Pedro Alvarez - ÚLTIMOS

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ÚLTIMOS for string trio (2013)

Performance notes: All instances of 'Context' are to be performed mechanically, with no apparent musical intention. Situations alternating with such 'context' must begin and end with a sense of sudden and unexpected switching on and off.

= (on a rest) damp the string with the left hand as the bow stops.

An 'X' notehead (Situations II & III) signals to damping the shown note with the rest of the left hand, yet still bowing, keeping the same position so as to seamlessly resume the 'normal' note thereafter. Such X-headed notes are meant to have a pitch-less, 'airy' sound quality. ST / Ord / PSP / SP = Sul Tasto / Ordinario / Poco Sul Ponticello / Sul Ponticello

Duration: 7 min.

© 2013 Pedro R. Álvarez Muñoz