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At Ambrose I’ve been both challenged to strive for excellence and encouraged in my ability to pursue academic study. The professors here are mentors and their support, encouragement and advice has been invaluable. Chelsea, Master of Arts (Biblical/Theological Studies)

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Christian ministry invites you to be attentive to God’s call on your life, by opening your heart and mind to leadership and service. Ambrose Seminary immerses you in a rich and authentic community of learners who join you on the journey of discovering your vocation. Together we seek to know God in order to love God and to bear witness of God’s love to our neighbours here in Canada and around the world.

Discover your


Why Seminary? • Skilled and inspiring faculty lead you deeper into Christianity, bringing your faith into clearer focus, informing your identity and enhancing your understanding of ministry. • Rigourous, respected programs grow your knowledge and skills. • A diverse student body opens avenues of discussion and broadens your perspective. • Flexible learning fits your life – whether it’s the convenience of online, weekend and evening courses, or a program that ladders from a certificate to a degree so you can build your credentials class by class.



This is your




Benefit from experience

Explore new horizons

Ambrose Seminary faculty are accomplished teachers, preachers, authors, theologians and researchers. As some of the most respected and knowledgeable men and women leading ministerial studies in Canada, they are uniquely prepared to challenge you intellectually, encourage you spiritually and prepare you professionally.

Seminary faculty are leading lights in theological inquiry across Canada and around the world, taking part in research that is delving into complex issues and opening the windows of knowledge. Projects are underway in:

Seminary faculty have worked in ministry and understand its many challenges and opportunities, which means that they approach their teaching through a real-life lens. You benefit tremendously from each professor’s blend of extensive theoretical knowledge, deep understanding of the Christian faith and practical insights gleaned through years of service.

• Prophetic literature • Flourishing congregations • Decolonization and post-residential school theology • A.B. Simpson and the Fourfold Gospel • Leadership and spiritual formation for ministry • Global mission engagement among Canadian Evangelical Christians • Ethics in the literature of Qumran • A Protestant theology of Mary

At Ambrose Seminary, we are students of scripture and theology. We focus on the components of ministry — preaching, mission, discipleship and pastoral care. We are attentive to the history and traditions of the Christian church. And we understand that Christian ministry happens when the love of God and people is at its centre. Jo-Ann Badley, Dean of Theology



Current Faculty Jo-Ann Badley Dean of Theology Associate Professor, New Testament

Rod Remin Associate Professor, Biblical Languages

Bernie Van de Walle Professor, Historical and Systematic Theology

MA, BA (Honours)

PhD, MPhil, MDiv, BTh

Gordon T. Smith President, Ambrose University Professor, Systematic and Spiritual Theology

Arch Wong Professor, Practical Theology Director, Continuing and Online Education

PhD, MCS, BA (Honours)

Mark Buchanan Associate Professor, Pastoral Theology MA, MCA, BA, BFA

PhD, DMin, ST, MDiv, BA (Honours)

PhD, MDiv, BA

Christina Conroy Assistant Professor, Christian Theology PhD, STM, MDIV, BBS

Charles Cook Professor, Global Studies, Mission Director, Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives

Beth Stovell Assistant Professor, Old Testament

Jason Yeung Professor, Systematic Theology, Principal, CCSTAS


PhD, MDiv, BA (Honours)

Marcus Tso Assistant Professor, Biblical Studies

Terry Young Associate Professor, Pastoral Theology

PhD, MDiv, BASc

PhD, MDiv, BTh

PhD, MDiv, BTh

I love teaching here because the focus is on mutual learning. I’m never called upon to be a talking head, but always challenged to shape a vigorous conversation about life and faith, God and people, church and culture, Scripture and creation. We all come away wiser. Mark Buchanan Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology



Ambrose Seminary Programs Master of Divinity Master of Arts (Biblical/ Theological Studies) Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministries Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry

Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary (CCSTAS) Programs Master of Divinity Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry

Master of Christian Studies Start with a certificate or a diploma.

This is what Ambrose

Seminary offers

All Ambrose Seminary programs are accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, offering you the highest quality and rigour in your education.



Step by step As classes add up, so do your credentials. Five classes gives you a certificate, at ten you have a diploma and at twenty you’ve completed a full degree.

+10 Degree 20 classes


Diploma 10 classes


Certificate 5 classes


Your first class

Flexible Classes Regular Daytime






Hybrid Weekend and Online


Master of Divinity 3 years with a 3-5 month internship Also available through the Canadian Chinese School of Theology

Finish free A full tuition scholarship enables you to finish your final year of this degree tuition-free.

Prepare for your future as a Lead, Associate or Youth Pastor, or get ready to work in Women’s, Intercultural or Children’s Ministry, through Ambrose Seminary’s highly respected and popular Master of Divinity program. Examine the current issues of ministry practice while immersed in biblical and theological studies — and take part in an internship that hones your practical skills. The learning environment at Ambrose teaches and models the academic, spiritual and practical aspects of ministry, encouraging you to grow holistically in the company of others following a shared journey. You can choose to specialize in one of two program streams: Pastoral Ministries or Intercultural Ministries.


Master of Arts (Biblical/Theological Studies) 2 years with a research practicum If you want to pursue further study or a career in academia this thesis-based program is for you. To qualify, you’ll need at least 30 credits in Bible, theology or biblical languages from your undergraduate degree.

You develop practical skills essential for a successful career in academia through your theological research practicum.

Build on your prior theological learning as you broaden and deepen your understanding of the Bible. Complete advanced language studies in Hebrew and Greek, in one of three program streams: New Testament, Old Testament or Theology. At the same time, work closely with a supervisor to develop a thesis, building the skills you’ll need to study at the doctoral level as you continue toward a career in academic research or teaching.




Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministries 2 years with a 3-5 month inSite internship Enhance your understanding of different religious, social and cultural contexts by building practical tools to respond to multicultural perspectives in Christian ministry. You prepare to serve in specialized cross-cultural ministries in North America or internationally, and the program can fulfill the educational requirements for overseas ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and other mission organizations.

Learn first-hand about living in another culture as you serve alongside experienced international workers.

Complete courses in biblical and theological studies and take part in cross-cultural internship opportunities, which are integrated into the program and enable you to develop the skills and competencies that will make you a confident ministry professional.


Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry 2 years with a 3-5 month internship Also available through the Canadian Chinese School of Theology

of Leadership and Ministry graduates are employed in their field

Learn to integrate the personal, theological and ministerial dimensions of your life, and to provide godly nurture to others through counselling and mentoring. Tailor your studies to a chosen area of ministry — Preaching, The Next Church, Poverty Studies or Chaplaincy — and develop your leadership abilities for effective Christian service, while deepening the understanding of your vocation and identity in Christ. Your study of theology and biblical languages is augmented by an internship, which offers invaluable practical experience.



Master of Christian Studies 2 years Also available through the Canadian Chinese School of Theology This degree is ideal if you’re serving in lay ministry or you’re looking to integrate your faith with your current career. You deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and theology through elective courses that align with your interests, personal gifts and career directions, enabling you to tailor your learning to enrich all facets of your life.

Grow in a diverse community where plentiful interaction with faculty and peers enables you to explore different views and broaden your horizons.

As a member of the close and authentic Seminary community, you learn from outstanding faculty and from the experiences and perspectives of others, and can grow spiritually through chapel services, days of prayer and retreats. The things you learn here will continue to shape you throughout your life.

Internship Ministry internships offer you a proven way to extend your learning beyond the classroom. Work alongside experienced ministry staff in churches and para-church organizations where you put your knowledge into practice, gain unique insights and develop valuable mentoring relationships. If you already have ministry experience, take ministry coaching instead of internship.



This is a rich

campus community



This is diversity A rich campus life starts with diversity—of people, professionals, peers and perspectives. This a place where you are constantly learning from others and they are learning from you. Because Ambrose Seminary is part of a university, you also benefit from walking alongside undergraduates who are seeking to engage the world in many different fields, and they benefit from the opportunity to absorb the insights of students like you, who are further along in their educational journey.

Most importantly, the doors to a diverse community are open wide, welcoming you to experience the Christian faith in all its dimensions and inviting you to be part of the many churches, congregations, groups and activities that enable you to discover the beauty, truth and goodness of God.


denominations from five continents are represented at Ambrose


It is tremendously gratifying and humbling to interact with seminary students from all around the world. What a privilege it is to teach and learn in a place that embodies the globalized context of ministry in the 21st century! Marcus Tso, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies



This is true community

This is spiritual formation

Ambrose Seminary is a unique, diverse on-campus learning community made richer because you are surrounded by people who share a desire to expand knowledge and thrive in an environment devoted to ministry. You engage with people who inspire, challenge and support you, and might just find yourself growing in ways you never imagined.

Accompanied by faculty who serve as guides and companions on your journey, you take part in chapel, days of prayer, group retreats and other activities that enable you to reflect on and listen for God’s voice and leading in your life.

This is a community where learning deepens because you interact with professors and peers both in class and informally. From mealtime chats in the Seminary Commons student lounge to classroom conversations that are enriched by the fact that you truly know each other’s lives, you share ideas, take part in thought-provoking discussions and learn from the experiences of others.


This is how worship shapes your learning The Seminary’s weekly Word and Table chapel service is at the core of your campus life. You worship in a setting where students and professors serve side-by-side. Afterward, the fellowship continues as you share a meal in the Seminary Commons student lounge.


This is a campus where learning thrives Welcoming, new and modern, the Ambrose campus has plenty of spaces — formal and informal — for individual and group learning, connecting with professors and friends, and taking part in the many athletic, social and spiritual activities that are part of campus life.

Rare, old and new Ambrose University has the largest theological library on the Prairies and one of the largest private libraries in Western Canada. You have access to the latest online publications and an expansive inter-library network right alongside rare archival materials and special collections.


student population

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing community. There is unity in diversity. The professors are incredibly supportive and the opportunities to get involved — whether it’s chapel services or seminary retreats — are what make the Seminary experience great. Amit, The Mustard Seed, Calgary Master of Divinity (2016)



This is breaking down

financial barriers

22 14


Apply early! Visit to explore scholarship opportunities that are open to you — and to apply by the award deadlines. Ambrose Seminary believes financial obstacles should never stand in the way of your learning or your call to ministry. Scholarships recognize and inspire student achievement, while bursaries support students who have demonstrated financial need. Opportunities include: Entrance Scholarships — up to $3,000 for students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who are newly admitted to a degree program

Finish Free Scholarship — full tuition for MDiv students entering their third year who have completed 60 credits of the program at Ambrose, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 Church Servant Leadership Scholarship — up to $4,000 for students in any Seminary program. Church nomination and sponsorship up to $2,000 yearly is matched by Ambrose. Continuing Student Scholarships — for returning students based on academic achievement, leadership and program funding Student Financial Assistance — supporting students with demonstrated financial need

Your Ambrose Seminary investment...


Tuition and fees, one 3-credit class



Books (est. per course)

Living in residence for a semester (including meals)



Personal Qualifications You must evidence a personal commitment to Christ that has existed for at least one year before the day you plan to enrol, and you should demonstrate balanced personality, reputable character, and a motivation to learn.

Please submit: • A 2-3 page testimony • A letter of reference from a pastoral or denominational leader • A letter of reference from an employer or professional acquaintance

This is how

you enrol at Ambrose

Academic Qualifications • A 3 or 4 year baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from a recognized accredited university, college or Bible college • At least 30 credits of liberal arts and science at the undergraduate level • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in the last 60 credits of study

Master of Arts (Biblical/Theological Studies) • A baccalaureate degree from a recognized accredited university, college or Bible college with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale • Program prerequisites include 30 credits in Bible, theology and language studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in these courses • A writing sample from the undergraduate level in one of the concentration areas (Old Testament, New Testament, Theology) 16


Mature Students (without an undergraduate degree) • A minimum of 60 credits of undergraduate course work or its equivalent from a recognized college or university prior to admission, with a minimum GPA of 2.0

Submit your application form, supporting documents, official transcript(s), and the application fee by the deadline that applies to you: Canadian Applicants

• If you have less than 60 credits but at least 10 years of adult life experience you can still apply for Seminary by providing a written portfolio of prior learning.

Fall Semester:

August 1

Winter Semester:

December 10

Application Fee:


For more details and information visit

USA Applicants

English Language Requirements

Fall Semester:

July 15

Winter Semester:

November 15

Application Fee:


If your primary language is not English you must demonstrate English proficiency through one of the following:

Applicants from outside Canada/USA Fall Semester:

March 1

Test of English as a Foreign Language

Winter Semester:

July 1

Application Fee:


83 (internet) 560 (paper)

International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS Academic)


Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)


Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)


Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)


Alberta Highschool English 30-1 (or equivalent)

Master of Arts (Biblical/Theological Studies) Early Application Deadline Fall Semester:

January 15

Winter Semester:

September 15

Regular Application Deadline Fall Semester:

April 15

Winter Semester:

November 1


Application Deadlines



Take your

first class

Wondering whether Ambrose Seminary is right for you? The best way to find out is to experience it for yourself!

Sign up for a class and see how you like it. If you keep taking classes, you’ll build your credentials: 5 classes = a certificate, 10 = a diploma, and 20 = a full degree. Talk to an enrolment advisor today to find a class that fits your interests. Visit Email Call 403-410-2900 1 (403) 410-2900 150 Ambrose Circle SW Calgary, AB T3H 0L5 Canada

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An overview of Ambrose Seminary

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