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JULY, 1953


Jau j _Alumnae fioiJ Plainfield J!f/eelin7J -t THE Morris-Ottawa Alumnae club of the · Alpha Sigma Tau sorority met recently at the home of Mi s Wand a Smith, 714 Illinois Ave., Plainfield, Illinois. Alumnae m embers from Ball State T eachers College, Muncie, Indiana, an d W estern Illinois State College, Macomb, Illinois, were present. The goal of an alumnae club were given by Bernadine Koomar, president. These are to preserve the ideals of Alpha Sigm a T au , to encourage close relationship between .collegiate and alumn ae members, to keep in touch with all graduates, to perpetuate friend hips es tablished in college day and to -contribute to the growth of the n a tion al organization. The club is making a special effort to contact all Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae m embers to attend a meeting Saturday, September 26, 1953, at 8:00 P.M. in the hom e of Mr . John Carroll, 424 Congress St., Ottawa, Illinois. At the September meeting officers w ill be elected and a calendar of events et ·up for the coming year.




VOL. 28, NO. 4

5u7J7Jejlionj /or Col/e71e Panhel/enic Worhjhopj t IT rs recomm ended that a College Pa nhellenic Workshop be held on each am pus once a year for an exchange of idea and the promotion of Panhellenic accomplishments. The following uggestion will a ist in workshop planning. TIME AND PLA CE One day i sufficient. Select a date which does not conflict with cheduled campu event . Choo e a centrally located meeting place on the cam pus, if po ible. PARTICIPANTS All active and pledge member of fraternities, the D ean of Women, Panhell en i vi er or Admini trator Faculty dvi er Alumnae Advi ory Board ational offi er. in th e vicinity, and a keynote peaker. COMMITTEES A. General Arrangem ents. The Pre ident of College Panhellenic may erve a chairman of a committee on general arrancrements. Other member of the Coun il rna serve as hea ds of .:•ther committe , . u h a R egi tra tion, Finan e, Publicit Luncheon and Program. The Council hould meet well in advance to di cu general plan topi and lea der for Round-table di cu ion

groups. A second meeting should be held for progress reports of the various committee . B. Steering or Program. The Steering or Program Committee should consist of a Chairman appointed by the Panhellenic Council and L eaders of Round-table discusion groups. Its function is to plan the program and discussions, prepare agenda, and coordinate the topics to avoid overlapping. The committee should hold meetings in advance for planning and for progress reports.

PROGRAM AND SCHEDULE If a printed program is desired, imple mimeographed sheets should be used g1vmg the events and the order of the day. The following schedule is suggested: 8:45-9:20 A.M . Registration. Much time is lost through slow registra tion. It should be held as early in the day as possible. Procedures should be planned in advance. 9:30-10:15 A.M. Opening Assembly. Gree tings and announcements. A short address by a keynote speaker is highly recommended. W: 15-12 :45 P .M. Round-table Discussion Groups. 1 :00-2:00 P.M. Luncheon. 2: 15-4: 30 P.M. Assembly. M eeting of all discussion groups for reports and findings. General discussion as time will permit. R ecommendations for later considera tion by the College Panhellenic. 4: 30-5: 30 P.M. Social hour, or tea, if desired. ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION GROUPS Each Round-table discussion group must h ave a Leader, a R ecorder and an Alumnae Adviser. The Leader conducts the discussion from topics assigned in advance. The R ecorder serves as secretary. She keeps a complete set of notes for a mimeographed report of the Workshop, and also prepares a brief summary to present at the afternoon Assembly. The Alumnae Adviser observes a nd acts a a counsellor. Separate Roundtable di cu sion groups are recommended for alumnae and housemothers.









SUGGESTED TOPICS FOR ROUND-TABLES 1. Panhellen ic Organiza tion: Study of local Con titution a nd By-



law . Correla tion with the N.P.C. policies and recommendation . (See N.P.C , Manual of Information ) . Panhellenic Programs: Fraternity and Panhellenic Education. Philanthropie , Cultural Programs, etc. Panhellenic Activitie : A balanced activity program. R esponsibility to the University for participation in extracurricular program and projects. Panhellenic R elationships: R elationships with the Dean of Women, the Univer ·ity, the Panhellenic Admini trator, Fraternity Chapters, City Pan hellenic and National Panhellenic. Public R ela tions: How to develop a good public relation program. R ela tion with the Independent Student , the Community,. the Public, and methods for creating a better understanding of fraternity life· and objectives. Publicity : The techniques of good publicity. The use of a Panhellenic Publicity Clearing House Committee. R esponsibilities. of members fo::- m aintaining good pub· licity. M embership Selection : The development of an effective rushing system. Problem and remedies. Evaluation of the local ru bing ystem in relation to N .P.C. recommendations, Control of Chapter Size. The Quota-. Limitation System. Organization and functions of a Panhellenic Office. Rush. Counselling-by alumnae, by actives, by· others. The Judiciary Committee. It fun ctions and procedure . Pen alties. Pledge Periods and rush eligibility of transfer student . Chapter Alumnae· Rushing Advisc:rs. Cha pter Administra tion : R e ponsibilities and dutie of chapter · officers and committee ch airmen. Lead- . er hip trainincr through chapter admin· istration. Chap ter Standard : Hou e and College Rule . L adership . and respon ibilitie for m ai ntainina hiuh o ial tanda rd .

1}our6 . lo pa66 on YouR privilege of membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is now one which you are entitled to pass on to girls whom you feel are worthy of becoming members. Like the privilege of voting in any democratic country, it is also a great responsibility. The future functioning of any organization rests in the continual revitalization and reevaluation of its membership. During the summer months you will be learning of girls who will be entering colleges in which Alpha Sigma Tau has chapters. These girls will require your recommendations to the collegia te chapter for membership. Will you send to the collegiate president the recommendation blank for these girls? Even though your recommendation may not be as complete or as personal as you might wish it to be, the initial contact will be made and the chapter is able to follow through. For colleges in which Alpha Sigma T au does not have chapters, send your recommendations to Alpha Sigma Tau, 5641a S1. Kingshighway, St. Louis 9, Missouri. These recommendations are also important as they serve as a nucleus to expansion. Additional recommendations may be made in letter form.

RECOMMENDAT ION ( For summ er addresses of collegiate presidents see page 4.)

NAME ... ... .. ......... .. ........ .... .... ....... ....... .. ........... ......... .... .. ..... .. ........... ... ..... ... ... ... ...... ....... ......... . YEAR IN COLLEGE .............. .......... .......... HIGH SCHOOL PARENT'S NAME .. ... ........ ... ... .. .......... .. .................... .... ......... ..... .. ........ .... .. ..... .... ... ............. . PARENT'S ADDRESS SCHOLARSHIP ... .. .... ......... .. ................................... .. .... ....... .. ..... ..... ... .. .. .. ....... .... ... .............. COMMENTS OR INFOR MATION ... .. ....路.................. .. .... ...... ..... ...... ..... ....... ........ ............ . RECOM1MEND'E D !BY ... ... ... ..... ..... ........................ .. ... ... ........ .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... ........... .... .. ......... . ADDRESS ......... .. .......... ............................................ .... .. ....... ... .. ....... ..... .... .... .... ......... ... ... ...


Alpha (1899)-Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Mich. President-Dolores Noffsinger, 1240 W. Willow St., Lansing, Mich. Beta (1905-1917; 1940)-Central Michigan College of Education, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. President-Marion Joan Eastman, 13502 F enton Rd., F enton, Mich. Delta 0916)-State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. President-Ellen H enderson, 226 Oneida Ave., Warren, Pa. Zeta (1921-1948; 1949)-Lock Haven State Teachers College, Lock Haven, Pa. President-Shirley Stover, 220 Church St., Sheffield, Pa. Theta ( 1923 )-Wayne University, Detroit, Mich. President- Lillian Dombrowski, 19955 Gallagher, D etroit 34, Mich. Iota ( 1923 )-Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas. President-Wanda Barb, 234 East 7th, Augusta, Kan. Lambda (1926)-Temple University, Philadelphia. President-Marie Furia, 1407 Ellsworth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Nu ( 1928-1940; 1948 )-Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colo. President- Ruth J acquez, Route 2, Dura ngo, Colo. Omicron (1930)-Concord College, Athens, W. Va. President- Ellen Maples, 115 West " C" St., Beckl ey, W . Va. Pi ( 1930)-Harris Teachers College, St. Louis, Missouri. President- Carol Willman, 4933 Finkman St., St. Louis 9, Mo. Rho (1932-1948; 1949)-Southeastern State College, Durant, Okla. President- Joyce Foster, M a rietta, Okla. Sigma (1925)-State Teachers College, Buffalo, N.Y. President- Norma Willingdon, 11 9 Stratfor d Rd .,. Buffalo, N. Y.

Zeta Tau ( 1935 )-Longwood College, Farmville, Va. President- D emetra Stegee, 241 Raleigh Ave., H ampton, V a. Upsilon ( 1935 )-Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Ark. Presi den t- Sara Bran d on, Fordyce, Ark . Phi ( 1940)-Southeastern Louisiana College, Hammond, La. President- Adelaide Johnson, Box 132, Mandeville, L a. Chi ( 1940-1948; 1950 )-Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W. Va. Pres ident- Bonnie Smith, Capon Bridge, W . V a. Psi ( 1944 ) -Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. President- J acquelyn King, 15 Alice St., Pittsburgh 5, P a. Omega (1945 )-Minot State Teachers College, Minot, N.D. President- Sheila Kopp elsloen, Box 1036, Garrison, N . D . Alpha Alpha ( 1945 ) -Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, I d. P resident- M aybelle Crumrine, 906 S. 21 st St., N ew C as tle, Ind. Alpha Beta ( 1946 ) -Marshall College, Hun rington, W. Va. P resident- Evelyn Fulbright, 304 7 W allace Rd., Huntington, W. V a. Alpha Gamma (1946 )-Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Ark. President- N a ncy D awley, 707 Olive St., T exa rk a na, T ex. Alpha Delta (1948)-Southwestern Missouri State College, Springfield, Mo. President- Barbara Ann Scott, W omen's R esidence H all, Springfield, Mo . Alpha Epsilon (1948 )-Western Illinois State College, Macomb, Ill. President- Gloria Horney, 308 W . Adams, M acomb, Ill. Alpha Lambda ( 1953) -Radford College, Radford, Va. President- Virginia Lindsey, Allisonia, V a.

Entered as second class ma tter November 25, 1937, a t the post office at St. Paul, Minn ., under the Act of August 24, 1912. " Acceptance fo r ma ili ng a t the special rate of postage provided for in Section 3+.40, P.L . and R. , 1948 edition , pa ragra ph d , Act of Febr ua ry 28, 1925; 39, . S. Code 283, was a uthorized 0 tober 10, 1949." THE ANCHOR of Alpha Sigma Tau is publi hed during the month of . ' ovember , J a nuary, . pril , a nd July by Lela nd Publishers, Inc., The F ra ternit y Pres , official sorority publ i hers to the ororit a t 264~ niversit y Ave., t. Pa ul 14, M inn. ubscrip tio n price , 3.00 per year . Ed it oria l O ffice : ~I rs . Parry ch ipp,路l", 5300a Sutherla nd, t. L ouis 9, M o.

Mrs. Wanda Crawford Bates, 20 s. Normal, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

1953 July ANCHOR  
1953 July ANCHOR