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Gabriela Amanda or mostly known as

It is obviously seen that she adores

Amanda Michiru, is a typical happy-go-lucky

green colour. She has a very tidy handwriting in

teen girl. She might seems very casual and

all-caps style that inspire the logo to use

careless, but she’s actually very serious and

geometrical type of sans serif font as the basic

responsible to all her works. She learned much

idea. She’s a simple type of person, that might

about attitude, personality and performance

be the reason she likes flat design style a lot.

since she signed up for office desk position few

For her, every excessive things will never look

years ago.

good ended up great.

She has a bold and strong personality to always have her own principles so that she couldn’t easily influenced by external opinions. She prefers to stay on her own track and plan to prevent further clutter among her friends. She has a very high respect for people and it’s important to behave proffesionally everytime.

background overview

The complete design of the brand consist of 2 parts: the logograph and the logotype. The logograph is the primary mark that was made of 3 (three) combined alphabet letters from Brandon Grotesque Font Family. stands for Amanda stands for Michiru stands for Design

The alphabets then arranged vertically to shape a pencil. Letter M was modified to adjust the side shape. Letter D was also rotated 90 degrees to adjust the bottom part of the logograph shaping. Bold character style was chosen to strengthen the structure of the logo. It’s shaped like a pencil that represents Art & Design as her field of expertise.

The outer edge of the shape has no sharp point, instead a rounded edge as a symbol of used pencil to show that she is not a newbie. That she has experiences and she pursued her field for quite a while. The primary logo colour was chosen by her favorite colour. Nevertheless, the logo was designed to be flexible depends on the placing surface. The Logotype took a role as the secondary mark that necessarily follows the primary mark. The logotype will NOT be displayed when it’s displayed on the same board with another brands. It’s best to present the complete logo mark in SOLO. This to avoid impractical view judgement to the brand.

Intact has the meaning of describing something that’s complete or comprehensive, or full. As mentioned at the philosophy, there will be disseverance of logo parts. Basically, the intact logo means both logograph and logotype are displayed. Below is the ďŹ nale, original, and complete logo preview. The surface is exible, both are most likely the same, either dark or light colour; equally without misusing background concept. An intact or complete logo will best be used when it only stands alone like a SOLO.

primary mark this part will be the cynosure above all. the construction needs to be exact. disloyalty regarding to threaten the identity could possibly be sued and further processed by the authorities. any further activities relevant to the main logo, the designer will have the right to take the decision or even to reject/deny the request.

W : H = 2 : 5

W : H = 9 : 1

secondary mark secondary doesn’t mean that this part is unnecessary, this part actually is very important dealing with introduction matters. without the logotype, there’s no explanation of the brand logo and no one could notice the brand even if it’s eye-catching. this part will not always be displayed along with the logograph. (examples: logo displayed as brand sponsorship, or media partners, etc. that the audience may not match the target, and this logotype is not necessary needs to be informed). furthermore, to avoid any impractical impressions when mixed around with plenty else.

C0M0Y0K70 R109G110B112 #6D6E70

C0M0Y0K90 R64G64B65 #404041

C70M0Y46K0 R59G186B161 #3BB4A1

C0M0Y0K0 R255G255B255 #FFFFFF

C2M1Y44K0 R251G241B164 #FBF1A4

C0M92Y83K0 R238G59B56 #EE3B38

C0M0Y0K0 R255G255B255 #FFFFFF

C86M28Y58K8 R2G132B119 #028477


personal resume


GRAPHIC DESIGNER My objective is to obtain a level of position where I can gain experience and knowledge to improve my skills. I am addicted to identity design, I believe every brand has its own background, an interesting story that differentiate to each other. In intention to reach better result, I always explore deeper and develop wider so that each of them has a strong and powerful signature identity.









Behance | Issuu | Instagram | Kreavi

COMPETENCES Binus International University JWC

Bachelor of Art (Major in Graphic Design) Double Degree : Binus International University & Northrumbria University




Graphic Designer

2012 - today

Focused in brand identity from company logo design to products application design.

Web & Mobile User Interface Designer Building webpage composition and layout, Complete with UI icons and mobile UX design based on the maximum development of client’s desired request,

Photographer Specialised in beauty shot and fantasy editorial photograph. Full attention from the set, properties, makeup to final photo editing.

Makeup Artist Proffesional Makeup Artist for events, parties, even special effects makeup for movie or show. Still developing skill on hairdo to optimized the look.

PT. Riskserv Indonesia

Staff Administration

2013 - today

Handling most of the data from renewal to claim, including policy check or review, meetings and entertainment.

Gabriela Amanda / Amanda Michiru 08118112912

ACTIVITIES Classic Ballet (4 years) • Figure Skating (11 years) • Violin (12 years) • Body Combat (4 years) • Drum (3 years) • Volleyball (3 years) • Singing • Modern Dance • Swimming (2 years)

West Jakarta, Indonesia. 11460


cover letter

invoice paper

invoice paper


Mr. Sugianto Pranoto Jl. Kemuning No. 3F Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat (+62)813 1646 3888 / (+62)21 9904 3712

DESCRIPTION Business Card Design 2-sided Business Card Print : Art Carton Paper Laminating Doff UV Coating



300 lbr


300 lbr 300 lbr 300 lbr

Rp. Rp. Rp.



Please make sure all checks payable to:

BCA Account No. 4880104760 (Gabriela Amanda Salim)

thank you for trusting me for your design works. i hope you satisfied.

On and for behalf of

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