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Alpha Sigma Tau 路 Alumnae ... Anchored for Life!

permanent Leave Your ~T arkon Akl . M . \Con enuon

. th auona . b Dunng e osal w1ll e t summer, a prop "Anchored nexde to use the slogan e material . rna th ll alumna d. for Life" wi . a have a logo to 1 We would hke t~ with the logan. play in conjuncu.:as and would like If you have some I k plea e send your our roar • d artarnera-rea to leave Y . black and whllt~o~per, 2.00 Waugh~ work to Caro Win ton-Salem, . town Street, ·gns must berecetved 2.7117-'2189 . AU de: by january 2, 199 . ~--.-..

"~n1versaries b

16 -v · Decern er Beta -"1 , ember 10 Mu ov Garnrna .' December Gamma C_h l, ove rnber 1'2 Delta E.p llon ,

~ ~......

Delta Zeta Colony, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Pin-pledged August 12, 1995 Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Alumnae . Contact Gay True hart at 717389-1736 for meeting information. Centreville-Manassas , Virginia Alumnae. Contact Diane Underwood at 703-369-0243 for meeting information . Charlottesvi lle, Virginia Alumnae. Contact Michelle Cangialo i at 804-971-6641 for meeting information.

A Call to Q ueen Ca


· . A lpha Si ndzdates znvues all Co ~a Tau no . llegzate Ch '~lllnate your apters to 1996 Con l_'op Tau for ventzon Q A ll ueen con ven · · tzon attende Vzted to attend th:s;,re CO:dialty inCrown 1: ownzng uncheon . oon r .. , , vvednesd Ju ne ;J6 19 ay p - , '96 'hoenix A . ' n zona

National Letter Day Show that ou are , chored for life " . anSigma Tau b .. _Jn ~lpha fi JOmmg 111 our r t annual ational L Day on F ·d etter H r n a ' pril12, 1996 . vvear your A2:T l etter that da and ee h n i hb owman of our g or and co-worke also your i ter 1 r are

Thi i ue of The Anchor i being ent to all Alpha igma Tau Alumnae . Th r t - T' alumnae new l tter, will b publi h d again ne t ear.




Applause for Taus Meet the econd winner of th e Pearl of A2:T, a sister involved in a n ew PC venture, and a sister with an attendance reco rd better than Cal Ripken,Jr.' Alumnae An explanation of the alumnae affiliation process, new alumnae chapter excellence guidelines, and an alumnae chapter for "scattered" alumnae

7 10

Order of the Open Book A2.T' n ew honor society; also, our 4.0 students Alumnae Expansion How you can start a new alumn ae group

37 Anniversaries Alpha Alpha ce lebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding; Alpha Xi ce lebrates 30 years

Nominations Duties of National staff positions explained

'()~ Top Taus .. ..... ....... .......... ............ ..... .. .......... .................. .... .... .... ......... .. .. .. 4 Foundation ... ..... ............... ...... ......................... ... ... ....... .. ................. ... .. 15 Anchor Line ............. .............. ... .. ... ....... .... .. ............ .............................. 16 Pearls of Alpha Sigma Tau ........................................ .. ...... ........ .. .. ....... 17 Collegiate Chapter News .............. .. .... .......................... .... .. ................. 18 Alumnae Chapter ews ............ ................... ........ ....... ..... ..... .......... .. ... 30 Directory ........ .. ....... ..... ..... .. ..... .... .. ... .. .... ... ...... ... ... .. ........ ...... .... .... ....... 33 From the Council ...................... .. .................. .. ...... ........ ...... .. .. ............. 39

Editor Carole Bicking Keily 7807 Leland Road Manassas, VA 22111 Chapter New Ed itor Gay Gammell Truehart 2228 Old Berwick Road Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Director of Publications Carol J. Cooper Produced by Maury Boyd and Associates

Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters 1929 Canyon Road • Birmingham, AL 35216 205/ 978-2179 205/ 978-2182 fax THE A ICHOR is publish ed in th e Fall and Sprin g . Sin g le copie are avai lab le for 5.00 eac h . Thit·d class postage i paid at Indianapolis, Indiana, and at add itional mai ling offices. Send address change , death notices, and busine s cor respondence to National H eadquarters. Editorial correspon dence should be sent to the Editor.

Fall 1995 Volum e 70, No . 2

The Northern Virgin ia Alumnae Chapter, shown in 1958 and 1994 photos, knows wh at it mean to be "Anchored for Life" with Alpha Sigma Tau.

THE FOUNDERS Mable Chase Ru th Dutcher May Gephart Effie E. Lyman H arriet Marx Eva O 'Keefe Adriance Rice H e lene M. Rice Mayene Tracy Alpha Sigma Tau was founded November 4, 1899 at Michigan State 1 ormal School (now Eastern Michigan University), Ypsilanti, ·MI.

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THE ANCHOR/ Falll995


Congratulations to the 1995 Top Taus

Summer Mikesell

Rolryn McNa lly

Marie E. Ferrigno

Dawn Owens

Heather JI!Iasters

H olly Penton

Jayo haw

usa" M. Russe/lo

Alpha: Lauren Friedm an Beta: Tara Van landschoo t Delta: Frances Co nsiglio Zeta: Rebecca L. McLaugh li n Omicron: Meli ssa Lynn Hamm Rho : Lore na Miche ll e Ebe rt Sigma: Ma rci H ayd e n Zeta Tau: Sue Rose Upsilon: Sherri Ph illi ps Phi: Shae Lynn Woodward Chi: Erin O 'H ara Psi: Be tsy Bo rde rs Alpha Gamma: Re be kah Fe rg u o n Alpha Epsilon: Kimbe rly Ku hl man Alpha Lambda: J es ica H arris Alpha Omicron: AmyJ o chaub Alpha Phi: Faith Franke l Beta Delta: Nicole Ennis Be ta Epsilon: u an M. chaj Beta Eta: a le rie Stall ma n Be ta Theta: Kimb rl Crowle Be ta Iota: umm r Mike e ll 4

Beta Mu: Beta Xi: Beta Pi: Beta Tau: Be ta Upsilon: Beta Phi: Beta Chi: Beta Omega: Gamma Gamma: Gamma Zeta: Gamma Theta: Gamma Iota: Gamma Lambda: GammaNu: Gamma Pi: Gamma Rho: Gamma Sigma: Gamma Tau: Gamma Chi: Delta Alpha: De lta Epsilon:

Ke lly Ann eal An i a AJi Ro byn Mer a lly Marie E. Fer rigno Isabel De O live ira Dawn Owe n H eather Ma ters Su an Kamme n H o ll Pe n ton J ayci haw Be t a uer Am Da rn e Dane n e Billge r J oAnn Kovalchec k Bli s M. H erz ing Lucinda M. Fe rre ri Fra ncin e K. LeBlanc J e nnifer Wall Christina Carn e ' he rr te rl ing u a n M. Ru e llo

&becca Dotson Praz.nik

Alumnae Top Taus: Birmingham: Buffalo: Detroit/ NE Suburbs: Patricia Harrisburg: Indianapolis: Northern Virginia: Pittsburgh: uza n n St. Louis: Tidewater: Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor:


mi th Mark Barb ara H eeb Dian e Di a ndr

n Pra.zni k

A~~l), 1~ ----

Some of Gwen Frostic's artwork

Frostic Second Winner of Pearls of Alpha Sigma Tau Award While visiting Presscraft Papers, Gwen Frostic 's studio, printing, and sales _fa_cility in Benzonia, Michigan , one IS tmpressed with her extensive di play of framed certificates and plaques honoring her for both professional achievements and for her tireless campaign to pre erve wildlife and the environment. Gwen Frostic, Alpha, is the second winner of The Pearls of Alpha Sigma Tau Profes ional Award. Her artwork celebrate nature, enabling others to enjoy it and hopefully preserve it. Her note papers how both her love and appreciation of nature through her artistic expression and variety of m e dia. In her books, she adds h er elegantly expre sed written word , creating delightful and be autiful treasures to e njoy reading over and ove r again. j "?. ' ' Note cards, wrapping paper -~ A<} â&#x20AC;˘ and her 18 books contain ' ,If:': Gwen 's drawings and re present --f:,:l her interpretation of "nature " in both word and pictures . Through them we discover how she interweave colors, textures, inks , papers , translucencies , transparencies, densities , and humor. Gwen ' s poem , "This Earth", was written for Earth ,\'l Day, April 22, 1970. She included it in her book Bey ond T im e. Her books give inspiration and / peace: her stationery j delights with its whimsy, teaches with its accuracy, and soothes with its softness. Gwen has frequently served Alpha Sigma Tau with her talents and r

/"' I f



THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

artistry. She donated packets of note papers as gifts at an NPC meeting in the 1950s. For our 50th anniversary ce lebration , Gwen p lanned and furnished favors , programs, and decorations for the Farewell Luncheon. For our 75th anniversary, he and I cochaired the NPC luncheon, for which she designed and furnished the programs and was the principal peaker. Again in 1992, she furnished invitations and gifts of her books to guests at our PC Friendship Reception. Gwen designed a yellow rose specifically for the programs and favors , which she donated for the formal banquet. Gwen IS the business, IS Presscraft Papers. She oversees every aspect of the business. What began as hand block printed note papers in her home has grown to over 3700 different designs, using 15 Heidelberg presses, a large staff, her 285-acre wi ldlife sanctuary, and her millions of fans via mail order. Even at age 89, she delights in welcoming hundreds of visitors a day during summer months to her print shop. Gwen Frostic has been extensively and nationally honored by others for both her professional achievements and for environmental contributions. Among her honors are the Distinguished Service Award from the Michigan Tourist Association ; the Sarah Chapman Francis Literary Award from the Garden Clubs of America; a Certificate of Recognition from the Michigan Horticultural Society and me mbership in the Michigan Wome n 's Hall of Fame , Who ' s Who-World Women , Who's Who-Executives, and International Who 's Who of Professionals. -MaTtha Drouyor DeCamp

McCrory Elected to NPC Foundation Board Cynthia Peckhart McCrory, Alpha Alpha, was elected Vice President of the newly-established ational Panhellenic Conference Foundation. Results of the Program Questionnaire from the 1993 NPC Biennial Sesion indicated overwhelming support

for NPC invo lvement in the developmentofeducationa) programming . Additional sources of income are required to finance major program d evelopme nt. A Cynthia Peckhart M cCrory substantial majority of res ponses favored th e solicitation of corp o ra te / foundation grants. Most d elegates supported the d evelopme nt of a cha ri table and educational found a tion to rece ive grants and donations. The PC Executive Committee was instru cted by th e membe rs of PC to create a fo undation unde r section 501 (c) (3) of th e Internal Revenu e Cod e and a t th e expense of th e Confe re n ce. On May 30, 1995, P filed th e Foundation's Articles of In corporatio n and filed its budget and office rs wi th th e IRS. Final IRS approval is still pe nding.

Seibert Has Never Missed a Sunday "My fri e nds ask, 'Are yo u go in g to retire? ' Well, I don 't have any reason to retire," says Ruth Seibert, Chi. " long as th e Lord gives m e stre ng th a nd h ealth , I'm going to continue playing the organ. " Ruth h as been the organist a t First Church in Martinsburg, W.Va. , for 50 years, and has never missed a Sunday. H er vacations have to begin on Monda and end on Saturday so that sh e can play th e Molle r pipe organ in c hurch on Sunday. She ce lebrated h er 50th anniversary as organist by giving a Maas-Rowe Carillon to the c hurch. Th e church tower had bee n without bell for o rne time . "I am marking th e occa io n," sh e said, "as a mileston e in m life beca use the Lord has bee n so good to me and allowed m e to play th e organ eve r y Sunday. Music has been m whole life. " Ruth has been a me mber of Fir t Church since her baptism. She i n ow ( contmued on n ext page) 5

of Music. ' She also teache organ and piano to children and adults. When doe he ha e time to practice? "I've practiced for 50 ear and I don 't need to anymore ," she ay . Ruth ha encountered orne unusual experie n ce during her career. On j an. 1, 1993, a cemeter owner mar~ ried one of hi office taff. aid Ruth , ~ ''I'm going to play for a wedding in the !. Funeral hape l at the cemeter ." "Huh? Are you crazy?" cried her friend . " ure Ruth Ellen Seibert I'm going to play. " he aid. "I've played for wedding everywhere. For funeral a deacon, has been a trustee for the past and choir , too. " three years, and has taught Sunday She' played for weddings of a ll School. Her life is not limited to local faith and in man locations. And once activity, however. She ha bee n a memhe played for the wedding of a couple ber of the Daughters of the American she' never met, to thi day. "I played Revolution (D.A.R.), and is one of the for a wedding, but I wa never there, " official organists who play at Constitushe said. To the ske ptica l she exp lain tion Hall, Washington , D.C. , for the that she record d wedding mu ic on a Continental Congress at annual D.A.R. tape that was pia ed at the wedding. conventions. The congregation of Fir t Church She i a member of the American h eld a pecial wor hip ervice to honor Colonists and their chair of musi c; and Ruth Seib rt' 50 continuous year a a a member, past dean, and treasurer of faithful organi t, and to r ceive with the American Guild of Organists. She gratitude her gift of a cari llon. has been president three times of a muThe bells in the belfry were dedisic club in Martinsburg called ''Friends

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cared and pia ed for the fir t time at the service. "I have gi en the bell to the congregation and the community to enjo for ear to come," Ruth declared. Ruth wa pre ented with an engraved plaque, gifts, and a picture of her elf to be displa ed in the church. The honored her on behalf of the congregation. t a luncheon erv din the Fellowhip Hall after the ervice, friend congratulated Ruth and wi hed for her many more y ar of ervice a organi t. Gracing the lunch on table were e ll ow rose and three anniversary cake , one featuring the complete core of her favorit hymn , 'Je u , Lover of My oul. " hurch Deacon Ramona Smith de cribe Ruth a a per on who never ay "no "; who doe n't know the meaningoftheword.M .Smith ays, "Ruth ' chedule i the church' chedul . he adapts her Life tyle to other people. H r Lord, her music , and people are h r life." Reprinted courte y of the Shenandoah Presbytery 1 ew , Chi-Chi Kern, Author'

Founders Day Proclan1ation 1995 As ational President of Alpha Sigma Tau, I h ereby proclaim the fourth day of ovember in th e year of our Lord nin etee n hundr ed and nin e ty-five, ALPHA IGMA TA FO NDERS DAY. Ninety-six ear have passed since our Founder a sembled in Ypsilanti, Michigan to plant the seed of sisterhood which ha grown to what we know a our Sorority today. In honor of our founding you rna ce le brate with a group, chapter, or alone. No matter how you ce lebra te, I urg you to take time to ce lebrate thi s our 96th anniversary. Celebrate what has b en pa ed on to u s from o ur Founder through the builders of Alpha igma Tau in years sin ce. Thi pa tjuly, the ational Council had th opportunity to gath er for o ur 1995 umm r meeting at Pine Mountain. A we shar d in thi e ' pee, ea h of tho e pr ent wa abl th b n fit whi h had orne to


Pine Mountain by the many contributions Alpha Sigma Tau ha mad . We met in "Big Log", the lovely cabin for which our funding ha provided re toration . We took pride in knowing that what we had done through our philanthropy had made a difference to the programs available there. Our pride wa timulated to continue what ha been passed on to us with the trend to g ive to Pine Mountain so that their choo l will thrive as they g ive to the folk in Harlan County, Kentucky, and the urrounding area. It i m hope that the National Council thi ear will pa on to each sister that warmth , cl ene , inspiration, and i terhood ' hich each of u felt while baring in the time of meeting at Pine Mountain. My wi h for each of you would b that ou could hav actua ll bared that xp rien e with u . It wa rejuvenating to our mmiun nt to working for Alpha igma Tau and

Pine Mountain. Thi pa t ear we moved into our permanent ational Headquarter in Birmingham, Alabama. Our Foundation Board i working with u to make thi purcha e "our ". Let u eel brate Founder Day thi ear by ending a donation to that endeavor to how our lasting commitment to Alpha io-ma Tau and it future. we pa on to future i ter \ hat ha been pa ed on to u by si t r of our pa t, let u eel brate and b thankful for all that our orority ha afford d u the opp rtunity to achi ve. Together wear "AnchoredÂŁ r Life", our 1996 Convention theme, and I challeng ' OU to c lebrat that bond f i terhood.

New Alpha Sigma Tau Academic Honor Society Established Alpha Sig ma Tau is p lea ed to a nn oun ce th e e tabli hm e nt of The Ord e r of th e Ope n Boo k, an acad e mi c h o n o r society. Th e purp o e of th e O rd er of th e Ope n Boo k is to recogniz a nd p ro mote acad e mic achi eveme nt a nd sc h o la rly exce lle n ce a nd to co ntinu e to fo te r th e hig h id ea ls of Alph a Sigm a Ta u. i ter are elig ibl e fo r membe rship ba ed o n th eir grade poin t a erage a nd active m e mb er hi p in Alph a Sig m a Ta u . Only si ters with a cumul a tive g rade po in t average or 3.5 or h igh er

o n a 4. 0 sca le a t th e sta rt of th ir ju nior year or a grad e point ave rage of 3.5 or high er during their juni o r or e ni or year are eligibl e. Pledg are e li gible if the are pl edging in the ir e ni or year. Me mb e r mu t ma in ta in acad e m ic, fin a n c ia l, a nd soc ia l good sta nding tatu in th e Sorority, a n d mu t mai n ta in d i ti nguished be havior th rou g h o u t th e re t of th e ir undero-raduate attend ance. Once a me m ber h as graduated , me m be r hip cannot be revoked . Me mbe rship i for li feti m e after

grad uatio n . ew member wi ll be ann o un ced a nd recogni zed a t Nationa l o nve n tion , and their names shall be p u bli sh d in The Anchor and the Alph a ig- al. M mbers will receive a le tter of co m mendation from th ational Academ ics Coord inator, and opies of th letter will be ent to the member' U ni versity or o ll eg dmini trator, h er parents, and her chapter. om i nations for member hip h a ll be made by the Chapter Vice Pre ident to the ational cademic Coordinator.

Congratulations to these sisters who achieved a 4.0 average last year: DELTA J e sica Devane De ni e Har r is J essica Langka mer Katrina Laur

RHO Me lis a Cu rrie Me lissa Ebert Mic he l Eb rt Al icia Flower Ca ey Gra h am Paula Hu tc h e ns Rh o nd a McCall UPSILO N Calli e Cullo m Ange la De Priest H eathe r Gra nt Amy Kimb rell Maria Merri tt Mi ss Murph y J e nnife r Ph e lp Ju li e Sa nd e rlin P SI Susan Ke rn s Tara La n e Sh awnthea Mo rrisse tte Rach el Win e r

THE ANCHOR/ Fall l995

ALPHA GAMMA Mic he ll e Reed

BETA XI Carin D P ue

GAMMA T HETA icole Campbell


BETA PI Misty Elliott Betsy J ewe ll J oanna Metali o T iffa ny Smith Tressa T h ema


ALPHA O MICR ON H eid i Servette ALPHA PI J ennifer Alexander Cari Brandt Sh ala Ha h n

BETA UPSILON lli cha Kumor


BETA PSI Tracey Bartlett Charity Haugk Amy M. Merenda

BETA EPSILON Aimee De r r ickson T in a Fra n k Tri cia Gu tman Me li sa Lynch

GAMMA GAMMA Kerri Bradford Elizabeth Grant Kimberly Ri chards

BETA ETA An dr a H o m mert J am ie Kl ei n J e n nifer Watts

GAMMA ZETA Sa n dra Broadbent Kri tine Kalcouno Cindy Mace Lisa Sands

GAMMAMU Le ley Martin GAMMANU JoAnn l ovalcheck GAMMA TAU Me li a And rson Alissa Mowrer GAMMA CHI tacey Coppoloa Kim-Marie u ll en DELTA ALPHA Sherr terling DELTA EPSILON Gina Rugillo

BETA THETA Ka thr yn Weise r


Dear Alumnae Sisters, You are in Alpha Sigma Tau for life and your support of the alumnae organization is one of the best ways for you to acknowledge your sisterhood. This sentence introduces the alumnae dues form you received in May 1995. It may at first appear to be a simple statement, but if yo u read more closely you wi ll see the deeper meaning. Key words which app ly to each alumna can be identified in this statement. Alpha Sigma Tau is a sisterhood with many benefits that can be enjoyed. Remember your college days and the bonds that were formed? You became part of a group of young women. You grew together into the mature women that exemplify Alpha Sigma Tau . Does this have to end once you graduate and enter the alumnae organization? The answer is an emphatic 0! The bonds of sisterhood continue well into the alumnae organization. Old friendships

are kept, but new ones are also formed. Don't miss the opportunity to reap the benefits of being an involved alumna. Think back to the commitment you made to Alpha Sigma Tau at the time of your initiation. You are a m ember for life. A lifetime of friendships and activities can be yours. A lifetime of living the high ideals for which Alpha Sigma Tau stands can be yours. The alumnae organization encourages members to grow personally and professionally. Take advantage of the opportunity to belong to a women's organization th at sets itself to high standards. Along with the benefits of membership come the re pon ibilities of membership. Alpha Sigma Tau need your support. As Alpha Sigma Tau prepares for its lOOth anniversary, many alumnae are rededicating themselve to Alpha Sigma Tau. Alumnae upport, financial and personal time, are imperative if our Sorority is to continue meeting the many needs of its mem-

bers. Alpha Sigma Tau needs your active support. Be an anchored alumna! What you can do:

Pay your alumnae dues by June 1 of each year • Keep your address current with National Headquarters • Join an alumnae chapter • Organize an alumnae chapter if there i none in your area • Volunteer to serve on the National Staff Ye , membership and its benefits are for life. Alpha Sigma Tau has given much to each of it member and deserve to be given the very be t in return. Live the tatement, "I am anAlpha Sigma Tau," rather than , "I wa an Alpha Sigma Tau." In our i terhood ,

~&iL~ Mary Beth Kelley Director of Alumnae

Alumnae Mfiliation...____ _ _ _ __ __ Most of us think of rush , pledging, and initia tion as the steps to Alpha Sigma Tau membership. There is another way women can become members of Alpha Sigma Tau-alumnae affiliation. Women who have at least one year of college credit who are not a m ember of another PC group may affiliate with the Sorority. Many women did not have the opportunity to join a sorority during college, but now are ready to be part of our sisterhood. Who is eligible for alumnae affiliation? The alumnae of a local sorority which is affiliating with Alpha Sigma Tau, patronesses of collegiate chapters, chapter advisers, women from the community, and family members are examp les of e ligible women. Do yo u know a woman from your family, place of employmen t, or neighborhood who possesses the high ideals of Alpha Sigma Tau? If so, he should be introduced to Alpha Sigma Tau. Invite her to take part in socia ls and philanthropic projects. The pro e for affiliation i very


simple. An eligible woman i recommended for membership by an initiated member, collegiate chapter, or alumnae chapter. Permission to affiliate i granted by the ational Organization. The woman pays the affiliation fee and is initiated into Alpha Sigma Tau. One such member i Ricki Bargman Trosen, Alpha Sigma. Since her affiliation Ricki has served in many capacities including Alpha Sigma Chapter Adviser, Kappa Di trict President, National Secretary, ational Vice Preside nt, and is currently Director of Collegiate Chapters. The Buffalo Alumnae C hapter took advantage of this procedure by initiating three alumnae affiliate . The women had been members of a local sorority at the State Univer ity of New York at Buffalo. They wanted to continue th e ir sorority experience and chose to become part of Alpha Sigma Tau. Alpha Sigma Tau is alwa looking for qu ali ty women to become member . If you know omeone who quali-

fie , plea e take the time to introduce her to Alpha igma Tau. It could be time well pent. For more information about alumnae affiliation, plea e contact Mar y Beth Kelle y, Director of Alumnae, 22 Boulevard, Point Marion , PA 15474.

New Alumnae Chapter Excellence Levels Announced The ational Council i proud to announce the newly-establi hed guidelines to recognize alumnae chapter and alumnae club . The level of alumnae chapter excellence will annuall recognize alumnae chapter for all their achievement and not ju t the completion of reports. Alumnae Club tars guideline will annual! recognize alumnae club for their achievements. Chapters and club me tinu the riteria will be recognized with a certifi at to b pre nted at ach ational nvention. THE

Alumnae Chapter Excellence Criteria Anchor Level • Pay alumnae dues by June 1

Submit required reports

Conduct a minimum of seven meetings each year

• •

Observe Founders Day

Achievement of Anchor Level criteria, above

Achievement of three Gold Anchor criteria, below

Emerald Anchor Level Achievement of Anchor Level criteria, above

Achievement of four Gold Anchor criteria, below

Participate Panhellenic



alumn ae

Gold Anchor Level

Alumnae Club Stars

Achievement of Anchor Level criteria, above and five of the following:

Pay alumnae dues by June 1 and achieve three of the following:

Publish a newsletter at least semiannually

Publish a newsletter at least semiannually

Establish a relationship with a collegiate chapter

• •

Observe Founders Day

• •

Sponsor an alumnae affi liate

Support Pine Mountain

Assist with collegiate and/ or alumnae expansion

Contribute to the National Foundation

Support a local philanthropy

Support Pine Mountain

Assist with collegiate and/ or alumnae expansion

Contribute to the National Foundation

Send a delegate to National Convention

Support a local philanthropy

Pearl Anchor Level

Establish a relationship with a collegiate chapter

Announcing. • . The Anchor Chapter Do you live more than 50 miles from the nearest alumn ae chapter? If so, then become a member of the Anchor Chapter. Membership in this special chapter provides support for: • National philanthropy projects • Collegiate members, through support of expansion, convention, and general funds • National Headquarters Fund You will benefit by: • Remaining an anchored alumna • Receiving The Anchor • Receiving your membership card If membership in the Anchor Chapter is the best option for you, please send your $30 annual dues along with the completed form, (right) .

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

Become an Anchor Chapter member! Send this coupon to Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters, 1929 Canyon Road, Birmingham, AL 35216, for more information. Please enclose your $30 annual dues.

Name - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Address (include street address, city, state, and zip)

Phone._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Initiation D a t e - - - - - - - - - Collegiate C h a p t e r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A~ ~~ How Can I Stay Involved as an A2T Alumna? Through the years, the majority of our expansion efforts have been focu e d on co llegiate ch apter . Expanion means es tablishin g new coll egia te ch apte rs on uni ver ity o r co ll ege campuses where Alp ha igm a Tau doe not have a cha pter. Ofte n , the univers ity/ co ll ege adm ini stration loo k a t th e moral and fin a ncia l support that can be provid e d by loca l a lu mnae of the n ational sorori ty. While we have a pproxim ate! 40 es tab li b e d a lumn ae c hapter ac ross th e country, t h ere a r e m a n y a reas whe re we cou ld have additi o na l ch apters base d on the number of a lu mnae in th e a rea . In our effort to sp e nd some tim e o n a lumn ae ex p a n ion , AI.T' Alumnae Expansion Coord in ator, Pat ayle, answers qu es tions on assisting in th e a lumn ae ex pan ion efforts. Give me the Top 10 reasons for wanting to stay involved in the alumnae world of Alpha Sigma Tau. 10. To stay in vo lved a a n ac tiv e a lumn a after leaving co ll ege. Th a t involve m e nt ca n be as simpl e as payin g yo ur national a lumn ae du es! 9. To co ntinu e to support th e national organ ization with yo ur time and fin a n cia l means. In this way, th e organization ca n provide benefits a nd direc tion to co ll egia te and a lumn ae ch a pte r and individu a l m e mbe rs throu rr h vo lunteers and th e National H eadquarte rs staff. 8. To d evo te time as an active m e mbe r in an a lumn ae chapter by atten ding m ee tin rrs, sen ri n rr a a n offi cer or co mmittee ch a irma n , and participating In co mmunity proj ec t . 7. To co ntinu e to fo ll ow th e be li ef expresse d in th e Creed of Alph a Sigma Tau . 6. To co ntinu e th e co mmuni ca tion a nd support with our local co ll eg iate c h a pte r by a tte ndin g th e h a pt r ' Founder Da , hom eco ming, ru sh parti e , or o th er pecia l eve nts.




3. 2.


To make n ew friend with oth r I.T aero the co untr y. Th ese orority sister can b co m o ur be t friend . When ou pa yo ur n atio na l due , o u re ~eive our national magazine , The Anchor. To gain inn er fu lfill ment b volunteering in a na tion al staff po ition . To participate in a co ll egiate exp an ion effort b attend in g th pre e ntation , providing r fre hm e nt , or participating in th e pl edgin g a nd in ta ll a ti o n ervices. To take the lead in our area to e tab li h a new a lumn ae chapter if th ere i no exi ting c hapter.

How do I find out if there is an active alumnae chapter in my area? Check th e Director ecti o n ofthi i ue of The Anchor, where a ll a lum nae ch a pters and cl ub are listed . If there is not an established alumnae chapter in my area, how can I start an alumnae chapter? Contact a tio n a l H eadqu arter at 1929 Ca nyo n Road, Birming h am , AL 352 16 , 205-978-2179, or write to the Alumnae Expa n ion Coordinator, Pa t a le, 12002 H a tings Green Drive , Housto n , TX 77065. What information do I need to provide to learn what alumnae live in my area? You sh ou ld provid e th e fir t three dig it of th e zip cod es for yo ur area . For exampl e, 770, 773, 774, and 775 a re th e zip codes within a 50-mil e radiu of H ou ton , Texas. Yo u sh o uld a l o provide yo ur full address and telephone number in ca e the H eadqu arter taff or the Alumnae Expansio n Coordin ator n eed to contac t yo u . You hould a l o indicate whether or n o t a lumn ae m ay contact ou. What steps are taken by National Headq uarters or the Alumnae Expansion Coordinator? a tion a l H a dquarter ' ill hare with 'OU th a pproximat number of a lu mnae li ving in 'Our area. Thi information> ill be provide d throtwh an a lumn ae li ting orted b ' Zip cod e . The

Alumnae Expan ion Coordinator will receive a co p y of Headquarter ' repon e, o he can follow up with you. If th e Alumn ae Expan ion Coordinator i our fir t contact, he will h ec k the alumnae li ting he has to ee h ow many alumn ae are in the zip code re que te d. How is contact made with area alumnae? The Alumnae Expan ion Coordinator determin the number of alumn ae from the a lum nae li ting b zip code . G n rally if the number of a lumn ae i 25 or below, e ith er the Alumnae Expan ion Coordinator wi ll ontact the a lumn ae a king tha t the r pond to you as the contac t p e r on, or ou may contact the a lumn ae yo urIf. If the number of alumnae i high er than 25, fl yer wi ll be ent to the alumnae in the tar et area. If a local alumna i wi lli ng to take the lead in the ex panion effort, the lumnae Expan ion oordinator wi ll a k th a lumnae , via the fl yer, to re pond to that a lumn a. Oth erwi e , alumnae wi ll be aske d to re pond to th lumn ae Expan ion Coordin ator. Who pays for the alumnae flyers to be sent? The national organization pay for the prin ting and po tage. What happens when the Alumnae Expansion Coordinator receives responses from the alumnae expansion mailing to area alumnae? VVhen ther i a loca l contact, h e will re pond to a ll affirm ative reponse , a king th e local contact to fo ll ow up with the alumnae to arrange a ocial rrath rinrr . What other information will be shared with an organizing alumnae group? A co py of Four te-ps to an Alumnae haptn~ an , planation of th initial tep to o rrran ize an alumnae rrroup , an e planation f the b ne fit of m mb r hip in th a lum nae orrra ni za ti n , a nd a li tin rr of th na m , a ddre , an d t I ph n numb r ofthe a lumnaewh rep nd d to th fl â&#x20AC;˘er.

You 'llflnd Al:T alumnae everywhere sharing a laugh . ..

you 're a member of a brand new alumnae group ... . Your involvement with Al:T can take you acros the country to visit with A -T si lers . . .

. . . or a long established chapte1; you 'll find that being involved as an A .LT alumna has a lot to offer.

How many women must be in an alumnae group to be considered an alumnae chapter? eve n women are n eed ed to form a n a lumn ae c ha pter; four women are n ed d to form an a lumn ae club. How frequently should an alumnae group meet? There h o uld be seven m ee tings during th e year. What rmancial commitment is required by alumnae chapter members? The 30.00 a nnu al national alumnae du e a re pa id a nnu a l! by eac h me mb r. Each alumn ae cha pte r d ete rmine its own loca l du es, genera lly between 5 .00 and 20.00. Where are alumnae meetings held? Generall , in the hom es of alumnae, on a rotating basis. Alumna meetings may also b e h eld in church es, th e community rooms of public libraries, or in meeting rooms at loca l hote ls. When are meetings held? This varie by chapter. Mo t of our chapters m ee t on a particul ar d ay in a pa rticula r week, e.g., the third Wednesday of the month. Once an initial social gathering has been arranged, what are the next steps?

THE ANCHOR/ Fall1995

. . .or around the corner on an alumnae chapter outing with family.

t th e initi al mee ting, you mi ght hold a get-acquainted activity and serve refreshme nts u ch as d esse rt and soft drinks. Th e Alumnae Expansion Coo rdin a tor or Director of Alumnae can g ive you some suggestions. De te rmin e th e inte re t leve l for tarri ng a n alumn ae g roup. See if the alu mnae in atte nd a n ce know other alumnae, a nd pass a round th e alumn ae listing se nt from H eadquarte rs or th e Alumn ae Expan ion Coordinator to e if alu mnae recognize th e names of siste rs. Share with alumn ae th e ste ps invo lved in b eco min g a n oro-a niz e d a lumn ae c ha pter, a nd d e te rmin e an age nda a nd locati o n for a seco nd mee ting. Consid r h ow often to mee t, th e best date and tim e to m e t, eve ntual e lec tion of c ha pte r officers, and wh e n th e petiti o n to beco me a n alumn ae ch apte r will be signed. Th e econd activity shou ld be he ld no la ter than 4-6 wee k after th e initial gath ering. What needs to happen at the second activity? Co ndu ct anoth e r get-acq uainted activity for n w a lumn ae a tte nding . Plan how ofte n yo u will m ee t, discuss

program idea , d e term in e loca l due , a nd pla n for a n e lectio n of offi cers after discussing the duties of each officer. Find out if th alu mnae are ready to ig n a pe titi o n to o rganize a n alumn ae ch apter (the pe tition fee i 35.00). What happens after the petition is submitted? The National Pres id e nt will acknowl edge receipt of the p e tition, an d H eadquarte rs wi ll e nd uppli e to a sist in organizing the ch a pter. The Alumnae Expan ion Coordin ator wi ll g ive specifi c d e tail of the requireme nts to fu lfill to beco me an installed alumn ae chapter. Once the group h as fu lfilled the req uire ments, te p vvill be taken to arrange th e inta ll ation activity. Which states have the most alumnae? Pennsylvania and Virginia have the mo t alumn ae; n ea rly 3000 alu mnae live in Pe nn s lvania an d over 1600 live in Virginia. How many alumnae chapters could be established across the country? If ever me mber were involved , > e co uld have we ll over 100 a lumn ae ch apter with 20 or more alumn ae in each chapt r. 11


Alumnae Needed to Serve on National Staff Have you considered serving as a member of the a tiona! Staff of Alpha Sigma Tau, but aren't sure what the duties are? All Staff positions require a commitment of at least two years. You must be a n a lumn ae member in good standing to take office. Co ll egiate officer experience is h elpful, but not mandatory. Access to a computer is a plus sin ce all positions involve correspondence a nd many involve writing for our internal newsletter, the Alpha Sig- Tal. Each office has a budget to cover postage, duplicating, supplies, phon e, a nd travel (if required). Attendance at the ation al Convention is preferred. Each Staff position is supervised by a member of the ational Co unci l. National Council members are elected by the voting delegation at National Convention s, and Nation al Staff members are appointed by the ational Council. The duties of each staff position are ex plained below and listed under the ational Council office supervising the position. National President supervises the activities of the Sorority and assists in the direction of activities of the ationa! Headquarters. She presides over the ationa l Council and ationa l Convention business meetings. She oversees the functioning of the PC delegation, and serves as ALT's third alternate delegate to NPC. She represents the National Organization as a non-voting member at National Foundation Board meetings. • Nominations Coordinator recruits a lumnae for nominations to vacant position • National Panhellenic Conference Delegate represents ALT in the

ational Panhellenic Conference. She must attend all PC sessions, receives co ll ege panhellenic reports, and assists chapters in resolving panhellenic matters. National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegates attend all NPC ses ions and serve as a substitute for the PC Delegate if needed. They a ist with co ll ege and alumnae panhellenic matter .

National Vice-President is responsible for the planning and the management of the National Convention. She is responsible for appointing collegiate chapter advising teams and upervising collegiate chapter on probation. • National Convention Coordinator works with the ational Council in planning, preparing, directing , and executin g a successfu l ationa! Convention. National Secretary over ee correspondence, including letters of greeting and sympathy. She takes minutes of all business meetings including the National Convention. She over ee the Chapter Excellence Program, national awards, and the mi lestone anniversary program . • National Awards Coordinato r maintains a li st of all national awards, national gifts and recognitions, purchase all awards, and receives all awards recommendations. National Treasurer maintains the financial records of the Sorority and oversees its financial tability. She provides financial reports to the National Council and works with all vendors and financial agents. She provides information for a certified audit at fiscal year end.

Financial Assistant receives the monthly Bank Reconciliation and Savings Reports from the collegiate ch apters. National Housing Coordinator works with Di trict Presidents concerning housing of collegiate chapters, notifies chapters ofNPC housing arrangements, approves off-campus housing arrange ments, bill co llegiate chapters for in urance , and review housing loan appli cations.

Director of Collegiate Chapters serves as the main re ource per on to all collegiate chapter . She is responsible for reporting to the Council on the i ue facing collegiate members and as ists the Council in etting policie that will improve chapter operation . • District Presidents upervi e and visit annually each collegiate chapter in their district. Each district has three to five collegiate chapters and one to three alumnae chapter . Travel i required . • Regional Collegiate Coordinator as ists the Director of Collegiate Chapter in upervising the chapters and District President . Travel i required. • Regional Leadership Workshop (RLW) Coordinator work with collegiate chapter and National Staff to plan , prepare, direct, and execute the RLW . Director of Alumnae oversees all aspects of the alumnae organization and repre ents alumnae intere t to the National Council and National Organization as a whole. She coordinates collegiate and alumnae expanion with the Director of Expansion and coordinate alumn ae programming at RLW and Convention.

E.R. Coming to your National Convention! What is it? (Hint ... not a 1V show) 12



Alumnae Expansion Coordinator d e te rmin es geogra phic a reas in which alumnae e xpa nsio n h o uld be co n ce ntra ted . She supe r vi e th e recruitm e nt, e ta bli hm e n t and d eve lopme nt of n ew alumn ae ch a pte rs.

Director of Expansion ma intains co mmuni ca ti o ns with p ost-second ary insti tutio n looking a t AlT . Sh e oversee th e work of th e Colo ny Adviser a nd Ex p a n sio n Ass is tant . h e i ch arged wi th m arke ting AI.T for co nti n u ed growth . • National Colony Advisers tra in , vi it, sup ervise , a nd cor resp o nd wi th co llegiate colo nies. Trave l is required. • Expansion Assistants corre pond with coll eges/ unive rsitie intere ted in h aving a n ew PC group o n th eir campus, arranges for AlT p rese n tations o n th e campu s, and con tact area alumnae to su pport th e e activi ti es. Director of Fraternity Programs trains, coordin ates, and u pervi es the eve n educa tion al areas of th e National Staff li ted below. Sh e i respo n ib le for chapter edu catio n al program m ing at th e Tatio n al Conven tion . • Academics Coordinator d eve lops stud h e lps a n d tips for improvi ng acad e mi c standing , a nd p re pares study guid es and articl e co ncernin g acad e mi c improve m e n t. • National Chaplain p re p ares a n d p articipa tes in Nation al Co nve ntio n Cere m o ni als, arra n ge for Co n ve ntio n d evotio n s, a nd prep a re in pi ra ti o n a l m ateria l for eac h AJpha Sig- al. • Membership Development Coordinator e mph asizes the pu rpose and ideals of AI.T, pre pare etiqu e tte tudi es, a nd p re p are , g rad e , and evalua tes the n atio n al collegia te exam. • Music Coordinator pla ns and direc ts th e mu sic fo r Con ve n tio n , revises th e So n g b oo k a nd co nduct a n a nnual son g contest. Playing a mu sica l instrum e nt i a plus. • Philanthropy Coordinator evalua te s all c urre nt phil a n t hro pi c THE ANCHOR/ Fall1995

p roj ec ts a nd reco mm e nd n ew o n e , a nd co rr po n d with th official re p re e n tatives of our natio n al phila nthro pies. Pledge Coordinator p re p a r es pl e d ge exa ms, d eve lo ps pl e d ge p rog r a m s, a nd up e r vi e t h e training of pledges. Rush Coordinator ad vi es chap ter abo ut rushing proc du re .

Director of Publications coordinates con te n t and fo rm a t of all orority publi ca tions. Sh e edi t a nd di tribu tes p ubli city article a nd mate r ia ls, and directs th e a ti on al Historia n in co mpiling A2.T ' hi tor ica l record s. Sh e ch airs th e Co nsti tu tio n Co mmi ttee a nd p re pare th e a nnu al co n tituti on tudie fo r collegiate chapters. • The Anchor Editor pu b li sh es two issu es of The Anchor each year. Acce s to a com puter is a mu t. • The Anchor Alumnae Editor prepares the alumn ae chapter section of The Anchor. • The Anchor Collegiate Editor prepare th e co ll egia te ch a p te r secti o n of The Anchor. • The Crest Editor publish e two issues of The Crest eac h year. T his newsletter i ent to all alumn ae me mbe rs. • National Historian wri tes a n a nn u al histo r y of th e o ro ri ty a nd p repa res the mate rial fo r th e Hi stor y to be publi hed every 25 years. Sh e pre pares th e guid elines fo r th e Co nve n tio n scrapboo k co mpe tition an d su pervises its judging . • National Parliamentarian must a tte nd Na tio n a l Co n ve nti o n a nd sees th at busin ess is co n du cted in co m p li a n ce wit h p a rli a m e nta r y procedu re . • National Publicity Coordinator writes p ress re lea e , d evelop s a publi c re la ti o n s ca mp aig n , a nd reviews public rela ti o ns ma te ri als used fo r ex pan sio n . If yo u h ave an y qu e ti o ns ab out positi o ns in whi ch yo u ' re in terested, please con tact Ka thy Baecker, a tiona] No min ation Coordin ator, 18667 r. O a k C t ., Clin to n T wp , MI 48 0 38 , ph o n e 810-286-2314.

So ma nyjob-hunter seek career counse ling from their alma maters th a t more than h a lf of co ll ege alumni offi ces n ow o ffer e mpl oym e nt services.

nder a five-year co n tract with the City of Chi cago, the niversity of Illinois pla ns to open a medical clinic fo r trave lers a nd e mployees of O 'H are Airport, the world 's bu iest airline hub. The clinic will provid e e me rge n cy service , p ri m ary care, X-rays, and limited pharmacy serVI ce.

J azz i n ow part of acad e mi an early 800 colleges and universiti e offe r a maj or in j azz.

Pizza Hut h as o p e n ed o utl et called Pizza Hut Exp ress on a bout 170 college campuses since 198 .


Please return completed f orm to Kathy Baecker,

ational ominations Coordinator, 1 667

. Oak Ct., Clinton Twp., Ml 48038

Today's Date _ _ __

AIT Resume for National Staff Positions Applying for (List all interested positions) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name


Address City /State/ Zip - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Area Code/ Phone Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Husband's Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ College/University from which you graduated Year of graduation _ __

Major ___________________________________________

Collegiate chapter affiliation Alumnae chapter affiliation Are you actively involved at the alumnae level? ___________________________________ Offices held at the collegiate level _____________________________________________ Are you currently employed? _ _ __

Full-time or Part-time? _______________________

Occupation Do you have children? ______

If yes , please list their ages ____________

Are you able to travel for A:ÂŁT? ______ If yes , weekdays? ______ weekends? _ __ How often? weekly _ _ __

monthly _____ sem i-annually ______

Are you willing to commit to a full 2-year term? -----------------------------------Do you have access to a computer? ______ Do you write letters? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ How much time per week are you able to devote to sorority business?


Are you able to travel on short notice? ____ Are you able to work within a budget? _ _ __ List any National Staff for reference (adviser, District President, etc.) 14


~~~ -----------Atop Red Mountain The Alph a Sigma Tau National Foundation Board of Director spo nsored an a lumn ae outreach in Bi rmingham , A labama on March 18 1995. Area alumnae were ab le to m ee~ the entire Board , as the Outreach was planned to coincide with the regular mee ting of th e Board. The breathtaking view from The Club, Inc. atop Red Mountain was an au picious beginning to the afternoon. Shannon Tu cker and the Bi r ming ham Alumnae Chapter a rrived early to arrange the table d ecorations that carried out th e Foundation s black a nd gra c~ lor . " oro ri ty g irl " n a me tags ma~e 1t eas to id entify everyone, e peCJall gu e ts from th e Birmino-h am area who aid th e Foundation in째bu in es matters. Among those introduced were Robert Drigge r , the Foundation legal adviser and hi s wife Pat; Ra mond Wor h a m , computer consultant an d hi wife Myra; Terry Justi ce, printer and hi mother Ruby who sugge ts the most econom ical o luti o n to print problems; Miriam Lord and Judy ander of the Alpha Sigma Tau office staff; a_n? Thoma ]. King, Jr., wh o e uperVJ IOn of the H eadqu arters renovation was criti cal to our occupa n c . Although the building wa not ready for tour at that date , many a lumn ae drove by th e building and adm ired it location.

Shannon Tu cker; left, local chairman of the Birmingham Outreach prepares name tags for guests.

THE ANCHOR/ Fall1995

Following the lun ch eo n, ational Founda?on Tr asurer Su a n Roger gave a shd e pr e ntation of the hi tory, purposes, function , a nd progr s of the Foundation. As guest left th e room, th e members of the Birming h a m A lumn ae Ch apter pre en ted them with a packet of H ers hey kis e to expre wi h es of weet love fo r all. The Board i gra teful for the h e lp of th e Birming ham Cha pter.

Finally! Headquarters Move is Made Beginning Jun e 15, 1995, the AlSigma Tau atio n al H eadq uarters 1 located at 1929 Canyo n Road in Birmingham , Alabama. The move was made grad u ally a m aterials in storage ar~as we re tran ferre d first, then supplies were relocated and furnishings moved. H eadquarters is operation al on the first fl oor of the building, and the comp uter syste m was upgrad ed when th e move was made. ~ha

Foundation computer consultant Raymond Wor: ham and wife Myra are welcomed guests.

New Jersey Outreach Planned ew J ers y a lumn a should mark th eir cale ndar for ovemb r 12, 1995 when an alumn ae outreach wi ll be h eld in conju n ction with the Region al Leadership Work hop (RLW) at eton Hall Un ivers ity. lumnae clo e to eton H all who h ave not rece ived a n invitatio n sh ou ld contact Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarte rs, 1929 Canyon Road, Bir mingham , AL 35216, phone 205-978-2179.

Birmingham area alumnae receive name tags from local chairman Shannon Tucke1:


~ne Anchor


ANCHOR LINE: Alpha Sigma Tau's Network [[ §§§ ] c:=J


Please share your talents to help build our Anchor Line database. Return the form below to National Headquarters today!

I want to be on the Anchor Line! I understand that by signing this form, I release this information to any member of AlT who requests it. Signarure :. ____________________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________________________________________________________ N arne (print):. ________________________________________________________________ Street Address/ City/ State/ Zip: _________________________________________________ Telephone Number (include area code): _______________________________________________ Year Graduated: ______________ Chapter/ School: _____________________________________ Job Title/ Position:._____________________________________________________________ Number of Years in Field: ________________________________________________________ Please circle what best describes your career/ occupation: CAREERS AND OCCUPATIONS Accounting Advertising/ P.R. Airline Ag~;culrure

Arts Banking Catering C01mnunications Computer Programming Construction Consulting Counseling Corporate/ Management

Data Processing Economics Education Engineering Entertainment Environment Finance Government Home Economics Hospital Hotel Human Resources Industry Journalism Law

Law Enforcement Marketing Mathematics Media Medicine Military M.I.S. Museums Nursing Politics Psychology Public Service Research Real Estate Recreation

Religion Retail Sales Science Sports Telecommunications Travel Volunteer

If you would like mentor information, please send $2.00 (checks only) along with your fom1. We realize that all occupations are not listed above. Please choose the one which best describes yours. Please send your completed form to: Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters Attn: Anchor Line 1929 Canyon Road Birmingham AL 35216



0 We each make a personal commitment to strive to be the best that we can be in our chosen profe sion. We use our achievement in a particular field. We provide trength and nurturing a wives, mother , friends , and individual . We become involved in our communities to make it a be tte r place to live. Alpha Sigma Tau ha chosen to recognize si ters \ ho have give n spe-

cial contribution within th eir professions and communities. A nomin ee for th e profe sional award must b currently active in he r fi ld and h e r involve ment mu t be worth y of regional , ta te , or national recognition. A nomin ee for th e community award mu t h ave been recognized for outstanding servi ce in he r communi ty on a local , sta te, or national level.

omin a tion s will be ace pted until Fe bruar y 1, 1996. Th e no mina tio n mu st be accompanied by a o n e page le tte r describin g th e ma nn e r in which th e nomin ee had fill ed th e riteria to be recog nize d as a "Pea rl of Alph a Sigma Tau ". N e wsp a p e r c lippin gs , magazin e a rti cles, a nd pi c tur a re helpful. Please use th e fo llowing fo rm to ubmit nomin a ti o n .

Complete the following form. Mail to: Cath Schreiner National Awards Coordin a tor 4400 Hadrian Court Alexandria, VA 22310 All nomination mu t be rece ived by Fe bru a ry 1, 1996 Name: ____________~~----------------~~~------------------~~~----------------------------( Ias L)


( ma id e n )

Address_________________________________________________________________________________________ n iver i ty / College _______________________________________________________________________________ Degree Earned ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter and Initiation Date ________________________________________ Please Circle :

Profe sional

wa rd

Community ward


Your Address__________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone Number路- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE ANCHOR/ Fall1995


C(J~ C~ New4


Beta/ Central Michigan

Mt. Pleasant, Ml:

Alphas hanging out at the house after a msh party.

Alpha/ Eastern Michigan Ypsilanti, MJ: The Alpha have bee n ta kin g on several proj ec ts at once for phila nthropy a nd fund rai ing, a nd have al o fo cused on sisterhood. everal of o ur eve nts have promoted uni ty like erenading or just mee ting at th e house to watch movi es and talk. Our fund rai e rs h ave included a walk-a-than, a ca rn a tion ale and se lling movi e ticke ts. A gift package a le for sister during exams was sta rted thi semester. Our philanthropy ha included a bagel and coffee sale for th e Ypsilanti Food Cooperative, a nd a don a tion made to th e Alzheim er 's Founda tion in the n a me of a sister's uncl e who passe d away. We h ad a great turnout for Greek Week. In th e spring a nd summ e r we wi ll be having open rush to start building a strong foundation for th e fa ll semester. -Bridget Malone

In J an uar , 50 c ha pter member ventured to a ister's cabin for a weeke nd retreat. We initiated 10 wo men who are enthu ia tic and involv d within our ch apter. Our Spring rush them e " bove a nd Beyond with IU:T", and baseball , paid off with 14 pledge . In Februar , 20 i ter headed to ugar Loaf Mountain to o lunteer at the Winter pecial Olympic for the wee k. It wa a n unforgettab l experie n ce. Our hou e is in need of repair, o we are pl a nnin g a weekend for th urn mer during which member , alumnae a nd their fam ili e can vo lunt r their tim e a nd energy. Al o in the summer, we are pla nnin <T to have an alumnae picn ic to ce lebrate our 90th Anniversary he re a t CM . We h o pe to make it a n unforge ttabl e weekend. -Beth H oard Delta/ Indiana of PA Indiana, PA: De lta have h ad an awe orne em es ter. We h ave 17 wonderful n ew women in our cha pter. We h ave parti cipa ted in a lot of events this erne te r including RLW a t Duque ne niver ity. We h e ld our ann ual Mis I P Scholarsh ip Pageant and aga in it was a huge u cce s. One of o ur own De lta mem ber ,J en nifer Fenton, did a great job as one of th e ten co nte tant . We

wi!I be partlCJpatin <T in Greek Week, while doing Greek Sing with Alpha Chi Rho. The i ter are getti ng xcited for o ur pring Formal , and we will end our erne ter with a pecial good b e to our gradua te . - bb ' Ke ilman

Zeta/ Lock Haven Lock Haven, PA: We have had a bu y erne ter, tarting off with formal ru h where we picked up five great women. Thi year' th me was 'The Four eason ". We held a Valentine' Da fund rai er wher we o ld warm fuzzie . In late February, we att nded the RLW at Duque n niverity. We have a1 o continued to participated in the dopt-a-Highwa Program. During pril, w h elped the local J a cee at their radio auction and planned a car wa h for the Horizon Hou e. Oth r activitie included Greek Week in which we took third place overall , and our Yellow Ro e Formal. vVe are current! p lanning our 75th Anniverar ', \ hich take plac in pril of1996! -Anne Grau gruber

Rho / Southeastern Oklahoma State Durant OK:



Rlw sisters waiting for rushees.

anc and he gave u man n w id ea . We atte nd e d th e SOS U b a ke tb a ll ga me with Na n cy to ee o ur siste rs, atali e Gray a nd Missy Ma ttin gly pl ay. atali e mad e th e NAIA Record Book this year by hitting 11 3-po inte rs in o ne game! Bo th Na tali e and Mi y we re a big pa rt of the SOS fini shing as runn e r-up in th e NAIA To urn a m e nt. Our "Slumbe r Par ty" was a great succe . Me mbe rs ca m e a rm ed with pillows, lee pin g bag a nd n ac k to spe nd th e nig ht a t th e BSU. We h ad th e "Ba ttl e o f th e Pl edge Classes" with each pl ed ge cl ass prese ntin g a skit. Eve r yon e felt o ur siste rh ood had bee n tr e n g th e n e d b y th e e nd of t h e eve ning . We co ntinu ed o ur Phila nth ro py Pr oj ec t with th e Hum a n e Soc i ty. Through o ut th e e rn e ter, we ba th e th e d og , walk th e m a nd give the m TLC as we ll a clean th e faciliti es. Ta kin g ca re of th e cats is fun but th ey d o n 't ca re for th eir ba th s like th e d ogs. We did ver y we ll in th e Gree k Wee k festivitie . We we re recogni zed fo rth Hig h e t So ro rity CPA, Hig hest Gree k CPA, Top Gree k o n Campu s, (Rho nd a McCall ), a nd eve n Orde r of Omega nomin ees! -Paul a Hutch e ns Sigma/ Buffalo State B uffalo, N Y:

Th e Sigma Siste rs we re bu y spring se m este r. We b ega n formal rush with an A2-T fa shion show. We gain ed fi ve great wom e n who will brin g g rea t things to our ch a pter. We we re e xcite d to be recognize d having the highest CPA throug hout a the Gre e k syste m h e r e . We ha ve worked very hard to make scholarship a top priori ty and it has paid off! THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

We have b e n bu y off ca mpus as we ll. Our cha pte r ha pa r ti cipa ted in many fund rai ing a nd volunteer activiti es. Amo ng orn e of our favorites we re "Th e Cause for e le bra tion " whi ch is a n AIDS aware n ss pa rty and "Th e Big Dig" in which we pl a nted tree on Earth Day. Wea l o co ntributed to Kids Day whi ch be nefits hildre n 's H o pital and th e MS walk. We h e ld o ur a nnu a l Mo th e rDaug hte r Ba nqu e t in March a t Flying Tige rs Restaura nt. -Re n ee' Jold o Zeta Tau/ Longwood Farmville, VA:

This meste r h as bee n o ne of th e be t for th e Z ta Ta u ch a pte r ! This spring' ru sh gave us 15 wo nd e rful pledge putting us only eight m e mbe rs away from ce iling ! Ou r a nnu al Swinga-th a n for Cys tic Fibrosi raised ove r 600 .00. We a re ve r y busy co mple tely red ecora ting o ur c hapte r ro om and pla nning fo r o ur Ye ll ow Rose Ball. -De ni se Jam es

Upsilon sisters at Valentine Formal.

Upsilon/ Central Arkansas Conway, AR: Th e U psilon ch apter has bee n runnin g in full fo rce this who le year. No o n e could doubt wh o i th e bes t on our ca mpu s. Alph a Ta u h as ta ke n eve r y honor give n out this yea r! Th e yea r sta rte d o ff with Sara h To rian and Tiffa ny Curtis winning first a nd second p lace in CA's Bo dy Beautiful. Sh ann o n Sibley was wo nd e rful wh e n sh e too k th e 1995-96 Miss UCA titl e . Sh a nnon H a rd ca ti e, Robin White and J essica Smith walked away with first, second a nd third place in U CA's Best Dressed Co-ed co ntes t.

Be th any Brisco e has to pped veryon e. On top o f bein g in vo lv din so me of th e a b ve me ntion ed ac tiviti s, sh e was named Outstanding Gree k Woman of th e Year on our campus, is o ur n ew Stude nt Gove rnm e nt pre ide nt, a nd was n a med Mi ss White Rose 1995-96 by th e me n of Sig ma Ta u Ga mm a. We re e ive d first place all a ro und in our Greek Wee k activiti es, eco nd p lace fo r our ba nn e r, fi rs t pl ace fo r parti cipa ti o n, a nd third place fo r involve me nt with a Phila n thro py. Ou r i ter have wo rked ha rd a t eac h of th e ir positio ns. Th an ks to o ur n ew H ousing a nd Deve lopme n t chair, we me t each wee k in a freshly pain ted , red eco ra ted roo m . We h ave p a rtic ipated in several activities pro moting iste rh ood. Eve ryo ne's favo ri te was ecret valentin es. It was a n o pportuni ty for u to inte ract with a differe nt i ter. -Re be ka h T io Phi/ Southeastern Louisiana H ammond, LA: During spring rush, we picked up fo ur great wo me n a nd can 't wait un ti l th ey can h o ld offi ce . We rece n tly ce le bra ted 55 years o n So u th ea ter n ' ca mpu s. We are the o ldest orority a n d we' re very pro ud of th a t fac t. Fo r phila nthro py, we h a d a b ow lin g fun d raise r. We rece ive d pl e d ge for th e numbe r of pins we co uld kn ock d own. Eve r yon e h ad a grea t tim e, a nd we we re a bl e to ra ise a g rea t d ea l of mo n ey. Th e pledges re turn ed to H o rizo n H o u se fo r th e ir phil a nthro p proj ect. It i a sh elter for troubled teenage r s. Th e pl e d ge bro u g ht th e m n ee d ed uppli es a nd sp e nt th e d a playing gam es with th e m . Fo r fund raiser , we parti cipa ted in th e Strawbe rry Festival a nd Italia n Festiva l. We ponso r a boo th and ell fri ed seafood ba ke ts. V\ e h ave a lo t of fun and m ake mo n ey too! On campu , we parti cipa ted in Gree k Wee k, Campu Clea n-up, Greeks Into th e tr ets, Ma rdi Gra Ma mbo and m an o th er activiti e . We are already pre paring our ui te fo r th e fall's ru h , and we're a! o p rep arin g for th e 1996 Co nve nti o n . -Shae v ood\ ard 19

c~~ c~ Nt-W4

Iota Pledge Class, Chi Chapter; Spring 1995.

Chi/ Shepherd Shepherdstown, WV.路 Mte r a well d eserved winter break, the C hi c h a pter came back in fu ll force! The semester began with a bang with formal rush. We are proud to announ ce th at we had our largest pledge class this semester in ce o ur reinstallation! Their d ed icatio n a nd spirit ha shown in their many philanthropies a nd fund raisers that they h ave organized during th eir pledging period. The rest of the sister have been equally busy. We have continued to visit our adopted grandpare nt and Dr. Sara Cree, who was a for m er Alpha Sigma Ta u Adviser. In April, we also he lped out a lo ca l elementary sc h oo l with their Easter Egg Hunt. We ' re not sure who h ad more fun! With all of our hard work, one might think we've neglected our social lives. H ave n o fear! We till man aged to h ave our annual Swinging Seventies party with a campu fratern ity. Our sister bonding ni ght with the pl edge proved to be very live ly. And no spring sem este r wou ld be complete with o ut the Yellow Rose Formal. -Kri ta Magill Psi/James Madison Harrisonburg, VA: We initiated our 38 new sister to tart off a busy emester! We had our Pare n ts' Banquet in March. At this banquet, we honor sisters with outstand ing acad mic achi evement, and campus and orority participation. It a! o erve as a cha nce to show our pare nts what our i terhood i all about. This ar, Betsy Border re ived the Top Tau award, and Libby Wilson rec ived th 20

Brenda Borof ki Scholarship. (Thi award is presented in memor of a ister who wa killed in a car accident in 1988.) For Philanthrop , we participated in our adopt-a-highway clean up , and Allison Smith has the chapter donating teddy bear to earthquake victim . We racked up awards in Greek Week including Diane Richmond , be t voca li t in Greek Sing; Li a Denn , pledge of the year from the entire Greek community; and w won fir t place in th track and field event. This year, P i chapter had the highe t Alpha igma Tau CPA as we ll as th third highe t CPA in the JMU Greek community. Thi erne ter we will be inducting 41 isters in to alumnae tatu . -Lindy Holme Alpha Epsilon/Western Illinois Macomb, IL: Our erne ter began with an executive and chapter retreat, and then included many activitie . Our Monday night ch apter meeting are badge attire and emphasize our ritual. Every se m ester, we have three to five educational se ion and are planning to h ave many more next erne ter to improve our c hapter' knowledge. We co llec ted money for the America n Cancer Society, cleaned up our hi g hway mil e, donated to the Dr. J osephin e J o hn so n Scholar hip , and we offered our service to the nur ing home in Macomb. -Stace Batzek

Alpha Lambda at a igma Chi Field Day.

Alpha Lambda/ Radford Radford, VA: We had a very ucce ful pring ru h . Our theme wa TauTopia-Utopia, de cribinO' the perfect i terhood. We have 20 awe orne pledge who call them elve "20 Terrifi c Turtle ". We al o had a very ucce ful Mother Pinning. We participated with igma Chi in our annual Bowl-a-thon. We did a new fund rai er thi year. It wa our "Pre ident for a Da " raffle, spon ored b u and Delta Chi. The lucky winner got to trade place with our chool pre ident Charle Owen . It wa a huge uccess. Some of our si terhood events were roller kating and going to winter wonderland game to up port our si ter Angie Summer a he ran for now Queen. We would also like to congratulate our new Advi er, Dr. Bure , and thank him for all hi upport. Congratulations also go to Rachael Arlington who made Panhellenic secretary andje ica Harri for winning Top Tau. -Helen Ki

C!~~ C!~Nt4<14--Alpha Mu/ Arkansas at Monticello Monticello, AR路 Spring '95 started off with a kick for Alpha Mu! We started off the semester at the Ru h Workshop hosted by the Upsilon chapter. For our pring rush, we hosted a rush party entitl d "Be a Piece of the Puzzle with AZ-T". We are proud of our succes ful rush. We held a Valentine s Da Ba ke Sale, at which we sold heart-shaped goodie ! Kappa District Pre ident, Sanda Clocksin , visited us in Febru ar y. We ended her visit with a pizza partywhat a great weekend! For Sorority Growth and Development, we attended a moving lecture by Beatrice Ke rr, a young woman livin rr "th the AIDS viru . 0 WI In the spring, we parti cipa ted in Greek Wee k, e r ved as e carts for pecial Olympics and showed our pirit a t UAM' annual College preview day a nd Mud Olympic . We a! o clean ed our Adopt-a-Highway mil e. We are the proud winners of the banner co ntes t at AM 's Pack-the Pit night. We won 50 in fre e pizza ! An exu路a special thanks to our wonderful Chapter Adviser, De nni s Scogin , who has given o much of hi time, love and support to our ch a pter. We wo uld also like to welcome our n ew Co-Adviser, Marsha Clayton! -Marisajohnso n

Alpha Mus with their pizza-winning banner.

Alpha Xi/ Mansfield Mansfield, PA: Our ru h theme thi seme te r was "We 've ComeALongWay Baby - Thirty Years of Excellence " ce lebrating our 30th year anniversary on the Mansfi e ld campus. We are planning a picnic to celebrate in early May and have invited over 500 alumnae. THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

At are e nt Gre k Symposium , Alph a ig ma Ta u was awarded th Panh e ll e ni c ounci l Award for Acad e mic Achieve me nt of a 2.75 or above CPA for the fa ll of 1994. Also, the fall 1994 pledge class was awa rd ed seco nd place by th e Panh elle nic Coun il a nd th e Inte r-Fra t rna! Council fo r acade mi c ac hi ve ment. - tac y re Alpha Tau/ Edinboro Edinboro, PA :

Alpha Xis H eather Miller, Hilary Lenker and A rny Bayler sightseeing in Niagara Falls, Canada.

We had an eight me mber pl edge class this semester. We are parti cipa tin g in a Relay for Life to be n efit the American Cancer Socie ty and we are also co-sponsoring a Voluntee r Recognition Wee k with Phi Kappa The ta to raise mon ey to be n efit th e Am eri ca n Red Cross. We also he ld a clothing and toy drive to be n efit a local c hildre n 's re habilita tion hom e and raised over 200 to be nefit th eir summer trip. Our Greek week is upco ming a nd we hope to repeat as champions for th e third year in a row. -Sarah Lefebure

We ce le bra ted Found r Day on March 5 th at a family lun cheon h ld a t ick' Place. Our ch a pter con ulta nt, Mi Willmitc h, joined us for th e pec ial d ay. We also had a weeke nd retreat held at our adviser' home. The nig ht included findin g o u t what i terhood mea ns to each of u . Our spring ru h themes were Diamond s a nd Pea rl and a fa hi on how. Th e preferen ce par ty sh owed the more e rious id e a nd includ ed the Anchor ceremony. We a lso took a second pled ge class this e mester. Congratula tion s to all of our n ew pledge ! Again, we helped the Erie Comm unity with th e a nnual blood drive . We al o h e lp ed clean up o ur square on campus. -Dawn Iorio

Alpha P i/Slippery Rock Slippery R ock, PA : We parti cipated in Adopt-a-Highway, a nd a Relay for Life to h elp the Am erican Cancer Society. For a fund raise r, we so ld e nviro nmental t-shirts. We set up ta bl es in the dining hall and each sister o ld som e. For Sorority Growth and Deve lopme nt, we h eard a speake r on organizational communication. H e may return next semester for a day lo ng seminar on constructive li stening. After a lot of hard work, a nd many hours, we were awarded second place a t the annua l Gree k Sing. We h ad team that p a rti cipated in intramural occer, volleyball, and curre ntly softball. We have a Founde r Day and senior send-off banquet planned for the e nd of April.

Alpha Tau chapter at Spring rush.

Alpha Phi/West Chester West Chester, PA : While We t Chester had a n outsta nding forma l rush , Z-T d e er e a mi gh ty congrats for m ee ting its quota for th e fir t time at V\ CU and al o doubling h e r me mber in on e ear. " ararity 101 " wa this spring' ru h theme and milk and coo ki es were served to 21

New sisters Trish Rep/we and Din a Farell on Alpha Phi Chapter Initiation Day-December

Every month this emester, we sold h oagies as one of our fund raisers. We 've al o so ld cans of cookies for commi sion, using orne money to d onate for the Pittsburgh h omele s. This semester we d ec id ed to c h ange our wing to a non- moking wing to accommodate a ll si ters. Also, our wing will be opened to a double wi ng this summer wh ich will include a wash er, dryer and a kitchenette! -Catherine Co tanzo


th e rushees, who fe lt as if th ey h ad just entered a kindergarte n classroom. The Greek a lph abet wa hun g above a chalkboard, sisters eire se d in red , ye llow or blue and exhibited their individuali ty by wearing name tag describing somethi ng about th emselves. We have 12 enthusiastic new mem be rs who have participated with sisters in a Bowla-th on , which supported Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ch ester Cou nty, a nd also a Dance Marathon be nefi tinrr t> the West Ch ester Senior Center. The brave donated blood for the American Red Cross during its blood drive. We celebrated Valentine 's Day with a date party and recently held an awesome form al wh e re we award ed th e Craziest, Most Devo ted a nd Special Sisters. We're busy prep aring a groovy dance for a "70's Disco" Greek week an d we 'll be setting up a booth for spring weekend with Phi Delta Theta. A1.T al o took second place in the First Annu al Sigma Pi Sorori ty Sh owdown with a live ly rendition of th e Shire ll es "Respect". -Bra ntlee J acobs Beta Delta/ Duquesne Pittsburgh, PA: T his semester's form al rush brmwht t> us five new pledges. They have joined us in ma ny activities tl1is semester. For phila nthropy, we bought pizzas a nd brought th em to th e Pittsburg h hom eless. We a l o so ld cookie a nd don a ted th e mon ey to "vVa le ' Ta le ". We also donated mon ey for th e pring clean-up at Duquesn e. During Greek Week, we co ll ected money for Cerebral Pa lsy. peak in g of Greek ' "'eek, Beta De lta won fir t p ia e! 22

Beta Epsilon/ Shippensburg Shippensburg, PA : The Beta Ep ilon chapter ha n ' t stopped ce lebrating the New Year yet. In J anuary, we hosted 118 ru bees of w h o m we choo e nine dedicated women who completed the pledge program u cce sfu lly. Duri t1g rush , we e t the ch annel to PBS, as sisters acted out Mr. Rogers, The Co unt, Edith Ann and the Electric Co mpa ny. The ru hees toured our hou e through the generations of the 20's, 60's, 70 's and the future. Sister had fun decking out in the fashion . We h ad ca h rolling in during a fund rai se r in Februar y thank to a sister's m oth er. Hot dogs , oda and chip were donated for us to sell. It wa all profi t. We also sold baked t>rrood a nd in March, we o ld pizzas to friends and resident . Our date party's theme was "find a mister for yo ur sister" and room were divided i nto game uch a Twi ter, Win Lo e or Draw, etc. Mothers and Daughter came toge th e r for tl1 e a nnu al 1other/ Daurrht> ter banquet h eld at the Lighthouse in C ham ber burg. It was a delightful afternoon. -Fiancisca Paone Beta Eta/ Southern Illinois Edwardsville, IL: Th is se mester has brourrht with it t> many c h anges for o ur c h apter. We tarted the emester with a ver ucce sful pring ru h. Our theme wa ' now White and the Se en D' art: ". Al l our hard work paid off with 11 new pledge .

J ennifer Watts, J odi Am es, my Schutzenhofer, H eather Rulo at Beta Eta's Yellow Rose Formal.

Our chapter ent four repre entative to th e MIFCA/ MAPCA Conference in Chicago in March. The i ter who attended brought back many idea that wi ll help our chapter move in the right direction . Our phila nthropy program ha be n strengthened by Kri ten Fri bee. We have recently named the Glen Ed Pantry a our local philanthropy. Starting next emester, we, \viii dedicate one weekend a month to work there . We have also set a r quirement for each member to accumul a te at least 10 hour of service to the community. ext erne ter, every mixer will be proceeded by ome type of philanthropic activity. For our service project thi eme ter, we all went to the local nuring home and played bingo with the re ident . We went over arrain on t> Valentine ' Da weekend and made bag of candy and valentine card for each of them. For fund rai ing, we had eta goal to raise 1,000 and met it ea il . V\ e had bake sale , o ld boxer hort and had a picnic basket aucti nat a local park. We a! o participated in pringfe t, an event at which ev r organization on campu can et up a booth and ell things. Other activiti were to help ponor Rape and e" ual bu e waren week for which ' brourrht in a rru t -peak r to addre the topic. '"' a! o he ld an educational prorrram n h<zing within our chapter. j nniÂŁ r Watt

Beta Iota/ Millersville Millersville, PA: Spring formal rush kicked things off this semester in March and with the help of Renee' Meyers, our rush ch air, we welcome d 12 great wome n . Congratulations to our new sisters! We also paired up with th e brothers of Omicron Gamma Omega Frate rni ty, to pa rticipa te in the events of Gree k Wee k. For philanthro py, we h elped o ut th e American H eart As ociation with their te leth o n , a nd donated suppli es to the local Hum ane So cie ty. Car washes an d se lling soft pretze ls were a few of the fund raising events of th is semester. -Ange la McLau g hlin

MS walk and will be par ticipa ting in th e whee lchair games. Regretfully, o ur ad opted gra nd-dad died . H e is sadly missed. We are, however, in the process of ado pting a grandm o th er. For fund ra isin g , some of th e eve n ts we took pan in were ca r washe , de liverin g ca re packages to stud e nts during fin als, and se lling le mo n p e ppe rmint sti cks during Greek Week. -Meridith Phillip

better our cha pter and also e nabled us to m eet isters from n e ig hb or in g schoo ls. R ece ntl y, we parti cip ate d in a phon e-a-t h on for th e G i in ger Childre n 's Miracl e etwork. Th e telethon was a great u cce ! We raised $2,800! Par ti cipating in fund raiser makes us feel good th at we a re he lpin g th ose less fortunate tha n ourse lves. This spring we just had an additi on of four new sisters. T hey did a great job p ledgin g a nd are proud new sisters of ALT . Also, a t th e e nd of this e mester, many of o ur siste rs will be graduating. We are sad to ee th e m leave, but look forward to ge ttin g to know o ur n ewest i te r be tte r. -Megan Canning

Beta Nu/ Bloomsburg Bloomsburg, PA: We h ave bee n in vo lve d in m any activiti es this semester. In Fe bru ary, 13 of o ur siste rs trave led to Duqu esne U niversity for th e RLW. It h elped us to

Beta Nu sisters at RLW with Ricki Bargman Trosen, DiTector of Collegiate ChafJlers.

Beta Mu/ Salisbury State Salisbury, MD: We're h avin g a great semester h ere! Our ru h was "Camp ALT ". All sisters wore le tte rs, bac kpac ks a nd hiking boots. Our ru sh son g was to the tun e of "Oh What A ig ht". We now have 10 n ew m e mbe rs. Th e pl edged m e mbe rs a re pla nnin g a car wash for their fund raise r for Pin e Mountain . For phi la nthropy, th ey are doin g a canned food drive in the com muni ty and wi ll b e visiting one of th e loca l nursing homes. For our ch apter philanthropy, we have again adopted a turtl e at the zoo, We h ave also adopted a wh ale. We h ave donated clothing to th e joseph House, don e a te leth on for th e America n Heart Association , participated in th e THE ANCHOR/ Fall1995

Beta Mus at bid pick up showing AIT spirit.


Beta Xi/ Michigan Tech Houghton, Ml: At the beginning of this year, as a phi lanthropy project, we adopted a child from El Salvador. We are continuing to raise money for h er each month . The Winter Carnival theme this year was "Great Feats of Mankjnd Frozen in Time". We mad e a coal mining scene, and took second p lace by less than half a point. We did ta ke econd place overall. Our fund raising lip ync event raised mon ey that will be donated to a home for abused women. We continu e to remod el our house a nd are up to the second floor landin g and third floor bath. Our 15th re union is co min g up and over Labor Day we had a party to ce lebrate. ext year, we p lan to continue the proj ects that we tarted thi year and ummer. -Sha na Rae Kell Beta Tau/ Massachusetts at Lowell Lowell, NJ This emester was a busy one for the Beta Tau family. We had our 20th Anniversary forma l in April a nd had a spectacu lar showing! Many of our alumnae were prese nt and we made a sc rapbook of the pa t and present sisters of Be ta Tau. Sorority Growth and Deve lopment was an active part of our sorority this yea r. We had programs such as makeovers and Study Tips workshop . Also ongoing progra m s uch as th e budd y game, where m e mb ers are paired up and plan a special activity together and th e i ter of the week, which recognized a sister who has put in extra effort in regards to th e sorority. Our Distri c t President, Michelle Cangialosi, aid ed our ch a pte r in its inte n e re bui lding. After h er first vi it, she gave u th e push in th e right direction that we n ee d ed to ge t the job don e. Thank ! For fund raising, we he ld a 50/ 50 raffle which wa ver su ccessful. We will also be doing num erou car wa h e over th umm er mo nths, as man of our i t rs live clo to cam pu . -Cristy David on


Fonding members of !]IT's chapter of the Order of Omega: Isabel DeOliveira, Richa Kumar, jacalyn \llcCarthy.

Recent ru h in fraction b local ororitie h av ca used our chapter to realize h ow much we need an PC on our camp u . This is a priority for the fa ll. We also look forward to trengthen ing our alumnae relation . urvey and newsletter are being mailed to all of o ur alumn ae, o if an of yo u are reading thi , please answer! We a tte nd ed a district workshop pl an n ed by Michelle Cangialo i in April. It wa a fun d ay becau ewe were ab le to meet all of o ur i ter in the orthe rn ew J ersey region a well as isters from Beta Tau in Ma achusetts. :Jacal n McCarthy Beta Phi/ Califor nia of PA California, PA: Beta Phi take p art in everal philanthrop activities u ch as food drives, church volunteering, donating book to schoo ls, coll ecting oda pop tab for kidney dialysi , mon ey for Thanksgiving Dinner for th e needy, h elping the local se nior citizen h ome, and many others. Ou r pring ru h wa a great uccess resulting in 11 n w members. Our chapt r i also represented in Greek Wee k in which we exce ll ed in man e e nts, taking fir t place. We are al o repre en ted in H omecom ing and th e n onalcoh o li c mL'<-off in which we were award ed th e spirit award for bo th eve nts. Our chapter i loo king forward to a~ o nderful ummer and a fun filled fa ll filled with philanthropie a nd i terhood. -D ni e Trezza

Beta Chi/ Ferris State Big Rapids, JWI: Thi erne ter h a been keeping all of u extreme! bu y. We tar ted off b ' welcoming six wonderful and energetic n ew pl edge . On March 18th , we ce lebrated o ur lOth ear an niver ar and Family Da . The e ntire da turned o ut to be very ucce ful. Retreat thi year was a l o quite exciting thank to Karen Ficeli. In tead of going to Camp Warren , we ventured out near Detroit to a campgro und ver imilar to the one een in the movi 'Ja on ". For the fir t time ever w had bo at camp for awhile. helle Roy thought it would b fun for th Bo cout (campin g n xt to u ) to join u roa ting mar hmallow . What an experi nee it wa hanging out with 10 and l l year old whil e trying to bond with our i ters. Red Crush, which i our pring date party, wa celebrated differently thi ear. We had it in our hou e in tead of go ing omewhere else. The theme wa "1995 Boxer Ba h " and in order to get in everybody had to wear boxer . We participated in Greek week and placed third in Mock Rock. orne i ter attended the RLW at Central Michigan niver ity. Tho e who went brought back a lot of new idea that wi ll be put to use a oon a po sible. :Julie Anne Wahl Beta Psi/St. Louis t. Louis, MO: The i ter have had a fun and eventfu l erne ter. Our two informal ru he brought u ll women. The initiation of thi pledge cia wa more pecial b including both mother and big i ter in the ce lebrati n. Member of the pledge cia s were ribbon pinned b Beta Psi founding i ter at our annual Alumnae lun cheon . Our two pledge cia e were not the on ly thing to keep u bu '路 Our philanthrop projects included our annual Ea ter Egg Hunt at t. ichola Cath olic Pre- chool, and we kl , vi it to Karen H ou , a home le h elt r for mother and their chi ld r n. v\ e w re a! 0 bu y with man\' cia! and uni\ r it:y a ' U\1ti . " ; tt nd d vera! t. Loui ntY r it\' ba. -

(!()~ C!~ Ne.w4 ketball games with our lette r proudly displayed . V\e did not lack off on academics though. All our hard work studying in the fall se meste r paid off and our group CPA 3.289 was th e hig hest CPA for all Gree k organiza tio n on our campus! We have continued to strive for academic exce ll e n ce this em e ter by having study se io ns a nd of cour e for fun , study break . We would like to exte nd a pecia1 thank you to our ad vi o r , Mi h e ! Brinde ll a nd Sand Guire. Th e upport they h ave give n us during thi s sem e te r of ma ny change h as bee n imm easurabl e. We apprecia te th e ir love for this ch apte r a nd we are to uch ed b th e commitme nt they h ave sh own to us. Because of the m , the Be ta Psi cha pte r i stro n ge r tha n ever. -Re becca Va n P It Beta Omega/ Monmouth West L ong Branch, Tj:

This e rn e te r, we we lco m e d 15 n ew iste rs. Also, we want to co ngra tula te Su a n Kamm e n o n rece iving th e Top Tau awa rd ! Co ming up this sem e te r is Gree k Wee k in which we h op e to becom e ch a mpio ns for th e third year in a row! Also, we h ave bee n working o n imp rovin g alumnae re la tio n a nd h ave bee n ge tting a lo t of positive feedback. We a re planning a n alumn ae / pare n ts d ay coo ko ut which sh ould be fun fo r eve r yo ne . -Kim Cut! r

a nnu a l roc k-a-thon . We rai ed ove r 2,000 for Pin Mountain , St. Jud e's Ho pita!, Birming h a m ' Childre n ' H o pi ta l, a nd Ruby Pi cke ns Ta rt Libra r y, a n all n ew record in monies rai sed for th e chapte r. We also he ld our a nnu a l G .Q. Pa rty with thi yea r ' th e me "Tau Stoc k II:An o th r Year of Peace a nd Mu ic". Thi was a good way to bring all th e Gree ks toge th e r and h ave a night of fun , d a n cin g and ociali zing and n o t wo rry wh o was wh o . We parti cipa ted in Clea n e r UWA, ad o pt-a-mile, ado pt-a-stream. We have clean ed th e town quare, Lake UWA, J aycee Park, the bird sanctuary, around the dorms, as well a the campu duck p ond, the comthouse lawn and th e civic center. We continue our visits to the nmsing h ome and get a chance to interact with the residen ts who seem to e njoy it as much as we do. We work th e conce sia n stand at al l th e bas bal l games. We participated in in tram ural ports and this quarter it is softball , and win o r lose, we have a great tim e playing. -Deanna Little Gamma Zeta/ Frostburg State Frostburg, MD:

M ter exchanging stories of the holid ays, we bega n p re paring fo r fo rmal r ush. Giving r u hee a n o ppo rtuni ty to ge t to know th e siste rs, rush activiti es

included a "Wi zard of O z" skit,') opa rdy" a nd a d e tailed slid e how to all ow the ru h to see the differe n t sides of Ga mma Ze ta. At th e e nd of the week, we welcom ed 10 new pl edg . We atte nded th e RLW at Duqu esn U nive rsity. We were able to meet many n ew si te rs o u tside of ou r di tri t. We also got fre h ideas for new co mmuni ty ervic proj e ts a nd fund rai ers from a ti onal Staff and oth er cha p ter . Ou r cha pter co ntinue o ur regu lar communi ty ervice proj ects includ ing baby- itting for a loca l chu rch, u herin g for ca mpu plays, parti ci pa ti ng in ad o p t-a-hi g hway a nd co n tribu ting to our pa n hell e ni c. New p roj ects that we have pa rti cipa ted in thi erne ter inel ud e a Read to Su cceed Program , ad o pting a new playground in the area fo r clea nup , a skate-a-th on for the homeles a nd the March of Di me walka-th o n. As we draw n ear to the e n d of the se m ester, we are plan n in g for new proj ects as we ll as refl ecting on the pa t. In reflecti o n, we would li ke to th ank i te rs wh o are g rad uatin g for a ll that th ey've con tribu ted to our chapter. ongratulatio n go o ut to all new i ter and to Patty Beliveau, Sandy Broadben t and Sandy Fo rd o n th eir recent engageme nt ! -G in ny Sh reve & Karin Ream

Gamma Gamma/ West Alabama L ivingston, AL:

Coming bac k fro m a ix wee k winte r break, th e Ga mma Ga mm a ch a pte r g ot ri g ht bac k in to th e wi n g of tl1in gs. Fir ton th e agenda was winter ru h . We pi cked up two wo m e n wh o took on lead e rship role durin g th e ir time as a ocia ted m embe rs. We th e n had a vi sit fro m Mrs. Melind a O a te , our Distri c t Pre ide nt. She vi sited th e c hapte r in J a nu ar y to ch eck up o n us, to m ee t th e n ew wome n , a nd to offe r sugges tions on improving th e ch apte r in future years. We also got a n ew ch a pter advi e r, Mrs. eldra Spe n ce r. Th e c hapte r sponsored our 4 th THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

Gamma Zetas sightseeing in downtown Pittsbwgh after RL W


C!~~ C!~ NtM14 Coming in May we wi ll be ho lding a sen ior send off/alumnae weekend , to h onor graduating sisters and seeing our a lumnae sister . During the urnmer, several of our ister wi ll be staying at Dewey Beach, DE and we p lan to spend a weekend together to visit and talk about ru h. Gamma Iota sisters before a country-western mixer. ] en Williamson, Michele Shea, Susan Antesen, and Amy Darney.

Gamma Iota/ York York, PA: T he Gam ma Iota chapter kicked offsp ring r ush with the theme "A New Year for ALT ". It was a huge su ccess and we ini tiate d 10 awe orne women! Our pre e n t proj ect is someth ing we've n ever do n e before - an alu mnae p icni c. Ste ph Skala is doing a great job pulling th e wh o le eve n t together. V\ e hop e to h ave a good turn ou t an d make it a bi a n n ual even t. We participated in various co mm uni ty activities su ch a ad o p t-a-block, and clean ing up a soup ki tchen. We are also an xiously awaiting Greek wee k and many opportuni ties to try ou t all of our n ew fund raisin g ideas. A special co ngratulatio ns goes out to Stacey Kreider o n her rece n t e ngageme n t. Good luck to all of th e graduati ng sen iors - you 'II be missed! -Vickie Coul ter Gamma Lambda/ Kutztown Kutztown, PA: T hi s se m es te r we ce le b rate o u r fifth year as a ch ap ter of ALT. We h ave h ad man y good years as a co llegiate ch a p ter a nd are looki ng forwar d to many years to come! Our spring r ush th eme was: "ALT, why se ttle fo r the rest wh e n you can be th e best." Ou r r ush ch air man worked ver y h ard plannin g an ice cream social wi th th e rus hee and o u r preferen ce parti e . A r u h came to a n e n d, we fou nd our e lves wi th eigh t e n thusiastic worn n to p ledge ALT. We ' re look in g forward to o u r spring for ma l, participati ng in Greek week and in Bearfe t, a festiva l h e ld ac h year at Kutztown.


"Family Tree" at Yellow R ose Formal: A my Hathaway, J ennifer Boots and Robyn Walker, Gamma Nu.

Gamma Nu/Waynesburg Waynesburg, PA: We began this seme ter with our sprin g ru h. T h is year's theme wa "Gilligan's Island". i ters planned treasure hu n ts and enjoyed refre hments. T hanks to th e isters hard work, we gai n ed seven new p ledge . Our chapter also attended the RLW at Duquesne University. Our sisters learned a lot of th ings that they brought back to our cha pter. Overall it wa a very exciting experience for all! For the second year we have won the on-cam pu orority house! V\e are excited that we can still call it home! We also won the H arry E. Gardner Organizatio n Service Award given to u b V\ aynesburg College. We are looking forward to a restful but productive urnmer - a nd we are p leased to announce that we sti ll maintain the highest CPA on campus! -Beth Winowich Gamma Xi/ Grand Valley State Allendale, Ml: The sisters of Gamma Xi have been working ver hard thi past semester in many in terna l and external areas. We began the emester with the b t rush we hav had ince our chapter wa in ta il ed . Befor our ru h be-

gan, however, a by-law wa pas ed increasing our GP tandard to a 2.5, the highe ton our campu . Our ru h wa very ucce fu l and we have 12 wonderfu l new isters . They enjoyed RLW at Central Michigan niver ity, like e er other member in attendance-e peciall becau e we received an award for the mo tin attendance: 1 for Friday and Saturday and 27 for Sunday! The four women who were initiated at the RLW wil l never forget the memorable event. Philanthropy ha been ucce fu l a we ll. We have done uch thing a decorating an elderly care center for Va lentine 's Day, an Ea ter egg hunt for underprivileged children , and a fun fund raiser / philanthropy event for the March-of-dimes. peaking of fund rai ing, we have had everaJ , uch a a pepper pray ale , a carnation ale, a bake ale and a cotton cand booth. Our chapter is looking wonderful on our campus. We have a great attitude about the upcoming fall ru h, which we have worked very hard on for se era] month . We are focu ing our efforts on our academics, so that our reputation for an outstanding GP will remain o. In the fall , our CPA wa 3.04, the hi <The tout of all Greek organization . ow, 43 % of our memberhip ha above a 3.0! -Angie Hebebrand Gamma Pi/Lycoming Williamsport, PA : The semester kicked off with pring formal ru h. nder the direction of Karen Harman , it was a ucce with our traditional Italian night and theme uch a Fantas land and MTV Lip Service. Every si ter had a bla t with ru hand we gained 11 ne' si ter . We he ld the annual Yellow Ro e formal on April th. Scholar hip award were handed out and Bli Hertzing received the 'Out tanding i ter " award. The i ter , alumnae , and their date had a lot of fun. With the "Greek Bunch " theme, a pin off of "The Brady Bunch ", we w n third place in Greek week. We are xcited about our ummer to g t aw y t M 'Ttie Beach, -..-\my J L nard THE ,

Gamma Rho / Seton Hall South Orange, NI We had a live ly and bu y sp r ing se m es te r! Form al rush bro u g ht u s three ple d ges a nd th e Ga mm a C hi c_h apte r a tte nd ed one of our COB p arties to h e lp us out. Several isters wen t to the Be ta Omega chapte r to a tte nd o n e of th eir rush partie . One of th e biggest hig hlights of the sem es ter wa our first ever ister swa p , which was h eld with the Beta Mu ch apte r. We enj oyed a great weeke nd of id ea sh a rin g, lau gh s a nd m a ki ncr n ew fri e ndship . We all reali ze d th ~ b e n efits of n ot o nly b eing part of a Natio n al Sorority, b ut wh at ALT si terh ood is all abo ut. On Ap ril 1, we h eld o ur f irst Ma n age m e n t In sti t u te . Gamm a Chi , Be ta Tau a nd Beta psiIo n ch apters a tte nd ed th e aU-d ay worksh o p h osted by De lta D.P. M ic h e ll e Can g ia losi, Ad e le Blac k a nd 1 a tional Pl ed ge Coordin a to r Sh erry Gentil e. Thi even t was a p re lud e to th e organizatio n a nd planning we are doing fo r the RLW we will b e h o lding h ere at Se to n H all in th e fall. Greek week was extrem ely su ccessful for ALT this year. We won fl ag foo tball , d ar t , syn c hro ni ze d swimmin g, foul sh o t contest, an d th e tug of war. We placed second in billiards, raft relay, trivial pursuit, b a t races , an d the wate r balloon toss, whil e placing third in th e Go ng sh ow and the oatmeal race. Mimi Mo ller won th e Gold Anch or awa rd a nd Ann-Marie Ri spo li receive d th e Pearl award at o u r Em erald Ball in April. Con g ra tula tio n s to th e fo ll owin g sisters: Lucinda Ferreri for winning the Gree k Wo m a n of th e Year Award , Robin U d coff fo r win n in g th e Greek Week T-Shirt D esig n con test, C hristin e Ea rly fo r b ecoming CPC Secre tar y an d th e n ewes t induc tee in to th e O rd er of Omega, Mi c h ell e Tren ch ard. -Ro bin U d coff Gamma Sigma/ Belmont Abbey Belrnont, NC:

We lU cked off th e e m es te r wi th a wild and wacky ru sh. At o ur Mad Tau Party, we received fi ve TAU-riffi c n ew

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

wo me n. We also welco m d o ur n ew Advi sor, Mrs. Bo nni e Reidy, a nd our n ew Ch apte r Co nsulta nt Aiexi Gladd . We held our annu al "Cru sh " party fo r all o u r c h ose n crush e . We also spa n o red a n ew band . On th e for mal ide , we h eld our eco nd a nnu al Pare nt/ Fac ulty Tea; e ve r yo n e was im pres ed . Our n ext functio n is our traditio nal "Kidn ap " party a nd th e campus is waiting wi th baited brea th . Bu t do n 't ge t th e idea th a t we o nly play a round h ere . We h ave ta ken p ar t in m a ny differe nt ac ti viti es that will make us more rounded Ta u . In the middl e of th e se m es ter, we h ad o ur retreat to recapture our sisterhood. We h ave atte nded semin ars o n rape, h azing , alcoh o l a buse, and AIDS. Ou r sisters h ave d o n e in credible fund raising all owin g us to sp o n so r o u r a nnu a l Ch r istm as p arty fo r und erprivilege d childre n an d to bring Eas ter baskets to n ee dy fa milie a nd we volunteere d to ba by-sit at a n earby ele me nta ry sc hoo l. Even wi th al l of these ac ti,~tie , ou r sisters have fo und time to be invo lved in o ther areas. Our m e mbe rs h o ld m a ny p os itio n s o n Co ll ege Un io n Board , Studen t Governmen t, Reside ntial Life and are involved with a thle ti cs.

-Gretchen Kohlenbush

ested women for our formal rush. Pledging began in February,with th e bes t organized pl edge program we've had in our three years. T he pledge program brought the pledges together as a unit as we ll as bringing th e present s isters c lo se r togeth er, eventuall y becoming one happy fa mily on March 10, when we initiated seven pledges. The sisters volunteered their services to tho se who were unabl e to shovel out their sidewalks and dri veways by remaining on call fo r Operation Snow program for two weeks during the winter seaso n . Al so , fo r Valentin e's Day, the s is ters made homemade valentines for the elderly and distributed them in the loca l nursing home making a lot oflonely people ve ry happy. We're looking forward to the activities during Greek week and welcoming returning sisters for the A lumnae weekend during Spring Arts weekend. -Sharon Possessky Gamma Upsilon/ California State Los Angeles, CA: T h e sisters of Gamma psilon have a lo t of eve n ts to look forward to thi spring quarter. O ur upcoming e e nts will be ISVT, Greek Week, Intramural sports, and th e Ye ll ow Rose Banquet. We will be participating in our annual ISVT p hil anthropy wi th all proceed s going to Make-A-VIi h Foundati o n . We n ot on ly look a t th i experi-

Gamma Taus Mary Bullock, Kri ti A me , J ackie Weuodau, f en Mihalov.

Gamma Tau/ Lebanon Valley Annville, PA:

We were eager to get started, beginning with th e ru sh program the first week that the students were on ca mpus. For one of our infonnal ru shes, we continued the birthday party idea since our chapter is only three years old, gi ving us a good turnout of inter-

Spring open house even t a/ Gamma psi/on: Nadiya Siregar,Lorelie Emngelista, Ida Chacon, Sandy Durden, and Angie Perez.


c~~ c~ N4t14 e nce as a philanthropy, but as a soc ial event as well. We will be interacting with othe r sororities all over California. Greek week wi ll be taking place in May. We are all very excited abo u t this eve nt because this will be our ch ance to spread our "Tau " spirit! -Loreli e Evange li ta

Delta Alpha/ Gannon Erie, PA: During rush, we acq uired five n w pledge u ing th e them "AiT, a Wh o le ew World ". We p e rform e d a n "Aladdin " skit an d sang "A Whol e ew World ". For fund r a isin g , we h a d ou r se m ester ly Always Som ethin g Ta ty Bake sale a nd a car wa h. Bo th we re very ucce ful. We helped o ut at th e Human e Society for a day walking dog , bathing th e m an d cleaning cages for orne of our communi ty e rvice. We al o par-

ti cipated in Hunger Cleanup in which we picked up trash from th e treet . On campus, we participa ted in a phon e-a-thon and came in 3rd place for rai ing mon ey for th e U nive rsi ty. -Chri tin e Giangiu li

Delta Gamma Colony/ Pembroke State Pembroke, C: Early thi seme te r, we h eld a paj a m a party intere t mee tin g during whi ch we watched movi e a nd orority video . This ie ld ed o ur pring pledge cia . Th e women h ave bee n bu learning th e ir information a nd working on th e ir phil a nthrop project . And, we ha e all bee n occupied with th in g like highway lean up a nd two car washe . On ce aga in , we won th C h ance ll or's Cup award for Campus participa tion. ! Th e Yellow Ro e formal wa a hug u ccess with a number of alu mnae o n

hand. There, we gave i terhood and GP award a we ll a gift for our graduating i ter . -Ragan Robin on

Delta Epsilon/ Marist Poughkeepsie, Thi e m ter, we participated in our fir t ru h and rece ived nine great pledge . Th e p ledge crathered pennie for Pin e Mountain a th e ir philanthro py. For our fund rai ing, we held a bake ale, and old good luck ribbons for mid term . For philanthrop , we pon ored the Girl co ut on ca mpus an d sold their ookie , pon ored a lecture on te ti cu lar and breast cancer, o ld daffodil for the American Can cer ociety, an d adopt d a girl from Ecuador. W are happy to report that we received C lub of the Year at Mari t Co llege! -Mariluz antana

Delta Day In September, 1993, Mich e ll e Cang ialosi and the Delta District began th eir journey togeth e r as District Preside nt a nd collegia te chapter . The road was bumpy at first, fill ed with unce rtain ty on both sid es. Ms. Cangialo i adapted h er expec tation s to the realities of th e district, whi le th e collegians worked hard to ackn owledge and puru e th e stand ards d emand ed by th e national sorority. In th e fa ll of 1994, on ly one year into th eir rel a tion hip toge th e r, M . Cangialosi suggested having a one-dayback-to-basics district workshop, fo cusing on co nsti tuti on tudy, treasur and budgeting, r ush, and pl edge . Attend a n ce would be m a nd atory for th e three loca l c h a pte rs (Be ta psil on , Gamma Chi , and Gamma Rho) who are wi thin 20 minutes of each othe r, and o pti o n al for Be ta Ta u chapt r in Lowell , MA. Th e goa l wo uld be to increa e ch apters' re liance on one ano th e r for support and information. Th mem ber re pond ed to th e id ea nthu ia ti ca lly, a nd th ey jump d a t


th e ch a nce to" how off th e ir ware " to oth e r chapter . OnApril1 , 1995, 74chaptermembers , two advi ers, one a si ta nt advi er, one chapter con ultant, and th e di trier pre ide n t were joined by Sherry Gentile, National Pledge Coordinator, and Ade le Black, form er Di trict Pre ident. Beta Ta u chapter e nt five m e mbers to th e works hop-impres ive for a group of 13! Everyo n e gath ered at eton Hall nive r ity to h are a nd ce le brate our n a tion al orority. The d ay bega n with breakfa t a nd an introdu ctory ice -brea ke r. Members h ad already divid ed in to four subgro up ba ed on their pre e nt office or future intere t, a nd small group di sc u ions fo llowed breakfast. Gamma Chi ch ap ter a i ted M . Pintar (Ga mma Rho advi r) with a discussion a bout budge ting, treasur a nd fund rai in g. Gamma Rh o a i ted 1r . Genti le with rush , pl edge and publicity. M . Black conduc ted a co ntitution wo rk hop atte nd ed b all who w re pre ent, a nd ver one in a ttend a n al o me t with a ngialo i. 1

Gamma Chi chapter shirt for Delta Day.

Beta p ilon chapter pre ented a mock bu in es meeting and di cu ed the u e of parliamentar proced ure before all m mber h ar d five ~ ot long andwic h trimming . The afternoon work h p included con tinu ed co n tituti n tudv and DP meetincr aloncr with Alumna ' Re latio n and Pan h II nic. Th "h t topi "forth oth r cam pu 1

c~~ c~ Nt-W4

about "dead weight"; and the process for proposing constitutional revisions. Delta Day ended with a beautiful rededication ceremony conducted by the presidents of all three ew Jer ey chapters. Delta Day was extremely helpful to the Delta District chapter . The chapters' individual needs were met by the selected topic areas, and th e women learned both from national staff and each other. Chapters felt comfortable discussing their challenges as well a their successes. Mrs. Gentile a nd M . Black were able to work fir t h and with collegiate members and see the growth in these chapters. Ms. Cangialo i wa able to empha ize to the chapters h er pride and d edication to each ch apter a well as the e ntire district. Most importantly, though , De lta Di trict chapters were able to n etwork with one another, sharing triumphs, tragedie , and fru tration - and that very special Alpha Sigma Tau feeling!

Host chapter Gamma Rho at Delta Day, April I , 1995.

Delta Day attendees.

E.R. Learn about it in Phoenix next summer! (Sorry, George Clooney won't be there. . .) THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995


GREATER CHICAGO Reported lYy Kris Haskin

A few alumnae have been meeting to form an alumnae chapter in the

Greater Chicago area . There were eight alums at our first me e ting in ovember. We had another meeting in Januar y; 19 alumnae member attended! Alumnae pre ent at th e Januar y meeting discussed future meeti ng to establish a chapter. We had to cancel our meeting in May due to poor response! Thanks to those who plann ed to come! We are working hard to locate alumnae members in this area. National Headquarters has a li t of 658 alums- the area ranges from Rockford to Paxton and from Dixon to Downtown Chicago. If yo u live in the area and have not received information , or you are interested in finding out more , plea e call or write to: Kris Haskin , 3345 Betty Drive , Arlington Heights, IL. 60004, 708-520-3054. Thank you!

DETROIT/ NORTHEAST SUBURBS Reported lYy Patricia Maddens

We started off 1995 with a potluck at the home of adia Maddens. De serts and appetizers were featured. After the business meeting, 1 adia taught us jewelr y making. Everyone was ab le to make at least one bracelet. For our annual February eve ning with husbands or friends, we tried something different thi yea r. Instead of going out, we met at Cindy Manardo's house for a wine ta ting. After munching on pizza and alad, everyone had the opportunity to sample about a dozen different wines ranging from weet to dr y. Jani ce Garbarino was th e haste for our phi lanthropy program meeting. We aw th e Pine Mountain video, voted on our donations for th ear, and collected upplie for a women' sh Iter. 30

Det路rioit- ortheast ttburb alums making chocolate : Ma ry Ellen Babcock and Beth Fournier.

Our April meeting wa at the home of Pat Madden . We had another hands-on program , learning to mold choco late . We made yell ow ro e candies to b e u ed a favors for th Mother-Daughter lunc heon and aJ o a variety of Easter treats. Our 18th annual Mother-Daughter lun cheon was held on the day before Mother's Day. number of beautiful prizes were donated b variou member for the raffle; everyone who bought tickets won at least one prize. Our "future ALT' " ranging in age from four to nine, enjoyed drawing the tickets. Also in May, we met at Karen Cooper's house , where Karen a nd Kathy Baecker demonstrated stir-fry and provided u with quite a delicious meal and lots of tips so that we could try it at home. In Jun e, we met at the home of Teri Faillace for an ice cream ocial.

ERIE Reported by Melissa Eaton

Some of our member traveled to Pittsburgh for the Regional Leadership V\orkshop, held at Duque ne niversity. In April , ' e attended an award ceremon at Gannon ni er ity. Alpha Sigma Tau was pre en ted a cho lar hip award for th ir GP . n ...., T congratulation goe ut to the i t r at Gannon! Weal o had alumnae indu -

tion for the girl at Gannon niverity and Penn tate-Behrend College. We ar looking forward to an eventful ummer. We will have a famil picnic, a bowling night and a ba eball game at Erie ' new ba eball tadium.

HARRISBURG Reported lYy J ennifer Lytle

During the pa t few month , the Harri burg alumnae chapter continued to enjoy monthly meeting and social gathering . La t year we we lcomed two beautiful legacie into the LT family; orm and Tere a (Baker) Eckard' baby twin girl , arah and Emily. We had to a good-b e to one of our ne\ e t member , tephanie Steadman , a he moved out of the area. We will all mi her. March wa a bu month for our chapter. Our emiannual Tuppen are fund rai r wa once acrain a huge ucce s. t our march bu ine meeting we voted Ca e Mark Top Tau. Ca e , will al o be our new chap~er pr ident in the fall. We wrapp d up the month with our annual "Game ight," an e enincr of friend hip and fun 拢 r 1 t r and their pou e or cru t . e ha\ continued t upp rt ur cal philanthrop ', the Int rfaith Family h Iter in Harri burcr, and in pril. h ld ur nnual Ea t r parry for the

children there. Activitie included making bunny ears to wear, coloring eggs, and having an Easter egg hunt outdoors. On April 30, membe rs traveled to Shippen burg University to induct the seniors into alumnae statu . We are making plan to work with Be ta Epsilon on service project in the future. In May, our "Dinner with my Si ters" meeting wa held at loca l restaurant, where we planned our summer family picnic to be held at a si ter' home in July. We look forward to a relaxing summer and a busy and rewarding fall. We want our chapter to ke ep growing! An alumna in th e Harrisburg area who is interes te d in b eco min g part of our fun loving and d edi cated organization should contact Casey Marks at 717-697-8664.

INDIANAPOLIS Reported by Pamela Legg Our lndian ap o li Alumn ae feel we have received a u路u e g ift of siste rh ood. Mary Ann Rin e h art, a tio n al Publicity Coordinator, h a joined our gr oup. She was the h oste for our Annual Spring Lun c h eo n . It wa h e ld at Co nnor Prairi e at Governor Noble's Eating Place. It wa a bea utiful day. Three i ter join ed with the Indi a-

napoli Alumnae Pan helle nic for their Spring Evening Mee ting. An educational evening wa spent learning more about ational Panhe ll e nic. In addition , two representatives of the Butler University College Panhellenic were pre e nt and hared orne of the current ca mpu co ncerns. Si ters will be busy with summer activiti es until we m ee t again in August to pl a n for th e fall.

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Reported by Sandra Aiello The orthern Virginia Alumn ae chapte r had another successful fund rai e r selling commemorative White Hou se C hri tm as ornament . We raise d over $1,300.00! For Easter, we stuffed eggs for c hildre n in local church group . We are working o n broadening our me mbers hip and a re working on a m mbership drive co ntacting around 460 alumnae in the ar a. We've had several activiti e with o ther alumnae organizations in the area including a step aerob ics with Phi Mu and our Pan h ell eni c Tea. We are also taking pa rt in "Secret Sisters" in which we secre tly ta ke the n a me of a participati ng i ter a nd e nd

Harrisburg area alumnae Melissa Fleegal, Vanessa Emch and Lisa Sackett enjoy good food and friendship at President Donna Lapano 's horne.

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

her card a nd/ or small gifts. We wi ll e nd the year with a C h ri lmas gift xchange a nd reveal the identity of th e ecret sister.

Tidewater's joy Wotherspoon and Betsy Russ, chapter vice president and president.

TIDEWATER Reported by Joy Wotherspoon The Tidewater Alumnae went in J a nuary to the home ofVeronica Hill where we were entertain ed by a local professional tory teller. J oy Robertson h osted the meeting and ini tiation in February. We were pleased to add Am Co lli e r-Howard and Debi H arri onDidawick to our ro ter. March wa Pine Mountain slide night at the h ome of Be tsy Ru s. The April in tallation of n ext years' officers was conducted at th e h ome of Su an Schleicher. We h ave h ad three ocial opportuniti e alth ou gh all of our meeting mix busin ess a nd the plea ure of ocializing with o ur sister . In Apri l, we dined toge th er at Carver Cree k Re taurant. Beth K.n a u McO ker ended h er ear as Pa nh elle nic Pre ident at the Spring P a nh e ll e ni c gat h e rin g h e ld at Tandom's Pine Tree Inn. Our third ocial is a progre ive dinner moving g u es ts a nd sister to the h ome of Karen Farri , Elaine Eason, and Su an Schleicher. Gam , good food and fellowship have alway spe ll ed ucces for o ur group. We are please d to ann oun ce ano ther legacy, Broo ke Lauren, born Ma 2, 1995 to J oy an d Bill Robert on . Con31

gratulations also to Paulette Crawford, our 1995 Top Tau. We continue to send soup labels to Livin g Waters Christi an School , money to Pine Mountain School and sent cleaning and paper supplies to the local Ronald McDonald House. We conclude our 30th anniversary year with several n ew sisters, two births, one marriage, Pollya nn a g ifts, rich memories of a successful year and fresh new ideas to lead us toward n ext year's goals.


ANNARBOR Reported by Linda Shapona

Look at those ALTs dance! Th e Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor Alumnae J anu ary fun night found us lin e d anci ng to the Chicago Twist at the Diamond Blac k Saloon ! Some country fun was had by all, and we thank Jennifer Mecham for organizing th e eve ning. Febr uar y brought our h eart warming philanthropy, which is making vale ntines for th e patients at the Veterans H ospital. We also contributed to Pine Mountain Settle ment School , donated to a runner for Muscular Dystrophy and viewed the Pine Mountain slides. March brought a d elightful meeting at Lyne tte Swartzenberger's h om e. Th e April local Founders Day was ce lebrated with the installa tion of Laure n Friedman into our alumnae ch apter. This spring we all welcomed our n ewest legacy, Mackenzie Re n e Mecham


Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor alumnae making Valentines for the patients at the Veterans Hospital.路 joyce Berg, Lynette Swartz.enberger, Marilyn Christy, Sherry Hurley and J ennifer Mecham.

into th e world-congratu la ti ons Scott an d J en nifer! Our annual Mother 's D ay lunch eon was pl an n ed by Sue Slick and Carlo tta Salemi. The lovelyjewelry box favors , the lun ch an d the program were enj oyed by all. Our May meeting was h e ld at J e nnifer Mecham's home. Election of officer and developing a pla n for next year were accomplished. Fund raisers for the year included the sale of Entertainment Books, Chri tma s Around the World sales, and Founde rs Day country store and raffle.

Special thanks to Marcy Lilley, our alumnae sister who moved to West Virginia, who make our Christmas fund raiser po ible. The alumnae continues to support Alpha Chapter. Joyce Berg, Chapter Advi er and Diana Mihaiu, Assi tant Chapter Advi er, are devoted to the collegians. Congratulations to our Top Tau, Becky Praznik. We continue our friend hip and sisterhood through the summer with a Garage Sale at Marilyn Christy's home in June.


A~~T~7)~MJ auona l H eadquarter , 1929 Canyon Road , Birmingham , AL 352 16 Phone 205-978-2179 Fax 205-978-2182 Office Hour 9:00a.m.- 4:30 p.m . Centra l Tim e Headquarte rs Administrator: Le nore Seibel King (Mr. Thom as j. ,Jr.), Psi

Board of Trustees Lenore Seibel King, Psi, Ch airman Gail Shockley Fowler, Alpha Lambda, Secretary Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle, Th eta Charlotte Evans Floyd , Psi Ferne Shumate Phipps, Omicron Anna Margaret Young Rh odes, Psi Carrie Washburne Staehle , Alpha President Emerita - Carrie Washburn e Staehle (Mrs. H aswell E.) , Alpha

National Council National President - Mary Ch arl e Adams Ashby (Mrs. C.J.) , Chi , Box 12, The Plains, VA 22171 National Vice President- Caro le Bicking Keily (Mrs. Timothy), Alpha Xi, 7807 Leland Road, Manassas, VA 22111 National Secretary - Chri tin a Duggan Covington (Mrs. Christopher) , Alpha Lambda, 11711 Memorial Drive #667, Houston , TX 77024 National Treasurer- J an e t Minni Jimi on (Mrs. Conrad) , Iota, 529 Highland Drive, Arkansas City, KS 67005 Director of Collegiate Chapters- Ri cki Bargman Trosen (Mrs. Wallace) , Alpha Sigma, 904 Kings Road , Kirksvill e, MO 63501 Director of Alumnae- Mary Be th Kelley, Delta, 22 Boulevard, Po int Marion , PA 15474 Director of Expansion -J an et H anso n Dodson (Mrs. Duan e), Iota, 543 South Main , Crete, NE 68333 Director of Fraternity Programs - Martha Drouyo r DeCamp (Mrs. Samuel) , Alpha, 27931 NE 4th Place, Redmond , WA 98053 Director of Publications - Carol]. Coo pe r, Zeta Tau , PO Box 12189 NCSA, Winston-Salem, NC 27117

District Presidents Regional Collegiate Coordinator - Mar y Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rh o, 195 1 Pe nn y Lan e, Youngstown , OH 44515 Alpha- Christianne Vacca Yentz, Be ta Xi , 4601 W 2nd Avenue #806, Boca Rato n , FL 33431

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

Beta- Lucinda Proctor Hawes, Alpha Tau , 4116 Pleasan tview Aven ue, Erie, PA 16509 Gamma - Appoi n tment pending Delta- Michelle Cangialosi, Alpha Lambda, 134 Scarborough Place, Charl ottesvi lle, VA 22903 Epsilon - Lisa Throckmorton , Alpha Lambda, 4933 Redford Road , Beth e da, MD 208 16 Zeta - Michelle Schmidt, Alpha Sigma, 615 Dover Drive, Ro lla, MO 65401 Eta- Nancy Voltz Lessig (Mrs. Wally), Beta Epsilo n, 47 Vi llage Kn oll Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380 Theta- Patri cia Klausin g Simmons (Mrs. Wi lliam ), Delta, 291 Locust Street, Indiana, PA 15701 Iota- Melinda H enry Oates, Gamma Gamma, 7794 Old Mt. Olive Road , Ga rdendale, AL 35071 Kappa - Sonda Ruholl Clocksin (Mr . Kevin), Beta Pi, 2 Durell Drive, Kankakee,IL 60901 Lambda- Appointmen t pending Mu - Tamara Stegehu is Bonifield (Mrs. Brad ) , Beta Xi, 16925 MacArthur Redford, MI 48240 ' Nu- Colleen H arding, Beta Mu, 4318 Be ulah Road , Hurlock, MD 21643 Xi - Victoria Kin g-Garwood (Mrs. Donald ), Beta Delta, 106 Narraganset Drive , McKeesport, PA 15135 Omicron- Ap poinun ent pending Pi - Wendy Bussard, Gam ma Theta, 606 Pebble Place #F, Delaware, OH 43015 Rho - Megan J an n ey, Zeta Tau, 3529 Wi llowrun Drive NE, Roan o ke, VA . 24012 Sigma - Appoin une nt pending

National Staff Academics - Christy Cuthill McCorm ick (Mrs. Daniel), Sigma, 315 15th St NW # 102, Charl ottesvill e, VA 22903 Alumnae Expansion- Patri cia Nayle, Phi , 12002 H as tin gs Green Drive , H ouston , TX 77065 The Anchor Editor- Appointment pending The Anchor Alumnae Editor- Appo intment pending The Anchor Collegiate Editor - Gay Gammell Truehart (Mrs. David ), Beta u, 2228 Old Berwick Road , Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Awards- Cathy Millard Schreiner (Mrs. Rich ard), Chi , 4400 Hadri an Co urt, Alexandria, VA 223 10 Chaplain- Emil y As hby Mcintire (Mrs. Michael), Alpha Lambda, 1940 even Oak Drive, Morristown, T 37814 Colony Adviser- Wendy Novack, Beta, 1471 Gregory #8, Ypsi lanti, MI 48197 Colony Adviser - an cy Tyburski , Beta Xi, 82 W283ll Vista Drive, Hartland, WI 53029 Convention - StaciJimison Wedermyer (M r . Wes) , Iota, 3723 Plaza Drive #202 , Topeka,KS 66609 The Crest Editor - Elizabeth Dee me r Conner (M rs. Timothy), Alpha Lambda, 7226 Roosevelt Avenue , Falls Ch urch, VA 22042 Expansion Assistant - Anne Curran Gruber (Mrs. J ames), Alpha, 512 Pin e Land Drive SE , Ada, MI 49301 Expansion Assistant - Cynthia Peckhart McCror y (Mrs. Charl es R.), Alpha Alpha, PO Box 5218, Fort Wayn e, I 46895 Financial Assistant- Beth Ann Dobson Fournier (Mrs. J oseph) , Beta Xi, 2594 Ridge Road , Whitelake , Ml 48383 Historian - Ap po intm ent pending Housing- Lara Buszka, Beta Xi , 141 Winter St. , l st fl oor, Auburn , ME 02702 Membership Development- Andrea Kl einYancho, Beta Xi , 69-B Locust treet Asso net, MA 02702 ' Music- Arlin e Boulign y Clark (M rs. Al len ), Pi, 7037 Rh ode Avenue, t. Louis, MO 63 123 National Panhellenic Conference Delegate - Ap po in tment pending National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Carolyn Conner Alexander (Mrs. j ames) , Pi , 6328 Potomac, St. Louis, MO 63139 National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Cynthia Peckhart McCror y (M rs. Ch arles R.), Alpha Alpha, PO Box 52 18, Fort Wayne, IN 46 95 National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Mary Charle Adam Ashby (Mrs. CJ. ), Box 12, The Plains, 'A 22171 Nominations- Kath y Pulice Baecker (Mr . Paul ), Theta, 18667 orth Oak Court Cli nton Twp., MI 48038 ' Parliamentarian- Appointment pending Philanthropy - Lara Cegala, Psi , 130 Fairwa Po inte Circle, Orlando, FL 32 2


A~~r~D~MJ Pledge - Sherry Trayer Gentile (Mrs. John ), · · Psi 15043 Holleyside Dnve Dumfnes VA' 22026 ' ' Publicity - Mary Ann Rin e hart, Be ta Eta, 133 W. Marke t Stree t #106, Indianapolis, I 1 46204 . "nor ' ksh op - Ka re n Regional Leaders h1p Gear y Sloan (Mrs. Thomas), Ze ta, 8 Lois Lane , Shrewsbur y, PA 17361 Rush - Karen Denc hfie ld-Maste rso n (Mrs. Daniel), Beta Xi, 2622 Pon ce Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002

Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors President- Med a Ray Ellio tt Sewell (Mr . Presto n ), Om icro n , 6541 Wi ll ia msburg Boulevard , Arlingto n , VA 22213 First Vice President- Le nore Seibel King (Mrs. Thomasj. ,Jr. ), Psi, 1845 Lakeridge Road , Birmingham, AL 352 16 Second Vice President- Rose Ma ri e Schmidt, Theta, 21359 Boxwood Ct., Fa rmin gton, MI 48336 Secretary- Cha rl otte Evan Floyd (Mrs. Julian ), Psi, 1101 S. Arlingto n Ridge Road #3 16, Arlington , VA 22202 Treasurer- Susan Rogers, Alpha Lambda, 939 Park Street, St. Albans, WV 25177

Foundation Committees Awards, Scholarships & Grants- Me lissa Fri esen Parks (Mrs. Clinton R. ), Beta Xi , 6547 Cedar Ridge, Loveland, OH 45140 Effie E. Lyman Memorial Academic Loan Jun e McCarth y, Pi , 8891 Wa tson Woods, St. Lo uis, MO 63 126 Financial Secretary- Lois Schweika rt O 'Dell (Mrs. Robert), Lambda, 222 West Ta bor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19120 Fundraising - Patricia Wrig ht Little , Alpha Lambda, 3301 Swan hollow Co urt, Ri chmo nd , VA 23233 Publicity - Appointme nt pe nding Contributions payable to the Alpha Sigma Tau ational Foundation may be sent to the Financial Secretary.

Alumnae Organizations Arkadelphia, Arkansas Chapter -J oAnne Wi llia ms Chu nn , Alpha Ga mm a, 81 Park Drive, rkade lphia, AR 71923 BaJtimore, Maryland Chapter - Susan Harris Sebring, Be ta Mu , 4321 Flint Hill Drive # 101 , Owing Mills, MD 2111 7


· · Brrmmgham, Alabama- Sh annon T uc ker, Gamma G amma, 46 0 ver h 1"ll R oa d , Montevallo, AL 3511 5 Bluefield, West Virginia Chapter -J oyce Gregor y Buchanan , Omicron , 1905 Tazewell Avenue, Bluefi eld, VA 24605 Buffalo, New "\lork Chapter - Pame la Wale Szafarczyk, Sigma, 1107 Parkhur t Bo uleva rd , Tonawanda, NY 14150 Central Pennsylvania - Amy DuPree, Alpha · PA Xi, Box 1 18 , C e ntra I Ave nu e, AVIS, 17721 Centreville-Manassas, Virginia- Dia ne Di a ndro Und e rwood , Psi, 10446 Bracke ts Ford Cr., Manassas, VA 22111 Charlottesville, Virginia- Michell e Cangialo i, Alpha La mbda, 134 Scarboro ugh Place, Cha rl ottesvi lle, VA 22903 Chicago, Illinois - Kris Has kin , Beta Pi , 3345 Be tty Drive, Arlington H e ights, 1L 60004 Conway, Arkansas Chapter - Cath y Kn ox Koe hler, psilon , 4301 Lee Aven ue, North Little Rock, AR 72205 Denver, Colorado Chapter - Ann Bo ley Todd, u, 1021 Carr #18, De nver, CO 802 16 Detroit-Northeast Suburbs, Michigan Chapter - Kath y Pulice Beacker, Theta, 18667 1 ortl1 Oa k Court, Clinto n Twp ., MI 48038 Durant, Oklahoma Chapter- h am n McVay Dunham, Rh o, 11 3 Gate , Dura nt, OK 74701 Edwardsville, Illinois Chapter- Karen Wasse r, Beta Eta, 615 ta te treet, Wood Rive r, IL 62095 Erie, Pennsylvania Chapter- Debora h Yo ung Carter, Alpha Tau , 2531 W. 34th Street, Erie, PA 16506 Fort Wayne, Indiana Club - Linda Ro e Pulver, Alpha Epsi lo n , 1009 S. Van Bure n Stree t, Auburn , IN 45706 Grand Rapids, Michigan- Anne Curran Gruber, Alpha, 512 Pine La nd E , Ada, MI 49301 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Chapter - Kathryn Smith Marks, Beta Iota, 17 Glendale Drive, Mec hanicsburg, PA 17055 Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter - Ingrid Maso n Chi lds, Beta Xi, 4311 Fore t Terrace, Anderson, IN 46013 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Club Christin e O le ka Eshe lma n , Beta Epsilo n , 2532 peckled Drive, East Pe ter burg, PA I 7520 Le high Valley, Pennsylvania Club - Tracy Bond, Zeta, 135 . 11th treet#2, Allentown , P 18 102 Lowell, Massachusetts Chapter - Ke lly Mannin g ign ea ult, Be ta Tau, 10-f D u·eet, Lowe ll , .MA 01851

Muncie, · Indiana Chapter- Ruth Parker, AId pha Alpha • 4804 We t Petty Roa , Muncie, IN 47304 . New Orleans, Lo~isiana C_h apter- Jeannme Getty rd, Phi, 16 Emile Avenue, Kenner, LA 70065 No rthern New J ersey Chapter - Cynthia Hruby Egan , Be ta Pilon , 8 Salvato re Court, Fairfield, NJ 07004 Northern Virginia Chapter - Diane DiSa ndro nderwood, Psi , 10446 Brackets Ford C r. , i a nas a , V 22111 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chapter - Loi c hwe ikart O ' De ll , Lambda, 222 We t Tabor Road, Philade lphia, P 19120 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chapter - uza nn e Lilliquist chul tz, De lta, 1797 Re n ee Drive, Library, P 15129 Prince George's-Montgomery County, Maryland - Kerri Maranto, Chi, 14001 Crossland Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia Chapter Bon nie H arris, Alp ha Lambda, 9820 Iro n Bridge Road, Che terfield, V 23832 Roanoke, Virginia Chapter- Cindy Moore H oward, Alp ha Lambda, 5031 Meadowcree k Drive W, Roanoke, VA 2401 St. Louis, Missouri Chapter - Melanie Fo ter, Pi , 5437 O akcres t Drive , Imperial, MO 63052 Shepherdstown, West Virginia Chapter Marie Bu ch Crim, Ch i, RRI , Box 114, Gerrardstown, WV 25420 Southern Colorado Chapter - Grace Walter Ri e ter, Pi , 1306 lexander, Colorado pring , CO 0909 Tidewater Virginia Chapter - Elizabeth Jolly Ru s, Alpha Lambda, 712 Abbey Arc h , Virginia Beach , VA 234 5 Tri-City, Michigan Chapter- Martha Prenderga t Triantafillow, Beta, 2 35 Dor et, aginaw, MI 4 603 West Chester, P ennsylvania Chapter Caro lyn McGill Mee, Alpha Phi , 1101 Glenview treet, Philadelphia, P 19111 West Chicago, Illinois Chapter- Lucinda Edwards Younce, Alpha Alpha, 354 word Way, Bo lingbrook, IL 60440 Youngstown, Ohio Chapter - aro l Ficeti, lpha Rh o, 3 5 Jeanette , Warren , OH

444 4 Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor, Michigan Chapter Diana Mihaiu, Alpha, 33 Ri ch ter treet, River Rouge, ~11 4 21 All Alpha igma Taus are welcome at alumnae meetings, which are usuall)' held in members' home. Please check your locallf!<>fJhone directOI)' or call, a tiona/ Headquartl'l for the number of the contact person in _)'our G/"!'11.

Collegiate Chapters Alpha-Eastern Michigan University President, Heath e r Hackett, 206 N. Normal #2, Ypsilanti , MI 48197; CA,Joyce Be rg, 15132 Houghton , Livon ia, Ml 481 54; ACA, Diana Mihaiu , 338 Ri chter Stree t River Rouge , MI 48218; CC, Kelly Klin ~, 798 Lake Firest Dr. , Roch es te r, MI 48309 Beta-Central Michigan University Presid e nt, Beth Hoard, 107 W. Gaylord , Mt. Pl easant, MI 48858; CA, Cath e rin e Janso n , 1417 Andre, Mt. Pleas ant, MI 48 58; CC, Rebecca Rose, 325 15 Columbus, Warren , MI 48093 Delta-Indiana University of Pennsylvania President, Monica Mo rth la nd , 950 Churc h Stree t #B , Indi a n a, PA 15701 ; ACA, Suzann e Coccagn a, 266 W. Owe ns Ave., De rry, PA 15627; CC, H o ll a ndra Ge iser, 124 S. 7th St. # 4, Indi a na , PA 15701 Zeta-Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Pre ide nt, An gela Pease, Box 188, Woo hidge H all , Lock H ave n , PA 17745; CA, Amy DuPree, Box 11 8, Avis, PA 17721 ; ACA, Suza nn e Ro bbin , 44 Woodland Dr., RD#2, Lock H ave n , PA 17745 Omicron-Concord College Preside nt, Pa me la Glass, Box C-837, Con co rd College, Ath e ns, WV 2471 2; CA, Pa me la Slade , Rt. 2 Box 473-A, No rth Tazewe ll , VA 24630; ACA, Bill Skeen , Box 39, Con cord College, Ath e ns, VITV 2471 2 Rho-Southeastern Oklahoma State University Preside n t, Rh o nd a McCall , PO Box 2074, Dura nt, OK 74701 ; CA, TeLoa Butle r, 610 Ced a r St. , Dura nt, OK 74701 ; ACA, Eve Ma re k, 308 N. 4th Ave. , Dura nt, OK 74701 Sigma-State University College at Buffalo Preside nt, Ma rcy H ayd e n , SUCB, 1300 Elmwood Ave. T 3 Rm .310A, Buffalo, 1 Y 1421 3; CA, Pa me la Szafa rczyk, 1107 Pa rkhur t Blvd ., To n awa nd a, NY 14150; ACA, Ke ll y McEvoy, 1002 Losso n Rd ., Buffalo , NY 14227; CC, J a ne C asza r, PO Box 632, Ge n eseo, NY 14454 Zeta Tau-Longwood College Preside nt, Sue Rose, Longwood College , BOX 2457, Fa rmville, VA 23909; CA, Ro bin Davis, Longwood Housing Offi ce, Fa rm vill e, VA 23909; ACA, Dia nn a Ro wa n , H o using Office, Longwood College, Fa rm vill e , VA 23909; CC, Andro n iki Fallis, 4 16-D Win sto n Street, Fa rmvi ll e , VA 23901 Upsilon-University of Central Arkansas Preside nt, Robin White, 29 Sale m Road , Conway, AR 72032; ACA, Ma ri a Chudy, PO Box 171 4, North Little Rock, AR 7211 5; CC, Bobbie Tichols, 1009 Fawnwood, Little Rock, AR 72207

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

Phi-Southeastern Louisiana University Preside nt, Ma r y Lomasn ey, SLU Box 2380, Hamm o nd , LA 70402; CA, De borah Mela ncon , 73246 Prude n Road , Covington , LA 70433 Chi-Shepherd College Preside nt, le lani e Me rri ll , 301 Lurry H all , Sh ephe rdstown , WV 25443; CA, De nise Wa tkins, 806-B Stratfo rd Dr., Frederi ck, MD 21701 Psi-James Madison University Preside nt, Ma uree n Chapma n ,JMU Box 1812, Ha rriso nburg, VA 22807 ; CA, Elizabe th Knig ht, Rt. 2, Box 446, Grottoe , VA 24441; ACA, Kare n Knight, Rt. 2 Box 446, Grottoes, VA 24441 Alpha Gamma-Henderson State University Presid e nt, Sh elley Arn o ld , Rt. 4 Bo 271-A, Arkad elphia, AR 71923; CA, Mar y J o Mann , 905 N. 26th St., Arkad elphia, AR 71923; ACA, Miche lle laj o r, 4900 Bunke r Hill , o nh Littl e Rock, AR 72116; CC, Tracy Taylo r-G inn , Rt. 1, Box 63J , Nashvill e, AR 71 852 Alpha Epsilon-Western Illinois University Preside nt, Tricia H olt, 1 Pollock Dr., Macomb, IL 61455; CA, Cath y Onio n , RR2, Box 28, Table Grove, IL 61 482; ACA, Don Sta nsbe rry, 201 Sh annon Dr. #3N, Macomb, IL 61455; CC, Sue Fran kin o, 2151 S. Finley Rd . #706, Lo mba rd, IL 60148 Alpha Lambda-Radford University Preside nt, Kri ste n Dixo n , 101 5-F Calho un St. , Radfo rd , VA 24141; CA, Alle n Bure , 7547 Ceda r Grove La ne, Radfo rd , VA 24141 Alpha Mu-University of Arkansas at Monticello Preside nt, Am a nd a Riddl e, PO Box 2194 UAM, Mo nticello, AR 71 656; CA, De nn is Scogin , Rt. 3 Box G25, Mo ntice llo, AR 71655 Alpha Xi-Mansfield U niversity of Pennsylvania Prside nt, Sara h Lefe bure, Laure l B Box 327, Mansfi eld, PA 16933; CA, Michae l Le mas te rs, 120 Pinecres t Hall MU , Man sfi eld , PA 16933; ACA, Ka re n Russell, 37 Main St. #3, Lawren cevi lle, PA 16929; CC, hristin a Conning-Hricz, 292 Zimm er Road , Newa rk Valley, NY 13811 Alpha Omicron-Clarion University of Pennsylvania Preside nt, Me la nie Ste ph e nso n , 15A Framp to n St. , Cla rion , PA 16214; CA, Suza nn e P-:Jobb, 108 Wilso n , Cla rio n , PA 1621 4; ACA, Te rri Kahl e, Box 487, Kn ox, PA 16232 Alpha Pi-Slipper y Rock University of Pe nnsylvania Preside nt, Ra ndi Las he r, 509 Elm St. #4, Slippe r y Ro ck, PA 16057; CA, T herese Calda re lli , B-105 ni ve rssity U ni o n , RU, SLippe ry Rock, PA 16057; ACA, Eri ca Pap ley, 22 1 Elm St. , Sli ppe ry Ro ck, PA 16057; CC, Kimbe rl y We bb, PO Box 405, Sli ppe ry Rock, PA 16057

Alpha Tau-Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Preside nt, Linda Lewis, 405 Was hingto n St., Edinbo ro, PA 16412; A A, Tin a Pia no, 1719 W. 41st St. , Eri e, PA 16509 ; CC, Ma ry Ell en Wi ll mitch , 195 1 Pe nn y La n e, Yo un gs town , OH 445 15 Alpha Phi-West Chester University of Pennsylvania Preside n t, Kriste n Flagg, 4 19 S. Walnut St. #5, We t Che te r, PA 19382 ; CA, Trisha Leighton Emm e tt, 29 1 Avo n Rd . #G-232, Devo n , PA 19333; ACA, Lynn-Mari e Tarra, 1522 O ve rbill Road , Wes t Ches te r, PA 19382; CC, Michell e Ko pe rn a, 1344 Fo r res t St. , Ma rcus H ook, PA 19061 Beta Delta-Duquesne University Pre ident, Cynthia Gibbo ns, SMC #6570, 1345 Vickroy St. , Pi ttsburg h , PA 152 19; CA, Alliso n Chipps, 6934 Hilldale D rive, Pittsburg h , PA 15236 Beta Epsilon-Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Preside nt, Kimbe rl y Kre bs, 7 Coll ege Pa rk Ap ts. , Shippe n bu rg, PA 17257; CA, Mary Urbanowicz, 11363 Th o rn wood Rd ., Shippe nsburg, PA 17257; Co-ACA, Linda Price, 9892 McCrea r y Road , Shippe nsbu rg, PA 17257; Co-ACA, Do nn a Couche nou r, 103 Midd le Spring Rd ., Shippe n bu rg, PA 17257; CC, T in a Carl, 5474 Heath e rfi eld Way, H arrisb urg, PA 1711 2 Be ta Eta-Southern Illinois University Pre id e nt, Kristi Be nn e tt, 3-D Quail H o llow Ct., Edwardsville , IL 62025; CA, Kare n Wasse r, 615 Sta te St. , Wood River, IL 62095; ACA, Christy We llha usen , 133 E. Un io n # 1, Edwardsville, IL 62025; C, Ve rbal Bla key, 300 La ure l, Hig hla nd, lL 62249 Be ta The ta-St. Mary's University Preside nt, Ve ro ni ca To led o, SMU TR 409, San Anton io, TX 78228; CA, De bra Sh ea, 510 Red Oa k Woods, Canyo n Lake, TX 78133; ACA, Sharo n Rodriguez, 107 Hicko ry Trail, San An to ni o, TX 78245 Beta Iota-Millersville University of PellllSylvania Pre ide nt,Julie Dietz, 19C Lynn ebrook Ap ts., Mi lle rsville, PA 17551; CA, Mar y Weber, 917 Prospect t. , La ncaste r, PA 17603; ACA, Kelse Wade, Kutztown Gard e n #A-ll , Ku tztown , PA 19350; CC, Christin e Esh elman , 2532 Speckl ed Dr., E. Pe tersburg, PA 17520 Beta Mu-Salisbury State University Pre ide nt, Am Sm olinsky, 1512-H Sharo n Dr., Britting ham Ap t. , Salisbu r y, MD 21 801 ; CA, Carolyn We t, 8131 Woodward St. , Savage, MD 20763 Beta Nu-Bioomsburg University of PellllSylvania Preside nt, J e nnife r D 'Alo ia, 371 Lig htstreet Rd ., Bl oomsbu rg, PA 17 15; CA, Pe te r Bo hling, De p t. of Econ om ic BU , Bloomsburg, PA 17 15


---.- A~~ 1~ D~~Rbo~<tonH.UUolvenicyPce Beta Xi-Michigan Technological Umvers1ty President, Dana Dryden , 916 Coll e~e . Ave., H oughton, Ml 49931; CA, He1d1 De_puydt, 31 Hubbard PO Box 61 , Pamesdale, Ml 49955; ACA, Mary Durfee, Social Science Dept., ~T , Houghton , Ml 49931; CC, Chn une Ledger, 1120 Cermak St., Algonqum, IL 60102 Beta Pi-Eastern Illinois University President, Laurie urges, 1009 Greek Ct., AlT #111, Charleston, IL 61920; CA, Rachel ovak, 5656 Tennessee , Clare nd on Hill , IL 60514;_ACA,Jennifer Lapacek, 3620 McCorm1ck, Brookfield, IL 605 13; CC, Rory Erickson Gawthorp , PO Box 143, Ma homet, IL 61853 Beta Tau-University of Massachusetts at Lowell President, Dacia Ferrara, 133 Un iver ity Ave. #4, Lowell, MA 01854; CA, Carol O 'Leary, 32 uburn treet, Malden, MA 02148; ACA, Donn a Gren ier, 33 Kittery Ave., Rowley, MA 01969; CC, Pau·iciann Zebro ki , 36 Cathy Road, Chelm sford, MA 01824 Beta Upsilon-New Jersey Institute of Techno1ogy Preside nt, !aria Ventura, Redwood H all , 186 Bleeker St., Newark, J 07103; CA, Robin Bara ll-Havica n, 2 N. Hillside Ave., #B, Succa unn a, ] 07876; ACA, Karen Levchik, 2122 Adams Ave. #10, Toms River, NJ 08753 Beta Phi-California University of Pennsylvania President, Michell e lajersky, 264 Mechanic St. #C, Californ ia, PA 15419; CA, Sue J on es, 207 Colony Dr. , Irwin, PA 15642; ACA, Coll een Schues ler, RD l Box 529A, Gard ner Ave. , Un iontown , PA 15401; CC,Juli e Brletic, 3174 W. 41st St. , Erie, PA 16505 Beta Chi-Ferris State University Preside nt, Debra Fhaner, 212 N. Warren , Big Rapids, MI 49307 Beta Psi-St. Louis University President, Suza nne Stehn o, 20 N. Grand Blvd. , St. Loui , MO 63103; CA, Michel Brindell , 134 S. Myrtle, Elmhurst, IL 60126; ACA, Sandy Guire, Box 525 , 3700 W. Pin e Blvd. , St. Louis, MO 63108; CC, Ka t hi een Kenne d y, 10220 Do a n e • St. Louis, MO 63136 Beta Omega-Monmouth University President, Vic ky Ali , 200 Alpern Ave. , Elberon , NJ 07740; CA, LydiaJavora, 3 Marc St., H azlet, NJ 07730; CC, Trace Lukacs, 1552 Laguna Lane, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Gamma Gamma-University of West Alabama Preside nt, lichele Lieder, UWA Box 4349, Living ton , AL 35470; CA, eldra pencer, PO Box 690, Living ton , AL 35470; CA, han non Tu ker, 46 Overhill Road , Mont vallo, 35115


Gamma Epsilon-State U~1Vers1ty of _N ew York at Potsd~ Pre 1dent, Kern Iarshen, 17 Pi errepont St., Potsdam , _13676; CA, John Ma saro, Dept. of Pohucs, S NY-Potsdam , Pot dam , Y 13676; CC, Dawn Lanpher, 301 Rippl ebrook Lane, Imoa, Y 13116 Gamma Zeta-Frostburg State University President, Karin Reamy, 35 Bowery treet, Fro tburg, MD 21532;_ ynthia H erzog, 224 Wei h Hill Ro ad . #F, Frostburg, MD 21532; , onme Groer, 17310 O ld ational Pike W, Frostburg, MD 21532; C , Dana Agnolutto, 6805 Craig Lane, linton , MD 20735 Gamma Theta-Pennsylvania State University/ Behrend College President, Am McCardle, 620 E. 2 th t., Erie, P 16504 Gamma Iota-York College Pre ident, Kathr yn Moore, 20 . Per hing, York, PA 17403; CA, Li a Arnold , 100 Idlewi ld St. #2A, Bel Air, MD 21014; CC, Nancy Marshall, 19937 Old York Rd ., White Hall , MD 21161 Gamma Lambda-Kutztown University of Pennsylvania President, Dreon O livetti , 120 Pine t. #1 , Kutztown , PA 19350; CA, Kathleen Dolgos, Kutztown niversity, Kutztown , PA 19350 Gamma Mu-West Virginia Institute of Technology Pre ident, Amy H endershot, Box 305 COED , WVlT, Montgomery, wv 251 36; CA, Beverly H arri , Box 70 , Montgomery, wv 25136; ACA, Mary Ida ugent, PO Box 131, Pratt, wv 25162; CC, Nancy Canterbury, Box 194, Kimberly, wv 25118 Gamma Nu-Waynesburg College Pre ident J e nnifer Downs, Box 157, Wayne burg College , Waynesburg, PA 15370; Mich elle ichols, 1o4 E. High St. #5, Waynesburg, PA 15370; ACA, Traci Rodeheaver Closser, 344-1 / 2 w. College St. , Canonsburg, PA 15317; CC, Mar Beth Kelley, 22 Boulevard , Point !arion , p 15474 Gamma Xi-Grand Valley State University President, Gina Timmerman , 5869 Lake 49401 ; CA , Michigan Dr. , Allendale , Ml r Britt Lindholm , 103 ST / G , Allenda le, MI 49401 ; A ' Alissa Pekelder Yoder, 4915 Tucker t. #8, idland, MI 48640; CC, Anne Gruber, 512 Pine Land Drive E, Ada, MI 49301

Gamma Pi-Lycoming College Pre ident,Joy Graeff, Box 653-L , William port, PA 17701 ; CA, Robert vanVoor t, Box 62L , William port, P 17701 ; Donna Weaver, 612 Roe treet, William port, P 17701 ; , lar J o Barn ett, 606 Brandon ve ., Wi ll iam port, P 17701


dent, Amy Bedard, Box 213, 400 . Orange Ave., South Orange, U 07_079; CA Gina Pintar, 520 Herrick Dnve, Dover: ] 07801; CC,Joy Brown, PO Box Florham Park, NJ 07932 384 Gamm~ Sigma-Belmont Abbey College Pre ident, olleen O'Toole, BAC Box , Bonnie 16 Belmont, N 2 012; Re,idy, 3008 H am pton Cr., Gastonia, C 2 056; CC, Alexi Gladd, 23 Farrington Wa , orth ugu ta, C 29841 Gamma Tau-Lebanon Valley College Pre ident, Rebecca Ragno, LVC DHB4, Annville , PA 17003; , Meli sa Reber, 914 Maple Lane , Lebanon , p 17042; CC, Donna Mande , 1343 H arding Ave., Her hey, p 17033 Gamma Upsilon-California State University, Los Angeles Pre ident, Nadiya iregar, 451 E. Beverl Dr., an Gabriel, CA 91775 Gamma Chi-William Paterson College Pre ident oleen Kulchar, Pioneer 210, PO Box , Wayne, NJ 07474; ACA, Marie a o , 90 Doherty Dr., Clifton , ] 07013 Gamma Omega-LaSalle University Pre ident, Kathleen Ru h , L Box 20902 , MC9, Philadelphia, PA 19141; CA, Taunia Halcrow, 5327 Large t., Philadelphia, PA 19124 Delta Alpha-Gannon University Pre ident, Karen Pogorzel ki, 316 W. 9th t. , Erie , PA 16502; CA, Katherine Kramer, 422 tafford Avenue, Erie , P 1650 ; C, Melissa Eaton , 5434 ebago Drive, Fairview, P 16415 Delta Beta-Fairmont State College Pre ident, Jennifer Haught, 27-l / 2 Oakwood Rd ., Fairmont, WV 26554; , Ro emar y Thoma , 1201 Locu t ve. , Fairmont, WV 26554 Delta Gamma Colony-Pembroke State University Pre ident, Tara Mathia , P U PO Box 5 05, Pembroke , NC 2 372; JuandalynnJone , PO Bo. 2413, Pembroke, C 2 372; ,Jennifer Riggin , 124 1 Lakewood Dr., Laurinburg, NC 2 352; , Rebecca Carr, Rt. 6, Box 120-N, Lumberton , 2 35 Delta Delta-University of Illinois at Chicago Pre ident, Roxanne Ceuca, 921 . Lafun #2F, hicago, IL 60607; CA, Li a mola, 3A-20l Kinger Quarter, Hin dale , IL 6 05 21 Delta Epsilon-Marist College Pre ident, Mariluz amana , 'iari t ollege, _go orth Road, Poughkeep ie, N ' 12601 Delta Zeta Colony-East Stroudsburg U ni ersity of Pennsylvania Pr ident, ourtney Mitchell , 4- r ' tal t. #l , Ea t troud bur , P 1 01 CA=Chapter Adviser; A =,-\ i tan/ Chaptrr r\dvise1~ C= hapter 011 ultant

Alpha Alpha Celebrates 50 Years R.I



If you 're planning a reunion and want to speak to th e experienced call on Alpha Sigma Tau 's Alpha Alpha alumnae chapter in Muncie, Ind. Although Alpha Alpha lost their charter more than 20 ear arro from 0 Ball State U niversity, the ch apter sti ll hold a presence on this campus in Indiana. The ch apter h eld its 50th reunion Septe mber 9 on the BSU camp us in the L.A. Pitte n ger Student Center. "We had 72 attendee " re uni on planning comm ittee membe r Eth e l Himelick said. "This was greater than our expec tations." Ethel we lcomed th e party of sisters to an Emerald and Gold Lunch eon in the Forum Room. Th e tabl e were decorated by th e Indian a po li alumnae chapter with creative dire ction from Roch elle H argi . The chapter design ed ce nterpieces of long- temmed ye llow roses, votive candl e and pl ash e of green and go ld ribbon and co nfetti. From the invitations to th e book marks mad e by Doroth vVhite H askett, the reunion was well orc h e trated. 'We have h ad some fun he re today," Ethel said. "Today is a culmin ation of a year of planning. " Ethel and nin e oth er co mmittee members worked to bring the sisters

Pamela Sorrell .from Ball State's Alumni Association is shown helping Karyn (Smith) Price and her Mother, H elen (H enning) Smith complete their registration. Mrs. Smith was a former advisor to the chapter.

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

toge th er to travel d own me mory la ne. Th e univer it:y's Alumni As ociation tepped in to support th e Muncie alumnae chapter and th e as ociation ' expertise added to th e su cces of the eve nt. Mike Morri o n, A sistant Director of Alumni Progra ms, was instrum e n tal in a sisting th e pla nning committee. "I started cleaning up th e ir d atabase about a year ago," Morri o n aid. "There are a bout 365 Alpha Alphas on th e list. We invited all th e alums in Indi an a, the Dayto n a rea, Chicago a nd o th er parts of the region. Once we cleaned the d a tabase, we knew who we were inviting. If you have a clear vision of what yo u wan t, you ca n put areunio n like thi together in six mo nths." Th e Alph a Alpha a lum s a nd Morrison h ad a vi ion th at alumnae siste rs reali zed after 12 months of pla nning. In additi on to Muncie alums a nd alums from th e surroundin g a reas, the eve nt drew gues ts representing nin e university chapter . Alpha Sigma Tau 's ational Pre ide n t Mary Charles Ashby mad e the journey as well and recogni zed the ch arte r members of Alph a Alpha. "I am h ono red to recognize th e c h arter members of Alpha Alph a, "

Guests enjoyed viewing the memorabilia displayed on tables as well as sharing the notes and messages from Sisters unable to atlend.

Mr . As hby aid. "The me mori e that we sh are today are just as exciting to th e n a tion a l staff. I h ope th at the dream of everyo ne in thi room i th e sa me as the Nation al Council' -that Alpha Alpha will be back on this campus (as a co llegia te chapte r)." Among th e attendees was Ruth Schell Fox. A form er atio n al Ch a plain, Mrs. Fox offe red th e invocation a nd a few thoug h ts on h er year as an Alpha Sigma Tau. "So many of us could te ll so ma ny stories," Mr . Fox aid . "It's bee n a rich history." (continued on next page)

The Planning Committee for the 50-Yea-r-Reunion of the founding of Alpha Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau on the Ball State campus were: Ingrid (Mason) Childs, Mary Ellen (Voisard) Klee, Barbara H eeb, Peggy H olman. Back row: Rachel (Bowell) Scott, Kathryn (i\!Idnnis) Tharpe, Cynthia (Peckhart) M cCrory, Ruth (Schell) Fox, Virginia (Tull) Eyer and Ethel H imelick.


(continued from previous page) Lavonne Wagoner Baker traveled from Tucson, Ariz. , and represented not only Alpha Alpha but Delta Sigma, Alpha Alpha's predecessor. "My mother was a Delta Sigma advisor," Lavonne said. "I grew up with it and became a Delta Sigma and then an Alpha Sigma Tau. " Lavonne's journey from

Rochelle H mgis prepares table centerpiece at the Alpha Alpha 50-year reunion

Arizona earned top honors for making the Ionge t flight to Muncie. Diane Dunham Davi made an in- tate commute from Fort Wayne and m e t AS T si te r who a re h e r Fort Wayne neighbor s, hirle y Voisard Marsh and an cy Sche k Ir vin Resak. Cynthia Peckh art McCrory a nd L nda Nicke l Fowler found that o rn e things rem ain the arne. "Cynthia an d I wer roo mmate in choo l," Mr . Fowle r aid . "I actuall got he r intere ted in o rority and sh e' gone on to bi gger a nd better thing with AST. " AST' ybil Kin g a nd Ro Marie Sc hmidt a tte nd ed a we ll. ybil a cepted gifts for th e 1 a ti o nal H eadquarte rs from th e Alpha Alpha uite. an of the it e m had b e n u ed b co ll egiates over th e co ur e of many year of orority e ntertai nin g. Alpha Alph a d e mon trated mo re e ntertaining tale nts when th ey ho ted a bu tour of th e campu po n ore d by the BS Alumni A socia tion. Th e tour br oug ht back m e morie for P am Me thod Lego- a he recalled h er d or-

Kathryn Al cfnni Tharpe sports a orority hat from the Alpha Alpha archives.

mitor y da whil e i t r Jo e phine Bar bi r H ar hm a n a nd Ba rbar a Bar bi er Wyr ic k marveled a t th e h a nge o n campu ince th e ir day a pha Alphas. If the e atte ndee didn ' t bring a friend , the y made a frie nd at thi 50- ear reuni n . B all mea ure , AlphaAlpha repre ents Alpha igma Tau in it many endeavor . The e i t rs are an h ored for life with Alpha igma Tau and o n th cam pu of Ball tate Un ive r ity.

Alpha Xi Celebrates 30 Years at Mansfield The Water Tower on the hill above Mansfield University was the setting for the Alpha Xi Chapter's 30th anniversary picnic on Saturday, May 6, 1995. Approximately fifty collegiate and alumnae members enjoyed the food and music up on the hill. Since the weather was very windy, sisters spent the remainder of the afternoon in the lounge in Laurel B Residence Hall looking through scrapbooks and chapter memorabilia. Mansfield was founded as a Pennsylvania State Normal School in 1857 and ha since been known as a state teachers' college, a state college, and since 1983, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Alpha Sigma Tau was the first NPC sorority on the campus, installed on May 2, 1965. Special guests included Alpha Xi alumnae Amy DuPree, Zeta Chapter Adviser; Carole Bicking Keily, ationa! Vice President; and Karen


Alpha Xi collegians and alumnae enjoying the 30th anniversary picnic.

VanKeuren Russe ll, Alpha Xi Assi tant Chapter Adviser. At the end of the day of remini cences and fellow hip, the an ni ersar

andle lio-hting ceremony wa h ld, along ' ith a candlelightino- ~ r d cea ed i ter from Alpha Xi hapt r.

-----F11D~:tk c~~ Expansion:

Sharing the Magic of Alpha Sigma Tau BY j ANET H ANSO OF E XPAJ SJON

Continuation and g rowth are th e words floatin g in th e mind of th e Alpha Sigm a Ta u Exp ansion Team during th e 1995-1 996 acad e mi c ear. We are always improving ou r m essage to co lleges a nd unive rsities across the n ation . You are ou r best m e e nger ! Alpha Sigm a Tau 's value are imp orta nt reaso n for local ororitie to ch oose Alph a Sig m a Tau wh e n affi liating with a n a ti o n al organization . Gr o wth is a p ri o ri ty for Alph a igm a Tau and the Expan ion Team . We are actively pu rsu ing opportuni ties to e tablish n ew ch ap ters. ew ch a pter a re tarted wh e n local sororitie or co llege inte res t groups, th roug h th eir campus Pa nh e ll e nic effort , affi li ate

with Alpha Sigma Tau ; or whe n Alph a Sigma Tau is n o tified th rough th e Nati o n al Pan h ell e ni c Confere n ce th a t a co ll ege Pa nh e ll e ni c sys te m pla ns to in crease the size of th eir Gree k sys tem . Inte r es t gro up s se nd in fo rm a ti o n a b o ut th e m e lves a nd th e ca mpu s Pa nh ell e ni c se lec ts sororitie to give p resenta tio n s. After th e p rese ntatio ns, th e Pa nh e ll e ni c in vite a n atio n a l group to co lo ni ze on th e campus. Th e Nati o nal O rga ni zati o n the n d ecides if they will accep t the invi tatio n . Th e Natio n a l Co un cil of Alph a Sig m a Ta u co n sid e rs m a ny fac tors wh e n ma king expa nsion d ecisio n s, includin g th e locatio n of th e campus in re la ti o n to in te reste d a nd avail abl e alumnae; th e acade mic sta nding of th e co ll ege; th e number of wom e n inte rested and th eir acad emic sta nding; the number of oth e r na tio n al Greek orga-

ni zati o ns o n ca mpu s; a nd avail ab le h o u ing op tion . We make regular contact with uni vers it ies a n d co ll eges wh e re Alph a Sig ma Tau wo uld like to start a n ew c h a p ter o r reactivate a for me r ch apter. H owever, we h ave to wait fo r an invitatio n from the college o r unive rsity befo re we can co lo n ize. Eac h of us is invo lved in the expan io n of Al pha Sigm a Tau . Sh aring so rority m e m ories with all we meet h e lps in p ro m o ting n ot on ly Alpha Sigma Tau , b u t Greek life in general. Th e 1995-1 996 acade mic year promises to be ye t a no the r great year for o ur siste rh ood . Be sure to sh a re th e magic. If you h ave infor ma ti on to hare regardin g ex p ansion possibi li tie , pl ease con tact Cyn th ia McCrory, PO Box 521 8, Fort Wayne, I 46895, or call afte r 6:00pm Ce ntral Time at 219-4858958.

Fron1 the National Foundation President Th e ~T iste rs a t th e 1994 Conve ntion shared a n e m o tio n-fill ed m om e nt wh e n Susa n Roge rs, ational Foundation Treasurer, co n cluded h er presentation by ann oun cing tha t th e Foundation had purch ased th e longawaited H eadqu a rte rs building. ationa! Preside nt Mar y Ch arles Ashby quickly issu ed a ch alle nge to a ll ~T members to have a part in this historical eve nt by m aking a minimum contribution of $ 10.00. She also se t a goal of having the mortgage paid by our 100th annive rsary in 1999 . During this past year, m a ny of you have accepted that chall e n ge, a nd we are pleased to say tha t the H eadquarters Fund is growing slowly but sure ly. Yes, ~T fin ally has a h o m e of its own . We 're all moved in and ope rat-

THE ANCHOR/ Fall 1995

ing from th e first floor, where th ere's ple n ty of room for our fil es a nd supplies. Th e ~T a tional Foundation will have an office and Board Room on the second floor. A display of ~T pictur es and m e morabilia will be arran ged in an offi cial Archives Room . If you 're pa ing through Birmingham, please drop by for a visit. Our n ew address is 1929 Canyon Road , and our capable staff will be happy to see you and give you a tour. If you h ave n 't yet made your gift to th e H eadquarters Fund , I hope you will prior to th e e nd of th e year. (All gifts a re tax-deductible.) ow I am issuing another challenge : If all sister could pledge $1,000.00 ($250.00 a year for th e n ext four years), th e mortgage could be paid and the offices furnish ed

Meda R ay Sewell, President, Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation.

as we ll. Th ere could eve n be a fund ready for th e in evitabl e re p air and improvem e nts tha t will b ecom e n ecessary ove r time. It is our hope that every ~Twill join in thi s pla n a nd be a part of our n ew home.


When: June 24-29, 1996 Where: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona Who : All Alpha Sigma Tau ister are invited to attend as we gather out We t and celebrate the fact that we are "Anchored for Life ".

Phoenix is a great family vacation spot introduce your family to your sisters! How Much: Regi tration is $225.00 per attendee and i due April1, 1996. National Council and Staff, collegiate and alumnae chapters will receive Convention information. Other alumnae who want to attend Convention may contact National Headquarter after January 1, 1996 for regi tration form . The Convention rate at the hotel is $65.00/ night.


To: Alpha Sigma Tau Parents Your daughter's magazine is sent to her home address while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it. If she zs no longer m college, however, and is not living at home, please end her new permanent address to Alpha Sigma Tau National H eadquarters, 1929 Canyon Road, Birmingham, AL 35216.

Alpha Sigma Ta u 1929 Canyon Road Birmingham, AL 35216


Co rrec tion Requ ested

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 6227 Indianapolis, Indiana

1995 Fall ANCHOR  
1995 Fall ANCHOR