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National Council

National President Patricia Klausing Simmons, 1:1

National Vice President Sailynn Doyle, rl:l

National Secretary Emily Ashby Mcintire, AA

National Treasurer Denise Klein Dutter, B2

Director of Collegiate Chapters Melissa Hatfield Atkinson, rM

Epsilon Gamma

Director of Alumnae Lara Cegala-Williams, 'I'

Director of Extension

new colonies

Tiffany Street, l:lM

Director of Fraternity Programs

Alpha Sigma Tau is proud to update you on our co lon ies:


Kathy Pulice Baecker,

The following colonies have been installed:

Director of Publications Anna M. Golladay, X


Epsilon Alpha

Embry Riddle Ae ronautical


11 /20/04

Delta Chi

Christian Brothe rs Un ive rsity

Memphi s, TN


De lta Psi

Johnson & Wales Un ive rsity

Denver, CO

2/ 19/05

Epsilon Gamma

Armstrong Atlantic State

Savannah, GA

5/21 /05

Julie Bell Bruington, I

Gamma Psi

Fitchburg State College

Fitchbu rg, MA

Sept 2005

First Vice President

Epsilon Beta

Un iv. ofTX- Pan Ame ri can

Ed inbu rg, TX

11 /05/05

Gail Shockley Fowler, AA

Epsilon Delta

Rogers State Un ive rsity

C lare mo re , OK

11 /1 9/05


Second Vice President These colon ies are being installed soon:

Mary Beth Kelly, 1:1

Delta Omega


Penn State Un iv- Altoona

Altoona. PA

Charlotte Evans Floyd, 'I' If you are interested in ass isting w ith any of these co lo ni es o r chapte rs. pl ease

Treasurer Rose Marie Schmidt,

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contact Tiffany Street, D irecto r of Extens ion , at tstreet@alphasigmat au .o rg

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Officer Academy 2005 Highlights


Taus Take the Habitat Collegiate Challenge


Sister Receives High Honor from Junior League


In Remembrance - Joyce Berg, A


National Foundation Scholarship and Grant Recipients


Joanne Rupprect- From Greek to Government


Order of Omega Initiates


Press Release - Habitat for Humanity

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Legacy of 1899 Update


AST Daily News


For our Alumnae .. .


2006 N ational Convention

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This year's Officer Academy was held at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from June 17-19. In total, 275 women attended. They were joined by National Council and Staff representatives for this jam-packed weekend of sisterhood and education. The weekend began with a What Not to Wear Fashion Show that was not only informative, but also very entertaining. The women learned appropriate badge and ritual attire, while seeing some very scary realities. While we are all aware of what is considered appropriate based on today's trends, it was a good education for all to have examples right in front of us.

Officer Academy Highlights ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Saturday was a packed day - full of information and workshops for the women to attend. Some of the favorites from that day were sessions on recruitment, NPC, risk management, and collegiate/alumnae relations. The sessions we re led by the Council and Staff, giving both collegiate and alumnae women the opportunity to network with them as well as their peers. After lunch, the women had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Mari Ann Callais from CAMPUSPEAK, who gave a hands-on presentation entitled, Ritual to Reality. After listening to Mari Ann speak for just a few minutes, she inspired, educated and challenged the women to turn their own Ritual into Reality. "When people understand what their organization is about, and the values that were most important to their founders ," says Mari Ann, "suddenly these members have clear-cut value-based guidelines. The path then opens to improve the ir daily choices, and ultimately, the way they live their lives." Before the afternoon ended, the chapter members listened to a presentation about the new CEP digital database. This new process will provide a paperless CEP system - providing Collegiate and Alumnae chapters a way to reduce their budget dollars spent on postage. " I am so excited about the thought of being able to submit our CEP reports online. It will be so much easier, convenient, and cost effective," said Laura Pece, the New Member Educator for the Alpha Chapter. The evening concluded with a presentation on the Little Red Cup and what alcohol can do to your body. This overview put many things into perspective for some of the women and was definitely an eye-opener for the rest of the group. It was fused with facts about both the anatomy-based effects and the social effects that alcohol abuse can have on a chapter. Sunday brought about the ever-popular David Stellman, who is also from CAMPUS PEAK, and a well-known speaker throughout the Greek community. We are lucky to have David as an Assistant Chapter Adviser for the Delta Phi chapter as well. His speech was entitled Buy In or Get Out! Stellman's presentation was a great way to end a fun filled and informative weekend.

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Taus Take Habitat 路ate Challe

By Kirsten Newman, Gamma Pi Chapter Consultant Spring break is notoriously an extended party for American college students. Some students spend the week in Cancun. Others travel to Florida or take a ski trip. For four sisters from the Gamma Pi chapter, Spring Break meant volunteering their time with Habitat for Humanity. Juniors Dana Newbury, Lauren Watkins and Anne DiSante, and senior Nichole Fultz traveled to Los Lunas, New Mexico as a part of Habitat for Humanity International's Collegiate Challenge program. They worked in Valencia County with approximately 40 other team members from Lycoming College to build decent, affordable homes for families in need. This year marked Newbury's third Habitat spring break trip. Currently the New Member Educator for

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Gamma Pi, she is consistently impressed with the work a crew can get done in one week. "When we arrived, there was one house that needed shingles and the other house was just the concrete slab," Newbury said, " By the time we left, the first house had a finished roof and the other was complete with all the framing, tresses and roofing." Lycoming College joined the Collegiate Challenge program 16 years ago and students have traveled all over the continental United States to participate in this alternative break program, including sites in Arizona, California and Florida, as well as this year's trip to New Mexico. For Gamma Pi President DiSante, spring break with Habitat was a new experience . DiSante had wanted something more worthwhile to do with her week than just sit at home, and said that meeting the family for whom they were building was "indescribable."


"I hope that we left the family not just a house, but a home, a place where they can live comfortably and ... where the parents can raise their children outside of poverty," DiSante said. "The trip and the experience opened my eyes to how bad poverty truly is, and it's amazing to think that in this country there are still so many families without homes." Members of Gamma Pi are no strangers to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Long before A2:T named Habitat the National Service Project, Taus from Lycoming College worked closely with the local chapter to build a house not far from campus in Williamsport,

PA. Former Gamma Pi President Kim Hengst, a 2004 graduate, served on the Habitat for Humanity Leadership Team for three years. Through her involvement, her sisters found an opportunity to give back to the community. "I wanted to get involved with something that would make a positive difference for someone else," Hengst said. " I also liked the concept of Collegiate Challenge and getting to travel." Hengst took her love of volunteerism a step further post-graduation; she now serves as a Corp Member in AmeriCorps*NCCC.

abitat for Humanity速

After her fourth and final Collegiate Challenge, Fultz could not imagine her life without the experience. " Habitat opens your eyes and makes you more appreciative of your family and what you have ," she said. Her feelings are unanimous among the Gamma Pi women. " Many people can't believe that a bunch of college students would give up their spring break to help others," Newbury said. "I would never regret building a house for someone in need."

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Legacy of 1899 fund Honoring Our Past, Shaping Our future from November 4, 1899 to today, Alpha Sigma Tau members have dedicated their time, energy, and money to support our Sorority. The Legacy of 1899 fund is being established to provide premier professional educational programming at our National Convention, Officer Academy, Regional Leadership Workshop and District Day events. The establishment of the Legacy of 1899 fund will raise monies to benefit the membership and provide educational opportunities. We will then be able to offer programming to our membership to help with life and leadership skills, which will benefit our Sorority and help us remain at the forefront in the Greek world. To meet this goal, it is imperative that we intensify our efforts to generate alternative revenue sources. To continue our success as a strong Sorority, we must create an independent source of funds that allows us the flexibility in providing the needed professional programming.

J • I



Much of the resourcefulness and financial support needed to continue our success comes from our membership and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau. Like the eight founders of Alpha Sigma Tau, we need you to become a founder within the Legacy of 1899 fund. By asking each member, collegiate and alumnae, for a minimum donation of $18.99, in honor of our establishment in 1899, we can reach unlimited heiohts. c)


O , ~ )

The goal this year is for 1,899 members to donate $18.99. Please be a part of honoring our past and shaping our future. Donations may be sent to Alpha Sigma Tau Headquarters, 1929 Canyon Road , Birmingham, AL 35216. Please make your check payable to Alpha Sigma Tau Legacy of 1899 fund. I

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Brandi Adams Karen Advincula Paula Aldama Carolyn Alexander Melissa Hatfield Atkinson Barbara Angus Sherry Ayers Carol Baril Kathy Baecker Cameron Barr Yolanda V. Bauer Kari Belanger Sally Belknap Virginia Bendura Dana Bertrand Mary Bolton Tracy Bond Tamara L. Bonifield Boston Alumnae Chapter Monica Browne Julie Bruington Erinn Brys Paul Buchanan Buffalo Alumnae Chapter Erika Bukva Donna Burgee Teloa Butler Dana Cain Christine Carpenter Ann Marie Carrell-McElligott Lara Cegala-Williams Ann Chalmers Colleen Cervantes Mary Margaret Cline Mrs. Doe Clinton Colleen Coffey Margaret Colleps Julie Constantine-Burke Jamie Elizabeth Conway Carol Cooper Jennifer Cornelius Mary M. Cortez Christina Covington Mary Joe Cranny Cathy Crapet Sally Curry Judith Dean Kim Dalton Martha DeCamp Carole Deruiter Detroit Alumnae Chapter Kelly Detwiler Christine J. Donovan Sailynn Doyle Denise Dutter Delta Epsilon Chapter

Delta Sigma Chapter Detroit Alumnae Chapter M.A. Ebner Amelia Skinner Eldridge Theresa M. Faillace Gail Fowler Lisa-Marie Fredericks Traci Froehlich Agnes Fryntzko Jenelle Gaffney Christine Garczynski Kimber Garrison Jessica Girard Anna Golladay Michele Golob Yuderky Gonzalez Marijo Gosselink Janice Grundy Donna Guzak Linda Hammett

Karen Kessler Teri Kline Jennie Kuhns Patricia Little Carole Ann Lohrstorfer Summer Lopes Mary Lowe Nadia Maddens Betsy Mallon Annette Marrone Tracy L. Martin Monica Martinez Barbara Masten Donna Mastromonaco Gina Mastermonico Cynthia Masukawa Cynthia McCrory Emily Mcintire Elizabeth McOsker Debi Meeks

Alpha Sigma Tau thanks those who have contributed to the Legacy of 1899 Fund. Michelle Hannas Rochelle Hargis Bobbi Jo Hartnett Barbara Heeb Susan Henricksen Veronica Hill Sarah Hinshaw Angela Holeczy Amanda Holtschlag Houston Alumnae Chapter Beth Huppert Shannon Jackson Margaret Jakubczak Rosemarie Jerzylo Ellen Blankenship Joe Carol Johnson Janie Johnson Hannah Johnston Rebecca Smith Jones Susan Jones Carolyn Keen Carole Keily Lisa Keirn

Jennifer Miles Jamie Miller Laura Miltenberger Beverly Molnar Kathleen Monticello Carol Mooney Shirley Moore Cynthia Mullikin Amanda Muzzarelli Ruth Myers Patricia Nayle Kirsten Newman Bobbie Nichols Deborah Nichols Debra Noble Northern VA Alumae Chapter Jodie Norton Nicole Noyse Kelli O'Brien Traci Owens Melissa Parks Mary Peduzzi Wanda Pierce

Gina M. Pintar Wilma Pitzer Erin Powers Georgia Pozios Catherine Price Sarah Pritchard Paula M. Pruett Teresa Quintero Lisa Ratliff Cheryl Reed Cindy Reefe Patricia Reynolds Nancy Rivard Jamie Rossi Elizabeth Rothenbecker Sandra Saar Elizabeth Scarpa Rose Marie Schmidt Kelly Setley Melissa Shank Debra Shea Mary Ann Shealy Concetta Shipp Patricia Simmons Sharon Skinner Marilynn Smiley Deborah Smith Laura Squires Diane Spinelli Shirley Sprole Linda Stallard Tiffany Street Deborah Sunday Ashley Sundo Margaret Tabler Tidewater Alumnae Chapter Elizabeth Tillman Jennifer Trefz Jennifer Troch Kathy Truchan Elizabeth Udry Mary Jane Urbanowicz Teresa Vande Voren Nancy Voss Kerry Webster Staci Wedermyer Amy Wegner Shelley Wheaton Melissa Whicker Leslie Whitfield Sarah Williamson Crystal Wilson Andrea Klein-Yancho Debra A Yuhas Kristi Zakrzewski

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Strike Three! Let's Build! As many of you know Alpha Sigma Tau ha chosen a new service philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity. Many of the chapter throughout the orority have been diligently working to become part of a loca l Habitat chapter in their areas. For orne Al:T chapters, raising money toward this philanthropy is thei r main goal and that is what the Alpha Tau Chapter did a few weeks ago. Alpha Tau, located at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, developed a softball tournament called the Al:T World Serie . The chapter's prior Educationa l Consultant, Sarah Marten, helped with the development. The chapter' chairperson, Mandy Sugent, began the process by ending letter of interest to the nine fraternitie on campu . The letter explained the specific of the event, the fee, contact information, and mo t importantly what charity the money would be going toward. The regi tration fee was 30 per team. In order to play, a team would have to con i t of at least nine player . Becau e the event wa so clo e to Homecoming, Alpha Tau got the other ororitie involved by having them watch and cheer on their

lage 10

YPSILANTI GAZETTE running mates. They all had a terrific time. Saturday, September 25, the i ter arrived at the site of the tournament to begin the set up proce . They drew the lines and set up ba e for two playing fields. A we all know, a oftball game cannot be played without umpire . To solve thi problem, the si ter decided to take turns with thi role. There wa a plate umpire and a field umpire at each fie ld. The si ter who were not umpiring acted a coache and corekeeper . To make thi event feel like the real thing, the women bought a bag of unflower seeds for each team a a thank-you for participating.

They al o received a T-shirt to wear for the big game. Each game Ia ted approximately 6 inning or about an hour. The winning team received a trophy. ln addition, a picture of the i ters and the brother of the winning team were placed in the chool newspaper, along with a hort article about the tournament and Habitat for Humanity. After the picture was taken, the ister had a little trick up their lee e . They nuck over to a cooler where they had tored wat r balloon and launched them at the winning fraternity. you can imagin , thi turn d into a gigantic water battle. a re ult of the vent, lpha Tau made over -00 for the new philanthropy, Habitat for Humanit , they g t the

opportunity to be better acquainted with the men of the Greek community on a different level, and the fratemitie got to know the women better. Thi event al o gave the chapter a wonderful reputation for doing charity event , thank to

the article in the paper, it wa a fanta tic recruitment tool, and made a day for Greek unity. Overall, the Fir t Annual Al:T World erie wa a great ucce and everyone involved i looking forward to next year.

From Radford, VA to Pine Mountain Sixty year ago, on March 2, 1945, Alpha igma Tau named Pine Mountain ettlement chool the Sorority ' ational Philanthropy. ince then, the eventy- even chapter have made countle monetary donation and an immen e amount of volunteer hour to this chool. Many people do not fully under tand what Pine Mountain i all about, but one chapter found out fir t hand and would not trade their experience for the world.The Alpha Lambda Chapter at Radford niver ity in Radford, Virginia, decided to vi it the philanthropy ite becau e there ha not been a group from the university in quite orne time that ha made a vi it there. The women were also un ure of the school ' purpo e and wanted to take information back to their chapter. Their trip began on Friday, October 22, when nine chapter member piled into three vehicle for about a fourhour ride. The women arrived at approximately 7: 0 p.m. where the met an y dam at th Laurel Hou an wa ery informati e about on the the hool and li property. he ga e them a tour of the building and I t them hoo what ro m th , would . ta th night

in. Before the i ter turned in for the night, ancy erved them milk and cookies while giving them a bit of background information about the Laurel Hou e and Pine Mountain. They were very excited about thi much-anticipated event that wa finally taking place. lpha Lambda tarted out their day with a hearty breakfa t and a tour of the chool. ancy gave them the complete hi tory and goal of the chool a well. On therr tour, they learned many fa crnating thing that they were not aware of before thi trip They had the opportunity to ee the chapel Draper, the library, and Creech Cabin fter the tour, the group had the good fortune to watch part of an orienteering Ia. that wa taking place. The women thought it wa a perfect chance to ee the facility at work with the children. hortl after the tour, the women got rnto their painting attire and began to paint the exercrse room . On f th r a·ons that th am down \\3S to help the fa ility pro p ·r and olunte r th~rr trme The women t ok break from the h rd wort.. h.1d om lun 'h, an j 'i~rt J th gi tl shop. Th ') \\ •r' • o into th • paintrng that th, k pt th ·ir br :1



hort and got right back to painting. After the room wa painted, the women found ancy and pre ented the school supplies that the chapter had collected. The items ranged from books, to crayon , to paper, to staplers, and so much more. They accumulated 97 item . ancy was speechles and thrilled with the chapter's generous donation . The group left shortly after their presentation to ancy. The car ride back to Radford University seemed to

be much horter than on the way down . The women had so much to ay about their experience and could not wait to take back what they learned and experienced to their chapter. The women of Alpha Lambda would like to make a return vi it with more of their si ter . They are currently discu ing making a returning trip next semester. The women had uch a positive experience that the idea of going back was overwhelming and they cannot wait.

A Milestone Anniversary for Delta Nu

With the conclusion of dinner, the alumnae presented the chapter with some house gift , which included a beautiful wood piece that had the chapter's family tree engraved in it, a clock and many u eful things for the house, such as towels, cups, etc. This was quite a surprise to the sisters and they were very grateful for the gifts. Shortly after the presentation of the gifts, the alumnae had some time to bond with one another ince many of them had not seen each other since they graduated. The next day brought many more events that were exciting for everyone. The rededication ceremony began the day. The ceremony was held in a room at the tudent center. A table wa located in the front of the room that was decorated with candles, flowers, a vase, and the chapter's string of pearls. The active sisters made a semi-circle behind the table. The alumnae had the opportunity to place a yellow ro e in the vase and add a pearl to the string to symbolize their rededication to the chapter and national organization. This was a very sentimental event with a lot of emotion.

Being part of Alpha Sigma Tau is a wonderful experience that you will cherish forever. It i very exciting when you are part of a chapter that is celebrating a milestone anniversary. The Delta u Chapter at Beloit College eelebrated five years of isterhood on April 10, 2004. The women spent months preparing to make the event unforgettable. The momentous weekend began on Friday, April 9 as the alumnae began to arrive. The women held a barbeque at their house for dinner. They could not believe the tum out for the event. Alumnae were arriving from not only the country but the world as well. One sister and her husband flew in from Japan for the occasion. The younger sisters were looking forward to this weekend because this gave them an opportunity to meet the founders and sisters that they have never met. This was also

:f~a~w~a:y:t:o::str:e:n~gili::e:n:;th:e::b:o:n:d s;sterhood

The alter at the Charlotte F. Hedge Memorial hapel on the grounds of Pine Mountai n enlement School.

Immedi ate ly after the rededication ceremony, the entire group walked to the art gallery for a brunch and pictures with a photographer. After mingling, the alumnae members prepared for their alumnae meeting. During this meeting, they discussed options of what they could do to help the chapter. The winning idea was to set up an Alumnae Advisory Board, which wa something that had been discussed but never carried out. They cho e officers and devised a plan of attack for the upcoming months. Once the decision was made, they held a joint alumnae/active meeting to tell them the news . The sisters were thrilled at the idea and could not wait to see what comes in the future. The most exciting event of all was the formal. It was held later that evening at a hotel. While everyone was eating dinner, the keynote speaker, Anita Guynn, their first chapter adviser, spoke. She helped them remember

some of the chapter ' first memories . Following her speech, the chapter thanked the alumnae for donating their time, money, and materials to help make the weekend happen. Following the thank yous, they handed out award , had dessert, a cake that was pecially made and dedicated to the alumnae, and a long night of dancing. The weekend concluded on Sunday. Although nothing official wa scheduled, the i ter invited the alumnae to the hou e to hang out one Ia t time. Three of their founder stayed and bought the chapter a house present, a big, new TV! The gift was much appreciated . The spectacular weekend could not ha e happened without the cooperation of the active si ters and the alumnae. This event truly did strengthen the bond of their sisterhood and was a time that they will never forget.

. . . .................................................... .

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Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority Dues Invoice Billing Cycle


June 2005May 2006

Name: Address: ____________________________________ 路-------------------------E-m a i I: --------------------------------

Ho me Pho ne:

Collegiate Chapt er Affiliati o n: _____________________


To tal $ 40 .00 $ $ $

Annual Alumnae Dues Legac y of 1899 Fund Educational Set-As ide Fund

Total A mount Enclosed

Pa y me nt Options Pl ease submit thi s form along with yo ur pa y me nt to: A lpha Sigma Ta u Headquarters 192 9 Can yon Road Birmingham, AL 352 16.

a ti o nal

Check (make chec k p ay abl e to Alpha Sigma Tau Soro ri ty) _____ Credit Card

Vi a*

Mas terCa rd *

Credit Card # _______________________ Ex pira ti o n Date ___________ a me o n ca rd : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Las t three (3 ) di gits on back o f card _____ (required fo r proce ing) Billing Address (if diffe re nt f rom above)

Sig nature required ----------------------------*credit card pa y me nt requires an additi o nal $? processing fee Wh y am I rece i ing thi s du es in vo ice? Me mber hip in Alph a Sigma Ta u i a li fe tim e co mmitm e nt , and by pa ing yo ur annual due , o u are helping to mee t th e eve r-in creas ing cos t of o pera ting o ur a ti o na! Orga ni za ti on . Your orority Alumn ae du e will upp o rt programs and se r ice fo r all me mb r . If o u no rm a ll y pay yo ur alumn ae due throug h an orga ni zed alumn ae a o iatio n , plea co nt inu e to pa in th a t mann er. If yo u ha e qu e ti o ns co ne rning thi in o ic , p i a co nt act th e a ti o nal Headquarte r a t 205.978 .2 179 . Pl ea re m mber to n t if Headquart er if o u change yo ur na me or addr aft r o u ha paid our alumna

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a~ha.sigma-tau ..__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~~~~~~~~

AnchorLine Alpha Sigma Tau .. .Friendships Forged in Tradition a mentoring and networking program for members NAME: FIRST ADDRESS:













FAX: (

Collegiate Chapter Affiliation:


Initiation Year:

Alumnae Chapter Affiliation:

Check ONE and complete the information below: I would like to help other AJpha Sigma Tau Sisters. Please add my name, mentoring information , and career cluster to the program. I understand that this information may be released to any AJpha Sigma Tau member who requests this information. Please HELP me! I am entering or re -entering the job market, moving to a new community, and/or need life transition support. I would like mentoring information from AJpha Sigma Tau Alumnae. Select Appropriate Mentoring Category: [] Career

[] City/Community Information

[] Life Transition Support

(if career or tran s itional life phase, see information on next page.)


Closest Metropolitan area:

Occupation Cluster(s): Occupation Ti tle/Descri pti on: Transitional Life Phase:----- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Return completed form to: AnchorLine - Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority 7166 Holly Berry Court Hamilton, OH 45011 Fax 5 13 .7 59.2 84 2 E-mail:


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Occu p a t ion a l C lu sters A.










Ag ri cul ture & Envi r onment o nserva tio n, Fores ty, Hortic ul ture, Land ca p ing, Recyc lin g, Wildlife A r chitecture, E n gin eerin g & Des ig n Draft in g, G raphi c and Inte rio r Des ig n, urveyor, A ll Engi neers, Arch itec t Co mmunica ti o n s A d vertis in g, Broadcas ting, Jou rn ali m, Med ia, Pub lic Rela ti o ns, Publi s hin g, Rep ort in g, Wri ti ng C ompu te r & Sc ience A ll Compu te rffec hni ca l upp o rt, Data Process in g A ll Scienti sts C on stru ctio n & T r a d es Automo ti ve, Elec tri ca l, Mechanica l, Pa in ti ng, Plu mbi ng, Texti le C ul t ura l & A r ts Crafts, Entertainment, F ilm, Mu e um , Mu ic, Perfo rm ing, Ph o tograph y, Thea ter, Ac tress Edu cation & C oun selin g All leve l ofE ducation, Empl oyment Serv ices, Librari a n, Soc ia l Wo rk, Admini s tra tion , and Coun elor F inan ce Acco untin g, Bankin g, Co ns ultin g, Eco nomi st, In ves tments, Math, Stat isti cs, A udito r Gove rnm ent, No n- Pro fit & R eli g io n Mi litary, Mini try, Publi c & Soc ial Services, Volunteer, FB I, Leg is lati ve A ide, Fund -Rais in g, Trans lato r H ea lth & Medicin e De nti stry, urs in g, Pharmacy, Ph ys ici a n, P yc ho logy, Therap is ts, Veterin ary, Die ti c ia n, Optometry, Pat ho logy , Dermato logy , Sa le , Co ns ultant

Life Transition S upport A. B. C.

Ad o ptio n C hild Ca r e Dea th of a loved one D. Divo rce E. G r a du a te Sch oo l decision s F. Hea lth Jssu es (eat in g di sord er s, ca nce r, d epressio n etc) G . Loss of jo b H. Moth e rh oo d a nd Pa rentin g l. Retirem ent J. S in g le L iving

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M. N.



Q. R.


Ho m e Eco nomic & Fa m ily Co ns u mer Science Child and Day-care Service, Fam il y ou n e liog, Fo o d Marketing and Deve lo pmen t, Homemaker Ho spita lity Catering, Chef, Conve ntio ns, Foo d ervice , Ho te l, Re tauran t Legal & L a w Enforcement ttorney, Court Rep orting. Judic ia l, Para lega l, Po li ce Ma n agem ent & Ad mi n i t ration Admin istrat i e upp o rt, lerical, Human Re ou rce , Per o n ne l, Pub lic Re la tion , Company Pre id e nt Ma nu facturing E q uipmen t Mainte nance, Factory Operat io n, Pl an t Ma nagement Recr eation, Leisure & Travel Airline . Fi tne po rt , Touri m, Pub lic Relat io n R etail Con umer, De ign , Fa hion , Merchandi ing, Manager Sales & Marketing Buye r, lm port./ Ex port, In urance, Rea l E ta te, Repre enta tive, Re ea rch , Whole ale, Te lemarketi ng, Marketing , Ma nage r, ale Tra n po r tation & Moving hi pp ing & Freight , Trucking O ther Pl ea e pecify .

Junior League of Northern Virginia Victoria Z. Greve Award Alpha Sigma Tau is honored to congratulate Christina Duggan Covington , Alpha Lambda, in her recognition by the Junior League of Northern Virginia. The Victoria Z. Greve Award for Distinguished Service was established in 2005 to commemorate the dedicated , dependable service of JLNV Past President Victoria Greve. This award is given to an active member of the Junior League who has consistently and selflessly supported the work of the Junior League. The recipient is considered an " unsung hero" who quietly and responsibly enhances the work of the JLNV. The nominee of this award should exemplify the purpose of the Junior League. Chris has been involved in the JLNV for 2 years - assisting on The Enchanted Forest Committee and the Finance Council. She has most recently served as Assistant Chair of The Enchanted Forest Children's Events. She was responsible for launching two new TEF Children's Premium Events. Her nomination for this award reads:

"Chris was the model Assistant Chair on the TEF committee always on/ahead of tasks, consistently reporting status, holding subcommittee meetings, and successfully delegated responsibilities across her subcommittee. She was responsible for a very large component ofTEF: children's games, crafts, entertainment, photos with Santa, Breakfast with Santa and two new premium events - Cookies & Cocoa with the Snow Fairy Princess and Sundaes with Santa. All premium events were sold out, and record numbers of children enjoyed the Santa Pass activities and entertainment! She also established a strong working relationship with our "Santa," who now calls her regularly and is quite eager to participate in TEF 2005. Chris did all of this while also serving on the Finance Council as an at-large member (above and beyond TEF) for the past two years. Chris lives far away from Tysons in Haymarket, but is extraordinary in her involvement with the JLNV. She does all of her work for JLNV in a quiet, humble, and friendly manner." Congratulations, Chris. Your endeavors inspire and motivate others to do more with the lives they have been given.

,4 JUNIOR LEAGUE OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA Women building better communities

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During winter recruitment this year, the Alpha Chapter gave bids to five new members. During their new member period, the new members and the rest of the chapter had activities to bond and to get to know each other better. The chapter went bowling, had movie nights at the house, painted the kiosk on campus that is rented out by different organizations, serenaded other chapters on campus with ALT songs, along with a plethora of other fun activities. The new members were also given their big sisters, planned their own group philanthropy and fund-raiser, and participated in many Greek wide events with the sisters . Along with Greek Week, the sisters of ALT participated in the Annual Alpha Xi Delta Fuzzy Football Tournament held each year to raise money for a deceased sister's scholarship. They placed second in the tournament this year and were very proud of this accomplishment. The women participated in other Greek wide sporting activities such as intramural volleyball, basketball, and bowling. Their biggest accomplishment by far this semester was achieving the highest GPA on campus out of all the Greek organizations.

through their new member period, which has been revamped. This semester they tried something new for the chapter's fall fundraiser. Instead of going to Cedar Point for a weekend, they decided to hold a two-week long fundraiser that would get the campus more involved in the Greek experience. The women passed out flyers for that would allow everyone who signed up to receive free food from the restaurants around campus. The chapter earned 25 cents for everyone who signed up and received bonuses for having a certain amount of people sign up each day. Because of the fund-raiser, they raised $21 00. DELTA I PENN YLVANIA I DIA A, PA

Indiana's Homecoming, the Sorority teamed up with two fraternities , Chi Phi and Delta Sigma, and another sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, in order to make a float for the annual Homecoming Parade. They came in 5th place. The chapter held a car wash to raise money and plan on holding other small events throughout the semester. They will also be canning to raise some money for the national philanthropy. The women plan to be involved in other sororities' activities on campus including the Delta Phi Epsilon 's " House Decorating." In this event they will be decorating a fraternity house with the chosen theme. These are some of the activities that have been planned so far this semester and the women are looki ng fo rward to many more. ZETA LOCK HAVE



This semester is a busy one for the Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau as they focused on recruiting new members for the Sorority. They started off the semester with a week of formal recruitment that was closely followed by a week of informal, which was held in their suite. On October I 0, the sisters traveled together to a Pumpkin Patch near Pittsburgh for ''Tau Day in the Hay". The sisters and new members met with the District President and another alumnae who had joined them. For


' PA

In the areas of recru itment. the Zeta Chapter held several s uccessful recru itment parties th is semester. They had a Fiesta party, a C ran ium party, and a movie night. The women also had several philanthropy and service projects. They planned on do ing an all Panhellen ic Highway Clean-up and a Rock-a-than to raise money for their local ph ilanth ropy,


During the fall semester at Central Michigan University, the sisters of the Beta Chapter recruited eight women through formal recruitment. Not only did they do a wonderful job during recruitment, but also managed to get seven other incredible women during the two weeks of Continuous Open Bidding. These women will be an awesome asset to the already wonderful group. During the next six weeks, the new members will be going Rho Chapter on Bid Da .

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alpha 路 sigma . tau

the Women's Crisis Center. They are planning a candle sale as a fundraiser for the semester. The women are participating in several Panhellenic activities such as bowling and movie nights. They attend school football games to support their sweetheart who plays for the team. The women have several other fun activities like make your own letters night and other craft projects to bring the women together for some fun sisterhood events.


This semester, Concord University's chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau is getting excited about several events. First and foremost, they are working hard to start a new Habitat for Humanity organization on campus. The Omicron Chapter has also participated in the American Diabetes Association 's Walk, where they raised the second highest amount of money out of all the groups there , started planning for the Relay for Life, and of course, the fundraiser for Pine Mountain. During recruitment week, Alpha Sigma Tau held a campfire party, to help teach about Habitat for Humanity. At the preference party, they had a sleepover theme where they ate popcorn and shared their favorite ALT memories with the prospective members. They picked up three girls through Formal Recruitment. Since then, the chapter picked up an additional seven girls, making them the only sorority at Concord University to be at capacity. This semester, every suite on the Alpha Sigma Tau wing of North Towers Dormitory has at least one Tau in it. Sixteen women are living on the floor, which means there is someone to talk to, or fun to be had, at almost any given moment. The chapter had a carwash the first weekend back at school that raised over half of their goal for the entire semester.



The Zeta Tau Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau continues to strive for excellence in

the fall semester. The chapter held an Ice Cream Social and Casino Night, welcoming the new Tau babies. The chapter has enjoyed getting to know the new members through sisterhood activities such as the "ALT-tea" party. Zeta Tau continues its philanthropic endeavors by participating in Adopt-a-Highway, school sponsored walks, and has recently begun forming a long lasting bond with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The sisters look forward to their latest fundraising activity. The chapter plans to sell " Boo-Bags." These Halloween goody bags can be bought as a gift for someone on campus. The sisters then have the bags delivered through mail to the recipients. The chapter has also begun to set up a campus-wide Women's Awareness Week. The purpose of this activity is to educate women about health issues that face today's women. The sisters are also gearing up for their Sister Retreat. During the retreat, the sisters will participate in a letter writing campaign to alumnae, hoping to further forge bonds between current sisters and sisters from the years before. The chapter looks forward to the many wonderful memories the semester has to offer.


The semester began with fall recruitment. A " Rushee" cookout was held at Laurel Park in Conway where the ALT dads cooked hamburgers for all the women. The turnout was AMAZING! Over fifty potential new members (fall and spring) showed up for the event. Sixteen bids were given to women for the fall 2004 new member class. This was such an outstanding number for a fall pledge class. A new philanthropy was started this year. Each member is responsible for bringing an item to the meetings that will be donated to a local charity. They have donated canned goods and toiletry items thus far to local organizations around Conway. They have also visited with the University's College Square nursing home for an ice cream social with the elderly. The members of the nursing home loved the company. The women of ALT recently had one of

their many SISTERHOODS, whi ch were held in Heiber Springs, Arkansas. Th e girls kicked back and enjoyed the life in the country as they camped out and roasted hot dogs around a campfi re. There are many great things in store fo r this semester. Homecoming is right around the corner and ALT always takes part in the events. They will host their Alumnae Homecoming Tailgate, which is always a good time for the sisters and alumnae.


The sisters of the Phi Chapter had an amazing recruitment this fall. They added sixteen phenomenal women to their sisterhood . The women are looking fo rward to sharing the true meaning of Alpha Sigma Tau with their new members. The sisters have been extremely active on campus. Recently, Southeastern held a "Jammies in the Jungle" event, during which those attending a volleyball game wore their pajamas. The sisters of Phi were awarded $100 for having the most members dressed in sleepwear. The chapter also received $400 for working " Late Night Southeasern," and $175 fo r display of sp irit at SLU's fi rst home football game of the season. Alumnae were also honored with an Alumnae Mixer. It was truly a memorable experience to have all the sisters in one place at the same time. New friends we re made and old friendsh ips rekindled . The Ph i Chapter participated in this year's Homecoming events with Delta Tau Delta fraternity. The theme was " Roomie goes ' round the world," and their co-country theme was Australia. The sisters of Phi held a carwash fund raiser. They are also plann ing a Christmas party and Easter Egg Hunt with the House of Serenity, their local philanthropy.


This semester is off to a good start for the Chi Chapter. The first week back,

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they had a car wash and a yard sale to get a head start on fundraising. Another way they are raising money is by selling frozen pizzas. For recuitment, the women held about three events a week for the first two weeks. These inlcuded Yoga, movie nights, a mock meeting, and two informative nights. Their philanthropy endeavors are going great. They have two members sitting on the Habitat for Humanity Chapter at the University. One member is the fundraising chair for the Habitat Chapter. The Chapter is having their annual teeter-totter event with the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. This year the money goes to a charity of ALT's choice. They have decided to send half to their Habitat Chapter and the other half to a local charity, the Shelly Marshal fund, which has been set up in the rememberance of a 9/1 I victim. Homecoming is around the corner. The sisters got a head start on practicing their skit and have plans to attend the events throughout the week. On Homecoming day, the alumnae chair has planned a picnic after the parade for everyone. The Chi Chapter is working hard to make this semester a success.

Alpha Omicron - 2004 Homecoming Parade. The float was created jo intly with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Our new members are dressed as princesses. standing beside the award-winning float

philanthropy event hosted by a local fraternity. The events included sports, airbands (sororities compete in a dance competition), Spirit Day and Derby Darling (pageant). They have planned a trip to Pine Mountain Settlement School to visit with the children, help out and observe their daily activities. They recently participated in a Swing-a-thon, where the women swung for 24 hours to raise money for their philanthropy. In a few weeks, they will play soccer for intramurals and three of the sisters have volunteered to coach a local soccer team for the town of Radford. The chapter participated in the homecoming parade by making a float and walking in the parade. On another note, Radford University hosted a comedy show where they featured Theo from MTY's Road Rules. Future events include continued fundraising and other events that may arise that will allow their chapter to get even more involved with the local, Greek, and campus communities. ALPHA


The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau started off the semester by participating in Derby Days, which is a

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The Alpha Mu Chapter has been extremely busy as the first months of

school got underway. They were slowly trying to rebuild the organization so the women spent most of their time recruiting new members. They are currently the largest sorority on the University's campus and have the highest cumulative grade point average. For their local philanthropy, Options Women's Shelter, the chapter is selling tickets for their annual fish fry and silent auction. More than half of the women attended the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Little Rock, Arkansas. This race is a statewide event that raises money for breast cancer research. To promote school spirit at the Homecoming game, the women of Alpha Sigma Tau are prepari ng shakers to hand out during their tailgating festivities . This project not only encourages the football team, but it also generates great publicity for the women of Alpha Sigma Tau. The chapter has also had a bowling night that turned out be a huge success. It turned out to be a great recruitment tool. As you can tell , Alpha Mu has been very busy, but they have really bonded on a sisterhood level. The women are all extremely excited about being a part of Alpha Sigma Tau!


During the fall 2004 semester, the sisters of the Alpha Omicron Chapter supported several campus events that included Flame to Fire and the American Red Cross Blood Drives. The charity program, Flame to Fire, is an informational and support program about domestic violence and its seriousness. Two of our sisters appeared as guest speakers to share personal experiences. When the American Red Cross came to Clarion, the sisters of ALT recruited students on campus to come out, save a life, and donate blood for those in need. The following week, members actually worked the blood drive , which entailed signing people in at the door and walking people from the beds to a chair so they don't faint. Alpha Omicron also

participated in a Reality Tour to highlight the consequences of drug use, assisted runners in a SK race for the United Way, and assisted in Food Stock by distributing bags to the community for them to fill with food for the hungry.




RocK, PA

This semester is just beginning but already the chapter is getting a jump on things. The Alpha Pi Chapter made quota at the University with a total of six women for their new member program. The newly revised new member program is focused on more interaction between the new members and sisters than in the past. The entire chapter spent a weekend at Cendar Point working at a haunted house. This raised enough money to cover the dues and make an extra donation to Pine Mountain. The chapter is also working at the Pittsburgh Steelers games. Homecoming is soon approaching. ALT's theme this year is the movie, E.T. The women are looking forward to dec-

orating the float and, of course, visits from the alumnae. Sister growth and development is fast approaching. This is a weekend for the sisters to get away in the wilderness and bond. This is an event that the girls look forward to all year. ALT is hosting a Greek clothing drive on campus. They are also participating in a campus wide food drive and Project Teddy Bear. This is where the women bring in old stuffed animals to donate to children's hospitals.


The sisters of the Alpha Tau Chapter have been busy so far this semester. The first few weeks of the semester were spent helping Heidi, their homecoming candidate, prepare by making bag tags, painting her boards, and passing out flyers to support her. In an effort to foster Greek unity, they invited another sorority and their running mates, who did not have a barn to build their floats , to join them. Alpha Tau 's new member class is under way. Through continuous open

bid, they got five women this semster. Upcoming events include progressive dinner, pub night, and a new member sleepover. The philanthropy chair has been bringing information about Habitat for Humanity to the meetings each week. She is educating the sisters about the program. They are having several upcoming fundraisers that will go toward Habitat and Pine Mountain. The chapter has also been working on some Sorority growth and development activities. Their favo rite was when they volunteered at a camp for children with spina bifida and othe r mental an d physical handicaps. The women can't wait for another oportun ity to spend time with the children again.


The sisters of Alpha Ph i had an Ancho r Splash, which is a poo l party where they got to see one another during the summer months. Recruitment was excellent for the chapter. On philanthropy night, the siste rs made birthday bags for the children participating in Habitat for Humanity. The third night, the theme was movies. They made a slideshow of pictures and events that went on du ring the past year. They played games and got to know all of the women. For preference night, they got the most women back. After bid day and three COB's, they made quota with 17 women. The chapter's philanthropy was , "It's Back to School Hoops," wh ich is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Homecoming was on Saturday, October 9. They were busy practicing their dance for the parade and were paired up with Sigma Pi Epsilon. The sisters were very excited to start the Fall semester off with a bang.


Alpha Lambda on Bid Day.

This semester, the Beta Delta Chapter has been very active. They got three new members through informal recruitment. They have been very busy as a chapter as far as philanthropy is con-

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cerned. They have already participated in a campus wide project where they went on a walk around campus. The proceeds benefited the Children's Institute. The women also participated in Tee for Two where they played miniature golf with mentally handicapped children. Recently, the sisters stood outside of a local grocery store and collected donations of money and cleaning supplies to help local flood victims. Beta Delta has already held two hot dog sales and a Yankee Candle sale and will soon be selling Sarris Candy to help fund upcoming events. They are also planning on holding a mother/daughter tea on Founders Day. They have also been busy putting together their biggest philanthropy, Miss Duquesne pageant in the spring. It will be a beauty pageant for all the women on campus. They will be required to be sponsored by an organization and then will compete in a question and answer session. They cannot wait to get this event underway.

The Beta Pi ladies show off at their "Tauh iti" recru itment function .


The Beta Theta Chapter participated in three events for informal recruitment. During these three events, eleven bids were handed out. The new members took part in an excellent new member program. They meet an hour before each business meeting to organize events that they would like to complete as a pledge class. This year, the chapter has begun to take part in the Habitat for Humanity project by attending an orientation session at the Habitat Headquarters in San Antonio. The women have recently found the perfect fundraiser, selling Paletas. Paletas are frozen fruit bars that can be quite refreshing on a hot San Antonio day, raising nearly two hundred dollars . The women have attended the Breast Cancer Awareness presentation, where they were rewarded with a pizza party for having the highest attendance at the event. ALT has an activity that is known campus wide: Midnight Madness. It helps kick off the basketball season by introducing the teams and coming together as a school. Sisterhood hours have picked up this semester as well. The

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chapter had a "speed date your sister" event where they were able to go around and learn a little bit about the sisters that they may not have known before. The chapter has also worked on communication skills by working with playdoh, and had a bag and T-shirt night to show Alpha Sigma Tau spirit.


Recruitment went very well for the Beta Iota Chapter. The recruitment chair planned activities such as an ice cream social, movie/pajama night, a barbeque, and lunch with possible new members every Wednesday. Currently, the committee is planning future events towards the end of the semester to continue the recruitment that they have started. The women are currently planning a clothing drive to donate to the rescue mission to help families that may not be able to afford new clothes. Along with that, Gina Getty has been nominated for charity queen and has devoted much of her time to raising money for the

National Breast Cancer Foundation with activities such as selling T-shirts, credit cards, and 50/50 raffles. Fundraising has also been very busy this semester. The comm ittee is planning a fundraiser at either Dutch Wonderland or Hershey Park, where the women would be giving out information to park goers. Other events planned for the rest of this semester are three Sorority growth and development events. In October, the sisters are going to Field of Screams and an informational session about what the different offices entail. This is mainly for the new members to be acquainted with how the Sorority works. As you can see, Beta Iota has already had a busy semester and the women cannot wait for the rest to come.





The Beta Mu Chapter has been very busy this semester. For one of their formal recruitment activities, the women were introduced to the new chapter philanthropy, Habitat for Human ity. They decorated flower pots, welcoming the families to their new homes. Overall, it was a huge success; they recruited 17 new women to the chapter. Beta Mu had their first Adopt a Highway clean-up

alpha.sigma.tau _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

for the semester. The sisters got together to clean up the community. The next clean up is scheduled for November 14. Other fundraisers the chapter is working on include the local chapter fundraiser, selling Christmas items from a catalog, and working with a local high school football team to raise money by selling tickets to their carnival. The women are planning a Parents/Alumnae picnic. The invitations have been sent out and all the sisters are excited to see the alumnae as well as introduce their parents to what they do as a Sorority. They try to plan something like this every semester to keep their parents invo lved. In the future, they are trying to help plan a Greek games event for the month of November. This will not only improve Greek relations but also ALT's image on campus. It will help with recruitment by letting the new kids on campus know who they are .




The Beta Nu Chapter has been involved in many activities this semster. They recently held a car wash and volunteered at a local food cupboard by helping them paint, clean, and stock shelves. The chapter cleaned the town park and will be participating in the AIDS and Breast Cancer walk. They have volunteered and spoken in a high school program for young women about pregnancy awareness. The women have been very busy raising money for students who lost their belongings in a terrible fi re and are working on gathering more supplies from local fraternities and sororities. Currently, Beta Nu has been working on their homecoming float which is the theme from the movie, Grease. The women are looking forward to a very productive and busy semester ahead of them.


ALT week of recruitment. The week included friendship bracelet making, field games, and an ice cream/pizza and games night. They had a great turn out of women. Everyone had a great time , including the sisters. For another event, they went hiking at the MTU trails for a recruitment event. The also participated in Adopt-a-Highway and cleaned their stretch of road. Keweenaw Day is a great day for publicity for ALT. They set up a table with recruitment information as well as candy and pictures to show off. The women are looking forward to Homecoming weekend where their queen candidate will compete in the top five for the Queen. The chapter will also be participating in some of the other university-sponsored events such as banner making and hobo parade. The Beta Xi Chapter is looking forward to Founder's Day, which will be celebrated with a dinner.


they gained 30 new baby gators du e to this year's recruitment. It is th eir goal to show these women the traditi ons an d values of the Sorority and to demonstrate a strong sisterhood. This year the chapter is participating in EIU 's Homecoming with the men of Sigma Nu fraternity. The sisters have also held their annual World Series philanthropy fundraise r for Pine Mountain Settlement School. Everyone who participated had an awesome time. The sisters are also planning to do Adopt a Highway regularly and are communicating with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The sisters are also finalizing plans for a Mom's Weekend in addition to the Parent's Weekend that is held annually in the spring. They are all excited to show their mothers how important ALT is to them. They are focusing toward the growth of the chapter by strengthen ing their grades, developing better relat ions with the Greek community and alumnae, and deepening their own sisterhood .


The women of the Beta Pi Chapter started out the scholastic year with a bang at Eastern Illinois University. They began by preparing for several weeks for recruitment. During the recruitment process, they made and decorated picture frames, which were donated to the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. They are very excited to announce that


The Beta Upsilon Chapter has had another exciting semester. The semester began with an amazing recruitment program , which yielded the biggest new member class in the history of the Beta Upsilon Chapter. This enthusiasm has



The Beta Xi Chapter participates in a wide variety of activities in the fall term. They began the semester with an

Beta Mu prepares for recruitment.

aleha. si ma. tau

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Gamma Tau during their walk for breast cancer research.


continued into the new member program with full steam. Sisters and new members is having a blast getting to know each other and bonding as sisters. The philanthropy chair has organized several events for the semester, one of which is that each sister sends cards to a specific woman at the fac il ity for the mentally disabled. They have sent cards for birthdays and Halloween; they will send cards for the holiday season as weii.Another philanthropy in which the chapter is participating in is collecting pennies for Pine Mountain. Each sister has a jar to fill with pennies for charity. Their fundraising chair has several projects to help earn funds for the chapter. They have participated in volunteer work for Six Flags and are selling Yankee Candles. The Beta Upsilon Chapter has excelled beyond expectations for the semester. They will continue to strive to contribute more to the campus and community. They take pride in being a prominent organization on campus and participating in as many events as possible in order to stay the number one sorority on campus.

pa e 22




The Beta Phi Chapter has many events planned for the semester. The theme for their recruitment was " Rush the QB with Team ALT." At the party, they decorated football shaped sugar cookies with green and yellow icing and sprinkles and took turns introducing themselves. To wrap up the evening, they watched a video of the previous year's Greek Sing. The chapter will be selling wrapping paper just before the holidays. They are very excited to welcome Habitat for Humanity as the new service philanthropy. They are planning to make lunches for the hard workers. This Homecoming, the women paired up with Theta Xi Fraternity. Together they will be making a float for the parade. They are having a Homecoming Alumnae Luncheon following the parade. The women are in the process of planning a Founders Day luncheon at a local studio where they can talk and eat. Beta Phi attended a drug and alcohol presentation by Mike Green. His performance was great. They also attended the same performance last year and will in the years to come. His words were valued.

The Beta Omega Chapter is looking forward to this semester considering they have some really great ideas for recruitment and want to drastically increase their numbers. All of the Panhellenic Greek Organizations participated in the Round Robin portion of recruitment. All the potential new members went around to each room, one room per chapter, and got an opportunity to interact one-on-one with all the sororities. AIT decorated their room with a banner, green and gold wall coverings, pictures, posters, and other AIT memorabilia. The Beta Omega Chapter's first night's theme was, Mock tails. The women enjoyed virgin cocktails and had a chance to mingle among the sisters. Diamond in the Sky was the theme for the second party. The final night was a formal ritual candle passing. This night gave the women a chance to share any feelings or stress that they may have been experiencing during the recruitment process. On Bid Day, the women gave out eight bids and each woman accepted. The chapter participated in a Heart Walk in Belmar, in which they donated money and walked for a cure against heart disease . They also participated in Light the Night, which was another walk that went toward a cure for Leukemia. They spent a few hours donating to their local philanthropy, Adopt-a-Highway. GAMMA GAMMA

At the beginning of the semester, a sisterhood retreat was held to bring the Gamma Gamma Chapter closer in preparation for the upcoming year. Everyone took part in emphasizing what the chapter needed to work on, what traditions need to be started, and how to keep sisterhood abundant throughout the year. Along with th is, they had a Midnight Scavenger Hunt, a teddy toss, prepared for recruitment, and started a

sister book. The theme for recruitment this year was "There is Just Something about the Green Ones" and played the idea off the green M&M's. On Bid Day, the chapter received the most new members out of all the sororities, I I to be exact. The focus of the new member process is to show them what Al::T is all about. Their favorite activity is "The Crest," where each week there is a sisterhood night that focuses on an aspect of sisterhood through the Crest. By the end of their new member period, they will have all the parts to the Crest.After they sew the Crest together, they will have a Crest night where each new member will tell what part of the Crest taught them about sisterhood. The chapter is looking forward to what the semester will bring them.


Throughout the semester, the Gamma Delta Chapter at the Un iversity of Massachusetts Dartmouth has had vari-

ous events occur. During the summer one of the sisters participated in a three day walk in Cape Cod, which raised money for breast cancer research. She walked with Alpha Sigma Tau letters on and raised over $1 ,000. As a whole, the chapter volunteered at The Susan G. Kamen 2004 Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure .They brought IS volunteers to the race . During their recruitment, they had tables in the campus center the week prior where flyers were passed out. They came up with a theme: Hollywood. The women held a philanthropy event during recruitment in which everyone made either a sock puppet that went to an integrated prekindergarten class at a local school, or ribbons that were passed out at their Breast Cancer Awareness table. For fundraising, the women attended three Patriot games to sell various items in the stands. At the end of each game, they got a percentage of everything sold. They also participated in the Homecoming parade by making a float. Around Thanksgiving, they will be donating a Thanksgiving basket filled with food items to two less fortunate families in the area. They will also be aiding in the

set up of the annual Senior Citizens Holiday Party.


The Gamma Epsilon Chapter has done many different activities this semester and plan to do much more as the semester continues. Starting with recruitment, the chapter had women who were interested in AkT come over for a pizza party. In addition, one Sunday afternoon they had a Sex and the City Marathon party. Du ring the new member program, the sisters played "Get to Know One Another Jenga," where they can learn more about the sisters and vise versa. Also during the program, they played games to help the new members learn their information. For their philanthropy, they are going to Northwood for the day to help with Habitat for Human ity. The chapter is every involved with campus activities. Once a month, the editor writes a letter to the school newspaper, informing people about their upcoming events such as philanthropy and fundraising. They recently had a Sorority Growth and Development activity where they made a scrapbook. Each sister had her own individual page and brought pictures of house activities. After break, they are going to have a bake sale at the school union and in town . Fo r the remainder of the semester, they plan to participate in many activities, fundraising and ph ilanthropy projects.


Gamma Iota enjoys a Sorority Growth & Development activity and poses at a local restaurant.

The sisters of Gamma Theta came into the semester with some great new recruitment events such as tie dying, make-your-own-sundae night, and watching the new show "Joey" every Thursday. As a result, five girls were recruited this semester. So far, the sisters have helped at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund walk by directing the walkers, picking up road cones, and setting up lunch for the participants, and

pag 2

cleaned up their Adopt-a-Highway section . They will also be helping the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity with a Halloween haunted house for the community, helping at the women's center with the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, as well as volunteering for Safe Net. They will be selling candy, cards, and candles, but the big fundraiser is going to be the Boys of Behrend Calendar. The women will be gathering student input and creating a calendar featuring a diverse group of men from the campus. In a few weeks, the campus will be having its annual Greek Week. The events for this year include window painting, soda-pong, obstacle course, tug-of-war, and Greek Sing. The women of ALT will also be having a banquet for Founders Day and are looking into a semi-formal to follow initiation. GAMMA IOTA YORK COLLEGE YORK, PA

This semester, the Gamma Iota Chapter posted flyers for their continuous open bid event. One of their philanthropies is Adopt-a-Block, where the chapter is assigned a block in the neighborhood near the school and they pick up trash. In October, they will be participating in the Asthma Walk. Six of the sisiters currently live at Wenger, the Sorority house, which is located on campus. The chapter's current fund-raiser is selling Pampered Chef, an assortment of kitchen needs. A group of sisters volunteered to usher during the College's Fall Fest, where parents and alumni come to visit the school. They were also busy having a parent and alumnae weekend. A picnic was held to join together the sisters and their families . They have plans to have a food and clothing drive, displays for breast cancer, and work with Habitat for Humanity. More research is being done to get involved with the Big Sister group and an activity night with the elderly at a nearby nursing home. Future plans for fund-raising include selling McDonalds coupon books, as well as candles. Gamma Iota is looking forward to a fun and eventful year!

a e 24


The Gamma Lambda Chapter began recruitment by having "letter dinners," where they all wore letters and went to the cafeteria to recruit new members. They also had a Real World night, where they met with the prospective new members, watched The Real World and got to know each other.There was an interest party barbecue at one of the houses where they ate, talked, and introduced the sisters to the women. The chapter is currently working with St. Jude's Children's Hospital, fundraising for them and trying to get donations for their research fund . The women take part in this every year, and usually raise a few thousand dollars for them. As far as upcoming events, the chapters have invited their alumnae to come up for a Homecoming event. They are planning a breakfast and have a tent set up on campus. They will attend the game and watch the Homecoming elections. Afterward , they are trying to plan a Haunted Hayride because their Homecoming falls on Halloween weekend. They may also do a pumpkin carving with the alumnae , sisters, and new members on campus. The women are looking forward to their time with the alumnae and for what the semester brings to them.


The Gamma Mu Chapter at West Virginia University Institute of Technology has been focusing on working on recruitment this semester. With the aid of three Education Consultants, they have held a Paradise Party-Tauhiti, Meet the Greeks , and Meet ALT informational party. The chapter made Halloween cards to deliver to the local nursing home during the week of Halloween. During their campus' homecoming, the sisters are participating in the spirit board competition. This competition involves designing a board

that shows off the organization's school spirit and must keep with the current theme. This year's theme is "Wild and Wonderful." They also sponsored one of their sisters as a candidate for Ms. Golden Bear, which is homecoming queen. One of the chapters fund-raising events was held at the homecoming game. They will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets. This is one of the most profitable fund-raisers . Gamma Mu 's plans for the rest of the semester include hosting a Miss ALT pageant, formal , and a movie night. GAMMA


The Gamma Xi Chapter has had many exciting activities this year. They stayed busy and have had many additions to the chapter. The most exciting thing is that they finally have a house. One of their alumnae and her husband build townhouses and they are renting them to the chapter. It is very thrilling to hold recruitment events in their first chapter room. Ph ilanthropy is well on its way. All of the sisters had to take an online qu iz for Habitat for Humanity and they are hoping to start events with them next semester. They have also done various events indivi dually, such as Take Back the Night and events for the University's women's center. Gamma Xi raised $600 through a clothing sale on campus and have also made $40 selling glow necklaces before a football game. The chapter just finished formal recruitment. Their events inlud ed Tauopoly, 80's day and celebrity day. They got five new women as a result. The upcoming weeks are filled with open recruitment events where they hope to gain more new members. GAMMA PI LYCOMll G COLLEGE WILLIAM PORT, P

The Gamma Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvan ia currently exists with 47 active sisters and two sisters studying abroad in Spain. Alpha Sigma Tau is the largest Greek organization at Lycoming. Half of the sisters li e

together on the Alpha Sigma Tau floor in a dormitory specifically for Greek members. The women recently improved and personalized their housing at the start of the Fall semester. Gamma Pi continued their "Simply the Best" attitude when coming into the Fall semester by getting their name out during Homecoming, focusing on the Homecoming theme of "Go for the Blue and Gold" Olympics. The sisters also sold the football programs as a fundraiser. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau focus a great deal on philanthropy. Some events include walks for Alzheimers and CROP, helping a local library with book sales, Project Linus, Up Til Dawn, helping out with mothers of infant children (MOPs) and many more. Potential new members have also been welcomed to tie-dye parties, movie nights, root beer float parties, karaoke , and many more recruitment events. ALT received fou r new members making up the Alpha Gamma new member class. Along with building their sisterhood and wor king with other Greek houses, Gamma Pi is looking forward to continuing collegiate relations w ith the Delta Omega group at Penn State, Altoona, and other neighboring chapters. GAMMA


open to the entire school. Alpha Sigma Tau has signed up for a few of these weekends. Recently the Sorority has done a number of Sorority Growth and Development events to become closer. One of the chapter's main events was getting together for camping. GAMMA T AU LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE ANNVILLE, PA

The Gamma Tau Chapter had fifteen women attend the first ALT Coast Boardwalk Social. The chapter does not have fall recru itment so they did not hold any new member activities.They are walking in a breast cancer walk as a Sorority for philanthropy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Other ph ilanthropies planned include Habitat for Humanity and a pumpkin walk for neighborhood children. The pumpkin walk includes decorating a trail with Halloween decorations and leading the children through it. They also plan on doing Monday Night Football Pizza/Wings Night on campus for a fundraiser th roughout the semester. Gamma Tau will be holding three mo re social/recruitment events throughout the semester. Informal recruitment events include bowling with different fraternities on campus and socials.





The Gamma Rho Chapter welcomed six new members from Spring. The sisters worked hard to recruit girls who would fit the ideals of Alpha Sigma Tau. Some activities they have planned for the new members are a Sister Social where the sisters gather to play games and get to know each other, a Sister Picnic, The Newlywed game, the Mother/Daughter Tea Party, and much more. Last year they were able to raise a significant amount of money from their annual philanthropy fundraiser, the Rock-a-thon . This year, they stepped away from the annual SHU 500 (a school-wide volunteer program) and worked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on a Light the Night Walk. Seton Hall University has a program called "Weekends at the Hall." It gives organizations a chance to host an event that is


Gamma Upsilon started the term with a fund raiser to celebrate their new ALT house. They had a house warming party in which all the sisters brought main dishes and they charged the guests. They are planning a Founders Day celebration dinner and a thank you dinner for all of the people who helped move , donated money or supplies for the house. This term the women are planning big fundraisers , which are Fiesta Night and their annual Italian Night. They are also participating in the AIDS Walk to raise money for the fight against AIDS as well as getting started with Habitat for Humanity. The new member program includes a new member/sister sleepover at the house. Another event will be an

outing to Universal City W alk, wh ich has ice-skating, shopping, a movi e theater, and restaurants. The new mem ber educator also plans on having th e new members send little informat ion pages about themselves along wit h pictures to thei r sweetheart, who is cu rrently stationed in Afghanistan. The wom en will also be participating in Intramu ral sports with the other soro rities on campus, which include soccer and flag foot ball. Their sorority growth and development chairwoman is also planning a Stress Management Workshop sleepove r where sisters will give each other back massages and learn st ress management techniques. GAMMA PHI MERRIMACK COLLEGE NORTH ANDOVER, MA

The Gamma Phi Chapter President has stated, "I feel that Alpha Sigma Taus need to stand up and start maki ng a diffe rence." With the new philanth ropy, Habitat for Humanity, the sisters plan o n taking that wholeheartedly. In the future , they want women , all over campus, to know that they are the women who are closely tied to Habitat. As far as accomplishments, this year is the fi rst year that none of the chapter members are on academic poor standing. They think th is is a great accomplishment and are one step closer to clos ing the gap between campus wide GPA and their own GPA. The women are also taking strides toward making recruitment more elegant and polished. GAMMA CHI WILLIAM PATERSON COLLEGE WAYNE, NJ

The Gamma Chi Chapter has had a great start to an exciting school year. The chapter has been very active around campus and will continue to do so. The school year started early th is year for the sisters. On freshman movein day, the sisters gathered up all their strength to help. This was also a good recruitment tool. This yea r's fall recr uitment went wonderfully with a new recruitment tool that had potential new members becoming very inte ractive

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with the sisters. The Greek Senate sponsored a Rock-Clean-Up event. All the Greeks got together to paint their rocks on College Road. In the later half of the semester, Gamma Chi has their annual Anchorman fund-raiser. During spring break, many of the sisters are going to Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Spring Break Challenge. GAMMA OMEGA LASALLE UNIVE RSITY P H ILA D ELPHIA, PA

The Gamma Omega Chapter has become extremely active in the recruitment process by making flyers that are more creative and catchy and having events prior to recruitment in order to become better acquainted with possible new members. They also participate in other Greek sponsored activities, such as the Alpha Theta Alpha kickball tournament and the Delta Sigma Phi softball tournament. Aside from Greek life, they participate in the annual basketball marathon for the Student Government Association to raise money for cancer.The chapter has also been involved in philanthropies with organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association and the American Heart Association. The chapter has improved the amount of volunteer work dedicated by helping the Covenant House , their local philanthropy. This house in Philadelphia is a safe place for young adults to go, where they can get away from the temptations and dangers of the streets and change their lives for the better. Future events will include involvement with other sororities in order to strengthen unity in the Greek community.

This class is going to be part of their branching out process. The women have recently participated in the American Cancer Society - " Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk." They are planning their annual Mercy Center Collection for the Mercy Center for Women. They collect personal items and clothing from around campus and donate them to the shelter. Delta Alpha recently got their own house. So far, they plan on selling Tickels Sub coupons, T-shirts, having bake sales, car washes, and sell ing Pizza Hut cards.The women are looking forward to their visit from Kelly Hornbacher, their District President. They cannot wait to hear what she has to tell them. DELTA BETA FAIRMO T STATE UNIVERSITY FAIRMO T,




This semester has been very busy with recruitment. The Delta Alpha Chapter had five continuous open bid parties including a Labor Day barbeque, an ice cream soc ial , movie nights and a breakfast for dinner night. The chapter gained five new members, the biggest class they have had in th ree years. The ir enthusiasm in becoming sisters is remarkable.



This semester has flown by fo r the sisters of Delta Beta at Fairmont State University. At the beginning of the term, they took full advantage of the scorch ing temperatures and held two car washes. Formal Recru itment began with an Activities Fair and two informal parties . ALT chose to do a beach theme. They had an icebreaker, where they used a beach ball and tossed it to girls around the circle, where they had to answer a

Gannon Un iversity's Annual Activity Fair is a way for incoming freshmen to get to know Gannon's organizations. Delta Alpha is shown here - and smiles abound .

question about themse lves. Short ly after, the women had the chance to meet t he fou r new add it ions to the ir chapt e r. The Homecom ing theme th is year was "Catch a Wave." ALT part icipated in the activit ies with the brothers of Ph i Sigma Ph i. They took the first place awa rd fo r the best booth at the campus " Luau." After Homecoming, the siste rs got right back into recruitment by hosting an open bid party where they picked up two new membe rs. Upcom ing events for the women include a non-alcoholic mixoff on campus fo r Alcohol , Drug, and Sex Awareness Week, supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Day and the FSU Halloween Dance. The sisters of Delta Beta are looking fo rward to the continuation of fun , excitement, and growth with their new members.

Fi rst up for the Delta Delta Chapter was. of course. recr uitment. Dete rmine to make th is recruitment especially great. they have been plann ing since last spri ng and summ er. In preparation ~ r

this important event, they even had a summer retreat at a sister's summer home in Wisconsin where they brushed up on recruitment skills as well as spent some quality time with each other away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. All their hard work was rewarded with nine new members. The sisters are excited that they got to be part of their sisterhood and cannot wait to see all they have to offer the chapter. Delta Delta will be celebrating their ten year anniversary. In anticipation, the social chair and her committee have been hard at work planning this momentous occasion . To support the celebration the chapter had to expand fundraising this year. As always, they will be selling SO/SO raffle tickets at the Bulls' games and working to promote Safe Car as a means of transportation for students. Although their calendars are filled with green and gold , the sisters of Delta Delta are happy to say that this semester will probably be one of the most rewarding ones yet. DELTA EPSILON MARIST COLLEGE POUGHKEEP IE, NY

This fall not only brought change, it also brought the excitement of a new semester for Delta Epsilon at Marist College. Sisters arrived on campus and were ready to get back in gear immediately, as their first volunteer activity was to help move the incoming class of 2008. Once again , it was time for recruitment.Th is turnout was great, with about 20 women total. The theme for recruitment was "Alpha Sigma Tau Beach Party." The women wore T-shirts that said, "If you are going to be Greek, why not be a Goddess?" By the close of recruitment, the chapter welcomed seven new members. Upcoming events in store for Delta Epsilon include a sorority growth and development activity, where they are going to work with the company Enterprise, in order to understand the proper way to interview for a job, as well as tips on the working world. Fundraising efforts will take place before, over, and after mid-semester break, running into the holiday season. Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, and

other items will be available to purchase, including a myriad of other great holiday gift ideas, exclusively available by ordering through the Delta Epsilon chapter. Delta Epsilon is also exceptionally proud to announce its I0-Year Celebration! A semi-formal gathering will be held at the Poughkeepsie Grand.

The women are cu rrently planning a car wash for late this semester as well as thinking of more unique ideas to raise money. This semester is proving to be another great year to be an Alpha Sigma Tau. The focus on sisterhood has al ready begun to turn life long friends into life long sisters. DELTA THETA


The Delta Zeta Chapter had many great accomplishments this semester. The chapter had an outstanding recruitment. They began the new member program and the women are a fresh breath of air. The chapter is proud to have a big new member group and have such a wonderful group of women who are going to become part of the chapter. They are Alpha Sigma Tau all the way and continue to be such a great group of girls. The upcoming events include the Special Olympics and the Pink Light Walk. The women of the Delta Zeta Chapter are eagerly waiting for these great events to start. DELTA ETA BELMONT UNIVERSITY NASHVILLE, TN

The Delta Eta Chapter is proud to welcome 22 new members. Recruitment for the fall went very well. The theme was "A League of Their Own." The chapter now has over 70 sisters. Because of the large group, sisterhood has become a focus. The new member philanthropy project is Take Back the Night, which is a walk against domestic violence, rape, and domestic abuse. Their local philanthropy, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, is a very exciting time for the sisters. They sponsor and plan a Breast Cancer Awareness Week at Belmont University, which has speakers available. They also participated with a fraternity on campus in a fundraising event called Couch Potato. They go to several local businesses who pledge money to them to sit on a couch in the middle of campus for three days and three nights. All the proceeds go to Race for the Cure.


The Delta Theta Chapte r President worked with school facilities last semester and over the summer to redo the AIT house. It looks like a completely different house after the changes were made. This fall there has been one AIT event after another. We started this year off with a great informal recruitment at our new house. Eight girls came to the house and interacted with the sisters. One issue they worked on as a Sorority for this year's recru itment was to interact more with the girls and less with other sisters. We chose fou r of the eight women who have a lot to add to the Delta Theta Chapter. September 27, we had ribbon pinn ing fo r the new members. It is always good to see their excited faces as we yell AIT chants welcoming them. It was a nice ceremony in the new chapter room with cake afterwards. Saturday, October 2, was Fam ily Day at Moravian College. The chapter held a picnic at the house for all of the AIT families after the football game. The chapter has already started to fundraise for this semester. We are sell ing Moravian cups with coupons in them at Homecoming and also selling Gertrude Hawk chocolate. DELTA IOTA }OH

This year the Delta Iota Chapter has participated in many activities. Thus fa r, we have gone to the student activit ies nights, which were held on two separate days. This gave us a great opportun ity to meet some of the new freshmen and get to know them. During their recru itment, we met an awesome group of women and got to know a lot about

oatre 27

them, as well as them getting to know the chapter. The women held a bake sale at Gaebe Commons to help raise money for an Easter Seals walk. Thirty dollars was raised at the sale and was contributed to a great cause. The sisters joined the Easter Seals "Walk with Me" walk that was held in downtown Providence. All together the chapter raised $196 for the cause, which goes to help men, women, and children of all ages with disabilities. The chapter is very proud of this accomplishment.



Delta Lambda kicked off the semester with a retreat in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They developed their budget, made the entire calendar and planned recruitment. Their new adviser attended. The chapter's recruitment theme was "All Star Tau" due to the widely athletic population on campus. They invited women from different chapters to attend, along with their educational consultant, district president, and adviser. After recruitment was over, they had an outing to the Spotted Cow, their favorite ice cream shop, where they bonded with their new members. Greek Week turned out to be an all week Sisterhood event. AITs were the only ones who showed up for numerous events.Throughout the month of November, the chapter will be selling Christmas wreaths. They are having a children's movie night to give the parents in the community an opportunity to have a few hours alone. As for December, the women will have their annual meeting and elections. They will also be busy making miniature wreaths that will be hung on the nuns' doors. To end the semester they will have their Holiday Party/officer and alumnae inductions .


Mu ,TN

The Delta Mu Chapter has been involved with many recruitment plans, working on philanthropy projects, and

pag 28

community service deeds. The chapter is involved with Adopt-a-Highway and Habitat for Humanity. They offer work and support to anyone else in the community who needs it. The chapter has held bake sales and car washes in order to raise money for Pine Mountain. The sisters of Delta Mu held their sisterhood retreat where more bonds and memories were developed. They also attended the Alpha Sigma Tau Convention in Savannah, Georgia, where the chapter returned with a few awards. The chapter takes pride in their sisterhood, likes to show that to the community, and tries to get them involved as much as possible. The sisters attend all of the university's football games and community events, proudly wearing letters and letting people see who they are . The Delta Mu Chapter also has plans to get involved with the campus more and with other Greek Organizations. They intend to remain very busy and represent Alpha Sigma Tau in a respectable and dignified manner.





The Delta Nu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau celebrated five years of sisterhood at Beloit College. This was the first milestone anniversary for the chapter. The weekend began with a barbeque to welcome the returning alumnae. Alumnae came from across the country and the world, a sister even returned from Japan. The sisters re-dedicated themselves in a Rededication Ceremony held at the student center. The Delta Nu Chapter held its annual formal dinner and dance to cap off the weekend. The alumnae presented the house with gifts to thank the sisters for a wonderful weekend. The bonds between all sisters in the Delta Nu Chapter were deepened, as they spent the weekend celebrating. The Delta Nu Chapter has participated in social and philanthropic events to strengthen their sisterhood. The house was the first Greek house on campus to host a social event this year. The chapter

hosted a Tau Luau that was open to all students to celebrate the beginning of the school year. They hosted a Celebrate Club week, honoring clubs on campus, and invited them to participate in various activities with ALT. The Sorority also hosted a brunch for parents on Family Weekend, invited a professor to speak on the effects of World War II in Russia, held a movie night, and did a river clean-up along the Rock River in Riverside Park. The women will soon be welcoming their alumnae for Beloit College's Homecoming/Reunion Weekend.


Over the course of the spring 2004 semester at Oglethorpe University, the Delta Pi Chapter held many exciting events.They kicked off the semester w ith an informal recruitment week, which was followed by the Delta class init iation. The sisters attended many basketball games to support their basketball star, Julie Colantoni, and cheerleaders.Two of the Delta Pi sisters made a trip to Savannah to meet the potential new sisters at the Armstrong Atlantic University.To fundraise for the semester, the chapter sold raffle tickets to win a pearl bracelet, which was donated to the chapter for the raffle.The Delta Pi sisters sold concessions and volunteered at the Science Olympiad held at OU for middle school students from around the state.They also volunteered at the Park and Run for Parkinson's and had a lot of fun passing out shirts, water, and cheering on the runners.

So far this semester, the Delta Sigma Chapter has had one official recruitment event (allowed by University). The theme fo r this event was "Twisting with the Taus" and it was based on a SO's theme. We hula-hooped, had cherry cokes and did a lot of getting to know the prospec-

tive new members. On October 17, we plan to participate in the AIDS walk in which each sister will donate a minimum of $25 to the cause. In October, the women plan to have a " Haunted Hallways" event, which involves all of the Greeks on campus. During this event we will have the children from the neighborhood trick or treat in a safe environment. The chapter is participating in many fundraisers this semester, including a credit card sale, working at the stadium and at Great Adventure (theme park). The women have high hopes of bringing in a lot of money. Delta Sigma held their "Welcome Back Barbeque" the second week of school and invited prospective new members.We had a great turnout and a lot of fun .We will also be having a Founders Day dinner on November 7.

DELTA TAU Delta Psi - Bid Day





The Delta Tau Chapter left the winter semester with a full schedule of activities. To end the semester, the sisters celebrated with thei r annual fo r mal , Emerald Ball. To prepare for the event, almost the entire chapter went shopping together to find the perfect dresses. Two sisters drove nine hou rs to Pine Mountain to help as camp counselors. They have an amazing location and an amazing program for children. The Delta Tau women also had I 00% attendance at their retreat and were able to prepare for formal recruitment and the semester ahead . The following weekend, the sisters went to Cedar Point Amusement Park to work as a fundraiser. The chapter raised $2,000. The fall semester began and the sisters came in second place in the Panhellenic contest for participating in all of their publicity events. The chapter gained three lovely new sisters. For philanthropy night, they decorated sixty bird houses to be donated to the future Habitat fo r Humanity homes that the chapter will be working on . The chapter is very excited to complete the activities for this semster and see what new adventures come their way.




This semster, the women of Delta Upsilon have been extremely involved. The chapter was active in participating in GO Greek Week where they had representation at all events. Also, the women have hosted two interest parties to assist the continuous open bidding process. The first party had a tropical theme and seven women attended.The following week, the women had a dinner in the apartment residence halls where nine women attended.This semester they welcomed th ree new women into their siste rhood. Du ri ng the last week in September, Career Services hosted a graduate school week of events which many of the sisters attended.The women were involved with an event called Know Your Neighbor, which is a game show similar to the Newlywed Game. Moreover, the ladies teamed up with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and held the Ist Annual Time Warp Opener.The women are also walking in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and the American Heart Walk. The chapter is also attending the Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.'s Black and Gold Ball.



From Recruitment to Greek Night, the Delta Phi Chapter has been busy t his school year. This year was off to a wonderful start by the women helping out at orientation week. Recruitment came before they knew it. All the women had shirts that said, "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." Overall they got 14 new members. T he New Member Educator o rgan ized the Big/Little revealing to be at Central Park. Philanth ropy is a majo r aspect of AIT, and the chapter is proud to have raised $500 in selling breast cancer ri bbons. At New York Cares Days, they will help paint the walls of a disadvantaged schoo l. They will also participate in the Maki ng Strides for Breast Cancer wal k. The women have also been fundraising with several .bake sales. They w ill sell Halloween grams and late night pancakes for mid-terms. In terms of their academics, A.LT is very proud of all their women. The Vice Pres ident has the

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women sign a pledge to maintain a 3.8 GPA, and so far they have kept their pledge. Overall this has been an exciting semester and the women are very proud of their accomplishments thus far.



The Delta Chi Colony is currently preparing for their formal recruitment, which will be held the last week of October. To raise money, the women held fund-raising events such as car washes and yard sales. They also raised money for their local philanthropy, Eating Disorders ofTennessee by fixing up a house that needed repairs. For one of their sisterhood nights, the sisters played indoor minature golf. They also had a date party at a cornfield maze where they all got lost. Everyone had a blast. For the rest of the semester, the chapter has planned a sisterhood bonfire. This will allow the sisters to cook over a fire and spend time with each other outdoors. The chapter also hopes to have a party in December with another sorority and fraternity.




The Delta Psi Colony has been quickly working towards initiation. They have many activities planned this trimester and are excited about becoming a chapter, a group of sisters, and part of the National Organization. They will have their second annual Big Man on Campus Social in the fall, and have created a relationship with a local Cold Stone Creamery, to work with them two nights a month and make 30 percent of the profit for a continued fundraiser. On that note , fundraising and formal recruitment are the two main concerns in the next few terms.Two women went to Convention this summer and brought back tons of information, rituals, and ideas to help the rest of the chapter put into effect this year. As a colony, the

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women are spending extra time learning about each other, the duties of offices, and what it takes to become a successful chapter. The chapter would like to sum up their thoughts on becoming a chapter with something a great man once said,

"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go." Dr. Seuss EPSILON GAMMA ARM T RONG ATLANTIC STATE IVE R ITY SAYAN


The fall marked the first round of recruitment led by the new members of Alpha Sigma Tau, Epsilon Gamma Colony. The chapter added ten new

members to the existing twelve. Since recruitment, the members of Epsilon Gamma have been active in campus life at Armstrong. They have organized voter registration booths to prepare and make their campus aware of the upcoming elections in November. They have also held several fund-raisers , including selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a Cake Walk/Bake Sale at AASU Day, and a Pump-A-Than at a local gas station. ALT women have also been active in casually developing the bonds of sisterhood as the campus' first national Sorority. Members have hosted movie nights, T-shirt and tote bag nights, new member classes and pizza parties at their homes in hopes to continually boost the morale and spirit of the colony. As the first Panhellen ic Sorority in Savannah, Georgia, the chapter hopes to bring a wonderful image of Greek Life to the area colleges and universities. They have contacted the Savannah Morning News to do a story about covering Alpha Sigma Tau, as well as Sigma Sigma Sigma (the only other Panhellenic Sorority in Savannah) to introduce them to the area.

An Alpha Sigma Tau Tribute to Joyce Berg The heart and soul of Alpha Sigma Tau's Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Alumnae Chapter was joyce Phy Berg. We all knew it It was evident in Joyce's every aa and word. joyce was Sorority. She was everything our Founding Sisters of 1899 had the vision for us to be. joyce pledged Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Chapter in I 957. From the moment she took her vows, she never stopped taking them seriously. In 1960, soon after she graduated from Eastern Michigan University in the School of Education, she married her dear Don. Joyce later joined the Alumnae Chapter. From that point on she was tireless in her efforts to enhance and grow our group. It was almost as ifJoyce wrote the Sorority pledge - because she lived it in everything she did. When she saw a need or a gap to be (tiled, Joyce was there to give of herself so unselftshly. Joyce was a "gentle woman" in the true sense of the words. joyce had a quiet dignity and the very rare gift of passing it on to other people. When all were in a fuss over something, Joyce always held a cool head. She had the vision and the strength to very quietly give us another way to look at a difficult situation. Her patience and empathy for her sisters was never ending. She saw the best in every one of us and never failed to remind us of what a good person we were to her and to the group. She was very aware of how important it was to keep a history of our memories and aaivities throughout the years. It was always joyce who took the piaures of everyone else. She would shake her head when we took her piaure - "No, not me," she would say "you." Her creative and beautiful convention scrapbooks won many awards. In faa, on any given day one could find joyce, with glue gun in hand, creating a new favor or gift for one of our many upcoming events. These were all done we// in advance of Mother's Day, Founders Day, or National Convention. In faa, our chapter hosted the Sorority's Centennial Celebration. We assisted in writing, producing, and performing a Centennial play in which joyce was fittingly one of the eight Founding Sisters.

joyce was thoughtful, caring and the best friend anyone could have. She would keep in touch with sisters all over the country. She never lost the art of writing a letter with pen in hand. She took the time to write a note for some deed she thought was kind or to just to show her appreciation. Joyce always found time for her sisters, even when her personal life was so full of responsibilities. It was because of joyce that our Alumnae Chapter now has women of many ages and interests as members working together toward a common goal. Her generosity went beyond her ftnancial gifts, because she always reminded us - "You know, we need to do more for the Alpha Girls." Alpha - her dear Alpha. As Chapter Adviser for over 15 years, she would drive to Ypsilanti on Sunday nights in all kinds of weather, without a thought of the time she gave. During every initiation, each ceremony,( every special event - we would see Joyce proudly beaming at her "wonderful Alpha girls" - how proud she was of their accomplishments. The countless young women she touched over the years were changed forever with her gifts of wisdom, kindness, sense of responsibility and sel~ess love of others. Without exception, they loved her dearly and respeaed her greatly. We all have so many funny tales to tel/ and crazy adventures to remember with joyce, which always included a long string of laughter. Who can forget Joyce's joyful laugh and beautiful smile? She never looked for praise, but over the years, the National Organization gave her awards such as the Recognition to Sorority Award in 1998. She was also awarded the Carrie W Staehle (Chapter Adviser) Award, the University's Panhellenic Adviser's Award, and the Alumnae Top Tau in 1998 and 2004. Yes, she has gone to her higher reward now, but we will always hold her close in our hearts. We were the lucky ones - we were given the gift of joyce - our sister, our soul. linda Shapona and Sue Slick Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Alumnae Chapter

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In January, members of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter and Sigma Chapter from Buffalo State College braved a winter snowstorm to attend the annual winter luncheon at Daffodils Restaurant. We warmed up by the fireplace, had a wonderful lunch, and welcomed two new collegiate members into the alumnae chapter. In February, Fr. Joseph Bertha, Ph.D., was our guest speaker He gave a very informative talk on icons. Also in February we held our annual Valentines Day party at the Babcock St Boys and Girls Club. Collegiate and alumnae members helped bake and frost cookies and make Valentine's cards. At our March meeting we celebrated the upcoming birth of Nicole Ball's new baby with a surprise baby shower. The

Greater Buffalo Alumnae Panhellenic Association's annual fundraiser is held every spring. Th is year Jean McNamara and Sally Wales were the chairwomen. They planned a wonderful fash ion show at the Steinmart department store. Their efforts raised a large amount of money for scholarships for Buffalo-area students. In May, we welcomed a new slate of officers and in itiated several newly graduated collegiate members into the chapter. We are looking forward to our annual mystery trip in June.

LOWELL ALUMNAE CHAPTER This year the chapter has worked and played hard. In an effort to attract more women to our chapter, we have revamped our meeting arrangements. Every other month we host a social or philanthropic event and the alternate months are business meetings. This year we worked hard to create connections between our chapter and the collegiate

Alumnae Association Expansion •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Groups are now forming in several parts of the country. We encourage all alumnae to join and be active in nearby alumnae associations. If there is not an alumnae association near you, please contact the Director of Alumnae for information on getting a group started in your area. Currently, we have groups forming in the following areas:

We are looking to get alumnae re-organized in the following areas as well:

Orlando, FL Western Michigan

San Antonio, TX

Baltimore, MD


chapters around us. We are proud to have given our yearly scholarship to Katie Charbonneau of the Beta Tau Chapter, who will be joining our alumnae chapter this coming year. We have made connections with the Gamma Pi chapter and hope to welcome some of their alumnae into our chapter this year as well. This past year we hosted a cookie swap with the collegiate chapter, attended Beta Tau's 30th Anniversary Yellow Rose Semi-Formal, participated in Founders Day events, held a Yankee Swap and a Holiday dinner, attended Beta Tau 's initiation retreat weekend, and various philanthropic events. We look forward to expanding our chapter and continuing to honor our vows of sisterhood.

PHOENIX / VALLEY OF THE SUN ALUMNAE CHAPTER PhoenixNalley of the Sun had three events in the first half of this year. In January, five members and their husbands or guests attended "Man of La Mancha" at Stagebrush Theatre in Scottsdale. March 12th was our annual Habitat for Humanity philanthropy, where we served lunch to two homebu il ding crews (40-50 people). About 20 members of the new Epsilon Alpha chapter from Prescott traveled to Phoenix to assist. After serving at Habitat, the collegiate women joined us for a pool party and a wonderful luncheon hosted by Cynth ia McCrory in Scottsdale. In April , three members attended the Salt River Alumnae Pan hellenic Scholarship Luncheon. The chapter's annual meeting was held after the luncheon.

Lansing, Ml Raleigh-Durham, NC


Cleveland, OH Pittsburgh, PA Erie/Edinboro, PA Memphis, TN Charlotte, NC

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If you are interested in learning about the activities in these areas, please contact the Director ofAlumnae at

In the last issue ofTHE ANCHOR, a photo of the Tidewater Alumnae Chapter was mistakenly inserted as the Detroit Northeast Suburbs Alumnae Chapter. To our sisters in Tidewater, VA - we truly apologize for this error.





28, 2006 - jULY 2, 2006

Register Online at: Where:

Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, Florida


Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - Sunday, July 2, 2006

Lodging Price:

$119.00/Single or Double $139.00/Triple or Quad

Above Rates Available J Days Prior/Post Based On AvOJiobility Full Time Registration Fee:

$399.00/person (Includes: Wed. Snack, Thurs. Breakfast & Dinner, Fri. Breakfast & Snack, Sat. Dinner, Theme Park Fee, Yellow Rose Banquet, Speakers, Workshops and Much More)

Part Time Registration Fee:

Wednesday: $50.00 per person Thursday: $120.00 per person Friday: $120.00 per person Saturday: $135.00 per person Weekend (Friday & Saturday): $250.00 per person

Additional Yellow Rose Banquet Tickets: $50.00 per person Additional Friday 1/2 Day Theme Park Tickets: $50.00 per person Additional full day theme park tickets will be available for purchase.

/(you ore unable to register online, please call RegRover at 1-800-941-183/.

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Melissa Esposito, Zeta Tau Longwood University

Stephanie Stewart, Epsilon Alpha Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Lauren Crawford, Delta Psi johnson & Wales University

Founders Centennial ($1 000)

Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle ($1 000)

Charlotte Evans Floyd ($1 000)

Carolyn Borland,Aipha Eastern Michigan University

Katie Campoli, Delta Sigma University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Ashley Blotna,Aipha Epsilon Western Illinois University

June E. McCarthy ($1 000)

Lois Schweikert O ' Dell ($1 000)

Lois Sc hweike rt O ' De ll ($1 000)

2005-2006 Alpha Sign12 Scholarships and Grants

Jessica Bennett, Delta Lambda Palmer College of Chiropractic

Kathy Keith, Delta Mu Cumberland Umversity

Ashley Wirth. Psi james Madison Universtty

Carrie W ashbur ne Staehle ($750)

Me da Ray Elliot Se we ll ($750)

Ed ith Mlnerv Elliott ($500)

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Kate Beishline, Delta Sigma

Jocelyn Hendershot, Gamma Pi

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Kathryn Sallavanti, Gamma Pi

Lycoming College

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Thomas J. King Jr. ($500)

Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle ($250)

Lenore Seibel King ($1 000)

Katherine Brough, Gamma Phi

The Citadel

Rose Marie Schmidt ($1 000)

Marisol Galindo, Gamma Upsilon

California State University, LA

Rose Marie Schmidt ($500)

Christine Trossello, Delta Epsilon

Angela Candito, Gamma Pi

Gabrielle Slanina, Gamma Pi

Marist College

Lycoming College

Lycoming College

Dr. Sara H. Cree ($250)

Karen J. Beggs Memorial ($250)

Lenore Seibel King ($250)

[au National Foundation • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Joanne Rupprect, Psi

Lauren Atkinson, Alpha Mu

Dana Newbury, Gamma Pi

James Madison University

University ofArkansas at Monticello

Lycoming College

Elizabeth Wilson - Dorothy Bennett Robinson ($750)

June E. McCarthy ($250)

Mary Charles Adams Ashby ($250)

Mary Alice Peterson American Indian Grant ($250)

Martha Drouyor Belknap DeCamp ($250)

Psi Chapter Scholarship ($250)

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Joanne Rupprecht, Psi, was s to participate in the annual North Am Interfraternity Conference (NIC}/Nati Panhellenic Conference (NPC) day and congressional reception in D. C. April 16-19, 2005. Joanne 25 student leaders invited to jo Greek alumni leaders for a tota scheduled meetings with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill. This was the year that student leaders have been invited to participate in the program and their presence had a significant positive impact on the Greek legislative agenda. Students and alumni lobbied for passage of H.R. 1548/S. 713 , the Collegiate Housing Infrastructure Act, wh ich allows tax deductible contributions to fratern ity and sorority foundations to be used at the chapter level fo r a broad range of purposes including making safety and infrastructu re improvements to chapter houses. Currently, Greeks own and manage $3 billion in student housing and house ove r 250,000 students at over 8,000 facil ities, making us the nation's largest not-for-profit landlord. Greeks across the U.S. are currently engaged in a letter-writ ing campaign to Congress in support of this important legislation. In addition, Greeks established the Fraternity and Sorority Pol it ical Action Committee in March 2005. The PAC's primary goal is to support the approximately 160 men and women who are fraternity and sorority alumni/alumnae in the United States House and Senate who help preserve and improve the frate nal experience. T~e PAC will also support other members the House and Senate who support policy objectives that preserve and improve the fraternal experience. Students will again be invited to • of the NPC and NIC in Washington, D. C. for gressional reception and lobby day in Aprtt ~(XJ~...-tllrl~ information about how to ge.~ involved In campaign or the annual D. C. meetinss. pi jones Miller -

alpha . sigma. tau

ORDER OF OMEGA Alpha Sigma Tau Acknowledges Our Recent Initiates The Purpose: • To recognize those fraternity men and women who

Margaret Kniffen

Western Ill ino is Unive rsity

have attained a high standard of leadership in interfra-

Jennifer Kociba

Central Michigan Un ivers ity

ternity activities, to encourage them to continue along

Lindsey Larson

James Madison Un ivers ity

this line , and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment;

Messa Mickelson

James Madison Un ive rsity

• To bring together outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs; • To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and

Julie Motyka

William Paterson Un ivers ity

Heather Richard

West Chester Un ivers ity

Beatrice Roderick

Salisbury State Un ive rsity

Mary Rowe

Gannon Un ive rsity

Lori Ruggiero Ashley Sandrock

Millersville Un ive rsity Penn State Erie,The Behrend College

student members of the institution's fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding

Jackie Sawey

Will iam Paterson Un ivers ity

and helpfulness;

Amanda Schultz

W illiam Paterson Un ive rsity

• To help create an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines and to help work out solutions.

Rachel Shafter

James Mad ison Un ivers ity

Nicole Shaffer

University ofWest Alabama

Brandi Lynn Shaw

Slippery Rock Un ivers ity

Tara Smiley Elizabeth Abruzzo

Salisbury State University

Sumer Allensworth

Western Illinois University William Paterson Univers ity

Jess Benedetti Courtney N. Black

Penn State,Aitoona Millersville University

Christina Bojas

East Stroudsburg University

Casey Dempsey

James Madison University

Katharine Franey

Slippery Rock University

Ashley Ganoe Gina Marie Getty

Millersville University

Kathleen Gleason

James Madison University

Sarah Haggerty

East Stroudsburg University

Christie Hise

University of West Alabama

Brooke Horwith

California University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Ketcham

Merrimack College

James Madison Un ivers ity

Ashley Nicole Snider

Southeastern Oklahoma State Un iversity

Laura Squires

Southeastern Louisiana Un ivers ity

Stephane A St. Jacques Nicole Steede

Penn State Erie,The Behrend College

Shannon Strang Emily Waters

Grand Valley State Un ivers ity

Slippery Rock Un ivers ity Penn State Erie,The Behrend College

Kimberly Weaver Brandy Wilson Erica Woods lindsay Leann Young

Sal isbury State Un ivers ity University of West Alabama Salisbury State Un ive rsity Southeaster n Oklahoma State Un ivers ity

Whitney Zimmerman Megan Zinkhann

Bloomsbu rg Unive rsity Gannon Un ive rsity

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September 8, 2005

News Release Contact: Beverly Molnar, National Publicity Coordinator Kathy Baecker, Director of Fraternity Programs

ALPHA SIGMA TAU TO SUPPORT HABITAT FOR HUMANITY IN HURRICANE RELIEF EFFORTS Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority has joined forces with Habitat for Humanity International, their national philanthropic service partner, to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina recover and rebuild their lives. Collegiate and alumnae chapters nationwide will spearhead fund-raising projects to benefit Habitat's Disaster and Emergency Services unit as part of "Operation Home Delivery," Habitat's three-phase response to provide assistance and rebuilding opportunities along the Gulf Coast in the hurricane's aftermath. "These projects may be as simple as car washes and candy bar sales, or as complex as dance marathons and sports tournaments," said Vanessa Florence, the Sorority's National Philanthropy Coordinator. "We are strongly encouraging every member and chapter to immediately begin collecting funds for this critical effort." Individuals not affiliated with a collegiate or alumnae chapter may make a personal donation by sending a check payable to Alpha Sigma Tau/HFH Hurricane Katrina to the Sorority's National Headquarters in Birmingham , Alabama. Donations should be received within 30 days. In June 2004, Alpha Sigma Tau announced at their annual convention that they would partner with Habitat for Humanity for their National Service Project. Since then, the Sorority has supported the organization 's efforts in many ways, from working with Habitat campus chapters and affiliates across the United States to participating in Collegiate Challenge, which provides volunteer opportunities for students during their school breaks. Following Katrina's catastrophic strike on the Gulf Coast, Habitat announced an emergency appeal for funds to help Habitat families and other low-income families recover and rebuild . The Disaster and Emergency Services unit will dispatch teams to check on Habitat families who lived in the storm 's destructive path and provide whatever immediate assistance they can. They will then begin to plan for short- and long-term assistance for these families , as well as Habitat volunteers and affiliates in the affected areas. Alpha Sigma Tau immediately stepped up to the plate, making plans to support Habitat's endeavor to "help rebuild the lives of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, piece by piece, house by house." "From the beginning, we have known that Habitat for Human ity was a natural partner for our philanthropic efforts," said Patricia Simmons, the Sorority's national president. "Their mission to build affordable housing for those who lack adequate shelter reflects our beliefs and our motto of being 'active , self-reliant, and trustworthy.' Our thoughts and prayers have been with the victims of this devastating catastrophe, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to support Habitat as they respond to one of the worst natural disasters in our nation 's history." For more information on Alpha Sigma Tau's involvement in "Operation Home Delivery," contact Vanessa Florence, National Philanthropy Coordinator.

• • • • • • •• • • •• • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

As we approach the National Convention in Orlando, Florida this coming June , Alpha Sigma Tau will once again select women from its membership to fill the volunteer positions w ithin the Sorority. Over the next few months, the Nominations Comm ittee will be accept ing candidate applications for National Council, National Staff (non-advisory),Assistants to the Nat ional Staff (non-advisory), and committee volunteers. Please take a moment to consider whe re you wo uld like to serve over the next two years. If you are interested in learning more about the positio ns, please refer to . Being a National volunteer is a most rewarding opportunity. As a representative of Alpha Sigma Tau, you would work closely with a variety of amazing women across the United States making an impact on individuals, chapters, Alpha Sigma Tau, and the Greek community as a whole . W ithin Alpha Sigma Tau, you would have the opportunity to become one of our trained volunt ee rs and have the chance to sha re your knowledge and enthusiasm with others. You would become familiar with how the So rority operates on a National level and represent the Sorority in an officia l capacity with other Alpha Sigma Taus, campus administrators, and national Greek commun ity leade rs . You would also have the opportunity to shape Alpha Sigma Tau 's future by participating in Conventions, RLWs, Officer Academies, and District Days. Finally, as a National voluntee r, you 'll develop a national network of personal and professional contacts .

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! To download and review the nominations process and application , please visit

volunteer • • opportuntttes IMPORTANT DATES Incumbent Forms and Applications (with attachments) Accepted until December I, 2005

National Council Applications (with attachments)

Accepted until April IS, 2006 Acceptance of Applications for these positions must close 75 days before Convention Opening Ceremony

Nominations for National Council positions completed: May 30, 2006 Nominations for these positions must be completed 30 days before Convention Opening Ceremony

National Staff, Assistants to the Staff and Committee Applications (with attachments): Accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled. Alumnae Dues (National: $40) due: June I, 2006 (fiscal year 2006-2007)




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moving or changing your name? Please send information to: Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority, 1929 Canyon Road, Birmingham, AL 35216-1723 Fax (205) 978-2182 Or you can email your update to: aststaff@m

Former/Maiden Name _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ New/Married Name - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Spouse's First Name - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Former Address. _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ New Address _ ___________________________________________________________________________ New Phone Number _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Email Address --------------------------------------------------------------------------Effective Date - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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