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city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016

WestCONnex win

By Wendy Bacon Anti-WestCONnex campaigners scored a win last week when Westconnex postponed its plans to knock down scores of trees and begin road widening for the New M5 along Euston Road, Alexandria. If completed, these plans will dramatically impact on Sydney Park, removing its Eastern boundary, hundreds of trees and pouring 63,000 more cars a day along its borders and into already congested local roads. “This is a huge win for the community given WestCONnex told residents these works would last for up to eight weeks,” said WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) spokesperson Janet DandyWard. The work only continued for 6 days instead of 8 weeks which was to be immediately followed by road widening works. While work has been stopped before, this is the first time that Westconnex has actually been forced back as it pursues its relentless passage across Sydney with consturction for the M4 East and the New M5 tollways. As a result of the reprieve on the northern end of the Park, campaigners have moved their 24 hour a day protest camp to the other end of Sydney Park where demolitions across a large swathe of St Peters are planned to begin before the end of the year. Buildings slated for demolition include a state significant industrial warehouse and scores of sound homes including a row of heritage terraces and an original brick carter’s cottage with stables. As City Hub goes to press, campaigners are holding a vigil outside what was the home of Shelley Jensen. Ms Jensen, a woman in her early sixties, has lived in and owned one of the heritage homes opposite Sydney Park for 16 years. RMS has taken over her three bedroom home and forced her to move to two months temporary accommodation in a one room apartment. The $960,000 RMS paid her for the property will not allow her to live anywhere in inner Sydney. She described the process through which she has lost her ‘anchor’ as ‘terrifying’. Several other forcibly acquired St Peters owners and tenants are also being evicted and placed in temporary accommodation while two others are still refusing to

WestCONnex vigil in St Peters Photo: Alana West

move. One of these is Shelley’s neighbour Richard Capuano who has refused requests to move this week. He is one of a number of residents and business owners who have taken their claims to the NSW Land and Environment Court on the basis of unfair RMS valuations. These events are political dynamite for Premier Mike Baird who this week promised a ‘fairer go’ in the future for home owners. This ‘fairer go’ includes a pitiful extra $50,000 compensation for hundreds of homeowners whose homes were acquired for up to half a million below market value. The government also finally released the “Russell Report’ which had been kept secret for 2 years. The report documented unfair forced acquisition processes and recommended reform. Mr Capuano told the Sydney Morning Herald that the changes were ‘insulting’ and demanded a full review into the acquisition process for WestConnex and for “residents to be recompensed for what they were cheated out of”. Local Greens MP and WestCONnex spokesperson Jenny Leong welcomed reform but described the changes as a ‘bandaid’ solution. “Community pressure on the Baird Government has forced it to respond to a multitude of serious and legitimate concerns” but “bandaids won’t make this project work for the people of NSW. The whole WestConnex project is deeply flawed and I’m calling again for an urgent inquiry. We

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need to rethink the whole thing right now.” In the aftermath of the aborted work on Euston Road, the NSW Planning Department is investigating a number of complaints that the construction consortium, which is led by CIMIC (previously called Leightons) breached conditions during its work last week before it packed up and left. Under planning approval conditions, Westconnex is required to do a ‘Tree Report’ to justify damaging or potentially damaging any tree during construction. Although these arborists’ reports tend to simply justify what Westconnex wants to do anyway, they are an essential step in the planning chain. Westconnex did not publish a tree report before it set up its construction compound on Euston Rd. The City of Sydney, which is strongly opposed to Westconnex, complained to the NSW Planning Department about the missing report. A report was filed but initially was not considered adequate. It was eventually only given conditional approval more than two weeks later. “We know from the tree report WestCONnex finally submitted for the site that they planned to destroy over 160 trees there before moving on to road widening works. But thanks to the constant vigilance of the community, they only destroyed two substantial trees – and completed just a few days’ work.” Even those two trees were only destroyed after more than 25 campaigners lay on the road in

front of a truck before being dragged away by riot police. Work was then stopped again after residents reported a nest which was housing live birds in a tree that was about to be chopped down. As well as blockading the site, residents reported breaches of planning conditions to Westconnex and the NSW Planning Department. Westconnex has denied breaching any conditions. In a letter responding to a Westconnex Action Group complaint, the Sydney Motorway Corporation ( SMC) the publicly owned private company that is in charge of the tollways, claimed that it had not actually begun work before a tree report had been approved. City Hub however took a photo of excavation equipment working on site before NSW Planning had its conditional approval for limited tree destruction.This has been forwarded to the Department of Planning. Westconnex can also only work within land it lawfully controls. On Tuesday, City of Sydney staff visited the site and observed that Westconnex was working on land inside the park. This incident was reported to the Planning Department. In a letter to Westconnex Action Group member Rhea Liebmann this week, Westconnex stated that fences were only placed on City of Sydney land for public safety during tree destruction. However City Hub has also seen photos taken three days after the tree destruction that show a fence well inside the Sydney Park boundary. On the same day, workers were observed shifting fences while they were working. More than 100 campaigners have been rostered to maintain the protest camp which has now relocated with City of Sydney support to near the wetland on the South East corner of the site. This corner will be chopped off if the road goes ahead. The temporary reprieve gives the campaign space and time to ramp up its campaign to protect the park while its focuses on the impending destruction in St Peters. “We know Mike Baird’s prepared to reverse his decisions to save his political career. We urge him to rethink WestCONnex before he’s remembered as the Premier who ruined Sydney,” said WAG spokesperson Janet Ms Dandy-Ward.

Coogee Club into administration BY KRISTEN TSIAMIS The eastern suburbs’ Coogee Sports Club has been placed under administration. Gregory Parker of Parker Insolvency has been named as the Administrator, taking the role from the 1st July 2016. The Club issued a notice of meeting, the first Annual General Meeting of 2016 for Sunday 23rd October 2016. The listed agenda for the meeting is to consider “whether to appoint a committee of creditors, and if so, who are to be the committee’s members.” Further, the agenda states that at the meeting, creditors may also “remove the administrators from office and appoint someone else as administrator of the Company.” This will be the first Annual General Meeting after Mr Parker was put in place as administrator. The Club isn’t the first to have been plagued by financial problems and battles to stay in business. Earlier this year, the Maroubra Sports Club was bought out by developers, and served its last drinks on Anzac Day of 2016. In 2009, Sydney’s Spanish Club on Liverpool Street went through the same fate, with the issue going to the Supreme Court. The Club was burdened with diving numbers of membership and reported debts of up to $4 million.

Coogee Beach. Image supplied

The Coogee Sports Club could be the next community organisation to see its community owned assets sold off to developers to pay off creditors at the expense of a local facility. City Hub had an anonymous tip from a concerned local about the impending meeting and administration of the Club. They said that this AGM will “be the first time members have been able to ask questions about what happened. It’s the first meeting they will be able to answer

some serious questions we have, despite the fact that 7 days notice has to be given of questions.” They also wanted to “put it out there that members who attend the AGM will want answers to questions of where funding went.” “The directors went to the Supreme Court to apply to go into voluntary administration. Mr Parker was unavailable for comment until the General Meeting is held on Sunday 23rd October. city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016


Panel to fight cronyism not a silver bullet BY MICHAELA MORGAN The Inner West Council has announced that major development proposals will now be decided upon by an independent hearing and assessment panel. Richard Pearson, the Inner West Council administrator, has been quoted as saying the panel will limit the risk of “corruption and cronyism”, noting that the move was prompted by findings from the Independent Commission Against Corruption. However, there are concerns about the accountability and effectiveness of the Inner West Planning Panel (IWPP). Member for Balmain and former Leichhardt Mayor, Jamie Parker, says that the process is inherently undemocratic. “There’s more opportunity for cronyism and corruption in panels that are appointed, that are unaccountable to the community.” The panel will consist of four members, drawn from a pool of professional experts with qualifications and experience in the fields including law, architecture, planning and public administration, according to the IWPP’s charter. They will decide upon approximately 10 percent of the expected 1400 development applications the council will receive annually. The panel will deliberate on developments over $10 million or controversial applications, such as brothels, that were previously considered by elected councillors, prior to the amalgamations of Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt councils this year. The former Leichhardt council had already introduced an independent

Cartoonist: Peter Berner @peter_berner

The IWPP will now decide on major development proposals in the inner west. Photo Credit: Michaela Morgan

hearing and assessment panel, which Mr Parker firmly opposed, saying they lack transparency in their meeting processes. The IWPP’s operational guidelines state that while the panel’s decisions will be made in open public meetings, they are also able to adjourn to discuss the matter in private, which concerns Mr Parker. “These panels make decisions in closed meetings by people who are unelected and who are appointed by an administrator after the council was sacked.” Under present conditions, Mr Pearson is the sole arbiter of these decisions, until a new council is elected in 2017. He said the panel made “good sense from both a risk management and governance perspective.”

Mr Pearson also cited other former councils who had adopted independent planning panels such as Waverley, Manly, North Sydney and Mosman. Former Mayor of Leichhardt, Maire Sheehan, says that appointed members of the panel would be no less immune from lobbying than elected councillors. “Whatever committee you put in place in Sydney, in terms of planning, the potential for planning is there, an independent panel is not a magic bullet for corruption. “ The IWPP hearings will rotate between Ashfield, Marrickville and Leichhardt service centres with the first meeting taking place on November 8.

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Passive Sex Slave or Veiled Assassin BY CHARLOTTE GRIEVE Just under a month ago, an Essential Research poll found that 49 per cent of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration. Despite Section 116 of the Australian Constitution explicitly prohibiting the Commonwealth from legislating in respect of religion, the release of the poll once again gave rise to the debate on the place of Islam in Australia. One group of people who are often the focus of this debate, while remaining marginalised is Muslim women. “Muslim women are like Santa Claus in Western society, you’ve seen them but never met them,” says Lydia Shelly, a Sydney-based solicitor. Last Thursday evening, on October 13, the Sydney University Muslim Students’ Association hosted an evening to discuss the perceived and lived challenges faced by Muslim women today. Dr Ghena Krayem is an author and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney’s Law School. She introduced the discussion by describing her frustration at the mainstream opinion of Muslims throughout Australia, and the tendency to stereotype. “We need to acknowledge the diversities in the Muslim community. This diversity is huge. It is in our cultural and linguistic backgrounds, our ethnicity, our theological traditions. The way in which we digest the unknown is to generalise,” she said. Dr Krayem spoke to the gendered nature of Islamophobia in Australia, claiming that women who wear the hijab are easily identifiable and thus often bear the brunt of societal rejection, “women are stared at, spat at, their hijabs are pulled off.” But it is not the physical attacks that the Law

a piece of cloth,” said Ms Krayem, a co-editor of online magazine, Sajjeling. The night was the second event of the AntiIslamophobia Forum, a series of expert panels discussing issues regarding Islam historically and its implications around the globe today.

Four panelists speak at University of Sydney Anti-Islamophobia Forum. Source: Charlotte Grieve

Professor is most concerned about, rather the silencing of Muslim women from public discourse. “It’s not that we’re not speaking, the public space ignores us, rather deliberately,” she said. It is this exclusion, she says, that contributes to the construct of Muslim women as passive, oppressed, or both. “When you view something as ‘less than,’ it means I can impose something on you, I can teach you things,” said Mehal Krayem, also speaking at the event. One key item that takes centre stage of the Islam debate is a Muslim woman’s choice of clothing, namely the hijab. In contradiction to popular

thought, Ms Krayem explains that her husband is not the reason for her use of the head scarf. “My spiritual connection to the hijab is not considered a valid point,” she said. “If I removed my hijab, it would not be liberating, it would be incredibly disempowering.” Dr Krayem explained that the perpetuation of the unknown has the ability to translate into fear that has further deepened the contradictions that define the experience of being a Muslim woman in Australia. “We are either or both a threat to society or in need of being saved,” she said. “It is incredible the fears that are embodied in

Daily Telegraph, October 14, 2016. Source: Charlotte Grieve

Public Notice Revitalising Portman Lane, Navins Lane and Merton Street, Zetland The City of Sydney invites your feedback on a proposal to upgrade Portman and Navins lanes and Merton Street south of Portman Street in Zetland. The proposal will improve safety for residents walking or riding to and from the Green Square town centre

For more information call 02 9265 9333 or email 6

city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016 Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected

Portman Lane is very narrow and the concept plans propose creating a shared zone, where drivers give way to people walking at all times. The maximum speed limit in a shared zone is 10 km/h. There will be no impact on existing parking spaces. The proposal includes: • Improved safety for residents walking or riding to and from Green Square town centre • Resurfacing the roadway • A one-way shared zone with reduced 10 km/h speed limit • New garden beds to further manage vehicle speed • Stormwater management through improved drainage You can see the plans and give your feedback at or come to a drop-in information session at The Green on Merton Street on Tuesday, 25 October from 5pm to 7pm. Printed copies will be on exhibition, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm at: • Green Square Neighbourhood • One Stop Shop Level 2, Town Hall House Service Centre 100 Joynton Avenue, Zetland 456 Kent Street, Sydney Submissions marked ‘Revitalising Portman Lane, Navins Lane and Merton Street’ can be sent to: Chief Executive Officer, Attention: Adam McInnes, Streets Delivery Manager, City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001 or emailed to Adam McInnes at Submissions close 5pm on Monday, 14 November 2016.

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Rigged, Addictive and Everywhere BY CHARLOTTE GRIEVE “Winning tonight?” “Down about two or three year’s wages,” one man said as he put yet another $50 note into the machine. Recent figures show that Australians are losing almost $12 billion a year to poker machines. Since the federal government made it legal to bring the machines into pubs and clubs in the 1990s, there has been a proliferation of machines and resultant social issues throughout the country. New South Wales could be seen as the nation’s gambling capital, being home to over half of the machines in the country. The 2014 World Count of Gaming Machines found that New South Wales is second to only Nevada as the most gambling machine-packed state in the world. Tom and Anna Lawrence want to change this. This Sunday, the siblings are launching a campaign with a string of events throughout Sydney to raise awareness of the harm brought about by poker machines as well as celebrate venues that are “proudly pokies free.” The campaign, Proudly Pokies Free, aims to ultimately reduce the massive social and financial harm that has been estimated to cost the government $4.7 billion a year in damage control. “I don’t like fighting with people, I just hit them with the stats. It’s an industry that causes 400 suicides in Australia per year,” campaign manager, Tom Lawrence said. Tom and Anna spearheaded the campaign to continue on the legacy and work of their father, who died last year after making the documentary film, Kaching! Pokie Nation.

Proudly Pokies Free campaigner’s at the Keep Sydney Open rally. Source Tom Lawrence

“We’re continuing the conversation for him,” said Anna. The launch event will take place this Sunday, October 23, at the Oxford Art Factory, one venue that has been drawing a crowd since

Annandale Interiors


opening in 2007, despite its lack of poker machines. “We absolutely support the campaign,” Mark Gerber, owner of OAF, told the City Hub . Headlining the event is Tim Freedman

from The Whitlams who released the hit single “Blow Up The Pokies” in 1999. The song was about Mr Freedman’s close friend and bandmate who struggled with a pokies addiction and ultimately took his own life. “I’m proud to be involved with the Proudly Pokies Free movement to hopefully encourage a mindset that rewards and encourages venues that show imagination in programming and curating their activities,” Tim Freedman said. Sunday night will also feature performances from a diverse range of Sydney acts such as DJ Joyride, electronic duo Left, Bad Deep DJs as well as a performance form Wild Honey. Over the next few months, the campaign will host screenings of their father’s documentary at poker machine-free venues across the city. “It’s the beginning of the conversation and celebrating pokies free venues,” said Anna. All funds raised on the night will go directly back into the campaign to raise awareness, develop support and ultimately encourage the government to change their policy on the pokies. Ultimately, the campaign wants to create a mind shift in the way Australians view the pokies. Proudly Pokies Free is also working with the Alliance of Gambling Reform to create legislative change. “The ultimate goal would be to only have pokies in casinos,” said Tom. Tom says he would also like to see the removal of the features in the machines that are designed to make them addictive, as well as enforcing regulations such as a mandatory pre-commitment of spending and $1 maximum bet that would act as a speed limit for poker machines. “Accepting the status quo is a weak response to a predatory industry,” said Tom.

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Greens want open space, not Greyhound tracks

Greens MP Jamie Parker believes that without the Wentworth Park greyhound track their would be enough space to accommodate much needed sports facilities. Source: Sardaka

BY LUCAS BAI RD Greens M P, Jamie Parker, has labelled the Premier’s reversal of the greyhound racing ban as “disappointing” because it will deprive the Ultimo and Pyrmont community of key green space.

The N SW member for Balmain believed that the ban would free up a portion of Wentworth Park, which is currently used as a dog racing track, to be used for community activities and facilitate sports grounds. However, after Mike Baird announced the

decision to overturn the ban on October 11, the Greyhound Breeders, Owners, and Trainers Association (GBOTA) has confirmed to City Hub that they plan to stay at Wentworth Park. “There is a huge unmet demand for sporting facilities and we have seen that the

gambling industry seems to have prevailed,” Mr Parker told City Hub “If that [Wentworth Park track] was made available, there would be huge opportunities for sporting fields and recreational facilities that are in huge demand for things like soccer, but also netball and other sports that have very little infrastructure to allow people to participate.” But GBOTA Chief Executive, Brenton Scott, said that it is the association’s intention to see out their current licence because “Greyhound racing has been part of the social fabric of the Inner-West since the 1930s”. “We believe that we have contributed to the community [...] Greyhound racing has been conducted in a way that has not caused disruption to the community, and our presence at the venue has underpinned its commerciality,” he said. Mr Scott also claimed they are not at odds with the community’s needs and that they would continue to work with them to have a “reasonable” provision of other recreational activities at the venue. The GBOTA’s license for the venue is due to expire in 2027. But they have indicated they would look to make use of the facility past that, despite the government and Urban Growth planning a comprehensive urban renewal project for the surrounding Bays Precinct. Spaces to Play and Pyrmont Action were contacted for comment on this story, but neither replied to City Hub ’s requests.

Public NoticeS Would any person who may have witnessed an incident involving a Hills Bus bearing registration number MO9824 travelling on the M2 Motorway Carlingford NSW, travelling westbound, at approximately


3:30pm to 3:50pm on Monday, 9 May 2016

12:00 - 2:00pm 2 course @$25 3 course @$30

when an unidentified White Sedan travelling


in the lane next to the bus crossed

6:00 - 9:00pm 3 course @$37

into the bus lane causing the bus driver


to suddenly apply the brakes of the bus. If you are able to assist in identifying the “White Sedan” involved, please contact

Angelica Adhar of Shine Lawyers on (02) 8842 6210 8

city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016

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Bondi’s newest accolade BY KRISTEN TSIAMIS Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach is set to become Australia’s newest National Surfing Reserve. In 2008 it was included on the National Heritage List. The site of Australia’s first Surf Club, from 1906, Bondi has been an Australian icon. John Sullivan, the Secretary of the Local Steering Committee for the Bondi National Surfing Reserve said the acknowledgement of the beach, as a cultural icon is pivotal to to preventing developers from ruining the area. “It’s a symbolic reserve, as Sir Humphrey Appleby said. It’s the thin edge of the wedge. If anyone wants to do anything on the beach, they have a few more hoops they have to jump through. Really, I’m looking for more environmental protection of the beach itself.” Brad Farmer, founder and patron of the National Surfing Reserve said that of “the 11,761 beaches in Australia, Bondi is the number one most recognisable beach in Australia. There are 25 iconic surfing sites in Australia that will be recognised as surfing reserves, Bondi will be number 20.” “70 per cent of overseas tourists come to Australia for beaches, I think Bondi is emblematic of what an Australian beach is. Of those 70 per cent, 100 per cent do a beeline straight for Bondi. It is ground zero.” Mr Farmer said that a big part of the reason Bondi was added to the list was that it is considered the “cultural capital of Australian popular surfing culture”, and the Prime Minister is set to attend the ceremony as the local member. There were more than cultural reasons for Bondi being picked to be a reserve, there are a set of criteria that a beach must meet. Mr Farmer lists these criteria as being; “consistent quality waves, the quality of surf, a continuous connection with community, quality of amenities and the integrity of the natural environment.”

Bondi the latest National Surfing Reserve’ Image Andym5855 on Flickr ‘Bondi Pool

The acknowledgement will also come as recognition of the Gadigal people’s ownership of the land, where there has been a long association, with records of rock carvings and images according to Mr Sullivan. The name ‘Bondi’ is “derived from the Aboriginal word that describes the sound of waves breaking on rocks. Gadigal people are classed as saltwater people in the larger Aboriginal grouping,” he said. Bondi will receive international recognition from the award, but Mr Farmer doesn’t think this will affect the numbers of people attending. “It will receive international recognition –

Bondi has the history and the most egalitarian beach, most multi-cultural beach in Australia, Bondi is a beach for everyone. Leads the country in terms of diversity. Centre of egalitarianism. Great variety of activities – lot more to Bondi than the Bondi Rescue, it’s a lot about what Australia is, which is why it’s become an icon.” “We call these sorts of places sacred places, although people are concerned NSR’s will increase people visiting, it gives visitors sense of reverence about the place they are visiting. This is a sacred site in our history, something the Historic Register acknowledged.”

Waverley Council doesn’t think that becoming the newest Australian National Surfing Reserve will impact visiting levels to the area. A Council spokesperson said “Waverley Council is pleased at this recognition of Bondi Beach as a National Surfing Reserve. With Bondi Beach already internationally iconic and world famous, it is unlikely that this recent recognition would significantly affect visitor numbers.” Official ceremony and presentation of the accolade will not happen until after the local council elections in September of next year.

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BY ALANNAH MAHER Sydney Craft Beer Week (SCBW) is back for our city’s sixth annual celebration of finely brewed beer and the culture that comes with it. Brewing up more than 100 events over 75 different venues, the festival is at the biggest it’s ever been and punters are spoilt for choice. In its current iteration, SCBW is for the most part a week-long party in honour of Sydney’s thriving array of local brewers and the venues that pour their product – but when it comes to craft beer, Sydney’s cup has not always runneth over. “We’ve seen this magical progression from…a barren wasteland of just [average] beer, all the way to now in 2016 where we’ve just got the most amazing amount of choice out there,” said SCBW Director Joel Connolly. Joel came on board with the festival a year in, at a time when he says the extent of Sydney’s craft beer scene wasn’t much more than “a couple of pubs that [offered] the occasional craft beer”. “One of the big misconceptions [is the] perception that beer is a simple drink that shouldn’t have too much thought put into it. I mostly agree, you don’t have to go in and have a ‘12 per-cent Russian empirical stout’ in order to get a craft beer experience,” said Joel. “Craft beer is anything that has had some real effort put into the way its made, that’s made with flavour first rather than profit…and there’s a certain local element.” “[Local] brewers have been slogging their guts out for years, and publicans are really taking a chance on putting more and more beers on tap, and weirder and weirder beers. It’s been one big community effort.” Matt King from the Marrickville-based Grifter Brewing Company has been a part of Sydney’s craft beer awakening since before many micro-breweries had jumped on the bandwagon – if only “by accident”. He and mates Trent Evans and Glenn Wignall weren’t

understand who’s behind the beer and to become fans of it,” said Dave Phillips, the founder of Dave’s Brewery Tours. Zak Soladi from the Good Beer Company, which owns and runs three of the city’s most well loved craft beer venues, believes that the demand for local craft beers is tied to a growing social consciousness about the quality of the food and drink we consume and where it comes from. “There’s a lot of care for the local, small guys. Everyone wants to be their own entrepreneur, and they appreciate the effort that goes into these handmade craft beers rather than mass-produced, internationally owned businesses.And aside from that, they taste a lot better,” said Zak. SCBW has played an integral role in growing Sydney’s craft beer culture.At almost any given Sydney pub nowadays you’ll find a craft beer selection on tap wide enough to rival the variety of wine and spirits on offer.

Zak Soladi at The DOG Hotel. Photo: Maggie Cunney

thinking about commercial prospects when they first started experimenting with home brewing. But the opportunity to brew something special for Young Henrys (back before they were the bearded, tattoo-sleeved giants of the craft beer market they are now) led to the cult-like popularity and critical acclaim of their signature pale ale (humbly named ‘Edward’) and eventually to the opening of their own brewery. “It’s pretty hard work standing out from everyone else nowadays,” admitted Matt. The Grifter gang certainly haven’t lost their touch however, collaborating on more than one specialty beer for SCBW. This includes partnering with Canberra brewers Capital on ‘White Cockatoo’, and Australian Wheat IPA launching at The Unicorn Hotel; and messing around with the Frankie’s Pizza

guys on something uniquely fruity and full-bodied, which will be officially unveiled at the SCBW Opening Gala. “Four years ago if you had said there’d be five breweries in Marrickville, I would have said ‘no way’. But at this stage it’s ‘the more the merrier’…we’re all helping each other out and building something together,” said Matt. The inner west is arguably at the heart of Sydney’s craft beer boom, and the hop fiends at Dave’s Brewery Tours are celebrating this with the Marrickville Magical Mystery Tour. Changing up their usual shuttle bus approach, this walking tour encapsulates the area’s unique history with pit stops at several craft beer venues along the way. “My passion comes from helping people understand and really get immersed in our local beer scene, to

Sydney Craft Beer Week Oct 21–30. More than 100 events over 75 locations, various prices. Info: Grifter Brewing Company 1/391 Enmore Rd, Marrickville. Open every day over SCBW. Info: Marrickville Magical Mystery Tour Oct 22, 11am-5.30pm. Meets at Sydenham Station. $95. Tickets & info: Also see: The Good Beer Company – The DOG Hotel, Dove & Olive + Keg & Brew Info:


Best of the Brews:

the Sydney venues championing craft beer Sydney’s trio of top craft beer venues – The Dove & Olive,The Keg & Brew, and The DOG Hotel – are beyond devoted to their mission of spreading the joy of great craft beer.You’d be forgiven for thinking they’re celebrating Sydney Craft Beer Week (SCBW) all year round. With 120 taps across three venues, these pubs are part of the Good Beer Company, who are dedicated to continuously finding bigger and more adventurous beer varieties to offer. From easy drinking pale ales and IPAs through to more obscure varieties like an earl grey and pear blond ale, or an oyster stout brewed with Kilpatrick oysters. During SCBW the craft beer fanaticism will be stepping up a notch…

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The Keg & Brew will be paying tribute to the home of craft beer with the United Kegs of America US tap takeover, with 21 of the 33 taps dedicated to US imports including Rogue Ales, Founders,Victory Brewing Co and Golden Road. Zak, the Good Beer Company’s resident beer fanatic, notes the Keg & Brew as his “favourite bar to sit at” and “sample some really good beers in a relaxed atmosphere”. 26 Foveaux St, Surry Hills. Info: The Dove & Olive is hosting the ultimate Craft Beer Fight Club showdown. The Dove and its sister venues have each teamed up with a master brewer – Two Birds, Wayward and 4 Pines – to create a collaboration brew they believe will make them the Good Beer

Champions and earn them the coveted Golden Growler award. Tickets are $34 and include six middies. Info: The DOG Hotel will be pouring more than their fair share of quality brews from NSW and the ACT over the festival as part of the Pint of Origin. To wrap up SCBW, The DOG will also be hosting a Garden Party and Beer-B-Q with one of their favourite breweries, 4 Pines. “There will be giveaways, a BBQ, Q&As…and of course plenty of 4 Pines beers to enjoy,” says Good Beer Company owner, John Azar. Tickets are $12 and include a schooner and a sausage sandwich. 2 St. Marks Rd, Randwick. Info:


The Days Are as Grass is the first non-musical work from multi award-winning writer Carol Hall (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas). This Australian premiere at The Depot Theatre reveals a real working of the human spirit – surprising, unconventional, rye and very funny, at times poignant and very real.

The production is a collection of short plays and two solos, bringing to the stage a beautiful rainbow of relationships and experiences that are grounded in the mature population. There are seven wonderful Australian actors, each taking on up to three roles, manifesting 14 distinctive, unusual characters. In The Last Word, a woman is confined to a wheelchair, with no motor skills or speech but with her mind intact. We see her husband of many years sticking by her, it’s beautifully poignant and in no way moody or dark but a celebration of this couple, of the man’s loyalty. Another couple face a decision to do with the right to life, or to choose a dignified death – very much a current discourse. “We are all human, our jib is not cut perfectly, sometimes we succeed in things and sometimes we don’t, we just do our best,” explained Director Jane Edwina Seymour. “[The Days Are as Grass is a] drama that crosses into comedy and pathos, it’s not all dark and shadowy, there’s some wonderful humour and rye, sophisticated adult sensibility running through it. It’s reaffirming and a celebration… It could be dreadfully sad and maudlin but instead it’s dignified.” (MS) Until Oct 29 (Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm). The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. $22-$32.Tickets & info:

Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical Photo: Brian Geach

The Days Are as Grass

Bobby Darin was one of the most popular teen idols of the 1950’s and ’60’s. His songs are a quintessential part of American culture (‘Mack The Knife’,‘Beyond The Sea’, etc.). His marriage to Hollywood sweetheart Sandra Dee completed the fairy-tale-perfect facade that hid a tumultuous relationship and life-long illness that eventually claimed him at the early age of 37. That this should be the premise for a musical is almost a given; that it would end up being not only written by an Australian, but created, produced, cast and premiered in Australia, is perhaps a little more surprising. Writer Frank Howsen persisted for ten years before getting the rights. The next given is David Campbell in the leading role. He is extraordinary, and according to many of the cast, a pleasure to work with.

Bert LaBonte, who plays Charlie, has been friends with Campbell for a long time. “He’s got an incredible presence and it makes our job a lot easier,” said LaBonte. Campbell’s own personal story parallels Darin’s in many ways, which may account for his uncanny portrayal. It certainly means some scenes are viscerally authentic for Campbell. But beyond that, Campbell is the consummate entertainer and his energy and joy are contagious. Labonte’s enthusiasm is palpable: “The show… it’s a spectacle, the lighting is ridiculous, the choreography is fantastic…it’s a cracking cast.” It has a stellar cast, incredible staging, timeless songs and a riveting story. Get tickets now. (RB) From Sep 22, evenings and matinees. Lyric Theatre,The Star, Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont. Tickets & info:

Sing Out, Louise


Kenney Green plays at Marie’s Crisis

11 STAGE 12 Sounds 13 SCENE 14 SCREEN

Love a good show tune? Ever fantasised about leaning over a piano in a smoky bar and belting out one of your favourite musical hits to rapturous applause? Hold on to your martini, because you might just have your chance. Sing Out, Louise is overtaking Oxford Street’s Polo Lounge, the event invites the public to gather around the piano for an old fashioned sing-a-long. “The beauty of this night is that people who would never normally sing in public can get involved…because it’s unamplified and there’s not a stage, you don’t feel on the spot so much,” explained event organiser, Gary Nunn.“Anyone that loves musical theatre, anyone that knows the lyrics…and remembers the verses is particularly welcome…” “I was inspired from my first ever trip to New York, I went to a piano bar called Marie’s Crisis, and it’s the most unique bar I’ve ever been to in the world... instead of everyone sort of sitting around passively

Arts Editors: Jamie Apps - Alannah Maher For more A&E stories go to and don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter at @AltMediaSydney

watching someone else perform, everyone gets a chance to perform.” Ensuring that the magic will be effectively recreated, Kenney Green will be specially flying out from New York – the talented musical theatre actor and director regularly mans the piano at Marie’s Crisis. “Kenney’s one of those New Yorkers who is very charismatic, he can get a whole room singing without a single microphone and just raise the roof,” Nunn enthused. If you’re a die-hard Les Mis fan, a Little Shop of Horrors freak, or anywhere in between – this opportunity is not to be missed.With a little bit of luck, Sing Out will become a quarterly occasion. (AM) Oct 22, 8pm-2am.The Polo Lounge, upstairs at the Oxford Hotel, 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Free entry (but you’re invited to tip the piano player!). Info:

Contributors: Carmen Cita, Craig Coventry, Greg Webster, Alicia Sim, Peter Urquhart, James Harkness, Leann Richards, Lisa Seltzer, Mark Morellini, Mel Somerville, Rocio Belinda Mendez, Sarah Pritchard, Athina Mallis, Leigh Livingstone, Joseph Rana, Shon Ho, Jacqui Rothwell, Emily Shen, Andrew Hodgson, Irina Dunn, Caitlin Burns, Zeiya Speede, Rita Bratovich, Chantal Walsh, Raffaele Piccolo, Barbara Karpinski, Taylah Felice, Georgia Fullerton, Bobby Stephenson, Olga Azar. city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016


Review: Marat/Sade

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of the Marquis de Sade (more commonly known as Marat/Sade) is a dark and complex ‘play with music’, which should absorb and challenge audiences. Described as ‘a play within a play’, the setting has been modernised to an asylum centre and the inmates are re-enacting the events leading up to the assassination of Marat during the French Revolution. The many themes are still as relevant today as during the French Revolution and when the play was written in the 1960’s. Audiences will be propelled to ask who controls the markets, the

governments and who profiteers from war. The plight of asylum seekers is harrowing; the violence, the suicides and the hopelessness overlooked by governments and the community. Have countries been dragged into revolution knowing nothing about their principles, and ultimately have they fought for those who now exploit them? Does money and greed rule the world? How important is freedom? This play is performed by a remarkable cast of over 20 performers, which includes Lyn Collingwood (best known from Home and Away). The radical staging consists of a large cage confining the cast, who portray a strange assortment of characters burning with energy. In between monologues they effectively break away into songs which resonate the themes and timeless lessons of the play. This is a dramatic theatrical production which will evoke laughter as the comedic elements of the play transpire, leading to an eruption of emotions as the main themes are revealed in the explosive finale. (MMo) Until Nov 5. New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown. $27–$32. Tickets & info:

Live Music Guide LIVE WIRE Sydney By Jamie Apps

The Brave: Formed in 2013, The Brave came together with a single goal in mind – to make music to move people. Their 2014 EP Endless turned heads nationwide, and since then they have been refining their aspirant melodies and thudding riffs into what is now debut album Epoch. Thu, Oct 20, Metro Theatre Mi-Sex: These New Zealanders were at the forefront of music consciousness when they released their first album in 33 years ago this September. With Not From Here having had time to gestate with their fans, they now return to the stage tomorrow night. Fri, Oct 21,The Bridge Hotel Sally Seltmann: To celebrate the release of her stunning new single, Dancing In The Darkness, singer/ songwriter Sally Seltmann will be taking the stage with support from special guests R.W. Grace and Bree Van Reyk. Fri, Oct 21, Newtown Social Club Miles and Simone: Having just completed a regional Victorian tour and their “Home Sweet Home” Sunday residency at the Yarra Hotel, this duo are ready to explore Sydney and showcase their warm, accidental love song ‘Never Leave’. Sat, Oct 22, Leadbelly Anna Salleh: Enigmatic jazz diva Anna Salleh is one of Australia’s greatest exponents of Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz. Her show Brazil and Beyond has been mesmerising audiences for years and your last chance to see it for 2016 will be this weekend. Sat, Oct 22, Foundry616 12

city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016

Buried In Verona: After a decade spent lending and shaping the Australian heavy music scene, and becoming one of the country’s most notorious bands in the process, Buried In Verona will play their final Sydney show this weekend before breaking up. Joining the band as they bid farewell are Capture The Crown, Foxblood and Arkive. Sat, Oct 22, Factory Theatre Sirens Big Band: Known for their exciting and engaging live shows, Sirens melds jazz with Middle Eastern, Latin and African grooves, creating original big band music from composers within and outside the band. Led by bassist Jessica Dunn, the ensemble also features Ellen Kirkwood, Loretta Palmeiro and Milan Ring. Sun, Oct 23, Camelot Lounge Sarah Grunstein: Sarah Grunstein’s career has been marked by her magnetic charisma, her musical intelligence and sublime expressivity. Passionate about engaging with audiences, her concerts will include her introductory talk with her audiences about the Goldberg Variations. Tue, Oct 25, Sydney Opera House - Utzon Room Jaala: Head on down this week for a midweek party celebrating the imminent release of Jaala’s new single ‘Junior Spirit’ from the upcoming sophomore album. Wed, Oct 26, Newtown Social Club

Review: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant Notorious German writer and filmmaker The following scene opens with the relationship Rainer Werner Fassbinder made the film version already in decline and done and dusted by the of his own play, Die Bitteren Tranen der Petra end of the scene. von Kant (The Bitter Tears Of Petra von Kant) The rest of the script is driven by Petra’s in 1972. It is gaudy and uber camp, with tortured heartache, which is hard to take given melodrama and contrived dialogue tossed about we had little opportunity to invest in the like leopard print cushions on a white vinyl relationship. lounge. The set is dark and minimalist, with a Bringing a translated, updated iteration to the meaningful flat-bed couch at centre. stage and making it credible and relevant is a It’s a good production with strong challenge – not least because the original play performances making the best of an ordinary was not especially well-written. The current script. (RB) production at the Old Fitz Theatre is an Until Nov 12 (Tues-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 5pm). admirable if not completely successful attempt. Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, The all-female cast are each exemplary in their Woolloomooloo. $28-$33. roles. Sara Wiseman in the central role of Tickets & info: fashion designer, Petra, has little down time as she Sara Wiseman and Taylor Ferguson. negotiates a meandering Photo- Clare Hawley path towards disintegration. Taylor Ferguson is Karin, a minx in lamb’s clothing, wannabe model and the object of Petra’s intense and only briefly requited infatuation. Petra meets Karin in the first scene, has an instant attraction, follows through with unsubtle, predatory advances and has completely seduced Karin by the end of the scene.

Oliver Downes By Jamie Apps Singer-songwriter Oliver Downes will tonight officially unveil his debut album Ultraviolet. Now based out of Melbourne, Downes is formerly a local Sydney boy. Ultraviolet is not only Oliver’s debut full-length album, but it is also his most ambitious project to date. As Oliver explained, pushing himself to try something totally different to his past singles and EP was of crucial importance. “I really wanted to do something that would differentiate things a bit from that “business as usual” mindset. So to work with a violinist and double bass player and allow the left of field choices to flow opened up a lot of possibilities, and also made it all very interesting for myself again.”

Jagwa Ma – Every Now & Then

Luckily for Oliver, bringing in new ideas and musicians wasn’t a hugely jarring experience – he has never had a standing band, rather he prefers to gather specific groups of musicians together depending on what the project or song calls for. “I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out both musically and as a total package, I’m thrilled about the artwork,” he beamed. The ability to produce and release a polished package in today’s music environment can be a rather difficult and expensive process. “The internet makes it very simple to record something and put it out into the world,” said Oliver.“It’s also very easy to directly communicate with your fans and supporters, but to work within the music industry to release a complete package with physical

Occasionally I will listen to an album that everyone around me is raving about and I just cannot connect with it. Sadly this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing throughout the course of the last week and a half with Jagwa Ma’s newest album. Whilst the record continues the groups mantra of creating trippy psychedelic dance music which is still incredibly accessible to the vast majority; this time around the group have smoothed out and polished up the rough edges of their sound, which makes for a nicer sonic experience. For me this album just wouldn’t connect, despite multiple attempts, likely because of the constant genre and style switching. Please don’t take this as an indictment on the record because I know it has been much better received by people close to me so you may fall in that camp. (JA) WW1/2

copies and a media campaign is a totally separate thing.” In order to combat some of these hurdles Oliver enlisted the help of crowdfunding through a Pozible campaign, which allowed him to begin recording earlier than he otherwise would have. Most importantly though, it gave him a level of reassurance that he was creating something people actually wanted.

“It was a huge confidence boost in terms of realising I actually do have the support of the musical community as well as my friends and family,” he reflected. “Everybody who does this sort of thing has moments of doubt and question whether it’s actually doable, so to hit a target like that and receive so many messages of support was brilliant.” Tonight’s show, which Oliver describes as “virtuosic chamber pop”, will see him taking the stage alongside his sister Holly Downes on double bass, her partner Chris Stone on violin and Chris’s brother Robin Stone on drums. Oct 20. Django Bar, cnr Railway Parade & Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. $15-$20.Tickets & info: django-bar

Moreton – Specimen

Hailing from Byron and Brisbane, Moreton will transport listeners back to these sea-centric cities with the sounds of their new EP, Specimen. The three-piece put a haunting spin on indie folk thanks to the pure vocals of front woman Georgia Potter. Standout track ‘The Water’ premiered to positive reviews on Triple J’s Home and Hosed. Unwilling to be categorized into classic beach pop, Moreton’s five-track EP sits somewhere in between serene and melancholy. It is the perfect background music for hours spent sitting in the balcony soaking up the sun’s rays, or curled up in bed with a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. (CB) WWW



With Coffin Ed The tradition of clowns goes right back to the buffoon-like characters of early Roman and Greek theatre and over the years it has evolved in many different ways. We are perhaps most familiar with the image of the classic circus clown, however in recent months a disturbing phenomenon has appeared – the malevolent and fear evoking ‘creepy clown’. Sightings of these largely nocturnal creatures have been made all over the world, more recently in Sydney, where vigilante groups have formed to combat their evil leering. The ramifications are enormous. Already McDonalds have indicated they will be withdrawing the Ronald McDonald character in the US, putting him on ice until the last of the creepy clowns is eradicated. Psychologists have reported a massive increase in the number of patients suffering coulrophobia (the fear of ‘clowns’), and clown like children’s entertainers are no longer welcome at birthday parties and other kiddies’ celebrations. It’s only a matter of time before Premier Mike Baird passes the ‘Creepy Clown Act’, outlawing them altogether. The modern day creepy clown is really nothing new, and evil clowns (as opposed to the wholesome variety) have been with us for hundreds of years, villainised in movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space and personified in the gaudy paintings of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy (aka “The Killer Clown”) who often appeared at children’s parties dressed as Pogo The Clown. Here in Australia, clowns have not been without

their share of controversy. Melbourne’s Zig and Zag (not be confused with the modern day puppets) were an integral part of the early days of children’s television in this country and often

Project 5 – Volume 8

Project 5 is a public, open air art exhibition that will be on display for a month in the strollfriendly grounds of Darling Quarter. Now in its eighth year, it has championed street art as well as each year raising money for a nominated charity. Produced by aMBUSH Gallery, the event features four prominent street artists who will each create a new work live on location. These will then be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition with proceeds this year going to children’s theatre group, Monkey Baa. Volume 8 artists are Brett Chan, Georgia Hill, Kaff-eine, and Shida. Kaff-eine is a Melbourne based artist whose career path might itself be considered a creative work: horse-riding instructor, tree-lopper, lawyer, public servant. Street artist is the calling to which she has finally succumbed:

“…The work that I do is still advocacy, it’s just doing it through visual art rather than, you know, in the guise of a lawyer.” Giving up a well-paying job to be a full time artist may seem reckless, but it was an easy choice according to Kaff-eine: “Street art kind of snuck in through the back door,” she says, explaining that she would work 40 hours a week in an office then do the equivalent running around at night creating pieces. “My night times were so colourful and exciting and fun… and then during the day everything seemed a bit greyer…grey office, grey computer, grey suit.” It’s her first time at Project 5 and she’s looking forward to the challenge. (RB) Until Oct 30, Auction Oct 27. Darling Quarter (Village Green), Darling Harbour. FREE. Info:

featured on the annual Moomba parade. In 1999, after many years of TV exposure, they were named as joint Moomba Monarchs, but were quickly stood down after Today Tonight exposed a

child molestation charge involving Zig (aka Jack Perry) back in 1994. During the week The Naked City spoke with Mt Druitt couple Peggy and Ron (not their real names) who have been dressing as creepy clowns for a number of years – frequenting everywhere from graveyards, to swingers parties and ‘trash and treasure’ markets. “It all began with our mutual love of American hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse,” Ron explained. In 2013, the couple travelled to Tonopah in Nevada where they were married at the world famous Clown Motel by a midget clown celebrant and part-time Elvis impersonator. “Ron was dressed as Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, and I had all the gear from Killjoy Goes To Hell,” Peggy enthused. Whilst they were once physically threatened by angry vigilantes outside the Rooty Hill RSL, Ron and Peggy have not been intimidated and plan regular creepy clown appearances right across the metropolitan area. They are more than keen to make contact with a NSW country town, happy to host a Creepy Clown get together, similar to the annual Elvis convention in Parkes. “Imagine a whole train full of creepy clowns heading out from Central,” Ron gleefully suggested, freaking out commuters and descending on some tiny country town. Hmmm, sounds like another evil clown movie to me! Whether the current creepy clown craze will survive its initial burst of viral, web-driven notoriety or cement itself in the fabric of modern cultural tradition, remains to be seen. If it means we’ll see no more of the creepiest clown of them all, Ronald McDonald, then long may it survive. Send in those clowns!

Marrickville Festival Despite the disruption caused by the amalgamation of multiple councils into the lone ‘Inner West Council’, residents of Marrickville will still be treated to their much beloved annual Marrickville Festival this weekend. Featuring a huge offering of over 120 stalls offering local produce, handmade goods and international food, as well as a massive musical lineup, this year is set to be one of the biggest festivals to date. With entertainment options split across the Main Stage program, the International Dance Floor, The Break music competition and the Kids Play Park, every member of the community is bound to find something that caters perfectly to their tastes. One of the biggest highlights for the day is a performance from Indigenous singer and actor Ursula Yovich, whose unique and powerful voice brings something truly special to blues and soul. Recently been named as one of the top 21 most iconic Women of the Australian Stage, Ursula is not to be missed. Over on The Break stage attendees will see six local bands battle it out to win a recording session and the opportunity to play a paid gig at a future council event. The International Dance Floor will feature a diverse selection of dance styles from Argentinian folk, to Aboriginal dance by the Gamarada Boys, and even bellydancing. The kids’ entertainment will feature hulahoop duo and real-life sisters The La La

Sistarz. And all day long a jumping castle, fitness playground and face painters will also keep the kids amused. (JA) Oct 23, 10am-5pm. Along Marrickville & Illawarra Roads. FREE. Info: marrickvillefestival city hub 20 OCTOBER 2016


Café Society

Stewart, who has been taking chances on smaller non-main stream films since the end of the Twilight franchise, shines as the female love interest. The stylish and extravagant sets and costumes, and the mention of bygone movie legends including Cary Cooper, Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford and Judy Garland, will transport audiences back to a time when Hollywood was larger than life. Moviegoers who appreciate Woody Allen’s quirky style of writing should also be charmed by Allen’s narration of the story, which leads to an abrupt but satisfying conclusion. (MMo) WWW1/2

Writer/director Woody Allen, who seems to have lost his mojo in recent years, should evoke interest in his new romantic comedy drama. Set in the 1930’s the film centres on Phil Stern (Steve Carell), a talent agent, and the love triangle which develops between him, his nephew Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) and his much younger secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). The romantic entanglements and infidelities transpire to the backdrop of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the seedy underworld. Eisenberg is a natural as the awkward but love-striken nephew, a role which would have been brilliantly portrayed by a much younger Woody Allen.

Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind The Clown For some, his buffoonish antics had little appeal. But for many, Jerry Lewis was regarded a comic genius. In the film Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind The Clown, screening as part of the Jewish International Film Festival, the comedian, born Joseph Levitch, talks candidly about his early life, family, his career and of course his show business partner, Dean Martin. The one-hour documentary chronicles Lewis’ career, from his very early slapstick days, to the star-aligned teaming with Dean Martin, to his pinnacle years as a filmmaker, when he wrote, directed and starred in movies that became classics. In a montage of archival footage, interviews with some notable Hollywood identities and some Australian celebrities, and commentary by Lewis himself, we are shown an artist who took humour seriously and whose talents went well beyond contorted faces and a silly voice.

LocaL PLumber Call Charlie

0414 409 890

Lic. 163199c

This is for fans of nostalgia, fans of comedy, and of course, fans of Jerry Lewis. (RB) WWW1/2 Oct 26–Nov 23. Jewish International Film Festival: Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction and Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne. Tickets & info:


Elle Fanning plays Jesse, a 16-year-old small town girl who comes to LA to forge a career as a model and immediately attracts messianic attention. It seems the industry has never seen the likes of such a natural beauty before.This of course rankles the vain and desperately insecure models du jour. This basic plot is stretched thin over fragmented events and truly abysmal dialogue. Interspersed with banal, It’s really awful, except for the beautiful bits. cliche-infested scenes are visual asides that are The Neon Demon will divide people and the extremely sumptuous and trippy with consummate arguments will be quite ferocious.That’s the way electronica soundtrack.The end result is a film that director Nicolas Winding Refn likes it – he thrives can’t decide what it wants to be and defaults to on antagonism. Unfortunately, his greedy fervour for “lesbian vampire” style horror-schlock quasi porn. it makes him clumsy and obvious. But, like a grisly road accident, there will be so much When you read a synopsis after seeing the film, you commotion that you’ll feel compelled to have a look. realise people struggle to identify the narrative. It’s (RB) vague, it falters, it becomes insignificant. WW1/2

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