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We All Start Somewhere Do you remember your first outdoors adventure? We bet that you do. Maybe it was a weekend of camping with your family. Maybe your Grandpa took you fishing. Or perhaps you went to summer camp. Whatever your first outdoor experience was, it’s likely you had a mentor to introduce you to the outdoors. The hardest part about enjoying the outdoors is getting started. This issue is devoted to beginners, because that is the starting point for everyone. While many of us living in the Northern Wilds take our outdoor fun for granted, we may forget that we have acquired the experience and equipment that makes it possible. But what seems routine to us, whether it is paddling in the Boundary Waters, catching a fish for dinner or simply taking the kids on an afternoon hike, can be a challenge for folks who have never before done these things. Our writers take an enthusiastic, many-pronged approach to sharing what they know with beginners. Kathy Toivonen kicks off this issue with a story about The Forest School, located in a rural area near Thunder Bay, where kids get to set their own nature-based curriculum. Eric Chandler sought advice from his adventurous son and daughter about how to hike with children. Julia Prinselaar waxes nostalgic about going smelting as a child; something she still enjoys doing every spring. As many of us turn a wishful eye toward what are likely

still snow-covered gardens, Casey Fitchett explains what it takes to be a successful northern gardener. Joe Friedrichs explains that planning your first canoe trip may not be as difficult as you think…or overthink. Erin Altemus provides a thorough rundown of the various emergency communication devices available to wilderness trippers, as well as some thoughts on their proper use. If you decide to try fishing while you are out there, Gord Ellis has advice about how to get started in angling without breaking the bank. Kelsey Roseth offers suggestions for choosing either a canoe or a kayak for your on-the-water adventures. Also in this issue is Chuck Viren’s tale about four experienced hikers who bite off as much as they can chew when they explore the rugged Lake Superior shoreline in Pukaskwa National Park. Maren Webb takes us on a tour of the dining institutions of her hometown, Two Harbors. Kim Falter explains what homeopathy is and isn’t. Micaella Penning takes us across the world to the crowded streets of Hanoi, Vietnam where she and a friend courageously traveled about the city on hug taxis. Elle Andra-Warner did a little digging to discover the past of Illgen City, which was once home to an Aztec-themed hotel. Dare we say it, but we are pleased with the mix of stories in this issue. We think that you will be, too.—Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt


FLIGH� PATH by NORM FOSTER a hilarious & touching tale

directed by THOM CUR�IE & featuring the return of


April 10-22, 2017


APRIL 2017

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“Canoeing with Kids” by Rob Drieslein

Snowshoe Hare by David Brislance


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APRIL 2017



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A Celebration of Community: Remembering the 2007 Ham Lake Fire Saturday, May 6, 2017 Seagull Lake Community Center, 7 Seagull Lake Access Road, 50 miles up the Gunflint Trail

3:00 Social Hour • 4:00 Food and refreshments provided by the GTVFD • 5:00 Program Please join us in a celebration of community as we share photos and stories of the Ham Lake Fire. Learn about a new Ham Lake Fire exhibit at Chik-Wauk Museum. Preview the USDA Forest Service interpretive sign to be installed at the Gunflint Lake overlook. Listen to presentations from several individuals involved in fighting the fire. Hosted by the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and the Gunflint Trail Historical Society 4

APRIL 2017


The Forest School curriculum is decided on by the students. Topics have ranged from the ecosystem of Lake Superior to pirates. | SUE HOLLOWAY

Kids get a natural education at The Forest School SOUTH GILLIES— In the rural community of South Gillies, there’s a tall wooden staircase that leads to a huge oval hobbit-like door. Through the door is a classroom like no other—you won’t find rows of desks and chairs like in a traditional classroom. Instead, in the centre of the room is a tree house and under the tree house is a puppet theatre. On the floor level is a window, and mosaics adorn the floor and walls. Every nook, hook, shelf and cubby is home to art supplies, books, bones, stones and microscopes. Then there is the other part of the school: the outdoors. It’s called The Forest School—A Centre for Hands-on Learning. (Not to be confused with the movement of nature-based learning generically called forest schools. However, both the movement and The Forest School have similar goals: to get kids outside and connected with nature.)  Sue Holloway has offered alternative learning programs since 2007 to children ages four to 14 on her property in South Gillies, about 30 km south of Thunder Bay. The Forest School curriculum is decided on by the students themselves. Ideas and interests are discussed and then a topic for the term is chosen by consensus. Studies have ranged from the ecosystem of Lake Superior, to pirates, war, peace and politics. 

well as outdoor education. Holloway also adds social and environmental elements to each topic. “I want to make the kids love nature enough that they care about it when they’re older,” said Holloway. One technique she uses to help children relate to nature is to have them see a plant—to be able to describe it and see its qualities—before giving it a name. For example, Walker described a plant with long leaves, as long as the plant is tall, with a long stem and multiple little yellow petals: a dandelion. 

Sue Holloway began The Forest School in 2007. | SUE HOLLOWAY “But it has to be realistic. No skydiving,” said Rowan, Holloway’s 10-year-old son. He and his 13-year-old brother, Walker, have attended the school since the beginning. All of the programs are age appropriate and address contemporary issues, as

Learning techniques can be self-directed, facilitated, explorative, experimental, and as hands-on as possible, which includes tours and outings. In a study of foods around the world, the students visited Roots to Harvest in Thunder Bay. They got to try on bee keeper suits, and watch and learn about bees and their importance in the environment. The unit ended with a service project: The Hunger Banquet, an interactive meal and a presentation on world hunger and poverty. The children sold the tickets and cooked the food for the banquet. But there was a twist; participants purchased tickets but didn’t know what their meal would be. To represent global reality, 60 percent of the

participants only got a bowl of rice, which represents a low income of under $1,000 per year; 25 percent got rice and beans, representing a middle income of $1,000$12,000; and 15 percent got a gourmet meal, representing a high income of over $12,000 per year. All of the proceeds went to Heifer International, an organization that provides livestock to communities in poverty around the world.  Three terms of programming are offered every year: fall, winter and spring. A typical day starts at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. However, last year, Holloway found that she was pressed for time. She asked the kids if they would like to go until 4:30 p.m., to which the children replied with a cheer. So the spring and fall terms have been extended. The Forest School operates three days per week: Mondays for children ages four to seven, and Tuesdays and Thursdays for children ages seven and older. Many students are home-schooled or attend public school and augment their education with the alternative learning offered at Holloway’s school, where education is based on the other three R’s: Respect, Resolve and Relate.  Learn more about The Forest School at: Or find The Forest School on Facebook.—Kathy Toivonen  NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


New to the outdoors? Just go for it! LUTSEN—The North Shore draws people like a magnet. Some people are pulled to it for its unique art culture; some for the ability to find peace and quiet from otherwise busy lives; and some for its quaint atmosphere of great food and northern shops. Still, others find themselves vacationing and living here for the abundance of outdoor adventure opportunities. Adam Krey, director of activities at Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior, is one of many who couldn’t say no to the countless trails, wide open water, and impressively maintained cross-country ski trails of the North Shore. Krey began his outdoor explorations with his family, as many people do. When he was 12, he went on a six-day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, with his parents and four brothers. After that, he became hooked on the outdoors. Years later, he went to college and spent his summers in New York, working at a camp where he fell further in love with the wonders of the outdoors. “I don’t know the route I would have taken if not for the summer camp I worked at during college. We had kids from difficult adult-like life situations who simply got to be kids again when exploring a trail or a frog pond,” said Krey.

Ellyn Peters climbing the Kadunce. | BAILEY WOLDING

After graduating college, Krey worked a variety of jobs, many of them seasonal. He spent time in Oregon leading backpacking-based wilderness therapy programs, in California teaching outdoor education, and sea kayaking in Alaska. According to Krey, his work has been “directed

toward gaining outdoor leadership experience” and has given him “ample time to be in a place for extended periods and to learn about those places on a more intimate level.” Throughout his many jobs in outdoor leadership, Krey has had the unique opportunity to see how vastly the natural world around us can affect people from all walks of life. “I think we can benefit most from what we learn outdoors, and there’s many layers to that. We learn things of ourselves, of our relationships, and of the place we’re immersed in, along with the hard skills to enjoy it or survive it. The benefits to our health go hand-in-hand with that, and there’s a real alive feeling to pushing your comfort level, feeling an adrenaline rush, or simply soaking in sounds that have become foreign to us in our own backyards. Idealistically, we learn why wilderness spaces and the great outdoors are important to take great care of,” said Krey. Krey has dedicated much of his life to exploring, preserving and helping others experience the great outdoors. As the activities director at Lutsen Resort, he desires to provide an exceptional outdoor experience to as many people as he can, with the hope that they will gain knowledge about themselves and the natural world. However, it is not necessary to take a guided tour at a resort or to grow up backpacking through National Parks to experience the beauty of the outdoors, especially when on the North Shore. “Just get out and do it!” said Ellyn Peters, a life-long resident of the North Shore and self-pro-

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APRIL 2017



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Ellyn Peters on a kayak adventure. | BAILEY WOLDING claimed adventure lover. “The best thing to do is to just make a plan and go do something outside. Go for a walk or hike after work; get into the habit of doing things like that. Soon, you’ll find yourself making plans for bigger and longer adventures.” Krey had similar advice for new explorers. “Start small and just go for it.” With the incredible network of hiking trails, inland lakes, and outfitters filled with maps and guide books, it is not difficult to find a place to start on the North Shore. State Park rangers are always happy to help direct visitors to the best vistas and trails. One of Peter’s favorite places on the North Shore is Cascade River State Park; it’s easily accessible and provides impressive waterfalls. She also

Adam Krey, the activities director at Lutsen Resort, enjoys spending time outdoors. | BAILEY WOLDING loves heading up the Gunflint Trail to spend time in the Boundary Waters. Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, and Grand Portage State Parks are also breathtaking and have many

trails for hikers of all levels. So lace up those hiking boots, fill that water bottle, and go see what the incredible outdoors can offer you.—Bailey Wolding

BEAVER BAY • SILVER BAY • FINLAND Beaver Bay Finland Silver Bay Lutsen

Split Rock Lighthouse

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5k Ham Run and Little Runts Run on the Gunflint Trail 10am Saturday, May 6, 2017 Start your running season with a one-of-a-kind race that winds its way through the Superior National Forest on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The Ham Run is fun for the whole family!

Can you hike 100 miles? NORTH SHORE—The North Country Trail Association (NCTA) is sponsoring the Hike 100 Challenge, which encourages people to get outside and hike 100 miles on the North Country National Scenic Trail—or NCT for short.


More information and registration at:

erior Natio up

l na


at Lutsen

Get Ready to Golf Superior National at Lutsen

Started last year in honor of the National Park Service’s Centennial (the NCT is administered by the National Park Service), the initial Hike 100 Challenge reached over 5,000 registrants. Of those, 1,768 successfully completed the Challenge, hailing from 28 states and Canada. Collectively, they walked at least 176,000 miles. An overwhelming majority of those who signed up were not involved with the NCTA before signing up and the NCTA has seen a corresponding increase in membership. The NCTA is now repeating the Challenge and invites you to participate. To learn more or to sign up for this free program, visit After signing up, you’ll be entered into regular prize giveaways. To complete the Challenge, you only need to hike 100 miles on the NCT before Dec. 31 and submit your completion online. The miles don’t need to be unique miles—meaning you could hike the same 1 mile 100 times or 100 miles once. The Superior Hiking Trail, Border Route Trail and Kekekabic Trails


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count, despite the fact they are still unofficial segments of the NCT. Note: learn more about the NCTA’s effort to make them official and what you can do to help at New this year is the second component of the Challenge–the Build It Challenge. For this optional challenge, the NCTA is asking folks to also get involved—attend a Chapter hike, participate in a trail workday, pick up trash on your next hike, donate, etc. People are also challenged to help spread the word about the NCT—invite friends to hike with you, invite friends to follow the NCTA on social media, pass out brochures to hiking friends, etc. Here is one family’s story from last year’s Hike 100 Challenge… “This challenge was one of several goals for my 70th year. Because the others took a long time and because of northern Minnesota’s legendary mosquitoes, I didn’t start until October. We had a gorgeous fall, then rain, a huge snowstorm, and below zero temps followed. The days got shorter and because I still work full-time it was tough to get it done just on weekends. But I finished—and getting to walk several times with my grandkids was frosting on the cake. Can’t wait to do it again in 2017,” said Myrna. Plan your hikes with the NCT interactive map at:

Soaring to purity NORTH SHORE— Even as the snow melts and signs of spring emerge, green-up can feel far away. Some birds return early though, and their lilting calls or soaring silhouettes can lift our eyes and spirits. Turkey vultures are one of the earliest returning migrants, even though they may have journeyed back from as far away as South America. They don’t have the jaunty colors of red-winged blackbirds, or a thrilling conk-la-ree! song, but by drawing our eyes skyward, they can still provide us with an early spring mood-boost. Although their soaring shapes are often mistaken for eagles, a couple of traits set turkey vultures apart. First, they soar with their gray-fingered wings in a V shape— which makes a handy mnemonic: V for vulture. Their flight also tends to look unsteady, as if they are dumping the wind. While it may make them look like awkward amateurs, this rocking flight probably helps them soar better at low altitudes. Turkey vultures are so good at finding and using rising thermals of warm air that they rarely need to flap their wings. Those rising thermals also carry the scent of dinner: ethyl mercaptan. This gas is found mixed with the propane in your tank, as well as wafting up from decaying animals. Both humans and turkey vultures can detect it at extremely low levels. This helps vultures find food beneath the forest canopy. Spring is a perfect time for vultures to return, since the melting snow often reveals all sorts of winter carcasses that need cleaned up. Tibetan Buddhists respect the birds for their role in cleansing the earth and continuing the food chain. They have ritualized this in “sky burials,” where vultures consume the dead.

Turkey vultures are one of the earliest returning migrants in the spring. | LARRY STONE

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Of course, the contents of their stomachs can also be exploited as a weapon. “Don’t get too close to a turkey vulture,” warned the park ranger on my first-grade field trip. “They’ll throw up all over you!” That warning stuck with me. Projectile vomiting has several benefits. It is a defense against potential predators, including humans. The foul-smelling mix of semi-digested meat and digestive fluids can sting if it reaches the predator’s eyes. Plus, if the vulture was just gorging on a roadside carcass, it probably needs to lighten its load before trying to launch an escape flight. While their stomachs kill some bacteria, their urine kills others. In order to keep clean while they feed on carcasses, turkey vultures urinate on themselves. This not only kills bacteria on their legs and feet, it also helps to cool them down. Despite what you may think, keeping clean is important to vultures. They preen their body feathers frequently, but they can’t preen their own head. The bare skin on their head—gray as a first year and red as an adult—allows turkey vultures to stick their head deep into the body cavities of dead animals to get at the choicest parts without getting any feathers gummed up. Then, sunlight sterilizes the skin. Although they may appear gross at first glance, turkey vulture’s scientific name— Cathartes aura—is quite appropriate. It means “purifying breeze.” What a lovely addition to spring.—Emily Stone

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Writer and environmentalist Edward Abbey wanted to be reincarnated as a vulture. In his book Desert Solitaire he wrote, “If my decomposing carcass helps nourish the roots of a juniper tree or the wings of a vulture—that is immortality enough for me. And as much as anyone deserves.”

On a practical level, the scavenging ways of turkey vultures help dispose of carcasses that could otherwise breed disease. And although they prefer fresh meat, they can tolerate pretty rotten fare. Turkey vultures have impressive immune systems that can ward off and even destroy the microbes that cause botulism, anthrax, cholera and salmonella. Their stomachs, gross as they may seem, help purify our world.

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The canoe vs. kayak challenge GRAND MARAIS— I’ll be frank; when I first received this assignment, I thought, ‘fantastic! This should go smoothly.’ I planned to research canoes and kayaks, and write the article so that an absolute beginner could read the piece, then simply pick one and get started. Then I met Jack Stone. The Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply owner laughed kindly and said what I was attempting to accomplish was nearly impossible. It’s not simply a matter of selecting the watercraft that’s easiest to paddle, or the boat with the best price point. That’s important, of course, but “your number one concern is what you are going to do with it,” said Stone. “It’s a big subject. It’s a wide subject.” Step into Stone Harbor and the team is trained to start by asking you about your goals. That’s really what determines which watercraft to use. If your dream is a 10-day trek into the Boundary Waters for camping and complete solitude, it’s best to take a canoe. “On a canoe trip you can take a lot of gear,” said Stone. “You can’t do that in a kayak.” But if you have a cabin on a lake, a kayak may be a better choice. There are many factors to consider when choosing between a canoe and a kayak. | STONE HARBOR

“The beauty of a kayak is that you’re on your own, and you’re paddling at your pace, and you’re on top of the water,” said Stone. “There is a certain wonderful feeling of being one with the boat, and one with whatever lake you are on.”


Plan Your


“A fascinating artist with all the indispensable qualities...who makes silences sound like music.” —The New York Times

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April 23 – 3:30 p.m.

Master Class for piano students. Free.

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Contact us to begin your family's adventure to canoe, rock climb and more, based out of Grand Marais.

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Stone Harbor in Grand Marais provides BWCAW canoe day trips, as well as summer kayak tours on Lake Superior. | STONE HARBOR Perhaps you picture yourself paddling across Lake Superior on a calm day in a kayak. Stone said, “As a beginner, you’re not going to be sitting out on Lake Superior.” That comes later. Stone Harbor will take beginners to test sea kayaks on Lake Superior, but only with a trained guide so that people stay safe. In Stone’s eyes, paddling the Big Lake is not for beginners. One aspect that people talk about a lot is the type of materials used to make the boats. It’s popular for people to want a lightweight craft, but what works for one per-

Skandia House

Bed & Breakfast

Simple Living 17 Second St. Nipigon, ON


son, may not work for another. “Forget what your friends have,” said Stone. “Weight should not be your number one concern.” Cost is also a major consideration for most people, but it’s not as simple as selecting the most reasonably-priced craft. The cost range is wide. Canoes can start, on average, at $1,000 for the boat, paddles, and a rack, and it goes up from there. Or, you can buy a kayak at a big box store or a used canoe for just a few hundred dollars. See how this topic is complicated?

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218.388.4454 · 800.533.5814 217 S. Gunflint Lk • Grand Marais, MN 55604

Hwy 61, Lutsen MN 218.663.7212 for Dinner Reservations

So here’s the secret: there are two factors of your purchase that should matter most. First, try out your boat with whatever, and whoever, you will be in the boat with. That includes your significant other, your fishing gear, your dog, your cat, your hedgehog—well, you get the idea. Always ask for a test run. Most importantly, “If I can leave people with one thing,” said Stone, “it’s to find a shop that has experience, and staff with patience who will spend time with you. Find people you can trust, and don’t just buy a canoe because the price is right.”—Kelsey Roseth

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APRIL 2017


Help us save special places!

Photo by Paul Sundberg

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Biologists warn that without wolves, Isle Royale’s moose will increase, over-browse their food supply and suffer a population crash due to starvation. | STOCK

Sivertson: Let Isle Royale wilderness manage itself ISLE ROYALE—The wolves on Lake Superior’s Isle Royale are dying out. The national park’s most famous residents have dwindled to two related and aging animals that are unlikely to breed. It won’t be long until the wolves are no more. In the past, wolves have occasionally traveled to the island when an ice bridge forms to the mainland. As the climate changes, Lake Superior freezes over less often, reducing the opportunities for wolves to make the crossing. Biologists warn that without wolves, the island’s moose will increase, over-browse their food supply and subsequently suffer a population crash due to starvation. To prevent that hypothetical scenario, some researchers have suggested stocking wolves on the island. Doing so would hopefully restore the predator-prey dynamic wildlife researchers have studied since the 1950s. Late last year, the National Park Service released a draft plan to release 20 to 30 wild-caught wolves in the park over a fiveyear period. But doing so, an already difficult task, is further complicated by the fact Isle Royale is a federally designated wilderness area. By law, wilderness is supposed to remain “untrammeled by man.” Stocking wolves on the island may not meet that legal definition. One person who thinks the Park Service proposal goes a step too far is Howard “Bud” Sivertson of Grand Marais. The 87-year-old artist and author grew up on the island, and works such as his book Once Upon an Island, can be viewed as an unofficial historian for the island’s commercial fishing era. In the past, he has served as a Park Service interpreter at 12

APRIL 2017


the historic Pete Edison Fishery. In a letter to the Feb. 25, 2017 edition of the Cook County News-Herald, Sivertson summed up his concerns with a simple statement: “Neither wolves nor moose are indigenous to Isle Royale.” Since the long-term study of wolves and moose is arguably the aspect of the national park with greatest renown, it may come as a surprise that both wolves and moose are a 20th Century phenomenon. Historically the island supported woodland caribou. I sat down with Sivertson recently to learn more about his perspectives on the park. Sivertson told me his family’s roots on the island date to 1892, when his grandfather purchased land and built a fishing camp there. His family, and many others, traveled to the island during the summer to fish lake trout and whitefish, then returned to the mainland for the winter. He said in 1935 a Norseman airplane carrying “five National Park Service honchos” taxied into his grandfather’s dock. They made him a take-it-or-leave-it offer of $400 for about 50 acres of land, buildings and docks. “They appealed to my grandfather’s patriotism and told him he was contributing to the creation of a wilderness for all of time,” he said. His grandfather was allowed to remain on the property until his death, when it reverted to the national park. He could not pass the property on to his children. “The Park Service took away my family’s heritage,” he said. “Deep inside, I’m angry about that.” He told me this story as a preface to

his observations about wolves, moose and wilderness. When his grandfather arrived at Isle Royale, it was populated with woodland caribou, which still remain on some islands on the Ontario portion of Lake Superior. This native species disappeared from Isle Royale early in the 20th Century, perhaps due to overhunting by sportsmen and settlers. Moose appeared around the same time. Where the moose came from is anyone’s guess. The official Park Service website says the first moose swam to the island. This is possible, because around this time caribou were disappearing on the mainland, while moose were moving in to take advantage of young forest habitat created by early logging and resultant wildfires. However, local folklore suggests moose were stocked on the island with wild animals captured near Baudette. Some speculate the stocking may have been carried out by a hunting lodge on the island at the time as a replacement for the caribou. Sivertson said the first wolves to appear on the island were “store bought” from a zoo in 1948-49. They were kept in a wire cage at the Pete Edison Fishery. When they got out of the cage, they began bothering campers and three out of four were shot and killed. The one that got away was named Big Jim and survived for several years. Wild wolves crossed over on the ice in 1950-51 and became established in 1952. Since then, wolf numbers have rose and fell based on the number of moose available as prey. Over time, inbreeding has limited the ability of the wolves to perpetuate themselves, leading to the present dilemma of pending extinction on the island. Should we allow that to occur? Or should we stock wolves on the island? For Sivertson, the answer is clear.

Some researchers have suggested stocking wolves on Isle Royale to increase the population. | STOCK

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He believes the National Park Service is facing pressure from the wildlife research community and tourism promoters, because both groups benefit from the continued presence of wolves on the island. If the wolves disappear, so, too, will the well-publicized predator-prey research project begun in the 1950s. But what about the moose? Without wolves to keep the population in check, they will likely damage the island’s vegetation due to over-browsing and die off due to starvation. “What would happen in a primeval wilderness?” Sivertson asks rhetorically. “Let the chips fall where they may. Let the wilderness manage itself. It is egotistical to think we know more than the wilderness.”—Shawn Perich

“The wolves there now are genuine, they came on their own,” he said. “As soon as you capture a wild wolf, it is no longer wild. As soon as you release that wolf on Isle Royale, it becomes a captive, because it can’t get off the island. I think that conflicts with the idea of Isle Royale as a wilderness untouched by man.”


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Northern Landscapes Festival

June 2 - 4, 2017

FEATURING Minnesota Public Radio’s

Paul Huttner

Women’s Expo Raffle Winners In March, Northern Wilds was an exhibitor at the Women’s Expo event at the Duluth DECC. Armed with freebies to giveaway, we also ran a drawing for prizes. The four lucky winners have been chosen and will be contacted soon. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Ashley Murphy, Duluth Waterfalls of Lake Superior’s North Shore 2017 Spring/Summer course catalog NOW OUT featuring over 200 classes!

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North House Folk School


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Annual Free Tree Seedling Giveaway at Hedstrom Lumber Offering White Pine and Norway Pine. Mix and match any variety up to a total of 250 seedlings per person. Persons interested should contact, or call 218-877-7030 before April 21st. Pickup date: May 5th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Easter Egg Fundraiser for Snacks & Packs Food Program

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$15 per family includes: • Brunch • Games • Crafts • Visit Easter Bunny 9 a.m. - Noon Easter Egg Hunt Outdoors: 10:30 a.m. Easter Cake Silent Auction – Raffle Drawings at Noon – Great Prizes! Call 218-387-3015 for more info. Special thanks to our sponsors: Johnson’s Grocery Store, CC Whole Foods Coop, GM Holiday Station Store, Nordic Electric, Security State Bank, GM State Bank, Dairy Queen, North Shore Care Center, Java Moose, Joynes’ Department Store, CC Extension, Lutsen Resort, and all our volunteers worth their weight in gold!


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Duluth Folk School begins enthusiastic second year DULUTH— Bryan French’s job fell victim to some budget cuts at the University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD) a few years back. He brainstormed his next move with Tim Bates, a staff member in the Recreational Sports Outdoor Program at UMD. French told the origin story. “I told Tim we should start a folk school. Tim gets a funny look on his face, pushes his chair back, goes into one of his file drawers, and pulls out a business plan. ‘Funny you should say that,’ he says.” That’s how the Duluth Folk School was born, with French and Bates as co-founders. Their paperwork went through in November 2015 and the school held its first class in May 2016.

things, build community, and have a good time. We say that everywhere we go.” The Duluth Folk School has offered classes in chainsaw use, bicycle maintenance, skijoring, knot tying, and sawhorse construction using timbers, to name a few. Upcoming classes include home brewing, sheep shearing, and canoe paddle construction. “When people think of a folk school,” French said, “a lot of people think they’re going to leave with a thing. But they could be leaving with a skill. They could be leaving with a competency they didn’t have previously.” The Duluth Folk School isn’t a non-profit, unlike its two neighboring schools.

The Duluth Folk School makes a trio in the Arrowhead Region, joining the Ely Folk School and the venerable North House Folk School in Grand Marais. The North House Folk School was founded in 1997, and the Ely Folk School, founded in May 2015, has a one-year head start on Duluth.

“We thought long and hard about non-profit vs. profit structure,” said French.

“We don’t view ourselves in competition with Ely or North House. We’re not trying to compete. We’re trying to supplement,” said French.

There are several examples of their commitment to this business model. A major storm in the summer of 2016 destroyed a yurt in Hartley Park—they donated money to help rebuild it. An upcoming class will teach basic woodworking—the end product will be kestrel boxes that will be given to the Friends of the Sax-Zim Bog. The Duluth Folk School also reclaimed wood from the floor of a church and the Duluth Rowing Club boathouse, so it could be reused at Camp Miller.

He then quoted John Latimer, of KAXE radio, as saying, “There should be a folk school in every community in the world.” What is a folk school? “A folk school in general is a place where people go to learn traditional skills, to learn crafts, to work with their hands and to experience life at a slower pace and at a more handson pace,” said French. He referenced the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina as the “juggernaut of folk schools.” French said, “The Duluth Folk School should do three things: teach people to do

Technically, the Duluth Folk School is an LLC, but Bates and French plan to act like a benefit corporation. Benefit corporations serve the shareholders, but also create public good and contribute to environmental stewardship.

Their goals include paying their instructors a good wage and doing business with local vendors. “We want to focus on providing opportunities based on instructors from the Twin Ports and surrounding communities,”

Arboreal Writing Contest GRAND MARAIS— Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais is holding an Arboreal Writing Contest, open to all ages. Participants are asked to submit a 300 word, tree-inspired story—fiction or nonfiction. Owner Gwen Danfelt provided a short story of her own. “In kindergarten, I brought home a white spruce seedling and dutifully planted in in my backyard. I worried over its slow growth compared to mine, but as I reached double digits it reached my height. Then there were a few years of yellow needles and sickly growth, perhaps mirroring my own angsty teenage floundering. But we overcame, my tree and I, and are now standing tall, productive members of our respective communities.” Winners will receive a book prize and have a chance to read their piece at Drury

Lane Books on Saturday, May 20, alongside Josh MacIvor-Andersen, the editor of Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, and author of On Heights & Hunger, a memoir of professional and competitive tree-climbing. Everyone is welcome to attend. MacIvor-Andersen will also read from his new anthology on arboreal nonfiction and share stories on writing and editing. Event will begin at 7 p.m. Entries must be emailed to by Saturday, April 29. Winners will be announced mid-May. For more info, contact Gwen Danfelt via email or call (218) 387-3370.

Tim Bates, co-founder of the Duluth Folk School. | BRYAN FRENCH said French. “We want to make it worth the instructors’ time.”

They need more classes to buy a building, but they need a building to hold more classes. However, French’s energy is contagious.

Sometimes, dealing with local vendors is more expensive, but French said, “It’s the right thing to do.”

“Everyone we speak with is enthusiastic about this idea. They say, ‘I love this idea!’ I believe that having a good, strong folk school is going to be part of why people want to come to Duluth. The fact that we are serving this community is one of Duluth’s competitive advantages,” French said. “Duluth has some pretty sweet stuff going on. I’d like to think we’re part of that.”

Right now, after paying their bills, they save funds for a permanent home. They currently float between four different locations in town, including a rented building in the Lincoln Park area of Duluth. “If we had a building, we could have ongoing classes. It’s a chicken or the egg thing,” said French.

For more on the Duluth Folk School, visit:—Eric Chandler

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White cedar, a common North Shore tree, has difficulty regenerating due to deer browsing. | SUBMITTED Fencing is available at reduced cost to help landowners protect tree seedlings from hungry deer. | SUBMITTED

Deer fencing available for North Shore landowners NORTH SHORE—The North Shore Forest Collaborative (NSFC) is providing low-cost fencing materials to private landowners who plant conifer seedlings on their North Shore property. The fencing prevents deer from eating the newly planted trees. Last spring, 38 participants planted and fenced over 1,000 white pine and white cedar trees on their properties along the Shore. An additional 3,000 white spruce trees, which do not require fencing, were planted. Private landowners wishing to plant pine or white cedar trees on their land within the NSFC area may apply to receive reduced-cost materials for deer exclosures. Qualified landowners may purchase materials at one-third normal retail cost. The package includes a 50foot roll of fencing, rebar and fabric mats with pins. This

is enough to make four or five exclosures about four feet in diameter. Priority will be given to landowners adjacent to Highway 61, those with an approved forest plan for their lands, or those who have participated in the Lost Forest training. Funding is also available to assist landowners who are physically unable to plant trees and erect exclosures on their property. These programs are being funded by a grant from the Weekes Family Foundation, with cooperation of Isak Hansen Hardware in Lutsen and Gooseberry State Park. An application form is available at the NSFC website at The enrollment deadline is April 7. Applicants will be contacted by phone or email and

provided further information if selected for the program, including how to pay and where to pick up the materials. Those not selected will be notified by email. The NSFC area is the Highway 61 corridor from Knife River and to the Canadian border. The area extends approximately three miles inland from Lake Superior. A map of the NSFC area is on the website.  Many birch trees along the North Shore are dead and dying, largely due to old age. Little new regeneration is coming in underneath. More details on why the birch trees are dying and what happened to the North Shore conifers can be found at the NSFC website. To successfully grow new trees, pine and white cedar seedlings must be protected from browsing deer. While the cost of acquiring seedlings for planting is minimal, the cost of material for the fencing is often prohibitive for private landowners. This is the second year of a continuing and growing NSFC program to provide financial assistance for purchasing fencing. Landowners are responsible for procuring their own tree seedlings, and various supplies of tree seedlings are listed on the resources page of the collaborative’s website. Additional information and videos on planting, erecting exclosures, and seedling sources is available at:

Planning to Plant Conifers on your property on the North Shore? Reduced cost deer fencing available through the North Shore Forest Collaborative. Landowners are encouraged to help restore conifers to the north shore by planting white pine and cedar and fencing the seedlings to protect them from browsing deer. But the cost of fencing materials is often prohibitive for landowners. Landowners within 3 miles of Lake Superior in Lake and Cook Counties can apply for reduced cost fencing available through the North Shore Forest Collaborative (NSFC). Further information and the application form are available on the NSFC website, at Program made possible by funding from Weekes Family Foundation.


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Encounter Elusive THE

The mysterious moose could be just around the corner on the Gunflint Trail. With hundreds of miles of trails, the search is part of the adventure.

Book your next adventure at

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Portaging is perhaps the most physically challenging aspect of a canoe trip. | BRIAN KNUTSON


t’s finally happening: your first trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

Kevin Kramer enjoys an annual trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. | AMBER KRAMER 18

APRIL 2017


You’ve secured the trip with a permit from the U. S. Forest Service. The adventure will launch from the entry point you spent hours researching and concluded was the ideal route. With a crisp map of the area in hand, you and the other members of your party prepare to work out the details of the trip. However, much to your surprise and halting your enthusiasm, the portage trails are long and apparently not marked by signs. Furthermore, you have no idea what a “rod” is when it comes to describing the distance between lakes. Suddenly, you feel overmatched and confused. And worst of all, the map is covered with a barrage of red dots decorating the terrain. You think the dots indicate campsites, but how do you know which one to choose? Like many aspects of planning a trip to the BWCAW, selecting a campsite can be overwhelming if you don’t break it down into its simplest form.

“Nothing on any map is going to indicate a good or bad campsite,” said Andy McDonnell, the co-owner of Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters, located up the Gunflint Trail. “The best way to find good campsites is to explore the lake you’re camping on, do some online research, or talk to an outfitter or someone who has been there before.” Indeed the complexities of planning that first trip to the BWCAW or Quetico Provincial Park—or even your 100th trip—can lead to an entanglement of emotions and even frustrations if not done properly. The beauty of that sentiment is that “properly” can be 1,000 different things depending on the individual or the group heading out to enjoy the wilderness in canoe country. Some enjoy establishing a base camp and doing lighter adventures from there. Others prefer a loop-style adventure or a through route, never covering the same ground twice. Some trips involve a dozen or more portages. Some have just one. There are no hard-and-fast rules.

“It’s important to set realistic goals on a canoe trip,” said Mike Seim, a co-owner of Rockwood Lodge and Canoe Outfitters. “Don’t try to cover a five-day route in three. Accept the fact your feet are going to get wet. Bring enough food and don’t rely on catching fish or you could jinx your luck and go hungry.” Realistic goals go hand-in-hand with preparation. And make no mistake, planning a trip can be the key to its ultimate success. For many people, planning a trip is considered part of the fun. Quinn McCloughan from Bearskin Outfitters up the Gunflint Trail said while planning a trip to the BWCAW is indeed part of the experience, flexibility in the proposed ‘plan’ is equally as important. “It’s important to leave room for adventure and discovery. There is so much access to information that people can start their trip knowing exactly what they’ll find at every campsite, lake, and portage,” McCloughan said. “And while knowing what to expect can increase your enjoyment of a trip, it also can lead to situations where people are so focused on a single destination they pay little attention to everything found along the way. And you will never enjoy a great campsite more than when it’s unexpected.” McCloughan said it’s a delicate balance between knowing too much and too little while preparing for your canoe trip. “For safety’s sake it’s better to err on the side of more information,” he added. “But leave room for the ability to make decisions in the moment on the trail.” Cliff Jacobson is a Wisconsin-based outdoors writer and a wilderness guide. He is also the author of more than a dozen top-selling books on camping and canoeing. When it comes to traveling in the Boundary Waters, Jacobson said it’s best to plan for rain and pack efficiently. “Pack everything in waterproof bags,” he said. “The best way is to line each big tripping pack with two heavy duty leaf-andlawn-sized plastic bags. Except for fishing gear and immediate needs, everything should be stuffed into packs. And every-

There are numerous locations to rent a canoe and other equipment based on where you’re entering the wilderness. | JOE FRIEDRICHS thing for a one week trip should fit into three large portage packs.” Indeed weather and other factors, such as weekend crowds, are difficult to control from the recreationist standpoint. And while certain variables are beyond control, when it comes to rain in the spring, summer or fall, Jacobson said there are ways to combat the curveball Mother Nature could toss your way. “Bring a generously sized tarp for rain and one or two poles for rigging,” he said. “They’re not heavy and a tarp provides a dry place to chat and cook in the rain.”

Though rigging a tarp isn’t exactly scientific by design, there are products and gear that can improve the overall quality of a trip. Durable, waterproof boots are key for getting in and out of a canoe and slogging through a muddy portage. The right water

ing and plan to eat your catch, Seim from Rockwood said “don’t forget the Shore Lunch and oil.” And when it comes to how far to travel during the course of a trip, it all goes back to staying flexible with the group’s agenda.

“…you will never enjoy a great campsite more than when it’s unexpected.” filter is important as well, and most outfitters suggest a gravity filter these days. A gravity filter involves collecting water in one bag, hanging it accordingly so the water drops down to another bag while passing through a filter along the way. The more traditional means of filtering water involves using a hand-pump system, and again it often depends on the individual. “Gravity filters are great, but because our trips always involve long travel days I personally prefer a pump filter, since you can filter water on the move,” McCloughan said. “Regardless, I wouldn’t recommend any filter that can’t be cleaned during your trip.” Other factors to consider on a canoe trip include what type of canoe to travel in, how much food to bring and how far to travel. The vast majority of canoeists recreating in the BWCAW do so in a Kevlar canoe as opposed to an aluminum or plastic model. Generally, Kevlar canoes are faster in the water, as well as lighter and therefore easier to portage. When it comes to food, freeze-dried meals are light and fairly easy to prepare at camp. If you’re fish-

And while there have been a variety of advancements in the camping industry— lighter canoes, stronger tents, warming sleeping bags, improved rain gear, etc.—the core concepts of traveling in the Boundary Waters region remain the same: paddle a canoe from point A to point B and do whatever brings you joy in the process. Planning the adventure is indeed a part of the process, as is the ability to handle and enjoy whatever nature offers. “Psychologically, we see a fair amount of people who put their canoe trip on a pedestal; where they start their trip dependent on circumstances out their control, hoping to create a great canoe trip,” said Ada Igoe, co-owner of Tuscarora. “These folks want perfect weather, great fishing, easy navigation, no crowds, all trip mates to get along at all times and amazing campsites. Part of taking a wilderness camping trip is accepting that many aspects of the trip are out of your control. A good, adaptable attitude is absolutely the most important thing you can bring on a canoe trip.”

Joe Friedrichs prepares to fish on Meeds Lake in the BWCAW. | MAGGIE FRIEDRICHS NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


Recent developments in newer safety technology has led many outdoor enthusiasts to reconsider their use. | ERIN ALTEMUS


Technology and wilderness seem to be in opposition of one another. After all, most of us head to the wilderness to get away from our screens. But when it comes to an emergency, technology may be a lifesaver—or at the very least, a tool that can go a long way in helping to get through a tough situation. And yet, experts caution, none of these tools can take the place of general preparedness for a backcountry trip as they are not 100 percent reliable or a substitute for wilderness skills. Here is a look at some emergency tools you might bring on your next wilderness trip.

THE CHOICES While some safety technology has been around for a long time, some recent developments in newer technologies, coupled with the price drop in their implementation, has led many outdoor enthusiasts to reconsider their use. A PLB or PERSONAL LOCATING DEVICE, is a small box device that has been used longest by marine vessels and aircraft. It is a radio beacon that when triggered by its user, sends out a satellite message to a network of search and rescue operations. These devices range in cost from $250-$500, but there is no subscription fee. Once you buy it, you register the device and then it’s ready to transmit a signal whenever the user flips a switch. The clear downside is that nothing more than an emergency distress signal is sent. There is no two-way communication. There have been plenty of cases where full search and rescue operations have been sent into a remote area, often at risk to the rescuers themselves, only to find a group that is not having a real emergency, or worse that the PLB was triggered inadvertently. A newer version of the PLB is the SPOT TRACKER. SPOTs have several possible advantages over the PLBs. These devices are now being used for more than just emergency situations. Sled dog races worldwide are sending SPOTs with each dog team so that mushing fans can follow mushers as they progress along the race trail. The SPOT sends a signal at a pre-programmed rate (every five minutes for example) to a satellite, which can then map the user’s progress. Similarly, a hiker might program their SPOT to transmit their location so that family at home knows the hiker’s whereabouts on the trail. 20

APRIL 2017


The Forest Service has a trip planning guide on their website for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. | ERIN ALTEMUS Like the PLB, a user can send an SOS signal that will relay a signal to search and rescue groups. But the SPOT can also be programmed to send a non-emergency message via text to family, such as “everything is going as planned.” SPOTs are priced around $150, but you must also pay a monthly or yearly user fee—typically $15/month or $150 year. Some features are extra. The newest step up from SPOT trackers are a device that has a screen closer to a cell phone and can do two-way text messages to any cell phone, show maps like any GPS, send a tracking signal or send an SOS signal if needed. Again, this uses satellite technology, so in theory, you can use it anywhere on the globe—though satellite connections are not always reliable. Made by Garmin and DeLorme, these INREACH DEVICES, as they are called, fall in the $200-$400 range, but also require a subscription service—similar in price to the SPOT trackers.

The most expensive tool, but perhaps the most useful, is the SATELLITE PHONE. Most satellite phones look like the first cell phones on the market—they are big. Buying a satellite phone generally costs over $500 and may be closer to $1,000, so most folks going on a backcountry trip opt to rent. Fortunately, this is an easy proposition via the internet and local outfitters. Phones rent for $20-$50 a week, depending on the phone. The satellite phone time is expensive—usually around $1/minute. You can pre-pay for minutes (cheaper) or pay for the minutes only if you use the phone. The biggest advantage here is that it’s a phone—you can talk to a human on the other end and work through a problem. Maybe you need to tell someone you will be a day late. Maybe there is a non-life threatening injury and you need information about how to treat it. Maybe you are in a remote place such as northern Canada, need to get picked up by a float plane and simply need to make sure the plane is coming. For not a huge investment, you can rent a phone and have the ability to make a call.

TECHNOLOGY AND WILDERNESS: FRIEND OR FOE? Once upon a time, there were pay phones at many of the put-in/ take-out spots around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Most of them are now gone. While numbers fluctuate from year to year, there are always new-to-the wilderness users out in the BWCAW. In the event of an extreme emergency in or around the BWCAW, a person or group could paddle to the nearest canoe landing, but if there is no pay phone, and no one around, what good will this do? The idea of an emergency device is appealing in the most dire situations. YMCA Camp Menogyn, a wilderness tripping camp for teens situated at the edge of the Boundary Waters, elected several years ago to start sending satellite phones on all of their trips. “The technology has become more reliable and the cost has come down, so they’ve become more practical. We don’t want to send them along for a false sense of security,” said Fred Sproat, program director at Menogyn. “It’s also a standard within the [outdoor] industry that we have adopted. More and more programs have started sending these into the field as a best practice,” said Sproat. For many years, the camp had been sending PLBs and then satellite phones on longer trips that forayed into Alaska, Canada and mountain ranges in the west. Now, every trip takes a phone. Sproat said there have been changes in how the camp uses the phones as well. “Back in the day, using the phone was only in the case of an emergency. Now, as they’ve been going out on every trip, we see folks calling in with reroute changes. We’re getting more calls for less serious situations. Maybe a group set out with a more ambitious route, but they can call and arrange a shorter route and different pick-up.” One thing to consider, said Sproat, is that the phones don’t always connect immediately. Sometimes you get 30 seconds to talk before the signal is lost, so the importance of succinct communication is stressed. “It’s not a magic bullet, but it is a tool that can help resolve a situation,” Sproat said. One example Sproat pointed to is that especially in the mountain west and Canada, many groups have called in with sightings of smoke or smoke blowing in. Menogyn can help the group obtain updated information from local authorities about where the fires are actually located.

SPOT trackers are available as a basic no-frills model or with additional capabilities. | ERIN ALTEMUS Menogyn also sends SPOT trackers on longer trips as a piece of redundancy emergency equipment. Sproat likes that the SPOT can send a pre-programmed message that is not necessarily for an emergency, such as “We are fine, but we are going to be a day late.” Sproat stressed that a wilderness experience is such a great way to unplug and get away from all the distractions that come with technology, and these electronics are great tools, but keeping them as emergency tools is important. According to Kristina Reichenbach, media spokesperson for the Superior National Forest, another thing to consider is how an intrusion from a rescue operation may impact other users’ experience. For any rescue situation, whether preventable or not, there is often a need for motorized use (something that has to be approved), a large group of rescuers, and sometimes even a plane. “It’s an intrusion on what people go in there for,” said Reichenbach. Her message is also to plan ahead and prepare. “These are nice things to have, but it’s not a good idea to depend on them. Know where you are going, so if your GPS poops out, you can find your way out. Know your limits. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Have good equipment. If someone’s a first timer and not sure about their abilities, go to a service that can help with equipment, or consider a guided service. Before you leave home, leave an itinerary so folks know when you are going out and when you are coming back.” Menogyn’s Sproat sums it up best. “Just because you can make a call, doesn’t mean it will save your butt. You still need the tools, strong judgment and training to make it through a wilderness area.”

An emergency device should be a back-up to careful trip planning and good judgment in the wilderness. | ERIN ALTEMUS NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


Diane Booth’s gardening space. | DIANE BOOTH She has had success growing just about everything she has tried over the years, from sweet potatoes to melons. Her list also includes corn, tomatoes, winter squash, eggplant, popcorn and wheat, in addition to the staples like potatoes, beans, onions, cucumbers, peas, lettuce, broccoli and rutabagas. Her set up includes a conventional system with two large spaces, each with a different climate. Having the two different spaces allows her to rotate crops and garden space with cover crops. She’s had these two spaces in operation for just about 30 years. Her primary advice to beginner gardeners in the northland is to learn about the specific region in which they live—both through hands-on experience and books. The Cook County Extension group releases a recommended vegetable variety list every three years, as well as lists for large and small fruits, annual flowers, perennial flowers, trees and shrubs. This list includes suggested vegetable varieties for home growers in Minnesota, with a special distinction given to varieties that are more likely to grow in the northern segment of the state.

The Weberg greenhouse, constructed in spring 2015. | AMANDA WEBERG

The Challenge of Northern Gardening By Casey Fitchett

In northeastern Minnesota, it often seems like winter dominates the year. As the flakes fall and snow accumulates, it's hard sometimes to remember the soil under the frozen layers that is ready to help hopeful growers produce summer vegetables. Many gardeners in this corner of the world lament the short growing season and are forced to be very methodical to prepare themselves for the few months of sufficient sunlight and warmth. For these gardeners, the excitement of spring extends beyond the change in outdoor recreation opportunities; they are anxious to get their seeds in the soil and yearn to be tending to their crop. Growing crops on the North Shore is a natural extension for many residents who appreciate the subsistence lifestyle. Gardeners from Duluth to Thunder Bay have a

APRIL 2017

North Shore resident and Master Gardener Diane Booth knows that being a successful gardener in the north can be tricky. She attributes her interest in gardening from growing up on her grandparents' farm. “My grandmother was a fabulous gardener and little did I know I was absorbing all those little tidbits she shared with us,” Booth said. Armed with a background in biology and numerous classes to become a University of Minnesota Master Gardener, Minnesota Tree Inspector, Tree Care Advisor and Master Home Food Preserver, Booth is widely considered a go-to for gardening questions in the Cook County area.

Despite many years of great harvests, Booth also has had efforts that have not gone the way she intended. Attempting to grow red rhubarb proved an unexpected challenge, but not unheard of in the world of experienced gardeners. “Everyone in the county has beautiful rhubarb, even if they aren't trying to grow it,” she explained. “I have tried three different plantings of red rhubarb in three different locations and they always end up with disease; it doesn’t matter if I apply straw mulch or remove any diseased leaves. When you talk to gardeners, sometimes there is


trees shrubs annuals perenials vines groundcovers pottery baskets stoneplanters trellises herbs seeds bulbs 22

variety of plot arrangements, from small raised beds in the town of Grand Marais, to larger plots or greenhouses capable of producing quantities to freeze, can or dry.

“Many of these recommendations have been made after either personally growing them or talking with reputable gardeners throughout the county,” she explains. “I would recommend beginner gardeners to come by the Extension office and talk with me about where they are located in Cook County. Because we have so many different microclimates, it is hard to recommend specific plantings unless I know their locations and what they want to grow.”

Resurrection of Our Lord Easter Worship Sunday April 16 Phone: 218-353-7726 6185 Lax Lake Rd., Finland, MN

midway between Duluth & Grand Marais


9:00 A.M.

(new Sunday worship time)

4957 E Hwy 61 Hovland • 218-475-2439

Like Booth, Weberg recommends that beginner gardeners combine wisdom from books, websites and classes with the knowledge of a local mentor to get the most out of the experience. “Each year presents new challenges, so it’s always a learning experience,” she said. “We hope that someday we have the expertise to help others improve their gardening skills.” The Master Gardening groups in Duluth, Grand Marais and Thunder Bay are active and ready to help beginner gardeners get the most out of the upcoming growing season. Events put on by the Thunder Bay group include workshops about thrifty gardening, information sessions on native bees and how to garden with them in mind, in addition to an early summer plant sale. The Cook County plant enthusiasts meet once a month from January through October and are available to offer tips and advice during classes or tours. They are on-call to answer questions and many will take the time to give individual, one-on-

As with many who live in the middle of a town, the growing space for Amanda Weberg is limited. A transplant from the state of Virginia, her gardening skills didn't transfer as well as she would have hoped during her first summer on the Shore. “That summer was cool, and the bed was in a pretty shaded location. I don't think we harvested anything from that effort,” she said. “Our gardening experiences in Virginia clearly didn't translate to our new location.” After attending a class on container gardening at the Community Center in Grand Marais, Weberg and her partner

For hopefuls wanting to submit questions electronically, the Duluth News Tribune publishes “Ask a Master Gardener,” Q&A's about anything from guides to starting seeds to tips for growing cilantro. The responses from the master gardeners are archived and can be viewed at any time. News about plant sales, seminars and workshops is available through the Northern Gardener website. The site, which also includes information about garden clubs across the state, has a mission to help gardeners in plant hardy Zones 3, 4 and 5 and has options for membership benefits. Visit for more information.

Goodbye lawn mower. Hello mama nature.

Vegetables grown by Amanda Weberg. | AMANDA WEBERG one or two plants that no matter what they do, just seem to elude their efforts to grow.”

one attention. For truly visual and handson learners, some of the volunteers will even make house calls to help with planting suggestions.

built a small greenhouse and added some additional raised beds. They also invested in lighting and heat mats to start their own seeds.

Support declining populations of monarch

Weberg has had success growing things like green beans, broccoli, leafy greens, beets and carrots in her raised beds. Her small greenhouse lends itself well to growing peppers and potatoes have come through in her straw set-up. It hasn't all been a rose garden, however. 218.341.5286

by creating a lawn space your family and your community will enjoy every day of the year.

Flowers | Grasses | Sedges | Shrubs | Trees | Rushes

“Last summer we kept the tomatoes in the greenhouse, and they didn't really like that. Too much heat or possibly not the ideal soil mixture had us battling blossom end rot all season,” she explained. “We also ran out of room in the raised beds and tried summer squash in containers; that was a complete flop.”

Organic Soil & Soil Amendments

We carry northern-grown seeds g n i Spr g n i t n a l P ! e r e H s t Star

Happy to sponsor WTIP’s Northern Gardening Program


• Shallots • Organic Seed Potatoes

• Onion Sets • Garlic • Bulbs

Open 7 Days A Week · Downtown Grand Marais · 218-387-2280 · NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


By Breana Roy

Introspective Visions

On Saturday, April 22, Lakehead Art Collective (sponsored by Six Degrees of Freedom) in Thunder Bay will present Introspective Visions, a juried exhibit featuring 11 local artists. Held from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Airlane Hotel, the exhibit was organized by watercolor artist Biljana Baker and features mediums of all kinds. The exhibit will then be on display at the Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery in Toronto from May 2-30. Participating artists are Lee Fidler, Julie Cosgrove, Keith Bowey, Biljana Baker, Danielle Kantola, Lesli Shaw, Tom Shewchuk, Stephanie Siemieniuk, Cree Stevens, Eugene Vandal and Greg Zelinski. Visit for more details.

“Stepping Out,” by watercolor artist Lee Fidler. | LEE FIDLER

Watercolor artist Danielle Kantola created this stunning piece, titled “Winds of Change.” | DANIELLE KANTOLA

“Thunder Bay Harbor,” created by watercolor artist Biljana Baker. | BILJANA BAKER

Eugene Vandal created this original acrylic painting, titled “Forest Floor.” | EUGENE VANDAL 24

APRIL 2017


“Curious Encounters,” created by acrylic artist Julie Cosgrove. | JULIE COSGROVE

“Wiigwaas Transformation Mask,” is a mixed media painting on wood panel. | CREE STEVENS

A Student of Nature with a Gift for Songwriting By Casey Fitchett “I moved to the North Shore in 1982 because I wanted to live in an area that I loved. It turns out it ended up being a great place to not only write but also perform music,” he explained. Over the course of recording eight albums, Paulik has realized what is important to him when it comes to writing music: the spirit behind the songs. At the beginning of his career, he favored the technical aspects of playing and was more concerned with the precision of the music. The focus now is to make every measure count towards the whole, and to make sure he conveys the story of the song. Though the vast majority of his music is original work, his latest 110-minute album, a two-disk set, includes two cover songs. “One of those [covers] is 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,' and the reason is that almost every gig, someone asks for a recording of me doing that song,” said Paulik. Covering this song is fitting, as his acoustic music is similar to Gordon Lightfoot. The people coming to his shows propel him forward and give him a reason to keep writing and playing. He knows the shows with the smallest number of people can turn out to have the biggest energy. True to his outdoor lifestyle, he has a special appreciation for playing at campfires on the Shore. When considering a favorite place to play, however, the singer-songwriter believes that every gig can be better than the last. “Honestly, there is no such thing as a favorite type of gig because as soon as I say that, I have a gig that was finer than the one I speak of,” said Paulik. “To me, enjoying gigs is really about acknowledging that every gig is treated as your last; every gig is the best.” Joe Paulik treats every performance as his last. | JOE PAULIK In many ways, singer-songwriter Joe Paulik embodies the North Woods. His connection to the land and the natural surroundings gives his song writing an extra edge and adds a sense of place. With a following of visitors and tourists alike, he has been entertaining along the shores of Superior for over 30 years. It was the “Sound of Music” musical that sparked a fire in a four-year-old boy that still burns today. Some of his earliest memories include original songs playing in his head that he later recognized to be a propensity towards songwriting. Years after attempting to pick out Edelweiss on the piano, Paulik took his life to a place where he felt a connection.

A student of nature, Paulik listens intently to tracks of birds, animals, insects, water and wind to better understand its language. Attending Tom Brown's “Nature, Tracking and Wilderness Survival School” has had an indescribable impact on the way he views nature and philosophy. Though motives for playing music vary among musicians, Paulik sees himself as relaying a gift that was bestowed on him from somewhere else. An unaltered passion makes him a great vessel and allows him to transfer his energy to his audiences. “I am a songwriter; a bird singing its song. I do it because my music and writing have been there since I was four years old,” he explains. “It is a commons from somewhere else. I believe my songs are gifts from somewhere else and I am merely a conduit. I truly love what I do.”

Breana’s Pick OF THE MONTH

In this issue, we have stories for the beginner gardener, fisherman and camper. But what about artist? Well thanks to painting classes, you too can try your hand with a paintbrush. On The Rocks Art Studio and Gallery, located in Duluth, offer group classes with step-by-step instruction from an experienced artist, allowing you to create your own acrylic masterpiece. Sue O’Quinn and her family recently took advantage of this opportunity. For more info, visit

Quilts such as this one, by Evelyn Ponka, can be seen at the Superior Quilt Show in Thunder Bay, April 28-30. | EVELYN PONKA

EXHIBITS Feb. 23-April 9

Elizabeth Kuth: Rooted Expression Duluth Art Institute, Carla Hamilton: Gezielt (Targeted) Duluth Art Institute,

March 24-April 9

Kindling Curiosity: Lighting the Creative Spark Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais,

March 25-April 29 Urban Infill: Art in the Core 11 Thunder Bay Waterfront District,

March 31-April 16

Lakehead University Annual Major Studio Exhibition (reception April 7 at 7:30 p.m.) Thunder Bay Art Gallery,

April 1, Saturday ECR Art Auction 5 p.m. Amici’s Event Center, Ely,

April 3, Monday

Ely Past Times: A Town’s Proud History 5 p.m. Art & Soul Gallery, Ely (218) 365-7300

April 4-28

Members Exhibition Baggage Building Arts Center, Thunder Bay (807) 684-2063

April 4-30

Annual Student Exhibition Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth,

April 8, Saturday

Walls & Bridges: A Poetry & Pottery Slam 11 a.m. Betsy Bowen Gallery, Grand Marais,

April 21-May 14

Cook County High School Student Art Exhibit Johnson Heritage Post, Grand Marais,

April 22, Saturday

Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop 10 a.m. Various Galleries, Duluth (218) 722-1451 Lakehead Art Collective: Introspective Visions 10 a.m. Airlane Hotel, Thunder Bay

April 28-30

Superior Quilt Show 10 a.m. (Noon on Fri.) CLE Coliseum, Thunder Bay,


APRIL 2017




FRI-SUN 4/14-16, SAT & SUN 4/22 & 23, 4/29 & 30


4/3-4/9: Mon-Thurs 3pm-11pm; Fri 3pm-1am; Sat 11am-1am; Sun 11am-6pm 4/13-4/30: Fri & Sat 3pm-Midnight 5/5-5/20: Fri & Sat 4pm-11pm Memorial Day Weekend: Fri 4pm-11pm, Sat & Sun 11am-11pm

Giant Easter Egg

A P R I L 7 - 9 • M U S I C F E S T I VA L • 1 0 B A N D S





SUNDAY – 4/9





Midwest Extreme

Challenge Snowmobile with Northway Sports Lutsen Mountains ~ APRIL 22 & 23

43 5 0

mountains days each blackout dates




APRIL 2017


German pianist Andreas Klein will perform at the Grand Marais Bethlehem Lutheran Church on April 22. | SUBMITTED


The 51st annual Arrowhead Home and Builders Show will cover the entire complex of the DECC in Duluth, featuring hundreds of exhibitors and vendors of all kinds, as well as a variety of activities and entertainment for the whole family. This year’s show will include a fully furnished and landscaped model home, as well as a tiny home on display. The wacky barbequing duo Mad Dog and Merrill will make an appearance, grilling a variety of foods and providing recipes for you to try. Joey Green, the guru of weird uses for brandname products will also be in attendance, providing outlandish demos while sharing hundreds of inventive ways to save money. Also featured is the Great Gardening Show, discounts from vendors and informative seminars. The Arrowhead Home and Builders Show features hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, as well as activities for the kids. | SUBMITTED

Kids will enjoy the Parakeet Landing enclosure where friendly, colorful birds land on your arms and head. There’s also free face painting, balloon animals, and the Rainbow Kids Zone with indoor swing sets. New this year is the 9/11 Exhibit and Procession. Stephen Siller, a New York firefighter, gave his life to help others on 9/11. In return, his family estab-

lished the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. In Sept. 2013, the foundation dedicated the 9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit. Welcomed around the country, the mobile exhibit—a high tech, 53-foot tractor-trailer, which unfolds into a 1,100-square foot exhibit—serves as a poignant reminder of that infamous day. The exhibit will be making its first appearance in Duluth in conjunction with the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show. At 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 2, there will be a procession of emergency vehicles with their lights on to escort the 9/11 exhibit into Duluth. The procession will take place on the lower side of Railroad Street, in front of the DECC lot, and onto Harbor Drive. The Arrowhead Home and Builders Show will be held from 5-10 p.m. April 5-6; 11 a.m.-10 p.m. April 7-8; and 11 a.m.-5 p.m. April 9. Cost to attend the show is $10 for adults and $6 for students; ages five and under are free. Admission to the show gains you entry to the 9/11 exhibit. NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


51st Annual Arrowhead

April 5-9 2017

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

Great Fun for the Entire Family! Visit us online at

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First Time Ever!

Superior Quilt Show April 28-30 $5 admission Friday noon-9pm Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday10am-3pm

Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Coliseum Bldg 425 Northern Ave, Thunder Bay


Tours guided by FDNY Firefighters who survived 9/11

Earth Fest brings the whole community together to explore sustainability. Saturday, April 22, 9 AM - 4 PM • Locally-made Marketplace • Exhibits/demonstrations on planetary, community and personal wellness • Local food - Natural Harvest Co-op and the Shop Coffeehouse • Live local music - Christopher David Hanson Band • Farm animals, nature hikes, bike rides, hands-on experiments and more!

Joey Green’s Magic Health Remedies

Mobile Housing & RV

Easter activities will be held at various locations along the Shore. | STOCK


April 4, Tuesday Join Aaron Twait from the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence, and Cook County Assessor Todd Smith, to learn what you really need to know about Minnesota Property Taxes. This free workshop will be held from 6-8 p.m. at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in Grand Marais. Call (218) 387-2079 or email

Locations: Mountain Iron Community Center, Merritt Elem. School and Messiah Lutheran Church, Mountain Iron

Details at:

Lowest Priced Manufactured Home ever! Modular & Manufactured Homes By SCHULT MFG, INC. Professionally landscaped by Grussendorf Landscaping, Inc.

Hundreds of Displays ENTIRE COMPLEX! Tour the New

Tiny Home Exhibit

Check out the New Rainbow Kids Zone

Builder Bob “How To” Seminars FREE Face Painting presented daily. Animal Balloons! Pick up your $2 coupon at

and other fine retailers. Coupon valid thru Friday at 5pm.

Admission: Adults ..........................$10.00 Students (6-17) ............ $6.00 Kids (5 & under) ............. Free Exhibit Hours Wed. & Thurs ....5pm to 10pm Fri. & Sat.........11am to 10pm Sunday .............11am to 5pm

While at the Arrowhead Home & Builders Show stay at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Radisson Hotel or Pier B Resort. Sponsored by Arrowhead Builders Association


APRIL 2017



April 8-9 Join in the annual Mountain Meltdown bash at Lutsen Mountains, featuring 10 bands on an outdoor stage (weather permitting), a beer garden and barbecue. Enjoy free music from 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m. all day Saturday and Sunday, followed by late night live music at Papa Charlie’s. Performances include the Spruce Roots, Feeding Leroy, Ginstrings, Floydian Slip, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Briand Morrison and Sam Miltich, Cook County’s Most Wanted, and the Evergreen Grass Band.


Parakeet Landing

Interact with Hundreds of Parakeets!

The show will be held from 4 p.m.-9 p.m. on Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.


April 6-9 & 21-23 Lake Superior Community Theatre presents The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon. Staring performers George Starkovich and Dan Waxlax, this comedy play is about two old vaudevillians who worked together for 43 years, but hated each other. After being apart for 11 years, a television network wants them to perform their signature skits together again; but can they get along? The Sunshine Boys will perform April 6-9 at 7 p.m. (2 p.m. on Sunday) at the Kelly High School auditorium in Silver Bay. They will also perform April 21-23 at 7 p.m. (2 p.m. on Sunday) at the Two Harbors High School auditorium. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for youth and can be purchased online or at the door.


April 7-9 See the latest in home and garden products at the Thunder Bay Spring Home and Garden Show, held on the CLE grounds. This year, there will be exhibitors in five different venues, plus an expanded outdoor display area. There will also be craft and merchandise tables, attendance prizes, and the Country Market will be onsite. Admission is $2 and parking is free.

April 10-11 Free and open to the public, “Sea of Bowls,” a gallery-style preview of the traditional Empty Bowl event, will be held on Monday, April 10, from 5-7 p.m. Bowls range in price from $25-$100. Then, attend the 24th annual Empty Bowl on Tuesday, April 11, from 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m. For a $20 admission fee, participants can choose a handcrafted bowl created by area professional artists, community members and kids. Dine on soup, bread and beverages donated by area restaurants, while enjoying local entertainment. There will also be a silent auction, featuring the works of professional regional artists. Both events will be held at the Duluth Depot and all net proceeds benefit Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.


April 15-16 Easter activities are taking place all along the Shore, starting with the 8th annual Cook County Kids Plus Easter Egg Fundraiser on Saturday, April 15. Enjoy a morning filled with brunch, games, crafts, raffle prizes, and an Easter Cake silent auction. The Easter Bunny will also make an appearance and there will be an Easter egg hunt outdoors at 10:30 a.m. Activities will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at the

Jay Bernard will be speaking at the Journey to Life Dinner. | SUBMITTED Cook County Community Center in Grand Marais. Cost to attend is $15 per family. Call (218) 387-3015 for more info. The AmericInn in Silver Bay will be holding an Easter breakfast buffet with a waffle bar, starting at 6 a.m. on Sunday, April 16. Cost is $6.50 per person; free for hotel guests. Then, at 8 a.m. the Easter Bunny will arrive for photos, followed by an Easter egg hunt at 9 a.m. Kamloops Restaurant in Two Harbors will also serve an Easter brunch buffet on Sunday, April 16 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Watch over 10 documentary films at the Environmental Film Festival. | SUBMITTED

Located in Superior Shores Lodge and Resort, the buffet will include eggs, French toast, smoked ham, potatoes, herb roasted sirloin, smoked fish, bacon, fresh fruit, made-to-order pastas and omelets, international salads, desserts and more. Cost is $22 for adults and $11 for kids. Also on Sunday, the Red Lion Smokehouse in Thunder Bay will hold a Blue Grass Easter Brunch event from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., featuring live music, a brunch menu and tasty cocktails.


April 19, Wednesday Spend an inspirational evening with Jay Barnard, Chef Recovery. Hear Bernard’s story and discover how he went from living a nightmare to living his dreams. The evening will include the “Step Into My Shoes” interactive experience, a silent auction, a full meal and the incredible story of Bernard and his road to recovery. The event will be held from 5:30-9 p.m. at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay. Tickets can be purchased online. All funds raised will support the Thunder Bay Salvation Army.


April 19-23 The 8th annual Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival will screen over 10 excellent documentary films, highlighting environmental and social issues. There will also be filmmaker discussions, a youth project and gala event. Festival will be held at the Bora Laskin Theatre, located on the Lakehead University Campus. Cost to attend is free; donations appreciated. The festival is organized by the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Network.

Solar Day Camp for Kids

Friday, May 12th (no school) 9am to 3pm Log BUilding, CC Community Center A day of fun, hands-on activities for kids age 8-14. Learn how the sun is used to grow things, cook food, heat water & generate electricity. Parents welcome.




Children’s Area FREE Facepainting, Inflatable, Arts, Crafts, PRIZES

Sponsored by the Cook County Local Energy Project

WIN a Stay-Cation from

Please RSVP to:

Victoria Inn Thunder Bay! Thunder Bay & District Master Gardeners

Spring Workshop

Saturday, May 6, 9:30 am-3 pm Confederation College, Thunder Bay

Guest Speaker: Common Native Bees Heather Holm Their Life Cycle, Foraging Behavior and A horticulturist and Role in the Pollination of Native Plants biologist who Gardening for Bees and Butterflies educates about the Nesting, Host Plants, fascinating world Food, and Plants they Pollinate of pollinators, $ beneficial insects, For more information: and native plants.



Sat. Feature Entertainers “21 Gun Fun” Music from Canada, the USA, and around the World Imported Beers & Wines Sat. 7:30pm SO HOT! International Foods & Entertainment Sat. May 6 - 12 noon to 11pm ADMISSION Sun. May 7 - 12 noon to 7pm Adults $5 Fort William Gardens & Curling Club Students/Seniors $3 901 E. Miles Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario Children 4-12 $1 (prices in Canadian dollars) NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


25% off Nightly Camping for Canadians in May

We’d like to give our neighbours a break. | 800-998-0959 TENTS TO RVS | MARINA | GOLF | COBBLESTONE BEACHES

Canoeing & Fishing Outfitters

Wabakimi Wilderness Park Wilder and larger than BWCA and Quetico combined! Last year Wabakimi saw 700 paddlers—ALL season!

- Unique access by train and floatplane. - The only full-service canoe outfitter for Wabakimi. - Main base B&B plus 6 remote fishing outposts.

- Full or partial outfitting, with or without guides. - Permits, maps, route planning and shuttles. - Quote this Code # NW0516 for a free $100 gift certificate.

Earth Fest is a fun learning opportunity for the whole family. | SUBMITTED


April 21-22 Head to Bluefin Bay in Tofte for the 7th annual WTIP’s Fingerstyle Masters Weekend. The event will kick-off with a free, informal concert at 8 p.m., featuring Gordon Thorne and Friends playing blues, swing and early Americana. On Saturday, all ages are welcome to attend one of two workshops at 10 a.m.—a Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with Richard Smith and Gordon Thorne; or a Fiddle Workshop with Tom Shaefer. Cost to attend is $60; pre-registration required. The weekend will conclude with a concert at 7:30 p.m., featuring Richard Smith; located in the upper room of the Bluefin Grille. Cost to attend is $20. To reserve a concert ticket or pre-register for a class, contact Gordon Thorne at (218) 353-7308 or email

- Call Bruce Hyer (park co-creator) anytime for free advice. - 40-years experience.

Frontier Trail, Armstrong, Ontario Canada P0T 1A0 Bruce: 807-708-4080 Brenda 807-583-2626

take place; help paint walls, wash windows and improve campus. Lunch will be provided. Evenings will include movies, a talent show and wood-fired pizza. Signup online to participate.


Saturday, April 22 The 9th annual Iron Range Earth Fest, hosted by the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability, is a celebration of local traditions and practical resources for sustainable living in northeastern Minnesota. This year’s theme, “Living Well on a Changing Planet” will focus on the connections between personal, community and ecological wellness. The festival includes 80 local exhibitors and vendors at the Earth Fest Marketplace, presentations and demonstrations, local food from Natural Harvest Food Co-op and the Shop Coffeehouse, and live local music from Christopher David Hanson Band and other artists. There will also be farm animals, nature hikes, bike rides, contests, hands-on experiments and other family activities. Earth Fest will be held from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at multiple locations in Mountain Iron. Cost to attend is free.


Christine Ordemann

Lutsen Manager/Insurance Sales business • auto • home health • life 5339 W. Hwy 61 #203, Lutsen



APRIL 2017



April 21-23 Learn new skills while also helping the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, by participating in one of the Service Learning courses during the weekend; Adirondack Chair Building or Sewing Bee. Volunteer projects will also

April 22-23 German pianist Andreas Klein is known for his dynamic and compelling performances. His career as orchestra soloist and recitalist has taken him to some of the world’s most prestigious venues; from London’s Wigmore Hall to New York’s Carnegie Hall. On Saturday, April 22, Klein will perform at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Grand Marais. This solo concert, titled “Unleashing Musical Architecture,” features the work of Mozart, Schumann, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and more. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. and tickets will be sold at the door only; $24 for adults and $5 youth. On Sunday, April 23, Klein will teach a master class to Cook County piano students at 3:30 p.m.—also at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The community is invited to attend and listen to the class free of charge.


presentations from several individuals involved in fighting the fire. Event will begin with a social hour at 3 p.m., followed by food and refreshments at 4 p.m. and the program at 5 p.m.—located at the Seagull Lake Community Center, Gunflint Trail.

April 22-23 Cor PowerSports presents the 3rd annual Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge at Lutsen Mountains. The races will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday with the Cross-country Race, followed by the Hillclimb Qualifier at 1 p.m. Sunday races will begin with the Hillclimb finals at 9 a.m., followed by the Hillcross Qualifier and Hillcross Finals at noon. An awards party will be held that evening at Papa Charlie’s. Registration required. corpowersports. com/schedule/mesc


April 28-30 Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis will hold their 64th bi-annual Outdoor Adventure Expo, featuring something for everyone. This year’s expo includes 10 guest speakers and programs, such as Amy Freeman “A Year in the Wilderness;” Mike Libecki “Climbing the World’s Last Unclimbed Peaks;” Brian Block “Everest: A New Lesson in Suffering;” Lonnie Dupre “Cold Hunter One;” and Rod and Sharon Johnson “Glacier National Park: Historic Lodges, Hiking and Backpacking.” There will also be a canoe and kayak auction, a beer and gear social night and raffle, over 100 exhibitors and vendors, the Banff Radical Reels Tour, a kid’s area, outdoor clubs, food and over 120 presentations. Cost to attend is free; with the exception of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.


May 6, Saturday The Thunder Bay District Master Gardeners will hold a Spring Workshop featuring Heather Holm. Holm is a horticulturist and biologist by training, educating audiences about the fascinating world of pollinators, beneficial insects and native plants. The workshop will include talks on: “Common Native Bees: Their life cycle, foraging behavior and pollination of native plants” and “Gardening for Bees and Butterflies: Nesting, food, plants they pollinate, host plants.” The workshop will be held at the Confederation College Lec-

ture Theatre in Thunder Bay and begins at 9:30 a.m. Tickets are $20; lunch not provided.


May 6, Saturday Join the Gunflint Trail Fire Department and the Gunflint Trail Historical Society in an evening of remembrance for the Ham Lake Fire. Learn about a new Ham Lake Fire exhibit at Chik-Wauk Museum, preview the USDA Forest Service interpretive sign to be installed at the Gunflint Lake overlook, and listen to

Bare Root Plant Sale s W a l l s &&PoBttreirdy gSelam A Poetryart show, built around Multi-media alls & bridges. the theme of w 8th 2017, 11-6pm Saturday, April gins at 3pm Spoken word be for sale Visual art will be



An evening remembering the 2007 Ham Lake fire will be held on Saturday, May 6. | SUBMITTED

Betsy Bowen Gallery 301 First Ave West Grand Marais, MN

The Blue Moose is offering bare root stock in the following categories:

Trees, Shrubs, Fruit Trees: apple, cherry and plum, Grapes, Raspberries and Rhubarb

For a complete listing and order form go to our website at

218-387-9303 1301 Hwy. 61 W, Grand Marais


May 6-7 The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association presents the 2017 Folklore Festival: A World Tour of Nations. Held at the Fort William Gardens and Curling Club, the festival will feature “shop-theworld” booths, local artists on site, exhibits and displays, entertainment, prizes, international foods and imported beers and wines. There will be a children’s area with free face painting, arts, crafts and games. Saturday includes music by 21 Gun Fun at 7:30 p.m., featuring music from around the world. The festival will take place from noon to 11 p.m. on Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is $5 adults; $3 students and seniors; $1 kids ages four to 12.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Hope, Health, Happiness. Shining in the sun, pinwheels represent a bright future for our children and our community.

Pinwheels for PREVENTION®

Project sponsored by the Cook County School Community Action Team. For more information call: 218-387-1262


APRIL 2017


Northern Wilds Calendar of Events March 30-April 8

April 4, Tuesday

April 7-9

Spring Musical: Pippin Vermilion

Property Tax Workshop 6 p.m. Arrowhead Center for the Arts, Grand Marais,

Spring Home & Garden Show CLE, Thunder Bay,

College, Ely,

March 31-April 2 Mixed Bonspiel Two Harbors Curling Club,

Bluegrass Cabin Fever Festival

Radisson Harborview Hotel, Duluth,

April 1, Saturday April Fool’s Day

Enchanted Tea Party Duluth DECC, Sustainable Landscape Design 9 a.m. Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais

Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience 7:30 p.m. Duluth DECC,

April 5, Wednesday Blood Drive 9 a.m. Two Harbors High School, Community Soup Suppers 5:30 p.m. Zoar Church, Tofte,

ECR Art Auction 5 p.m. Amici’s Event Center, Ely,

DSSO: Resurrection 7 p.m. Duluth DECC,

Daylin James: Elvis Lives On

8 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

Motif 9:30 p.m. Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen,

April 5-9 Arrowhead Home & Builder Show Duluth DECC,

April 6, Thursday Pollinators & Pop-up Picnic: Anna Metcalfe & Dan Shutte 6 p.m. Duluth Art Institute,

Fellow Pynins 7:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 1-2 24-12-6 Hours of Lappe Lappe Nordic, Kaministiquia,

April 6-7

Wolf Family Rendezvous 8:30 a.m. International Wolf Center, Ely,

Heart of the Continent Roundtable Paulucci Building, Duluth,

April 1-30

April 6-9

National Child Abuse Prevention Month (218) 387-1262 Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2, Sunday Pints & Poses 11:30 a.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

Timmy Haus 7:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

LSCT Presents: The Sunshine Boys 7 p.m. (2 p.m. Sunday) William Kelley High School, Silver Bay,

April 7, Friday National Beer Day: Beer Games 7 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

Evergreen Grass Band 8:30 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

Timmy Haus 9:30 p.m.

Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen,


APRIL 2017

April 13, Thursday

Run & Ski Lappe Nordic, Kaministiquia, Walls & Bridges: A Poetry & Pottery Slam 11 a.m. Betsy Bowen Gallery, Grand Marais,

Merle Haggard’s Strangers:

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

Red Paddle Bistro at Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Trail,

April 8, Saturday

Thunder Bay Nordic Trails Gala 6:30 p.m. Best Western Nor’Wester Hotel, Thunder Bay,

Eric Frost 3:15 p.m.

Live Piano Music 5:30 p.m.

Arts & Craft Beer Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

TBSO: Heartbreak & Happiness

Featuring Ben & Noel Haggard 8 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen,

Celebration Talent Dance Competition Duluth DECC,

Artist Talk with Jeffrey Stenbom 2 p.m. Grand Marais Art Colony,

8 p.m. Hilldale Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay,


TBCC Spring Bike Expo 6:30 p.m. Superior Collegiate & Vocational Institute, Thunder Bay,

Brothers in Arms 8:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

Floydian Slip 9:30 p.m.

Papa Charlie’s, Lutsen,

April 8-9 Mountain Meltdown 11:30 a.m. Lutsen Mountains,

April 9, Sunday Fellow Pynins 7:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 10, Monday Sea of Bowls: Empty Bowl Preview 5 p.m. Duluth Depot,

April 10-22

Harlem Globetrotters AMSOIL Arena, Duluth, Scrabble & Vinyl Night 6:30 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

TBSO: Stars of the Orchestra 8 p.m. Italian Cultural Centre, Thunder Bay,

Jon Miller 8 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 14, Friday Portage Band 6 p.m. Grandma Ray’s, Grand Marais (218) 387-2974

April 14-15 Gin Strings 8:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 15, Saturday Great Outdoors Market 9 a.m. CLE Coliseum, Thunder Bay, Kids Plus Easter Egg Fundraiser 9 a.m. Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais (218) 387-3015 Egg Dying 1 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

TBSO: Stars of the Orchestra 8 p.m. Italian Cultural Centre, Thunder Bay,

Here on the Flight Path by Norm Foster Magnus Theater, Thunder Bay,

April 16, Sunday

April 11, Tuesday

Breakfast Buffet & Easter Bunny Activities 6 a.m. AmericInn, Silver Bay,

Erosion & Stormwater Construction Installer Course 8 a.m. Lutsen, Empty Bowl 10 a.m. Duluth Depot,

April 12, Wednesday Northland Career Fair 10 a.m. Duluth DECC, Community Soup Suppers 5:30 p.m. Zoar Church, Tofte,

Easter Easter Brunch Buffet 11 a.m. Kamloops, Two Harbors, Blue Grass Easter Brunch 11 a.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

April 17, Monday Artist Reading Group 5:30 p.m. Duluth Art Institute,

April 17-19 SME Minnesota Conference Duluth DECC,

April 19, Wednesday Journey to Life Dinner 5:30 p.m. Valhalla Inn Ballroom, Thunder Bay, Game Tournament 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

April 19-23 Environmental Film Festival Bora Laskin Theatre, Thunder Bay,

April 20, Thursday NE Minnesota Tourism Conference 8 a.m. Minnesota Discovery Center, Chisholm, Beer + Paint 5:30 p.m. Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors,

Gordon Thorne 7:30 p.m.

Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais, Magic Men Live! 8 p.m. Duluth DECC,

April 20-22 Crafting & Fiber Arts Retreat by the Fireplace Naniboujou, Grand Marais, The Lion King Jr. 7 p.m. (2 p.m. Sun.) Arrowhead Center for the Arts, Grand Marais,

April 21, Friday Free Tree Seedling Giveaway Signup Deadline Hedstrom Lumber, Grand Marais, Gala for Boys & Girls 5:30 p.m. Greysolon Ballroom, Duluth, Taste of History Dinner 6 p.m. Prince Arthur Hotel, Thunder Bay,

April 21-22 Fingerstyle Masters Weekend

Bluefin Bay, Tofte,

Floydian Slip 8 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 21-23

April 26, Wednesday

AAD Shrine Circus AMSOIL Arena, Duluth,

Quiz Night 8 p.m. Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

Service Learning & Volunteer Weekend North House Folk School, Grand Marais,

April 27, Thursday

LSCT Presents: The Sunshine Boys 7 p.m. (2 p.m. Sunday) Two Harbors High School,

April 22, Saturday

Wine & Cheese Fundraiser 5:30 p.m. Depot Great Hall, Duluth,

Rich & Germaine 7:30 p.m. Gun Flint

Tavern, Grand Marais,

Ear th Day

TBSO: Jennifer Koh performs

Earth Fest 9 a.m. Iron Range, Mountain Iron,

Portage Band 6 p.m. Grandma Ray’s,

Harbor Park Beach Clean Up 10 a.m. Harbor Park, Grand Marais,

Tell a Story Day 7 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

Annual Art Gallery Hop 10 a.m. Various Galleries, Duluth (218) 722-1451

Cook County Emergency Services Conference Grand Marais,

Wake-up Your Paddling Muscles Atikokan River, Atikokan,

Flea Market 10 a.m. CLE Coliseum, Thunder Bay,

Brahms 8 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

April 28, Friday Grand Marais (218) 387-2974

April 28-29 Mysterious Ways 8:30 p.m. Gun Flint

Earth Day Clean Up & Free Beer Noon, Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

Tavern, Grand Marais,

Andreas Klein 7:30 p.m. Bethlehem

Outdoor Adventure Expo Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis,

Lutheran Church, Grand Marais,

TBSO: Rita Chiarelli Returns

8 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

April 22-23 Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge 9 a.m. Lutsen Mountains, Bike Swap 10 a.m. (11 a.m. on Sun.) Continental Ski & Bike, Duluth,

April 28-30 Superior Quilt Show 10 a.m. (Noon on Fri.) CLE Coliseum, Thunder Bay, The Lion King Jr. 7 p.m. (2 p.m. Sun.) Arrowhead Center for the Arts, Grand Marais,

Free Piano Master Class with

The Naked Magicians 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

Coins & Collectibles Spring Show 10 a.m. West Thunder Community Centre, Thunder Bay

Andreas Klein 3:30 p.m. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Grand Marais,

Northwest Film Fest SilverCity Cinema, Thunder Bay,

Jim & Michele Miller

7:30 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

April 23-25 Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference Duluth DECC,

April 24, Monday Free Day at the Dentist: Ages 26 & Younger Grand Marais Family Dentistry, Blood Drive 10 a.m. Ely, Free Bronze Pour Demo 4 p.m. Last Chance Gallery, Lutsen, Lest We Forget: Sandra Brick & Fred Amram 5 p.m. Duluth Art Institute,

April 25, Tuesday

Brantley Gilbert: The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour 7:30 p.m. AMSOIL Arena, Duluth,

April 30, Sunday Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,



Nature Nook 10 a.m. Hartley Nature Center, Duluth,

Live Music 4 p.m. Voyageur

My Sketchbook: Making Art a Practice: Ages 6-9 3:45 p.m. Grand Marais Art Colony,

Brewing, Grand Marais,

Live Music 7 p.m. Castle

Danger Brewery, Two Harbors,

Northwest Film Fest SilverCity Cinema, Thunder Bay,

Open Mic 6 p.m. Grandma Ray’s,

Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m.

May 5-6

Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m.


Spring Food & Wine Lovers Weekend Bluefin Grille, Tofte,


May 6, Saturday


Thunder Bay District Master Gardeners Spring Workshop 9 a.m. Confederation College Lecture Theatre, Thunder Bay, Remembering the 2007 Ham Lake Fire 3 p.m. Seagull Lake Community Center, Gunflint Trail

Grand Marais (218) 387-2974

Bluefin Grille, Tofte,

Open Studio 12:30 p.m. Duluth

Bluefin Grille, Tofte,

Country Market 8 a.m. Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, Thunder Bay,

Live Music 6 p.m. Poplar River Pub,

Free Art Films (through April 15) 10 a.m. Zinema2, Duluth,


Tour the North House Campus 2 p.m. North House Folk School, Grand Marais,

Lutsen Resort,

Open Mic 5 p.m. Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais,

Live Music 4 p.m. Voyageur Brewing, Grand Marais,

Ham Run Half Marathon 10 a.m. Gunflint Trail, ham-run-half-marathon

Thursdays Live Music 6 p.m. Poplar River Pub,

Live Music 7 p.m. Lutsen Resort, Lutsen,

May 6-7

Lutsen Resort,

DJ Trivia 7 p.m. Kamloops, Two Harbors,

Live Music Grandma Ray’s,

Celtic Night 7:30 p.m.

Live Music 10 p.m. Red Lion

Red Lion Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

Smokehouse, Thunder Bay,

Acoustics by the Fireplace 8 p.m.


Area 85 Round Up Current River Community Centre, Thunder Bay,

Folklore Festival: A World Tour of Nations Noon, Fort William Gardens & Curling Club, Thunder Bay,

Bluefin Grille, Tofte,

Grand Marais (218) 387-2974

Classical Music & Dinner 7 p.m.

Bluefin Grille, Tofte,

April 29, Saturday MFRC Spring Yard & Craft Sale 10 a.m. HMCS Griffon, Thunder Bay,

April 23, Sunday

Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group presents Kalyna 7 p.m. Thunder Bay Community Auditorium,

Children’s Story Hour with the Muffin Man 11 a.m. Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, Free Family Art Day 11 a.m. Duluth Art Institute, Artist Talk with Holly Newton Swift: In the Landscape & In the Studio: My Working Process Noon, Grand Marais Art Colony, grandmaraisartcolony. org Reading with Duluth Poet Laureate Ellie Schoenfeld 5 p.m. Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, drurylanebooks. com

Empty Bowl 4:30 p.m. St. Anthony Church Hall, Ely,


APRIL 2017


Make your own


Grand Marais

DQ Item 1/2 Off

Two Harbors 530 7th Ave Two Harbors, MN

Open Feb. into Dec. 120 W Hwy 61 Grand Marais, MN

limited food menu

Two Harbors, MN

Grand Marais 120 W Hwy 61 Grand Marais, MN

Off regularly priced item of equal or lesser value. Excludes $5 Lunch, $6 Lunch, DQ Cakes, and Take Home Boxes of Novelties. Not valid with any other coupons or specials. Limit 1 coupon, 1 per customer. Limit 1 per coupon. Void if copied. DQ logo property of AM.DQCorp Minneapolis, MN, 2011. Expires 12/31/2017

Two Harbors Open Feb. thru Oct. 530 7th Ave

Thumbs UP from DOWN river



Even though Keith Erickson’s family lives just down river from PolyMet Mining’s proposed copper-nickel mine, he’s on board. The third generation miner knows the company has invested in the modern, safe technology needed to protect the environment. And, he says, the environmental review and permitting process will make sure of it.

Not valid with any other Grand Marais Two Harbors coupons or specials. 120 W Hwy 61 530 7th Ave Limit 1 coupon, 1 per Grand Two Harbors, customer. Limit 1 per Marais, MN MN coupon. Void if copied. DQ logo property of AM.DQCorp Minneapolis, MN, 2011. Expires 12/31/2017

Celebrate Easter with Friends and Family Featured in Star Tribune’s Most


















We use grass fed beef and pork sausage for our italian seasoned patty, grill it, toast our baguette, slather with our house marinara and melted mozzarella.**

Organic house roasted turkey served open faced with Tavern mash and turkey gravy, side of cranberry compote Baked org. tofu, org. chicken, scallions, crimini mushrooms, walnuts, ginger, cilantro and romaine. Sauteed ribeye strips, green pepper, onions, provolone cheese and horsey sauce.** Baked, bubbly and delicious like grandma would do.

Baked open faced with tomatoes, pickles, celery and onions in our mix .**


Your choice of our soup of the day and salad with a chunk of buttered warm bread. On french with honey dijon, tomatoes, onions and greens.**


On toasted french, open faced.**

WHAT ELSE? [800] 328-3325 34

APRIL 2017


Easter & Ham Smoking packages available

Add a cup of soup for $4 Add a salad for $4 DOLLAR OFF BREWPUB BREWS with your lunch meal. 1/2 off select bottles of wine all day Tuesdays




8.95 ** choice of greens w/vinaigrette or ripple chips


off rail drinks, house wines & tap beers.


The North Shore Dish Hometown Eats: Two Harbors Edition By Maren Webb

A maybe little known fact to readers: while I’ve made my home in Cook County, I’m a Two Harbors-ite at heart. I was born and raised in Two Harbors, back when babies were born in the little hospital and we weren’t allowed to cross 7th Avenue to Dairy Queen on our own (cue the begging of parents for ice cream cones). During my childhood, the number of dining options was pretty limited. Today, we are lucky that some of the old favorites are still around and new restaurants have joined the scene. These dining spots have stood the test of time, having been around for decades. You won’t want to miss out on some of these long-time favorites, as well as the new items they are featuring. If you want a place that serves breakfast all-day, you’ll probably find yourself at Judy’s Cafe. Going on four decades, it has been both a local haunt and a place for visitors to stop as they are passing through town. Described by one customer as a small town diner from a movie, Judy’s has the authenticity of a real hometown cafe. Part of this authentic atmosphere is thanks to the regulars that come in for coffee each morning to catch up on what’s new.

The Two Harbors Dairy Queen has long been part of the community and a frequent stop for visitors and residents alike. | SUBMITTED

In 2015, long-time server, Lisa Heinonen, and her husband, Eddy Symons, purchased the Cafe. While they have made a few additions to Judy’s repertoire, including several fresh breads baked on-site, they have kept the well-loved menu and atmosphere. Their most popular item continues to be the Scattered, Smothered, and Covered Hash Browns, which are scattered on the grill, smothered with onions, and covered with cheese. The new hit is the homemade Cranberry Wild Rice Bread. Heinonen’s favorite part of owning Judy’s is “still getting to waitress and visit with everyone that comes in.” During the winter, look for a special menu item called kroppkaka, a Swedish potato dumpling with salt pork in the middle. And if you find yourself stopping in during the summer months, they offer an all-you-can-eat walleye fish fry. Judy’s Cafe is open seven days a week (623 7th Ave.) As you approach Two Harbors from down the Shore, a large figure greets you: Pierre the Voyageur. He marks not only the start of Two Harbors, but also the location of the Earthwood Inn. Since the 1950s, then called the House of Sweden, the Earthwood has been at this spot. Pierre has been there since 2011, after being

The Buster Bar has been a DQ staple since 1968. | SUBMITTED

The location of the Two Harbors DQ, before it made its home in Two Harbors, was a gas station. | SUBMITTED

moved from his original location in front of a museum and gift shop on Highway 61 in Two Harbors. In March 2017, Pierre again made the news when he lost an arm to some high winds. In addition to being known for Pierre, the Earthwood Inn is also known for their burgers. A visit to Pierre and a burger? Yes, please!

ing 100 percent hand-pattied Angus beef burgers may be a key step. The most popular burger, the Ragin’ Cajun, spices things up with a half-pound burger topped with andouille sausage, grilled onions and pepperjack cheese (also available with chicken breast). For those looking for something less spicy, the Brat Burger may be more your speed; a Bratwurst patty on a pretzel bun with sauerkraut, grilled onions and

If you wonder how a restaurant becomes known for its burgers, it seems that offer-

bistro sauce. To accompany your burger, the Earthwood has several local beers on tap in addition to domestic options, including Castle Danger Danger Ale, Bent Paddle Bent Hop, and Lake Superior Kayak Kolsch. Homemade chili or soup are also available to top off your meal. Lunch is also a great time to check out the Earthwood, as they have lunch specials available seven days a week. Choose from NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


a five-ounce cheeseburger and fries for $6, a breaded chicken sandwich and fries for $7, or a fish, coleslaw and fries special for $9 (all available 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m. daily). Likely the longest and most affordable happy hour in town, Earthwood’s happy hour runs from 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., with $2.75 rail drinks. Veterans receive a free drink. “We appreciate their service and this is our way to give back to them,” said long-time Earthwood bartender, Jennifer Trinkhaus. In May, a new menu will debut, so stop on by to try some new items later this spring. Earthwood Inn’s kitchen is open 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. daily (933 Stanley Road, just off the Expressway between Duluth and Two Harbors). Earthwood Inn’s rooms will be available for rental starting in mid to late April, if you are looking for a getaway as well as a meal. One of the most memorable food locales from my childhood is the Two Harbors Dairy Queen. Having first opened its doors in 1952, DQ has had a long history in Two Harbors. Today it is still a locally-owned business, with Seth and CarrieAnn McDonald at the helm. Both graduated from Two Harbors High School and are now raising their two children in the community. It continues to be not only a family-owned business, but also a family-focused one. What family hasn’t been to Dairy Queen after a big game or for a family outing together? As owner Seth said, “it really comes down to the smiles and stories that are created.” In addition to their classic soft serve, Dairy Queen is well known for its Original DQ Blizzard Treat. There is something

Pierre the Voyageur greets visitors to the Earthwood. | MAREN WEBB about ice cream blended with your favorite candy bar or other flavors, like banana split, which happens to be my Mom’s favorite. Now DQ has coined the word “upsidedownrightthick” to try to capture the essence of the Blizzard. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious. The Dairy Queen of my childhood was a strictly summer endeavor, but I was reminded by Seth that “Dairy Queen tastes great in any kind of weather.” So whether there is a sunny warm day this month or a cold, dreary day when you need a little pick me up, they’ll be happy to serve you your favorite treat with that iconic red DQ spoon. It may be fun to get a Blizzard during a blizzard, but I’m hoping for no blizzards this April! The Two Harbors Dairy Queen is open 11 a.m.-8 p.m., seven days week, with extended hours in the late

The Earthwood Inn, known for its Angus beef burgers, serves up a cheeseburger lunch special seven days a week for $6. | SUBMITTED spring into summer (530 7th Ave.). Restaurants may come and go, but I hope you’ll check out these hometown favorites

in Two Harbors that have stayed. You might just see me over at the next table.

Money Exchange Parcel Pickup Family Owned Since 1947


Duty-Free Liquor 10,000 U.S. and Canadian Souvenirs


655 Arthur Street W., Thunder Bay


Hot Breakfast, free airport shuttle

Ask for our Northern Friends Rate (rates start at $115 CDN)

hello spring! 5461 north shore drive dul ut h, mn 5 5 8 0 4


Join us for the SEA KAYAKING ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME as we explore ISLE ROYALE’S SHORELINE. 2017 TOUR DATES: June 22–27 or August 19–24 Unforgettable Place, Unforgettable Paddling LIMITED SPACE – BOOK NOW! Visit us in-store or online today! 218.387.3136 • 36

APRIL 2017


Recipes Ukrainian Easter Bread This recipe was brought to Canada by a Ukrainian immigrant over 100 years ago. Rose Bunza’s recipe; contributed by Kathy Toivonen  Soak 1 level tablespoon of saffron in ¼ cup of warm water and let sit overnight. Scald 4 cups of milk, and then add:

Stuffed EGGstravaganza By Kathy Toivonen  Cut 1 large French loaf lengthwise about ¼ of the way down. Hollow it out. Spread butter and mayonnaise in the cavity of the bread loaf. Place 8 slices of ham in the bottom hollow of the loaf. Thinly slice a tomato and onions and place over the ham. Lightly scramble 8 eggs in butter, until only half cooked and still moist. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Lightly press the scrambled eggs into the loaf. Top the eggs with 8 slices of cheddar cheese. Add slices of dill pickle. Put the top of the loaf over the stuffing.  Wrap in tin foil and bake at 375 degrees F. for half an hour. Let the loaf cool a bit before slicing.

ƒƒ ¾ cup sugar  ƒƒ ¼ cup butter  ƒƒ 1 teaspoon salt Cool until lukewarm.  While the milk mixture is cooling, dissolve 2 packages of dry yeast according to directions. When the yeast is ready, add it to the milk mixture.  Then add: ƒƒ 6 egg yolks, slightly beaten  ƒƒ 1 ½ cups flour Whisk until smooth. Add the saffron along with the water it was soaking in. Add 5 cups of flour and mix as well as you can in the bowl. Before you turn out the dough to begin kneading, add 2 cups white raisins. Knead well, adding flour if needed. 

Put the dough in a greased bowl and cover with a tea towel. Let rise until it doubles in size.   Punch down and cut into three or four loaves. Place into greased bread pans, cover with a tea towel and let rise until it doubles in size.   Bake at 375 degrees F. for about 30-40 minutes. Cover the loaves with tin foil for the last 10 minutes of baking, as the tops may get too brown. 



TALK to your family LISTEN to each other INTERVENE if you see concerning behavior BELIEVE and SUPPORT survivors SPEAK UP if you hear rape jokes or harmful

218-387-1915 401 E. HWY 61, GRAND MARAIS, MN

$3 OFF

$3 OFF

Take Out or Dine In Expires 4-30-17

Take Out or Dine In Expires 4-30-17

Any Large PIZZA Any Large PIZZA

The Mahnomen 80 Shilling By Eric Weicht

April is Seual Assult Awareness Month

Sun-Thurs: 11am - 8pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 9pm

Gun Flint Tavern



. . . IT’S TIME TO TALK! Violence Prevention Center 218-387-1262 or 218-387-1237

Ranked by Budget Travel as the ‘Coolest Small Town in America,’ Grand Marais is home to a world-renowned craft school, an art colony that’s been in existence since the 1940s, the World’s Best Donuts shop, and a pair of very solid breweries. A couple of months ago, I highlighted a winter seasonal from Voyageur Brewing Company, so this month I decided to head to the Gun Flint Tavern to see what sort of magic they had going on in the brewery. The brewing portion of the Tavern is small and unique. It’s comprised of three fermenters and a four-and-a-half-barrel system set against a white-tiled wall with skeleton ceramic tiles lining the top—making the number of styles offered all the more impressive. Of the five Tavern brews usually on tap, I almost always go with the Kölsch. However, I decided to give the Mahnomen 80 Shilling a try; both because it sounded like a fitting beer for a late-winter evening and because Paul Gecas, head brewer at the Tavern, recommended it. I wasn’t disappointed. A Scottish ale brewed with a hefty amount of wild rice, the Mahnomen is an earthy beer that is balanced well with a honey-like sweetness brought out by the malt. The Mahnomen is smooth for a Scottish ale, with a distinctive wild rice flavor, making it a North Shore brew that’s well worth trying. NORTHERN  WILDS

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Property Tax Workshop Learn what you really need to know about property tax. Featuring Aaron Twait from the MCFE (Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence)

and Todd Smith, Cook County Assessor

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Homeopathy was founded in Germany over 200 years ago. | STOCK

Homeopathy Explained By Kim Falter Natural remedies come in many forms. Supplements and herbs, teas and tinctures—wading through the options can have your head spinning. Of all the remedies, homeopathics seem to foster the most confusion. The word itself is often used to explain or encompass all natural remedies, which is simply and profoundly not the case. So what are homeopathics and how can they help? To really grasp homeopathics, we need to define the difference between a natural and conventional remedy. When faced with an ailment that requires aid of some sort, the approach of a natural remedy is to work alongside the natural healing process, minimize side effects, and to support the immune system. This can be achieved in many ways, most commonly through diet, supplementation, herbs, and/or homeopathics.

Help Prevent The Spread Of Invasive Plants And Animals. • REMOVE plants, animals & mud from boots, gear, pets & vehicle. • CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site. • STAY on designated roads & trails. • USE CERTIFIED or local firewood & hay.


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The role of conventional medicine is primarily to suppress the symptoms. These medications are typically prescribed by a physician or purchased over-the-counter at your pharmacy. The remedy is your choice, they simply differ in their approach. Take a cough remedy for example; your natural cough syrup works to promote a more productive cough and support your immune system in the process. Your conventional cough syrup will suppress your cough. The trend towards natural remedies seems to arise from conventional medicines potential for more

severe side effects and their impediment to the natural process of healing, which can lead to a weaker immune system. A further grasp of homeopathics requires a contrast to other natural options. Supplements rarely get confused with homeopathics as they consist primarily of vitamins and minerals. Their main purpose: to increase vitamin and mineral levels within the body. For example, vitamin C. Many of us reach for this supplement to increase circulating levels for its potential as an antioxidant and to stimulate our immune system in an attempt to ward off, or decrease severity, of the common cold or infection. Herbal remedies, in contrast, are often confused with homeopathics. This is un-

derstandable, as herbal remedies are composed of plant products, where homeopathics can be, but are not always, made from plants. A good example of an herbal remedy would be turmeric. This root is used to reduce inflammation and can be found in herbal tinctures, capsules and steeped to make a tea. Other herbs, such as Echinacea or St. John’s Wort, can also be used this way, as well as in syrups and topical balms; all in an effort to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Homeopathy was founded in Germany over 200 years ago, and is a common practice throughout Europe. The idea behind homeopathics is the same as all natural remedies: to aid the body in its natural healing process. The homeopathic approach is that a plant, mineral or animal that causes an issue at full strength, can relieve symptoms when given in a minute dose. This is achieved through extensive dilution. Arnica is a great herb to best explain the virtues of homeopathic remedies. It is a yellow flower that loves to grow on idyllic hillsides throughout northern and central Europe. In the past, mountain climbers would chew on the plant to reduce inflammation and relieve the aches and pains of physical activity. Most books about herbs will caution you against medicinal use, “For use by qualified practitioners only. Externally in liniments and creams for dislocations, sprains, bruises...and as a throat gargle. May cause contact dermatitis externally, and collapse when taken internally. These side effects are not present in homeopathic preparations to help healing after accidents,” from the Encyclopedia of Herbs. The distinction to be made is herbal versus homeopathic preparation. If arnica were to be extracted or steeped like

an herb, such as turmeric or echinacea, it would be deemed too potent. Without the close guidance of an herbalist, you could find yourself causing intense inflammation within the body, or worse. Again, the concept behind homeopathics is that arnica, in large doses, can cause extreme inflammation, yet many forms of inflammation are remedied by very small doses. In production, arnica plants are extracted into a “mother tincture” similar to an herbal preparation. It is then diluted in order to achieve the proper composition and to minimize risk of side effects. You can find arnica in the sucrose-based pellet form onto which the diluted contiuent has been sprayed, as well as the popular topical gel. Dosages range from 6C to 200CK in the average health food store. However, keep in mind the larger number does not mean more of the active ingredient, it means less. Where a 6-30C arnica would be offered for pain and swelling, a 200CK would be used for those who have undergone surgery. The science behind homeopathics is that the smallest dosage has the largest benefit. This approach to healing places homeopathics in the lead as the gentle giant of natural remedies.


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Easter Brunch Buffet! April 16, 11am-3pm Includes: eggs, french toast, potatoes, bacon, smoked ham, herb roasted sirloin, smoked fish, chef’s station made-to-order pastas and omelets, international salads, fresh fruit, lavish desserts and more!! Adults $22, kids $11 Kamloops at Superior Shores!!

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Aric Fishman by Andy Noga


the perfect getaway - it’s in our nature.

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Available at these area outlets: Duluth/Superior Barnes & Noble Great Lakes Aquarium Marine General Sports Great Lakes Fly Co. Northwest Outlet Superior Fly Angler Thunder Bay D ‘n’ R Sport

Grand Marais Fly Box & Co. Lake Superior Trading Post Stone Harbor Wilderness Suppy Twin Cities Bob Mitchell Fly Shop Fly Angler

To order by mail send $8.75* to: Lake Superior Steelhead Association P.O. Box 16034, Duluth, MN 55816 *Includes shipping and handling

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Northern Trails A Beginners Guide to Fishing By Gord Ellis

Starting out any kind of new pursuit is full of challenges. Everything is new and you may not always know what basic gear is required. Yes, the Internet can provide advice, as can sales people. However, a lot of the time you will be upsold, especially when it comes to fishing. Every year I see new anglers with shiny, fresh-fromthe-store gear that is both impractical and horrifically expensive. I’m not here to do that. While the Internet might not agree, I have a different opinion on the basic gear a beginning angler should have.

Rod and Reel The first-time angler who wants to fish for a mix of species is best served by a medium action spinning rod and open-faced spinning reel combination. Casting a spinning reel takes a little practice, but it’s the best option for the widest variety of situations. The rod should be six or seven feet in length, and be a medium action. This will be labeled on the rod near the handle. A graphite rod is a pretty standard choice these days, although there are options. If you are the kind of person who breaks things easily, an Ugly Stik is a fishing rod to consider. The Ugly Stik is practically indestructible and is a good all-around tool. You will need to put line on the reel and your best bet is a 6-or 8-pound monofilament line. There are many types of line, but buy a name brand monofilament like Stren or Berkley to start. Rods and reels can generally be purchased together these days as a matched pair. That’s a good way to buy a balanced outfit. There are also starter kits that include a rod, reel and some basic tackle. Most of the starter fishing kits look—to me—a bit cheap. Buy the rod and reel and then make up a little kit of tackle from the suggestions that follow.

HookS and Sinkers All fishing requires something with hooks, like a lure, or plain hooks you can bait. Every angler should have some plain hooks that can be baited with live or artificial bait. There are a million hook choices. One good option is to buy a mixed container of both long and short shank hooks of various sizes. The smallest size about #8 and the largest #2. That will cover most situations. If you don’t know how to tie a hook, you need to learn. These days, YouTube is about the fastest way to learn

Fishing is a fun and relaxing pastime that is easy to learn. | GORD ELLIS various knots. However, there are snelled hooks you can buy already tied to leaders, although you will still need to tie a metal clip on the line to hold the snell.

Lures The sheer number of lure options available to an angler is jaw dropping. So, for a beginner, it can be rather intimidating to

While the Internet might not agree, I have a different opinion on the basic gear a beginning angler should have. As for sinkers, your best bet is a selection of squeezable split shot. These types of sinkers can be put on—and taken off—the main line easily, just by squeezing the two small wings on the weight. Split shot come in both lead and non-lead alternatives, and can often be bought in containers featuring several sizes of weight. For the beginning angler, the selection of weights is the most useful choice. I’d also strongly recommend buying a few bobbers or floats for your kit. A bobber is a great way to suspend bait off the bottom without getting hung up. It also gives you a visual clue when you are getting a bite. The cheaper, most simple bobbers clip to the line, and are red and white plastic. However, there are many other options, including the slip float, which allows the bobber to slide freely on your main line when you cast.     

walk up to a tackle store wall and know what to get. However, there are a few evergreen choices that never get old. The most useful and basic of all lures is the jig. A jig is just a long shank hook with a lead weight attached. On the hook, you can add a rubber twister body or a minnow shaped body, among many other choices. Another option is a bucktail jig, which uses coloured hair as an attractor. Jigs can be used to catch every species of fish in a wide variety of ways. They can be vertically jigged just off the bottom, or cast out and made to swim back with an undulating motion. You cannot go wrong with a few jigs in a tackle box. Other lures that should be in your tackle include a small selection of spoons, such as the Daredevle and Little Cleo; a few spinners, including the #3 Mepps Aglia and Panther Martin; and a minnow shaped crankbait like the Rapala Husky Jerk and

Rapala Countdown. All anglers end up collecting lures, many of which never get wet. However, the ones listed here have a history of catching fish and are solid choices.     Fishing is a fantastic past time and will give you a life-long outdoor pursuit. This guide has outlined the basic gear needed, but it will be up to you to put the time in and to discover the joys and mysteries of angling. It’s a trip worth taking.

A new season… …is about to begin 800-346-2203 NORTHERN  WILDS

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Geezers on the Trail By Chuck Viren

QUESTION: What happens when four geezers, aged 54-65, attempt to hike the third most difficult trail in Canada? ANSWER: Quite a bit of pain, and a lot of gain.

Pukaskwa National Park should be on every experienced hiker’s bucket list. | PHIL DEERING In early August, my wife Kathy McClure, friends Kevin Wallace and Phil Deering, and I boarded Keith McCuaig’s 30-foot custom built water taxi for a ride to the end of the Coastal Hiking Trail at Pukaskwa (pronounced Puck-a-saw) National Park in Ontario. For the next five days, this trail would test us physically, as it wound through the boreal forest, over steep inclines and gravel shorelines. The path also led to amazing vistas and the most idyllic waterfront campsites one could imagine. Pukaskwa, located 320 kilometers east of Thunder Bay, is Ontario’s only wilderness national park. It contains 1,878 square kilometers of boreal forest and shoreline. All areas but the visitor’s center at Hattie’s Cove are accessible only by foot, water taxi or kayak. After a bone-jarring two-hour ride, our captain lowered the front gate and we disembarked at North Swallow Harbour campground; the end of the trail. A father and daughter were waiting for a ride back. As we settled into the campsite, the father, who appeared quite fit and capable, complained vehemently about the difficulty 42 APRIL 2017


of the trail—the steep, exposed path along rocky faces, the lack of a clear trail, the river crossings, the boulders, and the energy-sucking slogs along the gravel shoreline. We would find that, though his complaints may have been exaggerated, the challenges were real. By the time the sun set on our first day of hiking, aches, pains and an injury required our attention. Kevin, the youngest among us, set out at a rapid pace until his quads began to tighten, presumably from racing up the steep, boulder-strewn inclines. Evening massages and a slower pace enabled him to continue until he acclimated to the conditions. Phil, the elder statesman in the group and also the most experienced backpacker, avoided injury throughout the trip. On the first day, though, he had an incident that could have been more serious. While crossing a stream on a log, Phil slipped. Rather than falling into the stream, he straddled the log, a scene that might have been comical were it not for age and geography. However, the only injury was his pride as he pushed himself along the log with his feet dangling from either side.

That evening at our idyllic beachfront campsite, Kathy incurred the most serious injury of the trip. After a refreshing swim, she settled into some beach-side yoga, only to fall from a handstand onto a stick-sharpened log. The scrape to her knee proved less troublesome than the rib injury, which plagued her for weeks afterward. I was not exempt from the injury bug. After a second day of boulder hopping, the farthest joint of my second toe began to swell. It throbbed painfully all night and, though it would loosen up during the hike, bothered me for the remainder of the trip. I did find, though, that dipping it in the cool Lake Superior waters was the most effective therapy. The difficulties and dangers of the trail were easily worth the price, because the wonders of the trail far surpassed our expectations. Long slogs up severe ravines and steep inclines led to stunning vistas of islands and harbors along the pristine shoreline. Trudges around marshes led to inland lakes glittering in the midday sun. Without question, though, the jewels of the trip were the beachfront campsites from Morrison Harbour to North Swallow Harbour, approximately the outer 35 kilometers of the trail. Here, sandy beaches were tucked into protected alcoves rimmed with islands. Tall cliffs and wooded promontories framed one’s surroundings. The clear water glistened and lapped along the sandy shore. Arrival at such a sight necessitated a dip into the cooling waters, not long after our packs hit the ground. Refreshed, we explored and set up camp. This was usually followed by another swim. After dinner, a few sips of whiskey took the edge off our aches and pains as we watched the sun arc along the horizon. At Fish Harbour we speculated that the sun might disappear precisely in a narrow gap between two islands. We watched mesmerized as the sun obliged, leaving crimson streaks along the lingering clouds.

The hike proved difficult at times with rugged shorelines. | PHIL DEERING The Coastal Hiking Trail is not to be taken lightly. In 2016, 496 people hiked all or part of the trail. There were three incidents requiring a visitor safety response. Based on our experience, a successful trip is achievable to those who are reasonably fit and have over-night hiking experience. For those who are willing to put up with a little blood, sweat and tears for a phenomenal camping experience, Pukaskwa National Park should be on their bucket list. Day trips are also very popular at the park. There are trails ranging in length from 1.5-2.6 kilometers. More ambitious day hikers can trek the 18-kilometer roundtrip to the White River suspension bridge. On May 15, a new trail will open. Mdaabii Miikna, which means “go to the shore trail” in Anishinaabe, will connect to new areas of coastline and contain nine campsites. At 24 kilometers, it can be traversed in a weekend.

Enjoying lunch with an amazing view. | PHIL DEERING

[left] We witnessed a beautiful sunset at Fish Harbour. | PHIL DEERING [below] Crossing the White Gravel River. | PHIL DEERING

Visit for more info.


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North of Reliance:

A True Story By Jacqueline Briggs Martin & illustrated by Claudia McGehee

Bush Planes, Sled Dogs, and a Homestead on the Hoarfrost River By Dave Olesen

University of Minnesota Press, $16.95

“Once upon a time, a creek burbled up and tumbled across a prairie valley. It was filled with insects and brook trout that ate them, frogs that chirruped and birds watching for bugs and fish. This is a true story about a man named Mike who went looking for that creek long after it was buried under fields of corn.” In the words of award-winning author Jacqueline Briggs Martin, this heartening tale of an ecosystem restored in northeast Iowa unfolds in a way that will charm and inform young readers; filled with mystery, nature and big earth-moving machines.—Breana Roy

Raven Productions, $16.95

This is the story of why Dave Olesen and his wife Kristen choose to live 10 miles north of Reliance in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Located on a small river called the Hoarfrost, they built a homestead, made connections and found ways to make a living. Whether dogsledding across Great Slave Lake at 50 below, musing philosophically on the values of a northern life, visiting the nearest neighbors 20 miles away, or piloting a bush plane over millions of acres that rarely feel a human footstep, Dave shares both ordinary and life-changing moments with humor, insight and good writing.—Breana Roy

Fresh from the Garden By John Whitman

University of Minnesota Press, $49.95

Drawing on more than 50 years of gardening—and nearly as many years writing on the subject—author John Whitman provides a guide to help you grow the tastiest and most nutritious produce in a cold climate. The guide includes more than 150 edible plants and helps you decide which varieties to choose; where and how to plant, tend, and harvest them; and what to do with your bounty. Whitman also describes various methods of planting to make the most of different sites, whether in containers, raised beds, or on level ground. Fresh from the Garden is a clear, concise guide, with nutrition information tables and hundreds of helpful color photographs.—Breana Roy

GOOSEBERRY RIVER WHY GO: Spring brings annual runs of steelhead trout up stream to the first set of falls in Gooseberry Falls State Park. Despite being one of the most popular state parks in the state, it typically sees less fishing pressure than other steelhead streams closer to Duluth. Farther inland, the Gooseberry is home to native brook trout and has been known to produce some larger brookies. ACCESS: Access to the mouth of the stream up to the first natural barrier, the steelhead water, is all via Gooseberry Falls State Park. Outside of the park, the stream is almost exclusively bordered by private land—though one stretch is paralleled by the Superior Hiking Trail. There are a handful of stream crossings that allow anglers to legally access the stream bed, including Hwy. 3. VITALS: This 23-mile stream is entirely in Lake County. It’s known for its irregular, flashy discharge, particularly dependent on rain, spring runoff and melt. That’s because it drains a relatively small watershed of about 27 square miles. Fisheries management of the stream was recently handed off from the DNR’s Lake Superior office in Duluth to the Finland area office, where supervisor Dean Paron said he’s looking forward to getting to know the stream better. “It’s in my plans to get to know it better, 44 APRIL 2017


but we just inherited it in January,” Paron said. GAME SPECIES PRESENT: Brook trout, steelhead trout, rainbow trout and coaster brook trout. STEELHEAD: Nic Petersen, a DNR fisheries specialist based in Duluth, said Gooseberry ranks in the top five in terms of catch rates for spring steelhead; with it taking an average of five hours of angler effort per caught steelhead. “In steelhead terms, that is pretty good,” Petersen said. “That is better than the Knife River. But it is one that is a little bit deceiving because depending on the year, it gets quite a bit different angling pressure.” The steelhead run from the mouth on Lake Superior is just under a mile long. “There is one big run that goes around that first bend, and that’s pretty much where people fish and they stack up,” Petersen said. That stretch is a deeper pool and estuary, making Petersen wonder if it draws fish (not just steelhead) outside of the spring.

BROOKIE: Both Paron and Petersen have heard about some decent catches of brook trout on the upper stretches of the stream. “Upstream it gets into a lot of private land,” Paron said. “There are native brook trout there, and a few locals fish it for some nice brookies in some of the spots.” Petersen noted that one of his DNR colleagues had noticed in the stream one of the largest brook trout he’d ever seen. FALL COASTER BONUS: Petersen said the mouth of the Gooseberry is one of the

places DNR goes to survey for beautiful coaster brook trout in the fall. The last time it was surveyed was in 2013—there were fish in the 12- to 14-inch range, but none of the larger fish approaching 20 inches they were looking for. “They congregate there in the fall to spawn,” he said, hinting at the conditions then, and it should be noted that the season closes on Sept. 4 this year. “It’s difficult conditions to sample in the fall, particularly when it gets late in the year, and we have ice forming on the rivers.”—Javier Serna

A panorama view from Section 13, located east of Finland. | ERIC CHANDLER

A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking with Kids By Eric Chandler My kids and I have walked many miles together in the Northern Wilds. So, instead of lecturing you, I’ll let them take the floor first.

Sam’s advice: “Pack a lunch and snacks that you like.” I would even suggest pure bribery to include candy and chocolate. When kids are small, this might be the highlight of their day. But the main thing is to tie the outdoors and fun together in your kid’s mind. Grace says, “Have a positive attitude, because it’s more fun.” This probably applies to the adults on your hike more than the kids. Sometimes looking at the caterpillar crawling along the trail is more important than getting somewhere. Make it about the journey, not the destination.

However, there are some amazing destinations right in our backyard that are pretty easy for kids. They are perfect, short trips that offer tremendous views and experiences. Our “top three” list of day hikes for kids happen to be on the Superior Hiking Trail. You can learn more about the following options at the Superior Hiking Trail Association website:

SECTION 13 The views from the cliffs along this part of the trail are spectacular. My kids and I all agreed that this is our favorite hike. The Baptism River, Sawmill Creek, and Lake Superior fill the 360-degree panorama. And it’s just over a mile walk from the trailhead on County Road 6, east of Finland.

Leo spoils family selfie on Oberg Mountain, 2013. | ERIC CHANDLER



The kids both voted for Oberg as their second choice. Awesome views of Lake Superior, easy to get to, plenty of cliffs to take your breath away, and, in the fall, the colors are dazzling. We’ve been there many times over the years and it never disappoints. Find the Onion River Rd (Forest Road 336) in Tofte and go uphill to the trailhead parking lot.

Snacks, a good attitude, and short hikes with big payoffs are all key for your beginning hikers. Also, make sure you have plenty of water and liquids. Bring more than you think you need and you’ll probably end up with the right amount.

CARIBOU FALLS This gem of a hike sneaks up on you. Follow the Superior Hiking Trail spur up from the Caribou Falls State Wayside for three quarters of a mile. Take the narrow staircase on the left down to the river. Kids will think the steep stairs are fun, at least on the way down. The 35-foot Caribou Falls are stunning in a grotto surrounded by big stone walls. Sure, the state parks have famous waterfalls, but you have a fighting chance of enjoying this one alone with your kids.

Proper gear is also important. First, you’ll need some sturdy footwear. North Shore trails can be rugged and you don’t want a twisted ankle to ruin your day. Bring a backpack so you can carry extra clothes. You might be comfortable while walking, but you’ll probably want an extra layer or two when you stop for your picnic lunch. Rain gear is another key part. Don’t let a shower get you wet and dangerously cold. And always include a winter hat and gloves, year-round. Many times, they’ve saved the day. I don’t expect little kids to carry a backpack, so a decent size backpack allows you to carry all the same things for your little ones. Many child-carriers have big cargo pockets so you can do double duty while carrying your kid and some of the gear. Binoculars are popular with the kids for looking around when

Sam on Oberg Mountain, 2005. | ERIC CHANDLER there are views and helpful if you run into any birds and critters. Also, bring a little ditty bag with some waterproof matches, a lighter, a knife, bug repellent, sunscreen and toilet paper. The last item is useful for both the intended purpose and as tinder to build a fire if you get in a pinch. I also carry a map and a compass. Don’t rely on your GPS unit or phone, as both can run out of batteries. Don’t forget to let someone else know where you’re going and when you expect to be done. Lastly, my daughter says, “Wear brown pants. You’ll feel like Bear Grylls.” [from the TV show “Man Vs. Wild”] I’ve never heard this advice before, but go ahead. Give it a try. Have fun hiking with your kids.


APRIL 2017


The Hanoi Hug Taxi By Micaella Penning

Amidst the whine and whir of Hanoi’s traffic, small motorbikes carry propane tanks, carpet rolls, hundred-pound rice bags, cages stuffed with ducks and chickens—sometimes alive, sometimes dead— suitcases, bushels of baguettes, aquariums, ladders in an upright position, logs, and wooden crates of toilet paper rolls, five feet tall and wide. Entire families cling to single bikes; toddlers often left to fend for themselves while grabbing the backs of their parent’s shirt. Few children wear helmets; the law requiring their use is enforced only on adults. Many drivers wear facemasks to guard against pollution, giving an austerity to their faces, with only the eyes visible between the helmet, mask and jacket. In the city, the sun dissipated into a sickly bluegray cast. Breathing the thick fumes added to the feeling of sluggish nausea caused by heat and humidity. But drivers seemed relaxed and nonchalant, as they zipped and zoomed in a viscous mob, honking their horns, weaving around sauntering pedestrians and idling trucks, equally content in the right lane, the left lane, the middle, or the sidewalk. Drivers shouted into cell phones above the roar, and lighted up cigarettes at stoplights. I saw one man idly resting his foot on another bike’s muffler as they careened by. Crossing the street on foot was a nightmare—it felt as if all of two-wheeled Hanoi was barreling down on me. Several times my toes came within inches of bearing rubber tread indentations. My guidebook had said not to waver when crossing the street, and not to run, stop, or show fear. At first, this felt impossible. I sprinted and stopped, wobbled and waved, quivered and bounced, as if walking on glowing coals. Eventually, I became calmer, trying to emulate the placid ambling of Hanoians. I always tried to wait until other people were crossing, sidling to the group’s edge furthest from oncoming traffic, selfishly imagining them as human shields. But only my nerves were scathed; I never saw anything resembling a run-in, let alone an accident. It wasn’t only the road that was clogged with motorbikes: the sidewalks resembled giant, skinny strips of parking lot or dealership. In areas, their thickness sent me back on the fringes of the street, as I anxiously hopped back and forth between curb and road, as space allowed. Noodle-sellers stirred steel cauldrons of steaming broth among tailpipes, mufflers and wheels, clad in nón lá, the quotidian, conical-shaped leaf hat. The hat has ancient origins—even people carved onto bronze relics three millennia ago wore them; long before appearing scattered amidst parked motorbikes. “Lets take a xe ôm instead of a taxi!” my friend Diana excitedly declared as we left the cool, air-conditioned stillness of our guesthouse in Hanoi’s old quarter. “I took Hanoians amble placidly amidst chaotic traffic, often wearing traditional conical nón lá hats. | MICAELLA PENNING

46 APRIL 2017


A xe ôm driver naps in Hanoi. | HOUSETOLAOS.COM them all the time when I lived in Rwanda,” she said. Nervous but ready for something new, I agreed. A xe ôm is a motorcycle “taxi,” translated as hug taxi. On our first ride, I did just that, as both Diana and I squished on behind the driver. My fingers probably left marks through his shirt, as my knuckles whitened and I clamped on in fear. He’d given us both helmets before we got on. I held mine in my hands and stared at it for a few moments, remembering other sage advice from my guidebook: wear a hat beneath the helmets—they often have lice. I had no hat. I imagined my head encrusted with blood-sucking insects, their eggs glued onto hairs near my scalp. Next, I imagined my brain scattered across the street. I quickly put the helmet on—my head never got itchy. But Diana was much slower to decide. She stared at me while I put mine on, wide-eyed, mouth curled in sour perplexity. Finally, she strapped it beneath her chin and climbed on to the hug taxi. The driver cranked on the bike and we buzzed out into the mayhem, quickly becoming engulfed in the surrounding sea of motorbikes and their masked drivers. The process of finding a xe ôm remained obscure to us throughout our time in Vietnam. Xe ôms weren’t marked or designated in any way. Differentiating between them

and residents on their own missions often felt impossible. One clue was the proficient napping of xe ôm drivers. They tended to congregate at busy street corners, where they’d park and drape themselves in a supine position on their bikes to nap. Some rested their heads on the handlebars; while others faced towards the front, their knees draped down the bike, head on the back edge of the seat. Proactive drivers sometimes approached us, asking where we wanted to go, but we tried to hire those who were quieter. As soon as we started speaking to a driver, a band of others would converge around us, listening and talking amongst themselves. If the person we’d chosen spoke no English, another would voluntarily translate. Or we’d open our crumpled map and point. Usually in our disorientation we weren’t sure if we were on our way to the place we wanted or not. We only knew when we arrived. If we were heading back to our guesthouse, I was always relieved to the see the flashing neon sign advertising a national cell phone company that marked a nearby street corner. Often I felt helpless in my ignorance. Ending up on the back of an illegitimate xe ôm seemed inevitable. Eventually, we felt safest navigating this way. In Ho Chi Minh City, a taxi driver demanded we pay ten times what the meter read. We tried to leave, but he locked us in. We had no escape. With shaking hands I fumbled through my bag for the money. Only after he counted it did he un-

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lock the doors. At least with a motorcycle, we could “jump off” if things got bad. But it never did. I had expected only terror when we rode out into the melee of wheels, rubber, and exhaust fumes that first afternoon in Hanoi. My long legs meant that my knees were the farthest point on either side of the bike; I clenched them tightly in against the driver, fearing they would scrape against car doors, delivery trucks, lamp posts, other motorbikes, and pedestrians. Yet suddenly, everything felt smooth, flowing. Our driver gracefully steering around potholes and bumps—the streets seeming to float past, as though we were now a school of fish, acting in concert with the thousands of other motorists. The hum of cheap, internal combustion engines buzzed like a chorus of cicadas.

Stopping at red lights, the air sagged with heat and exhaust. Then the light would turn green, and I felt like I was on the starting grid of a Formula One race, as hundreds of engines revved and raced away, the air shimmering in the heat, smelling of fresh rubber and fuel. Movement eased the temperature, and soon my skin felt bearable again as we whizzed across roads, down alleys, and through intersections, always leaning towards the pavement around corners. Dust, dirt and bugs blew against my face. But I felt like I was flying, the disorder melding into blissful tranquility. Fluidity fleetingly enveloped the city. We reached our destination and climbed off, stumbling back into Hanoi’s interminable expanse of strident struggle.

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A summer monsoon brings torrential downpour to Ho Chi Minh City. | MICAELLA PENNING

HILL HAVEN Sherry Watson Professional pet groomer since 1991

Flexible schedule Ask about pick up or drop off options 1517 Devil Track Rd, Grand Marais

Grooming by Appointment • 218-387-1484 for small and medium-sized breeds

At Hillhaven you’ll have all the freedom you want with just the help you need. Enjoy the independent lifestyle with no worries.

Call Becky Stoner for a tour. (218) 387-9119 · 1681-1683 E Hwy 61, Grand Marais, MN

Licensed residential housing for seniors NORTHERN  WILDS

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April brings renewal to the stars and planets of the morning and evening skies.

23rd, an old crescent moon appears with the planet.

Jupiter, long a morning planet, comes into its own in the evening sky. On the 7th, Earth glides between the giant planet and the sun, an event called opposition because it places Jupiter opposite the sun in the sky. On that day, Jupiter rises in the east at sunset and sets in the west around sunrise. In between, it travels the night sky with Spica, the brightest star in Virgo. Spica, however, is no match for the beacon that is Jupiter.

Saturn also shines in the predawn hour. The ringed wonder is low in the south, just to the left of the red star Antares in Scorpius.

On the 10th, the full moon follows Jupiter on its nighttime journey. The moment of fullness comes at 1:08 a.m. on the 11th, when the moon, Jupiter and Spica will be near their highest point in the south. Venus, a fixture above the sunset horizon all winter, fell into the sunset in March and is reborn this month as a morning star. As it climbs steadily in the east, our sister planet moves farther away from Earth, gearing up for its next trip behind the sun. Look for it late in the month, around 40 minutes before sunrise. On the


The real star of April is Leo, the lion, which reaches its highest point during the prime evening viewing hours this month. You’ll find it in the south, prancing westward with the night. Outlining the lion’s head is the famous Sickle of stars, anchored by Regulus, Leo’s brightest star. Just to the east is a triangle of stars marking the hindquarters and tail. The Lyrid meteor shower is expected to peak in the predawn hours of the 22nd or 23rd, bringing 10 to 20 meteors per hour. The University of Minnesota offers public viewings of the night sky at its Duluth campus. For more information and viewing schedules, see the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium at:

Sponsored by Mark D. Consulting, LLC Serving Businesses and Residential Customers. 218-663-7149

Wild Traditions Smelt: Small Fish, Big Meaning By Julia Prinselaar

One of my earliest smelt fishing memories was as a kid, sipping hot chocolate on the banks of the Current River under a night sky. It was early spring: the snow was retreating, it was after midnight, and crowds of people wearing flashlights and hip waders dipped their nets into the ice-cold Current River, swirling them around like elongated magic wands. My family had set out for the night with friends of ours, including two girls, Jessica and Martina. The three of us were like sisters growing up; our dads worked on the ice rinks together and our moms, sharing their love of cooking, grew close with each other too.

Author Julia Prinselaar smelt netting. | JUAN BAZTARRICA

For us kids, nights like these were exhilarating. When word spread that the smelt were running, we hopped into the car and drove a few minutes downtown to the mouth of the river, knowing full well that we’d be up way past our bedtime. We joined the parties of other people lining the river’s edge to fill our buckets with hundreds of tiny rainbow smelt. With each dip of the net, their silvery bodies flashed and flickered in the moonlight.

An MNRF smelt fishery harvest graph. | ONTARIO MNR

Decades before my first smelt fishing experience, the local fishery was vastly abundant. Native to the north Atlantic coastal regions of North America, and a few lakes in the Ottawa Valley in the St. Lawrence River watershed, the rainbow smelt (osmerus mordax) is actually an invasive species in Lake Superior after being introduced to Lake Michigan in the early 1900s. Competing with native species for food and eating their young, these predatory fish soon spread throughout the Great Lakes.

still follow the same behaviour patterns, moving in schools from lakes into streams and along shorelines to spawn each spring.

“Once established, they were quickly able to expand into Lake Superior and the rest of the Great Lakes where they became naturalized and self-sustaining,” said Kyle Rogers, a management biologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Upper Great Lakes Management Unit.

When I set out to the river mouth this April, I expect to be up all night. I’ll spend a few hours dipping my net, hauling maybe two or three fish at a time. From there, it’s a couple of hours to clean them, followed by a soapy shower for myself so I can wake up smelling decent the next morning. In past years, I haven’t fallen asleep until well past 4 a.m.

Although Rogers considers today’s smelt populations around Thunder Bay, Nipigon Bay and Black Bay to be healthy, the stock was once so significant that it sustained a local commercial fishery. Seasonal harvest peaked at nearly 450,000 kg in the mid1970s. This might explain stories of the heydays of smelt fishing more than 40 years ago.

But after the successful rehabilitation of native lake trout, their numbers drastically declined. By the mid-1980s, the area’s commercial smelt fishery had all but died out.

Rainbow smelt look similar to fish in the minnow family, but also have teeth on the roof of their mouth and tongue, and a protruding lower jaw. | JUAN BAZTARRICA According to lore before my time, it would take just minutes, maybe seconds, to fill a five gallon bucket when the schools ran “thick as thieves.” In their native habitat, rainbow smelt are anadromous, meaning they spend most of their lives in the ocean and migrate into fresh water to breed. The smelt invasive to Ontario waters can’t return to sea, but they

fish was purely carefree and fun. It’s also a family-friendly fishing activity, costing little more than a fishing license, a net and some hardline determination to wait it out for a decent catch. When I look at it this way, a bag of frozen fish from the supermarket can’t compare in value. So here’s to welcoming spring on the icy riverbanks, flanking the once-mighty schools of smelt that now trickle upstream. If I can pass the excitement of this tradition onto future generations, then facing the next morning on three hours of sleep is all the more worthwhile.

The process sounds laborious—and for such a small catch, maybe a little ridiculous. But for me the experience resonates on a more meaningful level: the flash of silvery fish tails as they come up from the water; sharing the night with crowds of other friends and families doing the same thing. And my memories as a kid, when staying up all night in pursuit of these little NORTHERN  WILDS

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Strange Tales The North Shore’s Mayan-inspired Resort By Elle AndraWarner

So, how did a Mayan-inspired landmark resort end up on the North Shore? Back in the 1920s and 1930s, an architecture movement known as the Mayan Revival was popular with American architects, who blended Mayan building styles with motifs of other pre-Columbian MesoAmerican cultures, such as the Aztec. Architect Robert Stacey-Judd’s famous Aztec Hotel was built in 1924 in Monrovia, California and he explained that even though it was a Mayan-styled building, he named his hotel “Aztec” because it was a well-known name, whereas “Maya” was not. His Aztec Hotel is now designated a National Historic Landmark and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. About the same time Stacey-Judd built his hotel, a German-immigrant named Rudy Bernhard Illgen and his wife Mary Ann were planning their Aztec Hotel on a 40-acre site, located on Crystal Bay. They purchased the site in 1924 from Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company (today’s 3M).

Aztec Hotel from its early days with “Illgen” letters on the Mayan column-like exterior and four 1920s Red Crown gas pumps in front. | DAVE CANO COLLECTION

Previously, Rudy had been the hotel proprietor innkeeper at Beaver Crossing, also known as Old Illgen City. In his article, “Some Vanished Settlements of the Arrowhead Country” (Minnesota History, spring 1955), Dr. Julius F. Wolff, Jr. wrote, “The settlement was a point of call on the Two Harbors-Beaver Bay sleigh road, which ran near the Alger Line in the upper Gooseberry and Split Rock River areas. The summer stables and pasture for horses used by the Alger-Smith company were likewise located near the town. When the railroad ceased to operate in 1923, the hotel proprietor Rudolph Illgen, moved to the present site of Illgen City, just east of the Baptism River on the North Shore.” Rudy had gone looking for land to build a resort hotel modelled after an Aztec temple, after learning that an improved highway was going to be built along Lake Superior to the Canadian border. As the story goes, he had been inspired and impressed by the Maya and Aztec buildings after a trip to Yucatan, Mexico. Born in 1887 in the small German town of Rossleben, Rudolph Bernhard Illgen immigrated to the U.S. at age 21, arriving in New York on November 3, 1908 aboard the ship Kaiser Wilhelm. He listed his occupation as “clerk.” Two years later, he was living in Norwalk, Iowa, working as a farm labourer. A year later, on April 17, 1911 he 50 APRIL 2017


The Aztec Hotel as it looked in 1949 when Thunder Bay’s Dave Cano and his father—walking on far right by the unique Red Crown gas pumps—stopped there while on their way to Minneapolis by Greyhound bus. | DAVE CANO COLLECTION married Mary Ann Panli in Oklahoma. They moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where he worked as a truck driver for an oil company and sometime in the early 1920s, the Illgen family moved to northern Minnesota and became hotel keepers. According to their daughter Pauline’s memoir, the Illgens could not secure a loan to construct the hotel, so they did all the work themselves. The two-storey

A brochure for the ‘all-talking’ movie Temptation handed out to theater guests of the Aztec Hotel & Theatre. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER

Aztec Hotel they built had a dining room; large lobby with two massive carved pillars; hand-carved 50-foot mahogany bar; electric lights powered by a Mack truck motor system (electricity didn’t come until 1937); and a dozen guest rooms upstairs. At the front of the hotel, there were four Red Crown gas pumps with the distinctive ‘globe’ top (later three).

name that still stands as an unincorporated community in Beaver Bay Township. It is located 33 miles northeast of Two Harbors at the junction of Minnesota Highways 61 and 1, surrounded by Tettegouche State Park and a half-mile from the Baptism River.

They named their site Illgen City—a

The Aztec Hotel also became the area’s

movie theatre in the 1930s. With a movie projector, big screen, 150 folding chairs and a contract with Columbia Pictures, movies like Temptation, Sisters and Acquitted were shown every two weeks. Rudy was known as a visionary, an innovative entrepreneur always looking for new ideas and opportunities. So, in the late 1930s as more tourists arrived in cars on the improved highway, Rudy designed, patented and built small Quonset-like cabins he called “Cabinolas,” containing one bed and small bathroom. His plan had been to build a Cabinola for each U.S. state, but in the end, only 30 were built for the horseshoe-shaped automobile campground he called Cabinola Park; which also included his Illgen Tourist Centre building. For over 30 years—until destroyed by fire in 1958—the Aztec Hotel was the halfway stop for people travelling from Canada and Grand Marais to Duluth or Minneapolis. “My parents and I travelled many times on a Greyhound bus to Minneapolis as my mom had family there and my godparents parents lived there,” recalls Thunder Bay’s Dave Cano. “I remember that many sections of the highway along the North Shore weren’t even paved at the time.” By the time the Aztec Hotel was destroyed by a fire in 1958, Rudy and Mary Ann Illgen had retired. The Whispering Pines Motel and Cabins, which daughter Pauline and her husband Leonard Petersen had built next to the hotel in 1956, was not damaged by the fire. And in the late 1960s, the Cabinolas were sold to make way for the current Highway 61.

Postcard image of the interesting lobby of the Aztec Hotel, featuring large carved beams in the centre and a 50-footlong wooden bar. | DAVE CANO COLLECTION

New Levels of Service


Your own private island located in the south of Rossport Harbour. Sheltered by the main land, Whiskey Island, and Nicol Island. Approx. 1/2 mile from the town of Rossport. 764 ft of Lake Superior shoreline. Really neat 1 1/2 story cabin with water, shower, cooking facilities with woodstove. Gravity water feed from tank on roof. $199,000 CDN


Over 2200 feet of Lake Superior frontage, over 15 acres. Sandy beach. Deluxe boathouse with power, kitchenette, bathroom, sauna and loft. Private hiking trails with bridges. Private boat launch. Price is $227,000CDN


Tremendous Lake Superior building sites. Lakefront and interior lots for sale with docking facilities. Causeway opened year round. Power and phone.

Starting at $55,000CDN


Little Trout Bay, 20 minutes north of the Minnesota/Ontario border, 3 large estate-sized lots, very sheltered with southern exposure. Tremendous views. Power and telephone available. Priced beginning at $199,000 CDN

640 Beverly Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 0B5 Canada Phone (807) 344-3232 FAX: (807) 344-5400 Toll Free 1-888-837-6926 Cell: 807-473-7105


358 acres with 2 miles of beach front on Lake Superior facing south. Also a 1/2 mile of frontage on Perch Lake. Escarpments, hiking trails, great Lake Superior fishing and boating. Ideal for resort development or your very own private getaway. All amenities nearby. 10 miles south of the Thunder Bay Marina.

$890,000 CDN


Black Bay. Lake Superior. 98 acre piece with 4700 feet of shoreline facing south. Beautiful property between Superior Shores and Pearl Harbour developments. Seclusion, privacywater access. $189,000 CDN


North shore. 215.5 acre parcel with 3900 feet of lake frontage. Rugged property-water access. Southern exposure, ultimate privacy. $169,000



Woodland Foothills

•Lake Superior and mountain views •Slab on grade with radiant in-floor heat •2 bedroom 1 bath •Under $150,000 •Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, 2x6” walls with R21 insulation •Energy Star windows and doors •Local contractor built on sit •Hickory kitchen cabinetry •Stainless Steel appliances •Hidalgo oak Pergo Flooring •March move in date Twenty acres of shared open space, Convenient Lutsen location Call to see the home

Onion River Road - $79,000

6 acres of Resort Commercial zoned property Owner Financing with qualified buyer.

Judy Motschenbacher, Broker | 218-370-8940 | NORTHERN  WILDS

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Deb Niemisto 218-370-8434

Nan Bradley 218-370-8433


Lutsen Premier All Seasons Resort


Lutsen Resort Condo 551-553 Poplar River Rd


• Vacation Home Living • Maintenance Free • Rental Program • Earn Money While Away • Remodeled 2016 • Sleeps 4 • Fireplace • Fitness Center • Pool • Sauna • Restaurant

124B Caribou Highlands Resort MLS 6025581 $119,000

7072 Two Moose Trail Wilson Lake - Finland

Superior Lake Home 23 Norwood East - Lutsen

Experience Solitude on one of the most beautiful lakes around. Acreage with many amenities ready for use & enjoyment. MLS 2294912 $249,000

Furnished 3 BD, 4 BA with attached garage, new W/D and owners suite on main floor. 600’ shared shoreline, small established association with low dues. MLS 6021331 $649,000

Commercial - 126 Airport Rd Grand Marais Airport

Luxury 3 BDRM unit at Lutsen’s premier Lake Superior resort. 3 separate rental units, many resort amenities and much more. MLS 6023424 $399,000

S O L D!

Cute cabin with loft, fireplace, lots of storage, nice kitchen galley, near Surgarloaf Cove, low maintenance. Move-in ready! MLS 6023566 $144,900


Contact Nan & Deb to discuss Commercial hanger, heated, electric, insulated, rental income. MLS 2116969 $249,900

APRIL 2017


Enjoy your days on Lake Superior in Lutsen with this 2 BR, 1 BA four season low maintenance Townhome. MLS 2184109 $229,000

58 Sunrise Dr Cabin Lake Superior Views

invest in life on the shore!


1 Norwood Shores - Lutsen Lake Superior Townhome

great opportunities 218-370-8433

Sellers - spring is a great time to discuss selling - call us!

new E PRIC

Timber Frame Classic 201’ Lake Superior stair access, 4 Bed, 4 Bath, 3000+sq ft, Silver Bay $699,500 MLS#6021593

600+ of Lake Superior Shoreline Windows Galore - Hovland


$699,999 MLS# 6016038

GRAND SUPERIOR LODGE - Castle Danger 4 Bedroom/Baths, Cash Flow Positive, Amazing Rental History Beautiful view and easy access to Lake Superior

BEACON POINTE - Duluth 2 bed/2 bath condo, overlooking Superior and Lift Bridge, stunning attention to details, heated parking 322’ of Lake Superior Shoreline Power, Driveway, Clearing, Stairs Silver Bay $339,700 MLS# 6021564

HOBBY FARM - Inver Grove Heights 5 acre, 2 houses, Pole Barn, over 4500sq ft, grand fireplace, a must see!

Lake Superior- Croftville Rd! Grand Marais- Driveway, Electric $349,999 MLS# 6017106

new E PRIC

Surfside Townhome- Tofte 3 Bed 3 Ba Great Rental Income History $184,900 MLS# 6025061

NEW LISTING- HOVLAND, NON MLS Main House, Guest House, approx 5 acres, 590’ ft of Lake Superior Shoreline, Sweeping Views

NEW- Superior Views Lot Illgen Bluff Rd $74,900- Shared Septic/Well MLS #6027084

More LISTINGS on my websites, photo tours, & info. Have a Twin Cities Real Estate need? I can help there too! Let’s talk to discuss how I can help you!

Dave Lilja

call/text: 612-810-8779 email: NORTHERN  WILDS

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53 Serving Cook County since 1971


(218) 387-2131 (800) 732-2131

101 West Hwy. 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604

On Lake Superior

Lake Superior Lots

57XX East Hwy 61 - $89,500 4.10A Lake Superior lot; 280’ shore. Driveway, septic mound, and underground electric already in place. Easy-towalk shingle/small cobble beach.

4512 Cascade Beach Rd

68 Trailsyde

Amazing cabin with cobblestone fireplace, all wood floors & tons of windows, nestled in by the water’s edge. 400’ of meandering ledgerock shoreline on 2.97A.

MLS 6026201 $995,000

MLS 6027295 $599,900

MLS 2297434

2884 W Hwy 61 - $327,500

1.30A, very attractive piece of vacant lakeshore located just past Terrace Point. 371’ of stunning ledgerock shoreline, with incredible views of the Grand Marais Harbor and the Sawtooth Mountain Ridge Line. MLS 6027340

1000’ of beautifully rugged and secluded shore. 6 lots, house structure; you finish the interior, plus more than 30A of land to ensure ample exclusivity and privacy.

1708 E Hwy 61

4BR, 4BA home previously used as a B & B. Walk out lower level with a family room, large bathroom and laundry room. 236’ of Lake Superior shoreline.

MLS 6023253 $224,900 PENDING

Com m e r c ia l

2888 W Hwy 61 - $269,500

Fabulous views of both Artist Point and the Sawtooth Mountains! Stunning Lake Superior lot with 1.24A, 200’ ledgerock shoreline embedded with Thomsonite Stones. MLS 6027323

4556 Cascade Beach Rd

8 N. Broadway

7036 W Hwy 61

Luxurious 3BR, 2BA Lake Superior home on 1.4A and 200’ shore. Many amenities and expansive face Superior and the dramatic ledgerock shoreline. Excellent rental history.

3BR, 3BA efficiently designed home with magnificent open great room. Wood burning fireplace, main level master BR that opens to huge wrap around deck. 218’ shore.

MLS 6025899 $569,000

MLS 6020708 $425,000

Prime commercial property with immediate income. Generate a cash flow with living, rentals, and owner run business space below. Great location for tourism near ample parking.

MLS 6026334 $479,500



Bluefin Bay Tofte

Bluefin Bay has stunning Lake views and accessaward winning amenities and restaurants! Excellent rental potential. 1BR,1BA units with stunning views

Unit 27 MLS 6022267 $275,000

2BR, 2BA units with stunning views

Unit 17 MLS 6022417 $287,000 Unit 2 MLS 2298984 $319,000

10 1st Ave West

Premiere downtown Grand Marais location! Commercial building consists of 1650 square feet with 35’ of street frontage. Flexible layout of building allows for multiple options. MLS 6024812 $224,900

108 Gunflint Trail

4BR, 2BA home right on the Gunflint Trail. This lot is commercially zoned with great visible location at the beginning of the Gunflint Trail. 2.5 car garage could be converted to retail space.

MLS 2161688 $199,900

108-2 Gunflint Trail

Great commercial location with access off Gunflint Trail and Co. Rd. 7. Additional property available, or purchase with less frontage if you only want the shop building & area.

MLS 6024280 $149,900

Inland Lake Lots Birch Lake

Heavily wooded 1.54A, 150’ of frontage on great trout lake. Direct, year round access off the Gunflint Trail.


3BR, 3BA, end units with great views of Lake Superior. Excellent vacation rental history!

MLS 2183859 $99,900

Squint Lake

MLS 6023870 Unit 11A $210,000

2.13A with lovely old white pine trees! Mid trail location, 221’ shore, abuts USFS.

MLS 2308814 $79,900

Poplar Lake

Convenient mid-trail location with deeded lakeshore access. Building site cleared, driveway in, utilities available.

MLS 2158160 $52,500 cbnorthshore61 Coldwell Banker North Shore

Check out OUR BLOG at ColdwellBanker NorthShore.


APRIL 2017


Tom Lake

245’ of shore on 1.2A. Shoreline has its own natural boat slip!!

Two Island

MLS 6024080 $45,000

5+ A of wooded land with 500+’ of shorelinea nd state land on two sides! Year round access; great recreational area.

2.63A, 205’ shore with a healthy mix of trees, including some lovely white pines! Survey done, septic sites id’d.

Kemo Lake

MLS 6026889 $55,000

Year round access with 171’ shore. Nicely wooded, driveway in place and a cleared building site. Lot is surveyed and septic sites have been identified.

MLS 6027392 $59,900 NEW

MLS 6023533 $74,900

One of only 4 lots on south shore. Private 2.34A with 200’ frontage on excellent trout lake! MLS 6021433 $139,900

Leo Lake

169’ shore, on 3.70A, mid trail location, with public access to other lakes nearby.

MLS 6023878 $124,900

Chester Lake

The only private parcel on Chester Lake. One of a kind opportunity! 40A, 300’ frontage! Rough cabin sold “as is”.

MLS 6022402 $149,900

Onagon Lake

Very nice 5A lot with lots of shoreline on both Cupid & Onagon Lake. Abuts Federal land for added privacy.

MLS 6022456 $119,900

Very peaceful lot with 222’of shore & shoreline on Cupid Lake. Located in the heart of the BWCA.

MLS 6022455 $49,900

Homes & Cabins

319 E 2nd Ave

Purchase three rental units for the price of a single home, or the lower units can be combined leaving a nice little family home with a studio apartment overhead. Or restore home into a two story single family home.

MLS 6024915 $168,000

176 Camp 15 Loop

1044 2nd Ave W

2499 E Hwy 61

2928 County Rd 7

160A with 180+ degree views of the surrounding foothills. Very diverse forest... spruce bogs, cedar swamps, healthy birch groves, spruce, fir and healthy white pine. Owner/agent.

4BR, 3BA lovingly cared for home on 2 full acres of park like beauty. Private but within the city limits. Huge detached 1200 square foot garage for all the toys.

Quality built 3BR, 2BA home on 9.5A with amazing views of Lake Superior. Combination kitchen and DR, open floor plan. Abuts Federal land to the north Huge additional garage and 1BR apartment!

Newly remodeled 3BR, 2BA on 6+A with walkout basement. Iin-floor heat and on demand water heater. 40’ x 40’ with in floor heat perfect for storing you toys or parking your cars. Private guest cabin.

MLS 2313220 $149,900

MLS 6025039 $289,000

MLS 6027263 $349,900

MLS 6027373 $269,900 NEW

930 W 4th St

481 Co Rd 60

3BR, 4BA on 20A with amazing views of Lake Superior. Only minutes from town, abuts state land on the north. Energy efficient, in floor heat, gourmet kitchen and huge detached garage!

MLS 6025718 $469,000

1183 Gunflint Tr

381 Moose Valley Rd

Convenient and easy one floor living in a very quiet part of Grand Marais. 5BR, 3BA , well equipped kitchen,heated two car attached garage, plus 26 by 26 detached garage for the toys.

Octagon 3+ BR, 2BA home with open floor plan on 8A. Screened in porch, main floor office, fireplace, full basement, loft and a large deck. Being successfully rented in VRBO.

Easily accessible, nicely wooded, year round 5+A. Abuts Federal land to the west. 24’x24’ garage with two doors providing space to store your toys and tools while deciding what to build.

MLS 6025180 $279,900 PENDING

MLS 6025633 $259,900 SOLD

MLS 6022762 $55,000

40 Taylor Lane

1911 Camp 20 Rd

332 South Shore Dr

3-4BR home on 7.66A. Lake Superior views, landscaped yard, raised garden beds, huge deck. Full basement with plenty of space for a workshop and family room just 5 minutes from town.

2BR, private but close to town on 8A. Out buildings include an older barn currently housing chickens, a wood burning sauna, a brand new screen house, and a 12 x 28 building that screams possibility.

Fully furnished, private, one room getaway on 40A. Wooded land with a wildlife pond and an abundance of recreational trails. Abuts federal land to the north.

2BR, one level home near Devil Track on 21+A with state land to the south. Stainless steel appliances, in floor heat and garage with man cave and heated workshop. Bunkhouse overlooking pond.

MLS 6026190 $259,900

MLS 6024267 $144,900 SOLD

MLS 6021725 $69,900

MLS 6026813 $269,900

260 County Rd 48

L a ke S u p e r i o r V i e w

1207 W 5th St

61 Mort Meadow Rd

120 Brule Valley Tr

4BR, 2BA impeccably maintained home with versatile media room. Extra-large private lot, huge sauna, beautifully landscaped with seasonal views of Lake Superior.

4BR, 2BA home on 40A with private pond. Gourmet kitchen, LR with plush carpets and double-sided gas fireplace. Master BR suite has fireplace, whirlpool tub, quartz vanity and large walk-in closet.

Remote and rustic 22.80A with custom built cedar timber frame cabin. Majestic white pines abut the cabin. Deeded access to Lost Lake and a private landing on the Brule River.

MLS 6026765 $239,900

MLS 6027304 $498,500

MLS 6020979 $68,000

Land W Hwy 61

78 Squint Lake Rd 5A surrounded on

MLS 2170380 $149,900

Railroad Drive

Great location and development opportunities right off Hwy 61! 7.1A, zoned commercial and R-1. Additional R-1 acreage available.

4018 County Rd 14 20A nicely wooded year round lot. Electricity and phone, abuts Federal land providing access to incredible amount of land. MLS 2308865 $59,900 North Rd 20A, very private, year round access. Power, phone and broadband available at the road!! MLS 6024552 $39,900 Coyote Ridge Three 5A, private, beautifully wooded parcels close to town. Babbling, gurgling creek for your boundary.

MLS 6021224 $45,000 - $65,000

Rosebush Hill Lane Nicely wooded 5.40A with shared driveway only minutes from town. Identified septic sites and fully surveyed! Approx. 430’ of creek frontage. OWNER will consider a Contract for Deed! MLS 6024624 $49,900

2 sides by government land. Convenient mid-trail location. MLS 6020283 $62,900

1.7A in the heart of Lutsen. Gently rolling topography, mature trees. Convenient location.

Stonegate Rd

2A on public portion of desirable Stone Gate Road with lots of potential uses. Power, phone, and broadband are a stone’s throw away. MLS 6022528 $19,900

Co Rd 67 $72,000 - $82,000

Check out the views from these properties! 2 .7 - 3.48A with all utilities readily available electric, broadband & telephone. DNR owned Lake Superior shoreline across the road so you can have the enjoyment of the lake without the cost.

MLS 6024403

Gunflint Trail - $97,500

Year round 6.46A on county maintained road with plenty of privacy. The cleared path up the property will help you visualize your future home on the North Shore! Also in close proximity to hiking, biking & skiing trails!

MLS 6026498

Co Rd 7 - $69,900

MLS 6023743 $49,900

County Rd 7 Oversize lot on Co Rd 7 but inside the city. The obvious benefits of broadband and other services. MLS 6024916 $65,000

Gunflint Trail Cross country skiers,

Broadway Ave Wonderful location,

Raven Feather Rd - $119,900 NEW

hikers; this property is connected to the Pincushion Cross Country Ski Trail system with the Little Devil Track River flowing through it

MLS 2313364 $69,000

Co Rd 67 2.24A, year round access, directly abuts State Land to the east. Fully surveyed and well-built private driveway. MLS 6024406 $39,900

Casper Hill Rd 19.6A just a few miles from town. Simple lean-to cabin to give you a head start on your get away.

oversize lot is open to many opportunities for development and use. MLS 6025787 $48,000

Silver Fox Rd Two peaceful and quiet 5A pieces close to town with easements onto Federal land. MLS 6025690 $39,900 - $69,900

Beautifully wooded 7.7A, wonderful views of Lake Superior, just minutes from town on a county maintained road. Septic sites id’d, building site has been identified.

MLS 6026821

6.65A of nicely wooded land just west of Grand Marais. End of road location with federal land to the west with incredible views of Lake Superior.

MLS 6027354

9th Ave W.

Lovely .28A, corner, buildable lot in the heart of town. Heavily wooded with a gentle south facing slope.

MLS 6026196 $67,900

MLS 6023494 $45,000


APRIL 2017





Tom Lake

Kemo Lake

Poplar Lake

Year-round, custom built, 4BR home on 4+A. 275’ of shore with dock in a secluded bay. Vaulted ceilings, log beams, lots of woodwork. Screen porch on full, walk-out lower level.

Remote lake cabin located close to town! Fully furnished super cute cabin built to accommodate year round usage. 16A, 500’of shore of great trout fishing.

2BR fully furnished cabin, off grid with propane lights, heat and fridge. 220’ of shore with boat house. Nicely wooded lot, easy access to the lake and excellent water clarity.

Charming 2BR cabin tucked away in the trees with cozy northwoods feel. 1.5A, 156' of shore, nice-sized deck and great views of the lake, with BWCAW access. Solid rental history.

MLS 6019286 $599,900

MLS 6022457 $219,900

MLS 6027387 $114,900

MLS 6019270 $229,900

Poplar Lake

Greenwood Lake

3BR, 2BA cabin, open floor plan and 4 season porch. Private boat landing, huge garage, and Wildfire Sprinkler System. Multiple types of off grid operating systems so you can enjoy cell phone, electricity & running water.

MLS 6025773 $314,900 PENDING

Devil Track Lake

Poplar Lake

Devil Track Lake

6BR, 5BA screened in porch and multiple decks. 1.52A with 222’ shore; great swimming in aquieter bay on the main lake.

Fully furnished 3BR, 2BA home that may be used as a primary residence or vacation rental. Open concept, In-floor heat, gas fireplace, main level laundry. Landscaped yard, paver tiled patios, heated 2 car garage!

MLS 6023530 $569,900

MLS 6027457 $249,900 NEW

Brule River

2BR, 2BA year round log home with 190’ shore. Stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, open floor plan, peaked wood ceiling, log beams and screened in porch.

1BR plus loft, on 20+ A. Cathedral wood ceilings, woodstove, kitchen with hickory cabinets & plenty of storage. 1500’ shore on the Brule River, abuts Federal land on 2 sides.

MLS 6023210 $349,900

MLS 6027222 $129,900 NEW

Gunflint Lake

Lovely year round 3BR, 2BA home. Large family room with propane fireplace and a nice sitting area. Also includes an older fixer upper cabin located at the water’s edge

Birch Lake

44A, 800+’ of shore, multiple rustic cabins, with propane lights, stove and fridge. Bordered 2 sides by Superior National Forest. All existing furniture, boats included.

Seagull Lake

3BR, loft, massive rock fireplace, kitchen with birch cabinets and island, walk out lower level with a family room and fireplace. BWCA lake with 400’ shore on 6+A, abuts Federal land.

MLS 6027469 $219,900 PENDING

MLS 6022641 $489,900

MLS 6022707 $549,900

Lar ge Acr eage 170A+ Camp 20 Rd - $169,900

110A W Highway 61 - $649,900

43A County Road 7 - $299,900

MLS 6022459

MLS 2164180

MLS 2170711

Heavily forested land that has been replanted with many beautiful pine trees. Rolling topography with many building sites and hiking trails. Features a gravel pit on the northwest corner and a small wildlife pond to the south. State land to the south.

Nicely wooded land with varied elevations on the Highway 61 corridor. Year round access via Highway 61 and County Road 7. Many development options with multiple zoning: Far-3, R-1 and commercial.

120A Reason Rd - $109,900

80A Moose Valley Trail - $69,900

MLS 6025476


Wooded hideaway that is abundant with trails, wildlife and abuts State land on 2 sides. Located about 1.5 miles from Tom Lake Boat Access. Property is gently rolling and has a nice mix of healthy trees.

Private wilderness with a partial view of Lake Superior. Variety of terrain; high peaks, rolling hills, and a wildlife pond. Year-round living on a county maintained road. FAR-1 and FAR-2 providing ample opportunity to for subdivision.




APRIL 2017


BOB CARTER 370-9054

Nicely wooded with excellent development potential. Close to hospital and all the amenities of Grand Marais.. Multiple zoning (R1 & Far 3), survey and wetlands delineation completed in 2007. Electric at road.


101 West Hwy . 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604

Serving Cook County since 1971

RICK AUSTIN 388-9434


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ERIC FROST 370-1362


(800) 732-2131

Talk to Terry! Terry R. Backlund Broker/Owner

Lori A. Backlund Real Estate Agent

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Must See!!!

Sale ng i d n e P




Sale g n i d n Pe

Sale g n i d n Pe

3 Bedroom 1 Bath with loft on beautiful 5.25 acres. Open floorplan. Fireplace. Large 30 x 40 garage. MLS# 6026546 Price: $259,900

5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Office + more. Fabulous kitchen, bath and gardens. Income potential lower level. MLS# 6025967 Price: $319,900

2500 Sq. Ft. Commercial. Solid Renters. Great Location. MLS# TBD Price: $319,900

10 acres with 24 x 24 garage with studio apt. MLS# 6026422 Price: $110,000




Talk to Terry!

New g Listin

D L O S 3 Bedroom 3 Bath with two fireplaces on 9+ acres. Large pole barn and two car garage. MLS# 6026483 Price: $279,000

2 Bedroom 1 Bath 2 Car Garage MLS 6027031 Price $147,500

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New g Listin

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3 Bedroom 2 Bath 2 Car Garage MLS# 6027249 Price: $222,000

Phone: 218-387-1501 Cell: 218-370-8977 NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


Sunshine Day Dreams, Here Comes Spring! Walk in the Woods, Listen to the Awakening!

Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 SPRINGTIME ON THE SHOR ES OF LAKE SUPERIOR IS FABULOUS!

SUPERIOR SENSE OF PLACE! Meander the tree lined driveway along Lutsen’s Rollins Creek Road, stumble upon the connecting ponds with Fountain and Sculpture celebrating the Sounds of Springtime! Over 8 acres of rolling terrain, experience the manicured path to the ponds, or stroll down the rock steps to the Tumultuous Shoreline, the Waves Pounding the over 600 ft of Rock with plenty of Splash! Inside the Fabulous home your guests will enjoy the Cascade of the Creek to the Big Lake just outside their bedroom window. The master bedroom Welcomes the Sunrises via huge windows overlooking the drooling shoreline… 0r Says Goodnight to the Sun while watching the flickering of the fireplace from bed. All the other parts of the home are Magnificent, from the gazebo with hot tub, to the large library, to the gourmet kitchen with function and charm. See it to Believe it is the Best! MLS# 6019683 $1,197,000


Welcoming main level living space has awesome views from every room. Kitchen is large and functional, great for entertaining! Dining area features birch flooring, and overlooks the Great room and beautiful Lake Superior! Sweet master suite! One car attached! Nice low maintenance living on the Big Lake! MLS#6027026 $374,900

SALE G N I D EN 1940’S PAUTHENTIC LAKE SUPERIOR CABIN! Step back in time to the early days! Little cabin tucked in to an Amazing piece of Lake Superior on Cascade Beach Rd! Gorgeous accessible shoreline!

MLS#6026064 $324,900


NEW! WATERFALLS ON LAKE SUPERIOR, WALK TO GRAND MARAIS! Stunning home in a Wilderness Setting with Incredible Lakeshore, a combination of

Ledgerock and pebble beach! Awake in the morning to the sounds of the Waterfall cascading in to Lake Superior just outside your bedroom window! This striking home is move in ready, main level living with a sweet master bedroom and bath. Lower level walk out area for your friends and family to enjoy! Two plus car garage, with an awesome Man Cave with views of Lake Superior! Gorgeous Landscape, Gorgeous Lake Superior Home. A Must See, including the Little House! MLS#6026723 $799,900


The views are from the deck of a ship. A crafters dream home, lots of elbow room, stone fire place for the ages and lower level walk out living space your friends and family will LOVE! Attached Garage!

MLS# 6023379 $549,0000

WOWSER LAKE SUPERIOR PROPERTY! Jonvick Creek AND Lake Superior frontage! Lovely LUTSEN home, tons of potential for updating and making this home YOURS! Vaulted ceilings, welcoming warm feel to this Cabin, a Must See! MLS#6026038


NEW! SIMPLE LIVING ON LAKE SUPERIOR! A Step up from Thoreau’s Cabin,

Enjoy the peace and quiet this lovely little cabin offers on over 300 ft of Lake Superior Shoreline! Electric, and Nice gas Stove makes this a comfy and welcoming Cabin!

MLS#6026595 $240,000

Vaulted Ceilings and Real Rock fireplace are only a couple of the features this home offers! Big views of the Big Lake, enjoy main level living with a finished walk out with two bedrooms/bath and family room...your guests will love visiting your winter retreat! Two car detached, 300 ft of shoreline!

MLS#2038020 $569,900

DREAMY LAKE SUPERIOR CABIN, ACCESSIBLE SHORELINE! Tons of Value in this Year Round Lake Superior cabin nestled Among the Mature Spruce of Tofte’s ledgerock shoreline…stroll along the level ledgerock shoreline in the summer and make this your winter Ski Retreat in the Winter! Minute’s to Cross Country trails, Lutsen Mountains Ski Resort or Tofte’s Hockey Rink!

MLS# 2270954 $375,000 REDUCED!


has all you need plus incredible Lake Superior Views from Nearly every room! Oversized deck to soak in the Spring Sunshine! Meander down to the fishhouse and absorb the history of the Big Lake. A Must See home.

MLS# 6023113 $550,000


APRIL 2017


Sunshine Day Dreams, Here Comes Spring! Walk in the Woods, Listen to the Awakening!

Call TimberWolff for Your Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!!

Local 663 - 8777 • I n f o @ T i m b e r W o l f f R e a l t y . c o m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7 WILDER NESS LAKESHOR E, FOUR SEASONS OF R EST & R ELA X ATION! CRAZY CUTE LOG CABIN ON CHRISTINE LAKE!

Located just off a designated Mountain Bike Trail system, enjoy year round access, electric at street and a TOTAL SENSE OF SECLUSION! Canoe on Christine, Fly Fish in the Poplar or just go for a hike in the Superior National Forest! MLS#2308836


$145,000 REDUCED!

cabin on Gust Lake, a Real Charmer!

MLS#6022642 $110,000



Tons of value on a spectacular piece of shoreline! Super fishing cabin on a peninsula point overlooking peaceful Gust Lake and the Boundary Waters a hop skip and jump away. MLS#6020330 $239,000


200’ of level GORGEOUS frontage, secluded, cedars, swimming, walleyes, relaxation. Super Cabin if we didn’t already say it. MLS#6025737

quiet Boreal environment, Cabin sits proudly above the lake for long views over Poplar’s numerous islands! Home needs a little TLC, priced to sell! MLS#2308952


$259,000 REDUCED!



gatherings! Sprawling kitchen, granite counters, island w/ breakfast bar. Opens to the family room overlooking Caribou Lake, Spectacular views! Amazing Owner’s Suite! Pics don’t do this home justice, it’s a Must See! Minutes to Lutsen Mountains Ski & Summer Resort! MLS#2313246

the bay bordering USFS lands and some Super Shoreline! Call today for details!

MLS# 6027279 $224,900

$449,500 REDUCED!


of the road, year round living in this Grand Cabin bordering the Superior National Forest! MLS#6022181 $349,000

LUTSEN SKI MOUNTAIN RESORT AREA AND LAKE SUPERIOR VACATION TOWNHOMES! WINTER WONDERLAND IN LUTSEN! A perk to Lutsen Mountains Ski Resort is staying at a Primo Resort like Caribou Highlands! Ski In Ski Out, Overlooking Moose Mountain and Poplar RIver! View pics of each unit by searching MLS# on!

108 BRIDGE RUN MLS#6023378 $112,000 128 BRIDGE RUN MLS#2120739 $121,900 526 MOOSE MOUNTAIN MLS#2217205 $128,500 518 MOOSE MOUNTAIN MLS#6023287 $159,900 LUTSEN LAKE SUPERIOR VACATION TOWNHOME AT LUTSEN RESORT! Enjoy all that the historic Lutsen Lodge offers…a sandy beach, a cool River, Swimming pool, spa, FABULOUS dining…but enjoy it in STYLE at the Cliffhouse overlooking the historic lodge. Newer construction, Big views, Contemporary Design. Total Comfort. Nice rental income to offset expenses.

MLS#6021422 $429,000


Country Skiers Dream! Centered in the midst of miles of Cross Country Ski Trails, there is a small resort condo on Lake GeGoKa in the Superior National Forest lands off Highway 1 between Lake Superior and Ely! Tons of shared amenities, nice lake views and surrounded by mature pines, this truly is a Winter Wonderland! MLS#6026214 $119,000



Tofte’s upscale Surfside Resort. #7 is a stone’s throw from accessible shoreline you’ll LOVE, this townhome, and it’s affordable with the Quarter Share option! No other end unit compares on price, views or locale to the Big Lake. The interior is right out of the pages of Architectural Digest, total Luxury!

MLS#2272709 $199,000


location between Lutsen and Tofte, Chateau LeVeaux Condos provide Amenities like the indoor pool. spa, and sauna! Romantic One Bedroom with Jacuzzi Tub for Two! Own this Gem for Less than you’d pay to Vaca!

bedrm Condo, Updated Bath and Kitchen! Romantic Setting on Lake Superior, Excellent location at Blue Fin Bay! CONDO #30

MLS#6026238 $255,000

MLS#6026715 $54,900 REDUCED!


APRIL 2017


Call TimberWolff for Your Sunshine Day Dreams, Here Comes Spring! of Homes & Land!!! Walk in the Woods, Listen to the Awakening! Personal Tour Local 663 - 8777 • i n fo @ t i m b e r wo l f f r e a l t y. c o m To l l f r e e (877) 66 4 - 8777 I n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m NORTHWOODS HOMES AND CABINS, IN TOWN OR IN THE WOODS!


HEY HANDYMAN! Come take a Look at this

Tofte home with acreage! Lots to offer, the home is solid and has a nice flow. The kitchen has been upgraded! Large windows allow for lots of light, and accessory buildings are perfect for a workshop and garage! Curious? Give us a call to see this gem!


Lake Superior, this home has it all! Gorgeous interior, featuring dream kitchen with tons of cabinetry and spectacular granite counters with built in breakfast bar. A great home for hosting family gatherings, let the kids play on the lower level and enjoy main level living with wrap around deck and upstairs loft bedroom/office space. MLS#6020313 $319,000

MLS#6022904 $177,500 NEW ROOF! REDUCED!


Perfect for the growing family, convenient to school w/ 3 bedrms on main level and additional space on lower level. Large city lot, Chicken Coop in place!

MLS#6022686 $197,500 REDUCED!

ask for, acreage, Maples!, and a huge garage with plenty of firewood storage for winter warmth! Newer construction, huge walk around deck and wide open living, Awesome Owner’s Suite, Tons of potential in walk out level! Must See!




Charming rustic cabin on 10 acres of south facing forest with distant views of Lake Superior. Bordering public lands, great for hunting or hiking!

MLS#6020031 $85,500 REDUCED!

MLS#6026826 $199,900


MLS#2313265 $289,900 HUGE VALUE!!!

BIG VIEWS OF THE BIG LAKE! Tiny Home on a Gorgeous Chunk of land in the Hovland area! Functional, MUST SEE! MLS#6025583

Meander on to this 40 acre parcel to see this lovely year round home with electric and broadband! The home features birch flooring, and huge spruce logs, a very welcoming and comfortable cabin. Super location, very close to Ninemile Lake in the Finland area!

Secluded, wooded lot in the heart of the Devil Track Lake recreational area! Your new home will be a project; it’s a clean pallet ready for your vision! Much of the hard work has already been done, with refinished or new sheetrock and paint on walls and ceilings, kitchen is ready for your choice of cabinets! Lots of potential! MLS# 6026986 $109,900

NEW LUTSEN MOUTAIN VIEW HOME! Spacious, tasteful home in Lutsen w/ 11 acres and views: Big Lake and the Inland Mountains including the ski slopes! This home has it all: comforts and class of high end finishing, combined w/ country living! You’ll LOVE watching the skiers from your back deck! Big garage, sauna house! MLS#6027250 $445,000


best of both worlds! Two bedrooms, open kitchen and family room, with a large deck overlooking the lake! Great for year round living or a perfect low maintenance getaway home! MLS#6025328 $195,000


Year round access, nice land, and a very habitable cabin! Enjoy as year round living or a getaway cabin!

MLS#6026035 $84,000 REDUCED!

NEW LUTSEN FAMILY HOME! Fabulous starter home with large back yard. Heart of Lutsen, walk to Clearview! Attached garage. Lower level potential duplex use! Owner is Licensed Salesperson.

MLS# TBD $224,000

Call TIMBERWOLFF REALTY or visit for more information! 60

APRIL 2017


Call TimberWolff for Your Sunshine Day Dreams, Here Comes Spring! Personal Tour of Homes & Land!!! Walk in the Woods, Listen to the Awakening! Local 663 - 8777 • n f o @ T i m b e r Wo l f f R e a l t y. c o m i n f o @ t i m b e r w o l f f r e a l t y . c oI m To l l f r e e ( 8 7 7 ) 6 6 4 - 8 7 7 7



MLS#2309318 $64,900

NEW! Whitetail Ridge Overlooking Lake Superior! Just off Highway 1, Enjoy Sprawling Lake and Ridgeline views and Rugged Terrain! Yr Round Access, Electric.

MLS# 6024856 $110,000

30 acres Wilderness, Borders lands next to Little Manitou River! MLS#2309327 $129,000 Rocky Wall Overlooking Lake Superior just outside Silver Bay. MLS#2244646 $99,000 Rock Road in Silver Bay area! Great build site with creek frontage! MLS#2308638 $45,000 Lakeshore on Ninemile Lake at the Village, common water and septic, build ready, borders common land! MLS#2309096 $39,000


SCHROEDER AREA NEAR THE CROSS RIVER! 10 Ac Parcels of Maples! Rolling Terrain of Mature Maples to a Sweet Building site Perched Over a Mixed Boreal Forest. Year Round Access and Electric at Road!

MLS#2024250 $56,900

DRAMATIC Mountain Top Views, Rolling Hills, Maple Forests fading in to Spruce and Pine and year round access. Tons of acreage available, or just pick up a 40 for $70,000! MUST SEE, call Emily today! MLS#6001560, multiple#’s call for full map and prices!

FROM $70,000 MLS#2090628

SCHROEDER AREA NEAR THE CROSS RIVER! Sugarloaf Retreats on High Ridge Drive, Located a hop, skip and jump from Sugarloaf Cove on Lake Superior! Large parcel, with access to the Superior Hiking Trail! Yr Round access and electric to street!

MLS#1598640 $36,200

TOFTE AREA NEAR BLUEFIN BAY RESORT! LeVeaux Mountain, Super Views and Wildlife Ponds!

MLS#2220050 $69,000

Just Up the Sawbill Trail Grab your little piece of the Northwoods, rolling terrain and small community feel with year round access, great build sites!

MLS#2070510 Prices from $24,900!!

Tofte vaag on the Sawbill, Nice Lake Views! Walk to the Coho, great location! FROM $49,900


LUTSEN LAKE VIEWS & WILDERNESS LANDS! Woodland Foothills Build Ready lots, Shared Water & Community Septic from

$19,000 MLS#2309328+

Heartland of Lutsen, 80 ac at the Foothills of Ski Hill ridge, near downtown Lutsen!

MLS#2312987 $119,000

Over 15 ac of Wilderness on Turnagain Trail in Lutsen! MLS#2216560 $69,500 Prime Build Site(s) just off theCaribou at Jonvick Creek!

MLS#2240533 $49,000

Gorgeous 5 acre parcels in the Heart of Lutsen paved Caribou Trail locale bordering USFS lands! MLS#2174799 From

$54,900 - $77,500

Wowser Lake Superior views on Overlook Tr!

Creek Build Site just off the Caribou Trail at Jonvick Creek! Rare and Unique Build site!


30 acres of Prime Wilderness Land with year round access and electric at street with Views of Lutsen’s famed Clara Lake!

MLS#2296509 $79,900

Mature Spruce and BIG Lake Views! Walk to Blue Fin Bay, drilled well in place!

MLS#2272174 $49,900

NEW! Nice parcel bordering USFS land, driveway roughed in, access to Tait Lk!

MLS#6023412 $35,000

High Ground End of Cul de Sac borders Superior National Forest! MLS#6021436 $49,900

Ready to build with long winding driveway to build site, surveyed. Defined build site with Huge Views!! Rare opportunity close to Grand Marais and within walking distance from the Croftville Road, very nice for walks.

MLS#6022564 $325,000


280 ft of cliff shoreline with unobstructed Views across Lake Superior! Little Marais area, Build ready, driveway already in place! MLS#2313255 $265,000


lakeshore! Several acres of privacy and way more than 200 ft of Level Access Lake Superior shoreline in Schroeder, near Sugarloaf Cove Naturalist Area!

MLS#2090420 $275,000 PLENTY OF ELBOW ROOM ON LAKE SUPERIOR! Nearly 800 ft of shoreline and 11 ac. of

rolling terrain, with signs of the past logging roads and Spruce planted forests providing a sweet buffer from all of those pesky worries of the Real World! Driveway installed in to the mid-section of the land to allow you to explore which building site best fits your desires!

MLS#2309271 $799,000

LUTSEN LAKE SUPERIOR CASCADE BEACH RD LAND! Very accessible, build site close to the water, listen to the waves of Lake Superior lapping the rocky shoreline! Gorgeous morning sunrises over the Big Lake, a must see!


Level Access from Build Site to Rocky Shores.Superior National Forest Lands! Electric, yr round access, Old Cabin in place to use now and build later!

MLS#1600179 $199,000 LAKESHORE 10+ ACRES BORDERING SUPERIOR NATIONAL FOREST! in Lutsen, year round access with over 10 acres and 200 feet of shoreline! Hilltop building site with cleared path thru cedar forest to Christine Lake, a super wilderness lake great for paddling your days away!

MLS#6023288 $99,900


MLS#6024972 $49,000

GRAND MARAIS LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! NEW! Hammer Road East of town! Expansive Lake Superior Views! Great Build Site at $49,900


Cty Rd 7 Murphy Mountain Lake View lands! Bargain Buys in young Poplar Forest, easy clearing for Sweet Lake Superior Views for as little as $39,900! Or Enjoy Hilltop Build Site with driveway in place.

MLS#1599157 $79,900 REDUCED! Lovely parcel just Up the Gunflint Trail, ready to build, mature pines great location!

MLS#6022429 $49,900

MLS#2289515 $57,500

MLS#2080599 $137,500

80 Ac with Poplar River Frontage on the Honeymoon Tr!

MLS#2307399 $95,000

Gorgeous Views of Williams & Wills Lake in Lutsen! Year Round Access, electric, Mountain Top site bordering USFS land. A Wonderful place to build your home! MLS#2107927 $70,000


LUTSEN LAKE VIEWS & WILDERNESS LANDS! NEW! Maple Leaf Trail at Jonvick, Maples Galore! Nice elevated build site. Yr Round access, electric.



The original cabin was recently removed, allowing for a nice “established feel” to this lot. Driveway in place, clearing done and electricity available!


minute’s to the Cross River in Schroeder! Rolling terrain, nice Evergreen stand giving nice buffer from ANY highway noise. Worth the walk through the wilderness to see the AMAZING 400 ft of sprawling ledge rock shoreline!!

MLS#2313305 REDUCED! $450,000 PIKE LAKE SHORELINE, SOUTHERN EXPOSURE! Nice big lake lot: 5+ acres, 225’ of frontage!

Maples, cedars, fir, ash: a diverse mix of thriving Northwoods. The fall color is dreamy, try collecting maple sap in the spring! Shallow lake access, but it’s there, along with yr round access!

MLS#2313068 $167,700


quiet recreation, this deep lot has 200 ft of shoreline and 3++ acres! Yr round access, electric, only 20 minutes to Lutsen’s Ski Resort! Five minutes to BWCA! Untouched virgin forest, a beauty of a lot! Includes the lakeshore lot and the back lot for TONS of value!

MLS#6025368 $209,900


Lutsen creek, this hotspot hosts 5 commercial businesses and a lot of apartments with good long term renters! 13 lot trailer park has been established since the 70’s, w/ each trailer owner paying lot rent. GORGEOUS LAND, mature pines, nice setting for future expansion with zero lot line setbacks. New compliant commercial septic system. Rental housing is in high demand in the Lutsen area, all rentals are full with long term history. Potential add’l income from retail space and garage/warehouse space currently used by seller. Seller Financing optional.

MLS#2279185 $1,575,000


APRIL 2017


REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor • Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604


Lake Superior charm and seclusion awaits on this park-like private retreat property with almost 90 acres, 1793 feet of shore, and 3 classic Aldrich log cabins with outstanding lake views. A rare, unique opportunity! MLS# 6024299 $2,250,000


Elegant and comfortable 3 bdrm, 2 bath contemporary home. Beautifully wooded & private, with dramatic rocks & panoramic lake views on 223’ of easily accessed Lake Superior shore. The great room is shared with the gourmet kitchen, formal dining, & living area centered around the Finnish fireplace. The master suite is a lovely open space with a private office. The master bath suite is exceptional. Upgrades throughout, beautiful maple flooring. MLS# 2308811 $699,900

SUPERIOR AFRAME. This 3,300 sq ft

Lake Superior home with original A-Frame was expanded in 2006, adding 2,000 sq ft w/quality finishes. Stunning kitchen with large island, hickory cabinets, granite & lake views. 3 bdr, 3 bath, large gathering spaces and deck. Master bdrm with attached whirlpool/glass shower. MLS# 2313080 $524,900

CONTEMPORARY LOG HOME. Every room has a Lake

Superior view! This beautiful home on 6.5 acres features an open living/dining room with cozy wood burning stove and wraparound deck. The shoreline is accessible with a fire pit and beach platform. The kitchen has a huge granite island and custom hickory cabinets with lots of storage. Extra large garage with room for 4 vehicles. MLS# 6021770 $539,000


Totally remodeled! This 3 bdrm, 3 bath home has a cool "Beach House" vibe with bleached wood beamed ceilings, hardwood floors and wall-to-wall patio doors offering expansive lake views. Located near Silver Bay with 200’ accessible shoreline. MLS# 6025439 $449,900 SPECTACULAR LAKE SUPERIOR LOT. Framed by palisades, the nicely wooded property has two or more perfect sites on which to build your special lake home. Views are classic old North Shore looking over Chicago Bay. Shared septic system is in place.

MLS# 2308784 $365,000 LUTSEN LAKE SHORE.

Exceptional Lake Superior property in highly regarded Lutsen area. 150 feet of accessible ledge rock and gravel beach shoreline. Large, level building site surrounded by mature cedar, spruce and fir trees.

MLS# 6024548 $299,500


PREMIER LAKE SUPERIOR PROPERTY. Beautiful, very private 1.84 acre residential lot with 240 ft of Lake Superior shoreline in the Chimney Rock Platted Development. Premier quality with stunning elevated and panoramic views of the lake. MLS# 2313197 $249,900 LAKE SUPERIOR, BIG BAY, BIG VIEWS. Dense spruce forest, moss covered boulders and privacy make this a classic Lake Superior lot. 200 feet of shore with partial driveway in place, shared road maintenance, power and Broadband ready to go. MLS# 6022357 $212,500


dream home plus garage lot. Spectacular views and privacy. All hookups are ready – septic, water, electric, phone & propane. House plans are available. Only 8 owners share this park-like former resort property. MLS 6023745 $92,900


2000+ acres of Cook County land with 6 lakes. Over 10,000' of shoreline. Various parcels spread across the Superior National Forest, most accessible via forest service roads. The Mark Lake parcel is 159 acres with 200’ shoreline for sale separately: $219,000. MLS#6025545 $3,100,000

SOLITUDE ON TAIT LAKE. Spacious 3 bdrm, 2 A bathLE


home on 2.5 acres features a GREAT great room, gourmet kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. Charming master suite has sliding glass and lake view. Stunning open beamed ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, cozy loft and a huge screened porch. Comfortably sleeps 10-12. Detached garage.


"Aspen Annie's" north woods road house, now your cabin on beautiful and serene Aspen Lake. Includes storage and wood sheds. Easy year round access in an old white pine forest, borders public land. Level 155’ shoreline. MLS# 6027021 $259,000


mixed forest, great views, & classic wilderness shoreline make these two lots perfect for a Mid-Trail lake home. Choose 2 acres with 165’ shoreline, 3 acres with 200’ shoreline, or both! MLS# 6026287 $134,900,

MLS# 6026286 $142,900, both for $245,000. MARK LAKE - 159 ACRES. The only private land on Mark

Lake! Good northern fishing. 200ft. Shoreline, forestry road or snowmoblie access. Motivated Seller! MLS# 6026299 $245,000


Cozy north woods cabin secluded on almost 6 acres of dense cedar forest with adjoining forestry lands. One bdrm plus loft with plenty of space. Generator power, electric at road. Easy access to 300’ lakeshore and great views!

MLS# 6026819 $239,900 NEW! RARE GUNFLINT LAKE PARCEL. Exceptional lot with

344' of waterfront features unreal views and privacy. Use the slope of this lot to your advantage when considering what style to build. Power and broadband available. Borders public land!

MLS# 2312977 $529,000 GUNFLINT LAKE HOME – SAND BEACH. This charming 2 bdrm

MLS# 6027298 $225,000

MLS# 6026327 $529,000 CHARMING CABIN ON SEAGULL LAKE. Lovely 2


home sits on 4.62 acres, just 40 ft from the dramatic shore on a point. Many custom features and built-ins, 3-car detached garage with a fantastic upper level apartment, lrg storage sheds, plus a very unique and rare sand beach!

bdrm, 1 bath cabin with 233’ of gentle shoreline with breathtaking views of the lake and islands. Wrap around decking sets only 35 feet from the water’s edge. Sold furnished. Many crafted built-ins and storage space. MLS# 6023785 $355,500 SEAGULL LAKE LOT - BWCAW VIEWS.This 10-acre lot has great views and 489 ft of accessible shoreline. Driveway and power are in place with a nice shed to store your gear. MLS# 6025512 $339,900


Immaculate 3 bdrm home on beautiful & quiet Christine Lake. Over 200’ shoreline with private boardwalk to floating dock and 6 acres for privacy. Knotty pine and tastefully painted interior. Deck, balcony and open design allow abundant light.

MLS# 6024054 $319,500


cabin on 180 ft of E. Bearskin Lake. Federal lease property. Awesome views of the lake, level walk to the dock and shore. Includes utility shed, woodshed, aluminum canoe & boat.

A perfect place for your cabin or home with unspoiled views and lots of Gunflint Trail privacy. 3.68 acres and 554’ shoreline. Tucker Lake is a protected lake with added setbacks to protect the lake and views. Direct BWCAW access. MLS# 2309237 $224,900


ity built cabin tucked in a mature cedar forest with great views of the palisade. One bdrm plus lrg loft, nice kitchen, dining & cozy living area with wood stove. A lrg work/storage shed with beautiful cedar sauna & deck included. MLS# 6027273 $199,900


These three Devil Track Lake lots have easy access from a county road, with power, phone, broadband and great building sites. South shore, 200 ft. frontage, great views. Build your home on the lake here. MLS#

6027317-6027319 $198,900 each • Locally owned and operated since 1996 • 62

APRIL 2017



A-Frame cabin in a beautiful setting overlooking Poplar Lake. End of the road privacy with year-round access. Very nice, gentle path to the 156’ of lake shore. Nice mix of trees. MLS#

6024438 $187,500 NORTH FOWL LAKE CABIN. Only

a lucky few get to own cabins here. Remote water access from the US side, or drive in to the landing on Ontario side. Stunning views, easy access to the BWCA. The 2 bdrm cabin is one of the nicest remote cabins you'll find. Includes a great sauna. MLS# 6023214 $168,500 PRICE REDUCED!

POPLAR LAKE-BWCAW ACCESS. Nice 2.11 acre lot with

beautiful west views of the lake and 244’ of shore tucked in a quiet bay. A small, updated 1 bdrm cabin sits right at the water’s edge. Plenty of room for a main home and garage. MLS# 6021031



very special Clearwater Lake with 180’ frontage. Very affordable for up north cabin life. MLS#

6023119 $169,000 SOLITUDE ON LOON LAKE. These 1-2 acre lots

are located on the south side of Loon Lake and offer great lake views, 152-218’ beautiful shoreline and many nice trees. The main road is in place and power is on the lot line. MLS# 2093855, 2159458,

2309227, 2309228 $159,000 and up CLASSIC POPLAR LAKE CABIN. Sweet, older 2 bdrm cabin on a bay of Poplar Lake with 100’ frontage. Great location! Charm in every room. Potentially a great vacation rental.


MLS# 6023157 $154,500

Over 20 acres of amazing forest teamed with 300’ of awe-inspiring shoreline that rests at the southeast end of Tom Lake. MLS# 6023688

$130,000 CARIBOU LAKE - HOME SITE. New price is well below

tax assessed value. Magnificent old-growth cedar and maple trees. Great, high build site on Sawmill Bay. 5.34 acres and 185’ lake frontage. MLS#

2203572 $95,000 LOTS ON NINEMILE LAKE. Two beautiful, large lots

on Ninemile Lake in Finland. Lots adjoin Superior National Forest and Cabin Creek Unit Roadless Area with excellent shoreline and views. Power and year round access! MLS #6019489 $89,300 & MLS

#6021813 $69,000 SNOWSHOE RUN LOTS. Set along a high ridge overlooking

Hare Lake in a mature northern hardwood forest. Year-round plowed and maintained county roads, power at each property and a clear water trout lake. MLS# 6019490 - 6019496, 6019498 Lake lot

prices start at $48,800 END OF THE ROAD PRIVACY ON TOM LAKE. This beautiful wooded lot has its own bay/cove. There is a long curved driveway to a nice cleared build site. MLS# 6021553 $47,500

CONDOMINIUMS WELCOME TO LAKE SUPERIOR. Warm & beautiful light-filled end

unit Aspenwood Townhome. The 2-story walkout style leaves you with plenty of options to get outside and close to the Big Lake. This 2 bdrm, 3 bath home includes 98% of all furnishings & personal property. It is also part of a successful vacation rental pool. MLS# 6022175 $290,000



Charming custom built 2 bdrm, 2 bath cabin tucked in the woods overlooking a beaver pond. A screened porch for summer dining. The living room is open and includes the kitchen and dining. A cozy Franklin stove warms the whole building. The full basement is a complete guest space . Generator power and over 100 acres to explore. MLS# 6022886 $269,000


2 bath condo with unobstructed Lake Superior views! This unit has had everything redone and replaced. Convenient location with access to many recreational opportunities.

MLS# 6026577 $147,000 NEW! NORTHWOODS VACATION GET-AWAY. This recently remodeled and updated ski-in/ski-out condo has 1 bdrm, 2 baths, fireplace, and great views of the ski hills, plus distant views of the Poplar River. Walk to the pool, playground, restaurants – everything you need!

MLS# 6027382 $118,000 STUNNING LAKE SUPERIOR CONDO. Quality finishes,

granite tile counters, wood fireplace and spa-like bathroom. Open concept plan with floating island for flexible dining and food prep. Walk out to a private patio and enjoy morning sunrises over the big lake. MLS# 6025851 $82,000


There is quality and detail at every turn in this magnificent 2 bdrm, 2 bath home hidden on 30 acres in the Grand Portage State Forest. Marble stairs and floors, loft, master bath with hot tub & sauna, soaring cathedral ceilings, and 2000 sq ft attached garage. Not your typical home in the woods, this is a rare gem waiting for someone who loves the outdoors, but wants the class of an elegant home at the end of the day.

MLS# 6022895 $724,999 PRICE REDUCED! BEAUTIFUL LEVEAUX RIDGE HOME. “Mountain top” 3

bdrm home with calming Lake Superior views. Many recent upgrades, 2 wood-burning fireplaces, and a 2+ car heated garage. Private setting and design, perfect for entertaining or escaping. MLS# 6025932 $349,000


charming country home with outbuildings and some pasture for your horse! The 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has a country kitchen/dining room, huge living room, & 3 season porch. A cute log cabin sits near the home, and the land is special with a lrg wildlife pond & planted pines. More land is available.



Fantastic 3 bdrm, 2 bath cabin with sauna and bunkhouse. The 3.78 acres is surrounded by forest with Ninemile Lake across the road. Large kitchen/ dining space, incredible master suite, upper level sunroom. Lots of room for guests! MLS# 6026570 $279,900

maintained 4 bdrm, 2 bath home tucked into its own wooded wonderland. Welcoming, open and updated. Perennial gardens, apple trees, fire pit, and dog kennel/run in place. Trails on the 3 acre property connect to state trails for skiing and

snowmobiling. MLS# 6024809 $264,900

HOBBY FARM OR LOTS OF IDEAS. This large property

features open meadows, gardens, orchards, and a beautiful river. The living quarters with 4 bdrms, 2 baths and open living space is located above a 6-stall horse barn. A large pole barn, huge gathering hall, garage and various storage sheds provide lots of sheltered space. Two wells and septic systems. Easy county road access. What's your idea?


surrounded by and within the boundaries of Cascade State Park while taking in the amazing views of Lake Superior. This 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has been used as a successful vacation rental, a long-term rental and a primary residence. MLS# 2309172 $234,900


built one-level home has 3 bdrms, 2 baths, and attached 2-car garage. Open layout, updated mechanicals, geo-thermal system, new septic, and private wooded back yard with creek. Adjacent lot (MLS# 6022810) also for sale. MLS# 6022803 $199,000 PRICE REDUCED!


Charming log cabin on 78 acres with seasonal views of Tom Lake. Large loft bedroom and covered porch with swing. Stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and metal roof. Year-round access. Furnishings and generator included. MLS#

6027412 $177,000 PRICE REDUCED! HOVLAND HIDEAWAY. Charming 1 bdrm home with knotty pine walls, wood floor, & newer appliances. Designed with smart storage spaces. Large shed with wood fired sauna. All furniture included, only 200 yards from Lake Superior! MLS# 6026367 $89,000


Track Cabins is a long standing seasonal resort on the beautiful north shore of Devil Track Lake. The 5 charming, cozy cabins and owner's cabin each have a private setting and lake view. A wonderful family retreat! MLS# 6026684, 6026686 $387,900

MARKET, DELI, LIQUOR STORE – HOVLAND. A bustling business in a

beautiful rural community on the North Shore. Bakery, deli, pizza, convenience store, and liquor store under one roof. Large seating area & outdoor patio. Expansion/home site possible! MLS#

6023742 $349,900 • (800) 387-9599 Fax (218) 387-9598 • NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


REALTORS®: Mike Raymond, Broker • Gail J. Englund, GRI • Linda Garrity, Realtor Sandra McHugh, Realtor • Jack McHugh, Realtor • Larry Dean, Realtor

Red Pine Realty • (800) 387-9599 (218) 387-9599 • Fax (218) 387-9598 • PO Box 938, 14 S. Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604


location in Hovland, 1000 feet of Highway 61 frontage. Large commercial space with a small 2 bedroom home and 1 functioning rental cottage. Many new improvements and upgrades. Two more small cabins could be rented, and there's room for many more...or other possibilities. Large 2-car garage plus two sheds. MLS# 6026089 $284,900 COMMERCIAL LOTS IN LUTSEN. Great visibility, nice forest, lake view, and creek. Hwy 61 frontage. Third lot to north is zoned Residential. Bring your business idea! Rare commercial site in downtown Lutsen. Old blacksmith building collapsed on Lot 1. MLS# 6027064 $179,000

COMMERCIAL LOT IN GRAND MARAIS. Good opportunity for a commercial building with a nice second story view of the harbor. Level 40 x 50 lot. A two story vacation rental could be built with a harbor view. What is your dream? MLS# 6024992 $53,500

RIVER/CREEK FRONTAGE NEW! LARGE TRACT WITH CREEK. This 319 acre parcel has ponds & creek frontage on the Flute Reed River. Has been in DNR management program. Great for hunting or homesteading. Access is by unimproved easement from the Camp 20 Road, near county maintenance. The land may be split - take your pick of "40's"! MLS# 6027384 $258,000

SUGARBUSH, BEAVER, TROUT. Remote 80 acres ,10 miles from Grand Marais with easy access. Surrounded by public land. 700’ of Durfee Creek frontage. MLS# 6024638 $149,000 WOODS, WATER & SECLUSION.Three 40 acre lots with 600 to

1000 ft frontage on Mons Creek. Also includes deeded access to Lost Lake. Private and secluded. MLS# 6021356 $59,900 or MLS# 6021357

$69,900 or MLS# 6021358 $74,900. LAND ON THE FLUTE REED RIVER. Enjoy privacy and seclusion

in a deep 13 acre parcel with over 300 feet of trout stream in Hovland. Easy access with power, phone and broadband. Nice build sites. MLS# 2313215 $49,900 500’ ON MOHNS CREEK. Mixed topography of beautiful rolling land with many great build sites on 25 acres. Old growth cedar, spruce, pine and birch. Abuts state land. MLS# 6021088 $39,900

LAND/BUILDING SITES NEW! 100+ ACRES NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Great location for a home or recreational property just minutes from Grand Marais. Rolling land with creek, borders thousands of acres of federal and state lands. Great investment and subdivision project. Power at road. Seller willing to subdivide. MLS# 6027269 $282,900 LOCATION, VIEWS, PRIVACY - 80 ACRES. This former homesteaders property has it all: rolling topography, ravines, grassy meadows, mature timber, flowing creek and expansive Lake Superior views! Minutes from Grand Marais, adjoins USFS land. MLS# 6027073 $279,000 HOME SITE OR BUSINESS DREAM. This 13.4

acre property could be a great home site or resort-type business location. Adjoins Pincushion Mtn. hiking/skiing/biking trails. Lake Superior view with more land available. Zoned Resort/Commercial. MLS# 6026068 $214,900

LARGE WILDERNESS ACREAGE - LAKE ACCESS. This 80+ acre parcel includes 400 feet of shoreline on McFarland Lake. Building sites are located across the road on the hillside with potential lake views. Rugged property with high topography and old growth cedar and pine. Easy access to the BWCAW and Border Route Hiking Trail. MLS# 6024602 $203,000

LAND/BUILDING SITES OUTSTANDING LAKE SUPERIOR VIEWS Gorgeous 14.69 acre parcel located within the boundaries of Cascade State park. Rolling hills, a variety of trees, and only 10 minutes from either Grand Marais or Lutsen. Many opportunities, potential for subdivision. MLS# 6023971 $175,000 MOUNTAIN TOP - WILDERNESS VIEWS. Fantastic vistas into the BWCA and surrounding rugged topography near McFarland Lake. Located at the end of the Arrowhead Trail with easy year-round access. The 122 acres has a high ridge and a “mountain top” for you to name. MLS# 6024599 $167,000 BIG LAND, BIG CREEK, BIG TREES. This nearly 100 acre Hovland area parcel is on the "front range" of the Farquhar Hills with a dramatic backdrop of rock cliffs and escarpments. There is a large creek running through the entire property with many fantastic building sites. MLS# 6024136 $138,900 INCREASINGLY RARE, LARGE RECREATIONAL PARCEL. 190 arces fully surveyed. The perfect retreat. Has a rich variety of trees, ponds, high and low lands, some meadow land and wetlands. MLS# 6023211 $150,000

BEAUTIFUL ACREAGE WITH LAKE VIEWS. Four 80 acre parcels located just south of Schroeder and a stone’s throw from Lake Superior! Each parcel features shared access off State Highway 61. The land features a gradual elevation, tiered building sites, beautiful lake views, and the Caribou River is within walking distance. MLS #6020335, #6021914, #6021916, and #6021918 $149,900 each. LARGE ACREAGE WITH WATER FEATURES. The headwaters of Irish Creek! Quality 160+ acres, 5 parcels sold grouped or separately. Many great features incl. old growth white pine, ponds, camping and building areas. MLS# 6023457 $149,500 INTRIGUING PROSPECT. High-quality items already in place include an insulated/heated slab for house/porch, insulated garage slab, electricity, driveway, the well, a time-dosed/heated septic system. Over 18 acres of privacy. MLS# 6021384 $114,900 NEW! LARGE ACREAGE NEAR TOM LAKE. 128 acres with good road

access and an easy walk to the Tom Lake boat landing. Year-round road, power is possible here. The 3 forties may be split - take your pick. MLS# 6027383 $111,000 UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. Stunning Little Devil Track River frontage and Pincushion Mtn. trail access make this 6.3 acre property perfect for skiers, hikers and mtn bikers. Zoned Resort/Commercial. MLS# 6026067 $103,900

HUGE POND-HUGE PRIVACY. Large 45+ acre wooded parcel located across from Tom Lake. Huge pond/lake in the very center of the acreage. MLS# 6022858 $99,000 UNIQUE 20 ACRES IN SCHROEDER. Beautiful property with driveway and building pad in place. Interesting mix of trees & topography. Stunning views of ridge lines and valleys. Quite a place to explore and see something new every time! MLS# 6027299 $69,000 PRICE REDUCED! RUSTICATE, RECREATE, RELAX. Reclusive Hovland hideaway – 43 acres with new driveway to “base camp” with a nice camper trailer and shed. Trails have been cut throughout the property which adjoins State land. MLS# 2313223 $64,900 PINES & LAKE SUPERIOR VIEW. Large 13+ acre pine filled lot on the hillside above Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center in Schroeder. Great lake views! Power, phone and broadband at the lot. MLS# 2313242 $64,900 GREAT LOCATION, QUALITY FOREST, BUILD HERE. These 10-acre parcels have a mature and mixed forest, southerly exposure, easy county road frontage and just minutes from Grand Marais. MLS# 6023274 $64,900, MLS# 6023275 $62,900, MLS# 6023276 $64,900 MAPLE HILL - HOME SITE. Heavily wooded 6.45 acre parcel with great privacy, county rd frontage, power and phone. MLS# 6023465 $64,500 RIDGES, PINES & VIEWS - ARROWHEAD TRAIL. Nice 20 acre parcel with high building sites and huge pines. The surrounding federal land leads directly into the BWCAW. MLS# 6024600 $63,000 RUSTIC WOODED WONDERLAND. Beautiful 40 acres of maple

forest with small rustic cabin bordering Judge Magney State Park. Enjoy the peaceful solitude of Aide Lake, rimmed by an open cedar grove just a short hike from the cabin into the park. MLS# 6025235 $59,900

WOODED HOME SITE This 5+ acre parcel is only 1.5 miles from Grand Marais and ready for your country home. Mixed forest, with forest service land in the back for exploring or hunting. A driveway and culvert are already in place. MLS# 6026053 $59,000

NICE LOT NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Beautiful gardens currently inhabit this lovely lot. Though it rests on Hwy 61 there are nice private niches to rest your home on. Walk to downtown Grand Marais! MLS# 6022810 $55,000 DENSE EVERGREEN FOREST NEAR GRAND MARAIS. Beautiful 5.8 acre property ready for your home plans, with survey and septic sites located, and many good building sites. Heavy trees and open areas. Easy county road frontage with power and Broadband close by. MLS# 6025992 $52,900

PERFECT 5 ACRE HOME SITE. This private and secluded build site is just waiting for your custom plans! Only five miles from town with five acres of great woods bordering public land on two sides. MLS# 6021986 $51,500 30 ACRES - PANORAMIC VIEWS. Rare mountain top property with a 180 degree view of distant Lake Superior and the ridge to the north. Many trails in place with food plots for wildlife. MLS# 6020274 $49,500 WOODED 10 ACRES IN HOVLAND. North woods seclusion plus electricity and broadband! Great forested parcel. The driveway is in leading to a secluded build site with nice trees. Cute shower house and outhouse. MLS# 6024396 $47,900 BUILDING SITE OVERLOOKING MCFARLAND LAKE. This pine studded 7 acre property has easy walking access to the county beach on McFarland Lake. Nice elevated build site with easy county road access. MLS# 6024601 $47,000 5 ACRES NEAR DEVIL TRACK LAKE. Must look! 5 acres in a diverse forest on the paved South Shore Drive. Private yet easily accessible. Lot borders forest service land. Driveway is in, septic sites identified. Ready for your plans! MLS# 6025167 $45,000 POWERS LAKE ROAD PARCEL. This is the beautiful ‘40’ that you have been waiting for. Easy access off Powers Lake Road with electricity and broadband. This is a fine opportunity for the person seeking a remote retreat with some modern amenities. MLS# 6027426 $44,900 5 ACRES NEAR CARIBOU LAKE. Gorgeous corner lot with colorful maples and majestic cedars. Plenty of privacy. Close to hiking trails and the Caribou Lake boat landing. Year round access with power! MLS# 2279179 $35,000 PRICE REDUCED! LAND NEAR LITTLE MARAIS. Nice, large parcel consisting of 13.5 acres

with 1,100 feet frontage on Lake County Hwy 6. Electricity, broadband, and phone available at the road. Views of Lake Superior from the northeast MLS#6025325 $40,000

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Nice 6 acre parcel of mixed forest land only 6 miles from Grand Marais! Shared driveway is in, transformer on the property. MLS# 6024077 $39,900 QUIET AND PRIVATE. Choice 2.31 acre lot at the end of the road in Lutsen, ready to build. Priced to sell! MLS# 2309202 $39,500 WOODED ACREAGE – GRAND MARAIS. Two private 20 acre lots with hiking and ski trails, and abundant wildlife. A high building site offers seasonal views of Lake Superior. MLS# 2313172 $46,000 & MLS# 2313173 $35,000 LAND FOR ESCAPE AND RECREATION. Remote yet accessible 20 acres near Judge Magney State Park. Good mix of trees, high building site, some distant Lake Superior views. MLS# 6025397 $34,900

FIVE SECLUDED ACRES. One of eight secluded wooded 5-acre parcels bordering Govt. land. MLS# 2308827 $28,000 WILDWOOD ACRES IN TOFTE. Consider these affordable lots when you want to build economically in Cook County! Nice wooded +/- acre lots. MLS# 6025292-6025294 $17,500 – $20,000 PRIVATE HOME SITE CLOSE TO SUPERIOR. Very nice parcel with driveway, power and cleared building site. Privacy on dead end road near Silver Bay. MLS# 6023748 $19,900 • Your easy source for new MLS listings daily • 64

APRIL 2017



Lynne Luban

Call: 218-591-0985 Email: or Steve Carlson


Over 10 years selling downtown MPLS Condo living. Currently representing this developers 9th project PORTLAND TOWER. I am available to meet with you in Grand Marais or Minneapolis to go over prices & floor plans.

Cell: 612-599-6986 Email:


One of a kind property on the sought after Baptism River. This 140 acres has over 4,000 feet of frontage on the Baptism just off Mattson Rd near Finland Mn. Privacy is what this is all about. For more information call 218-591-0985, email to stphn. or

112 units with 70 SOLD! • 7 units available for immediate occupancy • 42 still available to customize.

MLS# 6007921 $250,000


Lot 9 with 3.8 acres and view of Lake Superior, 3 miles north of Two Harbors on Hwy 61. Price includes lot, shell of house, well and septic. (no inside finishing)

A New Luxury Condo Development 740 Portland Avenue • Downtown Minneapolis

MLS# $299,900

• 17 story New Contsruction • Pet-friendly building • High end standard features • Community and Fully equipped exercise room, and outdoor roof top green space • Climate controlled parking • Just a few blocks from US Bank Stadium • Additional garage stalls available for purchase • Walk the Skyway for all your needs

2806 HWY 61 440 ft of Lake superior frontage and 8 acres with small creek beautiful views and lot of privacy. MLS# $440,000

• Within a few blocks of Lightrail • Close to the Nicollet Mall • Choose from many restaurants close by! • Walk two blocks to the new 9 arce Commons Park that extends from the US Bank Stadium to Portland Avenue. • Choose from many available options to customize your unit.

Own a slice of Minnesota’s Favorite Resorts We bring you closer. To the lake, each other and your vacation property dreams.

Surfside on Lake Superior

Bluefin Bay Condos & Townhomes SOLD

Bluefin Unit 2

Bluefin Unit 17

2BR, 2 BA. You can’t get any closer to the lake than this.

2BR, 2 BA. Sweeping views. Rent as 1 or 2 units to maximize income.

Bluefin Unit 19 2 BR, 2 BA. A guest favorite. Both BR’s have panoramic lake views.

New townhomes, total coastal luxury right on the shore of Lake Superior. 3,000 s/f, 3BR, 3BA. Quarter-share ownership w/ flexibility for personal use & rental income. Excellent family retreat or investment property. Prices from $179K-$225K, includes furnishings.

Eric Frost Sales Agent, Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Let Eric, exclusive sales agent for Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, provide the details about each property and guide you through the process. Contact him today to learn more.


Bluefin Unit 27

Bluefin Unit 41

Bluefin Unit 61

1 BR, 1 BA. Charming unit with brand new bath, kitchen, and fireplace.

2 BR 2 BA upper unit. Incredible lake views & refined interior. Great rental income history.

3BR/3BA newly remodeled. Annual rental revenue over $100K.

218-663-6886 |


APRIL 2017


Lake Superior Properties

Lutsen In-land lakes Caribou Lake.

Lutsen Real Estate Group Using a fundamental business approach for all your real estate needs Office 218-663-7971

525 Poplar River Condo. Part of the Lutsen Resort rental program.

MLS 6023499 $409,000

Gorgeous 3 bdrm 3 bath on Sawmill Bay. Immaculate grounds. Simply beautiful. Additional shoreline and acreage available.

LD O S 6294 Sea Villa Loop J7 MLS 6024480 $169,000

391 Gunflint Narrows

A comfortable one bedroom authentic log cabin hand crafted by the owners with a nice view of Gunflint Lake. It located on a nice quiet bay in the northwest corner of Gunflint Lake with very clear water and a rocky shoreline. This property is 3 miles in from the main Gunflint Trail, with an easement along the private Gunflint Narrows side road. MLS 6022476 $229,000

48 County Rd 34.

SALE Timeless three ING home. PEND bedroom Outstanding views

Mike Larson 218-370-1536

MLS 2251195 $595,000

MLS 6024837 $597,750

Caribou Lake.

3 bedroom cabin on private part of lake. Ready to go. New septic and more.

MLS 2020244 $319,900

Outsanding View Properties

Cabins and Land Bruce Kerfoot 218-388-2294

Steve Surbaugh 218-663-7971

371 S Shore Drive Devil Track

This may be the nicest remaining lot on the south shore of Devils Track Lake. The owner has put in the driveway and cleared for a home-site. There is power and WiFi on site. In addition, there is a recently built 2 car garage, a 1 bedroom guest house , 3,800 sq. ft cement pad for either a large motor home or foundation for a home, a well, new septic system suitable for up to 3 bedroom home, new gazebo and a dock on the waterfront. The improvements are basically in a new condition. MLS 6025012 $495,000

Superior National Golf Course Homesite. Perfect for new build. Water, sewer, power, broadband at site. (owner/agent) MLS 602078 $59,000

Tait Lake.

Lot 16 - 2.8 acres. Deeded access to Lake with very nice build sites. (owner/agent)

MLS 6024063 $45,000

51 Moose Ridge Road

A nicely forested lot with a shovel ready home location, frontage on Poplar Lake, plus a new garage. Power to the back of the lot and a septic site has been identified.

Heritage Townhomes. Wonderfully appointed 3 bdrm townhomes overlooking Superior Natoinal Golf Course.

MLS 2308961 Starting at $329,000.

90 Hoaglund Drive Tofte

3 bedroom 3 bath 3 level Lindal Cedar Home. Finish detail, flooring and kitchen not yet complete/ perfect for new owner to complete to their own taste. Outstanding Lake Superior Views

MLS 6024998 $395,000

31 Eagle

Mountain. SALE Beautiful Mountain G N I Home at Lutsen D PEN

Mountains. Ski-in/Ski out and so much more.

MLS 6020491 $187,500.00

MLS 2313086 $595,000

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APRIL 2017




Snowshoe Hare I spotted the hare on the Caribou Trail and the photo was taken from a fairly long distance. As like most snowshoe hares, he was quite docile and not very afraid.—David Brislance NORTHERN  WILDS

APRIL 2017


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JULY 20-23


something for the entire family! From awardwinning historic programs, concerts & festivals, to a science centre with an astronomical observatory – there’s so much to see and do!


an overnight stay at our RV campground!






With over 250 acres of fun and activities, there’s




NOVEMBER: 24, 25, 26 DECEMBER: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

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Northern Wilds April 2017  
Northern Wilds April 2017