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1996-1997 National Fonndation Scholarship and Grant Winners- Kudos to our outstanding scholars.

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NPC Year of the Scholar is declared

The beach at Ship Bottom , Long B a h Isla nd , New J ersey.


Respect: Given or Earned?

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In Search of... A National Directory is coming

Expansion - Three new colonies come aboard. NPC Pin Day- Wear your pin with pride. Board of Trustees - Meet the Women who compose the Alpha Sigma Tau Board of Trustees


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National Connell- Meet the ladies serving as National Connell Members


Daycare Dilemma- A few helpful hints to help in selecting a daycare.

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Spring 1997 Volume 72 ,

THE FOUNDERS Mab le Chase Ruth Dutcher May Gephart Effie E. Lyman H arriet Marx Eva O 'Keefe Adriance Ri ce He le ne M. Ri ce Maye ne Tracy Alpha Sigma Tau was found ed November 4, 1899 at J\ll ichigan State Normal School (now Eastern Michigan University), Ypsilanti, MI.

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THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


1996-1997 National Foundation Scholarship and Grant Winners Mary Alice Peterson Grant wa award ed to Amanda Cobb, an alumna of Rho Chapter. Amanda i current! at the niver i of Oklahoma working on a Ph.D. in Engli h . Amanda ' tudie include Native Am rican Literature and he has pr en ted e eral pap r a t variou confer nee . Lon term career plan are to become a univ r ity profe or.

Th e Carrie Washburne Staehle Scholarship wa award ed to Elaine Martin of Alph a Gamma at H enderson ta te University. Elaine i a enior with a history major and Spanish min or. Lo ngterm plan for Elain e include graduate school to become an attorn ey a well a improving her pani h language kill by studying in a Spanish-speaki ng countr . Th e June McCarthy Scholarship wa awarded to H eathe r Fra nkh a u er of Zeta Chapter at Lock H ave n niver ity. H ea th e r is a mu sic education tud e nt. Long-te rm plan for H ea th e r are to work in th e public chool sy tern a nd complete a graduate program in educational administration. Th e Meda Ray Elliott Sewell Scholarship wa awarded to Lori hri top her of Ze ta Chapter at Lock H ave n Univer ity. Lori is a senior this year a nd wi ll ea rn her degree in psyc holog . Long-te rm goal for Lori include graduate chool to beco me a chi ld p chologist and work in a childre n 's hospital.

Th e Elizabeth Wilson-Dorothy Bennet Robinson Scholarship wa awarded to Tamara Berardon e of Alpha Omicron at Clarion niver ity. Tamara is a senior maj o rin rr in e lem e ntary and special educa tion , and after graduation plans to use her teac hing kill to help her stud ents beco me productive adult . Th e first Charlotte Evans Floyd Scholarship was awa rded to ictoria Coulter of Gamma Io ta cha pter a t York Co ll ege , P . Victoria i earning her d egree in e le me ntary a nd special educa tion and plan to stay in th e area a nd use h e r teac hing d egrees afte r gradu ation.

The Rose Marie Schmidt Scholarship wa awarded to Deni e ronrath of Zeta Cha pter at Lock H ave n niverity. De ni e i a e ni or majoring in h alth cience pre-ph ical therap thi ear an d plan to co ntinu h r graduate tudie in ph ica l th erap . Longterm goal are to work in a ho pi tal ettin g a a pediatric th erapi t.

The Lenore Seibel King Scholarship wa awarded t Ga il DeLa h aw, Rh o hapter, at outhea tern Oklah oma. Gail i attending graduate choo l to continue her tudie in cu ltural anthropo lo . Future plan indud vo lunte r work in the Peace Corp to he lp humanity prior to tarting her career. Long-term career plan for Gail are to work in the academi world , continuing re earc h an d workin g with tudent to ac hi eve their a ademic goa l . The Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle Scholarship wa awarded to Kri ta Priddy of Rh o Ch apter at outhea tern Oklaho ma Un iver ity. Kri ta i a gradua te tudent in cou n e ling p ycho logy and h er long term goa l include workin g as a cou n e lor in a clinical etting to h elp child ren and young adu lt .

Charlotle Evans Floyd with \lictoria Coulter

A Mary Alice Peterson Grant was award ed to Me lani (Ka l y) hort of Rho hapte r a t outhea tern Okl aho ma niv rsity. Me la ni e will be ea rnin g her degr in nur in g and he r are r plan ar to practi ce a an RN co n e ntratin g in p di a tri or n o nata l nur in g.



ybil and J erry Ki n u

The fir t Thoma J . King, Jr. cholarship wa award d to J odi a h of Alpha Gamma a t Hend er o n niver ity. Jodi will b e graduatinrr thi ear with h r degr in biolo , and h mistr y. Long-t rm pi n f; r o mpl t J odi ar t ca l h o l and b

lJ!ÂŁar of tqÂŁ ~tqolar lFfrorlanmtion ~ar ie, ~ar ie, ~ar ie. __ Let it be kn own to all in th e interfraterni ty wo rld th at th e Nati onal Panh ellenic Confe rence duly procl aims nineteen hundred and ninety seve n as the National Panh elleni c Conference Year of th e Scholar, and

Let it be known that during this year.... Every collegiate and alumn ae woman will se t high academic goals and seek to reach her intellectual potential; Every collegiate and alumn ae member will aspire and guide her Pan hell eni c sisters to practice academi c in tegri ty; and Every PC member fraternity will challenge its members to strive for academic achievement an d in tellectual interest beyond the classroom. Let it also be known that during this year.... Every College Pan hell enic will set an academic goal which exceeds all-wom en 's ave rage on th at campus; Every College Panh ellenic will pursue recognition on the NPC Academic Honor Roll; Every Coll ege Pan helleni c will recognize all fraterni ty wom en wh o achieve above allwomen's average, and future recognize those who are on the Dean 's list; every College Panh ellenic will recognize all NPC chapters th at receive above th e all-women 's average; Every College Panhellenic will foster academi c excellence through seminars devoted to successful learning skills; and Eve ry College Panhelleni c will establish a master calendar th at recognizes academi c performance as the highest priori ty. Let it be further known that ...... . Every Al um nae Pan helleni c will honor at on e mee ting during th e year its represe ntatives who are members of academic honor societies, including but not only limited to Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi , and Mortar Board; Eve ry Alumn ae Panhellenic will recognize all 4. 0 or equivalent Panhellenic scholars in their local College Panhell enic; Eve ry Alumn ae Panhelleni c will se t aside mee ting time to become better informed on fraterni ty issues, global issues, or oth er academi c endeavors; and Finally, let all fraternity women faithfully promise To pursue kn owl edge with renewed vigor in accordance wi th the ideals expressed in the Panh ellenic Creed. This proclamati o n is hereby decreed to take effect on J anuary 1, 1997, and to remain operational through ou t every day of th e Year of the Scholar. Let all our acti o ns and deeds as fraterni ty women refl ect our dedicati on to kn owledge, integrity, exce llence in scholarship , and the pursuit of truth .

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


The Year of the Scholar h e atio nal Panh elle ni c Co n fe re n ce (N P C) invites eve r y fr a te rni t woman to take part in th e Yea r of th e Scholar. The Year of th e Scholar will put acad emic pursuits a t th e forefro nt for wo m en 's frate rnities and brin g to life th e id eals tated in th e Panh ellenic Creed. Suppo rted by membe r fra terniti es bo th individ ually and co ll ective ly th ro ugh ou t the wo rld , T he Year of th e Sch olar ce le bra te th e "Greek" wo men 's qu e t fo r acad e mi c exce ll e nce by pro m o tin g th e a ttainme nt of hig h sc ho larship and th e pu ruit of inte ll ectual interes ts. T hi s n ew initi a ti ve will provid e ta ng ibl e on go in g acad e mi c e nri chm e nt and suppo rt fo r Gree k-affi liated wo m en bo th individu ally a nd co llective ly in th e ir pursuit of acad e mi c exce ll e nce . Wh en th e g reat maj o ri ty of o ur m e mbe rs are pre parin g fo r challe ngin g caree rs and g raduate a nd profess io n a l sc h oo ls, th e Year of th e Sch olar m a te ri als will be a we lco m e additi o n to Co ll eg e a nd Alumn ae Panh e ll enic programmin g. Th e Yea r of th e Scho la r h as created th e mes, programmin g id eas, and m a te ri a ls whi ch corre p o nd to th e acad e mi c need s of wo me n sc ho lar s o n campuses n a ti o nwide. Distributi o n of Year o f th e Scho lar programmin g m ate ri als will begin early in 1997 and includ e a n acad e mi c ch a lle nge to a ll


Coll ege Panh e ll e ni c to improve th e all- o rori ty average b .1 in each 1997 acad e mi c ter m , a n Acad e mi c En richme nt Manu al, a nd var iou ite m s u ch a ribb o n , b u tton , a nd T- hi rt to p rom o te th e pre e nce of ch o lar hip

• z ear

with m o re exc ite m e n t. In addi tion, a lea rnin g skill s ym p o ium will be sp o n so re d b th e o er 600 Co ll ege Pa nh e ll e ni cs for a ll new m e m ber durin g 1997. Alumn ae Pa nh e lle ni c will h ave a n ac ti ve r o l e in th e Yea r of t h e

ch o lar too. T h ey' ill e nhan ce th eir m e tin g with recog niti o n of 4.0 cho lar an d member in h o n o r oc ie ti e and program re la ted to hig h r ed ucation. P co n gra tul ate th o e ca mp use wh er th e all- orority ave rage i a lread y a bove the all-wo m e n ' average and c h a ll enge eac h Co ll ege Pan h ll en ic to \viden th e ga p be twe n the all-sorority a erag an d t h e allw m n' average. P provide man "window of opportunity" to it memb r in cl uding an P on u lti ng Tea m ; a value -ba ed approach to ri k m a nagement education ca ll ed "Some thin g of Va tu "; PC Link programm ing o n e lf-e teem and interfrat rnali m; and partner hip with the G lamo u r / H an Hand in Hand brea t ca n cer edu ation program and the at ional ating Di orders Sere ning Program. For m re information on P program , conta t P on th w b at http: / / www.gre npc or ca ll th e national office at 317- 72-3 1 5. Th ational Panhell enic onference upport College Panhe ll enic on ov r 600 college campu e . Member of 271 lumnae Panhe ll enic awarded 250,000 in holar hip in 1995-96. With a 2- ,000 endowment from Phi Mu Fraternity, P \vi ll ontinue to advance the que t for academic excellence into the 21 t ntury.

Think on These Things

Respect: Given or Earned? hink abo ut th e new, b rig hteye d co ll egia n wh o wa kes up o n bid d ay to ee if h e has bee n acce pted by he r ho n g ro up . She i xcited to find o ut th at he d oe "fit in " and will have new ist rs. She pro udly acce pt th at bid a nd j o ins th e ra nk of pl ed ge d m mbe rs.



At her fir t m eeti ng, h e i to ld to: wear he r pin and ri bbo ns at all tim es, carry a nd make a pledge book, ge t sign atu re , me m OJ-ize name , attend tud ho u r , learn th e h i tory of LT, pass wee kJ t t to p repare for th e nati o n al exam , give th e cha p te r a g ift as a class, have a po itive a ttitud e, a tte nd all mee ting unl e excu sed , pay dues and fee o n tim e, parti cipate in fund-ra i e r , choose a big si ter kee p il e nt abo ut cha p ter bu ine dre a pp ro pria te ) , gree t h er i ter \¡vi th pride, m a ke up a nd in g o n g , ta ke part in phil anthro pic p roj ect a nd m ee t a ll d eadlin Durin g ru h th a rn e ter

treated her with enthu ia m, e. citemen t, and joy. 1 ow, however, t \ alk to their "beat," do a to ld , and "earn their re p ct." t the bottom of her pledged member program , it i written tha t "r pect i earned , it i not a privil ue ." Meanwhil e, h e i give n I tter on a p ledgeT- h irt and can o nly wear it o n o n day . h e may h ave I tter on bag or k 'cha in , but ca n on lv arrv th em ' h n to ld. he m u t w ' r h er "I tter " o n home m in u, a lum n a w k nd, and on Par nt Dav. he wn any other hi rt. " ;ith I th r by a n in itiat cl ' th at h r n w si.¡ pri ng 199

Think on These Thini!s te_r give I tt r to their fraternity fn e nds for th ir party T- hirt . Sh e wonder wh ' th ey rna ' wear them, but h e cannot. h e continu es to interview all of th e initia te d i ters in h e r c h ap ter, pas the week ly xams, and attend all function . Ma ny of her i te r a re not a a ilab le when h e is to c h e dul e a meeting with th e m . They d o not ca ll h er back f01- th ey are too bu . orne of h er i ters who h ave the ir le tter do not eve n a ttend bus ine s m eetin b o- ' ru h , or ritua l. They are a lwa too bu y. Many of them h ave not paid due or participated in h r pl ed ge d member/ si t r activiti es each week. orne are in poor tanding for financia l reason or for unexcus d abence . )th oug h h ha been to ld that letters are not to be present wh n co numing alcoho l, h e notic a ll of the up , key hain with beer op n e rs, ba eball cap , vi ors, and sig n with le tter on th m a t the partie . During fa ll break, h e goe h o m e and l II her fami ly a ll abo ut her n ew xperience and that when initiation da ' come , h ' ill fina ll be able to w ar letter . Po ibly they wou ld like to give h r a new weat hirt for ini tiation with the le tte r o n it. I nitiation day come and h e i excit dafter a ll of the activiti es of "1ek. " Sh i ur that the e pe rience wi ll be a good o n e a n d that all of her i ter will be initiated together. he later learns that two i ter did n o t have grades a lth oug h they were g ive n bid , one i ter quit due to financia l rea on , and o n e iste r i to ld h er a ttitud i not ri g ht. She did n o t portray the r ig h t attitude of a n Alpha igma Tau i ter. D owntrodd e n h e dres e for initi ation a nd i un ure if sh e rea ll y wants to be lo ng to thi g roup . W ill it be a n y better after h e i initi a te d ? Sh e will b e a n eq u a l a nd wi ll be ab le to wear h e r letters with pride . After all , didn ' t h e ea rn th e right? At initi a tion , sh e receive h er own le tters becau e h e h as completed all of h er pl e dged m e mb e r r e quir e ment . She h as earned th e m an d is n ow worth y of own ership a nd h as th e THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

ri g ht to wear th m . Never did h e r i te r tell h e r that in rea lity, the only insigni a h e ca nnot own o r wea r until initi atio n i th e so ror ity crest. Sh e lea rn ed abo ut that in h e r le o n , but did n ot as k qu es tions. Mea nwhil e, ac ross th e tate, th e Be ta Be ta Alph a C h apte r of h e r so ro rity give n ew pl edged m e mbe rs a po itive w !co m e into th e ir ch apter a nd in ures th e m th a t th e ir program will be fu n . Th ey a re g ive n le tte r o n th e first day with prid e a nd a re e n co urage d to " how th e m off" by wea rin g them a ofte n a th ey pl ea e. Sisters m a ke it a p o int to h e lp eac h n e w m e mb e r lear n mate rial for th e wee kl y exa ms b y p lay in g ga m e . Th e ofte n m ee t in ma ll g roup s t b eco m e b e tt e r ac-

She will be an equal and will be able to wear her letters with pride. After all, didn't she earn the right? qu a inted. Pl e d ge b oo k s a re o utdated as eac h n ew pl e d ged m e mb e r i n ow g i e n a boo kl et with a pi c ture of eac h initi a te d si te r a nd a re to ld to u e it as a refere n ce o nl y. In th e ir pl e d ge pro gra m , it tates th a t if yo u fo rge t omeo n e's n a m e , please ask. T h ey a re reas ure d that in tim e th ey wi ll know everyo n e . Phil a nthrop y is stre e d a nd study h ou r are se t up for th e e ntire ch a pter, not o nl for pl e d ge d m e mbers. Each bi g ister tak es tim e to ex pl a in th e pro ce s of initi a ti o n an d co m es over to th e pledge d m e mbe rs ' roo m s to take th e m to th e ce re m o n y. M e mb e rship in th e c h a pte r is po itive an d th e wo m e n do n ot worry if th e pl e dge d m e mbe rs h ave earn e d th e right to be initiate d . Initi atio n is a d ay to r e m e mb e r with a ll n ew siste rs ce le brating th e ir ac hi eveme nts together. Alumnae a re prese nt to co n gratul ate the newest sisters and to share in the excitement.

What is Respect? Accordin g to th e di ti o n ary, respec t is "to onsider with hi g h regard. " We mu st ask ourse lves if we b e li ev th at resp ct is a rn d , or it i th e right of a ll hum an b e in g . In tegrity, di g nity, a nd If-worth ar built on r pec t. Wh e n respect itse lf is respect d , life beco m es sweeter a nd worthwhil e. Kee pin g res p e t as so mething to b e ea rn ed o nl y o p e n the door for mi strust a nd di sre p ect. C h apters are e n co urag d to create pl e d g d m e mb er progra m s that foster a positi ve e nviro nm e nt of resp ec t. Activit ies should p e rmit new m e mb e rs to fee l goo d about who th ey a re a nd the d ec isio n th e y have ma d e . Fo rcin g pl e d g d m ember to co mpl e te trivi a l tasks becau e oth er did it before them i m ea nin g le . Even if the pl e d ged member a re trea te d with kindnes throughout th e process , load in g them with tim e-co nsumin g tas k cau e undue stre s. Some of o ur p ledged m emb e r prog ra m are requiring a man y a fifteen to twenty hour a week for u c h act ivit ie . H ow can anyone m ee t th e ir e du catio n a l, per ona l or fa mil y goa ls with suc h hi g h d emand? Chall e n ge you rse lf to keep rep ec t at th e forefront of your work eac h day. Re m ember to practice the id ea ls of A"LT a nd be read to admit yo ur mistak es , co unt yo ur bl e in g , and spread joy in li ving. We are fa t appro a ch in g our lOOth a nni ve r ar y. Thi i a time to res pec t th e h o n or of the e ig ht great wo m e n wh o founded Alph a igma Ta u. Th ey worked as a tea m to build a n organization that would withsta nd tim e a nd brin g respect to ite lf through stro n g va lu e a nd princ ipl es. Re m e mb e r to h are the ri g ht of re p ec t a t a ll times with oth ers. Repec t is a p er m a n e nt right until it i lost. Eve n th e n , eve r o n d e erve a seco nd ch a n ce.




In Search of..... Have yo u eve r tri ed to get in to uch with a long lost sister on ly to find tha t th e last address you h ave in yo ur te lephon e dire c tory is e ig ht yea r o ld ? Well , yo ur trouble are over. Soon a n impressive directory of o ur alumnae will be availa bl e to h elp yo u locate all yo ur o ld fri e nds. Th e n ew Alpha Sigma Ta u o rority Alumnae Direc tory, sc hedul ed for release in April/May 1997 will be th e most up to d a te and co mpl e te refe re n ce of over 16,214 Alph a Sigma Tau Sorority alumn ae ever co mpil ed . Thi co mpre h e nsive vo lum e will in clud e curre nt information th a t wi ll be bound into a cia sic, library qua li ty edition. Al ph a Sigma Tau h as co ntracted th e prestigio us Be rn a rd C. H a rri s Publi shing Company, In c. to produ ce o ur directory. H a rris has resea rc hed a nd comp il e d th e in formation to b

printed in th e direc tory by mailin g a qu e tionn a ire to eac h alumn a . On ce rece ived , our informatio n will be e dited a nd proces ed b o ur publish e r. t a la te r point in th e projec t (a nd before th e fin al co mposition tage of th e boo k) o u wi ll be co ntacted by H a rri directl to e ri fy th a t yo ur per o n a l d a ta i ab o lute ly co rrec t. Mu c h of th info rm atio n to be ver ifi e d o n eac h indi idua l' li ting wi ll be go in g into the director . p ec ifi ca ll y, c urr e nt n a m e, aca d e mi c date, res id e n c addre a nd ph o n e numb e r, urr e nt o c up a ti o n , a nd bu in e addre sa nd ph o n number (if app li ca bl e). Th co pe f th i information i an indi ca ti o n of the co mpre h e nsive qu a lity of th ntire vo lum e. Th e directo r will ort thi d a ta b n a me in th e alph a be ti ca l divi si n , a nd by cia , yea r, a nd eogra phica l locatio n in e p ar a te ectio n of th e boo k.

NPC National Pin Day At th e a nnual NPC mee ting, th e ationa l Pa nh ell e ni c Co nfe re n ce a nnoun ced a n ew effo rt to in crease publi c awareness," a tiona l Pin Day." T h e campaig n e ntitl ed , "It's as Simpl e as Wearin g Yo ur Pin ... With Pride" ta kes place Marc h 3, 1997. Wom e n acros th e n a ti o n a nd a broa d a re a ked to wear th e ir fraternity badge or le tte rs to ce le brate, take pride in , a nd sh a re th e ir affili atio n with PC a nd th e ir own n atio n al o rga nizatio n . It i a n ticipa ted tl1 a t with eve r pin worn , a qu estion will be asked . Th is is a wond e rful way to reac h o ut to th o e wh o may not kn ow what wom e n 's frate rniti es are rea lly about. So, ce lebra te o ur hi tory durin g Women ' Hi tor Month . On Ma rch 3rd , all fra te rnity a lumn ae a nd co ll eg ia te wi ll har th e pirit of Pa nh ll e ni c b wea rin g th ir fra te rnit badg , p in or le tte rs. For all that wea r , all th a t we g ive , a nd all th a t we d o, th re is rea o n to I bra te.


Th directo ri e are c h eduled to be re lea ed ome tim e around pril14, 1997. Al l alumn ae whore e rved a copy of th e dire tor during the verification ph a e of th pr 0e t hou ld b re iving th e ir co pi e two to thr e w e k aft r th relea e. If o u have a qu tion o n yo ur ord r, or if ' O U wi h to place a n ord e r, pl ea e co ntac t our publi h er direct! a t th fo ll owi n g addre : u tomer en1ce D epartm e nt Be rn ard . H arri Publi hing o., In c. 16 Koger e n ter, uite 10 Norfo lk, V 23-02 1- 00-877-4099 Our n ew director y i an e ce ll e nt wa of reliving our c hool day a nd ge ttin g reacquainted with i ter . ~ tho e wh o returned their que ti onna ire, man ' thank for yo ur cooperatio n . To those who rdered a c p f the d ire tor y, enjoy!

h I I pi ni and ocial gath ering , and donated item to a " afe h ou e" for wo m e n a their lo al philanthropi project.

Expansion! W now have three n ew co lo nie .

Welcome!! Th e Sunfl ower Alumn ae C h a pter was in tail e d o n O ctob r 20 , 1996 . T hi c h apter dra \ m mb e r from ae ro sea te rn Ka n a . T h e r' ve h ld a "ru h party" tor cruit n w m e mb r ,

The De lta Io ta co lo n , at T wn nd a nd ale niver iry in Pro,1d n , RI i th newe t co lo ny to come on board. We're very proud a nd e x it d a b u t a ll of o ur c I ni e a nd lo k foward t th ir in tallation later thi, m ter. It \\111 b a bu y, nd produ prin cr for o ur Dire t r of Expanh ri tina Dugga n . ,;ngtc n . pring 199 7

Board of Trustees


f you were offered a book of tandards and rule to a bide by, would you imply beg in following them? Or, would yo u que tion tl1em and wonder where th ey came from? Ofte n understa ndin g the origin, creator a nd purpose of a tandard o r a d eci ion can make it ea ie r to fo llow and appreciate. The Alpha Sigma Tau Board of Tru tee is a group of d edicated alumnae whose duty is to oversee the propo ed amendments to tl1e Con timtion and to review th e minutes ofth Council m e tings and ofthe Convention to a certain if the e activitie are co nsiste nt with th e b t intere t of th e Sorority; name ly, it purpo e, u路adition , and the pre ervation of th e ritu al a nd hi torica l integrity. vVh e n the Board was in tituted , it co nsi t d on ! of th e pa t pre id e nts. Th e e e\'en lad ie e xp a nd e d a nd brought oth er into the Board . Today the Board i e lf- uffi cie nt. Th e have a li t of Alpha Sig ma Tau that they wou ld like to work with. Wh en a vacancy occur , the fi ll it th e m e lves by voting and ap po inting omeone. They h ave a li t of qua lificatio n th a t the look for in pote nti al Board m ember . For xamp le, if ou wou ld like to be a member of the Board you mu t be an initi ate d member, and h ave erved on the 1 atio na l Cou ncil. Th ere are othe r qualification but th e purpose of thi a ni le i to introduce o u to th e lad ies that compose th e Alph a ig m a Tau Board of Tru tee . Le nore eib I King, "Svbil, " i a P i from J am es Madison Un iver ity. Sh e i origina lly from Roa n oke , V a nd n ow live in Bi rm in g ham , AL. ybil is m arri ed to Thoma J. King, Jr. T h ey a re th e pare n ts of Thoma J. Kin g III, u an Le nore Kin g H o lbe n , Kath e rin e King Power , J a ni ce Kin g mith and Clare King Cleme nts. Current office held by Mr . King are: Foundation First Vi ce Pre id ent, Member of tl1e Board ofTru tees, Centennial Committee m ember and H eadqu arter adm inistrator. H er past office include: Psi C hap ter Ru h Chairman an d Pre id e nt, a tion a l Scholarhip C hairm an , Alumnae Ch airm an , a tion a l President, PC De legate and THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Altern ate D legate, Natio nal Foundation Fir t Vice Pres id e nt, Director of Fraternity Progra m s, and Board of Tru tees. he wa in trumental in organ izin g th Roa nok , VA a nd Birmin gham , AL alumn ae chapter and i ame mberofboth . irs. King ha rece ived th followin g award : d a . Norton Award 1970, Mar y Louise Doyle Pan he ll e ni c Award 1984, and Orde r of the Ye llow Ro e , 1996. H e r other inte rests and bobb ie include tl1 e Dawso n Me mori al hurch Su nday School (a nd oth er activities), H o mewood Citize ns A so ia ti on, travlin g, quilting for famil y, croch etin g, and co ll ec ting a mea ningful me mento to re pre ent places vis ited . Sh e ha participated in chao! activities of all five childre n and he ld major PTA offi ces at elementary, middl e and hi g h

Sybil King, CharlolleFloyd, Mary Louise D oyle, Anna MargaTe/ Rhodes

sc h oo l leve ls. Sybil was also a Cub Sco ut d en moth e r, Girl Sco ut Ch airman , ta ug ht vacation bibl e chao! and e r ve d as a n as istant Sunday Schoo l teach e r. She e njoys clo e fri e nd hips especially with her hu band , children, ALT si ters and friends oflong tanding and n ew. Sh e fee l be in g a full tim e mom

Charlolle Floyd

and vo luntee r have been a ucces fu l venture a nd ati fyin g car er. "The tho usand of yo ung women I have met o n hundred of AlT c hap ter vi it h ave e nri c h ed a nd b le ed my li fe along with a very pecial husband, children and famil y." Anna Ma rgare t Young Rh ode i also a Psi fro m J am es Madi on Un iversity. She ea rn ed a Masters d egree in e le me n tary ed ucation from the niver ity of Virginia and an ducation p ec ia li t certifi cate from Georg Washin gto n niver ity. he nO\\ li ve in Virginia Beac h , VA and i marri ed to Dona ld H e nry Rh o d e . The have two childre n : Do nald H enr Rh ode , Jr. and Che ter Clemon Rh ode . Profes io nall , Anna Margaret ha b n a t ac he r, prin ci pal, admini u路ator a nd ea rn ed th e di tin c ti on of Teacher of the Year in th Commo nwealth ofVirginia, 1967. In lT, he ha h eld man r office . h e wa P i Pl edge Chairman, Roa noke Alumn ae Chapter Pre id ent, T id ewa te r Alu mnae C h a pte r Pre id nt, Norfolk Pan h e ll ni Counci l Pre id ent, irg ini a Beach Co nvention Lo ca l Ch airma n , National H eadqu arte rs Fund Chairm an , P Alternat Delegate and Delegate, Board ofTru tees Me mbe r a nd curre nt h airman. Anna Ma rgaret wa a\ arded the Mary Loui e Do le Pan hell ni c ward. (continued on next page)


Board of Trustees

Anna MargaTet Rhodes

Mary Louise Doyle

(continued from prev_ious page). In h er spare tim e, he 1s a member of th e Virginia Beach United Me thodist Church; Am erican As ociati o n of U ni ve rsity Wo me n , Virgini a Beac h Bra n ch Preside nt, Virgini a Divisio n Reco rdin g Sec re tar y, Vi ce Pres ide nt fo r Me mbe r hip; West Gh ent Kin g's Daughte r Circle; o rfolk City U ni o n of th e King's Daugh te rs, treasurer and edu cati o n ch airman ; Orde r of Ca pe H enry, 1607, boa rd me mber and registra r; PTA li fe m e mb e r; Meals o n Wh ee l vo luntee r ; D e lta Ka pp a Gamm a Soc ie ty Inte rn a ti o n a l, loca l chapte r president. A dedi ca ted parent, she has bee n a Cub Scout den mo th er, Sunday chool teache r, o n th e church administrative board and an offi cer in th e PTA. An na Marga re t a lso e nj oys reading, bridge, travel an d Unive rsity ofVirginia sports. Ga il h ockley Fowler i an Al pha Lambda fro m Radfo rd Uni e rsity, VA. Ga il has se r ve d Alph a Sig ma Ta u a ati o nal President, atio nal Preside nt Elec t, Direc tor of Collegia te Ch apte rs, and as Epsil o n Disu路ict Preside nt. Sh e ha re e ive d th e da A. orto n Alumnae Awa rd a we ll as th e Order of th e Ye ll ow Roe . Ga il i a Me mber of th e T rini ty ni te d Metho di t C hurch , T h atio na! Edu atio n A sociati o n , a nd T h Co un il for Exce ptio nal Childr n. H er ho bbi in Jude walkin g, readin g, a nd

participating in th e chu rc h cho ir. She is now a Supervi or of Specia l Educati o n in Laure l, DE. Ch arl o tte Evan Floyd i a Psi from J ames Madiso n U nive r ity, V . Charlo tte h as ser ved ALT a atio nal ecre tar y and Ce nte nnial Co mmi ttee Coordina tor.


Mary Charles Ashby, Rose Marie Schmidt, and Sybil King

Sh e h as been h onored with th e Ada A. o rto n Al u mnae ward, Conventi o n Al umn ae Top Tau, orth ern Virginia Al umn ae To p Tau, Order of th e Ye ll ow Rose, a nd ha erved o n the Na ti on al Fo undation Board a ecretar , and Board ofTr ustee ecretar . Charlotte' hobbie inclu de traveling; Zonta Club of Arling to n Area, vo lun teer Arlin gto n H o p ita! patient infor m a tion d es k; oa terette Go ld Coa t h rin e Club Deerfield Bea h , FL; J e te re tte , a nd Lad ie O rienta l h r in e of o rth m ri a, Am o i Court #39 Ft. Laud rdale.

he i r tired from the nited Stat Government after 2 1/ 2 ar of ervice. Bobbie ichol Tucker is an Alpha Gamma who was initiated at the 196 ew O rl ea n onvention , from H ender on tate Un iver ity, Arkadelphia, AR. he i marri d to J ack A. Tucker, J r. an attome . The have one child, Elizabeth Le i<Yh Tucker. B bbie ha been a car er inve tment banker.with tephen Inc. for the pa t 19 year . he ha been a Publi Finan e Banker ince 1991. he ha held the following po ition in LT: Council i tant, cting Di rector and Director of Expanion, Di trict Pre ident, Alpha Gamma Chapter dvi or, P Alternate De lgate , erved on TPC a ll ege Panhellenic Committee, p ilon Chapter Con ultant, Foundation Financ ia l dvi or, Council/Foundatio n Headquarter ommittee ecretar '/ Trea urer, and member of the B ard of Director . Bobbi has been honored wi th th e fo ll owi ng award : 1970 Top Tau, Al pha Gamma Chapter and 197 da anon ward. I n h r pare time , Bobb i i memb r of t. J am nited ~I th di t hur h , \ o lunt unil Girl cout of m ri a Troop #7 9 , and H end r niv r ity Alu m ni d ia t pa t pr ident. TH



Board of Trustees Carrie Washburn e Stae h le i a n Alph a, from Eastern Mi chiga n Univerity, a nd wa initiated on January 12, 1924. Mr . Stae hl e ha h e ld m a n distingui h ed a nd pivotal offices in A"LT. h e was on th e p lanning committee for n a tionalization from 1924 to 1925. She held th office of ational Trea urer from 1925 to 1934, a tiona! Pre identfro m 1934 to 1949, National Secretar from 19-2 to 1960, 1 PC Re pre n tative from 1947 to 1967, a nd Di rector of Publicatio n 1960-1976. She i the recipient of the fo ll owin g award :Ada A. orton 1949, Conventio n Alumnae Top Tau 1990, a nd Pre ident Emerita 1970. Ca rrie wa a ppo inted to th Boa rd ofTrustees in 1990 a lo n g with oth er n a tional pre idents. She codifi d the rule and regulation into the pr ent bylaws. In h er free time, sh e i a membe r of J o hn Knox Pr byterian C hurc h , UW, OES, Pi Kappa Delta (Education H onorar ' o iety) , a nd Great Books Club. H r h obbie include read-

ing, co in and stamp o ll ec tin g, bird watching, genealogie , a n d sports. H e r husband , H aswe ll E. Stae h le, passed on in 1981. She ha two ons, seven grandch ildre n , and three great grandchi ldre n. Mrs. tae h l i a product of th e Mi c higan public choo l y te rn . Sh e ea rn ed a n .B. d egree from Eastern Mi ch igan Un iversity, a nd ha do ne graduate work a t Ohio Sta te Un iversity. Profess io n ally, sh e h as taught in Mi c hi ga n and Co lumbu pub l ic chools. She taught La tin , English , History and Russia n . h e has al o taught En g lish at Columbus State Co llege. Mr . Staehle ha u-ave led to th e Soviet U ni o n for five weeks of mdy, and to Switzerland, hunting for Stae h le genealogy.

Marv Louise Mandrea Davie is a Theta initi a ted in 192, from Wayn e Sta te University (cia of 1927) and U n iversity of Michigan (class of 1931). Mrs. Doyle h as served ALT by holdin g th e fo ll owing offices: Nation al Ed itor, Chap la in , Histori a n , Convention

hairm a n , PC lternate De legate , NPC De legate, D istri ct Pr ide nt, Public Re la tion s Chairman (Frater ni ty Prog ra m s), ation a l Endowment Fund (Publi ity), Board ofTrustee, num rous co mmittee for revi i ns of ma nuals, co n tintti o n , ha ndboo ks, a nd a fr qu e nt "trouble shooter" for ALT and PC in a te rn a rea . he has attended 22 co nve ntio ns between 1931 a nd 1996. Mary Lo ui ha r ce ived the following awards: Ad a A. Norton Award 1952, Alumn ae Co n ventio n Top Tau 1994. h e h as been a member of the Northern Virginia Alumnae h apte r sin ce 1955. h e h a h ld variou po ition includin g Army' Women ' Club , Girl Sco ut Troops, summer am p, nurse ' aid e, an d Red Cro teacher of fir t aid. Mary Lo ui se a nd h er now decea ed hu sba nd h ad lived in J apa n , France, and Germany o n different tour of du ty. H e r h obb ie in clude stamp co llecti ng, internal carving in pia tic, and readin g. H oweve r, "87 i just around the co rn e r! "

JOIN US ON THE WEB: "www.alphasi~matau.or~" A New Home and A New Look For The Alpha Si~ma Tau National Homepa~e, Comin~ This Summer! (Meanwhile, you can still visit us at "" .)


THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


The Nominations Committee Needs Your Recommendations for National Council and Staff Positions WHY:

To assist the Alpha Sigma Tau Nominating Committee in gathering nomin a tions for the National Council and the Staff of Alpha Sigma Tau.


Any alumna in good standing may serve in a position o n the National Staff. For National Council positions, it is preferred, but not required, tha t the alumna member fir t serve on the National Staff to gain experience .


NOW is the time to send in your nominations! Any ALT m ay recommend a candidate . Individuals interested in being considered are also en couraged to ubmit their own names.


Send the following nomination fo rm to: Karen De n chfield-Ma terson, Nominations Coordinator, 2622 Ponce Avenue: Belmont, CA 94002 ( 415)-592-5984.

---------------------------------- - - - - -- Al:T Nomination for National Council or National Staff Positions I nominate

---------------------------------------------------------------First n am e

Number and stree t address








Chapter ____________________ School _ _ _ _______ Year graduated ___ Position(s) for which this sister recomme nded ------------------------------------Reasons for recommendation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Recommendation submitted by: ----------------------------------------------Chapter _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __



Is th e nominee aware of this recomm endation? - - - **All nominees must submit the R esume for taff positions on the following page. A letter of intent should accompany the resume.





Today's Date _ __

A~T Resume for National Staff Positions Applying for (List all interested positions) _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ Name - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Maiden Address City /State/ Zip Area Code/ Phone Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Husband 's Name_ _ __ _ __ _ __ College/Univer ity from which you graduated Year of graduation _ __

Major _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Advanced Degree? What area? Collegiate chapter affiliation Alumnae chapter affiliation Are you actively involved at the alumnae level? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __ Offices held at the collegiate level _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dues Paid _ _ __ Are you currently employed? _ _ __

Full-time or Part-time? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Occupation Do you have children? _____

If ye , please list their ages _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Are you able to travel for AlT? _ _ _ __ If yes, weekdays? _____ weekend ? _ _ __ How often? weekly _ _ __

monthly _ _ _ _ semi-annually _ _ _ __

Are you willing to commit to a full 2-year term? Do you have access to a computer? _ _ _ _ _ Do you write letters? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ How much time per week are you able to devote to sorority business? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Are you able to travel on short notice? ____ Are you able to work within a: budget? _ _ __ Appointments will not be processed until it has been determined that alumnae dues have been paid.

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


National Council h e A:2.T 1 a tion a l Co un cil consists of the atio nal President, ational Vice President, ational Treasurer, atio nal Secretar y, Director of Collegiate Chapters, Director of Alumnae, Directo r of Expansion , Director of Fraterni ty Programs and Director ofPublication . T he immedjate Past- ati o nal Presid nt an d the PresidentEmeti ta shall be ex-offi cio members of the National Coun cil. vVh o are th ese wom en? VVh at do th ey do? VVh ere did they com e from and wh y do we love them so? These women are dedi cated to th e ideals of Alpha Sigma Tau and have chose n to devo te th eir free tim e to furth ring th e success of our so ro ri ty. Eac h on e of th eir po itions i specially designed to work in synch wi th th e o th er positio ns in producing results th at will be nefit th e greater sisterh ood. They hail fro m all over th e country and have background as varied as the co lo rs of th e spectrum . We love th em beca u e th ey are our sisters, becau e they are dedicated to A:2.T and because we believe in the same ideals. Only m embe r in good tandin g are eligible for electio n to any offi ce. Natio nal offi ce rs serve two year te rm , up to a maximum of eight years in th e same positio n , and ar e elec ted at th e Na ti o n al Co nve ntion. The Coun cil mee ts twi ce a year. The atio nal President i Martha Drouyor DeCamp. She was initiated into the Alpha ch apter in the spring of 1958. Martha is fro m Redmond, WA and is m arried to Sam, a business owner. Toge th e r th ey h ave fi ve c hildr e n. Marth a has a degree in ho me economics educa tio n. She was Alph a chapter president, YAA president, Nati o nal Social Se rvice and Philanthro py Ch airm a n and Direc to r of Frate rni ty Program . H er hobbi es include figure skatin g, sewing, cooking and needlewo rk. The duti e of th e President are to pre ide a t a ll Co un cil m ee ting a nd atio nal Co n enti on s; appo int m ember of th e a ti o nal Staffvvith appro al of ati o nal Coun cil; appo int a i tan ts to th atio nal taff; appo int and di o lv co mmittee ; be a member, ex-offi io, o f a ll o mmittee exce pt th e o mmittee; auth o rize th



The A 2:T Council at Pine Mountain ettlement chool. 1 t row: Pat ayle, Martha DeCamp, and j anet Jimison. 2nd row: Ricki Trosen, Chri tina ovington, Patti immons, Andrea KlienYan cho, ancy Tybu-rski, and Sybil King.

Natio nal Trea urer to pay al l bill for expenditure ; inspect or arrange for th e in pec tio n of al l co ll egiate chapter o n an annual basis and have ge neral upervision of the soro ri ty' ac tivi ti es. The duti e of th e Vice President are to work with th di rector of Collegiate Chapte rs and Direc to r of Alum nae in supervi ing and o rganizing Regio n al Leadership Work ho ps; supervi m g the work of th e Conve nti o n Coordinato r; appointing Chapter dviser , istan t Ch apter Advise r and Chapte r Con sul tant for co llegia te chapters; m aking ch apter vi sits. In th e abse n ce of th e President, th e Vice Preside nt perfo rm he r duties. Ou r ice P re id ent i Janet Minnis Jimi on. he i an Iota. She ha ser ved A:2.T b being la tional Treasurer, Parliam en tari an , and th e Kap pa Di trict President. h e i a registered bridal co nsul tant and a gift store manage r wh o is m arri e d to Con rad . Together tl1ey h ave tvvo children ; Scott and Staci. Staci wa the 1996 lati o nal Convention Coordin ator. J anet i a brea t can ce r u rvi or. he voluntee r with th e Ame rican Cancer ociety wh ere h e i a ch a irm an in ch arge of tea m r ruitm e nt fo r h r cau e "R Ia fo r LiÂŁ ." "Rela fo r Life " i a walk-a-tha n to rai fund fo r cance r resear h .

In her pare time he njo reading, cro s tich , and pending time with he r th ree grand on . T he ational Treasurer i Andrea Klein-Yancho wh o was in itiated into th Beta Xi chapter m the pring of 19 3. Andrea ho ld a Bach lor of cience dedmini tration and a dmilli tration. Curren tly, he work a a con ul tant. H er h u bandj effre i an electrical engine r. On th e co llegiate level, h e h eld the office of pre ident, vice pre ident and social ervice chairman. ationally, he has erved Member h ip Developmen t Ch airman and Alumna Cre t Editor. Th

National Council ter i Ricki Bargman Tro e n. She wa initiated into the Alpha Sigma chapter in the fa ll of 1986. Ri cki i from Kirksville , MO and is ma rried to Wally, an attorney. Together they h ave one ch ild, Kelly, 12 and one dog, Zoe, 1. She hold a B.S. in elementary edu ca tion and an l'v1A in counseling. Ricki h as h e ld th e following sororit office : Chapter Ad iser Di tri c t Pres id e nt, ational Secretary, ational Vice Preside nt and DCC. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, and being with family and friends. The dutie of the Director of Collegia te Chapter include th supervision of activities of the collegiate ch apter , th e work of the District Pre ide nts, Regio nal Collegia te Coordinators, ationa! Regio n al Lead ership Worksh o p Coordin ator, C hapter d vi er , a nd Chapter o nsulta nts. The Director also works with the ra tion al Pre id ent a nd ecretar to maintain co ll egiate ch apter in good tanding, works with the Vi ce Preside nt a nd Directo r of Alumnae in supe rvi sing a nd organizing Reg iona l L eaders hip Workshops a nd make vi its to co ll egiate ch apter a nd atte nd c h apter in tallations wh n needed. The Director of Alumnae i Patricia ~ , a Phi initiated in 1971 wh o liv in H o u ton , TX. She is a human reou rce manager and Mary Kay Con ultant. Patricia ho lds a B.S. in h ome economics, m rch andi sin g. Miss ayle h as h eld everal office in Alpha ig ma Tau: Na tional Hi sto-

ria n , DP, Director of Expan ion, National Presid nt, P De l gate, Alumn ae Expansio n Coordinator, and DA. In h er Alumnae Chapter sh has al o h e ld variou po ition . On th e coll egiate leve l sh e wa h a pte r historia n, vice preside nt, and treasurer. Her h obbi es include cross stitch . The Director of Alumnae supervises the activitie of the alumn ae chapter ; appoints, train and upervises th e work of th e Alumnae Membersh ip Assistants and the Coordin ator of Alumnae Expansio n . She is respon ible for th e organization of new alumnae chapte rs, works with th e a tional Preside nt and Secreta ry to m aintain alumn ae ch apter goodstanding and a sists the Director of Collegiate Ch apte r and th e Vice President in the supervision and planning of Regional Leadership Workshop . The Director of Expansion is Christin a Duggan Covington , a n Alpha La mbda who was initi a ted in the pring of 1985. Curre ntly, sh e is a research e r, married to Chris, and a me mber of th e Houston Alumn ae Ch apter. H e r on ly child is h e r cat, Sim on. She now resides in lew H a mp hire. She has been th e Iota Di trict Presid e nt, Secretary, DE, a nd has h eld everal collegiate offices. The Directo r of Expansion is reponsible for th e respo nses to expa nsion co ntacts on co ll ege or university campuses, arran ge me nt of expansion presentations to interested groups, and th e organization of new coll egia te co loni es. She appo in ts, trains, a nd assists

AIT National Council poses with the Pine Mountain Settlement School van that AIT helped puTchase with ouT donation. AndTea Klein-Yancho, MaTtha DeCamp, Pat Nayle, ChTi tina Covington, Nancy TybuTSki, R icki TTOsen, Janet Jimison, and Patti Simmons.

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

th e Ar a Expansion Representati s, train and upervi e the o lony d vi e r , Expan io n s i tant, Trave lin g Co un se lors, a nd Reside nt Co un se lors. he al o directs the in tallation of th e new co lo ni e that are granted ch apter ta tu . Our new Director ofFrat rnity Program is an cy Tyburski , a membe r of the Beta Xi chapter who wa initiated in 1985. Nanc y c u rrently li ves in Cederburg, Wisconsin wh ere he work as a fie ld e rvi ce engineer. a ncy ha served Alpha Sigma Tau a co ll egiate trea ur er, pres ident and a lumn ae li ason. a ti o n a lly, sh e h as rved as a ti o nal o lo ny Advisor. Nancy's bobb ie includ quilting, coo kin g, water skiing, sailing, now kiing, mo untain biking, and golf. Th e Di rector of Frat rnity Progra m supervi e and coordin ates the ac tiviti e of the following member of the ational Staff: Academic , Chaplain , Me mbership Development, Mu ic, Phi la nthro py, Pledge, and Ru h . Our n ew Director of Publication i a tal e n ted woman nam ed Patric ia Kl ausin g Simmons, a me mb r of th Delta chapter who was initiated in 1970. h e h ail from Indi ana, P and i married to Wi lliam . Th ey have two children a nd a n ew granddaugh ter. Patti i a Training and Development oordinato r at ST Ban k. She holds a B.. in Educa ti o n a nd h as taken variou cia e towards a n A.metican Insti tute of Banking Degree. She is a member of the Pittsburgh Alumnae Ch apter. In .ALT she h a h eld th e following office :Chapter Adviser, Assi tant Chapter Adviser and Theta District Pre iden t. H e r b obbie and interests include walking, readin g, ewing, computer , cooking, n eedl ework, talking, friend and orority. Th e Director of Publication chair th e Con stituti on Committee; coordina tes th e content a nd format of al l orority publicatio n ; directs the Hi torian in compiling hi torical record of th e Sorority; works with the Parliamentarian regarding ational Con titution a nd Bylaw ; i respon ible for ed iting and di tribu ting approp riate publicity article a nd m a terial; an d pre pare the a nnual Constitution Studie . 15

Oaycare Dilemma Bv: Au





h ere is no greater bl essing in life than a c hild . Babies bring un surp assable joy, pride a nd h a ppin ess into a hom e . From the mom e nt a n ewborn e nte rs th e world , bo nd s are form in g betwee n child a nd parent. That tiny human i co mpl ete ly d e pe nd e nt on its pare nts for it urvival. Because of a ll thi s, there is n o greater pain in li fe than h av in g to leave your prec ious one in the arms of someo n e e lse wh e n yo u mu st return to work. Se lecting a dayca re i a monum e ntal proce s th a t should not be take n li g htl y. Knowin g wh a t to look for a nd think a bout ca n h elp in m a king a n e du ca te d d ec i ion about where to send your child . Having it a ll on a list is ver y he lpfu l esp eciall y g iven th e state of mind you may be in on th e da y yo u b eg in searc hin g for a daycare. Th e following is a li st of qu estion s that I took with m e when I h ad to research child care options afte r th e birth of my daughter. The comm e nts that acco mpany them ex plain wh y th e question or series of qu estion s was important to m e. I hop e


Ericka H armon, daughter of Maribeth H m·nwn, Zeta, celebrates Christmas


yo u find thi s useful and helpful. Wh en you pull up o r walk up to th e es tablishm ent, take a long hard look at it. Your child hould be in a safe, clean enviro nm ent. • Is it clean ? • Wh at i th e quali ty a nd co ndition of th e fence , the p lay a rea, th e toys? • How far is it from th e road? • I th ere a lot of foot traffic? I didn 't like th id ea of tranger be in g a ble to peer in the windows to watch the kids a they wa lked by. Maura Tezik, daughter of Alina WhittleTezik, Zeta

Gerianne Flynn-Holt, Zeta, and her family celebrate Christmas

• Wh at i the adult-to- hildre n ratio for your child ' age grou p? One per on , in my mind , can n ot tak care of ix new babie . • I there a regi tered nur on the taff who i pr en t all day? • H ow many employee are coll ege ducated , state certified t a h er ? • Of the emp loyee who are not ertifi d, wh at training do they h ave? • Are taff member fir t aid a nd CPR certified? • H ow doe the daycare monitor or keep track of feeding , bowel movement , mood and activitie ?

• I th e re a parking lo t or i it strictly

stree t parkin g? Street p ar kin g m ay ma ke it di ffic ult to drop off a nd pi ck up yo ur child . Wh e n yo u e nte r the facility, ta ke in th e atmosphere. • How is it d ecorated ? • How does it sm e ll? Take in th e ecuri ty. • May ju tan on e off th e treet walk in? • Do you nee d to be "buzze d " in , signed in , le t in , o r e carte d in ? • Do th ey h ave a urveillan ce camera? On yo ur tour th er are a grea t d ea l of thing th at o u h o uld ask a nd noti ce. Th e "to ur g uid e" rn a h a e a pre-rehearsed peech that will auton'laticall a n swer man of o ur qu e ti o n . Thi i ni ce, particula r! ifthi i the first pl ace o u ar vi iting a nd ou are fi g htin g bac k t ar .

"Selecting a daycare is a monumental process that should not be taken lightly. " Som d a care give a work h t to the pare nt when th e pi c k up th e ir hild a nd o th er k e p a lo g b oo k of ort , that detail the tim a nd ac tivi ty o the mother a nd father will kn ow ' h e n and what th ir hild


DaYcare Dilemma For example, if your so n falls will they call you right away? 'Jimmy fe ll a nd bumped hi s h ead at th e playground. He 's fin e . Ri g ht now he's holdin g ice on hi s boo-boo." • How do meals work? • Do you provide yo u r own food ? • Is there a h ot lun ch program ? • Is th e re a snack tim e? • Who will be feed in g or eating with your child ? • What do th e kitch en and eatin g area look like? Yo u , of co urse, want yo u r child 111 a cl ea n h ea lth y e nvironm e nt for meals.

Michael TTueha-rt on the pmwl. H is Mommy is Gay Gammel-T-ruehart

BaiYy on the go ' Maura Tezik is ready for a ride in the car!

h er co unselor or group? Th ese things may a lso appear on th e sh ee t. Some place g ive a verba l ru nd own . • At what ages are th e children divided? • Are the different groups in different rooms or buildings? • Will th e cost vary as your child grows? • Wh e n are parents notifi ed in cases of accidents?

Kim Bell-Destetano, Zeta, and a fri end pass time together:

This AIT L egacy is Madison McLain Km l, the daughter ofjulie Simmons-Krol, Delta, granddaughter of Patricia KlausingSimmons, Delta, great-granddaughter ofj oan Klausing, Delta, great, great, great niece of Martha McLain Stewart, Delta, and great, great, niece of R osemary Simmons, Delta.

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

• H ow often and h ow d o th e toys get sterilized ? • Where will your child 's belongin g be kept? (Loc ke r, milk crate, cubby... ) • Will your child be with the same e mployee all d ay? • What is the turn over ra te of th e employees th ere? • How lo n g has the cu rre nt staff been there ? Co n sistency is vital to the h a ppin ess of yo ur child . I didn ' t want my

daughter to get u se d to one per on and then sudd e nl y h ave to go through that whole proces again . • May you ca ll parents for refere nces? • H ow does nap time work? • Must yo u supply your own crib/ co t/ mat? Sheets? • Wh at kind of "free time" will your in fant or todd ler get where he/ she is not strapped into a chair or in a plaype n? • How often will the kid watch te levision ? • What will they watch? • Will th e kjds ever take fie ld trip ? • Will th e d aycare do potty training? How does that work? • What will yo u r ch ild be told the nam es of his/ her private parts are? • How does drop off a nd pick up work? • If you are un a ble to, who el e rna pick up your child ? • Is the re a procedure for thi ? All states h ave regu latio n that govern dayca r e centers . Compare them to what is actu a lly h a ppening at th e daycares you are visiting. I urge you to vi it more than one d aycare. This way you wi ll h ave ornething to co mp are each one to. obody do es it lik e momm and daddy. In yo ur a b e n ce leave our child with th e b est. Good luck! 17

Colleiliate ChaPter News Alpha/ Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI:

Alpha chapter has been keeping busy this semester doing great things. Our semester started with rush. The th eme for our parties was "Go Retro ACTIVE with AkT." We had lava lamps, groovy beads and lots of happy faces. We felt lucky to pick up 14 women through structured and open rush . We 've done two major philanthropies this semester includin g rai sing mon ey for Stephanie Smith, a little girl in our area who needs a stem cell transplant. And, we 've adopted our street from the city and will be planting flowers and cleaning it come spring. We 've al o had can d1ivesfor Pine Mountain and donation drives for a local women 's shelter. Some how we also managed to mix a little fun in th ere, such as our hayride, formal Founders' Day luncheon and a wee kend trip to Gamma Theta for RLW. -Kristi Charles Beta/ Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, MI:

The sisters oftl1e Beta chapter were greatly surprised upon th eir re n1rn to campus. Our house has bee n redecorated tl1anks to our n ew Housing Manager, Angie Coombs and seve ral other sisters and parents. Formal rush was a success! We are ple ase d to welcome 15 wond e rful pledged members into our sisterhood. They are just as crazy as the rest of us! Homecoming fes tivities include d a

breakfast at our house, followed by tailgating. In September, we enjoyed getting acquainted wi tl1 Kelly Duke, our new District Pre ident. We take great p1ide in announ cing that we were award ed 'The Most Improved hapter" for the fall em ester at Greek Academic wards. Our philanthropic events have included volunteering at a local so up kitch e n, H ead Start, and a Red Cro blood drive. -Kelly Galler Delta/ Indiana University of PA Indiana, PA:

Th e De lta chapter tarted th erne ter off with a succe sful ru h . Our first major fall event was hom ecoming. We and our partne rs from Sigma Phi Epsilon , Alph a Gamma Delta, and Delta Tau De lta placed first this year with our Sesam e Stree t float. Before th e parade, we cele brated our an nual Alumnae Tea with alun1nae, sisters and new members from th e Delta chapter. We had several fund raiser , including a car wa h and a credit card ign up. We also participated in our AdoptA-Highway clean up. At thi tim e, we are h elping Kappa Delta Rho raise mon ey for Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. We are hoping to reach our goal of $15,000 this year. We are getting excited for Miss IUP, our philanthropic project that we ho ld ever y spring sem ester. -Darl a Schnell

Delta Spring '96 Pledge Class at their formal.

Zeta/ Lock Haven Lock H aven, PA :

The Fall1996 erne ter for the Ze ta chap ter at Lock H av n niversity h a been a good one. W had a n o-frill rush an d it turn ed out great! We are ble sed to hav four wonderful new si te r . They were all involved with u for our annual Rock-a-Thon in which we coll ected over 500.00 for our philanthro p y, Lo ck H aven D ay Care. Our c h apter was very involved with th e h m ecoming ce lebration at LH U thi term . We worke d with Tau Kap pa Epsilon on a float for th e parade. Our th e me wa uper H eros Through the D cad e . I t wa a bla t. We h owe d our choo l pirit and our enthu siasm in being involved with o th er Greek organization . Another fun ac ti vity was our Founder ' Da dinn er. The famili e of many of o ur i ters go t toge th er for thi cele bration. It wa a great u cce . -Darle n e Ward Omicron/ Concord College Athens, WV路 Th~s sem ~ ter, th e Omicron ch apter d ediCated Itself to becoming a lar<Ter b , m ore active organization on th e campu of Concord College. V\ e picked up 3 women in fo rmal rush and 10 in informal; in creasing our number to 2 , the largest we've been in year V\ e ' re v r proud of tl1 i . e rne ter' p led ged m mber . The , h ave m ad n ex tra effo rt to m a k th chapter productiv . Another impr v m nt w m a d e has been in th alumn a . Thanks to our n ew




Collegiate ChaPter News we had much more contact with alumnae than in th e past severa l years. Not only are they begi nning to attend more tea and cere moni es, th ey h ave also bee n overwhelming with their fin a ncial support of our chapte r. We just recently h eld a be n efit co ncert for Pin e Mountain Settlement School. Our si ter, Deln ora Re d , who cut h er own co untr y album a nd wa named one of the top ten co ll egiate acts in America, gracious! used h er talents to benefit o ur philanthropy. :Ja mi e McGraw Rho / South Eastern Oklahoma State Durant, OK: The Rh o ch apter kicked off the fal l seme ter with a successfu l rush . Our th me thi ear was "We Are The Champion "and we came out o n top witl1 22 wond rful wo me n . The lad ies of Alpha Sigma Ta u dominated during th e H omecom in g festivities this year. Kelli Robison was first runner up H om eco ming Queen. Our Specia l Olympics fl oat won fi r t p lace. We walked awaywitl1 the Sweeptak trop hy for atte nding the most events during h omecomin g week. For philanthropy, we delivered Meal on Wheel to local shut-in s, made

Sigma Chapter formal

Christmas baskets and spo nsored a coat drive. Founders' Day was celebrated with a can dl elig hting ce remo ny. The ritual h elped us to reaffirm our beliefs in the ideals of Alpha Sigma Tau. The seme ter was brought to a n end with a C hristmas party h eld with th e other soro ri ties o n ca mpus. A wonderful time was h ad by a ll who attended. -Kelly Walla

Sigma/ State University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY:

T he Sigma chapter had an eventful and productive semester thus far. We welcomed eight great women wh o wi ll co ntinu e the Alpha Sigma Tau tradition. To ki c k the semester off, we attended an RLW whic h wa h ld at Gamma T h eta. Besides attending work hop , we also made time to ocia li ze and get to know i ter from oth er chapters. At the e nd of this fantastic weekend , we proudly accepted the h o n or of best b an n er. Founders' Day was especiall y enjoyable this year. Ten sister joined the a lumn ae for a wonderfu l aftern oon lun c h eon . Hearing stor ie about o ld times and making ne~ fr ie nds topped the da off. Sorority Growth and Development have been a significant focu thi se mester. Afte r attend in g a Confl ict Reso luti o n Seminar, we a ll found it mu c h eas ier to resolve even the mo t min o r of di agree ments. We also held a ca mpus-wide Eating Disorders Semin ar which was very informative . Both of these activities were intere ting and gave u the chan ce to come together in sisterh ood. -Cari a Coni

Rho's Meals on Wheels ready to roll

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


Collei!iate ChaPter News

Upsilon/ University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR : T h e U psil on chapte r had a super Fall l996 semester. T h e semeste r began in August with fal l rush . Al l of the rushees see med to love th e party as we sang and dan ced to popu lar songs from three differe nt e ras. T hings co ul d n o t h ave been be tter. During fall r ush , we gain ed over 30 n ew pledged-m e mbe rs of who m we are ve r y proud. We n路u ly feel we have th e best pledge program o n th e U n ive rsity of Central Arkansas campus, and now we believe it even more after th e Best Pledge Progra m Awa rd given to us in Ph oenix th i past summ er. We feel ver y h o no red to have received this award . Se pte mbe r began by having a pizza party a t th e first meeting o f the s me t r. t th e fir t foo tball pe p rail , we con-


tinued th e tradition of winning the pmt sti ck. We also began a n ew tradition of h aving a siste rh ood tailgate par ty before the game. During th e mo nth , many of us participated in "Race fo r a Cure," a run/ walk to raise mon ey for breast cancer re earch . Thin gs o nly got bu ier in O ctob er. Christy Ph ill ips won the title of iis Body Beautiful, an a nnual conte t po nsored by a fra te rn ity on cam pus. Al o , KaJ; Lewis won th e titl e of Pled ge Queen am on g pledge of all tl1e sorori ti e on campus. \1\ e h on ored ou r pare n ts a t th e annual Paren ts' Day Lun ch eon . V\ e h ad po tluck lunch and took our paren ts to the foo tbal l game tha t afte rnoon. eve ral m mbe r and pledge participa ted in a vo luntee r d a ca lle d P roj ec t Am erica. V\Te work d a t a h o me fo r

abu ed women and children , played with ch ildren a t a center for underprivileged ch ild re n and did hou e h old ch ore for senior citizens. U p ilon ' favorite event of th e year was our isterhood retreat at a fishing resort in Moun tain H ome, Arkan as. Novem ber 9-10, we all we n t to the re ort and h ad the be t time ever. Everyon e left all of their ch ool worrie behind and pent two day becomincr closer i ter . We also collected food to m ake Chri tma baskets to give tone dy fam ilie . Fin ally, a t ou r Ia t m tin of the m ter, we h ad a Chri tma p arty wh er w all brourrh t an o rnan1ent and had a n orn ament exch anrre. - rav riffi n

Collei!iate ChaPter News Ch a r les Ashby. At our e le bra ti o n , all of th e siste rs, alumn a a nd co ll egia ns alike, red di ca ted th e mse lve in a very movin g e rvi ce . Be fo re th e red edi atio n, Mrs. Ashby h o nored us with a few words of wi sd o m as we ve ntur into a n ew e me terofexc itin ga ti vities. We wo uld like to th a nk h e r a nd th ere t of th alumn ae for co ming to o ur ce le brati o n a nd ma kin g it su c h a su c s . -Ma r y Be th McCa usla nd Psi/James Madison University H arrisonburg, VA:

Phi/University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR路 A fund rai e r thi se m ester was a j a mbala a dinn e r sa le . A dinn e r so ld for $4 which included: sa lad , bread , j a mbalaya, a nd d e e rt. It turn ed out to be a huge u cces . Our ba nque t fo r Found e r ' Day a t th e H o liday Inn , gave o u r a lumn ae a ch a nce to come see how mu c h Alph a Sigm a Ta u a nd Phi ch a pte r have g rown ove r th e year . Mr . Me lind a O a te , Io ta Distri c t Pre id e nt; Mi Pa tri cia ayle, Direc tor o f Alumn ae; a nd Mr . Ri cki Tro e n , Direc tor o f Co ll egia te C h a pte rs ca m e for th e ba nqu et. Miss Nayle gave a wo nd e rful peec h abo ut how mu ch Alph a Sig m a Ta u h a grown ove r th e years. \1\Thil e th e we re h e re, we h ad initiation for fo ur n e w m e mbe rs. We a re rea ll y proud of Ma r ybe th Lom asn e a nd Sh ae Woodward , wh o we re indu c ted into Ga mma Sig m a Alph a Honor So c ie ty, a nd M a ri ssa Fe rnandez who was indu cted into Rh o Lambda H o nor Society. -Kri ti Istre

ch o ice." s fa r as fund ra isin g goes, we kicked o ff th e sem e te r with a 50/ 50 raffl a nd a sp agh e tti dinn e r, whi ch we re bo th u cces ful. Fo urtee n of our wo me n h ad a great tim e thi s Se pte mbe r wh e n th ey we nt to Be ta Mu fo r RLW. Also , h o meco min g thi year was a victori ou o n e fo r us. We won first pl ace in skits a nd fo r our fl oa t. As for phi la nthro pic ac tiviti es, we h eld a Se ni o r ' Prom fo r se ni o r citize n . We a ll d a n ced th e ni ght away lea rnin g d a n ce lik e th e C h a rl es to n a nd teac hin g d a n ces lik e th e Maca re n a. It was a bl as t! Found e rs' Day was ve r y spec ial fo r us thi s yea r. \file h ad a g rea t alumn ae turn o ut in c ludin g di s tin g ui s h e d g u e t u c h as Dr. Sa r a C ree a nd for mer 1 a tio n a) Pres ide nt, Mrs. Ma r y

This se mes te r sta rted o ff g reat for th e P i ch a pter with a ve r y ucces ful fo rm al ru sh . T hi s year ' th e m e wa lTro n o my, a nd at th e co n lu ion of rush , we in vited 51 wome n to jo in th Psi ch a pte r! We 've b n reall y in vo lved in phila nthropic p roj ects th i e rn e ter, both individually a nd a a soro ri ty. T hi year ma ny of o ur sisters participated in th AIDS Walk in Washington , DC. We pl an to m a ke thi s trip a n a n n u al philanthro pic proj ect. In addi tion to thi , we al o took a trip to th e moun tain where we pi cked u p tra h whil e we hiked up th e mounta in . Our pledged me mber o rganized a hall owee n pa rty for un derprivil eged children . It wa fun for u a nd eve n more o for the kid . Psi' h ave al o bee n extremely active in th eJMU co mmuni ty a we ll. We a re th e ve r y p ro ud winn e r of th e J a m es M a di so n ni ver it ' pi r it wa rd , whi ch we wo n ove r a ll oth er orga ni zatio ns o n ca mpu . V\ e 've a! o bee n ac tive in intra mural . P i ch ap-

Chi/ Shephe rd College Shepherd town, WV.路 Our f a ll se me s te r h e r e a t Chi started off in full swing with th e th e m e of "Sisters b y c han ce, Fri e nd s b y THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997


Collegiate ChaPter News Alpha Lambda/ Radford University R adfo-rd, VA:

Members of the Alpha Gamma Chapter pose with new sisters on Bid Day 1 996.

te r would like to give special recognitio n to J o hanna Lo hrm an , wh o wo n Top Tau at Na ti on al Co nve nti o n, and to J amie J o nes, th e newest me m be r of the JMU wo me n 's basketball team . -Ka tie H a rbeck Alp ha Gamma/ Hende rson State A-rkadelphia, AR:

Alpha Gamma had an exciting fal l! We are proud of the growth of o ur chapter. We gained 11 wonderful newwomen dw;ng our best-ever fo rmal fall rush . We will sp o n so r a ca mpu s-wid e AIDS Awaren ess Candl elig ht again this year to comm em o ra te Natio nal AIDS Awaren ess Day. We also participated in th e "Fe e d Arka n sas " food d r ive which raised 800 po unds of no nperisha ble foo d for th e needy in our state . Th e fa ll pledge class voluntee red th e ir tim e to d ecorate a local nu rsin g h o m e for hall owee n . Al ph a Ga mm a sisters have bee n recognized for th e ir acad em ic ac h ievem ent a nd outsta ndin g service to our uni ve rsity. Fo ur of o u r siste rs we re na med "Stude n t of th e Wee k." T h ey we re : Leig h Short, Mich ell e Lin, Amy Clayton , and Elain e Martin-Kneebo ne. Elain e wa a! o indu cted into th e Ord e r of Omega, a we ll a be ing na med Gr e k Wo man of the Yea r a nd H S Stud e n t of the Yea r.


Alpha Epsilon/ Western Illinois University M acomb, IL:

T he Al pha Ep il o n cha pter tarted out with a great ru h thi s se m e ter. We rece ived 23 wo n d e rfu l wo m e n fi ll ed with pro mise to d o positive thing fo r o u r ch a p te r. T hey fin ish e d th eir 8week pledge program and are n ow active m embers of ou r organizatio n . We had what we beli eve to be o ur m o t u ccessful p hila nthro py ever. We ho ted our a n nua l "Ch all en ge of th e Fra terni ties." W ith all o f th e eve nt co m bin ed , we managed to raise a bout 4, 000 .00 ! We we re all ve r y excited a b ou t it es p ec iall y in ce ' e h a d o m uch fun h os ting it. Special thanks to J en nifer Moon and Nicole LaFran cis fo r th e ir g reat wo rk in putting th e who le thing toge th er. We h ave parti cipa ted in seve ral eve n t th is year alread . With th e op enin g o f t h e ear, Phi Ka ppa Th e ta h os t e d t h e ir soo n-to -b e a nnu a l Drago n boa t Races. Four so ro riti e and a few fra te rn ities raced eac h o th e r in lo ng n a rrO\ "drago n b oa t . " Tea m ALT too k first place in th e race. n o th e r f ir t p lace we a r e e xtre me ly proud of i th MD drive. V\ e ' e nt d oo r to d oor as kin g peo p le fo r u ppo rt to he lp fig h t th i d i ease . -Coll een O 'Brie n

Parrots Jed th e wa to a "Sisterhood in Paradise" as fal l rush began . few Jimm y Buffe tt tun and a cou pl e mocktail got th e parties going! Th e g rand fin ale boo m ed "T h e Dynamic Dozen ," twelve enthusiasti c women . Alph a Lambda participated in th e 'T ake Back th e ight" annual on-campu walk to increa e p reventio n and awarenes of rape. We al o pride ourse lves with a variety of social se rvice . Weekly servi e include bingo for th e Humane ociety, clo th ing bank and wa tching childre n afte r sc hool. t h ome Virginia Tech foo tbal l gam , we volun tee r to benefit the Humane ociety by working the conce sio n tand . We are planning a " it Out" at a local tore to raise mo ney for a young girl who has develo ped H odgkin 's Di ea e. For the ho lida , we are ad opting a fa m ily to he lp with cloth e fo r choo l during thi cold win ter. -Patricia c hwe ige r Alpha Omicron/ Clarion U niversity Clarion, PA:

T his emester tarted wi th a bang. Infor m al ru h left us wi th 14 wo nde rfu l pledged member . Our th em e thi year was "Th e LT Calendar Girl . " Our pledge rai ed money for th e Pi ne Moun ta in Settlement choo l b h o ting a bake ale , rai ing 70.00. We are h appy to ay tha t we h ave five alumnae till participati ng in activiti es in o u r c h apter. H eat h er Frankho u er, Zeta, i living with u in ou r h ou e an d is active in th e aradua te program here a t !arion. In O ctober, we a tt e nd e d th e RLW h o te d b y Gamm a T h e ta . O ur ten d e lega t repre ente d u s " ell , a n d bro ught ba k man crea tive idea . Fo r communi ty rvic , we clean d our ad o pted hi hway, \i ited the gran dparen ts a t th e Clario n are e nter, and wi ll be inging caro l in the nur in a h o m e . Our fund-rai ina ff rt thi e m te r included wear

p rin g 1997

Collegiate ChaPter News W wou ld li ke to th ank Mi ss Mary Ell e n Wi lmi tch, a nd Mr . Li a Ma ri e Fredri cks for the ir time and d di ati o n toward o ur cha pte r. AJ o , a hug th ank yo u to o ur c h apte r a d viso r, Dr. Campbell , we a ppreciate eve rythin g yo u d o for us. -Mar y Zeglin Alpha Phi/ West Chester University West Cheste1; PA:

Alpha Pis at j u lie Evers-D 'Annu nzio 's \Veddin cr

Alpha P i/Slippery Rock University Slippery R ock, PA:

The Alph a Pi cha pte r had a g rea t em es te r. Y.le had a ve r y su ccessfu l fa ll rush , in wh ich our th e m e was "Mardi Tau. " V\ e h a d e leve n wo nd e rfu l wom e n p ledge u s. V\Te co ntinu ed o ur Cl ea n th e Hi g hway phi lanth ro py, as we ll a h e lpin g with th e Special Ol ympic and Slippe r Roc k H e ri tage Day . We ad o pted a child th rough th e Proj e t Ch ti stm a Elf program and ran th e co ncessio n ta nd durin g th e li ppe ry Roc k Midge t L agu e foo tball gam s. Wea l o pon o r e d a h ypn o ti s t a t SR ' Exu-e me ' ig htclub. We ce le bra ted Founder ' Day with th e red di ca ti o n ce re mo n , a nd had a grea t tim e at the annu al Ye ll ow R~se Formal. We ' re looking forward to wtnning back our crown in Gree k in g a nd Greek Wee k th i pring. -Chri sta o le

We attended RLW at Gamma Theta and brough t back many great id ea to share with th e entire cha pte r. For H allowee n , we h e lpe d th e broth e rs of T he ta Xi and th e Erie Sh rin e rs with a haunted ho use . Al l of the proceeds went to Shrine rs' Hospital. On Nove mbe r 3, we hosted a Nati o nal Founde rs' Day lun cheo n at th e Riverside Inn . It was attended by si te r fro m th e Gamma Th e ta and De lta Alph a cha pters, and also by alumn ae and cha pte r advisors. O u r se meste r re treat was a grea t uccess. It took place in a relaxed se tti n g a n d ga ve s iste rs a c h a n ce to stre ng th e n siste r h oo d bo nd s. T h e th e me was H o meco min g '96, and we refl ected o n past eve nts and ways to improve future eve n ts.

Beta Della 's 25th Ann iversary Celebration: Terry L oCurto, Founding i ter, irene H orning, and L indsey Kanski

Alpha Tau/ Edinboro University Edinboro, PA:

Alph a Tau began Falll 996 with an exciting "Wizard of Tau " ru h th e me . It proved to be fun and we we lco med nine enthusia ti c wom en in to our chapter. For Hom ecom ing, we ran with the broth e rs of Tau Kapp a Epsilon a nd work e d lo n g a nd hard on our Charlotte 's Web fl oat. THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

T hi s has bee n an excitin g se mete r fo r u . Fo r th e first tim e , w had Fo rm al r ush in th e fa ll. Wear pro ud to have 19 new wo me n who we re ini tiated o n Nove mber 25. Our oc ia l se r vice proj e t hav ke pt us bu sy. We p a r ticip a te d in a ca nn ed food drive , a cl o thin g d riv , and a "Stro ll in ' for S ni or " Wa lk-aTh a n . Al so, we participate d in d o pta-H ig h way with th e b ro th er of Phi De lta Th e ta. In Nove mber, we ce le b rated 1atio nal Founders' Day by having a beautifu l ce re mo ny and lun cheo n , whi ch o ur mo th e rs atte nded. We held a d ashfor-a-date par ty where eac h i ter had o n ho ur to find ano th er i ter a da te. Th e n ig ht turn d out to be ve r in teresting! -Am y Mac t r

Beta Delta/ Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA:

A lpha Phi Chapter at 1996 "!I nchor Splash "

We started th e e me ter off with a p lannin g arn ival. We had a grea t tim e with th e Sigma us putting o n "P ro mises!" Our fall rush bro ught th ree new


Collei!iate ChaPter News members to our chapter. We are busy planning a spectacular spring ru h . We look forw a rd to takin g man y n ew women in th e spring. As part of our plans, we h ope to ecure new furniture for our wing. This semester we also participated in intramural and man y other activities. Beta Epsilon/ Shippensburg University Shipj;ensburg, PA:

wimmer as th ey awaited th eir eve nt . For philanthrop y, we h e lp e d toc k shelves at the Glen-Eel food pantr and ent a don ati o n for school upplie to th e Pin e Mountain Settlement School. -Cortn ey Diaz Beta Theta/ St. Mary's University an Antonio, TX:

AlT sp ir it was soaring as Team AlT had a wonderful rush wee k. We

The Be ta Theta cha pter got off o n th right foot thi fall. T he cha pter ea rn ed th e ho nor of h aving the econd hig he t GP for all ororiti on campu . We ow thi to our academ ic sc ho la r hip ch a ir wh o nforced the tudy hours for th e cha pter ever week. "S tud y Buddi e " a nd "Pl edge Ia Competition "were tl1 e mo t popular and co mp eti tive program that got eve r yo ne in vo lved in tudying. This fa ll e rn e ter, we d ec id ed that in th e be t intere t of the o rOI路ity, we ta ke no pl edge an d conce ntrate on th e re d e di ca ti o n of a ll m ember to make AlT th e m ost unifi ed g roup on ca mpus. We have retaken vows, d on e workshops, a nd ha e interac ted wi th one anoth er in differe nt activiti e . Because of thi , we fee l tl1 at our unity and i te rhood have grown. Our first philanthro py, "Park like a Preside nt" bro ught in mo nies toward H a bita t for Hum ani ty. The donation of moni e wa mad e in AlT and niversity Pres id e nt, fr. fo d er' name. In O c tob e r, we h oste d a H aunted House for th childre n of Woodlawn Elementary choo l. We also helped out th e Brig hto n School , a choo l which as i t children with learnin D" eli abiliti e . We painted cubby ho le , the uptairs m ee ting rooms, and did office

rece ived a great group of new wom e n . Th e them e of this semester' rush wa "R H , all we need is ! " Th se women had a n active em es ter ho ldin g man fund rai ers, in cluding one e ndin g sho e to th e Domini ca n Re publi c . Pledged me mber also he ld a fun fill ed pi dg -a tive oc ial in November. We had a great tim e thi e mester wa hin g ca rs and bakin g goodie for bak ales to raise mon e . We he lped at a wim me t he ld at th e YM 111 Edwardsvi lle a on of our ocia l rvi ce proj ts. We ac ted a chaperon to th e

Beta Theta' Alejandra Moreno and lillie iter J\!Ionica Lopez at I. lary' Oyster Bake

This semester, Beta Ep ilon wa th e proud winn er of hom eco m ing h ere at Shippensburg. With our hard work and dedication , we put tog th e r th e winning fl oat and walkin g unit with th e brothers of Acac ia. Th is won our chapter 250. Our sisters have ke pt ve r y bu y with our several soc ial service projects. They co nsisted of a Walk-a-Thon for St. Jud e's Hospita l, tutoring needy chi ldre n with lea rning difficulti es, and co ll ecting ca n ne d good for a food she lte r. In O cto ber we wa lked in one of our local a nnual philanthropies, the Walktoberfe t for the Am e rican Diabete Associa tion. This semester, our Vice President, Coll een Hursh adopted a "Profe sor of the Month " award. As a chapter, we elect a profes or who h as mad e an outstanding co ntribution to our academic institution. -Iri Folkman Be ta Eta/ Southern Illinois at Edwardsville Edwardsville, IL:


errands for th e chool. Social activiti e reall helped u hake mid- me ter blue . Our "Don 't Leave it to Fat ... Find Your i ter a D ate" d ate d a h wa h e ld at the Rive rce nter Corned Club downtown . The i ter an d th e ir date had a great tim e. -Irene Chavez Beta Iota/ Millersville University Millersville, PA: Thi umm r, we ee l brate d our 20- ear anniver ar here at iller ville. W had a great turn out at o ur reunion. The day co n is ted of a picnic, award s, loo king at o ld crap book and com p o ite , and baring fond memorie of th e o ld and new. Our chapter did philanthrop work with the merican Cancer o iety b devoting our time to h elp the urvivors of brea t cane r and their upporter . One night n i ted of everal peak r who not on ly provid d u with know! dge of breast cancer, but touched the heart of all of our i ter . It has been a great erne ter and we ~ ould like to wi h all of our graduate a lot of lu ck and love. We are very proud of our chapter and h pe to ee our do en grow ev n further and our ucce to ontinue through the ar . -Andrea mith

Beta Iu had yet another productive erne t r. We jumped in with both feet thi fa ll. Our ru h began in e ptemb r and w fo ll owed the ye ll ow brick road to 'The Land of th e Tau ." V\ e extended bid to 12 'Oung ladie . Then we h eaded traight into RLV\ . V\ eweretheho tton in e ~T ch a pter . ingled Out II, on of our fund raiser , occurred in 0 tober. " 'e rai eel a con iderable amount of fund and w received a gr at d a l of publicity from thi eve nt. TheFlyer, o ur ampu n wpap r, ov r d the event with an impr ive fra n t pa!Te ani I . th r fund rai,er thi m t r includ d th ,. at, hirt raffl e a nd th th -o; so raffl

Collei!iate ChaPter News banquet and the bakele bake al e (a special thank you to Gamma Zeta for the wonderful idea). Our philanthropic spirit i sti ll strong. This semester we h ave donated money to th e American Cancer Society, the Eastern Sh ore AIDS Foundation a nd Helping H a nd . This Christma , we adopted a fami ly and aided other n ee dy individu al b wa of th e jose ph House a nd the Sa lvation Army. Also, we co ntinu e to vi it our adopte d grandma we kl . As far a Sprin g 1997 i co ncerned, we wi ll be busy pl anning for our annual Pa re nts ' Da , Greek Wee k and th e AIDS walk. We inte nd toreadopt our turtle a nd wha l . We a l o wi ll a tte mpt to impl e m ent a n ew prog ram a mon g SS 's Greeks: g u est Greek spea kers. Beta Mu i loo kin g forward to a n oth er se n sationa l em ester with o ur n ew Ch a pter Co nulta nt, Gail Fowler, a p ast a ti o n a l Pre id e nt; a nd our n ew ss ista nt Ch a pter Advisor, Lisa Adam , a Be ta Mu alumn ae. - ara h Parker Beta Nu/ Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, PA :

Thi ha been an exciting year for our cha pter. Our ru h was ver uccessfu l. Our theme was "U nder the Sea with ALT. " The new si ters are sure to e nhan ce our isterhood with the ir carin g and e nthusiasti c personalities. We have raised a lot of mo ney through fund rai er uch a selling candy a nd wearers. Ove r the Chri tm as break, we're ho lding a raffle to rai e m o ney for brea t can ce r re earch . We had an am azin g turn o ut for Hom ecoming. We came in second place for o ur Medi eva l Times Float th at we built with another sorority and fratern ity. We also pon ored Parents' Weekend on campu which was a huge succe s. Participating in a Greek Lead ership Co nference on our campus gave u many new id eas for improving our chapter. On e of our isters is a m e mbe r of the Un iversity's Field Hockey team and they captured the 1996 Tational C~am足 pionship thi past season. Also, tx of our new member play !aero se. We are THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

finall y mee tin g o ne of our ALT ne ighbor , Shippen burg. We had a wonderfu l visit with our new Distri ct President, M . Robin Davi , and we are lookin g forward to her vi it next e mester. Over Chri tmas break, our chapter is goin g to the mountain for a retreat. We are also go ing to celebrate three of our ister ' e ngagements. Two of o ur si ter are traveling in Europe thi em ester; we hear from them alm o t every day. -Pam Do nnelly Beta Xi/ Michigan Tech H oughton, MI:

Th e sisters of Beta Xi had a great term. We have three new pledged m ember this fall. Through rush, we have also acquired th e interest of ten promi in g ru hees. The new philanthropy proj ect we have started required many of th e sisters to become certified in first aid and CPR. Mter certification , we ar e now teac hin g th e co mmuni ty CPR and fir t aid for th Red Cross. At Halloween , we sold tricks and treats for our fa ll fu nd raise r. We so ld the m on campus a head of tim e and then delive red th em to th e "victi ms" on H allowee n . The snow is fa lling and we are getting fired up for W in ter Carnival and for a great prefe re nti al rush next term. Spring term , we are hoping for th e snow to melt early, so we ca n co mpe te in th e Greek week games! -Tanya Cichosz

Beta Pi 's j enell Dixon, Michelle Pietruszynski, and M egan McCallum

Beta P i/Eastern Illinois University Charleston, IL:

This sem ter has been wonderfu l for th e wo me n of the Beta Pi chapt r. We tar ted the seme ter with a uccessfu l rush; now we have 36 new member . The month of September wa busy with our 4th ann ual World erie oftball tournament. World Serie is a fund rai er for th e chapter, and this year, the men of Sigma Pi won for th econd year in a row. As October rolled around, we began preparing for all of the H omeco ming activities. Thi year we paired with the men of Sigma Chi , and ver yo ne had a great time. Before the game, we h e ld a lu ncheon for our di ting ui hed alumnae. A wonderfu l turno ut of women came to vi it and join in o n the festivities. We participated in man ocial ervic ac ti vi ti es this seme ter whi ch included: the March of Dime "Mile for Dime " wa lk, the Special Olympic , a blood drive and a can food drive for the local food pantry. The women of Beta Pi are preparin g for the end of the emester a nd fin als. We are all looking forward to J an uary 30, when we will ce le brate our 15th year on campu . On February 1, we will be ho lding a banquet. This will be a celebration for collegiate member as well a alumn ae. -Diane chmelzel Beta Tau/ Massachusetts at Lowell Lowell, MA:

Michelle Pietruszynski and Marcia H illa?)' of Beta Pi

Last e mester, the Beta Tau hapter welcomed five new i ter to our fam-


Colleeiate ChaPter News ily. We were happy to have so many new members who bring bright new ideas to our chapter, along with lo ts of enthusiasm! During their pledge time, they donated money to the Pine Mountain Settlement School, collec ted children 's books for local area hospitals and had time to spend with the sisters. Throughout last semester, our chapter has participated in man y ac tivities, philanthropic, social, and fund raising. We continued our long-term philanthropic project, Adopt-a-Highway. We donated a sheet to the Oklahoma victims, which we comple ted on our retreat weekend . Another philanthropic project was a community-wide, anti drug fund raiser which was held very close to campus. In addition , we had many ru hes, sorority/ fraternity and pledge/ sister social events which fill our heads with beautiful memories. For fund raising, we had a Bowl-a-Thon , which turned out to be a great success. Not only did we make money, but we had oodles of fun. We sold lollipops again, and loo k forward to continuing with that fund raiser. Kudos and congratulations go out to our six sisters and two pledges who made Dean 's list during last semester! :Jennifer Rutstein Beta Upsilon/ NJ Institute of Tech Newark, NJ:

Gree tings from the Beta psilon chapter. Hello to all of those we met at Convention and to all those we didn 't meet, and those not luckyenough to get there. There's always Michigan! There was a slow rush tl1is semester, but we did get one pledged member who is wonderful. Be ides the normal , we already had our Yellow Rose Semiformal in October. A lot of fun was had by al l. The alumn ae turn out was wonderful. Thank you Gamma Rh o for having us at your Founders' Day cele bration; it was fun and on ly 15 minute away. Michell e Schmidt, Regional Collegiate Coordinator ca me for a visit and to train all our n e w officers . Congratu lat ions to Mari ana Ferreira, our new pre id ent, and to all other new officers. Good luck to th e new colony at Moravian, we will try to ge t th er soon. W an 't wait to 26

how you the true spirit of Alpha Sigma Tau. We vvish ever yone luck and love in th e n ext em ester. -Amy Schweighardt Beta Chi/ Ferris State College Big R apids, Ml:

Thi seme ter th ere were various ac tivities th e Alpha Sigma Tau si ters were involved in . Th ey included Greek game , where we took first in lip sync, seco nd in pu h cart and bike race. We h a d a rededication ceremo n on Founders' Day. For vo lunteer work, we d edi cated a few ho ur of o ur time to help build a play cape and erved food to all the volunteer help. We aJ o came togeth er to he I p paint our ho use. The e are just som e variou thing we did this se me ter. -Kri tie Kavanaugh Beta Omega/ Monmouth College West Long Branch, NJ:

We have been involved in m an y activities this semester. In ovember, we held our annual moth erI d aug hte r luncheon to commemorate Founders' Day. This was a great way to involve all of our A!-T moth ers. We also had a fall retreat. The main focu s of th e retreat wa sisterhood. Thi wa a great o ppo rtunity for ever yon e to have fun and get close. All the sisters left with a new sen e ofun ityand pride. Our chapter i very bu preparing for our fund raiser, "Meet Your Mate," our version ofMTV's "Singled Out". It was a great success last year, and we are expecting an even better turnout thi year. We plan to donate part of the proceed to Pine Mountain Settleme nt School. We would like to extend a special thanks to our new Chapter Advi o r, Janis Palumbo! Thanks for all tl1e time, hard work, and h elp you have given us. Beta Omega wish e all of our si ter everywhere a wonderful year. -Cath Ra tcliffe

J ennifer Foulides, Chapter dvi orJacalyn McCarthy, Courtney Monilias, farmer Delta District Pre ident Michelle Cangialosi, my chweighanlt, Renee fl nstis at Convention.

ru h . Thank to our rush director, Ruth Sam on, and our rush theme like "Putting on th e Ri tz in !-T, " we were rewarded with ix inte lli gent women. The weekend of October 25-27, our cha pter wa vi it d by our District Pre id ent, h ar i Gre hem Rich , and the Director of Co ll egiate Cha pter , Mr . Ri cki Bargman Tro en. The provided u with many insights into improving our chapter. We ce lebrated Halloween with a co tume mixer. It was great to see everyon e dressed up in their co tumes. Our pledged member were the mo t creative with each one dre sing up as a differe nt co lored 1 & M. :Jill H au knecht

Gamma Epsilon/ SUNY at Potsdam Potsdam, NY:

Gamma Ep ilon ta rte d th e Fall 1996 e rn e te r off with a u ful 1997

Collegiate ChaPter News Gamma Zeta/ Frostburg State Frostburg, MD: D_u~i_ng fall rush, we partici pated acuv1Ue such as bowling. We had a s~1? ~ presentation with man y of our actJVltJes and fun times together. . Thi~ seme ter our chapter wa bu y ~~ ph1l~nthropic proj ct . We partiCipated m our regular project such as: coll ecting pennies for Pine Mountain , u bering for school pla , and baby sitting for a local church. Weal o participated in tutoring children and Adopt-a-Highway. We are m ak ing arrangements to Adopt-a-Grandparent. Thi year' hom eco min g theme was "Discovering ew World at FSU." We had a lot offun participating in the parad e and creating a fl oat. During hom eco ming, we had an alumn ae picni c, and got th e cha nce to mee t some of our founding i ters of the chapter. t the "Big Event" wh ich h e lp clean up the communi ty afte r homecom in g, we won an award for th most participant . V\ e also parti cipated in the H a lloween Hou e of Fun, which provided a fun and safe wa for the neighborhood childre n to ce le brate th e ho liday. -Marl a Steinman



Gamma Theta/ PA State University E1ie, PA:

Th e Fa ll 1996 se m este r h a been very bu y for th e Gamma Theta chapte r. Most of our tim e wa con ce ntrated on pla nnin g our RLW. We planned workshops for ru h , fund ra isin g, and ple dge programs. Approximatel y 170 isters from differe nt c hapte rs a ttended. It was a very be n efi cial weekend for all , and a great u cces for o ur chapter.

Gamma Theta sisters after initiation of Nu class.

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Some sisters of Gamma Zeta at the FTOstburg State University H omecoming.

V\le were a lso invo lved in ma ny phi lanthrop ic eve nt includin g "Day of Carin g," wh e re we repaired h o uses; "Trail of Treats, " where we pas ed o ut can dy to children o n Hallowee n at our local mall ; and also our Ado pt-a-Highwa. We had aver succe fu l rush with our new ru h chair, Nicole Pepicell o and just initi a te d four new siste rs. For Founders' day, o ur chapter, alo ng with Ga nn o n and Edinboro chapters, celeb rated with a lun c h eo n a nd candl elighting ce remony. On our local Founders' day, we cele brated with a dinner out and a rededication ce remony. - ico le Gennuso Gamma Iota/ York College York, PA:

The fa ll mester for th e Gamma Iota chapter at York Coll eg has been both bu y and exciting. Thi sem ester the isters chose a harvest th eme for ru h, whi ch was a success! Th e sisters have also been busy with many philanthropy and fund raising activitie this fall. We have been working with the Special Olympics and are al o currently U"yi ng to d eve lop a se nior citizen Adopt-aBlock. To rai e mon ey, we have sold Wolfgangcandy,an d had carwa he. We also sold bagel and cider during th e annu al H all owee n H a ppenin g he ld on campu . Two of our sisters have won cholasti c awa rd s, Chri y Pa ll a a nd Vicki Coulter. Kelly Spencer was awarded for Most Career Goals and First Team AllConference for field hockey. To top off

th e seme ter, Liz V\lhitm r, who repreented Alpha Sigma Tau , was vot d Homeco ming Queen for the coll ege. :Joy Baker Gamma Lambda/ Kutztown University Kutztown, PA:

This ha been quite an exciting fal l for us. We began by end ing ix of our isters to j o in oth er ALT' in Maryland for th e Regional Leadership Workshop , whi ch wa not o nly in pirational, but allowed us to meet sister who b came intan t friends. Our chapter welcomed O~.+r pecial District Pre ident for a weekend full of meeti ng and an evening of dinner and girl talk. To celebrate ational Fo unders' Day, we we lcomed alumnae back and cooked a fabulou dinn er. For Halloween, we eire ed in co tumes and went to a retir ment home to volunteerfortheirparty. Itwasan incredible night and we wer proud to participate in it. To end our em ter, we welco med ten new sisters into our chapter and had a beautiful winter formal . -Karyn k.lar Gamma Mu/West Virginia Tech M ontgornery, WV.路

The Gam ma u chapter ha been ery active during th e fa ll erne ter. Our flurr y of activity began even before th e se mes ter had begun. V\ e had our summer meeting durin g jul . Our rush director, H eatl1er Tanner, did an excell e ntj ob planning and executing th e activitie for formal ru h . We h ad a fa hion show, modeling all


Collei!iate ChaPter News

Gamma J\1u summer meeting

different aspects of the sisters and their activities outside of Alpha Sigm a Tau . On campus, we have been an active and positive force. Durin g H o mecoming, we e rved ho t dogs and hamburgers along with soda to curb the alcoho l consumption during th e gam e. We have se t up boxes for d onation s for th e needy at various busin es e tablishm ents in th e communi ty. Rece ntly, we h ad a ve r y u cce sful visit fro m o ur ch a pter co nsultant, and th at weeke nd we had a red edi cation ce remony. It was a beautiful ce remo ny mad e even m ore memo rable because our chapter consul tant was th ere. -Ste pha ni e H o lco mb

se minar, whi ch we all atte nded , and it was foll owe d by a candl light vigil to top violence. We attend d a d ate rap eminar, did the campus clean up , an d skipped a m ea l fo r In to th e tree t . Som e of u even atte nded a ign language cia . On o ur own, we have p o no re d two of o u r i ter whil e th e bowled fo r th e American ancer oc iety. We bought a ho for th e arc h of Dimes a nd we are wo rkin g clo e l with To s fo r Tot . We will be rai in g m on y by e llin g candy aga in , thi tim for Ea ter. We are al o pl a nnin g a hoagi ale , ge ttin g po n o rs and h ooting hoo p and a campu s-wid e d a tin g game. We have o u r Chri stm a Party pl a n ne d for Dece mbe r 7, a nd h ave pick d nam e o ut of a h a t fo r o ur i t r g ift exchange . We all ge t d re e d up , alo ng with a d a te , a nd ea t n ac k a nd o pen prese nt . We are also anx io u ly awaiting our sprin g fo rm al. -G in a Rac io ppi

Gamma Xi/ Grand Valley State A llendale, Ml: Th e isters of Ga mm a Xi h ave bee n wo rkin g ver y h ard thi m e ter. At th e o p e nin g of th e ern e ter, we we nt stra ig ht into fo rm al r u h wi th mu ch exc ite m e nt and po itive a tti-

tud e . We received nin g reat wom en . We ar ve r proud to have co m e awa fro m o nventio n wi th o m an award . We rece ive d th e Mo t Improved Di tri ct Effi ci ncy ward, two award fo r Ou tstan ding Trea urer and a thi rd place in th e Philanthro p category. We w re a l o ver in vo lve d in H o m eco min g week t hi ea r. We tarte d th e w e k wi th ere nad e and banner hanging (in wh i h we rece ived third place) and en ded th e week wi th a fir t p ia e in the tug-of-war. -Kare n Broo k

Gamma Pi/ Lycoming College Williamsport, PA : Gamma Pi is celebrating five year thi fa ll of be in g a chapter of Al pha igma Tau. T h i year, th e ister hav b en b usy on and around camp u . W h ave been ver y active in verything from p h ilanth ropy to fund rai ing. It h a b en a good em ter for everyon e. For philan thropy, we participa ted in : baby itting for th e profe or ' children , a coat check for the American Can cer ociation ' annual au ction at Di alvo ' Re tauran t, a h art walk for tl1e Red Cro s, donating clothes to alvation Army, and finall , a Ch ri tma Parade at the L coming Mall. For fund

Gamma Nu/Waynesburg College Waynesburg, PA: We sta rted o ur se m es te r with fa ll rush. We did Tau-hiti. All ofu dressed in beachy, island clo th es and broke our sorori ty into diffe re nt islands, each d esc ribin g a diffe re nt asp ec t of AlT. We a! o had a "Me lrose Mo nda " in our tude nt uni o n with snac ks a nd pizza. o t o nl y have we bee n bus with o ur o ro ri ty, but thi sem este r ha bee n h cti c with ca mpu -wide a tiviti e . Our co llege take part in a proj ec t to help with co mmunity se rvi ce ca ll d Into th e tre ts. W po n o red a e lf-d e ~ n


prin ,.., l ~))j

Colle2iate ChaPter News Gamma Sigma/ Belmont Abbey College B elmont, NC:

Gamma Pi jnesident Brenda Bowser introducing Eliza beth Dole at the Community Arts Center in Williarnsj;ort, PA

J oy Graeff and Dana Dinger celebrate Gamma Pi 's H omecoming

ra i in g C hri tin e Levin a nd Kr i ti Gehri , o u r fund rai in g ch air have plann e d m an eve n ts. We wo rk d for th e Li ttle Leagu e Wo rld erie , he ld here in Willia msport. T hi eve n t was held befo re classe tarted . We al o had a candy bag sale and will be having a baked goods sale. We had fo ur sister atte nd th e ation a] Conve nti o n in Phoenix. T hey learned some new and innova tive idea o n how to r un th e orority more efficient! . We h ave a lso b ee n very ac ti ve aro und ca mpus and the co mmuni ty. We p articipated in tl1e eco nd annua l Clo th eslin e Proj ect, p ro testing d o m estic vio len ce. T he Re lati o nships Mo n th wa a locally ad o pted p roj ect th at pro-

Gamma Pi's f all 1996 pledged members after ribbon pinning

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

te ted m a ny types of vi o lence, fea tu ring speakers that th e sorori ty attended. Two i ters, Bre nd a Bowse r and J oy Graeff were ho nored rece ntly. Brenda, o u r Preside nt, was ho n o red a nd excite d to intro du ce Eli zabe th Do le in Se pte mb e r at t h Co mmunity Art Ce nter. Mrs. Do le was here to ca mpa ig n fo r h er hu sba nd , Bo b Dol e . Bre nd a r ece ive d thi s h o n o r wh e n Do le' Advan ce Tea m ch o e h er over o th er stud ents at the coll ege . J oy wa rece ntly ch o en to be o n the H o meco ming Cou rt a fi r t r unn e r up. -Lauren Con rad Gamma Rho / Seton Hall University South Omnge,


Ou r sem ester bega n with a Sorority Growtl1 an d Deve lo pme n t re treat at a sister's ho m e in th e Pocon o Mounta in . Th e foc u o n the re treat wa to grow togeth er an d et o u r goa l for tile year. T h e wee ke nd wa fill e d with many activi ti e and lo ng talks. Gamm a Rh o has bee n ver y busy o n fund raise rs. Fo r two d ays we worked o n h avin g tud ents fro m th e U nive rit:y fill o ut credit applica ti o n . For each a pplica tio n filled out, we received 2. Also, we had a raffl e to rai e m o ney. We are currently plannin g for o ur 5 th year anni ve rsa r y. We exp ec t to h ave a wo nd e rful cele b ra ti o n . Ou r plan is to h ave a rece ptio n and dinn er a t a local re taw路ant. We look fo r ward to th a t d ay. -Cri stin a Do min gu ez

Th e si ter of Gamma igma had a very exciting a nd rath er busy su m merI se m st r. At th e Nati o nal Co nv n ti n in Phoe ni x, o ur chapter was awarded two award , atio nal and Di trict mo t improved cha pter! To kick off o u r su cessful fa ll seme ter, we had o u r r u h "M mber hipHas l ts Privi leges." ! twas a great success and also fun. To add to o u r ucce ful sem e ter, the re wa H o meco ming. We had four siste rs no min ated to be o n the H omeco min g co urt. One of o ur sist r was elec ted Crusader Quee n which is seco nd r unner up . Also , we rec iv d an award fo r havi ng the mo t alumnae and being the most pirited for th weekend . We are cu rre n tly do ing many fund raise rs such a don ut sale , and working at the co nve n tion center. T h i i all in pre parati o n for the next convention. For o ur philan th ro py, of which th ere are veral, we participated in and uppo rted Breast Can cer Awareness Day on campus. We do nated money and wore o ur letter to how ou r u pport for the cause. Also, we participated in he lping o ne of tl1 e local SK Steeple Cha e . Finally, we are hold ing our annual h ri tmas party for needy chil dren around th e co mmuni ty. -Ch ri ti na Marie Arsena Gamma Tau/ Lebanon Valley College Annville, PA: This erne ter has been ver rewarding fo r til e i ters of til e Gamma Tau cha pte r. we tarted tl1e ear, even of our i ter attended the RLW at Sali bur tate niversity in Marylan d to enhance our knowledge of tile orOI;ty. T h o e siste rs e nj oye d mee tin g i ter from across th e Ea t Coast, and gai ned man valuable idea to bring ho me. We were tll rilled to have two ister o n til e 1996 h omecoming court Erica chneck and Yvo nn e D' va. Thi ear th e cr ow n was p as e d fr om L nne Dettore, a Gamma Tau alumna of 1995 to Yvonn e! T his fall, i ter had a fun time exc h a n g in g n a m es fo r g h ost i ter .


Collegiate ChaPter News m o n ey fo r th e co mmuni ty food ba nk of ew J e r e '路 Du rin g H all owee n , we dre ed up a m an t r , g h o t a nd go blin at th e Wayn e Boy a nd Girl C l ub f o r th e i r a nnu a l H a unt e d H o u e. We e nd ed an excelle nt and produ ctive e rn e ter \vi th o ur ec re t i ter p rogram and a sp ctacular h o lida party. - olleen mith Gamma Omega/ LaSalle University Philadelphia, P. :

Gamma Tau sisters at H omecoming

Around Hal loween , th e ghost sisters buy mall gifts to promote un ity. -Michell e Gentz ler Gamma Upsilon/ California State L os A ngeles, CA:

Our chapte r tarted th e Fall 1996 q uarter with two weeks fo r formal rush. We had a very successful rush this quarter. After formal rush , we had a variety of events to welco me o ur new pledged members. We held a pizza night for si ter and pledge , and our first siste r/ pledge BBQ. T hese activities gave everyone a chan ce to get to kn ow eac h oth er.

On Nov mber 4, 1996 we celebrated Fo under ' Day with a candlelighting ceremony and a late dinner toge th r. Thi wa a n o pp o rtunity fo r i t r a n d pledges to rededicate th em el e to Alpha Sigma Tau. Thi year, w will hold ou r first annual Thank giving Dinner, and our quarte rly fund rai ing eve nt called "Mun ch with th e Tau ." Thi has been a very full quarter fo r u , and we ended it with o ur annual Chri tma Dinner. We have planned man y even ts fo r th e 1997 cale nd ar yea r. We a t th e Gamma psilon chapter look forward to a fun-fill ed year an d wi h all of the i te r and pledge of Al pha Sigm a Tau much su ccess. - adiya iregar

Thi e rn e ter we parti cipa te d in Bran ch-Out Da , wh ere iste r vo lunteered th eir time to help at a women ' he lter, u pporting our lo al philanthrop . i ter al o ot toge ther and were in truct d in elf defen e, where we all learned a I t. The ister w learned back o ur al umnae with a pizza party. Man of o ur ister al o participated in intramural ports uc h a volleyball and flag football. To upport our orority, i ters go t their fam ilie involved by e lling 50/ 50 ch an ce over break. We are exci ted that three of our i ter hav a 4.0 GP . Du to Pan-He! quota, our chapter wa unable to accep t any new member . H owever, thi gav u the tim to bond a i ter and plan for a fun-fi lled ru h forth pring. To clo e the em ter, i ter are preparing for the \vinter formal ," nder the 1i tletoe. " -Je n n Dunphy Delta Alpha/ Gannon University Erie, PA:

T h is e rn e ter, ' e h ad an excelle nt ru h . A a re ult, we initia te d te n n ew si te r . Th e Alph a Phi De lta fra te rnit h e ld its a nnu a l \ ee th eart pageant to ra i e m a n e fo r a n und e rprivi leged ick child . Two of o ur si te rs upp o rte d thi eve nt b comp e ting with o th e r o rority m e mb er fo r th e wee th art title . Th co mp e titi o n incl ud.e d ta le nt, Gree k pirit a nd a qu e ti o n a nd an we r p e ri o d . Th e re wa a n a bunda n e of upp o rt b a ll. Our ch a pte r a l o pa rti ipa te d in th e Wa lk-a-Th o n p a n o r d b ' th Ca th o li a mpu 1ini tr ' to ra i


Th e Delta Alpha ch ap ter ha bee n keeping ve r bu tl1i erne ter! We had a grea t tim e d oing homecomin \vi th Kappa De lta Rh o an d can 't ' ait for next ear. We have been doing multipl chari ty and co mmuni ty even ts u ch a th e H eart V\ alk, go in g d oor to d oor collecting cann ed good fo r tl1e communi ty food ban k, an d cookinrr fo rth Tue day N ight Dinn r whi h i a fr h o me cooked meal for all ann n tu-

Collegiate ChaPter News

Kim Blaschke and Kim R usso in the TeePee at Edinboro

RLW wa h eld at our neig hbo rin g cha pte r, Gamm a Theta at Penn tate Behrend thi year. We had th e privilege of as i ting them. Ever ything went great and we learned a great d eal fro m o th e r ch a pte r in o u r Be ta Di tr ict. Th ank you Ga mm a The ta fo r a very u cces ful wee ke nd. An o th er local cha p ter, Alph a Tau hos ted Founde r ' Day thi year. Th at too was a wo nderful succes ! In clo ing, always rem ember: "Wh at I can give i never as much as I get fro m th e g iving." -Sha nn o n Murdi e

The schoo l ear moved quickly, and before we kn ew it, it was tim fo r rush. Roundta bl e bega n o ur ru sh wee k. Th e n was inform al rush wh re we used a "Gilligan 's I land " th e me. It was fun and info rm ative for th e wo me n and we had a reall good turn o ut. Followin g was fo rm al rush, whi ch proved to be a grea t su cce . Before we kn ew it, it was H omecomin g week, and w were trul y ho no red to have m embers running fo r H o meco min g Quee n. Dani e ll e Hra pch ak represe nted Alph a igma Tau , and she mad e us p roud . Andrea Myers was th e White Roe ofThe ig ma Tau Gamma fraterni ty, and chose n as th e Maid of H ono r. Our latest goal is a oc ial with th e Sigma Sig ma Sig ma so ro ri ty to prove th at we are all Gr e k and we can all be friends no matte r wh ere we belo ng. We look fo r ward to thi s ac tivity and the many o th ers to com e . Christi e Malco lm Delta Zeta/ East Stroudsburg University East troudsburg, PA:

T h e pl ed ge progra m this se m e te r we nt we ll. T hro ug h th e wee k we h a d ac ti viti es in whi ch bo th th e siste rs and th e pl ed ge d m embers too k pa r t. We h ad a lot of fun ge ttin g to kn ow each o th e r.

Our local phil a n th ro py is ca ll ed Poco n o Pa r nt o f Dow n Sy ndro m . Wh a t we d o is pl ay a nd wa t h th e childre n wh o have Down yndrome whil th ir pa r nts m e t a nd di sc uss iss ues. It is a ve r y rewardin g x p r ie n c for a ll o f u a nd a ll of th e siste rs th a t a tte nd love it. We hav a l o ra ised m o n y fo r Pin Mo un ta in a n d Easte r ea l . a so rority, we ar ver y active o n ca mpu . We p art icipat d in makin g th e G rea r Ame ri ca n m oke-Ou t kn ow n to everyo n e by p a sin g ut h a nd o u ts a nd fli ers . We wo rk ed with a n o th e r fra te rnity to vo lun t er tim a t a bl ood dri ve o u r ca mpu s po n or ve r y y ar. -Mau ree n Pi ndziak Delta Delta/ University of Illinois Chicago, IL:

Th e De lta Delta chap ter met over th e summ r at Six Flag Great Am rica to have an annual picn ic, discuss our goals for the year and plan ru h . Our fir t philanth ropy was held in September- The AIDS Wal k Chicago. It was very succe sful and much fun. We rai d a lot of mo ne for the cau e wh ile havi ng a great ti me. Safety wa one of ou r to pic for a campus-wid e Sorority Growth and Deve lo pme nt eve n t. We he ld a e lf de-

Delta Beta/ Fairmont State College Fairmont, WV.路

We bega n o u r umm er with o ur ec re t i te r prog ra m . We all drew nam es at the conclusio n o fl a t year and were to se nd le tters, cards, e tc. thro ug hout th e summ e r. This wa a grea t "pickm e-up " fo r those who we re away fro m th e ir i ter for th e lo ng break. A few of our siste r parti cipated in th e Fre hma n Counse lor program here on th e Fa irmont c ampu . T h ese wom e n went through intensive training in how to educate th e in coming fre hmen on th e ins and outs of college life, along with moving th ese n ew students into th e dorms. THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Delta Chaptrrr R ep-resen tatives at Gamma T heta RLW


Colleeiate ChaPter News fe n e se min a r, presented by Sifu Din o of Iro n Fist. H e prese nted m a ny tip on h ow to preve nt being in a d angerous situa ti on and what i best to d o if you find yourself in on e. Founder ' Day was wonderful; th e Chicago Alumnae Chap ter came to commem orate the day with us. We all h ad a terrific tim e ocial izin g, eating and cele brating. We h ad much publicity thi e mester. We have utilized flyer , WUIC, the campus radio station, th e LED Me age Board in th e con course of the unio n as weUas newspapers. Most of our even ~ h ave been posted in th e UJC Today, a n ew stude nt n ewspap e r, and The Reader, a Chicago-wide free weekly paper. -Laura Anderson Zeta Tau/ Longwood College Farmville, VA : Zeta Tau had a busy Fal l1 996-1997 We started o ur se meste r by learnmg about th e p roceedings of Co nve ntio n a nd th e n gaining several e n rge ti c n ew me mbers. Our n ew me mber ac ti ve ly p a r tic ip a te d in intra mur a l spo r ts, spe n t a day a t th e local animal sh elte r, pe rfo rmed in th e semian nual lip sy n c co ntes t a nd e nd e d th e ir pledged me mbe r perio d by th rowing th e i te r a costum e par ty! We are al l ver y proud to have th ese wome n a part of o ur ch apte r. Th e siste rs we re also active as we parti cipa ted in a wal k fo r Alzheim e rs and a walk fo r Cance r. Fund raisin g wa put into acti on with a $100 raffle fro m which th e proceeds wen t to Pine Moun tain Se ttle m ent Sch ool. se m e~ te r.

Delta Zeta's Pocono Parents of Down ryndrome- Maureen Pindziak, Lauren Ladlee, Kelly H oward, Kelly Rose, J anet Ridley, and Nlandee Hay

On th e weeke nd of October 12, we rece ived a visit from o u r new District Preside n t, Mi ch elle Flynn . T h e weeke nd was spent rediscoveri ng o ur chapter and getting to know Mr . Flynn. I n all, th e .visit was ucce fuJ and thought provoking . O f cou r e, the most exciting eve nt wa Fo un der ' Day. I t wa

Zeta Tau 's "Ooze Ball" Competition MaTy Louise Do le and Collegians at convmtion


goo? to have our alumnae back again. mce peech wa delivered by uzie guero who poke about the benefits of being a member of a orority. The night ended with a candlelight ceremony in which an engag m nt and a legac were revealed by two of our alumnae. We congratulate them both! -Arlene Goodrich

Alumnae ChaPter News

Kitty Kramer; Debbie CaTter and Cindi H awes atRLW 1996

Erie Reported &y: Debbie Carter

The Erie Alumnae Chapter was fortunate to have bee n awarded the following awards: Kitty Kram er, Alumnae Top Tau and De bbie Carter, The Yellow Rose Award. Kitty Kram er and Cindi Hawes both attended the convention thi past summer in Phoe nix. In additi on to h e lpin g out De lta Alpha and Alpha Tau chapters, we are involved with Gamma Theta by doing the Adopt-A-Highway program in the summers with the m. C indi Hawes gave Gamma Th eta a hand with th e ir cha pter retreat. We had a fund-raiser to raise mon ey for RLW exp e nses wh ere we made favors for Gamma Theta to give to eac h c hapter and n ation a l staff memb e r. Found e r ' D ay was ce lebrated with three chapters in th e surrounding area at Riverside Inn for a time of being 'All Si ters Togeth er'.

pe tition ed to beco m e th e newest AZ.T coll egiate ch apter. Th ey we re officially accepted and we ribbon e d and pin pledged th e girl on ovember 23. It has bee n exciting both for th e n ew chapter and for th e "old alums." They are a great group of youn g wom en , and we are all having fun getting to know eac h othe r. We are al o proud to announce tha t we now h ave five n ational staff m embers in our group. Tracy Bond has b ee n e lec te d as th e n ew Nationa l Co l ony Advisor, Barbara GrantWeth e rhold is National Music Chairman , Norm a Brown is Ch apter Consu ltant to De lta Ze ta chapter, Virgini a Downey is Chapter Consultant to Delta Th e ta cha pter and Kimberly Golde n Benn e r i Assistant Chapter Advi or to De lta Th eta chapter. L ast, but ce rtain ly not least, Lehigh Valley is honored and pleased to be th e first recip ient of th e 'Club Stars Award ' at conve ntion in Phoenix. We received th is award for our work in assistin g with th e start up of new coll egiate chapters in o ur area and our co ntinued support of th ose co ll eg iate chapters. All of the fun , wonderfu l tradition s th e club has been doing for years, from e nj oyin g a summ er pi cnic togeth er with our fami li es, or ce le bra ting Founder's Day at a local restaurant, or adopting a local fam ily for th e holid ays and e njoyi ng a nig ht toge th er for an ornament and coo kj e exch ange to just baring laughter and cr eating great

m e mori es at eac h m o nthl y meeting will re main. Sure, we 've bee n through so me ch anges, but so ma ny wonderfu l thin gs have stayed the same, like thi s great g roup of women.

Baltimore Reported &y: Diane Raycob

Since th e ummer e nd e d , our ch a pter has held three meetings. In September, we chose a new ocial service proj ect, which is the Catho li c Charities Foster Care program . We also d ec id e d to se ll ch eesecakes as our fundra isin g proj ect. Three of our me mbers attended the Regio nal Leadership Workshop . At our O ctobe r meeting, we te nciled a pple prints o n tee-shirt's and canvas totes. We celebrated Founder's Day in November with a ni ce lun ch eo n , and the December me eting co nsisted of cook ie an d ornament exch anges.

Centreville-Manassas &poTted &y: Diane Underwood

The Ce ntreville-Manassas AI umnae chapter has been very busy sin ce returning from the convention . We were ver excited to have three of our member attend th e co nve nti on in Phoenix. In August, we had a lun cheon at a local restauran t where we made plan for the upco ming year.

Lehigh Valley Reported IYy: Kimberly Golden Benner

For as much as thing cha nge, th ey seem to stay the sam e . This i true of th e Lehigh Valley Alumnae Club. At our Holiday Extravaganza m ee ting in December, club m ember voted un animously to become an official alumn ae ch apter. After nearly 14 yea rs in existence as a club, we are now ma!Un g the switch. In October, we assisted with presentations to soro rities at Moravian Coll ege, in Bethl e h em, wh o we re interested in going national. Within days of the presentations, Phi Mu Epsilon THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

BaltimoTe Alumnae enjoying Founder's Day Luncheon.


Alumnae ChaPter News At our Se ptember m e ting, we initiated our co nvention d elegate, De bby Kuhn , and co ndu c t e d o ur first fund-raiser of the year, which wa a Tupperware sale. The sa le wa a uccess, and we hop e to h ave m ore fund-rai ers in the pring. We trave le d to O ccoq uan , Virginia, for a g ho s t tour where we learn ed a bout the history of th e town and th e ghosts that ar e believe d to be prese nt. Founder' Day was pent with both th e orthern Virginia Alumnae and Psi chapte r . ext year we pla n to h o t a Founde r's Day dinner our lves. At th e end of ovember, fi ve member atte nd ed a Thanksgiving dinn er for th e re id nts of Annaburg Manor. Annaburg Manor i a local nur in g home in Manassas, Virgin ia, th a t we wil l be supporting as our new philanthropy. Everyone that atte nd ed the dinn er had a g reat tim e, and we feel that this philanthropy will be very rewarding. We e nded th e year with a ho lid a ce le bration at th e hom e of J o hann e Fava loro. At the cele brati o n , we initiated Lisa DiSandro a an alumn ae affi li ate. Psi chapter is our ad o pted coll egiate chapter. To suppo rt P i, we collec ted goodies to deliver to th e ch apter in time for exams. We also donated

clothes for their clothing dri ve for familie in Elkton affected by fl ood. We loo k forward to orne great activitie thi pring and hope to ee our number grow over the next few mo nths. If yo u are in our neighborhood , co me e u .

Indianapolis Reported by: Pamela K L egg

The Indi anapoli Alumnae bid a ad farewell to ar n Rin ehart a he relocated to o lorado pring . he will be mi sed , but we certain I wi h her well. Many of our gro up are Alpha Alpha' fro m Ball State niver ity. We joined a fu n-fill d reunion organized b Bet y Ro and ara h Munier Williamson at Morri Re ervoir. We ren ewed tie of i terhood through photo , reme mbran ce , food and talk. In e pte mber, w gath ered for "H igh Tea" and viewed a video of Buckingham Palace. An eve nin g in ovember wa p e nt with friend an d fam il tour in g th Gaia Winer in downtown Indi anapoli . This is th e on l winer owned b a woman in th e e ntire tate of Indiana. We learn ed a bo ut th e proce s of wine making and toured the fac ili ty. Chri tmas once again found u takin g part in the Panh e ll e ni c gift wrap at Circle Ce n tr '[all. Our annual party

lndianajJoli Alumnae with Alpha lpha Alumnae at a july reunion


and gift exchange wa parked thi year by the additi on of mu ic. Faith H arlan convinc d the oth er m mb r of her axoph one quintet to entertain u at the h ome of Beck ppleman. We look forward to the new y ar when our pre ident In grid hild expect h er n w baby. We invite all in the Indianapo li ar a who are looking for other Alpha igma Tau i ter to join u . Pam Legg i th hi torian for the Indi anapo li lumn a Panhelleni , and he i erving her fifteenth year a our repre entative. he i also the pre ident of the Par nt Facu lty Organizati n at Lawrence orth High choo l. Faith Harl a n i the Director of Mu ic at Elwood Middle chool and al o play her axophone in numerou group in the Indianap li Area, including tarr ight . W ar real ! pr ud of her, and the wa he hare her tal nt with other .

Buffalo Reported I.Jy: Floren ce M.


Our annual m y t r y ride took place in June. Jean Me amara and ally Wa le arranged for an inter ting day in nearb Canada, which included a vi it to a doll hou e mu eum. Later in the ummer, we to k our chi ldr n to Tau Tot T im at the ummer home of Dorothea Porter. h ha graciou I ho ted this game and fun-filled ev nt for more than thirty ear . Patricia i hoi ho ted our eptember meeting where President Pamela zafarczyk hared her report on the national convention. It wa announced th at Lucille Peter on and Dorothea Porter were leavinu their po ition a r pre entative to our local Panhe ll e ni c. Th ' both have d voted man ears of faithful ervi J eanMc amaraand al l ' V ale willb rep lacing them. t o ur October m tina at the h ome of ally vVal e , a pr uram wa. gi en b ' an int ri r d orator whi h featured mon v- avinu d ' 0 v\ agr d to p n or a benefiting hildr n ' H pi ri n o路 Barbie d o ll ~ r th

Alumnae ChaPter News trees , which Kath Callah an will chair. Anita Che rkhau r efficiently h ead ed our own fund-rajse r, the e lling of Entertainment books. Th e ovember Founde r's Day luncheon include d both alumnae and collegia te sister . We enj oyed a most inte re ting program on th e edu catio n of eeing-eye dogs which included a visit b a La brad or re triev r wh o i ge tting puppy tra inin g in th e h o m of H elen e Blackled ge . A live ly gift exchange a t the h o me of Mari a Logo na co nclud d th e ea r at the Dece mbe r m ee tin g.

De pite th e bad wea th r co nditi o n , nin e of u s go t to ge th e r a t Mi ch e lle Brinde ll ' ho u e for o ur annu al holid ay party. We too k pa rt in a gra b-bag g ift exchange, played puzz l gam e , a nd snacked o n d e lici us a ppe tize r and d e e rt . Cha pte r members are ta kin g j anuar y off toe ca pe th e wo r t of Chi cago's winte r wea th e r but loo k ~ rward to ge ttin g together in Fe br uar y fo r a Pampered hef fundraisin g par ty.

moved to a loca l nur in g ho m e . T he ha pt r would like to Lh a nk h r for in piring us with h e r o ptimism a nd fa ith . We have I arn ed mu h fro m o u r fri e nd hip with Ste ph ani e .

Harrisburg Reported &y: Rebecca Christoff

Greater Chicago Area Reported by: Marijo Gosselinll Boatin g o n th e Chicago River, pa rti cipa tin g in th e C hi cago AIDS Wa lk, and ce le bra ting Founde r Day with th e co ll egia tes of Delta Delta cha pte r were o rn e of th e hig hli g hts of 1996 for membe r of th e G reater Chi cago Area Alumnae Cha pter. At th e end of th e summ r, we too k a c rui se d o wn th e C hi cago Ri ve r, th ank to C hri tin e Reite r 's husband , whose co mpan y re nted th boa t to us. But we were n 't th e o nly o n es o n the river tha t d ay, as ma n o th er Chi cagoans and o ut-of-/ owners crowd ed in to th e city be fo re th e ta rt of th e De m ocrati c a ti o n al Co n venti o n . Th e jun e atio nal Co nve ntion wa di sc u s e d ove r b a rb ec u e a t Juli e Sm o lare k's house fo r th e e pte mbe r mee ting. We m e t with D e lta D e lta collegi a tes fro m th e niver ity of Illinois at Chicago at th e e nd of Se pte mbe r to participa te in AIDS Walk- Chicago , our philanthro p y p roj ec t fo r the year. Dre e d in our sp ecially d e ign ed ALT AIDS Walk T- hirts, a bout 30 of u joined thousand of o th e r and traveled th e down town a nd la kefro n t course . We rai e d over on e th o u sa nd dollars for the fight aga in t AIDS . To celebrate Founde r 's Day, we once again joined with th e Delta Delta collegiates at the student ce nter on th e UIC campu . We e njoyed th eir co mpan y and parti c ipati o n in th e candle-lighting ceremony. THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Th e H arri sburg Alumn ae Cha pte r h a b ee n bu sy. In O c t o b e r, we ki cked-off our favo rite fund-raise r, a Tuppe rware par ty. Th e siste r d o nated H a llowee n candy to give to th e childre n residin g at th e Inte rfaith Sh elte r. A few membe rs visited th e co ll egiate cha pte r a t hippe n sburg U ni ve rsity, whi ch is o ne o f our two collegiate cha pter associatio ns, to ce le brate Fo unde r's Day. At th e fo rm al Nove mber mee tin g, we recogni ze d o ur n ewest m e mbe r, Lynn e (Partridge) Klin e, Ze ta . At our ho liday lun cheon in Decembe r he ld a t the hom e of Casey Marks, we revealed o urse lves to o ur secre t siste r with a specia l ho liday urpri se . Ou r ch a pte r h as a ve r y sp ec ia l Ste ph a ni e M c Gr a th m e mb e r, Steadman , Ze ta. A couple of years ago, Ste phan ie was in a se rio us car acc ident. We a re g lad to say th a t Ste ph anie i o nce again near our cha pte r a she h as

L)mn H ess of the Tidewater Alumnae ChajJter

Tidewater Area Reported by: Joy Stroud Robertson We've bee n a very b usy grou p thi s Fall. We we lco med two new me m ber , Bec ky Pe ters, Beta Pi, and Amy Burn , Psi, in to o ur cha pter in O ctobe r. O ur fundraising p roj ec t in lud ed e ll ing e nte rta inm e n t boo k a n d h aving a Tupperware party. Exam goo die were e n t to th ree Virgini a ALT cha p ter , Al pha Lambda, Psi, and Ze ta Ta u . V·l e ado pted th e am arita n H o u e , a ba tt re d wo m e n ' she lter, as o ur local phil anthrop . We continue to support Livi ng Water Ch listian chool by end ing in oup label . We are also coll ecting old tuffed an imal

H arrisburg A lumnae Chapter Christmas L uncheon left to right: Amy Lassi, M elissaFleegal, Colleen Shea Koller, L isa Waltman Sackett, Antoinette 1 alale, Case;• Smith Works, Donna Weible;• L apano, J oanna Natale Parthemore, Teresa Baker Eckard


Alumnae ChaPter News

Tidewater Area Alumnae Chapter- 'Vew memben A my Burns and Becky Peters.

and toy to b resto red and give n to children wh o have suffered traum a . In O cto ber, four of o ur member , alo ng with the local Panh eUenic group, participated in H eart Wal k to benefit th e Am eri can H eart Associatio n. We o bse r ve d Found e r' Day at a loca l restaurant with a ce le brati o n th at included a special candl e lighting ce re mo n y. It was a m em o ra ble eve nin g d edicated to isterh ood. Our a nnual ho liday par ty, he ld at th e ho me of Robbie Coo l, included a d e li cious dinn e r, games, a sil ent aucti o n , and exchanging of ec ret Santa gifts. Proceed s from th e sil e n t auctio n were d o nated to th e J oy Fund, a local Chri stm as charity. Congratu latio ns to o ur presid ent, J oy V\ ith er poo n , who wo n thi s year' To p Tau award . Congratulatio ns also go o ut to Be th a nd Mike McO ker o n th e bi r th of th eir so n, Michae l J ose ph . H e was bo rn o n Se pte mbe r 19th .

th e program a well a a soro ri ty bi rthcia ca ke. T h e can d le li g h tin g ceremon wa th e highlig h t f th e oc asion, as alway . Fo un d er Da ' i th time Margaret Bo n gner, ne of our P a nh e ll e ni c re p re entative , i in charge of e lli ng th e Panhell en i cho lar hi p fun d rai ing ticket . Later we were in for med o u r chapt r had thre p rize winn er and gift it m were don ate d b loca l merc h ant . Caro lyn AJexa nd r, our other Pan he ll enic repre en ta ti ve, a i ted with ale b)' te leph o ni ng member . Later in ove m ber, vera) membe rs too k part in th e cha p t r' ph ilanthro py proj ect. We went fir t to th r i i Se lf H e lp enter for bu e el V\ o me n in t. Lo ui . T he director to ld u of th e co un eling work the do, and we too k p r o na l care item , a wa ugge ted . We also vi ited O ur Li ttle H ave n , a re iden ti al care faci lity for d r ug-ex posed and H IV po iti e young childre n , mostly in fant to pre- ch ool age. Ou r d o nati o n h e r o n i ted of co n um a ble produ ct th at are needed ever d a uch a d iaper and h gie ne ite m s. Ou r gro u p took tim e to eat lun ch toge th e r at a nearb re tau rant befo re ayi ng goo d-bye o n a ra in y but rewa rdin g d ay. We ce le bra ted th e fir t of our ho liday eve nt in early December at the

ho m e of Lath and Mike Kennedy with orne co ll egiate fro m B ta P i. alwa , th e food e lection wa great and the company even more . Our econd h o li da eve nt will be at a local re taurant v ell-kn own for its German cui in e. V\ e would li ke to im'ite an y alu mnae in the area to j in u for fu ture activitie . Anc hor your e lf to i terh ood in th e t. Loui area.

Detroit Reported lJyjean DeClnck

The D tro it alumnae were very activ th is ear. everal n wer member accepted the re ponsib ili ty of chapter office , including m elf. Veteran officer pur u e d th e r area of intere t with in Alpha igma Tau , includ ing two nationa l co uncil po ition and 10 national taffpo ition . ur member al o hared their talents with the community. Nadia Madd e n chair d the unflower F tival and p lanned her church cia reun ion, and Kathl e n Monticello appeared in the Farmington Player production of "Light p the ky." Two very pecial i ter in our ch apter were honored with award thi year. adia Madel n r ceived the Anch or ward , a he ha alway been a ource of in piration to u . he ha contributed her time and talent a

St. Louis Reported by: Mary L ou colt

Th e Fa ll activiti e for o ur ch a pter ta rted with o ur usual po t lu ck uppe r mee tin g in e pte mbe r in th e ho m e of II a imp o n . T h e news of th e recent co nve nti o n in Ph oe nix wa hared . Ou r a nnu a l Fo und e r ' Da ce lebra ti o n wa o rga nized thi ear by th e Edwa rd ville, Illin o i alumn ae chapter, a we ta k turn ho tin g th e eve n t. !ide of Pin e Mo unta in w re pa rt of


!?96 Conve~1tion, DetroitNorth-Ea tern Alum (Left to right) Kathy Baeckn; hri tianne } i>nt: . 7am my Bonifield, Rose l ane chmidt, Andrea Klein- ran cho, .\'an(')' Tvburski. Karen Ke. 11'1 Li a Marie Fredrrick and Emily M rlntirr. 路 路

Alumnae ChaPter News trea urer for man years. Sh also vo lunteer her h ome and talents a a ho tes every year and continues to give u u pport a n d gu idance. Our c hapte r ch o e Elaine Began a Alumni Top Tau for h er exten ive contr ibutions and po itive attitude this past year. Our meeting continue to give u opportunitie to meet special wo m n of al l age who hare the co mmon bond of isterhood. Round Robin give us a means of sharing our live with each othe r. We we re delighted th a t evral member brought th eir n ew bab i to our m ee tings this year. Our mee ting also allow us to do wh a t "LT ' love to do most -eat. Three haste se voluntee red at eac h mee tin g to provid e deli ciou food for us to e nj oy. Thi wa a fun year for our ch apter with ple nty of opportunitie to xpre our crea tivity. In ay, we mad e Moth er' Da y box e while lea rnin g d eco upage a nd spo nge pa intin g. V\ e di covered "Fun with Stamping" in june with in p iration from Kathy Bec ke r a nd adia Ma dd e n . At o ur Se pte mb e r meeting, we deco ra ted sweatshirts with leaf de ign . We al o expe ri e n ced th e joy of gi ,~ng during our south e rn S\ a p Chri tm a gift exch a nge . We ch o e fund-rai e r that were fun as we ll. Thi yea r we raised mo n ey by ho tin g a J.S. Willow h o m e p a rty where we purchased g ifts for o ur loved on e a we ll a de co rati o ns for o ur hom e a nd gardens. We also o ld e nterta inm e nt books a nd Go ld boo k , giving u opportunitie to dine a nd fro lic around th e city. Th e fund that we ra i ego, in part, to Turning Point, a hom e for ba ttere d women , to wh ich we have co ntributed for everal years. V\ e w re di traugh t wh en the ir home burn ed down ea rlier thi year, and we qu ickly se nt so me fund to h e lp th em recove r thi s lo . Founder's Day gave u a specia l opportun ity to remember the imp o rtance of our sisterhood. In h o nor of this pec ia l day, we attended a lunc h eon hosted by the Yp ilanti -Ann Arbor chapter. We were thrill e d that th is yea r, for the first time , eve ra l co llegians and their mother a tte nd ed. Ever yone donated raffle pr izes for whi c h si ters purchased tickets. THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Northern Virginia R ejJorled by: Mary Charles Ashby

A summer 1996 arrived , o did activities to kee p the North e rn Virgin ia Alumnae Chapter memb rs busy. Ten me mbe rs attended th e 1996 natio n al co nvention in Pho e n ix where chapte r me mbe r, Ma r y Charle Adam A hby pres ided a a tion al Pre id e nt. Th chapte r was recognized by the Nati o nal Foundation for h aving achieved th e Pearl Leve l o f donations and num ero us m e mbe rs were sa luted for th e ir individua l gifts as we ll. Our scrapbook, pre pa red by Be tt Gai l Ell iott, received honora ble me ntion for alumn ae scrapbook . C h ar lotte Evans F loyd was n a m ed o ur chapte r' Alumn ae To p Tau for 1996. We were ho nored at th e co nve nti o n when th e nationa l organiza tion adopted our th e me, "Anchored fo r Life" as th e motto for alumnae nati o n ally. \1\le co ntinu ed our summer eve nts with our annua l ice crea m social a t th e hom e of Ma r y Charles A hby and e njoyed th e fe ll ow h ip of severa l co llegiate sisters from Psi chapte r along with m e mb ers of our c h a pte r and th e ir famili e. In Septe mbe r, we we re in th e lovely hom e of Be tty Sue mith Glaeser for o ur welcome bac k pot luck d inn e r. A warm welcome we nt to isters returnin g for a n o th e r yea r with our chapte r a nd to severa l rece nt g radu a tes . We had fun a t o ur O ctober gathering, as o ur hostess, Ca thy Mi ll a rd chre in e r h ared her H all owee n d eco ra ted home with u s a nd divided u into groups to co mpete by d eco ra tin g pumpkins with the ite m s s h e furn is h e d us. Our Founde r 's Day ce le bra tion was o n ce aga in at th e bea utifu l hom e of Charlotte Floyd with food furn ish ed a nd prepared by our hostess. The mon ey ra ise d was donate d to our ational Foundation H eadquarte rs Fund . Becky Po dd , Alph a La mbda , was indu c te d into our chapter, and th e traditional Founder' Day ca nd le light ce re mony was held. Th e sa le of White House ornaments i once aga i n our major fund-ra iser. a les of th e 1996 orna-

me nt ar go ing quite we ll. For o n e of our chapter phi la nthropy proj ts this y ar, we a re donatin g mon ey (in li e u of a Christma g ift exc han ge) LO purcha e a nd se nd teddy bea r t G n e is H o use, a hom e for b a ttere d a nd abused c h il dre n . ev ra J b ar h av bee n don a ted by our me mbe rs a nd the mon ey co llec ted will purch ase more bear for thi s worthy caus . The h apte r will ma ke th e ir a nnu al d o n ation to Pin e Mo unta in Settlement h oo l throu g h th e National Fo und ation. Tickets a re be in g so ld fo r a pl ay at the Little Th eate r in Al exandri a to upport th e Alumn ae Pa n h elle ni c ch o lar hip Fund. Me mbe r gath ered in Decemb r a t the h o m e of Pam Werner Fultz ' pa re nts wh ere we enjoy d the ir e ight C hri stm as trees, eac h with it own th e me, which ad o rn ed their h ome for th e ho lid ay . ecret i ter were a! o revea led a t this Decem ber meeting. Me mber atte nd ing thi m eti n g not on ly don a ted to o ur teddy bear fund , but also brought a nowm a n o rn a men t to pr e e nt to our h o te , Lind a We rn e r, to sta rt yet a n oth er "th em tree." Me mbe r of ou r ch apter attended the Fo und e r's Day ce lebration of hi and Psi ch a pter a ndj o in ed in h o n oring o ur founding with co ll egiate membe rs at th e ir re p ective dinn e rs. a co ll egia te / alumn ae proj ect, we have co ll ected a nd e nt goo di es to C hi a nd Gamma Zeta cha pters to e nj oy fo r th e ir exa m week. Pa m Fultz was rece ntl y recognized for h e r fli e r d e ig n "Th e Geologic tor of O cee Ri ve r," which h e deig n ed for th e U.S. De pt. of Interior, .S. De pt. of g ri culture Fo re t ervice, a nd th e Te nn essee all ey uth ority. It was also u ed with th e 1996 Olymp ic . Med a Ray Elliott well wa recognized by th e T yso n ' Civitans a the recipi e nt of th e ir Civitan ' Ke ward, th e high e t hon or which ca n b e bestowe d upon a me mber by a Civitan club. Ed ith Elliott rece ived th e ivitan of th e Yea r Award from the T on Civitans. Charlotte Flo d a nd Carole Bicking Ke il received th e Order of th e Yell ow Rose at conve ntion. Carole Keily a nd form e r NOVA ch a pte r m e mbe r Caro l ]. Cooper, were a mo ng th e re-


Alumnae ChaPter News Cipients of the Ada A. orto n Outsta ndin g A lumn ae Award . Mar y Ch a rl es Ash by was elected a vice chairm a n of th e Faquier County Schoo l Board for a n oth er term. Edith Elliott h a erved a pre id e nt of the Tyson C ivita n C lub . Becky P odd wa appo inted THE CHORAJumn ae Ed itor. Dian e Di andro U nd erwood wa a ppointed Ch apter Co n ultant for P i c h a pter. Cat h y Schreiner was appointed for another term a ationa l Award s Coord in ator. Meda Ray Sewell co ntinue to serve as president of ou r National Foundation and C h a rlotte Floyd as secretar y. Dia n e U nderwood is th e curre nt orthern Virginia Alumnae C hapter president. \1\ e in vite an y sorority si ters located in ur area to j o in us for c hapter eve nts.


Charter M ember. attending A lpha Gammas 50th anniver. ary. Clockllri e fro m top: Maxine Marshall Zimmerman, Billye Oliver H ainen, Gloria Young Lax, M axine JVlcCanley H ines, President, Patsy i\lile eary, Amanda Reese mith

Sunflower Alumna Chapter Ka nsas, October 1996 I nstallatio n


pring 1997

AlPha Sigma Tau DirectorY Nati on al H eadquarte rs, 1929 Ca n o n Road , Bi rmingham, AL 35216 Pho ne 205-978-2179 Fax 205-978-2 J 82 Office Ho urs 9: 00 a.m .-4:00 p.m. entral Tim e H eadquarter Adm inistrati o n: Leno re e ibel Kin g ( Mr . Th o ma J. ,J r ) P i

ational Council National President - Mar th a Dro uyo r DeCamp, Alp ha 2793 1 E 4th Place, Redm o n d , WA 9 053 National Vice President -J an et Minnis Ji m i on , Io ta 529 High land Dr., Arkansas Cit , K.S 67005 National Secretary National Treasurer - Andrea Kli enYan ch o, Beta Xi 69-B Locust St. , sone t, MA 02702 Director of CoUegiate Chapters - Ri cki Barg man Trosen , Alpha Sigm a 904 Kings Road , Kirksville, MO 63501 Director of Alumnae - Patricia Lyn n ayle, Phi 12002 Ha tings Gree n, Houston , TX 77065 Dir~ctor of Expansion- Chri tin a Dugga n Covm gton , Alph a Lambda 62 ac h em Village, West Le ban o n , NH 037 4

Zeta District President - ynth ia G. Ea o nMann ing, Alp ha Sigma 43 S. We to n o urt, St. Charle , MO 63303

The Anchor Alumnae Editor - Re beccah Podd , Alph a Lambda 711 2 Ro k Ridge Lane # L, lexandri a, VA 223 L5

Eta District President - ancy Vo ltz Lessig, J Beta Epsilon 47 Vi llage Kn o ll Place, Spring, T X 773 1

The Anchor CoUegiate Editor - Gay am mall T rue hart, Beta u 3187 Cottonwood Co urt, Lanca ter, PA 1760 1

Theta District President- Miche ll e J Cangialosi Flyn n Alph a Lambda 2396 Brec kenridge Ct., Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Awards- Cathy Mi llard chrein er, Chi 4400 H ad rian oun, Alexandria, V 223 10

Iota District President- Malinda Henr y ,; O ates, Gamm a Gamma 7794 O ld Mt. O live Rd ., Gardend ale, AL 35071 Kappa District President- Sonda Ruh o ll Clocksin , Beta Pi 2 Durell Dr., Kankakee, IL 6090 1 Lambda District President Mu District President -J ami e Alunn i, Ze ta 3100 Gran t Ave., C-26, Philadelphia, PA 19 11 4

Director of Fraterni ty Programs- an cy Tyburski, Be ta Xi W61 N4 19 Washingto n Ave., Ced arbu rg, vVJ. 53012

Nu District President- Kristin Hakin , Be ta Pi 3345 Betty Dr., Ar ling ton He igh ts, IL 60004

Director of Publications- Patricia Kl au ing Simmo n , Delta 29 1 Locust tree t, Indi ana, PA 15701

Xi District President- Megan J ann ey, Zeta Tau 3529 Wi llowrun Dr. NE, Roano ke, VA 240 12

Omicron District President-

District P residents Regional CoUegiate Coordinator #I Mar y Elle n Wi ll mitch , Alph a Rh o 195 1 Perry Lan e, Yo ung town , O H 445 15-4928 Regional CoUegiate Coordinator # 2 Vi ctoria King Garwood , Beta Delta 180 1 Butto nwood Su路ee t #5 16, Phil ad elphia, PA 19 130 Regional CoUegiate Coordinator #3 Mich e lle Schm idt, Alp ha Sigma 615 Dove r Drive, Ro lla, MO 65401 Alpha District President - Kelly Klin e Duke, Beta Xi 2786 David o n , uburn Hill s, MI 48236 Beta District President- Lisa-Marie Cox Fred e rick , Beta Xi 6024 Prince s Lane, larksto n , MI 48346 Gamma District President Delta District President Epsilon District President- d ele Black, Be ta Mu 253 1 Lodge Fo rest Drive, Baltimore , MD 21219

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Pi District President- Shari Gr ham Ri ch, Alp h a Epsilo n 3438-C Ch elsea Park Village Lane, o rcro , GA 30092 Rho District President - Suza nn a Dun la p Coccagna, Delta 266 We t Owen ve. , Derry, PA 15627 Sigma District President - Robin Burroughs Davis, Ze ta Tau Box 1514, New Lo ndon , N H 03257-1514 RLW District Pt路esident - Lisa Narodowi ec Enge l, Beta Pi 1369 O xford Circl e, Roselle, IL 60172

National Staff Academics - Ch ri ty Cuthi ll McCorm ick, igma 614 Ta pawingo Rd . SW, Vie nn a, VA 22 180 Alumnae Expansion- Carole Bi cking Keily, Alph a Xi 7 07 Le land Rd ., Ma nassas, VA 20111 The Anchor Editor- Al ina Whi ttle-Tezik, Ze ta 4744 almo n Stree t, Ph ilad elphia, PA 19137

Chaplain - Emil hby M !m ire, Alpha Lambda 1940 Seven Oak Dr. , Morristown, T 37814 Colony Adviser - Maria A. (Tonette) Blac kwe ll , Gamma Gamma 698 Bl ackwell Rd ., Decatur, MS 39327 Colony Adviso r- Tracy Bond, Zeta 135 ' li th St., Al le n town , PA 18102 Convention- ta iJimison Wedermyer, Iota 3732 SW Plaza Dr. # 202 , Topeka, KS 66609 The Crest Editor - Wi ll a Loui e Wi ll iam , Alpha ifu 500 apa all ey #236, Littl Rock, AR 72211 Expansion Assistant- Roche lle . Hargi , Alph a Al pha 1509 . Ewing t. , Indianapoli , IN 4620 1 Expansion Assistant - An ne Curran Gruber, Al pha 512 Pi ne Land Dr. E, da, Ml 4930 l Financial Assistant- Beth An n Dobson Fo urnier, Beta Xi 2594 Ri dge Rd. , Wh itelake, MI 4 3 3 Historian- T ina Taylor chmiedel, Beta Xi 3631 Shangri La Rd. , Oshko h, \lVI 54904 Housing - Lara Buszka, Beta Xi 1331 Banbur y Rd. , Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Membership Development - Tam my Stecrehu is Bo nified, Beta Xi 16925 Mac Au thu r, Redford , 11 4 240 Music- Barbara Grant \1\leth erh ood, Zeta 410 Cen tur Drive, Bath , PA l 014 National PanheUenic Conference Delegate- Cathy Bon ds Crapet, Beta Zeta 6501 Q uail Ru n Dr., Pelham, AL 35124 National PanheUenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Carolyn Con ner Al exander, Pi 6328 Potomac, t. Loui , MO 63139 National PanheUenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Cynthia Peckha.rt Ic Cro r y, Alpha Alp ha ilia Del O ro 5 52 Scottsdale Rd ., cottsdal , AZ - 253


AlPha Sigma Tau DirectorY National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate- Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha 27931 E 4th Place, Redmond, W 98053 Nominations- Karen DenchfieldMasterson, Beta Xi 2622 Ponce Ave., Belmont, CA 94002 Parliamentarian- Karen Laur en Ke sler, Beta Xi 6 Edenfield Rd., Penfield, NY 14526 Philanthropy - Lara Cegala, Psi 130 Fairwa Pointe Circle, Orlando, FL 3282 Pledge- Kath y Puli ce Baecker, Theta 1 667 N. Oak Court, Clin ton Twp., Ml 4803 Publicity- Lisa G. McCoy, Beta P.O. Box 957932, Duluth , GA 301 36 Rush - TeLoa Ho lder Butler, Rho P.O. Box 2268, Durant, OK 74701 Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

President - Meda Ray Elliott Sewell, Omicron 6541 Wi lliamsburg Boulevard , Arlington , VA 22213 1st Vice President - Lenore Seibel King, P i 1845 Lakeridge Rd ., Birm ingham , AL 35216 2nd Vice President-Julie Bell Bruington, Iota 1318 W. Beech, Independence, KS 67301 Secretary - Charolette Evan Floyd , P i 11 01 S. Arlington Ri dge Rd . #316, Arlington , VA 22202 Treasurer- Rose Marie Schm idt, Th eta 21359 Boxwood Ct., Farm ington, 11 48336

Foundation Committees Awards, Grants, Scholarship - Melis a Frie en Park , Be ta Xi 6547 Cedar Ridge, Love land, O H 45 140 Publicity- Cathy Bo nds Crapet, Be ta Zeta 6501 Quail Run Drive, Pelham , AL 35124 Effie Lyman Academic Loan- Ju ne McCarthy, Pi 891 Watson Woods, t. Louis, MO 63 126 Fundraising- Patricia Wrig ht Littl e, 1ph a Lambda 3301 wanha llow t, Richmond , VA 23233

Collegiate Chapters Alpha -Eastern Michigan UniversityPre id m : Kristie Charles, 959 Sh e ridan , Yp ilianti , Ml 48 197; :J o ce Berg, 15 132 Houghton , Li vo ni a , MI 48 15448 I 6; CC: Ke lt Klin e Duke, 27 6 Davidson , Gross PL. Farms, Ml 4 2360000


Beta -Central Michigan University- Pre id e nt: Li a Fettinge r, 107 W. Gaylord , Mt. Pl easant, MI 4885 ; : athe rin e J anso n, 1417 Andre, Mt. Pl ea ant, MI 48858-19 11 ; C : ancy H e remza, 575 t. Be rn ard, Mary vill e, MI 48040-1 320 Delta- Indiana University of P ennsylvania -Pre ide nt: Re becca Bi kerton , 294t. Oakl and ve., In diana, PA 1570 1; uzann a Coccagna, 266 v\ e t Owens ve., Derr y, P 15627-1754; Zeta- Lock Haven niversity of Pennsylvania- Pre ide nt: Anne Grua gr uber, 17 pring t. , LockHaven, P 1774- ; Am y DuPree, Box 11 , e ntra l ve ., vis, P 17721-9999; C :Coll ee n Ree e, 300 E. Water St. Apt. #33, Lock H ave n , P 17745-1422 Omicron- Concord College - Pre ident: Camall ia Paul e , Box - 04, onco rd Co ll ege, thens , WV 24712 ; : Pame la lad e, Rt. 2, Box 473- , N. Tazewe ll , 24630; CC: Kimb rl Goad , P.O . Box 63 Louie Ct., Ri ing un , MD 21911-0063 Rho- Southeastern Oklahoma State University- Presid e nt: Lo ri Crawford , 1307 . 3rd St .. Durant, OK 74701 ; : Te loa Butl er, 610 Cedar t. , Durant, OK 74701 4240; CC: H e idi Butl e r, 60 1 W. Cedar t. , Duran t, OK 74701-4240 Sigma- State University College at Buffalo- Pre ide nt: Ali on Ru o, 457 Potomac ve ., Buffa lo, Y 142 13; CA: 1 one; CC: Non e Zeta Tau- Longwood College - Pre id ent: H eather Swan , Longwood Coll ege, Box 2689 , Farmvill e, 23909-1899; CA: lo ne; CC: Andro niki Fa ll i , 416-D Winsto n St. , Farmvi ll e, V 23901-1738 Upsilon- University of Central ArkansasPresid ent: Brandy Glover, 35 Farri Rd ., Com ay, AR 72032; CA: o ne; CC: Bobbie icho la , 1009 Fawnwood, Littl e Rock, AR 72227-593 1 Phi- Southeastern Louisiana UniversityPre ident: Carolin e Price, L 23 0, Ha mmond , LA 70402; : Debo rah Me lancon ,73246 Prude n Rd .. Covington , LA 70432-7347; CC: Gwe n Ku rtz, 7564 MacKe nzie t. , 1ew Orlean , LA 7012 1808 Chi- Shepherd College- Pre ident: J e nnife r McClure, P.O . Box 553, 25443; :Anna he ph e rd tO\ n , Go ll ada , 5 1 3 Hig hview ve. , te ph e ns it , 22655-0000; C: nn a Wal h, Rt.1 , Box 135, h pe rd town , WV 2544397 19

Psi- James Madison University- Pre ident: Me la ni e Barn e , ~T:JM , Ta ·lor Rm 205 , 00 . Main , Harri onburg, 22 07 ; : Elizabeth Knig ht, Rt. 2, Bo 446, rot toe , V 24441 ; : Diana nd e rwood , 10446 Brac ketsford r., Mana ·a , V 22 111 Alpha Gamma- Henderson State University- Pre ide m : El a in e Kn e bon e, H Box 5 124, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-5 124; : Mary Mann , 905 . 26 th t. , rkadelphia, AR 71923-3607; C :Judith Bra ko, Rt. 1, Box 94, lLl ttgart, AR 72160-941Alpha Epsilon- Western Illinois Univerity- Pres id e nt: he lsey Rate rmann , 1 Po ll ock Dr., Maco mb , IL 6 145 ; o ne; C: o ne Alpha Lambda- Radford UniversityPr ident: Li a Priddy, 105-L Madi o n t. , Radford, V 24141 ; CA: Allen Bure , 7547 edar Grove Lane, Radford , 24 14 1; C: ndrea Butcher on, 6 9 ugar Run Ridge Road, Roano ke, 240 1 -6952 Alpha Mu- U nive rsity of Arkansas at Monticello - Pre ident: i on tandley, P.O . Box 2194, AM , on ti ce ll o, AR 71656; o ne; CC: Alpha Xi- Mansfield University of Pennsylvania- Pre ident: Amy Ba ler, 46 E. We ll boro t. , Man field , P 16933; li chae l Lama ter , 120 Pin ecre t, i an field niver ity, Mansfield , P 16933; CC: Alpha Omicron- Clarion University of Pennsylvania- Pre ident: Kri tey Valo io , 14 reenville Ave ., Clar io n , P 162 14; CA: uzann a P:J obb, 10 Wil on , lario n , P 1621 4-1722;C: o ne Alpha Pi- Slippery Rock University of P ennsylvania- President: Ke lly De ibl e r, 105-F Grove ity Rd ., Iipper Ro k, P 16057; :There e aldarelli , B-105 ni er ity nion , R , Iipper Ro k, P 16057; C : o ne Alpha Tau- Edinboro University of Pennsylvania- Pre ide nt: Grace Le upp, 207 ton have n Dr. pt. #32, Edinboro , P 16412; :Mar Campbell, 543 1 Lind n ve. Edinboro, P 16412-1-136; ary Ellen illmitch , 1951 Pe nn • La n , Yo ung town , OH 4451 --492



AlPha Sii!ma Tau Directory Beta Delta- Duquesne University- Pre ident:Jenn ifer Wiggins, 1420 Centre ve. Apt. 506, Pitt burgh , PA 152 19; CA: Al lison Brungard, 6934 H illdale Dr., Pi ttsburgh , PA 15236-3635; CC: Dawn Scott, RPA4, Box 127 , Everett, PA 155370000 Beta Epsilon- Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania- Pre ident: Cara Connell e , 7 Coll ege Park, h ippensburg, P 17257; CA: Mary Urbanowicz, 11363 T hornwood Rd ., Shi ppensburg, PA 17257-9307; CC: Tone Beta Eta- Southern llllinois UniversityPre ident: Amy chutzenhofer, 23-2Junction Dr., Gle n Carbon, IL 62034; CA: Karen Wa er, 615 State St. , Wood Ri ve r, IL 62095-111 0; CC: Verbal Blakey, 300 Laure l, Highland , IL 62249-1217 Beta Theta- St. Mary's University- President: haron Talkington , 8926 Man fie ld , San Antonio, TX 78251; CA: Debra Shea, 510 Red Oak Wood , Canyo n Lake , TX 781 33-5165 ; C : Ka thryn We i er, 50 1 1 . Edwa rd Gar t. , an Marcos , TX 7 666-4673 Be ta Iota- Millersville University of Pennsylvania- Pre id e nt: Joey McCool, 66 Ram gate La ne, Lan caster, P 17603; CA: !far Weber, 9 17 Prospect tree t, Lanca te r, PA 17603-5843; CC: o n a Barge , 1701 Lin coln Hwy. East Apt. #1 , Lan ca ter, PA 17602-2611 Beta Mu- Salisbury State UniversityPre id e nt: hri tin a hee ha n , 504 Lobloll y Lane, Sali bur , MD 21801 ; CA: Co ll ee n H ardin g, 513 Cypre t. Apt. F; eaford , DE 19973-2443; CC: None Beta Mu- Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania- Pre id e nt: Nicole Pad uch, 371 Lightstree t Rd ., Bloo msburg, P 17815; CA: Pe ter Bohling, De pt. of Economi c , B , Bloomsburg, PA 17 15; CC: 1one Beta Xi- Michigan Tech. University- Presid e nt: Robyn Fritzler, 916 College Ave. , H ough ton , MI 49931 ; CA: Ani a Ali, 609 Calverley Ave ., H oughton , Ml 49931; CC: one Beta Pi- Eastern Illinois University- President: An n Pai lek, 1009 Gree k Ct. , A~T # 111 , Charle ton , IL 61920; CA: Ju li e Montgomery, 72 Pifer Lan e, ull iva n , IL 61951 -1 657; CC: Rory Erickson Gawthorp, Su ite 3, 403 Franklin , Ma homet, IL 6 1853-0403 Beta Tau- University of Massachusetts at Lowell- President: Mary Doherty, 113 Un iver ity Ave. #6, Lowell , MA 01 54; CA: Carol O 'Lea ry, 3 Long Hill Rd. ,

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

Rowley, MA 0 1969; CC: Patri iann Zebra ki , 36 Cath Rd ., Che lmsford , MA 01824-2043 Beta Upsilon- New J ersey Institute of Technology- Pre ident:Je nn ifer Fou li d es, 180 Bleeker St. , Cypress Ha ll #209A, ewark, 1 J 0701 3-3914; CA: J aca lyn McCarth y, 9 Clinton Ct., Plain bo ro , J 0 536-2325; C: Robin Barall-Havican , 15 vVooddu ck Cove , Mil ton, ~ 074380000 Beta Phi-Califomia University o f Pennsylvania- Pre id ent:J ennifer Pani aha, 44 Third St. , California, PA 15419; A: Su e Jon e , 420 Th e rm o Vi ll age Rd . Apt. E5, New Stanton , PA 15672-9749; C: Stephanie j ad lowiec, 10 19 Hig h t., Pittsburgh , PA 1-212-0000 Be ta Chi- Ferris State University- Pre ident: Kelly Larke, 420 S. Stewart, Big Rapids, MI 49307; CA: None; CC: None Beta Psi- St. Louis University- Preside n t: Meli ssa Haug k, 3700 LaCled e Ave. M.T. Apt. 311W, t. Lo ui s, MO 63103; CA: Kath lee n Ke nn edy, 204 Kimbe rly Lan e, t. Pe ters, MO 63376-40 13; CC: Mi chel Brind ell , 134 S. Myrtle, Elmhurst, IL 60 126-3244 Beta Omega- Monmouth Universi tyPre ide nt: Regin a Schiavo ne, 43 1 Cedar Ave. , Garden Apt. 702-B, West Long Branch , 1 J 07764; CA: J ani Palumbo, 1202 Turf Dr. , O ceanport, NJ 07757; CC: o ne Gamma Gamma- U niversity of West Alabama- Preside nt: Larkin Weath ers, P.O . Box 1403, Livin gston , AL 35407; CA: Neldra Spencer, P.O . Box 690 , Livin gsto n, L 35470-0690; CC: Tonette Bl ackwell , 698 Blackwell Rd ., Deca tur, M 39327-0000 Gamma Epsilon- State Universi ty of New York at Potsdam - Pre icl ent: J a nice clde re ly, 17 Pi er re po nt Ave., Po tsdam , l\TY 13676; CA: J o hn Mas aro , Dept. o f Po liti c , NY-Potsdam , Po t clam , TY 13676; CC: Daw n Lanph e r, 301 Ripp lebrook Ln. , Min oa, NY 1311 6-101 9 Gamma Zeta- Frostburg State U niversityPres ide nt: j e nnifer Gruber, 133 Wood St. Apt. B, Frostburg, MD 21532; : indy H erzog, 116 Braddock St. , Fro tburg, MD 21532-0000; CC: Dana Agnolutto, 6805 Craig Lane , Clinton , MD 2073533 16 Gamma Theta- Pennsylvania State University I Behrend College- Presid ent: Le ighann Dunn , Box 939, P U- Be hre nd Statio n Rd. , Erie, PA 16563; CA: Non e; CC: None

Gamma Iota- York College- Preside nt: Ange la Hafer, 206 ew Tyl r Run Box 84, \'1 , York , PA 17405 ; C : n ; Ke lly McBrid e , 510 . Third t. , Harrisburg, P 17 101 Gamma Lambda- Kutztown U nive rsity of Pennsylvania- President: Gina Burznski, 341 W. Main t., Kutztown, P 19530; CA: Kath lee n Do lclos, Kutztown Uni erity, Kutztown , PA 19530; CC: Fran Abrams, 108 Re min gto n Ct. , Cha lfont, PA 198 14-0000 Gamma Mu- West Virginia Institute of Technology- Pre id ent: Kimberly Carr tt, 209 S. J ac kson t. , Montgomery, WV 25136; CA: Heather Mo rri , P.O . Box 247, 403 Charles t. , Pratt, WV 25 1620247 ; CC: Lo ri Willi am o n , 1611 Fl etcher Ave. , Dunbar, WV 25064-24 15 Gamma Nu- Waynesburg College- Pre id ent: Tin a Dunn , 190 E. High t. , Apt. #A, Wayne burg, PA 15370; CA: Michelle ico le Barto, 104 Ea t Hugh t. Apt. 5, Waynesburg, PA 15370-1 35; : Mary Be th Kell ey, 22 Bo ulevard , Point Marion , PA 15474-1002 Gamma Xi- Grand Valley State Unive rsity- Pre id ent: ara Darnell , 4844 W. Campus Dr. #505 , Allendale , Ml 49401938 1; C : None; CC: Ann e urran Gruber, 512 Pin e Land Dr., E, da, Ml 49301-9119 Gamma Pi- Lycoming College- Pre ident: Bre nda Bowse r, Lycom in g Co ll ege , Box 443 , Willi amspo rt, PA 17701; CA: Robert Va n Voor t, Box 62 , LC William port, P 17701 ; CC: Me linda Kisling, 4 10 E. Chestnut St., Lebano n , PA 17042-562 Gamma Rho- Seton Hall UniversityPres id ent: Am y Bedard , Box 213, 400 Oran ge Ave. , o uth Orange , J 07079 ; CA: Gina Pintar, 520 H errick Dr. , Dover, J 07801-2011; CC: Lu cin d a Ferre ri , 6 Prin ceto n ve. , Staten Isla nd , Y 103062 14 Gamma Sigma- Belmont Abbey CollegePre ide nt: Erin zejner, BAC, Box 5-5 6, Belmont, NC 28012; CA: Bo nni e Reid , 3008 H ampton Cr., Gastonia, C 28056; CC: Kath lee n Fiztpatri ck, 1280 1 Meadow Cree k Ln .#20 1, Pin evill e, T 22 153-2717 Gamma Tau- Lebanon Valley CollegePresid e nt: haro n Posse k , DA # 103 , LVC, Annvi lle , PA 17003-1334; CA: Melissa Re be r, 136 Colonial Cre t Dr., Lancaste.r, PA 17601-6122; CC: Donna Mande , 1343 H ardin g Ave. , Her he â&#x20AC;˘, P 17033-11 3


AlPha Sii!ma Tau DirectorY Gamma Upsilon- California State University, Los Angeles- Preside n t: Patricia Ordo nez, 5154 State Uni v. Dr., EPr P Box 7076, Los Ange les, CA 90032; CA: None; CC: o ne

Birmingham Alabama Di trict: Iota Shannon Tucker, Gamma Gamma 46 Overbi ll Rd Montevall o, Al 35 11 5

Edwardsville, Illinois Di trict: Zeta Karen v\'a er, Beta Eta 615 tate t Wood Ri ver, IL 62095

Gamma Chi- William Patterson CollegePresiden t: Kimberl y Stracensky, Box 8 8, H eri tage 411 , WPC, Wayne, NJ 07470-0 8; CA: J oanne DePasquale, 210 Pompton Rd ., Haledo n, NJ 07508; CC: lone

Bluefield West Virginia District: Xi J oyce G. Buchan a n , Omi cro n 1905 Tazewe ll ve Blue field , V 24605

Erie, PA Di tri t: Bea Deborah Young Carter, Alpha Tau 2-31 W. 34th tree t Erie, P 16-06

Gamma O mega- LaSalle UniversityPreside nt: Regin a 1ver o , LSU , t. Mig ue l Ct. E-2 , Phil ad elphi a, PA 19141-0000; Ma ribeth lver o, 343 Lin coln ve. , Che rr y Hill , J 08002; CC: !in a Whi ttle, 4744 Salm o n St. , Phil ade lp hi a, PA 19137

Buffalo, New York Distdct: Beta Pam e la zafarczyk, igma 11 07 Parkhur t Blvd Tonawanda, I 14150

Fort Wayne Indiana Di trict: u Linda Rose Pulver, Alpha Epsi lon 109 . VanBuren t uburn , I 4676

Central Penna. Di trict: Gamm a Am y D upree, Alph a, i box 11 307 E. e ntra l ve vi , p 17721

Grand Rapids MI Di trict: Mu nn urran Gruber, Alpha 5 l2Pin e LandDr., E cia , 11 49301

Centreville-Manassas, Virginia District: Theta Di ane Di andro nderwood , P i 10446 Brac ket Ford ircl e Manassa , V 22 11 1

Harrisburg, PA Di trict: Omicron Kathr yn mith Mark , Beta Iota 17 le nda le Dr. Mec ha ni c urg, P 17055

Charlottesville, VA Di strict: Theta ii chell e Cangialo i, lpha Lamba 2396 Brec kenbridge H arrison burg, 22

Houston Di trict: Eta haro n H a hnjuntun en, Phi 643 Ea tlake H ouston T 77034

Greater Chicago Di trict: Nu Kris H a ki n , Beta Pi 3345 Be tty Drive Arlington H e ight , IL 60004

Indianapolis Di trict: 1 u lng1路id Ma on hild , Beta 4311 Fore t Terrace Ander on , 1 4601 3

Conway Arkansas Di strict: Kappa Ca th Knox Koeh ler , psilon 430 1 Lee A e orth Little Rock, AR 72205

Kirksville, Missouri District: Zeta Miche lle chmidt, Alpha ig ma 61- Dover Dr Ro ll a, MO 65401

Denver Disu路ict: Eta An n Bo le Todd , Nu 1021 Carr, #1 De nver, CO 0215

Lancaster County, PA Di trict: 1\l u Trace ' Bond , Zeta 2-32 peckled Drive Ea t Pe te r burg, P 17520

Detroit-NE Suburbs Disu路ict- lpha Tamm te rre hui Bonifi eld , Beta Xi 16925 IacA.rthur Redford, MI 4 240

Lehigh Valley, PA Di trict: l u Tracy Bond, Zeta 135 T. 11th treet #2 lle ntown , P 1 10- -3 40

Durant, Oklahoma Di tri ct: Eta haron M. Dun ha m , Rho 11 3 Gate Du rant, O K 74701

Lowell, MA Di uict: Pi Patri iann Zebro ki , B ta Tau 36 atlw Road he lm f rd . lr\ 021 ~4

Delta Alpha- Gannon University- Pre id e n t: Tamm y Warre n , 234 E. 5th t. 2nd Floo r, Erie, PA 16507; CA: Kath e r ine Kramer, 422 Stafford Ave. , Eri e, PA 16508-1766; CC: Lucinda H awe , 411 6 Pl easan tview ve ., Erie, PA 16509-1 534 Delta Beta- Fairmont State CollegePreside n t: Ali so n Talbot, 610 O liver Ave ., Fa ir mo nt, y.,ry 26554; CA: Ro ema r y T h o mas, 120 1 Locust Ave. , Fairm o nt, V路N 26554; CC: Ro nd a K se l, H C 65, Box 130, Moo refi e ld , vVV 26 369608 Delta Delta- University of Illinois at Chicago- Pres ide n t: j enn ifer Wo lf, 553 1 N. 1cVicker, Chi cago, IL 60963-1111 ; C Li sa mo la, 3A-201 I<..inger Quarter, Hin sd ale, IL 6052 1; CC: No ne Delta Epsilon- Marist College- Preside n t: Ca ro lyn Barn ett, 290 I Rd . MSC 1010 1, Po ua hkee psie , NY 1260 1-1 354; CA: usa n Bu rd a, 7 Hig h Pas tu re Rd ., lew Pa ltz, NY 12561-3707; CC: None Delta Zeta- East Stroud sb urg University of Pennsylvania- P reside nt: Me lissa H o pkin s, 548 co tt St. , Stroudsb u rg, P 18360; CA: Li a H a te ly Cra mer, RR , Box 8077, Stroudsburg, PA 1 360-8453; CC: Morma Brown , 2941 Ra pberr Ln ., Gil berrsvil le , PA 19525-9757

A lumnae Chapters/ Club Presidents Arkade lphia Arkansas Di trict: Kappa J oAn ne VI ill iams Ch unn , Al p ha Gam ma 18 . Park Drive Arkad lph ia, AR 71923 Baltimore Mar yland Di stri t: Epsi lon Pam Vu kmer, Beta Mu 1908 tone Ca tie Dr. cvcrn, MD 2 11 44


pring 1991

AlPha Sii!ma Tau DirectorY Muncie, IN Di trict: u Kathryn Mclnn i Tharpe , Alp ha Alpha 1505 N. Hackberry Road Muncie , IN 47304

St. Louis, MO Di u·ict: Zeta Melani e Foster, Pi 5437 O akc rest Drive Im perial, MO 63052

New Orleans, LA Di trict: Iota Jeannine Getty Ard, Phi 16 Emi le Avenue Kenner, LA 70065

Tidewater Area, VA Di trict: Theta J oy eil o n Wother poon , Zeta 2480 Bayview Avenue Virgin ia Beac h, VA 23455

Northern New Jersey Di trict: Delta ind Hruby Egan , Beta alvatore ourt Fairfield, ~ 07004

Tri-City, MI Di trict: Nu 1artha P. Triantafi ll ow, Beta 2835 Dorset treet agin aw, 1I 48603

p ilo n

Northern Virginia (DC) District: Ep ilon Diane nderwood , P i 10446 Bracket Ford Circl e Manas a, A 22111

Prince Georges/ Montgome r y County, MD Di trict: Ep ilon K rri Maranto, Chi 1401 Crosland Lane Gaither burg, MD 20878 Richmond- Petersburg, VA Di trict: Theta Bonnie H arri , lph a Lambda 9 20 Iron Bridge Road Cheste rfi e ld, VA 23832-6434 Roanoke, VA Di trict: Theta Cind Morre H oward , Alpha Lambda 503 1 Meadowcreek Drive , SW Roano ke , VA 240 18 Shepherdstown, WV Di u·ict: Ep ilon Marie Busch rim, Ch i RR1 , Box 11 4 Gerrardstown , WV 25420 Southern Colorado District: Eta Grace Riester, Pi 1306 Al exa nd e r Street Colorado Spring , CO 80909-2920

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1997

lph a Alph a

Youngstown, OH Distri ct: Lambda Caro l Ficeti , lph a Rh o 3885 J eanette Street Warren , OH 44484 Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor, MI Di trict: Alpha Diana Mihaiu , Alph a 338 Ri chter Str et Ri ver Rouge, Ml 48218

West Chester, PA Di strict: Mu Caro lyn 1cGi ll Mee, Alpha Phi 1101 Glenvi ew Su·eet Phil ad e lphia, PA 19111

Philadelphia, PA Di u·ict: Lambda Taunia Halcrow, Gamma Pi 5327 Large treet Philadelphia, PA 19124 Pittsburgh, PA District: Lambda uzanne Schultz, De lta 1797 Renee Drive Library, PA 15 129

West Chicago, IL District: u Luci nda Edwards Younce, 354 Sword Way Bolin gbrook , IL 60440

Gamma Sii!ma AlPha In orde r to be a me mbe r of Gamma Sigma Alpha, you mu t be a junior with a cumul ative grade point ave rage of 3.5 or hi g h r, or earn a 3.5 grade po int average durin g any semester of your junior or sen ior year. Membership e lection is a lso ba ed on demon trated co mmitment to acade mi c exce ll ence. The fo ll owing i a list of all membe rs of Alp ha Sigm a Tau who have been indu cted from th e in ce ption of Gamma Sigma Alpha in 1990 to Jun e 1996.

1994 Elizabeth Bo rts , Lyco ming College • Miche ll e Cunningh am, In diana nive rsity ofPA • Juli e Di etz, Lyco min g Coli ge • La ure McDowe ll , Longwood College • Stacy Mi ll er, Lycoming Coll ege • Cynthia Morgan , Longwood Coll ege • Kri sta Sharrett, Lycom in g Co ll ege • J e nnifer Stell , Longwood Coll ege • H eather Sterlin g, Longwood Coll ege • Kathl ee n Vaeth, Lo ngwood Coll ege • Brenda Vroom, Lyco m ing Co ll ege • Leslie Wi lson, Longwood Coll ege

1995 ico le Bo ucher, Sali bury State nive rsity • Barbara Cool, ali bur tat U ni ve rsity • Debbie Dick, Indi ana niversity of PA • Suzanne Ed' ard , alisbury State Un iversity • Kelly Flynn , Salisbury tate University • Nena Grubb, Longwood Coll ege • De nise J am es, Longwood Co ll ege • Cath erine Jon e , In diana niversity Of PA • Kathr yn L. Krin e r, Lycom ing Coll ege • Tonya Lee, Southea tern Louisi a n a nive rsity • Tiffany Reyn o lds, Sa li sbur y tate ni er ity • Am Smo lin sky, Salisbury State nive rsity • Me lani e Snyder, Salisbury tate ni\ersity

1996 Cara Ak ins, West Ch este r U niver ity of PA • Dan a L. Dinger, L 'COm in g College • J e nna Lynn Hoff, Lycoming Coll ege • Abby Sokoli c, We t Ch e ter ni ersity of PA • J e nnifer Young, West Ches te r Un iver ity ofP


If We Offered You The World •..

WOULD YOU TAKE IT? "www.alphasi~matau.or~"

COMING THIS SUMMER! A New Home And A New Look For The Alpha Si~ma Tau National Homepa~e

(Meanwhile, you can still visit us at "".) • "Resources for College Students" pages --your source for all the on-line information you need! • "Collegiate Chapter Web Page Guidelines" --the only publication of its kind in the NPC. • More chapters joining the WWW community monthly. • Pink Ribbon Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. • More than 300 sisters listed on the e-mail lists. • Thousands of Guestbook entries. • Expanded news and information.


To: A lpha Sigma Tau Parent Your daughter' magazine is sent to her home addre while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it. If she is no longer in college, however, and i not living at home, plea e end her new permanent addre s to A lpha igma Tau ational H eadquarters, 1929 Canyon R oad, Birmingham, AL 3 -216.

U.S. POSTAGE PAID Perm it No. 6227 Indianapolis , Indiana

Alph a ig ma Tau 1929 an yo n Ro ad Birming ham , 3521 6

ddre s .. orr 'C Li o n R qu

Non-Profit Organ ization



1997 Spring ANCHOR  
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