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_April 1951

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APRIL, 1951







Attention Alumnae ! ......... ..... .. ..... ..... ....... .......................................... ............. Life Membership ..................... ................................................................ ....... Pledge Study ................................. ............... .................. .... ................. ............. M argaret Gracey Elected Pres ident. ........ ....... ... ... ..... .. ... .. ......... ..... .... ... ....... A.S. T. Goes International... .............. .. ... ..... ...... ... ........ .. .......... ......... .... .. ...... .. H omecoming Queen ... ... ...... .. ...... ..... .......... .... ....... .... ..... ..... ........ ........ .... .. ...... The Inspiration of A.S.T. ............. .. ..... ..... .......... ... .. ....... ...... ................... .. .... M exico, L and of En chantment. .. ... ..... .... ..... ... ...... ...... ............... ...... ..... ......... Penl and Fund .......... .. ........ ....... .... ... .... ..... .. .... .. ..... ...... ... ....... .. .... .. ........... ..... .. Introducing L ambie Pye .. ... ......... ... ....... ........ .. ............ .... ....... ....................... Awards ......... ... .. .......... ... ....... ....................... ....... .... ..... ....... .. .... ..... .... ...... ......... Cou rtesy ...... ........... ....... .... .... ............... ... ... .... .. ............ .... ....... ........ .......... ........ Top T aus ... .. .... ......._. ..... .... ... ...... ......... .......... .. .................. ..... ... .... .. ..... ............. Examinations . .................... .......... .................................. ................ ............ .. ... Mu ic ........ .... ... .......... ................ ... ..... ... .... ....... ... ....... ...... ...... .. ..... .... ................ Collegiate Chapters .... ... ..... .:.. ... ....... ... ...... .. ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... .... ..... ... ...... ... ..... Alumnae Cha pters ....... ...................................................................... ............. Person als . ....... ......... ........................ ................ ................................................. Directory .... ......... .............. .. ..... ............ .... ..................... ..................... .... ... ....... Cover- Administ ration Building Ball Sta te T eachers College, Muncie, Indi a na

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THE ANCHOR of Alpha Sigma Tau is published during the mont hs of November, J anuary1 A~ril a nd J uly by Lela nd Publishers, I nc. , Tne F ra: tern ity J>ressk official sorority publi hers to the sorority at <:642 niversity Ave. , t. Paul 4 Minn. Subscript ion price, $3.00 per year. Edl: Ior ia! Offio~ Mrs . Parry Sch ippers, 5300a Suth erla nd , St. L ouis 9, Mo.

Entered as second class matter November 25, 1937, a t the post office at St. Paul , Minn ., under th e Act ol August 24, 1912. "Acoeptance for mailing at the sp ecial ra te of postage provided for in Section 34.40, P .L. and R., 1948 edition , pa ragraph d, Act of February 28, 1925; 39, U . S. Code 283, was authorized O ctober 10, 1949."




Alpha Alpha's Fall pledge class: Left to right Ist row: Ilene Iler, Arlene Summers, Shirley Hemphill, George Ann Yount, Carol Cottingham, Violet Vlahenich, Sandra Sallwasser. Wanda Copeland. Mary Nicholson (pledge mother). 2nd row: Susie Lutes, Mory Fulea. Shirley Entrekin. Marilyn Smiley. Joan Sharbak. Rosemary Wandell, Mary Ann Fuer. 3rd row: Jo Patritz. Wanda Jo White. Janice Kohlmyer. Jean Hilder!. president of the pledge class. Mary Ellen Voissard, Bessie Pantinas. Kathryn Poi. Jo Cyr.

_Attention _Alumnae f Bv ELIZABETH WILSON National Alumnae Chairman

interest shown by so many of our alumna " Yet, her chapter represents one of the most active chapters, a group which ha k pt together through correspon dence and alumnae chapter affiliation wherever possibl . One of the most gratifying feelings as Alumnae Chairman is that of being abl to notify an alumna who moves to anoth r city that there is a n Alpha Sigma T a u Alumna Chapter there, and to notify the Pr 路 id ent of that local group that she has another prospective member. Unfortunately, ma ny moves are made to locations wher we still du not have alumnae chapters-no "concret " mea ns of displaying fri endship. Man y alumn ae have moved to strange towns, become affili a ted with the local alumnae chapter an d hav had their stay in that new home made mor pi as a nt by Alpha Sigma T au associa tion . Th re a re hundred more living in citi es with other sorority sisters whom they don't even know . Alumnae R epresen tatives have bee n making a strong effort to keep track of the e "scattered alumn il.e," keep them informed of sorority affairs and give them gos ipy news about college fri ends. Each one of you has som ething your sorority needs-it may be a particul a r kill or talent, or a chee ry note to your Alumn ae R epresentative a bout yourself, your famil y or a fri er.d, a post card to the Alum R ep that you did enjoy h er New letter. In return Alpha Sigma Tau offers you the love and friend hip of more than 5,000 other orority sisters.

Elizabeth Wilson

;\; "So long a we love, we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I should say we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend ." This quotation by Robert Louis Stevenson emphasizes the most precious things in lifelove and friendship- two of the ideals that Alpha Sigma Tau puts high on its list. The aim and obj ective of alumnae affiliation is to e ta bli h a nd maintain loyal friendships. L as t spring, one of the Alumnae R epresentative wrote in h er Newsletter, "One of the most serious handicaps we fa ce i the dis-

Greer Sisters' Sister Gets Scroll of Merit ;t Mrss FRANCES GREER, Arkansas-born M etropolitan opera star and sister of Kacky and H elen Greer, students at ASTC, Upsil on Chapter. A~T, has been awarded the scroll of merit by the Arkansas state society of Washington, D. C. She was an honor guest

at the society's recent annual congre ional reception. All member of Arkan a ' ongressional delegation were in the r cei ing line. Miss Greer will be featured in the ollege' annual Founder's Day program on Ma 12.





National L ife Membership Chairman

Good Standing is something that you cannot see, h ear, feel, ta te or smell but it i a very desirable thing to pos ess. Payment of your life membership i one of the requirements of Good Standing. You need it to be eligible for m ember hip in an alumnae chapter. W e have thirty-five alumnae chapters in a many ities in the United States. Think of wh a t it could mean to you should you find yourself, a stranger, in any one of the e citie ! You immediately have a circle of friends bound together by ties that are tronger than you can realize until you have had uch an experience. Life member hip in Alpha Sigma Tau has come about through neces ity. During our ea rly history we had no such requirement. News L etters were ent out free to all alumnae. The next step was the adoption of the present fee but more time was allowed for the payment. Member had two year after graduation or leaving school to complete the payment. Many of these payments were never completed . This put the burden upon the ones who were paying. Alumnae were still receiving the Chapter News L etter free. Time changed and prices began to spiral up and up . o more free News_ L etters-it can't be done and Life M embership must be paid before graduation or leaving chool to keep in good standing.

Gretchen Gaffney

;\; LIFE MEMBERSHIP in Alpha Sigma T au can mean a great deal to each one of us. The cost is really small in comparison to the things we receive for the payment of the fee. There is a! o the added satisfaction an d good feeling it brings to know that we are assuming our share of the cost of sprea ding the ideals and purposes of Alpha Sigma T au . The fee h as never been raised, it is still fifteen doll ars, which is payable before gradua tion or when leaving school. This ruling was adopted by the sorority in convention at Cincinnati. The material things that we receive are THE ANCHOR of Alpha Sigma Tau and your own chapter News L etter. You will receive them for the rest of your life. We will have to have your correct name and address at all times to be able to do thi~. R egardle s of changes th at may be made in the future in the ost of life memb r hip, your tatu will not change. You are a life member and as such will receive all the benefits it offers.

M embership in an al umnae chapter can mean more to you tha n the two or three year you have in the collegiate chapter. I h ave been an active member of the Flint Alumnae Chapter for at lea t fourteen year . The fri endship I have made from this m ember hip mean more to me than I can convey. We work together not only for our own chapter, but for the two close t collegiate cha pters and our national ocial ervic ,. ork. Wherever there are five or more lpha Si()'ma Tau' livin()' in a illage, town or cit it will be worth your while to p tition the Central Office for a Charter for your own lub or chapter. 4




N ational Pledge Chairman ;\; THERE is no phase of collegia te sorority life that h as more far-reaching significance than pledge education . Upon the effectiveness of intelligent pledge training rests the future stability and progress of the orority. After the rushing period with its a ttendant excitement, ha rd work, a nd stimul a ting competition, the collegiate chapter members sometimes tend to "relax" and to enj oy the prospect of having these new sisters as active m embers and loyal fri ends. This m ay be a da ngerous attitude because in our compl acency we sometimes feel that once girls have become pledged to Alph a Sigma T au, th ey a re ready to assume full responsibilities of group membership and possibly lea derhip, and in this we are sadl y mistaken . The new pledge is usually enthusiastic, curious, a nd immensely eager to participa te in all activiti es of thi new affili a tion. It is a grave re ponsibility, therefore, for the chap ter to guide this new member into full understanding of the sorority world, and, in addition, to help each pledge to achieve h er own maxim um potentialities for h appy relationship in college, in the sorority, a nd in the community outside th ese groups of which sh e is a part. The n a tional Pledge Study committee provid es ma teri als to assist each cha pter in the orientation of new members to sorority life. The genera l aims have been to promote the Alpha Sigma T au obj ectives of ethical, cultural, a nd social development of each member. The more specific goals. of the pledge study program may be summa rized as1- To give the pledge a n understanding a nd apprecia tion of the true significa nce of Alph a Sigma Tau by explaining the history a nd development of the sorority; its place in the larger world of Pan hellenic; the rela tionship between alumnae, collegia te, and college; responsibilities of membership ; traditi ons; ideals ; and ritual. 路 2- T o promote the development of the whol e personality of the pledge so that sh e may become the best individual of which sh e is capable by guiding her in the rea liza tion of all fa c tors th a t comprise the total well-

( Beverly Bollard

adjusted personali ty ; formul a ti on of worthwhile standards of moral a nd o ial conduct ; know ledge a nd practi ce of accepta bl 路 so ial conventions a nd desirable a ttitude . Although the publica tion of the Pledge Manual, S ocial Prece dents and Sorority Ethics, Pledge Stud'y Ou tline, a nd Pled ae Examination has faci lita ted the organi za tion of pledge training a nd ha set ta ndard of a ttainment, in the last a nalysis it i th local collegia te cha pter Pl edge Chairman with her committee who wi ll se t th e " ton e" for eac h pledge group in eve ry chapter. Chapter vary widely in ize, geographi loca le, ocioeconom ic status, a nd ram pu problem . Eac h ch apter's Pledge Chairman mu t, of nece ity judge local conditions and adju t her plan to the environment and cha rac ter of her particul a r pledge class. E ac h chapter should not r ga rd pledge training as simpl y the provi nce of th e pecial chairman alone. The oth er offi ce r a nd members should rea lize tha t each one ha om con tribution to make to the total program . A a " big sister" to a pledge there i opportunity for lea der hi p and con tru tive teaching. The more participa nt there a re in pledge training, whether alu mna e co ll egiate or faculty, the more ucces ful a nd productive will be the fin al accompli hment a mea ured by the pl edge' a ttitude , knm led e a nd ac hi evement in the chapter.

t ON February 6, M argaret Gracey was installed as president of Chi Chapter . At Charles Town High School, from which she graduated in 1948, she wa a member of th e Glee Club, a staff member of the Rambler, yearbook, and a member of the basketball team for three year . She h as been a member of the Doll y M adison 4 -H Club for ten yea rs, Girl Scouts for three yea rs, and is a n ac tive member of the Cha rles Town Presbyterian Church. Margaret is a junior a t Shepherd, wo rking for an A.B. degree in Secondary Education with teaching fi elds in Commerce and English .


t ON the recommendation of the AmericanScandinavian F~undation, and as the recipient of one of six scholarships awarded by the Indiana State T eachers College Board to "across-the-seas" students, Miss Ingeborg Hugo from Oslo, Norway, was on the campus of Ball State T eachers College, Muncie, Indian a, during the school year of 1949-50. Our Alpha T au collegiates rushed, pledged, a nd initiated Ingeborg, and her contributions 路 to the organization were many and varied during h er stay with us. Ingeborg returned to Norway during the summ er of 1950. a nd just before Christma she wrote Mi s Frances Bot ford, one of our advisers, who teache business edu ca tion a t Ball Sta te. " I a m back in a teachers ollege h ere in Oslo and once in a whi le we have just a littl e to do of reading and writing. You know how it is. At the same time I hav been taking a 60-hour course in typing. How is yo ur Chri tma - a ation this y a r.


(There is no que tion mark on my machine.) My brother will be hom e from England, where he i studying . . . W e are "Dreaming of a White Christmas" of course so we ca n do a lot of kiing . . . I got a long letter from my pledge-sister, Millie Titu , a few days ago. She wrote me all about what has been going on at Ball State thi fall, and of course most about Alpha Sigma Tau. I do miss it. I am h olding meeting all by my elf - more than once a week. I have placed the A.T. Songbook at the piano and am having a good time trying to learn the ongs. I do like orne of them o much . And, you see, I have to know them before I vi it America next time . . . And now I will ask you to end my love to my i ter in the Alpha Sigma Tau Alumnae. I wi h I h ad more time to get acquainted with them but. I am thinking of them . M aybe ou ar ha ing a little party before Chri tma . Do !rive them all m be t ' i h e for Chri tma and for the N ew Y ar ... Alpha ioma Tau love from - ! GEBORG."

_}jomecomin'J Queen

Patricia Walter

t PATRICIA WALTER, Chi, had the distinc tion of being Shepherd College's first " homecoming queen." Pa tricia live at Mill r H a ll, girl' s dormitory, and she is also the intramural sports representative for Chi Chapter of Alph a Sigma Tau. At Martinsburg High S hool , from which she gradu ated in 1949, sh was a member of Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Future Homemakers of Am erica, the Glee Club, the basketball team for two y a rs, and a staff member of the Triangle, th e high school yearbook. For two years she was considered an honor camper at Camp Horseshoe. Patricia is a ophomore at Sheph erd, working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education.


t As we a re a bout to complete our cycle as a collegiate Tau, we look back upon our life in so rority, an d with that refl ec tion we realize how large a part of our coll ege lives we would have missed h ad we not joined a sorority, a nd especiall y h ad we not joined Alpha Sigma Tau. There was the rapidity of rushing, the promises of pledging, and the inspira tion of initia tion to be ad ded to our experience. As freshm en we were awed and humbled by the inta ngibl e ties that bound the girl in a tru e sisterhood. During our sophomore yea r we began to feel as if we were a truly vital part of the group. W e had an opportunity to m aintain the high standards and traditions that

we inherited. W e felt a re ponsibility in choosing those who were to follow u but still we looked to our older si ter for a uida nce. Then we becam e juniors and becam increasingly a ware of the purpose a nd a lue of AST. More tha n ever we wer proud to wear th e pin which stands for er ice a nd leadership. Now we a re seniors a nd we h a e a umed the lea dership of a group which we feel ha the same devotion to the ideal of Alph a igma Tau as we h ave. Our pra er for the fu ture is that the sororit will continue to inspire others as it h a u .


Bv L uciLLE M. PETERSON ;\;. IF you apprecia te beauty in its many form s, M exico is th e land for you . Along the Pan Am erica n Highway, a you motor southwa rd, there are brea th-taking climbs, snow-ca pped volcanoes, purple mountains, multi-colored sand form a tions, exotic cactus blossoms, and warm orange groves scenting the air with delicate fragrance. In the larger cities there are cathedrals of amazing style and decoration and homes of great beauty and modernity. Everywhere, there are flow er-fill ed patios and p lain nut-brown adobe houses. You m ay take your choice of the many places to visit. There is the charming colonial city of T axco, built on a mountain side, spotted with brilliant bougainvillaea a nd jaca randa, and towered over by the sparkling blue and gold tiled dome of the famous Santa Prisca ca thedral and by a maj e tic backdrop of mountains. There is semi -tropi-

cal Cuernavaca with its profusion of lovely flowers and gaily covered mod ern hom es. Th ere is quaint, un poiled Oaxaca and sophistica ted Acapulco . F east your eye on th e

About the Author Mrs. Ha rold Peterson has been appointed one of the Alumnae Representatives for Sigma Chapter.

crystal-clear blue wa ter of L akes Patzcuaro and Chapala and on the colorful array of fruits, flowers, vege ta bl es, and handicraft at the weekly market . If you are a lover of fine handicrafts, M exico will constantl y delight you . You will marvel at the vari ega ted O axaca pottery, at the simple, unfired, h and- h aped black pots of Coyotepec, and a t the wonderfully imagina tive design crea ted by the Tlaquepaque potters. You will reve l in the tran lu ent purple, blue, amber, and green h and-blown glas wa re of Gu adala jara and in the intricate-ly h an d-wrought silverwork of Taxco and M exico City. The h andwoven table linen of Oaxaca a nd the gay colorful erap e of O axaca and Saltill o will intrigu e you. A wide variety of fine ly tooled lea ther pur e belt , a nd wa ll et awajt your ele tion. And who can re i t the de licate la cquerwar of Urua pan and Quiroga? For the hi toricall mind d, M exic i a trea ure house. You can gaz in aw d .ilene

Flower-bedecked "canoas" at Xochimilco.


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13. Rt..c.-e-


- .. ;'



with the menac ing smoking volcano in the foreground, combine to make a n un fo rg tta ble impression. Then there a rc th romantic flo a ting gard ens of Xochimi lco, whcr . in flower-bedecked "canoas," you are paddled up and down peacefu l lagoons, serenaded by floa ting musicians, a nd regaled with gardenia corsages a nd baskets of fl owers.

at the massive Toltec pyramids at San Juan T eotihuaca n, a t the Aztec remains at T enayuca, at the geometrically perfect Zapotec ruin at Mitla, and at the extensive plan of Monte Alban and its fabulous collection of jewels. You can wander through the ummer palace of Cortes a nd the once splendid Borda Gardens (a did Maximilian and Carlotta ) at Cuerna vaca. At M exico City you can visit famou Chapultepec Castle, home of emperor and president a nd site of bloody battles with the United States and of a peaceful conference with the American R epublics. How meaningful becomes M exico's truggle for independence when you visit childhood homes of revoluti onary h eroes, see the many monuments erected in their memory, and try to interpret th e flambo ya nt murals of Diego Rivera. Are you interested in romance, excitement, and adventure? A visit to the newly active volcano Paric utin is awesome and incompara bl e. Driving by taxi over volcanic ash and riding horseback over jagged lava flow,

Colonial Taxco. silver mmmg town, built on a mountain side.

Skit Nite March 30 from Collegian of HTC-Pi ;\; S. N . PRESE NTED! Yes, Skit Nite, sponsored by Alpha Sigma Tau was presented March 30, its sixth annual appearance. It was held at Soldan-Blewett High School a t 7: 30p.m. Skit Nite, whic h was the "brainstorm" of M ary Peck, a former Alpha, wa first presented in 1946. Each year since, it has been given by the Alphas, who hope to sponsor it for ma ny more yea rs.

All th e so rorities a nd fra ternitie , the In depen dent Wom en' Associa tion a nd the Lettermen's C lu b are asked to participa t in Skit ite. Each organization put on a n original skit, which is ju t a much a urpri e to Alpha Sigm a T au a it i to the a udi en e. Prizes are awa rded to the four be t kit , which are chosen by the audi ence. I n 1946 and 1947 Pi Kap won fir t plac in 1 -1-8 a nd 1949 Sig Bee won. an d in 1950 Pi K a p won first pl ace.


Bv DoROTHY M. BRODHEAD ;\; You a re already familiar with the Lan ing Alum's social service program, which is woven around the Penland School of H andicraft. A a n out-growth of last spring's project, we are extremely happy to a nnounce tha t a permanent AST Penland Fund h as been established which . is open to everyone who wishe to con tribute-regardless of the ize of the chec k. This will en a ble mall group , as ':"ell a large pro perou one , the opportumty to h ave a h and in making the AST room a joy to behold and a cred it to both the institution and the sorority for which it _is ~am ed . Therefore, it is with great adrmratwn that we dedica te thi permanent ~ST Pe~l an d Fund to our beloved sorority sister, Miss Lucy M organ, who i known n ationally and internationally. Those who rea d the November ANcHoR or have a ttended the Penland School, are fully aware of the dra tic n eed for more furni hings for the room. Mis Lucy writes that the next purch ase will be a burea u, a desk a nd a comfortable chair. W e feel certain tha t this Fund will enable her to m ake wise selections of matched furnishings. L a ter, when our room is completed, this fu nd m ay be used where it i most needed- perhaps to promote one of the most outsta ndino- H andicraft Li~raries in the country, or"' even a s~hol ar hi p. In case you have a ny suggestions, please end them to the President of the Fund.

The Pines- Home of


Part of the Penland Fund Committee: L. to R. -Mrs. Arthur Wilson, chairman, Mrs. Robert Kimmick, Pres. of the Fund, Mrs. Gilbert Miles, Hostess lor Miss Lucy, and Miss Lucy Morgan, Treas.

To the right of the Lily Loom Hou e, tands the Edwa rd Wor t Crafthou e, a large log and tone tructure which wa one the original Loom H ou e. The library i here. L ecture , entertainment and folk d a ncing as wall a h andicraf t di p lay a re held on this fl oor. There i a large porch extending the whole length of the building which ena bles one to gaze ae ro the valley where the mountain mee t the ky. The two upper floor serve a tudent rooms and dormitorie . The ground floor of thi Crafthouse contain a gift hop, di playing raft work from the local community and from the outhern highland . The hop of the R elated Craft clivi ion are al o loca ted h ere. ~neid enta ll y,. the chapter of A:E.T wi hing to mcrease their trea ury, might enjoy elling Penla nd c ~af t work ; if o I u o-ge t that you ~ont ac t Miss Lu cy. Or better till-why not JOurney down to Penland for a re tful acation a nd enjoy your A:S:T R oom? In re pon e to our appeal for doner , are mo t grateful for the everal enthu ia ti inquirie a to how the dona tion an b made. Plea e make out all h e k to th A:E.T Penl and Fund, then end them to th President, Mr . Rob rt Kimmi k, 119 W . Grand River venue L an ino1ichio- n . Mrs. Kimmi k will endor e them , pa ,, bl t Mi Lucy Moro-an, Trea urer of th Fund wh wi ll m kc the depo it t th ...,T P n~




THE ANCHOR land Fund Account. In the next ANCHOR, we will give a complete financial report of all contributions, donors and disbursements of the Fund. By the way- m y apologies to Miss Lucy, for h av ing o unwittingly misplaced this favorite room , the building which houses the A~T Room is loca ted in The Pines building-not in the Lil y Loom Hou e. On the fir t floor of The Pines building is an a ttractive lounge, cheerful dining rooms, modern kitchen and laundry. To the right, on seco nd floor, i Miss Lucy's residence and adjoining h er a pa rtment, the second group of windows, is the A~T Room. The remainder of this fl oor an d th e third is devoted to student rooms and dormitory space. Th e building to the left is The Pines, built of native stone. In the center, dominating the buildings, tand The Lily Loom H ouse, bea utifully designed to blend with the mountain background and to be a functional unit of the chool. On the ground

This is Penland!

floor i th e ma in office, the student supply store and storage rooms. On the main floor is one large room covering th whole a rea of the building with the two long wall s almost completely of gla . This light, unobstru cted floor space is covered with a great variety of looms a nd erves a a laboratory for teaching hand weav ing.

t NAN CY MILES was selected as the sweetheart of Phi L am bda Chi, at their a nnual da nce held Novem ber 18, 1950. Taney, a junior of H ot Spring , Arkansa , i majoring in home economic . A tall , vi aciou brunette, Nancy hardl y looks a one wou ld expect the star a thlete of ,a so rority to look. H er winning ways h ave made ancy a favorit with everyone. The H enderson yea rbook, The Star, till year will contain the picture of h.vo Alpha Tau' a mong their beautie : Pa t y M cPherson of Hope, Arka n a , a nd Mickey Pittman of. Hot Springs, Arka n as . Ba bs Mazzia a nd M ary Ann Lowe, both of Hot Spring , Arka nsa , were ele ted a candidate for sponsor of the R.O.T .C. unit. Nancy Miles

]EANETIE K. ZoRzi ;\; TEMPLE UNIVERSITY was recently invaded by the appearance of a doll sized co-ed Approxim a tely a foot high, the mite a nswered to the name of L ambie Pye, when questioned, and gave her addre a the "Cloi ters" of Lambda Chapter, Alpha Sigma T au. Th e diminutive A~T, dressed in a na tty cherry a nd white chee r-lead ing outfit complete with a doll-sized penn a nt, a nnounced tha t she had recently enroll ed in the University and was taking a course in Husba nd Management. School pirit thrill ed h er a nd she told reporters tha t she was determined to boost it even higher and to go out for all ex tra-curricular activitie . A visit to her abode disclosed tha t her wardrobe a lso includes a red a nd white striped plav dress, and a tunning tea l-blue evening- gown. H er eamstresse trapl e plan to enlarge her wardrobe very soon. To get down to fa cts, Lambie Pye is the brain storm of Lambda Chapter. Originall y she was bought and dressed by the girls, to be chanc ed off at a benefit bazaar. But she captured our hea rts and it would have been like loosinrr a member to lose Lambie. Our Alumn ae Cha pter very generou ly donated money to the bazaar to ma ke up for the loss. She's a cute little doll, and her clever chee r-l ead ing outfit, which includes a cherry jacket, skirt a nd bea nie with a white " T" on the tip, a nd a white blouse, was made by the mother of one of the member . Onl y fifteen inche high, this blue-eyed, brown haired miss capture everyone' hea rt and ha now been adopted as the "Spirit of T emple U." She' a popular mi s, and a rti cles a bout her

Lambie Pye and Wardrobe

a ppear frequently in the coll ege new paper. Lambie attend nearly all o ial function and was een cheering at all football gam es. She even made the trip to Penn ta te, when the team played up there. She i now easil y tra nsported in a cherry and white box, which Dr. Ba rne , husba nd of ou r advi er, made for her. No, we're not ju t playing with doll . L a mbie i no longer ju t a doll. She' " chool spirit"; omething which n eeds building up at T empl e University. L am bd a Chapter through L ambie Pye, is proud to h a ve a ha re in the building of this valuable at tribute.

Former A ....T Wins Scholarship ;\; Mr s BARBARA STRODE of M aquon who a ttended her fir t two year of coll ege a t Wes tern Illinois State College, a nd beca me affili a ted with th e Alph a Ep ilon Chapter of A:ST,

receiv d a n acrobatic Scholarship from the niversi ty of Florida a t Talla ha e where he i now a ttendinrr chool. The niverit ha ixt -fi e hundred tudt'nt .


Bv MRs . J. E. GA UG HAN , N ational A wards Chairman ;\; LET u sta rt first with the cholarship awards. A cup engraved with the chapter' s name is given to the Collegiate Chapter h aving the highest average for a school year. Unless the same r h;..ptr r wins it for three con secutive years, in which case it becomes permanent property of th a t chapter, it is sent on to the new winning chapter which keeps it for a year. The schola rship ring is awarded to the girl or girls who make a perfect average for the year . Now tha t we know a bout them, do we do anything as an individual to help our cha pter attain them ? It wou ld be wonderful if engraved on the cup was the name of each of our chapters. Instead, the cup seems to pay return visits to a few ch apters. H as your chapter won the cup ? Why not ? What are you going to do to bring it into your sorority house or rooms? Each girl is responsible for h er sh are- for a chain is as trong as its weakest link. The choosing of a Top Tau from each of the collegia te ch apters is a new award this year. Each chapter has an outstanding memher who should be honored whether sh e is presid ent of the chapter or an all around good member- she will be symbolic of what

Mrs. J. E. Gaughan

our sorority stands for. The Top Tau will be chosen from among your own members as three girl ' names were submitted from each chapter. She will be selected on th basis of campus and sorority activitie 路 a nd schol arship. In addition sh e wi ll a! o be a person who typifies true womanlin e s a nd a gracious way of living to you who know her.

CourlMIJ Bv DoROTHY STADLER, Nationa l Court esy Chairman ;\; WHEN we repeat th e Creed of Alpha Sigma T au, each member declares her belief in the importa nce of: "Cultiva ting Beauty of Spirit and Graci ousness of Living in all m y contacts with others." It is in tha t spirit, that the Courtesy Committee of Alpha Sigma T au a ttempts to perform the task of practicing the various acts of courtesy a nd good manners. In the O ctober 1944, issue of THE ANcHoR, Miss Irene Scrivener, Rho Cha pter adviser, wrote an inspiring m essage interpreting these lines of our Alpha Sigma T au Creed. I quote from the . article. "As we strive to reach the standard set for us in these words of our creed, it will be helpful to consider what orne of the World's greatest thinkers have sa id in regard to the value of Courtesy

and th e qua lities tha t one should cultivate in order to be socia ll y pleasing." ((L ife is not so shoTt but there is always time for Court esy., -EM ERSON. ((For manners are not idle, but the fru it of loyal nature and of noble mind., - TEN 'YSON.

((Th e constant int erchange of those thousand little Courtesies w hich imperc ptibly swee ten life has a happy effect upon "the features and spreads a mellow evenin a charm ov ~ r the wrinkles of old age.))- lRvJ G. ((Goo d breedin a differs if at all from high breeding only as it aracefull y rem emb rs the rights of ot hers than aracefull y insists on its own rights.))- CARLYLE. ((W hat Wisdom can you fi n d that is ar ater than kindn ess? ))-R o SEA .


Th is bronze crested loving cup p resente d to e a ch to p Tau

;\; NITA FLo KENNEDY- Rho Chapt er, Elementary Education and Home Economics major, D ean's and President's Honor Roll, Cardinal K ey, Art Club, Wesley Foundation, Secretary of class two years, D elegate to R egional Affairs. National and State R epresentative to M ethodist Student Movement Convention, Beaux Arts Ball and Float chairma n.

;\; EMMA MAE PITTARD--,(eta Tau Chapt er, Biology major, House Council, Rotunda taff, Alpha Phi Sigma, K a ppa D elta Pi, chola rhip award, YWCA, Cotillion Club, Fire Warden. ;\; jEWEL ELIZABETH Fo sTER- Phi Chapt er, Education and Home Economic major, S.L.C. Beauty, Queen of Sweethea rt Ball, Maid in Strawberry Ball, Sweetheart of Phi Lambda Chi, Kappa D elta Pi, Honor Convocation, Student Council, tate Parliamentarian for H ome Economic Club , Executive Council M em ber of Louisia n a F ederation of College a nd Universitie , Glee Club, BSU ., Dram a tic Club, Pa nhellenic, president of the Pep Squ ad.

;\; PHYLLIS STUCKEY- Chi Chapter, Arts and Science major, chaplain of chapter, float committee for homecoming, Second place Best Citizen Contest, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Council, in Who's Who Among Student s, in four major dramatic productions, active in radio, member of oc tette.


t JoYCE LILLIAN CARTER-Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Associa tion of Women Students Council, House Presidents' Council K appa D elta Pi, D elegate of A WS to Yo'uth and Co~munity Service, D elegate of A WS to R egwnal Conference, D elegate National A WS Conferen ce, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. t D ELORES M ERZ-Sigma Chapter, El ementary Education ( Science) m ajor, New York S.ta te Scholarship, Panhell enic R epresentative, Future Teachers of America, Gamm a D elta, W alther League, basketball volleyball badminton, soccer, archery. ' '

t E MILY ScoTT- Psi ChafJt er, Elementary Education ma jor, K appa D Ita Pi R epresenta tive, G.A.Y.C. , Westmjnster Fellowsrup Schol ar hip award from Alumnae chapter' Drama tics. ' t D oRINDA THEUER- Alpha D elta Chapter, m ajor, member of speech quad, R adiO Club, pre ident of Collep;e Theatre, attenda nt to the R ose of Sigma Gamma and honor roll tudent.

;\; M ARJLY W EAVE R- D elta Ch apt er, Bu iEduca tion ma jor, 75th Anniversary ne Quee n, Campu Bea uty, Pa nhell eni c member Scribe, Cl as Secreta ry, Yearbook staff, K a ppa D elta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, D ean' List, Student Union, Intramural voll yball, four yea rs chee rleader, College R epre entative to Eas tern Sta tes Coll ege A ocia tion.

;\; ELLENJANE' K . GoHLK E- Th eta Chapt er, Sweetheart Court Mi s Modern D e ign ' ' Interfaith Council, A.W.S ., Y.W.C.A ., Class Boa rd . Progra m Chairma n.

;\; VroL KIN G- Pi C hapt er, Educa tion with Biology a minor, White Ro e M aid Fre h' ma n Schol a rship, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Phi Sigma, K a ppa D elta Pi, Phi Sigma Phi, Ba ketball, V oll eyball. Social Studie Convention, Pa nhellenic represen ta tive.

;\; MARY J o WooDR UF F- Beta Cha pte r, Sec?nda r Educa tion ( p ech Corre tion ) m g . m aJor K a ppa D el ta Pi Alpha Pi vt c pre idcnt o ia t d '" om n tudcnts. 16

Cxaminalion6 BY RuTH S. Fox National Examinations Chairman ;t. EXAMINATION S are necessary, just a occasionally it is necessary to examine one's self to find out whether th e course we are taking is the one we had planned and hoped to follow. Part of our ritual says "Wha tsoever things-Think on these things." W e cannot learn the ritual required without doing som~ thinking about "these things," a nd thus makmg them part of our daily lives. So ou r sorority examinations hold us to the course of high ideals a nd sta ndards planned by the Founders of Alpha Sigma Tau . As Examination Chairman, I do not make the tests. M y job is simply to grade them

a nd th en report a nd record the results. Th stand a rds are high, each girl is required to score 80 % on all tes ts. This job sounds routine and it is; but by correspondence with girls ~nd advisers, th y h ave become much more tha n names. The little anxieties, worri es, an d upsets that hapters sometim es tell me abo ut, make us one big a nd very hu ma n group of sisters. But if by doing thi s routin e task of grading tests, I contribute just a small service towa rd making the organ ization of our Alpha Sigma T au function more smoothl y, I'm happ y!

BY MRs. E. C . TwoRK National Music Chairman ;t. ONE of the duties of the National Music Chairman is to stimulate interest of the m embers in writing new songs. Previous experience shows that when there is a definite dema nd for songs there is a response. For instance in the prep aration of the Songbook by Sara h Perrine, many were the replies to h er reques"ts for songs, many finding their way into the Songbook of which we are so proud . After the Songbook was completed there was a definite drop off in the receipt of new songs. Sarah moved to California and asked to be released from the Chairma nship. For quite a long period no su ccessor was named until time to make preparations for the Ninth Convention in D etroit. R equ ests were made for suitable Convention songs. A contest was announced and the many replies were very gratifying. When all were presented in contest at the Convention not one but two were chosen as most outstanding. Once again Alpha Sigma Taus had responded . Since the convention there h as been an other lull. M~y I suggest that we could work on an original tune for "Our H ymn?" I have been told that some chapters dislike using the present tune as other fraternities and

Mrs. E. C. Twork

soront1es on the same campu u it. Won't each one consider herself a memb r of the music committee? Come on now, hO\ about flooding my mailbox with ugge tion and SONGS!


hope to h ave a weekend hou e party in M ay a nd we' re making plans for a emi-formal with our brother fraternity, Sigma T au Gamma. Individual a nd sorority activities are under way to finance the e events.MARY T AYLOR.

t ALPHA SIGMA TAu a t Central took in five girls as a result of fall ru hing. Their initiation was on D ecember 17 a t the home of pa troness, Mrs. Fred Bu h . The pledge contributed a new song which h as become one of our favorites. Our spring rush party, Sleepy Tau H eaven, was h eld at the home of President M ary Jo Woodruff on February 21. Out of thi crowd of spark ling girls in pajamas which we openrushed for tW;O days in the following week, we selected " ixteen to whom were sent invita tions to our "Preferential Party on March 7. The Taus were really elated to receive sixteen acceptance . These are all wonderful girls, and you'll be hearing more a bout their activities. They will be initiated into Alpha Sigma Tau on April 29 at the home of Carrie Grambau. On the same day that the Preferential Party invitations were accepted, the n ews came that A.S.T. has the top schola tic point average on ca mpus. Two member of Beta chapter have been m arried since the last is ue of THE ANCHOR. Ca rrie Franklin beca me Mrs. Roland Gram bau on D ecember 23. The Grambau are making their home, for the present, in Mt. Plea ant and Carrie is continuing h er college courses. Joy Matthews becam e Mr . Richard R yan on F ebruary 1. Dick, a tudent a t Miami Univer ity in Oxford, Ohio, expects to enter the armed services in June. W e received a letter from Joy telling us about their little home on the Univer ity campus. Pre ident Mary Jo Woodruff will become Mrs. Charle Owens, after gradu a tion, on June 23, and Dorothy Wright will be Mr . Mi h l W a ke after Augu t 18. Both girl will begin speech correc tion teac hing in the fall. Our annual Senior F arewell dinn r on M ay 31 a nd Pa rent' T ea on June 3 are two f th big coming vent of thi pring. W e

t THE T au won the Intramural Girls' V olleyball Champion hip and have two team (both among the b t team ) in the Girls' Intram ural Basketball Leagu e. We al o won the annual orority-fraternity compe tition "It' Laughter W e're After." We are very proud of our new trophy (a cup ) won on the kit ' Sonny Boy," in which M arilyn W eaver and M ary Loui e Ortman played the leads. Thi i the greate t competitive ac tivity during the chool year and quite a n honor. W e cam e in econd last year with "Frankie and J ohnnie." Mrs. Patricia Grote wa initia ted into K appa Delta Pi- h onorary Schola tic fra ternity. M aril yn W eaver i al o a member. Three new members are Eliza beth Stewart, Dorothy M cClintock and I mogene Hir ch . M a rion Barbert and M arilyn W eave r have been given parts in 'Connec ticut Ya nkee," the a nnual all-school m u ical production. On ovember 2, we received eleven wonderful pledges. They are arrey Wright, J ean W ooley, Nancy Cook, Irene Bagin ki, Phyllis M cCabe, Joan L eid Chri tine Cupelli, Thelma Trunick Alice Jone . Barbara Conner, Glad Nel on. Imoaene Hir ch pledged in O ctober. Mr . Steen, National vice pre ident from Buffalo, N ew York, wa our au e t on ovember 8-10. Pa t Grote had one of the lead in a thr act pla " Goodbye, M Fan " ovember 16 and 17. On of our pi dge , ele ted e rctar of th 18



The Winner in the ISTC Homecoming Parade Saturday was this tine entry. The theme was a gift basket of flowers to the school from the sorority, and a beautiful basket it was with its blooms of lovely faces. Not only was the idea unique. but the float was attractively and colorfully done.

Nancy Wright and T h elma Trunick were chosen ch eerleaders. At our Christmas party- which the pledges gave for the members at the College Lodge, December 14, we held an auction of articles which the girls made-mostly with the sorority in ignia embroidered. An auction held early this year was a big success a nd h elped the treasury ou t very much. O ur biggest honor was the winning of the cup for having the best floa t in the Homecoming Parade, O ctober 14. Each orority, fraternity and clu b on campu s entered a float. W e are very proud of the cup we won and hope that we will h ave a repeat performan cc.-RuTH ANN BAIR D.

;\; ONcE more Zeta is without a home ! For one and a h alf years we enjoyed our two room su ite, but we had to sacrifice our

posses ion for a worthy cau e. The building of a new dormitory h ere at Lock H aven i causing a n acute housing shortage. Therefore, the sorority room a re now hou ing students. We hope that some day, when the new building proj ects are completed, we will have a suite which we ca n really call our own. The Pa nhell eni C baret party proved to be a point of intere t to Alpha Sigma Tau. Each orority presented a short kit. Our Doris M a rasa a nd Sara Stephen on pro ided the main entertainment in the role of tor h singer a nd French mon ieur with the other girls filling in with a background choru . Our five pledge are rea dy for initiation a nd we are con iderinrr a group of fre hman girls for our new pl edge . With the gradua tion of seven member we mu t look to the problem of m ember hip next ear. certain ly plea ed with the n ew girl thi a nd are looking fo rward to good thing th em.- Lor s GRrMM.



photograph of our pin together with tilt> Alpha Sigma Tau lettering. The girls of Theta recognize the great sacrifice the m en of our armed force have made and are making. Under the direction of the Di abled American V eteran Organization we distribute utility articles such as tooth paste, cigarette , and gum to the disabled veteran at th - D earborn Ho pital.ANNE NrcKoL ON.

Theta's Memo Book

t ONcE aga in the Theta girls extended their aid to the bewildered freshmen during the week of registration. We did this in two ways- by setting up an information booth, and co-operating with the Association of Women Students by adopting one or two freshmen girl as our littl e sisters. Be ide being able to show the girl around Wayne University and h elp th em in a ny way possible, we enjoyed our elves and met many new and interesting people. H elen Shimer and Ann ickolson are recent proud m ember of the The ta Cha pter. They were formal)y initiated on F eb. 18, at the home of Dorothy R edman, active m ember. As cheduled, after initiation each member had an 8 x 10 photogra ph taken to be used on a bull etin board at our first rush party. The miling fa ce of our girls against a n emera ld a nd gold background wa different and impressiv . Now we have turned much of our attention and effort to our econd ru h part to b held at the Polli ter T ea Room on Thursday, March 14. In thi connec tion H elen Shimer sp nt a ll her p a r moment preparing some ver u ful memo b ok . Be ides b ing small a nd ca y to h a ndle , they fea ture a

t EvERYO E wa in a dither! Where were the pon ors? Surely they hadn't forgotten to come. The c were the thought and word of th e large group of frat boy , AT girl , and their date the evening of their hayrack ride. After a few a nxiou mom nt on the part of th leader , the group of approximately eighty ladi e and gentlemen started gaily on their way in the three haycovered rack which were hooked behind a trac tor. The pon ors, who finally howed up, were trailing behind in their own ca r. There couldn't h ave been a better time for the group to get together. It wa imply beautiful out ide. A light breeze blew in our face , the ky wa a h eavenly blue; a nd hinin(T brightl y above the earth, wa tha t full moon. Mother N a ture wa r eall y given a ch an e to how all of us what she h ad acCOJllplish ed in her fall decorating of the country ide. The racks were lazily pulled over the country roa d to a ecluded grove of tree ; a nd upon our arrival, we were greeted by the food committee, who r eadily h a nded out wieners and all the trimmings. Hungry tudents with watering mouths fill ed their tick with wiener and qua tted around the blazin(T campfire to roa t them . E en thou(Th orne of the hotdog were burned nearly to a cri p and a few finger were bli tered the piles of food dimini h ed with the speed of a rocket. When all the appetite were ati fied group in(Tin(T was enjoyed . Before we knew it, the time h a d com to ru h back to the r a k and h ad for town . The trip > a ver ex iting, c p eiall , when w rode throuCTh the em et r â&#x20AC;˘.- ALLY Jo PYLE.


;\; WITH new Panhellenic rules going into effect this spring, Lambda went into rushing with a bang. T empl e University now has only one formal rush sea on a year and open rushing exists for the remainder of the school year. "Party Happy" Lambda sta rted the yea r with a New Year's Party on J a nu ary 8. Foreign tudents were guests of the girls and everyone looked forward to a h appy and successful year. Various small " hobby" nights a nd "bowling parties" were interspersed among the formal parties in order to better acquaint us with prospective rushees. On February 10, we joined with the Philadelphia Alumnae in giving a card party and luncheon a t the Homstead R estaura nt. It was very well a ttended, and L ambda received approxima tely $16 as a result of the venture. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our Alums, who came through again, as always. Our especi al tha nks to Ruth Stockman Young, who worked like a Troj a n on thi s and many other proj ects for us. Our Valentine's D ay Pa rty took place on February 17, a t our " Cloisters." This da te affair was quite as successful as all our other parties. Formal ru hing opened on M arch 5, with an Open House. Lambda's theme this year was " Gypsy Caravan" a nd appropria te decora tions included a wheel of fortune, playing cards, and ta mborines galore. At Open House all rush ees circulate and spend approxima tely twe n~y minutes a t each sorority's pa rty. On March 8, we had our formal rush party, a dinner served a t the "Cloisters." Again the decora tions were on a gypsy theme, a nd the appearance of a fortun e telling gypsy, complete with crystal ball, highlighted the evening. Two evening which should bring us a sturdy ga ng of pledges when rushing result are an nounced. Lambda again has something to be proud of. At the Panhellenic T ea on February 16, it was a nnounced tha t we were again the recipients of the Scholarship Cup, given to the sorority with the highest average. It is ours for a year, and when we win it three years, we h ave permanent possession of it.


Incid nta lly, we ha v m past y ars, won possession of two of th s ups- starting on our third now! The up was pr s nted at Gr ek Dinn r on M arch 30, on of th ev nts of Gr k W ekend . Other ev nts in luded Gr ek Sing on M a rch 30 an d Greek Ball , f aturing Vh arlie Sp vak, on M a rch 31. A w k nd which serv s to rem in d u again of how lu cky we are to be memb rs of such a won derful sorority.- J EANETTE ZoRZI.

Y/u j Y/ew Jacuft'f SpontJortJ ;\; LAST PRI NG we pl edged seven girl , Erdeena Stolz, Shirley M adden, Th !rn a Howard, M arie H arri , Alice Overman, G rtrude Noe, a nd Gwendolyn Edwa rds. In May we went to the Brown Palace H otel in D enver for a dinner-dance. W e enjoyed it so much that we intend to make it an ann ua l affair. Twelve of us are enjoying living a t our house a t 1901 13th Avenue with Mr . Leon Clarida our new house-mother. We held open h ouse for other sororities a nd fratemitie O ctober 9, a t which our extet sa ng. Shirley Ben on was one of the even R ocky ca ndida te from Greeley for " Mi Mountain" in O ctober. W e were plea ed to h ave Mr. Hin haw vi it us in November. Given in her honor a t the house was a buffet upper at which th re were everal other notable gue t including Dr. Grace Wil son, D ea n of Women ; Mrs. T ed Smith, Alumnae pre ident of the Greeley Chapter ; Mrs. E ther Baab, Alumn ae R epreentative; and Mrs. R oland W aterman our retiring facul ty sponsor. W e took thi opportunity to introduce our new faculty pon or Mrs. J ame Na rdin a nd Mr. J ack H a n rna. W e got through homecoming ' ith ju t a few scratches and bruise a nd a lot of fun . W e decorated our hou e and entered a float in the parade. W e h ad tea after the gam for the alum . D ecember 1 will be our fir t act toward rushing this yea r . All ororitie on the CSCE Campus a re holding open hou e then for freshmen and tra n fer girl u ing a Chri tm a them e. W e a re looking forward to ru bing and a mountain party next qua rter.



Nu Chapter pledged nine girls this quarter. They are Willine Stiles, Virginia D ean, Janet Nelson, Mona Perkins, Bertha Olsen, Barba ra H ansen, Grace Kister, Audrey Woodbury, and Doris Amston. We had two very different pledge parties. For the first one a musical theme was used. The second was a Chinese supper with Chinese lanterns, costumes, music a nd even chop uey. W e had a large attendance a t our Third Annual Yellow Rose Breakfast h eld on a Sunday morning at our house. Joyce Weisz and Virginia D ean sang solos and Cha rlene Cla~to_n and Irene J esser played background musiC. The theme for The Forensic Follies on campus was comic character . Our skit was "Hessie and T essie Get the D egree."IRENE JESSER.

;\; WE Pis are very happy to welcome Miss Julia Murray as co-sponsor with Miss Julia Kohl. Miss Murray is a member of the Harris faculty and is also music consultant for the St. Louis Public Schools. Also, we are happy to have back with us Jeanine Doyle, who had previously been m nurse's training. On Founders' Day we had a formal banquet a t the Congress Towers. The beautiful candlelight service impressed everyone with how much Alpha Sigma Tau means to us. The Christmas season found us very busy. First, we h ad a Christmas Party a t the home of Mi s Julia Kohl, our co-sponsor. Big and littl e sisters exchanged gifts, and we h ad a grab-bag of twenty-five cents "goofy gifts." W e sang carols, talked, and h ad a swell get-together. Then, we gave a party for our alums, and everyone h ad a lot of fun. On Washington's birthday the actives and alum h ad a good time at a lunch eon and card p arty. Our St. Pat' party was really fun. W e played cards, danced, talked, and ate. W e Pis h ave been busy in other organization too. Viola King i president of Alpha Phi Sigma, a national honor fratern ity. Other members are Mary L ou Fondren, Clara Fricke, and Pa t Seib. Viola i a! o very a tiv in Tri Beta, th biology fra ternity. Pat Seib i. vice pre ident of the opho-

more II cia s, ecretary of Future Teachers of America, and a member of the Collegian staff. Rosalie W ones, Phyllis Parks, Harriet Russell, and Pa t Seib are members of Sigma Tau D elta, the English fraternity. Rosa1ie had several poems and articles printed in Th e R ectangle, the national publication. Viola King, Mary Lou Fondren and Clara Fricke are member of Kappa Delta Pi, national h onorary education fra ternity. The big event of the year for the Pis is Skit Nite. March 30 is the ixth annu al Skit Nite which the Pis will h ave presented. All the sororities and fraternitie participate by presen ting a skit. We are busy preparing for it, a nd we hope it will be as uccessful thi year at it h as previously been.- PAT SEIB.

;\; THIS year has really been one of great exci tement for us. November found us rushing around making preparations for our annual F ounders' D ay celebration, and the food we had at the banquet h eld in the college tea room was imply delicious. W e carried out our programs and had our regular get-together, including our Christma party at which we exch anged gift and sang carols, but a t the same time, our thought were directed toward one thing- ru hing. After the rush teas in February, we were proud to welcome into our mid t thirteen of the nicest pledges you could ever hope to see: Anita Belle Bagley, Lou Beavers, Johanna Biddlecomb, Elizabeth Boswell, Loi Cramer, Pat Donnelly, Ad rian J enning , ancy Purdum, Betty . Anne J ohnston, Margie Steele, D ee Steger, Jane Tick, and Lee \Vood. Following rush week, Zeta Tau h ad one of it famous Pajama Partie . What fun! I think we did everything but Jeep. Everyone played card , ang, told of their experiences, and ate until three o'clock, b whi ch time all seemed ready to curl up in their blanket . The highlight of our spring acti itie will be our annual abin part at Lono-wood . t> estate. After a f e' walk and aam of oftball I'm ure ever one will ha worked up a trem ndou app tite for the pi nic upp r, after ' hich " e'll aath r ar und the fire and talk ing, and t II torie .

THE ANCHOR Representing the Zeta Taus on May Court will be two beauties- Kitty Hamlet and Margie Steele. We're certainly proud of them.- EMMA MAE PITTARD.

Upji/on j r/1/ojl Beauli/uf Co-ed on Campuj ;\; WE have begun this emester with fifteen members and twenty pledges. Our new pledges are Sara Brandon, Nita Ba rnes, Mamie Jane Cox, Joan Raymond, Anita Ortman, Joan M cBride, J ean McBride, Patsy Murray, Joyce Ea on, Lavonne Lord, Bobbye Masters, Sue Ringo, Clara D ell Hopkins, Bobbye Jo Bell, Dorothy Campbell, Beverly Dickerson, Patsy Cummins, Joan Houston , Johnelle D eBusk, and M a rth a King. The Sigma Taus gave us a joint party which was supposed to be a hayride but because of March snow it was in our sorority room. Plans are being made for our Mother 路' weekend which be h eld in April. New officers elected to fill vacancies are Sue Jones, president; Peggy Dougla s, vice president; and Margie Payer, recording secretary. Wedding bells are ringing for the Alpha Taus. Joan Mullins and Brice H asty married February 9. Dorothy and James Campbell said their vows January 29. Muriel Brittain and Mamie Jane Cox will h ave their weddings in April. Lavonne Lord is planning for hers in June. Our spring formal will be April 28 in the Rose Room of M cA li ster Hall. Pat Atkins is to be in a nother beauty contest. She was selected by H arry J ames as the most beautiful co-ed on this campus. Jerrene McCurdy made th e D ean' List. A five point grade average is necessary.FoNTA BRITTENUM.

;\; ON November 13 we welcomed into our sorority a new member, Betty Taylor, from Denham Springs, Louisiana. After her initiation, we had pin pledging of a number of girls.


Our pre id "Lion of th e W ek" in our coli g Dorothy J ean Browne, Dolly and Pres ident Beth Fost r arc on th oil ge honor roll this year. A great honor was bestowed on Polly La assio, as she nt r d The Thirteen Club, which is a s holastic organization mad up of thos who will graduate with high honors. Sadye Alack, one of our pledges, has b n hos n que n of th Freshm an Ball. We began the second sem ter with a bang by winning the trophy pr s nted by the stud ent body gov rnment for ma king th most money at a arnival giv n to obtain funds for the ca mpus che t. Needl e s to say, we are also proud of the fact that we have five girls who made the honor roll. They a re : Doll y St. Germ ain, Pauline L acascio, Elaine Antona tos, Ouida Lee Milton, and Faye M cCormic. March 15 we h ave planned what promi es to be a most entertaining p a rty for orority members and their date at the Ru tic Room . March 19 we will initiate twelve pledge into the sorority. We have also started on pla ns for our annual weekend pa rty which i to be held in ApriL- DoROTHY PIERCE.

;\; ON Saturday morning, O ctober 21 at 10: 15, members of Chi Cha pt r as embled to take pa rt in the groundbreaking eremonie for the n ew health a nd ph ica l education building, which wa one of the outstanding event in the greate t Home orning hepherd cel ebration in the hi tory of College. At 11:30 a.m., the Alpha igm a Tau luncheon wa held with approximate! 60 alumn ae and collegiate member a ttending. Miss Sara H elen Cree, advi er wa mi tre of ceremonie . Following the luncheon th group proceeded to Shepherdstown High School where the Homecomina Para de \ a organized. Riding on the Alpha Sigma T a u floa t \ ere President Mary Ell n Wareh am i e Pre ident Mary Short, Secretar Loui e H endrickson, Trea urer Goldie J ea n rnith M a Grant, Fern Frye J ea n mith. Elea nor Jack on, and Margaret Gracey. Th remain-



ing mem bers of the chapter rode m convertibles provided for the occasion. The day's events were topped by the annual Homecoming Ball where Queen Patricia Walters, member of Chi Chapter reign ed supreme. For the first semester rushees we held a skating party a t Berryville Rink on Tuesday, November 7, from 7 :30 to 10: 30. W e Chis were honored to have two of our members, Eunice Schneider and Phylli Stuckey, listed in Who's Who Among Stud ents in American Colleges and Universities. Friday, Februa ry 16, found the m embers of Chi Chapter a t Mary Anne Chapman's home in Sharpsburg, M aryland, for a "slumber party" held in honor of our new members, Maria n Evans, Marjorie H arrison, Willa Lea Omps, and Elizabeth Thornburg. The memories of that party will long remain with us! At our regular business m eeting on Febru ary 20, it was announced that Chi Cha pter had won first prize in the studentrecruiting program which bega n h ere a t Shepherd last year! Plans a re being made by the Chis for the renovation of the house form erly occupied by the Zeta Sigma Fraternity and by the end of the semester we hope to have moved in and erected the Alpha Sigma Tau sign! On M a rch 6, in the sewing room in Snyder Science H all, the m embers of Chi Chapter were honored to have Hazel N ewman, professor of home economics, present a program on "Clothes and Good Grooming." Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! The big show is about to begin! With these words return the memories of a n exciting a nd hilarious carnival rush party held by the chapter on M a rch 7, in the recreation room a t Miller H all . As you walked through the ga te onto the ca rnival ground s you were at once greeted by "The Clowns," who were the masters of ceremonies. Among the many special features of a ttrac tion were The F a t Lady, The Freak Woman with Four Arms, The Tattooed L ady, The Midget, and The Wild Woma n. Mary Short, with h er littl e black derby and harming mustach e, guessed your weight (within five pounds ). Elizabe th Thornburg delved into the dee p dark past a nd told your fortun ! Some of the game played were

"p enny pitch" and " bull' eye." Peggy R amey, with handle-baF mustache, carnival " de-teka-tive" badge, and two guns and holster, kept peace and order on the carnival grounds. The Tumblers were Mary Alice Pitsenbarger, Susan Mullenax, Patricia Walter, a nd Katherine K ershner. Our juggler for the evening was none other than Mary Ella Grove, who miraculously juggled six orange (or was it five and a h alf?). J eanne Smith presented a tight-rope walking act, first alone and then with The Midget sitting on h er boulders. Bids were ent out M arch 12, and Chi Chapter was very proud to receive twentytwo wonderful pledges! Those accepting the Alpha Sigma T au colors were: Barbara Hughe , Ann W eller, El eanor Ludwig, Betty Perry, J ean Hottel, Bernice Fields, J ean Whipkey, Wanda Mason, Nancy Myers, O ra Lee Tabler, Su an Barrick, Miriam Wiest, Violet Barbe, Genevieve Stickley, Hildegarde M crz, R osemarie M erz, Peggy Mitchell, Elise Scott, Joan Evans, J ean Elliot, M axi ne Snyder, a nd Wilma RandalLCLARA R oBERT .

;\; T HE President of the Southern District, Mis J a net Calfee, was h ere at Madison College last week. Informative conference were held throughout h er stay and a ocial was given in her honor after the busine meeting on Friday . The Pa nhellenic Council annually presents a scholarship cup to the orority with the highest averaae. W e were proud to receive second pl ace. Ou r average wa .02 below the first place winners ; thi give u the incentive to work h arder and maybe win the large cup for Lincoln House next year. 路 Spring rushing wa very ucce ful. Alpha Sigma Tau' president pinned the emerald and gold ribbons on eight n ew pledge . They were: Ann Fralin Virginia Donovan Lu Grove, J oan Luck, Ann M cK enzie, Gloria Shaver, Joyce Stone, and June Whea tle . W e are looking forward to the pla "Cheaper by the D ozen," to b pre ented b ' the Stratford Dramatic Club. Our n w pr ident, Emil Scott, has th feminine lead and Bett Hippen tecle, former president f



Stratford, also has a part in the play. Our Mostad. Th gathering was informal a nd A~visor Doctor Mary Latimer is directing lots of fun. W dr w nam s, previous to th this play and another Tau, Dolly D ederick, party, for our "secret pals." President of Stratford, is the a sistant When we cam back from vacation, our director. pl edging ac tivities came up in full swing. The outcome of eliminations for the May Our formal rush tea wa s an impress ive affair. Queen and court were conducted before th The theme of the tea was "sweeth arts." student body who had selected the winners With the lovely setting of th e home of M iss by secret ballot. Everyone anxiou ly sat on Loui e R eish us (our advisor ) - we couldn' t the edge of their seats as the lucky girls were miss ! As each girl arriv d, 路he was giv n a " tapped" in the audience. Our own pretty ro e and in vited to tea. Ruby Schul r sang Rita Jarvis was chosen as a maid. several "sweetheart" songs whi le the a tiv s "There's a man in the house." And there presented each rushee with a sw th eart were men down at 路Lincoln House Cotillion bracelet. Dorothy Sveen, pr sid nt of th weekend. The girls were excited about the Omega Chapter, gave a short talk on orority chance of showing off the house to their and its advantages to college girl s. Mis Virdates and fri end . This really added some- gi nia Williams- co- advi or- poured, wh ile thing to tJv.e successful dance weekend. ou r faithful alumnae group s rved the r Another sister, Kitty Cover, received freshments. Elai ne M os tad played incidental honors by being cho en to travel to Atlantic music throughout the tea. W e ent rtain d City to attend the Kappa D elta Pi Con- the girls by singing some of our sorority vention. songs, an d a each group took leave, w l\1iss Helen Fra nk, our other advisor, was gathered a bout them singing "You Wond erful elec ted H ead R egistrar of all registrars in You." "Si lence Week" was followed by the Virginia. All of us are very proud of her. Socials are frequent a t Lincoln House with ru shees joining th e sorority of their choice. showers and other parties. Open house for As a result, we received eighteen wonderful rushees was something new for all of us this pledges. When the girl were given th ir year and it helped us to really ge t to know ribbons, we took them to a basketball game the girls before fin al bidding.-BARBARA and a "coke party" afterward. When th e pledge pins arrived, we h ld a CROOM. form a l c remony followed by a pot-luck luncheon. For entertainment, the pledge , active , a nd advisors gave a n impromptu talent program. W e have a lot of talented pledges this quarter- we couldn't have done better! Our pledges are not only accompli hed the fin er things, but al o whip up orne in t THE arrival of Mrs. J. Waldo Hin h aw mighty fin e ca ndy, a they proved with their gave us much publicity. Not only was she welcomed by our own group, but also by ca ndy sa le.-DoLOREs H AUGAN. the other sororities on campus. Mrs. Hinshaw was interviewed on our college radio program and h er arrival was publicized in j the daily paper and in our school paper. We held a banquet-Smorgasbord style in one of our downtown restaura nts, where Mrs. Hinshaw gave a very inspiring ta lk on sorority. Her visit was enjoyed very much an d we t O u R winter quarter activiti e op ned with hope that she will return again soon. the pl edging of 23 wonderful girl . Initiation Of course, we had a formal Pa nhellenic is pl a nned for April 8 1951, in th Ea t dance in our beautiful Student Union. The Lounge of the Art building. Alpha Taus were in charge of decoration . To add to our treasury thi qu a rter we old Our theme? "White Christmas." Christmas ca rds a nd spon ored a chili upper As a send-off before Christm as vacation, both of which proved to be u ce ful. W e we held a party at the home of Elaine are making " hellcraft" ea r ring to II too.

OmelJa Cnlerlainj m,.j. fiinjhaw

_A~ha _A~ha Jwenl~颅

Jhree Pfedljej



and a re planning on g1vmg them a favors a t our a nnual Mothers' Day Breakfast. During the month of February we were en tertained by the pledge clas at a V alentine's Party, with the actives dre sed as little girls and the pledges as little boys. W e h eld our second rush party February 19, with the theme being "George W a bington ." Name tags for actives were ilhouette of Wa hington while those of the rushees were of ha tchets. A cherry tree was the centerpiece for the table where we erved ice cream, punch and cookie . A tyle h ow depicting tyles from p ast to pre ent provided entertainment with h a tchet on which wa painted AST being our favor . A our guest M arch 4 we were h appy to ha ve Mr . N ace from Pine M ountain School speak a nd show slides to u . W e h eld pin pledging March 19, for our pring pledge class which i composed of eleven wonderful girls. 路 W a nda Copela nd is Alpha Sigma Tau's queen candidate for the Clo ed Freshm a n D ance. Plans a re well under way for our Semiclosed formal dance "Emerald Mist" to be April 21 and for our Mothers' D ay Breakfast in May. -BARBARA SuE CLINE.

t T EN PLEDGES were initi a ted into Alpha Gamma Cha pter a t the formal initia tion which was h eld M a rch 6, 1951. Direc tly following the initia tion a banquet was given in honor of the new m embers a t the Caddo H otel, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The dining room wa decorated with yellow jonquils and green ivy. The centerpiece a t the h ead ta ble was a miniature a nchor covered with yellow jonquil and greenery. The program con i ted of a quiz qu e t with "Dr. AST" a quiz rna ter and the singing of Alpha T au ong . At the concl usion of the program, M a ble Gordon was awa rded a gift for being elec ted a " be t pledge." Ribbon pl edging wa a l o held the arne d ay for two econd seme ter pl edge : M adge Lee of Pine Bluff, Arka nsas; a nd C ynthia a l !well of Hot Spring Arkansa .- NoR lVI A J EAN FRANKS .

t THE Winter T erm for the Alpha D eltas h a been packed full of fun, work and plans for the future. Alph a Taus were entertained with a party hel d a t the Ozark Cafe at Ozark, Mo. The theme of the party wa "The Thing" taken from the popular ong hit of the arne name. Sorority ac tives a nd pledge spent the evening da ncing to the latest hits, drinking cok s, a nd eating hot dog with all the trimming. The winter term ru h party was a chili supper h eld a t the Elva r T ea Room . After the chili upper ac tive and ru h ee at tended a basketball game together . N ew pledges for the term a re Barbara Pettigrew, Pa t R ailey, a nd Margaret Page. On F ebruary 14 our Alumnae h apter wen t n a tion al. Mr . Carl R obin on, National Pre ident 路 and Mrs. J. W aldo Hin haw, Di trict Pre ident, were pre ent for th e in tall a tion eremony. Alpha Sigma T a u h as recently organized a M other ' Club. Mrs. E . Wil on is acting President until their next meeting, which is the. first M on day in April, when they will elect officers. The lOth of D ecember, Alpha T au entertained their mother with a tea at the home of Barbara Eagleburger. M a ny of our m ember have received honorable recognition this term. Alya Bracken was rated secon d high e t in grade rating of all chapters. H elen Davis wa honored in H ome Economic Fraternity, K appa Omicron Phi, by being cho en a one of the four to go to their na tional convention a t Dallas T exas. ' Pla n for the futu re include the annu al tyle show a nd the pring formal dance.VIRGI lA PRE, LEY.

t H oMECOMI G wa a ery ex iting one for the Alpha Ep ilon crirls. Our Pre ident W a nda Smith, wa elec ted fir t attendant to the qu een. V\ e h ad a hug crowd at our open hou c tea . A home omincr am to a clo e, we thought it wa on of the b t that Alpha Ep il n ha ev r had . The fir t we k in Io ember wa f rm 1 ru hing ea on. AI ng with ur tradition, 1


AE's "Carnival" Rush Party

'~C~ub T a uette" we h ad a carnival party consistmg of b?oths such as dart throwing and f~rtune tellmg. We pledged thirteen lovely g1rls: Colleen Baxter, Annette Baxter Noralyn B.aily, Jane Price, Mary Albers, M~rgaret Martm, Mary K eil, Gloria Horney, Phyllis Swan, Mary Ann Mueller, Glenn a Howard, Pat Mayes, and Bettye Cowan. The recently organized D elta Sigma Phi Fraternity on Western's Campus h ave had several parties for the Alpha Epsilon girls. We gave the Delta Phi's a return party, February 23. It was held at the "Bar None" Student Lounge. W e all participated in a scavenger hunt. D ancing, games and skits provided an hilarious time for all. The pledges and actives enjoyed a lovely Christmas party at the house this year. Pledge mothers and daughters exchanged gifts. Everyone dona ted fifty cents to a fund for the improvement of the Sorority House. The Alpha Tau's also presented to the school a Christmas assembly. The highlight of the entire performan_ce seemed to be the "R eindeer Dance." The climax of the p erformance was when M a rtha Brown, dressed as an angel, sang "0 Holy Night," before a colored church win dow lighted by the luminous wings of Alpha T au angels. Sunday morning a t 7:00 eleven girls were formally initiated a t the M ethodi st Church.


After initia tion we at a mu ch ne dcd Br a kfast a t th e " M a rine R oom." We now h av three new pledges. They a r , J oetta Cramm , Donna Koons, a nd J an t Sohrb ck. Miss Stu ll , our sponsor, an d th three new pledge enterta in ed us a t a waffl e supper. Mi s Stull made th e waffl es, a nd th y w r served by the pledges. Mr. Ave, wres tling coach and husband of one of our patronesse , prepa red a meat ball and sp agh etti dinner for us a t the house. The dessert of chocola te pie was a contribution of Mrs. Ave. The Panhellenic association has adopted a Greek war orphan. Each Sorority on the Western Campus pays mon ey qu arterly for her ca re. 路 The Pa nhellenic da nce is being held in th Women' s Gym, M a rch 9. The Alpha T a u's are in ch arge of the decorations. .We hav chosen as the theme, " Rha psody in Blu ." Plans for our annual dinner da nce a re being made. It is to be held M ay 11. Gloria Horney, a new active, was chosen as a class personality. W anda Smith was al o chosen as a class leader. J oyce Ca rter '5 1 was elected to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities and was also one of the five who received its citi zenship award .MARY Lo u SIEGRIST.

AE's Sorority House

rf/ounlain Settlement Schoo/ Day b y day a nd year b y year th e small individual gifts have nourished the spri n g a nd kept it flowing so that it spread abroad through the c ha nnels of service to students and community in a never-failing s tream. !Many of our friends , faithful since the early days, can no longer contribute . The hi g h costs of the war and post-war years have drained our financ ial reserves so that if we are to carry on a full program we face serious operating deficits. We need more fr iends-friends like you-friends who w ill give a dollar or a hundred dollars a

-.A-lumnae For the February meeting the Bluefie ld members enjoyed a bridge an d cana ta party a t the home of Thelma Wilson with Mr . H a rold L ooney as co-ho tes . The them e of Wa hington' birthday, with a color sch eme of red a nd white, was carried out in tallie an d refre hments. J a net Calfee invited the aroup to meet with her on M arch 6, at h er home on the Bluefield -Prince ton road .- AucE CHRI TOPHER.

Bluefield Cnlerlain6 mrj. f!obin6on t IN O ctober Mrs. Carl Robinson, national pre ident of Alpha Sigma T au, visited the Blu efield Alumn ae Chap ter. The ch ap ter entertained her a t a buffet supper held a t the home of Mis Janet Calfee, na tion al vicepresident. Mrs. Robinson and the alumnae members also enjoyed a dinner party a t Pete's Grill. The group had its November meeting a t the home of Miss Thelma Bailey on J effer on Street with Miss Virginia Bailey as co-hostess. T he president, Mrs. William Richa rdson (Eileen Godsey), reported that Mr . Pre ton Hami lton (H enrietta M ahood ) h ad been chosen as national alumna e repre enta tive for Omicron Cha pter, to replace Mr . H a rold Browning (Imogene Miller ) who ha moved to Logan. It was decided not to exchange gifts a t the D ecember m eeting, but each m ember wou ld bring a gift for a worthy school girl. Miss Norma Creggar, a local ch ild welfare worker, submitted the n ame of the girl selected . At the D ecember meeting at the home of Mrs. R obert Dalton on College Avenue each member brought h er Christmas gift for the school girl and wrapped it there. Then the judge, Mrs. Frank K ersey (K a therine Hofstter ), 路 chose the prettiest wrapped gift路 Virginia F allis' gift. Mr . Rich a rd on was co-hostess for this meeting. One of the most enjoyabl e social events of the year was the supper meeting in J a nu a ry a t the YWCA. Mrs. H arry Cooke (In a Ring), Mrs. H arold Looney (Clara B li e H onaker ), and Mr . Pre ton H amilton prepared the meal. The husba nds of the were in luded in the gu est . m ember Among the out of town gue t were Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant, N a rrow , Virginia, a nd Dr. a nd Mr . M ea de M cN eill , Athens, W e t Virgini a.

Bu//alo Jearnj .About .Adoption t B FFALO did not eem qui te the same with the absence of our president, Marion H old worth, for some time during the winter. However, M a rion is feeling fine now and we are h appy to have her pre iding once again. W e have been ra ther plea ed wi th our program again thi year . For our J anuary meeting we ecured a peaker from the Children's Aid Society, who talked to us a bout the proce s of adoption . February' meeting was pecial for we h eld it at the n ew Student Union Building on the campus of Buffalo Sta te. The collegiate girl were invited to m eet with u and we felt much clo er to them after an evening of di cussion, games, an d refre hment . The n ext event on our calenda r i our annu al Easter Luncheon on Ea ter Monda 路.MARJ ORIE PAINT ER.

t THE O c tober meeting wa held a t J eantte H amilton' and the featur of the m eting wa a ceremon honoring two n w m em ber ; Mr . E va n Diekin on (Jan t K h ), tran fe r from Be kley lumnae nd f r. .


THE ANCHOR P. L. Will (Doris Johnson ) tra n fer from Bluefield Alumnae. In November two book reviews were giv n by Mrs. J. Marion Bailey, one of our members. They were "Mr. Jones, M eet the Mater" by Peter Marshall and " So Sure of Life" by Violet Wood . This meeting was held at the home of Libby R endl eton. A Christmas box for Pine Mountain was also packed by the members. Also in the month of November th a nnual Founders' Day Banquet was held-this time at the Quarrier Diner. After the dinner, a candle lighting ervice was held a nd Winifred Newman, a member, gave a'n inspiring talk on "Hold High the T orch." The D ecember m ee ting was informal路 being a party with husbands as gues ts a nd 'h eld at J ean Bailey's. Games were pl ayed, a nd carols sung. A talk was given by R ev. Aldred Wallace, our president's husband, to highlight the evening. H e spoke on " The Christmas Story." In January a " pot luck" dinner and meeting we~e held a t the home of Peggy W all ace. A talk on "Hobbies" was given by K a thryn Lynch, a high school teacher, a nd favors in the form of small match boxes decora ted with chip carving done by the speaker were given each person. The February meeting was a t the hom e of Inez Mill er and was the occasion of a demonstra tion and talk on flower a rrangement by Mrs. Isabel Bailey, a Aorist. Also at thi m eeting a box was packed with clothes and toys for the children a t Morri M emorial Hospital in Miton, W . V a. The group plans to m eet with the Huntington Alumnae for the M a rch meeting which is to be held a t the Wren' N est. jANET KocH DrcKINSON .

:;\; THE Cleveland Alumnae are still talking about the excellent progra m at the a nnu al spring Panhell enic Luncheon. The peaker, a national officer of K a ppa Kappa G amma, was una ble to come at the las t minute so Mrs. Rowland, a Kappa from Clevela nd, stepped in. She spoke briefly about seven books which were not listed as Best Sellers but were just too good to miss. I'm sure e veryon e went hom e intending to read them.


I ha ve air ady r ad three, a nd they a rc v ry worthwhil . Th y a rc " White Wit h Do tor" "Bells on Their Toes," "They Fol' Their Sta rs," "Th e Imm orta l Lov rs, " lowed "Jubilee Tra il," "Circl for a D ay," and "The Pink Hou e." The Cleveland Panh II ni c has give n two scholarships to Shauffier Coli ge in Cl veland . This has enabl ed two girls t finis h their training in R eligious Education. W are all looking forwa rd to th e Bridg Luncheon in April. W e all had such a good tim last year! During the snowy wea ther, a nd wc'v had plenty in Cleveland this win ter, the group has been mee ting for dinner in a downtow n re ta ura nt. W e hope to resume hor_n m tings in April. Several of the girls a nd families have taken their vaca tions in Florid a this winter.H ELEN WICK.

;\; O u R a nnua l Christmas p a rty wa h ld at the Tiffin on Sa turd ay, D ecem ber 16. I t wa preceded by a cocktail pa rty a t the home of M arga ret Cudmore. A great deal of fun was h ad especially under the mistl etoe that Rudy carried in his po ket. After a delicious turkey dinner we returned to the Cudmore's home for a n evening of fun. M aureen, their da ugh ter a nd M arie Cosimi also acted as hastes es. On J a nu ar y 8, Alpha Sigma T a u ent rtained the Pa nhellenic group with El a Johnson acting as ch airman. It wa very uccessful, tha nk to all the girl who o a bly assisted h er. At the fall schol a rship Panhellenic Luncheon A~T was thrilled to see Pa t Whita ker active president, receive the fir t door prize. It was a lei of baby orchids which 'had been flown in from H awaii for the orca ion. L ouise Mullins, outsta ndinO' book reviC\路 er, will be fea tured on the pring Pa nhellen i Luncheon . It will be h eld a t th e Shirle Sa voy on M ay 12. The Febru ary mee ting wa held a t ud re M ellinger' s home. It wa a baby shower for Elizabeth 0 borne wh o ju t had a n w baby girl. Mr . W aldo Hinsh aw Pre ident of orthwe tern Di tri ct inspected the al u m nae chap-



ter on Nov. 14 15. She got to see all of the Colorado elements, a windstorm on the first day, and a blizza rd the following one. M arianne Lamberty, president and Margaret Cudmore entertained in her honor.- PAULINE WILLS .

;1. IN November, the group wa h appy to welcome Ruth Maher, Fir t District President, a t a dinner a t the home of Eloi e Howes. Crystal H earn entertained the Cha pter a t a Christmas party. Everyone exch anged gift . To raise fund s for the National Social Service Project, Shirley Green gave a dessert and bingo party, prizes being white eleph ants, contributed by members. The F ebruary m eeting was pent in R ed Cro s work a t Lucill e M a Whinn ey' when all m ade table favors for a Children' Ho pita!. For Flint's anniversary in M a rch, the cha pter made up a table at th e Panhell enic dinner and style show ; Florence Doyle, Pa uline D empsey, and Pauline Wood form ing the committee. Eloise Howes, Luell a Cla pp, and H azel Schultz were hostesse for the pring lunch eon. And the annual busine meeting was held in May at Gladys Smith's. Shirley (Palmer ) Gaut~ie r has a ba by boy, Richard J erome. Those few days a t a college conference last summer must have awakened a learning urge in Eloise Howes for sh e has been spending two nights weekly taking ; first, public speaking a nd ; later, typing. Lucille MaWhinney repre en ted the Flint Junior High Schools in Milwaukee a t the National Council of T eachers of English a ttended by more than 2,000 who teach English at elementary through college level. - L GILLE MAWHINNEY.

fiunlinfjlon Become:J more /Jeauli/uf ;1. THE Huntington , W. Va., alumnae had it annual part at Dorothy Buzek' home. Mr. J am R . H aworth, choir dir ctor of

the Trinity Epi copal Church, discu ed the origin of the better known Chri tm~s <?an;>ls. Later Mr. H aworth led the group m mgmg ca rols. The members exch anged Christmas gift . The ho tes wa assi ted by Margaret K err H elene Clark, Inez D ent and Phyllis La pol e. Elizabeth Brown was hoste in h er home for the J anuary m ee ting, a isted by Mildred O xley, Hilda O xley and K a therine K ehoe. Th e program wa a talk on the proper use of cosm etics a nd care of the kin, by M abel Carver, co.owner of the Powder Puff. Th e February mee ting wa a lunch eon at the Frederick H otel, with J enoi e Pratt, chairman and M a ry J e Ri kett , co-chairman of a rra ngements. In Mar h, the Huntington Alumnae will join with the Chari ton alumnae for a dinner m ee ting a t the Wren' e t in St. Alba ns, W. V a.- MARY J Es RicKETT .

Jan:Jinfj j Per:Jonaglie:J ;1. j EAN CAMERON SLAVEN and small da ughter Sharon, of Highland Park have been vi iting Mr . Iaven' mother, Mrs. Willow Wood Cameron . John Willi am C ameron is attending the Berlitz School of L a nguage in Pari , France thi year where he is obtaining hi Masters' D egree. Florence Schmid Baker an d her hu band journeyed to Cambridge, Ma s., during pring vaca tion to vi it their on, Dick, who is a enior a t H arvard Univer ity. Marion Bai ley H arri is convalescing from a n illness. She i in Holl ywood, Flbrida fo r two month. Carrying on h er dutie as pre ident of the Michigan Bap tist W omen' As ociation, Ruth Phelp Mile a ttended m eeting . in all ection of Michiaan during the first three week of .Janu ary. J ean Campbell, Beta who i now teaching in L an ing, wa welcomed into our chapter when we met in F ebruar at the home of Mr . Rich a rd Cu ter. Followina the bu ine m eeting, Mrs. I. J. Brodhea d exhibited handi raft arti le made by the L a ning R ec rea tion D epartm nt. Dr. and Mr . E arl F a ust ' ho h a e been pending the wint r in Florida ha e r turned home to r ume their ma n ' a tiviti - DOROTHY BRODHEAD.


r/1/inol J/e~j. ColletjialM ot. F~ORENCE PETERSON, our n ew president, was mstalled at the first m eeting at the home of Edna Larson. Our group helped the actives with their queen candidate with a donation of mon ey and flowers. The active chapter members were our guests at a Founder ' D ay luncheon held in the Flamingo Room. Our Christmas party was at the home of Esther R ose Knudston. The ocial service committee reported on the food ba ket for our n eedy fami ly for Tha nk giving and Christmas. We assisted in serving for the Actives' rush party which was h eld at the home of Louise R eishus.- LILLIAN EmsNESs.


the campus of Ball State Teachers Coli g by the Alpha Alpha Chapt rand th Mun ie Alumnae Chapter holding a formal banqu t in Lucina Hall. The guest speaker (and very special feature) was Miss Ev lyn Luecking of Pi Chapter who has recently joined the instructional staff of Ba ll State. She used as her theme "Sisters Who Ar More Than Friends."

muncie fia j /)ÂŁ Sijter

Whit e Christmas. Our Santa Claus pa rty was held at th e home of our pr sid nt, Mrs. Thelma Humphrey. With Thelm a's folk sy welcome a t the door, sleigh bells tinkling, Christmas cards fes tooning overhead- the "spirit whi ch is Christmas" became ourswith solemn moments during th reading of the Christmas tory by our chaplain ; gay moments as we matched numbers and gift and guessed what our fifty ents tr asure might be; moments of humility as we vot d to contribute gift to soldiers at Camp Att rbury ; and relaxing moment a we vi ited.

ot. NATIONAL FouNDERs' DAY was observed m the traditional manner in November on

Proudly W e H ail. Captain Ruth Pa rker one of our alumnae in Muncie, erved during

At the Founders' Day celebration on Ball State campus which was held at Lucina Hall recreation room are. seated from left. Mrs. Carl Humphrey, alumnae president; Miss Evelyn Luecking. Pi adviser; Miss Ethel Himelick. toastmistress; and Miss Jo Tuerffs. collegiate president. Standing are Miss Audrey Jelly. collegiate chaplain. left. and Mrs. Leon Scott, alumnae chaplain.



World War II in the Europea n theater of operations, and h as now been recalled to active duty. In January we crowded in an extra meeting to bid h er bon voyage, our President entertaining at a dinner in h er honor. A letter recently received from Ruth graphicall y describes her flight, via Canadian Airlines, to Alaska- the Aleutians-and on to a base hospital in Japa n, where she will serve a an anaesthetist. Bandages for Others- and for Alpha Tau s. The last of January our group met a t Ball Memorial Ho pita! for our annual wrapping of bandages a nd dressings for the pa ti ents. W e felt this year th a t we had a very per on I sorority interes t as three of our group-be tween th e first a nd Ia t now flurrie - have had major surgery: Barba ra Wyrick, Rachel Scott, a nd Thelma Humphrey. In addition Miss Nancy Scramlin. origi nall y an adviser of the coll egiate group, returned to Muncie for hospitalization. Miss Scramlin left our campus a few yea rs ago to accept the position of Executive Secreta ry of the Sta te ursing Association. Mun cie Panhellenic Bridges the Gap with Bridge . In February the Council of the ' Muncie Panhell enic Association held a bridge party at the Y. W. C. A. for all members of the Muncie Panhellenic Association. Alumnae groups of six Ball State sororities were among the twenty-one member groups who were invited. The purpose of the bridge party was to promote fraternity coll aboration and fri endship among al umn ae groups in Muncie. Alph a Tau wa s represented by six members. Cum Laude to Mun cie Alpha Taus. To Mrs. Milton Gustafson-secretary of the Wom en' Auxiliary of the D elaware-Blackford M edica l Society, to Mr . Louis Nel on -c hairma n of the entire Central Organization (under her four di stric ts,. eac h with district chairm en and neighborhood chairmen ) of Girl Scout for the City of Muncie; to Mrs. Ca rl Humphrey, vice chairma n a nd secre tary for the same organization; to Mr . Ralph Cross- chairm a n of the crafts group of the Muncie Bra nch of the A. A. U. W.E THE L HrM E LICK .

Phi/ade~hia j Woman

a/ the

;1:. IN J anu ary the group traveled to Collingswood, New J er ey, to the new home of Elinore D e Cou. A deliciou luncheon wa served, and plan were made for a card party to be held in conjunction with Lambda Chapter the proceed to h elp well their treasury or defray rushing expenses. The Valentine card p arty was quite uccessful due to the efforts of one of our newe t alumnae, Ruth Stockm a n Young, an d her committee. It was hel d after lunch eon at The H ome tea d R e taurant, a lovely old Philadelphia mansion. It wa la ter decided tha t we would make thi party a n annual affair. In Februa ry M r . Lucille Steen conducted na tion al in pection of Philadelphia Chapter a t the home of the pre ident, Ethel W eimar. The executi ve committee enjoyed Mr . Steen's visit very much, an d found h er very helpful. A St. Pa trick' D ay De ert meeting wa held on M arch 10 at the home of Emily R eedy in Chelten ham. Initi ation wa held for Ruth Stoc km an Young. The April meeting a t J ean Gilbert' will fea tur a party for Lambda Chapter. We expec t to h ear very good new from them a t tha t time about their ucce ful ru hinoeason. W e plan to knit an afghan for the R ed Cro during the spring meetings. We are looking forward to our Mother-Daughter lun cheon in M ay, at which time we hope to h ave Mr . William H eydrick peak to u . Mr . H eydrick is the mother of Eleanor H eydrick M cK eenan, ou r former pre ident, who i now in Austria with her husband. Mr . H eydrick i ac tive in church and ci ic affa ir , is Presid cnt of the Soroptimi t Club of Philadelphi a. the only woman member of the Philadelphia Charter Commi ion, and ha ju t been named the 路Woma n of the Year" by the Philad elphia Quota Club in recognition of her achievement for the city

fiave 'lou paid 'lour endowment ? add

f) 000


lhij 'lear ?

THE ANCHOR of Philadelphia in 1950. We ar proud tha t this honor has been bestowed upon "Eleanor's Mother," whom we know as a charming, witty friend , whose delightful , philosophic talk have in pired us on numerou s occasions. We feel that this has been a succes ful year. "Patricia Pig" is growing plump with our birthday penni es and other proj c ts of the Ways and M eans Committee. What is most important is that L ambda seems to be growing stronger.- EMILY REEDY .

Piltjburtjh j

U/o,.拢 /or Spajlic Clti/cfren

~ IN November we had the pleasure of having our meeting in our President' s, M axine Wright's home. All of us enjoyed a wonderful supper after which a busines meeting followed . W e were especially delighted to h ave with us Lucile Hull Steen, President of the First District. In D ecember some of our girls met a t Margaret Richards home to make Christmas favors to be used on the Children's trays a t the D . T. Watson's Home a t Lee tad ale, Pa. This is a home for spastic children. W e didn't have as many girls a t this meeting as we had expected becau se in th~ mea ntime we h ad become snowbound with our record breaking snow of thirty inches. W e have been holding our regul a r monthly meetings the second Sa turday in every month. W e really enjoy these Sa turd ay luncheons a t Stauffers! Though our group is small, we enjoy our meetings and our mutual interes t in Alp?a Sigma Tau which m akes us a congemal group. -FLORENCE RAINEY CHAPEL.

Princelon-_A.thenj OrtjanizM ~ THE September meeting of the newly-? rganized Prince ton-Athens Club met with twenty of the twenty-five members prese~t . The year' s ac tivities a nd plan ~ were .discussed and n ew practices concernmg rela tiOns between alumnae and collegi a te members were passed upon. . . . The O ctober meeting was a JOint meetmg


with the Blu fi el d Alumn a to mee t the National Presid nt, Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson was very kind a nd hclp.ful in answering the m any questions cone rm ng the organizing of ou r new cha pt r. . Th D ecember meeting was a Ch nstmas Party and each girl brough t a gift to b wr-a pped during th pa rty for a ne d y y in our community. The r spo nse of gift a nd food was ove rwhel ming. . J a nu a ry was a n interesting me ting. M iss Geraldine Travi sano gave a travelogu of her summer Europea n trip. It was a v ry interesting as well as educa tional talk. Februa ry was a " Fun With D ates" pa r.ty. All the husba nds and sweethea rt. wer mvited.- SIBYL K EESEE.

fechmond- Pelerjburtj j Orphan9 ~ WE hav enjoyed a very pi a ant. half year highlighted by the visit of ou r at10nal President, Mr . R obinso n, in ovember. he gave us ma ny helpful suggestions. 'At our Xm as pa rty we each brough t gif.t for the girls a t the M ethodi t O rphange m Petersburg. The new year began for u with a m eting a t the home of Vi rginia Daniel. our president, on J a n. 2. In ary we m t with M ary Ellen Comstock m Peter burg. Ada Bi vins was ho tes for the M a rch mee ting a t which time we had a wh ite elephant sa le. Everyone had fun trying to gu e wha t might be i'n the beautifull y wra pped package . Proceed from the ale wi ll be used to pay for the piano le on we are giving the 12-yea r-old girl a t th M ethod i t Orpha nage in Peter burg. We a re looking fo rward to our Ap ril mee ting for we are pla nning to meet a t R euger' H otel (fa mous for its ea food ) a t 6 :00 P.M . for di nner and afterwa rd go to Lucy R obin.-on's home for ou r bu ine s meeting. Ada Bi vins a nd C arroll Bail ey ar in cha rae of a rra ngeme nt . Elec tion of officer ' ill be held a t' th e M ay mee ting a nd the Ann ual mee ting will be held with Ca rroll Ba iley in June. Ou r a nnu al Spring Pa rt. in M a ' ,,路ill b a dinner pa rty a t the hom e of H elen our for our hu sba nd a nd friend . We alway enj oy these get-together . -M ARGARET PrT CHEW ING.



Roanoke j



;\; THE Roanoke Chapter is well on the way to a prosperous first year. M eetings a re held in the homes of members, and a ttendance has been very good. In D ecember, the business meeting wa followed by a Christmas party. Everyone enjoyed the opening of gifts and the delightfu l refreshments. In a n effort to increase the treasury, the January meeting became a White El ephant Sale. The unseen purchases brought forth so mu ch laughter from the AlT's that the money spent was h ardly missed . R a ther than using the u ual theme for February, the business m eeting wa preceded by a most enjoyable spaghetti supper. The R everend Charles 0. Kidd of the Rocky Mount M ethodist Church joined us for the March m eeting. His down to earth talk on " Philosophies of Life" inspired us all. Although a program of flower a rra ngem ents and a picnic have been planned for this spring, we do spend much tim e and effort on things apart from social activities. The outlook for an efficient cha pter in Roanoke is very promising.-MARY ANN BooNE.

did find time for a da te party, a dinner dance, on D ecember 27, at Shady Acres in Saint Louis County. After a tremendou chicken dinner we played game , danced, and just talked. On Friday afternoon, D ecember 29, the actives gave a party for the alums and amazed us again with their versatility in giving different and enjoyable partie . On Washington's birthday, for the third year, we met at the Forest Park Hotel for luncheon and to play card afterwards. On March 3 we had a " Pot Luck" upper a t the home of Ilsa Bla nkenmeister . This i our easy and painles way of collec ting for the Endowment Fund. Each girl attending brings a main dish, salad, or dessert, a nd the rolls, coffee, etc. are bought by the hoste . Miss Edith Gla tfelter, Pi Chapter sponsor until her retirement from H arris T eachers' College gave the program a t the upper. In h er delightful way sh e poke on " Why I Like Chine e Thing ." Of cour e besid es the e event we have h ad our regular mee tings every two week . W e feel well informed on local a nd na tiona] news and problems becau e Dorothy Robinon, our n ational president a ttend meeting regula rly. We are now planning a " Pot Luck" upper for April and I think- perh aps-our peaker will be orneone from a Charm School. We'll tell you more about tha t next time.-BARBARA H EM M .

;\; THE St. Louis alums a nd actives celebra ted F ounders' D ay with a formal dinner a t the Congress Tower R oom on November 6. This is stric tly a sorority affair, no da tes or husba nds, a nd the only "outsider" wa Mrs. R eals, our speaker, who is the wife of the D ean of th e University College at Washington University. H er subj ect was, "W omen in Politics," which was very a propos so near election day. Of course, we h ad our traditional ca ndl e-lighting service too. Toward the end of ovember we gave a tea for Miss Juli a Kohl and Miss Julia Murray, the co-sponsors of Pi Chapter at Harri T eacher ' College. Mi s Murray i new to Alpha Sig and we were all ca ptiva ted by h er charm a nd graciou ness. Mi s K ohl wa her u ual lovely self and we feel we now h ave an unbea ta bl e tea m at H a rri . The tea wa given a t the home of Ilsa Bla nkenmeister. As Chri tm a a pproached we were a ll bu with our per onal Christmas p la nning but we

War j Y/eedfecra/t ;\; ON November 7, 1950, we met with the n ew Mrs. R obert Dotson (Ruth Burke) at the horne of h er si ter, Mrs. Ea rl (Clara) Ellis, W ar, W est Virginia. Thi meeting had " two high-light ." We gave Clara a urprise Stork Shower, a nd we met Ruth' husband, Bob. The a nnual Chri trna party wa h eld a t the home of Mr . Barne Mu tard (M ellie Cas ell ), Bishop. Virginia, on D ecember 9, 1950. An intere ting program on "Needleraft" wa presented. M ellie had on di pia , various article m ade bv member of h er family. The m embers pre 'ent ex hanged Chri trnas gift . The first rn etino- of the n w y a r ' a at the home of Mr . Edward Rineh a rt (\ iro-ini Linkou ), W a r on Janu ary 1 , 1 5 1. \\ c



leigh Hotel in Washington, D. C., for a Saturday afternoon g t-tog th r. At th Sept mber m ting w had a hankie shower for J an Trotter who is moving to T ennessee. S vera! of our gi rls were marri d durin g the yea r. One, Norma Hoke H a rtl y, is now with her hu sband at Yal wh r he i finishing school. We have several new memb r a nd hav learned of several Sigma T a u' who hav ju t moved to our area.- MARTHA BAK ER.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dotson (Ruth Burke. Psi '44) were married November 4, 1950.

had no definite program for this meeting ; however, it turned out to be a most interesting "gab" session with bits of chatter and news of form er members, old college acquaintances, and sorority isters.-MARY JANE HowARD.

Our president, Meda Ray SewelL points to our name on the direc!ory at Founders' Day Banquet.

Wajhing.lon j Profjramj ;\; THIS year we have been having an interesting and entertaining program at each meeting. Our program chairman, M. T. Thomson, has really been passing out the new ideas. At our May meeting, each m ember brought a small wrapped gift to be used as a bingo prize. The prizes were chosen by the winner after much pinching and picking. Our officers for this year are as follows: Meda 'Ray Sewell, president ; Margaret Bowers, vice president; Marie Garber, recording secretary; Harriett Sterne, treasurer ; Dorothy Gates, corresponding secretary; Betty Lipps, historian; Martha Baker, editor; Dorothy Driver, chaplain; and Charlotte Douglas, City PanheHenic representative. The girls who cou ld not leave the city during the summer months m et at the Ra-

;\; O u R Christmas party thi year erved t~ o purpo e - we enjoyed playing Cana ta a nd each member who came to the pa rty brought material for Pine Mountain boxe . W e h ad two big ones fill ed to the top with clothing books a nd toys. In January, we had dinner together at the Lassen Hotel and went to the mo ie afterward. Any delicious cooking odor emanating from Alpha Tau home in Wichita are a result, no doubt of a talk by the Ga Service repre entative on "Cooking with H erb ." It was a n interesting路and enlightening le ture. W e've learned, too to etch aluminum tray o we feel we've had a fair! wellround ed program.- MADOLY NoLLER.


Dorothy Mae Pierce to Ezra Stafford, J r., March 23, 1951 Chi Edna Ellen K e ecker to Le lie E. Aulabaugh, Febru ary 24, 1951

rf/arriage1 D elta Betty Lepl ey to R . D on ald Lepley, D ecember 28, 1950


Zeta Gloria Rowle to William A. R ow le, Jul y 8, 1950 Eil een M arshall to Guy Bierly, March 15, 1951 D ori s L awhea d to Anthony M a rasa , August 12, 1950 J anet M cGill to Richard Mill er, O ctober +, 1950 Shirley H aas to Roy Dunkleberger, J a nu ary 26, 1951 Pa tricia Fleming to D ean S. Bartges, D ecember 21 , 1950 Lambda M arga ret W oodring to J ames Brown, M arc h 17, 1951 Sara J a ne App to Parker Euge ne on June 16, 1950 M arjorie Hofmeister to Lawrence A. F a rb on June 23, 1950

Ruth Burke to R obert Dotson, November 4

1950 Omega Beverl y Carl on to W arren Lindbloom, D ecember 27, 1950 Betty Carlson to Arthur Nel on, Augu t, 1950 Greta Broten to W . J. Baker, April 16, 1950 Alpha Alpha Lornell Fleener to M eredith E. Mock D ecember 16 1950 Alpha Gamma D emorri Ann Murry to J ack Barentine, M ay

14, 1950 Caroline Hine to H oward Rix, O ctober 6,

1950 M artha H elen Ru ell to Billy Joe H orne, F ebruary 4, 1951

Alpha Epsilon Marilyn Richard on to Robert Cu caden, J a nuary 18, 1951 M ary Ann Mueller to Gen e Bartlett, M arc h 4, 1951 Alice Trobough to Willi Griffin, F ebru ary 18, 1951

Nu Bonnie R odewald to J ame Beets, J anu a ry 22,

1950 Phyllis Ford to Alvin G. Evans, D ece mber 18,

1949 Lorraine M oser to K enneth White, O c tober

15, 1950 L olita Ludwig to Donald Lebsack, November

Lambda To Mr. and Mrs. Edward Locke (Ruth Atherton '40 ) a da ughter, Martha Su an ovember 1950 To Mr. a nd Mr . Ro Svveiga rt (Betty-Ruth Cooling '41 ) a on, Charle Ro December 1, 1950 To Mr. and Mr. Mclnto h (Moll Pitcher '50) a da ughter, J ean Anne, March 1, 1951 To Mr. a nd Mr. John Bloom (Gra e M Qui tion '48 ) a on Micha el John, Janua ry 11 1951 To Mr. and Mr.' right (Maxene ) < d : lUt:o hter, D ebbora nn, Janu r , 31, 195 1

23, 1950 Omicron J ea nette K yle H am ilton to R ex H ale, November 22, 1950 Geraldine Cline to Odell Huffma n, August 5, 1950 Evelena H oi ton to J ame Wall, O ctober 6, 1950 Phi J ea nnctt

Summitt to R ay D elaney, March . 1950 M a ry Lou Sik ~ to R oy L. Pierc , ugu t, 1950



Xi To Mr. a~d Mrs. Mark C . 0 bourne (Elizabeth Mtller) a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth, January 13, 1951 Omicron To Mr. and Mrs. James J. Matthews (Emma Mae Keifer) a son, D ecember 1, 1950 To Mr. and Mrs. Aldred P. Wallace (Peggy Yoak) a son, Vaughn Al dred, August 7 1950 ' To Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robertson (Elizabeth Morgan) a daughter, K a thryn Elizabeth, September 7, 1950 To Dr. and Mrs. Wirt Mingo (H azel Tuggle) by adoption, a son, John Steven, September 17, 1950 Phi

To Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Froebe (Mary Ann Daniel '50) a son, William D aniel, February, 1951 Omega To Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Campbell (M aril yn Saugstad) a daughter, M ay 29, 1950 To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eidanese (Lillian Roalkvam) a son, September 29, 1950 To Mr. and Mrs. J. Benson (Zeli a M cPherson) a son, January 29, 1951 To Mr. and Mrs. L . Williamson (Eleanore Norsby) a son, March 28, 1950

2634 Medbury Detroit 11 , Michi9an



To Mr. and Mrs. W. Seeman (Lois Norsby ) a daughter, M ay 14, 1950 Alpha Gamma To Mr. and Mrs. William Tolleson (Mary Stuart J ackson '48 ) a da ughter, J ennifer Wilson, December 28, 1950 To Mr. and Mrs. Grit Stuart, Jr. ( Ida Catherine D aniels '48 ) a son, Grit III, August 16, 1950 AljJha Alpha To Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Bak r (Lavonn e Wagoner ), a daughter, Beryl D awn, ctober 6. 1950 To Mr. and Mr . Ralph Dennis (Virginia H arter ), a daughter, ancy J o, O ctober, 1950

Alpha Alpha Our Sympathy. To Mrs. Nicholas Brill (Bonnie M eers), form er adviser, in the los of her fa ther, killed in an auto accident in th e fall ; to Mrs. W. E. W agoner, ad vi er on the death of her mother in D ecember ; to Mrs. Charles G. Sanderson (J e ie Mae Waggoner ), an alumna member now living in Wayne, Michigan, on the dea th of her mother in J anuary.

Genevieve Repeta, Alpha Sigma Tau News Agency


AMERICAN HOME ..... ..... ....... .......... .. ...... .. ............... 13 Months $2 .00 20 Months $3 .00 AMERICAN MAGAZINE ....... ........ ................. ... ... .... .. 30 Months $5 .00 COLLIER'S ....... .. .. ... ........... .... ......... ... ... ..... ................ ... 30 Months $9 .00 COSMOPOLITAN ... ..... .. .. ...... .. ..... .... ... ... ................. .. 2 Years


GOOD HOUSEKEEPING .. .. .. .... ................ ........... ... .. 2 Years $5 .00 *GOOD HOUSEKEEPING & COSMOPOLITAN .... 1 Year

$5 .50

WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION ....... .. .............. .... .30 Months $5 .00 *(One Address Only)




There is still a great need for ervice in this area-for the school, for our hospital, for the community centers. opened .

In our immediate neighborhood mme

o community planning goe into

are being

uch ventures and the change from

rural to indu trial life bring new prob lem . W e feel we cannot, must not retren ch now .

ALPHA SIGMA TAU OFFICIAL JEWELRY REGULATION BADGE No. 1-Plain-10K . .. . ... . . . .. . . . $ 5.00 14K . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50 No. 3-Crown Set Pearl . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 ADVISER'S PIN No. 4-Crown Set Pearl. Four Imitation Emer.alds . . . . . . . . 20.00 Crown Set Pearl. Four Genuine Emeralds . . . . . . . . . 25.00 No. S-Mother's Pin, Plain . .. .. .. 5.50 No. 6-Pledge Pin . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.25 Recognition PinNo. 7-10 Karat Gold, Green Enamel . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.50 No. 8-Miniature Coat-of-arms, Gold filled . . . . . . . . . . 1.25 Miniature Coat-of-arms, Silver . . . . 1.00 All badges must be ordered on special official order blanks supplied to each Chapter, the blanks to be signed by the Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Adviser. GUARD PINS Single Double Medium Letter Letter Plain . . .. . . ..... . .. . .... $2.25 $ 3.50 Crown Set Pearl. ... . ... 6.50 11.50 COAT-OF-ARMS GUARD PIN Miniature, Yellow Gold . . 2.15 20 i'o Excise Tax must be added to all prices quoted above-plus State Sales or Use Taxes wherever they are in effect. Send for your free copy of The GIFT PARADE Illustrating Rings, Novelties, and Favors



No. 4

BURR, PATTERSON & AULD CO. 2301 Sixteenth Street


Detroit 16, Mich.


NATIONAL COUNCIL President-Mrs. S. Carl Robinson (Pi) 9437 Talbot Dr., St. Louis 23, Mo. ' Vice Presidents in Charge of Organi~ing : -Mrs. Joseph Steen (Sigma ), 136 Doncaster Rd ., K enl'!'lore. N.Y.; Mrs . L.]. Maher (Pi ), 104 V ernon Ct., Peoria, Ill. ; Mrs. ]. W aldo Hinshaw (Iota), 27 Hardith Hill. Ct., St. Louis, Mo. ; Miss J anet R. Calfee (Om1cron ), 87 Princeton Rd ., Bluefield, W. Va.; Mrs. Harold W enzel (Upsilon), 838~ Northwest 34th St., Oklahoma City. N .P.C. Representative-Mrs. Haswell E. Staehle (Alpha), 481 Torrence Road, Columbus 2, Ohio Secretary-Miss Dorothy Stadler (Eta ), 642 E. 115th St., Cleveland, Ohio Treasurer~Miss Margaret Macdonald (Sigma) , 673 Richmond Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y. Editor-Mrs . Parry F . Schippers (Pi ), 5300 Sutherland Ave., St. Louis 9, Mo. Business Manager-Miss Elizabeth Wilson (Pi), 1008 Kuhs Pl., St. Louis 17, Mo . Chaplain and Historian- Miss Elinore De Cou (L ambda), Apt. Ill B, Park view Apt., Collingwood, N . ].


CENTRAL OFFICE 7603 Forsythe Boulevard Clayton 5, Mo.


NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Alumitae-Miss Elizabeth Wilson (Pi ) , 1008 Kuhs Pl., St. Louis 17, Mo. Awards-Mrs. ]. E. Gaughan ( ), 6815 Eleven Mile Rd. , Centerline, Mich . Courtesy-Miss Dorothy Stadler (Eta), 642 E. 115th St., Cleveland, Ohio Endowment-Mrs. M eade McNeill (Omicron ), Athens, W. Va. Examinations-Mrs. R. V . Fox (Alpha Alpha), 610 West Centennial Ave., Muncie, Ind . Life M embership-Mrs. Leo J . Gaffney (Beta), R .F .D. 3, Holly, Mich. Memorial Loan Fund- Mrs. Emmet C. Phipps (Omicron ), 803 Broad St., Mt. Hope, W. Va . Music- Mrs. E. C . Twork (Alpha) , W. Columbus Road, M ason, Mich. News Agency- Miss Genevieve Repeta (Theta ), 2634 Medbury, Detroit 11, Mich. Pledge-Miss Beverly Bollard (Sigma), 323 Bird Ave., Buffalo 13, N . Y. Mrs. Charles Clarke (Theta), 18251 Ruth erford, D etroit 35, Mich. Rush-Miss Rose Marie Schmidt (Theta ) , SlOG Harvard Rd ., Detroit 24, Mich. Social Service-Mrs . Alfred Jandt (Eta ), 84 1 Helmsdale Ave., Cleveland Hghts., Ohio NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE Chairman-Mrs . E. G ranville Crabtree (Kappa Kappa Gamma ), 85 Dean Rd., Brookline, Mass. Secretary-Mrs . William H . Hutchinson, 5545 Penrith Rd ., Seattle 5, Wash.

Treasurer- Dr. D avis Mann, University of West Va., M organ town , W. V a. College Panhellenics Committee- Mrs . Harry H . Power (Alpha Chi Omega), 2600 Woolridge Dr., Austin 21, Tex.

COLLEGIATE CHAPTERS (1950-51 0 ffi cers} Alpha {1899)-Michigan State Normal C liege, Ypsilanti, Mich. President- H arri et Gilmore R obertson, M . S. N. C., Ypsila nti , Mich. Adviser- Mrs. R . B. Bates, 20 S. Normal, Ypsilanti, Mich. Alumnae R epresentati ves-Mrs. John Riehl, 1678 McBrady St., Port Hu ron, Mich.; M rs. H . E. Staehle, 481 Torrence Rd., Columbus, Ohio. Beta {1905-1917; 1940 ) -Central Michigan College of Education, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. President- Mary Jo Woodruff, 206 Barnard Hall, Mt. Pleasant, Mich . Adviser-Mrs. Mary Garvin, 501 So . College, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Alumnae R epresentatives- Miss Natalie Haglund, Oscoda, Mich. ; Mrs. R . D . Fraser, 14591 Ardmore. D etroit 27, M ich. Gamma {1900-1913)-State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wis. Alumnae R epresenta tive-Mrs. Gran t Hinkamp, 4031 N. Downer Ave., Milwa ukee, Wis. D elta {1916)-State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. Presi路d ent- J a net Longnecker, S.T .C., Indiana, Pa. Adviser-Mrs. Alma Gass lander, S.T .C., Indiana, Pa. ; Miss Arvella T errell, 52 South 9th St., Indiana, Pa. Alumnae R epresenta tive-Mrs. Frances Clark, 221 Gilliland Pl., Pittsburgh 2, Pa. Epsilon {1919-1923; reorganized as Lambda, 1926)-Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Alumnae Representative-See Lambda Chapter. Zeta {1921-1948; 1949)-Lock Haven State Teachers College, Lock Haven, Pa. President- Lois Grimm, Flemington, Pa. Adviser-Miss Lydia Gross, 20 So. Fairview, Lock Haven, Pa., Dr. Edna Bottorf, 2 15 E. Walnut, Lock Haven, Pa. Alumnae R epresentative-Mrs. Franklin McIlvaine, R .F.D . 1, Dunnstown, Lock Haven, Pa. Eta {1927-1939 ) -Kent State University, Kent, Ohio Alumnae Representative-Mrs. Albert Wick, 13820 Shaw Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio. Theta ( 1923 )-Wayne University, Detroit, Mich. Presid ent- Ellenjane K. Gohlke, 15453 Pierson, D etroit 23, Mich. Adviser- Miss Milenka H ere, College of Nursing, Wayne University, D etroit 2, Mich. Alumnae R epresentatives-Mrs. H. T . M eister, 17344 Evanston, D etro it 24, M ich .; M i Helen Traskos, 6470 Appoline, D earborn, Mich.


(1923)-Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kan. President- Doris Anderson, 1006 Constitution, Emporia, Kans. Adviser-Mrs. Roy Durham, 1005 Constitution, Emporia, Kan. ; Miss Alice McDonnell, 1105 M erchant, Emporia, Kan . Alumnae R epresentatives-Mrs. Bett y Rose, 621 W est 6th, Emporia, Kan. ; Mrs. Ralph Kurtenbach, R . R . I, H erington, K an. Kappa (1924-1929)-Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Alumnae R epresentative-Mrs. R. M. Reinert, 136 Mavern Ave., Hamilton, Ohio Lambda ( 1926)-Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. President- Margaret Mayo, 8332 Williams Ave., Philadelphia 19, Pa . Adviser-Mrs. J ames Barnes, 8121 Cedar Rd., Elkins Park, Philadelphia, Pa. Alumnae R epresentatives-Miss Betty Scheerbaum, 56 Harding Ave., Oaklyn, N. J .; Mis~ Mabel Schreiber, 511 Ch es tnut St., Lebanon, Pa. Nu ( 1928-1940; 1948)-Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colo. President-Shirley Benson, 1901 13th Ave., Greeley, Colo. Advisers- Mrs. Don Hansma, Faculty Club Apts.; Mrs. James Nardin, 1937 inth Ave., Greeley, Colo. Alumnae R epresentatives- Mrs. Bruce Ewer, 1145 Clayton, D enver, Colo.; Mrs. William Baab, 1119 19th St., Greeley, Colo. Xi (1929-1933)-Westem State Teachers College, Gunnison, Colo. Alumnae Representative-Miss Grace Quinby, 129 Eleventh Ave., Havre, Mont. Omicron (1930) - Concord College, Athens, W. Va. President- Eleanor Palmer, Box 830, Bluefield, W.Va. Advisers- Miss Mae Hunter, Athens, W. Va. ; Miss Mildred Dransfield, Concord College, Athens, W. Va. Alumnae R epresentatives-Mrs. H arold Browning, Browning Hotel, Logan, W. Va .; Mrs. Preston Hamilton, 452 Union St., Bluefield, W.Va. Pi (1930)-Harris Teachers College, St. Louis, Mo. President- Harriet Russell, 4319 Lee Ave., St. Louis 15, Mo. Advisers-Miss Julia Kohl, 5816 Jamieson, St. Louis 9, Mo.; Miss Juli a K. Murray, 3506 Hawthorne, St. Louis, Mo. Alumnae Representatives-Miss June McCarthy, 4602 W. W . Florrissant, St. Louis 15, Mo.; Mrs . Wm . Vit, 39 14 McDonald, St. Louis 16, Mo. Rho (1932-1948; 1949)-Southeastem State College, Durant, Okla. Presidentita Flo K enn edy, 13 14 W. Elm St., Dura nt, Okla . Adviser-Miss Irene Scrivener, S.S.C., Durant, Okla. Alumnae R epresenta tive-Mrs. William Swafford, Yeager, Okla ., Miss Mary Mclnto h , Box 236. Caddo, Okla . Sigma (1925)-State Teachers College, Buffalo N.Y. Pres ident- Patricia M a ue, 1979 H ertel, Buffalo, N . Y. Adviser- Mrs. Lillia n McKenn eth, 1300 Elmwood Av ., Buffa lo 22, N . Y. Alumna R epr s ntativcs- Ruth 0 hs, 319 Parksid e Av ., Buffalo, N . Y .; Mr. Harold P terson, 230 Knowlton Ave., Kenmore, . Y . Iota


Zeta Tau ( 193 5) -Longwood College, Farmville, Va. Presiden t- Dorothy Boswick, Longwood College, Farmville, Va. Adviser-Miss Virgima Bedford, L.C ., Farmville, Va. Alumnae Representatives- Mrs. R . W. Bailey, McRae St., Bon Air, Va., Mrs. A. S. Vaughan, .Jr., 2407 Wedgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. Upsilon ( 1935 )-Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Ark. President- Sue Jon es, Box 244, S.T.C., Conway, Ark . Adviser- Dr. Ada J ane Harvey, 730 Donaghey, Conway, Ark. Alumnae Representatives-Mrs. W. J. Deane, c/o Sta. WITH, Ba ltimore, Md. ; Mrs. Ruth Hood Whitley, 3401 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock Ark. Phi ( 1940) -Southeastern Louisiana College, Hammond, La. Presid ent- Beth Foster, Box 697, College Sta., Hammond, La. Advisers-Miss Margaret Lowe, S.L.C ., Hammond, La. ; Miss M arjorie Miller, 612 W. Charles St., H ammond, La. Alumnae R epresentative-Mrs. Roy Schmidt, S.L.C .. H ammond, La. Chi ( 1940-1948; 1950) -Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W. Va. President- Margaret Gracey, Charles Town,. W. V a. Adviser- Miss Sa ra H elen Cree, Shepherdstown, W.Va. Alumnae Representative-Mrs. Roscoe Payne, 109 E. Congress St ., Charles Town, W . Va. Psi ( 1944) -Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. Pre?ident- Emil y Scott, Madison College, Harnsonburg, Va. Advisers-Miss Helen M. Frank, Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va.; Dr. Mary Latimer, 477 E. Market, Harrisonburg, Va. Alumnae R eprese nta tives-Miss L enore Seibel, Rt. 1, Box 185, Roanoke, Va. ; Miss Ruth Thompson, Box 106, Rt. I, Broa dway, Va. Omega (1945)-Minot State Teachers College, Minot, N.D. President- J a nice Lorenze n, M.S.T.C .. Minot, . D. Advisers- Miss Louise R eishu . 709 W. Central Ave., Minot, . D .; Miss Virginia Williams, I 04 2nd St. S.E . Alumnae R epre en ta tive-Mrs. W . Skowronek 104 2nd St . S.E., Minot, . D. ' Alpha Alpha (1945)-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. President- J oanne Tuerffs Lucina Hall Muncie, Ind . ' ' Adviser - Mis H elen Sorn on 200 Riverside Dr., Muncie, Ind .; Miss Evel yn Luecking 1722 W. Ja ckson, Muncie, Ind . ' Alumnae R epresentative-Mrs. R. B. Cross, 206 N. Martin, Muncie, Ind. Alpha Beta ( 1946) -Marshall College, Huntington, W.Va. Preside nt- Be tty J ane E a n, 1016 Ninth A e., Huntington, W . Va . Adviser- Mrs. Xavier Burdette, Hodges Hall, Marshall College, Huntington, W. Va. Alumnae R epre entative - Mr . John D . D aile¡ Jr., 835 9th ve., Huntington W. \ a.; Irs. Spencer A. Gillette, 396 Fore t Rd. Huntington, W . a. ~ Alpha Gamma (1946) - Hender on t te Te hers College, rkad elphia, rk. Presid nt- Bobb â&#x20AC;˘ el on, H . . T . . , _\ rk. delphia, rk.

Advisers- Miss Amy J ea n Gree ne, H .S.T .C., Arkadelphia, Ark. ; Mrs. Sarah Von Horn, Arkadelphia, Ark. Alumnae R prese ntative-Mrs. Earl Willi amson, Box 551, Vivia n, L a . Alpha D elta ( 1948)-Southwestern Missouri State College, Springfield, Mo. President- M artha Kimb er, 1017 N. Campbell, Springfield, Mo . Adviser- M rs. Don Sebring, 1234 E. Minota, Springfield, Mo. Alumnae R epresentative-Mrs. Ju an ita Phillips, 608 Normal, Springfi eld, Mo. Alpha Epsilon (1948)-Western Illinois State College, Macomb, Ill. President- J oan Luckenbi ll , N ew Boston, Ill. Adviser- Or. H a rriet C. Stull, 430 W . Adams, Macomb, Ill. Alumnae R eprese ntative-Mrs. Opa l Pruitt, Tiskilwa, Ill. ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Beckley, West Virginia President- Mrs. Emmett Phipps, 803 Broad St., Mt . Hope, W. Va. llluefield, West Virginia Presid ent- Mrs. Wm. Ri chardson, Rt. 1, Box 62, Bluefield, W. Va . Buffalo, New York President- Mrs. H arvey H oldsworth, 21 Barry Pl., Buffalo 13, N . Y. Charleston, West Virginia President- Mrs. Aldred P. W a llace, 524 5th St., St. Alba ns, W. Va . Cleveland, Ohio Pres id ent- Miss Do roth y Stadler, 642 E. !1 5th St., Clevela nd , Ohio. D enver, Colorado President- M iss M a ria nn e L a mberty, 1280 Albion, D enver, Colo. D etroit I, Michigan President- Mrs. Edward Ska rr, 1364 1 D ex ter, D etroit 6, Mich . Detroit II, Michigan President- Mrs. K . H . N ye, 139 60 Gra tiot, D etroit 5, Mich. Emporia, Kansas President- Mrs. M elvin Prothe, 822 M e rchan t, Emporia, K an. Flint, Michigan Presid ent- Mrs. F. 0 . Gree n, 2118 Pierce, Flint 3, Mich . Greeley, Colorado Presid ent- M rs. Th eodore Smith 1305 15th Ave., Greeley, Colo. lluntington, West Virginia President- Miss Cla re C losterman, 1025 9th, Huntington, W. Va . Indiana, P ennsylvania Presid ent- Mrs. C laire Spetch, 207 S. I Oth St., India na, Pa. Lansing, Michigan President- M rs. R obert Ki mmich, 11 9 W . Gra nd R iver Ave., L a nsing, Mich. Minot, North D a kota President- Mrs. Florence Peter on, Pioneer H all, STC, Minot, N. D . Muncie, Jndiana President-Mrs. J . Carl Hu mphrey, 1001 W . W ashin gton St., Mun cie, Ind . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania President- Miss Eth el W eim ar, 200 L oney St. , Philadelphia, Pa . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Presid ent- Mrs. L ee Wright, 1530 Willia msburg Place, Pittsburgh 2 1, Pa . Princeton, West Virginia President- Mrs. W. R . Min go, P.O . Box 511, Princeton, W. Va.

Ri chmond, Virginia P res ident- Mrs. W. L . D a ni I, 64 12 Monum en t Ave. , Ri chmond, Va. Roa noke, V irg inia P rcs id nt- Miss L enore Seibel, Rt. I , Box 185, R oanoke, Va. Shepherdstown, West Virginia Presi dent- Mi ss M abe l C ha pma n, Sharpsburg, Md. St. Louis, Missouri President- Mrs. H arry K euper, 9038 Pa lla rdy La ne, St. Louis, Mo. Springfi eld, Missouri P resi dent- Mrs. .Ju a nita Parker, R t. I 0, Box 171, Springfield , Mo. War, West Virginia President- Miss Edith Elliott, Canebrake, W. V a. Washington, District of Columbia P resid ent- Mrs. M eda R ay Sewell , 6541 Wil liam sb urg Bl vd., Falls C hurch, Va. Wichita, Kansas P res id ent- Mrs. R ay No ll er, 618 Parkwood, Wichita, K a n. Williamsport, Pennsylvania President- Mrs. John Tietbohl, 427 H as tings St., S. Williamsport, Pa. ALUMNAE CLUBS C hicago, Illinois P res ident- Mrs. L . J. Cashman, 263 1 Estes Ave., C hi cago 23, Ill. Dura nt, Okla hom a P resident- M ary C laud e Park, 724 . 4th St., Duran t, Okla. Little Rock, Arka nsas President- Mrs. K enn eth Francis, 1616 S. Pi erce, Little R ock, Ark. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan President- M rs. G eorge Wheeler, R .F .D . 6, Mt . Pleasant, Mich. New York, N. Y. Presid ent- M iss An ita Barr, H enry Hudson, H otel, 353 W . 57th St., 1ew York 19, . Y. Norfolk-Portsmouth, Virginia P resi dent- Mrs. R eggie Scott, 113 ~ R ockbridge St., Norfolk, Va. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Presid ent- Mrs. Wm. A. M cEntire, Rt. 3, Box I 06, Pine Bluff, Ark. Welch, West Virginia President- Mrs. Lena Caporossi, Box 607, Welch, W . Va. Youngstown, Ohio President- Mrs. K eith M cGowan, 2368 Midlothian, Youngstown, Ohio. DISTRICTS A D PRESIDENTS Central District: Mich., Ill., Ind., Ohio, Wis. P resident- Mrs. L. ] . M a her, 104 V e rnon Cou rt, P eoria , Ill. Eastern District: . Y. , P enn., N. ]. , Me., N. H ., Vt., Mass., Conn., and R . I. P resi dent- Mrs. J oseph tee n, 136 Doncaster R d ., K enmor e, N . Y. Northwestern District: Missouri, Kansas, Colorado Utah, Nevada, and all other states north of these and west of th e Missis ippi River. Pre ident- Mrs. J . Waldo Hinshaw, 27 H ardith Hill Ct., St. Louis, Mo. Southern District: Va., W. a., Ky. , Md., Dela. Tenn. , N . C., Mi s., Ala. , Ga ., Fla. and . C . P resid ent- Miss J ane t Calfee, 8 7 Princeton Rd ., Bluefi eld , W. V a. Southwestern District: Arkansas Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, New fexico rizona and California. P re ident- Mrs . H arold B. W enzel, 838 0 orthwest 34th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.

1951 April ANCHOR  
1951 April ANCHOR