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And your favorite waterfall is… If you enjoy exploring the North Shore’s many waterfalls, you’re in luck. Mother Nature decided to delay spring for a few weeks this year, leaving the waterfalls frozen in winter’s icy grip. As this issue goes to press, Mother Nature has turned up spring to full volume. The snow is melting. Waterfalls are beginning to roar. May should offer outstanding waterfall viewing. Where should you begin? Let us suggest the High Falls of the Pigeon River in Grand Portage State Park. Situated on the boundary between the U.S. and Canada, at 120 feet, High Falls is considered the highest waterfall in Minnesota. It is also among the most loved. In a recent Waterfall FaceOff online contest sponsored by Visit Cook County, High Falls emerged as the clear winner from a field of 16 waterfalls. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: every waterfall in the contest is well-worth visiting this spring. Just go to to download a waterfall map you can use to plan your adventure.

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While the water is running in the rivers, it’s a toss-up if the lakes will be open in time for the Minnesota general fishing opener on May 12. A later than average ice-out is assured; just how late is the question. Late winter accounts of ice nearly four feet thick means that even with warm temperatures, ice-out may be slow

in coming. To prime the pump for anglers, we’ve included some fishing stories in this issue. Ali Juten introduces us to a form of fishing that is popular elsewhere, but new to the Northern Wilds: bowfishing for carp and suckers. Joe Shead of Two Harbors, in his first piece for Northern Wilds, describes some of his opening day mishaps, which were funny, provided you weren’t in the boat with him. Gord Ellis explains how to catch northern pike in the spring; a time when you can have some of the best action (and best eating) of the year. Ellis was recently inducted in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. We have a report on that, too. Local history is popular with our readers. Two stories in this issue are related to new books coming out this spring. We interviewed Northern Wilds contributor Kathy Toivonen and her co-author Kim Manduca about their ambitious project to chronicle the historic communities associated with the railways of Northwestern Ontario. Elle Andra-Warner looks at the story of Northeastern Minnesota’s seven iron men: the Merritt brothers who discovered the Mesabi Iron Range. She talks with Grant Merritt, the grandson of brother Alfred, about his new book, which tells of his family’s history as well as his own efforts to protect Minnesota’s environment. As always, our contributors seek

High Falls in Grand Portage. | SUBMITTED out what is new and different. Chuck Viren explains how ultralight gear can take pounds out of your backpack. Maren Webb checks out new restaurants on the Gunflint Trail and in Thunder Bay. Javier Serna sips some new brews in Superior. Kelsey Roseth reports on a new movie that was filmed on the North Shore. Kim Casey writes about a new co-op serving the community of Dorion. Think of this issue as a spring bouquet of stories and photos. We hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did putting it together for you. —Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt

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22 Community Ties Thunder Bay duo chronicles railway history

25 Archery for the Whole Family From age three to 33

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Fishing by Lois Nuttall

Porcupine by Keith Crowley


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uPCOming FesTivALs & evenTs June AnisHnAWBe KeesHigun 9-10


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OCTOBeR: 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28

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One of Canada’s top outdoor attractions, Fort William Historical Park has something everyone will enjoy: award-winning historic programs, festivals and events, an astronomical observatory with one of Central Canada’s largest telescopes, a scenic campground, and outdoor adventure opportunities!

Open year-round

Plan your visit today! 807-473-2344 • Fort William Historical Park 1350 King Road • Thunder Bay • Ontario • Canada • P7K 1L7

Plan your gear first, then buy a pack appropriate for your needs. | SUBMITTED

Sarah Hamilton at Trail Center Lodge has developed Camp Chow, a line of meals that weigh about 4.5 ounces and can be made with hot or cold water. | NACE HAGEMANN

Prioritize your needs and replace the heaviest of your gear first. | SUBMITTED

Ultralight backpacking

Make your next outing like a walk in the park GRAND MARAIS— Backpacking provides outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore remote areas not accessible by boat. The North Shore of Lake Superior is home to tremendous backpacking opportunities that provide amazing vistas, but wind over rugged terrain. In the past, this has meant lugging 40-50 pound packs, arriving at your campsite too sore and exhausted to enjoy the peace and solitude. Today, there is no need to fear the trails. Technology and innovation has fueled an ultra light backpacking movement that has revolutionized the sport. Now it is possible to keep your total pack weight under 20 pounds. Your backpacking weight loss program begins with the big three: backpack, tent, and sleeping gear. Solo and two person tents can now weigh from one to three pounds. They sometimes use hiking poles instead of traditional poles. Carbon fiber technology has allowed tent makers to include poles that weigh mere ounces. Add in titanium stakes, and you can drop five to six pounds on the tent alone. Technology is also transforming backpacks. Jon Wynn of Gear Up Outdoors in Thunder Bay remarked that he still sees a lot of the old external frame packs that were so popular in the ‘70s. For a while, ultra-lighters eschewed frames altogether. Carbon fiber technology is altering that equation yet again. This spring, Osprey is offering an internal frame 60-liter pack that weighs a mere 1.8 pounds. Shedding your old pack can save another four to five pounds.

Kyler Anderson of Trailfitters in Duluth offers this advice, though, “Buy a backpack that’s relative to the gear you have.” In other words, plan your other gear first, and then buy a pack appropriate for your needs. Sleeping bags, too, weigh in around a pound for summer weight bags. Three season bags can weigh around two pounds. Filled with goose down or PrimaLoft, they are not only light but compact. Jack Stone of Stone Harbor in Grand Marais says that a lightweight liner can be used to add warmth to a summer bag when the conditions warrant. Some hikers are substituting down quilts for traditional sleeping bags because they lose the weight of a zipper. If warmth is a primary consideration, stick with a mummy bag. For pads, some use foam rolls. However, inflatable pads are a bit more comfortable, now weigh in at just under a pound, and are amazingly compact—no more need to strap your pad to the bottom of your pack. Some sleeping bags now have pads built into them, and some backpacks are now designed to use your pad in lieu of a traditional internal frame. Clothing has gotten lighter and more durable as well. Perhaps the greatest innovation in clothing is the down sweater, a lightweight down coat that can be used instead of a wool sweater or fleece jacket. Some jackets are now using PrimaLoft, which dries much quicker than down and holds its insulating value when wet. Rain jackets weigh mere ounces and can double as a wind breaker. Merino wool is the fabric of choice for warm underwear and hiking shirts. It is much nicer on your traveling com-

panions, too, as it resists odors. Instead of boots, most ultra light hikers wear running shoes, trail shoes with lightweight Vibram soles, or even durable sandals. Ultralight backpackers shed weight with food as well. Many go with self-contained stoves with a built-in pot such as the MSR Windburner. These are only good for boiling water, but lightweight meals can now be prepared by simply adding boiling water to the bags. Titanium cook pots combined with a small canister stove such as the MSR Pocket Rocket is also a popular combination. Titanium or lightweight plastic cups and spoons weigh next to nothing. Some ultra-lighters opt to do without a stove. Sarah Hamilton at Trail Center Lodge on the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais has developed Camp Chow, a line of tasty meals that weigh around 4.5 ounces and can be made with either hot or cold water. She has a wide array of meals for canoeists and backpackers alike. And for those extreme hikers who need extra calories or electrolytes, she will customize meals. Another way to shed weight is to cache food. Stone Harbor in Grand Marais, for instance, provides a caching service. Technology is revolutionizing the sport of backpacking. Freed from 20-30 extra pounds, hikers can enjoy the trails in relative comfort. Jon Wynn at Gear Up Outdoor notes that millennials are catching on too. They are getting out and having fun in style and comfort. One need not go all in with this craze either. Prioritize your needs and replace the heaviest of your gear first. You will be amazed at the difference it can make.—Chuck Viren NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018



DNR offers programs to learn to camp, paddle, mountain bike and fish Sponsored by

Mark D. Consulting, LLC Serving Businesses and Residential Customers. 218-663-7149

Sponsoring Summer Fun! Across 1 Painter --- Veronese 6 Gambling token 10 Fake 12 Stash 14 Least worried 15 Open sore 16 Zits 17 Spanish discoverer of Yucatan 19 Leading 21 Possess 22 Coverts rotary motion into linear motion 23 Type of metal or gas 25 Langley grp. 26 Lake Superior fish 28 Relating to birth 31 Flatbread 32 Garbage 34 Type of lamp 35 Personal attention 36 Agreements 40 Egocentric 42 Get lost! 43 Blazing 44 Green 47 Shorter type of month 48 Toast 49 Rents out 50 Pens

Held at various state parks and trails, the Minnesota DNR will offer the I Can! Program series, featuring everything from kayaking and canoeing to fishing, camping and mountain biking. | SUBMITTED

ST. PAUL— Registration for the 2018 I Can! programs that teach camping, paddling, mountain biking and fishing skills at Minnesota state parks and trails is now open, according to the DNR. The I Can! series helps beginners of all ages learn outdoor skills. The programs start in June and continue through the end of August. They include:

Down 1 Woof-woof 2 Make amends 3 New ---, the Big Easy 4 Sheltered side 5 West Atlantic international grp. 6 Staff turnover 7 Retain 8 Former Chrysler boss 9 Come out on top

10 College sporting org. 11 One over a major 13 Play 18 1936 Berlin Olympics star Jesse --20 Medic 24 Plays in alleys 26 Cautious 27 Slope 29 Tennis player’s org.

• I Can Camp! Develop (or brush up on) fire-starting and camp cooking skills and sleep on comfy air mattresses in tents large enough to accommodate two adults and up to three children ($60 for one-night programs or $85 for two-night programs).

30 Chaffing 31 Of the nose 33 Hurt 35 Layers 37 Throttle 38 Tip sellers 39 Ho-hum 41 Campus house, maybe 45 Reactor overseers 46 Through

• I Can Paddle! Get out on the water for a sea kayaking adventure on Lake Superior ($35 for ages 12-18, $45 for adults) or a guided canoeing or kayaking experience on a Minnesota lake or river (prices vary). • I Can Mountain Bike! Learn riding techniques and explore mountain

bike trails with guides from the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Club ($15 for ages 10-15, $25/adults). • I Can Fish! Experience the fun of casting into the water and the excitement when there’s a tug on the line ($7/person, children under age 12 are free). The I Can! series also includes the Archery in the Parks programs, which are free and for which no reservations are needed. “We provide all the gear along with friendly instructors who can show you how to use it,â€? said Erika Rivers, director of Minnesota state parks and trails. “Our goal is to make it easy for busy families to discover the fun of spending time outdoors together.â€? For more information, including program dates, times, locations, and minimum age requirements, visit: mndnr. gov/ican.

Two Locations! Grand Marais

120 W Hwy 61

Two Harbors


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Off regularly priced item of equal or lesser value. Excludes $5 Lunch, $6 Lunch, DQ Cakes, and Take Home Boxes of Novelties. Not valid with any other coupons or specials. Limit 1 coupon, 1 per customer. Limit 1 per coupon. Void if copied. DQ logo property of AM.DQCorp Minneapolis, MN, 2011. Expires 12/31/2019. Grand Marais, MN and Two Harbors, MN locations only.


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530 7th Ave

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Offering quality, full service Veterinary care: o Preventative medicine o urgent care with compassion o digital x-ray & diagnostics on-site

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218-877-7321 o 258 Cedar Grove Lane, Grand Marais

Sporting Goods, Clothing, Footwear Discount Prices on all these brands and more!

The film Virginia Minnesota was shot at multiple locations on the North Shore, including Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay and Grand Marais. Shown here are actresses Aurora Perrineau and Rachel Hendrix. | RUSHAWAY PICTURES

Virginia Minnesota charms at International Film Festivals DULUTH—Virginia Minnesota, a movie shot locally and produced by Rushaway Pictures, is new to the film festival circuit and already charming film critics. It has been named a “female-led indie gem” by Cultured Vultures and Miro Magazine called it a “feel-good indie charmer.”

perienced sound recorder who also works in the industry, to serve as a boom operator. He even talked a few friends and family members into serving as extras. “They often needed extras and I knew people, being from there,” said Cole, sharing a story about how the director once needed an extra to pick up boxes for a shot. He had 20 minutes to find someone, so he did what any of us would do. He called his aunt. “I said, ‘get your car down here, you’re going to be in a movie,’” he laughed.

The low-budget film, written and directed by Daniel Stine, is a story of two young women who grew up in a residence for troubled girls. Over time, they are torn apart by a tragedy and unexpectedly reunited when they journey back to their childhood home for the reading of their former guardian’s will. This coming-of-age movie is about imagination, innocence and belief— which is fitting for a movie that helped local North Shore residents achieve their own dreams of making an impact on the film industry. “When I read the script, I was amazed by it,” said Brandon Cole, the 29-year-old owner/founder of Duluth’s Death Calm Studios and an active participant in the regional film industry. He served as the location manager for Virginia Minnesota, which was shot at multiple locations on the North Shore—including Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay and Grand Marais. “The rustic, small-town feel of Grand Marais has so much film potential,” said Cole. “I needed to be a part of this, because I’m from there.” After high school, the Grand Marais native moved to Duluth to pursue

The movie poster for Virginia Minnesota. | RUSHAWAY PICTURES media studies at Lake Superior College. There, he cultivated a passion for filmmaking and has spent the last six years in the film industry, primarily focused on horror films. About two years ago, Cole was hired by Virginia Minnesota’s producer, as Cole’s film company is one of the few Northland companies on the Minnesota Film & TV Board. He then began scouting locations along the North Shore. When shooting started in September, Cole recruited his 25-year-old brother Christian, an ex-

While having a movie shot on the North Shore is special on its own, Cole said making a movie locally is entirely unique. “Minnesota, in general, is a different experience than what I hear of Hollywood,” he said. For example, rather than the hierarchy he would have encountered in a big budget movie, he was able to talk and engage with anyone on set. “You do make those connections with higher up people, with actors you wouldn’t make in Hollywood or another state,” said Cole. Virginia Minnesota recently premiered in Minnesota and screened at the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Film Festival. To check out the trailer and learn about other potential local screenings, visit: or —Kelsey Roseth




1814 Belknap Street • Superior WI 54880 NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


The winter wren when that same clear stream of tinkling notes erupted from the tangle of brush along a shady creek, it felt like a warm welcome. If I were a lady wren, though, his song would not have been so enticing. The winter wrens in California sing a slightly different song than our eastern wrens. Humans can decipher the two accents with the help of sonograms, but the female wrens have no trouble using their ears. Where the two populations find themselves as neighbors in eastern British Colombia, the male wrens will respond to any wren’s song with territorial aggression, but the females only mate with males who sing the right song. The females are choosey enough to keep the eastern and the western types from mating, even though they could produce viable offspring if they tried. It seems a bit tenuous, but it is a strong enough divide that in 2010, scientists classified the birds as separate species: the Pacific wren and our winter wren. At the same time, scientists split off a third species of winter wrens that are now called Eurasian wrens.

The winter wren’s range extends from Canada into the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. | EMILY M. STONE

NORTH SHORE— I love floating on a calm lake in canoe country just as the rising sun swirls away the wisps of fog. In May, the morning will be cool, but not quiet. Each day, new voices join the dawn chorus as migrating birds arrive from the south. The piercing whistle of the white-throated sparrow carries for miles across the hilltops. The soft che-bec of a least flycatcher slyly invades your subconscious. There is no such subtlety in the call of winter wren. His clear stream of tinkling notes blasts across still water with outsized power. This four-inch-long, one-half-ounce, drab-brown bird of the forest floor can sing with 10 times more power than a crowing rooster per unit weight. By bellowing his notes on both the inhale and the exhale, this little guy can extend his brash song to a full eight seconds. Perhaps he’s compensating for something. In contrast to their song, winter wrens’ appearance isn’t big or flashy. These tiny, well-camouflaged birds spend

their time scurrying through the underbrush with mouse-like hops. The scientific name of the winter wren (Troglodytes hiemalis) means winter-loving cave-dweller, but their caves are hollows and cavities in dead and fallen trees. If it wasn’t for photographers with long lenses and longer patience, I wouldn’t know that the little brown blur sometimes congeals into a short, perky, twitching tail, and that they have tiny, white checkers on their brown background, a white eyebrow, and lightbrown legs.

forest, although I never once caught a glimpse of the songster and his jaunty tail. I took those memories with me when I moved to the redwoods of California. So

HikeWithConfidenc.HikeWith eBarStick

I grew up hearing house wrens in Iowa. I also enjoyed listening to canyon wrens during trips to southeast Utah. There are 10 species of wrens in North America. I first discovered the song of the winter wren while working for the Forest Service in the Boundary Waters. A particularly vociferous male had a territory on Seahorse Lake, which is one we often traveled through to clean campsites on Gillis and Paulsen. I came to expect his ringing song whenever we paddled past that swampy

I’m happy to be living back in the Midwest again. Seahorse Lake has since been changed by fire, but plenty of other lakes still enjoy the ringing call of a winter wren at dawn. The winter wren’s range extends from Canada into the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, and most of the way through Wisconsin. One pair with a crowing male sets up shop along my driveway every spring. They are welcome neighbors. —Emily M. Stone

SHTA hires trail-builder TWO HARBORS—Tamer Ibrahim has joined the Superior Hiking Trail Association (SHTA) as the organization’s first trail operations director.

Ibrahim will oversee trail planning and trail construction projects on the entire SHT, doing some trail projects himself, with the help of volunteers.

A resident of the Grand Marais area, Ibrahim has extensive trail-building experience from over 15 years as a wilderness ranger with the U.S. Forest Service. He led teams of volunteers on multi-day excursions into the wilderness to build and rehabilitate trails and portages. He was introduced to the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) in the late 1990s as a crew member of the Minnesota Conservation Corps.

Ibrahim says he’s excited to get going, adding that “it’s really cool that the Superior Hiking Trail Association is moving in this direction—of sustainable trail design and high standards. I’m honored to have been chosen to help SHTA pursue this vision.” To learn more about SHTA, visit:

Loon’s Nest Gift Shop

20 years! A unique gift shop

located mid-Gunflint Trail.

Hike With Confidence. Hike With the Bear Stick

Hike With Confidence. Hike With Confidence. Hike With the Bear StickHike


MAY 2018

Hike With Confidence. Hike With the Bear Stick


We have something for everyone. Specializing in handcrafted gifts, many made from materials gathered right here in the forest. • Christmas Ornaments • Birchbark Baskets • Carved loons and other woodland creatures • Cribbage boards • Shelving • Wall hangings • Oil paintings on saw blades, paddles & rocks Open May to October

Hours: 10 am-5 pm, Tuesday-Sunday With the Bear7575Stick Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais (218) 388-9973

Remembering the Gunflint Green Up GUNFLINT TRAIL— Although the 2007 Ham Lake wildfire was devastating, destroying 75,000 acres of forest land, it didn’t extinguish the spirit of those who love the Gunflint Trail. And nowhere was that more evident than in the gathering in the days that followed the fire. Nancy Seaton, of Hungry Jack Outfitters, recalls that the idea of planting trees was born as a way to celebrate the end of the evacuation of the Gunflint Trail. “When the Gunflint Trail was going to re-open after the Ham Lake Fire, the Gunflint Trail business owners gathered as a group. We wanted to do something positive at that time so we came up with the idea of planting trees,” said Seaton. The informal community event on Memorial Day weekend drew the attention of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and more than 100 people turned out to help. “From that experience we decided to do it in a more organized, celebratory way for 2008 and Gunflint Green Up was born.” Seaton and other members of the Gunflint Trail Association and Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway worked with the U.S. Forest Service to determine what type of trees should be planted and where. The Forest Service provided 75,000 trees, a mix of white, red, jack pine and spruce. Dennis Neitzke, who was the Gunflint District Ranger at that time, says over all the years of the Green Up, there were ap-

proximately 150,000 trees planted, by volunteers and through Forest Service efforts. Sue Weber worked for the Gunflint Trail Association during that time. “It was a challenging yet very rewarding experience,” she said. “We had over 200 planters for several years. Making all the arrangements so it ran smoothly was quite the learning experience. The Forest Service were great partners in this, providing all the training and group leadership. “It was also very emotional, since so many friends lost their homes and cabins, plus so many acres of the forest was destroyed,” says Weber. However, the crisis brought out the best in people. “The Ham Lake Fire brought the Gunflint Trail community together,” says Weber. “Even in—perhaps especially in—a disaster, people reach out and support one another.  Residents who had never met grew to be friends as they sat through information meetings together and ate meals at the Lutheran Church.  “Gunflint Green Up continued to build community as people reunited to plant trees.  And, we found planters arrived from many places (not just property owners) just because they love the Gunflint Trail, and wanted to do something positive,” says Weber. Neitzke also recalls that some positive

followed the devastation. He says during his tenure the relationship between the Forest Service and the Gunflint Trail community was strained at times. But surprisingly, he says, the fires that burned the landscape in 2005, 2006 and finally the Ham Lake fire, didn’t drive a deeper wedge between the Forest Service and the community. “We instead found ways to work together, support each other and achieve results that benefitted all of us. The cooperation during these events, particularly in the Green Up, was huge in building positive relationships,” says Neitzke. Seaton agrees, “Green Up is a highlight of my life. Knowing we were able to bring so many people together in a healing moment, connecting us to the land that feeds our souls every day, and just the great support from all of Cook County and its visitors was beyond rewarding.” Friendships were forged and relationships grew as the physical labor of planting trees was followed by Friday and Saturday speakers and music, which Weber describes as “times of gathering and celebrating.” And how have the thousands of trees fared? How tall have they grown? Weber says it depends on where they were planted and the amount of sunlight and moisture the trees received. She says the trees planted at her own property at Seagull Lake are not yet taller than she is.

She says it is still sad driving through the areas where the trees were planted, because the signs of the fire remain. “There are still so many standing, charred trees. The Green Up trees are short—but growing—and that gives hope. “The sense of community is still with us, though. We work together on projects, such as the Chik-Wauk Museum. We see the success of the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department,” she says, adding, “As we learn of the Gunflint Trail book clubs and fiber art and yoga groups; we realize there have been so many good things coming from a community brought together in 2007.” To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Gunflint Green Up, the community is invited to a potluck at the Seagull Community Center on May 5 at 5 p.m. —Rhonda Silence

Train Outside Gym THE

Feel the sunshine on your face, the air in your lungs and the land beneath your feet. Connect with the trail instead of the treadmill. Superior Spring Trail Races – May 19 | Le Grand du Nord – May 26 Voyage North 5K and 10K – June 9 | Lutsen 99er – June 23

Book your adventure at


MAY 2018


Caribou moved to second island

trees shrubs annuals perenials vines groundcovers pottery baskets stoneplanters trellises herbs seeds bulbs

WAWA— Lake Superior’s dwindling population of woodland caribou, were transferred from Michipicoten Island, where they are being wiped out by wolves that crossed over on the ice in 2014. At the time, there were an estimated 800 caribou on the island. Last winter, caribou advocates raised alarm that Michipicoten’s caribou, the largest remaining population on Lake Superior, would disappear before the winter’s end due to wolf predation.

Phone: 218-353-7726 6185 Lax Lake Rd., Finland, MN

midway between Duluth & Grand Marais


In response, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) used a helicopter to capture 10 caribou and move them to the Slate Islands in January. The Slates have long supported caribou, but the population there was also reduced to two to four bulls after two wolves reached the islands via an ice crossing in 2014. The predators have since disappeared, which will hopefully allow the reintroduced caribou to recover the population.


In February, five caribou, one bull and four cows, were moved to Caribou Island, which is located far offshore near the border with the U.S., by the MNRF in partnership with the Michipicoten First Nation. In March, the partners trapped and transferred another bull to Caribou Island. Few, if any, caribou remain on Michipicoten Island. In recent years, the animals

Boundary Waters Expo! June 9th & 10th Outdoor family fun at the edge of the Boundary Waters



Play dead fish polo!

selection process, chose Matthew Brown, current WTIP program director and volunteer coordinator. Brown has volunteered and worked at WTIP since 2000 and been an employee since 2008, when he took over as host of Sidetracks. He’s lived in Cook County for 21 years, doing everything from dog mushing and leading wilderness trips to captaining the schooner Hjordis.

Join us for a two day celebration of canoeing, camping, and wilderness travel

No cost to attend, food and merchandise for sale at the Expo

Directions: Hwy 61 to Grand Marais, Minnesota. North on Hwy 12 — Gunflint Trail 26 miles to Bearskin Lodge


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26 miles up the Gunflint Trail at Bearskin Lodge


MAY 2018


have disappeared from the North Shore mainland locations like Pukaskwa National Park and Neys Provincial Park. Caribou were native to Isle Royale prior to the arrival of moose and wolves. They were extirpated from the island about 100 years ago. The Park Service’s pending decision to restock wolves on the island precludes any chance of restoring the native species to the national park.—Shawn Perich

New ED for WTIP

Activities for kids

Lake Superior caribou have a more hopeful future following capture/ transfer operations last winter. | CHRISTIAN SCHROEDER

WTIP executive director Debbie Benedict will retire on June 1. | SUBMITTED

GRAND MARAIS— WTIP executive director Debbie Benedict, who’s been at the helm since 2001, is retiring from her position as of June 1. Under her direction, WTIP has grown into a trusted provider of news, information and entertainment on the North Shore, with nine staff people, over 1,200 members and many thousands of listeners.  The board of directors has reaffirmed the station’s community focus by choosing a homegrown successor for Benedict. The board wanted someone intimately familiar with the community, the station, and its mission and, upon completing its

As the station’s new leader, Brown will continue WTIP’s mission connecting, reflecting, and building community on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Benedict will continue to work part time with Brown for several months, to ensure a smooth a transition.  Board chair Dave TerSteeg said, “After a thoughtful process of choosing a successor for Deb, the board is proud to announce the promotion of Matthew Brown into the role of executive director. Matthew’s commitment to the local community and his excellent work at the station for so many years will help ensure a strong future for the station under his proven leadership.”  “I’m very excited about this opportunity to continue WTIP’s role in the community bringing together people and ideas. Deb is turning over leadership of a station that’s well-established and strong, and I’ll work to make sure we keep providing the excellent information and entertainment our listeners have come to expect,” said Brown.


PharmacY • Unique bird houses & feeders • Bird seed packaged and in bulk • Pet food & supplies • Garden & patio decor • FREE in-town prescription delivery OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

21 W. Highway 61, Grand Marais 218-387-1133 Gisele Tilson and Bonnie Broughton decorated the new store. | SUBMITTED

Canyon Country Co-op DORION— Dorion is situated between Lake Superior and the western shore of Black Bay. Surrounded by captivating forests, its tourist attractions include Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, Wolf River Falls, Canada’s longest, highest and fastest zip line at Eagle Canyon Adventures, Wolf River Campgrounds and a government-run Fish Culture Station. In the late 1800s, people began to settle in the Dorion area. Many of them started farms on land granted to them by the province. A sense of community quickly evolved amongst these pioneers, as they assisted each other in the construction of their log houses. By 1901 there were 71 inhabitants, and they shared the task of building their first school and community centre. Dorion continued to thrive and by 1961, there was 557 people. In the late 1990s, when the forest industry began to decline, many people lost their jobs at the neighbouring mills. And one-by-one the local businesses that were a mainstay of Dorion, also closed down. Many residents had no choice but to move away, and the remaining ones had to travel to other communities to purchase their basic needs. But the pioneering spirit of their proud predecessors too strong to deny, the community of Dorion once again took matters into their own hands and started a co-op. Aptly named the Canyon Country Coop, it is situated in the heart of Dorion, on the main highway. Ten people from the area have formed a board and are overseeing its development. They already have 110 members, which is quite something considering that their efforts have been more focused on fundraising. One such venture was a hearty Irish stew supper for St. Patrick’s Day, with comedian Chris Mulawyshyn providing the entertainment. The turnout was great and the money raised will aid the board in their many startup expenses. In the future, they will be holding a seminar series on “How to Garden like a Boss.” The board recently learned that they qualified for a grant through the Carrot Cache Community Resource. The actual amount is yet to be disclosed. They

have also been getting a lot of invaluable advice from Ron Salo with the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation. Due to their being a profit-based operation, they do not qualify for a lot of the funds being offered by the government. Marvin Broughton explained that when people join their coop, they are not just signing on as members. They will become part owners. There are three types of shares people can purchase, and each one offers a different level of annual payout. And membership is not restricted to the immediate area, anyone anywhere in the world can invest in their innovative co-op. Canyon Country Co-op sells basic groceries, produce and meat. Firewood is available for purchase and a grill shack operated by a couple in the community will be in the parking lot. There is a section for used and consignment merchandise, and a hardware section for basic essentials for rural living. The board is also planning to have a small coffee shop, liquor store, and gas station. They will hire one full-time person to oversee the day-to-day operations, and three people on a part-time basis. The décor has a pioneer theme, and several people from the area have donated rustic items. The co-op is not just about selling products at fair prices, it is about creating a sense of belonging for its members and nonmembers—a lesson learned long ago by Dorion’s settlers, who understood the success of their community was directly dependent upon their being able to work together for the collective good of all. —Kim Casey

Head Up the Gunflint Trail for a Fun-Filled Adventure At Legendary

; Riding Stable opens May 11 ; Mother’s Day Brunch May 13 ; Canopy Tour Zip Line opens May 19 ; Call for Reserva�ons

GUNFLINT LODGE & OUTFITTERS (800) 388-3325 (800) 328 328--3325 43 miles from Grand Marais on the historic Gunflint Trail NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018



Saturdays, June 2nd & August 25th, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

TOFTE TRANSFER STATION Saturday, July 21st, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.


Electronics - stereos - misc. electronics - printers - CPUs - Laptops - computer components (no monitors) Small Appliances - blenders - toasters - vacuum cleaners - etc








Electronics Recycling Collection Event










R E TR O F ®


Call (218) 387-3630 for more info.

Computer Monitors & Televisions $15 Large Appliances $25 - Washers & Dryers - Refrigerators - Microwaves Lamps - Circular fluorescent - U-bend fluorescent $0.50 - HID - Shatter Shield $2.00 - LED - Incandescent - Halogen $0.50 - Broken lamps - Neon and UV $5.00 Ballasts -Non-PCB ballasts $1.00 - Built-in ballast $1.00 Batteries - Alkaline $0.75 - Nickle cadmium $0.50 - Lithium ion $3.00 - Sealed lead acid $0.50 - Silver oxide and silver zinc $0.50 Mercury devices - Mercury batteries $5.00/lb - thermometers, thermostats, etc $2.00

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Saturday, July 28rd, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks.

Ely company to publish children’s books ELY— Raven Productions, Inc. announces that Legacy Toys has purchased the book publishing piece of the business to transform into a new children’s publishing company. Curious Cat Books will officially launch on May 1, with offices, shipping facilities, and a warehouse in Ely. For the past 24 years, Raven Productions, owned by Johnna Hyde, has published award-winning books, children’s books, non-fiction adult titles, blank journals, notecards, the Boundary Waters and Quetico calendars, and the Ely Summer and Winter Times magazine. “It’s been an honor to collaborate with all the authors and artists who entrusted Raven Productions with their work, and now it’s exciting to turn it over to a local entrepreneurial company that’s young, energetic, and in line with our values of making kids curious about nature, eager to spend time outdoors, and creative in their play,” said Hyde.

As Curious Cat Books, Rhuho plans to produce some of the Raven Productions titles as board books, ebooks, educational activity books, and possibly some games and toys. Curious Cat will also bring out some new titles that were in the line-up at Raven Productions, including Boundary Waters 1-2-3 and Where I Fly, A Hockey Story, which is the first in a series of books about sports played outdoors. The next books in the series will include canoe tripping, dogsledding and cross-country skiing. Raven Productions, Inc. will continue to produce the Ely Summer and Winter Times, as well as the Boundary Waters and Quetico calendar. These can be ordered at: For more information on Curious Cat Books, visit:

Legacy Toys was founded in 2012 with a mission of encouraging children to choose physical activity and imaginative play over electronic forms of entertainment, as well as promoting family time. Owner Brad Rhuho says, “the acquisition of the book portion of Raven Productions allows Legacy Toys to expand its vision by producing books and other media.”

Mark Cheeley Synergy Wealth Management A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

You’ve worked hard to achieve success. You deserve a financial advisor that works as hard for you. As an Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor, I have the qualifications and experience to help navigate your complex financial needs. Whether it’s investment management, tax strategies or legacy planning, I can work with you to grow and preserve what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. MARK CHEELEY, MBA, CFS®, CRPC®, CLTC®, RFC® Private Wealth Advisor 10159 Wayzata Blvd, Ste 200 Minnetonka, MN 55305 CA Insurance #OI11648

• REMOVE plants, animals & mud from gear, boat, trailer & vehicle. • CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site. • DRAIN bilge, ballast, wells, & buckets before you leave the area. • DRY equipment before launching into another body of water. • Dispose of unwanted bait in a sealed container.

MAY 2018


Twin Cities, now available to meet on the North Shore • FIVE STAR Wealth Manager*, 2012-2017 • Ameriprise Circle of Success, 2005-2017

Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results. The Compass is a trademark of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC @2017 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (12/17)

Help Prevent The Spread Of Invasive Plants And Animals.


• 20 years of experience in the

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Northern Wilds columnist inducted to fishing hall of fame THUNDER BAY—Sometime in the middle of the previous century, a little boy went fishing. That’s when it started. “There is a picture of me sitting in my father’s lap as a toddler, holding a fishing rod. I remember catching a brook trout in McVicar Creek when I was maybe 2,” says Gord Ellis of Thunder Bay. Thus began a career in fishing that culminated in March with Ellis’ induction to the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. It was an honor well-deserved. Full disclosure: I’ve known Ellis for more than 25 years and have fished and hunted with him. In addition to being good company in the field, he is among the best multi-species anglers I’ve met. He comes by his skill honestly.

“I spent a lot of my childhood fishing,” says Ellis, who grew up in Thunder Bay. “I had a bike, a fishing rod and a little container with my hooks and sinkers. I’d turn over rocks to find worms for bait.” Much of his fishing was for brook trout that lived in creeks flowing through the city. This kindled a lifelong passion for brookies or, as Canadians call them, “specs.” While he gained experience with pike, walleyes, smallmouth and perch as a child, it wasn’t until a spring trip to the Jackpine River with his father at age 12 that he discovered steelhead. “That took care of the rest of my teens. If I wasn’t in school, I was steelhead fishing,” he says. He and a couple of buddies roamed Lake Superior’s North Shore, staying in the car and sleeping in their waders so they could hit the rivers at first light. In winter, he went ice fishing with another early mentor, his grandfather, Ora Ellis. The two last fished for lake trout through the ice a month before his grandfather’s death at age 89. “He and my father (Gord, Sr.) had a passion for fishing. It’s in our genetic make-up,” he says. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that someone who so enjoys fishing would become a new outdoor communicator, but Ellis says he more or less just fell into it. When someone began publishing an outdoor magazine in the 1980s, his friends suggested he should apply for the editor position. Even though he didn’t know anything about magazines or editing, he got the job. Although the magazine failed, he began writing for other publications. When an editor called and told him that he liked his photography, Ellis started selling photos, too. Now he was going fishing and getting paid for it. Soon he was contacted by CBC Radio and the local newspaper to begin submitting material about the outdoors. His career as a writer and broadcaster was born. The newspaper column lasted 23 years, until a new owner severed ties with the paper’s paid contributors. Ellis’ CBC radio presence has continued to grow. He is a familiar voice across northwest Ontario and beyond. He is the senior editor of Ontario Out-of-Doors magazine and a longtime contributor to Northern Wilds. It hasn’t been all fishing. Ellis and his wife, Cheryl, have two grown sons, Devin and Austin. (He also has a story about leaving for a fishing tournament just after Cheryl gave birth to one of them.) He plays guitar and performs rock, reggae and blues with a couple of Thunder Bay bands. Ellis has also been active in fisheries conservation. He has served as a board member and president of the North Shore Steelhead Association. In that role, he helped popularize catch and release, as well as to serve on a committee that helped reduce the daily bag limit for steelhead from five fish to one. “That’s not what I grew up with,” he says of catch and release. “Back then, five steelhead went home on every trip.”

Rockwood is on Poplar Lake with 3 entry points into the Boundary Waters 47, 48, 49; transport to 43-45, 50-58, 60-66 (and more)

Northern Wilds columnist Gord Ellis was recently inducted to the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. | JUSTIN COX PHOTOGRAPHY He also played a strong role in the restoration of trophy brook trout in the Nipigon River system and Lake Superior, the source of the 14.5-pound world record brook trout in 1915. When Ellis began fishing the Nipigon in the 1980s, he was excited to catch a 13-inch brookie. Together with now-retired Ministry of Natural Resource biologist Rob Swainson, Ellis began publicizing the plight of the once-famous fishery. Habitat improvements, such as the elimination of winter drawdowns by hydro-electric dams on the river, plus restrictive bag limits and widespread adoption of a catch-and-release ethic, has allowed the brook trout fishery in the river and Lake Superior to flourish. It is fair to say Ellis has enjoyed the fruits of his labors, spending numerous days fishing the Nipigon system each year. All of this work is commendable, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to becoming a hall-of-famer. For that, Ellis credits Jay Dampier, a native of the town of Nipigon who lived in Thunder Bay for many years before moving to Wisconsin. There he visited the Freshwater Fish Hall of Fame and Museum in Hayward. He thought Ellis should be included there and submitted an application in his name. Although he was notified of the induction several months ago, he received official recognition, at the Northwest Sport Show. He says the event was “very surreal.” “It’s like looking at Mount Rushmore with Al Lindner, Roland Martin…and this guy from Thunder Bay,” he says with characteristic humor. At 55, Ellis isn’t ready to retire from fishing or outdoor writing to rest on his laurels. He’ll be on the water as often as ever. About the only places he hasn’t fished in Canada are Newfoundland-Labrador and the Yukon, although these days he prefers to spend time on his home waters. While he’s caught an array of fish species, still on his bucket list are aurora trout, subspecies of brook trout found in a few Ontario lakes, and tiger trout, a hybrid of brook and brown trout. “I still really love fishing for brook trout, lake trout and even perch,” he says. While he’s honored to be a hall-of-famer, the distinction hasn’t changed his life. _1, 2, 3 & 4 person Kevlar _aluminum & royalex _kayaks, paddleboards _gear and food, package rates _large groups, scouts, non-profits

_8 clean northwoods cabins _deck, dock, canoe _full kitchens and cookware _several have firepits/fireplaces _use of kayaks and paddleboards

_Located next to outfitting _4 private bunkrooms _each with a private bathroom _hi-speed WiFi _each room sleeps up to 9 people _Original 1932 log lodge _large meeting room _check-in, check-out _hi-speed WiFi (100 mbps!) _picnic shelter with gas grill

“I’m not getting treated any differently around here,” he says while talking on the phone from home. “I’m still washing the dishes and taking the garbage out.” —Shawn Perich NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


Cook County fishing closures will protect spawning fish COOK COUNTY— Anglers in Cook County will notice fishing closure signs at several area lakes this spring. These temporary closures are regularly enacted to protect concentrations of spawning walleye. Closures on Minnesota-Ontario waters are made in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and affect both sides of the border. The following closures took effect April 1: • Sea Gull River from Sea Gull Lake through Gull Lake to Saganaga Lake approximately 1/3 mile north of the narrows; closed through May 25.

Rev. Zenko N. Okimura teaching a class. | SUBMITTED

• Saganaga Falls on the Minnesota-Ontario border where the Granite River enters Saganaga Lake; closed through May 31.

Grand Marais Aikikai celebrates anniversary

• Maligne River (also known as Northern Light Rapids) on the Ontario side of Saganaga Lake; closed through May 31 by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. • Unnamed channel between Little Gunflint and Little North Lakes on the Minnesota-Ontario border; closed through May 31. • Cross River (inlet to Gunflint Lake) from the Gunflint Trail to Gunflint Lake; closed through May 25. The following areas will be closed to fishing from May 12 through May 25: • Tait River from White Pine Lake to the Forest Road 340 crossing, including a portion of White Pine Lake. • Junco Creek from the first log dam above County Road 57 downstream to Devil Track Lake, and including a portion of Devil Track Lake near the river mouth. Closures apply to fishing only; travel is permitted through these areas. All closed areas will be posted. The closures are intended to protect concentrations of spawning walleye that may be vulnerable to over-harvest.  Late ice-out is expected for Cook County lakes this year. Anglers and other visitors are urged to call ahead to check on ice conditions, or be prepared to look at alternative lakes for open water. Shallow or dark-water (bogstained) lakes are more likely to be open sooner than the county’s deeper, clear-water lakes. Questions can be directed to the DNR fisheries office in Grand Marais at (218) 387-6021.

See what these beauties can catch!

Grand Marais Aikikai members at the dojo: Joanne Smith, Randy Spry, Craig Waver Sensei, Steve Frykman. | RAE POYNTER

GRAND MARAIS—Since 1993, Grand Marais Aikikai has been training Cook County residents in Aikido, a Japanese martial art. This month, Grand Marais Aikikai will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a weekend conference that highlights the beauty and skill found in this unique practice. For those unfamiliar with martial arts, Aikido was founded in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba, a man who had studied a variety of martial arts but grew troubled by the lack of love exhibited during World War II. Aikido was born from both a deep knowledge of martial arts and deep respect for the well-being of others. It differs from other martial arts in its greater focus on harmony and nurturing. The name itself is a composition of three words: ai means “harmony”; ki, “spirit”; and do “way.” All together, “way of spiritual harmony.” Watching aikido in action, one can observe this ebb and flow of energy between the participants and its emphasis on blending with another person’s moves rather than harming them. “Aikido is a unique martial art,” explains Craig Waver Sensei, the founder of Grand Marais Aikikai. “It’s a deep, spiritual kind of martial art. We do self-defense, but the focus is more on self-development than self-defense. It’s about making yourself a better person.” Waver Sensei grew up in Grand Marais but didn’t discover Aikido until he was attending college at the University of Northern Illinois. He then went on to start his own dojo in Colorado before moving back to Cook County and founding Grand Marais Aikikai in 1993.

$1.50 off for each Canadian player on Victoria weekend

Waver Sensei says that through his studies of Aikido, he’s not only stayed active and healthy but has learned to understand in deeper ways what it means to face an opponent. “Up here, we don’t really worry about street violence, but we do have bears,” he smiles. “They say to outrun a bear you have to run faster than the guy next to you. But through my training I came to see that the bear wasn’t chasing me: I was the bear. Part of Aikido is learning to have victory over yourself.” Within Aikido lies a harmony between the physical and spiritual, and a large part of the practice is nurturing the Aikido spirit in addition to the physical skills. As the Grand Marais Aikikai members testify, the Aikido spirit—a spirit of being at peace with all—is something that develops through intentional training but extends to all areas of life. Whether that’s responding to a bad day, navigating an argument, or going out of your way to connect with someone else, Aikido emphasizes harmony first. “You see people in Grand Marais saying hi to people in the grocery store: that’s Aikido spirit,” says Waver Sensei. “It’s harmony, connection.” Though Aikido is a relatively new martial art, it has expanded rapidly to become a global practice, and Aikido conferences bring together people who practice the art from all around the world. Grand Marais Aikikai will host its 25th anniversary celebration May 18-20. The celebration will include classes by teachers from the World Aikido Aikikai Inc. and the Capital Aikido Federation, and people from all over the country are planning to travel to Grand Marais to participate in the festivities. Some parts of the celebration will be held at the Cook $1.50 off for each County Community Center and other parts will take Canadian player on place at Trout Lake Resort.

Victoria weekend

“I’m encouraging anyone in Grand Marais to come and watch,” says Waver Sensei, “and people who have trained in Aikido are more than welcome to come join.” For those in the area interested in trying Aikido, classes through Grand Marais Aikikai are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and are open to anyone.

Visit our Facebook page,, or call 807-825-9569 14

MAY 2018


• 18 holes with furry & feathered friends • Gemstone Panning • Kiddie Rides Open: Mon.-Fri. 10-8, Sat 10-10, Sun 10-6 2014 Hwy 61, Grand Marais, MN · 218-387-3570

“I was 51 when I started,” one member explains. “There’s room for everyone.” For more information on the anniversary celebration or to learn more about classes, please contact Craig Waver Sensei at or visit: —Rae Poynter

Parks Canada prepares for a busy summer season NIPIGON—Time to gear up for a jampacked summer on the North Shore. Parks Canada wants to connect you with spectacular vistas, unique hiking experiences and beautiful blue waters. Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA), once established, will be part of a nation-wide system of protected areas managed by Parks Canada, and will be approximately 10,880 square kilometers in size, occupying almost 13 percent of the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area.

Canada Day: Pukaskwa National Park is hosting a birthday party for Canada and you are invited. Join park staff for cake and other activities along with free admission to the park. Mzin’Gwaadang ‘I Embroider’: Join the park’s cultural interpreter and learn the centuries old art form of beaded Ojibway florals. Like other Woodland cultures, flowers provided medicines and inspiration for the Anishnaabe. Learn the techniques and designs rooted in the region’s fur trade history. This workshop will teach you beading skills (and patience) as you create your own beaded Ojibway floral.

This summer, you will find Parks Canada staff at events across the North Shore, such as: Canada Day – July 1: Parks Canada will be dropping in at events across Lake Superior’s North Shore to celebrate Canada’s big day. Don’t miss out on a busy afternoon of marine-themed activities and family-fun. Lake Superior Day – July 15: What makes Lake Superior so special? Let us count the ways. Parks Canada is heading to Terrace Bay to celebrate the Big Lake. Join us at Terrace Bay Beach and discover how Lake Superior has helped shape our region for generations. Live From the Rock Folk Festival – August 10-12: Pack a lawn chair and get ready to jam at the beautiful Red Rock Marina. Drop by the Parks Canada tent for dedi-

Workshop Schedule: • Saturday, July 7 • Wednesday, July 11 • Saturday, July 21 • Wednesday, July 25 This summer, you will find Parks Canada staff at events across the North Shore. | PARKS CANADA cated programming and to learn how you can discover Lake Superior’s incredible shoreline for yourself. For more information on LSNMCA experiences and events, visit: superior. Pukaskwa National Park will also host events throughout the summer.

National Indigenous Peoples Day: Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day with Pukaskwa National Park. Join in family-friendly activities and learn about local Anishinaabe culture through the park’s friendly interpreters. Visit the park’s Fire Circle feature and explore the Anishinaabe Camp.

• Wednesday, August 8 • Saturday, August 18 • Wednesday, August 22 • Saturday, September 1 Regular park admission and participation fees will be applied. Pre-registration is required. For more information on PNP experiences and events, visit: pukaskwa.

Welcome Neighbours! Shop and stay in Grand Marais. Out of town, yet close to home.

Nightly Camping Available Victoria Weekend | 800-998-0959 TENTS TO RVS | MARINA | GOLF | COBBLESTONE BEACHES


EXPERIENCE STAY WITH US THIS SUMMER • Guest accommodations from May to August

• Over 100,000 square feet of meeting space

• Year-round conference facilities and services

• On-site catering and video conferencing

807-343-8799 T h u n d e r B a y, O n t a r i o


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o t e m Co s i a r a M d n a r G

Live Area: 21" x 12.25" All important information should be within this area.

Betsy Bowen Gallery








Exceptional Art and Contemporary Craft


Yellow Bird Fine Art


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Sorry: no fuel, candy, tobacco, or soft drinks

Picnic Pine Free Gift with Coupon

(218) 387-2181 • 19 Wisconsin St 16

MAY 2018


5/1/18 thru 6/16/18

Lake Superior Trading Post

Free small bag of Salt Water Taffy (218) 387-2020 • 10 S 1st Ave W

Victoria Weekend only.

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Photo by Katie Mumm NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


Opera Northwest to perform the Elixir of Love THUNDER BAY—The Canadian shores of Lake Superior boasts many things Italian, thanks to immigrants who brought over portions of their culture, such as their wonderful cuisine. But opera didn’t make it to the Lakehead. For that traditional Italian musical theatre experience you would need to go west to Winnipeg or across the border to Duluth; but, not anymore. Thunder Bay soprano Theresa Thibert founded a grassroots community opera company in 2016. Returning to her hometown after studying at Western University and in Italy, she knew she would not find any opera here—so she made it happen, with collaborator and pianist Sean Kim. To gage interest levels in the region, they started in January 2016 with a gala concert of excerpts from famous operas such as Bizet’s “Carmen” and Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” To their delight, the venue was packed. Buoyed by optimism— and the funds raised from the gala—they decided to put on a staged production of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” at Magnus Theatre later that year, with a mostly-local cast and small string orchestra. Since then, they have experimented with different venues, concert versus semi-staged performances, and local and guest artists. To some, opera might seem like one of the more inaccessible facets of classical music—typically performed in venerable theatres and sung in foreign languages—but in Thunder Bay, many of its participants and

audiences see it as another form of musical theatre. Thibert, who also coaches musicals at Paramount Live, has enticed people from the theatre and musical community to give opera a try, and many have stayed, captivated by the experience. Keeping the art form about the community, not the other way around, artistic director Thibert and musical director Kim choose repertoire largely based on the participants. Being a vocal coach, Thibert says “I believe really strongly on picking shows based on who you have and what strengths you can bring out of that group. As a teacher, you want to give somebody something that will make them grow. You don’t give roles because it would be easy for them. I don’t choose music for myself that way either.” Assigning challenging roles also allows participants to own the performance and invest more into it, she explains. Opera in Northwest Ontario faces many of the same challenges as opera elsewhere in the world—mainly, raising enough money to keep the shows going. Ticket sales are a large source of income, but they try to keep prices accessibly low. They have had a couple of sponsorships, but now that they are entering their fourth season, Thibert hopes they have enough of a reputation and track record to qualify for grants. “It’s been hard, but it’s the same for everybody here, including the symphony,” Thibert says.

“The Marriage of Figaro” (2016), Inkeri Tuikka as Cherubino and Theresa Thibert as the Countess. | THERESA THIBERT One thing that keeps them going is how supportive the community is. People appreciate what they have and know they shouldn’t take it for granted. Opera Northwest has performed works by Mozart, Pucchini and is putting on Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’Amore” (The Elixir of Love) in September.

A self-professed fan of Mozart, Thibert eventually hopes to put on “The Magic Flute.” To learn more, visit: o p e r a n o r t h we s t e r n o n t a r i o. — Ay a n o Hodouchi Dempsey


MAY 2018


Photo by: Dan Ventrudo Photography

Good Times Await North of the Border

The Honouring Our Stories exhibition continues until May 13 at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. Organized by the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre, this is an artbased community project focused on the resilience and dignity of women surviving sexual violence. Also on display through May 13 is the Lakehead University Visual Arts Department Annual Major Studio Exhibition. George Thorogood and the Destroyers will perform their Rock Party Tour at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Tuesday, May 1. With more than 40 years of touring and recording, George and his band remain among the most relentless and relevant classic rock acts on tour today. Their hits include, “Who Do You Love,” “I Drink Alone,” “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” “Move It on Over,” “Get a Haircut,” and “Bad to the Bone.” The show will be held at 7:30 p.m. Also coming to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, held May 22-23. This beloved musical story of Maria and the von Trapp Family will thrill audiences with its Tony, Grammy and Academy Award-winning Best Score, including “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss,” and the title song. Both performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. Other Thunder Bay Community Auditorium events include the Lakehead Music Festival Gala on May 7; Fay Gleeson on May 10; and multiple dance performances throughout the month.

man to pretend that the hidden girl is his girlfriend. Then the real problem is that the best man’s real girlfriend has to be kept ignorant of the fact. By the time the bride’s mother and hotel staff get in on the act, the chaos reaches epic proportions. Held on Sunday, May 6 in the Waterfront District, the 8th seasonal Craft Revival features more than 100 local artisans and encompasses 15 venues, including The Loop, Madhouse, Prime Gelato, The Chanterelle, The Sovereign Room, Olives and Bananas, and more. There will be door prizes, live music, an aerial silk performance by Sachiko Brayshaw and tribal dancing by Lisa Rose Macchione. You can also enter to win a two-night cabin stay at Beyond the Giant Nature Retreat. Don’t miss this family-friendly event, held from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. World Laughter Day is May 6, held from 1-2 p.m. at the Baggage Building Arts Centre. Learn to laugh for no reason at all with this free event, taught by Sherry Anne of Laughter Yoga Thunder

Remember, Thunder Bay is on Eastern Time­— 1 hour ahead of MN time.

Bay. Laughter Yoga is a series of breathing and easy movement exercises, designed to teach the body to laugh without jokes or humor. This is a great class for all abilities; no previous yoga experience is required. The Red Lion Smokehouse will hold events throughout the month, such as Arts & Crafts Beer Night at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9. Enjoy Vinyl Friday with DJ Dr. Dave at 9:30 p.m. on May 11, and Beer and Yoga at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 26. Other events include Indie Ale House Tap Takeover on May 2; Rhythm and Brews on May 5; Vegan Week May 28June 2; and a Pub Quiz night on May 30. Victoria Day is Monday, May 21, to honor Queen Victoria’s birthday. Also on Monday is the Fire Fighters 10 Mile Road Race, open to walkers and runners. The race will begin at 9 a.m. on Simpson Street. Registration required.





Magnus Theatre will perform Perfect Wedding by Robin Hawdon, held May 3-19. A bridegroom wakes on his wedding morning in his own bridal suite and finds a strange girl in bed beside him. In the depths of his hangover, he can’t remotely remember her. During the ensuing panic to get the stranger dressed and out of the way, the bride arrives and the girl is trapped in the bathroom. The only way out of the dilemma is to persuade the best



JULY 6, 7 & 8

The Waterfront District is a place to experience real life. A vibrant and welcoming downtown hub in Thunder Bay, Ontario with unique shopping, food and entertainment experiences. We all know life is not a spectator sport; that we need to step into it, smell it and taste it. It’s time to experience life outside the box. Visit the Waterfront District.

MARINA PARK THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO TICKETS: 807-684-4444 1-800-463-8817

/TBayBlues @Tbayblues Mobile Site: NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


When Fishing Openers Go Bad By Joe Shead

Author Joe Shead with some walleyes on a fishing opener that actually went well. | JOE SHEAD


MAY 2018


There are three certainties in this world: death, taxes and disastrous fishing openers. Guys have the odds stacked against us right from the start because the Minnesota fishing opener always falls on Mother’s Day weekend. I’m not sure how men finagle their way into drinking beer, playing poker and attempting to catch fish with a bunch of greasy guys that weekend instead of taking Mom out for Sunday brunch, but they do. No doubt there is a lot of resentment among fishing widows/neglected mothers for this behavior. Don’t expect anything nice for Father’s Day, guys.

The other problem with fishing opener is the weather. Oh, I get it. Spring is in the air. Lilacs are blooming. Things are warming up. But although it may be 70 degrees the day before opener, when you actually launch your boat opening morning, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be freezing. You’re lucky if the landing hasn’t refrozen. Actually, you’re unlucky, because if you actually are able to launch, then you have to go sit in the middle of a barely ice-free lake and freeze. Trust me, I’ve been there. I experienced one of those unseasonably cool openers several years back. I had those opening day blinders on; you know, the ones where you expect the weather to be great, the fish to be biting and nothing to go wrong. Everything was going great. I made the mile-long portage into my secret little walleye lake, only to realize I’d forgotten to bring a paddle. And it wasn’t the kind of thing where I had just left it in the truck. No. Despite having an equipment checklist, I’d completely omitted it. There wasn’t a paddle to be had for miles. I’ve always said I wasn’t blessed with intelligence, but I get by with resourcefulness. I managed to break a chunk of fiberglass off a dilapidated old boat. I won’t say it was a great paddle. Heck, I won’t even say it was a good paddle. But it did work. Sort of. The weather that day was nasty. Clouds spat snow flurries and the north wind was stiff and frosty. I forgot to mention a fourth certainty of life: the fish are always on the opposite end of the lake. True enough, I had to paddle a canoe with a piece of fiberglass almost the entire way across the lake to reach my favorite walleye hole. Sometimes, as the wind kicked up, I was able to hold my ground. At other times my progress was measured in negative yardage. Halfway across the lake, I gave up. I didn’t want a walleye that bad. Just a couple years after that, I actually had a very good opener. It had been an early spring, and I’d made frequent trips out on Lake Superior from where I was living in Superior, Wis., at the time. I was coming home with kings, cohos or lake trout every trip out, which pretty much never happens. I had been using this ancient blueand-orange Lazy Ike I’d gotten out of an old tackle box and it was sheer murder on those salmon. The fishing was so good, in fact, that instead of making my traditional trek north to go walleye fishing, I decided to spend opening day on Lake Superior, which felt kind of moot since the salmon season there never closes. Nonetheless, you’ve gotta play the hot hand, and the fishing was too good to leave. My friend, Chuck, and I headed out on Gitche Gumee opening morning, and it wasn’t long before disaster struck: we actually hooked a fish. Once again, the fish hit that old reliable Lazy Ike. For some reason, I committed the cardinal sin of Lake Superior trolling while we were reeling in the salmon: I put the boat in neutral. We landed the fish, put it in the livewell and prepared to resume trolling. As I put the boat into gear, something in my gut told me to make sure the lines were clear of the prop, but I shrugged off the notion. I was sure it was fine. I’d motored about 15 feet when I saw a line tightening; it was in the prop. I

Having forgot a paddle, author Joe Shead used a chunk of fiberglass off a dilapidated old boat to paddle his canoe. | JOE SHEAD winter, I showed up at the lake toting both ice fishing and open-water gear, not knowing what to expect. The lake was entirely frozen that day, save for a three-foot ring along the shore. What’s more, the ice was too rotten to venture onto, rendering the fish completely safe from my assault.

The ultimate goal: adding a walleye to the livewell. | JOE SHEAD cut the engine, but it was too late. The Lazy Ike—my Vorpal Salmon Sword—was gone. We caught six salmon and a lake trout that morning, but it didn’t take the sting out of my loss. I considered walking the beach after a windy day in an attempt to recover that old warrior, but I never saw the lure again. The following day, I convinced my friend Jon to go fishing. He had to be back for Mother’s Day brunch at 11 a.m., but I told him the fishing would be worth it and that he needn’t worry because we’d be back in plenty of time. Once again, there wouldn’t have been a problem if we hadn’t caught fish. We caught two nice king salmon and a coho, and that’s where the trouble started. We put them in the livewell and began filling it with water. An hour after catching the fish, Jon noticed that the carpet in the back

of the boat was wet. We flipped open the livewell and discovered that the pump hadn’t kicked out when it was full, and unbeknownst to us, it had kept pumping water, essentially filling the boat with water. We quickly reeled in our lines and prepared to get out of there in a hurry. When I gunned the throttle, the boat went nearly vertical, as all the water rushed to the back of the boat. I couldn’t get it to plane and the boat was so heavy we only made about one-third of top speed. We trailered the boat, pulled the plug and I swear you could see the lake level rising as all the water re-entered the lake. After draining for a full five minutes, the boat was dry. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and headed back out. This time we decided to not fill the livewell. Jon even made it back in time for brunch.

Many years ago when I was just a young angler, my dad, my brother Jim and I were pike fishing on opening day. Dad and I were paddling against both the wind and the current on a small stream while Jim cast from the bow. At a certain bend in the river, Jim caught a pike. By the time we helped him land it, we had drifted quite a ways downstream, so Dad and I paddled us back up. Once again, Jim caught a pike on that bend, and once again we drifted downstream. The third time we reached that hot hole, Jim missed a fish. Instead of pausing to let him try again, Dad just kept paddling. Sounds like a pretty good opener, except for the fact that because I was the older brother, I not only got roped into paddling; I also didn’t get much of a chance to fish. You might think that given all these disastrous fishing openers, I would simply skip opening day and all its pitfalls. However, as a person who paddles canoes on windy days, launches into icy waters and has eaten his fair share of humble pie, I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. Rest assured that when opening day rolls around this spring, I’ll be battling the elements (and probably not battling any walleyes). Sorry, Mom. I’ll send you a card.

There have been other disappointments as well. In 2014, after an especially tough NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


Thunder Bay Duo Chronicles Railway History By Shawn Perich Authors Kathy Toivonen [LEFT] and Kim Manduca [RIGHT] recently published a book about the historic railway communities of Northwestern Ontario. | SUBMITTED

When you start a creative project, you don’t always know where it may lead you. Just ask Kathy Toivonen and Kim Manduca. In 2010, the Thunder Bay duo published A Century of Sisu, 1910-2010, 100 years of Finnish tradition, culture and food in the Thunder Bay area, a book chronicling Northwestern Ontario’s Finnish heritage. Researching the book introduced them to dozens of people who shared personal stories and photographs from the past. 22

MAY 2018


Manduca photographs a steam locomotive at the Historical Park on Legion Point at Atikokan. | SUBMITTED

The authors crossed paths with a snapping turtle along the Canadian-Pacific tracks near Feist Lake. | SUBMITTED

People who saw regional maps created by Toivonen were fascinated by the rail lines depicted on them, inspiring the authors to produce a book about the railway communities. | SUBMITTED


oivonen, a graphic designer, writer and artist, began creating maps that showed the region’s communities. With input from people living there, her charcoal drawings became increasingly detailed and showed the connections between the communities, which were often rail lines. She discovered railroads played a major role in the lives of people living in isolation on a vast landscape. “People were always looking at the railways on my regional maps, which led to a map of railways, which then became a book,” she says. “We didn’t plan on doing this.” Their second book, Community Ties, An explorative journey of place and time along the railways of Northwestern Ontario, was published this year. Dedicated “to all those with histories connecting them to the communities along the railways of Northwestern Ontario and to those who shared

their history with us,” the book covers from White River in the east to the Manitoba border in the west. It includes not only the Canadian Pacific Railway, but also the National Transcontinental Railway, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Ontario and Rainy River Railroad, Canadian Northern Ontario Railway, Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Railway and the Thunder Bay, Nipigon and St. Joe Railway, which the authors call “the greatest railway that never was.” The book is designed to allow readers to plan their own railway explorations, with GPS coordinates and directions to many of the historical sites they discovered. What’s truly remarkable is the amount of field work the authors put into this project. They visited existing communities and ghost towns to interview people and photograph relics of railway history. Along the way, they encountered forest tent caterpillars, ticks, snapping turtles and a mama moose and her baby. They

also met interesting and informative people.

Toivonen stands beside a stone and concrete hearth near Sherwood Lake. | SUBMITTED

“On our adventures we met people by happenstance who were great sources,” Toivonen says. “I don’t think we would have found them any other way.” When in the field, Manduca, an artist, explains that Toivonen is the researcher and she is the photographer. Toivonen is also the woodsy one of the duo, with the clothing and experience to head off on forays into the Ontario bush. Wearing her zebra-striped rubber boots, Manduca gamely comes along. So how did this odd couple come into existence? “The real story is our kids were dating in high school. They broke up and we stayed together,” Manduca quips. Actually, they are both the descendants of Finnish immigrants with a keen interest in their heritage, as well as that of other immigrants to the re-

Locals shares stories with Toivonen during an open house at the Atikokan Centennial Museum. | SUBMITTED


MAY 2018


gion. That includes German prisoners of war who were held in work camps along the rail line, some of whom later settled in the area. While as prisoners they labored in the bush, the men also had time to themselves for recreation. A high point of their research was when they were told the location of a dugout canoe built by POWs that was submerged under water. They pulled up the soggy canoe, took a picture and lowered it back into the water. “I went over my boots on that one,” Manduca says. The lushly illustrated book has page after page of similar finds. There are photos of the first stone structures on Gunflint Lake, as well as stories of their likely use by bootleggers. They found a house made of bottles in Reddit, which is a few miles north of Kenora. Often the photos are of historic ruins and artifacts, such as the boiler of a tug boat along Lake Superior’s shore at Port Coldwell. There is even a picture of the sign showing the western end of Yonge St., which begins in Toronto and ends at the Rainy River Railway Station in Rainy River. Many previously unpublished historic photos grace the pages, too. Most were generously provided by the families interviewed by the authors. Some depict life in

the north more than 100 years ago. Others show train wrecks, ghost towns and railway infrastructure. There are pictures of railways being constructed and of their dismantling a century later. In telling the stories of the railways and the communities along them, Toivonen and Manduca enjoyed the people they met along the way. This summer, they plan to do follow-up visits to the communities to do book signings and thank the people who helped make the book a reality. “It often took stories from three or four people just to tell one story,” Toivonen says. And then there are the stories that remain untold. The duo hopes to embark on a new project: chronicling the immigrant stories. Toivonen tells of speaking with a woman who was in her 90s about how her father immigrated from the Ukraine to Canada in a time of war. A stranger offered him and a friend passage to Canada. When they landed in Halifax, someone gave each of them $5 for train fare. Her father pocketed the money and walked all the way to Fort William and then chose to settle in Northwestern Ontario. Tales like that are worth telling. And who knows what adventures their new field work will bring?

Toivonen talks to railway workers in Nipigon. | SUBMITTED “We’ve been standing in Tim Hortons picking ticks off each other,” Toivonen says. “Only one time!” Manduca quickly adds. Hold that thought, ladies. Editor’s Note: Community Ties is presently available in Thunder Bay at College Park Chiro-

practic, Baggage Building Arts Centre, The Finn Book Store, Chapters, and Kakabeka Pharmacy. In Kenora, it’s available at Elizabeth Campbell Books and the Lake of the Woods Museum. It will be available in other communities as the authors distribute them this spring and summer.

Canoeing & Fishing Outfitters

Traincar Inn On travel writer Peter Greenberg’s list: The World’s 10 Most Unusual Hotels

Come sleep in a train boxcar! 17 rooms built inside 10 boxcars. Charming and unique! Book on-line at or call 877-834-0955 1730 Highway 3, just 2 ½ miles north of Two Harbors 24

MAY 2018


Wabakimi Wilderness Park Wilder and larger than BWCA and Quetico combined! Last year Wabakimi saw 700 paddlers—ALL season!

- Unique access by train and floatplane. - The only full-service canoe outfitter for Wabakimi. - Main base B&B plus 6 remote fishing outposts.

- Full or partial outfitting, with or without guides. - Permits, maps, route planning and shuttles. - Quote this Code # NW0516 for a free $100 gift certificate.

- Call Bruce Hyer (park co-creator) anytime for free advice. - 40-years experience.

Frontier Trail, Armstrong, Ontario Canada P0T 1A0 Bruce: 807-708-4080 Brenda 807-583-2626


rchery for the whole family, from age 3 to 33 By Ali Juten

EJ Gudowicz participating in a Rinehart R100 shoot held in Aurora, MN in 2016. | CASSONDRA GUDOWICZ

A family of archers, [L-R] Cassondra, Keegan (9), Kyler (3) and EJ Gudowicz. | ALI JUTEN


each using either a longbow or a recurve. Cassondra shoots a Mathews compound bow. For a traditional archer, it is very minimalistic with only a bow, arrows and some sort of finger protection needed. That means, no sights and no release like on compound bow. A range-finder, which measures the distance an archer is from a target, is also not necessary for a traditional archer. Typically, targets for traditional shooting are placed no further than 25 yards away.

hen it comes to archery, the Gudowicz family, of Duluth, knows a thing or two. EJ Gudowicz and his wife, Cassondra, met at the Duluth Archery Club when they were just sophomores in high school. It has been a part of their relationship, and now their family’s ever since. As warmer temperatures tease the northland with spring, EJ, Cassondra, and their two kids will be out on the Duluth Archery Club course, flinging arrows. Each member in this family of four shoots regularly. Together, the Gudowicz’ participate in 3D shoots, leagues, and compete year-round. EJ first started archery more than 25 years ago, beginning with a compound bow and then switching to a longbow six years ago. His wife, Cassondra, also started shooting a compound bow as a child and participated in 3D shoots with her father for the first time more than 20 years ago. Keegan, who is nine, started shooting a recurve bow when he was just two years-old. He’s since won the Minnesota State Archery Association Indoor Championship, three years in a row for his age group. And last, but not least, three-year-old Kyler also started shooting when he was two. He’s a little shy at first, but from the look on his face showing off his youth longbow, he loves archery just as much as the rest of his family. It’s no surprise that beginning in May, the Gudowicz’ will start their summer tradition of participating in 3D shoots at the Duluth Archery Club, Arrowhead 3D and “Bowfest” at Mont Du Lac, to name a few. Essentially, a 3D shoot is an outdoor archery course with targets shaped like different animals. So how should a family prepare for a day at a 3D archery shoot (with kids)? Just think of it like a typically family day outside in northern Minnesota. That means snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, a rain jacket and boots just in case, and always keeping up with the weather. Oh, and obviously a bow and arrows. “It’s backpacking, with your kids, and shooting bows at the same time,” EJ added. When it comes to a bow, it is all about your personal preference. EJ, Keegan, and Kyler are traditional archers,

Keegan Gudowicz admiring his score during indoor league at Chalstrom’s in Duluth. | EJ GUDOWICZ

“We generally shoot just like throwing a baseball or throwing a rock, you look at what you want to hit and let your brain do the rest,” EJ said. As far as the courses go, many courses are muddy, especially in the spring. But, each course is a little different and, only experience on the course will help an archer prepare for it. Cassondra added that it is very important to dedicate time to practicing with your bow prior to getting on a course; it will save some arrows. When shooting indoors, there is typically a target to stop an arrow if the paper target is missed. On a 3D course, it is a much different game. “When you go on the 3D course, there are usually 30 or more different sized animal targets that are all at different yardages away. Not at a constant 20 yards like indoor. When someone misses a target out on the 3D course, you could be looking for that arrow for quite a while and sometimes not even find it,” she said.

EJ and 3-year-old Kyler Gudowicz practiced his shot at Chalstrom’s in Duluth at least once a week this winter. Preparing for their summer 3D shoots. | CASSONDRA GUDOWICZ

This means safety should also be top of mind on the course. Cassondra says that there are a couple things you should do before going off looking for your missed arrow.

the course, especially shooting a traditional bow. They are hopeful for more families to get out there on a 3D course.

“If you're searching for an arrow behind the target and if you're with another person, they should stay in front of the target to let any next shooters know that you're there. If you're by yourself, then you should leave your bow leaning against the front-side of the target. Then they’ll know not to shoot yet,” she explained.

So how did EJ and Cassondra manage to help their kids get started shooting? The Gudowicz boys both started on an inexpensive, plastic longbow from Walmart.

Having an entire family that shoots, from age 33 to three, is pretty unique in itself. However, it is also rare to see other kids similar in age to the Gudowicz boys out on

“For whatever reason, I think parents as a whole assume their kids can’t handle it from a very young age,” he said.

“That’s the biggest thing with both of them. As long as they were flinging arrows, they were happy.” To learn more about local 3D archery events, visit the Duluth Archery Club website. NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


By Breana Roy

Art Along the Lake

During Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, various art galleries and studios from Schroeder to Grand Portage will celebrate Art Along the Lake: Spring Gallery Tour. Many of the participating venues will hold art classes and demonstrations, artist meet-andgreets, lectures, food, music and more. There will also be new artwork on display, as well as exhibits and shows. For a full list of locations and events, check out:

This oils on linen, titled “Good Fortune Horse” by Patricia Canelake, can be found at Yellow Bird Fine Art gallery in Grand Marais. | PATRICIA CANELAKE

Jewelry artist Christine Burnes will hold gemstone jewelry demonstrations and classes at Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery in Lutsen over Memorial Day weekend. | CHRISTINE BURNES

“So Clear – Butterwort Cliffs” soft pastel by Laurie Toth. Toth’s unexpected death in December, 2017 left an amazing legacy of both North Shore and Northwest Coast artworks. A close friend of the Frykmans, her work will be available through Art of the Elements Gallery. | LAURIE TOTH

“Spirit Tree: Sundown” oil by Hazel Belvo. The Little Cedar Spirit Tree on the Grand Portage Reservation has been a lifelong focus in Belvo’s work. You can see her work at Art of the Elements Gallery near Grand Marais. | HAZEL BELVO 26

MAY 2018


Ron Piercy creates jewelry using stones. Find his work at Yellow Bird Fine Art, which will host oil painting and stone drilling demos all weekend. | RON PIERCY

Fiber artist Kim Knutson will be at Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery, too, with silk and wool dyeing demos and classes. | KIM KNUTSON

Tiina Flank


By Casey Fitchett As guitarist and singer Tiina Flank found her way through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, she brought her music with her. As she grew and her interactions with the world changed, she adapted the music she wrote and played to fit her life.

and asked to perform a Bruno Mars tune. When Flank admitted she didn’t know that particular song, the girl proceeded to perform it acapella, leaving the main act in stitches nearby. “How can you top that? I couldn’t,” said Flank.

“Music has always been a form of communication for me,” explains Flank. “I would write little melodies and lyrics to help me study in grade school. I still write my way through challenging times and turn to music to pull out the necessary emotion and honesty needed.” In her second decade of life, the musician invested in her first guitar and spent those subsequent years cultivating her music in Toronto. She and that guitar soon were bound for time on the road in Vancouver, British Columbia and Northern California finding gigs with the help of friends in the area. Though she wasn’t sure what to expect when she moved back to Thunder Bay, she was pleasantly surprised that the active music community could support multiple shows a week. She’s found a particular home at The Foundry, an Irish gastropub in Thunder Bay’s waterfront entertainment district. “My fiancé Craig Smyth and I co-host the weekly open stage night and play sets in-between to keep the night moving. It’s a riot and I love it. Some nights are so relaxed and soothing, other nights the place is rocking,” she says. “I have taken a break from playing other pub gigs so that I can focus my energy on the unique performance opportunities that pop up.” Finding a varied audience can be one of Flanks favorite aspects of playing gigs; she has a particular soft spot for kids that

During the past five years she has played in Thunder Bay, she has recognized some differences between the city in northwestern Ontario and other places she has performed. A smaller music pool in Thunder Bay tends to beget more invitations to specialty shows, such as an appearance with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra at their 2017 Fundraising Gala. It was a night that Flank remembers as a career highlight.

Tiina Flank used to write little melodies and lyrics to help her study during grade school. | SUBMITTED enjoy the music she creates. “I love mixing it up and playing in places where I can see little ones swinging to the music. There is nothing on this earth that melts me like a wee person reaching out, pointing at me, dancing along to my set,” she said. One particular young girl at the annual Thunder Bay spring Craft Revival artisan market embedded herself in Flank’s memory. After noticing the girl eye her intensely, Flank invited her on stage. To Flank’s surprise, the young girl hopped on stage

During the month of May, fans of her soulful vocals and mellow acoustic guitar can find Flank at The Foundry hosting and playing at their Open Stage night on the 17th, 24th, and 31st. She also has a special message for Northern Wilds readers who might be in the area. “I would love to meet some of the readers of the Northern Wilds magazine. If you are making a trip to Thunder Bay on a Thursday, come on by and say hi!” She also encourages potential performers to not let a lack of equipment be their reason for staying home: “We have a house guitar for anyone who wants to play.” More information about Tiina Flank and her music is available on her Facebook page.



This woodcut and screen print by Stanley Leonard, titled “Past Present Future,” is currently on display at the Johnson Heritage Post in Grand Marais. It is part of the Found: 3 Views on Nature exhibit, which also features mixed media artist Stephanie Molstre-Kotz and encaustic painter Bethany Kepler. The exhibit will be on display until May 20. To learn more, visit:

Permanent Exhibits

New Acquisitions Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, Selections of Traditional and Contemporary Native Art Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth,

THRU MAY 6 Senior Student Exhibitions Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, Annual Members Show & Sale Grand Marais Art Colony, THRU MAY 13 Honouring Our Stories Thunder Bay Art Gallery, THRU MAY 13 Lakehead University Visual Arts Department Annual Major Studio Exhibition Thunder Bay Art Gallery, THRU MAY 18 A Homegrown Illustration Prove Gallery, Duluth, THRU MAY 20 Found: 3 Views on Nature Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais, THRU MAY 20 Rick Allen: The Trapper’s Daughter & Other Daughters of The Very Nearly True North Siiviis Gallery, Duluth, THRU JUNE 2 Tracey Barry: Roots, Water & Sky Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan, THRU AUG. 5 Fine. (Re)Fine. (De)Fine. Faculty Exhibition Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, THRU AUG. 19 Treasures from Home: An Anthology of Gifts from Collectors Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, THRU OCT. 28 Chance: Kathy McTavish Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, THRU NOV. Pacific Northwest Native Art from the William J. Saul Collection Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, THRU SPRING 2019 Quiet Simplicity: Life in 19th and 20th Century America Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth,

May 1-31

Sue Brown-Chapin: Watercolors Lakeside Gallery Duluth,

May 10-July 1

Jonathan Herrera: Querida Presencia (Reception May 10 at 6 p.m.) Duluth Art Institute,

May 10-July 1

Tara Austin: Boreal Ornament (Reception May 10 at 6 p.m.) Duluth Art Institute,

May 15-June 3

University For Seniors Create Art Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth,

May 25-June 17

Northerly Pots: The Long Pleasurable Carry (Reception May 25 at 5 p.m.) Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais,

May 25-June 30

Spring Art Underground (Reception May 25 at 6 p.m.) Betsy Bowen Studio Gallery, Grand Marais,

May 27-Oct. 20

Children of the Finnish Homestead Cross River Heritage Center, Schroeder,

May 29-Aug. 26

In Solidarity: Revolutionary Women of Print Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth,


MAY 2018



at Betsy Bowen Studio Gallery

Featuring hand-made local art by:

YMCA Camp Menogyn

PANCAKE BREAKFAST Sunday, May 27, 9-11:30am

YMCA Camp Menogyn invites you to a community gathering on West Bearskin Lake to enjoy:

PANCAKES, MAPLE SYRUP, SAUSAGE, COFFEE & MILK C’mon over, we’d love to see you! Tour Menogyn and greet your neighbors. $5-10 donation suggested Directions: From Grand Marais take the Gunflint Trail about 28 miles to the Hungry Jack Rd. (Co. Rd. 21). Follow the Hungry Jack Rd. for 2.5 miles, turn left onto Menogyn Trail and stay on that road to our parking lot. Parking is limited, please carpool if you can. We’ll be waiting at the boat landing to shuttle you across the lake!

Jeanne Knight pottery Anita White paintings Wally White paintings and cards Fritz Lehmberg pottery Ken Valentas watercolors Bob LeMettry pottery Misha Martin oils Nancy Seaton glass Jeanne Hedstrom oils Jerry Riach printmaking Ron Piercy jewelry Betsy Bowen woodcuts Stephan Hoglund jewelry Melissa Wickwire clay Jim Sannerud wood Shelly Getten printmaking Natalie Sobanja pottery Heidi Sobanja oils Mary Schliep rosemaling Glen Hambleton wood Tree Skin Bags birchbark Elena Bantle jewelry Sandi Pillsbury oils Bonnie Gay Hedstrom felt Howard Hedstrom wood Jeremy Vaughan porcelain Diane Wesman acrylics Leah Thomas graphics Tobias Lawson metal

Opening festivities

Friday May 25, 6-8 pm,

Refreshments and fresh art!! Open 11-5 daily through mid-October, Underground show through June 30. 301 First Avenue West, Grand Marais more info at

Interested in teaching your kid how to fish and enjoy the many lakes in Cook County? Then join the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District and the United States Forest Service for a day of fishing on . . . .

Saturday, June 9th, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the Mink Lake Beach, Cook County Lunch and water will be provided.

What you need to bring

• A child 5 – 12 years accompanied by an adult. • Appropriate clothing for being near water – jacket, hat, sunglasses, sturdy shoes, insect repellant, life jacket if you have one. • Some life jackets and fishing rods will be available, but due to limited supply bring your own if you have one. Sponsored by:


MAY 2018


Directions to Mink Lake Beach

• Travel 12 miles north on the Gunflint Trail. • Turn right at the Trout Lake Road (FR 140). • Travel a little over 2 miles passing the Mink Lake Fishing Pier. • Turn left at the east end of the lake until you reach the beach.

Space is limited!

Call the Gunflint Ranger District at 218-387-1750 or email at if you have questions.

The Superior Spring Trail Races, which start and finish in Lutsen, will be held on Saturday, May 19. | AMY BROADMOORE Kite Festival is weather dependent. If inclement weather occurs, the festival will likely be cancelled. calendar



May 4-6 Come experience an amazing spectacle in the sky when Grand Marais hosts the first annual Kits at the Harbor: Grand Marais Kite Festival. Avid kite fliers from the Twin Cities, Mitch Kiel, Richard Masak and Pam Hodges, will be in downtown Grand Marais demonstrating kite flying between 10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. Kiel, Masak and Hodges are all members of the American Kitefliers Association and have been flying kites professionally for many years at kite flying festivals and national conventions across the U.S., Canada and overseas in Singapore. Other daily events include a kids’ kite making class at Fireweed Bike Co-op from 10 a.m. to noon, followed by group kite flying over the harbor. Fireweed will sell kites and kite-making kits throughout the weekend. There will also be live music all weekend at various locations in Grand Marais. Note: the

May 5, Saturday Wolf Ridge ELC in Finland will host the Grand Opening of the Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Lodge, the newest green building in Minnesota, on Saturday, May 5. The MAC Lodge was built to the highest international standard for sustainability. The Living Building Challenge (LBC) requires that living spaces “give more than they take from the environment.” Pursing certification includes reaching and exceeding net zero energy and net zero water goals, among other requirements. Event attendees will learn about Minnesota’s first LBC-designed dorm. The Grand Opening will begin at noon with lunch, followed by introductions and keynote speaker Paul Douglas. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 2 p.m., followed by photo and interview opportunities and guided tours.


May 5-6 Travel the world in 48 hours at the 45th annual Folklore Festival at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay. Presented by the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association, there will be international

foods, imported wines and beers, incredible entertainment, “shop-the-world” booths, an activity-packed children’s area with free activities, a parade of nations, exhibits, displays, and local artists onsite. You also have a chance to win a free “stay-cation,” courtesy of Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre. The Saturday night feature entertainers, Café Paris – Martin Blanchet Jazz Quintet, will play a lively selection of French songs, cabaret, gypsy jazz, modern and world music. Festival hours are noon to 11 p.m. on Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Attendance is $5 adults, $3 seniors and students, $3 for ages four to 12; free under four years old.

sic, tribal dancing by Lisa Rose Macchione, and an aerial silk performance by Sachiko Brayshaw. It encompasses 15 venues, including The Foundry, Olives and Bananas, Prince Arthur Hotel, Red Lion Smokehouse, Déjà vu Consignment, Mars Clothing, The Loop, Perfect Fit Lingerie, Sweet North Bakery, and more. You can also enter to win a two-night cabin stay at Beyond the Giant Nature Retreat. Held from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., this is a family-friendly event you won’t want to miss.



May 6, Sunday The 8th seasonal Craft Revival, held in the Waterfront District of Thunder Bay, will feature more than 100 local artisans, door prizes, live mu-


May 10-12 Over 90 dancers of all ages will perform in the fourth annual Cook County YMCA dance performance, titled 4 Love. The recital features ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop dances, choreographed by Christine Curtis, Breana Roy, and Lesli Higgins. The recital will be held at 7 p.m. (6 p.m. Thurs.) at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in Grand Marais. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online in advance. May 11-12 The Duluth Junk Hunt is a two-day indoor market that happens every spring and fall in Duluth. Hand-picked vendors come from all over, bringing in NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


Travel the world at the Folklore Festival in Thunder Bay, held May 5-6 at the Fort William Gardens. | SUBMITTED

The third annual Le Grand Du Nord gravel races will be held on Saturday, May 26 in Grand Marais. | VISIT COOK COUNTY

the most amazing vintage and re-purposed finds. Held at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center, admission is $5 (good for both days) and part of the proceeds are donated to the Encounter Youth Center. The Junk Hunt features over 50 vendors and takes place from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday, and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday. Or, for $10 admission, take advantage of early shopping Friday morning from 8-10 a.m.— get a full two hours of private junking before the doors open for general admission. There will also be free donuts. Vendors include Duluth Flower Farm, Tin Cat Studio,

Messengers from Minneapolis. The parade will also feature an energetic school of silver smelt puppet and mask dancers, a stilt walking Royal Guard, and a musical procession featuring a delegation from the Kingdom of Smelt. Participants and spectators are encouraged to wear silver. After the parade, head to the Zeitgeist Arts Café for a smelt fry and party at 5 p.m. The Duluth Art Institute will host free workshops on various days prior to the parade and everyone is invited; help create art, sculptures and costumes for the parade. Workshop days are May 5 and May 12 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and May 3, May 7 and May 10 from 6-8 p.m.

Grand Marais ARTS FESTIVAL JULY 14 –15, 2018

Old Town Antiques, Pickin & Grinnin, Audio Viking and more.


May 13, Sunday The Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe will hold the 7th annual Run Smelt Run Parade and Party on May 13 in Duluth. This free, family-friendly event begins at 3:30 p.m. with the presentation of the Smelt Queen at the Maritime Visitor’s Center (beside the Aerial Lift Bridge), followed by a second line parade on the Lakewalk, featuring music by the Brass

Ruthie Foster

Three-time “Best Blues Album” Grammy nominee

May 18 • 7:30 PM Arrowhead Center for the Arts 51 W. 5th St. Grand Marais $15 at or door






May 15, Tuesday If you cook, you are using herbs, so why not grow them for a real culinary treat. Join instructors Bonita Poitra and Paula Sundet Wolf as they walk through the process of growing your own herbs and some great ways to use them, including infusions. Held at the Cook County Community Center in Grand Marais, the class will cover starting from seeds or cuttings, growing in containers or in the garden bed, and preserving herbs. Cost to attend is $10 and it will take place from 6:30-8 p.m. To pre-register for the class, contact the Cook County Extension Office. (218) 387-3015


May 18, Friday Three-time “Best Blues Album” Grammy nominee Ruthie Foster of Austin, TX, will be performing in Grand Marais on Friday, May 18. Foster is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has sung duets with Bonnie Raitt, performed with the Allman Brothers, and shared the stage with Susan Tedeschi. Foster is the recipient of seven Blues Music Awards, three Austin Music Awards, the Grand Prix du Disque award from the Academie Charles-Cros in France, and a Living Blues Critics’ Award for “Female Blues Artist of the Year.” The concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or in advance at: Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


May 18-20 Join the Superior Hiking Trail Association (SHTA) for their annual celebration of hiking, held at Wolf Ridge ELC in Finland. Weekend activities include yoga with Raven Bailey, full-day and halfday hikes, a night hike, fun new activities with Wolf Ridge naturalists, presentations from Trailfitters, Lisa Crayford and Ian Hanson, and a chance to hear from SHTA staff and board members on what’s new with the trail. There will also be premium raffle prizes to win. Or, take your chance with a mystery bag package full of great



LUNDIE Vacation Home Tour Architecturally significant sites!

July 7, 2018

The Tour:

Five Sites on North Shore of Lake Superior

Architects on Tour, including Dale Mulfinger!


Tour of restored Lundie Cabin (Olson) The Cook County YMCA Dance Performance, titled 4 Love, will be held May 10-12 at the ACA in Grand Marais. | BRUCE JOHNSON gear from North Shore businesses, such as Trailfitters, Granite Gear, Northwest Outlet, Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Castle Danger Brewery and more. Registration is required to attend Hike Fest.


May 19, Saturday The Lakehead Shrine Club presents Circus Spectacular, performing three shows on Saturday, May 19 at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay. Having performed annually for over 60 years, the Shrine Circus is Thunder Bay’s hometown circus. This family-friendly event features hilarious clowns, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, the Motorcycle Titans in the Globe of Death, trick riders on galloping horses, food, music and more. Performances will be held at 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online or at the show.


May 19, Saturday Starting and finishing at Caribou Highlands Resort in Lutsen, the Superior Spring Trail Races traverse the Sawtooth Mountain Range on the Superior Hiking Trail. Runners will face hilly, rugged terrain, crossing rivers and streams through the Boreal forests. Courses include a 25km at 8 a.m., and a 50km at 7 a.m. Aid stations are provided. There will also be a 12.5km at 9 a.m. Unlike the others, this race starts on Caribou Trail/County Road 4 and ends at Caribou Highlands; no aid station provided. Post-race events include an awards ceremony and a free meal for all runners. Race registration is required.

David Pichaske will give a lecture on his book Songs of the North Country: A Midwest Framework to the Songs of Bob Dylan, held at 7 p.m. Other festival activities includes a benefit concert at the Armory Arts & Music Center, Dylan-themed art shows, poetry, a singer-songwriter contest, lots of great music and more. duluthdylanfest


May 21, Monday The Fire Fighters 10 Mile Road Race has been a Thunder Bay tradition since 1910, promoting an active, healthy lifestyle for runners of all skill levels. The race for individual runners/walkers begins at 9 a.m. on Simpson Street, followed by the relay runners. The route is an out-and-back with a loop through Marina Park; aid stations provided. Fruit, water, beverages, medical response, limited showers, and massage and chiropractic services will be available to racers at the finish line. Prizes will be awarded for multiple categories and age brackets. Online registration closes May 14. Anyone who still wishes to register can do so at one of the kit pick-up locations May 17 and May 20.


Free and Open to the Public: Book signing and discussion of

The Family Cabin,

Our famous Picnic on the Ledge Rock

a new book by

Dale Mulfinger

with beverage bar

Schroeder Township Hall this event is in the morning

Transportation Provided!

RSVP: $150 Donation

For further Information or to RSVP contact the Cross River Heritage Center


Sign up online at A fundraiser for the Schroeder Area Historical Society and Cross River Heritage Center (Home of the Lundie Room)

Now available at


May 19, Saturday Cary J. Griffith, author of Gunflint Burning: Fire in the Boundary Waters, will be at Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais on May 19 for a writer’s salon. Gunflint Burning is a comprehensive account of the dramatic events around the Ham Lake fire of 2007, one of the largest wildfires in Minnesota history. With vivid details, Griffith describes the key events of the fire as they unfold. Held at 7 p.m., Griffith will read from the book, discuss the writing process, and sign books. Other Drury Lane Books events include children’s story hour at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 26. Both events are free and open to the public.


May 19-27 Head to Duluth to celebrate Minnesota’s native son Bob Dylan. This year’s Duluth Dylan Fest will kick off on Saturday, May 19 with the opening reception for the Bill Pagel exhibit, with rare documents, song lyrics, and more from his extensive Bob Dylan collection; held at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Afterwards, author


May 24, Thursday The Grand Marais Safe Routes to School Committee invites all kids and parents to the annual Bike Safety Rodeo on Thursday, May 24 from 3-5 p.m. at the Cook County Community Center in Grand Marais. Join in the fun with bike checks and helmet fittings, helmet decorating, food, and a chance to ride the course. Bring your bike, helmet, and signed permission slip (limited loaner helmets will be available). Schools will send home permission slips/waivers but you can also download it online. Students are also encouraged to bike or walk to school on Wednesday, May 9. Join one of three routes in Grand Marais that go to both Cook County Schools and Great Expectations School, accompanied by community volunteers. For more info or to volunteer for

The Trapper’sDaughter Discovers the Cache Printmaker Rick Allen’s newest, long-awaited print in the Trapper’s Daughter series comes in from the wild.

Free shipping when you order a Large print!

14 W. Wisconsin St., Grand Marais




MAY 2018


Art of the Elements Gallery Open Friday & Saturday · 10am - 5pm May 25 - October 7

Kirsten Skiles metalwork

The Run Smelt Run Parade & Party in Duluth will be held on Sunday, May 13. It is open to all ages. | SUBMITTED Natalie Sobanja pottery

either event, contact Maren Webb at: (218) 387-2330.

Hazel Belvo acrylic


May 25, Friday Over 30 local and regional artists will be featured at the invitational Spring Art Underground show, held at Betsy Bowen Studio Gallery in Grand Marais. Artists include Heidi Sobanja, Mary Schliep, Howard Hedstrom, Jim Sannerud, Fritz Lehmberg, Leah Thomas, Tobias Lawson, and more. The show will open on Friday, May 25 from 5-8 p.m. with refreshments provided. The show will remain on display until Saturday, June 30.

ART ALONG THE LAKE Sharon Frykman fused glass

John Books, bronze

Brittany Foster jewelry

Laurie Toth, pastel

306 Co Rd 44

Hwy 61

Hwy 7

Co 44

Co 45

218.387.1949 32

MAY 2018


3 Views on Nature April 27 - May 20

A Group Exhibition of Block Prints, Encaustic Paintings, and Mixed-Media artworks.

Hwy 7

Northerly Pots The Long Pleasurable Carry

Ceramics Opening May 25th, 5 - 7 pm

Grand Marais



May 26, Saturday Hundreds of cyclists will gather in Grand Marais for the third annual Le Grand Du Nord gravel races. Held by Heck of the North Productions, this year’s races will consist of a new 120-mile route built on the 100-mile course from previous years. There will also be a 66-mile course and a 20-mile course. The 20-mile route is a Le Grand-worthy introduction to gravel cycling with its mix of paved and gravel roads. All races will run on the Heck/Le Grand principles of cue card navigation, self-supported riding ethics and physically challenging courses. The first race begins at 8 a.m. at the Coast Guard Station. Registration required. Post-race festivities will be held at Voyageur Brewing Company.


May 27, Sunday Held at Harbor Park in Grand Marais, the Harbor Park Sound Garden is a family-friendly, free, outdoor event that celebrates the coming of spring, and the history, geography and ecology of Harbor Park and Lake Superior. The Sound Garden will feature a temporary sound installation, combining live musicians and a small choir with 35 small, battery-powered remote speakers distributed throughout the park, each playing a different part of the larger piece of music—a spatial concert you can walk through. In addition to the sound installation, the event will feature visual art elements by local artists, live poetry, history, storytelling and interactive opportunities. The Sound Garden is created by Min-

Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery

at Frykman Art Studio


May 25-27 Spend Memorial Weekend exploring the numerous art galleries and studios along the North Shore, many of which will host music, food, artist meet-andgreets, demonstrations and/or exhibits. On Friday, KahNee-Tah Gallery in Lutsen will hold wool spinning demonstrations all-day with artist Kim Knutson. The gallery will also hold demos on Saturday and classes on Sunday, featuring artists Christine Burnes, Knutson and Sean MacManus. Yellowbird Fine Art in Grand Marais will hold an oil painting demo at noon on Friday, followed by their Grand Opening Reception at 4 p.m. Other Yellowbird Fine Art weekend activities include a Q&A on jewelry design and stone drilling demos. The opening reception for the Northerly Pots exhibit at Johnson Heritage Post will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Friday. The Grand Marais Art Colony will hold weekend classes, as well as open house activities on Saturday. The Cross River Heritage Center in Schroeder will hold crafts and art demos with various artists from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Other partic-

ipating venues include Betsy Bowen Gallery, Art of the Elements Gallery at Frykman Art Studio, Fika Coffee, and the Lightkeeper’s Museum. A full list of events can be found online.

Open: Mon., Wed. - Sat. 10 am-4 pm, Sun. 1-4 pm Closed Tues. 115 W. Wisconsin St. | 218-387-2314 |

Open Mother’s Day Sunday, May 13 10am-2pm • Beautifully designed floral

arrangements. • Great selection of green and blooming plants. • Locally handcrafted gifts. • Pre-orders appreciated. • Delivery Available!

218-387-1919 • 407 4th Ave. E, Grand Marais (Behind My Sister’s Place/kitty-corner from IGA) •




Country Inn & Suites Duluth North 4257 Haines Road, Duluth, MN 55811

(218) 740-4500

15% off Any Room Type Nightly through May 31, 2018 Sunday - Thursday, June 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018 Three-time “Best Blues Album” Grammy nominee Ruthie Foster will perform in Grand Marais on Friday, May 18. | SUBMITTED neapolis-based award-winning composer/ director James Everest. It will be held from noon until 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 27.


June 1-3 Learn about the birds, wildflowers, insects and geology of the Northern landscape at this annual North House Folk School festival in Grand Marais. This year, renowned ecologist Bernd Heinrich returns to campus as the featured guest to teach and speak. Heinrich will offer a two-

day course exploring his book Bumblebee Economics. Other festival highlights include courses, demos, and free presentations and programs, such as “Summer Sky Spectacular: Planets, Satellites and the Milky Way with Bob King.” Course offerings include birding by ear, wildlife tracking through remote camera photography, boreal birding, what’s this rock, spring phenology in the field, and more. Course registration required.

Some restrictions apply. Not valid with other discounts, promotions, groups, holidays or special events. Advance reservations required. Country Inn & Suites Duluth North location only.

Oddz &Endz

Affordable furniture, household goods, and everything else from A-Z

A non-profit resale store

2066 W. Hwy 61 1 mile west of Grand Marais on Hwy 61 218-370-0615

Sherry Watson Professional pet groomer since 1991

Flexible schedule Ask about pick up or drop off options 1517 Devil Track Rd, Grand Marais



50% OFF

Grooming by Appointment • 218-387-1484 for small and medium-sized breeds

a wide selection of books May 26 & 27

South of the Border

Cary J Griffith

C · a · f · e

Breakfast Served All Day Lunch • Homemade Soups

We’re Open Before the Fish Bite! Open 5 am - 2 pm Everyday!

Author of Gunflint Burning: Fire in the Boundary Waters Reading and signing of new book about the Ham Lake Fire

Saturday, May 19, 7 PM

Children’s Story Hour Saturday, May 26, 11 AM May Hours: Mon-Sat 10 AM - 4 PM Follow us on

Located at the stop light in Grand Marais


12 E. Wisconsin St., Grand Marais

Hours: Monday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Tues., Fri. & Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Be at the top of your class .... Order your

GRADUATION cards & invites today!

2018 Graduate

218-387-3370 NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018



Northern Wilds Calendar of Events April 25-May 6

Sam Miltich & Charmin Michelle

Annual Members Show & Sale Grand Marais Art Colony,

7 p.m. Lyric Center for the Arts, Virginia, MN,

April 29-May 6

Sweet Charity 7:30 p.m. The Underground Theatre, Duluth,

Homegrown Music Festival Duluth,

May 1, Tuesday Upper Lakes Foods Spring Food Show 9 a.m. Duluth DECC, Mandala Painting with Jill Terrell 5 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais, George Thorogood & the Destroyers: Rock Party Tour 7:30 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

May 1-6 Youth Week Thunder Bay,

May 1-31 Spring Up to Clean Up Thunder Bay,

May 2, Wednesday Grayson & Axel’s Birthday Webinar 6 p.m. International Wolf Center, Ely, On The House: Free Climbing For First Time Visitors 6 p.m. Vertical Endeavors, Duluth, Animal Tales of How & Why: Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux 6:30 p.m. Two Harbors Public Library, Home Free: Timeless World Tour 2018 7:30 p.m. Duluth DECC,

May 3, Thursday Duluth Lions Club Pancake Day 6 a.m. Duluth DECC, Pinterest Projects 3:30 p.m. Ely Public Library, One Simple Change: Free 5:30 p.m. Tranquility Wellness Center, Ely, Date Night at the Winery with Gordon Thorne & Friends 6 p.m. North Shore Winery, Lutsen, Free Family-Friendly Workshop for Run, Smelt, Run Parade 6 p.m. Duluth Art Institute, Spirit of Dance 6:30 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Plucked Up String Band Album Release Party 7 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,


MAY 2018

May 3-5 May 3-19 Perfect Wedding Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay,

May 4, Friday Animal Tales of How & Why: Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux 1 p.m. Silver Bay Public Library, Senior Center Pie Social 1 p.m. Ely Senior Center, First Friday with Friends 5 p.m. Tranquility Wellness Center, Ely, Free: First Friday 5 p.m. Duluth Children’s Museum, Nordic Release Party with Live Music 6 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, Clay Walker 7:30 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Pushing Chain 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

May 4-5 Spring Food & Wine Lovers Weekend Bluefin Bay, Tofte,

May 4-6 Celebration Talent Dance Competition Duluth DECC, regionals-2018 Kites at the Harbor: Grand Marais Kite Festival 10 a.m. Grand Marais Harbor,

May 5, Saturday Free Family-Friendly Workshop for Run, Smelt, Run Parade 10 a.m. Duluth Art Institute, Mother’s Day Market 10 a.m. Gallery 33, Thunder Bay, Kentucky Derby Party Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais, Animal Tales of How & Why: Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux 10:30 a.m. Grand Marais Public Library, Rhythm & Brews 11:30 a.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,


Grand Opening of Margaret A. Cargill Lodge Noon, Wolf Ridge ELC, Finland, Art in Motion 2 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Gunflint Green-up Anniversary Potluck 5 p.m. Seagull Lake Community Center, Gunflint Trail Grizzer’s Birthday Webinar 6 p.m. International Wolf Center, Ely, Hugo’s Prom 6 p.m. Hugo’s Bar, Brimson, Facebook: Hugos Bar Brimson Finding Your Voice: Story & Song Performance with Kevin Kling & Simone Perrin 7 p.m. Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Trail, DSSO: The High Note Speakeasy 7 p.m. Kitchi Gammi Club, Duluth, Choirs For Hope: An Evening of Music & Song 7 p.m. St. Paul’s United Church, Thunder Bay, Improv Comedy Show 7:30 p.m. Superior CVI, Thunder Bay, DJ Real Pure Heart 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

Hike for Hospice 12:30 p.m. Boulevard Lake, Thunder Bay, International Dance Academy 2 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Gag Me With A Spoon: A Community Storyshare 7 p.m. Zeitgeist Teatro Zuccone, Duluth,

May 10-12

May 7, Monday

Tom Glaser: Full Heart Living: Conversations with the Happiest People I Know 5:30 p.m. Grand Marais Public Library, St. Louis River Experience Annual Fundraiser 6 p.m. Duluth DECC, Minnesota Ballet Student Performance 7 p.m. Duluth DECC, Vinyl Friday with DJ Dr. Dave 9:30 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

May 5-6

Bike or Walk to School Day Grand Marais, Library Tech Night 6 p.m. Grand Marais Public Library, Arts & Craft Beer Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

World Accordion Day & Dr. Willard

A. Palmer Festival A World of Accordions Museum, Superior, Arrowhead Chorale: Aurora Musicalis: Music of the Cosmos Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth, Folklore Festival Noon, Fort William Gardens, Thunder Bay,

May 5-20 The Cat in the Hat 2 p.m. & 4 p.m. (2 p.m. Sun.) Duluth Playhouse,

May 6, Sunday The Craft Revival 10 a.m. Waterfront District, Thunder Bay, Northern Images Art Exhibit & Sale Noon, Oliver Road Community Centre, Thunder Bay Mother’s Day Craft & Vendor Fair Noon, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, Longlac, ON, World Laughter Day 1 p.m. Baggage Building Arts Centre, Thunder Bay, Mark Milner Noon, Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

Free Family-Friendly Workshop for Run, Smelt, Run Parade 6 p.m. Duluth Art Institute,

May 8, Tuesday Bumble Bee ID Level 1 10 a.m. Kawishiwi Ranger Station, Ely, Ruby’s Pantry 5 p.m. Cook County High School, Grand Marais, Fairlawn Garden Work Day 5 p.m. Fairlawn Mansion, Superior, Youth Spoken Word Open Mic 6 p.m. Zeitgeist Arts Café, Duluth,

May 9, Wednesday

May 10, Thursday Free Family Night Out: Space! 5:30 p.m. Community Action, Duluth, Date Night at the Winery with Gordon Thorne & Friends 6 p.m. North Shore Winery, Lutsen, Free Family-Friendly Workshop for Run, Smelt, Run Parade 6 p.m. Duluth Art Institute, Celebrate Quetico Park with Kevin Callan 6:30 p.m. Finlandia Club, Thunder Bay, Wine Tasting & Dinner Fundraiser 6:30 p.m. Whitewater Golf Club, Rosslyn, ON (807) 344-5857 Fay Gleeson 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Plucked Up String Band 7:30 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais, Magic Men Live! 8 p.m. Duluth DECC,

YMCA Dance Recital: 4 Love 7 p.m. (6 p.m. Thurs.) Arrowhead Center for the Arts, Grand Marais, Paramount Live Presents: Anything Goes 7:30 p.m. Paramount Theatre, Thunder Bay,

May 11, Friday

May 11-12 Duluth Junk Hunt Duluth Heritage Sports Center,

May 12, Saturday

Minnesota Fishing Opener

Rummage Sale 9 a.m. Cook County Community Center Arena, Grand Marais (218) 387-3015 Free Family-Friendly Workshop for Run, Smelt, Run Parade 10 a.m. Duluth Art Institute, Nice Girls of the North Marketplace 10 a.m. Lakeside Lester Park Community Center, Duluth, Great Lake, Great Change 10 a.m. Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center, Schroeder, Festiversary 2 p.m. Bent Paddle Brewing, Duluth, Jazz with Gillis & Stamps 5 p.m. The Cove Lobby Bar at Best Western, Grand Marais (218) 387-2240 Elite Dance Productions Recital 5 p.m. Duluth DECC, Zorya Ukrainian Dance Association: Baba’s Stories 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Amazingly Immature Ball Fundraiser 7 p.m. Duluth Children’s Museum, Duluth, G of H: I Wanna Be a Cowboy 7 p.m. Superior CVI, Thunder Bay, Lowland Lakers 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

Oras Chamber Choir:

Duruflé’s Requiem 8 p.m. St. Paul’s United Church, Thunder Bay,

May 13, Sunday Mother’s Day Yoga & Tea 9 a.m. Fairlawn Mansion, Superior, Free Classic Tours for Mothers 9 a.m. Glensheen Mansion, Duluth, Mother’s Day at the Zoo: Free Admission for Mothers 10 a.m. Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, Joe Paulik Noon, Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais, Studio One 2 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Run Smelt Run Parade & Party 3:30 p.m. Duluth,

Gordon Thorne 7 p.m. Gun Flint

Tavern, Grand Marais, Robert Hunter 7 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais, Thunder Bay Horticultural Society Meeting: All About Grapes with Gordon Ward 7:30 p.m. Oliver Road Community Center, Thunder Bay,

May 17-19 Chequamegon Bay Birding & Nature Festival Ashland, WI,

May 18, Friday Robert Hunter 7 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern,

May 19-27 Duluth Dylan Fest, Duluth,

May 20, Sunday Free: Grand Reopening Noon, Superior Public Museums, Superior, Timmy Haus 7 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

May 21, Monday Victoria Day Fire Fighters Ten Mile Road Race 9 a.m. Thunder Bay,

May 22, Tuesday

May 14, Monday

Grand Marais, Ruthie Foster 7:30 p.m. Arrowhead Center for the Arts, Grand Marais, Brothers in Arms 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

Free: Try Synchronized Swimming Session 5 p.m. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Youth Spoken Word Open Mic 6 p.m. Zeitgeist Arts Café, Duluth,

Dance Dynamics 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

May 18-19

The Sound of Music 7:30 p.m. Thunder

May 14-17 River Quest 2018 Duluth DECC,

May 15, Tuesday Blood Drive 11 a.m. Silver Bay High School, WTIP Annual Member Meeting & 20th Birthday Party 5 p.m. Voyageur Brewing Company, Grand Marais, Growing Herbs 6:30 p.m. Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais (218) 387-3015 Take It With You: Season 5 7:30 p.m. The Underground Theatre, Duluth,

May 15-16 UnderOneRoof Twin Ports Duluth DECC,

May 16, Wednesday Blood Drive 9 a.m. North Shore Hospital & Care Center, Grand Marais, The Making of the Root Beer Lady Musical 3:30 p.m. Ely Public Library, Northern Lights Foundation Dinner & Silent Auction 5 p.m. Greysolon Ballroom, Duluth, Two Harbors Road Project: Public Meeting with MnDOT 5 p.m. Lake County Law Enforcement Center, Two Harbors (218) 391-5081 Legacy Performing Arts Company 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

May 16-20 American Craft Beer Week Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

May 17, Thursday Blood Drive 8 a.m. Cook County High School, Grand Marais, 26th Annual Great Billboard Rescue 9 a.m. Lowerys, Thunder Bay, Lunch with the History People Noon, The Depot, Duluth, Date Night at the Winery with Billy Johnson 6 p.m. North Shore Winery, Lutsen,

Ely High School Veterans Memorial Showcase Veterans Memorial Field, Ely,

May 18-20 Hike Fest Wolf Ridge ELC, Finland, Grand Marais Aikikai 25th Anniversary Celebration Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais,

May 19, Saturday Ely’s Annual City Wide Rummage & Business Crazy Day Sale Ely, Jeremy Hiltbrunner Cystic Fibrosis Walleye Fishing Tournament Silver Rapids Lodge, Ely, Duluth Dance Center Recital Duluth DECC, Superior Spring Trail Races Caribou Highlands, Lutsen, GES Plant Sale & Pancake Breakfast 8 a.m. Great Expectations School & Greenhouse, Grand Marais Spokengear Yard Sale 9 a.m. Spokengear, Thunder Bay, Veterans Memorial Hall 5k Fun Run 9 a.m. The Other Place Bar & Grill, Duluth, Maria Nickolay Noon, Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais, Lakehead Shrine Circus 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., & 7:30 p.m., Fort William Gardens, Thunder Bay, Gala for the Grove 5:30 p.m. Surfside Lakeside Ballroom, Tofte, birchgroveschool. com/events/galaforthegrove Spirit of the Times: Zeitgeist Fundraiser & Party 6:30 p.m. Zeitgeist Arts Building, Duluth, Author Cary Griffith: Gunflint Burning 7 p.m. Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, Sister Tree 8:30 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

May 19-20 Birding & Poetry 8 a.m. Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center, Schroeder,

May 22-23 Bay Community Auditorium,

May 22-26 The Big Bike Amazing Challenge Da Vinci Centre, Thunder Bay,

May 24, Thursday Comminty Day: Free Classic Tours Glensheen Mansion, Duluth, Bike Safety Rodeo 3 p.m. Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais, Movie Matinee: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3:30 p.m. Ely Public Library, Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards 5 p.m. Northland Country Club, Duluth, Date Night at the Winery with Gordon Thorne & Friends 6 p.m. North Shore Winery, Lutsen, Joe Paulik Band 7 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

May 24-26 What She Said Festival 7:30 p.m. The Underground Theatre, Duluth,

May 24-June 3 Our Town 7:30 p.m. (2 p.m. Sun.) Duluth Play House,

May 25, Friday Spring Art Underground Opening Festivities 6 p.m. Betsy Bowen Studio Gallery, Grand Marais, Open House with Hors d’oeuvres 6:30 p.m. Cross River Heritage Center, Schroeder, The Cruisers 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

May 25-May 27 Art Along the Lake: Spring Gallery Tour Cook County,

May 26, Saturday Le Grand Du Nord Gravel Cycling Classic 8 a.m. Grand Marais, Cook County Market 9 a.m. Senior Center Parking Lot, Grand Marais

Thunder Bay Sports Summit 9:30 a.m. West Thunder Community Centre, Thunder Bay, Free Crafts & Demos 10 a.m. Cross River Heritage Center, Schroeder, Free: Try Synchronized Swimming Session 10 a.m. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Horticultural Society Plant Auction & Sale 11 a.m. Oliver Road Community Center, Thunder Bay, Mini-Go-Ride 11 a.m. Neebing Roadhouse, Thunder Bay, Beer & Yoga 11:30 a.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, Waverley Park Pavilion Grand Opening 1:30 p.m. Waverley Park, Thunder Bay, Community Ink Day: Screenprinting 2 p.m. Grand Marais Art Colony, Charlie Parr: Free Concert 7 p.m. Voyageur Brewing Company, Grand Marais, Michael Monroe Log Cabin Concert 7 p.m. Grand Marais, Swing Into Spring 7 p.m. Moose Hall, Thunder Bay, Rich Mattson & the Northstars 8 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

May 27, Sunday Fresh Air/George Jeffery 10k Trail Run Kamview Nordic Centre, Thunder Bay, YMCA Camp Menogyn Pancake Breakfast 9 a.m. Camp Menogyn, Gunflint Trail Harbor Park Sound Garden Noon, Downtown Harbor Park, Grand Marais, Out of the Darkness Memorial Walk 1 p.m. Confederation College, Thunder Bay,

May 28, Monday

Memorial Day

Nick Swardson: Too Many Smells Tour 7:30 p.m. Duluth DECC,

May 31-June 3 Battle by the Bay: Boys Hockey Tournament AMSOIL Arena, Duluth,

June 1-3 Northern Landscapes Festival North House Folk School, Grand Marais,

June 2, Saturday Electronics Recycling Collection Event 9 a.m. Cook County Recycling Center, Grand Marais (218) 387-3630

Weekly Events Mondays Open Mic Night 6 p.m. Grandma Rays, Grand Marais,

Tuesdays Live Music 6 p.m. Poplar River Pub at Lutsen Resort, Free: Trivia (Mafia) Tuesday 6 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors,

Wednesdays Country Market 3:30 p.m. CLE Dove Building, Thunder Bay, Open Mic 5 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais, Free: Shark Watching Society Bonfires 6 p.m. Glensheen Mansion, Duluth,

Thursdays Live Music 6 p.m. Poplar River Pub at Lutsen Resort,

Fridays Preschool Storytime 11 a.m. Ely Public Library, Live Music 4 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais, Live Music 7 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors,


Dream Dance 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

May 30, Wednesday Pub Quiz 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

May 30-June 2 Paramount Live Presents: Bye Bye Birdie 7:30 p.m. Paramount Theatre, Thunder Bay, Almost, Maine 7:30 p.m. Confederation College Lecture Theatre, Thunder Bay,

May 30-June 3

Country Market 8 a.m. CLE Dove Building, Thunder Bay, Voyageur Brewing Company Tour 11:30 a.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais, Open Knitting 1 p.m. Sisu Designs Yarn Shop, Ely, Free: Tour the North House Campus 2 p.m. North House Folk School, Grand Marais, Live Music 7 p.m. Lutsen Resort, Live Music 7 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors,

Duluth Superior Film Festival Duluth,


May 31, Thursday

with Joe Paulik 6 p.m. Wunderbar Eatery & Glampground, Grand Marais,

Confident Urban Cycling 5:30 p.m. Duluth Folk School, Date Night at the Winery with Gordon Thorne & Friends 6 p.m. North Shore Winery, Lutsen,

Open Stage


MAY 2018


Flooring Cabinets

Join us for Bluefin Bay’s Spring Food & Wine Lovers Weekend MAY 4-5, 2018

Countertops Tile Kitchens

Event is co-sponsored by:


May Flooring Sale 20% OFF

Visit our showroom for ideas and inspiration!


Food & Wine Lovers Weekend May 4-5, 2018 Four-course dinner with wine pairings Friday, May 4 at 7p.m.

With Guest Chef...

Steven Carl Schulz

Wine tasting Saturday, May 5 at 1:00 p.m.

Executive Chef of the Toasted Frog, Fargo, ND

Five-course dinner with wine pairings Saturday, May 5 at 6:00 p.m.


218-387-1998  1010 E. Highway 61  Grand Marais, MN

HWY 61 Tofte • 1-800-BLUEFIN •


• Guestrooms with separate living room area and sofa sleeper • Premier suites featuring everything from a cinema suite to loft suites • Complimentary Hot Breakfast Buffet 7 days a week • 30,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark is largest in Brainerd area • Indoor / Outdoor hot tub / Fitness center • Gold Mine video arcade and game room • Sand Volleyball Court, Children’s Play Ground and Yard Games • Flexible meeting and banquet space for up to 300 people

















We use Grass fed beef and pork sausage for our italian seasoned patty, grill it, toast our baguette, slather with our house marinara and melted mozzarella.**

Organic house roasted turkey served open faced with Tavern mash and turkey gravy, side of cranberry compote Sauteed ribeye strips, green pepper, onions, provolone cheese and horsey sauce.** Baked, bubbly and delicious like grandma would do.

Baked open faced with tomatoes, pickles, celery and onions in our mix .** Your choice of our soup of the day and salad with a chunk of buttered warm bread. On french with honey dijon, tomatoes, onions and greens.** On toasted french, open faced.**


** choice of greens w/vinaigrette or ripple chips

Add a cup of soup for $4 Add a salad for $4

DOLLAR OFF BREWPUB BREWS with your lunch meal.



$100 off rail drinks, house wines & tap beers. FREE CHIPS & SALSA IN THE RAVEN PUB $200 OFF APPETIZERS 36

MAY 2018


The North Shore Dish New on the North Shore Dining Scene By Maren Webb

It always seems to start with a rumor around town or maybe even a new Facebook page appearing: a new restaurant is coming soon! Despite having many long-standing restaurants to choose from, there is something exciting about a new restaurant opening. A new menu and dining experience that might just become your new favorite place to eat. This past year, several new restaurants opened on the North Shore, including these spots to try, from a remote outpost to the heart of the city. The rumblings around Grand Marais started long before the official opening of Poplar Haus Restaurant up the Gunflint Trail. Last year, two couples relaunched the lodge, renamed Poplar Haus, with a liquor store and plans for a restaurant. This February, Bryan and Stacey Gerrard and Kippy Kuboy and Lynse McDonough welcomed their first customers to the Poplar Haus Restaurant. Located mid-Gunflint Trail, about 30 miles from Grand Marais, Poplar Haus sits on the shores of Poplar Lake on the edge of the wilderness. Many might be more familiar with its former name, Windigo Lodge. While the past is not lost on the Gunflint Trail, Poplar Haus is bringing something new to this table. Described as upscale bar food, the menu blends casual fare with unique ingredients, from scratch techniques, and maybe some adventure with modern flavors. “We make our own sausages and burger grind in house and all of our sauces are made from scratch,” said part-owner, Bryan Gerrard. The Beard Wrecker Duck Wings have become a fast favorite and one of the staples on a menu that changes frequently. No, a beard is not required for that order. The Haus burger and Reuben are other standards that you can continue to expect and enjoy at future visits. A frequently changing menu allows the chef and part-owner, Kippy Kuboy, to take advantage of what is fresh and new inspirations, to make each visit a new dining adventure. With experience at Twin Cities restaurants like La Belle Vie, D’amico, Travail and Lafayette Country Club, Kuboy is up to the task. Local ingredients and vendors are used when possible. Poplar Haus’ creative cocktail offerings feature locally made spirits, including their Boreal Negroni with Vikre Juniper Gin, Tuve Bitter, and Drapo Vermouth.

The Beard Wrecker Duck Wings at Poplar Haus is favorited by many customers. | POPLAR HAUS These two couples discovered this new life quite serendipitously, as the Gerrards happened to see a for sale sign at Windigo while looking to buy a bottle of wine during a camping trip at East Bearskin Lake. With their history in the restaurant and bar industry, of over 20 years, expect to see even more from Poplar Haus. Poplar Haus Restaurant (7890 Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais) reopens for the fishing opener and will be open this fall and summer. For updated hours, menu, and special events calendar, visit: If you aren’t sure that you want to leave after your meal, check out one of their five cabins for rent. And the Poplar Haus liquor store is open seven days a week. In a location that is more heart of the city than heart of the wild, Rebel Salad in Thunder Bay is creating fresh and custom salads and rice bowls to meet each diner’s palate. These salads are no side dish. The options are quite rebellious in its variety, from bacon to roasted beets to local Thunder Oak Gouda, leaving you hard pressed to not find a combination you will enjoy. From nutritious to decadent, there is something that everyone can enjoy.

If you get the feeling that this new restaurant seems familiar, you have likely visited its sister restaurant, The Growing Season, on South Algoma Street in Thunder Bay. Rebel Salad opened in July 2017 after customer demand for build your own salads started to outstrip the space available at The Growing Season. “We wanted to give our customers more choice, but we ran out of room,” said one of the business partners, Jelena Psenicnik. Rebel Salad is located in the same neighborhood, on Bay Street. Custom in a casual setting is the name of the game. Each order starts with a base: heritage greens, Tuscan kale, or organic brown basmati rice. Choose two proteins from options that include roasted chicken, roasted tofu, Thunder Oak Gouda cheese, hard boiled eggs, and quinoa. Then get creative by choosing three vegetables from marinated, roasted, and raw options, followed by a topping—here enters the bacon. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other toppings if bacon isn’t your thing. A side, like corn chips or naan bread, and a dressing choice round out the meal. Delicious dressings like cilan-

Chef and part-owner Kippy Kuboy in the kitchen at Poplar Haus. | POPLAR HAUS


MAY 2018




Sun-Thurs: 11am - 8pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 9pm 218-387-1915 401 E. HWY 61, GRAND MARAIS, MN

$3 OFF

$3 OFF

Take Out or Dine In Expires 5-31-18

Take Out or Dine In Expires 5-31-18

Any Large PIZZA Any Large PIZZA

At Rebel Salad in Thunder Bay, you can create your own salad combinations, featuring everything from tofu to bacon as toppings. | BLUESNOWIMAGING.COM tro-heartbeat yogurt hot sauce and Thai coconut lime pack in the flavor, as well as the more traditional ranch and lemon vinaigrette. Local products are often featured and used, from Brule Creek oil and flour to Roots to Harvest vegetables. If you are like me, many visits will be needed to try all the fun combinations. Rebel Salad (320 Bay Street, Thunder Bay) is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. For more information, visit: Wunderbar Eatery and Glampground might take the prize for most intriguing new restaurant name. Located on the hill coming into Grand Marais, Wunderbar has transformed the former Harbor Light Restaurant into a community destination with its casual menu and regular live music and other events. Owners Chris and Teri Downing purchased the property in August and the restaurant opened in October 2017. Wunderbar might evoke a German pronunciation from some, but rather, the name is spoken like Wonder-bar, inspired by a restaurant name from another era in American dining and supper clubs. The name might be a throwback, but the menu is a blend of modern and comfort. Sandwiches like house made sloppy Joes and the Wunder burger are made with ethically raised meats from Peterson Craft Meats. A fast favorite has been one their “tidbits,” or

appetizers, called the savory Wunder puffs, deep fried and served with a house made dipping sauce. In addition to the bar and restaurant, Wunderbar is creating a “glampground,” with small campers, yurts, and other accommodations for rent on the property. With names such as The Lotus Belle and The Ladybug, these upscale camping, or glamorous camping—glamping, provide a fun launching point for Grand Marais adventures. Each rental comes with a pass to the local YMCA, a welcome basket, bottled water, and a bottle of wine. Wunderbar Eatery and Glampground (1615 West Highway 61, Grand Marais) is open Tuesday through Sunday. For up-to-date hours and information, visit: COMING SOON: McQuade’s Pub and Grill in downtown Two Harbors. From the same owners as McQuade’s Herbs, Spices, and More, this new restaurant on the opposite end of the block had not yet opened at the time of this writing, but is expected soon. To check on open status, find McQuade’s Pub and Grill on Facebook. McQuade’s will be a full bar and restaurant open for lunch and dinner. A more casual lunch menu with burgers, sandwiches and the like, transitions into a more steakhouse-like dinner menu, with options like New York strip steak, served with prohibition era cocktails. Owner Frank McQuade will surely be using some of his famous spice mixes from his shop down the block.

Fish & Chips are BACK! Treat Mom to

Mother’s Day Brunch

Sunday, May 13, 8 am - 2 pm

Reservations for groups of 5 or more are recommended.

Restaurant Opening for the Season May 19

Breakfast (8:00-10:30) Lunch (11:30-4:00) Dinner (5:00-8:30) *Many gluten-free items available.*

15 Miles East of Grand Marais · 218-387-2688 38

MAY 2018


Plus all the other great stuff...

S Smoked Fish S Fresh and Frozen fish and seafood S Gourmet grocery S Cheese S Dry Ice

Gifts, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts Open 9 am Mon. - Sat. · Dine In or Take Out

On the Harbor in Grand Marais


hello spring! 5461 north shore drive dul ut h, mn 5 5 8 0 4


Mother’s Day Brunch By Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

What better way to celebrate mom than with a homemade Mother’s Day brunch? Take out the fancy dishes, and serve frittata and coffee cake with fruit, yogurt and fresh orange juice for a special meal.

Coffee cake can serve double-duty as a brunch centerpiece or a treat with afternoon tea. | ROSE ARROWSMITH DECOUX

Strawberries & Cream Coffee Cake Bright strawberries, aromatic cardamom, and pockets of cream cheese make for a subtly sweet coffee cake. STREUSEL TOPPING ƒƒ ¾ cup brown sugar ƒƒ 1 cup flour ƒƒ ½ teaspoon salt ƒƒ ½ teaspoon cinnamon ƒƒ 1 stick butter, cut into pieces ƒƒ Pinch of nutmeg Process in a food processor, or cut together with a pastry cutter until it reaches a sandy consistency. Small lumps are fine. Leftovers can be stored in the freezer for later use. COFFEE CAKE ƒƒ 2 cups flour ƒƒ 1 teaspoon baking soda ƒƒ 1 teaspoon baking powder ƒƒ 1 teaspoon salt ƒƒ ½ teaspoon cardamom ƒƒ 1 stick butter ƒƒ 1 cup white sugar ƒƒ 2 eggs ƒƒ Zest of one lemon, or 3 teaspoons lemon juice ƒƒ 1 teaspoon vanilla ƒƒ 1 cup sour cream ƒƒ 1½ cups strawberries, sliced ƒƒ ½-¾ cup cream cheese, cubed Whisk together flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and cardamom. Set aside. Beat butter until creamy. Beat in sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time, scraping down the bowl as needed. Beat in vanilla and lemon zest. Combine the butter mixture with the flour and sour cream, alternating one-third of the flour, then half the sour cream, then one-third of the flour, and so on, incorporating fully at each stage. Fold in strawberries and cream cheese. Spread into greased 9x13 inch casserole dish, sprinkle generously with streusel topping, and bake at 350 degrees F. for 35-45 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. (This cake rises a lot, so don’t be concerned that the batter seems too small for the pan at first.) Serve with fresh strawberries.

Frittata isn’t fussy about temperature: it will bake just fine anywhere between 300-400 degrees F., so pop it in when you’re making muffins, scones or coffee cake. | ROSE ARROWSMITH DECOUX

Sausage & Mushroom Frittata Frittata can be made with whatever you have on hand. Some favorite combinations are: onion-mushroomspinach, sausage-wild rice, and sweet pepper-bacon. Mix and match with your favorite cheeses to create your own signature dish.

nner! wi

Voted Best Wine


INGREDIENTS ƒƒ 10 eggs ƒƒ 1 cup breakfast sausage ƒƒ ½ onion, finely sliced ƒƒ 4-5 mushrooms, sliced ƒƒ Salt and pepper to taste ƒƒ Oil for skillet ƒƒ ½ cup shredded cheddar, or other cheese Whisk the eggs and set aside. In an 8-10 inch cast iron skillet, heat the oil and sauté the sausage and vegetables on medium to medium-high until cooked. Add 1-2 more tablespoons of oil to prevent sticking, then sprinkle in the cheese and pour in eggs. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Use a spatula to gently nudge the filling, allowing the eggs to fill in evenly. Cook on the stovetop on medium heat for a couple minutes until the edges of the eggs set. Transfer the skillet to the oven and bake at 350-375 degrees F. for 8-12 minutes. The frittata is done when the center doesn’t jiggle and the top has a matte finish. Serve in the skillet, or loosen the edges with a knife and invert onto a large plate.

Date Nights

Thursdays 6-8 p.m.

Music, wine, candlelight, and fires.

202 Ski Hill Road, Lutsen NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


Superior Brews Up a Couple Sippers By Javier Serna

Happenings THURSDAY, MAY 3RD

Plucked Up String Band

Album Release Party 7-10 pm


Kentucky Derby Party Pick the Ponies, Derby Hat Contest and Mint Juleps!


Mothers Day the Wunder Way! Flowers and a mimosa for mom!


Robert Hunter Nashville recording artists Relapse and Revival tour 7-9pm


Victoria Day Welcome Neighbours! Bring in this ad for a $5.00 Wunderbuck discount!

SUNDAYS Open Stage with Joe Paulik at 6:00pm

Recently, I made a pit stop dropping in on the two breweries in Superior, Wis., on the way home from a fishing trip to Chequamegon Bay. After a disappointing day on the Bay (one whitefish lost at the hole, and a single steelhead caught by a friend), we were looking for some good beer and a meal, which seemed like right up the alley of Thirsty Pagan Brewing, which bakes up some delicious homemade pizzas. Not so fast. The brewery, which recently lost its head brewer to Earth Rider, is currently without a brewer, and, as such, has none of its beers on tap, opting for a pretty solid guest tap list. Luckily, the brewery still has 750ml cork and cage sour beers available for $25. I opted for IVY, described as a dry-hopped mixed fermentation sour. The beer was aged for two years in oak wine barrels, and dry-hopped with Australian Galaxy hops, which have become my favorite hops in the past couple of years because of the fruity character. I enjoyed Ivy a week later, and it wasn’t disappointing. This sour poured a hazy orange and had more funk than tartness. It was fairly decadent, with complex flavors coming in from the Galaxy hops, and heavy brettanomyces (or “brett”) flavor. I am a big fan of sour beers, and this is one of the few brewed on the North Shore. It checked in at 5.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and 21 international bitterness units (IBUs). I will definitely buy it again if I have the chance. Before hitting the road, we stopped off at the Cedar Lounge, which is the official taproom of Earth Rider, to see what kind of decadence we might find to take home. I was pleased to find it had an imperial stout, RASPBERRY RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT, available both on tap and in

Thirsty Pagan Brewing has a great guest beer tap list and also bakes up some delicious homemade pizzas. | JAVIER SERNA crowlers (those popular, 32-ounce aluminum cans). With a 9.4 ABV and 64 IBUs, the brewery calls it a “spring sipper.” It is definitely a sipper, though it still seems lighter than many other imperial stouts in a lot of ways, both in booziness and in thickness. It poured dark as night with a brown, foamy head.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S BREW DAY II: My last column noted the collaborative brew to celebrate International Women’s Day involving women from Bent Paddle, Hoops and Earth Rider in Duluth. Thunder Bay brewer Sleeping Giant also celebrated the day, creating with the help of “our local female craft beer lovers,” a Fresno rye IPA called Camperino 2018. The beer, described as a fruity pale ale infused with Fresno red peppers, went on tap and hit store shelves in April.

L i ve M u s i c !

218-877-7655 1615 WEST HWY 61, GRAND MARAIS OPEN 11 A.M. - MIDNIGHT FOOD ‘TIL 10 P.M.


MAY 2018


Proceeds from the beer will go to the brewery’s Jeannine Ross-Armstrong Award, which is given to two business students at Lakehead University. NEW DIGS: Bent Paddle, celebrating its 5th anniversary, opened its new taproom, down the street from its original taproom, on April 12. The new 5,000-square-foot room, at 1832 W. Michigan St., is a block from the old taproom in Lincoln Park.

Northwoods Vacations on the Gunflint Trail!

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY Check Facebook for bands, times, and even more events!

Daily Specials!

The raspberry flavor is as heavy as it is roasty, one of the hallmarks of any stout. There’s also a lot of chocolate in the background. It’s got a decent amount of balance, and I liked it, though my tasting partner thought it had a bit too much raspberry.

• Cabins & Camping • Canoeing & Kayaking • Pets & Family Friendly • Groceries & Supplies • Ice Cream & Pizzas

Organic, Local & Natural Groceries Grab & Go Deli with Cafe Seating 9 am - 7 pm | 7 Days a Week

Canadian cash and debit accepted.

Located on the beautiful East Bay of Grand Marais

20 East First St | Grand Marais, MN | 218.387.2503

o Open tblic u P the

218.388.4454 · 800.533.5814 217 S. Gunflint Lk • Grand Marais, MN 55604

Technology: The Treacherous, Terrific Tool By Amy Schmidt

ing teenager, what seems like an innocent crush can quickly become a dangerous scenario they are not equipped to deal with. When a flirtatious on-line romance with a cheerleader from California turns out to be a 50-year-old sexual predator from Ohio, things can go from bad to worse in a terrifying moment.

“You have access to more data in your purse [via your smartphone] than is contained within the Library of Congress.” – Sgt. Jeffery Swanson This is a startling fact. Swanson goes on to say, “The computer in your phone is more powerful than the first rocket that went to the moon, yet parents don’t think anything of giving it to a 10- or 12-year-old child.” And while this easy, endless access to technology has some definite boons, it has some definite (and alarming) down sides that warrant careful consideration by parents and guardians. Consider cyberbullying. Smartphones, through platforms like Facebook, make vicious bullying as easy as swiping your finger across a screen. With social media, you can speak before you think. With social media, you can hurl insults without having to look the victim in the eye. With social media, a bully is bolstered by an endless array of cyber sidekicks. And the bullying can all happen under wraps. There’s no recess monitor to break up the fight on the playground when the fight is happening in secret.

Sex trafficking is yet another consideration. The target age for sex trafficking is 13 to 15 years old. And for an unassum-

These are extreme issues. There are other issues that, while less extreme, are just as real and troubling. Too numerous to detail here, the take away is that parents or guardians of child smart-phone users need to be vigilant about monitoring screen time. Defined by the American Association of Pediatrics as time spent using digital media for entertainment purposes, screen time can have profound effects on a child’s development. Children under 18 months should have no screen time and children age two to five should be limited to two hours a day. Guidelines for children six and older are more complicated because all screen time is not created equal. Parents and guardians should make sure that their kid’s device time is balanced between passive and creative and that device use, no matter the nature, should not replace adequate sleep, physical exercise and face-toface communication.

All this aside, technology isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. In fact, it can be a very helpful tool. But because technology choices move faster than a child or teenager’s developmental abilities, our kids shouldn’t be left to navigate the swirling technological vortex alone. Parents, guardians, teachers, librarians (basically any adult lovingly invested in the future of a child), should be willing and dedicated to helping with the navigation process. Fortunately, there are resources to help. Organizations like Common Sense Media and the Family Media Use Plan Tool available from are invaluable. For those in the area, an upcoming workshop from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, “Navigating the Virtual Playground: Healthy Choices and Worrisome Pitfalls for Today’s Youth,” will be hosted by the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic on May 10. We owe it to our kids to be available, knowledgeable and dedicated to slogging through the ever-expanding world of technology. Let’s not make them go it alone. For more information about this upcoming event, please contact Hartley Newell-Acero at (218) 387-2330.

In Range: A New Era of Mining PolyMet’s copper-nickel mine is coming, Minnesota. Modern, safe and brimming with opportunity. Not just for a new generation of Iron Range miners and the businesses that support them, but with hundreds of millions in economic benefit for all of us.


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the BIG One Get Mom a NEW Rod & Reel for Mother’s Day! • • • • •

Topo and Lake Maps Steelhead Spawn & Crawlers Rod & Reel Combos, including Kid’s rods Boat/Marine Accessories Big Lake Lures

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Northern Trails Tangling with the Water Wolf of Spring I ran through the bay with the trolling motor, I could see the occasional puff of mud from where a pike would be spooked by the boat. They were here.

By Gord Ellis

The northern pike is one nasty piece of work. With a long mouth full of needle sharp teeth, and a mottled side that looks like weeds, these fish are perfectly designed to ambush unsuspecting baitfish, rodents, snakes or whatever else comes by. As a sport fish, there is nothing dainty or delicate about pike. They smash baits, explode at boat side and can turn a boat upside down if not properly handled. In other words, they are a lot of fun.     

buddy on an ultra-clear lake. We could see pike everywhere, but it was slow going. In the evening, the pike that had sat like logs suddenly got active. We caught a few, but not the big ones. I made a long cast with a large, six-inch jerkbait. The lure landed with a plop and my reel back-lashed. As I sat trying to sort it out my buddy said, “Gord, a big pig is looking at your lure.” I looked up and sure enough, a big long pike was right behind the lure. I madly tried to get the knot out but almost immediately the pike ate the lure. The fish was on. For the next five minutes I hand-bombed a very angry northern pike. It was one of the weirdest fishing experiences I’ve ever had. Yet thanks to a little luck and determination, a giant, 44-inch pike was brought to the boat. It was a win, if an ugly one.       

My favourite time to chase the water wolf is in the spring, when they are up shallow and post spawn. You can expect to find pike in shallow, weedy bays as soon as the ice goes, although they may be a bit sluggish. However, when the sun starts to work its magic, things can change quickly. Last spring, in late May, I was fishing with a couple buddies in a large, shallow weedy spawning bay. We got to fishing about noon, but for the first couple of hours it was very quiet. Yet, as I ran through the bay with the trolling motor, I could see the occasional puff of mud from where a pike would be spooked by the boat. They were here. As the sun warmed the water, the pike suddenly changed from off to on. Pike that had ignored our large bucktail spinners suddenly were boiling out of the weeds at them. I switched to a large, shallow running glide bait and let it slip over the weed tops. A very large pike missed it once, twice, and then inhaled it at boat side. All heck broke loose as 42 inches of gator spiraled into the weeds, the line slicing through the thick cabbage. The battle was quick but exciting. I slid my hand under the pike gill and hoisted it. It was a spawned out fish, sporting a few scars from the amorous antics pike undertake to make babies. After a few pictures, a large pair of pliers were used to pull the hook and the pike was released. As the afternoon wore on, we caught about 20 pike, several of them above the 40-inch mark that is pretty much accepted as the sign of a true trophy. It was great spring pike fishing, and an exhilarating experience.


Spring pike aren’t always tough to catch. You need to use the right lures in the right spots. In super shallow water, pike will often be visible sitting on the bottom, but will not respond to heavy lures like spoons. In skinny water, you must use shallow-run-

Look for clear water pike to be feeding in large protected bays and near emerging weed growth. This is when classic pike baits like the Johnson Silver Minnow, Mepps Musky Killer and Eppinger Daredevle can be excellent. When the weather is chilly, slow moving, cold water pike require a slightly different presentation to get them interested. A six-inch Suick jerkbait or Salmo Slider are two favourites.

TACKLE FOR SPRING PIKE Gord Ellis Sr. with a monster spring pike. | GORD ELLIS ning lures that float or are neutrally buoyant. Long slender plugs such as the floating Rapala or Rebel Minnow work well in water less than three feet deep. But for the maximum fun, try one of the soft plastic jerkbaits such as a four-inch Jerk Shad. These can be pulled through the water without weight, and allowed to fall to the bottom, then pulled forward. Shallow pike go ballistic over this presentation. Large plastic baits can be Texas-rigged so the hook is not exposed. Sometimes the soft splash of a plastic near a large pike is all that’s needed to make a pike take the bait in a huge swirl. In lakes with dark water, and at stream mouths with mud bottoms, pike can be

quite active, regardless of cold weather. Dark water and dark bottoms absorb heat. In cold front situations, a stream mouth with slightly warmer water coming in is often your best bet. In big, cold, clear water lakes, the spring bite can be a lot tougher. The reason is again water temperature. Clear lakes generally take longer to warm up, and the pike require the heat of the sun, or a persistent warm wind, to heat up the shallows. In clear water lakes, it is not uncommon to see pike almost immobile on the bottom. These pike can be among the toughest fish to catch. That’s frustrating because they can also be the largest. Several years ago, I was fishing with a

Generally medium heavy rods and reels handle large pike better than light tackle. Spinning reels are sufficient for most fishing, but when casting large lures such as spoons, spinnerbaits or jerkbaits, a baitcast system may be more comfortable. I like an Abu Garcia 5500 bait-cast reel and flipping stick. Monofilament lines of 10- to 17-pound test or braid of 30-pound test is adequate for most fish, although pike can cut both types of line with their sharp teeth. You should have a good selection of steel leaders handy unless you want to see your lures disappear.   Always have a quality set of jaw spreaders, needle nose pliers with hook cutters, wool gloves and a first aid kit when pike fishing. You need to handle pike carefully, and be careful not to get your hands in those teeth.


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Big Fish Dreams

On the Wings of a North Wind

By Lori Peelen & Illustrator Consie Powell

A Journey with Waterfowl By Michael Furtman

Raven Productions, Inc., $9.95

Follow the tale of a boy, a family fishing trip, and a salmon traveling toward her spawning place. Will she make it? Will the boy catch the fish of his dreams? Big Fish Dreams intertwines the story of the boy and the salmon, while teaching children about ecosystems, watersheds, and the part salmon play in the health of both. A non-fiction section provides more details about salmon and follows a raindrop’s path through a healthy watershed. Part of the proceeds from this children’s book will be donated to salmon restoration projects on the Pacific coast.—Breana Roy

Birch Portage Press, $17.99

In 1989, with the Great Plains gripped with devastating drought, the author set off with his black Lab Rascal to follow the waterfowl migration from the Canadian prairies to the Gulf of Mexico. This three-month journey was more than an extended hunting trip. Along the way, he meets with farmers, waterfowl biologists and others to better understand the ways of ducks and geese, as well as the complex issues of habitat loss that plague their continued existence. The result is a wonderful story with a strong, yet very palatable conservation message.—Shawn Perich

Along the Journey River A Mystery By Carole laFavor

Several sacred artifacts have gone missing from the Minnesota Red Earth Reservation and the suspect list continues to grow. Investigating these mysterious occurrences because of tribal traditions and the honor of her family, Renee LaRoche works to track down the people responsible. Unfortunately, Renee is caught between the traditions of her tribe and efforts to help her chimook lover accept their cultural differences. When tribal traditions run strong, is it even possible to love an “other”? Author Carole laFavor (1948-2011) was a Two-Spirit Ojibwa novelist and activist who lived and worked in Minnesota. She was a member of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and worked with organizations that supported Native American people with HIV/AIDS. She is also the author of Evil Dead Center: A Mystery.—Breana Roy

NIPIGON RIVER WHY GO: This section of the river, up to Alexander Falls, is runnable by any fish coming in from Lake Superior. And there is a wide mix of game fish that can be found in the river at various points in the year, but in the spring time, it’s an option for steelhead anglers. While the upper stretches of the Nipigon River are best known for producing the 100-plus year old world record brook trout, this stretch also boasts an excellent population of brawny coaster brookies, though they are best targeted in late August and early September. ACCESS: Nipigon Marina is a good place to access the river, with a free boat launch that is open from June 1 to Sept. 8. The marina is also popular with shore anglers, with access up to the 11/17 bridge. Red Rock Marina, in Red Rock, also offers a boat launch, though fees are charged here to launch. There’s also a boat ramp on the west side of the river downstream from the Alexander Dam. VITALS: This section of river is about 11 miles from Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior to the Alexander Dam. GAME SPECIES PRESENT: Chinook salmon, coaster brook trout, Coho salmon, lake trout, northern pike, pink salmon, steelhead trout, yellow perch, walleye and whitefish. STEELHEAD: Spring is the best time to target steelhead trout on the Nipigon Riv-


MAY 2018


er, as it is in other North Shore streams. Steelhead on this river are known to run large, and most of the fishing for them occurs at Alexander Dam down to the railroad bridge. “Most of the steelhead fishing around here is done on the smaller rivers,” notes Ernie Benson, a fly fishing guide with Nipigon River Adventures. “It is difficult to go after them on the Nipigon unless you have a boat for drift fishing.” Because of the big water of the Nipigon, Benson advises fly anglers to fish streamers. The most popular techniques are drifting roe, or using plugs from boats in the larger pools and runs. Shore anglers can try below the dam and below the Trans-Canada Highway. COASTERS: The river is renowned for its large brook trout, or speckled trout as they are known here, but on this section of the Nipigon, late August and the beginning of September is the main window when they move up the stream from Lake Superior. “The fishing can actually be quite good in the late summer,” Benson said. “It closes on Labor Day. You want to go for a couple days in September. That is one of the highlights of the river, those fish coming in for spawning.”

University of Minnesota Press, $16.95

From Alexander Falls to Lake Superior

Casting spoons, trolling crankbaits and fly angling are the more popular ways to target them. Anglers with light spinning gear will use worms under bobbers, spinners and jigs. A special regulation exists for brook trout on the river, with one fish over 22 inches allowed. FALL SALMON RUNS: While the odd Coho or pink might be found in the river, most of the salmon action in the river is from Chinook salmon. This typically starts up in late August into September. The fish tend to congregate at the Alexander Dam, and can be caught on spoons. But they can also be targeted up and down the river, and trolling is a popular way to get after them with big plugs. THE REST: You’ll find northern pike, whitefish and walleye on this stretch of river, though walleye fishing is closed on the river year round. Lake trout used to run the river, but failed to show up last spring.—Javier Serna

View our complete collection of Fishing Hole Maps online at: /fishingholemaps

Bowfishing Duluth on the St. Louis River

Mortgage Lender?

By Ali Juten For the passionate bowhunters in Minnesota, the nearly four-month archery deer season simply isn’t long enough. That is, until they discover bowfishing.

More like mortgage guide.

Each summer, Kyle Langlee, 26, of Virginia, Minn., travels back to his hometown of Duluth to go bowfishing on the St. Louis River. He is an avid hunter and angler, meaning, bowfishing combines his two passions into one. Two years ago, he shot and reeled in a massive 47 pound carp in the middle of the day. While bowfishing at night is legal and common in Minnesota, Langlee says that daylight plus a good pair of polarized sunglasses, helps to see a little further into the murky river water. He navigated the river in his 14 foot Crestliner with a custom-made, wooden shooting platform and railing in the front. The bow he used was older, and cheap.

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“Your bow is going to get banged around a lot, you’re going to be hitting branches, you’re going to be tossing around your boat,” Langlee said.

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He bought his from a friend and added a retriever, some line, and a few arrows, costing less than $300 total. “And then from there you just need to take care of your arrows. You can put them on a wheel grinder and grind up your points and make them sharp again from hitting rocks.” Yes, even the best archers hit rocks. Bow hunters who are new to bowfishing have to consider yet another element during their shots; light refraction. This bending of light as it passes from water to air will make the fish look closer or higher in the water than it actually is. Aiming lower than the fish is the way to go and how low to aim depends on the depth of the water. Experience is certainly the best teacher.

• Market leading fixed interest rates Kyle Langlee, 26, with his massive 47 pound carp taken with his bow from the St. Louis River in 2016. | KYLE LANGLEE

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Compared to traditional methods of fishing, bowfishing is a somewhat forgotten sport in the area. The most recent articles featuring the sport in mainstream, Duluth news outlets were reported nearly 10 years ago. Even the online fishing forums are stale. But, don’t be mistaken, there are plenty of rough fish in the area, mostly common carp and suckers. Though, timing and location are everything. When it comes to the St. Louis River, conditions have to be perfect. Shoot for that perfect Duluth week, with little wind and no rain. Heavy rainfall and wind stirs up the water in the river and causes it to be even more murky than it already is. Fishing while the carp are spawning will also increase success rates significantly. Spawning carp like moving water and shallow, grassy areas. The ideal water temperature for spawning carp is roughly between 64 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The St. Louis River typically hits those temps in the middle of June or early July. In Minnesota, there is no limit on how many carp an angler can take. With bowfishing, the arrow ultimately kills the fish. However, common carp are an invasive species and one of the most harmful to shallow lakes and wetlands. In a study conducted by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC), while searching for food, carp burrow into lake sediments and, in the process, they uproot aquatic vegetation. This can release large quantities of sediment-bound nutrients, stimulating algae blooms. So, whatever carp is caught, gets disposed of or used as fertilizer. For those looking to get into the sport, Langlee advises going with someone who knows what they’re doing and where to find fish. Like all sports, bowfishing can be frustrating without success. When Langlee first started bowfishing in Duluth, he wasn’t sure where to go. Having

Kyle Langlee’s bowfishing setup next to two carp he caught in the St. Louis River. | KYLE LANGLEE only fished with a bow in southern Minnesota and North Dakota prior, Duluth wasn’t looking promising. However, archery shops such as Chalstrom’s in Duluth or Custom Archery in Superior are great places to gain knowledge. Guided outfitters are also a place to start. The closest bowfishing outfitters are located in the Twin Cities, but are worth the drive in order to get hooked on the sport. “It’s the thrill of having multiple chances, multiple fish. I mean when you’re bowhunting for deer, you get one shot and that’s basically it. But with bowfishing, you get the chance for multiple fish,” Langlee explained. 800.450.0709 •

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Northern Wilds Bookstore

northern sky MAY 2018 By Deane Morrison, MN STARWATCH

Local Authors Local Topics Guides

All during May, Venus and Jupiter dominate the early evening from opposite sides of the sky.

History A Centur y of Persev erance On July lumber 14, 1914, North on the banks Shore nesota. of the Devil pioneer Andrew A owned century later, business the HedstrTrack River north Hedstrom began from its of Grand sawing humble operating at the om Lumber Compa Marais, start in a through same locatio Minny several pioneer n. This is remains a familytransformation of today. settlem the compa s into the ent during the tall-pine ny’s story modern Throug logging no-waste sity with hout the years, era sawmill problem-solvi the Hedstr operation able to ng ingenu om family has remain ity Shore instituti in busine met challen ss when and tenacity. ges and on. By their other mills In the remote failed and pluck, they adverwere became settlement first began a North ing a sawmilsawing lumber of Scandinavian immigrants, l he purcha to meet the demand needs Andrew sed Hedstrom the compafor lumber grew, and rebuilt after of his carpen try busine so did the it within the ny hauled a portab ss uscompany. was ruined in During the a fire. As the to the mill. wilderness, where le sawmill to a forest Later, when the teams of horseswinter logging 1930s and 40s, road networ camps advent family returne deep of mecha were used to k made haul massiv nization it possibl d to a new, This is a permanent e to deliver logsand the develo e logs pment mill on the greater in a locatiostory of persev distances, of challenges, n as remote aserance. Even today, Devil Track River. the it isn’t from advers including severaGrand Marais . Andrew easy to run a ity by making l devast before. business and his Today, Hedstr the mill ating fires. Yet sons remaining they always faced many om Lumbe better and more recovered r Compa the Hedstr in northern Minne efficien ny try. It also om family’s achiev sota. Sawdu is one of the t than it was few st in Their ements a promin celebrates the Blood is lumber mills North Shoreduring 100 years a celebra success. ent part, and which in the timber tion of played community of which indusa power ful, continu they are such ing role About the in their Author Jim Boyd St. John, is a retired journa the Cook and his dog, Scarletlist who lives in County Chamber t. He current Cook County ly serves with of Comm as execut his wife, Jetty erce. ive directo r of

Sawd st in Their uS t Bloo ars of th d e Heds tro

100 ye Sawd

The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck

m Lumb

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er Co.

Their Bloo


s Of The

d: 100 Year

Hedstrom Lumber Co.


Elle Andra-Warner

Poetry & Non-fiction FOR THE LOVE OF THE NORTH 2019


Earth laps Jupiter in the orbital race on the night of the 8th-9th, an event called opposition because it puts Jupiter opposite the sun in the sky. At that time, Jupiter rises around sunset and stays up all night. On the 10th, our two planets make their closest approach—about 409 million miles—before Earth leaves the giant planet behind. The closest approach comes slightly later than opposition because during that short interval, Earth moves a little farther from the sun while Jupiter moves a little closer to it. Look for Jupiter’s high-wattage orb in the east after nightfall and in the west an hour or two before sunrise. Jupiter may be up all night, but Venus makes the most of its limited time above the horizon. Our sister planet comes out in the west shortly after sunset and brightens as it sinks toward the horizon. An hour after sunset may be the best time to catch

The University of Minnesota offers public viewings of the night sky at its Duluth and Twin Cities campuses. For more information and viewing schedules in Duluth, see the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium:

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If you want to compare Venus and Jupiter as they face each other across the sky, try the second week of May, when both planets will be fairly high and the moon won’t interfere. The evening of the 21st, the bright star Regulus, in Leo, comes out right below a first-quarter moon. The morning of the 29th, the moon sets just a few hours short of fullness. But that follows a night when it crosses the sky between Jupiter and Saturn, with Mars taking up the rear. Watch for Mars to brighten all month long as its late-July opposition draws near.

2019 Calendar

it when it’s bright but not yet too low. On the 17th, a young crescent moon joins Venus. Shining to the upper right of the pair that evening is multicolored Capella, the brightest star in Auriga, the charioteer.

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Worms have benefits in our gardens. They are really good at changing natural waste—such as food scraps or leaves or lawn clippings—back to a product that is enriching to our garden soil. They do this by eating the waste and pooping. Worm poo is called a “casting” and this can be a great fertilizer. One way to take advantage of this year-round is to maintain a worm bin.

Go stomping through a puddle after a rain storm or dig a hole in your backyard lawn—chances are you will find some worms, probably a lot of them. Did you know that children 100 years ago in our part of the woods might not have seen worms like we do today? Worms of all types, including the red worms we find in our compost piles and the larger worms called night crawlers we use for fishing, are all invasive to North America—meaning, they didn’t exist here until people started moving around the planet and moved some worms with them. Worms have multiplied quickly and now we can hardly imagine our soil without them. There are still some places relatively unaffected by worms and scientists say it’s best for the forest if these areas stay that way. That’s why if you go fishing with worms you shouldn’t dump them in the forest. It would be better to bring them back to your garden or lawn and release them there.

You can keep a worm bin in your house— maybe the basement or garage is best—anywhere that doesn’t get too hot or freeze. Take a plastic tote with a tight-fitting lid (about 15-20 gallon size). Drill small holes in the lid and around the top two inches on the side and one hole in each corner on the bottom for ventilation. Add six to eight inches of slightly damp newspaper strips (not colored or glossy). You can also add some grass clippings and soil sprinkles to get the worms started. You can buy worms online and have them mailed to you, or you can find a bunch in a compost pile. One to two pounds will suffice. Start by adding small amounts of greens—lettuce past its prime for example. The worms can’t use a lot of food scrap at once— small handfuls at a time work best. Worms don’t really like citrus or egg shells, meat or bread. Worms prefer vegetables.

Some tips for your worm bin:

• Don’t let the bin get too moist. If the worms are trying to crawl out of the bin, it might be too wet. Add more strips of dry newspaper. • Don’t overfeed the worms. Place food in one corner of the bin. Cover with the newspaper. The worms will move to it and eat. Don’t add more food for several days. Adding too much will make your worm bin smell. Add to a different corner each time. • Scoop out the castings and add to your garden. But be careful not to scoop out your worms.

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Wild Traditions Welcoming Spring at Little Lions Waldorf Daycare By Julia Prinselaar

One of my earliest childhood memories takes place in daycare when I was about three years old. It was around the first of May, and our group at Little Lions Waldorf Daycare was preparing to sing songs and dance around the Maypole to welcome the arrival of spring. Each of us children stood in a circle holding a colored ribbon in our hands, and together we walked in unison to wrap the ribbon around the pole. Details of the day beyond that are vague, but the memory leaves me with feelings of warmth, comfort and nostalgia. It serves as my first introduction to a tradition that traces its roots to European folklore and welcomes the birth and fertility of a new season. Three decades later, Little Lions continues to celebrate the May Day festival— known as Beltane in Celtic lands—one of several that mark significant events throughout the seasonal calendar. Coincidentally, I spoke with Marilyn Grudniski, Little Lions’ former CEO and current director of training, shortly after she spent a day with daycare staff to rehearse the songs, dances and customs of May Day at the nursery. The Maypole may have originally been a living tree, but for centuries in countries like Germany, England and Sweden, people have raised a decorated pole. Colored ribbons and garland would hang from the top of the pole, and historically women sang songs and wove the ribbon in various patterns. Waldorf teachings are integrated into children’s activities through traditional games, crafts, storytelling, singing, domestic tasks, and general care for the environment and one another. “We pick up some of these festivals, some of the ancient ones, to bring people together,” says Grudniski. “The festivals are events of community. We are trying to build this nest around the children and to make that strong. And so we find these reasons to get together and have a nice time, for the parents to mingle and get to know each other, and for us to have a chance to support them in some way.” What began as an extension of the Grade 12 Family Studies program at a local high school in 1984 has expanded into about a dozen childcare locations across Thunder Bay. Little Lions Waldorf Daycare and Kindergarten was the first Waldorf Early 48

MAY 2018


The Maypole may have originally been a living tree, but for centuries in countries like Germany, England and Sweden, people have raised a decorated pole. | STOCK Childhood Centre in North America, and is part of a global network of schools originating from post-WWI Germany that follow the teaching principles created by Rudolf Steiner. “[Steiner] was approached by the manager of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory and was asked to create a system of education that would create citizens who were incapable of making war. He had seen this devastation over four years in WWI, and he didn’t ever want to see that in his country again. So that’s what we have today,” Grudniski tells me. Central aspects of the Waldorf philosophy include the cultivation of imagination and creativity, belief in the free will of an individual, unstructured play, and bringing rhythm into a child’s life, she says. “We know that’s very important for young children. And with that rhythm— the rhythm of the day that we try to keep consistent for children, the rhythm of the week, the rhythm of the year—you know what’s coming next. There’s a pattern, and children can feel really comfortable with a pattern because they know what’s coming up. So living with the cycle of the year, giving that form, that shape to the year, and living with what we see outdoors and what’s around us, we’re working with that.”

An emerging crisis of a generation, WWI catalyzed the beginnings of peaceful early childhood education in Germany, and soon spread throughout Europe. Today, distractions of the digital age and the speed of information are a primary challenge for younger generations. When I see children playing games on a screen that simulate cooking or baking for instance, I wonder how it compares to the imagination and creativity involved in physically carrying out that task. Choosing different ingredients and playing with quantities versus using predictable foods and controlled amounts. Where are the options to be experimental, and to connect a child’s senses to the activity at hand? Questions like these come up routinely as part of Waldorf training, says Grudniski. “I don’t think there’s any other profession in the world where we have the ability to shape someone’s destiny,” says Grudniski in reference to early childhood education. “We have such power, really. You can make or break a child—it’s really critical work that we’re doing. We really have to be very careful.”

Little Lions Waldorf Daycare celebrates May Day, known as Beltane in Celtic lands. Children stand in a circle, each holding a colored ribbon, and walk in unison to wrap the ribbon around the pole. | STOCK

Real Estate: Homes are hot, land and cabins are not By Shawn Perich

The North Shore’s full-fiber broadband network, providing phone & internet service throughout Cook County.


Realtors say limited home inventory on the North Shore creates a seller’s market. | STOCK In the world of real estate, they often talk about a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market.” On the North Shore this spring, the real estate market seems to be a little of both. It depends on what sort of property you are looking for. When it comes to residential property, it is currently a seller’s market. “I haven’t seen the inventory this low in a long time,” says Virginia Palmer of the number of homes available for sale. Her comment was echoed by other realtors as well. “If housing is priced at under $300,000, we’re seeing multiple offers,” says Mike Raymond of Red Pine Realty. “I’ve seen three houses in town sell for over the asking price,” says Terry Backlund of Backlund Realty. “Anything that is close to town (Grand Marais) is moving, as well as lots in town.” A Grand Marais lot recently sold for a record high price, but overall sales of raw land remain slow. The lack of housing on the market may convince some folks to buy land and build. However, high building costs have kept the demand for raw land in check, observes realtor Kim Wolff of Timber Wolff Realty. But the low housing inventory is good for home sellers in the traditionally slower markets of eastern Cook County and the Schroeder area. “Buyers aren’t seeing homes in Grand Marais, Lutsen or Tofte, so they are looking further out,” Wolff says. She has a sale pending on a home that has been on the market for five years. There were also five home sales on Lake Superior east of Grand Marais last year; an area that has been slow market since the recession.

Backlund said home buyers fall into three categories, locals seeking a place to live, people moving to the community and retirees. All realtors say that many buyers are looking for places they can use as Vacation Rentals By Owner or VRBOs. To a certain extent, the demand for VRBOs may be putting a squeeze on buyers simply looking for a place to live. Palmer pointed to another stresser on housing: a long-term construction project at the heath care facilities in Grand Marais has affected the availability of rentals. Sales of higher-end homes on Lake Superior have remained strong, but the same is not true for cabins on inland lakes. That market has been sluggish since the recession. Palmer said an exception is Devil Track Lake, where the proximity to Grand Marais allows homes to be used as VRBOs. Sales remain slow further up the Gunflint Trail, in part because there are fewer opportunities for yearround VRBO rental.

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Raymond agreed cabin sales have been slow. “Recreational stuff has to be prime,” he says. “It’s been that way for awhile. It’s not the hot market that it was 10 or 15 years ago.” Rural land is sluggish as well, suggesting that a prudent buyer may find bargains. As for housing, realtors who say the time is right for anyone who has been considering selling their home. Given the reluctant arrival of spring, realtors say the weather may have played a role in the slow start to the real estate “season.” That may have already changed. “I thought it seemed slow to get going, but the last two weeks have been crazy,” Raymond said.

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Strange Tales The Merritt’s and Rockefeller: What Happened? By Elle AndraWarner

It was November 1890 when the Merritts from Duluth discovered the rich iron ore deposit in northeastern Minnesota that led to a development of the mining industry on Mesabi Range, building of a railroad from Mesabi to Duluth, and construction of an iron ore dock in Duluth that was the world’s largest at the time. The growing mining empire of the Merritts, built from scratch, became worth multi-millions. But less than four years later, by early 1894, they had lost everything to the wealthy tycoon John D. Rockefeller. So, what happened? The Merritts arrived in Duluth in the mid-1850s, with father Lewis Howell Merritt and his oldest son Napoleon arriving in 1855 from Chautauqua County, New York. His wife Hephzibah and family arrived the following year. Settling in Oneota, now part of West Duluth, they became one of the influential pioneer families in Duluth. In the winter of 1865-1866, while looking unsuccessfully for gold during the Vermilion Gold Rush near the Mesabi Range, Lewis came across something that was a harbinger of things to come: a piece of iron ore. He was so impressed with its potential, he told his sons that there was “iron up there worth more than all the gold in California”. His sons remembered, heeded their father’s words and kept a lookout for iron ore while working in the bush. In the late 1880s, to find that large deposit of iron ore on Mesabi Range, four of the Merritt brothers—Leonidas, Alfred, Cassius and Andrus—and three nephews began organized searches and digging test pits. They incorporated Mountain Iron Company on July 10, 1890 and Biwabik Mountain Iron Company, on October 9. The turning point came on November 16, 1890 when the Merritts found the first large body of rich hematite iron ore on the future site of Mountain Iron Mine. A sample assayed in Duluth came out as 65 percent iron ore. Within a couple of years, the Merritts owned several mines. To get their ore from Mesabi to an existing dock at Superior, Wisc., they constructed the Duluth, Missabe, and Northern Railway (DM&N) to within 26 miles of Duluth to a junction where they could use the Duluth and Winnipeg Railway (D&W) tracks to Superior. 50

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Arriving in the mid-1850s, the Merritt family became influential pioneers in the development of Duluth. In the top row of this 1871 picture is Leonidas Merritt, Lewis J. Merritt, Andrus R. Merritt, Alfred Merritt, Lucien F. Merritt. Bottom row: Cassius Clay Merritt, Hephzibah Jewett Merritt, Lewis H. Merritt, Jerome Merritt, Napolean B. Merritt. | MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY First cargo reached the Superior dock on October 1892 and was loaded on No. 102, a whaleback vessel of the American Steel Barge Company and shipped to Cleveland. Then a glitch. D&W broke their contract in the fall of 1892 due to financial problems. In his newly-released book Iron and Water: My Life Protecting Minnesota’s Environment by Grant Merritt, a grandson of Alfred Merritt, writes “This breach of contract by the D&W was a leading factor in causing the Merritts to make what proved to be a fatal decision. They decided to build the road to Duluth themselves. This would prove significant because it required them to raise a considerable amount of capital in order to build the twenty-six-mile extension to Duluth and erect the first ore dock there.” The Merritts moved forward, constructing the railway extension to Duluth and ore dock in Duluth reaching 2,304 feet from shore. Both were complete by the summer of 1893. In a published newspaper

“It has been frustrating for me and others of our clan to read in books and articles about the Merritts and the Mesabi that the loss of their enormous holdings on the Mesabi, as well as the railroad, was due to their becoming overextended and that the financial ‘genuis’ of Rockefeller was their undoing. Some authors would throw in the huge economic depression of 1893. There is some truth in all of those factors, no doubt, but the greater truth is that Gates and Rockefeller did not play fair with the Merritts.” Grant Merritt. Iron and Water: My Life Protecting Minnesota’s Environment. University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis. 2018. interview with Virginia Enterprise (July 9, 1915), Leonidas Merritt said, “In 1893, Alfred and I estimated our holdings in the Range at $20,000,000.” The year 1893 was the start of a serious economic depression in the U.S., the “Pan-

ic of 1893”. The stock market crashed and times were tough for businesses, including the Merritts who had borrowed money to complete the railway and docks, and now had difficulty meeting their financial obligations to cover loans.


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The Mesabi Range was known to the local Ojibwe as Misaabe-wajiw (“Giant mountain”); spelling variations include Missabe and Mesaba. | WIKIMEDIA Leonidas Merritt went to New York in summer of 1893 to meet with John D.

lost all their collateral—mines, railroad and dock—to Rockefeller.

In January 1894, Rockefeller and associates foreclosed on the Merritts. They were unable to make the demanded immediate payment of $432,575 and by February, had lost all their collateral—mines, railroad and dock—to Rockefeller. Rockefeller and his top aide Frederick T. Gates. Rockefeller was a major shareholder of American Steel Barge Company which had already loaned money to the Merritts. Rockefeller proposed starting a new company, consolidating the Merritts’ nine mining properties, railroad and docks with three of his three ‘gilt-edged’ mines (two in Michigan and one in Cuba). Papers for Lake Superior Consolidated Mines Company (LSCMC) were signed in August 1893, with Rockefeller holding first mortgage bonds of LSCMC, while Merritts owned stock. However, the venture didn’t clear the outstanding debts of the Merritts. In January 1894, Rockefeller and associates foreclosed on the Merritts. They were unable to make the demanded immediate payment of $432,575 and by February, had


On behalf of the family, Alfred Merritt sued Rockefeller for $1.2 million, claiming fraud by Rockefeller in giving ‘fictitious values’ for the three mines he put in the merger. Court agreed, awarded $940,000 in damages but the case was denied on appeal. Not having funds to continue litigation, the Merritts agreed to an out-of-court settlement for $525,000. Grant Merritt wrote in his book Iron and Water that his grandfather Alfred later said, “Naturally one will ask how he did it. It was simply a case of our having confidence in [Rockefeller]. We were working away for the interests of the company, getting traffic contracts, fully trusting him. We woke up too late.”

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Business Property For Sale Great Hwy 61 Frontage

Your name. Our lettering.

Entrepreneur Potential for Micro Brewery, Distillery, Tasting Room, Bar/Restaurant, Hostel—Loads of Off-Road Parking

Call us for your vinyl lettering & signage needs.

• 1.79 Acres Hwy 61; East End of Grand Marais • 6444 sq ft finished building, multiple bathrooms, 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment within • 2 PID’s and additional contiguous 0.54 acre parcel sold separately & available • Cold Storage Bldg. • 185 Honeycrisp apple trees with cistern for watering orchard for that future brew • Outside wood boiler • City Sewer/Water • 57 Miles from Canada • Great location & potential for investor • Financing terms available/ Contract for Deed MLS# 4896792 $1,638,000 Contact Jeff Frovarp 612-940-7160


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358 acres with 2 miles of beach front on Lake Superior facing south. Also a 1/2 mile of frontage on Perch Lake. Escarpments, hiking trails, great Lake Superior fishing and boating. Ideal for resort development or your very own private getaway. All amenities nearby. 10 miles south of the Thunder Bay Marina. $890,000 CDN


On Long Lake. 26 miles north of Terrace Bay. Large main lodge and 3 separate lodges all with full facilities. 5800 feet of shore line. Tremendous docking harbour. All chattels included. Turn key operation.

$549,000 CDN


2 miles of waterfront south of Nipigon on the Nipigon River (364 acres) good ground. Many uses available.

$498,000 CDN


Little Trout Bay, 20 minutes north of the Minnesota/Ontario border, 3 large estate-sized lots, very sheltered with southern exposure. Tremendous views. Power and telephone available. Priced beginning at $199,000 CDN


MAY 2018


640 Beverly Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 0B5 Canada Phone (807) 344-3232 FAX: (807) 344-5400 Toll Free 1-888-837-6926 Cell: 807-473-7105

Lynne Luban

Over 12 years selling downtown MPLS Condo living. Currently representing this developers 10th project PORTLAND TOWER & THE LEGACY. I am available to meet with you in Grand Marais or Minneapolis to go over prices & floor plans.

Cell: 612-599-6986

Email: Website:


OLD 200 195S CY AN OCCUP 8 1 FALL 20


BEDROOM 15'-2" x 12'-9"

LIVING 38'-2" x 14'-0"


The Silver Islet store on Lake Superior! Built in 1871 this magnificent structure features 6,675 sq. Ft. of retail and living space plus a full 12’ high concrete and stone bsmt: huge beams and rough sawn lumber and flooring. 15 separate bedrooms; 185 feet of lake frontage. A tremendous experience!

Incredible setting on shore of Lake Superior on Pays Plat Bay. Over 167 ft. of sandy beach with a panoramic view. Spacious 2,360 sq. Ft. 3 bedrm, 2 bathrm summerhome w. Huge liv/dining rm overlooking bay, lge kitch, mn flr laundry & storage room. Heated by woodstoves in kitch & liv. Rm. Paved road off hwy 17 to parking lot.

LIVING 38'-2" x 14'-0"

KITCHEN/DINING 35'-4" x 14'-8"





KITCHEN/DINING BATH 35'-4" x 14'-8"


BEDROOM 17'-4" x 11'-8"





Unit 1424 2774 Square Feet Balcony: 184 Square Feet KEY PLAN


Contact me for a personal viewing of floor plans photos of construction views and pricing.



Unit 1424 2774 Square Feet Balcony: 184 Square Feet




112 units with 79 SOLD! • 7 units available for immediate occupancy • 40 still available to customize.


Riverdale Ventures, LLC. © 2016. All rights reserved.

$239,000 CDN


Unique and peaceful setting on the south shore of St Ignace Island. Well constructed and maintained buildings. Sand and cobble beach. All furniture and appliances included. Turn key ready. $459,000 CDN



17'-4" x 11'-8"


$349,000 CDN


BEDROOM 15'-2" x 12'-9"


MASTER BEDROOM 15'-6" x 17'-11"

A New Luxury Condo Development 740 Portland Avenue • Downtown Minneapolis

• 17 story New Contsruction • Pet-friendly building • High end standard features • Community and Fully equipped exercise room, and outdoor roof top green space • Climate controlled parking • Just a few blocks from US Bank Stadium • Additional garage stalls available for purchase • Walk the Skyway for all your needs

• Within a few blocks of Lightrail • Close to the Nicollet Mall • Choose from many restaurants close by! • Walk two blocks to the new 9 arce Commons Park that extends from the US Bank Stadium to Portland Avenue. • Choose from many available options to customize your unit.

REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor • Bruce Block, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604



Lake Superior charm and seclusion awaits on this park-like private retreat property with almost 90 acres, 1793 feet of shore, and 3 classic Aldrich log cabins with outstanding lake views. A rare, unique opportunity! MLS#

6030553 $2,250,000 STUNNING LAKE SUPERIOR VIEWS. Im-

maculate and beautifully furnished 4 bdrm, 3 bath Lake Superior home. Very little maintenance with smaller association benefits! All major rooms with stunning lake views. Master suite and laundry on main level.


2000+ acres of Cook County land with 6 lakes. Over 10,000' of shoreline. Various parcels spread across the Superior National Forest, most accessible via forest service roads. The Mark Lake parcel is 159 acres with 200’ shoreline for sale separately: $219,000.


maintained 2 bdrm, 1 bath cabin cared for by the same family for over 60 years. 205 feet of shoreline on much sought after Clearwater lake with direct access to the BWCA. MLS#

6032657 $259,000


MLS# 6025545 $3,100,000


MLS# 6028321 $565,000

Description: Impeccably maintained 2 story, 3 bdrm lake home with 3 season porch. Windows all around, vaulted ceilings, numerous upgrades, loads of finished living space. Workshop, landscaped yard and gardens.


Family compound or shortterm rentals-you choose. Endless views, solidly built, rear parcel with lake views, new septic, and location, location, location!

MLS# 6030289 $515,000 PANORAMIC LAKE SUPERIOR. Gorgeous 10

acres with panoramic views on Lake Superior. 545 feet of beautiful sand/ gravel beach with a stream running through the property. Located only 1.5 miles from Gooseberry State Park. Septic hook up is at the road.

MLS# 6031490 $399,000

LAKE SUPERIOR HOME SITE. Great Lake Superior lot with an excellent site for walkout. Surveyed and level open location for your new home. This 1.07 acre parcel has a very neat, private cove and a 447' of meandering ledge rock shoreline. MLS# 6027506


Exceptional Lake Superior property in highly regarded Lutsen area. 150 feet of accessible ledge rock and gravel beach shoreline. Large, level building site surrounded by mature cedar, spruce and fir trees.

MLS# 6033420 $249,000 PREMIER LAKE SUPERIOR PROPERTY. Beautiful, very private 1.84 acre residential lot with 240 ft of Lake Superior shoreline in the Chimney Rock Platted Development. Premier quality with stunning elevated and panoramic views of the lake.

MLS# 2313197 $199,900

LAKE SUPERIOR, BIG BAY, BIG VIEWS. Dense spruce forest, moss covered boulders and privacy make this a classic Lake Superior lot. 200' shoreline with partial driveway in place, shared road maintenance, power and Broadband. Easy access from Hwy 61, yet private and secluded feeling. MLS# 6029039 $199,900

bdrm cabin has great views of the Palisades and the west end of McFarland Lake. Just a stone’s throw from the BWCAW! Comes furnished including pontoon boat, fishing boats, canoe, dock, and two Onan generators.


ger designed 2 bdrm, 2 bath home situated perfectly into the terrain with rock outcroppings and stunning views through the tree tops. Deep woods privacy, beautiful features and 220' lake shore. MLS# 6032538 $359,900

MARK LAKE - 159 ACRES. The only private land on Mark Lake! Good northern fishing. 200ft. Shoreline, forestry road or snowmoblie access. Motivated Seller!

MLS# 6026299 $239,000


A perfect place for your cabin or home with unspoiled views and lots of Gunflint Trail privacy. 3.68 acres and 554’ shoreline. Tucker Lake is a protected lake with added setbacks to protect the lake and views. Direct BWCAW access. MLS# 2309237 $222,900


Classic 2 bdrm, 2 bath AFrame cabin in a beautiful setting overlooking Poplar Lake. Located at the end of the road with year-round access. Very nice, gentle path to the 156’ of lake shore. Nice mix of trees.

MLS# 6024438 $187,500

LOON LAKE GETAWAY. Lovely furnished cabin on

pristine Loon Lake. Includes a newer 1 bdrm addition, cozy loft, open living/dining room, sturdy deck, and 24' dock on 142' shoreline. Cabin easily sleeps 6. Lakewater system, septic holding tank. Great lake views! MLS# 6030355



LEVEL LOT, NICE WOODS, EASY SHORE. This 1.55 acre Devil Track Lake lot has easy access

from county road, power, phone and great building sites. South shore, 200+ ft. frontage, great views. Build your home on the lake here. MLS# 6033181 $198,900



Description: Large 2.11 acre lot with 244’ of shore tucked in a quiet bay. A small, updated cabin sits right at the water's edge and includes 1 bdr, new kitchen, stone fireplace, and huge windows. Plenty of room for a main home and garage.

MLS#: 6073976 $147,900


Exceptional lot with 344' of waterfront features unreal views and privacy. Use the slope of this lot to your advantage when considering what style to build. Power and broadband available. Borders public land! MLS#: 6073686

MLS# 6029644 $199,000

SOLITUDE ON LOON LAKE. These 1-2 acre lots are located on the south side of Loon Lake and offer great lake views, 152-218’ beautiful shoreline and many nice trees. The main road is in place and power is on the lot line. MLS# 6032216-18, 6032220 $120,000

and up • Locally owned and operated since 1996 • NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018



INLAND WATER PROPERTIES PRIME PIKE LAKE. Wilderness, woods and lakeshore. Pristine views of Superior Nat'l across the lake, towering white pine overhead. Virgin pine and cedar are unique here! The 252' frontage and 3 acres have gentle shore, crystal clear water and great privacy. Driveway and drilled well. Power and Broadband available. Fishing, wildlife and easy access to Lutsen or Grand Marais. MLS# 6032300 $179,900 LOG SIDED CABIN ON TOM LAKE. This 2 bdrm, 1

bath cabin is situated on the shore of Tom Lake with loons and walleye just off the 24' dock. Solar power with quiet generator, though grid electric is available. Features a spiral staircase to a spacious loft and energy efficient windows.

MLS# 6030876 $160,000


Only a lucky few get to own cabins here. Remote water access from the US side, or drive in to the landing on Ontario side. Stunning views, easy access to the BWCA. The 2 bdrm cabin is one of the nicest remote cabins you'll find. Includes a great sauna.

MLS# 6023214 $158,500

VIRGIN PINE, GREAT SHORELINE, PIKE LAKE. Three lake lots with wilderness, woods, and lakeshore are

waiting for your dream lake home or cabin. Pristine views, towering white pine, +/- 200' accessible shoreline each with crystal clear water and great privacy. Good driveway in place, ideal location, power and broadband available. Four total lots can be purchased together at a discount.

MLS# 6032297-99 $129,900+

LEGENDARY SAWMILL BAY. Magnificent old-growth cedars and maples frame a corner lot with a high and dry build site. Year-round road access and a terrific wildlife habitat awaits your cabin in the woods. 185' of Caribou Lake frontage. MLS# 6032953 $89,000 LARGE LAND, PINES, PRIVACY AND PIKE LAKE VIEW. Outstanding property with adjoining USFS lands,

good access on Murmur Creek Rd, and even nice views of Pike Lake. Launch your boat just a half-mile away. Nice planted red pine, power/broadband close by. MLS# 6032302 $84,900

BEAUTIFUL NINEMILE LAKE LOT. End of the road, large lot adjoins Superior National Forest and Cabin Creek Unit Roadless Area. Great trees, views and building site on 4.1 acres with 397 feet of shoreine. Unique privacy, year round access and power.


Warm & beautiful light-filled end unit Aspenwood Townhome. The 2-story walkout style leaves you with plenty of options to get outside and close to the Big Lake. This 2 bdrm, 3 bath home includes 98% of all furnishings & personal property. It is also part of a successful vacation rental pool.

MLS# 6022175 $290,000 SUPERIOR LIVING ON THE LAKE. Gorgeous 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo with unobstructed Lake Superior views! This unit has had everything redone and replaced. Convenient location with access to many recreational opportunities.

MLS# 6033455 $144,000


PRICE REDUCED! LOT ON NINEMILE LAKE. Beautiful, large lot on

Ninemile Lake in Finland. Lot adjoins Superior National Forest and Cabin Creek Unit Roadless Area with excellent shoreline and views.

RARE ELBOW LAKE LOT. For the fisherman who has almost everything. This is a very private 1 acre parcel surrounded by federal land with 268’ shoreline. Your own shore lunch spot! MLS# 6031436 $50,000 GREAT PRICE LAKE LOTS. Deep woods, seclusion and nice views from these Tom Lake lots. This is the desired west side of the lake with access from the Camp 20 Rd. Enjoy a peaceful lake property with good access. Great back roads to explore. Adjacent land available. MLS# 6030741, 6030742 $49,900 each



maintained 2 bdrm, 2 bath home sits on 24 acres with a huge pond as part of Woods Creek. Great yard with beautiful views of the pond. High maple ridge, adjoins federal land. Huge insulated garage, large covered porch. Minutes from Grand Marais. MLS# 6029005


comfort are yours in this quality home with huge garage on 40 acres of high land with distant lake views. Remote off-grid living without being too far off the beaten path. Self reliance is all set up for you with a 4 bdrm, 1 bath home that has beautiful living spaces and room to do more as you see fit. A home or retreat, situated close to Magney State Park and Lake Superior.

MLS# 6033566 $274,900 REMOTE HIDE-A-WAY.

Charming custom built 2 bdrm, 2 bath cabin tucked in the woods overlooking a beaver pond. A screened porch for summer dining. The living room is open and includes the kitchen and dining. A cozy Franklin stove warms the whole building. The full basement is a complete guest space. Generator power and over 100 acres to explore. MLS# 6029349


updated one bdrm condo on Lake Superior. New fireplace insert, kingsized memory foam bed, cork flooring, rainfall shower, & spa bathroom with log walls. For right price unit comes fully-furnished!

MLS# 6032109 $79,900


There is quality and detail at every turn in this magnificent 2 bdrm, 2 bath home hidden on 30 acres in the Grand Portage State Forest. Marble stairs and floors, loft, master bath with hot tub & sauna, soaring cathedral ceilings, and 2000 sq ft attached garage. Not your typical home in the woods, this is a rare gem waiting for someone who loves the outdoors, but wants the class of an elegant home at the end of the day. MLS# 6022895 $575,000


MLS# 6031840 $75,900

PRIVACY AND VIEWS AT SISTER LAKE. Nice lake lot with great forest, and beautiful new building site. There's a high point of the surrounding area with awesome views. Excellent, accessible shoreline. New driveway to a great building site. This is a great area for fishing many lakes in the area. You're also close to Tofte/Lutsen on the North Shore. Priced to sell!! MLS# 6073911 $64,500


Description: The ultimate wilderness retreat - 160 acres surrounded by gov't lands. No one will find you here! The log home is masterfully built and lovingly cared for. Solar power, well and septic. Super nice sauna building. Solitude awaits from this mountain-top retreat.

MLS#: 6073745 $499,000


This large, efficient 3bdrm home has panoramic views of Lake Superior and the surrounding hills. Secluded with landscaped yard and 20 acres bordering Gov't lands. Quality features, many windows, shop building and more! MLS#6033328


$269,000 COTTAGE HOME ACROSS FROM LAKE SUPERIOR. This cute home sits just across the highway from the big lake shoreline. The 2 bdrm, 1 bath cottage has wood floors, beamed ceilings, and a warm, comfortable feel. Septic and well, a small shed and 11 acres of privacy. MLS#

6030154 $169,900


on 78 acres with seasonal views of Tom Lake. Large loft bedroom and covered porch with swing. Stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and metal roof. Yearround access. Furnishings and generator included. MLS#


Description: This sweet off-grid, log sided cabin is in excellent condition with plenty of room and a comfortable feel. Located about 12 miles from Grand Marais. Public land adjoins the 20 acre property with many fishing opportunities nearby. MLS#: 6073794 Price: $129,900


Tucked away overlooking Gunflint Lake are 9 acres of dense forest with a stream. Two small but functional cabins are remodeled and ready for you to move in. Great log sauna. Adjoins federal land - walk to the BWCAW. Public landing nearby. MLS# 6031608 $129,900 • (800) 387-9599 Fax (218) 387-9598 • 54

MAY 2018


REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor • Bruce Block, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604


Cabins is a long standing seasonal resort on the beautiful north shore of Devil Track Lake. The 5 charming cabins + owner’s cabin each have a private setting and lake view. Great beach with docking for guests. A wonderful family retreat!

MARKET, DELI, LIQUOR STORE – HOVLAND. A bustling business in

MLS# 6033556, 6033557 $387,900

a beautiful rural community on the North Shore. Bakery, deli, pizza, convenience store, and liquor store under one roof. Large seating area & outdoor patio. Expansion/home site possible!


Prime commercial location in Hovland, 1000 feet of Highway 61 frontage. Large commercial space with a small 2 bedroom home and 1 functioning rental cottage. Many new improvements and upgrades. Two more small cabins could be rented, and there's room for many more...or other possibilities. Large 2-car garage plus two sheds. MLS# 6026089 $284,900

PRIME RETAIL DOWNTOWN GRAND MARAIS. Main traffic location in the heart of down town. Located

on Wisconsin St between Blue Water Cafe and Sivertson Gallery, with 25 ft street frontage and over 2300 sq ft each. Build up for a lake view – lots of possibilities! MLS# 6029930, 6029951 $150,000 each

PRIME COMMERCIAL LOTS IN LUTSEN.Two acre-sized lots with Highway 61 frontage-road access and great visibility in downtown Lutsen. Nice creek borders the east property line, nice mature forest. Great location for a small gallery, retail or restaurant. A residential lot is available adjoining to the north.

• MLS# 6032971 $99,900 • MLS# 6032972 $89,900

RIVER/CREEK FRONTAGE LARGE TRACT WITH CREEK. This 319 acre parcel has ponds & creek frontage on the Flute Reed River. Has been in DNR management program. Great for hunting or homesteading. Access is by unimproved easement from the Camp 20 Road, near county maintenance. The land may be split - take your pick of "40's"! MLS# 6027384 $258,000

LARGE ACREAGE WITH WATER FEATURES. The headwaters of Irish Creek! Quality 160+ acres, 5 parcels sold grouped or separately. Many great features incl. old growth white pine, ponds, camping and building areas. MLS# 6030177 $149,500 SUGARBUSH, BEAVER, TROUT. Remote 80 acres ,10 miles from Grand Marais with easy access. Surrounded by public land. 700’ of Durfee Creek frontage. MLS# 6024638 $149,000 TWENTY ACRES – GREAT LOCATION. Great larger parcel near

Grand Marais with road in to the “top” of the property. Lake views, maple and mixed forest, small creek. County road access with power and broadband close by, borders public land on three sides. MLS# 6030517 $112,000

RIVER/CREEK FRONTAGE WOODS, WATER & SECLUSION.Three 40 acre lots with 600 to 1000 ft frontage on Mons Creek. Also includes deeded access to Lost Lake. Private and secluded. MLS# 6073876 $59,900 or MLS# 6073877 $69,900 or MLS# 6073878 $74,900. NICE HOME SITE NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Nice

elevation and views from this 6.75 acre lot off of County Rd 6 just minutes from town. Frontage on Little Devil Track River, with lowland and highlands. Nice forest and privacy for your home or cabin in the woods.

MLS# 6031740 $51,000 PRICE REDUCED! FLUTE REED RIVER HOME SITES. These two heavily wooded par-

cels have the seclusion of 11-13 acres and about 330' frontage each on the trout stream Flute Reed River. Access is easy from frontage on a county road. Power and broadband are available. These lots are the perfect place for a retreat property or a year-round home. MLS# 6030884, 6030885 $49,900 each 500’ ON MOHNS CREEK. Mixed topography of beautiful rolling land with many great build sites on 25 acres. Old growth cedar, spruce, pine and birch. Abuts state land. MLS# 6029353 $39,000

LAND/BUILDING SITES 100+ ACRES NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Great location for a home or recreational property just minutes from Grand Marais. Rolling land with creek, borders thousands of acres of federal and state lands. Power at road. Seller willing to subdivide. MLS# 6032474 $277,900 TOP OF BIRCH CLIFF. See 50 miles across Lake Superior –

incredible 180 degree views! Private drive and buried power in place. 15+ acres with nice mature trees and public lands on 2 sides. More land is available. This site will rock your world. MLS# 6033563 $249,900

ACREAGE ADJOINS WILDERNESS - LAKE ACCESS. This 42 acre parcel includes 400 feet of shoreline on McFarland Lake. Building sites are located across the road on the hillside with potential lake views. Easy access to the BWCAW and Border Route Hiking Trail. MLS# 6024602 $179,000 INCREASINGLY RARE, LARGE RECREATIONAL PARCEL. 190 arces fully surveyed. The perfect retreat. Has a rich variety of trees, ponds, high and low lands, some meadow land and wetlands. MLS# 6029820 $150,000 FANTASTIC FIVE MILE ROCK. Great 7 acre property abuts Highway 61 at Five Mile Rock. Beautiful views of Lake Superior. Excellent build site and a 30 x 40 Morton building. Ready for your dreams! MLS# 6030238 $120,000 PROVEN GREAT HUNTING AREA - 80 ACRES. Prime hunting land in Schroeder. Rolling land with great wildlife habitat incl. stream, beaver dam with large pond, and a good mixture of trees and low vegetation. Older 2 bdrm cabin in a beautiful park like setting overlooking large beaver pond. MLS# 6032712 $115,000 LARGE ACREAGE NEAR TOM LAKE. 128 acres with good road access and an easy walk to the Tom Lake boat landing. Year-round road, power is possible here. The 3 forties may be split - take your pick. MLS# 6027383 $111,000 TWO INCREDIBLE LUTSEN PARCELS. Driveway, electric/broadband, survey and a cozy camper/RV are all set on Lot 3, while Lot 4 offers unending privacy as it abuts federal land. Christine Lake public boat landing is within walking distance with Poplar and Tait rivers nearby as well. MLS# 6032903 $109,500 HUGE POND-HUGE PRIVACY. Large 45+ acre wooded parcel located across from Tom Lake. Huge pond/lake in the very center of the acreage.

MLS# 6029352 $99,000 LAND NEAR WILSON LAKE. A special piece of the Northwoods – 16

acres with deeded access to Wilson Lake! USA-owned forest is your backyard. Driveway, electric, and a small bunkhouse/shed are in place. MLS# 6028685 $80,000 RESIDENTIAL OR RESORT COMMERCIAL LAND. 5.9 acres between Tofte and Lutsen on the Onion River Rd. Resort Commercial allows rental cabins and businesses - a wonderful opportunity. Beautiful mature cedar forest, seasonal view of Lake Superior. MLS# 6032988 $74,900

LAND/BUILDING SITES GREAT LOCATION HOME SITES. Just minutes from Grand Marais on black top County Rd 7 are two 5+ acre lots with easy access to power and Broadband. Good building sites. Lot #8 already has a roughed-in driveway and power, and nice views.

MLS# 6033035 - $42,900 • MLS# 6033039 - $72,500 LARGE LAND, MAPLES, LAKE ACCESS. This 67 acre parcel has

high maple ridges, a pond, and an easement to walk to Tom Lake. Good seasonal road access, many nice building sites. A perfect escape property in an area with many trails to ride and forest to explore. MLS# 6030705 $69,900

LARGE LAND, POND, LAKE RIGHTS. Densely wooded 60 acre parcel with beaver ponds and access to Lost Lake. Good seasonal road access, many great building sites and southerly exposure. Lots of elbow room, privacy, and miles of forest roads to explore. MLS# 6033463 $64,900 GREAT LOCATION, QUALITY FOREST, BUILD HERE. These 10-acre parcels have a mature and mixed forest, southerly exposure, easy county road frontage and just minutes from Grand Marais. MLS# 6023274 $64,900, MLS# 6023275 $62,900, MLS# 6023276 $64,900 MAPLE HILL - HOME SITE. Heavily wooded 6.45 acre parcel with great privacy, county rd frontage, power and phone. MLS# 6023465 $64,500 RUSTICATE, RECREATE, RELAX. Hovland hideaway – 43 acres with new driveway to “base camp” with a nice camper trailer and shed. Trails have been cut throughout the property which adjoins State land. MLS# 2313223 $59,900 STONE'S THROW LAKE SUPERIOR. This heavily wooded, private

2+ acre building site sits just across the highway from Lake Superior's shore with a view of the big lake. You can walk the beach or have a bonfire on the State shoreline.

MLS# 6029899 $59,900 WOODED HOME SITE This 5+ acre parcel is only 1.5 miles from

Grand Marais and ready for your country home. Mixed forest, with forest service land in the back for exploring or hunting. A driveway and culvert are already in place. MLS# 6026053 $55,000 RUSTIC WOODED WONDERLAND. Beautiful 40 acres of maple forest with small rustic cabin bordering Judge Magney State Park. Enjoy the peaceful solitude of Aide Lake, rimmed by an open cedar grove just a short hike from the cabin into the park. MLS# 6025235 $52,000


PERFECT 5 ACRE HOME SITE. This private and secluded build site is just waiting for your custom plans! Only five miles from town with five acres of great woods bordering public land on two sides. MLS# 6028922 $51,500 BUILDING SITE OVERLOOKING MCFARLAND. This pine studded 7 acre property has easy walking access to the county beach on McFarland Lake. Nice elevated build site with easy county road access. MLS# 6024601 $43,000 BEAUTIFUL WOODED LUTSEN LOT. Beautiful level lot with an open build site for your cabin or new home in a quiet and peaceful area of Lutsen. You'll be minutes away from every type of north-woods activity, including Lutsen Mountains and Superior National Golf Course. MLS# 6033068 $39,000

WOODED ACREAGE – GM. Private 20 acre lot with hiking and ski trails, and abundant wildlife. A high building site offers seasonal views of Lake Superior. MLS# 2313173 $35,000 5 ACRES NEAR CARIBOU LAKE. Gorgeous corner lot with colorful maples and majestic cedars. Plenty of privacy. Close to hiking trails and the Caribou Lake boat landing. Year round access with power! MLS# 2279179 $35,000 LAND FOR ESCAPE AND RECREATION. Remote yet accessible 20 acres near Judge Magney State Park. Good mix of trees, high building site, some distant Lake Superior views. MLS# 6025397 $34,900 GREAT LUTSEN LOT. Very quiet and private. Choice 2.31 lot at the end of the road, ready to build. Borders state land and priced to sell!

MLS# 6031961 $29,900 • Your easy source for new MLS listings daily • NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018


The Nearer Your Destination, the More Your Worries start Slip Sliding Away…Up North!

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Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 LAKE SUPERIOR LIVING, MAKE YOUR DR EAMS COME TRUE! WATERFALLS ON LAKE SUPERIOR, WALK TO GRAND MARAIS! Stunning home in a Wilderness Setting with Incredible Lakeshore, a combination of Ledgerock and pebble beach! Awake in the morning to the sounds of the Waterfall cascading in to Lake Superior just outside your bedroom window! This striking home is move in ready, main level living with a sweet master bedroom and bath. Lower level walk out area for your friends and family to enjoy! Two plus car garage, with an awesome Man Cave with views of Lake Superior! MLS#6026723 $799,900


MULFINGER HOME ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Wilderness Wonderland on Stonegate, Gorgeous home with incredible quality and design. Lake Superior is one with this Home! Gourmet Kitchen, Warm and Welcoming great room with Basalt Stone fireplace and huge hearth. Really a Must See home!

MLS#6028622 $745,000

200 ft of level access shoreline and a helluva great home! Spectacular Fireplace, Remodeled KitchenIncredible! Master Suite with a bathroom to LOVE. Recently renovated and updated, this home is Move In Ready for your Family to Enjoy!


MLS#6029989 $799,000 LAKE SUPERIOR AT CUT FACE CREEK! This home is waiting

NEW! SPRAWLING SHORELINE, SPECTACULAR HOME! Over 300 ft and 11+ ac and 22 feet of Lake Superior Views from the Great Room! It’s all about the connection to the Big Lake and this home has it! MLS#6033491


for YOU to personalize this home and make it your OWN! Mint condition, well maintained, it’s just waiting for you to mold the master bedroom of your dreams in to this lovely setting and home. Plenty of Lake Superior shoreline to afford you lots of privacy! And the location just can’t be beat! Walk to the Cut Face Creek wayside park to look for agates, and come home to Comfort! Minutes to Grand Marais OR Lutsen! A Must See home!


they don’t get much cuter than this cabin! Small Footprint 2 bedrm, Vaulted Ceilings, Big Log Beam and a great fireplace. Accessible shoreline, SUPER location in between Lutsen and Tofte!

MLS#6023379 $549,000

MLS#6033299 $340,000


E SAL ING D PEN ROMANTIC LOG CABIN ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Enjoy your space while your guest live it

up in the Carriage house! Stunning Lake Superior Shoreline, you’ll LOVE the updated interior and warmth of this cabin!

MLS#6030729 $399,900 REDUCED!

COMFORTABLE LIVING ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Sprawling ranch living with walk out living space! Nice Lake Views, level access to the shoreline. Updated and Move In Ready Condition, Call today! MLS#6032557 $399,000

WOWSER LAKE SUPERIOR PROPERTY! Jonvick Creek AND Lake Superior frontage! Lovely LUTSEN home, tons of potential for updating and making this home YOURS! Vaulted ceilings, welcoming warm feel to this Cabin, a Must See! MLS#6026038 $530,000


MAY 2018


The Nearer Your Destination, the More Your Worries start Slip Sliding Away…Up North!

Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 WILDER NESS LAKESHOR E, FOUR SEASONS OF R EST & R ELA X ATION! HEY KIDS, LET’S HEAD NORTH TO THE LAKE!

Fisherman’s Dream on Tait Lake in Lutsen! Terrific layout for the family cabin! Level access to Super shoreline, just 20+ minutes to Lutsen Mountains! 3 bedrm 2+bath and huge garage for boat storage! Screen porch too!

MLS#6073605 $355,000



Prime shoreline overlooking Superior National Forest Lands! Welcoming home, INCREDIBLE lake views from a Great Room wall of windows. Fantastic home, two gas fireplaces, wood stove and entertaining space! Sauna, Two car garage. Only 20 minutes to Lutsen Mountains Ski & Summer Resort! A Must See home.

MLS#6031576 $499,900

NEW! LOOKING FOR A LAKE CABIN UNDER $200,000? Willing to take an extra five

minutes to cross a few hundred feet of lake to reach it? Just off the shoreline of Rockwood Outfitters on Poplar Lake, Mid Gunflint Trail. One dock on mainland, one on island! Sweet 2 bedrms, year round living with energy efficient heat. An Island w/ a cabin on each side, not within sight of each other. $189,900 ea or Buy the Entire Island at $359,000. Just Visit Once and You’ll Fall in Love! MLS#6033528/6033534


What a FAB Log home! Just stunning interior, stone fireplace and vaulted ceiling with log beams and open Great room. Main level living with finished lower level for friends and family to stay!

MLS#6030976 $459,000


Lindal Cedar Home, dramatic stone fireplace set amongst posts & beams of Douglas Fir. Designer kitchen, sunroom, secluded master bedroom and bath with soaker tub. Wood fired oven, Timberframe Sauna, Woodshop and a large garage. End of the Road 4.48 acres, 175’ of frontage, adjacent public land buffers and beckons. Leave Everything behind and just enjoy the Good Life on Deeryard Lake!

MLS#6028689 $599,000 REDUCED!



living space has awesome views from every room. Kitchen is large and functional, great for entertaining! Dining area features birch flooring, and overlooks the Great room and beautiful Lake Superior! Sweet master suite! One car attached! Nice low maintenance living on the Big Lake!



historic Lutsen Lodge offers…a sandy beach, a cool River, Swimming pool, spa, FABULOUS dining…but enjoy it in STYLE at the Cliffhouse overlooking the historic lodge. Newer construction, Big views, Contemporary Design. Total Comfort. Nice rental income to offset expenses. MLS#6021422

$399,000 REDUCED!

A perk to Lutsen Mountains Ski Resort is staying at a Primo Resort like Caribou Highlands! Summer Fun on the Mountains, Overlooking Moose Mountain and Poplar RIver! View pics of each unit by searching MLS# on!

1O8 BRIDE RUN, HUGE DECK MLS#6027475 $89,900 114 BRIDGE RUN MLS#6028015 $99,900 128 BRIDGE RUN MLS#2120739 $111,900 REDUCED! 526 MOOSE MOUNTAIN MLS#2217205 $128,500

SWEEPING LAKE SUPERIOR VIEWS FROM THIS ASPENWOOD TOWNHOME ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Beach access via a nice stairs, this townhome has a fan-

MLS#6027026 $374,900

tastic Master Suite w/ deck, and a gorgeous main level kitchen open to Great Room and BIG Lake Superior views!

MLS#6031110 $309,900


Footprint, Open Concept! The deck is almost at Water’s Edge, this Cottage was Just renovated and it’s adorable. Perfect Romantic Getaway, completely renovated and Turnkey (less some sentimental items the seller wishes to keep!) Summer Cottage on the Big Lake!

MLS#6074214 $275,000

BEST OF THE HIGHLANDS! This Lutsen Mountains Ski In/Out Condo was renovated from top to bottom, Inside & Out! New Exteriorwindows, slider doors in bedrm and family room, stylish dry-stacked stone fireplace. INCREDIBLE Cottage Style Kitchen w/ Quartz Countertops! Moose Mtn Views from the HUGE double sized deck! MLS#6032522 $99,900 REDUCED!


MAY 2018


The Nearer Your Destination, the More Your Worries start Slip Sliding Away…Up North!


i n fo @ t i m b e r wo l f f r e a l t y. c o m I n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m

Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7


RUSTIC LIVING A HOP SKIP & A JUMP FROM GRAND MARIAS! Charming rustic cabin on 10 acres of south facing forest with distant views of Lake Superior. Bordering public lands, great for hunting or hiking!

MLS#6020031 $85,500 REDUCED!

LUTSEN-TOFTE AREA HOME! Come take a Look at this

Tofte home with acreage! Lots to offer, the home is solid and has a nice flow. The kitchen has been upgraded! Large windows allow for lots of light, and accessory buildings are perfect for a workshop and garage! Curious? Give us a call to see this gem!

MLS#6022904 $177,500


Spectacular home with so much to offer! Gourmet kitchen with large center island, tons of cabinetry. Open to dining room walking out to a large deck, gorgeous sunroom. Gas fireplace in warm family room. Walk out lower level, very functional design. Tons of windows, natural light throughout the home! Oversized garage with covered boat storage area. Big bang for your buck at




Big Lutsen Living, High ceilings, Impressive Owner’s Suite, 3+ bedrms. Made for entertainment and family gatherings, this home is ALL STYLE! Make your memories here, minutes from Lutsen Mountains, Lake Superior and Caribou Lake!


Superior views, Welcoming home w/ master bedroom, nice guest spaces and a to die for deck overlooking the Woods and the Lake!

MLS#6030389 $350,000

MLS#6033215 $359,900

LUTSEN HOME AT MINK RANCH! Nice home for the money, three bedroom, one bath AND a garage. Really a cute place, just a minute from Lutsen Mountains, Move in Ready!

MLS#6030897 $145,000 REDUCED!


and newer home, just needs some interior finishing. Nice entry area, featuring wood burning stove. Flawless transition to spacious living area, with amazing Stone fireplace, with super-efficient fireplace insert for heating! Gorgeous setting with beautiful pond, border USFS land. Poplar lake is a stone’s throw away!

MLS#6032396 $219,900



OLD S MLS#6032195 $222,933

construction, vaulted ceilings, and tons of light that flows throughout the home! Minute’s to Cross River and Lake Superior in Schroeder, less than 20 minutes to Lutsen Mountains!



Lake Superior. Designed for the owner to enjoy a guest home with rental income while living in the main home on the property. Main home was built in 2003. Public Lake Superior beach just across the road!

‘MLS# 6029625 $225,000

WELCOME TO “THE BASE CAMP”! 77 ac of wild forest for hunting or just creating trails. Already set up with a main cabin w/ mud room, open kitchen to the living room and 2 bedrooms. 2 add’l guest cabins. Detached garage with heated and insulated work shop, drilled well. There is a sauna/shower house on the premises.

MLS# 6029226 $139,900 REDUCED!


porch extends the living space in the warm months, overlooking the pond! Rugged terrain, not for the faint of heart! A must see Log Cabin in the Woods, Year Round Living!

MLS#6028795 $189,900 REDUCED!

LOW MAINTENANCE RENTAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! Enjoy solid long term rentals, self-sustaining solid local businesses. Highway frontage and Room to Expand Up! Support the Local Economy and Enjoy some passive income, Buy Now and bring your ideas for expansion! MLS#6028366 $329,900 SUPER VALUE!

Call TIMBERWOLFF REALTY or visit for more information! 58

MAY 2018


The Nearer Your Destination, the More Your Worries start Slip Sliding Away…Up North! n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m i n f o @ t i m b e r w o l f f r e a l t y . c oI m


Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7




Maple Leaf Lane off Hwy 1 near Finland. It’s a quiet getaway cabin, rustic living. Super hunting spot, man cave cabin! MLS# 6030497 $59,900

Sawbill Trail Tofte Lake Superior Views, Mature Spruce forest with driveway and well in place!

LeVeaux Creek Runs Through this Sweet Build Site, minutes to Lutsen Ski Resort! Lake Views!

Whitetail Ridge Overlooking Lake Superior! Just off Highway 1, Enjoy Sprawling Lake and Ridgeline views and Rugged Terrain! Yr Round Access, Electric.

LeVeaux Mountain, Super Views and Wildlife Ponds!

MLS# 6024856 $110,000

30 acres Wilderness, Borders lands next to Little Manitou River! MLS#2309327 $129,000 Rock Road in Silver Bay area! Great build site with creek frontage! MLS#2308638 $45,000 REDUCED! Lakeshore on Ninemile Lake at the Village, common water and septic, build ready, borderscommon land! MLS#2309096 $39,000 REDUCED!

MLS#6030129 $99,900

MLS#2220050 $69,000

Just Up the Sawbill Trail Grab your little piece of the Northwoods, rolling terrain and small community feel with year round access, great build sites!

MLS#2070509 Prices from $24,900!!

Wowser Lake Superior views on Overlook Tr!

MLS#2296509 $79,900

1046 Cramer Rd-Schroeder-40 ac with creek and tons of Maples! OMG it’s a beautiful parcel with high elevations and ravine like creek. Driveway is in! MLS#6028837 $98,000


BIG TIME VIEWS of Lake Superior-Tofte, Excellent value at Johannes Toftey MLS#6029322 $59,900

MLS#2024250 $49,900 REDUCED!

DRAMATIC Mountain Top Views, Rolling Hills, Maple Forests fading in to Spruce and Pine and year round access.

$70,000 MLS#2090659 39 ACRES!

87 High Ridge Dr-Lot 3 Sugarloaf Retreats! Driveway in, cleared build site, just plan your North Shore home to take advantage of the Awesome Ridgeline Views! MLS#6030129 $59,000

Prime Build Site(s) just off theCaribou at Jonvick Creek! MLS#2240533 $49,000 Gorgeous 5 acre parcels in the Heart of Lutsen paved Caribou Trail locale bordering USFS lands! MLS#2174799 From $54,900 - $77,500

Ridgetop Views Overlooking Caribou Lake! Tuck your home in to the Maple hillside in Lutsen, year round access. Super Location!

from Hwy.



MLS#6032772 $499,900

MLS#2216560 $45,000

Nice large parcel #19 at Sugarloaf Retreats, Boreal Forest land with yr rd access/electric.

MLS#6032752 $250,000

own paradise on Lake Superior!

Ski Hill Road lands, Boreal Lane is your Key To Mountain Top Living! 5 ac lots from

MLS#2309328+ FROM $39,000

Maple Leaf Trail at Jonvick, Maples Galore! Nice elevated build site. Yr Round access, electric.

JUST NORTH OF SILVER BAY, PALISADE VIEWS OF LAKE SUPERIOR! Gorgeous Views down the Coastline and Well buffered

MLS#2313255 $235,000

Hwy, Spectacular Views!

MLS#6028455 $225,000

MLS#6024972 $49,000

MLS#6028429 $56,500

MLS#6031579 $499,900

20 Acres near Pike Lake, minutes to the new Boat

Landing! Driveway is in place, nice shed. Panoramic Wilderness! MLS#6028569 $69,000 Grand Marais Meadows on County Rd 7, Gorgeous Setting, Super location! MLS#6029849+ $65,000 Quiet Side of Town, a Creek meanders Through, Cleansing. Large lots, surveyed and build ready. Just Imagine, New Construction in the heart of Grand Marais!

MLS#6031883 $54,900

New! Gorgeous 42 acres near Pike Lake, Yr Round access, electric at street and INCREDIBLE ridgetop views! (you can delete the last sentence of existing ad “Ask About Adjoining land” to give room.

MLS#6073655 $109,900

11 acres yr round access, electric, Nice build site near Pike Lake!

MLS#6073657 $44,900

MLS#2300576 $64,900 HOVLAND’S TREASURE on Tom Lake, prime lake only access with large acreage, privacy galore!


Year Round access, elec/broadband. Maple hillside, Rocky prime shoreline!

CHRISTINE LAKE 10 AC bordering Superior National Forest, Yr Round Access, electric/broadband avail. Hill top build site overlooking mature white pine, cedar lined shoreline on Christine. Serenity Now!

MLS#6023288 $99,900 PIKE LAKE LUTSEN SIDE! Premium

MLS#2308906 $299,000

Locale, Historical Nature.


RUSTIC GETAWAY Lakeshore, Isabella area. Mature pines, end of the road location on Swallow Lake!

Build it on this Dreamy Parcel, Have Vision!


MLS#6029557+ $59,000 TO $99,000


MLS#6027527 $189,900


MLS#6029115 $33,000

Heartland of Lutsen, 80 ac at the Foothills of Ski Hill ridge, near downtown Lutsen!

Maples Galore, Acreage! Schroeder Location with Yr Round Access and Electric!

MLS#6031140 $41,900

Wilderness Lutsen location at Tait Lake- backlot with Driveway in place! Yr Round and Electric Ridgetop 5+ ac in Lutsen, Fantastic location, minutes to the Ski Hill, Yr Round Living with some Lake Superior Views, perfect for 2 story walk out home. MLS# 603266 $49,900

MLS#6029324 $49,000 MLS#6029593 $99,000

MLS#6028619 $67,500

Woodland Foothills Build Ready lots, Shared Water & Community Septic from

30 acres of Prime Wilderness Land with year round access and electric at street with Views of Lutsen’s famed Clara Lake! MLS#2080599 $137,500

SCHROEDER, JUST OVER AN HOUR FROM DULUTH! Home site just 40 ft from the

terrain, level shoreline, and nearly 600 ft of it! Enjoy your

Nice parcel bordering USFS land, driveway roughed in, access to Tait Lk! MLS#6023412 $35,000

Overlook at LeVeaux Mountain-Tofte! Serene Woodsy setting with Lake Views!

LAKE SUPERIOR LANDS Big Lake, level easy access, well buffered from Hwy!


Maples with lots of Elbow Room, Year Round access MLS#2312987 $119,000 and nice location between Cross River in Schroeder Over 8 ac of Wilderness on Turnagain Trail in Lutsen! and Finland! MLS#6028422 $59,000

Marks Drive Build Ready parcel in Silver Bay. City Utilities, Super location for a nice family home! Great neighborhood. MLS#6031871 $22,000

10 Ac Parcels of Maples! Rolling Terrain of Mature Maples to a Sweet Building site Perched Over a Mixed Boreal Forest. Year Round Access and Electric at Road!

MLS#6031876 $65,000

LUTSEN AREA Tait Lake area, Legend Trail parcel bordering USFS lands with views of Wills and Williams Lake!

Shoreline, nice and rocky! South facing build site, boreal forest. Lot 6 Willard Lane, must see!

MLS#6031145 $199,900


A Step up from Thoreau’s Cabin, Enjoy the peace and quiet this lovely little cabin offers on over 300 ft of Lake Superior Shoreline! Electric, and Nice gas Stove makes this a comfy and welcoming Cabin!

MLS#6026595 $240,000

FISHERMAN’S DREAM GETAWAY, WALTER IS WAITING! End of the bay bordering USFS lands and some Super Shoreline! Call today for details! MLS# 6027279


DEERYARD LAKE EAST SIDE, bay shallow shoreline but great views to the west down the lake! Boardwalk in place for lake access.

MLS#6031104 $74,900


MAY 2018


Talk to Terry! Terry R. Backlund Broker/Owner

Lori A. Backlund Real Estate Agent

Phone: 218-387-1501 Cell: 218-370-8977 47 W ROSEBUSH LN. GRAND MARAIS



For results list your property here!

Must See!!!

2350 Sq. Ft. Timber Frame, Superior view 2 Car Garage w/ Studio and Workshop MLS# 6030848 Price: $397,900

2 Bedroom 3 Bath 1 Car Garage 263 ft. Lake Superior shoreline MLS# 6032423 Price: $529,000



!!! E U L VA

Beautiful 200 ft. of Lake Superior shoreline on 7 acres. MLS# 6029661 Price: $249,000


338 ft. of Lake Superior on 14.53 acres. 1 Bedroom Cabin, Garage, Dock MLS# 6029532 Price: $329,000

New g Listin

7.7 acre Lake Superior view lot. Five Mile Rock. Divisible. MLS# 6031057 Price: $129,000



Chalet Style 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath Large loft plus family room Two Car Garage MLS# TBD Price: $249,900


For results list your property here! 4 Bedroom 2 Bath Lake Superior home MLS# 6033571 Price: $454,900

Phone: 218-387-1501 Cell: 218-370-8977 60

MAY 2018


Own a slice of Minnesota’s Favorite Resorts We bring you closer. To the lake, each other and your vacation property dreams.

Surfside on Lake Superior

New townhomes, total coastal luxury right on the shore of Lake Superior. 3,000 s/f, 3BR, 3BA. Quarter-share ownership w/ flexibility for personal use & rental income. Excellent family retreat or investment property. Prices from $179K-$225K, includes furnishings.

Bluefin Bay Condos & Townhomes SOLD

Bluefin Unit 7

Bluefin Unit 27

3 BR, 2 BA. Recent $130K elegant remodel. Only a few feet from shore.

1 BR, 1 BA. Charming unit with brand new bath, kitchen, and fireplace.

Eric Frost Sales Agent, Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Let Eric, exclusive sales agent for Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, provide the details about each property and guide you through the process. Contact him today to learn more.


Bluefin Unit 37

Bluefin Unit 61

2 BR, 2 BA. Upper level unit affords panoramic lake views. Over $60K in rental income.

3 BR, 3 BA Bluefin’s largest town home. Grosses over $110K in rental income. Absolutely stunning.

Deb Niemisto 218-370-8434


Nan Bradley 218-370-8433

218-663-6886 | Lake Superior Access 2895 E Hwy 61 - Grand Marais

Commercial - 126 Airport Rd Grand Marais Airport

Commercial hangar, heated, electric, insulated, rental income. MLS 2116969 $275,000

Lutsen Clara Lake Lot 15 Island Circle Build your dream lake cabin on SW facing 200’ lot in the Superior Nat’l Forest. Hiking & biking trails nearby, minutes from Lutsen & Grand Marais. MLS 6028329 $149,000

7072 Two Moose Trail Wilson Lake - Finland


Check out this cute one level log sided 2 BD home, big kitchen, garage, low maintenance. MLS 6029561 $268,900

Experience Solitude on one of the most beautiful lakes around. Acreage with many amenities ready for use & enjoyment. MLS 608329 $246,900


MAY 2018


Homes and Land

Listing Spotlight

Lutsen Real Estate Group


Using a fundamental business approach for all your real estate needs Office 218-663-7971

Grand Marais Area

166 Bloomquist Mountain Rd

Frank Lehto 218-387-4955

Emily Breaker 218-387-5240

Bruce Kerfoot 218-388-2294

Cathy Hahn 218-370-0139

Quality-built, classic chalet-style home in a very private wooded 6+ acre setting. Has the feel of an “off-grid” estate, yet has all the features you’d expect including broadband and is only minutes from town. Super-efficient construction for comfortable economical living. Two bedrooms and bath on the main floor with large loft. MLS 6073816 $254,750.

50 Sawmill Lane – Cute 3 bedroom 2 bath log home located in Sawmill Bay on Caribou Lake in Lutsen. The home features two loft bedrooms, a main level master bedroom and a lower level rec area that provides numerous use options. The home is complimented with a gas fireplace, efficient design and wonderful large lake facing deck. Private wooded lot offering nice seclusion Convenient to area four season attractions. MLS 6074183 $410,000

Gunflint Trail - Loon Lake

Nicely appointed and extremely well maintained beautiful 3 bedroom home just west of Grand Marais. Home includes a two stall garage with adjacent office, workshop, wine room and more. Many wonderful upgrades made to home in 2010. Nice clean yard and garden areas. Move in ready. All you need is the key. call our office today to schedule your private showing.

MLS 6029508 NEW PRICE $349,900



637 County Road 6

Wooded paradise, one floor living, comfortable in-floor heat throughout just minutes from Grand Marais. Huge detached garage features in-floor heat, well-insulated, and includes beautiful living space with bedroom, bathroom and family room. End-of-the road privacy on 5 wooded acres.

MLS 6073679 $260,000.

24-40 Baraga Cross Rd

Beautiful cedar-sided, well-maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath year-round home a stone’s throw away for Lake Superior and the Baraga Cross historical site located between Tofte and Schroeder (in Schroeder). A cute guest cabin, superbly crafted dove-tail log sauna and large garage complete the setting. Launch your canoe at the adjacent park, and collect driftwood and agates that wash up on the cobblestone beach. Varied shoreline nearby includes large expanse of ledgerock as well as the mouth of the Cross River – and only a short hike to one of the most impressive waterfalls on the North Shore! MLS 6032845 $469,500

Area Homes & Townhomes Lutsen Resort – Log Cabin #403

Steve Surbaugh 218-663-7971

Mike Larson 218-370-1536

10028 Gunflint Trail

Beautifully crafted, year round home with interior log beams and half log staircase serving as a centerpiece. This home will not disappoint; it’s complimented with views from every room across Loon Lake with state land serving as your back drop. Located near the Banadad hiking/ski trail, and snowmobile trails, there is not a shortage of activities when it comes to this home. Keep in mind Loon Lake is a great Trout fishing MLS Forthcoming $215,000.

Ever so seldom does a Lutsen Resort authentic Log Cabin become available for sale. Here is your opportunity to become part of this unique family of home ownership at Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior. Outstanding views – awesome cabin. Call today for your private showing. MLS

6030300 $399,000

EARN MONEY WHEN YOU ARE AWAY BY PLACING YOUR HOME IN OUR VACATION RENTAL PROGRAM. Give AnWhen you visit our website you will find additional information on all properties in the area accompanied by multiple photographs for a more comprehensive overview of properties you may be interested in. 62

MAY 2018


Lutsen Real Estate Group

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Tofte Airport

Caribou Hillside

The Tofte Airport home-sites derives its name from the former and now inactive airstrip once serving smaller aircraft. Today, the airstrip is now dedicated to open space and provides a nice buffer between the lower and upper plat development. These home-sites likely provide some of the greatest affordability and convenience in the Lutsen-Tofte area. Just three blocks from Lake Superior and five minutes from the ski area and golf course.

Tucked along the hillside of Caribou Lake, these home-sites offer privacy, a private homeowner’s association, larger lot sizes, a clean forest floor covered in a canopy of beautiful nature maples and conifers. This development is restricted to 20 home-sites. Please contact listing office today for a private tour.

Lot 2 W 2.36 acres $29,500

Lot 3 E 2 acres $24,750

Lot 4 W 2.19 acres $27,500

Lot 5 E 2.42 acres $24,750

Lot 5 W 2.15 acres $26,125

Lot 7 E 2 acres $27,500

Lot 6 W 2.10 acres $24,750

L2 B3 2.17 acres $30,250

Lot 7 W 2 acres$26,125

L7 B3 2 acres $30,250

Lot 2 E 2 acres $24,750

Lot 2 Bl 1 $40,000 Lot 3 Blk 1 $40,000 lot 4 Blk 1 $40,000 Lot 5 Blk 1 $47,500

Lot 6 Blk 1 $47,500 Lot 1 Blk 2 $45,000 Lot 2 Blk 2 $50,000 Lot 1 Blk 3 $99,000

Lot 5 Blk 3 $42,500 Lot 6 Blk 3 $42,500 Lot 7 Blk 3 $42,500 Lot 8 Blk 3 $42,500

Lot 9 Blk 3 $42,500 Lot 10 Blk3 $42,500

Johannes Toftey Lots Lot 2 2.0 acres $34,500 Lot 1 2 acres $29,000 Lot 22 2.25 acres $35,750

Lot 3 2.3 acres $35,000 Lot 14 2.52 acres $29,000 Lot 13 2.04 acres $29,000

Lot 6 2.18 acres $40,000 Lot 15 2.05 acres $39,000 Lot 16 2 acres $45,500

Tait Pines

Jonvick Creek Sites in Lutsen

Tait Pines is a private sub-division located adjacent to Tait Lake just 13 miles up the Caribou Trail from Lutsen. This is a mixed forest area including old growth White Pine with a variety of different terrain features. Accessible Yearround with privately maintained roads and wonderful building sites. This developments sits adjacent to USFS land.

Winding through the Sawtooth Mountain highlands, the private road takes you through a mature maple forest: you have found your new homesite nestled in the hills, overlooking a trout stream with views of Lake Superior. Build the home of your dreams in the woodland paradise, only minutes from everything Lutsen has to offer; connect with a network of groomed cross-country ski trails, or set off on a snowmobile adventure on the adjacent trail system. Deer, fox, lynx and maybe the occasional moose will be your neighbors visiting your backyard. Several lots to choose from, ready for you to plan your Lutsen getaway home.

L3 B5 2.14 acres $39,875

L1 B2 2.26 acres $39,875

L2 B5 2.16 acres $39,875

L1 B13 2.72 acres $43,450

L1 B5 2.65 acres $39,875

L4 B6 2.26 acres $43,450

L3 B6 2.37 acres $39,875

L1 B7 1.92 acres $49,500

L2 B6 2.15 acres $39,875

L5 B10 2.52 acres $57,750

L1 B6 2.64 acres $39,875

L4 B10 2.32 acres $55,000

L2 B2 2.06 acres $39,875

Superior National Golf Course Homesites Few Golf Courses have been built on land as spectacular as Superior National. And more recently the golf course just completed its nearly $4.5 million course improvement project on the River and Canyon Nines. The homesites listed below are tucked within the Cedar Forest along River 6 fairway and River 6 green. With water, sewer, power and broadband available, combined the sounds of the Poplar River just across the fairway and so much more beauty, the value offered simply is unbelievable. Act now, the golf course will launch its new marketing campaign early 2018 announcing the grand-re-opening – with that, lot prices will likely increase next year.

Lot 8 Block 5. Private lot tucked along River 6 Fairway. Water, sewer, power curbside. Great value. (Owner/Agent) MLS 602078 $64,500 Lot 6 Block 5. This was one of the very first lots purchased because of its outstanding location. Nestled adjacent to the River 6 Green - it offers so much. Great build site with outstanding orientation. Access to all HOA utilities.

MLS 6028392 $92,500

Lot 6 Blk 10 Lot 1 Blk 2 Lot 2 Blk 10 Lot 7 Blk 14 Lot 5 Blk 10

1.50 1.95 1.70 4.82 2.15

29,500 35,000 45,000 45,000 49,000

Lot 1 Blk 14 Lot 48 Blk Lot 2 Blk 14 Lot 4 Blk 10

2.67 3.96 2.78 1.15

49,000 59,000 49,000 49,000

Lot 2 Blk 11 Lot 5 Blk 11 Lot 1 Blk 12 Lot 6 Blk 14

1.62 1.75 2.65 3.96

49,000 49,000 54,900 59,000

Outstanding Land Values in Lutsen Private 7 parcel sub-division with 5 lots remains. Walking distance to Clearview, Credit Union combined with close and convenient access to area businesses and local recreational opportunities. Very nice build sites. Excellent values.

Lot 1 B1 5.03 acres $39,000 Lot 2 B1 6.54 acres $45,000

Lot 5 B1 5.31 acres $39,000 Lot 4 B1 5.01 acres $39,000

Lot 6 B1 5.16 acres $39,000

Other Vacant Land Parcels Tait Lake, Lutsen

Mountain Ash Lane

Recent sales of undeveloped lakeshore lots show prices exceeding $200,000. Lots 16 and 17 have the benefit of Tait Lake access without lakeshore prices. Tucked hillside overlooking Tait Lake on Caps Trail, Lot 16 offers 2.8 acres with convenient and deeded access to the associations’ private dock. Lot 17 provides the same with 3.3 acres. Beautiful, wild and unspoiled and simply outstanding values.

Cedar covered hillside overlooking Lake Superior in Lutsen. Roads and survey completed for small subdivision. Perfect opportunity to own large acreage in Lutsen overlooking Lake Superior or develop a small subdivision. Final plat not recorded.

Lot 16. MLS 2143246 $49,900 Lot 17. MLS 6032087 $54,499

30.89 acres MLS 1600605 Price $$649,000

xxx 342 Rd Finland Large parcel covered in Maples, Birch, and other mixed forest. Can be sold as parcels. See MLS # 24295,24293,24297,24298, no gravel mining for 10 years from date of purchase

160 acres MLS 1968744 Price $299,000


MAY 2018


(218) 387-2131 (800) 732-2131

101 West Hwy. 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604

Serving Cook County since 1971


On Lake Superior


68 Trailsyde

1000’ of beautifully rugged and secluded shore. 6 lots, house structure; you finish the interior, plus more than 30A of land to ensure ample exclusivity and privacy.

MLS 6026201 $995,000


41 Naniboujou Trail

Clean, solid Lake Superior 4BR, 3BA home with a million dollar view. Practical layout, natural stone fireplace customizes den and multiple decks for you to enjoy the views.

7044 W Hwy 61

3BR, 3BA designed with appreciation for quality. 132’ gravel beach perfect for walking, fires, and kayaks! Family room, sauna, attached garage, workshop and large deck.

MLS 6029901 $549,900

MLS 6031425 $399,900

4797 Chicago Bay Rd

3298 W Hwy 61

3BR, 2BA, great room with floor to ceiling windows and a cobblestone fireplace. Multi-level lakeside deck, sunny 3 season porch, 157’ Lake Superior shore.

4.44A with 334’ shore located within the confines of Cascade River State Park. Guest home, 32x 40 garage and shop. Both homes are being offered fully furnished so you can start enjoying all that winter on the Lake has to offer.

MLS 6074208 $539,900

MLS 6032509 $699,900

Lake Superior Lots

L a ke S u p e r i o r V i e w

2884 W Hwy 61 - $279,900

1.30A, very attractive piece of vacant lakeshore located just past Terrace Point. 371’ of stunning ledgerock shoreline, with incredible views of the Grand Marais Harbor and the Sawtooth Mountain Ridge Line.

MLS 6027340

2888 W Hwy 61 - $249,900

Fabulous views of both Artist Point and the Sawtooth Mountains! Stunning Lake Superior lot with 1.24A, 200’ ledgerock shoreline embedded with Thomsonite Stones.

MLS 6027323

Stonegate Rd $194,900 - $199,900

2 lots along scenic Chicago Bay. Nicely wooded and private! 1-2A with 200+’ shore.

MLS 6030329

Co Rd 67 $72,000 - $82,000

Com m e r c ia l

Check out the views from these properties! 2 .7 - 3.48A with all utilities readily available - electric, broadband & telephone. DNR owned Lake Superior shoreline across the road so you can have the enjoyment of the lake without the cost.

MLS 6029971

Gunflint Trail - $87,500



108-2 Gunflint Trail

Great commercial location with access off Gunflint Trail and Co. Rd. 7. Additional property available, or purchase with less frontage if you only want the shop building & area.

MLS 6024280 $124,900


MAY 2018



Bally Creek Rd - $59,000

2 great 7+A parcels just minutes from town! Lake Superior views and mature trees! Recreation trails close by. MLS 6030620

Co Rd 48 - $85,000

108 Gunflint Trail

4BR, 2BA home right on the Gunflint Trail. This lot is commercially zoned with great visible location at the beginning of the Gunflint Trail. 2.5 car garage could be converted to retail space.


Year round 6.46A on county maintained road with plenty of privacy. The cleared path up the property will help you visualize your future home on the North Shore! Also in close proximity to hiking, biking & skiing trails! MLS 6033168

MLS 6031733 $199,900

8 N. Broadway

Prime commercial property has immediate income. Two upper level apartments with space for more, plus storefront, and grounds rental.

MLS 6029037 $477,500

Two 5+A lots with great country location, yet minutes to town. Lake Superior Views and mature trees. Recreation trails close by. MLS 6030623

Co. Rd 60 - $99,900

Secluded 20A with great views, but only a short drive to town. State land to the north, close to hiking trails, cross-country ski areas. MLS 6073592

Homes & Cabins

319 E 2nd Ave

Purchase three rental units for the price of a single home, or the lower units can be combined leaving a nice little family home with a studio apartment overhead. Or restore home into a two story single family home.

MLS 6027869 $168,000

176 Camp 15 Loop

160A with 180+ degree views of the surrounding foothills. Very diverse forest... spruce bogs, cedar swamps, healthy birch groves, spruce, fir and healthy white pine. Owner/agent.

MLS 2313220 $149,900

175 Whippoorwill Ln

24+A with a 1944 sq ft pole building. What a spot for a hike-in writer’s cabin, artist’s retreat...or whatever your heart desires. Additional 12A and home is also available.

MLS 6030050 $89,900

54 Morgan Rd

Special one room getaway in the woods on 40A of mature trees, abuts Cascade State Park and Federal land! Garage and bonus space is quite functional as it is, or remodel as you desire.

210 Bloomquist Mtn Rd

Remote, turn-key rustic getaway on 53A. Heavily wooded rolling topography with an abundance of wildlife; moose, grouse, deer, and more.

MLS 6073896 $64,900

2BR, 2BA year-round home with all the modern amenities, in a private remote setting. Open living space is perfect for entertaining. All on 6A!

MLS 6032433 $176,000

MLS 6027942 $54,900

902 W 5th Ave

Tiny house with city water and sewer at the street ready to be brought in. This one-room rustic cabin is ready to be finished the way you want. Wooded City land across the street.

MLS 6073759 $279,900

MLS 6033214 $54,900

160 Whippoorwill Ln

Adorable one room year round cabin close to the water’s edge of Devil Track River! Convenient location close to town. The land is stunning and complete with trails, bridges, perennial flowers!

MLS 6030049 $139,900

MLS 6033277 $169,000

Bluefin Bay Tofte

Raw Land Great location and development opportunities right off Hwy 61! 7.1A, zoned commercial and R-1. Additional R-1 acreage available.

MLS 2170380 $149,900

North Rd 20A, very private, year round access. Power, phone and broadband available at the road!! MLS 6024552 $39,900

Peaceful and quiet 5A close to town with easements onto Federal Land. MLS 6025690 $25,900

MLS 6030629 $45,000 - $47,500

Boulder Point Rd

MLS 6030899 $39,900

78 Squint Lake Rd 5A surrounded on 2 sides

Unit 61- MLS 6032687 $564,000

MLS 6031563 $20,000 - $35,000

Own a piece of the North Shore and generate significant income as well. This stunning 3BR, 2BA condo is one of the top condos in demand at prestigious East Bay Suites.

Victory Lane

20A with great building sites overlook a beautiful beaver pond and some great building sites overlooking the pond.

UNIT 210 - MLS 6033341 $335,000

MLS 6032536 $25,000

10 Murphy Mtn Rd

Railroad Drive

W Hwy 61

Broadway Ave Wonderful location, oversize lot

East Bay Suites

3.55A in Lutsen off the Ski Hill Rd. Abuts State Scenic and Natural area providing hundreds of acres of untouched land. MLS 6031787 $59,900

5A, close to town. Surveyed, pins are all clearly marked, utilities in place and septic sites identified.

1.7A in the heart of Lutsen. Gently rolling topography, mature trees. Convenient location. MLS 6023743 $39,900

3BR, 3Ba unit

5 parcels in Wildwood Acres! .9A to 1.85A. Nicely wooded and private. Residential neighborhood.

by government land. Convenient mid-trail location.

MLS 6020283 $59,900

2BR, 2BA unit 2BR, 2BA unit

2 lots 5-7A, 5+ and 7+A lots at a great country location just minutes from town. Recreation trails close by.

Rosebush Hill Lane Nicely wooded 5.40A with shared driveway only minutes from town. Identified septic sites and fully surveyed! Approx. 430’ of creek frontage. OWNER will consider a Contract for Deed! 5.72A of nicely wooded land with gently rolling topography AND approx. 500’ frontage on the Rosebush Tributaries. OWNER will consider a Contract for Deed!

Unit 37 - MLS 6033212 $315,000

County Rd 48

Wildwood Acres

MLS 6030911 $49,900

Bluefin Bay has stunning Lake views and accessaward winning amenities and restaurants! Excellent rental potential.

Silver Fox Rd

25+A close to Grand Marais; healthy mix of trees with a very gently rolling topography. Approximately 800’ frontage on the Fall River.

MLS 6030910 $89,900

1473 Gunflint Trail

True retreat from the rush of modern life. Off grid with full solar power, propane wall heat and wood fireplace. Nearly end of the road privacy. Log and half log sided construction.


Land W Hwy 61

1636 Camp 20 Rd

1911 Camp 20 Rd

Fully furnished one room north woods getaway with lots of privacy on 40A of wooded land with a wildlife pond and an abundance of recreational trails. Abuts federal land to the north.

MLS 6073521 $49,900


3BR, 3BA end unit with great views of Lake Superior. Excellent rental history!

3+A lot with easy access right off of Hwy 61. Just minutes from town, connects to the Superior Hiking Trail. MLS 6033459 $44,000

MLS 6023870 $204,000

is open to many opportunities for development and use.

MLS 6031909 $48,000

Co Rd 67 2.24A, year round access, directly abuts State Land to the east. Fully surveyed and well-built private driveway. MLS 6029973 $39,900 County Rd 7

Oversize lot on Co Rd 7 but inside the city. The obvious benefits of broadband and other services. cbnorthshore61 Coldwell Banker North Shore

Check out OUR BLOG at ColdwellBanker NorthShore.

MLS 6028579 $58,000


101 West Hwy . 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604

(218) 387-2131

(800) 732-2131 NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018






Serving Cook County since 1971

Poplar Lake

Custom built, 4BR home on 4A. 250’ of shore with dock in a secluded bay. Vaulted ceilings, log beams,lots of woodwork. Screen porch on the full, walk-out lower level.

MLS 6019286 $549,900

BOB CARTER 370-9054


Tom Lake

RICK AUSTIN 388-9434


VERY private cabin on the coveted Greenwood Lake! 4.59A, 366’ shore, private bay, very accessible shoreline, dock, sandy swimming area, walking trails, mature trees and year round access. Cabin has full bunk beds, indoor dining and propane stove/fridge.

MLS 6033167 $99,900

MLS 6073515 $209,900

Inland Lake Lots Tom Lake

Squint Lake

Private 34+A and 600’ of shore. Property is surveyed and septic sites are identified. Will consider owner financing to a qualified buyer.

2.13A with lovely old white pine trees! Mid trail location, 221’ shore, abuts USFS.

MLS 6028920 $75,000

MLS 6028673 $119,900

Year round access with 171’ shore. Driveway in place and a cleared building site, together with some stairs to the lake.

MLS 6032510 $53,900

The only private parcel on Chester Lake. One of a kind opportunity! 40A, 300’ frontage! Rough cabin sold “as is”.

Convenient mid-trail location with deeded lakeshore access. Building site cleared, driveway in, utilities available.

MLS 6031924 $139,900

MLS 2158160 $52,500

Two Island

5+ A of wooded land with 500+’ of shorelinea nd state land on two sides! Year round access; great recreational area.

MLS 6023533 $74,900

.94A with 291’ of shore. Healthy mix of huge white pines, cedars & balsams. Cleared building site, electricity, phone & broadband available.


MAY 2018


MLS 6029826 $99,900

1.1A with 222’ of shore. Electricity and broadband close by. Lot is gently rolling and there is a creek running along the west boundary line.

Greenwood Lake

Lots of privacy with 4.2A and 300’ shore including a slight peninsula which will provide multiple views! MLS 6073512 $139,900

Lar ge Acr eage Over 200A of land, much of it abutting State and Federal land giving you access to thousands of acres!

MLS 6028671

170A+ Camp 20 Rd - $149,900

Heavily forested land that has been replanted with many beautiful pine trees. Rolling topography with many building sites and hiking trails. Features a gravel pit on the northwest corner and a small wildlife pond to the south. State land to the south.

43A County Road 7 - $299,900

Nicely wooded with excellent development potential. Close to hospital and all the amenities of Grand Marais.. Multiple zoning (R1 & Far 3), survey and wetlands delineation completed in 2007. Electric at road.

MLS 2170711

Victory Lane - $25,000 MLS 6032536 20A with great building sites overlooking a beautiful beaver pond.

MLS 6022459

Give us a call to discuss current market conditions and valuations for your property.


5A with great building spots with views overlooking both Onagon and Cupid Lakes. 1000’of shore between both lakes. Federal Land to the west.

MLS 6028705 $169,900

200A Camp 12 Rd - $159,900


Onagon Lake

MLS 6029825 $39,000

Poplar Lake

One of only 4 lots on south shore. Private 2.34A with 200’ frontage on excellent trout lake!


Chester Lake

MLS 6022402 $149,900

Kemo Lake

ERIC FROST 370-1362

Greenwood Lake

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets from this sweet 2BR fully furnished cabin sitting just a few feet from the water’s edge. 220 ft. of incredibly beach shoreline plus there is a boathouse for added storage. Cabin is off grid with propane lights, heat and fridge. Easy access to the lake and excellent water clarity.

110A W Highway 61 - $649,900

Nicely wooded land with varied elevations on the Highway 61 corridor. Year round access via Highway 61 and County Road 7. Many development options with multiple zoning: Far-3, R-1 and commercial.

MLS 2164180

101 West Hwy . 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604

(218) 387-2131

(800) 732-2131



This photo was taken near Sax-Zim. It was one of the few times a porky has actually stayed at eye level and pretty much ignored me with the camera. It just went about it’s business, which was eating, of course. Usually they scoot up high in the tree to avoid you.—Keith Crowley NORTHERN  WILDS

MAY 2018




VEGETATION MANAGEMENT 1. HOME IGNITION ZONES building materials and construction techniques, along with periodic exterior maintenance in the three home ignition zones - increases the Immediate Zone: 0 to 5 feet around the house; Intermediate Zone: 5 to 30 feet; and the Extended Zone: 30 to 100 feet. 2. LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE

BE PREPARED Develop, discuss and practice an emergency action plan with everyone in your home. Include details for pets, large animals and livestock. Know two ways out of your neighborhood and have a pre-designated meeting place. Always evacuate if you feel it’s

Conduct an annual insurance policy check-up to adjust for local building costs, codes and new renovations. Create/update a home inventory to help settle claims faster.

overhang the home, porch and deck and prune branches of large trees up to (depending on their height) 6 to 10 feet from the ground. Remove plants containing resins, oils and waxes and ensure mulches in the Immediate Zone (0 to 5 feet around the house) are non-combustible options like crushed stone and gravel. Maintain vegetation annually.

6 3 1



FIRE RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION 3. ROOFING AND VENTS Examples include: Composite shingles, metal, concrete and clay tiles. Inspect shingles or roof tiles and replace or repair those that are loose or missing to prevent ember penetration. Box-in eaves, but provide ventilation to prevent condensation and mildew. Roof and attic vents should be screened to prevent ember entry. 4. DECKS AND PORCHES Remove dead vegetation and debris from under decks/porches and between deck board joints. 5. SIDING AND WINDOWS Embers can collect in small nooks and crannies and ignite



· · ·

Mow the lawn regularly Prune low-hanging tree branches Create small fuel breaks with hardscaping features


stucco and dual-pane tempered glass windows. 6. EMERGENCY RESPONDER ACCESS Ensure your home and neighborhood has legible and clearly marked street names and numbers. Driveways should be at least 12 feet wide with a vertical clearance of 15 feet, for emergency vehicle access. Red Dot = Immediate Zone

Orange Dot = Intermediate Zone Green Dot = Extended Zone


VISIT FIREWISE.ORG FOR MORE DETAILS Locally, visit, email, or call 218-235-0899

Firewise® is a program of the National Fire Protection Association. This publication was produced in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, US Department of the Interior and the National Association of State Foresters. NFPA is an equal opportunity provider. Firewise® and Firewise USA® are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02169.


MAY 2018


Northern Wilds May 2018  

Features bowfishing, ultralight backpacking tips, new restaurants, Art Along the Lake, and more.

Northern Wilds May 2018  

Features bowfishing, ultralight backpacking tips, new restaurants, Art Along the Lake, and more.