternatives to terminating the pregnancy, detailed information on the availability of medical assistance benefits for prenatal care, childbirth, and neonatal care. The woman acknowledges in writing before the termination of the pregnancy, that the information required to be provided under this subsection has been provided." Additionally, legal documentation must be provided by the woman in order for her to be provided exemption status by rape, incest, human trafficking, etc. Geriatric: The bill also contains various rules and regulations to tighten the belts, so to speak, on geriatric care as related to home care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Additionally, it covers rules and regulations pertaining to hospitals and medications through Medicaid. Any one who has elderly family members understands how frustrating it can be to deal with all of these. Reading this part of the bill will be encouraging for them.

New Releases

Health care: Attorney General Bill McCollum, who filed suite against the Federal Healthcare Bill, encouraged our governor to sign this bill; perhaps for Page 135, line 3716-18. “It is hereby declared the public policy of this state that a federal state, state, or local government may not compel a person to purchase health insurance or health services…” With applicable exceptions following the statement, this passage

basically means people who do not wish to seek health care, or health insurance will not be forced to, in the state of Florida. Page137, lines 3746-50 should be very exciting for those who stood for life on May 1,for it says “ A health insurance policy or group health insurance policy purchased in whole or in part with state or federal funds through an exchange created pursuant to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [the Health Care Bill] may not provide coverage for an abortion…” I was most excited about reading, in plain language, Health Insurance policies will NOT cover abortions, federal funding will NOT pay for abortions in the state of Florida, should this bill pass. NOW WHAT? Unfortunately, despite the urgings of 30,000+ Floridians, Governor Crist vetoed the bill. He is quoted in his veto letter as saying, “This bill places an inappropriate burden on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy. Individuals hold strong personal views on the issue of life, as do I. However, personal views should not result in laws that unwisely expand the role of government…” I must respectfully and with a heavy heart disagree with Governor Crist’s ideology. Personal views and beliefs have always influenced laws, that much is evident in all the laws and systems our country was founded on. Also, I did not find the bill to be expanding the role of government at all. How is the abortion language in this bill any different than a cancer warning on a package of cigarettes? Shouldn’t it be required for someone providing a service that terminates something to provide full disclosure? I believe now more than ever we must pray for those in our government, Whether it is local, state, or federal, we must not relent. We must be informed. We must get involved by: reading the laws that govern us, building a foundation on the truth of what they say so we will not be swayed, and telling others. We must take a stand and speak out. We, as the Church, cannot afford to sleep any longer!

Song Of Solomon

Life of David

Have your heart unlocked to a deeper love, than you could ever imagine. As you go through the book of Song Of Solomon, chapter by chapter.

Come along for the

By: Leah Ramirez Cost: $25.00

journey. As we go through the life of David and look into his heart after God, in all the seasons of his life. By: Leah Ramirez Cost: $25.00

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Staff Snap-Shot Favorite Breath Mints: “Lifesavers with the green thing in the middle.” If you were the size of a Lego man, what is the first thing you would do? “I would go to Gabriel Santiago and have him build me a Star Wars Kingdom, where I could live.” What is the most recurring verse in your life? Psalm 119:17-18 “Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your word. Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” When you look into the eyes of your children at The Byway, what do you see? I see priests. Revelation 1:4-6 “John to the seven churches that are in Asia: Grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven spirits who are before his throne, and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” I don’t look at them only as little children. I think, you will one day be mature in your calling. I see them as kings and priests, like Samuels, and Davids. Define this word - OnychophagyXaviers Definition: An industrial drill that was meant to mine onychs, deep in volcanoes. Onychs is a rare mineral which the great inventor Onychophagy, named after himself. He was actually a dwarf who lived in the 1700s, and his great great grandson has been seen in the movie, Lord of the Rings. Actual Definition - The habit of biting one’s fingernails.


The Byway workshop is a hands on , fully interactive training week that consists of inner city ministry, class, prayer, and discipleship. When: July 12-July 16; 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Where: Resound Missions Base and The Inner City How Much: $100 Contact Info: Email: Address: 7303 Monetary Dr. Orlando Fl, 32809


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The Life Of David By: Leah Ramirez

Resound Live I By: Resound Staff

Come along for the journey. As we go through the life of David and look into his heart after God, through all the seasons of his life.

You won’t want to miss out on the first of many Resound Live volumes. Resound Live consists of spontaneous prophetic worship songs that were recorded live in the prayer room.

Cost: $25.00

Cost: $5.00

The Greatest Commandment By: Leah Ramirez

HA HA By: Resound Staff

A look at the powers that have invaded Jesus called it the Greatest America and the Commandment, not the response the church great option. We take and must make in this hour. in-depth look at what it means to love the Lord with Class includes 7 CD all our heart, mind, soul and audio courses and their strength as well. notes. All the notes are in pdf format. Cost: $30.00 Cost: $25.00

Resound Summer Sessions By: Leah Ramirez and Staff

Prayer Echoes By: Marcia Thorsell

The Evidence Of The Spirit By: Marcia Thorsell and Staff

This is our complete Summer program. The program includes 30 audio classes and corresponding notes. We have also included the notes from 48 discipleship sessions, which cover all of the basics of being a disciple of Jesus. For those considering starting a Summer Session at their own church or missions base, we have included policies, procedures and our Summer schedule.

“There was no plan or rehearsed music when this was recorded,” said Marcia. “We simply prayed, anointed my hands, pressed record, and I played for awhile. Whether you are praying, reading, searching or just listening, I pray you find Him.” Improvisational piano worship.

As disciples of Christ, there are qualities that develop from walking in the Spirit. These are not our qualities, but the very qualities of God birthed in human vessels. Class includes 7 CD audio courses and their notes. All the notes are in pdf format.

Cost: $100.00

Cost: $12

Cost: $25.00

Matthew 24: End-Times By: Leah Ramirez Letting scripture interpret scripture, we use Jesus’ discourse on end-times recorded in Matthew 24, to study the themes related to the final generation. If we can trust Jesus for salvation from sin, surely we can trust that He is wise to prepare us. Class includes 6 CD audio courses and their notes. All the notes are in pdf format. Cost: $25.00

Holy Revolution: Sermon on the Mount By: Leah Ramirez A detailed look at the longest recorded sermon of Jesus...The foundation of our faith and how to live into it. Class includes 13 CD audio courses and their notes. All the notes are in pdf format. Cost: $35.00

Gripped By God By: Leah Ramirez Gripped by God looks at the biblical accounts of men and women from all walk of life who were apprehended by God in their generation. Some were kings, some prophets and some were unknown by man...But they all had one thing in common: they moved the heart of God. There are 6 teachings included in this series as well as a copy of all the notes in pdf format.

Cost: $20.00

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June 2010 Issue Number 5  

Amplified was created from the place of prayer in a community of twenty somethings that love to serve the Lord and their community in a radi...

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