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ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY School of M.lsic SYMPOSIUM OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC Westbrook Auditorium, March 7, 1980, 8:00 p.m. - Program The Unanswered Question (i908)----------------Charles E. lves Teresa Strotl'Inann, Tess McKay-Richter, flutes Kevin Deets, oboe; Melodie Bray, clarinet Strings of the IWU Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Robert lllke

Serenade No. l----------------------------Vincent Persichetti I. Prelude II. Episode III. Song

IV. Interlude V. Dance

Cave---------------------------------------------Russell PeCk The Wind Ensanble Steven 'W. Eggleston, conductor Frogs (1978)--------------------------------Norman Dinerstein "Day darken" frogs say A tree frog trilling Pm. old silent pond Frog-school canpeting flo, for the May ra.ins Hop out of my way IWU Chamber Singers David Nott, director A1 Fresco------------------------------------------Karel.Husa The IWU Concert Band Steven W. Eggleston, conductor

Caning Events:

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March 9, 8: 00 p.m.: Canpositions by Abram M. Plum. March 12, 8: 00 p.m.: Canpositions by IWU students. March 13,,4:00 p.m.: Solo Viewpoints: Carments and Ccinpositions by Thanas FrederiCkson, Morgan Powell, Sever Tipei and Paul Martin Zonn. March 13, 8 :00 p.m.: Concert by University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players: M.lsic by Scott Wyatt, Morgan Powell, Elliott Carter, Barney Childs, , Thanas Frederickson and Paul Martin Zonn. March 16, 6:00 p.m.: Recital by Jtmior Canposition Maj or, Brian Buralli.

Symposium of Contemporary Music, 1980  

Presented by the Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music.