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Architecture Portfolio 2008-2013

Vol. 01


MOHD YAZID B.Sc. Architecture Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) SA

the author



[ personal info ]

D.o.b : 26th of March 1990 P.o.b : Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu Race : Malay Nationality : Malaysian Blood Type : O+



CONTACT INFO: +6017 9326 173

No.9, Jalan 4/6 D, Seksyen 4, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia WEBSITE: (online portfolio)

[ education background] Primary 1996 SRI KIBLAH, Kota Bharu 1997 – 2001 SRI ABIM Al-Hikmah, Pengkalan Chepa UPSR : 5 A Secondary 2002 – 2006 SMU (A) Maahad Muhammadi (P) Kota Bharu, Kelantan PMR : 9 A SPM : 7 A1, 5 A2, 3 B3 Tertiary 2007 – 2008 Foundation Centre of UIAM, Petaling Jaya CGPA : 3.13 Found. of Architectural & Envi. Design 2008 – 2013 Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam CGPA : 3.22 Graduated Second Class (Upper) in Bachelor Science of Architecture

[ work experiences ] Internship in REKAJATI ARKITEK (6th June – 10th August 2011) Produce CAD drawings, 3D images, colouring, prepare design proposals, client consultation, site visits & meetings

[ profile ] A young aspiring designer with passion for architectural history, research and academic writing. Highly observant, responsible and learn best with hands-on training. In-tune with the surroundings and enjoy creating structure & order. Believe in seeking the right balance of space and function as the best way to make the world look and feel good.

[extra curricular activities] ‘08-13 Attended Architectural Festivals: FREEZE, PLUSMINUS, PROLOGI, MOTION, KOSONG-KOSONG, PLUG IN, EXpression, Design Biennale AKAR, COLAB ‘08 ASEAN University Games Kuala Lumpur | Opening & Closing Ceremony Volunteer ‘09 Architectural workshop RUMI UiTM | Organizer & Participant Archifitri "Silaturrahim" | Secretary 1 ‘10 Open Debate Competition | Mawar College Representative Participated in Chiaki Arai Design Talk ‘11 Archifest EX | Committee of Publicity Participated in Farshid Moussavi Design Talk Design competition: Eco-res Affordable Alternative Housing Putrajaya ‘12 Participated in Bamboo & Rattan Furniture Workshop Design competition: Selangor Affordable Housing Model & Design Competition

[ awards & achievement ] ‘08 Dean's List Semester 1

GPA: 3.73 Best Student of Semester 1 ‘09 Dean's List Semester 2 GPA: 3.75 Dean's List Semester 3 GPA: 3.50 Essay competition Architectural Workshop RUMI varsity level second prize ‘12 Selangor Affordable Housing Competition national level honourable mention

[ skills & competences ] English language Malay language design ideas & concept communication skills manual sketch / drawings manual drafting graphic & illustration 3D modelling software architectural visualization model making

[ software proficiency ] autocad google sketchup rhinoceros 4.8 lumion rendering adobe photoshop microsoft office

[ references ] Dr. Rodzyah Mohd Yunus [ 013 510 3229 ] Dr. Sabarinah Sheikh Ahmad [ 012 345 7688 ] Lecturer, Centre Of Architectural Studies, Faculty Of Architecture, Planning And Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: 03 5544 4418 Mr. Rozaiemi Shukeri [ 019 993 3484] Architect, REKAJATI ARKITEK, 1460-C, Tingkat 1, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, Lundang, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan Tel: 09-744 8637

Presentation Board


[D* 1] 1st YEAR // Semester 01


Model Making

content MANUAL DRAFTING - Line Weight - Lettering - Orthographic Projection - Axonometric -1 point perspective - 2 point perspective


D = Design & Year Undertaken

ARTS APPRECIATION -Sketches -Human Figure - Portrait - Lettering - Landscape - Colour Study


1st YEAR // Semester 02

Pattern Visual

Form, Space & Order Study – Space Organization

Living Capsule

[D* 2] 2nd YEAR // Semester 03

Tactile Texture

My Amusement Structure

Mood Box Anthropometric & Ergonomic Study – Kitchen Space

[D* 2] 2nd YEAR // Semester 04 iHabitat

[D* 1]

1st YEAR // Semester 01

lettering quick sketch 1

pencil rendering lettering

color study

quick sketch 2


process 1 process 2 final composition This first project required me to draw two kind of objects, each taken from nature and man-made before gathering the small drawings into one final composition. I chose to portray sugar a p p l e f r u i t s ( A n n o n a s q u a m o s a ) a n d a p u n c h e r.

From this task, I practiced my drawing skills, understanding on differences of viewing objects from different angles, as well as to observe shadows for rendering.

PSYCHO SELF-PORTRAIT MEDIA: OIL PASTEL I started this project with a study of my selected artist, Frida Kahlo. Of her 143 paintings, 55 are self-portraits which often incorporate symbolic portrayals of physical & psychological wounds in her life as painting is her medium of consolation. Her style of painting includes Realism, Symbolism and Surrealism with a touch of vibrant colors that was influenced by her Mexican culture as well as European.

For my self-portrait, I tried to relate with Frida and recall the happenings in my life. I imagined myself to be a princess living in a paradise with no worries. The 7 roses are symbolic for ups and downs phases I had encountered in my life and the sacred number of paradise. The eagle on my left shoulder represent the guardian of my soul, a brave and fearless character I aspire to have. The locket watch served as a reminder to look back at the past and brace through the hardships of life for my future.

early sketch

Study of the artist


process 1

process 2

final self-portrait


human figure landscape

ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITITION MEDIA: PENCIL COLOUR We were given a task to compose a famous building into a poster by showcasing the plan, section, elevation a n d i t s u n i q u e c h a r a c t e r. T h e media was to be either water o r p e n c i l c o l o u r.

I experimented with brown tone pencil colour since Pantheon have an exceptional rustic properties. The highlight of this gigantic Roman building is the oculus which let the lights penetrate into the centre and produced interesting play of shadows.

final composition of Pantheon, Rome

trail map



final board composition

For final project, we had a studio trip to Malacca H i s t o r i c a l C i t y. T h e t a s k is to track the heritage of Malacca as shown in its architecture by taking pictures, drawing and sketches with an option of either the Baba Nyonya shop houses or Dutch Quarters. My group decided to go with the traces of Dutch occupation. Our journey started from St. Paul’s Church atop of the hill and ended at St. Francis Xavier ’s Church.

clock tower


Steps of st. paul’s church to architecture museum

m e l a k a a r t g a l l e r y, c h r i s t c h u r c h & s t a d t h u y s

st.francis xavier’s church

the shop houses

[D* 1]

1st YEAR // Semester 02


line weight


scale drawing

k e y, l o c a t i o n & s i t e p l a n


one point perspective orthographic projection

two point perspective

MONOCHROMATIC DRAWING // RUMI Stairway to Heaven A special project in conjunction with Architectural Workshop 2009 RUMI, as we draw our own interpretation of the theme. My inspiration comes from a Jalaluddin Rumi’s quote which evokes the hope to pursue life by doing good deeds as if we are climbing towards Heaven.

“ In the world there are invisible ladders. Leading step by step to the summit of heaven A different ladder for every group, a different heaven for every path “ - Rumi

MODEL MAKING // Beauty in Nature Big Bang – The Beginning


[D* 2]

2nd YEAR // Semester 03

VISUAL FORM OF SPACE SPATIAL ORGANIZATION The studio was first assigned into smaller groups to observe and analyze the surrounding e l e m e n t s w i t h i n t h e c i t y o f K u a l a L u m p u r. With the help of sketches, we related and explain our observation by using basic design principles and architectural vocabularies, as explained in the book Form, Space & Order by D.K. Ching. The objective of this assignment is to expose and familiarise the students with the vocabularies.

Fireflies in The Garden

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies, That though they never equal stars in size, (And they were never really stars at heart) Achieve at times a very star-like start. Only, of course, they can't sustain the part. Robert Frost


basic motif

For project 1, we are to choose the best poem that reflects our passion, reflection and appreciation of nature. After much digesting and interpretation, we must abstract the keywords to derive one single basic motif or element that best portrayed the poem. From there on, we need to illustrate a composition which apply the motif derived from the poem, by using basic design elements.

design elements



ASYMMETR TRANSFORMATIO SOLID / VOI For Stage 2, we have to identify a unique DYNAMI motif within the stage 1 composition and

Material: transparent tube, wire, net


arrange a tactile textural sculpture. We are limited to the use of 3 different materials to experiment their qualities and properties. I choose to continue with monochrome and play around with the form. Tube and wire is used to create the sphere base, while net to convey extruded surfaces. Masking tape is used to soften and define the edges. The sculpture applied transformation of shapes and solid / void, making the form dynamic.

a n g l e d

v i e w

e l e v a t i o n s

t o p v i e w

s i d e e l e v a t i o n


s p a t i a l a m b i e n c e

Mood Box For Project 3, we continued exploring ideas in creating spatial ambience in 3D Form. The spatial ‘box’ should represent chosen moods and spatial ambience through e x p l o r a t i o n o f s p a t i a l q u a l i t y, p a t t e r n s , textures, colours, lights, volumes etc. I chose to convey an ambience of GRAND as the poem mentioned “achieve at times a very star-like start”. The golden color represent the color of stars continued with the central pattern is the dominant feature. The wire used as the frame structure signifies the fleeting majestic moment and its fragility while the flowing enveloped form resembles the wings of fireflies.

t o p v i e w

e l e v a t i o n s

a n g l e d v i e w

LUMINA BLISS iHabitat – Observatory Space In Project 4, we continued exploring ideas of functional space within 3D form. Students are required to design a single functional space within the imaginary space of approximately 3m x 3 m x 3 m . M y c l i e n t i s D r . Te r r y L y n c h , a firefly expert and enthusiast. The function of the space is meant for observing fireflies by means of solar cells battery and manual paddling for lower noise.

[D* 2]

2nd YEAR // Semester 04


Design concept

My Amusement Structure I n 4 th s e m e s t e r, t h e m a i n f o c u s i s o n a n t h r o p o m e t r i c a n d ergonomic studies. I was required to design an amusement structure with the client for this project is myself. The idea of amusement for me is doing things I like in a challenging yet peaceful environment. Since I love reading, the spaces are inspired and organized according to a typical book plot structure, starting from introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Meanwhile, the secondary activities include climbing, sitting, sliding, laying, standing and reaching for shelves.

Enclosed Linear organization Hierarchy



Living Capsule For Project for 2 adults required to clients and The context

2, we were to design a compact retreat home and 2 children, inspired by nature. We were study the personality of self-conceived propose the most suitable design solutions. for this project is Janda Baik, Pahang.



Relaxing & comfortable temporary structure, with condensed spaces in one unit

Gauri Khan, 40 - R e c o v e r i n g f r o m s u r g e r y, prioritize family Interest: Cooking, Nature

Small structure which able to accommodate basic requirements of living OWN DEFINITION - Small yet sufficient - Place for resting & relaxing - Requires privacy - Utilizes beauty of nature

Shah Rukh Khan, 45 - Outdoor person Interest: Nature, Sports

With CLIENTS - Withdrawing from hectic city life - Private work area for Client 1 - Facilitate rehabilitation for Client 2 - Family getting together & bonding - Make them feel closer with nature

Aryan, 12 - Active & experimental Interest: Adventure, Sport Suhana, 9 - Active & indoor person Interest: Book, Arts



ISSUE How to experience the relaxing elements of Nature


THERAPEUTIC - Give healing powers - Conducive to health - Protection from surrounding

COCOON - Structure: Hard & protective - Provide healing effects - Protection for the pupa until it is ready

STRATEGIES 1. Provide calming views to Nature

- Maximise view by a central courtyard

2. Enclosed socialization area

- Provide privacy & encourage family bonding

3. Submerged

- Double as private swimming pool

presentation board

~ The End ~

.. Not really .To be continued in Volume 2...

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT All the works in this portfolio is the property of AMNAH AMIRAH MOHD YAZID (2008215756). All the design, drawing, diagrams and sketches should not be copied or reproduced by any means without the permission of the owner herself. This portfolio is a compilation of projects done while the author was undertaking Bachelor Science of Architecture in MARA University of Technology, during the period of June 2008 to January 2013.

Remember. There’s always Volume 2.

Thank you for your time !


Architecture Portfolio AAMY Vol. 01  

Compilation of projects done in UiTM SA from 2008-2011

Architecture Portfolio AAMY Vol. 01  

Compilation of projects done in UiTM SA from 2008-2011