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A l p h a S i g m a T au Vol. 88 No. 2 Summer 2015


Forward Also inside: Strategic Initiatives for Building a Stronger Future

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Dear Sisters, The concept of “paying it forward” became increasingly popular in the last decade. When paying it forward, a person is expected to perform between one and three good deeds for someone without asking for anything in return. Instead, the recipient of the good deed should be asked to “pay it forward” to someone else. The premise is one good deed might not seem like much, but if everyone did something good for someone else, then the world would be a better place. This concept parallels our unique responsibility as Alpha Sigma Taus to continually perpetuate the Sorority experience for our present and future Sisters. Imagine with me for a moment: what if every member did one good deed for another member? What do you think the effects of that could be for the Sorority? The result would be exponential acts of generosity and kindness that would propel this organization forward. You may be asking yourself, what impact can I have by paying it forward? • Grab a cup of coffee with one young woman and educate her on the impact that membership in Alpha Sigma Tau has had on your life. Then ask her to share her story with another young woman.

• Attend chapter or recruitment events being held by a collegiate chapter. The chapter members will remember this impact when they are asked to do the same in the future. • Make a monetary donation to the National Foundation and other women will follow your lead. It really is simple, but someone has to be the catalyst. I want to challenge each of you to commit to one act of graciousness over the next year and then observe the impact it has on Alpha Sigma Tau. Please join me in paying it forward!

• Take the time to mentor a young woman through one of life’s transitions or challenges. Inspire her to do the same in the future for someone else.

One Sister at a time,

• Connect with three Sisters that you haven’t seen in years and encourage them to connect with three other Sisters.

Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu National President

• Welcome a new alumna into your alumnae chapter with open arms. Encourage her to invite other Sisters to join.

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To Women: Megan Swanson


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3 S U M M E R 2015

On the cover: Jennifer Kemmery Nowotnik, Delta (center) with the Gamma Tau women she serves as Chapter Advisor.

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Alpha Sigma Tau - Alpha Chapter June 25, 2015

Members Kassandra and Mae volunteering at the Habitat Restore!

Sisters Pay It T H E AN C H OR

6 S U M M E R 2015


I believe in the fulfillment of self and will strive to contribute my share to the progress of mankind.





in the Sorority’s Creed; they are a way of life. Day after day, community to community, they strive to make their world a

better place. They tap into their life experiences as women and as Alpha Sigma Taus to “pay it forward” to their communities, to their Sorority, to fraternity/sorority life, and to women. What follows are profiles of seven such Sisters. You’ll learn about Ryan Farrell’s incredible recovery from a near-fatal brain injury, and how she works to educate young people on the risks of head trauma. You’ll read about Jennifer Kemmery Nowotnik, a former National Council member and current Chapter Advisor, who uses volunteering for the Sorority to fulfill her passion for developing strong women. You’ll learn about the advocacy of four Sisters – Emma Bunnell Rice, Fay Stoloff, Kris Haskin, and Sydney Meyer – on issues of importance to the entire fraternity/sorority community. And you’ll hear about Megan Swanson, former Miss Nebraska who suffered from binge eating disorder and now engages women on having a healthy body image. We hope you enjoy their inspirational stories!

S U M M E R 2015


or the Sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau, these are more than words

Paying it Forward to Community: T H E AN C H OR

Ryan Farrell, Delta Epsilon

By Lauren Welch, Delta Psi

8 S U M M E R 2015


n April 2010, Ryan Farrell was rounding out her freshman year at Marist College in New York as a newly initiated Delta Epsilon Sister, when she suffered a near-fatal Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while performing with her cheerleading team at an exhibition.

Ryan was hospitalized for one month in the ICU (including two weeks in a medically induced coma), spent six months in multiple inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and has undergone three brain surgeries and multiple other procedures and operations, all followed by extensive outpatient rehabilitation. To hear Ryan tell it, her Sorority sisters were pillars of support for her family. “I do not know what I would have done without my Sorority Sisters, “she recalls. “They provided such strong support for my family while I was in the ICU. Green and gold anchors exploded all over my room!”

in May 2014, Ryan has been a guest speaker at many events and schools, speaking to at-risk teens, young adults, and student athletes before their athletic seasons begin. “Sports-related head injuries have recently come into the spotlight,” Ryan explains. “It is crucial to make sure that not only the coaches are well-trained to prevent injuries as much as possible, but that the student athletes are also educated. As a direct result of my TBI, I have been introduced to so many wonderful people, and I am able to share a positive message with others.”

This is the true “ representation of

what Sorority life is all about and what it's built upon.

Of course, Ryan’s life changed dramatically when she went from a college freshman to recovering from a TBI. However, she says that her TBI has allowed her to continue her positive outlook, but in an entirely new way. “When my TBI happened, I thought ‘How can I turn this negative into a positive and make some good come out of this?’” she says. “In response, I looked for ways to give back and use my experiences to pay it forward.” Ryan now gives back to the community by speaking about the risks of TBI because, as she puts it, “Traumatic Brian Injuries can happen to anyone, any time, at any place. The only way to stop them is through education, advocacy, and prevention.” Ryan is a Survivor-Speaker through the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts’ “Think-A-Head” Prevention Program for teens and young adults. She has also been writing blog posts about her experiences since March 2011, just eleven months after her injury. Since her college graduation

“This is the true representation of what Sorority life is all about and what it's built upon,” says Ryan. “It is just one more reason why deciding to become a Sister of Alpha Sigma Tau was one of the best decisions of my collegiate career and my entire life!” In the face of life’s adversity and challenges, it would be easy to just give up. However, Ryan chose to persevere. “Just keep going,” she counsels. “Whatever your challenge or difficulty is, you have to search through the ‘bad stuff’ because there always is a silver lining. You are the only one who controls your happiness and your destiny!” For more information about Traumatic Brain Injury prevention and Ryan’s work, please visit: You can also visit Ryan’s blog at:

9 S U M M E R 2015

For the year she was out of college, Ryan’s chapter Sisters held fundraisers specifically for her and were, along with her family and medical team, a critical part of her recovery. “They were really there for us.”


Ryan is particularly indemand during March, which is Brain Injury Awareness Month. This past March, her Delta Epsilon Sisters at Marist College hosted a Brain Injury Awareness event on campus, and they invited Ryan to speak and share her story. The Greek Council on campus followed suit in expressing the importance of Ryan’s message, voting to make it the one mandatory event of the semester for all fraternities and sororities.

Paying it Forward to Sorority:


Jennifer Kemmery Nowotnik, Delta By Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon

10 S U MM E R 2015


ike many of us, Jennifer (Jenni) Kemmery Nowotnik’s journey with Alpha Sigma Tau began as a collegian looking to build meaningful relationships. “I had two-and-a-half years as a collegian,” recalls Jenni. “But I don’t think I had enough. A lot of my very close friends were still in college when I graduated, which was hard.” Today, Jenni continues down that path, maintaining relationships while building new ones as one of Alpha Sigma Tau’s longest-serving volunteers. Through it all, Jenni has held fast to her commitment of building exceptional women through Sisterhood. In college, Jenni held the Academics position in the Delta Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she came up with some inventive ways to keep her Sisters focused on their studies. She had scrunchies made with educationally themed fabric.

She then collected the names of scholastically successful Sisters, and one would be drawn to win an academic scrunchie. “Scrunchies were kind of cool at IUP in the midnineties,” she recalls. “We still laugh about it!” She had also attended the 1996 National Convention, while still in college. It made a lasting impression on her.

Jenni jumped feet first into these opportunities to engage and stay connected to Alpha Sigma Tau. Just six months after graduating college, she started serving as a District President, working with collegiate Chapter Presidents over the phone and successively visiting their chapters for a weekend. “I felt like I had something to offer to a collegiate chapter that needed help,” she recalls. “The weekend visits were 48 hours straight Alpha Sigma Tau. I met with chapter officers and helped them plan, strategize, and set their goals.” After that, she served on National Council from 2002 to 2003 in what was then the position of Director of Collegiate Chapters, supervising many facets of the collegiate experience.

Jenni has also partnered with alumnae chapters and started a mentor program for the Gamma Tau chapter. Each collegiate Sister is paired with an alumna from across the country who acts as their mentor and keeps in contact with them over the phone and through social media. The program has been a huge success in boosting chapter morale and showing the collegians the value of lifelong membership in Alpha Sigma Tau. In the early 2000s, there were far fewer National Headquarters staff members then there are today. Out of necessity, volunteers handled chapter visits,

Jenni encourages all alumnae to pay it forward in any capacity. “You don’t have to be a Chapter Advisor,” she says. “Attend an event, send a card, or stop by and visit a chapter. I guarantee you’ll love it!” To find ways that you can give back to the Sorority and change the lives of fellow Sisters, visit

11 S U M M E R 2015

Those lessons in commitment and motivation carry forward to today through her service as Chapter Advisor for the Gamma Tau Chapter at “It was an expansive role Lebanon Valley College. at the time,” she explains. Though scrunchies are no “I was responsible longer a trend, Jenni has for all of our District Jennifer Kemmery Nowotnik (left) her her first National Convention continued the tradition of Presidents, collegiate in 1996 with delegates from the Delta Chapter: Dawn Fitzgerald rewarding collegians who Educational Consultants, Massey, Becky BIckerton, Jessica Langkamer Quiñones achieve academically. At and collegiate chapters, Gamma Tau, she has developed an “A Bag” for Sisters including reviewing all the Chapter Educational who have earned A’s. They put their names in the bag Progress Reports. It was quite the undertaking!” and a few are drawn to receive prizes every week. So why does Jenni continue to serve? “I believe that “We celebrate those Sisters and post their successes collegiate women need and deserve mentors,” she on our Facebook page - which is something that we says. “Some of the most powerful involvement is definitely didn’t do in the 90s!” she explains. “It is a on the collegiate level. I would like everyone who’s creative yet simple way to reward achievement. You in Alpha Sigma Tau to have a meaningful collegiate have to celebrate the successes of your members experience, and then pay it forward long after and be there to support each other.” graduationl."


“I saw the level of involvement that women had and the longevity of their involvement,” she recalls. “Alpha Sigma Tau boasts members who have been involved for over fifty years, and have attended more than twenty Conventions. That was really in my mind, that this is something I can be part of for a long time.”

assisted in goal-setting, and acted as liaisons between the National Council and collegians.

Paying it Forward to Fraternity/Sorority Life By Samantha Rill, Delta Delta

From left to right: Kris Haskin, Emma Bunnell Rice, Fay Stoloff, and Sydney Meyer standing in front of the U.S. Capitol.


hat do you do when the opportunity to serve calls? For Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi; Fay Stoloff, Epsilon Mu; Kris Haskin, Beta Pi; and Sydney Meyer, Psi – you answer. In November 2014, Alpha Sigma Tau put out a call for collegians to participate in a Congressional advocacy effort on behalf of H.R. 1449, known alternatively as the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act of 2013. The bill would make donations to student organization housing taxdeductible. A mere five months later, in April 2015, three collegians – Emma, Fay, and Sydney – went to

Washington, D.C. Kris, who served as an alumna ambassador, joined them in their endeavor. All four women advocated for the bill’s aim: amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage donations to support collegiate housing and infrastructure. The advocacy effort was organized by the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition (FGRC), which continues to support the needs and objectives of the fraternity/sorority community in the nation’s capital. The FGRC is comprised of three governing bodies of fraternal life in America: the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), and the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC).

“For me, it was an opportunity to engage in an important issue,” says Sydney. “It opened up a new path.” "Fraternities and sororities have to tackle the issue of student organization housing,” Emma adds. “We have to handle it. We have to get the ball rolling.”

Not willing to miss an opportunity to engage, the women were also able to advocate on behalf of the fraternity/sorority community as a whole in regard to issues that have recently been pushed into the national spotlight – namely, sexual assault reports and statistics within the fraternity/sorority community as well as the negative press that results. “We were a positive voice in a negative storm,” Kris says about the issue. “We could tell people ‘Here’s how we’re addressing it.’”

“It was like Sorority recruitment on steroids,” Emma concurs. “I learned about the importance of body language and how to steer a conversation. Prior to this event, I didn’t know anyone else my age who had advocated for an issue in front of an elected official. I experienced a lot.” All told, the Alpha Sigma Tau contingency met with about 20 different members of Congress or their staffs.

For me, it was an opportunity to engage in an important issue. It opened up a new path. Sydney Meyer

13 S U M M E R 2015

Fay understands the importance of “It gave us a chance to representing the Sorority counter some of the bad on a national stage. “I media about fraternities didn’t live in a house, and sororities; to change which is common some minds,” adds for AΣT, but it is not Emma. “If I changed one uncommon for other person’s mind, it was Panhellenic women,” she worth it.” says. “It was important Emma, Fay, Sydney, and Kris pose with AΣT National Vice President to learn about housing So what advice do these (and Chief of Staff for Rep. Rob Wittman of Virginia) Jamie Jones issues. It doesn’t affect four women have for any Miller, Psi (left) us in a huge way Alpha Sigma Taus looking now, but it can affect the future. If the bill passes, to engage on an issue? donations to Sorority houses will become taxdeductible and therefore more available, especially “Go for it,” says Sydney. “A lot of people are scared to future Sisters with financial strains.” to do things like this. It seems more daunting than it is. But if you want to make advances, just go for it.” Before reaching Congress, the women went through an intensive training, hosted by FGRC, that aimed “I agree,” seconds Kris. “It gave me such an to prepare them for presenting themselves to interesting perspective on how government works members of Congress and their staffs. and how to influence it. It was like Schoolhouse Rock! For me, advocating for this bill reinforced how “I really appreciate the training they gave us,” Kris important it is to stay engaged. Be proactive!” says. “They put a lot of time into us.”


The value of getting involved and making connections was a sentiment shared by all four women. For Fay, it was especially important to make connections with the other sororities and fraternities involved. “There were so many other delegates and I met different people across the Panhellenic sphere,” she recalls. “It’s important to positively showcase Alpha Sigma Tau and it’s good for the organization as a whole.”

“They were very receptive,” recalls Sydney. “The bill would cost $148 million in tax revenue over 10 years, but there are currently $1 billion in college housing and infrastructure needs that could be addressed by the bill. Once they saw that, they could easily understand the benefit of the bill.”

Paying it Forward to Women:

Megan Swanson, Delta Eta By Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon


very woman is beautiful in her own unique way and Megan Swanson, Delta Eta, is no exception. In 2014, she was crowned Miss Nebraska by the Miss Nebraska Scholarship Program, part of the Miss America Organization. What is less known, however, is Megan’s victory over bingeeating disorder and how that experience inspires her to “represent the crown” to impact the personal wellness of women across the country.

“I love the fact that every contestant in Miss America creates and develops a personal platform to work with her community and affect lives in a positive way,” says Megan. “For me, it was beginning the journey of personal wellness and learning to love myself from the inside out.”

“We can all make a similar impact with a message from the heart when we simply choose to value others and share the things we’ve overcome,” says Megan. “I am a firm believer that treating all others with respect and love, while living genuinely, goes a long way.”

As Miss Nebraska, Megan represented two organizations that promote women’s health and wellness: Queens of the Kingdom and Total Body Wellness: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Megan founded both organizations, which both stem from her battle with binge-eating disorder that began in 2012.

In keeping with that value, Megan makes herself easily accessible to students and peers who want to reach out to her about their struggles and similar trials. She reinforces that all things are possible when someone is truly able to observe themselves doing the impossible

She launched Queens of the Kingdom in summer 2013, after working with sorority women by offering personal training and nutrition coaching. She was also instrumental in creating the position of Fitness and Health Chair at her alma mater, Belmont University in Nashville. Queens of the Kingdom was created to encourage young women to embrace inner wellness, encourage leadership, increase values, and establish a healthy identity. She continues this work as an advocate for Total Body Wellness: Spirit, Soul, and Body, educating people of all ages and backgrounds about the benefits of sustaining both physical and emotional well-being. As a talented musician, she spreads her message through song, speaking in schools and at conferences, and through social media. She has traveled over 37,000 miles during the past year, and reached upwards of 20,000 students with words of hope and health. In addition to her speaking engagements and working on her music album, Megan is writing a book about her experiences.

in our own way.”

Megan credits Alpha Sigma Tau with helping create the positive mindset she shares across the country today. “Alpha Sigma Tau was my home away from home.” Megan recalls “They made me feel that what made me unique was beautiful and special, and that I didn’t have to fit into a mold other than what I was created to be. I had the opportunity to learn from great leaders and women I aspired to be one day. I’ll feel connected to this Sisterhood forever.”

hard work, “ With determination,

consistency, and faith, all things are truly possible.

15 S U M M E R 2015

When Megan began her own journey of personal wellness, she quickly learned that eating disorders begin with inner conflicts of identity, control, self-love, and self-worth. Her goal was to start loving herself first to break the cycle of her issues with food. She now seeks help others achieve optimal well-being as well.

“I call that a ‘lightbulb moment of freedom,’ when someone realizes that she can do what she previously thought was impossible, “Megan explains. “Be genuine. Chase your dreams. With hard work, determination, consistency, and faith, all things are truly possible. Often we are the only person standing


“I wanted others to achieve the results and freedom I had found,” she says.

Alpha Sigma Tau Officer Academy 2015 Lindsey Thilmony (right), Vice President of Organization Development at Delta Upsilon, with her chapter's President, Haley Wing (left), at Officer Academy 2015.


indsey Thilmony, Delta Upsilon, was one of nearly 200 collegiate chapter officers to attend Officer Academy 2015. Lindsey and her fellow chapter officers from across the country learned proven skills for successful Sorority chapter leadership. Lindsey currently serves as Vice President of Organization Development for her chapter at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida.

I learned so much about myself and how I can be a better leader

Lindsey Thilmony, Vice President of Organization Development, Delta Upsilon T H E AN C H OR

What was your favorite part of Officer Academy?

Also, I was able to see a bigger picture of Alpha Sigma Tau. I gained more of a perspective of being a Sister in the Sorority and shared that experience with other Alpha Sigma Taus from all over the country. We shared in the fact that it is about all of us together, not just about our own chapters. Not everyone gets to experience things like this. I am very fortunate to have attended. What was the most important thing you learned at Officer Academy? I learned a lot about communicating effectively, which is an area where I am looking to grow. In my position as Vice President of Organization Development, I have to deal with a lot of important issues among many different Sisters. Strong communications is key. At Officer Academy, I learned how to have ‘listenercentric’ conversations so I can be a more effective communicator. I also learned that to effectively

How will what you learned – communicating effectively – help your chapter grow? Meaningful communications can only enrich the Sisterhood Experience. It can strengthen bonds, strengthen friendships. With communications, you can even reach out to Sisters you don’t know as well, and create lasting bonds with them, too. This pulls us together as a chapter and as Sisters. Will what you learned help you after you graduate? Officer Academy was a great experience as a Sorority woman. Overall, this will help me in my career. I want to be an elementary school teacher. Being a strong communicator will help with everything from teaching to communicating with parents and administrators. Also, as a result, a lot of us who attended want to stay involved with Alpha Sigma Tau after we graduate. We talked about specific ways to stay involved as volunteers and engaged as alumnae … maybe even work at National Headquarters!

17 S U M M E R 2015

I loved the day-long workshop with Jessica Gendron Williams of Phired Up! She had so many inspiring stories and words of wisdom. I felt empowered after her session. It was just a bonus that she is an Alpha Sigma Tau alumna of the Beta Pi Chapter! I learned so much about myself and how I can be a better leader.

communicate, you have to know what you want and have the confidence to engage others with what you want to say.

Alpha Sigma Tau Recruitment Boot Camp 2015 Brandi Preston (left) with her Gamma Pi Sisters Mary Katherine Yarish, Cydnei Crust, and Maria Neubert, touring AÎŁT National Headquarters during Officer Academy and Recruitment Boot Camp.


randi Preston, Gamma Pi, was one of 60 collegiate Vice Presidents of Growth, Directors of Structured Recruitment, Directors of Membership Selection, and other members of Recruitment Committees to attend Recruitment Boot Camp 2015. Brandi and her fellow Sisters from across the country learned proven, results-driven approaches to growing chapter membership.

We learned so much at Recruitment Boot Camp – it was amazing!


Brandi Preston, Vice President of Growth, Gamma Pi


What was your favorite part of Recruitment Boot Camp? We learned so much at Recruitment Boot Camp – it was amazing! Our chapter is eager to grow. I’ve already talked to our Chapter President about what I learned, and we can’t wait to take this information back to our Sisters and use it to help our chapter grow. If anyone has the opportunity to attend Recruitment Boot Camp, I think they should definitely do it! What was the most important thing you learned at Recruitment Boot Camp? For me, the big takeaway was communications and effectively talking to Potential New Members [PNMs]. We learned tips on having conversations that are not 'forced.’ We learned how to engage not only PNMs, but others as well. It’s important to be able to ‘make our case’ to our broader communities too – such as our campus’ Panhellenic Council.

How will what you learned help your chapter grow? As a chapter, we want to appeal to a wide range of women who share the values of Alpha Sigma Tau. We are also looking for women who are drawn to leadership roles, so that our chapter can continue to grow after we graduate. The things we learned at Recruitment Boot Camp will assist us in having strong conversation with PNMs who fit what we're looking for in a new member. We learned how to ask open-ended questions, drawing more valuable information from potential Sisters. Will what you learned help you after you graduate? Absolutely! I learned how my leadership style works with other leadership styles. I also learned about properly branding myself for the working world, and how to openly live my values for others to see.

S U M M E R 2015

Brandi currently serves as Vice President of Growth for her chapter at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Alpha Sigma Tau Advisor Academy 2015 “

Advisor Academy was a great way to reach out to advisors and learn the skills necessary to help collegians. Michelle Zewe, New Member Advisor, Alpha Tau


n May, almost 30 Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) members gathered in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh) to connect, learn, and grow together. Held annually, often in multiple locations, Advisor Academy provides ongoing support for advisors in focused, day-long sessions. We asked four participants to share their thoughts on the experience. They are:

• Andrea Unglaub, Beta Delta and Chapter Advisor for Beta Phi • Jess Kromer, Delta Beta and Chapter Consultant for Chi • Kari Hampton, alumnae of and Assistant Chapter Advisor for Zeta Tau • Michelle Zewe, alumnae of and New Member Advisor for Alpha Tau

Samantha Gavlas, Amanda Feaganes, Leslie Barr, Debbie Ray, all Alpha

Nicki Stanley, Delta Beta; Melissa Atkinson, Gamma Mu; Lisa-Marie Fredericks, Beta Xi; Kathy Baecker, Theta

Diana Roth-Patton, Juliann Worden, Amanda Haig, all Delta Alpha

JESS: My favorite part was connecting with my fellow advisors. I learned a lot from them and bounced off ideas.

ANDREA: Agreed! It definitely improved my skills when dealing with difficult conversations. How to communicate with others during a difficult or uncomfortable situation is one of the key things I learned at Advisor Academy. The chapter I advise will benefit greatly from this knowledge and confidence I gained.

KARI: Me too – that’s by far the best part. I enjoyed getting to spend time with other advisors and getting to hear about the experiences that they are having. It helps to put things into perspective when it comes to what we are dealing with in our chapter. ANDREA: I agree! I enjoyed meeting the advisors from different chapters and having the chance to talk to them about issues we all deal with. Even though the chapters are miles away from one another, we all have similar issues semester. It was so encouraging to hear others talk about the same concerns and issues that I deal with as an advisor. It was comforting to know that our chapter is not alone and I am not alone as an advisor. MICHELLE: I couldn’t agree more. And related to that, the group format was great. It was very easy to talk to other advisors, both at our tables and in the room, and learn from their experiences. I got to hear other advisors offer different solutions to common roadblocks and how they overcame those obstacles. What was the most significant thing you learned at Advisor Academy, and how will that help your chapter grow? MICHELLE: I think that the seminar on having crucial conversations was very informative. As advisors, we need to have productive conversations with our collegians. Having the skills to communicate effectively

JESS: Same here. I enjoyed learning how to master having a crucial or difficult conversation without it turning into a bad conversation. I was also excited to hear about the Illuminate program being launched throughout the collegiate chapters this fall. KARI: Learning more about Illuminate was very helpful. I think that knowing more about the program will help the women of our chapter to be stronger women and to be better equipped to deal with issues that are important to them at particular points in their lives. Do you have any closing thoughts you’d like to share with other advisors out there? JESS: Yes! It was a great experience! I hope more advisors come next time! MICHELLE: Advisor Academy was a great way to reach out to advisors and teach the skills necessary to help collegians. I think that advisors who do not attend are missing out on a great experience and valuable training. I will definitely attend another Advisor Academy in the future!

21 S U M M E R 2015

with them is very important.


What was your favorite part of Advisor Academy?

Building a Stronger




S U M M E R 2015

This past spring, we heard from hundreds of members about the future of Alpha Sigma Tau. We learned about what makes, or would create, a strong Sisterhood Experience for everyone. Based on guidance from members, the Sorority developed the following strategic initiatives for the next 2-3 years. We believe that focusing on these core areas will lead the Sorority to grow and thrive, both now and into the future.

Alumnae Engagement and Involvement

• Deliver personal and professional development opportunities to alumnae rooted in Illuminate competencies. • Facilitate mutually beneficial connections between alumnae members and the organization in convenient and flexible ways. • Communicate the value and priority of the alumna experience to members. Philanthropy • Identify and adopt an approach toward service and philanthropy that aligns with the Sorority’s mission, vision, and values.

Growth and Extension

• Develop intentional growth plans for collegiate chapters. • Develop an intentional growth plan for the National Organization as it relates to extension.

Marketing and Communications

• Establish a cohesive Sorority-wide brand identity. • Create consistency in communications for all members and chapters through the use of shared messaging, graphics, materials, technologies, and resources. • Establish a comprehensive social media presence that, on an ongoing basis, engages members with the organization and each other. • Increase the use of online and mobile technologies to share information and connect members.

Invest in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life and inspire members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.


Alpha Sigma Tau empowers women to excel in life.

Core Values

• Intellect – The pursuit and cultivation of knowledge, wisdom, and culture. • Excellence – Always seek to perform at the highest level; have a disdain for mediocrity; create and take advantage of opportunities to excel. • Graciousness – Embody kindness, generosity of spirit, charm, tact, courtesy, and authenticity in all we do. • Respect – The highest level of esteem for the worth of ourselves, of our Sisters, Ritual, and community. • Connections – Build and maintain meaningful, sincere, and lasting relationships with our Sisters, our alma mater, and our community.

Learn more at

23 S U M M E R 2015



These strategic goals will not only help Alpha Sigma Tau thrive, but also stay relevant as a membership organization in today’s world. Because of this, the Sorority – again, guided by member feedback – has done a “refresh” of the organization’s formal mission, vision, and values statements. Please know that this is not a fundamental change in what these statements represent, but a re-wording that will keep us all focused on creating a quality Sisterhood Experience.

National Foundation



How You Help the Foundation “Pay It Forward” to Future Sisters

S U M M E R 2015

Throughout this issue, you have learned about Sisters who “pay it forward.” The women you have read about have generously shared how their Alpha Sigma Tau experiences shaped them into who they are and why they seek to make the future brighter for their fellow Sisters and others. The Foundation was created to support the Sorority through educational programming at a level that is meaningful to our members – Sisters like you. So how does the Foundation help individual Alpha Sigma Taus and the Sorority? Scholarships Many of you know the Foundation by the scholarships we award to our collegiate and alumnae members. Pictured below are just some of your Sisters who are receiving over $41,000 in scholarships for the upcoming academic year.

Since 1984, Sisters just like you have established named or chapter scholarships to be awarded to future generations of Alpha Sigma Taus. Educational Programs Through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation provides grants to the Sorority for a variety of educational programs. Much of this funding comes from AΣT Sisters who have gone before you – those Sisters (and friends of AΣT) had the foresight to donate the seed funds to start the Foundation. Since 2012, educational grants to the Sorority have exceeded $500,000 for such educational programs as: • Our new, innovative member development program, Illuminate. • A modern classroom and training center at National Headquarters. • The Service Immersion Program. • GreekLifeEdu, which helps collegians reduce the risk of drug and alcohol use. • Speakers at events like Officer Academy and Recruitment Boot Camp. And much, much more. How Can You Help? Now is your chance to pay it forward to future Sisters by supporting the work of the Foundation and the exciting educational programming we support.

The Leadership Fund provides current support for the Sorority leadership and educational programs.

Other opportunities at Convention to contribute to the Foundation included the Anchor Artwork Raffle and the City Basket Raffles. Keep an eye peeled for raffles and other fundraisers as well.

Donations you give to the Leadership Fund will be immediately invested back into leadership and educational programs. This fund is a “current use” fund that helps meet current needs. The AΣT Future Fund (previously the Endowed Education Fund) helps build the endowment that will secure the future of Alpha Sigma Tau. Donations to this fund are permanently restricted for future growth. Earnings on the principal of the AΣT Future Fund can be granted back to the Sorority for educational programming. Support Your Sorority Today! Visit to make a tax-deductible gift. There, you can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring monthly gift. You can also donate via mail to the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Inc., 3334 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Can’t contribute now? There are a variety of ways that you can help pay it forward down the road.

At the 2014 Convention, collegiate and alumnae Sisters donated over $3,000 to recognize friends with Yellow Rose Stickers. One Sister, unable to attend, challenged attendees by offering a dollar for dollar match of these donations, raising almost $6,100!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase a favorite quote from David E. Trueblood that embodies the concept of paying it forward: It takes a noble woman to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to Sisters she will never meet. So when you can, plant a seed to give shade to future generations of Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters! In Sisterhood,

Kris Haskin, Beta Pi Foundation President

25 S U M M E R 2015

Buy a “yellow rose” sticker for a fellow member at Convention 2016. Last year, we raised over $6,000 that way!


The Anchor Fund provides the “anchor” for future growth of Alpha Sigma Tau. By donating unrestricted dollars to the Anchor Fund, you ensure that the Foundation will be here to help support future generations of Sisters. Without donations to this fund, the Foundation would not be able to administer scholarships or provide grants for educational programs. Donating to the Anchor Fund is the way to make the biggest impact with your dollars!

Crowning Achievements Alexandra Valdez, Gamma Psi, represented Fitchburg State University in May as an outstanding graduating student at an event honoring “29 Who Shine”. The Governor of Massachusetts and representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Education were on hand to honor these students at a ceremony at the Statehouse.



A first-generation college student born in the Dominican Republic, Alexandra is passionate about increasing opportunities for higher education. She has been the Latino liaison for Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley. At Fitchburg State, she helped revive the campus’ Political Science Club. She has been a member of the Student Government Senate, chair of its Senior Committee, worked as an orientation leader and peer mentor on campus, and served as an officer in her chapter.

S U M M E R 2015

Alexandra will spend the summer in Washington, D.C. as an intern, and will return to Boston this fall to continue her work as a Latino liaison.

Marissa Morrissette alumna of and New Member Advisor to Gamma Theta, ran in the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon this past spring. Hosted by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and takes place in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Shannon Snyder Burton, Gamma Xi, has been elected to the Board of Directors for NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. Shannon is with Michigan State University and will begin her three-year term in October at the organization’s annual conference. As a Board member, Shannon will be responsible for NACADA vision, strategic plan, and initiatives. The Board members also work closely in establishing the organization’s policies which best serve its members. NACADA aspires to be the premier global association for the development and dissemination of innovative theory, research, and practice of academic advising in higher education.

Valerie Patton George, Alpha, was recently elected 2016 Chair of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Southern California. The Society of Cosmetic Chemists is an organization that promotes high standards of education and practice in the cosmetic sciences. Valerie lives in Los Angeles and is a research chemist in hair color and hair care at Paul Mitchell. She is the current president of the Kent State University Alumni Association, Southern California Chapter.

Mackenzie Yoho, Gamma Theta, was one of two Penn State Behrend students selected to participate in THON, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. It is a 48-hour, no-sleeping, no-sitting dance marathon hosted by Penn State University to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. She bonded with families and children who have been affected by the disease, while inspiring her Sisters and other students.

Barbara King, Alpha Xi, was recently awarded the 2015 Elsie Burk Service Award. Established in 1983, the award recognizes outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service to Mansfield University. Barbara started her career as a middle school teacher in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and is now a vice president at PNC Bank. Even with a busy, successful career, she has found the time to stay engaged as a Mansfield alumna, serving on the board of directors for the Mansfield University Alumni Association from 2002-2008 – including two years as President (2006-2008). Always communityminded, Barb also serves as a mentor for the Philadelphia Reads program, participates in the Philadelphia United Way Day of Caring, and is active in the annual campaign of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Send information about your (or a Sister's!) notable accomplishments to with the subject "Crowning Achievements"!

TOGETHER, WE HELP EACH OTHER DO MORE. Nationwide® is proud to partner with Alpha Sigma Tau. You wouldn’t be involved with Alpha Sigma Tau if you weren’t passionate about being part of a group that shares your values, but that’s not the only reason you’re proud of being a member. Alpha Sigma Tau also believes in the importance of philanthropy and in playing an active role in your community. Nationwide shares these values, too, and that’s why our partnership works.

To learn more about what our partnership can do for you, call 1-317-613-7575 or visit

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Collegiate Chapter Spotlight



Gamma Rho, Seton Hall University By Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho

S U M M E R 2015


n addition to the special year-end chapter updates on these pages, we at THE ANCHOR would like to also start highlighting the amazing accomplishments of individual chapters. For this issue, we are proud to highlight Gamma Rho at Seton Hall University. Sixty-three Sisters strong, the women of Gamma Rho, like so many chapters, have a lot to be proud about. The Gamma Rho Chapter had an outstanding year at the Annual Greek Awards, with both personal and collective accomplishments among their Sisterhood. They won the Collegiate Panhellenic Council Academic Excellence Award for the highest GPA. Vice President of Member Development Taylor Pepper won the Greek Life Impact Award, and President Meg Smith won the award for Outstanding Dedication to the Greek Community. Congratulations ladies! Always focused on community, the women of Gamma Rho also participated in many

Quick Facts: Chapter Name: Gamma Rho School: Seton Hall University Location: South Orange, NJ Year Chartered: 1992 Number of Active Sisters: 63 Local Philanthropy: Ride 4 Avi

philanthropy events, support community organizations that do great work! These include: • Ride 4 Avi • American Heart Association Walk • Goodwill Rescue Mission (Soup Kitchen in Newark, NJ) • Are YOU Smarter Than SHU Greek Life? (Benefiting Make A Wish Foundation/ Habitat for Humanity) • Lupus Foundation of America Walk (New York City) • The Candlelighters Tricky Tray ( Benefiting the Stepping Stone School for children with disabilities) • The B’nai B’rith Federation House for Senior Living (Coffee and conversation) • Relay for Life • Rock-A-Thon (Annual Chapter Fundraiser for Pine Mountain Settlement School) • Feminine Product Drive (Fundraiser for the Sierra House, East Orange, NJ)

Do you want to showcase your chapter like this? Email your chapter’s accomplishments to!

Collegiate Chapter Updates With the recent close of the academic year, we asked collegiate chapters for a year-end wrap-up. Here are the chapter accomplishments that instilled the most pride in each of them!

Alpha Tau, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania The collegiate members volunteered to help The American Red Cross. They collected 26 units of blood, which helps 74 people nationally!

Beta Epsilon, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania This year, collegiate members received Shippensburg University's Community Service and Engagement Award! The Beta Epsilon Chapter members were ecstatic to receive recognition for their community service over the year.


Alpha Epsilon, Western Illinois University This past fall, Alpha Epsilon Chapter held the annual Tau Challenge event to raise money for its local philanthropy, The American Cancer Society. Chapter members successfully raised over $1,000!

29 S U M M E R 2015

Alpha Gamma, Henderson State University This past April, Alpha Gamma Chapter held a Love Your Body campaign. Sisters invited alumnae members of each NPC sorority to speak. Each alumnae representative focused on being a strong woman who values herself in today's society.

Beta Chi, Ferris State University One of the ladies’ favorite volunteering events this spring was Valentine’s Day at Evergreen Terrace Retirement Home. They frosted cookies, made door decorations, and played games with the residents.

Beta Eta, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Sisters hosted a golf scramble in which they raised $2,031 for Habitat for Humanity. It was their first year hosting this philanthropic event, and they are so proud of the time and effort each Sister put into it.

Alpha Pi, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania The ladies hosted an event called Mr. AΣT, which consisted of men on campus each demonstrating a talent, answering questions, and dressing up. All proceeds were donated to our Sister Morgan to help pay for her cystic fibrosis medical needs.

Beta Delta, Duquesne University Last November, Beta Delta hosted the 11th annual Miss Duquesne Pageant. The event raised $11,000 for Make-AWish, granting a total of three wishes. The event also won the chapter the Outstanding Greek Philanthropy Award for 2014-2015 on campus!

Beta Iota, Millersville University of Pennsylvania Our chapter has the highest cumulative GPA among all fraternities and sororities on campus! We also had our biggest new member class in a while with 13 new Sisters!

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Beta Mu, Salisbury University This past semester, Beta Mu had a particularly successful spring recruitment week, hosted the annual Mock Rock event, and raised over $5,000 for Multiple Sclerosis. They ladies are also Greek Week champions for the second year in a row!

Beta Upsilon, New Jersey Institute of Technology This past semester, Beta Upsilon adopted a new local philanthropy, Newark G.A.L.S. It is an organization that empowers women. The collegiate members couldn't be more excited to make a difference!

Delta, Indiana University of Pennsylvania The Delta chapter is most proud of their Cornhole Competition and Lawn Party philanthropy event that raised almost $1,000 for Pine Mountain Settlement School!

Beta Omega, Monmouth University Participating in Relay for Life is always an honor for the chapter. A Sister of ours passed away from a rare bone cancer, so it touches the Beta Omega Chapter members’ hearts.

Beta Xi, Michigan Technological University Beta Xi has renewed its commitment to academics and through a strong academic program, was able to raise its GPA by .41 points, earning the title of Most Improved Greek Organization on campus. Of their members, 13% belong to Order of Omega.

Delta Alpha, Gannon University This semester, the ladies recruited eleven new members, which was the highest number out of all the sororities on campus. Sisters also completed many services projects, such as Highway Clean-up, a Habitat for Humanity Build, and Relay for Life.

Beta Pi, Eastern Illinois University Members of Beta Pi were extremely excited to have raised $650 for their local Habitat for Humanity Store! They were happy to give back to their community and their National Service Project simultaneously.

Chi, Shepherd University The chapter raised the second highest amount for Relay for Life out of Greek Life. Chi placed ninth out of 42 teams, earning a total of $1,446. This figure is great, despite being a small chapter like Chi!

Delta Eta, Belmont University Delta Eta Sisters are quite proud of their first annual philanthropy event, Eat Your Heart Out! Sisters hosted the National Council for a baking competition and foodthemed fundraiser to benefit their local philanthropy, congenital heart disease.

30 S U M M E R 2015

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Delta Rho, Chowan University After three months of extra fundraising, Delta Rho celebrated their 15th anniversary with a dinner with chapter alumnae and National Officers.

Delta Upsilon, Saint Leo University Everything the Sisters of Delta Upsilon do is an accomplishment, and you can spot a Sister by the vibrancy that she exudes!


Delta Nu, Beloit College This semester, Delta Nu sisters joined members of Kappa Delta to celebrate their lost loved ones. Alumnae and collegiate Sisters united to plant trees in remembrance of past Chapter President Justine Ringberg and Sweetheart Raquel NuĂąez.

31 S U M M E R 2015

Delta Pi, Oglethorpe University Among many other achievements, the Delta Pi Chapter reached membership total. They were also named Greek Week Champions and Outstanding Sisterhood, and Chapter President Natalia Schroeder was recognized as Greek Woman of the Year!

Delta Psi, Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales University The Delta Psi Chapter celebrated their 10th anniversary as a chapter!

Delta Sigma, University of the Sciences The Sisters of Delta Sigma were honored by the University of the Sciences with the Service and Philanthropy Award and the Most Improved Chapter Award.

Delta Zeta, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania At the Student Recognition Awards, the Delta Zeta Chapter was honored to receive Chapter of the Year.

Delta Theta, Moravian College The Delta Theta Chapter won the National Leadership Honor Society Progress Award in recognition of recruitment tactics, having the highest fraternity/sorority GPA, and becoming a closer Sisterhood.

Epsilon Beta, University of TexasPan American Through their annual Mr. AÎŁT pageant, Epsilon Beta Sisters collaborated with men from campus organizations to raise $800 for Pine Mountain Settlement School.

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Epsilon Epsilon, North Miami Campus of Johnson & Wales University Along with Coexist, an organization that promotes acceptance, the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter received the Collaboration of the Year Award for their “#anonymous” event that demonstrated the negative effects of bullying.

Epsilon Omicron, University of Southern Indiana The Epsilon Omicron Chapter earned the Gold Level of Excellence Award for Chapter Excellence at the University of Southern Indiana’s Greek Awards ceremony.

Epsilon Sigma, Bridgewater State University Epsilon Sigma’s Relay for Life team raised over $5,000 to support cancer research!

Epsilon Kappa, Trine University The twelve wonderfully unique ladies of the Spring New Member class make up the largest class in Epsilon Kappa history.

Epsilon Pi, Rhode Island College Epsilon Pi Sisters have been busy having fun and helping others, including participating in Rhode Island College’s first Relay for Life!

Epsilon Tau, Kenyon College The Sisters of Epsilon Tau were honored to be installed as the newest chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau, and they’re thankful for all who helped them on their journey!

Epsilon Lambda, Indiana University South Bend Epsilon Lambda Sisters raised over $1,000 with their “Striking Out Autism” event during Autism Awareness Month, and it was the chapter’s largest fundraiser to date!

Epsilon Rho, State University of New York at Geneseo Epsilon Rho Sister Olivia Vetrano had a novel published with Kindle Press that will soon be available in several countries!

Epsilon Theta, Fairleigh Dickinson University The Epsilon Theta chapter kickstarted Relay for Life on our campus. This year, they raised over $1,000 to help in the battle to fight cancer.

32 S U M M E R 2015

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Gamma Lambda, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Gamma Lambda raised over $100 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We also raised nearly $600 for Pine Mountain Settlement School over this past spring semester. We are proud of what we achieved and hope for many more in the academic year ahead!

Gamma Tau, Lebanon Valley College Gamma Tau is incredibly proud of hitting a total of 3,000 study hours, thanks to our incredible academic success and simple but effective rewards/incentive program!


Epsilon Xi, Gustavus Adolphus College Epsilon Xi held a Sexual Assault Awareness Week from April 13-19 to fundraise for our local philanthropy, Committee Against Domestic Abuse, in Mankato, Minnesota. We had our first ever Philanthropy Fundraising Brunch on April 19 and raised $1,850!

33 S U M M E R 2015

Gamma Gamma, University of West Alabama The Sisters of Gamma Gamma had a wonderful retreat weekend spending time at the Sumter County Health and Rehabilitation Center playing bingo with the residents of the nursing home.

Gamma Pi, Lycoming College The Sisters of Gamma Pi connected with a local philanthropy by holding a spaghetti dinner and volunteering with Hayden's Heart, a nonprofit foundation founded by an alumna that raises awareness and funds for children with congenital heart disease.

Gamma Theta, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College The Sisters of the Gamma Theta chapter have been working so hard this year and it's been paying off. They received the Distinguished Honor of the Service Award for Outstanding Service by an Organization.

Gamma Iota, York College of Pennsylvania The Gamma Iota Chapter is so proud to announce they won Program of the Year for 2014-2015 at the Greek Awards on May 3! They also had a very successful Alumnae Weekend, with over 40 alumnae returning to visit!

Gamma Psi, Fitchburg State University This past year, Gamma Psi's biggest accomplishment was winning Greek Organization of the Year. The chapter has worked so hard this year trying to make themselves known around campus in a positive way and they are so happy that their accomplishments have been recognized.

Gamma Xi, Grand Valley State University The Gamma Xi chapter raised $7,620 for Relay for Life and were the #1 Greek Team and 3rd overall team for fundraising this year! The chapter always has a blast supporting such an amazing cause!

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Gamma Zeta, Frostburg State University The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Frostburg State University has accomplished a lot the past year and is excited for what's to come. This past month they attended the Greek Award Banquet and they won an Award of Excellence for Community Service.

Psi, James Madison University In March, the Psi Chapter held their annual Mr. Fraternity male pageant to raise over $2,800 for our local Habitat for Humanity. This event featured men from various campus fraternities who participated in Q&A, talent, swimwear, and formal rounds.

Omicron, Concord University This past semester we were focused on individual philanthropy. We each did five hours of philanthropy outside of Alpha Sigma Tau. As a chapter, we think it's important to help others.

Sigma, State University of New York at Buffalo State In May 2015, our chapter was awarded "Most Improved Chapter" from our campus’ Inter-Greek Association (IGA). We are very honored to receive this award from our fellow fraternity/s orority members.

Phi, Southeastern Louisiana University Our Sister Alexis Quackenbush was chosen to serve as President of the Student Government Association on Southeastern's campus. Alexis joined Alpha Sigma Tau in fall 2013, and she has been an involved member ever since!

Zeta, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania This past year, our chapter was most proud of our annual Rock-a-Thon, which takes place every October! This year we raised over $1,800 for Pine Mountain Settlement School and our local philanthropy, The Clinton County Women's Center!


Zeta Tau, Longwood University The Zeta Tau received three Greek Awards this year. The awards include: Outstanding New Member Education Award, the Most Improved Chapter Award and the Outstanding Chapter Sisterhood Initiative Award. They also reached total and quota for Spring Recruitment of 2015.

S U M M E R 2015

Alumnae Chapter Updates We asked alumnae chapters and associations to share their proudest accomplishments from the last year. Here's what they had to say. Detroit Metro



The Baltimore Alumnae Chapter’s proudest moment was inducting the first alumnae affiliate, Sue Newman, into the chapter. She caught the love of AΣT from her daughter, Kirsten Heck. Special thanks to the Epsilon Nu Chapter at McDaniel College, which hosted the Initiation and made it extra special.

This year, the Detroit Metro Alumnae Chapter was proud to partner with the Delta Tau Chapter to pack 2,145 boxes of food for Focus: HOPE, a nonprofit organization that works to solve issues of hunger and economic disparity. It has become an annual event for our chapter to help by packing boxes for mothers, children, and seniors on limited incomes. Every year we surpass our box goal!

35 S U M M E R 2015


The Buffalo Alumnae Chapter is proud of their participation in the annual Greater Buffalo Alumnae Panhellenic fundraiser in May at Rob’s Comedy Club. Out of 10 member sororities, AΣT represented 39 of the 100 tickets sold. This support contributed greatly to the $1,600 raised for scholarships.

Detroit Metro


Last December, the Erie Alumnae Chapter filled Christmas stockings with items for children and donated them to Pine Mountain Settlement School for their annual Christmas party. In May, they cleaned up their adopted portion of I-79 for the Adopt-a-Highway program. AΣT knows how to make an orange vest look good!

Alumnae Chapter Updates



Greater Chicago

S U M M E R 2015

In June 2014, Colleen Buzby, Psi, visited the Kilimahewa Educational Center in Tanzania to volunteer with the EdPowerment organization. With more than 70 pounds of donated supplies, Colleen taught science at a weeklong enrichment camp attended by more than 100 local students. Since then, Colleen’s students at Antioch Community High School have raised more than $1,500 for Kilimahewa's school lunch program.


The primary goal of an alumnae organization is to create and maintain connections among the women who have had the privilege of calling themselves Alpha Sigma Taus. This past April, the Lowell Alumnae Chapter came together with collegiate members at the annual Yellow Rose Banquet to celebrate 40 years at UMass Lowell. More than 45 members of the alumnae chapter attended to celebrate our amazing Sisterhood!

Also, Jen Lapacek (Beta Pi) coached one of her students through the National Geographic Bee. Her student won first place in the Illinois state competition and traveled to Washington, D.C. to compete against the other state champions.

Northern Virginia

Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley Alumnae Chapter hosted a Founders Day luncheon, which was attended by Sisters from three collegiate chapters: Delta Theta, Gamma Lambda, and Gamma Tau.

The Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter is extremely proud of our efforts to increase dues-paying membership by more than 25 percent in 2014–15. We accomplished this through a combination of fun and interesting events, personal connections, and being forthright about the benefits and value of dues-paying membership. We are excited that the Northern Virginia alumnae are showing they are Anchored for Life!

Alumnae Chapter Updates

St. Louis

Two years ago, Katie Mascari joined the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter when she began her Master's degree program at the University of Missouri—Columbia. She has been a helpful, cheerful member. She has taken us into her life and future as she plans her wedding. We recently saw her artistic and technical side as we toured the new museum at the AnheuserBusch InBev international brewery. Katie, an archivist at Anheuser-Busch, worked on the planning and opening of the museum, which showcases the St. Louis icon's corporate history. We are very proud of her accomplishments!

Rio Grande Valley

This is where it all began. In September 2014 we had our very first meeting and alumnae gathering. We went over the requirements to start the alumnae association and gathered ideas for events. Now we are so excited to continue the sisterhood as the Rio Grande Valley Alumnae Association.

Southeast Louisiana

We were thrilled to have more than 300 people attend the 75th Founders Day Celebration of Phi Chapter. It was a funfilled weekend with love, laughter, and many wonderful memories. We were honored to have Dr. Virginia Langston, a member of Phi for 72 years, in attendance.

37 S U M M E R 2015

The Pittsburgh Alumnae Association takes pride in our involvement with Pittsburgh Alumnae Panhellenic. One event that many members make time to attend is the annual Scholarship Luncheon. One of our own, Diana Roth-Patton, was instrumental in planning this year’s event. Without her dedication and effort, the luncheon would not have been the terrific event that it turned out to be. To make it even more special, one of the scholarship recipients was an Alpha Sigma Tau from the Beta Phi Chapter at California University of Pennsylvania.



Alumnae Chapter Updates financially self-sufficient. In April, she selfpublished her first e-book, The Only Budget Book, to guide readers through the tools of financial success.



Southeastern Oklahoma

S U M M E R 2015

The Southeastern Oklahoma Alumnae Association partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Durant to gather supplies for area schools at this years Homecoming tailgate. They donated a wagon full of school supplies to give back to their community. They hope to make this an annual philanthropy and continue to pay it forward.

Stars & Stripes

The Stars & Stripes Alumnae are proud of two of their members, both military spouses, who have published books this year. Judy Davis, Beta Xi, is a motivational speaker and expert on military life and teen suicide prevention. Her book, Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down, is an exceptional resource for military families. Lauren Welch, Delta Psi, an accredited financial counselor and owner of Thrive Financial Counseling, works with individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations to help them become


The Tidewater Alumnae Chapter had a great end to the 2014–15 year. We held our annual potluck dinner and new officer Installation on May 21. Bobbi Scribner is our new Chapter President. We celebrated the end of the year with a fun social on June 28 at the home of Robbie Cool. We look forward to a new year of activities starting in September!

Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor

The Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor Alumnae enjoy a variety of events and opportunities throughout the year, but the one event we are most proud of is hosting the National Founders Day Celebration. In 2014, we had a record-breaking 149 attendees. We also fundraised during the event for Pine Mountain Settlement School, our local scholarship, and other philanthropic opportunities. This year we increased our fundraising by $488.18, with a grand total of $1,195.18.

Anchoring Thoughts By Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta, THE ANCHOR Editor


embers of Alpha Sigma Tau collectively donate thousands of hours and thousands of dollars every year to philanthropic endeavors. As you’ve seen throughout this issue of THE ANCHOR, some Sisters are motivated to give back because of their past experiences, some to enact change, and others were simply inspired by fellow AΣT Sisters. All of us can find our own inspiration to spring into action and be the change we want to see in the world.

How will you pay it forward?

The women of the Gamma Theta Chapter volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity home build.

39 S U M M E R 2015

Each one of us as Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters should remember our Ritual and the vows we made to “contribute our share to the progress of mankind.” Whether you pay it forward to another Sister or to a stranger on the street, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re a shining example of what being an Alpha Sigma Tau is all about. And your act, whether big or small, can push others to do something inspiring for someone else. Now that’s progress.


Giving our time and showing compassion to another person are some the most selfless acts any one of us can perform. The Sisters featured in this issue of THE ANCHOR are giving back in big ways, and each of them should be commended for their accomplishments. However, not every way of giving back has to be worthy of a magazine article. Making someone laugh when they’re having a bad day or including someone in your conversation when they’re feeling left out may seem like small things, but they can have a huge effect on a person’s life.

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Officer, Volunteer, and National Staff Directory NATIONAL COUNCIL


National President Tiffany Street, Delta Mu National Vice President Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho National Vice President Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi National Vice President Beth Carney Ebberman, Phi National Vice President Jamie Jones Miller, Psi National Vice President Kristin Walker, Alpha Lambda President Kristin Haskin, Beta Pi Vice President Rita Bertolino, Phi Vice President Jamie Jones Miller, Psi


NPC Delegate Elizabeth Knaus McOsker, Alpha Lambda NPC 1st Alternate Delegate Carol Zorger Mooney, Alpha Lambda NPC 2nd Alternate Delegate Jamie Jones Miller, Psi NPC 3rd Alternate Delegate Joanne Rupprecht Walter, Psi

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Chair Shauna Heinsler Jackson, Delta Alpha Members Jessa Albert, Delta Upsilon; Alice Ball, Epsilon Gamma; Esther Fontenot Barrios, Phi; Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi Alternate Stephanie Little, Beta Eta

1984-1986 Gail Shockley Fowler, Alpha Lambda 1986-1992 Patricia Nayle, Phi 1996-2002 Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha 2002-2008 Patricia Klausing Simmons, Delta 2008-2014 Christina Duggan Covington, Alpha Lambda

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair Patricia Nayle, Phi Secretary Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha Members Amy Brooks, Alpha Xi; Carol Cooper, Zeta Tau Emily Ashby McIntire, Alpha Lambda; Jean Ryckman McNamara, Sigma; Jamie Jones Miller, Psi

HEADQUARTERS STAFF VOLUNTEER PERSONNEL Academics Coordinator Amy Sherman St. John, Zeta Tau Chaplain Carole Bicking Keily, Alpha Xi Historian Jennifer Marshall, Alpha Gamma New Member Coordinator Jennifer LaBonte, Delta Omicron

THE ANCHOR Editor Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta Associate Editor Carole Bicking Keily, Alpha Xi Alumnae Editor Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta Collegiate Editor Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho Collegiate Editor Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon Collegiate Editor Kelli Purcell O’Brien, Delta Eta Design Editor Michelle Zewe, Alpha Tau Photo Editor Melanie Martin, Delta Eta Staff Writers Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon; Darcy Coulter, Epsilon Xi; Tori Dixon, Epsilon Gamma; Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho; Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon; Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi; Lauren Irby, Zeta Tau; Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta; Samantha Rill, Delta Delta; Elizabeth Miller Villegas, Delta Rho; Lauren Crawford Welch, Delta Psi

Executive Director Jim Paponetti Director of Chapter Services Angie Bong Director of Operations Holly Morris Director of Finance Pam Myhre, Gamma Theta Director of Member Education Gretchen Stahl Foran Director of Marketing and Communications Ben Nemenoff Recruitment Specialist Ashley Smith, Psi Chapter Services Specialist Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi Member Engagement Coordinator Justina Solties, Gamma Theta Educational Consultant Bethany Yost, Beta Delta Educational Consultant Jordan Frederking Educational Consultant Brittany Marshall Administrative Assistant Jessi Zabriskie

41 S U M M E R 2015




GOVERNING DOCUMENTS COMMITTEE Chair Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky, Rho Members Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho; Lettie Cottrell, Delta Delta; Allison Miller, Phi; Katherine Onyshko, Delta Phi; Theresa Gallo-Osorio, Delta Phi Miranda Lundin, Delta Eta; Cate Rubin, Delta Nu

National Headquarters 3334 Founders Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268

Save the Date!

Indianapolis, IN Permit 5409

Alpha Sigma Tau’s 41st National Convention Jacksonville, Florida June 23 - 26, 2016

Summer 2015 ANCHOR  
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