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Rocky has completed 14 never before seen paintings for Altaimira Fine Art.


NEW WORK is painted on canvas using oils and some mixed media. He has revisited a couple of his previous series’ such as the “Archer” and “Horse and Rider” and has explored a few pieces involving groups of figures in a very minimal setting not necessarily representing any recognizable background but that present bold strokes of shape and color. The painting “Color Bound” explores the early modernist’s cubism style.

Rocky is a painter that doesn’t stay in one place too long. He has a constant hunger to explore new ideas and directions. It’s what motivates, what keeps the artistic fires burning for him. He invites you to come along in this next journey.

Color Bound Oil/Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 20 inches

ROCKY L. HAWKINS b. 1950 Expressionist, Native American, Western Genre

Expect the unexpected and take a journey into the mysterious world of the unknown. Such is the art of Rocky Hawkins. In his own words, Rocky describes his process as follows, “I paint with passion, risk and abbreviated images instead of capturing realism. Set against transit texture and vivid color, images and figures cannot be situated in reality. These painterly expressions challenge our emotions and communicate with our sense of mystery. Mystery is a part of life. Not everything is easily explainable.” Born in 1950, in Seattle, Washington and growing up in small towns near the Cascade Mountains, Rocky’s interest in the mystery and spiritual element of the Indian culture began in his childhood. Traveling with his family to historic locations that conveyed Native

American history, he was taken with the beauty and mysticism of the Indian’s individual expression. After high school, he enrolled in college art classes and then later attended the Burnley School of Art in Seattle, WA. While his art career began with illustration and commercial art, this path was unable to satisfy his creative quest for self-expression. As a result, his personal journey led him to New Mexico and ultimately to Montana where he connected more closely with the spirit of the Native American people that dominates his art. Consequently, many of his paintings seem to hold secret passageways detectable only at specific perspectives or distances. Where you go and what you see depends on who you are but rest assured that you will discover images that will be impossible to forget. ART EDUCATION Burnley School of Professional Art, Seattle, 1969-72 William Cumming, Morris Graves, Mark Toby - painters Northwest School of Artists Joesph Bohler - Watercolorist Sergei Bongart - Russian painter David A. Leffel - Painter, Art Student League, NY SELECT COLLECTIONS Museum of Native American Art, Spokane, Wa. David & Connie Clapp, N.Y. Keilty Collection American Express, CT. Locati Architects, MT. Larson Juhl Corporation, GA. Sam & Sherry Scott, MT. Meredith Corporation, Iowa, (Better Homes & Gardens ect.) Vital Ground – Doug & Lynn Seus – Park City, UT Jack and Beverley Grundhofer, CEO US Bank, Livingston, MT and Palm Desert, CA Kendrick and Linda Wilson, VP Goldman Sachs Livingston, MT and New York Fred Rowan, III CEO Carter’s Clothing Atlanta, GA

Broken Ground Oil on Canvas 14 x 11 inches

Sky Appears Oil/Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 inches

Electric Charge Oil on Canvas 12 x 9 inches

Indigo Drifts Oil/Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 inches

Vanishing Sky Oil/Acrylic on Canvas 14 x 11 inches

Blue Line Archer Oil/Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 9 inches

The main focus of this new work is the

PORTAL TRACS series which is abstract both in thought, method and style. In the series “Portal Tracs” the artist has created a portal, doorway, or passage to enter into the future or past: to a dimension that one may not have otherwise had the opportunity to explore. He as incorporated geometric shapes, lines and patterns that connect and intersect, traveling along a path or track that lead one in or out of the portal: allowing oneself to abandon the known! We all have spent a lifetime in the comfort zone of the “Known”. This work challenges one to take a step into an unknown realm or state of being.

Portal Step - Study Oil on Canvas 12 x 9 inches

Portal Tracs .923U Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 inches

The ‘Portal’ in each of these paintings is apparent to the viewer. The geometrical lines are different in each painting but one constant is the upturned arc or U shape that connects to the figure’s head. ‘U’ which is seen in each title represents ‘Unknown’. This unknown symbol reaches out like antennas ready to receive this new experience.

The word TRACS in each title comes from the shapes:

T- Triangle R - Rectangle A - Arc C - Cube S - Square

The dot in each title acts like a digital address followed by an unknown number and the U symbol.

Portal Tracs.385U Oil on Canvas 24 x 18 inches

Portal Tracs.432U Oil on Canvas 50 x 40 inches

Portal Tracs.187U Oil on Canvas 18 x 14 inches

Portal Tracs.217U Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 inches

Portal Tracs.333U Oil on Canvas 12 x 9 inches

For more information please contact Dean Munn at or Katherine Harrington at or call 307.739.4700

New Work by Rocky Hawkins  
New Work by Rocky Hawkins  

New body of work by Rocky Hawkins on display now at Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming.