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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra streamed its season announcement live on

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra broadcast its 2010-11 season announcement on


Seasonal Streaming

As orchestras opened the new year by unveiling their 2010-11 season plans, announcement platforms that might have seemed high-tech novelties a few years ago have increasingly become the norm. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Los Angeles Philharmonic all streamed press conferences live on their websites. The New York Philharmonic, meanwhile, posted minute-by-minute updates from its season announcement press conference on its Twitter page. The orchestras of Los Angeles and New York announced their seasons within an hour of each other, making for a packed day for any orchestra fan with a computer and internet access. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra streamed its season announcement in “town hall” format, taking questions both from a live audience at Powell Symphony Hall and through email at The Philadelphia Orchestra took the unique approach of sending out memory sticks that included their 2010-11 press kit in digital form. To watch press conferences and related videos, click on each orchestra’s highlighted name at SymphonyOnline.

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Video supplements to the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 2010-11 season announcement include a conversation between Music Director Gustavo Dudamel and Executive Director Deborah Borda.

“What is the difference between art and entertainment?” That was the opening lob of February’s “Arts Leadership in Focus” panel discussion, presented by the Forum of Young Global Leaders & World Economic Forum at Carnegie Hall. Matthew Bishop, New York bureau chief of The Economist, joked that the difference is that people pay for entertainment, while art needs to be subsidized. Serious questions such as crime, education, and poverty were addressed by arts leaders and top names from organizations like the InterAmerican Development Bank, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and Wolfensohn & Co. Los Angeles Philharmonic President and CEO Deborah Borda tackled the tough sell of “return on investment” to arts philanthropists; Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, founding chairman of Youth Orchestra of the Americas, talked about the arts’ importance in “feeding the human soul.”

Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, Erwann MichelKerjan (moderator), and Klaus Schwab at “Arts Leadership in Focus” panel discussion


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