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Vol. 41 No. 198

January 2020

Dedicated to the Performance & Advancement for the Real Estate Manager

Our next meeting will be held on

Thursday, January 2nd

at Colloney’s Pub & Restaurant located at 121 West 45th Street The doors open at 6pm. Dress code for this meeting is jacket & tie professional.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Top 10 Reasons to Join the MRM Club!

10. Extra Curricular: Looks great on employment applications/resumes!

9. Networking: You will have the opportunity to meet and network with the BEST of the BEST in their field at our regular meetings on the 1st Thursday of each month. 8. Promote Awareness: The CLUB helps promote education and awareness about the NYC residential real estate market.

7. Life Insurance: Being a Regular Member of the CLUB affords you a personal life insurance policy in the amount of $150,000.00 6. Philanthropic: The CLUB participates and raises money for a number of local and national charities giving back to the community and those most in need.

5. Brotherhood: Being a member automatically gives you a feeling of closeness to other members. You share something that other people are not a part of and really can’t relate to.

4. Enrichment: Being part of a professionally ran Club or Organization is an en- riching experience. You owe it to yourself to at least try them out.



3. Exposure: The CLUB will expose you to real life every day experiences you and your peers regularly share and have in common . 2. Growth: Members in Clubs/Organizations are encouraging and supportive of your personal growth. We all have a vested interest in each other.

1. Social: They are a BEST way to meet great people and have a lot of fun! With numerous events happening throughout the year; separate from our monthly meetings, it is impossible to not have some FUN!


This is just a friendly reminder to ALL Members that your 2020 Annual Dues Notice has been sent via the US mail. For Regular & Life Members, your payment is due no later than December 31st in order to remain on the CLUB's Group Term Life Insurance Policy. The CLUB will be accepting checks, cash and credit card payments at our next meeting on Thursday, January 2nd at Connolly's Pub. The CLUB's website also accepts Credit Card for a quick and easy option.

If you can not attend the next meeting and would like to mail in your dues via the US Mail, please maker check payable to:

Manhattan Resident Managers Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 1144 New York, NY 10021 ATTN: Financial Secretary

Regular Member Renewal is: $350.00 Associate Member Renewal is: $275.00 Affiliate Member Renewal is: $350.00 Life Member Renewal is: $200.00


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –





PRESIDENT: Francis P. McLoughLin (646) 525-5272

MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. ORgANizED 1980 P.O. Box 1144 New York, NY 10021

VICE-PRESIDENT: Steve Mala 212-861-2073 TREASURER: Sevdet “Steve” KuKaJ (917) 339-7166

Our next meeting will be held on

Thursday, January 2nd at Colloney’s Pub & Restaurant located at 121 West 45th Street


The doors open at 6pm.

Dress code for this meeting is

Scot HudginS (516) 984-3311



JoHn Szabo 914-672-50887 SECRETARY:

Anton Markola Publisher 917-579-1514

ben floreS 917-860-5811

Any Opinions expressed here are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the Manhattan Resident Managers Club,Inc., or its members. The Manhattan Resident Managers Club Inc. reserves the absolute right, at its sole discretion, to accept or decline requests or submissions for advertising or other copy in its Newsletter or in any Club publication.


Dean Berishaj

Brian Purovic

Ben Flores Editor 917-860-5811

Fabio Progni


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

the resident’s essage

pm Francis P. McLoughlin President

2014 Resident Manager of the Year

Hello my brothers & sisters,

Welcome to the January 2020 Newsletter! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and Hanukkah celebration. On behalf of myself and the Board of the Manhattan Resident Manager's Club, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy New Year. Bring on 2020! I want to personally thank everyone who battled Mother Nature’s first wintery mix of the Holiday season and joined us at our Holiday Party last month at Battery Gardens. Your effort and presence was greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

At this year’s holiday mixer, we announced the recipients of the 2020 Resident Manager and Vendor of the Year awards. I would like to congratulate our 2020 Vendor of the Year & Winner of the William Key Award, Mr. Vinny Tolins of Pro Tech Plumbing & Heating. Also, congratulations are in order for Mr. John Szabo, who was selected as our 2020 Resident Manager of the Year. Thank you both for all your dedication and service to the CLUB! 2020 looks to be big year for the CLUB. We will host the following events this year: Casino Night, Dinner Cruise around Manhattan, the Sunset BBQ, A Night at the Races and of course our Annual Golf Outing; which we have moved to a new location. More details to follow.

Please remember your 2020 CLUB membership fee is due by January 1st, and those who have not paid by end of January will be removed from the CLUB’s group life insurance policy. You can pay your annual dues with a Check, cash or debit/credit card. You can also make your payment on the CLUB’s website. As many of you are aware, the CLUB and has moved the newsletter to a digital format which is emailed to everyone. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date email address on file. No email on file, no Newsletter delivered. You can also find the current and all past Newsletters on the CLUB’s website.

Always remember to support all our Associate Members as they are the driving force that keeps our CLUB in existence. Most of our Associate Members take an ad in the monthly Newsletter; so when you’re in need of a contractor, vendor or supplies, please refer to the Newsletter for their services and/or products.

Also a reminder to all, the CLUB is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These social media outlets are FREE to use and you should all be utilizing them every day for business and pleasure. Always be NETWORKING!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, January 2nd at Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant located at 121 West 45th Street, 3rd floor. Professional Dress attire is required. (jacket & tie). Remember, the doors open at 6:00pm.

Once again, I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Fraternally yours, Francis


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Wishing the new year brings tremendous joy and good luck for you that takes you to newer heights of success. Happy New Year 2020!

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller

Happy Birthday to our Regular Members and Past-Presidents Kevin Key and Anton Markola. Also a very happy birthday wish to Associate members David Marebyan of EOCNY and Sokol Hoxha of IBX.

January 1st New Year's Day

January 6th Feast of the Epiphany Three Kings

January 20th. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

January 23rd National Pie Day

January 12th Feast of Fabulous Wild

January 24th Beer Can Appreciation


January 18th Winnie the Pooh Day

January 31st. National Fun at Work Day

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

HR wants to know:

What's new?

Human Resources reminds us that our records must be kept up to date. The start of a new year is a good time to consider what changes have occurred in these areas: * Address or phone number. * Person to be notified in an emergency and their correct phone number. * Marital status and dependents. * Names of persons to be added to or removed from insurance programs. * Change of life insurance beneficiary. * Educational programs completed. Call Human Resources or stop by to make these changes official.

Let the bells ring, and the cannon fire! Happy New Year to all. January 1 is the first day of the Gregorian calendar year. It's a public holiday in the U.S. and many other countries. Traditionally, it is a day when people analyze their lives and decide what changes or improvements they want to make in the coming year. This day has been observed as New Year's Day in most English-speaking countries since the British Calendar Act of 1751. Before that time, the New Year began on March 25, approximately the date of the vernal equinox. On January 1, the Earth begins another orbit of the sun, during which it will travel about 583,416,000 miles in 365.2422 days. In some countries, New Year's Day is called "Everyman's Birthday," and everyone becomes one year older on this day rather than on the anniversary of their birth. In the U.S., many people encourage fate to bring them good luck in the coming year by eating "lucky" foods. Some like corned beef and cabbage. Many think black-eyed peas or red beans and rice will do the trick. Whatever you believe, here's hoping you have a new year filled with love, luck, and prosperity!


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Trends that will influence business: Technology rules

For our younger generations, the Internet is vital to almost everything they do. Therefore, technology will only increase its grasp on trends that influence business growth in the future. As our youth grow older and comprise more of the consumer market, companies will shift their marketing to digital platforms. Competition for new customers is always fierce, and adapting to the changing consumer market will continue to be crucial to the future of any company. It's imperative that they know their customers' de-

mands and where they spend their money. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence industry continues to grow and significantly impact the world economy. Even smaller uses of artificial intelligence and its algorithms will improve the user's experience in nearly all areas of the marketplace. Artificial intelligence is also transforming customer service. Today's chatbots and virtual assistants can handle more customer service tasks than ever before. As they utilize machine learning to better respond to

customer requests, interactions will increase significantly. More retailers will move online from brick-and-mortar stores. Fashion Nova already has capitalized on the power of online shopping with only a small handful of physical locations, thereby using social media to generate hundreds of millions in sales. The company even created a state-of-the-art warehouse to ship orders faster. As more specialized retailers appear on the market, there seems to be no limit to what can be sold online.

While companies seek to provide more services and options to customers, demand has risen for all-in-one platforms to handle financial transactions, security, and banking needs. As the demand for diverse payment methods increases, these types of full-service banking and financial platforms will be necessary for even small businesses or storefronts. Customers want unlimited, contactless credit options and the ability to pay with cryptocurrency or their phone. They also demand high security and instant, 24-hour access to funds.


"What am I going to do with all this time?" That's a question retirees often ask themselves these days. The trend of retired Americans or those close to it is to keep working. Some need income; others use it for travel and leisure activities, hobbies, or purely for the personal fulfillment of work and staying involved with others. In March of this year, the second annual Small Business Survey revealed 65% of more than 5,000 Americans polled said they envision opening a business when they retire. These results are not surprising, according to Dr. Luke Pittaway, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio University. People are living longer, he says, and more than ever before are choosing to start a business to stay active. According to The Balance Small Business, any service that consumers and companies will pay for can be turned into a business. Among them are accounting, bookkeeping, handyman, landscaping, pet care, and more. Freelance writing is more popular than ever with blogging, writing for businesses large and small, e-books, and memoirs, among others. Self-publishing is fast and af-

fordable these days. Nearly any hobby can be turned into a business too. How about gardening? Baking? Photography? A musical instrument? Contact your former employers to offer your services. Access your network to find potential clients. Starting a home-based business enables the retiree to profit from decades of experi-


ence in his or her profession. Selling one's skills through a service-based home business is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to start making money at home. At or near the top of the possibilities are consulting and coaching. Both can be performed at home and enhanced by online tools.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 10 —

The "irreplaceable" employee


"No one is irreplaceable" is a common phrase in business, especially in large corporations. While everyone can be replaced, some employees would be painful to replace. Why? They've earned it. According to, nearly-irreplaceable employees exceed what's required of them. They know how to address an issue without long explanations. They respect the time of others and practice effective communication. They listen, observe, understand relevant content, and act upon it. They anticipate the situation and know what to do about it. They are trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. When his or her manager is out of the office, the irreplaceable employee not hesitant to take on significant responsibilities. They're loyal. They initiate new and better solutions. They make recommendations, ask questions, and are willing to help others. They're upbeat, friendly, outgoing, and optimistic in hardworking, tense hours. They quickly adapt to change. They don't resist it and know there must be a good reason for it. They are problem solvers, not complainers. When they come with a problem, they bring their proposed solution.

They don't need constant attention and motivation. They know what they do and how and why they do it. They know how to motivate their colleagues. They embrace the big picture without specifically-detailed guidance. They don't shy away from a new challenge. They're fast learners and thinkers. They have in-depth knowledge of the company, its products, processes, clients, and culture. When something new arrives, they can efficiently process it, apply the latest knowledge, and put it into effect. They're organized and efficient. They come to work because they want to, not because they have to. They're the people who invest their time and potential each day to make the company successful. That's why they're "irreplaceable." Or nearly so.

Cost of retirement: More expensive than you might think

The cost of retirement can vary dramatically depending on where you live and what choices you make before you retire. Ideally, you want to have enough social security and investments to maintain your current lifestyle. While investment advisors routinely say $1 million in investments will ensure a happy retirement, this is not necessarily true. In high-tax states with high cost of living, a big retirement pot is probably essential. But, in lower tax states with lower cost of living, retirees might need about a fourth of that amount. The key question is how you prepare before retirement. - Run the numbers. Check with Social Security for an estimate of

retirement income. But, remember your medicare and taxes will be deducted from social security, so that number will be lower. For other income, you will be paying cash for taxes. Look at all your expenses. Medicare plus supplements and prescriptions could run more than you think. For example, some prescriptions could cost $100-$300 per month, even with a prescription plan. - Get out of debt. The best strategy is to be out of debt before retirement. Aim for zero credit

— 11 —

balances. - Pay off the mortgage. In some cases holding a mortgage might be financially wise, depending on how much your investments are making as opposed to the interest rate on your mortgage. But good general advice is to pay off the mortgage before retirement. - Transportation. Plan to have a late model car that is paid off before retirement. A car payment soaks up retirement funds. - Emergency fund. Build one with at least 3 to 6 months of expenses. Emergencies won't stop just because you are retired and you won't have money coming in. You must avoid credit card debt. - Long-term care insurance. Plan early to buy long-term care insurance when prices will be lower.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 12 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Retirement: Move to the heartland for top savings People think if they are going to move in retirement, it will be to a sun-soaked locale with low taxes. In other words: Florida. But, according to a survey by Bankrate, Florida isn't necessarily the best deal. Try Nebraska. Or, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota, the top picks in the Bankrate study. Can you even pick those out on a map? You might want to get familiar. Consider this: A 3-bedroom duplex in Brooklyn with no parking, high property taxes, and high income taxes, costs about $500,000. In the Midwest, a 3-bedroom house with more room, low crime, no pollution, no traffic, and low taxes, costs from $100,000 to $200,000, with the latter being an upgraded house. If you sell Brooklyn and move to the Midwest, you have a huge chunk of happy retirement left over. Medicare costs will be lower,

too. It's a myth that Medicare is free. In fact, the same plans cost more in different locations. In Miami, the monthly premium is about $286 per month. In Omaha, for the same plan, it's $90, according to NBC News. With the additional cost of supplemental and prescription insurance, sometimes deducted right from the social security check, your net income can be lower than expected. Coastal residents usually think

— 13 —

the Midwest is a cultural wasteland, but the truth is that cities in the Midwest have wine bars, good restaurants, plenty of entertainment, and friendly neighbors. And this comes with lower prices on gas, food, and light-weight sales taxes. Of course, being near family and friends is crucial in a retirement location. That has to be considered as well.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 14 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 15 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 16 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

EXPRESS HARDWARE & BUILDING MATERIAL Competitive pricing More than 30,000 items in stock Convenient New York City based location Same day / next day delivery


Please call for more information or to open an account today 212-722-1553 917-528-0040 646-469-3123 929-444-1414 917-560-8899 235 East 123rd Street New York, NY 10035 — 17 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Read this before starting to shovel snow Check these instructions from a specialist in ergonomics before you head out to tackle the beautiful white stuff:

Keep your spine in an upright, neutral position.

* How long you can work depends on how heavy the snow is, your physical condition, and how cold it is outside. * If you feel fatigue, pain, or shortness of breath, rest until you feel normal again.

* No slouching or twisting. * Bend at the hips and knees to get lower to the ground. * Use your leg muscles to lift the load. * Avoid throwing the snow if you can. * Keep the load low to the ground and close to your body. * If you must throw it, don't throw it far. * Use the big muscles from the hips and legs to push the snow whenever you can. * Adequate rest is critical.

Fireplace safety

Where there's soot, there may soon be fire. Professional chimney cleaners say any soot deposits more than a quarter-inch thick present a fire hazard. The soot, called creosote, is one of the top reasons for the thousands of fires involving fireplaces each year, according to the National

Fire Protection Association. Creosote is flammable and should be cleaned out annually if the fireplace is used very much. Find a National Chimney Sweep Guild Certified chimney sweep.

* Have a cap installed at the top of the chimney to keep it from becoming blocked by

— 18 —

If you have shortness of breath for a prolonged period, see your doctor immediately. * Using a snowblower is also physically demanding and requires rest breaks.

birds, animals, or debris. * Use clean-burning wood. Hardwoods like oak burn cleaner than softwoods like pine. Dried wood burns cleaner than green. * Follow directions when using manufactured firelogs. Use one at a time. Don't crack or break manufactured logs. This will release energy at a high rate, resulting in a shorter burn time. Firelogs create less creosote than wood. * Make a fire that fits the fireplace. If it's too big or too hot, it wastes fuel and can crack the chimney. * If the fireplace has glass doors, leave them open while burning a firelog to allow air circulation and cleaner burning. * Always use a fireplace screen. * Keep a fire extinguisher on hand and have smoke detectors throughout the house. * Use kindling to start a fire. Never use flammable liquid. * When building a fire, place logs at the rear of the fireplace, preferably on a grate. * Don't burn anything but wood in the fireplace. Never burn a Christmas tree. * Keep the area around the fireplace and chimney clear of flammables.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

99 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

— 19 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –




JOHN K. SzABO Resident Manager of the Year 2020 With gratitude & appreciation for the years of dedication and service to the CLUB — 20 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –



VINCENT J. TOLINS Pro-Tech Plumbing & Heating Corp

Associate Member of the Year 2020 In recognition of many years of support & friendship you have show to the CLUB — 21 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

How to bowl a strike The experts writing in Men's Fitness say here's how to do it: 1. Take the traditional four-step approach. 2. Extend the ball out on the first step, down on the second, and shoulder-height on the third. 3. On step four, slide forward with the left foot, bend your knees, and release the ball gently. 4. Target the arrow to the immediate right (left for lefties) of the center arrow. Wait for the thunder!

— 22 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

What if I lose my job? If you lose your job or get laid off, and can't afford to pay the rent, tell your landlord you have to move and why. Then, move promptly. Even if it means breaking the lease, the landlord will be less likely to go to court if you have paid the rent and left a clean place with no debris, so the property can be quickly rented again.

Providing Building Maintenance & Contractors’ Supplies




The quality you demand. The service you expect. The technology you need. (914) 636-0505 | |

— 23 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Speeding, red lights

Exceeding the speed limit or going too fast for conditions is a factor in about one-third of all fatal vehicle crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says:

* Speeding reduces the amount of time available to avoid a crash. * It increases the likelihood of crashing. * It increases the severity of a crash when one occurs.

The NHTSA estimates that about 40,000 people per year suffer serious injuries as a result of speeding and about 665,000 have minor to moderate injuries in speeding crashes. Running red lights is another big factor in vehicle crashes. It kills about 800 people per year in the U.S., most of whom were pedestrians or occupants of cars hit by the one running the light. And they cause about 200,000 serious injuries per year.

Start the New Year with a survey of your fitness levels: These four numbers give you a snapshot of your health

With so much health advice in the news today, just thinking about what you should or should not be doing can be a dizzying prospect. Harvard doctors agree that health can be an overwhelming topic. But they say that if you have a handle on these four numbers, you can have a pretty good idea of where you stand and what to do about it. 1. Your body mass index (BMI). Many people are overweight and don't think they are. The health risks climb when you reach the overweight level. Here's what they mean: Underweight is a BMI of less than 18.5, and normal weight is a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9. Overweight is a BMI

of 25 to 29.9, and obesity is a BMI of 30 or over. If your calculation shows more than 24.9, it's time to lose weight. To get a fast BMI rating, see micalc.htm. Just enter

other cardiovascular disease doubles with each increment of 20/10. People with systolic blood pressure (the first number) of 120 to 139 or a diastolic of 80 to 90 are "prehypertensive."

fasting plasma glucose measurements of 126 mg/dL or greater, you have diabetes. 4. Your LDL cholesterol level. Your bad cholesterol reading should be below 100, but 70 is bet-

your height and weight. 2. Your blood pressure. Ideally, it should be 120/80 or below. Starting at 115/75, the risk for heart attack, stroke, and

Changes in diet and activity patterns can help prevent cardiovascular disease at this level. 3. Your fasting glucose. If you have two

ter. Diet, exercise, and medications like statins, or all three, can lower your LDL, reducing your heart disease risk by about a third.

— 24 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Horoscopes Aries 3/21 - 4/19: Stay in the moment as you experience everyday life this month. A mundane exchange sets the stage for inspiration.

Taurus 4/20 - 5/20: You get support from an unexpected source, either at work or at home. Express thanks but be restrained.

Gemini 5/21 - 6/20: An unexpected challenge comes your way. Deal with it quickly to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

Cancer 6/21 - 7/22: Time to clean that closet and empty that drawer. Small steps pay off big by the end of the month. Lighten up in every way. Leo 7/23 - 8/22: Put on the brakes now that the holidays are over. Time spent at home makes a difference in your relationships.

Virgo 8/23 - 9/22: Liven up your home environment with a little paint, polish, or both! Take care of a dark corner of your house -- or a relationship.

Libra 9/23 - 10/21: A dream gives you an idea on how to funnel your energy into progress this month. You know what you have to do. Time to do get on with it.

Scorpio 10/22 - 11/21: Question a decision that involves a loved one. Clarify the results you expect for the other person and for yourself. If you are right, you are right.

Sagittarius 11/22 - 12/21: You feel buoyed and ready to tackle a challenge this month. Summon your creativity and solve an issue in a way you hadn't considered.

Capricorn 12/22 - 1/19: Be practical for a moment and examine your ideas through the eyes of someone else. Knowing how they see the situation, could help you explain your ideas.

Aquarius 1/20 - 2/18: You feel blessed and lucky by the end of the month. Share your optimism with others. It will give them a boost, too.

Pisces 2/19 - 3/20: Be open to suggestion. After all, things are pretty good, not nearly the cloudy day you've been dreading. Look at an enemy as if he or she were a friend.

— 25 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 26 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Teaching kids to solve problems Gradually teaching a child to be a self-sufficient person is one of a parent's most important tasks. Some ways to start: *Teach brainstorming: When there is a problem, have him come up with solutions. Then help him choose one. *Encourage kids to take responsibility: Let them know they have to do their homework. Show them how to organize their schedules so they can plan for music lessons, field

trips, and tests. Use a calendar on the wall or a Palm Pilot. *Teach bargaining skills. Show how to resolve heated arguments. Teach them to walk away until they are calm. Show how to negotiate. Flip a coin to see who goes first; set a timer for three minutes in which to argue; make sure each one listens to the other. Create a penalty for not solving the argument, such as not watching TV today.

*Show how to weigh decisions: Michele Borba, author of Don't Give Me That Attitude (Jossey-Bass) says that when a child wants you to make a decision, show her how to weigh the pros and cons, then decide for herself. *Teach kids to make choices based on reason instead of fearing friends'

— 27 —

disapproval. Show how to deal with failure. Acknowledge hurt feelings and show that failure isn't fatal. Teach him phrases such as "nobody's perfect," "everybody makes mistakes," and "you win some, lose some." Have him practice so he can easily say them to his pals.

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 28 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

2020: What could happen; what will happen; what did happen Given the speed of technology and change, what could happen in 2020? Here are some ideas. Things predicted in 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show for 2020 (that actually might happen): * Incredibly thin monitor displays, mostly equipped for touch. * Digital TV, news, books wars end as content distribution goes all digital. Paper newspapers, cable TV, could be the first victims, according to Trend Micro. Things that some want to happen,

by high speed rail from Beijing to London. predicts this is unlikely. * Cars that drive themselves. OK we already have them, but they can't talk to each other and they aren't safe enough yet. This will happen, according to Popular Science. But maybe not this year. * Flying Humvee. Forget flying cars. Impossible logistically. But in war areas, a flying Humvee could solve a lot of problems. * Microchips in the brain. Will we be controlling our computers by thinking? Not soon, according to

U.S. will be Nov. 3, 2020. * Dubai will build the tallest building at 3,303 feet. * The anniversary of 100 years of women's suffrage on Aug. 18. * The 400th year since the Speedwell brought pilgrims to America. * Other 100th anniversaries: - The first Ponzi Scheme, named for its inventor Charles Ponzi. The pyramid scheme lasted 8 months before it collapsed. - The opiod, hydrocodone, was first synthesized. - The first retail radios. The first adhesive bandages. The first SnapOn Wrench that offered interchangeable handles and sockets. Things that happened 75 years ago: 1945 - Victory in Europe, WWII. In the months of January and April, there will be many anniversaries of the liberation of concentration camps. - Japan surrendered in WWII, after the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs.

but probably won't: * Japanese robots are scheduled to build a robotic lunar outpost this year. Might be stalled by economics, according to NBC News. * A proposed East and West high speed rail line might come together

Intel. Things that really will happen in 2020: * February will have 29 days. 2020 is a leap year. * A presidential election in the

— 29 —

50 years ago: 1970 - Trial of the Chicago 7 ended with acquittal on charges of conspiring for disrupting the 1968 Democratic Convention.

First apartment? Don't make this huge mistake

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Young people getting by on their first paychecks may not realize how important it is to pay rent and pay it on time. Establishing a good rent record gives you many future choices. On the other hand, failure to pay rent can make it hard or even impossible to rent, even if you can afford it, and especially if you get evicted. An eviction will follow a person for years on public records, making it extremely difficult to rent an apartment from an established landlord -- even out of the area. Evictions can hurt your credit report, making it dif-

ficult to get a loan or a credit card. Reliable tenants are in high demand. A tenant with a perfect rent record (and the references to prove it) can get the best apartments, and even sometimes negotiate security deposits.


The President, and/or his/her designee, at his/her sole discretion, can have any Regular/Associate/Affiliate/Life Member or guest removed from a meeting or event sponsored or endorsed by the Manhattan Resident Managers Club, whose behavior or use of language is deemed detrimental to the Officer’s execution of the meeting or event which he/she determines that this behavior and/or inappropriate language impedes the enjoyment of said event or meeting for others. The President has the authority and right to ban or suspend any Member(s) or Guest(s) found in violation of this By-Law from attending future meetings and/or events for a predetermined amount of time.

A ban for life can also assessed with a 75% “Yes” vote by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. __________________________________________________________

The officers shall be elected to serve one (1) year from the date of installation, or until their successors are installed. The President and/or Vice President cannot be elected to the same office for more than two (2) years in succession. The President would not be permitted to hold or serve the same office or that of the Vice-Presidency unless he/she sits out for a full (1) one-year term. The Vice-President would not be permitted to hold or serve the same office unless he/she sits out for a full (1) one-year term; however the exiting two-term Vice-President may elect to run for a higher office, such as the office of President if he/she desires to do so. The Treasurer, Financial Secretary and the Secretary cannot be elected or serve the same office for more than four (4) years in succession. These Officers would also be required to sit out a full (1) one-year term before running or being elected to that same office; however the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and the Secretary can choose to run for a different officer position if he/she desires to do so.

— 30 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Farthest airport walks If it feels as if you walk miles in an airport, you probably don't. But there are significant hikes. For a Wall Street Journal survey, 40 airports estimated the number of feet a passenger could walk from the curb to the farthest gate. Here are airports with walks over 3,000 feet: Minneapolis: Las Vegas: Charlotte: Miami: New York JFK: Salt Lake City: DC Dulles: Phoenix: Seattle: Honolulu: Houston Bush: Philadelphia:

4,400 4,277 4,118 3,960 3,935 3,358 3,300 3,223 3,200 3,200 3,168 3,115

Longest TSA waits The time you spend waiting in a TSA line varies with the airport. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, here are the longest wait times in 'standard lines' for TSA. These times, in minutes, were recorded for June 2019. Forty airports were surveyed: Newark: Dallas Love: Charlotte: San Diego: Denver: Baltimore: Fort Lauderdale: Las Vegas:

9:53 9:47 9:27 8:48 8:21 8:13 8:11 8:00

The shortest wait was in Nashville: 2:31.

5 hotel tips

1. You are more likely to get a discount at an independently owned hotel. 2. Don't bargain with the person on the reservation phone line. Call the hotel directly. 3. If you have a special request, avoid calling hotels during check-in time from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 4. Don't trash the room. Your name will go on a blacklist. 5. Don't take the robe: You will be charged. Do take the shampoo. — 31 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 32 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 33 —


– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. ~ Arthur Ashe

In any contest between power and patience, bet on patience. ~ W. B. Prescott I've always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific. ~ Lily Tomlin Whoever said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," probably never heard of preventative maintenance. ~ Steven Kasper

Just because the river is quiet does not mean the crocodiles have left. ~ Malay Proverb

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

~ H.G. Wells

Without civic morality communities perish; without personal morality their survival has no value. ~ Bertrand Russell

Our ego is our silent partner _ too often with a controlling interest. ~ Cullen Hightower

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. ~ Abraham Lincoln

— 34 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. – I have a potential buyer for my house but the

buyer wants some guarantees on the appliances.

How can I give him peace of mind without exposing

myself to all sorts of claims after the sale of the You need home warranty insurance!

isn't a very happy situation for the well-meaning

Considering what a home warranty plan costs,

seller or the cash-strapped buyer.

and the many things it covers, it can be a very good investment for a seller.

Home warranty plans cost between $350 and $600 for the first year, with an option to renew at a

For the buyer, it offers peace of mind for their pur-

higher cost the second year. The policy will carry a

chase. After all, a buyer might be feeling the pinch

deductible that the new homeowner must pay. Typi-

right after he buys a house and is in no mood to re-

cally, that deductible is from $50 to $150 and will

place the refrigerator or work on the air conditioning

apply to a service call. Home warranties usually cover built-in appliances


such as stoves, dishwashers and garbage disposals,

Buyers sometimes come back to the seller and ask that the seller make good on his promise that the

but may also cover a refrigerator or washer. The

air conditioning or refrigerator are in working order.

home warranty will cost more if you want to insure a

A major appliance that suddenly quits after the sale

pool, but will probably be worth it.

— 35 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

— 36 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

Visit our Web Site at:

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2020 could be the sweet spot for selling According to Forbes, today's mortgage rates -at about 3.75 percent -- will stay low in 2020. At the same time, market watchers expect home prices to continue to increase due to low inventory and high demand. Without more listings on the market, competition will increase early in the year. Lowinterest rates and the lack of starter homes will continue to raise prices. To meet demand, new construction is thriving. According to the National Association of Home Builders, new construction in late 2019 reached a 20-month high. reveals Millennials constituted almost half--46 percent --of mortgage originations in September 2019, up from 43 percent in 2018. At the same time, Baby Boomer and Gen X mortgage activity faded.

Boomers are staying in their homes, not downsizing as did previous generations. Older people are working longer and young people are staying at home longer. In 2016, 16.1 percent of senior households had younger generations living with them, up from 14.4 percent in 2005, according to Trulia and Census figures. But Boomers might be missing a sweet spot in the market, with high demand, high prices, and low inventory. Should they sell in 2020? According to the Federal Reserve, household equity in real estate has more than doubled since its shortage in 2012. Mortgage equity is at an all-time high today. In the next few years, new construction could eat up demand and lower prices.

— 38 —

– MANhAttAN REsiDENt MANAgER’s Club, iNC. –

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