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Welcome to the 2010 edition of the Newsletter of the North American Foundation for The University of Manchester (NAFUM). The last year has been a period of significant emotional upheaval for everyone associated with NAFUM and the University. We were initially greatly saddened to hear of Professor Alan Gilbert’s retirement as President and Vice-Chancellor due to ill health, while delighted to hear of Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell’s appointment as his successor (see page 7). We then received the shattering news of Alan’s subsequent death (see below). It is also with sadness that I share the news of the passing of key NAFUM supporter Professor Arthur Porter (BSc Physics 1933, MSc 1934,PhD 1936, Hon DSc 2004). Arthur was a visionary individual whose generosity ran deep (see page 4). We have welcomed two new Directors to the NAFUM Board over the last year, Stephen Fitzpatrick (BSc Chemical Engineering 1972, MSc 1974, PhD 1977) and Nicholas Dunphy (BSc Management Sciences 1969) who rejoins the board, and wish to thank Marion Rosenberg and Frank McCullough, who stepped down from the Board this year, for their commitment to, and on-going interest in, NAFUM and the University.

NAFUM is saddened to record the death of Professor Alan Gilbert, inaugural President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester from October 2004 to June 2010. His untimely passing at 65 comes less than a month after he retired as the inaugural President and Vice-Chancellor of the University since its establishment in 2004. Professor Gilbert’s ambitious vision and inspirational leadership saw Manchester take great strides towards his vision of Manchester becoming one of the top 25 universities in the world. He oversaw the $600 million transformation in the campus and its facilities, the introduction of cross-disciplinary research institutes tackling a range of global social and environmental challenges, and the dramatic improvement in research performance.

Creating opportunities for outstanding education and research remains integral to NAFUM’s goals. Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to provide scholarships for 21 talented students this year. We initially focused on US based students but have now expanded to support outstanding students from Africa, Asia and very close to home, in Manchester, where we have supported students who otherwise would not have been able to attend university. Having met with many of the NAFUM award beneficiaries, I can assure you that your support is greatly appreciated and is being put to great use – as you will see from the testimonials in this publication. Finally, thank you to those of you who completed the online survey after last year’s newsletter. Having listened to your requests for more information on chapter events and student scholarships, I hope you will enjoy reading about these and that you will be inspired to get in touch with and support NAFUM and the University. Although so many of our current thoughts are tinged with sadness, those we are missing would be the very first to encourage us all to continue their work in making the world a better place through education and learning. Tony Thornley (BSc Chemistry 1967) President, NAFUM

A new building (the ‘Learning Commons’) designed to offer world-class learning support facilities and space for student study, on the site of the old Refectory, will bear his name upon completion, and is a testimony to the personal interest he took in championing the student experience. Professor Gilbert was a strong supporter of NAFUM, sitting as a member of the Board. He took pleasure in engaging with the strong North American alumni community, meeting many alumni and friends during his trips to the US. Speaking on behalf of NAFUM, Tony Thornley said, “We are all saddened by the loss of Alan and feel great sympathy for Ingrid [his wife], with whom we have had the true pleasure of sharing happy times. Alan was an inspiration to all of us, making our close association with the University feel very special. His commitment to our efforts in the US

were always far above our expectations. The world is a far better place from Alan's contributions. We will especially miss him as a friend.” Messages of condolence submitted by alumni, staff and students can be read on the University website at bookofcondolence

BSc (Hons) Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

I think that this is the greatest thing anyone can do… to give the gift of education and a bright future.

NAFUM Masters Scholarship

Dunphy Access Scholarship

“The scholarship allows me to enjoy my time at University and takes away some of the money worries that I had before. “My mum doesn’t earn a lot of money and my sister is still at school so she has to support her with money, therefore she cannot afford to give me any money. I think that this is always in the back of my mind and sometimes affects the way I see university life. With the help of the

MSc International Business and Management

scholarship I can focus solely on my studies along with having a safety net behind me. “Without the scholarship I would have not have been able to afford to come to university and definitely would not have been able to live in halls of residence like I do now, which is a big part of university life. “I think that this is the greatest thing anyone could do for someone, to give the gift of education and a bright future. Without this help I would not have had the confidence to know that I can get through university. I am so grateful.”

“When I first arrived here, I assumed the city of Manchester would be like San Francisco, not the biggest city around but still a city bustling with activity. While the latter part is true, the two cities could not be more different. For one thing, I have yet to find a power smoothie!

Thank you for making my Manchester experience all the better...

“Currently I am studying in the International Business and Management program. I have managed, somehow, to maintain an average above 70 for the first semester, placing me at a distinction. “My goals after graduation are to work in investment banking, either corporate advisory or equity and derivatives trading. “I would like to thank the NAFUM donors for allowing me this opportunity and for making my Manchester experience all the better.”

PhD Social Change NAFUM PhD Scholarship

Manchester is a place where there is a lot to learn for social scientists...

“My PhD analyzes the impact that people’s religious beliefs and their involvement in places of religious worship have on their civic values: tolerance towards other groups in society, honesty, individualism, liberty and care for other people’s well-being. “In June I attended a conference on ‘Comparative Religion in the US and UK’ as part of Manchester’s research collaboration with Harvard University, ‘Social Change: A Manchester-Harvard Initiative’. This was a fantastic and unique learning opportunity for me as some of the greatest international experts in the field, Robert Putnam, Marc Chaves, Kenneth Wald, and my supervisor David Voas, presented their latest work and we could ask them lots of questions and take part in the academic discussions. A real highlight for any student in this field.


“I enjoy studying in Manchester very much. It is a vibrant city with lots of student life and many cultural events to go to, yet, when one is willing to look beyond the city centre there are also many signs of social change and the social hardships that it can produce. Manchester is a place where there is a lot to learn for social scientists, whilst at the same time, it is surrounded by quiet and picturesque countryside. I find these contrasts fascinating. “Please allow me to thank NAFUM for funding my PhD. Without this funding I would not be

able to carry out this research which will, I hope, provide insights into the relationship between religion, human values and good citizenship; an important field in the study of social change.”

Help support more students like Keeley, Stefanie and Kevin. Make a gift to NAFUM today. See the attached donation form for details.

• NAFUM has provided 70 scholarships since 1999 • NAFUM has paid out $1,135,920 in scholarship support since 1999 • NAFUM scholarships have enabled 109 years of study time at Manchester since 1999

The first undergraduate beneficiaries of an Equity and Merit Scholarship, for students from developing countries, have completed their degree programs with flying colors. Diana Kakwera and John Paul Kibirango, both from Uganda, achieved honours in Chemical Engineering and first class honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering respectively. Now, becoming part of Manchester’s global alumni community, both students have great ambitions to build on the knowledge and skills learned during their time in Manchester for the betterment of their home country, and future scholars. “Upon graduation I hope to take up a 2 year graduate placement and then pursue a Masters Degree” said Diana, “after which I hope to go back to work in Uganda and to soon be able to give back to the University through donations when I get a job.” Equity and Merit scholarships are awarded to deserving students keen to further their understanding of subjects which will help them tackle issues affecting the development of their home country. NAFUM supports the University’s aim to provide 750 Equity and Merit scholarships by 2015, through study in Manchester, distance learning courses and accreditation of courses in their home nations.

Diana says...

John Paul says...

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to NAFUM, and to particularly thank Tim and Judith Sear and their family for the support they have given me; I have greatly enjoyed the meetings with Tim when he comes to Manchester.

The scholarship has catered for all of my requirements thus enabling me to concentrate more on my academics. With this degree I feel I am working towards my dream.

I have also enjoyed my role as a student ambassador and I feel this is one way I can give back to the University for the great opportunity I have been fortunate to have.

I would like to express my gratitude to my sponsors for helping me realize my potential and dreams rather than leaving it to luck.

Diana and John Paul’s scholarships were made possible by the generosity of Tim Sear (BA Commerce 1960) and his wife Judith (BA Arts 1961).

Help support more students like Diana and John Paul. Make a gift to NAFUM today. See the attached donation form for details.

Support for NAFUM is welcome in all areas, but we particularly endorse the support of seven priority areas where alumni support has a profound, immediate impact, both on campus and in the global community.



• Access scholarships provide a financial cushion for undergraduate students from backgrounds where participation, aspiration and support for furthering education is below the UK national average.

• Cancer 2015 – turning research opportunities into life-saving realities

• Equity and Merit scholarships cover the full costs of studying at Manchester for students from developing countries, such as Uganda, Rwanda and Bangladesh. The scholarship covers the students’ study materials, travel and living costs.

• Regenerative Medicine – advancing our human potential • Social Cohesion – studying our communities to strengthen our society • Science 2015 – promoting science and technology for the public good • World Poverty – creating and sharing knowledge to help end poverty

For more information on any of these themes visit




Having benefited from postdoctoral funding to continue his studies, Dr Arthur Porter, three-time Manchester alumnus, made a gift to NAFUM which will enable future scholars to follow in his footsteps over 73 years on. Arthur was a remarkable scholar; graduating at the top of his class with a BSc (Hons) in Physics in 1933, an MSc in 1934 and a PhD in 1937. His Manchester education paved the way for an impressive transatlantic career; earning a Fellowship at MIT, working on radar detection for the British government during the war, and holding professorships at the Royal Military Having benefitted from a postdoctoral fellowship, I am powerfully aware of the importance of providing opportunities to enhance scholarship and research.

College in the UK and heading the department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto for 15 years. In 2004 he was recognised by the University with an honorary degree for his services to science and technology, and was awarded the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest decoration. Arthur had many ‘firsts’ to his name; from building the first computer in Europe as a graduate student to establishing the first department dedicated to biomedical engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 1958. And it didn’t stop with his professional life. Arthur was a kind and generous man, who strongly believed in the importance of education. As a result, he established a Charitable Remainder Trust to provide support for NAFUM and the University – and was the first US alumnus to do so.

from a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT, I am powerfully aware of the importance of providing opportunities to enhance scholarship and research.” Arthur remained a strong advocate of the importance of education, and an ambassador for NAFUM, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps: “In 2003 I made a donation to the University. My expectation was that it would encourage some of the several thousand Manchester alumni in the US to follow my lead. Because I am approaching my 96th birthday, I realize that this is very limited for the realisation of one of my most treasured dreams.” The NAFUM Board will shortly be considering how to allocate Arthur’s gift for maximum benefit to Manchester, for which we will always be deeply in his debt.

Speaking of his benefaction before his death, he said: “[I believe] it is especially important to encourage US graduate students to study at The University of Manchester. Having benefitted

Arthur’s gift will support the area of greatest need. What will yours be for?

Whatever the reason or size, a planned gift means your support for NAFUM can have an enduring effect. You might wish to boost transatlantic research partnerships, create scholarship opportunities for talented undergraduate or postgraduate students, or strengthen an academic discipline; all of these are possible. And the availability of planned giving structures in the US means you could see benefits in your lifetime – with the security of knowing your benefaction will support Manchester in the fullness of time.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Lead Trusts

Through various types of bequest to NAFUM, you may secure an estate-tax charitable deduction for the value of the gift. Best of all, you will know that your generosity will support our mission for years to come. Whatever form of bequest you choose, it is not subject to estate or inheritance taxes and so significantly reduces the tax burden of an estate.

You can create a trust, the income from which goes to the beneficiaries you specify (for example, to yourself or your spouse or partner). Beneficiaries receive income for life or for a specified number of years and, at the end of the trust term, the assets of the trust pass to NAFUM.

You can create a trust which makes income payments to NAFUM for a pre-determined number of years, after which the assets are distributed to you or your heirs. This estate planning tool provides a significant tax advantage to your heirs, whilst providing meaningful support to NAFUM in your lifetime.

For more information on these or other forms of planned giving to NAFUM, please contact Maureen Kilcommins or NAFUM PO Box 293, Littleton, MA 01460.


• The state with the highest number of NAFUM donors is California • To date, NAFUM has raised $2,980,363 to support The University of Manchester

To acknowledge the committed support of alumni and friends choosing to give something back to The University of Manchester through NAFUM, we have created a new donor circle. The 1824 Circle celebrates the commitment of donors who have made a gift to NAFUM, at any level, for five or more consecutive years. This type of loyal support is particularly valuable to NAFUM as it helps us to plan confidently for the future to ensure scholarship opportunities

are available for many generations of Manchester students to come. We look forward to updating our donor circle members with news from Manchester, and developing further opportunities for you to engage with the University. This new circle complements NAFUM’s five existing donor circles – turn to the back page of this newsletter to find your name in the donor circles on the list of supporters.

To find your name in next year’s newsletter, complete the enclosed donation form and send your gift to NAFUM today!

We all have different reasons why Manchester holds a special place in our heart; a favourite lecturer, sports teams and societies, enduring friendships. But the one thing that we all have in common is that Manchester has played a formative part of our lives in one way or another. Share your Manchester memories and what it means to you to support NAFUM!

Email your story to or send to NAFUM, PO Box 293, Littleton, MA 01460.



NEW YORK On Thursday 19 August 2010 a successful informal evening mixer was held at Bar 44, New York. Plans are already underway for the next event – if you have any ideas or suggestions please contact Pete Chatziplis (details overleaf).


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA On Friday, 23 April 2010, our Southern California alumni group enjoyed a cocktail and networking reception in Rancho Santa Fe, with some guests choosing to stay on for dinner. The event was held at the exclusive Inn Fusion at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

Each year the University hosts a reception to welcome new, and some returning, students from North America. It is a great chance for the students to meet staff from the University’s international office, who can help them during their time at Manchester, and to make friends starting a similar adventure abroad. The reception is held in the fall each year and is attended by over 100 students from the US and Canada, studying both undergraduate and graduate study programmes, exchange students and study abroad students. The annual reception is generously supported by Ms Helen Brown, (Class of ’85 UNC Chapel Hill, Manchester JYA student 1983-84) and Ms Julie Kahn. This year the students met members of the NAFUM board and heard directly from Helen and Julie, who welcomed them to Manchester.


ATLANTA, GEORGIA Our South-Eastern chapter held its first gathering at Tuk-Tuks restaurant in Atlanta, GA on 3 June 2010. The group enjoyed a relaxed evening getting to know new friends and reminiscing about their time at The University of Manchester. The get-together was organised by Jonathan Giuliano, who is currently finishing his DBA at Manchester Business School. The group plans to hold another event in December – further details will follow. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this next event, or wish to attend, please contact Jonathan (details overleaf).

On Sunday 29 August 2010 a potluck picnic was held in Los Angeles at the UCLA campus. The event was very enjoyable for alumni and students alike, with three study abroad/exchange students having the opportunity to meet before their departure for Manchester. Our thanks go to Val Ricci (BSc Computer Science and Accounting 1983) and Robert James (BSc Hons International Management with American Business Studies 2007) who hosted the event.

71 of our US alumni donors attended Manchester on a study abroad or exchange programme

• Over 330 of you have attended an event organised by one of the US alumni chapters. To join them email your regional chapter contact today!


PROFESSOR DAME NANCY ROTHWELL Dame Nancy is a distinguished life scientist, specialising in neuroscience, having led a research team of 25 scientists in the investigation of brain functions of stroke patients. In 2003 she won the prestigious Pfizer Research Prize, in 2004 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and in 2005 was honored with a DBE.

CHICAGO The new President and Vice-Chancellor for The University of Manchester, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, will be hosting an event in Chicago in June 2011, where she will also be attending the meeting of the NAFUM Board.

Nancy takes a strong and active interest in public communication of science and regularly gives talks to schools and the public and contributes to television, radio and press, particularly on sensitive issues in science.

She is looking forward to meeting as many US alumni as possible during her period of office. We hope that you will be able to attend the event in Chicago and details will follow in due course.

Speaking after her appointment she said: "The University of Manchester is a university in a global setting and must be among the best universities in the world. I take pride in our excellent interactions with alumni overseas, and look forward to further developing our particularly strong relationship with alumni and friends in the USA over the coming months and years."

Events are also planned in the following alumni chapters: For more information please get in touch with the regional contact for your area.

• Four Corner States - Utah • Northern California



California Northern California and North Nevada, Southern California and South Nevada

Contact for Northern California and North Nevada: Peter van der Linden email Contact for Southern California and Southern Nevada: Elizabeth Pole email


Four Corner States Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

George Rigg email

New England Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Deepak Singh email

New York New York and New Jersey

Pete Chatziplis email

Midwestern States Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Contact for Michigan: Jeff Yates email Contact for Chicago: Jonathan Ellis email

Mid-Atlantic States Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia

Michelle Rhodd email

South-Eastern States Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Jonathan Giuliano email

North-Western States Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming

Ali Kazazi email

Texas Fort Worth, Houston

Contact for Fort Worth: Mark Hanshaw email Contact for Houston: Stephen Hancock email

Forging social and professional connections


NEW FOR 2010! 1824 Circle

Thank You! NAFUM would like to thank all its supporters who gave generous gifts to support its priorities and annual fund between January 1 2009 and July 31 2010, including those of you who wished to remain anonymous so are not listed here.

President's Circle ($5,000+) Mr Hank & Mrs Loris Barnette PA CA Dr Harindra De Silva Mr Nicholas & Mrs Myrita Dunphy* NY Dr Stephen & Mrs Kathy Fitzpatrick MA Mr Gianfranco M Fulgoni IL Dr Douglas & Mrs Mary Hampson CA FL Mr Robin & Mrs Jan Mills* AZ Mr George & Mrs Jane Rigg* TX Mr Timothy & Mrs Judith Sear* Mr Tony & Mrs Gillian Thornley* CA Dr John V Evans* MD Dr Walter & Mrs Karen Grattidge* NY Employer Matching Gift Organizations: GE Foundation


Partners' Circle ($2,000 - $4,999) Mrs Linda & Mr Lester Colbert* Mr Shirish Hardikar & Ms Marilyn Johnson


Companions Circle ($500 - $1,999) Ms Helen E Brown & Ms Julie KahnMA NJ Mr Luis A Canela Dr Christine C Cote NJ CA Mr John R Eaton Mrs Hilda E Gould* CA Mr Rohana K Gunawardena ACA* CA Dr William B James NJ Mr Noel J Leeson NJ Mr John W & Mrs Alma R Littlechild MA Dr Ghanshyam Patel* AL Ms Elizabeth Pole & Mr Jonathan M Schine CA Dr Wallace L W Sargent* CA Dr Anthony R Thompson* VA Mr Douglas C Webb MA Mrs Angela Weinman CA Mrs Jane I Wells NY Dr Norman Winskill* NY Mr Edward C K Young HI Dr. John Zurawski MA Employer Matching Gift Organizations: GKN Foundation


Friends' Circle ($200 - $499) Mr Avnish Aggarwal Dr George F D Basterfield Professor David Blandford* Dr Hugh Bradford Dr Sheila M Bray Professor Peter R Byron Dr Sai-Kit Chan Dr Aafia Chaudhry Mr John Corrigan Professor Christopher C Davis Mr Dwight Delapenha Drs Kevin J & Margaret P Fish Dr Ian L & Mrs Judith A Freeman Dr Sanjay R Ganpule Mrs Adele W Grubbs Dr Catherine I S Gunton Mr Nicholas Haigh Mr Stephen O Hancock Mr Oliver P Hand Mr Mark R High Mr Richard Hurford Dr Martin O Jeffries Mr Wyndham M John Mr Colin A Johns* Dr Michael V Lock Mr James C B MacKeand Mr John H H Marshall Ms Aleyna L Narbey Mr Patrick Newman*


Mr Kalpnesh N Patel Mr B D Phan Mr Mohamed G Rajah Professor Bryan R Roberts Mr Duane R Robinson Ms Caroline Y L Rook Mr Anthony M Saich Ms Katherine J Sample* Dr Moinuddin Sarker MCIC Mrs Charlotte V Smith Mrs Christine D Stackhouse Mr Robert M Taylor Professor Thomas V Taylor Professor John K Thomas Mr Stephen P Thompson Dr Tiffany Tyler Kuffner Mr Ralph C Waggitt Mrs Vera E Winskill Dr Alan C Woods


Employer Matching Gift Organizations: Pfizer Central Research

North American Circle ($1 - $199) Mr Nicholas Agresti Mr Elliot An Mr Samuel Aparicio Dr David Aston* Mr John L Baines Mr Charles L Baker Mr Bulent Baloglu Mr Ron S Barclay Dr John H Beale Mr Albert F Bisson Dr Elizabeth A Bodie Dr Arthur Boothroyd* Mr Ian D Brooks Mr Arthur F Carter Mr Benjamin Chang Mr Robert M Coburn Dr Anthony J Coombe Dr Michael Cowperthwaite* Dr David Creed Professor Gilbert Cross Ms Iris E Cumberbatch Mr Christopher J De Perro Dr Myra K Derbyshire Mr Richard A Dewhirst Mr Patrick Dougherty Mr James J Duane Mr Geoffrey A Ediss Dr Colin D Elliott Dr Yehia M A El-Sayed Dr Ruth Evans Dr Rasheed K Fagbayi Dr Gerald Farrow Dr Jan Fekkes III Mr Thomas S Fielding Professor Margaret H Freeman Ms Anne Foster Mr Roy W Garrad Mr Stephen W Gaskell Professor Thomas A & Dr Anne D George Mr Richard P Giarniero Mrs Rene Gibson Mrs Jennifer G Goldfinger* Dr Douglas A Granger Mr Jeremy Green Mr Hardev S Grewal Dr Bhupender S Gupta Mr Christopher J G P Hackforth Professor David M Hall Mrs Chong F Han Professor Mark E Hanshaw Dr Rachel H Harrigan Mr Glennon Harrison Dr David Harris Professor Meta Y Harris Ms Vanessa A Harris Dr Glennon J Harrison Dr William E Haymes Ms Kelly-Ann Henry


Those names highlighted with a * have supported NAFUM for five or more consecutive years. Thank you! (see page 5 for details).

New circle members We would like to welcome new circle members (listed in gold) and thank you for increasing your support or for donating for the first time. Welcome!

NJ Dr Robert H Herz Mr Andre N Hilton NJ SD Revd Dr Peter Holland Mr Gary P Holtzman VA MI Dr Paul W W Hunter VA Professor Dimitris E Ioannou* Mrs Mary A K Jaffe NJ CA Mr Ryszard B Janowski Mr Bizhan Kamrava CA MA Mr Michael T Kane Mr Narayanaswamy Kannambadi NJ NH Dr Norwood H Keeney Jr IN Mr Craig A J Kemp Dr Behzad Khosrovi* CA MA Ms Maureen Kilcommins Ms Marilyn H Kinsey MI PA Dr Kevin Knight Professor Philipp P Kronberg NM Drs Hok W & Lilian C Kwan PA OH Mr John R Lawmon Mr Rodney S Lester NY AZ Mrs Christine M Lindsay Mr. Barrie Linley FL VA Mr Alan J Lord* Mr James B & Mrs Kristen CO L Lummis Mr Volodymyr Lyczmanenko MA NJ Dr Henry I MacAdam Mr Peter A Macaulay MA MO Mrs Alison Macinnes Mrs Beverley E Malcolm MD Professor Stephen B Malcolm MI Mr Jerry M Martinez Reynoso NY Dr Jean M McCoy MN Dr Damian F McHugh NC Mrs Irene McManus NY Dr Charles A Midgley OH Mr Stephen G Midgley AL Mr Patrick Millar PA Mr Ian T Mitchell TX Mr Angel M & Mrs Vivien N Mondoloka VA Mrs Laura L Moore TX Professor Bernard Naylor MI Mr Stephen A Newbold CA Mr Anthony J Newman CT Mr Stephen W Nutt ME Professor Richard N Ottaway MA Mr Julian D Parrott IL Mrs Barbara Perlman* CA Dr Ian J Perrin CT Dr Alan Plumb, FRS MA Dr Rodney S Pratt MA Mr Andrew J Preston CA Mr Charles J H Razzell CA Emeritus Professor Barnaby J Rickett CA Mr Peter R Roberts MA Mr Jonathan F Robson CA Mr Jesse Salazar PA Mrs Dinah H Schachtel* TX Mr G Eric Scott NY Professor Emeritus James J Scott NC Mr Hermann Fabian Seelbach NY Mr James P Shallow VT Ms Christine Skelley, Esq. VA Mr Stephen R Slater* MA Dr P G Slaton FCOptom MN Mr Neil Smith TX Mr Roger B Somerville GA Dr John T Sparrow NC Dr Paul Starr CEng MICE FL Ms Danette I Sullivan TN

Dr Elizabeth A Sutcliffe Dr Jonathan C Swaffield Mrs Isobel P Swartz Mr Leon Szlezinger Mr Roger W Taylor* Dr Brian Thomas Mr Sydnor Thompson Mr Edmund R Todd Professor Emerita Sharon R Vaughan Mr Henry K Waigwa Dr Thomas E Walker Professor John W Walkinshaw Mr Anthony P Watts Mr Gwynne Williams Mr Joel A Williams Mr Simon J Wilson Mr Jonathan M Withrington Dr David C Wood Mr Robert A K H Yeung Mr Olujimi O Yoloye Dr Andrew Yue Dr Vidushekhar V Zambare Mrs Marguerite T Zemek


Employer Matching Gift Organizations: Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation NJ NJ Schering Plough Morgan Stanley NY NAFUM would also like to thank the following North American alumni who have generously donated through the UK annual giving program, Your Manchester Fund.

Dr Thomas P Blackburn Mr Richard Curtis Mr Barry S Sheppard Dr Brian J Thompson Dr Gregory C A Watson


The North American Foundation for The University of Manchester (NAFUM) is an independent organization registered as a 501(c)(3), supporting The University of Manchester.

North American Foundation for The University of Manchester Contact us Maureen Kilcommins Administrative Officer North American Foundation for The University of Manchester P O Box 293 Littleton MA 01460 Tel (978) 772 1875 NAFUM’s tax ID number is 31-1598015 The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL Royal Charter Number RC000797 J3039 09.10

NAFUM news 2010  

The NAFUM newsletter is for the donor community of the North American Foundation for The University of Manchester. Published October 2010.

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