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THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994


Th e first Editor of The Anchor, Loui e Glade Bohlen , died last O ctober a t the age of 102. In her memory, we quote th e short editorial she wrote in th e fir t issu of this magazin e, publish ed in Nove mbe r 1925: Behold the fruit of our labor! We await your greeting of this first edition of "The Anchor" with great intere t but much trepidation. If we have strengthened the Alpha Sigma T au friendships we shall feel well repaid. The collaboration has been both a fJleasure and responsibility. As editors we have given our best, but "only the teamwork of every blooming soul" can carry the project forward. We ask your help at all times. Keep our information up to date. Send in items of interest . D o some original work now and then, so that we may all be able to ay- "It is our best." This m sage is tim ely- a nd tim ele s. Carole Bicking Ke il , Ed itor

THE FOUNDERS Mable Cha e Ru th Dutcher May Gephard Effie E. Lyman Harri et Marx Eva O 'Keefe driance Rice H ele ne 1. Ri ce Mayene Trac Alpha Sigma Tau was founded overnber 4, 1899 at Mi chigan late Normal School (now Eastern Michigan Univer. ity), Ypsilanti, VU.


EYE ON ...

Debi McCain Pyszka

For 23 years, Debi McCain Pyszka, u, has been teaching English to the eighth grader of th e Blu e Spring School Distri ct in Blu e Springs, Mi souri. In 1992, she wa n am ed "Teac h er of the Year" for her school di stri ct and went on to vie in the state competition. About h er award, D eb i laughs and enthu iastica lly rep li es, "It was pretty exc itin g. I was rea ll y surprised and gratified , but I think mo tl y just surpr ised. I wa up against such good teachers, people I had heard about for yea rs. I was very pleased." D eb i was nominated for the award by a vote from h e r own facul ty. Then sh e had to fill out a 14page narrative a pplication. Th a t was ju t the beginning. Mter th e app li cation came a long intenriew process. Interviews were g iven by college professors, other district administrators , and th e past state Teacher of the Year award winn r . Although a n ot h er teach e r won the tat e award, D e bi has b ee n nam e d th e fir t re c ipi e nt of th e Pea rl s of ALT awa rd , honoring isters who have ac hi eved loca l, regiona l, or national u cces profe siona ll y or a a vo lunteer. Thi ALT a lum state that the secret to h r u cces wa a wonderfu l tud e nt sup e rvi or h e had whit teac hin g. fte r D bi got a job a t Alpha


the sc hool where h e did h er tud e nt teac hing, this a me upervisor went on to become h e r mentor, c h airp e rso n , and eve ntu al! as i ta nt principal. "I have had eve n stude nt tea he rs over the year , " Deb i state after recallin g he r own tudent teaching ex perie nce. "And two or three h ave go tten job in m di trict. It is gratifying to ee tude nt teac her go on to be u cce fu l. " h e ay her goal is to be a he lpfu l as he r upervi or was to h e r. Wa tc hin g stud e nt teacher uccee d i only one of the reward De bi claim . Other include watchin g former tud e nt beco m e Fulbright sc hol ars a nd Truman scholars. In additi o n, om e former tud e nt h ave eve n c ho e n to beco me teach e rs th e mse lve . Some of the e tud e nt ar now teaching De bi 's childre n. "La t year I came full circl e. 1y on had a former tudent of min e for a fifthgrade te ac h er. It i a ni ce, warm feeling wh e n yo u fee l yo u h ad something to do with a tude nt becom in g a teac her ." Thi year in Fre nch class, h r o ld e r on i a l o experiencing learning throug h o ne of hi mom 's form er tude nt. Besid es watc hing h e r tudents teach h er chi ldren , Debi i now e njoyin g teac hin g the c hildr e n of some of her former student . h e coun this a a nothe r jo of teac hing. She fee l tha t th ese childre n are often "be tter pre pared to learn and be tter sn1dents than the ir parents. " Te ac hin g at Blu e prin gs h as changed over th e year . Th e di trict that was once rura l with two lem e nta ry c hools a nd one junior and senior high c hoo l comb in ed, i now suburb a n a nd nin etee n schoo l ( two high schools, three middl e chool s, fourteen elem nta ry chool ) trong. Th e s hoo t ' te m i nm the bigge t e mplo rer of th e di tri c t. "It m a k e ou feel good ," De bi ac knm ledge . 路'I h ave bee n in from th ground up ." Anoth r diffe re nce tha t De bi h a n ticed in educa tion i th a mount

of p are nta l in vo lvement. In the p a t, sh e notes, all he had to do wa to call hom if h e had problem or ne d e d h e lp , but today th ere i not mu c h int e rv e ntion. D e bi n ow ee p are nt who want h er to take full re p o n ibilit for their c hild ' edu cation , facilitating th learn in g ex p er ie n ce both at c h oo l a nd h ome. h e point ou t, this i difficult whe n ou teach 172 tudents ada in ix classe . She a! o in tru cts learn ing-di abled tudent along with her other tudents. D eb i fi n d that om e of h er bigge t ch all enge co m e from th tate wh e n it trie to in titute n ew program that have littl r levan ce to the c hild ren. "We wa te a lot of time proving that te ts are of little value because they ha e nothing to do with life kill ." he i quick to add, h owever, that th tate doe have a lot of good ideas, but ornetime it can get off track. Deb i' enthu ia m whi le h e i talking about her ch o en profe ion g ives one th incere impr ion that h e truly love what he i doing . the intervi w draws to a close, the ubj ct of orority cree ps back into the conver ation. De bi i fa t to ay that LT ha helped her tremendou ly in all he ha accompli h ed. "I went to a big hig h choo l and never had the opportuni ty to u e leader hip kill . The first leader hip role I held wa in orority." Lead r hip roles continued eve n after co llege a Debi began h er asociation as an alumn a. "I learned h ow to d a l with o th er p ople when I wo rk e d and trav le d with the expan ion team. I met th e mo t wonderful teacher from ever ,_ where at orority conventio n . I put th e kill I learned in sorority to u e o n a daily ba i ." Debi s involvement with _ T h a not dimini h e d. h e will n again be rvino- th e m erald and gold a h it upfrontatth 19-! onvention in h er rol a r\ tinoParli a me ntari n . h e h o p s to e ev ryone th r . -Tina 1\ aremore THE


pring 1994

EYE ON ... Wh e n we th ink a b out flood s or o the r n atural disasters, wh a t com es to mind m o t ofte n i th e to ll o n hum a n live o r th e p ro pe rt lo ss. Disaste r affect our p e ts, too; a nd t h a nk t o t h e effo rt of Candy Baldes Knippenb erg, Alpha Epsilon, some pets d isplaced by the fl ood of 1993 h ave fo un d n ew h om es. Can d is a vo lu nt eer a t th e ap ervitle (Illin o is) Hum an e Society. Last jul , sh e went to th e Sco tt County Anima l Sh e lter in Iowa to h e l p re c u e doze n of ca ts a nd dog . T h eir sh e lter was th ree fee t u nder water an d the a nimal were re loca ted to an o l d ware h o u e. Still , people conti nu ed to turn in th e ir pet , an d ma n y m o r e we r e found abandon ed. Ca n dy and ot h er vo lun tee r s brough t many of the an im als back

Michelle Mayfie/d-Baske

to th e Na p e rvill e sh e lte r , wh e r e th ey cl ea n e d up th e p e t s a nd

ad o pted the m o ut. Th e ir hu mani ta ri a n e ffor ts we re fea ture d in a n ew story o n WG -TV in Chicago, a nd a n articl e in th e C hicago Tribun e h elped the ir effo r ts to get th e pe ts ado pted . "It was quite rewarding", Candy sa id . "An imals a lso suffe r in disaste rs but have fewer o p tio ns." Michelle Mayfield-Baske , Alpha E psilon, is a pa ti e nt re presenta ti ve a t Saint Fra n ci Medi cal Ce nter in P eo ri a, Ill in o is. Sh e in ve tigate and resolves co nce rns of the hospital' s pa ti e n ts and th eir fa milie a nd co nducts fo ll ow-up in terviews with form er patie nt to d e termi ne th e ir level of satisfacti o n with th e h ospital's services. Mi che ll e h as a d egree in H ealth Scie n ce Admini stratio n from Weste rn Illin o is.

Dual-Career Couples: Compromises and Consequences by Karen Parrish Baker, Gamma Alpha

Karen Parrish Baher is a Ph.D. candida te at The Ohio Stale University and faculty fellow at the West Virginia Graduate College. H er knowledge of dual-career issues sterns from both scholarly study and personal experience. As half of a dual-career couple, she has experienced worhing for the same employer as her husband, child care f or her son and newborn daughter, long distance commuting, and relocation. H er dissertation stu dy, which she anticipates completing this year, examines how dual-career lifestyles affect individuals ' career development. THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

Wi th th e in creas in g numbe r of wo me n in th e wo rk fo rce, th e co nve n tio n a l arch e type, b ase d up o n th e tra diti o n a l fa mi ly o f m a le as so le b rea d winn er a nd f e m a le as h o use kee pe r, is ou td a ted. T od ay, a m aj ority of Am e rica n h o u se h o ld s h ave two pe rso ns working. Acco rding to publish ed trends, co ll ege-edu cated wom e n a re mo re like ly to co ntinu e to wo rk wh il e h avin g a fa mi ly. T h ey a lso te nd to m a rry similarly edu cated me n . Th ese co ndition s su ggest th a t co ll ege wom e n are m ore likely to be in dual-ca reer rela tio nships. T his tre nd h as parti cular r elevan ce fo r the me mbe rs of AkT wh o, by d e fini tio n , a re co llege-edu ca ted. Th is articl e is based on d isse rtati o n r esearch o n du al-caree r coupl es, co nversa ti o ns with m e mbe rs of dual-ca reer couples, and my own expe rie n ces as a dual-career coup le me mbe r. Th e issues prese nted will provoke awa re n ess o f wh a t to ex-

pect if a nd wh en o n e beco m es a dual-career couple membe r. In additio n , knowled ge of th e comp rom ises a nd co n se qu e n ces such coup les face will in c rease und ersta ndin g o f wh at it ta kes to b e a su cce sfu l dual-career coupl e. What is a Dual-Career Couple? Dual-career couple means spouses or relational partners who pw ue individual careers willie maintaining their furnilies. Histmically, work and furnily were viewed as two separate worlds. However, changing values among men who want to be more involved in furnily life, and wo men who want an d n eed to work, has meant that the demands of building and maintaining careers often must be balan ced with the compe ting responsibilities of sustaining furnilies. Acco rdin g to oc io log i t rn a Se kara n ; the balan cing of work an d fa m ily life call s for a reord ering of ro les, prio rities and sch edule tha t run counte r to the traditio n al patte rns of ge nde r-based b e h avior and 5

the perso nn el policies of most organiz ation s. She p o ints out that wo rk and family live overlap emotionally, psychologically and structura ll y. Such over lap suggests a symbiotic na ture of work a nd family in which eac h impacts the other. Issu es which imp act th e family range from dependent care conce rn s, h ea lth a nd oth er in ura n ce ben efi ts, com pe nsation, job fl exibility, travel requirements, and family leave ava il a bili ty. The appli cabili ty a nd inte nsity th at any o ne of these issu es have for a coupl e is dependent upon the life stage of their relationship a nd fam il y, and the developme nt of each member's career. Th e availabili ty of upport rvices to meet du al-career coup le ' fam ily needs, such as adequate day care, fl ex ibl e work sch edul es, a nd e mpl oyee be nefit packages in creasin g ly are beco min g imp ortant as more individu als va lue greater bala n ce between work a nd fami ly responsibilities. Ch angin g value and greater acce pta nce of family as bein g as impo rtant as work is resulting in more people wanting jobs which e n a bl e th em to p e nd more time with th eir fami lies and till have successfu l professional live . The Employing Organization Dual-caree r issue wi thin employing organ izations must be considered o n two leve ls : individual career and institutions. At the career leve l, the career decisions made a nd their impact on career progress and momentum are particul a rly complicated for dual-career couples because two parallel careers must be considered. Differences in the n ature of the careers dictate the values and working conditions individuals must fulfill. Frequent travel, long hours, entertaining clients or co-workers, working odd hours, can affect the relationship one h a with o n e 's family. Failure to adh ere to one's chosen career alue can have negative consequ e n ce for one' earning potential, promotions and other perquisites whi ch signify success within a career. Couples' careers will occ ur in organizations that may have divergent polici and procedur whi h differentiaJiy impact dual-car e r couple memb r . oordinating schedu l 6

may become problematic becau e one organization rna limit vacation to a period which is the busiest time of the year for a partner's emplo er. Competing work re ponsibilitie and the inability to be in two different place at the arne time can have n egative consequence for an mployee' family as well as her chances for career advancement should she elect not to appear at work-related function too often. Working for the same organization pre ents a unique et of problems. Financially, th re i reater risk involved . Being emplo eel by the arne company could have disastrou consequences for the couple sho uld the company experience financial difficultie re ulting in Jayoff: or clo ure. In different, but related organization , there may b concern that organiza tional ecrets ma y be pas eel on which might give an edge to a competing organization. Recognizing the potential for the e perceptions and working to dispel them i common for many dual-career couple . Dual-career couple have commented how the work h ard at estab li sh in g them elve a separate, competent prof: ional by keeping their per onal relationship as low ke as po ibl e. Personal Experience My own fami ly offers a good example of some of the issues dual-career coup le must fac . fter working for the same employer for many year , thi pa t ummer m y husband and I were offered new full-tim e po itions in different tates ... Arkan a and V\ est Virginia. Both were exce ll ent opportunitie and accepting either po ition would have n ce itated our first relocation as a dual-career coup le. We considered all the option . V\ e ighing the benefit and eli advantages of each offer, ' e consid ered both th e h ort and long term implication s for us as individual , for our famil , as well a for u as a coup! . In creasingly, coup! are choo in g to e tablish eparate re idence a temporary so luti on for advancing the ir careers\ hen competing opportunitie make it geographiall ' impo ible for th m to live t g ther. Th e ommut r marriag ,

although on the rise, are taxing on familie and marriages even though , in mo t ca e , the are of limited duration. The long absence and involvement in activitie wh ich are difficult to hare long-eli tance cau train on interp r onal relation hip uppo edl built upon intimacy. v e had discove red th difficulti in maintaining a cemmuter marriage from firsthand ex perience. From 1989 to 1992, my husb an d was the ustodial pa nt of our preschool aged son hile I commuted b tween Indian polis and Columbu , Ohio each eekend to pursu e a doctoral degr e. We r cently had reunited our family aFter the three- year commuter re lati o n hip and had weathere<} a period of family readjustments. o, arly on we decided any reloca 路on would have to include the family moving together. We also con iclered whether the re was, or might be, an appropria position for the accompanying p Qu e. Although both salaries were irnilar given th e local co ts of liv ~ng , whether th accompanying po111 e could be employed in a comparaqle or better po ition than the one fue or he wa leaving was an importa t i ue for u a we considered our family ' economic well-being. It was thi i ue vyhich became a major de-ci ion p int. Another i sue wa given our recent sacrifice to promote my career, wa it now hi tum? If I had accepted the Arkansas poition, job pro pee for m husband were too unc rtain and p esentecl too much of a gamble for our famil . Another complicating factor was the Arkan as offer was made when I was ix month pregnant. though) was abl to negotiate a tart date after I had our bab , r locating and tarting a new full-time teaching job midyear with a newborn ' ouJcl not have been a good wa ' to begin m career a a college prof or. How ver, wh n I was able to cure a part-tim teaching po ition at a nearb , colleo. b m v e t irginia and in lirrht f mv b ' tl1en-aclvan ino- pr o-nanc 路, mv hu band and I ompromi d. W ag-r eel, in tl1e hort t rm, that hi a c_e ptan e of th W t \ iro-ini, p itt n would hi aclmini trative THE


pring 199-4

career a well needed boo t while th e part-time teaching position would make it easier for me to handl e our growing family and complete my dissertation. The immediate consequen ce of our d ecision were both positive and negative. On the negative side, my goal of becoming a full-time college faculty member would have to be delayed. On the positive side, m husband will gain additional experience wh ich will h e lp him to a dvance in his career. Even if I am unable to ecw路e a full-time, tenuretrack po ition in our present locat ion after comp letin g my dissertation , there is the potential for part-time teach ing and independent research. Both experiences would increase my academic value when seeking a future faculty position. And , since my hu band and I desire career advanceme nt in higher educatio n , we may h ave to relocate in order to be promoted; the "move-on to move-up" requirement i typical in many o ther work setting . Thus, our dual-career relation hip ha re ulted in a number of compromises which have reciprocal consequences for our individual car er as well a our family.

Managing Dual-Career Lifestyles Dual-career li festyles are complex and offer potentially positive and negative outcomes. Even when one person career takes the lead, the other perso n s career conti ues to play a role in th e decisionmaking process. Anti c ipating work-fam il ' conflicts, doing strategic planning, and negotiating goss ibl e respo nses bas e d upon probable long and short term consequences to each career and one's fa mily, are key components to reso lvin g eme rgen t dual-career issues. To maintain family and sustain two parallel careers take coo p eration, understanding and support among all involved. According to reports re ce ntly published by the Hudson Institute and the National Research Council, employers are losing valua ble workers due o conflicts with th eir spouses' occupation,s, in part, because of incompat~ble job lo cations, goals a庐.d other W@rk/ family adjustment problems. Employers THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

often suffer from the loss of good employee who elect to relocate. Studies suggest that permitting employees some choice and co ntrol over th eir work schedule and benefit would reduce the poss ibl e n egative consequen e (including ab enteeism and tard,iness) of combining work and fam~ly responsibilities. Other tudies find that dual-career co uples who ar e pleased with the ir eraployment are less likely to leave, lessening employee attrition as well as recruitment, replacement and retraining costs. Employers ca n increase their chances of recr:ui ~ing and retaining dual-career workers by assuring that their organization does what it can to reduce the incidence of such conflicts. Careful, snrategic and proactive planning to provide work environments which are supportive to employees with families, are solid investments for organizations concerned about anticipated work force shortages for educated and highly skilled employees. For those in or who will b e in dual-career relationships, the keys for successful dual-career coupling lie in the compromises and flexible handling of the consequences their lifestyle choices may have on caree rs and vice versa. The mo t diffioult time for dual-career couples are caree r transitions which necessitate relocation sin ce an y d ecis ion m ade will h ave co n sequences 拢or two careers as well as the fami\y. Honest communi cation between partners about each other's personal and professional goals, being aware of the pote nti a l co n sequences which come from each individual ' s caree r d ec isio n s, an d pre plannin g based upon potential scenarios are good strategies to improve success in dual-career relationships. Career d ec isio ns should be analyzed by weighing the advantage s a nd disadvantages to eac h member of the coupl e as well as the family based o n both short and long term co nsiderations. Caree r advan cem ent opportunities for the accompanying partner as well as financial gain and stabili ty often are

Relocation Because relocation tends to be one of the most traumatic concerns for dual-career couples and their families, they should discuss what is important to tJ1em before they are faced with a relocation decision. Will you or yo ur parmer take turns or will you assess career opportunities individually in light of me benefits and disadvantages for you bom at the time? What geographic locations could best support bom careers? Would working for the same employer be a viable option for both of you? Will you consider a commuter relationship and under what conditions? If the commuter option is not right for you, how will you go about making career decisions? Whose career will take precedence and under what circumstances? When you are anticipating a career-related relocation , will you conduct separate or joined job searches? Separate searches mean you conduct the search without mentioning yo ur partner to potential employers. Since employers cannot ask about yo ur marital status in an interview, this strategy is best employed when one believes he or she has a better chance of getting the position if the employer does not know about yo ur dual-career status. However, with this su路ategy, difficulty may arise if yo ur partner cannot find an appropriate position in that geographic area. Ajoinec\ search is a good choice if you have decided mat no relocation will occur unless botJ1 of you find appropriate positions. This second approach bears greater risk because yo u lose control over when or if to let potential employe rs know you have a partner with a career, and can open you to judgments about your dual-career lifestyle which may hurt- or help -your employment chances. With either approach , me timing of your searches can be complicated since synchronization of me searches is beyond your control. Because positions become available at differe nt times and the length of time to fill them can vary, timing a relocation may mean mat a decision to accept or reject a job offer may have to be made before you know if your parmer will receive an offer for a promising but pending position. vVhen couples are considering positions geographically separate from the ower, me decision to accept one offer often results in the accompanying parmer withdrawing from his or her search. -K.P.B .


Dual-Career Couple Diversity Contrary to popular belief, not all dual-career couples are the same. While there may be similarities be~een couples, there are significant differences which reflect a diversity, of which most people are unaware. Dual-career couples' relationships ~enerally fall into three configurations: conventional , contemporary and unconventional. Conventional couples most resemble the traditional male-dominated family structure. For a majority of conventional couples, the female's career is secondary to taking time off to have and rear children. In conventional couples, the male partner usuall y has worked more years and therefore earns more money due, in part, to more continuous work experience. Contemporary couples represent those who are at similar career level . Typically they are close in age because they met in college, but increasingly, such couples meet through work. Contemporary dual-career cou~le~' vocational stages generally are s1milar, although it is not uncommon for a male partner's career to progress more quickly over time. Finally, there are the unconventional couples, for example, older woman, younger man; same-sex couple ; commuting couples to advance the female 's career (traditionally mm路e acceptable if to promote the male's career); women whose careers are more visible and/ or successful than their partners ' ; and house-husbands with parmers working outside the home. The potential compromises and consequences of dual-career relationships occur based upon an interaction between different circumstantial levels:_interpersonal, familial and organizauonal. The interpersonal level is the relationship between two or more individuals. In the case of dual-career couples, referring to interpersonal circumstances reflects the type of relauonsl11p the couple has , their relationship development (new versus established , early versus late adulthood, etc.) and the interaction and interr~lat.ionship between their personal 1ssues. Personal issues refer to an individual's adult development. Ac~ording to aduh development theonsts, developmental issues and concerns impact the way in which one experiences personal i sues. The impor~ance ~ou place on your personal 1 sues IS a function of where you, as an adult, are developmentall . For example, traditional-age (18-22


year old) collegians usually have different personal concerns from more mature women who have graduated because younger women developmentally are in a different place than more experienced women. 1ore experienced women already have been through, and hopefully learned from , the types of experience the collegians have yet to encounter. The second level is familial a nd refers to the family. Family relationsl~ip typically progres throuah predictable tage on two level : marital

impo rtant co nside ra tions. Potential o utcom e mu t be d e termined and po ibl e d eci io n n egotia te d . Howe e r , th e m o tion al con e qu e nce o f m ov in g awa from fa mil a nd fri end , o n e partn e r ' " acrifi.ce " in uppo rt o f hi o r he r partn e r 's car ee r , o r th e po te nti a l bac kl a h if th e uppo rting pouse i un abl to find th e r ig ht j o b , a1 o hould b con ide r d. Ye t, g ive n th e m a n y diffi c ulti which could occur wh en on e live a

qraphic dep ichon of th e_symbtolic r ela bonship between work and tamil" 111/er-re/a fionslltps wit11111 context 'f Karen Pamsll Baker 漏 1994

(within the couple whether married or co-habiting) and lineal (between the couple and their children). These stages may or may not overlap since not all couples marry or have children. Couples who desire children must carefully con ider childbirth m路 adoption's timing ramifications for t~eir re pective career . This i espeCially true for women , who continue to bear primary responsibility for rearing children. The third level is organizational or institutional. It con i ts of the relationships developed as a function of thetype of work one does (one's professiOn) as well as the place in which ~me works. Thus. even if couples are 111 the same profession, their work may diffe_r greatly based upon the type of orgamzauon for which they work. Conversely, such couple may do the s~me job functions despite working in d1fferent types of organizations. Whether they work in tl1e same, imilar, or different professions and/ or organization , dual-career couple ne~d complementary employment situauons to enable them to fulfill t11eir prof~ssional and family obligations. GIVen the often overlooked diver~ity among dual-career couple , the Importance of dual-career is ue and their impact on the family mu t be consid~red i1_ 1 tl1e context of the type of relation h1p the couple has. -K.P.B.

dual-car er life tyle , couple a! o rep o rt a numb er of b e n e fits whi c h ma ke it worthwhile. Accordjng to a du a l-career hu ba n d w h o wo rk wi th hi wife , th e irrita nt a re o u tweig h e d by th e plea ure of wo rking toge ther: the h aring, in creas d p roductivity, and fri en dl re la ti o nhip with co-worker an d cl ie nt . Alth o ug h th ere i the temptation to co mpl ain , h e be li eve th e p erso nal and in titu tio nal be n efi ts also mu t be recognized . Another dual-career m e mber and corp o ra te con ultant affi rm wh en coupl e ar e co mmitted to th eir careers and th e car e r of th ir p artn er , th eir dual-career r la ti o n hip ~ a n ife t a hig h d e g~ ee of re la tt o n hip sa ti sfac tio n , htg h er ta nda rd of livin g, oT a ter e lf-e teem , an d increa ed collegiality betwee n partner wh o are abl to ha re intell ec tua l car eer and n o n~a reer con ce rns. Dr. Sekaran ' find~ng of mutua l ecu r ity and upp rt, m crea d e lf-wo rth , increa d Ifper e pti o n of co mpe t n ee, an d inc r a e d p o w r fo r ' m e n in du a l- ca~eer fa mili e upp rt th co nclu to n th a t du a l- ar r r lati o n hip an cre n e ra t P tttv influ ~ tha t ar indi a tiv of hig h qualtty r la ti whip . THE ANCHOR/ pring 1994

The more obvious benefits of being a dual-career couple are the increased financial support for the family and increased self-e teem for th e member who otherwise would n ot be working. There also can be prid e in the partner 's care e r accomplishme nts which are more visible to the outside world than tho e performed at hom e. In addition , there rna be pote nti al p e rqui ites which the oth er pa rtn e r may not rece ive in hi s/ h er job, su c h as bonuses , trips , co mp a n y car, di scoun ts, or free merch andi e.

Your Priorities Dual-career co uple hould assess emp loyers' wo rkplace culture to

determine the degr ee to whi c h the y upport family / career bal ance. Investigate if institutions have fringe benefits or other policies, procedures or programs which support dual-career e mployee , such a depe nde nt care service , "cafete ri astyle" be nefit package from which e mployees can se lec t th e be n efits most appropriate to th e ir n ee d s, flexibl e job hour , tel eco mmuting, career coun se lin g, and relo cation assista n ce. Getting a clearer pi cture of what organizational support yo u can a nti cipate will h e lp you m a ke more inform e d ca reer d ec ision s. Institutions e mploying one or both of a du a l-ca ree r co upl e stand to ga in co n sid era bl y b eca us e when

D e lta Alpha Chapter a t Gannon U niversity particip ated in a n ew progra m call ed "Apple Polishing" established to honor Gannon 's Greek advisors. The event was held during Greek Week last September. Each Greek organization on campus se lecte d a n advisor to Kitt y Kram er (right) at Delta h ono r a nd pre e nted the Alpha 's installation last year advisor with a plaque. After with Chapter President Pam the pre e n tations, everyo ne Woods and NatiOnal Pres1dent e nj oye d a variety of a pple Mary Charles Ashby. d Tl G e serts . 1e a nnon Greeks are looking forward to making " pple Polishing" an ann ual eve nt. Th e Delta Alph as honored their a d viser, Kitty Kramer, who i on th e Gann o n U niversity libra ry staff. Every once in a while, a coll egiate ch apter is lucky e n o ugh to find a wo man in the communi ty who g ives them un co nditional love a nd support. The Gamma Gamma Ch apte r h as found that woman in Mary Neelly Willingham. On Found ers Day, th e sisters paid Ma r y ee ll y (as they ca ll h e r ) a s p ec ia l tribute b y Mary Neelly Willingham n aming h er as ch apter pa tron ess. All thought this hon o r would not be a bl e to b e bestowed when Mrs. eelly took an un ex pec ted fall in th e ya rd. As Mrs. Nee lly explains, "I sat d own too hard. " eve rth eless, she would not b e persuaded by her ni ece (Melinda Willingham, Gamma Gamma adviser) and nephew Phillip to go to the hosTHE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

co upl es find satisfactory emp loyme nt situalions, they are like ly Lo re main highl y co mmitted to their jobs a nd to th e organizations whe re th ey work. Pe riodicall y reassess in g yo ur career a nd family priorities and que tioning th e co nditions und e r whi ch yo u will act on those priorities wi ll h elp yo u to anticipate the co nfli ct , s tr ateg ize how yo u will h a ndl e them, a nd in crease the like lihood of ac hieving yo ur goals. sing a n adapta bl e, proactive ap proac h to d ecisio n-makin g will help moderate dual-career co nsequences and lead to the effective co mprom i e necessary for su ccessfu l dual-career relationships.

pita!. She insisted on attending the Founders Day festiviti es in a wheelchair. "I e njoyed Founde rs Day even though I was in p ain . I thoroughly e nj oyed myse lf. Th e girls did a wonderful job," Mr . Neelly excla ims as she recalls the night. Anyone who was there would h ave to agree . Mr . Neelly did e nj oy h erself. A smile n ever left h e r face during th e entire eve ning. Even as small tear crossed h e r ch eeks wh en th e Gamma Gamma si ters recognized her, she bea med with pride . Imm ediately after th e ceremo ny, she was taken to the em ergen cy room. She rem ained in the h osp ital 44 days. ''I'm hom e n ow a nd d o in g much better , alth ough I'm still a little bruised. " This high-spirited lady move the conversation from h er e lf to the sisters of A~.T. "I think they are great a nd very thoughtful. " The sentim ent is definitely mutual. As Gamma Gamma corresponding ecretary Kelly Baggett co mm e nts a bout Mrs. Neelly, "She i very sweet and suppo rtive. She is our grandm other." Supportive indeed. Since h er niece Melinda became adviser four years ago, Mrs. Neelly h as attended every Squeal Day, beau ty review, Rock-a-Tho n , and a ny other eve nt so she co uld be with th e sisters. Mr . Neelly is a n a tive of Emelle, Alabama, and note tl1a t this is h er first assoc ia tion witl1 a sorori ty. She retired from the Meridian, Mississippi School System after 35 years as a m ath teacher. She returned to Livingston, Alabama to care for h er mother after tl1e death of her broth e r. Subsequently, she began teaching in Livingston where sh e also retired. Then h e taught at the priva te school in town a nd re tired once again . "I h ave retired three tim路e ," sh e joking ly explain . Th e sisters of Gamma Gamma hop e that this n ewfound job as "grandmother and h ead supp o rter" is one job from which she neve r reti re . -Tina Naremore 9


JUNE 20-25, 199-1 Buffalo, New York is the site for Alpha Sigma Tau's 30th National Convention to be h eld Monda ,June 20Saturday,June 25. Wheth r you visit one of the many parks or th eater , visit Niagara Falls, or shop for an afternoon, you will enjo the atmosph ere of Buffalo.

Sisterhood The best part of the Convention will be the opportunity to meet with collegiate and alumnae members from all over the country. Wh ther yo u are enjoying a banque t, discussing bu in s during the general sessions, learning information at a seminar, or relaxing by the pool, yo ur focu will naturally turn to the unique ALT isters who are sharing th is special event with yo u.

Convention Planning Just a rem inder! All collegiate chapter are required to send four delegate with one official votin g delegate. All collegiate and alumnae delegates should be registered by 9:00 a.m . on Tue day, June 22, 1994. Start p lanning tho e fund-raisers to add to your convention fund to send yo ur chapter's delegation to Buffalo.

Accommodations The Convention will be at the H yatt Regency Buffalo. Located at Two Fountain Plaza in Buffalo, the hote l is in the heart of the theater and financial districts, linked to the Buffalo Convention Center, and adjacent to the rapid transit ystem and the large t pedestrian mall. T here are several eating establishment within the H ya tt as well as many fast food restaurants within walking distance. The hotel telephon e number is 716-856-1234. T h e room rates are $83.62 pe r night for single, double, triple or quad room. The Convention rate is available three day before and aft r the conv ntion. Hotel rese rvation are requ ired by May 20, 1994. Mter that time, th e H att Regenc wi ll r lease our block of room and make them avai lable to the public. hotel registration card wi ll b forward ed to you upon receipt of 'Our LT regi tration form. dditional hotel regi tration form are ava ilab le from Lind 10

Steeve , National Convention Chairman, or ALT National Headquarter . Tran portation from the hotel to and from the airport i avai lable through IT van ervice. The charge i 7.00 per per on for a one wa ticket and 11.00 p r per on for a round trip ticket.

Transportation We encourage the u e of Alpha igma Tau ' travel agent, ction Travel of alina, Kan a to make your flight arrangement . Their toll-fre number i 1-800-777-9915. Let the agent know that you are traveling to the Alpha igma Tau onv ntion, and by all mean , u e yo ur LT i a when making your re ervation .

Registration LT regi tration forms are due to Lindy Steeve , National onvention Chairman, by Ma 1, 1994. Please ubmit one LT regi tration form per person. The regi tration fee is 200.00 if postmarked by May 1, 1994, and 225.00 after that date. o refund will be made after May 15, 1994. The registration t e paid by all attendee includes: * LT Fun ight * Alumnae Luncheon * Trip to iagara Falls * Crown Luncheon * Collegiat ward Breakfa t * Yellow Ro e Banquet

Daily Convention Rates For Members And/ Or Guests Will you be in the Buffalo area during Convention? Can ou attend for a day? A rate schedule follow for daily rate . You can attend on 1onday, Tuesda , and Friday (if ou're not attending the luncheon) at no co t. Plea e ubmit a regi tration form. Regi tration and payments must be received 4 hour prior to the da I vent you plan to attend. Are ou planning n combining the ational Convention with a ummer \'acation? I your famil ' or spou e plannino路 to attend part of th activitie ? The following rate are al o availabl for rru a dail ba i . R m mber that g n r 1 bu in e ion and ritual are not op n to Ql.l * \1\ dn da ' Jun _2 , 1994: - .00 for dail ' rat and r THE


prin 199-t

$25.00 for admi ion and tran portation to Niagara Fall ($50.00 combined rate) * Thursda ,J une 23, 1994: 25.00 * Friday, J une 24, 1994 20.00 (if attending regional lun ch eon ) * Saturday, June 25, 1994: $55.00 ($15.00 for breakfast and/ or 40.00 for banque t)

Convention Queen Candidates One of the highlights of the atio nal Conventio n will be the Crown Luncheon, where the 1994 Conve ntion Queen i selected. Each collegiate ch apte r i e ntitled to enter on e candidate . Be su re to make your selection soon and have your candidate complete the Queen Candidate Resume (sent with the Alpha Sig-Nal) before coming to convention in June . A wallet siz photo is requested for the judge ' u se. Attire for the event will include Sunday dress or uits (n o formals). Judges will include local personalities and pa t ALT ational Council or taff m ember . Wo rn n will be interviewed and elected upon qualities of 1 ad rship and communicatio n skills, charm, and po i e.

Country Store H o pe you 'r m aking or arranging for tl1ose p ecial conve ntion items to sell at th e Country Store . Th e store is run on th e basis of clear profit fo r our co llegiate or alumn ae ch a pter. If you know what you want to sell, p lease se nd your inform a tio n to Mrs.J an e tJ imison , a tio n al Treasurer, 529 Highland Drive, Arkan sas Ci ty, KS 67005. Sh e wi ll prevent any dup lica te ite m be ing old and wi ll notify you of h r deci ion . T his will be the last Convention that the Country Store will be available for collegiate and alumnae chapters.

Chapter Plaques Check now to see if your ch apter plaque is accessible for tl1 e conve ntio n. Don ' t procra tinate! Your ch apte r plaque i required for th e ope ning session of the 1994 Natio n al Convention. Re p lace m e nt plaques must be orde red by National H eadquarters and require 46 wee ks de liver y ti m e . Con tac t ati o n al Headqu arters at P. O. Box 59252, Birm ingham , AL 35259, to ord er.

Theme Items and Secret Sis Surprises T h e National Conve ntion will be warm ed up with theme . You will n eed to bring a state or campus T-shi rt, size extra-large (T-shirt excha nge is option al) to exch ange with anoth er sister at a social event. You will also need green and gold cl othing to wear o n Wedn esd ay for ~h e conven tio n picture. A fun (bu t optwnal) event THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

for the conventio n i th S r t Si ac tivity. Ev ryone who chooses to parti cipate fi lls o ut a special form at co nve n tion and i ass ig ned a S cre t Sis. You wi ll want to exchange mall to k n with thi person during th wee k, such as poe ms, candy, AlT toke n , e tc.

Memorial Service Am moria! se rvice will be onducted for thos m e mbers who have d ied sin ce the 1992 conve ntio n. Please ubm it th e nam e(s) of an y deceased membe r of yo ur cha pte r to Emi ly Ashby Mcintire, a ti o nal Chap lain, 1940 Seven O ak Drive, Mo rri town , T N 37814. Sh e will need th e information by May 15, 1994.

National Foundation Breakfast All LTs are invited to j o in the ational Fou ndation at a breakfas t o n Friday, June 26. Ticke ts ar e available at the registratio n table. Attend this ac tivity to learn more about the ac tivitie of the Fo undation and to hon or those members who have contributed to this worthy cause.

Emerald Chapter All re tired Nation al Staff and alumnae who have atte nded a minimum of fi ve co nve ntio n are en couraged to attend the breakfas t at 7:30 a .m. on Tuesday, J u ne 21. Ticke ts will be on sale at th e registration table . T his activity i de ign ed to bring together th ose special members wh o have give n a long co mmitm e n t to ALT.

Expenses Check the recent Alpha Sig-Nals for co mple te information on Conve ntion fin ancial allo tm e n ts. It i wise fo r delegates to trave l togethe r to save m o ney. Perhaps anoth e r ch a pte r close by would be interested in trave li ng with yours- bo th cha pte rs could save m o ney this wa . For maximum ch apter excellen ce point , each d e legation is required to e nd a minimum of fo u r d elegates to Buffalo . The 1/ 4 room allowan ce i best sha red among the four d e legates fro m the sam e ch a pter. The chapter h ould be pre p ared to contribute to the remaining room exp en ses. In some case , the de legates also co ntribute to the 3/ 4 n igh tly expe nses fro m their own fund s. Wh ile seve ral m eals are provided during the convention, you wi ll al o need to bring p e nding money fo r an ave rage of on e o r two m eal a da p lu s sn acks. T here are several eating esta blishments with in th e H yatt as well as m an fas t food restaurants within walking di tan ce . Som e women purchase sn acks, oda, e tc. an d kee p them in a coo le r in th eir room. If yo u are driving, p lan ahead and m ake ure som eon e brings a cooler. 11

Sunday dres for th e Crown luncheon and an after-five dres , formal outfit for the banquet on aturda . Green an d gold ca u al a ttire for Wedne day aft rnoon (acceptable dre for a trip to Niagara Falls). A campu or state T- hirt for th e exchan ge ( ize X-Large). Thi is an optional activity. Country tore item . Secret Si item (poem , pen , n otepad , cand , etc.) Thi is an optional activity. Medical in urance polic information for emergencie to record at regi tration. Fitne attire, if de ir d. Include wim uit, cover-up, and ath letic clothing. Comfortable hoe for sig ht- eeing an d long day. 2:T SPIRIT!

Another expense will be any ite m that you would like to purchase at the Country Store for yourself and other sisters at home. If you want to participate in the Secret Sis activity, bring inexpensive gifts from hom e o that your convention money won't run out. It is best if all four delegates m ee t with the Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Adviser to plan for this event. It is not too late to plan a fundraiser or two to help out. Questions? Contact Mrs. Jan etJimi on, ational Treasurer for more ideas!

What to Bring to Buffalo Chapter Plaque Chapter Scrapbook ational, Alumnae, and Coll egiate Ch apter Constitutions and propo ed amendments Chapter allowance for conve ntion pictures White Sunday dress for opening ses ion and ceremonials ( o short skirts, split skirts, or legging .) ice dress, suits or dres pant for business meetin gs (no horts or jeans)

Convention Schedule (Tentative; Based on Hotel Space Availability) Monday, June 20 ational Council/Staff Registration 8:30a.m. Convention Orientation for Council and Staff 9:30a.m. National Council, District Presidents, and Chairmen oon National Staff Luncheon 1:30 p.m. Adviser Sharing Time 3:00-8:00 p .m. Collegiate/ Alumnae Registration 7:00 p.m. Adviser Buzz Session; Council Staff Meetings 9:00p.m. Alumnae Social Hom Tuesday, June 21 8:00 a.m .-6:00p.m. Registration 7:30a. m. Emerald Chapter Breakfast 9:00a.m. Collegiate and Alumnae Delegate Registration Deadline Convention Orientation 10:00 a.m . Collegiate and Alumnae Programming- Track I 1:30 p.m. Collegiate and Alumnae Programming- Track II 5:00p.m. ationa l Council Greets Convention Attendees 6:00p.m. Opening Session 8:30p.m. Ceremonial 7:30a.m.


9:00a.m . oon 2:00p.m. 2:15p.m. 3:30p.m. 8:30a.m. 9:00a.m. 10:45 a.m. oon 2:00p.m. 7:30p.m. 8:30p.m.

7:30a.m. 9:00a. m. 0011

1:30 p.m. 7:00p.m. 9:00p.m. :OOa.m .

9:30a.m. 7:00p.m.

Wednesday, June 22 Collegiate and Alumnae Programming - Track Ill Alumnae Luncheon Convention Picture Choice (Information Booth ) Trip to iagara Fall Thursday, June 23 Parliamentary Procedure Work hop General Se ion Queen Candidate Interview Crown Luncheon General e ion District Meeting Chairmen Meetings with Chapters Friday, June 24 National Foundation Breakfast General e sion Regional Luncheon General Se ion Motivational peaker AlT in Action: Fun ight! Saturday, June 25 Collegiate Award Breakfa t Closing sion Yellow Ro e Banquet


CHOR/ prin 199-t

Alpha Sigma Tau National Convention looking Beyond Name



First Name for Badge:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

_______ St-a-te_ _ _ _Z_ip_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___


Summer Address (after 5/15)


Collegiate Chapter _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ Alumnae Chapter _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ National Position

- - - - - - - - - - ------ Phone

Roommate(s)- National Staff and Collegians Must Have Four Women Per Room : 1. 2. 3. -----------Arrival Date/Time _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Departure Date/Time _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Full Convention Registration Fee National Council... ............. $200 National Staff.. .. ....... ....... .. ..$200 Asst. to Nat'l Staff.. .. .. ...... .. $200

Collegiate Delegate .................. $200 Collegiate Non-delegate .... ...... $200 A:LT Approved Guest.. ............ $ 0

Alumnae Delegate .... .......... $200 Alumnae Non-delegate ...... $200 Late Registration .............. $225 (Postmarked after May 1, 1994) Guest (Spouse, Family, Friend): Fees assessed on site for events attended. Day Registration for Wed. & Thurs .: $25 each Wednesday: Lunch- $20, Trip- $25 Thursday: Luncheon- $25 Friday: Regional Luncheon- $20 Saturday: Breakfast- $15 Banquet- $40 DAILY REGISTRATIONS ARE DUE 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE DAY/EVENT YOU PLAN TO ATTEND

Please Check the Events You Will Attend (Cost Included in Convention Fee)

(SCHEDULE IS TENTATIVE- BASED ON HOTEL SPACE AVAILABILITY) Monday, June 20 (Nat'l Staff & Alumnae) Wednesday, June 22 Nat. Staff Luncheon Collegiate/Alumnae Programming Adviser Sharing Time Alumnae Luncheon Alumnae Social Hour Trip to Niagara Falls Tuesday, June 21 Thursday, June 23 (Collegiates Register by 9 AM) Crown Luncheon Collegiate/Alumnae Programming District Meetings Convention Orientation Opening Session Registration Information: (Mark Your Envelope Convention Registration) Deadline & Late Fee: May 1 No refund after May 15

Send your check payable to: Alpha Sigma Tau Mrs. Lindy Steeves 221 Powell Street Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 (708) 325-7427

Friday, June 24 Motivational Speaker Saturday, June 25 Collegiate Awards Breakfast Yell ow Rose Banquet


Alpha Sigtna Tau Ma nagetnent Institutes In order to assist individual

AlT m e mbers in d eveloping person al lead er hip skill , we have created a n ew conce pt entitled Manage m ent Institutes. This programming effort will replace th e traditi onal Regional Lead e rship Workshops thi academ ic year on ly. The in titutes ser ve a an opportunity for several chapters to send m e mbers for a drive-in confe rence . All chapter executive board me mbe rs, comm ittee chairs, a nd other interested m e mbe rs are expected to attend th e semin ar. A minimum of 50 % of the chapte r membe rship shou ld participate in th is eve nt. Ch apter advisers, as istant chapter advisers, and chapter consultants are also invited to come in for th e day. Institutes are conducted by th e Director of Collegiate Chapters, th e Region al Coll egiate Director, and District President . Chapters in attendance are given the opportunity to meet with each other to share ideas, and th e ational Staff

member in attendance conduct a com pl ete review and in pection of the host ch apter. Management In titute wi ll not re place Regio nal Leader hip Workshop but wi ll e nhance the growth of the individual member a they perform ta k in their per onallive , a we ll a th ir ro le in Alp ha igma Tau . Management In titute we re he ld at ew J er ey In titute of Technology (Beta psilon Chapter) a nd Bloom burg nive r ity (B ta Nu Chapt r) Ia t fa ll, an d at Livin g ton U niversity (Gamma Gamma Cha pter) in February.

Nationa l Staff at Beta 1 u Management Institute. Fron t R ow: Ga mma Dis trict President Chri H ricz, Regional Collegiate Director iHW)' Ellen \ l'illmitch, Director of Collegiate hafJter Ricki Bmgman Trosen. Back Row: Omicron Di t>ict President Kim fi,Jills, Zeta Chapter Adviser Amy DuPree.

Gamma Cam ma 's sign welcoming sis ters to th e M anagemen t Institute at Livingston University.

You would not have known th at it was cold and damp ou tside November 13 with all the warmth and brightne in ide. That' the affect that over 1 0 Alpha Sigma Tau i ter had on Bloomsburg for the Management In titute h osted b Beta u Chapter. Led by Director of Coli giate Chapter Ricki Bargman Tro en and Regional Collegiate Dir ctor Mary Ell n Willmitch , th group covered chapter exc lienee, re lation hip with advi er , and ritual. After lunch , we plit up into fiv group . With th e help of Omicron Di trict Pr ide nt Kimmie Mi ll , Gamma District Pre ident Chris Hricz, and Zeta hapter dvi er Amy DuPree , th groups di cu ed positive pledging, hazing, preventing the ru h rat race, balancing the chapter budget, and chapter management. When everyone returned from their group , all were entertained by kits on hazing. The day wa brought to a close with ong, orne tear were bed , and there wa lot of laughter too. It wa intere ting how the choices of songs ung in different chapter were quite imilar! A we w nt around the room, if a chapter announced that they didn ' t have the mu ic for their particular ong, Beta u happ ily chimed in that th h ad the mu ic on tape. All i t r ' er nt ba k to th eir hapt r with n wid a to tr and n ' friend hip mad witl1 tl1 oth r i t r in au nda n e. -Gay Gn mmell Tnt eha rt 1

Gamma Gamma sisters at Disco o-





prin 1994

Why Pine Mountain?

cial service project. According to Mrs. Staehle, thi decision was specially relevant be ause a t that tim e A2.T Have you ever wondered wh y A2.T chose Pin e was till a member of the As ociation of Edu a lion Mountain Settlement School as its national philanSororities. thropy? President Emerita Carrie Staehle provided the Since the early 1940s, Alpha Sigma Taus have se nt an wer in a 1991 letter to Marty DeCamp , Director of chool supplies to Pine Mountain , and th e library there Fraternity Program : had Gwen Frostic bookplates in the nam e of th e so rorIn 1937, when the Staehle family lived in Columbus, ity. Prior to the formation of ational Foundation in Ohio, their minister 's wife often talked about he r misthe early 1980s, A2.T's finan cial co ntribution s went for e nvironme ntal education media equipme nt or books. sionary teaching experiences at Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky. Mrs. Stae hl e (then Alpha ow th at all mon ey earmarked for Pin e Mountain is Sigma Tau's ational Pres i- r---:::::::-:==~=:-=:-:=~=~:------r------,r-o funneled throug h the ation al dent) was greatly intere ted in PINEMOUNTAI~~lJ,~EMENTscHooL Foundation , the Foundation BLEDSOE, KY . 40810 these stories, and when Alpha "'"• Mountain Settlement School is on Kv s•o adds to those funds to m a ke just off t l'le JUnction of KY 510 With KY 221. Sigma Tau wanted to establish a -',,, one la rge contribution every national social service project, o., ..,.~·· ...... ' two years at Convention. In the Mrs. Staehle sugge ted Pine p as t few yea rs, o ur co ntribuMountain. After some investigation have made it possibl e for tion , the National Social Service Pin e Mountain to purch a e a Chairman recommend e d that van, kitc h e n e quipm e nt, a nd Pine Mountain b e adopted as living roo m furnishings. Alpha Sigma Tau ' national so-

Foundation Meets at Pine Mountain Wh e n th e Alpha Sigma T a u National Fo und atio n Boa rd of Direc tors m et at Pine Mountain for it annual mee ting last September, we were th e fir t to reap th e benefits that A2.T sisters had sowed ! We not o nly we re provided with airport tra nsportation with th e van don a ted by A2.T in 1990, we were th e first to use th e facilities of th e Big Log buildin g th at Alpha Sigma Tau h elped to restore a nd furni h . Wh a t a h omecomin g! The full glory of th e Pine Mo unta in co mpl ex ca n only be a ppreciated in th e light of day. One stands in the valley and looks up a t th e m o unta ins that urround it. De nse with trees, th e blu e sky ab ove, o n e fee ls insignificant ye t protected. The solid stone a nd wood buildings ble nd into th eir surroundings, spaced far e nough apart to give eac h privacy . Big Lo g i tucked into a grove of trees a t th e end of a road. Pa ul H ayes, Direc tor of Pin e Mountain , proudly pointed out th e n ew roof, which was part of our ea rli e r funding. "Our bo ys did th e work , " h e sa id. W e soo n lea rn e d th a t th e "boys" we r e adult alumni of Pin e ~-~~r~ Mounta in Settlement School ! All wee ke nd , we m e t

Alpha Sigma Tau Na tional Foundation B oard of Directors decorate the Stone fireplace in Big Log. Rose Marie Schmidt, . .~~~ Sybil Kin g , Susan 1 R oge rs , Bobbie --~. . . . . Nichols , Meda Ray Sewell.


Bronze plaque designates Alpha Sigma Tau 's 1 992 gift to Pin e Moun tain .

Sybil King e njoys the furnishings of Big Log that were paid for with Alpha Sigma Tau ' s contributions.

Alpha Sigma Tau National Fo undation Boa rd of Directors and committee chairmen m et at Pm e Mo untam last fall . Front row: Board members Bobbie Nichols, Meda Ray Sewell, Sybil King, Rose Mari e S chmidt, Susan Rogers; Back row: Chairmen Patsy Little, Lois O 'De ll, Charlotte Floyd .

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994


Pine Mounta in can't.

National Foundation Scholarships The Len ore Seibel King Sc hol a rship was awa rd e d to Gretchen Auer, Gamma Sigma/Belmont-A bbey. An elem e nta r y e du ca ti o n m ajor, Gretch en also teach es a Spanish lab on campus. She served h er ch apter as th e Ru sh Dire ctor a nd has m ain tain ed a 4.0 CPA th e p ast thre e sem es te rs. Gretchen will be gradua ting a year early sin ce sh e has taken additional credits during the year and attended summe r school. Beverly Conrad, B et a D elta/ Duquesne, was awarded both the Rose Marie Schmidt Scholarship and the Mary Alice Pe te r son Am e rican Indian Grant. Beverly is a secondary education m ajor and for the past two years has been applying h e r teaching skills as a tutor for two children. She is also active in the community, volunteering in a so up kitchen and tutoring older students for whom English is a second language.


alumni a t every tu rn- in th e office, dining h all, and groun ds. A more Io al gro up would be ha~d to find . ~1 expressed th eir pride and d ee p love for Pm e Mountam Se ttle me nt ch ool. T he first impre ion of Big Log i the bea~tifu l oak d oo r , with bra plaques in cribed "Alph a Sigma T a u 1992". There are three sets, all leading to the porch , on e from th e dinin g room and o n e from each e nd of the large living roo m. Walking tl1rough th os d oor , o ne e nters the large living room with its t? ne fire r:>lace. The furnishings which we provided are sohd oak with _h o m_e J?Un patte rn ed cu hio ns, a decor uited to th e rustic ~m ldm g. Th e o rigin al logs of th e building h a~e been re-chmked to make th e building windproof an d ram proof. Mod ernizati o n includ es the n ew h andicapped-acce ib le lava tory on th e first fl oor, two n ew ba throo m wi th showers and tubs o n th e eco nd fl oor, and a co mpl e tely re mod e led kitch e n . In tailed sh ortly after our visit were th e was h e r a nd dryer. Th dinin g room a nd kitc h e n e ts, a lso o lid oa k, h o u ld with sta nd m a n y h ar d kn ocks. T he eco nd fl oo r ha fou r bed roo ms, each with b d s fo r th ree o r fo ur per o ns. An added co nven ie n ce we u sed a t th e Fo und a ti on m ee tin g wa th e e nclo eel balco ny o n th e seco nd fl oor, a co mfortab le sp o t fo r co mm ittee mee tings. lth o u gh th e kitc h e n wa u ffi cie ntl toc ke d for Con tin e ntal breakfasts, we walked to La ure l H o use for o th e r m eals. This comfo rta bl e wa lk up th road provid ed us with th e p leasure of eeing leave as th ey were begin n ing to ch a nge colo r, ide ntifyi ng trees a nd wildfl owe rs, o bse rving th e toad h o pping into th e b ru h , an d j ust being in th e o utdoors. Mem orie of childh ood su mm e r camp as so me of our g roup burst in to camp so n gs a nd tos eel im ag in ary ba ll s into th e baske tball h oops on tl1 e gr ound . The less ath letic Board members we re huffing and puffing just to keep the pace . T h e a tion a1 Fo unda tio n wa th e fi r t to u e the re nova ted Big Log, and th e bui lding will b e u eel in the futu re by teach e r gr o ups comin g to Pine Mountain for traini ng in envi ronme ntal edu ca tion . I t was a wonde rful fee ling to know th a t LT m embe rs play su ch a large par t in thi e ndeavor, and i wa particu larly gratifyin g to ee th e re ult of our co ntributi o ns. Th e windin g road leading to Pine Mo untain i ab o ut on e-and-a-half h ou r d r iving time fro m m aj or e pressways, but th e trip is well worth the drive. Th e taff i gracious and welcoming; th e beau ty i awe-in piring. Why not contac t Paul H aye wi th you r offe r to h e lp durin g prin g break o r vacati o n a nd ee fo r o ur elf wh a t yo ur contributio ns h ave p rovi d ed.

THE ANCHOR/ pring 199-l

A4k 5~ 1~ 7)~~ National Headquarters, P.O . Box 59252 , Birmingham , AL 35259 205/945-0318 Off1ce Hours 9 :00a .m .- 4 :30p.m . Central Time Headquarters Administrator- Lenore Seibel King (Mrs. Thomas J., Jr.), Psi

President Emerita - Carrie Washburne Staehle (M H 11 E ) AI h rs.



P a

NATIONAL COUNCIL National President - Mary Charles Adams Ashby (Mrs. C.J .), Chi, Box 12 The Plains VA 22 171 ' ' National Vice President - Appointment pending National Secretary - Mary Beth Kelley, Delta, 22 Boulevard, Point Marion, PA 15474 National Treasurer- Janet Minnis Jimison (Mrs. Conrad), Iota, 529 H ighland Drive, Arkansas City, KS 67005 Director of Collegiate Chapters - Ricki Bargman Trosen (Mrs. Wallace), Alpha Sigma, 904 Kings Road, Kirksville, MO 6350 1 Director of Alumnae - Cathy Millard Schreiner (Mrs. Richard), Chi, 4400 Hadrian Court, Alexandria, VA 223 10 Director of Expansion - Janet Hanson Dodson (Mrs. Duane), Iota, 543 South Main, Crete, NE 68333 Director of Fraternity Programs - Martha Drouyor DeCamp (Mrs. Samuel), Alpha, 2793 1 NE 4th Place, Redmond, WA 98053 Director of Publications- Carol J. Cooper, Zeta Tau, PO Box 12189, NCSA, WinstonSalem, NC 27117

DISTRICT PRESIDENTS Regional Collegiate Director - Mary Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rho, 1951 Penny Lane, Youngstown, OH 445 15 Alpha- Michele Miller, Beta Xi, 4102 Castle Drive, Midland, M148640 Beta- Norma Black, Alpha Tau, 708 West 9th Street, 3rd Floor East, Erie, PA 16502 Gamma - Christina Conning-Hricz (Mrs. Daniel), Alpha Xi, RR2, Box 1567 , Mansfield, PA 16933 Delta - Michelle Cangialosi, Alpha Lambda, 61A Morris Place, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 Epsilon - Elizabeth Davis, Alpha Lambda, 5 19 Davis Street #l , Radford, VA 24141 Zeta - Michelle Schmidt, Alpha Sigma, 705 N. Green Street, Kirksville, MO 63501 Eta - Tracy Ernst, Gamma Gamma, PO Box 1133, Reform, AL 35481 Theta - Appointment pending Iota - Christina Duggan, Alpha Lambda, 10925 Briar Forest Drive #1047 , H ouston, TX 77042 Kappa - Sonda Ruholl Clocksin (Mrs. Kevin), Beta Pi, 15 12 Brenda Court, Springfield, IL 62702 Lambda - Mary Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rho, 195 1 Penny Lane, Youngstown, OH 44515 Mu- Tamara Stegehuis, Beta Xi, 16925 MacArthur, Redford, MI 48240 Nu- Adele Black, Beta Mu, 2531 Lodge Forest Drive, Baltimore, MD 2 1219 Xi - V ictoria King Garwood (Mrs. Donald), Beta Delta, 106 Narraganset Drive, Elizabeth, PA 15 135 Omicron - Kimberly Mills, Beta Nu, 626 S. 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19 146 Pi- Christiarme Vacca Yentz, Beta Xi, 460 1 NW 2nd Avenue #806, Boca Raton, FL 3343 1 Rho - Megan Janney, Zeta Tau, 3529 Willowrun Drive NE, Roanoke, VA 240 12 At-Large - Patricia Klausing Simmons (Mrs . William), Delta, 29 1 Locust Street, Indiana, PA 15 70 1

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

NATIONAL STAFF Alumnae Expansion Coordinator- Patricia Nayle, Phi, 12002 Hastings Green Drive, Houston, TX 77065 The Anchor Editor- Carole Bicking Keily (Mrs. Timothy), Alpha Xi, 7807 Leland Road, Manassas, VA 22111 The Anchor Alumnae Editor - Tina Naremore, Gamma Gamma, 6318 Lou George Loop, Bessemer, AL 35023 The Anchor Collegiate Editor- Gay Gammell Truehart (Mrs. David), Beta Nu, 2228 Old Berwick Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17 15 Awards - Nancy Voltz Lessig (Mrs. Wally). Beta Epsilon, 47 Village Knoll Place, The Woodlands, TX 77381 Chaplain - Emily Ashby Mcintire (Mrs. Michael), Alpha Lambda, 1940 Seven Oaks Drive, Morristown, TN 37814 Colony Adviser - Channon Jordan, Beta Xi, 1122 S. Roosevelt Street-Upper, Green Bay, WI 54301 Colony Adviser- Nancy Tyburski, Beta Xi, 162 H eidel Road #7, Thiemsville, WI 53092 Convention - Lindy Hallquist Steeves (Mrs. John), Alpha Epsilon, 221 Powell Street, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 The Crest Editor - Elizabeth Deemer Conner (Mrs. Timothy), Alpha Lambda, 7226 Roosevelt Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22042 Expansion Assistant - Anne Curran Gruber (Mrs. James), Alpha , 10110 Polo Court, Spring Valley, OH 45370 Expansion Assistant - Cynthia Peckhart McCrory (Mrs. Charles R.), Alpha Alpha , PO Box 5218, Fort Wayne, IN 46895 Financial Assistant- Teresa Palumbo, Beta Mu, 2102 Iverson Street, Camp Springs, MD 20748 Historian - Sharon Eaton Richard (Mrs. Robert), Alpha Nu, PO Box 274, Underwood, lA 51576 Housing Director - Elizabeth Knaus, Alpha Lambda, 3029 Sandbend Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Membership Development - Judy Melincoff Geelhoed, Psi, 1 Camino Santa Maria Street #77 , San Antonio, TX 78228 Music - Arline Bouligny Clark (Mrs. Allen), Pi, 7037 Rhodes Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63123

National Panhellenic Conference Delegate - Patricia Nayle, Phi, 12002 Hastings Green Drive, Houston, TX 77065

National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Carolyn Conner Alexander (Mrs. James}, Pi, 6328 Potomac, St. Louis, MO 63139

w路mston Dudley (M rs. Thomas P.), Beta Zeta, 3501 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243 Regional Leadership Workshop - Paula Rieden, Beta Xi , 48057 Willow #7303, Wixom , Ml 48393 Rush Director- Karen Denchfield-Masterson (Mrs. Daniel), Beta Xi , 2622 Ponce Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002 Scholarship - Christy Cutbill McCormick (Mrs. Daniel), Sigma, 125 Wichita Lane, Willliamsburg, VA 23188

p ubl"Ictty 路 - T erry

ALPHA SIGMA TAU NATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Meda Ray Elliott Sewell (Mrs. Preston), Omicron, 6541 Williamsburg Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22213 First Vice President - Lenore Seibel King (Mrs. Thomas J., Jr.), Psi, 1845 Lakeridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216 Second Vice President - Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta, 5106 Harvard Road, Detroit, MI 48224 Secretary - Charlotte Evans Floyd (Mrs. Julian), Psi, 1101 S. Arlington Ridge Road #3 16, Arlington, VA 22202 Treasurer- Susan Rogers, Alpha Lambda, 939 Park Street, St. Albans, WV 25 177

FOUNDATION COMMITTEES Awards, Grants, & Scholarships - Melissa Friesen Parks, Beta Xi, 654 7 Cedar Ridge, Loveland, OH 45140

Effie E. Lyman Memorial Academic Loan June McCarthy, Pi, 889 1 Watson Woods, St. Louis, MO 63126 Financial Secretary- Lois Schweikart O'Dell (Mrs. Robert), Lambda, 222 W. Tabor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19120 Fundraising - Patricia Wright Little, Alpha Lambda, 3301 Swanhollow Court, Richmond, VA 23233 Publicity - Charlotte Evans Floyd (Mrs. Julian), Psi, 1101 S. Arlington Ridge Road #316, Arlington, VA 22202

COLLEGIATE CHAPTERS Alpha - Eastern Michigan University President, Laura Pobursky, 924 Holmes #2 , Ypsilanti, Ml 48198; CA, Joyce Berg, 15132 Houghton, Livonia, Ml 48154; ACA, Diana Mihaiu, 338 Richter Street, River Rouge, MI 482 18; CC, Kelly Kline, 27030 Campau Lane, Harrison Township , MI 48045

National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Cynthia Peckhart McCrory (Mrs. Charles R.), Alpha Alpha, PO Box 5218, Fort Wayne, LN 46895 National Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate - Mary Charles Adams

Beta - Central Michigan University

Ashby (Mrs. C.J .), Chi , Box 12, The Plains, VA 22171 Nominations - Kathy Pulice Baecker (Mrs. Paul), Theta, 18667 North Oak Court, Clinton Twp., MI 48038 Parliamentarian - Judy Leeper Sparks (Mrs. Larry), Alpha Nu, 4 105 South Ninth Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015 Philanthropy - Patricia Conners Zaffuto (Mrs. Joseph), Phi, 1002 Mammoth Cave Road, Cave City, KY 42 127 Pledge Director- Sherry Trayer Gentile {Mrs. John), Psi, 62 Piper Lane, Mandeville, LA 70448

Delta - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

President, Nicole Ellwood, 107 W . Gaylord, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858; CA, Christine H olton, 1624 Canterbury #E, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858; CC, Rebecca Brown , 325 15 Columbus, Warren, MI 48093 President, Jessica DeVaney, 46 N. lOth Street, Indiana, PA 15701 ; CA, Patricia Simmons, 291 Locust Street, Indiana, PA 15701 ; ACA, Suzanne Coccagna, 266 W . Owens Ave., Derry, PA 15627; CC, Wendy Edwards, 1022 Sill Avenue, Erie, PA 16505

Zeta - Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania President, Andrea Dallago, 316 North Grove Street, Lock H aven, PA 17745; CA, Amy DuPree, Box 118, Central Avenue, Avis, PA 17721; ACA, Suzanne Long Robbins, 44 Woodland Drive RD #2, Lock Haven, PA 17745; CC, Linda Hall


Wheeland, 424 Lowe Street, South Williamsport, PA 17701 Omicron - Concord College President, Edith Ward, Box D-285, Concord College, Athens, WV 24712; CA, Ann Ule, Box 53, Concord College, Athens, WV 24 712; ACA, Bill Skeen, Box 39, Concord College, Athens, WV 24712 Rho - Southeastern Oklahoma State University President, Cami Wood, RR 2, Box 262-A, Durant, OK 74701 ; ACA, Eve Marek, 308 N. 4th Avenue, Durant, OK 74701 Sigma - State University College at Buffalo President, Michelle Lisowski, 455 Potomac Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213; CA, Pamela Szafarczyk, 1107 Parkhurst Boulevard, Tonawanda, NY 14150; ACA, Kelly McEvoy, 821 Forest Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209; CC, Jane Csaszar, PO Box 579, Alfred, NY 14802 Zeta Tau- Longwood College President, Kathleen Vaeth, Box 1018 Longwood College, Farmville, VA 23909; Co-CA, Niki Fallis, 416-D Winston Street, Farmville, VA 23901; Co-CA, Jayne Fanshaw, Route 1, Box 955, Crewe, VA 23930; Co-ACA, Patsy Watson, Rt. 5 Box 1680, Farmville, VA 23901 ; Co-ACA, N. Laurence Robertson, Housing Office-R.E.C., Longwood College, Farmville, VA 23909; CC, Katherine Baber, Box 108-A Hampton Farm, Cartersville, VA 23027 Upsilon - University of Central Arkansas President, Heather Abbott, 1610 Hartje Lane, Conway, AR 72032; CA, Christy Hall, 214 Randall, Jacksonville, AR 72076; CC, Bobbie Nichols, 1009 Fawnwood, Little Rock, AR 72201 Phi - Southeastern Louisiana University President, Elizabeth Acosta, PO Box 2380SLU, Hammond, LA 70402 ; CA, Deborah Melancon, 73246 Pruden Rd., Covington, LA 70433 Chi - Shepherd College President, Concetta Gosweiler, Shepherd College, 202 Yost, Shepherdstown, WV 25443; CA, Carol Harrison, 611 Hines Avenue #101 , Frederick, MD 21702; ACA, Anna Mary Walsh, Rt. 1, Box 135, Shepherdstown, WV 25443; CC, Deborah Bauer, 17113 Chiswell Road, Poolesville. MD 20837 Psi - James Madison University President, Brooke Rohde, PO Box 1166, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807; CA, Elizabeth Knight, Rt. 2, Box 446, Grottoes, VA 24441; ACA, Karen Knight, Rm. 113, Sonner Hall, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 Alpha Gamma - Henderson State University President, Lori Rnley, 295-B Frost Road, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; CA, Mary Jo Mann, 905 N. 26th Street, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; CC, Kim Ramsay Mitchell, 400 Keightly, Little Rock, AR 72207 Alpha Epsilon - Western Dlinois University President, Barb Anania, 1 Pollock Rd., Macomb, IL 61455; CA, Cathy Onion, RR 2, Box 28, 21635 N. 400th Avenue, Table Grove, IL 61482; ACA, Savita Rai, 700 Linden #610, Macomb, lL 61455 Alpha lambda - Radford University President, Tandi Santini, 1000-F Hunters Road, Radford, VA 24141; CA, Dr. John McPhail, 1005 Sutton Street, Radford, VA 24141; ACA, Erica Peterson, 1300 University City Boulevard #3111 , Blacksburg, VA 24060 Alpha Mu - University of Arkansas at Monticello President, Willa Williams, PO Box 2040, UAM, Monticello, AR 71656; CA, Dr. Linda Webster, 823 Meadowview Drive, Monticello, AR 71655; CC, Dianne Pierce, 1707 S. Virginia, Crossett, AR


71635 Alpha Xi - Mansfield University of Pennsylvania President, Marcella Kalich, Box 330, Laurel B, Mansfield, PA 16933; CA, Christina Conning-Hricz, RR 2, Box 1567, Mansfield, PA 16933; CC, Mary Jo Barnett, 606 Brandon Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701 Alpha Omicron - Clarion University of Pennsylvania President, Missi Fox, RD 3, Box 312, Clarion, PA 16214; CA, Suzanne P-Jobb, 108 Wilson Avenue, Clarion, PA 16214; ACA, Terri Kahle, Box 478, Knox. PA 16232 Alpha Pi - Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania President, Natalie Cowan. 134 Krauss Hall, Slippery Rock, PA 16057; CA, Therese Caldarelli, B-1 05 University Union, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057; CC, Erica Lenz Papley, 221 Elm St. , Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Alpha Rho- Youngstown State University President, Heather Muskoff, 620 Bryson Box 240, Youngstown, OH 44502: ACA, Carol Rceti, 3885 Jeanette, Warren, OH 44484; CC, Rosemarie Bisignani, 1891 Woodgate Street, Youngstown, OH 44515 Alpha Tau- Edinboro University of Pennsylvania President, Barbara Radcliffe, 100 Brora Drive, Blackwatch #3, Edinboro, PA 16412; CA, Lucinda Hawes, 4116 Pleasantview Avenue, Erie, PA 16509; ACA, Tracy Kaufman, 102 Nordmere Drive #25, Edinboro, PA 16412; CC, Mary Ellen Willmitch, 1951 Penny Lane, Youngstown, OH 44515 Alpha Phi - West Chester University of Pennsylvania President, Beatriz Pujol, 201 N. Bradford Avenue #C4, West Chester, PA 19380; CA, Trisha Leighton, 229 Sinkler Drive, Radnor, PA 19087; CC, Michelle Kopema, 1344 Forrest Street, Trainer, PA 19061 Beta Delta - Duquesne University President, Hallie eill, SMC #5861 , 1345 Vickroy St. , Pittsburgh. PA 15219; CA, Karen Lewis, 137 Bellevue Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15229; ACA, Agnes Scarton, 614 Fort Couch Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 Beta Epsilon - Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania President, Kelly Nolt, 7 College Park Apts., Shippensburg, PA 1725 7; CA, Dr. Mary Jane Urbanowicz; 11363 Thornwood Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257; Co-ACA, Linda Price, 9892 McCreary Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257; Co-ACA, Dr. Donna Couchenour, 103 Middle Springs Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Beta Zeta - University of Alabama in Birmingham President, Amy Millsaps, 15 Chase Plantation Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35244; CA, Molly Paris Putman, 84 Bel Aire Circle, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127; ACA, Terry Dudley, 3501 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243 Beta Eta - Southern Dlinois University at Edwardsville President, Andrea Hommert, 514 Trails Ridge Drive, Edwardsville, lL 62025; CA, Karen Wasser, 615 State Street, Wood River, lL 62095; ACA, Christy Wellhausen, 133 E. Union Street #1, Edwardsville, lL 62025; CC, Janice Grundy, 974 Weathervane Lane, Troy. IL 62294 Beta Tau- University of Massachusetts at Lowell President, Sandra Ames, 1 University Avenue, Box 13, Lowell, MA 01854; CA, Carol Grenier O'Leary, 32 Auburn Street, Malden, MA 02148; ACA, Donna M. Grenier, 33 Kittery Avenue, Rowley, MA 01969 Beta Theta- St. Mary's University President, Kri tina Schumacher, St. Mary's University, Chaminade 301 , San Antonio, TX 7 228; o- A, Debra Ort, 5414

Timber Trail, San Antonio, TX 78228; CoCA, Yvonne Ybarra, 3203 Lura Lane, San Antonio, TX 78228; ACA, Lillian Garda, 4019 Sunrise Creek Drive, San Antonio, TX 78244; CC, Linda Denness, 5460 Rowley Road #1505, San Antonio, TX 78240 Beta Iota - Millersville University of Pennsylvania President, Dana Settembrino, 120 W. Frederick Street, Millersville, PA 17551; CA, Mary Anne Weber, 917 Prospect Street, Lancaster, PA 17603; ACA, Kelsey Wade, 117-B Welsh Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601; CC, Christine Eshelman, 2532 Speckled Drive, East Petersburg, PA 17520 Beta Mu - Salisbury State University President, Tracie Kreiner, 120 Cynthia Place, Salisbury, MD 21801 ; CA, Colleen Harding, PO Box 1444, Salisbury, MD 21802; CC, Pam Emory Vukrner, 1908 Stone Castle Drive, Severn, MD 21144 Beta Nu - Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania President, Maurita Keeney, 252 Fair Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815; CA, Peter Bohling, Dept. of Economics-BU. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Beta Xi - Michigan Technological Univers ity President, Kimberly Kassarjian, 916 College Ave. , Houghton, MI 49931 ; CA, Heidi DePuydt, 31 Hubbard, PO Box 61, Painesdale, MI 49955; ACA, Mary Durfee, Soc. Science Dept., MTU, Houghton, MI 49931 ; CC, Christine Doud Ledger, 1120 Cermak Street, Algonquin, lL 60102 Beta Pi - Eastern Illinois University President. Amy Miller, 111 AST, 1009 Greek Court, Charleston, lL 61920; CA. Dori even, 608 Jackson Avenue #4, Charleston, IL 61920; ACA, Jennifer Lapacek, 3620 McCormick, Brookfield, lL 60513; CC, Rory Erickson, 407 Elmwood, Pontiac, lL 61764 Beta Upsilon - New Jersey Institute of Technology President, Laurie Dickinson, Rm 508 Oak Hall, 155 Summit St. , ewark. J 07103; CA, Laura Tashgy, 551 Observer Hwy. #5-H , Hoboken, NJ 07030; CC, Gina Ochs, 65 Chalmers Avenue, North Haledon, J 07508 Beta Phi - California University of Pennsylvania President, Kristin Odell, 645 Wood Street, California, PA 15419; CA, Kelli McDonald, RR1 , Box 723, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316; CC, Julie Brletic, 708 Skyview Drive, Mars, PA 16046 Beta Chi - Ferris State University President, Heather Masters, 420 S. Stewart, Big Rapids, MI 49307; Co-ACA, Kris Malcom, 20681 Ross Parkway #A, Big Rapids, Ml49307; Co-ACA, Pat Russell, 400 Bishop Hall, FSU, Big Rapids, Ml 49307 ; CC, Di Hancock, 1407 N. Pleasant, Royal Oak, Ml48067 Beta Psi - St. Louis University President, Jennifer Durbin, 3630 West Pine, Box 200, St. Louis, MO 63130; CA, Deborah Scheer, 3026 Luxury Dr. , Rorissant, MO 63031; ACA, Luz Cisneros, 719 NE Perry, Peoria, lL 61603; CC, Cecilia Kadane, 106 Caravel Court, Ballwin, MO 63021 Beta Omega - Monmouth College President, Rochelle Sheridan, 215 Elberon Boulevard, Oakhurst, J 07755; ACA, David Harvey, Admissions Office, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, J 07764; CC, Tracey Lukacs, 1552 laguna Lane, Lakewood, NJ 0 701 Gamma Alpha - University of Rio Grande President, Jean Anne franko, Box 1461. URG, Rio Grande, OH 45674: . Joann Bapst, 13 Court treet, Gallipolis. OH 45631 ; CC, Patri ia Ha , Box 7- RG. Rio Grande, OH 45 74 Gamma Gamma - livingston Uni ersity


pring 199-t

President, Tonette Blackwell, Rt. 1, Umestone 1, Uvingston, AL 35470; CA, Melinda Willingham, 1013 Wood Avenue, York, AL 36925; ACA, Elizabeth S. Humble, College of Business, LU, Uvingston, AL 354 70; CC, Marsha Sims, 212-B Sterrett Street, Camden, AL 36726 Gamma Epsilon - Potsdam College President, Michelle Stuto, 2-9 Main St. Apts Potsdam, NY 13676; CA, Jim Lyons, Maxey Hall, Potsdam College, Potsdam, NY 13676; ACA, Jon Bergstrom, 37 Chestnut Street, Potsdam, NY 13676; CC, Dawn Lanpher, 301 Ripplebrook Lane, Minoa, NY 13116 Gamma Zeta - Frostburg State University President, Dana Agnolutto, 88 Park Lane #F, Frostburg, MD 21532 ; CA, Dr. Cindy Herzog, Psychology Dept. , FSU, Frostburg, MD 21532; ACA, Connie Groer, 17310 Old National Pike SW, Frostburg, MD 21532 ; CC, Kari Rittenhouse, 121 Hill Street, Frostburg, MD 21532 Gamma Eta - Northwood Institute President, Shelly Crow, 3300 Gumwood #1617, Arlington, TX 76014; CA, Elaine Brazzell, 1114 W. FM 138 2, Cedar Hill, TX 75104 Gamma Theta - Pennsylvania State University/The Behrend College President, Jamie Rossi, Box 804, Behrend College, Erie, PA 16563; CA, Wendy Bussard, 202 Uberty Street #2, Erie, PA 16507; CC, Tracy Sabol, 63 Greencliff Drive, Cleveland, OH 44146 Gamma Iota - York College of Pennsylvania President, Christine Lohrfink, 360-D W. Springettsbury Avenue, York, PA 17403 ; CA, Carla Kolasa , RD 5 , Box 5855, Spring Grove, PA 17362 ; CC, Nancy Marshall, 19937 Old York Road , White Hall, MD 21161 Gamma Lambda - Kutztown University of Pennsylvania President, Renee Lorenzetti, 510 N. Briar Circle, Kutztown , PA 19530; CA, Dawn Thren, 2100 Cleveland Avenue, Reading, PA 19609; ACA, Judith Haas, 2156 Hock Road , East Greenville, PA 18041; CC, Tracy Bond, 2844 Klein Street, Allentown, PA 18103 Gamma Mu - West Virginia Institute of Technology President, Kelly Harrnon Grose, PO Box 184, Belva, WV 26656; CA, Beverly Harris, PO Box 708, Montgomery, WV 25136; ACA, Susan R. Rogers, 939 Park Street, St. Albans, WV 25177; CC, Nancy Jo Canterbury, Box 164, Kimberly, WV 25118 Gamma Chi - William Paterson College President, Kim Cullen, Heritage 4 11 , 300 Pompton Road, Box 888, Wayne, NJ 07474; CA, Maximina Rivera, 300 Pompton Road, Residence Ufe, WPC, Wayne, NJ 07474 Gamma Nu - Waynesburg College President, Mared Metzgar, 203 E. Green Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370; CA, Kristen Earnest, RD #l , Marianna, PA 15345; ACA, Traci Rodeheaver, 170 W. College St. #3, Canonsburg, PA 15317 Gamma Xi - Grand Valley State University President, Lisa Haskin, 2913 Buchanan, Marne, Ml 49435; CA, Pamela Wright Hachet, 7433 Westwood Dr. , J enison, Ml 49428; CC, Dawn Tohver, 430 Spezia Drive, Oxford, MI 48371 . Gamma Pi - Lycoming College Pres1dent, Danielle Kegelman, Box 960, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 17701 ; CA, Mary Wolf, Box 153, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 17701 ; ACA, Donna Weaver 612 Rose Street, Williamsport, PA 1770l;'cc, Mary J o Lukehart Barnett, 606 Brandon Avenue Williamsport, PA 17701 Gamma Rho - Seton Hall University

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

President, Ann-Marie Rispoli, Box 1574, 400 S. Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079; CA, Gina Trucillo Pintar, 520 Herrick Drive, Dover, NJ 07801 ; ACA, Alice Grodman, 26 Semon Road, Huntington, NY 11743 Gamma Sigma - Belmont Abbey College President, Marilyn Guthy, Box 532, BAC, Belmont, NC 28012; CA, Susan Hayes, 310 Peach Orchard Road, Belmont, NC 28012; CC, Karen Wheeler, 3503 Cornell Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 Gamma Tau- Lebanon Valley College President, Rania Gaitanis, Dickinson Hall, Apt. 20, LVC, Annville, PA 17003 ; CA, Teresa Eckard, 41 E. Columbia Road , Enola, PA 17025; CC, Donna Mandes, 1343 Harding Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033 Gamma Upsilon - California State University/Los Angeles President, Christine Sarlo, 2213 S. Meridian, Alhambra, CA 91803; CA, Annette Sanchez-Marrone, PO Box 1406, Agoura Hills, CA 91376 Gamma Omega - LaSalle University President, Maribeth !verso, SM C I S D, POB 20902, LSU West Complex, Philadelphia, PA 19 141 ; Co-CA, Taunia Halcrow, 7901 Rossevelt Boulevard #4 7, Philadelphia, PA 19152; Co-CA, Meredith Rambo, 112 Westbrook Road , Feasterville, PA 19053 Delta Alpha - Gannon University President, Usa Woods, 316-l/2 W. 9th Street, Erie, PA 16502; CA, Katherine Ullis Kramer, 422 Stafford Avenue, Erie, PA 16508 Delta Beta- Fairmont State College President, Julia Frisenda, 1441 Beech Lane, Fairmont, WV 26554 CA-Chapter Adviser; ACA-Assistant Chapter Adviser; CC-Chapter Consultant

ALUMNAE ORGANIZATIONS Arkadelphia, Arkansas Chapter - Jo Anne Williams Chunn, Alpha Gamma, 8 18 N. Park Drive, Arkadelphia, AR 71923 Baltimore, Maryland - Susan Harris Sebring, Beta Mu, 4321 Rint Hill Drive # 101, Owings Mills, MD 2 1117 Bluefield, West Virginia Chapter - Joyce Gregory Buchanan, Omicron, 1905 Tazewell Avenue, Bluefield, WV 24605 Buffalo, New York Chapter - Susan McNamara Fry, Sigma, 379 Fruitwood, Williamsville, NY 14221 Central Pennsylvania - Amy DuPree, Alpha Xi, Box 118, Central Avenue, Avis, PA 17721 Conway, Arkansas Chapter- Cathy Knox Koehler, Upsilon, 4301 Lee Avenue, North Uttle Rock, AR 72205 Denver, Colorado Chapter- Ann Boley Todd, Nu, 1021 Carr # 18 , Denver, CO 80215 Detroit-Northeast Suburbs, Michigan Chapter - Kathy Pulice Baecker, Theta, 18667 North Oak Court, Clinton Twp. , Ml 48038 Durant, Oklahoma Chapter - Sharon McVay Dunham, Rho, 113 Gates, Durant, OK 74701 Edwardsville, Illinois Chapter - Karen Wasser, Beta Eta, 615 State Street, Wood River, IL 62095 Erie, Pennyslvania Chapter - Deborah Young Carter, Alpha Tau, 2531 W. 34th Street, Erie, PA 16506 Fort Wayne, Indiana Club- Unda Pulver, Alpha Epsilon, 1009 S . Van Buren Street, Auburn, IN 46706 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Chapter - Donna Weibley Lapona, Beta Epsilon, 756 Pine Street, Steelton, PA 17113 Houston, Texas Chapter - Sharon Hahn Juntunen, Phi, 643 Eastlake, Houston, TX

77034 Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter - Ingrid Mason , Beta Xi, 4311 Forest Terrace, Anderson, IN 46013 Kirksville, Missouri Chapter - Michelle Schmidt, Alpha Sigma, 705 N. Green Street, Kirksville, MO 63501 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Club Christine Oleska Eshelman, Beta Epsilon, 2532 Speckled Drive, East Petersburg, PA 17520 Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Chapter Tracy Bond, Zeta, 712-1/ 2 N. 11th Street, Allentown, PA 18102 Lowell, Massachusetts Chapter - Beth Wright McGoldrick, Beta Tau, 215 Arlington Street, Medford, MA 02115 Marietta, Ohio-Parkersburg, West Virginia Chapter - Diane Dyar, Alpha Kappa, Apt. 65, Putnam Place Apts., Marietta, OH 45750 Muncie, Indiana Chapter - Ruth Parker, Alpha Alpha, 4804 West Petty Road, Muncie, IN 47304 New Orleans, Louisiana Chapter Jeannine Gettys Ard, Phi, 16 Emile Avenue, Kenner, LA 70065 Northern New Jersey Chapter - Cynthia Hruby Egan, Beta Upsilon, 8 Salvatore Court, Fairfield, NJ 07004 Northern Virginia Chapter - Leah Burke Lowe, Beta Zeta, 5314 Dunleer Lane, Burke, VA 22015 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chapter - Lois Schweikart O 'Dell, Lambda, 222 W. Tabor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19120 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Suzanne Lilliquist Schultz, Delta, 1797 Renee Drive, Ubrary, PA 15 129 Prince George's-Montgomery County, Maryland Chapter - Sue Hunter Dingess, Omicron, 12800 Tern Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia Chapter Bonnie Harris, Alpha Lambda, 9820 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832 Roanoke, Virginia Chapter - Cindy Moore Howard, Alpha Lambda , 503 1 Meadowcreek Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 San Antonio, Texas Chapter- Yvonne Ybarra, Beta Theta, 3203 Lura Lane, San Antonio, TX 78228 Shepherdstown, West Virginia Chapter Marie Busch Crim, Chi, RRl , Box 114, Gerrardstown , WV 25420 Southern Colorado Chapter - Janet B. Norman, Nu, 9855 Fountain Road, Chipita Park, CO 80811 St. Louis, Missouri Chapter - Melanie Foster, Pi, 5437 Oakcrest Drive, Imperial, M063052 Tidewater Virginia Chapter - Paulette Crawford, Psi, 112 Conway Avenue , Norfolk, VA 23505 Tri-City, Michigan Chapter- Martha Prendergast Triantafillow, Beta, 2835 Dorset, Saginaw, Ml 48603 West Chester, Pennsylvania ChapterCarolyn McGill Mee, Alpha Phi, 1101 Glenview Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111 West Suburban Chicago, Illinois Chapter - Lucinda Edwards Younce, Alpha Alpha, 354 Sword Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 Youngstown, Ohio Chapter - Carol Rceti, Alpha Rho, 3885 Jeanette , Warren, OH 44484 Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor, Michigan ChapterRebecca Dotson Praznik, Beta Xi, 15716 Drake, Southgate, Ml 48195 All Alpha Sigma Taus are welcome at alumnae meetings , which are usually held in members' homes. Please check your local telephone directory for the number of the contact person in your area.


NOHtNA1tON5 All National Council positions (bold boxes) and National Staff positions (positioned below the Council member responsible for them) are scheduled for re-election (Council) or re-appointment (Staff) at this year's National Convention . Any a lumnae member in good standing may nominate herse lf, or be nominated by another si ter, by submitting the Resume for Staff Positions on th e next page. If more information on any p osition is needed, please refer to th e National Handbook, or contact Natio n al Nom inations C h airman Kathy Puli ce Baecker, 18667 N . Oak Court,

Clinton Twp., MI 4803 -2095, or call her at 313/ 286-2314 after 5:00p.m. All nominations should be postmarked no later than May 1, 1994. The Nomination Chairman must receive all completed Re ume Form by May 15, 1994. If you nominat a si ter for a po ition, please end her a copy of the Resume Form o h can complete it and expedite the proc ss. All Council and Staff po ition require a two-year commitment, through the 1996 National Convention.







E Cool dina! ex of Alumnae

Historian Paiiiamenta<ian


Editcx. The Ctest






I Editor. The Anchor I


AMmae Ecilcx



Colegiale Ediior



pring 199-l

NOHfNA1fON5 All National Council and National Staff positions will be open for re-election and re-appointment at Alpha Sigma Tau 's 30th National Convention next summer. Would you like to be considered for a National Staff position? Would you like to nominate someone? Please complete this form and return it to Kathy Baecker, National Nominations Chairman , 18667 North Oak Court, Clinton Twp., Ml 48038 (telephone 313/286-2314) .

Applying for (Position) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name (include married and maiden names) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address/City/State/Zip - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Area Code/Phone Number - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - College/University from which you graduated _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Year of Graduation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Major _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Advanced degree? If so, what area? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Collegiatechapteraffiliation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Alumnae chapter affiliation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Are you actively involved at the alumnae level? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Officesheld~thecollegi~elevel, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Officesheld~alumnaelevel

_ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

If employed , are you employed full-time or part-time? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Occupation - - -- - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Do you have ch ildren? If yes, please list their ages. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Are you able to travel for Alpha Sigma Tau? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ If yes, on weekends Frequency: weekly

weekdays _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ monthly

semi-annually _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Briefly list your reasons for agreeing to be nominated for a National Staff position.

Comments _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Can you type? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __



Do you write letters? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ __


No[ ]

Are you able to travel at short notice? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Yes[ ]


Are you able to work within a budget? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __



Is there an airport near your home? _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Yes[]


Offering domestic flights? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Yes[] Would you be able to serve a full term (two years) if selected? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Yes[]

No[] No[]

Please list any further information you feel is pertinent.

Signature _ __ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994


evening at Putt-Putt in J une. In j ul we worked on our two-mi le tretc h of the adopt-a-highway project; and in ugu t, we spent an evening our wit h o u r pou e at the H ibachi J apane e teak Hous. We pent Founder Da with Gamma Theta, lpha Tau , and De lta Alpha. The celebration was ho ted b lpha Tau at the beautifu l o ld inn in Cambridge prings kn wn a the Ri er ide I nn. orma Bla k, Beta Di trict P resident and Erie alumnae member, was the toastmi tress. Bu ffa lo alu ms go trick or treating with the kids of Children 's Hospital.

BUFFALO Rep01ted by Maria D. Lagana vVhil e e nj oying a bea uti ful fa ll season , th e Buffa lo alums have been busy. In Sep te mber, a d elicio us po tluck upp e r was h e ld a t th e h o m e of P at ichols. A dessert meeti ng fo llowed in O ctobe r a t Marilyn Todd' , followed by a White Ele ph ant ale . In the p hi la nth ro pic piri t, man of o ur me mbers a sisted with a H allowee n party with th e ea rl y childh ood p rogra m of th e hildre n 's H ospital of Buffa lo. Sin ce o ne of our me mbe rs has a da ug hter who atte nds tl1is progra m, it wa a pecial proj ect for o ur chap ter. T he program is for childre n birth to fi ve who have ha ndicapping con d itions and special n eeds. Fo unde rs Day was ce lebra ted witl1 a lun c h eo n a n d th e affi li ation of n ew m e mb e rs. T h e h o lid ay easo n co n cl uded with a desse rt meeting a nd gift exchange at Mari a Lago na's.

DETROIT / NORTHEAST SUBURBS Repo1·ted by Patricia Madden We started tl1 e year off with a new socia l service proj ect h eaded by adia Madde ns. 1adi a was in ch a rge of th e "c hild re n ' area" of h er c hu rc h ' annu a l U kr a ni a n S unfl ower Fe t iva l. Sin ce h e was short of vo lumeer , we pitc hed in to help a nd e njoyed wo rking with th e child ren. Ch ristianne Ye n tz gave a n art prese ntatio n a t o ur Se pte mber meeting. Our large t fun dra i er of th e year, se llin g Enterta in ment books, began in October. We also coll ected pape r goods that mon th a n d sent t h em to t h e Rona ld McDo nald H o use for o ur Pa nh e ll enic soc ial ervic proje t. T he m ting end cl with th drawing


Al'T Spi rit bl~oms at the annual Ukrainian Sunflower Festival with Detroit Alumnae (Left to R 1ght) Nad10 Maddens, Paula Reiden , Kathy Baecker, Patricia Maddens, Tammy StegehUJs, and Desmond Maddens (Patricia 's husband).

of ecret i ter name and a pre entation of me n 's ilk tie , clothi ng, and acce orie by Dave and Cind Manarclo. We h osted a F ou n ders D a "Reun io n " with Yp ilanti-Ann Arbor Alumn ae, lph a C h apter , and many unaffi liated alumnae. Chri tianne Yentz do n ated a pa inting to be raffled a a funclrai er for the 1 ational Foundation.

ERIE Reported by Kitty KmmeT We combin ed fami ly fun and si terhood for an eventful ummer. We sta rted off our summer ' ith a family

A beautiful old inn and wonderful friends makes Founders Day special for Erie 's Cindy Hawes , Ellen Danowski , Norma Black, Kitty Kramer and Debbie Carter.

HARRISBURG RepOTted l7y Deb01·ah A. Kiner We were bu y and productive in 1993, proving that T mean Alway omeone There. Armed with adclre label from ationa! Headquarter and a ery dedica te d member hip chairman, Ca e Marks, we have attracted orne enthu iastic members to our group. Our chapter enjo •eel a murder my tery party, makmg our own holida y gift wrap , a Chn tmas luncheon , an Italian dinner gou~met cooking le on , and a famil; plCillC. Our Tupperware nmdrai er are quite succe ful and benefit our local cr cia] en-ice project and Pine Iount.ain. . ~e are .into our second •ear of prcr v1dmg holiday partie for the Interfaith Famil ' helter in Harri burg. t H alloween , we tuff trick-or-treat baa . t hdstma , we help the hildren m ke decoration , enjo · cookie and punch, and ,.i it \\>ith anta laus. \\'e a! dcr n.a ted .towel and other p r na l h\'giene Item lO the adu lts. ur Ea ter party inclu~e an g hunt , making raft , olonng eggs, and a \'i it from Lh Ea ter Bunn\'. THE


prin 1994

In addition, we assist the local collegiate chapter . Through our cha pte r' continued pro perit , we each e njo y personal growth a nd e nri c hm e nt through meeting new people, h elping others, and making new friend .

hri stm as part h e ld a t Be ky App leman 's new hom e.


Indianapolis Alums Left to R ight :l ngrid Mason, Barb Heeb, and Faith Bryrne join their fellow "Animal Amigos " at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Reported by Pam Fultz The eco nd nnu a l e wcom e r Party began th e 1993-94 sea o n. A mass mailing telling a bout th e North rn Virgini a Cha pter and it eve nts wa sent to a ll a rea a lumn ae. The th e m e of o ur "r u h " party was "ALT Spirit " a nd g ue ts were e n couraged to wear th e ir le tte rs. something g reen an d gold , or a pi ece of sorority j ewe lry. Th e eve ning's hig hlight was th e sha rin g of coll egiate m e mo ries whi ch included initiatio n by a atio n a l Staff m e mbe r, pl edge ribbons , scave n ge r hunts at midni g ht, pl e dge brea kfasts, a nd spec ia l g ift from big sister . At o ur O ctobe r meeting, DeeAnn J ere miah spoke with us abo ut h er busin ess, Class ic Con cie rge, the services th ey offer, a nd h ow h e a nd he r hu sband got tarted in the busin e . Th at month , we began o ur major fundraise r, the se lling of White H o use Christm as orna m e nts. T h e 1993 o rn a m e nt featured a po rtrait of Juli a Gardiner Tyler, the seco nd wife of Preside nt Tyle r. In ovember, m a n y of us we nt to "Rh apsody in H a rmon y", a barbe rshop co n ce rt fea turin g th e In te rnational Go ld Med alist Ch o rus, Th e Alexandri a H a rm on ize rs. Eve ryo n e raved a bout th e s how , a nd a n o th e r o utin g is pla nned for next spring. Founde rs Day, comple te with dinne r a nd a n ALT birthday cake, was ce lebrated a t th e ho me of Cha rl otte Floyd.

Co untry Club. Both of th e e women, who a re o ur past a nd in co ming president , atte nded th e Op e n H o us es for the n ew Alpha C hi Om ega and Ze ta T a u Alpha h eadquarters h e re in Indianapoli . Ba rb , In g rid , a nd Fa i t h Byrn e a ttended the recog niti o n progra m for "Animal Amigo " spon so r of th e Indianapol is Zoo. Thi progra m provid ed food , m e di cin e, a nd veter in ary ca re for zoo anima l . We h ave suppo rte d thi project for nine years, a nd we are c h a rter m e mb e r s of th e new Indi anapoli Zoo . . . Pam Legg continues to be ac tive 111 Panhellenic. She was the auctioneer for their annuaJ Chri tmas Auction ; th e proceeds be nefitted the Lite racy League. Th e 1993 easo n closed with a viewing of th e Pine Mountain slid es a t th e

Roses for Northern Virginia 's new inductees Amy Norris, Laura Henri e, Jennifer Wasserman, and Michele Banas.

INDIANAPOLIS Reported by Pam Legg We have be e n working s tr a ig ht through th e summer rig ht into the fa ll. A picnic and a good game of "di k golf ' highlighted our summe r. We were d elighted th at Cynthia McCrory, NPC Alte rn a te D e lega te, was a bl e to join u s and our fa milies for this activity. In the fall , In g rid Maso n a nd Barb H eeb joined the Mun cie Alumn ae for th e ir fall lun c h eo n at th e D e laware

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

Mary Louise Doyle opens her birthday gift - a wa rm Al:T sweatshirt complete with em broidered cres t at Northern Virginia 's Fo unde rs Day dinn e r.

Our pea ke r was Cath y Schreiner, Direc tor of Alumn ae, who talk d about the a lumn ae o rga ni za ti o n an d our co mmitm e nt as alumn ae member . Followin g the ca nd le li g htin g ce re m o ny, we indu cted Mi c h e le Ba n as , Laura H enr ie, Amy orris, a nd J en nifer Wa e rma n into ou r chapter. Th e 1993 H o liday Ce le bration conclud e d with a g ift exc h ange a nd the "un ve iling" of o ur Secret i ter . Gifts a nd cann ed goods were gath ered for our adopted fa mily. We e n co urage a ll a lu mnae in the area to visit u . Be t wishes to the colleg ia n s . . . we loo k fonvard to h aving yo u with us soon!

ST. LOUIS Reported by Mmy Lou Scoll The hig hlig h t of o ur fa ll celebration was a joint Founde rs Day ce lebrati o n


with th e Edwardsville Alumnae Ch apter and Be ta Eta and Beta Psi Chapters. Our progra m wa prese nte d by Pat Hoffelde r, who brought a pan of h e r exte nsive co ll ectio n o f do ll s to illu tra te h e r talk o n do ll , their hi sto ry, a nd th e e ngaging hobby of doll collecting. The cand lelig htin g ce re mo ny, alwa ys u ed as the c los in g of th e cele bratio n , was especially meaningful when sha red with o ma ny sisters. Our an nu al Pa nh e ll e nic-spo nsored Charity Gift Wrap found us wrapping Christm as gifts at a n area h opping mall. Al l the me mbers of our Alumnae Panhell en ic work a nd hare in the proceeds. Th is fundrai er i the major support of o ur local phila nthro pi e . We are qu ite proud of two of o ur me mbe rs. Cla ra Ficke Marin just co mpl eted a two-yea r term as ta te pre id e nt of Kappa Kappa Iota, a na tion al organ izatio n of teache rs. The o rga nizatio n 's phi lan thropic effort i to up port a research group, Kempe Foundati o n of Co lorado , wh ich focuses attentio n o n battered adul ts. Virg ini a H erron Bea re knits baby sweater , in cluding he r own desig n of Sa nta a nd s h owmen , and m a ke laye ttes for Kin gdom H ouse, a day care cente r for di sadvantaged in th e inn er city. Beare also erves o n the a uxilia ry of Epworth C hildre n ' H ome. Th e home is for chi ldre n in crisis, ages 1120, and was started over 100 year s ago for childre n se nt from th e eastern S to the Midwes t to work o n fa rms. Today, some of th e childre n have gone on to co ll ege a nd h ave grad u a te d with honors. Another project of Beare' is the Gle ndale Wome n ' Gui ld . A rece nt fundraising project prov id e d bull e tproofvests for local poli ce office rs. These are just a few of our activities. If you wou ld li ke to jo in us, just ca ll Melan ie Foster at 314-464-6148. We are always hop ing to e nlarge our "fami ly".

TIDEWATER Reported by J oy Withmpoon Variety is the p ice of li fe for Tidewat r alums. In Septe mber we e njoyed an "East of apa" evening ponsored by a loca l win e pecia lty shop. In Octobe r, we h ea rd weddin g b e ll s a nd dan ced th e night away whe n Lynn ullivan a nd o rm Hes got ma rri ed. We we re d elig hted to ee Bonnie Ha rri , form e r Tid ewate r alum , a t th e wedding. Found r Day was h e ld at th e Anchor Inn . 'v\ e had a bea utiful cere mo ny a nd indu l d Tree na T o mlin so n into


o ur ch apter. We fill ed goodie bags to se nd to Old Do minion nive rsity for th e Greek to enjo during exam week. We brin g a Po ll ya nn a g ift to eac h m eetin g. Th e g ift must be 5 or le s and brought in a brown paper bag. We enjo the creati vity a nd inte re t this activity adds to o ur mee ting . Our Christma party wa held a t Robbie Cool' home. Our d ate enjoy this a nnual eve nt as much as we do. Farm Fresh pre e nted u with a n opportuni ty to earn mo n e ~ r the Childr e n 's H ospital of th e Kin g Daug hter . Fo ur of o ur si ter earned 15 each for being a My tery hopper for the g rocery chain . Th eir job was to do a qua lit ch ec k in var ious d epartme nts. everal of u volunteered to be in vo lved in a T est Ma rk e t Researc h Progra m, earning 10 eac h, whi h was also e nt to th e ho pita!. We continu e to co ll ec t fo o d labe ls, whi ch help with th e purchase of a udiovisual equ ipm e nt for th e Livi ng Water hri tian School. We sent a contribution to th e Christmas Jo Fund . We are all proud of Treena T om linon, o ur representa tive to th e Panh elle ni c 1 e tworkin g for Wom e n , a nd Anna Marga ret Young Rh odes, who ha bee n appo inted to t h e lph a ig ma T a u Board o f Trustee .

d eve lop into the trong chapter they are today. Li a wa a tre m e ndou help with EMU' Pa nhellenic Council. Alpha Chapter' activitie have kept Chapter Advisers jo ce Berg and Diana 1iha iu buy. We a ll attended H omecom ing activities a t the chapter hou e a nd h e ld a "ge t to know yo u " pizza party in honor of th e n ewe t initiate an d p le d es. We joined the De tro it/ Northea t uburbs lumn ae for Fo und ers D a a nd viewed Pin e Mou ntain !id e at o ur ove mber meeti ng. In December, we o llected ite m for Fir t tep, a helter for ab u ed women, and po nsored a marathon for Mu cula r Dy trophy. We nd a pecial thanks to Marc Lilly, a i ter who now live in Bec kl ey, WV, who provided us with a "C hri tma Arou nd the World" fundrai er by donating her comm i io n to our c h ap ter for the eco nd year in a row. Co n gra tul ation to ue Lagine , wh o wa awarded the Who ' Who

YPSILANTI-ANN ARBOR Reported by L inda hapona Las t Jun e, we e lec ted new o ffi ce r , several of whom a re new Alpha Chapte r a lumn ae. Th e e women brin g exc i te m e nt and fr e h id ea into o ur cha pte r. We also welcomed new members Tracy Deal , La ura Fazza ralari, and J ean nine Kuntz. i te r ly ti e were co ntinued during t h e summer thro ug h go lfing a nd socializing, a nd in th e fall the announceme nt of our Alumn ae To p T au , Dia na Mihaiu , was made. Diana i o ur "goodwill ambassad o r " who i alway writing letters far and near to kee p the tie tha t bind tig htly wo e n. A potluck at Sue Slick' home erved up our fir t mee ting of th e year. Three si te r took on the ta k of eros titchin g th e c r es t for ex p a n sio n p ac ke t for 1 ational Expansion tant Anne Gruber. We are a ll proud of re tiring lph a h a pte r dvisers u e li c k and Li a Ful tz. ue wa e n â&#x20AC;˘ed on lpha' adviory taff since 19 7 a nd h e r voluntee ri m h a provided th cha pter with tre ng th , nurturing, a nd a n ab ilit â&#x20AC;˘ to

Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor alumnae at Founders Day.

Among America' Teacher for 1992, a nd to Linda Shapona, who received a cholar hip to the In titute for Organizational Management by the Center for Leader hip Deve lopmen t of the Chamber of ommerce.

THE ANCH R 199-l

tinued with our great formal ru h . All our ha rd work paid off and we we re rewa rded with 15 wonde rfu l new pledges. Sprin g 1993 grades were re leased a nd our own Al yso n O lander received the award fo r hig hest fre shm a n CPA. We we re also proud to see ou r overall CPA increase dras ti ca ll .

Alumnae, actiues, pledges, and pets at Alpha 's homcoming patade.

Alpha/ Eastern Michigan

Yp silanti, Ml: Th e Alph a Chapter began the fa ll em e t e r with ru s h whi c h featured " round th e \1\lorld with :LT. " Each day o ur the m e was a diffe re nt cou n try. We picked up seven terrifi c pl edge . Thi semester's phil a nthro py project included a H a llowee n party with the kids at Mott's Chi ldren ' Hospi tal, a canned food drive for th e Hum a ne Society, working at a oup kitche n a nd pas ing out ribbon for alcoho l awa reness wee k. For Founde r Day, we m et with area alumn ae for a lun cheon and rededication cere mon y to ce le bra te 94 yea r . AI o in Nove mbe r, we he ld our formal on a boat o n th e De o路o it River. Our fundrai ing activities included a sister auction and the hom eco min g float we made with th e De lta igma Phi fraternity that won second p lace a nd a mon tary prize .

This year' homecoming was a huge uccess as it brought in alumn ae sister from 1946 to as recent as Ia t spring. We a re ve ry pro ud to ay that it was the best turn o ut in rece nt yea rs. And our alumn ae don ations were very much appreciated . This fa ll , we parti cipated in th e Central Mi c hi ga n First Annua l Mi chigan Greek Leaders hip co n fe re n ce. Th e conference o路essed th e uni ty and educatio n of Michigan Greek leade rs. Four of our sisters we re inso路um e ntal in th e organization of the confe re nce. We are very pro ud of si ter J e ie Bra ndow, Kim Willi ams, Melissa avich a nd Arah Morton for all their hard work. Fa ll activities included a Halloween costum e date party a nd hayride and a winter formal. We ca rve d pumpkin s a nd parti cipated in ighon are on Main treet with Alpha igma Alpha. We also do nated bl ood to help the Red Cross in s upp o rt of t h e Greek Week Phi la nthropy projec t. We a re also busy with our own phila nthro py proj ects such a a clothing drive and Adopt-A-Block. We have also ad opted three highway m iles a nd took part in a Crop Walk.

Siste rs a lso took pa rt in a fla g footba ll leagu e and a iste r-swa p with th e eight other sororities on campu . -Bridget Mal o ne

Our be t wishes to Nikki Genta and Amy Kitc h e n who were recently m a rried , and LO Mary Rizzo, Ka re n Muh olla nd a nd H anna h Barta who wi ll be married within the year. -Megan Adamian

Be ta/ Central Michigan

Delta/ Indiana of PA

Mt. Pleasant, MI:

Indiana, PA:

The fa ll semester started out with some remodeli ng of our house . It co n-

Beta Chapter sisters get ready for th e ir formal.

THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

The siste rs of th e De lta Cha pte r had a great formal rush thi s fa ll , a nd we now h ave thirteen love ly pl edges. As a fund raiser, for $2, the siste rs go t a spaghetti dinn e r cooked by these great pledge . The siste rs and p ledges re-create d th e city o f Venice, I taly for o u r hom eco min g fl oat. We a lso particip a te d in th e D e l ta Gamma Anchor Splash , in which sororitie and fraterniti es compete in swimming events. We placed second in swimming, fundraisin g and sp i rit. Thi fa ll , we h ave started a n ew tradition. Each week a sis-

te r opens he r hou se for us to get together for ome movie a nd mun chi s. At Th a nksg ivin g, we he ld our s ond a nnua l Progre sive Dinn e r. We move from house to house h avin g a sampl of eac h siste r 's co ntribution. We d o have ome hidde n cookin g talent. -Leah Hi h

Zeta/ Lock Haven

Lock H aven, PA : We ce lebrated Founders Day by dre sin g a nd wearing o ur badge with ribbon . We a lso posted a ign in a promin e nt pl ace on ca mpu s sayi n g what we were ce le bratin g. On Saturday ovember 6th, we celebrated Fo unde r Day a nd Pare nts Day by havin g a covered di sh gathering and a cand lelight cere mo ny. Th e H omecom in g festivitie began o n Thursday O ctober 21 with a emiform al to a nn o un ce the H omecoming king a nd queen a nd the grand marshals for th e p ara d e. Ou r as i tant chapte r adviser Sue Robbi ns was o ne of the g rand mar hals. Each fl oat in the parad e was a differen t state (ours wa H awai i) a nd we won second place. Before the fo o tball game, we had a tai lgating party for o ur alumn ae. That night we prese nted t h e Top Ta u award to Colleen Reese . In eptember, we had a car wash to benefit Steph McGrath, an alumna who wa bad! injured in a car accide n t. In October, we h eld our 26-ho ur Rock-a-Th o n to benefit our loca l phil a nthro p y, Loc k H aven D ay Ca re. In November, we h ad a pretzel sa le to bene fit Pin e Mountain ettleme nt ch ool. We also filled o ut organ d o n or card and co ll ec ted soda can tab for a local ho pita!. -l'vla1 Pender

Omicron/ Concord

Ath ens, WV: Hom ecom in g eve nts we were involved in included lip sync competi ti on a nd th e h o m ecom in g p arad e , wh ere we placed in th e ba nn er com petiti on, winning 25.00. On O ctober 9 we al o h e ld o ur a lumn ae tea. W e enjo eel sp e ndin g time with o ur a lumnae a nd i ters from the Gamma Mu ch apter at West Virgini a Tech. We had eve ral alumn ae and parents attend o ur Fo und er ' Day celebratio n on Nove mbe r 4. We have h eld everal fund raise rs this e m ester, uch a a car wa h , 50/ 50 raffle and a bake ale .


also have two new advi er ' Pam Szafarcz k an d and Ke ll McEvoy. Th e e 1:\~o wo men ha e really made a wo rld o f diffe re nce in our ch a pter and for thi we thank them . a ti o n a l taff m e mbe r p a id u a v1 n 1n e pte mbe r. Th ey bro ug ht us ma ny n ew id ea . It wa a pl ea ure to m ee t Ri c ki Tro e n a nd Ma ry Ell e n Willmitch .

Members of Omicron Chapter pose at the en trance to their camp us.

Lambda (busin e hon or oc iety) ; Kim Goad , ph o togra ph e r o n th e yearboo ~ staff; Kristen Wi ll iam , member of Ph1 Be ta Lambd a; a nd J oyce Woo ll a rd , manage r of Concord ' wo men ' vo ile ball team. -Melis a Hamm Rho / Southeastern Oklahoma

Durant, 0 K:

Rho Chapter at a party.

O ur chapter has learn ed a lot fro m o ur Soro ri ty Growth and Developmen t program this emester. We co-hosted a program with SAFE (Stop Abusive Family Environm ents) in which th e speaker d i cussed dating and violence. Ano ther program we enj oyed was ''Ways ~o protect the environ me nt and what will happ e n if we d o n ' t ". Our c h a pte r h as ta rte d r ecyc lin g tin ca n a nd th e mo ney we receive will go to Pin e Mountain Se ttle me nt ch oo l. We we re al o recognized b the President of Concord fo r o ur help with Operation Proud and fo r rai ing mon e for th e J ac k Gros Fu nd . We also h ad a ocia l a nd ru h party to wh ich we brought two cans of food each to help the need . We a l o pa rticipa ted in a progra m pon sore d by o u r Pa n h e ll e ni c ca ll ed GALS (Greek Loving ister ) where all fo ur o roriti e on campu j o ined to pro mo te Gree k harmon . O ur ha pte r' o utstand ing ister are Ed ie Ward , Panh elle ni c Presid ent; Kim Lu a , Vice Presid ent o f I a ppa lph a Ka pp a a nd a m e mb e r o f Phi Be ta


Our eme ter tarted out with a very s u ccess fu l ru s h . T we nty-two yo un g ladi es a tte nd e d our lu a u "Tiki T a u " ru h party. We eve n had "hu la" dan cing le on to e ntertai n th e rushee . a fu ndra i e r, we raffl ed ch an ce o n a qui lt with o ur uni ve r ity crest a ~d mascot o n one side. Our Pan hellenic sponsor e d a "Tr u e o lo r s" p e r so n a lity anal i wo rksh op . We are all very excited abo ut o ur upcoming emi-formal . -l nda J o j o nes Sigma/ Buffalo State

Th e Sigma ister have al ~ bee n very bu with a numbe r of phd a nthro p proj ec t . We marc h ed in t~ e. T o f? r To t parade . Wea l o p ar ti Ci pa ted 111 th e nnu a l Zooper Pumpkin Pa tc h . i te r dr e se d i n co tu m e a nd pain ted face . few of us, alo ng with the alumn ae, al o atte nd a Hall oween party for Childre n ' Ho pi ta!. Co nve ntio n is in Buffa lo thi u mmer, so o u r cha pter and th e alumn ae c h a pt~ r are pre pari ng for yo ur vi it. We a nx1o u ly await thi o ca io n an d loo k fo rward to meeting everyo ne! -Mic he lle Li ow ki Zeta Tau/ Longwood

Farm ville, VA: T hi eme ter h a bee n an exCitmg time fo r Zeta Tau! Longwood ' annual Okto berfe t ce lebratio n bro ught many alumnae , as d id Fo un d er Day, wh e re M . Be th Knau , atio nal H ou ing Dire to r, spo ke and th e reun ion of the Zeta Taus of '7 wa he ld!

Buffalo, NY: This e mester ha bee n o ne of new b eg innin g for th e ig m a c h a pter. R ush bro ug ht u te n n ew sisters , to wh o m we' d like to co ngra tul ate . We S igma Chap ter - fall 1 993 rush.

Jenny Arendas, Heather S terling, alum na Michelle Banas , Jennifer Bladen du ring Greek Week activities at Zeta Ta u.

vVe in iti ated eiah t g rea t wo me n o n Nove mber 4; th ey' ll n ever forge t their initi atio n d a te. v\ e are p ro ud to we lco m e Ro bin Bu rro u g h -DaYi t o ur advi orv boa rd . Mr . Davi i a re e nt a lumn ~ a nd a ra du a t e tud n t a t Lo ngwo d o il Th e h o liday a o n b ro ug h t with it o u r annua l p arry fo r un derpri \'ilea d T HE AN HOR

pring 199-4

chi ldren, our semi-formal Christmas Cocktail and the induction of two sisters into the aJumnae organization . In preparation for Chri tmas Cocktai l , a Fa rmville bridaJ and formaJ shop invited us to spend the evening trying on dresses. T he store was decorated with green and go ld ball oons, and we were offered a 15% discount on aJl purchases. -Je nnife r Bl ad e n

Upsilon/ Central Arkansas Con way, A R : This summer we participated in Fall 1993 ru h , "Al l Aboard th e Greek Express", and we got 33 pledges. We h ave bee n busy with diffe re nt phi lanthro pi e this emester. We h ave cl ea n e d our mile of highway, a nd dona ted perso nal care ite m s to the Be thlehe m H o use in Conway. We have also pain ted several

c hurc h eve ry Sunday. We a lso h ave many pizza nights and movi e nights. -Amy Sutterfield

Phi/ Southeastern Louisiana H amm ond, LA: We h ave parti cipa ted in m a ny phi la nthropi c activiti es. We h e ld a Roc kand-Rush this fa ll. This eve nt included our a nnual rock-a-tho n for Pin e Mounta in a nd a n o p e n ru s h party. The pledge class philantluopy was a visit to Horizon H o use, a shelter for ho meless tee nage rs . Th e p led ges p layed games with th e kids a nd brough t snacks. The chapter a lso p a rti cipate d in many campus activities such as the Pa nh e ll e n ic p le d ge pi c ni c, th e Datin g

Court. We he ld a n e motional m o th er pinning cere mon y which was followed by a fami ly picni c hig hlig hted by voll eyba ll a nd wonderfu l food! C hi n ow ho ld s the Greek Stick fo r a vic tory in Greek Week O lympics. We were paired with the Theta Xi fraternity broth ers a nd tackled o ur oppo ne n ts in all areas. We also were victorio us in Shepherd 's Air Ba nd wher e our rendition of a Madonn a medley won first place. We e nj oy visitin g Sara Cree, one of our former ad visers, a nd also recentl y adopte d two g ra ndp are n ts at a loca l nurs in g h o m e . We atte nd ed a H a lloween Fun ight at a local elementary school a nd dressed in costume which the chi ldre n e njoyed greatly. -Anna Golladay

Psi/ James Madison Harrisonburg, VA:

Phi Chapter

Game, and fraternity bid night. We also participated in H o mecoming Week by playi ng gam es, sponsoring a raffle, and riding in th e parade.

Getting dressed up for the Ma sque rade Ball are Upsilons (left to right) Kim A cre, Amy Sutterfield, and Erin Watso n.

rooms i n Haven House an d coo ke d t h em a Thanksgiv i n g dinn e r. Currently, we a re se ll ing Discovery Toys, which wi ll th e n be don ated to ch ildre n of various organizations. O ur fund rai ing activities this semester h ave consisted of hou e cl ea ning. We are also p laying in this semester's intramural activities. For so m e thing fun , we had a masqu e ra d e ball and everyone dressed in their favorite H alloween costume. We have a d esignated sister h ood da y or n ight that we set aside to be togethe r. For example, we meet o n Sunday morn ings and attend area churches. We attend a d ifferent

THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

We have held many ac tivities this sem es te r. We had a big sis/ Iii sis week, Mickey Pals, a nd date party. Th e the me for o ur d a te party was Cupid ' s Crash Crui e. The chapte r was visited by Chris Duggan , Iota Disu路ict Preside nt, in September. During the weekend of November 4-7, we held a ba nquet for Fo unde rs Da y, a ister h oo d retreat, "T h e Ties That Bind in ALT", and initia tion . -Sh ae Lynn Woodward

Psi Ch apte r has had an exciting, bu y fa ll se mester. Formal rush took place in September and resulted in the add iti on of 39 wonderful pledges. Th e pledge class perfo rm ed a skit in observance of Founders Day whi ch included a history of ALT, the fo unding siste rs and personal ac hi evem ents of several Psi Chapter me mbers. We h ave participated in a nd spo nsore d several philanthropic activiti es this se mester. These include blood drives, Adopt-a-Highway and parti cipated in a walk to raise mone y for A lzh e im e r 's Di sease. Our c h a pter is also curre ntly p lann in g a new philanthropy fund raiser, a Hike-a-Th on , that will r a ise m o n ey for a wild erne s

Chi/She pherd Sh ep herdstown, WV: We had a busy, ye t exciting and productive fa ll. We began with a su ccessful rush a nd h ave very e n e rge ti c p ledges. They a r e p la nn i ng severa l phil a n thropi es a nd fund r a ise r s as we ll as learning all about Alpha Sigma Tau . Otl1e r eve nts includ ing participa tion in hom eco ming where our g irl s dressed as Snow White a nd the Seve n Dwarfs and exc ite d a ll th e c hildre n dur ing the par a d e . Our own Lar a Ou le tte was nomin a te d for Se nior

Psi sisters Cary Morin , Erin Myers , and Je nny Broff dressed fo r a 70's party.


preservation organization.

are big sis/ Iii i coo kout, i terhood retreats , mixers, ha yrid es, coo kout , and our annual Christmas party at Mary Jo Mann' , our chapter ad vi er, where we exc h ange gift and h ave a wonderful meal. - helle Arnold

Psi Chapter h a a dive rse group of women , eac h with he r own unique and important accomp li hments. Some of t h e more outstanding m e mb e rs are Hope Tunstall , president of the Greek Honor Society, Order of Om ega; Brooke Rh ode, who rece ived the President of th e Seme ter awa rd ; e ig ht wome n in JMU ' honor society; nin e women on Pres ident ' Cabinet; and Cammie Kersey, president of the Hi tory Department Honor Society. -Erin i yers

Alpha Epsilon/Western Illinois M a comb, IL: Our fall formal ru h wa very ucce fu l; we took 22 new wonderful women as new me mber . Thi year' theme for fall rush was "Me mbership ha its Privilege ". We were very proud to have two Tau o n the 1993 Pan h e ll en ic ru h tea m a nd four Taus as Rh o hi . Tammy Meier as Rho Chi coordinator and Erica J o n e as Pan h e ll e ni c treasurer did an excellent job in ontributing to such a succe ful fall ru h. The 1993 Rho Chis were Tanya Thornley, Kristen teve ns, Bre nda Voegtle , and Kathy Joh a nson . This fall we held our 4th annual Challenge of the Fraternities, co-chaired by ha nnon McGrath and Dan a Crisci. Competition between 17 fratern iti e in sportin g eve nt and fun events li ke "Let u Entertain You "

Alpha Gamma/ Henderson State Arkadelphia, AR: The fa ll semester tarted off with formal rush. Our th e me was "A League of Our Own ". everal membe rs we re in d ucted into H ea rt and Key, an honorary service organ ization. T h e organ ization is made up of 15 wom e n and 15 me n; we have seven me mbe r in H eart and Key. We are very active on campus. We have me mbe rs in almost every organ ization . Our p h ila nthropy projects this semester were Adopt-a-H ighway, dopt-aSpot and co ll ecting can goods for the abused women and ch ildren 's she lter. We adopted a ch ild for Chri tmas. Our fig ht song at H e nderson is 'That O ld Reddie Spirit" which goe to th e tune of "O ld Time Religion" and ~T definitely has the Redd ie pirit. We attend all the pep ra ll ies and we participate in Greek rol l ca ll. We won the spirit stick, wh ich is given away at each pep ra lly. We also prese nted the footbal l team with a cake and the volleyball team with a ba ket of candy. We had an alumnae tea at Homecoming and sponsored a candidate on th e Homecom ing Court.

Alpha Eps ilons at Founders Day Dinner. Back row: Katie Jedlicka , Heidi Jellison , Jennifer Adolfson . Fr ont row : Ki m Durkin , Michelle Manglesdorf, Shannon McGrath .

(a skit conte t), and a My tery Event (a lip sync conte t) an d our traditional "Mr. Alpha Pigm a Tau " (a spaghetti eaung contest) . Pro eed raised were donated to Pine Mountain ettlement School , and the American Cance r ociety. During the week of ''Challenge ", we he ld our fundrai ing project . We o ld ca nd y a nd h e ld o ur annual paghetti Dinn er. Stephanie Meade did a wonderful job coord in a ting this fall's mone y makin g project . We rai ed 50 from the cand y ales a nd ucket sales for the dinn r.

Our other activities for th e semester Alpha Gamma sisters relax after cleaning their adopted highway.

We participared in We tern ' homecoming fe tiviti e with th m n of igm a Chi and Phi Kappa Theta. V\


took econd place in a Mud Volle ball contest and had a bla t. We also participated in the WI 's Diver ity Day . Thi gave u a chan ce to relate to all differen t cu lture and organization on campus. A ocial dinner pon ored b igma Lambda Be ta let us experience an authentic exican Fiesta. A vo ile ball tournament wa held a mong everal cu ltural organization , and ague t spoke about the cu ltur a l diversit among society a a whole. -Dana Cri ci

Alpha Lambda/ Radford R adford, VA : Alpha Lambda came back thi fall to our new Greek hou ing where 24 members li ve in ix apartments. After ettling into our new hou ing, we tarted off the erne ter with an informal ru h where we had a cookout. Our enthu iast ic pledges named themselves "14 Ph e nomena l Taus". i ter cont inu ed to keep a bu y chedu le with numerou phiolanthrop activitie . Alpha Lambda held our annual 24 hour wing-a-Thon for MDA during H omecoming weekend. i ter battled the chi ll y weather and et up a swing near a local 7-11 to rai e over 1,000. Three i ter pre ented a check for over that amount to ID on local television, during the annua l J erry Lewis MD Telethon. Other community ervice event we participated in include Crop Walk , a ix mile wa lk to rai e mone for the hungry, a walk for the American H eart sociation. For Halloween , we held a party for the underprivileged children of H ead tart. H omecoming weekend wa filled with everal events. We had a reception for our alumn ae. ister also old pizza a~ Radford's annua l Pig Roa t. The mght wa re en•ed for a date party in honor of our alumn ae. Alpha Lambda participated in eveveral i ter partiCipated tn intramural ororitv flag football while the re t of u ch~ered them o n. We al o participated with tl1e o ther Greek in a litter-a-thon, pickina up tra ~ on a u·eet near campu . \\' are go111g to parti ipate in a ncr how to help rai e mon ,. for Panhellenic. v\ al o babys, t for H ead, tart . helped out at the .lothina Bank. made dinn r for the local fir men. brought e.r~ l Greek activities.



pring 1994

Alpha Omicron/ Clarion Alpha Lambdas ge t ready for fall rush .

Clarion, PA:

doughnuts to th e city p o li ce. Si ste rs al o par ticipated in Daily Bread , which provides m eal to th e need y a nd se l\led as 4-H voluntee rs.

We began the fall semeste r with l 6 sisters living in tl1e ho use, fo rming a very close gr o up. Info rmal rush we nt great! We used a "Camp A2:T" the me and had a n in credibl e turn o ut, m o re th a n we h ad a nti cipa ted . We acquired 14 wo nderful new pledges thro ugh n.1sh.

As th e h o liday season a pproac h e d , we vi ite d a lo cal hospital a nd h ad a ~ esse n reception fo r exte nded care paoe nts. We also sang Chri stm as caro ls a t a home for the elde rly. Befo re the se m este r e nded , we h ad a wo nd e rful Chri stm as d a te p a rt . We also had a T au Turtl e pa rty. Each fa ll , si te r pi ck a secret p a l to g ive sm a ll g ift to thro u g h o u t th e se m e te r . At o ur T a u Turtl e p a rt we exc h a n ge d ~ ifts witl1 o ur secre t pals. Cong ra tul ati o n to o ur Rh o Chis Mi ch elle Kra mm e r, icole Powell , and H eatl1e r Fish . icole a nd Mich ell e we re also inducted in to Orde r of Omega. - ico le Petru

weatshirt e mbl azo ned with th e Crest. Th e fo rm a l p a rt o f t h e d ay was fo llowed by a cake and ice cream social at o ur ho use. It gave th e pa re nts an oppo rtunity to see what A2:T is all abo ut. We also pa rti cipa ted in c ti vities Day whi ch is a campus-wide event, whe n we a re give n th e o ppo rtunity to te ll undercl ass me n abo ut o ur sorority . We held a 50/ 50 raffl e and held a car was h with Phi Sigm a Kappa. We a re we ll represe n ted o n campus, with sisters active on Stude nt Se nate , th e Pa nh ell e ni c Council a nd th e h ee rl eadin g quad . We have siste rs in the ho norary frate rni ty Ka ppa De lta Pi a nd several are Resid e nt Ass is ta nts. W e are e p ec ia ll y pro ud o f Am y Ma rtz, who is th e new Sweeth eart of Sigma Chi ! -Me rri lyn Murn yack

H o m eco ming was in c redibl e! Wh o would make a be tte r queen tha n a n Alph a Sig m a T au ?! Me rril yn Murn yac k was crowned 1993 H o mecoming Queen a t a d an ce held fo r tl1e Unive rsity. Kriste n Dun can a nd Carrie Van Ve rth also re presented us as the two Juni o r re presentatives o n tl1 e court. All three siste rs

Alpha Pi/Slippery Rock

Slippery Rock, PA : We had a ve ry successful rush this emeste r and have 17 wo nderful pledge . Ou r th e m e fo r r u h wa " nd er t h e Sea with A2:T ". We p a rti c i pate in Ad o pt-a-Hi g hway a n d P roj ec t Chri tmas Elf every yea r a nd this year we al o p a rti c ip a te d in S lipp e ry Rock ' s h a unted h ayride.

Alpha Xi/ Mansfield

Mansfield, PA: Our fa ll ru s h th e m e was "A 2:T Street". We p e rfo rm ed a skit to Sesame Stree t fo r o n e of o ur ru sh ac ti viti es , and we picked up six new pledges. W e ass i te d in th e Ma n sfie ld H a llowee n Parad e , we h e ld a H a ll owee n Fa ir of o ur ow n , a nd we h e ld a foo d a nd cl o tl1ing drive. All Greek pa rticipa ted in a vo lleyball co mp e titi o n . A2:T wo n th e c h a mpio nships and we received a pl aque an d dinn er fo r o ur efforts.

Hanging th e bann e r be f o re Alpha X i's rush party: (Fro nt row, left to right) A my Kilm e r, Krissy Enge l. (Ba ck row, left to right) Ste ph Goodreau x , Mo ira C regan , D o die Fi e ld , Ja c ki e Witman , Nikki Spen ce r.

We are proud of D e bbi e Bo rgeson , who wa s first runn e r-up for H o m ecoming. -Mi ssy Ya hn e r

THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

T o raise funds, we h osted "clothing co nce pts" whi ch he lped o ur b udget a grea t d eal. We held a retreat in O ctobe r a nd we a re no w pla nning for o ur fo rmal. We a re all looki ng fo rward to a successful year wi th Alph a Sigma Tau. :Jenn ifer Be necken

Alpha Omicro ns at a Sis te r Fun ction .

we re ackn owledged during th e Autumn Leaf Par ade and the n again at the footb a ll ga m e o n Sa turd ay. Al o n g with ho m ecoming court in the pa rade came a second place fl oat whi ch we built witl1 Phi Sig m a Ka pp a. We h a d a te rrifi c H o mecoming a nd we re pro ud to have so ma ny alumn ae present.

Alpha Rho / Youngstown State

Youngstown , OH: Our fa ll qu a rte r starte d off wit h Greek Week a nd th e Alph a Rh o cha pte r took third place! Fall ru h was aweso m e! We pi c k e d up fo ur pl e d ge during form al rush and fo ur righ t after fo rm a ls. Our th e m e fo r for m a l ru h was Mi ckey Mo use, Adve n tures in T au Wo rld . Durin g th e summ e r , Na tional Ru h Director Ka re n De n chfie ld-Maste rson , pe nt a wee ke nd with us at o u r rush re treat. H e r ideas and advice paid

Thro ughou t the semeste r, we participa ted in several phila nthro py projects. We cleaned two miles o n Inte rsta te 81, a nd we were active in the Bloodmo bile, by eith er volunteering as a "walke r" o r by do nating blood . We held a cann ed food drive fo r th e Clario n Coun ty Food Ban k. We cele bra ted Fo und e rs Day wi th a ba nque t. All ac tive siste rs we re invited , a lo n g with th e ir p a r e nts a nd fa mil y me mbe rs. Th e re we re l 30 peopl e in a tte nda n ce fo r th e ce le bra ti o n . Th e seni o r siste rs sa ng a son g to th e g ro up a nd two o f our siste rs sang a due t fo r o ur e njoym e nt. We prese nted o ur advi se r , Mr s. Su za nn e P-J o bb , with a

Siste rs and pledges afte r A lpha Rho's pin pledging.


off during rush a nd the e nthusiasm is co ntagious a m o n g ou r pl edges. Our pledges are organizing our next philanthropy project "ALT Hugs and Kisse ". Co ntributors wi ll rece ive a hu g a nd three Hers h ey's Ki sses from a n LT p ledge. We are a lso parti cip a tin g in "Into th e Streets", a n effort to clean up around a local park . -Andrea Well

Alpha Tau/ Edinboro

Edinboro, PA : I nform a l fa l l ru s h was a s u cce s th anks to our rush director Stacie Dvo rchak. Our th e me was "Fun in the Sun with ALTs". We had a grea t time meetin g al l the rushees a nd took 13 pledge ! H omecoming was a n exciting time. For th e second yea r in a row, we ran with th e broth e r of Theta )(j a nd h ad a wo nde rfu l time as expected. Although we d id no t place, our sister Kelley Stein , a nd Th e ta Xi bro th er Greg Ippali to , did an excelle nt j o b at re presenting us a nd what Alpha igma Tau is all about. We are ve ry proud of both of them. We spe nt many late ho ur wo rking on our float for th e pa rad e. Th e the me thi year was "Sund ay Co mi c " and our e ntry "B. C." took ho me the 4th p lace Alumni Award. We have ado pted a square on our ca mpu s and hav e cleaned th e a rea of trash. In Dece mber, we went Ch ristmas caro li ng at a local re tire me nt ho me. Al l of the sister hope that it wi ll beco m e a trad ition . Our pledges held a ba ke sale to benefit Pine Mountain . There are some excelle nt coo ks in their class a nd th e co mmuni ty seemed to e njoy it too. In ea rly O cto ber our Di strict Presi-

Beta Epsilons at the Yellow Rose Dinner Dance.

de nt, 1orma Bl ack, vi ited us and held a Leadership Work hop to prepare for n ew office r in th e spring. We a ll lea rn ed a lot an d had fun bonding togethe r. The i te r vi its with Miss Black h e lped us to ge t to kn ow eac h oth er better a nd made us feel more in touch . On ove mb er 1 t, we ce lebrated Founders Day with a Mother/ Daughter with th e Gamma Theta chapter from Pe nn State in Erie and the new Delta Alpha Ch ap ter from Gannon ni versity, also in Erie. Man y of o ur mother atte nded a nd received an overview of what sorority life i really all about. We all had a wonderful and rela.xing time. Th e Greek o n ca mpu are making a n effo rt to promote Greek unit and th e e ntire y tern i b e n efittin g from thi positive attitude. We look fonvard to th e spring e rne ter a nd want to wi h a ll of th e Alph a Sigma Tau pledge ae ro s the country good luck! -Maria Haver tick

Alpha Phi/West Chester


Beta Epsilon/ Shippensburg

Shippensburg, PA: Thi fa ll , we grew in number and beame the symbo l of exce ll ence for other ororitie to follow on the hippen burg campus. Thi wa done by the oror ity' achievement dea lin g with the niver ity profe or and al o the major contribution to enhancing Greek life on the campu . Ru h wa e tremel funn y thi year with the ister participating in '·Saturda y Night Live " ketche including "Coffee Talk " and "Wayne ' World". There wa al o a barbecue where we all pia eel chef and a vo ll e yball tournament where we showed off our ath letic ski lls. We welcomed 16 women into our pledge program, which they all completed happi ly and ucce sfull .

This fall we got a total of 25 as ociate m e mbers. We participated in the annu a l h omecom in g parade with the theme of Winni e the Poo h. Nter the football game we held a lun cheon for our alumn ae. We h e ld a lun c heon at the West hester Inn in obs n •ance of Founder Day. There wa a ver nice turn o ut; one sister' mother and a unt fl e1 all th e wa from Belize to atte nd!

H omecoming wa extremely benefic ial for u thi year. The theme wa "Legends, tories, and Tale " and we performed three cene from the Di ney classic, "Alice in v\'onderlancl" on a float. All of the si ter put in long hour to make the float look as authentic a po ible. Our charac ter included lice , the Mad H atter, Rabbit and ton of card wh ich made up the walkina unit. We won fir t place which wa a ca h prize of , 400.

V\ e pa rti cip a ted in th e 3rd a nnu a l wheelchair-a-thon with Zeta Beta Tau. We co ll ected m o n e • whit in wh e )ha irs for 4 ho ur . All the monev 1 e rais d went to both o rgan iza tio n ' phila nthrop ies, Pin M untain hool and

Our philanthropy work thi ha brouaht jov to peopl ' h an all over the nation. W made h lp kits ~ r the fl od victim in th 1\lidwe t and ent m ney to Pin 1\1 untain. Also. we adopted a highwav in th nam of .-\ 1-

West Chester, PA:

Alpha Tau sisters Maria Haverstick and Linda Lewis ge t together following the fall ribboning ceremony.

We t he ter Aron . We are planning a 25th anniversary celebration for our local Founder Day. -Amy Winther



pring 199-t

pha Sigma Tau which we clean o nce a month. We parti cipa te d in a bike-a~on which helped the childre n 's uni t m St.Jude ' Hospital .

We had an "anything for mo ney" social With Tau Kappa Epsilon. We also had a lot of fun hosLing a "Mexican Party" socia l with Sig m a T a u Gamma . Two of our iste rs parti cipated in the Management Institute at ew J ersey Tech.

To o~r A!,T sisters n a ti onwide, we are forward to seei ng all of you at the atJonal Convention! -Heath e r Neslund Beta Zeta/ Alabama in Birmingham

For Fo und e r s Day, we h ad a pag hetti dinn er with all the siste rs an d pl edges . For th e rest of the se mester we look forward to clothing drive t~ don ate cl othing to th e Midd l sex Shelter and Rosie's Place in Bosto n, and we have four wonderful pledge . -Kristin Ross

Birmingham, AL: The .Alp h a :raus h ave bee n h a rd a t w~rk With our mformal rush plans. Rush DI~ ector J ane H a ml e tt is pl a nnin g a

th i ee-day rush for Fe bru a ry a nd we h o ~ e to h ave a new pl e dge ci a s b y March. We JUSt returned from a wonderful ~nd very informative Man age me nt Institute at Livingston U ni versity. We would hke to thank the Gamma Gamma Chapter for being a great h ost and the Nation a l Staff for th e ir guid an ce and support we rece ived over the weekend . We will be send ing ou t order for AJphalete sh irt this semester for o ur fundraiser. We hope to see all of yo u at Conven tion . :Julie H olt

Beta Etas Christy Pratt and Beve rly Barnnge r at fall informal.

Wood Rive r. We ce le brated with o ur wondeiful pledges; it was a special moment to see everyo ne decked o ut and enjoying sisterhood. -Sandra Wacker

Beta Iota/ Millersville

Millersville, PA: Our term started out with an excellent show at rush events. We had various teas including tJ1e Tau Cross Ceremon y and

Beta Theta/ St. Mary's

San Antonio, TX: We h ad a succe sful rush this seme ter. Our n ew pl ed ges h ave h e lped us this semester with o ur a nnu a l local ph ilanthropic project, whi ch is the H alloween party we give for the faillilies at th e Ronald McDonald House. We partlCipated with Lambda Chi Alpha in an Intern ation al Cann ed Food Drive p hilanthropy and collected 880 pounds of food for th e San Antonio Food Bank.

Beta Eta/ Southern Illinois

Edwardsville, IL: Thi se m es te r we h a d a successfu l rush! The th e me wa centered around baseball a nd we displaye d fl ye rs with the slogan "Ca tch th e Spirit". Our skit wa a take off of Abbott a nd Coste ll o "Who 's o n First". We acknowledged the thr ee main co mpon e nts of Al p h a Sigma T a u. E ac h bas e r e pr ese nte d cho larship , se rvice, social, and h ome plate summ ar ized A!,T a nd what i t ~ta nd for. We ta ke pride in emphasizmg th ese three aspects of Gree k life. We in corp o rate service into all our mixers. We p a rti cip ate d in a "Baby Shower Mixer" by donating baby ite ms to a local women 's sh elter. At anothe r mixer, we co ll ected ca nn ed foods to send to a food pa nuy . Th e most giving activity we participated in was a garage sale with all th e proceeds going to Pin e Mountain . We raised more mon ey than previous years and we were excited. Besid es working h ard on service, we were had the highest CPA and received an award from th e Greek Coun cil. This was a great honor and we are continuing to maintain our excellent academics. We h e ld our In forma l D a n ce

THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

"Baseball Part y" was the theme for Beta Th eta Chapter's fall rush . Be ta Io tas get toget he r at a park for an episode of Do uble Dare.

a M exican Fie ta. Our ph ilanth ropy was h ighlighted by participating in a health fa ir organ ized by a loca l television station , giving us good media coverage. We placed first in the Homecoming events. After th e H omecom in g footba ll game, we held a pi cnic for alumnae and collegians, which was a bit hit! -Ann Kn aub

To h e lp ki ck off Substance Abu e Aware ness Week, we et up a booth to serve non-a lco ho li c drinks at a no n-alcoholic campu wide d ance. We howed o ur sc h oo l sp iri t b y s upp ortin g the men 's basketball team when we went togetJle r to th e first pe p rally of th e season . Nex t semester, we pl an to h ave ~ore prospect parties like bowli ng parues, barbecues, and pool parties. -Kathryn Weiser

Beta Tau/ Massachusetts at Lowell

Beta Mu/ Salisbury State

Lowell, MA:

Salisbury, MD:

We ki cked off th e semester with a volley b a ll socia l with a loca l fratern ity. Som e of o ur isters parti cipated in th e wa lk for th e House of H ope (a loca l ch arity), a nd \1\la lk tobe rfest a t Me rrim ack Co ll ege. Our a lumn ae threw a H alloween party for sisters and pl edges.

Be ta Mu was bu stin g at the eams thi s semester! We started out trong witJ1 rush ,. doing a beach party theme! It d efin ite ly went over with a bang because we got a pledge cia s of 20. Wh at did we do to attract all the e women? lot of h ard work went into preparing for rush and we basically were just our-



selves. It reall y wor ks! Th e first d ay of classes, we began talking up AlT a nd it definite ly paid off.

run by our ister Tracy Carr. It has now becom e an all Greek event which raises mon ey fo r Camp Victory.

Our pl edges got a jump o n thing by pl a nning fund raisers, social services, soc ials a nd man y other activiti e to how off th eir spiri t. Car was hes helped them to rai e e no ug h mon ey for Pin e Mountain , a chapter gift and a little extra to h ave f un wi t h . A u u a l, the p ledges go t th e pl ea ure o f m ee tin g Shorty, o ur adopted gra nddad .

For man y year , lT ha run th e Annual Parents Wee ke nd a t Bloomsburg. Thi s p ast yea r ' s wa a hu ge u cce s. Congratu lations to arrie Pe not, Chairman of th e eve nt, who ran the weekend with o ut a fl aw. pecial th ank go o ut to h er a nd h er co mmittee for a ll their hard work.

W e co ntribut e d mon ey to Pin e Mo un tain . A new me mber of th e fam ily was add ed wh e n we ad o pte d Angxus th e whale! Th e mo ney will go to protect him from the dangers in his world . Halloween was a scream sin ce we vo lu nteered at the J aycees H aun ted House. Aro und Christmas tim e, we adop ted a fam ily to help th em through th e co ld of the winte r a nd to make sure there were presents under their tree. Fo r the fourth yea r in a row, Alpha Sigma Ta u has captured th e ho mecoming crown ! J e nnifer Gaa b wa the 1993 Homecoming Quee n . All three so roriti es co-hosted "Mee t th e Greeks Day", designed to sh ow in com ing freshmen a nd o th e r inte rested individuals what Greeks are all about! H opefully we e nli g hte n ed those who we re co nfuse d and those who n eed g uid a n ce on Greek li fe. Gree k council sponso red "Go Bananas", a nig ht se t aside to show that everyone ca n have fun without alco h o l. We ce lebrated our 15 th a nnive r a ry with a ban g! We h a d our annual Founders Day formal and made it sp ec ia l by m ak in g eve rything ce ntered ar ound 15 yea rs. Twe nty-three of o ur alumn ae return ed. Everyone had a wond e r fu l tim e s h aring m e mori es , laug h , a nd even a few tea rs of happiness. Each sister took a minute to thank the eight founding si te rs a nd o ur own chap ter founding si ters. We even had a surprise vi it fro m De bi Meek , one of those founding c h apter si te rs! Th e bonds never seem to e nd. :Je nnife r Stattl e meyer

Beta Nu/ Bloomsburg Bloomsburg, PA: Th e Beta u chapter has bee n very busy with phi lanthropy proj ec t this fa ll , in cluding th e Bl oodmob il e on campus and "Into th e Lreets". Into tl1 e Stree ts is a mas clean up of Bloom burg a nd surro undin g a rea . We a re a lso pl a nnin g for th e eco nd ann u a l Da n e Ma ra th on. T hi s was o rigi n a ll


As Caro l n Mill e r's yea r a Pan h e lle ni c presid e nt concl ude , we are a ll

Pre ide nt and Beta Xi alumna Tammy tegehuis wa a g reat ex perie n ce. We cried and la ughed together during our G&D function and fo cu eel on way to make o ur i te rhood even tronge r. We have a new local e rvice project, tl1 e Keeweenaw Animal Al lia n ce. iste rs e njo he lping out with th e care of the a nim als. We al o worked at the Pa nhe lle nic Bl ood Drive. -Kimbe rl y tone

Beta Pi/Eastern lllinois Charleston, IL:

Jen Bracken (left) greets family line alums Gay (Gammell) Tru ehart and Jill (Van Arden) Mc Do well back for H omecoming (Beta Nu ).

H e ll o to a ll our fellow lT i ter . The Beta Pi s are proud to announce the beginning of a ucce sful new year! Our fall ru h wa a great u cce thank to the teamwork of the chapter a nd our Ru h Director Robin Me a ll . We ru heel to quota a nd pledged 3 n ew member . Our theme ranged from "Ri g ht H ere , Right ow" to ur traditional "Blu e Brothers " kit. ot on ly did we tart the year off with enthusia m and clo ene , but we were al o lucky eno ugh to we lcome the most pirited , beautiful ladie on campu in to the Alpha Ep il on pledge clas .

ve ry proud of h e r for d o in g u c h a great job . Thi co ming year, we will on ce aga in have a me mbe r of AlT o n the P a nh e ll e ni c e x ec uti ve b oa rd . Do nn a Fa1ke n tein has been e lected to th e office of public rela tion .

We congratu la te o ur new chapter adviser, Mi Dori even , and look forward to the time we h ave with her. But we trul mi our former chapter adviser, Mrs. onda lock in , and we wi h her the best in her new position a District Pre ident.

Ma ny a lumn ae re turn ed for Homeco ming a nd two of o ur si te r were o n the Ho mecoming Court. We were proud to watch as Kathy Mo rri on and arolyn Miller represented ALT in the parade. -Kristin e praga

I n eptember , o u r barn dance brought out the country in u a nd the men of Pi Kappa A lph a "got int o g runge " with us a t a function in ea rly O ctober. We looked forward to our H a ll oween party and h ad a g h o tly

Beta Xi/ Michigan Tech Houghton, MI: We've been kee ping ourselves pretty busy h e re a t Be ta i. La t sp rin g , our pring Fling King ca ndidate took fi rst runn er-up a nd we spon ored a makeyo ur-O\ n beaded brace let booth during pring Fling. At our a nnu a l ister Merry-GoRound , we introd uced o ur pledge to th e fun id e of si te rhood with o ngs a nd good time . i ter , pi dge a nd th e ir d a te e njoyed th e warm bon fire o n the shore of Lake upe rio r during o ur fir t a nnual ba rbec ue a nd bonfire fa ll d a te party. Our clo ed wee ke nd with o ur Di trict

Beta Pis before ribbon pinning. Back row: Robyn Me al/y,Aimee Daniel . Judy Janowski , Heather Morrissey. Yvette An derson . Front row : hea Parry , Kim Spencer, Tina Roemer.



priug 199-t

good tim e thanks to our ocial ch a ir, Heather Morrisse . Miss Michelle Schmidt, Zeta D.P . and Mrs. Sonda Clocksin took time to as ist our chapter. It wa a ve r pro du c ti ve visit a nd we appreciate th e time they took to spend with us. Ch eers to us and Jud y Janowski , fo r successfully orcheso路ating o ur First Annual Wor ld Se ri es oftba ll Tournam e nt. Eleven fraternities competed in a four-da compe tition , which was a fantastic fundrai e r for our chap ter. Kristin e Su路assheim and Erica H am pton rep resented our ch a pter as n o min ee for th e Hom eco ming court. The m e n of Kappa Delta Rh o acco mpanied us throug hout the H o meco ming Week festivities of gam es a nd the parade. We e nj oye d a pecial weekend in Chi cago for our formal o n O ctober 30, organized beautifully by Aimee Da ni els. Oth er activiti es th at we have been involved in are ino路amurals, social service ac ti viti e , a nd of co urse, the tim e acti ves a nd n ew members sp e nd gettin g to kn ow each oth er. Our ch apter ha tru ly grown and we h ope with frie nd hip a nd strength , we can achi eve all of o ur goals in '94. -Kristin e Strassheim

Beta Upsilon/ New Jersey Tech

Newark, NJ: Our lOth year on camp us wa as ch alle n g in g as ever! Our a nnua l ee-saw m arath o n with Alpha Sigma Phi fraterni ty wa su ccessful in raising mo ney fo r childre n afflicted with AIDS.

tabs to h elp those in need of a kidn ey di alysis. We co llected Campbell 's Soup labe ls for the Living Waters Chri tian Schoo l. We p ar ti cip ate d in a b lood drive, do nated cann ed goods to a soup kitchen and we gave warm clothing to a sh are a nd care progra m for the U nited Meth odist church . Our chapter has been keeping up socially too. The Beta Phi chapter, alo ng with Delta Chi , spo nsored a Halloween dance in the performance cente r at the tudent unio n . The dance was a success. All of our sisters dressed up from workmen to H arley chicks. The dan ce main ly attracted freshmen from the dorms, giving us a head start on rush! We participated in the non-alcoholic mix-off. Our theme was toasty Taus; we dressed in snow suits and o ur no n-alcoholic beverage was hot chocolate topped with butterscotch a nd whipp e d c r ea m. On ovember 7, we ce le bra ted Founders Day. We pre pared a tt1rkey dinne r with all the trimmings. 1993 h as been great. Tau love and ours, the Beta Phi Chapter! -Katie Mora n

Beta Chi/ Ferris State

Big Rapids, MI: We are settling into a new house, of wh ich we are all very proud. Homeco min g was a very exciting a nd busy time. We e nj oyed o ur fl oa t bu ildin g with a fratern ity and p a rti c ip a te d in Greek Games. We a lso welcomed our alum nae; we met a t o ur n ew ho use. We rece ntl y h ad adopt a hig hway where we a ll pitc h ed in to clean up our design ated area. Every Thursday, two siste rs bab ys it for the moth e rs in vo lved in

The first Man agem e nt In stitute was hosted by our chapte r here in Newark. Cha pte r were a bl e to exch a nge id eas as well as inte ract with a tional Staff in di scus ions. The d ay was inform ative and fun. Our m ain goals for n ext sem ester are to improve o u r cha pte r exce ll e n ce a nd to r a ise f und s to for hou in g. We do not have a house yet, but we a re attempting to re nt o n e. :Jacalyn McCarth y

Beta Phi/ California of PA

California, PA : We started the yea r off with a n awesome rush , th e ''Wizard of Taus ". We've also b ee n tryin g to kee p up with our philanthropi es. So far, we 've don a ted personal h ygiene produ c ts to a loca l women 's cen ter, and co ll ec ted soda THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

Beta Psi/St. Louis

St. Louis, MO: The p le d ge p er iod in c lud e d big sis/ Iii sis dinn e r, presents party, a social for the actives, a nd vario us dinners with the actives. For Founders Day, we wore gree n a nd gold , a nd the alumnae chapter h eld a lun cheon o n ovember 6. Some of o ur fund raising activities this semester included Tupperware selling, cand y se ll ing, pledge class cookie sale, e nvelope stuffi ng and SL alumni phon e-a-th o n . Some of the ac tiviti es that a re p lan ned for th e remain der of the year include a mys tery date party, black & white formal and spring ru h ! -Linda Gaal

Beta Omega/ Monmouth West Long Branch, NJ: Fall rush included a traditional candle lighting ceremony and forma l dress nig ht. Durin g rush , we d ecorated our d es ig n ated room with AST paddl e , awar d s, g ifts, a nd pictures to s how rush ees th e m eaning of sisterh ood. Our chapter participated in our college spirit wee k. We won second prize of $75 with another fraternity for de mon strating the most chool spirit at our fa ll p e p rally. Prior to our hom ecom in g weekend , we sponsored Mockta il s in o ur co ll ege dining hall. The

Beta Omegas in their Chapter room.

Beta Chi Chapter poses in front of their house.

WISE, a group fo r batte red women. We care for th eir childre n wh ile th ey h old a m eeting. We are also working to beco m e a p a rt of AIDS awareness week h e re on o ur campus. -Sarah Groff

purpose of this ocial service activity ' as to prom o te th e message that tudents can sti ll have a good time without abusing alcoh ol. These non-alcoholic drink were give n free of charge to tudent who signed a pledge sheet to tay ober. Durin g h o m ecom in g weekend, we participated in th e parade along with other Greeks. A:l.T si ter J enna V\ ason was a runn e r up for the queen 's title. On O ctober 29, 10 si ter went to a soup kitch en and h elped prepare food


to those in need. We pla n to return to h e lp out n ex t se m este r a lso. Mone y made during our O ctober and ove mber fundra isers wi ll be donated to Pin e Mountain. Our chapte r held a mother/ d aughte r Founder Day lun cheon in ovember. This eve nt was a succe s last yea r (our moth e rs are still raving abo ut it!). This gave u the chance to le t o ur mothers expe ri e nce what A2T is abo ut. Ma ny of o ur me mbe rs h o ld impo rta nt leader hip position o n o ur campus. Th e Be ta Omega cha pter' future plans include activities with our alumnae, th e plannin g of more ocial servi ce proj ects a nd a spring forma l and parents day picnic. -Kerry Greenwald

Gamma Gamma/ Livingston

Livingston, AL: The chapter came back to school thi fall after winning th e pr e ti g ious H omer Award last spring. This a1 ard is give n to the most outstanding o rganization o n campu with a crite ria of parti cip ation in Clea ner LU , adopt-a-mi le, and service projects. We began th e fall 1vith a very successfu l rush , a nd picked up 10 wonderfu l wom e n. Th e sisters worked h a rd during ru s h a nd trul y acted out the ideals of Alph a Sigma Tau . H omecom ing was also a huge success. We won second and third place in the annual tale nt show and first place in the mobile float competition for the second year in a row. We cele brated Founde r Da on November 6 a nd e n co uraged each si te r and associate to invite he r pare nt . Th e banquet wa a big succe s and a veqr touching ce re mon y for both sisters, pledges and their parents.

c h oo l uppli e to a Ru ian c hild , can ned food dri ve, baby itting for the local church , u bering for school play , "H o u e of Fun " for childre n on Halloween, and the "Big Event" he ld after H omecom in g to help clean th e co mmunir '路 To h e lp raise mone for the merican Cancer oc iety "Making tride "campaign, we participated in a walk-a-thon for money to fig ht can ce r.

We have participated in intram ural footbaJI and took third place overall. We al o too k p art in a ca nn e d food drive spo n o re d by the GA a nd co llected over 200 cans. -Anne Crawford

Gamma Zeta/ Frostburg State

Frostburg, MD: After excha nging storie of the ummer, Gamma Zeta was ready to ge t back in the swing of things with th e emester 's in forma l rush. To g ive t h e pr ospect ive a c h ange to ac quaint th e mselve with am ma Zeta, we he ld everal activiti e suc h a a Ha ll oween nig ht, tropic nig ht, and othe r activitie . At th e end of th e week, we welco med nine new pledges. By thi tim e, we found ourselves fac in g the cha lle ng e of pl a nnin g for a ucce sful h o m eco min g . Thi year 's th me wa

Gamma Zeta wo uld like to thank the i ter graduating thi eme ter for all their hard work. Congratu lation to the new i ter of Gamma Zeta: Michele Jl en, Nicole Bore lli , Stephani a rl , a nd Ford , Dottie Ken n edy, Kar in R amy, tacie Ro llin g , Emil ae n z and Ginn y hreve! arrie ooper

Gamma Theta/ Penn State-Behrend

Erie, PA: Gamma Theta tarted thi emester with a ucce ful rush. Thank to our ru h director, J ulie H oda , we had a great time. Theme for our partie were 2T .. . the Greek to be and The Colors of 2T . We pin-pledged eig ht women o n eptember 21. We were vi ited by our Di trict Pre ident, M . orma Black, on eptember 11. eptember ended in a great way, as we defended our title of Greek Week champ for the second year in a row. We took fir t in event uch as the tricycle race , Greek ing and vo ll eyba ll. reek Week ended on a happy note as two ister repre ented u on homecoming court. Congratu la ti on to tace>' on being crowned 1993 H omecoming Queen !

Taking a break from communi ty service at Deep Creek Lake is Gamma Zeta Chapter.

"Treasure Che t of Memorie ". All the activiti e were a lot of fun and we won first place in the fl oat com petition . Thi s se m este r gave us plenty of opportunities to help o ut in the comm uni ty. Some of the thing we participated in were weather-proofing bear den , pl a ntin g g ra at Dee p Creek for the State D e p art m e nt of Natural R e o ur ces, sending a care package of

Man y succes ful philanthropy project were planned by J enn H ane . V\ e cleaned ou r adop ted highway. We went trick-or-treating for ca n n ed goods to donate to the local food bank, and we put on a party for the chi ldren at the hrin er' H o pita!. Man i ter al o pa rticipated in a blood drive.

Fall Rush at Gamma Gamma Chapter.

The 1 eeken d of O ctober 17th was a time for us to get a1 ay from it all , a we went on o ur i ter retr at. Ev rvone had a great time and we a ll learned a littl e more abo ut the true meanina of i terhood. " e ended 0 tober with a H all we n mix r with the D Ita Alpha hapter a nd th broth r of iama Tau amma. Thanks to J ana l rquhart for a u e ful vening.




prin 199-1

This sem e te r we raised over 1 000 through activiti e su c h as ca r wa~h e and candy ba r sale . On Nove mbe r 7, we celebrate d Founder ' D ay with a banquet hoste d by th e Alpha T au ch apter. Delta Alpha was also pre e nt to cele brate with us. -Amy McArdle

to put toward o ur winte r e mi-fo rm al.

Gamma Iota/ York

Gamma Mu/West Virginia Tech

he lp th e siste rs a nd th e pl ed ges g t to kn o w eac h o th e r be tte r , a bi g sis/ lil is/ sec r e t s i p a rty. We h a d a H a llowee n party with ig ma Pi a nd a Mexican th e me pa rty with Phi Kapp a Tau . The Eme ra ld Ball , a lo ng with initi atio n o f th e pled ge , was he ld th e fi r t weeke nd of Decembe r. -Me lissa Ha tfie ld

York, PA:

Montgomery , WV:

Gamma No/ Waynesburg

We h a d a ve ry su ccessful in fo rm a l ru h this e rne te r. Our th e m e was 'Ju t Do It". We m e t th e o th e r c ha pte rs in our di stri c t a t Bloo m sburg ni ve rsity on Nove mbe r 13. This trip e n abl ed u s to becom e acquainte d with oth e r AlT i te rs. For Fo unde r Day, we me t at th e so ro rity hou se fo r dinn er , a nd re mi ni ced a bo ut o ur fo ndest m e mo ries of iste rhood .

Th e fa ll se me te r proved to be ve ry bu y, fun and rewarding . The ac tivitie fo r the se me te r were first initia ted during the summer meeting wh e re we disc u e el id eas fo r ru s h a nd pl a nn e d fundra ise rs a mo ng th e usua l busin ess. We pa rti cipa te d in fo rm a l ru h wee k, fo llowed by an info rm al rush party. Befo re we kn e w it, H o m eco min g Wee ke nd was upo n us. The th e me this year was "Viva Las Vegas". Ga mm a Mu pa rticipa ted in d1 e spirit boa rd decora tio n contest, ai r band compe titio n, a nd fl oat building with th e De lta C hi fra te rni ty. Libby Willia ms, o ur candida te fo r Miss Golde n Bear, wo n second runne r up.

Waynesburg, PA:

Our c h a pte r h as b eco m e ve r y in volved with phila nthrop . We h ave pa rtic ip a te d in ac ti viti e u c h a bin go , d o pt-a-Bl oc k , a nd J a il a nd Ba il , to ra ise mon ey fo r va ri o u s fo und a ti o n s. Our fundrai sing proj ects includ ed ba ke a le , tu c k-in s , a nd se llin g Wo lfga ng ca nd y. We h ave b ee n ac ti ve in in t ramural eve n ts u h as volleyball , soccer, wa te r po lo a nd m an y o the r po r ts. Our Chri tm as par ty was a g reat hit! We are excited fo r the Ye llow Rose Ball in d1e spring. We had o ur leaving sister cere mo ny to e nd off o ur e nio rs and induct d1e m into the al umnae chapte r. We are especially lookin g fo n va rd to eeing o ur i te r at Conve ntio n thi umm er. -Lo ri H e l te in

Gamma Lambda/ Kutztown

Kutztown, PA: Th e G a mm a L a mbd a c h a pte r was stronge r and more pirite d th a n eve r. Our th e m e for rush thi s sem e te r was "Go Wh e r e Eve r yb o d y Kn ows Yo ur a rn e" . We too k in 10 e nthu ia ti c wo m e n a nd we re ve ry bu . We h e ld our Founde rs Day spag he tti dinne r a t a local rec e ption h a ll , h os te d b y o ur pl edge . Thi e m este r we h ad the pleas ur e of our n e w Di s tri c t Pr es id e nt Ade le Black joining u s. So far this se meste r, we h ave pa rticipa ted in a walk-a-thon to suppo rt AIDS rese arch , and se nt some h o liday ch eer to the elderly residing in th e Kutztown Manor. We had our best fundraiser eve r this semeste r- a car wash . 1o t o nly did we have a ball , but we rajsed ove r 200

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

All Greek o rga ni za ti o ns took pa rt in a Ph o ne-a-Th o n to ra ise mo ney for the ni ve rsit . Durin g h o m eco min g , we h ad a n a lumn ae brea kfas t. We re mini ced abo ut o ld tim es and had a bl a t! -Linda Billo ne

Our n ew Di stri ct Preside n t, Vicroria a rwood , ma d a visit to Wa yn esb urg o llege. We a re very pleased to have met he r and we wish her th e best of luck. Our phila nth ro py proj ects for thesemeste r include d ra isin g mo ney for the nite d Wa y a nd vi itin g e ld rly care ho m e a t Ha ll owee n . Ma n y i ters a re in vo lve d with th e co mmuni ty e rvice ce nter located o n cam pus.

We pa rti cipa te d in adopt-a-hig hway, a tte nd ed e min ars o n self-defe n e and hazing, he ld a re de dica tio n ce re mo ny, and perfo rmed a service to the chool by participating in a pho ne-a-tho n , calling incoming freshme n to answer any questio ns they mig ht have. One of the most n otewo rth y thin gs we did was sta rt a newsletter e ntided 'T au Tales". This le tter was distributed to o ur alumnae and includes sorori ty as well as campus news. Ga mm a Mu h a d h oagie sa les , a h o t cl og sa le , so ld C hri s tm as ca rd s a nd spo nsore d a bas ke tball to urn ame nt. \ille had th e privil ege o f mee ting o ur n ew DP Mega n J a nney, a nd we e njoyed he r visit ve ry mu ch . Seve ral soc ials we re he ld durin g the co ur se o f th e se m es te r . W e h a d a pl e d ge wee ke nd th at wa d e ig n e d to

Diana Eare hart, Ke ll y Grose, and Cind y Grose appear to be ha ving a good tim e at Gamma Mu 's summe r m eeting.

JoA nn Koualcheck and Mared Metzgar at Gamma Nu's fo rmal.

Our pa rti c ip a ti o n in H o m ecoming was ou ts tanding! This year's th eme was Pride and Spirit, a nd o ur fl oat wo n eco nd pri ze in th e p arad e. Durin g th e wee k, we too k fir t p lace at a lip n c a nd mad ho use co mpe ti tio n . AI o, fou r of o ur iste r we re o n the H o mecoming court. We ar e very pro ud of all of th em and exte nd o ur con gra tula tio n to T ara O ' D o n og hu e wh o was c r o wn e d t h e t a car 1993 H o m eco min g Qu ee n . was h , we r a i e d m o n e fo r o ur Fo unde r Day dinn e r. The AlT colo ny at Fa irmo nt tate j o in e d u in o u r celebra ti o n . We we re g la d to h ave t h e m a nd look fo n varcl ro eeing the m agai n. We still m aintai n th e hig h e t GP on campus! j oAnn Kovalcheck 35

Gamma Xi/ Grand Valley

Allendale, Ml: Hello from the Gamma Xi chapter! The past few months at Grand Valley have bee n quite eventful. This summer, we had a weekend retreat at the home of our president. We d iscussed ideas for the upcoming fall emester. We cleaned up our portion of the highway we adopted, we held o ur Annual Mud Volleyball tournament, and had a few fundraiser . Fall rush 1993 was exciting as we were able to welcome seven new si ters . On October 29-31, we had our closed weekend with the new Mu District President, Tammy Stegehuis. We had a great weekend and with T a mm y's kn owledge a nd experie nce in Alpha Sigma Tau, she was able to give us helpful advice o n how to keep im proving o ur chapter.

Gamma Xi Chapter at Bid Reception .

On Tovember 3, we h e ld our Found e rs Day ce re mon y, and o n ovember 6, we had our Yellow Rose Ball.

in our lounge that night. Finally, we held our traditional Italian Restaurant where the rushees are waited on b the ister . We had a great time participating in the homecoming events. Event such as Mud-Volleyball , mucl-tug-o-war, and Gia nt Twister brought our chapter closer to the other Greeks on campu ... the type of bonds that can on ! be formed ro lli ng in the mud ! We are looking forward to participa ting in the next intra mural eve nt since we a re reigning champ of flag football. -Molly Kleinfelter

Gamma Rho / Seton Hall

South Orange, NJ: The fal l semester was a fun and exciting tim e for AlTs at Seton H a ll. The siste rs of Gamma Rh o chapter began the semester by taking three wonderfu l and inte lligent pledge to join our isterhood. Our pledge program was redeve loped a nd made more fun for both sisters and pledge alike. We were busy with philanthropic activ ities. We took c hildren from th e Newark Shelter trick-or-treating for H all oween , and several sister became invo lved with the mental ly ch all enged me mbers of o ur society by participating in the campus-sponsored ARC (Associatio n for Reta rd ed Citizens). Sisters spe nt several ho ur per month visiting \vith these people.

We upported three of our s i ter , H eather Franey, Lucinda Ferreri and Deirdre Dowel , in Phi Kappa Theta ' annual Pirate Queen contest. We al o participated in intramural flag football. isters are also working very hard in academic to boost our chapter CPA. Specia l co ngratulations to Lucinda Ferre ri for becoming president of the Ord er of Om ega, and a l o to nnMa rie Rispoli, Jennife r Koslow ki and Mary 1oller for being inducted into th e Greek Honor Society. -Robin Paige dcoff

Gamma Sigma/ Belmont-Abbey

Belmont, NC: We h e ld a paghetti dinner to ce lebrate our one-year anniversary a nd National Founde rs Day. We were pleased to have three sister on the Homecoming Court: M ar il yn Guthy, lexi Gladd, and Tina Maltese. W e look like a n ew team in th e Thirt we purchased for intram ura l . We played oftball, basketball, and flag football. Other ac tiviti e this fall included a hazin g work h op, Mini- p ec ial Olym pi c , and a tootsie-roll drive to raise money for pecial Olympics. -Maria R. Pia ecki

Gamma Tau/ Lebanon Valley

Annville, PA: On eptember 25, the i te rs h o ted a lun c h eo n with ix a lumnae from Philadelphia. The i ter were pleased to m eet and talk with alu mnae i ters who shared a part of ilT hi to ry.

As yo u can tell , we've been very bu y and will continue to be. Good luck to a ll our sister , n ew a nd far, in a ll of yo ur upcoming rushes, and of course, in all yo u do! -Amy Prill

O ctober held unri e and triumph for lT, with Hom eco ming weekend

Gamma P i/Lycoming

Williamsport, PA : Co ll ectin g can n ed food , sp e ndin g time with th e elderly a nd working in a local soup kitche n are just a few of th e proj ects that we have undertaken this se mester. We started pla nning a dancea-thon to benefit the American Cancer Society. Rush was also a succes this semester. f(j cked off by an A2:T H awaiian Fe t, we gave the rushees each a fi h to e nd the eve nin g. ext, we h e ld AlT at the movies, a nd eac h si ter eire sed up as a famous movie star. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to ba ti an th rab were


Delta District President Michelle Cangialosi (center) meets with Gamma Rho Chapter President Ann-Marie Rispoli (left) and Chapter Advisor Gina Pintar (right).

Our main goal of our chapter wa to reaffi rm our bond of sisterhood, which we accomp li h eel through everal progra ms that invo lved both ister and pledge to bui ld our chapter into one g rowin g unit of i terhood. Si ter attended a management in titute at ew J erse ' Institute of Technology, ' here we met members of th ational taff.

Homcoming Queen Catherine and Am y Batman. Gamma Tau.


pring 199-!

on O ctobe r 1-3. We h ad th ree me mb e rs o n th e court, on e of whi ch wa crown e d qu ee n! Cath erin e Cri ssm a n was crowned qu een , wh ile Kelly Burke and Ra n ia Gaithan is were on th e court. We are all ve ry proud of our i ters. A Ha ll owee n so cia l comp le te with campfire and gho t torie was he ld O ctober 27. On Nove mbe r 5, we had our first fo rma l d inn e r/ dance. On Nove mber 13, m a ny i te r a tte nded a Ma n age me nt Institute at Bloomsburg niversity with oth e r ch a pte rs o f A T . We h ld ou r fir t clo ed wee ke nd on campus. Plans and revi sio ns are be ing mad e to be tte r o ur pledge program. We loo k for路wa rd to h avin g a n o th e r g rea t ea r and wi h th e same to all o ur iste rs. :Je nnifer Yo hn

Gamma Chi/William Paterson

Way ne, N]: In O ctobe r , fo r hom eco min g , o ur ch apte r bui lt a flo at with anoth er frate rn ity. Th e th e me we use d wa fro m We t Side Sto1-y and we put togeth er a s kit a nd p a rti c ip a t e d in a p a r a d e around the foo tball fi eld . We atte nded an ali-day e m inar at th e Manage me nt In ti ture, which proved to be a valuable experi nee fo r us. Many sisters participated in the campus blood drive by volun tee rin g to h e l p o ur as we ll as d o n ating blood. We also started a co-ed intr a mura l vo ll ey b a ll rea m a nd a r e loo king fo rward to p layin g intra mura l softball in th e spring. I n N ove mb e r , we h a d fa mil y d ay whi ch was ve1-y su ccessful. Many o f th e i re r and the ir fa milie a tte nded . Th e aftern oo n includ ed a lun cheo n, fami ly awards and many othe r even ts to show o ur fami lie wh at our special iste rh ood i a bo ut. We also sp o nsored o ur first annua l Am ate ur ig hr as a fund raiser in wh ich a nyon e was a b le to pe rfo rm an ac t. T h e n ight was a g rea t uccess an d eve ryo n e h ad fu n . Our a nnu a l Ch rist m as e m i-fo rm a l was h eld in Decembe r. We wou ld like to cong ratu late our sisters wh o will be graduating th is se mester and wish th e m th e be t of luck in the future. -Kristin e Erhardt

Gamma Omega/ LaSalle Philadelphi a, PA: Sin ce ini tiatio n last sp rin g , we have rea ll y co m e toget h e r as a g ro u p a n d THE ANCHOR / Spring 1994

are wo rking to make LT a po itive additio n to Greek life he re at LaSall e U n ive rsity. Curre ntly, we h ave 50 iste rs and as a resu lt of thi semeste r's wond erfu l turn o ut fo r ru h , we h ave 14 g rea t p led ges. We a re in redib ly excited at th e in te re t we have ge nerated h e re o n ca mpu s a nd a re wo rkin g ro maintain it through our many ac ti viti es. We are continuing our wo rk with th e chi ldren at St. Vin ce nt' Orphanage in Philade lphi a. We play games wi th th em and read th em bedtim e stori es on our visits. Se ll in g H all owee n ca nd y-g rams and raffl e ti ckets helped us raise o me m o n ey f o r o ur phi la nthrop y, P i n e Mo untain , and o ur cha pte r ac tivities. Our winte r for m a l "U nd e r th e Mistle toe " was he ld Dece mbe r 4. Th e social committee is also planning many fun ac ti viti es wi th th e o th er o rganizati ons o n cam pus. As th e e nd of th e first se meste r winds down , we are all wo rk ing hard at keeping o ur grad es up to co ntinue o ur tradition of exce pti o n al sch o larshi p . We are also plann ing ahead fo r next se mester 's rush whi ch sh o u ld go extre mely well if we have even h alf the success we h ad this semester! -Rac hel Garver

De lta Alpha 's An ything Goes tricycle race tea m 路 sitting o n tricycle Cat hy Th omas. Back row (left to righ t): A n na Alexander, Mi che lle Che ntfa nt and Mary Jo Bozich .

siste r. Th e Alph a Tau Ch apter ho ted Fo und e rs Day o n ovem ber 7 with a dinn e r a t a mbrid ge Spr in gs. O ur m o th e r s p art ic ip ate d i n t hi s event wh ich included tl1e candlelig h ting ervice. We ' re loo kin g forward to n e xt Fo under Day when it will be our turn to spon o r th e ce leb ra tion. Our winter fo rm a l was h e ld o n Dece mber 3. We h a d a b las t d a n c in g th e ni g h t away. We' re an xio usly awaiting anoth er uccessfu l se mester in ALT. :Jenni fer tud ni cki

Delta Beta/ Fairmont State

Delta Alpha/ Gannon

Fairmont, WV:

Erie, PA :

Th e most noteworthy thing that has h a ppe ned so fa r this year i o ur decisio n to b eco m e a c h a p te r of lp h a S ig m a T a u . Mu c h t im e , effo rt a nd mo n ey i be ing pu t in to this. We fe l th a t thi is th e bes t thin g th at co u ld have ha ppened to us. We love the bon d o f siste rh oo d a nd th e upp ort from ch apters eve rywh ere.

Th e siste rs of th e Delta Alph a chapte r h ave h a d a ve ry bu y se m es te r. Sho rtl y after initi atio n in Apri l, we e ntered an Earth Day bann er in a school co mpe titi o n and o ur chapter won eco nd place . Thi was o ur first award as a full fl edged ch apter. Th e fa ll se meste r started off with a bang , beginning with Greek week. A fun time was had by all a we parti cipated in th e Gree k Sin g, An ything Goe , and a walk to th e city mi ss io n to n a m e a few. Fo llow in g Gree k Wee k, was o ur ru sh whi ch was very succe sfu l. We acquired eight wonde rfu l p ledges wh o have been wo rking very h ard . Two o f o ur siste rs, Crissy Giang u il i a nd Lisa Pe ll egrin o , d id a te rr ifi c j o b re prese ntin g o ur ch a pter as ho mecoming queen candidates. lex t, we a re h eadin g o ut in to th e stree ts fo r thi yea r 's harvest food drive to b e n e fi t th e E r ie Foo d Ba nk . Th e Ga mm a Th e ta ch a pte r h os te d a H allo wee n b as h wi th th e Si g m a T a u Ga mma frate rni ty. we a ll e nj oye d the ch an ce to get to know our n eigh boring

T o o bserve Founders Day, we went to Wayn esburg to participate in the cand le lighting service wi th the Gam ma Nu

De lta Betas dressed fo r a rush skit. Back row: Ca th y Brewe r, Ro nda Kessel, Mar路 le ne Mi c hae ls . Fron t row: Jan H aught, Dan ye lle Reed , S teph anie Minger, Anna McFe rre n .


c h a pte r o n November 6. T his was a learning experie nce. It made us realize th e impo rta n ce of o ur fo und ers. Fo llowing the cere mo ny was a social with food and beverages. H omeco ming Week was very im porta nt for us. First, we h ad three re presentati ve o n the court. O n the nig h t of th e bo nfire, we wo n th e spiri t stick for sh owing the mo t sch oo l pi rit during th e wee k . Mu c h t im e was put In to building o ur fl oat. We participated in all ca mpus ac ti viti es d uring th e wee k, includin g co n ce rts, p ep ra lli e , t h e

homecom ing dance and the game. We have participated in man ~h il足 a n th ropy project th is seme ter. First, we h osted a H all oween part for th e ch il dren at Wi hi ng Well Manor. We aJ o had members donate blood for the Fa irmo n t State Co ll ege Bl ood Drive. We have he lped the chi ldren at Try Again H ome and ran a canned food drive for th e Food Pantry. In December, we went h ri tma caroli ng for the F fac ul ty and we participated in the adopt-a-grandparent program. We try to participate in al l of the

Louise Glade Bohlen, 1891-1993 'To become national," said Mrs. Lyman to a special committee meeting at the Huron Hotel in Ypsilanti, Michigan in June 1925, "we need five activ.e collegiate chapters, a national convention, and a national magazine. I want you to meet Louise Glade Bo~le~, who will edit our magazine." That was the begmmng of our long friendship. During the five months prior to our first conve?tion in November 1925, Louise prepared the first Issue of The Anchor of Alpha Sigma Tau, which contains and preserves for us the histories of the collegiate and alumnae chapters established from 1899 to 1925. Although Louise was very capable, she was unassuming, always putting the sorority ahead of herself. Her introduction on page 9 of the first issue of The Anchor was as one of three "Assistant Editors". There was no mention of the fact that Louise did all the work. At that first Convention, she was elected Editor and was re-elected at the 1927 Convention. Mter editing our magazine during those tenuous, formative years of nationalization, she resigned after the birth of her son in October 1928. Although life took us in different directions, our paths crossed occasionally, and we remained friends through the years. When I received notification of her death last October, I thought about those 68 years since June 1925, remembering a sorority sister, beautiful in soul and appearance, faithful to whatever duty called her. As her son said, she was one of the "pioneers" of our national organization. -Carrie Washburne Staehle


campus and Greek activitie . T hi ~足 mester, we atte n ded a date rape em inar and workshop , whi c h were ver info rmative . We aJ o attended a hazing eminar. We att nded Greek lu nc h e he ld in the d ining hall and a Greek ocial on December 9. We had three car wa hes and a yard ale. ormal ly, we are very active in o ur intramural program. However, due to the fact that we were busy becomi ng a chapter, we decided not to partici pate this erne ter. -Lisa McGurty

Alpha: Loui e Glade Bohlen , Carolyn White Forche Zeta: Susan Hiler Robinson Theta: Ruth Heilman Berndt, Lorraine Ratz Daley, Betty M. Friedel, Buryl For t McNamara, Lorraine Rietmiller, Clara Helm Schumann Iota: Carolyn Joyner Glaser, Gertrude Moore Goodney, Evelyn Snoddy Isaacs, Janice Holdsworth Sanborn, Merle T aylor Warner, Emma Tieperman Wise Lambda: Ruth Knocke Hanna Nu: Nora Moulton Gu tafson , Barbara Lundell Koll, Mary Alice Miller Taber Omicron: Hazel Tuggle Mingo, Louise McNeill Pease,Jeanne Norvelle Runions Pi: Virginia Ruby Marchand, Hedwig Marcinkowski Spriesterbach Sigma: Dorothy Sommers Black, Evel yn A. Grampp, Arleine Keen, Catherine Smith Zeta Tau: Barbara France Allen, Ruth Denton Angleman, Faye Brandon Cross, Judith Spinner King. Fredrika Hubard Nichols, Helen Briggs Sours Upsilon: Virginia Colvin Kirkland Phi: Yvonne Thomas Bate Alpha Alpha: Helen Shaw Cross, Janice Walker Wagoner, Carolyn Ann Wiegel, Velma L. William Alpha Beta: Daily Blanken hip Gillette, Iva Lock Taylor Alpha Epsilon: Jean Boetje, Bonnie Campbell Duewel Alpha Mu: Martha Hawkin (advi er) Beta Zeta: Kimberly Anne mith Beta Lambda: Ruth Alessandro Beta Mu: Kerry Ann jan1i on THE


pring 1994

Delta Beta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau was installed on December 4, 1993. Thirty undergraduates at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, West Virginia are among our newest sisters. The installation was celebrated with a banquet at the newlyrenovated Valley View Fire Hall, which was decorated beautifully for Christmas. As a local sorority, Delta Beta Chapter had a long history of service to the Fairmont community. They expect to continue thi tradition as an Alpha Sigma Tau Chapter!

Faculty advisor Rosemary Conner.

Tr eas ure r Rayann Lazear with Rho District President Mega n Jann ey.

President Julia Frisenda with her parents.

Th e new Delta Beta Chapter at their installation banquet.

Chapter officers Rayann La zea r, Ronda Kessel, Julia Frisenda , and Hayley Robe rtson show off the chapte r charte r.

M u s i c Chairman Courtney Fouchtman with new president Corey Whorton .

39 THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

ANCHOR LINE: Alpha Sigma Tau's Network Please share your talents to help build our Anchor Line database. Return the form below to National Headquarters today!

I want to be on the Anc.hor Line! I understand that by signing this form , I release this information to any member of ~T who requests it. Signature: ________________________________________________________________ Date: Name (print): Street Address/ City/ State/ Zip: Telephone Number (include area code): Chapter:-------------------------------Year Graduated: _____________________________________________________________ School: Career/ Occupation (choose from list below): J ob Title/ Position: Number of Years in Field: ____________________________________ CAREERS AND OCCUPATIONS:

Accounting Advertising/ P.R. Airline Agriculture Arts Banking Catering Communications Computer Programming Construction Consulting Counseling Corporate/ Management

Data Processing Economics Education Engineering Entertainment Environment Finance Government Home Economics Hospital Hotel Human Resources Industry Journalism Law

Law Enforcement Marketing Mathematics Media Medicine Military M.I.S. Museums Nursing Politics Psychology Public Service Research Real Estate Recreation

Religion Retail Sales Science Sports Telecommunications Travel Volunteer

We realize that all occupations are not listed above. Please choose the one which best describes yours. Please send your completed form to: Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters Attn: Anchor Line PO Box 59252 Birmingham, AL 35259 We'd like to thank Pam Werner Fultz, Zeta Tau, for designing our new Anchor Line logo. Pam's designs have been appearing in The Anchor for the past year. 40


P~New4 1993 NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE BIENNIAL MEETING The PC Bie nnia l M eting was held ovember 3-7 at the Peabod Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The theme for the meeting was PACESETTERS, and the four-member delegation of the 26 member groups of the ational Panhelle nic Co?ference met for s sions designed to promote the umfi ed role of Greek cooperation, friendship, and concern for the well-being of our Pan h e llenic lifeblood around the world. Alpha Sigma Tau wa represented by Patricia ayle, PC De legate; Carolyn Alexander, Alternate Delegate; Cynthia McCror , A l ternate Delegate; and Mar y Ch arles Ashby, Alternate Del ega te and ational President. Concurrent sessions were held by th e National National Presidents of the sororities at Southeastern Louisiana University pose with the Panhel/enic delegates from that campus. rUT's Jennife r Mo and National President Mary Charles Ashby are second and third from right in the back row.

NPC Delegates at the 1993 NPC Meeting. Al:T's delegate Pat Nayle , is second from left, bottom row.

Longwood College and Louisiana niversity won the heLlenic Conference Progress ward, given to Panhellenics showing the greatest improvement dwing the past biennium. In an age of declining rush numbers, the Longwood Panhellenic has increased their rush numbe1 47% in the last two years and increased their pledging 60%. 11lis has been accomplished through increased visibility through campus and corrununity programrning, aL1 of whid1 are open to aL1 students. Alpha Sigma Tau' Zeta Tau Chapter i a member of the Longwood Panhellenic. Through continuou hard work in orientation, programming, and public relations , rush registra tion in crease d 64% at Southeastern Louisiana in the last two yea rs; pledging ha in creased to 80%. Our Phi Chapter is a membe r of the South eas tern Louisi a n a Pan hell enic. Cynth ia Peckhart McCrory, A lpha Alpha, was e lected Vice Preside nt of the National Interfratern ity Foundation in D ecembe r. Cynt hi a has served on ALT' PC De legati on ince 1980. We are proud of our ALT isters who

THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

Panhellenic Editor onferenc and the e nLra l Office Ex cutive ; Caro le Keil y, The Anchor Editor, and Miriam Lord, Headquarters Executive Secretary, represented A2.T at th ose meetin gs. The actual bu in e s sessions began on th afternoon of November 4. Sin ce this is our Founders Day, the A2.T delegation wore ye ll ow and green ribbon s to ce lebrate our founding. During the bi e nnial mee ting, a workshop was h e ld on 'The Power of As ociation " to discu s P ' ex istin g relationships and ex p ctation for co llaborative program , enforcem nt, and pon orship. We h eard preentations on Gre k So lu tions , Adopt-a- c h oo l , Hand-in-Hand , Our Chapter/ Our Choice , an d National Commu ni ty AJDS Partn e r hip . Several resolutions were passed dealing with the establishment of an an nu a l meetin g, a d e finition for "s n a p bidding" for rush booklets, a nd clearer definition of College Panhe lle ni c membership. All 26 member groups sent representative to the A lumn ae Forum. A2.T was re pre e nte d b y P atric ia ayle, who also serves th e sorority as Coordinator of Alumnae Expansion. This session gave the directors of a lumn ae a ch ance to share id eas d ealing with alumn ae i ues, the a lumnae organ ization , and way to improve comm uni cation, recruitm e nt, and involve ment within each of our groups. We also had the opportunity to meet with a few 2-T alumn ae living in the Orlando area a nd discu sed the possibility of organizing an a lumn ae c hapter in th area. -RejJorted by Patricia ayle

have served as officers or chairmen on their coll ege Pan hellen ic : President Edie Ann Ward , Omi cro n Charlie Ruzicka, Beta Psi J ennifer John son, Gamma Mu Vice President J ennifer Mo, Phi , Amy Clayton , Alpha Gamma Tiffany Reynolds, Beta Mu Mimi McCabe , Gamma Epsilon Secretary/ Treasurer J ami Diamond, Gamma u Treasurer Kerri Maranto, Chi Willa Williams, Alph a Mu Ai leen Zamora, Beta De lta Committee Chairs Suzanne Conno lly, Sigma, Scho larsh ip Dawn '"'illis, Up ilon , Rush Co-Chair Erin Canne lli , Psi , Jr. Panhe lle nic, VP of Membership Development Amy Clayton , Alpha Gamma, Chair of Judiciary Board

Sherri Brentzel, Alpha Omicron , Social Growth & Development Amy Martz, Alph a Omicron , Publi c Re latio ns J ennifer Biondo, Beta Ep ilon , ocial ervice Julie Holt, Beta Zeta, Philanthropy Sheri Hunter, Beta Iota, Sorority Growth & Development Dan ielle Ree e , Beta psilon , Rush , Sorority Growth & Developm ent Co llee n chuessler, Beta Phi , Student Government Re p, Rush Executive J ayci Shaw, Gamma Zeta, Expansion Mary Kay Hughe , Gamma Theta, Philanthrop


Sorority Today-Success Tomorrow Being involved in sorori ty du ring college i fun . It's decora ting ba nque t h all a nd fl oats; ru hin g a nd pl e d gin g; raisin g GPAs a we ll as so ng-filled vo ices; it' wea rin g th e green a nd gold while h e lpin g our co mmunity; it ' cryin g toge th e r, la u g hin g t oge th e r ; pray in g to ge th e r; growing and leading. Think of college as a ro ugh draft in th e te rm pape r of life. Think of Alph a Sigma Tau as o ur editor fo r th a t te rm pape r, for our life . College can be mo re th an classes a nd a dipl o ma. Add AlT and our coll ege years can pre pare us fo r th e excitin g world o f r e p o n s ibility a nd lead e r hip. By conducting effec tive rush prog rams, we learn to refin e o ur communication skills, to be a t ease with stran ge rs, to liste n to others, and to ma rke t ourselves. Tomorrow, th o e sa me kills will h elp u sell a produc t o r pe rh a p o urselve durin g a j ob inte rvi ew. By prese ntin g bo th educa ti on al and p ositive pl ed ge prog ra m , we lea rn to id e ntify a nd p e rp e tu a te o ur s tr e n g th s whil e b eco min g "mentor ". Soro rity calls the m "big siste rs"; busin ess calls th e m "me ntors". Kn owing our own values and asse t while being able to teach o the rs earns admiration , respo n ibili ty, a nd pro mo tio n . Fin e-tunin g our e tique tte an d soc ia l s ki ll durin g m e mb e rs hip g rowth a nd d eve lopm e n t e io ns, a we ll as b e in g a bl e to prac ti ce th e m within th e safe group of uppo rtive siste rs, gives us po ise, co nfid e n ce, a nd ocial presen ce. Th e re i no substitute for ocial awa re n e s and g race in d ealing with th e publi , th e co mmuni ty, and th e caree r wo rld. Our d eve lopm e nt program o n i te rh oo d h e lp u to d efin e o ur e lve a nd o ur c h o e n i te r te rns. within o ur e me rg ing valu e In th wo rld of tom o rrow, w will be x p cted to o mpre he nd a ari42

e ty o f va lu e y te rn ; we ' ll h ave a head start wh e n we unde r ta nd ou r own fir t. Obvio u s ly lph a S ig m a Ta u ' high er sch o larship tandards e t us a bove th e rest. T od ay' tud kill s will g ive u tool to tackl e to m orrow' career a ig nm e n t th a t expand our abilitie and groo m u for ye t an o th e r prom otio n. V\ e rai e ou r vo ice in o ng: we are j oyful toge th er. We learn h ow to h ave fun , e nterta in , a nd e njo fri e nd ship s. B in g a bl e to enj oy ourse lve a nd o th e r e n a bl e us to be valued fri e nds. Our philanthro pic program s test o ur valu e syste m , allowing us to expr ess o ur fee lin gs for ot h ers. V\'he ther we ad op t a hig hway, erve m eals a t a oup ki tch e n , o r visit th e instituti o n ali ze d , we ma ke a statem e nt a b o u t h ow we va lu e li feo ur s a nd o th er ' . u c h g ivin g people are he ld in e teem in work, fa mily, and communi ty. So rori ty d e o ri o n re info rce ou r value a nd he lp us articula te th e m. Our ritual a nd pra ers h elp u exa min e our inn erm o t b lief: o th a t we really live our value ' te rn an d pa s in o n to o th r , not j u t cover it up with word that are "carr t" for th e m m n t. In Alph a ig ma Ta u we erv o n o mmittee c h air th e m , a nd afte r

w h ave prac ti ced am o ng o ur upportive i ter , we go out a d e lega tes to a mpus organiza ti on a nd to o rority con ventio n . We are now lead r . Lead er hip will e parate u fro m th e p ac k d u r in g j o b inte rviews a nd he lp earn p ro mo tio n : it wi ll call u to lead in ou r communitie . P res id ent a nd di rec tor d o not ju t h a p pen; th e ar we ll trained . Ou r train ing occ ur within our be loved o rority. e lebrat s i ter h oo d ! E nj oy every fun-fill ed mi n ute in co ll ege. T he n take Al ph a ig ma Tau orority achi ve ment , leader hip, pi rit, an d valu with you into yo u r family, your comm u n ity, and your car er. We ' ll k p in touch with :2-T all o u r live becau e it h as h elp d h a pe u into the mo t succe fu l wome n th at we can be.

arth a D rou or Belknap De amp Director of Fraternity Program



pring 199-4

Elderhosteling at Pine Mountain by Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta When I heard that an Elderhostel wou ld be held at Pin e Mounta in prior to the National Founda ti o n mee ting there last fall , it see med a perfect opportunity to really ge t to know Pin e Mountain Se ttl e m e nt School and its program . Elderh ostel is "a non-profit educational o rganization offer (ing) in expen sive, h ortterm academic programs hosted by education al institution s around th e world. " Individuals 60 years of age and olde r are eligible . Th e Eld e rhoste l a t Pin e Mo untain would b e som e thin g n ew to study, some thing n ew to try. So I recruited a fri e nd to j oin m e a nd we e nrolled. The drive fro m De tro it to London , Ke ntu cky a lo n g I-7 5 was very fa mili ar to me: I'd th ought of Pine Moun tain each time I p assed . This tim e I turn ed onto the Dani el Boone Parkway and was in unfamilia r te rrito ry . At H yd e n , I fo llowed 421 toward H arla n, th e n 221 , wh e re I was to "go p a t a coal wash , a nd th e e ntran ce to th e sch ool is a mil e b eyo nd th a t. " (Coal was h ? Fo r a n oldster broug ht up in Detro it, this was a n ew te rm !) I assum e d co rr ec tl y th a t I'd r ecog ni ze a pl ace whe re o n e wa h e d coal, a nd soo n drove into th e e ntr a n ce m a rk e d "Pine Moun tain Se ttle m e nt Sch ool, Est. 1913- Welco me". Our e ig htee n m e mb ers ca m e from nin e states. At orien tati o n, we introdu ced o ur elve . It was h e re th a t o th e r Elderh ostelers learn ed of m y interest in Pine Moun tain, Alph a Sigma Tau 's support of the p rogram and our co ntributi on to the re novation of Big Log. We m e t Paul H ayes, Direc tor of Pin e Mounta in Se ttlem e nt Scho ol , a nd h e was qui ck to ask if I wante d to see Big Log. "I think you ' ll b e pl ease d with wh a t we 've done," he said, and I was. Mainstay o f a n y Eld e rh os te l is the staff conducting it a nd th e program organi zation. We so o n cam e to admire the skill , kn owl ed ge, o rganization , a nd d edi ca tion of Be n Begley, Direc tor of Enviro nm e ntal Education , aturalist, and Skills Instructor, and his wife Pat Beg ley, THE ANCHOR/ Spring 1994

th e effe rvesce nt crafts director wh o m ad e eve ryon e fee l special a nd tale nted. Community peo ple and fo rm e r sc h oo l staff we re drawn into the progra m a t variou tim es and e nri c h e d th e prog ra m with th e ir spec ial teaching skills, knowledge , a nd sh ow of love a nd d edi cation to Pine Mountain Se ttl e ment Sch oo l. The speciali zed buildings at Pine Mo unta in ove rwh e lm e d u s with th e ir reso urces . Dra p e r Buildin g h o lds th e geographical specim en s collec ted and co ntributed by many people wh o respec t the Pine Mounta in progra m a nd its ca re in prese r vin g a nd e du ca tin g thr o u g h these samples. Dra p e r is a lso th e h a ndi c r aft h ou se . On th e fir st flo o r , we did our wo o dwo rk ; carving, po lishing, and stainin g magnoli a blossom pap erwe ig hts, sm oo th ce d a r le tte r ope n e rs, and refrige ra tor magn e ts we r e a m o n g th e man y pr oj ec ts ava il a bl e. We left Pin e Mountain kn owin g skill s we never thought we h ad. Co rn shuck dolls a nd fl owe rs looked easy but proved h arde r tha n expected . U ing th e m a n y diffe re nt lo om s that Pat and Be n Begley had already pre pa red for us was really ch allen ging. Even though they did the hard wo rk of threading the looms and setting the m up, we found tha t following the pattern by manipulating th e foot pedals and throwing the shuttle was slow wo rk a t first. Errors we r e easy to de tect and taking out rows beca m e p art of th e task. Diffe r e nt loo ms let everyo n e ch oose th e d egr ee of di ffi culty with whi c h th ey were comfortable . Afton Garrison e ntertained us with stories of th e early se ttl e rs in th e a rea a nd how th ey ad a pted th eir lives to th e e nviro nme nt. Ben Begley was maste r of th e pla nt h o use, ide ntifyin g medi cin al plan ts which are n ow finding new applicatio ns by pharmaceutical h ouses. J am es Good e sh owed his d ocume ntary on coa l ca mps a nd add ed his first-hand experie nce. It gave us a diffe re nt vi ew of the "compa ny store" image of company towns.

Th e fi e ld trips add e d different learnin g e xp e ri e n ces; visitin g th e Creech cabin resto red with its original furni shin gs, go ing to the India n cave acros the road a nd seeing the spo ts wh e re re li cs a re be in g excava ted , see ing a wo rking strip min e a nd th e recl a ma tio n effor ts be ing m a d e, l oo kin g for bi r d s wh ose sig hts we re Ies visibl e th a n th e ir sounds, a nd climbing th e hill s on th e tra il s in the forest to id e ntify th e wildfl owe rs, pla n ts, a nd tree tha t we h ad n ever seen b efore. Eve nings we re pu t to goo d use wh e n Alo n zo Turn er in tru c ted u in the coun try da ncing . On anoth e r evening, Arthur J o hnson sang o ngs of th e reg io n to th e acco mp a ni ment of his guita r, dulcim er, banjo, a nd h a rmonica. Eve n thou gh h e is blind, hi s tou ch was in fallibl e. An o utsta ndin g p ar t of th e eve ni ng pro gram s was offere d by Bu rton R oge r s, fo rm er di rector of Pi n e Mountain Se ttle m e n t Sc h oo l. Seve ral eve nin gs, we wa lked uphill to th e c h a p e l a nd in th e peace a nd beau ty of this se tting listened to Mr. Rogers play th e o rgan . It was in the ch ap el th at I really felt a kinship to Pine Mountain . T h e tribute to Eth el Delo ng Zande, one of th e founde rs of Pine Mo un tain , e nded in the verse wi th which we are all familiar . . . the one th at begi n "wh atsoever things are tru e ... ". E ld e rh os te lin g ex p a nd s o n e ' h o ri zo n. E ld er h os te lin g at Pin e Mountain did thi s for me in endless ways . Pine Mo un tain is fam iliar to me n ow in all its beau ty, all its resources, a nd all its peo pl e . My advice is "Y all co me."


The National Council at their January 1994 meeting. Back row, left to right: Director of Expansion Janet Dodson, National Treasurer Janet Jimi路 son, National President Mary Charles Ashby, National Secretary Mary Beth Kelley. Front row, left to right: Director of Collegiate Chapters Ricki Bargman Trosen , Director of Alunmae Cathy Schreiner, Director of Fraternity Programs Marty DeCamp, Director of Publications Carol Cooper.

TO: Alpha Sigma Tau Parents: Your daughter 's magazine is sent to her home address while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it. If she is no longer in college, however, and is not living at home, please send her new permanent address to: Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquaters, P.O. Box 59252. Birmingham , AL 35259. Alpha Sigma Tau P.O. Box 59252 Birmingham, AL 35259 Address Correction Requested

1994 Spring ANCHOR  
1994 Spring ANCHOR