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ThE EDIT0r EDITOR: Jonatann Fields


Discovering new talent and highlighting inspirational people is always uplifting...

Well, here we are again expanding and growing ever larger in this entertainment industry. This writer is pleased to announce that not only have we become the buzz of Southern California, but now the east coast wants some of this A.m.b’.i.a.n.c.e! Last month we received requests to cover a myriad of events ranging from the vintage old school flavor of Ray, Goodman & Brown in New York City, to an interview with jazz standouts, The Urban Guerilla Orchestra in Philadel-

phia, Pa, and then it was off to fashion-nailista, Mariass Ortiz, at her exclusive Newark, New Jersey salon.

finally to Kailua Kona, Hawaii on August 30th, to conclude our Wanda “Electric Lady” Wilson’s exclusive interview at her plush “Millionaire University” estate.

Wait! It doesn’t stop there. Next month Ambi’ance Magazine, Inc. will be attending the Curves Fashion Weekend Rock in Baltimore, Maryland from July 27th-29th, The Bachelors 25th Annual Summer White Affair, at the famed “Chelsea Pier 60” in Manhattan, New York on August 3rd and

As you see Ambi’ance Magazine, Inc. has quickly become the juggernaut for those that dare to be different, and in case you missed it, our sister magazine”Internationally Fly Nails”, announced on the red carpet of the BET Pre-Party Awards, that vocalist and nail diva; Carole Gray will be their spokesperson.

These graphic upgrades and polychromatic approaches give us that avant-garde motif, so we thank our fans for trusting us, supporting us and most of all, for sharing in our visions.


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Finally, as promised, we have given Ambi’ance Magazine, Inc. a makeover. Keep supporting the magazine and feel free at any time to contact me with your ideas for articles and people you would like for us to feature. Enjoy our new look!

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The Voice of

Toni Breedlove

Ambi’ance Magazine: Who is Toni Breedlove?

Ambi’ance Magazine: What type of topics have you covered thus far?

Toni Breedlove: I am a native of Southern California, born and raised in Carson, CA. I attended Banning High School and graduated in 1979.

Toni Breedlove: I actually started with political issues. As you know, some things greatly affect the African American community, therefore, the reasoning of the political issues topic. Then listeners were saying that I should cover other topics as well. Now we cover politics, entertainment, national headline news and human interest. It is a wide range and it really depends on what is going on that week or that month. We then get together and decide what type of show we are going to do. We try to schedule one month in advance, but that also rather depends on what is trending in the news or entertainment. The first few shows we did were on politics, voter registration, Republican Party and the Tea Party. We covered Treyvon Martin, Whitney Houston and the Penn State scandal. As I said, it ranges.

Ambi’ance Magazine: What is your background? Toni Breedlove: I have tried different things. I attended school for dental assisting as well as for broadcasting. I had a couple of years at a community college and received my degree from the University of Southern Illinois-Carbondale. Ten years I worked for Orange County Transit, hurt my back on the job, which caused me to be off from of work for two and a half years, got bored with that since there was not a lot I could do, and then a friend of mine suggested radio. While I was working, I was also in the entertainment industry with a management company for several years in sales and running the management company at the same time. After I got hurt, my friend suggested online radio so that is how it started. I have one son whom I raised by myself. Having recently come home from the Navy, he is in his transition with music and doing his thing, too. It is very simple. I am very simple. A couple of the people that follow me now are old classmates and a lot of them I do not even remember, but after time goes on you kind of remember who they are. So far, I have gotten that word of mouth advertising so it is doing very well. Ambi’ance Magazine: How long have you been doing the radio show? Toni Breedlove: Since October and I brought on my cousin, Yvonne Baker. She is a producer and she helps me format the shows and the topics. Any topic that is controversial or in the media she helps me set up the interviews and book the guests. I have one co-host, Jerry Kelly. He has been with me since the inception. Finally, I have recently added a person I grew up with, Carson Hermina-Renden. She will be assisting me with research when we have shows that require research. The show is broadcasted right here out of my house!

Ambi’ance Magazine: How did you connect with The Ultimate Merger? Toni Breedlove: I did a show that was actually going to be based on the Reality housewives. During the session I noticed that one of the gentlemen from the Ultimate Merger was one of my friends on Facebook, so I got in touch with him and he said we would love to do the show because it is based on reality. I interviewed Cedric Bellows, Frank Newson and Jason. They are good and funny guys. I just finished with the entire cast of the play (Janine Fischer’s cast). We actually had a chance to go out and see the production. Now as time goes on I see we are getting busier. I have requests from people wanting to do the show now. I think even though a lot of this has to do with word of mouth, it has a lot to do with people not being able to get in the mainstream media to get their name out there so, we are getting a lot busier. Now it is just a matter of bringing in people to help me handle the growth. Ambi’ance Magazine: I am sure that you have experienced the fact that doors have opened that you did not expect to open.


Toni Breedlove: Yeah, I was telling Yvonne I go to church every week and I sing in the choir and I do all these things, but this is the first time that scheduling is starting to step on what I normally do. This was the first time I have ever had to put church off because I have had to be at a certain function. It is getting to the point that I am going to feel guilty because I am not giving the time I need to the church. You know, they depend on me for certain things. She told me to take it easy and the schedule will work itself out. Like you, I don’t want to get to the point of exhaustion. When I had my management company I was pushing artists through doors that were always shut or closed to them. I have been able to be in the boardroom with people and that just does not happen, so God has blessed me in a lot of ways. I was running around being responsible for, I think it was about eight to ten artists and everyone had a different place to go. They did not want the staff to help them they wanted me to do it! Like you, my body shuts down and my brain shuts down. I had to shut the door, turn the lights out and basically say, “I do not want to do this anymore

“i love the entertainment industry and this is just where I happended to end up.”


and I do not want it to get to the area of burn out.” I was just telling my son last night that I did not know how I was going to schedule all these things. One week I am going to have to actually have Yvonne or Jerry do the show so I can have a day off, you know? He told I did not want to do that. So maybe I can just choose a show and rebroadcast it so I will not have to take my name out the mix and the people can still hear my voice. Trying to keep it all tight and together…is tough. Ambi’ance Magazine: How did your career in music management prepare you for Talk Radio? Toni Breedlove: Wow that is a great question! While doing music management I got into it with two ladies. I got into it because I had sung for years and had my opportunity to be signed and I got screwed up behind it with a management company. I have always had that in the back of my mind. If I had gotten screwed then someone else is out there getting screwed and if I didn’t trust that they did it for my career, then I can just imagine what it is like for someone younger just coming into the game. Therefore, I got together with these two girls and sat down and put a business plan together and had a friend of mine who is an attorney take me on as a client to help me with contracts and so forth to bring me up to speed. Afterwards, started TPSD Management and it took on its own life! At that point we have seen so many young people getting screwed in the game and I on the part of a counselor. Everything they were missing in their lives…I became. I think that is why I got so inundated trying to be what everyone needed. I have always wanted to be there no matter what their goals or aspirations were in entertainment. I did that, but the unfortunately part of that is that it burnt me out and I ended up having an artist who was convicted of murder and it was just starting to fall apart. I said this is just not me. It had come down to paying peoples’ child support that they could not pay. It just was not working for me and I ended up going back to working for someone else. I did that, but my head was always still in some point of the entertainment. It just never left. With the radio, people are able to call in and vent their frustration or call in and find out about the issues they did not know about. Ambi’ance Magazine: Toni your topics are usually based on things people want to know but are afraid to ask. Toni Breedlove: Sometimes they are, like, in this last show the topic was, “Does Size Really Matter” and people immediately thought this was about physical attributes, but I wanted to talk about does it matter if a man has a large bank account, property and all those things. I wanted to give them statistical data that they normally would not get. It is all a learning process. I love the entertainment industry and this is

just where I happened to end up. Ambi’ance Magazine: Where does Toni Breedlove see her show going? Toni Breedlove: Wow what a coincidence! A friend of mine just asked me the same thing. It is funny because I like radio because I don’t have to put on the make-up and stuff and I get to be at home. However, I want to be in an area two to three years from now where Toni Breedlove’s Hot Topics is a household name. That is where I want to be whether it is on the radio or takes me in front of a camera in a studio I don’t know. I just ride on the heels of what God has planned for me. All I know is that I want to be where I can reach people and they are comfortable talking to me. I want them to feel that can talk to me and no one else, so I do not know where it will lead me I will let God lead the way. I cannot question that. All I can say is I will trust in God and rely on my background that my mom and dad raised me on and continue to be a good parent and a good friend and go from there. Ambi’ance Magazine: Well Toni, here at Ambi’ance Magazine, we see you breaking new ground and bringing real journalism back to the forefront. It is refreshing to listen to your commentaries and interviewing zeal. \Toni Breedlove: Thanks, Jonathan and I want to thank Ambi’ance Magazine on behalf of HOT TOPICS TALK RADIO for providing this wonderful forum for me. Ambi’ance Magazine: It is was our pleasure, Toni or should I say, the Robin Roberts of talk radio? Toni Breedlove: Wow, what a compliment!, but why Robin Roberts? Ambi’ance Magazine: I say that because Robin was a pioneer journalist, an African-American woman, breaking that glass ceiling in television journalism. Like you, she also has a diverse background (All-American basketball player at The University of Georgia in the nineteen eighties). She was colorful, straight forward, and unafraid to make waves. Toni Breedlove: Well, now you have just raised the bar for HOT TOPICS TALK RADIO, thanks a lot! (laughter). Ambi’ance Magazine: We at Ambi’ance Magazine will continue to raise it for all of those like you, WHO DARE TO BE DIFFERENT WHILE STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE.



man of god

Dirk Davis REPORTER: Kimberly Jackson


Today do we not only listen to, or view gospel entertainers on local television, blogs, billboards, or even on social websites, the gospel, the God News is marketing across the globe and God is using Dirk Davis to complete this mission. Today God is taking his true Worshippers places beyond the surface to completely do His will.

As a creative writer for AM Magazine, my assignment is to not only address environmental issues, but to divulge true No Limit Soldiers who are working in the vineyard. Let me enlighten you about two willing vessels that God has handpicked for such as a time like this, to reach a starving and dying world. You might think or say, “So what. What makes this couple so important?” Let me tell you something. When two individuals congregate their heart, mind, body, and soul to dedicate their time to helping children, you must admit - they are conquerors. Thanks to Jonathan Fields, the CEO of AM Magazine, who heard about Dirk’s calling and decided to run with it. He could have kept his vision personal but he decided to share them with you. First, let me unlock his spiritual background before you read the exclusive storyline. Dirk Davis is married to Roslyn Davis, both who now has four older children whom God blessed them with. They not only parents, but also awarding humanitarians. Dirk, the founder of “TonDour Production,” for thirty years still executes his ministry as a

writer, producer, television productions, and musician. He has not only chosen to fulfill God’s purpose for his life, he even works side-by-side with his lovely wife. So wait a minute. Stop right there - do not stop reading. Dirk Davis is going to articulate directly to you! AM: Again, we would like to thank you and congratulate you in your endeavor. Before I get started, where are you originally from? Dirk: I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. Where I am living now? I am in California right now. AM: How old were you when you first discovered your talents and dreams? Dirk: Well I was about, ah, maybe twenty. AM: Music is a passion that comes from birth, which is a gift from God. When did your experiences and creativities begin? Dirk: I would say about the age of fifteen. AM: So I see that you are a producer, musician, and television


broadcaster. So tell me a little about your background. Dirk: Well, I was actually into music, and the Lord had spoken to me. He told me he wanted me to get into television. So actually what I did was, I started with my wife and we built a television ministry together, and she got geomantic complications. I got into filming her, selling DVDs of her, and then I started to do television because I scored up a deal with Time Warner. Blessed with the equipment to do so, I started producing Christian programs. I would go into a church and shoot whatever ministry it was in the pulpit and play with it. I have over one hundred channels to actually put them on. AM: Another thing, I know gospel is mostly among midadults and you pretty much do not see younger talents. Are you looking forward to working with the younger generation of today? Dirk: Yes, I am. That is my main focus. We have something to give to our children other than listening to the hip-hop and the R&B stuff. They are caring for people, like R. Kelly and Tupac, both rappers, who were not sending a positive message. For me, I am actually battling against that and trying to give the youth something better to listen to. AM: That is awesome,

Quoteds Name Job Title

because today our younger generations are mostly focus on hip-hop, R&B, and slow jams. Is there a particular age bracket that you are working with or will be working with in the near future? Dirk: In order to capture the youth, I have to do something that looks like them. They have to be able to hear what I am doing, see what I doing, be able to

understand it, and also be able to not only listen to what I’m doing, but get involve with what I am doing. I am looking to work with all ages, say, between the ages thirtyfive and under, well, better yet, sixteen and over. I am doing things in a positive way. Speaking about hip-hop, I am doing stuff more than hip-hop and ha, just sort sound and one. Actually what I am doing is to give Glory and Magnify the Lord! AM’s Conclusion: Dirk and his wife Roslyn Davis spends most of their time making it possible to work with our generation in church organizations and community developments in their hometown. They make it possible and are dedicated in helping our youths today turn from street violence, gangs, and imprisonment. Affiliated with Glory Train Gospel Productions Inc., the company also seeks to discover new talents with guaranteed or well-established organizations. With digital analog equipment, they teach classes to our youths and mid-adults on how to operate cameras, lighting, filming, and more than just hip-hop or doo-woop beats. Dirk loves spending time with his family outside of writing, endorsements, producing, and the television business. Being a mighty “Man of God,” he has reached the pivotal point of his career, his dreams and visions. Dirk is a man who loves to share his time with God’s people. If you would like to contact Dirk and Roslyn Davis, you can view his latest updates on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also visit TonDour Productions & Associates Inc. at

“In order to capture youth, I have to do something that looks like them”



Jarmon Minister, Diva & Entertainer REPORTER: Kimberly Jackson


Let me take you back to the future where there were a proud woman who destroyed the antagonist movement against sexism and racism. Maria Stewart from Harford, Connecticut carried the name as Maria Miller began to form institutions working with small black subgroups in the 1800’s. As a white woman, God called her to conquer the enemy to fight against anyone who oppressed African American Women. Thank God now for Lady Jarmond. She is not only a mother or daughter but she is a woman who is walking worthy of her call. A good and perfect gift do not falls from the tree but comes from above. Ambi’ance decided to find that gift to share it with you, to ensure your sole desires being a woman can began to manifest itself. Just like Lady Jarmond, she did not allow others to destroy her passions and dreams. Re-capturing her life journey can encourage you being a woman to take a stand and to explore the world beyond fears. If you do not mine, I would like to walk you down the road of success. Interview with LADY JARMOND: Ambi’ance: Again Ambi’ance would like to thank you for your success story to be printed in their magazine. I see that you are a great instrument for the Kingdom of God. May I ask where you are from? Lady Jarmond: Mobile, Alabama. A beautiful gulf-coast it rains every day, none stop. Ambi’ance: Most people special moments, I recall, is when God have chosen them for a specific assignment. What age were you when God mandated you to spread the gospel Good News to all humanity.

Lady Jarmond: Actually I was eleven years old. Many many moons ago, I am 63 now. But GOD - One of my neighbors and mother saw something in my sister and I. They decided to bring us to his elderly lady (Rosey Denjamin) home and teach us how to sing. We would have rehearsals quite frequently and ah, it was like a seventy-eight, one of those large records. This lady everybody called her ‘Dear’ in the community. She was a singer as well. She taught us -we didn’t know anything about singing. She taught us by having us to just listen to a seventy-eight record, one of those large ones. And we listened at that over and over and over again for many many months. And then mother decided, “okay y ‘all, we want you to sing just like you heard the people on the record sing?” We started singing and of course after we song for many more months. They decided now y’all are ready to go out. Naturally we had prayer, we was fasting we didn’t understand it but we did what our parents and the lady, the neighbor lady asked us to do. In fact we called it play time. We did not know it was go to carry us into another area of ministry. And so it did. We sang all over the country for about a good ten years. And the Lord started calling us into the ministry, my sister and I. Ambi’ance: Amen. Lady Jarmond: It’s been a ride. It’s been a wonderful ride and I thank God that. And thank God for the old Lady and my Mom, being able to see out of all the girls who were in the community and men, as well as young boys. They were doing other things playing basketball, playing cards, and watching the court. They just put us under their wings and we stated a group we called it, “The N&H Gospel Singers” the Sweethearts of Valentines.” The N&H were initials of the girls I named and our last names. It was phenomenal, absolutely.


Ambi’ance: Daily humanitarians, like doctors commit their desire and heart to helping others. So what kind of services you provide for individuals who seeking spiritual advice? Lady Jarmond: After that episode and becoming a gospel singer and touring all over the country. Even after going to Bobby Jones and singing in his ‘New Life Choir.’ God called me into the ministry. I began to - the churches that I been in for forty-three years and now sent me to a remote area called, “Andalusia Alabama” four hundred miles from where I lived, round-trip. They called me there, the bishop said, “You must go there and build this church.” The building was there but he meant to work it. I did that successfully for three years. In fact, I’m relative to say this. The choir members, everyone last one of the choir members from the Baptist church that was down the street, would come over to the Triumph Church and joined may little church, “The City of Andalusia Alabama.” I’ve had a wonderful ride in reference to ministry. It wasn’t easy, it has not been easy, and it will never ever get easy. But I love speaking to the people that are in need. I love doing what I do. I ministry to the homeless, feed them, cloth them. I sometimes have to wash their hair and it’s just things that I do in the community that I live in. As I see the homeless people walking the streets, some just don’t have no places to go. They take what you have for them and go in the woods. And my ministry right now it’s more focus on the hurting and the people that are simply just don’t even know that there is a God. Because perhaps some of them might have never known in their life before, and I’m now trying to bring them back to that reality, that there is a God and he loves you. That’s what I do, basically. I also have many groups on Facebook, I have over five thousand members. And when I say members, I mean virtue friends. Lot of them real close friend and ah, I even have a ministry group on Facebook. And so I get a chance to hear what they have to say, and I would post it where I post my information and my words of wisdom to the nation. And it’s been phenomenal. I have a website, and I have been told by people overseas that they use my website in their classrooms as a tool to teach their students. That blew my mind! Absolutely, blew my mind. So I’m thankful. Ambi’ance: That is a blessing. Lady Jarmond: You know these Social Sites can actually be good. I seen on different judge shows say that it’s not a good thing. However, it’s been very good for me because I try to stay with the people that I know I suppose to be with. That we walk together, and thinking together with the same mind, and the mind of Christ. Those who I find out when I become friends with them and realize this is not the person who is good for me right now. He shouldn’t be/or she shouldn’t be in my space right now. What I do is simply dismiss them as a friend because I can’t have anybody bringing negativity into my space. I just will not allow that. Because that brings God disease, brings Gods diseases. I don’t need it. I really don’t need it. I love everybody but those people who don’t know anything about the Lord. They doing profanity on Facebook and I don’t like to talk in on a conversations with the person who uses profanity. Because my mother I never heard her speak like that. And my father however was an alcoholic and he would get drunk on the weekend and he would curse my mom out, curse us out. I vowed that I would never use profanity that I would teach my children not to use profanity; you can’t pay them to say anything around me.

Ambi’ance: It is a blessing how you speak at engagements for community events, and gospel explosions. So have you even spoken for ministries outside of the United States, basically in foreign countries? Lady Jarmond: I haven’t been to any foreign countries, but I have been asked to come. I consulted some people and I consulted a Prophet and a Prophetess. They both said the same thing without knowing what was going on. I just explained to them about the letter that I received and what suppose of that they wanted me to do, to speak for an hour. I think it was in Nigeria, I’m not sure. The Prophet and the female Prophetess said that, “Pastor keep the invitation, but don’t go yet. It’s not time to leave the country yet.” And I believed in Prophets and Prophetess. So I took their word for it. I stayed. Now I’m ready. Ambi’ance: What would you like to tell others that are in ministry who are dealing with challenges or lack of spiritual concepts? Lady Jarmond: I would love everybody to have what I have. And many people possess it but simple called the, “Dunamis” and it got me the Power of God. A power it would keep you when you can’t keep yourself. It would heal you when you can’t heal yourself of prior hurt, prior pains, and prior disappointments. Dunamis Power that’s what I just want to give but I do not have the ability to just give it to anyone only the Lord Jesus Christ can give it because it’s a gift. He says, “Here here it is, you take it.” It’s just that easy. And so that would be my desire to have everybody, I know and I associated with to have the Dunamis Power (The Holy Ghost) that leads us to the wisdom and Power of God. Ambi’ance: Amen. You are so anointing. I feel the anointing all over this room. Lady Jarmond: I feel it on me when I speak to you. God gave me that gift; I carry the Anointing wherever I go. I MC a lot at gospel shows and a lot of people promoters ask me to come because they know I’m not just going to call up the next entertainer or next guest. I’m going to speak to the needs of the people because God called me to preach. The Lady that we called Dear, God rest her soul she’s gone now. But she called us to sing. God called, I’m taking about my sister and me into the ministry. When God does it, it’s done. But I do get a change to sing as I minister to people all over the world. Now, thanks to this wonderful thing they call Social Internet. I have prayed for many people that inbox me, “ Thank you Lady Jarmond for praying for me marriage, praying for my son he, “I thought he was going to have surgery but the doctor said No, he doesn’t have to have surgery.” Ambi’ance: After reading your background, I notice you have interest in participating in local hobbies. Can you tell me about your other pas-

“What I do is simply dismiss them as a friend because I can’t have anybody bringing negativity into my space. I just will not allow that.”


sions? Lady Jarmond: The mind to be a minister but I love motorcycles. I do truly love motorcycles. This is a life because I was told years and years ago, that if you ever ride on a motorcycle that would be the death of you. So I do not ride them but I have these things that are pushing me to just get on one and take a picture on one. I have never road a motorcycle but I have many years. I cannot ride one; I just can’t actually take off and ride one. That would be the end of me. Amb’ance: That’s interesting. Lady Jarmond: That is interesting. I have some interesting things that have happened in my life and I try to life a righteous and upright life. Where I can hear things that is coming in positive to help me. This was way back in ninety-two when this old woman said to me out of the blue, “Don’t you ever ride a motorbike if you do that would be the end of your life.” Now I have this passion. I can’t ride it but who can say that I can’t sit on one. After my husband died, which was in 2000, he was in the military for thirty-two years. He died in 2000, after that I grieved for a long time but I heard the voice say, “I want you to start a collection of – I didn’t ask any question, I just wanted to wait and hear what the Lord wanted me to do. And I was collecting ‘elephants.’ I didn’t know about the college part of elephants and how you get those for some kind of sorority you in. This was a spiritual thing that the Lord told me to do. To ‘collect elephants’ and I studied elephants and I found out often -Danny is died and buried, he is my husband. That I started collecting these elephants, I told the members at the church this is what I have to do, and the spirit told me to do it. And they began to bring elephants to me every Sunday. I have elephants from all over the world. My daughter and sister she travelled all over the world. She would come back with elephants from wherever she been. My house is full of elephants, matters if my trunk is up or down, I obeyed the spirit of the Lord. When I started studying elephant I realized, God did that. An elephant the heel is one of the herd of elephants, they lose one of their herds; they would not leave the particular one. They would hand around like their grieving. So that let me know that God wanted to let me know that you’re grieving and I want you to show you can come of the grief.

Once the elephant does that for like months the whole herd is gone to another area. So that why when I started collecting elephants the Lord told me to collect elephants. I started reading and watching television on elephants about how they are phenomenal and they never ever forget. I could never ever forget what God done for me. I could never forget how he brought me out- Just so marvelous and wonderful. He is an awesome God. Ambi’ance: Before I let you go, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers and Ambi’ance? Lady Jarmond: The name of the magazine is Ambi’ance. Do you know what that mean? Ambi’ance: I think it means setting the atmosphere ripe. Peaceful. Lady Jarmond: I am trying to find Jonathan Field, he inbox me on June 9th. Ambi’ance Magazine means you always in an ambiance state of mind - faith that’s what it means. So that’s good to me. I would say to everybody, stay in a certain state of mind, a Godly state of mind. Stay in a relationship with God. And when you read this magazine, stay in a personal relationship with God. And you will be able to overcome, subdue, and conquer everything. When I say everything, I mean everything that is not God like. To the readings and purchases of Ambi’ance Magazine and there will be many I declare and decree, many will be sold. And this magazine will become one of the Top Magazines in the nation. I declare and decree that In The Name of Jesus Christ. And Mr. Jonathon Fields to you, the CEO thanks you so much for seeing in my, what I didn’t see in me. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this magazine. The God that’s in me showed you the God that’s in me.

Contact Lady Jarmond: If you would like to contact Lady Jarmond, she is just a call away. Visit her latest groups and teachings on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites. You can also visit or



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Looking at the ankh and Eye of Horus on the right arm of Author Toni Odom, I knew there had to be something different about her. When we met I knew my assumption was correct. She definitely had a unique view of the world and her place in it. Toni Odom is an award winning author, filmaker and activist with a communications career that has spanned over 25 years. Her first title, Sistahs N Sistahood was the 2000 Best Nonfiction winner of the Sister Circle Book Club where she presented the book as a workshop at the 10th Anniversary of the African American Women on Tour. She also wrote, directed and produced her first webisode, Ahshe which was a selection and winner at the 2012 LA Web Festival that brought home top honors for Writer and Producer of a Soap Opera and Best Actress and Supporting Actress of a Soap Opera which also reflect her abilities as a director. Odom began her communications career as a newspaper reporter where she scooped daily papers by revealing details of a throw away gun in a police shooting. She has been a publicist, communication specialist for the American Cancer Society, Trinity United Church of Christ and owned her own company where she has represented clients like actor Harry Lennix. AM: What does your tatoo mean? TO: The ankh represents everlasting life and the Eye of Horus is protection. Since it’s on my right side it is what I want to reflect in my life. I love my people and all that I have learned I want to share. African people believe that the purpose of life is to learn lessons and give gifts and that’s how I live. That’s why my company motto is “Giving Back To Move Forward.” AM: So what to you hope to achieve with your books? TO: My Sistahs N SistahHood book was written to help Black women to see the good, the bad and the ugly things we do to one another. I define what I think SistahHood is and how we can work together like our foremothers to uplift each other and our people. Unfortenately many of us have lost sight of that role.

TO: My point of view is we have much healing to do to adequately communicate with one another to ensure our family unit stays in tact. I definitely have hope but I think we as a people too often have let others define who we are and our families have suffered as a result. The media portrays Black men as thugs and athletes and Black women as always having attitudes and are golddiggers. We’ve fell for the hype! That’s why some people, even us, get uncomfortable to see President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama because we are not used to seeing intelligent Black folk with public displays of affection.

Books Available At: All Things Toni

AM: What do you want this new book to show us?

All Black Ebooks

AM: What do you mean? TO: Black women have always been the glue that kept our people and families together and our role as women is very powerful because WE chose our mates and if we will have children. Therefore we set the stage for the development of families which is the basic building block of any community. The hand that rocks the cradle truly does rule the world. If women fail in a society, the whole society fails.

TO: I take a hard honest look at the bad behavior that has gotten us to this point and I challenge us to be honest about what we really want and what we must do to have healthy positive relationships. My goal is to help us to heal. Until we do as a people there is little hope that anything will change. Our love helped us to survive the most heinouse crime against humanity-Slavery. That same love can bring us back to our traditional greatness as a people!

AM: So what is your point of view in your new book, Man Up, Woman Up?

AM: We agree! Good luck and we hope to help you with your sales.

Toni Odom

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INTERVIEW I first Met amx at the sir lounge in hollywood It was during his first live performance in the states after his recent return from overseas. He was doing a jam session to introduce his new cd to his west coast audience. His talent was evident as he crooned like old school balladeers of the 70’s and 80’s. Also ike the genius of Prince, he is an outstanding musician. Dark Gable Ambi’ance Magazine: Where are you from, A.M.X?

Ambi’ance Magazine: I suspect there’s something fantastic in the works to bring you back home, right?

A.M.X: I am from West Covina, California Ambi’ance Magazine: How did you get started in music? A.M.X: I was brought up listening to classical music, but my sister would always play R&B. Once I started singing R&B it was a real focal point for me. When I hit college I knew that R&B was what I wanted to do. Even my piano teacher noticed it. As I would play my classical pieces I would come in singing Jodeci and Ginuwine, but I knew in late high school early college. Ambi’ance Magazine: You have been doing a lot of touring in Europe. How did you decide to go that route? AMX: The label set that up. They thought it would be good to spread my music internationally. When I went to the United Kingdom, the people were very receptive. It was nice to be able to play in for five to seven thousand people. Even London was great! You get to see the different cultures. Creatively it lets you be in a different place.

AMX: Well, right. Now we have just finished the video “Forgot the Tab”. We just released the single from it on ITunes, “Me and Sharon Brown”. That was a major part of it. We are also working on a musical project where we have a lot of collaborations. I can’t say who just yet. It is going to be remarkable! Ambi’ance Magazine: I see you have a series of events where you reach out to teens and also where you go on the college campuses. AMX: Yes. We just finished a show at TECH Academy for Children that are not able to see a performance. I wanted to spread love and support to a cause that is sometimes lacking…and that’s EDUCATION! I wanted to let people know that education is a good thing. Some things they might see on television may lead them astray, so I wanted to let them know to believe in themselves and they can be successful. I also wanted to let them know that it is okay to reach for the stars. Ambi’ance Magazine: So AMX is about giving back to his community as well?

Ambi’ance Magazine: What were some of the acts you opened for over there?

AMX: Absolutely! We need more positive male role models out here.

AMX: Ginuwine, SWV, Silk, BOYZ-II-MEN, Dru-Hill

Ambi’ance Magazine: Who is managing you now?

“WE need more positive male role models out here�


AMX: MBA Entertainment, Mainstream Music, Bungaloo Records and Paul Rain. The whole camp is wonderful. We know our roles and we are like one big happy family. Ambi’ance Magazine: Ambi’ance Magazine attended your premiere and witnessed a great mix of R&B ballads and hip-hop. You appear to have a great love for your craft. AMX: Thank you. Ambi’ance Magazine: I have noticed on your songs you have a message about relationships. You are sympathetic to the plight of women and what they go through dealing with us knuckleheads. You seem to be a champion for women’s rights. AMX: Yeah sometimes I want to write a song called, “Let’s Get it Together Guys.” Ambi’ance Magazine: What bothers you the most about today’s relationships? AMX: One of the things I saw was that a lot of guys treat women very well when they are by themselves or when they first meet them. When they are around their friends they then become fake. I wanted to show what it would be like if you were a gentleman all the way around. Being transparent should not be a sign of weakness, but of confidence and integrity. A real man! Ambi’ance Magazine: Back in the day it was Teddy Pendergrass and Al Green. Today the only other African-American male balladeers who sing these types of songs are Kem and Maxwell. Like them you write about all that is wonderful about a relationship with a woman. You are going to be instrumental in promoting a turnaround in today’s overly misogynistic music. AMX: Wow! I never looked at it that way before. Ambi’ance Magazine: Which translates into you having a ton of female followers. AMX: I write most of my music for the female audience. Ambi’ance Magazine: So I have to ask…are you single, engaged or married?

AMX: I am single right now, but truly dedicated to my career. I hope to someday meet my soul mate however; right now is not the time. It would put a strain on a woman to be in a relationship with me. I’m just being honest. I would not want to put anyone in that position. I like to be honest. I think more guys should be honest upfront, because at the end of the day all a man has is his integrity. Ambi’ance Magazine: Well said, A.M.X. AMX: Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with Ambi’ance Magazine. Ambi’ance Magazine: It was our pleasure to introduce you to our readers. Anything else you would like to say to them? AMX: To all of the people on the A.M.X. Train, we say thanks for riding with us!




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Gentlemen’s Night Out Hosts Michael Ferrera’s Private Launch Party The Perfect Gentlemen’s Pocket Guide-Modern Secrets to Etiquette Style and Charming

Charisma Where: CAFENTOURAGE 1600 Vine Street, Hollywood,CA 90028 When: July 19, 2012 Time: 6:30 p.m.

Dream Entertainment Management, Inc. Viewing party for client: “Suki Avery” and cast from the hit FOX Series“Take Me Out” Hosted by George Lopez Where: El Torito Grill 9595 Wilshire Blvd Hollywood, CA 90210 When: July 19, 2012 Time: 5:00p.m.-9:00 p.m. Red Carpet starts at 5 p.m. The Ultimate Business Networking Event July 19th Shrine Auditorium LAMIXER.COM LA’s Largest Mixer

Southern California First Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ Presents: “46th Annual State Women’s Convention” Where: Desert Springs J.W. Mar riott Resort and Spa 74855 Country Club Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260 When: July 19th –July 22nd Registrations Contacts: Mrs. Barbara West (323) 779-3219 Vendors: Mrs. Mary Ann LaCour (310) 671-5794

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CURVES Fashion Weekend Rock July 27th-29th Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport Hotel, Baltimore, MD Founders, Chanell Jones and Tykesha Reed, have been in the modeling industry for well over 30 years combined. They have trained hundreds of models and have produced numerous fashion shows. Both of these women are plus size models and have experienced participating in many fashion shows where the designers catered to straight size models. Though unfair, there was not much they could do about it until now. Curves Rock Fashion Weekend was created to increase the self-esteem of the plus-sized community, promote healthy lifestyles and to showcase fashion, styles and trends that not only cater to the ideal size model but also the woman with curves The Bachelors 25th Annual Summer White Affair Where: Chelsea Pier 60 West 23rd Street and Westside Highway New York, NY When: August 3, 2012 Time: 7:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. Contact: Ben (914) 337-3024 Kevin (718) 771-4162 Hollywood Black Film Festival Oct. 25th-28th, 2012 Register now at



Force M.d.’S REPORTER: Dark Gable


You have seen them on Soul Train and Amateur Apollo. Formerly, they called themselves, L.D.’s, and then Force MC’s, and now the fabulous Force M.D’s. Auspiciously, being strong men of Musical Diversity short for MD - they are prime legends who are nifty songwriters. They were and still are amongst the first R&B vocal groups who explored the world in the nineteen eighties. If I asked you who the Force M.D.’s were, you might reply, “I do not remember.” Then I would respond,“The group that sang Tender Love,” then many females would begin to say, “OH, I loved them. They were sooo fine!” Just sit down for a second. Let me playback some of their records to refresh your mind. I know you recall “Tender Love” from their second album, Chillin’ (1985). Their third album, Touch and Go’ #1 hit “Love is a House” quiet storm/contemporary classics, selling over millions of records in 1987. They have never left the spotlight. They were reforming to come back with the comeback – strong and refresh. After hearing the tragic news about three members of the group passing, Ambi’ance would like to acknowledge Charles “Mercury” Nelson (1964-1995); Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy (1964-1998); and DJ Dr. Rock, who died under “unknown circumstances.” Their fans, family, friends, and even remaining members of the group will never forget these men. The Renown has returned, booming live in Miami, Florida promoting their documentary “Force M.D.’sRelived” at the ABFF on June 21st and the 23rd, 2012. This is just the beginning. The Force M.D.’s riposte album “The Reunion” 2000 album is here, and ready for purchase. Ambi’ance now will take you into the lives of Force MD’s by interviewing Steve D. Lundy.

Just like Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing,” Tender Love is our biggest hit by far Ambi’ance: Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview with Ambi’ance. Tell me how is the group coming along? Steve D: Oh! We are coming along just fine. We are working on a new album and it should be out lateron this year. It is called, “Music for All the Occasions.” Ah, currently we are doing a lot of spot dates in arow, hopefully it cling onto our major tour. We are still actually going to be doing shows, and ah, actually we most definitely will be having a

documentary coming out real soon. So, pretty much, we have been maintaining from all that we have been through. We maintain a whole new legacy, you know and keeping the dream alive. Ambi’ance: Okay, so I reckon that the group last month had three men. I talked to you about that. Tell us who the newest member in the group is. Is he a comeback? Stevie D: Okay, well. We do right now have: Khalil, Jesse and myself. Jesse goes into a solo thing sometimes for me. He gets put into my dates with other members that we add in the group. We just shoot out and continue going on with what we do. You know, ah, if Jesse wants to come back, he comes back. We are just like a revolving door where we can keep the sound and spirit shows the same. It gets hard sometimes, but we definitely have a good routine in what we do. Ambi’ance: So course, you realize you are known as the “old school hip-hop group”. With that being said, ya‘ll be keeping it down, so are there any new doo-wop effects in the making with the new album coming out? Stevie D: Yes, ah, the group started out as five men - R.I.P., “T.C.D” and “Mercy” who we feel on stage with us spiritually every night. Trisco, also a family member, has a solo project going on and he re-joined the group. Like I said, we come and go. We are all on the album; all the members are on the album Music for All the Occasions. We definitely have a lot of R&B. We called this album, “Musical of All the Occasions” because we have a song for like every…or mostly every holiday occasions: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, we are just trying to keep a novel CD for people to play on Mother’s Day. Hey, a person did have Mother’s Day songs. They usually play Boyz II-Men, so I have to have Force MDs on the playlist on that special day. Ambi’ance: Okay, are you looking to bring back five men to the group, or are you just going to remain at four? Stevie D: Right now, we are going to remain as four. Because of, ah, we just are going to remain as four. Ambi’ance: Other than music, singing, performing at amateur shows, and rapping, what else do you like to do? What are you guys’ interests or hobbies? Stevie D: Ah, me, Stevie D? I am a hard-core sports fanatic. I love sports. Basketball is definitely my favorite. If I could have been a basketball scholar, I would have really juggled the basketball, but I chose to be a singer (laugh).We are bringing in the new talents coming up. My nephew, Zieme has great talents. I have another nephew; generation of nephews who are really talented that you will definitely hear about real soon,Zieme and T.C., Jr. (He is the son of my brother that passed). My son, Josh is half-Spanish and half-Black, speaks Spanish and English and does raga tones. So we are grooming the ‘backups’ for the Force MD’s, new generation and you know we love to perform! Just seeing the audiences singing our songs back to us is


a good feeling in our hearts knowing that we captured a lot of hearts. People love us; they love our songs and to hear those stories, “Hey man, I heard that song and man I tell you.” It is good to know that one of our songs has left an impression on people. Ambi’ance: That is really awesome! Again, congratulations on the unsung, “The Force M.D’s Relive.” Is there anything else you would like to let your fans know about the group? Stevie D: You said, “Relive” it is Relived Force M.D’s (laughed) its okay. The documentary was accepted in the “American Black Film Festival” which is going to be very exciting. We saw it at a couple of other film festivals, but we got rave reviews and standing ovations from here,so ah, right now it is going to the biggest festival that we have entered so far. There are a lot of movie producers and you know people like, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, and a lot of music producers who usually attend these big events. Our documentary actually was selected a lot, maybe one to two hundred times, but I know there were a lot of documentaries, but they picked ours out of the Top 5. We are very, very happy. We have our fingers crossed and hopefully we are selected to receive some contributions and someone will make a movie out of the documentary, because we have a great story! When people see the documentary, they will be like, “Wow, I did not know the Force MD’s did that. Wow!”We have been through a lot of R&B, Hip-Hop, and have accomplished a lot. We very excited for everyone to see it. You always keep your fingers crossed. You get nervous when they play it on the big screen like, “Oh my Gosh!” Ambi’ance: So how did everyone feel about President Obama highlighting Force MD’s as one of his Air Force One iPod playlist?” Stevie D: (Laughing) That? I fell out of my chair when I heard that, and when I saw it. As soon as I sawit, I fell out of my chair with so much disbelief saying, “Did they just say Force MDs? I know that word did not come out of his mouth, man.” My friends and relatives called saying, “Hey they just said your name.” That is a huge honor! We are hoping, that one day maybe, we can perform for him you know, bring back the memories. He is not much older than I am, so that is a great, great feeling for us. That is a sign for something like, “Hey, the President likes you!” You have to be special somehow! We are just taking that as a big compliment. Ambi’ance: That is a big compliment. What about B.E.T’s Mo’Nique’s Show on April 8, 2010? You appeared on there. That was awesome! Was that day something you were looking forward to? Was that moment a shocker? Stevie D: “Oh my gosh” you just don’t know how we were looking! We were calling everybody, “Howcan we get on the show?” Our

manager, Mickey Bentson, brother Khalil, and Rapper Biz Markie (he had a pretty good relationship with her (Mo’Nique)). We all chipped in and called her. Next thing you know Mo’Nique asked Biz Markie, “Do you know those guys? Can you get in touch with them, right now?”, and he said, “Hey!” With that happening, stubbing down to our manager, Mickey Bentson getting in touch with people too, they called us on. They said, “Hey we would love for your guys to come on the show.” They gave us so much airtime. That shocked me when I was looking back on it. I was watching it, saying, “Wow, we were on there for a long time.” Monique had so much love for us. It was such a pleasure being on that show. That really woke the country up, “Oh you guys are still out”. People had the impression that we all had died because two of the members passed. You know how people exaggerate, “Oh we thought they all died, man” so it gets crazy. Mo’Nique really gave the people who acted out that we were not only still alive, but that we were still there. It made our performing places go up farther. We are so thankful for what Mo’Nique did for us; she really got us back out there, by letting people know we were still here. We got a contract and a morning cruise came back-to-back after that. “Memorable performance,” It was really memorable. Remember, earlier I told you that I am a basketball scholar? Well, Charles Barkley happened to be on the show that day so I was thrilled to see that too, “Charles Barkley”, wow! Ambi’ance: With the new release of the documentary, I know it is not available, but when do you guys think it will be available for purchases? Stevie D: I am giving you, and I am going to shoot the dice out there. I am going to say it probably be available in October. It should be around October or November given the documentary occasion; if they do the distribution on the correct timeframe and print it to get it out there. October and Novemberwould be a good time because it would be out in time for Christmas, so that wouldn’t be bad. It would be a great Christmas gift. Ambi’ance: Again, thank you very much and you know I love the Force MDs. I love Tender Love. That was my, ooh greatest hit! I thank everyone for coming back and bringing the favor. You know the hip-hop and all of the beats back to this generation. They need positive role models. Stevie D: Thank you so much. Ambi’ance: You can look up Force MDs by contacting Khalil Lundy at 570.236.3895, or by email You can also contact Mickey Bentson at Pay! Up! Management, 646.542.8644 or by email at



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Pierre The Light Skinned Brother Is back! REPORTER: Mark Howard


Pierre has been a standup comic for almost thirty years, wow! In 1985, we both graduated from high school in the same Washington, D.C. area. We did not get to know each other until 1992, in New York, of all places, where I had moved. He was visiting to work while living in Los Angeles. Pierre, a comic from the area where I came up, had a real good reputation amongst the D.C. comedy community. He was part of a good group of D.C. area comics that started at the same time, Martin Lawrence, Tommy Davidson and an even younger high school kid named Dave Chappelle. Teddy Carpenter and Wanda Sykes had also come on the D.C. scene via southern Virginia.

Pierre eventually moved to Los Angeles in September of 1990 (the year I started, hence, why we did not meet until 1993), where he lived for a number of years earning a great reputation not only in Hollywood, but also across the country. In a short two years, Pierre earned a spot on a newly developed HBO show featuring African-American comedians, hosted by his homeboy from the D.C. area comedy circuit, Martin Lawrence. Martin had come to Los Angeles after being seen on Star Search and landed a part on the sitcom, What’s Happening Now, a follow up sitcom from the original hit, What’s Happening. Now Martin had gone from that failed show to gaining a one-night stand comedy show on HBO.

Pierre obviously started honing his comedy craft pre Def Comedy Jam. Back then, you did the so-called mainstream rooms aka ‘white comedy clubs’, a time when you had to grow through the perspective comedy ranks. In the urban comedy clubs, the comic who is hosting, drives the show. As it was then and still is in the mainstream clubs, the MC is the newer comic whose routine is no longer than twelve to fifteen minutes, introduces the featured comedian, who then receives twenty-five to thirty minutes, and reads the club announcements (i.e. future shows, and special events and such).

A smashing success in parts of successful African-American films such as Do the Right Thing, and House Party, Russell Simmons needed a hot young comic to relate to the current Hip Hop audience, so he chose Martin. The show originally taped two episodes. It was such a huge success that they delayed the airing of the show to find more black talent, eventually adding ten more shows. Pierre was one of the added comics. Also added was Bernie Mac, Eddie Griffin, Yvette Wilson, Cedric the Entertainer, and Steve Harvey to name a few.

Following the announcements, the MC brings to the stage your headliner, who delivers at least forty-five minutes to an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes of comedic material. “The MC couldn’t do any minutes in between acts in those shows,” Pierre remembers. During that period for Pierre, the options were slim in the mainstream rooms and you only had a few black clubs that did a comedy show once a week.

Pierre had one of the more memorable sets on the original season that changed the landscape of the newly created Urban Comedy Scene. With the firmly implanted culture of Hip Hop music, Pierre was a big part of that culture exposing what has always been there to the mass public. He was able to take these successful credits, work the renovated chitterling circuit and created what is now affectionately,


‘The Urban Comedy Circuit.’ I say that because the black comedy scene is no longer underground. It helped to inspire more black owned and patronized comedy only clubs all over the country. There were the two, one in South Central Los Angeles, The Comedy Act Theater and Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem, NY. There were others in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston to name a few. In our hometown of Washington, D.C. (which was eighty-five to ninety percent black), we had a club that was essentially black, but wanted recognition on a broader scope. They resisted being considered a “black club” however, they eventually caved in, recognizing where the bread is buttered and came on board with the program. I will not put the club on blast, so do not ask, but Pierre and I know. I would move to Los Angeles between nineteen ninety-three and ninety-four where I got to observe Pierre’s hustle and his approach to making his career climb to a higher level. He had just married his long-time girlfriend from back home and they now had a baby. This made him even more motivated to increase the household’s cash flow. His hard work paid off landing him a role in the Robert Townsend film, ‘B.A.P.S’ starring Halle Barry. I recall him making all of us jealous because he played Halle’s boyfriend and got to kiss her in the end. He later starred as another top supporting role in, ‘How to Be a Player,’ starring Bill Bellamy. Pierre by then was getting roles in many films and hitting the stand-up road in hot demand. After his role in ‘The Wash’ with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, things started to slow down. Dramatic changes came his way. He and his wife divorced, he relocated to different cities, moved back to Los Angeles and now has made Atlanta, GA his home. He expressed to me that he feels his mouth hurt him in Hollywood. “I’m honest about where I’m coming from,” he stated to me. Since I know him like I do, personally, I can attest that is true. I respect that about him and I know he means well, and is not a so-called “hater.” We all have our preferences, however, there are ways to deal with people and then there is the “Hollywood” way of dealing with people that you may not prefer. He also stated, which I could attest to, “Other people will do dirty things while smiling in your face…I have worked with people that have told me straight up, I will say whatever I need to say to get away from that person at that moment.” What Pierre has learned is a lesson for those who eventually want to get to Hollywood and become a star in front of or behind the camera. You must know that people in the game are very insecure and non-confrontational. You will not get to hear the truth that you may need to hear up front. In addition, there may be some unable to handle unfavorable blunt honesty. When talking about his relocating from Los Angeles, Pierre stated he felt the pressures of living the “Hollywood” lifestyle.

There is a long history of commedians from the Washington DC area including Martin Lawrence, Dave Chapelle, Mark Howard and others. Pierre adds to the list. The people he encountered mostly were disingenuous. “Too many liars, grabbing at my pocket,” he says. “I needed a break from the madness.” He moved to Dallas, TX for a year, returned to Los Angeles, but felt he was no longer solid with his acting. He was not as hungry as before; therefore, he did not take the auditions serious enough to land roles. This behavior established a bad reputation with other producers, directors, and agents. A lesson for those who land an audition, you may not get the role for which you originally auditioned. It could be felt that you are not suited for that particular role or they might want someone else. However, if you show ability, they may have something else that suits you. For Pierre, bad news traveled faster than good news and bad news sticks longer. Realizing this, Pierre decided that living in Los Angeles was definitely not the place anymore so he relocated to Phoenix, AZ staying three years before eventually moving to Atlanta, GA. Very happy there, Pierre playfully says he is ‘Big Willy’ in the ATL compared to Hollywood. More doors have opened for him. Pierre says he is now a real “shaker and mover” instead of just a comic.Touring around the world he is still the same well-respected stand-up comedian and continues to perform a strong act on stage. Since the first film he produced and directed, Pierre has made another titled, “Slice” and “Slice II” starring such talented comedians and actors like, Rodney Perry and Greg Allen Williams. He is currently completing, “Slice III.” The films, named “Horrormedies” by Pierre, are a fusion of comedy and horror. He has a role in the stage play, “I Need a Man,” also starring, Ruben Studdard, Jacke e, Christopher “Play” Martin, and Ginuwine. If you are looking to keep up with Pierre, you can find him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Pierre is still going strong with his stand-ups, acting, writing, producing and directing. He is the kind of performer that puts in the work, deserving your highest respect. He is that good kind of talent that deserves your support, so, make sure you check him out whenever and wherever you can.


Ray, goodman & Brown Classic R&B is back 32 YEARS AND COUNTING 1969 to 1979 and we were the mainstay of that company. Some things transpired and we wanted to further our career. We did not feel we Ray, Goodman and Brown: Kevin Ray Owen, Maurice “Ice”, Billy Brown were capable of doing that there. It was a good thing while it lasted, but we did not see eye to eye, therefore we parted ways. Sometimes Ambi’ance Magazine: Individually, what are your backgrounds? when you part ways it is not exactly friendly, but we made it work. We contacted Barbara Baker who was an executive at Arista Records once Billy Brown: I am originally from Atlanta, moved to Swainsboro, GA we decided what we were going to do. We did not have and could and then to Freehold, not use the name Moments and was asked, “Why don’t we use our own names?” We tried all kinds of name combinations until it came NJ. I graduated for Freehold High School. Afterwards, I moved to together and started to flow. When we said, “Ray, Goodman and Asbury Park, NJ. Singing Brown”, it flowed. We thought it sound kind of like a law firm. We were somewhat afraid, because when you venture out of your comfort zone was something I always loved. I sang in my father’s church when I after ten years to branch out, you question if this decision is going was four years old. It was to work. By the grace of God, our first record out of the box, “Special Lady”, blew up! For the first time in our career we actually saw a real always something I wanted to do, so I pursued it as a career. It has royalty statement! We thought, “What is that all about?” We began to had its peaks and valleys, but do things we had never done before and bought things we had never had the chance to purchase. We always give praises to the Most High! by the grace of God there have been more peaks, so I am happy! Ever since then, it has been a wonderful journey! Ambi’ance Magazine: From left to right you are?

“Ice”: I am from West Virginia. After high school I enlisted into the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam. When I returned, I met Kevin and I have been singing with him for thirty-two years. Like Billy said, “Thank God for the peaks and less valleys”. Kevin: Born and raised in New York City, 64th and Amsterdam Avenue, Amsterdam Projects. Ever since I was a little boy, I have enjoyed singing. I did childrens’ theatre and attended The School for Performing Arts. I graduated from there and enlisted into the military all awhile having my singing groups. I did communications as well as singing in the military. After I returned from the military, I came to New York with Ice and formed the group. While I was with the group Revelation, I got the call from Sony Records. That was in 1982. In 1985, Luther Vandross asked me to join his entourage and the guys told me to go ahead and do my thing. I did, and that was in 1992. I was still out there with Luther, but I came back to Ray, Goodman and Brown. There was a lot of running back and forth, but we made it. Ambi’ance Magazine: You started out as “The Moments”. How did the transition to Ray, Goodman and Brown happen? Ray, Goodman and Brown: We were at Atlantic Records from

Ambi’ance Magazine: Billy, what were the low points for you? Ray, Goodman and Brown: For me, the drugs were my downfall. Because of cocaine, I almost lost my wife and children. I was at the bottom when I was at hell’s doorsteps. I peeked my head inside and God said, “Oh no!” I was sitting in an after-hours club getting high. I could not get any higher and I lifted my head and said, “God, please. Can you take me away from here? I do not belong here. I am Your child!” I then walked down the street and people thought I was crazy. I was walking with tears running down my face. No one could find me for four days. I went upstairs, took a shower, tears still running. I laid down, still crying. I got up, put my clothes on, went downstairs, got in my car and drove myself to the George Washington Hospital. There was a lady, sitting behind the window that did not know who I was. I asked her for help. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that I had a problem. She asked me to wait right there while she went and got the administrator. The administrator came out and said, “I don’t know what it is, but she has never done this before. There must be something about you.” They then asked me if I wanted their help and I said, yes. From that moment on I haven’t used another drug! Twenty-three years later and I still have no desire to use. Drugs are all around me, but God took that desire from me. That is why I have dedicated my life and my album. I did an inspirational CD and a PSA with actor, Clifton Davis. I just let the world and my partners know what is in my heart. I want all to know that God is good and He can be in your life if you just give Him



a chance! If you let Him in, you will see there is so much more to life than you could have ever imagined. Sometimes it takes you longer than others when you are out here in the limelight because you forget about a lot of things. But one thing is for sure, I never let God go! He has always been in my life and I have always praised Him, but I have never felt what I feel today, that COMMITMENT to God!

would just tell them, “This is where my friends are and where I like to hang out.” They thought I was being nice and some people were a little envious, but I never shunned them for that

Ambi’ance Magazine: Wow! What a powerful testimony to the pros and cons of fame!

Ray, Goodman and Brown: Al Goodman held this group, just in his presence alone. He was the leader and kept things a certain way. He was the ambassador and when he passed away, everyone was like, Wow!” He did not know how much influence he had on the groups of today. People would say Al Goodman was their ambassador. It is one thing to do something if you have the skills and talents and another if you have the love for it. When the sun sets on me, Iam going to leave a legacy. That is what Al did. He would love to shop. He would ride all day for the perfect handkerchief. He always looked like a million dollars and we did not even have two bucks! You could not go out looking broke! We always had to represent the brand. He did that so well. His personality did not allow for a lot of phoniness. The hardest thing to find is honesty. Never let people know what you are thinking. This is an art. We are workaholics. Working for hours on Saturdays, sweating like pigs, but that is what we do. We earned that longevity.

Ray, Goodman and Brown: We have all been through some kind of struggle. Ambi’ance Magazine: You guys never parted for long periods of time or stopped working. How did you maintain the longevity? Ray, Goodman and Brown: This group has always had that nine lives kind of thing. We have always stood out from other groups, in the way we presented ourselves, etc. We kept it up with the night things professionalism. We were the same on and off the stage, but if you kept looking back, you kidnapped your future. We always treated people like we wanted to be treated. We always took the time…that had a lot to do with the longevity of the group. Ambi’ance Magazine: What is the group’s philosophy? Ray, Goodman and Brown: We always looked at this as a job. If you do not perform up to the standards of your boss, they will let you go! These people that come to see us ARE our bosses! They pay us our salaries. On the same token, if we show up late and just sing, people will not come to see you anymore. That is our perspective of what we do. We are not stars, everyone is a star! We just happen to do something that we have always wanted to do. Kevin, ‘Ice” and myself, God gave us that support to do the goal we have set for ourselves. Plus, we have great chemistry! People used to ask me after the Moments, (we were so hot) “Why did I come back to the places I used to hang out?” I

Ambi’ance Magazine: How did the late Al Goodman influence the group?

Ambi’ance Magazine: That is why Ambi’ance Magazine hopes that Ray, Goodman and Brown will do another thirty-two years of great music! Ray, Goodman and Brown: Jonathan, we want to thank Jenny and Jenny Records and Entertainment for flying you out to New York to interview us. Ambi’ance Magazine: Gentlemen, it was an honor! Ray, Goodman and Brown: Jonathan, just so you know, like many of your readers, “We love Ambi’ance Magazine!”



Atlanta’s Hottest Entrepeunuer

Alana Sanders REPORTER: Jonathan Fields EMAIL:

AM- Who is Alana Sanders? AS -I am originally from Covington, a little town right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Born to two educators, my background comes from them. Being educators/professors and my father being in the music industry, all were instilled in us. I am the baby of the family. Being an enterprising person and a professional entrepreneur, my drive and zeal all started with them. I attended Grambling State University on a vocal performance scholarship. My goal was to be a radio broadcaster. I did work in television and radio and I interned for BET in the nineties. I came to Atlanta because of an offered position with CNN, but that took another route, so I went back to school and got my Master’s degree, started teaching and working on my own marketing firm. When I first came to Atlanta, I started a modeling agency. For seven years, I have had top ranked models with Versace, Fashion Fair, McDonald commercials etc and marketing for a candidate for Georgia’s State Representative. I am a professor in day and sing with the band at night. I am sometimes amazed with all the things I do, but my number one priority is that I am mother to seven-year-old, McKinley. AM- I want to dissect a little of that. I have done some research regarding some of the things you are doing. I see that you are making the most with your God given talents. For example, I just completed an article with one of your clients, April Smith and her Butterfly Cosmetics line. How did you and April Smith come together?

AS-April heard about what I what I was doing in the industry and contacted me. When she first hired me, she was going to open a boutique then decided that was not her God given talent and she went into the beauty industry. April started that from watching her daughters wearing make-up. I have had people ask me how to get into the beauty industry. I had a page, she read it and it all went from there. Later, she was able to find the best laboratory to mix her colors and products. She may eventually collaborate with a major company. We got together and did some research, since I teach marketing and research, I had some of my students involved. It was exciting to have them involved in finding out who her major competitors would be and all, so that she would know exactly what to do. AM- I really enjoyed my interface with her. She appeared very knowledgeable on the subject, which is a reflection of your tutorage . AS- Thank you so much. AM- Your music career is very interesting. Tell me about that. AS- That is my foundation. It is what keeps me happy and sane. And yes just like Whitney Houston and a lot of musical talents, i’m a church girl. My pastor was very supportive and recognized my talents early on. Like many I started out singing in the church. It was there that i started playing every instrument there was. But coming from a musical family, you had to do something musical. Everyone can sing in my familyon my father’s side. The vocals were always there and I played the piano and clarinet. Music was so instilled in me, that even in college when I pledged Delta, (you had to have so much to pledge money wise) I entered a contest, won and paid my Delta membership dues. I used what God gave me. Anything I needed, I utilized my talent. I was a beauty queen having won about seventy-five pageants. I have


always won in the talent. I am thankful for that. I was blessed to be an artist. In 2007, I released a gospel album. I wrote the whole project and released it as an independent. I have a new song out called “Full Circle” that was written by writer Elizabeth Hayford. The producer is Casey Irvin. But the Arrangement/Vocals are all Alana Sanders. You know God works in mysterious ways, because Elizabeth Hayford is a great writer, but wanted someone to sing her song. So she had her daughter find me on Facebook and that is how we hooked up. You never know where this industry can take you. Along with my band, we play at several different venues, corporate events and CEO’s houses, so you never know. It has always been a part of me. Right now, I have a label that is looking at me to become an artist. That has always been my goal and you know, you have to take care of family.

situations or deal with CEO’s or Board of Directors. It is bringing real life experience to the classroom. That is how I wrote the textbook I wrote it to be purchased by small businesses or major corporations, not just the classrooms.

AM- What is the name of your band?

AS- You have to have some form of family support. That is the key. That is what helped me to get to where I am. I have two other siblings and my daughter is the only niece, so her Aunt and Uncle spoil her. I also have a caregiver for her that takes care of her as if she was her own child. I have huge family support and sometimes she is with me. I want her to see mommy in action and since she has seen me, my daughter has created her own clothing line at seven-years old. Her clothing line she sketched herself and had someone else actually sew and make them. She also has written her own children’s book at six-years old. I have helped her embrace her entrepreneurial side and sometimes that kind of backfires because if she has clothes that do not fit, she is like, “Mom, let’s have a garage sale” and sells them. She has that spirit in her. She is already talking about college she wants to be a scientist. She scored on a fifth grade level and she is only seven. She is blessed and talented.

AS- I named after me, Alana Sanders & Company AM- I noticed a very diverse Educational background Alana.Can you share some of it with us ? AS-Absolutely my Undergrad degree’s are; Bachalors-Television Broadcasting, minor in Vocal Music Performance, Bachalors in Chriminal Justice Masters- Marketing, Business. I’m also a Certified Paralegal in Human Resources Lastly I’m almost finished my dissertation for my PHD in Leadership in order to change business. Interestingly enough it’s the same degree NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal just received. AM- I read somewhere that you wrote a textbook on Social Media Marketing ? AS-Yes I wrote my first college textbook on Social Media Marketing. This has never been done before! I am teaching the first couple of classes. This is new in the education media. I wrote my second college book on business scenarios used in the corporate sector as well as classrooms, showing the students how to handle different

AM-What university are you a professor? AS-Right now I am four chair full-time at Kaplan University, which owns about two hundred and fifty schools and I teach a business management course at Barter College here in Atlanta. AM-Wow i’m exhausted just listening, how do you find time to be a mom Alana ? Especially with a seven-year- old?

AM- Well you certainly have a solid built-in support system. AS- Yes in that respect i’m truly blessed . AM-When you see your daughter, do you think about the legacy your creating ? AS- That is the problem with us. We do not always leave a legacy for our children. They should have a legacy. If you look at other communities, they leave legacies for their kids. They leave businesses, old money, etc. They have funds and businesses waiting for them to help them start their careers. In our communities, we do not have that as much. We need to start giving our children something to look forward to. If we did, we would not have some of the problems we have in our communities, and that is what I want to instill in her. She already wants to start a foundation for kids that want to start their own businesses and show them how to do this in our communities. AM- How often do you get a chance to work on the West Coast ? AS- I have not been out there in a while. I actually have family there, but I have been so busy. I have not been able to go out there in years. I think I will be out there pretty soon doing some things. A lot of movie industries have migrated to the south because it is cheaper to make movies. Tyler Perry has a whole studio here and so does BET. They do all their movie/shows here and some share a studio with Turner Studios. I have students that work on the sets and that intern with them. One thing is that they are bringing their own people from New York or Los Angeles and not utilizing the Atlanta person, which does not stimulate the economy here. AM- What’s on the horizen for Alana Sanders ? AS-I have a huge networking event which is really around my birthday.


I have actually turned my birthday party into a networking event because here in Atlanta, there are a lot of networking events but they are not really networking events. It should not be where I am watching a celebrity. That is not networking. This is going to be a business-networking event. I told the people that to network they can get on the microphone with a thirty-second elevated speech, but they cannot get up there unless they have a legitimate business with at least a business card and my event is free. I am not charging, because this is really networking. You get to see who has a business in Atlanta and what they have to offer and you get to speak which is hardly heard of, so that is what I am doing on June 2nd. There is also a magazine launch on July 7th , Connecting Social Media, which is online. Electing Doreen Carter the fundraiser, is June 6th . We are trying to get everyone active in voting.This will be my first time marketing for a politician and I have a new respect for them because of all the money they have to spend just to say, “I am running.” It does not make sense to me. This is all new and I am learning a lot trying to get her elected in July. AM- How can people find out more about Alana Sanders? AS- They can go to my website, or on Facebook/Twitter @alanasanders. AM- Good luck Alana i all your future endeviours, Ambi’ance Magazine will be watching. AS- Thank you so much for this interview, and i’ll be watching Ambi’ance Magazine as well.



Carolgrey Compton’s musical diva

Ambi’ance Magazine: Carole, are you a native of California?

Ambi’ance Magazine: Do you have a band or are you solo?

Carole Gray: Yes, I grew up right here in Los Angeles, CA. I am the second of five children (three sisters and a brother). We have lived in Los Angeles all of our lives. My mother is from Mississippi and my father is from Texas.

Carole Gray: I used to sing with a band, but right now I am solo.

Ambi’ance Magazine: A little southern flavor I see.

Carole Gray: I have spent many years singing with different bands. Today I am working on a break out solo project.

Ambi’ance Magazine: I understand you are working on your first solo project.

Carole Gray: Yes. Ambi’ance Magazine: Who is going to produce your music? Ambi’ance Magazine: Where did you go to school? Carole Gray: I attended high school in Compton, respectively, Central Mill Hill and Dominquez High School. Ambi’ance Magazine: Did I read somewhere that you wanted to be a nurse? Carole Gray: Yes. As a matter of fact, I was always interested in the medical field. I attended school here in Compton to study Computer Operations in 1988. After graduation I became a medical transcriber. I went on to Herzing University where I received my license in CPT Coding, ICD9 Coding and Medical Transcription. Ambi’ance Magazine: You have quite a diverse background. Carole Gray: Yes

Carole Gray: Right now I am working with Michael Nash formerly of the group, “Rolls Royce”. Ambi’ance Magazine: Wow! Have you worked with him before, or is this the first time? Carole Gray: Michael Nash and Benny Weismann used to be my producers when I was with a group called “Rare Gem’s Odyssey” some years ago. Ambi’ance Magazine: You have mentioned some pretty powerful names. You have quite an impressive resume. Carole Gray: Yes, it has been quite a run and I have done a lot of singing for different people, but I never reached out to do a project for myself. That is why I am working with Michael Nash to accomplish that goal.

Ambi’ance Magazine: How did the musical aspect come into play? Carole Gray: Well, actually both my mother and father’s sides of our family are musically inclined. On my father’s side, I had a cousin who is deceased now, by the name of Michael Grey. He was the lead in “Your Arms are too Short to Box with God”. He was also the original cowardly lion in “The Wiz”, with Stephanie Mills. On my daddy’s side most of us either play an instrument, sing or both.

Ambi’ance Magazine: After all of those years of paying dues, it has to be rewarding to see this come together. Carole Gray: Absolutely! I am pumped! I am just on an incredible high. It is just an awesome thing to hear something you put to music develop, especially when you are a writer that writes music. When you hear it come together, that is such an amazing thing!

Ambi’ance Magazine: So, you are a musical prodigy?

Ambi’ance Magazine: What type of music do you sing?

Carole Gray: Yes, I have been singing since childhood.

Carole Gray: R&B and gospel.

Ambi’ance Magazine: How did you get started in the business?

Ambi’ance Magazine: Do you have a signature song?

Carole Gray: I started singing in the night clubs when I was about fourteen years old. I started with a band called, “L.A. Trinidad Band” in the “El Rey Club” in Los Angeles. It was so awesome because they played these instruments that looked like trash cans. They have such an awesome sound when you put all of the instruments together. Later, I opened for Big Mama Thornton who sang, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog”, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield and Mable King, who played the mother on “What’s Happening?” I have also done some work with the late Ike Turner, yes, THAT Ike Turner! He wanted to remake a lot of the songs he did with Tina Turner. My roots have always been R&B or gospel.

Carole Gray: Not yet, but I hope my first single, “Get Away” becomes just that! Ambi’ance Magazine: What is the anticipated time frame to drop the CD? Carole Gray: Hopefully real soon. I have about four more songs to write. Ambi’ance Magazine: Do you have a title yet? Carole Gray: The title is the same as the proposed signature song, “Get Away”.


Ambi’ance Magazine: Well Carole, here is the question all of the eligible bachelors want to know…

party? Showcase perhaps?

Carole Gray: What’s that? Ambi’ance Magazine: Are you married or single? Carole Gray: (Laughing) I am single for now.

Carole Gray: Well, I will leave that up to “Million Dollar” of radio station KJLH and Michael Nash. Ambi’ance Magazine: Well, Ambi’ance Magazine is definitely looking forward to that.

Ambi’ance Magazine: Any children? Carole Gray: My children are grown.

Carole Gray: I am so excited that your magazine took an interest in me. I thank God for everything, because without Him I do not think anything would be possible.

Ambi’ance Magazine: Are they also into music? Ambi’ance Magazine: So, it is safe to say that you are not only a musiCarole Gray: Not really. My oldest daughter sings, but she is mostly into sports. She used to coach for Cal Poly Pomona’s Girls’ Basketball Team, Saint Mary’s and Bakersfield Universities. Ambi’ance Magazine: What is your daughter’s name? Carole Gray: Her name is Latosha Brad. Ambi’ance Magazine: Was she also a player? Carole Gray: Yes, she has won quite a few awards and trophies. Latosha has been in many championship games and won the Women’s’ National Basketball Divisions and recently they retired her number. Ambi’ance Magazine: Where did she play? Carole Gray: She went to Cal Poly Pomona College. She started playing basketball while she was attending Lynwood Junior High School in Lynwood. Ambi’ance Magazine: Okay Carole, you are off the hot seat! Carole Gray: Whew! (Laughing again) Ambi’ance Magazine: Any plans when you drop the CD? Release



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