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Bulletin Board

In 1989, Alpha Sigma Tau's National Council approved a new logo and a new expansion publicity theme, " Share the Magic. " Our new logo will be phased in over the next year; it reflects the design of a woman with the wind in her face as if she is pursuing new ventures. As we enter the 1990s, we feel this is an appropriate image!

Scholarship To Be Awarded The Philadelphia Alumnae Panhellenic will award a $500.00 scholarship to a fraternity woman doing graduate work at a college or university in the five county (Philadelphia , Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, or Bucks) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area during the 1990-1991 school year. Those interested should request an application from Krista L. Killen , 1020 Beaumont Road, Berwyn , PA 19312. Applications must be postmarked before August 15, 1990. Thank you for your cooperation.

Have You a Recommendation? The Mary Alice Peterson American Indian Grant of $250, administered by the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation , is awarded annually to an American Indian student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited college or university. The applicant must exhibit financial need and be recommended by the Financial Aid Officer of his/ her college or university OR by a member of Alpha Sigma Tau . If you have a recommendation , please send your recommendation to : Dr. Rose Marie Schmidt 5106 Harvard Road Detroit, MI 48224 Application materials will be sent to the individual.

The Order of the Diamond The Order of the Diamond was created by Kappa Delta in 1985 and honors those persons who have contributed great service to the sorority movement and, in a true Panhellenic spirit, advanced the purposes and objectives of sororities. Their wide and wise human service, mutual respect and helpfulness have marked them as persons of eminence and distinction in the sorority world. Recipients of the award, the only Kappa Delta honor to be bestowed outside the sorority's membership, are selected by Kappa Delta 's National Council. The recipient re ceives a diamond-shape charm with the NPC crest mounted on it denoting the honor.

Vol. 64

THE ANCHOR is published in the Fall and Spring . Third class postage is paid at Indianapolis, IN , and at additional mailing offices. Single copies of THE ANCHOR may be purchased for $5.00 each . Send address changes and business correspondence to : Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters P.O . Box 59252 Birmingham , AL 35259 Address editoria l correspondence to the Director of Publications:

Director of Publications Carole Bicking Keily 7807 Leland Road Manassas, VA 2211 1 Editor Cindy Rader Durham 5610 Midway Dr. SW Roanoke, VA 24018 Alumnae Editor Rose Marie Schmidt 5106 Harvard Rd . Detroit, MI 48224 Collegiate Editor Margaret D'Amico Shepherd 33 W. 21st St. Huntington Station , NY 11746

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Share the Magic! Convention in Richmond


Convention Registration


Staff Nominations


Founders Day Proclamation


Biennial Meeting Update

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ATTENTION ALL ALUMNAE : Postal regulations require us to pay 30¢ for every copy not deliverable as addressed . Please notify us of any change of address, giving both the NEW and the OLD address .

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Fall 1990 deadline is June 1, 1990 THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990


Hotel Information

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Located at 1-64 and West Broad Street in the near West End, the Hyatt Richmond is 17 minutes from Richmond International Airport and 15 minutes from downtown Richmond . The hotel features 372 newly refurbished guest rooms , surrounding a 9 ,000 square foot indoor / outdoor garden pool courtyard . This four-star and four diamond resort hotel offers four restaurants, offering a wide choice of specialties . Recreational facilities include an indoor/ outdoor pool , a health club, lighted tennis courts and a jogging course with exercise stations. Kings Dominion , Busch Gardens, Water Country and historic Williamsburg are all within a one hour drive . Room rates are confirmed at the following prices: $68 .00 for a single , double , triple or quad per night. Rates are subject to a local sales and occupancy tax. Convention rates will be extended to registrants and their families both before and after convention until July 6th . You may wish to make plans to do some sightseeing and stay a few extra days enjoying the flavor of Richmond! There will be complimentary parking.


Registration Fee The Registration Fee for the 1990 Convention is $135. It is to be paid by each convention registrant, both delegates and non -delegates . This fee includes the Queen 's Luncheon and a banquet ticket- plus a special evening of entertainment. The deadline to submit this fee is Sunday, April 15. After April 15th, the registration fee will be increased to $175 .

Reservation Announcements It is time for your chapter to select your convention attendees . It is customary for the current president to serve as your delegate . Each chapter should choose an alternate, preferably another officer, in case of illness or emergency which prevents the delegate from attending. Collegiate Chapters: In order to acquire maximum efficiency points, each chapter is required to have four attendees . A chapter may have as many representatives as they choose , but the official chapter delegate will be the only vote for the chapter at convention . Alumnae Chapters: An alumnae chapter is entitled to as many representatives as they choose in addition to the delegate. However, the official chapter delegate will be the only vote for that chapter at convention . All registrants (delegates and non -delegates) must pay their own fee for registration .

Convention Queen Candidates One of the highlights of the National Convention in Richmond is sure to be the selection of the Convention Queen and her court. Each collegiate chapter is entitled to enter one candidate . Be sure to be making your candidate decision soon. Local personalities will be selecting the queen and her princesses . Candidates will be judged on appearance, personality, poise and spontaneity . The entry form for queen candidates will appear in the March Alpha Signal.

Country Store This is a reminder to be making those special convention items to sell at the Country Store . Start thinking and making or browsing through that special catalog for items your chapter wishes to sell at the Country Store. The store is run on the basis of clear profit for your collegiate or alumnae chapter on items you offer at the store. More information will appear in a later Alpha Sig-nal. In the meantime, you can get started now and beat the last minute rush on making or ordering those items you plan to make available to other sisters .

Airlines American Airlines is the official carrier for Alpha Sigma Tau ' s National Convention in Richmond , VA. More information will follow in upcoming Alpha Sig-Nals.


What to Bring to Convention Please use the following list as a checklist before leaving for Convention . 1. Chapter plaque 2. Chapter scrapbook 3. Collegiate Chapter Constitution and proposed amendments 4. National Constitution and proposed amendments 5. Alumnae Constitution and proposed amendments 6 . National Handbook 7 . Chapter allowance for con vention pictures 8 . White dress 9 . Favors, invitations or any unusual items for sharing with others 10. Songs, skits and 11. LOTS OF ALPHA SIGMA TAU SPIRIT!!'!!!!!!!

Volunteers Lindy Steeves , Convention Chairperson , is seeking volunteers to help with the 1990 Convention in a variety of areas. If you would like to help, you can contact her at (708) 325-7427 or 221 Powell , Clarendon Hills, IL 60514.


CIRCLE: Council , Staff, Alumnae, Collegian POSITION: _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ CHAPTER : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___



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Summer address if different from above

Summer address if different from above Street Address

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Street Address



$175 .00

$175 .00

Full Name


CIRCLE : Collegian , Alumnae


Phone (




Phone (


ALL DELEGATES MUST COMPLETE THE BELOW TRAVEL INFORMATION I will be driving. The approximate mileage from my chapter to Richmond is miles, one way. I will be traveling by air. The cost of a round trip ticket from my home town to New Orleans is $ _ _ _ __ (Applies to National Council and Staff only.)


• •••• The registration fee includes the Queen 's Luncheon and a Banquet ticket-plus a special evening of entertainment and non-registered guests who will be attending these meal functions with you may pay at convention at the Registration Table. Do not send money for any extra meal functions at this time .


Please Return Registration Fee and Completed Form To: Mrs. Lindy Steeves 221 Powell Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

Please Return Registration Fee and Completed Form To: Mrs. Lindy Steeves 221 Powell Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

Please Mark Your Envelope: Convention Registration Make Your Check or Money Order Payable To: Alpha Sigma Tau

Please Mark Your Envelope: Convention Registration Make Your Check or Money Order Payable To: Alpha S igma Tau

Check Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Bank _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Any Questions? Write to Lindy Steeves, Convention Chairman at the above address or call (708) 325-7 427. 6

Check Number - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bank - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Any Questions? Write to Lindy Steeves, Convention Chairman at the above address or call (70 ) 325-7 427 . THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Staff Nominations The following National Council positions are due to be elected at the 1990 National Convention: National National National Director Director

Vice President Secretary Treasurer of Collegiate Chapters of Publications

The following National Staff positions are due to be appointed at the 1990 National Convention: Beta District President Delta District President Zeta District President Theta District President Mu District President National Awards Chairman National Chaplain National Colony Adviser National Convention Chairman National Editor National Housing Director National Nominations Chairman National Pledge Director National Scholarship Chairman National Social Service Chairman

Any alumna interested in one or more of these positions should complete the enclosed Resume form for Nomination of Staff Positions and return it to the National Nominations Chairman along with a letter specifying areas of interest. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Michelle Schmidt National Nominations Chairman 2203 South Marion Apt. F Kirksville, M0 63501 (816) 627-4743 Tum to page 31 for Resume form. THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990


Alpha Sigma Tau Celebrates 90 Year Anniversary by Patricia L. Nayle , National President

Let us take time at our 90th anniversary to recall our beginning and how we have proceeded to our present existence. To assist us in recalling our beginning, let us catch a ride on a shooting star, a symbol of our existence, to another time. All Aboard!! To help generate the energy to move this vehicle through time , let us concentrate and dream of what life would be like in 1899. As we come out of the dream , we see our shooting star has traveled to the community of Ypsilanti, Michigan , where it stops at the home of Ruby Pratt. As we peer through the window , we see a group of young women from Michigan State Normal College talking about the organizing of a local club .. . a sorority. The faces of the women are not too familiar to us , but as we listen to the conversation which breathes excitement, enthusiasm , and fellowship among them , we find the names sound familiar ... Helene Rice , Adriance Rice, Eva O 'Keefe , Hariett Marx, May Gephart, Mayene Tracy, Mable Chase, and Ruth Dutcher. Yes, these are the eight young women who established Alpha Sigma Tau . Our founders wrote a paragraph in their College Yearbook to share the aims and thoughts of its sorority at that time , as follows : " Its aim is, first of all , social and literary culture, but we count not least among the results obtained, the bonds of sympathy among its members, which we trust will prove something more than a pleasant memory, when we leave our Alma mater ... " From its beginning, our founding sisters were guided by Effie Polyhamus Lyman , who served as adviser to the Alpha Sigma Tau group . Her leadership was instrumental in organizing additional chapters so that Alpha Sigma Tau might become national. Another woman who had an influence on the future development of Alpha Sigma Tau was Ada A. Norton . Miss Norton was a math ematics instructor at Michigan State Normal College, and as a patroness for the sorority, she wrote much of our sorority ritual. She also directed our first national convention . As our shooting star takes off from Ypsilanti , Michigan and journeys through the span of 25 years we find that the group of women known as Alpha Sigma Tau passed its values and ideals to other young women . As a result of our founder 's efforts, Beta , Gamma, Delta , Epsilon , Zeta, Theta and Iota Chapters were established . With the devotion of the women in our chapters , nationalization became a reality for Alpha Sigma Tau in 1925. At the time , the requirements to become a part of the national organization of the Association of Education 8

Sororities were 1) at least five collegiate chapters; 2) the publication of a magazine; and 3) a national convention. The first national convention , held in Detroit in 1925 with 49 women present to conduct business was an exciting time for our sisters. While our shooting star travels through time , we recall the words of one of the Alpha Chapter delegates in attendance at the first convention . Her words show strongly how she and others envisioned that Alpha Sigma Tau would move forward ... " Perhaps it is a little early for predictions or prophesies. Perhaps the future of Alpha Sigma Tau as a national sorority is still in question in the minds of some. But to those who were present and who had the chance to witness this fraternity feeling , to take account of the quality membership which the sorority boasts and to reckon the amount of work accomplished by since efforts- in the minds of these people, there is no question as to the future of Alpha Sigma Tau. " What was the future of this organization? Let us journey forward to see what the sorority accomplished in the next 50 years. As Alpha Sigma Tau continued to add more collegiate chapters to its membership rolls , it also continued to adopt new ideas, change current programs and procedures, and achieve new and far reaching goals. In 1936 our first Central Office was established to house sorority materials and to serve as a main office. In 1936 Carrie Washburne Staehle was beginning her third year as National President; she continued to serve as such until 1949. During her years of leadership, the sorority was divided into districts with a president in charge of each district; much sorority literature was published ; and a national social service program had been implemented. As we continue to ride our star onward, we pass over the period of history that affected all Americans ... World War II. On our journey forward , we stop to view the celebration of our 50th anniversary, with the theme " hold high the torch ." This theme was befitting because of the many achievements in sorority development; it marked the turning point of our national life , as we had become a member of the National Panhellenic Conference . Another accomplishment was the acceptance of national philanthropic programs . One in particular was Pine Mountain Settlement School, a boarding school located in Harlan County, Kentucky. Through the year , as Alpha Sigma Tau made progress, so did Pine Mountain . Our initial support of Pine Mountain began in 1945 and has continued until today. Onward, our shooting star travels to th 1950 . t THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

visit Mary Alice Sellers Peterson, our 5th National President. Prior to serving as president, Mrs. Peterson was responsible for the writing of the Creed, and the meaning of the symbols on the Sorority shield. Miss Elizabeth Wilson followed in Mrs . Peterson's footsteps and served as National President from 1964-1972. In one of her convention addresses , Miss Wilson closed with the fol lowing words . .. " You , who are here today, will write the story of Alpha Sigma Tau for the coming decade . Let us hope that each of you will find the way to contribute your share, remembering the words of Dag Hammarskjold, 'you have not done enough , so long as it is still possible that you have something of value to contribute.' " As we all board our shooting star, we find our compass is approaching the 1970's when Lenore Seibel King (Psi) better known as " Sybil " took office as National President. So much was accomplished under her strong leadership from 1972- 1984 ... which included the publishing of the first HISTORY OF ALPHA SIGMA TAU ; the reorganization of the national structure as we know it today; the purchase of insurance coverage to meet our sorority's needs; and the formation of a National Foundation to accept tax deductible donations to secure our financial future . One of the most historical moments to date was the rotation of Alpha Sigma Tau on the National Panhellenic Conference Executive Committee in 1979. At that

time, Cynthia Peckhart McCrory (Alpha Alpha) went through the three chairs to become Chairman of NPC in 1983. This honor only comes to a national soro rity every 52 years. Now our shooting star has come back to the future , or is it the present? At the present time , I am pleased to report that accessibility to sorority members has been made simpler through the purchase of a computer and several terminals . The national organization continues to emphasize new concepts in fraternity programming and is working on a publicity campaign . Our fin ancial future is improving yearly as alumnae give support to the AST National Foundation , with scholarships established in the last few years to assist worthy collegiate and alumnae sisters in pursuit of their educational goals . This journey back in time was not meant to serve as a history lesson , but to serve as a reminder of what has been accomplished through the initial interest of eight women , our Founders. As Elizabeth Wilson , the 6th National President, shared in one of her closing addresses , you and I will be the sisters responsible for writing the history of Alpha Sigma Tau and creating what accomplishments we will fulfill ahead of us. If each of us were to contribute $5 .00 or 5 hours to our sorority every week , the work we could accomplish together would make our founding sisters proud of their creation of Alpha Sigma Tau .



_?,__\ $2,000 Fellowship To Be Awarded By New York City Panhellenic New York City Panhellenic will award one $2,000.00 Fellowship to a sorority woman doing fulltime graduate work at a college or uni versity in the New York City Metropolitan area during 1990-91. Those interested should request an application from Ms. Jane Riemenschneider, 671 Bronx River Rd. , Apt. SH , Yonkers New York 10704, and should return ' the completed form by June 1, 1990. In past years these fellowships have assisted

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

women working for advanced degrees at such schools as New York University Graduate School of Business and School of Medicine; Columbia University, School of Physicians & Surgeons and School of Journalism; Rutgers University, School of Law; John Jay College, Adelphi University and University of Medicine & Dentistry, Newark. We are pleased to be able to continue to grant these fellowships .


1989 NPC Biennial Meeting

1989 National Panhellenic Council Nati onal Presidents.

Five alumnae from Alpha Sigma Tau were present for the sessions and activities which surrounded the 1989 NPC Biennium meeting held November 1-5, 1989 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cynthia McCrory, NPC Delegate, led our national delegation of Carolyn Alexander, Janet Dodson , and Patricia Nayle in the various business sessions attended. At the same time , Sybil King , National Headquarters Administrator , was in attendance with other NPC representatives for the Central Office Executives sessions. Prior to the business sessions of the National Panhellenic Conference, members of the delegation met in their respective meetings .... Cynthia in the Advisory Committee, with Janet in the College Panhellenic meetings, with Carolyn in Alumnae Panhellenic meetings and Patricia in the National Presidents meeting . The positive interaction between the 26 member groups in these various meetings is a proud example of the fraternal bonds we experience as members of women 's fraternities and sororities . The business sessions were filled with many transactions including the review and passage of over 40 resolutions affecting rush rules , quota systems, the NPC central office operations, programming , all of which will 10

impact college and alumnae panhellenics. One of the biggest events was the passage of a resolution to approve the printing of the 12th edition of the NPC Man ual of Information with numerous revisions made in the structure of the publication . Cynthia McCrory, our NPC delegate , was instrumental in the revisions of this publication since she served for the past two years as Chairman of the Publications Committee responsible for this huge undertaking . Another special event occurred which made all Alpha Sigma Tau sisters proud . A luncheon was held to recognize Minnie Mae Prescott's contributions and many years of Panhellenic service to her sorority Kappa Delta. During the program , Kappa Delta bestowed the honor of the Order of the Diamond on the past Chairmen of the National Panhellenic Conference. Cynthia McCrory, AST's past Chairman, received this prestigous honor for outstanding and dedicated service to the Panhellenic world . Congratulations Cynthia , we are very proud of you. Another meeting of the National Panhellenic Conference ended with changes to benefit and strengthen our member groups and a continued commitment to the alues and goals of the 26 women 's fraternitie . THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

NPC Aduiso ry Co mmittee co mpo sed of past Chairman of the Na tional Panhellenic Conference seruing on their indiuidual frat ern ity delegatio ns. Standing: Sidney G. Allen , Alpha Sigma Alpha , 198587. Seated from L to R: Minnie Mae Presco tt , Kappa Delta , 1979- 8 1; Mary Burt Nash , Alpha Xi Delta , 1961 - 63; Myra Foxwo rthy, Alpha Gamma Delta , 1971-73; Mary K. Barbee , Sigma Sigma Sigma , 1981-83. Behind Minnie Ma e and Mary Burt is Cynthia McCrory Alpha Sigma Tau , 1983- 85. '

Past Chairme n of the Nat ional Panhellenic Conference . S eated (L to R): Mary Burt Nash , Alpha Xi Delta and Minryie Ma e Prescott, Kappa Delta . Standing (L to R): Myra Foxwo rthy, Alpha Gamma Delta , Cynthia McCrory , Alpha Sigma Tau , Mary K. Barbee, S igma Sigma Sigma , and Sidney Alle n, Alpha Sigma Alpha . Arizo na State Un iuersity Panhellenic welcom es AST to the Phoenix Alumnae Panhellenic luncheo n held at the S co ttsdale Princess Resort. Fro m L to R: Karen Kelle r A nderso n, Phoenix Alpha Alpha Alumna , Cynthia McCro ry, AA, Patricia Na yle , Phi, Natio nal Pres ident and Carolyn Alexander, Pi, First NPC Alternate Delegate.

National Interfraternity Foundation Elects McCrory As Treasurer During the National Interfraternity Foundation 's Annual Meeting held at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency this past December, Tozier Brown , Sigma Chi , the NIF Nominations Committee Chairman , nominated Cynthia McCrory for the Treasurer's position . The slate of officers that were elected with Cynthia are: Dr. Robert Ausman, Alpha Epsilon Pi , President; Mr. Sidney Guller, Sigma Alpha Mu , Vice P resident; Phyllis Pryor, Kappa Kappa Gamma , Secretary ; and Mr . William L. Bringham , Sigma Chi , Chairman of the Board . Cynthia is the Finance/ Investment Committee Chairman and Chairman of the Administrative Office Committee. The National Interfraternity Foundation is a nonprofit corporation which is dedicated to enhance the educational and charitable missions of general and professional womens ' and mens' fraternities . Sources of income include donations from members and friends , THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

grants from corporations and individuals, endowments and miscellaneous activities. NIF sponsors and manages several competitions including the Balfour Fellowships which recognize outstanding seniors who are matriculating at graduate or professional school , the Anson Fellowship prize for a former fraternity full time employee who is attending graduate school and the McLaughlin prize given to a Canadian resident who works to enhance the fraternity system in Canada . The NIF also sponsors and prepares the " Interfraternity Bulletin ," approves and implements the Balfour Distinguished Lecture Series and maintains its administrative office at 3901 West 86th Street, Suite 390, in Indianapolis, IN , 46268. Cynthia says NIF will consider any opportunity to assist or enhance interfraternal activities which fits in the general mission of educational programming . 11

Alumnae DENVER-GREELEY Attend Centennial Alumnae had an exciting Homecoming this yea r, a really great celebration for Co lora do S ta te Universi ty's 100 years. After many events for the uni ve rsity, Alpha Sigma Taus gathered for a special luncheon on Saturday, October 6 . It was great to see and feel the pride and joy at this reunion with the Greeley wo men. Shirley Bateman, Greeley and Vicki Garrett, Denver, made the rese rvations and arrangements for twenty alumnae to share this luncheon . J o Elgin , cha rte r me mber o f Nu Cha pter, a ttended to gethe r wi th Shirl ey Ba les , Nancy Bond, Pat Brown , LaVonne Carlton , Phyllis Evans, Dolores Jamison, Lolita J amison, Dora Mascon, Rei ta May, Edna McCo rmack , Erdeena Pa rson s, Marietta Rudolph , Anne Todd, Margaret Troisi , Shirley Uhrich and Evelyn Gustafson. Denver alumnae also held the annual Christmas party in December. - Edna McCormack

St oc kings are hung on the chimney with care at Denuer Alumnae Chapter Christmas party.

and recent al umnae who lived in the metropoli tan Detroit area . Money was provided to Alpha Cha pter to assist in paying off an insurance debt and to Beta to assist in refu rnishing their ho use . Alumnae-Co llegiate Liaison Chairman Emily Mcin ti re made special efforts to inform cha pters in Michigan of the Panhellenic scholarships and to encourage members to a pply fo r those and for AST scholarships. Letters were sent early to cha pters to invite them to participate in the Detroi t Metropolitan Founders Day. Greetings were sent at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. Elsie Leberg Walsh , Pan hellenic delegate, has ke pt the chapter informed of Panhellenic ac tivi ties a nd encou raged participation in the volunteer and fund raising efforts of the group . Elsie pays Panhellenic dues as her extra contribution to the Detroit Alumnae Cha pter. In the social area , Detroit invited Ypsi-

!anti-Ann Arbor alumnae to a social meeting for the purpose of beco ming better acquainted . The Christmas gathering at the home of Nadia Maddens welcomed two nursing babies in addition to a number of members who had been unable to attend earlier meetings. The excitement of the evening came during the exchange of handmade gifts between secret pals who then revealed their identities. The pal program was so successful that members will draw names again for a new secret pal exchange for the next year. Memorable personal events included new sons for Donna Schroeder, Patricia Maddens , Debbie Yuhas and futu re sorority members to Karen Cooper and Judy Fox Tinknell. Sharon Stephens contributed to a book on violence in the schools. - Rose Marie Schmidt

Re u nio n of Nu C hap te r membe rs was arranged by Denuer alumna Vickie Garrett (seate d ) an d G ree ley al u mna Sh irley Bateman.

DETROIT Concentrates on Collegiates Special efforts have been made to support a nd communicate with collegiate cha pters in Alpha District. Alumnae-Collegiate Liaison Chairman Kathy Baecker sent 150 invita ti ons to coll egia te and alumnae cha pters in Alpha District to invite them to the June Ice Crea m Social. Detroit a lumnae met many colleg iates



Indianapo lis alumna Becky Appleman and baby Euan watch Rita Ro se. gue t peaker. at In d ianapo/is " 60 ' Beach Part _"

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Alumnae INDIANAPOLIS Explores Campus Problems Because of so much attention with hazing and alcohol problems on campus today, Indianapolis centered two meetings around these issues . In October, the group met at the home of Cheryl Moore and viewed a video on fraternity hazing followed by a group discussion .The topic was explored again at the November meeting with a speaker. Guest speaker at the June meeting at the home of Becky Appleman was Rita Rose, president of the Annette Fucinello Fan Club. Rita started the fan club while she was in high school. For over 20 years she has continued to publish a newsletter to fan club members and periodically the club holds conventions around the country. Since many Indianapolis alumnae grew up with the Mickey Mouse Club, they became immersed in her pictures, scrapbooks and memorabilia. The " 60's Beach party" had hot dogs, hamburgers and-rain! The holidays were celebrated at the home of Becky Appleman with a favorite Christmas recipe pitch-in and gift exchange. Current ite ms were sold to support the social service project. A Saturday morning brunch provided a good start for the summer board meeting in August at the home of Barbara Heeb. After election of officers, the calendar of events for the remainder of 1989 was completed. The September meeting at the home of Pan Legg provided for the installation of the new offi cers and initiation of Pamela Ruch . -Gloria J. Hasler

LEHIGH VALLEY Helps Us Expand The Lehigh Valley Alumnae Club has helped establish the new collegiate chapter at Kutztown University. Two collegiate members then attended the October alumnae meeting to tell alum nae more about themselves and to meet more alumnae . The October meeting also featured a Chinese auction . Everyone made or purchased an item to be auctioned off. Members went home with something nice and the proceeds went to Pine Mountain . The Christmas party included a collection of canned goods for a local charity. - Julie Welter Frazier

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Northern Virginia alumnae help Mary Louis Doyle celebrate her BOth birthday. (L to R) Charlotte Evans Floyd , Meda Ra y Elliott S ewell, Mary Gore Early, Mary Louise Man drea Doyle .

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Thinks 80 and 90 The array of appetizers , casseroles, vegetables , salads and desserts which graced the serving table at the September meeting made even the most finicky ea ters happy! Twenty -four wom en showed up at Mary Early's home for this first meeting of the year. Martha Jones co-hosted the potluck supper. The business part of the gathering concerned the chapter's responsibil ities for the 1990 Convention to be held in Richmond, Virginia . President Lucia Baco n was made chairlady of the Queen 's Luncheon. Charlotte Floyd's lovely home, with its view of Washington , D.C. just across the Potomac, was the setting for the October meeting . A speaker from the local Citizens Against Crime group discussed Personal Assault Crime: Avoidance and Survival. Th e presentation was very good as well as informative. On November 12th, Mary Louise Doyle became the chapter's second octogenarian. A su rprise party for her included among the guests the following Alpha Sigma Tau sis te rs : Charlotte Floyd , Meda Ray Sewell, Mary Early and Mary Charles Ashby. Dorothy Gates , the other octogenarian , was unable to attend . Giving Santa Claus a hand kept all members busy much of the December meeting hosted by Leah Lowe and Vicki Hoffman. Everyone brought items suitable for teenage girls and stockings were filled . The recipients-to-be are girls temporarily under the supervision of the Residentia l Youth Services of Fairfax

City. Counselling and rehabilitation is given the girls and then they are returned home, to a foster home, or in some cases adopted. Needless to say, the Christmas goodies and decorations added to the spirit of the Yuletide season! Instead of the usual exchange of Christmas ornaments with each other this year, Leah Lowe, Panhellenic delegate, suggested that the money usually spent should be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. This suggestion was carried out. The NVA's are adding a bit of variety to their usual routine. Firstly, Lucia Bacon and Carole Mooney are cooperating to put out a monthly information letter which is mailed to all members. It contains directions to the next meeting place, special business to be considered, reminders , and special bits of news . Secondly , a Secret Pal game is active . Names were drawn in June and members are trying to do little things for our secret pals. Come spring, we will reveal our identities! Thirdly, members are collecting coupons from Betty Crocker produ cts , Campbell soup labels and Pepperidge Farm UPC codes to aid the Living Waters Christian School in Kentucky. - Mary Louise Doyle

ST LOUIS Puzzles With Pizza St. Louis Alumnae Chapter invited the collegiates 'of Beta Psi to a pizza party in October on a Sunday afternoon. They played a get-acquainted game by matching pizza pieces. Matched sisters talked



Beta Psi collegiates make their own sundaes at the pizza party given for them by St . L ouis Alumnae Chapter at the home of Maxine Graflage.

together with the purpose of telling the group about each other. The afternoon concluded with Mary Lou Scott, vicepresident, conducting other games selected to meet the collegiates. Social service activity involved helping Our Lady's Inn, a home for unwed mothers, Pine Mountain , and the son of a member. Monthly meeting of the St. Louis Panhellenic were attended by Carolyn Alexander and Margaret Bongen. Dues paid to Panhellenic supplied ten collegiate and one alumna in colleges with scholarships in 1989. - Arline Clark

Tidewater picnics after a competitive game of volleyball. Joy Wotherspoon , Joy Stroud Robertson, Sherry Carmony Ayers, Jean Knaus, Betsy Russ, Debbie Garrish .

TIDEWATER Has Varied Fund Raising Activities The June social was held at the home of Beth Knaus . Alumnae enjoyed a beautiful afternoon by playing volleyball and having a potluck picnic dinner. Each member revealed the name of her secret sister and exchanged gifts . Two candlelightings were held during the October meeting to announce the engagement of Debbie Garrish and the expected baby for Sherry Ayers. The chapter 's fund raising activities included hosting a Country Craft party on October 19 at Bonnie Manley's home.

Members and guests were shown many unique items and then allowed to browse and purchase . Entertainment coupon books were also sold to receive a percentage of the profit. At our Christmas party held on the tenth of December at Betsy Russ's home, we held a silent auction . Lots of Christmas goodies were auctioned off, including a beautiful wreath , a Mexican basket and homemade jams. The money we raised was donated to local charities , collegiate scholarship funds and Pine Mountain Settlement School. - Joy S . Robertson

YPSILANTI-ANN ARBOR Donates Books After summer vacation the sisters gathered for an annual potluck dinner at Carlotta Salemi 's home. What a night it turned out to be! Like children after summer camp, they swapped horror stories. October took them to the home of Sue Slick where a fundraising scarf and jewelry party was held . Along with the beautiful and unique fashions to choose from , alumnae received a demonstration of the many different looks to create with the help of a scarf. In November, members wrapped up the month and children 's books to donate to th e Gift of Reading progra m sponsored by the Detroit Free Press. That brought the chapter to the close of 1989. A holiday party and gift exchange marked the occasion , hosted by the gracious Linda Shapona . This get together was the perfect way to break free from the hectic holiday rush . - Jacqueline Subleski


Ypsilanti -Ann Arbor alumna Sue Slick takes a break from wrapping to read a book to Marjo rie Deschne r and orlotto Salemi.

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

90th Founders Day Celebrations DENVER alumnae held Founders Day at Marianne Lomberty's home in November. DETROIT AND YPSILANTI -ANN ARBOR began preparations last year when Beta Chapter wished to join the festivi ties and insufficient space was available_ Detroit and Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor chapters alternate responsibilities for Founders Day. This year Detroit chairmen Kathy Pulice Baecker , Nadia Sawka Maddens and Emily Ashby Mcintire scouted restaurants accessible to north and south expressways to join Ypsilanti and Mt Pleasant and places in between_ Accommodations were found at the Gazebo in Warren , Michigan in May and plans began to form for a larger attendance on November 4! Collegiates from both Alpha and Beta chapters , including entire pledge classes, joined alumnae members from numerous chapters to a total of 162 present! Speaker for the event was Martha Drouyor DeCa mp , former Alpha and Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor alumna and current national social service chairman . As she spoke of " Circles of Sisterhood -90 Years ," she asked those present to recall their past as she recalled her memories of wider to narrower circles which included college, sorority, convention , National Staff, Regional Leadership Workshops , alumnae chapter, collegiate chapter and big sister. All members of more than 30 yea rs were individually honored with yellow roses. Elsie Leberg Walsh , 61 year member , was the eldest alumna present. Alumnae Top Tau Award was presented to Detroit member Kath y Baecker. Rose Mari e Schmidt received an a lumn ae president's gavel dangle for her sorority pin to honor her 10 years as Detroit Alumnae president Candlelighting was conducted by Nadia Maddens and Emily Mcintire and introduced with a poem selected by Emily Mcintire . Brief statements from representatives of each chapter present completed the program . The birthday gift to the National Foundation Headquarters Fund was raised by a special raffle of a hand knit shrug donated by Mary Charles Ashby, national director of collegiate chapters. Table decorations carried out the birthday theme with green balloons, gold hats and strings of pearls. The favors will be a lasting treasure. Two work sessions were held in October to assemble boxes to hold the sorority pin. Round wooden pill boxes were stained and inlaid with green felt Talented alumnae under the direction of Emily Mcintire spent many hours cross stitching AST and a yellow rose on cir-

Alpha Chapter pledges surround Elsie Le berg Walsh (seated right} , oldest alumna present at Detroit Metropolitan Founders Day. (L to R, seated) Janet Beveridge Roberts, Ingrid N elson Nagy , Elsie Leberg Walsh .

cles which were glued to the covers. Green ribbon edges finished the box. Although the work sessions lasted until 4:30 A.M. for some members . The response of the sisters present was well worth the time and effort expended. Kathy Baecker, Nadia Maddens and Emily Mcintire are to be complimented for outstanding planning and execution. NORTHERN VIRGINIA celebrated with a bounteous, beautiful buffet luncheon at the Alexandria Holiday Inn . A very concerted drive had been made to get alumnae living within reasonable distance to join the chapter for this affair. As a result there were fifty-four present and they represented twenty different chapters! There were two mother-daughter combinations : Betty Sue Glaeser, Upsilon and Susan Glaeser Baker, Psi ; and Irene Wright Burke, Psi and daughter Leah Burke Lowe , Beta Zeta. Actually, there were fifty-fi ve present but one was not YET an Alpha Sigma Tau. Erica , a babe in arms, was there to give the group a once-over and members passed the muster! She grinned and smiled as she made the rounds! Which chapter will get her? Be on the look-out around 2007' Incidentally, Erica is the daughter of Karen Sloan, the Epsilon District president Several women deserve yellow roses for the huge success of the luncheon . They are Lucia Bacon who did most of the planning and follow through , assisted by Carole Mooney, Diane Helbing , Donna Deibel , Carole Keily , Debbie Weinstein , Mary Gallaher and Leah Lowe . Meda Ray Sewell and Charlotte Floyd were in charge of the program. As a result of a raffle of a hand-crafted wreath , $46 was raised for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund' ST. LOUIS had its observation on November 1 at Schneithorst's Restaurant at an evening meal. Fifty-five sisters from

St . Louis and Edwardsville alumnae chapters and Beta Psi and Beta Eta collegiates were present including a Beta Eta rushee. Attendees received a bingo card at the door together with names and AST items to fill in the 25 squares. After a delicious dinner, games were fin ished and Bingo words called out Prizes were given to the Bingo winners . The program began with presenta tions followed by a songfest led by Arline Clark, national music chairman . Helen Rounds , St Louis alumna , accompanied the group on the piano. Enthusiasm led into an a cappella " Hey Look Me Over. " Festivities concluded with the candlelighting service which created warm sisterly feelings . TIDEWATER went to Tandom 's Pine Tree Inn in Virginia Beach for a banquet on November 16 . Membe rs brought along goodies which were included in the Old Dominion University study bags which were distributed to sororities during exam week. Gerianne Hall was initiated into the group also . Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner and an evening of renewed sisterhood. INDIANAPOLIS had a special candlelight ceremony presented by Becky Appleman. Speaker for the observance at the home of Ingrid Mason in Anderson was Kay Powell , assistant director of student activities at Ball State University in Muncie. Ms. Powell updated the group on Greek activities and problems on the campus today . Alumnae discovered things have really changed since they were in school and it is vital for alumnae to keep in touch with collegiate chapters to be aware of the problems facing sororities today .路 The potluck salad bar concluded the Founders Day meeting. LEHIGH VALLEY celebrated Founders Day by joining together for dinner at the Hanoverville Roadhouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Collegians Alpha

Eastern Michigan University Alpha had a spectacular rush , bringing us 29 pledges. The largest pledge class ever was the result of party themes such as " the Chipmunks" and " Black Tie Affari ," and a video featuring the house, library and serenade from the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Ten of our sisters celebrated Founders Day with the Zeta chapter. They had travelled to Lock Haven to attend a regional leadership workshop. Our Homecoming celebration drew a large turnout of alumnae and parents. We shared covered dishes , skits and speeches. We presented T-shi rts saying " Alpha Sigma Tau Mom and Dad" to parents. Sisters volunteered to work in a local soup kitchen . We also participated in Panhellenic's Rock-a-thon for the United Way. Alpha sponsored a relay to raise money for the Children 's Towner Museum of Ypsilanti. During the Greek Move In , we joined fellow Greeks in helping freshmen . A squad from Alpha competed in intramural volleyball. We also celebrated Christmas with Sigma Phi Epsilon. This semester marked the first that we sent out a newsletter to our fellow chapters. In addition to chapter news and a poem from our adviser , we advertised for Pen Pals. - Rhonda Levett


Central Michigan University The Beta chapter once again finds ourselves enjoying an eventful fall semester. Fall rush brought 24 wonderful individuals to make us the largest sorority on Central 's campus. As Homecoming approached , we found something to cheer about other than the football game. We were fortunate to have sister Christine Holton serve on Central 's Homecoming Court. On Nov. 4 we had the opportunity to find the true meaning of Founders Day. The Beta chapter travelled to meet with the Alpha chapter and the Detroit area alumnae. We met many fantastic women and learned numerous facts about the history of Alpha Sigma Tau . Beta chapter has increased our involvement in the community. On Halloween we stood at designated areas to ensure the safety of the neighborhood


children. We have also spent time at a local nursing home to offer our love and support. The experience proved to be so rewarding that once was not enough . We also went carolling there, and plan to spend as much time there as possible in the future . The Beta chapter is looking forward to spring semester. We have started many new programs, and we are anxious to see that they take shape and are a success. - Amy Karr


Southeastern Oklahoma State University Rho chapter kicked off the semester with fantasti c rush parties. Rushees travelled around the world with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau . An All -Greek Kick-Off sponsored by the Greek Council began the week of rush activities. Then rushees attended a Welcome to the Jungle Party, a Wild Wild West Dinner and bid house in Paris. By the end of the week , Rho had welcomed 22 new pledges. Choosing big and little sisters was a special time for everyone in sorority. It was a joy to see the delight and happiness on the faces of pledges as they received gifts from their big sisters. Founders Day was celebrated with a luncheon attended by our alumnae . Members and pledges enjoyed visiting with alumnae as they enthusiastically shared stories of pledging and college days . Rho also sponsored a dance for all the Greeks to help us celebrate our birthday. We were proud to accept second place in the Spirit Awards and participated in Greek Council. For social service, we donated toys to children during Christmas. Christmas Dance was held at Tan glewood Resort on Lake Texoma. Everyone enjoyed delicious food and warm fellowship as we celebrated the end of another successful semester. - Pam Smith

Zeta Tau

Longwood College, VA Before fall rush began in September, Zeta Tau was busy painting and redecorating our hall , kitchen and chapter room . The fun spilled over into our " Night on Broadway" theme for skit parties, which included our version of the Tau Theatre. By the end of rush , we

welcomed Lynn Graves and Kathy McMahon into our chapter and hearts. Throughout the semester we held many rush parties such as a Pumpkin Cutting Contest and B.Y.O .B. (Bring Your Own Banana) . Kim Bryant, Margaret Bishop, Lorelei Rader, Tami Kingery and Christy Boger joined Zeta Tau . Adopt-A-Highway has been one of our most rewarding projects. Our chapter " adopted " two miles of highway near Farmville, which we clean four times a year. Needless to say, it is nice to see a cleaner highway. Another ongoing social service project is the Orphan 's Christmas Party. In addition , Zeta Tau has participated in Sweep the Town , and collecting food for needy families in Farmville. The major fundraiser was selling gift wrap paper. With this money , we hope to buy a new television for our chapter room and fini sh redecorating . Celebrations have been numerous . First, the Zeta Taus celebrated 90 years during Founders Day Weekend . District President Carol Cooper , also an alum of Zeta Tau chapter , visited . It was great to spend the weekend together and remember what AST is really about with our alumnae . Our fall 1989 pledge class presented us with a very touching song . Our Fall Ball 's theme was " Masquerade. " All sisters dressed up in their finest, and a good time was had by all. Zeta Tau wishes everyone well and hopes we all remember what AST is all about. - Lori Lambert


University of Central Arkansas The Upsilon chapter observed Founders Day in a different way this year. In addition to dressing up and wearing membership pins, they carried a wooden anchor , prompting much attention . U.C.A.'s Homecoming Court boasted three Upsilon members: Marla Zaleski , Lisa Rosa and Queen Kathy Ellis. The chapter also did well in the float competition with its theme " Decades of Glitter, Glamour and Glitz ." Our yacht floated into second place, and even impressed alumnae who returned for a party. Halloween provided us with a chance for a strong social service project , as well as to meet some alumni from U.C .A. W travelled to Little Rock to et up a party to benefit the Arkan a ature on rvatory . During Thank gi ing. ~ c 1-

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Collegians lected canned food for the needy. Upsilon cheered on the university's basketball team for its first game held on campus. The team awarded our sisters with the Spirit Stick. Six of our 31 pledges were sponsored for the Pledge Queen Competition, and three were chosen to serve on the court: Kathy Ellis, queen ; Marlo Cothran , first runner -up; and Shea Bryant , 3rd runner-up . Our enthusiasm spilled over into other contests. For example, we won $100 just through signatures. A local store held a promotion promising the monetary reward to the organization in Conway that could sign a list in the store the most times. We did. We are trying to pull together a garage sale to raise money to send our intramural football team to New Orleans. After remaining undefeated , the team has a good chance in the championships. Sisters also competed in tennis , volleyball , bowling, archery and cross country. -Sara Barre


Southeastern Louisiana University Phi chapter got the fall '89 semester off to a great start when we picked up 14 pledges. Welcome Shannon Brown, Dawn Dottolo , Charmagne Drago , Susan Easterbrook , Debbie Gordon , Maria Guerra , Stacey Ann Hardy , Glynis Laborde , Brooke Matherne , Jennifer Meyer, Beth Murphy, Elizabeth Rocket, Tammie Thomas and Edie Wartelle . In October, Phi held sisterhood weekend. Sisters got to know one another better and the pledges got a first hand look at what sisterhood is all about. We also had a visit from Iota District President Lynn Kirkham . November brought our date party and a mixer with brothers of Kappa Sigma. We celebrated Christmas with the brothers of Delta Tau Delta . December brought the inductions of sister DeeDee Dunaway as president of Pan hellenic and Misty Thomas , our graduating senior, as alumna . We ended the semester in the usual way, with Emerald Ball on Dec. 8. We hope that the New Year wi ll bring just as wonderful a year as 1989. - Rebecca Morrison


James Madison University Psi chapter ended its fall semester with a lot of great times to look back on.

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Rush was a terrific success with our Mardi Gras theme, complete with cajun curly fries , Mardi Gras beads, New Orleans Jazz , and an abundance of decorations direct from New Orleans. We capped off our festivities with a record pledge class of 40 great girls . One of our first outings was the biannual Foxfield races in Charlottesville. We spent the beautiful sunny day tailgating and socializing with the students from U. Va . When Parents Weekend came around, we held a casual buffet dinner. The pledges sponsored a dinner for their big sisters at the house . They made us a delicious Italian meal complete with chocolate cake. Big sisters got a chance to repay their little sisters when they treated them for a night out at a local pizzeria . Homeco ming brought back a lot of alum and the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi held pre and post game get-togethers. Psi is doing quite well in the year-long intramural championship competition. We are going for the gold this year as we prove our athletic talents with swim ming, softball , volleyball , soccer, track and bowling. Social service has come in many forms . We've collected aluminum cans and helped sell raffle tickets to support a cancer victim here at J.M.U. We donated money to many charities, including a young man at J .M.U. whose home was destroyed by the Hurricane Hugo . During the holiday season, sisters volunteered to wrap presents for the Salvation Army and helped make food baskets for the less fortunate . Psi chapter is strong and looking forward to great times ahead . - Kirsten Coleman


Lock Haven University The fall semester for the Zeta chapter was a very rewarding one. September was a busy month for us in our preparations for Rush . Our th eme was " Anchor's Away With AST. " We had the rushees step aboard The Tau Boat. It was enjoyed by everyone and our week of informal rush was a great success. As a result we welcomed nine terrific girls as pledges. October was a fun -filled month . We held our annual 24 hr. Rock-A-Thon for the Lock Haven Day Care our local philanthrophy . We also had our Homecoming activities with the theme for our parade " Puttin ' on the Ritz ." We decided to show off our best with a float of

Cinderella's Ball. Many alumnae came back for the festivities . It was great to see many of these familiar faces and everyone enjoyed reminiscing about the " old days ." Zeta chapter was able to welcome nearly 250 girls to the Fall 1989 Regional Leadership Workshop . We were very proud to host this R.L.W. and we were pl eased to have in attendance many members of our National Staff. Our theme was " Through the Years with Alpha Sigma Tau ." We celebrated Founders Day in grand style with a banquet on Saturday evening with Mary Charles Ashby leading us in the Founders Day ceremony. There was a great sense of accomplishment when the weekend was completed and we hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as we did . Next semester we have on our agenda our 2nd annual Parents Day and our University's Greek Week activities. We are hoping to make the Spring semester just as rewarding as the Fall.

Alpha Ga mma

Henderson State University, AR Alpha Gamma began the new school year with high spirits and an anticipation for yet another rush . Our new rush director , Tammy Holli s, worked diligently through the summer to create a new theme party for the fall. Once again , we s parkl ed during rush with the " OrienTAUI DynASTy." In early September , pledges and sisters celebrated sisterhood at the Big Sis/ Little Sis cookout at DeGray Lake . Alpha Tau and Henderson were the winning combination for Homecoming '89 . Before the football victory, Ronda Pounds was crowned queen- the first Greek queen in five years! We showed our pride by sponsoring the run-through sign and cheering on the Reddies from the sidelines. Several alumni enjoyed a reception before the game and participated in a rededication ceremony. As the semester progressed , we helped with the Coats for Kids drive and hosted a tea for a local shelter for abused women and children . The holiday season brought a Secret Sis Christmas party and Winterfest, our annual Christmas formal in Hot Springs. -Shirley Rook

Alpha Lambda

Radford University, VA Alpha Lambda swung into Fall Rush


Collegians with " Anchor's Away." . We reeled in five wonderful pledges: Tamatha Burks, Ann Holmes , Dana Moore, Cathy Pugh and Julie Sarofim. Tom Terrific 's was decorated with gold balloons and flowers Nov . 4. Sisters were especially excited to hold its Founders Day banquet on the actual anniversary date. Fundraising included an unusual flower sale this year. It was called " Mums for Mom ," because it was held on parents weekend and the flowers were corsages for the mothers. Alpha Lambda is active in the Greek community at Radford . We participated in the all -Greek Litter-a-thon . Sisters represent us on Bacchus, Vista (Greek newspaper) , Greek Week committees, Panhellenic , and the Beehive (yearbook) . We held a faculty appreciation banquet for the professors and attended a lecture during " Alcohol Awareness Week ." We also competed against other sororities in flag football and water polo and mixed with both fraternities and sororities. Rewarding social service has kept Alpha Lambda quite busy. We participated in a canned food drive, a clothing drive, meals-on-wheels , the crop walk , haunted houses, an aluminum can drive, and a Beg-a-thon . The most noteworthy social service was the annual Swing-a-thon. Alpha Lambda set up a special fund in the name of Leslie K. Six. We donate $25 to another Alpha Sigma Tau chapter so that they can promote alcohol awareness . The fall semester was great for Alpha Lambda and we would like to thank the gra duating seniors , Kelly Robinson , Holly Flood and Vicki Brooks for their sisterhood. - Tara Hess

Alpha Xi

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania The sisters of Alpha Xi have participated in many different campus functions, as well as experienced internal growth . Informal rush went well , with a number of great mixers with different fraternities . One success was a dry theme party with Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity . As a result , ten really great girls joined our positive pledge program. In September , 17 of our sisters worked at Dorney Amusement Park , PA, to make money for our treasury . Those unable to attend ran a raffle. Some of the other sales were balloon -o-grams ,


brown bag lunches and candy canes. We were well represented at Mansfield 's Homecoming. Our float featured various historical periods and Chapter President Cheri Lewis was on the Homecoming Court. In November, our chapter travelled to Lock Haven University for a regional leadership workshop. This was not only a time of fun with other chapters, it was also a learning experience for us. Our chapter also enjoyed meeting with our national officers and district president. It was at R.L.W. where we celebrated our National Founders Day with a special candlelight ceremony. Our chapter had a semi-formal pledge dance in Corning at Lodge on the Green . The semi-formal was dedicated to the new sisters. We hope that everyone had as good and productive semester as the Alpha Xi chapter had . - Michele Fuller

Alpha Pi

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Alpha Pi is proud to welcome our new faculty adviser, Tese Stellick, who is coordinator of campus programs. Our theme for Formal Rush was " AST's Most Wanted ." It proved to be successful , as 11 women decided to pledge. Slippery Rock celebrated its 100-year anniversary during Homecoming. Working with the theme of " Through the Years ," our float was titled " Rock of Ages ." A small reception was held for alumnae at our house. A rollerskating party at a nearby rink, and an ' Animal House " toga / movie party were two memorable pledge/ sister functions . We also held a sorority growth and development on time management and study skills , which proved helpful. We are sponsoring a needy child with monthly donations . Alpha Pi also sent a Christmas tree to a needy family , and purchased four tickets to send handicapped children to Christmas shows . Many sisters enjoyed working as volunteers at Special Olympics. Alpha Pi is very glad that we could attend a regional leadership workshop at Lock Haven , and enjoyed meeting members from other chapters. We welcomed the Gamma Theta chapter at its installation at Penn State Behrend. We look forward to the installation of the Alpha Rho colony at Youngstown , OH . - Traci Price

Alpha Tau

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Several events tightened our bonds of sisterhood. Areas for improvement were among the topics discussed during our second over-night retreat at our adviser's home. Some sisters travelled to Penn State at Behrend for the initiation of the Gamma Theta colony . They brought gifts of AST keychains and yellow chocolate roses . Gamma Theta sisters returned our visit by joining us for our Founders Day celebration . Lambda District President Mary Ellen Willmitch and many alumnae helped make our 20-year anniversary special. Homecoming was a huge success. The football team won their game and we won second place in the float competition . Together with Sigma Pi , we flew a " space shuttle" that released balloons and smoke . Sister Sandy Schau was named first runner-up as was our candidate for king . Once again we helped the American Red Cross with a blood drive . We also collected unused clothing to donate to the Wayne Middle School , whose students come from under -privileged families . The Cambridge High School band enjoyed our chili dinner we gave them . Sisters donated money to the foundation for Multiple Sclerosis and some competed in the lip-syncing contest. Our formal was given in honor of our newest members. Plans are focusing in on a win during Greek Week . - Michelle Bracken

Alpha Phi

West Chester University,

PA Fall at Westchester was very active. We started with Informal Rush early in the semester. A theme of " AST Carnival " and " AST South of the Border" brought us eight new members. Following a successful rush , was Homecoming 1989. Our theme was " Horror Movies Through the Ages ." We participated in the Homecoming parade as a walking unit and had a float. We had a great turnout of sisters and pledges. A highlight of the semester was our Founders Day Celebration at Phillips Library on campus. Immediately following the ceremony, tea and cake were er ed. Our social service project included " Trick or Treating " with Pi Kappa Phi for the Delaware County Ju enile DetenTHE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Collegians tion Center; we handed out T-shirts and cheered on participants during " Brian 's Run." We also went Christmas carolling at Friends Hall Nursing Home . We accomplished several fund raising activities suc h as a 50/ 50 raffle and a school-wide magnet sale in which we raised a substantial amount of money for the sorority. Our semester ended successfully with our Christmas Formal at the Holiday Inn in Lionville. Attendance was great with sisters , a lumnae and our faculty and chapter advisers. -Denise Benedetto

Beta Delta

Duquesne University, PA Beta Delta took not just one, but two pledge classes. Our first pledge class consisted of five truly wonderful sisters: Alexis Amhrein , Paula Harper , Amy Russ, Jodie Smith and Rebecca Stepansky. Our second pledg-e class, not to be outdone, was equally great including: Eirinn Donahue, Laura Franks , Carol Hanson and Alexis Stowers. Informal rush brought us nine new sisters and we're all anxious to see what formal rush in January has in store for us . We were visited by Karen Sloan, Epsi lon district president, in November. She gave us a lot of encouragement and helpful advice for which we are thankful. We participated in Duquesne's Carni val with the brothers of Sigma Nu . Together, we set up a booth and sold hot chicken wings , pizza and soda, and held a dart throw. Proceeds went to Muscular Dystrophy, and we had a great time and many laughs. Four sisters danced for 52, yes 52, hours during the Dance Marathon weekend. Eirinn Donahue , Catherine Gandziarski , Gina Clair and Jodie Smith were completely exhausted when they fin ished, but it was satisfying to know that proceeds , almost $10,000 , went to the Muscular Dystrophy foundation . Our Date Party was held at Uncle Al 's restaurant, and our Christmas Formal at Brandy's. Both epitomized the true nature of Beta Delta : sisters sharing a lot of fun , tons of excitement, and most of all love. -Tina Frank

Beta Epsilon

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Beta Epsilon came back to an exciting semester fu ll of change. The university Greek adviser and Greek organization

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

presidents negotiated new rules , limiting pledging to a five-week period, with days beginning at 8 a .m. and ending at 10:30 p.m . We expect even more revisions in the near future . Despite learning the new guidelines , Beta Epsilon still managed to find 10 great new sisters. They should be commended for learning all our national information within the shorter pledge period. Beta Epsilon was busy at several mixers and had one big blow-out date party at the sorority house instead of our tradi tional two . In addition to our semi formal , a small date party was held before Christmas break. Several sisters were able to attend a regional leadership workshop this semester and they reported it was a great time for everyone . Beta Epsilon sisters were especially glad to meet Beta Nu sisters from Bloomsburg University, who invited our chapter to visit their school the following weekend . Nearly 30 sisters made the trip. All our alumnae will be pleased to hear that our chapter has decided to dedicate Nov . 12 " Dr. Urbanowicz Day." Our adviser has been dedicated to our sorority since we began on this campus and she still continues to give the guidance and strength we need to be a strong chapter. Each pledge class gave her a gift, such as yellow roses, a pearl necklace and an AST sweatshirt. Leslie Bowles wrote a poem for her and the spring 1989 pledge class sang her a song. Homecoming was a big event for us. Sisters Kelly Miksa and Tammy Miller, seniors and fraternity sweethearts made the top five homecoming finalists . Our float won first place, designed wi th the help of the Pi Kap fraternity . We also won first place with our walking unit, as well as third place with our car unit. A party was held at the house after the game to reunite with the many alumnae who returned . Sisters part ici pated in th e annual phon -a -thon , waitressed and checked coats at Shanigans, helped to clean up our campus during the graffiti hunt and donated money to the Red Cross for the California earthquake . We also donated money to a Greek fund which in the near future will decide on a gift to dedicate to the university. - Wendy Hain

Beta Zeta

University of Alabama at Birmingham Beta Zeta enjoyed rushing both formally and informally. Nine pledges decided to join our ranks. Founders Day was celebrated with a luncheon at the Vestavia Country Club. Later that evening , sisters attended a dance . Beta Zeta was active in social service. We distributed candy to the children at the Hanna Home. During Christmas, we adopted a needy famil y and sang carols at a local nursing home. We participated in the Alcohol-Drug Awareness Week and U.A.B . Follies. We also made spirit banners for the universi ty's club football. Som e soc ial service events are plann ed and we look forward to our Homecoming activities . - Melissa Anderson

Beta Eta

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville , IL The 1989 school year has started and once again we have kicked off a very successful year. Our fall rush was extremely successful. Ou r twenty outstanding pledges comprised the largest pledge class we have ever taken on . We observed Founders Day by meeting with the Beta Psi Collegiate Chapter and the St. Louis alumnae, along with our own alumnae chapter. Our social service projects have included a Bowl-A-Thon for the Epilepsy Association during the summer. In early fall we participated in the Jerry Lewis Telethon by working behind the scenes and helping out backstage. In th e coming months we will be Christmas caroling for a nursing home along with a Christmas party and informal dance follo wi ng the holidays. Th e wheels are already turning to make this spring's rush as big a success as fall. Planning for our Spring Formal has begun , and it promises to be one of the biggest highlights of a year full of hard work . With a whole year of AST spirit behind us , and many new activities , the 1990 school yea r will start, and be better and more spirit fill ed than the one before. - Michelle Turnbough

Share the Magic 19

Collegians Beta Theta

St. Mary's University, TX Beta Theta jumped straight into rush . We entertained rushees with a Hawaiian theme party, followed by our traditional Tau Cross. We obtained the best eight pledges out of the entire rush group . We soon started work on our fund raisers of car washes and garage sales. Our Nights out with Pledges were underway by the middle of October. Sisters enjoyed mixers with some of the campus fraternities . We took advantage of the opportunities to discuss cosponsoring future events. Beta Theta held our annual Ronald McDonald Halloween Party for the children and their parents. Sisters began competing in intramural sports. Although we didn 't do too well , we tried volleyball. In November we picked up and went to Garner State Park for our retreat. We had a great time working on crafts, writing letters to our secret sisters and discussing future , as well as past, goals. Our pledges got into the swing of things and held some fundraisers of their own. The ingenious eight had several "Secret Scents" raffles and sold tamales and ribs in the quad. After we returned from Thanksgiving break , we prepared for the " Champagne Ch ristmas " semi-formal at the Emily Morgan Hotel in downtown San Antonio . After our first Alumnae Christmas Party, the formal ended the semester beautifully. - Carol Annelise Vela

Beta Iota

Millersville University, PA The fall semester was set in motion with an All-Sorority Kickoff in which all sororities wore letters , sang songs, and introduced their sorority to the prospective rushees . Fall '89 Rush gave the Beta Iota Chapter seven enthusiastic sisters. The sisters participated in fundraisers this fall such as working the rides at Hershey Park for a day, a raffle, and our annual Phon-a-thon for the University. We sponsored a child from the Philippines , sending money for medicine, education , nutrition , and other needs. The Beta Iota chapter was recognized for achieving the highest academic average among the Greek organizations for the third semester. Homecoming activities included a picnic at our faculty advisor's home, a banner contest, and bed races . Congratulations to the five Beta Iota s chosen for the Charity Queen Court.


This fall we were visited by our district president at which time workshops were held for officer's training . RLW's at Lock Haven University gave us the chance to meet the other sisters of AST and to share what being a TAU is really all about. The semester came to a close with our winter semi-formal. This was a night of " Winter Magic " for all who attended. We also celebrated the spirit of Christmas together before going home for the holidays with our annual Alpha Sigma Tau Christmas party. - Michell Graybill

Beta Mu held our bi-annual retreat at the farm of one of our sisters. During the weekend , we got a chance to strengthen our bonds of friendship with sisters and got better acquainted with our pledges. We also held our annual Christmas potluck dinner to celebrate the season with our sisters before going home to family celebrations. We joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in sharing the spirit of the Christmas season with residents of the Holly Center by singing Christmas carols. - Laura Schellenberger

Beta Xi Beta Mu

Salisbury State University,

MA After taking a semester off, the Beta Mu chapter participated in Fall Formal Rush and welcomed 14 new pledges . With the addition of the Chi pledge class we are only two short of reaching total , making us the largest sorority at SSU . Our pledges represented Alpha Sigma Tau during Homecoming by making a banner for the contest. Congratulations to sister Kristi Hare, who was a member of the Homecoming Court. Several of our sisters showed their Tau spirit by participating in Go Bananas Night during Alcohol Awareness Week. Activities included Pin the Banana on the Wall and Dizzy Izzy. The girls not only had a good time, they also won first place. One of the most noteworthy things that has happened was the opening of a Greek shop in our campus book store. Now, for the first time , we and our fel low Greeks can buy sweatshirts, buttons and pins right on campus without having to order through the mail. This was a big step for our small campus in recognizing the importance of Greeks at SSU and it may even become a helpful Rush tool. We were again busy with social service projects this semester. We continued visiting our adopted grandfather , Loren Wells , at the Salisbury Nursing home and assisted the Salisbury Jaycees with their haunted house by acting as guides and security. Along with Pi Lambda Phi fraternity , we participated in the annual Barn Dance at Robin Hill Pumpkin Farm to raise money for the Cerebal Palsey organization . And, of course, no semester would be complete without fundraisers . During finals week we kept up a chapter tradition by selling survival kits to help our fellow collegiates through the hectic time .

Michigan Technological University The Beta Xi chapter held a regional leadership workshop for the first time . Breakfast got sisters off to a good start for a day full of workshops, such as rush , financial and membership development. Dinner was relaxing at the Onigaming Supper Club, followed by a rededication ceremony. We were ready when Homecoming rolled around , complete with its hobo theme. We kicked up our heels at the annual dance , despite our tattered trenchcoats and tacky ties . We rode in Delta Sigma Phi 's " hobo" car the next morning , or should we say we pushed it? As in the past, sisters volunteered to assist Dial Help and Panhellenic's blood drive. We also voted to move our chapter meetings to another night so that we could benefit from an anti -hazing and alcohol awareness seminars. Throughout the term , sisters participated in intramural sports , such as ice hockey and wallyball. We also rang bells for the Salvation Army. Beta Xi will celebrate our 10-year anniversary with a reunion Aug . 31 - Sept. 3 . Any alumnae who have not received information , please contact the soror,ity house at (906) 482-6204. - Janet Hartman

Beta Nu

Bloomsburg University, PA Fall '89 was an exciting semester for Beta Nu . We started out with a successful rush using the theme " Cruise Along with AST. " Congratulations to our thirteen new sisters. Our calendar was filled with a variety of events ranging from a fundrai er at Dorney Park to a reunion with the Beta Epsilon chapter. Other event included a wine and cheese party for our par nt . Homecoming week nd with an Inform I

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Collegians buffet for visiting alumnae, a bonfire for all sisters and guests , Regional Leadership Workshop at Lock Haven and a Christmas date party_ We 'd like to congratulate Anne Fuhrman, Michele Strobeck, and Stefanie Grosch for making the Top 10 Homecoming Court. We'd also like to congratulate our top TAU , Jill Ashenfelter. -Christine Erb

Beta Tau

Lowell University, MA Beta Tau began our fall with new sisters Josephine LaFrenier, Becky Leno and Joanie Ashworth after an active rush. During Family Night, we played Family Feud with our families. Our next rush was a p.j. party, where we told stories about our favorite stuffed animals. Alumnae helped us with rush with a Halloween party. In October all sorority members were invited to our house for a Sorority Letter Day. We had lots of fun and spent lots of money on the fraternity sportswear. We sold raffle tickets for a gift certificate at Jimmy's II Restaurant. Part of the proceeds went to purchase a turkey for a needy family. District President Heidi Marie Bliss visited for a weekend in October. We discussed our experience in AST and celebrated Founders Day after a nice dinner . Sister Terri Belanger was married Oct. 28. Several sisters were in her wedding party and many more attended . Sisters also celebrated Halloween . We dressed in costumes, and delivered decorated pumpkins to children at St. John 's Hospital. The following week, 19 sisters and alumnae packed into five cars and drove to Lock Haven University to attend a regional leadership workshop. The drive took eight hours and was worth every minute of it. Music chairperson Joanie Ashworth composed the words and music to a song she named " Share the Magic ," which won the Best Song Award.路 -Kimberly Credit

Beta Chi

Ferris State College, MI Beta Ch i's first haunted house will not be their last. Together with Pi Lambda Phi and Domino's Pizza , we were impressed to draw such a large crowd . Word of mouth helped draw the college students , and advertisements in pizza cartons drew community ghoul seekers. A substantial amount of our $500 por-

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

tion will be sent to the Pine Mountain Settlement. Sisters got serious for Homecoming 's " Just Clowning Around " theme. We were busy building a float with Delta Sigma Phi and competing in events such as the grease pole climb and Ferris 500. Sisters ran for first place in the threelegged race. Beta Chi chose a five-week period to concentrate on social service . During week one , they made donations to W.I.S.E. , a shelter for battered women and children. In week two, we sponsored a blood drive, and week three , we delivered cards to departmental heads on campus for Boss' Day. Week four featured our haunted house, and during the final week we delivered our decorated pumpkins to patients spending Halloween in Mecosta Hospital. Greeks teamed up with other campus organizations to sponsor a " Whistle Stop" program to make people aware of, then how to help prevent on-campus rape . Skits creatively exemplified that " no" means no . Plans are in the works for our fiveyear anniversary celebration . At this time, we are trying to record and recognize those who have shaped our great chapter. -Kelly Collins

Gamma Alpha

Rio Grane College, OH The Gamma Alpha chapter started the year off rocking with our annual 100-hour Rock-a-thon to benefit Pine Mountain Settlement School. The year proceeded to roll along with Bob Evans Farm Festival. This annual event draws people from all around the country for a weekend filled with entertainment. We enjoyed a special rededication ceremony as well as a fun -filled Founders Day, during which we went on a hayride. Our annual dance at the beginning of the year was a great success. A special closeness was felt among the sisters that night. Several fundraisers were held , such as the raffle of a gas grill. Proceeds went to the Leukemia Foundation in the memory of a local fraternity brother. - Mary Ann Crago

Gamma Beta

Lake Superior State College, MI The sisters of Gamma Beta at Lake Superior have been busy. We only have

seven active members, but that does not stop or keep us down . After rushing all fall , we have a pledge class of three for the winter term . We will continue to rush and hope to have 15 active members by the fall. Sisterhood bonds grew stronger after a closed weekend with our district president, Deborah Ullenius. Sorority growth and development were at a high point and we increased our sense of what Alpha Sigma Tau and sisterhood means to each one of us . Three sisters attended a regional leadership workshop at Beta Xi in Hough ton , MI. We would like to thank other chapters for sharing great ideas for rush and pledge activities . Gamma Beta is active in intramural sports. We play volleyball and broomball , and will enter co-ed competition in these sports . Upcoming events we look forward to are Winter Carnival , our annual Rock-athan and Yellow Rose Cotillion . - Michelle Swartz

Gamma Gamma

Livingston University, AL The Adopt-A-Mile program is one of great importance to the citizens of Livingston as well as to our environment. Gamma Gamma is proud to work to clean our stretch of roadway. Founders Day was celebrated at the Cotton Patch restaurant in Eutaw, AL. Special tribute was paid to graduating sister Ellyson Davis. A former sorority president, she helped start our chapter. Homecoming activities kicked off the week of Oct. 16. Sisters wore the colors of the Livingston Tigers on Red and White Day. Spirit blazed at the bonfire and in our posters hung around campus, which won us the Spirit Stick. Our float in the theme of " Sink the Statesman" wasn 't our only entry in the parade, as Christi Best was named Pledge Sweetheart and Ann Martin , first alternate to the queen . Our social service project involved matching grant money for the Julia Tutwiler Library. Gamma Gamma was the only organization on campus asked to help fundraising efforts, with a raffle to promote faculty support. We participated in numerous activities and events , including a G.Q . Halloween party , a seminar on eating disorders , Panhellenic brunch and Powder Puff Football. All our efforts and hard work has paid off for the sorority. We have a good group of pledges and a growing (continued on page 30)


Gamma Theta Sisterhood is contagious. If you don 't believe that , look at the map in the Pledgebook and you will see dots all over Pennsylvania (but it's not measles) . Gamma Theta Colony became the thirteenth currently active Alpha Sigma Tau Chapter in Pennsylvania on November 18, 1989. (And there are two more colonies-at York College and Kutztown University-which will be installed in 1990.) Gamma Theta Chapter is located on the campus of Penn State University's Berhrend College in Erie, PA . When the membership of the interest group reached twenty-five, arrangements were made for them to have the formal expansion presentation . Because of the contagious nature of Alpha Sigma Tau, it was determined that the Alpha Tau Chapter at Edinboro State College, led by their adviser, Elaine Bercik, would celebrate Founder's Day with the women from Berhend College and show them the slides and the sisterhood. It worked! They were exposed and by April 15, 1989 the infection had spread to the whole group at their Ribbon Pledging ceremony . Jean McNamara , Director of Expansion ; Sally Wales , Director of Alumnae; and Anne Gruber, National Colony Adviser joined the colony members for breakfast on campus. There were already two carriers of the AST " bug " on the campus. Meg Machinski was a transfer student from Alpha Tau Chapter and was instrumental in organizing the events of the training weekend. Susan Erickson who had transferred from the Alpha Omicron Chapter at Clarion University heard rumors about the AST " bug" and soon became the Pledge Director for the colony. What an asset she was to the learning process! On Sunday , April 16, 1989 the colony was Pin Pledged and met two of the women from the Erie Alumnae Chapter who would become their advisers. Once you have been infected by AST, you are a lifetime carrier. That is proved time and again by Norma Black, Adviser, and Deborah Carter, Assistant Chapter Adviser. They were there for the colony in many many ways and along with Cynthia Hawes, Chapter Consultant , will be there for years to come! After the weekend of training was completed the colony began making plans for their summer and fall activi ties. They got together and planned a Rush Program which began on August 29 and culminated in the Pin Pledging of seven pledges on September 18. The contagiousness of AST continued! Just about that time Anne Gruber returned to the


campus to see how the activities were progressing. With a glowing report to the National President, Patricia Nayle, she was able to recommend that plans for initiation be made. In order to fulfill the requirements for initiation, the Gamma Theta Colony had a car wash as a fundraiser , participated in blood drive as a local social service project, viewed the Pine Mountain slides, attended the Alpha Tau Founder's Day celebration (will it become a tradition?), had socials with fraternities , and planned their installation celebration . In between those activities they had their pledge meetings, carried out sorority business, and learned all the AST facts so they could understand their disease. November 18, 1989 was not what was expected. It was the day set aside for initiation and sisters from near and far were expected! Our President, Patricia Nayle, from Houston was sorry she didn ' t bring her camera, but those who had to drive were dismayed by the blizzard conditions of that morning . Those who had arrived Friday evening were able to travel the short distance to the community center for the initiation service, but the sisters coming from Edinboro were unable to come that day. What a disappointment. There were two sisters from Alpha Omicron and two from Alpha Tau Chapters who had stayed with family in Erie the night before so they were able to represent their chapters . Patricia Nayle , Jean McNamara, Sally Wales , Anne Gruber, Norma Black , Deborah Carter and Cynthia Hawes served as the officers at the initiation ceremony. Patricia Nichols, President of the Buffalo Alumnae Chapter and two others from Buffalo shared in the initiation and attended the installation banquet. The Installation Banquet was held at the Sunset Inn and was attended by parents, family members, dates, representatives from other campus organizations and the sisters who were at the initiation ceremony. David Shields, Assistant Dean of Student Services represented the administration as the newly initiated chapter was presented to the college. Patricia Nayle reviewed the history of Alpha Sigma Tau in her Keynote Address . Gifts were given as on any birthday and the evening ended with Jean McNamara leading the traditional Candlelighting Ceremony. Since Alpha Sigma Tau is so contagious and so many members of the Gamma Theta Chapter already attend classes on Penn State's main campu and other are planning to transfer , how long before AST will be caught in State College, PA?

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau/Gamma Th eta Chapter at installation banquet, Nou. 18, 1989.

Gamma Eta There 's another yellow rose in Texas. Beta Theta Chapter at St. Mary's University in San Antonio has welcomed a new rosebud to their state. As Alpha Sigma Tau continues to expand to new campuses across the country, it also continues to attract women with diverse backgrounds and goals. Northwood Institute in Cedar Hill , Texas (in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex) is the home of Gamma Eta Chapter. Women attending Northwood Institute are pursuing careers in advertising, different areas of automotive management, fashion marketing and merchandising, business management, or hotel and restaurant management. These women make up about one fourth of the 400 person student body . The members of the chapter are from The Netherlands, the Bahamas, Al berta and Ontario , Canada, as well as Michigan , New York, Texas and Oklahoma. In 1981 Sigma Tau was established as a fashion club on Northwood Institute 's campus. Its purpose was a combination of service to the campus and community through fashion shows and booster activities and social through campus parties for the student body. In the fall of 1987 the membership began to look for something more. They wanted to become a part of a National Sorority. Eta District President, Ruth Kielczewski , visited the campus in the spring of 1988 to tell them all about Alpha Sigma Tau and the opportunities available to them as members . Understanding the colonization process, the petition was signed and plans were underway to become pledges of Alpha Sigma Tau . On October 16, 1988 their dream started to come true. After a weekend of training the Pin Pledging Service was conducted by Patricia Nayle, National President , Mary Yeatman, National Colony Adviser and THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Susan Smith , local Colony Adviser and Dallas Alumnae President. Now there were programs to plan, names and dates to remember and activities to organize. Gamma Eta's biggest obstacle they soon found was membership . On a campus with less than 100 women students, how can a sorority reach a membership of twenty-five as required by Alpha Sigma Tau? Well , it didn 't happen right away and it will take special effort each year to reach and maintain that goal. But if enthusiasm and determination can be a substitute for numbers, the sisters of Northwood Institute will become an outstanding chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau. In the fall of 1989 the sisters of Gamma Eta Colony sponsored their second annual Halloween Bash . They transformed the Lambert Commons into a haunted house lit by jack-o-lanterns and invited the whole campus to come in costume. Each year they also sponsor a Valentine's dance for the campus . Dean of Students, Craig Root, depends on the sorority to do much of the social planning for the campus. In the busy world of college life Gamma Eta was able to successfully combine two projects . At their Halloween Bash they were able to collect six bags of groceries for the needy by having admission by $1 plus a canned good thus fulfilling their social service requirement for the term . Founder's Day was celebrated with the Dallas Alumnae Chapter. That's when they met their new adviser, Shawna Roberts. Susan Smith who had served as their adviser for the first year has become Susan Walton and will now be their Chapter Consultant (Congratulations Susan and Roger!) A faculty member, Elaine Brazell , is also an adviser and took her initiation vows with the colony members . (continued on page 24)


(continued from page 23)

The initiation service was held in Lambert Commons on Saturday, January 20, 1990. The installing officers were Patricia Nayle, National President, Mary Charles Ashby, Director of Collegiate Chapters, Ruth Kielczewski , Eta District President, Anne Gruber, National Colony Adviser , and Susan Smith , Shawna Roberts and Jeanette Waldrop , Dallas Alumnae. That evening parents, dates and guests were welcomed by Mistress of Ceremonies , Vicki Cawthon , Chapter President, as the new sisters were installed as a chapter and celebrated

the day's events . Miss Nayle 's keynote address was fol lowed by presentation of the chapter to the college. The highlight of the evening for the Gamma Eta Chapter was the presentation of gifts to them . They were given their chapter plaque and challenged to make plans to place it among the other chapter plaques at the convention in June of 1990. Other beautiful gifts were admired by each sister before the evening ended. After the pictures were taken and the thank yous said the weary sisters went out onto the campus as full members of Alpha Sigma Tau- happy but tired!

Alpha Rho Colony: Youngstown State University We are extremely proud and very excited to be a part of the recolonization of the Alpha Rho Chapter at Youngstown State University. Although we have only been a colony since September, we have received so much support from various AST chapters around the country, that it has not taken us long to realize what a strong bond the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau have , and how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to experience that sisterhood. In October we participated in our first formal rush . We learned a tre mendous amount about what it means to be a part of a sorority, and besides working harder than we thought we would have to , we also had alot more fun and , as sisters, got alot closer than we thought was possible.

In November our chapter attended a Regional Leadership Workshop in Lock Haven , Pennsylvania . Since we have never experienced anything quite like this before , not only the sisters that went , but our whole chapter benefited a great deal as a result of what they learned . Recently we took part in Greek Week, which is something that is also very new to us. We placed first in al most every event and were very proud to accept our trophy for winning at the conclusion of the week 's competition. We look forward to learning about the wonderful sisterhood we have joined and hope that in the future , Alpha Rho will be as successful at Youngstown State, as the other AST chapters are on their campuses. - Evelyn Hughes

Where Is My ANCHOR? If you desire to remain on The ANCHOR mailing list, we will need your help in sending us your correct address_ By filling out the form below you help us keep down the mailing cost So please, take a little time to fill out the form and attach the computer mailing label from the back cover and mail it to: Alpha Sigma Tau Headquarters, P_Q_ Box 59252, Birm ingham , AL 35259 Fullname ________~~~--------------~~~--------------~~------------------First




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THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Alpha Sigma Tau Directory National Headquarters, P.O. Box 59252 , Birmingham, AL 35259

Ph : 205/ 945-0318

ALPHA S IGMA TAU founded N ouem ber 4 • 1899 - Eastern M ichigan University (fo rmerly M ichigan State Normal College) , Ypsilanti, Michigan

Mrs. E. A. Lyman• Helene M. Rice• May Gephard• Mayene Tracy• Mable Chase•


Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

Adriance Rice• Ruth Dutcher• Eva O'Keefe• Harriet Marx• (Mrs. C. F. Pfeiffer)


*Ada A. Norton- Alpha .... . ..... . .... .



•Grace Erb Ritchie-Al pha .. . ......... . . •Luella Chapman- Sigma ...... . .. . .. . .. : : Carrie Washburne Staehle-Alpha . .. .. ..... . •Dorothy Bennett Robinson - Pi ..... . .. _ .. . . •Mary Alice Seller Peterson- Iota . · . .. - · · · · · · Elizabeth Wilson-Pi Lenore "Sybil " Seibel .Ki~g-_:_P~i . : : : : : : : : : : : : 'dGail Shockley Fowler- Alpha La mbda .... _ . _ .. eceased

1925-1928 .. 1928-1934 . . 1934-1949 . . 1949-1955 · · 1955-1964 1964-1972 : : 1972-1984 1984-1986


Carrie Washburne Staehle (Mrs. Haswell E.) Alpha

National Council National President-Patricia Lynn Nayle, Phi , 5801 Lumberdale # 138, Houston, TX 77092 National Vice President- Janet Hanson Dodso n (Mrs. Duane) , Iota, 6 18 North Chestnut, Lindsborg, KS 67456 National Secre tary-Ricki Bargman Trosen (Mrs . Wallace) , Alpha S1gma, 904 Kings Road, Kirksville, MO 63501 National Treasurer- Rebecca Venne Appleman (Mrs. Phillip R.), Alpha Alpha, 311 N. Ridgeview Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46219 Director of Collegiate Chapters- Mary Charles Adams Ashby (Mrs. C. J .), Chi , Box 12, The Plains, VA 22171 Director of Alumnae- Sall y Sturm Wales (Mrs. Robert A.) , Sigma , 85 Bassett Road, Williamsville, NY 14221 Director of Expa nsionDirector of Fraternity Programs- Lenore Seibel Kin g (Mrs. Thomas J ., Jr.), Psi , 1845 Lakeridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216 Director of Publications-Carole Bicking Keily (Mrs . Timothy), Alpha Xi , 7807 Leland Road, Manassas, VA 22111 National Panhellenic Conference Delegate-Cynthia Peckhart McCrory (Mrs. Charles R.), Alpha Alpha, P.O. Box 5218, Fort Wayne, IN 46895

District Presidents Alpha: Ann Guzdial , Beta Xi , 88 Bellarmine Dri ve, Rochester, Ml 48309 Beta: Linda Hollingshead Bruce (Mrs. Barry K.) , Alpha Xi , 917 Pleasure Road, Lancaster, PA 17601 Gamma: Gay Gammell Truehart (Mrs. David) , Beta Nu , 159 Eyer Street, Bloomsburg , PA 17815 Delta: Heidi- Marie Bliss, Alpha Omicron, 603 Aberdeen Lane, Blackwood, NJ 08012 Epsilon: Karen Geary Sloan (Mrs. Thomas W. ), Zeta , 8621 Manorfield Road, Baltimore, MD 21236 Zeta: Lisa Mohl, Alpha Epsilon, 70 W. Huron , # 2003 , Chicago, IL 60610 Eta: Ruth Selby Kielczewski (Mrs. Richard) , Alpha Sigma, 531 Kessler, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Theta: Carol J . Cooper, Zeta Tau, Office of Residence Life, UNCW, 601 S. College Road , Wilmington, NC 28403 Iota: Lynn Monahan Kirkham (Mrs. Chuck) , Zeta, 2345 Bruce Ave. , Spartansburg, SC 29302 Lambda: Mary Ellen Willmitch , Alpha Rho, 1951 Penn y Lane, You ngstown , OH 44515 Mu: Debora h Ulleni us, Beta Xi , 6148 Cream City Rd. Lot 1, Oconto, WI 54153 Nu: Mary T. Bai ley, Psi , 4223 Hunt Club Cr., # 921, Fairfax, VA 22033

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

President- Meda Ray Elliott Sewell (Mrs. Preston) , Omicron, 6541 Williamsburg Bouleva rd , Arlington, VA 22213 First Vice President- Lenore Seibel King (Mrs. Thomas J ., Jr.) , Psi, 1845 Lakeridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216 Second Vice PresidentMember-at-la rgeTrea s ure r- Bobbie Nicho ls Tucker (Mrs. Jack A., Jr .), Alpha Gamma , 6304 Kenwood, Little Rock , AR 72207

Foundation Chairmen Awards, Grants & Schola rships Commi ttee Chairman- Rose Marie Schm idt, Theta, 5106 Harvard Road, Detroit, Ml 48224 Fin a nci a l S ec reta ry- Lois Sc hweikart O' Dell (Mrs. Robe rt) , Lambda , 222 West Tabor Road, Philadelp hia, PA 19120 Publicity-

Committee Chairmen Awards- Nancy Voltz, Beta Epsilon , 2760 Hyson Lane, Falls Church, VA 22043 Cha pla in- Lucinda Edwards Younce (Mrs. Steven L. ), Alpha Alpha , 354 Sword Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60439 Colony Adviser- Anne Curran Gruber (Mrs. James) , Alpha, 10110 Polo Court, Spring Valley, OH 45370 Colony Adviser- Mary Pauline Yeatman, Beta Zeta , 2539 Potomac Hunt Lane, # 2-B, Ri chmond, VA 23233 Convention- Lindy Hallquist Steeves (Mrs. John) , Alpha Epsilon , 221 Powell St. , Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 The Anchor Editor-Cynthia Rader Durham (Mrs. Alvin T. , Jr. ), Psi , 5610 Midway Dr. SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 Editor, Alumnae " Anchor" - Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta, 5106 Harvard Road, Detroit, Ml 48224 Editor, Collegiate " Anc hor" - Margaret D'Amico Shepherd (Mrs. Gerard) , Delta, 33 West 21 st Street, Hunting ton Station, NY 11746 Crest Editor- Lisa Pelkey Arnold (Mrs. Randy) , Sigma, RD 3, Box 222-A, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Expa nsion Assista nt- Mrs. Karen Maxton , Beta Xi , 12953 Miami Circle, Omaha, NE 68164 Fina ncial Assista nt- Janice Fitch (Mrs. Donald) , Iota , 12000 West 66th Street, Shawnee, KS 66216 Historia n- Emily Ashby Mcintire (Mrs. Michael), Alpha Lambda, 40052 Steel, Sterling Heights, MI 48310 Housing- Elizabeth Knaus, Alpha Lambda, 3029 Sandbend Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Me mb ership Deve lopment- Anne Marie Campo Girardot (Mrs . Dan), Beta Theta, 11818 Tobler Trail , Austin , TX 78753 Music- Arline Bouligny Clark (Mrs. Allen) , Pi, 7037 Rhodes Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63123 Nominations- Michelle Schmidt, Alp ha Sigma, 2203 South Marion Street # F, Kirksville, MO 63501 NPC Alternate Delegate- Carolyn Conner Alexander (Mrs. James ), Pi , 6328 Poto mac Street, St. Louis, MO 63139 NPC Altern ate De lega te- Janet Dodson (Mrs . Duane), Iota , 618 North Chestnut, Lindsborg, KS 67456 NPC Alterna te De lega te- Patricia L. Nayle, Phi, 5801 Lumberdale # 138 , Houston, TX 77092 Parlia me ntaria n- Janet Jo M. Jimison, Iota 59, 1441 No. C, Arkansas City, KS 67005 Pledge Director- Sherry Trayer Gentile (Mrs. John A.), Psi, 113 Cromwell , Summerville, SC 29483 Publicity- Terry Dudley (Mrs. Thomas P.), Beta Zeta 72 , 350 1 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243 Regiona l Leadership Workshop Director- Kelly Lynn Lewis, Delta , P.O . Box 7261 , Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Rush Director- Melissa Friesen Parks (Mrs. Clinton R.), Beta Xi, 6199 Chablis Drive, Hamilton , OH 45011 Scholarship-J ulie Bruing ton (Mrs. Jeff) , Iota, 1318 W. Beech, Independence, KS 67301 Social Service- Martha Drouyor DeCa mp (Mrs. Samuel T. ), Alpha, 27931 NE 4th Place, Redmond, WA 98053


Collegiate Chapters Gamma Iota-President, Mary Quinn , B-3 Country Club Manor, York, PA 17403 Gamma Kappa-President, Kris Hoffman , 7503-G Ashby Ln., Alexandria, VA 22310 Gamma Lambda- President, Stacy Sucro, Apt. 12, 181 College Blvd ., Kutztown, PA 19530 Alpha Rho-President, Michele Boggs, 3226 Eldora Drive, Youngstown, OH 44511; CA , Rosemarie Delia , 1713 Laurie Drive, Youngstown, OH 44511 ; ACA, Pamela Tabak, 3108 Meanderwood Drive, Canfield, OH 44406; CC, Carol Ficeti , 3885 Jeanette Dr. SE, Warren , OH 44484 Alpha- Eastern Michigan University President, Lisa Marie Led路 widge, 1116 Huron River Dr. , # 5 , Ypsilanti , Ml48197 ; CA, Marcia Sullivan , 14957 Arden, Livonia, Ml 48154; CC, Kathy P. Baecker, Theta 77 , 18667 N. Oak Court, Mt. Clemens, Ml 48044 Beta-Central Michigan University President, Becky Brown , 107 W. Gaylord, Mt. Pleasant, Ml 48858; CC, Shellie Lyn Ware, Beta , 47551 Hickory, Wixom , Ml 48096 Delta-Indiana University of Pennsylvania President, Becky Helgeson, 925 Garmen Ave . Apt. 7, Indiana, PA 15701 ; CA, Suzanne Monet Lawer, 1091 South Sixth Street, Indiana, PA 15701 Zeta-Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania President, Korey Krick, 533 W. Main Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745; CA, Amy DuPree, Al pha Xi , Box 118, Central Avenue, Avis, PA 17721 ; ACA, Denise Warner, Zeta, 622 East Main Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745; CC, Sheri Gordon, Box 254, Lamar, PA 16848 Omicron-Concord College President, Julia Pence, Box C-423 , Concord College, Athens, WV 24712; CA, Patty Hamilton, Box D146 CC, Athens, WV 24712; ACA, BenJean Rapp , Omicron , P.O. Box 747 , Athens, WV 24712; CC, Betty Sue Hedrick, Omicron, 600 Island Street, Princeton, WV 24740 Rho-Southeastern Oklahoma State University President, Rita Dunn , 112 Wilson, Apt. 201 , Durant, OK 74701 ; CA, Weslie Fortenberry, Rho 83 , 128 N. 2nd, Durant, OK 74701 ; CC, Kim Smith , Rho, 707 Rolling Meadows, Noble, OK 73068 Sigma-State University College at Buffalo President, Bonnie Fuller, Perry Hall , Rm. 327 , P.O. Box 5127, Buffalo, NY 14213; CA, Marilyn O'Lea r Helmrath (Mrs. Willia m), Sigma, 86 Joanie Lane, North Tonawanda, NY 14120; ACA, Norma Willingdon Martin (Mrs. Frances A.), 21 Glendale Drive, Tonawanda, NY 14150; CC, Susan McNamara Fry (Mrs. Norman) , Sigma, 311 Sterling Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216 Zeta Tau-Longwood College President, Robin Burroughs, Box 200 LC, Farmville, VA 23901; CA, Cathi West, LC, Dept. of Psychology, Farmville, VA 23901; CC, Katherine Sowards Baber (Mrs. Frank), Alpha Lambda, Box 108-A, Hampton Farm , Cartersville, VA 23027 Upsilon-University of Central Arkansas President, Judy McDonald, 1527 Davis, Conway, AR 72032; CA, MariaM . Chudy, Ups 85, 240 Apple Valley, North Little Rock, AR 72116; ACA, Karen Jo Brie re, 1221 Vestal , North Little Rock, AR 7211 4 ; CC, Gina Stone, 17 Jeanna Drive, Conway, AR 72032 Phi-Southeastern Louisiana University President, Crystal Brooke Buie, P.O. Box 2033 , SLU, Hammond, LA 70402; CA, Patricia Weidie, 10950 Jefferson Highway, D-14, New Orleans, LA 70123; ACA, Deborah Melancon , 73246 Pruden Rd., Covington , LA 70433 ; CC, Eva Blackwell , Phi, 10795 Mead Road 603, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Psi-James Madison University President, Ebru Turker, JMU, Box 5526, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 ; CA, Dr. Eileen S. Nelson, Psychology Department, Johnson Hall , JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807; ACA, Ji ll Costie, Psi , 1439 East Court, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 ; CC, Sarah W. Howarth, Psi 85 , 11071 Saffold Way, Reston VA 22090 ' Alpha Gamma- Henderson State University President, Tracy May, HSU, 5744 Arkadelphia, AR 71923; CA, Ana M. Caldwell , HSU, Box 7602, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; ACA, Sonja Medlin, # 13 Ozark St. , Mena , AR 71953 Alpha Epsilon-Western Illinois University President , Sandy Wenckus, 1 Pollack Rd., Macomb, IL 61455; CA, Cathy Chenoweth Onion (Mrs. Steven), Alpha Epsilon, RR 2, Table Grove, IL 61482; CC, Marti Schwartz Tarmann, Alpha Epsilon, RR 1, Box 64, Fairbury, IL 6 1739 Alpha Lambda- Radford University President, Michelle O'Neill , 712 Clement St. , Radford, VA 24141 ; CA, Leslie Lucas, AL 86, 506 Lawnvale Drive, Pearisburg, VA 24136; ACA, Dr. Noel C. Eggleston, Box 5833, Rad ford University, Radford, VA 24141 Alpha Mu- University of Arkansas at Monticello President, Misty McGriff, Conrad Towers, Apt. 814 , Monticello, AR 71655; CA, Nancy Gates, P.O . Box 4280, New Orleans, LA 70178; CC, Jan James Owens, Alpha Mu, 532 Perry Street, Helena, AR 72342 Alpha Xi- Mansfield University President, Cheri Lewis, Alpha Xi , 24 112 N. Academy St. , Mansfield, PA 16933; CA, Judy Lewandowski , Alpha Xi , 120 Pinecrest, MU, Mansfield, PA 16933


Alpha Omicron-Clarion Universi ty of Pennsylvania President, Barb Phillips, 647 Wood St. , Clarion, PA 16214; CA, Suzanne Jobb, 108 Wilson , Clarion, PA 16214 Alpha Pi- Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania President, Laurie L'Amoreaux, 205 S. Main , Apt. # 4, Slippery Rock , PA 16057 Alpha Tau-Edinboro University of Pennsylvania President, ~im Fox, 102 Meadville St. , Apt. 4, Edinboro, PA 16412; CA, Elame Karch Bercik (Mrs. Edward M.), Alpha Tau, Box 210, Irish Road , RD # l , Edinboro, PA 16412; ACA, Mr. Edward Bercik, Box 210, Irish Rd., RD # l , Edinboro, PA 16412; CC, Mary Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rho , 1951 Penny Lane, Youngstown, OH 44515 Alpha Phi-West Chester Uni versity President, Kimberly Taylor, 435 S. Walnut St. , West Chester, PA 19380; ACA, Sue Goulding, 2717 Ave. C, Newportville, PA 19056; CC, Miss Lynn Hannum, 700 Cherrytree Rd. # A-8 , Aston , PA 19014 Beta Delta-Duques ne Un iversi ty President, Catherine Primavera, SMC # 1045, 1345 Vickroy St. , Pittsburgh, PA 15219; CA, Kelly Lynn Lewis, P.O. Box 7261 , Pittsburgh, PA 15213; ACA, Lisa M. Voegtly, Alpha Tau , 603 Soose Road , Pittsburgh, PA 16209 Be ta Epsilon- Shippensburg Un iversity President, Kathleen Anderson, 19 North Earl St. , Shippensburg, PA 17257; CA, Dr. Mary Jane Urbanowicz, Beta Epsilon , 400 E. King Street # 2, Shippensburg , PA 17257; ACA, Linda Price, Beta Epsilon , 9892 McCreary Road , Shippensburg, PA 17257 Beta Zeta- Un iversi ty of Alaba ma in Birm ingha m President, Melissa Jo Cox, 1312-C 34th Street South , Birmingham , Alabama 35205; CA, Terry Winston Dudley (Mrs. Thomas P.), Beta Zeta , 3501 Countrywood Lane, Birmingham , Alabama 35243; ACA, Susan Joe, Beta Zeta , 341 Carr Ave., Birmingham , AL 35209 Beta Eta- Southe rn Illinois Univers ity President , Savita Rai, 125-A West Park, Edwardsville, IL 62025, CA, Nancy Susan Hanks, Beta Eta 85, 471 East Lake Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025; CC, Karen L. Wasser, Beta Eta, 6809 Culpepper, Florissant, MO 63033 Beta Tau- Lowell Unive rsi ty President, Patriciann Zebroski , 36 Cathy Road , Chelmsford, MA 01824; CA, Carol Grenier O' Leary, Beta Tau , 32 Auburn Street, Malden , MA 02148; ACA, Donna Marie Grenier, 824 Main Street, Malden , MA 02148 Beta Theta-St. Mary's Uni versi ty President, Lilly Garcia , 555 Patton, San Antonio, TX 78237 ; CA, Sister Ann Semel , 3415 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio, TX 78228; ACA, Lilly Garcia , 555 Patton , San Antonio, TX 78237 ; CC, Doralisa Reyes, Beta Theta, P.O. Box 76, 139 E. Main, LaGrulla , TX 78548 Beta Iota-Millersville University of Pennsylva nia President, Melissa Kraft , 3-F Brookwood Court, Millersville, PA 17551 ; CA, Mary Anne Hanley Weber (Mrs. Thomas W.) , 917 Prospect Street, Lancaster, PA 17603; ACA, ancy Henry, 124 Whittier Lane, Lancaster, PA 17602; CC, Christine Oleska Paules, Beta Epsilon , 74, 3 Piedmont Road, West Chester, PA 19382 Beta Mu- S a lisbury State College President, Wendy L. Smith , 1101 Camden Avenue, SSU Box 1427, SSU , Salisbury, MD 21801 ; ACA, Barbara Ann East, 812 W. Main Street, Fruitland, MD 21826; CC, Pam Emory, 5905 Auth Road , Camp Springs, MD 20746 Beta Nu-Bioomsburg University of Pen nsylva nia President, Jill Ashenfelter, 371 Lightstreet Rd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815; CA, Gay Gammell Truehart (Mrs. David), Beta Nu , 159 Eyer Street, Bloomsburg , PA 17815; ACA , Kimberl y King , 2304 Mitchellville Rd ., Bowie, MD 20716; CC, Kim Crumley, Briar Crest Apts., 21 W. Minister, Hershey, PA 17033 Beta Xi- Michigan Technological Un iversi ty President , Sandy Gryniewicz, 916 College Ave., Houghton, Ml 49931 ; CA, Heidi Lind DePuydt (Mrs. Daniel) , Beta Xi, 31 Hubbard, P.O. Box 61 , Painesdale, Ml49955; ACA, Patricia Lynn Boudreau , Beta Xi , 5703 G.5 Rd., Escanaba, Ml 49829; CC, Evelyn Albrecht, Beta XI , 1216 E. Fifth Street, Houghton, Ml 49931 Beta Pi-Eastern Illinois Univers ity President, Dana Zilinski , 1808 9th St. , Charleston, IL 61920; CA, Deborah Watson Daugherty, P.O. Box 325, Keyesport, IL 62253; ACA, Sanda Ruholl , 2001 South 12th St. , Apt. 2, Charleston, IL 61920; CC, Carol Mach, 4621 South Maple, Berwyn, IL 60402 Beta Upsilon-New Jersey Institute of Technology President, Tracie Margolies, JIT Redwood Hall , Rm . 617 , ewark , J 07102 ; CA, Jean Tyrrell , 1909 Church Street Apt. 15C, Rahway, NJ 07065; CC, June Launay, Beta Upsilon , 409 Jefferson Avenue, S. Amboy, NJ 08879 Beta Phi- California Un iversity of Pennsylvania President, Alice Thomas, 637 American St. , Apt. 2, California, PA 15419; CA, Kellie W. McDonald, 234 2nd Street, Apt. A, California , PA 15419; ACA. Theresa Trozzo, 239 Sixth St. , California, PA 15419; CC, Mary Beth Kelly, 22 Boulevard, Point Marion, PA 15474 Beta Chi- Ferris State College President, Kristy Ann Bailey 404 Spring, Big Rapids , Ml 49307 ; CA. Dawn Bosworth. Taggart Hall Dr., Apt. FSU , Big Rapids, Ml 49307 ; ACA, Jane aber, Beta hi . 123 Elm Street, Big Rapids , MI 49307 ; . Marianne Faulk. B ta Chi, 17137 York, Mt. Clemens, MI 4 044

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Beta Psi-St. Louis University President, Marina Pigg, 224 Judi th Lane, Cahokia, IL 62206 ; CA, Suzanne M. Griffin Beta Psi 9816 Balboa,_ St. Louis, MO 63136; ACA, Mary Allen, 76,19 Haria~ Walk, St. LoUis, MO 63123; CC, Cecilia Kirkland Kadane (Mrs Douglas ) Alpha Gamma, 106 Caravel Court, Ballwin , MO 63021 · ' Beta Omega-Monmouth College President , Wendy Marraccini , Garden Apts., 503-B, MC, West Long Branch, NJ 07764· CA Susan Cioffi , 170 Village Greenway, Hazlet, NY 07730; ACA,' Mr. Dave Harvey, c/o Admissions Office, Monm outh College , West Long Branch , NJ 07764 Gamma Alpha-Rio Grande College President, Lou Ellen Zerkle, Box 514, URG , Rio Grande, OH 45674; CA, Doris Ross, Gamma Alpha, Davis Hall, Rio Grande College , Rio Grande, OH 45674; ACA, Karen Kovack Thomas (Mrs. Earl ). Gamma Alpha, Box 119 , 701 Pine Street, Rio Grande, OH 45674; CC, Diane Neff, Gamma Alpha, P.O. Box 141 , Rio Grande, OH 45674 Gamma Beta-Lake Superior State College President, Tracy Manuszak, LSSU , AST c/o Day Ca re Center, Sault Ste. Mari e, MI 49783; ACA, Dr. Margaret Malmberg, 1803 Young , Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 Gamma Gamma-Livingston University Presi dent , Tina M. Naremore, GG, LU , Box 4263, Livingston , AL 35470; CA, Elizabeth Shoadoan , Gamma Gamma, 401 Mai n Street, Eu taw, AL 35462; CC, Lynnette Youngblood , Gamma Gamma, 560 Sixth Ave., SW, Graysville, AL 35073 Gamma Epsilon-Potsdam College President, Dawn Lanpher, 228 Lehman West, Potsdam , NY 13676; ACA, J on Bergstrom, 37 Chestnut Street, Potsdam, NY 13676; CC, Linda Jackson , Alpha Lambda, 40 Kiwassa Road, Sa ranac Lake, NY 12983 Gamma Zeta-Frostburg State University President, Christine Dillner, 150 Wood St. , Frostburg, MD 21532; CA, Karen Gu thrie, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD 21532; ACA, Lori A. Neff, Coord . Residence Edu . RLO , FSU , Frostburg, Ma ryland 21532 ; CC, Dana Shearer, HCR 80 , Box 44, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 Gamma Eta-Northwood Institute College, Presiden t, Vicki M. Cawthon , G Eta, P.O . Box 58 , Cedar Hill , TX 75104; CA, Susan Smith , Alpha Sigma , 1623 Oak Creek Lane # A, Bedford , TX 76022; ACA, Patricia Rei necker, Iota, 3013 Magn olia La ne, Bed· ford , TX 76021 ; CC, Linda Sauget, Beta Theta, 18800 Lina Street, # 1910, Dallas, TX 75252 Gamma Theta-President, Sheila Rohan, 3315 Buffalo Rd., Erie, PA 16501 ; CA, Norma Jo Black, A Tau 80, 708 W. 9th Street, 3rd Floor East, Erie, PA 16502; ACA, Deborah Young Carter, A Tau 71 , 2531 W. 34th Street, Erie, PA 16506; CC, Cindi Proctor Hawes, A Tau, 4116 Pleasant View, Erie, PA 16509

Alumnae Chapter Presidents •Arkadelphia, Arkansas Jo Anne Williams Chunn (Mrs. Robert), Alpha Gamma, 818 North Park Drive, Arkadelphia, AR 71 923 'Baton Rouge, Louisiana Rebecca Morgan , Phi, 5128 Stumberg La ne , Baton Rouge, LA 7081 6 'Birmingham, Alabama Truly Ann Limbaugh , Beta Zeta, 8 15 School Terrace, Birmingham, AL 35235 'Bluefield, Princeton-Athens, West Virginia Joyce Gregory Buchanan (Mrs. Glen), Omicron, 1905 Tazewell Ave., Bluefi eld, WV 24605 'Buffalo, New York Patricia M. Nichols, Sigma , 39 W. Summerset Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 'Conway, Arkansas . Cathy Knox Koehler (Mrs. Chuck). Upsilon, Rt. 2, # 1 Todd Dnve, North Little Rock, AR 72118 'DaHas/ Ft. Worth, Texas Barbara Ann Reeb Bergman , Iota , 1468 W. Loula St. , Olathe, KS 66061 'Denver, Colorado Anne Boley Todd, Nu, 1021 Ca rr # 18 , Denver, CO 80215 'Detroit, Michigan . Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta , 5106 Harvard Road, Detro1t, MI 48224 'Durant, Oklahoma Sharon McVay Dunham (Mrs. James) , Rho, 113 Gates Ave ., Durant, OK 74701 'Edwardsville, Illinois Karen Wasser, Beta Eta, 6809 Culpepper, Florissant, MO 63033 'Erie, Pennsylvania Deborah Young Carter (Mrs. David) , Alpha Tau, 2531 W. 34th Street, Erie, PA 16506 Fort Wayne, Indiana Linda Pul ver, Alpha Epsilon , 1009 S. Van Buren, Auburn , IN 46706

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

'Harrisburg, Pe nnsylva ni a Linda P. Price, Beta Epsilon, 9892 McCrea ry Road , Shippensburg, PA 17257 'Houston, Texas Sharon Hahn Juntun en (Mrs. Gayle), Phi, 643 Eastlake, Houston , TX 77034 'Indianapolis, Indiana Barbara Jean Heeb, Alpha Alpha, 6433 Bayside South Drive, India· napolis, IN 46250 'Kirksville, Missouri Toni Ebert Fowler (Mrs. Kenn eth) , Alpha Sigma P.O. Box 254, Milan , MO 62556 Lancaster County, Pennsylva ni a Christine Oleska Paules (M rs. Tom). Beta Epsilon , 6546 Hollow Dr. E., Petersburg, PA 17520 'Lansing, Michigan Margaret Holcomb Twork (Mrs. E. C.) , Al pha, 137 S. lves Road, Mason, Ml 48854 'Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvan ia Catherine Jo B. Weinert, Alpha Omicron, 2415 Livingston Street, Allentown , PA 18104 'Lowell, Massachusetts Karen Lebedzinski, Beta Ta u, 101 Mai n Street, Townsend, MA 01468 'Marietta, Ohio-Parkersburg, West Virginia Diane Carol Dyar, Alpha Kappa, Apt. 65, Putnam Place, Marietta, OH 45750 Metropolitan New York Area Mara Attell Hargarther (Mrs. Thomas) , Sigma, 257 Li ncoln Avenue, Island Park , NY 11 558 ' Miami, Florida Natalie Johnson Cole (Mrs. Ronald M.), Alpha Omicron, 800 SE 11 Ave., Deerfield Beach, FL 3344 1 'Muncie, Indiana Margaret McGarrell Nottingham (Mrs. Roger), Al pha Alpha, 2300 White Ri ver Blvd. Apt. 8, Muncie, IN 47303 'New Orleans, Louisiana Jeannine Gettys, Phi , 3636 Lake Trail Drive, Kenner, LA 70062 'Northern Virginia Lucia Warner Bacon , Alpha Chi, 9410 Delaney Dr., Vienna, VA 221 80 'Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lois Schweikart O' Dell (Mrs. Robert ). Lambda , 222 W. Tabor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19120 ' Prince George-Montgomery Co., Ma rylan d Sue Hunter Dingess (Mrs. Jerry) , Omic ron , 12800 Tern Drive , Gaithersburg, MD 20878 'Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia JoAnn Crabill Marshall (Mrs. Larry). Alpha Lambda, 9007 Waterfowl Fl yway, Chesterfield, VA 23832 'Roanoke, Virginia Jean Gray Brammer (Mrs. George), Psi, Rt. 1, Box 91 , Goodview, VA 24095 'St. Louis, Missouri Janis D. Marshall , Pi, 5935 Bishops Place, St. Louis, MO 63109 'San Antonio, Texas Carmen Olivares Gellhausen (Mrs. Will iam E. II I) , Beta Theta, 131 Glenbridge Ct. , Pleasant Hill , CA 94523 'Shepherdstown, West Virginia Mari e Busch Crim (Mrs. B.B.). Chi, P.O. Box 405, Gerrardstown, wv 25420 'Southern Colorado 'Tidewater Area, Virginia Carolyn Marie Keen , Alpha Lambda, 1005 Wellsford Court, Vi rginia Beach, VA 23454 'Tri-City, Michigan Martha Prendergast Trianta fillow (Mrs. ), Beta, 2835 Dorset, Saginaw, MI 48603 'West Chester, Pennsylva nia Ca rolyn McGill Mee (Mrs. Arthur), Alpha Phi, 110 1 Glenview Street, Rockledge, PA 19111 ' West Chicago, Illinois Lucinda Edwa rds Younce (Mrs. Steven L. ), Alpha Alpha, 354 Sword Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60439 'Youngstown, Ohio Ca rol Fice ti Marsico (Mrs . Ja mes) , Alpha Rho , 3885 Jeanette, Warren, OH 44484 'Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor, Michigan Joyce P. Berg, Alpha, 15132 Houghton , Li vonia , Ml 48154 'Kirksville, Missouri Michelle Schmidt , Alpha Sigma, 2203 South Marion Street # F, Kirksville, MO 63501

·Asterisks denote installed chapters. Other groups are clubs.


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THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

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THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

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Collegians (conti nued from page 2 1) bond of sisterhood . Sometimes, it is best for sorority's sake if, when times get too rough or hassled , we can sit down, relax, and take time to smell the yellow roses. - Leslie Evans

Gamma Epsilon

Potsdam State University of New York Gamma Epsil on organized a super rush a nd did well a mong other local chapters. We credit our success, in part , to the guidance we received from other AST chapters. Eight women wi ll join our sisterhood. We enjoyed our first "real" partici pation at a regional leadership workshop. We also joined a crop walk for hu nger a nd co ll ec ted Ca mp be ll so up labels. Gamma Epsi lon celebrated the giving spirit of Christmas with a party for children in the com mun ity. Our fu ndraisi ng activi ties incl uded sell ing raffle ti ckets and offering credit card app li ca tio ns to stude nts. Ma ny hours were spent wo rking to improve the condition of our house. We look forwa rd to spring semester, which will bring the ann ual Ice Carnival. - Robin Ziegler


Ochs, C. Lucille M. Peterson, Antoinette C. Rosati , Wilma D. S. Suhina, Sally S. Wales , Kelly Walsh , Marjorie P. Willover Theta: Elsey M. Beck, Beatrice G. Crossman , Lorraine R. Daley , Vicki W. Gembis, Susan Grabowski , Lillian S. Grieshammer, Rosemarie Jerzylo, Rosemary Jerzylo, Evelyn M. Kitzul , Caroline Clayton-MacDonald , Patricia C. Maddens, Bury! F. McNamara, Ingrid N. Nagy, Ava C. Strachan, Donna Pniewski Tiefenbach, Judy F. Tinknell , Helen Traskos Upsilon: Lisa C. Davis, Alice Adair S. Howell, Nancy Williams, Maxene Mills Winn , Charley Marie B. Wright Zeta: Evelyn L. Baer, Norma Jean Berge, Janet H. Bitner, Patricia Bonebreak , Betty Jane Bungo, Kathy DiNovis, Amy Jo Hendrix, Martha M. Jackson , Barbara Pearl Lott, Carolyn B. Mayer, Alma Miller, Nancy Sadowy Zeta Tau: Jeanine M. Allen , Alfreda C. Begley, Marguerite C. Birchett, Lucille D. Byrd , Betty B. Clapp, Ann Marie G. Cook , Jean W. Duke, Evelyn Gragnani , Barbara Ann Greer, Judith A. Hart, Margaret T. Meinzer, Alberta C. Musgrave, Geraldine N. Nash, Dorothy B. R. Pauly, Paige M. Rawlings, Martha Roberts , Ellen Smith, Sue M. Spann, Bettye M. Sterzing, Virginia R. Webb, Ruth B. Willoughby , Jean A. Wood , Jeanne D. Wylie , Doris R. Young

Gamma Zeta

Gamma Theta

Frostburg University of Maryland

Penn State University at Behrend

Gamma Zeta was thri lled to experience our fi rst fall rush and resulting pledge class. We are pleased to welcome 14 wonderful wo men to our chapter , bringing our total membership to 41. October brought the Homecoming floa t contest , fence deco rating contest and lots of school spirit. The Homecoming theme was " Let the Good Times Roll " and we did , with a life-like locomotive. Each sister wore a conductor hat and sang soro rity songs . Gamma Zeta was pleased to earn fi rst place in three categories, winning $200 in prize money. Eight sisters travelled to Lock Haven , PA, for a regional leadership workshop . We wo n Best Skit for our Wizard of Oz rush skit. Our hosts, Zeta chapter, deserve a lot of credit. T hanksgiving dinner and a candle ligh ting ceremony made Founders Day a special celebration. December brought snow and our Ch ris tmas Formal. We especially enjoyed our gift exchange and " Most Likely. " Fift y dollars fro m a Christmas raffle wil l go towards the develop ment of a women 's center at F.S .U. We plan to welcome female residents back in the spring by posting AST anchors on their doors. - Michelle Hanlin

Twenty-six members of the Gamma Theta chapter became sisters this year through our installation ceremony. Nov . 18 will be a date we will long remember. Our chapter travelled to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania for Founders Day. We enjoyed a dinner with the sisters of Alpha Tau . We are starting to become active in social service. Sisters participated in a blood drive competition and collected donations for the Pine Mountain Settlement School. We have also worked toward " adopting " a local elementary school class. Gamma Theta was involved in a Leadership Retreat and Freshman Orientation . Sisters donned their sneakers for a little physical activity during a Volleyball Tournament sponsored by Inter-Greek Council. We look forward to a busy spring semester, filled with fundraisers , mixers and sorority and growth projects. - Susan Edmonds

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990

Resume for Nomination of Staff Positions Name _____________________~--------------------------- (Maiden} - - - - - - - - - - - -- Address __________________________________________________________________________________ City/ State -----------------------------------------------------------------Area Code _ _ _ _ _ Phone Number

Zip _________

----------------------------------------- - - - -

Year of graduation---------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Major - - - - - -- - - - -- - -- - Advanced degrees? - - - - - - - - - Area - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - Collegiate chapteraffihation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - Alumnae chapter affiUation - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- Are you active ly involved at the alumnae level? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

(please indicate college year in which each office was held .)

~ffices held at alumnae level - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Are you currently e mployed?

~cc upation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If employed , are you employed full time?

Part time? - - - - - --'-- - - - - - - -

Do you have children? _____ If yes , p lease list their ages-- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -

Are you able to travel for Alpha Sigma Tau? - -- - - -- - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - If yes , on weekends 0

weekdays 0

Frequency : weekly 0

monthly 0

semi-annually 0

Is there an airport within close proximity to you which offers dom estic flights? ________________ _ Would you be able to serve a full term (four years) if selected? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Briefly list your reasons for agreeing to be nominated for a position with the national staff of Alpha Sigma Tau . ____

Can you type? _ _ _ _ Do you write letters? - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - Do you enjoy receiving correspondence which requires responses? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Are you able to travel at short notice? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Are you able to work within a budget? - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - P lease see reverse for further areas of interest. Please list anything else you feel pertinent information concerning yourself.

S ign a t u r e - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - Date - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please send this form to: Michelle Schmidt National No minations Chairman 2203 South Marion Apt. F Kirksvi lle, MO 63501

THE ANCHOR/Spring 1990


Collegians in Action Homecom ing Fall 1989

Big & Little Sis Ann Marie LaCommare and Kristina Holland

Tug O 'War team . gan Techno/ . at Mtchi sity Ho ogtca/ Uniuermecoming 1989

Psi chapter Alpha Sigma Taus haue fun at Foxfield

TO: Alpha Sigma Tau Parents : Your daughter's magazine is sent to her home address while she is in college. We hope you enjoy reading it . If she is no longer in college, however, and is not liuing at home , please send her new permanent address to : Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters , P.O. Box 59252, Birmingham , AL 35259. Alpha Sigma Tau P .O . Box 59252 Birmingham , AL 35259 Address Correction Requested Forwarding and return postage guaran teed

Non-Profit Organization

U.S. POST AGE PAID Permit No. 6227 Indianapolis, Indiana

1990 Spring ANCHOR  
1990 Spring ANCHOR