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Delta Chapter to be Reinstated March 17, rg28


NCHO. R FouNDED A. D. 1925

Published twice yearly by members of th e Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority.

Vol. III, No. 1.

MARCH, 1928

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CONTENTS Mi ldred Doran , a Tribute ____ ____ _______ _____ ___ ____________ __ 5 A. E . S. Conference __________________________________________ 9 Exce rpts from Minutes of th e Nationa l Convention , 1927 __________ ll From Me to You ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ _______ _____ ____________ __ 14 Cartoons ___ ___ _______ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ______ ___________ ____ 16-17 I ota


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ln )!memoriam





Mildred Doran, a Tribute ROM th e time Mildred Doran left Mi chigan for Oakland , California to enter th e Dol e Air Ra ce our papers carried interestin g news item about her. Chief amon g these was th e Oakland Tribune whose staff reporter, Frances Ru ssell , wa s Mildred's close co mpanion durin g th e da ys she spent in Oakland.


Th e accounts in all our papers rep· rese nted Mildred as a quiet, modest young girl , friendly , considerate of all tho se about her, and enthu sia ti c over the great venture about to be under· taken.

It was not my opportunity to meet Mildred; had I kn own she was a mem· her of Alpha Sigma Tau, I should have been among the great number of people clamoring to shake her hand; but I read diligently all the acco unts printed conce rnin g her and felt a very great interest in her fli ght. The on I y woman entered, all eyes centered on her, and we felt additional pride in her quiet behavior and her modest dem eanor. Wherever her pictures were shown in the movie houses, th ere was sustain ed applause, and the night our extras were callin g that her plane had been found , many hou sewives oall ed to th e newsies for a paper. There was ge neral and widespread interest in her exp loi t and universa l mourning over its ending . The Tribune has granted me permission to use anything desired from its copyrighted story of her, and becau se Miss Ru ssell wa s so clo el y associated with her tho se last few days, I feel yo u will •a'il be interested in reading of their conversation and activities, and I will f ollow accurately the interview printed . On Sunday evening before the take-off, after the strenuou s da·ys of meeting people and the loneliness of being among stran gers, Mildred expressed the desire to go to her room and pretend she was ba·ck in the sorority house at Yp silanti, with Miss Russell pretending to be a sorority sister. This they did, talking long and earnestly of the dear co llege days passed, the hopes and ambitions for the future; and it wa ~ then that she told of her dreams of the last few nights that gave her a· presentiment of death; she had talked with two very dear fri end who had gone on before, describing her flight in detail , and it was



such a rare dream as to cause speculation in her mind ; yet sh e evin ced no fear, n or desire to turn back. Her father's words of her were j ustified when questioned as to his wisdom in letting her go on this trip , he said , "Sir, my daughter is not yellow, nor is there one member in . the famil y with a yell ow streak ; the Doran name stand s f or co urage." Courage co upled with modesty and grea t considera ti on for other ; who co uld ask for a more shining a rm or ? She told how careful Auggy P edlar had been in hi s chaperonage; what a great friend of her famil y Mr. Malloska was and how concerned h e would be over their safe arrival ; of h er year's teaching and her desire to go into some other work. These are her words, " I have several offers, but I am ju st going to let th e future take care of itself. I hardl y think I will go back to teaching beca use it will be kind of slow after coming in contact with so many interesting things. It's nice hav· ing Saturdays off and a goo d long vacation, but I don' t like to starve to death the rest of my life ! If I had to live on m y check each month , we wouldn't have to worry about the number of p ounds in the "Miss Doran." I want to write about m y trip ; and I'm going to take my offer s right away becau se I'm not so fo olish 'a'S to think an yone's goin g to remember ·m e after six months or a year." Experience or instinct had taught her wi sdom al ong with the other virtues allotted her and hum or was not mi ssing in the allotment. When asked if she had any fear of go ing down her reply was "No I don' t, but if we did start to go down, I ca n h ear Auggy shouting through the tube, 'Mil, we're go ing down , I hope you don't feel hurt' and I'd just say 'Allri ght Auggy,' becau se there wouldn't be an y n eed for me to say anything else at all; I ca n't swim a bit, and I don't know just what I would do because there wouldn 't be an y chan ce f or me to take swim ming lessons." Mildred acted as treasurer on the trip and confided that it was not an easy j ob and she would be glad to r each Hawaii and Mr. Mollaska; of him she said " I do hope n othin g's go ing to happen f or Mr. Mollaska's sake especiall y. He said jokingl y one time that if 'a 'nything happened to us, he' d just wire for them to sell hi s business to the highest bidd er and he'd sta y in the islands the rest of his life. I hope he won ' t do that b ecau se next to m y own famil y Mr. Mollaska is the nearest person to me - why he is one of the famil y. The fli ght doesn ' t sca re me at all. I'm just •a'S confident now as when we fir st left Flint and it's go t to be a success, so mu ch depends on it. Life's so sweet and there are so man y things to do. I don't want to get married right awa . but I'd like to in about fiv e yea rs and I want to marry a doctor. I think that doctors are th e ni cest men in the world. The first thing I wa•nt to do is travel. I haven' t seen mu ch of the world at all and this i a n awfully goo d opportunity for me." She referred t o a bit of home ickn ess when he said after receiving so me lett rs fr m h om , "T would have g ive n anything in the world if I co uld ha just steppert

[ 6]




in th e front door and said 'Hell o folks, we' re on o ur way but I just wanted to say goodb ye.' " She often referred to her fath er , her moth er wh o ha d go ne on some years ago, her small sister and bro th er . Another time she said " When I ma•ke up my min d to do a thin g, no matter what it is, I do it. I think that's the reaso n Mr. Mo ll o ka places such co nfidence in me to bring the plane acr oss to Hawaii, bt>ca use he knew that if I said I'cl do it, I would. If it kill s me I'll do a thin g once I start. But don't yo u worry, I'm going to be the fir st wo man to reach the Islands by airpl•a'ne, and I'm coming back to en joy m yse lf th oroughl y and have a l ot of exciting adventures to te ll to my g randchild ren.'' Mi s Ru ssell acco mpanied her fr om the Hotel to the Airport th at fateful day and speaks of her co urtesy to th e H otel peo ple, where he was evidentl y a fa vo rite guest ; of the lun ch provided and Mildred's trim a·ppearan ce in her olive drab se rge uniform. Arrived at the fi eld they were surrounded b y eager spectators, curi osity seekers and acquaintan ces made in these few days residence . fildred was asked innumerable questi ons, all of which she an swered with unfailing patience and kindness. She shook hands and signed pictu res, post card s, etc., •a'nd gave a short talk over KLX, broadcasting sta ti on of the Oakland Tribune, professin g to be more fri ghtened ove r th at th an over the fli ght. T here was little time for rest in the hut so great was the crowd to see her and there wer e pictures to be made f or the Movies. She posed with "Mo ther" Tusch, fri end of all fl yers, whose home is ever open to them; with strange rs whom she had never seen and wrote messages on small boys' card s, small boys like th ose she had ba'ught the year before. Wh en asked if she would care for a cigarette, she told them she did n't smoke, a goo d old fa shioned trait which gives us no reg rets, a nd which detracted none fr om her courage and determin ati on to be a pioneer in a cau se worth whil e. She was visibl y pl ea'sed with her reception as an yone would be and numerou telegrams were received with all sorts of goo d lu ck wi shes . The very last one to co me to her was from her fath er wi shing her good lu ck and a safe return and this teleg ram she put into l~ :::: r pocket to ca rry into th e Unknown. Finall y their turn came and with chee ry word s a nd r ea dy smi·l e she said goo dbye to her new fri end s and the plane wa•s off ; but not for goo d, as it was soon seen circling back for a landing. Mildred was ru shed to the rest hut and when asked wh y they came back said " I don't kn ow why we came down , but I know we're going up again. You have to take things as they come, there's no use ma'king a fu ss ab out i-t." When she saw the smoke co ming up from behind and felt the gasoline splashing on her in the plane, she described the feeling a thi s, " I ju st knew that Au ggy was going to bring us down and I ai d [ 7J



to M r. Knope, 'Auggy's coming down' and he sa id 'Yes, Mildred, h e is' and so down we came." Wi shing to get her out in the air, they dressed her in ga rments b orrowed from friend s so she would not b e kn own and molested 'a路nd for the hour intervening, she had some res t fr om the cr owds. She prom路 ised to take her fri end s up in the plane when th ey got back co ntendin g that it was n o worse than riding in a fast elevator and that when one had gone once he wondered of what he h ad been afraid. Finally the word came that th ey we re to make the seco nd start. a nd Mi ldred was keen an d anxious to go; she climbed into th e cabin, waved goo dbye t o her friends a nd said to Miss Russell " I'll be in Honolulu tomorrow and I'll write or wire you from th ere. Don' t work too h a rd, and take ca re of your kn ee." Thus she sail ed away; ca lm, confident, co nsiderate. A lovin g daughter to her f'a 'mily; a dea r sister to yo u m Alph a Sigma Tau ; a bright beaco n to the world outside; a brave pirit bent o n showing the way for others to f oll ow; th ough her mis ion failed in its expected results, we ma y all keep that pride in her, that faith in high endeavor, wherever found; and feel that her life was not vain, for out of the sacrifi ces of these seven lost fli ers will ultimat el y come safe travel across the Pacifi c; an aid to comm erce an d progre s. I think we ca n find n o better en ding to thi s slight tribute than to qu ote the word s of one verse of the song "Going Home" ung during the Memorial exercises condu cted b y the Steamer Maui at the sp ot sup路 p osed to have seen their fall , 700 mil es west of San Francisco. It gives us comfort and p oints toward a Dawn. "Mo rnin' star lights the way, R es' less dream all done; Shadows gone Break o' day Real life jes' begun." Adeline F . See (Delta Sigma Epsil on )

rs J




A. E. S. Conference J-:IE seve nth bi ~nnial conf~ r~n ce of the Coun cil of the As ociatwn of Edu catwna 1 Soront1es co nvened at 9:30 A. M., Au g u t 29, 1927, in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colorado. At the first roll call every member an swered-" Present." Sigma Sigma Sigma was represented by Miss Mabel Wa·lton, Chairman ; Alpha Sigma Alph a by Miss Minnie Shockley, Secretary ; Pi Kappa Sigma by Mrs. Jam es C. McFarland, Treasurer ; Delta Sigma Epsilon by Mrs. Orl ey See, Director of Local Panhellenics; Theta Sigma Upsil on by 1iss F lorence Eckert, Chairman of Committee on City P anhellenics; and Alpha' Sigma Tau by M rs. Grace E rb-Ritchi e. !Jisses Elmina Graham, editor of Theta Sigma Upsil on magazin e, and Ada Norton, chief-patroness of Alpha Sigma Tau, were honored g uests of the conference and were of val u~rbl e aid in the disc ussion of topics of importan ce to the associati on . Reports of the vari ous office rs were exceeding! y interestin g and gave proof of the constru cti ve work that has been accomplished in the past two years. The Director of Loca l P enhell eni cs made a report that wa s very g ratifying. The A. E. S. groups, fun ctioning in 34 co lleges, have esta bli shed scholarship fund s for helping girl s through schoo l, others award cups f or high scholarship. The ge neral goo d-will existing between the vari ous groups is one of the worth whil e features noted in th e report of the Panhellenics. Anoth er very interesting report was the beginning of the A. E. S. Cit y Panhellenics. This phase of fraternal activity has been neglected. Howeve r, in the past tw o years one in Huntington, West Virginia, and one in Toledo, Ohi o, have started •and a re proving to be a ver y effi cient way of binding the A. E. S. gr oups together. Steps are being taken for orga nizing a City Panhellenic in Cincinnati and Detroit and will be co nsummated thi s fa ll. These seemin gly small beginnings show that the group bel ongin g to the Association of Educati onal Sororities are ali ve ·a·nd are pushing to the front. Th ey are making known to the Helleni c world that the profession of teaching is a vita l force in the world , and th at no other profession is making a g reater prog ress in establishing standard s of high attainment in their chosen calling. The considerati on of some specia l social welfare work for the A. E. S. was given to a commiHee. This committee will investiga te the fi elds where the association may be of rea l service and report to lh e co un cil before the next co nference. The "open" session on Wednesda•y afternoon was well attended and Lh e program arranged was ve ry interesting and profitabl e. Members of SSS, ASA, PKS and DSE to the number of fort y (40 ) were prese nt. Most of them bel onged t o the chapter at Greeley, hut there were present girls from Gunnison, Alva a·nd Los Vegas. The foll owing topics we re discussed : Sorority Ideals-Mrs. James C. McFarland, P. K. S. So rority Friendships-Mrs. H. T . Ritchie, A. S. T.


[ 9]




A. E. S. History-Miss Minnie Shockley, A. S. A. Local Panhellenics-Mrs. Orley Gee, E. S. E . City Panhellenics-Miss Florence Eckert, T. S. U. Loyalty-Miss Mabel Walton, S. S. S. Fraternity Journalism-Mi ss Lindsey Barbee, Editor of the Cres· cent of Gamma Phi Beta. Dean Minrow of Emporia, Kan a:s, was present and made a pleasin g talk on The Sorority As An Uplifting Organization. This was the afternoon of the visit of Lindbergh to Denver. After the program was over, the conference adjourned to witness the ovation given to "The Lone Eagle" of international fame . Since the banquet in hi s hon or was given in th e Cosmopolitan Hotel the Coun.cil had the opportunity of seei ng this her o sevei'a'l times. Another very pleasant affair was th e co urtesy exten ded to the Council by the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. They came with their automobiles at th e close of the Tuesday session and took everyone for a drive to the various points of interest in the City. After the drive, all were taken to the home of Mrs. Gretchen Carpenter, where most delicious refreshments were served and a delightful social hour enjoyed. The business sessions closed on Wednesday night, but a very grea t treat was in store for all- Mr. J oe Mi ll s of " The Crags" Estes Park had invited the entire council to be hi s g uests for a day and night. The invitation was accepted. The Rocky Mountain Parks Transportation Co., through the courtesy of Mr. A. K. Holmes, sent •a: special bus lo take the party to Estes Park and to return there to Denver. This hospitality was so co rdial and the joys and wonders of E tes Park so pleasing that every member of the Council will hold thi s delightful trip as one outstanding event of the Conference. Some few changes were made in the constitution, but nothing especia lly new. The wording of articles and secti ons were made clea·rer. There will be a new edition of the constitution printed and sent out lo the chapters soon. Miss Mildred Dora n, who lost her life in the " Dole Flight" f rom Oakland, was a member of Alpha Sigma Tau and wore her A. S. T. badge when she went down. A letter of sympa th y was se nt to her family. The officers for the co ming biennial interim are : liss Minnie Shockley, A. S. A. , Chairman , 709 College Ave .. I a, Okla. Mrs. C. P. eidi g, P . K. S., Secretary, 23 Lockwood Court pl.. Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Orley See, D. S. E., Trea urer , <J.S Wildwood Ave., Piedmont. Calif. Mis Florence Eckert T . . U., Director of Local Panhellenics. -11 ; ~ Ballard, Yp ilanti, Michigan . Mr . Grace Erb-Ritchie, A. . T., Director of Cit Panhellenics. Lak Drive, Grand Rapids, Mi h. lVIis. Mab I Le Walton Rep resent•a·tive :S . • . • Wol)dslt)ck. Vn.

[ 1())


Excerpts from Minutes of The National Convention, 1927 Written by PEGGY AsH EVANS The Second ational Convention of the Alpha Sigma Tau Fraternity was held in the Henry 2nd room of the H otel Statl er, Detr oit, Mic hIgan , ovember 18-19, 1927. The followin g ational Officers re ponded to the roll call: H ead Patroness ________ __ ______ __ ___ Miss Ada orton PresidenL _____ ___ __________ ___ _Grace I. Erb Ritchi e Vice PresidenL _____ ____ ___ ______ ____ _Edith Mansell Treasurer - ------------------ ______ Carrie Washburn e Corresponding Secretary __________ Margaret Ash Evans Editor of An chor ___________ __ __ _Louise Glade Bohlen Business Manager of Anchor_ ___ ______ Wanda Crawford The foll owing delegates represented the various Chapters : ALPHA- Ada orton, Carrie Washburne, Sarah Poll ock and Margaret H olcomb. SIGMA-Ruth ]. Hold en and Blanch Ballinge r. LAMBDA-Dorothy Linder and Mabel Shreiber. KAPPA- Betty Dea rin g and Isabelle Finkbine. ETA-Mary E_ Cook, Sarah Peebles and Muriel White. THETA-Dorothy Fleming, Marion Bassin ger and Betty FriedeL IoTA-Helen Beck and Anne Mae Care y. ZETA- Margaret Breth and Doroth y Killen. Po TIA C ALUMNAE-Ola Hiller. DETROIT ALUM AE-Florence Schmid Baker_ GRAND RAPIDS ALUMNAE-Louise Bohlen. Many letters and telegrams of g reeting were read. The Nominating Committee was chosen: Mrs. Wurzer, Chairman; Helen Beck, Mary Cook, Ruth H olden and Doroth y Kill en . Th e Secretary was instru cted to write letters of sympath y to th e famili es of our bel oved sisters who have passed into God's keeping Mabel High Mahoney, Marion J ohn ston and Mildred Doran . Louise Bohlen l ost her mother and Wanda Crawford her father. Mildred Doran was the girl who lost her life in the Pacifi c Ocea n un a n attempted aeroplane fli ght to H onolulu. She wore Miss orton's frate rnity pin when she started on her hazard ous journey. The report of the Effie E. Lyman Mem orial Scholarship Fund was rea d and accepted. A gift to the fund of $100.00 was received fr om our patron, Mr. Lyman. A motion was made, seco nded and carried that a letter of appreciation be sent to Mr. Lyman. A very frank di scussion of the Scholarship followed and as a result it wa s decided . that the fund should be a loan fund and not a gift and that girl borrowing from th e fund be required to pay back the money without

[ ll



interest, the first year after they are out of school and are employed. It al so was decided that a girl borrowing money fr om the fund be required to take out an insuran ce p oli cy covering the amount borrowed. said policy to cove r death or disability and having it payable to the Effie E. Lyman Memorial Scholarship Fund. Then followed the first voting of the delegates. The Motion was-Shall the scholarship be open only to Alpha Sigma Tau g irl s? The amendment to the motion-This fund shall be for Alpha Sigma Tau girls first, and if there is no need in the Sorority that it go to any worthy girl. The Amendment lost but the motion was ca rried-13 votes for it-3 against it. The next Motion was-Shall the Scholarship Committee use their own judgment in makin g a loan but that it mu st not exceed $200.00. The vote was unanim ous. The next Motion was- Shall the fund start to operate at once16 votes were cast-1 3 for it, 4 aga in st it. At this time, the President gave the Memorial Committee permis路 sion to add the name of Catherine Meehan to their Committee to take the place of Helen Gifford McFee, as the Committee had been unabl e to reach Mrs. McFee either b y letter, telegraph or telephone. Miss Norton was then given the fl oo r and she gave a splendid budget plan which she had very carefully worked out for the Sorority. After much di scussion the plan was accepted. A motion was made, seconded and carried that we create a life membership of Fifty ($50.00 ) Dollars in the Alpha Sigma Tau Frate r路 nity. A motion was made, seconded and carried that a note of thanks be sent to Burr-Paterso n Company for the beautiful flowers sent to us at the Convention. The Nominating Committee presented the foll owing names for Officers for the next two years: PresidenL __________ ____________ Grace I. Erb Ritchie Vice President_ _______________________ Edith Mansell Corresponding Secretary ______________ May Hammond Reco rding Secretary _______ ___________ R oberta Seltzer Editor of Anchor_ _______________ Louise Glade Bohlen Business Manager of Anchor_ _____________ Cecil Butler Assistant Editors _________________________ _ Miss Araminta McLane { Lila Laurence Fuller Treasurer_ _____________ ---- _______ Carrie Washburne The report of the Nominating Committee was accepted and th C路 retary was instructed to cast the ballots. As yo u ca n see, the re was much work to be done b th Con ntion a nd mu ch g round was covered but all thing could not b fini sh d

[ 12]


so the President said that all matters not taken up b y the Convention would he sent by letter to the various Chapters. She was given power to app oint a pin committee to select suitabl e guard s for National Officers and t o select a mother pin for the mothers of AI pha Sigma Tau girl s. I purp ose ly left the social sid e of the Convention 'till last. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. We had much work but mu ch play too and it was such fun . The girl s were all sp lendid examples of real American yo ung womanhood and it was a j oy to be with them. At noon on ovember 17th, we scattered for lun ch, each officer taking a group of girl s t o different tea rooms. We had dinner on that arne day at th e Women 's City Club . It wa s a lovely affair and was enj oyed by the entire Conventi on . On Sa turda y noon we had a lun cheon at the H otel Statler whi ch was attend ed b y more than eighty girl s. At that time a lovely co rsage a nd a sorority spoon was presented to our gracious President-Grace I. Erb Ritchi e-in appreciation of her splendid work. A duplicate co rsage and a full jewelled Fraternity pin was presented to our beloved patroness, Miss Norton. Words fail when we try t o tell of our appre路 ciation f or all that she has done for us. She is one of God's ra re creatures and we pray that we may have her with us for many years. I ota Chapter asked to have the next Convention at Emporia, Kansas. A moti on was made, seconded and ca rried that thanks be extended I ota and that acceptance be place d in the hands of the ational Council. The Convention adjourn ed at 6:10P.M., November 19, 1927.


[ l3



From Me to You Once more I have the hon or of addressing yo u a president of yo ur National Council. The honor is great, the responsibility equally so. Much has been done to put us on a National basis but there remains still a broader field of activity before we can feel that we are reall y acting as a National unit. Our second National Convention was a success. The offi ce rs were in perfect harmon y and each gave ample evidence that he had been trying to further the interests of the Sorority by doing all that she could in he r own field . Margaret Ash Evans has put mu ch work into the establishing of our Effie E. Lyman Memorial Fund. Because of this activity we have the sati sfa ction of knowing that the sch olarship is at present in opera路 tion. It is a fine movement. Let us do all we can to increase its scope and usefulne ss. One of the features which your officers are m ost anxious to see ettled is the choi ce of a Fraternity jeweler. All Fraternal material which in cludes the use of the pin or insignia of any kind sh ould come from one so urce . With that in mind your president has appointed th e following members. Chairman, Miss Ada A. Norton; Mrs. Kate Wurzer, Miss Lina Ward, Miss Louise Brown, to consider the advisability of copyrighting our name. The president therefore asks the above mentioned committee to assume thi s responsibility as well as that of deciding upon the jeweler. Our gowns need consideration but the Th etas were not ready to 路 repo rt upon that subj ect. May we ask them to have ready, recommendation s, samples, and sketches, for presentati on to the Executive Board at its April meeting? The vote taken at the Convention makin g it nece sa ry for an active member to subscribe for the magazine was a necessary measure. Onl y through co ncerted action can we h ope to prosper and concerted action depends on common information, which is p ossible only through our magazine, The Anchor. o matter h ow scattered we ma y be, our magazine ca n make and keep us one. Some changes were made in the choice of office rs. Such changes were made with the idea of sharing the responsibility with Chapters not previousl y so active. Your president warmly welcomes these nel offi ce rs and tru sts that she may become as happily acquain ted with th em as she is with th ose whose places they are taking. It takes money to succeed - to meet thi s demand Mi s orton has given most careful co nsideration to the study of a Sorority budget. Similar study of a budcret is being ca rried on b y other members of th e A ociation of Ed u.c a ti onal Sororities. Ha ing studied conditi on_. Mi orton decided that it was much more demo rati to ha e a per 路apita rate rath er than the former acti ve Chapter pled g . s a result a mol ion wa , ca rried a t the Nationa I Conven ti on to set aside for the

peri od of two years a pa yment of the usual Cha pte r use in tead the recommended per capita budget pl a n.



um .

A nd to

Ju st a word regarding our first meetin g with th e A oc1a t10 n of Edu cati onal Sor oriti es. Your h onorabl e patroness, M iss Ada A. orton, and yo ur president, were b oth prese nt a nd to say tha t they en joye d it is putting it mildl y. The representa tives there ga th ered were women, earnest and capable, each supremel y a nxious to wo rk in beha lf of all co ll ege women. It wa s the endeavor of' th ose present to stud y the probl ems of th e youn g coll ege . peo pl e of toda y in a sympath etic, constru ctive fa shi on. It is to be hoped tha t our own acti vities will refl ect in the next two years, th e inspiration ga in ed from the Den ver meetin gs. On ce more, best of wishes to yo u all. Ver y sin cerel y, GRAC E ERB RIT CHI E


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.$0 THIS Dra wn by Emma Louise

ott, art student at Cen tral Hi uh ch o l. Grand Rapids, Mi h. [ 16]




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[ 17 J


Iota Chapter Emporia, Kan sas. Dear AI pha Sigma Taus : Ru sh week and enrollin g are all ove r and real work ha really begun. Of course al ong with the work there is a lot of pla y tha't jusl must be attended to and the Alpha Sigma Tau's are doing their full share of the " tending." Say! I wish that every one of you co uld have been here durin g Ru sh Week. We ru shed quite a number of gi rl s and now have seve ntee n pl edges. They are Golda Elder, Beloit ; Edith James, Beloit ; Ann Whitaker, Empori·a ; Flo.rence Carmichael, Haven ; Dorothy Hanson, Conco rdia ; Adelaide Hamm ond 1 St. John; Beryl Cline, Stafford; Florence Miller, Lebo; Mabel Miller, Ra ymond ; Eva Haga n, Greenwi ch ; May Beveridge, Ru ssell; Virginia Stubbs, Emporia ; Margaret Gilbert, Lyndon ; Ersa Cross, Lyon~ ; Ida Schimpff, Clements; Margaret Wagner, Deerfield ; -and Thelma Ta ylor and Jess Amole who were both pledged last yea r. By the wa y, it might be interesting to yo u to kn ow tha't Thelma is wearing a K. U. frat pin belonging to Clarence J ohn son. Also Marie Hanson, Conco rdia . Th e old actives wh o are back in school a re Ethel Barber, Viola Crabfoot, Helen Beck, Louise Gardner, Gladys Fenner, Grace Brow n, Oline Chaddock, Thelma Sanders, Magdelina Young, Anna Mae Carey, · Helen McCormick, Ruth Turner, Helen Campbell , Faye McKibben, and Opal Carr. There are fourteen girls staying in the house. Julia, our neg ro cook, is back ag·a•in thi s year. We serve tw o meal s a day and "urel y have good eats. . Miss Brandom is in Columbia University thi s yea r working on her Master's Degree, but !Jiss Holley is with us again, listenin g to our tal es of woe all by herself. Miss Seller is our housemoth er again thi s vea r. She spent her summer vacation in Europe. We are planning to purchase some new di va ns before l ong. The porches, swings, etc., are hardl y r oomy enough fo r the Sunday night dates at the AI ph a Sigma Tau house. And so we're wondering if yo u rea lize how mu ch we would appreciate the arrival of alumnae du es in I he near, near future. Oh yes ! spea·kin g of dates remind s me that Dean Minrow has had elating rul es changed to Friday, aturday and unday ni ghts. El eve nthirt y on Friday and Saturday night s and· eleve n on unday night. Intramural debates take place before l ong. I gue ' e will haYe repre entati ve in debat e, orat ory, and ex temp oraneo u peaking. l ay Bev ridge and irgm1a tubbs in debate, Flor nee Carmichael in oral ry, and probably Ruth Turner in e ' tempo peaking. cup i~ to lw ~ iv e n Lo th winning orga ni zati on. L t' · all join in pra ye r for tilt' Alpha T a u's. What . a ? All Log ther, th en

r 1P J




Somethin g else goo d. Glad ys Fenn er and AdeJ.a•ide H a mm on d made Trebl e Cl ef and Ad elaide al so mad e Gl ee Club. Of course you all remember that Magdelina Young is in Gil so n pla yers. With all of our old talent plus our new, we expect to be well represented in campu s acti viti es. We have our first open h ouse October 7 for th e Sigma Taus, Phi Delts and Phi Sigs. Our second one is October 14 for th e Sigma' Mu's and Kappa Sig's. We surel y would love -to have all of yo u tha t can possibl y come to be here. I kn ow that we'd all ju st have lots of fun. We have elected a few new offi cers thi s year. Loui se Gardn er, pre i· dent. Grace Brown is reco rdin g secret ary, F aye McKibben is historian, Opal Carr, co rrespondin g secretary. Faye wa s also elected as a member of Sigma Pi Sigma . Magdelina Young elected president of Sigma Pi Sigma. Helen Beck, treasurer. Class meetings were held September 28. AI ph a Sigma Ta u offi cers are. Seni or Class, vi ce president, Magdelina Youn g; Sophomore Cia , bull etin representative, Thelma Ta ylor. All of you who were here l·a·st year will be interested in kn owin g th at Ormond Parker is go ing to Teachers' Coll ege this year, has pledged Sigma Tau , and was elected as fr eshm an chee r lead er. Hurrah fo r P arker. I've been saving up t o th e very last to tell you all ab out Ru sh Week and I kn ow that ea:ch of you is just dying to kn ow all about it. Grace Brown was ru sh captain and everyone here will say a very successful one. She spent a great dea l of time thi s summer preparing favo rs, pl ace card , mint baskets, etc. We ll , here goes about ru sh week " for better or for worse." Mo nday night was fun for all , In backya rd , fr ontroom, and in hall s; A " Kid Party" wh ere we all pl ayed, And were se rved all day suckers And lemonad e. Tu esda·y night, now ver y quiet yo u mu st be ! Fo r we are reall y pirates non . Winding around Emporia's streets we went T o fi n d the tre a sure~ nea r ·a tree. (Served tea, doughnuts, sa ndwi ches. & waterm el on ). Wednesday, that's the best of allA " Garden P arty" grandTh e guests, so entran ced were th ey, F elt like the royalty of th e land. (Th e chapter room and porch were all decorated with lattice, cove red with fresh leaves and flowers. Li ghts shawed with rose paper. erve d

[ 19



Aprico t sherbet â&#x20AC;˘and Julia's good white cake. ) Thursday night, a line partyAnd then to the Polly Ann. A lun ch and home by half past tenGee! but the bed felt grand. Then Friday, the day when all wondered how and who, And at five-thirt y that evening we wondered if we'd ever get through . But at six o'clock, all ready and the guest began to come, With promises and promisesThis old world's not so glum. The invitati ons were sent out on Saturda y morning clear. About three-thirt y that afternoon, the guests again appeared. A very happ y bunch were we, To get such reall y sweet pledges; And we didn' t care a bit that rush week Had kinda set our nerves on edges.

If yo u're not too busy October 7- 14 Try to come to Open House, The pledges are very mindful , And will be at your command, And every Alpha Tau â&#x20AC;˘crctive, Will give you a welcome hand. We're giving our Hall owe'en party October 29. Surely want as many of yo u as can, t o come. We surely would love to hear from yo u and about yo u. so write us a line sometime, won't you? Lovingly, Your Alpha Sigma Tau Sister (A. C.)

[ 20



Theta Chapter 226 E. Hancock Ave. Detroit, Michi ga n Dear Mrs. Bohl en: ~a r ga re t ~1a rk ey ~ ari o n Boosin ger

Helen Graves Romelda W urrn Ma ry Lingo Doro th y Fl emi ng Helen J ac ka J a ne Thomas

ACTI VE MEM BE RS (Cadet Teac he rs) Virgini a Smith Audrey H a nn a ~ary Ma nd rea Louise Gil bert Ed na McK inley In Th e 路 Co ll ege Hele n Rent e Elsie Akroyd

Doroth y McC lu re Ed na ~a e McKe 路 H elen Burke ( Fro m Alpha Chapter ) E loise Ma rtin Lo ui se Brown

OFFI CERS J a ne Thotn as ___ _____ ______________________ ______ ___ ___________ _____ Preside nt H elen Rent e _____ ____ __ ___ ___ ____ - ------------- - ------ ---- --- - - Vice President Doroth y Fl emin g __ --- - --- -- - -- - -- - -- ~-- - - - ----- - ------- - ---- - ----- Trea s ure r H elen J ac ka ____ __ __________ ___________ __ _______ _________ _Record in g Sec reta ry Lo ui se Brow n __ ____ ______ ___ ____ ___ ___ ______ _______ ___ Corres po nding Sec reta ry PAT RON ESSES Dr. Gerth a Willia ms Ma ri on Ha ll

M iss Ed ith Ma nse ll P LE DGES ( From Last Term l Bett y Fri edel

Oli ve J ohn sto n

Descripti ons of ru shing parties :

FORMAL BRIDGE PARTY The most elaborate ru shing party of Theta Cha pter wa s held at 2950 No rthwestern Avenue on Thursday evening, October 19, 1927. The guests were esco rted to a nd fro by the members. It wo uld be difficult to imagine a prettier paTty an ywhere, for th e setting was entirel y of light, dainty col ors, including the formal go wn s worn by th e girl s. Each girl was presented with a co rsage of ye ll ow roses, which added to the effectiveness of the color scheme. Bridge seemed to be th e most evident pastim e of the evening. although informal dancing was a lso greatl y enj oyed. The attra cti ve prizes cau sed their usual 'a'mount of enthu siasm and enj oyment. An affair of thi s kind would ha rdl y be compl ete without its dainty lun cheo n se rved in candl elight. It created a very impressive picture and served as a ve ry appropri ate final e before returning the guests to their homes. STEAK ROAST ( with out th e steak ) ! Did everyone have a good time? I should say we did! Wieni e . r oll s, potato chip s, pickl es, " p ork a'nd beans," coffee, and all the rest that goes to make a " Wieni e Roast" a reall y, trul y one. Were there cars and cars of girl s ? Well rather! Someo ne desired a reall y in[ 21}


form al affair in which our guests might become more personall y acquainted. At thi s particul路a r ru shin g party there were many opportuniti es for just that. Everyone emed to keenl y enj oy the cozy fireplace at Dr. Wi ll iams' cottage, and the gloriou s opp ortunities it afford ed. What could be more ideal than a brisk fall day, an ideal coll ege " ju st bi g enough ," quantiti es of th e ri ght kind of f oo d and a group of girl s in the very best of pirits ! T o 路a dd to the attractivene s of the afternoon the program of entertainment that had been planned fitted the situation perfectl y. J a ne Thomas ___ ___________ ____ ______ _______ ___ Chairm a n of Assembl y Prog ram. Cha irma n of Soc ia l Co mmittee, S portin g Club Doroth y Fl e min g ___ _____ _____ Vice Presid ent of Detroit T eac hers' College U ni on Helen J ac ka ___ _________ __ ______ _______ _____ __ __ __ _Secretary of Outdoo r Clu b Loui se Brow n _____ Vice Preside nt of Outdoo r Club, op homore Clas ong Leader

Fraternall y, LO UISE BROWN,

Corresponding Secretar y

Detroit Alumnae The Detroit Alumnae Chapter held their first meeting of the year Sa turda y, ovember 4 th . Miss Edith Mansell and Miss Lin a J. Ward were hostesses, and a' delightful aftern oon of bridge was enj oyed. Mis orton wa s present and told us of her trip to Denver last summer to a ttend the conference of the Association of Edu cati onal Sor orities. At thi s meeting the f oll owing offi cers were elected: Presid en L _ __ _ - _ -- _ ----------- ________ _ ____ - _ _ ______ _ _ Fl orence Schmid Ba ker Vice Pr side nL _____________________________ ___________ fildred Bail ey H arri Sec reta ry ________________ __ ___ ___ ____ ----- _----- _______ _____ E mil y Beysc hlag Reco rdin g Secretary______________________ _______________ Ma ud tykl e W a rd Tr as urer --------------- - --------------- - ---------------------- la ra Hicks

F oll owing the bu sines mee ting refreshments were ser ed b y f our Th eta Chapter pl edges. We are loo king forward eag rely to the ati onal Con ention, ov mh r. r 18th . Our del <Ta te will be th e ne\ I lect d pre id nt. F LO RE CE

[ 22








SIG MA CHAPTER, S. T. C. , BUFFA LO, N. Y. FACU LTY .Miss Luell a Chapm an ___ _____ ______ __ Y. W. C. A., 245 orth t., Buffa lo, i\. Y. Miss Ed na Hurd-- -------- - --- - -- ---- ------- - -----270 Hi ghl and Ave., Buffalo STUDEN TS Blanche Bellinger_ ___ ____________ _____ ______ ________ 384 Colvin Pkwy., Bu ffalo Home Address, 527 E. Monroe St., Little Fall s, . Y. Ma ry Benzinger_ ___________ ____ ____ ____ ___ __ ___ _____ _49 1 Downing St. , Buffalo Josephine 路Choate ___ ______ _____ __ ___ __ ______ __ _______ / 97 Ashl and Ave., Bu ffa lo Edna Clark ___ ______ __ ___ __ ____ ____ _4Q9 Jersey St; Home Add ress, Eldred. Pa. Olga Cragin ---- - - - -- - -- --- - - ---- -- -------- - ------ - --- -- --21 Emerson Place Eleanor Eri ckson - ----- - - -- - - -------- - - - - ----- - ------- --- -181 Minnesota Ave. Ruth Holden:. _____ __ ___ _____ __ __ ______ ___ __ _____ ____ ___ ___ ___ 35 Hughes Ave. Ma rion Mill er_ ______ _____ _____ 808 Hichmond Ave.; Home Address, Ca .r-e. N. Y. Mary Mulroy --- --- ---- - -- - - - -- - - - - -- - - - -- --- -- - - - -- --- -------39 Hill side Ave. Angeline Rice _____ __ __ ____________ 385 J ersey St.; Home Add ress, Burt, N. Y. Evelyn Slocum- -- - - - - --- -- - - ------ - --------------- - ---- - --- --35 Ca rl yle Ave. Eun ice Web ter ~ -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -- ------ ----- - ------ - --- - --- 1 30 Colvin Pk wy. The foll owing girl s are holdin g offi ce at the present ti me : P resident_ ______ _- ---- ___ __ ______ ___ ________ ________ ____________ Huth Holden Vice P resid ent- __------- _____ __ ____ __ --- - - ----- __ _____ ____ ____ _Ma rion l\{iller Hecordin g Secretary______ __ ____ ___ _--- ----- ____ __ __________ __Euni ce Webster Correspondin g Secretary____ _____ ______ ___ ______ ____ ___ ______ __ Evelyn Slocum Treasurer ---- --- - - --- - - -- - - ------ - --------- -- --------------Eleanor E ri ckson Hi sto rian ___ ___ _____ ____ ____ - - --- - - ____ ___ ____ __ ________ ______ Angeline Hice Custod ian ___ __ - - - -- __________ __ - ---- - ---- - - _-------- __ __ ______ Mary Mulroy P anhell enic Representatives __ __ __ _____ __ __ ___ ___Bl anche Bellinger, Edna Clark Ma ny of the Sigma Cha pter girl s have campus honors thi s year in the fi eld of extra curri cul ar acti vities. T he fo llowing girls have been recognized by various college orga niza tions : Blanche Bellinger_ _______________ Chai rman Pa nh ell eni c Associa tion, Basketball Mary Benzin ger - --- - - -- -- - -- - - ---- --- -- - - - - - ----------- ----- - - Art Kra ft Klub Ed na Clark - - --- -------- - ---- - --- -- --- -- -~ - --- - -- - -- - ----- - - - - --- Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Erickson - ------ ---- - -- -- - --------- --- ------ - --- - ----- - - - Y. W. C. A. Hu th Holden -------- - - -- - - ------- - ------- - - --------- - - - - ------ -- - Glee Clu b J osephin e Coa te _____ ___ __ ______ Editor of "The Record." P hi Upsilon Omicron ( Home Makin g Hono rary ociety) ~'Ia ry 1ulroy ~ -- - -- - - ------- - -- - --- - ----------- - --- - - - --- -- -- - Dra m a t ic Clu b Ma ri on Mill er __ __- - -- - ----- - ___ ___ ------- --- -- ___ ______ ___ ---- - -_Basket hal I Olga Crag in ________ ____ ______ Current Event s Clu b, Swim min g. Drama tic Clu b Angelin e Hi ce ___ ____ _______ ___Y. W. C. A. ; Secreta ry Home Econom ic Clu b Evelyn Slocum __ __________ ______ ___ __ __ P hi Upsilon Omicron, Art Kra ft Klub

The P anhell eni c Committee of our school decided last year th at ea路ch of the sor orities should have one ru sh pa rty in th e fall to in vite second or third yea r girl s who might wish to join and then later on lo have our spring rush parties for freshm an girl s. The cost of thi ru sh party was al so to be limited, so mu ch of its success depended on its originality. The invitati ons bore th e pictu re of a gypsy ca ravan a nd the inscripti on read "Come to the gypsy rendezvo us in the ol d deserted garret and meet the A. S. T .'s. When the guests arri ved they were received by the so rority girl s, dressed in gypsy costume. an d were co ndu cted to the atti c whi ch resembl ed a real gypsy camp with its bright co lors and cl ever decorati on s. Supper was brought up in l a rge kettl es and served in typical gypsy fa shi on. After supper th e

[ 21]




guests were told to look for the gypsy loot which was hidden there and thi s was found to be tiny kettles filled with candies. Games, stories and fortune telling helped to complete •a very enjoyable evening. Sigma Chapter is very proud in having six of its members on the honor roll of the second semester of the year 1926-27. These girls are Doris Huggins, Audrey Stewart and Mildred Sharick (Alumni) g raduates of last yea'r; Edna Clark, Josephine Choate, active members, and Arlene Dobmeier, who has now left school. Jo sephine Choate, our president of last year, is now Editor-in-Chief of The Record, our College paper. Knowing her ability as we do we feel that her services will greatly enrich and further the advancement of this paper. Arlene Dobmeier, a member of last year, ha·s transferred to the University of Buffalo. We miss her very much for she was a very active member and a loyal friend. Bfanche Belleryn is Chairman of the Panhellenic Committee this year. Recently they gave a party to which all freshmen interested in so rorities were invited and were given ·a chance to meet the girls of the several sororities of the schoo l. We held our initiation of the fall rushing season on Monday, November seventh, at the Westbrook Apartments. At this time the following six girls became members : Alice Beard, Arlene Keene, Katherine Kranichfeld, Caroline Linn, Erva Perkins, and Molly Rudam. After the initiation ceremony our alumni joined us at a banquet, Miss Olga Cragin acting as 'toastmistress. As the occasion was also Founder's Day our program had a double significance. We are sending two of our members to the convention this year, Ruth Holden and Blanche Bellinger. Ruth is our president thi s year and has always been a loyal worker in the sorority. Blanche was Vice President last year and also Panhellenic representative. This year she was elected Chairman of the Panhellenic Association, membership of which includes representatives from all the so rorities of the school. I am enclosing snapshots. The names are written on the back. Buffalo Alumnae Chapter sends its best wi shes and greetings to all the other Alumnae Chapters. Office rs were elected at the last meeting before the summer vacation. ice They are: Margaret MacDonald, President; Fredericka Fox, President; Evelyn Grampp, Treasurer ; Esther Lind, Corresponding Secretary; and Catherine Smith, Reco rding Secretary. Supper partie are held each month as a form of get-toge ther and general good time. Lorna Rob erts ha decided he would rather be Mr. arlton Crui khank. We all wi h Lorna• much happine and agerly l ook forward to h r weddin cr. [ 21 }



We have decided to give al l the girl s wh o are marri ed in th e future short silver candle sticks, with the initial s of Alpha Sigma Tau on the base. We thought this would keep fresh the memory of Alph a Sigma Tau in their homes. Mrs. Zahm, who was Dolores Carlin, ha s a lovel y new路 ani val. We are most proud of all our Alpha Sigma Babies. Fraternall y, ANG ELI NE RI CE,

Historian, Sigma Cha pter

Eta Chapter Mo ufton Hall Kent, Ohio To our dear Sister s in Alpha Sigma Tau: We have had many interesting and worthwhil e pl easures d urin g our first few months with you and feel certain that you would enj oy sharin g th e memories with us. Indeed, we have had a very happy ru shing sea'so n and, too, very profitable. We are but six in number thi s year, but have succeedea in ru shing a splendid gr oup of girl s. Here at Kent the ru shing season is mu ch later than in most colleges, and but one social fun cti on all owed each sorority. Our party was ve ry Bohemian in col or, type, 路a路nd ser vice. We shall desc ribe it to you ju st as it was pictured. Amid the dim glow of li ghts far back among the shadows co uld be see n an old-time bar, bottl es of vari ous kinds a nd shapes stoo d forth , fill ed to overflowing with a delicious brew. Gail y shaking the bottl es up and down sto od the joll y bartender. Man y tables co uld be see n, each covered with a cl oth of red and yellow- col ors gay and care free,- co lors of the vagabond - Bohemian. And over all a dim and hysterious glow - a soft ca ressing light came fr om the large lantern s of red and yell ow, a light whi ch brushed all cares away.

[ 2S]


Prints yell ow with age and depicting many qu ee r and curi ous scenes covered the wall s. Beautiful women smiled lovingl y down up on all , while women of the period of Pharoah a dorned the large screen s, terribl e, hideous women in man y col ors. The very air was full of wild and subtl e myster y, a lovel y incense fillin g it. Many peop le entered who were f oreign to such a scene. They were sea ted at the tabl es and served. Wild mu sic burst up on the air, and there entered a young girl and a p owerful yo ung man, Apaches; their b odies swayed to and fro to the mu sic, they danced, the girl overco me fell to the flo or, the man , angered a t her refu sals of hi s love, stru ck her. The nex t was ·a· modern scene - a pantomime sh owing the day of the average coll ege girl, the pajama girl , school gi rl , the athlete, tea, lun ch and dinner time, evening and then finall y ha c~ to the start a nother da y. Then entered the fl ower girl with her bouqu ets of fl owers- a girl of Spa ni sh type- some member of strange Bohemia . In the di stan ce the strikin g of ten co uld be hea'rd bright lights were turn ed on - our party was over, and we returned to Moulton Hall. We were rather unfortunate in losing our dear fa culty advisor thi s fall. She is taking advanced work at Columbia and ha s a l eave o f ·absence for a yea r. We mi ss her but know that she will be all the more appreciated next year. However, we have found a very fin e substitute in Miss Parrish . A very pretty tea was served for h er on October thirtieth. Fall co lors and fl owers were used. Should we not feel proud of our sister who won a coll ege letter? At Kent there are about eight college letters awarded each year. It is quite an hon or to win one. Their awarding is ha ed upon sp orts, sch olarship, sch ool spirit, and activities. H elen Orcutt is the littl e lad y who ha s accomplished thi s. We also, with the coming of the new yea r, find our girls takin g part in man y extra-curricular activities. Ma ry Cook, Presid ent of our Chapter, is a member of the K ent Council, Social Chairman of Panhellenic, a member of the Social Science Club as well as the Girl s' Glee Club, and Secretary of Moulton Hal I. Sara P eoples, our Vice President, is Social Chairman of the Sorority, Treasurer of the Panhellenic Association, Vice Presiden t of . the Y. W. C. A., and a member of the League. Muriel White, our Treasurer, belongs to the Girls' Gl ee Club, Orchestra, is a member of th e music co mmittee of Moulton Hall , ~r nd belongs to the League. Mil dred Nihousen, our Reco rding Secretary, and Rub y Dort, our Corresponding Secretary, are both members of the Off-Campu Women' · Club and the Women's Leag ue. H elen Lanser is our Kent tat rep r se ntative and Hi torian. Our Patrone es are Mr . Ra ymond Manche ter, ' ife of th Dean of ~en a t Kent, a nd Mrs. Dick D onag h y, a l · o of Ke nt. Miss Ruth S~ate

[ 2 ]


Parrish is the first grade cnt1c teacher at th e Trainin g School. We surely feel indebted to her for her sincere advice a nd untirin g efforts. With such a bright beginning we are looking forward to a mo t happ y year as your sisters in the Eta Chapter. We are looking forward to the time when we may meet with many of yo u and hear what you are doing. We have with us at Kent two girls from other chapters, Miss Mary Klepinger and Miss Mabel Kendieghy. If they are true representatives of the Alpha Sigma Ta u type of girl we know that we shall consider ourselves mos t fortun a te Iittle sisters. With best wi shes to yo u 路a路nd sincere hope for yo ur uccess durin g I he year, we are, Fraternall y yours, MARY E. CooK

Alpha Sigma Tau Song ( Tun e of Amici)

Life's gray shadows may creep o'e r us, Sad our hearts and old, But with thee our fond th ought lin gers, Emerald and Gold! R EFRAI N

Dear old AI pha Sigma Tau , Gl ory be to thee ! May we ever live to hon or Thy dear memory. Thou gh ou r lot be hi gh or lowl y, Be it weal or woe, Bound by ties that naug ht ca n seve r, We will onward go. R EFRAI N

Dear old AIpha Sigma Tau, Though we' re far from thee, Still our hearts beat warm and true To thy dear memory. EDNA McELVER-LEFLER

Alpha Chapter, M. S. N. C., 1910

[ 27



Margaret and Evelyn on steps of Alpha's Ne,'v Sorori ty Hou se

Alpha Chapter M.S. N.C.-YPSILANTI, MICHIGA ALPHA CHAPTER Ypsilanti. Mich. HONORARY PATRONESSES M iss Ada Norton PATRONESSES M iss Cyn thia Ruggles Mrs. J. H. Barnhill Mrs. Edna Gingeri ck Dawso n Miss Abigal Pearce FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Ella Wilson Mis Lota Garner Miss Wanda Crawford fi ss Eleanor Meston RESIDE T MEMBERS Miss Vi ola Milks Miss Esther St urm OFFICERS Presiden l _ -- - ----------- - - ______________ ----- ________ -----Gwendolyn Cia ncy Vi ce Presid ent_ ________ ------ - ________ _____ ____ ------_-------Helen M ulavey Secreta ry _____________________________________________________ Eloise Lardie Treas urer ___ -------- -- ---------- _____ ---------- ___ --------- ___ Ali ce Furlong Co rres ponding Secreta ry____________________________________ Margaret Holcomb Hi storian _____________ --- _______ ____ ---------_-------- ______ Luella Galliver Chaplain -------------- -- ---- --------------------------------- arah Pollock OTHER MEMBERS Evelyn Anibel Geraldine Nor ton Bea tri ce McQueen Huth Baxter Caroline John on T abel McG uire rdi Belman E loise Larclie Marguerite Tietz Anet ta Fie ld ildred Lidki e ard Jea n Lu ll a Ga lli ver Gera ldine Hall PLEDGE 0 m ·rry Bower Kuth erin Hogl e lar<>aret ehri t•r Ca th e rin e Childe rs J\lartha Ko ets Eth rl haw

[ 28



Lenore Dougas Lucille Di senroth ]IJsephine Gibson

Frances Locke Helen Lucas Angella Pollock



Margaret Ta ylor El ea nor Demora y Dell a Walton

Lenore Douglas and Lu cille Disenroth were initiated at th e con· vention in Detroit on November 19. Formal initiation is planned for February 4, at The Temple, at 9 o'clock. Our winter party will be a semi-formal , al so on FebrU'a'ry 4. Mildred Doran, who was lost in the attempted Pacific fli ght, was a loyal alumnae of our chapter. We are hoping to soon have a Memo· rial piece in our new house. Through the Anchor the Alpha Chapter sends greetings to all Alpha Sigma Tau girls- our alumnae and our sisters in other chapters. It gives us a feeling of pride to know that on other cam puses and in other states there are girls wearing the same co lors and upholding the same ideal s that we •a re. Our spirit as a national Sorority has been in creased this fall becau se Miss Norton has been telling us about the A. E. S. Convention in Denver which she attended last summer. It is the fir st A. E. S. Convention at which Alpha Sigma Tau ha s been an offici•a l member, and the Alpha girls are especially g lad becau se the dream of a national Sorority ha s been with us so long. Besides Miss Norton we have two other patronesses. One is M rs. Dawson who, because of se ri ous illness, ha s been unable to take an active part this fall. Our other patroness is Miss Cynthia Ruggles. She spent the sum· mer teaching at State College, Pennsylvania. Miss Eleanor Meston, after a two years' .absence, is on our campu s again being recalled to act as Supervisor of the Primary Department in our Training School. Whil e away from us, she spent some study· in g at Columbia and later wa s Supervisor of the Elementary g rades in the Friends School, Brook! yn, New York. Another one of our fa culty member s, Miss Ella Wilson, spent the summer in Europe. She ha s given man y vivid accounts of her travels to us. There are nineteen active girl s on the campu s this yeaT, three of whom are seniors. We' ll tell you about them fir st, beca use we are especially proud of them and are glad that some of our girl s are graduating with degrees. First, there is Ardis Bellman who has been teach· ing in Morenci the past three years. She is now doing speci·a·l work in the Rural Education Depattment as leader of one of the g roups in the Trailblazer Club. She is a member of the Minerva Literary Society, the Normal Choir, and is Vesper Chairman of the Y. W. C. A. Beatrice McQueen comes next. She devotes all of her time to the Home Economics department, being an •active member in their Club organization. She is social chairman of the sorority. I think you have heard of Carrie Washburne, becau se she is our National Treasurer. Some of the other so rorities are often fa vored by visits of their national officers, so we think we are fortunate to ha ve one here with us all the time. Miss Washburne is a member of the Latin Club, the Minerva Literary Society, the Stoics, th e League of

[ 29]


Women Voters, and the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. She has also been chosen as one of the ten student advisers to visit the various houses and talk about college regulation s. Another one of our returned alumnae is Lydi·a: P owell Brown . She is a Junior on the commercial course. She is a member of the Commercial Teachers' Club and Portia Literary Society. Our president, Gwendolyn Clancy, is very well kn own in co llege circles. She is a member of the Aurora staff, which publishes our college annual, of the Laonian Dramatic Club, Women 's Lea·gue Cabinet, and Speech Club. Sarah Poll ock, Margaret H olcomb, and Caroline J ohn so n, are our tal ented music students. They all belong to th e Music Club, Caroline also being a member of the college orchestra, Sa•ra h and Margaret of the Normal Choir. The History Club claims two of our girls - Evelyn Annibel and Margaret Hol comb. Geraldine Hall and Annette Field represent us in the Physical Educa tion Club. Annette is the athleti c manager f or the Sorority, directing us in the inter-so rority tournaments held each term . Lu ella Galliver ·a·nd Geraldine orton bel ong to the KindergartenP rimary Club, and Jean Ward to the Secondary Education Club . Isabel McGuire, Mildred Lidke, and Ruth Baxter are members of the Y. W. C. A.; El oise Lardie of the Newman Club and Alice Furl ong of the Laonian Dramatic Club. The Sorority feel s deepl y the ab sence of Ma'rgaret T eitz who had to leave college because of illness. In the Panhellenic organization we are represented by Geraldine Hall , lower classman ; Alice Furlong, upper classman; and Carrie Washburne, alumnae representative. Alice was elected Reco rdingSecret·a·ry for the Panhell enic. We are always interested in the acco unts of rushing parties given by the other chapters. By reading them , we get new ideas for ours. This year we had informal ru sning for a week, when the new girl s were taken to the Sorority H ouse in groups of three or four. Our first party was a Bunco breakfast give n one Saturday mornin g a·t the Soro rity Hou se. A very pretty breakfast was given in the dining room which was decora ted in green and go ld, and li ghted by yellow tapers. Beca use there were so man y girl s present, they were divided into two gro up s. While one ate breakfast, the oth er pla yed Bunco upstairs. Sco res were kept on cards shaped like our pledge pins. After eve ryo ne had fini shed breakfast, we were entertained with seve ral readings given by Gwendoyln Cl·ancy and sol os by Ma rga ret Holcomb and ara h Pollock. The next party wa a form al dinner given Friday niaht. The tabl es were deco rated with gree n vines, yell ow fl ower , o-re n and ell w taper , a nd y ll ow nut cup . Th e co lor chem \ as n ca rried ut in th e foo d, o that it wa truly a orority dinner. prog ram followed th e dinner, co n istin g of rea ding and -olos b the girl s oa·nd talks b · Miss l o rton , li s · Wilson and fi ss lesion.

[ 30]


Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau ACTI VE MEM BERS Ma rth a Maitla nd Esther S mith Doroth y Killen Berni ce Ha mmer Doroth y Basti a n' Ka thl ee n S p ngler Rosa Lee Hin kl ey E lizabeth S pott s Marga ret Breth Ad elin e Ei chler L ucill e Taylor PAT RONESS M r . R. Stewart MacDougall FACULTY ADVISER Miss J essie Scott Himes HO ORARY MEM BER Mrs. Ca rroll R. All OFFICERS Geraldin e Conway--- -- ---- - --- - --------------- - - - - ----- -- --- ---- --- Pre ident Helen Thornton __ __ ___ ______ _________ _____ __ ___ __ ___ ________ __ Vice Pre ident Elva Gree n--- --- ---- - --- -- ---- - -- -- --- - ---- - -- - --- - - - - - ---- - ---- --- Sec reta ry Marga ret Gradwell __ ____ __ ____ ____ ______ _____ __________ ___ ______ ___ Treasurer Roberta Selt zer ___ -------- - - __ __- - - - - - -- __ __ __ _______ _Corres ponding Sec reta ry S P ECI AL CAMPUS HONORS Geraldine Conwa y, member of Art Club, Dra ma tic Clu b a nd P ri ce Lit erary Soci ety. Dorothy K illen. mem ber of Glee Clu b. Elva Green, P rice Litera ry Society. Lucill e Ta ylor, member of Alpha Zeta Pi a nd Y. W. C. A. Cab inet. Ma rth a Ma itla nd, Alpha Zeta P i a nd Glee Clu b p ia nist. Esth er Smith , member of L. A. L. Adeline Eichl er, Glee Club. Doroth y Bastia n, Vice P reside nt of Y. W. C. A. Cab in et, Ar t Clu b. Ka thl ee n Spengler, P resident of Y. W. C. A. Cab inet, Pr ice Lit erary Society. Elizabeth Spotts, Sec reta ry of Alpha Zeta P i. Ro berta Seltzer, Secreta ry to Tra inin g Sc hool Director. Le nore Sha rp, Alpha Zeta Pi , Glee Clu b, Sec reta ry of hakes pea re Lit era ry Society, L. A. L. Ou r represe nta ti ves to th e Convention a re Ma rga ret Breth and Dorothy K ill en. Both are Seni ors a nd co me from Cresso n. Pa. Geraldin e Conway Helen Thornton Ma rgaret Gradwell Elva Gree n Lenore Sharp Robert a Seltzer

RUSHING SEASON FOR ZETA CHAPTER Rushing seaso n at Lock Haven opened December 3 an d continued for approxima tely tw o weeks, until December 21 when bids were given. According to a rulin g of th e Inter-So rority Co un cil of th e schoo l. each sorority is g ranted one Saturday for uncompetiti ve rushin g - com monl y call ed " big da y." On th e other days " ope n season" is obse rved, each g roup entertaining when a nd how it desires. Zeta's " bi g da y" came Sa turday, Dece mber 17. The aim for th e day was to keep the ru shees busy and happy all day with Alph a Sigma Tau girl s. Activities began with a treasure hunt in th e ea rl y a ft ern oon. Whil e the r oute for the hunt led down town , the treasure, a nu g littl e sil ve r compa ct, was found in the gymnasium. A sport dan ce immedia tely foll owed th e trea sure hunt with do ugh-

[ 31 J


nuts and coffee for the hard y treasure seekers. Blouse pins, simulating tennis ra cquets, were given the girls f or fav or s. Mrs. Carroll All, hon orary member of Zeta Chapter, entertained in the evening with a Christmas dinner at her home. Small tables for four were deco rated with bouquets of yellow r oses. The girl s were given the roses as fav ors. A large Christmas tree and a bouncing Santa Claus- ssh, it really was Kathleen Spengler- with a gift f or every one were part of the eve ning's fun . Helen Parso ns, '23, and Kathleen Hendri cks, '27, alumnae members, were al so at thi s dinner. Zeta Chapter had, aside from its Saturday party, four other smaller ones. The first of these, given the afternoon of Dece mber 5, was a Japanese tea. The deco rati ons were cherry bl ossoms, Japanese lantern_ and parasol s. The guests sa t, Japanese fa shion , on pillows on the floor s. The hostess and her aides were costumed in Japanese kimonos. All the guests were given a large yell ow chrysanthemum on a green head-hand. An artist's party in the so rority r ooms was another of the smaller feeds. Invitati ons shaped as palettes, paint bru shes tied with emerald and gold b ows for favors, smocks, futuristi c sketches and, last of alL goo d foo d from home all helped to give the party an "arty" atm osphere. Two parties were given in the girls' r ooms in the dormitory, a " Coney Island" party and a pop party . Both parties were just as their names indicate; the first a party on Coney I sland with ice cream cones for nourishment and the seco nd, a party with so ft drinks and pretzel s. ZETA'S NEW MEMBERS Zeta Chapter issued sixteen invitations for membership and received twelve acceptances. Those wearing the emerald and green bows were Mary Ka y Yeckle y, Mary Frances Fry, Margaret Beeso n, ara Wil son. Alice Reed, Doris Mattern, Alice Miller, Dorothy Gearhart, Geraldine Greeser, Dorothy Lewis, Margaret Martin and Helen Lear. Pledging took place the afternoon of January 7. The two weeks of " performing these few kindly deeds" wa s foll owed by forma l initiati on on Saturday afternoon , January 21.


: ~2



Kappa Chapter Letter Betty Dearing, President, Pan-He ll eni c Presid ent. Frances Earl y, Secretary, Delta Omieron, Hon or Roll. I sabel Finkbine, Treasurer, H ockey, l , 2 ; Ind oor Meet, l ; H onor Ro iL l ; Track, l ; Pan-Hell enic re p res ~ ntati ve. Pledge, Edna Higbee. Our trip to the Nati onal Conventi on in November wa s very he] pful to us and we had such a delightful time that we certainl y ha ted to leave all the new friends we had made. We carried back all th e news we could to our girl s " we left behind," though we co uld not give the girls all the informati on as Betty left her n ote book, th e most imp orta nt thing of all , in her room at th e hotel. But h er r oom-mate, Doroth y Linder, a Lambda girl , f ound the arti cle " left behind" and took it with her, later sendin g it on to Betty. We were very th ankful to " Dot" f or sending it, so putting th e tw o note b ooks togeth er, we had eve rything complete. We had some ver y exciting moments just bef ore we left. On e of our dear Th eta sisters offered to take us to th e stati on, so we accepted her kind invitation, as we had onl y ab out fifteen minutes to make the train. She r ushed us to the Union dep ot, but on arrivin g, di sco vered we were at the wrong one, so asked a "cop" who was standing near by, wh ere the other depot was . We ru shed to the oth er dep ot. A " redcap " to ok our lu ggage from th e car and told us not to hurry, tha t we had two minutes t o make th e train . We co uldn 't keep up with him , but we kept our eye on him ju st the same, and ca ught our train b y ab out one minute. We left in such a hurry that we hardl y got to say " Goo d-by, Thank you" or an ything to the dear Theta girl. So we wa nt to take thi s opp ortunity to thank her. I think thi s ended our bri ef trip and we want to thank all the Theta girl s f or the goo d time whi ch th ey sh owed us. We certainl y hope that some day we wi ll be abl e to return all their kindness, and show them as good a tim e a s the y showed us whil e we were in Detroit. ISABEL FI NKBI NE. KAPPA GIRLS

[ 33 ]

â&#x20AC;˘ TH E :\. NC HOR

Oxford, Ohi o Jan . 11, 1928 Dear iVI rs. Bohlen : Yes, we are still very mu ch alive. The trip was not t oo mu ch f or any Ka ppa girl. If I were nearer, here's what I'd whi sper in your ear-"Betty was in the hospital several days, after Thanksgiving." The Lambda girls will appreciate that secret, too. Laugh if you ca re to, f or I don't mind . You asked for an interesting acco unt of our trip . I sabelle has written that for yo u, but may I add, that in my estimati on " A big tim e was had by a 11." We have often wond ered if Anna Mae Care y had to purcha se a new traveling case before rea ching Emporia, Kan sas. Did he r old one stretch enough to ca rry all her so uvenirs? Did Carrie Washburn tell what we said ab out our " Wild Nite in Detroit ?" We really sa w the bri ght lights on Saturday ni ght- and n ot from the Book-Cadillac Tower, either. I make a motion that the nex t Alpha Sigma Tau Conventions b e sched ul ed to meet for one week at least. Any second to the m otion ? Come on g irl s, we kn ow you all fee l that way . eco nd that moti on! Our nati onal office rs ma y not welcome with open arms such an extended period, becau se th ey reall y work hard for our b nefit s, not onl y a l th e co nve nti on but throughout the yea r. Trul y I felt so rrv fo r Peggy Evans fo r having to write co ntinuall . as sh did. s a typew rite r next time, P ggy.

[ 34]

THE A CHOR Mere words ca nnot express our feeling of g ratitude towa rd Mrs. Ritchie for her per severan ce and inte rest in behalf of the g irl . Let every Alpha Sigma Tau be in spired by her worthy lea der hip , to li ve mu ch more ri chly in making oth ers ha pp y. To Mi s orton we a l o feel greatly indebted f or th e many helpful suggesti ons in guiding u s in our organization and sch oo l work . We hope to see Mi ss Ma nsell in the very near future, f or we kn ow she can put Kappa where it should be. I co uld write just a booklet on th e impression gai ned of various people wh om I met at the co nvention . May I put my ge nera l thoug hts in a little phrase which to me characterizes all A lpha Sigma Tau s ? " They are all joll y goo d fellows," and I'm proud of bei ng asso ciated with them. Have torn m y scrap bo ok to send yo u th ese snaps, but it is all for a worthy cause. Am sending the snap of Betty and Ul en for th e special benefit of the Lambda sisters. Can they guess why? With best wishes for a successful new year to everyo ne. Fraternally yo urs, BETTY D EARING

Lambda Chapter, Temple University When schoo l opened last fall, the Lambda Chapter had twelve a路c tive me mbers. We ma y not take any Freshm en into our so rority until after the first semester. We ma y, h owever, take uppe r classmen. In th e earl y part of October we held a small tea for a few of the upper classmen . A week later we pledged Mabel Kokl er and Gertrude Lewis. These girl s are now two of our mos t va lu ab le members. Mabel Shribes and Dot Linder were sent to the co nve nti on. Th ey came back telling us of our man y interestin g western So rority sisters. We feel that such a co nventi on has done mu ch for our society. Mabel and D ot brou ght back many new plans and ideas for our soro rity. D ot is a seni or thi s year. She works hard f or our Chapter. We all realize that position as President is not a ve ry easy one. None that kn ow Dot doubt her executive ability. Now that we are nea ring the end of the fir st semeste r, we are l ooking forward eagerly to a ru shing seaso n. Ru shin g seaso n among the so rorities of our University begins right after the op ening of the second semester. We have already met man y Freshmen whom we feel ca n be of help to us and we to them. The Lambda Chapter wi shes the othe r chapte r of AI pha Sigma Tom Sorority goo d lu ck in all they attempt during th e remainder of this year. KATHERI NE NoBLE, 2036 N . Park Ave ., Philadelphia _ Pa .

[ 35



Grand Rapids Alumnae Letter Th e Grand Rapids Alumnae Chapter, th ough small , has become ver y worth while and enj oyabl e to all the members. We are fortunate in having the Nati onal President and Editor of TH E ANC HOR in our group . aturall y, mu ch of interest is added to our meetings through their co ntact with th e Iati ona l organizati on. Our fir st meetin g in the Fall occurred during th e State Teachers' In stitute in October. We pl a nn ed a dinner and theater p a rty in hon or of Miss orton, wh o was with us a t that time. Our dinner was at H otel Rowe and nine girl s were prese nt, includin g Ma rgaret Gaffield of H oward City. Grace Ritchie co uldn 't be with us becau se of injuries she had received in an automobil e accident. We later went to P owers Theater. The evenin g was so enjoyabl e that we planned an other meeting f or the f oll owing Tu esda y. This wa s a lun cheo n and bu sin ess meeting at H erpol sheimer' tea r oom . A new member, Lillian Lee, of Belding, wa s with us; a lso Katherin e Crimmin s from Mo rl ey. At the business meeting officers f or the year were elected. Lillian Griffin wa s chosen president, and Betty Sanderson, sec retar y and treasurer. Betty is a member of Epsil on Cha pte r and has bee n teaching in Gra nd Rapids 路several yea rs. On th e last day of January the girl s met aga in f or a dinn er party a t the Pantlind. If an y Alpha Sigma Ta u girl comes to Grand Rapid s or vi cinit y, let us kn ow and we will be g lad to welcome yo u in our Chapter.


[ 36]


Committees Ritual-Miss Miss Miss Miss

Ada A. Norton, 510 P earl St., Yp silanti, Mich. Nell Silk Abigail Pearce Clara Hicks

Memorial-Mrs. Margaret Ashe-Eva ns, 4433 Ashl a nd Ave., Miss Ola Hiller Mi ss K.atherine Meehan

o rwuod, 0.

Regalia _____ ___ _____ ______________ __ _______ __ __ THETA CHAPTER Detroit Teachers Co ll ege, Detroit, Mi ch. Scholasti c Grades and AchievementsMiss Ella M. Wil so n, 408 Emmett St., Y psilanti , M ich. Mrs. Claude Larzelere Miss Virginia Bonso r Scrapbook ____ __ _____ ________ __ __ _____ ___________ IOTA CHAPTER Kansas State Norma l Coll ege, E mporia, Kan sas Fraternity J eweler-Mi ss Ada A. Norton Mrs. Kate Wurzer Miss Lina Ward Miss Loui se Brown

[ 37



Directory Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority Fo und ed at M . S. . C., Yp silanti, Mich., Oetul>e r, 1898. ATIONAL COUNCIL Chi ef Patroness __ ___ ____ ____________ _________ Mi ss Ada A. OI"ton 510 Pearl St., Ypsilanti, Mich . President and A. E. S. Represenlative ___ Mrs. Grace I sabel Erb-Ritchie 1206 Lake Drive, Grand Rapid s, Mi ch. Vice Presid ent a nd Organizer_ _______________ Mi ss Edith L. Man e ll 241 Glendale Ave. , Hi ghland P ark. Mi ch. Co rresp ondin g Secretary ______________________ Miss Mae Hamm ond 209 Crestwood Ave., Buffal o, . Y. Recording Secretary ______ ______ _____________ _____ Ro berta Seltzer 路 C. S. N. S., Loch Haven, Pa. Treas ure r_ ____ _: ________ ____ _______ ___ _____ Miss Carrie Wa shburne 611 P earl St. , Ypsilanti, Mich. Editor " Th e Anchor" __ ______ _____________ Mrs. Loui se Glade-Bohlen 933 Turn er Ave., Grand Rapids, 1ich.

ACTI VE CHAPTERS AND SECRETARIES ALPHA-Mi chigan State No rmal College _______ ____ _Ypsilanti,!t. Miss Lu ella Galliver, 611 Pearl St., Yp silanti, Mich. THETA-Detroit Teache rs' Coll ege __ ______ ________ ____ Detroit, Mich. Miss Loui se Brown , 266 E. Han cock Ave., Detroit, Mi ch. IoTA-Kan sas State Teachers' College ______ ________ Emporia, Kan sas Miss Opal Carr, ] 006 Constitution Ave. , Emporia, Kan sas KAPPA-Miami Unive rsity ____ __ __ __________ _________ Oxford , Ohi o Miss Betty Dea rin g, Miami U ., Oxf ord, Ohi o SIGMA-Buffal o State Normal SchooL _______ ____ _____ Buffal o, . Y Miss Angeline Ri ce, 385 Jersey St., Buffal o, . Y . ZETA- L. H. S. ormal College _______________ _____ L och Ha ven, Pa. Miss Roberta Seltzer, L och Haven, Pa . LAMBDA-Temple University _______ ___ _____ ____ __ _Philade lphia, Pa. Mi ss Katherine No bl e, 2036 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa . ETA-Kent Sta te College _____________ ____ ___ __________ KenL Ohio Mi s Mary E. Cook, Ken t, Ohi o D ET ROIT ALUMNAE M r . Florence Sc hmid-Eaker, 16509 Wildemere Ave. , Detroit. !Jich. GRAND R APID ALUM AE Mrs. Lilla Laurence-Fuller, Ma di so n Ave. , Gra nd Rapids, 1ich. M ILWAUKEE ALUM AE Mr . G rant l. Hinka mp, 962 41st t. , [ilwa ukee. , , is. ICMA A LUMNAE Mi ss Lorna Hobe rL, 281. msli e t. , Buffal o, 1 . Y.

[ 38







Mis Minnie Shock ley, A. S. A. _______________________ ___ Chairm a n 709 College Ave., A lva, Ok la. Mrs. C. P. Neidig, P. K. S. __________ _____ _____ __________ Secreta ry 23 Lockwood Court Apt., Cincinnati, Ohi o Mrs. Orley See, D. S. 拢路--=- ----- ------------------------Treasure r 48 Wildwood Ave., Piedmont, Cal if. Miss Fl orence Eckert, T . S. U. __________ Director of Local Panhelleni cs 413 Ba ll ard St., Ypsi lanti, Mich. Mrs. Grace Erb-Ritchie, A. S. T . ______ ___ Director of City Panhelleni cs 1206 Lake Drive, Grand Rap ids, Mich. Miss Mab le Lee Walton, S. S. S. ________ ________ ______ ____ Member Woodstock, Va.

[ 39 )

1928 March ANCHOR  
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