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THE SKIN PROJECT on Friday, 27 January 2012.


THE SKIN PROJECT IS A GLOBAL MOVEMENT ENCOURAGING UNITY, ACCEPTANCE AND TRANSFORMATION. SKIN seeks to bring awareness to issues such as injustice, inequality, bullying, discrimination, and other injustices that have an adverse impact on the world, and consequently transform the lives of the people involved in the project as well as those who are affected everyday by such issues. In effort to raise awareness, The SKIN Project will premiere the official music debut with a song release entitled “SKIN” and followed by a music video featuring project founder and International recording artist LaMont Wheat with Faith Michaels. “SKIN” was released January 31st. Following will be the premiere of the official SKIN project, launching major events, in cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta that bring awareness to the foundation and subsequently seek to create the possibility of the SKIN movement all over the world, by actively encouraging participants to initiate events in their local communities. SKIN is set for its official worldwide premiere March 24, 2012 with the support of performers, musicians, and celebrity guests. Be FREE to Love! Tags: Acceptance, Global Movement, Project, Skin, Transformation, Unity THEIR WEBSITE CONTACT THEM

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Couples who have been together for many years may have trouble finding new and romantic ways to celebrate the special day but there 1. Know what her schedule is first if you’re planning any surprises during the week of Valentine’s. You do not want to show up at her house or her work only to find out that she’s not around or that she’s busy. Make sure to ask her casually about her plans for the day you’re scheduling your surprise. 2. Get her friends’ help if you need your loved one to be at a certain place at a particular time and you can’t get her there on your own on Valentine’s Day. For example, If you’re setting up a romantic dinner at home, have her friend take her out for the day.

Valentines Day Should Be Every Day February 14th of every year is reserved as a day of romance and relationships. Valentine’s Day is the one day a couple should express their undying love for one another and celebrate the lives they share together. There is no wrong or right way for a couple to celebrate their love as it is a personalized expression of what the couple enjoys and represents the feelings that are between two people.

3. Don’t act blasé or don’t pretend that you’ve forgotten about Valentine’s Day just to make sure you won’t ruin the surprise. By acting this way, you’ll make her think you don’t care about the day at all or that you haven’t got anything planned. It’s definitely not worth it to make her feel miserable prior to unveiling your big plan. If she asks, just casually mention that you have something great lined up and that you don’t want to spoil things. 4. The best Valentine surprise is always the one that makes a woman feel special. If you havecash to burn, rent a gazebo and decorate it with flowers and fairy lights, and set up a fancy dinner there. Or you can just have a simple picnic and bring along a bottle of your favorite wine.

5. Take her to dinner at a place where there’s a live band playing. You can have the band Planning for Valentine’s Day can seem daunting, especially play a selection of her favorite songs, music for couples who have spent many years together. However, the two of you can slow dance to, or you it can be made easy with just a few simple ideas and some could even take the microphone yourself and creativity. For new couples, Valentine’s Day can set the tone sing to her. You could speak to the band and of your relationship and mark the beginning of a lifelong to the manager beforehand to let them know relationship. tic ways to celebrate the special day but there what you’re planning. are always new ways to demonstrate love.

6. Leave the car behind for the evening and surprise her with a carriage ride. Of course, find out first if there are carriage companies in your area and if you can obtain their services for Valentine’s day. Use the carriage to get around during your date, whether you’re heading to a fancy restaurant or a quiet, romantic spot. 7. Start Valentine’s day right. Make sure she wakes up to a scrumptious, hefty breakfast in bed, and make sure you have balloons and flowers around the room. Then you can present her with a beautifully printed Valentine’s day itinerary with a list of great activities you have planned for her. 8. Shower her with presents all throughout the week of Valentine’s. Start sending her romantic little cards and notes several days before Valentine’s, then have flowers sent to her house and to her office the next day. Amp it up to a scrapbook the following day, and make sure you have presents lined up until Valentine’s day finally arrives and you can put your most romantic plans in motion But Ambiance Magazine has a more revolutionary approach for all you “Coach Potatoes”, “ArmChair Quarterbacks”, and “Player, Players”, why not show your appreciation and Celebrate Valentines Day Everyday ? Doesn’t she? deserve it ?


COVER TVOne’s The Ultimate Merger Season 2 (winner) Jason Newsome, along with Frank Rice & Cedric Bello with Singer, Model Ripley Fairchild 12 21 16 52 55 60 62 64 67 68 83 86

Celebrating Black History Making of the Cover Love, Love, Love Nicky Boss SiFred Mitchell My Boo (Poetry Cafe) Essence of Love What’s Your Color Single Man of The Month LaMobnt Wheat Let’s Stay Together Bookology Club




Model Kenya Moore photographed by Michael Stokes


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Black History month is an opportunity each year in the month of February to explore our history to bring honor and memorable recognition to those who have come and gone, for those who have shared their knowledge, expertise and inventions with the world by making the world a better place. Ambi’ance would like to honor all those who have paved the way through inventions, products, political advancements and historical voices. Make each day a moment in history by becoming a trailblazer, by setting a standard and a path for someone else to follow. Let’s leave a legacy for this generation of children; so they can pass down to the next generation our African American hertage, with dignity and pride. “The Dream Has Come True.”

Ambi’ance Black History Month What do you Know? Q Who was the first black man who was inducted into the baseball hall of fame?

Q Who was Benjamin Banneker?

A He was a scientist, inventor a writer and self A In 1979, Leroy “Satchel” Paige would be induct- educated and the first African American to gain notoriety in Science (He made the first clock made ed. into the Baseball Hall of Fame. from all wood.) Q Who is the person who invented the iron board? A Sarah Boone Q Who is George Washington Carver? A He is the inventor of over 300 peanut products including cooking oil, printer’s ink and axle grease Q Who invented beauty and hair products for black women? A Madam CJ Walker (legal name was Sarah A. Breedlove)

Q Name a famous African American surgeon? A Dr. Daniel H. Williams (He was a African American Physician who performed the first successful open heart surgery operation Q Who invented the water gun? A It was Lonnie Johnson in 1949 it is known as the super soaker Q Who invented the first traffic signal? A Garrett Morgan - he also invented the gas mask not many people know that.



“Choose to Know”


for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Saturday, March 10, 2012 8:30 am – 2:00 pm Red Hill Community Park Rancho Cucamonga, CA Sponsored By:


Condolense to the family of R&B legend

Etta James who died on Jan 20th at age 73. She died from complications from leukemia. Ms James assertive earthy voice lit up hits such as The “Wallflower”, “Somethings got a hold on me”, and her signature classic “At Last”. Artwork of Ms Etta James by Chelle Bratley

4 Letters And More Love

-by YColemanBurney

Love, Love Nothing says love like quality time spent together. Most of us think that means talking about everything under the sun, doing things, going places and having mad passionate sex. Well to be honest they all have their own place but quality time is the true ambiance of being together it is sometimes just simply feeling the presence of the other one, no words needed or spoken. It is the warmth of a hand around your shoulder or on your leg; it is the smell of one another.

It is sharing a bowl of popcorn or sipping a chilled glass of wine and watching a movie together. Love, real love carries a halo of intimacy that transcends beyond shopping, eating out or orgasms. It is a rarity in most relationships but it is the main ingredient that makes the whole thing come together. It’s the glue to any foundation and just as important as trust, communication and honesty.


Having your man or women be your best friend is truly the best of both worlds. It means you don’t ever have to go outside of the relationship to find that bond. It is so important to be friends first before you become anything else. If your admiration for each other starts with liking each other first then love has a better chance of remaining true. It is car going a hundred miles an hour when you can look at the other person and say “wow” I really don’t like them just know sooner or later that car will crash!


Laughter Nothing is better than having a mate that can make you laugh, sometimes till you cry, humor is the medicine when things are not always as good as they should be. If you can laugh with each other and at each other you have a strong base in which to build on.

Romance does not always have to mean the bedroom, candy and flowers. Let’s look at it this way romancing the stone simply involves THINKING! Romantic and romance means different things to different people and it does require some thought and effort. Most men think that being romantic is a quite candlelight dinner for two some flowers and her favorite candy. And indeed for some women that would be true. The key is knowing what your woman or man finds romantic and that could be very different than the normal things people do. A number of things are intrinsically romantic and you should think about and use that as a guideline to find that right thing for each situation. Romance is simple thinking, putting time, effort, and making it personal. This works for a man or a woman, women love a man to think out the box, and so do men they also love for a woman to take the initiative to do something different, daring, and sexy.

Romance Making it Count

“THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” Thus making each day truly a moment of love and romance. Remember to laugh, dance, live and love like there is not tommorrow... If someone is watching, “who cares”

Model Obdul Reid and Brittany Howard Photography Tino Studios Jewerly for Man & Woman Designer YCB

ABOUT THIS CONTEST UPLOAD YOUR OWN Alter Ego Comedy Sketch for a chance to win....$1,000 Cash The winner will recieve: - $1,000 Cash - Tons of show merchandise - Roundtrip Airfare to Hollywood, California -VIP entrance to exclusive red carpet event TBA, 2012 -Opportunity to flim their alter ego with the SPEEL iT CAST -Title of “Alter Ego Champ 2012” The top 3 Finalist will be announced on our website @ TBA March 2012.. and flown to Hollywood, CA. to attend a star studdent event where the winner will be announced! ********Important***************************** Popular videos are based on

VIEWER VOTES! Producer: Calvin Brownlee/ Bamm Ericsen ABOUT THE SPEEL iT SHOW: The SPEEL iT SHOW is a hot topic style show mixed with comedic sketches, live performance and celebrity guest appearances. It’s “The View meets MadTv”. The show features a cast of young celebrities: Host & Executive Producer, Calvin Brownlee and Co-host Antone Garrett, Wshana Moss, Clark Lewis, Julia Rose, Brandon James and the Demonstration Co-host Denise Russo. Some Celebs on this season are: * 2x Grammy Award Winning Singer, Faith Evans *Platinum Recording Artist “Lil Zane” *Xcedera Music Group* *Mark Kennedy “America’s Wealth Advisor *Grammy Award Winning Lead Singer “Delious Kennedy’ of All-4-One *Acclaimed Actress “Anna Maria Horsford” of Minority Report, Friday and BET’s Reed between the lines *Director and Producer “Robert Townsend and more!!

On Location With Ambi’ance Magazine MAKING THE COVER (February)

Big Pimpin Ambi’ance Magazine,the Cocktail Player’s and Singer/Model Ripley Fairchild had a fantastic time in Marina del Rey. The weather was fantastic, the hospitality outstanding. Check us out at the next location around Southern California.





Hope Flood: The Female Comic’s, Female Comic

Hope Flood is a respected Stand up comedian and has earned that respect for over 2 decades of brilliant work. Hope has been seen blowing up the stage on shows like Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, and Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand Up. She is quickly gaining attention for her advocacy for females in comedy, but she has been an advocate for more than just females. She has never sat on her behind and rested on the fact that she’s a working comic. She’s feisty, strong willed, and strong opinioned. She don’t take no crap, and she’s not ashamed to speak her mind. I got to speak with her about her life as a comedian, and picked her brain to gain insight as to why she does what she does, check it out. Before we chatted openly I have 10 questions that I ask every comic up front. 1)Stage Name? Hope Flood 2) Birth name if different, and if you want to share? Hope Mimeux Flood 3) Birth place, and where you live now? Benton Harbor, MI AKA “The Harbor” But I grew up in L.A. and still reside here. 4) The Year you started doing stand up, and what club? September 1989 at the Beach Garden Club in Redondo Beach, CA, I desired entertainment since I was 5, performing in school plays until I finally decided to do stand up comedy.

5) What significant memory do you have about your 1st stand up performance? I went to the club to see the shows they did there every week, and DL Hughley was the weekly host and I told him I wanted to try doing stand up. He told me to come back next week, and I told him to give me 2 weeks. I performed 2 weeks later, and it so well that DL told me, “When you get going you’re going to be bad.” It made me feel good so it’s always stuck with me. 6) How did your family/friends react when you told them you want to become a Stand up Comedian? My mother didn’t support that idea at first. She wanted me to do the stable thing like getting a job or marry a good man, you know things you’re “supposed” to do. I already had a son and she wouldn’t baby-sit if I needed a sitter while I went to perform. A few years later when I got on BET’s Comic View and I won my own half hour Grand Stand show and I was helping pay her rent she came around and told me, “If you keep throwing things against the wall with this something will stick for you.” So it felt good to get that from her before she eventually passed away. 7) Your feeling on how far you’ve come in the game? Have you met, exceeded, or fallen short of your goals? I don’t feel I’ve met my goals yet, I’ve seen a lot of my contemporaries and even those who started after me and I’ve helped come along in the game find good success in the industry. I’m not bitter about it, I feel as long as I’m still able to do this I have a chance to make it big because comedy is timeless. I mean Rodney Dangerfield started in his 50’s. I also can do some other facet in the industry if I choose, I could direct, I could manage other performers, or be an agent. I just feel like, when am I going to get a turn?

8) What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in your personal life that’s a result of you being a stand up comic? I’ve become a personal success. I’ve been able to mentor and minister to people from all over through my performances. I remember a woman said to me after a show that she really enjoyed my show. She told me that it was her birthday that day and none of her family and friends had even called to wish her happy birthday. She said she was so down and hurt that she decided to come to the comedy show by herself to get a laugh. She admitted she was thinking of killing herself, and that I had lifted her spirits up to changed her thoughts of suicide. So knowing that I can uplift people out there has been the best for me. 9) Worse thing that happened in your life as a result of being a comic? Losing time away from my family, my son both physically and mentally. Being a woman in comedy, very hard for us. 10) Should comedy be broken into genres, are their genres already? Yes I believe so there are already so many different avenues of stand up, like Christian comedy, Corporate, Clean, Blue to name a few. Hope Flood has been doing wonderful things for females in stand up comedy, and when I asked her why she’s so passionate about advocating for females she told me that she’s an advocate for all comedians. “I’m an advocate for what’s right for all of us.” If I’m on a show with someone and the comic that’s opening for me hasn’t gotten all his/her money, then I’ll go with you to find the club owner/ promoter and help make sure you get what you’re promised.” She considers herself to be the Malcolm X, the Sojourner Truth of comedy so to speak. When Hope speaks on her reasons for helping other females in comedy she responded, “Who is looking out for the females, and why aren’t we looking out for ourselves?” She’s endured discrimination from other females this business surprisingly being snubbed by most of the women who are in charge of booking comedy shows at clubs and other venues

She feels females are too often jealous of each other, and are scared to give other women a shot that aren’t big names to guarantee sold out shows. It’s a hard road for females in the world in general, but specifically in stand up women have it hard enough just to get respect for stage time and opportunities, then when they finally do get on the stage the new challenges begin. In my chat with Hope we both agree from our experience that women have a unique challenge in getting laughs from the audience that men don’t face. It’s hard for a woman to be too blue on stage-blue comedy is when your material uses really explicate content beyond just profanity, i.e. using words pertaining to sexual acts and slang terms for the sexual body parts of men and women, example Cosby was a clean comic, and Pryor was Blue. People find it difficult to hear women use such explicate terminology. It’s also rough on women who are considered pretty and sexy. Hope recognizes that women can be envious of women on stage, because they think the men they’re with want to sleep with them. Also the men can’t enjoy us too much with their women so there won’t be any trouble after the show. Men in general don’t often take females too seriously. So there’s a not only the requirement of being funny which is challenging enough, but they have to fit a certain mold as well. Hope’s talent has transcended through these barriers and she’s not only viewed as a funny female, but one of the funniest stand ups in the biz of any gender. She can be clean for TV, church or corporate functions, and be nightclub blue as well. “I want people to all my facets of material.” “I can talk about sex and then talk about God right after.” LMAO! I can personally vouch for that. Early when she got into stand up and decided this was for her the challenges for stage time was already tough no matter what the gender or race so she felt the best way to control her getting stage time was to have place of her own to perform so she did just that.

She started what became a very well respected comedy night in the L.A. area at The Town House Club in Ladera Heights. She and another male comic Wan Dexter collaborated to host, run and book a Thursday night weekly show that many comics who are now big household names would perform there; Jamie Foxx, DL Hughley, Chris Tucker to name a few. She found this to be a not only a great way to be able to perform regularly, but get her name out there in the city and across the country. It also gave her a bargaining piece to get work in other clubs that fellow comics who wanted to work in L.A. booked. Basically one hand washes the other. She has inspired a lot of women in the stand up comedy world initially through her Facebook group Females In Comedy Association(FICA). This was inspired to help fellow females who want to become comics, who have started doing stand up and need some help in writing material, or trying out material they’ve written, get advice, and help veteran comics find their niche in the comedy/entertainment world. She now has over 300 members in her group, she does webinars, and the females can basically fellowship through the page. Hope also makes it clear that this is for female comics ONLY. “No men allowed.” She says a lot of men-including myself have asked to just join and check out what the ladies are up to, but no chance. It also is specifically for women who are comics or closely affiliated. “There are women who are actors not stand ups but are comedic actresses for the most part like Kym Whitley for example.” Also this is for the women in comedy to discuss comedic issues. “Don’t want to read about how, your man got on your nerves and he’s a dog and you can’t trust men anymore.” Unless it’s going to be material for you then find another group to vent to. FICA has also inspired other women to start their own version of this group on Facebook as well. She has met with other group members from other cities when she comes to their

Hope Flood cont..... This has further inspired Hope to launch her first of what hopes to be an annual convention; Females In Comedy Convention. The convention is set to go April 26-29, 2012 in the L.A. area at the Holiday Inn in Hawthorne. There will be a workshop on the first day April 26, then panels of guest speakers on the 27th and 28th, then to cap it off on the 29th the will be an award luncheon; The Female Legends of Comedy Awards. This year she will be honoring Myra J (Co-Writer of It’s Your World from The Tom Joyner Morning Radio show), Jedda Jones (Ms. Dupree from The Tom Joyner Morning Show), Mitzi Shore (Owner of the World Famous Comedy Store Comedy and mother of famed Pauley Shore), Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire), Thea Vidale (Thea), Marsha Warfield (Night Court, The Marsha Warfield Show), Joan Rivers, and Whoopi Goldberg. A special award will be given to Tina Graham (a long time comedy promoter and talent coordinator), and The Queens of Comedy (Adele Givens, Laura Hayes, Sommore, and Monique). It is important to note that right now these are the honorees, and they have been invited to receive their awards

but not yet confirmed their appearance. So please come support the convention, but do not take this as an advertisement that any of the honored names will be in attendance. Hope has done more than just tell jokes as a stand up which she does very well, she has done her part to leave the world of comedy a better place than when she found it. She is paying many honors to women in comedy for positively representing women, and she’s paid homage to all who have laid the groundwork in the world of comedy. She asked, when will she get a turn? I don’t know when per say, but I believe her turn will come in a great way, and when her time comes she will be given the honor of pioneer, fighter, but most of all a great Stand up Comic. You can get more info on the convention at femalesincomedyconvention. and you can get info on Hope Flood at You can find her on MySpace, Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube, and of course in city near you soon.

Chocolate isn’t chocolate unless it’s Hershey!

CHILLAXIN Fashions & Style

California chillaxin. This month it is all about comfort, romance and intimate moments. The style is easy, breezy and beautiful............. See some of the most fabulous designs from “Designers” all over, some making their debut and others their work has been worn and seen by millions; Dress by world renowned designer Linda Stokes Collection, Linda has designed for numerous clients such as Janet Jackson, Cher, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Lopez, Sade, Mary J. Bilge and the list goes on. See more of Linda’s work on page 33 Model Kenya Moore Photographer -Eddie Wolf

Industrial Set 101- Photographer Cotton Rouge-Make-up and Hair by Katie Cotton-Greenville, SC , Model Essense Massey-Simpsonville SC Mystik Tulle Necklace- Photographer Model Karla Vega- Greenville SC

Designer Lore Jac Joyce Loures-Jackson/Designer/Owner lor’e-jac “BREAK AWAY FROM YOUR NORMAL FASHION Jewelry”

“U-NEEK Custom Design and Costume Jewelry for the “STAND UP-STAND OUT N-NOVATIVE Woman. ” lor’e-jac (pronounce lora jack) was born ater bored attempts to satisfy my unique jewelry needs.  With a few scaps of leather, adornment of mystik materials i.e. glass, plastic flowers, wood,  chain, and feathers: lor’e-jac was birthed March 1st, 2009 (made official October 3rd 2009). I strive to exceed the normal department store, costume jewelry, and other designers presentation of jewelry art. ATTRACTING THE LADY THAT DESIRE TO BE THE FIRST AND THE ONLY ONE ROKKN select pieces of jewelry-crafted earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and rings of any material thats safe and risque. Success  FOR lor’e-jac - Joyce ( J.J.) --self employed, REPEAT  SATISFIED CLIENTS,  and INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION.


ph 678-779-9168

Email -

Leaves that Never leave Earrings- Photographer Cotton Rouge-Make-up and Hair by Katie Cotton, Model Karla Vega-Greenvie, SC

Designer Linda Stokes Celebrity Designer To The Stars

Linda Stokes, creator of LSO Design, has emerged as the hottest designer to wardrobe Hollywood’s most celebrated superstars. Linda Stokes Originals are just as uniquely identifiable as the celebrities who wear them. Speaking of celebrities, it’s easier to name who she hasn’t worked with. Her clientele ranges from Jennifer Lopez to Cher, Janet Jackson to Faith Hill, Britney Spears to Sade, Macy Gray to Shakira, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs to Ozzy Osbourne, not to mention N’SYNC, Jessica Simpson, TLC and Patti LaBelle. From every genre, Linda Stokes designs are also seen from Supermodels to Super Athletes. Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer and Carol Alt of the fashion world, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, and Cedric the Entertainer whose faces are common place on both film and television, Master P, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Kim and Sisqo of the music industry, Magic Johnson, Gary Payton, Gary Sheffield and Alexei Yashin from sports. And this is just her short list. Linda Stokes being the contemporary Maverick that she is – has launched LSO Sport Ltd., her signature jean line in 2003. Her sport collection was created to give the public the opportunity to experience the sexy, hot, custom styles that the stars are usually only privy to.

Linda’s award winning designs are on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in NY and at the Hard Rock Café’ at Universal Studios in California. Her latest work can be seen in her showroom & studio in Woodland Hills, California. On a personal note, Linda is married to multiGrammy award winning record producer, Michael Stokes; together they have four children and four grandchildren. The mission of LSO is to provide quality, customized clothing to meet your lifestyle changes. Clothing that will be an extension of your personality from the soccer field to the boardroom to the ballroom. Linda believes your dreams can be brought to life by sheer determination and fortitude. Her goal is to see that everyone will have at least one LSO design in their closet. Linda’s award winning designs are on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in NY and at the Hard Rock Cafe’ at Universal Studios in California. Her last work can be seen in her showroom & studio in Woodland Hills, California. The mission of LSO is to provide quality, customized clothing to meet your lifestyle changes. Clothing that will be an extension of your personality from the soccer field to the boardroom to the ballroom.

LSO Designs Brown Mesh 2 Piece Gown Rouched Top & Sleeves Wide V Neck Under Bust Line Jewels (Smoked Topaz) Skirt Fluted with High Split (Super Train) Crystallized Swarovski Elements Smoked Topaz Crystals, Jet Nut Crystals. Model Von Gretchen Shepard Photographer Michael Stokes

Green & White Mesh LSO Billboard Gown with Silk Chiffon, Ruffle Train, Emerald & Crystal Crystallized Swarovski Elements Model Michelle Stokes Photographer Michael Stokes

Candy Stripper Model Stephaine Stone RC Photogrpahy Designer Stone Clothing

Whatever your doing this Valentine Month, you can’t ever go wrong in a little “BLACK DRESS” So enjoy; laugh till you cry dance till you drop.......But whatever you do look good doing it Model Stephaine Stone, photo Oscar Manique


In California?



Model Stephanie Stone Photographer Oscar Manirque

Charles Bibbs, new wearable Artwork; Hats for men. He also has chillaxn purses for women who dare to be different.

ART you can wear........




Designer Dez is New York based but there is no doubt he will soon become international icon. He is already making huge raves . He has been featured in numerous fashion runway events including the Charlie Mack fashion show in 2011.


He has designed for people such as Lil Kim, Lee Mazin, DJ No Phrillz, Hm Beatz MPIII, Wldelyfe Ent and the list goes on. Keep your eyes on Dez Dezign Your Idenity Clothing he is a force to be reckoned with…….

Model Ishanteria Mcbride wearing red spiked heel shoes $ 145.00

Model Ishanteria Mcbride wearning black chained glasses price: glasses $125 Photographer Mark Savage

Model Vanessa Banks Photographer Aaron D. Stallworth Make up and hair: Mary Ashanti price: dress $85 glasses $60

Model: Dalmeir Cahpree Photographer: Michael Dauightri Hair and Make up: Tony Crush Prices: T-shirt $25 belt $35 skirt $60 earrings $20 glasses $45 bracelet $20

Guns & Roses by Dezign Your Identiy Clothing $85.00

Designer Dez

is known for his stylish outrageous glasses they are undenibly unique and commands attention just like his shoes.....

Prices: Top left -$85.00 Top right - $50.00 Bottom Right- $175.00


Model Nicole wearing one of the Christmas designs of 2011 Gold Crisom $ 65.00. It is a light airy yet flashy piece that can be dressed up and worn with a eveining gown or slighty dressy appearance such as Nicole above, or worn with a pair of jeans some short boots a big blousy shirt and vest for a stylish casual look, how ever you want to rock gold crisom you will be “FLY” Look for more to come from Designer YCB and her new UNRRAVELED COLLECTION

Although Rapper Nicky Boss is only 21 years of age,

do not underestimate the power of this Steel-town lyricist. Nicky Boss is one of the hottest young talents faring out of Pittsburgh, PA in years.

unit is packed full of surprises! For example, don’t listen to “Picture Perfect,” “I’m on It,” “She’s Choosin” and “Gas Mask Swag”, if you have a problem with CREATIVITY with YOUR CREATIVITY! Nicky Boss is managed by Jeannine Fisher Casting in conjunction with Cassandra Williams’, W.E.T. PR Firm in Beverly Hills, California. You can check out Nicky Boss at the “Celebrity Club” in Hollywood, California on February 26th where he promises to rock “Cali” with his eastcoast Swag! For more information about Nicky Boss, check out: Phone 1- 412.773.4776 Email Website Spitting raps since the tender age of ten, Boss admits he primarily got into ‘rapping’ to “fit in” with his older brother’s crew. Seeking acceptance from an older brother and his peers is nothing new, handling it in a constructive way isn’t either, but in the delusionary world of Hip-Hop, these are not the stories usually associated with the rap game. The headlines usually read, “Another inner-city rapper has been charged with”…well you get my drift. This Finley High School graduate is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes violent and dysfunctional world of Hip-Hop. At 21, Boss is wise beyond his years. If you listen to his CD, “Scotch & Soda,” his lyrics will “bring the noise” like Taye Diggs’ character in the movie, “Brown Sugar.” However, Boss fell in love with music not crime! When asked about his style? He called it SWAG. SWAG being a combination of different musical styles from R&B to classical music with a little ATTITUDE! After I listened to his CD, “Scotch & Soda,” I realized this joint is an in-your-face kaleidoscope of different musical melodies spit from someone too wise to be his age. As evidenced by him opening for American Idol & Grammy Award winner Fantasia. Boss and his partner in crime (figuratively speaking) is D.J. Deez, whom has produced that ultimate mixed-tape-of-aweapon, “Scotch & Soda”. This 18 track

Press Contact Cassandra Williams email : Booking Agent Jeannine Austin Fisher Sheila Caldwell

5 PM - 9 PM


American Business Women's Association Anaheim Chamber Anaheim/OC Visitor & Convention Bureau Brea Chamber Buena Park Chamber Costa Mesa Chamber Cypress Chamber Dana Point Chamber Fountain Valley Chamber Fullerton Chamber Garden Grove Chamber Huntington Beach Chamber Irvine Chamber Lake Forest Chamber

Laguna Niguel Chamber Long Beach Chamber Mission Viejo Chamber NAWBO - OC Newport Beach Chamber Orange Chamber OC Hispanic Chamber Placentia Chamber Santa Ana Chamber Stanton Chamber Tustin Chamber Westminster Chamber Yorba Linda Chamber

Ambi’ance would like to introduce SiFred “KeyNote” Mitchell

Key Note Entertainment

Key Note Entertainment Group & Management is a newly formed Entertainment company founded and headed by SiFred “KeyNote” Mitchell which provides Independant Artist Development for Independant labels looking to develop their Artists in every aspect of their careers. We provide Artist Development and Music Industry Consultation.. We work within your budgetary means.. After initially starting out as a bacgkground singer in the music industry and going on tour and doing spot dates with various artist’s such as LL Cool J (Around The Way Tour), Queen Latifah (Fly Girl Tour), Christopher Williams (Changes Tour), Mary J. Blige

(The Getaway Tour with Bobby Brown/TLC/Shabba Ranks), SiFred soon found himself in the A&R Department at MCA Records (now called Geffen) and was involved in projects in one form or another by Nicci Gilbert (formerly of the Platinum Group Brownstone and truly an AMAZING ARTIST!!!), Mary J. Blige, and Avant.

“I learned a lot from the experience of being at a Major Record Label and was fortunate enough to meet many people in every department at the Label. I’ve met and learned a lot from seasoned professionals at

Universal Music Publishing about songwriting, publishing and royalty collections. I also learned the ugly side (which I don’t care to discuss).

wanted to create my own situation where I felt I could contribute whatever knowledge and creativity I possessed to help up and coming artists and newly formed labels. My commitment has always been to bring out the best in every project I am involved in and have everyone involved excel and succeed to the next level. I’ve had the pleasure of singing on stage with some really great artist’s as well as composing songs with some really gifted vocalists and I firmly believe that continuing to educate yourself in this business is very important seeing that it evolves very quickly and things change all the time.” Currently working on a few Independant projects,


SiFred is also writing and arranging songs for placement as well as transitioning into Television & Film projects. One such project in development involves the three finalists of TVOnes’s reality show “The Ultimate Merger” Season 2 with Toccarra. In addition to representing the winner of the show, (Model/Actor/Writer/ Entrepeneur, Jason Newsome), who will soon become a fixture in the Fashion/Television & Film world, he is also representing up and coming Model/Actor Calvin Simms.. Other projects include Executive Producing “The Cocktails Players Lounge” ( a variety talk show shot live on location) with Jason Newsome and the other two finalists from the “Ultimate Merger”, Cedric Bello and Frank Rice. The Cocktail Players 2012 Calendar. And after playing the background for a long time, SiFred “KeyNote” Mitchell will finally release his very first single “Love U” in February from his Debut Album titled “Rooftops, Fire Escapes & Subway Cars” coming Spring 2012..“Whether it’s serving as an A&R or writing songs with my writing partners and producers or even singing backgrounds, I am always down for meeting and collaborating with anyone looking to establish themselves and succeed in this crazy world of a music industry we all love. Feel free to contact me (323)2179354 or by email sifred211@gmail. com

Soul Train Don Cornelius, born September 27, 1936, started out in the insurance business before going to broadcasting school in 1966. He worked as a substitute radio DJ and on TV’s A Black’s View of the News before pitching his idea for a music television program aimed at young African Americans. Soul Train, inspired byAmerican Bandstand, quickly became popular, and spent more than 30 years on the air. On February 1, 2012, at approximately 4 AM, police officials discovered Cornelius’ body at his California home. He had suffered a gunshot wound to the head that officials later stated was self-inflicted. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead later that morning. Cornelius is survived by two sons, Anthony and Raymond. Mr Cornelius was an icon. His Soul Train launched the careers of countless Black Entertainers, Singers and Entreperneuers around the world. Our Ambiance Magazine family will miss him dearly.

R.I.P Don Cornelius 1936 - 2012



mbi’ance Poetry Cafe

TATED LOVE.... How far will you go for the one you love? do you look at the one you love as being someone you will spend the rest off your life with. Often we see lovers tatto the name of the other person on their body only to find months, weeks, or years later they are no longer with that person and their is the mark still waving at the next person. Is it really worth marking your body up for some one you might not even end up with? Although people will tate a childs name,their mother or father, someone close and that will always be in their life. That would be the safest and smartest move if you’re going to scar your body up let it be for someone that will always be there! For Military, Model/Actor Calvin Simms his daughter Stephanie means the world to him so the tate is for life just like his love...........

Essence of love -by Kimberly Jackson I am no stranger to being in a relationship. My first “real relationship” was at the age of eighteen when I bore a child with my first love. Please understand that I use the words “real relationship” lightly because even at that age I didn’t know all that I thought I knew. As I grew older, and experienced other relationships that were mostly complicated I began to learn about myself. I found out that my first love was really not my first love. I was married for one year and I discovered that there was no love there either. As I went through my different situations, the good and the bad, I realized that there were some things lacking in my life, and my past relationships.

Tips To Unleashing an Effective Relationship:

The essence of love. I observed people around me that seemed to have perfect relationships and they shared with me what works for them and I wanted to share it with you. Let’s talk about Leah and Ryan, who have been dating for two years. You wonder why I am asking a couple that’s only dating their views on a successful relationship. Well raise your hand if you have never dated with the hopes of marriage. “I thought so”. Well when I asked Leah and Ryan about what they struggled the most within their relationship, their reply was “Communication.” They went on to say that it was impors pend time together... tant to always believe in opening the floor to listening and trusting in God. This experience, allows partners to pull closer together when challenges arise. I also had the pleasure of speaking with another couple who has been together for a little longer, around 12 years. My sister Ruby of course she is the only sister among the others who is married, as I write. She went on to tell me that while she and her husband J’uan were dating everything wasn’t all gravy. They even separated for an entire year after she had her first child. But as the saying goes,

“if it’s meant to be it will be” and so that’s what happened. They were eventually married in a spontaneous ceremony at our sister’s home on New Year’s Day. Wow. When asked what keeps their relationship strong they tell me it’s “Friendship.” As we know all relationships aren’t perfect, they come with ups and downs, and this is real talk. But it’s important that we strive to get as close to perfection as we can. I’m not saying to wash your man’s drawer’s by hand or make homemade biscuits every night, I’m merely saying work on having the best companionship that you can. After speaking with the two couples above and from my own experiences, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on relationships. I have been awarded the knowledge by the principles of relationships and social experience to unlock these secret codes that will drive you down the road toward a successful union. These beatitudes will direct you to the key fundamentals to building an effective relationship.

Communication: The key to communication is listening. You must become more self-less, building on more unconditional love for each other. Release the atmosphere to allow your partner/or spouse to have the freedom to speak and express his/ or her concerns.

Equally Balanced: The scale to weigh relationships must be evenly balanced. Weigh each other to determine if you are equally involved. Place your partner on a scale to measure the weight his/or her heart for assurance. Just listen to the still beats.

Forgiveness: Be considerate toward each other’s feelings. Do not envy but celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Disagreements and major conflicts will arise to determine your position in your relationship. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Sleeping on the couch while he/or she sleeps in the bed isn’t healthy; consider fixing prevailing situations immediately.

Independency/or Love: My mother and father believe that 44 years of their marriage created an Agape love.

an Effective Relationship

Lay a foundation based on commitment, keep promises to never leave your mate speechless, awaiting, or considering other alternatives. Meet his/or her needs no matter what the cost or risk. Do not take each other for granted

Hear the still voice within you it will tell you if he/or she is your soul mate. Does your heart sing melodies? Do you hear rhythms that cease the moment?

Tips To Unleashing


Re-kindle independent variables reminding each other that you’re never too old to learn. You are teachable. To nurture your partner’s needs identify his/or her deepest secrets, dreams, and goals, this way you complete each other.



by Yvonne ColemanB

colors The gamut of colors: What do they mean? Have you ever wondered what the effect of color has on us? Colors have been such a kaleidoscope throughout the ages of time, so many different colors are said to be associated with such things as moods, birth signs, and spiritual meanings. I am not an expert on any of those but I do know that color does have a profound meaning to us. There are colors we like and those we don’t like even those we feel drawn to.

We dress with them decorate our house with them and every phase of our life color places a huge part. Color can make us feel an aura of feelings and emotions which seem to dictate some insight about what is going on inside of us and our subconscious feelings; color is the essence of our personality. So if you are a Spicy Orange, or a serene Sea foam Green, or Comforting Blue, the key is to understand our color preference it will give us better insight into our personality. Find out what color experts say about your favorite color and what the color really reveals about who you are. I personally love Red, Purple and Black and I was amazed at how much truth it held for me.

White: Symbolic of purity, innocence and naiveté, white has strong connotations of youth and purity. If you are an older person, your preference for white could indicate a desire for perfection and imCo lo r i s a n i m p o r ta n t pa r t possible ideals, maybe an attempt to recapture lost youth and freshness. It may also symbolize simplicity or the simple life o f t h e v i s ua l f o r m Red: The color of strength, health, and vitality, Red is often the color chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive—or someone who would like to be! It goes with an ambitious nature but those who choose it can be abrupt at times, determined to get all they can out of life, quick to judge people and take sides. Red people are usually optimistic and can’t stand monotony; they are rather restless and not at all introspective, so they may be unaware of their own shortcomings. They find it hard to be objective and may blame others for any mishaps. Quiet people with a preference for red may feel the need to have warmth, strength and life-giving qualities of the color, or they blanket their true feelings under a sober exterior. Red is usually chosen by people with open and uncomplicated natures, with a zest for life. Pink: This color embodies the gentler qualities of Red, symbolizing love and affection without passion. Women who prefer Pink tend to be maternal. Pink desires protection, special treatment and a sheltered life.

Purple: Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Temperamental, expansive and artistic, a Purple person may become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority. Maroon: Harsh experience has probably matured the Maroon person into someone likable and generous. It is often a favorite color of someone who has been battered by life but has come through. It indicates a well-disciplined Red personality—one who has had difficulty experiences and has not come

through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process. Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange people may be inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally goodnatured and popular. They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness. Yellow: The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination, Yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous, searching for novelty and selffulfillment. Yellow usually goes with a sunny and shrewd personality, with a good business head and a strong sense of humor. It is the color of intellectuality and everything relating to the mind. Yellow folks are usually clear and precise thinkers who have a good opinion of their own mental capacities and who have lofty ideals. They may at times tend to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and action.

Green: The color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price. Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable. Blue: Soft, soothing, compassionate and caring, Blue is the color of deliberation and introspection, conservatism and duty. Patient, persevering, conscientious, sensitive and self-controlled, Blues like to be admired for their steady character and wisdom. They are faithful, but are often worriers with somewhat inflexible beliefs and can be too cautious, and suspicious of flamboyant behavior. Blue-Green: Exacting, discriminating, poised and attractive, the Blue-Green person tends to be sensitive, intellectual and refined, persevering and stable if rather detached. Blue-Greens have excellent taste, and are usually courteous and charming, capable but often refusing help or guidance.

Brown: A Brown person has stamina and patience, tending to be very solid and substantial, conscientious, dependable, steady and conservative. Browns are not impulsive, and may be inarticulate and tactless but they love responsibility and are reliable and kindly. If you chose Brown, watch out for a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible. Gray: The color of caution and compromise, diligent Grays search for composure and peace and often work hard without reward. Older Grays like life to run on an even keel with few ups and downs. Young Grays may be withdrawing from life and suppressing their personalities. Grays often have good business ability and tend to work too much. Black: Dignified and impressive without being showy, Black people want to give the appearance of mystery, but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner longings. Color contents was researched and found from the information below as refrence.

Turquoise: Complex, imaginative and original, Turquoise people drive themselves hard and may be in a state of turmoil under their outwardly cool exterior.

“The Healing Power of Color” by Betty Wood (Inner Traditions, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Betty Wood. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.

Lavender: This is often chosen by a person who lives “on a higher plane,” who never notices anything sordid and who is always impeccably and beautifully dressed. Lavender people may be on a continual quest for culture and the refined things of life, high and noble causes but without the necessity of getting their hands dirty. A Lavender person is usually creative, charming, witty and civilized.




Photography by Winston Burris Jasons Jewelry by DesignerYCB

Jason Newsome 31

Actor, Model, Writer, Enterpernuer What Jason Is Looking For In A Woman He wants a woman who is confident, who knows how to submit and make a man feel like she needs him. What Makes Jason A Good Catch He is chaming and says he has good home training, drive, ambition and he is a natural romantic To contact Jason send your request to:

LaMont Wheat sounds like a man who just witnessed the birth of his first born son. He was at peace, proud and resigned to how his musical destiny will change the world. As Ambi’ance Magazine sat down with LaMont at Starbuck’s in Beverly Hills, I searched for the word to describe LaMont’s demeanor during this expansive interview…Elated! LaMont’s combination of Ethiopian and Nigerian heritage shows clearly in his 6’ 3” slender, athletic frame. When you add the meticulously shaved dome, just imagine Teddy Pendergrass or Kem with Calvin Lockhart’s swag. Named by his mother after a character in the 1970s sitcom, Sanford and Son, 37 year old Lamont, born in East Texas, has been into singing and music since childhood. As one of five (5) siblings, he created his own record label, “LamontMusic”, while living in Dallas, Texas. However, because of the difficult climate of the music industry in Dallas

at the time, LaMont decided to relocate to Los Angeles in 2006. Adept at both singing and songwriting, LaMont co-authored the hit “Still Standing” with Richard Pateah. In 2004, he would release his first CD “Love Goes On,” which he wrote and produced under his record label, “LaMont Music” followed by “That Girl” (2006) and “I’ve Got It” (2011). To his credit, LaMont has shared the stage with many musical icons, such as PM Dawn, Kelly Price, Faith Evans, Joe, Jennifer Hudson, Brian McKnight and Jennifer Lopez. He was featured on FOX’s “Good Day LA’s” Christmas morning concert in 2009, collaborated with one of the original cast of “Dream Girls” and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, and recorded renditions of “Still Standing,” a song co-written by LaMont and inspired by Sheryl Lee Ralph’s The Diva Foundation (Ralph’s HIV/ AIDS awareness foundation now in its twenty-first year). Lamont knows his recording of

“Still Standing” is today what the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, was to women in the 70’s, or “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” by McFadden and Whitehead were to those in the late 70’s early 80’s. When Ambi’ance Magazine caught up with Mr. LaMont Wheat, we had a couple of questions for him: AM-LaMont, how would you describe your music? LaMont-I see it as an eclectic combination of R&B, Rock, Pop and Contemporary sounds. AM-You seem to be very business orientated and in touch with the industry, how did you achieve that awareness so soon? LaMont-At an early age I recognized that I had a passion for music and business. I remember starting my high school’s first inspirational choir called, “The Voices of Youth.” Later in college, I sang with a gospel trio that toured nationally as an opening act for many gospel artists, such as Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Daryl Coley. Then keeping in tune with my gospel roots, I then began affiliating with the legendary “Los Angeles Gospel Messengers,” a community choir founded by the late Rev. James Cleveland. It was those early associations that allowed me to develop a business and music mindset which carried over into my adult life. AM-You appear to be a very multi-talented brother. Do you consider yourself a singer, songwriter or producer? LaMont-I’ve always been somewhat of a renaissance man, so it’s difficult for me to put myself into any particular category. I just love to entertain, inspire and transform. AM-What was the inspiration for “Still Standing?” LaMont-I attended the 2002 National AIDS Day conference in Washington, DC. It opened my eyes to how much progress is being made in AIDS research and treatment and I saw how many people are living longer and becoming more educated on this insidious disease.

This also represents those that are suffering from any number of things: homelessness, diabetes, cancer, illiteracy, disenfrachisement, drug addiction, mental illness, bankruptcy, etc. It’s an inspirational theme for people to persevere no matter what! AM-Where are the members of your band from? LaMont-That’s an interesting question because we are comprised of people from all over! I am from East Texas of course, but our keyboard player, bass guitarist and drummer are from Dallas, California, and the eastcoast respectively. AM-I know it was mentioned before, but what made you leave Texas and come to LA? LaMont-Primarily because of the limitations of the music industry in Dallas. Before I started my independent label, I noticed that the major music companies were controlled by powers outside of Texas, which in turn made it difficult to flourish and be self-sufficient. Also advances in technology stimulated trends that were counter-productive to the visionary who wanted to be in control of his/her product. AM-Is that what convinced you decided to start your own label? LaMont- Yes especially since most large companies, do not have the ability to scale down and make a profit, and control the smaller independent labels. So technically, they prefer being the Big Fish in the little pond. AM-So is it beneficial to be an independent label with so many obstacles? LaMont- Absolutely, because with the computer technology we have today Music has transformed from a CD market to a Digital Sales Industry, so anyone can create their own record label and generate an enormous stream of income.

LaMont-I guess you could say that, but my message is one centered around unity because truth be told, “We’re all in this together”. AM- Lastly i understand that your putting together a Presidential Campaign Concert, Several Charity functions, and a World Tour to promote your SKIN PROJECT this summer. LaMont- Yes we are so “Music for love” is going to continue my vision of world unity through music, thereby allowing the world to “Be Free To Love”.

AM- So is that why so many independant labels and artists utilize YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and MYSPACE so much.

AM- Please keep that vision alive and know Ambiance Magazine is there when you need us.

LaMont-Absolutely, artists now only have to generate “foot traffic” and develop a “fan base” to gain interest from financers. This doesn’t just apply to music, but also to magazines, blogs, and radio/talk shows. AM-That makes sense. But is there a downside to this ? LaMont- Absolutely, because that same technology, allows anyone with a computer to download music instead of purchasing it at the record stores. AM- Digital piracy? LaMont-That is one of the reasons why I wanted to develop “Music for Love”. Going back to the basics is about TOUCHING, MOVING, and INSPIRING people through real music not digital reproductions. AM-You have really developed into an agent of change for the disenfranchised via your music.

LaMont-Thank you guys for interviewing me. AM-It was our pleasure, because LaMont, you truly epitomize “Music for Love.” For futher information contact LaMont Wheat at

ARTIST SHOWCASE CHARLES BIBBS Contemporary Visual Artist Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Ambi’ance is proud and honored to showcase the infallible work of Mr. Charles Bibbs and we salute is lifelong commitment to excellent. Internationally acclaimed artist Charles Bibbs, whose work is featured in museums, galleries, organizations, and homes of many collectors, displays a deep sense of Spirituality, Majesty, Dignity, Strength and Grace in his images, that is done in a combination of realistic and larger-than-life interpretations of contemporary subjects that are ethnically rooted. Born in San Pedro, California, and raised in Harbor City, California, Bibbs managed to work an eight-hour job, and use his Godgiven talent in his spare time. But In 1991, Bibbs decided to leave his management position of 25 years, to form his own publishing and distribution company, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc. Today, Bibbs is one of the top-selling artists in the country, and his company has grown to be one of the leaders in the African American art print market. Bibbs’ original works are featured in the homes of many collectors, businesses and organizations all over the country. His partial list of collectors includes Frankie Beverly, Najee, Steve Harvey, Bernard Kinsey, Marc Brown, Earl Graves, Queen Latifah, Drs. Frank and Marsha Glover, Dr. And Mrs. Charles Mitchell, University of Arizona and Fox Searchlight Pictures.







INTRODUCING CHELLE BRANTLEY My name is Michelle “Chelle” Brantley I am a self-taught painter, and I am a native of Oakland, CA. I have been painting, mostly portraits by commission, for more than twenty years. As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the many facets of artistic expression – whether it is music, poetry, theater, fine art, etc. My fascination with all the different types of art is what inspires me to paint and is often the driving force behind the intensity of my work. My inspiration also comes from what I see, feel, and experience. When I’m not painting portraits, I am painting pieces that are emotional, thought provoking, and spiritual. Until recently, I have never really considered myself as an artist. Drawing and tracing pictures from album covers and magazines was one of my many hobbies, growing up. I didn’t realize that I could paint until after my father passed away in 1992. I was going through a heavy depression at that time, and somehow I ended up in an art supply store in San Francisco buying brushes, paints and other supplies. I have been painting ever since. That was Divine Intervention because without God, my life could have gone in a completely different and negative direction. Although I have been painting for over twenty years, I consider myself an emerging artist, because now I am actively showing my artwork to the public. Through word of mouth, I have been commissioned to paint various portraits for people throughout the years. I have also had the opportunity to paint the front of a very large birthday card for Halle Berry. Looking forward, I hope to gain more exposure with my artwork both nationally and internationally. Contact Chelle About Prices And Artwork @

“LET’S STAY TOGETHER” by Kinberly Jackson

Forty Four Years Of Love With all my knowledge and experiences and even after speaking to other couples, I’ve found no relationship like the one that has been in front of me for my entire life. It’s my parents. They encompass all there is about a relationship. They have been married forty-four years; have raised sixteen children, and thirty-five grandchildren. They have had terrible losses and major gains, yet they are still standing strong. But instead of me telling you their story, I think it‘s best you hear it from them. In lieu of the Valentine Month at Ambi’ance as a writer for the magazine we decided to sit down with my parents the Jacksons and have them share their knowledge about relationships and what has kept them together for so long. Ambi’ance -When you met, did you think you were meant for each other? Manuel says, I met her she came in a night club and when I seen her, I knew she was my wife. Something inside of me told me that she was my wife. It had to be God. Meeting my wife was God’s plan; it wasn’t my plan but the will of God. I prayed that the Lord would send me a good woman to get off the streets and he sent me a wife.” Patricia says, I did not think we were meant for each, other we had different backgrounds and upbringing, him Baptist, mine strict Holiness. I left and got a taste of the world. I came back home and he followed. Ambi’ance- What was your first reaction when he asked you to marry him?

Patricia says, I thought he was trying to hit on me. He wasn’t my type and I just wanted to get rid of him. But he was persistent. Ambi’ance- Why do you think you’ve stayed together for so long? Manuel says, he believes the reason they have stayed so long together because of Christ in his life. And love has a lot to do with it, and caring. When you have Christ you care. And then you have to be true to each other, and honest, and faithfulness, We did not hold back anything from each other. Just like a person who gets over on each other, it’s all about trust. You have arguments but do not sleep on it. You must work in both parts. The strong have to bare the infirmities of the weak. Marriage takes years to work at. Patricia says, “We became “Friends” first and then lovers, God was on our side, we put God first and the way my mother raised me to let him be the head, to encourage him, and to submit to him, not to walk behind him but beside him. Ambi’ance- Would you marry each other again? Manuel says, yes I would, but I do not know about my wife what she would say. She better say yes. Patricia says, I look at my husband, I don’t see a seventy year old man, but the man I married. Yes, I would marry him again.

The Am’biance of Love

The am’biance atmosphere that creates a relationship by the movement of the Universes, the Creator God who brings about a special Devine connection between man and woman alike, an Adam and Eve with destiny to birth a unity. I recommend before you decide to go on your date, ask yourself if he/ or she is heaven sent. Do you really know your partner or date? If not, get to know each other before building a relationship whether it is based on money or sex. It is important to control your underlying emotions, jealousy, and lack of trust before building an intimate relationship. And to all you gender, who loves to wine and dine lady show hospitality and by opening her door. Compatibility completes the beauty of relationships, making it easier for inner assurance to know that love is better than wine. Now love has been defined. Happy Beloved

The Jackson Family

BOOKOLOGY CLUB From the Ambi’ance Book Club These are Febraury selections

‘‘A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.’’ Frederick Douglass

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Schatar (Hoittie) Sapphira Tommy Chun D’Lavon Also New Designers & Artist

MAMA’S BOY..... How do men really feel abouth their mothers and what makes a mama’s boy? Is he spoiled, still living at home? Can being a mama’s boy adversaly affect his relationships with women? These and many more questions will be explored as we take a deeper look into the men who call themselves a mama’s boys

Ambi'ance Magazine Inc. February 2012  

Speciial Valentine issue

Ambi'ance Magazine Inc. February 2012  

Speciial Valentine issue