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Responsibility Gro Brundtland

Norway’s former Prime Minister and World Commission Chair on Environment and Development, Dr. Brundtland serves as UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, seeking ways to balance human enterprise and the planet’s limits. Her “Brundtland Report” focuses on the developmental impact of climate change and global warming.

Malaak Compton-Rock

Wife of superstar comedian Chris Rock and a successful public relations executive who has lent her talents to philanthropic causerelated marketing campaigns for UNICEF, Compton-Rock combines celebrity and service. She founded the Angel Rock project, an evillage that promotes volunteerism, social responsibility, and sustainable change.

Howard Gardner

The Harvard University professor who originated the concept of “multiple intelligences,” Gardner turns his vision to business, prescribing a code of ethics and ideas for organizations to make them more successful.

Val Kilmer

An extraordinarily talented actor who starred in The Doors and Top Gun, Kilmer has long been a supporter of environmental causes, in particular the preservation of our wildlife and natural resources while maintaining a sustainable society.

Mary Robinson

Ireland’s first female president, Robinson advises businesses worldwide on ethical practices and management. In addition to her role as Executive Director of the Ethical Globalization Initiative, she is one of five members of the MasterCard Foundation that focuses on microfinance, youth entrepreneurship, and education.

Peter Thum

A former McKinsey consultant, Thum founded Ethos water, which donates part of its bottled water profits to clean-water initiatives in third world countries. His vision has dramatically changed the role of social responsibility in corporate America.

Desmond Tutu

A Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Tutu served as South Africa’s conscience during its long struggle against apartheid, soothing spirits and rallying hearts with passionate and dignifying words. As Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he continues to speak for justice, peace, and reconciliation.

Juan Williams

As a writer for The Washington Post, bestselling author, political pundit, and Senior Correspondent for NPR, Williams is at the cutting edge of America’s culture. He examines the changing face of America and the trend towards civic and social responsibility.

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Responsibility Carolyn Baron

Producer of Academy Award-winning films Capote and Monsoon Wedding, Baron founded FilmAid, a humanitarian organization that uses film’s power to address the emotional, physical, and basic survival needs of displaced people.

Geoffrey Canada

As President and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Canada crusades for the most at-risk children and is the subject of Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America.

Robin Chase

Changing the way we drive, and introducing sustainability to transportation, Chase founded ZipCar and GoLoco, a ride-share start-up that connects social networking with a dash of environmental conscience.

Johnnetta B. Cole

One of the most powerful African American women, Cole is President Emeritus of Bennett College where she chairs The Johnnetta B. Cole Global Diversity & Inclusion Institute, spearheading breakthrough thinking about diversity management.

Paul Dolan

During his 27-year tenure at Fetzer Vineyards, Dolan, a 4th generation vintner, transformed sustainable business and believes “the future of business is to make the future its business.”

Richard Dreyfuss

Oscar-winning actor Dreyfuss has starred in Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Mr. Holland’s Opus—but his most influential role inspires all citizens to partake in democracy and civic engagement.

Jesse Dylan

A socially conscious and versatile director, Dylan collaborated with from the Black Eye Peas on an Internet project for Barack Obama which resulted in an Emmy Award-winning video “Yes We Can.”

Jonah Edelman

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Stand for Children, Edelman teaches advocacy skills to those who work with at-risk populations. By pioneering innovative strategies, he galvanizes the next generation to stand for children.

Peter J. Gomes

Recognized by Time as one of “The Seven Best Preachers in America,” Rev. Gomes expounds from his best-selling The Good Book with grace, humility, and intellectual rigor.

Lou Gossett, Jr.

Academy Award winner Gossett is deeply committed to his message that our children are the most important investment in our lives. He addresses issues about achievement, cultural awareness, and active community involvement.

Graham Hill

A prominent green activist, Hill founded, a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. His book, Ready, Set, Green, offers an accessible eight-week approach to living the modern, eco-friendly life.

Star Jones

Former co-host of The View, media personality and successful prosecutor, Jones is known for her candor, confidence and style. She discusses the hot-button media issues and advocates for economic and social justice.

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Responsibility John Kasich

Andrew Savitz

Known as a proponent of personal responsibility, Kasich served as US Congressman for 18 years. As author of The New York Times bestseller Courage is Contagious, he examines what made this nation great.

A creative business leader, Savitz is an internationally known expert on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. He is the author of the best-selling books The Triple Bottom Line and Green to Gold.

Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Kennedy-Townsend carried on the Kennedy legacy as the first female Lt. Governor of Maryland. She wrote Failing America’s Faithful, exploring the role of faith in determining social progress, political policy, and our culture.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Lawford overcame substance abuse, was successfully treated for Hepatitis C, and now shares his journey to recovery. Author of Moments of Clarity, he conveys a powerful message addressing the perils of addiction in our society today.

Matthew Modine

Actor who starred in Full Metal Jacket and Married to the Mob, Modine directed the films Bicycle for a Day and The Love Film that helped create a global bicycle movement and improve the environment.

Ralph Nader

Former Green Party candidate Nader makes it his life’s purpose to improve the quality of our lives and advise corporate America on issues such as energy consumption, global warming, and the environment.

Tim Sanders

Former leadership coach at Yahoo! and New York Times best-selling author of Love Is the Killer App, Sanders outlines his “responsibility revolution” in his bestseller Saving the World at Work.

Internationally known as Africa’s “Iron Lady,” Liberian president Sirleaf became the first woman to lead an African nation. She is a leading promoter of peace, justice, and democratic rule.

Jurnee Smollett

Nominated for an NAACP Image Award for her role in The Great Debaters, opposite Denzel Washington, Smollett combats AIDS as the youngest board member of Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA).

Susan L. Taylor

As the soul of Essence magazine for over three decades and now founder of National Cares Mentoring Movement, Taylor successfully helps others, recruiting mentors for today’s at-risk youth.

John Wood

At age 35, Wood left his job as Director of Business Development for Microsoft’s Greater China region to form Room to Read, a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy in impoverished parts of the world.

John Zogby

As the hottest pollster, Zogby has his finger on the pulse of America. In his best-selling The Way We’ll Be, he unearths the trend embracing a more spiritual, diverse, and authentic society.

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Social Responsibility Speakers  

A selection of professional speakers who share their experience and methods for helping organizations become more socially responsible.

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