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Bulletin Board WELCOME!

Gamma Mu Chapter, West Virginia Institute of Technology, installed November 10, 1990 Ga mma Chi Chapter, William Paterson College, installed December 8 , 1990 Gam ma Nu Colony, Waynesburg College, pin-pledged December 2, 1990 Gamma Xi Colony, Grand Valley State University, pin-pledged January 6 , 1991 Chi Colony, Shepherd College, pin-pledged January 20, 1991

Panhellenic Officers Alpha Sigma Tau salutes its collegiates who served as Panhellenic officers on their campuses during the 1990- 1991 academic year : Stephanie Fehr, Zeta- Lock Haven University CPH Presi-


D ebbie Spino , Beta Upsi/on- NJIT IFSC President M elan ie M aurer, Beta Phi- California University CPH

Tempi Sumter, Sigma- Buffalo State CPH Vi ce President President Tracy Evans, Zeta Tau- Longwood College CPH Treasurer Laurel M cGee, Beta Psi- St. Louis University CPH Presi Debbie Welch, Psi- James Madison University CPH Corredent sponding Secretary K aren Juliano, Beta Omega- Monmouth College CPH Yvonne Benvides, Beta Th eta-St. Mary's University CPH President President Becka Goodman , Gamma Zeta- Frostburg State CPH Carol Thompson , Beta Mu- Salisbury State CPH PresiPresident Sheri M cM illion, Gamma Mu- WVIT CPH Vice President dent Wendy Lawhorn , Beta Nu- Bloomsburg University CPH Jennifer Johnson , Gamma Mu- WVIT CPH Treasurer


ANNIVERSARIES Congratulations to the following chapters celebrating milestone anniversaries during the first half of 1991: 70 years 45 years 25 years

Zeta , April 7 Alpha Gamma , May 4 Alpha Omicron, Jan . 29 Alpha Pi , April 24

20 years 15 years

Beta Beta Beta Beta

Epsilon , March 13 Delta, April 24 Theta , April 24 Iota , May 1

10 year s


years 1 year

Erie Alumnae, May 16 Beta Omega , April 19 Gamma Eta , January 20 Gamma Iota , March 10 Gamma Lambda , April 7 Alpha Rho , April 28

Hats Off To ... . . . Rose Marie Schmidt, ANCHOR Alumnae Editor, for editing both the collegiate and alumnae news for this issue . . . . Meda Ray Sewell , who contacted nearly 40 other Omicron alumnae to raise the money for Omicron Chapter's insurance premium . . . . Our troops in the Middle East - we wish them well .

WANTED: CHAPTER ADVISERS, ASSISTANT CHAPTER ADVISERS, CHAPTER CONSULTANTS ALPHA S IGMA TAU is looking for sisters to serve as members of advisory teams for its collegiate chapters. We are looking for AST alumnae who are interested in guiding and advising young women . CHAPTER ADVISERS and ASSISTANT CHAPTER ADVISERS should live in or near the town in which the chapter is located , as it is important that they attend as many chapter meetings and functions as possible. A basic knowledge of chapter operations and fin ances is desirable. CHAPTER CONSULTANTS are responsible for visiting the chapter twice a year to inspect the officer and staff notebooks and confirm the chapter's inventory. If you are interested in serving on the advisory team for a collegiate chapter , or if you would like further information abo ut any of these positions , please contact Ricki Trosen , National Vice President , 904 Kings Road , Kirk ville. Mi ouri


SPRhVO ;gg;

THE ANCHOR is published in the Fall and Spring . Single copies are available for $5.00 each. Third class postage is paid at Indianapolis, IN, and at additional mailing offices . Send address changes and business correspondence to : Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters P.O . Box 59252 Birmingham, AL 35259 Address editorial correspondence to the Editor . Director o f P ublications Carol J . Cooper Office of Residence Life UNC-Wilmington 601 South College Road Wilmington , NC 28403 Editor Carole Bicking Kei ly 7807 Leland Road Manassas, VA 22111 Alumnae Editor Rose Marie Schmidt 5106 Harvard Road Detroit, MI 48224 Produced by Maury Boyd and A sociates.

Fall 1991 deadline is May 15, 1991 THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

OFALPHA S!OAfA TAU 1992 Convention

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Spotlight on Alumnae


National Survey


Career Planning

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Alpha Sig ma Tau 's 1992 Conven tion wi ll be held at the Sheraton Ke ns ington Hotel in Tulsa , Oklaho ma J une 23-27 , 1992. Further details will be included in the fall ANCHOR.

l'u'l ili un ~ I <H ~ m e nt on Alco hol

National Staff Eternal Chapter Foundation

l in·:. use of our concern for t he health .1nd \\l'll ·be•ng of our mcmlk: r ,, th t prt"'ldtnt' of all 26 '\ :t liona ll'anh cllenk Confcrenct 1' I'L' J group'i h.J' l> :tl!n>t·d to the fulluu m ~·

1. thai '' l' up p~t'd to !he m•s use of alcohol: 2. that ll ll college chapter.s, a ll mdu •dual member\, :lnd all gut''\b mu 'l Jbtdt b1

fedcr:l l. SUI Iefpro' •ntl::a l, loca l. col lege un•1 ersit) Ia" " :and

r~ul:a tmn ':

.t th:1111 i!,mad liS:lble tOho<il 3p:lrt) lniOhingako ho lllhtnlht m:IJOrll\


.u tr ndmg are under the legal drm ~ •ng ace: .t that no collt.•ge chapter rund.., rna.\ be used to purch.1'-i.' .1lruhol Clo-,pon.,.•n.or ~oci.1 l t'\C nti a~ potential!} It able rt>gardl or ho" till' l'\pt'n'in art 'h-trl'd.l 1 ach

" 'C group has an ako hol poltq and •s up«ttd to :1b1de b} 11 . In add•tiDn,tht

p r~t d l' nl ~

C\pt'l't thetr ch3p ter.o to


the regula t•ons or :~ n \ 'Pl

ro-~pon-.ort n lr.!

\ \t• husu~ that tht'> agrct-mcnt "•lii::•H~cullt'gt'c hapt ers thewuragr and abtht' tu mtlt-tlt· d"cu ...,iun and ro r mu late a Panhl'l ll.'ntc ' tand on the <i ubJK I ur alroh~

Collegians Alumnae Directory A:ET Country Store

AT TE NT IO N A LL ALUM AE : Postal regulations require us to pay 30¢ for every copy not deliverable as a ddressed . Please notify us of any cha nge of address , giving both the NEW and the O LD address .


GWEN fROSTIG 'SRARES THE MAGIC OF NATURE by Emily Ashby Mcintire (Mrs. Michael) , Alpha Laaabda, National Historian

sf summer, my family and I journeyed through our new horne state of Michigan . We had been told by many of the treasure i as to offer. Our journey took us pot only to Mackinac Island, Traverse City, Charlevoix , and Petoskey, but also to the little own of Benzonia . Now, if it had not been for my trusty tour boo , rnay have overlooked it. But when I saw that Gwen Frostic Prints wa located there, knew we had to work in a visit.

t has Been said that Miss Frostie is the biggest draw of visit r-s to t e smallest county in M"chigan . Her business brings Up to 00 lSttOTS a the busiest part of the su mmer. Beside er beautiful artwork , which is sold in mass quantities, the building housing Presscraft Papers is well worth he trip. Sitting on a 250-acre personal wildlife sanctuary on the Betsie River, the c dar beam and stone building is now itself a art of natu e . twas built in th ea I 1960s and has now been absorbed y the growtb,_ surrounding it Grass covers the roof, and he entrance to her haven is a heavy wood doo which o ens by pulling a piece of driftwood " polished" every day by the hands oi those who enter.


Nature has been brought inside too. Among Miss Frostic's works , wood carvings of birds by some of America 's greatest wildlife carvers can be seen throughout. The nests of hummingbirds and hornets have been incorporated into the interior. Deer tracks and impressions are a part of the concrete floor. According to Miss Frostic, after the concrete was poured " the leaves blew on it and the deer walked across it." From the display room , which includes a huge fire place and natural fountain , visitors can watch fifteen presses printing items using the original block created by Miss Frosti . One ean spend hours leafing through her books, trying to decide which one to buy . The assortment of cards, notepaper, calenda,rs, stickers, napkins , books, and framed prints is tremendous. Her library may be one of the most complete nature libraries in Michigan . It is a place where visitors can study just abou1 any part of the wonders of nature . Two walls of the library are glass and allow you to gaze upon tile wild birds on the pond outside.

THE ANCHOR/ pring 1991

The brochure that describes her places says it best: " observer of- and part ofthe wondrous order of the universe -the rhythms of the seasons - sunsets and dawns and all things that live and breathewanders through fi elds and woods stopping here and there to sketch a blade of grass-

- a bird- or a leaf blown by the wind ... Listeningto the wi ldwind symphoniesSeeingeach tin y bit o'lovelinessFeelingthe grandeur of it all .. . " G wen Frostic works on a linoleum block print. Photo courtesy Trauerse Clry. Michigan

Record Eagle

" The earth turns ... and the moon moves around it ... together they encircle the sun .. . counting the days .. . and the months . . . and the years .. . May my time be marked by . .. achi evement of my hands . . . my mind . .. and my heart . . . "

We were lucky enoug h to spend a few minutes with Miss Frostic during our visit. She is a lovely lady. One can imagine that her eyes are pathways into a deeper understanding of nature.

-Gwen Frostic, Alph a

" Th en entirely by hand- she carves each block to capture- in print- a bit of the fleet ing lo veliness one finds if one takes the time to see . . . Her books- filled with the joyousness of th e woods and the open fields- and the harmonious unity that synchronizes all life- expresses the indefinable something that li es deep in the hearts of all. ... " Gwen Frostic is indeed a treasure of Alpha Sigma Tau- a treasure to all those who have come to know her through her work . Her work is a gift to all of those who take the tim e to see with their eyes and feel with their hearts .

.... ' -r.:-:' .. . . .

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991


Spotlight On Alumnae We contacted other Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae who are "going places " in their fields . We asked them how they got started in their line of work and what their advice would be to other sisters who want to follow in their footsteps . We hope to make this a more regular feature in TH E ANCH OR, but we need to hear from you to do that. If you or a sister you know of has a successful or interesting career, please submit her name and address to THE ANCHOR Editor.

Rosalind Cutchins

Rosa lind Crenshaw Cutch ins , Zeta Tau , is Director of Family Services for EDMARC in Virginia. She works with families who have terminally ill children , focusing on bereavement support and crisis intervention . She fa cilitates parent support groups and serves as an advocate for grief support. Rosalind received a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Longwood College, where she was honored as a senior as Greek Woman of the Year. She went on to earn an MS in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was during her internship in graduate school that she got her start in the field of family support. Rosalind recommends that others considering this field assure they have good personal support systems in place, as she feels it is difficult to support other people when you need lots of support for yourself. A sense of humor is very important, but " don 't be afraid to crytears are a gift of healing " . Rosalind concludes, " Know your own gifts- if you are a caring person , you 'd be surprised what you can give to others ."

Viki Hoffman

Victoria Klawitter Hoffman, Beta Delta, decided to become an attorney while in high school because she


was interested in helping people protect their rights under the law. Viki is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia and Virginia and is an attorney with the law office of Charles Kane Schanker, P.C. Viki 's practice is civil litigation . Her undergraduate d~gree is from Duquesne University and her law degree IS from George Washington University. Viki served on the Legal Education Committee of the Fairfax Bar Association and is a member of the American Bar Association and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. She is vice president of the Arlington chapter of Zonta International , an international organization of businesswomen , and is an active member and officer of Alpha Sigma Tau 's Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter. As if that weren 't enough , Viki and her husband John are the parents of four children ranging from age 2 to age 16. " The legal field offers diverse opportunities to practice in many intellectually challenging areas ," said Viki . " There are personally challenging opportunities for women if they choose the career due to a genuine interest in practing a certain type of law without undue emphasis on financial reimbursement. Business connections are extremely important. Women interested in law as a career might do volunteer work and internships at legal and women 's centers, work in an attorney's office observe trials at the court house , read legal journals available at the courthouse and bar association libraries, and become a student member of local bar associations. Be sure that you want to practice before you invest in a legal education ." Holly Woodford McDonald, Zeta Tau , is a very active volunteer with the Birmingham , Alabama chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation . Nine years ago , Holly 's daughter was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus . In order to learn about diabetes and how to cope with a child with a chronic disease , the McDonalds became involved in the local chapter of JDF . Since 1982 , Holly has served as the Birmingham chapter's youth group chairman , telephone answering chairman , Children's day camp co-chairman and counselor, vice president, annual fashion show and auction ticket chairman , 10-K walker recruitment chairman (she raised $40 ,000 in one day for research!). and was a member of the chapter board of directors. Holly was a representative to the JDF 20th Annual Conference in Washington , where she met with Congressional representatives to discuss health issues such as funding for the National Institutes of Health, transplantation issues, and research issues . Holly feels her family has learned to live and cope with a disease , and that her daughter has learned to overcome obstacles. She has learned the sen e of accomplishment experienced in achieving goal et by a group of volunteers . Her advice to other i 路路Tho of you who have not become involved in your communit

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

o:gtvmg of yourwork, do so now. Don 't go through life not talents , which obviously as an AST sister ~haritable

you possess. There 's no room for apathy in our sorority or communities. Getting involved is so rewarding, personally and collectively."

Phyllis Pond

Phyllis Ruble Pond, Alpha Alpha , is a representative

in the Indiana House of Representatives . She was reelected in the fall of 1990 for her seventh two-year term. Since Indiana has a citizen legislature which meets 30 days one year and 61 days the next, Phyllis teaches kindergarten when she is not making laws. Phyllis served as a precinct committeeman for five years before being elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1978 . She was the first Re publican woman to serve in a leadership position in the Indiana House when she served as assistant caucus chairman from 1984-1988. Since 1988, she has been serving as the chairman of the Insurance Committee. If a woman wants to raise a family , Phyllis suggests that she do so before entering politics on the state level , as it is extremely time-consuming . Phyllis speaks from experience : her youngest child was in college when she was first elected . " However, a woman can become involved in local issues and work on campaigns anytime," said Phyllis. " This is good experience for running for higher offices. Holding a local , city, or county office builds credibility with the voters. They will not vote for an unknown product. You must prove you are worthy of their trust and confidence . Always be honest and truthful with your constituents ."

South Bend newspaper and working towards a master 's degree in communications at the University of Notre Dame . As one of the few women in national sports on TV, Betsy says she usually spends her time answering questions about going into men's locker rooms! " But I've always been a sports fan ", she continues, " and I enjoy the opportunity to cover some of the greatest athletes in the world ." Betsy is hesitant to recommend the broadcast industry to others because it is " a difficult profession to enter, there are few available jobs , and very little job security. The starting pay is low, and for women , it is still a tough male fraternity to crack . The rewards of self-satisfaction are great, though , for those who are willing to stick to it, work hard , and put up with the setbacks and hardships."

Dr. Lill ian V Schippe rs

Dr. Lillian Vogt Schippers, Pi , is an author of chil dren 's books and a retired educator . Her career began as a remedial reading teacher in the St. Louis Public Schools Reading Clinic . She then taught remedial reading at the elementary school level and moved on to become the director of a high school reading center, where she structured a reading center and a program for gifted students . The last six years of her caree r were spent at Malcom Bliss State Mental Hospital , where she evaluated patients psychologically . Dr. Schippers wrote four books for children to read independently by the end of first grade. New words were introduced by the pictures on the pages of her books

Edwin , the Ostrich ; Kumbu , the Crocodile; Meluin , the Bashful Giraffe; and Bluebe/le , the Skunk. After her re-

Betsy M. Ross Betsy M. Ross, Alpha Alpha , divides her time be-

tween Cincinnati , Long Island , and home with her husband in northern Indiana. She is a sports anchor with the National Sports Cable Ne twork , SportsChannel Ameri ca, and is a news anchor with WLWT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati. Betsy has a BS degree in journalism from Ball State and got her start in television about ten years ago after splitting her time with the THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

tirement, she helped establish a library at Gardenville Community Center . She has been listed in the following publications: ationa! Social Directory 1963, 1964; Who 's Who of American Women 1958-59 , 1961-62; Who 's Who in the Midwest 1960, 1980; Dictionary of International Biography 1963; Who 's Who Biographical Record-School District Officials 1976 ; and The World Who 's Who of Women 1980 . Dr. Schippers has also remained active in Alpha Sigma Tau : She was Director of Expansion and THE ANCHOR Editor and has held many offices in the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter. Dr. Schippers earned an AB degree at Harris Teachers College, an MA at Washington University, and a PhD at St. Louis University, and was certified as a psychometrist at Washington University. Her advice to others is " recognize a need and build on it" and " get publicity!" 7

NATIONAL SURVEY by Ricki Bargman Trose n (Mrs. Wallace), Alpha Sigma, National Vice President During the summer of 1989, members of the National Council set aside time during their meeting to discuss the future of Alpha Sigma Tau for the 1990s and beyond. Each Council member set goals for her area at that meeting . From thi s planning session came the deci sion to survey the sorority's en tire membership because the Council did not want our sisters to feel that only the Council could set down the " laws " for the organization . We wanted to see what our members felt was important to the future of Alpha Sigma Tau . Each participant was asked to give her o pinion as to the three most critical issues faci ng Alpha Sigma Tau in the 1990s. Listed below, in al phabetical order, are the categories consistently ranked high by survey parti cipants. Statistics were gathered from coll egiate and alum nae members during the 1989-1990 academic year. The accompanying graphs indicate the percentage , by category, of goals, issues, and solutions offered by both collegiate and alumnae respondents. ALUMNAE RELATIONS : Items in this a rea included specific requests for information on ' networking" with alumnae for career information , job search assistance, and relocation . Collegians were specifically concerned about increased participation with cha pter alumnae. Alumnae requested more ideas on attracting new members to alumnae chapters . New ideas on combined alumnae and collegiate chapter activities were sought. Also suggested was increased contact from the National Organization via newsletters, chapter visits , and benefits for alumnae members . CHAPTER CONTACT: There was a cry from the collegiate membership for more ideas , activities, and structure for interchapter contacts . Such ideas included chapter pen pals, chapter phone lists provided to each chapter, leadership training for officers (beyond RLWs) , sister chapters, retreats with chapters, and chapter visits. Chapter Advisers might take a role in organizing such activities with supervision by their District Presidents . EXPANSION : Many participants were exci ted abou t the number of new colonies recently installed, but still expressed the desire to expand both the size and geographical range of the organization . Many members would like to see AST move onto larger campuses with stronger Greek systems. Collegiates would like to see existing chapters utilized in the expansion process. One

Alumnae Responses -Goals Chapter Contact(O.B%) ~~~~~~ Rush(1.6%) 1:

National Ass1stance(t8.1•.)

Scholarsh1p(t . 6~o)

Public Relatlons(2 .4%) Philanthropy(3.1%)

alumna mentioned the idea of developing an intentional and intensive expansion team. It was suggested that the National Organization recruit regional Traveling Counselors to make expansion contacts and provide consistent colony training . Several members expressed an interest in expanding alumnae chapters as well. FINANCES: Critical issues in this area included providi ng more assistance on fundraising and budgeting . One member asked for a fundraising booklet with workable ideas. Several asked for a more detailed picture on how their dues were spent . Participants were supportive of the organization of a special drive to raise funds towards the purchase of a new National Headquarters by o ur 100th a nni versary in 1999, and suggested that Headquarters be relocated to a smaller, more rural area for more reasonable rates on operating expenses. G RADES/ SCHOLARSHIP: Most collegiate chapters asked for more emphasis on academics from the National Organization. While they were not necessarily interested in raising the overall grade point average for pledging, they do want more ideas on scholarship improvement, study tips , and test taking. One chapter expressed an interest in raising the required GPA to join to a 2.5 so that AST might define itself as an organization of strong , intelligent leaders among today ' s Greek members. NATIONAL ASSISTANCE: Both collegiates and alumnae would like more communication from the a tiona! Organization . Suggestions were made to revise the reporting and efficiency system . Many asked for additional visits from the National Organization . Again , it was suggested that the ational Organization hire more field representatives on a regional basis or train alumnae to assist Chapter Advisers. It was also suggested that the Alumnae Aelations(20.4"o)

Alumnae Responses -Issues

National Assistance( 19.8•.)

Alumnae Responses -Solutions

Other(9 . 8~o)


National Assistance(7 .9°o) F1nancial(8 6"o)

THE ANCHOR/ pring 1991


Chapter Contact(13.2%)

Collegiate Responses -Goals Other(13.2%)

Financial(6.2%) Alumnae Relations(6.3%)

sorority manuals be updated and sent to all chapters and that more films be made available for chapter use. PHILANTHROPY: Several participants expressed the opinion that sponsorship of a more recognizable phi lanthropy is needed. Others stated a need for the freedom to become more involved in activities of the ir local communities without having to support a National Phi lanthropy. Many pleas were made for support of the idea of social service with recognition to the chapters and to either the campus or community . One alumna expressed a need to have an RLW or leadership workshop for staff or collegians at Pine Mountain. PLEDGING: It was suggested that the pledge period be shortened and stress basic leadership , communication , and group activities. Many are concerned about the amount of information available to chapters on hazing. One alumna suggested that the sorority attorney send or make a video tape of case studies on legal issues in this area to collegians for further study. PU BLIC RELATIONS: Several members stressed the need to create a stronger awareness of AST through updated publicity. Many liked the new ideas for expan sion , but feel th e campaign needs to be extended into other areas of sorority life . Suggestions included defin ing the sorority image of AST (who are we , where are we going) , strong leadership in National positions, in creased emphasis on scholarship, and more encouragement for philanthropic activities. Several collegiate members asked for increased PR to their college campuses to inform the administration of AST's purpose . RUSH : Several pleas were made for a national ru sh team organized on a regional basis for district use. Such teams would visit each chapter and give specific ideas for rush . Additional ideas included the creation of a na tional rush theme every year including detailed information for party use. One collegian suggested that a standing preference party be created , containing the fun damental values of AST. More information was sought

on specific ru sh techniqu es. SOCIAL ISSUES: A high percentage of members expressed strong concerns for more education in th e areas of AIDS , drug abuse, date rape , alcohol use, liability , stress management, and the future of the Greek community. Both collegiate and alumnae members expressed a desire to become more involved in promoting assistance for such cau~es. Alpha Sigma Tau women need to be leaders in soc iety and need assistance from the National Organization to understand the consequences of inappropriate behavior. As a result of comments made in this survey and the planning process, we have already begun the following : • • •

Plans are being developed to include a networking feature in futur e issues of THE ANCHOR. Alpha Sigma Tau is making presentations at larger campuses and is beefing up its expansion team . The National Scholarship Chairman has been providing study tips in each issue of the Alpha Sig-Nal , and a scholarship booklet is in process and will be published within the next two years . The National Council and Staff, with assistance from both collegiate and alumnae presidents, is looking at our present effici ency system , with a complete overhaul of the requiremQflts likely during 1991. All sorority manuals will be updated on a regular basis with the institution of a new publications time lin e. The National Rush Director makes rush tips and suggestions available in each Alpha Sig -Nal. Rush videos are presented at RLWs and Convention . Videos are available from National H eadquarters on hazing and a variety of social issues and each collegiate chapter is required to view at least one of these each academic year. The Expansion Publi city Committee and National Council are looking at the possibility of adding to our national phil anthropies . Th e national survey will be repeated on a regular basis and results will be reported to the membership .

We'd like to thank those of you who participated and subm itted your views. The National Organization welcomes the opini ons of all members on these and other issues . Pl ease address your concerns to Ricki Trosen , National Vi ce President, 904 Kings Road , Kirksville, MO 63501.

Collegiate Responses -Issues Pledge(17.0%)

Collegiate Responses -Solu tio ns Other(15.3%) Financial(4.4%)


THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991


CAREER PLANNING by Ricki Bargman Trosen (Mrs. Wallace), Alpha Sigma, National Vice President You wake up and you realize that you have an interview at the Career Placement Center this morning . Panic sets in and you wonder what made you decide to schedule an appointment with the First National Corporation . What in the world does a management trainee do? Is this really what you want to do with the rest of your life? Many seniors will experience the trauma described above and will respond in countless ways . For some, action and goal setting will satisfy the job search problem ; for others, procrastination and avoidance will set in. Each person will struggle to find answers to solve the dilemma of what to do after graduation . The real question is how to work through the maze without waiting until the last minute . Making career-oriented decisions, for the most part, is not any different than other decision-making Pr<)CE!~es. Susan Jeffers, author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, stresses the idea of making " no-lose" decisions. Rather thinking that job A or job B is right or wrong, it is more important to remember that job A and job B are both decisions from which you would learn something . Careers are a series of jobs and the average person changes jobs to six times in their life span . So any job that you find that matches your values , interests, and skills will assist you in building a successful career. Choosing a job then presents several issues to consider and a practical formula that will assist you in setting and accomplishing your goals. The first thing to consider is how well you know yourself. How long has it been since you thought about what kind of lifestyle you want, where you want to live, and what skills you will need to do the job? Do you even know what sort of jobs are out there for you? Can you make a list of at least ten occupations that interest you? To begin , try listing ten such jobs and places where such people work. Keep in mind your interests, values , and skills. Do the titles on your list match the goals that you have? If you have trouble making such a list, then it is time to take action . Make it a point to visit your Career Placement Center to explore with the staff the opportunities that exist within your area . Do not feel intimidated if you cannot be specific in your plans. It is the purpose of the office and the staff to assist you in finalizing your plans . Several activities exist that will assist you in this area. Try reading career or company literature to determine the specific jobs available . Visiting with employers during campus visits will broaden your knowledge of the career path that is right for you . Such employers regularly come to your campus to attend job fairs, to interview , or to give presentations. It is encouraging to them to realize that students have an interest in finding out who they are and what they do. They are most willing to spend time answering any questions you may have concerning your future. If employers are not available on campus, don 't panic. Some organizations do not come to campus to recruit , as they have varying cycles of employment. In fact , only 15% of the senior class will find employment through a campus interview program . The strategy you need to employ is to find out how to find a job, which is a job in itself. Remember, only you can determine your future and a trip to the Career Placement Center is the first step. So, take a deep breath and relax. Nearly everyone is nervous when interviewing for a job . The interviewer is there to answer your questions and give you information about the corporation. Who knows- this intervi ew may lead to the perfect job!

RUSHING INTO THE 90s by Melissa Friesen Parks (Mrs. Clinton R.), Beta Xi, National Rush Director Rush is an all-year commitment from the whole chapter! There are studies that indicate a person forms an opinion about someone or some place in the first few min utes, so first impressions are very important in rush. Make your first impressions count next fall with well-run Open Houses and Informationa l Parties . The goal is to have Alpha Sigma Tau remain positive in the rushees ' minds after the first party. Important ingredients for a successful first party include well-groomed sisters and pledges wearing nice outfits, tasteful decorations that will portray the message your chapter is giving the rush ees, open minds and ears to listen to the rushees and learn about their interests and activities, and each Alpha Sigma Tau sister's knowledge of what it means to be an ASTI Your chapter needs to know your product. If you're confident of what AST means to you , if you feel a bond with your sisters, know your chapter traditions and the many advantages of being in a sorority as well as the responsibilities , time commitments , and financial as pects, then you can accurately portray your chapter as a high-class, quality organization. First parties are important in order to get the rushees coming back to all of the following parties-theme parties , skit parties, and the preference party. You want to have as many opportunities as possible for each chapter member to get to know the rushees and for the rushees to learn more about Alpha Sigma Tau. Spend more time listening than talking by asking pertinent questions . You'll be able to better determine what the rushee 's really like, what her interests and goals are , and how she sees AST fitting into her life. Remember that skits need to send out a positive image of the chapter, so you 'll need to have your most talented sisters planning and practicing to make a good impression . Theme parties can be a lot of fun for everyone and give a chance to show the rushees a creative side of Alpha Sigma Tau. Be proactive. Don 't wait to see if rushees are interested in you and your chapter. Take action and make a positive impression so they will be interested. Take an honest look Alpha Chapter shows off its " AET's Most Wanted " rush party shirts.

at last year's rush program and evaluate what went well , what went wrong , and take action to improve it! It's okay to feel disappointed when things don 't go as well as you hoped , but each chapter member needs to be involved to so lve any problems and move on to the positive. We all need to take the initiative to make our chapters stronger and more successful. Positive public relations are very important to a successful rush program , so you need to start advertising early for rush activities. Get your chapter's name recognized on campus by volunteering in the community and being involved in university activities. Plan your parties in detail and ahead of time. This can make a big difference in a fun and successful party versus a tension-filled and disorganized one . Prior preparation for rush is so important. The more comfortable the chapter members feel , the more comfortable their guests will feel. You should practice with each other, your pledges, advisers, alumnae- make time for complete rehearsals before rush parties start . Practicing helps your chapter come across as professional , and rushees get the best impression when your parties are polished . Start planning for rush at least a semester (or two terms) ahead of time. When setting up your calendar and budget for the next semester or term , be sure to schedule time for a chapter rush workshop. Everyone needs to practice rushing skills and setting aside a specific time to do so is the best way to be sure rush gets top priority. Everyone will be enthused about rush and feel a part of each program and that they are ready for each party. Even if your chapter has informal rush planned for fall , a structured workshop will refresh the memory of the experienced rusher and teach your newest sisters what rush is all about from a mem ber's viewpoint. Be sure to listen to the comments your newest sisters have about rush . They just experienced rush as a rushee , not an AST, and may surprise you with their observations of how the chapter came across! Remember that the goal of rush is to pledge the best young women to become mem bers of Alpha Sigma Tau !

National Staff Director of Alumnae-Cathy Millard Schreiner (Mrs. Richard) , Chi Cathy received a BA in elementary education from Shepherd College and served as her chapter's corresponding secretary in college . She has been a member of the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter for over 20 years and has held many offices and served on many committees. She received the Order of the Yellow Rose in 1982. Cathy is financial secretary for St. John 's Lu theran Church and serves on various church committees; she is also involved with the Alliance for Physically Disabled. Cathy and her sons Christopher and Todd live in Alexandria, Virginia , where she is an administrative assistant for Schreiner, Legge & Company. Cathy lists traveling and collecting Hummels among her hobbies.

Mu District President- Karen Laursen Roof (Mrs. Jeffrey) , Beta Xi Karen is a graduate of Michigan Technological University, where she received a BS in mathematics. She was Beta Xi 's president, rush director, sorority growth and development chairman , and chaired several other committees. Karen is a new member of the Detroit Alumnae Chapter. She is a consumer advisor for GMA Truck Division of General Motors Corp. As Mu District President, she will supervise Beta Xi and Gamma Beta chapters. Karen , her husband Jeffrey, and their dog Zax live in suburban Detroit.' Among her hobbies are camping, biking , cooking, cross stitch , and reading .

Nu District President-Pam Miller Hoffmaster (Mrs. Bret) , Beta Epsilon Pam received a BSBA in Marketing from Shippensburg University and was Beta Epsilon 's Publicity Chairman and served on the Social Committee . She is now a member of the Northern New Jersey Alumnae club . Pam , husband Bret, and daughter Alyssa live in Iselin , New Jersey, where Pam is Director of Sales Administration for Laminaire Corporation. As Nu District President , she will supervise Alph a Phi , Beta Mu , Beta Omega , and Gamma Lambda chapters. Pam enjoys shopping, eating, aerobics , tennis , and reading .

Xi District President-Mary Beth Kelley, Delta Mary Beth served her collegiate chapter as Pledge Director and received a BS in biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania . In her new position , she will supervise Delta , Beta Delta , and Beta Phi chapters; she had previously been chapter adviser and chapter consultant to Beta Phi. Mary Beth is an analytical chemist at Mylan Pharmaceuticals. She has been secretary of the Point Marion Public Library and is active in her church ,


having served as youth director , pastor-parish relations chair, and Sunday school teacher. Mary Beth lives in Point Marion , Pennsylvania and enjoys reading , music , and working with youth .

ANCHOR Alumnae EditorRose Marie Schmidt, Theta Rose Marie has been reappointed as ANCHOR Alumnae Editor, a position which she has held since 1967 . Other involvement at the national level includes Rush Chairman , Pledge Chairman , and Convention Chairman . She has been honored by Alpha Sigma Tau for her many years of in volvement on the national and local level with the Ada A. Norton Award , the Builders Award , and Alumnae Top Tau . Rose Marie received a BS in English from Wayne State University and also possesses an M.Ed . in Counseling and an Ed.D. in General School Administration . She is a retired school administrator. Rose Marie is president of the Detroit Alumnae Chapter and has also served as its historian and editor. She enjoys swimming, skiing , reading , and sewing .

National Colony Adviser- Nancy Tyburski , Beta Xi Nancy received a BS in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University and is now an engineer for Westinghouse. In college , she was the chapter alumnae relations chairman , treasurer , and president. She was honored as Top Tau and was in Who 's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities . Nancy lives in Oakmont , Pennsylvania and enjoys soccer, sewing, quilting , aerobics , and traveling .

National Scholarship Chairman-Julie Bell Bruington (Mrs. Jeffrey) , Iota Julie is beginning her second term as Scholarship Chairman, having previously served as ational Rush Director and Chapter Consultant to Iota Chapter. Julie' degrees from Emporia State University are in special education and behavior disorders . She was her collegiate chapter rush director , pledge director, and music chairman . Julie is a behavior disorders consultant and li t her hobbies as cross-stitching , country painting , and reading . She is also involved in the Women of Zion Lutheran Church , and Beta igma Phi. Julie, hu band J ff, and son Jeremy, 2 , live in Independ nee , Kan a .

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

Expansion Training Team- Robin Hackney, Alpha Lambda Robin is a recent graduate of Radford University, where she ea rned a BBA in Marketing . In college, she was her chapter pledge class pres ident , social service chairman , and vice president. Robin li ves in C e ntreville Virginia and is a Property Manager/ Realtor at Century 21 Marie West Realty.

Candace Clark , Beta Chi Candace received a BS in management fr om Ferri s State Universi ty . She was chapter president, pledge di rector, fundrai ser chairman , and retreat c ha irm an . Beta Chi chapter nam e d their " Candace E . Clark Award " in her hon or for sisters who provide outstanding se rvi ce to the cha pter; she was the first recipient. Candace is Director of Property Management for Kapil a Investment & Management Company. S he lives in Livonia , Michigan and enjoys skiing, sai ling, and tennis .

ETERNAL CHAPTER The following sisters were reported as deceased since spring 1989:

Chi: Mary Lynn Bane Riggleman

Alpha: Catherine Scott Crimmins , Marian Fish er Eiseman , Frances Higgins, Margaret Utley Kaul. Helen M . Larkin , Gwendolyn Clancy Mahoney, Joan S tarbuck Pa ce, Florence Mo rse Van Antwerp, Thelma Defendorf Wilcox

Omega: Evelyn Larson Larson

Beta: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Minnie Grove Fra ser Delta: A/ice Gourley Fetterman , Eleanor Wyli e Halas , Harriet Lamphere Kearney Zeta: Edith Hile Adams , Ruth Fleming, Dorot hy Kill en Gates. Eleanor Little Shirey, Dorothy Bastian Stover. Eta: Eileen Huelsman Jandt

Psi: Dr. Marilyn Crawford Alpha Alpha : Barbara Su e Reidy Breisch, Georgia Peeples, Marilyn Moyer Perlick Alpha Epsilon: Mi ndy Lou Boles , Janet Louise Garard Martin , Harriet Stull Alpha Lambda: Blanche Daniel, Leslie Six Alpha Mu: Betty James Jackson Beta Pi: Ma ry Boa rman

Theta: Lillian Stander Grieshammer, Margu erite Brodison Milby , Irene Martin Petty Iota: Dorothy Hanson Do wnard, Sarah McCoy Fair, Ruth Ester Griffith , Harriet Tusl e r Lange r, Mildr ed Graber Prentice , Esther Sh ebilsky, Myra Hawley Whiting , Jessie Amole Zaji c Kappa: Jessie McDill Brendleman , Vivian Troyer Moo tz Lambda: Clarice Duke Collins , Mary McDonnell Crowley, Jane Messimer Howe, Mary Flanagan Kautter, Ruth Trau ger Nu: Beverly Carl Grove Xi: Georgia Heyer Clark

Omicron: Dana Day Kessinger, Virginia Cushman Richter, Romaine Kanode Robertson Pi: Joanna Barnes Bra wley, Alice Wilk Dunlop, Alice Judd Ha thorn Rho: Elizabeth Landers Bell Sigma: Florence Bronisz Bates, Helen Bruce Campbell, Virginia Roche Carey, Lorna Bobts Cruickshank, E. Ma e Ham mond Ellis, Hazel Sobetzer Johnson , May G. Zdarsky Zeta Tau: Donna McRa e Capehart , Marga ret Pittard Chewning, June Margu erite Foster Mohr, Mary Ellen Hoge Sale, Jean Sinclair Weatherly West Shi elds , Ada Claire Snyder Snyder Upsilon: Lynda Dell Lindsey Phi: Ha/i Gow THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

HELEN BRUCE CAMPBELL 1910-1990 Ma ny nota bl e women have contributed much to Al pha Sigma Ta u. Helen Bruce Campbell , Sigma , was one of these women . She died late last year at ho me shortly after her 80th birthday . Helen touch ed th e lives of Alpha Sigma Ta u collegiates and alumnae throughout the country. Her van adorned with AST bumper stickers was her trademark as she trave led a lone from cam pus to campus . She slept in the dorms, attended meetings , and parti ed with our collegiates. She was our goodwill ambassador. Helen 's generosity was exemplifi ed by establishing a conventio n fund to assist the Sigma Cha pter . In good weather she drove 40 miles to a ttend the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter meetings . She helped each hostess, always keeping a low profil e . In 1988 she ra llied after a devastating car accident severely burned her face and body . One of her primary concerns was tha t she could not attend that year 's convention . We will all remember Helen at the 1990 Conve ntion- a little quieter but spunky, a devoted , loving, ca ring lady exem plifying all the ideals of Alpha Sigma Ta u. We will mi ss he r. Helen was and is an inspiration to us a ll. - Janet LaSpisa Bartlett 13


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Send your tax deductible contributions with a check payable to : Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation c/ o Mrs . Robert O 'Dell 222 West Tabor Road Philadelphia , PA 19120 You may specify the area you want to support: • Growth endeavors • Lenore Seibel King Scholarship • Pine Mountain • Carrie Washburne Staehle Scholarship • Headquarters • Rose Marie Schmidt Scholarship • Endowment • Effie E. Lyman Memorial Fund Thank you for your support!

Collegians Alpha

Eastern Michigan University Alpha started the year off with the second annual officers ' retreat. We traveled north to Traverse City and stayed at Dawn Kandes ' family 's cabin . Sisters brainstormed, shared ideas , and planned ahead for the fall semester. The start of school was a hectic time but we were prepared and put time and energy into a very successful rush , gaining nineteen wonderful pledges . Our rush video was updated and the sisters performed a medley of songs and a skit for rush presentation . Rush themes were " You Can Bet Your Life", which was a formal rush party , and " AST's Most Wanted ." Members were very busy remodeling the sorori ty house . It was repainted , bathrooms and chapter room remod-


eled, and a dining room was added with a dining table . Founders Day was held at Crabby Joes in Dearborn . Alpha sisters and pledges met with Beta sisters and pledges and the Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor and Detroit Alumnae Chapters. Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor hosted this year 's observance with a tribute to the Founders. After a wonderful meal , songs were sung and awards presented. The Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor Chapter presented Rachel Sherman with the " Sister of the Semester" award . Alumna Diana Mihaui presented the chapter with a beautiful gift of a stained glass AST wall hanging. The Homecoming theme was " 100 Years of EMU Football. " We worked with Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity on a float and won second place. We gave special tribute to family and alumnae. Thanks to Dawn Kandes and her committee , the day was a huge succe s. A

delicious buffet was held at the sorority house , a skit was performed , and the second annual 50/ 50 raffle took place. Parents were presented with 1990 Parents Day T-shirts and alumnae were given ye llow roses . President Molly Luempert represented Alpha on EMU 's Homecoming Court. We paid a special visit with Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity to Matt's Children 's Hospital at the University of Michigan . We delivered Christmas stockings , held a Christmas party with punch , cookies, and cake , and spent hours enjoying games and special times with the children . AST also hosted EMU 's fir t Panhellenic Aerobics-a -than for Yp ilanti' SO Crisis Center. Fifteen women from each sorority competed. We were also busy preparing a mailing for the Kidne Foundation . and i ter ro ked all da and night for two day in the s enth nnual Panhell nic Rock- -thon . Th hap-

THE ANCHOR/ pring 1991


Beta Chi enjoys one of the last nice days of fall.

ter also participated in Delta Sigma Phi 's Rockin' Relay and the Greek Council's Devil 's Night party for the St. Jude 's Childrens H ospital. Members hosted a fundraising drive at the Ypsilanti Spaghetti Bender with prizes for th e Greek organizations with the most members present. - Molly Luempert


Central Michigan University The Beta Chapter had an extremely busy semester. We took thirty wonderful pledges , bringing our total up to seventynine. We gained glory and favorable publicity by our participation in numerous events. Our talented athletes led teams to victories in volleyball, softball , and football. Community service was provided by contributing to the Red Cross Blood Drive, leaf raking , walking children across the street during H alloween, and working in a haunted house. Most importantly, we adopted Mary M cGuire Elementary School and will be aiding the children in many ways. We will be work ing with them on computers, playing games with them , and tutoring them . M embers wi ll also be their big sisters and help with anything they need. We have been saving pop can tabs for a student on a kidney dialysis machine, donated cans and coats for the needy, made a basket of food for Thanksgiving , and donated Christmas ornaments . Two of our sisters are on the Panh ellenic executive board, and two sisters were nominated for H omecoming court. The sisterhood night at the roller rink got us a few bumps and bruises but we

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

are " Roll er Queens Forever." We had a super timel Meeting sisters,from Eastern and Ferris proved that sisters all over are a lot alike. - Lisa All en


Indiana University of PA Delta Chapter enjoyed a very busy fall semester. At th e beginning of the semester, we initiated twelve wonderful new sisters: Cori McKenzie, L eah Gregory , Lorianne B enzi nger, Michelle Wiley, Mi chele Lazor , Michelle Archibald , Paula Grzelak , Tracy Eck, Wendy Hilliard, Ra chel Elmquiest , Claire McGing, and Jennifer Basile. Informal rush was very successful. The chapter had three rush parti es whose th emes " Mexican FiesTAU ", "Show and Tell ", and " Black Tie Affair" proved to be hits. We ended rush with th e pinning of eleve n exci ted pledges : M elani e Mimm , Trac y Richards , Pam Power , Sandy Bayer, Kelly Genzel , Ann Kell er, Dawn Ral ston , Tricia George , Cheri Facciponti , Marc y Zera , and Heather H rutkay . " A Night in th e Ori ent " was the th eme for th e formal held at th e Omni on November 9 . Delta announced its new sweetheart , Tom Bowman. Th e pl edg es planned and decorated th e event, which was a big success. On September 25 , we took part in the Red Cross-Blue Shield blood drive. We won a plaque for th e highest number of participants and donors. For H alloween , Kappa Sigma and AST joined forced and participated in a haunted house which benefitted Big Brothers -Big Sisters .

Members also collected old coats for Project Bundle Up, tabs for dialysis, parti ci pated in Christmas Angels which benefits underprivil eged children , and collected foods for a love basket. Homecoming was very exciting . Sisters paired up with Phi Kappa Psi and th e theme was the Ori ent . With a brightly colored dragon and a smokespitting volcano behind us , we cheered our way down Fraternity Row to win an honorabl e mention . We also helped other sororities and fraterniti es rai se money for their philan thropies . We participated in Kappa Sigma Powder Puff football , Delta Tau Delta so ftball, a Dance-a-thon , and Delta Gamma Anch or Splash. On November 4 , members observed Founders Day with a ceremony where all initiated siste rs restated their vows . Afterwards th ere was a small get-together wi th refreshments. At th e end of th e semester, informal rush was held. After two successful parti es , thirteen women signed bids. - Kelly Pingel


Concord College At Hom eco m ing , we ran with the Delta Tau Chi Fraternity and partici pated in a Lip-Sync competition . Games were held for th e entire campus , and we had a few representatives from the chapter in each game. We hosted a tea for our alu mnae on Saturday before the game. We send money to Pine M ountain , and we 're considering participating in an A erobi- thon to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Argu s poster sales , " I L ove" button sales, and Hickory Farms sales were used to pa y bills and fund the spring formal. We plan a Miss Tau contest in which we 're going to get representatives from each fraternity to dress up as women for a beauty contest. Other plans for the rest of the year include our Yellow Rose Formal , a retreat, and Greek Week participation . - Lisa Bobbitt


Southeastern Oklahoma State University Th e sisters of Rho Chapter had a TAUrific semester. The week before classes began, we helped freshm an women move in and provided refresh ments. Later that week , a " dorm storm "


Collegians was held to let these women know about AST. It all paid off during rush week . Thanks to the fun parties including an open house, " Christmas in September", " Mexican FiesTAU", and Rho Chapter's own Tau Cross Ceremony at Preferential Night and Bid Day, the chapter gained sixteen wonderful sisters. Throughout the semester , we participated in fun activities such as Greek football , AST hayride, Homecoming fes tivities , and sorority church. Rho also hosted a Parents Day welcoming reception , and an alumnae tea after the Homecoming game. It was a wonderful experience to meet sisters of all ages . Rho and S igma Tau Gamma had a Hal loween party called " And Things That Go Bump in the Night. " We had a marvelous time! Because of outstanding spirit and participation in campus activi ties over the past year , we won the spirit trophy out of all the organizations on campus . . We performed the Candlelighting Ceremony for Founders Day. During the ceremony sisters shared heartwarming stories of how AST has enriched their lives. Pledges got into the act with a fund raiser, selling chances on a quilted teddy bear, and members participated in a Chinese egg hunt. As a philanthropy proj ect, we donated punch to the Juvenile Detention Center, donated money to Kiwanis , gave Christmas gifts to the Boys Ho me, made a Christmas basket for the needy, and participated in a Rock-a-thon to help a student on campus with cancer.

The Upsil on chapter shows smiles and support for the Bears at a pep rally .

The semester ended with the Christmas formal " A Night under the Mistletoe. " - Kimberly Fry


Buffalo State The Sigma Chapter arrived in the fall with high spirits and enthusiasm to start the new semester. After telling stories about National Convention and summer adventures, members started rush activi ties. The party theme was " Paint a Por-

trait of AST " and attracted fifteen special women as pledges . Homecoming quickly approached and sisters and pledges joined forces with the members of Sigma Tau Gamma to build a float for the annual parade . Although we didn 't win , we all had fun . When Pi District President Christianne Vacca visited the chapter , members held a spaghetti dinner for her at the President's house. Philanthropic projects for the year included helping the Red Cross Bloodmobile , making Halloween special for kids at the Buffalo Zoo , playing tour guides at the Buffalo Zoo 's Safari , and collecting labels . Members also participated in " Project Whiteface" where the effects of drinking and driving were shown . Sisters dressed in black and painted their faces white to represent a loss that might happen . The fundraiser this year was very successful. Members sold food at the Buffalo Bills game. Everyone had fun and the money raised was used for the semiformal at the end of the semester. - Arlene Tabigue


University of Central Arkansas

Rh o Chapter on Bid Day


The Up ilon Chapter celebrat d Homecoming this year \ ith De D e Schmidt and hri ty Hall b ing n m d to the Court. In conjuncti n \ ith th th me .. Dare to Dream .. . memb r built

THE ANCHOR/ pring 1 91

Collegians a "Castle in the Air" float . On the float were all the chapter 's standouts : past Homecoming queens, maids , body beautiful , pledge queen , and best dressed coed. An alumnae homecoming reception coordinated by Brandie Bransford was held . For Founders Day, we carried small pledge anchors and held a sisterhood candlelight. This year, we volu nteered at a Halloween party " Ba t Ball " to benefit the Arkansas Nature Conservatory. We also sent party favors a nd toys to burn victims in Arkansas Children 's Hospital. At the All Sorority Walkout, the UCA sororities postponed their meetings and gathered in a park for a picnic and games. Thi s year has been busy with fundrai sing successes such as car washes , raffle ticket sales, and sales of beauty products and candy. Success in sports resulted in first place in intramurals and once again in flag football. The chapter is on its way to Nationals in that sportl - Wendy Fletcher


James Madison University Rush really got the year sta rted o n a positive note. Th e " Lotte ry Night " theme increased our membership with thirty-seven great pledges . Highl ight of the Founders Day celebration was a banquet honoring faculty adviser Eileen Nelson , who is leaving after sixteen yea rs. After a wonderful dinner, all sisters participated in a Rededication Ce remony. We affirmed our bonds of sisterhood a nd our ti es to Alpha Sigma Ta u. Special guest for the weekend was Di strict Presi den t Kim Crumley, who me t with each me mber pe rsonally. H omecoming brought back ma ny alumnae. A pig roast with a frat ernity after the football game gave everyo ne a chance to catch up on the latest news. Sisters were all ve ry pro ud of Judy Melincoff, who was nominated for the Homecoming Court . Th e next day , a brun c h was held before th e alumnae started their trips home. It was a grea t weekend o f making new me mori es and recalling old ones . We met at the house earl y in Nove mber to see the slides on Pine Mountain. It wa s espec iall y int erest in g for th e pledges, who finally got to see what the Pine Mountain Settlement School looks like. We ha ve been very acti ve on campus this year. All the Greeks joined in for a blood drive . The campus as a whole got

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

together to raise money for a fellow student whose mother desperately needed a bone ma rrow transp lant a nd raised $30 ,000 . Othe r campus events included a thleti cs. Psi won the Greek overall intramurals last yea r a nd hope to repeat it this year. We have already won golf a nd placed second in softball. Fo r Christmas , pare nts purchased stoc kings stuffed with goodies wh ich were delivered to thei r daughters and sons here at school. At the Christmas party, we exchanged gifts a nd honored the sisters who graduated in December. - Traci Pryor

Alpha Epsilons ham it up for the camera.

Alpha Epsilon

Alpha Lambda

Western Illinois University

Radford University

The Taus of Alpha Epsilon are simply shi ning after a super semester filled with excitement, accom plishmen ts, new programs, and fun! The semester started with a great rush , " TAUH\T\1" Thirty enthused a nd motiva ted women joined the sisterhood after th e rush parties. A great job was done by Rush Director Sue Rey nde rs a nd her assista nts Jennifer Adolfson a nd Tari Le Moine. One of the highlights of the semester, whi ch ke pt all Taus on their toes as they cheered for the Greek men , was the first a nnual " Chall enge of the Frate rnities ." Beth Cole and Danie ll e DeCa po design ed a specTAU cul ar philanthropic project. Thro ugh a week's period, the frate rnities ba ttled it out in a softbal l tournament, wate r volleyball , a spaghetti eating contest, a nd a frat man contest. Due to the huge success of the event, we donated $1000 to the Cancer Society. Congratulations Beth and Danielle and al l those who made the week a huge success . The Homeco ming theme was " Mardi gras '90. " Sisters participated in the week 's events with the men of Delta Tau Delta a nd Delta Upsilon . The Taus are pleased to announce first place in the flo at building and in water volleyball. All Alpha Epsilons are getting ready to win Greek Week . As the semester came to a close , the c ha pt e r c h ose new off icers . Th ese wo men a re psyched for a terrific 1991. Congratulations to President Sue Reynders, Vice President Beth Cole, Recording Secreta r y P am Bi s h o p , and Treasurer Carry Do no hoe. We are all working together to become even better because tha t is what we believe Alpha Sigma Tau is all abo utl - Mary Cione

After a busy summer for all of the Al pha Lambdas , everyone began the semester wi th a traditional sister bonding lock-in . The second week back at Radford was the beginning of informal rush . Ten wonderful and enthusiastic pledges were accepted . Th ey are Nicole Brown , Li sa Cahoon , Susan Crafton , Carrie Getchell , Ginger Isaac, Drista Kavanagh , Angie Mariani , Stacey Parr , Lori Pinard , and AdreAnne Whitlow . Many new faces were seen at Radford this fall. We have a new adviser, Dr. John Mc Phail , and a new District Presiden t. Best of all , we hosted Regional Leadership Workshop , which nine National officers and seven AST chapters a ttended. One of the most noteworthy and exciting events this fall was moving into the temporary Greek housing . The chapter has a new chapter room and hopefully th is step will bring us closer to a permanent and larger house. The semester has been filled with many activities including flag football , Alpha Lambdas Kate Kling er and Debbi Spencer at RLW

Collegians water polo , fundraisers , pledge activities, and mixers with fraternities . Sisters were also actively involved in many philanthropy projects. We held a canned food drive for the women 's resource center. We collected clothing for the Radford clothing bank and straighten the bank at least once a month. This year, in addition to holding the annual Swing-a-thon for MDA, we sponsored a Skate-a-thon with a fraternity for the "Just Say No to Drugs " campaign . Alpha Lambdas also held their own annual Christmas party as well as a Christmas party for the needy children in the area . We also participated in the community's Christmas parade. The semester ended with a successful exam encouragement carnation sale. -Kristine Flinchum

Alpha Xi

Mansfield University On October 12, 1990, the AST sisters of Mansfield University welcomed home alumnae and friends for Homecoming '90 . Several alumnae sisters attended the Advisers Reception on Friday night at the home of Christina Conning-Hricz. Alumnae and collegiate sisters mingled and exchanged sorority stories until the wee hours. On Saturday, AST took first prize for the float in the Homecoming parade! Afterwards , alumnae and collegiate sisters gathered in the sorority lounge for a heartwarming Rededication Ceremony. Twelve alumnae sisters took part in the ceremony , which helped strengthen ties between the chapter and alumnae. A special thanks to all twenty of the alumnae sisters who came to Homecoming this year' - Christi Horning

first place for their " World Freedom " float at the half-time program at the football game . Many hours of planning , organizing, and physical construction went into the success of the AST and KDR haunted house . Everyone had fun dressing up in their favorite Halloween costumes and performing their best moans , shrieks, and cries of pain to insure a frightful Halloween evening . All proceeds were donated to the abused children of Clarion County. The annual hayride party was held at the Sportsmen 's Club in Fryburg, where all sisters and dates enjoyed the warmth of a bonfire , the D.J. entertainment , and the tractor and wagon hayride through the fields and woods . The National Founders Day banquet finished the weekend activities with friends and fam ily gathered around in good conversation and song. Santa's little AST elves helped deliver hugs and gifts at the Christmas date party. Th e chapter was proud to an nounce the 1991 Tau Tiger Keith Gephart of Phi Sigma Kappa . Alpha Omicron would like to congratulate the new sisters , and we look forward to a strong spring formal rush , Greek Week, officer elections , spring retreat, and the Yellow Rose Formal. - Jennifer Yaple

Alpha Pi

Slippery Rock University The Alpha Pi Chapter started with a bang this semester. We were thrilled to learn that we had the highest grade point average on campus and that we won many awards at Convention . We

" Alpha Pi sisters bonding at Homecoming '90".

are also very proud o f Presiden t Jennifer Gift, who was accepted into Order of Omega. The theme for formal rush was " AST in Vogue ." It was successful , for twelve women decided to pledge. The theme for Homecoming was " Snap, Crackle, and Pop into the '90s." Alpha Pi participated with a float whose theme was " Wheati es and SRU : A University of Champions ." More excitement was added to the day as Vice President Heather Virdo participated as a candidate on the Homecoming Court. Later that day, members had a carnation sale and " Paint the Town " activity. The conclusion was a memorable reception for alumnae at the house .

Alpha Omicron sisters work on the chapter house.

Alpha Omicron

Clarion University Alpha Omicron Chapter opened the fall semester by hanging their letters on the new Tau house and entertaining over eighty informal rushees during a barbecue. Everyone was very proud of AST's Clarion University Homecoming Queen Robin Mulig, Queen Candidate Melissa Thompson, Junior Class Representative Lori Sloan, and Sophomore Class Representative Kelly Brady. The 1990 Tau Tiger Mark Marcini of Sigma Chi proudly wore the banner of Clarion University 's Homecoming King . To top off the festivities , the Taus, who were paired with their neighbors , Sigma Chi , won


THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

Collegians Alpha Pi raised money this semester by sell ing " Scope" pictures and the n adopted a whale, a stretch of highway, and donated a microwave oven to a handicapped student on campus. We also collected Crest toothpaste proofs of purchase to participate in a campus tree planting program. After we gather enough Campbell soup labels and grocery store receipts , we should be eligible to receive new computers for the campus Special Education Department. In addition , sisters are collecting clothes and toys for underprivileged children for Christmas and supporting our soldiers in Saudi Arabia with thoughtful letters of encouragement. -Jennifer Kerri ck

Alpha Rho

Youngstown State University Our chapter started its first year at Youngstown State participating in formal rush. The rush director did a wonderful job writing and coordinating the skits whose themes were " Anni e" and " Fantasy TAUland ." Not only did we get some terrific pledges , but we also had time to spend together which really he lped our new chapter grow. Th e weekend following rush , we held a hayride for all the new pledges . At Founders Day , Alpha Rho had a Mother-Daughter tea. Th is was a very special event for we got to share a part of sorority with our mothers. The quarterly retreat was a huge success. Since Youngstown is a commuter school and the chapter has not yet obtained a house , we are not able to spend as much time togeth e r as most other chapters. This day gave sisters a chance to show new pledges what sorority and true sisterhood are really about. For a philanthropy project, Alpha Rho helped a local art museum for the weekend at the beginning of Dece mber. We also donated food to one family in the area for a Thanksgiving dinne r and did the same for Christmas. We bought the two chi ldren in this family gifts and clothing for the holiday. The night before initiation , a very special evening was planned for the pledges . Sisters cooked a spaghetti dinner and later had a small ceremony in which big sisters were revealed. The next day , December 8 , we had In itiation in the morn ing and the second annual Yellow Rose Formal in the evening . We would like to extend loving con gratulations to Ton ya Chapel Nesbitt

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

who was married in September. A very sincere and special thanks to District President Mary Ell e n Willmitch and Chapter Adviser Carol Ficeti , who have both given so much of their time, love, and support to the chapter. The sisters want them to know how much it meant and that it was appreciated more than they may realize. - Evelyn Hughes

Alpha Tau

Edinboro University Noteworthy activities for Alpha Tau began with a retreat weekend to promote sisterhood . The members stayed overnight and wrote le tte rs to the soldiers in the Middle East to make their time spent th ere a little cheerier. We also made Christmas cards and took them when we went caro lin g at a nursing home . Visiting the Shriner's Hospital in costume at Halloween was fun for the patients and the sisters. Founders Day was observed with the sisters from Gamma Theta at Behrend College . We celebrated at the Ramada Inn in Erie. This year , Homecoming was a huge success . The football team won and Alpha Tau took first place in the fl oat comp e tition . Th e th e m e this year was " Historical Milestones " and the float depicted th e falling of the Be rlin Wall. Me mbers sold pom -poms at some football games as a fundrai ser. - Shannon Clark

Alpha Phi

West Chester University The fall semester has been an exciting one for Alpha Phi Chapter. We began the semester with encouraging news: Of all the NPC sororities on ca mpus , we had the highest grade point average . Afte r this exciting news , we were psyched for fall informal rush . Sisters wore tropical prints and served tropical fruits and punch to the rushees. It was a great success and we were rewarded with eight pledges. With spirits running high from rush , Alpha Phi was ready for Homecoming . The theme was " . . . and Now a Word from WCU . .. " and it involved com mercial s . Our commercial was fo r " Good ' n ' Plenty. " Th e sisters and pledges dressed up as " Good 'n' Plenty" boxes and performed a dance to " Choochoo Charlie." Our nominee for Greek Homecoming Queen, Kelly Marinaccio , took third place .

Founders Day was celebrated at Phillips Library. A Rededication Ceremony was held and the sisters sang the " Round from Reg ional Day " as our proud parents looked on . Even with all these activities , we still had plenty of time for phila nthropy . We held a raffle to donate mo ney to Comic Relief, a benefit for the homeless . We distributed flyers with Alpha Chi Rh o for a bookstore whose proceeds benefit the West Chester Area Senior Center, held our third annual Trick or Treat with Pi Kappa Phi for children in a juvenile detention center, and did volunteer work for Brian 's Run , a marathon to raise money for spi nal-injury victims . Pl edges contributed by holding a canned food drive for the needy , and a penny drive for Pine Mo untain . Fundraising was also important and was accomplished by selling Halloween bags and having credit card applications fill ed out. To help enhance ou r sisterhood , we held a retreat. A spaghetti dinner was served and we discussed diffe rent aspects about the chapter. Sisters and pledges attended various forums , including one on sexism , and a teleconfe rence called " Greek Survival into the 90s. " Socially, we were very active. We partici pated in Powder Puff football , sold tickets and danced for a video dance , and had several mixers , including a hayride with Sigma Pi. Sisters were also active outside the chapter. Katie Fitzgerald pledged Phi Sigma Pi, a national honors fr a te rnity , a nd Lisa Brandt was ap pointed to the Panhelle nic Extension Chair and was initiated into the Order of Omega. We are very proud of their accomplishmen ts. Other highlights this semester were a trip to Linvilla Orchards , a pumpkin carving con test, and the Christmas formal. Congratulations to our graduating seniors Teresa Giannetti , Julie Long , Patricia Leighton , and Sarah Henderson . They will be greatly missed . - Sarah C. Henderson

Beta Epsilon

Shippensburg University The Homecoming theme for this year was " Around the World in Seven Days ." Me mbers participated in the parade with a walking unit and placed second . A reception was held at the house for all returning alumnae . Beta Epsilon takes seriously its charge to help others. We volunteer for the Alumni Phone-a-thon , contribute to the


Collegians Beta Tau

clothing drive, and serve as waitresses and coat checkers for the on -campus pub. Our participation in the All Greek Graffiti Hunt helped clean up the cam pus. The entire chapter observes Founders Day each year by dressing up and wearing sorority badges on November 4. We worked at Hershey Park for one day as a fundraising activity . We also earned extra money by picking up trash at the local high school after the football game. Fun activities included participation in the Turkey Bowl , the annual football game where sororities form teams . Participation in the volleyball intramurals was additional fun. -Kim Nguyen

University of Lowell

Beta Zeta

University of Alabama at Birmingham On November 9 , 1990, the Beta Zeta Chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary with a dinner dance at Vestavia Country Club. Mrs. C.J. Ashby, Director of Collegiate Chapters , was the guest speaker. Partic ipating in the ceremonies were Mrs . Anthony Crapet, a founding member and past Director of Collegiate Chapters, Chapter Consultant Melissa Cox, and Chapter Adviser Mrs. Dudley. District President Chris Duggan was a guest. On November 4, the chapter observed National Founders Day with a special Rededication Ceremony and pin pledged the newest pledges. We are especially excited that we are almost at chapter total. Members who attended RLW at Radford University were Lauren Bell , Patti Ellcott , Carla Woodham , Jenniler Carroll , Kristina Wichman , and Kristy Harvey. Chapter Adviser Mrs . Dudley also made the 8-1 / 2 hour trip . We won an award for the most original song on skit night and an award for the chapter traveling the farthest. Sororities and fraternities held a Greek teleconference via satellite with several other campuses across the country . Rushing , pledging , hazing , and alcohol abuse were some of the issues addressed . Other Greek activities in clude Alpha Sigma Tau 's participation in campus intramurals. We won the Presi dent's Trophy last year and hope to do so again . Pledges gave out yellow ribbons during registration to honor all of the soldiers who are away from home in the Middle East . Members also held doughnut sales and car washes to sup-


At Beta Zeta 's 20th anniversary: Mary Charles Ashby, Director of Co llegiate Chapters (seated.) Standing (1 -r) : Terry Dudley, Chapter Aduiser: Melissa Cox. Chapter Consultant.

plement the treasury. Beta Zeta 's annual meeting will be held during a closed weekend at Charla Woodham ' s parents ' lake house in Eufaula. Initiation and election of officers are on the agenda . The time will be used to work on rush and planning for the coming year's activities. - Lauren Bell

Beta Eta

Southern Illinois University Founders Day was celebrated with a luncheon with alumnae at a Westport Plaza restaurant. Other activities kept the chapter involved in campus and Greek affairs . We donated blood and time at a Red Cross blood drive , attended a date rape seminar, and participated in a spirit contest at the annual Bronze Boot soccer game . We won a third place prize of $50 which was donated to Pine Mountain. Fundraising is important to support all activities . Events for this purpose in cluded bake sales , yard sale , turkey raffle, pocket calendar sale , and a Halloween promotion " Boo Pops." Time was also available for social events such as the milk and cookie mixer with Sigma Phi Epsilon and a golf mixer with the Alpha Kappa Lambda Fra ternity. - Dawn Farago

The Beta Tau Chapter had an active fall 1990 semester. We started out the semester by initiating two new sisters. Congratulations to Juliane Kirwin and Jenn O 'Grady' We began our fall rush period with an information rush where the rushees were able to learn what AST is all about. We had an ice cream rush where sisters and rushees played AST bingo . Our alumnae sponsored a Halloween rush so they could become familiar to the rushees also . We had a successful rush period and gained five new and enthusiastic women . We participated in a number of philanthropy projects. On October 28 we had our annual Pumpkin Day, when we delivered decorated pumpkins to the children 's floors and other floors of a local hospital. We also participated in the Hunger/ Homeless Awareness Week at the University of Lowell. We had a successful can drive for a local shelter and some of the sisters marched to City Hall with other students trying to fight hunger and homelessness. We are also planning to donate a box of necessities to a local women 's shelter. - Jo LaFrenier

Beta Theta

St. Mary's University The fall semester has been an exciting one for Beta Theta. We recently welcomed a Panhellenic Council to St. Mary's and have been introduced to an innovative way of rushing . With one of Beta Theta 's own leading the Council , Panhellenic is sure to be one of the best new additions to the campus. We are proud to have been the only sorority asked by the Director of Campus Activities to participate in St. Mary's Parents' Weekend . We sponsored a Las Vegas Night to kick off the weekend and it was a great success! The fall 1990 pledge class already sang its way into the hearts of many during the Sing-a-gram pledge fundraiser. Two of the soon-to-be sisters joined the chapter in Pleasanton , Texas at the fall retreat held in October. Later in October, we had a mixer with Phi Delta Theta at University of Texas at an Antonio . We decorated the Quad with emerald green and gold balloons. streamer , and a huge poster on which our cr t \ drawn for Founder Day . oil gi t joined alumnae for a ororit lun h

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

Collegians Beta Nu

Bloomsburg University

Beta Tau sisters deliuer pumpkins to local hospital.

after attending mass . It was a grea t experience . In December , many sisters attended the annual semi-formal which was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Antonio . The alumnae Christmas party held on December 8 was a big success as well. Next semester marks Beta Theta 's fifteenth anniversary on St. Ma ry's campus . Hopefully, the spring se mester will be one equalled in excitement! - Marijan de Ia Fuente

Beta Iota

Millersville University The fall 1990 semester found the Beta Iota Chapter busy, busy, busy. We began by atte nding the mini-RLW held at York College. The day was a huge success a nd a great learning experience for all chapte rs present. We worked at He rsh ey Park fo r a weekend, as we do annua ll y for a fund raiser. Many of us enjoyed s pend ing both Saturday and Sunday running the kiddi e rides . Under the direction of Rush Director Mi chele Graybill , we tried a new hand at fall rush , including one Mexican tea complete with a pinata, and " Come Join Our Team" at a tea where all sisters dressed in baseball uniforms . We were very excited that th e newly-elected National Secretary, Karen Sloan , could attend the baseball tea and even " sport the look" in a uniform. We participated in several fundraisers and service projects throughout the semester including recycling cans, collect-

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

ing spa re change fo r Na ti o na l, selli ng Christmas wrapping paper , making ca lls for University Phone-a-tho n, and a Bowla-thon with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity to raise money for Ronald McDonald Ho use. At Homecoming, siste rs Lisa Smith , Stacey Costello , and Tracey Short competed in the Charity Queen contest. Severa l alum nae returned for a pi cnic hosted by the chapter after the football game. Founders Day was celebra ted in a very spec ia l way this year . Gamma Iota Chapter joined us for a luncheon. They were able to see some of the traditio ns that we have held for years . After a lun cheon, we all met with District President Nancy He nry and Natio na l Secretary Karen Sloan , as well as both Chapter Advisers, Ma ry Anne Weber and Carole Spangler, to take part in a Rededication Ceremony. We are looking forward to doing more with Gamma Iota and any o ther cha pter which would like to get together. Congratulations to Karen Sloan on being elected National Secretary, and thank you for all the help you gave us as our District President. We would a lso like to congra tulate Nancy Henry, our form e r Assistant Chapter Advi ser , on her new position as District President. We would like to take this time to thank Cha pter Adviser Mary Anne Weber for all her support a nd help . The chapter is very pro ud to have a mong them La ura Turley, AST' s 1990 Convention Queen . Finally , good-bye a nd good luck to Deb May and Sonya Zearing-you will be greatly missed ! - Tracey Short

As one o f our philanthropy projects , we were joined by many other Bloomsburg studen ts and townspeople in a candlelight vigil and ceremony for homeless children. We also participated in ISC's Habitat for Humanity for the homeless . An open house was held for AST parents during Parents Weekend . Much preparation took place to welcome them to Beta Nu . Cooperation with Sigma Iota Omega and Sigma Sigma Sigma on the Homecoming float earned the chapter fifth place. We also prepared and decorated the house for the many alumnae who came for the Homecoming weekend . Tracy Banick , Susan Piasecki , and Susan McCloskey entered the competition for Homecoming sweetheart. The 24th pledge class of Beta Nu was made up of thi rteen wonderful women : Lou Faust, Meg Harris , Connie Kline, Heather Maclaughlin , Kate Morrison , Terri Randazzo , Rebecca Smith , Tracy Smith , Richelle Rothermel , Lynda Sw iatek , Susan Toto, Jodi Mull , and Amy King. Founders Day was observed a t a spaghetti dinner with sisters and the new pledges . The fall calendar was filled with other activities including a formal date party in October , a '70s mixer, and a toga mixer with other fraternities and sororities. Selling Philadelphia soft pretzels provided the money for the Christmas date party . We also took time to paint and clean the sorority house. We are proud of it now as it provides a homier atmosphere . - Tracy L. Banick

Beta Xi

Michigan Technological University The sisters of Beta Xi began the fall of '90 with a bang by celebrating the chapter's tenth anniversary with a reunion for all active and alumnae members . It was so great to meet and see all of the Beta Xi alumnae . We learned that the AST sisters of the past and present had a great deal in common and a great deal of love . We had a Candlelight Ceremony at which we renewed our vows for Foun ders Day . This was followed by a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings! We sponsored a Homecoming queen ca ndidate and also participated in the


Collegians traditional Greek games of tug o 'war and root beer chug-a-lug . This was fol lowed by a hobo mixer party which is a non -alcoholic dan ce where all guests dress up as hobos and party the nig ht away. This fall the pledge class had a Sweetest Day balloon sale and sent the money to Pine Mountain to help with their education expenses. The proceeds from the Christmas bazaar went to help Special Olympics . Sisters also helped chaperon a children 's Halloween party with other Greeks. We participated in and cheered along the MTU Parade of Nations which highlights the multi-cultural population of MTU . For th e remainder of the yea r, we are anxiously awaiting Winter Carni val at which we will sponsor a queen candidate, participate in skits, and of course make a statue . We are also looking forward to informal rush and the annual " Get Your Sisters a Date " fun ction which is snow sledding. - VeRonica Mitchell

Beta Pi

Eastern Illinois University The women of the Beta Pi Chapter sure had an exciting fall semester. August brought some busy times with rush. The two themes " The Year of the Tau " and " Tau-hili " brought th e chapte r twenty- four outstanding pledges . Th e men of Lambda Chi Alpha helped wel come these women to our wonderful sisterhood . We have also moved into an exciting new location. Eastern Illinois University constructed eight buildings on campus to house Greek organizations. Although this new addition has been an exciting one , we have n't forgotten about the chapter house . Siste rs still reside there , keeping the memories o f the original house alive and flowing . The annual Yellow Rose Formal was held at the Chicago Sheraton . Valerie DeBaun was named Acti ve of the Year and Chris Morici of Pi Kappa Alpha was named sweetheart. We partici pated in the annual " Friend for a Day" Special Olympi cs Family Fun Fest. Ha lloween gave the members the chance to trick or treat for the loca l Unicef organization with Delta Chi ; we raised over $200. Three sisters attended the MIFCAMAPCA convention in Ames , Iowa . Panhellenic Social Awareness Chair Kim Blanford is MAPCA Central Area vice president and received the award for having the most outsta ndi ng Gamma Chapter in the nation . Beta Pi is so proud of her acco mplishments.


Our strong sisterhood and outstanding accomplishments as a chapter made us the fastest -growing chapter on campus. - Rachel Novak

Beta Upsilon

overall spirit that filters through the air, touching the entire community. Our recording secretary Gidget Steinhoff was a member of the Homecoming Court. On October 20, members held a luncheon for alumnae who returned . Homecoming is always special with return of sisters.

New Jersey Institute of Technology The third annual Yellow Rose formal was held on October 19 . Awards were given to sisters who were most scholarly, had the most AST spirit , and were most athletic . Two of the founding sisters were present. Founders Day was celebrated with the alumnae chapter and Gamma Chi Colony. It was fun to see older sisters and meet new collegiate friends . After the ceremo ny, the group sang songs and talked about past events . Our rush activity was " Camp Out with AST. " A tent was set up on the green and members gave out hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Our scrapbooks were displayed on blankets. As a result, we have six pledges: Nancy Chin , Joy Farrar, Kristy Grusemeyer, Debbie Kimbl e , Ca ri Rodriguez , and Debbie Torrez . As a philanthropy project, we had a see-saw marathon with Alpha Sigma Phi for twenty-four hours. Each one of us rode for one hour. Many fraternities came to cheer us and gave support into the wee hours of the morning . About $400 was raised for the Newark Children 's Hos pital and the Lung Cancer Society . We participated in a Greek banner day . We received third place for attendance and creativity for designing a banner in support of the New Jersey Tech soccer team . On December 8 , we attended the initi ation of Gamma Chi Chapter and welcomed them into the sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Tau . -Gina Ochs

Beta Phi

California University Hello from the Beta Ph i Chapter at California University of Pennsylvania. As soon as the fall semester '90 began , it was evident that the spirit of Alpha Sigma Tau had also returned . The main event of the semester was Homecoming. We participated in the parade with other fraternities and sororities. The campus definitely benefitted from the Greek unity which creates an

Gidget Steinhoff. Be ta Ph i. member of fall 1990 Ho mecomi ng Court.

We have been working diligently on the philanthropy project. Much of the excitement is because philanthropy chairman Janae Warfield exemplifies extreme dedication . Last spring , the chapter adopted Urma , a girl on the emergency list from Honduras. We also collected money to donate to the Battered Women 's Shelter of Washington , Pennsylvania . Each sister wrote a letter to a soldier stationed in the Middle East. We hope our words of encouragement touched their hearts . The fall formal at the end of ovember was anticipated with immense enthusiasm. Just making this special time for each other is a privilege in its own right. As time passes Beta Phi 's pirit grows and its bond strengthens. -Tracy George

Beta Psi

S t. Louis Univers ity The Beta Psi si ter are r xcited about the 1990-1991 ho I year. Th year tarted with th n \ th t w will



Collegians get our own chapter room in January. It will be a place to hold weekly meetings and for sisters to meet and spend time together. The key to the excitement also has to do with participation. We are all working hard to take part in everything on campus this year. At St. Louis University's first annual Greek Sing , held over Par路 ents Weekend, we received the " Going for the Grammy" award. We had excellent participation in Greek Week and came in third place. To strengthen sisterhood bonds, a special Tau Time was set aside . These few hours bring all sisters closer together. Tau Time events include going out to dinner or to get froz e n custard . The first annual Mystery Date was held this semester. The pledge class is doing an excell ent job. Members are all very excited about their enthusiasm and creativity and can't wait until initiation . On Halloween , the pledges went trick or treating for canned goods to give to needy famili es . All sisters are looking forward to a super spring semester. We plan to participate in Sigma Chi Derby Days and Homecoming. In April , we are sponsoring a Fifties Dance for the whole school. The semester kick off is rush , with the theme " Take a Look at a Taul " - Debbie Huck

Beta Omega

Monmouth College The fall semester was certainly an eventful one for the Beta Omega Chapter! We kicked off our new school year with an exciting rush and proudly wel come seven new sisters: Lau ren Aveta , Mich ele Marelli, Sonya Rom ero, Mi chelle Jiminez , Dina Veneziano , Donna Battaglia, and Stacie Bernek. The new saying during the pledge period was " The Quality Goes In Befor e the Le tters Go On ." These women add a lot of character and quality to the sisterhood . Welcome back also to advisers Susan Cioffi and Dave Harvey . We are very thankful for both of you.

The chapter has participated in numerous social and service activities . Some of th ese included " Meet th e Greeks" , which gave everyone a chance to see what Greek life is all about, Alco路 hoi Awareness Week, and the Greek fo.r mal held in the Be rkl ey Cabaret in Asbury Park . We also participated in the first Homecoming parade at Monmouth College in years . The chapter had a fl oat covered with balloons and streamers. Over the su mmer, many sisters were student orientation leaders and got a chance to get involved with the student body as a whole. We took prizes at many events a nd dances on campus. Kare n Juliano was voted Junior Princess at the Sock Hop on Homecoming Weekend . Goodbye and good luck to Alison Fitzgerald who is graduating . You will be missed by all! ALPHA S IGMA TAU .. . THE STRENGTH IS IN THE BONDI - Jill Cohen

Gamma Alpha

University of Rio Grande We held a Sisterhood Developm ent Day when we held a hayride and wiener roast. Founders Day was observed with a rededication ceremony and a sisterhood development re treat which everyone enjoyed. Our annual Rock-a-thon was for the benefit of Pin e Mountain . Pledges also went to a hospital and passed out balloons. Two represe ntatives fr om the chapter went to the Indiana Greek Leadersh ip Conference. This was part of the All Greek Council program . The chapter also participated in the designated driver program for alcohol awa reness. - Roxana Conrad

Gamma Beta

Lake Superior State University Once again the sisters of Gamma Beta Chapter have been busy with rush . We pl edged four women this fall , and we Beta Psi prepares for Greek Sing 1990 at St. Louis University .

have bigger a nd better ideas for the winter rush program . Kare n Roof, Mu District President , came for her annual visit the last weekend in Octobe r. She spent a lot of time helping us with ideas for ru sh and pledge programs. Brainstorming continued all weekend , and we are really glad that Karen was able to visit. On October 29 , we sponsored the Lake Superior State University Child Care Center Halloween Party at the high school in town . The kids came in all sorts of costumes . The children had a costu m ~? parade , sang songs , and of course, received Halloween treats . It was as much fun for the chapter as it was for the children! Founders Day was celebrated on November 3 with the Rededication Ceremony. It helped to bring everyone closer. Following the ceremony, we all went out for dinner . Ma ny things are coming up over the next few months: a rush and pledge program , Child Care Cen ter Christmas party , Winter Carnival , the annual Rocka-thon , and Yellow Rose Cotillion. - Michelle R. Swartz

Gamma Gamma

Livingston University After a successful rush season, the c hapt er pledged nineteen wonderful women . They were all present at the Founders Day observance held at Poppa 's Restaurant in York, Alabama . Awards were presented to the Top Tau and Top Pledge . We won the Spirit Award for the football season for the third year in a rowl We also placed third in the float competition with our " Open Season on the Lions" theme . Sister Tina Naremore and Pledge Leigh Anne Taylor represented AST in the Homecoming Court. Philanthr opy projects included pledges ' sending school supplies to Pine Mountain and the entire chapter providing assistance to the local Girl Scout troop . Chapters always need money. A corsage sale, donut sale, and the pledges' Walk-a-thon helped raise funds . -Deborah Hood

Gamma Epsilon

Potsdam College This year the chapter got a pledge class of eleven terrific women . We were very excited because several of us will be


Collegians graduating. The pledge class is one of the largest on campus. We held a Candlelighting Ceremony fo r Founders Day. The beauty of it endu red as each pledge spent some special ti me with her big sister. Gamma Epsilon participated in the CROP walk in Potsdam . This annual event raises money for Church World Service. CROP fights hunger in developing countries, as well as here in Potsdam. We got sponsors to pledge money for each kilometer we walked and then collected the money to give to Philanthropy Chairman Caroline Meehan for disbursal. Pledges collected canned goods a nd gave them to a local charity. They also held a balloon sale and donated the money to Pine Mountain . To raise additional money, the chapter held a flower sale the week of Halloween. lntersorority Council is looking into some ideas for spring rush as well as some projects to take place in SUNY's Centennial celebration . The university Al umni Association conducted a phonea-than to raise money for the Fund and sisters volunteered to call past students to as k for their pledges . -Jennifer O'Connell

Gamma Zeta

Frostburg State University We did it againl Homecoming festivities were held during the weekend of October 29. We entered all four of the Homecoming contests: float , fence decorating , banner , and spirit , and won three of them , bringing a grand total of $400 in prize money! This was the third year in a row winning the float contest and the second year winning the fence and spirit contests. All the sisters pulled together and worked hard . We also performed a routine for the Lip-Sync contest. Although we didn 't place, we had a lot of fun. An extra added bonus was the fact Kristie Ann Crane (left) and Ann Putnam before Gamma Epsilon 's flower sa/e.

that the chapter had a tremendous alumnae turnout. We have been working very hard to improve our alumnae relations . After the football game , we had a party for the alumnae and it was a pleasant su.rprise to see over thirty women show upl It was exciting to learn the different songs , games , and activities that the alumnae remembered from their college days. Many of these are still carried on through the chapter today. Some sisters from Beta Mu and Alpha Lambda chapters also visited . We would like to thank all of these people for sharing a very special weekend . The weekend of November 4 was again fun filled with AST activities. A retreat was held during which members got very emotional and very close! We also had an alumnae party and Founders Day festivities. We were pleased to learn that Lisa Smolinsky had become en gaged the night before Founders Day. Fourteen sisters attended RLW, which was a very informative weekend . Many new ideas were brought back to the chapter. - Kari Rittenhouse

Gamma Theta

Penn State/ Behrend College The fall semester for Gamma Theta was an exceptional one . It began with a memorable and promising rush , and nine women decided to pledge . The biggest hit was the " ASTin Vogue " party. During Greek Week , we won first place in three competitions: obstacle course , relay race, and tug-o-war. We also got down and dirty as we helped clean up one of Erie's finest parks . We later participated in a mock trial along with Zeta Beta Tau which taught everyone a lesson on alcohol responsibility. Founders Day was beautiful with the help of Alpha Tau chapter and alumnae. It began with a banquet at the Ramada Inn and ended with a heartwarming candlelighting service. The most memorable day for the chapter was the annual retreat on November 17 . Many sisters donated their time and effort into preparing food and games . The night was filled with love, laughter , and tears as we realized what AST and sisterhood mean to us . On December 2 , we held the annual Christmas banquet in honor of pledges Kim Blair, Jayna Cole, Michelle Frable, Vicki Kasbee, Lisa Kostkas, Kim Landfried , and Betsy auer. We would like to welcome Faculty Ad-

viser Patty McMahon . We would also like to wish the best to all and hope everyone remembers the true meaning of Alpha Sigma Tau . -Wendy Bussard

Gamma Iota

York College Gamma Iota jumped into the fall semester as hosts for the Regional Leadership Workshop . We were very pleased to meet sisters from chapters across Pennsylvania. Being one of the newer chapters, this was an exciting learning experience as we traded different ideas for improvement and success of each chapter. Gathering all our new and creative ideas , we developed an adventurous informal " Carnival " rush . On a more serious note , we also held our formal " Symbols of AST" rush . In September, we held initiation . Throughout the semester we participated in many fundraising events and campus activities. During Alcohol Awareness Week in October, we sponsored a table providing information about alcohol and its effects on the body. We also held our annual grafitti mixer with Kappa Sigma Rho where everyone wore T-shirts on which we wrote messages . Intramural sports became a strongpoint of our chapter; we placed first in water polo . Philanthropy projects also kept us very busy as we made a donation to Pine Mountain and volunteered our time to the Kidney Foundation. We helped make houses for a Christmas Gingerbread City for the Rehabilitation Industrial Training Center and sent cards to some of the soldiers in the Persian Gulf. We supported Zeta Delta Phi local sorority in becoming a Phi Mu chapter. Alpha Sigma Alpha led the way in establishing a college Panhellenic. Laura Peters , our chapter president , serves as Panhellenic vice-president. The sisters at Millersville invited us to share Founders Day with them . We participated in the Candlelighting Cere路 mony, a luncheon , and a gift exchange between big and little sisters celebrating the initiation of new sisters at Miller ville. - Tracy ea e

Gamma Lambda

Kutztown University We had an incredible fir t erne t r. When we fir t return din ptember. we

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991


Beta Io ta and Gamma Iota sisters at mini RLW he ld at York College.

learned that our president Beth Gilbert won first runner-up for Queen at Convention . Aft er an exci ting ru sh , we picked up sixteen new pl edges. In October, we held a bake sale in Old Main which was both fun and profitable. Many sisters also participated in th e Alumni Phonathon to help raise money for the universi ty. But it wasn 't all work and no play for our chapter. We had a hayride with Al pha Chi Rh o , a tea with Delta Zeta, and mixers with Lambda Chi Alpha , Sigma Pi , and D elta Beta Kappa . At the end o f October , Kutztown's H omecoming/ Hal loween weekend was held . Alumn ae , collegians, and pledges gathered to attend th e football game, and later to see M eatloaf, who is a G amma L ambda fa vorite . Our pledges prepared a spaghetti dinner for us at the end of November. We also began selling Teddybear Christmas ornaments . Seve ral sisters att ended a Greek Leadership Conference at Millersvi ll e, and met some terrific sis ters fro m B eta Iota. Gamma Lambda is grateful for all the support we 've had from everyon e, and we foresee a strong future here at K.U . - H eidi M entzer

Gamma Mu

West Virginia Institute of Technology On November 10, 1990 , twenty-two young women sat nervously in a lobby of a classroom building and shared hopes , worries, and m emori es. The scene shouldn ' t seem like anything special on a college campus , but on this date th e Gamma Mu Chapter was installed. The twenty-two wom en were the founding sisters of something th ey hope will en-

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

dure for many years to come. As th ey sa t in that lobby, mumbling songs and reciting phrases , they refl ected on th e year of hard wo rk th at was about to climax . Thoughts were about the ca rs washed to raise money, th e trip to th e elderl y ca re home las t Easter , th e victory during Greek Week last sprin g, th e planning retreat at the beginning of the semester, the letters written to soldiers overseas and the criti cal role played by all in hav: ing THE m os t success ful Panh elleni c ru sh WVIT has had in years. Even th e Founders Day celebration was a study session for th e national exam . After everything was said and done, it was well worth it. Our thanks go out to everyone who helped us, from ou r local advisers and th e other Greeks on campus , to our Nati onal Officers {who we seemed to call every other day), to Mi ss Patri cia Nayle and th e oth er installing officers, and especially to our special sister Susan Rogers, without whom we would probably still be wondering what to do next. Our ho pe is to make all of you as proud to call us sis ters as we are to wear the letters of Alpha Sigma Tau. - Tracey Edens

Gamma Chi

William Paterson College Gamma Chi started rush th e third week of school. Th is is th e first year we had a Panh ell enic Council regulating ru sh . We had a pledge class of fourteen women . The rush theme was a successful " H awai ian Fi esTAU ." M embers took th e nati onal exam on N ovember 29 and were initiated on Decembe r 8 . Within two semes t er s, G am ma Chi Colony produced thr ee pl edge classes and forty-seven members. No t on ly have we been working hard for initiation , but we also have worked at bettering Greek life and relations on campus. All five soro riti es parti cipated in the al l-soro rity mi xer , w hi ch was pl ann ed and fund ed by Panhe lleni c. Greek trivi a and awa rd s were given out. An other all -Greek fun cti on was a date rape sem inar which was attended by all Greek organiza tions . A Greek retreat is being planned for next semester. Founders Day was celebrated at N ew Jersey Institute of Technology, allowing us to m eet th e sisters of B eta Upsilon and Beta Omega . We feel this event was an enlightening exp er ience. We wit nessed th e Candlelighting C er emon y and made fri ends with our soon-to -besisters.

An other exci ting happening is the 25th reunion of the local sorority . This allowed members to meet alumnae and to interest them in affiliating as alumnae of a national sorori ty. Our thanks go to Colony A dviser Beth Babroski fo r all her help and support. We congratulate her on her new position of Director of Expansion. - Cindi Gass

Gamma Nu

Waynesburg College Thirty Waynesburg College women participated in a pledging ceremony Sunday, December 2 to coloni ze the Gam ma Nu Chapter, Alpha Sigma Tau . According to President Karen Jordan, " The pledge pinning ceremony was the highlight of the weekend activities ." During the weekend activities , Jordan recognized training team members Sonja Twi ford, and Robin H ackney , and National Colony Adviser Nancy Tyburski. A reception on December 1 welcomed the national guests to the Waynesburg campus . Several college administrators attended the reception. Those present were Waynesburg College President Timothy R. Th yreen , Panhellenic Advi sor Joanna H astings, Greek Council Advisor Tim othy Jenkins, Vice President for Student Services Richar L. Noftzger, and Director of College and Church Relations Janet W. Brown . Group fellowship was shared at several meals throughout the weekend . A ribbon pledging ceremony held Saturday afternoon preceded training meetings to inform the new pledges of their responsi bility to the chap ter. Following the pin pledging ceremony, a formal business meeting was held with publicity pictures taken following the meeting. The colony is looking forward to formal installation as Gamma Nu Chapter during the spring of 1991. Waynesburg College is a private liberal arts college located in southwestern Pennsylvania with a student enrollment of more than 1000 students , with fifty percent of the population women . When Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau is installed, they will join two other national sororities on campus . - Waynesburg College ews


Alumnae DETROIT Keeps in Touch This past summer, members found a new way to keep in touch . A family picnic was held at a local park . Each family brought their own lunch and a dish to pass. Fifteen chi ldren attended , ranging in age from 9 months to 9 years . Janice Garbarino supplied a pinata with plenty of candy . Everyo ne agreed that this should definitely be an annual event. The September meeting was held at the ho me of Emi ly Mcintire . Several members brought photos from Convention and described their Convention experiences. Items from Convention were available for sale.

Detroit alumnae from far and near use Founders Day as a great reunion: (left to right) Paula Rieden , Deb Brand, Claudia Heise, Debbie Kanagowski Yuhas .

For the second year, the chapter has chosen secret sisters. In January , members who choose to participate draw names. A small gift is given each month. The highlig ht is in December when a fi nal handcrafted gift is given and each member tries to guess the identity of her secret sister. Last year nearly everyone guessed correctly. Hopefully, this year we will be better at keepi ng secrets' The October meeting was held at the home of Joyce Worlow. Members enjoyed a demonstration of the making of pine cone wreaths . T he Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor Chapter hosted the joint Founders Day celebratio n this year. Nearly 170 sisters attended, including collegians and pledges from Al pha and Beta Chapters . This year, instead of a speaker, eight Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor sisters dressed as the Founders and talked about how Alpha Sigma Tau has changed and yet re mained the same . Convention awards were acknowledged and winning Con vention songs sung . - Patricia Curristan Maddens

EDWARDSVILLE is in the Swim Edwardsville alumnae helped out at the Chocolate Rendezvous , a charity


Edwardsville alumnae hosting the Founders Day lun cheon : Chris Ramspott , Jeanne Brunworth , Karen Wasser, Becky Beal, Ann McLoughlin , and Nan cy Susan Banks.

event held at Union Station in St. Louis. Chocolate desserts, candies, and other treats donated by local restaurants and food companies are sold . The event is a giant taste test of chocolates. We hosted Founders Day thi s year with th e St. Louis Alumnae Chapter, Beta Eta , and Beta Psi joining in the area event. Held at Patrick 's in Westport , the luncheon was a joyful reunion on a very special day . We were entertained at a potluck hosted by Beta Eta . Getting acquainted was the party purpose , and introductions were really informative , letting everyone know more about one another. We reciprocated in October when we had a pool and pizza party for Beta Eta at the local YMCA . Everyone swam , played , and exercised for a profitable physical time that was enjoyable as well. -Nancy Susan Hanks

INDIANAPOLIS Prays for Peace The Indianapolis Area Alumnae Chapter kicked off the fall calendar with a Sunday afternoon tea . Pam Legg was the hostess, and during the day she was awarded the Alumnae Top Tau Award from Convention. President Barb Heeb and retiring National Treasurer Becky Appleman had accepted it for her when they attended Convention. In October we met to learn more about Crossroads Rehabilitation Center , which is one of our philanthropic concerns. Last year we participated in their Easter Egg Hunt. We learned a lot about their programs , which are housed in their newly-opened headquarters . .In November we headed north to Anderson to the home of Ingrid Mason . We had a salad supper followed by viewing the Pine Mountain Settlement School slides. Since several of our members visited the school last year, we had a better insight into the fine work they do and the important role that Alpha igma Tau

plays in the lives of those served by Pine Mountain and its staff. We closed our Founders Day celebration with a candlelight ceremony reaffirming our vows to our sisterhood . Our Christmas season was a busy one. We once again participated in the Indianapolis Alumnae Panhellenic gift wrap project. Money we earn goes toward various charities . It is a fun and profitable venture for us all. We also enjoyed our annual Christmas party and gift exchange. We will hold our board meeting in Jan uary where we will consider plans and direction for 1991. We offer our special prayers for our sister Pamela Ruch , as her husband has been assigned to Saudi Arabia . - Pam Legg

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY Organizes The Northern New Jersey group is in the process of becoming an official alumnae chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau . We have been holding meetings since September 1990. Most of the time over the last few months was spent getting organized . Newsletters were sent to Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae in the area on a monthly schedule since our first meeting . The newsletter is a synopsis of what is going on during that month and what went on during the meeting . We have elected officers , started planning our fundraising events, and held some events with the collegiate chapters. Founders Day was celebrated with Beta Upsilon and Gamma Chi. About 60 Alpha Sigma Taus were present. We performed a candlelighting for Linda Lagala , who had just become engaged . This taught the collegiate chapters why you may have one and how it is conducted . Other interactions with collegiate chapters included participation in the initiation of new Beta Upsilon sisters Northern Virginia Founders Day Dinner: Alpha Lambdas (1. to r.) Cheryl Quast , Christine Cole, Donna Macerolla. Jani Homola. and Corinne Rosin.

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

Alumnae in December, and participation in the instal lation ceremony and dinner for Gamma Chi Chapter. - Elizabeth Leonard

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Evaluates Convention As has been customary for a number of years , the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter began 1990-1991 with a potluck supper. It was held at Mary Early 's home, with Martha Jones assisting. The turnout was terrific and there was enough good food for a small army! We never cease to wonder how our potlucks-absolutely unplanned or assigned-can end up being " well-planned dinners! " Our entire meeting was spent discussing the Convention held last June in Richmond. Those who had attended either full or part time were: Mary Charles Ashby, Meda Ray Sewell, Carole Keily, Nancy Voltz , Edith Elliott , Betty Gail H liott , Mary Louise Doyle , Margaret Meinzer , Charlotte Floyd , Lucia Bacon, and Carol Mooney. Mary Charles Ashby was in charge of the National Staff luncheon , and Mary Louise Doyle was the speaker. Lucia Bacon, assisted by Carol Mooney, was in charge of the Queen 's Luncheon , to which our chapter contributed favors . Meda Ray Sewell was responsible for the National Foundation breakfast. We are proud of our sisters who serve on Alpha Sigma Tau 's National Staff: Mary Charles Ashby, Lucia Bacon , Carole Keily, Meda Ray Sewell, and Nancy Voltz. Our October get-together was at Carol Mooney ' s home . Debby Weinste in served as co-hostess and once again we had a very good attendance. During the evening we made door decorations for a nursing home in the area. Founders Day was celebrated at the Hunan Lion II I-Quality Inn . A sumptuous meal was beautifully served , course after course! Mary Louise Doyle spoke about the value of alumnae membership in a national sorority. President Edith Elliott presented yellow roses to past chapter presidents in attendance, and was presented with one herself by Mary Cha rl es Ashby . Birdalee Wagaman and Meda Ray Sewel l received roses for reaching the 50-year mark in membershi p; Helen Sours was unable to be there to be recognized. Carole Keily's rose was for a "service rendered" to AST: Baby Eli zabeth-a p ossible candidate for membership around 2008? Leah Burke

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

Lowe was unable to attend the dinner . However, three weeks later, she too rendered like service for AST: Baby Anna Burke Lowe! After all this enjoym ent of the evening , we became seriou s and Cathy Schreiner paid tribute to Dorothy Gates , who passed away in April 1990 after a long bout with cancer. The chapter is grateful to the following women for their part in a successful Founders Day: Susan Baker, Betty Sue Glaeser, Mary Charles Ashby , Maryann West , Leisa Small, and Cheryl Qu ast. Thanks are also due to Debby Wei nstei n for th e very fin e directories she produced for the chap ter. The Christmas party was a very relaxed affair with plenty of holiday goodies. After a short meeti ng, we exchanged gifts and sang carols. Betty Gail Elliott brought a table keyboard to provide accompaniment to the carollers. The evening closed with a prayer for peace. Canned goods and candy were brought to the party to be delivered to an organi zation called Loaves and Fishes, which feeds some 200 people every night. - Mary Louise Doyle

ST. LOUIS Honors its Panhellenic President St. Loui s Alumnae Chapter gave a Pres ident's Tea for Carolyn Alexander who is 1990-1991 president of the St. Louis Alumnae Panhellenic Association. Twenty-two sororities participate and have a fin e scholarship program in the area . The tea was hosted by Margaret Geiselman on September 23 . We brought fing er sandwiches and helped serve the Panhellenic representatives who attended. Fourteen of us attended the Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon which also honored Carolyn Alexander's presidency. Founde rs Day was sha red with Edwardsville Alumnae, Beta Psi , and Beta Eta . The luncheon was hosted by Edwardsville and held at Patrick 's Restaurant in Westport. Expansion slides provided the program, which concluded with the Candlelighting Ceremony. Each co llegiate chapter was presented with a check from the alumnae groups . We wrapped presents on December 12 at a local shopping center, earning money to present to Beta Psi. We have also been assisting Beta Psi in learning songs. National Music Chairman Arline Clark is the on-site expert who is ever generous with her time and materials. - Arline Clark

St. Louis alumnae form the recei ving line for th e Panh e lleni c Pres ident 's Tea : Arlin e Clark , Janis Marshall , Elizabeth Wilson, Caro lyn Alexander, Margaret Bongner and Margaret Gieselmann .

SOUTHERN COLO RADO and DENVER Meet Together Members of the two chapters met August 25 at the Fox Run Regional Park in Colorado Springs for a barbecue. - Mary Ann Rinehart

Fun in the sun in Colorado: (/ . to r.) Anne Todd, Gra ce Ri ester, Ja n Norman , Doris Farm er, Mi chelle Debloch. Vickie Garrett and Mary Ann Rinehart.

TIDEWATER Gets Creative In October we met at Veronica Hill 's home to make new AST sweatshirts. Sweatshirts, paints , and the excitement of making a new AST shirt made for a fun evening . We held our annual Founders Day dinner at Wesley's Restaurant in Virginia Beach on November 15 . At our gathering three new members were inducted into our chapter: Amy Miller, Jeanne Knaus , and Dorcus Lief. We are presently collecting Campbell soup labels and Betty Crocker labels to earn money to send to Pine Mountain . We collected candy, pens , pencils , and other goodies at our November meeting for Panh ellenic to make exam study/ goodie bags for the college students at ODU . We are selling entertainment coupon books and the sales are terrific! Two of our members attended RLW at Radford University last November. - Gerianne Holl


Alpha Sigma Tau Directory National Headquarters, P.O. Box 59252, Birmingham , AL 35259


ALPHA SIGMA TAU founded November 4. 1899- Eastem Michigan University (formerly Michigan State Normal College) . Ypsilanti . Michigan

Pi-Christianne Vacca, Beta Xi , 4601 NW 2nd Avenue 1"806, Boca Raton, FL 33431 Rho-Aiicen Cravens Paladino (Mrs. Timothy} , Upsilon , 178-112 State Street, Madison, WV 25130

THE FOUNDERS Mrs. E. A. Lyman• Helene M. Rice• May Gephard• Mayene Tracy• Mable Chase•

Adriance Rice• Ruth Dutcher• Eva O'Keefe• Harriet Marx• (Mrs. C. F. Pfeiffer)

Committee Chairmen

CHIEF PATRONESS •Ada A. Norton-Alpha . . .. ...... .. . ...... .


NATIONAL PRESIDENTS •Grace Erb Ritchie-Alpha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. •Luella Chapman-Sigma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carrie Washburne Staehle-Aipha . . . . . . . . . . . . . •Dorothy Bennett Robinson-Pi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . •Mary Alice Seller Peterson-Iota . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elizabeth Wilson-Pi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . Leno re "Sybil " Seibel King-Psi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gail Shockley Fowler-Alpha Lambda . . . . . . . . . . . ·deceased

1925-1928 1928-1934 1934-1949 1949-1955 1955-1964 1964-1972 1972-1984 1984-1986

PRESIDENT EMERITA Carrie Washburn e Staehle (Mrs. Haswell E.) Alpha

National Council National President-Patri cia Nayle, Phi , 5801 Lumberdale # 138, Houston , TX 77092 National Vice President- Rick! Bargman Trosen (Mrs. Wallace} , Alpha Sigma, 904 Kings Road, Kirksville, MO 63501 National Secretary- Karen Geary Sloan (Mrs. Thomas} , Zeta, 8 Lois Lane, Shrewsbury, PA 17361 National Treasurer-Janet Minnis Jimison (Mrs. Conrad} , Iota, 1441 North C, Arkansas City, KS 67005 Director of Collegiate Chapters- Mary Charles Adams Ashby (Mrs. C.J.} , Chi , Box 12, The Plains , VA 22171 Director of Alumnae-Cathy Millard Schreiner (Mrs. Richard} , Chi , 4400 Hadrian Court, Alexandria, VA 22310 Director of Expansion-Elizabeth F. Babroski, Beta Epsilon , 591 Center Street # 8-A, Oradell , NJ 07649 Director of Fraternity Programs-Lenore Seibel King (Mrs. Thomas J ., Jr.}, Psi , 1845 Lakeridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216 Director of Publications-Carol J . Cooper, Zeta Tau , Office of Residence Life, UNC-Wilmington , 601 South College Road, Wilmington , NC 28403

District Presidents Alpha-Ann Guzdial, Beta Xi , 88 Bellarmine Drive. Rochester, MI 48309 Beta-Norma Black, Alpha Tau , 708 West 9th Street, 3rd Floor East. Erie, PA 16502 Gamma-Gay Gammell Truehart, Beta Nu , 719 Mulberry Street, Reading , PA 19604 Delta-Shawn Deitch , Beta Epsilon , 1009 Hunter 's Glen, Plainboro, NJ 08536 Epsilon- Kimberly Crumley, Beta Nu , 21 Westminster, Briarcrest Apts., Hershey, PA 17033 Zeta- Michelle Schmidt, Alpha Sigma, 705 . Green Street, Kirksville, MO 63501 Eta- Ruth Selby Kielczewski (Mrs. Richard} , Alpha Sigma, 531 Kessler, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Theta- Mary Gallagher, Psi , 3025 White Birch Court, Fairfax, VA 22031 Iota- Christina Duggan, Alpha Lambda , 721 Walker Springs Road # U-5, Knoxville, TN 37923 Kappa- Maria Chudy, Upsilon, 1917 Broken Arrow Drive, orth Littl e Rock, AR 72205 Lambda- Mary Ellen Willmitch , Alpha Rho, 1951 Penny Lane , Youngstown , OH 44515 Mu- Karen Laursen Roof (Mrs. Jeffrey} , Beta Xi , 1476 Chapin Avenue, Birmingham , MI 48009 Nu- Pam Miller Hoffmaster (Mrs . Bret) , Beta Epsilon , 1804 Woodbridge Commons, Iselin , NJ 08830 Xi- Mary Beth Kelley, Delta, 22 Boulevard, Point Marion , PA 15474 Omicron- Nancy Comer Henry (Mrs. William} , Beta Iota, 124 Whit· tier Lane, Lancaster, PA 17602


ANCHOR Editor- Carole Bicking Keily (Mrs. Timothy) , Alpha Xi, 7807 Leland Road , Manassas, VA 22111 ANCHOR Alumnae Editor- Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta, 5106 Harvard Road, Detroit , MI 48224 ANCHOR Collegiate Editor- To be appointed Awards- Nancy Volt z, Beta Epsilon , 12329 Strong Court, Fairfax, VA 22033 Chaplain- To be appointed Colony Adviser- Anne Curran Gruber (Mrs. James) . Alpha, 10110 Polo Court , Spring Valley, OH 45370 Colony Adviser- Nancy Tyburski , Beta Xi . 101 Washington Avenue # 215, Oakmont , PA 15139 Convention- Lindy Hallquist Steeves (Mrs. John) , Alpha Epsilon, 221 Powell St .. Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 CREST Editor- Lisa Pelkey Arnold (Mrs. Randy} , Sigma , RD 3, Box 222-A, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Expansion Assistant- Lucia Warner Bacon (Mrs. David} , Alpha Chi, 9410 Delancey Drive, Vienna , VA 22182 Expansion Training Team- Candace Clark, Beta Chi , 29680 Clarita Avenue. Livonia, MI 48152; Robin Hackney, Alpha Lambda. 13865 Coleman Court, Centreville, VA 22020; Staci Jimison , Iota , 715 Southwest Tyler, Topeka , KS 66603; Sonja Twiford, Alpha Lambda , 13865 Coleman Court, Centreville, VA 22020 Financial Assistant- Janice Taylor Fitch (Mrs. Donald} , Iota, 12000 W. 66th Street, Shawnee Mission , KS 66216 Historia n- Emily Ashby Mcintire (Mrs . Michael) . Alpha Lambda , 40052 Steel Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48310 Housing Director- Elizabeth Knaus , Alpha Lambda. 3029 Sandbend Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Members hip Development-Ann Marie Campo Girardot (Mrs. Daniel) , Beta Theta , 11818 Tobler Trail , Austin , TX 78753 Music-Arline Bouligny Clark (Mrs. Allen) , Pi, 7037 Rhodes Avenue, St. Louis , MO 63123 Nominations- Kathy Pulice Baecker (Mrs . Paul ). Theta , 18867 orth Oak Court, Mt. Clemens, MI 48044 NPC Delegate-Cynthia Peckhart McCrory (Mrs. Charles R.} , Alpha Alpha , PO Box 5218. Fort Wayne, IN 46895 NPC Alternate Delegate- Carolyn Conner Alexander (Mrs. James} , Pi , 6328 Potomac, St. Louis, MO 63139 NPC Alternate Delegate-Janet Hanson Dodson (Mrs. Duane) , Iota, 543 South Main , Crete, NE 68333 NPC Alternate Delegate- Patricia Nayle, Phi , 5801 Lumberdale # 138, Houston, TX 77092 Parliamentarian- Jeanne Holloway Knaus (Mrs. Vincent} , Alpha Lambda , 3912 Regal Court, Virginia Beach , VA 23452 Philanthropy-Martha Drouyer DeCamp (Mrs . Samuel} , Alpha , 27931 NE 4th Place, Redmond, WA 98053 Pledge Director-Sherry Trayer Gentile (Mrs. John} . Psi , 113 Cromwell, Summerville, SC 29485 Publicity- Terry Winston Dudley (Mrs . Thomas P.}, Beta Zeta, 3501 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham , AL 35243 Regional Leadership Workshop-Christine Papproth, Zeta, 1111 Sheldon Drive, ewark, DE 19711 Rush Director-Melissa Friesen Parks (Mrs. Clinton R.}, Beta Xi, 6199 Chablis Drive, Hamilton, OH 45011 Scholarship-Julie Bell Bruington (Mrs . Jeffrey). Iota, 131 W. Beech , Independence, KS 67301

Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors President-Meda Ray Elliott Sewell (Mrs. Preston} , Omicron. 6541 Williamsburg Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22313 First Vice President-Lenore eibel King (Mr . Thoma J .. Jr.). P i. 1 45 Lakeridge Road, Birmingham , AL 35216 Second Vice President-Patricia Maue ichol (Mr . Donald) . Sigma , 39 W. Summerset Road , orth Tonawanda, Y 14120 Secretary- Bobbie ichols Tucker (Mrs . Jack .. Jr .). lpha Gamma, 6304 Kenwood , Little Rock. AR 72207 Treasurer- usan R. Roger . Alpha Lambda, 939 Park tr et. t. Albans , WV 25177

THE ANCHOR/ pring 1 91

Foundation Chairmen Awards, Grants, & Scholarships- Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta, 5106 Harvard Road, Detroit, Ml 48224 Effie E. Lyman Memorial Academic Loan-June McCarthy, Pi , 889 1 Watson Woods, St. Louis, MO 63126 Financial Secretary- Lois Schweikart O ' Del l (Mrs. Robert) , Lambda, 222 W. Tabor Road , Philadelphia , PA 19120 Publicity-Janet LaSpisa Bartlett (Mrs. Edward) , Sigma, 120 Brookdale Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221

Collegiate Chapters Alpha- Eastern Michigan University President , Tracy Schmidt , 50333 Willis Road # 100 , Belleville, M148111 ; CA, Marcia Sullivan, 14957 Arden. Livonia, Ml 48154; ACA, Suzanne N. Slick, 3350 Croissant, Dearborn , Ml 48124; CC, Kathy P. Baecker, 18667 N. Oak Court, Mt. Clemens. Ml 48044 Beta- Central Michigan University President , Maureen Sudek , 107 Gaylord, Mt. Pleasant , Ml 48858; CA, Lisa Allen , 1711 Mackinaw Trail, Leeroy, MJ 49655 Delta- Indiana University of Pennsylvania President, Laura Chet sko, 758 Locust St. #5, Indiana, PA 15701 ; CA, Patricia Simmons, 291 L ocust Street, Indiana, PA 15701 ; ACA , Suzanne Monet Lawer, 1091 South Sixth Street. Indiana , PA 15701 ; CC, Karen Carlson , 290 Jonquil Place, Pittsburgh , PA 15228 Zeta - Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania President, Jamie Alunni, Box 62 , Russell H all, LHU , Lock Haven , PA 17745; CA, Amy DuPree, Box 118, Central Avenue, Avis, PA 17721 ; ACA , Dr. Arden Holland, RD 1, Box 265-A, Mill Hall , PA 17751 Omicron- Concord College President, Tracy Stewart , Box D-697 , Concord College, Athens, WV 24712; CA, Sue McPherson Reedy, Box D117 , Concord College, Athens, WV 24712 ; CC, Betty Sue H edrick, 600 Island Street, Princeton. WV 24740 Rho- Southeastern Oklahoma State University President , Kim berly Webb, Rt.l , Box 31-W, Mead, OK 73449; CC, Kim Smith , 707 Rolling Meadows, Noble, OK 73068 Sigma- State University College at Buffalo President, Laurie Fabiniak, 425 Auburn Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213; CC, Susan Fry, 311 Sterling Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216 Zeta Tau- Longwood College President, Megan Janney, Box 588 LC, Farmville, VA 23901 ; CA, Cathi West, 1802 Cobb St. , Farmville, VA 23901 ; ACA, Patsy Watson, Rt. 5 Box 1680, Farmville, VA 23901 Upsilon- University of Central Arkansas President, Lisa Rosa , Highway 286, Salem Pari. A -1, Conway, AR 72032 ; CA, Maria Chudy, 1917 Broken Arrow Dr .. North Little Rock , AR 72118; CC, Gina Stone 17 Jeanna Dri ve, Conway, AR 72032 Phi-Southe~stern Louisiana University President, Stacie Notariano, PO Bo x 2380 SLU , Hammond , LA 70402 ; CA , Patricia Weidie, 1905 Condon Ave., Metairie, LA 70003; ACA, Deborah Melancon, 73246 Pruden Rd ., Covington , LA 70433 ; CC , Eva Blackwell 10795 Mead Road 603, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Psi -Jame~ Madison University President, Mary O' Brien, JMU Box 2919, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 ; ACA, Jill Costie , 9101 Bowler Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031 Alpha Gamma- Henderson State University President, Tammy Hollis, HSU Box 5209 , Arkadelphia, AR 71923; CA. Ana M. Caldwell HSU Box 7602 , Arkadelphia, AR 71923 Alpha' Epsilon- Western Illinois University President, Sue Reynders, 1 Pollock Rd ., Macomb, IL 61455; CA, Cathy Chenoweth Onion , RR 2, Table Grove, IL 61482 ; CC, Marti Schwartz Tarm ann , PO Box 85, Toluca , IL 61369 Alpha Lambda - Radford University President , Karen Wheeler, 1020-E Fairfax St. , Radford , VA 24141 ; CA , Dr. John McPhail , 1005 Sutton Street, Radford, VA 2414 1 Alpha Mu- University of Arkansas at Monticello President, S_tacy Wilson , PO Box 2040, UAM , Monticello, AR 71655; CA. Dr. Lmda Webster, Communications Dept. , UAM , Monticello , AR 71655 , ACA , Mark Meadows, Sociology Dept. , UAM , Mont1cello , AR · p ·d t Ch · 71655 I Alpha Xi- Mansfield University of Pennsy vama res1 en . . _en Lewis, 24-1 / 2 N . Academy St. , Mansfield, PA 16933; CA, Chnstma 33 Conning-Hricz, 120 Pinecrest Manor, MU , Mansfield, _PA 169_ Alpha Omicron- Clarion University of Pennsylvama Pres1dent, Missy Sherwood, 534 Main St. # E, Clanon , PA 16214, CA, Su: zanne Jobb, 108 Wilson Avenue, Clarion , PA 16214; ACA, Tern . . Kahle Box 478, Knox, PA 16232 Alpha Pi- Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvama Pres1dent, Jennifer Gift, 118 W. Liberty Rd ., Slippery Rock, PA 16057 ; CA, Therese Caldarelli , B-105 University Umon, SLU , Slippery Rock , PA 16057 . . . Alpha Rho- Youngstown State University Pres1dent, Sheila Col lins 234 Stewart Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425; CA , Carol F1celi , 38B5 Jeanette Warren , OH 44484; ACA, Pamela Taba_k , 3108 Meanderwood 'Drive, Canfield, OH 44406 ; CC, Rosemane Delia,

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991

1713 Lauri e Drive, Youngstown, OH 44511 Alpha Tau- Edinboro University of Pennsylvania President, Mela· nie Gettemy, 203 Stonehaven Dr., Orkney 43 , Edinboro, PA 16412, CA, Elaine Bercik, Box 210 , Irish Road, RD 1, Edinboro, PA 16412, ACA, Emily Green , 1 North St., Cambridge Springs, PA 16403; CC, Mary Ellen Willmitch , 1951 Penny Lane, Youngstown ,_OH 4~515 Alpha Phi - West Chester University of Pennsylvama President, Beth Blankenheim 118 Linden St. , West Chester, PA 19380; A A , Sue Goulding , 2717 Ave. C, Newportville, PA 19056; CC, Julie Long , 43 Pinewood Drive, Doylestown , PA 18901 . Beta Delta- Duquesne University President, Shern Schultz, 1223 McNeilly Avenue, Pittsburgh , PA 15216; CA, Kelly Lewis, PO Box 7261, Pittsburgh, PA 15213; ACA, Patricia D'Amico, 237 Green Street, California , PA 15419 Beta Epsilon- Shippensburg University of Pennsylva nia Presi dent , Michele Dougherty, 19 N. Earl St. , Shippensburg , PA 17257; CA, Dr. Mary Jane Urbanowicz; 400 East King St. # 2, Shippensburg, PA 17257 ; ACA, Linda Price, 9892 McCreary Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Beta Zeta- University of Alabama in Birmingham President, Lau· ren Bell 2842 Thornhill Road #3 1-B, Birmingham , AL 35213: CA Ter;y Winston Dudley, 3501 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham, AL ' 35243 ; ACA, Susan Joe, 34 1 Carr Ave., Birmingham , AL 35209 Beta Eta- Southern Illinois University President, Angela Tedder, 810 Holyoake Road, Edwardsville, IL 62025 ; CA, Karen Wasser, 6788 Culpeper Court # H, Florissant, MO 63033; ACA, Jacqueline Elmore, 324 Liberty Street, Edwardsville, IL 62025; CC, Karen Wasser, 6788 Culpeper Court # H , Fl orissant , MO 63033 Beta Tau- Lowell University President, Josephine LaFremer, 85 Arnold Street Methuen , MA 01844; CA, Carol Grenier O' Leary, 32 Auburn Str~et, Malden , MA 02148; ACA, Donna Grenier, 824 Main St. , Malden , MA 02148 . Beta Theta- St. Mary's University President, Yvette Mac1as. St. Mary's Univ ., Tr. 209, San Antonio, TX 78284; CA, Sister Ann Semel , 3415 West Woodlawn , San Antonio, TX 78228; ACA, Lilly Garcia , 555 Patton, San Antonio, TX 78237 Beta Iota- Millersville University of Pennsylvania President, Diane Everett, 35-C Lynnebrook , Millersville, PA 17551 ; CA, Mary Anne Weber, 917 Prospect Street, Lancaster, PA 17603; ACA, _ancy Henry, 124 Whittier Lane, Lancaster, PA 17602 ; CC, Chnstme Paules 6346 Hollow Drive, E. Petersburg , PA 17520 Beta Mu' -Salisbury State University President, April Mailhammer, Rt. 3, H olly Lane, Delmar, MD 21875; CC, Pam Emory Vukmer, 16000-F Eastings Ct. , Bowie, MD 20716 Beta Nu- Bioomsburg University of Pennsylvania President, Juli Herring , 404 Center St. , Bloomsburg, PA 17815; CA. Gay Gammell Truehart, 719 Mulberry Street, Reading, PA 19604 Beta Xi - Michigan Technological University President , Rh onda Lock e, 9 16 Coll ege Ave ., H oughton , Ml 49931 ; CA . He1d1 DePuydt, 31 Hubbard , PO Box 61 , Painesdale, MI 49955; ACA. Patricia Boudreau, 9824 Mary Alexander Rd. :±D, Charlotte, C 28262 Beta Pi- Eastern Illinois University President, Valerie DeBaun , Greek Court # 110, Charleston , IL 61920; ACA, Sonda Clocksin , 2757 S. 4th Street # F, Springfield, IL 62703 ; CC, Carol Mach , 4621 South Maple, Berwyn, IL 60402 B eta Upsilon- New Jersey Institute of Technolog y President, Arleen Leon , 11 Ursino Place, Elizabeth, NJ 07208; CA. Donna Murphy, 4 Washington Place, Kearney, J 07032 ; ACA, Laura Tashgy, . . 214 Skyline Drive, Millington, NJ 07940 Beta Phi- California University of Pennsyl vama Pres1dent, Kathy Umberger, 538 Stanley Hall , Box 160, California, PA 15419; CA. Kellie McDonald, 234 2nd St. # A , California, PA 15419 Beta Chi- Ferris State University Presiden t, Georgia Patzias. 309 S. Stewart , Big Rapids, Ml 49307 ; ACA, Cathy Jensen , Rankin Center, Box 19, FSU , Big Rapids, Ml 49307 ; CC, Diane Hancock, 1407 N. Pleasant, Royal Oak , MI 48067 B eta Psi - St. Louis University Presiden t, Laura Turner, 3630 West Pine, Box 776, St. Louis, MO 63108; CA. Sue Griffin , 9 16 Balboa, St. Louis, MO 63136; CC, Cecilia Kadane. 106 Caravel Court, Ball win , MO 63021 Beta Omega - Monmouth College President, Tracey Lukacs. 22 Matilda Terrace, Long Branch, NJ 07740; CA, Susan Cioffi , 56 Harvard St., Red Bank, NJ 07701 ; ACA, David Harvey, c/ o AdmiSSions Office, Mon mouth College, West Long Branch, J 07740 Gamma Alpha- University of Rio Grande President, Sue Gayheart . PO Box 528 , Rio Grande, OH 45674: CA, Doris Ross, Davis Hall, URG , Rio Grande, OH 45674; CC, Diane eff, PO Box 141, R1o Grande, OH 45674 Gamma Beta- Lake Superior State University Presiden t, Michelle Swartz, 812 -1/ 2 Ashmun , Sault Ste. Marie, MI 497 3; CA. Shirley Schoenemann, PO Box 599 , Sault Ste. Marie , Ml 49783: ACA, Dr. Margaret Malmberg, 1803 Young, Sault Ste. Marie. MI 497 3 Gamma Gamma- Livingston University President. Deborah H ood.


LU Box 4415, Li vingston , AL 35470; CA, Melinda Henry Willingham, 1013 Wood Avenue, York, AL 36925; ACA, Elizabeth S. Humble, College of Business, LU, Livingston , AL 35470; CC, Lynnette Youngblood, 560 6th Avenue SW, Graysville, AL 35073 Gamma Epsilon- Potsdam College President, Dawn Lanpher, 228 Lehman West, Potsdam , NY 13676; CA. Dr. David Smith , Rt. 1. Box 248-A, Potsdam, NY 13676; ACA, Jon Bergstrom , 37 Chestnut St. , Potsdam , NY 13676; CC, Linda Jackson, 40 Kiwassa Road, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 Gamma Zeta- Frostburg State University President, Paige Lu eck, 150-A Wood St. , Frostburg, MD 21532 ; CA, D~ . Cindy Herzog, Psychology Dept. , FSU , Frostburg , MD 21532 Gamma Eta- Northwood Institute President , Angelia M. Ross, PO Box 58, Cedar Hill , TX 75104 ; CA, Shawnna Roberts, 1705 Briarwood, Irving, TX 75061 Gamma Theta- Penn State University/ The B ehrend College President, Lisa Krahe, Box 658, Behrend College, Erie, PA 16563; CA, Norma Black, 708 W. 9th St. , 3rd floor East, Erie, PA 16502; ACA, Deborah Young Carter, 2531 W. 34th St. , Erie, PA 16506; CC, Cindi Proctor Hawes, 4116 Pleasant View, Erie, PA 16509 Gamma Iota- York College of Pennsylvania President, Ann Gould, 415 Colonial Ave., York, PA 17403; CA, Carole Spangler, 1424 Third Ave., York, PA 17403; CC, Donna Alexander, 118-A S. Walnut St. , Dallastown , PA 17313 Gamma Lambda- Kutztown University of Pennsylvania President, Beth Gilbert, 40 N. Whiteoak St. , Kutztown , PA 19530; CA, Michele Nestro, 409 Ann St ., West Reading, PA 19611 ; ACA, Judith Haas, RD # 1, Box 344 , East Greenville, PA 18041 ; CC, Tracy Bond, 33 South 4th Street, Allen town, PA 18102 Gamma Mu- West Virginia Institute of Technology President, Judi Fox, 609 2nd Ave. , Montgomery, WV 25136; CA, Beverly Hudkins Harris, PO Box 708, Montgomery, WV 25136; ACA, Anna McCormick, WVIT, Montgomery, WV 25136; CC, Nancy Canterbury, PO Box 194; Kimberly, WV 25118 Gamma Chi - William Paterson College President, Marie Nasa, 90 D o~e rty Dr. , Clifton, NJ 07015; CA, Dr. Kenneth Pokrowski , Registrars Office, WPC, Wayne, Wayne, NJ 07470 Gamma Nu Colony- Waynesburg College President, Karen Jordan , Box 72 , Waynesburg College, Wayn esburg, PA 15370; CA, Nancy H erbet Leishman ; 213 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 Gamma Xi Colony- Grand Valley State University CA, Pam ela Hachet, 152 Commons, Grand Valley State University Allendale Ml 49401 ' '

Alumnae Chapters •Arkadelphia, Arkansas Jo Anne Williams Chunn (Mrs. Robert), Alpha Gamma, 818 . Park Drive, Arkadelphia, AR 71923 'Baton Rouge, Louisiana ~ ebecca Morgan, Phi, 5128 Stumberg Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Birmingham, Alabama Truly Limbaugh, Beta Zeta , 815 School Terrace Birmingham AL 35235 • • 'Bluefield, West Virginia Joyce Gregory Buchanan (Mrs. Glen) , Omicron , 1905 Tazewell Avenue, Bluefield, WV 24605 'Buffalo, New York Patricia Maue Nichols (Mrs. Donald). Sigma , 39 W. Summerset Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 'Conway, Arkansas Cathy Knox Koehler (Mrs. Chuck) , Upsilon , Rt. 2, # 1 Todd Drive, North Little Rock , AR 72118 ' Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas 'Denver, Colorado Anne Boley Todd , Nu , 1021 Carr # 18, Denver, CO 80215 'Detroit, Michigan Rose Marie Schmidt, Th eta, 5106 H arvard Rd., Detroit. Ml 48224 'Durant, Oklahoma Sharon McVay Dunham (Mrs. James) , Rho. 113 Gates, Durant, OK 74701 'Edwardsville, Illinois Karen Wasser, Beta Eta, 6788 Culpeper Court # H , Florissant, MO 63033 'Erie, Pennsylvania Deborah Young Carter (Mrs. David). Alpha Tau, 2531 W. 34th Street , Erie, PA 16506 Fort Wayne, Indiana Linda Pulver, Alpha Epsilon, 1009 S. Van Buren Street Auburn IN • • 46706 ' H arrisburg, Pennsylvania Linda Price, Beta Epsilon , 9892 McCreary Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257 'Houston, Texas Sharon Hahn Juntunen (Mrs . Gayle) , Phi , 643 Eastlake, Houston TX 77034 •


'Indianapolis, Indiana Barbara H eeb, Alpha Alpha, 6433 Bayside South Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250 'Kirksville, Missouri Michelle Schmidt, Alpha Sigma, 705 N . Green Street, Kirksville. MO 63501 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Christine Oleska Paules (Mrs. Thomas). Beta Epsilon , 6546 Hollow Drive, East Petersburg , PA 17520 'Lansing, Michigan Margaret Holcomb Twork (Mrs. E.C.), Alpha , 137 S. lves Road, Mason , Ml 48854 ' Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Kathi Jo Burker Weinert (Mrs. Scott). Alpha Omicron , 2415 Livingston Street, Allentown , PA 18104 'Lowell, Massachusetts Kelly Manning, Beta Tau , 104 D Street, Lowell , MA 01851 'Marietta, Ohio - Parkersburg, West Virginia Diane Dyar, Alpha Kappa, Apt. 65, Putnam Place Apts., Marietta, OH 45750 Metropolitan New York Mara Atell H argarther (Mrs. Thomas) , Sigma , 257 Lincoln Avenue, Island Park, NY 11558 'Miami, Florida Natalie Johnson Cole (Mrs. Ronald M.), Alpha Omicron , 800 SE 11 Ave ., Deerfield Beach , FL 33441 'Muncie, Indiana Ruth Parker, Alpha Alpha, 4804 West Petty Road, Muncie, IN 47304 'New Orleans, Louisiana Jeannine Gettys Ard, Phi , 3636 Lake Trail Drive, Kenner, LA 70065 Northern New Jersey Cynthia Hruby, Beta Upsilon , 8 Salvatore Court, West Caldwell , NJ 07006 'Northern Virginia Edith M. Elliott , Omicron, 210 E. Fairfax Street # 113, Falls Church , VA 22046 'Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lois Schweikart O' Dell (Mrs. Robert ), Lambda , 222 W. Tabor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19120 'Prince George's-Montgomery County, Maryland Sue Hunter Dingess (M rs. Jerry) , Omicron , 12800 Tern Drive , Gaithersburg, MD 20878 'Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia JoAnn Crabill Marshall (Mrs. Larry), Alpha Lambda, 9007 Waterfowl Flyway, Chesterfield , VA 23832 'Roanoke, Virginia Jean Gray Brammer (Mrs. George). Psi , Rt. 1, Box 91, Goodview. VA 24095 'San Antonio, Texas Yolanda Villareal Bauer (Mrs. John) , Beta Theta , 3427 Fallen Leaf Lane, San Antonio, TX 78230 'Shepherdstown , West Virginia Marie Busch Crim (Mrs. B.B.). Chi , PO Box 405, Gerrardstown. WV 25420 'Southern Colorado Mary Ann Rinehart, Beta Eta, 6252 Twin Oaks Dr. # 1148, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 'St. Louis, Missouri Janis Dale Marshall (Mrs. E.E.). Pi , 5935 Bishops Place, St. Louis, MO 63109 'Tidewater Area, Virginia Elizabeth Knaus , Alpha Lambda , 3029 Sandbend Road , Virginia Beach . VA 23456 'Tri-City, Michigan Martha Prendergast Triantafillow, Beta , 2 35 Dorset, Saginaw, Ml 48603 'West Chester, Pennsylvania Carolyn McGill Mee (Mrs. Arthur) , Alpha Phi , 1101 Glenview Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111 'West Suburban Chicago, Illinois Lucinda Edwards Younce (Mrs. Steven) , Alpha Alpha, 354 Sword Way, Lemont, IL 60439 'Youngstown, Ohio Carol Ficeti, Alpha Rho, 3885 Jeanette, Warren , OH 444 4 'Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor, Michigan Joyce Phy Berg (Mrs. Donald) , Alpha, 15132 H oughton Livonia Ml 4 154 • . 'Asterisks denote installed chapters Other group are clubs

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1991



1) Applique, .. . . . . . . . Finger Press .. . . . . 2) Bag , Canvas . . . . . . . 3) Bag , Cosmetic . .... . 4) Bag , Keychain Mini 5) Bag , Yellow Plastic ... 6) Balloon .. 7) Barrette . . .... .. . .

8) Bear, Brown Boxer 9) Bear, Big White . . . . . 10) Bear, Sma ll White 11) Blazer Patch . . . . . . 12) Bookma rk with Crest 13) Bumpe r Sticker .... . 14) Button . . . . . . .... . 15) Candy, Brown Bag .

16) Corn Husk Rose .. 17) Decals: a) Greek Lette r & Crest ... .... b) Greek Lette r . . .. 18) Do ll , IT .... ... 19) Doorkn ob Sign . .. .

. . . .

.60/ 1 1.75/3 8.00 5.00 2.00 .50 .30/ 1 .5012 2.25/8 4.50/ 1 8.50/ 2 12.00/ 3 15.00/4 16.00 25 .00 15.00 1.25 5.25 1.00 1.25 .25/ 1 .45/2 .70/3 .90/4 1.10/ 5 2.00/ 10 1.50 1.25/4 1.50/ 12 25 .00 3.00


20) Flag , AIT .. .. ... .

21) Handwork:


23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32)


20.00/ 1 34.00/2 42.00/3 62.00/5 120.00/ 10

a) Baby Bib .. b) Collage .... c) Checkbook or Glasses Cover d) Door Hanger e) Heart Frame ... . f) Sachet . ... . .. . g) Keychain Highlighter, Yellow ... License Plate Holder .. Luggage Tag .. . . . . . Magnet . . . . . . .. . . Nite Shirt, Adult (one size) . .... . Nite Shirt , New Orlea ns (c hild) ... ..... . Note Pad. Anch or Note Pad , AIT . . . . . Paper Clip Holder Pen, Ye llow Ballpoint Pencil . .... .

33) Picture Frame . . 34) Playi ng Cards .. 35) Post-It Notes, 3 x 5 36) Post-It Notes , 4 x 6 37) Ribbon, Block (per ya rd )

8.00 5.50 6.00 5.00 6.00 5.50 1.60 3.00 1.50 2.00



38) Ribbon , Script (per yard)

.75/ 1 1.40/ 2 2.10/3 4.50 5.00 5.50 10.00

....... .

39) 40) 41 ) 42) 43)

Socks . ... .. .. .. . Song Ta pes/ Songbook Stamp with Pad ..... Stamp, 3 Pack Sta tionery, Yellow/ Green . . . . . . . . . . 44) Stationery, Torch Memo .. .. 45) Stickers: a) Alphabet .. b) Anchor . . c) AIT . . . . . . . . . . d) Greek Letter .. . e) " I Always Dreamed .

5.00 2.50 2.30 .20 1.10/6 2.00 .20 1.1 0/6 2.00 2.00 1.25

18.00 4.00 3.00 3.75 2.35 .50 .30/ 1 1.00/4 5.00 5.00 2.30 3.75

46) 47) 48) 49) 50)

f) Script .. .. g) Symbols . . .. h) Yellow Rose . . . . . Sweatshirt with Collar (medium , large, x- la rge) . . . . . . . . . Telep hone Cord .... . Tee Shirt, 1990 Convention (large, x- large) . . . . . . . . . Ti e Tack/ Lapel Pin, Rose . .... . . Visor (gold o r white)

49 .00 8.00 8.00 8.00 6.90

.75/ 1 1.40/ 2 2.10/ 3

ORDER FORM Mail to : AIT National Headquarters 1845 Lakeridge Road Birmingham , AL 352 16 QUANTITY





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See inside back cover for prices and order form. TO: Alpha Sigma Tau Parents: Your daughter 's magazine is sent to her home address while she is in college. We hope yo u enjoy reading it. If she is no longer in college , however, and is not living at home , please send her new permanent address to : Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters, P.O. Box 59252, Birmingham , AL 35259. Alpha Sigma Tau P.O . Box 59252 Birmingham , AL 35259 Address Correction Requested

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U.S. POST AGE PAID Permit No . 6227 Indianapolis, Indiana

1991 Spring ANCHOR