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WINTER, 1959


News Items Looking Ahead to 1960 ;t TH E Shoreham

H otel in Washington, D . C., ha been elected as tb e m eeting place for Alpha Sigm a Tau's 1960 Nation al Convention . The Shoreham is in th e p a rk district with lovely rambling grounds an d a swimming pool. There a re severa l interes ting eating places nearby and there is a new motel under construction in the vicinity. Downtown Wa shington is not far from th e Shoreham, ma king it co nvenient for our girls to do orne sightseeing in the capitol whil e attending convention.

• • • •

D elta coll egia te cha pters; and Emporia, D enver, Greeley, and Sprin~fi e ld alumnae chapters. In October she visited Upsi lon chap te r. Mrs. Stee n, eas tern district president, visited Lambda chapter in O ctober a nd Alpha Zeta chapter in November. Mrs. Cross centra l di strict president, will visit Alpha chapter in J anu ary, and Mrs. Simp on, southwestern district presid ent, will vi sit Rh o cha pter th e econd semes ter. All other chapters will h ave nation al inspec tion before the 1960 convention.

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Constitution Committee Meeting ;t THE constitution committee, Mrs. H as-

Inspection Trip ;t MR . PETERSON, our nationa l president,

made a ten days' in pection trip in November visiting Iota, Nu, and Alpha

well Staehl e, Miss ::vlargaret Macdonald, and Mrs. Earl Peterson, met at Columbus, Ohio, January 2 and 3, and completed the revision of ~h e constitution. Copies of th e revised edition will be available soon.

Jhe 1!Jational Council i!J p/ea!Jed to announce the Acceptance o/ Petilion!J /or lff/ember!Jhip fom Chi Omicron o/ the Uniuer!Jiltj o/ ::!Jetroil and Si'ilma Plti o/ Alma Colle'ile) Alma) rf!ichi'ilan THE ANCHOR


Announcing . .

A:LT Graduate and Undergraduate SCHOLARSHIPS


ALPHA SIGMA TAu i offering gradu ate and undergradu ate soholarships on several campuses for the 1959-60 college year.

* THIS is an opportunity to work in your chosen field while enjoymg continued participation in an Alpha Sigma Tau chapter.


SHARE in the fun of building another chapte r in Alpha Sigma Tau! Apply for a specia l scholarship to help with your school expenses, transfer to another camp us and share your leadership abi lity and enthusiasm with another chapter.

G et your araduate d egree, or

complete your undergraduate work.


THE sorority offers room, board, tuition , and fe es to counselors .


lF you are interested, write to Mrs. Parry F. S chippers, 5300 Suther-

la-nd A venue, S t. L ouis 9, Missouri.

fnyesttgate This Opportunity/ Don )t Delay. Send Your Applt'cattrm Today/ ~ 2


Two Petitions Received for Membership in A.S.T.

Attention Alumnae Editorsl THE ANCHOR would like to have a complete list of Alpha Sigma Tau members who have been included in the new

;t ALPHA SrGMA TAu has accepted the petitions of Chi Omicron, local sorority of the University of Detroit and of Sigma Phi, local sorority of Alma College for affiliation and hopes to install them as chapter before the end of the spring semester.

WHO'S WHO Among American Women

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You'll Be Glad You Did! ;t IT's ea ier to be a L if · M ember. On ~ payment of $ 15-regardless of when you were initiated- and you no longer need to keep rem embering to send in your nat:onal dues. Send to Alpha Sigma Tau Central Office, 5641 a S. Kingshighway, St. Louis 9, Mo.

Please send her name, chapter, a short resume of activities and picture if obtainable. D eadline March 1.

To catch an affiliate BY ELLEN RAGAN R evised from Th e L yre of Alpha Chi Omega

t THE most crucial game Alpha Sigma T au chapters play during the collegiate year is one which goes by the appropriate titl e of "rushing." Some chapters play a similar one which might be called "re-rushing." The victim of this competition is known as the "transfer" an d the winner, I am told, is the chapter itself. The sorority does not compete against orher sororities but against camp us gossip, again t apathy, against inactrvrty among its ow n ranks. In short, it competes against itself.

It eems to m e that a though tful program for re-rushing the "affili a te-to-be" should be considered by each chapter which has the opportuni ty to grant m embership to th e transfer A~T. The rules of this game are particularly well known to me because they form ed the strategy which resulted in my becoming a n affiliate at the University of M aryland, having been an initiate of Nu of Colorado. It is as a result of this strategy t.hat I THE ANOHOR

have realized that the transfer stud ent is a " winner" too in this game. R e-rushing has as its aim the getting, keeping, and benefiting from the AlT affiliate. The art of becoming a successfu l affiliate is depend en t, of co urse, upon the girl her elf <md th e chapter. Yet I think that the active ch apter has the principal role in m aking h er want to become a " re-activated" m ember. The rules of the game for the chapter might be summed up as follows: 1. Gree t Affiliates w ith Enthusiasm: Get to know your transfer and let her get to know you well. Show her that the interest and sincere enthusiasm of A~Ts are alike no m a tter where she may go. This may sound eJem entary-but, in reali ty, it is the backbone of this "rushing" program. It will help to combat any preconceived ideas she may have of the group as a whole (such as that it is interested on ly in queens, schol arship, or athletics ) . The techniqu e of using common interests was best pointed out to me by


an alumna I m et a t a W ashington, D. C ., Panhellenic tea who said tJhat when she transferred from Nu chapter to a university in Michigan (about 20 years ago ) the A~Ts there immedia tely came to the dining hall to serenade her with genuine AlT songs . .You can imagine how a homesick A~T wou ld feel hea ring this! 2. Th e Care and Feeding of the A ffil iate: UT affiliates will be looking to see how "active" the active cha pter really is. So, let your in terest in cam pus and sorority activities show. And, very important, give her something to do-even if it's only m aking her chairman of the rush week cookie-making crew. Introduce her to campus fri ends and help h er to get a foot-hold in the activity world where she is, at fi rst, at a disadvantage.

3. Affiliates Can B e V alua ble: Encourage her to contribute- even if this m eans hours of hearing of the glories of Miami Beach or the Colorado moun tains. H er sugges tions, while often infeasible (mine always are ) m ay lead to benefi cial results. D on't expec t her

to sit baok and assimilate all your ideas . . . get new ones on hom ecoming decora tions, rush skits, and songs from h er. (At leas t, make her think she's h elping.) 4. L ive " T he Creed of A lT )) : M os t important of all, show her that you share the same ideals, goa ls, and loyalty. By seeing her sisters " shed the ligh t of love and fri end hip' around th em, can she fail to want to work to become a really active co llegia te m ember aga in ? No, I'm sure she can' t . . . you've shown her by that littl e extra effort that it is well worth her while to shine up th at pin again ! I know . . . for becoming a m ember of a second chapter of Alpha Sigma T au (a many do ) has shown m e not on ly th e friendship a nd love of twice as many UT - but also a more rea:! feeling of the national sorority that we are always proud to be a p art of- as initiate, affilia te, or alumna . It is amazing to th ink that the combined work of the chapter can result in so much happiness and so m any benefits to one p erson- as has happened to me. I hope all other AlT transfers are as lu cky.

married? Send to:

Send to:



5641 S. Kingshighw aJ', St. Louis 9, Mo.

5641 S . K ingshighw ay, S t. L ouis 9, M o.

Chapter _________________________ Date of Marriage _ _____ __ _ _

Nam e _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ __

Husband's full nam e _ _ _ _ _ __

Chapter _ _______________________

Address _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __

Address _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Maiden name _ _ _ __ ______ _

Former a ddress ________ __ __

Entered as second class matter Nov. 25 , 1937 , at the post office a t St. Paul, M inn ., under the Act ol Aug. 24, 191 2. " Accep ta nce lor mailing a t the special rate ol postage p rovided lor in Section 34.40, P .L. a nd R ., 1948 edition paragraph d , Act o l F eb . 28, 1925 ; 39, U . S. Code 283, was authorized Oc t. 10, 1949. " T HE ANCHOR of Alp ha Sigma Tau is published during the months of November, J a nua ry, April, a nd July by Lela nd Publishers, In c. The Fraterni ty Pre , official sorority publishers to the sorority a t 2642 U niversity Ave ., St. Paul 14, Min n . Subscription price , $3.00 per year. Edi torial Office : Mrs . Francis Gra ft age, 103 10 Ca pitol Dr ., St. Lou is 21, Mo.



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