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Friday, March 17, 2023 | 3 pm EST | Columbus, Ohio


Welcome to the -C- The Difference Ohio Beef Expo Edition Sale! We are in exciting times in the beef cattle industry. With near record high feeder calves across the nation and all-time low cow herd numbers, it only means one thing. The genetics you buy now will drastically help mold the future of your cattle herds and we will see record prices moving forward.

With that said, the demand for high quality cattle is at an all-time high and the consignors here have brought you an outstanding set of sale cattle for your evaluation on March 17th. You can buy with confidence whether you are looking for a new herd sire or looking to add a show heifer to your string who will then go on to be an outstanding cow! There is something for everyone in this sale. We may not have the high numbers like some of the other sales, but be assured that the quality will be second to none!

If you have any questions on the sale lots, please reach out to the sale consignors, sale staff or myself for assistance.

See you in Columbus!

Dustin Terms & Conditions: All cattle sell under the terms and conditions of the ACA.

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Wednesday, March 15

Arrival & Stalling Cattle in place

Friday, March 17 3 pm – -C- The Difference Ohio Beef Expo Edition Sale – Voinovich Building


The Hill - Lot 1

Mark & Liz DeHaven Lynn, Indiana (765) 914-4300


Garringer Show Cattle - Lot 2

Kyle Garringer Hagerstown, Indiana (260) 729-7337


Evans Cattle Company – Lots 8 & 9

Derek & Kelsey Evans Campbellsburg, Kentucky (217) 218-0242 – Derek (859) 553-3059 – Kelsey kelseyculpevans@gmail.com

Banter Show Calves – Lot 11

Kade Banter Eaton, Indiana (765) 499-1786 stacey.parnell2@gmail.com

Grand ‘Ole Place Farms - Lots 3 & 4

Ken Culp III

Nicholasville, Kentucky (859) 227-7506 ken.culp@uky.edu

Foggy Acres – Lot 10

Wade Garrett Richmond, Indiana (765) 993-6231 wadegarrett85@gmail.com

Sheets Chiangus – Lot 7

Rob & Becky Sheets

West Lafayette, Indiana (765) 426-3398


Herr Show Cattle – Lot 12

Allison Herr Metamora, Ohio (419) 204-4940


Garrett Show Cattle – Lots 5 & 6 Larry Garrett Williamsburg, Indiana (765) 969-0921


Schaeffer Show Cattle – Lot 15 Tim Schaeffer Hagerstown, IN (765) 541-0738 teschaeffer@gmail.com

Prescott Cattle Company – Lot 13 Colton & Hunter Prescott Winchester, IN (260) 729-2713 - Colton (260) 729-2515 - Hunter crprescott92@yahoo.com

Green Oak Farms – Lot 14

Gale Long & Dillon Durham New Paris, OH (765) 546-0395


Watch & Bid Online: Register and bid online at www.liveauctions.tv

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Consigned by The Hill/Mark & Liz DeHaven

Matthew 2:10 1 Lot

Bull / 6.65% / 4/4/2022 / 59K / BW: 78 lb / ACA# 416368

Sire: Dam:

1 Oak

KREM Brut Big Oak 9G

Miss Hannah Girly

Made 2 Order

GOF Miss Me

GCC Miss Me Dupree 3176

Game Changer ET 2Lot

BW: 2.4

WW: 49

YW: 76

Milk: 12

This is not your Daddy’s clean up bull! We are excited to offer this cool, 6.65% Chi bull that is all shag and swag. He is genetically stacked for success with bone, balance and excellent mobility. He is a true April bull, born with a 78-pound, unassisted birth weight. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His power and look tell us that this Oak prodigy is destined to follow in the footsteps of his proven and powerful pedigree. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your genetics!

Bull / 5.35% / 2/27/2022 / 22K / ACA# 416565

Sire: Dam:

SVF Steel Force S701

Mr Hoc Broker JM BF H25

Believe In Me Miss 268A ET

BPF Miley 80T

BW: 3.4

WW: 58

YW: 86

Milk: 14

Consigned by Garringer Show Cattle/ Kyle Garringer

Concrete Simmental genetics out of our proven powerhouse donor cow 461. A maternal sib to our top selling steers and heifers over the last 5 years. Here is your chance to bring our best genetics into your herd.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 4


Consigned by Grand ‘Ole Place Farms & Kennedy & Brooks Evans

118J is the smoothest made, fanciest, straightest lined, cleanest fronted brother. Extremely soft in his pastern, he’s an easy moving bull with plenty of shape. Kennedy showed him last summer; his disposition is outstanding.

GOP Just In Time 118J ET 3Lot



Colburn Primo 5153

SSF On Point 4028

Plum Creek Annie Lu 4472

TR Trail Blazer 2CA

TR Your Magic Lace PCA

TR Ms Magic Lace E758N

GOP Just Do It 120J ET 4Lot

Colburn Primo 5153


SSF On Point 4028

Plum Creek Annie Lu 4472

TR Trail Blazer 2CA


TR Your Magic Lace PCA

TR Ms Magic Lace E758N

BW: 2.7

WW: 58

YW: 90

Milk: 16

The Primo x TR Your Magic Lace 318Y mating has been extremely predictable and competitive. This mating produced the 2020 National Champion Chiangus Female “GOP Greta Garbo 910G” and “GOP Fair Play 809F”.  We wanted to try something a little different, without venturing too far away from the strike zone. We flushed Lace to “SSF On Point 4028” (a Primo son) and got a trio of bull calves! They are all big topped, square-made, sound moving, productionoriented, shaggy haired bulls with great dispositions. At 13.97% Chianina blood, every calf that these bulls sire can be registered and shown as either Chianina or Chiangus, depending on the cows to which they’re bred. “Fair Play” is our “go to bull” for calving ease. His 3/4 brothers can be used with confidence on heifers. Fair Play’s first heifer calf was Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female at the National Show and his first bull calf is doing a great job for Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs in Nebraska.

BW: 2.7

WW: 58

YW: 91

Milk: 16

Consigned by Grand ‘Ole Place Farms & Kennedy & Brooks Evans

120J is a higher performing, long-bodied, more rugged brother. This bull will add extension, performance and foot size to his progeny. He’ll be a great option to add length of body, foot size, softness and performance.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 5
/ 13.97% / 12/20/2021 / 120J /
Bull / 13.97% / 12/17/2021 / 118J / BW: 78 lb /

LBG Sonny Boy 5Lot

Bull / 7.62% / 2/18/2022 / 218K / BW: 77 lb / ACA# 412802



Dameron First Class

Colburn Pimo 5153

Silveiras Saras Dream 1339

Man On A Mission

BMW Sunflower 221E

Sunflower 316A


BW: 0.7

WW: 56

YW: 87

Milk: 12

Consigned by Garrett Show Cattle/ Larry Garrett

As stout and big middled, big footed, big boned and as sound as you can get. Loaded with volume and maternal ability. Take advantage to this great cow family that has several National Champion in her pedigree.  PHAF & THF

LBG Jack 6Lot

Bull / 11.62% / 3/2/2022 / 32K / BW: 78 lb / ACA# 414354



SULL Right Direction ET

SULL Revolution 4383

JSUL Jalynn 344

Man Among Boys

BMW Maggie 413D ET

ASHW Maggie 55M

BW: 3.4

WW: 46

YW: 72

Milk: 17

Consigned by Garrett Show Cattle/ Larry Garrett

Want to raise steers, this one is thick, has plenty of bone and lots of hair. He is a THC & PHAF. His Who Made Who x Man Among Boys pedigree is a sure winner.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 6

RSRS Pistolero

Bull / 23.75% / 5/7/2022 / 47K / BW: 85 lb / ACA# 412860



SC SRR Outlier 503C

RSRS Outlaw

RSRS Allejandra 1CA

RDD Destinys Ace

RSRS Velda 2CA

RSRS Aphrodite

BW: 3.5

WW: 53

YW: 79

Milk: 13

Consigned by Sheets Chiangus/Rob & Becky Sheets

This exciting young herd sire prospect, RSRS Pistolero ,is sired by RSRS Outlaw who traces back to Eagle Scout and Sennett Cattle Company’s prolific donor and past Indiana State Grand Female FBF Smilin Stocked.

His dam is equally amazing, at 16 years of age producing this outstanding herd bull prospect. RSRS Velda has been a great donor here at Sheets Chiangus being sired by the legend RDD Destiny’s Ace and out of RSRS Aphrodite who is the dam of three Grand Females in three different states; TN, KY, and IN! All of this in a 23% plus package of style, soundness, and quality!

Mate RSRS Pistolero to a Chiangus or PB Angus and you will have a Chiangus progeny. Whether Chi or Chiangus , these calves will be high quality and add Chi percentage to your next calf crop.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 7
Longevity « Carcass Quality « Maternal Ability Chianina « Chiangus « Chiford

EVNS Karmen 611K 8 Lot

Heifer / 9.87% / 5/2/2022 / 611K / BW: 78 lb / ACA# 416533



DAJS Special Effects 044

DAJS Black Out 93

DAJS Kate 2015B

LFCC Unstoppable 727X

EVNS/GOP Perfection 611D ET

KBSC Hanna 52W

BW: 2.3

WW: 48

YW: 76

Milk: 15


Consigned by Evans Cattle Company/ Derek & Kelsey Evans

Stamped exactly like her mother, this May heifer has potential written all over her. We strive to keep heifers honest in their condition, and this female is just that. She’s really good built, being nearly flawless in her structure. “Karmen” is soft at the ground and covers a lot of surface with her reach and looseness of skeleton. Great down her top and in her hip, possessing true muscle shape and genuine depth and curve in her center body design. Her mother, a female we raised in 2016, is a no-miss cow. We don’t show Chianina’s which is why we’re offering her up, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on taking her home. Buy with tremendous confidence, especially if you have a young showman. She’s a doll!

EVNS Klassy 330K 9Lot

Heifer / 17.45% / 6/5/2022 / 330K / BW: 75 lb / ACA# 416534



Colburn Primo 5153

GOP Fair Play 809F

TR Your Magic Lace PCA

GOP You’re A Real Big Star

GOP Cynthia Alexandra 330A

GOP BKC Cynthia 706T

BW: 2.5

WW: 57

YW: 86

Milk: 16

Consigned by Evans Cattle Company/ Derek & Kelsey Evans

For just a June heifer calf, there are a lot of good things this Fair Play daughter brings to the table. Study her build and genuine body shape. She’s got a tremendous amount of top and hip shape, but refined in a soft and feminine package. Sound, flexible and right in her angles, females like this are the ones that stick around for a long time. She’s 17.45% Chi, and when bred to a Chiangus bull, you’ll have a Chiangus calf.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 8

FAC Aspen 92K 10Lot

Heifer / 8.12% / 9/2/2022 / 92K / ACA# 416541



Dual Threat 305A FAC Jagger 1220G

LBG Jassmen

LBG The Doctor GAWA Miss Summer

GAWA Nila Jean


Consigned by Foggy Acres/Wade Garrett

Take a look at this fall born - she is so soft in her make up and very attractive throughout. This heifer balances up nice and is super complete. With being a fall born enjoy showing this one for two seasons and show her calf the next year.

BW: 1.5

WW: 50

YW: 78

Milk: 15

CHBB Krystal 11 Lot

Heifer / 8.86% / 5/8/2022 / 508K / BW: 83 lb / ACA# 416431



ASHW Who Da Man

BMW Onset Ms Rockn Ace 36U

CH Alex 405

WR Royal Zee Lady 5438

BW: 3.3

WW: 58

YW: 81

Milk: 13

Consigned by Banter Show Calves/ Kade Banter

This Onset daughter is extremely high quality. She has added look and dimension, while still being good in terms of her skeleton, with a big soft foot, and sleek and feminine up front. We feel this is a heifer that will be competitive in the show ring and then go home and make a tremendous cow.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 9

This is the first offering from our Mae West cow.. This female is one that will stop you in your tracks when you are looking for one that is sound, flexible with her joints, and ties her neck high out of her shoulder with a deep maternal rib shape. Her dam was many time breed champion in Ohio and Michigan in 2015-2016. When you study her from the ground up, she has all of the right parts and pieces whether you are looking to show her, or make a future donor for elite steers and heifer offerings. Don’t miss out on this tremendous female.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 10
BW: 2.3 WW: 43 YW: 65 Milk: 15 BMW Onset NSSC Top Secret 30F Donor 52 Believe In Me JFK Mae West KMS Ms Understood Sire: Dam: Heifer / 8.93% / 5/15/2022 / 11K / BW: 80 lb / ACA# 414149 HERR mae’s Western Secret 11K 12Lot
Herr Heifers 2023 National Junior Heifer Show Join us June 19-24 in Grand Island, Nebraska for ‘The Sweet Life” • Heifer, Steer & Bull Shows • Showmanship • Educational Contests • Family Fun Events • Kick Ball • & More Scan to QR code for more details For more information on the event, or to be a sponsor, contact Heather at heather@chicattle.org or 517-214-0927.
Consigned by
Show Cattle/Allison

SC Skymere 6D ET 13Lot

Donor / 20.8% / 5/12/2016 / 6D / ACA# 385744




Eagle Vision 1CA

Eagle Scout 2CA

RSE Miss Val 96Z 1CA

Smilin Bob

FBF Your Smilin Stocked

FBF Fully Stocked 018N

Consigned by Prescott Cattle Company/Colton & Hunter Prescott

We can say so much about these two genetic lots but first and foremost be confident in going after either one of them. This Donor is flat out getting after it! She has had multiple offspring win divisions on the green shavings as well as All-Americans in the Chi breed. One of her sons, PRES Black Frost 906G ET, was the Grand Champion Bull at NAILE in 2020, Grand Champion Bull at OKC in 2021, an ACA All-American and was Show Bull of Year. She had a daughter that was an ACA All-American and was also Reserve Champion Chi Female at the Fort Worth Show. Her offspring perform but they also sell well with her first set of embryo calves selling for an average of $17,500 per calf. Some of these matings we are selling are proven, having our only 24 Karat to sell for $30,000 last fall and we are super excited to see how she develops into a big bred.  A few of these matings are fresh out of the lab! We could not be more excited to get them implanted and on the ground. We think they could be major home runs and be cattle that we are all trying to produce for the future! Buy with confidence and get a genetic opportunity that could make an impact in your program like their mother has impacted ours.

Offspring will be 10.4% Chi and bred to a Chiangus bull will result in Chiangus offspring.

Guarantee one pregnancy on each lot if implanted by a certified embryo technician. Embryos are located at our farm in Winchester, Ind., or Trans Ova and will be available for pick up the day of the sale or will be able to be shipped at the buyer’s expense.

Skymere x Dignity or BT Limit Up 13aLot

Selling 3 Sexed Heifer IVF Embryos sired by BNWZ Dignity 8017 or TSSC BT Limit Up - you choose the sire

Skymere x Follow Me or


karat 13bLot

Selling 3 Sexed Heifer IVF Embryos sired by Gateway Follow Me F163 or SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 - you choose the sire

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 11
BW: 2.1 WW: 47 YW: 72 Milk: 15

UDE Stylish lady 9D ET 14Lot

Gambles Hot Rod

Silveiras Style 9303

Silveiras Elba 2520

ASHW Who Dat Man

JSUL Red Thunder 9051W


Consigned by Green Oak Farms/Gale Long & Dillon Durham

For the first time on the open market we’re going to offer you embryos out of the matriarch of the herd here at Green Oak Farms! The Grand Champion Female at the 2017 Ohio State Fair!

Stemming from the Great Red Thunder, Betty has done an incredible job raising steers and heifers alike! Take advantage of an opportunity like this because it’s not offered everyday!

Full and maternal sibs to these embryos have sold in sales like the Holiday Classic and privately off the farm and went on to do big things for those buyers! Contact us to talk about previous progeny and calves on the ground out of her now!


Stylish Lady 9D – Junior Show Supreme Champion Heifer - 2017 Ohio State Fair

Stylish Lady x BMW Onset 14aLot

Selling 3 Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by BMW Onset

Stylish Lady x Maternal Made 14bLot

Selling 3 Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by NMR Maternal Made

Stylish Lady x Made 2 Order 14cLot

Selling 3 Unsexed Embryos sired by Made 2 Order

Stylish Lady x Spread The Word 14bLot

Selling 3 Unsexed Embryos sired by Spread The Word

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 12
Dam: Donor / 7.5% / 2/9/2016 / 9D / ACA# 384503
BW: 0.7 WW: 59 YW: 91 Milk: 13

SUL Who Dat Girl 118C ET 15

Donor / 12.75% / 3/15/2015 / 1118C / BW: 87 lb / ACA# 399402



Who Made Who 411F

ASHW Who Da Man

ASHW CA x MA x SM 55

Heat Wave

SUL 920W Sophia SUL 920R

BW: 3.2

WW: 44

YW: 69

Milk: 10


Consigned by Schaeffer Show Cattle/ Tim Schaeffer

Selling 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by SCC

SCH 24 Karat

Who Dat Girl 118C was a past $60,000 high selling female that had an incredible show career for the Doerstler family, including a big win as Reserve Champion Female in Louisville at the National Chianina Show. Now in production, this female has averaged over $17,000 in heifer sales with one of those daughter having a successful run for Kelton Aurthur. This mating to 24 Karat is going to be this donors most potent yet. As big middled and chubby built as she makes them, the combination of his length, look and design will be a perfect match for some powerful and very valuable calves. This lot will pay for itself 100 times over.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 13

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• Individual sponsor recognition in the showring, during show & in show program

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• Logo on revolving banner on the AJMAA/AJCA junior national web pages

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• Individual Sweepstakes - $500

Counts (517) 214-0927 or Heather@chicattle.org

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age division)

The American Chianina Association was created in June 1972 and celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the American Chianina Association National Show in Louisville in November 2022. At the 50th Anniversary reception, members were able to reminisce with fellow members and friends, remembering the past years and looking forward to the future. Ken Geuns of Michigan, gave a great talk about the association, covering the early years through the present. Staff and members from across the country compiled memorabilia for the event, allowing those in attendance to take a walk back in time through the last 50 years.

-C- The Difference Sale Ohio Beef Expo Edition | Page 15 AMERICAN C H I A NINA ASSOCIATION AC
50 th ANNIVERSARY 1972-2022
Years | American Chianina Association | 1972-2022
Friday, March 17, 2023 | 3 pm | Columbus, Ohio Ohio Beef Expo Edition

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