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December, 2011

May and Joe Moss

The Year in Review

After staring at the surf for a few minutes together, Maggie decided that she should brave the waves. Both girls love the pool and can swim, but until last September, Maggie did not trust the waves. You can see in the picture that she has conquered yet another fear. Madison is now seven and in the second grade. She reads at the fourth grade level and is enrolled in the program for advanced students (Target). She is a Brownie and learning gymnastics. Maggie is four years old and in her last year of pre-school. She plays soccer and is also enrolled in gymnastics. Both Maggie and Madison swim with the neighborhood Swim Team, the Dolphins. With both girls now attending school, May has recently accepted the challenge of being a teacher with Gymboree. As a Play and Music teacher, May will work with children from newborns to five-year-olds, with their moms, in 45 minute classes. May will introduce structured activities and observe/report to the moms their child’s hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, muscle joint awareness, etc.—and how this relates to a child’s development. She is thrilled to be able to rejoin the workforce in a role where she excels. Joe continues to be in demand by his clients in the trade show industry. He traveled extensively again last year helping clients achieve trade show success. One of his top clients, Dexis Dental, recognized his outstanding performance with a corporate “well done” award.

Thank God Helen’s sister Ruth, and her husband Ed Cheslock, came to Florida last winter. While the three of them visited, played tourist and entertained themselves, Al studied for the Florida Bar Exam in February. Six weeks later, he learned that he had PASSED, and was admitted into the Florida Bar in April. By September, Al had completed additional training and was certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Civil Mediator. He also founded TETRAULT LAW, P.A. and has been working to develop a law practice. This is a general practice with a focus on mediation, business, real estate, wills/trusts/estates and tax. He has also been accredited to represent veterans before the Veterans Administration. Helen expanded her gardening activities to include managing our citrus orchard. We now have ruby red grapefruits, lemons and navel oranges in our yard and rental property. This year’s crop was the best yet, especially the grapefruits. We have several dozen tasty, softball sized fruits. Al still teaches at Flagler College, (Business Law). Helen was active with the Garden Club Master Gardeners.

Should we do it?

Rob and Michelle Rob and Michelle were here in March for Bike Week, an annual trek for bikers not unlike the EAA event in Oshkosh for pilots. They stayed in our condo at Colony Reef Club, and rode Rob’s bike to Daytona Beach daily. Of course the predominant biker rides a Harley, but all bike manufacturers exhibit, as well as a multitude of accessory manufacturers. Rob is continuing his studies at Kennesaw University while growing a landscape design, installation and maintenance company—Professional Landscape Solutions. His website is: The company is growing and profitable, and Rob expects to manage it until his graduation in 16 months. With a fulltime academic load and running his company, Rob is “keeping busy.” Michelle is working at Sawtrax. This firm manufactures vertical panel saws. These are like the saws in Home Depot that are used to cut plywood panels for you in the store. The business continues to grow, especially internationally, in spite of the depression in the construction industry in the US.

Madison at Colony Reef Club

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