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If you were Santa Claus Imagine for a moment a dark and starry winter night. You are in the sky, high above the Earth, looking down at a world of mountains, oceans and millions of winking lights. Your destination is a rooftop; where you will touchdown softly with eight tiny reindeer. No one will see you arrive, but children will wake in wonder to discover what you left behind. In the realm of imagination, Santa Claus has a pretty good gig. But the jolly old elf’s reality isn’t all hoho-ho’s or milk and cookies. Think about it. Sometimes the temps are below zero on Christmas Eve. Would you want to be whizzing across the sky in an open sleigh? And what about eating all of those cookies? Let’s face it, a little cardamom goes a long way. And what if they leave Santa some lutefisk? Actually, we did the latter, not to Santa, but to one of our writers. In the interest of broadening her cultural awareness, we sent North Shore neophyte Casey Fitchett in search of a lutefisk dinner. She found one at the Lutheran Church in Tofte. She tells the whole story in this issue. Contrary to folklore, Santa didn’t always travel in a sleigh drawn by reindeer. There was a time when he used to arrive in Grand Marais in a small plane that landed on the main drag, Wisconsin St. It was all holly jolly until Santa’s pilot crashed into the theater. Really. You can read the whole story in this issue, too. Not all Christmas stories end in airplane crashes or steaming plates of lutefisk. Many of us have wonderful memories of Christmases past. We asked three of our writers to wax nostalgic and share some Christmas cheer. We also tip our hat to the hundreds of volunteers who make Duluth’s extraordinary Bentleyville light display happen. Keeping with the Christmas theme, Elle Andra-Warner brings us tales of giant snowflakes and what researchers have learned about the normally tiny ice crystals that transform the Northern Wilds into a winter wonderland. That wonder, however, is in the eye of the beholder, because Joe Friedrichs tells us what winter travel was like on the North Shore prior to the construction of a road from Duluth to Grand Marais.

On the food front, Maren Webb gives us the lowdown on Christmas sweets and shares a family cookie recipe. Kathy Toivenen has a traditional ethnic holiday dessert, too. And, lest you catch a cold while out carolling, Kim Falter explains how Echinacea can help bolster your immune system. When it comes to fishing, Gord Ellis has long been our perpetual “barefoot boy with cheeks of tan.” This year, he’s begun feeling his age. In his column, he ruefully admits to (gasp), taking an occasional nap these days. This isn’t surprising for a guy who likes to get up early to work out, go fishing or be on the air at CBC Radio; and who also likes to stay up late to play rock-n-roll. Sweet dreams, fisherman. On a similar note, a staffer who shall remain nameless notes that Mr. Ellis has a remarkably large and loyal following on Facebook. “He’s the new Kim Kardashian of hunting,” she observed. We agree. Speaking of Facebook, be sure to follow Northern Wilds. Our page recently received 2,000 likes and we are eagerly anticipating many more to come. We’re posting lots of cool stuff, ranging from surfing videos to wildlife photography to upcoming events. And unlike your Facebook friends, we don’t do politics. The next issue of Northern Wilds you receive will welcome in the New Year. At this time, we’d like to say thank you to all of our readers, advertisers and contributors. We couldn’t do it without you. Happy holidays everyone! —Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt

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Dining columnist Maren Webb and her husband Matt welcomed Mabel Anne into their family on Friday, Oct. 21. Mabel’s first meal out, shown here, was at the Harbor House Grille. | MAREN WEBB

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“Chickadee Light” by Kari Vick

Snowy Owl by Paul Sundberg


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Orchestrating Bentleyville is a massive undertaking, requiring numerous volunteers year-round. | SUBMITTED

The volunteers behind Bentleyville DULUTH— More than 1,500 volunteers are pitching in this season to help build Bentleyville Tour of Lights, a nonprofit initiative known as the largest free walkthrough lighting display in America. It attracted an astounding 270,000 visitors in 2015, with 18,000 people attending each of the three Saturday nights before Christmas. Event organizers expect more growth this year.

What you need to know Nov. 19–Dec. 26 Sun.–Thurs.: 5-9 p.m. Fri.–Sat.: 5-10 p.m. See Santa Nov. 19–Dec. 23 5-8 p.m.

Orchestrating and coordinating the massive volunteer effort is a complex art form; some people participate year-round to help with planning and promotion, others volunteer during setup or teardown, some only assist when Bentleyville is open.

New this Year! • A new entrance allowing more people to enter at once.

The number of tasks and to-dos required to run Bentleyville is tremendous. Those who work all year develop new lighting ideas, prepare merchandise and setup, weld and restore displays. Some people run Bentleyville’s public relations, promoting it at the Minnesota State Fair and other events. Others clean up a twomile portion of Highway 61, just north of Duluth, which Bentleyville has adopted.

• Tree now has

• New 600-foot long tunnels.

150K lights, up 50K from last year.

• Santa has moved! To Volunteer bentleyvilleusa.org

Starting in late September of each year, takes about two months. For a large portion of the setup process, 130 to 150 volunteers pitch in each week. It’s a region-wide initiative; people drive from all over, including Iron River, Wisc. and Stillwater, Minn. and work alone or in groups. Public volunteering closes in the few weeks before Bentleyville opens, and that’s when the “Red Coats” take over. They’re a group of about 35 people who plan Bentleyville year-round and are responsible for the painstak-

ing detail work that ensures Bentleyville is perfect when people arrive. Once the display opens to the public, it needs about 60 volunteers each night to be fully staffed. Those people work various shifts, such as in the gift shop, dressing up in character costumes, or handing out free hot chocolate, cookies, coffee, popcorn and marshmallows to guests. Often, groups help run Bentleyville’s nightly operations. The Lions Club has volunteered every Tuesday night for the past seven years, Republic Bank sends its employees at times, and the local post office and Holiday Gas Station employees each spend a night volunteering. Once Bentleyville ends, tear down takes two to three weeks, depending on the weather, and people pack 10 semi-trailers and 12, 40-foot containers full of lights. It takes an additional few weeks to further organize the displays.

Nathan Bentley, the founder of Bentleyville, said they’re thankful for all the volunteers—especially repeat volunteers. Bentley said it can be challenging to understand the complicated festival lingo that is often heard over the volunteers’ radios, so it’s helpful that repeat volunteers know the lingo and how to get things done. Considering the difficulty of planning such a large volunteer initiative, the “Red Coats” have a target volunteer—a newly retired individual. “They are looking for something to get involved in,” said Bentley. “They find a home here...and are involved the entire season.”—Kelsey Roseth

In late September each year, setup starts and runs about two months. | SUBMITTED NORTHERN  WILDS



NORTH HOUSE FOLK SCHOOL Give the gift of life-long learning with a

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60+ courses in January & February Grand Marais pioneers had one wish for Walking the North Shore during the winter can be about having fun in 2016. In 1895, it was required to survive. | MAGGIE FRIEDRICHS

Christmas: A road

GRAND MARAIS— If someone told Henry Mayhew in 1895 that future generations would joyously hike on a trail from Duluth to Grand Marais for recreational purposes, the North Shore pioneer would likely have toppled over with laughter. After all, Mayhew and many of the early white settlers to the North Shore and surrounding region did not take casual strolls through the wilderness for the purpose of exercise or amusement. Embarking on a hike and taking photographs to post on social media would have been inconceivable for Mayhew and his compatriots.

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It just goes to show that much can change in the course of a few lifetimes. Mayhew is widely regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in the settlement of Grand Marais and the Gunflint Trail. In his book Pioneers in the Wilderness, author Willis H. Raff describes Mayhew as “the single individual most responsible for the development of Grand Marais.”

ists. Which means for Mayhew and the other original white settlers to the area, heartiness is a subjective term. For example, if Mayhew wanted to visit Duluth for a Christmas celebration in the late 19th century, it most likely involved him walking or snowshoeing each way. So rather than trudge more than 100 miles through freezing conditions and heavy snow, most residents enjoyed Christmas at home. At the very least, it perhaps provided a sound excuse for not spending the holidays with the in-laws. Of course, there was a willingness or even a need to have a means to travel the North Shore on a year-round basis. And the origins of what is now Highway 61 (then known as the North Shore Road) trace back to 1879, with what Raff describes as “the frequent brushing-out of simple trails near Duluth and Beaver Bay to ease the wintertime labors of the local heroes who delivered the mail as far as Grand Portage by dog sled.”

As far as travel was concerned, Mayhew spent most of his life in Minnesota before there was a road along the North Shore from Duluth to Grand Marais. He lived when people primarily traveled any distance of length along the shore via Lake Superior itself. This meant winter travel along the North Shore was minimal when it came to long distances.

So what was winter like in Grand Marias before a road or passage was made along the North Shore? Well, much like it is in 2016, winter was probably what folks made of it. Simply surviving the winter was likely viewed as an accomplishment before the road was finished. Disease or even common colds could be life threatening, as reaching the necessary medical attention in winter was almost impossible.

Many local residents of the Northern Wilds region these days still lay claim to their heartiness and ability to live in harsh winter conditions. A select few still get by via dogsled in the winter, though now it’s mostly for sport or to entertain tour-

In the late 1800s, winter was certainly a quiet time along the North Shore, something people tried to use as a marketing technique even then. In 1893, editor Chris Murphy of the Cook County Herald wrote, “Cook County is fast becoming a winter


resort for the over-worked city folks, who desire a few months quiet rest. For quietness—especially in the winter time—Cook County can’t be beat.” Perhaps wisely enough, Murphy failed to mention to his readers, in this case specifically to potential visitors to the region, that getting to Grand Marais would have involved a snowshoe hike from Duluth or the use of a dogsled team. All the same, the marketing concept used today of ‘come and see it for yourself’ appears to be a tourist slogan used in the early days of Grand Marais. It took approximately 20 years, including much work re-routing, straightening and improving conditions, before any semblance of a road was completed along the North Shore. By the winter of 1899, the road was finally ‘completed,’ or at least passable enough for sleigh travel. In the early 1920s, the state of Minnesota made plans for a highway system that included Highway 1, which would run from Iowa to Canada. The 154-mile stretch from Duluth to the Canadian border followed the engineering plan of staying as close to Lake Superior’s shoreline as possible. Modern travelers now refer to this as Highway 61, which runs from New Orleans to the Pigeon River at the Canadian border. And running almost parallel to the highway along the North Shore is the popular Superior Hiking Trail, which runs more than 300 miles from south of Duluth to the border. And if he were around today, it’s very likely Henry Mayhew would opt to catch a ride down the paved Highway 61 rather than the familiar hike he once knew all too well.—Joe Friedrichs



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Cutface Creek geology GRAND MARAIS— If you’ve been fortunate enough to travel to eastern Africa and witness the beauty of the geologic features along the “great rift,” you might have seen Mt. Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls or Lake Victoria. The great rift is a long, linear valley that is an active tectonic boundary attempting to separate Africa into eastern and western halves. North America experienced a similar tectonic history 1 billion years ago; the evidence is the suite of igneous rocks that underlie Lake Superior in a long, linear belt (in the subsurface) to Oklahoma. This feature is known as the Keweenaw “rift” and some of the best exposures of these rocks are in the Keweenaw Peninsula and along Highway 61 from Duluth to Thunder Bay. Along Highway 61, most of the rocks are igneous and dark in color (basalt, diabase, gabbro). There are a few pink outcrops (rhyolite; Palisade Head) and there’s the beautiful mix of igneous and sedimentary rocks exposed in the cliff face where Cutface Creek enters Lake Superior (a few miles west of Grand Marais). You may have been forced to sit at this location in the summer of 2015 when the bridge was replaced, and you may have noticed the Cutface Creek wayside and the scenic overlook (with a plaque partially describing the geology) across the highway from the outcrop. The Cutface outcrop contains three rock types. The lower cliff face is a horizontally layered sedimentary rock. It’s composed

The rock sediments at Cutface Creek are too old to have any hope of containing fossils, which become common in sediments 500 million years of age or younger. | JOHN P. CRADDOCK of sandstone and siltstone that eroded into a small basin on top of a slightly older igneous basalt flow. This sedimentary rock is red in color because it eroded from nearby basalts, which are very rich in iron. Later, the sedimentary rocks were buried by a younger basalt flow and the top of the sediments were baked and bulldozed. As the basalt cooled, it cracked and formed regularly-spaced joint partings. Then, the basalt was buried by a rhyolite

flow on the west end of the exposure. A fault forced the rhyolite up and over the basalt and red sediment, folding the joints in the basalt along the fault contact. The red sediments contain small amounts of the mineral zircon, eroded from nearby basalts and rhyolites. Zircons contain uranium and lead. By measuring the ratio of uranium to lead, using a laser to vaporize the crystal in a vacuum (the laser holes are 50 microns

in diameter, so the zircon crystals are really small), the age of the sediment can be determined. The zircons in the red sediment are 1 billion years old; consistent with the age of the Keweenaw rift geology. Unfortunately, these sediments are too old to have any hope of containing fossils, which become common in sediments 500 million years of age or younger. —John P. Craddock



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In Ontario, the government has a watchdog OTTAWA— It’s not surprising that northern Ontario has some of the same problems in its forests as northern Minnesota. The moose population is in decline. Commercial timber harvest is down, but the risk of uncontrolledwildfire is up. Bats are battling the deadly white nose fungus. Et cetera, et cetera.

Fire can be incorporated into forest management in two ways: allowing natural fires to burn and starting fires to create prescribed burns. But fire presents risks to human life and property. If more fires are allowed to burn in northern Ontario, the government must play a larger role in protecting people and property from fire.

“Presently, Ontario has 93,000 province-licensed moose hunters, which is about equal to its entire moose population.” In Minnesota, some of the issues are addressed by the DNR, which has management authority over wildlife and stateowned forests. Others, especially forestry issues, are addressed by large forest landowners, including counties, corporations and the U.S. Forest Service. By and large, we rely on the political process to hold public agencies accountable and the advocates of conservation and environment to ensure that they do. It’s an imperfect system, but it’s what we’ve got. In Ontario, the situation is different, because the provincial government has broad management responsibility for lands, waters and wildlife. Those duties are spread across 15 government ministries, though most responsibility is held by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), with a budget of about $750 million Cdn. Natural resources are a cornerstone of Ontario’s economy—from logging and mining, to Great Lakes shipping and tourism. Ontario is different in another respect as well. The province has an Environmental Commissioner who serves as the government’s environmental watchdog, reviewing the policies and performance of the provincial ministries. The position was created over two decades ago with the passage of the Environmental Bill of Rights. Every year, the Environmental Commissioner reports to the Ontario Legislative Assembly on the ministries’ compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights and progress on environmental issues. The newest report was issued in October. I followed up with a conversation with Environmental Commissioner Dr. Dianne Saxe, specifically talking about the portion of the new report addressing how well the MNRF initiatives conserve biodiversity, specifically through the incorporation of wildfire into forest management and dealing with a declining moose population. In the north, healthy forests are the cornerstone of biodiversity. According to the report, northern Ontario’s forests aren’t as healthy as they could be, largely due to the suppression of wildfires. The province has emphasized timber production and is thus reluctant to allow wildfires to burn merchantable trees. However, the timber supply exceeds demand and is growing old, which leads to a build-up of excess fuels, increasing the risk of a catastrophic fire like the one that roared through Fort McMurray, Alberta last spring.

Currently, Ontario has a limited program called FireSmart (similar to FireWise in Minnesota) that provides property owners with the information, and to some extent, assistance for creating defensible space around structures surrounded by forest. Saxe says the program needs to be expanded and made mandatory to reduce the risk of having a situation similar to Fort McMurray. The commissioner isn’t calling for replacing logging with fire, because logging can reduce fire risk, but may not have the overall beneficial ecological benefit for the forest. Saxe said one way to increase the timber demand is to use more wood in building construction, which has an added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of housing. The population of southern Ontario is projected to increase 50 percent during the coming 25 years. Currently, wood construction is allowed for buildings up to six stories in Ontario, while Quebec allows wood to be used up to 12 stories. Changing Ontario’s rule could create a greater market for dimensional lumber produced in the province. While logging plays a role in forest renewal, it won’t work everywhere. Saxe said logging is not allowed in almost all protected areas, such as provincial parks and conservation reserves, which were often set aside to preserve ecologically important areas. For these places, the province once had a prescribed burn program, but it lost funding in the 1990s. Restoring controlled burns to these areas is key to their ecological health. Of course, healthy forests also support wildlife, such as moose. Ontario’s moose population has declined 20 percent in the last 10 years. In some places, such as near Thunder Bay and Cochrane, the population has dropped 50 to 60 percent in the same time period. Presently, Ontario has 93,000 province-licensed moose hunters, which is about equal to its entire moose population. It may have some issues related to hunter harvest. First, a general moose license allows every hunterto kill a calf in most parts of Ontario, while there are harvest quotas for killing bulls and cows. But the Ontario moose population isn’t producing enough calves to replenish itself. Second, Aboriginal moose hunting is not regulated by the province and provincial biologists don’t know how many moose they are taking. As Minnesotans know, there are no easy answers to stopping the moose decline. But Ontario

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Dr. Dianne Saxe is the official watchdog for the provincial government. | SUBMITTED is falling short on baseline information; such as knowing the total annual kill from all hunters in the province and poachers. Saxe says closer coordination between the province and individual First Nations is necessary to best understand the harvest issue. Recent action to reduce the calf harvest using a shorter hunting season must be monitored to determine if it is working. The Ministry may need to take steps to eliminate roads and possibly not allow hunting in newly logged areas. The Ministry also needs to do a better job of addressing habitat concerns. Both fire and logging can create the young forest habitat that attracts moose. However, extending roads into roadless areas, such as creating new logging access, does not benefit moose as it increases hunter access and predation. The Environmental Commissioner’s report did commend the Ministry for not attempting to increase wolf and

coyote harvests as a means to improve moose numbers, pointing out there is no evidence that predator control would lead to more moose. Instead, doing so might further disrupt an already altered forest ecosystem. It is difficult to say whether Ontario’s method for judging the provincial government’s environmental performance is any better than our own. The recent legislative audit of Minnesota’s deer management program comes to mind. In both Ontario and Minnesota, the government role in natural resources management is so vast that watchdogs can point out problems, but lack the wherewithal to follow through and ensure government agencies effectively act upon criticism and recommendations for improvement. Sometimes nongovernment advocates can fulfill this role. But more often than not, we have to count on the bureaucracy to do the right thing.—Shawn Perich




yeasts help produce chemicals that ward off predators and repel microbes. Indeed, the team extends even further. It includes a poorly studied community of bacteria that live inside the lichen and may help the other players acquire nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and amino acids. When these diverse players come together on teams, they paint the town— and rocks—with an incredible diversity of colors and patterns that anyone can enjoy. While individual lichens are textbook examples of teamwork in nature, people who know how to look are privy to a relentless world of rivalries on the rocks. Next time you brave the icy wind and crashing waves to visit a lichen-covered rock, look a little closer. From roughly circular, to sinuous lines, to misshapen blobs, a mosaic of shapes and colors resembling a map of the world appears. And if you look even closer, the boundaries between these territories reveal winners, losers, and ties. The rocks at Artist’s Point in Grand Marais are a good place to find lichen. | EMILY STONE

A relationship on the rocks GRAND MARAIS— In early winter, when the sky, the trees, and your mood all turn gray, it’s time to head to the lake. The shore of Lake Superior is always a source of beauty, solace and adventure, but—if you know where to look—it also hosts inspiring teamwork and fierce competition to rival Sunday’s game. Crusts of lichens splash rainbows onto smooth gray basalt and rhyolite ledges all along the North Shore. Orange, yellow, gray and green are the most common colors for these remarkable teams. Lichens aren’t a single organism; instead they are a tiny troop of organisms living together in a symbiosis.

14.6 days in the vacuum of space. Yes, a lichen became an astronaut. One of the ways lichens survive adversity is to surrender to it. Their thalli (leaf-like structures) gain and lose water as the relative humidity fluctuates. During dry spells, whether hot or cold, a lichen thallus might only contain 15-30 percent water, and it goes dormant. Freezing temperatures don’t seem to bother lichens and at least one species can photosynthesize down to

-4 degrees F. On mild, damp days, moisture seeps back into their cells, the surface becomes translucent and photosynthesis resumes within minutes. This is when the unique team that is a lichen looks its best. And now, through the acquisition of new knowledge, the lichens’ roster just got bigger. Scientists recently discovered that species of a second, unrelated type of fungus—single-celled yeasts—live in the outer cortex of many lichens’ thalli. These

We used to think that lichens were simply a fungus and an alga (or cyanobacteria). The fungal partner provides the structure and the anchor that holds both to the rock, and the algae, live inside the fungal matrix doing photosynthesis and making sugar for them both. Without algae, the fungus couldn’t find anything to eat on the bare rocks it inhabits. Even on trees and soil, lichens simply anchor and don’t feed. Without the fungus, the algae would dry up and blow away. More than 25,000 types of lichens can be found worldwide. Together, they are durable enough to colonize the most extreme habitats on earth—mountains, deserts, abandoned cars—and survive at least 10


A good example of crustose lichens with black outlines and Elegant Sunburst lichens encroaching. | EMILY STONE


In one area, you may find a cluster of round, gray, crustose (held tight to the

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Phone 218-722-2884 www.ohdnorthernmn.com 4214 Airpark Blvd. Duluth, MN 55811 This rock contains a jumble of different lichens competing. | EMILY STONE rock) lichens outlined in black. The dark ring is the fungal front line, tentatively exploring new territory before it brings the family along. Where neighbors meet, the two may compete and one will overgrow or push back the other. They might call a truce, and grow in different directions. Or, if they are compatible “mating types” (fungi don’t have sexes) they may grow together and combine genetic material. Meanwhile, some tiny flecks of yellow crustose lichens seem to avoid conflict by nestling into the cracks. On the periphery of the crustose lichens, invading foliose lichens stealthily

extend their thalli outward, shading the low-profile pioneers and taking over their space (at a snail’s pace of 1-5 mm per year). The brilliant orange Elegant Sunburst lichen is a common interloper, and a favorite of photographers. But even its compact thalli sometimes succumb to the pale green offensive of the more overbearing Rock Shield lichens. Green growing over orange, orange creeping in on gray, gray holding its own against yellow…to enjoy the drama, you don’t even need to identify the lichens’ species as long as you can tell them apart.—Emily Stone

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A colorful splash of lichens adds to the view. | EMILY STONE NORTHERN  WILDS




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Heating Northern Minnesota homes for over 50 years. Locally owned and operated.

Funds available to improve family forests ST. PAUL—The DNR has over $500,000 available for cost-share practices to improve family-owned woodlands in Minnesota. The money will be available through June 30, 2017, or until it runs out.  Family forests make up 40 percent of the forests in the state. They help maintain the environmental and economic health of the state. Private forests provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and forest products, and are a great renewable resource. “This is a great opportunity to help private landowners practice good forest stewardship on their land,” said John Carlson, DNR private forest management coordinator. Landowners work with a professional forester to develop a project plan to meet specific goals, such as improving the forest, enhancing wildlife habitat and creating recreational opportunities. Work is completed by the landowner or a contractor. After work is completed and approved, landowners receive payment from the DNR based on the type of work done. Examples of some eligible projects include: • Planting trees for wildlife habitat or timber production. • Protecting seedling by installing tree tubes and applying bud caps. • Controlling oak wilt, buckthorn and other invasive species. • Thinning stands to improve growing conditions.

218-387-1234 218-226-3241

• Controlling soil erosion to improve water quality and aquatic habitat.

Family forests help maintain the environmental and economic health of the state. | STOCK The maximum cost share for each landowner is $10,000 per year. Cost-share funds can also be used to work with a DNR-approved plan writer to develop a woodland stewardship plan, designed to meet landowner goals while maintaining a sustainable forest. Stewardship plans are It’s time for developed for woodlands with 20 or more acres.

Back-to-School For more information, visit

the woodlands cost share page or contact a local DNR Forestry Office.

Xmas Knitting


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We use Grass fed beef and pork sausage for our italian seasoned patty, grill it, toast our baguette, slather with our house marinara and melted mozzarella.**

Organic house roasted turkey served open faced with Tavern mash and turkey gravy, side of cranberry compote Baked org. tofu, org. chicken, scallions, crimini mushrooms, walnuts, ginger, cilantro and romaine. Sauteed ribeye strips, green pepper, onions, provolone cheese and horsey sauce.** Baked, bubbly and delicious like grandma would do.

Baked open faced with tomatoes, pickles, celery and onions in our mix .** Your choice of our soup of the day and salad with a chunk of buttered warm bread. On french with honey dijon, tomatoes, onions and greens.**


On toasted french, open faced.**


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Santa crashes a plane into the old Shore Theater, on Dec. 22, 1949. | COOK COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Santa crashed into town From the Cook County News Herald, Dec 22, 1949  The children waiting for Santa Claus to come to town last Saturday got more excitement than they bargained for. At 12:30 p.m. the down-town street was cleared of traffic and hundreds of children filled the roped off street. They were looking skyward in anticipation of the plane that would bring jolly old St. Nick. Someone called “there he comes” and cheers arose. The plane glided easily in the sky, banked, and gracefully settled for the landing.  The pilot chose to come in from the East Bay end of the street and planned to land near the coop store and taxi along to Quaife’s Standard Oil Station. It made a perfect landing and came along, but just before reaching the Shore Theater, the plane turned in as if drawn by a magnet.  People couldn’t believe it but the plane kept right on, climbed the curb and crashed its nose through the front door of the theater.  For a moment no one moved, and then there was a human flood towards the plane that on one could stem. The pilot and Santa climbed out of the wrecked two place cub, unhurt except for feelings. 

Santa went on with his job of distributing candy and popcorn balls. A group of men pushed the damaged plane to the vacant lot across from Toftey’s store.  Willard Waters, owner and pilot of the plane was at a loss to explain what had happened. Then it dawned on him; “it was that tail ski” he said. He lifted the tail of the plane and demonstrated the action of the ski that was controlled by two springs. 


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“There is no control of this ski from the cockpit,” he explained. “I put it on to act as a brake, but I never anticipated it would act like that.”  He explained that as long as the plane had momentum as it rolled along the street the ski stayed straight, but as the weight settled on the tail ski it evidentially turned sidewise as it struck a rough spot and stayed that way. That steered the plane away from a straight line.  Mr. Waters estimated the damage to the plane to be about $800. And said he would not attempt to repair it. Anyway, no one got hurt and that’s the main thing. Reprinted with permission from the Cook County Historical Society and Cook County News Herald.

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Pollinators are the subject of license plate contest ST. PAUL— Minnesota will release a new critical habitat license plate early next year with a design that will feature pollinators in their native habitat, according to the DNR. The new design will be selected from a public contest among Minnesota artists and their original artwork. Wildlife artists can submit entries for the critical habitat pollinator plate from Monday, Dec. 5 through 4 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12. Contest rules, application and artist agreement forms are available online at mndnr.gov/plates.  “Pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, have been of concern in recent years due to many of the challenges that affect our native insects,” said Crystal Boyd, DNR bee specialist. “These challenges include pesticide use, habitat loss, pathogens, parasites, climate change, invasive species, and other factors. A pollinator license plate is a great way for Minnesota motorists to express their concern and appreciation for our native insects.”   The Minnesota Legislature created the critical habitat license plate program in 1995 to provide additional opportunity for Minnesotans to contribute toward conservation. Motorists who purchase a critical habitat plate pay a $10 initial fee, plus a minimum annual contribution of $30 to the Reinvest in Minnesota program. Every dollar generated through the sale of the

license plate is matched with private donations of cash or land. The annual $30 contribution is not tax deductible. Critical habitat license plate revenue has generated more than $59 million to acquire or improve 22,000 acres of critical habitat and helped fund nongame wildlife research and surveys, habitat enhancement and educational programs. Information about the program and details about how to order existing plates is available on the DNR website at mndnr.gov/plates. Leave it to a Canadian to combine ice fishing and hockey. Paul Morabito did just that early last winter while fishing for walleyes on Whitefish Lake. | PAUL MORABITO

Give blood and ride into the New Year DULUTH— Maintaining a stable blood supply around the holidays is challenging as many people head out of town to enjoy time with family, but the need for blood is constant. Every two seconds someone needs blood. Patients in local hospitals depend on Memorial Blood Centers to be there with the blood they need to survive. Only volunteer donors can help ensure blood is available.

Memorial Blood Centers is partnering with Polaris Industries to offer all presenting blood donors during the month of December a chance to win a Polaris ATV.

Participants who donate from Tuesday, Dec. 20 through Tuesday, Jan. 3 will also receive a free long-sleeve shirt as an extra thank you. Visit mbc.org for more info.

The Clock is Ticking

Enroll by December 15, 2016 to be covered starting January 1, 2017. Call today for more information and to schedule an enrollment appointment. This table shows what financial help you could qualify for depending on household income and size.

People in household

Medical Assistance for adults over age 18

Medical Assistance for children

Medical assistance for pregnant women


Tax Credits for private health plans

Monthly/Annual income (up to)

Monthly/Annual income (up to)

Monthly/Annual income (up to)

Annual income* (up to)

Annual income* (up to)


$1,316 / $15,800

$2,722 / $32,670

does not apply





1,777 / $21,333

$3,675 / $44,110

$3,715 / $44,591





$2,238 / $26,866

$4,629 / $55,550

$4,679 / $56,156





$2,699 / $32,398

$5,582 / $66,990

$5,643 / $67,720





$3,160 / $37,931

$6,535 / $78,430

$6,607 / $79,285





$3,622 / $43,464

$7,489 / $89,870

$7,570 / $90,850





$4,083 / $48,997

$8,442 / $101,310

$8,534 / $102,415





$4,544 / $54,530

$9,395 / $112,750

$9,498 / $113,980




For each additional person add

$461 / $5,532

$953 / $11,440

$963 / $11,564




(Slightly higher income limits apply for infants under age 2)

Erin Watson is available to assist individuals and families navigate the application and enrollment process. Her services are available to consumers free of charge. For more information or to make an appointment, you can reach Erin at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic by calling (218) 387-2330 ext. 153. 14



Private health plans with monthly premiums. Not eligible for tax credits. Annual income* (above)

*Slightly lower income limits apply to MinnesotaCare and tax credit eligibility for coverage starting before January 1, 2017. This is for informational use only. Income guidelines are approximate. You need to complete an application to determine your actualy eligibility.

Grand Avenue Nordic Center makes progress DULUTH—John Morton, founder of Morton Trails, and Noah Brautigam, trail designer and GIS analyst with Morton Trails, visited Duluth in October to continue design work on the proposed Grand Avenue Nordic Center cross-country ski trail. Morton made a previous visit to Duluth in May 2015 when he laid out an initial “first draft” for this 3.3 km trail working with Gary Larson, of Gary Larson Sports LLC. Morton and Brautigam started their visit early on a Monday morning by walking the proposed loop with Larson and many other stakeholders in the design. They met at the Grand Avenue Chalet at the base of Spirit Mountain with the following people: Matt Ryan, Duluth Cross-Country Ski Club (DXC) board of directors; Jody Ream, Spirit Mountain general manager; Cory Salmela, DXC capital campaign director; Chad Salmela, College of St. Scholastica running coach; and Eric Chandler, DXC member. All walked the proposed course discussing factors in the design, including wetlands mitigation, tree removal choices, snowmaking system design, electrical power and lighting issues, and overall trail layout choices. Morton described one interesting design challenge early in the walk: to make a trail that is welcoming to the general public but that could, when possible, also meet the homologation standards for major competitions. Homologation is the process where a trail must meet certain technical specifications (e.g. how many climbs of certain sizes, trail width, etc.) in order to host major competitions. This is one of Brautigam’s areas of expertise. Morton described some of the progress that took place during the week via email: “We were able to get a lot done on our recent trip to Duluth. We reestablished and made several refinements to the flag line that represents the rough centerline of the proposed, 3.3 km loop just off Grand Avenue. Then while I marked the trees to be



ng Soo i m o C u n Me

John Morton (orange pullover) covers some trail design challenges with the group on the proposed Grand Avenue Nordic Center trail at Spirit Mountain. | ERIC CHANDLER removed for that trail with forestry paint, Noah and Gary explored the terrain between the Grand Avenue loop and the Spirit Mt. Nordic Trails, just above Skyline Parkway.” This is part of the long-term effort to connect the new Grand Avenue Nordic Center with the existing

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Spirit Mountain system. To donate to the first Nordic ski trail in Duluth with snowmaking, or to learn more about the DXC Capital Campaign visit, duluthxc.com.—Eric Chandler

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Christmas Pasts Whether it’s recent or from your childhood, it seems everyone has a favorite Christmas or holiday memory; something special that you’ll never forget. Maybe it’s when you finally got that puppy you had been begging for. Or perhaps it was the warm, fuzzy feeling you got while singing Christmas carols as a child at the local nursing home. Curious, we asked a few of our writers to tell us about their favorite Christmas memories.

Childhood Memories By Elle Andra-Warner

Looking back at past Christmas’, two special memories spring up from my childhood days. My first-ever Christmas memory happened when I was four years old. According to my Mom, the two of us were looking at Christmas-decorated windows in the fishing village of Lowestoft on England’s east coast. We had been living here since leaving the post-WWII United Nations Displaced Persons Camp in Eckernforde, West Germany, where I had been born in the town castle’s temporary maternity wing. The only detail I remember of our pre-Christmas jaunt was a window display of books that included what I thought was the most beautiful book in the world. I remember gazing at the cover, mesmerized by it—the earliest ‘wow’ moment I can recall in my life. It was that beautiful! I wished I could have it. On Christmas Eve, the table was set with lots of food. People came to visit and even Santa Claus (Jõuluvana in Estonian) dropped in to say hello, adding some presents under the tree. Then, like now, we opened presents on Christmas Eve. I can’t remember what my presents were, except for one: the beautiful book from the window display. Excit16



ed and on a happy-high, I can remember feeling so very lucky and special that Santa—who I believed was real—had made it happen. To me, it was all part of that mysterious, wonderful magic of Christmas. That was our last Christmas in England, and the beautiful book probably didn’t get packed for our journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada. That’s okay—I’ll always remember the wonderful feeling of receiving the most beautiful book in the world and believing in something magical. Another childhood Christmas memory is about shoes and elves. Seven days before Christmas Eve, my siblings and I would put our shoes up on the window sill at night, in anticipation of finding some little gift in the morning. As the story goes, Santa’s Christmas elves came by at night and if you had been generally ‘good,’ they’d put a small gift in your shoe. If you had misbehaved, you might find twigs—I always got gifts. And if you tried to stay awake to see them, they didn’t come. It is an Estonian tradition that we continue even today, though shoes now get lined up in a row by the front door. And though we have solved the mystery of the elves, the Christmas magic of “I wonder what’s in my shoe?” continues.

A photo of four-year-old Elle in Lowestoft, England, dressed in a white, Christmas snowflake sweater knitted by her mom. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER

Casey Fitchett sits on Santa’s lap. | CASEY FITCHETT

A Christmas Tradition By Casey Fitchett

There I lie, under mountains of comforters and blankets, a book on my lap. Typically, no snow has fallen outside my childhood home in Chesapeake, Virginia, though the weather is always unexpectedly variable. The rare white Christmas Eve can easily be followed by (a North Shore tropical) 75 degree F. on Christmas day.  No matter the temperature outside, the atmosphere of Christmastime always lends itself to my ever-cold feet buried under layers upon layers. Custom, tradition and culture tells me Christmas is a time to be bundled, so bundle myself I do.  My mom is beside me, attentively awaiting the familiar story we both know so well. She has already done the preparation work for her sausage breakfast casserole;

the last step is to bake the eggs and melt the endless amounts of cheddar cheese. The dish, like Santa Claus, is always magically done before I awake on the morning of the 25th.  “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” I think to myself. Christmas Eve is a gift unto itself, and should not be skipped over.  I take a deep breath and open to the first page. The whimsical illustrations practically jump off the page and we are both carried away. Every year since I was able to read aloud, the words came out with the same twinge of pure eagerness and anticipation.  “Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...”

The Gift of Grace By Eric Chandler

I was with Sam at an Early Childhood Family Education class. He was three and playing with the other kids while I sat with the adults to talk about this parenting thing. My dad called my cellphone. “You better get back here.” My folks were visiting Duluth from Maine. I strapped my son into his car seat and hurried home. I tossed the grandson at the grandparents and helped my wife into the car. We drove a couple miles to St. Luke’s. We were halfway from the car to the building when Shelley said, “Just a second.” She stopped and looked at the ground, a little bent

over. She held my arm for a long time. I thought she dropped something. “Okay, let’s go,” she said. The pause was because my daughter tried to jump out into the parking lot. From the phone call until we held that kid was about three hours. She’s been in a hurry ever since. We held our new daughter in a room overlooking Lake Superior. The ice was orange. A colorful sunset sandwiched between the solstice and the birthday of Jesus. The new baby brought Sam a little toy truck, which he seemed to appreciate. And we brought Grace home a few days later on Christmas morning.

Grace Chandler has been in a hurry ever since she was born. | ERIC CHANDLER NORTHERN  WILDS



lutefisk A Scandinavian Education from Head to Tail BY CASEY FITCHETT

I anxiously await my assignments for Northern Wilds each month. This place, its culture and people, are so vastly different from the world in which I grew up. I relish the opportunity to use journalism as a means through which to learn more about the North Shore, and this month was no exception. To preface: I’m from the East Coast, near Virginia Beach. It’s a city called Chesapeake, which is the furthest southeast you can go before you hit North Carolina. I moved up here to lead kayak tours and hikes at Lutsen Resort. I had never spent significant time in the Midwest before I hopped in my car with my mom after graduating from university in 2012. If there is a significant Scandinavian population to speak of in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I never knew it growing up. Just about everything I now know about Sweden, Norway, and Finland I have learned since moving here. Four years since my departure from the land of peanuts and ham and I’m opening the front door of the Zoar Lutheran Church in Tofte for their annual lutefisk dinner. I’m ready for another lesson in my Scandinavian education. The truest statement I will likely make in this article is that the reputation of the dish preceded it. After getting the assignment at the beginning of October, I immediately started asking questions. Coworkers, friends, people I hardly know, neighbors—everyone had something to say about this food. Most hadn't tried it, but of course knew about it, and some offered a vehement “never again.” I was completely unaware that there was a food that could be quite so polarizing and elicit such visceral reactions. Rather than deterring, this intrigued me. After paying my entry fee, I bounded down the steps into the great unknown. The last words of one of the greeters loomed ominously. “Good luck, and remember—butter and cream sauce!” My placemat, produced by the Olsen Fish Company out of Minneapolis, served as reliable and quick research before I chowed down. Lutefisk (lut – lye, fisk – fish) is a traditional dish in Norway, Sweden and parts of Finland. The name comes from the “early process of soaking, where a lye solution made of birch ashes was used in the luting process.” It is said that today, more lutefisk is consumed in the U.S. than in Scandinavia. One of my table mates, Glenn Benson, has had the lye-soaked fish in both places. “I have friends in Sweden and ate it when I visited,” he told me. “There's a lot of Swedes who don't like it, either.” Casey Fitchett tries lutefisk for the first time. | CASEY FITCHETT 1818 DECEMBER DECEMBER2016 2016 NORTHERN  NORTHERN  WILDS WILDS

Despite being served a double helping, author Casey Fitchett joined the clean plate club. | CASEY FITCHETT

“I love it! It doesn’t take that long to make. Some people boil it, some people microwave it and some cook it in the oven.”—Karen Vogl Further prompting led to an even more intricate story of Benson's history and current obsession (his family's word, not mine) with lutefisk. Despite what his last name might suggest, his heritage is actually German. “My wife and I go to about eight or nine different dinners every year. They are typically about a week and a half apart, though there was one last night that we went to. She is pretty sick and tired of meatballs by the time the end of the season comes,” he laughed. Swedish meatballs is the typical alternative dish for those playing the supportive role for their lutefisk-loving friends or family members. His uncle Roger Gale was one of those people. “The consistency is different from the head end of the fish to the tail. The head end of the fish is more solid, it's more palatable. The tail end is more soupy and that turns some people off,” he explained.

Texture was one of the biggest concerns I heard from people before the event, so I was very curious as to how she was able to bypass that reality. “I had the littlest bit of lutefisk I could put on my plate politely and I covered it with melted butter and gravy. I don't know if I swallowed it or not but it was the last time I felt I had to be polite and put it on my plate!” Both Swedes and Norwegians claim lutefisk was invented in their respective countries. Scandinavians have been eating it for centuries, as the long winter months necessitated preserving the cod for a source of protein. Dry cod, or stockfish, is probably one of the oldest trading commodities in Norway. After being caught, the cod is dried until it has the feel of leather and the firmness of cardboard. To reconstitute the fish, it is then soaked in lye. After repeated rinsing, in our modern day it is shipped to the consumer to be cooked and eaten.

“I can have it if it's all that's on the menu. Since they have ham, I prefer the ham. I do think it would be really interesting to have a lutefisk food fight,” he chuckled.

The long tradition of fishing in that part of the world combined with the accessibility of lye made the dish easy to come by. It first appeared in Norwegian literature in 1555 in the writings of Olaus Magus, a Swedish writer and archbishop who described how to prepare and eat lutefisk.

While I definitely agreed, this conversation was quickly getting off topic. I had to track down someone else with a connection to the food who would share her lutefisk story with me.

The next interview during my quest for Viking understanding was with Karen Vogl. Growing up in a very Swedish community kept her family's heritage alive during her youth in Iowa.

The lucky (for me) lady I sat down beside was Sherri Lindskog. A brief introduction later and she began sharing one of her memories.

“My dad is from Sweden and so he always bought lutefisk. It has been soaked in lye water,” she remembers. “Then to get the lye taste out we always had dish pans full of fresh water that we would soak the lutefisk in. I was probably four or five when I had my first memory of that.”

At this point, I was surprised this was a conversation I was actually having.

“I married a full-blooded Swede and lutefisk was a very important family tradition. It was the Christmas of 1962 when I was going to eat lutefisk for the first time. Beforehand I was thinking, 'How am I going to do this? I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings,'” she said as she relived that moment. “I loved my mother-in-law and I was going to have to do it, but I knew it smelled bad and there was so much of it. At that time I wasn't even eating mushrooms because they were a little bit slippery.”

Though her adult children aren't fans of the food, she still cooks lutefisk at least once a year.

Event organizer Gary Hansen is also the chef behind the lutefisk. He prepares it two days before the dinner. | CASEY FITCHETT kitchen for a quick conversation with the main chef and organizer, Gary Hansen. He described a small bit of the process of preparing the food for these hungry attendees. “I don't do much, I just happen to head it up,” he said humbly. “I get the fish two days ahead of this. All I do is cut it up, put it in sacks and cook it. Then you've got it on your plate.” At this point in the article I'm sure the reader is immensely curious about this easterner's stomach before, during, and after the consumption. Because I was not very secretive about using this dinner as article research, the lovely volunteer servers graciously gave me a double helping of the lutefisk. I heeded the earlier advice from the greeter upstairs and happily accepted probably a very unhealthy amount of both the butter and the cream sauce. Salt and pepper were also added based on recommendations from a loyal friend at a nearby table. While yes, the texture was bizarre and definitely unorthodox, I don't have a “thing” about the way a food feels in my mouth. While initially skeptical because of the color (yellowish-white) and overall gelatinous appearance, the butter and cream sauce definitely helped. Though I don't believe I have any Scandinavian heritage, feeling a deeper connection to this place through an exposure to one of its people's traditions was more valuable than I ever could have hoped. Plus, according to Hansen, “Now you can say you are part Norwegian, if you're careful you don't say it to the wrong people!”

“I love it! It doesn't take that long to make. Some people boil it, some people microwave it and some cook it in the oven,” said Vogl. As the dinner was winding down, I snuck back in the NORTHERN  WILDS



By Breana Roy

Happy Holidays While I’m not a huge fan of the bitter cold that accompanies winter, I do love the holidays. The smell of hot cocoa or cider brewing, sparkling light displays, a kitchen filled with too much (but amazingly tasty) food, the crackling of a warm fireplace, and if you’re anything like my family, a loud house filled with constant laughing and games. So in honor of this magical season, we’ve put together an array of winter and holiday inspired artwork from different artists along the shore. Happy holidays!

“Northern Solitude” by Thunder Bay watercolor artist Biljana Baker. Baker is a member of Lakehead Visual Arts, Six Degrees of Freedom, and Artisan’s Northwest. | BILJANA BAKER

Thunder Bay Art Gallery Two new exhibits are currently on display at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. Named after a passage in Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Oxen of the Sun by John Books is a story told by small bronze figures and larger sculptures. According to Books, “It is an Bookend created by Grand Marais old story of artist John Books. | JOHN BOOKS return and love, of wandering, of searching for home—and more importantly, a search for hope.” Swine by Elizabeth Buset is a satirical exhibit using pigs as metaphors for mass consumption, featuring five large paintings of pig heads dressed in disposable dollar store items. An open reception will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2. More information on the Thunder Bay Art Gallery can be found at, theag.ca. “Marxist Pig” by Elizabeth Buset. | ELIZABETH BUSET 20



Brad Nelson, owner of B.E. Nelson Design Silversmith in Knife River, created this festive reindeer necklace. For more art, visit facebook.com/ benelsonsilversmith. | BRAD NELSON

Glass artist Tom Crosby creates Christmas ornaments. His work will be on sale at Betsy Bowen’s studio in Grand Marais during the Art Underground event. | TOM CROSBY Thunder Bay artist Kathy Toivonen recently created this birch bark lantern. Her work can be found on Facebook under; Kathy Toivonen artist and writer. | KATHY TOIVONEN

Traditions and History in Harmony By Casey Fitchett The Fort William Male Choir, based in Thunder Bay, has a rich history that dates back to the summer of 1930. The group began organically, with eight members of the choir of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church banding together under the leadership of director Fred Parish. The goal of bringing male choral voices to the community solidified the individuals into a cohesive group that is still seeing success today. Long-standing membership and activism within the choir is common. There are currently two members who have been affiliated with the choir for more than 60 years, and many have been adding to the sound for more than 30. One of the men with the longest affiliation is former director Kendall House, with 62 years of overall membership and significant time spent on the leadership team. He served as director of the organization for 38 years, preceded by 12 years as an assistant director. House brought a modern influence and led the group to a second competition in Wales, a performance at the Vancouver EXPO in 1986 and a concert at the World Choral Festival. The group is under the current leadership of Gerard Tremblay. Tremblay is currently serving in his fifth year as president of the choir, with 11 years of overall membership. “This choir has a long and quite glorious tradition. We won the competition in 1967 to be Canada’s official Centennial Choir,” he notes. “I like being part of that. And, it’s a great group of guys. We work hard but we really enjoy it.”

Terry Lewis created a bracelet and earring set; serenitypinescreations.com | SERENITY PINES CREATIONS

EXHIBITS Oct. 22-Dec. 31

Sharon Louden: Windows Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, d.umn.edu/tma

Nov. 8-Jan. 29 The Fort William Male Choir will be performing their 89th annual Prelude to Christmas show Dec. 2-3 at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, featuring the music of Frank Sinatra. | SUBMITTED ways actively recruiting new singers to add to their sound. Tremblay has big plans for the future and is dedicated to meeting their goals. “I’m not planning on stepping down any time soon; too many plans. I want to go back to Minneapolis and sing anthems at a Twins game again. It would be the fourth time,” he said. “We are always looking for more singers. The energy is great!” The choir sings a wide range of music to include classical, Broadway and contemporary songs in a four part harmony. Over the years they have been able to commit over one thousand pieces of music to memory.

Weekly practices prepare the choir for performances both domestically and abroad. Trips overseas to perform have included appearances in Europe, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. In addition to singing for community events and Senior Homes in and around Thunder Bay, they also host a spring Sing-a-long Spaghetti Supper and an annual Prelude to Christmas event. This year’s Prelude to Christmas show is being held Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. More information, including a very extensive history of the organization, can be found at, fwmc.ca.

The diverse 26-man group is al-

Maria Cristina Tavera: Un-Typing Casta Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, d.umn.edu/tma

Nov. 10-Jan. 8

Norval Morrisseau: New Acquisitions Thunder Bay Art Gallery, theag.ca

Nov. 10-Feb. 2

4North: New Work by Alison Aune, Kirsten Aune, Ann Klefstad and Arna Rennan Duluth Art Institute, duluthartinstitute.org

Nov. 10-Feb. 9

Arrowhead Regional Biennial Exhibition Duluth Art Institute, duluthartinstitute.org

Nov. 11-Jan. 8

John Books: Oxen of the Sun Thunder Bay Art Gallery, theag.ca

Nov. 15-Jan. 6

BBAC Member’s Winter Exhibition Baggage Building Arts Centre, Thunder Bay (807) 684-2063

Nov. 16-Dec. 31

Breana’s Pick


Tattoo artist Mike Gresham and his wife, graphic designer Sonya Lacroix, create neo-traditional tattoo flash, pen and ink, and digital illustrations, such as “Deer Woman,” featured here. The couple owns High Tide Tattoo Parlour in Thunder Bay; a joint tattoo shop and design agency, and their one-of-a-kind custom prints can be found online on their Black Mast Shoppe via Etsy. They will be attending the Christmas Bizarre Bazaar art sale at the Baggage Building Arts Centre on Dec. 10, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Lakehead Visual Arts Winter Gallery Thunder Bay Marketplace, lakeheadvisualarts.ca

Nov. 24-Dec. 31

Expressions of Interest Thunder Bay Art Gallery, theag.ca

Dec. 2-March 5

Elizabeth Buset: Swine Thunder Bay Art Gallery, theag.ca

Dec. 2-March 23

Holiday Art Underground Betsy Bowen Studio, Grand Marais, woodcut.com

Dec. 3-Jan. 8

Cecilia Lieder: Woodcuts & Stone Lithographs North Prints Gallery, Duluth, northernprintsgallery.com

Dec. 10, Saturday

Christmas Bizarre Bazaar Baggage Building Arts Centre, Thunder Bay (807) 684-2063

Dec. 29-Jan. 8

Jim Sannerud: At the Table Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony.org




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Kids will enjoy a wide array of activities, such as face painting, during Family Night at Lutsen Mountains. | SUBMITTED


Magic by Chaz will be returning to Family Night this year, as well as live music and fireworks. | SUBMITTED


Dec. 17, Saturday Bring the kids to Lutsen Mountains for a night of

fun for the whole family. Start the night off with a ride on the new Summit Express gondola to the Summit Chalet on Moose Mountain for a delicious dinner and entertainment. The kids will enjoy a multitude of activities, including face painting, art projects, mask making, hula hoops, a pizza party and fireworks. There will also be live kid’s music by Jack and Kitty Norton, as well as a magic show by Chaz. Family Night will be held from 5-8 p.m. Admission is $20 for adults and $12 for ages 6-12. All ages are welcome to attend. Family Night is part of Lutsen Mountain’s Family Festival Weekend package, which includes two nights lodging, two days lift tickets and free ski rental for the entire family. Other Family Festival Weekends will be held Jan. 20-22, with live kid’s music by the Teddy Bear Band; Feb. 10-12 with music by Bizzillion; and March 24-26, musician TBA. lutsen.com

During the holiday season, books designed by the senior class of Cook County High School will be sold at Java Moose, Betsy Bowen’s Studio and the Lake Superior Trading Post. With this project, the students raise money while learning bookbinding skills to help them create their own senior books in the spring. Throughout the year, the seniors work on personal writings and photographs to include in their senior books. They design and create their book to reflect their individual personalities and to honor the people, places and events that have inspired them. Cost is $20 per book and every book is created by the combined efforts of many students.


Nov. 25-Jan. 8 See a 39room mansion decked out for the holidays during the Glensheen Christmas event in Duluth; decorated with over 25 Christmas trees, hundreds of feet of garland and small hidden elves for you to find throughout the mansion. Start your experience with free hot cocoa in the Carriage House and take a memorable family photo on a Portland Cutter sleigh. See if you can spot the hidden elves as you hear Congdon Christmas

stories and sample a free Christmas cookie, recreated from Clara Congdon’s very own shortbread cookie recipe. Finish your tour by exploring the lakeside grounds. Guided tours are offered Monday-Fridays and self-guided tours are offered Saturdays and Sundays. Glensheen is open daily from  9 a.m.-4 p.m. glensheen.org


Dec. 1, Thursday Pikku Joulua means “Little Christmas” in Finnish. Held the first Thursday in December each year, all are welcome to join the community of Finland for a potluck of traditional Finnish foods, fun and a few Christmas traditions. In Europe, the tradition is to visit the cemetery, where they light luminaries. To reflect this tradition, the walkways and tables will be lit with luminaries. Following the meal there will be live music, reindeer, caroling, and Jouler Pukki—the Finnish Santa. Social hour begins at 5 p.m., dinner is at 6 p.m. and entertainment is from 7-8 p.m. finlandmnhistoricalsociety.com


Dec. 1, Thursday The eighth annual Light up a Life offers community members the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one during the holiday season. Each donation lights one bulb in memory of one person on the memory tree, located downtown Grand Marais. The tree lighting ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. in the Stone Throw room at East Bay Suites. Pastor Beth Benson will assist with a short ceremony of reflection and connection, and music will be provided by Ann Russ and Jenny Delfs. Donation forms are available at area churches, business and at carepartnersofcookcounty.org. NORTHERN  WILDS



Help us create & care for parks

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Photo by Lisa Nilles


The Santa Shuffle 5k in Thunder Bay will be held on Dec. 3 at the Current River Recreation Center. Register at, santasuffle.ca. | SUBMITTED

At Hillhaven you’ll have all the freedom you want with just the help you need. Enjoy the independent lifestyle with no worries.

Call Becky Stoner for a tour.

(218) 387-9119 · hillhaven@boreal.org 1681-1683 E Hwy 61, Grand Marais, MN www.HillhavenAssisted.com


HILL HAVEN Licensed residential housing for seniors


Dec. 2-3 Sing along with the Fort William Male Choir as they perform their 89th annual Prelude to Christmas concert, featuring the music of Frank Sinatra. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Join the choir as they present a wonderful visual and musical impression that keeps the audience guessing. Also featured are special guests Clint Harris and the Lakehead University Vocal Ensemble. tbca.com learn a new fiber craft at the hands-on table, browse the crafts table, and enjoy free refreshments and music. Held from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Grand Marais Art Colony. grandmaraisartcolony.org


Sponsored by Mark D. Consulting, LLC Serving Businesses and Residential Customers. 218-663-7149 Mark@MarkDConsulting.com




115 N May Street, Thunder Bay

5000 Square Feet of Christmas Magic. Savour Life One Gift at a Time.

807- 622-7821 www.victoriascupboard.com




Dec. 2-23 The Betsy Bowen Gallery in Grand Marais presents Holiday Art Underground, featuring 30 regional artists. Kicking off on Dec. 2 with Sneak Preview Friday from 4-7 p.m., there will be live music by Rod & Caribou. Festivities continue on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The gallery will remain open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. until Christmas Eve. woodcut.com


Dec. 3, Saturday Shop for high quality, handmade fiber crafts, clothes, gifts and surprises at the Northwoods Fiber Guild Holiday Open House and Sale. Watch spinning and weaving demonstrations,

Dec. 3, Saturday The Friends of the Silver Bay Public Library is hosting the Christmas Tea and Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser, held at the United Protestant Church in Silver Bay at 2 p.m. Enjoy afternoon tea accompanied by a menu filled with scones, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Tea tickets are $10 per person and must be purchased in advanced. Raffle tickets will be sold separately during the event. Tea tickets can be purchased at the Silver Bay Public Library or from a Friends of the Library member. silverbaynews.blogspot.com


Dec. 4-5 With more than 75 Cook County residents in the Choir and Orchestra, the long-standing tradition continues. This year’s program includes selections from Benjamin Britton’s Ceremony of Carols

The Arrowhead Winter Show will feature free ice fishing with the frozen basin display. | SUBMITTED and Handel’s Messiah. Guest artist Janell LeMire, harpist for the Duluth Superior Orchestra, Lake Superior Orchestra, and UMD Festival Orchestra, will also be performing. The show is free and begins at 7 p.m. at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Grand Marais. Donations are welcome. northshoremusicassociation.com


Dec. 9-11 This year’s Winter Show at the Duluth DECC will feature numerous manufacturers, such as Marine General and Joe’s Sporting

Goods, new products, free daily seminars offered by Eskimo’s Pro staff, prizes, and more. Back by popular demand is the frozen basin—ice fish for free and win redeemable $10, $25, or $50 gift certificates. Also returning is the life-sized snow globe where you can step inside for a free color photo. New this year is the Feed the Wild live animal exhibit for the kids, with baby animals like the water buffalo, camel, munjac deer and llamas. Admission to the Winter Show is $10 for ages 13 and up and free for kids 12 and under. shamrockprod.com

John Paul Lavand will be featuring his art at the Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts & Crafts Show in Thunder Bay. | SUBMITTED


33rd Annual Christmas Dinner

Fresh & Smoked Fish open daily at 11 am

5461 north shore drive du l u th , mn 55804 218-525-6274 newsceniccafe.com

December 27th & 28th at 6pm Limited Seating Available. Purchase Tickets Online or by Calling the Lodge.

Open select winter weekends for lodging and/or meals. Call for details. 14 Miles East of Grand Marais www.naniboujou.com · 218-387-2688


Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, Inc. Holiday Hours

Saturday, Dec. 24th – 8:00 a.m. - Noon Monday, Dec. 26th – 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 31st – 8:00 a.m. - Noon Monday, Jan. 2nd – 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sandwiches Wraps Chowders Fish & Chips Smoked Fish Soup Saturday, CLOSING FOR THE SEASON Dec. 31 at 2 pm Gifts · T-Shirts & Sweatshirts – Open Daily 9 a.m. On the Harbor in Grand Marais 218-387-2906

2016 ! e h t e at erground m o c l e nd :30 AllW y Art U d 4-7 n 2 a r e u b Caribo ecem Holid & , D Friday usic by Rod inues t m n o h d wit how c r 23r The s Decembe gh throu


ts l artis a c o l y ThirtBe allery tsy Bowen G

“Wonder” woodcut by Betsy Bowen, 1993


Marais West, Grand 301 First Ave woodcut.com



Arrowhead Ice Fishing, Snowmobile and Winter Show

December 9-11, 2016

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Fun for the Entire Family! presented by

The Winter Solstice Shadow Puppet Pageant will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais. | SUBMITTED

Life Sized Snow Globe Step inside and take home a FREE color photo of you and your family.


Compliments of COATES RV

Fish for FREE at the

Frozen Basin!

You can catch a variety of multi colored tagged fish. Each colored tag represents a certificate that can be redeemed at any of the participating show vendors.* WIN PRIZES!

Compliments of


There will be over $10,000 in certificates and merchandise given away at the show! *Certificate must be redeemed at the show with participating show vendor the day received.

Feed the Wild! A variety of animals to see and feed

Unbelievable specials from National Manufacturers & Two of the Biggest Retailers in the Midwest!

Spend the day at the show and the evening at

Ice Fishing Show Admission & Hours Admission: 13 and up ....................................... $10.00 12 & under.......................................... Free Exhibit Hours Friday ...................................12pm to 8pm Saturday ...............................10am to 8pm Sunday .................................10am to 4pm

Shop our unique array of fine art or give an Art Colony gift certificate


While at the ICE FISHING SHOW stay at the Holiday Inn Downtown or the Radisson Hotel. www.shamrockprod.com




Dec. 9-11 & Dec. 16-17 Whether you’re watching The Nutcracker for the first time or as part of a family holiday tradition, you’ll relish the whimsical music, elegant dancing and holiday magic created by Allen Fields. Watch a fierce battle between toy soldiers and mouse warriors, see Mother Ginger and her mischievous children, and awe at the graceful Sugar Plum Fairy balancing delicately on pointe. Performances will be held at the Duluth DECC at 7 p.m. (3 p.m. on Sunday). Visit minnesotaballet.org for more info. The cast will also be performing at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Dec. 1617 at 7 p.m. tbca.com

Live Animal Exhibit


Thunder Bay artist Gayle Buzzi will be featured at the Christmas Bizarre Bazaar. | SUBMITTED


PO Box 626 120 W. 3rd Ave Grand Marais, MN 218.387.2737

Dec. 10, Saturday This is not your typical granny’s Christmas sale. Over two dozen local artists and crafters will be showcasing their uncommon art with the third annual Christmas Bizarre Bazaar, featuring everything from zombie graphic novels and t-shirts, to robots, comics, fan art and cardboard sculptures. Also featured this year is Metal Santa, and local sideshow performer Dee Marie of The Starlights will perform death defying acts, such as the Festive Bed of Nails. The bazaar will be held from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Baggage Building Art Centre in Thunder Bay. facebook.com/events/328326410857343


Dec. 10, Saturday The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops concert is one of the most popular shows of the year, featuring many holiday favorites. Also performing are special guests Studio One Dance, The Stringlings, TBS Chorus, Youth Celtic Session, and local youth vocalists. The concert will be held at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium and begin at 7 p.m. tbca.com


Dec. 13-17 The 15th annual Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts and Crafts Show and Sale, presented by the Aboriginal Artworks Group of Northern Ontario, will feature artwork of all kinds, including jewelry, sculptures, handmade clothing and paintings. This year’s featured artist is Brian Michon. The show will be held at the Victoriaville Center in Thunder Bay, and is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. jgferris1959@gmail.com


Dec. 17, Saturday Enjoy fabulous food and song with the Curry Cook-off and Broadway Musical Showcase, a fundraiser for the Grand Marais Playhouse. Sign up to bring a curry dish to share and then vote for your favorite. Last year’s winner was Emma Bradley. The event will begin

Students of all ages will enjoy will enjoy Community Ink Day at the Grand Marais Art Colony. | SUBMITTED with a membership meeting at 6 p.m., food will be served at 6:30 p.m. and the show is at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for food and $10 for the show, held at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts. grandmaraisplayhouse.com


Dec. 17, Saturday Create your own unique, mono-printed art piece for personal use or to give as a holiday gift during Community Ink Day at the Grand Marais Art Colony. Students will experiment with design and learn more about the art of printmaking. Drop in anytime between 1-3:30 p.m. Tuition is $5 and supplies are provided. Open to all ages; youth under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. grandmaraisartcolony.org


Dec. 21, Wednesday The Good Harbor Hill Players will present their Winter Solstice Shadow Puppet Show at 6 p.m. at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais. All are invited to bring a “gloomy”—some sort of symbol of your worries, fears or sorrows—to throw into the fire. There will also be a potluck afterwards, so please bring a dish to share. The show is outdoors, so dress accordingly. northhouse.org


Dec. 27-28 This year’s 33rd annual Christmas dinner at Naniboujou, located 14 miles east of Grand Marais, will feature live instrumental music instead of Christmas carolers. Dinner will begin at 6 p.m. Seating is limited, so purchase tickets online or at the lodge. naniboujou.com

The fourth annual Julebyen Christmas Village in Knife River will take place Dec. 2-4. Find more info at julebyen.us. | SUBMITTED

keep the spirit going

be a holiday Hunger Hero The greatest gift we at North Shore Federal Credit Union could have received this year came from the generosity of our members. Your continued giving to the North Shore Hunger Hero program can spread that seasonal joy for yourself and others. From now and to the end of the year, North Shore Federal Credit Union will match up to $3,000 for area food programs with monthly pledges in any amount through member accounts. Those who have signed up already, thank you. Those who haven’t, please consider doing so at this important time. We are also accepting one-time donations this holiday season.

Your donations help so much All you need to do to take part in the North Shore Hunger Hero campaign is to stop into a local branch, sign

a permission slip with a designated monthly donation amount. It only takes a few seconds and we take care of the rest. Those who have already signed up can visit us and increase the monthly donation, or add a one-time additional holiday donation. Together, we are making a difference in ending hunger in our community. It’s the greatest gift we can give to others, and ourselves.

Thank you again, Your friends at North Shore Federal Credit Union P.S. Our Hunger Hero program supports the food shelves in Cook County, Silver Bay and Two Harbors, along with the Backpack Food Program at local schools and food provider Ruby’s Pantry.

Two Harbors | Silver Bay | Lutsen | Grand Marais | Grand Portage TOLL FREE: 800.450.0709 | PHONE: 218.226.4401 | www.northshorefcu.org NORTHERN  WILDS



Northern Wilds Calendar of Events Nov. 9-Dec. 23

Dec. 2-23

Holiday Card Creations 10 a.m. Silver Bay Public Library, silverbaynews.blogspot.com

Holiday Art Underground Betsy Bowen Gallery, Grand Marais, woodcut.com

Dec. 3, Saturday

Nov. 19-Dec. 26 Bentleyville Tour of Lights Duluth, bentleyvilleusa.org

Nov. 25-Jan. 8 A Glensheen Christmas Glensheen Mansion, Duluth, glensheen.org

Dec. 1, Thursday Pikku Joulua Finland, finlandmnhistoricalsociety.com Blood Drive 9 a.m. UMD Kirby Student Center, Duluth, mbc.org Mall of AmericInn: Shop Local 3 p.m. AmericInn, Silver Bay (218) 226-4300 Writer Read 4:30 p.m. U.S. Forest Service Classroom, Ely, ely.org Fairlawn’s Holiday Sampler 5 p.m. Fairlawn Mansion, Superior, superiorpublicmuseums.org Light Up a Life 6 p.m. East Bay Suites, Grand Marais, carepartnersofcookcounty.org Lovesick & Lonesome 7 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais, gunflinttavern.com

Dec. 1-3 Curling Night in America Duluth DECC, duluthcurlingclub.org

Dec. 1-18 Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 7:30 p.m. (2 p.m. Sat.-Sun.) Duluth Playhouse, duluthplayhouse.org

Dec. 2, Friday Erik Berry

7 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, castledangerbrewery.com

Dec. 2-3 Christmas Art Market & Art Supply Sale Painted Turtle Art Shop, Thunder Bay (807) 286-4233 Fort William Male Choir: Prelude to Christmas Concert 7:30 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, tbca.com

Dec. 2-4 Julebyen Christmas Village Knife River, julebyen.us



Fiber Guild Holiday Sale Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony.org Breakfast with Santa 9 a.m. Maple Tops Activity Centre, Thunder Bay, mapletops.com Boulder Christmas Tree Cut 9 a.m. Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center, Duluth, d.umn.edu/boulder Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run 5k 9 a.m. The Sports Garden, Duluth, jbr.org Santa Shuffle 10 a.m. Current River Recreation Centre, Thunder Bay, santashuffle.ca Craft Sale & Bistro Lunch 10 a.m. Evangelical Free Church, Grand Marais Holiday Shopping Expo 10 a.m. Duluth DECC, decc.org Get It Local Gift Fair 10 a.m. Peace Church, Duluth, wendyupnorth.com Holiday Decorating Demo with Linda Quick 10 a.m. Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony.org Christmas Tea & Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser 2 p.m. United Protestant Church, Silver Bay, silverbaynews.blogspot.com Holiday Open House & Tea 2 p.m. Northern Prints Gallery, Duluth, northernprintsgallery.com Customer Appreciation & Christmas Parade 4:30 p.m. Downtown Ashland, WI, visitashland.com Ridge Riders Membership Party 5 p.m. Grandma Ray’s, Grand Marais, cookcountysnowmobileclub.com Jingle Brews 6:30 p.m. Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, Thunder Bay, arthritis.ca/jinglebrews Parade of Lights 7 p.m. Thunder Bay, paradeoflights.ca DSSO: The Beethoven Project— The Early Years 7 p.m. Duluth DECC, dsso.com Christmas in the Caribbean 10 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Pepperkakebyen Gingerbread City 1 p.m. Nordic Center, Duluth, pepperkakebyenduluth.wordpress.com

John Cron 7 p.m. Castle

Dec. 13-17

Dec. 4, Sunday

Dec. 9-11

Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts & Crafts Gift Show & Sale 10 a.m. Victoriaville Center, Thunder Bay, jgferris1959@gmail.com

Vino & Vinyasa 11:30 a.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca Ely Christmas Choir 2 p.m. Washington Auditorium, Ely, ely.org Skate with the Bulldogs 3 p.m. AMSOIL Arena, Duluth, decc.org

Dec. 4-5 Borealis Chorale & Orchestra

Christmas Concerts 7 p.m. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Grand Marais, northshoremusicassociation.com

Dec. 5, Monday Blood Drive 8:30 a.m. College of St. Scholastica, Duluth mbc.org

Dec. 5-17 Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre presents The Jungle Book Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay, magnus.on.ca

Dec. 6, Tuesday Breakfast for Heroes 7 a.m. Superior Shores, Two Harbors, twoharborschamber.com Open House 9:30 a.m. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, lakeheadu.ca Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre presents The Jungle Book 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, tbca.com

Dec. 7, Wednesday Story Time 11 a.m. Silver Bay Public Library, silverbaynews.blogspot.com Holiday Open House 1 p.m. Northern Wilds, Grand Marais, northernwilds.com Upcycled Gift Tags 4 p.m. Silver Bay Public Library, silverbaynews.blogspot.com Trivia Tournament 6:30 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais, voyageurbrewing.com

Dec. 8, Thursday

Dec. 3-4

Celtic Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Duluth Winter Village 10 a.m. Glensheen Mansion, Duluth

Dec. 9, Friday


2nd Friday Art Crawl Duluth, 2ndfridayartcrawlduluth.weebly.com

Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, castledangerbrewery.com

Arrowhead Ice Fishing, Snowmobile & Winter Show Duluth DECC, shamrockprod.com Minnesota Ballet presents The Nutcracker 7 p.m. (Sun. 3 p.m.) Duluth DECC, minnesotaballet.org

Dec. 10, Saturday Get To The Point: Awesome Art & Gift Fair 10 a.m. Park Point, Duluth, wendyupnorth.com Nice Girls of the North Marketplace 10 a.m. Lakeside Lester Park Community Center, Duluth, nicegirlsofthenorth.com Arts & Crafts Unlimited 10 a.m. Grand Marais Senior Center Christmas Bizarre Bazaar 11 a.m. Baggage Building Arts Centre, Thunder Bay, facebook.com/ events/328326410857343 Mrs. Claus Party 1 p.m. Ely, ely.org CHUM Holiday Concert 6:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth, chumduluth.org TBSO: Holiday Pops 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, tbca.com Christmas Carole Karaoke 10 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca Bigfoot Country Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen, lutsen.com

Dec. 10-11 Holiday Pottery Sale 10 a.m. Duluth Art Institute, duluthartinstitute.org Pepperkakebyen Gingerbread City 1 p.m. Nordic Center, Duluth, pepperkakebyenduluth.wordpress.com

Dec. 11, Sunday Some Kind a Christmas 2 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, tbca.com

Dec. 13, Tuesday Ruby’s Pantry 5 p.m. Cook County High School, Grand Marais, facebook.com/ rubyspantrycc Tweevening with Dr. Karissa White: American Indian Art 6:30 p.m. Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, d.umn.edu/tma

Dec. 14, Wednesday Story Time 11 a.m. Silver Bay Public Library, silverbaynews.blogspot.com Community Conversations: The History of Art in Cook County with Carrie McHugh Noon, Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony.org Trivia Tournament 6:30 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais, voyageurbrewing.com Game Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Dec. 15, Thursday Bingo Fundraiser for Magnus Theatre Superior Shores Gaming Association, Thunder Bay, magnus.on.ca Community Christmas Party 5:30 p.m. Finland Co-op Celtic Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Dec. 16, Friday Hannah Rey 6 p.m. Castle

Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, castledangerbrewery.com Jingle Bash for ALS 8 p.m. Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, Thunder Bay, cle.on.ca

Dec. 16-17 Minnesota Ballet presents The Nutcracker 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, tbca.com

Dec. 17, Saturday Ice Candle Celebration & Holiday Gathering Embarrass Town Hall, embarrass.org Community Ink Day: Holiday Gifts 1 p.m. Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony.org Family Fun Night 5 p.m. Lutsen Mountains Summit Chalet, lutsen.com Curry Cook-off & Broadway Musical Showcase 6:30 p.m. Arrowhead Center for the Arts, grandmaraisplayhouse.com Music Bingo 10 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Momentary Lapse of Floyd Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen, lutsen.com

Dec. 17-18 Gun Show 9 a.m. Duluth DECC, decc.org

Dec. 18, Sunday Christmas Dinner with Santa 6 p.m. West Thunder Community Centre, Thunder Bay (807) 475-9396

Dec. 19, Monday 6-12 Band/Choir Holiday Concert 7 p.m. WKHS Auditorium, Silver Bay

Dec. 21, Wednesday

Winter Solstice Winter Solstice Shadow Puppet Pageant 6 p.m. North House Folk School, Grand Marais, northhouse.org

Dec. 22, Thursday Quiz Night Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Dec. 23, Friday Pushing Chain 7 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, castledangerbrewery.com

Dec. 24, Saturday

Christmas Eve Dec. 25, Sunday

Dec. 26, Monday

Boxing Day Dec. 27-28

Annual Christmas Dinner 6 p.m. Naniboujou, Grand Marais, naniboujou.com

Dec. 29, Thursday Bingo Fundraiser for MS Society 6:30 p.m. Superior Shores Gaming Association, Thunder Bay, sarah.boucha@mssociety.ca

Dec. 30, Friday Teague Alexy 7 p.m.

Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors, castledangerbrewery.com



12/16/16 - 4/9/17

OPEN: SAT 12/3, SUN 12/4, FRI 12/9, SAT 12/10, SUN 12/11

PAPA CHARLIE’S DECEMBER HOURS 12/2 -12/11: OPEN WEEKENDS - FRI & SAT 3-11pm; SUN 11am-5pm 12/16 -12/23: OPEN DAILY - MON-FRI 3-11pm; SAT & SUN 11am-5pm 12/24 -12/31: HOLIDAY HOURS - OPEN DAILY - 11am-11pm* * Open Until 1am for Concerts

Dec. 30-31 Michael Monroe Log Cabin Concert 7 p.m. Grand Marais, michaelmonroemusic.com


Dec. 31, Saturday New Year’s Eve DSSO: Remember When Rock Was

Young 7 p.m. Duluth DECC, dsso.com Big Wave Dave & The Ripples 9:30 p.m. Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen, lutsen.com New Year’s Eve Party with Spruce Roots 9:30 p.m. Bluefin Grille, Tofte, bluefinbay.com

Christmas Day

Nature Nook 10 a.m. Hartley Nature Center, Duluth, hartleynature.org Open Mic 6 p.m. Grandma Ray’s, Grand Marais (218) 387-2974 Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m. Bluefin Grille, Tofte, bluefinbay.com

Tuesdays Tuesday Group Noon, Grand Ely Lodge, ely.org

Wednesdays Country Market 3:30 p.m. Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, Thunder Bay, thunderbaycountrymarket.com Open Mic 5 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais, gunflinttavern.com

Thursdays DJ Trivia 7 p.m. Kamloops, Two Harbors, superiorshores.com

Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m. Bluefin Grille, Tofte, bluefinbay.com

Fridays Watercolor Painting Sessions 9:15 a.m. LedgeRock Community Church, ely.org Live Music 8 p.m. Superior Shores, Two Harbors, superiorshores.com Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m. Bluefin Grille, Tofte, bluefinbay.com Live Music Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay, redlionsmokehouse.ca

Saturdays Country Market 8 a.m. Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, Thunder Bay, thunderbaycountrymarket.com Tour the North House Campus 2 p.m. North House Folk School, Grand Marais, northhouse.org Music in the Lobby 7 p.m. Lutsen Resort, lutsenresort.com Live Music 9:30 p.m. Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen, lutsen.com



218-406-1320 lutsen.com




Stay at the Prince Arthur Hotel On the waterfront in Thunder Bay Room rates starting at $85 Canadian.

With the current exchange rate, your dollar makes more cents! Come experience: Breathtaking views of Lake Superior A pool and sauna to help you unwind A restaurant & bar on-site Many unique shops close by to help you find your holiday gifts Galleries, eateries & nightlife within walking distance.




100 Years of Hospitality 17 North Cumberland Street 1-800-267-2675 princearthurwaterfront.com





800-862-0175 option 8 Call in 4 other reservations AND YOU GO FREE!



B In Grand Marais the Arrowhead bus will make pick-ups throughout town. In Silver Bay the pick up is the Family Grille. Other pick-ups need to be along Highway 61. B In Duluth, our first drop offs can be at the medical facilities on east side, followed by a stop at the new Duluth Transportation Center. Depending on ridership interest, the bus will then go on to the Miller Hill Mall area and/or the Duluth Airport. B The Duluth Transportation Center is the new depot location for Jefferson Lines. Their bus takes off for the Twin Cities and the Minneapolis/ St Paul airport at 12:15pm, arriving at the airport at 4:15pm. Cost is $25. Skyline Shuttle, located across the skywalk in the DECC parking ramp, takes off for the Twin Cities approximately every hour. Catch the 11:20am shuttle and get to the airport at 2:45pm. Cost is $42





Pickups start in Grand Marais at 7:30 a.m., leaves Grand Marais no later than 8 a.m. Will arrive in Duluth no later than 11:00 a.m., leaving Duluth no later than 3 p.m.





KEEP UP ON OUR LATEST GOOD DEALS! www.ArrowheadTransit.com | 800-862-0175 Option 8 |


The North Shore Dish Holiday Sweets and Treats By Maren Webb

The holiday season is now upon us, with more wintery weather, holiday cheer, and tasty treats. No matter what the holiday is, food always seems to be a mainstay of celebrations. Sweet treats are especially important this time of year and many are tied to long held traditions. For many of us, part of the tradition is making cookies and other baked items as a family or with friends. For others, knowing which bakery or restaurant sells the best cookies and breads makes the season a little less stressful. My family created a new tradition over the past few years with a new cookie recipe: Lingonberry Cookies. Don’t worry— you needn’t be Scandinavian to enjoy these homemade morsels. They are even “award winning” as my brother won the Christmas Cookie Contest at Gustavus Adolphus College with this recipe—being a Swedish-American college, it may have helped his chances of winning by using the wellloved lingonberry preserves from Sweden. As the recipe is a favorite of mine and not your usual holiday cookie, I’ve included the recipe for you to try. Just be prepared that you may need to make another batch after your family and friends taste them. If you aren’t so handy in the kitchen or the holidays have you too busy to bake, you are in luck. There are also great options for purchasing locally made holiday sweets and baked goods all along the North Shore. In Ely, Plum Bun Bakery offers a variety of holiday baked good specialties, drawing from traditional and ethnic inspirations. Their Christmas cookie variety box is a customer favorite, with about a dozen different types of cookies. Owner Liz Serson has found some of her recipes from her maternal grandmother’s recipe collection, including her Butterhorn recipe. The Butterhorn is a delicate sour cream pastry rolled up with a walnut and meringue filling. “In all my years of researching recipes, I’ve never come across a recipe quite like hers,” said Serson. In addition to cookies, Plum Bun also offers other holiday baked items. They offer two varieties of fruitcakes; one traditional and one non-traditional. The traditional recipe uses candied and dried fruits, while the new recipe uses only dried, natural fruits. Both contain a good amount of rum and brandy and are equally popular with

Plum Bun Bakery offers an assortment of holiday sweets, including a Christmas cookie variety box. | SUBMITTED the Bakery’s customers. They also offer two ethnic specialties: Polish fruit filled breads and Finnish biscuits. The Polish fruit filled breads are another of Serson’s family recipes from her grandmother. The Finnish biscuit is another family recipe, but from her paternal grandmother, and is a rich, milk-based cardamom bread, with eggs, sugar and real butter. If you are looking for something else to top off that perfect holiday meal, Serson also specializes in homemade fruit, pecan and custard-type pies made the old-fashioned way. All made from scratch, their baked goods are made with real butter, nuts, fruits and chocolate. Delicious treats for any holiday gathering or celebration.

Stop in Plum Bun Bakery or pre-order your items by calling (218) 365-2802 to ensure you’ll have your holiday goodies. The Bakery is closed on Sunday-Mondays. In Two Harbors, there is a café that is drawing on its own traditions of making homemade, delicious food and baked goods. Louise’s Place in downtown Two Harbors has been serving customers for over 20 years. In 2015, a new set of owners, Marsha and Dan Snowdon, took the reins from Louise and have continued Louise’s Place’s traditions and recipes. During the holiday season, Marsha continues Louise’s tradition of offering an assortment of Christmas cookies for sale, by order and for purchase from their display case. Their

cookie assortment includes favorites like rosettes, spritzes, peanut blossoms, and more. Husband, Dan, has also been perfecting their cardamom bread recipe, perfect for that holiday brunch or for a gift. At Louise’s Place, Thursdays are Pasty Day, when their homemade pasties are available for purchase. This includes Dan’s homemade beef pasty recipe from his homeland of England. Homemade is the name of the game for this restaurant, from the bread and the soups, to the sweet treats. As owner Marsha shared, they like to “make people happy” with the food and treats they offer. Expect to see many happy faces on your next trip to Louise’s Place. And while you are there, be sure to check




For author Maren Webb, making lingonberry cookies are a family tradition. | MAREN WEBB out of their crafts and other items for sale. Louise’s Place is open Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Call (218) 834-2176 for your special holiday orders. Cardamom bread from Louise’s Place. | SUBMITTED

In Thunder Bay, there is a golden spot for finding an array of holiday treats: the Thunder Bay Country Market. Every Saturday and Wednesday (Wednesdays through Dec. 21) the market runs in the CLE Dove Building with over 100 vendors selling locally made, baked, and grown goods. There are multiple vendors that sell wonderful

holiday baked goods, including Pie.ology, Terrie’s Treats & Catering, and others. In addition, you can do some of your holiday gift shopping at the same venue, with vendors selling everything from handcrafts to jams to artwork. Don’t miss the Christmas Kick-off on Saturday, Dec. 3 to get started on the holiday season. The Thunder Bay Country Market runs Saturdays from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and Wednesdays through December 21 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. at the CLE Dove Building.

Borealis Chorale & Orchestra ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERTS

Money Exchange Parcel Pickup Family Owned Since 1947




$3 OFF

Any Large PIZZA Any Large PIZZA 32



Lighting Design & Sales

218-387-1915 401 E. HWY 61, GRAND MARAIS, MN

Take Out or Dine In Expires 12-31-16

10,000 U.S. and Canadian Souvenirs


Sun-Thurs: 11am - 8pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 9pm

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Duty-Free Liquor

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Because Lighting Matters  30+ years experience  On-site lighting design  Working with local builders & contractors  New home or remodeling project

Lighting done right, the first time Contact: Jim Miller, pinecrestomg@boreal.org 218-475-2656 | 218-370-9603

7:00 p.m., Sunday Dec. 4 & Monday Dec. 5 Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 413 6th Street, Grand Marais 75 Cook County residents in the Choir & Orchestra, the long-standing tradition continues! This year’s program includes selections from Benjamin Britton’s Ceremony of Carols and Handel’s Messiah, as well as orchestral pieces featuring harp and oboe. Guest artist Janell Lemire, harpist for Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Lake Superior Orchestra, and UMD Festival Orchestra, will be a featured performer. Under the direction of composer and pianist Bill Beckstrand. Free admission, open to all ages. Donations to BCO gratefully accepted.

Save the date!

February 9, 2017 Builder’s Workshop

For builders, businesses and homeowners DOLI CEU credits pending

~ Ground Source Heat Pumps ~ ~Passive Building Techniques~ ~ Thermal Enclosure & Airtightness~

Details, visit: www.cookcountylocalenergy.org

Separate the dough into 24 small balls. With a rolling pin, roll out each ball to about 6 inches in diameter on a floured surface. Spread about 2 tablespoons of the rice filling on the dough and then fold and pinch the edges. Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 400 degrees F. for 10-12 minutes. In a saucepan, melt and keep warm: ¼ cup butter 1 cup milk Dip the piirakka in the mixture of butter and milk and then set aside to allow time to absorb the liquid. Makes 24 piirakkas.

Put two lengths on each cookie sheet and flatten the rolls a little.

ly whisk in small amounts of water, so you don’t add too much.

Bake for 12-15 minutes. If you want to use strained lingonberries, put your lingonberry jam through a fine mesh sieve while the cookies bake, using the back of a spoon to push the jam through the sieve. This will result in a more attractive final result, but using the straight jam will also taste delicious. Prepare your glaze by combining powdered sugar, a few drops of vanilla (or vanilla sugar, if you have it), and water to spreading consistency. Slow-

When fully baked, remove cookie sheets from oven. Immediately (while on cookie sheet), put the lingonberries down the center of each length and spread or drizzle with glaze. Cut into diagonal pieces and enjoy!

Sawtooth Chiropractic, P.A.

God Jul och Gott Nytt År Karelian Rice Piirakka Rice Pudding for Filling

Combine above in the top pot of a double boiler. Cook over boiling water from the bottom pot until the water is absorbed by the rice in the top pot. Then add 4 cups milk and 2 teaspoons sugar. Simmer for two hours or until all the milk is absorbed. Stir occasionally until the rice is creamy. Take off heat and then stir in 1 cup cream. Crust In a bowl, combine: 1½ cups warm water 2 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cups rye flour Mix well and then add 1½ cups white flour. Knead until smooth.

WINTER SPECIALS Friday Night Prime Rib

By Kathy Toivonen 1 cup uncooked short grain white rice 1 cup water (or just enough to cover the rice) 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon butter

This recipe was inspired by a recipe from Mrs. K. B. Olander, which she received from a cousin in Sweden.

Dr. Malin Åseby-Gesch and family would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday season.

Lingonberry Cookies By Maren Webb 1 cup butter (at room temperature) ½ cup sugar (scant) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2¼ cups flour Jar of lingonberry jam (either strained through a sieve or as is) Glaze Powdered sugar Vanilla extract Water Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Cream together the butter and sugar. Add in the flour and vanilla extract and combine. You may need to use your hands to get the dough to form (the warmth from your hands will help). Take the dough and divide into four equal parts. Roll each into long lengths about the length of your cookie sheet, about one inch in width.

Gifts for everyone on your list!

(218) 387-2383

109 1st Ave. W, Grand Marais

(brick house across from Arrowhead Pharmacy)

South of the Border C · a · f · e

Rubbed with herbs and spices and slow roasted to perfection Starting at $19.95

Tues. & Thurs. Wing Night $.50 wings with Sriracha Buffalo or maple BBQ, blue cheese or ranch along with celery. Only available in the Poplar River Pub. (Winter specials available November through April. Not available holidays or with other specials.)

Breakfast Served All Day Lunch • Homemade Soups We’re Open Before the Fish Bite! Open 5 am - 2 pm Everyday!

Located at the stop light in Grand Marais

Hwy 61, Lutsen MN 218.663.7212 for Dinner Reservations



WAlleyes, BrookIes, PIke, lAkers, BAss And more



Fish Are


Cook County, MinnesotA

From the editors oF NortherN Wilds magaziNe

A guide to over 350 fishing lakes Includes 68 depth contour maps

Whether adventurer, angler, or armchair historian, find the books you need at www.northernwilds.com\store NORTHERN  WILDS



The Fun is about to start Sherry Watson Professional pet groomer since 1991

Flexible schedule Ask about pick up or drop off options 1517 Devil Track Rd, Grand Marais

218-388-2203 • 800-346-2203 www.Golden-Eagle.com

Grooming by Appointment • 218-387-1484 for small and medium-sized breeds

How to Find the Right Gift:

1. 2.

Browse our great selection of books or ask staff for recommendations. Get your friends and family to come in and make a wish list with us. (And make a wish list for yourself!)


Give and receive books from a wish list, and everyone reads what they love! Hours: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 12 E. Wisconsin St., Grand Marais 218-387-3370 www.drurylanebooks.com

y r r e M ! s a m t s i r h C Looking forward to serving the community

for the next 100 years.

Grand Marais: 218.387.2441 · Tofte: 218.663.7891 Member FDIC www.GrandMaraisStateBank.com 34



Soured beer By Eric Weicht Tart. Fruity. Lemon. Sweet with a sour finish. These aren’t the usual sorts of flavors associated with beer—at least not a finely-brewed craft beer served at one of the North Shores favorite brewpubs—but New Belgium’s Tart Lychee, currently being served as a guest tap at the Fitger’s Brewhouse, is exactly all of those things. Like a liquid lemon drop, the Tart Lychee is refreshing, complex, and pairs inexplicably well with a poutine burger and fries. Complimenting a meal with a cool pint of this wood-aged sour is an experience that, whether you’ve acquired a taste for sours or not, will leave you intrigued as you walk out of the Brewhouse. So what’s the deal with sour beer? Spurred on largely by the ongoing craft beer movement, sours have become increasingly sought out over the past 10 years by brewers and casual beer drinkers alike. Within the broad category of sour beer there are a variety of styles (Lambic’s, Gose’s, and Flanders Red’s to name a few), all with differing flavors ranging from sweet-apple to leather (seriously, an actual ‘desired’ flavor) and brewed using a variety of methods. What unifies this diverse group of beer is both the voodoo-like brewing processes used in producing the beer, as well as the wild strains of yeast and bacteria, often drawn from the air itself, that lend the styles their unique layers of flavor. “Sours are a hot style in a lot of ways because they bridge that gap between beer and wine,” says Jason Baumgarth, head brewer at Voyager Brewing in Grand Marais. “Frequently, you’re seeing people who aren’t traditional beer drinkers warming up to sours because of their complexity and depth of flavor; not unlike a fine wine.” When you pair that layered-complexity with the unpredictable ‘brewers-magic’ quality of the beer, a good sour is truly in a league of its own. Many ‘cold-side’ sours need to age for years while wild yeasts and bacteria run rampant before (hopefully) hitting that perfect balance of flavor. Brewing a palatable sour beer requires equal parts skill, patience and luck, which is a big reason why so few breweries give brewing sours a go.

But despite the recent surge in popularity, sours are far from new and are among some of the oldest styles of beer in existence. In fact, prior to the 19th century nearly all beer was sour to some degree. Lacking the luxury of modern refrigeration, sanitation, and fermentation techniques, brewers had a difficult time effectively keeping the bacteria and wild yeast strains responsible for the sourness of sour beers out of the fermentation process. As a result, most beers tended to contain the Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Brettanomyces agents that lend sour beer its namesake sour flavor. The sourness of those early beers was unpredictable, unintentional, and almost always undesirable. As technology improved and brewers gained more control over the fermentation process, most breweries eradicated the souring agents from their beer in order to produce the styles and flavors that have come to define beer as we know it today. That being said, not all breweries opted to do away with traditional processes and the souring agents that they produced in the face of modernization. Cantillon Brewery in Belgium, for instance, has been around since the early 1900s and continues to use spontaneous fermentation (a process that involves exposing the wort to wild yeasts and bacteria in the air by using shallow, open-top vats known as coolships) and oak fermenters to produce its famous selection of lambic beers. Breweries across the North Shore have also begun to try their hand at the ancient craft of souring beer. The Thirsty Pagan in Superior, for instance, has a great sour program that has produced a number of noteworthy sours, such as their Reinhold Berliner Weisse, Bell+, and Yukon mixed sour red. Blacklist Brewery in Duluth also offers a good sour with its Sour Wit. Though still rare in comparison to other styles of beer, sours are starting to become more readily available in breweries, pubs, restaurants, and liquor stores along the North Shore. So, if you find yourself looking for something new and different at your favorite local brewpub, ask to try a sour.

Restaurant Awards 2016

Last February, voting for the 2016 Reader’s Choice Restaurant Awards began, featuring 26 different categories, from Best Coffee to Best View. The winners were picked by our readers and the results were announced in June. Here are the final winning restaurants, proudly displaying their awards.

Gunflint Tavern Best Beer Selection, Best Ethnic Fare & Best Music Venue Looking for good food, beer and live music? The Gunflint Tavern has it all. Located in downtown Grand Marais, their menu offers a variety of food, from grilled walleye and veggie burgers, to bangers and mash, tamales, and the Nova Scotia Fisherman’s Stew. They also have a wide selection of micro-brews on draft and live music most weekends and throughout the week; don’t miss open mic night at 5 p.m. every Wednesday. Visit gunflinttavern.com for more info.

Bluewater Café Best Kid-friendly Menu & Best Server Located near the Grand Marais harbor, Bluewater Café is open daily with a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. There’s also a menu for the kids under the age of 12— choices include chicken strips, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cod fish, a hamburger, pancakes, French toast, or eggs. Bluewater’s Sara Tate also won the Best Server award. Visit bluewatercafe.com for more info.

Canal Park Brewing Company

Nut Hatchet Brown By Eric Chandler My son and I swooped through the woods in the Mission Creek mountain bike trail system near Duluth. It was the tag end of foliage season and some bright reds and oranges were just barely hanging on. Kind of like me, just barely hanging on to my kid as we finished up our 20-mile jaunt. When we got home, my wife and I quickly regrouped and headed out in the lengthening fall shadows to the Canal Park Brewing Company. I tried the Nut Hatchet Brown. I wasn’t in the mood for anything too hoppy and sharp. This brown drink fit the bill perfectly. It had a dark, amber color. It tasted sweet, but also substantial. It had a toasty effect. With a mellow mouth feel, it fit the bill as we enter the season where I’m supposed to want comfort food.

Duluth Grill Vegetarian Friendly Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Duluth Grill has something for everyone. Menu options like an organic smoothie, vegan omelet, or the vegan salad bowl with gluten free, made-from-scratch salad dressing, will satisfy any vegetarian. Other menu options include fish tacos, rabbit Marsala and a big bowl of Minnesota hot dish. Duluth Grill also offers a kid menu and giftcards. For more info, visit duluthgrill.com.

Java Moose Best Coffee Need a boost to get you through the day? Head to Java Moose, this year’s winner of the Best Coffee award. Located in downtown Grand Marais along the shore of Lake Superior, Java Moose offers everything from a caramel macchiato and an iced vanilla latte, to chai tea, hot chocolate or just plain ol’ coffee. They also have smoothies, deli sandwiches, soups, cookies, scones, ice cream and free Wi-Fi. Visit facebook.com/javamoosegrandmarais for more info.

I educated myself on the IBU score of 22 for the Nut Hatchet Brown. The International Bitterness Units Scale is a measure of the acid found in hops that gives beer that sharp character. Higher numbers mean a hoppier flavor. For example, one of Canal Park’s own IPAs has an IBU of 65, as you would expect with that hoppy kind of beer. But the mellow character of Nut Hatchet Brown was just what I needed as we walked out into the alarmingly early sunset that October night.





Keeping Immune Systems Strong for Centuries By Kim Falter As cold and flu season approaches, the most popular herb on everyone’s mind seems to be Echinacea. It is the herb we gravitate to at the first sign of a cold, during a cold, and when we’re worried we might catch a cold. But do we really know why it is useful? With so many other effective immune enhancing herbal remedies out there, why such a pull towards this one? A beautiful purple flower from the Aster family, Echinacea derives its name from the Greek word for hedgehog, echinos, due to its bristly cone-like center. Echinacea has been called Purple Coneflower, Black Sampson, Comb Flower and Missouri Snakeroot, and is native to the central and eastern United States. It has been used medicinally for centuries by the native tribes of the Great Plains for a variety of ailments. Every tribe had a different use, but the prominent uses were for sore throats, mild coughs, inflammation and wound healing. Echinacea witnessed continued use as a home remedy throughout the late 1800s through the early 1900s, primarily as support for skin conditions, wounds, as a remedy for snake and bug bites, and as a blood cleanser. Around the late 1930s and with the advent of antibiotics, Echinacea disappeared from the scene here in America entirely. Fortunately, Germany kept its benefits alive through use and diligent testing (almost all research on Echinacea has been performed in Germany). With the recent rise of interest in herbal remedies in this country, Echinacea found its way home—literally.

So why do we reach for Echinacea to help us with the common cold? Echinacea possesses many constituents that produce great therapeutic effects within our body. These include polysaccharides, volatile oils, glycoproteins, alkamides and flavanoids. All of these compounds help support the body in different ways, but when it comes to the immune boosting benefits we need to ward off a cold, or reduce a cold’s severity, it is the polysaccharides that we have to thank. Both the root and the above-ground portion of the Echinacea plant have medicinal uses, but it is the above-ground leaves and stems that contain the highest concentration of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides trigger the activity of the immune system, giving it the boost it needs to help fight that common cold. Yet there is more to this herb than simply support for a cold. Research has shown that its traditional use by Native Americans for sore throats, upper respiratory infections and wound healing all held merit. The root, although low in immune boosting polysaccharides, contains volatile oils that help fight infections (specifically flu, urinary tract, ear, and yeast). Although more research needs to be conducted, it has shown promise as an aid to increasing white blood cell counts in those undergoing radiation, to improve exercise performance due to its ability to increase circulation, helpful for anxiety issues, and for cancer prevention. The risk of Echinacea supplementation is relatively low. If you have allergies to the aster family, are on blood thinning

What’s better than a bike under the tree? Taking your new bike out to visit those trees! We have kites, electric bikes and fun stocking stuffers.

13 S. Broadway, Grand Marais 218-387-2186 ∙ bike@boreal.org


Hours: Th & F 11 am - 5:30 pm Sat 10 am - 3 pm




A beautiful purple flower from the Aster family, Echinacea has been used medicinally for centuries. | STOCK medications, or suffer an autoimmune disorder, you need to take precautions. The real issue to your safety and supplementation is in the quality of supplement you purchase. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “A study performed by consumerlab.com (an independent company that tests the purity of health, wellness, and nutritional products) found that of the 11 brands of Echinacea purchased for testing, only four contained what was stated on their labels. About 10 percent had no Echinacea at all; half were mislabeled to the species of Echinacea in the product.” This is of concern since all herbal supplement companies in the U.S. are allowed to make claims without substantiation. It is important that the company from which you choose to purchase your supplement can back up its claims as to potency, content and purity. If not, you could be wasting your money on a product that at best,

does nothing for you, and at worst, can be harmful. To fight the common cold you want to look for the above-ground parts of the Echinacea purpurea form, as this has the highest concentration of those helpful polysaccharides. But a supplement using all parts (including the root) will still impart all the immune benefits and much more. Echinacea comes in the form of tincture, capsules, tablets, herbal teas and ointments. A beautiful addition to any garden and a versatile medicinal herb in many ways, there is a reason you are reaching for this herb for support during cold and flu season. Echinacea has been a powerful medicine of our past and will keep our immune systems strong in our future.

Christine Ordemann

Lutsen Manager/Insurance Sales business • auto • home health • life 5339 W. Hwy 61 #203, Lutsen www.mustybarnhart.com


Aboriginal Artworks Group of Northern Ontario (AAGNO) presents our 15th Anniversary

CHRISTMAS Aboriginal Fine Arts & Crafts

GIFT SHOW & SALE December 13 - 17


Brian Michon,

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Daily at the Victoriaville Centre

award-winning portrait artist

The Largest Gathering of Aboriginal Artisans in Northern Ontario

600 Victoria Ave. E., Thunder Bay, ON

Contact: John Ferris at 807-939-7525 · jgferris1959@gmail.com

Nishnawbe-Aski Nations

Constance Lake First Nation

Webequie First Nation

Group of Companies

Winter fun starts here!

Great gifts

for all your outdoor enthusiast friends

Join us for the 33rd Running of the

JOHN BEARGREASE Sled Dog Marathon Race

Race starts at 11 AM, January 29 The course begins in Two Harbors at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Please no pets. Come early.

Ask us. We’ve been there.

309 Cedar Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55454 - 612-339-3433 www.midwestmtn.com - Locally owned since 1970.




Pink Cheeks Snow Drifts AND


FA R W I L L Y O U G O ?

Cook County Ridge Riders Event Dates Dec 3rd Kick Off Party

Ridge Riders membership party at Grandma Ray’s. Social hour, Dinner, prizes, music starting at 5:00 p.m.

Raffle begins for a 2017 Polaris Ranger UTV!

Feb 4th, 2017

Fun Run, 8th annual. Come by snowmobile, car, anyway you get to all the stops listed on the ride for a chance to win $500.00 lots of prizes, food and music more details to follow.

Feb 18th, 2017

Drag races at Hungry Jack Lodge. All class snowmobile drag races. Registration starts at 9:00 am race begins at 11:00 am.

March 5th, 2017

Annual Trout Derby held on Gunflint Lake registration begins at 9:00am prizes for biggest fish $500.00. Drawing for the UTV Raffle. Lots of other drawings, piñata, food.

Cook County Snowmobile Club Raffle!

1st Prize 2017 Polaris Ranger 570 LE 2nd Prize $250.00 Cash 3rd Prize $100.00 Cash Drawing March 5th, 2017 Tickets $20 Need not be present to win!! All proceeds go to snowmobile trail maintenance & grooming

More info at: cookcountysnowmobileclub.com

Thumbs UP from DOWN river

the perfect getaway - it’s in our nature.


Even though Keith Erickson’s family lives just down river from PolyMet Mining’s proposed copper-nickel mine, he’s on board. The third generation miner knows the company has invested in the modern, safe technology needed to protect the environment. And, he says, the environmental review and permitting process will make sure of it.





Northern Trails What I Learned in 2016 By Gord Ellis

As I sit down to write this column, I’ve been looking back on this past year, and mulling over the things I learned. You should never stop learning. And boy oh boy, 2016 was full of lessons.

Time Waits for No One

I turned 54 this year. It feels funny to write that number down, because on paper, it looks pretty...old. When I was leaving the nest in my early 20s, my parents were in their late 40s. My Dad retired at 56. So I have a good gauge of where I’m at in life’s curve. I’m no spring chicken anymore. My two boys are men. What’s left of my hair is greying. And I have discovered the nap. This has been a long time coming. For many years, I never napped. Even if I did a week of early morning shifts at CBC radio, in Thunder Bay, I would not rest. In the recent past, when I was out fishing, or on a boat, I’d have little siestas. But those weren’t really naps. I never really allowed myself to sleep during daytime hours unless I was sick. That all ended in 2016. If there is a moment to rest now, I take it. And I can fall asleep in seconds. No more struggling. The moment I get horizontal the power is shut off. It’s been an interesting change to my cycle, but one I’ve fully embraced. To be clear, it’s not every day, or even every week. But if I’m tired...

The World is Warming

This summer, from the end of June until September, was one of the hottest I can ever remember. Perhaps it was more apparent to me because I was out in a boat through much of it. Sunscreen and UV-resistant clothing were a must. The unseasonably warm weather in northwest Ontario stretched well into the fall. As I write this, in early November, we have had double digit, record breaking, daytime highs and the blackflies are out. The ground is soft and grass is green. Twenty years ago, I’d have been prepping for ice fishing as the lakes would have been freezing over. This year, the lakes have warmed through November. During the summer, ice cold Lake Nipigon was as warm as it has been in my lifetime. Instead of temperatures in the low to mid 50s F., they were ten to 15 degrees higher. As a father, trout angler and lover of our natural world, the rising world temperature concerns me. It should concern all of us.

Author Gord Ellis grabs a little shut eye on a boat. | GORD ELLIS

I Miss Seeing Moose

Like so many of us who grew up in the northwest, I grew up seeing moose. They were a regular and enjoyable part of our outdoor experience. We would see them on canoe trips, when steelheading down the North Shore in the spring, and even while driving roads on the outskirts of the city. Moose were part of the scenery in the northwest. In 2016, I saw more moose than I’ve seen in many years, but that was still only a half dozen times. Most of the sightings were fleeting, often on the shore of a lake. The old saying about not realizing what you’ve got until it’s gone really rings true when you talk about moose. This year was the first in more than 20 years that I didn’t hunt these great animals. There was no adult tag to hunt on, and I can’t get excited about hunting a calf. There are some signs that pockets of moose may be coming back, particularly around Thunder Bay, but any mass return of these majestic animals will be a long time coming. In the meantime, I keep watching the road sides, hoping for a glimpse of these great beasts. There were many other teachable moments in 2016, and I expect there are still more to come. That seems to be how this life works.  

It was about 25 degrees Celsius in late September when Ellis caught this Lake Nipigon pike. | GORD ELLIS




Travelling photographers take in the Boundary Waters GRAND MARAIS—“It forced me to disconnect from everything. It forced me to just be here and to focus on what’s happening and how beautiful it is.” Memphis native Allie Leon is accustomed to having a schedule, but her recent trip to the Boundary Waters forced her to leave expectations behind. Leon and her husband Zach dropped by the North Shore as a small segment of an opportunity that sounds like fantasy to many: travel for eight months in a van across the U.S., photograph what you see, and post it online. In short, use your creativity to get more people outside. Van life for the pair had only been underway for about a month when they re-routed for a pit stop in one of the most visited wilderness areas in the country. Minnesota, specifically the Boundary Waters, didn’t have the traditional notoriety that many of their other destinations had. This was a huge draw for a couple with aspirations to try new things. “Minnesota had been one of those places that we were so excited to see because it seemed so different. We were excited about taking on the challenge of visiting states that don’t have this crazy reputation,” explained Allie. “The state had so much that we had never done before. It did seem so wild.” Zach agreed. “It becomes an experience and not just a destination. I think that’s really cool,” he mused. “With the Boundary Waters, it’s harder to just drive up, look around and leave. You have to go with some sort of intention.”

Enjoying a calm, morning paddle. | ZACH & ALLIE LEON

With over 11,000 followers on Instagram, Zach and Allie are creative souls with a passion for expressive photography, nature and writing. They are sponsored by Teton Sports, a company that produces gear for budget adventurers. Zach and Allie’s visit to northeastern Minnesota was largely arranged by Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a group dedicated to being the sportsmen’s voice for public spaces and wildlife, and also by the Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters, whose main desire is to protect that particular area from mining pollution. In addition to raising awareness of the environmental harm caused by mining, short promotional films, produced by Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters and shown throughout the weekend, also served to dispel common stereotypes about hunters and anglers. Zach and Allie were moved by that perspective as well. “[Hunters and anglers] are in touch with the ecosystems, knowing what’s in season and the legal actions behind everything. They aren’t wasteful individuals; they are very in touch with what they love doing and how to keep everything the way it is,” said Allie. “These people are so in love with this place and so passionate about conserving it; it rubs off.” In addition to a very popular Instagram account, the couple also maintains a website where you can follow their travels; zalleon.com.—Casey Fitchett 40


Cooking a boundary waters meal. | ZACH & ALLIE LEON

Zach Leon casts his fishing rod, hoping to catch a big one. | ZACH & ALLIE LEON


Enjoying a bonfire under the stars. | ZACH & ALLIE LEON

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MUSH LAKE RACING DOG BLOG: Let the Training Begin By Erin Altemus Our fall training season began Sept. 10 this year, on a morning when the temperature dipped below the 50-degree F. threshold that most mushers consider too warm for running dogs. Matt hooked up one team and ran a quick three-mile loop. Still feeling energetic, he hooked up a second team, only to have the tie-rod end on the ATV bust half-way back to home. With a front tire dragging sideways, the team of enthusiastic huskies with a summer’s worth of built up energy to run, pulled the ATV back no problem. That ATV went into the shop for repair. Having no other immediate solution for running the team, and not wanting to delay further fall training, Matt found an old Honda three-wheeler to use. It started with a pull cord and a lot of gas—the sound of which further excited the dogs. We hooked up small teams, starting with six dogs and graduating at eight. I was not so enthusiastic about the three-wheeler and let Matt do the training, especially after Matt admitted he flipped the thing rounding one curve. Three-wheelers, we learned, are no match for sled dogs. Our four-wheeler came back from the shop, but with another problem—it wouldn’t accelerate. We needed to find another ATV. With a recreational vehicle loan from the local credit union, we hit the trails again. September wasn’t a great month weather-wise for training dogs. Temperatures barely sunk below 50 degrees F. at night, but 45 degrees F. being good enough, we kept running. Not long after implementing the new ATV, Matt lost most of the team altogether. Stopping at a road to listen for any oncoming cars, the gangline—a piece of cable covered in polyethylene that is essentially one long leash—snapped, releasing the front 10 dogs on the team. Ringo and Cha-Cha, who were directly in front of the ATV, watched in dismay as the rest of their mates leaped ahead without them. At first, Matt tried to run Ringo and Cha-Cha fast enough that maybe he could catch up with the loose engine, but they weren’t gaining much ground. Matt decided to let Ringo and Cha-Cha run free and speed on ahead. Within a mile, he caught up to the team, 10 dogs sprinting full bore, attached to each other but nothing else. He was able to stop them from the front and reattach them to the ATV. Ringo and Cha-Cha caught up and they all went home. Since those early disasters, we’ve managed the chaos and kept up a decent training schedule, despite unseasonably warm weather. As I write this on Nov. 7, I believe we’ve only seen three frosts in our neighborhood—the first

The mushers and team enjoy an early morning run on Pine Mountain Road as the fall colors are changing. | MATTHEW SCHMIDT wasn’t until October. While the ecological implications of this are for another essay, it hampers training, because dogs like to run in cold weather. Matt and I are changing things up a bit this year. Matt is signed up to run the Beargrease Marathon. I will coach, drive from checkpoint to checkpoint and help handle the team—a task which I’m sure will involve almost as much sleep deprivation as mushing, but without the joy of riding the sled. Matt also signed up to run the Hudson Bay Quest, a 250-mile race that starts in Gillam, Manitoba and runs north over the frozen taiga to Churchill on Hudson Bay. It’s a self-supported race, meaning he will have to carry all his dog food and gear with him for the entire race. When it’s over, the dogs, mushers and handlers all take the train from Churchill back to Gillam. The other races of the season are still undecided, but will surely include a team or two in the local

Gunflint Mail Run in January. Several new additions to the kennel give us new enthusiasm for a great team this year. Victory, a shy and small female with blue eyes, comes up to me only when I have a harness in hand. If I promise her a run, she is my best friend. Another girl, Phoenix, has more energy than any dog either of us has ever met. Getting a harness on her is like trying to wrangle a bucking horse. Last year’s puppy litter is now almost a year old, and the group of five, named after names in songs—Major Tom, Jolene, Figaro, Dinah and Roxanne—are exceptionally driven young dogs and give us a lot to sing about. They won’t be part of the racing team this year, but training them is pure joy—they knew what to do from the first time we hooked them up. This year is just getting started and I am already looking forward to next.

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Torn in Two:

The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell and One Man’s Survival on the Open Sea By Michael Schumacher University of Minnesota Press, $25.95

Great Lakes historian Michael Schumacher recreates the circumstances surrounding the terrible storm that broke the mighty Daniel J. Morrell freighter in half on Lake Huron. On November 29, 1966, 25 of the 29 man crew sank to their deaths. The surviving four clung to a freezing raft, where all but Dennis Hale perished. Torn in Two depicts the 38 hours Hale spent on the life raft in freezing waters, the fight to save Hale and find the others, the Coast Guard hearings into what happened, and the discovery of the wreckage.—Breana Roy

The Search for the Homestead Treasure

Airplanes in the Garden:

Monarch Butterflies Take Flight By Joan Z. Calder & Illustrated by Cathy Quiel

By Ann Treacy

University of Minnesota Press, $16.95

Fourteen-year-old Martin Gunnarsson and his family are moving back to the decrepit family farm, where his ancestors died of diphtheria in 1865. The only one who had survived was Martin’s father; a baby found in the arms of his older sister Cora. Yet somehow, rumors of a treasure on the farm also survived. And when Martin discovers Aunt Cora’s diary in a musty trunk, the adventure begins. —Breana Roy

Patio Publishing, $16.95

Bonnie, a young girl who adopts two monarch caterpillars in her family garden, lets her imagination fly as she follows them through metamorphosis. The tale of Sergio and Stanley, transforming from caterpillars into colorful butterflies, promises to entertain readers of all ages. The book also includes an informative section with a monarch migration map, helpful tips to grow a butterfly garden, and a song by Rebecca Troon. —Breana Roy

Cook County Recreational Winter Trail System Map Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply, $14.95 At long last, a map is available showing the cross-country skiing and snowmobile trail systems across Cook County. Printed on weather-proof paper, the product contains an overall Cook County map, as well as large inset maps showing individual trail systems. Included are trails designated for snowshoeing and winter bicycling. Some of the trails are also routes for sled dog races, although this use is not marked on the map. The full-color map is detailed and, if you study the legend, easy to read. It’s a great addition to the day pack of any winter adventurer.—Shawn Perich

LITTLE CASCADE LAKE WHY GO: Little Cascade is mainly a northern pike lake, where numbers of the toothy fish can be caught. There’s even a few bigger pike in the lake, though they are few and far between. ACCESS: There is a carry-in access to the lake’s north shore off of Forest Service Road 153. The lake is north of Lutsen. VITALS: This 262-acre Cook County Lake has a maximum depth of nine feet.

FISH SPECIES PRESENT: Northern pike, yellow perch, white sucker, blacknose shiner, central mudminnow and Iowa darter. LOTS OF LITTLE PIKE: A special regulation implemented in March 2003 established a 24-to-36-inch protected slot size limit, with the hopes of increasing the size structure of pike at Little Cascade. Unfortunately, that hasn’t helped much in that regard, said Steve Persons, Minnesota DNR’s Grand Marais area fisheries supervisor. The 2010 assessment of the lake’s fishery showed no improvement in northern pike size at the lake. In that assessment, six year classes were present, including a

strong 2007 year class, which showed fast growth. Those fish, three years old at the time, averaged 21.5 inches. The area average was 17 inches. But it’s still a good place to catch some pike for the table. “Certainly there are plenty of pike there under the protected slot,” Persons said. “There are plenty of fish under 24 inches. That’s still a nice pike for eating. There is still some opportunity there.” One fish can be kept over 36 inches. A CHANCE AT A BIG ONE: So are there any big pike in Little Cascade? Yes, said Persons. “It has the possibility,” he said.

“It’s not a great possibility of getting some larger fish.” In the recent 2010 survey, only one fish was sampled over 30 inches; a fish marked in the 30- to 34-inch category. The 2005 survey also had a fish in that category, and one in the next category up, from 35- to 39-inches. PERCH NOT WORTH THE TIME: There are actually a lot of yellow perch in this lake, which, along with white suckers, are the main forage of northern pike. But most of them are small. “There are a few big ones,” Persons said. Still, there are so few bigger perch in the lake, they aren’t worth the effort, according to Persons. —Javier Serna





is Coming

northern sky DECEMBER 2016


Are You Prepared?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 2016 Winter Outlook predicts La Niña conditions that favor a warmer, drier South and a cooler, wetter North. Winter storms can occur anywhere and bring freezing rain, ice, snow, high winds or a combination of these. They can cause power outages that last for days or weeks; making it hard to keep warm and making travel very dangerous. Prepare now in case a winter storm hits, and you are home for several days without power and heat.

What You Can Do W Gather emergency supplies – including food, water, medications, and cash.

W Make a family emergency communication plan, and

With bright planets in both the morning and evening skies, December is a great time for fans of moon meetings.


On the 1st, a fingernail moon emerges from the sun’s afterglow in the company of Venus. Mercury is below the moon, but so near the sun as to be practically invisible. The next night, the moon and Venus again make a pair, and on the 3rd the moon hangs above the brilliant planet. Between the 4th and 5th, our peripatetic satellite sails above Mars.


discuss emergency notifications and expectations with your workplace and/or schools. Install battery-powered or battery back-up carbon monoxide detectors. If you have a generator, keep it outside and have an electric cord long enough to keep the generator at least 20 feet from any door, window or vent. Make specific plans for how you can avoid driving. Be alert to changing weather conditions using local alerts from CodeRED, radio, and other news sources for information and instructions.

America’s PrepareAthon W Find additional tips and guides at www.community.fema.gov W Download the


“How to Prepare for a Winter Storm” Guide Or visit the Winter Hazard Awareness Week website to learn more about winter driving, fire, indoor and outdoor safety.

After reaching fullness in mid-month, the moon wanes as it continues its eastward march toward the rising sun. On the 22nd, the moon and Jupiter ornament the morning sky. By the predawn hour, the

Questions about Winter Preparedness in Cook County? Contact:

Valerie Marasco, Director – Emergency Management 218-387-3059 valerie.marasco@co.cook.mn.us www.co.cook.mn.us 44


All month long we can watch the changing shape of a triangle formed by Venus, Mars, and, low in the south, the lone bright star Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus, the southern fish. Venus is now climbing toward Mars; early next year, the two will make a close approach and then separate as Venus again hurtles between Earth and the sun.


as m t is Chr asy! E e d a M esign ional d le for s s e f b o ila Pr es ava s. servic ur project o y ll a

moon’s fat crescent will be hanging above the giant planet high in the south, with Spica, the brightest star in Virgo, shining below Jupiter. Over the next few mornings, early birds can watch the crescent shrink as it plunges toward the southeast horizon. December’s full moon arrives at 6:05 p.m. on Tuesday, the 13th. This is only about 90 minutes after moonrise, so it will be very round and beautiful. Unfortunately, the night of the 13th is the peak of the Geminid meteor shower, and the moon will wash out all but the brightest meteors. Brightness is a hallmark of the Geminids, however, so you may see some that night and for a few nights before and after. Meteors will radiate from near the Gemini twin Castor, in the knot of winter constellations now entering the evening sky from the east. The University of Minnesota offers public viewings of the night sky at its Duluth campus. For more information and viewing schedules, see the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium at: d.umn.edu/planet.

from Gree the tings Joh nso ns!

gs Greetin ons! ohns J e h t from

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Wild Traditions Soap: an Easily-made Survival Tool face is a tough sell these days, there are substitutes. Several types of vegetable fats can be used in place of rendered tallow or lard for a vegetarian or vegan option. Soap recipes differ based on the fat you’re using, and different fats have different characteristics. If you want a soap that forms a lot of bubbles and gives a nice lather, castor, coconut or canola oils work well. Others like jojoba and shea butter are more commonly used in moisturizing soaps.

By Julia Prinselaar

If you’re keen to try making soap, make sure you’ve got the proper gear and credible recipes. Lye is alkaline and can burn, so you’ll want to work with sturdy containers and mixing utensils; gloves, glasses and covered footwear are a good idea too. And if your soap is too fat-heavy that’s generally okay, but a lye-heavy soap is caustic.

When we think survival, we often turn to the four basic needs we rely upon to sustain ourselves: food, water, fire and shelter. Enough food in a balanced diet; clean water to drink; fire for heat and warmth; shelter from the elements. Arguably the fifth basic need is one that’s at the forefront of fending off illness and disease: hygiene and sanitation. A home apothecary of natural remedies can help treat ailments and ward off infection. But before you go wandering into the woods to gather roots, flowers and leaves for tinctures and healing salves, consider soap and its role in basic hygiene. It’s hard to say when soap was first invented, although it appears to have been around for nearly 5,000 years if not longer. According to the American Cleaning Institute, evidence of soapmaking was found in 2800 B.C. during an excavation of ancient Babylon. Clay cylinders contained soaplike material along with inscriptions of formulas containing its main ingredients. In recent history, the use of soap played a critical role during times of war. During the Crimean War (1854-1856), Florence Nightingale and a team of volunteer nurses arrived in Turkey to care for British soldiers. Crowded in hospital rooms without clean bedding or linens, and with medicine in short supply, more soldiers were dying from diseases like typhus, cholera and dysentry than their battle wounds. Nightingale brought in necessities like clean towels and soap, and is remembered for the work she did in educating people on the

While it’s unclear when soap was first invented, it appears to have been around for nearly 5,000 years if not longer. Evidence of soapmaking was found in 2800 B.C. during an excavation of ancient Babylon. | JULIA PRINSELAAR importance of keeping hospitals clean and free from infections. Today, most commercial hand soaps contain more than a dozen ingredients—some recognizable, while others like ‘fragrance’ and ‘parfum’ are catch-all terms for undisclosed chemicals. However, basic soap doesn’t have to be concocted in a laboratory, and for people who suffer from sensitivities to fragrance and other chemical additives, that’s really good news. With just three ingredients, soap can be satisfyingly simple to make at home. Soap is made by mixing fat and water with lye to create a chemical reaction called saponification. Most soapmakers today use sodium or potassium hydroxide as their lye solution, but mixing wood ashes with water is a traditional means of creating this integral ingredient. I’ve never tried the wood ash method with soapmaking, but conveniently a wood ash and water mix is also used to create an alkali solution in the process of making buckskin. So if

you’re tanning a deer hide and have extra tallow lying around, you can render the fat and add it to the lye mixture to make soap while you’re at it. Pretty convenient considering that tanning can be a messy job. I’ll confess that I first “made” soap with a kit from a craft store that literally involved me spending a pile of money on a large bar of hardened soap that I melted down and repoured into molds (with the addition of some nice smelling essential oils and herbs). Without doing much research, purchasing ready-made soap gave me the impression that making it from scratch was somehow too complex in its chemistry to do it myself. After all, soapmaking can be a beautiful art, with ranges of colours, lathers, transparencies, shapes and scents. But after I made soap at a traditional skills workshop this summer (albeit very basic), I was impressed by how simple and accessible this creative process can be. Since the idea of rubbing boiled mammal fat and wood ashes all over your hands and

In our hyper-sanitized world of antibacterial soaps and toxic cleaning agents, it’s worth considering the impact that our consumer choices have on public health. Do we need to lather our hands in antibacterial soaps and sanitizers every time we visit a bathroom or public space in everyday situations? Probably not. The main way to prevent bad bacteria buildup is to have the body house good bacteria in its place, says Jason Tetro, a microbiologist who spoke to CBC News last year about childhood immune system development. “The first year of life is the most important when it comes to allergies. It seems like breast feeding, getting kids out to play in the dirt and getting exposed to friendly bacteria is the answer,” he said. Tetro points to the hygiene hypothesis, which claims that the paranoia of having to sanitize everything that humans interact with isn’t allowing bodies to build up immunities. “Let them eat dirt is what I always say,” said Tetro. It’s a theory that a growing number of researchers are swearing by. In this case, there’s no need to wash out their mouths with soap.




Strange Tales Nature’s Winter Art Gallery By Elle AndraWarner

Snowflake photographed by Wilson Bentley. | WILSON BENTLEY

World record for the most snow in one-year is held by Mount Baker (elevation 10,775 feet) in Washington State. In the 1998-99 season, a whopping 1,140 inches (95 feet)/2,896 cm (29 metres) of snow was recorded at the Mount Baker Ski Area (NOAA).

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest snowflake ever recorded was 15-inches wide by 8 inches thick. It fell during a snowstorm on Jan. 28, 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana and was witnessed by soldiers. As the story goes, a nearby rancher measured the giant snowflake, calling the storm’s snowflakes, “larger than milk pans.”

The record snow season for Thunder Bay and vicinity was in 1955-56 with 169 inches (430 cm). The winter of 1995-96 came in second with 139.7 inches (355 cm).

A snowflake is a single ice crystal or clusters of ice crystals that fall from a cloud when the cloud’s microscopic water droplets freeze. As these newly-formed snow crystals tumble down and pass through different air temperatures, wind patterns and humidity levels, the snowflakes form into unique hexagonal (six-sided) shapes, or on rare occasions, 12-sided. Researchers have classified more than 35 distinct types of snowflakes, most being 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) wide, but sometimes two to four inches or more have been reported. We’ve all heard that no two snowflakes are alike, but is it true? I asked Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, a professor of physics at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, and a snowflake scientist who grew up on a farm west of Fargo, North Dakota. He has studied snowflakes for years, grows ‘designer’ snowflakes in his California lab and is the author of The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty. “It is highly unlikely that two crystals would follow precisely the same path as they tumble through the clouds. I found some looked somewhat similar, but the ‘identical’ snowflakes I grow in the lab are much more similar. I grow stationary crystals in the lab so they experience almost identical conditions. And I change the temperature and humidity levels quite a bit as I grow the crystals, which can take more than an hour.” Earliest records on snowflake study go back over 2,000 years to ancient China, beginning with scholar Han Ying who wrote in 135 B.C., “Flowers of plants and trees are generally five-pointed, but those of snow are always six-pointed.” About 525 A.D., Chinese poet Prince Hsiao Tung mentioned “six-petaled” snowflakes in a poem and 12th century medieval Chinese philosopher Chu His wrote, “...snow is condensed into crystal flowers, these are always six-pointed.” But it wasn’t until 1885 when an American farmer named Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931) in northern Vermont took the 46


The record snow season in Minnesota was 170 inches (432 cm) in 1949-1950 near Grand Portage.

This monster snow crystal, photographed by Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, is reported to be the largest snow crystal ever photographed. It was taken in Cochrane, Ontario, when the temperature was near -15 degrees C. (5 degrees F). | DR. KENNETH G. LIBBRECHT which appeared in his book Snow Crystals. He poetically described snowflakes as, “tiny miracles of beauty” and snow crystals as, “ice flowers.”

The world’s biggest all-year snowman is claimed by the Northern Wilds community of Beardmore (123 miles/198 km northeast of Thunder Bay) in Greenstone. He carries a fishing rod in the summer and a curling broom in the fall/winter. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER science to a new level. In 1885, he took the world’s first photograph of a single, unique snowflake with a self-made camera attached to a microscope. He became known throughout the world as the “Snowflake Man,” photographing over more than 5,000 snowflakes in his lifetime, 2,000 of


Over in Japan in 1936, Ukichiro Nakaya (1900-1962), a nuclear physicist studying snowflakes on the island of Hokkaido, became the world’s first scientist to create an artificial snowflake and developed the first system to classify snowflakes. The Ukichiro Nakaya Museum of Snow and Ice is located in his hometown of Katayamazu, Japan. Now, what about that 15-inch record-breaking snowflake—how did it get so big? According to Libbrecht, “This record refers to a large ‘puff-ball’ snowflake, which is actually a lot of individual snow crystals stuck together. These puff-balls form when the temperature is warm and the crystals collide and stick together as they fall.” Even after studying snowflakes for years, there are still mysteries about snowflakes for Libbrecht. “No one quite understands still why snowflakes look like they do. Especially puzzling is how the crystal growth varies with temperature. I am still trying to figure out details.”

“Depending on weather conditions, snowflakes can grow into slender needles, thick columns, thin plates, multi-branched stars, or countless other intriguing shapes.” ­ Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, The Little — Book of Snowflakes, Voyageur Press, Stillwater, MN, 2004. The easiest way to photograph a snowflake, says Libbrecht—who has snapped over 10,000 snowflake pictures and taken more snowflake pictures in the northern Ontario town of Cochrane than any other place—is using an inexpensive ‘macro’ photo lens attachment (available online for about $10-$20) clipped on your smartphone. And Ken’s advice for the best way to look at snowflakes? “Get a cheap magnifier and just go outside to see what there is to see. You will not see great crystals every day and each snowfall is different. But sometimes, there are some beautiful crystals falling, waiting to be found.” Check out Libbrecht’s website, snowcrystals.com for snowflake classifications, photographs and cool snowflake science information.

Ready to Make Your Move?


Boundary Waters & Quetico Calendar The calendar also includes permit and customs information, emergency contacts, moon phases, weather averages, fishing and hunting seasons, and area event dates.

New Construction Central Lutsen Location

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Own a slice of Minnesota’s Favorite Resorts We bring you closer. To the lake, each other and your vacation property dreams.

Surfside on Lake Superior

Bluefin Bay Condos & Townhomes 16 SOLD


Bluefin Unit 2

Bluefin Units 16 & 17

Bluefin Units 19

2BR, 2 BA. You can’t get any closer to the lake than this.

2BR, 2 BA. Sweeping views. Rent as 1 or 2 units to maximize income.

2 BR, 2 BA. A guest favorite. Both BR’s have panoramic lake views.

New townhomes, total coastal luxury right on the shore of Lake Superior. 3,000 s/f, 3BR, 3BA. Quarter-share ownership w/ flexibility for personal use & rental income. Excellent family retreat or investment property. Prices from $179K-$225K, includes furnishings.

Eric Frost Sales Agent, Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Let Eric, exclusive sales agent for Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, provide the details about each property and guide you through the process. Contact him today to learn more.


Bluefin Units 27 & 30

Bluefin Unit 41

Bluefin Unit 61

1 BR, 1 BA. Charming unit with brand new bath, kitchen, and fireplace.

2 BR 2 BA upper unit. Incredible lake views & refined interior. Great rental income history.

3BR, 3BA. End-unit w/incredible views. One of most requested.

218-663-6886 | eric@bluefinbay.com




REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor • Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • info@RedPineRealty.com PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604




Lake Superior charm and seclusion awaits on this park-like private retreat property with almost 90 acres, 1793 feet of shore, and 3 classic Aldrich log cabins with outstanding lake views. A rare, unique opportunity! MLS#

6024299 $2,250,000


spectacular soft contemporary home situated above Chimney Rock with miles of panoramic views of Lake Superior and almost 480' of shoreline. 5 bdrms, 4 baths, lrg living space, fabulous master suite, guest wing with full and half baths, upper level office, artist's studio, loom room, 2 kilns for glass works and lots more. Property includes guest cabin with private drive tucked in the woods with great views. MLS# 2204627 $1,930,900


Totally remodeled! This 3 bdrm, 3 bath home has a cool "Beach House" vibe with bleached wood beamed ceilings, hardwood floors and wall-to-wall patio doors offering expansive lake views. Located near Silver Bay with 200’ accessible shoreline. MLS# 6025439 $449,900

SPECTACULAR LAKE SUPERIOR LOT. Framed by palisades, the nicely wooded property has two or more perfect sites on which to build your special lake home. Views are classic old North Shore looking over Chicago Bay. Shared septic system is in place.

MLS# 2308784 $365,000


Great lot with excellent site for walkout. Surveyed and level open location for your new home. Parcel has a very neat, private cove and meandering 447' of shoreline. MLS#

2313294 $329,000 LUTSEN LAKE SHORE. Exceptional

comfortable 3 bdrm, 2 bath contemporary home. Beautifully wooded & private, with dramatic rocks & panoramic lake views on 223’ of easily accessed Lake Superior shore. The great room is shared with the gourmet kitchen, formal dining, & living area centered around the Finnish fireplace. The master suite is a lovely open space with a private office. The master bath suite is exceptional. Upgrades throughout, beautiful maple flooring. MLS# 2308811 $699,900

Lake Superior property in highly regarded Lutsen area. 150 feet of accessible ledge rock and gravel beach shoreline. Large, level building site surrounded by mature cedar, spruce and fir trees. MLS# 6024548 $299,500

PREMIER LAKE SUPERIOR LOT. Desirable, private 1.48

acres in the Chimney Rock plat of home sites. Great views, crashing waves on the 227’ ledge rock shoreline. Shared septic already in. Sensible and protective CCRs in place. MLS# 6025014


This 3,300 sq ft Lake Superior home with original A-Frame was expanded in 2006, adding 2,000 sq ft w/quality finishes. Stunning kitchen with large island, hickory cabinets, granite & lake views. 3 bdr, 3 bath, large gathering spaces and deck. Master bdrm with attached whirlpool/ glass shower. MLS# 2313080



has a Lake Superior view! This beautiful home on 6.5 acres features an open living/dining room with cozy wood burning stove and wrap-around deck. The shoreline is accessible with a fire pit and beach platform. The kitchen has a huge granite island and custom hickory cabinets with lots of storage. Extra large garage with room for 4 vehicles.

MLS# 6021770 $539,000


PREMIER LAKE SUPERIOR PROPERTY. Beautiful, very private 1.84 acre residential lot with 240 ft of Lake Superior shoreline in the Chimney Rock Platted Development. Premier quality with stunning elevated and panoramic views of the lake. MLS# 2313197 $249,900 LAKE SUPERIOR, BIG BAY, BIG VIEWS. Dense spruce

forest, moss covered boulders and privacy make this a classic Lake Superior lot. 200 feet of shore with partial driveway in place, shared road maintenance, power and Broadband ready to go. MLS# 6022357 $212,500


your dream home plus garage lot. Spectacular views and privacy. All hookups are ready – septic, water, electric, phone & propane. House plans are available. Only 8 owners share this park-like former resort property.

MLS 6023745 $92,900

WILDERNESS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY. 2000+ acres of Cook County land with 6 lakes. Over

10,000' of shoreline. Various parcels spread across the Superior National Forest, most accessible via forest service roads. The Mark Lake parcel is 159 acres with 200’ shoreline for sale separately: $219,000.

MLS#6025545 $3,100,000 SOLITUDE ON TAIT LAKE. Spacious 3 bdrm, 2 bath home

on 2.5 acres features a GREAT great room, gourmet kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. Charming master suite has sliding glass and lake view. Stunning open beamed ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, cozy loft and a huge screened porch. Comfort-

ably sleeps 10-12. Detached garage. MLS# 2312977 $529,000


cabin sits on the secluded north shore of Loon Lake and adjoins forest service land on two sides. The quality log work is impeccable. 2 bdrms, 2 baths, huge loft, wonderful 4-season porch, deck and full walk-out basement. The full stone fireplace is magnificent. The views are pure wilderness and the shoreline is classic Boundary Waters. MLS# 6023186 $439,000

GUNFLINT LAKE HOME & GUEST CABIN. Spectacular views across

the lake to Canada! 2 bdrms + lrg loft, 2 baths, guest cottage with ½ bath & laundry facility. The 200’ of lakeshore is easy to access. MLS#

6021137 $375,000 CHARMING CABIN ON SEAGULL LAKE. Lovely 2

bdrm, 1 bath cabin with 233’ of gentle shoreline with breathtaking views of the lake and islands. Wrap around decking sets only 35 feet from the water’s edge. Sold furnished. Many crafted built-ins and storage space.

MLS# 6023785 $355,500 SEAGULL LAKE LOT - BWCAW VIEWS.This 10-acre lot

has great views and 489 ft of accessible shoreline. Driveway and power are in place with a nice shed to store your gear. MLS# 6025512 $339,900


Immaculate 3 bdrm home on beautiful & quiet Christine Lake. Over 200’ shoreline with private boardwalk to floating dock and 6 acres for privacy. Knotty pine and tastefully painted interior. Deck, balcony and open design allow abundant light. MLS# 6024054 $319,500


Once "Aspen Annie's" north woods road house, now your log cabin getaway on beautiful and serene Aspen Lake. 5+ acres border on County and US Forest public land to the north. Includes 12 X 8 storage shed and very nice new 8 x 8 wood shed. Level, easily accessible shoreline. Year round access. MLS#: 6021562 $279,000

www.RedPineRealty.com • Locally owned and operated since 1996 • info@RedPineRealty.com 48




maintained 2 bdrm, 1 bath cabin cared for by the same family for over 60 years. 205 feet of shoreline on much sought after Clearwater Lake with direct access to the BWCA. MLS# 6023955 $259,000

SOLITUDE ON LOON LAKE. These 1-2 acre lots are located on the south side of Loon Lake and offer great lake views, 152-218’ beautiful shoreline and many nice trees. The main road is in place and power is on the lot line. MLS# 2093855, 2159458, 2309227, 2309228 $159,000 and up


180 ft of E. Bearskin Lake. Federal lease property. Awesome views of the lake, level walk to the dock and shore. Includes utility shed, woodshed, aluminum canoe & boat.

MLS# 6023139 $225,000 WILDERNESS SETTING - TUCKER LAKE. A perfect place

for your cabin or home with unspoiled views and lots of Gunflint Trail privacy. 3.68 acres and 554’ shoreline. Tucker Lake is a protected lake with added setbacks to protect the lake and views. Direct BWCAW access. MLS# 2309237 $224,900


combination garage/cottage. 2.50 acres and 402' shoreline with great lake access and view. Private and secluded feeling lot. A great, affordable way to get on fantastic Greenwood Lake! MLS# 6023045 $200,000 LEVEL LOT, NICE WOODS, EASY SHORE. This Devil Track Lake lot has easy access from county road, power, phone and great building sites. South shore, 200 ft. frontage, great views. Build your home on the lake here. MLS# 6020625 $198,900

A-FRAME ON POPLAR LAKE. Classic 2 bdrm, 2 bath A-Frame

cabin in a beautiful setting overlooking Poplar Lake. End of the road privacy with year-round access. Very nice, gentle path to the 156’ of lake shore. Nice mix of trees.

MLS# 6024438 $187,500

NORTH FOWL LAKE CABIN. Lovely 2 bdrm cabin with sauna.

The private 200’ of lake-front lot has gentle shoreline and great views. Remote water only access from the US side of the border. Stunning views and easy access to the border lakes. MLS# 6023214 $179,000

LAKE PRIVACY ON 20 ACRES. Beautiful Lost Lake is a remote wilderness lake with only a few privately owned parcels on the water. The lots are all 20 acres in size with 600 ft of shoreline. This great lot has huge white pines. MLS# 6019597 $149,000 GREAT BUILD SITE ON W. BEARSKIN LAKE. Beautiful views, dense forest, privacy and direct BWCAW access. High building site with spectacular views and 174’ level shoreline. New stairway makes for easy shoreline access. Power and phone. MLS# 6022126 $178,000 POPLAR LAKE-BWCAW ACCESS. Nice 2.11 acre lot with

beautiful west views of the lake and 244’ of shore tucked in a quiet bay. A small, updated 1 bdrm cabin sits right at the water’s edge. Plenty of room for a main home and garage.


Cute 2 bdrm cabin on very special Clearwater Lake with 180’ frontage. Very affordable for up north cabin life.

MLS# 6023119 $169,000

CHARMING LOG CABIN RETREAT. This cozy little log cabin sits

in the woods on beautiful McFarland Lake. The sleeping loft and screen porch make it feel bigger than it is. The lot has 150 feet of frontage and there's plenty of room for a future main cabin.

mixed forest, great views, & classic wilderness shoreline make these two lots perfect for a Mid-Trail lake home. Choose 2 acres with 165’ shoreline, 3 acres with 200’ shoreline, or both! MLS# 6023988 $134,900,

MLS# 6024173 $142,900, both for $245,000. EAST BEARSKIN LAKE HOME. Charming 2 bdrm cabin on


MLS# 6025442 $152,900


2 bdrm cabin on a bay of Poplar Lake with 100’ frontage. Great location! Charm in every room. Potentially a great vacation rental. MLS#

6023157 $154,500


acres of amazing forest teamed with 300’ of awe-inspiring shoreline that rests at the southeast end of Tom Lake. MLS#

6023688 $130,000


QUALITY DEVIL TRACK LAKE LOT. Wooded south shore lot with easy shoreline and great views from excellent building sites. 150 ft frontage. Power/phone. More lakeshore land available. MLS#

6020623 $149,900 CARIBOU LAKE - HOME SITE. New price is well below


Spend the day on your balcony listening to Lake Superior roll in and watch the sun rise and set from this lovely 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo. Updated kitchen and main level with end-unit location. Very private, very quiet. Great rental revenues. MLS#


ity finishes, granite tile counters, wood fireplace and spa-like bathroom. Open concept plan with floating island for flexible dining and food prep. Walk out to a private patio and enjoy morning sunrises over the big lake. MLS# 6025851 $82,000


There is quality and detail at every turn in this magnificent 2 bdrm, 2 bath home hidden on 30 acres in the Grand Portage State Forest. Marble stairs and floors, loft, master bath with hot tub & sauna, soaring cathedral ceilings, and 2000 sq ft attached garage. Not your typical home in the woods, this is a rare gem waiting for someone who loves the outdoors, but wants the class of an elegant home at the end of the day. MLS# 6022895 $750,000


tax assessed value. Magnificent old-growth cedar and maple trees. Great, high build site on Sawmill Bay. 5.34 acres and 185’ lake frontage. MLS#

2203572 $95,000 SWEET SPOT ON TOM LAKE. Just a great opportunity, only four

lots behind the gate. The driveway is in and the owner is looking at all offers. 1.60 acres and 189’ shoreline. Quiet and very private. MLS# 6021808 $70,000 LOTS ON NINEMILE LAKE. Two beautiful, large lots on Ninemile Lake in Finland. Lots adjoin Superior National Forest and Cabin Creek Unit Roadless Area with excellent shoreline and views. Power and year round access!

MLS #6019489 $89,300 & MLS #6021813 $69,000 SNOWSHOE RUN LOTS. Set along a high ridge overlooking Hare

Lake in a mature northern hardwood forest. Year-round plowed and maintained county roads, power at each property and a clear water trout lake. MLS#

6019490 - 6019496, 6019498 Lake lot prices start at $48,800 END OF THE ROAD PRIVACY ON TOM LAKE. This

home with calming Lake Superior views. Many recent upgrades, 2 wood-burning fireplaces, and a 2+ car heated garage. Private setting and design, perfect for entertaining or escaping.

MLS# 6025932 $355,000 CLASSIC FARM HOUSE AND 20 ACRES. Simply

charming country home with outbuildings and some pasture for your horse! The 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has a country kitchen/dining room, huge living room, & 3 season porch. A cute log cabin sits near the home, and the land is special with a lrg wildlife pond & planted pines. More land is available. MLS# 2309191 $279,900


Large home or commercial opportunity on Hwy 61 between Hovland and Grand Portage. This 7 bdrm, 3 bath home has resort/commercial zoning allowing for many options. Large deck, stone fireplace, Lake Superior views. A great home for a large family, or your business dream. MLS#

beautiful wooded lot has its own bay/cove. There is a long curved driveway to a nice cleared build site. MLS# 6021553 $47,500


ful views and quality finishes. 3-bdrm, 3-bath, accommodates 10. Outdoor access from each level with two decks and a patio right on the shore. Main floor has open floor plan with great room, kitchen and dining room - perfect for entertaining. Attached garage is a rarity on the shore. Perfect North Shore home or offer as a vacation rental. MLS# 2312996 $374,900


light-filled end unit Aspenwood Townhome. The 2-story walkout style leaves you with plenty of options to get outside and close to the Big Lake. This 2 bdrm, 3 bath home includes 98% of all furnishings & personal property. It is also part of a successful vacation rental pool. MLS# 6022175 $290,000


2313085, 2313088 $289,900

Charming custom built 2 bdrm, 2 bath cabin tucked in the woods overlooking a beaver pond. A screened porch for summer dining. The living room is open and includes the kitchen and dining. A cozy Franklin stove warms the whole building. The full basement is a complete guest space . Generator power and over 100 acres to explore. MLS# 6022886 $269,000

HOBBY FARM OR LOTS OF IDEAS. This large property features open

meadows, gardens, orchards, and a beautiful river. The living quarters with 4 bdrms, 2 baths and open living space is located above a 6-stall horse barn. A large pole barn, huge gathering hall, garage and various storage sheds provide lots of sheltered space. Two wells and septic systems. Easy county road

access. What's your idea? MLS# 6018972 $259,900

www.RedPineRealty.com • (800) 387-9599 Fax (218) 387-9598 • info@RedPineRealty.com NORTHERN  WILDS



REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • info@RedPineRealty.com PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604



4 bdrm, 2 bath home tucked into its own wooded wonderland. Welcoming, open and updated. Perennial gardens, apple trees, fire pit, and dog kennel/run in place. Trails on the 3 acre property connect to state trails for skiing and snowmobiling. MLS# 6024809 $264,900


within the boundaries of Cascade State Park while taking in the amazing views of Lake Superior. This 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has been used as a successful vacation rental, a long-term

rental and a primary residence. MLS# 2309172 $234,900


one-level home has 3 bdrms, 2 baths, and attached 2-car garage. Open layout, updated mechanicals, geo-thermal system, new septic, and private wooded back yard with creek. Adjacent lot (MLS# 6022810) also for sale. MLS# 6022803 $225,000


hundreds of acres of wilderness right out the door! The 2 bdrm home sits on 77 acres and features all the creature comforts with solar power & sauna/ shower house. Lrg 2-car garage with heated workshop plus 2 guest cabins provide plenty of space. Bunkhouse, 2 outhouses, & sheds. MLS#

6022319 $149,900 EDGE OF BWCAW – MIDTRAIL ESCAPE. Secluded,

upgraded cabin & guest cottage on 19 acres with direct access to many trails. Just a short walk to Nighthawk Lake & the BWCAW. Poplar Creek flows through the property with forestry lands on 2 sides.

MLS# 6024138 $168,500


business with a long history of impressive earnings, solid base of repeat customers, and excellent online reviews, the Outpost Motel is a turn-key opportunity. The business includes a motel with 10 conventional rooms, 3 kitchenette suites, a cottage, apartment, and 17 acres - room for expansion! Remodeled owner's home has 3 bdrms, 2 baths, and breathtaking views of Lake Superior. MLS# 6020562 $610,000 SALE PENDING!


standing seasonal resort on the beautiful north shore of Devil Track Lake. The 5 charming, cozy cabins and owner's cabin each have a private setting and lake view.

A wonderful family retreat! MLS# 6019988, 6024447 $387,900

business in a beautiful rural community on the North Shore. Bakery, deli, pizza, convenience store, and liquor store under one roof. Large seating area & outdoor patio. Expansion/home site possible! MLS#

6023742 $349,900


location in Hovland, 1000 feet of Highway 61 frontage. Large commercial space with a small 2 bedroom home and 1 functioning rental cottage. Many new improvements and upgrades. Two more small cabins could be rented, and there's room for many more...or other possibilities. Large 2-car garage plus two sheds.

MLS# 6026089 $284,900 PRICE REDUCED!


The options here are endless and the opportunity is great. Ample parking and a nice sized storage building. Own/occupy the entire building, rent out one side & offset your ownership costs, or create “condo offices” & offer space to a variety of entities.

MLS# 6020220 $269,900 COMMERCIAL LOTS IN LUTSEN. Two commercial-zoned lots fronting

Hwy 61 in Lutsen across from Lockport Store. Great visibility, nice forest, lake view. Third lot is zoned residential. Bring your business idea! MLS# 6020464 $179,000

COMMERCIAL LOT IN GRAND MARAIS. Good opportunity for a commercial building with a nice second story view of the harbor. Level 40 x 50 lot. A two story vacation rental could be built with a harbor view. What is your dream? MLS# 6024992 $53,500

RIVER/CREEK FRONTAGE SUGARBUSH, BEAVER, TROUT. Remote 80 acres ,10 miles from Grand Marais with easy access. Surrounded by public land. 700’ of Durfee Creek frontage. MLS# 6024638 $149,000 DRAMATIC CASCADE RIVER PROPERTY. River splits the 20 acre

property – never look at a neighbor across the river. Surrounded by public forest lands. MLS#

6020527 $74,900 WOODS, WATER & SECLUSION.Three 40 acre lots with 600 to

1000 ft frontage on Mons Creek. Also includes deeded access to Lost Lake. Private and secluded. MLS# 6021356 $59,900 or MLS# 6021357 $69,900 or

MLS# 6021358 $74,900. GRAND MARAIS - CITY LOT ON CREEK. Wooded lot with

City services: water, sewer and electric at site. Nice south exposure and frontage on scenic Cedar Creek. Quiet street. MLS# 6026102 $59,900 LAND ON THE FLUTE REED RIVER. Enjoy privacy and seclusion in a deep 13 acre parcel with over 300 feet of trout stream in Hovland. Easy access with power, phone and broadband. Nice build sites. MLS# 2313215 $49,900 500’ ON MOHNS CREEK. Mixed topography of beautiful rolling land with many great build sites on 25 acres. Old growth cedar, spruce, pine and birch. Abuts state land. MLS# 6021088 $39,900

LAND/BUILDING SITES NEW! HOME SITE OR BUSINESS DREAM. This 13.4 acre property could be a great home site or resort-type business location. Adjoins Pincushion Mtn. hiking/skiing/biking trails. Lake Superior view with more land available. Zoned Resort/Commercial. MLS# 6026068 $214,900

LARGE WILDERNESS ACREAGE - LAKE ACCESS. This 80+ acre parcel includes 400 feet of shoreline on McFarland Lake. Building sites are located across the road on the hillside with potential lake views. Rugged property with high topography and old growth cedar and pine. Easy access to the BWCAW and Border Route Hiking Trail. MLS# 6024602 $203,000 OUTSTANDING LAKE SUPERIOR VIEWS Gorgeous 14.69

acre parcel located within the boundaries of Cascade State park. Rolling hills, a variety of trees, and only 10 minutes from either Grand Marais or Lutsen. Many opportunities, potential for subdivision. MLS# 6023971 $175,000

MOUNTAIN TOP - WILDERNESS VIEWS. Fantastic vistas into the BWCA and surrounding rugged topography near McFarland Lake. Located at the end of the Arrowhead Trail with easy year-round access. The 122 acres has a high ridge and a “mountain top” for you to name. MLS# 6024599 $167,000 BIG LAND, BIG CREEK, BIG TREES. This nearly 100 acre Hovland area parcel is on the "front range" of the Farquhar Hills with a dramatic backdrop of rock cliffs and escarpments. There is a large creek running through the entire property with many fantastic building sites. MLS# 6024136 $159,900 INCREASINGLY RARE, LARGE RECREATIONAL PARCEL. 190 arces fully surveyed. The perfect retreat. Has a rich variety of trees, ponds, high and low lands, some meadow land and wetlands. MLS# 6023211 $150,000 BEAUTIFUL ACREAGE WITH LAKE VIEWS. Four 80 acre parcels located just south of Schroeder and a stone’s throw from Lake Superior! Each parcel features shared access off State Highway 61. The land features a gradual elevation, tiered building sites, beautiful lake views, and the Caribou River is within walking distance. MLS #6020335, #6021914, #6021916, and #6021918 $149,900 each. LARGE ACREAGE WITH WATER FEATURES. The headwaters of Irish Creek! Quality 160+ acres, 5 parcels sold grouped or separately. Many great features incl. old growth white pine, ponds, camping and building areas. MLS# 6023457 $149,500 INTRIGUING PROSPECT. High-quality items already in place include an insulated/heated slab for house/porch, insulated garage slab, electricity, driveway, the well, a time-dosed/heated septic system. Over 18 acres of privacy. MLS# 6021384 $114,900 NEW! UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. Stunning Little Devil Track River frontage and Pincushion Mtn. trail access make this 6.3 acre property perfect for skiers, hikers and mtn bikers. Zoned Resort/Commercial. MLS# 6026067 $103,900

HUGE POND-HUGE PRIVACY. Large 45+ acre wooded parcel located across from Tom Lake. Huge pond/lake in the very center of the acreage. MLS# 6022858 $99,000 BUILDING SITE, CREEK, MAPLE RIDGE. This 47 acre parcel has a lot to offer. There’s a nice south facing building site just off a county road, a trout stream with beaver pond, and a maple ridge adjoining federal land. Great location close to Grand Marais. MLS# 6022087 $69,900 RUSTICATE, RECREATE, RELAX. Reclusive Hovland hideaway – 43 acres with new driveway to “base camp” with a nice camper trailer and shed. Trails have been cut throughout the property which adjoins State land. MLS# 2313223 $64,900 PINES & LAKE SUPERIOR VIEW. Large 13+ acre pine filled lot on the hillside above Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center in Schroeder. Great lake views! Power, phone and broadband at the lot. MLS# 2313242 $64,900 GREAT LOCATION, QUALITY FOREST, BUILD HERE. These 10-acre parcels have a mature and mixed forest, southerly exposure, easy county road frontage and just minutes from Grand Marais. MLS# 6023274 $64,900, MLS# 6023275 $62,900, MLS# 6023276 $64,900 MAPLE HILL - HOME SITE. Heavily wooded 6.45 acre parcel with great privacy, county rd frontage, power and phone. MLS# 6023465 $64,500

www.RedPineRealty.com • Your easy source for new MLS listings daily • info@RedPineRealty.com 50



BUYING OR SELLING Call: 218-591-0985 Email: stphn.carlson@gmail.com or Realliving.com/steve.carlson.


Lynne Luban

Over 10 years selling downtown MPLS Condo living. Currently representing this developers 9th project PORTLAND TOWER. I am available to meet with you in Grand Marais or Minneapolis to go over prices & floor plans.

Cell: 612-599-6986 Email: lynneluban@mac.com

THere’s a NEW CONDO BUILDING in DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS Occupying summer 2016 • 112 units with 70 still available to customize 60

Steve Carlson 218-591-0985 stphn.carlson@gmail.com Realliving.com/steve.carlson.

One of a kind property on the sought after Baptism River. This 140 acres has over 4,000 feet of frontage on the Baptism just off Mattson Rd near Finland Mn. Privacy is what this is all about. For more information call 218-591-0985, email to stphn.carlson@gmail.com or Realliving.com/steve.carlson. MLS# 6007921 $250,000

A New Luxury Condo Development 740 Portland Avenue • Downtown Minneapolis

• 17 story New Contsruction • Pet-friendly building • High end standard features • Community and Fully equipped exercise room, and outdoor roof top green space • Climate controlled parking • Just a few blocks from US Bank Stadium • Additional garage stalls available for purchase

• Walk the Skyway for all your needs • Within a few blocks of Lightrail • Close to the Nicollet Mall • Walk to the new Commons Park, a 9 acre park that extends from the US Bank Stadium accross from Portland Avenue • Choose from many restaurants close by!


LAND/BUILDING SITES 30 ACRES - PANORAMIC VIEWS. Rare mountain top property with a 180 degree view of distant Lake Superior and the ridge to the north. Many trails in place with food plots for wildlife. MLS# 6020274 $55,000 RIDGES, PINES & VIEWS - ARROWHEAD TRAIL. Nice 20 acre parcel with high building sites and huge pines. The surrounding federal land leads directly into the BWCAW. MLS# 6024600 $63,000 RUSTIC WOODED WONDERLAND. Beautiful 40 acres of maple

forest with small rustic cabin bordering Judge Magney State Park. Enjoy the peaceful solitude of Aide Lake, rimmed by an open cedar grove just a short hike from the cabin into the park. MLS# 6025235 $59,900 NEW! WOODED HOME SITE This 5+ acre parcel is only 1.5 miles from Grand Marais and ready for your country home. Mixed forest, with forest service land in the back for exploring or hunting. A driveway and culvert are already in place. MLS# 6026053 $59,000

NICE LOT NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Beautiful gardens currently inhabit this lovely lot. Though it rests on Hwy 61 there are nice private niches to rest your home on. Walk to downtown Grand Marais! MLS# 6022810 $55,000 NEW! DENSE EVERGREEN FOREST NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Beautiful 5.8 acre property ready for your home plans, with survey and septic sites located, and many good building sites. Heavy trees and open areas. Easy county road frontage with power and Broadband close by. MLS# 6025992 $52,900

PERFECT 5 ACRE HOME SITE. This private and secluded build site is just waiting for your custom plans! Only five miles from town with five acres of great woods bordering public land on two sides. MLS# 6021986 $51,500 GREAT PRIVACY CLOSE TO TOWN. This 5 acre property just outside of Grand Marais sits at the end of a private drive. Potential Lake Superior views, small creek and nice elevation make for a great ready-to-build home site. New driveway . MLS# 6023747 $49,800 WOODED 10 ACRES IN HOVLAND. North woods seclusion plus electricity and broadband! Great forested parcel. The driveway is in leading to a secluded build site with nice trees. Cute shower house and outhouse. MLS# 6024396 $47,900

BUILDING SITE OVERLOOKING MCFARLAND LAKE. This pine studded 7 acre property has easy walking access to the county beach on McFarland Lake. Nice elevated build site with easy county road access. MLS# 6024601 $47,000 5 ACRES NEAR DEVIL TRACK LAKE. Must look! 5 acres in a diverse forest on the paved South Shore Drive. Private yet easily accessible. Lot borders forest service land. Driveway is in, septic sites identified. Ready for your plans! MLS# 6025167 $45,000 POWERS LAKE ROAD ACREAGE. This is the beautiful ‘40’ that you have been waiting for. Easy access off Powers Lake Road. Electricity and broadband – a real bonus! MLS# 6022202 $42,000 5 ACRES NEAR CARIBOU LAKE. Gorgeous corner lot with colorful maples and majestic cedars. Plenty of privacy. Close to hiking trails and the Caribou Lake boat landing. Year round access with power! MLS# 2279179 $40,000 LAND NEAR LITTLE MARAIS. Nice, large parcel consisting of

13.5 acres with 1,100 feet frontage on Lake County Hwy 6. Electricity, broadband, and phone available at the road. Views of Lake Superior from the northeast.

MLS#6025325 $40,000 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Nice 6 acre parcel of mixed forest land only 6 miles from Grand Marais! Shared driveway is in, transformer on the property. MLS# 6024077 $39,900 QUIET AND PRIVATE. Choice 2.31 acre lot at the end of the road in Lutsen, ready to build. Priced to sell! MLS# 2309202 $39,500 WOODED 2.4 ACRES. Tait Lake back-lot with driveway in and cleared building site ready for your cabin. Electric is on site. MLS# 2297619 $39,000 WOODED ACREAGE – GRAND MARAIS. Two private 20 acre lots with hiking and ski trails, and abundant wildlife. A high building site offers seasonal views of Lake Superior. MLS# 2313172 $46,000 & MLS# 2313173 $35,000 LAND FOR ESCAPE AND RECREATION. Remote yet accessible

FIVE SECLUDED ACRES. One of eight secluded wooded 5-acre parcels bordering Govt. land. MLS# 2308827 $28,000 WILDWOOD ACRES IN TOFTE. Consider these affordable lots when you want to build economically in Cook County! Nice wooded +/- acre lots. MLS# 6025292-6025294 $17,500 – $20,000 PRIVATE HOME SITE CLOSE TO SUPERIOR. Very nice parcel with driveway, power and cleared building site. Privacy on dead end road near Silver Bay. MLS# 6023748 $19,900

Scan your

smartphone here!

20 acres near Judge Magney State Park. Good mix of trees, high building site, some distant Lake Superior views. MLS# 6025397 $34,900

www.RedPineRealty.com • (800) 387-9599 Fax (218) 387-9598 • info@RedPineRealty.com NORTHERN  WILDS



Lake Superior Properties

Lutsen In-land lakes Caribou Lake.

Lutsen Real Estate Group Using a fundamental business approach for all your real estate needs Office 218-663-7971


48 County Rd 34.

Timeless three bedroom home. Outstanding views

MLS 2251195 $595,000

5402 W Hwy 61.

3 bdrm w/ guest cottage. It’s called Viewpoint for a reason!

MLS 6023941 $545,000

6294 Sea Villa Loop J7


Caribou Lake.

3 bedroom cabin on private part of lake. Ready to go. New septic and more.

MLS 2020244 $319,900

Outsanding View Properties

Mike Larson 218-370-1536 Lutsen Sea Villa Unit A3.

Ever so seldom does a two level Sea Villa become available.

MLS 6022676 $319,000

525 Poplar River Condo.

Part of the Lutsen Resort rental program.

MLS 6023499 $409,000

Cabins and Land Steve Surbaugh 218-663-7971

MLS 6024837 $597,750

Watch the sunrise from this Lutsen Sea Villa. Close to cross-country and downhill skiing, snowmobile trails, hiking, golf, shopping and much more. The Resort has shared amenities such as the shared shoreline, pool and hot tub in the guest services building. One bedroom plus loft. Furniture and appliances included. Property management available. Keep this dream for your own weekend retreats or put it in the rental pool for additional income. MLS 6024480 $169,000


Bruce Kerfoot 218-388-2294

Gorgeous 3 bdrm 3 bath on Sawmill Bay. Immaculate grounds. Simply beautiful. Additional shoreline and acreage available.

Superior National Golf Course Homesite.

Perfect for new build. Water, sewer, power, broadband at site. (owner/agent)

MLS 602078 $45,000

Tait Lake.

Lot 16 - 2.8 acres. Deeded access to Lake with very nice build sites. (owner/ agent)

MLS 6024063 $45,000

5402 (b) W Highway 61

Vacant Lake Superior Parcel in Lutsen. 2.5 acres and 333’ of Lake Superior Shoreline

MLS 6023980 $349,000

D SOL 49 Hansen-

Hjemsted Rd.

Very cute log cabin on 2.54 acres.

Heritage Townhomes. Wonderfully appointed 3 bdrm townhomes overlooking Superior Natoinal Golf Course.

MLS 2308961 Starting at $329,000.

90 Hoaglund Drive Tofte

3 bedroom 3 bath 3 level Lindal Cedar Home. Finish detail, flooring and kitchen not yet complete/ perfect for new owner to complete to their own taste. Outstanding Lake Superior Views

MLS 6024998 $395,000

31 Eagle

Mountain. SALE Beautiful G IN Home atMountain D Lutsen N E P

Mountains. Ski-in/Ski out and so much more.

MLS 6022043 $99,900.

MLS 2313086 $595,000

When you visit our website www.lutsenrealestategroup.com you will find additional information on all properties in the area accompanied by multiple photographs for a more comprehensive overview of properties you may be interested in.




Deb Niemisto 218-370-8434




1 Norwood Shores - Lutsen Lake Superior Townhome

7072 Two Moose Trail Wilson Lake - Finland

Enjoy your days on Lake Superior in Lutsen with this 2 BR, 1 BA four season low maintenance Townhome. MLS 2184109 $235,000

Experience Solitude on one of the most beautiful lakes around. Acreage with many amenities ready for use & enjoyment. MLS 2294912 $249,000

Ski In/Ski Out Lutsen Condo 124B Caribou Highlands Resort

Superior Lake Home 23 Norwood East - Lutsen

Brand new, totally updated condo with over $40k in improvements. Sleeps 4, fireplace, fitness center, pool, sauna. Income opportunity. MLS 6025581 $119,000

Furnished 3 BD, 4 BA with attached garage, new W/D and owners suite on main floor. 600’ shared shoreline, small established association with low dues. MLS 6021331 $649,000

N E W!

Nan Bradley 218-370-8433

Clara Lake Lot Lutsen 15 Island Circle Drive SW facing Clara Lk lot minutes away from Lutsen and Grand Marais. Year round access, electric at road, many trails & lakes nearby. MLS 6019732. $149,000

Lutsen Resort Condo 551-553 Poplar River Rd

Commercial - 126 Airport Rd Grand Marais Airport

Luxury 3 BDRM unit at Lutsen’s premier Lake Superior resort. 3 separate rental units, many resort amenities and much more. MLS 6023424 $399,000

Commercial hanger, heated, electric, insulated, rental income. MLS 2116969 $249,900


58 Sunrise Dr Cabin Lake Superior Views


Cute cabin with loft, fireplace, lots of storage, nice kitchen galley, near Surgarloaf Cove, low maintenance. Move-in ready! MLS 6023566 $144,900


invest in life on the shore!

Contact Nan & Deb to discuss great opportunities 218-370-8433


We wish everyone Happy Holidays and Safe Travels this holiday season!




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Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 WINTER LIVING ON LAKE SUPERIOR, WHAT DR EAMS AR E MADE OF! PEACE AND TRANQUILITY, A LOG CABIN ON LAKE SUPERIOR!

SUPERIOR SENSE OF PLACE! Meander the tree lined driveway along Lutsen’s Rollins Creek Road, stumble upon the connecting ponds with Fountain and Sculpture celebrating the Sounds of Springtime! Over 8 acres of rolling terrain, experience the manicured path to the ponds, or stroll down the rock steps to the Tumultuous Shoreline, the Waves Pounding the over 600 ft of Rock with plenty of Splash! Inside the Fabulous home your guests will enjoy the Cascade of the Creek to the Big Lake just outside their bedroom window. The master bedroom Welcomes the Sunrises via huge windows overlooking the drooling shoreline… 0r Says Goodnight to the Sun while watching the flickering of the fireplace from bed. All the other parts of the home are Magnificent, from the gazebo with hot tub, to the large library, to the gourmet kitchen with function and charm. See it to Believe it is the Best! MLS# 6019683 $1,197,000 THE ADVENTUROUS CABIN ON LAKE SUPERIOR!

Designed by the Architect/Owner to be the base camp to all the Outdoor Adventure the North Shore has to Offer! Sweeping views of Lake Superior from the interior of the home, but you’ll want to stroll out to campfire at the water’s edge to really soak in the Big Lake! All you need in your lake getaway…garage, wood fired hot tub, and even a part owner in the Bread Oven! A Must See.

MLS#6024683 $467,500


Walk to Caribou Creek Waterfall from this Welcoming Log home! Vaulted, Beamed Ceilings, Wraparound deck and a wonderful move in ready interior! Some of the best lakeshore around, a must see!

MLS#6022501 $549,000


The views are from the deck of a ship. A crafters dream home, lots of elbow room, stone fire place for the ages and lower level walk out living space your friends and family will LOVE!

MLS# 6023379 $549,0000


this Year Round Lake Superior cabin nestled Among the Mature Spruce of Tofte’s ledgerock shoreline… stroll along the level ledgerock shoreline in the summer and make this your winter Ski Retreat in the Winter! Minute’s to Cross Country trails, Lutsen Mountains Ski Resort or Tofte’s Hockey Rink! MLS#

2270954 $399,900

WINTER SKI RETREAT ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Minute’s to Lutsen Mountain Ski and Summer Resort! Small footprint home built for the expansive views of Lake Superior. Snowshoe down to the Olf Fishhouse, enjoy your own protected Cove on the Big Lake! A Must See Retreat! MLS# 6023113


renovated, the interior of this home should be in Architectural Digest! You will love it once you see it in person! MLS# 6022246 $399,000



views and a lot of elbow room with over 300 ft of Lake Superior Shoreline! Well constructed home is ready to be updated! Gorgeous Stone fireplace, two car detached, Lovely Lutsen setting! MLS#2038020

REDUCED! $569,900


Jonvick Creek AND Lake Superior frontage! Lovely LUTSEN home, tons of potential for updating and making this home YOURS! Vaulted ceilings, welcoming warm feel to this Cabin, a Must See! MLS#6026038 $530,000


in time to the early days! Little cabin tucked in to an Amazing piece of Lake Superior on Cascade Beach Rd! Gorgeous accessible shoreline!

MLS#6026064 $324,900

LAKE SUPERIOR LAND! JAW DROPPING LAKE SUPERIOR Ready to build with long winding driveway to build site, surveyed. Defined build site with Huge Views!! Rare opportunity close to Grand Marais and within walking distance from the Croftville Road, very nice for walks. MLS#6022564 $325,000

LUTSEN LAKE SUPERIOR CASCADE BEACH RD LAND! Very accessible, build site close to the water, listen to the waves of Lake Superior lapping the rocky shoreline! Gorgeous morning sunrises over the Big Lake, a must see! MLS#2308906 $299,000

END OF THE ROAD SPECTACULAR 280 ft of cliff shoreline with unobstructed Views across Lake Superior! Little Marais area, Build ready, driveway already in place!


MLS#2313255 $265,000 PLENTY OF ELBOW ROOM ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Nearly 800 ft of shoreline and

11 ac. of rolling terrain, with signs of the past logging roads and Spruce planted forests providing a sweet buffer from all of those pesky worries of the Real World! Driveway installed in to the mid-section of the land to allow you to explore which building site best fits your desires! MLS#2309271 $799,000

River in Schroeder! Rolling terrain, nice Evergreen stand giving nice buffer from ANY highway noise. Worth the walk through the wilderness to see the AMAZING 400 ft of sprawling ledge rock shoreline!!

MLS#2313305 REDUCED! $450,000 DREAMY LAKE SUPERIOR. land and lakeshore! Several acres of privacy and way more than 200 ft of Level Access Lake Superior shoreline in Schroeder, near Sugarloaf Cove Naturalist Area!

MLS#2090420 $275,000




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Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 WILDER NESS LAKESHOR E, FOUR SEASONS OF R EST & R ELA X ATION! WHIMSY AND LAKESHORE, A GREAT COMBINATION ON PIKE LAKE, LUTSEN!


200’ of level GORGEOUS frontage, secluded, cedars, swimming, walleyes, relaxation. Super Cabin if we didn’t already say it. MLS#6025737

A Hunter’s Dream lake property, a cabin the wife will adore in the heart of the Wilderness. Well, only a short drive to Lutsen and Grand Marais for Shopping! $209,900 A MUST


SEE MLS#6025134

GUST LAKE CABIN IN LUTSEN! Tons of value on a spectacular


AT THE WATERS EDGE! Rustic cabin on Gust Lake, a Real Charmer! MLS#6022642


Located just off a designated Mountain Bike Trail system, enjoy year round access, electric at street and a TOTAL SENSE OF SECLUSION! Canoe on Christine, Fly Fish in the Poplar or just go for a hike in the Superior National Forest! MLS#2308836 $145,000



End of the road, year round living in this Grand Cabin bordering the Superior National Forest!

MLS#6022181 $349,000

piece of shoreline! Super fishing cabin on a peninsula point overlooking peaceful Gust Lake and the Boundary Waters a hop skip and jump away. MLS#6020330


POPLAR LAKE CABIN ON 440’ OF SHORELINE AT THE TIP OF A PENINSULA! Ensconced in quiet Boreal environment,

Cabin sits proudly above the lake for long views over Poplar’s numerous islands! Home needs a little TLC, priced to sell!

MLS#2308952 $259,000 REDUCED!


SECLUSION ON GREENWOOD LAKE’S EAST BAY! Charming newer construction log sided cabin with great Lake Views tucked in to the shoreline of a quiet bay…imagine fishing your days away on Greenwood!

MLS#6019922 $249,000

FINE LIVING ON CARIBOU LAKE IN LUTSEN! Enjoy hosting holiday gatherings!

Sprawling kitchen, granite counters, island w/ breakfast bar. Opens to the family room overlooking Caribou Lake, Spectacular views! Amazing Owner’s Suite! Pics don’t do this home justice, it’s a Must See! Minutes to Lutsen Mountains Ski & Summer Resort! MLS#2313246 $465,000


Ski Out, Super Nice Condos and townhomes at Caribou Highlands, a wide variety available from the small getaway studios to the Top Notch 4 Bedrm Townhomes. 4-5 bedrm mint townhome!


Enjoy all that the historic Lutsen Lodge offers…a sandy beach, a cool River, Swimming pool, spa, FABULOUS dining… but enjoy it in STYLE at the Cliffhouse overlooking the historic lodge. Newer construction, Big views, Contemporary Design. Total Comfort. Nice rental income to offset expenses. MLS#6021422


MLS#2217205 #526 MOOSE MTN $128,500 REDUCED! MLS#2120739 #128 BRIDGE RUN $121,900 ELEGANT AND INCOME GENERATING QUARTER SHARE AT SURFSIDE! at Tofte’s upscale Surfside Resort. #7 is a stone’s throw from accessible shoreline you’ll LOVE, this townhome, and it’s affordable with the Quarter Share option! No other end unit compares on price, views or locale to the Big Lake. The interior is right out of the pages of Architectural Digest, total Luxury!

MLS#2272709 $199,000


it’s on the Mountain, Ski In and Ski Out Winter Fun, Nice Rental Revenues at Caribou Highlands! Enjoy your options, 108 Bridge Run MLS#6023378 OR 518 Moose Mountain

MLS#6023287 $159,900


LUTSEN! Lovely home overlooking the Mountainous terrain, Ski In Ski Out, and an easy walk to the Alpine Slide, the new Gondola, and miles of trails. The Perfect North Shore Getaway!


Very desirable to rent, street level. Functional kitchen for cooking meals or even better, eat out at the Coho Café or Bluefin Grille, within walking distance. Remodeled bathroom! Tons of amenities, Maintenance free vacation home, nice rental revenues!

MLS#6022881 $299,000

MLS#6022978 $237,500




Forget the Holiday Stress! Head North to Relax and Enjoy the Snow!


i n fo @ t i m b e r wo l f f r e a l t y. c o m I n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m

Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7



Minutes to BlueFin Bay on Lake Superior, this home has it all! Gorgeous interior, featuring dream kitchen with tons of cabinetry and spectacular granite counters with built in breakfast bar. A great home for hosting family gatherings, let the kids play on the lower level and enjoy main level living with wrap around deck and upstairs loft bedroom/office space.

BIG VIEWS OF THE BIG LAKE! Tiny Home on a Gorgeous Chunk of land in the Hovland area! Functional, MUST SEE! MLS#6025583 $108,900

HEY HANDYMAN! Come take a

Look at this Tofte home with acreage! Lots to offer, the home is solid and has a nice flow. The kitchen has been upgraded! Large windows allow for lots of light, and accessory buildings are perfect for a workshop and garage! Curious? Give us a call to see this gem!

MLS#6022904 $189,000 NEW ROOF!


land, and a very habitable cabin! Enjoy as year round living or a getaway cabin!

MLS#6026035 $89,900

MLS#6020313 $319,000


Charming rustic cabin on 10 acres of south facing forest with distant views of Lake Superior. Bordering public lands, great for hunting or hiking! MLS#6020031





MLS#6022686 $207,900


MLS#6025703 $299,900

Perfect for the growing family, convenient to school w/ 3 bedrms on main level and additional space on lower level. Large city lot, Chicken Coop in place!


Gorgeous lot in town with rambling creek to the back, 2 car garage, and just a Sweet Home! Large kitchen, master bedroom has deck overlooking back yard. A Muse See Home! REDUCED!

MLS#6022732 $204,900 HUGE VALUE!

of both worlds! Two bedrooms, open kitchen and family room, with a large deck overlooking the lake! Great for year round living or a perfect low maintenance getaway home! MLS#6025328 $199,900


ask for, acreage, Maples!, and a huge garage with plenty of firewood storage for winter warmth! Newer construction, huge walk around deck and wide open living, Awesome Owner’s Suite, Tons of potential in walk out level! Must See! MLS#2313265 $289,900 HUGE VALUE!!!

Borders Cascade State Park lands! Highly desirable Birch Drive location, enjoy distant Lake Superior views through mature Red Pines! 3 bedrm 2 bath, lots of family space. Mint condition home, gorgeous. Two plus garage. MUST SEE HOME!

WOWSER OF A LUTSEN HOME! Your move in ready perfect Ski Retreat and Summer Dream home! Fab location just up the Caribou Trail, enjoy a five minute commute to skiing! Sprawling one level home designed for main level living, with the BEST master suite we have seen! This is an impressive home, a must see with attached garage and wood fired sauna! MLS#6020082 $359,900

Call TIMBERWOLFF REALTY or visit www.timberwolffrealty.com for more information! 56



Forget the Holiday Stress! Head North Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!! to Relax and Enjoy the Snow!


n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m i n f o @ t i m b e r w o l f f r e a l t y . c oI m

Local 663 - 8777 • To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7



Hwy 1 area Hunting Cabin on 10 ac

Wowser Lake Superior views on Overlook Tr!

NEW! Whitetail Ridge Overlooking Lake Superior! Just off Highway 1, Enjoy Sprawling Lake and Ridgeline views and Rugged Terrain! Yr Round Access, Electric. MLS# 6024856 $110,000 30 acres Wilderness, Borders lands next to Little Manitou River! MLS#2309327 $129,000

Mature Spruce and BIG Lake Views! Walk to Blue Fin Bay, drilled well in place!

MLS#2309318 $64,900

Rocky Wall Overlooking Lake Superior just outside Silver Bay. MLS#2244646 $99,000 Rock Road in Silver Bay area! Great build site with creek frontage! MLS#2308638 $45,000 Lakeshore on Ninemile Lake at the Village, common water and septic, build ready, borders common land! MLS#2309096 $39,000 REDUCED! SCHROEDER AREA NEAR THE CROSS RIVER! 10 Ac Parcels of Maples! Rolling Terrain of Mature Maples to a Sweet Building site Perched Over a Mixed Boreal Forest. Year Round Access and Electric at Road! MLS#2024250 $56,900 DRAMATIC Mountain Top Views, Rolling Hills, Maple Forests fading in to Spruce and Pine and year round access. Tons of acreage available, or just pick up a 40 for $70,000! MUST SEE, call Emily today! MLS#6001560, multiple#’s call for full map and prices! FROM $70,000 MLS#2090628 Sugarloaf Retreats on High Ridge Drive, located up the Surgaloaf Road from Sugarloaf Cove Naturalist Area, Enjoy large acreage parcels w/ electric & Yr Round access! FROM $29,000 MLS# 159860 TOFTE AREA NEAR BLUEFIN BAY RESORT! LeVeaux Mountain, Super Views and Wildlife Ponds! FROM $49,900 MLS#2216091,

MLS#2220050 $69,000

Just Up the Sawbill Trail Grab your little piece of the Northwoods, rolling terrain and small community feel with year round access, great build sites! MLS#2070510 Prices from $24,900!! Tofte vaag on the Sawbill, Nice Lake Views! Walk to the Coho, great location! FROM $49,900


MLS#2296509 $79,900 MLS#2272174 $49,900

LUTSEN LAKE VIEWS & WILDERNESS LANDS! NEW! Nice parcel bordering USFS land, driveway roughed in, access to Tait Lk!

MLS#6023412 $35,000

NEW! Willard Lane in Lutsen, near Pike Lake! Year round access, borders Superior National Forest! MLS#6025236 $49,900 High Ground End of Cul de Sac borders Superior National Forest! MLS#6021436 $49,900 Woodland Foothills Build Ready lots, Shared Water & Community Septic from

$19,000 MLS#2309328+

Heartland of Lutsen, 80 ac at the Foothills of Ski Hill ridge, near downtown Lutsen!

MLS#2312987 $119,000

Over 15 ac of Wilderness on Turnagain Trail in Lutsen! MLS#2216560 $69,500 Prime Build Site(s) just off theCaribou at Jonvick Creek!

LUTSEN LAKE VIEWS & LAKESHORE BUILD SITES! WILDERNESS LANDS! Gorgeous Views of Williams & Wills Lake in Lutsen! Year Round Access, electric, Mountain Top SWEET CLARA LAKE SHORELINE! Level site bordering USFS land. A Wonderful place to Access from Build Site to Rocky Shores.Superior National Forest Lands! Electric, yr round access, Old Cabin in build your home! MLS#2107927 $70,000 place to use now and build later! MLS#1600179

NEW! Maple Leaf Trail at Jonvick, Maples Galore! Nice elevated build site. Yr Round access, electric. MLS#6024972 $49,000 GRAND MARAIS LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!


Five Acres of Boreal Forest, Awesome Birch Drive location just west of Grand Marais! Yr Round access, electric at street. Perfect spot for year round home or getaway cabin, NO Home Owners Assoc! MLS#6025790 $42,000 Corner Build Site in Town Walk to Harbor! MLS#2309203 $39,000 PENDING! Cty Rd 7 Murphy Mountain Lake View lands! Bargain Buys in young Poplar Forest, easy clearing for Sweet Lake Superior Views for as little as $39,900! Or Enjoy Hilltop Build Site with driveway in place.

Creek Build Site just off the Caribou Trail at Jonvick Creek! Rare and Unique Build site!


80 Ac with Poplar River Frontage on the Honeymoon Tr!

MLS#2307399 $95,000

MLS#2313068 $167,700

HEY HEY TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SUPER NICE CARIBOU LAKE BUILD SITE! The original cabin was recently removed, allowing $150,000 PENDING!

MLS#1599157 $79,900 REDUCED!


MLS#2080599 $137,500

The fall color is dreamy, try collecting maple sap in the spring! Shallow lake access, but it’s there, along with yr round access!

for a nice “established feel” to this lot. Driveway in place, clearing done and electricity available! MLS#2309132

Gorgeous 5 acre parcels in the Heart of Lutsen paved Caribou Trail locale bordering USFS lands! MLS#2174799 From

30 acres of Prime Wilderness Land with year round access and electric at street with Views of Lutsen’s famed Clara Lake!

New boat dock allows you to get out over the water and look down the bay. Nice path from dock to boat house and to elevated home site MLS#2184576 $159,000


Lovely parcel just Up the Gunflint Trail, ready to build, mature pines great location!

MLS#2289515 $57,500


NEW! Hammer Road East of town! Expansive EXPOSURE! Nice big lake lot: 5+ acres, 225’ of frontage! Lake Superior Views! Great Build Site at $49,900 Maples, cedars, fir, ash: a diverse mix of thriving Northwoods.

MLS#2240533 $49,000



MLS#6022429 $49,900

Lutsen, year round access with over 10 acres and 200 feet of shoreline! Hilltop building site with cleared path thru cedar forest to Christine Lake, a super wilderness lake great for paddling your days away!

MLS#6023288 $99,900

SWEET PARCEL ON SWALLOW LAKE IN ISABELLA AREA! 220 ft of shoreline, 2.5 ac! MLS#2300576 $64,900


Remodeled and well maintained. Big time shortage of rentals in Grand Maraismakes this property a must-see. Great views over the village to the harbor, Big Lake and Artist’s Point. Currently rented as yr round rental, but could be nice vacation rentals!

MLS#2308951 $299,000 REDUCED!


Approx. 9 ac bordered by Lutsen creek, this hotspot hosts 5 commercial businesses and a lot of apartments with good long term renters! 13 lot trailer park has been established since the 70’s, w/ each trailer owner paying lot rent. GORGEOUS LAND, mature pines, nice setting for future expansion with zero lot line setbacks. New compliant commercial septic system. Rental housing is in high demand in the Lutsen area, all rentals are full with long term history. Potential add’l income from retail space and garage/warehouse space currently used by seller. Seller Financing optional. MLS#2279185 $1,575,000




www.CBNorthShore.com Serving Cook County since 1971


(218) 387-2131 (800) 732-2131

101 West Hwy. 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604 info@cbnorthshore.com

On Lake Superior

Lake Superior Lots 57XX East Hwy 61 - $99,900 4.1A, 280’ shore. Driveway, septic mound and electric in place.

MLS 2297434

2888 W Hwy 61 - $299,900

Great views of Artist Point and the Sawtooth Mtns on 1.24A with 200’ of ledgerock shore. MLS 6020121

2884 W Hwy 61 - $327,500

4512 Cascade Beach Rd

1.30A just past Terrace Point, only a few minutes from town. 371’ of stunning ledgerock shore. MLS 6020179

3BR, 3BA efficiently designed home with magnificent open great room. Wood burning fireplace, main level master BR that opens to huge wrap around deck. 218’ shore.

2BR, 2BA home on Lake Superior wirh 150’ shore. High ceilings, very open floor plan, & sliding glass doors in the LR leading to the deck.

MLS 6020708 $495,000

MLS 6025052 $599,900

MLS 6021928 $269,900

7036 W Hwy 61

Stonegate Road - $219,900 - $229,000

7310 E Hwy 61

Amazing cabin with cobblestone fireplace, all wood floors & tons of windows, nestled in by the water’s edge. 400’ of meandering ledgerock shoreline on 2.97A.

Two premium lots sited along scenic Chicago Bay. Nicely wooded, private, 1.17A, 200’ shoreline. MLS 6022145

Com m e r c ia l

East Hwy 61 - $999,999

What a piece of shoreline!! Over 28A with 1000’ of Lake Superior shore, measuring it straight across; meandering shoreline must be twice that much!

MLS 6022153

1708 E Hwy 61

Luxurious 3BR, 2BA Lake Superior home on 1.4A and 200’ shore. Many amenities and expansive face Superior and the dramatic ledgerock shoreline. Excellent rental history.

4BR, 4BA home previously used as a B & B. Walk out lower level with a family room, large bathroom and laundry room. 236’ of Lake Superior shoreline.

MLS 6025899 $569,000

MLS 6023253 $254,900

4556 Cascade Beach Rd


108 Gunflint Trail

4BR, 2BA home right on the Gunflint Trail. This lot is commercially zoned with great visible location at the beginning of the Gunflint Trail. 2.5 car garage could be converted to retail space.

Bluefin Bay - Tofte

Bluefin Bay has stunning Lake views and accessaward winning amenities and restaurants! Excellent rental potential. 1BR,1BA units with stunning views

Unit 27 MLS 6022267 $275,000 2BR, 2BA units with stunning views

Unit 17 MLS 6022417 $287,000 Unit 2 MLS 2298984 $319,000 Unit 19 MLS 6025245 $330,000 PENDING

East Bay Suites 2BR, 2BA with views of Lake Superior from both bedrooms as well as in-unit owner storage. End of building and top floor privacy make this a special unit. Excellent rental record and income.

Unit #301 MLS 6023153 $304,900

MLS 2161688 $199,900

Heavily wooded with year-round access. 112’ shore on county maintained road.

MLS 2158160 $52,500

Two Island 5+ A of wooded land with

Pike Lake

Chester Lake

The only private parcel on Chester Lake. One of a kind opportunity! 40A, 300’ frontage! Rough cabin sold “as is”. MLS 6022402 $149,900

2BR, 2BA condo with amazing Lake Superior views, loft and underground parking. Many new updates to the kitchen and the bathrooms.

MLS 6025104 $289,900 PENDING




MLS 6023870 Unit 11A $210,000


MLS 6024280 $149,900

MLS 6025589 $59,900

245’ of shore on 1.2A. Shoreline has its own natural boat slip!! MLS 6024080 $45,000 2.63A, 205’ shore with a healthy mix of trees! Property is surveyed, septic sites are identified. Additional 60A for sale. MLS 6025008 $55,000

3BR, 3BA, end units with great views of Lake Superior. Excellent vacation rental history!

Great commercial location with access off Gunflint Trail and Co. Rd. 7. Additional property available, or purchase with less frontage if you only want the shop building & area.

Leo Lake

MLS 6023502 $79,900

MLS 6025041 $229,900 SOLD

108-2 Gunflint Trail

Poplar Lake Convenient mid-trail location with deeded lakeshore access. Building site cleared, driveway in, utilities available.

Tom Lake Year round, 1.10A, 171’ shore, nicely wooded, driveway and cleared building site.

Incredible Palisades views! Over 200’ shore, yearround access and healthy mix of trees.

Grand Marais Condo’s

This will work! Cooperative seller is ready to help you take off and build an already successful and established auto repair and tire business. Accumulate equity and grow this business into the future! MLS 2313262 $189,900

Inland Lake Lots

MLS 6025129 $114,900 PENDING

Sunrises, Artist Point & the Grand Marais Harbor views are truly breathtaking. This 2BR, 2BA condo with laundry, loft and underground parking has many new updates to the kitchen and bathrooms.

10 1st Ave West

Premiere downtown Grand Marais location! Commercial building consists of 1650 square feet with 35’ of street frontage. Flexible layout of building allows for multiple options. MLS 6024812 $224,900

Tire and Auto Lodge

Birch Lake

Heavily wooded 1.54A, 150’ of frontage on great trout lake. Direct, year round access off the Gunflint Trail.

MLS 2183859 $99,900

Squint Lake 2.13A with lovely old white

pine trees! Mid trail location, 221’ shore, abuts USFS. MLS 2308814 $79,900

500+’ of shorelineand state land on two sides! Year round access; great recreational area.

MLS 6023533 $89,900

Kemo Lake

169’ shore, on 3.70A, mid trail location, with public access to other lakes nearby.

MLS 6023878 $124,900

3.7A, 200’ of shore. Abuts federal land to the south for added privacy.

MLS 6021754 $149,900

Onagon LakeVery nice 5A lot with lots

of shoreline on both Cupid & Onagon Lake. Abuts Federal land for added privacy.

One of only 4 lots on south shore. Private 2.34A with 200’ frontage on excellent trout lake!

MLS 6022456 $119,900

Loon Lake

MLS 6022455 $49,900

MLS 6021433 $139,900

Very private, year round 4.4A with 298’ shore. Dramatic building sites overlooking the federal land across the water.

MLS 6023845 $139,900

Greenwood Lake

Lots of privacy with 4.2A and 300’ shore including a slight peninsula which will provide multiple views!

MLS 6023267 $179,900

Wilson Lake 4+A, over 335’ shore on premier Lake County lake. Driveway into building site, site prep work partially done, a septic system and a well! MLS 6021150 $220,000

Very peaceful lot with 222’of shore & shoreline on Cupid Lake. Located in the heart of the BWCA.

Trip Lake One of a kind property. Private 30+A, 325’ shore. Borders federal land; power, phone & broadband available.

MLS 6025496 $149,900 PENDING

Homes & Cabins

319 E 2nd Ave

Purchase three rental units for the price of a single home, or the lower units can be combined leaving a nice little family home with a studio apartment overhead. Or restore home into a two story single family home.

MLS 6024915 $168,000

481 Co Rd 60

176 Camp 15 Loop

160A with 180+ degree views of the surrounding foothills. Very diverse forest... spruce bogs, cedar swamps, healthy birch groves, spruce, fir and healthy white pine. Owner/agent.

MLS 2313220 $149,900

120 Brule Valley Tr

61 Mort Meadow Rd

40 Taylor Lane

175 Whippoorwill Ln

4BR, 2BA home on 40A with private pond. Gourmet kitchen, LR with plush carpets and double-sided gas fireplace.. Master BR suite has fireplace, whirlpool tub, quartz vanity and large walk-in closet.

2BR, private but close to town on 8A. Out buildings include an older barn currently housing chickens, a wood burning sauna, a brand new screen house, and a 12 x 28 building that screams possibility.

24+A with a 1944 sq ft pole building. What a spot for a hike-in writer’s cabin, artist’s retreat...or whatever your heart desires. Additional 12A/home is also available.

MLS 6025179 $498,500

MLS 6024267 $144,900

MLS 6022721 $89,000

930 W 4th St

160 Whippoorwill Ln

381 Moose Valley Rd

3BR, 4BA on 20A with amazing views of Lake Superior. Only minutes from town, abuts state land on the north. Energy efficient, in floor heat, gourmet kitchen. and huge detached garage!

Remote and rustic 22.80A with custom built cedar timber frame cabin. Set on a ridge overlooking beaver pond. Deeded access to Lost Lake and private landing on the Brule River.

Convenient and easy one floor living in a very quiet part of Grand Marais. 5BR, 3BA , well equipped kitchen, heated two car attached garage, plus 26 by 26 detached garage for the toys.

True retreat from the rush of modern life. Off grid with full solar power, propane wall heat and wood fireplace. Nearly end of the road privacy. Log and half log sided construction.

Easily accessible, nicely wooded, year round 5+A. Abuts Federal land to the west. 24’x24’ garage with two doors providing space to store your toys and tools while deciding what to build.

MLS 6025718 $469,000

MLS 6020979 $68,000

MLS 6025180 $279,900

MLS 6022718 $139,900

MLS 6022762 $55,000

1044 2nd Ave W

260 County Rd 48

2499 E Hwy 61

1911 Camp 20 Rd

203 Victory Ln

3-4BR home on 7.66A. Lake Superior views, landscaped yard, raised garden beds, huge deck. Full basement with plenty of space for a workshop and family room just 5 minutes from town.

4BR, 3BA lovingly cared for home on 2 full acres of park like beauty. Private but within the city limits. Huge detached 1200 square foot garage for all the toys.

Quality built 3BR, 2BA home on 9.5A with amazing views of Lake Superior. Combination kitchen and DR, open floor plan. Abuts Federal land to the north Huge additional garage and 1BR apartment!

Fully furnished, private, one room getaway on 40A. Wooded land with a wildlife pond and an abundance of recreational trails. Abuts federal land to the north.

Private and beautiful 20A with 2BR dovetail cabin, generator, batteries with inverter, a well and a cute little garage/ storage building. Borders Federal land on the west.

MLS 6022735 $259,900

MLS 6025039 $289,000 PENDING

MLS 6025059 $349,900

MLS 6021725 $69,900

MLS 6024727 $66,000

L a ke S u p e r i o r V i e w Facebook.com/ cbnorthshore61 Coldwell Banker North Shore

Check out OUR BLOG

1183 Gunflint Tr

Octagon 3+ BR, 2BA home with open floor plan on 8A. Screened in porch, main floor office, fireplace, full basement, loft and a large deck. Being successfully rented in VRBO.

at ColdwellBanker NorthShore. wordpress.com

MLS 6025633 $259,900

2.7A – 3.48A across the road from state owned Lake Superior shoreline. Utilities readily available.

MLS 6024403

E Hwy 61 - $84,900

10+A, beautiful tree cover, rock out-croppings and great views. Driveway to a great building site and a septic holding tank is already installed.

MLS 6022629

E Hwy 61 - $65,000

7.6A on the upper side of Hwy 61. A great location for your future home--close to Grand Marais!

MLS 6025034

Land W Hwy 61

Co Rd 67 $72,000 - $82,000

Gunflint Trail - $97,500 Silver Fox Rd Two peaceful and quiet 5A pieces

Year round 6.46A on county maintained road with plenty of privacy. Great views of Superior! MLS 6023319

MLS 6025690 $39,900 - $69,900

Morgan Rd - $79,000

7.1A Great location and development opportunities right off Hwy 61! 7.1A Commercial lot (Zoned Commercial and R-1). Additional acreage of R-1 behind. Agent Owned. MLS 2170380 $149,900

Gunflint Trail Cross country skiers, hikers; this

property is connected to the Pincushion Cross Country Ski Trail system with the Little Devil Track River flowing through it MLS 2313364 $69,000

close to town with easements onto Federal land.

4018 County Rd 14 20A nicely wooded year

Co Rd 67 2.24A, year round access, directly abuts

end of Cook County. The Superior Hiking Trail is just down the road! MLS 6025863 $69,900 NEW

MLS 6023679

Rosebush Hill Lane Nicely wooded 5.40A with shared driveway only minutes from town. Identified septic sites and fully surveyed! Approx. 430’ of creek frontage. OWNER will consider a Contract for Deed!

6.65A of nicely wooded just west of Grand Marais. End of road location with federal land to the west PLUS incredible views of Lake Superior. MLS 6024147

round lot. Electricity and phone, abuts Federal land providing access to incredible amount of land.

MLS 2308865 $59,900

North Rd

20A, very private, year round access. Power, phone and broadband available at the road!!

MLS 6024552 $39,900

Coyote Ridge Three 5A, private, beautifully wooded parcels close to town. Babbling, gurgling creek for your boundary. MLS 6021224 $45,000 - $65,000

78 Squint Lake Rd 5A surrounded on 2 sides by

State Land to the east. Fully surveyed and well-built private driveway. MLS 6024406 $39,900

Casper Hill Rd

19.6A just a few miles from town. Simple lean-to cabin to give you a head start on your get away. MLS 6023494 $45,000

Stonegate Rd

2A on public portion of desirable Stone Gate Road with lots of potential uses. Power, phone, and broadband are a stone’s throw away.

County Rd 7 Oversize lot on Co Rd 7 but inside the city. The obvious benefits of broadband and other services.

Railroad Drive

Broadway Ave Wonderful location, oversize lot is

MLS 6023743 $49,900

MLS 6025787 $48,000 NEW

1.7A in the heart of Lutsen. Gently rolling topography, mature trees. Convenient location.

MLS 6024624 $49,900

20A, great mix of trees, elevated lot, abuts Cascade State Park to the west, federal land to the north.

Raven Feather Rd - $119,900

Co Rd 7- $69,900

Beautifully wooded 7.7A. Septic sites id’d, building site has been identified. MLS 6019917

MLS 6022528 $19,900

government land. Convenient mid-trail location.

MLS 6020283 $62,900

Zeke’s Rd 20A with a mix of trees close to the west

MLS 6024916 $65,000

open to many opportunities for development and use.





Poplar Lake

Devil Track Lake



Tom Lake

Kemo Lake

Poplar Lake

Year-round, custom built, 4BR home on 4+A. 275’ of shore with dock in a secluded bay. Vaulted ceilings, log beams, lots of woodwork. Screen porch on full, walk-out lower level.

Perfect family retreat with 3 cabins situated on 2.2A with 153’ shore. 1+BR with enclosed porch, one-room bunkhouse, and two room cabin. All with a detached 30 x 40 garage.

Remote lake cabin located close to town! Fully furnished super cute cabin built to accommodate year round usage. 16A, 500’of shore of great trout fishing.

2BR fully furnished cabin, off grid with propane lights, heat and fridge. 220’ of shore with boat house. Nicely wooded lot, easy access to the lake and excellent water clarity.

Charming 2BR cabin tucked away in the trees with cozy northwoods feel. 1.5A, 156' of shore, nice-sized deck and great views of the lake, with BWCAW access. Solid rental history.

MLS 6019286 $599,900

MLS 6024348 $289,900 SOLD

MLS 6022457 $219,900

MLS 2313186 $114,900

MLS 6019270 $229,900

Devil Track Lake

Devil Track

4BR home just steps from the water’s edge on a peninsula! End-of-the-road privacy bordering DNR land. Dining area has sliding glass door to the stone patio!

6BR, 5BA screened in porch and multiple decks. 1.52A with 222’ shore; great swimming in a quieter bay on the main lake.

MLS 6025051 $229,900

MLS 6023530 $569,900

Birch Lake

Greenwood Lake

McFarland Lake

2BR full cedar log cabin with over 300 feet of shore! Cathedral ceilings, wood floors, LOTS of windows overlooking the lake, ¾ bath and gas appliances. Complete yearround generator/solar panel system.

MLS 6024623 $379,900

Gunflint Lake

Devil Track Lake

Devil Track Lake

Tucked into a quiet bay protected by Devil Point on the north shore of the lake! Year round, Berber carpet, southern windows, low maintenance and updated!

3BR, 2BA home on 1A, overlooking 150’ of shore. Whirlpool, walk-in shower, large sunroom with southern exposure. There is a fully furnished summer cabin also!

MLS 6025547 $289,900

MLS 6025687 $194,900

Seagull Lake

Poplar Lake

44A, 800+’ of shore, multiple rustic cabins, with propane lights, stove and fridge. Bordered 2 sides by Superior National Forest. All existing furniture, boats included.

3BR, 2BA cabin, open floor plan and 4 season porch. Private boat landing, huge garage, and Wildfire Sprinkler System. Multiple types of off grid operating systems so you can enjoy cell phone, electricity & running water.

Lovely year round 3BR, 2BA home. Large family room with propane fireplace and a nice sitting area. Also includes an older fixer upper cabin located at the water’s edge

3BR, loft, massive rock fireplace, kitchen with birch cabinets and island, walk out lower level with a family room and fireplace. BWCA lake with 400’shore on 6+A, abuts Federal land.

2BR, 2BA year round log home with 190’ shore. Stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, open floor plan, peaked wood ceiling, log beams and screened in porch.

MLS 6022641 $489,900

MLS 6025773 $314,900

MLS 6023141 $299,900

MLS 6022707 $549,900

MLS 6023210 $349,900

Lar ge Acr eage 110A W Highway 61 - $649,900 Wooded, year round land with multiple zoning.

MLS 2164180

120A Reason Rd - $109,900

Wooded with trails, wildlife and State land on 2 sides. 1.5 miles from public Tom Lake boat landing

West Twin Lake

Finely crafted 2BR, quality built log home with 1000’ shore. Sitting room with a hand crafted stone fireplace, This is inland lake living at its finest all with end-of-the-road privacy.

MLS 6023530 $339,900

Facebook.com/ cbnorthshore61 Coldwell Banker North Shore

Check out OUR BLOG at ColdwellBanker NorthShore. wordpress.com

MLS 6025476

120A Murmur Creek - $99,900

Excellent hunting land located south and east of Deer Yard Lake! Abuts Govt land on three sides.

MLS 6020470

170+ Camp 20 Rd - $169,900

Heavily forested land, many beautiful pine trees. Gravel pit on the northwest corner, State land to the south. MLS 6022459

DAILY UPDATES AT www.CBNorthShore.com




83A Camp 20 Rd - $79,900

40A Lima Grade Rd - $149,900

MLS 6025279

MLS 6022734

83A on Mons Creek, abuts Judge Magney State Park. Historical log cabin; abundant with wildlife.

80A Moose Valley Trail - $69,900

60A Island View Dr - $89,900

Colorful maple forest, perfect for hunting, hiking, or retreating!! Survey done; additional abutting lakeshore available.MLS 6025009

80A of private wilderness with a partial view of Lake Superior. Year-round living on a county maintained road. MLS 6021717

41A Camp 20 Rd - $46,900

Wooded with excellent building sites close to the Superior Hiking Trail. Surrounded by State Forest on 2 sides! MLS 6023519

43A County Road 7 - $299,900

Seasonal Lake Superior views, multiple zoning, electric at road. MLS 2170711



Solid tree coverage. Public land on all sides for maximum privacy! Rolling land and wildlife.

BOB CARTER 370-9054

101 West Hwy . 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604 info@cbnorthshore.com


Serving Cook County since 1971

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600+ of Lake Superior Shoreline

Grand Marais Custom Build

Windows Galore - Hovland

11+ ac, Workshop, Studio, Arena

$699,999 MLS# 6016038

$749,999 MLS# 6017587

322’ of Lake Superior Shoreline

Timber Frame Classic 201’ Lake Superior stair access, 4 Bed, 4 Bath, 3000+sq ft, Silver Bay $720,000 MLS#6021593

Lake Superior- Croftville Rd! Grand Marais- Driveway, Electric

Power, Driveway, Clearing, Stairs

$349,999 MLS# 6017106

Silver Bay $339,700 MLS# 6021564

Surfside Townhome- Tofte 3 Bed 3 Ba Great Rental Income History $189,000 MLS# 6025061

NEW LISTING- HOVLAND, NON MLS Main House, Guest House, approx 5 acres, 590’ ft of Lake Superior Shoreline, Sweeping Views

Urban Loft Living on pristine 10 acres, 4 Bed, 3 Bath, 3000+sq ft, Northfield $819,000 Call for Info

More LISTINGS on my websites, photo tours, & info. Have a Twin Cities Real Estate need? I can help there too! Let’s talk to discuss how I can help you!

Dave Lilja

call/text: 612-810-8779 email: dog28@me.com www.ThinkMinnesota.com NORTHERN  WILDS




Talk to Terry! Terry R. Backlund Broker/Owner

Lori A. Backlund Real Estate Agent

Phone: 218-387-1501 Cell: 218-370-8977 Terry@BacklundRealty.com 2441 CTY RD 7 GRAND MARAIS


New g Listin


Sale g n Pendi

5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Office + more. Fabulous kitchen, bath and gardens. Income potential lower level. MLS# 6025967 Price: $324,900

3 Bedroom 1 Bath 1176 Sq. ft. Large Kitchen MLS# TBD Price: $109,000



4 Bedroom 2 Bath Home 2 Car w/ Cabin. 216 Ft. Devil’s Track MLS# 6022415 Price: $359,900



Commercial Opportunity 2000+ sq. ft. main level and 2 apartments on 2nd level. Large lot. MLS# 2309298 Price: $479,500

2500 Sq. Ft. Commercial. Solid Renters. Great Location. MLS# TBD Price: $319,900


Sweet 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car on Lake Superior MLS# 6022172 Price $377,000

Cute and cozy MLS# 6022586 Price: $91,000





Location, Location, Location 4+ Bedroom 2 Bath MLS# 2313355 Price: $174,750


Talk to Terry!


Sale g n Pendi

ess n i s u B nit y u t r o Opp

3400+ sq. ft., Fireplace,, 3 Car Garage, Horse Barn, 4+ Acres 200 ft. lakeshore MLS# 6020291 Price: $329,000

6400 Sq. Ft. Commercial-ApartmentResidence. Cash streams galore. MLS# 6022592 Price $419,875

2500 Sq. Ft. Commercial Building/Turnkey Business Opportunity MLS# 6021526 Price: $240,000



4 Bedroom 3 Bath 2 Car 250 Ft. Lake Superior. Nightly Rental Potential MLS# 6022414 Price: $599,990

Phone: 218-387-1501 Cell: 218-370-8977 Terry@BacklundRealty.com 62



For results list your property here 4 Bedroom Classic Farmhouse 64 Acres with views. MLS# 6024158 Price: $269,000


see website for additional land listings


Snowy Owl I was headed out to the break wall by Artists Point in Grand Marais to photograph ice formations. Part way out I walked right up on this snowy owl that was resting on the rocks. It let me take a few images before it flew over the harbor and continued its journey south.—Paul Sundberg NORTHERN  WILDS



















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