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Mediation Mediation is an alternative to civil litigation. Mediation is quicker and cheaper than litigation. Mediation is an opportunity for the parties to create their own settlement. Mediation is less formal and more comfortable. Nevertheless, parties seldom explore mediation as an alternative in the early stages of possible litigation. Mediation is an unnatural act. Conflict resolution through negotiation among humans has a strong and negative biological bias. Humans have fought each other, sometimes to the death, to resolve conflict. Duels are common in history. The greatest manifestation of this kind of conflict resolution is war. Litigation, the alternative to settlement is risky, expensive and stressful. No client enjoys litigation. To help attorneys inform and educate their clients, Al has written several articles: • • • • • • • • •

When To Use Mediation Venting In Mediation Mediation Brackets Preparing for Mediation Presence The Mediation Process Selecting a Mediator Why Mediation The Role of the Mediator

Each of these articles can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost. ( Call for a professionally printed document. If you have questions about whether mediation might be useful to your client, call Al at 904-377-5585


VA Accreditation Al served in the USAF as an Aircraft Commander of C-130 transports. He served in Vietnam as a C-123 pilot where he earned the Bronze Star and 5 Air Medals. Al serves veterans in their appeals before the Veterans Administration. He also represents clients in their disability appeals with the Social Security Administration. Al’s practice includes representing clients in Bankruptcy proceedings. Sadly, many veterans today are needing veterans disability compensation as a result of injuries sustained in combat actions.

Albert R. Tetrault, Esq. Al Tetrault is an Attorney and Mediation Counsel. He is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Appellate Mediator (27841 RA). The focus of his General Practice is civil mediation. ( Al acquired experience and expertise in the computer industry. He began as a sales representative with IBM and concluded his business career as CEO of an early stage Internet company. After relocating to Florida a decade ago, he became restless in retirement, completed law school and was licensed to practice law by the Florida Bar. The computer industry provides services to every type of business and industry, and Al developed in-depth understanding of many of them, including general aviation, manufacturing (process and discreet), distribution (wholesale and retail), computers and the Internet, professional services (consulting, accounting, law), education, real estate, condominiums and condominium associations. He has negotiated complex transactions for products, services, intellectual property and employment, both domestic and international. Al has been appointed by the AOPA Legal Services Plan as a Panel Attorney. He has accumulated over 6,500 hours PIC, mostly as the owner of an A36 Bonanza. He is Certified Flight Instructor (CFII). Al earned a JD at Florida Coastal School of Law, an MBA (with distinction) at the Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics (Insurance Minor) at the University of Connecticut (UCONN). Al studied international business at the London Business School and IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is an Adjunct Professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine where he teaches Business Law.

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