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7, 2023 |
Heifers | Bulls | Genetic Lots
11 am | Oklahoma City, OK at
the Cattlemen’s Congress


Welcome to the 3rd Annual -C- The Difference Sale, held in conjunction with the Cattleman’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK! The fall season has been a great one with Chianina genetics in very high demand across the country – many topping multi breed sales and going on to hang banners for their new owners already.

One thing is evident in the Chianina breed – there are so many different avenues we offer to the cattle industry. Looking to buy a bull that will add pounds to your commercial set of cows that will eventually go on and convert their feed to pounds of red meat in an efficient and economical way? Then there’s a bull in this sale for you! Looking for a bull to develop a set of high-quality replacement females to go on and make cows that have excellent maternal abilities with the longevity that we all are looking for? There’s a bull in this sale for you! If you are looking for a bull to make show cattle, then there’s a bull in this sale for you!

The females in the offering are second to none with some major opportunities to own some of the best females in the breed backed by pedigrees that always get to the backdrop from some of the most progressive breeders in the country. The genetic lots being offered are some of the most sought after embryos in the business. This is a sale you won’t want to miss.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, Heather, the breeders or any of the sale staff listed in the sale book. It’s a great time to invest in the Chianina breed.

See you in OKC!

Dustin Hurlbut

ACA Chief Executive Officer

(605) 380-8052 • dustin@chicattle.org Terms &


cattle sell under the terms and conditions of the ACA.

Dustin Hurlbut, CEO:: 605.380.8052

Steve Bonham:: 405.823.2972

Kent Jaecke:: 405.408.2440

Delvin Helderman:: 405.205.1116

Chisim Kinder:: 405.747.4683

Craig Talkington:: 785.623.1789

Colton Pratz, Oklahoma Cowman:: 405.385.1054


Oklahoma State Fairgrounds

3001 General Pershing Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73107

BOard Of directOrs:

Justin Tracy, President:: 308.962.4255

Tyler Winegardner, Vice President:: 419.236.4375

Colton Prescott, Secretary:: 260-729-2713

Andy Higgins, Treasurer:: 615.330.6446

Neal Branscum:: 606.872.5395

Ryan Dunklau:: 402.369.2025

Derek Evans:: 217.218.0242

Travis Pembrook:: 405.206.7997

Jeff Miller:: 765.414.4547

Katy Satree-Rucker:: 940.391.9121

Keith Schrick:: 817.366.6435

Nate Tice:: 717.926.0874

schedule Of events:

Thursday, Jan. 5

Arrival & Stalling

Friday, Jan. 6

3 p.m. – Cattle In Place

1-3 p.m. – Check In Junior & Open CattleACA Booth – Super Barn

Saturday, Jan. 7

11 a.m. – -C- The Difference Sale – Super Barn Sale Arena

Sunday, Jan. 8

1 p.m. – Junior & Open Chiangus Show –Jim Norick Arena

Monday, Jan. 9

9 a.m. - Junior & Open Chianina & Junior Composite Show – Jim Norick Arena


City View Farms

Jenna Tlach • Prole, IA (515) 681-6108 • btlach@hotmail.com

Classic Genetics

Stan Comer • Ardmore, OK (580) 504-4477 classicgenetics.sc@gmail.com

Evans Cattle Company

Derek & Kelsey Evans • Campbellsburg, KY (217) 218-0242 – Derek (859) 553-3059 – Kelsey kelseyculpevans@gmail.com

Foster Brothers Farms

Jody & Segayle Foster • Lockney, TX (806) 983-7225 • fosterbros@att.net

Grand ‘Ole Place Farms

Ken Culp III • Nicholasville, KY (859) 227-7506 • ken.culp@uky.edu

Holt Cattle Company

Jordan & Amanda Holt • Mina, SD (402) 380-8401 • aroseholt@outlook.com

Justin Holt Cattle

Justin & Kali Holt • Aberdeen, SD (605) 380-5002 • holtjustin@outlook.com

Tyler Loudon

Tyler Loudon • Creston, IA (641) 344-6347 • bgoodlivestock@gmail.com

MS Cattle Co.

Jared Smith • Athens, TX (903) 477-3023 • jsmith2971.js@gmail.com

Mustang Draw Cattle Co.

Ed & Tatum Miller • Big Spring, TX (432) 816-8676 • ecmiller26@hotmail.co,

Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs

Norfolk, NE (402) 648-6911 • ohl@conpoint.com

Richland Farms

Garth Simpson • Rochester, IN (574) 201-1295 richlandfarmsindiana@gmail.com

Schaeffer Show Cattle

Tim Schaeffer • Hagerstown, IN (765) 541-0738 • teschaeffer@gmail.com

Winegardner/Klingaman Show Cattle

Brad Winegarder Tyler Winegardner; Kurtis Klingaman Lima, OH (419) 236-4375 – Tyler (419) 303-3399 – Brad (269) 366-6195 – Kurtis tylerawinegardner@yahoo.com

livestOck mOrtality insurance:

James Bessler:: 815.762.2641

Jami Secondino Krieger:: 812.208.0956

Watch & Bid Online: Register and bid online at www.cci.live.
chianina assOciatiOn staff:
Heather Counts, ACJ Editor/Director of
& Activities:: 517.214.0927 auctiOneer:
american chianina assOciatiOn

The American Chianina Association was created in June 1972 and celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the American Chianina Association National Show in Louisville in November 2022. At the 50th Anniversary reception, members were able to reminisce with fellow members and friends, remembering the past years and looking forward to the future. Ken Geuns of Michigan, gave a great talk about the association, covering the early years through the present. Staff and members from across the country compiled memorabilia for the event, allowing those in attendance to take a walk back in time through the last 50 years.

AC A 50 th

50 Years | American Chianina Association | 1972-2022


What an opportunity here on BMW GCC Bucket List 520J ET! Here is your chance to get in on the Chiangus bull we call Bucket List, Many have said he is the BEST Chiangus bull the breed has seen in some time! He is the reigning National Champion Chiangus Bull and his pedigree bleeds purple with many sibs being named champions on many levels. He is a full sib to the VanVorhis heifer that was Reserve Champion at every major show in the country. Bucket List is also a maternal sib to countless Who Da Man daughters that have won shows everywhere across the country, including 422C, the NAILE & Junior National Champion exhibited by the Skiles family. Other notable maternal sibs are Sara Sullivan’s Reserve Champion in Denver and Thomas Willis’ National Champion Chiangus Female.

The earning potential on Bucket List is unlimited with this great sire! You can breed him any way you would like. You can breed him to Chiangus females to make those highly sought-after show heifers. You can use him on Chi females to make those show stopping Chi females, or use him on Angus cows to make Composite Chi genetics that are dominating the show ring from coast to coast! Either way you can’t go wrong with adding Bucket List to your program with earning potential to check things off your Bucket List!!

1, 2023. Possession is negotiable with the owners.

Consigned by Winegardner/Klingaman Show Cattle & Griswold
Dameron First Class Colburn Primo 5153 Silveiras Saras Dream 1339 RDD Destinys Ace Ms Rockn Ace 36U SLC Laci 4123P Sire: Dam: Bull / 9.04% / 5/20/2021 / 520J / BW: 72 lb / ACA# 414345 BMW GCC Bucket List 520J ET 1 Lot BW: 2.1 WW: 68 YW: 104 Milk: 14 Bulls
Offering 1/3 interest in this great sire.
has exclusive semen rights until September
BMW Ace 422H ET – Full sib to Bucket List Reserve Champion Chiangus Female at every major show. BMW Ms Ace 422C – Maternal Sib to Bucket List Grand Champion Chianina Female – 2016 Junior National

Consigned by Winegardner/Klingaman Show Cattle

Here is a clean pedigreed, dual registered bull that is from one of our very best cow families. His maternal sisters have been on fire in the show ring and are now entering production. This bull is so versatile in every aspect. No matter what side of the industry you are in, this guy is for you. Also registers as 3/8 Maintainer. Look here, we have brought you our very best!

B.T.R is as unique of a second generation Chiangus as has ever been offered. If performance and profit are of utmost importance then here is your opportunity. His mother is an ideal 1,450 lb mature cow that has bred first cycle AI her first, her second (BTR) and now her third opportunity, even in the dry conditions of West Texas this year. Her ideal udder will make her a long term resident here. She herself was Calf Champion at the NJHS in Nebraska for Tatum.

BTR unfortunately was a contemporary group of one so data is a little deceiving, He weaned as the heaviest calf on the entire ranch by nearly 100 lbs. BTR is as masculine as you will find with ideal feet and legs, a huge ribcage, ideal scrotal development and I am not sure you can find a bull with a better disposition. The HIGG Allegiance cattle are proving to be some of the soundest, most ideal structured cattle in the breed with added muscle and performance. Selling in his entirety. Entered in Ft. Worth as well.

BW: 1.2 WW: 53 YW: 81 Milk: 16 GOET I-80 Dual Threat 305A Ms. Ace 308Y NMR Maternal Made BMWC Lucy 224E Hannahs Lucy Sire: Dam: Bull / 6.88% / 3/16/2022 / 103K / BW: 72 lb / ACA# 415335 BMW Mr Dual Threat 103K ET 2Lot
BW: 4.3 WW: 64 YW: 100 Milk: 18 HIGG Clockwork 88C HIGG Allegiance 068H HIGG Ms Advantage 468B Ard Ridge Jet Setter 25 Ard Ridge Sweet 780E Ard Ridge Sweet 280B Sire: Dam: Bull / 10.82% / 3/2/2022 / 780K / BW: 92 lb / ACA# 415136 MD Beyond The Ring 780K 3Lot
Consigned by Mustang Draw Cattle Co.

Jet Black is the first son of two-time national Champion “DAJS Black Out 93 1CA” that we have shown and offered at public auction. He’s the biggest footed, heaviest boned bull ever born at GOP. He’s soft, sound, easy-moving, good structured and exceptionally high performing. We were so impressed with him as a calf that we flushed his mother “TR Xclamation” (Trail Blazer x Flash Magic x 2 shots of Impulse) back to Black Out. Since she froze 46 full-sib eggs, we decided that we could offer Jet Black in the National Sale. A good-natured rascal, Kennedy showed him at the 2022 National Junior Heifer Show.

Division winner at 2022 National Show in Louisville. 20.11% Chianina.

The Primo x TR Your Magic Lace 318Y mating has been extremely predictable.  This mating produced the 2020 National Champion Chiangus female “GOP Greta Garbo 910G” and “GOP Fair Play 809F”.  We wanted to try something a little different, without venturing too far away from the strike zone.  We flushed Lace to “SSF On Point 4028” (a Primo son).  I put in three eggs and got a trio of bull calves!  They are all big topped, squaremade, sound moving, production-oriented bulls.  118J is the fanciest, straightest lined, cleanest fronted brother of the trio.  Extremely soft in his pastern, he’s an easy moving bull with plenty of shape.  “Fair Play” is our “go to bull” for calving ease…a ¾ brother, “Just In Time” can be used with confidence on heifers.

2.6 WW: 50 YW: 76 Milk: 17 DAJS Special Effects 044 DAJS Black Out 93 DAJS Kate 2015B TR Trail Blazer 2CA TR Xlamation TR Pumpkin Sire: Dam: Bull / 20.11% / 11/27/2021 / 117J / BW: 80 lb / ACA# 412537 GOP Jet Black 117J 4Lot
BW: 2.7 WW: 58 YW: 90 Milk: 16 Colburn Primo 5153 SSF On Point 4028 Plum Creek Annie Lu 4472 TR Trail Blazer 2CA TR Your Magic Lace PCA TR Ms Magic Lace E758N Sire: Dam: Bull / 13.97% / 12/17/2021 / 118J / BW: 78 lb / ACA# 414390 GOP Just In Time 118J ET 5Lot Consigned by Grand ‘Ole Place Farms & Kennedy & Brooks Evans Consigned by Grand ‘Ole Place Farms & Kennedy & Brooks Evans

This Unanimous son is awesome!! A big, rugged, coming two year old, he can cover a lot of cows. Tyler showed this bull and he was Champion at the Chiangus Classic this summer in Louisville, was champion AOB at the Iowa State Fair FFA show and just recently named Senior Champion at the National Show at the North American. Clinto Clinto Clinto is a good looking bull with great structure and power.

BW: 2.4 WW: 77 YW: 125 Milk: 12 Vision Unanimous 1418 MEFC Unanimous 542C MEFC Ms Rose 999W EXAR Blue Chip 1877B Jensen Daesro Beauty 631 Da Es Ro Beauty 6222 12W Sire: Dam: Bull / 7.74% / 3/17/2021 / 112J / BW: 84 lb / ACA# 412039 Clinto Clinto Clinto 6Lot
dude is a high Chi at 13.35% and a cow making machine. He is a product
partnership with our great friends
is super
calf is calving ease in
buy with confidence. BW: 1.0 WW: 48 YW: 68 Milk: 15 O C C Rear End 751R KDJ Corner Stone 838 KDJ New Lucy 038 TR Z’s PCA TR Colleen PCA TR Pia Sire: Dam: Bull / 13.35% / 11/12/2021 / 32J / BW: 81 lb / ACA# 414127 TR/TLLC Just Watch 7 Lot
of a
His dam is a great cow from
and out of our pick of the Angus bulls at G-. He
calving ease and coolness. This
a high %
Consigned by Tyler
& Talmo Ranch
Consigned by Tyler Loudon

This is our first time consigning to the -C- The Difference sale and we think this one’s pretty special. At a young age, Forerunner was slated for this sale.  Forerunner’s dam is backed by ‘Milkshake’, a Maternal Made, who did a lot of winning in her show career for Jenna; most notably being 3rd Overall Maintainer at Junior Nationals in 2017 and Grand Overall Female at Ak-Sar-Ben in 2017. This bull has many of the unique pieces from his cow family, but still keeps it in a complete package. We might be biased, but we think that Forerunner will be a good investment to make females for both the show ring and in production.

Krawdad’s sire, Fair Game, is a bull that we purchased two years ago from Evans for a calving ease bull out of the -C- The Difference Sale. He has fit the bill for us extremely well. The first calf heifer that this bull is out of definitely has the power in the blood. Her sire was a Broker/G13 Structure son that, yes, was a calving ease bull we raised. His granddam is our Koozie cow that was Supreme Heifer at the 2019 Nebraska State Fair. She is now a donor cow and his great grand dam, an Eye Candy female, is also a donor cow for us. In a nutshell, if you want a female producing machine with all the wow, this is your BULL.

BW: 3.4 WW: 54 YW: 83 Milk: 14 ASHW Who Da Man BMW Onset Ms Rockn Ace 36U NMR Maternal Made KLRL FC Delta Dawn 36D ET KLRL Tricky Vicky 034X Sire: Dam: Bull / 10.85% / 3/12/2022 / 2008K / BW: 75 lb / ACA# 415602 TLAC Forerunner 2008K 8Lot
WW: 56 YW: 83 Milk: 15 GOP Fair Play 809F EVNS Fair Game 037H 3 Aces Georgina OHL Flash 6140F OHL Hot Pocket 0218-2H OHL Koozie 8218F Sire: Dam: Bull / 5.13% / 3/13/2022 / 02182K / BW: 77 lb / ACA# 415428 OHL Krawdad 0128-2K 9Lot
Consigned by City View Farms Consigned by Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs EVNS Fair Game - Sire of Lot 9


An incredible prospect that has the physical tools to run at any level and the genetic backing to be a major player in the end. She is a full or maternal sib to the last 3 National Champion Females in Louisville and is backed by one of the breeds best donors, Who’d Playing 6973D. A female of this quality is not always readily available this late in the season but with a strong commitment to bring our best, here she is! Big footed , big featured with a ton of hip and punch to go with an elegant design and maternal rib design. Her outlying pieces, added hair and parallel design makes her a major player next summer and fall and she is still ready to roll for this years jackpot shows.

Ms Lilly K92 is one of the best Chiangus females that we have ever had our hands on and one that deserves serious consideration. Elite featured from nose to toes with some wild parts combined with the overall quality that it takes to be a next level contender. The design of her shoulder, slender and extended neck, ultra-feminine head with her tidy chest give her undeniable style and presence. Once put into motion she does it as effortlessly as she should, riding on a big hoof and the most desirable bone work. With all the added style, presence and bells and whistles she also comes with plenty of punch in terms of power, depth and spring of rib, along with an absolute sweetheart disposition.

Sired by the ever-popular Stevenson Turning Point who has stood the test of time as a go to Angus sire for calving ease, show ring look and daughters that make unbelievable cows with great udders. Ms Lilly’s dam is a young, attractive Chi female whose pedigree is loaded with breed leading greats such as Remedy, Addicted, Eagle Scout and RDD Polo. There’s not much left to chance here, bid with confidence, own her and hold on for a fun ride.

• Seller reserves the right to 2 successful flushes at the buyers convenience and sellers expense.

• HOLT Ms Lilly K92 will be nominated for the 2023 Chiangus Classic.

BW: 2.9 WW: 64 YW: 94 Milk: 12 EXAR Blue Chip 1877B Conley No Limit Silveiras S Sis Sandy 2355 AHW Who Da Man JSUL Who’d Playing 6973D ET JSUL Sultry 6640 Sire: Dam: Heifer / 6.55% / 4/27/2022 / 2054K / BW: 81 lb / ACA# 415919 TSSC No Limitations 2054K ET 10Lot
BW: -2.0 WW: 69 YW: 113 Milk: 21 Plattemere Weigh Up K360 Stevenson Turning Point Stevenson Pride 1167X HOLT Mr Redemption 594C HOLT Ms Lilly K92 HOLT Ms Lilly F92 Sire: Dam: Heifer / 8.58% / 3/27/2022 / K92 / BW: 62 lb / ACA# 415790 HOLT Ms Lilly K92 11Lot
Consigned by Schaeffer Show Cattle Consigned by Holt Cattle Company

This is our first time making the trip to OKC from snowy South Dakota and we are bringing the heat for the Chiangus division. Ms. Kenya is out of the upand-coming Insight son, Access Granted, and goes back to the “Harmony” cow family that represents some of our best genetic lines at Justin Holt Cattle. This young May heifer is flawless in her design, super attractive, structurally superb and young-kid approved! Like I will say on all three of our heifer consignments – they will be dominant show heifer projects and maternally designed with generations of genetics that will make them great cows for years to come!

Ms. Kirby is sired by “Hrbek,” our high selling bull from the 2021 Hybrids For Profit Bull Sale. This first calf crop from “Hrbek” has absolutely wowed us from top to bottom and Ms. Kirby is no exception. Coming from the top of the heifer pen she has been a fan favorite since birth. She is built incredible with great depth of body, muscle design and a beautiful front third that it takes to go to all the majors and then hit a home run back home. The dam to Kirby, A166, has been a mainstay in our program for years raising top end show heifers and topping the high sellers list in our bull sale in 2021. This heifer is not just a base hitter – so don’t sleep on her come sale time!

BW: -1.8 WW: 62 YW: 97 Milk: 18 PVF Insight 0129 May-Way Access Granted 811 Top Line Lady 9115 GVC Grid Iron 107U JHC C Harmony 11C 1CA Ms. Melody 2CA Sire: Dam: Heifer / 3.98% / 5/17/2022 / 11K / BW: 78 lb / ACA# 414876 JHC Ms. Kenya 11K 12Lot
BW: 1.9 WW: 61 YW: 100 Milk: 18 Musgrave Sky High 1535 JHC Hrbek 14H 1CA TTBR Ms Nor AD 412B PCA SAV 707 Rito 9969 JHC Ms 166A 1CA RDD Ms Tracer K166 2CA Sire: Dam: Heifer / 12.08% / 4/10/2022 / 166K / BW: 86 lb / ACA# 414868 JHC Ms. Kirby 166K 13Lot
Consigned by Justin Holt Cattle Consigned by Justin Holt Cattle

Ms. Kyra has all the bells and whistles it takes to be a big time show heifer for one lucky bidder. Extremely long and extended neck with the big show stopping fluffy ears. She has great body shape with flawless running gear and that “club calf” hair to boot! We have raised and shown a few greats in the past and we think Ms. Kyra is of that caliber! With her stacked pedigree both top and bottom there is no way she won’t be in your donor pen following her show career.

This May born female represents what we believe is one of the most unique heifers we’ve ever offered. Our summer born calves have done well for us here in the past two -C- The Difference sales, and we hope that continues. This heifer has all the right pieces. Good footed, sound and flexible built, still feminine and maternal in her design. We love her on the profile, long and extended with a nice shape to her rib. Yes, she’s green, but that just means she’s got a world of future. Her sire, GOP Fair Play, is a full sib to the 2020 National Champion Chiangus Female.

BW: 0.3 WW: 56 YW: 86 Milk: 18 Musgrave Sky High 1535 JHC Hrbek 14H 1CA TTBR Ms Nor AD 412B PCA Northern Improvement 4480 TTBR Ms Improve 6987D ET 1CA TTBR Ms Success 880U 2CA Sire: Dam: Heifer / 12.54% / 3/26/2022 / 6087K / BW: 86 lb / ACA# 414867 JHC/TTBR Ms. Kyra 6087K 14Lot
BW: 2.3 WW: 54 YW: 83 Milk: 15 Colburn Primo 5153 GOP Fair Play 809F 1CA TR Your Magic Lace PCA TR Zimmer PCA EVNS Flicka 827F 2CA APS GK Forever Lady Margarite Sire: Dam: Heifer / 15.3% / 5/23/2022 / 827K / BW: 77 lb / ACA# 415006 EVNS Kandy 827K 15Lot
Consigned by Justin Holt Cattle Consigned by Evans Cattle Company

Purchased in an sexed heifer embryo lot from Richland Farms - Garth Simpson, this smoke Chianina heifer has been one of our favorites since the get go. Out of the great Jalynn Rose 8249U cow (need we say more) this heifer has all the striking lines, style, dimension and structure you need to go far in the show ring and beyond.

BW: 4.5 WW: 66 YW: 97 Milk: 11 OBG Assertion 4906 P ET TR PZC Mr Assertion 924 ET Thomas Ms Impressive 0641 ASHW Who Da Man JSUL Jalynn Rose 8249U JSUL Jalynn 344 Sire: Dam: Heifer / 10.76% / 6/29/2022 / MS9K / BW: 74 lb / ACA# 414940 MSCC Kimmy J Rose 9K ET 16Lot Consigned by MS Cattle Company 2023 National Junior Heifer Show Join us June 19-24 in Grand Island, Nebraska for ‘The Sweet Life” • Heifer, Steer & Bull Shows • Showmanship • Educational Contests • Family Fun Events • Kick Ball • & More Scan to QR code for more details For more information on the event, or to be a sponsor, contact Heather at heather@chicattle.org or 517-214-0927.

Consigned by Foster Brothers Farms & Holt Cattle Co.

It is said that when opportunity knocks it is best to answer the call. Here is a genetic opportunity on the most dominate Chiangus female the breed has seen in recent history. Ms “Tennessee” was campaigned heavily in the 2021 and 2022 show season with unmatched success and was a dominating force just like her full sibs – HIGG Encore, HIGG Clockwork and Dirty Diana just to name a few. Her banners include Reserve Champion Chiangus Female – 2021 Chiangus Classic, Chickasha, OK; 3rd Overall Female – Chiangus Junior Nationals, Chickasha, OK; Supreme Champion Female – South Dakota Sweet 16 Regional Showdown, Aberdeen, SD; Champion Chi Female and 4th Overall – 2021 South Dakota State Fair, Huron, SD; Champion Chiangus Female in both the Junior and Open Shows, 2021 NAILE , Louisville, KY.

“Tennessee” capped off her show career with an incredible run at the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK, earning Champion Chiangus Female in both the Open and Junior shows and then turning a lot of heads in Supreme Row making the top 8  females in the Open Supreme drive. The first ever such accomplishment for a Chiangus female at the Congress! She was admired first for her structure – as good on her feet and legs as you could make one, when put into motion it was flawless. Bold in her rib cage, wide pinned with enough punch, yet still looking like a lady with an incredible front 1/3 that would leave you breathless on a side profile. This BUSHS Unbelievable x HIGG Kylie daughter holds 12.5% Chi making breeding options literally endless. When mated to Chiangus or Angus she will generate progeny that are at least  6.25% every time, qualifying them for Chiangus Junior Nationals and the majors. This genetic opportunity is perfect for cattlemen who are serious about this business and who are seeking a large ROI.

088H (Ms Tennessee) – The buyer will pay all flush and semen costs. We will guarantee a minimum of 6 transferable embryos with a cap of 10 for the flush. If there is over 10 the owner will pay accordingly for their part of the flush. In the event that the owner declines the embryos the buyer will pay for the embryos over 10 accordingly. Tennessee will remain open and ready to flush through the winter and spring months. We request that she be flushed at TransOva – Bryan, TX. New buyer will need to supply the semen to use and send to TransOva – Bryan, TX. Please contact owners or sale management with any questions. Genetic Lots SAV Bismarck 5682 Bushs Unbelievable 423 Bushs Blackbird 8708 VOL Cara’s Boy 31J 2CA HIGG Kylie 1CA TR Rita 2CA Sire: Dam: Flush / 12.51% / 2/24/2020 / 088H / BW: 85 lb / ACA# 405648 HIGG Henley 088H ET 17Lot BW: 1.0 WW: 57 YW: 84 Milk: 13 Grand Champion Chiangus Female – 2021 ACA National Show, 2021 NAILE Junior Show & 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Open & Junior Shows Reserve Champion Female – 2021 Chiangus Classic
• Offering 1 IVF Flush Cycle on HIGG Henley

Who Dat Girl 118C was a past $60,000 high selling female that had an incredible show career for the Doerstler family, including a big win as Reserve Champion Female in Louisville at the National Chianina Show. Now in production, this female has averaged over $17,000 in heifer sales with one of those daughter having a successful run for Kelton Aurthur. This mating to 24 Karat is going to be this donors most potent yet. As big middled and chubby built as she makes them, the combination of his length, look and design will be a perfect match for some powerful and very valuable calves. This lot will pay for itself 100 times over.

Primo 5153

Great opportunity on the newest Who Da Man donor to our pen. She was a $60,000 half-interest sale feature and is owned with Adam Griffith, Jason Hose & Sullivan Farms. In her first ET calf crop she averaged over $10,000 on 6 heifers. Her ability to transmit the captivating look, functional foundation and some extreme top side pieces make her a perfect match with these options to continue transmitting the championship look she has.

Selling 3
Heifer Embryos sired by SCC SCH 24 Karat
3.2 WW: 44 YW: 69 Milk: 10 Who Made Who 411F ASHW Who Da Man ASHW CA x MA x SM 55 Heat Wave SUL 920W Sophia SUL 920R Sire: Dam: Donor / 12.75% / 3/15/2015 / 1118C / BW: 87 lb / ACA# 399402 SUL Who Dat Girl 118C ET 18Lot
Selling 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by Colburn
BW: 3.2 WW: 49 YW: 73 Milk: 13 Who Made Who 411F ASHW Who Da Man ASHW CA x MA x SM 55 BHCS Heat Seeker 23 JSUL Sultry 6640 JSUL MA x AN 6651 Sire: Dam: Donor / 13.08% / 1/11/2018 / 8081F / BW: 81 lb / ACA# 394701 JSUL Sultry Too 8081F ET 19 Lot
Consigned by Schaeffer Show Cattle Consigned by Schaeffer Show Cattle
Genetic Lots

Consigned by Richland Farms

Jalynn Rose in her 5 short years residing in Rochester, IN at Richland Farms has brought in over $1 million in earnings. Through the years Jalynn Rose has become a household name for her ability to consistently produce high end show cattle of both sexes across multiple breeds and sires. The term “no miss donor” is an understatement for this once in a lifetime female. A donor so impressive, at age 13, she sold 1/3 embryo interest to Werning Cattle Co (SD) well into the 6 digits. Take advantage here on a rare opportunity to invest in a true matriarch as the chances to do so are becoming limited with her age. Donor is THF & PHAF. Call with questions pertaining to the flush.

Jalynn Rose daughter – Grand Champion Heifer 2020 Clark County Cattle Battle Jalynn Rose daughter Genetic Lots Who Made Who 411F ASHW Who Da Man ASHW CA x MA x SM 55 Heat Wave JSUL Jalynn 344 Miss Foreplay Sire: Dam: Donor / 21.51% / 3/3/2008 / 8249U / ACA# 340088 JSUL Jalynn Rose 8249U 20Lot BW: 3.4 WW: 42 YW: 65 Milk: 10 Selling 1 IVF Flush Cycle on Jalynn Rose with No Cap. IVF Flush Cycle on Jalynn Rose 20aLot Selling 3 Grade 1 Sexed Heifer Embryos - you choose the sire Jalynn Rose x Style or 24 Karat 20bLot Selling 3 Grade 1 Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by U Need Me JalyNn Rose x U Need Me 20cLot

Consigned by Richland Farms

Here is the very first opportunity to acquire genetics out of Harper Simpson’s dominate show heifer from the 2021 show season. “Dixie” racked up numerous wins and Top 5 finishes before rounding out her show career with Reserve Division Spring Yearling honors behind the Champion Chi Heifer at both NAILE and Cattleman’s Congress. She laid down and had a tremendous Full Tilt bull calf and has finally hit the donor pen. We are very high on this young donor and cannot wait to see her offspring follow in her footsteps. We have big plans for “Dixie” within our program. Crossover is a bull being promoted by Cardinal Cattle Co. and offers a great deal of diversity back on these Who Da Man influence females. Being a total outcross, he offers genetic freshness while maintaining that stout and stylish show ring appeal the breed is known for. Made 4 This

LLW Cardinal Crossover Genetic Lots Dameron First Class Colburn Primo 5153 Silveiras Saras Dream 1339 ASHW Who Da Man JSUL Who Dat Dixie JSUL MA x AN 6651 Sire: Dam: Donor / 6.54% / 9/20/2020 / H2003 / BW: 92 lbs / ACA# 404169 Ms Windy “Dixie” 21Lot BW: 2.4 WW: 62 YW: 92 Milk: 12 Selling 3 Grade 1 Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by LLW Cardinal Crossover “Dixie” x Crossover 21aLot Selling 3 Grade 1 Sexed Heifers Embryos sired by Made 4 This “Dixie” x Made 4 This 21bLot
combines 2 of the best cow families in the breed while offering a shot more body and look, cutting edge combination here! No matter which mating you choose, you’re sure to find success.
Made 4 This
“Dixie” at 2021 NAILE

“Spice” is the new girl on the block here at Richland Farms and Full Circle Farms. We were fortunate enough to acquire “Spice” directly from the donor pen at Sullivan Farms in the fall of 2021. We have wasted no time putting her to work for us as we firmly believe in her ability to produce the next generation of elite show heifers, just as her flush mate sisters have done. If you follow along with the Chi breed, then the 6640 cow family should ring a bell as there have been so many great females stem from this lineage. “Spice” is a full sister to some of the absolute best donors in the industry such as Who Dat Lady, Red Thunder and Who Dat Raptor. The best programs in the industry are utilizing these very genetics with great success. We hope you find our offering to be of matched value! Donor is THF & PHAF.

Selling 3 Sexed Heifer Embryos sired by W/C Relentless

Let us start by saying we are super excited about our newest addition to the MS Cattle Co. donor battery we call “KiKi”. Purchased from Tim Schaeffer in the fall of 2020 little did we know this Bismark x Who Dat Lady daughter would go on to have such an illustrious Texas show career. With our daughter Maddie as her dance partner in 2021 she was Champion Chi at San Angelo Stock Show, San Antonio Livestock Show, Houston Livestock Show and Heart of Texas Livestock Show in Waco where she was also Top 3 Overall. Along with Reserving the State Fair of Texas in the fall she was Reserve Overall at the Texas State Chi show in 2021 and would come back in 2022 with calf by side to be named Reserve Champion Chi once again. If you’re looking for elegance, impeccable structure, shape and dimension as well maternal aspects then look no further. And with this mating to one of the most popular sires going, W/C Relentless,

JSUL Who Dat Sultry 7186E “Spice” 22Lot
these calves are gonna be the ticket to hanging banners in the Chi Composite division. BW: 0.5 WW: 68 YW: 104 Milk: 16 GAR Grid Maker SAV Bismarck 5682 SAV Abigale 0451 ASHW Who Da Man JSUL Who Dat Lady 2037Z JSUL 6640 Sire: Dam: Donor / 6.54% / 2/26/2020 / ASMF20H / ACA# 404435 TSSC MFS Who Dat Biz 20H ET 23Lot Consigned by Richland Farms & Full Circle Farms Consigned by MS Cattle Company Genetic Lots Selling 3 Grade 1 Sexed Heifer Embryos by Red Angus siresFirestorm or MANN Pinnacle “Spice” x Firestorm or MANN Pinnacle 22aLot Selling 3 Grade 1 Unsexed Embryos sired by In God We Trust “Spice” x In God We Trust 22bLot Selling 3 Grade 1 Unsexed Embryos sired by FSF Perfection “Spice” x FSF Perfection 22cLot BW: 3.3 WW: 50 YW: 73 Milk: 13 Who Made Who 411F ASHW Who Da Man ASHW CA x MA x SM 55 BHCS Heat Seeker 23 JSUL Sultry 6640 JSUL MA x AN 6651 Sire: Dam: Donor / 13.08% / 2/21/2017 / 7186E / ACA# 389436

Classic Doc Holiday was the Grand Champion Bull at the 2014 ACA Natioal Show. Classic Doc’s legacy has produced many great females across several breeds. His unique 16.21% Chi genetic make up puts him in a class of his own among Chiford sires. Daughters have sold for $50,000 half-interest, $21,000 and $12,000 and many more.

All future Classic Doc semen will be sold privately and through the -C- The Difference Sale. Limited semen inventory as bull is deceased.

Semen stored at Champion Genetics, Canton, Texas – (903) 5674044.

Semen handling and shipping will be at the expense of the buyer.

Grand Champion Chianina Bull – 2014 ACA National Show Semen Lots THM Durango 4037 CRR About Time 743 CRR D03 Cassie 206 M-C Doc Holiday 112D PCF TR Ms Holiday 134J 2CF CEF Ms Chiford 709 1CF Sire: Dam: Bull / 16.21% / 4/24/2012 / 457Z / BW: 84 lbs / ACA# 363204 Classic Doc Holiday 457Z 24Lot BW: 3.4 WW: 42 YW: 65 Milk: 10 5 Units Conventional Semen 24aLot 5 Units Conventional Semen 24bLot 5 Units Conventional Semen 24cLot Consigned by Classic Genetics 5 Units Conventional Semen 24dLot
Saturday, January 7, 2023 | 11 am | Oklahoma City, OK at the Cattlemen’s Congress