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Made in Denmark since 1935.


We have reduced the amount of water we use by 25%. By the end of 2020 we will use only 1.2L of water pr. liter of finished product. That’s among the best in the world.


Bottle collection rate through the Danish deposit return scheme.

85 years

Coca-Cola came to Denmark in late 1935. We remain proud of our long Danish history.

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Underwriter of Choice Copenhagen • London • Zurich • Amsterdam Copenhagen · Stockholm · Oslo · Helsinki · Frankfurt · London · Zurich · Amsterdam · Madrid • Stockholm • Oslo • Helsinki • Frankfurt

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At Bayer, we’re excited about the future and all its possibilities. Advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most. Because the solutions we create will advance life tomorrow, and help people and the planet to thrive. A growing and aging world population requires an adequate supply of food and improved medical care. Every day we put our knowledge and skills to work on behalf of humankind, inventing and delivering products that help make life just a little better. That’s essentially what we’re all about.

We use science and biotechnology to develop treatments that have the ability to improve and even save lives


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An Offical Publication of The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark Managing Editor: Sandra Hyo Viborg Layout & Design: Gregorius DesignThinking Printing: Jørn Thomsen Elbo

4 Yearbook 2020

Contact Information: AmCham Denmark Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 13 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark Phone (+45) 33 932 932

Photos: AmCham Denmark, Pamela Juhl The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. We apologize for any errors or omissions.



Message from the U.S. and Danish Ambassadors


The AmCham Board of Directors


The AmCham Team


The AmCham Loft


2019 Year in Review


2019 Highlights


AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Gala


Policy & Advocacy


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AmCham Membership


Membership Directory


The AmCham Global Network

Yearbook 2020 5

Message from the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Investment is flowing into the United States. We’re removing roadblocks to success and rewarding businesses that invest in workers, families, and communities. The upcoming SelectUSA Summit, taking place in June in Washington, DC, is a perfect opportunity to learn more about doing business in the U.S. and to meet and network with key decision makers from both federal government and states. I hope to see you there!

Welcome to the American Market! In 2019, for the first time ever, the United States became Denmark’s largest export market, eclipsing Germany. Our economic partnership, built on our shared values of transparency and fair, competitive markets, is creating new opportunity for businesses and workers on both sides of the Atlantic. For Danish companies looking for an opportunity where they are free to invest, build, thrive, innovate, and succeed, there is no better place than the United States. Tax and regulatory reform, improved trade agreements, including the recently-ratified USMCA, and growth of American energy production have helped to propel the longest economic expansion in our history.

6 Yearbook 2020

The U.S. Embassy and the American Chamber of Commerce have enjoyed a warm and cooperative partnership since the Chamber was originally established 21 years ago. If you are already a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, I hope you are as excited as I am to work together on continuing this incredible run of success for the U.S.-Danish trade and investment relationship. And if you are not a member, there is no better time to join than now! Carla Sands U.S. Ambassador to Denmark

Message from the Danish Ambassador to the USA

Almost a year has gone by in my function as the Danish Ambassador to the United States. It seems like a blink of an eye since I took office and yet so many extraordinary things have happened in all aspects of our bilateral relationship.

As we look further ahead into 2020, I am optimistic that we will see evergreater accomplishments - that our work and effort will be worthwhile and our ties will further strengthen. However, ahead of us are also many challenges and to succeed we need to stand together. One of these challenges is the necessity to move towards greener solutions and draw further attention to our climate. By law, the Danish Government has now committed to elevate the fight against climate change with an ambitious decarbonisation goal that includes reducing CO2 emissions by 70% relative to 1990 levels. In what is a first for a national climate law, this commitment extends beyond Denmark’s borders and necessitates ongoing obligations to deliver and engage in multilateral efforts. It is important to take action now and companies will be instrumental in driving the efforts. Lone Dencker Wisborg Danish Ambassador to the U.S.A.

Through more than two centuries, the United States and Denmark have solidified a remarkable relationship. Driving many of these developments in our close relation, are the backbones of our two economies, the Danish and the American companies that are eager to increase cooperation between our nations. A clear testimony to this commitment occurred in the last quarter of 2019 when the United States became Denmark’s largest export market.

Yearbook 2020 7

Message from the CHAIRMAN AmCham Denmark continues to make great progress representing the interests of U.S. and International companies in Denmark. This is especially evident as we look back on 2019 – AmCham’s 20th year in operation - and the valuable opportunities provided to our members. At the core of our mission is building a more competitive business and investment climate in Denmark, one that encourages investments and creates jobs. We aim to continue the outreach and constructive dialogue with the new Danish Government as a forum for getting our member’s challenges, as well as proposed solutions, heard in the political debate. In the coming year, we will work together to further the transatlantic relationship and showcase Denmark as an international investment hub for innovative and sustainable solutions. There has

never been a more important time to have a strong collective voice speaking on behalf of international business, and with your active support, we will make great strides in 2020. In closing, I would like to acknowledge the valuable relationships we share with our many partners, and extend a special thanks to U.S. Ambassador Carla Sands and Danish Ambassador Lone Wisborg for their invaluable contributions. I am honored and encouraged by their commitment to further develop economic and commercial relations between our two great nations. Thanks also to my fellow board members, whose leadership and engagement is a key factor in AmCham’s current and future success. Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for your continuing participation and support. Richard Wright AmCham Chairman

“We will work together to further the transatlantic relationship and showcase Denmark as an international investment hub.”

AmCham Board of Directors.

8 Yearbook 2020

Honarary President Lone Dencker Wisborg Danish Ambassador to the USA

Vice Chair Peter Kürstein Chairman, Radiometer Medical

Vice Chair Angela Naef Senior Vice President, Global Technology & Innovation

Board Members

Mette-Marie Harild Vice President Nordic, ABGI & Nordic, Medtronic

Executive Committee

Treasurer Patrick Day Finance Director, EMEA, FMC

Chairman Richard Wright General Manager, Roche

Executive Committee Andreas Daugaard Jørgensen Managing Director, MSD

Rudi Baxter-Warman Country Officer Citibank Europe

Tisha Boatman Managing Director, Denmark & NRB Zone, Siemens Healthineers

Henrik Bodskov CEO, IBM Denmark

Jørgen Jakobsen Vice President Northern Europe, DXC Technology

Yung A. Le Regional Executive, Northern Europe Lockheed Martin

Nicolai Moresco Senior V.P. & General Manager Western Europe, Dell Technologies

Thomas Oth General Manager Denmark & Finland, Coca-Cola

Martin Rahbek COO, Moranti Services

Gitte Schjøtz President, UL Retail & Industry UL

Michael Schmahl Vice President, Global Sales EMEA, DSV Air & Sea

Michael Stanley CEO, FaunaPhotonics

Anders Thelborg General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

Andrei Vorobyov Partner, Bain & Company

Anders Würtzen Head of Public Affairs, Maersk

Ex-officio Liaison Aaron Feit Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy

Ex-officio Liaison Maria Nilaus Tarp Director, Invest in Denmark

Observer Bjarke Castberg Frederiksen Head of Commercial Section, U.S. Embassy, Copenhagen


Honorary President Carla Sands U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark

Yearbook 2020 9

Message from the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR forms, including policy-driven meetings with government and political leaders; inspirational knowledge exchange sessions; and top-notch promotion and profiling opportunities for our member companies. I hope you find this 2020 Yearbook & Membership Directory to be an interesting and informative resource for your business – and that you will share it with others within your business network. A special thanks to our Elite Partners and Sponsors for making this year’s publication a reality.

In 2019, AmCham Denmark reached a significant milestone, our 20th Anniversary. Those of you who participated in our October Anniversary Celebration experienced first-hand the journey that has made AmCham the vibrant organization it is today – and what an active and satisfying journey! Building on the momentum from our first 20 years, AmCham enters its third decade at full speed, eager to strengthen our unique positionas the leading Voice of International Business in Denmark. As always, the AmCham Team stands ready to assist you and your management teams in identifying ways to enhance the value of your membership. In this edition of AmCham Denmark’s Yearbook & Membership Directory, we look back at 2019 and some of AmCham’s key achievements. Our efforts this past year took many

10 Yearbook 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the warm, working relationships we enjoy with our members, and the valuable cooperation we have with our partners and friends. AmCham’s future success depends in a high degree on your continued engagement and support. Finally, thanks to the AmCham Team and Board of Directors for their commitment and enthusiasm in driving this organization forward.

Einar Dyrhauge Deputy Director & Head of AccessUSA

Therese Oliver Head of Events & Member Services

Lisbeth Metasch Administration & Events Coordinator

Steve Brugger Executive Director Sandra Hyo Viborg Communications & Policy Lead

“Building on the momentum from our first 20 years, AmCham enters its third decade at full speed, as the leading Voice of International Business in Denmark.”

Nanna Dyrbye Benting Communications Consultant

The AmCham Team

Yearbook 2020 11

The AmCham Loft AmCham’s multi-purpose meeting space, the AmCham Loft, provides a backdrop for knowledge sharing, where members have the opportunity to engage with key decision makers, and gain insight in an informal setting. Additionally, the Loft & balcony space is available to our members for off-site meetings such as: • Team building • Strategy workshops • Leadership sessions

Theater style (30+ people)

Roundtable (16 people)

Standing (50+ people)


In partnership with:

12 Yearbook 2020



1 Healthcare Committee roundtable with MP Stinus Lindgreen (RV) 2 Back to Business Happy Hour at the AmCham Loft 3 PowerBreakfast on Chinese Investment Strategy with Matt Ferchen (Carnegie Scholar) 4 PowerBreakfast with Morten Rud Pedersen (Rud P) on Nordic Elections


Yearbook 2020 13



Member Events


14 Yearbook 2020


Yearbook 2020 15






16 Yearbook 2020

1 F  rom left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); Dorthe Mikkelsen (MSD) and Andreas D. Jørgensen (MSD) at MSD Denmark’s 50th Anniversary 2 F  rom left: Isak Erik Hüllert (AmCham); musical performer Nicklas Sahl and Stephen Brugger (AmCham) at AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Gala 3 U  .S. Ambassador Carla Sands and AmCham Chair Angela Naef (DuPont) at AmCham’s 2019 Spring Reception at Rydhave 4 F  rom left: Søren Holm Johansen (Rambøll); Stephen Brugger (AmCham) and Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen (Novo Nordisk) at AmCham’s Transatlantic Summit

Year in Review 2019

5 F  rom left: Minister of Finance Nicolai Wammen; Party Leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen (V); Tisha Boatman (Siemens Healtineers) and Nicolai Moresco (Dell Technologies) at AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Gala

January • ‘State of the Union’ Briefing at Maersk February • HR Committee: Bridging the Generation Gap • AmCham Policy Forum with Noa Redington March • PowerBreakfast: Applying Business Analytics – Data Working for You • AmCham’s 2019 Spring Reception at Rydhave • AmCham’s AGM & Transatlantic Summit at Novo Nordisk • Rambøll Named 2019 Company of the Year April • AmCham Launches Security Committee with U.S. Embassy • How to Lead Effective Global Teams with Aperian Global founder • AmCham Policy Forum with Nina Munch-Perrin • 2019 ESAC - (Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry) • AmCham Security Committee Discusses Insider Threats • Healthcare Committee Meets Thomas Senderovitz May • Claus Meyer – Key Learnings from a U.S. Business Journey • AmCham Speaks Out: Digital Tax May Backfire • Partner Event: Benchmarking Digital Inclusion to Drive a Better More Digital World – Siteimprove

• Security Committee: Chinese Investment Strategy and the Business Impact • HR Committee: How Performance Culture Drives Engagement • AmCham Hosts Storytelling Workshop for Refugee Ambassadors • AmCham Executives Visit Washington DC and Seattle June • U.S. Customs and Border Protection Briefing • AmCham at Folkemødet • AmCham Member Wine Forum Discovers Organic Wines • U.S. Embassy’s Independence Day Celebration at Rydhave August • AmCham & U.S. Embassy Happy After Hours at the AmCham Loft • 2019 AmCham Cup Golf Tournament • U.S. Embassy & AmCham Support Wounded Warriors Week • AmCham Speaks Out: Digital Tax May Put Denmark Back on Trump’s Radar • AmCham Policy Forum: The Impact of Nordic Elections • AmCham Healthcare Committee Meets Stinus Lindgreen (RV)

October • AmCham Responds to the U.S. Government’s Recent Imposition of Tariffs • Navigating U.S. & EU Regulation of Trade, Foreign Investments and Sanctions • Amgen Named 2019 Foreign Company of the Year • AmCham Celebrates its 20th Anniversary • U.S. Visa and Tax Update for Foreign Employees November • Partner Event: Women in Technology Lunch with Dell Technologies • Harvard Business Review’s David Weinberger on ‘Everyday Chaos’ • Partner Event: America Made Easy – Successful Expansion in the U.S. • AmCham Security Committee Meets the U.S. Embassy’s New RSO • 2019 AmCham’s Family Thanksgiving Dinner December • AmCham’s Holiday Mingle at Thorvaldsen’s Museum • AccessUSA: Update on U.S. Tax Reform and the OECD Digital Agenda

September • HR Committee: Why Inclusive Leadership is Good for Business • AmCham Welcomes Three New Board Members • AmCham Healthcare Committee Meets Svend Særkjær (Capital Region) • AmCham at First-Ever International Citizen Day • Bain’s Karen Harris: Labor 2030 Yearbook 2020 17

18 Yearbook 2020

Yearbook 2020 19

AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Gala The highlight of 2019 was AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. On October 24, nearly 300 guests gathered at Moltkes Palæ in Copenhagen to help AmCham celebrate its 20th Anniversary at an exclusive black-tie gala. Special guests included TRH The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen, Minister of Business Simon Kollerup, Chairman of Danish Liberal Party Jakob EllemannJensen and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lars Gert Lose. 1

1  U.S. Embassy’s DCM Stuart Dwyer speaks on the partnership between the Embassy and AmCham over the years 2 Permanent Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lars Gert Lose reflected on his time as an Ambassador in the U.S. 3 Danish singer-songwriter Nicklas Sahl performs an acoustic set of his hits 4 300 guests joined the Anniversary Gala Dinner at Moltkes Palæ




In partnership with:

20 Yearbook 2020

AmCham’s 20th Anniversary Gala


5 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); HRH Crown Princess Mary; HRH Crown Prince Frederik and AmCham Chair Angela Naef (DuPont) 6


6 From left: Stine Kollerup; Minister Simon Kollerup and HRH Crown Princess Mary

Yearbook 2020 21


A cornerstone of AmCham’s policy and advocacy work is our commitment to building a more competitive business climate in Denmark, one that encourages investment and stimulates growth


1  Berlingske debate at Folkemødet on the global market economy & trade wars 2 Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod (S) with Stephen Brugger (AmCham) at the Transatlantic Week Reception at the European Parliament in Brussels 3 Healthcare Committee roundtable with Svend Særkjær (Capital Region) at the AmCham Loft

In partnership with:

22 Yearbook 2020




Yearbook 2020 23




POLICY & ADVOCACY 4 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); MP Stinus Lindgreen (RV) and Committee Chair Andreas D. Jørgensen (MSD) at Healthcare Committee roundtable 5 CEO of Rud Pedersen, Morten Rud Pedersen at a PowerBreakfast on Nordic Elections 6 DR News Anchor Nina Munch-Perrin shares insights to the media’s election coverage at a Policy Committee session 7 Noa Redington, Political Commentator at TV2 News shares his analysis of the Danish General Election at a Policy Committee session

24 Yearbook 2020



In partnership with:

Yearbook 2020 25


KNOWLEDGE SHARING AmCham’s strong program of value-added events provides its members with frequent opportunities to gain insight and inspiration by engaging with leading international thought leaders

In partnership with:

26 Yearbook 2020



1 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham): Karen Harris (Bain & Company) and Andrei Vorobyov (Bain & Company) at a ‘Labor 2030’ session on macro trends 2  From left: Claus Mossbeck (Tatarklubben); author David Weinberger (Harvard Business Review) with AmCham’s Therese Oliver and Stephen Brugger 3  AmCham EU CEO Susan Danger on the 2019 Transatlantic Economy report at AmCham’s Transatlantic Summit

Yearbook 2020 27



KNOWLEDGE SHARING 4 Novo Nordisk CEO Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen at AmCham’s Transatlantic Summit hosted by Novo Nordisk 5 Dell Technologies’ Women in Technology conference 6 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); Anja Monrad (Dell Technologies); Therese Oliver (AmCham) and Nicolai Moresco (Dell Technologies) at the Women in Tech conference 7 Chief Economic Editor Ulrik Bie (Berlingske) at AmCham’s 2019 State of the Union event hosted by Maersk


28 Yearbook 2020



Yearbook 2020 29

BUSINESS AWARDS AmCham celebrates business excellence by awarding the Transatlantic Company of the Year and the Foreign Company of the Year to companies who have had the greatest impact on their respective side of the Atlantic.



Ramboll was recognized for its significant investments, impressive growth and a strong focus on sustainable solutions while being an active participant in the societies where the company operates.

Amgen was named AmCham Denmark’s 2019 Foreign Company of the Year for their valuable investments in Danish innovation, research, and development within biotechnology.

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945 and employing more than 15,000 experts globally. With 300 offices in 35 countries, Ramboll combines local experience with a global knowledge base to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to their clients, the end-users, and society at large. Ramboll works across the following markets: Buildings, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, Environment & Health, Energy, and Management Consulting.

30 Yearbook 2020

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Amgen is a valuebased company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses. Amgen believes in a “biology first” approach. The company uses cutting-edge science and technology to study the subtlest biological mechanisms in search of therapies that will improve the lives of those who suffer from serious diseases.


1. From left: HRH Crown Prince Frederik; Tore von Würden (Amgen); HRH Crown Princess Mary and Alex Gouliaev (Amgen)

2. From left: Rambøll’s Mette Søs Lassesen; Lone A. Clowes and Søren Holm Johansen 2

In partnership with:

Yearbook 2020 31

AmCham Forums AmCham develops business forums in which members engage with leading experts within or across sectors, in order to share expertise and best practices.



In partnership with:

32 Yearbook 2020

AmCham Forums • • • • • • •

AccessUSA Analytical Instruments (ESAC) Finance & Tax Healthcare Human Resources Security Forum Policy

1 E  xecutive panel at an HR Committee event on ‘Inclusive Leadership’ at Roche

2 From left: Therese Oliver (AmCham); Charlotte Lundblad (DXC Technology); Tina Buch Olsson (Dansk Erhverv); Kenneth Ajslev (Human House) and Marianne Granhøj (Kromann Reumert) at HR Committee event on Performance Culture


3 From left: Security Expert Patrick Bartlett; Carol Gallo (U.S. Embassy) and Therese Oliver (AmCham) at a Security Committee session on Insider Threats

4 From left: Rasmus Toft-Nielsen (MSD); Marianne Wigant (Roche); Peter Hecht (DXC Technology); Alexandra Knowles (Copenhagen Capacity) and Charlotte Lundblad (DXC Technology) at an HR Committee event


Yearbook 2020 33

AmCham Forums




34 Yearbook 2020



AmCham Forums 5 From left: Scott Wilson (Rambøll); Ekaterina von Gertten (Aperian Global) and Ernest Gundling (Aperian Global Founder) shared insights on how to lead global teams 6  AmCham’s Therese Oliver and Stephen Brugger with U.S. Embassy’s Regional Security Officer David L. Jordan 7 2019 Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry (ESAC) at the Scandic Copenhagen 8 Security Committee steering group session at the AmCham Loft 9 General Manager of Roche Richard Wrights speaks on inclusive leadership at an HR Committee event

Yearbook 2020 35


Enhancing Commercial Success in the United States

AmCham’s AccessUSA program helps Danish companies realize their American Dream by facilitating best practice-sharing discussions and 1:1 member mentoring with companies already established in the U.S. Additionally, AccessUSA events provide both inspiration and knowledge about all aspects of opening up operations in the United States. For companies already present in the U.S., the unique insight and inspiration gained from our high-level U.S. political and economic briefings enable Danish leaders to become better sparring partners with their U.S. leadership teams. AccessUSA also helps members build valuable relationships with key U.S. stakeholders including the Danish & U.S. Embassies / Ambassadors, the Danish Trade Council, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.


In partnership with:

36 Yearbook 2020



1 From left: Richard Klugman (Praesidio); Kenneth Kelly and Sara Schaeffer (U.S. Customs and Border Protection); Susanne Skov Diemer (Praesidio) and Einar Dyrhauge (AmCham) at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection event 2 CEO and famous chef Claus Meyer shares key learnings from his U.S. business journey at the Standard 3 Leah LeLoup (Hutchinson & Bloodgood) speaks at an AccessUSA event on U.S. visa and tax rules for foreign employees working in the U.S.


Yearbook 2020 37




38 Yearbook 2020




ACCESSUSA 4 From left: Troels Kjølby Nielsen (PwC); Einar Dyrhauge (AmCham); Mike Burak (PwC); Jacob Ravn (Dansk Erhverv); Chris Kong (PwC) and Bernard Moens at an AccessUSA event on U.S. Tax Reform and the OECD Digital Agenda 5 Hanne LeLoup (Hutchinson & Bloodgood) speaks at an AccessUSA event on U.S. visa and tax rules for foreign employees working in the U.S. 6 Legal expert Laura Nelson Marusic (Kromann Reumert) at an AccessUSA event on trade regulations 7 The speakers and partners for an AccessUSA event on U.S. Visa and Tax event hosted by Dansk Erhverv 8 Greg Husisian (Foley & Lardner) on navigating U.S. and EU regulation of trade, foreign investments and sanctions

Yearbook 2020 39



In partnership with:

40 Yearbook 2020

Our networking events facilitate member engagement in a more informal setting and provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness through event sponsorship and donations of in-kind goods and services.


1 AmCham’s 2019 Spring Reception at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence Rydhave 2 CIS volunteers at AmCham’s Family Thanksgiving Dinner at the Marriott, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola 3 Stephen Brugger (AmCham) and Anne-Louise Eppler (British Airways) draw the winning ticket for a round-trip to the U.S at AmCham’s Holiday Reception 4 Golfers at the 2019 AmCham Cup Golf Tournament at Simon’s Golf



Yearbook 2020 41





In partnership with:

42 Yearbook 2020



BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS 5 Weibel Scientific CEO Peder Pedersen at AmCham’s Spring Reception at Rydhave 6 AmCham’s 2019 Holiday Reception was hosted at Thorvaldsen’s Museum 7 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); U.S. Ambassador Carla Sands and Henrik Bodskov (IBM) at AmCham’s American Barbecue Lunch at Folkemødet 8 Team celebrations at the AmCham Cup Tournament

Yearbook 2020 43

CSR/COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT By working on relevant CSR initiatives and social outreach, AmCham facilitates a meaningful engagement in the community on behalf of its members.


Refugee Mentoring Program

Refugee Internship Program


Novo Nordisk


Danish Institute for Studies Abroad



Roche Diagnostics DTU Bayer

44 Yearbook 2020

Refugee Mentoring & Internship Program Refugee Ambassador Initiative Wounded Warrior’s Week Expat Advisory Board



1 A  mCham’s Nanna Benting and Sandra Viborg, in partnership with Foreningen Nydansker, hosted a Refugee Ambassador Workshop on how to brand yourself on LinkedIn 2 From left: Stephen Brugger (AmCham); U.S. Ambassador Carla Sands; Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen and Peder Pedersen (Weibel) at Wounded Warriors’ Week at Rydhave 3 AmCham’s Stephen Brugger moderates the first-ever International Citizen’s Day 4 From left: Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Capital Region); Stephen Brugger (AmCham) and Mayor Franciska Rosenkilde (Copenhagen) at International Citizens’ Day


In partnership with:



Yearbook 2020 45

Novo Nordisk CEO Lars Fruergaard speaks at AmCham’s 2019 AGM & Transatlantic Summit


Elite Partners


Patron Members


Member Companies

AmCham Membership


membership has far exceeded our expectations.’

As the leading business network for U.S., Danish and International companies, AmCham offer its members a Angela Naef, strong platform for success in both Denmark and the United States.

V.P. Global Technology & Innovation, As the Voice of International Business, AmCham is committed to building a competitiveDuPont business environment in Denmark and proactively assist Danish companies entering the U.S. – Denmark’s largest market.

U.S. Ambassador Carla Sands


A m C ham’s 260+ Members Are From ALL INDUSTRIES Energy, Life Science, IT, Logistics, Production, Consumer, Services

ALL SIZES Startups, SME’s, Large Corporations

ALL COUNTRIES 40% US / 50% Danish / 10% International

Brochure 201 Nov final.indd 4-5

Maersk’s Caroline Pontoppidan and Anders Würtzen with Stephen Brugger (AmCham) at the State of the Union event at Maersk

48 Yearbook 2020

General Manager Anders Thelborg (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Senior VP Jeanette Witasp (Danske Bank) at a PowerBreakfast at the AmCham Loft

AmCham offers three levels of membership: PATRON

(DKK 35.000)


(DKK 24.000)


(DKK 9.500)

Voting Membership

Voting Membership

Non-voting Membership

U.S., Danish and other multinational companies with activities in the U.S. and Denmark (more than 100 employees globally)

Danish based companies with limited U.S. activities (10-100 employees).

Companies with fewer than 10 employees, associations, NGOs, etc.

★ ELITE PARTNERS Elite Partner status is reserved for AmCham’s highest contributors. As a Patron member, your company has an opportunity to become an Elite Partner. Coca-Cola’s Jes Randrup discusses macro trends at Bain & Company’s Labor 2030 event with Karen Harris

Yearbook 2020 49


Yearbook 2020 51

★ ELITE PARTNERS AmCham is pleased to acknowledge our 2020 Elite Partners. Elite Partner status is reserved for companies seeking maximum visibility and full engagement with AmCham. Support from this exclusive group of companies is essential to strengthening AmCham’s “Voice of International Business” and enables us to continously deliver high-level events and activities. Elite Partner benefits include broader access, higher visibility and extended services. To learn more about our Elite Partners, contact AmCham today.

52 Yearbook 2020

Yearbook 2020 53


54 Yearbook 2020


AmCham Denmark is proud to recognize our Patron members and thank them for their vital and continuing support

Yearbook 2020 55


Amcham Members 56 Yearbook 2020

1st Mile 3M 3Shape AB Sciex AbbVie Above & Beyond ABS Europe Limited Accenture Accountor Group Accura Law Firm ActionSportGames Advice AG5 Architects AGC Biologics Agilent Technologies Denmark AIG Air France - KLM Group - Delta Aircontact Group Denmark Albright Partners Alert Systems Alfa Quality Moving Denmark Ambassaden & Konsulatet Ambu American Aviation Data, Inc. American Express Global Business Travel American Friends of SMK (AFSMK) American-Danish Business Council Ametek Denmark Amgen Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. AON Denmark Aperian Global area9 Lyceum Arla Foods Aspire Mobility AVK Holding AWA Denmark Bain & Company BASF Bavarian Nordic Bayer BDO Danmark Bech-Bruun Law Firm Berlitz Language Services Scandinavia Better Collective Biogen Denmark Bird & Bird Law Firm BitSight BP Consulting Brinch & Partners Bristol Myers Squibb, Denmark British Airways, American Airlines & Iberia British American Tobacco Denmark Bruker Daltonics Scandinavia

Cisco Systems Denmark Citibank Europe plc, Denmark Branch Cludo Coca-Cola Nordic Service Comitel CompanyCapital Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) ConXus Cook Medical Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Copenhagen Capacity Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies Copenhagen International School Copenhagen Malmö Port Copenhagen Subsea CP Kelco Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers CWT CyberArk Cylindr BBN DanCenter/Danland Danfoss Danish Agriculture & Food Council Dansk Erhverv - Danish Chamber of Commerce Dansk-Tysk Handelskammer Danske Bank DEA Dell Technologies DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad DLA Piper DSV DuPont Danmark DXC Technology EDU Danmark Emerson Climate Technologies Ergotel Evangelista Worley eXerp EY Facebook Falck Danmark FaunaPhotonics FedEx Express Danish Branch Ferrosan Medical Devices FLSmidth FMC Corporation Foley & Lardner Foss GE Healthcare General Reinsurance Copenhagen Branch Gløggkompagniet GN Store Nord Google Denmark Gorrissen Federspiel

GRACE Public Affairs Grant Thornton Gregorius Design Thinking Grundfos GTS Nordic Guldmann Haldor Topsøe Harbinger Public Relations Hard Rock Cafe, Copenhagen Headspring Executive Development Heidrick & Struggles Henning Larsen Architects Hess Denmark Hobart Scandinavia Holland & Knight LLP Hollingsworth Pack HORESTA Horten Advokatpartnerselskab Hotel Maritime HUCAPA - Human Capital Partners Hutchinson and Bloodgood Llp IBM Danmark IBSA ICE Icelandair Implement Consulting Group Intertrust Invest in Denmark IQVIA Solutions Denmark J.P. Morgan Bank Janssen-Cilag Japan Tobacco International Denmark Jyske Bank Kelly Services Kementec Korn/Ferry Copenhagen KPMG Kristiansen+Partners Kromann Reumert LEAD Agency LEMAN LEO Pharma Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Lundbeck Lundgrens Law Firm Maersk Magnusson Law Firm Marriott Copenhagen Marsh Danmark Martensen Wright PC McDonald’s Danmark McKinsey & Company Denmark Medicon Valley Alliance Medtronic Danmark MEQU

Micro Matic Microsoft in Denmark Moltkes Palæ Moranti Services Motorola Solutions Danmark MSD National Oilwell Varco Denmark Navigate Public Affairs NextPartners Nilfisk NJORD Law Firm NKT Photonics Nordic Patent Service Nordic Radar Solutions Novartis Healthcare Novasol Novo Nordisk Oracle Danmark Palo Alto Networks PensionDanmark Pfizer Philip Morris Philips Denmark Power Stow Praesidio Pratt & Whitney PrimeTime Communication PwC Quadric Radiometer Medical Radisson Hotel Group Rambøll Group Raytheon International Inc. Renew Energy Ring Advocacy RiskPoint Roche Roche Diagnostics Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen Rud Pedersen Sanofi Genzyme SAS Institute Scandic Copenhagen Scion DTU Sedgwick Leif Hansen Shark Solutions Shipco Transport Holding Siemens SIRVA Siteimprove Skau Reipurth & Partnere Solix Group Stakemann Law Firm Steelcase

Struers SvendHjort Agencies Symphogen T. Rowe Price International Ltd. Tatarklubben Terma The Army Painter The Boston Consulting Group The Copenhagen Post The Scandinavian The Standard Thermo Fisher Scientific Thomas Martin Advokatanpartsselskab Toms Gruppen UL International UPS Danmark Varian Medical Systems Scandinavia Vectrus Veloxis Pharmaceuticals Vestas Wind Systems Virksomhedsskolen Visit Carlsberg Waters Weibel Scientific Willis Towers Watson World Jet Trading Xact Consulting Zealand Pharma Ørsted

Yearbook 2020 57

AmChams in Europe directors at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC during the annual ACE Conference

Connections across the Globe

Nordic AmChams AmCham Finland

AmCham Denmark is a member of the global AmCham Network - a network of AmChams in more than 115 countries worldwide, all of which are accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Our network is an important asset to us, our members and our stakeholders. Therefore we forge strong relationships, particularly with the AmChams in Europe. Established in 1963, AmChams in Europe serves as the umbrella organization for directors of 44 AmChams throughout Europe and Eurasia. Together, the organization accounts for more than $ 1.1 trillion in investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

58 Yearbook 2020

Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO Eteläranta 6 A 8 FI-00130 Helsinki Tel: 358-40-466 4576 Email: Website: U.S. Commercial Service Dillon Banerjee, Regional Senior Commercial Officer Itainen Puistotie 14 B FI-00140 Helsinki Tel: +358-9 616 250 E-mail: Website:

Nordic AmChams’ leadership and staff at a ‘Best Practices’ sharing session in Stockholm

AmCham Norway

AmCham Sweden

AmCham Denmark

Jason Turflinger, Managing Director Arbins Gate 2 N-0253 Oslo Tel: (+47) 22 41 50 10 Email: Website:

Peter Dahlen, Managing Director Klarabergsviadukten 63 SE-111 64 Stockholm Tel: +46 8 506 126 10 Email: Website:

Stephen Brugger, Executive Director Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 13 DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø Tel: (+45) 33 932 932 Email: Website:

U.S. Commercial Service Vidar Keyn, Head of Commercial Section Morgedalsvegen 36 0378 Oslo Tel: (+47) 21 30 88 66 E-mail: Website:

U.S. Commercial Service Dillon Banerjee, Regional Senior Commercial Officer Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 31 SE -115 89, Stockholm Tel: (+46) 8 783 5346 Email: Website:

U.S. Commercial Service Bjarke C. Frederiksen, Head of Commercial Section Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24 DK -2100, Copenhagen Ø Tel: (+45) 33 41 73 15 Email: Website:

Yearbook 2020 59

ALBANIA AmCham Albania Ilir Trimi, Executive Director ARMENIA AmCham Armenia Karine Sarkissian, Executive Director

As a bilateral voice of U.S. and European companies, AmChams in Europe works to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States.

AUSTRIA AmCham Austria Daniela Homan, Executive Director AZERBAIJAN AmCham Azerbaijan Zaur Karimov, Acting Director BELGIUM AmCham Belgium Marcel Claes, CEO BELGIUM AmCham EU Susan Danger, CEO BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA AmCham Bosnia & Herzegovina ´ President Kenan Karcic, ^

BULGARIA AmCham Bulgaria Peter Ivanov, Executive Director CROATIA AmCham Croatia Andrea Doko Jelušic, Executive Director CYPRUS AmCham Cyprus Lia Riris, Executive Secretary DENMARK AmCham Denmark Stephen Brugger, Executive Director

60 Yearbook 2020

ESTONIA AmCham Estonia Daria Sivovol, Executive Director

KOSOVO AmCham Kosovo Arian Zeka, Executive Director

RUSSIAN FEDERATION AmCham Russia Alexis Rodzianko, President

FINLAND AmCham Finland Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO

LATVIA AmCham Latvia . . Liga Smildzina-Bertulsone, Executive Director

SERBIA AmCham Serbia Vera Nikolic Dimic, Executive Director

FRANCE AmCham France Jérémie Gallon, Managing Director GEORGIA AmCham Georgia George Welton, Executive Director GERMANY AmCham Germany Eveline Y. Metzen, General Manager GIBRALTAR AmCham Gibraltar James Lasry, President

LITHUANIA AmCham Lithuania Živile Sabaliauskaite, Executive Director LUXEMBOURG AmCham Luxembourg Paul-Michael Schonenberg, Chairman and CEO MACEDONIA AmCham Macedonia MALTA AmCham Malta Tanya Sciberras Camilleri, President

SLOVAK REPUBLIC AmCham Slovak Republic Ronald Blasko, Executive Director SLOVENIA AmCham Slovenia Ajsa Vodnik, Executive Director SPAIN AmCham Spain Aida Casamitjana, Executive Director SWEDEN AmCham Sweden Peter R. Dahlen, Managing Director SWITZERLAND Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce Martin Naville, CEO

GREECE American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Elias J. Spirtounias, Executive Director

MOLDOVA AmCham Moldavo Mila Malairau, Executive Director

HUNGARY AmCham Hungary Irisz Lippai-Nagy, CEO

MONTENEGRO AmCham Montenegro Marko Mirocevic, Executive Director

IRELAND AmCham Ireland Mark Redmond, Chief Executive

NORWAY AmCham Norway Jason Turflinger, Managing Director

ISRAEL Israel-America Chamber of Commerce Oded Rose, CEO

POLAND AmCham Poland Dorothy Dabrowski, Executive Director

TURKEY TABA – AmCham Oyku Korkmaz Atacoglu, Executive Director

ITALY AmCham Italy Simone Crolla, Managing Director

ROMANIA AmCham Romania Anca Harasim, Executive Director

UKRAINE AmCham Ukraine Andy Hunder, President

THE NETHERLANDS AmCham The Netherlands Patrick Mikkelsen, Executive Director TURKEY AmCham Turkey / ABFT Asli Özelli, Executive Director

UNITED KINGDOM BritishAmerican Business Emanuel Adam, Executive Director

Yearbook 2020 61

AmCham’s Value Proposition AmCham Denmark is the Network of Choice for Success in Denmark and the United States Our Value Proposition ➔ Access & influence to improve framework conditions for international business

➔ Develop your business by increasing brand visibility and company awareness

➔ Educate & inspire your leadership team

➔ Succeed in the USA through AmCham’s AccessUSA program

62 Yearbook 2016

AmCham Partners

American Danish Business Council

Confederation of Danish Industry

Copenhagen Capacity

Dansk Erhverv

Invest in Denmark

Embassy of the United States of America

U.S. Foreign Commercial Service

Yearbook 2020 63


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A Trusted Energy Partner


~$2 2.45 Billion INVESTED 1999-2019 (USD net)

~ 7,100 BOE/D (2019 net)

2nd LARGEST OPERATOR (2019 managed production)


Hess is a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. We are one of the largest oil producers in Denmark and adhere to rigorous operational standards. Our employees work closely with our communities and partners to find new approaches and apply innovative technologies that can help us operate safely, improve efficiencies, protect the environment and make a positive impact on the lives of those we touch.

Underwriter of Choice Copenhagen • London • Zurich • Amsterdam Copenhagen · Stockholm · Oslo · Helsinki · Frankfurt · London · Zurich · Amsterdam · Madrid • Stockholm • Oslo • Helsinki • Frankfurt

We provide life-changing medicines to patients around the world

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Coca-Cola Made in Denmark Coca-Cola

Made in Denmark since 1935.


We have reduced the amount of water we use by 25%. By the end of 2020 we will use only 1.2L of water pr. liter of finished product. That’s among the best in the world.


Bottle collection rate through the Danish deposit return scheme.

85 years

Coca-Cola came to Denmark in late 1935. We remain proud of our long Danish history.

© 2020 The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved. COCA-COLA is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company


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This bottle is made with 50% recycled PET. We are working hard on the rest.


50% rPET