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THE CREST The Alumnae Newsletter of Alpha Sigma Tau~Winter 2010

Celebrating 111 Years of Sisterhood IN THIS ISSUE...

Insidethe this issue: From Desk of 2 the Director of Alumnae What Sisterhood 2 Means to Me… … To Be Glad of 3 Life… Inside Story 2  & Me 4 What is a Tau Inside Story

It’s Never Too Late... Inside Story “AST”onishing Alumna: Anna Golladay, Chi Inside Story






“AST”onishing 8 Alumna: Eleanor Hird Mason, Inside Story 6 Sigma Keeping In Tune Inside Story

Fidelity to Purpose: The Trustees Inside Story Midwestern Founders Event Continue the Tradition

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Alumnae Chap- 1012 ter Highlight: Tidewater New Alumnae 1113 Chapters in PA and LA

From the Desk of the National President... Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority just completed the celebration of 111 years of Exceptional Sisterhood! In that celebration we came together to share the importance of being a multi-generational organization of women united with purpose, vision and values. This is a unique situation and an amazing opportunity. And it is one we must share… This fall, members gathered to celebrate the installation of the Erie, Pennsylvania, and the Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapters, the 70th Anniversary of the Phi Chapter, the Midwest Founders Day Celebration and many local collegiate and alumnae chapter celebrations! Staff and volunteer leaders have visited a multitude of chapters and associations leaving a lasting impact on our Exceptional Sisterhood. We’ve assembled a complement of Headquarters Staff, begun implementing the Patriot Database, planned for our facility use, and worked closely with our accountant and investment professionals to ensure our financial stability. Alpha Sigma Tau has been represented at professional conferences, seminars, and the National Panhellenic Conference. Alpha Sigma Tau is reaching great new heights! This is Beauty of Spirit; this is Fulfillment of Self; this is Our Exceptional Sisterhood.


Christmas Gift to 14 Our Fallen Heroes Christina Covington, National President

Chris with the Delta Nu Chapter President

From the Desk of the Director of Alumnae... Dear Alumnae: This Founders Day felt a little different to me. Maybe it’s because it was the 111th anniversary of our founding, or maybe it’s because we installed two new alumnae chapters, or perhaps it’s because we had an unprecedented Regional Michigan Founders Day celebration. It could also have to do with the fact that Alpha Sigma Taus across the globe changed their Facebook status or profile picture to celebrate Founders Day. All of these things made our 111th just that much more special for Alpha Sigma Taus everywhere. I am excited to announce that the Erie, PA Alumnae Chapter was installed on October 2, 2010, the first of two alumnae chapter installations for 2010! This group of alumnae was able to celebrate Founders Day as an official alumnae chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau just weeks later! We will welcome the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter to the alumnae chapter roster on February 26, 2011. I was privileged to join the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter for our traditional Founders Day celebration at the home of Charlotte Floyd. I was able to celebrate again when I traveled to Hammond, Louisiana, for the Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter Installation and Phi Chapter Founders Day and Awards Banquet. These were two occasions to join my sisters of all generations in reflection of the meaning of Alpha Sigma Tau and the Sorority’s impact on the lives of its members. The Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter installation weekend was very special. The installation team participated in a Relay For Life event sponsored by Phi Chapter, visited the Phi Chapter house, met with Phi Chapter leaders and advisers, conducted the installation rituals, and then attended a celebratory banquet with alumJamie (center) enjoying Northern Virginia’s Founders Day with Sara Hinshaw, Delta Nu, and Erica McManus Bukva, Delta Rho nae, collegians, and guests. I am certain that this new alumnae chapter will continue to work to perpetuate the Alpha Sigma Tau experience amongst its members and through its relationship with Phi Chapter. Congratulations Southeastern Louisiana alumnae!! Best wishes for a happy holiday season,

Jamie Jones Miller, Psi, Director of Alumnae

What Does Sisterhood Mean to You? Jess Snyder, Zeta: everlASTing bond, forever friendships, knowing that you can call one of your sisters after months have gone by and being able to pick up right where you left off as if you had only talked yesterday, smiling when you see yellow roses in bloom, and knowing that there's Always Someone There… Page 2

Melinda Henry Oates, Gamma Gamma: Alpha Sigma Tau means more to me than words can describe. It is a feeling that you have to experience. I went out for supper last night and someone was looking at my sorority ring and said, you still wear that. My response was YES and with PRIDE!!!!! I have so many wonderful memories, and no one can ever take those away from me.

Stacey Daniel Fragile, Gamma Mu: Alpha Sigma Tau Sisterhood is home. It means never being alone and always knowing that my sisters are there for me no matter the miles or the time between us. To read more quotes, or to leave one go to Alpha Sigma Tau’s Official Facebook Page! TH E C REST

… To Be Glad Of Life…. Information compiled by: Jennifer Gray, Headquarters Staff and Colleen Coffey, Delta Eta, Staff Writer Special reflection from: Martha DeCamp, Past National President Gwen Frostic was born April 26, 1906, in Sandusky, Michigan, to Fred W. and Sara Frostic. When she was eight months old she suffered from an unknown illness which left her with lifelong symptoms similar to cerebral palsy. Despite her physical deficit she became a world renowned author, teacher, artist and one of the most highly celebrated Alpha Sigma Taus of all time. She became a member of the Alpha chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority in the early 1920’s. Over the years Gwen has been awarded honorary degrees from many colleges and universities. In 1978, Michigan Governor William Milliken proclaimed May 23rd as Gwen Frostic Day in Michigan, and in 1986 she was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Gwen was owner and president of Presscraft Papers, Gwen Frostic Prints, of Benzonia. She was often described as creating and fiercely leading the “Wall Street of the Woodlands.” Gwen passed away in 2001 but her work is still available for purchase and appreciation by people all over the world. Past National President and Alpha chapter alumna Martha DeCamp visited the Gwen Frostic Memorial Woodland Shade Gardens with Anne Gruber, Alpha alumna, earlier this year. Martha writes: During our fun-packed weekend, we toured the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI. There are many different theme areas within this botanical and sculpture garden. One was the “Woodland Shade Garden”, which is a memorial to our deceased sister, Gwen Frostic. This Woodland Shade Garden was a fitting memorial to her. The wooden sign at the entrance was much like Gwen, direct and uncomplicated. The garden had a canopy of shade trees; the stillness and coolness were a welcome respite from the busy and hot Michigan August day. The plants in the garden were native and wild, like the ones that Gwen carved then printed on her stationery and in her poetry books. At the time of our visit the trillium were gone as well as most summer hydrangeas, hostas, and bleeding hearts. The grasses stood quiet with little breeze to sway them. We sat on the bench bathed in peacefulness seeing an occasional frog napping on a log in the pond. This was so perfectly Gwen: the simplicity of nature at its most peaceful and therefore most beautiful, just the way she drew it. Gwen received her teacher’s certificate from Michigan State Normal College in 1926. In addition to her connection with nature and extraordinary artistic ability, Gwen was actively engaged in Alpha Sigma Tau. “Her membership in Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority signaled Gwen’s acceptance as an equal; the women recognized, accepted, and ignored her handicap,” said DeCamp. Gwen was a picture of what it means to connect with nature, have a passion, and share that passion with others. She was a wise and competent leader, an innovator and a truly successful artist. As we celebrate the life of Gwen, she would want us to reflect on our special passage, the Footpaths to Peace written by Henry Van Dyke. To be glad of life…….because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up to the stars; to be satisfied with your possessions, ~ Continued on Page 6 ~ F al l 201 0

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 & Me: The Most Valuable Things Sisterhood Has Taught Me By Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi Alpha Sigma Tau defined my entire collegiate experience. I was a new member in the fall of my freshman year, jumped in head first and never looked back. It has been my experience that women often state leadership skills as the biggest thing they’ve gained from membership. For me the most valuable things I’ve gained since becoming a member is how to be more open and vulnerable. The connection I made with the sisters in my chapter allowed me to, slowly at first, suggest that I might not have it all as under control as I projected and that just because I was able to solve a problem myself, did not mean I had to do it alone. My sophomore year was rough. I was unhappy and uncertain of what changes to make. Instead of hiding my unhappiness, I turned to sisters for input and advice. Some may see asking friends and family for help as natural. For me, it was a huge step. In the end the pay-off significantly outweighed the stress of having to take that step. A year later, I was back in a similar place. I had transferred schools within NYU, liked my classes and was enjoying life in the city. Despite all these great things, I began to feel burned out. I wanted to take a semester off, but in my suburban Massachusetts town that’s not something people do. I opened up to a sister (and eventually more sisters), a process that was becoming easier. This first sister told me to just do it. She assured me that I would find a meaningful experience and would return to finish my degree. Without her and the other sisters that supported me, I may not have done it. Because of them, in the spring of 2009, I spent two life changing months volunteering in a South African preschool and traveling through Namibia. Over the course of my four undergraduate years of sisterhood, I grew into a person able to share my struggles and fears and allow people to help me. This change has trickled down even to casual conversations in which I am much less guarded and reserved. Since my graduation in May, I have been fortunate enough to interact with sisters of all ages from an array of chapters. My initial conversations with these sisters have been deeper and more meaningful than they ever could have been without my collegiate experience. I have stronger connections and have sparked relationships that I hope will only strengthen. Alpha Sigma Tau facilitated, and continues to facilitate personal growth, and fostering bonds that I would not otherwise have. To me, Alpha Sigma Tau is an organization that allows the less developed pieces of its members to emerge and subsequently flourish.

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What Is a Tau?

A Tau is a mixture of a boisterous little girl, a troubled adolescent, a sophisticated coed, a charming young woman and a wise old lady. She's a streak of gold and a flash of green dancing in the union, tying up the phone, planning a big weekend, cutting a two-hour lab, loafing in the dining hall, and whipping up a last minute party. She will tease you some, comfort you when things look bad, let you down once in a while, but lift you up when it counts the most, and praise you for your finest qualities. On her desk you'll find a dance program, a sorority hat, Mom's last letter, a football schedule, her boyfriend's picture, and a calendar of social events. As a sorority girl, she'll exert all her efforts to build a prize-winning float, compose a clever skit, pay this quarter's dues, set the table for tea, decorate for a party, and recruit for Alpha Sigma Tau. She's known as an individualist, a party girl, a procrastinator, an absolute failure, and a huge success. And when you need a song, she's there to sing it. If you need a dress, she's there to lend it. When you need some understanding, she's there to give it. And when you need a sister, she's right there beside you. She can be so much, yet so little. But when she accepts a rose, a shirt, a pin and a hat, she's an angel, a princess, my sister, an Alpha Sigma Tau.

F al l 201 0

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Continued from Page 3: … To be Glad of Life... but not contented with yourself until you have made the best of them; to despise nothing in the world except falsehood and meanness, and to fear nothing except cowardice; to be governed by your admirations rather than by your disgusts; to covet nothing that is your neighbors’ except their kindness of heart and gentleness of manners; to think seldom of your enemies, often of your friends and every day of Christ; and to spend as much time as you can with body and spirit, in God's out-of-doors--
these are the little guideposts on the footpath of peace. Learn more about Gwen and her work: That yellow rose is the only "domestic" flower block print that Gwen made. It was created for Alpha Sigma Tau’s 75th anniversary held in Detroit 1974.

It’s Never Too Late to Reconnect… Even 35 Years After Graduation By Stephanie Sanders, Beta Theta, Staff Writer In September 2010… in Ypsilanti, Michigan… 19 women sat right down and made themselves an alumnae event! The event? An all-inclusive Alpha Chapter reunion sparked by Facebook chatter among long-lost sisters. Upon visiting the new Alpha Chapter collegiate house and engaging in a Saturday barbeque at a sister’s home, the women were brought back to the roots of Eastern Michigan University, EMU. The nineteen, four of whom traveled from out of state, had not interacted with one another in years, and instead of indirectly planning an affair through the effort of the current chapter members, they embarked on reshaping their commitment to Alpha Sigma Tau and bridging the gaps in each other’s lives via the Internet. “Sometimes you have to make a big effort to see people as time goes on,” says Carlotta Salemi, a Fall 1968 semester-initiate who witnessed the joyous event flourish on Facebook. Salemi established an online membership and reconnected with several other alumnae after receiving a blast-from-the-past Page 6

phone call from Brenda Bauer Benn, Spring 1969, whom Salemi had not seen in 35 years. “The amazing part was we seemed to pick right up where we left off,” says the 1971-graduate as the women’s virtual assembly progressed in a few months to a reunion at a Michigan hotel

and dinner to plan out a classic weekend of reliving sisterhood. This reconnection generated the realization that sisters should not leave college and let the years separate the sisterhood they profoundly built. “My favorite moment is when we laid eyes on each other, and the laughs lit up everyone’s faces,” says Salemi, who specifically and proudly endorses herself as being an Alpha Sigma Tau

from Alpha. The celebratory 19 also included: Pat Bernier; Cindy Graves Deane; Jane Straiton Eckels, who traveled from California; Jan Wolschon Escalante, New Mexico; Dee Dee Dancer Hurst; Carol Moore Higginson; Sue Sabelsky Hill; Linda Mast Kociba; Peggy Walsh Kulas; Sue Pepsin Luck, Salemi’s pledge sister; Becky Crawford McChesney; Marsha Piskor Pizzo; Marybeth Schlee Roose, Florida; Sue Nemeth Slick, Salemi’s pledge sister; Waneta Boman Sorge, Salemi’s big sister; Karen Ann Mayfield Stitt, Nevada; Penny Frostic Szczechowski. “They were singing songs from all those years ago as if it were yesterday. All sisters together, that is not for four years but a lifetime,” said Salemi, who strives to be an active alumnae by attending as many Alpha Sigma Tau events as she can. She said, “I did not give up on my sorority just because I left college.” The women are dynamically discussing a 2012 reunion, but it is uncertain whether or not the get-togethers will become a formal biannual occasion. What sisterhood event will our chapters fashion the next time we meet on Facebook?


“AST”onishing Alumna: Anna Golladay, Chi A First Hand Account by Anna Golladay, Chi I can easily recall a conversation that I had with my father in 1992. As I shared my desire to join the Chi chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at Shepherd College, he voiced concern. I assured him that I would be surrounded by women who, yes, enjoyed life and were truly enjoying their college experience, but, also had a central focus toward philanthropy and assisting the community around them. At the time, I was simply reassuring him – now I realize how similar my Alpha Sigma Tau walk and my Christ walk are. I am a life-long United Methodist, having been baptized in the same sanctuary where I would then marry and attend the funerals of some of my closest mentors. I have only left this congregation (after 36 years) due to job relocation. During my time at Stephens City United Methodist church, I’m humbled to have served as Youth Group President, Sunday School teacher,

bible school leader, resident artist for all play back drops, Chair of the Board of Trustees and mission trip member. While my list is long, above all, I have been most changed through my work with the mission team. I went on my first mission trip in 1999 to Franklin, Virginia. Hurricane Floyd had put the city under 12 feet of water and had destroyed the downtown district. Since my family owned a building supply company, I’ve always been comfortable around hand and power tools, but I never knew how much that trip would change my life. We repaired a home for an elderly couple who had been married for 50 years and we were able to spend the week fixing the house and sharing Christ’s love to these sweet people. Although we went to improve their lives, our lives were changed completely. The humbling grace that I found through this process made me an instant “mission addict.” I’ve now been on seven trips since 1999 – all to states that have been ravaged by natural disaster, including Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and Louisiana. My most recent trip, during the third week

Top: Photo taken by Dale during the flood as he floated in a boat at roof level.

Right: Dale’s home prior to the flood.

of October in 2010, was to Nashville, TN. The flooding that occurred in early May 2010 destroyed many historic and residential structures but has, unfortunately, been long forgotten by most of the country. The residents haven’t forgotten and are still struggling to get some semblance of order back to their lives. I assisted a team that worked on a home belonging to Dale in Goodlettsville, TN, just north of the city. His home was flooded when the dam holding back the Cumberland River was breached. You can see from the photos, that the home was underwater up to the gutters. Dale, lost everything, except for his dog and the boat that he floated in to take the pictures. Our team of four worked to get Dale’s house drywalled and ready for the chill that comes with winter in Tennessee. When we arrived, the house was down to the studs and we were able to completely drywall the entire house during our 5-day effort. Some rooms even got mudding to seal the joints. While we worked hard, the greatest result of our trip was not in the structure. On day four, Dale approached me and asked, “Why do you do this? Why do you help people you don’t know?” I didn’t have to think about it. “Because Christ sends me.” Dale thought for a second and responded, “then I will be sent as well. As soon as my house is back in order, I will find someone ~ Continued Page 8 ~

F al l 201 0

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Continued from page 7: “AST”onishing Alumna: Anna Golladay, Chi in the community that I can pay it forward to. I’ll let Christ be my guide, even though I’ve never much found Him to be necessary in my life. I think I was wrong.” I strive to live by mottos: the first is a

quote by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism: “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.” The second is our Creed. I hope that our team was able to show Dale how “graciousness of living” has marked our path. I know that if Dale continues to pay it forward, he will find a similar grace. Above: Anna proudly displaying her letters of Alpha Sigma Tau. Left: The team (from the left), Amy, Dale (homeowner), Denny, Anna, Kathy

“AST”onishing Alumna: Eleanor Hird Mason, Sigma By Catherine Gervase, Sigma Mid-October was a busy time for Eleanor Hird Mason as she celebrated her 100th birthday.

cially thrilled to have the collegiate members in attendance and addressed many of her remarks to them. All were entertained by stories of her early years in AST. It was

The Buffalo Alumnae Chapter had planned a surprise party at 2:00PM on Saturday, October 16, at the nursing home where Eleanor now resides, and about 25 Alpha Sigma Taus had gathered to celebrate. Imagine the sisters’ surprise when they arrived and learned that Eleanor had gone out to lunch! Unbeknownst to the staff, a birthday luncheon given by relatives and friends was taking place. Fortunately, once members were able to contact her goddaughter for an expected time of arrival, they learned that Eleanor would be returning within the hour. When Eleanor arrived, she was greeted by members of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter, Sigma Chapter at Buffalo State College and Epsilon Mu Colony at the University at Buffalo. Eleanor was espePage 8

balloons and birthday greetings. Until recently, Eleanor resided in her own home. She still attends church and says she likes to learn new things. She also still pays Alpha Sigma Tau dues. While Eleanor is no longer able to attend regular meetings, she is always with the chapter in spirit. With that in mind, a special candlelighting ceremony was held. Eleanor seemed quite pleased, and her former neighbor commented about what a wonderful sisterhood this was. Eleanor was also happy to share the news that her half-sister, with whom she had only recently been reunited, had flown in from Minneapolis for this very special occasion.

clear how much the sisterhood meant to her which was a lovely example for the younger members. Eleanor enjoyed her bouquet of yellow roses, beautiful cake (decorated in green and gold, of course),

This was not the end of the celebration. Two more parties were to take place the following week including one on Eleanor’s actual birthday, October 20. We wish Eleanor Mason many more.


Keeping In Tune: TAUlented Songwriters of Gamma Rho By Kelli O’Brien, Delta Eta, National Music Coordinator The Gamma Rho chapter at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, has been busy creating wonderful new Alpha Sigma Tau music! The chapter received the third place award in the Original Lyrics, Borrowed Music category at the 2010 National Convention for their song “Fun, Fun, Fun,” but they didn’t stop there! The chapter submitted three great new songs, and I’m thrilled to have the honor to share one of them with you here! “AST Techno Remix” to the tune of “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada Lyrics by Meggie and the Alpha Theta class of the Gamma Rho Chapter

A rose of pure yellow blooms in our hearts A string of white pearls stays strong With sisters as anchors and you as my guide The tides I will always survive With emerald green and gold we look so stylish And friendships that last till the end of all time Active, self-reliant, and trustworthy is our motto AST women live by Cause every time I’m down, I come to you You lend me a smile with a caring touch Active, self-reliant, and trustworthy is our motto AST women live by In 1899, in Ypsilanti Mich 8 noble women came to say Let’s make a group that will last for all time AST forever is the key

With emerald green and gold we look so stylish And friendships that last till the end of all time Active, self-reliant, and trustworthy is our motto AST women live by Cause every time I’m down, I come to you You lend me a smile with a caring touch Active, self-reliant, and trustworthy is our motto AST women live by

Fidelity to Purpose: The Alpha Sigma Tau Board of Trustees Calling All Alumnae! Please accept this challenge. The growth of a Sorority may be indicated by the number of collegiate chapters it adds, but its strength can only be measured by the loyal support of its alumnae. Adding Collegiate Chapters to the roll of our Sorority is of utmost importance. Retaining and building our alumnae involvement is essential. As Alpha Sigma Tau welcomes two new alumnae chapters into its ranks, it is vital to recall how valuable our alumnae are to sustain our Sorority. The sisters in the new Erie, Pennsylvania and Southeastern Louisiana Chapters certainly add inspiration and strength to the viability of Alpha Sigma Tau, but more is needed. Our lives are richer because we joined Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. We challenge you to embrace the opportunity to continue this journey, strengthen your bonds of sisterhood, and become involved alumnae. We can each keep alive an active interest in  and lend support in our own unique way. Do what you can. Get involved. Join and participate in your nearest alumnae association. Remember your vows. Pay your dues. Each alumna has a responsibility to the National Organization, to the Alumnae Association, and to a collegiate chapter. Membership in  does not stop when you graduate or leave college. You are a member for life.  needs you. You need . Don’t miss out! “Anchored for Life” is the slogan of the alumnae organization. Live it! Bobbie Nichols Tucker F al l 201 0

Mary Ellen Willmitch

Patricia L. Nayle

Mary Glor Bolton

Martha Drouyor DeCamp Page 9

Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Alumnae Chapter host Midwest Founders Event By Vanessa Florence, Zeta, Editor of THE CREST and Marty DeCamp, Alpha, Past National President

From one of the Stars and Stripes Members who received a letter bundle:

Over 115 Alpha Sigma Tau sisters and guests arrived in Lansing, Michigan, to celebrate Founders Day this year. What makes this gathering so unique is that it represented ten collegiate chapters (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Alpha Rho, Alpha Tau, Beta Xi, Delta Alpha, Delta Lambda, Delta Tau, and Gamma Xi); one collegiate colony (Epsilon Lambda); seven alumnae associations (Anchor, Cleveland, Detroit NE Suburbs, Indianapolis, West Michigan Hope Group, Youngstown, and Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor); past and present National Council and National Staff; the Board of Trustees and the National Headquarters. The Midwest Celebration consisted of sisterhood fellowship, lunch, a raffle, candle lighting, and a special philanthropic project, a card campaign, thanking 14 Alpha Sigma Tau Stars and Stripes Alumnae Association members who are serving in the military, have a loved one deployed, or are who is a spouse of a military member. “Each Founders Day greeting was written from the heart and made to connect sisters. Sisterhood is beyond one’s chapter where one was initiated, beyond the alumnae group to which one may belong. It’s beyond any state or country border. No matter how far away she is, she is our sister,” comments Martha. “We want them to know there is Always Someone There.” During the Candlelighting Service, a candle was lit for all the Stars and Stripes Alumnae Association sisters. Marty states, “It (the candle) stood beside the eternal candle to inspire us all with its brilliance.” Also enclosed with each envelope was a favor and photos of the event, as well as the prayer cards from the table.

Page 10

Dear Sisters, What an amazing gift to receive in the mail today! Honestly, a gift! I received this large envelope from Alpha Sigma Tau wondering what I missed or forgot about with the sorority to only be amazed and blessed to receive MANY letters with beautiful words about me! Who does that? What an awesome idea! What an awesome way to get to know other sisters and show appreciation for others. I was in tears by the thoughts that went into your words and how much you knew about me, my family and those things that are truly important to me. My mission work in Indonesia, my life in the Marine Corps and my mobile lifestyle; as I would not want it any other way: I LOVE MY LIFE, and your letters confirmed it. My husband is a United States Marine, and a fantastic one. I am very proud of his work and who he is. I also LOVE your love for Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority! It reminds me of me and makes me so proud to know you. My husband just walked in from work and I immediately said “guess what…” and proceeded to read each letter and show him each piece of the envelope. He was as touched as I am! I also cried through reading them out loud to him. I will work on finding the best way to show them off in our home, so others can see the love and care of Alpha Sigma Tau. Thank you again for your kindness, love, passion and new friendship. Tau Love Forever, Lauren Welch, Delta Psi, Proud Wife of a Marine


Continue the Tradition, Assist A Chapter Near You By Allison Bressler, Alpha Tau, Alumnae and Volunteer Services Coordinator Interested in volunteering for Alpha Sigma Tau? Do you enjoy mentoring? Is one of your strengths building relationships? Do you have a passion for Alpha Sigma Tau? Do you believe in our collegians? Being part of a Chapter Advisory Board is the answer. The following are just a few of the many chapters that are in need of advisory board members: Gamma Chi – William Patterson University Gamma Gamma – University of West Alabama Delta Omega – Pennsylvania State University – Altoona Campus Gamma Pi – Lycoming College Delta Phi – New York University Gamma Tau – Lebanon Valley College Epsilon Mu Colony – University at Buffalo Delta Mu – Cumberland University The Alpha Omicron Chapter at Clarion University of PA

Delta Beta – Fairmont State University Gamma Upsilon – California State University at Los Angeles

The information provided below is the basic description for our Chapter Advisory Board personnel. Additional questions – please contact Allison Bressler (Alumnae and Volunteer Services Coordinator) Chapter Advisor The Chapter Advisor attends all business meetings of the chapter, advises chapter officers and chairmen of their national and local duties; serves on the Collegiate/Alumnae Advisory Boards; and performs other duties as assigned by the National Council. Assistant Chapter Advisor The Assistant Chapter Advisor supervises the financial matters of the collegiate chapter; advises chapter officers and chairmen of their national and local duties; serves on the Collegiate/Alumnae Advisory Boards; and performs other duties as assigned by the National Council. Chapter Consultant The Chapter Consultant inspects the properties and supplies of the collegiate chapter; advises chapter officers and chairmen of their national and local duties; serves on the Collegiate/Alumnae Advisory Boards; and performs other duties as assigned by the National Council. **Must be an initiated member of Alpha Sigma Tau, unless an exception is granted by the National Council. Chapter Recruitment Advisor The Chapter Recruitment Advisor assists the chapter with recruitment preparation and execution; advises chapter officers and chairmen of their national and local duties; serves on the Collegiate/Alumnae Advisory Boards; and performs other duties as assigned by the National Council. New Member Advisor The Chapter New Member Advisor assists the chapter with implementing the National new member education program; executing the Ritual Services; advises chapter officers and chairmen of their national and local duties; serves on the Collegiate/Alumnae Advisory Boards; and performs other duties as assigned by the National Council. F al l 201 0

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Alumnae Chapter Highlight: Tidewater Alumnae Chapter By Joy Wotherspoon, Zeta Editor, Tidewater Alumnae Chapter The Tidewater Alumnae Chapter was established in 1964 and is still going strong today. The sisters of Tidewater were initiated into different collegiate chapters, but on Founders Day, they gathered and recited the sorority vows, Creed, hymn, and ideals, to remind each that they are all are one in the sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Tau. Joy Wotherspoon, Zeta, was the hostess of the event, serving up a scrumptious lasagna on a table set with gold candles and beads with emerald green linens. Favors were created by Paulette Crawford, Psi, and Sherry Carmony, Zeta Tau. The Tidewater Alumnae

also honored two of their local founding sisters, Anna Margaret Young Rhodes, Psi, and Diane Hurst Forrest, Psi, who are still active members. As a group, the sisters of the Tidewater Alumnae have celebrated life and we have mourned the death of our sister, Karen White Farris, Alpha Lambda. Two bricks were purchased from the American Cancer Society and have been placed in a lovely community garden one will memorialize Karen and the second brick honors Gail Hudson Guthrie, Psi, who is battling stage four cancer. The Tidewater Alumnae have contributed to many philanthropic endeavors including Pine Mountain Settlement School, Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Citizens Committee to Protect the Elderly, Habitat for Humanity, and Samaritan House. The contributions are made possible through

private donations, the sale of Entertainment books, monthly raffles and a September yard sale. Their newest philanthropic endeavor was the adoption of Ashlee Williams, Zeta Tau, who is a first year teacher. The sisters had a great time showering her with supplies to assist her with her fourth grade class. In October, the sisters were treated to a delicious evening of cooking by Chef Bryan Brady, hosted by Linda Hedrick, Alpha Lambda. Next on the agenda: The December Christmas party, complete with a visit from Santa, hosted at the home of Elaine Eason, Psi. If you are in the Tidewater Area, please join the sisters for an exciting and eventful 2011! For contact information, please contact Allison Bressler, Alumnae and Volunteer Service Coordinator, at

Gamma Mu Alumnae Elected to WVIT Alumnae Board of Directors Congratulations to five alumnae of the Gamma Mu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at the West Virginia Institute of Technology in Montgomery, West Virginia! These sisters were elected to the West Virginia Institute of Technology Alumni Association Board of Directors on October 16, 2010.

Page 12

The elected Gamma Mu alumnae are: Stacey Daniel Fragile Paula Ruth Henry Megan Longanacre Martin Lori Martin Shaffer Heather Tanner Walker

Ms. Henry and Ms. Walker were elected to two year terms. Ms. Fragile, Ms. Martin, and Ms. Shaffer were elected to three year terms.


Welcome to our Newest Alumnae Chapters: Erie, PA and Southeastern LA Submitted by the Erie Alumnae Chapter and the Southeastern Alumnae Chapter Erie Alumnae Chapter On Saturday, October 2, the Erie, PA Hope Group was officially installed as the Erie Alumnae Chapter. Officiating at the ceremony were National President Christina Covington, Director of Collegiate Chapters Michele Golob, and Alumnae and Volunteer Services Coordinator Allison Bressler. Also present were Mary Bolton of the National Board of Trustees and Buffalo Alumnae Chapter Treasurer, Cathi Gervase, President of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter, and Diana Roth, Vice President of the Pittsburgh Alumnae Association. Collegiate members of the Delta Alpha and and Alpha Tau chapters also attended. The following officers were installed at the ceremony: President- Laurie Manning, Gamma Theta; Vice President -Julianna Zawadzki, Delta Alpha; Treasurer and Chaplain- Jacklyn Oesmann, Delta Alpha ; Secretary and Historian- Shauna Jackson, Delta Alpha; Editor and Philanthropy Chair- Kathy Kraus Sahlmann, Beta Delta; and Alumnae-Collegiate Liaison- Andrea Carnicella, Delta Alpha. The remaining Founding Sisters are Jillian Johnson, Katherine Jones, Kanchana Rimnongrua Matson, Kristi Tyler, and Christine Williamson, all of Delta Alpha. The installation ceremony was followed with a candlelighting ceremony and reception. Guests present were the fraternity and sorority advisors from Gannon University and Penn State-Behrend, Eric Pope and Lindsey Hopkins Hall. President Laurie Manning accepted a gift and donation from the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter and shared her remarks on sisterhood and service. The afternoon ended with an hors d'oeuvres and dessert reception. The new alumnae sisters are looking forward to Founders Day and sharing social and philanthropic activities. Southeastern Alumnae Chapter A few years ago several Phi Chapter alumnae began talking about how to get more sisters to reconnect and become more involved in both collegiate and alumnae functions. Out of that discussion an alumnae club was formed, and slowly but surely the organization grew as word spread and more alumnae began participating in events. Soon we got fired up and decided to take the next step and become an alumnae chapter. The past year has been an exciting one as we prepared for the big day, culminating in the Southeastern Louisiana Chapter Installation of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority on November 13, 2010 at Twelve Oaks on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA. There are 55 alumnae charter members, and many were present for the installation. The day started early with a Relay for Life collegiate function with alumnae participation. The evening ended with a celebration banquet and the Phi Chapter winter formal and awards. It was a wonderful day, full of ritual, formality, celebration, sisterhood and fun. Everything we love about being an Alpha Sigma Tau! We are grateful to the installation team that helped make the event so special: National President Christina Covington, National Vice President Shelly Redmond, National Secretary Tiffany Street, Director of Alumnae Jamie Jones Miller, Alumnae and Volunteer Services Coordinator Allison Bressler, and our own Patricia Nayle of Phi Chapter (and Past National President). They have been with us every step of the way, providing assistance and guidance that helped the installation run smoothly. Special thanks to the Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association, our collegiate sisters of Phi, and our awesome alumnae club (now Chapter) President Rita Bertolino for their support during this endeavor. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. The process of preparing for installation and reaching our goal of Chapter status drew us closer together, and this has been made even more poignant with the untimely death less than two weeks after Chapter installation of our Co-Treasurer and founding member, Karen Anderson Campbell. Karen was an integral part of our group, working even as she battled cancer, always so upbeat, such an inspiration, and why she was named Alumnae of the Year by the Phi Chapter. It is a bittersweet time for us and Karen will be missed very much. Page 13


A Christmas Gift to our Fallen Heroes By Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi, Staff Writer Arlington National Cemetery is a breathtaking and sobering sight in any season. Rows upon rows of white marble headstones glow in the sunshine. They cut angles across the softly rolling hills, creating the illusion of waves. It’s a place of peace, both for the soldiers who fought to preserve our freedom and now lay in rest, and for the visitor paying homage to these American heroes. In December, the headstones are laid with fresh greens, their scarlet bows standing at attention under the names and dates, saying that these soldiers are not forgotten. On Saturday, December 11, 2010, for the 19th consecutive year, Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company, Harrington, Maine, will again donate thousands of Maine balsam fir holiday wreaths to be placed on graves at Arlington, and at

hundreds of military cemeteries across the nation. In 1992, the Wreath Company found themselves with an excess of wreaths nearing the end of the holiday season. Arrangements

volunteers at Arlington last December. As a veteran, the experience was especially meaningful to Josh. It was our first trip to the cemetery, and words can’t describe the pride and emotion we felt and observed that morning. The same day in Pennsylvania, Tracy Bond-Ciabattoni, Zeta, and Cheri SkodacekSantore, Zeta, visited the cemetery at Ft. Indiantown Gap to participate in their wreath laying. Tracy’s father and Cheri’s husband are buried there, and both were able to bring a wreath to their graves. To get involved with the Wreaths Across America ceremonies at your local military c e m e t e r y , v i s i t

were made for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington in one of the older sections of the cemetery, a section which received fewer visitors with each passing year. What began as a donation of 5000 wreaths has ballooned into an incredible feat of volunteerism and patriotism. An expected 20,000 wreaths will be placed at Arlington alone this year. My husband Josh and I were two of the If you can’t make the journey, but would still like to be part of the event, you and/or your group can sponsor a wreath. Information can be found on the same website above.

Our Strength, Our Foundation: Facebook Fanatic? By Vanessa Florence, Zeta, Editor of THE CREST The National Foundation Facebook Fan Page is nearing 1000 friends! Are you one of them? If not, join today! Don’t worry. You won’t be hassled for donations (although all are welcome!). Just by being a member you are promoting Alpha Sigma Tau. In addition, you’ll have some fun with such things as Tuesday Trivia questions, Wordless Wednesday Photos, Thankful Thursdays of sharing memories, and learn more about our sisters across the globe through Five on Fridays. And while you are online, check out National Foundation’s webpage at You can now donate to your chapter’s scholarship online! What a great way to honor 111 years of sisterhood.

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Charlotte Evans Floyd, Psi, makes a birthday cake for the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter honoring Alpha Sigma Tau’s 111th Founders Day.

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From the Desk of The Editor In November my husband and I celebrated 15 years of a terrific marriage. We met “after college life”. He knew I was in a sorority (how could he ignore all the t-shirts), but I doubt he truly understood what it meant or how this would affect him. I was always proud to wear the letters of Alpha Sigma Tau, and he was always there to support me with it. Over the years, he has endeared the hours long phone calls, the conference calls, and my Facebook habits. He actually knows people by name even though he has never met them. My husband has made dinners for the family and taken of days of work all in the name of me attending some Sisterhood event. He has even taken off an entire week of work so I could attend convention. He’s also attended Sorority events, even though I know he would have rather stayed home. All because he knows it’s important to me. My husband is my sounding board and my go-to man for sorority matters.

When I have an idea, he’s usually one of the first people to hear about it—and gives me an honest opinion to them. He even takes time to assist me in editing this newsletter although he has his own research work to complete. While the initiated sisters may be the yellow roses, our loved ones are our ground, our base. For they are the ones that hold us to our true selves and provide us the right nutrients for us to bloom and flourish. So, for this, I want to thank my husband for all he has done these past 15plus years to support me in my efforts with the greatest sorority—Alpha Sigma Tau. Taus Forever! Vanessa, Editor of THE CREST WANTED—PHOTO COLLAGE HELP! SISTERHOOD—THEN, NOW, FOREVER! Dig out those “then photos of you and your sisters— plan a get together– and take another picture of how you are “now”! Send both photos to THE CREST at

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