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Official Gay Mardi Gras Guide Boast 64 Pages of the Hottest Action & Events


his giant 64 page edition of Ambush Mag brings readers some 43 pages advertising the hottest activities happening in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Metairie and Slidell, LA, Mobile, AL, Pensacola, FL, and Austin and South Padre Island, Texas. Over 100 businesses, both Gay and Gay friendly chose to advertise this year. Ambush [AmbushMag.COM] is the Gulf South’s oldest and largest Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender [GLBT] regional publication covering the lucrative Texas to Florida market since 1982. This publication has served as the “official” mag for all the major events for years and is the only Official Gay Mardi Gras Guide while GayMardiGras.COM serves as the original, oldest and only Official Website of Gay Mardi Gras.. Ambush has worked diligently with businesses, organizations and tourism officials striving to make the communities it serves as top GLBT destinations in the world. Ambush’s success is largely due to its policy of inclusion representing all aspects of the GLBT community. The publication also gives hundreds of thousands of dollars each year back in services and monies through its AMgrant [Ambush Advertising Grant Program] to the communities which make Ambush possible, and since it’s inception in 1982, has donated more than $3 million through the program.

Drink, Dine, Shop, Hair Cuts, Workouts, Buy Real Estate


he Crescent City is renowned for its numerous drinking party establishments. In this issue of Ambush you will find numerous bar related activities centered around the Official Gay Mardi Gras celebration including costume contests, internationally famous circuit DJs, male strippers, shows and more. As you look through the ads, you are sure to find just the activity you want to experience this festive weekend. Restaurants, grills and delis are in abundance as well. You’ll want to see Chop Chop for Ambush’s dining recommendations. Of course shopping is every true queen’s delight! Flip through the ads or look in the Classified listings in the center Expose section of Ambush for retail/shopping, bookstores, florists, galleries, gardening, hair/wig salons, laundries, lodging/accommodations, massage, models/escorts, museum/arts, organizations, pharmacies, photography, real estate, receptions/ halls, services, spas, theatres, tattoos/piercings and website listings.

Gay Mardi Gras History


very year, New Orleans shuts down and throws the party of parties. Everywhere else in the country, it’s just another Tuesday, but, in New Orleans it’s Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras is more than a single day of celebration. It’s a state of mind. Mardi Gras reflects and defines the cultural traditions of New Orleans. Most “outsiders” assume Mardi Gras takes place on a single day. This is true. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. Some time ago, the tradition was to slaughter a fatted calf on the Tuesday before the beginning of the Lenten 40 day fast. Thus, the coining of the phrase “Fat Tuesday.” There is a distinction, however, between Mardi Gras and Carnival. Mardi Gras is a single day that is the climax for the Carnival season. The Carnival season begins on January 6th or Twelfth Night (Kings Night) and runs until the beginning of Lent - the Easter season (Ash Wednesday). Carnival can run as long as two months, depending on the church calendar. Mardi Gras day or Fat Tuesday is the traditional day for masking. However, you’ll find people enjoying this tradition beginning the Friday before Mardi Gras day. Mardi Gras costumes are elaborate. Sequins and feathers rule the day. Families and friends often mask as a group. It’s not unusual to see a marching box of Crayola Crayons or a studly herd of bare chested firemen carrying a ten foot hose. Anything goes on Mardi

Valentine's/Mardi Gras Highlights Edition Due Out: Feb. 12 DEADLINE: Feb. 6


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Gras day. Even though the obscenity laws are still on the books, it’s amazing what people get away with wearing or, should we say, NOT wearing. The French Quarter is often called the “adult” Mardi Gras. Costumes can be more than revealing and there are some Carnival traditions (i.e. The chant “Show me your “insert preferred body part here” !) that would land a person in jail on any other day of the year. Police tend to look the other way at most of the stuff that goes on Mardi Gras day. The lower French Quarter is the center for Gay Mardi Gras. This is where you’ll find the more extravagant costumes. People come from all over the world just to strut around in costumes of their own design. Of course, going home with a prestigious Bourbon Street Award is often the motivation for their sequined madness. Although parades roll for weeks before Fat Tuesday, on the Day of Days parades begin early in the morning with the ever popular Zulu and don’t stop until the last float passes late in the night. The highlight of the parades is the toast between the King of Carnival - Rex - and the mayor of New Orleans. This is the official proclamation and beginning of Mardi Gras. During the toast, Rex gives all city workers the day off and commands everyone to have a good time. The Carnival season is the highlight of the New Orleans social calendar. The season officially begins on Twelfth Night or “Kings Night.” Many New Orleanians with artificial Christmas trees will leave them up and replace the Christmas decor with purple, gold and green ornaments. These are the official colors of Carnival. Legend has it that green represents faith; gold, power; and purple, justice. Most people believe these colors were chosen simply because they look good together. Another Carnival tradition that begins on Twelfth Night is the King Cake. A King Cake is a ring cake decorated with sweet purple, gold and green frosting. In every King Cake there is a little plastic baby representing the baby Jesus. The person who is lucky enough to bite into the piece of King Cake with the plastic baby gets to buy the next King Cake for the next King Cake party. During the Carnival season, Mardi Gras Krewes - local clubs that sponsor parades and Carnival events - hold elaborate balls and parties where their King, Queen and other Royalty are announced for the year. On its surface, the election of Royalty may seem comical. However, being chosen is a very special honor and is taken very seriously by New Orleanians. Mardi Gras Royalty are elected because of their contributions and standing in the community. Being chosen to represent a Krewe as a King or Queen is an honor that announces to the community at large that these people have made our city a better place and we recognize their hard work and dedication. So be sure to raise your cup and toast every King and Queen! If you don’t live in New Orleans, it is impossible to understand all the planning, hard work and expense that go into Carnival. Most krewes begin planning for Carnival a year or more in advance. People belonging to a krewe pay dues and spend their own money to stage their parades and to buy throws. This is not an inexpensive venture. The average Mardi Gras krewe

spends hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of donated time to parade for just a few hours. Why do it? New Orleanians love their city and you just have to ride in a Mardi Gras parade to understand the thrill of throwing stuff to a hungry crowd. Although every King and Queen deserve respect, the true King of Carnival is Rex. The identity of Rex is a secret until the day before Mardi Gras. People anxiously await the announcement of the King of Carnival. Being chosen as the King of Rex is the highest honor New Orleans can bestow. The King of Rex is chosen because of his prominent standing in the community. It’s a really big deal. The Queen of Rex is always a young debutante. It’s all very aristocratic. Carnival officially ends when the King and Queen of Rex meet, at midnight on Fat Tuesday, the Queen and King of Comus. When they meet, the traditional “Whenever I Cease To Love” theme is played and true New Orleanians’ eyes fill with tears from memo[continued on Main-6]

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the "official" dish ...from Main-4 ries of Mardi Gras past and the fact that they have to wait another year to have this much fun. Once the Royalty of Comus and Rex meet, police take to the streets on horseback - followed by street sweepers - announcing that Mardi Gras is over and people should “clear the streets.” By this time, most people have had enough and are ready to rest. As soon as the last parade passes, the city begins the incredible task of cleaning up. All the garbage is weighed and this is how New Orleans estimates how many people came to Mardi Gras. How Mardi Gras started is not really clear. There are plenty of legends and stories about early Carnival. It’s not certain which are myth and which are fact. Legend has it that the first Mardi Gras came to be because the early Christian church adopted and reformed the Roman feast of Lupercalia, a decadent three days of celebration, in order to convert the pagans. The early church renamed the holiday to “carnelevamen,” meaning “farewell to the flesh.” The French coined the phrase Mardi Gras, which means Fat Tuesday, and brought the holiday with them when they settled New Orleans. In fact, in 1699 the French-Canadian explorer Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d’Iberville landed near the mouth of the Mississippi River on Mardi Gras Day and named the plot of ground “Pointe du Mardi Gras.” Early Mardi Gras was not an organized, community event. The holiday was basically celebrated by throwing private, wild parties. After all, New Orleans was and still is a port city - and you know those sailors! On February 24th, 1857, Mardi Gras was changed forever. This was the year that the first true Mardi Gras krewe was formed. The club called themselves the Mystick Krewe of Comus, after the Greek god of revelry. Comus began the tradition of the elaborate ball and carnival parade. Over the years, many more krewes were founded. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, however, that the Mardi Gras we know today came into fruition. Probably as a result of the post-war baby boom, many more carnival krewes were formed in the fifties and sixties. Ask any local and they’re bound to have fond memories of riding on a float with their family. Mardi Gras became a holiday for families to celebrate and spend time with each other. Today, Mardi Gras remains a time to gather with family and friends. In fact, people are expected to open their homes to friends and family if they live within walking distance of the parades. In New Orleans, the more family oriented carnival has moved into the suburb of Metairie. The rise in the number of krewes and the population shift to the suburbs has created, really, two distinct carnival traditions. Parades roll in New Orleans and in Metairie. The parades that roll in New Orleans are either “old line” krewes like Rex, or what have come to be known as “superkrewes.” The “superkrewes” began in 1969 with the founding of Bacchus - named for the god of wine. The city was stunned by the enormous floats designed by Blaine Kern (now a world famous designer of floats and other ornaments). In addition, this krewe allowed anyone who paid dues to be a

member. It didn’t matter if you could trace your ancestry back to the buccaneers. The first King of Bacchus broke the most serious tradition. The King wasn’t a community leader but Danny Kaye, a Hollywood star. Today, Bacchus has become one of the largest and best parades in New Orleans and rolls the Sunday before Mardi Gras. Every year a different celebrity is made King and rides a special float. Last year, Luke Perry rode as Royalty. The founding of Bacchus started a new tradition. Soon after the debut of this incredible parade, other superkrewes were founded. Endymion, which rolls on the Saturday night before Mardi Gras, was established in 1974. Endymion throws a party called the “Extravaganza” and tickets to this event are cherished and hard to come by. The Extravaganza is a party held in the Superdome for some 10,000 people. Entertainment is provided by some of the top names in the business. In 1995, the 1,500 member Krewe of Endymion introduced the largest Mardi Gras float ever! With the theme Welcome To The New Orleans Mardi Gras this float rolled with 150 maskers on board. In 1994, Harry Connick Jr., a national celebrity and New Orleans native, began a new superkrewe called Orpheus that rolls on Lundi Gras - the Monday before Fat Tuesday. This Krewe has now become one of New Orleans favorites. In Metairie, the krewes that parade are usually groups of people that started clubs for their families. The parades in Metairie have become more sophisticated and larger over the years and some of them rival the best New Orleans parade. However, most of the parades in Metairie rent their floats and you tend to see the same floats (modified a little) rolling night after night. If you want to keep away from the rowdier New Orleans crowd, Metairie is a nice alternative. The traditions of Gay Mardi Gras came into being in the 1950s. The first Gay Mardi Gras krewe was the Krewe of Yuga or “KY.” This krewe was formed to satirize the straight, aristocratic Mardi Gras traditions in 1958. In 1962, the Krewe of Yuga threw its first ball at a badly chosen sight, a private children’s school. No sooner had the tableau begun with Queen and Maids expectantly waiting the adoration of the spectators when police cars roared up and the ball was raided. Doors were locked and people were unceremoniously hauled to jail. Taking a deep breath, the Gay community soon reorganized and new Gay Mardi Gras krewes began to flourish. Peaking in the early 1980s, there were dozens of Gay krewes that were the highlight of the Carnival season. Local matrons would beg for tickets from their hairdresser. They were quite the event. The Gay balls required formal attire and the tableaus were a sight to behold. Many a cocktailed queen was seen to fall over from the weight of a bigger than life costume. It was all wonderful - cherished Carnival memories. Why past tense? AIDS has taken many of the best and most talented people from New Orleans. It would be easy to blame a weak economy and apathy for the decline of the Gay krewes. It’s not that. It was AIDS that almost destroyed this fine tradition. But the krewes are picking up members, and new krewes have formed. Today, there are eight Gay krewes in New Orleans -

Amon Ra, Armeinius, Mwindo, Lords of Leather, People of Substance, Petronius, Queenateenas and Satyricon. Attire is formal and the balls are invitation only. The Night of the Black Mask is held the Friday before Mardi Gras drawing thousands to the South’s Oldest Leather Block Party. Sponsored by the Phoenix/Eagle, Lords of Leather and New Orleans Bear and Bear Trapper Social Club, the event is hosted at the corner of Elysian Fields and N. Rampart Streets. One Gay tradition that flourishes and attracts participants and an audience from across the globe is the Bourbon Street Awards. This year will mark the 44th anniversary of the Bourbon Street Awards. Presented by Oz New Orleans and sponsored by Bud Light, these awards are one of the highlights of Gay carnival. The Bourbon Street Awards were originally held on Bourbon and Dumaine, then moved to St. Ann and Burgundy. Today, the Awards are held on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann in front of Oz and beginning at 12noon. At 2pm every Mardi Gras, revelers head on over to Ambush Headquarters, 828 Bourbon Street, for the annual Krewe of Queenateenas [KOQ] Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss. Now in its 21st year, the bead toss is led by the KOQ’s reigning King Cake Queen [KCQ], complete with changing balcony theme. For the best pearls on Bourbon Street, join the crowds in front of the balcony! Historical Gay Mardi Gras Events: 1949, Fat Monday Luncheon debuts at Brennan’s Restaurant/New Orleans 1958, Krewe of Yuga/New Orleans, 1st gay Carnival club debuts 1962, Krewe of Petronius/New Orleans debuts 1962, Yuga/New Orleans ball raided 1963, Bourbon Street Awards/New Orleans debuts presented by Arthur Jacobs, Bourbon at Dumaine Streets 1966, Krewe of Amon-Ra/New Orleans debuts 1969, Krewe of Armeinius/New Orleans debuts 1969, Amon-Ra/New Orleans presents 1st Miss America Pageant 1970, Mystick Krewe of Apollo/New Orleans debuts at Monteleone, 1st gay ball presented in a hotel 1971, Krewe of Olympus/New Orleans debuts, 1st gay ball presented at St. Bernard Civic Auditorium 1972, Mystick Krewe of Apollo/New Orleans, 1st gay ball to debuts at Municipal Auditorium, 1976, Mystick Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette debuts 1977, Mystick Krewe of Apollo/Birmingham debuts 1977, Mystic Krewe of Celestial Knights/New Orleans debuts 1977, Academy of the Golden Goddess, Inc. (AGGI)/New Orleans debuts presenting annual awards show celebrating gay Carnival clubs 1978, Mystick Krewe of Apollo/Shreveport debuts 1979, police strike cancels parades/ New Orleans; Charlene’s & the Golden Lantern group takes to the street as the Krewe of Cancellation 1980, Police cancel Krewe of Cancellation parade/New Orleans, no parade permit 1981, Mystick Krewe of Apollo/Baton Rouge debuts 1981, Krewe of Ishtar/New Orleans, 1st all-lesbian club debuts

1982-3, Edd Smith hosts Bourbon & St. Ann St. Awards/New Orleans, no Bourbon Street Awards held 1983, the Krewe of Polyphemus/New Orleans debuts 1984, Lords of Leather/New Orleans, 1st leather Carnival club debuts 1984, 11 gay Carnival krewes present balls, a record/New Orleans 1984, no Edd Smith or Bourbon Street Awards/New Orleans 1986, Bourbon Street Awards/New Orleans returns & moves to St. Ann & Burgundy 1987, Krewe of Queenateenas/New Orleans debuts presenting 1st Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss, 828 Bourbon St. 1991, AGGIs/New Orleans end 1992, Petronius, Amon-Ra, Armeinius & Lords of Leather present only gay balls/ New Orleans 1993, Krewe of Barkus/New Orleans parade hits the streets of the French Quarter 1994, Krewe of Queenateenas/New Orleans crown 1st King Cake Queen of Gay Mardi Gras 1999, 1st new gay Carnival Club since 1984, Krewe of Mwindo/New Orleans debuts 1999, Fat Monday Luncheon/New Orleans, celebrates 50th anniversary 2000, le Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant/New Orleans debuts benefiting AIDS service organizations 2001, People of Substance’s Krewe of Anubis/New Orleans debuts 2001, Petronius/New Orleans celebrates 40th anniversary 2002, Bourbon Street Awards/New Orleans returns to Bourbon & St. Ann Streets presented by Oz & Bud Light 2003, Krewe of Satyricon/New Orleans debuts 2004, 40th Bourbon Street Awards presented 2005, Amon Ra/New Orleans celebrates 40th anniversary 2006, Petronius/New Orleans celebrates 45th anniversary 2007, Queenateenas/New Orleans celebrates 20th Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss 2008, Queenateenas/New Orleans celebrates 15th King Cake Queen of Gay Mardi Gras Coronation

44th Annual Bourbon Street Awards; The Ultimate Costume Contest


he Forty-fourth Annual Bourbon Street Awards Show, the ultimate costume contest, will be held on Mardi Gras Day, February 5, 2008 at 12noon. The location is the corner of St. Ann at 800 Bourbon St. Johnny Chisholm and Oz/New Orleans, as well as Bud Light brings us this fantastic contest. Award categories include: Best Drag, Best Leather, Best Group and the grandest award, Best of Show. Celebrity emcee features the talents of Oz mega circuit star Bianca Del Rio, direct from New York City. The Bourbon Street Awards, well into its fourth decade, has hosted some of the most exciting and extravagant Mardi Gras costumes ever seen, and a bit of controversy as well. In 1963, the late Arthur Jacobs, then [continued on Main-8]

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the Bourbon Street Awards officially back home to Cafe Lafitte in Exile at Dumaine and Bourbon. In 1986 the Awards were relocated to the corner of St. Ann and Burgundy in front of the Rawhide. “By staging it there, more viewers were able to see the show,” said Wood. In 1994, American Chronicle did an hour long segment on Mardi Gras titled “Farewell to the Flesh” and the Bourbon Street Awards got great coverage. In 2002, the Awards were acquired by Johnny Chisholm and Oz/New Orleans, and moved back to Bourbon St. for the first time in 16 years. View the Awards from the corner of St. Ann and 800 Bourbon St. The 44th Annual Bourbon Street Awards will be “The Best Free Show of Mardi Gras.”

Saints & Sinners Playwright Contest Submissions Extended to Jan. 31


he Saints and Sinners Festival and the Marigny Theatre announce an extension on the final submission date for entries in this year’s Playwright Contest. Plays must be received no later than midnight on January 31. Complete rules for this competition can be found on-line at the Saints and Sinners Festival site,

1st Annual Mardi Gras Girl Parties February 2 & 3


the "official" dish ...from Main-6 owner of the Clover Grill was facing declining revenues, as were other businesses in the Lower Quarter, at that time. “This end of the Quarter, around Bourbon and Dumaine had a bad reputation in those days. Things around here have come a long way,” Jacobs recalled. Jacobs began, and oversaw the event until 1974, when he conceded the show to Tommy Hopkins, the owner of Cafe Lafitte in Exile, located across the street from the Clover Grill. During Jacob’s tenure with the Awards, he faced a good bit of opposition because of the participation of female impersonators. “A big shot reporter tried to degrade the Awards with a feature in a New York magazine in 1964. He inferred that the show contributed to moral decay. The city was no help either with its additional restrictions and rules. I’m happy the city fathers have taken a different view today,” Jacobs said. During the 60’s and early 70’s the contest drew thousands of people to the corner. Japanese, German, British, and

French film crews recorded the show for their networks. In 1971 Darlene Jacobs, Arthur Jacob’s daughter, and noted local attorney, emceed the show, which was later televised on the BBC. “In 1967 there was a beautiful boy from New York who won Best of Show,” Mr. Jacobs said. “His impersonating a woman was so well done, viewers and judges alike could not tell that he was a man.” “I’ve always felt the contestants were the stars of the show,” commented Jacobs. “I’ve turned down movie stars, musicians - even Al Hirt was refused access during the show. Pete Fountain came before the show one year and played for an hour, but once the show started, the contestants had their moment,” Jacobs remembered. The now legendary “Parade of Cleopatra” featuring Houston entertainer Torchy Laine as Cleopatra, won “Best of Show” three consecutive years, 1977 through 1979. Cleopatra, whose litter was born by numerous body builders, was preceded by Egyptian musicians, food and wine bearers, slaves, and one year fol-

lowed by a tiger and its handler. This spectacle earned the Awards contest the title of “The Largest Free Show of Mardi Gras.” Jacobs laughed, “We had to make Torchy a judge so he wouldn’t compete.” When Tom Wood bought Cafe Lafitte in 1974, the Bourbon Street Awards were assumed with the bar. Escalating production costs and more restrictive city guidelines threatened the Awards, but the Show went on. The late Ed Smith, a favorite emcee of the show, well known locally for his flamboyance and humor, produced - in his own name - the requisite permits for the show in 1982 and 1983. He staged it at the corner of St. Ann and Bourbon. To avoid conflict with Smith’s show, Wood decided not to compete. “Everyone knew it as the Bourbon Street Awards anyway” Jacobs noted. “Contestants from all over the world came to participate and model their costumes.” When Smith fell terminally ill in 1984, the Awards were not staged, but Jacobs proudly recalled, unofficially, contestants returned to Dumaine and Bourbon to show off their costumed creations. 1985 brought

achel Robinson and Veronica Portillo of MTV’s Road Rules/ Real World reality shows and Dani Campbell from MTV’s A Shot at Love have been named to host FLIRT! for the 1st Annual Mardi Gras Girl Party, Saturday and Sunday, February 2 and 3 at Tomatillo’s Restaurant, 437 Frenchmen in New Orleans on the edge of the French Quarter. Rachel Robinson and Veronica Portillo are known for wearing their scandalously fun t-shirts throughout Real World/Road Rules The Inferno 2, and their creative clothing caught on quickly. During The Inferno 2, the girls gave their shirts out to the other cast members. “Everybody started wearing them like crazy. We’d wake up in the morning and go to breakfast, and notice the entire cast was wearing one of our shirts.” From this, College Dropout was formed. Since then, the MTV alums have kept busy promoting their t-shirt line at Gay and Lesbian events across the country. Rachel and Veronica have previously made appearances at Long Beach Pride in California, Chicago Market Days, Surge Nightclub in NYC, as well as at the Dinah Shore Weekend in Miami. Dani Campbell will be making an appearance on Sunday, February 3. The breakout star’s popularity from Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love is soaring among the GLBT crowd. She has been making regular appearances throughout the country, and will be in New Orleans to party for Mardi Gras! Partygoers are in for big fun! These girls always deliver with their crazy contests and bartending antics! There are other surprises in store as well! After the recent success of the FLIRT! Girl Parties for both Decadence and Halloween, producer Sonja Lofton wanted to take things further and offer something new to the community. [continued on Main-10]

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the "official" dish ...from Main-8 General admission is at $15 at the door for both events. Ages 18 and up. Doors open at 10pm. One of the major sponsors for this event is Sauza Tequila. Tomatillo’s has purchased over 120 cases of Sauza Tequila in the last year.

Mardi Gras Reading/Signing Celebration Lundi Gras


n Lundi Gras, Monday, February 4, from 2 till 4pm, you are invited to an open-house reading and signing celebration at FAB Faubourg Marigny Art & Books, 600 Frenchmen Street, near Cafe Brazil and Snug Harbor and other neat Marigny neighborhood haunts. Jack Beach, the author of Beads, Belles and Balls will present this colorful collection of poems, stories and prose snapshots culled from two decades of memories and clippings of Pre-Katrina Mardi Gras. The book allows you to experience some magical moments of the Carnival season from start to finish through quick views of a variety of eccentric New Orleans characters and events that make this time and City very special. The author’s goal is to capture Carnival’s infinite varieties from sexy and flamboyant to seamy and sad. FAB is your Mardi Gras poster headquarters. These unique poster prints are breath-taking, flamboyant, witty, and/or fascinating current and future collector items available now to decorate your surroundings with a flair. Poster prices range from $15 to $75 and can be signed by the

artist. You will receive a little special something as lagniappe with the purchase of these posters - the Why Arts New Orleans Make Levees Not War postcard. Tim Du Bois photos of colorful painted male and female nudes makes his 2008 Mardi Gras posters very unique treasures ready for framing . You will love the one and only Larry Graham’s daring and darling fine art posters from the Icons, Leprechauns and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Series. Choose from several different nude men, women and drag photographic images projecting sensually seductive, sarcastic or sacred messages. Graham’s classic and collectable 2001 Mardi Gras Ash Wednesday poster can also be viewed. Kevin R. Roberts Famous Music Clubs of New Orleans, Neighborhood Bars and Neighborhood Restaurant posters are in the gallery. Fine vintage and new posters from Amzie Adams, Matt, Richard Cox and other local and Southern artists are available. Also on hand are the exotic/ erotic posters from Roscoe, widely known for his Adventures of Timmy comic books which can be seen at FAB with a selection of his original drawings. FAB is celebrating its 30th year as one of New Orleans most unique neighborhood bookstores. Open daily from noon till 10pm and later on weekends.

Casting Call for The Little Dog Laughed Feb. 9 & 10


o Do Productions will be presenting the hit comedy, The Little Dog Laughed, at the Marigny Theatre, opening April 11. The

cast calls for two men (early 20s to early 30s) and two women (one, early 20s, the other, age indeterminate). Director Glenn Meche will be holding auditions on February 9 and 10 from 1 until 3pm at the Marigny Theatre, 1030 Marigny Street. The Little Dog Laughed follows the adventures of Mitchell Green, a movie star who could hit it big if it weren’t for one tiny problem. His agent, Diane, can’t seem to keep him in the closet. Trying to help him navigate Hollywood’s choppy waters, the devilish Diane is doing all she can to keep Mitchell away from the cute rent boy who’s caught his eye and the rent boy’s girlfriend (wait, the rent boy has a girlfriend?). Will there be a happy ending as the final credits roll? For more information, contact Donald James at 504.948.9608 or Glenn Meche at 504.701.6921.

The Fifth Annual Ambie Awards Feb. 11


he Fifth Annual Ambie Awards for Excellence in Theater will be presented at Le Chat Noir on Monday, February 11, sponsored by Ambush Mag. Bar service will begin at 6:30pm, doors open at 7pm, and the ceremony will begin at 7:30pm. There is a $10 suggested donation ($5 for nominees/performers/presenters), more if you’re feeling generous—monies raised will benefit NOCCA High School’s Theater Department, a wonderful incubator of talent. In addition to the major categories, whose nominees were listed in our previous issue, we shall continue the tradition

of acknowledging some special achievements with our tongue-in-cheek Glam(b)ie and Slam(b)ie Awards. Some of the categories to be presented are Cutest Person on a Stage This Season, Best Fantasy, Weirdest Sex Act On Stage, Sharon Stone Exposed Crotch Award, Best 9 Minute Date, Most Lascivious Tongue, Ruby Red Slippers Glam(b)ie, Most Politically Incorrect Performance, and The Boy’s got Balls of Steel Glam(b)ie Award. Also, the Esther Williams Citation for Outstanding Underwater Choreography, Most Bodacious Ta-ta’s, the Pepper Mashay “Let’s Get Soaking Wet” Glam(b)ie, Hardest Working Eyebrows, Sexiest Whore, Classiest Bathroom Music, Best One Woman Band, Knobbiest Knees, The Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me Glam(b)ie and many more. The evening will feature musical numbers from many of the nominated shows and surprise guest appearances. The Ambies is the season’s most inclusive award presentation as we recognize outstanding work in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes, as well as the area’s universities, high schools and youth theater. Le Chat Noir is located at 715 St. Charles Avenue. No tickets or reservations are required or even available so just be there on time. [Correction: The Red Light District Variety Show’s nomination for Best Original Work should read “Pat Bourgeois, Bud Faust, Jim Fitzmorris, Aimée Hayes, Sean Patterson, Evan Prizant & Rudy Vorkapic/ Two Sisters LLC”.]

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Brown Paper Packages

Returning Queen Amon Ra XLII Darwin Reed

Cream Colored Ponies

Silver White Winter

Green Meadows Returning King Amon Ra XLII George Tresch

Feeling Sad, President Lauren Brown Raindrops on Roses Crisp Apple Strudel

Ball Captain Randall Brown

snap paparazzi

Snizzle with Noodles Queen Amon Ra XLIII Opal Masters Whiskers on Kittens

Ball Lieutenant


Bright Copper Kettles

Wild Geese

King Amon Ra XLIII Paul Davis

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Krewe of Amon Ra Bal Masque XLIII: My Favorite Things, English Turn Country Club ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Snowflakes on my Nose & Eyelashes Green Meadows

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celebrazzi (celebrations-paparazzi)



ueen and King Amon Ra XLIII Opal Masters and Paul Davis culminated the Krewe of Amon Ra Bal Masque XLIII in high style at the swanky English Turn Country Club in New Orleans. The new royalty followed some 26 presentations reflecting this year's theme, My Favorite Things. Ball Captain Randall Brown, president Lauren Brown and all of the other krewe members can be proud of an outstanding evening. Following the tableau, guests were treated to a marvelous buffet, more complimentary cocktails and camaraderie with friends and fans.

ueen and King Petronius XLVII Dawn Falgout-Loebig and Charles Turberville portraying da GRANDE Thaw!, dazzling the crowd for the Krewe of Petronius Bal Masque XLVII: Postcards From the Edge of Extinction, at the Scottish Rite Temple in New Orleans. Under the direction of Captain Bill McCarthy, the tableau for the oldest gay krewe in the city, was both hysterical and so very entertaining. The krewe is holding it's Rush Party on Saturday, March 8, 3pm, at JohnPaul's, 940 Elysian Fields Avenue.


ueen and King R.O.U. XXIV T-Paul "Shelby" Babineaux and Garland Romero were presented at the Royal Order of Unicorn Bal Masque XXIV: Toys: R.O.U. Schwarz , in Lafayette, Louisiana, at the Martin Luther King Civic Center. (Photo: Brad Benedict)


he 25th Anniversary Corner Pocket Calendar Release and Signing Party brought winning models, bar barons Michael Elias and Jay Sewell, emcee and Southern Decadence Grand Marshal XXXIV Electra City, to the famed St. Louis Street strip club in New Orleans. Models featured for Mardi Gras included (bottom to top), Brian, Torin, Terry, Brandon (top left) and Hector (top right). Calendars are available at the bar for $10.


aul and Frankie celebrated their birthdays by hosting Party Monster, a tribute to the movie, asking guests to dress the parts, and did they ever. The event, hosted in the Balcony Bar at Cafe Lafitte in Exile, raised $600 for Belle Reve in New Orleans.


aul and Gary join birthday boy and Lafitte's bartender Jeff, along with Allen, Coca and Paul for Jeff's birthday at Cafe Lafitte in Exile in New Orleans.

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trodding the boards by Patrick Shannon, III E-mail:

Fiddler On The Roof


he Jefferson Performing Arts Society has a rousing, moving hit on the boards at its East Bank venue on Phlox Street in Metairie with Fiddler On The Roof. A nearly full house in the 1250 seat theater gave the production much lively applause and the performers deserved it! The ever talented Randy Cheramie proves to be a delightful Tevye in the lead role and plays wonderfully with the female lead, the very talented Meredith Long, as his wife Golde. Morla Gorrondona created a fine well conceived character as the oldest daughter Tzeitel in this familiar and beloved musical about a village of Jewish people in Europe during the 1930s who face the loss of their traditions and the destruction of their village with the ever present horror of the holocaust oozing in the background of their innocent lives. The rest of the cast were all up to the high standards of these three leads with nary a weak link in the lot. And what wonderful smooth singing we got from the 33 members of the chorus under the inspired influence of Musical Director Donna Clavijo and the marvelous Orchestral Director Alan Payne who made the music from the pit sound like a full Broadway orchestra. With charming sets and evocative lighting by Shannon R. Miller, zippy good choreography by Tara A. Brewer, excellent and colorful costumes by Marjorie Howard, this JPAS show is one of the highlights of the season and not to be missed. It’s family entertainment and almost as good as a trip to the Big Apple without battling the cold and snow and the high ticket prices. It will charm and amaze you with its professionalism. So let us mention the names of the rest of this great and talented cast: Meredith Lee Hotard (Hodel), Jennifer Marks (Chava), Alexis Bruza (Shprintze), Daisy Rosato (Bielke), Riley Reynolds (Schmiggle), Janet Shea (Yente), Scott Sauber (Motel), Dwayne Sepcich (Perchik), Judge Sol Gothard (Lazar Wolf), Bob Edes, Jr. (Mordcha), Joesph Rodilfo (Rabbi), Brian Schrader (Mendel), Jimmy deMontluzin (Avram),

Michael Light (Nacham), Abby Lake (Grandma Tzietel), Susan Donangue (Fruma-Sarah), Bob Scully (Constable), Taylor Miller (Fyedka), Arvilla Riddick (Shaindel), A. J. Allegra (Fiddler) and Jeff Underwood (Yussel). Nah, as we say in out town, there you are. A great cast, smooth technical aspects, glorious music from a fine orchestra and you have a wonderful evening of good theater for anyone to enjoy. Thank you one and all. This critic can only offer praise! I look forward to the completion of the new theater on Airline Highway and our town’s brilliant Maestro Dennis Assaf had better be placed at the helm. When I think of what Fiddler On The Roof would have been like in a new high tech warm and cosy theater I can only sigh. Politicians keep your stupid hands off. We don’t want another Kenner Rivertown Repertory Theatre debacle. Any day now I expect to see basketball games and other stupid sporting events, Rap Concerts, and Hip Hop horrors at that venue if a certain Kenner Councilman has his way. Only LEGITIMATE THEATER should be allowed in a THEATER VENUE designed and built for that purpose!!!



rease, that homage to music and teenage angst of the 1950s was recently produced at Rivertown Repertory Theater. Directed somewhat flippantly by Gay Rucker, the show had its moments. At least the wings were completely masked and we were able to concentrate on the main action on stage. This show is usually directed in a manner that explores the joy of its 1950s era, causing one to leave the theater with a sense of fizz and sweet nostalgia. This show failed in that regard. Although each performer was very good, their talents and excellent singing voices could not give this production a solid form of contentment. It never jelled into a unified vision and was no better than a very good high school production. However, the lesser values of “a very good high school production” seemed more than enough to please the

The Men of Grease

The Women of Grease

full house of enthusiastic patrons in the audience in spite of this critics disappointment. What went wrong? In comparison to the usual high quality shows given at Rivertown Rep, the tech aspects of this sloppy Grease seemed very low budget and poorly conceived and executed. The set was unimaginative and ugly, lighting cues were missed and the lighting design was “toggle switch” in concept, to wit: switch on for full stage, switch off for dark stage. Very primitive. In some scenes two glaring blinding spot lights were aimed directly into the eyes of the audience. Nothing is more painfully amateurish. Most of the costumes were so ugly in concept and craftsmanship that they were totally camp. Maybe that was the concept: funny 50s high school gymnasium over the top camp. That might have worked had the performances been likewise but individually they were not. They were serious and surprisingly good. Although I’ve seen Michael Tramontin do much better, mostly in “scare drag” roles, he pranced around the stage in sufficiently “butch” fashion to make the role of Danny Zuko work. Karen Ann Cox as his “innocent love interest” was charming and sang well as Sandy Dumbrowski. That’s what was so strange about this production, each singer/actor was nearly excellent, but the show as a whole never go off the ground, so let’s just list the performers with praise for each and every singing/dancing scene: Angela Papale (Betty Rizzo), Frannie Rosenberg (Patty Simcox), Danny Marin (Sonny LaTerri), Greg Dileo (Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel),

Harold Jenkins (Johnny Casino), T. Joe Seibert (Eugene Florezyk), Kathy Riess (Miss Lynch), Katie DelGiorno (Frenchy), Keith Claverie (Roger), Kristin Popich (Cha Cha DiGregorio), Leslie Limberg (Jan), Lucas Harms (Kenickie), Megan Sauzer Harms (Marty) and P. J. McKinnie (Doody). Let us hope that these talented performers will be seen again in a better production that spotlights their talents on a higher level with more professional values than that of a “very good high school show.” Their talent, fine singing voices and high energy deserves more than a low budget, spiritless Grease.

Macbeth At The Gates


acbeth At The Gates, a play by Michael Lovett, is the latest production of our town’s Southern Rep Theatre. It’s a curious piece of boringly pretentious writing. It’s one of those theater works that phoney intellectuals and others will go on about endlessly, no one willing to admit the truth, that a play about two ugly evil characters with which no one can empathize or identify is not going to be either entertaining or emotionally moving, or cathartic, or anything at all worthy of human attention or involvement. Lord and Lady Macbeth have been in hell for about 1000 years. Playwright Lovett attempts to make these characters and their suffering interesting as they compete for the key to heaven or a better place via bitter diatribes against each other un[continued on Main-33]

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The Callouts: Lords of Leather Lord King XXIV & Captain XXV

da Paradise Lost

da QE Redeaux, Returning Queen Petronius XLV Wally McLaughlin

da Far East The Callouts: Krewe of Mwindo Royalty & Captain IX


da GRANDE Thaw! Queen Petronius XLVII Dawn Falgout-Loebig


da Captain in “da Parish”, Bill McCarthy The Callouts: Krewe of Queenateenas Captain & King Cake Queen XV

da Bitter Litter

da GRANDE Thaw! King Petronius XLVII Charles Turberville

The Callouts: Mystic Krewe of Satyricon Captain, King & Queen V

da Holy Bead da Crime Stopper

The Callouts: King, Queen & Captain Amon Ra XLIII

da Buzz

Wet Behind da Ears

The Callouts: Queen & King Armeinius XXXIX

Edward Azemas & Robert Dunlap flank Queen Petronius XLV Wally McLaughlin

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Krewe of Petronius Bal Masque XLVII: Postcards From the Edge of Extinction, Scottish Rite Temple ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Jim Walpole & Becky Allen perform “Rings Twice”

da QE Redeaux, Returning King Petronius XLV Mae Falgout

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chop chop by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain E-mail:

Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli; A Must for Mardi Gras


ith all the eateries available for Mardi Gras, a must is one of our favorite delis. You'll find Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, as a jewel in the Quarter at 1100 Bourbon Street, and yes, they deliver. Many restaurants have long lines for sit down dining during Carnival, and you may find lines at Quartermaster at peak times as well, but the down home cooking here is pretty quick and fast. The deli was also voted Restaurant/Deli of the Year by the Gulf South Muffuletta readership of this magazine in its annual Gay Appreciation Awards. Whether you'd like breakfast (available 2am-10am), a sandwich (16 choices), burger (12 choices), specialty sandwich (9 choices), entrees (10 choices), daily specials, side dishes and veggies, potatoes, salads, desserts, or late night snacks (available 11pm-6am), you're sure to find BBQ Brisket just what you may be craving. When it comes to sandwiches, don't pass up the New Orleans muffuletta here, chock full of ham, salami, provolone cheese and olive salad on a giant sesame seed muffuletta bread. This is our all time favorite one here in the Quarter and a whole muffuletta (8.00) can feed four Fried Chicken people. A half (4.75) and a quarter (3.00) is also available. As for entrees, the tender slow cooked barbecued beef brisket

(6.75) is to die for. A generous portion of thin sliced, almost melt in your mouth brisket, slathered in the house special BBQ sauce is served with your choice of sides. The baked beans, potato salad, or mac and cheese make good accompaniments served with French bread dipped in butter. And on Mondays, if you're craving Southern fried chicken (6.50), that's the special of the day, and Quartermaster is even serving it on Lundi Gras, February 4th. You can choose white or dark meat, and you get two pieces

with two sides and French bread dipped in butter. Open 24 hours, 7 days, the deli offers free delivery. Call 529.1416 to order.

New Orleans Restaurant Guide Buffa's, 1001 Esplanade at Burgundy, [continued on Main-26]

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Specializing in Historic Properties Full-time Licensed Realtor for 12 years French Quarter Property Owner To Buy, Sell, or Lease, call Mary Lind! Phone 504.948.3011 or 504.581.2020

Counseling and Psychotherapy Couples, individuals, communication skills, coming out, relationship issues, grief and substance abuse. Gay therapist for Lesbian and Gay Issues.

We care. We understand.

A Counseling Cooperative

504.836.0000 3001 Fifth St.

Metairie, LA 70002 David Wagner, LPC, M.Ed., NCC, HT

chop chop ...from Main-24 serves breakfast 8am-4pm daily featuring homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, and real hash browns along with bacon, sausage, ham, eggs or omelettes. Lunch and dinner is also available here. Call 949.0038 for info. Bywater Bar.B.Que, 3162 Dauphine St., is noted for its gumbo, barbeque, pizza, sandwiches and specials. Hours are 11am-9pm Mon.-Fri., and 9am-9pm Sat. & Sun. Closed Wed. Call 944.4445 for additional info. MasterCard/Visa accepted. Clover Grill, 900 Bourbon St., is open 7 days and features breakfast including build your own omelettes. But let’s not forget their fab burgers grilled right under a hub cap and then there’s all those sandwiches, sides, desserts and shakes. Call 598.1010 or visit CloverGrill.COM. Country Club Cafe, 634 Louisa St. Under the direction of new Chef Miles Prescott, you will find delightful menus offering French bistro cuisine including appetizers, s o u p s , flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, wraps, entrees and desserts. Serving M o n d a y , Wednesday & Thursday 11am– 10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am– 12midnight, Sunday 10am– 10pm, Sunday Brunch 10am– 3pm, closed Tuesday. Call 945.0742 for additional information or visit

TheCountryClubNewOrleans.COM. Krystal, 116 Bourbon at Canal, Open 24 hours, it's one of the best stops for fast food with tasty burgers, hot dogs and breakfast. Call 523.4030 for more info.

Marigny Perks, 2401 Burgundy, serves gourmet coffee, sandwiches, pastries, danish and cakes. Open 7 days 7am10pm. Call 948.7401 or visit Meauxbar Bistro, 942 N. Rampart St., serves classic contemporary bistro fare in the Quarter on the edge. Serving dinner and drinks Tues.-Sat, 6-10pm. Call 569.9979 for reservations or information. Mona Lisa Restaurant, 1212 Royal [continued on Main-28]

1021 W. J udg e P er ez Judg udge Per ere

Chalmette, LA 70043 • Free Prescription Delivery • Direct Billing to Medicaid/Medicare • Private Insurance & Third-Party Payers • Billing Assistance • Competitive Pricing • Confidential, Personal, Professional Service

504.279.6312 24 Hour Beeper: 504.259.8061

A proven community leader in value and customer service! • We Deliver or ship to your home/office • We Accept Medicaid/Medicare Rodney Culotta, RPh

NOW OPEN 9am-5pm Mon.-Fri. 9am-12noon Sat..

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cookin' with auntie dee by Donnie Jay E-mail: Photo©GrahamStudioOne.COM

Soups On


aby it’s cold outside, I’ve been singing that for several weeks now, on and off. I have had a head cold now for what seems like forever. Every time I think I’m about done with it the darn weather changes and I have a relapse. The one thing that comforts me during times like this, with the wind blowing, rain falling and temperatures going down, no children it is not what you're thinking, you with the nasty minds .It’s a hot bowl of soup. Here are some comforting recipes to warm the cockles of your little hearts.


2 cups water ½ cup vermouth 1 tablespoon white vinegar 1 teaspoon salt Bring collards, ham hocks with water to cover to a boil in a large Dutch oven. Remove from heat; drain. Repeat. Toss together chopped ham and hot sauce; cook in hot oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat six to eight minutes or until browned. Add onion and garlic; sauté until tender. Stir in collards, ham hocks, diced potatoes and remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer, stirring occasionally, forty-five minutes. Remove meat from ham hocks; discard hocks. Return meat to soup. Yield: 10 cups.

FRENCH ONION ¼ cup butter

2 tablespoons butter 1 large onion, chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 5 cups chicken broth 1 large baking potato, peeled and chopped 1 ¼ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon chili powder ½ teaspoon ground cumin 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin ¼ cup chopped cilantro 2 cups milk 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice Sour Cream to garnish, optional Melt butter in a Dutch oven over medium heat. Add onion, jalapeno, and garlic; sauté for 15 minutes. Add chicken broth and next four ingredients; cook, stirring often, 30 minutes or until potato is tender. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Process pumpkin and ¼ cup cilantro, in batches, in a food processor until smooth, stopping to scrape down sides. Return to Dutch oven; stir in milk, and simmer ten minutes or until heated through. Stir in lime juice; garnish with sour cream, if desired. Yield: 10 cups

5 medium sized white onions, thinly sliced (about 3 lbs) 1 (32 ounce) container of chicken broth 2 (10 ½ ounce) cans beef consommé ¼ cup dry white wine 3 fresh thyme sprigs 2 fresh parsley sprigs Salt and finely ground pepper to taste 6 (3/4 inch-thick) French baguette slices 6 (1 ounce) Swiss cheese slices Melt butter in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat; add onions, and cook stirring often for 40 minutes or until golden brown. Add chicken broth and the next four ingredients. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, twenty minutes. Re[continued on Main-33]

POT LIQUOR 2 pounds fresh collard greens, remove stems, wash and tear into 1-inch pieces ¾ pound ham hocks (1 ½ pounds) ham steak, chopped 2 tablespoons hot sauce 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 medium onions, chopped 1 garlic clove, minced 6 red potatoes, diced 3 (14 ounce) cans chicken broth 2 (15.8 ounce) cans field peas with snaps, rinsed and drained 2 (15.8 ounce) cans Crowder peas, rinsed and drained

chop chop ...from Main-26 St., features Italian specialties including salads, pizzas, sandwiches and both lunch and dinner entrees. Lunch 11am-5pm Thurs.-Mon., Dinner 5pm-10pm 7 days. Call 522.6746 for info. Petunias, A Restaurant, 817 St. Louis, is open daily 8am-10pm serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, crepes, poboys, salads, gumbo, Cajun/Creole specialties and dinner. Call 522.6440 for more info. Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, 1100 Bourbon St., was voted Restaurant/Deli of the Year once again and is open 24 hours 7 days. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the deli offers free delivery. Call 529.1416 to order. Riche, Fulton Street at Poydras inside Harrah's Hotel, brings Chef Todd English with his one and only French brasserie-style restaurant to the city. Just steps from the Convention Center and Harrah's Casino, call 533.6117 for reservations and information. Tomatillo's Restaurant, 437 Esplanade Ave., is open Tues., Wed. 11am-10pm; Thurs.-Sun. 11am-11pm. The restaurant refers to itself as "A Mexican Joint" featuring appetizers, soups, salads, make your own combination plates, house specialties, burritos, desserts, and of course, specialty margaritas. Call 945.9997 for reservations or information.

t in e r c e S t p e The Best K rter! ua Q h c n e r F e th


Hand made and custom feather masks Crowns, Tiaras Scepters fit for Kings and Queens Swarovski Austrian Crystal Jewelry

The Place for Wondrous Things 831 Decatur Street New Orleans 504.522.9158 1.888.213.0215 Open Daily 10am

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Princesse Stephaney joins this babe at Starlight By the Park

Calendar Boy Hector on the bar at The Corner Pocket Calendar Release Party

Calendar Boy Markus shows off The Corner Pocket 25th Anniversary Calendar Kenny, Jim & Jerry pop in for the Petronius Ball

Brian, Torin & Jason signing their photos in The Corner Pocket 25th Anniversary Calendar

Amon Ra’s Miss & Mr. America Rhonda Roget & Jason Hellinger

The NO-relation Bouvier’s, Elizabeth & Giselle at the Amon Ra Ball

Miss Gay USofA Asia O’Hara joins Fleur de Lis Divas at Cowpokes Miss Dee & Stephanie all smiles at Petronius

Eric slingin' cocktails at Phoenix

Calendar Boy Paul & Corner Pocket bar baron Michael at Corner Pocket’s Calendar Release & Signing Party Cowpokes’ Fleur de Lis Divas’ coemcees Elizabeth Bouvier & Brittney O’Bryan Regina joins Queen Petronius XLVII Dawn

SDGM Electra City hosting The Corner Pocket’s Calendar Release Party

Starlight Show Director Marcy Marcell joins former Miss Gay Louisiana America Savanna DeLorean at Fleur de Lis Divas

Queenateenas’ Captain Rip, Queen Amon Ra XLIII Opal, King Cake Queen XV Marsha & Queen Amon Ra XLII Darwin

Ted & Catt pop into the Phoenix

Glenn & Nat at the Phoenix

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photos: Regina Adams, Miss Dee, Red

Regina Adams dazzles in the Starlight Revue

Shows, Celebrations, Cocktails ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Queen Amon Ra XLIII Opal Masters & Sidney Williams at Cowpokes’ Fleur de Lis Divas

GayNewOrleans.COM • SouthernDecadence.COM • GayEasterParade.COM • Jan. 29-Feb. 11, 2008 • AmbushMag.COM • MAIN~31 of 64

MAIN~32 of 64 • AmbushMag.COM • Jan. 29-Feb. 11, 2008 • The One & Only Official Gay Mardi Gras Guide • GayMardiGras.COM

1 (15 ounce) tomato sauce 1½ tablespoons Italian seasoning 1½ teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon black pepper 2 (14 ounce) cans chicken broth 1 pound grouper, amberjack or sea bass fillets, cut into bite-size pieces Scrub mussels with a brush, removing beards. Wash clams. Discard any opening or cracked mussels and clams. Set aside. Sauté celery and next three ingredients in butter and hot oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat until vegetables are tender. Stir in crushed tomatoes and next seven ingredients; cook three minutes, stirring occasionally. Add chicken broth. Bring to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer, uncovered, forty-five minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in mussels, clams, and fish; cook four minutes, stirring occasionally. (Mussels and clams should open during cooking.) Discard any that do not. Serve immediately. Yield: 12 cups.


cookin' w/auntie dee ...from M-28 move and discard herbs. Add salt and pepper to taste. Ladle into six oven-proof bowls; top with bread and cheese slices. Broil 5 ½ inches from heat for four minutes or until cheese is browned and bubbly. Yield: six servings

Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat; add onions and celery, and sauté 5 minutes. Add garlic and sauté 2 minutes. Stir in flour, curry powder, and cayenne until smooth; cook, stirring constantly for 1 minute. Add broth; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer twenty minutes. Stir in peanut butter and half and half; stirring constantly, three or four minutes. Remove from heat; cool slightly. Process mixture, in batches, in a food processor until smooth. Serve at once. Yield: six cups



2 tablespoons butter 1 small onion, minced 3 celery ribs, minced 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons curry powder ¼ teaspoon cayenne powder 3 ½ cups chicken broth 1 cup creamy peanut butter 2 cups half and half

20 fresh mussels 20 fresh clams 2 cups celery, chopped 2 cups green bell pepper, chopped 1 cup green onions, chopped 2 garlic cloves, pressed ¼ cup butter 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 (16 ounce) crushed tomatoes

1 pound fresh jumbo shrimp peeled and deveined 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium onion, minced 2 garlic cubes, minced 1 cup dry white wine 1 (8 ounce) bottle clam juice 4 tomatoes, peeled and chopped 1 teaspoon salt ¾ teaspoons dried oregano 1 (4 ounce) package feta cheese, crumbled ¼ cup chopped parsley Melt butter with oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat. Add onion, and garlic; sauté five minutes. Add wine and next five ingredients; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer ten minutes or until thickened. Stir in cheese, and simmer ten minutes. Add shrimp, and cook three to five minutes or just until shrimp turn pink. Stir in parsley. Yield: six cups. Stay warm during this Carnival Season. Nothing helps you warm up after a parade than a nice bowl of soup, some hot crusty French bread, with butter. You may contact me at With an questions or recipe requests.

trodding the boards ...from Main-20 der the control of Greymalkin, who guards their piggish place in hell. He fails. Graymalkin one might remember was the evil familiar grey cat who is alluded to as the assistant to the First Witch in Shakespeare’s play, Lady Macbeth. I have neither seen nor heard such a foolish and empty piece of writing since this theater produced local aspiring playwright Jim Fitzmorris’ silly piece of confused dull nonsense, Yule Tide. What was amazing about this boring spread of word fluff was watching how the actors seemed able to create something out of nothing. Like straw into gold as the fairy tale goes. Actress Lara Grice as Lady Macbeth almost made this repulsive character acceptable as a two dimensional “person of interest.” Ms. Grice’s snarly feline stage presence almost became a powerful one note event. David Lumsden as Macbeth did the same with his role, he tried with elegant stamina. His stately stage presence was at all times memorable as he attempted with great acting skill to weave verbal gold out of airy nothingness. Dane Rhodes’ as Greymalkin, the evil hellish “guard cat” was the most successful of these attempts to weave empty and affected words into something. His “cat” was utterly vile and frightening. Mr. Rhodes acting skills were stretched to the max and he uses his voice with great effectiveness. The set was wonderful: a pig sty strewn with straw over earth, surrounded by rusty sheets of corrugated tin as conceived by Roy Marsden. Mr. Marsden directed with imagination, considering he had a boring non-play with which to work. Effective lighting by Martin Sachs as designed by Michael Phillips was well done and Elizabeth Parent’s rotting torn costumes were artful.

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Paul, Mom Janet, Dad Frank, Aunt Camela, Lori, Son Frankie, Sister Jan, Ann & Kelly, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Birthday boy Paul (front) with John, Matt & Kevin, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Linda Lu celebrates Larry’s birthday along with Neel & Glazer’s Megan at Rawhide


Toby, Chris & Brad gettin’ in the Carnival Spirit at 4 Seasons in Metairie

Birthday boy Frankie & Savanna DeLorean, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Chris, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

New Orleans Bears’ Jeff & Danny flank Lafitte’s bartender Bert at Rawhide’s Meat Night

Dennis is the new manager at JohnPaul’s

Lafitte’s DJ Johnny Love, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Birthday boy Frankie, Mystery Man, Josh & Hector, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Brandon, birthday boy Frankie, Vic, birthday boy Paul & John, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Marty slingin’ cocktails at The Phoenix Bead Pirate’s Rick serves up Tony at Rawhide’s Meat Night

Birthday boy Paul & Jerry, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Catch Shawn & Wayne at Big Daddy’s Debbie & Jim serve up fab cocktails at The Friendly Bar

Sam, Kabrina Watson & DL Broadway, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Dad Frank, III and son Frank, IV, Frankie & Paul’s Birthday “Party Monster” at Lafitte’s Balcony Bar

Steve joins Salon D’Malta’s Mark & Monica at The Friendly Bar

Poncho slings ‘em for Krewe du Vieux at Cutter’s

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Celebratin’ in The Big Easy ~ New Orleans, Metairie, Louisiana


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sappho psalm by Toni J.P. Pizanie E-mail:



need grooming help; NO, not for me, for Freddie. When Lark Bennett was murdered, the city and our community lost the best of care for our pets. I met as many Gay men and women at her shop as I ever met when I was bar hopping with Rip and Marsha. Where are you taking your pets to be groomed? I’ve tried several shops that came recommended but Freddie hates every one. How do I know? Well, when I use to arrive at Lark’s place, Freddie would jump out the car and run to greet her (Lark). Today and for the last several years Freddie refuses to leave the car willingly, tries avoiding entering the shops and almost cowers when I turn him over to an attendant. That’s heart breaking. Please if you have a really good groomer that your dog loves, please e-mail me at the above address with the name and phone number. Thanks.

Down Under


t’s that time again – the start of the big four tennis opens – Australia. I am spending my late night hours and afternoons watching my favs and getting to know the new kids. I hope you

are getting to enjoy some of the action. Tonight I am looking forward to Serena Williams. Last night I watched James Blake – the last American man in play – win. As I type this, I am listening to Hewitt drop a set. I don’t mind this because of some nasty racial and orientation remarks he and his father have said over the years. I am shocked and saddened to hear reports of hatred for Gays in professional circles. I applaud Gay players that have come out over the last few years. That is encouraging for the young Gay athletes. As more Gay professionals stand proudly “out” for equality, the better our lives and this country will be. On one of the news programs today, I heard an analyst say that when women, Blacks and Hispanics come together, America will be a truer Democracy. Then some jerk, Hispanic woman started bashing Hillary as being a part of a dynasty. I was angry that no one pointed a finger at the Bushes one and two. Gosh, I just cannot seem to stop my “political gene” from taking over. It was tennis I started writing about – wasn’t it? Australia is a beautiful country and I would love to spend time there. Perhaps next year when I am staying in New Zealand with Dr. Amy, I can get over to Melbourne for

the pink pastor by Rev. Clinton Crawshaw E-mail:

Are you a Harlot?


on’t be offended! Let me explain myself… My name is Clinton, and I moved over to NOLA two and a half months ago from London to pastor the MCC church here. MCC stands for Metropolitan Community Church which is a mouthful, so we have gone for the name "The Big Easy MCC" which enables you to say the name frequently without spitting or foaming at the mouth (which can lead to problems with evangelism!) New Orleans is an amazing place; you don’t need me to tell you that, but it moved me sufficiently to give up a career in England, and to move with my partner across the Atlantic to start a new life in your city. I was moved by the place, by the people, by the food (especially the food!) and also by Spiritual motives. There is such a sense of possibility in this city, and I felt that possibility as a ‘call’ – a vocation to minister here and so far that call has proved trustworthy. Last Sunday we had eleven new members join our church, and have doubled in size since November! New Orleans has no shortage of Spirituality, it is a deep place in many ways; a city that thinks, and a city that knows itself. Our church is all about telling the truth, and providing a safe place for people to be themselves in their search for truth and

God. Before I go off at a tangent and start preaching let me go back to my first question – are you a Harlot? New Orleans is often characterized as a place of corruption by the judgmental outside world, but that is not what I mean when I use the word harlot. I am referring to the gospel passage where Jesus says "The harlots and the publicans are entering heaven before you" – Jesus was talking to the Pharisees who were sure they knew the mind of God, and who was "straight with God" and who was not - but Jesus disagreed. Jesus said about the most infuriating thing he could have to them, what Jesus said was the ancient equivalent of going up to Fred Phelps or Mike Huckabee and saying, "The gay men, and the drag queens, and the lesbians, and the transgender folk are going before you in faith! They take nothing for granted and seek me with open and humble hearts, not judging they are not themselves judged!" I am proud to be the modern equivalent of Jesus’ "harlot" – it means I am not a Pharisee; I am better than no man or woman, but no worse. I can only write as a Christian, and as such can only tell you with the authority that comes from an Oxford education, an Episcopal ordination, years of thought and the conviction and joy of a religious revival that

the Open. It is summer there in January but this year it hasn’t been too warm. I could live with that. And now that I have a titanium knee, I won’t mind climbing up the stands. Anyway – at this time both Williams sisters are still in play and Patrick McEnroe says that they could be in the final. I am sure that Henin or even Jankovic will have lots to say about that. Australia’s great white hope did go down to Djokovic who is ranked #3 and beat both the world #1 and #2 last year on hard courts. It is evening now and I am watching Serena implode but losing the first set means nothing to her and there is still time for her to come back. From weeks on a walker, I have developed calluses on my palms. Watching Serena’s up and down game is making me so nervous that I am picking at the hard skin that has formed as a reminder that not so long ago I couldn’t walk without assistance. Just a few days ago Paul Killgore and I went to a buffet restaurant for lunch and I walked without any assistance. Food is a great motivator. Paul was shocked and a little concerned that I might fall on my face in a plate of moo shoo pork. I was delighted to show off for him and see his great pleasure at my recovery. Sure there is pain and the miserable physical therapy that causes more pain but in six weeks I have done so well that even the doctor said he was proud of me. Patrick McEnroe will have to rethink his match up for the women’s final as Serena just lost in two sets. Oh, well, there is always Venus to cheer for. America

needs to produce some outstanding young players. Our golden oldies have too many health problems to meet the pace of today’s game. In the world of tennis, 26 is old and Eastern Europe is sending young championship material by the bunches in both the men’s and women’s game. Clouded by disappointment, I am considering going to bed instead of watching Nadal. I am over the thrill of nasty looking boys. And I just want to say to Nadal, get a hair cut and stop picking at your butt. I won’t have anything more to say about this Open so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Well, maybe if Blake defeats Roger, I might have something to say like WOW. On all the news channels, talking heads are still going on about the primary in South Carolina and guessing that Obama will defeat Clinton. That did nothing for my tennis depression. In fact, it added to it. Life would be so much happier if it just went my way. My dog has no groomer, my country has no tennis greats, and my candidate isn’t picked to win. This would be a good place to stop and take a pain pill. In fact, the time is right for two pain pills. I am going to be so sad when Dr. Ochsner decides I am doing so well that I don’t need pain pills. I sure hope you are having a better day than I am when it comes to outside influences. This is a good lesson on appreciating what you can control – like walking – and forget about outside effects like games and politics. Oh, my, that is just too damn philosophical. But the secret is still – don’t worry, be happy.

there is nothing in Christianity that denies the full involvement and joyful celebration of the whole LGBT community in an active and meaningful relationship with God. Against small quotes from the old testament, and scraps of St. Paul I set the entire life, death, message and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am thrilled to be here in New Orleans – London is a tough act to follow; I am however reminded of the quote that there are only three cities in America; New York,

San Francisco and New Orleans – everywhere else is Cleveland! New Orleans deserves a large, thriving spiritual community with a powerful voice, and New Orleans deserves the best of everything not second best – we need to raise our sights and expectations in all areas of life; physical, financial and spiritual. God bless you and keep you. -Rev. Clinton Crawshaw

one last song by Donnie "Jager" Jay, SDGM XXXII E-mail:

Mark's Story: Part Three


s Jim and Carlos continued to consummate their lust for each other, in the master bedroom, on the third floor, Manny came down from the second story carrying the dirty linen from last evening. As he passed the office he heard the unmistakable sound of the fax machine. He set down the basket, entered the office with his key. He took the reservation from the machine, and as he had been taught to do; made out a card, assigned a room, marking it off the wall calendar as he did so, and filed the original fax message away under the date. Manny was very proficient at these office tasks, he had learned fast and well. So Mark was due to come here this weekend, but even if Jim had taken the reservation, he more than likely would not have real-

ized it was his ex that had booked the room, for he had made the reservation under the alias Jake. Manny came out of the office, locking the door behind, and continued along his way to the laundry room, whistling as he went, once there, he continued with his chores, his mind thinking about lounging by the pool and maybe scoring a dinner invitation for this evening. Upstairs, Carlos was just getting out of bed, leaving a satisfied Jim laying there smiling, staring up at him. He walked to the bathroom and called back asking, “Are you going to join me?” “I kind of want to just savor what happened between us for awhile.” He swore he could here Carlos laugh quietly behind [continued on Expose-6]

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in the spotlight Orlando Aloe & Safonda Peters to Lead 9th Gay Easter Parade


ew Orleans - Orlando Aloe and Safonda Peters have been selected as Easter Grand Marshals IX, and will lead all of the festivities for this year’s celebration. The Official Gay Easter Parade is Sunday, March 23 beginning at 4:30pm sharp. Both Aloe and Peters have participated for years in the parade and its fund-raisers. Aloe is proprietor of Society Page, a popular French Quarter club and Peters is a member of the Krewe of Amon Ra and was Queen Amon Ra XLI. The parade minus expenses benefits Food For Friends, a vital service of the NO/AIDS Task Force. Past parades have raised over $35,700 for charity. Fundraisers including the 9th annual Purple Party will be announced in the next edition of Ambush. Past Grand Marshals include EGMs I Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain, EGMs II Larry Bagneris and the late Miss Do Moreland, EGMs III Timm Holt and Teryl- Lynn Foxx, EGMs IV George Simons and Electra City, EGMs V Brett Messmer and Princesse Stephaney, EGMs VI James Swire and Lisa Beaumann, EGMs VII Doc Reed and Opal Masters, and EGMs VIII Michael Elias and Tom “Rona” Conners. Opal Masters and Rona Conners have joined the Board of Directors which oversees the parade, its events and fund-raisers. Sponsorships are available at $1,000-Platinum, $500-Gold, $250-Silver and $100-Bronze. Carriages for the parade are available and carriage prices are as follows: 2, 4 and 6 passenger-$285; 8, 10 and 12 passenger-$350; and 15, 20 and 25 passenger-$540. Prices include parade entry fee. Entry Fee for car, truck, float, bike club or marching/walking group is $15. Deadline for entering the parade is Friday, March 14. You can get your entry/sponsorship form on-line at GayEasterParade.COM or by contacting Rip Naquin-Delain, 504.522.8049 or, or picking one up at Ambush, 828-A Bourbon St. 10am-4pm Monday through Friday.

one last song ...from Expose-4 the closed bathroom door. Why would he be laughing to himself he wondered. But the thought left him almost as fast as it had arisen. The sex between them had been great, no, not great but phenomenal. It had been to long for him, to long since he allowed himself to let go with another human being. To be held, to hold another person. And why was that? Was he somehow holding onto the dream that Mark would return, a changed person, the person he had fallen in love with and committed his heart and soul to? Now he laughed silently to himself. He heard the shower starting up and with renewed energy surging through his body, jumped out of bed and headed toward it. Entering the bathroom, he could see Carlos through the glass shower doors, soaping up his body, slowly, sensually. Without thinking twice, he entered the shower. Carlos turned, leaning in towards him, wrapping his arms around Jim’s neck. Carlos slowly ran his tongue across Jim’s lips and then just plunged it deeply inside. Jim’s head was spinning, he felt like he was going to lose his balance, but he stood steadfastly, re-

turning the kiss. Why in the hell had he waited so long to react to Carlos’ advances? He had always found this young man sexually attractive and he had always made himself known that he was available for Jim. Well he had let himself go completely this morning, now only the future holds the answers to where this will go. Later that afternoon, as Carlos was finishing up his work in the gardens, Jim approached him. Carlos looked up at him from the flower bed he was attending, shielding his eyes from the glaring afternoon sun with one gloved hand. “Hello Senor”, he smiled, his white teeth gleaming in the sun. “Senor, it sounds so formal after what took place between us this morning.” “It’s only proper.” “I suppose so, but it seems strange somehow. I was just wondering what you might be doing for dinner tonight.” “Are you asking me out?” “Well, I guess so. Hell no, I mean yes, yes I am. I am asking you to go to dinner with me, what is so odd about that?” “You wouldn’t feel funny being seen with me around town, your employee?

Tongues will be wagging you know? All the locals, that is, they’ll be saying I’m your escort, or worse, a paid companion. My cousins, I’m sure you know, have this reputation.” “I know all about your cousins, hell the entire gay community of the Keys and South Florida is much too familiar with them, I think between the two of them they’ve just about bedded all the others. They waste no one’s time, their's or anyone else’s. But you're not really like them, sure you’ve been on a few dates, we all know that, but not in the way they do. Besides to tell you the absolute truth, I sir, would be proud to be seen on your arm.” “How could I possibly turn down such an eloquent invitation?” “You can’t.” “And how should I dress?” “Wear a dinner jacket; I would love to go some place chic and expensive, to show you off.” “Any thing you wish.” “Underwear of course will be optional.” “Of course, as you desire, how would you prefer me, caged or free as the wind?” “That sir, I would say, is a personal decision.” And with that Jim blew him a kiss, Carlos grabbed and planted it on his lips. Jim turned and went back into the house; Carlos grinned to himself and started humming a snappy Latin tune. Mark was packing a few things to take south with him in the morning, he didn’t want to pack much stuff, most of what he needed he determined he could purchase on the island once he was there. He had intended to make the reservation using his Christian name, but for some reason, at the last moment actually, he decided against it. After all he would be in a place he had never been before, and who knows what would pop up? He, himself questioned his decision, when he realized just what he had done, but then resigned himself to the obvious fact that he had not heard a single word from or about Jim in over a year. That came from an actual mutual friend of theirs, one of the few they had both known before they had become the “model” gay couple. That couple who had everything that caused so much envy between the others they socialized with. The friend told him that Jim had confided in him that he was seriously considering moving down South later, more than likely, after summer. Mark remembered now, that he was sure Jim was just trying to maybe put a scare into him, but a few weeks later, the same dude informed him that he had been trying to get in touch with Jim to no avail. He had gone to his apartment and the landlord informed him that Jim had indeed moved on, leaving no forwarding address at all. Just thinking about it now caused Mark to mist up, what an ass he had been, and such a fool. Mark sat down on the edge of his bed to gather his composure, thinking ahead to the coming weekend he envisioned all kinds of exciting things taking place. Manny whistled, loud and long, as his cousin walked into the front room of the B and B. Carlos, whom he had to admit was one hell of a looker, was radiant this evening, dressed impeccably in all white, setting off his dark Latin bronzed skin and jet black hair. His chocolate brown eyes shined brightly, only as those who knew that love was about to enter their lives do. “If you weren’t my cousin amigo, I’d try to bed you myself.” “You’ve already tried that Manny, more

than once.” “Not seriously enough I think.” Carlos laughed with good humor, Manny stood up and he embraced his family member. “You do look good enough to eat, you know that yes?” “Thank you.” “So tell me, who’s the lucky guest?” “It’s not a guest. Senor Jim has asked me to accompany him to dinner tonight.” “Well it looks like my little cousin has greater aspirations than even I. No? “No. I really like Senor.” Manny gave a sly knowing laugh. “Come on Manny, I do. Don’t you have any feelings at all for the men you date except for what’s in their wallets?” “Sure I do, I have plenty of feeling, every time I get an erection,” he laughed. “This is no joke for me, I really do have feelings for this man, and I do truly care for him.” “Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself, if you ask me.” “I didn’t ask you.” “Don’t be so touchy.” Just then a distinguished gentleman came down from the second floor, walking directly over to Manny. “You are looking sharp tonight, my young friend.” Carlos recognized the man, he had been with them almost two weeks now, but he had no idea of the man’s name. The man eyed Carlos with less than prurient interest. “And who pray tell is this fine looking specimen?” “My cousin, Carlos, Senor.” “Would Carlos care to join us for a bite to eat, a few drinks and some heavenly play afterward? I could make it worth your while, and I would be delighted. I don’t think I’ve ever had cousins, at the same time anyway.” ‘’I’m afraid I have to decline your generous offer, but I’m awaiting my dinner companion now.” “Perhaps some other time then.” “Perhaps,” Carlos smiled, as Manny took the gentleman’s arm and escorted him out the door and into the evening. Carlos rose from the chair he had been sitting in and walked over to the desk they used for checking in the guests. He certainly did cut an impressive figure in his linen suit. The suit fit him like a glove, the pants especially, and he wore nothing under them, allowing the outline of his ample manhood to be seen from time to time, as he walked. He hoped that this is what Jim had wanted when he had made the statement to fly free, he was sure that it was. Well he would know shortly for he heard his date coming down the third floor stairway, and there was nothing else on the third floor but the owner’s suite. It didn’t take but a minute or so before Jim entered the room. He smiled brightly at Carlos, causing his manhood to flare up just a bit. Carlos walked out from behind the desk and held his arms out with his palms turned up, he tilted his head as if asking Jim for his opinion of him. “Beautiful,” was all Jim could say. “As you are, as well,” Carlos replied, walking to him and taking him into his arms. They stood there swaying as if they both heard ONE LAST SONG, playing to end the evening at a night club. Carlos kissed him gently and led him into the night of their date, the exciting building within the two of them simultaneously. To be continued. You may contact me at

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Apollo’s King John Sallinger with Lady Rhonda & Stephen

Josie, Debbie & Mickey at the ROU ball Maybeth & Randy at Hound Dogs

ROU ~ Lafayette, The Capital City ~ Baton Rouge

photos: Brad Benedict

red stick paparazzi

Dynamic Dan at Splash

Bar barons Jeff, Richard & Cory

Splash’s lovable & sexy Lance

Phil & John at the ROU ball Just out having fun

Richard & Nicole Foxx Sam & Damon with Clyde in the background

Beautiful Miss Apollo Nicole Foxx Happy duo enjoying night out

Paul & Ronnie at George’s

Cutie with the red drawers Dustin serving great drinks at Hound Dogs Acadiana’s pride & joy Kenny Hebert

Jennifer Marlow, Joe Boniol & Buffi Monet

Mark, Jim & Michael at George’s

Ex-Red Sticker Walter in for a visit

Working the door at Splash

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hot tails of red stick by Brad Benedict Email:

More Things ROU


ith such a short season of revelry, clubs and individuals are crowding in as much as they can in the way of fun activities. It’s almost too much of a good thing because of the desperate attempts to do as much as possible in such a short period of time. Red Stick guys and gals are doing their best by not only doing the local things but heading out to New Orleans and Lafayette for balls and festive activities. That was apparent last weekend when the Royal Order of Unicorn presented their latest bal masque. The trip across the Atchafalaya was crowded with partygoers making their way to the Martin Luther King Center on Cora Street in Lafayette for the ball with many staying overnight to party more at the Sound Factory with Acadiana friends like John Gilland and also Mark and his friends at the Back Side. One of those friends is none other than the extremely sexy Macky, who I photographed with his leather outfit several years back. The John/Mark combo entertainment facility is truly Lafayette’s super-nice place to experience. It’s worth the drive over just to meet, greet, and sit a spell so you can really absorb the magical wonder of this magnificent place on Jefferson Street. I’ve spent many happy times there, and I’m ready to do it again. I prefer the warmer weather, and I skipped out on last Saturday night because of the cold. Oh, I suppose I could have warmed up after getting to the Sound Factory, but I hadn’t planned to spend the night, and Red Stick beckoned me back. With all the nice Red Stickers at the ball, it was a good time to chat and compare notes on the season. Josie, Debbie, Mickey, John Wayne, Phil, Sam, Joe, Les, Corey, Joan, and Effie Marie were at my table. Acadiana stud and good friend Kenny Hebert always positions me so that I can take pictures of the ball for Ambush, and this is definitely appreciated. ROU has always been kind to me, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet is Clyde Schroeder III, who is just as charming now as when we used to meet and party at the old Mirror Lounge here in Baton Rouge. Out of all the places I’ve known, this is one bar that I miss the most. Of course it changed over the years and finally met its demise in less than glorious fashion. Oh how the memories from that gay landmark linger on and on long before I met Clyde. It was here that my friend Leonard worked years ago when it was located on North Boulevard and run by Ms. Hatch. However, I believe I first met Leonard at the old Cock and Bull, one of Kyle and James’ first bars here in the city. I mention Leonard because I had planned to take him with me to the ROU ball, and I feel his spirit was there enjoying the festive atmosphere. Now that he’s gone, I miss the times we made the rounds here and in Lafayette and New Orleans. There is a void here, and it can never be filled. There is just no

replacement for his friendship. Friends do matter, and I experienced another very nice greeting at the ROU ball from Ron Doherty (Lady Rhonda), who came over with John Sallinger and Stephen to tell me how much they appreciated the article I did for the Apollo ball. It showed a kind of class that you don’t experience that often, and it was so nice to know that this compliment came from these friends. That had happened a couple of weeks before when the gracious and gorgeous Stephen and Ty of Splash fame told me how much they appreciated my comments about them in a previous issue of Ambush. These were simple gestures of thanks, but they meant a lot because of how they handled the situation. I admire them all for going out of their way to do this, and, just for the record, Lady Rhonda is just one great and classy dame, and that’s the truth. Now that I’m on the subject of class, I’ll have to mention a couple of no-no goodies, which you may or may not agree with, but it all goes down to having no class at all. Both items of this non-class category came during the performances of one of the singers and a major costumer. You just absolutely don’t come up to the runway, run you hand across a crotch, and then proceed to lick it. My mouth must have come open at that one. How tacky! How utterly tacky! I trust I never have the pleasure of seeing this happen again - or the individual who did it. The other moment came during another presentation of a major costume. I think an announcement should be made at the beginning of the program that no tipping be allowed except for invited performers. I won’t name the person who started this during the Etch-A-Sketch performance, but you don’t go stuffing dollars in the crotch or butt crack during a walk down the runway. That is something that could have waited for a bar dance, but nevertheless, it happened, and it was embarrassing when I recognized who started this tacky little diversion directed at a very sexy and marvelous performance. It was an embarrassing display of unprofessional behavior. Macky should have kicked her in one of her false tits. I missed a couple of people at this ball, namely a former King XXI and Mr. ROU John Abshire, and I didn’t notice his name on the membership list either. That’s not right, sweetie. You need to get back to the group that supported you so much, and even if you can’t participate, you can at least lend your support with a membership. After all, how else am I ever going to get to gaze upon you again? The other missing person was that cigar-smoking babe from Spanish Town, the rockin’ and sockin’ Claudette, who had a great excuse – a flu bug, or something like that. At any rate, her contagious laughter and candid remarks were missed. I hope you are feeling better now, sweetie. There are lots more people I could mention that were from Baton Rouge, but I don’t think I would have room in this

format to do that. I will have to say, however, that it was good to see TTT out of the hospital. I guess he got that hand fixed up properly. Hmmm. And it was good to see Acadiana’s Roland, Jean, beautiful Stephanie, Emile and his significant other, Pamalia, Garland, Ken and Bryan, Linda and Lucy, Fred, and a multitude of other Acadiana friends. It was just a fabulous gathering of friends, something that needs to happen more than once a year. Oh, by the way, where were Robin, Chris, Victoria, Shayla, and Taylor? Inquiring minds need to know.

More Notes MG


s we go down to the wire for Fat Tuesday, there are still so many things to do and such a short time to get all these things accomplished. I’ve only had time for a couple of king cakes, and that could be a good thing weight-wise, but I may have to freeze one or two so I can imagine Mardi Gras coming later, like in March. I guess I’ll be going to some of the parades this year if the weather holds out, but I will say that there aren’t too many Hollywood types I would want to view this year. Now if you bring Jake Gyllenhaal down for a big one, I’ll be right there frontrow center, or as close as possible. I think he’s the only one that could make me brave the cold, so as you can see, if it ain’t warm, I won’t be in attendance. That’s why I’m hoping for warm nights for Sparta, Muses, and maybe another one or two. Otherwise, I’ll just read about them. I haven’t been to too many parades in a number of years, mainly because I was involved in all the activities of the Lords of Leather. That just about knocks out parade gazing, especially Bacchus, and this year, I’ll be photographing and writing up their annual bal masque for Ambush at Rip’s request. I’m really looking forward to this ball because I know all the hard work that Ernie and his krewe members put into this effort. Hopefully, I’ll run into Kevin Chesnut, Mina Baby, and handsome Rich sometimes during the main holiday weekend. Like I say, if the weather cooperates, I’ll participate. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting in my easy chair away from the madness and not really enjoying myself, but at least staying warm. I did hear from Kevin the other day, and he brought me up to speed on things. I really have missed seeing him, and it may well have been last Mardi Gras that we last met – across the street from Oz, I believe. We need to do this more often, sweetie. I also need to catch up with Desmond and Darren again. Here again, it was last year when I found them standing in the doorway to the Pub. I had been checking out things at Good Friends and was making my way back to Lafitte’s when I ran into them. There has got to be more time between each Mardi Gras day when we can get together. I’ll have to look into that. Of course, with the season this year being so short, balls were on top of balls on the schedule. Goodness! That sounds erotic! Whenever I think of New Orleans and Mardi Gras, I recall so many happy memories at Oz, Good Friends, Lafitte’s, the Phoenix, MRB, Rawhide, Corner Pocket, and Cowpokes. I can tell all about these good times when I check into my photo files and see all those friends and acquaintances that I met and enjoyed so

much. Mardi Gras day with Rip and Marsha are also in this collection, and it brings back so many nice memories of good friends, fine food, lovely views, and great conversations. It makes you wish that this holiday could go on and on. However, I think sheer exhaustion would take over so the rest between is good – and actually appreciated by our bodies. Rest for the weary comes only after the fun has stopped. Sometimes, I think it never ends, and that in itself is a very good thing.

More About ST


he Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade promises to be another wild one. Splash is already planning on a big booth and big sounds. These guys really know how to have a great time, and with all those sexy bartenders to hang out with, the good times are going to be even better. Last year, their tent drew lots of visitors, and I plan to be there early. Of course, early means having Dwayne hang out on the Spanish Town street sign, maybe with Little Corey, an annual tradition when it comes to photographing the parade. It just seems to be the right thing to do. The corner of Spanish Town Road and Seventh Street is the “happening place to be.” Even though the street is narrow, lots of people think there is no other place to be. I really think the best time can be had toward the end of the parade, less people, more beads thrown, but that’s just my opinion. I know lots of people who do this instead of fighting the massive crowds at the beginning. Thank goodness all the work around the Capitol Complex is about finished. This is where the floats are always parked, and it looks like things will be back to normal when parade time gets here. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. For those of you who have never experienced this satirical float parade, you really have missed a fun time. In fact, one of these years, I’ll have to go to the Spanish Town Ball. It has grown from such a small affair to now being held in the River Center that you wouldn’t know the beginning ever existed. It’s called growth. This will be the first year that Brandon and Robert will experience all this madness. I think they are going to be greatly surprised. They started out by going to the ball, and I only wish I had a picture of Robert’s outfit. I have a feeling he stood out loud and clear. That’s the spirit, my friend. Keep it up, and have a great time. After the parade, many happy people will end up at George’s and Hound Dogs to complete the holiday tradition with fun and games. And that will include Splash too as soon as they can get their equipment cleared out and returned to home base. If you think Canal Street is cluttered on Fat Tuesday, you can see a small version on Spanish Town Road and throughout the downtown area. It’s just a great and big messy mess. For some of us, we will have to wait until the crowds clear out so we can make our way to the Baton Rouge Little Theater for Steel Magnolias. I’m looking forward to this as well as the other great plays on this year’s schedule. I plan to have Sam join me for this front row viewing. And I’m looking forward to more dinners with Gerry and Trace. We always enjoy our times together. I think Richard and Guy have been off [continued on Expose-10]

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allons acadiana by Patrick Clinton Email:


t is just one week until Mardi Gras day, and if you haven’t already made plans for one of the most festive times of the year, then you have probably already missed quite a few events. But it’s not too late. The last week of Carnival is always the best, so get out there and have some fun. With Mardi Gras this early, you don’t want to spend the rest of the year regretting missing it. The Sound Factory and Back Side have a lot planned for the big day. They ’ll open their doors at 8am for breakfast and cocktails. And let me tell you from experience, there’s no better way to begin the celebrations than with mimosas and Mark’s unforgettable home style cooking. And since they're only one block from the parade route, the Sound Factory and Back Side are the perfect place to relax and regroup while you take a much needed break from whoring for beads. So mark your calendar and put on your wildest, most outrageous outfits, because all your friends are gonna be there, and so will my trusty camera to capture the most festive ensembles. Remember, this is the one day of the year when just about anything is allowed; so you better take advantage. And it all starts in the early morning hours at Back Side. I can honestly say, I’m curious to see just how many people can make it all the way until 2am. And between now and then, it’ll be like one non-stop party with the pinnacle at midnight on Mardi Gras. All I can say is I hope you’re well rested because for the next week there’s no time for sleep. And after it’s all over, the good times don’t have to end. Sound Factory and Back Side will still offer the best weekly lineup the gay community has to offer. They are open seven days a week and always have something going on. Tuesdays are Karaoke Night at Sound Factory, hosted by the ever popular Chad

hot tails of red stick ...from EX-8 on another trip, but I don’t know the complete details, so I’ll have to follow up after Mardi Gras. I’ll also check in on Kyle and James and see how things fell together for their holiday activities. They never take down their Christmas tree. It just stays by the door and becomes a Mardi Gras tree. I hope to find time afterwards to sit down with the guys and gals there and catch up on things. And I’ll see if I can’t drag George’s Luther out to dinner and tell you more about him. He is just one dynamic and sexy man. That smile just makes me weak in the knees, the right position for anything that might come up. Don’t get me wrong. I would never do that. Now - do you believe in snow at the equator? Have a great and safe Mardi Gras. And watch out for the religious do-gooders. Be exceptionally nice to them when you meet them in the bars after their elders have released them from sign-carrying duties. After all, they may welcome the kindnesses of anonymous strangers. Whoopee!

Evans. Chad has as much personality as he does talent. His charisma really breathes new life into the karaoke experience. And he doesn’t limit the kinds of music he offers. He has everything from oldies and country to dance and rap. And the rest of the week at Sound Factory and Back Side is just as entertaining. Between karaoke on Tuesday nights and Show Night on Sundays, they pack each night with everything from kickass contests to drag shows and pool tourna-

ments. And scattered throughout are fabulous drink specials and the unforgettable dance music spun by DJ Huggies. And unlike many other dance clubs, Sound Factory has a quieter more relaxed side, the Back Side, where you can take a break from the loud music and socialize with your friends, or make some new ones. And when the conversations wear thin, all you have to do is walk around the corner to dance the night away. Mardi Gras is the wildest time of year here in South Louisiana, and thanks to bars like the Sound Factory and Back Side, the Acadiana gay community has a place they can begin and end the celebrations right off the parade route in the heart of Downtown Lafayette. Come by and show your support; let them know that you care about the establishments that care so much about you. Until next time, have fun and be safe. I’ll see you around town.

in the spotlight by Brad Benedict E-mail:

TOYS: ROU Schwarz - A Fabulous Bal Masque


look forward each year to attending one of Louisiana’s greatest Mardi Gras events, the Royal Order of Unicorn Bal Masque in Lafayette. Held on Saturday, January 19 at the Martin Luther King Civic Center on Cora Street, this 24th ball for this krewe turned out to be one of the most entertaining I’ve ever attended. Of course, the best part for me is the reunion with friends, some that I seldom see except at this Mardi Gras ball. I always get to the event early so I can more or less greet people early before it is so crowded that it is difficult to move about in the auditorium. This ball was performed before a full house of happy Mardi Gras revelers, and it was a delight to talk to friends and acquaintances leading up to the magic moment when the lights went down and the ball started. Fred Acosta is the founder of this group, and he came up with something good here. It’s a group that I wish I had joined years ago, but I didn’t feel I could do the participation in events justice because of the distance between cities and the other schedule of events passing across my daily roster. At any rate, for Fred and all the other wonderful members and supporters of this group, I salute you on another fabulous bal masque, and what better way to execute this occasion than to come forth with great costumes representing some of our favorite toys. Toys: ROU Schwarz was truly a fabulous ball. ROU is a unique krewe. As soon as the lighting of the crest takes place, all the members and their invited guests are presented in their tuxedoes and evening gowns followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the welcome by the president. From this point on, it’s Kofi to the rescue, and she once again shared her talents with this special occasion. The one thing I did notice this year was a more subdued Kofi, but when you can dance like she does and look so fine in red, then you know you have chosen the right Mistress of Ceremony for the evening.

MC Kofi

Things always get under way with the introduction of the three winners of the Mr., Ms., and Miss ROU contest held about mid-way through the year. Bryan Mouton was introduced as Mr. ROU 2007-2008, followed by the delightful Pamalia Mosa as Ms. ROU 2007-2008 and Ambrosia McNeil, Miss ROU 2007-2008. Then it was time to welcome back to the stage, King and Queen ROU XXIII, Ken Pontiff and Chelsea Stevens. When they took their places on their throne of the night, it was time to begin to open all those toys. Joel Theriot was Captain of Bal Masque XXIV with able assistance from a multi-costumed co-captain Blaine Guidry. Theriot had some very good dancers occupying the stage with him, and Guidry came forth with the Scooby Doo gang. It was a rousing introduction into what was to follow. Kristopher Hebert’s Old Maid was a charming addition to the stage as “she” cleaned the runway with speed and accuracy - and in high heeled shoes too.

Now the first major costume was ready to be unveiled, and I can’t think of any couple that can get things going with highvolume enthusiasm any better than ROU’s King and Queen XIX Clyde Schroeder III and Pamalia Mosa. This is just one super couple when they are on stage, and they don’t have to be together to display this enthusiasm. In fact, I think this was the first time they did a costume together since they shared the stage as royalty. At any rate, as Raggedy Ann and Andy, they really got the ball rolling. ROU founder himself, Fred Acosta, came forth with the next costume representing kites. It was colorful, and you could tell that Fred was enjoying this moment in time. Bryan Mouton then made a return to the stage as a darling Teddy Bear, and he’s just a sweetie that you could easily snuggle up too - but alas, that might upset a certain royal partner. I loved the use of the gay and leather flags, and Bryan always looks great in or out of leather. Did I say that? The next costume was a simply great unveiling of a beautiful Masquerade Barbie, none other than one of my favorite Acadiana friends, Miss Stephanie Stevens. I had a chance to talk with Stephanie before the ball, and she was looking forward to this moment, and she graced the stage with glamour and pride, a memorable moment in this fantastic ball. Mrs. Potato Head (Bobby Jo Raggio) was a nice addition to the stage, and all those other spuds added a touch of togetherness, something that this krewe is known to exhibit. However, it was my wonderful buddy and long-time friend who followed with perhaps the best costume to ever be presented at an ROU ball - and I’ve seen some great ones. As Lincoln Logs, this modern-day Paul Bunyan carried a log cabin that towered above his head, and he swung a mighty ax that glittered in magnificence. The one thing I can say about Kenny is the fact that when it comes to balls, he always manages to display the biggest and the best - costumes, that is. I love this guy. The next costume was nothing to be sneezed at and it was ROU President Linda Huval’s turn at creating something big and powerful. It was Transformers, and she was joined on stage by others representing this classification. This tiny sweetheart with the big heart always manages to display her rare form of humanity in wonderful and creative costumes. This is just another of her great creations. Angie Clause had an unusual costume. In fact, it was so big that it couldn’t be moved downstage. It was a Big Wheel, and it was a masterpiece of building magic. My goodness! My goodness! When I saw that the Sound Factory was doing the Etch-A-Sketch, I knew it would be sexy, original, and outstanding, and I even guessed that Macky would be involved. After all, I photographed this cutie several years ago before he ever started working at the Sound Factory. Well, let me tell you, all eyes in the audience were on this magnificent specimen of manhood, and he showed it all off to perfection. It was absolutely the costume that brought everyone to their feet and some to the edge of the stage just to visualize the perfection at close range. It [continued on Expose-18]

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Royal Order of Unicorn Bal Masque XXIV: TOYS: ROU Schwarz ~ Lafayette, Louisiana

photos: Brad Benedict & John Desselle


Captain Joel Theriot & Dancers

Bryan Mouton as the Teddy Bear President Linda Huval as a Transformer Jack in the Box (Where’s Lucy?)

Co-captain Blaine Guidry

Beautiful Stephanie Stevens as Masquerade Barbie

A fast-moving Etch-A-Sketch(er) Macky of the Sound Factory Lucy Theriot out of the box

Returning Royalty Chelsea Stevens & Ken Pontiff

Mrs. Potato Head - Bobby Joe Raggio

Fantastic Macky showing off his beautiful butt - oops - sketch Big Wheel - Angie Clause

Raggedy Ann & Andy (Pamalia Mosa & Clyde Schroeder III)

Kites - Fred Acosta

Sexy Kenny Hebert as Lincoln Logs

Strawberry Shortcake - Heather Smith

Kenny showing off one of his big axes

Dora the Explorer - Christina Rogers

King Rou XXIV before the transformation

ROU XXIV Royalty - T-Paul “Shelby” Babineaux and Garland Romero

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Lauren & Ben at Back Side Philip & his cocktail at Sound Factory

Mark & his not-so-secret love at Sound Factory

Zack looking hot at Sound Factory Brodie & Troy looking sexy, yet surprised at Sound Factory

Macky looking smooth at Back Side

Lauren mysteriously in from Arizona at Back Side Anna, Sound Factory’s newest bartender Jacque in a fabulous coat at Sound Factory

Colta looking thin at Back Side

Ryan enjoying a beer at Sound Factory

Steven posing between cocktails at Sound Factory

Allen, Deidra & Mr. Grant at Sound Factory

Adam reaching out to touch someone at Sound Factory

Scooby & Kristin, one of Sound Factory’s cutest couples

Brandon partying at Sound Factory

Kat looking flawless at Sound Factory

Lauren looking fabulous at Sound Factory

EXPOSE'-12 of 64 • Jan. 29-Feb. 11, 2008 • AmbushMag.COM • GayBars.COM • GayMardiGras.COM • GayNewOrleans.COM • SouthernDecadence.COM

photos: Patrick Clinton

Chris hanging out at Sound Factory

Back Side & Sound Factory Celebs ~ Lafayette, Louisiana

Jamie caught off guard at Sound Factory

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pensacola paparazzi

Tim & Paul get up close & personal at Emerald City

Ted does the schedule, Angie writes the funny caption here...We love you both!

Jack, Leon & Jerry at the Osiris Ball

Kenny & Alisha hanging out at B-Bob’s after the Osiris Ball Doug shows his surprise when learning what Lauren means by around the world

Dana, Leon & Becky all dressed up for the Osiris Ball Eric, he got the bartending job at EC because of his sparkling wit and high IQ...right!


paparazzi Leon, John & Frankie at the Osiris Ball

Maury, Eugene, Brad & Becky at B-Bob’s after the ball

Wildchild & friend in hetero disguise at Emerald City

Lauren, JR & Charlie from Emerald City...I’m the pretty one!

Larry, Kat & Jason from Emerald City...nah, they haven’t been drinking!

Penny Holiday at B-Bob’s Jack & Jen hanging at B-Bob’s

Robert finds that true love comes to those who wait, especially at Emerald City

JonPaul, you used to BE the cute young chicken, now you’re dating the cute young chicken?

Jason gets his nightly ‘tip’ from Bunnie at Emerald City

”Girls Gone Wild” at B-Bob’s

Miss Cie (r) all dolled up for the Osiris Ball with Leon

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Osiris & B-Bob’s Celebs ~ Mobile, Alabama photos: DJ Chromatic, Leon Weekley

On The Emerald Coast ~ Pensacola, Florida

photos: Roy Williams

Venus wows ‘em at B-Bob’s

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on the boards ~ new orleans THE BACHELOR IN NEW ORLEANS. 948.4167 — A fun and kicky adaptation of Robert Kinney’s worldly, eccentric WWII gentlemen’s guide to getting the most out of the Vieux Carre, updated to post-Katrina New Orleans. Performed by Michael Martin. 7pm Wednesdays, Pirate’s Alley Cafe, 622 Pirate’s Alley, $8 plus one drink minimum/7pm Sundays, The Tarantula Arms, 209 Decatur St., one drink minimum. BROADWAY ON DEMAND. Minacapelli’s Dinner Playhouse, 1540 Lindberg Drive, Slidell, 985.781.6565 — Delightful musical review of Broadway tunes; in Act Two the audience chooses what they want to hear. Jonne Dendinger directs Brandi Cotogno Lopez, Christopher Woods, Philip Gordon and Rikki Gee. Tickets $40 (includes delicious all-youcan-eat dinner). 6:30pm Friday-Saturday. Through Feb. 16. CLASS CLOWNS. Actor’s Theatre of New Orleans, WTIX Building, 2nd floor, 4539 N. I-10 Service Road, Metairie, 456.4111 — A weekly improv show featuring René Piazza, Chelle Ambrose, Rebecca Taliancich, Viki Lovelace, Brian Collins, Kevin Songy and Danny Marin. Tickets $10. 10:30pm Saturday. I TAKE YOUR HAND IN MINE. Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Ave., 581.5812/ 453.6581 — Romantic drama by Carol Rocamora tracing the passionate rela-

tionship between the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov and actress Olga Knipper, the love of his life. Natasha Ramer directs Scott Jefferson and Lyla Hay Owen. Tickets $26 (includes $5 bar credit). 8pm Friday-Saturday. February 15 & 16. KATRINA’S PATH. The Lab Theatre, the Performing Arts Center, UNO Lakefront, 280.7469 — Encore performance of Rob Florence’s outstanding retelling of Katrina survivors’ stories. Directed by David Hoover. 2:30pm Sunday, February 24. LOVE LETTERS. Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Ave., 581.5812 — A.R. Gurney’s epistolary comedy/drama portrays the long-distance, generation-spanning romance between two WASPs. Carl Walker directs Nell Nolan and Steve Kelley. Tickets $26 (includes $5 bar credit). 8pm Wednesday & Thursday, February 13 & 14. MY NAME IS CHAINSAW. The Lab Theatre, the Performing Arts Center, UNO Lakefront, 280.7469 — Encore performance of Jared Gore’s one-act play. 7:30pm Sunday, February 24. THE NEW ORLEANS BINGO! SHOW. Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Ave., 581-5812 — Weimar cabaret filtered through a New Orleans sensibility. Like nothing else around! Tickets $20. 8pm Friday-Saturday, February 29 and March 1.

ROMEO AND JULIET. Slidell Little Theater, 2024 Nellie Dr., Slidell, 985.643.0556/985.641.0324 — Two families at odds with each other. Two teens in love. Tragic results. Classic Shakespeare. Gary Mendoza directs Clare Haeuser, Alex Lemonier, Bryan Reilly, Andrew Lemonier and others. 8pm Friday-Saturday, 2pm Sunday. Through Feb. 3. SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR. Lupin Theater, Tulane University, 16 Newcomb Place, 865.5105 — Luigi Pirandello’s classic about six fictional characters who arrive at a rehearsal of a play and proceed to convince the director to allow them to perform their true drama for him. Directed by Buzz Podewell. Tickets $12, $9 Tulane faculty/staff, $7.50

spotlight/rou ...from Expose-10 was great Macky, really great. Heather Smith came forth next as a Strawberry Shortcake, and this backpiece was very creative and her costume made this stand out even more. It was a very nice combination of talent and beauty that made her stage presence even more overwhelming. She was followed by a very cute (and timid, or maybe frightened) Dora the Explorer. Christina Rogers pulled this one off to perfection too. I knew the grand finale costume was going to be another big one when I looked at the program. When I saw Lucy Theriot’s name there as Jack in the Box, I couldn’t figure out how she would do it, but I knew it would be excellent and exciting. It was just that. All you could see was her head, then she disappeared and the joker or jack came up as she walked around from the back and danced down the runway. She was in several skits during the series of costume presentations, and she still had that high level of energy that I see in her each time we meet. This was really a nice addition to this excellent ball. Now the time had come for King and Queen ROU XXIII to do their final walk and make way for what turned out to be a very South Padre Island, Texas

The Upper Deck Hotel & Bar www.UpperDeckHotel.COM

students/seniors. 8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 2pm Sunday. February 26-March 2. A SOLDIER’S PLAY. Anthony Bean Community Theater, 1333 S. Carrollton Ave., 862.7529 — Charles Fuller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about an black sergeant’s murder in a Louisiana Army camp in 1944. Tickets $18, $16 students & seniors. 8pm Friday-Saturday, 3pm Sunday. February 8-March 2. TANGO FIRE. Dixon Hall, Tulane University, 522.0996/862.3214 — The New Orleans Ballet Association presents an evening of dance theater direct from Buenos Aires. Directed by Carolina Soler. Tickets $30-$80. 8pm Friday-Saturday. February 8 & 9. nice and original presentation of new royalty. With class and dignity, they exited the runway, and the big moment arrived. Queen ROU XXIV Shelby Babineaux made her appearance, and she was magnificent as the Fairy Queen. The costume was really great, and she looked like someone from a historical colonial setting. As she made her bows and returned to the stage, the curtains opened to a caped and draped cat, reminiscent of a toy tiger. King ROU XXIV Garland Romero came down the runway, acknowledged the former king and returned to the front of the stage. As he bowed to his queen, his covering was undone and a crown placed on his head. When he stood and turned around, we all viewed one of the most fantastic transformations I’ve ever witnessed at a Mardi Gras Ball. He could easily have been a member of a royal family, and his costume indicated the wealth and upbringing of a major member of royalty. It was amazing to watch, and it was a thrill knowing that he had created such an unusual way to make his entrance. This one will be very difficult to follow. Following their period of greeting their subjects, they returned to do the callouts and exchanging of gifts. Of course, you have to realize that there was a multitude of talent going on during the entire ball. In addition to Kofi, Ambrosia McNeil did a nice dance number, but to me, the highlight in entertainment came from Bryan Mouton and his magic dancer. The song was done in sign language. It was impressive, and it was just another of the unique ways that this fabulous Lafayette krewe has come up with over the years to entertain and to amaze their audiences.

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Resort-1/2 block to Gay Beach PO Box 2309, 120 E. Atol St. South Padre Island, TX 78597 956.761.5953 E-mail:

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BLU, 960 Spring St., 877.1221 THE HERETIC, 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd., 325.3061 WET BAR, 960 Spring St., NW, 745.9494 Alexandria, LA [318] UNIQUE, 3217 Industrial St., 448.0555 Baton Rouge, LA [225] GEORGE'S, 860 St. Louis, 387.9798 HOUND DOGS, 668 Main St., 344.0807 SPLASH, 2183 Highland Road, 242.9491, Lafayette, LA [337] BACK SIDE, 209 Jefferson St., 269.0430 THE SOUND FACTORY, 209 Jefferson St., 269.6011 Lake Charles, LA [337] CRYSTAL'S, 112 W. Broad, 433.5457

attorneys New Orleans, LA [504] BEACH LAW FIRM, 525.2999

bars Mobile, AL [251] B-BOB'S DOWNTOWN, 213 Conti St., 433.2262, GABRIEL'S DOWNTOWN, 55 South Joachim St., 432.4900, VISIONS TWIST, 266 Dauphin St., 431.9002, Key West, FL [305] BOURBON STREET PUB, 724 Duval CLUB INTERNATIONAL, 900 Simonton St. DONNIE'S CLUB 422, 422 Appelrouth Lane 801 BOURBON BAR, 801 Duval St., 294.4737 Miami/South Beach, FL [305] PALACE FOOD BAR, 1200 Ocean Dr., 531.7234 TWIST, 1057 Washington Ave., 538.9478, Pensacola, FL [850] EMERALD CITY, 408 E. Wright St., 433.9491 THE ROUNDUP, 706 E. Gregory St., 433.8482

Metairie, LA [504] 4-SEASONS / PATIO BAR, 3229 N. Causeway, 832.0659, MASQUERADES LOUNGE, 3505 Division St., 888.4101 SANCTUARY, 2301 N. Causeway Blvd., 837.7979 New Orleans, LA [504] BIG DADDY'S, 2513 Royal, 948.6288 CAFÉ LAFITTE IN EXILE, 901 Bourbon Street 522.8397, Lafittes.COM CORNER POCKET, 940 St. Louis, 568.9829 COUNTRY CLUB, 634 Louisa St., TheCountryClubNewOrleans.COM, 945.0742 COWPOKES, 2240 St. Claude, 947.0505

Atlanta, GA [404] BLAKE'S ON THE PARK, 227 10th St., NE, 873.5921



















23 ES TR R FR 2 A A 500 CH N K L 2 6 0 LIN YA 0 O R E LO IN H UI P SA U A D





EN 0 0 0 C EL H 2 YS 1 0 ME 0 N IA N FI 22 EL 00 D S



Austin, TX [512] 'BOUT TIME, 9601 N. IH-35, 832.5339 CHAIN DRIVE, 504 Willow St., 480.9017 CHARLIE'S, 1301 Lavaca St., 474.6481 CP THE ALTERNATIVE, 113 San Jacinto, 457.8010 OILCAN HARRY'S, 211 W. 4th, 320.8823 RAINBOW CATTLE COMPANY, 305 W. 5th St., 472.5288 RAIN ON 4TH, 217- B West 4th St., 494.1150 GET HAPPY!, 526 S. Staples, 881.8910







Shreveport, LA [318] KORNER LOUNGE, 800 Louisiana, 71101; 222.9796 Slidell, LA [985] BILLY'S, 2600 Hwy. 190 West, 847.1921

Corpus Christi, TX [361]



CUTTER'S, 706 Franklin, 948.4200 THE DOUBLE PLAY, 439 Dauphine, 523.4517 THE FRIENDLY BAR, 2301 Chartres, 943.8929 GOLDEN LANTERN, 1239 Royal, 529.2860 GOOD FRIENDS BAR, 740 Dauphine St, 566.7191, GoodFriendsBar.COM JOHNPAUL'S, 940 Elysian Fields Ave., 948.1888 LE ROUNDUP, 819 St. Louis, 561.8340 NAPOLEON'S ITCH, 734 Bourbon, 371.5450 NINTH CIRCLE AT CONGO SQUARE, 700 N. Rampart, 524.7654 OZ NEW ORLEANS, 800 Bourbon, 593.9491, ozneworleans. com PHOENIX/EAGLE, 941 Elysian Fields, 945.9264, RAWHIDE 2010, 740 Burgundy St., 525.8106, Rawhide2010.COM SOCIETY PAGE, 542 N. Rampart St., 299.0156 STARLIGHT BY THE PARK, 834 N. Rampart St., 561.8939, TANGO'S LOUNGE, 1000 Bienville, 679.0909 VOODOO, 817 N. Rampart St., 304.1568

Galveston, TX [409] 3rd Coast Beach Bar, 3102 Seawall Blvd., 765.6911, 3rdCoastBar.COM Robert’s Lafitte, 2501 Avenue Q, 765.9092 Houston, TX [713] Brazos River Bottom, BRB, 2400 Brazos St., 528.9192 Chances, G-Spot, New Barn, 1100 Westheimer Rd. 523.7217 EJ’s, 2517 Ralph St., 527.9071 J.R.’s with the Santa Fe, 808 Pacific St., 521.2519 Keys West, 817 West Dallas St., 571.7870 Mary’s, 1022 Wetheimer, 527.9669 Montrose Mining Company, 805 Pacifc St., 529.7488 Ripcord, 715 Fairview St., 521-2792 Rich’s Houston, 2401 San Jacinto, 759.9606 San Antonio, TX [210] HEAT, 1500 North Main Ave., 227.2600, South Padre Island, TX [956] UPPER DECK HOTEL & BAR, 120 E. Atol St., 761.5953

beads/t-shirts New Orleans, LA [504] THE BEAD PIRATE, 716 Orleans Ave., 524.7177,

body work RT PA M RA

French Quarter/Faubourg Marigny/Bywater

New Orleans, LA [504] ABSOLUTELY THE BEST full body rub 6 ft, 182 lbs, brn/brn, 2nd avail. Total stress release, head to toe. In or out/hotel appointments. Travel calls welcome. Charlie @ 430.7413 [is308]

bookstores Birmingham, AL [205] ALABAMA BOOKS, 801 Third Ave., 322.7823 BIRMINGHAM ADULT BOOKS, 7610 First Ave. North, 836.1580

Baton Rouge, LA [225] GRAND CINEMA STATION, 10732 Florida Blvd., 272 .2010. Largest selection in Louisiana of DVD’s for Sale & Rent. Toys, Novelties, Mags & Lingerie. Also sell Premium quality KNIVES & SWORDS. [is508]

New Orleans, LA [504] AIRLINE ADULT BOOKS, 1404 26th St., Kenner, LA 70062; 468.2931 CHARTRES ST. CONXXXION, 107 Chartres St., 586.8006 FAB - Faubourg Marigny Art & Books, 600 Frenchmen St., 947.3700 PARADISE ADULT VIDEO, 41 W. 24th St., Kenner, LA 70065; 461.0000 PARADISE #2 IN ELMWOOD, 5608 Heebe, Harahan, LA, 733.7780 SLIDELL ADULT SUPERSTORE, Slidell, LA, 985.646.2616 Knoxville, TN [865] TOWN & COUNTRY BOOK DEN, 6927 Clinton Hwy., 947.9153 WEST KNOX NEWS, 5011 Kingston Pike, 588.1972

Austin, TX [512] ADULT VIDEO MEGAPLEXXX, 7111South I-35, 442.5430, LOBO, 3204A Guadalupe, 454.5406

cable shows New Orleans, LA [504] THE GAR WILLIAMS SHOW, Every Wed. &Sat., 8:30am & 8:30pm, Access Television Channel 78

casinos New Orleans, LA [504] HARRAHS NEW ORLEANS, Canal at the River, 800.HARRAHS

chiropractic New Orleans, LA [504] DR. MICHAEL LECHLEITER, D.C., St. Charles Chiropractic, 1529 Jackson Ave., 566.1833 [is308]

circuit/events Feb. 1-5, 2008, Official Gay Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA, sponsored by Ambush, GayMardiGras.COM Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, Official Gay Easter Parade, New Orleans, sponsored by Ambush & Queen Fashions, GayEasterParade.COM May 23-26, 2008, Memorial Day Weekend including Bounce, Sweat, Abracadabra, Forbidden 1 & 2 plus Spellbound after-hour parties, Pensacola, FL, sponsored by Ambush, GayPensacola.COM May 25, 2007, First Splash Austin, Hippie Hollow, Lake Travis, Austin, TX June 5-8, 2008, One Mighty Weekend, Gay Day Weekend at Disney sponsored by Ambush, OneMightyWeekend.COM Aug. 27-Sept. 1, 2008, Official Southern Decadence 37-A Celebration of Gay Life, Music & Culture, end of Summer Blowout including the Southern Decadence Parade & loads of activities, bringing over 135,000 revelers to New Orleans, LA, sponsored by Ambush & SouthernDecadence.COM Oct. 23-26, 2008, Halloween 25: Silver Party, benefiting Project Lazarus, New Orleans, LA, sponsored by AmbushMag.COM, Dec. 28, 2008-Jan. 1, 2009, Gay New Year's in New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, GayNewOrleans.COM

costumes New Orleans, LA [504] COSTUME HEADQUARTERS, PO Box 8129, NOLA 70182, 985.384.1265

construction New Orleans, LA [504] HISTORIC RENOVATIONS,

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432.3786, Jim 344.4664

counseling New Orleans, LA [504] DAVID WAGNER, M.Ed., Counseling & Psychotherapy, 3001 Fifth St., Metairie, LA 70002; 836.0000

employment New Orleans, LA [504] CLUB NEW ORLEANS is accepting applications for friendly, energetic staff members. Apply at front desk, 515 Toulouse St. Drug test/ background check required. CLERKS & FLOOR ATTENDANTS, $8 an hour, now hiring at Flex, call Tony 504.666.TONY (8669) for appointment.

florists Baton Rouge, LA [225] FOUR SEASONS FLOWERS & GIFTS, 3482 Drusilla Ln., Drusilla Shopping Center, 924.1386, 1.800.237.5381

framing New Orleans, LA [504] ANGLE CUSTOM FRAME, 4422 Magazine St., 269.3726

galleries New Orleans, LA [504] ARTICHOKE GALLERY, 912 Decatur St., 636.2004, www.ArtichokeGallery.COM FAB - Faubourg Marigny Art & Books, 600 Frenchmen St., 947.3700

gardening/landscaping New Orleans, LA [504] AMERICAN AQUATIC GARDENS, 621 Elysian Fields, 944.0410

guides America Damron Travel Guide, 800.462.6654, Gulf South/United States AMBUSH Mag, 828-A Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70116-3137; 504.522.8049,; email: info@ International GayBars.COM, 828-A Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70116-3137; 504.522.8049, United States/Canada GAYELLOW PAGES: Informing the US/ Canada LGBTG Community since 1973. Separate sections for Women and Ethnic/Multicultural focus. PO Box 533, NY, NY 10014-0533; 212.674.0120, Sold at Alternatives/New Orleans, LA

groceries/delis New Orleans, LA [504] QUARTERMASTER DELI, THE NELLIE DELI, 1100 Bourbon, 529.1416 VERTI MART, 1201 Royal St., 525.4767

hair salons New Orleans, LA [504] BOBBY BLUE, 906 Bourbon St., 527.5100 HEAD QUARTERS HAIR SALON, 900 Dauphine St., 522.2666 MICKEY NOLAN'S SALON, 815 Toulouse St., 587.7782 SALON D'MALTA, 1233 Decatur St., 565.5555

laundries New Orleans, LA [504] RALPH'S QUARTER LAUNDERETTE & DRY CLEANING, 1101 Bourbon St., 522.9274; 1838 Louisiana Ave. , 897-5199 WASHBOARD LAUNDRY, 1000 St. Ann,

.522.2071 WASHING WELL LaunDRYteria since 1949, City Wide Pick-up, Fluff Dry or Finished, 1 Hour Service, 841 Bourbon St., 523.9955 or 525.3983 [is308]

lodging/accommodations Birmingham, AL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Mobile, AL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Ft. Lauderdale, FL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Ft. Walton Beach, FL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayPensacola.COM Key West, FL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayKeyWest.COM Miami/South Beach, FL [305] DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GaySouthBeach.COM Orlando, FL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Pensacola, FL DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayPensacola.COM Atlanta, GA DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAtlanta.COM Baton Rouge, LA DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayBatonRouge.BIZ Lafayette, LA DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, AmbushMag.COM Lake Charles, LA DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, AmbushMag.COM New Orleans [504] BURGUNDY BED AND BREAKFAST, 2513 Burgundy St., New Orleans, LA 70117, PHONE/ FAX: 504.942.1463, Toll Free (Continental US only): 1.800.970.2153,, Email us at Gay owned and operated in newly renovated 1890's double. Four guest rooms with private baths, guests' parlor and "half-kitchen", courtyard and halfopen tubhouse with spa (hot tub/whirlpool). Clothing optional in sunbathing and hot tub area. Walking distance to French Quarter. Immediate vicinity of gay and lesbian bars/venues. CORNSTALK HOTEL, 915 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70116, PHONE: 504.523.1515, FAX: 504.522.5558, Toll Free: 800.759.6112, CornstalkHotel.COM, E-mail us at Reservations@CornstalkHotel.COM. The Cornstalk Hotel, once a private home, in the heart of the French Quarter, one block from Bourbon, but quieter, now welcomes visitors to enjoy its hospitality and Victorian charm. CREOLE INN, 2471 Dauphine St., New Orleans, LA 70117, PHONE: 504.948.3230, FAX: 504.948.4410, CreoleInn.COM, E-mail us at In the Gay/Lesbian Marigny adjacent to French Quarter, Frenchmen Street & Country Club; private baths, garden, wireless Internet, AC, cable TV/VCR, Continental breakfast. Gay operated; mention AMBUSH for 10% discount. THE GREEN HOUSE INN, 1212 Magazine St., New Orleans 70130, PHONE: 504.525.1333/ 800.966.1303,, Email us at Tropical paradise with unique salt water pool and Jacuzzi. Comfortable rooms with king size beds, bathroom, TV, cable, Internet and many other amenities. We are centrally located. "stay... relax... just be." INN THE QUARTER, French Quarter, New Orleans, 70116, PHONE: 504.527.5360, Toll Free: 800.570.3085, InnTheQuarter.COM, E-mail us at Info@InnTheQuarter.COM. Over 20 guest rooms, suites and apartments in the French Quarter. All accomnmodations are within a few short blocks of Lafitte’s, Bourbon Pub, Oz, Good Friends, Rawhide and all the other “HOT” spots. Our properties offer private entrances, tropical courtyards, air conditioning, private

bathrooms, televisions, and direct dial phones with free local calls. Some have additional features such as balconies, jacuzzi tubs, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, full kitchens, high-speed Internet access and free off-street parking. Absolutely all are clean and safe. Regular rates starting at $79/nt. Special Event rates starting at $119/nt. Weekly and monthly discounts available. MARIGNY MANOR HOUSE, 2125 N. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70116, PHONE: 504.943.7826, Toll Free: 877.247.7599,, E-mail us at info@MarignyManorHouse.COM. 1840’s Grand Greek Revival guest house, large spacious bedrooms, private baths, antique 4 poster queen beds, wireless internet access, tv/vcr/dvd/ cable, telephone, complimentary continental breakfast and off street parking. BON MAISON GUEST HOUSE, 835 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70116, 504.561.8498 BOURGOYNE GUEST HOUSE, 839 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70116, 504.524.3621 Shreveport, LA DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, AmbushMag.COM Biloxi, MS DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Hattiesburg, MS DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Jackson, MS DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Natchez, MS [601] DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Austin, TX [512] DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAustin.NET Beaumont, TX DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayAmerica.COM Dallas, TX DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayDallas.COM Galveston Island, TX [409] DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayTexas.NET Houston, TX DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayHouston.COM San Antonio, TX DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayTexas.NET South Padre Island, TX [956] DISCOUNT FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS, GayTexas.NET UPPER DECK HOTEL & BAR, PO Box 2309, 120 E. Atol St., 78597; 761.5953, E-mail:,

massage New Orleans, LA [504] FRENCH QUARTER MASSAGE BY MIKE - Treat Yourself!” - Professional, Private & Personal. Deep Tissue & Swedish Massages available. Phone 598.3237. www.FrenchQuarterMassage.COM. E-mail: License #LA2687 [is308] LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), National Board Certified 908.2069, License #LA

3355 [is308] PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY By Patrick LMT - Outcall or Uptown Studio. Safe neighborhood comfortable studio. Towels available for draping, Non-Sexual, 717.2577, w w w. n e w o r l e a n s . a m a z i n g h a n d s . u s Discounts for: Friends of Dorothy, Students, Artists, Service Industry, License #LA4005 [is308]

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models/escorts New Orleans, LA [504] EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL, DISCREET-35 y.o. model/escort, in/out/hotel appointments. Body rubs available. Travel okay. M/F/Couples welcome. 5'10", 175#, Br/Bl, cute, muscular. Mikie 756.9443 [is308]

museum/arts Baton Rouge, LA [225] LOUISIANAARTS AND SCIENCE CENTER / RIVERSIDE MUSEUM, 100 S. River Road, 344.5272 LOUISIANA GOVERNOR'S MANSION, 1001 Capitol Access Rd., 342.5855 LOUISIANA STATEARCHIVES, 3851 Essen Ln. LOUISIANA STATE CAPITOL, State Capitol Dr. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY HILLTOP ARBORETUM, 11855 Highland Rd., 767.6916 LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY RURAL LIFE MUSEUM, I-10 at Essen Lane, 765.2437 LSU MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE and MUSEUM OF GEOSCIENCE, LSU Campus, 388.2855 MAGNOLIA MOUND PLANTATION, 2161 Nicholson Dr., 343.4955 OLD ARSENAL MUSEUM, State Capitol Complex, 342.0401 OLD BOGAN FIRE STATION, 427 Laurel St., 344.8558 OLD GOVERNOR'S MANSION, 502 North Blvd., 344.5272 OLD PENTAGON BARRACKS, State Capitol Dr. at River Road, 342.1866 OLD STATE CAPITOL, 100 North Blvd. at River Road, 342.0500 or 342.4479 USS KIDD/NAUTICAL HISTORICAL CENTER, Government St. at River Rd., 342.1942 New Orleans, LA [504] BEAUREGARD-KEYES HOUSE, 1113 Chartres, 523.7257, Mon-Sat 10am-3pm CABILDO, 701 Chartres, Jackson Square, Tues-Sun 10am-5pm CAC [Contemporary Arts Center], 900 Camp St., 528.3805, 1850 HOUSE, 523 St. Ann, Tues-Sun 10am-5pm GALLIER HOUSE, 1132 Royal, 523.6722,

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Mon-Fri 10am-3:30pm GERMAINEWELLSMARDIGRASMUSEUM, 2nd Floor Arnaud's, 819 Bienville HERMANN-GRIMA HISTORIC HOUSE, 820 St. Louis, 525.5661, Mon-Fri 10am-3:30pm HISTORICAL PHARMACY MUSEUM, 514 Chartres, 524.9077, Daily 10am-5:30pm HISTORIC NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION, 533 Royal, 523.4662, Tues-Sat 10am-4:45pm LONGUE VUE HOUSE AND GARDENS, 7 Bamboo Rd, Metairie, 488.5488, Mon-Sat 10am4:30pm, Sun 1-5pm MUSEECONTIHISTORICALWAXMUSEUM, 917 Conti, 525.2605, Daily 10am-5:30pm NATIONAL D-DAY MUSEUM, 945 Magazine, 527.6012 NEW ORLEANS MUSEUM OF ART, City Park, 1 Collins Diboll Circle, 488.2631, Tues-Sun 10am-5pm OGDEN MUSEUM OF SOUTHERNART, 925 Camp St., 539.9600 OLD U.S. MINT, 400 Esplanade, Tues-Sun 10am-5pm PRESBYTERE, 751 Chartres, Jackson Square, Tues-Sun 10am-5pm ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Jackson Square, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 1:30-5pm

music New Orleans [504] SKULLY'Z RECORDZ, 907 Bourbon St.

organizations Mobile, AL ALABAMA PRIDE FEST, MobileAlabamaPride.COM AQUA, THE PARTY, PO Box 145, Mobile, AL 36601, TheAquaParty.COM BAY AREA INCLUSION, BayAreaInclusion.ORG FUSION, MobileFusion.ORG GULF COAST BEARS & LEATHER ASSOCIATION, MOBILE ALABAMA PRIDE BOWLING LEAGUE Pensacola, FL [850] APPETITE FOR LIFE, INC., provides 2 nutritionally balanced meals a day-lunch & dinner, for some 60 men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, 1842 West Cervantes St.; Mail: P.O. Box 308, 32592-0308; 470.9111, Fax: 470.0201, GULF COAST TIDE, INC. w w w . G u l f C o a s t T I D E . o r g ; Alexandria, LA [318] CLASS [Central Louisiana AIDS Support Services], 103 Bolton Ave., 71301; 1.800.444.7993, 442. 1 0 1 0, FAX: 443.5216 Baton Rouge, LA [225] HAART (HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two), 4550 North Blvd., #250, 927.1269, Fax: 927.7367,, GBLSU [Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians & Supporters United], glsapres@unixl.sncc., Kristy Price, President, 388.5160 KREWE OF APOLLO / BATON ROUGE, PO Box 3591, 70821; KREWE OF DIVAS,, 343.0380 LAMBDA GROUP, 2937 Greenwood Dr., PO Box 82775, 70884-2775, 907.3665,, LEWIS HUMPHREY’S FOOD FOR FRIENDS, 387.9798 METROPOLITANCOMMUNITYCHURCHOF BATON ROUGE, Worship Sunday @ 11am; Bible Study Wednesday @ 7pm, 7747 Tom Dr., LA 70806; 248.0404, MYSTIC KREWE OF ROYALTY, PO Box 66571, 70896; 926.1698 PFLAG Baton Rouge, Harold L. Truax, 33370 Percy Young Rd., Walker, LA 70785; 225.218.8320, 225.288.2522 Lafayette, LA [337] ACADIANA CARES [Concern for AIDS Relief, Education, and Support], PO Box 386, Lafayette, LA 70502; 203 W. 3rd St., 70501; 233.2437, FAX: 235.4178; 800.354.2437 KREWE OF APOLLO / LAFAYETTE, PO Box 53251, 70505 LEAGUE FOR EQUALITY, PO Box 53425,

70505 PFLAG/LAFAYETTE, PO Box 31078, 70503 ROYAL ORDER OF UNICORN, PO Box 3985, 70502 Monroe, LA [318] GO CARE 2121 Justice, 71201, 325.1092 New Orleans, LA [504] ACADIANA RAINBOW SOCIETY OF THE DEAF, PO Box 57166, 70157; 889.0138 (TDD) AIDS HOTLINE, 821.6050 in New Orleans, 1.800.99.AIDS[2437]-9 toll free statewide ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, 779.1178 BELLE REVE NEW ORLEANS, AIDS Residence for Families, PO Box 3305, 70177; 945.9455 BIG EASY M.C.C. (Metropolitan Community Church of Greater New Orleans), Sunday Worship at St Matthew’s UCC, 1333 S. Carrollton Ave. at Willow. Fellowship after service. Mailing address: 1333 S. Carrolllton Ave. New Orleans, LA, 70118; 213.4340, p a s t o r @ b i g e a s y m c c . c o m , BROTHERHOOD, INC., To decrease the spread of AIDS and HIV among African Americans, 1661 Canal St., Suite 3230, 70112; 566.7955 CAVALIERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Gay motocycle group sponsors monthly day rides and other riding events in New Orleans area. Visit www.cavaliersmc.comc or call 782.5625 or e-mail CHURCH OF CHRIST THE LIBERATOR, Sun. 11am Service, 607 Marigny St. (behind The Friendly Bar), ChristTheLiberator.ORG COMING OUT SUPPORT GROUP, meets 1st Wed. of each month, 7:30-9pm, Info: Liz 482.4012; Lesbian & Gay Community Center, 2114 Decatur St., 70116; 945.1103 COMMUNITY ACTION NETWORK, a project of the NO/AIDS Task Force which works with the gay community to implement HIV prevention activities, 507 Frenchmen St., 945.4000, COPS 8 (Citizens' Organization for Police Support in the 8th District), 840 N. Rampart St., #51, 70116; 588.COPS (2677), DRAMA! [A Gay & Lesbian Arts Organization], PO Box 52565, 70152; 948.9924,, FOOD FOR FRIENDS, 944.6028 FORUM FOR EQUALITY, 336 Lafayette, Suite 200, 70130; 947.2981, FOUNDATION FOR MACRO BIOTIC WAY, GAY APPRECIATION AWARDS, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137; 522.8049; AmbushMag.COM/GAA GAY COUNSELING LINE, 833.1500 GLSEN [Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network], 482.4081, Fax 595.8587, E-mail:, GULF GENDER ALLIANCE [GGA], NonProfit Support Group for Transgender persons. Monthly meetings, socials and political activism. Privacy respected and expected. Interview required. Nondiscriminatory. Call 504. 324.4035 or write PO Box 56836, New Orleans, LA 70156-6836;, E-mail: HALLOWEEN IN NEW ORLEANS, INC., PO Box 52171, 70152-2171; halloween HATE CRIMES HOTLINE, c/o Family Service of Greater New Orleans, 504.202.2131. The Hate Crimes Project offers to assist those who feel that they may have been a victim of a hate crime. The project provides advocacy for persons victimized due to race, religion, gender and gender identity, age, disability, and/or sexual orientation. IN THIS TOGETHER, HIV/AIDS Case Management, 1661 Canal Street, Suite 3107, 70112; 962.3245, is, KOCKTAIL BUNCH BOWLING LEAGUE, Contact Glenn Culp, 504.861.0233 KREWE OF ARMEINIUS, PO Box 56638, New Orleans, LA 70156-6638,, KreweOfArmeinius.ORG KREWE OF AMON RA, PO Box 7033, Metairie, LA 70010, KREWE OF MWINDO, PO Box 51031,

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70156; 913.5791, KreweOfMwindo.ORG, KREWE OF PETRONIUS, PO Box 71665, 70172, Pres. Wally McLaughlin 524.2915, Sec. Mae Falgout 484.6045 KREWE OF QUEENATEENAS / KING CAKE QUEEN ROYALTY CLUB, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 522.8049, GayMardiGras.COM/ KCQ LaCARP [Louisiana Community AIDS Research Program], 584.1971 LA-LIFT, Social Club for Lesbians, age 50+, who have fun together on weekends. Email: LAMBDA CENTER, 831 Elysian Fields Ave., 70117, LambdaCenter.NET,, LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF NEW ORLEANS, 234 Loyola, Suite 421, 70112; 581.9106 LESBIAN & GAY COMMUNITY CENTER OF NEW ORLEANS, 2114 Decatur St., 701162013; 945.1103, Fax 945.1102, Email: LORDS OF LEATHER, PO Box 770435; 70117, LordsOfLeather.COM LOUISIANA STATE GAY RODEO ASSOCIATION (LSGRA), 915.3339,, LSGRA.COM MCLNO HOP Clinic, 136 S. Roman Street, 4th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112; Appts.: 504.903.6959, METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH OF GREATER NEW ORLEANS, Sunday Friendship Hour 4:15pm, Worship/Celebration, 5pm at St Matthew’s UCC, 1333 Carrollton Ave. at Willow; Mailing Address: PO Box 71024, 70172; 945.5390, MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF ADONIS, 236.4530, Adonis-TLC.COM, MYSTIC KREWE OF SATYRICON, 1021 Gov. Nicholls St., 70116, 525.4498, MysticKreweOfSatyricon.COM NEW ORLEANS BEAR & BEAR TRAPPER SOCIAL CLUB, PO Box 740894, 70174-0894; 5 2 9 . 6 9 7 5 , w w w . p r i d e s p e c i a l t y. c o m / BearClub.html, NEW ORLEANS GAY MEN’S CHORUS, 948.6884,; NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL, NEW ORLEANS WOMEN’S MUSIC COLLECTIVE, 2903 Jefferson Ave., 70115; Ann 838.7918, Sydney 833.2834 NO/AIDS TASK FORCE, 2601 Tulane Ave., Suite 500, 70119; 821.2601; NOAIDSTaskForce.COM MOC/NO [Men of Color/New Orleans], 482.5341 OFFICIAL GAY EASTER PARADE, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049,, GayEasterParade.COM OFFICIAL GAY MARDI GRAS, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, GayMardiGras.COM OFFICIAL GAY NEW ORLEANS, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, GayNewOrleans.COM OFFICIAL SOUTHERN DECADENCE, 828A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, SouthernDecadence.COM PEOPLE OF SUBSTANCE, INC. (POS), 7210 Arbor Dr., 70126, 244.1920,

PFLAG/NO [Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays/ New Orleans], PO Box 15515, 70175; 895.3936, 392.0001,, PRIDEFEST NEW ORLEANS, presented by New Orleans Alliance of Pride, 1000 Bourbon St., Box 365, New Orleans, LA 70116;, PROJECT LAZARUS, A Residence for PWAs, PO Box 3906, 70177-3906; 949.3609 RA/UNO (Rainbow Alliance/University of New Orleans), Office of Campus Activities, 200 Lakeshore Dr., 70148; 280.6349; FAX: 280.6633. Regular meetings Thursdays, 12:301:30, RM 210 of UC, all students and members of UNO are welcome REGIONALAIDS INTERFAITH NETWORK [RAIN], 523.3755 ST. Mark's UMC (New Orleans), St Mark’s is a part of the gay-affirming Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church. TAU HOUSE MINISTRIES, 1029 Governor Nicholls, 70116,, 529.3569. Mass on Sunday 4:15pm; Vespers on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm. Everyone is welcome! TO DO PRODUCTIONS, 948.9608, VOLLEYBALL NEW ORLEANS, PO Box 13306, 70185-3306;, WILLIAM J. FANNING FOUNDATION [Buzzy’s Boys & Girls], 2301 Chartres, 70117; 943.8929 Shreveport, LA [318] KREWE OF APOLLO/SHREVEPORT, PO Box 4918, 71134 PHILADELPHIA CENTER, PO Box 44454, 71134-4454; 222.6633 YWCAAIDS MINORITY COMMUNITY OUTREACH, 700 Pierre Ave., 71103; 226.8717 Austin, TX [512] AUSTIN BABTIST WOMEN, 291.1563 Raising Spirits and Millions of Dollars for Charity Since 1986. AUSTIN LATINO/LATINA LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL & TRANSGENDER ORGANIZATION [ALLGO], 1715 E. 6th St., Ste. 112, 78762-6149; 472.2001, BI-MEN-TEXAS, Texas Chapter of the BiMEN Worldwide Network-now over 100,000 active male members. TX online support group and contact list for bisexual, bi-curious and gay adult men. Free. Annual Bi-Men Conference each Fall. alist.asp KINGDOM SEEKERS IN CHRIST JESUS, 81 San Marcos St., 78702; 322.0049 MINISTRY OF COMMON SENSE SPIRITUALITY, PO Box 687411, 78701; 669.0608, Rev. N. Holmann, PROJECT TRANSITIONS, PO Box 4826, 78765; 454.8646,, AIDShous, dedicated to serving people with AIDS by providing hospice, housing and support in a compassionate and caring environment.

TEXAS GAY RODEO ASSOCIATION (TGRA) Austin chapter, Dallas, TX [214]

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Reac h the Lucr ati ve Gulf South each Lucra tiv Mar ket ...T exas thr u F lorida Mark ...Te thru Florida Contact Publisher/Editor Rip Naquin-Delain • 504.522.8049 BUSINESS • SUCCESS • L ONGEVITY LONGEVITY

KREWE OF APOLLO-DALLAS, Houston, TX [713] PRIDE COMMITTEE OF HOUSTON, PO Box 66071, 77266-6071; 529.6979, Fax 529.6929,, pride San Antonio, TX [210] DIVERSITY CENTER (San Antonio & South Texas' GLBTQI Community Center), Office: 223.6106, Fax: 223.7419, TDD: 271.8025, HIV/ AIDS & GLBT Domestic Violence Hotline: Toll Free 1.866.452.2724,

mail New Orleans, LA [504] MARIGNY MAIL, 2401 Burgundy, 948.7401

pets CHI-WA-WA GA-GA, 37 French Market Place, 70116; 581.4242; FRENCH QUARTER PET ASYLUM, 510 Dumaine St., 274.0810

pharmacy New Orleans, LA [504] MUMFREY'S PHARMACY, 1021 W. Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, LA 70043, 504.279.6312

photography New Orleans, LA [504] GRAHAM/STUDIO ONE NEW ORLEANS, by appointment,,

printers New Orleans, LA [504] SIR SPEEDY, 343 Carondelet, 586.9812

real estate New Orleans, LA [504] CALDWELL BANKER REALTORS, Mark Boline 655.2233, Adrianne Bieller 617.0500 ETHEL KIDD REAL ESTATE, 637 Pere Antoine Alley, Inez Douglas 451.1082, 524.6809 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTORS, 8601 Leak Ave., 524.8530 LATTER & BLUM, Agent Mary Lind, 948.3011, 539.9742, 581.2020 PRUDENTIAL GARDNER REALTORS, Agent Brett A. Rector, Cell: 453.2277, Office: 861.6400,

restaurants New Orleans, LA [504] Buffa's, 1001 Esplanade at Burgundy, 949.0038 Bywater Bar.B.Que,3162 Dauphine St., 944.4445 Clover Grill, 900 Bourbon St., 598.1010, CloverGrill.COM Country Club Restaurant, 634 Louisa St., TheCountryClubNewOrleans.COM, 945.0742 Krystal, 116 Bourbon at Canal, 523.4030 La Peniche, 1940 Dauphine St., 943.1460 Marigny Perks, 2401 Burgundy, 948.7401, Meauxbar Bistro, 942 N. Rampart St., 569.9979, MeauxBar.COM Mona Lisa Restaurant, 1212 Royal St., 522.6746 Petunias, A Restaurant, Cajun, Creole, Crepes, Cocktails, 817 St. Louis, 70112; 522.6440 Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, 1100 Bourbon St. , 529.1416 Riche, Fulton Street at Poydras inside Harrah's Hotel, 533.6117 Tomatillo's Restaurant, 437 Esplanade Ave., 945.9997

retail/shopping New Orleans, LA [504] ALTERNATIVES, 907 Bourbon St., 70116; 524.5222

BEAR NECESSITIES, 940 Decatur, 598.2134, BearsAndHares.COM BOURBON-STRIP TEASE, 205 Bourbon St., 70130; 581.6633, THE HERB IMPORT COMPANY, 711 St. Peter [in French Quarter], 525.4372; 5055 Canal St. [near City Park Ave.], 488.4889 PANDA BEAR, 415 Bourbon St., 529.8064 RAB DAB CLOTHING AND GIFTS, 918 Royal St., 525.6662 SERENDIPITOUS MASKS, 831 Decatur St., 522.9158 SECOND SKIN LEATHER, 521 St. Philip St., 561.8167 QUEEN FASHIONS.COM,, WICKED ORLEANS, 1201 Decatur, 529.4384, WickedOrleans.COM

Austin, TX [512] GOMI, 233 W. 2nd St., 442.9977, TAPELENDERS VIDEO/OUTLINES MENSWEAR AUSTIN, 1114 West 5th St., 472.0844,

self defense New Orleans, LA [504] NEW ORLEANS SELF DEFENSE CENTER, 1025 Bienville, Suite One, 428.6923

spas Ft. Lauderdale, FL [954] CLUB FT. LAUDERDALE, 400 W. Broward Blvd., 525.3344, Atlanta, GA [404] FLEX ATLANTA, 76 Fourth St., 815.0456 New Orleans, LA [504] CLUB NEW ORLEANS, 515 Toulouse, 581.2402, FLEX NEW ORLEANS, 700 Baronne St., 598.FLEX [3539] Austin, TX [512] MIDTOWNE SPA, 5815 Airport Blvd., 302.9696 Dallas, TX [214] CLUB DALLAS, 2616 Swiss Ave., 821.1990, MIDTOWNE SPA, 2509 Pacific Ave., 821.8989 Houston, TX [713] CLUB HOUSTON, 2205 Fannin St., 659.4998, MIDTOWNE SPA, 3100 Fannin St., 522.2379

tanning New Orleans, LA [504] PLANET BEACH, 301 Burgundy, 525.8266

tattoos/piercings New Orleans, LA [504] AART ACCENT TATTOO & PIERCING, 1041 N. Rampart in French Quarter, 581.9812

theatres New Orleans, LA [504] LE PETIT THEATRE DU VIEUX CARE, 616 St. Peter, 522.2081 MARIGNY THEATRE, 1030 Marigny St., 947.0505

websites CRESCENT CITY, CrescentCity.COM GAY AMERICA, GayAmerica.COM GAY AUSTIN, GayAustin.NET GAY BARS, GayBars.COM GAY PENSACOLA, GayPensacola.COM OFFICIAL GAY EASTER PARADE, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, GayEasterParade.COM OFFICIAL GAY MARDI GRAS, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, GayMardiGras.COM OFFICIAL GAY NEW ORLEANS, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, GayNewOrleans.COM OFFICIAL SOUTHERN DECADENCE, 828A Bourbon St., 70116-3137, 504.522.8049, SouthernDecadence.COM

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Krewe du Vieux rolls through the Marigny

Cutter’s Mac makes a toilet paper run at Big Daddy’s

Lambchop, Mumbo & Wayne cocktailin’ at The Friendly Bar

Krewe du Vieux outside Big Daddy’s

Lou & Jay welcome Mumbo in for a visit at Big Daddy’s Marty welcomes Mumbo to The Friendly

Mumbo & Olive in town for Krewe du Vieux at Big Daddy’s

DJ Karbin & bartender Zach gettin’ ready for Carnival at Ninth Circle

Cowpokes’ Stephen, Mumbo & Jeff at The Friendly

New Orleans Bears celebratin’ at Cutter’s for Krewe du Vieux Bartender Paul welcomes Bywater Bar.B.Que’s Mike to The Double Play

Mumbo & Bywater Bar.B.Que’s Mike at Big Daddy’s

Sandra, Rodney & Joe celebratin’ MLK Day at Society Page Bartender Bill joins Kenny & Josh at Cowpokes

Bryan & Earl catch Krewe du Vieux at Cutter’s

Krewe du Vieux outside Big Daddy’s

Bruce welcomes Mumbo to The Corner Pocket

Bartender Greg welcomes MLK revelers to Society Page

Starlight Show Director Marcy Marcell, KCQ XV Marsha & Queen Amon Ra XLIII Opal Masters at Cowpokes

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Parades, Mumbo, Cocktails ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Brigette gets ready to mount Karbin's float at Ninth Circle

Ambush magazine volume 26 issue 03  
Ambush magazine volume 26 issue 03